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The Daily News Mar 19, 1906

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Provincial l-i'""1)..           .             O
 '���!,. i . 	
People of New Westminster Pull Strong, and All Together
Mass Meeting Urges Sir Wilfrid Laurier
To Call Him to the
Mayor     Keary    Promises    That    City
Council  Will   Support  the
A  large' number    of  representative
citizens gall,.red at the city hall Sttl-
urdat night to endorse the candidature of .lohn C. Brown for the position of --en,iter from the Lower Mainland.
His Worship Matoi Keary occupied
the .hail', and spoke of Mr. Brown's
���tending in the community, and bin
peculiar liiuess for lhe position of
.'senaior from New Westmlnstei district, lie pointed oul that Mr. Brown
����St an old i.'sidenl of the district,
long familiar with tlie wants ol the
Community, and existing conditions,
and in conclusion stated thai lie knew
of no oilier man as well lilted to receive tlie appointment as Mr. Brown.
i 'His Worship's statements were greeted with continued applause. after
which the meeting settled down In
the   business   in   hand.
The appointment of a secretary
was the tiisi step, and w. .1. Whiteside ttas ihe unanimous choice of tbe
meet iuu. After the secretary had taken his chair the following resolution
' was motcd lit .1. A. Ciiiinliigbnm
seconded by 'I'. .1. Ttnpp amidst
tremendous  applause
"Whereas, there exist* al tlie present time a vacancy In the senate of
Canada, for a senator to he appointed from the province of British Col
umjiiu, und whereas, ihe province of
British Columbia is already divided
into thr livisions, namely: Vancouver Island. Lowei Mainland, and Upper .Mainland, and  as it   lias been  tbe
custom to recognize this division in
the appoint ment lo the senate, and as
there is al the present lime ,1 senator
residing  in   the   Upper   Mainland,  and
on Vancouver Island, and whereas
the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Is one of the largest and most
thickly populated parts of the province, containing almost one half of
its population, and being destined to
become the commercial centre of British Columbia:
"It Is, iii the opinion of this meet
ing. only right and fair thai the commercial Interest- and other Important
questions relating to this locality
should be recognized as entitling the
Lower Mainland to a representative
iii the senate, iii accordance with th"
pi. - edence heretofore established:
And whreas Mr. .lohn C. Brown is
a resident of the Lower Mainland,
and is in every way a man capable
Ol   Idling   the  posiiion  of senator:
"Be it resulted thai this meeting of
tin. eiiizeiis of New Westminster
heartily endorse Mr. .lohn c. Brown
for the position, and presses the
Claims Of the Lower Mainland on the
Rlghl Honorable Sir Wilfred Laurier
for the appointment of a senator from
the  New  Westminster district."
Wire  to  Sir  Wilfrid.
l'lie following telegram    was   also
sent to Sir Wilfred Laurler together
ttitli   the  resolution:
'Citizens   of   New    Westminster   in
mass meeting assembled tonight pass
unanimous resolution urging appoint-
ment of .lohn ('. Brown to position of
senate for British Columbia now
vacant. Qualifications of Mr. Brown
unquestionable from every standpoint, and his appointment would be
lilting recognition of life long service
to   the   public. (Signed I
W.  ll.  KEARY,  Mayor."
The following telegram was also
sent to .1. I!. Kennedy. M. I\. and the
Honorable William Templeman, at
"Vou are respectfully  requested to
support recpiesl to Sir Wilfred Laurier."
Ait.r the resolution bad been moved by .1. a. Cunningham in a few well
selected words, It was seconded-by T.
.1. Trapp who spoke In glowing terms
of Mr. Brown and his peculiar fitness
lor the honor Which It" hoped would
be conferred upon him.
Minor Keary then spoke und congratulated the hoard of (rude on the
aci ion    which   it    had   taken,   staling
that   the board  had heretofore been
considered too conservative to take
up such mailers, but lie though! Unit
their eiToris   iii (liis   matter   would
purely   be   rewarded   witli   success.
City   Council   to   Act.
President D. S. Curtis of the board
of trade BUggeSted thai the city council at its next meeting which is tonight, take up the matter iu its official capacity, llis worship objected
to this on the ground thai such matters were noi wiihin tlie province of
the council, hut stated that he would
bring th" mutter to tlie attention of
ids colleagues if the gentlemen us-
Bembled wished him to do so. It was
then moved, seconded ami carried
unanimously Ihat the council take up
Hie matter of securing representation
in Ilie senate without endorsing Hie
condidature of any In.livid.ml.
Circulate  Petitions.
It was then moved by Dr. E. D.
Sawyer, seconded ley .1. H. Gilley,
thnt a committee lie appointed to circulate petitions throughout the city
endorsing lhe candidature of Mr.
Brown, a petition lo he in lhe hands
of each member of the committee,
and the petitions to he mailed to Sir
Wil fi id Laurler. Carried unanimous-
up after which his worship appointed
as   a   committee:   J.   D.   Taylor.   T.   .1.
Trapp and w. it. Gilley.
On suggestion from his worship, it
was thOVfed by T. .1. Trapp seconded
by W. li. Gilley Hint notice of this
petition    he    wired    to    Sir    Wilfred
Laurier.     the       II 'aide .   William
Templeman, and .1. It. Kennedy, M.
1'.    Carried.
The meeting adjourned, after which
the committee prepared the various
telegrams which were sent east within twenty minutes from the closing
ot tlie meeting, which wns brought to
a close with rounds of vociferous applause.
Victoria,   March   19,    The  .lis- ;��?
turbanci that yesterday was ap- 'f>',
preaching the Vancouver Island |��J
coast     has     moved     southward. j��|
causing in  Its passage rain anil ,���,.
snow  in  western    Oregon    and A
northern   California   and   Inland .���<
In   Idaho  and   Utah.     The  pres- ij.
sure is again tilling up, the ceil ij
ter of the urea lying easl of the a
Rookie*. ��� ��
Weather conditions are genii- [ea.
ally   fair   both   on   the   Pacific >J
slope and iu the Northwest pro- S
tin.is,  where  temperatures are y;
somewhat higher. 3
Forecasts for 36 hours, ending '���;
5 p. iu.. Tuesday, on tlie Lower *
Mainland:     EaSterl)   winds, fair ;���;
today   and   Tuesday,   wilh   local 'fl,
frosts at   night, ���*,
The    lowest     temperature    in '���*-.
New Westminster last nig-t IJ
was ,:i degrees above /.er...
Firemen Fight Blaze That Threatens
the Electric Railway Company's Property.
Smoks   Blows   In   From   Millside   and
Surrey   Trees  Glare   laa  the
5_ !���!
!���- :���::���; :���: :*: :*r :���: :���: :���"���: ^::*:r-��rr*: :���. l*; :���: :���: :���; :���: :���: :���. :���; :���; :���: :-��
had ii  i n personal property which
uas being destroyed.
Wiiile ihe Barnes were at their highest the roof of Ilie potter house took
I.e. on three different occasions, and
I but for the strenuous work on the
pari of ihe employees greater damage
..light have been wrought.
Smoke   From   Millside.
A  hush  flre in the  vicinity of Mill
side caused no little loss of timber,
although fortunately no damage was
This '
Despotic Rule in Russia
Makes Farce of Election
Sailors   cf  the   Steinbek     Leave    the
Ship in a Lurch.
The crew of tlie Steinbek, tin' German barque which hns heen filling up
villi lumber at the Fraser River Mills
for some time buck, have deserted
and (he departure of the boat may be
still further delayed in consequence.
Servia   Abandons   Its   Attitude   of   Defiance  Towards  Austria.
Belgrade.   March   20,-   The     Austro-
Bervlan tariff dispute has collapsed.
Orders have  been  issued  to    admit
Irom today all Austrian merchandise
into Servia on ihe same conditions
which previously prevailed.
Relations    between      Austria      and
Servia   had   1 n   strained   for  a    long
time owing to Ihe former's ohjeeiions
to a customs union formed between
Servia and Bulgaria which Austria regarded as being not only adverse to
li.i commercial interests hut as likely to lead to a league of the Balkan
States which would be contrary to
tlie Interests of Austria.
Mill Takes a Rest.
The Brunette saw mill had a rest
on Sut urday. The shaft of one of the
guide pulleys lo the cable1,of lhe car
ilage broke hut everything is running
al'  right  today.
Clearing fires, together with other
forest  lire's of unknown origin wrought ,|,,m. |���   buildings of any   kind,
considerable  havoc  in  the  vicinity  of lire was at   its worst  about   noon yes
iii.   city yesterday.   Perhaps 'lie most terday,  and  for a  time  the citizens
serious was that of 'he lit.   at  Burna- were considerably alarmed over it, as
by,  near   the   B.  C.   Electric   rallwaj the wind blew a quantity of dirt and
....    lions., in which seme fifty cords smoke cityward, giving th" Impression
oi wood was destroyed.   In iiiis case thai  tlie lire was of far greater pn,
Beveral  workmen  who  were clearing portions titan really existed,    it  was
land iu ihe Immediate vicinity of ihe tenred thai  with such a  heavy wind
power  house,  failed  lo  notice  the en- grave    damage   might    result    to   the
Cioachmenl  of the Haines until almost .'lit    and   many  people expressed   tear
smoke, bul even this is not considered
being reallj bi ii ion .
Fire  at   Pitt   Meadows.
Flre raged all chit  at  Pitt  Meadows,
aid a number of settlers turned out to
fight  the II, s with ihe remit  that
no   proper!)   losses    were    sustained.
Bush ami tores! fires are also burning
in ihe vicinity of Central Park, hut
like ihe others no Individual louses
hate been sustained, although tho
damage to standing timber, is said to
i .tensive
The wind ha., noticeably decreased
In the last twenty-four hours, and It
is thought that should present weath-
e. Indications materialise, there wlll
he no further damage or cause for
Seventh   Street  Alarm.
The boys from Nn. - fire station,
accompanied bj some et the men irom
No.  l, responded to   i call trom box
2 . . i :   ."nth ���   al nt on today,
where a    mall nil li iir.  was i a nlni .
���| be    le"       BUI ���" did    il)   eXlillT
tip   , laze in a  vert  sh.nl  tlmi r
their arrival.
loo  late,   when   word   was  Bl nl   to  the
i ItJ   lor  assistance.
Assistance From City.
'lhe lire started about 1 o'clock,
v hi'ii the blaze was discovered within
a lew feel of an Immense wood pile,
ami with the meagre equipment al
hand it  was very difficult  to control
1'Or    tile    safelt    of    llieir    piOp'Tl V,    htlt
fortunate!]   their  fears   were  met   warranted.
Bush   Flames.
A large lire, covering titer two
miles square siarting m Brownsville,!
end extending In Surrey, was visible
in the city all last night This fire
th- situation, but by some magnificent wrough, .,.,,��� aadmge l() Btan(Jlng
work on  the part  of the company's  ,l,,lH,l.   ,������   tortunatel,  mm��� ()f the
employees,   the   Maine's   were   confined   ,ah,.Ulirii  experienced     individual   pro-
lo a  limited  area  until   the arrival  of   �����-.��_  [oases
the chemical  from the city. A'settler atte ted to make tho'trip
When a  portion of the firemen of d0m Brownsville to Surrey, bul found
iii-  city   arrived   the lire  was  burning ���   j,,,,,,,^,,,,,,  ow)ng  ,,,   ,-.,���,.���   Umbe]
merrily, but  it   was only a short  time ^.Mch    ha(|    com|llt,���|,,    DlbcKe_    th,
alter   the   chemical   was   plased   Into r(mdway
commission until the fire' was under
control,     It   was  several   hours  later. Ladner Road Blocked.
however, before the employees were >  kjk,. conditions prevail down river
able to leave, as a quantity of embers to  Ladner, where it  was also found
continued  to smoulder until  nearly ''. thai   communication   had   heen   com-
o'clock.      \ | let el y om   off owing to  the blocking
Gallant Fight. ol lhe roadway.   It Is not thought that
Manager F. U. Glover, of the ll. C. nny of the settlers in ihc community
Electric Railway company, states that have suffered from lire, as practically
tht   effective  response from the  .'in- all of them have large clearings which
ployees was admirable, ami that tlie would serve to block the course ot the
lots   could   not   have   worked   harder Humes.    The greatest  danger is from
Families   Left   Homeless.
Se idle. Mar, b 18 \ ��� . I CiaJ to the
I'ost-llllelli: oncer    llcnn    Linden.    Wil.,
today says: "Northwood, four miles
north of Lyndon, in Whatcom .ounty,
has been destroyed bj lorei I tie -. 'l'lie
N'oithwoeul Lumber .in.I Shingle mill
was burned and   many   families   are
The lire is Within a mile nl l.yiuUn
this morning and grave fens are fell.
for thai town.    Hundreds are fighting
the tire and the Bellitigliain lire de
I ailment  was sent oul by special train
io aid iim threatened village."
Listen to a Woman.
Indianapolis, Ind.. March 19.���The
convention of the United Mine Workers oi' America, today heard the finished report of the credential committee and listened to an address by Mrs.
Langdon, of Denver, un th" Colorado
strike situation. A recess was taken
in order that the delegates might meet
by  districts and  sel.'ci  n'.ember8 of
;lbe  scale  committee to serve for the
i joint conference with tin- operators.
St.      I'e'eisi  TU       YeVell      I !l.-      As     tll.'l
election- price cd. niorc evidence of
the viiie.i! i-xeliisior. from purtlclpa
tion of ilie Radical elements of Ilie
population  is shown
The preliminary stages of the elections will rob ihe national assembly
ol much of iis national character. Us
Bllthorit.t io speak I'm I hem will he
auqolutely denied bt the Proletariat
organizations which bore the brunt of
.the llglu  for liliert.t
Peasants Terrorized.
��� Complaints of Interference und duA
.ess in the country districts are increasing. Many flagrant liislanccs arc
cited of iIn- terrorism of Hiciil officials
In preventing a free pxpi'eKKtiin of the
peasants, and often practically compelling the selection ol pi'iestki .und of village t biers.
_. The seeming apathy of 1be .small
land owners' assemblies, nt which an
average-   of  only   ten   persons  of  the
voters vi.   present,   is   explainable
���thai   I hot   had   the   feeling  lhal tChey
��were not   1'rcc  lo choose. ,
Effective   Boycott.
3_S_fei''  mom   serious  phase of the  ���.:'.'-
uationi however, is the altitude of the
workmen in the cities, who constitute
politically the most developed and
tr.osl radical faction of the masses of
the population. In spile of oppression.
wholesale arrests and frequently tho'
.xile of their leaders, since the strifes
disorders, many workmen are inclined
to respect the advice of the Socialists
to boycott  the elections,
The authorities instead of taking advantage of the sentiment unci inducing ilie workmen as a class to participate have with blindness openly discouraged their participation where
tho Radical elements are In the majority tints deliberately playing the
game of the boycotttnars and driving
the  whole  working class Into revolt.
This wus apparent al tho workmen's
el nation in St. Petersburg yesterday.
Complete Farce.
('.-.tut fully collected ____nmatlon from
the outlying industrial districts today
show* that the elections were a complete farce. Nominally eleven out of
the M working groups, entitled lo participate, .elected twenty out of fifty-
seven delegates to ihe convention,
which will select representatives tor
the city to tin- convention.   The latter
convention In turn is to elect for Si.
I ieisburg. six nu rubers to the national assembly.
Where the elections were ostensibly
held only 389 out of -I."Mi workmen
voted, and they almost invariably
chose reactionaries.
Soldiers  and   Police.
There was an overwhelming display
ol troops and police in the districts
und places where Uie men assembled.
Some of the men held meetings and
discussed the ndvisnbiiity of participating, but the greal mass simply
���withdrew, declaring Ihat during the
present reign the designation of their
real choice was equivalent lo turning
over the men to the |K>lit'e..
In the Okhta and Moscow districts,
not a single man lias been elected,the
Kiiiroud employees unanimously refusing io voie until the Imprisoned mem*
ti- of their organization nre released
trace jail.
Expelled from Odessa.
Odessa, .March in.���A nephew of the
It. im,.., i,,r Minister Stpiagulne, and
n leading candidate of the Constitutional Democrats for election to the
national assembly, has been expelled
from Odessa,
Buys Large  Residence.
Rev.  w.  ll.  Madiil has purchased
lite large brick residence ou tile
Douglas road untl the forty acres of
bind adjoining it. lie has a small
at my of workmen repairing and ini-
provlng the house and grounds, and
���   i.e.is to move in  within a  month.
Mitchell Sends Reply
To Coal Mine Open
Newspaper Veteran Dead.
Grand Rapids, .Mich., March 19.���
Willis Hail Turner, general manager
of the Grand Rapids Herald, died today from paralysis. He was bom in
is.",.", in South Bend, Indiana, became
editor of die Jackson Michigan Patriot in 1890, and iu 1898 became manager of the Grand Rapids Evening
Press,  In   1895     Mr,  Turner'assumed
the managemeni of the Chicago Journal and became president of tbe Chicago City Publishers' association.
Later he published the St. Joseph
Press nnd ihe Memphis Scimitar,
AbOUl a year ago he returned to
Grand   Rapids.
Indianapolis, ind.. March 18.���President John Mitchell seni tlie reply of
the anthracite miners to tlie operators
in it disappointment it- expressed
that ihe operators declined to give
consideration to the demands of the
minors nnd suggests that another conference be held before April 1.
Operators   Disagree.
l-'our hundred bituminous coul operators, representing the central com-
pttltlve firms consisting of Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania met today at the Claypool hotel.
!'. L. Robhins called lhe meeting to
order   and   announced   that   wiiile   he
had been misunderstood and misrepresented, he believed it best that lie
retire as chairman of the operators,
a ml  ho  asked  to  be  relieved.     Somo
n the operators opposed Mr. Robbing,
il   is  said,  because of  his  views on .1
settlement  with the miners,
.'.. II. Winder accordingly was elect-
id chairman, and will he the leader of
the operators in the joint conferences
with tlie niiners. Mr. Winder is president of the Sunday Creek Coal company, the second largest bituminous
ptoducing concern in the country. The
opening session was behind closed
Federation In  Secret Session.
Washington. 11. C, March 19.���The
executive council of lhe American
Federal ion of Labor begun a several
days' secret session here today. All
ihe members of the council except
President Mitchell, of the I'nited Mine
Workers, are present.
It is Understood Hint among tlie suh-
i. et.-. io be discussed is the controversy between 'be union printers and
lhe Typothetae of the several cities.
Whether or not the council will take
up th" cal mining question could not
la  ascertained,
School Children Injured.
Haverhill, Mass.. March 19.���The
manual training school iu this city is
in flames and lhe lire is spreading to
tlie Whlttler annex of ihe high school.
ll is reported that many children are
Protects Jews.
Pavlograd, Russia, March 19.���A
I reclamation has been issued by the
governor-general announcing that any
i 'tempts against the property of lives
ol Jews will be mercilessly suppressed.
Subject of Investigation Worries Himself to the Suicide Stage.
Buffalo. N. v.. .March l'ii.���Charles
IP., l.e lie. warrant clerk In the city
comptrollers olllce shot and killed
hilpself  yesterday   morning.
Woi ey ov.r a demand by Mayor
Adam for his suspension some lime
ago is said In have caused Mr. Lylleto
Be his life, i ��m positive there Is
nothing tviong wilh   I.tile's accounts,"
Vftgld Depiiit coinpirojJer SeereJter In
flweiissing ihe tragedy.
British Foreign Office Sees Settlement
at Algeciras.
London, March 19.���In tlie opinion
oi the foreign office here, the basis of
an agreement on lhe .Moroccan question will be reached at tomorrow's
session of lhe conference at Algerlcas
This igreement will be bnsed on a
modification  Of Hie German  demands
with respect  to   the   police,    while
France wlll concede part of what she
has been asking for in regard to the
Moroccan Bun system.
International   Railway,    and    Toronto
Company Have Plans.
Buffalo, N. Y.. The News today saj.s
lhe International Railway company,
of Ibis city and the Toronto company
intend to erect n new bridge across
the Niagara river below Niagara
Fulls. The first sieps will lie taken In
Albany tonight when a bill will be
Introduced in the senate and assem-
b'y incorporating    the    trans-Niagara
Bridge company, oapltal $i,ooo,ooo.
Avalanche     Imprisons    Six    Hundred
Men and  Many Among Them
Are Dead.
Ouray, Colo., March 19.���It ls feared that at least twenty miners have
lost their lives in the snowslides which
cut off from all outside communications t'.Ol) miners employed in tlie various minus within a radius of twenty
miles from Ouray.
The exact number of dealhs will not
lie known for days.
As many as twenty-five miners are
completely  isolated.
Tlie damage may  reach $1,000,000.
