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The Daily News Nov 9, 1906

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IMI) \ Y  MORNING,  \n\ EMBER !��. 1906.
Wish home rule
jubiin Paper Asserts That   the   Essential   Points   of   tht
Measure Are Settled and Have Been Submitted
to   Irish   Leaders.
Laurentine   Mine,    at   Wabigoon.   Ont..   Said to   be   the
Richest Ever, Having Immense Body of Ore
Going to $25,000 a  Ton.
. .-���   Evi ning   i li i
.   ,-   ;��� li.,;..,    .; fi
���   al a recent
��� a ;��� rs,   Sii    \t.
.    a:i !���
\ ei li en, lord   t
read the draft ol
..a don of the gov-
��� and,    Thi   drafl   pro-
.   . imenl  i : a ci n-
ational depai tmen
. tit   a  agi iculture, and
��� ,   ���   ���    ���    ���      and.    It ci eates
.���.iiii et ween two-
. ,.-.        ��� ��� fourths of its mem-
, .  a       n   the ��� xisting   parlla
��� , and thi   remainder
��� anchise  or  nomin-
, .   nen of i.n denomination!:
membership   in  the
retain her pn -
.: . . a in parliament. The
��� ��� :  t        .     ;;���   -.
a ���
��� ��� .
And Freely Criticise the Present City
Administration, Particularly Respecting School Affairs.
Reservoir  Free   From   D rt.
i'i...       thf expi
eign sa    tai       ivhi     emptied
S'i ..      hi   Intaki
small    . -     -��� ;;;... nt ha I gat hi
no dou ..       thro igh  thi
tildin- ��� . thi dam al Co
quitlai ... was i:i i rogress, and on
' he �� alls I lien was also a slighi coa
it.- r: mossj mattei Tbe li we ��� ;. I
��� i ���!!��� ��� i was entin Ij frei
from sedlmenl of any kind, the bol
toin showing out cleai and clean when
the watei was drained off, A large
n tm ������   of 'rout  were  ;emoved  from
���   '   .oir anil   placed   In   a   tail
for a few daj-s while the cleaning is
going on.
les tre  Daily  News Some   Interest-
ng  Items  About   Northern
Mining Camp.
I, ; Is, a  tu; mei   reside nl
has been practicing
to .. :��� I thi past six or . < vi n
arrived bere yesterday on a
home Mr. and Mrs.
; a .' livi le the winter months
leen thi asi cities and the east.
| ted that tlie past season
.; -   .- iccessful one in the
..;.    that t   great   change was
������ ' ������     lhe mining  interests of
ol the province,    Where
fen   ears    go the country was
indi pendem   mining
..��� re being operated on
���.I- whole  district, ao
ling to ;. seni  outlook would
} opi rated bj about five
.-,' ndicates  In  the
t ' .- . .
ihe facl  that  the ther-
nally runs down very
1 Creek   Power   Co,   was
;- Ini    ��� ���, :   witli   the work   of
Mr. Woods left, iin.! ex-
��� '������ the work on hand
���   pre! ent month.
A: ;  olidated Mining Co.,
Hn 'i iggenheims were inter-
" i the operations of
ti 'in shovels for the
:- - ago.   The system
operation  aboul    last
iad a  mosl successful
��� ��� ������     laims wi re now
��� xi ell. ni  results,
��� lovel was soon to
ti to facilitate   the
iteted gold,
��� ntin i   depend-
���  Conrad mini's
Hilar,  line lies
iid VVinton, and the
odds   was   on
le of thi  iin"    Capi-
1 i a -,���!.���  towards
* ne !   an i also to
i   Ann.   where
"   prospects   for
llfflcultj   nt   the
question   of
hi i done good
son, ..nil had buill a trail from Caribou to Conrad, so that the two places
are now connecte 1 ' ��� both roa I an 1
watei As soon as L'ncle Sain woke
up to the needs of his own territory
and started upon the work of road
TFuiJdlng in liis usual thorough manner, the Canadians would benefit by
it In no small ni>.asmi'. Mr. Woods
predicted a greal future for the Atlln
district and also for the New Westminster district, lie remembered the
���lays In this citj when people jusl let
their land holdings go because they
diil not consider them worth the
taxes, inn! Knew manj who would be
wealthy men to-day if they bad their
old holdings back again.
The   Scotch   Concert.
Miss Jessie Maciachlan, the Scottish
songstress,  who sings  in   Now   Wes
minster  on  the   lath   of   November
when nt  Balmoral was commanded to
sing   before  Queen Victoria, who  ex
pressed her royal appreciation by pn
senting to her a s tperb bracelet,   For
nearly   two  and n   half  centuries no
Highlander had  been   summoned   by
the throne, the latesl one being a Mac
Crimmon  piper who in  1651 had the
honor of performing before the King
iuu! kisse I liis han.I.
Miss Maclachlan's voice is a rich,
full soprano, vibranl with feeling and
dramatic power, it is nol the mere
singing, the mere succession of pure
liquid tioies, thai rouses her audiences; it is the magnetic force of her
personality, her absorption of the
spirit of the song that carrli s I he
words from the hear! of somi' Scotch
poet of centuries ago to find (hi Ir
echoing note In the hearts of his twentieth century fellow-countrymen.
I ami
ich ns possible
��� li
iast  se i-
Nut   and   Bolt   Strikers   Win.
Scranton, Pa . Nov 8 The strike
nt the nut iuu! boll works, which began last June, was ended to daj. the
companj granting the deman li foi i
1l'il. per ' enl Increase rn wagi - 'i he
. ��� ��� emeni ol the bIrlke wm, it I
lleve I, ; esull in similar concei ��� I in
to tlii' men In all en-tern nui an t i l
mills  whi re  the  men   have   been   on
The Cotton Crop.
Washington,   D.C.,   Nov.  8.        Thi
amounl of cotton of the crop of i1''';
ginned  up to Nov.  I. according to a
bulletin Issued bj the census bu
to-day,   was  6,892,597   bales,  counl n
round bales us half bale . a   agalm :
fi, 157,595 last i ear,
wernment Says
"Go As You Please"
��� I se of Ionia Instruction only, nnd   were   deleted,
th lucation While Unionisi peers are eager foi a
,. .,  :.   origlna| battle at   each   sitting,   tl"' Liberate
1,1 n.. IS     It       H ""W    "'*'1''    ''"    ""'   "l'i"'*-'1'""   'l'li'''1'1"
made  , ' "'  " ments  with almi st cat       -   Indiffer-
lealln8  wlth ence.   They are apparentlj dominated
titles to the i,;, the Idea that aftei 30 manj dra tic
���: '������ - ,; and changes, ther,- Ie no  1 ������ In conte    ng
��� 1 am. 1 -  ,;
fc' -   '" new vol-   furthei alterations, and are letting tie
allowance of opposition go as it please .   There la
" ' :   ���   ilar' a    , ��� ...,, . ,_-L.,. ition  il 1 compromise.
.       a
cussed    at   lait
meet! 1 Cunnii hail
���   ������       '   * :���'   ���   11  nl     al        . ���   , ,,
affaii -   was alnn ������    manim >uslj   1 on
��� 11 ui I, an I  somi
y the citj      . .,    ,
ims' few   monl lis were ad vi
': " I In .. verj opi.   m mi ���       Plan
:   the  Improvi men    of   the  cit.   In
tin    ' iture were  disi nssed,  an 1  suggestions  galore  wi re madi   bj  every
��� 1  ei   vi ho   1 . ��� ue i  his   ;a   ith   on
ci. ic  ' "lilies
When the hall had . at tlj ti.:.. I with
waiting men. the mei ilng  was called
' di .   bj  Ihe Rev. .1. S   Hendi rson,
after which .1. M. Kennj was 1 lected
to the chair. The firsl speaker of the
evening was \ Hardman, who briefly
stated tin object of the meeting. He
said that ihey had no cut ano* dried
programme to bring before them, but
that everyone wns free to come forward and express his opinion on topics of interesl in connection with municipal affairs. He thought that public matters Bhould be taken into consideration nt a meeting of this kind
��� evlous to the elections, so that the
elector could be well posted when the
��� li' tion came around.   Personallj. he
ghl the time had arrived when -i
change in  tlie city council  wns deslr-
ai; I lie WOUld  like to see a ticket
ip al the meeting, nominating
. . 1.1'es for the Beveral offices,
Mr.   McNab expressed   his dissatlo-
loii    with   the   administration   of
ic  affairs, nnd   believed  thai  the
time wns now rlpi   for n change.   He
...    al some length with the Coquitlam  lake deal  nnd   with   the educational   question     In   connection   with
the   schools,   he expressed   his opinion
that ihe schools should be In all parts
of the city, nnd he thought that tlio
population warranted it al the present
J. A Lee, the nexl speaker, expressed himself strongly in connection
with the administration of public affairs, saying Ihat he wns far from
satisfied with the way things hnd heen
1 unnlng lately, nnd Ihat he firmly be
lieved the cltj would 1 e the better
for a ' Pan::, in the administration,
He di I not believe lhal Ihere wns nny
radical change needed for the purpose
of Improving civic matters; II would
be Biifflcienl If the bj daws nl present,
in existence were properlj enforced.
He was awure Hint sum., of the
clauses were ho ambiguous lhal it wns
hard to secure convictions for Infrac
lions, bul th''-.'- could easily be
amended, In his opinion, there were
, n. ugh rlghl thinking residents In
New Westminster ' Bei Ihat law and
1 : ler Bhould alwaj ������ pre
Another suggestion I ' irward
Mi   Lee ws   thai In fill ire nil di al
with eoi porationa In whli h the 1 llj of
., ;   Interested 1 hould
be bui initio I 'ii the public before bi
-,    ratified    11 this hnd been 'Uni- in |
the   ; . '.   it   would  have   lom   nwny
with a 1"! ol hard feeling bi twei n pen
,;,  and those at present In nuthorlli.
, ., , co ml of certain ileal   '.'.hich hnd
een <   ndm te 1 privately.   Tl  sen
Mments appealed to Ihe audience, nnd
Mr.   Lee's  concluding  remarks   were
I      cheered.
.1. w Creighton wns the nexl Bpi ak
��� ���..,..,. hla bow before the public,
;',. .a eed in the m iln with Mr, Lee's
reni ��������� . thai things hnd not heen going on in the way thej hnd a rlghl to
.....     g ,.   school  trustee,  he
more   particularly    with    lha
Ion than with the others,
I  that   when   they  went
.,     ...   council nnd  informed  them of
theii   grievance   on   account of   the
accommodation al their disport   they  could not  get  any snlisfu .
tion,    The   members   of the   eouneil
,.,..,. very courteous, but thnt wiib all. J
The mayor appeared to be "it." and
i,,. nid,.,men merely assented to everything he said.   Mr. Creighton characterized  the schools as a disgrace
to any community, saying   that they
wen . le 1, and
ought hat
f then      I       citj  had
mom ��� did new schooli
should    ; e     ih.ne.     Children     a. i      lhl
most .alua h asset a cltj cou I bai
an 1 thi greatesl amount ol nn in i
should . ,��� s; enl on their e lucation.
i.n3l siimmi ; thej were ;efused the
monej tlu j badlj needed on account
ome legal quibble A lol ol talk
wns he,nd aboul the city's good financial standing. If this was the case
n hj w,,s no! some nan 1 ���> spi nt on the
schools? Everj candidate for the
forthcoming election should be asked
the question, "Are you prepan d t"
do all you can for the school-.'" and
on his answer should depend the resull ol his eii ction.
