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The Daily News Dec 1, 1906

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Full Text

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T MM.!. 22
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ales for th.
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board's  recom-
to   expenditure
issible be endorsed.
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������ ;���  with, then
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and loyt I i Itlzen t
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clause prod    ������ ..,.-.-
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Kv:-.    .1      A      I4i V.
-  n.   .;-..-: a   ���      ,
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....-..<     . . '    i \   i .   i      .,
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several otheis presei     nhen  he  sa
that ho :.... ed thi ...     ��
listen iu a :i asi ..           i     ������ an���
request a hii b the i      i ns mi| i
to make,   He dl ��� \, > ���      tai    hi
requests wou! i i ��� an In evei j
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, Dtitled  to a cou . ��� ������ Ini)     He
.. so pointe I ou ��� langi rous i on
dltlon in ��hii-ii .-��� -1 al sldefl a ks ���
ai tlu' present time, saying that li was
a false econoni. �� lilcl i mpted the
iouiinual patchlnti up ol siiicwal - ���
u hich ought to ��� rebuilt Hi ��� ri
marks were sul ated  i.. nnother
gentlemau w ho a nt Inline i lo he a
Johnston. Feai inti :'-' i1""' would
be loo much Johnston alls foi om
meeting, .1  J   lefl the hall and hui   e.l
Interesl   ugged a   few   minute i,
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evening, and rru leipu ntly Un        i i  :
hat    in.'inn
Meeting on      -   ������ | i ter n
oratorical ma   i ��� ould
llvere i b ������ '��� i mi n, nsl preseii and
aspli Ing,
'.', ho  a"     ���'. .. ���'  '    < rr
��� I iei let! J. A. Kel i nev arrival In
h]   ell     ���'��� - ��� ���'    le.al ol   it
:/.,���,. it In      - '    '��� ���'���''   ���'���'   ���''
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,.-.; i,iine i ���.   i   be ��� lllzen ���' commllti i
wi re    Impl ���   running   an   aid* i mnnli
���..���1 el and did not eoi!     ���    ������   >tu>. foi
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.vi, VV. Mlnthorne    u   ���  *��� :   ba    hi
law.   of the ell      bo ' I   be amended
:   thai   an.',in    piiyin      Hi     l   ���"'���'���   '
renl  ih iuld lie qualified ��� ��� ������'
position     He did  n hal  tbe
presenl pro-,".      m ulifli ittoin   ���
all   fair
W. Townsend en.|, ��� ��� I "
Mlnthorne tho a
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[bat '-..    ���       .a
.... I
is.        Th< Dail; Mai   thii  ritttf-iinj
akes   ij]   *h<   sujjgestioi   ">���    h.- appointmen  o i
anadiai a.  amhassadoi 6   V'.i>;iiii)j-r/iil   n   gucccs
sioi ���*/ Sii Mortime: DunRid     li ai editoHd artick
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rnvemmeni   if  anxioui   U  consolidate  th< empil^e
Oanadi ha�� sufferei ii th.  nn';-  througl   th<  ignor
ance n\ shortcomings o   Bi*itis) diplomats  witnesj
tht ^shburtoi """������������ :��� o    yE (a.   */  th<  botJWtoj
lint betweei Main, aiw  Canada    feh< Ofegoi ;ir*/,;*
menl  <    846  i  teiritoria   dhsput.   betv/eei   Ql*eal
Britair  an.  th<  . nlte. Stetei whk?) wm settled ���/
treat.1   an<  ;h< \lask. boundary arbitration   Neve
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mistakes     I cannol b. all^e( thai  j   Cana<Jia*f  Bi
ambassadoi  wouk  ;��r  likeli  ���*��� tak< -.��� ai -���-���
gan! oi dangerous positioi ������ hii treatffienl ���*������ ^fties
tions between th< I nfte. States an<  Canada,    r';,;
. iadiai frcmtiei is I W( thousan( ''������''"��� loPg jr'-'  '���
:���....i.* b. d��tf6nde< onl; wit) difficulty     .'���snada is �����*
- j.-*-  weaken  tha?  t)��  I rritet;  States thai sh< will
nevei provok< . quan^el.   Her enoiTnoaj aW^ i**apid
expansior   usti:;'^> hei eteiffito-a targeshat��-il- ���'���'������
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rived tc  bak< hei into partawrship wit. tih< ffidfehe
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--/>r.A/-     ^"\jr��/w��'ln -..��.���   >'�����*_.!
H    -I'   I, ft.1      ���   ��� ' ���    Idah
; 11     .,       . ���. :   .       ���. .,.,.,..I.,     '.,.,
���    '���'���   Ih     ha   ���   :
I,.   .- .,. .a, o,     Witilni   ani   '���'���" dtlni
��� 'anad t    ��� 'hi ���'���   ���" ���������    Centr
,:. ,       '���-.,     _-.,,,!,     ..���,     1. ���     ,1.. ...    ..
.-.a   ���.   .ri- 1 nei   ������   lhl    ������"���' ���   b
���:     ���'���: 1     Moyle   ���'���������
v, ...,..���.,     ..,,,    o,.    ..,.,.,1      Trail
, i...     1,.    .... -.a,.. ,       1      wtis, I
no   dl 'tilged   bu   I   ;   ubdei ' u"
tin    '" ���  ' ��������� ' 1    ' '
'      I     ll    Sl ll     """ mil
ill ���a,.,,,,-.,, '   '] '.,-���      1       (Jll
"   On     ....lh '..1	
Virginia   ahi   -   B   Tarbefi    i   Butte
��� -,,,   i,i.,i,, , ... ,.,,,  ,,   .1,,  ii-..   claiin'
' ���"   li   '���'���"1"     '���  '"i1    rl"  Cei
-���   Sta   01   th '���'    Then  It  on  <������
hi   foti '-'i   _ 'h   "'>''��� ������       ������'< -
"" '   '��� Veil   "   ��� '���"     .   '���' tici '���
hi  Hm   "   Idah.     Ilefi   li
'���   ���'""'���    In     '"   "-'   bodlei  ���-���	
'������    Idaho     '-'" ������" '��������� ������    ��� ���<
��� ��� ������    hai    he    ������ ������   li   - hi   ���'"'
-���    ��� ' 'In    ���* '������ ������     h<     li
I...I,'.   ,.     hi   i>��rni       i'<   ,' '-_   "...   , ,
R )        ��� i     I li    tl '������'    thi
Idah -   :   lihp - ' "   ft
���   ha -'������"   fcbi
.,.-..,; ...
Approves the Tarlfl
���   '- ��� ������''   Oiit    V".'   Sti    ���    ���     Bai
..,.,, ...      .     .1 ,���,->.,     ....-, .1.1...
thi   ���' idlai   M ' li
 Id      ���'���'���     ���'���'    ��� "-���     ���'������'
1       I Ighl    ���-������ v-   ap	
(hi net   tuflfl   bti   ��� ������    ���   i IW il  thli  lhi     - hi   Unit m  Stat ���   -
In I -'���   ���    Ca '	
���' II ' ij    ��� -���'������ ������"���  '
������ ���'������   b    '���   hi  ���   ' '	
���' ���"
The Hamilton Strike.
��� |" -    ���''��� '      v'- .     _0      * Hit,
thi ���   ������   (I bli -��� ' i_i
t.   '���    Fh<   ������"��� '     1, ���'���"���c I
���"    tig.   ti ila.   Ih -'" -'���iMoti  Th"
'"-""    I '���    -'"     '"���'���"    ���,������""���1er|   |,v
��� '"���    ������'""    ������!''    Whli*    thi	
employed, tihldh  men -will not  gt    ������
-'"""   x; ��� h ���'��� "-'ro thi 1	
' ������    he   ttti    Wh I  ���������    It
a   especfel   ���'������    l.rbifrafion  proceed
..,,.,   .,.;.    ,,,.,..,.,     ..I,..,.   .1, .,���    ,1	
King Edward Greets
Auld Scotia's Sans
Mw wrnimk       jaw r icnui n.ms
mm mi \m\m      m mm m\m
\i a   '     1   sjoi   'rt.    Message.   *���(���-%
���r: : , )���.      S ���- : I   ���< �� '>
'1  fl      Klttg     ! ll   .   '������ ������       :   ������ '   ���'�����'
s.       ,. , , .a ... :,,.,.
; ni     ���'   '���  VI        -    -���-:..;.
s. nt   t;- . ���- ��� -    ������    ������     a��_< ''.^'i'l    ,-
:���.,.. 1 a .      '������ .        .   .   ���������!       i.l ���.'
by  S.     MO  .  re.-      Vh,  ;,i..a    -o nr
���-.,  *���.,:'.���.,      Pleas. ���������������'"������   ���--  fh.  ai
.a,.,.,  and honoraiMi   BoMert;   o   Whlcl
������oi, 1. v   .. ���..'.. .';���:      fl '   '. '"��� -  'i; --  ���"     hi
1   ,    ......    ���.������   J      . ..:������.  :  ...,      .���.        . I���.. ..a.        .,,,,
���a        '   .-  .      f    '. ���<���.>.    '-r.r.   "..    -a-    '
TV>|,      hUTN   ���<������     ������ ���   ���������rrr.    tv..-,.    ,.-v...... .
\i .    : t     ru    ,,...    ..      a. -a       .... .,,.    .-.,      I.,
\ .-    V n  V     ,,..    ���-.       .       ��� ,     .   t .   .      j   .  ..;  ,     .
..v.    v...    -nrlff   W;ll    _H
Trtiit   Cannery   Business   During   Past
->a*en Was Satisfactory to
f-lK-l .   '.'.'i':'.    :.t        '-.:    .-. ���
I "'.   '*       V     ���!        :���  '������
a :       .���.     .-.   .        .   ..-     :.tr       I.    ...
. ,,....    a;.".   ...
. ,,. ,r.     y,       ������ I
ll     . ;. s.    ,,.   a   f .a
���   ���    ���        " ��� : ���
���.      id	
. j. -,- ,   C hawge,  na,-,-'
\'. ...,.\   . f \ ���
..     .       . 1  . 1 ��� ���     1 .   \. ->
M ...     v     I'	
.    . :,-...
fhaw   hein.     ab
form rhi mm
fhre-   >' ���-     fi <ra ���     "Vms t-----..      ���-.
CO-.-I-   -*   Witt"   ,  -.- 1-     r'
I -- 000.000
\. .    ..        \. . .....
  ���      ���    ��� ���
that a bis        ���      een
thii   ���-       hs    wi ���    .������������������.
..      ��� '     - ��� nt '   ���
., ,    . .....      1. .
bev   Indus    ' ���   ���	
ji ...
>. .    .   a.       \, a -    ..a
\r , . .r.       bail        VI
a      . .,�� ,  .     -r.
a .        .    . iHlSh    '-''11"
\ ,'-.  , .     a   a.    ��� a,    n.  u
.1.... .       a ,        ... I       I)]
. Ulpl     '.a.       iPddl '
mded b\ Mi   1 n  ���" '   and
. .   ,. ,. a     ,... .    111 a few nilnui
Pin dpi  I,     '��� .1 ���    ..:.,>  da; ���
1 trip lo I e ill 1 ondoti
1 ,.,: I. 1   . . . Ol'lalPil Will
111        1  1 mi ���
aia    1 1    ' |l   '
uiliiHli       Inn    1
111      ,   1    ���     foi     |||i
will   n    1111
:. H nli   on   II
In    la.   Iiii
'.       a'Tlla.
\i ��    W ���
sl,lp   .
1  mad I m  ' ������'     ���    ���
in;   v ���     with ear
r:     Ull       I   ���    llitl       Ol     ...... ' 1)1,1     '
, ond Usui   ���     . ��� ��� 1 a   iv        hi_   '������
old!  "       ��� ���       ���
Canadian I.       ���    l'i ' ���       ���      ���u-
,!��� ani ���   1. .' '.. ,   i .���   of (I   ul! ���    ���   "
iml  iiii    M ���������'���   Leaf Rubin     t:u   ���
t |1 ���        1 lie
Re��|   Col-,|_
...      1    .   .     in Vii ' j|| ���        ���     |S   ill      II
111 1.1      ���   111 bs  In real  esi
ln\.    md In Ihe 1 ������ il
...��� ovei  * ��� ii """'��� 1 ���
1 ' i| I1I9  belli I   ul
Ins  111 111 tun
    ��� 1  illy a
... 1 tiittil 1	
a    I     ���    I a.