D. Grossman has bought out tho
Collard stock of Gents furnishings at
a very low figure.
Forty-six Thousand Discontented Min-   gritish   Bark  Daylight  Reaches  Desti-
ers  Menace  the  Peace nation    After    Many    Days   of
In  France. Wandering  at  Sea.
Lenz, France, March 19.���Troops
have arrived here to be ready for any
eventualities which arise as a result
if the miners' strike.
About 46,000 men nre now mil on
strike nnd are parading the towns
carrying red flags.
Several minor collisions have taken
The miners' federation will meet tomorrow to consider the questions of
declaring a general strike.
Magistrate Corbould  Deals With  Man
Who   Drove   Horse   Ovei
New York, March 19.���A cablegram I On complaint of P. .1. Collins, who
received by the Standard Oil company i was run down by a horse driven by
today announced the arrival at Vok-1 James Buckley on the approa. I. lo the
kaichi, Japan, of the long overdue market wharf Friday afternoon, the
British bark Daylight, which sailed | latter was summoned before Magi*
from New York for the Orient more
I ban  _u0 days ago.      She had    been
Heavy   Financial   Crash.
Moscow,   March   19.���D.   &   A.  Res-
torgueff, brothers, the largest tea merchants In Russia, have fnlled for $13,-
trate   Corbould   this   morning   on   a
 ^^^^^ charge ot fast  driving.    Ills worship
spoken when 31 days out of New i Imposed a fine of $2.50 and costs,
York but no word of nny kind had I which was paid by Buckley, who pro-
been received from her until the cable' mised to be more careful In the future,
announcing her safe arrival was re- Collins alleged that the team ran
celved today. TIiq Daylight has a I him down, nnd that after the accident
cargo of oil, and carried a crew of 33 | Huckley drove away ln great haste
men. ' without stopping to Inquire as_ to
 -mj  whether his victim was seriously In-
Portal, Sask., March 18.���One hun- juted or not. In Imposing tho fine, the
dred carlonds of settlers' effects from magistrate cautioned Buckley about
the United Slates passed through here I reckless driving, especially in crowd-
on Frldny.                                                I ed places like the markot. THE DAILY NEWS
Rev. J. S Henderson Concludes the Prodigal Son and
Elder Brother Series���Rev. T. Wardlaw Taylor, M.A.,
Ph. D., Rev. M. L. Rugg, D.D., Rev. W. H. Barra-
clouffh and Rev. A. J. Brace Give Christian Instruction.
. Ri , .1. s. Henderson, Pastor.)
Hot. J, s. Henderson had tor liis
subject I.isi evening "What Makes
the Angels Glad," the lasi of a Berles
he has been preaching for a number of
weeks on the "Prodigal Son and llis
I,bier Brother." Luke L6:10���"Like-
vi.,.- i say unto you, there is Joy ln
ii,, pii .-in.��� .ii the angels ol ilod over
one sinner that repenteth."
It   was a  Strange audience to tt hoin
these words  were addressed,    Pubii-
ii ns were the non church going class
oi that day. Tbey worshipped In
neither temple or synagogue. Either
through ii religion and wilful scepticism or in disgust wilh the empty
formalism and palpable hypocracy of
the Scribes and Pharisees they bad
lorinaih  abandoned all  religious life.
the beloved  missionary  Paul.    When cruel  rush  which  makes "the  bread
to Mr.   Newton the dissipated  English I ol  toil'   synonymous   Willi   "the   bread
sailor  becomes an  oarnesl   Christian ot Borrows?" The divine blessing does
worker.    When John   B.   (lough the nol depend    upon   our   speed.    "He
urunken wretch of the gutter b .me.-- siveth to  liis beloved  in sleep."    if
tin   greatest dramatic   orator of the there is one national sin above an-
century   leading    thousands    front   In- Other In our own day, it   is oul   haste
temperance to sobriety,   The angels t.   get rich. We are more concerned
are glad;   thej   know the power  tor with expansion than with true pros
good of a magnetic, positive holy life, perlty; with the realization of our re-
Once  more the angels are  glad   be- BOUTCes  than  with  the  foundations of
cause   the  true   penitent  escapes   the national  life.    The cltj   of flftj   thou-
dread consequences of sin and secures Mind   Is   "boosting"     tor   the   hundred
eternal life,   sin lias consequences to thousand, thai of a hundred thousand
in   dreaded.    Revelation    makes thai for the half-million, regardless of the
as plain as the sun at  noon, and son
silence nnd experience verifies the
word. The though! of future punishment for the wicked which the bible
reveals is enough to make' an earth-
eiiai.e of terror In every man's soul.
Do not forget thai It was the Christ
fact thai  tin' uverage   happiness   is
I Ms likeness." How oft. n men fell
sborl of Ihat to which they aspired
Men and women lived in a good world
a beautiful and happy world, In spile
oi  whal  sonic- said  to the contrary,
and   in   spite   ol   all   the   world's   evil
ami strife. Yc mankind was dls-
Eiitlsfled  witli    ii-  artificiality.    Life
was largely ai tlflclal  when one looked
. iie.cth   the   surface.     Pass   into   the
WOOdS  and   ui.'ti   Ihoughi   it   beauty;   a
beautiful rose bung Invitlnglj upon a
bush.. The hand outstretched to grasp
P.   closed   upon   a   thorn.     We     threw
ourselves down upon the Inviting
green sward, and touched the stinging
i ettle. The i i  said:   "Faithful are
lhe wounds ol a friend." bul how of
ten did the friend pour in brine in
stead of oil, and acid Instead of wine.
Men were dissatisfied In nol attaining the ideal which they in the rosy
lush of \.mtli set before themselves,
and gave up In despair when thej
found   they   were   striving   after     the
unattainable. "If I could only live my
life over again." was a common expression, bin life was lived hut once
and soon the door of opportunity was
.���hut. Success came to most men only
when the power of enjoyment wns
gone tor ever, Rockfeller had gained
his   millions   but   his   power   lo   enjot
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greater in the small than in  the large   them   wns a  thing of the  past   and  he
city,    greater  in    New   Westminster  wouldgladly.lt   possiblechangeitaia   i
in Vancouver, greater In Van
���r than iu New York. Fortunes
be limited but  the ratio of com
fort   is   high,   the  percentage "of   pov-
viio left   the glory  yonder and  Bhed erty und  degradation  low
With   ex-
Sinners  were Ilie outcasts of society,   bis  heart's  blood  to redeem  sinners;   1 ansioii one may climb but a hundred
Hie   class   thai      had      fallen   into   the   who   said   of   those   remaining   in   un-   Sm���.  We. however, think  nol  of these!"
depths  Of  sin,     sunken   in   sensuality   belief   "They   shall   not   see   life,   1ml   things,  Virtually  our cry  is,  "Let   the
���and vice. the   wroth   of  Cod   abidelh   on   them."
Together     they     represented   the] It Is the loving Jesus of manj  tears
would gladly If it were possible change
places with the laborer who worked
at his task all day and went home
tired to ids cottage borne at night to
oat his frugal nioni and retire to
peaceful rest. There was not enough
this   world   to   give   perfect    satisfaction.   Man   naturally   and   insllnct-
bundred lake care of themselves, but i Ively reached bul after something in
bring them in that  1 may have an op-  the distance anil the present  life was
lapsed masses of the day, lapsed from and sorrows over sinners who tells us, ponunity to rise even as others have but 11 preparation for the life beyond.
decencies and   proprieties of all [ of the "worm thai never dies and the done." nationally and individually the Men  were not  satisfied  with attain-
real   gains  of  life  do  not   depend   on''men!. The   speaker   pilled   the   young
must   be   permitted   lo! the deeper he enters Into uoa's wui, me favorite style of Christ wl
,\ist a momenl longer than it is pos- the more he takes hold ���f ('.ml. the preaching was the easj eonvei ..-
slble tor us to make explanation.         more power in prayer." manner. Introducing simple bul ap
���If   I   regard   Iniquity   In   mj   heart.      "When  and   whore  shall   ��  pray- lustrations from  nature thai   tt,.,   .
Cod   will   nol   hear."  Therefore,   if  wo   urn ask. Always and everywhere.    To eee.llnglt    effective.      The   pniab
hate failed and. sinning, grieved  Him,   | rav   without   ceasing   will   require  no the  sower   demonstrated   elcnrlt    ....
lei us lirst bring our sins ami failures more effort than breathing when one ous phases of rellgtous experience Ti...
Ui   Hint   -All   those  things   which     arc   ll    has   become   as   necessary   to   our seed thai   fell  upon the wayside.,
oul   of   harmony     with     the     Divine  spiritual   life.   Lift   up   your   heart   to Banted   the   hearts  that   are  hai.b
friendship,- and  ask  Him  to  pardon Cod any-mere when a need presents with  sin  and  preocoupted  by  t
us and  restore us lo favor.                        Itself.   Uraw   near   unto   Him     in   the things.      The   strong   ground
Whal   sincere    pledges    we    would   privacy   of  your   own   heart   and
make to an earthly friend, thai  such  Talk- with  Him heart  to heart,
mistakes   shall   not   again   occur.   Let       Best   Of   all.   begin
the dat
His compassion was so great. His
ira.e was magnetic, in soul hunger
they came to hlm for bread. Weary
and heavy laden they came for rest.
When the Pharisees murmured al
him for receiving sinners, he hung ii).
these three pictures and said: "Look
al   that       Divine  love   does  Ihat  for
poor lost sinners." .lust us the shepherd rejoiced over the finding of his
lost   sheep,     .lust  as  the  woman  was
UF not fail to make like earnest protestations  to  our  Kingly   Friend.
True friendship can only be maintained when there Is perfect confidence. Let us come boldly and confidently, assured that God will hear ns
v. hen wc come. Draw near to Cod,
and wo have His promise, thai He
will draw near to us.
Pray simply and trustfully as a Utile child; believing that you have on
1. to ask and He will give. Ask bountifully, for,���true friend that  He is,���
social life.   To them Jesus was singu- bre that is unquenched.'
lark  attractive     There    was  such  a      The  doctrine of future  punishment   these   things   and   our   very   haste   to' man   who   was   satisfied,   such   a   one
ring of genuineness aboul   his words. Ms not to he regarded as a threat, but   seize them will but  defeat  our efforts.  U'OUld not Stand as a man among men.
a- a merciful declaration. If in the Even where il is outwardly sue- but as a pigmy among giants. The
ocean of life over which we are cessful a life of snatching, BtruggUng, Christian's hope was to attain some
bound to eternity there are these fghtlng toil is really a failure. Its high standard of life, but by some
rocks and shoals, it is no cruelty to '-'!'i,ls "re balanced by terrible losses. I mischance he often fell pitifully short
char! them down; it is an eminent Smitten by its own great unrest, it of the standard he bad sel for him-
und  prominent  mercy. can not  enjoy  peace.  Hardened by its   'elf,   then   came  disconragineiit,    and
Tbe  angels   know   lhe   elements   of   struggles  il   has  lost   the  capacity  to  ''  sense of failure. The weaver it  was
retribution  entering  into  the  experl-  relish   the  things  won.  Weary  hands  eald oftentimes did not  see his work
aud jaded brains find only disappoint- until it was complete, and just had to He alwH-vs delights to help, to give,
raenl in long-soughl pleasures. Vis- work along and follow the pattern, '" l,1(>ss- ^ -V(,"r requests cover the
Ions of youth vanish. The power to '""I K" " would he with many people, whole range of your needs. ClrCUm-
pppredate the good, the true, the 'bey would not see the results of their Blances, Plans, desires and longings.
beautiful may be lost. Even faith It- Past years until they were taken off I H��" s>,ecinc ln ���vo"1' Petitions. Ask for
self may  fail  when the strain is too  the loom of life.    The time of satis- lcve am'  P��tience    and    self-control.
sore, the life too busy. The man may  faction would c< ��� for the Christian Asl(  f(>r guidance    in your business.
gain the world only to lose his soul.  *hen he could look upon the face or  ttlSl1""' "' your dealing with others
Work  without  res!   is moral as well   the Christ. "I  shall  be satisfied  when   ;'"'   ln  "'��'"'":-' >"'"'  family.  Ask  for
I  awake  in    llis  likeness,"    satisfied   v:,""-v "Vl'r *""' and your old beset-
ting sins,    und power    to serve    tin-
face;   salisfied    because of   KillK and  '"' "'  ''"'  highest service.
life wlthoul an admixture of sin, and  A'k  f'"'  more (,r Christ's  sympathy
satisfied   because    of  an   eternity    of,""'  the  Buffering  and   sorrowing  and
bliss  whh  the  loved  ones  who  bad  Mm,i"K- more "f His gentleness t k-
ence  of  the secontl  death, and   when
by  grace a  soul  is made  fit  for  the
companionship of heaven they strike
glad  when  her money  was recovered.   I'teir  harps  of gold  and   rejoice   with
As the father rejoiced over the return joy unspeakable and full of glory.
ol  llis erring son.    So there is joy  in I     close     Ibis     series      Willi      two
heaven over the return of lost sinners, thoughts.     No  on��     is     beyond   hope
1 have seen pastors rejoice as those bere.   No mailer how black the sin or
lo whom  they  preached,    over  whom how far you have gone in a course of
thej  prayed,    tor   whom their souls crime.
yearned,   were     saved.     1   have   seen       "There   Is   nierct   witli   Ihe   Suvious.
parents thrilled with joj over the re- There is healing In His blood." Paul
turn ot some erring member of the -aid, "Aftei me, anyone." The bridge
famll 1 have seen friends in rap- thai carries Hie elephant is safe for
tun when some dear one was broughl Lhe mouse. The Christ of (his parable
bach to Cod. But who .an .conceive can "save to the uttermost."
the ecstacy of the angdi uh< a a pro- It is Christlike to seek and save the
dlgal comes bad: lo the hwl and lost. The ideal life i.s missionary; il
home of God. goes oul    to    Belf-sacrlficlng    service
Wht do they rejoice?   What makesUIter the lost, and rejoices over their
the angels glad?   Onlj   three   times recovery.
are we told of the angels rejoicing. Dickens in one of liis works tells of
When the worlds were created and :l big- burly, honest sailor who set.
sent careering through space, the out from his boat house on Yarmouth
"sons of God sang together." It was shore in search of his lost Emily,
ti triumph of His wisdom and power. When we feel about lost men and
When .lestis was bom in Bethlehem' women as lie did for Emily, seek as
the angels were so glad over Ibis new earnestly, perseveringly, and lovingly
evidence of love and grace that, thoy as he did, our search will be reward-
1 roke  through  the    thin   veiling  be- Ml.
tween  the  seen and   Hie  unseen  and      Nay  rather when like the Christ in
.-.ung  "Glory   to God   in   the  highest, our  passion for men we shrink  from
and on earth peace, good will toward no Gethsemane or Calvary  w-f shall Strength to en.
men."    And  when a  poor  waif conies  return "bringing our sheaves with us."  ;"'ce ale  Klvon ^hem.
shrinking  hack to the Father's home, ��� ���
a    physical suicide. For that  rest  the
great   requisite    is  self-control.    The  because  permitted  to  look  upon  the
power of a man to possess himself. It  Master's
i.- always hard  for a   man    to  work
villi all    his Btrength, yet   maintain
st rift limits against the encroaohment
of   the   engrossing   interests     of   bus-   B< 'it   before
ii.ess and the world. It is only the
man  who keeps leisure to stand aside
from the turmoil, who beholds above
men. One ceaselessly working, never
slumbering, yel always resting. He, ii
is who learns at once the greatness
and   tlie   littleness  of  his  own   work.
(Rev. w. II. Barrowclough, Pastor.)
Text:   "Draw  nigh   lo Cod,  and   lit
will   draw   nigh   to   you"���.lames! :S.
"My   voice  shall  thou   hear  in  the
ncss and humility, in a wind more of
tlie   spirit   and   mind     of   the   Master.
: And  asking.  Relieve    thai  God   win
answer  your  requests.
Bui   don't    permit   selfishness.���one
.i the vert- things which your abiding
friendship with Chrlsl should remove
lai   from   you,���to   enter     Into     your
life, emotional characters who lack depth.
Tlie thorny ground  is likened to the
with   tares  of  the   world  and   lUe  d.-c.i :
ness ol  riches thai outgrow and chok.
"There Is no more encouraging fact   the seed. The good ground exemoliflet
lr ihe life of the church al the pres- the prepared receptiveheart.reverentli
,m  time than    the increase   iii the Blncere and ready for the good ...
number of Christians who observe the that shall develop and multiply munj
morning  watch."  says  John   11.   Motl,   fold.
(he greal V. M. ('. A. leader. "This fro,i ii. Smith, V. M C. A. travel-
tendency is most marked among sin Ijng secretary, Saturday evening, ii,
dents iii all parts of the world. By Vancouver, made a fervid appeal foi
lhe observance of the morning watch normal1, sensible, rational Cbrlstiai
b. commonly meant the spending of thai touches and appeals to mei
al least the lirst halt bonr of every opposed to the seventh heaven brand
day alone with Cod In personal do- professed by many lo the detriment
votlonal  bible study  and  prayer." of  the  cause  of  Christ.     This   :
The   World-Wide   Endeavor   move kind  Christ  preached and offered to
menl lias one department called "The every man.
Comrades of the Quiet   Hour." whose      Speaking of spiritual preparation foi
fledge is as follows: lh(,   s,,(.,.   whl(.h   j,   lh,,   wlnd  , .
"Trusting in   the   Lord   .lesns  Christ    pa���,   addressing Christians  sat..      )-
lor  strength.  I   will  make  it   the  rule   ���,.,. ,.,���.���..    husbandry,"    the    0
of my life to sot apart as least fifteen reading interprets this, "God's
minutes everj day. If possible In the iam> ���    very suggestive of the
early   morning,  for  quiet   meditation oughneas of religious experience en.
and direct communion with God."       joined by the Master
Begin tne Day Right. .��� ,1|(. ,,,xl llu, ,���.���,,������,,,  Rosea
It   is lu  the morning   we  need  pray-   tacking   the   Idolatrj    Of   Israel    .
..   the  most.  Though,  unfortunately,  he declares is splriaial    prostll
many are like the little boy who pray- and  issues the command', "Break ap
ed only at  night, because he could, as   your   fallow  ground "     Fallow
he  said,    take  can   of  himself during   in   the   farmer's  domain,   we  knot'   I
the day." experience is ground that  wai
"Cause me to hear thy loving kind- cultivated bul now In a state of bai
toss   In    lhe    morning.'    said    David,   icnness     and      requiring     syl
king of   Israel.   And   lie-  could   toll   us,   working witli  plow,  harrow and  fertll
lhal   if he had always entered Into-tier.    Consequently,  the message ol
converse with Cod in the early morn-   ihe  texi   Is  to  backsliders���they  who
it  is in  the silences of life that  men   morning. 0 Lord;  in the morning will
listen to "the still small  voice" never   I direct my prayer unto Thee and will
beard amid the tumult of the world., look up."���Psalms ,",:!!.
Il is In the quiet hours that faith   is:    No friendship   can lie   perpetuated
II   has  heen
Do  not   pray    for    yourself  l,,s'  aml   ,hlls  gathered   strength   for   have  known of the  grace and  rflercj
"There is joy in the presence of the
Because true repentance culminates
in redeemed character.. \so Boon as
the spirit of Cod awakens a man he
becomes profoundly impressed with
lhe depravity, guilt and danger of sin.
and longs to be free from lis power,
polution nail punishment    In such a
(Rev. T.  Wardlaw Taylor,  M.  A..  Ph.
D., Minister.)
Psalm 127:-: "So lie givelh to His
beloved  in sleep."
The world is in a hurry today, and
nowhere is the rush of life more apparent   than  in  a  new  country.  In an
nourished  and  strengthened  that  she  without   intercourst
may  carry  her  peace  even  into    the   pleasure    to    liken
time of stress and conflict. God giveth which we sustain to Christ, as a!
10 His beloved in sleep High hopes friendship, a regal friendship with the
and    lofty    visions    come    to    them. [ King.
dure aud faith lo re- And if we nre anxious to have this
friendship continuous, we will find
To the soul that maintains leisure our highest joy in holding intercourse
|t.i come apart from the thronging; with Him, and in serving him.
('uties of life and hold communion Therefore, take time to pray. Every
with God, it matters not whether the moment spent with God makes more
material gains of life are great or \ real and abiding the friendship,
small. God, himself gives that power "But," you say, "do you not mlsun-
ot enjoyment, which finds large bless- derstand the true character of prayings even in narrow surroundings, the er? Prayer Is the expression of the
contented  heart  which  knows how to   soul's needs."