Cries of "Sandj Gat rett!" 1 rought
toe worthy alderman to the front.
lie commenced his spiel bj Baying
thai lie wns soi rj thai the other mem'
bers of the council hnd nol been invited to he presenl. us he would then
have fell freer to discuss the ques
tlons nt issue. Aid, Garrett dealt at
some length with the Lake Coquitlam
transaction, saying that be could claim
a good part of the credit foi not al-
lowlng the deal tii jie through, as he
lind opposed it nil along. He ah"
touched upon the moral reform, Baying that he was entirely, in accordance
with nny movement for the suppression of vice. The restricted quarter
of the cltj he described as "hell's
half-acre." He concluded his remarks
bj it reference to the prevalence of
gambling in the city during fair time,
mentioning that even on tbe fair
grounds all kinds of games of chance
were In operation.
\T. \v. Mlntborne suggested that all
expenditures be in.ide in accordance
with the amounl collected in the Severn! districts. He would nlso like to
see n new school hniise in the west
end of the city.
School Trustee Peck complained of
the apparent lack of public interest ns
regards the schools, The proposal of
disseminating the bcIiooIb over the cii *
appealed to him, but this would nol
bother him after tins year, us ho
would would not.run agnln for re-election. He was also Btrongly in favor
of graded schools. Buying thai 'hei
besl   results could   be obtained   from
these institutions, und that it wns Impossible in propi 1 Ij lm tt net the 1 bli-
dren w hen several classe were woi .-
lng   In  one  1 oom   al   1 he  Bame   iinv
I om ' 1 ning 1 lie vi xed qui -1 Ion if
.1 hoe' mil il lon, Mi I'ei k snld Ihni
ii pu  of Improvi 11'tit   would   h ive  lo
,    1 ue n. \i  a   ���     The :;' -1  ' hou
ol 11    mill ������  11 111 '"   health of
. ' 1 I I I . a .     I b e 11     '     .'    1 ' a 11     r u m 1
tll _l
The  Rev, .1.  S    H< nib 1   m  did  11.1t 1
11  iii.ii 1 in- im ��� ' lng etui Id 1
fu ui 11 slnie 01 build a pliitl'oi -n Ihni
night, but Biiggei ted the naming ol .1
committee   who    would   secure    iho
II "no., ni c lid i'i    for I hi   po II Ion
on 1 reporl ut a Inter meeting.
1: Gnulel having made a foi mal m
Hon io ihis effect, the following wore
named ns Ihe committee: Rev .1 s.
Henderson, .1 V Lee, .1. Carter Smith,
\ Hardman, E. Goulet, Immediate i ���
after  the naming  of the committee,
the n ting adjourned, bringing to u
1 lot e the first political gathering of
the forthcoming civic elections.
Winn   ��� .     \   ���    i       .lithon     0
owni     .      . hi     1... 1.1 .
smith   ol   V\ abi ..Mil.   Onl
��� ; lie    ;;, heal l-bea
'   ij on 1 he 1 ontinent, �� as In I h
city yi    ��� . ;   pea .lng of the r<
1   "Heis made to him for tbe pt���
hi   Baid  thai  he has refused  to
��itli the controllln [interesl    Ho
I    ' i. how ever, that hi   Ib nei otlatin ;
with a i ompanj  w it h a ca] Ital ol >
.  nlib li  propo ��� - to lake 1 ..
I actional interest.    Thej  will take
ri     an 1  ,.; 1 ;,,',   ��� in   mine, 1 ul   Mi.
. 11 ��ill hold  the controllln -  inti
est.    The discoverj   nf  the existence
r:   1Ich  ore  in  the  mine dati -   i ai i,
nearlj three years    Quartz was struck
at   the  25-foot   level    which   assayed
$25,000 per ton,    Al  Ihe 30 foot   level
the rich ore  body   wns again  struck,
when  a   single   blast   loosem 1 $5,00 1
in gold,   Ore w.is encountered on the
sub-level  whicli  wns so  rich thai the
machine drill  could  not  penetrate it
Samples   which   have   been   senl    out
run from on oui h of line
mi lal Vt th< ... time the de
.doping  work Is bi ti adllj  push
1.1. the main effort ui .in���, ted to
ward locating the ��hob \rii\ ii ims
i'i 1 n foui! 1 that the on    odj  1 ��� trom
.   .        '   tOUl tei n   iin lies   in   thickness
an 1  ' ome thirtj  feel  In  width.   The
shaft  is now down 2S(l feet, with no
iiilllti;  ofl   ;n quality.     The adjoining
roi 1,  is the  Keew atln  foi mation, nnd
��� onfldentlj expected thai the vein
aT*  continue to,the junction with the
La irentlne  roi k, the depth of whli h
in  speaking of the  possibilities of
Ihe whole distrlcl adjoining liis prop
Mr, it nm  Bai i thai he did nol
��� h ve that he had the onlv property
bj   anj   menus.     There    hud   been    it
i 11 at  renewal of mining activity, nnd
the  S iniiiiii    Luke  Co,   hnd   already
ti I   n fine ore body on their property,   Taken throughout, he feels thai
this district is good for a general re
vivnl of mining activity.
Of   New    York,    But    the   Democrats 1 Our Correspondent  Gives  Some Inter
Take   All   the   Lesser
\i �� "101 k, No.. v With the off!
ciui vole of but three counties missiu .
to-night, Lewis Stuyvesanl Chanler
apparently is elected lleutenant-gove
noi on the Democratic Independence
��� ague i Icki t by a plurality approximating 1,700 votes ovei M. Lynn
ih uie. Republican. To arrive at these
figures, Unices probable pluralities In
the counties of EBsex, Ontario and
Niagara nre baaed on the vote for the
Republican gubernatorial candidate,
While slight changes maj be made
in the returns from Beveral counties,
II Is nol believed they will materially
reduce Chanler'a lend, bul on the contrary will increase it.
It appears late to-nlghl that all the
otlnr candidates on lhe Democratic
state ticket are elected by small bul
Bafe pluralities.
A Growing Business.
Th" Schaake Machine Works w 11
commence the erection of a new office
und pattern simps in the course of ,1
few days, in order to meet the growing needs of their rapidly Increasing
business.     The   new   building   will   lie
66 feel square and two stores in
height, The preseni offices are altogether too cramped for the efficient
carrying on of the business, and tit"
new ones will be large nnd commodious, 1 mbraclng n general office und
private office for the manager, in
lhe presenl pattern shops the men
nre too crowded for comfort, nnd the
demands on storage nnd floor spine
are contlnuallj growing, The new
building will in. arranged with u view
to Biipplj lng the needs of ths buslni
i n   .er,  i, a... iii come,
Lsgltlaturs  Must   Elect.
Concord,   >���' 11      v.'"',   -     Com
retui ic from evet    cltj   nnd  town  In
1 '"���  ��� ��� ,.',���  . iiii..   1 Vi    ' .r nexl  govi
nor of N'ew Hampshire will be sole. 1
ei   '������   the  legislature.    None ol  the
candidates  ims   reci i ed   u  majot II ���.
vote, us the law requires.    Floyd, Ihe
Republican candidate, bus a plurality
of 2,994,  bul   lacka ti n  votes 0f th i
majority  needed   lo  ''led   llllll.
estiny  Details About  Hunting
and   Mining.
Llllooi i. Nov, 1; One of the finest
mountain sheep rania ever killed in
ibis district was gol within sight of
town by one of the Munsoii boys,
The   effect     of   the    game    Will'ilen'j
good work is already beginning to tell,
as mm.ts nml sheep can now be seen
from town on all sides, while deei
inn- often Been within the town limits.
I Grizzly bears also feel the change, us
n couple have taken up their abode on
Seton Luke trail, and nnue tbun ome
made travellers turn back.
Arthur Maltley und Henry Schwartz,
big game guides, _tai ted oul with their
Becond party foi this fall. Maltloy
sei ne,1 ihe blggesl 1 am of the Beason
on liis first trip, while Schwartz's
p.Hii brought In tour nice heads.
w. <;. c. Manson, British Columbia's star Ida game hunter, returned
with liis Becond party, and hns new
gone nut again. They made a very
nice bag, seeming six rums (mountain
sheep), eleven goats, two deer and .1
in ar,
Tin Indians are now bunting 1 11
their winter's im at. One par y
brought In twenty deer and have again
Btarted oul  for more.
Messrs. q \\- Walker nnd Fergus-
son. who are largely interested la
Bridge river, opening up properties,
both hydraulic and quartz, nre In
town They both have inui experience
in mining, as they .pent Beveral years
in Atlln, bui after spending n few
weeks In the Bridge river district,
concluded    thai    there   were   better
chai ���   to   male   mines  oui    ll
the pi -  ..   ���      m.    Walker  is Balls
fi' i v Ith the govi 1 nmenl trails, etc.
thai    Ihey    would    save
loncy by 1 11 Uni  In a bridge al Jack's
n 'r;i<]    of   subsidizing   a
1! " cost of a bridge would not
; ���   .1      -iin,   the amounl   paid the
.erryinan would Boon  pay  for it, be-
I b    being so much more convenient
' 1 lhe public,
The Chllllwack Progress records the
death of William cii ��� Ise . one or the
pioneer residents of Ihe valley, and a
mnn well known nnd highly respected
throughoul the district,
Russian Barbarity.
st. Petersburg, Nov. 9.���The Riga
correspondent of the Ilourse Gazette
has sent In harrowing details of the
execution by shooting of three hoys
who had been condemned by a court-
1 tinl for robbery. Four other persons were executed nt the same time.
The firing party was completely unnerved :it the Bighl Of mere children
before them for execution and fued
wildly, and it was only after several
volleys thai all the prisoners were
Election Set For
December Thirteen
Yesterday evening the Daily News
was informed by a citizen whose veracity is beyond ouestlon that the provincial election wns to tnke (dace Dec.
13. Our informant said thai his nu-
torlty for the statement wus good,
and that he believed the information
to be correct. Corroborative evidence
of the truth of the report is found in
the facl thai the Province, a government organ, had fl similar statement.
except that the date was not men'
tinned, in a specinl despatch freni
Victoria a few days ago.
Demands Heavy Bail.
Toronto, Nov. 8.���Magistrate Deni-
ion this afternoon agreed to accept
bail for Charles McGill, former general manager of the Ontario bank, in
$2:1,(ioo on each of two charges, namely, theft and signing false reports.
' j!
Until First Day of January, 1907
Every article iu the store must be sold, and we are offering them at prices never before heard of.    AU o^
our fall and winter stock (just arrived) will be included in this sale.
Come and see what we have to offer, and be convinced that we are offering the greatest bargains ever put before the
public of New Westminster.
Men's Suits, in tweeds, worsted and serges, latest
cut and patterns;   made   by   the   best   tailors in
Canada;   regular ��15, $18 and ��20.
Selling for	
Men's Overcoats, latest styles and patterns ; regular $15 and $18, for -
Men's Suits. Overcoats and Raincoats;
regular sin and 812 values, for -
Mens Fine Tweed and Worsted Pants, latest pattern-; regular S4 and $4.50 values.
selling for	
Men's $1.50 and $1.75 Trouser
be sold for. per pair   -
Boys' S3 and $4 Suits, for -
Boys' Cravenette Coats: regular price
$6 to $8, for. each      ....
A few Men's Odd Wool Shirts; regular price $1.25 to $1.50, to clear at
95 c.
Men's Underwear. Penman's  ribbed
regular $3. at. per suit
A few   Men's   All   Wool   Sweaters
regular $1.50,  for
Boys'   All   Wool   Sweaters;   regulai
$1.00,  for    	
Blankets, only 160 pairs left; regulai
price $3.50. for, per pair
Flannelette Blankets, white and grey
regular $1.25, for
Umbrellas, good value
Men's Negligee Shirts; regular Sl, foi
Men's Woo! Sox	
SPECIALS: Men's White and Colored Hai: ���
chiefs.  5 cts.
Men's Canvas Gloves. 4 pairs for 25c. Men's Suspenders, heavy and light, going at loc. Bovs'strong
Worsted Pants. 35e.
Specials in  Everythim .
2 for 25c.
Westminster Clothing
DAVE GROSSMAN, Proprietor.
E. DAVIS, Manager.
1 r-.   ���;'-*.>��. V DAV
NOV. 9. 1M6.
