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The Daily News May 5, 1906

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Chinese Miners Murdered for Gold
Constable Minty of Lillooet Investigates and Finds that
the Tragedies were Enacted Some Days Ago���Believes
That Robbery was the Motive but is Unable to
Fasten Suspicion on Any Person.
New Westminster  Board of   Trade Presents  Strong
Case   to the  Authorities   at
X.-u's was received in the Cltj  today   and    lived    in    Beparate   cabins   aboul
..I the murder of two Chinese miners  160 feel apart.
:,  their cabins ���n  the Fraser    river,      '"   the   n,sl   *h;"'K   the   '""'J'  ,,f  a
, .,, chinaman was found on the floor ter-
aboul eight miles above Lillooet.
r. ,.y   multilated   ah,nn   the  head  and
News of the discovery of two badly ., .
everything m greal disorder,
mutilated    bodies  reached    Constable      in the    Becond  cabin a    body was
Minty  at   Lillooet   lasi   evening.    He found In a bed undressed and mutilat-
went at once to the Bcene to iuvestl-  ''' '" ;l1" s:""" manner as in the other
and discovered thai two horrible  case'    A    h;l"'h"'   :""1   i''<;'    ll;""11"
covered   with   blood   were  lying near
and the sain.- disorder prevailed as in
The two Chinamen named Yen lling   c,ie  first   cabin.
ind Saw chow had been placer mining      Everything Indicated that the Chlan-
millers hud been committed.
men had heen dead fully a week; ll,.->
w.-re In an advanced stage of decomposition. Ii i.s believed the motive
tor the munle,"-- was robbery of gold,
as ihis time of the year they would
I robablj hav consld, rable in their
- ���ion.
Constable Minty Is making a thorough investigation. After leaving a
man In charge of the bodies he relumed to Lillooet this morning to
summon a coron, r's jury.
Up ,., the present time it does not;
appear thai suspicion has fallen upon
any person or pers, ns.
Government of China j
Dictates on Open Door
Washing,,,n,     I).  C.i     May    5.-   Tie
a, se government  has given no,ice
lhal   il   wlll   01 ��� ���   certain   .Manchuria,,
orts ami Int, rlor cities to the world's
trade only after it has completed the
preparation of regulations for thej
government of the foreign colonies
lereln. li Is understood to mean.
the opening will be conducted on the
iii.-nl     by     foreigners    ,���  accepl
'heir holdings on leases and not claim
Ighl   to buy   their lands outright.
The a, ii,.- spirit  in  ihis anti-foreign
movement   is  understood   to  be  Tang  American goods at the ports of entry,
the full effect of t
bc  felt  until  next   autumn.
Chan Ye, the present president of the, the full effect of the boycott will nol
board of foreign affairs, who by reason of his education in American and
his gradual inn from Yale, is thoroughly   acquainted   win,   modern   foreign
nie, hods.
Private advices  received here from
China  relative  to  i
To   Abolish   Commission.
Ottawa.  May  4.���At   today's  sitting|
of the house Mr. Bordeur's bill to abol-i
intl-Amerlcan  Ish  the  Montreal  harbor  commission
boycott In China, are discouraging and and  appoint   three  commissioners to
ll   is ev.n  predicted that  the worst  is   mange   il   under   government   control,)
to follow;  thai  owing ,o the accumi:-  was put through committee and read
lotion of enormous stocks of unsold a third time,
Czar Presents Witte
With Kind Farewell
���Si. Petersburg, May 6.���In his tare-
well rescript t��� Count Witte under to-
date, the emperor says:
"in consequence of the state of your
health  which  has  been  impaired  by
u  arduous labours, you have been
ibliged to ask i��� be relieved ���f the
[unctions of presldenl  of the council
of ministers,    When 1 summoned you
to ihis imp,,rum post for the purpose
of carrying out  my Intentions in re-
ard :,, inviting my subjects to par-
1 :���. th, 1, glslatlve work I was con-
"He'd lhal  your proved capacity as a
1 i -iiiini    would  facilitate    the new
oral Institutions,   Thanks to your
Trance  ami   enlightened  action,
lhis Institution has now been called
Into existence and is now ready to
be opened, despite Hi opposition of
the revolutionists against whom ynu
have displayed your usual energy and
"Al the same time, ynu were able
on account of your experience ln
financial questions i��� co-operate ln
placing tho resources of the slate on
a sound footing by assuring the success of the new loan.
"In acceding to your request to be
reueved of your function. 1 cannol bul
express to you my heartfelt gratitude
of the many services ynu have rendered.
"Your ever  well  disposed  and  sincerely grateful,
Property Holders Meet.
A. A. Tregeiit, of Vancouver, secretary of lhe Vancouver Properly Holder's association mel with the New
Westminster Property Holders' association lasi nigh, and an Informal discussion was carried on along the lines
of the management and workings of
such associations. Mr. Tregen, rein.ited that in addition to the societies
here and in Victoria and Vancouver,
socielies had been organized in Nel-
sen. Rossland and Nanaimo.
Water   Applications.
Two applications tor water ,���, un-
; streams ,,,, the north arm of
Burrard li 11 w.-re Bled this morning
Edman,   Frances, Flftj indie.-, were
'���"d  for  ,u  . ach  case.    The applicant! will be 1 roughl before Water Cum
������"ie:   I i.her ,.��� June 71 h.    One of
;ea,,,-, had been  previously ap-
i1'!'''!  tor 1.'-   ii  man named Osier, but
' "     aecnunl    of   a    technical     error.
Prances' claim will receive priority.
Montreal, May 4.���-The C. P. liner
1-ake Manitoba will arrive al Quebec
""'ly Sunday morning. The Lake
Manitoba has |,-(1S passengers on
Fair  and   Warmer   Weather,
Victoria. May 5.���The high barometer area is now een,ral over the region
of the Rocky mountains and the pressure will give way ,��, the coas, as
the high area moves .as,ward. The
weather ls fine on the Pacific slope
and chiefly cloudy in Ihe norlhwvsl
provinces; lighl freshets have occurred on the higher plateau lands;
snow is falling at Denver, Colorado,
and there has been a decided fall in
temperature In Alberta and Western
Forecast for thirty-six hours ending
Sunday ������ the lower mainland: Lighl
or moderate winds, fair and warmer
during the day.
Wellman Prepares.
London, May ."..-Waller Wellman
has received the consent of Norway to
the establishment of a wireless telegraph station ai Hamerfest in connection with his polar expedition. Mr,
Wellman Is going to Paris tomorrow
tor the purpose of testing the airship
which has been constructed there for
use in the arctic regions.
British   Cruisers   Move.
Porl   Said.   May "..���The   British f
cruiser Minerva proceeded to Piraeus,
today, where the British cruisers Car-
| navona,   Barham,  Suffolk  and  Venus
and the torpedo bout Vulcan with des-
I Hovers are also hound.
Decide Not to Strike
In Anthracite Fields
Scranton, Pa., May 5.���There will hei sion of the convention, |    The    decision  nol    to strike was
"" Btrlke of the miners in the anthra- President Mltohell requested that reached after Mr. Mltohell and Sec
";'' coal hei,is. providing the opera- the delegates remain ln Scranton until rotary Treasurer Wilson had address-
tors win agree to give every man his lhe scale committee reports lhe resull ed Ihe delegates, recommending that
"''' Place and reinstate those who! ot its meeting wllh the operators, the 1808 award he continued. A reso-
ll:,v" been dismissed because they which will probably he held In New! lulloa lo this effect was ordered and
obeyed   suspension   orders.    This  was j York on Monday If the operators agree'unanimously adopted, after which the
agreement reached at today's i**! to meel ths miners' representatives.] tbe convention took a recess.
Following is a copy of the memorial drafted by
the navigation committee of the board of trade and
forwarded to J. B. Kennedy M. P. for presentation
to Ottawa:
To the Honorable Minister of Public Works, Ottawa:
Sir :���This Board desires to bring to your attention the immediate necessity for comprehensive and
permanent improvements to the Fraser River, both
North and South Arms, to accommodate the ocean
traffic now offering for this port, and to enable industries established here to conduct and develop their
business _ without unnecessary hindrance and difficulty. There are now in operation here four lumber
mills of an aggregate capacity of 500,000 feet per
10 hour day. One of these mills is now loading the
third ship since the first of the year. Another mill
expects a ship in June of this year, and the other two
mills are contemplating entering into the cargo business. There are, upon an authorative estimate,
170,000 acres of timber berths immediately tributary
to the Fraser river, which will produce not less than
5,000,000,000 feet of logs, all of which will have to be
milled at this point, so that our sawmilling business
is bound to run into very big figures for many years
to come.
A strong company is negotiating for premises
here with a view of establishing a glass factory. A
certain grade of sand for a portion of their product
comes from Europe, and they rely upon the river to
bring this in bv ocean vessels direct.
The Great Northern Railway Co. have acquired
a strip of river front, and have plans prepared for
the construction of large docks, with the object of
making this a principal shipping point.
TheTraser River Sawmills expect a steamer to
loadilumber next month drawing 24 ft. 7 in. of
water, and there is now under charter a steamer to
load rails for this port to be here about September
next, ;having a draft of 25 ft. 6 in. It is therefore
absolutely necessary that the South Arm channel
should be deepened to accommodate vessels drawing
up to 26^ft., and maintained in condition for the passage of ocean shipping at all times. It is the opinion
of this Board that 25 ft. on Annieville Bar at low
water, which would give shipping the full benefit of
the tides on the lower stretches of the river, would
fairly meet immediate needs.
The North Arm of the river being the only practicable route for log towing from the coast camps to
our sawmills, by which route are now conveyed not
less than 75,000,000 ft. of logs annually, it is also df
paramount importance that this branch of the river
be maintained in proper condition for this traffic.
Some improvements were effected in this channel by
the dredge King Edward last year. This year work
should be continued and carried out to deep water.
In order to provide navigation facilities as herein outlined, it seems to this Board that the dredge
King Edward should be operated to the fullest possible capacity and a double shift put on if practicable,
as suggested in the report of the Royal Commission
on Transportation. Certain constructive work of a
permanent character will doubtless have to be done
also, looking to the maintenance of the channels.
Appropriations greatly in excess of those heretofore
considered adequate ^for the Eraser river will no
doubt be requisite, but the magnitude of the interests
involved is, in the opinion of this Board, such as to
amply warrant large expenditure, and it is hoped
that generous provision will be made during the
present session for this work.
(Sgd.)   D. S. CURTIS, President.
A. E. WHITE, Secretary.
City Aldermen Will be Ready to Answer Questions Asked
by People Who Want to Establish Industries
in New Westminster   General
Civic Business.
Ai a committee meeting of the city,    in .capons, to a requesi   .-  electric
.council lasi evening, Aid. Garrotl com- light connections (nan 6th ivenue to
plained thut the blasting was being 17th street, Alderman Davl, - present-
carried on iu the Sapperton district ed a reporl Irom ih,. city electrlcan'S
without proper precaution being tak- department, Only one resident waa
en. A little son of Mr. Rlngland had parii,lularlj anxlouB for connections
had a very narrow escape when pass-! and the cost to the city for installing
, ing the spot near the cemetery where the connections would be (62.81 nnd
the blasting was being carried on and the revenue in sight was (12 pe, year.
had been knocked almost insensible by  A resolution was passed to the effect
ja flying rock.   The attention  of the  thai the matter be laid ovei  for the
. police  department  was ordered  to he   present,
called to the matter to see that proper      The matter of appointing an inspect-
precautions were taken for safeguard-  or of plumbing arrangements w is talking life and limb. I ed  of anrt lefl over for still  further
Tour of Inspection.
II was decided that on Wednesday
morning next the city fathers would
turn out in full force and make a tour
of Inspection of the city .sidewalks.
The suggestion came from the chair-
' man of the board of works who considered that the council would sympathize with him in his difficulties if
thew were to see things as he sees
th m.
Assessment List.
Copies nf the new provincial health
departmenl regulations wi r, e, ied
and Aide, mi,,, Howaj ana Adams wero
appointed a committee to look into
them an.l reporl to the count il.
City treasurer asked permission to
make copies of the assessment list for
the convenience   of   those   desiring
Alderman Henley complained of the co')les-   On motion of Aldermen How-
mann.-r in  which the   seats    in    the;
parks   were   being   wilfully   damaged B
ay and Jardln, his request was grant-
It was decided to have a number ot
copies of the catalogue containing a
list of the city's kinds printed and advertising Ihe sale o[ these hinds nn
Friday, June 1st. lt was also lo be
mentioned in the catalogue that tho
purchaser would receive an absolutely
Incontestable title to the property and
that, lhe terms are to lie cash.
by  boys and it was decided  to tak
steps to stop the mischief.
Another Mill Proposition.
Mayor Keary told the council that:
he had been recently waited upon by I
gentlemen who were thinking of erecting a mill somewhere along the
waterfront provided they could secure a suitable location.   He suggest-
d that the clerk should furnish each May ^ Celebration.
of the aldermen with lists of tbe water.    The May day celebration w.is dis-
front lots controlled by the city ln or-: cussed  and the ciiy  electrician sug-
der thai they ..might be posted should gested ihat the evening dance and con-
they   be  approached   hy   would-be  in-1 cerl   should l.e held in the drill hall
v store. ���   | providing the consent of Col. White
Band   Organization. j could  be obtained.   The reasons ad-
Professor Judges waited on the al- vanced were that the drill hall was
dermen and stated that he had called larger and hail a gallery for spectators
for a meeting of those Interested In, and also was more central than the
- the organization of those interested in, park buildings.   Aldennun Garrelt was
Tuesday evening.   The council passed  appointed a committee to wail upon
a motion asking Prof. Judges to report' Mr. Cambridge, chairman ot the May
to  the council next Thursday  night  Day celebration committee.
A motion was passed athoi   ing ihe
Sewer and Light Connections.        , ^.^ ^ Qf ,.,.,.,.������ ���,,, bull(]lnga
Jas. Cunningham and others applied ,��� Sal)perton which were tenanted by
for connection with the Fourth street Japanese and ���-,.,-,. |n danger of faH-
sewer.    The  application was  laid on  j      _own
the table pending a departmental report.    His Worship the Mayor and Alderman Howay were appointed a committee   to   look   thoroughly   into   tbe
Gould Wins Final.
Lon,inn. May 5.���In the final round
progress of the sewer laying gang and   of  the  amateur tennis championship
advise wiih regard to connections to
of Great  Britain al the Queen's cluh
be made therewith by residents of the  today,
lay, .lay Gould, al Uki wood, N. J.,
adjoining streets.
beal  S. .1. Hill b) ::"'
Chairman of May Day Celebration Committee Announces
Popular Choice    Boys' Brigades Will Engage
in Drill Competitions.
The   ,|,H
��� ' e been upper medals to be presented'   thetwoh.y.
mosl  i��� the minds of mil.   gli . for
son,, time past has been decide1, and
the Queen Of the May Day his "een
Chosen, This year the hon:,. has
fallen on Miss Myrtle Stanvtt, daughter of Conductor Dan Starrett, of the
C. P, R. Miss Starrett is a winsome
little damsel of ahout 12 years of
age, and the choice is one that is giving satisfaction to all connected with
the May Day celebration. The decision
v.as made public at a meeting of the
May Day celebration committee held
last evening In the editorial rooms of
the Dally News.
Boys'   Brigade Competition.
