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The Daily News Sep 29, 1906

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I���   '    " ������ - ��� ���___���--__________--,_ i-��� ���������   ��� ��� *��________��fc^ "O "    S
VOLUME 1. NUMBER V\\\   V/cTOr-}..^KW \\ i;>
lativc Asse,
.    oci i-��m
i ������. ���
fi   |   >��!*<
\li HlMY MORNING, SKl'TKMBER 29. 1906.
I(�� ( I S rs i'i H \\ II K
Fierce  GaJe   Causes   Heavy   Loss   of   Life   and   Reduces
Valuable Property of Many Towns to Worthless
Splinters    Goods   Float   Away   on
Flooded Streets.
! Nelson, B. (/.. Sept. 28.���At a meeting of the I
��� Kootenay Fruitgrowers Association  here  today a ���
j resolution was passed by a v. ite of 22 to 15 rescinding i
; the motion of August last calling for the abatement
| <>f the Chinese head tax.
.s (via Mi    Ian,
..' i ....    i --e
. -   from   I. ��� ���   to flft     ; ii . son .
thei      njured,   ���'���,    houses
. :. tie i)ii.-ir.��� ._ quai ti     leva
ai erty loss i
flu   effeci        bi   ���. t ... .
-.. of thi   last forty-i Ight bo i
. Ity.
toi a,  struck  Mobile  Wednes-
. Inigbl   an I    rage i   fi r   many
thi   ��������� Ind     ��� aching a  velocitj
miles an hour.   Watei from
;,:     ���   ...i. blow ii Into the cltj by the
���. .   : ���        Tm.    tbi     ea    lood
��� t i deep in the vv holi salt q tai
��� Royal sti ��� el to thi  Alabama
���   . . - of llfe ia  bei ��� .' !  ������.. In
mong negroes
Ships   Go  Down.
- .-    iffi re !  .evei elj    Among
���..:. . - -    s'nii.    were   the   .   P.
- .   m.i: j Staples, lhi   Mary S.
: - -      ma, Coverton, ll tth  B. Moore,
1 lam !' n.   the  Unite I   .Slates
revei   ���  cuttei All ei I and man - othei
er i raft     It Lb feared five crews
��� ���   an.;-- were lost, bui nothing
��� ��� .     ��� flrmatory nature ran be given
.;   ���     time
Towns   Obliterated.
���   ha.    een  ; lace I undi r eun
thi   militia.    Nobody   Is  per
uu the   bi !'������'.-   ��� _i i pi  in ws
.   '      a.'-n    and    pei sons    wearing
Much   apprehension   le    ��� I
I      -a ian tow n-  a- ll Is :��� I
��� . have ' een obliterati d
ol  life on  Dauphin Island
1'rol.i    ,��� li   heavy.    Man-,   flsheimen
. Dauphin Islan I an I oilier out-
by I rai t -.   from   v. hli h  no
. ��� ���    een received.
Supplies Shut   Off.
iffei Ing  In  M le  I.   bi ������   ���
. tiilatlon of nan- poi '..lion fa-
- iff all   - ipplies, and
��� ��� a reaches   Mo ilie from  the
-. m, . ��� .���   II ��� est will
I n ch   here  wa aaged
:. :: age to ' lhi is'   ' 'hui ch ci     ���
a. te i al $40,000, an I ti  81
Baptisl $10,000
t was pul an lei  mai Hal law
������a Thursdaj   ,and  no pi rson
��������� : in i nter the wbolesale guar-
i    whntv.-- from Frascatl Btn et,
"ie fxtremi  end of the i ty, a. fa
as Three Mile   creel     are
communication Is para-
pi,,. pecti   ol   wli es
v.ral days.    All   bu�� nei      bai
i led.
Torn   to   Solinters.
.aw mills   ���   lhi
.   been  wa hi I awi     01
! ... . a !
be seen scatteri I ovei
'    a':-..     :     It  tui
!',    '
��  i  .   ���!.,. ...   ,,- H   ��� q iai
��� tati i    a i  ia in.
I i the -!    I" i
ere rei
��� ,. <   efl -
���   i   .  '. exhausted
������ ��� |   :.. ���.        it   have
n hand,
,   -   man ���   ihoii
lo   ii    from 'ii" flood, and
ialil ...  a   ;-    Ji.ao  an
nmon labo    eat in fly bog
.ept such p. '  "
*'�� :"    Mi'".    tO   .-live    gOOfll EVI II
few men would accepl
Hurled Through the Streets,
6 o'clocl    Thn   tla    and
i ������..���    ..      ���      .
il  will be Bome time    ���     i        lm   .
1 an   be   resumed.    Thi   P     il  Teli
���   '-���
fered   evi rely,
'J   ���   Caw thoi ne hoti
a Sil ..,..
���   ' :  f   'ach, the  Win Is.     hotel
Southen     $3,0u0
So tti e :,   .' ipplj    Co.   est!
'  .100,    The Mi    a  ���!
i'i" First National bank an I thi   Lien
... were Inun late I,
All    Hard   st   Work.
1 ���'���'  " Is ii" waj  at  presi nl  to ar-
live  at   a   corn cl    i stlmati   ol   tlie
��� ���   owing to the disorder
\.- Is confui lon    Tl --.;
���arly   this   morning,   I owevi r.    The
watei  ha I receded somen    t, and ev-
body,    armi I    with      tickets    -,
n oms,   worke I   ha   I   foi   ���   restora-
tii m ' ' a- rmal con lltions.
Goods Float  Away.
Hundreds ol  I ilea of cotti n :   ated
through   thi   main   streets   an I   ��� ��� .
carried oul to sea.    Al Fori  M    	
15 miles down the bay, thi win . had
a much higher velocity. Towns . -..
thi Mo! Ile an I ba; shi - iads sul
fen ��� .-���   crelj owlni   to their exposed
No word from the coasl I   ������ - - bas
n d Mobile    Along thi  gult coast
tin re   wi re   many    fashionai le   resl-
di in . -. . nine costing $30,1	
Crops  Rumed.
Frull  trees ail  over Southern  Ala-
ma are ruined, So, also are ��� tton
and t am < ine planter said he '������ i .
ial.- $T*i for les coi ton ci ij and feel
lhal be had gol a goo I  li
1 ie '���oof of tbe Moi . -   media
- . ������ v i.r blown off    Tl - ���   ba I
a   p.   t  le  museum   vv hich  was       i
Clo-k   Elown   Out   of  Tower.
Thi    '-I . He couri  bousi     n   entf
a   i     a  >,"' a aia I .       'I ie      Clock     ill
be i   vi r was blow a i n '������:��� the vv Ind.
Tl .    uion station al  the i nd i : Govei nn .-ai street, iv bli h caught fln  -��� i
-  ...   da.v s ago,        Ian age :
��� :-���   window.-   are   broken   and
 ��� - -  in .1 shlngli    an   ��� one,
Tbe water ca...e so i apldlj thai thi
railroi d employees were unabli lo ri
move ihe baggage checked ii i  nans
a   ai  m.    Man .    11 'in.. -   wi en
1 .   -r: down lhe bay.
\ .  ...ji i   negro   dl     >vi  ed   an  old
in   ii      in Imminent ilan er of di
',-.   irownlng    Hearing hei ri   ���
i, he   quickly   ran   Inti
..   he  was cmplc ed    mil sell ng
U    ,i   .    iflll;   i.n ge  lub,  ' ���   |>1h  '  I  I '
-.  :���  .,-. :   Ian led   hei    aful      n drj
Ian i
Many Manners Drowned.
i , ila   i'..��� .  iIn Flomaton,  Ua .
The   worst    hui i li ani
In   II iged
K'l'l-   .ll'll ��� "     ���"        i :
li i    a ���   "VM*   ;i
��� -,    , ,      ;....i      i wrecked
���   ,. .,.. | thi    la nagi   I   enti
���  ,	
i of life will he vi
, n    i he  nui    iei       ul    u I
ecu i'i
,. , ���  ,      ,|(i   , ���      I   In ��� H   '
Oi',,       udli        ���    eporti
,    mil In re not U'i'ii n     ���'  ��� i
Marines Storm   Bound,
ilnglon,   f. ''���'"
, ,���,,���,.   mnrinr    rrom  Iho Southern
. _ ,     ,,,  Cuba  have  Ix-cu  m riounlj
... red  wiib   i".   Ihc    torw   �� nag
i ;.iii "i Mo li n
Plot to Kill Emperor
Discovered In Palace
Secretary    Tafl    Finally   Decides   t<>   Declare   Himself
Military Governor of the Republic of Cuba
and American Intervention Will
Forthwith  Proceed.