         1     ������ . i
llu 1   ���   In
���        1
in ���    " ���   ��� ���       ���      1 '	
.....       .01 1     '    '"' 	
1    , ,, .;         II    I    ll|l   'i ' Pltlll
.,.,-,,.,   1    ���   '    Ul  ���        \ '������   ""���   I II. fl
   '   ha 1      I  '"���  ���" .   pri in ���'
C    ���-���   s''-      ���     '-*""   "    c   1'"'"
"_   Hi ���������    ��� * '��������� ��� ������ I   ��� I
��� "��� ������'    ' ������������ ���  ������ fe ������ ��� ��� ���
'  ���        ���      '���'    a     . '        ' ' '   "  ��� '	
hi     " ���    a ���������������":��� tete '*"��� fin-
1 "��� ; ���������'   ������   " "' ���
-- ��� i   ��� '������     f>" "Mi i'i"   foi
"���������  ��� ��� ���    ���������     lo	
 ������������'������     " I	
������   ���  hi   ���   beli-i    ���
��� ������������������.      ��� ������ ���
:--   ��� ���    ���  ���������  a-  	
���'��������������� ���
M     "��� ��� ���       Wn    '������������������ ��� ���    ���
W     :  ���        ���     u ��� ���    ea
��� ���    ������ ��� '���   ttthafi   ' h\ h*d ���ii'"i' ���"
��� ��� ��� ��� ���      Wi "���
���     _i     I   6.1 ���'������" _i
 lihg w . . .
1 ��� ���     hi   ��� ��� ���    '������   ' x
���     >.-.,..   ���  n
. f         ���      '""���   _
��� ��� hit h " ������"���>���' I > sni' 'm"
���     ��� ���           ml Ih -     ' v	
i       ��� ���   end!   '' hh ������ 1 hi  "��� ��� ��� i rt
I li ���"���' ��� "" tin nS��i
 Id   ��� ������   ��� ���������    rhil! o"
di I��������� ������ left tu " '"��� ��� ��� hi
I ���"'        ' '���' Vftei '   v.,'..,!,,!,,.. I.   ....
,     . ..  ��� .1.     I,.    ...   I     .,,-   ,u.    ,.,.
'     ���       ' I     1  lilt        "   '"���     '; I'I
I Ills   ' ' "'  {	
���    ���   ��� ���"    ��� tai Iln;
1   ���       u uld  I   ��� - Ileal  ��� ���'"���	
������ ��� "   ""i'  ' ������
 'hi "��������� 1 ��� ��� 1 ���" ��� '
: ' ' I -"	
    nl lal    ��� ��� ���
lh        1    ;"  ihltil
1       ���  ���  '   ��� '   '
hoilbl        ���     "
,    .    r   |,|   .,    ,
  !p I   I "'    '
���I ttiti li    n
I11II1 h     ��� ��� ; I
  I li    ������
���" iilnl I	
The aoOre "1 the Me* We-	
' ���'  ���   Sth!   b'i   - losi fl  fo    ���' t
"��� -"ti in the cvn--c oi _ fe* davs-
Thi pas. Bea*h-% lrkl bo&t b Bfltlefac
... ��� ottl rt (jjj, TTifinapei and fha.1
helder. in sjihr. of tbe fact that small
���     Wei'e     ���������    ''"���
���    ���������      ��� ��� iff  is  almn<it  doufile
 ar, nnrt eni-   tti ��� I 1  t4
 inn Be   -    I afidis hiVe I eet etn
-*���'���  ��� -- ���   n rhe " olnine
" ���   '      ��� ��� "  wft_ made  ) ���
  ���������:'<    mnrbiner\
    " i     & ai 'he coTmnon-e.
men h    1 he pftcli
01  chi     ���      iV rrfeis  was not
 ',.    -,.   -.-.-   ��� . ,.n   hoped  for,  but
prunei    ">> ������ ���.   vl'ims,    blifekherfle^
and rttftpl! i   t "-���,' a in  vei ���
 i-"-1" '������ ���     ���"-"   the  demand   -
���"���"���"���    -���'���   ' '��� -   _.!_  the rom'
���tin unn on-
Kri'l'   lii  the i-j   '������<��� 'he evaperntin?,
,...,.,-.   .,., . .......  vtejfetahle'B will
comrnetic'i     1    i    I    no deiiaahd f
��� ���-��� ���- ��� ��� ���""  th ime
 i    '-"��� lt.J     ���' ;���' l
ll '"" ��� ������ ������-  |i ������   the Yiilirm. wh'
 '��� aii ���' ���������
.si usii
Wbuhd  up   tl     Mr   Halgh,
ttlii ��������� nil '     ���   ...   ���    ���
; Ilf ��� -     ������  	
Spi lit il   llll
111    I-I    '	
 ��� ' ���"���������
��� II     ' ���''   ���
Pun.rnl of H��rt�� /  Lacey
��� : ��� ���	
...  hospll 'I
rom  '   a  '': ' ' "'   ' !"'C
��� ���' (de
try la rei        ;
rill    ,   |o|       -��� I i.e��������!.,.,    I>   ia       :
Millla    IS hit.    W    k   ' ;- ���
V       to       Mall"        I     ll   |g       " ." Hi."
,"" I     -llll',II   \-III.     I
Int-    i
....    i  i g( ..
VI    I,   i'
Christum.   Gifts.
(\i H|k- I -ison of ||io ypnr H| . I
�� meaaflme.    ftpv.   is ulad  lo  learn  of oppattimltles  of
i  se     a Helm. Ine  ditlniv and ii-j^/iii  fJiiHsi
.,.;,     ha   ���   fnas gifts al   l-ettst-httlil'-  ntle      Such
arrangements,   afl   (.tipofttiDlf.    will   he   afforded   on
;n law of Mrs   'I'up. day   ne ,t   by Uie ladles of  WeHt
,   i   here   from Karri   Presbyterian church at the residence
ifri     .twines* of Mrs.  .1. (.'.   Brown, Third  avenue.
. s   of  thp   be   High ".-  will be served''from n until
.  .   a i  v Kiv.3   ".   ./hile  during   the   afternoon  und
.:,.-n of Bflgland  ���"    i-v/>ninf,' delicious candy ami  the cup
���i a  j a- j that cheers will be available at any
j mortu nl     Vdmis lort b 111 bfe free.
 ������ " i ��� ���    nl '���!��� ������ I id
III    i       i"   tint;      tj  I'""   i'    ll
1"  ��� (tired   ;"   ' ""���''':' h ii
I     ,    .    ).,.   ..,..! I -. I   ,   il       .     ���!..
 Id bl     i ���������' ���     i
tlen Impi     I Mi tl       ���       I   I
ol."       'fin    (iltlle   r'!i!"t("l    In*.,   Hi
">r- ti"   life   of   Hie   peop e   of   ''���'"''   '���'
and fherfefore ihe governmenl was not
1 to put a duty on tin plate.
Fishery   Regulations.
A meeting Ih called for to-night t(j
discus- the recommendations of the;
fishery commission, at the city hall af '
8 O'clock.
Weather  Forecast.
Lowei   mainland  ���   Winds   mostly
northerly or easterly; cloudy with oc-
caslonal  rains;   not  much change
I ��� a ���   ��� '.'io.
Better Sanitation.
I hi '	
 ���      ft! in
i it pri    nl
. .i,   .   .        . .    .   ��� i,,. .... j
 l "i  thi   flrsl
.    ..
"   |   i      ' who wid
... |
honb] l ���      emaln In
 il        ml                  Ith In
ra! of th
......     i
igh] |   mi -..'.. i  ��� ul in u
hygfei bin I wentj I
������'  - his Is done, fttrtl
. ��� ,      -ii.
'i ���        b al o) these no-
���    : ���    ��� ��� ied to do
bat lu form        b   the
;        "...
lr  Chanv !v
.furl__��� ��� Hen le      i       i lucted   cham-
bei   yi    erdi     and   el Dec, 19 as the
date  for the hi   ring of the case of
Leonard vs. Final.   The ense is in connection  with the detention of a  dog
owned  by thi   plaintiff on  the  prem-
Ises of the defendant at Pltl Meadows.
The Stanley Ray forger, i ase came up
for hearing,  and   F.  \v.   Howaj   was
asked io act in the prisoner's behalf,
Mr.  Howay agreed to act, but  asked
for an adjournment in order that ho
have an opportunity of familiar-
hlmself with the case.   An ad-
. -"til wn   made to Dec. 3.
! ra
h, ..it
SAT.R.AV, (j
Matsqui Council.
Council met Nov. 24, a; 11 a.m.
Reeve Towlaii and ail the councilors
present. After disposing of the minutes of the previous meeting, communications were dealt with as follows:
From Messrs. Tapper & Griffin, solicitors, formal notice re Burrard,
Westminster Boundary Railway and
Navigation Co. application for charter.
From the Hon. Geo. A. Walkem, re
tax sale matters.   Filed.
From E. A. Wilmot, inspector of
dykes, asking payment of $12.75, being a balance of the dyking tax
chargeable for maintenance of dyke
for T5 acres for roads. Council
thought the government had no right
to assess and levy taxes for the King's
highway, and that this amount was
very much in excess of roads that
were likely to exist for years to feme.
From the sec:,',:", oi the Union of
li. C. Municipalities, askiEg if the
council wished to have any matters
tending towards the Improvement of
the municipal clauses act brought up.
and on motion the clerk was directed
to state that the council was desirous that the act should be amended as
to wild lands, und also that ll is need-
! write to  Mr.  Beasley,  superintendent
rn" the C.P.R., asking him to place the'
. private crossing over the track on ;he|
', Hallert road as soon as possible. Car- I
i .--ed.
Tenders���Ward 1. for work on road ���
| leading to Peardonville, S.  Campbell, j
$80; tender awarded.   Ward :>, briling|
i 100 yards of gravel on portions of Vale
i road.   C.   Hillson   and   Lees,   $110;   _>.
Campbell. $7n. The latter was award-
1 ed the contract, the time limit in each
' case being Dec. 31 next.
The following accounts were passed
���for    payment:    The    Columbian    Co.,
$31.20; Dingle & Galbraith, $4.7.".: S.
; Wadel, $S; R. Robb, $.. ; A. K. Gledhill.
;$5; G. W. LeFeuvre, $4; A. McCallum
' $25: C. A. Lindsay, $5; .las. Donni-
i son, $7;  S. Burgess, $1;  W. G. Marsh,
$4:  T.   H.   I-ehman.   $2.10;   C.   Luni-
strom, $41.73: A. Gustafson. $10.75; R.
Machel, $5:   C.M.C., $20.80;  ,1.   M.  Ige-I
land. $3.80; A. F. Welch, $20: postage,
$2.25; blue jay bounty, $2.75.
The duplicate agreements for Henry
Hayton's work on the newly gazetted !
road on the Maini was on motion di-
I rected to be signed and sealed.
Council adjourned to meet again on
S iturday, Dec. 22. at ll a.m
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
An Englishman's home is his castle. No doubt every man's home is
the same, and if you have not got one of your own, give us a call.
We can find you one, with a small payment down and balance made
easy like rent; but with more satisfaction than paying to a landlord
each month. We have a good list, all parts of the city and district.
The farms we have for sale are the best.
less to keep the municipal 'polling
booths open till 7 o'clock in the evening in country districts
From .1. Bur-: Morgan, informing
the council they were quite at libertj
to proceed to the final passage an.l
completion of the tramway, light and
heat by-laws.    Filed.
From the general manager of the
B. C. E. R., stating he was pleased to
see the large majority by which the
by-laws were carried, and asking to
be supplied with authenticated copies.
On motion, the reeve and clerk were
directed to sign, seal and forward the
same as soon as possible.
From I-. Fossum. requesting the
council to contribute the sum of $175
towards 280 rods of ditching along
Section 5 on Harris road.    Filed.
From M. Sinclair, seeking an appropriation to be spent in fixing up
some bad holes and putting In a culvert on the road. On motion, Councillor Jackman wa.s directed to put in the
culvert as requested.
From Geo. W. LeFeuvre. printing $5 from Wm. Fluegal in payment
of lot 106 in Aldergrove cemetery.
Petition from J. T, Edwards and
three others, asking that the attention
of Langley council be drawn to the
bad state and overhanging bush on the
Yale road, east of Mr, Freeman's mill
to the municipal line, on motion the
clerk was directed to forward a copy
to tlie Langley council.
. Councillor Jackman reported that A.
F. Welch had completed his contract
on Township Line road and recommended payment foi .- ime; also that
seeing Contra. I u- Lehman ha 1 not
made a start on his contract, he desired the council to cancel it. (Jn motion, this was done, and the clerb
was directed to inform Mr. Lehman.