O. Wilkie, chairman of the sports'
committee, reported that arrangements
had    been  made to hold  the    annual
securing the highest  a   ibe, ol individual points.
The  unpaid  accounts   Ior   the   190i>
Maj  Day   celebration,   amounting to
$17.60 were ordered to be paid-
Generous   Display.
,1. Cambridge reported tor the collection committee that funds, were
coming in better than had been ex-
pected and that there was every pros-
,.,,,., tha| the purchasing committee
would l"' supplied with sufficient
money to make a generous display and
provide treats for the children.
The secretarj reported that Colonel
Scott, of Port Moody, had consented to
act as master of ceremonies for the
Parade and Decoration.
On account of having so much work
to do in connection with the arranging
of the Boys' Brigade drill. Mr. Wilkie
Hoys'   Brigade   drill   competition   for
the J. R. Seymour cup, and according- ,	
ly  lhis will take place In connection resigned    the   chairmanship   of   the
With lhe May Day celebration.    This Lnra(Ie an,i decoration committee, am
cup was won by the Boys' Brigade of  Capt. Peele was appointed to succ
Xew Westminster in open competition, h)ni.
with the Vancouver and Nanaimo T���a next meeting wb-^
brigades during the Domln.on fair, and   m editorial offices of tM ����
"���SfSfJX a compeiiilonl-rrZtL8���'..;, committee
,erwenthehor,,f local brigades for w,��� __-* its report of th. select on
mela's offecd by .he Hon. W. Nor- of a band and orchestra for the day
mun   Bole   and   Mayor   Keary;   these| ,������, ovenlng.
Romanc 2 of the Chequered Career of Holy Trinity Church
Twite Destroyed by Fire���Interesting Story of Its
Growth From a Congregation of Twelve to Its
Present Proportions.
I ..,,1 till days ..f thc early sixti, -
l" thc present time, I Inly Trinity
li has occupied a prominent
place among iln religious org 11
tions ol New Westminster, and its
history is among the most interesting
oi  all the city  churches,
l\\T. has the sacred edifice been
raced t , the ground by lire each time
, be rebuilt larger and handsomer
i'.n  before,
When Bishop Hills was consecrated
t the S.c of Columbia in ,Ns'i. Bishop
Sheepshanks and Canon Dundas were
sent out as an advance guard, and the
sphere of work alioted t.. Mr Sheep
shanks was New Westminster, ,,r as
was then known, Queensborough. At
tin- time the piipulaiii.il .if thi- place
; -1 led some J.so souls and included
a detachmenl of the Royal Engineers,
of which c.rps the Rev. .1. Slieep
-hanks was appointed chaplain. His
hop Sheepshanks' first year >.f work
in his parish was carried on under
conditions <,f great difficulty and at the
cost of much bodily discomfort,
the lii.l  few . months    he    spent
irk had to bc
gutted and th     _______________^_
ill t>\ er again.
Al thc time of the conflagration
th. Rector was away in England, were
th, Rev, P. Jcnns being in charge "f nion
lhe parish. t ��n being informed ol
thc calamity, the Rector immediatel)
sel to work In collect funds for the
purpose of rebuilding the church. He
i,,ler, -ted his English friend- in till
work of rebuilding thc church, and in
a shorl -pace of time raised the han 1
-i i   sum  ..,' $6,ooo,  whicb  tog, l
v ith thc insurance on  the destroyed
build1!,,'.',   amounting   t..   S.-.ooo   was
used  in  the  rebuilding of the  --
gland, hi-  duly
church  cost   in   lb
$11,000.     Several  va
wi re  also   receiv,
neighborhood   ol
limbic   donations
among    w hich
a   splendid  servici
plate,   a   gift   iron,
llethwaite, winch wa
and i- -iii
of  commu
the  Rev.  J
saved   il
in use, a hand
-' :; i   pulpit, and a pair of cliand. licrs
iron,  ihe   Rev,  .1.  She. pshanks,   wh i
offered  to send an organ wortl
$1,00, .
Hills '
bnt    wa-   as
onsecrated tl
loth,  1867, i
kcil    t,
upply a
istead. Bishop
church on I,.-,-
the   prc-cme   I
a large concourse of people.
Shortly after this the  second  Rector  resigned,   and  liis  successor,  the
bscin En    Veil.  Archdeacon  Woods  was indue-
as taken by various  ted by  Mr    llayninn  to  the  Rectory
elegy, including thc Rev
the Rev. P. Jcnns and thc
deacon Wright who was
a   military   chaplain   and
Mr, Reeve,
V.-ii. Archill  the time
resided   at
Sapperton.     On  his  return   in   [866,
he   immediately   resumed   bis   duties
conducting  services  in  a  large room
���',������ over the store occupied by Mr. Web-
In-   -ler. and at a  meeting held  here on
nights on boards in a corridor plac d   December   20th,   1866,   it   was   deci
at his disposal  by the officers of tbe
Royal Engineers.    Later in the -pring
two   miners   generously   allowed   bin,
to use ihcir log lull and here he made
liis home for a considerable time.    It
v. as   bul   a   rude   structure,   quite   in
keeping  with  thc   rest  of  the  houses _________________________________^^^_
r..,������I aboul. without windows, the f"n' tlu' P'ans wee submitted, how-
light filtering in through an aperture ever> llu' Rev J- Sheepshanks res-
left in the wall for tins purpose. The '8ned, bis successor being thc Rev.
windows then in use in the town were W. E. Ilaynnin. At a meeting held
constructed ol broken gin bottles; th, "" April $th, 1.S67, the various plans
householder carefully piecing together were carefully examined aud that of
the broken glass, and so lorming a M"'- Tiedeman selected by the corn-
primitive window. This appears to wittce as being the best. A resolu-
havc been tbe only kind of glass avail Hon to build a church according to
able, but thc ingenuity ol the ���innee- these plans was accordingly passed
wa- equal to the occasion. by  the  committee  and   approved  by
_,-,__, . the   congregation   a   few   davs   later.
Only One Communicant. ,-,",,,-
lenders were accordingly called ,���.,-,
In    this    b unbic    abode    the    first   and  Mr. Trounce of Victoria  putting
church  meetings were li.iVl.un   '.)..'   ;n the lowest estimate, he was award
ember 27,  18O0      Al   this  time  there   ed the contract.
was 110 Church,nan  in  lhe place   and] Laying  of Corner  Stone.
of Holy Trinity. In the vear 1872
ilu formation of a Diocesan Synod
was mooted, and a preliminary meeting to forward this was held in Victoria and subsequently the Synod
was called into existence.
The   Rector   of   Xew   Westminster
about  this  time  wenl   home  to   I'.ng-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ land iii the interests of the work of
December   20th,   1866,   ii   was   deci    the   church   in   the  diocese,  and   bided that the rebuilding of the church  place was supplied temporally by the
should be commenced immediately.      Rev. Mr. Owen.     A little later  Bis-
Plans Selected. h0p   Hills  came  and   resided  111   New
A premium of $100.00 was offered Westminster, and afterwards the Rev.
for the best design of a Gothic church G. Mason continued the work until
ihat would be beautiful and yet in tin return of the Archdeacon in May
keeping with ecclesiastical taste.    Be-11874.      Shortly   after   returning,   the
called   a   meeting   of   his
gave  them  an  acount  "f
only one  Churchwoman,  the  wife  nf
the magistrate >.f flic town.     Sh.   was
thc communicant, and possessed the
only   bible   and   prayer   book   in   tin
parish.      The    Rector,   .however,   had
COine   prepared   for   such   a   state   of
things, and brought with him a case
of books which he had obtained from
the  S   P C.  K.     These books  were
quickly distributed among the English
.speaking element of the cosmopolitan
population,    Representatives of nearly
everj   nation  under the sun  were to
bc  found  among  the  citizens  of  the
town  al   this  time  and   included   Call
adians,   Americans,   French,   German,
Portugese,     Chinese     and     Negroes,
mostly  men  of little or no religious
incl nation   .   The   Rector   called   on
every      pari-.lioiicr      and     announced
that    Divine    service    would    be    held
on .1 certain Sunday in a room which
he bad secured.     With his own bauds
lie  pr, pared   the   room,  doing  all  the
cleaning   and   sweeping,   lighting   the
fire  and  gelling  everything  in   readiness   for   the   coming   of   the   congregation.     In  this way a  small  beginning   wa-   made,   the   congregation
gradually  increased    until    about    .,
dozen  people  regularly assembled  I",'
worship,   thc   finest   attendant   being
Mr    Holbrook,   who   resided   here   for
ni ny yens and later went to  England,
Raises  Building Fund.
Sonic twelve months after reaching here, he resolved to build a
chinch, and succeeding in raising a
fend of $5,000 lo,- this object, The
plan   for  the  first   building  wa-  drawn
bj General Lambriere win, was then
an   officer   in   the   R.   A.     Although
bul   a   frame   structure,   the   building
exceeded by some $,.000 the amounl
raised by the Reel..,', and as lie was
ib tcrmined that it  should bc opened
free  of  debt,  he   furnished   the  defi
en  oul ol  In- ,,wn private purse.     His
<   '   reg 1,101,  insisted    on    r. 1     Iii
1       sum  io him, ami  this  wa:    lom
ai  a later period.
:The   cons,      ��� the   ,
1 pk '!lii-   !       .eei.      ,
Bishop   I I'll-   being     the    officiating
,io, inc.
Fire   in   Year   18G5.
un  this  1 m,   ..,, the Church  I,.
1 ..me   self supporting,   and    lhe    pi -
grcss of lb.   work  was most  marked.
Cl       <;!   pre, a,111-1':.   had    been    lake,
,1   fire,  ail   tile  surrounding   tin,
i"       eing  cleared,   bul   unfortunately
broke 1   in   the   vestry   on
S< i '��� "l.er 51b. 1865, less than live
",���,' thc church was lirst open-
.  ..���   building    wa-   completely]
The foundatio
((ctober ,'ub by
crnor Seymour.
1 stone was lai'! on
1 lis Excellency Gov-
The Rev. Mr. Hay-
man officiated, assisted by the Rev.
Mr. Cave, and special music was
rendered by the choir. Thc trowel
used for the occasion wa- a very neat:
silver o,,c. manufactured by Mr. Watson of Victoria. The mortar bed
having been prepared by the Gov- j
en .r. and a tin box containing the
usual ,loir::,ents placed in the cavity,'
the large -tone was lowered and placed in position, when Hi- Excellency
gave it three taps will, a mallei, al
the same time repeating ihc words,
"This stone is laid in Faith and Hope
io iln- Honor and Glory "i God,
through fesus Christ ..ur Lord
Am.,,." Charles Good, Esq. then
read a copy of the Record whirl, had
bee,, placed ii, lhe cavity under lhe
stone, mentinoing at the same time
ll.c various articles deposited With
lit.    The Rector read ;,s follow-;
"The Church of the  Holy Trinity.
New   Westminster,   was  first   erected
1 of   wood   in   the   year    i860,   from   a
I fund  raised  by    public    subscription
and donations, it  was, however, acci-
idcllv    burnt    down    in    September,  ''"
1865     The presenl stone structure is
being erected at a cost of $10,000. of
which  sum, $5,000 i- the amount  re
ah/id  from  thc  insurance of  the   late
church and $5,000, a  collection made
in England by the Rev. John Sheep
shanks,  in  aid of erecting a  substantial   -tone   structure   i"   replace   the
"i:.  destroyed by lire.
The  plan   of  iln-   present   building
wa-   designed  by   Hern,:,,,   I).  Tied,
man  of  Victoria,  and   is  being  constructed   by  Thomas   Trounce,   Buil-
people, and
what he had bee, doing. lie stated
at this meeting that lie had received
a request from Mr. Holbrook. to be
permitted to put in a stained glass
window ,',s a memorial to hi- mother
which request bad been acceded Io
subject to certain conditions In
1875, Sir John J. Douglas presented
to thc church the magnificent brass
lectern, which, fortunately was one of
Ihc few things rescued from the lire
of  September  ioih,   1808.
Altar   Cross   Stolen.
About   this  time  some   sacriligious
person stole from thc church a beautiful   altar   cross   presented   by     the
Coventry     through     Mr.
Although   a   large   rc-
iffered   for   the   recovery
, ���.. trace of it  was ever
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tiful and    opportune    lessons.      The
Archdeacon   of   Columbia   and   other
clergy also assisted al this service.
Of  Historical  Use.
A   brief  description   of   the  church
furnishings may appropriately be included here.    Thc handsome rer,
and altar arc of solid oak and beau-
ever, the bells were entirely al lhe
disposal of Bishop Hills, ami lie decided in favor of New Westminster,
ir. accordance wiib the wish of the
generous donor.
'l'l,.- bells do ii"! seem lo have been
hung umil ihe new church <>f Holy
Trlnitj was luiili in is,;;,, bul frum
thai time until 1S77 the hells were in
tifully carved. Th ^^^^^^^^^^
adorn the rcrcdos arc the handiwork
of Canon Beanlands, and arc not only
an or,lament to tlie rcrcdos bin are
eminently useful in tracing the source
from   which   the  church   ill   this   pari
which position in a wooden bell lower, :,���,!
week by week, as well as on t, ital
occasions, the chimes of the most
beautiful peal of oighl hells wesl of
New York were heard.
At  las,  the tower was pronounced
unsafe, and the hells were taken down
and no effort made to rebuild a lower
fo, ih.in until Bishop Slllltoe came
and even then the etforl was only
partially successful. A sum of $4,000
was spent In laying the foundation
and building the walls, but the church
was burned before ,he tow, r was
The   bells  were  cast  by   Mears   ii
Mayor  of
, ward   was
oi the cros
! found.
of the  world derive-  her  order-.
The Church of England traced up
its usages in primitive days to the
teaching of St. John, through the
Gallician Church, and the first shield
depicts an occurrence which is ascribed to St. John. A poisoned cup|
of wine 1 symbolized in art by a
pent  or dragon   issuing  from  iti   was
given to the Apostle at Ephesus, but 1 stalnbank, of London, and were elghl
before drinking it he made the sign |��� number. The weigh! of the tenor
of the Cross and partook of it with- bell was 2,912 pounds, being 700
"���t harm. 'pounds    heavier  than  the  tine    tenor
The cross key* represent Rome, bell of the peal of St. .lohn, N. B.
showing that the Church of England The total weight of the peal was 11.-
to-day is associated and connected 536 pounds. They wer.- in the key
with    the   great   branch   of   western   Of  I)  and  the  apprpoximate  cos,   was
Christendom.      The   third   shield   re-   *5, 1.
presents Jerusalem, the  Fourth, Can- 0ri9in   of  tne  Gift,
terbury. Then on the other -ide 'I'be origin of ,1,,- gift is said to
the next -lucid presents tlu- Ann- of bave been in a conversation between
British   Columbia,   followed   by    the   Bishop  Hills    anil  Baroness    Burdett-
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Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.
See of  New  Westmin-
next  shield  is  the pcr-
:inn- ..f the Bisln.p and
First  Bishop.
In lhe year iH;e,, upon thc division of the diocese, thc Rev. A. W.
S1 i! 11 ��� 1 e wa- appointed first Bishop of
New Westminster, and consecrated
0,1 All Saints' Day, 1879. For a
time his Lordship resided a, Sapperton at Sl. Mary's Mount, but after
I a while, failing health on the part ..i
the Archdeacon of Columbia rendered it necesary for him to band over
lhe work of ihc parish to other hands
and then thc Bishop appointed himself Rector, and so remained inilil
a few months previous to his deal,,
when the present Rector, Rev. A.