St.   p.
' ' ' ���     '       '"* -'     *       11 Pen      ���    ii-    ���       \          B );.,. ,���., n
t against the lif, .   . , ., ,   -, ;   t0   ... . .    ,,   ,,  ,,.,,,
,:       ���""    ':'    '��������������� ���      i         	
'   ' ' :    ''��� man n           atei   ���         seize a fa
::;-   '' ers of one oppon in ty to shoot I        .hili   u  wa
'������'   palace servant hi  - :v n m�� nading oi                             .>..;
' '"' "    :   *:"      ' en in lhe ���. ah  ���
Member    of      Manufactures'      Party Crowoed     Audience     Applaud*     and
Lccks Over Lccai Advantages Laughs Manj Times _t the
for  Lumber Industry. Opera Hcuse.
...:..:. Sept   . -     i' ���     len   Palma , I he romml      ���������      alim   had  baen   a
-     rti d bj  n a  wh ��� urged him : wailing oat
,   , , . 1 jll    i .   (.iirmtinu.
lo   r It I)draw   .'na  i.; Ignntlon,  to  put M
Sei reint i   i b I     aid nn  lea. ini-.  foi
: ���    onal   plq n    an I   dl   ip
i'ii,in .    I I   il   In-   I 111 li   M aa   in   a   po -11 i, ill
mi mi   and    be   guidi elv  liy I    ,        , , , ,, ,
wheri   he could nol   inj  anj (hlng fm
"!1"]"- to ll-'v''  :"-';" -     '  :' iv   pnbll .rn. n    i - daj he beard
aia on one cheek; I cannol   va   ou     kinds   of   proposition!   and
turn ihe other." coun tei   proposition,   abotil   available
and   unavall ible   candidate;   for the
, |i'i    I   i-iii-i ,    111, III Ung    Hie    OXll'BOl   'ill
I I.n ana, Sept,  ."-     I hn    llw
ai i  one from '/.���'���. hh iiinea-n ihat     ���
ma a   one  Iuai   supreme effi ri
on a   election  a    ii  pro^ Islonal   in p n
ie    the     i publli .rn    .I ii' ri in es i _._ i
ili-iil   inU'.bl   ii",nli   in   |ii'.ni.      \iuie of
wen    thi    lusl i in lions    w ln.-li    i- ��� ���������
these proposals  proved   agreeable  lo
all factions, and Secretary Tan. aftei
Iho exchange of Bever&l cablegrams
with Presldenl Roosevelt, alio a<sutn
i'ii a waiting attitude
Thrr.ilPna to  Shoot.
ni "a  ���-.,     ...,,,.  feiic i   and
cm   ied    '������    hundreds
-     treel     cai rle i  b    Lhe
ere hu hon undB
. ,   of tin roofln*,
ngle .  and   In  feci   all
Effln ���       ��� -    lom
���   , ��� .-, I      .��� ,n I"'
' '���  ��� i  made of I     '���
., | ,T-
i il
ihe Western Union
��� li
Nrw  Pfil   "ff'"-.
\  ���,.,.   |,...i office ha    It* n i
, hod  , i    hull   '���       '      '"  :,l!
It, and Porl M     rot  l-hf ponveti
,,,,��� ,a  ��� lenl   i" Ihni 'M ' '"'
���li ffice i    nl    '���   '"  "'   "'  ''   ' "*
.,,���   in   lhi    Ulna   M ',",,���""   :
,,,   mi   I ��1   |l'"   l"""    M"'"'' ''
      \    fflw  -   "" "
II,,,,  ,,.-,....-.-.   Iln     inunlclpfllllli     i-l
Kirnalo  nnd Cih|��HI "        '      '""
, "ii, ,   |,     inn   ���������   '''  I
IHAI > i     "': ' ""   '    '
,.,,:,  nl iti-'       ���������
,    ni i nitiiltlafi     Mill
��� , '
, , Mi,,-.'"-' :
- ��� McClellan I, a ; rom ���
; er manufacturer ol Ontarii. with iu-
������ ������ sta in Parrj Sound, r ni an I
St Catharines who earn,, wes; with
': ��� manufacturers' excursii n, . ,-- In
the city on Thins laj an i visited a
n imber ol the local Industries. He
was greatly impresse I with the sit ia
u'ou of .New Westmlnsti as lumber
manufacturing locality, an I rei ��� ted
thai his staj   did nol givi   him more
.porl ian)   to pursue his Inten sl  In
oca! ci ndltions He n mai Iti I tljai
a number oi (he lumbermen with tbe
excursion partj had talked ol New
Westminster, and exi] ressi I dlsap-
; ointment thai this city was noi In-
luded In their Itinerary. He was
particular]) Interest! i In tin Millside
In lustry, and pre llcted thai It weal,]
!' velop Into one , | the nu sl li I
��� a: ol lt_i kind .a Cana la He i om
���'""���' " Ith ii' n< rai Mauagei
!���""�� ��� and a Iniltti I tha In the prei
ent li velopment ol he Ln Iui ry, ��ll h
It. , an for thi future, then was a
-.ui  for all  easteiu crmen  lo
���... a      Mr,    McClelland   was accom-
anli     ; j   ins wife, an I  wbl ������ In Ihe
���    lhi j    were   lhi    guests   nl    his
uighter, Mrs   li   ,1   I3ti   le, nl        ia
,   n  streel
Returns   from   Rivers   Inlet.
A, J. Martin   returned lo tins cltj
���   iei da '���   a Mer   an   a isonce  < '  over
\ months, during ��lib h I Inn   ' i wai
empl i.ve I us foreman sl Ihe B  C. < nn
in   .    on   lilv' i    Inlel     . Ihrei
indn i mile,   i -   be con I     M     Mai
In   reporta fish  - -   u     een  verj
. it J fui .iui in"     ��� ��� and
tale I   thai   lhe    rannei)    hH i   been
worked  al   full   ���   .-< i  nil   i ������������ >������ ��� i u
.   i h Iho i ipm ��� -   , ti
,    ,|., , The    II     T     , .i-ii.i     ,     ,        ib), .,
. buui   one   Iiiiii in- I   an -   '
,i in i i !   Cl   mnn i
, .      , ,   ,       ,        \t
Martin   wlll  n       <
mlnti        a i       , '   "a'
In next    eai
. , ihi n. . lb i
... .al llllllll IT. . ",l
|  I      ; , |on '       . '   la .      Ill     I ll"      III ill
, .     and     roved ho a
mil   i ,"n      \n ������' len lon   pi    li
laced In u    Koni      ��tt\t. nnd pi n
.    who wish   In  ci mn ial wllh
,    a       , a     III, i,   in call  nun
,, ,   i,-   whi n  no     will  ' . InTi't'iiiPil
Ui ii ho i" i��>imv
���ih,,    lien vm   ' am"'   oo"    porl   un
���|'|l,I, | ,l,i ,    .veiling    Inui    VV llll    lhe   llllK
,   :   bind   nf  freight   which   had   ovei
, .   I      a, T. ,|   I  ,     Hie    vessi I II
. .i Ion     H ���    til  '" ii hi    "������"'
lil ���    i I   balei  io".  ";""
i ml  frull
. o
Hylind Difedti nsnion.