Councillor Merryfleld reported he
had inspected the Township Line bill
and found It needed fixing, as well as
other places in his ��ard, and i iod
quite ready to d i it if fun i- were
(.'oiiii' Illor Benson rep u te I be wish-
��� I.to , rocure 3,0 i feel of planking
for Township Line roa I, as well as
1,000 feel of lumber for box drains, to
iie laid thn ugh M Ci uickshank's
pro] ei ,-, to drain iie ivater of Town-
hip Line loud. On tu iti in, this was
:. iwed.
' mn lib ;]���... ro] a-- 1 the tu d
1 ��� ting to i mi ... te the sidewalk at
Matsqui, mi I a ki thai $2. be al-
l iwed for this, foi i ��� . an i pi e
mi motion, this was allowed, providing 'ii- settlers as , romlse I woul i do
all t ,i" labor fi oi
Men  field Jackm in    Th ���    tliei   .ve
Is Instructi I  If  the rei      re the  | ir
i ha ���'��� ol ! ind for  . i lltion I i the pres
enl   municipal  grounds  be  not  satis-
I u tory, to pr,."- :   u New   Westminster and  Interview   the  ownei   In  re-
0 i to safnc    Can le 1,
Hargitt-Merry.ii Id;   Thai   the   < li rk
inform II. I'. Page ti al If hi   . nntrai I
ou Beharrlll road Is n n i ompletod by
Dec. 22 next, the i mncll  v. ml 1 take
Steps to cancel it,    c   'He I,
Benson Jackman.    Th il    the   clerk
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
160 acres, Westminster
district, 40 ac. under cultivation, 10 ac orchard, 3-4
ac strawberries planted
this year, alder bottom
land,running spring, house
18x22, frame barn 30x32,
14 post frame house and
cow stables, 3 in all. stable
8 cows and 2 span horses,
near Mission station,
schools, churches near at
hand, steamer lands twice
a day,about lOOac.timber,
fir and cedar, never been
logged. $2000 refused for
standing timber, carnage
house 16x24, hen house
made of hewed timber laid
in mortar, 12x30, a chance
of a lifetime, $8,000, $4000
cash, bai. at 6 per cent.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
160 acres goo i farm land in Delta,
about 3% miles from river, near Scot:
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
Three acres. North Arm road, near
Meads, $425.
Four and a half acres in Lot 383,
half way between Port Moody and
Westminster Junction, faces on Port
Moody road.    Only $125 per acre.
20 aero blocks, fruit lands, near
Junction, $20 per acre.
sii acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
In in res cleared, goo 1 soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400. Iralf cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
Interest. Appl} to D Fraser, Abbotsford.
tu acres n>' ir above, $7 per acre:
see us for fuller p irtlculars.
150 acres improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
all under cultivation. $15,000. If you
can ban lie this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can be arranged.
L3S acres, l icres prairie, 3S acres
high land, four-roomed house, barn,
chicken house, all fenced, next to the
Hampton dairy falrm, -'_ milee from
Hammond, $40 per acre. Don't miss
160 acres, township 11, section 15,
two miles from Fort Langley: . acres
slashed. $1,000, one-third cash
160 acres. Langley. 25 under cultivation; house, barn, .sheds, etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
House on Royal and Eighth street.
two storey... seven rooms, full sized
lot, $2,000.
House, 10 rooms, IV4 lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh Btreet,
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
.lame- [nlet, three Bquare mile,, it
$6.00, half    ish, b dance easy.
180 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
2.  and 32, Township 9, one-half pral
! rle, resl brush and some small trees.
Prices; Sectl in 32, $45 per acre;  Sei
tion 29, $60 per acre; Section 2s, $55
per acre. Te:,'phone at Hammond;
telegr iph station, I'itt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two]
years al 7 per cent. Exclusive agency,
67 acres, Hornbj Ranch, Nlckomekl,
[ house cost $2,."ioo when built, 20 acres
cleared. Price onlv $3,000, half cash,
balance eas; .
160 a res In Surray, near Brown &
Coulthard's ranch, $7 per acre; good
terms; fruit lands; see us for particulars.
80 acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good house, 6 acres
cleared;   inly $1,000, easy terms.
160 acres,  all fen,
ready for cultivation
water,   half-mile *
school, all ready for *
vation, at Chilliwack #
per acre.
������ ��� 1'C.
ill     a
don.  B.C .   7"
���   iin   i   md
C '      . J 50 I;
$50  ��� ������     ,
'  'ill
_; one
sou for -������!'",.            i.
��� ��� .[e
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
New Westminster.
336 Hastings St. W-, Vancouver.
Bookkeeping. Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Kn-
Seven Teachers
���  Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students At.ways in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTI, B. A., Principal \
1%-storey bouse, comer of Sixth
street and Eighth avenue, 6 rooms,
brick chimney, all papered inside an 1
painted, full size lot, tii* x 132, floors,
covered with new oilcloth.    Price $950.
Five cottages ou First street, opposite Queen's park     Price $7,000.
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to be arranged.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh stree*. eight, rooms, al!
modern, stable and chicken bouse, full
sized lot, two storeys, $1,000 cash,
Double tenemeni house. 6 rooms In
each house, water, light, full size lot,
between First and Second street.
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half cash, bai ince In one year
' 'i per cent.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
8-roomed House,all modern improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes. $5000. one-
half cash. A comfortable
home and good family residence.
bad   leali
��� ' :. ite
I        ��� i'.E. . j
ship   10,   Langle       ���        ���,,.���
acres   cleared     I : ,_||
Pri   ���  $1,500.  one-i
at 7 per cent,
16S ac resl
ed, near Blacl .  .. $2,000, [
8 and 10 acn ��� - .���-������
miles fi im the rii      .'.   -i
160 acres, se tlon _   t . i-.|
2 % ' 11
ui!-    ��� iti mi $1,200. ha
Ten acres In I
of ���>**'������:-��� min ��� '       11 ��'l
Ily ele i ������ I    $"0   -
House and full Bized lot, 6 rooms,
on Princess street, near Sixth avenue,
good garden, fruit  treas, only $950.
Elghl roomed bouse , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon streetand
Sixth   --re"',  tWO  store's.  $3,750.
li iu .e an I lot on Agnes s'ree'. two
Storeys,   -even  rooms;   a  real  snap at
2-storied house, .
bath., sewer connect!
all modern iniprovemej
splendid locality, $28
Terms arranged,
Two-storey house, stable, chicken
bouse, two full sized bits, ;iii modern
Improvements, Third street, between
Fourth and Fifth avenues, $2,250,
$1,500 cash;  good .-nap
House on Brantford street, rents $la
per month. Will sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, balance easy.
ir of Sixth street and  Fourih
bouse and seven lots, orchard
fruil  tree-, etc., $3,100, half cash.
Large  Iol   and   two cottages; on Columbia sl ree
ai   $10  eaeh.
Sapperton.    Both rented
sl reel.
!,    full    sized
Sapperton;   rc
Only $1,050.
a is
on   K>
for   $10
House, corni
Sis   i    ��� eel ' ���   ��� I
room-. $2,500,
Boarding house, 2        - *-|
Sl ree:.   i ne    i'i"
rents al  . 10     i i
Set tn ro ime I 1 - ��� "���'*!
neai   Fifth avi nu    two stoi..
sized lot, $1,600.
House an I fui        I       |
Twelfth     tree        I   Fourtb
$800.   1 l ���      ".",-.
House,  elghl    ��� i       "���Sl
street,    -orne     Foil   i   $#*!
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Broke
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Bank of Montreal
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home-   {^
stead Regulations
Westminster Iron Works
GENERAL MACHINE ami i..v;i.,|
Ornamental   Iron   Worn,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire hiscapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence In
BEGBIE fc.TKi___.l-.
New Westminster. f. u. 474.
Land Registry Act
CAPITAL  (ALL paid up)
lb- Loi  184, Group I (exi   pi two pari ���
ciitive. eii. \e \  Wesl minster J ll
A   i ler! ideate of Indefeasible  Tll le
to the abo. ��� properl,.   will be issue i
t.i  itlioia   .McKamey on tin' 29th  day
homesteader i.? required to per-  ,,r December, 1906, unless in the mean
i person or perms  claiming an  estate or  Interesl j
iherein, or In any pari thereof.
c  S. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles. ���
Land   Registry   Office,  New West
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona a
Hon.   Sir   C.   A,   lirumnionu
E, S. Cloiision Vice Pre     ei
General banking business transaci   i.
and   i
Rovn L-
Hono        Pr**1
.   lenl
Incorporated   by   acl   ol   pariiati
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt i-i British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any mule over  ls years of age, to
1 the  extent   of one-quarter  section  ot
'in  in res,  more or lesj.
Entry must, be made person illy at
the local land ofiice for the district In
' which the land U situate
1    Th
form the conditions connected there-   ,  a valld objection thereto be made I Y"rk. Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondent
with under one of the followinc plans I. ��� L.,i
, . K i"'a"B>  to me In writing by a person or per-  world
(i) At least six month..' residence ��ona  clalmin
i upon   and  cultivation  of the  land  in
| each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides  upon  a  farm  in  the   vicinity
Branches in all the principal cities In Canada,
Id  London,
.,11 ian"
-I-;   Nov
ember, 1906.
The wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that the
finest Cocoa in the world is made there.
Is the purest and the best and is fast hecoming the beverage
for old and youn;;.
of the land entered  for  tlie  require-  minster,  B.C
ments as to residence may be satisfied '  __
by such person residing with the father or mother. The person or persons having in their
(j) If the settler has his permanent '""'"Tv or possession the following
residence upon tanning land owned Title Deeds relating to the said prop
by him in tlie vicinity of liis home- '':'. are requested to deliver the same
s'e.-i I, the requirements as to residence , to the undersigned:
may   be   satisfied   by   residence   upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to -he Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply tor patent.
Deputy  Minister  of the   Interior.
N.   I!.���Unauthorized  publication  of
thla advertisement will  not be  pal
i fcr.
12th  December, 1895���Robert Granville McKamey to Thomas Robert  M
Kaiii-'.\, conveyance In fee.
I Barristers, Solicitors,
minster, B.C,
New   Wl
Shingle an
Mill  Machined
New Westminster, B. C.
wo. Lrcav.
'._v.'��>>>>>>>>>:^^^^   - - ���
I THEY All COME BACK Timber Notices
c w
8 Every one who breakfasts,
!���! lunches or dines at
| Coffee Palace
��������� ==___=_=______________________-_____________=
*��. '  *
;#;, becomes a regular customer, beea us
$ i
:Jj. Everything is Clean
V. Everything is Well Cooked
*i Everything is Promptly Served
Hear?   < !���>���������   I'opnUrl. y.
Tbe greatest popular idol  In a i��o-
  | litieul   sense   the   country   bas   ever
known was Henry Clay. Only onc
ereby given that 30 days I other American statesman ever possessed tbe quality culled persona] magnetism In the same extent that be did.
and no other ever bud a luore entbusi-
astlc personal following. He was an
aspirant for president from 1824 to
184N, bm never reached the goal. He
received '!7 electoral votes in 1824, 4!)
in 1KI2 and 10G In 1844, but never
Ieet him.    Clay wiih elected
Notice is
after date  i  intend to apply to the i
I Hon.  chief  Commissioner  of  Lands i
and Works for a special license to cut ,
and carry  away  limber  from the  following  described   lands,   situated   on
Kildala Ann. Coast  District, B.C.
No. 7���Commencing at a post planted   about   one  mile   from  the  bead of   enough t(
Kildala Arm, on the south bank of the   "Peaker ef the house of representatives
on  the  lirst  day  of  his term  In  that
iHeadquarters    OI A \]f\ C    Sold in
for the Best   I    1 f\ 1 \| \J O Canada
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
Merchants' Lunch
Full ('nurse, including Coffee with
Cream,        -       -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.; 6 to 8 p.m.
The Edison Phonograph
jGrapl-iopnones, Violins,   Accordions.  Xylophones. Mandolins,   Concertinas.   Flutes.  Whistles, Guitars,
Mouth   Organs.  Zithers.
Grand new selection of the celebrated Columbian and Edison Records.
Subscribe for our monthly records.   New selection each month.
feusical instruments of all kinds kept in stock. Easy terms on all instruments.
.���, (bind Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
��5 Short Orders Quickly Served.
| MRS. M. M. COOK,
A Trapp Block, Proprietress,
v        Columbia St.
Arm, running as follows; 80 chains
soulh, .(i chains east, 80 chains north
to shore, then along shore to point of
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted  about one  mile  up  Fall  creek, on
the easi   bank of creek, running asI
follows:   8(i   chains    east,   su   chains;
south. 80 chains west, more or less, to
creek,  then   along   creek   lo   point   cl i
Nu 9 -Commencing at post planted
body and was Bve times re-elected. He
wus twice elected I'nited States senator, once unanimously by the Kentucky
legislature, and beld several other high
offices, if there was ever n popular
idol in the politics of this country, It
was Henry Clay, but he could not lie
elected president.���Indianapolis Journal.