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.   G.   DAWSON, Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West. Vancouvei
& Steamers
:    M VIN   LINE.
..  \. VV.  11.35.
���   Seattle 15.50,
l..:;0; ar. X. VV.  L8.40
|\   . 5, 15.40, I7.U5.
'  '*.. 16.40, 1S.40.
S. S. Queen C ty
Leavi    VI     ria al   U  ... m.   m I ���-.
7th, 19th ..i. i _0tb of eacb       nth foi
Vshousit a:. I v. ...   ;   Ints;   ���     V'i ���
toria ' a the 7. and 20, I u Q ial In i an :
way points. Le .e_ Vi ti ria i n 20th
ol ��� ach month for Cape Sei tt mid way
I olnl    im lu ling Qual slno
We Are Clearing Out
a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Leavi 3  New   Westn Insi      on  Mon
day,   Tuesday,   v,, ini   lay,   Thut   lai
������ii!   Fri laj   at  2   u m. . _ I  Sai
v,. |  '- p.m.; ar. Seattle in p.m,   at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Monday at 5 a, in
Leaves Ste
v.. & Y.-VANCOI VER Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
vv. : ;. m. and 9:55 p. m. I7 ,,. ���,.:  Friday at G a, m. additional
di   iver ..35 a.m., and 4 p.m.      trip Saturday 5 p. m,
v,. ;���   ::,  a ill;   ar.  Guichon
r river rout,. China Tea Cups and Saucers
r Transfer
at $2.25 per dozen. j
 *" *  lsV     V'"      "*WM-    I
I^ston Monday. Tuesday.!The Regular Price is $3.00
per dozen.
[a . ng bought oul  the Bi    ksn
isiness of R. ll. Bens< n, I will
' ���   . lea ied to see all his old custi  1
well as new ones     Horseshoe-
iry a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Foot of 4th Ave   Cer. Mth   Street
New Westminster, li. C.
District Attorney Jeiome is Moving In
the  Matter of  Bringing Directors to  Book.
New York, Nov. 8.���District Attorney in ome to-day asked Justice
Grei Lba ni, of 1 he supreme court, to
date for the trial of Frederick A.
Liurnham, president of the Mutual Re-
rvce Life Co., his brother, George
Burnham, and Geo. Eldrldge, vlce-pres-
upper fraser river route
S. S. Beaver
Leaves  New  Westminster,  S  a,  m.
���       -   10 J'- m.j ar. N. VS.   Mondayg> Wednesdays and Fridays.
'   iJ* U1' leaves Chllllwack 7 a. iu. Tuesday,
'���vs onl-v- Thursday   nnd   Saturdays,   calling   at
ELECTRIC���VANCOUVER.      landings   between   New   Westminster
ew Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1 nnd Chilliwack.
:: . and every half hour there-
I 11 p. m.
ancouver for Westminster at
All   kinds of   Ship    repair ldent ol the company, who have been
,.,,...u j indicted  on charges   of   forgery and
YV Ol K.
,��� .             , n                    ..... grand larceny.
Ship and Scow   building'   Ml, Jerome 8ald he ,������  t0 ,���,,.
a Specialty. ceed  with  the Insurance cases in a
Estimates promptly fur- !""' ",,,,;'s-  Assistant Districi Attor-
niuliorl *                 '"'���*' ^'otl "'" <(""'"<'1 ''"' cases.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, "ew
iser River and Gulf
S n. Wed. Frid. S a rn.
���  Tu.,  Th., Sat., 7  a.m.
... Th., Saf. s a.111.
in., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
��� RIVER,
I X. W. dally, ex. Sat. ami Sun.
-' p.m.
��� ''���' nda .. :, a.th.
!' '. 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)    ���"
lay, 5 p.m.
j-VV.., Wed. and  Mon.. 7 a.m.
���Vi '   i.i Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
1 Hose.   Re ���   .< I.
��� ". a.m.   G.40 p.m.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. rn., 2nd
and 16th of each month, calling at
Skidegate on fir.-' trli ai 1 Itella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
.'"; arfire  are approximate.
For   reservations   and   Information
call or address
Agent, New  Westminster.
B.  J.  COYLE,
Asst.  Hen.  Piss   Agent, Vancouver.
.1. W. TROUP,
���'t-ni-ia' Sum .'nti i .-1 i, Victoria,
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept.,
\',...\     v.'  .<t!nilistpr
I Waterproof
j Northern Pacific!
t", a 111.  11.35 a.m.
15 a.m.   9.00 a.m.
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Lew Kates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
'     -'���'    I ������������'��� AND ALL POINTS FAST
1 ;| '���"������   ''���'"' -: '"       Steamshir Tickets on sale to all E tro-
: a iii.    1.15 p.m.   pean points.
Special    Reduced    R_tes    Round    Trip
:���.:.   11.en a.m. R..tes   to   Southern   California
For full informtion call on or write
i*. F. LANG, (ien- ral Agent,
m. ll.35a.m.      430 Hastings St, Vancouver, B.C.
' ;'''"'   ,:'""1'"1 A. D. CHARLTON,
LOO p.m   11.00 p.m.
-\. G
'nm.     12.00 m.
Portland, Ore.
Wlumbla Coast  Line
wtflou.    notice.)
'    '.   29,    ;.   :.:
;.   fl 1 .'11   Van- 1
Pan Pacific Ra*Iw_>v Cr,   A?K TI!r: TICKET AGENT
'   KailwaytLo, To SEND v,,,- 0VER
Eight Trains Every Day in the Ye_r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
a victoria  SEATTLE   THE    NORTH-WESTERN,    LTD.
r'n��ss Victoria.
.'���* at 1 p, m
|A     "<EW
Embodies the newest   nnd best ideas
and   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted   with
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most
WESTMINSTER! brilliantly    illuminated    train    in   the
ROUTE. I world.      The   equipment   consists   of
s- Charmer private   compartment   cars,   standard
16  section   sleepers,   luxurious  dining
er at 7 a, m.   car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),
! Mondays. j modern   day   coaches   nnd  buffet,  h-
D      HiiANA,*.*      Ibrar* and smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or anj
Never before and perhaps never again will
you be able to buy such Shoes as we are
selling to-day.
Ask to see the "Dr. Special" Waterproof Shoe,
specially made for our high-class trade. None other
just as good.   See that you next pair is a "Dr.
For Fine Shoes
We have the "Utz & Dunn," manufactured in
Rochester, N. Y. Every pair of Patent Leather we
sell have our guarantee against cracking. See that
your next pair is an Utz & Dunn. These shoes are
sold only by
Foreign Insurance.
Washington, D.C., Nov. 8.���The policyholders of San Francisco have appealed in the siate departmenl to aid
them I" enforce a settlemenl with
three German Insurance companies
and one Austrian company thai refused to pay for any of the property
' destroyed by Bre und earthquake,
which damage; aggregate aboul . 11,-
nen,one. Attorneys representing the
policyholders to-day laid the fuels he-
fore    Assistant   Secretary   0 f State
I Bacon,  who told  I hem that  it   would
scarcely be possible foi the American
p nenl   to make   tht.    mal ter n
1 subject of a formal demand on the
German government, but he will give
j them letters   of   Introduction   to the
j American embassy in Berlin, and will.
j instruct Ambassador Tower to rendet
them assistance. Mr. Bacon later on
took up the matter with Count Hatz-
field, the   first   secretary  of the Ger-
l man embassy,
'The S.ijn cf fie Cross."
A Pittsburg critic, referring to Ma 1
ager R. <;. Craerln's production, ' Tl 1
Sign of the Cross," said:  "The  vital-
It)     of    Wilson    Barrett's    religia :s
j dram 1, 'The Sign of the doss.- |s r,.
ma    aaie.    when lirst hroughl lo America,  il   was predicted  that  ii   would
I not  live the season out, for the religious play was nol just ihen In vogue.
. But now. after, a half dozen or more
I year,  of suci 1 Bsful life, the drama 11
'id  drawing thousands of Interested
I tu iter and churt li goers, who regard
, this simple but  ; a hetlc story of the
a ifferings of the early Christian mai
I tyrs as the ; ��������� 1 of all the recent attempt     to  put  bil Heal   history   upi n
the  stage."    Tl 1 company that   will
- ime   thai   hus   teen
eeting with       h   remarkable   xnr-
The play will be presenied here
on Monday evening nexl al the opera
house,  wiih all  the magnificence   of
scenery and < OStUmes thai have elicited the unanimous ; raise of critics an 1
thi ���������   ': a :     1 iring pasl Beasons,
excei t. Sat-
j.      . ����� p, in. Sat-
further  information   call   on   or  write
7_o Second Avenue, Seattle-, Wash
The Reliable Shoe Store
<; lichon���F. W. Sterling;. X. 15. (la 1-
dreau,   A.  H.   W'allayne,   Vancouvei-:
Captain Gill, Moan 1,  Dunedin;  M. M.
Lea 1 and wife, Vancouver,
Windsor ���J.   Melveen,   Vancouvei':
Jl.  J.   RosenVitch, San   Francisco:   H.
Tie-sally.  Montreal:   J.  Usher, Chilliwack;  T. J. O'Neill, Toronto;  Mrs. .1.
! MaoKan, Chilliwack;   G.    A.    Boyle.
; Mount  Lehman: A. B. McMillan, Port
Moody; C. J. Hilder, Port Harvey: J,
Mill, Xew York: (J. A. Warner, Alder-
' grove; C. Norman, Langley.
Colonial���J. W. McLeod, R. Bussel-
by, H. Robertson, J. Smith. A. C. Vin-
1 ent and wife, Vancouver.
The Otter made one of its periodical
trips to this port yesterday, and tho
crew is unloading 200 tons of coal at
the C.P.N, coal bunkers.
Published by The Daily Xews Pu .
Ishing   i 01 .:���:..���.   Limited,   at
ittices   corner   ol   Sixth    ar.d    From
.-��� ��� ���   b,  New  Westi  in ster,  B.  ''.
Managing Director.
. J. C. Brown
Transieu Hi i laj advertising, .;
cecf. per   ire   nonpariel)  12 lines I
tbe   i-   'j       r'-1 e    -:.- -     ei     Ine   '
.-, 16- : '     .. -���   '. ulb.
Reading notices, bold face type. Jo
cents per Iin . I revier or a ':.; ariel, lo
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special posi
t'o-.s. apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths. 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
tound, room- to let, etc., om? cent per
word. Xo advertisement taken for
iogj titan 2.") cents.
Day Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
i  i
* i
* i
i  i
We'll give you the Fines* Suit of Clothes in Canada for the money.    Our
ranges of styles and patterns are most extensive.
The stock offers a variety of Clothing that has No Equal in  British
FRIDAY   NOV. 9.  19C6.
A cable   lespat
the O
$10.00, $12.00 and
$15.00 Suits for . .
n C
I.      im ���::      It   Is
and become Irish S
the pn - -
the Hou ' L     Is.   T I   X
a  Cana lian named as a
le succi to  .
ill  in thi   .   siti a.     f Un       Si
foi  I be ' 'olonii -.
'['ho statemi nts given ii      tp   irt of
the ��� uth   if th   run   .    r<
���who is 68 or .:���. yea feels that
his strength is :...- equ S. i , steering
a devolution bill thi i igh the C >m-
mons, and that Chui bl I besi li -
ing next for pr imotl n i i full Ca Inet
rank, has the com age and i lilitj. as
well as the mere        icity for phj sical
endurance,  nor ai      for   the   work.
While that may be all true enough, it
must be remen bei ������ i. on the other
hand. Mia: Churchill has been a sti ing
opiwnen; of home rule, while Bryce
has remained true to th il cause from
the first, and that the lattei ������'��� iuld ' e
much less likely than the former to
: ouse air a- mi-::, among the Irish
members or the Irish people.