Rejoice in the privilege of interceding for others. In this you enter Into
the life and work of the King, whose
' j friendship you enjoy,
the   relationship     ,,,   .   ���   ,,
First of all:  Prat- for your
bound even amid poverty. He who You are right in this; Prayer is the
state of mind the soul turns to ChrlBt o'd and overcrowded land the struggle ('1"1 Perforn] nis dally tasks in quiet soul's appeal, its cry for help. But,
as naturally as the flower turns to for existence is keener, but life is ''ppendence upon God, will find that j into whose ear is it. poured, bul into
the sun, and faith In Him results in held in worn ruts and industry moves llis hous" 1h indeed built of the Lord, j the ear of God. who is your Father
pardon ami purity. Beholding we are along beaten paths. In the new, op- '""4 Bi" llW('n "Murely kepi by His! and Friend'.'
changed Into his image. Repentance portunltj opens upon every hand. '"ve'
becomes transformed Into holiness.       Larger possibilities summon  men toi
As  In   nature    some    of    our  most   BTeal   efforts.   Undeveloped   resources
beautiful flowers are developed from challenge every worker to yel  more
-i tenuous toll, luring him on wllh
visions of a limitless reward. Patriot-
> ni and pride reinforce ambition or
Bre id, Easily, almost Inevitably, life
'��� ecomes reverisli in its activity, while
the mind is narrowed by concentration upon material things nnd hardened by the contemplations of materia  the warning
common  weeds, and. some of our most
luscious apples the    transformed off.
hprlng of ihc common crate,    So in
��1 ace  saints are ni-i I ��� oul  of sinners,
nnd a  new paradise of Cod out of tlie
wilderness of the    world,   only   lei
Christ int.. the life, and the lowest are
lifted, ami the morallt deformed take
on  a   grace and  symmetry  which  tell   '"'   triumph,  nowhere
the touch of a master hand.    These
Victories of grace fill  (he angels with
Again They are glad because true
repentance issues in sanctified influence.
We all have Influence, ll is Inseparable from existence. Its effects are
as penetrating as ointment. Its pre-
t'.encc as manifest  in every life as the
I Bet. M. L. Rugg, D. I)��� Pastor.I
At the Olivet Baptlsl church
light Rev. Dr. Rugg's theme
' Satisfied."    He    took    for bis
Prayer    is     conversation    with    a
friend.   In   which     we  unburden    our
hearts,    tell our experiences,    ask  for
advice  and   assistance,   and   listen   to
His  words of comfort and counsel  In
|ilSl   return, In which we discuss lhe inter-
was  <'s|s we have In common. "There are
text no Interests which are In common between Christ and us," you say. Don't
make any mistake, my friend. Christ
gave Himself for our welfare and advancement,  in  speaking to  His dls-
elides   He   said:    "Greater   love   bath
no man than  this.    Hint a  man    lay-''*'1 '"' V0"r oarnoh,t Importunate)
Psalm xvii; 16, " I shall In- satisfied
when I awake In his likeness," Cerium peculiarities marked certain families. Some wore conspicuous for their
( size, some for their beauty, some for
of the psalmist needed more than in 'heir intellect. Ag it was ln the tern-
our own land and in our own day. Moral, so It was in the spiritual realm
It was first spoken lo new settlers. i,nd men and women who had been
'! lie remnant of Israel had come hack redeemed could grow into the Uke-
fiom the captivity. Jerusalem was ness of the Lord Jesus Christ by
1 rising from its ashes. Behind the growing in goodness, In purity, and
psalm we can feel something of the bi righteousness. Lives of men were
fierce energy thai prolonged the 'ihe a piece of canvass on which the
labors of the .lay, rising early and artist tried to depict his own Ideas,
lolling late. We can almost hear the he strove and yet was not satisfied
leven that swells Hie meal. Every rln8 of trowel and hammer, the creak because of something lacking. David,|vitally concern us, If wo deserve the
utterance, every action Is linked to a "' the Windlass and the cries of the although a great king could not have name of friend, and will furnish an-
chain of sequences no mortal can fore- workmen. We can well understand the all the blessing and enjoyment, he
tell. Influence is born with us like ' Md'ation which marked the houses wanted, His life -was one of suffering,
flre in the tlinl; walks with ug; rebuilt, the temple restored, the walls he knew what it was to be nn out-
liashes from the eye; radiates' from US ' epalred. Upon those walls we see fast, and although he was In a posl-
like Ilghl from the sun. 'be watchmen  pacing    their    rounds,I "on to gratify almost  all his desires
and those who seem to delight to annoy you and wound your feerings.
"Pray for my enemies? Impossible!"
you say. "And what good would ii do
If I did?"
What have you accomplished by
holding resentment and laying plans
for retaliation? You have only made
more bitter their enmity. You have
only beconfa more conscious of I lusting of the poisoned arrow, and increased their power to injure you.
Put yourself beyond them by rising,
above it, and make them your friends
by returning kindness for hnkindness.
Vou will thus gain the victory over
yourself and your enemies as well.
Resentment nnd haired kills, but not!
so surely tho object of hatred, as Unfile who cherishes hatred In his heart
Bul, above all, fi should bo reared ho-
c.iuse it effectually bars uh out from
Hie friendship of Him  who said of
llis  enenili*:     "Father,   forgive  them
for they know nol  what  they do."
Pray   for   your   on.'inies   lhal   diet
may he i..,i t��� (,|���.n their hearts to
tlie entrance of lhe  King,
Pray for the unsaved, the lernpt.il
and sinning ones around us. 'Pake
t.otne one, and make that one the snh-
lite day, there are some sad and awful pages ln bis histery thai would
never have  been   writ ten.
Strength, wisdom, guidance, how
each new day calls for a renewal of
these. If wo entered into compact
with Cod in the morning, il would
help us over main a rough place and
give us the victory in many a conflict
with slu, and brighten and broaden
our lives.
A sweet unknown singer has beautifully expressed I Iris thought:
"Oh, speak to me In the morning,
Lord of my every  day.
Thou  arl   my  great   Director
As I pass lo lhe bidden way.
If I  hear Thy  voice In (he morning
I  open  the  day  with  sons;
Forth shall I go to conquer
Thy     presence     shall     make     ine
You tell me you are too busy;  that
your circumstances    will  not  permit;
that   you   cannot   secure   the   privacy
I  am  well   aware  lhal   tills  western
land    presents    peculiar    difficulties
that are hard to overcome, s But
If you are busy. you ceiialnly
nee'd Mil' counsel of (lod more
than     at     any     other     lime.        And
lr    Vou     t lly     hunger    nnd    thlrsl
.oi fellowship with your trnest Friend,
ton will find ii way, even though lt
defies all previous custom am! method.
dfiwn his life for his friends." And
then He follows with the assurance
"Ye are My friends." There is no
doubt that all that concerns our happiness and wellbelng ls of common
Interest to ourselves and the Master.
And that Is not all. The mission of
our Friend, the Christ, to this earth,
und Ills plan of world redemption wlll
Who can measure the Influence for v'nilant against tiie hostile bands ol
evil of a cultured) bad man. How 810hallal ami bis confederates. It
many souls have been smitten to vas " Bfeat day for Israel and yet It
death by Voltaire's '.ollsbel slriltg of waK " 'lay when the people were 1*
Infidelity. Think of the evil influonco 'lunger of losing all that was best In
which like deslructlve waves have'their new life. Then it was the
lolled from the writing, of Hume and ! 1 wilmlst cried his warning,
Genuine repentance works a complete change In the hear! and life,
when iho evil Influence of a bad life
ii destroyed   and   a   holy influence
lakes its place tin   angels arc glad.
When the persecuting Saul becomes]
Vain, ho says, Is all life which does
not repose on God, Where Is tbe neud
for all the haste, and bualle, and
worry? Apart from God's blessing
tet rength, skill, and diligence are
fruitless.. The results of all labor are
Ir   His  hands.    Then   wherefore  this
In. found the most heartbreaking anguish In his own home circle. Many
men after their hard day's work fled
to home as to a haven of refuge
where tlie day and its enres could be
���ell forgotten, while others truly found
no satisfaction as their greatest enemies   were   those of their own hotiRo-
Other common bond of Interesl. Prayer Is conversation with the Friend,
in which we plan our work In Its
every detail, thinking nothing too
small lo talk with Hlm iibout; and,
watting for   ills suggestions   gather
fresh courage from HIh promise: "l/i!
I am wllh you always, even unto the
This Is my conception of the real
character and  value of prayer.
But, In lhe first place, let uh see
to II  that  there Is nothing which has
hold,   so It was   with    David.    Then  rf>me  between  us.  Antl  11  there  has,
irs, And do not give up until that one
la led to forsake sin and turn to God.
Pray for God's children that they
maj lie led to see their prtvllego and
responsibility I  tlmi  they may bo en-
jiihii.fi lo concentrate themselves entirely to God. Then wait, on Gmt until
| He HendH  the Spiritual  baptism  upon
, them.
Pray ror tlie extension of the Kingdom of God iti the uttermost iiouncis
of the earth. Pray for Ood'B blessing
Upon all agencies which are working
lo this end, both near and at hand
and tar off. Pray for the salvation fif the heathen, ami ihe missionaries who are laboring amongst
them. Pray for the Baptism or tho
.Spirit  upon the whole great Hold.
But In this Intercession for others,
he specific nlso. Choose out some Individual, aonio cause, Homo mission
field, and pray until you receive a definite answer to your appeal.
You  desire moro power In   prayer.
of Cod ami have hecme apathetic and
indifferent to the Claims of divine
in tlie first place, personal obligation and responsibility   is   inf.ti'
"Break up your fallow ground." Tht'
command Is singularly striking ami
scouts at once Ilie thought thai, the
grace of God comes to men who sll
awaiting some spectacular and dramatic demonstrating as in Aesop's fable
the frog sat wilh open mouth waiting
for files to come his way. Cod ells-
penses his saving grace tn no such deluded victim of spiritual laziness. Individual personal preparation must !�����
actively carried on when as true ro-
pentance suggests the plow Is put Into
tht! fallow ground and the hard grnuni!
of sin Is broken. The surgeon's knife
Hi pal'nfUl, hut necessary for the removing of Hie cancer. Tbe breaklS.
ot the fallow ground and of the bear!
may be painful, lull lt is absolutely
necessary. The cancerous roots of
sin must he-cut opt. There musl be:1
real  crucifixion  of tbe  old   man  wdtti
his d Is.     "He that   wiliest   lo know
shall know of ihe docirine." Beecher
said, "An effortless religion is ge""1
enough for angels, but not for mortal
men Svlth God given will power more
powerful by Un- abundant   grace   o!
In the second place, the praotlt ���
reason Is clearly outlined���"for It ls
I hear some one say, "Tills message (time to set* the Lord that He '"">
I' too mystical, I do not believe in C(mu, im(1 ,..-tgn righteousness up""
mere sentiment, In feeling, In singing Vou. God practices no coercion. I""
and praying. Religion to me Is a life patiently and lovingly appeals I""
of work and service-." Ah, my friend ' ,dainty says. "Ye shall seek f"t M9
you make a great mistake If you sup- anu find Me when ye search tor M��
lose the Hptiitiml Christian is not tho'wuf, all your heart."
working Christian, If you suppose that | Confidently the blessing is prom��
a  man can work successfully for God, I ���f when tho simple conditions of per-
without gathering power and wisdom(gonal renunciation are compiled wl"''
fmm Oo,]- Tho     Wise      farmer      plows     BD��
"You may    work without    praying.: k���wb regularly and systematically a"""
bul you cannot pray wlthoul working,"  (l0es not wait till the pangs of hunger*
said   Rev.  .1.   Hudson  Taylor,  the or-  press him to more work.   Regular sys-
vanlzer  or  the  great     China     Inland! tcmntlc   communion   with   lhe   ChrU]
M'����lon. ! ftm, HlB WOT_ W|��� nlonc Keep the soul
Prayer and work go hand In band. | In good condition.
Will you not,   my   dear   friend,   com-      "Man shall nol live by bread nl"1"*'
mence the new day with God and live  but by every word    that,    proceeded!
It    the    enjoyment
of    Ills    eternal
gain David found In himself an .<'un-! ever so small a thing, lt  will lie the ��ou tel1 mp' Thon l"""* th��l XOU may
*      i .. ... . . I,-,,-., i.
'ant source of dissatisfaction, and all ' '��'  matter of discussion  when again
' Is glory and his conquest but as dust wo meet.
���ml   ashen.   No  wonder   he   said:     "I There    must   be    no secret a    aparl
Shall   be  satisfied   when   I   nwake   In 'r'"n our Hue Friend. And no nilsun-
have lt.
"Prayer has Ita power In Ooel
alone," Kays Andrew Murray, "The
nearer n  man comes to Cod himself,
(Uev. A. .1. Brace, Pastor.)
In the Wes! End Mothodlst church
last evening iho pastor, Rev. A. J.
Brace spoke on "The Spiritual Farmer," taking for his text, "Break up
your fallow ground ,ror II Is time, to
sock the lxird till He como nnd rectify righteousness upon you," Hosoa
fiorn the mouth of God..'
Sawmill Changes Ownership.
The Georgetown sawmill nt C',i"'^
town, neur Port Simpson, has psM
Into the hamlH of n syndicate, <���'""'
posed of S. M. Moon nnd C. W- P**
or the CiiBslar Packing company. ���
Pock, who until recently, was conneO'
ed with the firm of eUson & Hun""'
Vancouver, and W, T. Klt'gen, of P��r
Simpson, m
MONDAY,   MARCH   19,  1906
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Hon.   W.   Norman   Bole   Sits   on   Case
of Julian vs. Loss, McDonald
& Company.
Who also reviewed    the    evidence   at Piyp    lirtlllll    mini
length bAib OPIUM TRADE
His lordshop asked the learned coun- rillCCO   Tlir   lumrn
el If they would   desire   , written LAUotS   TIIE   HATRED
j idgmenl   as in  thai  case be would	
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B. C. Land
Cllard Block.   New  Westminster, B.C.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage  delivered    ].ron-.|iUy  to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 185.       Hum  Ftione U17
The ii.in. W. Norman Bole, ol
New Westminster, presided In the
i ouni.. court of Cariboo ai As!
last week and heard the case of Pratt,
assignee of Julian vs. Loss. Mili. i
.v: company.
The action was brought to recover
|1,  for detinue trover and damages sustained by reason of breach
of contract.
The evidence, tthich was vert vol.
umlnoua, aa the trial occupied two
days, Indicated that the defendants,
who are large railway contractors,
and who are al present engaged In
constructing the Nicola branch of the
c. P. it. made arrangements with
plaintiff Julian to clear and grade ti
miles   of   the   track, tin-   figure   for
grueling   nnd    clearing   to   he   settle.!
between the parties. Outside the
written document the defendants alleged thai Julian agreed to put a
number of teams and a large number
ol  men em  the work.    Julian    con>
, menced work with one team and
wagon and 18 men. The work was
prosecuted for about 17 (lays when
Mr.   McDonald   acting,   as   lie   alleges.
ill. pursuance of the verbal agreement
between Julian and himself, bul
Which clues not appear in the written
contract, put an end to the contract
Bummarlly and gave the contract iii
another man, at the same time talcing possession of Julian's camp outfit,
team and wagon, under the Idea
thai the right to do so was In
;'ti implied condition of tbe contract between himself and Julian,
though it was clear it formed no pur
tlon of the written or verbal contract.
On ibis point considerable discussion
nrose and the court ruled thai in absence of these conditions forming an
express  portion  of the contract   that
I tnere wns no evidence of any custom
In British Columbia thai would necessarily Imporl such a stringent condition into the contract and thai In selz-
: ing   these   goods   and   horses,   selling
I some of them, and making use of the
others, coul.i noi In the present case
he legally justified. The defendants
contended the plaintiff had cleared
but unsatisfactorily 2 1-2 acres of the
right-away. The plaintiff on Ihe other
hand alleged that he had perfectly
cleared 5 acres. There wns considerable difference of opinion between
the witnesses as to the value of the
goods taken and sold by defendant.
For instance a grindstone which
plaintiff valued at $3.00 was valued
by defendant's witnesses at 66 cents.
However, nearly all concurred In the
value of the team being $!io0.00.
\t the close of the rase T). Murphy
i ddressed the court at considerable
length for the defendants anil wus followed   by   Mr.   Mclntyre  for  plaintiff
I  '"   to   return   to   New   Westminster   Missionary    Gives    New    Version    of
where his llbrarj was before he could        Chinese rim.���..,   .   ,    .,
v,.imt:Ee Bitterness to Lcndon
"i "���  ludgment,  or  would they prefer
an  initnerti.it" Judgment  Blmply fixing a'ly News'
the respective liabilities of the pai
i it  giving  reasons.    The learned lot     i!arch   I       \  tenibl.   Im-
���1  both agreed the latter would    eachm , aea,,
b��  "'",.' ���'   ;'"���"'   '""'  �����  the
ownership of the horses was i itter
ol much Importance, '    "     Ba lh" ",;
Judgment  was according        end ' ' ::',! -t Reed   leer  $958.00  in   favor    of   plaintiff  menl   Lo tl :u
 I   Loss, M.
I'cinnl I   ,'.    Co.,   on   counter claim   foi
$514.00 .in.!  costs.
'"     ��� ... ...    I.y   iha
Hev.   In.   \|. \.  Ungman,  foi   twenty
e i n tii,. province ot
to    I'I:.'    I'aily
Xewi   ni...
"The demands iei exceptional prlvfr
'''-'������  thi . lalms r,,,- la-ge settlements
In   Ol.l   Courtship   I c.-Ice,i    lied   Villi
rrcwill-.   In   r.il.iiul.
A  .plaint oh!   superstition  Is to tin-.
day held i��� Poland t.. t fie,, .1,,.  '" ""' """" '""���'��� :li" concessions to
two lighted candies sel aiiont ou th.. foreigners, though giving Just cause-foil
river by two lovers will by their con complaint, .-.��� of consequently recent
duct feretell if ib.- course of trne love
win nm smooth or otherwise,
date and in in. wi.-,.. Bttppij ihe motive
bn the relentless hatred ot lhe pedplfl
against the foreigners, The an tie
forelgn feud ta also universal through"
out the nineteen provinces
"in every village, ,������ hamlet, how��>
. ver Isolated, ��here no forelgnei lias
The "lovers' candles" are launched
at a very pretty water fete that takes
place every summer on thai purl of the
Vistula which runs through Poland,   lt
commences  ut   sunset.   The river la
thronged   with   n   procession   of   little
boats  containing  masted   indies  nnd I
gentlemen.    Each  person   carries  twe
wreaths and two candles, the latter ever i><--.i seen before, there I have
representing the person carrying them   [oun(] .,���. nM |,|tter ,���,���,������,,���   th(j
and tlie object of his or her affections
They are lighted, fixed firmly in tin .''"""' -""""" &�� '�� everj ..titer part
ceutcr of the wreaths and laid side by ! of the empire, 'Foreign devil, we know
side in the water. Should they Boat all about you here. Look, there la
down  the river close  together It Is n
sign that their lives should be united !h" ";im" over "!'' ll""rs :"ld "" "W
Should they drift away from each olh ! windows. i
er It is a sign that the lovers will be     -"Foreign opium sold here'
parted,   and   should   they   only   drift
asunder for a little way und farther on
'The misery and degradation it
come together again it is a sign thai I breeds If whal the) know and all they;
tl,.. loved ones will only be parted foi know of the forelgnei . bul it ia
a time and all come right in tlie end
There is i uch method and order aboul  enough.   The thing pi i      u em.
th..  arrangement  of  this   processlou  P're, and with such dire consequences
The boats glide along ln rows, s ant   that the Chinese feel]   tilled ii   talc-
abreast and after ihe lirst row han  j���g  merciless rev mge . n tho     who.
pn.'...I their wreaths they move awaj
to the sides and the others come tor
ward in succession. The river is well
illuminated, and a large concourse ol
people assembles to watch ihe pro
��� 'ceilings. The scene 1* a charming on.
and reminds one more of fairyland
than of anything else.
ha ������'    how ii them no m
��� Foreign opium is the sto It v. blcB
iroduces seven-tenths ol the .tui-for-
elgn feeling i ml I it d; n possible
for the riot ami massacre which we so
much deplore
���'Chinese gentlemen will often pro*
lest   in  these words:
"'All the world knows the trade in
The   rrlre  Medal   Holder. ,      , .       . .      ,
First Athlete-Do you see that gen- "lllum ls ,"" a P��>��>nlng business.
tlcman yonder? He holds the largest! I!o,h >'"""�� il��" "ll1 l"'il* l"mo'1 hy
number of prizes find medals ever pos- \ It, it is nothing bul a poison you give
sesseil by any one man. Second Ditto join, taking their silver in return, thus
-What, that fellow? He doesn't look j H>avinK them Impoverished and with-
S bit like a champion.    First Ditto-It j (.,|(  .|bi|ily t|) ]1,mris��� ���,������
is Just as I tell  vou. though.    lie Is a;      , ,���,,      .,    ,    , ,       ,   , i,���
. ���   . ������ "| he   black   drug  makes   imbeciles
p.iwiioniKtn. yea ����s.
of our men, and we are condemned to
  eat ihe bitterness of seeing our sons
and daughters die an early death aad
without posterity. What can be compared to this business of killing
Dr. Langman concludes:
"Let England once more act up td
the historic Christian principles of tho
past and free the slaves of opium and
this would secure peace In Hie Orient
and the lasting friendship of China."