Shildrick, was placed in charge 111
St. Barnabas Created.
L'p to tins time there had been one
pnri-li in New Westminster, but at
this time thc parish of St Barnabas
was created and the Rev. II. 11 Gow
appointed Rector. After working here for about two years, Mr.
Gowan was called to one of the most
important places in the sister diocese
of Olympia, Holy Trinity, Seattle,
where he labored for many yea,
Thc church work was progr,
lire of 1898
the   greater   portion    	
.-pelt disaster for so many years
bo,- fourteen months after the fire
thc congregation of Holy Trinity
held   their   services   in   St.   Andrews
Arms  of the
ster.    On thi
soiial .'..a! of ^^^^^^^^^^
the last that  of Mrs. Sillitoe as the
donor of the chancel things.
The  font,  pr.'-ented   by  the  ladies
of   the   Whats -.ver   Society,   is   the
Messrs.  Whipple  &   pea]  in  l850 ,lf lh
Coutts. She was telling him about a
peal of bells thai .-be had had cast for
a church In Westminster when the
bishop remark.-.1 that Ihere was also
a New Westminster in his diocese
which had nol so much as a bell.
Thereupon she offered him a similar
peal. Mears A: Slajnbank also cast *
same weigh!  and
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
workmanship   ot j	
Co., of  Exeter,  England.     The ,u,���i number as the New Westminster bells
ewer,   a   most   chaste   and   beautiful   f0r the Church of St. Stephen, West-
was tne gift of St.  Agatha's  minster.   This churclk was built aboul
1850,     the   parish     of   St.   Stephens,
the   Ri
the gift of St. Agatha's j minster,
.f St. James', Vancouver. The
ol was made in llii- city by
,yal   City   Planing   Mills   and
is a beautiful piece of wo,'km;,���-l,,p.
This was presented to the church by
thc Sunday School of Trinity Church
of Montreal. The altar rails, -r1
ilia, etc., are in keeping with the re-,
of the furnishings. The scaling accomodation   of   the   church   i,   aboul
Sunday School.
Of thc present work of the church
little   need   be   said,      Tile   Sunday
School connected with the church i
making good  progress, and  there are
now  on the I ks  ninety  live scholars, all  fairly  regular  in  their atten-
dfnee,     Under  the   able  superintcn
dence   of   M.   E.   Chapman   and   Ins
' iii.,.-,u stall of willing t, achcrs, the
number  nf  scholars  has,  in  ,1,
few   year- greatly  increased, as
Rochester Row, being formed aboul
this time, und munificently endowed
by tho Baroness liurdett-Coutts. This
would naturally account fnr Ihe title
"b,. Stephens" occurring on lhe bells
.-en, ,,, Xew Westminster.
Bells Damaged By Fire.
The bells donated by the Baroness
Uurdetl-iJoutls aud (sent here from
England wer. hung in lhe tower of ike
church for .some time, hut the lower
having been condemned as unsafe, the
bells were taken down and placed in
a shelter built on the same lot as the
church is on. One bell was hung on
a temporary frame, and us.-il until
such time as Ihe tower could be
straightened, bnt the lire of 1898 came
and swept over the city. The church
was again destroyed, but the walls
were lefl standing and used again ln
last the present building. The bells In Iho
ifter  temporary shelter were 80 badly ,1am-
Beginning February 15, '06
Sleepers   ^^
.   -   -   Every Day in the Year        -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Oriental Limit'* I
���The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous
on ur adore
For detailed information, rates, etc., call
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
1.1   the  city  and
der, of Vict. ,ria, The first stone �� as
laid by Iii- Excellency F. Seymour,
Govcnor of thc Colony, on October
16th, T'-, .md the ceremony was
pcrfi 1 med by the Rev. Mr. I layman,
-. roiid Reef ir of the said church.
"Tin   church    committee    for    the
so- j; as follows:
Thc   Hon   II    I'    IV  Crease,  A.  T.
iy,   W.   I 'iris,
R.   Dickinson,  \V.   M
when    the    disastrous!t,lc ''"' '"  '���''>'���
ccurred, that wiped 0111   scholars on the books was less than
forty.       It    has    more    than   doubled
since thai time
Women's   Auxiliary.
The work ol the Woman's Auxiliary is also being actively carried on,
The Indie- arc engaged in the laucl-
abli effort .if , learing the debt on
Si.   George's   Hall,   which,   like   the
l lilirch,   .luring   which   period
church     was    being     rebuilt.
��� hurch   was   formally   opened
ni   All
Sainl '   1 'ay,
The sen
o'clock  ,11   thc
November 1st, 1899,
:ommcnccd al eight
morning,    when     thc
1 Inly , '��� mimunii -n was 1 elebratc I, -
1,1 n -I .'up   ill .hop  D.iri  being tin
-      nl      At  10:30 another I -
C.   1    pri   iard,  gi      '   "  gathered   uithin   11-   wails.
[ones,   '-.   Cal :'.'   'l|  whom partoi-1, 1 if the Blcss-
dcr,  II.  Holbrook,  F. J.  Claude:. V.
-   ., Ic  and   \Y. Johnston.
,  !! VRl.ES  Gl 11 ID,
The ceremony was concluded by
the Rev. Mr, I layman pronoUl
the bless ing. There was ;, larg, and
1. sp, ctablc attendance; many naval
officers being present and all appear
���d deeply interested in thc ceremony.'1  ; re
Valuable Donations. | shall b
ment,  thc   R, dor  being
. 1 lebranl  assisted by the  Ri v. 1
Beanlands,     Al tl R
tor   of   St.   .lor.-',   the   Rev,   II.   G.
Fiei        Clin     -   pr,   ented   th,
foul ' . - 1   to the pai   h,        bcl   If ol
thc   Guild   of   Sl     "     tha,   tin
I., ii     r,      ��� eel  '"   thi   Ri
name  of  lbe  pai isli   ol   i I >Iy  Tl i    I
A1       ��: ,   tin      I
; r,        il   .': on,   the  text   "M;
called the house of prayer.'
Rectory is parish properly, and mainly   through   th, r   efforts,   the   111
-ui  the hall is  now   reduced  to
$1,100 .   Mr     1 ijckin on  is the  I
iclci   ,  and   ft   ably   s, c, nided   ;i:   1 er
��� 1   by  Mrs,  Phillips, Secretary, and
Mrs,  ' lolt, Trcn Hirer,
Beautiful   Chimes.
'i hi I    : hat  were formerly
in  use in  11 ,!'.   Trinity churc h ��
cast In London, England, in 1861, and
were presented lo Bishop Hills by the  ,]���.,,, j,n(1| t
aped and cracked by the flames that
they were rendered useless. Th. bell
then in use escaped, being at some distance Iron, ihe building was nol seriously damaged, the hanging frame
burning through and the bell falling to
the ground uninjured. This bell Is the
same one al present in use.
Memorial Windows.
As soon as the work of restoring
the Holy Trinity Cathedral was commenced, Ihe Idea nf a memorial io the
late Bishop Slllltoe was uppenmosl in
.minds of ihe pari -liinners, and il v. a
suggested thai a stained glass window
in the Baptistery would he n filling
memorial, But certain events trasplr-
ed that placed the three chancel windows In lhe hands of the commtltee,
and 1: was al once concluded that
the e would In every way be more suit-
aide as the whole of the chancel nt-
llaronoss Burdett-Coutts. "The I
dral of Bt. Sl uhens, New Westminster," wa tho i:,.-"i Ipl ion on 1 In bell 1,
en th, ere landed al Victoria
' Cathedral of thai place claimed
��� 11 ui.  '.'..'.'   the Urn,   ' ,1
1 - ���-,.'.. r, and
-   ��� he ..vi''   , 11 ��� In ���: rl   ,d
upon the bells Ut,  people ���f tho Island |
Including     the      furnishings      the  and drew  from  thc  texl  many beau-   city desired to retain the chime. How
hrnn: I the gr ll l-.in I" 9
and Inloresi of Mrs. Slllltoe, been given in memory of her husband. Th ���
windows are designed to represent the
or!, of lhe ever blessed Trinity.
One of the windows wa 1 erected by
th. Freemasons, and the other two by
subscribers, The total cosl of ihe
windows wns $8_!i.nn     and the    suh-
(Continued on Page Six.)
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tilt that she may not unnaturally expect from the association ol people,
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tlons s�� similar to our own, wi>h the
greal mass ,,f Immigration ���<>w Bowing
inn, ihis country from Europe. They,
together with former Eastern Canadians, and Iho settlers from the
Motherland, will give character to the
whole population, aud form the sentiment of the people. Their presence
means lh���, Western Canada wlll progress more rapidly and that the language and customs of this country will
be more readily adopted by the foreign
eleineit��� that in short the paople will
more quickly become a homogeneous
one,  possessing  a  natural sentiment
nml    uniform  aspirations.���Vancouver
i'rm In, ".
Reviews     Debates    of    Confederation
Days���Beleives   Second   Chamber
Is Absolute Necessity.
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llis employer, al all ilines having the
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St. Harm,has Church-.Morning prayer and Holy Communion, n a, ���,.
Evening prayer and sermon, 7 p. m.
Sunday  school  al   2:30  p.  ���,.     Bev. C.
w. Houghton, rector,
Holj Trinity Cathedral���Morning
prayer and Holj Communion, ll a, m.
Evening prnyer uml sermon al 7 p.
ni Sun,lay school al 2:30 p, m, Rev,
A   Shlldrlck, rector.
Queen's Avenue Methodlsl Church���
Key. \s\ 11. Barraclough, pastor.
Services al  11 a, m. and 7 p. m. Pas-
Speaking to the question oi the motion introduced by Mr. Molntyre ol
South Relth in the House of Commons last Monday that the lite tenure
ot    senators be abolished,   that the
tenure for one appointed be limited to
Within the legal term of ihree parliaments and to provide a fixed age, not
exceeding 80 for compulsory retlre.-
meni, Sir Wilfrid Laurler said he was
glad the mattor had been brought before   the   house.    It   was  a   mailer   for
congratulation thai though federation
had endured tor thirty-nine years,
Ihere had been up lo the present time
no serious attempt to reform the work
aa  it   came  from  the  bands of the
founders.    The  American  eons, 11,it lon   othef
had   been   several  times  amended.     It
was a  mailer of Interest  Ihat the most
Berious criticism of confederation has
reference  to  the constitution of  the
e-Lby whom should It be elected They flrsl  Hum las,  year and bad a yield
might revert to tie old system|f 1858 of thirty-alx bushels an acre.    v    ���
Ol   flection     by   group     COU-ttV   bul A,kinson.   a   neighbor,   had   WV
,���.  sympathized  with  Mr.  Molntyre-. acres  last   year  which  yielded  forty-
view   thai   the   Canadian   people   had elghl   bushels  an  acre.     Mr,  JdlW
enough elections now.    Another sug- thinks    the  Arcadia ls the    coming
,_   w,,s to  i.'H'.w   the  America,, winter wheal  tor this Bectlon
syste m ot appointment of b, oators by rated on the same basis as I stem in
state legislatures.    But there wa~ au many localities,
Impression   that   thai   had   resulted   in , ���	
scandals on  the other side.    H   ��-'s  i     *��/>�� __ i-���--�����
commonly said thai the I' '1 -S;'"' ' f_�� I Cj     W/\l^l   1  ^
senate had fallen off from Its former |
high plane and was today an assembly    of plutocrats.    Thnt    was a
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone 1-JHt
J. R. GHley, .Hhon< H^|
be up to the standard of forty years
disposed to agree. When looked at
by their work today, be would be
forced to admit thai it was of the
highest possible order. 1, might riot
bc up to the standard of orty years
Wanted���Good strong b oy. Apply Fraser  River  Lumber Co.
For Sale���10 acres, 15 acres cleared
Qppd building- Apply Donald Mc
('lur.',   PoTt   Kells.
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Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co,
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone l-��
ago, In the days ol' Webster, Ci:,' and   Wanted-.OOO Cotds ot Hemlock Hark
The confederation debates re-
Calhoun, but today il had some of
the best minds In rhe American union. The late Senator Hoar and Sen-
aim- Lodge wen. mentioned by Sir Wilfrid as men ot the hlghesl al.ilby and
character, and who had with manj
Impressed him during some
weeks' stay at Washington In 1898, If
senators were elected bj the local legislatures, he favor, i the plan exlsl
Ing In the parliamentary rules tor the
senate,    ine conieaerauon ueuuie- its-  appolntmen,   ���r  committees
waled a radical difference of opinion bJ ope_ baUo|
upon  It,    K,,r eight  years,  from   1858
to   1864,   the   legislative   council   had
been  elected,  and  had   broughl  some
good men Into public liTe.    Then came
Lhe confederation project, and the expressions of divers views by Mr.
Brown and Mr, Macdonald, the two
Mr. Brown was an advocate of the
tor's evening Bubject: "The Man nominative Bystem, In that Sir Wll-
Wiih a Double Name." Sunday school I'rid doubted If he was l��� harmony
and    Bible class al    2:30.    Epworth  with his party.   Macdonald was nol at
that   was
Supposing three sens
tors were   to be , lected    by a local
legislature? whal  would  happen?    At
presenl In Ontario Ihere were r.s Con-
-ei, a-ive and 30 Ll ��� ral members,
Wiih the vole by open ballot, that
would ensue the election of two Con-
severatlves and one Liberal, or two
Liberals and one Conservative If the
position was reversed. That, be though!
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wouhi be
representation as
in connection with ihe discussion
.,i Ottawa ami in ihe newspapers of
lhe Dominion of Ihe possible danger to  breaking of bread a,
league Monday al  s p. m.
Wesl End Methodlsl Church���Rev.
��� a. ,i. Brace, pas,,,,-. Services :,, ll a.
in. and 7 p. m. Burnaby Sunday school,
2:30; service, 3:15. Morning subject,
"The Problem of Evil In the World."
Evening subject, "Battling With
Doubt." Regular prayer meeting Wednesday evening.
Ollvel Baptlsl Church���Preaching
bj Rev. M. L. Rugg, D, D.. 11 a. in.
and 7 p, in. Bunday school and Bible
classes al 2:30 p. ,���. Morning subject:
"The Cons, raini s of Love." The ordinance of the Hold's supper will follow the morning service. Evening subject: "Thomas' Confession of Faith."
B, V. P. 1'. Monday evening al S
o'clock. .Mid-week prnyer meel ing
Wednesday, 8  p,  ,,,.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church���
Rev. .1. S. Henderson, pastor. Services
I 1 a. in. and 7 p. ,,n. Said,:,111 school
and Bible class 2:30. Y. P. S. C. E.
Monday. 8 p. m.; prayer meeting
Wednesday, 8 p .���>. Morning, Rev. D.
McGllllvary, Cumberland. Evening,
the pastor. Subject: "The Christianity Thai Counts."
The  Gospel   Hall���Corner  of  SI:  ti
avenue and  Ninth  Btreet.    Christians
nieel   to   remember  ihe   Lord   in   the
11 a. m.   Sunday
r. i"V
Canadian trade In the invasion of scnool and Bible reading al 3 p. in.
Western Canada by the Hill system of Gospel meeting al 7 p. m. A hearty
railways, the    press    of    the    United   Invitation to all.
