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The Daily News Mar 28, 1906

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 Provincial Uhrnr
Success of Tannery Venture Means Another Big Industry
Will Soon Have a Large Stock of Hides on the Market
And Will Endeavor to Supply the Whole Demand of
British Columbia���Have Plans for Another Large
Industry in View.
w. s.
Inviiiii' ll  .
11. Bowen of
1,   board of
din '
if tin'  Ki
i ei
��� , :     '
11    ill    Ilie'
1. w
���,    foi  the ensuing year, and when
. .ii   today   Mr.   Dwlnnell   expi i    ed
e  satisfaction  with  the local sit-
Ion from hi   point of view.
Vis, I am in the city looking over
���   local siiii.iiieiii. and mapping mi'
i ii   plans for the Inline' with  regard
,i the tannery," said Mr. Dwlnnell ibis
afternoon,   "and   I   am   verj   well   sal
sfled with the presenl outlook.
Will  Supply Whole Province.
We have a bountiful supply of
hides at present, and it wlll not be
very long before' we will be in a position to place- them on the market. In
time \M' hope to supply the demand
"i the entire province, as ii Beems to
im that ii is entirely unnecessary to
in.port hides from the east when con-
tlons are so favorable as in the west.
Later on we will probably be in a
position to make leather, bul us yel
Is  only  a   probability,  and   until
the  fleld   is a   partlc ilarly  Rem
Predicts P.amd Growth.
Speaking of the town and iis Industries Mr. Dwlnell said: "From the
numerous Industries which have beer
brought to Hie' city recently there
e;iii bo no doubl that the growth o!
tin' city wlll be very rapid, and If the
���bod woi k keeps up you will have a
verj busy city within .1 shorl time .
as the attention which you have' re
��� elved, and are now 1 eci l\ Ing from
the investing public Is bound to accomplish results*'
Questioned as to details concerning
the proposed plain for the manufacture of leather Mr. Dwlnnell declined
in make any statement, us the proposition al presenl is merely receiving preliminary attention trom tin-
directors who will take no action in
the matter until the result of their
presenl venture is proven to be satisfactory,
Not in  Mill Business.
A rumor has been current
Dwlnnell   wishes  to  denj   ibis  statemenl  emphattcallj. Btatlng that   i'  is
11   Intern Ion  of  tiims If and  hi
his 1 mill' time loin   ;ln'    tannerj     proposition,
T     tati     will   ultimately   b< -
sufliclentlj   large  to  forbid  tbe
enti     T Into any other pi 0-
."     Toll.
Mei -1 Bowen and i iv, innell expi ��� 1
aye Un- city tomorrow morning
foi Seattle, Inn will return 10 ihe city
in 1 in' course of a few weeks, ai which
time they maj in' able 10 offer gexiel
lews in the citizens of a more definite  nature' than  they  are at  present
able'   lei   give.
Likes the Climate.
Referring to the exceptionally fine'
weather which the city is at present
enjoying, Mr. Dwlnnell said: "You
1'    ainly have the finest weather here
lhal I ever saw any place.', ami I
might   say   that   even   at   lhis  time'  of
year you have Santiago completely
outclassed. The same might i��' said
in comparison to the weather in Cal-
" Black Hand" Italians Lure Victims to  Their   Den   and
Six Men Are Killed in Awful Struggle Which
Takes Place Within Call of
Minneapolis, Minn., March lis.���The  was found a 'link tor $.7: made out.
bodies of six. Italians   covered    with   tb Nlcolo Demtrl. The   bos   tlso coni
blood ami terribly hacked with knives   tained $500 in Italian gold pieces and
were  found  by  the  police in  an old   $400 in American currency,
I'raiii" building een Tenth avenue, con
ducted as a laborers' lodging  bouse,
Four of the bodies  were  found  in a
lirsi   floor room anil a  bloodj   I rail lod
inui the cellar, where iwo more were
Lured to Death.
'l'lie- polli' it., ,. ii,,. u, iin.s were
im-' -I to the : "i and then told thai
thej musi die a :,: tii 7,,,- started and
ii' 1 Ini    th not       .   Uie  thn e
Ims,   , ill   ihree ol   ";,    assailants
JOSEPH REICHENBACH, senior me rrber of the firm of Reichenbach &
Co.. wholesale and retail butchers in New Westminster, and president
of   the   Daily   News     Publishing   company.
on   ilie Ifornla m  the present  time, as ii  is
���  see Hie' effects of our presenl ven- Btreel for some time past 10 the effe'ci mile recently Hun i visited the South-
���   "ii the market  we will nm  con-  Hu"   Mr.   Dwlnnell  or  bis  associate, 'in country, and I can truthfully say
sider the manufacture of leather. How-1 Mr. Bowen, who is a lm-ii.- mill man, that you have' the' famous California
ever 1 think that  we will get to that contemplated ib" erection of a large beaten  pretty  badly  when  ii   comes
after a  lime, as it  seems to me   mill   in   the   rictnltj   of   lhe-   city.   .Mr. In lhe' epii'siiiui  of weather."
Malins Coulthard & Co., Receive the Plans for   the   Big
Building to Be Erected on the Corner
Of Columbia and Sixth
Me, rs. Malins, Coulthard ami Co.,  dence which they have shown in the
Peasants Are Elected
To Provincial Congress
St. Petersburg, March 28.���The province of Monsl renin. European Russia,
is ihe first to complete lis elections
leer the' provincial congress. Foriy-six
peasants, nineteen noblemen, eighteen
merchants, six professional men and
ihree prists were' returned, 'l'lie re-
sults show thai the "small landowners" wlio in reality are only peasants
of the' more  prosperous class, holding
iii'ir property in severalty, stood together against the big landlords ami
chose exclusively peasants.
The peiisains electors are noi classified anil have but one plank In their
Platforms, namely the distribution of
land. Tiie others are divided.
Rumors of Impending cabinet
changes continue in circulate. The
Kuss declares that  beyond doubt the
suite of Premier Wltte's health will
force him to n'sign and also predicts
the resignation of Interior Minister
Durnovo ami Finance Minister Ship-
Trou'jetskey Wins.
Kaluff, Centra] Russia, March 28.���
Prince Eugene Troubetskey, leader of
the Moderates, who refused to accept
the portfolio of education in the Witte
eaiiini'i. has been elected by the landowners a delegate to the provincial
Lack   of     Business     Throws     Twelve
Americans   Out  of  the
today received plans fm tin- construction of their new Empire block, which
when finished will be one of the hand-
somest structures in the ciiy.
The building will bi' erected at the
corner of Columbta
and will extend from there to Front
Btreet, having entrances from all
three side's. On Columbia the builel-
Ing will be' two storeys in height, and
on   Front  street   four   storeys.   Provi-
mel Sixth streets,  contract
Inline' eif  New Westminster.
Tenders will be received up to April
in. and il is expected that the building will be completed within six
months from tbe date on which the
is let.
Fair   Weather  Everywhere.
Vieloria.  March 28.���A  vast  system
01   high   pressure   central   in   Oregon
ami   Washington   covers     lhe     North
sion  has  been  made  for at least  six | Pacific   Slope   anil   fair   weather   pre-
vails   in   nearly   all   sections.
ln the Northwest a low area of moderate energy is central in Keewatin
and   Ihe  weather  is  fair  and   milder.
Mafia or Black Hand.
I- is believed the men were victims
of a ii;;ht lasi night in which twelve
men  look  pari.  Till' place' was  reuiie'il
;o nine Italians who, it is now believed, Constituted a "".Mafia" or "111.n-k
Hand" organization. They brought
three others 10 ihe lodging house last
night. After midnight six men were
seen to leave the house. The police
had heard a noise but thought it. was
only a little figbl and paid no attention to ii. This morning nn Investigation was started. The.' deien- was broken open ami a horrlblje sight was ro.
Leave   Money   on   Floor.
Blood lay In pools all about the'
room and besides the four dead bodies
were' found ihree long knives with,
their blades bloody. The murderers dent sprang on tier lap. and when she
had evidently let the Injured men attempted to knock it off, tlie' animal
bleed to death for the wounds were seized her by her lower lip and ap-
not deep but rather long slashes run- parently could nol. free itself, until a
nlng lengthwise along the boelies. The bystander seized it by the throat and
faces were' also frightfully cnl and! forced It 10 let go. The, woman'B lip
marked. was badly torn and the ��� osora of her
In a tin box on lhe floor of the room   elivss was torn 10 slin'ils.
J. P. Morgan's Partner
Placed Under Arrest
Not  a  Catf.  of  Robbery.
Apparently robber) was nm iho
motive for the mono) was left untouched anil ih" '.11 Urns all had small
. ccouhts on their perrons, The nine
men who rented the place were mysterious in all ilnir movement.i during
the two months of their residence In
Fastens   Itself to  Her  Lower  Lip and
Holds On Savagely.
London. Onl., March 27���While
waiting for a train in the Grand Trunk
railway waiting-room, today, a woman
was attacked by a large rat. The ro-
��� stores, all of which will be provided
Washington, IJ. C. March, 2S.���Sec-, with large basements. The number of
retary of State Root has determined offices in the building has not yet
to provide as far as possible for the been decided upon, but it is said that
American consuls legislated out of the there will be accommodations for an
service'   by  lhe  recently  enacted  con-   exceedingly   large    number
New   York,   March   28.���George  W.
Perkins, member of the firm of .). P.
Morgan & Co., bankers, and  formerly
vice-president of the  New   York   Life!
Insurance  company,   was  technically
Miners Burned to Death.
Scranton, Pa., March 2S.���George
Harney ami George isi'ck wen' burned 10 death last nlghl while fighting
a lire' ai ihe Dodge colliery, Their
bodies  were  found   unlay.
sular reorganization bill.
The blow falls heaviest upon lbe
consuls in Canada, where no less than
twelve office's are' abolished namely���
Amherstburg; Brockvllle; Chatham;
Goderieh; Guelph; London: Peters-
borough; St. Thomas; Stratford; and
Wallaceburg in the province of Ontario
and Grenville and Sianbridge In Quebec.
of  office
Thoroughly   Modern.
The structure is to be finished in
brick and stone, and fitted 1111 in a
thoroughly modern manner in the interior. An extra large and substantial
stone foundation will be built, giving
a solid and well built appearance to
the block.
The   plans  are  by  Grant   and   He'ii-
Rain is falling at Port Simpson and placed under arrest today in the pro-
In Arizona and Colorado, and snow ceeding which District Attorney Jer-
is falling in the Middle Western States   ome has begun to test the legality of! released   from  custody  and   the  case
.Mr. Perkins received the money from
the insurance company and paid it
over to Mr. Bliss.
Immediately after his arrest Mr.
Perkins, through his counsel, Lewis
A. Delafield, secured,a writ of habeas
corpus from Justice Greenbauni of
the supreme conn by which he was
Forecasts fur 06 hours ending 5 p.
m. on Thursday on Lower Mainland;
Light winds, continued fair ami mild.
Old Man Suicides.
Niagara   Falls,    March     27.���Major
political   contributions     by   insurance
The warrant was issued upon Information presented 10 Police Magistrate   Moss  and   the   allegation   upon
was taken direct to the supreme court.
Argument on this writ was adjourned
until Friday afternoon next
Mr.   Perkins  declares  that   his   Imprisonment  and  restraint  are  illegal
Jap   Charges   Woman    With    Robbery   Mine
But Fails to Convince the
Ruth Main, a woman of Ilie town
I'l'e'aii'il before Magistrate Corbould
���'iis morning charged wllh larceny
'"'in Hie person of Sliinlani, a Jap,
*lio Claimed thai he had been robbed
ol J20 al tho woman's house last
s" conflicting was lhe evidence of-
his  worship  dismissed the
woman   was accompanied
r woman a neighbor
Owners    Would   Be   Pleased
Raise    Wage  Scale    But
Simply  Can't.
'use.   Tii,.
")  another woman  a neighbor, who
n  thai ihe .lap was in such a State
'' Intoxication thai he was unable to
1' care of himself, although the lat-
'lcclnred   thai   he  was   perfectly
Indianapolis, ind.. March 28.���The
Joint conference of the bituminous
operators and miners of the central
competitive district met again today
In another effort to reach an agree-J
ment on the wage scale in Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.
A. .1. Moore of the Illinois operators
speaking for the operators, said they
would be pleased to pay the miners I
an Increase in wages, but il was absolutely Impossible at ibis time. .
town, om.. March 28.- ("has.
Ui'iiely was drowned here yesterday.
Property Destroyed
And Fireman Killed
Lack of business is the assigned derson, of Vancouver, and show a
reason for the' abolition and it was thorough knowledge of the profession
pointed oul to the house that the of architecture, as evidenced by the
British consular representation on the finished and workmanlike appearance
American side was much smaller llian of the blue' prints which were sent
the American force' of consuls iu Can-
ada the' fact being that (here was noi
a single British consulate in the states
of Michigan; Wisconsin; Minnesota:
or Ohio,
Secretary Rool has decided that he
will try to find places for as many of
these officers as possible.
Mrs.  Jaffray   Dead.
Toronto,    March  27.���Mrs.     Robert
Jaffray died very suddenly at about 3
o'clock this afternoon, at the family
residence, Surrey Lodge. Mrs. Jaffray had been suffering from heart-
disease for some time, but during the
last few days had improved considerably, and Mr. Jaffray left for Ottawa to enter upon his duties as senator.
All the members of the family were!
present except Mr. Jaffray, and Rev.1
Robert A. Jaffray and wife, who are!
in China. The family comprises four
children���Annie, wife of Christopher
Eaton. Owen Sound; \V. G. Jaffray,
broker, Ibis ciiy; Rev. Robert Jaffray,
missionary at Wu-Chow, South China;
and Elizabeth, wife of Wellington At
Cameron, barrister, Toronto.
.lames Taitersall, 711 years old, killed transfer  of   $48,702   of   the
himself last evening at  the hotel  Lie 'lie   New
for the past year, by shooting himself of the Republican National committee
which it was issued was based on the  and that the warrant is void in that
funds   of  no evidence of any crime or act justi-
liad been submitted
York   Life  Insurance  com-  fying his arrest
where he had been night clerk   pany 10 Cornelius N.  Bliss, treasurer  to Magistrate Moss, and that the mag-
ihrough Ihe head. Despondency, old
age, and his condition In life are given as the cause of the deed.
in  mill  In  which  il   is  charged  that
istrate was without jurisdiction to Issue the warrant.
Montreal  Blaze.
over   Irom   Vancouver  todav. ,, ,   ,,      ,   ���_     ,���,     ,
Montreal, March 27.��� lbe huge four
Confidence in Future. storey building occupied by the Mont-
All of the elevations show that the real Biscuit company, St. Monlque
building will be a very handsome street, was destroyed by flre today,
structure, and today the firm is re- The loss is placed at $7.",mm. The
celvlng congratulation from all Bides building was recently purchased by
on  the progressive spirit   snd  confl- .lohn G. Turriff, M. P.
Door Knocks Deckhand
Into the Chilly River
Agree  With  Union on Ten   Hour Day
and   Extra   Money  for
Members   of    United    States    Senate
Committee Fail to Aaree
on Type.