MnkiiiK it Plain,
In  the  lower   Amazon  country  tbe
temperature ranges about H7 degrees
in the shade nil the year round, nays
about one mile up Fall (.'reek, on east Ithe author of "Ten Thousand Miles In
bank of creek, joining No. 8 claim ou a yacht." At Manaos, 1,000 miles op
west line, running as follows; 160 the river, the temperature is six or
chains .souih. 40 chain.-, west, 160 eiShl degrees higher
chains  north,  40 chains east to point '
On Tram Line
RGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
T consists of 3 acres in orchard, bearing 300 fruit
it: trees. About $800 was made
;���; from the fruit this year, belt; sides which a large crop of
jt; potatoes and other vegetables
;t; was taken off the ground.
*��;        The House is a substantial ..-roomed
;���! one.   Good outhouses  and  barn.   The
>} property  is  well  cleared, fenced  and
"��' cultivated.
' Price . . *1 i;nft   "f Carih;
Bai. easy terms
nf commencement.
No. lu���Commencing at posi pi inte 1
about -1 miles up Dala Rivei from i
mouth, on the north bank of river,
then running as follows: in chains
west, s i chains north, 120 chains east,
40 chains south, more or less, lo rive.,
then along river to point of ci mmence-
No. 11���Commencing at post planted i
are little used in thai country and little
understood, Bo when a yachtsman returned down river and wiih asked by
an official at I'ara. "How Is tbe temperature ai .Manaos'." his reply. "Bight
tb'._- its butler than bere." elicited a
Blare of noucomprehension.
"At Manaos." said the yachtsman iu
explanation, "I used to wilt six collars
a da} ; bere ;�� I'ara I only need three
a day."
This was perfectly clear to the Brazilian, whose face lighted with under-
'. . landing-
White & Shiles
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
J.   H.   TODD        ! J HENLEY
fhe Music House      -     Burr Block, Columbia St.    |
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
about 6 miles up from the mouth, oni
the north bank of Dala River, running]
as follows: 10 chains north, .0 chains I
east, 4d chains north and 80 chains !
east. 4n chains south, more or less, to ;
river, then along river to point of c.tu-
N'o. 12���Commencing at a post plant
ed about four miles up from the mouth !
of lhe Dala River, on south bank,
running as follows; 40 chains east, 40
chains north, 120 chains east, 40
chains north, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commencement,
No. I"���Commencing atayost planted  about one mile from the head of
Kildala Arm, on south  bank, running
as follows: 40 chains south, 40 (bains
west, 40 chains south, 40 chains v.   st, j walls
In  chains  north.  40 chains  west,  40   many
chains north,  more or less, to  shi : ���
ben  along   shore   to    point  of   ccm
No. 14���Commencing at a post plant
Tbe  Ariili   War Chant.
Captain Von Herbert describes how
the -acred (haul was sung liy Osman
Pasha's force In that last dreadful sortie Irom Plevna. He knows, for, as he
says, "a- a youngster of seventeen, being then In the Turkish service, I tool-
part In ibe charge." It is a solemn
four part chant for deep male voices.
With intervals, tbe melody recurring
again and again, of alternating bur
monies hummed almost pianissimo, to
the words "Alia Akbar," and then
again rislug "to a great outburst on the
fifth note." There is more than a suggestion of plain song, that song which
drifted westward from the east.���Pal)
Mall Gazette.
A   nml   lln-iik.
At a banquet held in a room, tlie
f which were adorned with
beautiful paintings, a well
known college 1 resident was culled
upon to respond to a toast. In the
course of his remarks, wishing to pay a
compliment in the Indies present aud
designating the paintings with one of
we have so many witli
When   you   can   get  fitted   with
Absolutely Damp-proof Boots at
'Old Country Boot-store
\       DRY       nOfk       Fami|y Trade a Specialty.
i)      l/lll       UUtn   rf|. 113i office, Eighth Street,
1 Dick Boot for Men, from.
iDick Boot for Boys, at ..
!Dick Boot for Youths ...
 $4 up
ari    ������:���,��� suitable for fine and medium wear:   the beys' are
lestr ictible.
'        ���    ��� ear we specially recommend the Glencairn Brand; they
I' for ] ng-  wearing.     Waterproof qualities  fi r  men   from
Youths' $2.00.   Boys' $2.75.
W Old Country BOOT-STORE
J. Stewart. Prop.
i n���B���BH11
Foot of 4th Ave. Cor. 10th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
..... , ~TC,        . Ayrshire Bulls and Chester
All kinds oi Ship  repair   J
work- White Hoys
Ship and Scow   Building,
a specialty. TOR   SALE
Estimates     promptly   fur-      Young breeding stock of prize-win-
nished. n'n6 animaJs.   Come and see or write
or telephone.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New W��  W%��   AUS��1 IIN,
Westminster, B.C. SAPPERTON.
        Telephone J 175.
ed about one-half mile from the head W^g   characteristic   gestures,   he   said.
nf Kildala   Arm, ou  tbe  north  bank,  "ijVhat need is there of these painted
running  as  follows:   40 chains north,  beauties when
40  chains east, 40  chains  south, 120  us ��t the table
chains   east,  4u   chains   south,   120
chains west to shore, then along shore
to point of commencement.
No. IE
-llcriM   nf   llriiln   K_lintiNtIon,
.\ doctor says  thai   when  a  person
begins to have doubts about the spell-
Commenclng at a post plant-1 ing 0f common words, to write an un-
ed about one mile up from the mouth  naturally
of the Dala River, on east bank, running as   follows:    su   chains  east,  40
(bains north, 40 chains east, 40 chains
north, 4(i chains east, in chains north,
more or less, to river, then along river
in point nf commencement.
No. 16���Commencing at post planted|anfldlfferent bind.
nt the mouth of Dala River, ('oast Dls-1
I trict, on  west  bank, running as f0l- chains west, 80 chains south, 40 chains
lows: 40 chains west. 80 chains north,  west, 80 chains south, 40 chains east,
. 120 chains east, 40 chains south, more  then  along    shore   to    point  Of   com
small band that shows a
tendency t<> waver above and below a
straight Hue and to grasp the pen with
unnecessary force, especially at the
end uf ;i hui: word, then that person Is
suf-Ui'lii). Irani brain exhaustion and
ought either to take a complete rest or
else to lind work of an altogether new
For Sale
or  less,  lo river,  then  along river to
poinl of commencement,
No. 17���Commencing at a post planted  on  the west bank of the Kittimat
Arm, aboul twelve miles south of Klt-
i-mruinc  nun    t        v AU      Having bought out  the Blacksmith-
AYRSHIRE BULL, four-Year-Old m8 business ���_ r. h. ne,, .,.���. ��� wm
In pleased to see all his old CU��� tinner. . iis well as new ones Horseshoeing a specialty.
J.R.MORRISON, Dewdney Eighth street
For  Sale or Trade
Island, ;ii mouth of Kildala Arm. running as follows: 40 chains north, 10
chains west, 4u chains north, 40 chains
east, I" chains north, 40 chains east,
120 chains to poinl of commencement.
No. 18���Commencing al a posi plant-
'��� I aboul 20 chains south of post of
'   aim Ni    17. running iis follows:  40
mencement. <
No. 19���Commencing at a post pla: t-
ed about OBe mile up from the nioiin
of Deer Creek, on Devastation Channel, situ.ileil about eight miles south
of Kildala Ann. running as follows: 40
chains east, 80 chains north, 40 chains
east, 40 chains north, SO chains wes;,
12(i chains south, to point of commencement , ���
Located Nev. 5, 1906,
Loi ator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S.,
Per Frank Vandal..
Nov. 24, 1906.
Manufactured and guaranteed by
/ ���
F    G    DAWSON, Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver.
*f ;���'-*'���"��� * !iro.i>.|i",,*w t        I
r 4
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company LimJtedj at their
offices, corner of .Si_nh and Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
\VSm you want BLACK sfllc.
you don't say "a spool of silk."
When vou want Windsor Table
Salt, say so  "WINDSOR."
Managing Director.. ,. ... ���/i. C. Brown   	
Transien display advertising, i&
C'?uis per me nonpariel) i2 lines tn
the inch. Five cents per due tor
furse.p ,-nt insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
""Poi time contracts,.. special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisfpeftt taken for
:<_s. than 25 centa.    --' i
The British  Columbia  Gazette  pub-
! lishes a notice of the appointment of
.John   Mahoney,  of New   Westminster,
] to be a mining recorder for the New
I Westminster division, in the place and
; stead  of  Charles Cunliffe  Fisher,   re-
'. signed.     The    same    publication    an-
' nounces the appointment of Walter J.
Walker, of New Westminster, to be a
court of Revision and Appeal for the
cities  of Vancouvei-  and   New   Westminster   assessment   districts,  in   the
place of C. G. Major, resigne 1.
for   sale   at    Reicheu-1
Day Office   	
Night  Office    B22
<_3 =>iS:ai8>-
SATURDAY.  DEC.  1,  1906.
Guichon���P. J. Ward. Vancou. ir; S.
B. Buchanan, city; A.  E.  Macnaugh-
ton, Vancouver.
Windsor���A. C.  Beatty,  W. J. .I ���:;:.
ston. Atlln;   Dr, II. 1-*.  D. Brown, Cloverdale; F. A. MacLaren, G. D. Pr >fit,
Elgin;   A.   Tisdale.   Barnet;   I'. Clore,'
Nelson: .1. Knox. Sumas; F. E. Ilallen-1
ger, Belllngham.
Colonial���('. A. Steele, Vict u-ia; W.
X. While. La Rose, Wis.; A. E. It i ith,
Montreal; C. S. Ferris, Mission
Just arrived, that shipment of Watches I told you about yesterday.    All kinds
and all sizes for gentlemen, ladies, girls and boys, from $1.50 to $100.00
DIAMONDS.-Come and look at our loose stock of  gems, from 1-16 to
3 carat,  and prices from $6.00 to $600.00
Come, let us be better acquainted. Equally welcome to look or to buy.
HORACE DORER Goldsmith,Silversmith and
We have made arrangements
with the N'ew Westminster (,as
Company to handle their
output exclusively. At present
the demand is largely in excess
of supply, but orders will be
filled in rotation as quickly a.s
possible. Don't wait until you
are out, but order ahead to
avoid disappointment.
Telephone   150
Down in Victoria, the political pot
is boiling merrily. Tlie McBride organ ihere. the Colonist, unlike its co-
laborer here, which does not dare to
cheep in defence of iis masters, makes
an effort to stem the tide of popular
disapproval liy repeated protests
againsl the exposure ���>;' the various
acts of maladministration which have
Ieen brought home to the Government Sometimes it confines itself to
wooden-faced denial of notorious
facts; again it wails tha' the necessary exposure of Government misdeeds will injure the Province.
The Times answers that the truth
must be told, and proceeds to tell a
little of it. The Colonist asks if Hon.
Mr. Templeman is to Be treated as Mr.
McBride and his colleagues are treated and the Times a*ris%'t:>: "We are
quite sure the Minister of Inland Revenue will ask for nothing else, we
know he can expect nothing else, than
treatment in accordance with his
works, That is v,:. :"..-':;,.��� McBride
government is golngpftoget. It is what '
the McBride government is receiving.   WW        *        w^     l j
If the persons who par"; :ll;iii' 1  ii   the   ��j[#   J\      JjClV6C-L     C
Kaien island deal are wo! the friends * \*0.
of the ministers, in what relationship
do they stand to the government'.' If
the corporation which received eighl
hundred thousand acres of land to
whicli it iiad neither moral nor legal
right is, not on friendl. terms with the
Government, what is i:.s relationship
to the ministers? It' tne various individuals who were granted special
privileges in the select! -:i of the valuable lands ui Kittimaat are not friends
of the Government, whal a;-.' we t.,
think of the marked discrepancy between the evidence of -lie Chief Commissioner of Land and Works nil tha
���evidence of his subi rdin ites in the de-
I artment?"
, And then ll proceeds) to inform i's
contemporary thai tiie Liberal party
lias a duty to do, an i means to do it.
"It wil! be vain for tin.' friends of the
McBride Governmenl to appeal for
mere) on the plea : lur men b ilding
high and responsible positions under
the crown should no- be charged with
offences and misdemeanors against
tlie public because the ventilation of
the scat,dais may have a serious effecl upon the standing of tlie Province. 'I'be Governmenl of Premier McBride musi in- dealt wiiii according
in its des3e - a. i v. aruing tu . ,������
< ������ ling iidmini traiions that the .:;��� I
d ��� of minister i. i ���::������ , .��� ;,
whom tin1,   ii ive bei n i led ��� 1 -a serve,
lint     to    tluar    favOl I  e -   at: i     pel -..a .:
friend -."