The   Social   IMase.
He���Don't you find this going out so
much rather fatiguing? She- Yes, nnd
so confusing. By the way. is the
Plunketts' dance tomorrow night or ls
this it that we're at now? -Woman's
ITome Companion.
Those who nttalu any excellence commonly spend life in one common pursuit, for excellence is not gained upon
easier terme.��� Johnson.
ictn     _T
The Paper for New Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Day Evening for
10 Cents Per Week
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MONDAY,   MARCH   1��j,   ,
Published I The Daily News Publishing t'.uni ny, l.imiled. at their
office orne ol sixth and Front
Streets, New Westminster, lt. C.
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. ovier or nonparlel, 10
tents j t ill '
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lions. . Using manager.
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ilea!!'-. 50C.     Wants, for sales, lost  to
round, rooms to let. etc.. one cent pet
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less th .tt 2 ��� < "nts.
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1 ents p"i' Int. h per issue (ilisel it I or if
leading notic-s.  2:, cents  pet   line per
issue. No deviation from this rate tor
mm coot rails.
business office  22
Manager's residence  861
ei,..   s'.  In   IMniiiiiK.-  Thnt   Are  rni.
���Una; to lhe  "t'��* le*.
M .-t every one in America is ae-
qualnted with the goldfinch, but many
people know the bird by lite name of
lettii, .��� bird, . 'i account of its bright
yellow .. 'i ( ������ Ifi i is a very appropriate natii.���. as the brlghl yellow of
tin-null... when In breeding plumage, is
1 ;.    ��� .t , ���..  id.   Tbe female gold
finch Is more modestly dressed than
i ".' mate. The i thi-". in plumage of
lhe male are very iuteresUug ami to
the novice somewhat puzzling. Until
the student becomes acquainted with
the bird he may wonder why be sees! letters belong to the "too good to keep"
i,, ui ng lhe winter.  The truth   class, nnd they find their way out Into
Is, ai tins season tbe Bocks of supposed the world, where tbey add a good deal
-. are really of both to the hilarity of nations, Some nppli-
s,..e , the mal bird having assumed cams for pensions manifest the most
iu the previous fall, usually by the cud childlike Ignorance regarding the tueilt-
of October, a plumage closely resem- j yd of procedure necessarj when apply
bl ; 4 thai  of the female and young
Some Ol the '1 iiinil  .....I  Orlulniil Al>-
l-1 e.i. linns   For  I'll t men I s Thai   llatt-
Iti-i-.i Handed In to tn.- Representatives of I iiele ..am.
if he dared to .1.. so the commissioner
��f pensions at Washington could com
pile a delightful volume, putting there
in the Strang., applications f ir pensions
thai ��� nne to his office.   Some of these
l.i;d of the yenr The male retains this
Iuu .M .pi. ii.ms dress until bit.- In Feb
ruary. when one can notice a gradual
Change   taking   place   iu   sonic   of   the
birds, This renewal of feathers is actively continued through March and
April, and by the 1st of May our re
splendent bird is with us again. Tlie
snug period witli the male goldfinch
Continues as long as lie wears his gold
and black livery, fur it commences as
curly ns lhe mi.Idle ef March and ends
late  In   August.    Goldfluclies   are   very
ing for a pension. Tbey seem in think
that all they have lo do is lo scud an
application to the pension office ami
I'n.'le Sam will forward a check by return mall.
Boon after tl��e close of the civil  war
there   came   tu   the   pension   office   in
..   Washington tin- following unique and
poelieal application  for tl pension (bat
went iiu' rounds of  ilie newspapers
years ago:
ie Commissioner of Pensions Washington.
tii...... many years I've tried in vain
an honest petition to obtain
For wound received In Sixty one
MONDAY,     MARCH     19,     1906
Editor     Daily     News,    New     Westminster    11.   C.
Hear Sir: Allow me lo congratulate
you nu the clean, crisp, r.ewsy sheet
you aie issuing. Tlie Daily News reflects credit not only upon the man-
dgemeni ol the paper, but upon New
Westminster as well. 1 need .scarcely
wish you every success, as success is
assurred where such an excellent
.start It.is been made. Yours truly,
El).   STARK.
160 Cordova street, Vancouver, it. C.
cleanly in their bablts anil  bathe fre-' at rust Battle of Hull nun
nuently.    Their   nests   are   exquisite ow "r ohiocs sons so brave
, , , .   ,        , ��� |      ... ,,.   who went to the front the union tn gave
I" �� o�� '"'���'l architecture, the tus.de  And whll8t Bngagea ln , ,0 said fight
being   lined   with   the   softest   plant  a rebel Shell took half my sight
down.   The mother bird is the builder, I Nol content by biking nn Eyo
her handsome consort .luring the nest   |hts treacherous shell in Passing by
,    ,  ,       .,        ,        . ��� , .      ,    took mv Eye Brow Clear of the bone
building time devoting most of bis et-   arui Lf,rt ma M unc0nscioua as a stone
forts to singing to cheer his industrious , burning a blister ot crystal Clear
from tlie jaw bono to Uie Ear
mate.���Philadelphia Press.
Dr.  E.  P. Sawyer, editor of Tht
Dear Sir:���The    following    resolu-
llc.n wus   unanimous!;,    carried    last
night al  the regular meeting of L. 0.
J..  No.   1150'
"That we the officers and tn -nibem
L,  u.   L.  No.  1150, wish to tendi .
you our sincere Ih ii I i   ind uppre-
i  tiie  eourtesj   and   fratcr-
shown    to oui   tod.tse    bj
our    lod :.' ��� mil    in  i'.i" col-
your valuable ii i
Yours  respectfully,
Recording Secret try.
New   We   minster,  March   16,   1900.
Lincoln's    Pleasant   Little    Interview
vvi.i.  n foul Heaver,
When Lincoln wus on liis way to assume the office of president the train j
was delayed at Freedom, Pa., by an
accident to a freight train that was a
little way ahead. Lincoln was accompanied by Major Sumner und Colonel
Elmer Ellsworth of the celebrated regi
ment of zouaves. Neither Major Sum
ner nor Colonel Ellsworth was tall, and
as they stood beside Lincoln on the rear
platform while he made bis address
they looked shorter than they really
were. At the close of Lincoln's short
speech a coal heaver called out. "Abe,
thoy say you nre the tallest man iu tlie
I'nited Stales, but I don't believe you
are any taller than I am." Lincoln replied, "Come up here and let us meas-
but thanks to god my life was spared
Cheek and Eye brow but Slltely Scared
anil one Eye was left to mo
for to wright anil read rootre
I hope that with that Eye tn see the day
when unkel Sam bis Cripples will Pay.
Much more recent is the letter sent
to the commissioner of pensions by an
applicant who had contracted blood
poisoning In the following remarkable
I got blood poison by belnge hit with a
li. ns eg wen 1 cam back from the frunt.
The eg was not good wen you send my
pension i want tlie Deed made sos my
wife can't get none of lt. She throdo the
eg.   She war a. rebbel.
Equally appealing nnd remarkable
was another letter sent to tlie pension
office In which the applicant set forth
his claims to a pension In this wise:
The way I got my War Ingery was a
ketehln of a hog. The Hog war wanted
by our captain for forego. We was chasin
ihe hog and she crawled threw a. hole
an I thot I wire about the size of the hog
and tried to crawl threw, but 1 stuck an
lire."   Tlie coal heaver pressed his way
through tlie crowd and Climbed on the   in tryin to wiggle out I throdo the rales
platform, where Lincoln and he stood
na!  ft .
: .  ���
ba.-k to back. Turning to Colonel Ellsworth, Lincoln said, "Which is tlie taller?"
Colonel Ellsworth, being so much
shorter, could not tell, so lie climbed ten
the guard  rail and,  putting his hand
off an one It hit me on my tied and nocked
me senseless. I do not think the hog had
nothln to do with my line of duty, for I
did not ketch the hog. Wich she nevi r
was caut, so pleze send along my pension.
Due aged pensioner hud evidently
made a serious blunder by taking
unto himself a wife in his old age, for
across the t..p of tlie heads of tho two love of gain seems to have been the
men, said, "1 believe they are exactly motive of the womffff who married him
the same height."    Then  Lincoln and if the following letter stated the facts
tho   coal   heater  turned   around  and in the ease:
r. a. & i. society Meeting.
a ge u. il meeting ol the B03 al
Agricultural and industrial society
will b. in bl iu the city hall Wednes
day evening, March 21, al which time with ice
the report of the committee on the
priz list for the coming exhibition
will be received,
A large number of ranchers will be
faced each other. The crowd shouted
loudly when Lincoln took the black,
sooty band of the coal heaver iu his and
gave a hearty handshake t<i the man
win. was his equal in height.���Thomas
II. Tibbies In Success Magazine.
Dear Mister Government, Pleze to fix up
my pi nshun papers so as my wife cant
draw my twelve dolers a munt when I
am d.-.l. she say she marryed mo for lov
,m to be a olo mans Darling but now I
no ii was for to git my penshun on herself by being my widower so pleat. I I
my p. i.shun end with me but pleze doant
let on to her that you got this from me
or I would have a hot time of it and times
Is hotter now than I can stand. So when
1 send word that 1 am no moar tben send
her this if you want to but not until the
penshun is shut off whltch it is her Just
desserts  for miyryln for money an  In a
The Fiddler C'rnli ln "Winter Cl.inrtcrs
In winter, when the surface e.f the
ground in which it is accustomed to
burrow may become frozen of covered
the  fiddler  crab  bores  deep
Into tbe mud or sand and stays until Mersheenary spirrut.
spring. The black or mud fiddler fairly , >lu, fla- ibere came to the pension
ridclli's Uie meadow  banks along the 0fflce a very old and subdued looking
salt creeks.   It bores in, usually hori- man wbo could scarcely totter along
zontally, and lt may be ns far as six with the help of two canes,   lly his side
in (lie city at that time for the spring   or eight feet from the face of the bank, was a very robust and perfectly self
live stocli show, and if is desired that   and then down into the mud at various reliant young woman of perhaps thirty
as many of the members of the Live   angles until it nets below the level of years 0f age-    When some one went
the title, which rises and falls through forward to ask what was wanted the
the  loose  mud,  iu the  fiddler  crab's young woman said:
burrow.    There   nre   myriads   of   the ; "Well, I'll just tell you.   This is my
black fiddlers, and they so honeycomb husband, and we ain't getting enough
the  bank  that  sometimes  under the pension���that's what wo ain't.    We're
added weight of ice gathered upon the getting only $10 a month, and we know
in  the city
a numler
Stock association will l"
ut  lli.u  time, thai as larg'
of those who can attend wlll be
A large amounl of business is to
be transacted, and it may be necessary to continue ih<' meeting over to
the following night, Thursday,
March 22.
For tlie  Lover of  Flowers.
if you  wani chrysanthemums next
fall, start new plants now. Very soon
after the old plants are broughl from
the cellar, Bprouts will appear all over
the surface of the soil. When these
are about two incites lull, cut them
awaj from Hie old plants iii such a
manner that each has a hit of root
attached. Pul these into small pots
of rich soil. Keep lliem well watered,
but do nol give much heat or I bet
will make .1 spindling growth, lie on
the lookoul for aphides, If any are
discover d, make an Infusion of the
ordinary soap of household use, and
sprat the plants well With it. This
is imp.., unit, as the ' insects will
Serl0U8lj injure the toting plants al
this stage of their existence. To make
the soap infusion, shave half a flvf>
cent cake finely, pour water ot'er 11.
i,ni1  PUl   it   in  a warm   place until 11
becomes liquid. Then add io it five
oi six quarts of water and apply.
Gloxinias and tuberous begonias
should be stalled Into growth now.
If the rubers were kepi ill pots over
Winter, shake them out of Ihe old soil
and spread them oui on b piece e.f
old carpel or moss, which should be
kept warm and moist and leave them
there until they sprout, As soon as
sprouls appear, pm them Into puis of
rich loam.
A few roots of dahlias can be polled and started Into growth now, if
you wan! some very early flowers,
But the hulk of them I would hold In
reserve for warm weather planting In
the garden,   Do nol break apart those
you start  now,  but    pot    H ntlre
bunch of roots. When the time comes
to put  the plants out, i-ueh root thai
top of it tlie bank br
York Tribune.
���uks down.���New
The Gem of the Collection.
Huron X. had been going over the
museum of a little country town, and
when about to leave he asked the curator if there wus anything more to be
"Yes, baron," was the reply, "there
remains a little casket."
"No doubt used as a deposit for the
jewelry of some eminent personage?"
Inquired tbe baron,
"Nn, sir; that Is where I put the tips
given to me i.y visitors to the museum."
- Paris journal.
Null, re*
a man that wasn't in the war half ns
long as my husband was and didn't ge'
a shot In him and he gits Ills $1_ i
month, and we want our pension raised
to that tlgger or more."
One applicant was willing to give tlie
most piilpublh proof of the genuineness
of his Injuries, for ho wrote as follows:
If you don't think I was shott ln the
war I am willing to come on there and
you or nny one else can lay their finger
im the bullet imbedded In my back Whloh
panes ma when I stoop or lay on It and
which it hits brought on permnent disability so I enn't work like. I used to
could t guess if you would speak to President Mayklnley und tell him about tht
bullet he would say to send on the pen-
| tlon and any medlkel doctor would say
the same,  a doctor here will go his at-
fydavitt Unit he has laved bis lingers on
the bullet whh t am proud e.r as ������' ITS Of
v.ar where I tu and bled for my country
wlcli lt Is America and Union forever.
New York Tribune
W.  R. Gilley,   Knone !---_.
j. r. en '���* ,pnone 1 *-9
Gilley Bros_>
Healers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cementy
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also a ents c. c. pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc
Loci i Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone lb
They Are a Separate   People, n Tribe
tf)tilt.- li>- Tlifiii*flve-.
"Such us wake on Hi" night and slcer.
on the day and liauiil taverns and all
bouses ami no man "..I if..in whence
they cotnc nor whither tbey go." Sc
quaintly describes an old English stat
ute against the gypsies. Ever since the
year 1(580, says a writer In the London
Standard, Great Britain has tried to get
ini of this strange people without up
pt'eciable   success.    Every   year   or   sc
some county is up in arms against
them, yet they persist In returning and
apparently thrive under persecution.
The gypsies are popularly supposed
to come originally from Egypt, us theb
name indicates, but then* origin Is true
cd farther east than the land Of tin
Nile. Wherever they come from, they
are a separate people, a tribe quite by
They appeared in England aboul
1505, and twenty-six years later Henry
VI11. ordered them to leave the conn
try In sixteen days, taking all theli
goods with them. "An outlandish peo
pie," he called them. The act was In
effectual, and In 1662 Elizabeth framed
a still more stringent law, and uiati.t
were hanged.
"But what numbers were executed,'
says one old writer, "yet not witli
standing, all would not prevaue, but
they wandered us before, uppe nnd
tlowne."   They  got. into Scotland  and
1 nine an intolerable nuisance.   Ttott
In that country and In England leglsla
tlon proved quite Ineffectual. The acts
gradually fell Into desuetude. Undei
George IV. all that was left of the bar
againsl  the gypsies  was the mild   law
thai any person "telling fortunes simi
be deemed a rogue and a vagabond."
"Gypsies are no longer a proscribed
class." says a recent writer. "Probably
the modern gypsy does little evil be
.vm.I begging and petty theft, but lii��
e termination nol to work Is us strong
ns ever, and it seems curious thai an
Industrial people like ..ics continues tr
tolerate a horde of professional Idlers.'
How numerous the horde Is tuny Iir
gathered from the fael that the numbei
wlin wintered In Surrey one year was
estimated at 10,000.
'1 ie language as well as the life ol
the gypsy tribe h.Ts a tenacity of it-
own. Many of their words have taken
firm hold ln a half slang, half permissibly way. Shut."' is the gypsy weir
for child. Pn! Is pure gypsy. Codgei
means a man. Cutting up is gypsy tot
quarreling, and cove Btnnds for "that
The;   Ire tin- Baropeaan, tin- Eastern
vinei-l.-iin   untl   Iho   .\l:i*Uiin.
There are suppose.! to l.e three' spe
cles of moose the European moose oi
elk, found tn northern Europe and ad
joining parts of Asia; the common
moose ef eastern America, distinguish
ed chiefly from Its Europenu congenei
by the skull being a irr.itvc.l across thii
[auxiliaries, nlso by Its greater size and
darker color, and the Alaskan moose
separated by its giant stature, Its mir
row occiput, bro.-t.1 palato and heavy
Expressed in external features us il
lustrated In the u.iuit mala (alwayi
best for differentiating Bpecles);
Tb.- Scandinavian elk i.s o small gray
animal with little palm and'man;
spikes ou its antlers.
Tbe Canadian is a large black anl
mal with much palmatlon and alwayi
a separate brew hunch of spikes. 1
have Been hundreds of Canadian moosi
antlers, but never u pair that ilit! noi
show u well developed separate groin
of prongs In front of each brow, i
have seen ii score or more of Swedlsl
elk, but never saw one tl at did havu :
separate brow group of prongs, thougl
1 confess I have seen figures of such.
The Alaskan is n richly colored black
gray nnd brown giant, not only the l.tr
gest .leer alive today, but believed to bi
the largest that ever did exist, since nt
fossil has been found to equal lt ii
bulk. Its antlers differ chiefly In sizi
from those of the Canadian miM.se, bul
Madison Grant claims that they arc
sis., more complex and have ln tin
brow antlers u second palmatlon whi.-t
is sel al right angles to that of the
main palmatlon, in these peculiarities
lie finds "a startling resemblance i-
shown to the extinct cervalces, b
moose-like deer of pleistocene times,
probably ancestral to the genus alces.
"If this resemblance Indicates any
close relationship, we have in the Alas
kau moose a survivor of the archaic
type from which the true moose an..
Scandinavian elk have Bomewhal de
generated." Ernest Thompson Beton ir
Join the
A note given by a minor is .void.
Notes benr Interest only when sc
Altering a note In any manner bj
tlie bolder makes it void.
It is not legally necessary to say on
;i note "for value received."
If a note is lost or stolen it docs not
release the maker,   He must pay it.
if the time of payment of a note it
not inserted it is held to be payable oc
Notes falling due Sunday or on a legal holiday must be paid on the daj
A note obtained by fraud or from a
person In a state of intoxication can
not be collected.
An indorser has a right of action
against all whose names were prevl
ously ou a note Indorsed by 1-lin.
An Indorser of a note is exempt from
liability if not served with notice of Its
dishonor Within twenty-four hours ot
its nonpayment
Provision I'm- the Relief ol
tin- Growing Plant.
Tin- practical cultivator understands
that nature makes provision forgetting
rid of the bark of trees as tlie trunk Increases In size. On the growth of tin
past season may be seen small oily,
spots. These are formations of cork
From year to year, iu subsequent development, these little patches spread,
really eating their way through the
baric. Tills ls tin- provision which nature makes for finally rifting the bark
lu each species of plant. These cork .
cells bate their own special lines of development, and this Is the reason why
each kind of tree has Its own parll.-tilur
bark. The characteristics are so prominent that clever observers can select
different kinds of ti b by their burl- .
even lit midnight.    As It Is the evident j
Intention of nature to get. rid of old
bark, it Is b great help to the tree to us
slst   nature  In   this   respect,   und   any,
wash   or  treatment   which   aids   tho!        s-nnetau cu.t-a_. in ��������-��-.�����-.
plant  In  getting  rid of  I!   Is  a   pruc-'      Many  funeral customs in (iree..
tieiil advantage,    Soupy water wash or! unique.  The body of an utimiirrlcil glr!
lye water Is useful, and even scraping j |s always dressed as a bride, the coin
Not it rail- Division.
"If  a  house  contains  six   bureaus,
eleven nnnolres, seven chiffoniers und
fifty-three miscellaneous drawers, how
many of 'em Is tlie husbnnd entitled to
inui bow many is the wife?" asked thu
young clubman.