Detroit)    Mich.,    March 28.���Repre-1    Washington, D. C, March-28.���Canal
s.'iuatives of the  Lake Seamen's un-! legislation at  the  present uession ot
'��� lon late last night concluded their an
ii  few-
seconds  lhis
one  of  the
hands on the steamer
panoramic   vision     in
"iree hours
nlghl iiu
Pa.,    March    28.���For
Immediately  after  mid-
morning Johnstown's bus-
of  one
Leaky   Steamer   Reaches   Port.
Palermo,    Sicily,    March    2S.���The
Italian steamer Italia arrived here to-
Ti-ansfer. had a
which he saw
again nearly all the naughty things he
has done since hu wus a sweet little
boy in while pinnies and curly hair.
After discharging its freight this
morning the Transfer was taken down
the north arm to the bone yard to
take off some of the personal effects
of Capt. Green who has been nighl
watchman on the Princess Louise for
the past season.
On reaching their destination the
Transfer pulled alongside the old
Princess and Aleck was Instructed to
get on board and bring off the neces-
niiiil conference with the executive
committee of the Lake Carriers' association.
The annual agreement which was
1 adopted increases overtime pay to
yell too soon and the neighbors said.-5 ce,lls an hour aml fixes 10 hours
ihe tide was falling. Lance Cheyne I as a working day while in port. The
happened to he on hand with a rope regular scale of wages remains at
which he dangled In front of Aleck's ,aa1 s��uson's figures,
nose, and which Aleck promptly grab- Today the executive committee of
bed and was dragged on deck with a ,ht' Lake Carriers will open a con-
sore head but still In the ring. He had! ference  here  wllh  representatives of
ind  Stewards'  un
tile cut   on  the  top of  his  head  properly attended to and went  oul  with
the'  boa)   this afternoon  as usual.
Burnaby Trustees.
The Burnaby school trustee question lias at lasi been amicably settled
and an election has been avoided.
Thomas Mayne has withdrawn his
name as a candidate, and the following  gentlemen   were     today   declared
Marine Cooks
congress is regarded as extremely Improbable even by the members ot the
senate committee which (or two
months has been meeting noarly every
day to investigate conditions on the
Isthmus of Panama and prepare Itself
to report a bill.
The committee Isvdivided on the
type of canal to be constructed.
Church   Remains  Dependent.
Titlls, Caucasia, March 28.���The
viceroy of tne Caucasus has negatively answered the demand for lhe inde-
pendence of the Georgian 1 hutch.
Rapid Rise of River
Floods Out Families
""���'ss section was threatened with de-
"'""'ion b>   fh-e which was only plac-
'' ""'ler control after ll  had  burned
Practically  out
���''"lilted ai  ssiiii.mm
Causing a loss
and   tho  death
lin'"';"';  ^'s'repe.rte'e't"thin G \*** after having being ashore. She isi "��r>' st"n'- AleH< ma''�� a J""'I> '<�� the
N ','., ,,   ������.,....,....   leaking badlv and must discharge her|<leck   aml   graced   the   nearest   door  elected to office by B. G. Walker the
H.  Santamore, a  telegrapn  operator ,,.,.,,. ,    < nnd
Publisher's Press association  '"BO and go Into dry dock for repairs.' ���""
was In    the' 'ier passengers are being landed here.
The Identity of the Italia ls In doubt. I batted,  hlm  on  the top of the head,  Central  Park,    stonecutter;     Thomas
There are two steamers of that line j Inflicting a  deep gash  and   knocking Sanderson, Central Park, accountant;
him  into the Icy, embrace    of Father  Frederick Thrussell, Burnaby, farmer:
lor   th
was  missing.  Santamore
office or the Johnstown Journal which
was burned out and after the flre
could   nol   lie   found,     tl   was
he  hail   perished  In the Humes.
gave  It   a  y|nk.    Next   thing  he  returning   officer:     John   J.   Mervyn,
knew   the  door  came  off  its  hinges,   liurnnby   Lake,   fanner;   Donald  Ross
trading between Italian ports and New
Fraser.  Aleck   opened   his   mouth    to  II. .1.  Whittaker,  Barnet, machinist.
Waterloo, Iowa, March 2S.���The waler In the Cedar river rose over 11
feet last night arid early today broke
the levee and flooded the business
district, of Waterloo. Hundreds of
families were rendered homeless.
Rock  Island tracks were washed out
nnd all roads ure tied
tor half a mile
Cedar Falls reports a ilmilar disaster and 20 families there were rendered homeless. Bridges and dams
were also swept away.
At 7 o'clock the flood came to a
standstill and danger for tho present
lc believed to be over. THE  DAIL>   NEWS
.'���     ���  peg      fW  Pre*.  Deals   Interestingly With   A|   -
For Hjj;   er Tariff and  Incidentally Points Out the
G  =at  Opportunity That Prevent* Ittelf
To  Bntith ColumbLa.
A Carload of Ontario  Seed
Potatoes Just Arrived
��� -
Extra   Selected   Earliest   Six-Weeks   Potato
���   ���
-    '  -
I    ��� I
"     >'
'     1
��    '
: ;
��� -
I l;: : . :-
BEST EAFt*_1j    -��� i , ���    DROPPING  W M ITE
....... -     -       , .     ;   .   ;      -   ,  |   ,     .  ���     ��� ���.-.;���.
-   .
-: - : tr;;  :      : ���    ;>
���      pec     r&i    : . ��� ���    <:        : i :
; . t S' H
On      ���.���:������'-	
.    ��� ���
| ,      - i   ;      t>)    Ol'tll   -������...-     ....
:_ | ���   ,     :'.,.-    ���'-.  -..I   tj    0-i-
;    wonderf ��    -.���-.;;?��� ���
���,'.-      ;-.'���;;  [        :-.:������
-   - : ���   '
<1     .
i '   '    -
���'   �� -   : ���
S     '    - :   '
. :   - :���
F        en    r 1 ��� : ��� '��� 1
Font Favorite L - ���
���    ".      - : ��� I
beaoouarteri   ���; ���   h       ;   ti :ve
WM- RENNIE CO., Ltd.. 66 Hastings St. W., Vancouver. B.C.
.     .  .
������       ���
: ��� . .- ���
','   . .
-    i -    -
���     ..
'   ������
.      . .     .
��� i
��� ���
Ri ginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day _ the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
T\t   ' MHrWtfl-Ue  Wimy' Kpmtt of the Famvui Oriental Lin '*-'
F C. GRIFFIN. New VVea4mm*ler, B. C.
STE write   i
LARGE.?]      . BEST equij
. PLANT in Canada       :       :  '    :
''Canada" Heaters  and  Separators
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
"Canada" Water Tube  Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Stock of Pum; - , at
er and R ssland   :    :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St.. Vancouver. B. C.
Advertise    in   The    News
��� ���.
T              .'      ���
'     .         T
���   ���
"      '
es tl
. -
��� ���   - ���     ��� ��� ���     ��� -    '
��� -
.  ���
, .   .   .    ..
. ���
���    1
I   WM ...
���it". ..-
.1:  unti'   .   .
.- had "/ ���/
���       . |     -if ���
���rairai <
... ......
bum! U
���   ���
gara 1
-.,    i..    ���     /.:
. i ���     ��� ly        grot
a  at
���    .,- ���
���   . ���         .                    uf a I
   It,ii Groi                   ' bnt no ei
. ���
i ���     mi   ��� , ������      '���'. t
..... '  "
do this.
he tnoremi irt' * ' ' on  to
I-;   11 ���'��� action   i
��� Ith,  M   P.  foi   v.. i tworth, a pro "      a the hope ol    i| p������-int-
aeot I ailtl       lei ' ��� "       Oeograpl
In  la   make  1 nlld   with   Ibi '" I "" ���'  "
Ii.ir.. ,       - .   i ol  in.-  con    British Co . ���    .,., .   ���
i,. thai   tha sow rnmeni      ' '    ���    "   ������  po Won  lo ropplj
ii, .. Ith ���  ��� ounda be li op '' ��� '���"'   '���"
po oi ...i.'. in, (mil mi iff  '   " "" borrlea to offer    betori
,,,���,,..        .        Smith figure* oul that   ' '""  earloti eon  u -     I
I,,  v.. ,,..  i credl   mid ������.��� _��th    "'"'���-��������� I ������   '    '    '���" could no i oi
.1,   gml I on     a large dealer,  '" "   "" "    wpplW   '->"  '>"���   Pacific
bul a lari u er, of fruit,    He li province than ll could  have i ipplled
al��o ��� ���)���< i.i 1,11,1,,.,'. man. ' ' '" P'neaPP1** f'" commercial
I��� ,,���,    toael forth the fruJl ��ltu- consumption.   Incidentally,   a��   lllua
al he v,e->, ii will �����r- "���'"'"<   ""    reepectable contribution
,,,,���.   ,,,    holler  rn  deal   Individually  wl'1'1'  """ '""'"'" "'  -,''"""'"'"'  make
i   ,.���i, dm, throushoul  IU entire "' "'" Dominion revenue by reason of
.    ,,. , -, iit.iIIh as to lhe   pn onl  lax on   rtrawberrl
,   ������, charge , duty (when  'lut>   paid laal  season on the fifteen
in,,,,.,!.,i, nnd general charactei as a carloads of berrlei  shlppi I lo Winn
,',. .     .-I.     -  .,.,' oi ���      amounted  to ovet
Great Wallpaper Sale!
I Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc.
At Cost for Cash
��� -
ty growi
���.    ��� i
. ,  .        The 1 :
to  make  II Be at  2
��� o troi
The- plum ii- one ni the n
ol   vi stern fi all -. bi ing     ���     foi
;hl  foi  from  ���," ",, ,"   ���
26 Ib.  box  in  Oregon.    The Oi
dealei  Is we-n satisfied if be can g
26 ceni   tm an 18 Ib. basket.   (There
.it   no dealings with growers direct
-.ll western dealers buying from ei   I
"in Jobbers, who buy from th<- grow-
i     in   B.  C   iii"   iiK'ial   wholesale
price paid for a 20 Ib. i<ox Ib 55 ceni
1   ,:, mi there came to one Winnipeg   concern   a   single   shipment   of
,1 tea,   11 'ii" dnt) proposed by
���: 11  fruit  men  were Imposed
'.,-,   , e.,'       ",e,ni<i  have paid,
���   i" ihi] ��� enl J:.1 I   1 1
t 5c to 71-2     ��� Iroom papers for roll 4c
9 in. er yd      -      -      1 l-2c
.'���'       very bandsomi and flora! designs in
olors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2e, 15c
Sale prices, p -      5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
25c tO 40c
Regi '.'��� prices
-   ������ p rices
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd
Sale- prices, per yard
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 20c
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful   line  of  American   pressed   goods;
regular $L60 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.    Frieze  to match;    regular .'Joe  per yard
1'ijv - -        - 20c a yard
A visit to our store will convince everybody that v��-e
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. W e
have just opened a fine line of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.    Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine "sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-outof-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
_��_#_! a3 Mm K_Jm     O
808 Pender St.,  Vancouver
0pp. People's Theatre.      : :     SamefPrices Apply to' Mail Orders WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 1906.
s Dentists
"'  ' ���'��� \
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental College,
Garrettsman Hospital of Oral Surgery,
Hudson Post Graduate College of Chicago, III.
Special Course in Crown and Bridge Work Last Summer in Hudson Post Graduate College of Chicago, III.
Dr. H. P. Moody will Attend Personally to all Work in New Westminster and District.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty
At Popular Prices
American Painless Dentists
Guichon Block, Columbia St. Over T. S. Annandale's Store,
Patients are Requested to Make Early Appointments.
New Westminster, JB.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
(Continued Prom Page Two.)
ihe  heavy   duty   to  further   penalise
Lhe California shipper.
Ontario pears cosl 50 eviits for an
js iii. imv Thus ii 20,000 Hi. e-nr from
each shipping polni works nut us foi
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $2!,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Gash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS   $11.00  TO   $13.00
TtlOS- ELLIOTT, Manager,
Box 165, New Westminster, B- C-
Write for Circular .and Mention tin- Daily News.
Cosi nf trull	
Duly  mi   present),
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers �� .4// Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
1   Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
i , ���
j Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
J  Telephone 12.
New Westmintiter.
|698   $7(111
Tims Ontario has nn advantage under tlie present iiirlff of $00 a cur. II
Lhe tariff propose, were to mi into ef'
feet thai advantage would I"' raised
in $2ini nn n single car shipment.
Moreover., tn pears us in almost every
other caaa Lhe quality nf the Ontario
trail la decidedly Inferior to Lhal
crown In Hit Pacific stall's.
Tha grape marital ni'xi callB for at
i.iiiiiin Tills is the must Ructual In
i in. trull trade. When Michigan and
\,i'w Ynti. have' each a big crop west
I'm dealers have luui grapes offered
ilie'in ni su ii mn packed in in Ih, lias
kuts. The present duty is $42 per ton,
s��j Unit in Reasons of plenty the tariff
un grapes, Including the duty mi the
package, is BOO per oenl!
The price id the besl Tokay grapes,
which cannol he grown In Ontario,
averages *0 cents per Orate nf 80 lbs.
f.o.ii. iii Calitonrda, packed la i or r, in.
baskets. The presenl duty is 12 cents
per 20 lit crate or over BO per cent.
Cor 1.000 crates delivered In Winnipeg, therefore, the governmenl coJ<
lects $480 Id duty,
The grapes used during iin- wlntei
in the weal are Imported from Spain,
Tui'lr average cosl is 18 shillings,
$:!.2;i per keg of from io to B0 lbs. ai
Liverpool, England, The duty Is from
84 cents in $1.04, dependent on the
weight, or an average of 30 per cent,
The American tariff is much i<-ss that
this, bping 2(1 cent* per cubic foot or
iiliinii '.HI cents n keg, (in other Ani-
etlcan Imported fruits tln> tariffs are���
on peaches and cherries 25 eenls per
bushel as against I and 2 cents per
11). respectively Imposed by the Dominion.
The bulk of lhe western grape business Is done In the Concord grapes.
These can be bought In the Stales for!
Ontario can supple' ibis grape for mile
six weeks of the enUre season from
Sept 15 iei the e'uel nf October. They
can be stored thereafter for a Bhort
tlmi. bul deteriorate rapidly. The
American ConcordB land In Winnipeg
August l and the supple continues until tin' niidille' nt November, the aource
eel" supply depending on ibe' latitude
."ml altitude uf the vineyards,
Bananas are ImpOtred tree and there
is no agitation for any ImpoBlUon of
duty. This is Hi'' children's fruit, few
adults eating them in anj quantities.
Nn change is asked feu In the tariff
on oranges and lemons, the duty on
which Is 26 ci'iits a box of 2 1-2 cubic
fe'eM.   ii was reduced to this some 15
veins ago ley Sit lohn A. Macdoiiuld,
ni the request of Montreal Bhippers,
who desired to make thai ciiy n great
trull port,    Pineapples are free'
On apples He' presenl duty Is 40
cents per barrel. The average cosl is
$2.00 a barrel, thus bringing up tin'
duty io 80 per ceni No apples ar i
Imported io ibe' we'si from the States
after the Ontario fruit is ready to
come on the ranrket. Tbe Ontario
"iti'ii Astrakhan" is earlier but it will
not  stand shipment, ami in Ontario,
it    is   mainly   fed   to   bogs.     Ontario
(bus has the whole western market.