If the change is I i be made, ll is
���: that the reasons lie lei pei. We
i," ir 1 -ii" other la ,- that C impbell-
Bannerman himself was likely to a,
��� ' the Lor is. an i he n a.. shrinking
���' im thi _aci ia ������. . i ve pei suaded his
colleague to take his place, feeling
that the Libei als nee i to be st rength-
ei " i thei e On tl ������ whole, however,
It Is liki Ij that the rumor is little, if
thins moi ������ than one ol I ise
��� - ������ tvhicl ���; e -���i] of the
clubs gives rise I me to time.
Pine line of  Flannelette Blankets
The Modern Clothiers
In George W. S        .      '���'
seel ent   . e .
Picqua ���    ��� .    Minister
of War in Fi tnci   and    i    nteresting
-' i lj   of :;i-   pe - in tlil ���      Th .��� honor
Clemei :.    Picquart
leserve I, Bhould
lave 1 een  his ig       B    ire 1
: a the Dri
P    |ua       u    irding to good cri-
���     in Fi ant e     He is i n A)
Strasbu is seen servi
and ''. '-.       '.-    2 1 ������ wa ��� a
major,    ad at  40 a lie il mei
Most of his time in Fran    , up to 1S9.,
ha i 1 een spenl at the E I   Gu
In the stud
;        ifessi in.   Hi a i emai kabl ���
eakii -      If a dozen
'     les knowing
a.   .      if  part;    of    _frica        I
'    ���    Thi is i      ing    . whicl   be
mi  hi   :a.    well   have   ispi ed  In
' '���     " affair    Th  l  he del
s icriflce 1 _ucl     rospi
tstice,   in    standi) Dn
w hen  that   offl er  was   in   diss,   i
proves him a man of ste lins i
ter. Plcquart's connection with thej
case began when he was transferred
��� . : he Intelligence lepai I ment, which
v.as after Dreyfus had been convicted.
In that capacity he received one day a
post-card that made him suspicious of
Esterhazy, the chief accuser of Dreyfus. He decided to investigate the
matter and did so, coming to the conclusion that Esterhazy was guilty and ;
Dreyfus innocent. All efforts on the,
part of his superior officers to hush
up Picquart's discoveries failed, and
he insisted on making them public
Arrest, trials, convictions, persecutions did not daunt Picquart Backed
up by Zola, he continued to denounce
Dreyfus' accusers and demand jus':" ���
for the Jew. The final result everyone knows, nnd that Dreyfus to-day is
;��� free and an honored man Is due
..;��� :'y to Plcquart, one of the i lost
i -��� . i-. as he is the most di - in-
hi ';.  sol ii'-".- of France.
is   the   salt   of    satisfaction    for
all table and household uses.
Absolutely pure, never cakes.
ter more: but for the calm, judicial
verdict of guilty���the quiet, purposeful Insistence upon the necessity for
stamping out the evil, the Globe Is
easily ahead. The "you're another"
argument comes in only in replj !
the Tory assumptions that all the corruption is among the Grits, and that
the Tories are immaculate���sort of
little tin angels with bras- wings.
Attractions   at   the   Opera   House
.    The Sign   if the Cross.
sie  Ma  ' ichlan,  S :oi  a   c in
Applii ations will be reci   red   ��� ���  the   ,
undersigned up to 5 p.m. of Monda .
the   12th   Inst .  for   the   position   of I
P! ... dug  Inspector and  Assistant  ' i   ;
the    Sui erlnten lent    of   Watei wor . ���
combined. .,..,... .,������^. . .,������������,.
Applicants must    e  pt .pe .    quail    WANTED-Two  furnished
!i'''  /"i"1'"1' . ��� , .   eeping, by married cou
.   " '  Box 77. clt; . 208 '
Ayrshire Bulls and [tel
White Hoys
For information as to dul les,    liai
etc., appl.   In person al the Cits   Hall.
\V.  A.  DUNCAN,
i'i-;   Cle
City      ill,  N'ew   Westminster,   Nov.
G, 1906,
_ .    Harrj   B   i   ford   (The  Woman       Y ! mg   ���   ��� ling
ning animals.   I
" ���     lei     from Kerry. <r  teleph me
Jessie Maclachlan
God save our gr icious king.
Long live our noble Kins:
God save our Kin^r.
Send him victorious.
Happy and  glorious,
Long  to : eign over us.
Go 1 save our King.
To-day,  King  Edward,  "The Pi ������
e ���," is thi     ecipienl       ���
lation ��� :     a   ���
of his 65tl
Xow Westminster is suffering ono
small penalty of growth���the sneak-
thief i- abroad in the land. Portable
articles of any value should he kept
Indoors The missing article, referred
to in an advertisement elsewhere, is THE SCOTTISH PRIMA DONNA,
an uiu'. alia, and it may be that the
moisture   listinctly  noticeable in the iss -������ I  by
sphere  lately,  set   up  a  temptation to appropriate that particular ar��  l"il GLAS YOl Nf',.  reno
vhich proved  too  strong for the  JOHN   McLINDEN, Violonce
virtue of some one noi habitually dis-   L1NDLEY GRAHAM, Sol ��� Plan
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone v__
Dealers in
h im   '
Thi   N'i ws-Ad ������ rti ser   sa   ���   I hat    It
foi ce in the tu quoque
died    o  the London
dect i in  c i se.    The Tories  n a
"������ :.   lust   as  corrupt,   It   admil -.  bul
that   ':���������-  not excu e  Liberal corru
tion.   That  Is quite ti ue;  but ha
��� i quoque argument hi en   tsed to ' excuse" the < on u ���'  acts ol cer iin  '..'���'.
- '    We thii For  vlgoi . i
'��� ling condemnation of h i u -. no
T ii pa per comi a ne ir the To ont .
i llobe     Thej   shi ii k  moi e and   splut-
"August," the e  : ���  ol the m mth
accented   i i    tho   first   syllable.   "At:
gust," ... is accented on I
nd     liable.   This is duo. no dou  i
' . the ���     t,  though  both  stn
from the Latin "augustus," they I. i
arrived bj differenl routes. The i
jecth o Is 1 i French "auguste," i.:.
"August," c ii ii a ��� ir.itin_r the Ron
emperor's tii!.., is ii... French "noi
and He   English   "augsf   ���
"uu-t."    ".Inly"   used   to  rhyme   wli
"duly." even   In  John son's i Ime, as  i
bad  d ue  centuries  e irlier and  p
do ���- iu      ithei a Si itland I > ihis .'���
ROBERT   Bl CHANAN,   Ac :on    tn
Und     the auspice        th    Sons
i f Scotland,
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc
Local agents Vancouver Hon laud Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depo
'Phone 1-B
Nov. 15th at 8:30 o'clock
Have  you  noticed
has done to give men finer
looking - finer fitting ���
finer wearing Suits and
See the nezv styles and look
for the label that protects.
In   (he   Mr.
Fnrn or i Ir enc (who has be
knocked tl .v. ti '���;, a balloon anchoi
Gol dem 'em! I'll bev th' law on '��� n
Whar's th' sheriff? Farmer Brown-
No use kicking, Josh! Them critter
Is above the law, I reckon!���Houst:
Jt  Is  not  enough   to  run:  one   tnua'
start lu time.- French Proverb.
Uo-,-      i seats, 75 ceni   ; resl
��� a  50 ; ents.
B i.x  pi in   it  R  :.:.'    ;;   ig Sl   re
MONDAY, Nov. 12th
H.    L.   de BECK
336 Hastings St. W, Vancouver.
Bookkeeping. Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
Forty Five   Typewriters
i  Students Always in Demand.
R. 1. SPROTT, B. A., Principal j
The   Dramatic   Event   of  the   Season.
Wilson   Barrett's   Masterpiece,
Sign of the Cross
Under direction of It. ti. Craerln.
Presented by Ben Oreet's company of
English and American players.
The mosl Impressive religious play
e��er produced, Mounted in a sumptuous manner. Complete in every de-
Seal ��� n sale al Ryall's Drug Store
Thursday morning.
Prices���$1.00,  75c and  50c;  gallery,
Wm Jr\ w __wV>a!Ei__is-��l ��  1
set oqi
If 1
a .lit
WE'VE made great preparation for fitting o��
the Boys with the best Winter Suits that our
money could buy or that the Best Makers of lMs
Clothes could put together. The cloth, the maMj
the trimming and the cut combine to form ;'olllir'5
short of
$3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 to $8.50
ive a
At any of these prices you will receh
measure of value and full satisfaction,   It,lUISl
so, or your money goes back to you.
H. L. DeBECK, The_Outf^|
r,.  1905.
Satisfactory Place to
iuy Bed Clothing Now
��� EEE^^l
V c' _%     ���Wx-E'i'V
Woul is dear ; Cotton is
dear ; as one housewife
figured it out: "My bedel' /.hes cost me fully a
third more than they did
five years ago." Antl
] she's very nearly correct
in her reckoning.
' "'  '    Sl,i-; " '  ' ery needed item,
.. i  For the quality.    Rea I tl n .
dions are brie      ��� ein ,;. ..'���
can be brief      \,. no ...
11        ",. includes:
0    a I"   Blankets, In white ai
���;' mkets are   _��� rai     I all    | , ,  ������..
'  i'inada fleece  wool.
56  x 76    $375
60 x 80    $4.50
64  x 84    $5.00
Saxon     It: and"   Blanket -    I . .     ��� r     I i.
1 lese also are all wool and ol a ver;   high  i  ide,   ie-
fleece wool.    The $ 5.50 blankel   Is a t        bigh   E
. iranteed to weigh   en   ioun i.-.
60 x 80 	
64 x 84 	
66 x 86 	
70 x 88 	
74 x 90 	
i   Comforters, large si:e, Til x 7_. filled with pure
��� -. which is coi'd.' I Into cross laps, giving ���      , strength
I irge assortment of colors and patterns $2.75
ters   al   $1.50.  $1.73. $2.00. $5.50. $9.50 up to.     ...$15.00
���w^i-.fJfcyV'' ,������'3
���-.*-      ��� ���
^_.-a_.:u_ _ __,_
j That by purchasing your meats at Reichenbach's,
Limited,  that  you   stand  a  chance of   winning
ClOl   f*\    ant* w'nn'n8 '- easily ?    Reichen-
|T V-'*-'i-'j  bach sells the Best Meat procur-
able, Juicy Steaks, Tender Mutton, Fine Roasts,
! ^ at the same time offers you GOLD :        :       :
���   ��ill be given  i > eat li  cash  cus   irner, sho ,-ii
purchase.   Our  weeklj   and   monthly  customers
''''" coupons for the amount of their lulls on payment
.1   worth of checks,   presenl   them at  our office
'"���   One is given to the customer and the othei- Is da-
'"M|o\.   Tlu> first    number   drawn    wins    the   lirst
.,'   U ���   lla��" wins  the second  prize, and   >o on through
���IIEII'IIIIIB ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I Local News Briefly Told
��� :!���) makes ,. sp-.-
i  Of  tl -;. ���-
"" ��� it the C P..N  ���
ai     - | |
'!"' !;' ' ������ .rning to C. Cross-
man, .,: '
'     ��� :     '���     In the rest area
"'   ': ' '     . .��� . |e   a   run
yesterd       no e olazi     eii a   ex-
tinguishe I hei    i an     eriotis damage
'   imei  from both No.
1 an I N'e  - onded, and the
whole ifl      lasted   ml    i :������������. min ttes,
V smal ���.   0f sikhs  ts to
leave this cii norning for Si at-
':"   '';  _   ng to wi :���:.  "or
the s..,':.  i.....   ��� i       Bi fore being
:      ' _     .tinilary, each
turlmi   ��� .      ... must            ,. i led
ealth and at least
-7,   I.O.O.F.,    ������ ill
' a a
������   ������ : .....
'��� mb . Ion
cial  tin \   .,.���>
url   instru   en al
a     ��� : ......