..,,, i - in, i ... Bepl .8, nieii Uv-
Intid j.,,. iin, ,|". i a..a Mi'i'v (Addle Unn
..,, ,|i  ii i ..i  i he ilililei'iiib ronii'l
\ , ,, ai ,i house, and everj ersi n
Inside ii  well satlsl ed   with     i   pro
I   ���'   tiOn,    W.IS   III.     Statl     .   i    a.iia.i -   .li   I 111'
Westmlnstei opera house ias' night,
i^ ben E. Ft Salter s . omi anj , ro
duoed The Convict's Daughter, n
thrilling melodrama with a lol ol
p omedj running through II
l'lie i ompanj   carrli - an  i tu
.. nouni   ol  scenery, and  Ihe   - ��������� ni
uf ihe plaj  waa a mosi commendable
feature.    The plaj  Is 1 charged
with human Interest, .iiu iiu' plaj-ers
are splendidly titled to make the mosl
oi the coo.; oj di linl i< i afforded
them io create applause and laughter
rhej were rewarded lasi nlghl with
an abundance ol each
George J. Elmore, as wearj  W   Hi
i    the chief  fun maker ol   lhi   i oni
; an,i.   and   assisted   bj   Miss   Can le
i" linip'ie. .i eli.r ming a.n.i clevei  spin
i   le, he  male enough  01
ill.'--      p V a    Inj
w . li Christie, us Ja in Black
adder, (he villain, is such an accom
i llshed actor Hun in spite of thc un
popular nature ol ins part, he win the
admiration   of the   mid lence  on   I
a     lit}
rhe i onipnnj  Is well ba   nco.1
ihere li   h  hi ensure o   .   slsi   .    .  n
- i \ i-r\   !iie;iil .-: ol  n
\u i iTn: ��� e. being iii ide I       o
..aer    of    Ilie    0|)l 1  I    lli'llse    to    1 '--'I.    ;.
return engngi men, m \-  ��,,
Comedj  for  I"^ r Wtsk,
I: v | UM    i'l.-r-   �� lil   pi e'.i-iil    ; iin-   i;
p ne comedj. \n ibe Com foi:-- ol
ilorne,    in   the    Woi mil    ot     opera
: e .mi the lii a nlghl "i the fait
nnd on \\e.iuiT.iav   r -,,:.:-,  .,n i g.-n
da.v  nights ��III i lm.   ii,. i-    it  I
yard's I iTie-.i ne ��� wither. . i ��� aw ������
M i Tin ii \e\i   ti mil oo lo '   ami ":
"��� ��� Tlie-a       l.a.l;       ialil,   ,e.      |   ,,   .  , \\ |||
>.-      - lie i   I      um.'i I       Hie      aii.a  ||,>||      , i
T'lilll.   I Ml li-l      i Ile   �� Oil 1,11.'�� ||   I'll-
III till       Willi     Will     I I.n      Ilie     pi |||| I   a
roll..      lie ��i"  hi   a- ���  a i i   rii
li,-,-!..  who  i'i,!', i in tho  No.   Vort
iod a'Ion   "     ���  '��� ii      (ll Ml
M    iaa   Dole ,    a uioii    I.n
:i ,i - -   i in nun   iin   I, |    m P> -,
.11,10      lollll   -,  -  ,-1. |
tO| .   iimI   .-Hie- V ||     'i.     i
I Oi.lie   |S   "in     "I    lhl     'i "a   .
oi   model u   ihni       n��1  ftltli   sui h   n
'-  a,     ,aea   :i       ,,-
:-,-, le.l
lliiyo    1'iwl    lv. Ilo    l.aii, I,
\V      ,'lllllwii I,.    I"   in. T,     Ol    1'
.nei im the pasl o �� months ol \ sn
, mi \ oi.  Inn.- pui, iii ,  ;      .',,..    | .in, I)
el     Hill    .in,'"    III    lh.    Pen    Ke''_    dls
hi. i Mi 'Mho, i. ha. looked the
,, hole pro. [ni ��� ovei It) leftlft b of a
Bpol Sltlleil lo III" tn. te, , aripl hml W
.,- iii iin- I'."! Kells iit.trb-1 iii order
lo _,' ' tt '"'! E 'ii��fleil ti I m. Tire vane''
i n"i fttl from Hie Po'i Koll" SMl
Hon, nii'i embrace, some fine tin. ���
nml  nt-iilile Inn.l.
at I.,.: .nil .sslstanl Secretai ol
Sinte Bai on to dn ��� ���< > etvi ,1 from
!'. e-i.leui   lloosevelt,     i. e    imerlcnn
tup     I iilllllll-s.ollel s   llOHj all    Ol    "',11 ;
..   :,, , uncinate lhe fai I on . and i o
..  -u.ii i. hut  I in ' 'jut to Ihe h i
Hon ibis morning determined loawail Vmong I hose who visited tha secre
the action of the session of congress ,;".v during the recess of congress was
called for to-day, before precipitating Governor   Nnue.-   ��nii  other  Liberal
. ���    .merlcan occupation    ll waa also Nationals    Thej  regretted Dial Presi
decided to make a final appeal lo the denl   Palm,   persisted In his resigna
patriotism of ever}  leader, regardless H""    /-awe. came loo, and declared
ol whether he is affiliated wllh tbe ,h'At  Secretary of lha  interior Mon
... s, rnmem or lhe rebels tnlvo had five hundred soldiers t" the
Day   of    Waiting. al'Hi'lllll   rhino   In   Ilie   bonne   of   lepie
Havana. Sepi. 28    Up to the time sontatives, and was prepared t" shool
ths    pantii-ss   took   a  recess   ai   . Illlu  ;i,l,i  other Llberftli ir the}   nt>
O'clock,   Hns   was   n   .lm    ol    Waiting I'loni-beil     the    bouse     for     In iilnllt'.
i   .    that hour various  proi nbl Itb s meeting
,,,-t   ,, li.i.iii:,--     B} haif.pasi five Intervention Now Certain.
'  ,    lent   Palma   had   tearfullj   but      |(   if; certain  >]..i.   m loan  Intei
definite!}  and Brail}  annoiiine,i lhal ifentlon   will   lake plaoe   to-morrow
bis resignation was Irrevocable,   Pol Twenty Ave   United   States   marines
owing this announcement, the Mod were landed bore Lo-nLght to gmirii
iia.s held n long consultation si the (the treasury building. There will be
resldenci ol Senatoi   Dol��, ri  which (no further landings to��nifht, but Bee
It   was   decided   tlmi   no   Moderate retary  Taft'i  proclamation  oreatJng
sIiimiIpI return io the session aftei the himself provisional military governor
..,      ha,i  been declared, thus pre ol rutin will be loaned lo*tnorrow
ng a condition In which no pro Anothei   full  force   "t    Americans
,.:-,.,    iresldeni   could   !�����   elected will   be  landed  to-morrow     To-nlghi
I         ., .Tin up oi their bands prop the clt} Is policed bj rural guards
tlcallj would give ovei ihe control of General   ItodrlgiieB,  commandei
affairs io ihe   .merlcan commission the rural guards, Is co-operating ��
ihni nolut ibe attitude ol   8c
iiim  Tai
Receive* Some  Care.
The     lasiinlni.nl    l,.-i\al,,    oi     native
.-iiiM'. which had been lying exposed
i,i  Hi"   inclement les  ol   the  vventhei
OUtSldC   one   .'I    ilie    blilltltllg      at    lhl
fall  grounds, and lo which attendon
was culled in t'liin'-.i.i' -��� I  uu o
.:    ii.-is  been removed lo lhe In
      ho Industrial building, Rnd
p\:     ,  assigno i a place 11 lumoi dui
he   i villi,ill,'11 \l:e,    ill,     fall    |S
ovi ���  ll Is qui e lo.e'i that Ihe ka)all
,-, III  bd  plane,I In lbe r.-iiiierie  lite ai v
iv lib h Is n more filling plei ���  foi such
...   o��H\   :'i ,n a.n   dl tu ���     ������ :  -
���    :     (.'    .,  . a. ,.    pPpI, , I
Hindoo Injured
v ii ndvsi in Hu- empli     ��� ���   ������
���f r Hin - '  ���
11    ���    ' ....   >. ���
mined ii   "   '        ���  ,-
|l li    i   niainiei    Hi-e    ilnee   ��,,, .
p.. .   ,V;>. d ofl ono hand and a flngi
.    . : Iui    llan I   " .    .
thai    hej   :��� -
ive to have tin
. .    a .
Meal   Stolen.