State  is  reviving the    old    prediction  o ���
that the settlemenl In the new provinces ol so many hundreds of thousands . i Americans and the Influence
Which this diversion of trade will have
on the views of the people at huge.
are calculated to create a wide sen
tlmenl In Saskatchewan ami Alberta
In favor ,,f annexation to the United
States, liis not an entirley unreasonable view for an American to
take  who  is  warmly  wedded  to a  he-
Folder     Issued   by   the
Northern   Is   Distinctive.
��� Th.- Ori, utal Limited" is the title
of a folder just issued by the passenger
departmenl    ol   the    Greal   Northern
Railway    descriptive    of that    crack  legislatures    in the Dominion
transcontinental train.   This new pro- are    composed  of    i
ductlon is distinctive among the gen- elected  by the peoph
all averse to the elective system. I
believe the greai tendency of the Liberal party, certainly in the province
from which I come was in favor of
an elective senate, said Wilfrid.
"Confederation bus been In force nearly forty years. From time to time
there had been outbursts of public
opinion, noi very strong, bul still
no,ice:,ble in favor of a reform of
the senate." At no time he believed
bad Hie present mode of apnplntment
been absolutely accepted by the Liberal party. He was therefore, nol surprised al the reappearance ,,f thai
A  Puzzling  Question.
Whal   would  be  the  nature of  the
retorni which would be acceptable to
Thai qu. sli,,,, bad puzzled more
than one, While the affirmation had
in en mad. al a convention in 1893
thai the senate was unnecessary, still
the difficulty had always heen to settle whal reform would be acceptable.
The.,' w.-re Immediately met by the
line of cleavage which seemed almost
Insolvable. There was a strong opln-
��� ;i iii Ontario, judged by the press
i niments, In favor of the abolition of
the Benate. "For my par,." said Sir
Wilfrid, "I believe this would be a
mistake and I could ���,,, be Induced to
r. concile myself to such an Idea, A
s, cond chamber seems to me to be
absolutely lndlspenslble under our system of government, A second chamber has been held to be necessary for
the two reasons which were mentioned by my honorable friend rrom South
Perth. I, is supposed to be a cheek
upon hazy legislation, bin ihis ls an
Idea which has never made much impression on my judgmenl at all events.
"Considering    the course    of    such
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ihey could have ni present. The Conservative party was In the ascendency
in Ontario, which was ,-, greal misfortune  to  the  , ntry   bul   If  they
were In the ascendency, he had no
hesitation In saj'lng thai the views
of the country, bad as they were.
(laughter) should be represented in
the senate for whal thej w.-re worth,
"1 am glad to say al the presenl
time that there are other province ol
the Dominion which have in my estimation a heller understanding ot Found���Ladi
public affairs and who win,Id make up
for the province ���t Ontario," said Sir |
Wilfrid,    amid    laughl  r   and cheers. Wanted-Dintng room girl. G I wages
Perhaps in  that  manner ihey  mlghl      i'11''1- Cosmopolitan hotel.	
have the semi: i properlj el, cted, What
had to be guarded againsl was the
serious consideration which no one
fell more than he did, Lhal the Benati
should be representative of all classes
of opinion, and therefore both parties  Lost���Monday    evening,    ladies'    silk
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and Lacrosse Shoes
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should be represent, l In the senate.
'Din's ,he right, honorable gentleman say that under our present constitution he teels he might select the
appointees of his own party, when
choosing them," asked Mr. W. P. .Maclean.
"I do nol say thai I musi s- Ii ct,'
Sir Wilfrid replied, "bul I do say to
my honorable friend thai when I have
to come to the ruomenl of select! in,
and if I have to select between Tory
and Liberal, I feel I can serve the
country better by appointing a Liberal
than a Conservative, (applause, and
I am very much afraid thai any man
who occupies the position I occupy today, will feel the same way. and thai
sc long ns the appoint ine is as i, Is
loday in the hands of practically lhe
first minister, I am afraid we stand
little chance foi  reform."
A   Big
'I here   Mad
,rm of the
been a good deal of re-
senate.     Ij   was   a  good
single  branch,  deal better than some years ago. He
as  the leglsla-   was    glad   il   was  Ihe     Liberals  who
handkerchl, f. <���, or near Crescent
and Dufferln Btreet. Finder please
address "P," this office.
We, the ui - ��� I, agr, a to close
our stores from - to 7 p. m. every Saturday afternoon during the months ol
May, June, July and August, commencing  May  12, 1906.
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English, Japan,-se and Chinese   Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
'lie l.m '.,. 10,   and   13 "i Loi 16 ol
Sul.urban   Block   I",    Map 200   \.-��
Westminster   City.
Whereas proof ol
ficate ���f  Title S'umber 1074a
issu.-d in  the name ol 3 ine How
has been filed In ihis ofiice.
Notice is hi leay given that I sha"
al the expiration of one month from
the dale of the Brsl publi, atlon .er��
,,f, issue a duplicate of the said Cer
tin,���:,,''. unless In the meantime valid
objection be made lo me In writing.
C.  S.  Kl'.ITH,
Dlstricl   Registrar uf Titles
Land  Registry Offlce,
New Westminster. B. >'., April 4,190-
llef In the superiority of his country eral   mn  of  ralway  literature.    The tures    ot Ontario, Manitoba,    British thought  they  should  take advantage
and of Its system of Government.   Hut  covers Immediately catch the eye with coiumbia and Bome others, i do not of their position in power to Improve
the people ���r Canada me noi disposed  Oriental adornments, prominent among believe   thai   we   need   ser sly   ap- the method of appointment    He was
to apprehend any such resull trom the them being a Chinese Ideograph Big- prehend any danger from the existence nol prepared al that moment to pro-
Influx of so many fanners from the nlfying "long life and happiness." This ,,.- ������,. branch only of the legislature, nounce ' practically in favor of one
south of the boundary. II Is true adornment Is one which appeared on Bul one consideration which ,,, my system or another. The question was
enough thai  Mr. Hill's designs againsl   -.,,- ,,t-s of Prince Tsal Tse, nephew ,nj,���|  is absolutely conclusive and par- DOl   new. -'Alen     ot   for -     years  ago
am,nml.  is  thai   under  our  system  of though!   the  pr,
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r "
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our commercial Interests are nol i��� be
disregarded, and it may 1"' tound nee-
In  the future to adopt  legislation toi  the purpose of defeating the
obj      he b.is in view, jusl as the Am-
:. the Princess Dowager of China, on
his recenl visit to this country, The
tact thai he and his suite traveled
across America on the Oriental Limited  makes    ii  especially    appropriate
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YOU ,1��� ihe wis,- thing, Its tomptW
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by���
Factory and Office, Brine Block,
Full Line of
Sporting Goods
nieiii   Illogical
would    legislate   against    any thai this design should appear on this
ittempt trom ibis side of the i,:,- i folder descriptive ot the Orlen-
n   line.    Thai  any such danger tai   Limited.    The    covers  are    dark
from  the seltlenient of a  great olive,  the  lettering  being  in  gilt   and
v, rmiiiion. The folder when extended
Ii aboul a yard in length. Extending
clear across the inside pages is a topographical map showing i��� a striking
manner the character of the country
Unversed by ihe Oriental i.i,idled. On
eric ',
exl il
portion Ot Western Canada by Americans, no one in this country wlll be
found to credit The general opinion
is   lhal   we   cannot   gel   loo   many   ot
these people.   They make   the   i���>s,
farmers   and   the   most   desirable   citi
zens Which the WBBl possesses, und as ih,.   Siina    pages   is   also   a   large   ilia-
soon as they become acquainted with gram showing the arrangement of all
our system ot government and per- u,,- cars which make up ibis Buporb
celve how much more effectively <��n- trail., together with a photographic re-
laws are administered and how much production of the train in mo,ion. The
I'.i'.T ei Becurlty is given to life and other panes are taken up with de-
property than In the    United    States scrlptlvo mailer relative to the equip-
governmenl composed of federal parts,
��� second chamber Is absolutely needed
as a safeguard for the smaller provinces againsl possible invasion of their
rights by larger provinces."
A Borrowed System.
Sir Wilfred went on to say thai
Canada's Bystem hud been hugely borrowed  fr I,e  United  States. Their
bouse of representatives waa elected
by the people according to population,
The    senate appointed  by    Lhe state
:' gl   latur, .      All   the   stales   have   an
eipia, representation of two in thai
houi e. "Here iu our smaii-." Sir Wilfrid added, "as in the Benate of the
United  States  we  have  nol   adopted  ernmi "' -
senl  mode of appoint- 	
md  unsatisfactory as A|,   Eaglea ;lI,,  urgentiy requested
11 ,lli-1" l"'-   " w'as. perhaps, the most ,��� ||(, ,1( |hl,h. ha��� .,, ., l|.,,l(H.k Slln,,aV)
practicable and   ll   might   have  to  be M;1V ,-,   l906i t0 .,..,.,���, Memorial s.rv-
continued for   ome time. i0(.
Mr. Mclntyre bad suggested a fifteen -r\h.  DU_iic
y, ar term Instead of a lite term. There
mlghl be something In that, bul the
subjeel  should be approached from a
III',,:,der   point   of   view.     Still   he   was
saiisii.-.i with the manner i��� which
ih ' question had been brought up. The
senate  had on  the whole done very
well, if it had nol reached the high
expectations formed ot It. There would
be ihis
participate In
s  cordially  Invited  to
this   memorial   .service.
Worth}   Pros.bill.
tbey will transfer lo lhis country all
the allegiance which they may have
cherished al one time for the Republic
to Hi ��� son,l, of us. II is absurd to tiling,���.    for  a  moment   I hul   any  of the
manj peaceful and Industrious American farmers, now seeking homes in
the Canadian West, 1,arbor tor a moment the hope that Bome day they may
assist in uniting the two countries under one government, Their sole object   in   (heir removal  is  to  benefit
ment, together with Interior views ot
the cars, These are all In colors giving an accurate idea of the luxurious
Enjoyable Dance.
Tin- reputation which the Lawn
Tennis club bus established tor doing
things in slyle was well sustained al
the dance given under their auspices
i���  lhe    si. George Hall    last  night,
lhe prlnclplo of representation by
population. We have nol altogethi r
adopted the Bystem of lhe American
republic, bul If w.- are to have reform
I would nm p.- adverse to adopting
in tlmi respec the sys!,i���-or our
neighbors nnd hnve each province rep-
rea, med by an equal number of members   whe,her  the   province  be  large
Owners of cows, horses, and other
animals in  the city, nre hereby  noii-
.,���,.      - e Bea tha1  >'��� is contrary to the provl-
for  consider:,,!,,,,   by   them,  slona "'' "", Pound H'vL',w "' Pa8tur8l
yenr,  he  wus  glad   to  sny,  :
conference or all the provincial gov
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial. Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
TIIE BEST ol" curses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R, ,1. BPROTT, B.A., Principal,
II. A. SCKIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Plants and  Annuals  of  all   kinds,   cut
(lowers and floral designs,    Dahlias
60c per dozen.
Telephone Alut or address 1th Avenue
and Kith Street.
Westminster Iron Works
    .MM   kinUINE
\\ OKK.
A.M,  KM'
ir. ana
Ornamental   Iron   WorK,   IBj**
Fences, Hates.  F,r"  ItSCnpeB, 9��
Mall orders nnd cries idence
���BUS STKI't''1'
New Westminster.
0. ��*���
il,,. said animals ,���, streets or public
squares in the city, and that ii Is the
in,.-,,,,on of   the poundkeeper   to en-
left    over
nol  thai  P  was a question In which
I hoc w.-re bound to consull the provinces, bul H wus a question in which
s,. mud, delicacy existed It would be f" i;   ''
wise to consul, iln- provincial premiers, Renewing 1,1s congratulations to
the mover and seconder, Sir Wilfrid
closed   by   asking  ibe,���   t���  withdraw
By order
themselves and their families, and Sweet music wus discoursed by an either win yield unhesitating allegiance Bcleni orchestra ot four pieces under
i" the Institution* of the country to the direction of Mr. Harpur of Van-
which tbey come.   With the lapse of couver.    A most enjoyable time was �� !"   ! '"'''' " '"        i:   	
one generation will be dissipated for spent bj about fifty couples, win, trip-
or : "ial!. This principle having been the resolution, II having served Its
adopted admittedly for the protection I'urpose by drawing thi matter to ihe
of the smaller states, every one will attention of the house.
ndiiiii   al   once lhal   If  we  ware  to re-  ��	
move  thai   safeguard,  there  would   be Pasturing the Winter Wheat.
natural    discontent    in  tho    smaller     Some of the  farmers In   Whitman
provinces, so that  I contend that  we county,  Was!,., are turning siock .���,
cannot   seriously  entertain,  even   for their  winter  wheat   i���  keep  it   from
a  moment, an  Idea of ever abolishing  growing too rank to make good grain.
ever  any   lingering  sent! ni   which ned the light fantastic until 2 o'clock
mighl   possibly  exlsl   in   favor of thc In   the   morning,   at   which   hour   the
land  Of their birth and  their children dance came to an end, The committee
will be Canadians in the fullest sense responsible tor the evening's success
of lhe word.    In  the  American  Jura- were:    Messrs, 11. II
si������ nol only has Canada nothing to ATdagh, W. McQuar
fear. 1 ut   their Is much of direct ben-! forty.
Stewart, ll. C. G.
���ie and  .). .1.  Lnl-
see  from time to tlmg  in  the press of Stanley, has 100 acres of Arcadia
hnve alotogether Ignored that  view of winter wheat, a new variety tor ibis
the constitution which ls the true one, section,    which is more   than   eight
ami lhe paramouol argumenl ln favor Inches high and he bus n large herd
ol the maintenance of a second cham- nf -    tie on  It.    This variety seema
i er. '   ���     i   '���.';���'           |    ���,,.,  j
Enough   Elections. j mosl   any   variety   known   here.     Mr.
Then If Ihe Semite wal: io be elect- Jennings  raised  the  Arcadia  for  the
Belyea & Co.
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home on the Rlthet yesterday afternoon.
The purest of ice cream at the Star;
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shop. ���
���I. I).  Burr  wits on    of  the  Rlthet's
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Innis &  Kerr, paid a business visit toj
Porl Hammond today.
Freshly made candy every day at
the Star Candy Factory next to De-
Grey's barber .shop. ��
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were passengers on the Ramona to
Langley this morning.
.1. Friz,-ll of Splllbury landing lefl
for his bome this morning on the Ra-
iiu.ua after an absence of :, few days.
ll. ll. Lennie of ihis city left on
the Ramona this morning for Mounl
Lehman on business.
In the absence of Magistrate Corbould Capt. Pittendrigh, s. M��� presided i��� the police court this morning.
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drey's barber .-hop manufactures
homemade candy and chocolate of all
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Rev. I). McGllllvray, of Cumberland,
und Rev. R. .1. Douglass, of Trull, are
guests of Key. .1. s. Henderson al St.
On Tuesday evening there will he a
meeting of the band men of the city
where ih" matter of reorganization
will be discussed,
J. McMyn left yesterday afternoon
on the Rlthet for his home at Woodward's landing after spending the
morning in town.
Rev. J. F. lletts left on tho Rlthet
yesterday afternoon for his home at
Ladner. He attended a meeting of the
Methodist conference at Chilliwack.
The B. C. Packer's boat, the Troubadour, came in last nighl on a busi-
nes trip to headquarters and returned
down river this morning.