'    ������ serve.,
Thi   -
Koi the
Japane.- salmon   eun
Into ������ ..    e Q lali-
cui .   ���. ha      ��� en
colli ctin The   : i|      lm u   run
ir al ��� over, a for th    sea
son,  and   the   t imbers  being  c tught
are  too   -'.   ��� if II   ICh  account,  j
As  a   res ill lie  m tn    scathing
remarks n iii re in   n m i le about
the siren .. ii h . hi h the tow iioat
Goliath is fitted it, Messrs. Gilley
Bros. ii.      ' it laid up, and when
it once is the w iters  ot
Fath ������ !" ���, the siren v ith it - woeful squeals will ha. > given place to a
melodious whistle
.1. Smith,       La Inei. has  placed  a
large  -'. if crated  potatoes on
the C.P.X. wharf, whence they will
be  re - 1 to  the east  as an  ex-
perlmei he   lemand Is good, the
shipment ol a itatoes in 100 pound
crates to I ��� .astern market may become a :������ igniz nl industry among the
Delta farm i -.
Tl e a    I    Ul m  of  A.   L.   Lazenby
for     a ������ a   ���.' from   a   small
stream v tra. ersi s the Port Ham-
i  ��� iv -.   site, was considere i  yes-
efore Water Commissioner C.
C.   Pis in i  finally  granted.    The
���  ;: .1 erl   Blackstock  for
a   rec..- ; in ' ber  stream   in   tii?
same distri I  teas also consi lere i and
':.; '    . me month.     <
The resid ���:.- of the flourishing lit-
' He  a.:                centre   of Chilliwack
are i         -       ward to ine irporation
as a town.    \ petition hus been widely cin   I I has I n signe i  hy
a large . .rtion if the ratepayers.
They are nov, awaiting a report on
the exa i --��� sse ! value of the area
in be ta ������ S'.'Si the matter
will he pi     -eded _ tl   n correct form.
.   I.     A
... :. tied
Steve     ,.   ... lug  ii. ��� LSI   few
..!...-      .: ��� ... on-
I ' ".
The eproduction
��� i ians-Xel son fl it t be opera
. i - evening al traded a consld-
ei i le i. imber of I ical sportsmen,
though the house was far from full.
The ires were \ ei g io I, standing
out clearly and distinctlj On the can
vas Two minute Intermissions wore
given at the end of every four rounds,
so that the eyes of the spectators
would nol be overstrained by watching the moving pictures too closely.
The  ladies  who  were appointed  to
��� igl a - census of the city,
.1. Ie i] en I sion  of  the  Minis
terial     issociation,   i mimenc '   I heir
territory.     They
leterred fi i .       ime
he incli
weather.    Th. i thai
if a     .inting abo
each of the chu     ...    ���   ��� ade
���a : le    a in    ������ I ion
tt  is   ex i   ite .   ���....       ���    a .  .
will be ��� .. ���'. ���   i i. ; ul
The   isua   ... a me   ing ol   ho
Wesl ininsi      .     e\     i       iciet.    was
eld fternoon in      ....
of trade room, Mr a A. J. Hill In the
i hai .     .   . sun    of the
societj, gave .. o ml of the financial standing, show ing that the ex-
pendltui e for the pasl month amounted to $57.20, with i ana. of .,71.47
in the bank. Other routine business
was also transacted, liter which the
meeting    adjourned    until    Dec.    13.
Those  ; resent  at  the  n ting were:
Mesdames A. J. Hill, \v Johnston, S.
.1. Pearce. C. A. Welsh. .1. Forrest..:',
H. Tupper and \V. A. Duncan. The
-������ retary, VS. A. Duncan, was alan
Generous Subscription.
W. H. Keary. secretary of the boar 1
of managers of the Royal Columbian.
hospital, yesterday received a cheque
for $1,000 from E. .i. Fader, manager
of the Torpedo Freighting and Tug
Co.. Limited. In a letter accompanying the gift, Mr. Fader stated that he
gave this In the hope that others
would follow, and so help In the good
work   >f bul] ling the ::>'���>  hospital.
FOR SALE ��� Bedroom suite, wood
Davenport bedstead. Apply Cook's
wall : ipei   sl ire, Columbia street.
PLEASE���Will the ladj or gentleman
who borrowed Mr. C A, Welsh's um-
rella, when  no   one   vas  looking,
from his front d .or i n Sixth street,
kindly return same after using.
J inv      Br        ns   cl arged    in   the
.terday i   irning  with
supply ing liqti     -    .   lians, but as be
nora- New   Westminster  Opera    House
.   M         Moody, was   escor ed   t.i
:,..   nd wl el ���     a - a witness    agains         ev this    moi nil g
This is   he firs case to be
iro igl      ��� ���   .-. ������ ��� ral
November 15, 8.30 o'clock
Pianol     a  solo    *, al -    It 'Illiante,..
    Moskow .-iii
Mr. Murray Graham.
L ivi   song    Vi   m  Water, Burns-Hume
uedical 1 ea    .  wa i
inTTie ci!' . Eleven snmi ��� i. et e anal} ... i. the milk being pure in e ich
case, No : - - " ���. in ; Ingre lients wore
disi overe 1   In any   of   the   samples.
are numbered In duplicate.
|r, All holders of prize coupons mus!   presenl ihem
v,'"''''     'amiarj   loth, 1907, otherwise same will be distributed
������' '!" Institutions of the city.
j ^petition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906, at 9 p. m.
wo Prfzes $25 in Gold
fife Prizes $10 in Gold
F��rty Prizes $5 each in Gold
eichenbach Co.
^^^^^^ 51:'.  Iiiaula-  I o::nj
as      esi     :.     malyzing samples of  r": ' * ': '   ' "!; '"���"'    '��� '
.      .    , ,::  the different milkmen ,  Mr John MeUnden.
1 Song���Dark Lochnager    Byron
Miss Jessie Maclachlau.
Som;���The  Stars of N'ormandie. . . .
  Stephen Adam-
These tests are to be carried on once! Mr' Dm&��� Young.
....        ,      ,.. ,    .��� , _orn   Cello solo���(a) Wie Einst in Schoen-
a montn, at  irregular dates, tne sam-
,     ,   ��� ii    .   i ,-,. ,., ,i���, ,���iii ,,,������,      era Tagen (Popper);  (b) Tarantelle
ales being collected trom tlie miiMno.i
; i i     ��� ii    ,a���.   ,,,,      (Dance of Death)   Klenee]
in   the   morning  while  delivering on
, . Mr,  John   Mcl.inden.
their moi ning rounds.
Songs  in   The  Rowan   Tree   (Lad}
After two days of ticklish work, tho      Nairn); (b) Hall to the Chief,Scott
flag  Staff  outside the provincial  court Miss   .Maclachlau.
house has heen once more fixed. Some   Pianoforte solo���(a)   Nocturne   in   n
oi' the wires which support the upper      .Major (Chopin);   (b)  Mazurka	
section of the staff and were attached       Godard I
to the cross trees were broken by the Mr, Murray Graham.
recent stormy winds, and some of the   Duet���Selected     '
-ay   ropes    had    worked   slack.     Tho,     Miss  Maclai lilan and   Mr.   Young.
work was performed by an old sailor 'Cello solo���Scottish Fantasia. .Pa'que
assisted  by jail talent.   The big flag Mr. John McLinden.
staff Is now  snug nnd taut and (it to  Song���The Lass o' Gowrie Nairn��
������.,.. tne mosl blttBtery of the Novem- Mr. Douglas Young.
l,(l].   ���|ea i Folk  song���Caller Herrln'. .Neil Gow
Miss Jessie Macliiclilan.
There  Is an   unusually   heavy  de- Song of Parting���Auld Lang Syne..
man I   for   coal  this  season,   and   the        Purns
local  dealers nre  kept  busy to keep | Company
ie and Retail Stitchers     Coiumhia street
**���*>���*���* New Westminster
tbeir bunkers Cull enough to supply
tne |0Ca] market. The steam tug
flyer i-i sterday came Into port with
370 tons tor Qilley Bros,   The weather
Accompanist and director���Mr, Robert Buchanan.
The  lleintznian   j.   Co,  pianoforte
used at this concert Is from the ware
lour, ioi   v  ^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
miiside   is   particularly  treacherous   rooms of Messrs. Dyko, Evans ft Cal-
and the gulf presents half a dozen dif- laghan,
. ��� ��� ������ �� ,,���-��-������������"���-���-������'���-���-���-���'-������'_,-- -	
You Will Get the
Big Clothing Store
Celebrated Dent's Gloves
in Silk Lined, at $1.25 and |
*pl�� 75 the pair |
Unlined Goods,  $1.25   the ��
pair |
H. B. K.  Driving Gloves ��
$1. 75 the pair |
With Gauntlets, $2 the pair |
Wool Gloves and Mitts |
of workmanship finish Is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
is tr rt these two qualities ln every article bought and sold. Our
S1.0U d-'.n back dluing chair possesses these In marked degree���
they at., excellent value. Our $3.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker is
a leader and is a wiuuer; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
elialrs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 Is one
of the best.   Morris chairs all oak frame from $7.50 each up.
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
< w _._,���� m _ w
j Post Card Album
Before tne Xmas Rush.     A Large Assortment at
| J, J. MACKAY  y Co. |
Booksellers   and   Stationers THE   DAILY  NEWS
In   ( icitit^   -   One   ic   1*   NTecessar.
, -a   1,. aamite.
���j;,    ...       ....   a   : lai i   furni
the red ��� :  ores t ��� met Ilie
Th i iron tone and coki .
put in      th.' top and tbe iron i
ar-- dr iwi! at thi     .   ������.    The :
per ture of the i blasi
Lao,, wl,   . eratiou  . a les :
Ing   to  i ....���.'���-���   ta.    .
Iron n !." . ���       rn off is i     .ut 1.
gi     : tliis  a   mu a
temj ���
To    ivith-l      '      neb    territi :
which   :- -:   ' :���'   ���'   I"*
blast    ' i acts  much  i .
<-... a Iorci d draft  . '.
boiler, thi ted on tbe
_.,,.   .. -���        ���       irrade of  Bre  ���
tborou "    ���      Th - wall of a
,   ��� i '..-    I is ab ml four :'
ti,. '..   outride     I   '. Iiich   is  the  -!
lhe furn    e, ab iut one liter ��� '.���.:. li tbi  ..
Tl ���   Iin i   a   fun ice
!������ : . ;-��� , t    i':x yei   s, ace ird i
f  the   material   smelte
f'tra       lie    -   in  ������ mti n   us oj ���
dur''..  t' - '  time,    li   takes al
week, t. fun   ������ ���
After       fur     ����� Is "bin   u  out."
CCasi    t . l.e usi I, there  is   i
of Iron �� '... li ��� ��� Is i  ul solidil   -
bus,,  of the  1
-. ; : an ��� - ry *   '
dynai   .'.    ' .
get it out of t        -    t-o    .th
pairs can Ralai
der I , as It is
pr       of ���
As a ���            ���..-..'-'
good :.'.-������      > is never
to cool d '  '.       ut of
excej t at int. several yi
rei nlns    I re if ui
K.ny ��� ne who breakfasts,
lunch( - or dines at
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, because
Everything is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
Merchants' Lunch
Full .'   tr--. including Coffee with
Cream,        -      -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.: 6 to s p.m.
c, i Tea, c   '��� e, Sti aks our Specialties
Short I lr l< rs Quickly Served.
Trapp Bli c Proprietress.
Colui  bia St.
It's Like Handing You Money
to sell you    t. ���    .   ' ..   :   tntain j ens.
Thi     save    its       tii    , and time, :    i
..-.;���        . ���      ens t     handli
iin 1 tha!
ai.: -it    timi .   Once -.'.��� 1, the;,  an   al-
���...   ys read servici      Thi      _on'l
feed      ���     ��� ��� ���
ii>   an
, ani  see  ������������
��____�� t '���'.���^K��ii��v*wrfira��ra<_B_M. -1
jml.   (he   Wroni?   Honse.