K    .lp.liiii.on. one nl' Ilie  .'laser ih
ii.iioi iiien.  reports to the chief oo
stable's  department  thai  iiu  dsiiim
boal has been stolen    He bad tied II
up nt the B  <*  ������ ninei v. anil the ias-
lime in- saw ll woe Sept. _ii. at U3_
n in    Tim boat number was ioB_    n l
bore the Initials s   r   on bhe   u ��
The  '""in contained a complete   ���
mill the "Hiiei if \f. \ anxious to have
his  i; .ipei i v   located   and   .etui
t i,e -p.'ii.. an |i ok lng Into the matter
ai |   in   e   i.,��� ;i   to  -"an   the
Wor*  at   '-a'-r|hi��ads.
I'he Oi
���   ��� ���   d
.   walls    Thi
Mail Reaches Liverpool
Within Contract Time
M. Clellan for Hearst.
\. Mept.    Ig,    Mmoi    Mr-
, .!,,,, i.av ii ii Blatem.ni ihw nf-
,, a in v iiirh he ciilii lie would vote
, - i -i rm governor
i Moore, ol Old*, Alberta, arrived
'e��iPi-,|ii\ With the district exhibit
I'oiii Hiio (own. and Immediately pro-
11 "i|pi| to nrraina the BpttO* at hii.
,ii'-'iiosn1 in a mannei worth}
exhibit he Is in charge of, and
he states will Burpass anything e. i
sent  ont  by   OJUs   In any  pre ��� I m
Vf -Ill'S.
11 'i ��� , Bi : _8, The first Overseas pMail from the Orient to Great
'���' ain has been delivered In Liver
pool by thc C.P.R. within the contract
time of 29% days. The Empress of
Britain, which carried the mail from
Quebec, arrived at Liverpool at 1 p.m.
to-day. The mall wa.s brought acroe.
the Pacific by the Empress of India.
which left Hong Kong Aug, 30 at I
p ni. and rrived al Vancouver at 0
..in  Si pt,  ,,.   ii wns carrli I   ���
-l ids   tO  Q le'aee   in   S.    hi ill's OTtl
C.P.R,   Ovi ' leas Mall   trnin  am!
borne    .. Ei of   Hu
which  left    Quebec   al   S.15 p.m. on
Sept..  21. herefore - ���
pled in the from Hong Korii
Liverpool wi    i nl ��� 29 daya i hou ���
minutes, or 7 hours anil 25 minutes
within the contract time.   The CPU.
hns   mon    thaT.   filled lis  agreement
with  the   postal authorities   on   both
the east and westbound half circuits
I'he Empress of Japafi.'bringing out
e onl Overseas Mall from Hong
K"iig, left that'pVt yesterday at 4
P m., and is due in Vancouver Oct. 15.
SATURDp. .    3EP1
Humor ml Philosophy
',i,   .- .t
If Uf, rl ������ waj-,
If really thla
With fati thi   ��� ���   >- ���  pay;
But, work
On i     i t plai
When we 1
\V ��� 're .  -' about v.   re we beg tn.
When we Is fair
I., re seen ���lm
For fai  ���
Inviting it I        r front :
For :' : tune , t regard;
A while wi
TWfen we - row   ��� I  .-. .   ��� ��� .;.:.
And murmui  sadly, "1
We i, st each i
We play upon l
The rn
In tryh " '       '
Ti. K ii ���;,-   wil - ���
.'-.    I offers
Each pi
And   I
I ien .-.'.-���
The ,.      ���   -    -       :    ���   -    ��� ,
fudj ��� '
.    . a . .   ��� you Jay
Cut   '��� .!   I. -        - ��� ���:   '���   ��� '.-
Tl-      you'll
���    rid as  - ���   i :
Ja ���      ke this as a fri
And put a doctor on yo
NEW Westminster    Special Summer Courses
For  Teachers  in  the
Business Institute
OCT. 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th
COMEDY   COMPANY    336 Hastin*�� Sfreet W" Vancouver
R.   J.   SROTT.   B.A..   Principal.
H.  A.  SCRIVEN.  B. A..  Vice-Prin.
Westminster Iron Works
How He Fell.
"Whal was tins fall of Adam we
hear s-, rniieli about?"
"I suppose he wanted some m ire
fruit and fell out of the apple tree."
All the Comforts ol Home.
Withered Leaves.
The Little Girl.
Prices���25c, 50c and 75c.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
S:r vice.
(Subject to change  vntnout    noiue.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
Si . t. LOth
Princess    May    leave;    Vancou.  r
Vancouver, Sept 10th.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver.
S spt. 21st
Princes-    May    leaves    Vancouver
Sept. 23rd. ,
Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver
Oct.   2nd.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver.
Oct. 4th.
Oct 12th.
M VCHlNfc*  AMI   ...MilNE
Ornamental   Iron   worK,   including
Fences. Gates, Fire b_s< ipes, etc.
Mall orders and cones;,on,lence In
Ite i
BEGBIE Hi ;-'.i.i-_ l.
VS    ��� ��� lest  r t-. o. 4"i
. _
.8.000 J EMPRESS i.v  :
May   leaves   Vancouver,
Proving It.
Thi--r<- are sermons in stones,
Or, at least, we       bei n told
That tho rocks pray and grim
Many useful  hints  hold.
Ani we realize then
They can turn su,      i 'ri.k
Teaching truth., while you wait
When we're struck by a brick.
Vhen No One Was Looking.
Three vegetarians bad lapsed tempo
rarlly nnd were eating a beefsteak dinner,
"When shall we three meat again?"
mused one, who was a regular cutup
In His Own Kind.
"A penny for your thoughts, Willie.
I know I would get beat, but I am willing to risk it."
I couldn't think of beating you out
���lay's salary."
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1 p.  m
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves Ne?. Westminster a: 7 a. m.
on Wednesday and Mondays.
S. S. Joan
Leavo. Vancouver daily except Sat-
Leavi Quebec 0 . I and Oct 19
P ssengei - iooke i to an i fro al low ���
��� -     ate.    Foi    arth il . - appl ���
C.  P.   R.  AGENT.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard  Block.   New We.tminster. B.C.
urday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat
urday at 2:30 p. m.
Protection For Him.
Notice is here'.iy given that 30 daya
[ter date  I  intend  to make application to the Honorable the Chief Com-
WEST COAST ROUTE. I missi0ner   0f   Lands   and   Works,   for
S. S. Queen City - ... ���;,] Licence to cut and carry away
Leaves Victoria at 11 p. m. oa 1st,   i-'mber  from  the  following  described
7th, 19th and 20th of each month for   :,���;..,   situated   East  of  the  head  of
didn't you rap that dude over   Ashousit and way points;  leaves Vic-   pitt  Lake   N   W. Distinct:  Commenc-
toria on the 7, and 20, for Quatsino and I tug at a atake planted on the North
way points, Leaves Victoria on 2Mb East corner of the E. O. Patterson
of each month for Cape Scott and way   ..., clalm No   1093| thenco Northerly
I with your umbrella 1
,s afraid   the  Society   For the
tion   of   Cruelty   to   Animals
points including Quatsino.
Thc Foxy Simpleton.
Blmple Him.,:, met a  pieman
Oolng to tho fair,
s il l Slmpli  s.a, in to thi  pieman,
"Let me taste ������ our ware."
"Oh." said the pieman to Simple Simon,
"Show ine lirst your penny!"
���'  chains,  thence West    80    chains,
thence  Soirh 80 chains, thence East
vii chains  to poinl of commencement.
Sl ,.:������!   August   I "li.  1906,
New Westminster, P. C
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New  Westminster on   Mon
day,   Tuesday,  Wednesday,   Thursda.
i.r :   Fri lay at  2   p m. an i  Sir I   :
it _ '���. in. with  iddltlonal tii:. on M in-
.        i - o   m NOTICE.
lav a   a a. tn.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday, NotIce   Ia   hereby  glven    that Uie
\V  luesday, Thursday and Saturday al Partnership, heretofore subsisting be-
7 _, ai.: Friday al 6 a. m. additional tween us the undersigned, ^ loggers.
Saturday 5 p. tn. In the Dlstrlct "' Xow Westminster
under the firm name of Allen & West,
UPPER FRASER RIVER ROUTE v< - this day been llssolved by mutual
S. S. Beaver ���   asent,
Leaves  New Westminster, 8 .-p.  m. Persons having any claim agalM.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the said firm nie hereby required ti
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a, m. Tue  lay, Present the same with rail particular.