Why, then, should it ask for an Increase tn the duty,   Tbe duty proposed
is 76 cenls per barrel.
Whal   is lr I apple's Is Hue also
uf celery.   The standard duty of 88
per Ceni   on   nil   vegetables applies   In
this product Western Canada imports carloads eif celery, but only
when Ontario or ibe prairie provinces
cannol supply the demand The same
is true or cranberries, Neither B 0
nm Ontario can otter the weal oraii'
b> nb's at Thanksgiving, yel the duty
is $1.60 per barrel.
To gum up. 'ibe' agitators for In
creaae in fruit duties in eastern Can
mill are deliberately attempting to Increase ibe cost uf living to Canadians
Hiring In u climate less suited to fruit
growing iiuiii their own. in many
cases they already have a monopoly
of tbe western markel a" sunn us their
fruit is ready for shipment. In other
coses ibev enti never oeptnre tbe western   market,  no  matter  bow  high  the
protection afforded by higher duties,
because it is physically Impossible for
lbe Ontario frniis lo stand  shipment.
Under these circumstances ibe agitation for Increased duties on green
fruits Is one that on every ground will
meet the most determined opposition
from the west.
12 cents a basket of from 7 to 8 lbs.
The duty is 15 cents and the freight
8, so tint! Ihelr total cost laid down
In  W'nnlpeg Is 35 cents per bnsket
Inaugural  Meeting of Canadian  Alpine
Club Is Held���Mr. Wheel
er Lectures.
Winnipeg, Marcb 27. -The inaugural
n ting of the Canadian Alpine club
wus held ibis afternoon, the proceed
ings being largely of un Informal char
in I'M. a large number eif representative Canadians and enthusiastic mountaineers we're in attendance, and ail
entered cordially Into the question of
exploring the wonders and unrivaled
beauties-of the Canadian Rockies A
committee was appointed in nominate
officers, ami its reporl will be received ai the Besslon tomorrow morning,
when organisation will be completed.
A lisi of aboul Mi members have been
enrolled, Including Sir Bandford l'Ti'in
Ing, Vice Presldenl Whyte of the C.
I'. It., Rev. Or. Herilitiaii ami Mr. A.
(i   Wheeler, P, u. (I. s.
Tbis evening Mr. Wheeler eie'iivn'ei
a leoture on the "Canadian Wonder
i land," which was a revelation to many
of bis hearers, as Mr. Wheeler knows
more aboul the Canadian Rookies
probably than any other living man.
Nm least among tbe features of ibe
meeting is a tine oolleotlon of views
' ni ibe Mammoth Cave, showing its
marvelous Interior Walled with purest
I'rofi'ssor Coleman, of Toronto t'ni-
v.redly,   ui'cnpleil   lbe   chair.
Tip' club decided to establish headquarters In Ibis city, where u library
wlll be placed giving the public access
in nil Information upon Canadian
mountains, The club win also bold a
summer camp yearly  In   Hie  inidsl   uf
BOOie range.
Higher   Licence   in   Vancouver.
li  is quite probable, says the News-
Advertiser.  Hint  after  July   1,  hotel
licences  in   Vancouver  will   be  raised
from  $860   to  $50(1,    As  all   saloons,
which are now paying $000 for their
licenses are to be abolished, lt ls fell
by the city council that it wlll be necessary to take some steps to make
] up for the Iobs of revenue. The rev-
\ enue from saloons anil hotels at present Is $18,850, and ihe proposed Increase, when nil the saloons are converted Into hotels, would  mean a re-;
venue of 830,500.
Bclence In the ins' fe'w years has
made gigantic strides, and bus open
ed to astonished vision marvels in
many lines. Among those that call
forth the most widespread amazement
is tiie fact thai scientific investigators have' proven beyond n doubl that ;
there is a twin-sister of thai strange" vi(.,()1.iap Maj.cn ,7. n���. urotto
force called electricity, which theyUaloon was broken Into early this
call  personal  magnetism,    ami    that  morning anel the contents ot the till,
some people have such n store' of thai  amounting to i lo n $100. were tak-
puwi'i   In their systems thai  they ean
Secrets  Himself    in  the Grotto    and
Touches the lilt ten
$100. .-"'*
cure  almost   any  disease  by   Bending
Ul rough  their  bands  these'   magnetic
vibrations to the patient.
Side  by  side  with  this  fuel   comes
the further one that tnvesttgatona In-
to lbe realm of thought   have demon
en. The bar-tender In charge locked
up aboul 2 I" and wenl to a nearby
restaurant foi nipper He was absent
not more than twentj minutes, when
notifieel b> the police thai the door
was open and the rnonoj gone lie examined Un premises and,.found that
the side door, which he had preyloufc
j l.v bolted mill locked, was open. The
Blrated the marvelous healing powers oaji_ was put |��� B hiding placo Mown
of suggestive Therapeutics when onl] to himself and lhe proprietor,
thoroughly understood and applied be   before leaving, but it was missing, It
i, master of the art. | "����""" tha< ""  '*'""' *"" ,,w lhe
lrick was biding i" a Iuu k room aud
One who appears to be a natural
was locked  in and, after taking the
store bouse ror magnetism, and on i ,.usn, qutetlj lei himself out without.
adept in all forms of mental healing, being noticed. !'i>- police have secur-
bns  come  to  lbe'  city,   anel   will   take'''1  ;l ''"���   ;""1  '   I"'1'1  '" ""'"' :l" llr-
up   bis   work   uf   healing   all   maimer' VPSt  before evening,
uf so-called Incurable diseases at bis
rooms rn the Colonial hotel.
The Healer, Edward Olhey, oomes
to us from ii h!x weeks' sine in Vancouver, where hundreds were healed
by  him,  He Is n  member of lbe pay
i    Research   society,   and   has
Postenastei General     at     Washington,
Issues Imperative In
Washington,   March   at,      Orders
1 n   pronounced   by   thuse  scientific   have i n Issued bv tb"   inHtumster-
Investlgatora to lie one df the mosl  g ral Instructing the pestntoAEers at
marvelous men of the age. New York and Brooklyn to refuse to
He" Im ii ipiiei unassuming gentleman, admit to the malls the advertisement
n native of Michigan, a atudenl of oi Bfty-two Illegal "medical corn-
Ann Arbor, wldelj traveled, spent panles" located in those ��� ittes, and
several years In London, and has heal- :,lsu to refuse to deliver mail mutter
eel for more than thirty years, Hetook lecelved addressed ti tiro fictitious
the llisi prize al Ibe World's Pair and assumed names under whirli the
bulb al Chicago and at  Buffalo, where parties conducting thest aiiiieriiR hide
lu'  competed  with   healers  from  all their Identity,
uver  the  world. This action  Is In  line  wltn  the ef-
lle does not ask bis patients to be- forts previous!}   made by  I'e'tniasler-
lleve anything if they are sceptical,i General   Cortelyou   in   Boetea   and
but demonstrates his power to heal j Philadelphia to enforce Ihe law
them In spite of their unbelief. againsl this class of criminal con-
Seldom, even In these days of won- cerns, A statement given mil. at the
derftil things, does one have the on- r-ost_f$oe department says:
portnnity to meet such nn extraordln- "The condition of uf?">s which has
ary man; and to see, or better still, developed cider the department's inexperience the wonderful changes he vestigattons <n all of these cities has
can bring about In the diseased body, been appalling."
We bespeak for hlm a wide patronage,
and   for  our  suffering  fellow  citizens;
New   Lieut.-Govcrnor.
a quick and painless road to health.,' Ottawa, March 27.���Mr. D.-O. Fraser
If you are sceptical attend the lee-1 one ot the Justices of the supreme
ture, and free demonstrations of hea)-| court of Nova Scotia, was appointed
ing nt St. Patrick's hall tonight and i at today's cabinet meeting, llmttennnt-
satlsfy yourself. | governor of Nova Scotia.
���   ���
-      "         ���
1 - . ���'.    _���    *�������/���*
' 1   '
-<  - 1
���      ���
'..** ���          ��� '<
���     -
���  ���      :.l
- - -
ir  v
'���  ��,y V ��� v
���* ���
t    '     T
.     M > * '. -      -
- ���
- .    -
' ���
.,..-- ...
���.-. 1
..... ,--l
���  ��� . T .
' -  ' ���
-i   -
���    -    -
GSHey Bros.
Coal. Lime. Brick. Sand. Cement.
Fire Brick. Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
'-.:���   -r.iz It-    V.   ��� ��:=_-
������:,��� :?:   It?.:-:
To Contractors.
,y - :   "
. . ��� ��� �� .   f- i
- . -
:��� ������ -
" ���
'. .
.    -
?->:: .-.. Plax.o T.r.er
Pi do M .' crate
tDO'.ES-S    EAST    =.-'���-=       P     '.
VV, \. Draper
B. C. Land
Sur\ ev or
Publication Begins
April 3rd, 1906
"HE   HOTsS.:
���    -.: -
I      -    '. i- .       " -     -   ���  .
' "
IV World's Handle Heikr
Edward Olney
_A Clean, Newsy,
Reliable Paper
Just the Paper for the Farmer
and Rancher
sinus;.  ' '.,.   s '>r   I.. . *' ;
'       >
���  : ���   ���
: ���
'    11
���    ���
��� .'  Of   :���-'���
������ .        "
��� "     "." " '������'  ���      '
������,  aa -    ."      ���
.   M   ���'.���'>'."
.... , ���   ���
:ii(f iviinifili
���    :,/'",',I,    ',!
"  ���
���. , I ..      '    I T-     I      '
������'   I      '
.   / nl  :������   foi   lhe I
mn i - The i
. ������   .. ���
��� I    i.ri'l   'i.T
��� ������
II ; ���"  ',','    I In
' ' ���     ��� ��� .      ul   11,
I '        "    .'     ii,        1)1      ,,
I   II IT'lie t| ,      ,,,.,,, , ,
'"'  iniMh i '.c.i ��� i i in it,
mi mil em it -i, ,,,i��� ���f |j,, n���
iiili.l'.n Ihi Inn ���; || ,,, . ,, |n, , , |-
"���illw   i .'.iiiie.-ii ami  uiiiiiistiii:
"''     'I hi  ���   I    ii i-, in ral  , ��� ���,.������
'���'��� hi   ni        .... i.(, ,,,.., ,,,,,,.  ,,.
���t""1-1  '"'  Ihi   :��� li - ,i  ,. .., ���  th,
'""'  "'  ' "       ���'���'   "ii   ��� lllzi ,,    tl	
" fai; ��� ��� irl) lirouglii ���m ,,i ,.,,,
""i' Ih     Issl in bi 'i in nu- ��.  i
bul ���   pn    iuu
the    \l'   I |    |h|       i       I ,
given lo
i" ui"ii ii.
Auii'ii, idll  ,, |i Lhal     hni,
'""""   '"    ti    .a   the  governmenl   Its
nl-lm '������        " ������ ��� 'i i i ti.,i, ||   ii,.,,
-I fru       '   .,,     Hoi i iho nm.',,i ,
iniiiiii'ii ve.mi ti,,. presenl duties
 tl'lod oi n.'iiii-d    I'Vu nf He- i.Hire
'���'I ���Im     I'i"i'"   ill.il,.     in,i.    ,||,,., i|       ,|
fool Wi ti ti '��� ui,,:,, ii,;,��� ii,|��� (join iihleall .ui i i ii.,1.ui, iiij ii��� ihr,.,.
in.ihe    pn     in     .ue   ��� i"i.-i   aerlou i
dl    ibllll li ,,,ll,,   Un    i-miiln,
"i in.i' '.        Onl iii"      norths!g
1 ��� l'l.' II     |, i   l     II       iiii,!.,|      ,
ti ��� nn iii u i
! the | il'
���   ���     ' ���
t   ���:
��� ���
I th ie b) v .'.
I .,.   ���,,,!    II...
Ill '    ,
' ,  . of th
"l In
'   ,        T
V. I.< ll    :
i ine fnr oil I
l)"i,��   lo Inki   lliell   'i'i'.',' Hint,  qu i
<i|ii-nn li : ii,mil.     T I," ii.i.i floats 'iff
down   ���  ���     Irnoin       111 Its burden  "f
nd  - In ii ii  in '.ut <if Im.  ,
ii-.ii b I hi' f ,r find i It    ������   ��� i i Inn b
inin h ri Moved
lllllllIU       !��        ll'l.ll,
iie-n-,,  ii   i on ,' i  u i lon   I  overheard
i.e i ���',' en iwo women in J| bookntoro:
"I'-n'l  tbilt ll pi,-i t y  1*001  ���
"Charming "
"I   am sure  i;iin   would llko  ihnt."
���ii,. ii tu ib., clerk, "I'll ' .1" this bool "
A i ib" ' bill was trropplng It up sb"
,'ul.l.il     "Wbiil   in   II.    by   Iho   way'/      I
elldii'i I  "   I'., iuu Record
Jostles  n   II.-iI.,-,
ii u universally conceded lhal notb
in-   hoi i of .ii', lno lu tlco ''nn men uro
tb"   Intrinsic   gnlll    uf   nny   nH   ,:i   nr
administer punl ilimonl whli li hall bo
exactly common ... a to tn iho crime,
Whal eve f-I,ii Justice is In fuel u vory
ruiie- device which (iinis Itajtisllfle atlon
in  the need lly  to protect  'ety
Cincinnati Enqulror.
ii< i i���,.-���iion.
"Hu    mile'   I'liiiii'ii.v   mtirrlod    tho
slruiiginliide.l   Mi   .    Pairing      I   never
supposed bn hnd nny Intention* In th tl
"lie Imdu'l, the ���   '���'  '   n oi  : tiatotJ
with ber."  Chicago Trlliunn
.     "
.-��� -'
-. * '
result is
.    .
.   .  ��� t little .'
.    ��� ���      ��� .   ���
l>.'',-e- ".',
'.'    '.-     ���'���    "   -     -..
-Ill | j nl
Th.   J  - 4
'<t   K��.,wl.i|��..
1    ���
'   '
\.rj   l:nr..
'. ���     ' T ' ':'.<������       :.-.������
...      .
I   .
In Color
"1 kno "   -
��� ���
'������ ���
-     .
���   -
Admission 10 Cents.
La I week wa one of '���;- L i the History of our Store and we will show
Our Appri        n by making Still Greater Induce-
��� ��� e Cai.i: B tyer.
All of Geo. A. Collard's Stock
Purchased by Us Sells at
Exactly 50c On The Dollar
Men's, Boys' and Youths' Suits at Half Price.
Men's Overcoats, Regular $18.00, for $9.00. Men's $7.50 Overcoats for $3.00.
Men's Raincoats, to clear out stock, Regular $10.00 for - - - $5.00.
Men's Raincoats, to clear out stock, Regular $5.00 for      -      -      -     $2.50
Special Reductions in Gents' Furnishings
AU of our Men's Shirts,  Underwear,  Night Shirts, Collars, Ties, Sox, and
Sundries, at Exactly Half I Vice.