On   one   ��� f   the   .outl      .   r   Ir
thi re is i   stati   i bu        _���'���:-   ���
...     ��� ��� .        .���'...-
e<=. raili -  - _ni -'���".    It
of this sti'   a tl   ���  ���'     st ry  is t '
that at s expect
.->      . ..   ��� e there,    i I
.. - -    ��� .        '   . >      '.
fetch it    .'.        r.��� there, the l
tl :-��� it    :.  '.   his  '"
and started f-.-r I the w
met     " . "'   '" -t . -":-!: th	
">* iti ". S '��� ' '    ���'. hi. a
"S ���    '   . . What  have you ���
on that ':" he asked.
ken house, of course." wi
thi  r ��� ly
"Chii   ������    ti iuse be jiggered!" exj 1
ed tl 1.    "That's the station!"
ly- r-' Home Journal.
EYES      W ^ Chamberiin, ^ "��*'*���
Graduate Optician.
Our work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store
S5.00 EACH.
11 i v   Promotion.
A somi wl ��� t turbuli nt private wr;:
to his :.. thi r: "I am - irry yon ha 1 :;
letter last week, but 1 am a default
and it gives .*' ��� a heap of extra wo:!:.
Tla- l".o ! woman In reply bogged ! '���
not to be t ci bard on the otliers, but t
rei en ber 1 bad been a private I;'-:
self. ! !������ grot to say that he roa-:1
with laughl r and read the letter al ui
fr r the bi fit of all wb . shared 1
room. Mi M. Loane, a Queen
Nurse, in Cor.ti: p irary Review,
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   iron   WorK,   including
Fence.., Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence in
BEGBIt* B'l'R___.T.
New Wr .-minster. f. O. 474.
*'    STORE
�� Q
\ul' \   Gas*::
Men's Heavy Wcarand Logging Boots
We are showing to-day a great many of the
Celebrated LECKIE BOOTS, made
in Vancouver from leather specially prepared
by the new Fraser River tannery at Westminster. We have them in Men's and Boys'.
For a good, strong, waterproof Boot, there
are no better put up.
Johnston's Big Shoe House
New Westminster
The White Pass   |   Time Table
OF THF  P.AHAniAN  PflP.lFin RV      ��"U    1 UliUU   I\UUlC
! '~rurtnrpvf?"i n
!        ���>> t'.'H \sf ft fi V  -.  --> i
i ' ��,_*._. rtLywtu    .
":.'. .,;:..'.
V.  i one: i :.':.
.'el in thi ,��� ,.  ;..-.
'���    ���    ���    ��� ;   '   ���    i'Jickest,  safest   an 1
'������   st eci no . From St John, Di e.
isi   antl   ! '���       ! 5th,    F< i   pat ticulars
a.���.:;.- to
C.  P.   R. AGENT.
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stage; at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
Fcr information apply to
j. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver.  *B.  C
VV. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Great Northern Ry. j grand Trunk  Ry.
V. W. &Y.RY
Daily SEVS bail.
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arrive
*:(.(. pm
:00 pa
: 00 pra
\\ c arc showing some particular!;.-
Good Values in
~   JLadies  JDlouses  -
The prices ?     W^cll, they are ty ro means their least
attraction.     CALL  AND   INSPECT.
:���. 'id am Siaine,  Belling'-
4:35 pm hum       Burling-
ton,    Mt.    Vernon,     Eve i it
Seattle        audi
1:35 pm Spokane,       St.'
|Paul    and    all
points  East.
v. i am Anacortes,
IWoollev,     andl
3:00 pni Vancouver . : _o am
9:55 pm| )4:35 pm
Lv. New Westminster for
Guichon 3:50 p, m. Ar. Guichon
C p. in., Monday, Wednesday,
Fri lay.
S:45 a. m. ar. from Guichon,
9:30 a. m. l.v. [or Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Dally  Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and all points Fast.
For comph te Information
rail's, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Banh of Commerce Building.
Now Westminster, ;;. C
S. G, YERKES, A. O. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant    and   Cafe
Late Suppers After tlie  Theatre  a
Specialty.       Oysters    and     Game
-     -      in  Season.      -
Canadian Pacific
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tallies, etc., address
GEO.  W. VA'jX,
, Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west nnd south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O, K.
&  N. Co.
Connect- at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway tor Boundary
Creek points,
Connects at Meyers Falls with
si ige ("lily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson,
Effective Sunday, November io,
Leave             Day Train Arrive
9-20 a.m Spokane   ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson   6.45 p.m.
Shingle and Saw
Mill   Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
The only railway running through
Bleepers and tourisl ears. Best equipment.
Train for Seattle leaves at *>."(. a.m.
Eastern Express at 1..40.
For rates, reservations and other
particulars apply 10
C. P. it.  Agent,
New Westminster.
E.   J.   COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pion.'r  Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  that  of  the   Chicago,  Milwaukee   &  St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own   and   operate  their  own   sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
serviie  not obtainable elsewhere.
II. S. ROWE. General Agent.
t34 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
The "DICK" Old Country
Damp Proof Boots
Thi   sole leatl he Dii I    Is rendere 1 i  . ���
by a proce     which effectually   fills up th" natural I
l  er, thi .' b    ma king ii  Impo       '���   I n the sole-
Youth's, $2.00       -       -       Boys, $2.75
Boys can't wear these out in one season.
Gent's from $4.00.
J. STEWART  -   Sole Agent
Old   Country  Boot  Store, Columbia   St.,  New  West
It utilizes all the heating power cf the hard coal, soft coal' ^J
ccke. Ordinary steel and cast iron ranges are fuel wasters. ".irtn|
work   well   until   the   belt,   become   loese where steel is bolted to ca   ^
The Monarcn range ia different.    It  is constructed  with m'1'ea is �����
frames, to which the steel  is rivetted,   not   bolted.     It   is  only in
that absolutely   air-tight Joints can   be   made.    There   is no stove
Monarch  air-tight   seams-no  danger ot  leaks,
utty' niY
N0V. 9. 19��6-
Jump  Right In  and B UY  Before  the Inevitable Rise!
The Great Divorce Ca__  is A'jjojr.-ed
f.r a Week. When  Dec'sion
Will   Ce   Given.
2-storey house, eight rooms,
water, bath, etc., four lots,
residential section, only
$2700. Enquire at once.
' 'ne an     . hall : it  . Sa ipei ton, just
off C'oh         eet and Bi tnetb . onlj
$1,000,   '!'. .;,,   to       a range I. Ho i
'use on l ,
"���    - .
S    -
$2,500;    e
md lo! .gnes street,    vo
storey.. .:
Boarding house, 20 . i ims, on Six' li
-' reet, one block from p is! office,
rents al $30 . >r month, or : ir sale al
Eighl roome I    house , all     a    ���  n
comeniences, on Carnarvon -��� reel an 1
h sti eet, ��� a. i  -  ire; -. S3.750.
one  ho ise   an I   full   sized  I      in
!;" '���-" ",; ""   tl and El treet,, .;; a   |       ., ,���   . , |    q ......   avenUe,
two store    .   seve       _in   .   full  si;    I   c, nnn
A Bargain
Seven-roomed   cottage,
full sized lot, near Fifth
. Avenue and Fourth Street.
j price $1,200, $400 cash,
i balance on time.
'   Sixth
u  ;   ��� ot;   orc-hai I,
. $3.ioo. :
a      : '       ,
I        ;-.'!.:        .   . . a      i
i s:n?ei
!.<��� i-  Fl       tvenu
: ' . $2.ooo.
$300.   1 i .
One  h ��� ise   an '���
size I   lol   on
ements,  Th
-' ire     '.. ai-. .stable,  i
e, two fui       .... : ' "      '''���      '���'       '   '"���''"���
��� .      .,   $900.
H 2,500.
full  Fourth , a
,.   .1,5   i cash; good snap.
Eighl . .  ������ a.    'a   a .     llll
���'       ef
e f" SS I 11 '   IM   if* !-!"__  $5.COO.
biBuy ___ {,uy
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
1   ���;.:  II     on  Sixth
ree    and   Prim ess sti eet,  two stor-
nl;  $1,400.
A Snap
2-storied house. 7 rooms,
bath, sewer connections,
all modern improvements,
splendid locality, $2800.
Terms arranged.
Pari .  N'ov. Th    Etna!   wor i   ' i-
day in the divorce | roceedings
brought by Countess .le Castellane
againsl her husband, was Maine Bonnet's assurance of Count Boni'- undying affection for his wife, and the demand thai the ca se I e adjourned fo
a fortnight, In order to _,ive the com
tess an opportunity to reflect upon tho
advisabilil j of i reconciliation, Thi.
the couri refused, and adjourned for
one week, when Its decision���either
the ordering nl ,���. ��� nquiry or tho
granting of a livoi e will be handed
down. To-day's proceedings largely
wer,. confined to tilts between opposing counsel over the charges made
yesterday againsl Edmund Kelly, of
counsel for the coun ess. Mr. Kelly
has denied these charges Indignantly,
and makes the counter charge that
the counl himself hatched up a con-
iplracy for the purpose of making his
Wife    believe    that    he.    Kelly,   had   '
ganized  a   plol    to  bring   about   the
count's political destruction.
I JL_ Ij *~'' �������� "���
Watch for our Fann  and  Ranching  List in  these columns
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
��� ::. Bloc
min   er S tbui is.
indefeai Ible title I >
��� ���    -.'. ill    e Issued to
S iwi iill  Company, Lira-   /f^
the 151 h day of N i-    ���*��.
In the meantime
a, ��� hereto be ma le to
a person or persons
i       ��� .    ite or interesl therein,
��� ereof.
Registrar of Titles.
Office, New  West-
BC   Oct   1". 1906,
that   application   has
.:������'���:   John   Kennel}
. fee . implo, under a
I fron  SI Inej A, Fletcher
ii I;. bearing   date the
ol   December,  A.D.   1901,  of
ti thai i ertain parcel or
premises   situate.
the Distrlcl of New
a the Pro. Ince of Brit-
��� ; ire     particularly
��� ��� I  as Lots  I, _. :'.
' .   pari   of   Lol   26,
_   an 1 -a. Gli ��� k 5, s tb
Lot    _02,   Group  I.    and
of Lot 2, Block a.
:.  ol   Si cl li n   1 3,  Township
. Wesl .,:' the 6th Meri-
..  are   req tired
e .:    ,: of the tax pur-
Bve days from    te
Ical lon of this
i ill  of a caveat or
a len ���   bein %  file i
I,  or  in  defaull  of
re.Ti (ration, 1 shall
a ���   ovi net
I   llroi ��� that pul
notice  for one monl h
tr   published in
ill   he good   a   I
: Re rtstry Office,
Pro.Ince of British
ith  day  of October,
C   s   KEITH,
Dlstricl Registrar,
Kathleen  Black,
���:: Je i ii. Blake,
��� i ai'h this notice,
:"-t through or under
claiming  any
I land by virtue of
astrument, and all
.    Interesl in the
ent,  whoso title is
I ler the provisions of
I'"."' Rl     "    \<':." shall be for-
r,;,"!  "i I debarred from set-
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co.
anadian    Home-
Departmsnt   Militia  and   Defence.
Clover   Point   Rifle  Range,
Victoria,  B.C.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on en
velo ��� ' Tendei - . ir ' 'mis: rue; inn ol
Sl '.��� B ttt, Rifle Rang    Victoria, B.C.,"
an 1 add essed to I u   S el ar,   of the
Militia '' luncil, Hi    a tarters, O'i...
receive :  until noon, the 10th
of November  m tt, for the consti tc-
��� ion of a stop-1   I   for the rifle ran-.'.
Victor! i, B.C.