Bald simple Simon to>the pieman,             Tnu,   ,,     ,.,,   gaturday��   calling   at to our solicitor, J. P. Hampton Bole,
Dear    "���  '  have  boen reading of Lata   ,                                   ..    '     , ,.,,,..   nf   rnmmerre    HiiiHln"     New
that pie Is the cause ol dj pep   i,   landings   between   New   V .stmlnster '""''   "'   "-omraerci     Bunaing,    r._\.
oui  national ailment; therel  n    II        ,-, i ChlllU Westminster,   il   C.
New  Westmln iter,    B.    C, Augru it
will ��� au -��� no liar i :.. ling , 1 wil
i it up' im, . di iiiv , on illn.
fron th, pli . p.. the heart ren lb ���
fai i that he had not any.
S.  S. Tees
Leave.  Vancouver at  '.' p, m., 2nd
and   16th  of each   month, oalllng  al
The man wbu has tw., wives is mro Skldegate tn fir,-' trip and Bella Coola
to get what's coming to him, whether  on second trip, Time on arrival and
departure   are   approximate.
1,'th,  1906.
the luw Interferes or not
Hypocrisy makes cowards of us all
The nutliors of hard luck stories oughl
to go Into the publishing business,
Incubator babies should grow up Into
machine politicians.
The man who Is still keeping iii ;
New Year's resolutions Is so stuck up
by this time thai there is no living in
tbe same house with bim,
Tbe wonderful etfeel of music mi tl'..'
lavage breast was noted before the
phonograph was Invented,
it is a strongmlnded statesman who
refuses to ride 00 B  puss when bis con
Htltiients are not looking.
Wall street Is always pleased to meet
the man who thinks be can  beat Its
The successful short change man m
not so called because be is short of
A man is ad.loin i . deaf but what
be can bear money t ilk,
call or address
Agent, N'ew Westminster
E. .1. COYLE,
.sst. Oen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver,
General Suner'ntendent, Victoria
i!en. Age,it, . relght I><-pt..
New v.* istminst.et
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
For   reservations   and   Information  after date I  Intend to make applica
tion to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner Of Lands and Works,
toi special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situated north east of
i I'itt lake, New Westminster, District.
i i. Commencing at a stake planted on
the Boundary line or Dominion lands
thence north ioo chains, thence west
(in chains, thence south 100 chains to
sal I boundary line, thence cast, along
said line 60 chains to point oi commencement,
ti. Commencing at a stake planted
in chains north of Posi No, I, ihence
east 120 chains, thence north SO
(or CONRAD. CARCROSS ATI.IN chains, thence west-in chains, thence
WHITE HORSE, DAWSON and south 10 chains, thence west so
FAIRBANKS, Daily trains (except chains to line of location No. 1,
Sunday)    carrying    passengers,    mail,   ihence   south   10 chains  to   point,    of
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a thr'.ugh winter service.
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manage.,
Vancouver. B. C.
,1. It. SHARPE,
Staked September 6th, 1908,
Reichenbach Corny
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M.
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second p: ze; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numl' red in duplicate.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Company ���-
��?___ n
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
.r-*v~**   \'/\tiii\t,         ^^*__^   ���     ^
-Manufactured and guaranteed bv
F  G. DAWSQN, Agen., 145 Hast*ngs Street, West< v
Canadian r  ���
Pacific I Northern Pacific
Railway Company
 ental   I _ i i
r   igh tourist
t   : ess leaves at  7:36.
saves at 17 W
, c  .
Ipecial Excursion to Buffalo
Oct. 5th and 6th
ood to Return to Nov. 15ti.
*. P. K. Agent,
New  We-'.n tefiti "
sistant   General    Passenger   Af,ent.
ht Tram.   :      ry 1 lay :n the  Yi   :
I  :.
neapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
THE TI ' IK  I  :*  FAME
:   NOI .ES      RN.    LTD.
Iii    the i -���     nd best i
COM         : v.     ..    '.
,',   .    , ad  t       the   i
itn ���       ���                thi
,| .       ....
ii  ���       rs,   -���
��� - -.. -     .   ,
ti ,, -      rs (seal
���rn -  | ���-. -,    ',.
' -nd ng car
r Tii      .        -    .     lers. ot
__.....         .......... .
Trains Daily
Electric-lighted trail Rati
New York, Chicago,
Toronto. St. Paul
Steam.    " I       ts   a *_.. to all!
.'���' ���"      ���    ���     .-
-   :     '
]        ...     ng in the  Y      a Ter-
h,   river
I not exci
: -    ured on ti'-- i -   ���
gem rection   of  the    creek    i
gulcl    tl     width being froi o ���
feel      All   i ther   pla   -
. -    feet s luare.
re  marked  by  tv
p  -���-.  ��� --  at  each  er. I,  be tr ng  -
tices.    Enfv must be obtainc I wil   -
-   ;:'  the  claim   is   v. il
pean points.
Special    Rtduced
 ___________J" Iu 11    WssW
Rates   to   Soutnern   California
For f ill   ��� :' ���-::.'.. n ._!! en or write
'*. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St.. Vancouver, B. C.
Pi rtlai :. ��� - A. G.    A
Tender  for  a   L cense  tc   Cut  Tl ��� ber
en   Dc-rnicn   Lands   in   tre   Pro-
��� :nce  cf   British  Columbia.
:. lers addressed    to     _ _
.:   Mines  Branch,    Dej
..  Interior', and marked ,:n
th   Ni .   I ���."  will be  receive
this Departm at   until n on on Wednes lay, the 10th day of Oct. er, 1906,
for a license to cut tin
- - ising  Li        - .    . ��� --
ion  9  of  Section  17 ___! Legal  3ub-
must   be
the da e
miles     '  tht   l   ning  recorder'-  ��� :    -
extra day alii ���'. ed for each a cii
tiei      ten miles or fraction.
The  perS' n    r company  -- king
claim   m ist   h   Id  a   free  mine:'-   :er-
^r��� ��� ou,J"
The I -' verer of a new mine is di. I :. 12 of Section 19 in Township
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in 4". -��� : 'he Coast Me:i;ia;i, con-
length, nd if the party consists of taiaing an area o:" va acres more or
:������    . '.-."   feet altogether, on the out-  -_.v..
put  on  which  no  rovalty    shal!    tw       .    .���____   ,,   fK,_   ,������..
h, ,   , . -,    - .. A   survey  of   this   ber a
charred  the  rest ot  the  partv  on   tl ,       . . .
ary claims onlv.                        ' L'aJe  *Ilh*D oce -vear
Entry fee $io.    Royalty at the rate K IS granted.
Df two and one-half   per cent, on the The   regulations   under    -ha     a
value  rf the  gold  shipped  from  the license will be  issue I.  also    printed
iect to the rights of all persons who forms of _ender and envelope, may be
jhave, or who may receive entries for obtained at this Department or at the
b r diggings < r bench claims, excepi offlce of the crown Timber Agent at.
on   the   Saskatchewan   River    where Xew  Westminster.  B.  C.
Synopsis cf Regulations for  Disposal  the  lessee  can  dredge  to  high-water ^                musT         accom^
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in   "���'���*'���    n  each alternative leasehold. ,                        ,   .                     .
Manitoba, t.Se Northwest Territories      "   '   lessee  shall  have  a  dredge  in ''-'' 'm accePted chet>ue on a chartered
and the Yukon Territory.                     opera!   >n within one seasrm from the '',::-';   ln  favor ol the  Deputy  of  the
COAL���C"       iami��  rr-,.-    w-    -���    *"e ,f t,:e Iease for e*ch :;'-'e m'ies Mittlster   ��>   tbe  Interior,     for     the
oa    a  ic  r                          ^ where a person or company h_- amount of the bonus which the appli-
obtained   more   than   one   lease   on. eant is prepared to pay for a license.
I nr .-,*���*''_________��� h wlH be en_
-Coal lands may be pur-
:l .-ed at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $_>o foT anthracite. Not n_< r��
���'��� n :." res can be acquired by one
ndivi lual - i mi any R j .'ty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of jooc
pi -iii Is shall b< ected on the gr - -
': it.