Market Report, the
Market Prices. Mining
N e w s. Lumbe r N e w s.
Poultry and Stock Reports
and a Query Column, edited by a Reliable Veterinarian.
The City News will also be briefly and correctly
We will have correspondents in all nearby
towns and will cater to
your wants in even* man-
ner possible.
Per Year
Westminster Clothing
DAVE GROSSMAN, Proprietor,
The Weeky News Costs    i
Next Royal Bank of Canada.
Mew Westminster, B. C.
The Daily News
Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sixth and Front Streets,
New Westminster, B. C.
/ .-DMESDAY.  MARCH  26.  160b.
Will YOU Use Paint?^cal News Briefly Told
��_,_ __����.���...�������
if bo, yon will wani ie     P ii  and that
.   v d Williams   Pr'' ii iiiii!  foi ���!
it will lee tin   besl Palm for you to
ii:   ii ,.'   ���   .,. \ ancotivei.
Lhe city tod
s. W. P. is ma - i it   v. KI
bi re in man. '���     ingest  weai
and satisfaction alwayi   Behind ll 10 years oi honest painl
making.   We  have  a sunn.. n tlon   im   you   You will
find ii worth your while to painl youi house with S, W   P.,
Do yen want  io know why?    Than call at
Kirk's Hardware.
lhe  Healer tonight    Free   heal
I'ancouvei   I
ii is hoped thai he �� t
hi  _ri  hall "". i   -     ��� -  it bout
villi  Swims,ni
-    Peai son let! toi  Sardls on the      Seven if tl ���  hi ri
���  forenoon, shown remarkable a ���
i.   'ri,,ii, pson   v as   a   passi ngei   to and tl of loi
. "imiiiii ou ��� iuu morn
Explosion   Injures   Prof.   Burwasi-
Gives the  Students a
1 ypewnters...
Underwood���Visible Writing'
Empire���Visible Writing
Sixty-four up-rlvi I  pigs ��
sterdaj   for  local
The city  workmen  are  building    a
now sitii'��., it on Eli south
of Third avi
.1. Patterson rel urned to I he oi
neaj   Li   di i  on the Transfei  this at
ll   ��� ��� e of 1 in- pioneers of the
Mt, Le returned to his
A.   i
��� :   this
There was <ro!ti
College  this  aft i no m
Prof.   Burwasl   was  conducting  an
Bufflcientl:   large to furnish    thi     lap eicpe Imenl   before     the  students    In
all the work necess i eras and ndnhnric acid
him in good training. wore used In too large emantttiei and
I... . i puffed an to the ceiling.
Ing his brothei A. Lavi ,   ���       ''"":    Burwash  was burned on  thi
This is the fiisi vish paid the city by  h;,r"ls :'"'1  tac�� :"1'1 "  1*"���� of pnos
Al:    Li,.' ,      ,���.' and     he '"   lt|p   l*P   ��t   ��   lad>
stated thai he waa pleased to i  -rted to burn   Cms   ol
...   m,,i   mn, ,,,���      of   new  ""   W-iOwnen brushed it off arid sav
Progressive Westminster
Demands the Best-We Have It!
Judicious Westminster
Demands Dollar for I'
Careful Westminster
Demands Good Work���We dr. ii.    Trj us foi Cabinet o�� Upholstering Work. Window Seals. CogJ < orners, I'''-      The e
Don't Miss Our Lines of Carpets, Linoleums and Oilcloths
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,  uupont   Block,
iiiiiidii.- up   througl i    the
Ciiy.   Mi    I. iss   us
\. i'   . - presenting the Hoflni
ill  111" cltj
a had burning.
. edlatelj broke i
' . ,i
Mrs. "Wl
.sellers. Stationer?. Etc.
235 Columbia Street.     J
���.������o>:<o>>>>>>>>--*-*;-*"*>;>; *'*' *'������*'��� ���::���:.���::���: ������::���;:���:>::���>::�����>>::���>::���>>��>:��
: Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc.
>     Wall Paper.        Linoleum,       Oilcoths,        Carpets.
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.
���J Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
'. Picture Framing.
i Columbia Street.     -      lelephone
\.. ��B_a_eee^��e_i_��^^
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster.   -  B. C.
Repairing of all.descriptions.
Is a line, tough quick
drying, durable varnish
Eor new and old, hard and
and soft wood Moors and
, d   work.    Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc., is unusually complete and includes the best known
brands. Nothing cheap but thc price.
Try us next time you need anything
ir line. Try a can uf Jap a Lac.
T.J. Trapp & Co, Ltd.
Largest  Stock   in  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style     you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
Telepehone 97 ADAMS & DEANS.
$2000--r1alf Cash.
taws :i ti roomed -olid brloli house
',;'ni and stable and chicken house
;"'r">. ni' land, part cleare 1, real gi
bathr n, pantry and celto
mil cedar shorl distance from
'"i"1'"'" aboul this property
'  ��     1 "II I'M.
It   Is
line  llillll
will double in vain''
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate,
Tel. 273.
Fire ti Life Insurance
Ntat Tram Office
. i in Vance
Kit     :    .
itoes were f o Chi
nese   merchai I iver   from
w.    Summers'    con -      m��
���   .rn the coi . 1.; li street
:  :  occupancy.
w.  .1.  Glan i Mr nl the
Maple Leal  Da I   > ��� ri     was
ssenger to Chllllwack this morning on '.lie' Beaver.
Healing  demon St      Pat
-  Hall tonight
A ne'w ear was turned oul eif the B.
C. Electrii   cai   si   ps todaj   and  was
sent t, ��� In Noi th Vancou-
,' r.
.1.  Butterl '   ��� ne d to Sunberry
. ,,-. .    ai i. with him
 i looking I had  pure has
- .
Thi   HI tie   ste t. I ig   Milkmaid left
P :      - orntng with
a  full  load of pi nd  farm im
used en ���!"'-   li- I'
bach's farm in that dlstrli t.
The  local  Oddfellows  and   Rebeck-
���, n; ovi r to Vancouver last night
in  full  force  i.e vlsll   their brethren
and   sisters  of   Mount   Pleasanl   who
were  opi nlng  a  hew lodge  room.
A, p. Miller, n presenting ihe Hoflus
and  Equipment    company,    of
Seattle, was a  guest  in the cltj   yes
terday   and   \ isiieil   Millside  on   business.
The Phoeinx, belonging i<> the A.
B. C, Packers, took on 16 terns of coal
ni Gilley Bros.' wharf ihis morning
and .saiie'.i miiii een a business trip to
.lames McOar, ol McGar's Landing,
is moving in to-Vancouver to reside,
His household goods have been ship
ped and his family will follow in the
course of a few days,
The following are registered al the
Guichon hotel: (.'has. R, Bishop, Vic
toria; II. E. Rowland, Winnipeg; D. Et.
Snell, Vancouver; J. Charles Dlntrtch,
Gait, Ont.; J. Qourlay, Gait, tint., l..
.i.  Mason. Vancouver.
\ little Bteam boat, the Shamrock,
which is seldom Been on this p.""' of
ihe- Fraser river came In ihis morning
with a cargo of gunpowder for T J,
Trapp fi Co. from that company's
powder house on Lulu Island.
The Flyer arrived In porl lasi nlghj
lowing a boom of logs embracing sev-
, ii mi ii t trom the International
i .ut in." . "ii,.'inj 's timber reaches on
Hurrnrd Inlet, for the Fraser Rlvi i
s.iu   Mills company,
The Schaake machine woi ks receli
e.i a large boiler yesterdaj from .hi'
Victoria Machine Depot, The boiler
will hi' insinlle'.l as pari of the equip
ment of the Fraser River Lumber
companj's new mill,
F, A. Montgomery, ami A. D, I'm-
rey, representing a San Francisco op-
ileal company, which has lately taken
up work in Vancouver were passes
gers to Chllllwack this morning, and
will attend to the "eye wants" of the
residents al thai place,
P,   Venal.les  has on  Ills counters p
rarity in the shape of a consignment
of black bass from Howe Sound, ll Is
only nt  certain seasons of the year
Ihat  these llsh ean  he obtained, Thoy
come up the river in company with
tbe smelts on which they prey as they
make their annual trip to their spawning grounds.
a saw mill engine oame In on the
c. i*. H.. yesterday and wus unload'
."I bj iis owner George Denis who iws
just erected a saw mill on the Scott
Road, about seven miles from town.
Ine' proprietor hntl some difficulty In
g"iini? tho ponderous maohlne loaded
onto the  wagon  but  not  away safely.
1 he new mill will be in operation In
ihe course of n few weeks,
Tin- Japanese wrestler Masuda, who
is iii meet Swanson of    Nanaimn   ln
-     '
D   -es With  Mikado.
-   ' N    ���    j
S.-eno    nl    (he     Vnnniel    Vlsilnlion
MohAmmclni,   rilKiimv.
Mecca, al the season of ihe annual
visitation of Mohammedan pilgrims Is
thus described In Everybody's In "With
the Pilgrims i i Mece a translated
from the narrative of llm Jubayr All
of Bandar Adas
"Like' a gigantic catafalque, somber,
shrouded in mystery, the Kaaba i iei
oul of the seething sea ..f w b te garbed
humanity thai crowds the greal sacred
Us dooi   is covered   '
In Chambers.
III   r I
I     ���     Boli
- ���
J    I.   Kei
Japs   Retaliate.
.    1
bill is
Chili   Borrows   Money.
:-      .   . .,  chili.     Man h  25     P
!  signed s
authorizing a bean of J from
man financial ho ���  con-
on   of   a   railroad   from   Arian.
to La Paz, Bolivia,
The house-warming  social    In    the
new   w.-si   End   Metl
You Are Invited
Miss Snelgrove wil
davs with .
for the next few
Don't miss this opportunity of seeing and tasting I
delicious Jellies. Custards.  Puddings,  Sa      Dressings, thai can be made from
-���'������ '���,:���-���������'���;������>���'���>;:���::���::���:>::���::���:���::���::���>::���>::*!��::���::* :����������>x<��'��� ��������� ��� �������������� ����������������������������
i v
Monday evening was a decided sue ���
Om hundred and ten happy people en-
he hospitality of Mr. and Mrs.
a. J. Brace and the Ladles' am from
square of Mecca,   Its dooi   is covered   ": '*   tnl  ���ll"",sl   twelve o'clock     In-
with plates ot solid silver studded with   teresting  contests    wen   partii
silver nails    From the' exl r oi the'   In  bj   the gathering    until  the eeim-
roof, above a stone marking the sep nt   of the  programmi   a
ulcher of  lshmael. which  lies  al  the  o'clock   when  the  following  numbers
: r the northern wall, there pro-  v, ..,   thorough,5  ,,���,���...;     H       ,|jo
jects   a   horizontal,   semicircular  rain
spout five yards long, twent; tour inch- !'x MiS" Brace ��* Mls8e8 O'Comio.
es wide, made of massive gold With mA Matthias; reading by M Rennle
in the roof la supported bj  three col-j��f S solo  bj   Miss   L.  Bai
umns of aloe wood; the w    Is are hung   "���      recitation bj  Miss Chaml
with red velvet alternating with white   piano  duel Brace and   Miss
squareslnwh  h are written In Ai rhe  entertaining   numbers
the  words,  'Allah JaUelalah   I I
t.i God, the Almighty*)   The building is
pai ked  with pilgrims, praj    .
iim.  beside themselves in  an  ecstasy
of passionate devotion    Mingled with
their voices there rise's from outside the
chant of the talbih, the song of the'
winding  sheet,   which   every   pilgrim
must sing on entering Mecca, on don   , ���,���������.        u< (nr]
ning the sacred Ihram, on entering the
liar.-im. and em starting tor Mini, the
valley of desire, and Arafat, Uie mountain of compassion."
Apples, Pears,
Peaches,  Crabi
Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
,  Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrub' in creat variety, evergreen u
en from 2 to 6 feet.   Hoses, p lodendrons,    privet,   ever
green, an.l broad leave.i for hedges.    Catalogues free
D. M. Robertson & Sons
;���;    Tynehead Nurseries.
e e   In  MU Line.
Mr. Robert Barr once showed a portrait of Marl; Twain to n silk merchant
of Lyons. "Tell nie who that is." Mr
Barr said. The merchant gazed nt the
portrait and answered, "l shoulil say
he was n statesman." "Supposing^OU
wrong in that, what would be your
next guess?" asked Mr. ISnrr. "If he
ls neit a maker eif history be Is perhaps
n writer of It; a great historian, probably.  (If course lt is Impossible for nie
to guess accurately except by accident
but I use the adjective 'great' because
I am convinced this man Is great In his
Hue, whatever ll Is. If he makes silk.
be makes the best." Mr. Barr tolel the'
French merchant who the portrait rep
resented and Bald, "Tou have rammed
him up iu your last nentsnce."���London
s,..-ul.l,m  of   ttteestTT.
Mr. Chase has sin h  nn  exaggerated
respect for the blue blood e.r iteistnn
which runs In his reins that his nnin-
���iii-i- is slightly patronising.   He was
lately  lntroilu I  to n  Syrian  of good
birth inui education who lives in this
"Ami may I Inquire," he said blandly |
In the course of the conversation, "if
yon are eef the Cbrlstlnn religion?"
-.My family was converted t.. Christ's
teaching at the time of John's ��� nd
visit tel Lebanon," quietly replied tlie
Syrian. -Youth's C panlOU,
but     splendid     congratulatorj       ad-
Reve .1
Seymo U ��� md  w    n
Barroclough, an.l Messrs. Hembrough,
Cunningham and Buckland.    Refresh-
wen    ���  \..:   and a collection
(20 for parsonage furnishings,    The singing  ol
Blest  it" the Tb' That Binds" and a
beautiful   prayer   consecrating     Lhe
home   to God, bj Rev. Mi Barraclough
e losed the happy evening.
w*;*:*^***:*;*:*:**''**:**:**;*:*:*:;*:^*** ^^w^vv^v^^^^^^i^^^^^^y* ��:
The Big Glothing House
For   Sale���A   bed
he'iiie-r.   Call
Bth street.
lounge,   also  a   coal
on Wednesdaj  al   20B
Eggs    for    Hatching���Han-oil     Hocks.
Rlnglel Cockerel, s. c. w. Leg
horns, Wyckoff strain. Large mass
runs. Fertility guaranteed or settings replaced. ?:' per 13.   1521 6th
avenue' or  llox  .".."iT.
Girl  Wanted-
-for store, apply Bake
John B. Stetson's
In Dakota and
Fedora Shapes
For $4.00 the Hat
For Sale���While' Wyaneleilios. lhal are
while'. Duston strain Eggs (2.00 pea
si'ttiiiR. 1'iiiiiy stock. Lawrence A.
Johnson, 1027 Queen's avenue.
Wanted Plrsl class bookkeeper,
Write stating Balary expected to
iteev a, Dallj Xi'ws office,
Wanted���Lhdj chocolate dipper, Com
petenl and willing to teach. State
expi rtenc i and Balarj expected. D.
L, Allen s.'i.p. P, O, Bo> 1120, Cal
g ,ie.  All  'ria.
The Cash Clothier
im> Intellectual SU*.