Plans   and    s       ftcati ins    maj    I e
:: and full ini      tation < ibi  ined a:
.  offices '    he Dis rid Officer C n
tnding, Militai      'is i ict No  11, Vic-
ria,  an 1  the   D      toi   of   Engii
.-������ mice.,  Headqt: a Ottaw t.   Ten-
: ��� ���- mi -' ' ������ ma n the fo n sup-
; ; the !:- ' . nt, an.l ���;.,
e-;l  bj   a  chi t  Canadi
irtered ban ' i eat, of the
.    t of the :������������      thi
oi let    if the Houora'.il Lnistei
of Mlllt] i and Defi i   i
'i" .��� Departmenl    oes i ���' bin 1 itsell
��� ':... low anj  tend  r.
E.  I-*   JARVIS,
Acting   1 '" 'l.::1-'.';-  . ���"
Milltl i and Defence.
Departmenl of Milii  i an I Defem e,
Ott iwa, 10th Ocl il - ', i 106
Tenders for Debentures
SUA'.'lii TENDERS will be  receh
ed   ij    ... tinde.sl med up '" ''��� '  ;! ::'
iveni 1SU0,
lentures   of   the Four: 1
ewer,  City   of  New   \\ i
, p.tlt      ������      vent;   th
I   | i��� .,���     ($20,00 i.OO), an i    i I
���      . .��� ai  the  rate of five pei  cent,
i     i,   pa  a il i   half-yeai
,   and   Interesl   I eing paya
���    I    I e Banl   of Monti
.   v \ Westmln   ��� r   B.C.
r   i   tenderer   mus!     tate   I he  i
,    ���   he will :> tj  here.
The C n'i ir ition  1 ie i no! I In I Its If
anj ten Ier.
City Cl trk.
,������      i;;,o.  ;; ���.    ���, ���   tminster, B C,
November 3, 1906.
Purchase Notice
lead Regulations
;,:;:,,. ia hereby given thai 60 da; s
,   ..  ;        or   :.i e  i intend  applying to the
��� ;��� Commissioner of Land3 an l
A'orks E ir permission to purchase th ���
i', [lowing described land, situated al
tho mouth of the Kildala river. Coasl
district: Commencing al a l>osl mark-
Cl US for- ^_Tfc ''i VV. M.'s N. l'i Corner planted on
*.-���     V^U.  ,l(, MUth ,,.,.,,  ���r the paidala  ri
a: the mouth, running as foil iws: I
chains south, 40 chains west, 40
��� hains north to the shore line, th in e
Mb wing shore line to place of c im
mencement, containing 16 acres more
or less,
���Vug, 27, 1906.
Locator, W. MOODY,
Per KUAN'-: VANDAL, Agent.
Oct. 24,  1906,
al1** lo or In respect of
il 1 for taxes as pro-
'! om Registry Act."
Office-Tram  Depot
Columbia st.
' '''    promptly to iny
tf the cii
M Heavy Hauling
'    ' '��� <n .. -. *'
���'ii'-r. 'raoni. '117
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in British Colum-
bia, may be b imesteaded by any person who is the sol. head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which tbe land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
111 At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
i j ��� It the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of tlie land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the fattier or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon tanning land owned
by him in the vicinity of his home-
stea i. the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Do-
-.   m  Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply tor patent.
Deputv Minister  of the  Interim.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
.- . ���;. ..-   add   issei
hem        i ' ''
P     :        :-' "���
," will Ivi ": "
until  '��������� .��� ln.es lay. Nc   ru > r 28,  I ���
ncltish 1 ion of a
Pu hi     Build    ��� '    Vita
Plai    and specifics
I     , ,f 1 .L,|,.;- oh! lined al    hi ���
De]i irtn 'nt, a 11 ation to Mr. R.
.!. Man-.Ul. Cl " a a '���' ����� . Edm n
: m, Ul 1 . an I Mr \ 1 ��� 1 '��� I, Sti
,��� 1 - Works, Winnipi -. M 1 1
Persons ten I iring are 1, itifled thai
��� aaj. rs v 11! not he c ms len 1 unless
nia ie ; the prli ted E ��� tn s n plied,
.,.;.,   signed   with   :'.":.   a     a!   signn-
: ires
Each tender must be accompanied
i.v an accepte l cheque on n 1 hartered
bank, made payable to the order ol
lhe Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent, 110 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
l;a, :,, complete the work contracted
t01, [f the ten.ier be not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Departmenl does not bind itself
to accept the loweBt or any tender.
By order.
Departmenl of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 2D. 1906.
Newspapers Inserting this advertis
! men'l wlthoul authority
Lartmenl will nol te raid for it
R. (_������ Purdy, The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing on his promise.*-,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
I carry a full line of G. B. and Lowney's Chocolates.
I Bargains 1
Suit About a Horse.
The case of La kin vs, Laduke, In
whicli a horse deal is involved, and
which shoulil have come up yesterday
for hearing, has been adjourned to a
dale in be fixo'i by the judge. \V. E.
Lakin. of Cloverdale, the plaintiff,
seeks re Iress frnm J. Laduke. of Sapperton, who Is said to have Induced
Lakin. who cannoi read, to put his
mark to an agreement which he misrepresented.    Lakin   had   a  horse  to
I sell, which he valued al $250. The
defendant was desirous of purchasing
! a team, and told Laking thai he would
buy the horse, provided he could get
another one to mate It.    The   other
I horse was secured, and then Laduke
asked Lakin to give him an agreement
to the effect that it' the horse went
lame within three months, from natural causes, he would take the animal
back. Before the three months had
expired, the horse went lame and tho
buyer wished the seller to take it
back. The plaintiff refused to do so,
as he claimed that the borne had sone
lame through neglect, and not from
natural causes. The agreement to
which Lakin had attached his mark,
beinia; unable to read or write, was
produced In coun. and was found to
be minus the words "natural causes,"
on which the plaintiff based his case.
He stated thai he bad taken the defendant's word for the contents of the
agreement, and had not asked a disinterested   party  in   read it  for him.
j The case will be threshed out in court
j as soon a.s the judse sets the date.
���      SWORHESHS
Just Think of It!
Great   Clearance   Sale
Switchmen Arranqe a "Modus."
Chicago, .Nov. s.���The switchmen toda; accepted the offer of the managers of the western roads for an Increase of 3c an hour In wa^s. Ths
(lemand for a further r -rea. ��� of 3c
an hour will he determin. ' by arbitration. The switchmen at first demanded a five cen! increase and an eight
hour day. Later they changed this request to one for an increase of 10c
per hour.
at   S   a.  m.
Men's Serge Suits  dJO 50
from ....  <?�����=
Mens Tweed Suits
from  .    .    .    .
Boots and  Shoes
for Adults from
25c I
per pair up     J
from  the De-
We have all lines of goods
usually carried in a general
store. No reasonable offer
refused, as everything must
be cleared out at once.
Maple Ridge Council.
The regular meeting of the Maple
Ridge council was held on N'ov. ".
The following communications were
received and deal: ��Ith:
From Rev. Mr. Reid, asking for hire
of hall for course of lectures. Grant-
e i al the rate of Sl per evening.
From me Ileal health officer, re in-
speel lon   .:      I ool       Fii id.
From Agricultural association, asking ror payment of granl to the association. Voucher ordered to be issue,l
for amount Qf grant,
From f. West, re crossing al junction of Lillooei an l Trunk roa Is, Ro-
ferre I to committee.
Prom X. Ferguson, asking for a Cur-
��� h ir extension of time on hi i conl rai
Time extended to Nov. _I.
From .'.. Lai i.v. requesting that a duplicate voucher be issued to replace
one lost by hlm.   Granted.
From    Mrs.    Carr.   requesting   that
| ditch al   tool  of Slide  Hill  be cleaned
1 out.    Referred to Councillor Breton.
The following accounts were received and ordered  paid:  U. Blake. $7: P..
Stephens. $25.75;   W.  Baiilie, 75c;  W.
E. Birkett, $5.50; G. Kendrlck, $4;  \.
Stevenson. $15;  .1. Best, $10;'T. Davison. 7.1c; R. Blacks!ocl;. $8.76; C. Em-
ney, $3.50: J. Jamleson $7.2:,; E. W.
Beckett,   $19.86;   Brunette   Saw  Mill
Co.,  $16.94;    E.    Pope,   $6.15;   K.  P.
Stark, .ii: F. West. $6; E. W. Beckett.
$1; E. Salo. $4; D, ('. Webber, 50c; W.
Masked,  $2.    The following bounties
were   ordered   paid:     P.    Dockstader,
$2125;   J.  Baiilie,  50c;   J.   C.  Blaney,
$1,60;   H.    Webster,   $1;    If.    Smith,
$1.50; VV. II. Ansel!. $1; A. Batterham,
76c; P. Stoney, 25c! J. Webber, 2.*)C
Collections for October, $452.69.
The collector was instructed to enforce  the   collection   of   license fees,
from agents selling fruit trees. .
!        :
.    I
I. i
Ff: da
v. .,
New Goods Arriving Every Day
Tea Pots      Tea Pot Stands      Biscuit Jars
Jugs Toilet Sets Hanging Jardineres
We invite you to inspect our stock
whether you   wish to buy   or not.
attc i    cd      r this      inn  I
,._.,��� -        . Daih   St wi
.    -,. u vt ��� -tminsK -
I. ...i
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    150.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   - ��� ��� B. C
Big    Corporations    and   Firms    Which
They   Favor  Are  Charged   With
Breach  of the  Law.
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Office Supplies,
School Supplies,
Fine Stationary,
Toys, Dolls,
China and
217-219 Columbia Street.
Cheap Dwellings
On Saturday we advertised 8 Bargains in Dwelling Houses. Since then
we have disposed of It of them; we Still
have 6 left which we will sell on easy-
6-rooi I  dwelling in  Sapperton   (lot
in   fruit )       $650
5-roomed dwelling on Eleventh Btreel
(lol  in   frull I    $900
Iln. mioil dwelling, Fifth  avenue   (cor-!
ner   lul |     $950
7-roomed dwelling, Fifth avenue (corner lot)  $1,200 i
B-roomed dwelling, Agnes st....$1,050
If you have one for sale, list it with
us.    No commission charged unless we '
make the sale.
Minneapolis, .Minn.. Nev. S.���Eleven
indictments covering the paying ol rebates by certain railways, and the receiving of the same by grain firms and
individuals, were bunded in to-day.
The corporation;- against which the
indictments weie returned are: The
Great. Northern Railroad Co.. four indictments and about 75 counts; the
Chicago, Si. Paul, Minneapolis &
Omaha railroad, on. Indictment and
50 counts; Wisconsin Central rai!-
.'a.i. one indictment and 17 counts;
Minneapolis ��^ St, Louis railroad, nne
indictmenl and five counts. The indictments against thi rai roads charge
the giving of rebates; and under the
head of receiving re ates, the following true i��ii:.- were returned; W. H.
Deveraux Cr.. McCaul, Dinsmore Co,
Minneapolis; Ames Brool ��� Co., of Duluth;  Duluth Milling Co.
Some of the special specific charges
contained in tht indictments were
against the Great Northern railway.
two indictments :> i giving rebates for
the Spencer Grain ('< . one for giving
rebate to the McCaul, Dinsmore Co.,
and one for giving :��� ti to th.
Spen;..: Grain Co. T__e Chicago. St.
Paul ic Omaha and the Wisconsin Central ivi re chat ge 1 with favoring the
Spencer Grain  fo.
Besides the corporations, indictments were returned against eleven
Individ tals ae officials of the railroads
named, but l". S. Attorney Houpt said
hi would not consent to the names
being given mr for publication, owing
to the far- that no service had yet
been obtained on them. The general
offence alleged in thi railroad Indictment - i- absorj -1' n < : grain elevation
~"::_i    '*��� : --��������� ���
-',   .;; ��� ;     Cr ..lr :.      :i    TakU    -V m,    Is
- om ' he :a    ... ,oi 1 .'. as in -..wu
yesti   ....
y:.<     ridg< mei la;   af
ti rn on at th< residi ... I Mrs. Alexin :��� i;.-.:. _ v m<tnbei - p ��� em
v.- i Mrs. Holt. Mr- DeWolf Smith,
Mrs, Gordon, Mrs. Youngling, Mrs.