Tlie second clubmun laughed harshly.
"Vou are young and have much to
learn," he said, "You may as well understand first ns Inst that ir there were
!n your bouse a mile of bureaus, three
acres of armolres ami 17,000 drawers
nil these would still be stuffed tUll of
veils, niching, lull plus, ribbons, silk
stockings, petticoats, powder puffs nnd
siit'elv plus, nnd the best course tor you
to pursue would be to wrap your own
tilings your shirts, underclothes and sc
on-in n newspaper and keep them un
der tbe bed."-  New York Press.
\  Kurdish Tent.
'The tents of Ihe Kurds, in which
they seek Hie pasturage of tlie mountains In summer, vary much In size,
though in appearance and shape thej
conform throughout to one plan. Tlie
covering of the tents consists of long,
narrow strips of black goal's hair material Sewed together lengthways.
Along Ilie center of tlie tent this roof
lug is supported on throe In live poles,
according to the size, ami stretched
ont by ropes which, made fast to tlie
edge of the roofing, are pegged securely lo tlie ground, 'l'lie poles within the
tent being of some height, usually
Sight to ten feet, the edge of tlie tent
ing does not nearly reach tlie ground,
but walls are formed of matting ot
reeds, held together by black goat's
hair thread, which is often so arranged
as to form patterns on tin- yellow tnsts
���Blackwood's Magazine.
While  Greal   Britain,   i".,r  [n-tauee
lias tinny Different Lanaroaiffe*.
it lias been observed thai tin- language spoken in the 1 'oiled Slates it
remarkably uniform. True, there are
many dialects, Iuu Great Britain, less
in area than any one of half a dozen ef
our states, contains such very differ
etit languages as English, Welsh nnd
the Gaelic of the Scottish highlands, to.
say nothing of tlm provincial dialects
of Cornwall anil Yorkshire anil tlie
unique speed) of the Loudon cockney,
wiiile in this country, with its vast ex
pause of territory, its settlement by
Spanish, French, Dutch ami Swedish
colonists and its millions of immigrants
drawn from nearly every country, large
and small, all over Hie world, there is
far greater uniformity e,f speech than
in any other land of equal area and
'l'lie causes can be readily seen. The
public schools have made us a nation
of readers, and the press lias supplied
books and papers wlthoul limit. Press
associations have done their part toward giving a uniform anil fairly good
tone to the newspaper language of tlu.
.lay.   'i'be telegraph, the telephone and
cheap postage have brought distant
parts of the country into quick and
easy commuulcatlon, and so have aided iu teaching a common language.
The railroad has penetrated every corner of the land ami made us a nation
of travelers. Countless human shuttles thus are thrown dally across the
land in every direction, carrying with
them (lie threads of thought and speech
and doing thplr part to make one pat-1
tern of the whole. No doubt our maps,
which still present so many different
kinds of names, will in lime lose Iho
strangeness and ihe "foreign air" Unit
are so not! iblfl now.    11. M.  Kingorj
lu St. Nicholas.
It don't Cost You
The best Club ever
formed in Westminster,
No iniationf ce
No danger of
Derivation nf l-'oru.
The folk takes Its name from the
Latin (urea, a yoke looking like an inverted V. Kroin this come the Italian
forcn and forehetta (little fork). The
latter  word   gives  the  French  their
foiirehette, while the English go back
to Hu- former nnd retain the harder
'rii.- Turkey.
Turkeys    are   great    wanderers.     A
mother wlll often lead her brood three
or four miles away from home. Then
they lake up their habitation lu the un
frequented woods. The instinct for sol
Ituile and wild Ilk- Is very strong nftec
centuries of domestication,  lint a kin,'
ilred Instinct Impels tlie mother to bring
her grown family buck lu the fall to!
where she started out with them lu tlu!
spring.   This Is not done, however, tlli
the leaves are all off the trees, the]
beechnuts have fallen and have been:
eaten and the cold winds and sometimes the snow have made the sylvan
retreats Inhospitable,
1. To properly place the City of New
Westminster before the outside world
in its true colors.
2. To invite settlers to locate with us
3. To attract the attention &f Investors to the remarkable resources of
the City.
4. To encourage Industries to locate
5. To encourage our own Merchants
in business and assist them to display
their wares.
has been found of great  advantage. I
In n rough sort of way lime wash isi
frequently used, the only objection being the white and glaring color.    It Is. I
however, the cheapest and the best of \
Bl) bark treatment,
Gilley Urns.' steam tug Flyer has
haB n sprout attached can be broken lefl for Salurno Island, and will bring
off and made an Independent plan! of.   back  a  scow  load  of sandstone to be
��� Ebon   Et,   Hexford   in   "Mailing   lhe    I on the new Indian and Fisheries
Country Heme," in The Outing  Mag- j building,  which   Is  ln  course of con
uzlne. ' struct ion.
mon saying being, "She Is married tl
death." The body of a boy Is always
dressed us a sailor.   Women never uc
company funerals to church or to the
graves. Processions are always on foot,
the priest leading, iiccompauled by tie .
lytcs bearing the cross and lanterns,
The body of the deceased is Invariably
exposed to view, and at tlie close of thr
service In the church, which oonellid-"
with the words, "Take the last kiss"
both friends and strangors press abo.it
tlie body inui give this token of fare
l.arlnic nn  llnrly Foundation.
"Wus it necessarj' for you to kiss my
daughter the very lirst time you met
"No, minium, not absolutely neccr,
wiry, but I wanted to get on n friendly
IiiisIh  with her lis soon  lis possible."--
Woman's Home Companion.
Mecca is a large city und a principal
one of the east.   The temple of Mecca.,
to  which  so   many   pilgrims  annually
travel, forms a Spacious square nlioul
a quarter of a mile in each direction,
wiiii a quadruple row of columns, A
number of steps lend down to Mohammed's house, and wllliln 11 is the black
stone said to have been brought by tlie
ftngel finhrle! for Its foiindnlloti.
"You mus! have money to lie able to
offer me to beautiful an engagement
< "Must bnve had money, yen mean."���
Houston Post.
It wlll afford sweeter happiness In
lie hour of death to have wiped one
;ear from the cheek of sorrow thnn to
have ruled an empire, to have con-
lucrecl millions or to have enslaved the
world.   Woman's Life.
He that fulls Into sin Is a man; h<
that grieves at It ls a snint; that boast
eth of It Is n devil, -duller.
6. To establish Wholesale Houses in
our midst.
7. To keep out all Eastern catalogue
Join the Club at Once
For  furtker   information   watch I
tne columns of the
DAILY   NEWS MONDAY.   MARCH    19.   1906
Say Pat, what is
s. w. p.?
Sherwin Williams Prepared Paints
Kirk's Hardware.
Local News Briefly Told
Rev. - if CI
agei  to Vancouvei   yesterdaj
Mia ii ���        to Sn
: ,1
i    i'. R  Sunda:   on
nm!   di net.  and   v i '   emplo
..   men on tl
The Bl     '���
Sa      ...
in on
T.  Mitohe .   o     i
leaver i e city to
.ountrj e
in   si:.
i   ,'.,,,
J. (  '       Idt     if Stev. a tl
The   .. ���       ' ���     I    '.' \    in,
Wilier, died at   the  Royal Columbian   ward's   landlni   ...
- - 10 days,     morn
Accident Insurance Policy Free  to the first
one hundred people between the ages of 16
and 60 who will call at our Store for same.
It is not necessarj-' to ffl&ke ;i  purchase.
i o   Si I.      ���   I rsl  class lunch room,
...      .... ' pptj   '.; "s
Domlnj. 27s Columbli city.    *
The Bruneite   Savi    Mills company
if heavj  tiiitbei
lo ihe east  today.
K ' l     '.' ho
'1. ...   . I
st Browi        on hi     in   liis
. I er, the Alb
wiib n se,.  ,mi   Valdes
Wholesale and retail. 23b   CotumBia   Street.
W. E. FALES  1
Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. |
Wall Paper,        Linoleum,       Oilcoths,        Carpets,     !���!
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. $<
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. |a(
Picture Framing. !���<
'I'll,   men bi            he local R. T. ol Islai
T. teiii put a fraternal tisii to Pacific imong the Tri                    ...
II of Vanconvei tomorrow nlghl ���ftj   wen     Miss Cool     \    Pals
i large Babcocl                          ���   ��� w. R  Bills       '��� '���
id  on  in  the  Ramona  yesterday '���'   Smith,  \, W   I      \   Phfl
.    shipment   to  Editoi   Jai i mai    ��� is  sll from i.   a.
il,.  Chllllwack  Proi reea. The Q. N. R. b        -     ���    gol awaj
..  .  ;   :   !        who has been su;';. ��� m di     ������        i;   with a  load ol  ���
Ing from an              >   of dlphtl ������                      ructlng
;    i                iet, li coi ear, whh b fell ti i          ��� ei las! week,
valesceni '           ,v'''1
Another h       i i   ...,.vi.i oi bacon.    The  steamei Huns Ir came in fron!
rcj.'d  ham   boxes   were   shipped   toda; Vancouvei  earlj    this    foren	
from the Brunette mills td lie Stew- charge',! a light load ol freight and re
ar!    porl,    packing   establlshffltSSI    in turned al  10 o'clock en n              Ma
Vancouver. nalmo.
it..-  Duark, who is in charg.   oi  lhe J.  H   Davis   ol   Nebraska, ..nie'.  in
Po ��� K. .   Bcho .Is, was a guest la the from up the river on thi  Rai  i
cltj   yesterday.     He  returned   to his teidaj   afternoon      M     Davl    Is  pre
duties un the afternoon Q   v. R. train, j pared to make his I    In thi   west
The snag i.e..,; Samps.,n returned on provided he can And a location to suit
Si wiling  from  a  snag pulling blm
expedition In the rfclnltj ol Port Gui- . -o	
Th.  Cltj ci Nniii.irii.) came In from
Victoria  on  Saturdaj   with  a  heavy
... of mixed freight
B                                                                    >���'
��� Columbia Street.     -     Telephone 176. $
y                          '                                           r                          !���:
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Four Famous Statues.
i' -' Cam. us statues in
Shi returned are the Colossus oi Rhodes, the
down the river at her usual time on Sphinx and the vo al mt ie of Mem-
Suntlaj  morning. ���on a,   rhebes, and e-1  these   the last
This   spring's   millinery   opening   Ir   ,���   the   mos,   remarka,ble,     ill     eonB.
worth coming  miles to see    Every- ....
���-���nonce oi  us  properti     ol    emitting
thing  that  is  new  from  the  London,
and eastern fashion centres on " ""ls when lt8 ll',s ""'''   "���1"'1"" "��
displaj   tomorrow  ai   w.  S, Collister ll"> ra>'B ��' ,l"1 livinK s"�� s�� ,,,:"  ''
& Co -                                           * ���. ....; :e greet  thi   coming d"aj     H
The Young  lv. etj  of thi? v.,is  originally   i  portrait    model  of
olivet Baptist church will spend a bo INitr.  Amenophls HI, and "as one of
cial time thlpevening al the residence .      ���   ,���.      ,     ..,n   ;niil
et   I'i.  mid   Alis   Davies  on  Seventh
���.,    ,. . .,     s.t. nit feel high, carved o.u ot single
street,   lite literary committee of the
���.ati.m  will  hate charge of the !1""'- '"  sandstone   and  transported
programme. from the ..pinnies to TheHi      whi
Chlel of Police    Mcintosh    reports the Sphinx tt.,- . uved  Erom the llv-
havlng  found  a   ladtea   belt   en  the Ing roc!  In the        ���   when   it  now
.i i. tt  lines ������'_���..   The owner of ..;m,is
the bell   nun   regain    possession    h\
in   ita m
.     .. i   a; the peeliee station am! proi
i yiii
The Veinstone Heating anil Plumb
ing c... reporl thai the heating apparatus in the new wing of the Royal   ur��uze and
�� ��� ;  i-.u'i'. n the
inosl rein.ii i bai ol Buddha al
\ain. m ni Kioto iii Japan, ttuich ��as
 i   \   D   ' 100     II    s  made of
fifty-three   feel    six
Is a*fine,*tough quick*
drying, durable   varnish!
for new and old, hard and"
and soft wood floors and
woo'd   work.    Comes in,
natural and twelve colors]
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils,  etc.,  is unusually complete and  includes   the best   known
brands. Nothing cheap but the price_
Try us next timejyou need anything
in our'line. Try a can .of Jap a I.ac.
TJ. Trapp & Co,^
Columbian  hospital  is practically In-  inches  high
stalled.    A  t. ti  finishing touches remain before the building can be turn
cd over ne the board of directors.
Messrs. Cook nn.i Young are arranging for a masquerade ball al tha fen
mil Parh dancing hall on Friday next.
K. .1.   Hart   and   the   manager  of   It
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jewclery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebcny Goods    ,
Suitable tor all  occasions.
Coltatrataln   Street.
ami mote than twentj
. ight feel broad across the Bhouldsrs
e>in its head are 966 cm Is, and the
image is surrounded bt u glory or
halo seventy -eight feet in diameter,
een Which sixteen linages. each
. iglii let long. a... casi. Two smaller
J. Hart & Co.'s Vancouver branch,.Mr.  Images, each    twenty-five    feel  high,
Nell.un.   caiue   in   trout   Cliillhviicl,   on    -land  in from  of the linger one.    The
the Beaver yesterday afternoon, ��� ���,,.,, welglil    ,���    !mMl|1 ,_ ,,���, Iml|n
Passengers who desired to crosB the figure is aboul  150 tons, of which 500
big bridge across the Ktaser tve.e held   pounds consists of gold.
up tor aboul an hour yesterday bn ac-  0 ���	
count of something having gone Wrong .     .
, ,     ,   New York a City of Hotels.
mIiIt  the  works.     the  bridge swung
open and then refused to dose.   ��� is     " surpasses comprehension how all
understood thai the structure tn some th i* hotels In New Y,ui. City (ln.l
way jumped a cog. |Bufflcleni  business to support    theta.
Tin- Oddfellows of th- city are making preparations for s fraternal visit
to the lodges In Vancouver on the 27th
Inst, on the occasion of ilie official
visit of the grand master, D. is. Mackenzie, of Ihis cily. II Is expected
IhlH will  lie a   rmord turnout.
John Held shipped to Vancouver on
Saturday a large oonslgnmenl of fancy
copper grill work, purl of n conlriicl
awarded hlm for the adornment of
lb.   ('   p.  It, oftCM ul   tlmi   place.    He
Ib also lining n considerable order for
the  same class  of goods ill   the  llntik
of Montreal in Vancouver
Ann bile's West  Km! grocery team
did ihe runaway act again on Batur-
Magnificent new structures are constantly going up nnd every lemllng
hotel appears to be full.   The public
j Iuib become sic accustomed to the
opening of new million dollar establishments  Hint   such     events    create
j hardly a oomment, New York hns be-
. nine I lie llrsi hotel elly ln the World,
nnd II is the height of every landlord's
ambition  everywhere to  become the
proprietor of a  sncessfnl   hole!  In  the
metropolis.   The recent    opening of
lhe new four million dollar establish
tiietit   al   the   coiner   of   KIMi   avenue
ami I'ii'u tin11 street. The Gotham,
ivns almost overlooked by the news
papers of New voti<. who treated It
a-, un .'veit-iiin occurrence, it is sulci
day afternoon and scattered goods tor (lia( ,,,���,.,, lt ���{JW ���v���,. %UuimK<m ,���.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes.$1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
Telephone 97.
v. sled   In   Brst-ClnSS   hotels     III
York City,   Leslie's Weekly,
Mutual  Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount, or fOllClSS now in rorce exceeds 144,000,000.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate nnd solid, now exceeds... .j'.i.iiuo.oun.uO
This is a company ot poiic j holders, by poliayMratrs, tor policyholders,
OCR MOTTO:     tne targes I. amount, of Assurance for Ihe Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 86.
considerable distance along  Royal
avenue. One of Iwo Obstructions were
struck en route wllh such force Ihat
Ihc whllllolrcoH were, broken und lhe
harness reduced to junk.    The horses, Sarah's  Answer.
I eventually,  as  though  troubled   with     Robert Bhackelton, a New York re
an evil conscience, stopped their mud , porter, was mice assigned to Interview
career al the doors of the provincial n number of celebrities on Hie sub-
Jail, and stayed there until their drtv- ject; "If there were ��n eleventh com-
et   took  them  In charge. Imnmtmeul.    what       should    It    lie?"
The anniversary service at the Sal Among others he Interviewed Snrnh
vatlon Army barracks will take the Bernhardt, who was found nt break
form of a lemon pie social tonight. A'M< '" her rooms nt the Holland
programme e.r music and  singing will: Housift..  charmingly   gowned   en   negll-
bs presented In which the Vancouver ***. of course, and intent* upon a pot
S. A. brass band wlll assist.   The local   '>' coiToo and u  loaf of French  bread.
' ciiiccrs wiii i.e assisted by Major and|Sha knew little English, he knew less
Mrs. Rawllng, Staff Capt, .lost, nnd French, but somehow they got
HI ra IT Capt, Hays, all of Vancouver., through his Introductory compliments
Capt, Ilnys was In charge of the corps  and  his r,uestlon.
here (Ws years ago nnd Is n great fa- "An elevenls commundment!" ex-
vorlle with his local colleagues. claimed   the   actress,   with   n   charuc-
The Htrnngnr left today for Vnncou- Icrlstlc raising of the eyebrows nnd
vcr to bring over tho pile driver be J " quirk little gesture of her graceful
longing to the H. C. Oncral Contract j hands: "You wish me, then, to piny
company,  which    has    been  nwnrded   'he role of Moses?    No!  no!    Sny to
Writing   In  the   'Manche
h     i '
������    ���
...   . i   the
i log,   have  i
been 1 hi
V   [I]      le,    ,
.. ' ������ ��� tlong
i        ���"'    I
of the n
oh    Ion     in   i .
on no ��� neb line-'     Th	
-ii   i later  - ped
cauldron ol bom<
:      .
. .i   .
all tin      t    ' "i even In 1881
i fougl    '"    a llliam 0 Brian   b
Ing like b  The i ���
.ineit   went mad.   Thej  wen!    i
wringing their handi    Id not
.].���  -all becac ie ol tht
in.... rule,    ii   wai   Ii   vain  i ���
ther Id  i"' no hom.
rule bill during the ne m  parliament
.I :  I      oi    ' ���   cabinet  had de
ttared  egalnsl   It,  thai   the boust   o
lords would throw ll out, and thai
th'Ii   a bill could pass, a _li I i i
-   b ed     Thi
tulei's  Stirling  s| -b  was  ilirown  in
our   heads.    The   fact   ihat   in   th.
 let   wh. !������   'ie   nation i
. .  .  in a minorltj. theli vote war ���
crnlly given to the liberal candidate!
      -       The    . ���
., ,. of the '..i les in Greal Britain
scared  ihe people,    And  before we
ieci time to turn round we found the
Xo popery" demon running full tilt
throughout the entire province. Lei
nie give mt own case s a fair sample
o! m bat had to be met.
I could hardly hold a meeting. Halls
and court houses wen   refused to me
and  given fi'ech    i.e    my    opponent.!
Mobe wer�� organized and paid to disturb my open-ali    gatherings In the
lairs and Markets. The unionist  news
papers vied with each other in de
nounclng me aa a traitor. The landlords broughl all the machinery of the
rent offices Into play. Men who were
��� ed wen In some cases offered
monej to leave the pin." Paid
.. in. '\ ��� re offered double
Seme of ni\ best supporters
wer. waylaid and savagel; beaten.
The house of God Itself where I worshipped was desecrated bj an organ-
Izi .1 seen,, unparalleled In the hlstor;
of elections, Presbyterian churches
where the minister Mas known to be
my friend wen I irred and disfigured.
Congregations were split In two by
Orang. intimidation. Gates were taken
off the resiil.-nees of me friends nnd
thrown Into the tiehis. To fan the
flame. 1 was held up as consorting and
working with priests in Dublin and
Cork the work being chiefly temperance woi.k And. finally, In certain
districts the excitement was so in-
lens,- on the polling day thai men
could hardlj get to the poll. Farmers
who desired to vote for me were (old
that if they voted there would lie
home rule In five years, that lhe
Bible would be done away with, and
that Ihe liuted Papists would rule
them and tlie country,
This wns the kind of long-.liuivn oul
battle which has gone on In Ulster
tor nearly foui weeks. And the wonder is tha! this loathsome spirit has!
nol swepl everything before it. 1
have weathered ihe storm because of
two factors���the   magnificent loyalty
of the millonallsl party, who veiled for
me as they never voted for a mutt of
their own, polling us per cent, of their
total, and the down right heroism of
some six hundred Presbylerhin slul-
tvni'ts who slooil fotir-scpiare to Ihe
To sum up, ii must in- said honestly thai the liberal attack has largely
failed,    The   nationalists    captured
West Belfast���tl great prize nnd held
their   own   elsewhere,     The     liberals
. aptured North Antrim, driving oui
Mr. Moore, the most blatant and offensive of all the Irish unionists.