Cbolly Nitwti    D'ye know. Miss Cutter, though   I've only Just   met you, j
there seiuns  to lie a   er-  sort  of Intel-   For  Sal;
rooms to let   Apply t,i 318 Carnarvon Btreet, neat sivth street,
tactual  sympathy  between   us.    Vnu
know Just bow to appeal to my tastes.
you know. Are you a literary woman?
lieiiiy cutter Nn, I'm n kindergarten
teaeher.���Cleveland Leader.
The  riH'P.
If we coilld but reail It every human
being curries bis llfe in his face anil is
KoimI looking or the reverse us that life
has been good or evil.  On our feature's
ihe tine chisels of thought anil emotion
are eternally nt work. ��� Alexander
Like thr Slnr��.
She���You've been out every night
since 1 mnrrled yon, and you swore
you would be ns true ns the stars
above. He���Well, nln't the stars ubove
out everj. night tool- Judge,
'I'll,-   I'nx  nn,l   tht,  Grnpes.
Every schoolboy knows that the fable of the fox and the sour grapes is
Inaccurate from n natural history point
of view, says a London newspaper,
anil, ns ttBUBl, every schoolboy ls
wrong. An eminent Oxforel professor
on hearing the point discussed tbe other day actually brought sonie grapes
nnd (hen went to the zoo, where be
tried   tbeui  ou n four, who ate them
Two fine Jersey cows, and
milking, one
nnd   one'   six
Maeiiii. Doug-
one Shorthorn, fresh
two   year   old   heifer.
months, Apply w. ll.
las Road, or Dally nvws eitiice.
Lost���On Third avenue between 10th
and Bth sheet a pair uf gold rimmed glasses, with double lens. Kimi-
er please return Lo Mrs. c. Welsh,
i ta Mowetie Btreet
1'ur Sale���Old papers suitable' for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
Take notice that the Greal West
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans and application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, Brlllsh Columbia, on lhe foreshore of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 13, Block il, North Range 7,
Dated at New Westminster, B. C,
lhis 15th .March, 1906.
Friday, April 6th '06
Public   Holiday
Monster Parade, 3 p. m.
Vancouver,   Past.   Present   and   Prospective.
Mass Meeting in the Evening
Speeches,   Songs   and   Music.
Special Rates on All Lines.
1 00,000 CLUB
Advertise in The News
. 1 f tW TM WVWLi
>       ���       ���
* ��_��� H �� ��._ _ ���    wi:-
"7  Car_adi_-n P_i:-' - Ra   .-;-.(>
-.-    ���    ��� t _
-  __t- -.
Great Northern Ry. :
Time Table
-  . .
��� ���  ��� ���     ���
���   -.- ���    ���
s   . ��,
���     .
-      ���
.  " H '
'   '.
��� i   -.���
(���/.-. ���
,.,,. .,, |.    .,-
,i /.,.   ...-'...I./,
- t ���   yi.tt u.n.i :.
mill li. It'-u tit "'
(<;l,l��   ;.. /    /.- -i .'-.   ���
���-. ./.'I    ll,    ll.i        .    '...-.
i|,��l   I.-   ./,   .... /
lAf :���.������'<������:  at lit*        ������ ���        ������ ��� ���
i ,,i,i thi     ,���,.- ).!���.''-
'       '    ./ill    'I,    'I.'     M    ���'
f</i 'i.e   nnouori ni a-' .
��� ui)   U |/|.:l;iluMm   Ul   I/I    11    '',   'i
hi,'-1 in  po
.'���.��� i   i .'..'.'.'I ��
..',. .������ 'i.i  p.., .
i .'. IHIII,   '...i   'I'.i I   l.'.'   ' /
... .1   200,000
l<   ,       V/��,<   .1     l|,|.     ,,,,;,,,      . -,,. ...
VrUjHOt),  bill 'he--'  uli   ��� i
"������I   109,000 i
... ii un (,.,|,,,i..\
(Wl'...',,   i,..,. .|.��� |  ,,.,.   ,.,.
"���.I   100,000 I '     i.i
li . v. h��rs i in- popul
...'..'.'in   I,.i   .1.,..,   ,..,.   . ���
    i.v.'i.'i'i'i %:���������������
ifl Wh,-..    ii,,.   population
' " ��� Ida  I ,t 00,000 |;m<, 000 i,i,
"iio   ii.-i. ,..i  ..r annual  grant   c1
In ...i ..r inn populftl..'..  noil   allowi -i
'I.''     Mfinttgl     J.JI/lliei.l      l.l-M.ifl'-l      !'.     I,'
hi    -..i.,'   .,,i.   nl -i'i . .-i,ic pi-i  hi-ii.1
bill  iih  Ihi- p',pii|jilli,i. nt ftirli  pri/vlO(M
  Laini 'i from time to ilmi by
ihs  lasi   decennial ie-,,.-.in,  until  ih*
pe. |. III.. He, M i-,,i . . 1.. | :'r;,l|l|,l,l,ll nnd I'1
""     " f   80   Bl III"   pee    lum)    t...    SO
IIIIIOll   ..t   IIIII   .-..,I.l   p.,pul.,n,,n   ���.���   I,,,,
. -. '���. .1   / 100,000
i'i 'i p,  population ���"  ���. ���' '���. ii.iiie.i
III   till    l.e'1   'h II . Klillil  eeiiiiiu,  11, </"'. i-l ri.
i -i i pi   .in   in   iiiiii.'.ii   Columbia   and
'.l.ililliiliii ,    Mini,   nn   lo   llii-i,i-   Iwo   pin
iimi'i nn- iinpiiiiiiinii in in- taken Lo
in Mini upon whe li, iiuiiii iiu- i'  |,m
live   'i     In    lli.il    li.'linlf,   He-   ,ii>
mini   pn , lie nie  nnw   llllldll   In  lln'in   ri
p. i live ly by Ida Dominion sr�� n��"'i
nil'ii nu  annual population ll by Ihs
(i iiini'i nm ii iniiii'i in in' grantor, und
i ii. 11 iiiiii i in in inui population so ni-
i i I I ..I'll il    In   j;ii v ��� -1 li
Mu    I In   iiiiiiiilliln ii" I" li'' piel'l nlnl
|,|, ii, l.i|    ll)     III!      Ill.llllllleell    I"    III'     pm
i im i.: half v." ly .oui In ndvunci.
iii-.inivi.ii    Tlmi In ."i'i  "��� lh"
foruffoini reiei'iuii"!'. Iho Dominion
governmenl i��- roouoH*" '" ,"11"1'11'1
ll,,- ninlli-i "f lb'- OOil "f ii'lmlnlnliii
llm, nf rilliilnnl JUIllOS eoliJollHle with
lbe-  oilier  imilleiii  submitted,   mid   In
'.   .    a    ft-SS
'    ' ���   ��� '-
'_' -..=;���      ���'��� '      ~
'.:���=������    K-I; <-.
'. :T~f   A.* ���'.
V : t r-' i-t-*   -1 tr ���: - -. ..>.
? ~t r^'.x\  r__i-
R_ad ftp
Or������>.:'. \~-*o4
��� VA-,-. >w<- l>srzii Lt
< -r.rsn
V    .--.   r^.;-.-.-
rj>.'x   y-ftK-ir.
0>.U  ", i.~jz: Y..-.Z
j ��Uri��t7' Zttowei
: Wk_wVft W-WW-wmk
h : w i
: ���'     .iM: . -     ':-_:.*;-
. ~ Z K ~-   r Z'. .'-���''��� '.
-.-:���.- i -   liktEO'
���   -
S   5    _.
'   ���
AL Selected & Tested
.-'     S"
1/ I M   '
1    i
Milling Co.. Ltd.
TIm  rr:���I
J. El. Todd
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Zithers   etc
J. H. TODD,  Burr Block.
Minneapolis, St. Paul
��� and Chicago
- - -
���  -
r-. .
-*r. re*.       .
7   ���   - . -       -
7.'. S<:   - : Ave:
',:  //'.
: _* ���
��� .        ���
Until  i ��� '��� . '���
. 0
of th*
���    '...������,���
��� ���: ..
-���      . - ��� .
I ��� -     - earing i
��� ���
ra   - -'     ion
.   part j its ol
bo I togethei        the '. r-
p_i .  -   .   -.        ill   be
v tii tbe party ordin-
���    .. ;. .   -   |   ri...
of two :   :��� '   tut. on thi
���   ���     ,-      I ',;.' ':    it :..    '
jeel lo the i gbu oi       pei who
i   'i :r .1/ r1   ���   n   entrii
gging      ���   . i lin     exi epl
lhe ��� ��� ���-..-,   B ������ ���
...  can  -Ir'i'lK':  t-, high-water
������ rxl  tit I old,
'I,-.' ' ������  -,i..i!l  hav  :e  dr< r'i"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ',;,i rii'i',n v.'rt'nin on-- fron
dau  - ; T..   |M ,   f,,r each hv^ miles
, ,.    ,���   j,., .. ;,��� ��� -,;,   .: . ompany ha-,
���       I !���.'���:    in   -hick '     ^    ��"��   '������   ������
dn ���:;���"      ��� each  rrfteen mi i    or Irac-
1    ' '���';- '���'   ml   ed 1      ���  >n tbi n .:        ifficJetrt     RenUl, $io
��� ���,'...
'I ll' T '.' Til
������.'.'':       ,n     I.     lam     .,      I..
'��� ��� IUI  ',1   1101
��� l.. ,1,1
Census of 1901
",', ' T
: 1 I 1   ,i.i;
' .1
.    1 .,,
I,        ,
ire.' esse
I'.I-   ���'!-
fJUllll li,
,     1,   ���    ...
1, II....
. :,   :: !
','. inn ,i ii,i .i 11' n �������� nf piipnln
billon lit ii'ipn i'i upon tha said pi..
... ii' ��� i" ...ni    burdens   In ordei    t"
��� ii-i     I In      il.i I i ,!.'��� 'I    ' ',   '     nt    nilliilllll'.
I nil Ion "t in 'lie, legislation, oriuca
ilon iii.iin'i'/iiiii"' 'it pii "ii' ni'l ni,
it. , .i,-1 Ii nr .in . piihiii -a i>i I- it, chsrl
lli i'i, ."ni iiu iiiie i urgent '!'���
iiiiiei v. hli h modi i ii conditions Im
pm '��� iipiin I hem;
Whi H ns II i ��� bul r.ih thai, li ni
ii"i in pbic' Hie- provinces In H posl
ilon in mi-it mn b Increased oxpondl
'nin,  iln- Annual  poi   caplia  i ith m
 li  Illlltl    I     ni i IIHlllll-     111     Ml.       pi,pM
billon   nt   Ihs   several   provltini     n
��� ���. lalni 'i h.  lha prai ending dm ennlal
' - a ii
u In reus ' ie mi e.r ihe provlnnes
nn not in a position in provide bj
luxation en otherwise r<>, iho addition
nl oxponrlllurn t'oniilred and wero nol
��� , id in contiIbuls ten  local pm
pm.. i more ihnn n cni lain pm Ilon of
mb expenditure;
Ami   ��in-ii.e.  ihe  additional   i ub
i i.iv iii in- pniei hi ihe govornmonl of
idn ui.iiiii in- HUM'' ilijiii rolmbiiri-,
and fell Intri lhe wal^si
-.ti -.', Illiam Canl ���. s >oral io in
< iii'.i oi iiniiiiiiuT/..'. count ' 'f ���
���i.i nl Into the lofi ovei the mat I <���'
in. i . of Balllneen, In which a number
th* coffins from n�� place, and, stand
thi ' offln i fmni Its place, a nd, i land
Ing upon n, tied a rope round a mP
ii, pm the other end of the rope round
p.-r ..iiiiiiM for   each   mile   "i river
eased      R    sit)-at  thi   rate  ol two
and a hall pei ' '-m   collected on the
output after it exceeds $!"'//>
Dredging m 'he Vukon Territory���
of  f.vfi  mile',  each  may be
granted to a free nrrner tor a nrm of
20 veai . also renewable
'I In- if-vii' right is confined to the
lubtnerged bar nr bar. in the river
below   low   waier   mark, that botm-
lary to In- h/<-i| by iti p'.-iti'iii on thi
hli   neck, and  lumping off the coffin   in day of August in the year of the
llllllgl'll    hllllKcIf,     ^^^^^^^^^^
Two iiiniiieii sisters, wlm lived togethei in tbe Mn-.ii'i'iih iiisiri'i, Ireland,    (lied    ilmlm;    lhe   mime    nl��ht
from iii" same cause,   One wan found
l.-.tc  of tlr-   bas'-. ^^^^^^^^^^
'I In- lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
tin  date "f the lease, and one dredge
fur   each   five   tnileq   within   six   years
���m  , ..  w____________________i ��� Uii>n siti'b 'talc     Kenial $inr, per mile
ile-iul In iiu-ilali v nilnchcl li. Hi,, iiwill    v   i -i .1 ��� 1   .      .1
���     _ im no owe 11-  Yukon   territory   t"  be  haul  to  thr
Nurwsries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
/ANCOU /ER.   E.   C.
foi    PACIFIC    I
��� ad   ~m
��� c II nt.'/- ; ack-ets If hi
:^-- not handle them we will prepay
",   yo ���   postofflee,   fifty   Be
n of good  1
fi 1   H-00 to 'hern.
Large   stock   of   HOME   DROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma-
��� ;���������>: foi the     ring
.-.'', ��� '    .',     01 delay of fuml-
Ol '''ion.
,'.'���'  me price your list hefor'-    I 1
lug   .',.:  order.    Oreenhon e  Plants,
; Work,    Bee   Supplies,   Fruit
P      i;"-u, Fertilizers, etc    Catalogue
M  .,. HENRY,
8010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Railway Company
Atlantic Express leaves tally at
in.40; has first-class sleepers and
Tourists cam    for    Toronto    every
Monday and   Vriday;   tor   Montreal
every Wednesday an.i Saturday.
.Seattle train leaves daily at ��.:tn.
Kor further particulars apply to
ED. DOUtilffl',
<:. r. k. AKent.
.New  Westminster,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
I Northern Pacific i
1 1
Transt ontinental
Trains Dail>
���    '
'1.       Tune.
New York, Chicago.
Toronto, St. Paul
Steal   I - . n sale to al! E ..- -
fieari point-.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Tr.p
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Afrent.
4-''/i Ha-sting? St., Vancouver, B. 0.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
������   ='���-.������
S.  S   Tees
.  ���
G- ���:     '
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,  via  Niagara Falls.
Feer Time Tallies, etc., address
Assistant Gen']  Passenger anil Ticket
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Trains & Steamers
C.  I
Leave  Sew  V
C. P
Lv. .'���
Lv.   Be
C   P. B. WES1
Ar  ..'-    ���
���    :        '���
Lv   IS ,.
GKKAT  .'-
Lv. N. W.   ��� -        ��� - :
Lv. N. W.  I
Lv. Beattli  - ar. N '���'���
Lv. Beattle ���'���  *���   ' '
V..  W.  & Y-VANe'"'
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m and 9   "��� p-m.