It will lie to your interest to j
watch this space for the next :
i ���        i i
thirty days, as we have pur- i
chased it to place before you
lists of Xmas bargains.
Our stock of Preserved Fruits
is now all in.
FOR r.cNT ��� One half cottage; mod-  MRS.  DOMINY, proprietress   of   the
era    conveniences,    near   car   line.      Arrow   Press   Job   Printery,   having
Thirl   avenue.    Apply   "D.,"   Daily
News office.
You owe yourself an Overcoat that's righl    the !...,,���
that's right owes you proper proti cti        i wear,
But you will nut lind that "right kind" uf < >��� er   .��� evi
You'll certainly not find it. if you shop a: random.
If you patronize most any kind of a Clothing Sl ire
If you jump at the first reduced price advertised.
TKp  PFOP! F'*s ^ y��u rus'r" 'ntu a store an(- rus^ ollt' buying the first!
ine  iLAJiLsLsO shown you. I
GROCERY     'T,) Pr(>cure that "right kind" of Overcoat ymi must gl
the right store -the kind of a store that confines!
advertising to facts and invites investigationand|
hat vim |
LOST���About two weeks ago. gentleman's gold hunting case watch;
owner's name engraved on case inside. Finder please return to It. P.
Baker. Bank of Montreal. New Westminster;  reward.
engaged a practical printer, begs 'o if V()U wjj* consi(ier these points, we believe tl
thank the, 1"'1,li;' f��r ,h,>,: .;:i:1' pat>      ' leave vour Overcoat monev here.
ronage, which she luces will Sr ,. m- .
Our Overcoat price range is trom $12 to $22, and y-
       '.'.       money goes back, if your Coat goes wrong bs!
WANTED���A cooper who understands
distillery  work    Apply A   T. Mor-  Cut and Made on the Premises
zatlW |t ^ TA|l0R
TO   ORDER Won't.
We are just in receipt of a lot of Boys' and Youths'Q|
$20 AND UP=        anettes and Overcoats, at $4.50 to $8.00
\   I _____ ������:<, ���! s  Turn l��.
The 11.,, .1 curious t i:.:b !a Muglanil is;
thai nf Lady Ann > Hi-ire    1:1, daughter
of the Earl nl' Tii.i:, ���;. wh i died nearly
two centuries ago and  wns buried  in
Tewin churchyard,   l.'pon her deathbed
she  disregarded   the  pfT.rta  of   those
who   sought    la   administer   spiritual
comfort.   An atheist she hud lived, mil
atheist "flic would die.   "it i; us likelj
thai I should ris e ngiilii fr uii Ihc (load," j
she said,  "as lha!  a   tree sho::!',!  grow!
out   of   the   middle   '<f   lay   en.iin.''    A
tree ha. grown oul of lhe middle of ber
coffin- an oak   nud by Its side n sycamore.   The  vault   Is  square,  of  brick
and granite.   The t-,v.).;ii{cos first tilled;
the Interior  before  they  i ould   And  a
way out.   When they did burst through
the  mnsonry   Ihey   so  spread  ns com-'
pletely  lo envelop Ihe grace.
247 Front Street
New V/estmir.ster
A shoe for .. ell-dressed men.
Costa ct to li   ur i   a p ������. fe
Bho . inn Is as 1" ���'������ as a i hoe if
this (ii.n ,. 1. i- can bo sold Si on
besldo a. chi i pi r hoe, i he dtf_ a -
enco  la  unmistakable,
Men who want .-ipp.arance, sat-
Isfyini;) wear, and c-olid comfort.
6ho.!d  v?.ir  the  "Invictus  Shoe.'*
W lien   i:v_.r,v.liinK  Ts  I'olnonons,
All substances, evci_.k__;g.s. are poison-1
ous when tbey are injected iu certain
quantities Into the c'o-atiliiory system
of an animal. A French Investigator
has taken the powdered yolk of a
duck's egg, treated il with a 31 per
cent solution of sail nnd Injected it into the veins of an iniiiun! nut!) it died.
In order to kill a rilbbll liny-live grains,
of the substance were required for
each pound of the rabbit's weight. The
yolk Of 11 hen's egg i. less poisonous,
but that of a turtle more so than that
of a duck. The albumen of eggs Is
also poisonous.
Made   by   GEO. A.  SLATER
Men's Mulehide, Blucher-cu't Boots, Duk-Bak
Waterproof Soles  $5.50 pair
The Best Boo! made in Canada today is the Invictus Box Calf, Heavy Duk-Bak Soles, for
men; a strictly waterproof boot....
$5.00 pair
Columbia St.
New Wesir---. ster, B. C.
An Excellent Opportunity to get a|
Splendid Line of-���^^
at the lowest possible price is afforded all at
Lee's Furniture Emporium!
We  Have  a Great Variety
-   -   -   of All  Lines   -   - "
A Few Suggestions for y mas Im**��***^
Our stock is at your disposal, and we may be able to save you considerable time and worry by suggesting that SHE MAY WANT A SECRETARY
We have them from $6.50 each up. Or a MUSIC CABINET. We have a
nice line of beauties from $9.00 each up. Or a ROCKER. No better
values ever offered; Solid Oak Cobbler Seat, from $3.00 each up. Or a
PRINCESS DRESSER. A most beautiful line are Quartered Oak, polished,
large oval and shaped British mirrors, from $26.00 each up.
Or, HE MAY NEED A CHIFFONIER, a man's delight. We have them E^'
$15.00 each up, in oak. Or a MORRIS CHAIR -solid comfort in which he
may sit and dream of you. We have them from $6.59 up; solid oaK
frames.   Or a large EASY CHAIR.   Or a BOOK CASE.
Come and look around. We are putting goods away every day i��]
Xmas delivery.   Don't leave'it too late.    Come early!
LEES   Furniture   Emporium
Dupont   Block Telephone  73
l ic_^__3ac____it._,ae____:___-:.' R��_._.��-U.___i-.- a____a*4S__.'���_ .,,_-,
V Y, ... <
in       Bl
Cash   Store
re Into the Christmas Month N
,ertz  ~ it ���" . .. ���: - :m
.,.-��� d yei 'sii e.tiwcr_-cal
1 ."���      .. i >
* ������'���tiyP.
,,   %     Sip*  J��r
Our Winter Blouses came in rathe-.
instead c f the st : k being
|fg have an excellent ass rt-
S* *-.*
.   .*     vv.
���   11:    i   it-.   -
. I fancy v,  -
��� ine   Ribbon s,
? S i 11
:���_..   ,a    lo
\     oil
��� '
���t'.JSSS*- "'���-ST-*""""""'
fee. ^'
^S-5~_r; >w:rS-i\Ljr-.-r
���V * -
\tts\/AJf- /    EJ>������  >
Uood Hosiery Insures Comfort.
n pairs  Ladles   P'.al    Cashi
I Hosli        i snap In la
line  ..40c
3omo vnr;      ���   _
rlpn   noiiieboil
Kail"        l'n  la a     \'. Ill
 i i     . aril
I-,<��� ti h   F I mni        '"
i,i nl im ������ I  Novelties
/'.    Il
To our . tock ul Twee i  S iltln        '   i
we've        I: aided "      '   '      '   '"'* y""      /
a    Choll aia '
TV ee,|.,    ,'   '!l ���  "\
1*1 -. I ���  ������
Novelt.    Twi
and  65c.   Go   il
-11.   prli b
. ���    li ,      ���       :
toi i        fl
i-l  b
K". iO    '
'in a    ���     .   ...
'i.r.''.      ..��� ... c-
| !j I'S.'.  12.30, |3.79 snd
"* space do not permit us to tell you the ivhole tory   but ttaw are quite a
lot of Specials throughout the store. 	
Local News Briefly Told Jlf���?,,
e i
' 'li:      al. a   i.n, a   ll  'la     ill In       in/ll'. 1 In
-..u.r.       \..,-:     ....     iiiiii.\-..       .Mile a   ... , ....,,,   I ' '!..     tu
���   , 111 >IH un      '.       ���.   ,    'it',  'tl,        Otl'I'lllH    ' '<���      a    ail      ii      I.i
,'n '.  .   .a.'.. a..-.      u/nl.iu   i/.tu      i.n,       ���.Mwu,    I       tw      ,li    .., .!,,:.
���a       ��� ���   I      ���
,'eie. I.a       1..     ..:         t -il    ,.,i       U.
....r.-.u     li,     i ���:   hn ,      ,li '  .   .a
. a,.... .       |,|        .       ...,,;        ���,      -|,.     ,,,
 ���hou... v'ii      li.       ���,���>....-.
������r     ..'/,.      .     .       '/'I.-;     leu     -;.....���  -a,       Wtfi '������>"     W     "il        '"������     W      1'
ItiHtiit  'in    '-""     i>.-   doiiw ii     '"'   "   '"'"'''���   (�������'��"<   hh  pthti
lull] a   ���.     . i   ���. i ���.    hi     I hal     uni     " " *'  "  "i'1"-' "���
fill   ���. -:    ���/   ),;   i.v --nl;.!    f(,      1..   st:: I
��� runt     .. .' .'. '���     Tb.   Uiilfo 'mt   '
t��t    M't���H1    *_"��.M!
MO\l\\Vt>rv .W
i ititti !.n.
���!..     K-illtl      llu.nl.     It     ||
IO t-
���-..<-       i>	
.'li ll
il    111
n.i! |.
It    tI.I-
('...al,.a,  K.....I      X      I'll
'111       11 ���-<.- ���    |||| vl.'al _   ���������' .-      ||l    '���
ai    li.-a,      ,    v      :;..   au t.i >     .-1 i. vl    in"
���.:    I  ..       I      ������.I  rrr   r,i     i ���     1     .1'.'    .a   | '  r
a.i    .,    :     :, -..nal    ,'i      |l(    . i.v  I'.a   Iia,
.','.-        ���.   | ���      , ii    M.ai....     Ifl    .     ���
i    ��� aa a    , , ..       ,|||       ))m^.
James  O Xeill
-.tir,.^. ...I, i. ���-.. aa...
,.   '-Hi; ���.. ...
'V.v ��� ��� ��� ���.  . '    -.   i  -ri t't'. ���_ . .     -.-.  r
I        '. I..v...,'.. ."I........ \f....i..
Monte Cri-sto
DHiU Mllin
'���   V,' o ||   ���_.'   !. .-     V
The  rUil>   \f*.i5   Irkvi
-. .;,w,r     .���     i'./|   ���    a;
K>. JiflV V   "-���fi/i'i.'!-;^
Public   Meeting. \\ \ \ \ S
25 cent*
Jl   BiTV
...                     ������.-.���            .-a '���������                                      l*XN                    ''   '     '         '    '
...                            a.                          ���.,                            s a...         .                                    B'itli                ���                                -
'   '      .           ...:.               .        : n     :  . ���                   '  ���      '           '.!<
. ���         f   :.-.;            .                  .  iV         :���.���..'.'���- '                    ���"-������      lh<    '' " HC
: .  :���. .-.  '.-.-. ���,   " ���.                   :.->.-.-���. \-     :..    \ :. ���, :; i.    M. .. ���   .
.���������"���'- ,.-..-     \   ���     ".-.    ���'...
f t-ipsxt sim.-iiirf' hv >.tiri.. .                                  	
,   a .'.    a
���       . . '.-(=>M
*�� v. '*������<- >.v. V*���*i.'**��v<- ���*'������� % vm'*'��.-��-v.%,r* V4nwwrt'��nitiiwwt'*'>1��,l>
 ���  < '  I
A  tw * "l^ ���  ���   __P^ ^%   ���   __T^    '
: A^     THF     RIK   5
A I ��     J
��� .. ,        ������ !**   i
f*   ���
f*    I
_>   I
'ft -I"    ��� . a  . .  ., I Si
a.  ..                     -. ���������������< ���     a I
* I
.'...    r   ������                             .                        ...  :   :���..���.:���..���        S ,
��orn                         ��� ���          ���  ���������- ih<     J^ '
;m-\>         Via'    " (Jl :.    .            ...                      ......         H�� ���
i -v. .     .a-iu^   t...".-._i   h .   . -   ii ll;     i��     ^
.   . . >      a     �� a    .   a     ...
i'a;    a; .   lhl   a\     al
. .      .     , ���     rr,      r. .    n
Holohpubai '��������� x  Co
| ..