SOtlth   Tyrone   wns   also   saved.     Hip
Has! Down nm! North Fermanagh
were lost, and Worth Derry, Blast An
trim, ami North Down repelled the as
���units delivered against lliem. Ho fniT
��� is the unionists nre cone.|rued, Iwo
reals have been lost and two have
I een won buck. It |s a c���se of "ns you
were." Hut lhe foundations for future
tvoik   luive been   securely  Inlet.
Window  shades
t need   vVindi - -���       \\\.  ma^   .,
pecialty of tht ' Cream,
( ombination Greei
and Cream.
Gel yolir awnings
them.   We make them to -
j     236 to 242 Columbia a Ad 229 to  251   Froi -    Uu!
pont   Block,   !
Youi ���   ���   i"  p .   igtance
��� ���    ��� mn' attention 16 o
...     Red B
\ well known dellca)cj In gla 15c, |arfl  75Ci
Crosse & BlackweWs Jams
Strawberrj  and Raspberry .lam it  i.,m  in
t 7*   Hns,
.... THE . .
Big Clothing House
The Big Shirt
For the Working Man
Our Big Shirts are Big in Every Way you
look at them.    Big in Value and Big
in Size   .Small in Size
75c, 90c, $1.00 and $1.25
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
The Westminster Lacrosse Club
Will Be Held in th.
Friday, March 23rd,' 06:
At 8 P.M..
Everybody   Come, i
Made on
City Real Estate
i��n Saturday, front residence at Spv-
enth street and Third avneue, s tot
terrier puppy iiliinit two mmitlis i.Iil.
spot on l.ncli unci head and Spots over
lieitli   eyes.     Ijewni'd   wlll   lip   pnt't   mi
return to K n. i,yit., R_y_j tuink ���f
LOST���Child's   whim  fur.   POnfti   ��v-
eiiiie or Tenth street,   Please return
to Mrs. nonci. sixiii si rcci, between
Third and l-'iiiirtli avenues.    Reward.
f.l Sixth strop.1.
part of tho contract for the C. P.  Ft.
bridge across the Pitt river.   The com-
your  man  thnt    there    must    never.
never  he another  commundment.    It
WANTED���ArcI lady lo look lifter
child, flood homo to right poison.
Apply  News Office,
pany has to construct three morn piers   It"   too   h^rd   to  keep   ��hose  we  have
for the draw, two In entirety, an., en-
lame the third  considerably.    Tho  FI.
C. General Contract CO. also has the
contract for part of the Rt.oel bridge
And      that      answer,    added    Mr.
Shnckelton,   waa   the   best   et. all  he
For  Sale���Old   papers  suitable   for
wrapping up parcels, etc.  Apply News
rooms TO LET -Apply to 315 Carnarvon street, near Sixth stroot.
For a term of years, repayable In monthly installments, with the
privilege of making excess payments on principal each month.
Straight Loans
Can he arranged on first l
class City Real Estate
up to 40 per cent, of the
Farm Loans j
We loan freely on Im-
proved Farm Lands,
(firing Special privileges
to the borrowers in the
matter of paying off, or
partial repayment of
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oals, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
last year the Finest Crops in B.
I,, were produced from mir seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
B.-K. 850
F.J. HART & CO.,
Burnaby Municipality
During the time of tniii:.n< I ho
assessment the office will lie closed
each Tuesday, Thurs'.iv nnd Friday,
from Feb. 20 to M.'ol _!!. t>ol.l In.
c'UBlve. '   . .  ���
B. C. WAT.KT5R.  J  M. C. *
 ��� ��* ��
: Sporting News
2       and Comment.
J w
����������������������������������������������������� �����������������������
terday, and she will cross at the same
time aa the American challenge team
which will compete for the Dwight  It
Davis international challenge. H	
Mi-s Button, who is a Callfornlan, 	
won the  English    championship    last | Helpless   Rose   TenneViaum   Raves   In
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve  for  an  individual  or company
PARALYSES SISTER sy,0^ J^^Z^ ^, SSW^"^^!?
of Minerals on Dominion Lands
decide,  the
Victoria and New Westminster Basketball  Turns  Secure  Victories.
The Sixili D. C. O. R. of Vancouver,
Beason by defeating Miss D. K. Douglass, the defender, in the challenge
Shortly before the match the English  woman hail  wrenched  her  right
Hospital   About   Prize   Ring
San    Francisco,    March    17.--The
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories such  period   sa  he  may
and the Yukon Territory le��B<�� M whlch sha" .". ' ����td T.?
COAL���Coal  lands  may    be    purchased at Sio per acre lor soft coal
and  $20  for  anthracite.     Not   more
titan 320 acres can be acquired by one
times the breadth. Should the pros
pector discover oil in paying quantities, and sari-fact irily establish such
discovery, an urea not  exceeding 640
acre-, including the  oil well, will  be
basketball held in the Vancouver drill
hall Saturday night. The score was
16 to -. The Victoria boys had the
besl "i tin' game till the way through,
ml at nu time were tliey in
��� lef.-at
teams follow':
Victoria- C. r'arrell. 2, _, '.'. _. \V.
Parrall, 2.    P. Baker. 2, 2.    V   Grey,
!-'    Creek.
Vancouver���Birmingham, -. Peacock. ::. 1.    Kemp, 2.    Johnson, B011I1.
ln the Intermediate match played al
the Vancouver drill hall S.ii urday
night, preliminary to tlie senior game,
the local team outclassed The Intermediates of Vancouver, defeating them
handily by the score of 17-4. The le
cals played fast, .scientific baTI, a feature of which was the splendid combination, which seemed to completely
paralyze the Vancouver boys. The
Vancouver boy* were not in it for a
Individual  or   company.      Royally   tit   _^ (q (])e prospector at tbe rate 01
arm while at practice. It was the opln-1 "Fight  Trust"  is  "Indirectly    rt-spon-  the rate of ten 1 ...   ind the remainder of the
.,  pounds shall be collected on the gross   n   ,t   n..,.rvt.,i    namely,   1280   acres,
QUARTZ���Per-  ns     of     eighteen
y. ira and over and j 'int stock
- holding fret miners' certil
a mining  I
went down to defeat before the Fifth:lon   of  ��>e   ':"��lish   followers  of  tb.��, si,lle"  for  something    more    than
('. A. team, of Victoria, in a  tu,,.' of   pP��rl   ""���"   :    :   thelr  <****    '"'""   prlze-llng killing,
in tin   bl Bl ol   rim, Miss Sutton we.uld
, -,,.-,   ,-.�� , . lu   it    room at  .M .un.  Zlon hospital.
have possibl]   tared differently.     Ap-
predaUm   the apparenl cloud ou her  u,ur'' ""' wl;'"' w;,lls blend wilh the
title, MIse Sutton has made her plans  bedspread and  the  bedspread  blends m:*>    :;   '   't:!r-v :
In  visit   London and defend the  with  a  wan   white face,  Rose Tenne-       .'. .     ,
mmmmmm A tree miners certificate is granted
will 1"' sold at the rate of J.! .".tt
Subject to ���'iyalty at such rate as 1   ij
bi ed by 1 Irdt r in '! mncil.
W. VV. Ci IRY.
1 lepul the M     5ter     i  I he   In-
,The RcWnnd champlonshl, tin* the winner ol
the tournamenl on the Wjinideion
Champion  Shot  Disabled.
li..- Moines, March 17.���After > ighi
reeks of suffering with Inflammatory
rheumatism, Frad Gilbert, the champion trap shol of the world, is but a
mere skeleton of liis former self, nnd
i. is doubtful 'whether he will be able
10 participate in any contest for more
than a year.
lt was feared for a time that Gil-
;. the Bister of Harry Tennebaum, fnr one 0r more yearS| ���,,t exceeding
the deceased prizefighter who was Give, upon payment in advance of $7-5��
_ ,, .,. ,, .   per annum for an ii lividual, and from
known as Harry   renny, lies on a cot   ' .
$;o to Sioo per annum tor a company.
and moans through tin- hours tor tin- according to capital.
1    ; '.    I   '.
<*:?   r T.
brother who    was    beaten to death.
loss not toss iii her anguish, tor
She is paralysed,    The use of her arms
A free miner, having discOveri 1
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same   with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
hlm, bin his'wonderful nerve is slowly  lible dream to her;  waking or sleeping,  she  strives   to   realize   it   all���to
lum, but his wonderful nerve is clowly
bringing hhn through as severe an at-
tack of inflammatory rheumatism as a
man ever suffered, and he now seems
to be recovering, at his Spirit Lake
and  Ifanoi is denied  he.r.    Exhausted  location notices, one  at each  end of
tin- line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen .lays if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's ofiice, one additional clay allowed for every additional ten miles, or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least Sioo must be expended on
at times wiih .-creams of piercing
terror from the ghastly dreams of
slumber to the ghastlier dream of
wakening-    For  It. all  seems one  lien-
The disease    has    left   its  pitiable   |dufu!  tragedy.
Interviewed in Vancouver.
Alex. Turnbull was in Vancouver on
the Association  football    match    and t presence has enlivened  the big  trap
was  also  a\n   interested   spectator  at tournaments of the country for years,
the   basketball   matches  at   the   Drill ;,c,th   the   hands   that   have  held   the
Hall on Sattirdiii   night pun  steadier than  any  man  who has
In discussing the prospects for ever lived are still swathed ln ban-
lacrosse in New Westminster with a dsges. it is only with much pain
reporter fur ihe News-Advertiser he thai Gilbert Is aide to move a muscle
-id that tbe Royal City would be rep- anywhere in liis body. His limits
:��� sented by a fast twelve. Amopg have wasted away to the size of mere
th. men who will flgura. on the de- broomsticks,
fence are    Tom  Gifford.    (.'has.  Gal- Little trace, however, of the awful
realize that the brother site loved bo the claim  each year or paid to the
clearly is dead. mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
,,,,.. , ,, $500 has  been  expended  or paid, the """*""���'    "   "W"T"
in  her  delirium  she  pictures all  (it   ,      , ,     ���        '   .���_._ p icatton to the Mm
locator   may,   up..11   having   a   survey r       _ .
the sordid and cruel     setting of the  maae and upon complying with other 10r'   uttawa-    tllc
the   land   at
She  sees as  vividly  requirements,   purchase
_____________________ ______ _ $1.00 an acre.
He  went  over  to   witness   traces on the jovial  sportsman whose   us 1 hough she herself were there the      permission  may be  granted by the
light-crazed  throng, egging on a man,   Minister   of   the    Interior   to   locate
��� ,   # .     el-ems rontaininu iron and mica, also
as  il  seems to her  feverish  fancy, to  Claims coniaining.ru .
copper, in the \ ukon   territory, 01 an
d.    murder.    She  cannot   understand  wea not exceedinn 160 acres.
tt   at   all   and    the    poor   benumbed      The  patent  for  a  mining  location
the    problem   shall  provide   for  the  payment  of a
1/  -
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
Any even numbered section oj 1'"
minion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting S and
26, not reserved, may be homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head oi
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made  personally at
the local  land  office  for  the  district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on ap-
ister of tlie Inter-
 Commissioner    of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the local
agent receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
111 At least six months' residence
upon  and  cultivation  of the land  in
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily ' NEW Daily
Leave WESTMINSTER  Arrlv 1
'.iT'.itii !;l,line. BeTung 3 00 pm
4:25 pm ham,     Burling 9:20 pm
ton,   Mt.   Ver
non,     Evi rett,
Si   ttle        and
Portland. i
4:.:,'. pm Spokane,       St.]3:00pm   j
Paul      ind     .-11 1
points  East. <
9.20 am inacortes, I 00 pm   1
Woolley.      and I
It.iekport. )
3:00 pm Vancouver 9: 20 am   J
9:20pmI 1:35pm  '
Route of tin' Famous
2���Daily  Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,   Duluth,  Chicago,  St.
Louis ami all points Blast.
Fur     complete     information,
rai.-s,   berth   reservation,   etc.,
call on or address,
F. ('. GRIFFIN, Agent.
Dank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. ti. P. A.,
Corner Second  Avenue and  Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
���"? j Canadian Pacific Railway Coi
British  Columbia Coast  t.im-
(Subject to change without   non-.
VICTORIA SKAl I l.h   kuutk
Princi ss ii-.it 11    11
Leaves  Port   Tow nsend   12  p. ���,
Leaves Vieloria 9 1   i.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
Leave Seattle li.au a
Arrive port Towsend  1;
Arrive Victoria   I
VANCOUVER VlCTUKl \    kui 1
s. S. Pi im '���    \
Leave   Vancouvei    I
Leave Victoria  I   1. :n.
VICTOR] \ NEW   v. 1st
ROI  1 1
Silt.   I'll AK.MI'.i;
Leaves Victoria, 1 a m .
and   Fridays.
Leaves New Westmini ������
Wednesdays and Saturda;
Calling at Maynoan d t .
S.S. .101.11 leaves Nanaimo
T< > SEND Vi iu over;
Eighl Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Waking,  she  croons  tor  htm  softly,   ,1,.,   v    \V   t    exreotinB  the   Yukon   0I  Ine  lanu  <micicu  ....   ct
~t''       .:-:__ .Li���. ������-. ments as to residence may be satisfied THE    NORTH-WESTERN,     LTD
luain  struggles
".' 11
each year for three years.
.        . Royalty of a}_ per cent, of the sales      �� '' the father for mother, if the
,-, and then    gives il  up in a d'th '     ^ , ������  t!u. |ocation, father is deceased) of the homesteader
fresher burst of walling. pi irFR MINING���Manitoba ami  fes>des upon  a  farm  111  the  vicinity
-- ���        of the land  entered  for  the  require-
1 offering thai he had endured has re
mained In Gilbert's face; and his fen-
iici'.s, bronzed by his life in the open
air, are as natural as ever. As soon
as he is able to lie moved, the patient
v. ill go with his family to Hot Springs,
Ark., where lie hopes to recuperate.
liraith, Sandy Gray, George Rennle
and .Iim Gilford. Pat Feeney, who
played such a brilliant game on the
home ficiei las! season, will probably
play centre tills season. Mr. Turnbull
-.'ill figure on the team again, and
Harry  Latham,  Tom  Rennle,  Bryson,
LieBeek and  Lynch will also turn oul 	
In Bpeaklng of the probable person Must Not P"M Ears'
nel of the clubs composing the B. C. New York, March 17.���The Russian
A. L. A.. Mr. TnrnbuU said that there Lion and the Terrible Turk will meet
is a possibility of Victoria remaining in combat. Champion George Hacken-
i.'i the league, and that ihe Mount fcchmldt and Ahmed Madrall are to
Pleasant     team's     application   for  ad-   wrestle   In     London     for   the   world's
mission would undoubtedly receive championship, so a dispatch from
lhe support of the officials of lhe abroad says, but lhe most startling
league. "All of the teams Should be pat' of it all is the rules.
Btrong ihls season," Bald Mr. Turn- Fifteen of them have been framed
bull, and 1 lhinli the game will boom and they are moro suitable for a dog
throughout the province. fight In this country than a catch-as-
  catch can wrestling bout for the best
Football  Results. three  falls in  five.    Biting, scratching
The first match of the Mainland In- an?- pulling each others' ears are
termediate football series was played siipnlaie'cl as being barred, and other
on the Powell sire.t grounds, Vancou- specifications nre drawn up in a style
ver, Saturday afternoon, between the lil:l1 "nisi be truly English.
Shamrocks and Klng'^ college teams. Obstacles stood in the way of a
The game resulted ln a victory forthe match so long that 'hey seemed un,
Shamrocks by the seme of 2-1, The surmountable, as the Turk wanted to
game was very speedy, and marked try ''lk<' il,iv ,iin'l of a hold he could get.
clean, scientific play on both sides.      ���'���">'  one    who    saw    Hackerschmidl
An immense crowd gathered al the wrestle here last year would nol
Camble street ground- Saturday after- tjl8mfi Madrall, but iho Russian Lion
noon   to   witness   the, championship  v:lK iis stubborn aboul  giving  in  to
game of Association   football   between   '"''ll "  Plan as he is on Ilie mat.
ihe Celtic and Shamrocks,  which  re 	
suited in a victor)  foi  the former by
the  score   of   2-1,     This   was   the last
a  series of   11   matches  In  all  of
ti"ies, when the frultlessness of her to the base of the hill or bank- not six months'notice in writing should
wi-ling and the hopelessness of her exceeding 1000 feel Where steam be iyen t0 the,Commissi0ner of Do-
layers for the moment calms her, power is used claims 200 let v\... ^.^ ] ^ ^ ^^ Q, im,nti,,n
she turns her bitter resentment upon m^L�����^\ht Rivers of Manitobk to apply for patent.
ib.- man who did tbe killing, and she and th* N -w, T. excepting the Yn-
longs to reach him with the fingers ^ Terrjt0ry���A free miner may ob-
01 h.r slender hands. ,.,;��� only two lease- of five miles each
Paralysed and I.'Clirable, In B state for -, term of twenty years, rencw-
<: tiller collapse, she screams her able in the discretion of the Minister
nl him till.I longs to have him in of the  Interior.
go Rose Tenne-      The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds  or bars of  the  river
rag ^^^^^^^
ber reach. A wee
liatirn   was  removed   from   the  Tenne
1   Hit'.   Il.'llli
,i   ' i'i I  l-'olsom street to
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent   year.      Royalty   same   as
^_^_^_^_^__W. W. CORY
Deputy  Minister  of  the   Interior.
Railway Company',
cept Saturday und  .Sunday,  at  7 L
Sal urday  N n.  in.
Leaves   Vancouver   dai       ,.x,..,.
Saturday and Sunday, .,1   1   .. , ..
Saturday 2.30 p, in.
WKSTt'OAST     Kul   I I
S. S. Queen City.
Leave   Victoria   11   p,   11
nnd _uth of each month for Al
nnd way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of 1
for Quatslno and  v.mv   points
Leave Victoria 20th ot
for Cape Scott and way pi
' Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New    Westmit   ler   every
Additional  trip leaves   :
minster 5 a, m. Sunda
Lea\���      SteveBton
da..  Wednesday, Thin
urday  7  a.  m,    Frldit     '
ditional  '1 ip Sa urdaj   5  1
Steamer  Bravi ���
Leave  N. w   W't    ���
Mondays,  Wednea It
Leave Chllllwack  .
Thursdays  and  Satrd
; ndlng   li. 1 wi   ti   .'������������
ami Chllllwack.
S.   S.   Tees.
Lea..-1 Vancouier ai
and   16th er ��� ai h mt �����
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Skid.'-:.''.' on first trip a:
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),   la on second trip.
modem   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-       Times   on   arrivals   and   depart���
brarv auj   Bmoking car-.
For Time Tables,  I oldi rs, or any
further  information  call   on   or  write
are approximate.
For  Tickets,  reset vat!
formation call on 01 addt ���
.1. W, TR
Qener il Supi 1 Inti ndi 1 1
7-0 Second Avenue, Seattle, W.i-li   Asst. G.n.  Pass   Agent,   1
 j w   I,   QARD1NER,
Gen. Agent. Freight   I
NeW    Wl
Agent,  New   V, 1
Northern Pacific!
M mnt   Zlon   Hospital   suffering   from subseqUent   year.     Royalty  same   as      Atlantic Express  leaves   naity
a   breakdown.    The    shock-    of    her ptacer mining.                                        15.40; has   first-class, sleepers
brother's death    after the fight  with Placer  mining  in  the  Yukon Ter-   diners.
Frankie Nell,  coming    under clrcum- ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill      Tourists cars
..tances  of  peculiar     horror,     for  the claim-   shall   not   exceed   25o   feet   in
,  .  ,                           ,           t^ lenirth   measured on  the  base  line  or
time completely overcame  her.    For lengm, iut_a_.
a  short  time aft or the funeral  she ap
^^^^^^ for   Toronto   every
Monday and    Friday;    tor    Montreal
every Wednesday and Saturday.
general   direction   of   the     creek     or
^^^_ "'''   gulch,   the   width   being   Irom   10O0  to
peared to improve, but  when the long   jnn0   feet       A1)   otlu.r   placer   claims
line of  friends  came  to  pay  tribute  sna]] De _,;o feet square.
to the grief stricken family, the strain      Claims   arc   marked   by   two   legal
became too -rent and the sorely tried  posts,  one  at each  end, bearing no-   or
and the overwrought nature collapsed,  tices.    Entry must be obtained within
 0  ten  clays   if the  claim   is  within ten
miles  of  the  niming  recorder's office.