May Jackson was charged in the
police court ihis morning with being
an Inmate of a bawdy house. She
pleaded guilty and was fined $15.00
and costs.
C. J. Major's little son has now
completely recovered from his recent
mild attack of diphtheria and the
quarantine restrictions have been removed.
The steamer Stranger came in from
i'ii Meadows las, evening towing a
large boon, of shingle bolts for the
Fraser River Lumber company from
I heir camp at  the head of Pitt lake.
II. Brown a real estate man of
Vancouver left on the Rlthet for Ladner yesterday afternoon, after spend
ing the morning in town and disposing
of two farms in this vicinity.
Bystem stenograph] and typewriting. The Province office, Armstrong
block, 'Phone 62. ���
Conductor Dan Starrer, who has recently heel, promoted to run on the
main line ���f the C. P. it. will make his
flrsl   trip tomorrow  morning on the
Kamloops section.
H. R. Hitchcock of Los Angeles was
a passenger down river yestorday afternoon on the steamer Rlthet to Ladner. Mr. Hitchcock la visiting all the.
Interesting sixiU of British Columbia
and intends to remove from California
i" ibis locality in a shorl time.
After being detained at the police
stuiinn all yesterday afternoon, Everett Kelly, ihe cripple arrested (or beg-'
ging, wus allowed bis liberty this
morning on condition thai be Lav.
the cltj Immediately.
The     complaint    of   John      Sell,erg
again.-, Oeorgeous Besterrachea tor
iishing during restricted hun- came
up before Cap,,,'n, Pittendrigh, S. M.,
ibis morning, and was remanded for
a week in order that certain witnesses
for the defense might be available,
J, .1. Strarratl of this city has received a letter from his brother who
lives al Monterey, California. Monterey
la aboul 160 miles from San Pranclsco
and did not suffer seriously Irom the
earthquake, while towns only n few
miles away were reduced lo ruins. The
lower uliiiu,les In the district appear
to have come out the safest,
The steamer Belfast came inlo port
last nlghl und brough, in 2,1100 sacks
,,i cement from Todd Inlet for the C.
P. R., and 600 sacks for Gilley Bros.
The Hellas, was tied up for three days
al Todd Inlet on account of the ex-
tremely  stormy  weather  in  the gulf.
The Honorable W. Norman Bole
and Mrs. Boh- returned home this
morning from Harrison Hoi Springs
via the C. P. R. Mrs. Bole, who has
been al the springs for some time,
reports that the Inhabitants of that
locality are enjoying excellent weather.
The si earner Rlthei arrived in the
city ihis morning with a light cargo
of freight and the following passengers: C. Hanford, A. Loudon, C.
Richardson, IX MoHaven, Miss McLellan, Miss Thirkle, M. Martin, A. .1.
McKane, from Ladner; G. Taylor,
Miss Mills, from Sunhury,
Royal City Lodge No. 3. I. 0. O. F.
last night elected Bros. C. S. Keith
and Wilbur S. Smith delegates to the
grand lodge which meets in Victoria
nexl month and J. H. Ferguson and
Dave Walker alternates. Amity Lodge
No. 27 meets nex, Monday night and'
will elect their representatives and
Carpenters are at present at work
making alterations at the far end of
the waiting room of the B. C. Electric
Railway company's terrains. When
the work is completed, some of the office fixtures will be transferred to this
pari of the building, as the present
quarters are rather crowded. The
new room will be ready for occupation
early  next  week.
Charge  of Assault Is  Laid  and  Magis
trate   Finds   Both   Were   to
John Selberg, of Woodwards Landing a couple of days ago laid complaint against Oeorgeous Basterrachea
of assault. The ease came before,
Captain Pittendrigh, S. M��� this forenoon aud was dismissed.
According to Selberg's story ihere
hud been some disagreement between:
the two men as to the order In which
Ihey should lake their turn on Sunday
evening when the signal was given
for fishermen to put In their nets.
Lust Sunday evening, Basterrachea
butted In ahead of Selberg and on
Selberg protesting against his intrusion mado a rush at Selberg's boat
ln his own and struck him with
the oar, missed his head and knocked
him Into the bow of the skiff. Basterrachea claimed thai Selberg had call-
id him some fancy names and had
provoked the assault. Ills worship decided thai li wus a case of six to one
and hair a dozen to the oilier and dismissed the case. A compromise was
affected ,���, the matter of costs. Selberg was represented by J. P. Hampton Bole, while n. L. Edmonds appeared for Basterrachea,
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
��� that is why we continue to grow  and expand      Sur
not only on knowing what but how to buy.    Our ability  tosf (fiT
best at lowest prices enables   us   to  give   you   mimev ' !  :'ecljre  '"e
Here are a few of them: mln�� dances.
For bedrooms, halls, etc., we have a line line uf lm,, n.      ,    ,
25c per yard, 86 in, wide.    Union and wool carpets fromj-   '    "  fr",n
lili in. wide.   Jute squares, 3x3, for $3.50 up.     Union   TW ,'"'r t7iri1'
sols, Milton, Axminster, Squares at all prices.    We L rZZF?\      U's"
you money on tho goods.    Lace Curtains from $1.35 per yarl ""^
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 t o  241   Front  Streets,  Uupont  Block,
U   SB
I Cold Lunches.!
Jelly Veal
Union   Man   Feels  Strong.
A strong dislike for non-union men
on tne par, of ;, bartender at one of
the leading hotels was the excuse ior
a little fracas that, occurred on Columbia Btreel near the postoffice about
0 o'cloc yesterday afternoon. A
couple of the men engaged In string-
lug wires on the telephone poles were
requested by the drink mixer to immediately join the union, and the request was supplemented by .sundry uncomplimentary remarks regarding
their personal appearance. The bartender offered to dust the thorough-
rare with the carcases of Ihe two
men if they would only descend from
,heir perch, which they declined to |
do under the circumstances. By the;
time the men's ancestors for many
generations back had been roundly
abused, quite a crowd had gathered in
ihe hope of seeing something exciting
happen, but the appearance of Officer
Ross on the scene, and his request toj
the bartender to take a walk down
the street and so avoid further trouble.
put an end to the incident.
College  Defeats  High  School.
The Initial inter-city baseball match
of tho season was played yesterday:
afternoon on the Queen's Park
grounds. The contestants were, the'
Columbian College and High School
Intermediates, and the resolut of the
mutch was a score of 15 runs to 14 in1
favor of the College boys. The bat-!
terles of both teams did effective work'
and as the season advances some ex-j
ceptionally good games may be looked
tor, The teams lined up as follows,
with Prof.  Kerr acting as referee:
Columbian College���Peele, p; Crowe,
c; Calder, 1st b; Turnbull, 2nd b;
Turner, 3rd b; Prof. Davidson, s s:
Gilley,  r f;   Chan, c f;   Parkinson, If,
High School���Weaver, p; Huggard,
c; Bllodeau, 1st b; Leamy, 2nd b; Len-
ni., 3rd b; Sangster, s s; Mack, r f;
Munn,  c  f;   Munn  1  f,
Centrals  Win.
A baseball game between the diamond dusters from the West End
school and Miss Round's room in the
Central school took place on Moody
square this morning, and the Central
School boys are rejoicing in Ihe fact
that tbey vanquished their opponents
to the tune of 41 to 1. The game was
refereed by F. O. Canfleld of the Wesl
End school and the line up was as follows:
West End���J. Gordon, c; R. Macdonald, p: T. Purvis, f b; J. Ross,
s b; J, Davidson, t b; A. Campbell,
ss; J. Dickenson, rf; S. Hembrook,
c f; .1. Hood. 1 f.
Cent ral School���W. Cunningham, c;
J, Gifford, p; N. Fletcher, f h; J.
Burr, 2nd b; E. Mackenzie, llrd b; G.
Sutherland, s s; W. Pntchell, r f; W.
Slater, c t; F. Batson, 1 f.
"'''W'ti   \h> H   ���""��� '���"'-'" Largest  Stock  In the  City.
r*V- ;-���   I   : ��� ^:$';;  Moimted  in any style you D
'"I   l*-��?==���    ">',������',  |S__S -.'���   V Come and  Inspect Them.
Yv^ (0* i < J-  ' ffif ' '''/
W. C. Chamberlin
C. A. Welsh, !
Thc People's Grocer    |
P,S.-Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes.     Large Navel >J<
Oranges, 35 cents per doz. |
1 rv*^'*:**'**^*;*;**:***:*:***^*::**:**^*****:***;****;***^*:^*:**:**:*:*:
s ;���;
t :t:ion1 Th.j����,i,'r, . Columbia s,. | FRESH ARRIVALS!
200 acres of Delta Land facing- on water.    Will sell in blocks
of ton acres and upwards from
$45.00 AN ACRE.
To secure a portion of this vou will have  to  move quickly.
One Third Cash.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Eslate,  Fire <fi- Life Insurance
Tei 273.       Near Tram Office
I Ladies' Blouses, 1
From $1.00 up to $4.00 |
;���:   ���
iTlxe White   House 1
275 Columbia Street  ft
Tenders    will  be  received    by the
undersigned up to f> i>. m, Wednesday,
i May 9, for the privilege of conducting
| a refreshment booth at Queen's park
on May Day, May 18, 1906.
R.   J.   BURDE,
Do You Want To
Buy a Neat Home !
On Tram Line. Comprising 8 City Lots,
6 Roomed Dwelling, Woodshed and fruit
Apply q* 1 v>00 on easy terms.
��� >
��� >
��� >
��� >
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Game In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C
;;! Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
p, Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold- >��!
{; en from 2 to 6 feet.   Roses, paeonies,  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- S
>?< green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.                         ^
a V
| D. M. Robertson & Sons   I
$   Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. g
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been our iceman for the past
two years, to deliver ice for us again this season. Unless the weather
ls very unfavorable you may expect a call from him about the first
of the month, when any orders you have been pleased to place with
him you may rest assurred will be promptly carried out.
Trie B.C. Packers Association
Pkone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
Sings Falls to Appear.
The fantau devotee who was corralled by the police yesterday failed
to appear when the name of Lee Sing
was called at he police court this
morning. Ills bail was forfeited and
the polic. Hi-usury enriched to the
amounl of $:n).00.
Seaside Excursions.
If you are going to the Old Country I
Or sending for friends and desire
comfort, travel via C. P. Ry. Atlantic
Lake Erie West, St. John, April 28. j
2 magnificent new Empresses will sail
in May. For particulars apply to Ed. |
fioulet, 0. P. R. Agent.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Additional Want Ads on  Page Seven.
Mutual   Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now in force exceeds *   ��� 0I)
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exceeds. ...*��.     ���
This is a company of policy-holders, by policy-noiders, ror polio-
holders. .     ,fc��� r^aat
OUR MU'l'TUi    ine largest amount of Assurance for the I*
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
" New we.tmln-t.rf B. C. 'Phone 85. G
MAY 6,
From Lowly Hall
to Stone Cathedral
(Continued from Page Two.)
gcrlptions wire somewhal i��� excess ol
The south   window   represents  the
descent ���f the Holy tihosi al   i'
cosl   and  has   the   following  Inscription:
��� This window is erected to the m, ni
orj   of  the  Rlghl   Rl \   lend   A.   W.  Sil
litoe, late grand chaplain of the Grand
Lodge of British Columbia, by the Free
Masons of tills Jurisdiction."
The subject of Lha north window :
the  Baptism Of, Christ, by Sl. John 1 lie
Baptist. The Inscription Is as follows:
drawn to a harmless dose, returned to
his stricture on certain rederal judges. |<
li,. considered the case of Editor Jose
phus Daniels, ol the Releigh, N. C,
n.ws and Observer, who, he Bald, had
and heen thrown Into prison for criticising
ihe appointment of a receiver for the
Atlantic .v.- North Carolina rallwaj  bj
 H    Judge Purnell.
Mr.  Tillman  Bald  he could  review
Washington, Maj  ..���Yesterdaj  waa instances In his own Btate of acta of
the lasi day for general debate In tha tyranny and Indecency, but the judge
Benate on the railroad rate bill, and committing ihem is dead and had set-
Senator    Tillman   Names s  Few
Accuses Them of Drunkennes
and Crookedness.
ii   was fully occupied.
ln a brief speech Mr. N, Ison opposed
Mr. Bailey's amendment depriving inferior United States oourts of the power of suspending orders of the Interstate commerce commission.
Mr. .'lnman then spoke at length In
effort to show by criticism of In-1 railroad to reduce
This window is erected    by    loving dividual judges  that   the    power    of to  three  cents
friends of Acton Windeyer, flrsl Blah
OP of New Westminster, in recognition
of an episcopate of over fourleon years
of faithful .service lovingly performed,
The enter window represents the
King sealed in Majesty, Acts 11. -���
ami  has the    following    Inscription:
"This window is creeled to the honor
and glory of Cod, aud in memory of
Aclon  Windeyer,  llrsi  Uishop of  New
Pioneer  Warden.
One of the first churchwardens, W,
.1. Armstrong, is still connected with
Holy Trinity, and up io the year 1UU_
held the office of churchwarden. He
is uow the only surviving officer of the
first church. Mr, Armstrong arrived
hi British Columbia from Eastern Ou-
tario iii July i^0b, travelling from
.New York to tlio Paeilie coasl via
Cape Horn. Thr voyage look live
months iu those .arly days and wa.s
uoi devoid of incidents. Owing to the
leak In the ship, the cargo bad to be
thrown overboard until the leak was
real bed  and   repaired.
The  First  Sermon.
Shortly  after  arriving  on  the  main
lHiid, Mr. Armstrong look up his res
Idem . in Queen-borough, building the
flrsl House on the siie of the presi nl
city of New Westminster. He also
opened the tirsi store in March
1869. At this time the place was occupied by a company of the Sappers
aud Miners, who were disbanded In
1866, and shortly after a large bodj Ol
men arrived to engage in construction
About this time considerable discussion took place between some of the
Officers as to the proper spelling of
the name Of the settlement, one par,,
insisting on Queenboruugh and the
others declaring that Queensborough
wa.s the correct term. The matter was
refered to the Imperial governmenl
who Bettled all differences by deciding
that the place should In future be called New Westminster.. Mr. Armstrong
attend ihe lirst Christian sermon
ever preached on the mainland. This
sermon was preached at Derby in the
year 1S5S by the Bev. Mr. Creekman.
From the earliest lime, Mr. Armstrong
was actively connected with Holy
Trinity church and possesses Bome
very interesting photographs of the
early buildings, one of which shows
the iirst church and Ihe residence ol
Rev. Sheepshanks, which stands alongside. This is the house placed al his
disposal by two miners, and as the
rector was a tall man, and the bin
Was a very low building, the Quarters
occupied by Mr. Sheepshanks could
not have been very comfortable. At
the time of the fire that destroyed the
first church, Mr. Armstrong worked
with many others for four hours In a
vain endeavor to save the church, on
the old hand engine then In use. The
nearest water obtainable was in a tank
al the back of the fire hall and had to
be forced along Columbia street and
up the hill as far as the church. The
fire broke ,,m in Ibe vestry, at the
time used as a meeting place for the
Sunday school, of which ihe rector
was  superintendent.
Pioneers Still Living.
Among the pioneer membei
remaining in the city are W. J.
Btrong and Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs,
lnson, Mrs. Homer. Mrs. Charlotte
Green, Mrs. Johnston, G-eorge Turner,
and Mr, Homes who now lives at Sap
perton and is aboul 93 years of ag,.