Bi 'a:!.-:'. Mrs Cou ���:. Mrs. Malins,
Mrs. Cotton, Mr-. Graeme, Mrs. Gay-
:.  ��� aa ! Mrs. Hannington.
M:. ���     ���' ��� - ���    n gave a verj
enjoya de   progressiva     ��� I   ire    party
last ��� m ning.
Mr. and Mrs. ::. M. N. Woods, oi
Vtlin, ha ve returned from Sr-- la,
and are the guests of Mrs, R. Diekin-
:'. i'. Gam ivincial public woi .-' ��� .- in ��� ..- :��� i rtment,
.sa- ::.'.��� ��� -������ . lay. This was
��� ;.,��� first trip bi ba 1 ma li fi i some
. ��� n . m . ia .Sy b. He
ne t thi on di ental business
M   -    V.. :.. ��    Lake, Ol    .'��� .:.:.., ' B,   Is
���:.������ gui -��� ��� : bet sis er, Mi -. H. Lawrence, . : la 0] old place, S .. a: rived
::i -li. r'y ;������-'���. ..-.. ������'������ n ion, an 1
will ;a ssiblj - end -��� veral m mths in
the ���..,-' [ivi ling bi . timi betwi en
Mrs. Law ren ��� , .-.n 1 ber daughter,
Mrs, .1. .i. J. bnston, i :' Thii 1 street.
The visit ":' Mis Lake was a da Ight-
f il - ;:��� ::-��� to Mr. and Mrs Johnston,
who were not > \; ecting bt i Mr.
Johnston went out to tb.' Junction to
meet Miss H. Smith, who was due to
arrive from Winnipeg on a visit to
Mrs. Johnston, and en the arrival of
���ii.- train he found tha- Mrs. Lake bad
accompanied Miss Smith with a view
to giving her daughti : a pleasant sur-
: rise
Griffin Fletcher, who recentlj so I
out his ranch in Alberta, arrived in
the city yesterday air! will in all
probability locate on a ranch in the
New Westminster district. His crops
were a failure in Alberta last season.
and he resolved to seek nut a choice
spot in the west wherein to labor.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dixon, of Winnipeg,
are among the most recent arrivals iu
the city.    Mr. Dixon proposes Btaying
in the west, and at the present is fill-
ia_ -he position of saw filer at the
Fraser River mills.
Mrs A. Ferguson, whe has been suffering from fever since her return
from California five weeks ago, is
again on 'he road to complete recovery, and was able to take a short walk
yester lay for the first time.
H. A. Lacey was admitted to th?
I'o a.i Columbian hospital yesterdaj
evening, having developed a mild attack of typhoid fever.
Mrs. James R. Sharp, of Vancouver,
was a visitor in the city yesterday, thi
puesl of Mis. .1. I. Insley.
Dougall Mathelon. who recently left
the Royal Columbi in hospital, where
he had been under treatment owing to
an accident while logging, will leave
for Blaine this morning.
S. Winkler,  of  Millside,   intends to
leave for Bellingham on Saturday. He
will remain in that city for an indefi-
ni'o time.
Sargent's Gem
Food  Chopper  i.s
(*\\       ilA"to       an   economical
vi!       I   'X       addition   to  any
.____.__ kitchen.    It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
ar.d strength.
, With it many
<Q) \V-^~^ attractive and
l��__L-_-By appetizing
dishes Can be
made from what mig' t t ������. wasted
il :t w.re not lor tbe Gem.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It di es not mash,
squeeze, t< ar or gr;:.i.l. 1 Ut i ia.; -
tlie food a.s you want it���fine, coai ������
or medium. Easy to operate, sell
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
Cromptons .md
��� i���_^j^_ _ ^
Bias Filled Cors
In Styles Suitable-  for
Any  Figure.
Girdles. Military Fronts, Long Hi)is, ij;     ZT|
Nursing,  Full  Figure   for stout worm    ] ..[
Waists, Bias Filled for slender or stout LnJ
Ladies' and Children's Hygeian Waists, Infanw
Bands, etc.. in the many ranges of each stvl.
Then   Is ii" a: ticli   of womai el that
; earance as  I he coi Bet.    A gi    I fitting corset thai
""~"���"""~^~~~~~~~~������������   ,(,( .  fasijion-contour is absoluti
tor, will leave f erland  to-day,    ,., making of to-day is a sclen id   tin   Ini
ai : expects to be aw ' it two   , l)cull,.,.,| .,, ., ,,,, :.  .,j ,p.:, , ���.    ,,   . .....
������������ ���- symmetrical shape so essentia   to a  styll   .:
non-ruslable lining    surel)  an adiantage.
Capt.   D.   Pattersi n,   who  bas   been
Operatinga passengl        Qd  treighl boat    Ash to see any of these lines, and remember, Crompton's Corstt, anbossfr
In the Yukon d n ing thi past Bummer,
has returned, a on .-'.Sr 1 ; j Mrs.
Patterson, and a u w days ago lefl tor
Chilliwack, whi   e thi spend the
.1. Purdy, who arri .ed In the city a
few days ago, has purchased ten acres
of land in the vicinitj i : the reservoir. He is aln ad rusl Ing up a
small house for the a icommodatlon of
his  family.
E. David, a formei stu lent of ('���'
lumbian college, is now living in Vic-
toi la, and has si cure I a position in
the .ii!:.!".. of the David S ��� m < r company.
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
.lohn  Peck
Business  Directory
Seedless ADole  Nc  Good.
Toronto,  Nov.  8���The  Fruit Growers' association this morning received
a  repi 11 from I be     mmit tee appointed   to   Inspi i ���   the   Speni i r   seedless
'i he   n poi'   -1 ndemned   the
apple, and -aid then  was a greal loss
��� "��� -b. and thai the cavity Inside was
a   receptacle   fi r  Insi cts,  and   recom-
mende I the purcha e of t rees only as
Birthday Honors.
London , Nov. 8.���King Edward's
birthday honor list, which was announced to-day, is without any feature
of particular Interest. Henry Norman. M.P. is raised to the rank of
knighthood. No peerages are created.
The regular list, is to be Lefl over for
the year.
11 _._._( ni   v.i...
a   ga-.iti' ram   nt   n   musical   p	
where the Ii  'v wns very particular nnl
to hav.. (liy concord of sweet sound
Interne,ie '.   seeing that   tho  fire  v..
going out, asked n friend In a whimper
"How -��� mid  you Btlr the fire with ,������:
Interrupting the music?"
"Between    the    bars!"    replied    tla
friend.   Dome Notes.
Real   Estate
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701  Columbia St.
Rental   Agency
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701 Columbia St.
Fire Insurance
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701 Columbia St.
Mortgage Loans
F. J. Hart y Co., Ltd..
701 Columbia St,
Tlii-i,.   Being    .iothlnf.    Glue    to   Cat,
Thr.    Live  ( (Mm   Bach  Other.
"Ail tbe deep mm fishes are enormo -
eaters.' says a naturalist    "There 1.
U_e, ii..thing to eat but the life abou.
them, they live upon each other.   11 ���
facility    for   killing   and   devouring
Is   provided   luminescence   to   dazzle,
swiftness   and   strength   to   overt.���!  ���
and overpower,  knife blade teeth  . n
tearing,   abnormally    large   Jaws
crushing.   Whatever the prey or I,
ever   large   it   may   be,   there   is   littli
trouble in swallowing it.    The mov.'.'.i
yawns like n ea. em, and the stom
distends  to  hold  a  body  even  Inrg r
than the swallower.    Tbe appetite   ..
fished s,.,.ms never wanting, and ���
plete digestion  with some of then;
only  n  maiter of  half an  hour."     1   i
this reason slaughter gm-s on  nne i
Ingly     t'sually it is produced only i y
hunger,  but  some  monsters,   like  the
bluefish,   even    when   gorged,   kill
pure lovt  nf killing.
Of thc eternal   warfare that   g	
beneath the surface of the waves tb ���
same writer remarks; "Tbey follow !',������
prey like packs of wolves, and in tum
are   followed,   baud  succeeding  bai !
Increasing  in  size as  Ihey decrease
numbers,  The herrings eat tbe small,'
fish,  even  their  own  young;  tbey   I r
harried  by  the  Iduetishes until  a   trail
of blood stains  the  water,  while  following the blueflshes come tbe Ins
ate    porpoises.     Nothing    saves    the
weaker ones   but   breed.     Many   thou
sands   of   i-l'l's    are   spawned    that    n
dozen  or more  may  be batched  nnd
brought to maturity.    Ii.llioiis are I isi
yes, i.ut millions survive.
"The herrings move on the sea In
uncountable inimbi r. In banks thai
an- miles in length and width, In wl i I
rows s,, vast that tbey perhaps keen
passing oiu- given point in unbroken
succession for months at a time, .lust
so wit Ii tii ��� menhaden. A catch In a
purse net of noo.000 is not Infrequoi I
Such  numbers are sufficient  t i
stand   all   the   ravage.;   of   the   Hat I   ll
enemy,    The  bass,  tbe  haddock  and
the  pollock   mi j   kill  I i their  be..
content, and  '-t.il  thc  menhaden   .   I!
hold their ic. n "   i 'hicago News,
Every article or piece of furniture in our esti
actual cost without reserve.    First come, firsl
need the cash and you want the goods.   This      a    hanci
of a lifetime.
!���' 71G and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Sl
Excuse us for a Momei
But have you heard about the splendid opportunities that are now awaiting the buyers
of Columbia Street Property ? Watch New
Westminster values rising ! See the downfall of those who delay investment.
Malins, Coulthard & C|
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster j
I Electric
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to fl p
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line   Service from
6 1 5 a in. to  11  p m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and !* and b and 7.
30 Minute Service durfa. 1
malnder ot day. '"ra_st*"|
Leopold piace.
Sunday   Service  half-hourlf
tween S a.m. . ������
Sapperton Lint.
15   Minute  Service fl
in   to  lI   p.n
12  and  2, and ?
which hours the sen
half-hourl ���
Sunday Service   n
twi'i'n S.30
The   OPI   <.r<'!ii   liiNl.rn.
Tbe i ��� ; days of tbe Great Easter i
were certainly sad. considering the p i
pose for v, bh b .be n as designed nn 1
the great work Bhe did In cable laying
For some time before she was broki ti
ur1 on  the mud of  the river  Mersey,
near  Liverpool,  she  was on  view  :.-. a
show   ship     One   firm   of   Llvorj 1
clothiers hired ber for a season, and In
addition to using ber for iis advertising
purposes made use of her fur catchpen
ay shows, in the Inrge cable tank a
Itlrcus was fitted up and performances
givaii  at   so   much   a   bead,   while  other
exhibitions  of  the  Coney  Island  type
were spread all over her deck.
i British Columbia Electric Ry. Co,
Horse Clipping
Life I
White y Shiles
There Is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy
F. J. Hart y Co.. Ltd..
701 Columbia St.
New   Westminster,   B. C.
Iiii-  ECactern  Eye,
The eyes of the yellow people are not
oblique, notwithstanding that they np
pear  to  be.    The  line  ndjolrUng  tin
commissures of the eyelids divides the '
eye Into  two  equal  parts,  and   is  ex
actly at right angles with the axl_ o
the nose.    It  is ilC,t always so; tbe e.
ceptlon is much less frequent than \,
the whites, for, qS n general rule, I
In the latter that the eyes are o it  .
right angles with the axis of the n    .
T\fE have a line of light and compactly bui"
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large stably
Our 20th century is cheap and good.    uu
clippers work easier, clip faster and take
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear long
than any other on the market.    We have
great labor saver.     Call and   sec  theW
Bl Vancouver.
When death, the great reconciler, I
come, it is never our tenderness tlu
we repent,   but  our  severity. -George |
T. J. TRAPP & ��


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