____________________________________________   I
aaailla'   0|      :.,���   .   ;   |      il.' I     : ��� , a |\| ��� i    .  ������ ��
, a ..   |  It) Rp\     Ml     Ml It. I   Ol   I iinrtito        J
���   '       . -... , .���             . tun ��� h     i in J
; .1.   .    oi ha    ��������������� ��� v. ��� lh ������������   ��� '��i
...      |ini_;p    ;:i i ii  .....         and  " ':; >;
__________^_______l _^^H^^^^|^B^hai ati
.'.:ia.;;    a.      ||.      \\ a ��� ���.    1   .'..
Ul'eh  lift?   l-Pi'-pit i-.i    IU   :',.
MtM.'s    Silk     luU'il     liK\V('
$1.25 the pair
M<m.Y. Silk   Linid QlOYi
$1. 75 the pair
! I
i ��������
i �����
i i
i ���
��� I
1 I
Thn "I^^^B^^^HB^H
Imp Him.'.  , otnpipi. i iii.
Ill    ill.      li l.'in   ii Iiu,Ira    I  eit iu    o^.
a     ,  M    |t|l      fill    I a'     || ||l     l'.'i i   I  ..      1   am '���'
i .  i���,.    i   will In   hi ������������ii'" il III a "' ii '������;
a  in, a      Ibbl      tll'e    |       '     tuna      Hill    "in. ��
,i-     |||      ||i     a,   ,,..,     a ���������   :���       :   n.m    . .uu ;��*
���a    ,     H||||        i ||ll     HI  :���   'an.   .  '       11" D
pilKbi'    ii i'i   .;��� \. 'aa   i i   i [ii���" ��� i m
������"" -����� ������-,-��   1 i\ltMi's I'hIhumI .,l_'\<\''( Penl:; nuikp :J
,...'*��� ���91
\    111| HI 111 i .   '    ||     o      ��� | i'       IV P| tl I
n   '!iu   iii    \ a a, . i   | i i    -,n.l   m i.lu   a   ("in
..iai      a!  uu.      la.        nal' ia.ui;
I  a,   ���.    ,'a   volol   .  ������!���    i.i        |ll|l      ���    uu.   i ii   1 Iiu
ani ,  I,.        i n|     I lu  il       ll.   a        I.   I a     un
��� ,, . nil,    .   ia I   i li.  ||   in
'   ,     I            i       ,             | I   I    11111     11 I 1 111 I I ��� a.i'.
,  i   ���';       lai     il     i  |     l...ii.    . .    I       Iui
a i  i   .    a   ,  a   ��� Ii.     ..     I|l ���   i    I
___________________I1^^^^H ____________
In   I    ��� llMll'l III      te-l   I     He   li
IIII li :l I I ll'-l |l]      .iilu a ia    > iu ul
a ������ i    i a. i ���'. i    rin   i ���
r ll il III  I Hip  lift
i     \:. i illll. i .,       n   i     ..'   ���:'     |..|,i,   ���
$1.25 the pair
i\l<*n':. Wool   I iIIumI  (floV6S
75cj $1 ond $1.25
the pair
Working Men'   (rloves
30c, SOc, 75c, tip fo $2
fir pan
Inn . Ii   Van. mivri    " lul  Inl li'b   lo nil
.  .                 |||l         lul..,,,        ,      I,,       1. .,|       i  ....... ���   !
iu.  in all   'i Iiu  ��� ���   ������< i in ml
lull ll  .      'lul ||
I The  Wardrobe Clothier i
F. li. SMITHeusshb
MVEKsmmBzzsr:   .xjmasuB��_..,��, llllll 1 <���������
y |l| ., ,,.     ol I ||!a I'll Rfl   . PS i#j
I,a,la        .1 mil.. I   I   mi    in. In--'   "I     - "'' i    Uy        y
\v,i'ui   '   in "I i_ I i    i'   '      I label      *
|  I,, a    Ijll ,        4    lu    I  ..    la.   ��� a,     I |  '".I     Hub/
I n lai I _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ii ul .io,���, ,i. ,,���ii... both of    | - LULUMbIA    S>I. _       >.
ii nd, 'V e allowed three Ihehes    ;��::fi.;o:��::fc��KO"0*:c��_K!ixfW
��� oul   ||-,-1. I'M-b" -��� Of  I'.a'i'ei,   incoeetivil. , .	
ii'im     mi     ii'ni:i'"e.|     Btrflflfli     lllllllliu:      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thfOllgtl   Ml"   H"'u !'!"(    district.      Tbe    |     ^ ______.". _���i _^. _        |
ni"i   ��� in dl9ti be used for domestic
and 111.1'ieiiiiiinii iiti.iioses. .
Our lard is the extract of pure hop.
fttl     it la tin pui-e aa It i.s white.   Try
it.   Reichenbach & Co.
Vhii"  in  Victoria   on  Wednesday,
Mti.v.i! Ke iry called upon the premh
iiiai aeveral uf the ministers. In ord
to press the claims pt [Slow Wc il ���
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
F*lumbin& and Contracting j
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
Ji 6
' ������!
It is good business to be able to purchase HOME PRODUCE, to support HOME
INDUSTRY, and furthermore to SAVE MONEY.
EVERYBODY uses Flour in one form or another;  soon EVERYONE will be using
the CALGARY MILLING CO'S celebrated Hungarian  Patent, made from the
finest wheat Canada grows.
It will save you money to purchase "FEEDS" grown in British Columbia for your
horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, etc., besides buying the best. British Columbia produce leads the world, so write for prices and telephone your orders to
The   British   Columbia
Flour and Feed Co.
Telephone  40
of New Westminster
Yesterday's market was a light one
and the attendance was not quite up
to th-' standard. There were the uBual
number of vendors of produce there
who were waited on by iheir regular
customers, but transient traders and
buyers were less in evidence Ulan
usual. Apples came in in considerable
quantities, and among the supply was
fruit grown and packed by T. Black,
Langley; .!. II. Collinson, Chilliwack;
A, Erskine, .1. (J. McAdam; .1. A. Graham, Langley; .1 Whit worth, Ladner;
Newman Bros., Hall's Prairie; \V. Mc-
Menemy, Glenwood, and others. The
siock offered was nearly all first-class.
The florists hud a nice variety oi
(in flowers, considering ibe season,
violets, carnations, chrysanthemums
ami a tew dahlias being among chem.
'I'he .egetable market took a slump,
and the le.i ling vendor, .1. Whiting,
has close I up bis stall tor a time mi
tai (..im (f the available supply of
fresh vegetables running mil.
Eggs wei' somewhat nnue plentiful
liniii iln..  have been, and  the whole-
���' a,��� ; l    v.i in   paj iny   .".He   ii   dozen.      A
largi quantlt; ol i eg. ume also retailed t 50c. i. isi week : lm lowi I
io tu ivai  ssr.
A i   nslderabl    quantlt;   of dn
Cowl a.i   i ffi ii I ai _"e pei Ib    ��� lei   ���
nml turkeys were Bcarce.    Mi i. Smltn,
of Bon   ���. i If ered dried sage fi
suit) in mldii Ion i i her usual wares,
ll. ['"ord, ol La Iner, was a new vendor oi butter and egg i,
There ��as a good supplyof beei ordered in the carcase, the bulk of It
coming from up river, ll wns all i old
iii i he prices quoted.
Mutton is now being offered in
somewhat larger quantities, and the
demand i.s always more than equal to
the supply.
Pork came in in increased quantities, and the stock wns sola without
auy difficulty.
Veal was rather shorter than usual.
hm  the supply on hand  wns of g 1
Thi    poultry  markel    was   brisk, a
large number of birds changing hands,
Potatoes  were  plentiful,   demand
was wi a .
Beef, hind quarters, l'r- to -',_(��� Ib.
Beef, forequarters, l\'2c to 5"y��c Ib,
Veal, 9c to 10c lu.
Mutton, 12c ;o 13c lb.
Pork, 9c io 10c lii.
Drei  ed     -1, 20c lh.
Petal  ���   , $12 lo $1 I :���> i.
Onions, $1.25 sack.
Eggs, 50c to line do/..
Butter, 30c to 35c lb.
Fowl, $7 to $8 dozen.
Chickens, $5 to $7 dozen.
Ducks, $11 to $12 dozen.
Geese, $1.25 each.
Apples, 75c to $l.in box.
The mud sills whicli will form the
foundation of the Wood Stave Pipe
company's new main building have
been laid and the work of fillin.. In
has commenecd. The task of raising
the superstructure will be commenced
earl;,  next week.
City Elections. ��R YSON &   SOI
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone 1-t-i.
Dealers ln
Coa^ Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents li. C lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone lb
Ivalpn  Connor s  Latest
"The Doctor
|        PRICE   $1.25 AT
' J. J. MACKAY y CO.
Booksellers Stationers Newsdealers
The Royal Bank of Canada
Insure, absolute security to deposito r*., START NOW to save your money
and you will never regret it. People do harder things every day and have
nothing to show for It.
;-,'ys<i   :-��� ni ���  ���.���  a;.en to the i- ������ ���
tors i    ih. CJty ?: Sen' We-imliisi ������
thai I require the presence of the i ���
Electors at the City Hall, ou
Monday, the 3rd day of Dec.,1906
Ial 11 o'clock a.m., for the purpose of
electing a Mayor and three School
, 'I: ustees for the year 1907, and at 12 ,
' o'clock noon of the same day, for the
purpose of electing .even persons ai
Aldei men foi the said year of 1907.
The mode of nomination shail be as
n Hows; Each candidate shall be nominated in writ ins;; the writ int; shall be
( I subscribed by two persons a.s propose! and seconder, who shall be dul.
i n itii il electers and residents In the
city; and such nomination paper shall
contain a stati menl signed by the person nominati d, that he i on senl to
such nomination.   The nomination pa-
��� pers sha i be delivered to the Return-
* inn  * Iffi*' r  a1   nny  time  between tn i
late of this notii e and (In the case ���''
,    '}...'    and  Schi ol Trustee i   12 noon
of  tlie  3rd   daj   i I   Deci mhei, or  i In
.   i   '     Vldermea    I  o'clock  p.m.
In the evenl  ol  it  poll 1 elng ni   i
i 'i ���    I will    ������  ne,i on th*
l     i    ��� .��� ���   ul    December,   1906, al    !>
o'cloi      a.m.,    ind   ������ I I   remain   opi u
5 p.n    -     lhe     ime daj. at  the
f*  !' '��������� Ina.  ;   ices;   I'ln   Coum 11  Chai    I
i Clt;   Ha   :  the Fire Hull, Sappei
lon;  an i nl   the L |   I  S   tlon, Tenth
Of which everj person Is requin I
to ini. noti ��� and govern himself ac-
cordlni Ij.
Given nn |< r my hand al lho City
Hall, New Westminster, the 22nd day
of November, 1906.
now dissolved partnership, the business will wl
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & S0M\
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, TinM
- Graniteware and Enamel Goi
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia^
Returning Office
22(1��� ldil
Notice is hereby given that I intend
[to   apply  at   the   next  sitting   of  the
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.    Pni n In your pocket, it would prob-     . ,..������.��� _      .  .     .,     .....
j Licensing   Board   for  the   Municipnlitv
of Langley for a  renewal of license to
sell  liquors by  retail  on the premises
known as the  Langley Hotel, situated
ably be nothing, but  ONE DOLLAR    iepoalted every week with us will in
un years amounl to $604.50.   THINK   this OVER,
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
at Langley, in the snid Municipality _f
Langley. ,
Langley,  Nov. 21, 1906.
B. C. Mills, Timber anj
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in  All Kindt of
}  Lumber,    Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash, V |
Interior Finish,     turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Dram' |
Royal City Branch, Columbia St
Telephoned. New We**1
Carruthers Manufacturing Com!
Manufacturers ol
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar n
The Carruthers Manufacturing
VANCOUVER, B.C. Lav. <*c* ����� 1905-
here is nothing so nice and acceptable as a pair of nice, warm, cozy
Slippers for an Xmas gift.