The Choir.
Holy Trinity has an efflel, nl ch ,lr
under the leadership of Mr, 11. Morej
who has ocupled ibis position for the
l���s, twenty years. His choir is composed of the following: Soprano-,
Miss McCall, Mrs. Woods. MIsb War
die. Mrs. Walson, Miss Jones, Miss
.lacks,,,i, Miss ll, Wurdle, Mrs. Gillespie, Miss E. Homer, Miss A. Turnbull.
Alios. Mrs.  Pi I;   l.nnrs,  Messrs.  W.
Parnell. a. Beattle, Wnltmore, w. J,
Walker; i a: se Messrs. H. Dlsn, j.
Sutherland. Thomas, .1. Bute, U. ,1.
Dlngb fowler. The organ was built
by Karn-Warren, ,.r Toronto, at a cost
ol $2,300. Ii hi a iwo manuals and
pedals an.i v. as placed in lhe Church
in II,,,,,. Miss Peele has been the
OTgahlBl Tor the lasi ihree years.
Crows   Destroy   Crops.
Port Townsend. Wash., May 3.-���
Crows in large numbers infest. Jefferson county grain districts to an extent lhal efforts to prevent Iheir destruction of growing crops have proven
so ineffectual in cases that already
damage of no small size has resulted.
In some instances, particularly in
the vicinity of Fairmouiu. so great has
been the annoyance and loss that a
email bounty has resulted in the
bringing in or hundreds of the dead
t  i   his   accounts   elsewhere.
The senator also said be knew some
eases   in   Georgia   1ml    thai   he   would
take up ihe case of Clrcuil .bulge Pardee  in  enjoining  lbe  Florida   railroad;
commission  from  Instituting suii   u,
compel  the   Louisville  ami   Nashville
its fares from four'
           a    mile.     He   ell.lined
grunting temporary Injunctions by lu- that Pardee ought to i.e impeached for
ferlor United States oourts should he his coarse,   ir empeachmenl proceed-
taken from  them  in Interstate com- ings were brough,  to ihe senate Mr.
morce commission  cases, and he  wa* Tillman    predicted   thai    there   would
followed hy Messrs. Bacon, Bailey, Tel- no,  i. votes enough  to Impeach slier and Foraker, tl nigh the Judge were proved guilty!
Mr. Tillman said he rose t��� express 0�� violating his oath of office
regret  that lbe country's faith in Tod-      Mr.  Tillman  nexl   paid  hli respner*
era! courts was not Arm.   He referred to tne case ,,f Judge Charles Swarne.
lo  the  decision  of  the .supreme curl nf  Florida,   whom  the  senate  refused
,,���  tin   ine,vine  tax  eases, saying lhal .;,st .session lo Impeach,
in   lha,   case   one   Of  lhe  judges  had      Mr. Tillman  then  closed    with    an
Changed bis mind. apology,  explaining thai   Ihe situation
"Thus," he -aid, "tha practice of a was  such  ns  to require ihc admlnis
century  was  reversed, and  the coua- ierlng   of  some   "physic."    II.    would
try   sul,milted   merelj   because  of  the not allow the Judges to "roam up and
plea that the highest court of the coun- dow_ the land, doing   whatever   the
fices: New Westminster, Trapp Blfc,
corner   I'larksoi,   and   Lome   streets.
v.i,ii ouver. rooms "i to 24, 445 Granville Btreet. ,i iseph Martin, K. C., .'.
w. Wean. W. H. McQuarrle, H. a
Bourne. Mr. Martin wiJi he in uw
Westminster offices every Friday a-
ters, solic, T i, .ie.. 42 Lorne
street, opposite Couri Hous". New
Westminster. J. H. Howes, P. O. BOI
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on ibe First Wednesday In
ea, I, month, at s o'clock p. m., In
;: ,��� Ms nnlc Temple. Sojourning
oral in- .. ne cordially Invite I to attend. Dr, w. A. DeWolf Smith,
F.   ,t   A.   M.    Regular   com,,,,mica
lions ol  Ibis lodge are In I.l on
second   Tuesday   in   ca,
Masonic Temple, at
lm; brethren are
lo attend
���acl, month in
8  p.  tn-     Vlsll
cordially Invited
l'l. w. llil,bri'l. See.
lers and solicitors, lllackie Illk..
Columbia street, New Westminster,
w. J. Whiteside. H. i- Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
oiiice, Now Westminster. Monej to
it.   B.   K.   of   1-,   meets   second   and
fourih Friday of each month, at s
p. in.. Ill Orange hull, corner of
Royal avenue and .lohn Street. Sojourning Sir Knight* cordially Invited to attend, W. E, Dunlop, W.
1'.;   E. K. Manillas, Reg,
GEORGE K MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and Mc.Kenzie streets, New Westminster, 11- c.
try must be sustained."
He could no, ncccpi the Idea thai
there was anything holj aboul a judge,
"and when we see how the highest
judges differ or change Iheir minds.
possibly because something gets ihe
mailer wilh iheir sioinachs or they
sleep badly, W, COnOt l.e blamed if WO
can  see  lha'   ihey  are not Infallible."
lie therefore saw no reason whj .,
nonsuspension provision should not be
"tied .ui."
ile also cited oi
railroads   want  and   refusing
relief lo Ihc people."
'o man
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up)...$14, ."""
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through  knowledge of the
cases in other business In England with 10 years  ex-
courts which tended to show that some perience.    Later was 7 years  manager
judges are "no, only infallible, but not  of the watch  repairing   department of   world.
Ht   Hon. Lord Strathcona and  Mount
Royal, Q.O.M.G,.. .Hon  President
Hon. Sir C. A. Urummond, fresident
K. S. Clouston,  Yi.e President
Genera] Manager.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
Meets   In   Orange   bull   llrsi   and
third Friday ln each month nt  S  p.
���,.   Visiting brethren an, cordially
Invited  to alien,1.    D.  B.  Matthias,
W, M.; .1. Humphries, Roc-Sec.
I. 0. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 2."-
The  regular  meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia   street,   every   Monday   ev, ning.
at s o'clock, visiting brethren cordially Invited to alien.I. S. .1. May,
N. (!.;  W. C. Coatham, Rec. See.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tues.
day in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited lo attend
Lodge room, A. (). V. W. hall, Odd
fellows' block, Clarkson street. C.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily I        NEW Daily
i.r.ive WESTMINSTER| Arrive
.,:������;,,i, Blaine, Belling 1:00 pm
1:36 pm ham       Hurling Ml:Hapm
lion,   Mt,   Vernon,     Everett,
Seal lie ami
4:u.. pin'Spokane, St.)8:00 pm
,1'aul     ,nd all
polms  I'last.  J	
9.20 amlAnacortes, |3:00pm
rWoolley, and
| Rod, port.
:!:i���, pm Vancouver
9:35 pin|
9:20 am
;I:::.', pm
Route of the ran,,,us
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, si. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg.  Duluth, Chicago
Louis  and  all  points  East.
For complete Information,
raies, berth reservation, etc,
.���ail on or address,
!���-. 0. utii'T'iN'. Agent,
Rank of I'.n ree lliillding.
New Westminster, B, C
S. C. YERKES, A. G. IV A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia SI., Seattle,  Wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
British  Columbia Coast Ll
8ervice. e
(Subject  i��� change ���.,,������������.
VICTORIAS,  vi'l        | ]
Leaves Porl Towns,   ��� . . n ���
Leaves Vlelo,;;
Arrive Seattle 5
Leave Seattle
Arrive Porl  Ton end ijju
Arrive  VlCtoi
S, S.  l'l in. BBS , .
Leave  Vaneon .er   |   ,,   m
Leave   VI, Ion ,   |   ;,    ,,,
KDI  I I.. '
Leaves Viotorla, I ,,. ,���., Tue8,,
and Fridays, mi'
Leaves  New  \\
eatmlnster /am
Wednesdays and BatUTd ^
Calling at Maynear, n -tevanoo
ives Naiiaii.io nan
ii 130 p,a
. ei.
v' "   H'erj
'���'��� iv Welt.
General banking business transuded.
Branches in nil me principal cities
In Cannda, iu London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and Si. JOnn, Mid.,
an.l correspondents in all parts of the
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red  Rom. Heme,, meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday ,,f each month,
In K. of IV Hall. Columbia SI., nt
s p. m., wiiile Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday    In     each  month,  same
time and pine. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited, E. II. Stlnch-
combe, Pros., II. Disney, Secretary.
Judge at Banguet.
The first of the references was made
lo ,lud_c  Smiib   McPherson,  of  Iowa,
Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,    Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English,    Swiss,   American   and   all
Charges Reasonable.
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. ltith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
who was represented in an article in complicated watches cleaned, repaired
the New  York   World  of lh e 30th of made like new and adjusted.
.March  lasi   as  having  appeared   al a
banquet lo (lov. Cuinmings at Council j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bluffs in such a condition as "Not to t%vo Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery.
be able  to  stand   up   without  clinging
to the lable."
Mr. Carter defended Judge McPherson as a man of great learning and
and of probity of character. If in participating in the banquet he bad cn-
leied into ibe spiril of tlie occasion,
he hail merely shown himself as B
good f.llow. He critlzed the course
of the in an who had given out the occurrences of the banquet He had
never heard any one intimate that
Judge McPherson was guilty of au excess in tha use of intoxicants.
Mr. Dolliver and Mr. Perkins also
defended Judge McPherson, Mr. Parkins declaring that, having been at the nisheCl
same hotel with Judge McPherson for
four years, he knew him to be a teetotaler.
Mr. Dolliver said that the judge had,
never been charged with a want ot judicial fairness.
Mr. Tillman next referred to a pleasure trip to Tampico given by three
railroads to Federal Judges McPherson, Philips and Pollock. His account
was condensed from the Kansas City
papers and showed that ihe judges had
been provided with a special car and
were accompanied by tho general solicitors of the roads giving the excursion.
Mr. Tillman said thai Judge Philips
had been especially commended by the
president  in  conectlon wiih the I'm,
Mori use,   and  he  contrasted  the
president's curse in this case with his
course in crltlslng Judge Humphrey in
lie beef pack, rs' ease. He would have
judges ke.-p themselves above suspi
cion, like Caesar would have his wife
He would have Ihem in such a Jiosl
lion   ihat   they   would   not  subject to
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner. Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets iib.ifi.s/a.
Branches and correspondents ln
all the principal cities ot the world.
General  banking business transacted.
U opens an account.    Interest added
talf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
Jpen    Saturday   nignts   trom �� to 9
���Meets the Fourth Friday In tlio
month at S o'clock, In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block, Visiting
Pre,hren are cordially invited to attend.    .I.  B.   Rushtou, C.  R.;   F.  P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���Tbe retrain,' meetings of
this Lodge are hold on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at % p. in. In Ilie Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Hie,hren are cordialv invited to a,lend. K. 0. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
F.  B.  Lyle, Manager.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building-
a specialty. I	
Estimates   promptly fur- g   (   MOnUfliental WOfliS
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
THE   ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF   TEMPERANCE  meel    every  Wednesday
at s o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiiing
Brethren nr" cordially invited to attend. .1. S. Bryson, S. C; J. McD,
Campbell, Sec.
CAMP, 191._M.els on the Flrsl and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of P. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, ltec. Sec.
Importer nnd manufacturer of
Residence: I	
_4 WH St, Ne��� MM*. B.C. Uk M Granit(, m^^
in home decoration need not be expensive.       Quiet,   rich   colorings,    j
making  an  admirable background
for furniture and pictures,   can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets in lhe
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarte. ly meel Ings on the second
Wednesday of February. May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. B. While, Sec.
Railway Company
When travelling by ibis popular up-
to ! ite Rallwaj you   have no   worry
aii,,,,,   missing   train connections    or
changing    cms during ,1,.- night.  We
'a l.e vim over lhe i imt im nt on through
first-class    .sleeper   ami    magnificent
tourist   cars.   Transcontinental   tmin
leaves dally ut  3: lu p. m.
For further particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent.
N.-w Weetmlnsti r.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
THE TRAIN  i ,1    I  \ME
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
,nd LUXURY. It is lighted with Arrivo New Westminster 11.35 dallj,
both electricity nnd g.,-; the m i
brilliantly illuminated train u, the
world. lbe equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library  and  smoking cars.
For  Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
further  information  call  on  or  write
S.S. Joan 1
cop,   Saturday  and  Shi,],,.
Baturday B a a
Leaves Vancouver
Saturday and Sunday,
Saturday 2.80 p ���,.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria  11 p. m, i      j
and 80th of eaoh month : ."
and waj  points,
Leave VI, loi  .  :        'ich
for Quatslno and wn      . uts.
Leave VI, lo la I n moult
for Cape s..,' ��� and way polni       .\.
lng Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves     New
day. ^^^^^
Additional  trip leavi
minster ���". a. m. Sunda..
Leaves    Si. vi   ton     M      :  '.-.   T'l��
day,  Wednesda;. 'i I nd Sit
urday V a. m.    Pi  . m. Ad.
ditional iiIp Sa urdaj ���  ���
Steamer Beaver.
I., ave  New   Westnili   Br 8 a. 14
Mondays,   Wedne de, a i nd I
Leave i Ihllllwm i
Thursil.'i.v s   and   Sa'     ��� i.;.o ��� at
landing    I.el wee,,    N". vv    \T ',
and Ohilllwai k,
S.  S. Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al  2 p, m. !oj
and   16th  of  each  month calling tt
Skid,',;aie on Brsl trip and B
la on .second  trip.
Times   on   arrivals  and departtm
are approximate.
For  Tick.'is,  reservations and Is?
formation call nn or address:
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Asst, Gen. Pass Agent, Vancouver,
Gen. Agent, Freight Depl
New We.-iminster,
Agent,  New  Wesl
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 15.40 daily.
Still Doing Business at tne Uld Stand.
Merchant Tailor j
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
j Northern Pacific | Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
N. IV.
Ann-   the   relictions   ot   nay   "dirty
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, scotcn and Irish
tw Is and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock  now  In.    Make  your
Would Stop Judicial Tyrants.
nan d    , called al lent ion
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office, Eighth  Street,
��� Nurseries, Greenhouses
to a railroad case ai Sherman, Texas,
in which he declared Circull Judge
McCormlck had declined for six
I., allow an) unprejudiced judge to sit.
He snid that the matter bad been
brough attention  >.i   congress  bj
petition, mul declared that with such
a judge sluing in n given case com-
l laintan ��� would have to "whistle tor
relief.' He would stop judicial tyrants
iron, denying justice.
He   in xi   culled   atention     to
Northern Pacific railroad receivership,
In  which Judge .lames  S.  Jenkins, of
the Seventh  circuit, figured  in  lsn:',,
and   in   which   an   injunction   againsl      Headquarters
strikers    was    granted.    Commenting GROWN   Garden,
on these facts, Mr. Tllman said that Seeds.
Mr.  Jenkins    bad    recently    retired;   for  distribution;
"therefore,"  he added, "he can do no  for thtan  in  sealed  iack<;tfl.     If hs
more devilment like this." does not handle them we will  prepay
"I believe it has come to be consider- to   your   nearest   postoffice,   fifty   Bc
.,1  good  law    ,.,    issue    injunctions  packets, our  selection of good  varie-
againBl   strikers,"  snid   Mr.    Tillman, t:,'s. ff)r W-00 "' mtroduci   tl
nnd  added:   "If ii   is no,,  the senator      '-^'=    "tock    of    HOME    GROWN
from  Wisconsin  (Mr.   Spooner.i    will
The manner of this appeal to him
evidently angered Mr. Spooner. He
rose  nnd   replied   sharply,  saying:
"The senator from Sum a Carolina
I'.ir.i. ts what he is decent when bn
challenges me In thai munn. r."