After  Burns' Scalp. , ,m. extra (;;i>. flowed for each addi
"The much talked of Jack O'Brien-  tional ten mile; or fraction.
Tommy Ryan middleweight champion-      The  person or company  staking a
claim  must hold  a  free miner s cer-
Seattle train leaves daily at a.iO.
For further particulars apply io
I'll. GDI 1.1.1,
C.   V.   K.  Agent.
New  Westminster.
^^^���1   E. J. COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
t ���
Trains Daily
Travel on the Faun.us
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
QuickTime. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westmlnstei
Arrive New Westminster ll
Lv. N.w West. . 8.30; ai   B
Lv.  Seattle  1";  ar.  New   \
l.v. New West. 10.15 and
Ar .New West. 9.36 and   l<   ;
l.v. Ne w Weslniitis:. :   '
"The Milwaukee"
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-   l.v. N. w. 9.20 a.m.; ai   E
Lv. N. W. 1.36 p.m.. ar. S.
Lv. Seattle S.:!n n.m.; ar. N. W. 3 P*
.-hip match seems to have died a
r.atural death," writes George Slier.
"The pair have been digging Into each
The   disci n - "��� "   of   a   new   mine   is
entitled  to  a   claim   of  1000  feet  in
Gans   Punishes  Sullivan. other   through     the     columns  of   the lcngth,  aand  ii  lhe  party consists  of
Los   Angeles,    March    17.���Joseph press for several years, ami when a two, 1500 feel altogether, on the out-
which  the Celtics have boon  victor.- (;a"s' "r Baltimore,  may  be the  had uhorl time ago, Ryan was reported to put  on which  no royalty    shall    be
o���s, not having a single defeat scored  ljlach  8 " '"'  ,h"  Pu8"lstic  woria' have P��Bted " forfe11 '" "wl" Jack :" on:"'T ���        w
but  there are some large white spots 158  ids weigh.  In al  the ringside, ��ry e arms on.y. ^  ^
on him and one of them showed to ad- and  lhal   the manager of the  Pacific      <������"'> _^_^_^_H-H        _^_s
vantage   tonight.     He   whipped   Mike Athletic   clt^b   al   Los   Angeles,   would v.i]|u,   Q,   ,,](.   gol(j   shipped   from   the
m .1   them  this season.
Saturday's game decided the cham-
1 i.e.slop of the Mainland It ague, and
although a Becond match has bi en arranged for next Saturday, it is not
to attract the attenl lon which
the Iftfll match did, excepl In the little
bund of enthuslaslc followers which
each team has.
The   game   at   the   Camblo   street
grounds   011   Sut urday   was   very   fast
"The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.  Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No  trains  in  the  service  on  any
railroad  in  the  world  that  equal  in  porM_nd On
equipment  that of the Chicago, Milwaukee  eS.'   St.   Paul   Railway,     Tbey
pean points.
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
Fnr full informtion call ..n or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent.
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, Ii. C,
\. li. CHARLTON,
A. C. P. A.
^__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^0�� 11   and   operate   their
f two and one-half   per cent, on the   an,i dining cars on alll their trams and
give  their  patron,  an  excellence  of
vicious ""hi .1,.,1        11,,,        1,11    ,    _^_^_M_^_^_^_H_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_h-^_^_^_^_^_--l       service . .1,tamable  elsewhere.
,���.,���;. "-"   "n ' '''" '8 ""   """ "f !""1""1 ;'s " ""���>  would oometogether,  have, ,���. who nuy receive entries for      Berth, on .her sleepers are longer,
.specially    when    the     question    ol  bar diggingsi or bench daima, except higher and wider than in similar cars
(Twln)SulHvHn In the tenth round of  bang up $15,000 for the light, it really  i(.(.( ,(1 ,]u. r\g\^s 0f all persons who
It was Joe Gans who kepi the whole  weight  hinged only on several  hours,  on   ihc   Saskatchewan   River,  where
other   line.      They   prott ctj
chow   from   going    wrong,   tor   Mike  That Is as near as"they can,.' to hook- the lessee can  dredge to high-water  lhl.ir trajna by the Block System.
(Twin) did not  want to tight on the  Ing up, and  as neither of them  has '"
I've].    He    wanted    to    go    twentj   made any   overtures  within  the  lasi
tounds to a draw,    lie said thai  the few weeks it is taken for granted the
ark on each alternative leasehold,
Connection   made   with   all   trans-
The It    et    hall have a dredge in  continental lines in Union Depots,
peration within one season from the ^^^^^|
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ________________________________________m_l f"r
mid   Bclentiflo,    and    notwithstanding   ''"' '"  "'" '""ls"   "", j"slirv :l,,v in'lir is ,,fr- but  where a  person or company has
ine    ,, |y  worj,  ���f  |������|,   team,  ,���, "ther sort of a fight and he absolutely      "Ryan   is  getting    along  In  years, obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
rough work was permitted, or In fact  ,efu80(1 '" enler the ,i"�� untu '"' "��� ���""' iis h" is '"" '"' ""ll '" IU;I" "' 'lr'",!;,' for ' lch "'""'" mil" "'/"'"
even ,,,,,,���   ,���,, uouncemeni   was    made, thai  should keep the wolves    irom  ills door he tion thereof is sufficient,    Rental, ��io
both met , their feel a! the end probablj   will    retire,    O'Brien,  hdw per annum for   each   mile   of river
ol the light  a  draw elecislon  would  he ever, Is as deep  iu  the game as ever. !�������!���      K"-v:il,-v   at   th��  "U'   "f  ,W"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ec-mieieil, ;,n,l  |,,. recently  was quoted as SHylnj
Montreal     Wanderers      Capture    the       ""'  Joe Qans -��(  hll�� Into Uie- ring be   would   not    verse   to   meeting
Hockey  Championship    Trophy. '''"'  '"'"  ,ll,n "' ���  Wai  purple, there Jeffries should   lhe  big  fellow  cure  lo
Ottawa.     March     I!'.    Tin-     Stanley
���y saving the b_.
ow.    It   was anything   again   don   the
and  a  half per cent, collected on  the
OUtpUl   after  it   exceeds  $m.noo.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of live miles each  may be
ll, S. ROUT.. General Agent
1.14 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, 1 lr
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   tor   PACIFIC   Coasl
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
l.v.   Seattle   1,20   p.m.,   ..
V..   W.   fi   V.     VAN.
l.v. N. W. :; p.m. and 9
Lv. Vancouver 8.3G a.m..
Q, N, It.    PORT '.
Lv.   N.   W.   9.20   a.m..
2.20 p.m.
l.v.  Guichon  2.40  1
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
lt. C. ELECTRIC    V
l.v.  New  West,
and  hourly until  11   1
hourly  between   12.30
Sat unlay halt-Hourly n.
Sunday   hourly     8     ai
wlib naif-hourly bet, 1
l.v.  Van...uver same tii
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wi
From  Chwk.  Tu., Th     i        ' a
Ramona   -
from N. W. Tu., Th..
���1 I*
������������������������������������������ ,     From Chwk. Sun., W-
ONTARIO, QUEBEC un.l the MARI- Favorite
TIME PROVINCES. From N. W. dally, ex B
from Mi. Lehman, 7 s
'.   11   V   r  ,.      1      i,���..  mT.'X." Ibu'   "   luanclal   success,   but   from   an   i-aid. II   wns reported   lhal   he believed
(inbuilt-ill   of  ih.-  hotkey   chain      ,_ 1A M�� _^_B!
O'Brien    nlso granted to a free miner for a term of GROWN   Garden,   Field   and   Flower
Also to BUFFALO, NKW YORK nnd 1
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Pall*. Transfer���
For Time Tallies, etc., address From   N.  W. dally
, |i.m.
Cans   lias   lie
fakir in the world.   Probably In
call...!  the  greatest   bun   for   fourteen
plonshlp of the world, wns transferred
to Montreal cm Saturday night, after
a siav in Ottawa of three years.    Five _-_-_-_-i_-_._-_���_-_���i^_^_^_���
' ���    , not deny It,    Hut  he did ihe square
llii'iisand   people   saw   the   Iinal   game     .
.,    thing tonight, ami he deserves ered I
in the  lerle   between Ottawa and the'
Wanderers. Up in five minutes of the
.dose of play Ihe teams had tied on
IWO ni.,1. le- .  bul  then  the Wanderers ANGRY  WIFE  BEATS TERRY
icored    two additional goals,   giving
th. 111  the cup.    Saturday nlght'l   score   Mrr"   McGovcrn   Creates    a    Scene   in
was.   Ottawa  ||,  Wanderers  ::. The ag Philadelphia   Railway  Station.
grego i Hi.  Iwo matches: Wander
ers  12, Ottawa   10, Oct  I.nun persons
point   il   was  all   lo  lhe good,   he could trim .leff  by dancing nrouiul
ounds   and    when
came   from   Montreal   ti
mat. li,
Philadelphia,   Pa.,   March   it.   Fan
ileiiionliini reigned in the train slice! al
.!1111 got dead tired chasing hlm lie
would hook one on bis law that would
nol   come   off   until   the     referee   had
counted ten.
"Tha shifty and    elusive Phlladep.
phian   also   hankers   after   Tommy
Burns' sculp, as a victory over Tommy, which, of fours.', he anticipates,
w ill net hlm the heavy weight chain
plonshlp title,   O'Brien is nol the only
lighter   that    would   be   pleased   to  ex
change wallops with tha new champ,
jo years; also renewable. Seeds.    New crop now In stock  ready
The lessee's right is conliniil to the for   distribution; ' ask   your   nierclniiil
submerged   bar   or  bars   in   the   river f,���.  ,|](|1]   ,���   leaitti   inck-els.     Pf  lie
below    low    water    mark, that   botin- ���,,���,.���  ,������   h.ini\u. ,,,���,���   ���. wm   ,���,,,,,,,
dary to be lived by its position on the . ,   _        ,,,.,
I.t day  -if  August  in  the  year of  the '"   -V""r    ne0r98,1    I"-1"111'"'    ��&    '"'
date of the base packets, our selection of good varle-
The  lessee  shall have one dredge ties, for 11,00 to Introduce them,
m   operation   within   two   years   from       Large    slock    ol    HOME    CROWN
the dale of the lease, and one dredge Fruit  and  Ornamental  Trees now  ma
for   each   live   miles   within   six   years tured  lor the spring Hade.
from such dale.     Rental $100 per mile       Xl)  expense,   loss  or  delay   of   lunii
Police Raid Cock Fight.
Montreal,    March    19.   The   police
raided a cock Bghl lu a barn in the to finish the  loi
northern section of the city yesterday
and arrested one hundred and twenty
men, wiio wane In attendance.
j commenced so beautifully Wednesday.
sin- finished by dragging the one.
"Terrible Terry" about the shed wiib
May   Sutton   Is   Ambitious.
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work iluir claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of .$-'. \ claim may he
abandoned and another obtained >��11
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying a fee.
Work   :1111st   he   done   on   a   claim
each year to the value of af least $2110.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
���hall  l.e deemed  to lie
gallon or Inspection,
Lei nie price your lis! before plae
Ing your order. Ilieenhoitse Plants,
Floral     Work.      I lee    Supplies,    Frull
Packages, Fertilizers, etc,    Catalogue
M. .1.  HENRY,
8010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Yukon  Territory  to  be  paid  1
No free miuer shall receive a grant
of   more   than   one   mining   claim   on
witness   the     ��� '   '  "'"'' iu   cnanBS wallops  with  Hie  new  champ,   each   separate   river,   er.ek   or   gulch,
ilie Broad streel station shortly after  In facl there is quite a bunch of then] bul  the  same  miner  may  hold  any
10 o'clock  tonight,    prior to the de   simply because   they    think Tommy
parture of the   train   tor  New   York 6My P'oltln8-"
] when Mrs, Terry  McQovem started in
"Battling"   Nelson Printers' Grievances.
Ottawa, MarOh 19. W. L, Mackenzie King of the labor bureau lias let!
tha capital  for Winnipeg  to Investl-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      gale   grievances   of   lhe   printers     of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Ihor fingers firmly Inihedded In tlie H   H  ,.|iv   Some lime ago an  agent  of  H ��� claim      i^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_���
N.w   York,  March   19.   The Times side of ids head, wiiile she played a Winnipeg master   printers,   went   to abandoned, anad ..pen to occupation Of  Seed   (Kits   shipped   from
says Mis�� May Suiion.   the   present tattoo with her other fist on proini- England and engaged some 711 print- and entry by a free miner.
holder   or   ihe All-England Woman's nenl portions   of   Terry's handsome era and brought them to this oountry.     The boundaries of a claim m ,
championship and American ex-cham- face, They allege thai they did nol gel the defined ftbsolutely.by having a survey seen  at this Office or at li
plon,   will   go  U)  London   In  July  and       II Is said that  Terry had Ju��t Joined   work   promised.     Tbey   petitioned   the "*{[�����   Offi-lal Es-ette
defend her claims to the English hon- a party of admirers of a pretty Uttle sovereign and Mr, King win now in petroleum ' Vil unappreciated Deems. The American girl's decision to blonde actress when .Mrs. Terry up- vesiigaie iii Uie request of the colonial rnlnion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
do ibis was. received In this City yes-   peared on lite scene. ofiice. w'est Territories and within the Yukon
For Sale    j
Half Carload, No. 1  feed    Effective
seed oats shipped from
be Moosejaw.    Samples to be
y seen at this office or at
e T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Assistant  (ien'l  Passenger anil Ticket
Agent, 185 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Hy. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail mule between all
points easl, weal and soitllt lo Rossland, Nelson and Intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Grtal
Northern, Northern Pacific and 0. R,
& N. Co.
Connects al Rossland wilh the Can
a.iian Pacific Railway (or Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at     Meyers     halls     with
1 Itage  daily  (or  Republic.
Buffet   service  on  trains   between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Sunday,    November     in,
Add. trip, Mon.lav, 5 a.l ,
From Sleveslon. 7 a.in.    I   '     "
Add. trip Saturday, 5 i   ���
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday  7 I
From Victoria Saturday "
I ,I'll VI'
o.-o a.m.
12.25 pm.
ij..|o a.m.
I lay Train
. Spokane
. Rossland
.7.15 p.m.
,4.to p.m.
. .. .Nelson   6,45 l,ln
Cicneral  Passenger  Agent
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00 1
Sap'n H Millside...!'1'
Vancouver 10.00 ,
Cloverdale,  Illiilue,
Seattle,  etc. .    . .   8.45 I
Vim. & Cent, Park...lO  i
Victoria 10.801
Easl Burnaby.. ,.  1.18
Sleveslon,   etc    1.30 '
Blast, via c.l'.R... 8.00 p.m.
Sup., Mill, Coq'm,. 3.00 i n
Vim. n Burnaby., 8,80p.n
. elved.
, ir��p..��u
i a iti-
.. ,,.,!.,
a ll.IH-
������' '""���'
'  11
i     ill.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS,   Dally tri
Sunday)    carrying   P8*"^'";   ��itii
and    freight    c<
inress    anil    irciKc'e     ��� il,,rtC
ages at  Ca.CrOSI and  Wl  "   **��
aintainlng a through wintt
For Information apply f _       .
J.  II. ROGERS, Traffic  Mat"! '
Macklnnon V-^h'-
Vancouv. f,  B' u MONDAY    MARCH   19.   1906
THl daily npws
MARTr- _   Md   ���
.'.'dill i     w
m & em >m i is
Irt reel.,   oppr.
���L J. Whll .   ..nils
.1   P   ii-.-.!" Ll
���oi .,: rfflcet
i.liaii   Bank   oi   Oommi
Oolun .. . ,
GBORG1   E   M IRT11
E m block
tila ate   Mi Ki : . Ii   Btreets   Nc��
nil-sit-.:   L. C.
UNIOe. LODGE NO. 9. A. F & A M.
���Tie regular mooting of this
if, held on th. Pin Wednesday In
each "'.:���; ..: s ,, dock p ni. tn
the Masonic Temple Sojourning
brethren are cordlallj invited ' a
tern, Di W A DeWolf Smith
P. & A. M : ��� a oniniunic.
tions of tins lodge art held on tin
second Tuesdaj in each month in
Masonic Temp!' al v p m Visiting brethren are cordlallj invited
to attend.    D. \V. Gilchrist, Sec.
R. H. K of I., meets second and
fourth Fri.lav of each month, at v
p. n... in Orange hall, corner of
Royal a'.etin. and John street. So
looming Sir Kniglits cordially Invited to attend \V. K. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E   F.   Matthias,  Reg
���Me. s in Orange hall firs! and
third Frldaj in each month nt 8 p
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Malthias,
W. M-: .1. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
I. O. 0. F.���AMITY   LODGE. No. 27���
, . The regular meetings of this lodge
'' are held In Oddfellows' hall. Columbia   Street,   eve".     MollililJ    evening.
at s er!...,. ','i- ti.- brethren cor-
diallv invited to attend. S .1 May,
N. C:   \V. (". Coatliam. Rec-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
���Meeiings tb. til st and '.bird Tues-
day in each month. Visiting
brethren corclHlly Invited to attend.
Lodee room. \. ii. I' W. hall, oddfellows' block. Clarkson street. 0.
S. Corrigan, recorder, Louis Wilt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month.
in K. of P. Hall. Columbia St., at
8 p. m., White Rose Decree, Fourth
Wednesday in each mohth, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cot.lia.llv Invited E. 11. Slinch
combo. Pres., 11. Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Fourth Friday ln the
month at K o'clock, in lhe small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .!. n. Rushlon. C. U.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A, o. F.���The regular meetings of
tjlls Lodge ate held on tlie Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at S p. m. In the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting llrethren nre cordlnlv in-
Tited to attend. E. V. Firth, C. It.:
1". P. Maxwell, Sec
Ro>al City Fish Co.
Wholr��alc and Rtp-lail  r>oialetrs Ira
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iamc In Season
IPs deliver m all narti of thr City.     Telephone 40     P O Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daih  !V��_W New Wentminxtp,������, B. C.
H. M0REY & CO. Sunday m m
Booksellers, IS ON IN SEATTIE
Win.I ESAL- Ul.
217-219 Columbia Street.
New Westminster. B.
THOS.    R.    PEARSON    lcrmWor  Yon.
rn.   bun. -������   t     ��� ��� . situated  oi    I<���<
southern slop, w 'in uerpentlni  Vail
i i.e t    . ii . ���    . : goo    road
land  I ."orn.iiive   iii.om   co   ac  a -t mdltlon,
. .    n     lonvei   rn   tni      -������������-���   ���
'['his       :       ���'-    en lion     Price, (190 per acre.
1027   \t, uiiiisiii.      : ���.               ������    hundred am  - i         ������     ,;
i.  7l acne* nudei m-st-cian on ...
���. ������   shape     liVroonM                         ,,      , tm~ tMixiint   hop
kiln at            |  room ra goon condition agi on thi   plaoi
I  -.'             end Creek .. h tl
..     S       ' 18,51)
>������,,-.   *   UH   ( ash.
...CALL ON....
Prescription* a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
Nev Westminster,  - - -   B. C.
i ��� ��� ���
j Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j ftyy yoyo WAll PAPER
Mi,,"'r"f"' ' ' !   In   !N^w   Wpslminstw
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures 1
The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
'Rhone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Fur your next order of moat.
( oluiiibi.i Street
1 cam- the ffiosl  complete
stock in the City,     Spring
designs arriving daily.
Abo complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
Hmisr Painter   and    Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
Dress in Reason
T!ic lates! Mitchpn e tasnton piatet
have arrived
s,    have  our  spring   Bto. '���   01   High
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trousertoi
In Pact we can BUpplJ all your sartorial   w arils.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
We have Bated with us for
salo Bome of (lit1 beal small
randies in the tinost fruit
district in tho country. 5 to 2(5
acre holdings mostly all in
Crop, large and  small fruit;
the_e arO WOrth   OOUsidoring, , Another  Prisoner
money can Ik? made olT these
places; good shipping facilities. Enquire about these.
Cigar D Sore on Restrictions
Inslot   on   SaloOhl
' ;ng.
lot macl '
��� ,.,     |    looi
\���-���",'���   I.''- '       and
ii..- enforces!
,f tl
ol On i   relating ti
ot business
PoUe ���'   Mayo   '
noon  the e
teal Hon    tool,  ttmne.