Lv. Vanceiuv-r 8.35 .'- m   an
Lv.   N.   W.   :��� -��� :K'hc"1
LS0 p.m. ���-
l.v.  Guichon  2.4" -N- "'
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only. ...
Lv.   New   V"-'    " 50   ���
and  hourlv  until   U P-l
hourlv  between   l-i'   ��� nd  ���
Satunlav  half hourly noon to 11 P_ri
Sunday hourly    8    aan. to U ?���"������
with bait-hourly bet noon w    	
Lv. Vancouver Bai '.Urougn-
Fraser River and.Gulf
Tl. .   B
Th.. a '
Wed., Fri., 7 a-"1
.   Be.
im-, house, lying before u iim-, v.nh the
upper portion of the i.".i> much burn-
Ko free miner sh.-ill receive ,i grant
���ei. inui Lhe other wan discovered dead "' |n"r'- 'han one  iniiinii: cliitn on
lu heii. Medical evidence al lhe In
quest proved Lhal death In each ca ���
wim due i" syncope, and the Jury re
turned n  verdlcl according!)
���arh separate river, creek or gulch
Imt thc lame miner may hold any
iniiiilie-r e,f 1 laims by purchase, and
free miners may wirk their claims
in   partnership  by   filing  notice  and
Considerable alarm wan caused In paying fee of $3,' A claim may be
lbe Mountpotllnger dlstricl in a bull, abandoned and another obtained on
Which broke loose from bis custodian ''"' '������"<"' creek, gulch nr river, by
snd iitie-i 1,. in,. 1,1 |arge f,��� ,,,..,,!. ,1M giving notice and paying "a fee.
hour wan iihiii i��� in,. :,,,,.,., by ., ,.,',��� Work must be done on a claim
 M��   ner,,,,- || whh .Hoi the lnfurl '"���"!' '"1? 'he V''','" "' 1) l���Mt ?*'""
,,.,1   ,,,      , 'A   Certificate   that    wurk   has   been
iil'-el    1111111.1I   eliiii'geil   a   pniiHliiK   111,... ,!        1 1    11  1       1 i.l
���'    ",K ""u'.ueii, the claim shall !>'��� deemed to be
co. compoillng the. iiH.1.,1 miMi to n,.,. abandoned, anad open to occupation
for safety to the lop nf Lha cur.    11  |a  and entry by a free miner.
stated ihni tha bullel which killed It The boundaries of a claim may be
"Her passing through the bull'i head defined absolutely by having a survey
actually oul Lhe button off u torJooal' "i:"'r '""'  i"llllislMn��  notices in  the
inui,    hu    ,. 1. ,1  1 Yukon   Official   Gazette.
".nm   iiy   a    leiiesiiiinn,    afterward!     n.   i am .  ,  ,,
' Petroleum   All  unappropisted  Oo-
!'""' l'"":  ""' 'll1"" k]<<��� window. Iminio- Land, In Manitoba, the North
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that "f the Chicago, Milwaukee ft St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service  not  obtainable  elsewhere.
Rcrths on their sleepers arc longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
"ii any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
II   S. ROVVE, General Agent.
11.14 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Ross-
land, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
singe  daily for  Republic,
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective Sunday, November 10,
I poi.
Leave Day Train Arrive
0.20 a.m Spokane   .... 7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
JfL General Passenger Agent
Beaver��� .   _
Prom N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. �� ��-^
From Chwk. Tu..
Er.em  N. W. Tu..
From Chwk. Sun .
From N. W. dally, ex. Sim..
From Mt. Lehman. J B n
From  N. W. daily, ex. Su:.,
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. iFri.
Add. trip Saturday. ���"> p.m.
I Citv of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, vin Sumas 10.00 p.m. jj4:' ''"T
Bap'n & Mlllslde...i0.00p.m. te^P'1"'
Vancouver lO.OOp.m.
Cloverdale, Illalne,
Seattle, etc..   .. S.4a a.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...10.30 a.m._
9.00 a.n)'
East Burnaby,. .
Steveston, etc...
F.asl, via C.I'.R.
Sap., Mill, Con/m
Van. & Burnaby.
1.15 p.m.
1.80 pm.
3.00 p.m.
3.00 p-m
3.30 p.m.
no p.m.
io.oo a. �����
12.00 Bl
12.00 n>
6,00 p-��'
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.   Daily trains (eww
Sunday)    carrying   passengers   m^j
express    and    freight    conncct,iVr.
stages at Carcross and White H0r��|
maintaining a through winter ser\
For information apply to
J.  H.   ROGERS,  Traffic  ManaS"'
Mackinnon Bldg.,
Vancouver, B- t- WEDNESDAY,  MARCH 28,  1906.
barristers, solicitors, eti Of
New  w e tmlnster, Trapp Blk.,
i ���;        ii.  and   Lome  i ireets.
i ns 21 to 24, t l."i e .inii
vl'n,, street .1 )ieph Martin, K. ('., .'.
1,1, \\,...ii. W. tl- McQuarrle, 11. A.
Bourne Mr, Martin wiifl be In th i
;, iter offices every Frlda; al
HOWAY,  RBID  &  BOWES,   Harris-
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lome
opposite   Court   House,   New
,   iter.    J- H. Bowes, P, 0. Ileix
WHITESIDE &  EDMONDS,  Barristers nnd BOlioltors, Blackie Blk.,
la    treet,   New   Westminster.
Whiteside, ll. L. Edmonds.
Royal City Fish Co.
V\ hoU-Scilc and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New  Westminster, B.   C.
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
MU .1. P. I! WIPTON BOLE, solid-
' tor of the mipreme court i ifflces
Han Bank of Commerce build-
Columbi i   itreet, oppo Ite  post
tiffs,    V, ������-mitns! "i       :,1 iiiry   to
GEORGE E  MARTIN. Barrlatei and
Solicitor, Oulchon  I lock, Colum-
,',���! McKenzle Btreets, New Wi Bt-
er, li- C.
���*��� ���
THUS-   R.   PEARSON   lermsToTvou.  i
823���One hundred and sixty   acres.beautlfully   situatea on   the
southern slope oi tne serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting on
the Clover Valley it r. near the  railroad  and  river;    good  road;
land is eery productive; about  80  acres    in    first-class  condition.
'   iod and convenient buildings,   All  iei arj Implements and stock.
Thla Is well worth Investigation.   Price, %w per acre.
1027���An unusually good hue-.   One hundred and sixty acres; 80
to t.'i acres under Drst-ciass cultivation;  9 acres under  hops, all in
I .'i Bhape;   iu-ro< i dwelling ln good condition, barn uuxm
kiln and baling room in s d condition;  the buildings een the place
are wo      at least 4   uuu    Uertand Creek runs through the property,
la a mosl desirable farm;  from $-,."''111 in f!l,50U pei  yeai  can
In' taken Ofl It,    Hrice, */,b00 cash.
In   INew Westminster
Bon   in   Sluice  i,   Brooder  Onl   ol   nn
111,1  Packing  Case.
Those eeli 11 prefer the artificial meth
oil of raising chicks thi make a brood
��r .mi uf an "Id packing case which
v ill accommodate fifty chicks al a cost
nf about n dollar, such a brooder baa
given excellent results al one of tbi
experiment Btattons when used In 11
shed or colon; bouse. Details of con
Btruetlon of a brooder of thh lalnd an
Bhown In the Illustration! I iwei
section of the brooder, wl tains
the lump fur beating, la u three
I cam- the most complete;
stuck in the City.    Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
CMON  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. 4 A. M.
The'   regular   meeting   of   this
:,1 on the First Wednesd       n
1   1 ii month, al      ��� ���   ick   p   m.   In
'.1.  onli   'i  mple     B
I   en are cordlallj Invite 1 to at-
Dr,   W,  A.  De 1V0II   Smith,
House Painter   and    Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
_   A.   M.   I: igul ir  conimunica-
.ii this lodge ..: ���- held on the
ml Tuesday In each  month in
mic Temple, at 8 p, in.   Visit-
brethren me' cordially  Invited
end.   D. \v. Gilchrist, Sec,
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
I Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
j  The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Dress in Reason
The i ite I Mitchell        tnon piatea
IVI ' i.
B    have our Bpring   toe . nt high-
,   wo Be broadcloth
and fani i  m
In fne 1 we' can supply all your sar- |
iiirial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
it.  B,  K.  of  I.,  meets second  and
h  Friday eif each month, al  8
m.,   in   Orange  hall,  corner  of
ri avenue and John Btreet.   So
rning Sir Knights   cordially   In-
��� 1 ii. attend.    W. B. Dunlop, \Y.
E. E. Matthias, Reg,
- Meets in Orange hall flrsl and
third Friday In each month at 8 p.
:n. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. R. E. Matthias,
W. M.; .1. Humphries, Ree.-See.
. O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
i.e' regular meetings ot this lodge
n held In Oddfellows' hall, Colum-
i.i street, every Monday evening,
��� - o'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
. 11 j Invited to attend. 8. .1. May,
G .   W. C. Coathain, Rec-Sec,
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
Meetings ihe' first and third Tues-
ei , h    month.       Visiting
Lhren cordially Invited to attend,
..,::, \. 11. r. \Y. hall, Odd
.,.'  1,1,11 k, Clarkson  street, C,
S  Corrtf in. recorder;   Louis Witt,
.���. nl.it an.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth YVedn isday ot each month,
in K. of P. 11.ill. Columbia St.. at
m., White Rose Dei n 1 Fourth
Wednesday In each month, sain.'
I ��� e bd place. Visltln - Brethren
: llally Invited. E. B. Stlnch-
1 '���!;���!,.. Pres., 11. Disney, Secretary.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1S5.       Harn  fnone 137
feel Bquare made of 1 en Inch hnnnls.
which la covered with tin or galvanised Iron.
Almve ihis cover, around the edgei
of the lamp ho\, nne inch -nips an
nailed, Two one Inch holes are bored
through these Btrlpa on each Bide eif the-
box for ihe' purpose of ventilation. A
Boor "f matched boards Is laid on the
strips. .\ bole eight inches In diameter
is .-lit 111 the center of this floor, and
over it is reversed an old tin pan tec
Inches In diameter, the sides of tht
pan   being  punched   full  of  holes  tc
allow fi  circulation of beat     Oven
this is placed a table two feet six
Inches square, with legs f.utr and a
half inches high.
Around the sides of this table U
tacked a curtain of felt cut from top
to bottom at Intervals of five or six
Inches to allow the chicks to pass In
and out nt Will, the whole lielng sur-
rouneleel ley boards four inches high
and three feet long nailed together nt
corners nnel resting on the floor of
brooder, When the chicks are ten
s old one of these boards may lie
en away nnd a bridge used su thut
chicks may run from the hover t')
floor of the room.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099.  I.O.F.
Hi" Fourth Friday In the
month ai 8 o'clock, In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block, Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend 1. 11. Rushton, C. H-; F. p-
Maxwell, 11. S.
A. 0. F,���The regular meetings of
ihis Lodge me held em the' Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
al B p. in. In Lhe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly in-
viled i" attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
V. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at B o'clock p, in.. In OtldfellowB'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Bn threi nre cordial]v Invited in nt-
Iw I. I, S, llryson. S. Ci J. McD,
' 1 11, Bee.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   acl   or   parliament
CAP) i'A !.  1 Yll   paid  upl. . .$14,uuii,U00
Iti. Heiei. Lord Strathcona and Mount
!,'���', al,   G.C.M.li.. . . Hon   President
Hon. Sir r.. A. Drummond, president |
E,  S.  Cloiision,  Vice  President   and :
General  Manager.
Manufacturer of
Mineral ^Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Business Institute
Commercial, Pitman anil Gregg; Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eightI anil the BEST of
U. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
X. A. SCIUVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
General hanking business transacted.
Branches In all the principal cities
ln Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and st. Jonn, Ntld.,
and correspondents In ail parts of tlio
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total   Assets $ib,S/i,olb.
Branches   and   correspondents   in'
all  the  principal cities ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
U opens an account.   Interest added I
lalf yearly.
Collect ions made at lowest rates.
Jpen    Saturday   nights   trom  8 to 9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Foot of Ith Ave.   Ceir. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
I   All kinds of Ship repair
When v,���, , work.
sk 5"" Want a good smoke vou
.<    " " Ship and Scow   Building
I ������ C." OR " old SPORT" a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
camp, 191.���Meets on the Flrsl and
bird T t daj   of evei y  month  mi
of    P   Hall.     .lohn'    McNlven,
.1  .1. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD of TRADE.���New   Westmln-
II1   il ol Trade meets In the
Hoard it  city Hall, aa follows:
s"r"'<    v. . dneaday of eat b mtmth.
Quarterly a tingg ���n Hie second
wednesda:     of     February,    May,
August and November, al  8 p. m.
��nnual  Lings   on   the   Becond
"' ���"" idaj    of    February.     New
"���embers   tuny   be   proposed   and
''"' '"'i al any mom
meeting,   a. io
NOVELTY   ^^^^^^
IRON   WORKS 336 Hastin&s Street W> Vancouver
YV. CURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmithing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begble Street.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our Specailty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St, below Tram Office.
Telephone iuu.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sis. Phone 260.
Lincoln1.  Orderly sund. *++*+**++++***+**,wwwww+**,t>
1 ��� orderly, though t
tn  lh.��
.   -
from t��i��\
swung '1. L
j '   '���'      ���; "*       ail  legal questions,    lie   Proposition    to    Have    Two     Senior
11.1.   towasa       in technicalities as long -..,���
hadno *.,;","",\     nan & Lincoln lasted, T"^5 '"  New w��tm,nster.
__ditlaXubt_u1.  'f *!? ^L__*__t      '''""'"       "��>s>'lerable lacrosse talk
methods were not.    He neglected
lis bee an   ��� bis tho ight, n blch was
'ir.'i't ie  Bl| ed ll
vital    i'        ' all else Beemed
unit.    "II  l .in i'{rr thla ease
iili-i lltlcs and gel it properly
be   urj I'll win it." be useil
this -.   , his mental attl
all  legal questions,    He  Proposition
in technicalities as long
uart & Lincoln lasted,
Sporting News |
ni-.d Ccinrrsent.
���������������*  '��� I   I    '*��� ><r ���    . ,���'*.' ^ >������������������
have qualified! mm
or made hlm a mn*
as an ofiice lme vr  a
destinies of our h,.h1,t>
terests, be probably wn
Invaluable.    EOs  mind, et
large subjects without th����k
tort,    Once coneentrated on
be passed directly t" the peiti.
garded  the thousand anil so*
gencles,   all  the  academic  pm��
cons and reduced the problem tt
Blmplest    possible    form.  - ITrad-e.
Trevor inn In Century.
'er ofTilT"   "ylng  trough the air  in Vancouver
ich as rule's the'    ' annual  meeting
a corporate In-  of the B \,,,,,.,ir club
id have- been   .     ,.
���      mpreuended   ln  Vancouvei  Mondaj  night.