���lave Judje l.-npe_ched,
Synopsis of Canadian " Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Rallwaj Bell in British Columbia, may be homssteaded by any person who Is the sole head of a family,
or any male over is years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
180 acres, more or less.
Entry  must,  be  made   personally  ai
the local land office for the district in
which the land Is slum'".
��� The homesteader is required to per-
and Seed Houses  fr'fm the conditions connected there-
VANCOUVER, B. c. with under one of the following plans.
(Ij  At  least  six  months    residence
for    PACIFIC    ("oast   upon   and  cultivation   oi  the  land   in
Field   and   Flower  each year for three years.
New crop now in stock ready      <2>  " the father (or mother, if the
ask your merchant  father is deceased) of the homesteader
idet   upon   a   farm   in   the   vicinity
of the land entered for the requirement!       '    '       '.,'.��� may be satisfied
by such  p        !.k v/ith thc  father or motl er
(-,  I: thi  settler has his permanent
rcsidenci    upoj   fanning   land   owned
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma- by bim  in ty  01 his hotne-
tured for the spring trade. itead.il    ss to ��  ���!":,<"
No expense, lo     i    d,       of rami- rr!r':'   ���?<   t  '     ed  by   n
the said land
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   Caliiornia.
l.v. New West. 8.30; ar. Seattle IIM,
Lv. Beattle 10; ar. New West, ii.il
Lv. New Wesl.  10.86 and IT. 5.
Ar .New West 8.35 and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster 8.30 a. ni.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 n.m.: nr. Seattle 4pa
Lv. N. W. 4.86 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10p.m.
Lv. Seattle 8.80 :,.,������; ar. N. W. IP*
Lv. Seattle 4.::u p.m., ar, N.W. >9
[     v., ��� & Y.-vANconm
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   lv. N. W. 8 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
     Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.in., and I P*
I.v. N. W. 9.20 ii.ni-; at- (iulel11"
2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon 2.40  p.m.;  ar.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New West. :..�� "in.. M* ���
and hourlv until 11 p.m., ��'�� ���
hourlv   bei ween   12,30  and  t-�� P*
Saturday half hourly n  to " P*
Sundav   hourly    8    a.m.  to U !'�����������
with half hourly bet. noon ami ' PJ*
Lv. Vancouver same lime througn
Fraser River and Gulf
Denver��� _,. 8 �����
From N. W. Mon. Wed. FTId.��"*
From Chwk. Tn., Tb., Sat
Ramona��� ���,
From N. W. TU, Th, Sat - ��*
From Chwk. Sim., Wed, m-'
Favorite��� _
From N. W. dally, ev. Sun, -
From Mt. Lehffl  i :l "'���
From N. W. dally, ex, Bun
Add. trip. Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,  via INiarrara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'! Passenger and Ticket
Agent, bi.". Adams St., Chicago, 111.
: :"��� P'��
between  him  and    Mr.    Spooner had
gation or Inspection,
Let me price  >out   lis,   before  plac
Ins your order.    Oreenhou e  Plants,
Floral     Work,     Ree   Supplies,   Fruit
ages, Fertilizers, etc    Catalogue
8010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
S:z montl     in srril ng si
be v iven to the 1 on ��� oner of Dominion Land 1' 'tt: .��� 1 oi inti nl on
to spply foi pat, ��� ���
Deputy Minister Of the Interior.
N.   li.���Unauthorized   publication   of
thlH advertisement, wlll not be paid
For full infnrmtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore A. G, P. A.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson I ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects al Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at     Meyers     Falls     with
'  ge  ''lily for  Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
Ll a ������ t Day Train Arrive
9.20 a.m   Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 p.m Rossland ....4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha  to
Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   thc   world   that   equal   111
equipment that of the  Chicago, Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own  and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence  of
(Fri. 8
,���, N. W. Sunday 7 a.ffl.
,,,, Victoria Baturday ��� ^
Mail Service
ClMe'      645P"��
Seattle, via Sumas L0.0Up.m.       .  ���,
sa,,',, & Millside., 0.   ... ���  S;U
Vancouver umwj��
Cloverdale, Blaine, ..3Op.n1.
Seattle, etc.. ������,8'����,%, 2p.��
Van. ft Cent. ���K.JM<>^
1.1"' I'1"-
service  not obtainable  elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer
higher, and wider than in similar cars vietori
on   any   other   line.      They   protect jjast Burnaby.. ���
their trains by the lllock System. Steveston, etc...
Connection   made   with   all   trans- East, via C.P.R.-
continental lines in Union Depots. Sap.. Mill, Coifni.
H. S, ROWF-. General Agent. Van. ft Burnaby.
134 Third St., c���r Alder, Portland, Or,
1,30 p.m
3.00 p.m.
5,00 p.m
8.80 p.m.
10.00 a-1
1.15 p."
6i(IO p*
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Seven   hundred   miles   of   magnificent
river  trip.    Empress  of  Britain  sails
from Montreal for Liverpool May l'.itb.
For other dates and rates apply to
U. P. K. Agent.
New Westminster.
The White Pass
and Yukon to*
155 "S�� dl
Sunday)    carrying 	
express and freight e H���r t
sl.'gcs at Carcross a I n(cr ^
maintaining a thrn.W
For information n| 1 M,���|gefl
j   H. ROGERS, rrswc
J' Macklnnon B"W   c,
Vancouver, �� r-RDAY, MAY 5.  1006.
G IIWW ������l-W-_ggWl-tl��-4--b--WvWirldff'J
J5uy a
Fisii) iiiiiiiii'hi 	
B. C. Brand
Old Sport
Known throughout the
Province  and particularly in demand in Vancouver.   A cigar that is
recognized as containing   genuine   Havana
The brands manufactured  by  this  factory
are  the   standard   of
excellence in clear Havana filled Cigars.
By Insisting on These Brands
You Are Supporting
Home : Industry
This brand of cigar is.
known to the smoker as
having that cool pleasant taste so en joy ble to
every lover of a good
cigar.    Smoke one!
In three sizes.    An exquisite and ideal smoke
equal to the best imported.     The choice of
the elite smoker.    Try
:���_:.�� ���?���%?��� r.::^y:?:9a
fJ,    .<
^'���iSaawfiSBEaci 1
5, 19Cj.
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
I Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. ��
Unsatisfactory   Communication     With
Chilliwack Works to Disadvantage
of Royal City.
Fraser     River   Lumber     Company   Is   Deputation   Asks   Support  for   Provin-
Cutting  125.000  Shingles
Hour   Day.
��� We have been appointed agents for tht- Union  Assurance Society  [���]
��� of London, England, which has been carrying on fire insurance business A
fl since 1714 A. D., and which has a capital and accumulated funds of >I<
�� $20;000,000. $
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record:
force $60,41K>.   Trem. $22,954.60
Premiums $ G2.605.96
B   Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in fore
������< "       1900 Assurance in force $1,792,500.
>I< "        1901 " " S.RR-.fln-
92,1129.30 >}
126.695.21 W
1511,644.68 A
166,384.20 >J
Real   Estate   Brokers j��|
and Contractors y
It would be impossible to tell in
less than several columns of the many
advantages possessed by Chilliwack,
of its business houses and public institutions, lt has churches, sel,""Is.
stores of all kinds, doctors, a lawyer
and beautiful scenery all about it, but,
unfortunately, it has poor transport-
atii.n factlities. l.ike its sister town,
Ladner. it has a slow river service���
so slow that it take- ii person two
full days t.. make the round trip between Chilliwack ami New Westminster. New Westminster business men
should   try   to   get   better   passenger
The   Fraser   River   Lumber   Company's new mill i- now in operation
186  Columbia  Street, NEW  WESTMINSTER,  B.  C.
Snaps In
cial  University���Racy  Reports
Are Submitted.
The Presbyterian Synod resumed
Its ii,..���rs In Bt Andrew's church,
Vancouver, yesterday morning, the
moderator, Rev. D. Campbell in the
Overtures were presented from the
Presbyteries of Edmonton, Red Deer,
Calgary, Kootenay and Victoria, advocating the division of the synod on
provincial lines. All the commissioners  to the general assembly   which
meets  in   London. Ont,  In  June,  wer,'
apolnted to support the overture on
the floor of assembly.
Ki.,,,- oilier Presbyteries   overtured
the syiniil I��� lake steps looking to pr!-
*��" mill -.5 twostorevs high, 84 fee, long >"��"""���>��� theological training of cand,
passengers mean more business for and u feetwide, with sn annex used dates for the ministry, in the synod,
the merchants, and as it now is some a- an engine room, i-xao. The boi- This is an Important suggeston and
prefer driving or bicycling to boating!*" "d. furnace ' -     ti .
on the Fraser with the present ser-,by   w [ee( )nn>,   a|M  ,lKi. llu. mam
building  is  covered   with  corrugated
iron roofing;
Thc drying kiln i- So feet long and
20 feet wide, and the immense storeroom which is located about too feet
east  of the dry  kiln  i- cap;.Iile of  ac-
and when all the machinery is in full
swing l-S.OOO shingles per day. will
be turned out.    The most up-to-date
machinery   has   been     in-tailed,     and
about twenty ni.,, will be constantly
The Fraser River Lumber Company's premises, better known in days
gone by as Tait's Mill, occupy a site
on the banks ol the North Arm of
the Fraser River and not iar below
the Small and Buklin Mills,
The new buildings are considerably
larger than the old ones and the main
e  mill is two .storeys high. 84 feet long
High Class
Arrives     With   Cargo   of   Shells
Reports  Mishap  in  a
vice. Of course, one may go by
train, getting off at Harris..,, River
and taking the Minto to Chilliwack
Lauding. This Minto is a wonderful
construction in which to send His
Majesty's mail
and hurricane
fall "IT and the whole boat can be
rocked   by   one     person.      It     takes
one mam building and 1- 20 feet wide   ,��� ,he question of educationul facilities
by  30 feet  long,  and  like  tl,
is the one clear, undisputablc and   peculiar
business, and when it comes to Millinery   we
store anywhere round here  has  a   hetter   showing,    We've '
had encouragement enough already this season to   know  that
we're on the   right    side   of   every   comparison,   and
bending ourselves to excel at every point.
If hats and trimmings could he magnificent, ours ai
nificent.     Come and see what we call  "style."
we rc
! ;��������������������������������������������������������������������������� *************** *.....ut^;
The   upper     deck   commodating       io,000,000       shingles.
leek   seem   ready   to   There is also a well equipped black
smith shop and 1
In   the   boiler
ttage office ,������ tl,
and   furnace   ro
in llrltlsh Columbia.
This Idea was supplemented by thc
visit ���f the deputation, consisting of
Judge   Henderson, Mr. (i. 11.   Cowan,  ��������� '
Dr, Pearson and Mr. F. C. Wad... which lost if the home is successfully assail-
asked  for  the  support   and  Influence , ,i. as pas,  history asserts.   '
of the synod for the establishment of Mr. Miller concluded a >,���.s> Interest.
s provincial university.   All the mem- lug and eloquent  report by  pleading
bers of the deputation addressed the for    a  healthy  bome  llfe,    the  very
m  court,    and their suggestion received heart of the healthy church and coun-
1,0m  30 minutes  and  upwards  from   there is a boiler 66 feet in diameter   manifest  supporl   from  the  synod.   A
ion  to the  Landing, | and  16 feet long which  supplies the   Btrong   committee was    appointed  to
85 acres of good
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop,   20  in pasture.
and out-
Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice   and   store.
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This is a No. 1 buy,
and will only be on the
market for a short
Capt. E, i i McElhiney, the shell gatherer arrived in the city on Wednes
day with a full cargo of shell chicken
Feed. The old captain has had quite
a stormy time since he was last in the
Royal City and his -man little scho
I .ner. the Lucy Jane, has had t" go into
[dry dock to be repaired as a result of  fas, and __��� _, bu| ., ,-,..,. places could
power for the engine room and sends
the live -team whirling through the
8,ooo  feel  of  piping  with  which  the
- in  favor of   dry'"8  k,!"  ":"  heated.
I lie   turna :e, I '"tel,   oven,
which  5ti| plies  i cat is fed  aut,
matically  w ith and    chips
season a river trip on a w ""m the mlU b>' onc of tl,e Victoria
cd passenger boat  that
for which 50c is charged, and then
one is held up for another ;oc from
iiu   Landing into town
11. iwever,
the railway, as it saves bver half-a-
day's time.
ii   seems  that  during  the    tourist
uld travel   Machinery      Coi
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chicken houses and
Price $1,800
Easy Terms.
40 acres of good
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school and
three quarters of a
mile to river.
Price $1,500
Half   cash,    balance
easy terms.
Agents for the  Guardian   Fire
Assurance  Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
278 Columbia   Street.
the storms  which  it  recently had t
' weather,
After leaving this port, the captain
headed for his old stamping ground
among the islands of the Gulf of Georgia.
(in his way to Ladysmlth, after
loading up with -hells, the Lucy Jane
Lran into some very dirty weather. The
wind blew a hurricane and the sea was
fchoppy and covered with foam, and
.from Porteous Pass the Captain was
compelled to run into Allison harbor.
There he camped for three day-, until
the wind wenl down sufficiently to allow him to proceed on his journey
After ihe squall, the captain visited
Ladysmith and eventually started with
a full load for his home at Steveston
and covered the distance in four hours,
There was still a pretty heavy swell
mi and a -mi" breeze.
About two miles beyond the Sand-
heads Lightship the captain spotted a
couple of skiffs floating at the mercy
",' the wind and wave. He could ,,"1
gel close enough to see whether they
contained any,king along thc line of
gear i r supplies as the wind was increasing in violence and he was particularly  anxious to reach port.
There was a small schooner nol
Jar ahead of the Lucy Jane in the same
fix, and the old captain, wl,.. is a
! thorough sport, in spite of being in
the sixties, undertook to overhaul it.
A sudden squall came very near being
one I"" many for the Lucy Jane, lt
parted the weather lining in the
shrouds, and some of the seams were
started so that the old boat began to
take in water very fast. The captain
had to -lart bailing and lo slay with
it until he reached Steveston, where
he laid up for repairs, He brought in
a considerable cargo of liis shell hen
ti nn- which he
Brackman Ker Co. t" be disposed of.
Yesterday afternoon the Lucy June
had another mishap and Capt. McElhiney came nearly losing his craft.
The captain had. evidently gone off
somewhere in a hurry and left his
boat carelesslj tied and when the
'.' ives from the steamer Kan,, a,a
reached ii they -hook it up consider-
bli    md  caused the knot to become
tinned.    The skiff was dancing mer-
over  the wave- in  the direction
i St, , i -ion when two fishermen spied
Sawd   -1   Fee I i
d i" tin
I -'
of   the   main
in a stimulating and entertaining
em,side,' ,1,,' question and report at a speech Mr. Scotl told "I hi-' experience
subsequent sederunt, of new Bettlers, comparing the old with
,!,.��� ,,.�������� American wiih their ' prali le
Bchooners" on which was printed "I'M
monton or Bust," returning . fterwards
with th.- huge word "Busted" on their
i aravans. 'l'l,is is the destrucUve feature of the ne% Immigration in  Vlber-
Afternoon   Session.