Intention  of closing
o'clocl            'ovided
le   ii..                        tea and to do
,li  placet  ni  business In  il	
Bj     -,.'.      - ��� ' ..,|   ro
..        T .      ...
         ll "nipt
to clos*   the   ,jiv   Mas finalh   dropped
io  ti-. ���. Ktssodatlon for
the pi-esent  after a nnmliei  ot confor
'tiros   lasting   until     noarh   mid
l8Sl  nifrht.    Tl is decTaro.1 le ��� ". ������
dealers   however, thai  the nffhi  is riot
and  if the orders    ot     Mayor
Raningoi   reesrding   dice gamei
continued   that   Seattle  will   he  closed
t.i  ���������- the laws of tne state and
the ordinances of the city will allow.
li is contended h> the eiirar dealers
that the order i- a personal fight
against the association and that 11 is
the oTttoome of the rov-enf political
campaign in which the head of the
republican cltj ticket was defeated
.loe SchPrmm. �� Second avenue
. ieat dealer, was the ffral to com
ntenee the fighi When the notice
" ftj  '.ti M-,i on  him bj   CTt>   Dt! ��� ���    n
Phllbriclt lie declared that if it  was
Impossible for h!m to pla\ a dice
lime in his house that he blight iust
ne1!! discontinue business ij���
, lotred the place an.l BUspehded a sign
In iron, ol the entrance to his store
which   ' ���
Closed io  the Ordei  ol  Mtayov iial-
This '-'tn remained lu from ol the
clgai stand foi several hours last
evening while thousands of people
thronged the Btreets and blocked the
entrance tn fronl ot the store trying
to fin.! om the hteahlng of the unusual
statement, it was no. until 10 o'clock
thai the sien was removed and the
ilai - ' ��� opened for business.
���.. -.���p ���
Incorporated by act ot parliament
CAPITAL (All paid ap),��.|14,UUt),000
t'PERANCE meet every Wednesday
m. s o'clock p. in-. In Oddfellows'
Sail, Columbia street Visiting
Hfethren arc cordially Invited to nt-
gmii.   .1- s. Bryson, 8. C;   N. 11.
Jown, Kee. Sue.
Camp, 191.���Mooih on tiu> i-'irHt and
Third Tlli's.luv ot every month 'u
K. of I'. Hull. -lohn McNIven,
Chief;  .1. .1.  Forrester,  Ituc. Hoc.
���OARD OF TRADE.���New Went milliter llonr.l of Trtule meets In tlie
Bonr.l llcioin, Oily Hull, uh follOWII
Set'oud Wueliie-siliiy of each inoliUl.
Quiirterly limiellngH on the h.-coiiiI
���Wt'dneseiiiy of I'Vliruiiry, May,
AugiiHl ami Novembor, al K p. n.
Anniitil lncollngH tm Iho Kccoiiil
WfdneHcluy or February. New
Baomiiem limy i"1 iirupoaed and
���lccieci ut iinv monthly or quarterly
awctltiK-    A. IO. Willie. Sec
Hon. Lord  Strntlicomi anel   Mounl
Royal, o.o.M.o,,.. Hem President
Hon.  Sir (!.  A.  Hruiimioliil,  rrc>sl.|enl
E. s. Clouston, vice President  nn.i
General Manager,
General   banking   business   trans-,
ac ted,
Branches in all tut> principal cities
In    ('una.In,   in    London,   Fug..    New
York,   ChloagO.   inui   HI.   .lullli,   Nllcl.,
and correspondent! in all parts ot the
Savings Bank Dept.
Q.  D.   II.yti.ee,   m.iii,iii>->.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $:t,000,000.    Reierve $3,437,162
Total   Ametii ��Jtl,.i/J,b/b.
Branohes   and   correspondent!   tn!
all  the  principal  cltleo ot the world.
General  banking builneae traniactecl.
U opens an ucciiunt.   Interesl added
mir yearly.
Collections made ii'   lowest   rates.
)pen    Saturday   nighta   trom tl  to A
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Foot cf Ith Ave.   Cor. IBth  Ht.rt.-et
New Westminster, fi. C.
r.arrliige Renalrlng, Slumlnti
and General Rlar.ksmllhlni|.
-Ageing Camp and Structural iron
Wink Specialty,
ll<-Hl>l<- �������� a �������-!.
Belyea & Co.
lletienil  llaiillng mid  li'ilverv.
Heavy  Hauling llur M|.ecnllty.
Wood and Coal
Real [slate
Fire and Life Insurance.
Columbia st., balow
Tratn Office,
r*��e��l, Hala> nnd I Ivcay
j       STABLES
Latest Styles in Rubber   Tired
Hacks no.I Hijis
W.  LYLE & CO.
I'ltfll'KII IliltS
Cor, mil and Carnarvon sts. Phont IBO
When   vou   w.uit   a   kck.,1   smoke  you
a*k fo. it
I     Pll C." OR " OLD SPORT"
H��neif,ect.ir<'d    h     the   ft    C    CHa|
'i:��JPI_ttfir..    '���'lie    ;iUo    lliilke    The     "Bril-
"  ��<�������������"     'it. -     T"T   1
j'W_��t<>r>-   ""I  ''""'""   "'���'""  ni'ick.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly  furnished.
124 F.l<)hth St., New Westminster, B.C.
Still Doing Du��lne���� at (lie lint Hlnnd
Merchant Tailor |
Columbia Street.
Pull line of Bnfllall, HaotOtl unit IrlHh
tweeds and woTstads always in itooh
SprliiK  Stock   now  In,    Miikti your
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer  nnd  nmnufiic'tiirer  of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Wrltn for prlcns.
New Weatmlneter, 8. C.
Teacher of the fierman
Language  and   Piano.
German  Conatsrvatory Method.
ioor> qrr��;KN"S avenue.
Good I mad
A.LWMFTC.260 Columbia St.
:l"    '     "'"' -e   tl,-   ivimle
��� '1
��R1;        Rlffl ORE
..;-.   i,.
n ��� ���
Into M
,    - .     .
The orlflee   It   .>'������" ������'������
en pint, and a
ether   |..-. ���       ���
t'eitr    ll
H     -.'.��� -.:������. ....... .-..I \
1   ���;     ' ...... ���    ..���,.,..
iiie record yoarl   ������
258, nr, nmn/inif number yvlien it. Is re
niemb��>red thnt on tformy days It io tm
pOBSlbl. ti ��� ��� nt nil, a�� tl ���
hnry the mm. and thai dnrtng the win
ter montlii fWiimr i- nlvoidened. Pur
fnc that period tlie whales "strllcc off
the cent, to e��.-ap.- the !������-
which the rorquals are not partial, be
tne In tills respect  tintlVe their ftrrtl.
��� ������ ���������.���. eei-s. whose hflTiilnt f.s new .1
metem section of Hudson bn\  and the
channels  whieh   Btrllce  north  fmni   Its
farthest  hounds   into  the polar se->   ii
Pelf,    'leehnleal Wot-1,1.
-  -
0. K.
In  Connection  With
Btuenenherg   Aaaasainatlon.
Caldwell, March il \ telegram
has been received from Oakley, Idaho,
stntinR thnt .1. i, Blmpkltts, n member
of the executive committee ot iite
Western federation of Miners . hnd
i I'm arrested near thnt place   \n dt
fleer has eone lo (lal.lee to Identify
and   Ini iir  lite  prisoner.   FSImpMns   Ir
wanted  in  connection  -ith  the nss
itsslnntlon   of  pjilm    T'.anli   Pie.men
'I'he    sensiillonnl    ntleenMons    inn.le
aniiinst a. n. Moss, foreman of the
ii nnd jury, which indicted Charles II.
Moyer, William i> ttnywottd and
Qeorge  a.  Pettlbone,  were not  sun-
lnlne.l   when  lesllinnny   In  Ilie nuttier
wns   taken   today   before    Dtatrlcl
Judge  Ftiinli  Hinltli.
Mr. Moss leslldeit tlmi be hnd talk
eel with no one ftbOUl Hie case outside
nf Ihe .Inr.v room, mill furtliei testified
Hint he never hnd ettpresse.l nne. op
Itilon  its  In th.- eiiIII  or  Innocence nf
.in  aooused nieti
Atlldiivlls ..r (lov. I'-rnnl'   It   Ooodlne
nnd Aiiotnev Jamas n. tiuwiev. deny
Ins tlmi   Ihev  had  Itnd  ut,v  conveiaii-
inui wiiii foreman Moss in regard tt.
lhe evidence in Iha Steunenberg case,
���e alleged by lhe defense, also wars
lb"   ii.eti   fuel.,   evl.oni   Hie   defense
"'   Iti   liifoiiuallon   I'lcived   to   be  Hie
correspondent of   the Portland   nre
re iibin, W. (I. ..Iii'teit, He look the
���tniid nnd testified Im bad spoken !n
'.I loi nev Miller, of the defense, (if
hAVlttg heard annther cortespoii ,enl
lay I' wns rumored there hnd been n
���'". "i millon. He heed h '>'i nsked to
make an ndldavll on the sublet'!, hut
refilled. He said further thnl he hnd
Investigated Hie rumor mid could find
(10   verification   for   It,
Tlie motion of Hi" defense lo tpinsh
the Indictment   Wai  denied.  The epies
| lions rnlse.l by Hie defense on demur
:ier  were argued  nl   letlgth  and   were
ii   under    advisement     by    .fudge
; Sffrlfh until Tuesday ttOTOlflg, an wns
lhe fptestlfin of admit line the defend-
nnts   (o  hall,   the  defense   resting  Its
! claim upon the provision of the atat-
j ate  that  In  a  capital  rase  In  which
there mny not ho strong presumption
at guilt the court may admit the nc-
c 11 sort  to hall.
New   Ambassador.
Washington,  March  19.���Tho name
ol Charles II. Francis, of Troy, N. Y.,
j former American mlnlstor tn Greece,
. will bo sent tn the senate ns unilinssn-
I dor tu AuBtrlnllutiRtiry    to    succeed
Late nf Trorey's. i Hcllnmy atorcr.    Mr.  Frauds'  father
Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office I *M forl"or|y nnibaaaador to Austria.
HI. Hb, Pl�� T'avorttr ne,-eptn.-l. For
l^t.Hre. nnd Pepevca.
When Lincoln was postmaster of
New Salem hi used to tuck the letters
Inside his be ,,.i,i deliver them V lien
ever he happened tb meet the persOnn
to whom thej were addressed. As this
ls a fair example of his business System, It may readily lie imagine.! that
the office ol Btuari .v.- Ltnedth waa not
a model establishment where there
was a place for everything nnd every
thing ln It? place \'id It was not. Tn
deed, as a mannij ug clerk the junior
partner would have been a hopJeless
failure,   and   as   an   attorney,   In   the
technical sense of the term, he would
never have distinguished himself Ete
disliked everything connected with the
drudgery of legal routine hmed draw
lug the declarations nnd pleas, despls
e.l   the  artificialities   an.l   refinements
which wer�� even then beginning 1"
creep Into thi pleadings and disregard
ed forffls whenever it was possible to
do  se
There was nothing mechanical,  pre
,.|o,, oi methodical about ibe man, and
In all (hose housewifely virtues which
characterised  the  careful, orderly,  ex
net  BollCitOr he  wns  utterly  deficient,
lie never knew where his papers were.
and  apparently   the  only  attempt  he
pyer made to bettor tbe disorder was 1o
Write On one Of tils bundles Of papers i
whirl!   littered   his   desk.   "When   you
can't   find   It   nny where  else,   took   In I
tilts''   Put that was lung nHer the firm'
nf Stuart * Lincoln had dissolved, nn.li
even then \Ve fln.l him explaining to a
correspondent thnt he had pim-ed his
letter Inside nn  old hat  an.l hnd thus
neglected answering II, which shews he
hnd hot  wholly outgrown the hnlilt 01
his post.lfllre days    Indeed, bis hat BOfi
tinned In be Ills faVotite receptacle for
pnpers  ns   long   ns   lie   lived,   and  he
never   neipilre.l   any   sense  nf  order,-
Fredorlrk Trevor Tl HI In Century.
Moon  t'nre-  fnr  lliilrt  flenda.
The supeistllloti In agtlcullnral e.un
imuillles that  the phases nf the inciiin
affect the germination and growth nf
sped has a parallel In a .pt.-er belief
that the tn..int nlso Influences the
growth Of bait on lhe bend. Mere Is an
old recipe Tlie l.itl.lhriidert hIiciiiIi! take
"two ounces Of boar's crease, one dram
uf the ashen of burned bees, one dram
of the nshes or southern wood, nne
dram of lite jtlltS) "f a white Illy root.
one ilratn of oil Of stveel almonds and
six drams of pure musk Make an e.lnt
Blent Of those and the day before the
full moon Shave tlin blttca and uitolnl 11
every tiny "   New York Tribune.
Thf   tl,���|. '
"This lint of mine.'' shunted (he wife,
"tins been cut of date fur ten se.lld
years "
"I should certainly hnve thought," M
spoiulort her sbnttieless husband, "that
tlie styles would have swung back to It
at least once In  Hint  lenglli of time"
l/.tllsvllle Courier .louriial.
For Firnt Clasx Repair
Give Mn a Trial.
A  Snvlnir  Sj.fem.
|    "I saved a big pile e.f tndtiey today,"
aild Mr  Mnrdhonel.
"Thnt  Is   lotety!     How?"   snlil   his
"Instead of going to law- with B man
for whst he nweil  ine 1  let hlm  have
! ft."- London Tit Hits
Any make or design I can repair it and
make it good ss new.
Horace Dorer,
l?l��   Sperlnltf.
Mrs. Kill.'ker Is your t.ushnnit nn
ifter dinner speaker. Mrs Booker���No,
tint he does a powerful lot of grumbling
(luring It   Rn.ol.-lyti T.lfe.
There are ways of showing satisfaction without a siipernluin.Inuce of
words.���Philadelphia P-ulletln.
Duncan Ross, M. P., III.
Ottawa, Ont., March 17.���Mr. Dun-
���\nn Ross, M. P., wns taken to tho
contagious disease hospital this morning, suffering from diphtheria. On
iei"! ng horc a week ago, Mr. Itoss'
chili! was sent to the hospltnl with
diphtheria. Mrs. Ross Is tn the hospital nursing tho child nnd now Mr.
lions has hnd to loin them, The child
in Improving unu Mr. Ross getting
along as well na can be expected.
Bl'.zrard IMerfeVW.
'      .
i. >.   bH_zard   the weel      on    shipments   from     \   . r. , mines
'  '"ing
and t'oi  tl i Jate
'tie!mi  mines shipped
��� 'he
Oranhy, Mbtnfei  Lode  Brooklyn, Orn
.. ,  i.      r,,1?R.
lend  shlpmi ���  tho
Two. ��� ibo, 8Toca.ii
  tht   -'flip.
���   i  ��� ���   BulllVan,
rluntei   *      -' ' I ���   : i '   \1 hlb "iter.
Ruth,    xl ':' Stic     IWi lit     I hi      nnd
Sunshine, the last  three   being new
for  this  e ,.���,,-,    .,. .1 ,i���i    of Jfi
shippers for Bl'ocan R i id T'i
for the whole dlstricl      r thi    ���   a
The Crate'' ���     "-��� l! 11 i"i7n
ti 0S    Trail.  c.C'T tons    G   C   <'���:
lTomlnloi!  Coi ���
tens.    Hall    Mil" ������       '���     ' "-       and
M irysVllle, 1300 tons.
Rockefeller   Gets   Safely   Away   From
Men   With  Blue  Papers.
I.akewood \. J., March 17..���A
small army ot cut ions persona marched   on   the   COimtry   place  ot Tohn   IV
Rockefeller hear   this   resort today
When It was declared that the oil king
lin.l   been  dwelling  In  seclusion since
1'eiiinati 3. Thei were BOrprlsed at
what lliey saw
Orders of Hip supreme court al Missouri are not valid In New Tersey unci
consequently Mr Rockefeller la safe
liuni subpoena servers armed with
lhe nibs served by attorney-general
HiuHev who Is conducting the tn.vcM
gallon of the Standard Oil methods so
long as he does not cross the bounds
of Hie slate.
Mr. Reeekefeller has taken grout pre-
.i.titiotiK nevertheless to guard himself from the Missouri courts,
11 Is said he Is afraid of being kidnapped and taken out of Hie State? of
New .lerney. To prevent snch tin
event  lie  has had a  huge searchlight
installed o_ tna btace. This powerful
light takes the whole neighborhood
al bight, milking It Impossible for anyone io approach tit" place under
cover id darkness
Mr. Rockefeller baa been seen walk
lug aboul the grounds Beveral times
i tii�� weel
Prions  About  Reconciliation  Between
Husband and Wife.
Riverside, Cal, March it. Andrew
Carnegie Is conducting the negotiation! tot thi reconclllatloo of Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Corey, estranged on
er,nnii ol 'ii" huaband'a escalades
with Mabel Oilman, an actresa, Corey
la b protege of the master of the steel
Where  the meeting    between husband and wire win take place cannol
foe learned.    Mrs. Corey    is still nt
Olenwood with her husband's mother,
���i,,,i 11 accompanied by his sister. The
Influence Of  Mr. Carnegie. Ins .soften
ed her linger againsl her huaiand
She   Is   ready   for   a   reconciliation.
inn woman-like, hesitates to take tha
initiative, She expects to go to I.os
\ineloH on Mouilny nnd thence to tho
Potter   ifotol     at   famta    Barbara.
Whether the nieel Ing will occur at
. ither place depends upon the actions
of the husband.
It Is stntod on authority that Mr.
and Mrs. Corey are reconciled. Upon
what terms, however, when or why
will never be known to the public.
' Many Dla ef Few.
Mexico City. Mexico, March Is.���
There were tl new cases o ftyphus
fever Saturday and two deathp, the
total number of caws since October
1st la 2,227 with 1*58 dca-as. ���'..
MaaaamaiBac   Soar    ��� i rm    Mai
;t . \i.
T.  ��v    VNWNDXIC ��c��    End   Or
i Houses and Lots
In t>ner> **
c ���' ^""��o C~��>
:.. -:. _ -   ,;
���..- ���.. ��� -
Jlfcr^%..A_\_%___   A.   v.-*-- .-.. ��
V ��
-    \t?. g JS
-      V ' -
-   -
"Viivfe^i.*   '*�� _.:sr  ~^r*f   rovers
i. ;vV���<._
..'-.;-,- .-.--...-      r    .
paasa n��wi>_ ��!���*���>*�� ���, m ���_�� s *._��* w.^^.^^.,* i^ i
��� *
.                                               -- - ��� ��� *
��� J
Office !>Ljpi>N
Evrr^-xi*.* -;>? -ml ;��^��^s_ :
��� ��
*vT-_-    HRStlT'lf"    S*t~r>J?
Vatvjv j
^.^^.^_    ��!   ^ ���!���   _����   "**   *   ��l   I**   ^^��*^^-^^~.   ���      .ta^Mte*^
j*p+sfw>*is*sXsrsnrwMU -�����    .- ��'���    ��� ���
-faau"**"*-     ��. ��WT>��     >���*�����*.
r��r*f -*oor iv x*.r_5
.-.i-i~i: Cv &TSOE
PrB-Ctica   Sanitarian-
,. ai ��i
i iieta ' ��� I     ��� ���--._..-.--.���
Advert:*  in  Tut  Ne*s
V^v   V -sunin_ti_r
Economy in Skirti
____o_rt_   anna   ���_*--.-
���-      -       i>-   *.     - " ��--  ��� '   *   ' ���   *  fsmat   "- '-'--: -
-VIA?   L.      ^
-   v -       _/
a-K--i   __r-|_   '-t���   wil    m   i'��cia   a   i>~   c. - :
__ena�� ~na_c
~-     - . -        ���
 a. ���� ai
*��?-.��-*.    :��-
Tue^lay   Snaps
���: in    ���i,,:r_n 5
s  ���-
_o:.c ^_. - :��:��  j l. ��-:���:
��� .<_��'
���   -a.
TNe Cat<h Clothier
B. C. Mills. Timber _r.c
TrEc_r.r Comp_j_y
'uautrirnr��>     SbOJ
'     ' ' '
J. ri. Todd    .- AJ^-CER5 ATTEST:Iv-
-troi   Ttr   ���-      - ���
���_r*r    t\]
.!'��.        -'.-���      i-">.
K   ~ODt   hu-   Buica.
b .o SriDzr.   *:��iumt)ii
V-��   V -
M^'ertise in the Si* n
;   ^~��:r��."   < ;ujmhi.:   ; ��.->.r--a.   *?"*
. -.
.  . i. ^ .   - ��
mat. taa
P��y- ? :-  P*i'. P.i--
*^<^����fc*n��*^a__ -- in m r>a..-- --   -   -  __
"'   *   "'    "    "   "���  1   I    ���!    II   II   !������������   ���   IT'"


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