QUARTZ���Per    ns     of     eighteen
year.-   ii     i ver and joint  stock com
dredge for each fifteen miles or frac
tion there I is sufficient. Rental, Sio
per annum for each mile of river
li _i ! Ri yalty at the rate of two
and a half per  cent, collected on  the
[put  after it  exceeds Sio.ooo.
Dn Icing in the  Yukon Terr.' iry���
Six leases of five miles each mav be
No ten ler    -.-...-
In tiie Supr.m. Court of British ultimo.;
the 5i
-. -    md in t
Benjai   a i
teams Den-
- ���'
e Honor
- ', '  '     .     Ige  :  -
Regist Su irt, Nev
lo Saturday, 61
1906, for t he      'chase of the f
Ing - -    - i ties:
3 livls on two (2) of lot forty-
seven (47) ir. block Ave (5), New
Wt -���:. :..-������ .   suburbs.
S i 11 vision eighteen (IS) of
lot ten (10), block thirteen (13), Xew
Wi stminster suburbs.
fn Lots six (6) and nineteen (19)
In block five i-Ji. part of Ict 227,
group one Hi. town of Por; Moody.
Mi The  southwest  quarter of sec-
��� - ���   twenty-five (25), in township sixteen (16), New Westminster dlstri t.
iei The   northwest  quarter  of fection fifteen   (15), in township eleven
01),  New  Westminster district.
Said tenders to be accompanied by
li     sit of **. per cent, of the amount
��� - lered
Solicitor for the Estate of James
Gunn.  deceased.
Dom - mi Government P _is to Spend
Three  U     mi  Doi ars  oi
5: -.::. -es.
���  -������ <.-__-  m\ leases of ti\ 	
i   ��� ���������. I  ild ng tree miners' certificate*   granted to a free miner for J term oi
may    l>:.rn entry for .i mining loca-  20 vears; also renewable.
"' " The lessee's right is confine:! to the
A free miners certincate is granti I submerged b.pr or bars in the r;vcr
foi oni or m -��� years, not exceed ng below low water mark, that boun-
tivr, upon i . ��� ��� ��� n advance of $7.50 dary to be fixed by its position on the
per annum for an individual, and from *v* day of August in the year of the
J50 to $100 per annum for a company,  date of the
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, August 25th, 1906.
GENER ������.:.  t,tNT
Wei :-. Seattle, Wash
rea. Northern Ry.
Time Table
V VV. & Y. RY
Bnrlli     i:l
���     Ut    v-
non,     Everetl
B or write 1a      rdinK '        !"ta1'
A free miner, naving discovered
mineral in 1 li t, may ! -cate �� claim
1500x1500 !'-; by marking out the
saiin- with tw 0 leg 1! posts, bi rin|
loi ition notices, one at each end ol
th- line of th'' ' ide, i<: vi in
The cl 1 in sl all be re orded within
fifteen days n ocated within ten miles
' a 1- ining r- ��� or ;< 1 '��� offi e, one ad-
��� ,'   day   allowed   for   evi ry   additional  ten  miles or  fraction.
I Tlu- lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each u\e miles within .ix years
from such date. Re-ita! Sioo per mile
Yukon Ter: ti ry t" be paid to the
comptn Her,
N'n fn-e miner shall receive a grant
of  more   than
Take nolle, that application has
I ���.-ii rn., le to :. gist.: K. M. Carncross
as the owner in F<_> Simple, under n
"i'.ix Sale Deed .rem tire Corporation of
<he Township or District Of Surrey to
John riiurchland bearing date the 9th
day of June, A. P. 1901.  ._	
ing ilar tha. certain parcel or tract.
���   land   aad  premises  situate, lying
and   being   in   ibe  District    of    New
\\ iTiminster. in the Province of liritish Columbia, more particularly known
and described ��s Lots 8, 7, S, 9, 17
and  is  Block 25, Lots IB, 16, 17. 18,
���r-t. I number of claims  by  pordiBse, am
. free   miners   may   w.irk   their   claitii-
At I,   ittioo must be 1   pended on   '"   Partn/rshif  by   filing  notice   an,
.    rbim   rarh   vrar   nr   n..iil   tn   ikJ^11'   ft'("   ��f   *-'���       A   cUim   may   be
-ill mil.a . ���
the  same
81  .
an '
��� ���
." .Hi,
:*, 1 in
'     .
:     ,
��� I i :���! lieu then   !  When
been expi
lor  1 ipon   having   a     irvey
m|  ring with   it hi
ret    nts,  purcl --.   the   land    <
Pi 111.       -i rn ij  be grai ti d by Ihe
Min iter   ol   the   hit- rior   t.>   i
claim       ntaining iron and mica,
,  Viik.m T< rril ry, ol an
ai. 1 11. 1 '-. ceding !'������. ..   ���
'I he  pat'-'it   for n  mining  I", ation
-h ill  provide  for  lhe  paj rm nl   ol .1
|,' || a pi ;    , nil     Ol   t'i"       ill
lucts ol   lhe  loi ation
PL \l I !'  MINING   Manitoli.i and
md  another obtaim r]   , n
reek,  gulch  or  river,  1>\
i      ig  ;i 1   r and paying  .1 fee
Worli   musi   be   done   on   .1   claim
r.n h \. ,[ to lhe value ol .it leasi $ vo
\   certificate  that   work  hai   bei n
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and 'nt'y by .1 free miner.
I'.i 1 :li   on ih' ir sleepers are !��� agi r,
Inghri md ��idcr than in limilat 1 ai
mi   any   other   line      They   protecl
their trains by the Block System.
The botindai iei "f a claim may be
defined absi Ititely by having ,1 mrveg
made  and  publi hing  noticei  In  the
i ni on  1 IflVi ial  Gaiette.
Petroleum    \ll  unappropiated   Do
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within ihe Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be bume.teaded by any per-
_ nil in"i soa n '"'���' is !'le sole ^ead ��^ a 'amlly,
or any n-ale over IK years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter Section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must l>e made personally at
the local land office for the district ln
w blch thi   ;.in.i is situate.
The hi mesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one o: the following plans.
iti At least six months' residence
^^^^^^^^^^^^-jjjjaa^ia^^B upon ar.d cultivation of the land in
,��� South Wesl quarter Section 6, ..-ach year for three yeara
Township :. Ne* Westminster Dls (t [f the father (or mother, if the
tricl . fatl er is i ec< -i-c;> oi the h m< sti   _<
Vou and each ot you are requl ed !        ;  ���'���  :-'*""   n <1'r  vicinitj
to contest Ihe claim of tbe tax pur |ifJ.he.U?d f",?rrv1 for t!lf r^uire-'
chaser within fortj five days from the
date nt :''���'��� firsl  pul llcatlon of this
: ,,11,.   . r,,i   11 default of .  caveal ot
as   ,i .led ^^^^^^
n-lthln such period, or In defaiil. of joy him in the vicinity 1    his
redemption    before      >,. ��� p     I   -���- cj the req    ��� rients as tc   ���-.-   ���
Carncross,   :\*  r., ���   :     satisfied bj    .-....,-   upon
I direct   'hat   the said land
S I ;"���  ���:'-'-������:.,,    - ��� v ��� iting 'hould
more   tlian   one   mining  claim   on       a_p_B^___________________________________��~''
each  separate  river, creek or gulch,  19 Block 40 being parts of South Wesl
but  the  same  miner  may   hold   any  quarter "f Sectloa 6, Township 7. also
Lots 1. 2, ���'. 4. a. Block  ..   being parts
-~- . "   -'.���'
. ween
S is. . ..    - . 1    anal,
:   i.   ti.-    Intent!   . I    ._union
nment 1    erect two largi     ul ': 1
.   lings at      cost ���- In
���:.-  neigh orhc.   1       hree million  I
lars.   ff ni.thiu- :.... pens to usset the
1 bias now being lai!. these two a.iili-
tions  to the  architectural   beauty of
the capital  will be under   way next
year, an.! will  be completed by  L910.
As already announced, the minister
of pul lie works has decided to Invite
competitive designs for the new buildings, open to all Canadian architects.