Til" im   favor
teams  In  that cltj
lightest ef
an  Issue
t. illsri'
*iip,-i-i  Crowd!  In  ( nmi'tiN.
one ni' the features "f the city of C 1
racas,  Venezuela,  thai  mosl  strongly
represses b  foreigner Is the rapidity
\e.th   which  :i  crowd  gathers   In  the
Btreets.   This is best exemplified when
some of the  many  wandering  musl
��� Ims. iii whom Caracas abounds, pre
pare   In   give   nn   Impromptu   "|"'ti   air
lone ''t-t.    Their  r       ooti     no  sooner
"'Ini through   the  neighborhood  than
there gathers t" listen n  rasl throng
���  iiniiisi blocks up tin' thoroughfare.
Tl obblera and all the other tcnanta
^^^^^^   two
are beginning to
agitato for the    ime proposition here,
and Incidentlj  thej  throw a te-  bo>
'""i'"' ical bunch probably in
""��� ' "' .    -ti Weatmlnster
: ������  ��� will be Induced to follow   their
In  ��� ��� '       ihe fad that   Victoria
,   1     ' practlcallj  oul
,    - on al  least,
it wouia
1,,, . ���:   description at.
all v.,t'
iver or
'     I WO   ti'lllllS
__   to do thi
of tl ntrles, having no doors to open   Howe
ii-stairs 1,1 de- nd, are on tho spot al    cla k 'rtalnlj
mosl Instanter.   Thej eagerly drink In   old eno an       :''
Lhe music, but at the sum,' time bear a   ., ,
who   ��� have I il"'1"
wary eye upon ihe' bats ot the musicians, and no Booner el" they observe
the slightest Indication that one is
���iiu.ui to he taken off tor the' purpose of
taking up 11 collection by passing it
around among tbe crowd than they ills-
appear even more quickly than they
*rnpt m,,l roller.
.Y high fence shoulil be built between
the words tact and policy for the benefit of those who cannot see the bordering line.
"i eh. I hiiv no tact!" they sny with a
satisfied   air.    "Tint  and   policy   are
long :i   1
��� 'll going, thus shutting bi     1 ���.. ���
. oungstera and  newcomers,
Under th      1        nslani ��� ��� ��� i' Beems*
thai 'ini team, and a 6 1 one,
might be verj easily picked up from
the ranks of all these available and
capable j'oung men, provided the old
timers do nol all go back on ua thla
season, If many of the older plaj'ers
qull this season it is probable thai
they  wlll  he replaced  with younger
So.v   No.v   Ken- Sm'reaMlon   and   Trnn,-
piiuii in  March.
Bow lettuce seed now and for succession about every two weeks, Excellent varieties are. Market Gardeners',
Private Stock, Immensity and Trianon
Cos. Trianon t'os Is usually sown
aboul the' 1st of April ami from that
date on till August Is continued with all
the vari.'tie's at intervals of seven to
ten days. From that time lettuce ls ln-
elineel to "bolt" or run to seed.
These nre three good lettuce for all
purposes. They stnnil the summer well
and make exceedingly line beads.
Trianon Cos when properly grown ls
one nf the beat flavored In cultivation,
ninl Immensity Is one of tha largest
As soon as they nre ready pot off
into two Inch pots, and ns soon as they
have filled these well With roots transfer to cold frames, whh'li will be about
the first week In March.
Provided the frames have been idle
nil winter take off about two Inches of
the old soil, nnel then throw It up well
with 11 fork or spade anil give It a good
sprinkling of nir Blacked lime to sweeten tln> Boll, If the days are mild take the
sash off. putting them on again nt night.
The ground should be kept constantly
stirred to mellow the soil nnd keep
down weeds, giving copious supplies of
water when needed, but when heading
keep the water from the heart.
The  Neiv   Pins   liidnntry-.
Aii Industry new nt least to Minnesota has been introduced during quite
recent years, it relates to the manufacture of (lax straw Into binding
twine. Professor Shaw nlDrnis In
Orange Judd Farmer that one of the
finest features of the new Industry
is that It wlll tend very much to lessen
waste on many farms uf the west. No-
wbere probably lu all tlie I'nlteii states
has the sin uf waste prevailed to such
an extiuit as bi the western nnd northwestern stales. Flax straw was almost n  complete  waste'.    The greater
the number of acres devoted to the
growth 1 if flax the greater was the
things 1 know nothing about." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
And yet the two qualities are as ills-   men  who have'    1 n clamoring   for
tini't as north and smith.   Tact comes   places 'en the lineup for Beveral sea-
from the heart, and policy trom the  sona and if such is the case It is nol
head.  Policy Is Inspired by selfish inter-: iiU,.h lil;li ,h(. ,���,., wU1 pu( two ,,.,,���,
ests ami Is a treacherous quality that   ln ,ht,  H���M  ,hj,,  ���.a   in
one might well boast the lack of. Tact
springs within from an unwillingness
to hurt feelings, and it Is the mark of
innate kindness that has no personal
motive.   Tact ls no enemy tn truth.   It
offers   truth   uu   a   salver   Instead   of
throwing it in the fai e, that's all.   Philadelphia Press,
lirii__ii.il nnil Borrowing.
New Yiirk druggists are frequent borrowers. Only tlii' most complete pbar
maclea are constantly Bupplied with all
the drugs required In compounding
medicines. When a druggist is asked to
till a short mn ice prescription calling
for sin lrug thai he does not happen
11 li iv i'ii band, be does not take time
to telephone to a wholesale' bouse for
the missing Ingredient, but semis
around to the nearest drug store nnd
tries to borrow it. II is a peculiar feature of the situation that druggists sel-   return journey until ton
dom buy anything outright trom each 	
other.  They��� merely borrow, then, after
having replenished their stock from the
wholesale houses they pay buck the
loan,���New York Post
R. Gilley and J. Reichenbach Test
Speed of Their Launches.
An interesting race Btarted from
Qilley Bros.' wharf this morning. Tha
competitors being W. it. Qilley In his
sie'iini launch, the Hoiis. and J. Retch-
eiiinii h In his gasoline launch the
The 1 li e will terminate al Pitl
Somi :������ betting on the Bobs, and
Bteam powi r; others are putting theii
monej on the Blaine, and gasoline,
Mi. Relclu nbui b 1 v ct - to return
today. Mr. Ollley will nol  make the
Ktoo-Hoos to Meet.
There will be a concatlnatlon of the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hoo-Hoos    of   the   famous    Aini'ilcan
~    ~~~~ order of Black Cats In Vancouver on
The sea otter*combines".^ habits of April 6, 7. 8, B. The Illustrious order
a seal with the Intelligence nnd amus- will meet in O'Brlen'a hall, and inning character ot the otter. When met Ing the course of the concatlnatlon.
In herds far out at sen, which is but' a banquet will he held at ihe hotel
seldom now, tbey are eotnnionly seen Mgtropole. There will he an immense
swimming on their backs. Tbey even aelegRuorj representing all th, lead-
eat their food lying In this position on ���le p.iclflc coast,
the water, aud nurse their young ones '"* *"* t
on their chests between their paws, ex- and some of the local null men are to
netly as a south sea Island mother : be Initiated Into the mysteries of the
swims with ber baby In the water, order and made Hoo-Hoos. The gath-
When swimming In this nttitude they erlng will he the first of its kind on
even shade their eyes with their paws yjja sj,ie 0f the line.
when the sun dazzles them                                                 __^_L_
I'ulsnii   In   Wnr.
The use of poison in war was once
considered not only permissible, but
commendable, and was defended by
no less an authority than Wolff.
There are reported  instances of wells.
springs, ponds ami streams being poisoned ns a military measure. Even in
our time Instances are numerous of the
Intentional defilement of drinking water supplies by throwing the bodies of
animals Into the stream or pond.
or quarterly
White, See.
Columbia  Street.
Full line of English. Scotch anil Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Sining stock  now  ln.    Make  your
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster, B. C.
By First Class Man-11 Years Experience���London,, England, Australia and Canada.
Late of Trorey's.
Columbia Street,        Next Tram Office
Iln in psli lr.-��   inui   tin-   Unci,,,   1
At the last International 1 was
amused  nt tbe discussion In v
quarters as to whether the Han
swine nre of tho bncon or lnrd
The ludlvldiinl who calls Ham
swine bncon animals hns not yet
ed tbe A fi fl of what tbe term
means, remarks Professor T. w.
In American Agriculturist.
His Lasi l.ove.
She 1 BUppose you WOUld have me
believe I am the lirst woman you ever
loved? lie---Not at all. I've loved
scores of women, but you are the last
one I have fallen lu love with. She-
Very well. then. I'll sny "Yes." As
long as I ii in the last one you Imve loved we'll get along nil right.���Itoston
^ufactured  by  the  n.   c.  Cigar
'.'"      "'"'  also  make   The    "Bril-
le8' ti" three sizes.)
r artiir
& WOLZ, Props.,
J and Office, Brine Block,
124 Eiyhlli SI., New Westminster, B.C.
Teacher of the German
Language   and   Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING, timuuej and
Ornamental iron wont, mounting
Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence Invited.
Kew Westminster. f. U. 474.
The nnifi Home.
The draft horse Is the horse for the
farmer. There ls less risk in raising It,
nnd then you have something when It
ls grown ��� something that will work
and do a lot of it and something that
will sell, snys n farmer.
On  (he AleM,
Ohio fnrmers, according to nn exchange, are demanding fairness and
will see thnt all the legislation In Ohio
is not exclusively for two or three large
Illspi-Hi-il   Ills  l.-nrs.
Old Gentlenuin-It ls folly to talk of
marriage for years yet. My daughter
Is a mere child. She knows nothing
about the world and could not manage
Servants. Mr. Sllmpurse ��� Oh, that
needu't make the slightest difference!
We shan't have any.
Our Bent.
We need not be discouraged because
of the great things others accomplish
and which are far beyond the range of
possibility for us. It Is only our own
best that ls required of us, our own
and not another's���Woman's Life.
Tbe  earliest  known  cookbook   was
printed In Venice ln 1175.
"So you think your parents are unjust to you, Willie, and thnt your teacher has lt ln tor you? You are a poor,
abused martyr, aren't you?"
"Yes, I nm. Everything 1 do ls laid
to me!"���Cleveland Leader.
The Bookkernet* \o-l Behind.
Mr. Asker���They tell me that the
bookkeeper of your firm Is behind ln
his accounts. Is thnt so? Mr. Tasker
���Fnr from It. He came out ahead.
It's the company that's behind.
HU mnicuit Position.
"If you are going to remain In public life you must do something to attract attention."
"If I don't attract attention I don't
get re-elected, and If I do attract attention It's ten to one I'll be Investigated. So what'm I goln' to do?"���Houston
So  Shy!
"Wasn't the bride delightfully ttmidr
"Very.   She wus even shy ten years
when It came to giving her age."
Krant  Knocked  Out.
Another young pugilistic star came
to grief last night In Vallejo, California, In the person of Harry or -Rid"
Krant, of Seattle, who went to Dream-
land trom the effects of an awful hard
punch administered by the whirlwind strapper George Herberts ln the
third round Of what was to have heen
a twenty round bout.
Krant has been making all the locnl
talent of California stand around this
winter by the remarkable showing
which he made, considering the fact
that he is a green fighter, and after
cleaning up all the California had ones
be was touted ns a sure winner, and
coining champion. His match with
Herberts was looked upon by his admirers as a fitting recognition of the
boy's lighting ability, and lt was ru-
mored that if he defeated 'he worthy
George that he would be given n
chance at Britt or Nelson. Herberts
Is one of the best lightweight men ln
the business, and although he has
nevei- reached tho top of the heap he
Is very near It, the only men above
hlm In point of ability are Nelson, Joe
Cans, and Britt, and had Krant de-
I feated Herberts there is no doubt
that he would have caught on with
', ono of the three top notchers pre-
[ vlously  mentioned.
However It ls no disgrace to a green
I man like Krant to go down before   a
finished   fighter   like   Herberts,   even
in   the  third   round,    and  If the  Kid
will    only  hold    his  nerve  he    will
! yet be heard from after he has spent
I a little longer time in the game.
Krant received hi* first knockout
last night, and it now remains to be
seen whether his nerve went out with
his lights or not. It seems that a
gamejj little fellow like him will be
able to hold together alright, and It
is hoped that he will, as he is certainly a winner with a little more experience added to his natural ability.
If You Take
Any Stock
In having the best goods at tho lowest  possible price served  to you
in the best possible way, you will do your business with <mr stores.
This is our boast, that we do a little better than 'our  competitors In this way. Give us n call and we will show you.
S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. < .' I�� lirlsl, Mg<r.
| Houses and Lots |
In Every Section of the City. |
One acre, five acre and ten   acre blocks    ln    city nnd suburban
Farm lanils or all  Kiniis a nd    descriptions    located   within
miles of tho city.
See us before going elsewhere.    We can sell as low If not lower
than any other Real Estate Ilea ler.
Send for list of houses, lot s and farms.
188 Columbia Street,
B.  C.
o a
Falls  by  the   Wayside   and   Is  Picked Provincial     Police   Seize     His   Liquid
Up   by  a   Police- Goods and Magistrate Fines
man. Him.
William Gordon, aged 64, and tor- s. Waka, a Japanese storekeeper of
merly the cook of the German barqueIBarnet   who  was arrested   bj   Chief
Steinbek,    was    arrested     yesterday Constable Spain assisted by Consta-
afternoon charged  with being drunk hll, Wilkll. ,.,,.,,.������, wJth BeUta8 minor
and incapable', but after promising to wlthout ., nCence, pleaded gulltj nnd
be good ln the future he was allowed waa lhu,(1 $-��� .,���,, C0Bt8 by stipendiary
(0 fi��- Magistrate Plttendrlgb this morning.
A telephone message to the city jail Hearinji of the' illegal resort main-
caused Officer Patterson to be sent to tained 1)V ,|U, Jap ,,���, 0f_cers went
the residential distriol where 11 was ,IUI u, Barne( yMterday afternoon,
said Gordon was lying on the sidewalk and ���,���,��� lh(,lr Rrrival al the mill r
Inew spring    I
Now is the Seaso n to Buy
....You-   ...
Visitors to Stock Show?
Don't Forget to Call and Inspect the
Monarch Range
i _  }
Greatest Range of the Age.    Prices Low Too. J
Plumbers and Tinsmiths ���
Incapable,    when the officer arrived
the man hud managed to gel off the
sidewalk and  found  his wny  Into Ihe
nearby  lane,  where ll
the officer,
Gordon was decidedly under the In-
fluence eif liquor al the time, but being in th,' care of friends at the Royal
City Hotel he- was allowed i" g", on
condition that be behave himself in
the future'.
The   man   gave'   a   very   interesting   iln'i
account of himself, and stated that he wer
had been released from the Royal Columbian Hospital lust Saturday after
noon where he had I n Bent In coir
puny  with several 6ther untortun
members of the Steinbek crew.
About   the town  the old  i'
credited  with the Blatemen
was shanghaied, aboard tl
li : being filled with llqu
had  u   not  been     fc
would in all prohiil
ring the appri
brother of Waka
ol   Chief   Constable   Spain   stall
the  run  for  the Btore  to noil"
was  found  by   ,���.���   ,,���, (,|ii,.,,,.s ���.,.,.,. ;,,i,.
officer seeing the' depart
chase, ami succeeded
as the latter enter'
Waka bad evld
the fool   raci
viiiusly    wan
was caugb
lee   hill
jd on
.y Waka
. him. The
ns Jap, gave]
in catching him
tl ihe' building.