[emember THAT when making your
We have secured the latest
and choicest designs, both for
style and comfort, so come
early and get your pick of
our large and   varied  stock.
application will be made to the Par-
llamenl of Canada, ait the next session
thereof, for an Act. to Incorporate a
Company under tbe r..ime of Burrard
Westminster Boundary Railway and
Navigation Company, with power to
construct, equip, maintain and operate
a line or lines of railway, of standard
or other gauge, with sieam, electric,
gasoline or any other kind of motive
power, for the conveyance of passengers and freight, from a point or
points at, in or near the following localities:
Commencing at a point on the north
side of False Creek, thence crossing
False Creek by a bridge and running
Townsite, the  Municipality  of South
Vancouver and Burnaby and the Cit>
Notice Is herebj given thai 30 da; a
after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chic'' Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a lb mse I > cul  and carrj
away   tin, ,
scribe,1 lands:
1. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s S.K. Corner, plauted ou the
north bank of the Kildal i river, aliout
two miles up from the mouth, running as follows: 40 chains north, 1.0
chains west, 10 chain., south, 160
chains east to point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or
2. Commencing at a post marked
\\*. M's S.W. Corner, plauted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles up from the mouth, running
as follows:  lu chains north, 120 chains
i   southeasterly  direction  through ' east, 80 chains south, 10 chains west,
City    of    Vancouvei'.    Hasting,   1"  chains   north,   SO chains    west to
polni   of   commencement,   containing
'���lu acres, more or less,
__ loaator __��.!.��! lutnaeal.
The most gigantic harp ever constructed, as far as tbe record goes, wns
that in.-nii- i.y Verltan, the provost o_
Burivli. near Basel, Switzerland, iu
1787. That wns a long while ago. but
tbe fume of M. Veritan's gigantic harp
was .nch that it is still occasionally
mentioned by writers on the rare and
from the following de-   t^,, wonderful, Just as ihe sea serpent,
bli'ily rain, live mastodons, etc., ar->.
M. Veritan's colossal musical lustru
ment was 1120 feet In leugth, and, on
tbat account, was constructed ln an
open bit instead of In a harp factory. It
was most simple in construction, con
slating of fifteen wires strung tightly
between two poles. These wires were
of different sizes, tbe largest being one
sixth of un Inch In diameter and the
small.-st one-twelfth of an Inch. Tbey
were stretched north and south and In
clined ln such a manner im to form an
angle of from twenty to thirty degreen
with tlie horizon. This queer Instrument
was not Intended as an exaggerated
toy, but wus constructed for the express purpose of foretelling changes In
the weather, which were calculated by
"Professor Verltan according to the dlf
ferent tunes the Instrument made when
tbe wind was blowing through It.
a. Commencing at a posi marke l
\V. M '., N.E. Corner, planted on the
River Bridge, thence northeasterly north bank of the Kildala river, about
through the City of New Westminster, Ave  and  a   half   miles up  the river
from the mouth, running as follows:
_ 10 chains south, 160 chains west, -4<>
chain.- north, 160 chains easl to point
to a point at or near the prfepesed Io- 0f commencement, containing Oiu
cation of ihe Vancouver, Westminster  acres, more or less.
New   West minster   to  t.he   Fraser
the Municipality of Coquitlam to Port
Moody, thence In a westerly direction
REMEMBER : The famous Dr.
Jaeger's Slippers can be purchased onlv at
The Reliable Shoe Store
rKe Choicest of Meats Cooked in
[ne Most  Delicious  Manner   Can
k Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Purchase Notice
my s
Restaurant   and   Cate
& Yukon Railway bridge at Second
Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence continuing westerly through Hastings Town-
site to place of commencement iti City
of Vancouver.
From a point at or near the south
end of the proposed Vancouver, Westminster __ Yukon Railway bridge at
Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence
across said bridge to a point north of
the Municipality of North Vancouver
on Howe Sound, and to a point north
of the Municipality of North Vancouver on the North Arm of Burrard Inlet.
From a point at tbe north enl of
the Fraser River bridge at New Westminster, thence across said bridge
(leave to cross which will be applied
for to the Provincial Government),
thence southerly to a point on the international boundary between Seml-
;mio Bay and Sumas.
From  a  point  on  the south side of j
False  Creek, thence westerly through
ibe City of Vancouver and the Municipality of South Vancouver to a point i
at or near Point Grey, thence return-
��� ing in a southeasterly direction by the i
most   feasible route to a  point at or I
near  the   north   end   of  the   Fraser
River Bridge in the City of New Westminster.
From Port. Moody easterly to Dewd-
trunk road, thence following gen-
the said trunk road through Co-
Ridge and Mission M :-
4. Commencing as a post marked
W. M.'s N.W. Corner, plante I on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
tive and a half miles up the river from
tiie mouth, running as follows: 100
chains east, 40 chains south, l'i"
chains west, 40 chains north to point
of commencement, containing 0b)
acres, more or les-.
5. Commencing al a
VV. M.'s N.E. Corner, plante.1 ou the
south bank of the Kildala arm, about
one mile from the mouth of the river,
running as follows: Su chains south,
80 chains west, .SO chains north to the
shore line, thence following shore line
to point of commencement, containing
010 acres, more or less.
0. Conimenci:, ;   ;'    a   post    marked
W.  M.'s S.W. ('   -::.,-,      mt ��� 1 on ihe
east   bank   of   the   Dala   river, about
ten chains   easterly   from the   mouth,
running as  follows. 40 chains east, 40
chains north. 40 chains east, SO chains
| north  to  the  river,  thence   following
j river to point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or leas.
Located August 27, 1906.
(Locator)  WILLIAM  MOODY,
���iier Frank Vandall, Agent,
An   Vou   I'lt-aw. .
Ill the ancient times there lived it
wonderfully wise man, of whom It wns
said that he could answer correctly
any question put to hint. Then1 was
one, however, who thought himself
clever enough tii outwit the sage. This
mun took n poor, captive bird and
clasped it so closely In his hand that
only the bead and tail were visible.
"Tell me," said he to the renowned
giiesser of riddles, "Is the bird whicli
I bold In my band alive or dead?"
If the answer were "Dead," thought
this artful plotter, he would just open
his bund and let tbe bird fly. If the
answer were "Alive." he would with
one little squeeze crush the poor bird
to death.
P.ut Hu- wise man proved himself
equal to the occasion and replied, "It is
��� it  marked)| a8 ym, please."
Each one holds within bis or her
grasp tbe fair bird of life. Which Is it
to lie'.' A blessing or a bane? It Is "aa
you please."
^ate Suppers After the  Theatre  a
'penalty.       Oysters    and    Game
Season.      -      -
Notice ia hereby given that 00 days
... '���;��� date I intend applying to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
wing described  land,  situated at   ne
tho mouth of the Kildala river. Coast  erall
listrict: Commencing .it a post mark-  quitlam, Mapl
i I W.  M.'s  N. E  Corner  planted  on   niclpalltles to Stave River and the easl
the south  bank of the  Kildala   river \ boundary of Mission Municipality,
���r  the mouth, running .is follows:   40      A,,   [n  l]u,  provlnce  of  Brltish   .���,
chains   south,    40   chains   west,    40
chains north to tiie shore line, thence
following  shore line to '..lace of com-   an(J operate Dranch  lines and all ne-1 Westminster, in the Province of Brit-
���iiencement, containing 10 acres more  c.(,ss.u.v bridg6Si roadSi wavs iin(i fer-  ish Columbia, to a point   in or near
Premied   to  Death.
An English court has sentenced a
woman to imprisonment because she
refused to speak during a trial. The
old penalty for remaining mute under
similar conditions was being pressed
to death. The form of sentence set
forth "the prisoner shall be laid Iu
some low. dark bouse, where he shall
lie naked on the earth and one arm
shall be drawn to one quarter of the
house with a cord and the other arm
to another quarter, and lu the same
manner let it be done with bis legs, aud
let there lie laid upon his body Iron
and stone, as much as he can bear���or
more." There the man bad to lie. On
the following day tie was given thre��
morsels nf bread without water, on the
following water, but no bread. And
this was his diet until he died.
Notice Is hereby given that application will be made to the Parliament
of Canada at the next session thereof
for an Act to incorporate a company |
undo;- the name of "The Westmiuster
and Chilliwack Railway Company,"
with power to construct, equip, maintain and operate a line or lines of rail-
Great  IJtiieovery.
The editor of n Kansas paper states
i thnt he once borrowed a Winchester
! rifle and started up the street a few
days after to deliver the weapon to Ita
owner. The delinquent subscribers got
it Into their heads that he was on the
warpath, and every one be met insisted
on  paying  what   be  owed  him.    One
| way of standard or o'her gaus
with j  man wiped  out a debt of ten years'
And   lo   construct,
steam, electric, gasoline or any other
kind of motive power, for the conveyance of passengers and   freight   trom
equip,   malntainla point   in   or   near the City of New
'Holiday Silverware
In addition to the usual variety oi -tandard lines, our
stock comprises many Silver Novelties prepared for the
approaching holiday season, which will be found unique
and at the same time as favorably priced as other
[article, of lesser quality and merit.
THE  JEWELER Colu.nbia  Street
1  less.
Aus   27, loon.
Locator, W   MOODY.
Per FRANK V .NDAL, Agent.
(i ������   24,   1906.
lies, steamship barges and vessels,
theatres and other places of amusement, and --I construct telegraph and
telephone lines In connection with
said railway and I ranches, an 1 I i
transmit messages for commei ilal
purposes, and to ��� harge tolls therefor,
and to generate eleel rlclt;  for t  e sup-
the Town of Chilliwack, in the said
Province of liritish Columbi.i, with
power to extend tii" same from the
said City of New Westminster to a
point tit or near the town of Eburne,
in the said Province of British Columbia, and to construct, equip, maintain and operate branch lines and all
$5.00 EACH.
The Fraser River Tannery
adian Bank of Commerce'��� price_por_hidk.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
eJUrd Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia bt.
ly of light, heal and  power, uud to necessary  bridges,   road.-,    ways   and
inter Into agreements with any elec- ferries, and to construct telegraph and
ric or power company  for the pur- telephone   lines   in   connection   with
iose of obtaining the transmission of sald   railway   and   branches, and   to
lectriclty,  and   to  acquire  and   hold transmll    messages   tor    commercial
uock In other companies, and to ac- uwposea and to charge ��� ills therei
,,,;.,.  and   develop   water   power   for '"">  "'  generate   ">">': Icltj    for
ho purpose of generating electricity; '   ''    ''���',   '   :
o sell and distribute 'I1 i same, an 1 to
���xproprlate, buy, hold, lease and       : elei  '
���u ���
standing, tin his return to liis ofiice he
found a load of hay. fifteen bushels ot
corn, ten bushels of potnt >es, ;��� loud of
wood and a barrel of turnips :!iat had
been brought in. We would like to
borrow a Winchester for a day or two.
-St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
A  Di. advantage of Health.
A visitor among the poor of the east
end of i.union found unexpected testimony tu tlie disadvantages ot health
In oue of bis rails. Mrs. lt. had a family of n dozen children, and. like most
of Iier class, she had her tale of woe to
tell. "How are the children, Mrs. B.?"
Inquired the caller. "All very well, in-
d ��� id, sir: very well, Indeed," was the
answer. "You ought to be thankful,
I'm sure, witli so much sickness
nbout." "Yes, sir: I suppose I ought
to be thankful; but, 1 : Si you, when
they're well they eul un nwful lot."
land for tha purposes  if the i ompanj
and   for other purposes, and to levy
and collecl i ills from all i ersons us-
ng an I for all  frelghl   passing over
.n.l rallwaj and branches, and to con-
.������ ��� with or make ti aftlc or other arrangements   with  railway,  steamboat
or other companies, ami to construi t,
maintain and operate the said railway
mui branches, and the said telegraph,
teleph ine and elect ric power llnei
across, along or upon Btreets or hi--;'.i-
or power companj for the
purpose of obtaining the ti tnsmlsslon
of electricity, and to ac iuli e and develop water power for tii" purpose of
generating electricity; to -"il and distribute t in- same, and to exproprl ite
land for the purposes of the company,
and to levy and collecl tolls from all
persons using ami all frelghl passing
over said railway and branches, and
to conneci with and make traffic or
oilier arrangements with railway,
steamboat or oilier companies, and to
.lava's   Population.
.lava is very thickly populated, and
cultivation is pushed to an extraordinary distance up the sleep slopes of thi
hills. The plain of I.eles in the month
of July "is one sen of ripe gOldeU rice,
with here and there a village of brown
thatch roofs nestling In a group of
green cocoanul trees." in the middle
of the Island white chimneys of sugar
mills  poop  above   miles  nnd   miles  of
sugarcane fit-Ms.
aP Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
construct, maintain   and   operate the
ways within any municipality, subject iala  ral)way am)  brancneSi  and ������,
ilatlons of said municipal- 8ai(1 telegraph, telephone and electric
1   '���    ' !'' ���':'!'    ���    '      "pow-r   lines   across,   along   or upon
streets or highways within any municipality, subject to Hie regulations of
y afforded   Fanners for   their  b.inking   business
cr 'a^n  for collection,
Sales   Notes
"���Ml   ;,,
*i-:\v u
MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby
receive every attention,
to    t ae
ity; in
streams, and to arrange for the i    i ol
bridges Iiierefore, and to conic   i wi'ii
j and interchange traflflc over other rail-18ald   ,,, rmlelpanty,   and   to   purchase,
���'������'     '   i""''''^"    ' ���  take over, lease or otherwise acquire
the property, rights and franchises of
anj  other company or companies, and
Flre  anil   Water.