The award  Is to be in the hands of
Edmund Burke, president of the Association of Architects of Ontario:   Al-
cide Chausse.  president of the  Association Of Architects, fig��febec, and David Ewart,  chief architect of  the department    of  public    works.     Prizes
amounting  to  $l,*i.niiii   will   be   offered
for the best plans, and the competitors  must   have  their designs in   b;
Feb. 15.
Each Of the new edifices  will be
-:  aad  five storeys in height.
tv/een ihem they will afford I
 ii ; ivo hundred and twenty-
thousand feet, which is twelve 1
sand feet more than i.s now aval!
in lhe easl and west wings and
Langevin blocks all put together.
At present the government is p:
ing   for   1st!,IUI    feet   of   runted   Hot
space In different parts of the city,
So the iwo new edifices will  not  be
far In advance of the accommodation
actually required for the government,
One new block wlll be given up 10
the  department   of Justice,   the "all-
way commission, the   supreme ci irt
and the exchequer coun.   The othei
buildings will house other portions oi
the public service, some of which are
lum scattered In half a dozen different  localities, and others which  are
verj much overcrowded in the!
p at  ii.ii lers.
Senate- D... a Takes Action.
Iments as t.i residenci maj lr satisfied
by sucl :i - .'nig u th thc fl
Ihrr  Ol   nipilher.
U"! If the settler hat hti permanent
- . 1   upon 1-        ���    om red
"'"  -;   w   J" '      ;'"":  ,V  V"'""  minion"L��"n'ds in Wn?tota7the*North
.1   mining 1,.nm-  Kt^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
., ,��� .   ic   too feci    qu ire, entry  fe��
able yearly.    On the North
shall   register  K   M
au,,,,   diereof  in   fci^^^^^^^^���
the pu' I cat) I ;', - notice for ore
month in a dall. news] apar pal   ��� *
n   \i.��   Westminster  will  be  goo4
Mid  siilli, lent   B61 * Ice  hereof.
Bale,! ai the land Registrj  Office
\i v>   Westminster, Province oi  Bt ���
of August
troth 0.
'  ���- lor Vancou
!        of tha ramoni
)a'!y Overland Train.���2
������    Information
- ��� a-.   ���������'���,
' ..       ���    '...������ it,
fl,   f,
'  0
���I - -'
1 l -i I ��� - nl' ni 11.1 it.-. ,11 c either
1, ir ..r bei . lhe loi mi 1 I" mg 100
feet long and extend ng bi 1 *< en high
and low ��� ti' mai l I lie latti 1 in
!>,ir il xging , bul e ��� tend ��� bad
.( tin- hill or li ml. nol
feet, Where li am
ioo  feel   wide
b. given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ctt^a of intention
to apply for patent.
W  \V   CORY.
Deput;   W ��� .ter of ihr Interior.
N.  B    1 riiiiihOii'/f,!  pnWloatloB ol
thli   ft. VI . tlSi I."-'-.' :    v ii'    not    he   paid
1 lude
' , 111
���,' ��� itob I
��� - ceding   1000
powei   1    usril
1 ��� Ined
It.- a  ihr  I.i^^^^^^^^^
md tin   M   VV  T . e    1 pling ihr \u
1 - IJ
.   |i ��� ;n  of twenl
All   persons  served   wilh   (his   no-
fonrtli Street Sewer Assessment
...      ��� , ' ' '    "   , "        " "    '""Tinii-ii-r.    t-r.nin
wi  1  rerr.tor.es and within the Yukon |lh Colombia   thli
11 rritory, ire open to prospi 1 ting foi   ,   p
I'l'imli nm.  .-.n-1   the limy  t< ^^aj^iBa^iBjH
crvc  foi   .ui  Individual  or company l     ^   KEtTH.
Inning machinery on the land to be ��� Reglst.at,
pi" I". ini, ,-ui area of m.i acres roi      ''' ,;   x land e  Daniel   ,..   Munn,
ii. li   period  ai  he  mav decide,  the George V Risteen and William ttilba.
length ol which shall nol exceed three dean
tinici the breadth     Should the proa*
pcctoi  discover oil In  paying  quan '  ; ��� ���"���->���  ...vi.  v_��o wi ��� ��� ..>~m_>inuii
mm  . ind latl factorily establish such jtIce' ftnd  ,,mse cla.ming through c*.     Take notice thai   the  C
discovery, an an 1 nol  exceeding f>40!**nder them, and all persons claiming   apndnted Mondav  tb,  rm ".""
acres, including ihr oil well, will be any interest in the said kind h. virtu.-1 sober   mm  ���,   in ' ��� ,   ',   ,        ��
^^^^^_ .'"hi to the i".. p.. 1..1  al  the rate of  of am   11 nregistored  instrument   and' ' fore'
" ""v "''    ''   "'   ""'��� ;"hl ""' femaindtr of the'nil persons elaiming anv interest In
-   ol five miles each   trad   reserved,   namely,   12H0  acres, tha ��.i.i i����_ v., _...
,, ,        . .        , . _. ' "10 "���"i land iiv descen    whoso title
. renew    will bi . old al the rale of Jy an acre, ���.,���-. 7     '  W"0R0 ntie
"       let     nb-.1 -" ." ill.   il -u.'l. rate ai mav   '    ��� ����lgtered under the provisions
" *    -        *        (of the   "Land Registry Act," shall be
forever estopped and debarred  trom
setting up any claim to or in reaped
of the snld land    ,. sold for taxes as
provided bv the "Land Registry ,\ct."
n the ' "' 'he
I  ���
7 he ' ���        ' td to thi
���   bars
1 , ���
1)1 !      I   ll'ril    |l
 Cider in Council
I  the rivei      Deputy "f the  Minister of the  In
and    uh    |i rfoi
for 1    li      Di i't   Inii'i'or.
noon,  ut the   City   Hall,  New   West-
ilnsti r, as a time and plfice for hold-
In . a Court of Revision to hear ap-
i.eui , mn le under
the pro. 'in.  Local Improve-
Bj law.
W.  A.  Hi'X'' !    .
ri:, Clerk,
Cltj Hall, Sept, -'!, 1906,
Monl". il, S<       -���     Si ui
-    ictad his
ai Ion  for $1 . asi   La   Pa
1 -a    .,, Ion    *        ���     lased
a ii  new sj.
IS   I -      , a.
lug the city 1 a enemy 0
ting ::: tn a-  unlaw'-
11 public -
.nothi - the action   ���
:-   ha .   I La Pa
published articles  not onlj  decla   1
M -    1      1 i- opposed i" 1 he In-
erests of th nj   classi a, but
'���-.  ���: a- devoting mosl of bis time
I   HlWil    llll  big saiin      t  - 11 addition to
his duties as oil 1  ch . k of Monl ri 1
Earl  Grey  Offers Medal.
Nanaimo, Sept. 28.���Bar!  Grey returned to Nanaimo   last   nighl  after
visiting   Ladysmlth   and    Extension,
: 1 ml  lofi wiih  Lieut-Governor   Duns-
nniir on the Quadra to visit  Ooroox,
Union Bay and the surronndiiig country, the earl  having expressed a de-
-iie to see some of the farm land Of
the Island.    Before leaving Nanaimo
Earl Grey promised a silver medal to
the school children for giving the best
PB_ay   on   the meaning of the  word
Nanaimo,   The reception here j'ester-
da;   waa an Immense success. THE DAILV NEWS
-  .
23, 193 b.'
Published by The Daily News Pub-
,'sbing Company, Limited, at theli
ifflcea corner of Sixth and From
.streets, New Westminster, li. C.
C.   Brown R.   J.   Burde
Each tiny grain of WINDSOR
TABLE SALT is a perfect cryiftal
���pure and dry. That is why it
never cakes.
������   ��� I ica I n should  be constantly  more
ADVERTISING RATES. careful   and  thorough,  nol   solely   or
chiefly,    ecause of the general value
Transient   displaj    advertising,   10 p�� education, but becausi   of   I I
cents per line (nonpariel)  12 lines to
the  inch.      Five  cents  per   line  for tbe self-governing people have   if edu-
aubsequent insertions. cation.    We are far from getting or
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 giving the besl education possible for
.'���nuts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 this purpose, considerable as the advents per line. vuiice  lias been.    The direction  and
For   (ime   contracts,   special   posi- tendency  of   the   educational   move-
fons, apply to advertising manager. ,���..���, bave :���,,,,, .()VV.,n, tlle ri h) ,.���,,.