,��_iii.v been watching
OS ,'lsi'  hail   been   pre-
.eifi. jiini  as a  result  he
in the act  of attempting
_����" supply of liquor of which
���a* nu abundance. The premises
. thoroughly  searched,    and    an
_a_dng   quantity  of  liquor  discover-
ed, ihe bulk of which wns promptlj
destroyed on ili.- ground, the balance
By getting one now you will have
the full season's use of it.    Our
stock Includes the
Woodyatt, Brockvillc and
Whitman & Barnes Males
UR SHOWING of New Dress Goods for This |
SpringWear is of unusual interest to these 9
;���; in search of the newest  materials for their I
I Spring Costumes or Shirt Waist Suits. Unusual in J
I that without doubt we have the largest selections of |
;t�� Dress Fabrics which we have ever shown. ;
�� That is saying a great deal. This combined $
I with our UBual low prices for good goods makes it j
g worth vour while to look here for a profitable de- i
S cision ,���:
full Double Corner 1
New Grey Tweeds and Cloths   In   shades  ami   patterns  at   price    S
winch make it economical to bus the  up-to-date  g is while' in n,,. J
height of fashion, Large rang.' i i all widths, per yard .... 50c to $1.50 $
For Skirt Waist Suits      |
90 pieces of Lustres and  Mchairs which we' know forms a coll.ie. ij
mi Fourth Avenue, in orchard, "ii
Irani    line    "feCiOO    takes    this
desirable residential site.
JlOW    is
that  he
,e vessel af
jx ashore, and
llis   illlH'SS   he'
��� tii -
being brought to the city by
cers as evidence.
In court this morning the accused
pleaded guilty and asked for lealenc]
which was granted, the fine of $5i
and costs being ihe' minimum penalty.
in disposing en the ca se 1 lis Honor
timi nf these serviceable shirt waist  suitings that you will    find
your advantage in select  from.
All shades eef Navy, Brown, Green,    Cardinal
Creain and Shot effects, per yard 	
... 25c to $1.00
Two-Storey House |
Our Millinery Department
fairly iililoenn with the neweii
early  for your Enster  Hat.
Ideas in  Hendwi
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
. .$H,OUU,UU0.00
Amount, of Policies now ln force exceeds ,.  .
Amounl of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds.
This is a company of polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor. polic^..
OUR MOTTO:    1 ne largest amount, of Assurance for tr-.fe Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
���lity have left the stated that shoulil the offence be re-
lliiyul  City,  hour  d   (or  nMt.   ;l|lo.1|.,|   peated  the extreme penalty  which is
.1 line of $300 or 12 months In the pro
jail the old man quoted  vinciul jail, would be Inflicted, where-
sayings  with  a  degree ol   upon  the    Jap promised    by all  the
r .Alch denoted the well inform- Oriental   powers  that   be,  to  refrain
ja. who like' many others of his trom a  repetition of the offence,
4 through misfortune, or for other ��	
.ftsons, have fallen from the ranks Gunner���So that distinguished gen-
of respectable citizenship to the level tlemnn in the tall hat is your lead-
almost of a common drunkard or degenerate. In bis remarks frequent reference was made in George ill.. Mary
Queen of Scots, Bobble Burns and
many other notable's.
The "le! man declared that he had
never heen arrested before, and upon
his promise to cut out the rejuvenating "Scotch" he was allowed lo go.
the vessel.
'    \t the city
fluency -
ed m
It will 1
our line li
erties for sale
Third Avenue, gemil situation   'fi.  ������������������������������������----���������-������������������-------���---���__. ,;
in good repair,  this can  l"'   v '0
::: ���: | w. s. collister y co.\
ing citizen, eh? Has he received many-
degrees from the different colleges?
Guyer���Has he? Why, be has received
so many degrees we call him the "human thermometer."���Chicago News.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. f
Financial, Insurance' & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia SL
Two Handsome and
Commodious Dwellings
Advertise in the News
For Many Moons
We haw persistently advertised the many advantages of New
Westminster and the fertile Fraser Valley from an industrial and
farming view   point.
���About b year ago when we Issued our second real estate bulletin
containing G-l pages, we advertised its free distribution In leading
���Canadian and American papers, which resulted in several thousand
enquiries from different parts of Canada, the United States and Great
Britain, anil in response to each enquiry we mailed a copy of our
As evidence of the merit of our publication the following well
.known Institutions favored us with advertisements in its pages:
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
J. E. Phillips, the Clothier
The Columbian Co., Ltd.
W. E. Fales, House Furnisher
Brannette Sawmill Co., Ltd.
C. A. Welsh, The People's Grocer
lhe Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Western Steamboat Co., Ltd.
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd:
T. H. Smith, The Cash Store
The Westminster Fruit Packing Co.
The B. C. Electric Railway Co.
Twenty-two illustrations an- given, showing haying, dairying,
fruit growing and farming scenes, likewise a very Comprehensive
map of the Fraser Valley, showing New Westminster as its natural
centre���New Westminster is alsn well represented by the following
1. New Westminster's Fresh Water Harbor,
2. Market Day at New Westminster,
3. New Westminster's Million Dollar Bridge,
4. Some of New Westminster's Pretty Homes,
5. Exhibition Buildings at New Westminster,
6. New Westminster from the waterfront.
The hook gives market quotations on all kinds of farm produce,
weather statistics, quantity of different crops, fruit, etc., raised to
the  acre,   likewise  other  valuable information.
The Royal City Has No 100,000 Club, 6ut You Can Help
Boost New Westminster
by mailing a copy to your friends, or if yon will  kindly furnish us
wilh names we will cheerfully   mail them.
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.,
References Every Bans) and Business House in N.w Westminstea.  Establishtd
A. D. 1891, Incorporated A. D. 1902.
Mistress���Didn't the ladles who called leave cards? Bridget���Tbey wanted
to, ma'am, but I fowled thlm ye had
pllnty av yer own, and better ones
tnn��� J Ife.	
The   Orlulii   nl   Suu-r.
Sugar has been known, since the dawn
of history, but not In nil countries. The
Chinese appear to have delighted their
palates with sugar for more than 3,000
years, and it was known in India earlier than in Europe, being made from
^^_^^^^_^^^^_^^_^^^__^^_ a juicy reed or cane. One of Alexim
Speed while working on the Bteamer der the Great's generals carried sugar
Cascade oul of Vancouver siol.' per- to Greece in the year 325 B. C, as Sir
sonal effects from the' first engineer1 Walter Italeigli some 2,000 years later
eef the vessel, and was nromntly ar- earrie(1 tobacco from Virginia to England. But even so late as 1H0 A. D.
sugar was still a rarity In Greece. The
famous physician Galen used It as a
It is Bald that Speed was sentenced remedy for certain maladies. Recent
to a term here once before on a experiments show that sugar has re-
similar charge. markabie sustaining power when eaten
 o   by those, undergoing great fatigue.  Tbe
invention of the first process for refln-
Lecture Coming "Cranks." , lng RUgnr is ascribed to the Arabs, and
in the Wesl  Kind Methodist church  a Venetian merchant Is said to have
mi  Friday  evening  coming  the  Rev.  Purchased the secret from them nnd
W.  H.  Barroclough    will    deliver his
popular    lecture  on   "Cranks."    This
promises  tu  be  an  intellectual    and
Speed Joins the Gang.
Officer Wllshlre of Vancouver came
over from the Terminal City yesterday afternoon, having in his charge
Harry Speed, who was sentenced to
three niiuiihs in the provincial jail,
upon conviction of theft.
and was promptly arrested, convicted, and sent to the provincial jail as a result.
S3 1 oo - Comer 6th anil Branford,
2 Ixit-s.
*3000-3rd Avenue between   5th
anel 6th, 1 Lot  (Stable).
A. t WHITE, 260 Columbia SL
Telephone K5.
1   an   intellectual
humorous treat.   The lecture abounds
in local lilts and Is well illustrated by
| first-class electric light  views  thrown
j on   canvas.     The   ladies  quartette  of
j Queen's avenue  church,  under direc-
j tion of Miss Dauphiijee, will assist tn
 ��� o	
Electric Light for Ladner.
That an electric lighting service
will be Installed in [.udner by October
isi of the present year, was the announcement made yesterday by Mr.
K.   ii. Sperling', general  manager of
lhe   11.   C.   Electric   Railway  company.
The company  will   Instal  a   wire of
-. i  volts,  but   ii   is  not   known    yel
whieh   route   will   be   selected   for   It,
Introduced the process In Sicily.    The I
refining of sugar was first practiced in
England about 1669.
The Word   "llo-vr."
"Row" ls one of the many words
whieh are rising to respectability with
advancing age. Todd's edition of Johnson's dictionary (1827) denounced it as
"a very low expression." Since it np- '
pears to have been occasionally written
"roue" about a century ago some have
wished to Hnd Its origin iu the French
"roue." Todd Identifies tt with the
Older "rouse." n drunken bout, big
drinking glass or big drink, In which
sense,that word several times occurs ln
Shakespeare. Hamlet observes that
"the king doth wake tonight and takes
bis rouse." "How" is BUpposed to be a
false' singular formeel from "rouse,"
mistaken for il plural, as "pea" for
"pease,* "sherry" from "slierrls,"
"cherry" from "cherls," Hut it seems
simpler to explain "row" as short for
"row-de-ilnw," nn excellent word for
Here is a
Home for
Small Money
15 acres rich, black,
loam land, three acres
cleared and cultivated.
Fruit trees and strawberries. Four roomed
house. Large barn.
All for only
Terms Very Easy.
Hello!    Hello!!    Hello!!!
We're calling up every Man on this line.
We want to tell about our new Spring and Summer Suits, Top Coats, Trousers, Hats, Neckwear
Shirts, Underwear, etc., etc. We've Clothes and
Toggery of great merit.   We've���
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms  1   and 2, Dupont  Blk.
Telephone   170.
Don't leave the phone yet!
We've everything for clothing Men,  Boys
Children correctly and at moderate prices.
We've the best of everything in our line and we
guarantee your satisfaction for every dollar you leave
with us.
Hello! Hello!!   You say you'll be in for a look?
All right.    We're at your service any day.
H. L. DeBECK,c��
Now Is the lime
Uncle Sam Stands Pat.
Constantinople. .March 28,���In reply
to further representations made by
the Porte on the subject of the proposed Increase in the customs duties,
'he American  legation has reiterated
The I.nte  Stritnirer.
An   attorney   in   Philadelphia   who
make's a specialty of prosecuting suits !
against railway companies growing out |
of injuries dine to accidents on the line ;
tells of the trouble experienced In the
cross examination of an Irish witness, i
that the government  at   Washington Thta witneB8 had evidently been care-
can   make'  no  concessions    until   the   fully coached by counsel for the corn-
American  demands  for a settlement  pany, for when the question was put to |
of the schools and other questions are
Methodists  May   Modify.
Toronto,  March  27.���That  the  fatuous foot-note in the Methodist church
1 discipline, prohibiting dancing,   thea-
| ter-golng,   attending   horse-races,   cir-
j eases and other so-called   "question-
I able" amusements, would probably be
modified at the imxt Methodlsl general
conference In September, wiis the opinion generally expressed al the meeting of the  Methodlsl   Ministerial  association yesterday.
hlm, "Was tlie man found on the truck
a total stranger?" the wary <'��lt replied:
"I shoulil sny not, sir. Seeln' (bnt
his left leg was gone, I should say, sir,
that be were ii partial stranger."���Woman's Home Companion.
Bank  Gets  Money  Back.
Toronto.    March    27.���The    Crown
Sii.iili'lmis   Fervor.
"Well,   brother."   said   the   deacon,
"that was a tine prayer you made last
"Thank you, deacon. I am very glad
to bear you say so."
"Yes, it wns a splendid prayer, long
anil fervent. And, say, what have you
been elolng anyway? You can confide
In me with the utmost confidence. I
wouldn't betray you for anything in
the world." -Chicago Record-Herald.
l.lr.--- II.KlieM \i-lil.-v,-ment.
It has been said that success consists
In getting that at which one alms, and
being hnppy in It. Encb one should
have nn ideal of what Is to be the expression of bis or her life. If this is attained In some degree such a life may
be called successful, Hence, the successful man or woman is lbe one who
lias succeeded fairly well In shaping
the actual life ln accordance with the
ideals of life. This requires a strength
ami persistence that call for continual}Columbia St
struggle. It forms the highest achieve ���
ment of life. liulwer well says that the
man who succeeds above bis fellows Is
the one who early In life clearly discerns his object and toward that object habitually directs his powers.���
From "Vital Questions," by Dr. Henry
D. Chnpln.
To (ret your   Bicycles put  in order.
We have received our Hike Sundries
and  are    prepared  to  make your I
I        Hike almost, as good  as new.   We
also have  a  good   line of   Recycle !
and   Perfect  Bicycles.     We  have
just received our stock of  Fishing
Tackle.  Come and have a look over
our new Slock.    We will be able
to give you jusl  what  vou  want.
Sign, Man on Wheel.
....CALL ON.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, .-��� B.G
I Electric Railway Service
He Called  the Turn.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I   cnnie,"   announced   the  Intimate
Bank of Canada has received from the friend  of  thc   faintly,   "to  make  my
detective department over $;SH,000 of dinner call."
ihe $40,360 stolen by Edwin St. George "But." they protested,  "yon haven't
Banwell, the teller, who was sentenc-   l,ep" lu'rt' to dlnner UiMy"
"I   know  that,"  he  replied,  "und  I
thought If I called that defect might be
about $6,000 to bring Banwell and bis!    An   Invitation   was  promptly   forth-
wlfe to Justice. I coming.���New York Press.
ed  to four years ln the penitentiary
on Saturday last, it cost   the   bank
Old   (ireenwleh   \ 111st k *--
Of thnt part of New York city known
ns Greenwich village, situated on the
lower west side, tbe Four Truck News
snys: Older us a village site than Fort
Amsterdam itself is that of Greenwich
village. Here, when Hudson steered
the Half Moon through the narrows,
wns the Indian village of Snppokunl-
eiin, on n high and healthy spot watered by Bestavor'S kill, tlie same Mlnettn
brook that until late In tbe Inst e'entury
ran above ground instend of below as
DOW across Union and Washington !
squnres nnd Into the Hudson uoui-
Houston street.
Inter-urban   Line,
CnrB for Vancouver and way
stations nt b.nil and B.bU a.m..
and every hour thereafter between tt a.m. and n p.m.
lliilf-boiir cars from l-m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver ror Westminster at same nours.
Last car Saturday at 11 p.m.
City Limits Line���service trom
B.liO a.m. to io.mu p.m.
20 Minute Service���NO transfer.
Between 12 and 2 nnd 6 and 7.
30 Minute Service during ���
malnder ot day. Transfer i
Leopold t'face.
half-hourly Bt
and  10 !'��� "
Sunday   Service
tween 8 a. ni
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���lb Minute Service, except  between   U an
2, and 6 and 7, during WMCB
hours   the    service   win
Sunday Service   naif-hourly l,e"
tween 8 a.m. and iu pm.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.


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