Why does water pul out fire? Water
reduces the temperature of the flume,
below the point of Ignition; therefore it
cannot bum. Waler does not smother the flames even when tlie burning
brand is completely immersed lu a
tank of water, because the first contact puts out the Bre���that is, reduces
the temperature of the flame below
the point of ignitiou.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to  iny
Light and Heavy Hauling
���phone IS"
inirr   f'Done ill7
lease or otherwise  acquire  the  prop-
I erty rights and franchises of anj ���
compan;.  or companies, and to tease,
sell or otherwise dispose of the un-
; dertaklng, or any part thereof, an i for
1 all othe:' necessarj   rights, power!   and
privileges in thai behalf; and thai all
of the above works may be declared
in  be foi   Lhe  general  a Ivautag    ot
Can i I i,
For the Api i;' ants.
I al id   .-  Vancouver, tlii.-   10th day
:���: :: ..- tm'-or, ll IC.
to lense nnd sell to any other company or companies the property, rights
and franchises of tlie company, and
tor all oilier necessary rights, powers
an 1 privileges in thai behalf; and that
all of the above works may be declined to be for the general advantage
of i anada.
Dated at Vancouver, B.C., this 20th
day < r October, A.D., 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Mrs. Dove Henry, I think you ar.
; positively cruel. Here I've tried sii
hard to cook you a nice dinner and yo'i
haven't had a word to say to me abo.'I
It. Mr. Dove- Darling, I love you toe
much fnr that. If I said what 1 thought,
you'd never speak to me again.
Pain-ally   I-.onomli-nl.
Husband���You are not economical
Wife-Well, if you dou't call a womat
economical who saves her wedding
dress for a possible second marriage
I'd like to know what you think ecou
omy Is?
j   I
New Dinner Ware,   '.New Toilet Sets.       Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived; it's a
beauty.   Call and see it
XMAS,  1906
Cards, Calendars, Toys,
Dolls, Fancy Goods,
Crockery & Glassware,
Fine Stationery, Etc.
New   Arrivals
Ladies' Dress Skirts
Mall, r inl end-J foi this column should W ad-
drt-s^.d.     Social  tditot. Daily  News, P.O.,
But 402, New \V-Miuin.t.i    ]
Mrs. Cook, proprietress of the popular coffee palace, returned yesterday
from a visit to San Francisco.
The members of the bridge club who
were lucky enough to win prizes last
month were Mrs. Holt an.l Mrs.
Youngling, who gol first and tsteond
prizes, respectively.
Coverumeni Agent C. C. Fisher has
returned from Victoria.
Mrs. Watson and Miss Peele gave
one of their regular monthly dances
in St. George's hall last night which
was very much enjoyed by a large
number of young people.
Dr. W. V. Davies left yesterday for
Warren, Que., where he has been called on account of the illness of his I
Tlie Sons of Scotland had a very
pleasant time in their lodge room last
night. The sound of lhe bagpipes and ,
the ring of ilie songs of the land of
the heather were heard until away into the night.
The  Hoys'   league   ol   the   Baptisl
church held an open meeting last
evening and entertained members ol
the Methodist Hoys' league and the
Presbyterian Boys' guild. Short addresses were given bj Rev. W. 11. Barraclough und Rev. .1. S. Henderson.
The chair was occupied by the president of the league, Philip Sangster,
who gave a neat address of welcome
to those present. Frank Belyea and
G. Sangster gave recitations;  Aubrey
Kirkland  a   violin  solo.  Stanley   Kirk-          _..._._. - -
land an instrumental selection. Re- g pm_. midweek prayer meeting on
ports were presented by the various Wednesday at 8 p.m. At thai meeting
committees, and all showed progress. lne pastor will continue his lectures
The members of the Halcyon Whist 0I1 tl,t, ll0Ok (jl- Hebrews. Subject,
club will meet on Monday evening at "Th. Revelation Through Chrlsl Bet-
the residence of Mrs. F. Broad, on ter Than That Given by Moses," third
Fourth avenue.   The first of the series | chapter,  1st  to   15th   verses.    Hoys'
O Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen. It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can l.e
made from what might be wasted
ii it were not for the ('.em.
It chops food of all kinds���
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, l.ut chops
the food as you want il���fine, coarse
or medium. Kasy to operate, self-
sharpening. In'o kitchen complete
without it.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.0(1  Sails for    $18.00
$22.00  Suits  for    $20.t,'.
$25."0 Suits I'or    $22.00
$s.oo Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. O. Box 644
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
A Big Sale
! Small Endsl
Hundreds of corners, squares and ends left ov
a busy season in the Millinery Department.
Friday and Saturdi
you will find them on sale on the center
tables, near the entrance.
You will find these pieces done up singly or m i
ages at so much each, and at prices which are but a'
fraction of their worth.
You will find excellent choice for all varieties of ^
fancy work in these odds and ends of Laces, C/i'/j
Fancy and Plain Ribbons, Veluet Ribbons, Silks
Velvet Corners and Pieces.
Five Cents per yard for Chiffon.    Mn ends of Chi
in all colors, 4 to 6 inches wide, will be found useful
trimming or fancy work.    Regular values 121-2tc
Clearing price, per yard      5 cc
 A. J. tflRTCH   275 Columbia St.	
- New   Glassware -
Just Arrived-
���< For K���
will be pleased
-Christmas Trade
to have
Holy 'trinity cathedral ��� Kev. A.
Shildrick, rector. Holy Communion, _
a.m.; Matins and sermon, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school, St. George's hall, 2.30
pjn.; Catechism last Sunday in the
month in the church. Evensong and
sermon liy the rector. 7 p.m.; daily
service at 9.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. excepi
on Friday, when Evensong is said at
7.30. Holy Communion every Thurs-1 McKenzh
day atil  saint's day at  8 a.m.    Choir | B m    and
practice on Friday after Evensong.
St. Barnabas���Rev. C.W.  Houghton,
rector.      Morning    Prayer   and    Holy
SJ acres of firs
iK-tr-class land, about 30
bearing orchard, standard varieties ot' fruit-
acres improved.; excellent
Peach, Apple, Pear, Plums,
Prunes, Walnut*;, gobd dwelling house and outbuildings; centrally situated; irood roads! .tore, telephone, post office, school, church, all convenient; excellent transportation facilities.
Price   $5,200,  quarter cash, balance 6 per cent.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
R. Ce Plirdy, The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing on his premises,
CoT)mjf)ia Street, a full line of
school. :; p.m.; baptisms after Sunday
school; choir practice, Friday. 8 p.m.;
service every Friday dining Advent at
7  p.m.
St. Paul's Ri foi ,.K i !:(iscopal
church���Rev. A. de il. Owen, lector.
Divine worship Sunday, l' a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2.30 pm.; prayer meel Ing, Thursday, 8 p.m A I an
cordially invited.
Olivel Baptisl church -Ri v. M. I..
Rugg, Uh., pastor. Preaching at 11
a.m, and 7 p.m.; Communion will fi I
low the morning sermon,   Subjecl ol   s .     .:, iched
sermons;   Morning, "Chrlsl  or Barab-   O'Boyle     Subject,
has"; cvi'iiing. "The Way to God."
Sunday school and Bible class at close
ol th/' morning services at 12.15;
Young People's meeting on Monday al
I ��� will be rendered as follows;
Duo, \ .e Maria." by Miss A Lavery
a' i B, a. ' lernaej ; solo, "A Dr
P '��� Use," M. .1. Oernaey.
Toffee'and Caramel
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very   easy  terms.
F. J. HART & CO., ^d.
I carry a fulHtflFof G. B, and Lowney's Chocolates.'
Friday   evening   at
Thursday afternoon
of games inaugurated by the club was , ]eagUe meets on
held at the home of Mrs. Thornber, 73Q. Qjris' guild,
and proved lo be a most enjoyable af-   a, 3 ;;n.
fair. ��� Queen's avenue Methodist���Rev. W.
The Methodist church choir, assist- H. Barraclough, B.A., pastor. Services
ed by other city talent, is practising at 11 am. and 7 p.m.;  Sunday school
hard   on   the cantata,  -Ruth,"   by A. and Bible classes, 2.30 p.m.; mid-week
Gaul.     They   propose   rendering   the | prayer meeting.   Wednesday. 8   p.m.;
I cantata on the evening of Dec. 20, in i Epworth   league.    Monday,    s   p.m..
the  Methodist church.    Some  of  lhe : Sunday being the last day of the misleading soloists  of ihe province  will! sionary campaign, the pastor will be
tal.e  part  in   the   event.    Among  the j assisted  by   Rev. A.  E.  Hetherington.
soloists will also be one of the prov-  B.A.,  B.D.,   ot   Vancouver,    who  will
ince's new acquisitions in the person ; preach both morning and evening and
of Harry  Davis, late of London, Eng- j address the Sunday  school in  the uf-
land.   Mr. Davis has a heavy baritone ' ternoon.   The Sacrament of tiie Lord's
voice of considerable range and sweet-   Supper will   be   administered   at  the
ness.    He has only been in the prov- j ck,se oI the morning servici?.
ince a few weeks, and has already at-      West End Methodist - Sunday ser-
' tracted considerable attention  by his j vices,   11    a.m.   and   7  p.m.;  Sunday
, singing  in  several  of the  Vancouver I school, 2.30 p.m.    The pulpit  will be
I churches.   Mr. Davis proposes stayingI occupied both morning and evening by
I in  this City,  and  will  endeavor to se-   Rev- ���'��� ''-wing, of Columbian college,
cure a number of vocal pupils. st- Andrew's   Presbyterian���Revi J.
                    \ S.    Henderson,   pastor.    Sunday    services, 11   a.m.  and  7   p.m.;    Christian
Endeavor,    Monday,   s   p.m.;     prayer,
meeting, Wednesday,  8   p.m.   Sunday
morning,   "The   Finding  Soul";   evening, "The Rlghtness of the Kingdom."
West  Presbyterian���Rev.   T.   Ward-
law    Taylor,    M.A.,   Ph.D.,    minister.
Services  11  a.m. and 7 p.m.;   Sunday
school   and    Bible    class.    2.30   p.m.;
prayer   meet ing.   Wednesday,  s  p.m.
Knox   church,  Sapperton���Rev.   li.
II.A.,   pastor,     Services,    1!
���  in.  ali   p.in.;   Sunday  school and
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. This is a chance
of a lifetime.
716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension. Front Str
Bible class, 2.30 p.m.;  meeting of Y.P.
S.C.E.  Immediately after tiie evening
s< 'vice. At Sunday morning service
Communion, 11 a.m.; Evening Prayer ,j the Lord's Supper will be dispensed.
7   p.m.;   Bible   cla      .'  p.m.;  Sunday, Subject   u,v the evening service. "Ju-
timations of a Coming Judgment Hay."
Gospel ball, corner Sixth avenue
������ WATCH ���
Malins, Coulthard & Cj
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster I
A A M. M. ______________ AA^ _._____. _L _._._._._._._. ______,______A __________ __ _L__,
Electric Railway Service
Ninth streel Breaking of bread every
Sun la . .it 11 a.m.; Sunday school and
Hi' le i lass, ., ; .m.; gospel address, 7
p.m.; pia.'.' r meel Ing, Wednesday, 8
St. Peter's < athedi >. I Roman Calho-
��� ������ ���    N'e- fa    .ind Benediction, 7 p.m.
a.   Ma     v.: 8 anil 10.30 a.m.; Cat-
1    :       I        - 35  p in.;  Friday devotions,
7 "ti     '���'     ,\'  the evening service, the
' series ol   Vdvenl  Bermons
Kev.     VV.    IV
leath."    Sacred
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every halt-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7: .0 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line   Service from
,; 15 a in. to 11 [i m,
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Bel ween 1. and _ ami |, nnd 7.
30 Minute Service during 1
mainder or day. Tr*""88'!
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service  half-hourly
tween 8 a.m. and " I1"1
Sapperton Lint'
15  Minute  Service fl
in   to   ll   p.m., excepi     "I
IL'  ami   2,  tin I 3 ""
which houri  '' -    ervlce to
half hourly.
Sunday  Service   Iia "
tween 8.30 .1 in. .i'.n. " l'""
I British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,U|
Horse Clipping Machine
TT7E have a line of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good. ()lir
clippers work easier, clip faster and take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longer
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.     Call and   see  them at
T. J.  TRAPP & ��
���   .   i'.'r^-ri''/. .


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