Ur. Kennedy, of Knox . ollege,
be-made    quite    popular.     Tourists tne engine r
could  visit the  hop  fields, lhe  Indian eas<   ?lde   '"   the   r,
Institute, climb the Cheam and other contains  a   16x20   Leonard   Quangze
,.,ak-.  see   Elk   Falls,  the   source  of Engine, develop
Chilliwack's water supply or go fish- ,   On  the  ground   I
ing.    The roads are of the very best building  .-  an  immense  shaft  winch
for  wheeling,  being   level   and  hard. 'l">- llu'  en.t!re  K":-'"  '"  ,lu' ln,,,U1'
Then ii the government grants the '"-     rh,s ls fitted w,tn larSe HK'-V
required  aid  to  build  a  trail  to  the b'��cks winch ope. ite the cutting ma-
Mt. Baker mine-, there will be a re- chines upstairs  and are  propelled by
vival   of  the   trade   winch   was   lost a��aln Pulley. connected with the en-
when   the   trail   became   blocked   by 8me
fallen  timber  and  -ther  obstructions. ""  ,lu' "PP��  '
Toronto, was Introduced to ibe synod
by Mr, McGlllvray, ol St, John's
church, and was received with du.'
honor. The professor thanked, the
.-ynod for ih.- honor done him iii Invii
lng him to ink., pan in the summei
school and naively remarked that he
expected to gel more good than be
The   plae.   and  date   of  nexl   synod
occasioned considerable discussion, as
ta, the American element, Spl, udld
types ar.- now coining in with Bptsltual
energy, who.-., pr, s, uce Is a real
Btrength to the church, pi,ning ,,,
shame many thai come trom Presbyterian Scotland.
One Scotch settler informed the missionary  that  li.- was compelled to go
it  i.s probable thai the Bynod will be ,0 clmrch when young.  now he dld
sl*e.* '"-"
latest  Schaake J i    patent shin
gle cutting machine-, in full -wing
capable of cutting ,25,000 shingle!
per day, also an automatic cut-off ma
chine which saws the heavy logs int,
the regulation shii -'.- lengths.
In a separate room are the newest   Indians
.   model  Covell  Grinding machines, for   |)(.upj���il
grinding   the   different   sized   circular
Port  Hammond  Man Tells of Trouble
in   Getting   to   City.
"The road i- ni ,t fil to travel o\ er "
rrfbnd who came in this morning over
the road between New Westminster
and Coquitlam, The culverts, Mr.
McDermol stated were broken, and
bridge- so rotten that they were danger",,- to life and limb. This morning he had to stop three times while
bridges crossing small streams were
patched up with cedar sticks or Iir
poles in order that he might continue
his journey to the city. Mr. McDer-
mot stated that he didn't care about
his own safety as he did not consider himself of much consequence in
tl . world, but he was afraid that some
respectable fellow might happen along
and break his neck and then there ,;
would be damage- t" pay.
to le
For j
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance
Agents.       Tel. 106.
& Real Estate
Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A. L WHITE, 260 Columbia S*
Telephone 60.
Holidays For Clerks.
During the months of May. June
July an.l August, commencing on
.May 12. the retail hardware merchants of New Westminster will close
as as usual left with their establishments at j o'clock ..���
Saturday afternoons, and open again
al seven ,,, the morning. This move
has been made at the request of the
hardware clerks, and the merchants
believe that their men will take a
grcaler interest in their business if
they see that their interests are considered. S"���ie year- ago this practice was in vogue, but was dropped.
Of late year-, several of the merchants have been in the habit , I
1, wing their clerks to have Saturday
afternoon off on alternate weeks, bul
I pul  .en  after it.    They soon >< is lV!l ,h:" M ls bettei  ' "' ,li''
id the runaway  in  tow  and brought stores   f"r   :
l.aek  to  the  grateful  captain  who every
.1 .ai the -.ine. ���._���
Surrey   Farmer   Plows   up   a   Relic   of
Indian  Medicine Days.
A curious find was made on Thurs
daj by J. A. Murphy, dairyman, of
��� ��� j While engaged in plowing
"ii In- farm across the river. Mr
Murphy unearthed a petrified stone,
ii'iii inch, - long and four inches wide.
The stone is in appearance shaped
like a druggist's pestle, and is very
highly  polished, shining like glass.
While the exact origin of the sh,nc
will probably never be known, it is
-urn,,-ed that it once formed par! of
the stock in trade of a famous medicine man or ancient chief of lhe Indians, as they were known to use a
���",m what similar stone for the purpose of pounding the roots with which
th, .  effected the cure of diseases.
Mr. Murphy i- confident that he
ha- found a very rare curi... and has
declined to par, with ihe stone on
any consideration, lie -ays it i- going to remain in hi- possession as long
.-,. I,,  lives
Goes East On Visit.
W. I'nnimell. win. has been a resident of this district for a number ol
years, left yesterday on an extended
visit to friend- in the East. Mr.
Pummel] slill has a considerable
anion,,, nf real estate iu this district
ami I,"pes to return here nexl spring.
Fruit Man on Road.
The Westminster Fruit racking
Company has already placed a man
ou the mail, w ho i- visinug the fruit
raising districts of the province and
buying up orchard crop- in anticipation of the forthcomin, fruii preserving  ��� . a-, n.
-aw- used in the mill. The Schaake
Machine Works, Company, in-tailed
the machinery.
'lhe -awing and filing department
ii 1". iked after by Aleck Inn.,-, wh"
ha- had g 1 a many year- experience in the business.
Two conveyors carry away the
sawdust and debris frnm the mill, one
runs int.. the furnace room and the
other t" the refuse burner at the water's edge,
In ihe drying kiln 7. cars of shingles
can be dried :,'. once, and for safety
a steam pip.  I is been laid on -.. that
.a f fire -lie dry-kiln can be t',i-
led with  steam
The President of the Company is
James Sharpc and the Secretary J.'
Ross Sharpc. The Business Manager has n.it yet been appointed by
the Company. About 20 men are
employed  all  the  year  round.
The Company has a camp in "peril,ion a, th.; head nf Pitt Lake from
which they receive a large quantity
of -1,ingle bolts. They have also re
cenlly received a good size boom id
1...],-   frnm   Whonnock.
The uld mill was considerably smaller than ,li.' new structure, and i"
fcrior in equipment. It was burned
down "ii i Ictober 24th, of last year.
after having been in "per;,,,",, about
'. years.
divided inn, iw��� I,.for., iu nexl meeting, Knox church, Calgary, and Sl.
Andrew's, New Westminster, ar.- the
claimants for the honors of uexl year,
with the understanding thai Hie former have prefer..,,,'., in the even, ol' lhe
synod remaining as ai present. The
method of conducting tl,.' work among
on Vancouver Island next
the attention of Hi.- synod,
and it was agreed thai the general assembly's method for Indian work in
Manitoba i.e requested for B. c. also.
The work among Chinese in the
synod called forth a spirit discussion
no!  mean ,,, go;  bill come in, !,.��� sald,|
and  have  11  drink  of  something.
Iir. Fraser told his expel i. lie. in
Maine, where iln- home was pure and
true and saw tin result in the I,,,inland social Hi'.. I,, Minnesota and California ihe homes were of ano,her sort
and ih.- type oi character was for the
worse, The Influx of BetUers inn.
American of Canadians and old country 111.11 who lefl their religion at hum.
bad an evil effect, a- i.- deplored in
many   cases   today.
The home and the Sabbath are the
nne sir,,,,cl,old and these are where
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
This  is  the season  to hav..
your doors and windows prelected fnnii flies.   Ou
is complete and well ,.
in which ,1," idea of enlarging instead ,,���, Bupreme emphasis is 10 i���  laid.
,.r eurtaling it  received  vigorous sup. Thi.  n.|l(ir   0_   V()1Mll.   ,.,,,,,,,,.���  So
P��rt' cleUes   was   pr,    n              Rev.  .1.  S.
The committee on standing commit- Henderson
i.es sui.mined lis report, which with A  |J0pefu]   ���,���,.   rang  through  the
some alterations was adopted as fob s,.,,,.������.,��� of ,ll(, convener; II 1.- easy
Conveners of Committees.
Home   Mission    Dr.   G,   McQueen
Augmentation���Dr.  .1.  c.
Foreign  Missions���Dr,  .1.
Mr.  .1.  S.   Henderson.
Joint  Conveners.
Statistics and  Financ.���Mr.
Sabbath Bel is -Mr. .1. A
,0   eel      s.iei.:i"s     for   athletics   and
amusements; why n���> for literary and
religious objects?
Tin-re Is a gain of live BOCi, ties for
the year between 40 and 50 with 1 243
members; -IT* male, and .'.,'.,, female.
Tnere Is a large number of young
men Interested in religious life. The;
1. Knox |ncrease is equally divided between
\oa,,a ���>������,, ami women, 119 as against
Logan.   |a,    Tlll. gnances are   satisfactory
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block
New Westminster,
Church Life and Work Mr. ,1. M.
Young Peoples' Societies���Mr. .1. 1).
$1,289   lor   ,1,"   year.
Faithfulness in teaching Chln.s.  and
Sunday school work Is r, ported.
Recommended as follows: Thai new
Church Property- Mr. 11. McRae.       societies be formed, that minlstei   and
Manitoba College���Mr. H. .1. Robert-  Begslons organize work among hoys;
Beneflcenc,    Mr,   A.  .1.
an   annual   discussion   of  young
,'s work take place in Presbyter-
Evening   Session.
Mr.  Henderson spoke in regard to
Tl,.. reporl  on church llfe and  work   athletic     sports  and   Btated     that   no-
was submitted in a clever and racy reporl.    Tin-   many-sided   questions  .ad-
where had  1,,' found  such  clean sporl
11:1 In  Iho  West.    Tl," need of supply-
Employee of  Schaake  Machine Works
Completes an Improved Gasoline
for onc year of an individual
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Is Only $2.5(1.
Long Vauit,
Long Boxes,
Long Hours.
T. .1. Trapp, President; T. S. An-
iiiindale, Vice. President; F. ,1. Hart,
Manager; Edward Chapman, Sec-
Treas.; L. A. Lewis, W. ,1. Mathers,
II, Kyall.
Vault at Offlce of
A young man, named John Cowie,
"i ihe Shaako Machine works has
completed an improved gasoline en
gine for which a patent has been ap.
plied and "I which thc Schaake Machine works will have, the exclusive
rights to manufacture, The new invention works on a somewhat different principle to the old style en
gine and will be capable oi develop
ing twice the power wit',, thc same
sized cylinder. Air. Cowic Is also
working on a 35 Inirsc-povver gasoline
engine, which will be especially designed for small lug boats of the marine type The new engine will be
called the Cowie Engine.
Mr. Cowie is only a young man, but
he has already made for himself such
a rep,,,alio,, that since he has become
connected will, the Schaake Machine
Works, use,. ,if gasoline engine- are
sending their machines from all parts
of ibe province i" this city t.i be re
The young inventor is a Nanaimo.
boy and was for some years connected
wilh the lla-.la���, Mill. In order lo
further his knowledge f gasoline
motor power, Mr. Cowie fitted up for
himself a  little  workshop in  which
he -pel,I  all hi- soarc lime.
Mr, Schaake tried to secure his -civics some lime ago, bul uiilil lbe
11 .islam company wenl bankrupt, be
could ���.., be persuaded lo leave Nanaimo. Mr. Cowie draws lhe highest
wage- obtainable by experts in his
own line, and in addition to that will
soon bc deriving; a neat little compe
tenry hy royalties on his own inventions,
dressed   ,0   ihe   I 'I'esh.V I el'ieS  gave  scope lng   S,��,���e,hing   for   the   hoys   ll!   do   was
10 some sharp criticisms and wltticls- pressed earnestly on  the synod. The
bus.    Speaking of tobacco ,���������  reply wealth thai  lies in our boys was ,���].,-
characterized Hi" users of the weed as quently depleted.
"perambulating    smoke-stacks."    The Mr.   II. .1. Robertson, of Chllllwack,
question    of   "cruel and    degenerate stated the problem was not th t the
sport"  called   forth   In   the  reporl   a lin>'s attending church bul those out-
stinging characterization and compart- M& T1"' ��P,r1' "f Him who loved ihe
.011     will,   Hie   arena     of   Rome   and young   man   musi   be   the  motive  and
Greece.   Som.   ol the sessions reporl main-spring action.
for Sweets
IcelCream and G. B.  Chocoirt*
a Specially-
Complete line of Candies, Fruit*
?ieyiuar saa ��TpSg
ade by Meyer & ^n "f M .
growing attendance on church ordinances    and  ,nop.    reverence foi-  the
Lord's   Day;    lui,    Ihis   answer   Is   far
from unanimous, Some places se.,,,  in
The synod adjourned al  11, p. in.
Will   Use   Electricty.
Brackman-Ker company's
50 Cents a Botlle
R. C. Purely,
Sole Agent. Columbia St'"'
Transfer Co.
Electric Railway Service
rise In spiritual and moral tone; while meal mill al this place will hereafter
oil,,'rs sink In spiritual dignity and I"' run by eleelricty instead of sleajn.
weight. The duly of parents forcing A number of workmen are now busily
on the attention of their children the engaged l��� wiring (he building ami a
claims of Christ for Christian life and forty horse power motet is 1,, he In-
service remain lo 11 large ex,enl un- Stalled. The engine which has hither-
touched. Only one session reports lo heen used will be sent to the com-,
lha, one young man Ik looking Inwards pany's new mill al Calgary.
the ministry; 1,1,1 Intimation ihat two
more hoys have stated this liilenint,
has eon,,' ,0 il,,- notice of iln- Convener,
The  materialism   and  haste   lo  gel
rloh ure maintained as the causes for
moral and spiritual d. cay. Whal is
to he done? Scriptures must be read
and family prayers renewed. This ancient method, like Goliath's sword;
"there is none oil,or like this." Recital
ol faith and conscience and a deeper
sense   of   lhe   baptismal   vow   are   regarded as the need of today.
The home Is being assailed by many
forces tha, lend lo disintegration.
There Is an undertone of alarm ln
these reports. Parents are requested
in appreciate their vows al tho bap*
tlsm of their children.
Everything In  church  nnd  slate is
0<fice_Tram Depot
Columoi.1 bt.
naggnKe delivered   '
part of the city.
Light and Heavy
Offlco 'Phono 188
I'tione 1
Interurban   Line.
Cars    for  Vancouver and    way
stations win ,������ every half-
hour from 5:50 a. 1,1. lo Li p.
n>. excepting nl 7:110 and 8:30
:i. 111. Hull' hourly cars will
run   from   Ceni nil     Park     lo
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service rrom
(I.IIH a. in. lo II. p. in.
20 Minute Service���.mo transfer.
Hot ween 12 and _ and I, and 7.
30   Minute   Service   ""J^/at
malnder ol day.
Leopold Place.
Sunday  Service ^>   a,
tween 8 a. >���. and l��
City and SaPP
Sapperton Line
vie,.,   excel'1
2, and & and 1
hours    tlio    si
Sunday Service
tween 8 a. m.
M|n,|,P :nd
1, 1-
and 11 >'���
ii British Columbia Electric Ry- C^Jt


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