Notices   of   births,   marriages   or ,
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or the actual  progress  has been, neces-
f-iund, rooms to let, etc.. one rent per sarlly,  slow.     It   will   continue  to  be
word.       Xo advertisement  taken  fcr slow; bul  i: is sure."
iesj than 25 cents.   	
,^^.^-,v-^-��^^-.-~--^^^---~--���-���-������~-���~      ���)���;,(, exhibition al Victoria  lias had,
TELEPHONES. on   the   third   and   fourth   days,   very
Business office   22 favorable  weather, and   good  attend-
-j,,   . ,    ���. ���, ances.   The stock exhibit appears to
Editorial   office       17,, , ,     .   _,
have    <-''ii  Mir most  admired depart-
Manager's   residence    277 ment     Spec,a|    .ii|;: [g  aU,  .._ _,���.
"" ��� f the showing of Bowers    Horse rae-
, . -.. *.v7 .. . ina  and  "broncho busting"  were the
lea ling   ittr tel Ions.    Man;,  of the ex-
- ������~- i.i'.; -   md  also  a   large   pari   of iho
SATURDAY. SEPT. 29, 1906, '   '       ''���'���'���    "   broughl   ov_4   here  for
   ___ (he    rovincial exhibition ni .    m    ,.
The \ it toria Colonist saj.;
".Spiiue oi ihe opposition newspa-
pi i s are commenting ui on the fa
iim! there were Iu? tii iber Hi ense.
issued dui ing i . and thai fifty applicants for licenses were advertising
in a recent number of lhe Official
Gazette. Eastern contemporaries remark thai these cannol all be required
for immediate exploitation. The present administration i.s acused of encouraging speculation and disposing'
in.i rapidly of the public assets. It
happens, however, that an unexpected
boom in timber lias stalled up, with
unusual activity in cruising. Thegov-
('I'liiiient must administer the law as
i' is. If it were to refuse applications
for timber under the law, the very
newspapers that have raised the question would be howling about the obstacles placed In the way of investing
capital. If the eastern Liberal papers
depend upon their congeners in this
province for a knowledge of iis politics, they will be led very much
What a wonderful respect the -McBride government has for the letter
of the law, to be sure! Everybody
remembers how this was exemplified
in t.he Kaien island business and certain other transactions. Perhaps we
might also turn it the other way
around and exclaim, What a wonderful respect t.he letter of the law has
. "the McBride government! Ii always seems lo push them just the
, ..    ihey want to go.
,- the Colonist aware, however, that
Ih. law subjects the granting of these
s to "such conditions, regula-
:i,.i. and restrictions as may from
time to time be established by the
. ..- .'.nant-guvernor-in-couucH"��� which ,
..m.. the government; and has the
Colonist forgotten the fact that similar powers have been use 1 more than
once by this same government, and
with far less warrant?
And if the powers In the law ai i
not held to ia- s iffich at, whose fault
la It? Has no' this governmenl been
ri power long enough to have set
right anything that . ... ������������ rong? Has
mit i;s attenl ion .een ; irtl ul . I;
draw ii to I he \ er; - . ijei I mder discussion the policj to be a lopte I In
older thai the Province mlghl derhe
the 1 i Imate maximum of a h antag ���
om  Its   tin. .sources?    Di i   il
'not, only a  few mouths  ago,  , :;.:.-
with ,..������ law     elatli       i timbei an .  '
land?    Was  ll  nol   \\ irned,   w Ii
an  earlier i ei sion   ll   ni i le  ' amen I-
ments ' to the lavi imme llatel,   itfei
Ing lhe  i. po ilni ������ r lau Is,   lia
ii wa   -,, i nn, foi     ftn     . ,.
state ol affairs ���   u ve to la
i ine ivondi ... hi i an i rgan which
has sworn alleglam e to ihe McBi' a
i omblnu ian foi fl i ��� ,ventj ea
, boul I represent Its membei - nol as
Neros, fiddling ������ bl e ���: me wai burning; there woul i '��� - ime force a i il
that -bui as a loi ol i elpli is ba des,
sin-king their thumb. n bile I lie ... i se
tumble i to piece - a >out  their e irs.
Dealing with the eve:' vital subject
of education, a writer In an American
review says:
"Obviously the making of eil izens
i; the prime aim ol public schooling,
and the degree of sun-ess in it. Is the
measure of Justification of its already
great cost, which is hound steadily to
increase. The sarcastic ery of 'ho
British Conservative, itoi,en Lowe,
when the suffrage was extended:
'Now, lei us educate our masters,' was
a reluctant acknowledgment thai In
modern conditions the vote,' for good
oi ill, gives mastery, Every generation of Americans Blnce colonial days'
has recognized thai fact, each more
Intelligently than Its pre lei essor, and j
iin- complementai y facl ihai the ma--'
tei   ::   ild be i    u ." ���'. an    tha   th
Spe iking in  Vani out ei. I he G ���, ��� .
i" r-Genei     refei  ed lo I he  -     .'tha
i':i:>--- Louise had
Bid Ish Columbia s .... - al
��� ��� wi in Balmoi al and he iveu, 1
Victoi ia T:::.'-s makes the i orn c i m
lhal the Princess ivas speaking ol
Victoria, an I not ol the Pro.in ������-.
Bel ���'���:��� : . lei il go, however, as Lord
Grey put it. Victoria is in ;, i langei
of losing i'i- reputation as a beautiful
ci y. Nal ii ��� has taken care that its
claims in that respi ct are place i n
. ond lisputi : an 1 il can well affoi .
tu talk about the beauty of th ��� _ hi Ie
Province. For this is a beautiful
Province as well aa a rii h on ���, The
i apital, we all know, has Its : ill
share of the beauty; but all over the
island and mainland there are lovely
places and grand places. Majestii
mountains, grand forests, rushing riv-
��� :-. smiling likes, gem-like Islandssi I
in silver sea ��� we have them all.
Indians on Trial.
Victoria, Sept. 2S.���Nine Ba dne In
dians charged with obstructing the
officers of the marine and fisheries
lepartmenl in discharge of their duties, are being tried to-day by Police
Magistrate Hicks-Beach at  Hazelton.
Advices to this effect have been received by both the Dominion and provincial departments interested, and
the necessary authority issued to hire
court house, etc. K. K. Loring, In,linn
ag int al Hazelton, has the matter in
��� o	
Capt.  Wood   .".etuirns.
Victoria, Sept. _S.���Cap'. J. Wood.
United Slates navy, who took the
floating dock Dewey from Xow York
'ii Manila via Suez, reached here on
'.he Aorangi ihis morning on his way
home. He said the voyage was devoid of incidenl excepi the parting of
iiu- cable twice, "li was like travelling half way round the world in a
big house," was Capt. Woods comment, Mosl of the crow of :i:'- Dewej
:t rive I on the same ship.
Sells  More  Land.
J. Rabbit,;, has sold the balance of
holdings  In   the   vicinity of  the
Providence   orphanage.    At   the  out-
sel he ha I 29 acres of Ian dthere.   He
-nil two parcels of ten acn-.- each al
'  ��� . and last   week s ild  the  re-
mainii .  nine  acres,   upon   whit h   he
had erecte I a comfortable hou ���
Trains & Steamers
C. T. ft. MAIN LINE.
I_e.ive Xew Westminster 7.25 daily.
Leave New Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive New  Westminster ID.Ji) daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster 19.10 daily.
Lv. X. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.30;   Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv.   X.   W.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   W.   9.15,  10.30,   19.10,  20.20.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. in.
Lv. X. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle -I p.m
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ai. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. Seattle, 1.34 p. ru., ar. N. W. 9.35.
Lv. X. VS. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., aud 4 p.m.
Lv. X. W. 9:35 am.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. ru.; ar. N. W.
8:45 p m. and 0 p. ui
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and & a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. ru.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. 8 a.m
From  Chwk.  Tu.,  Th.,  Sui..  7 a.m
From N". W. Tu., Th.. Sat. 8 a.m.
i-'roin Chwk. Sun., Wed., I-7i., 7 a.m
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.
2 p.m.;  Saturday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. G a.m. ���
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W.,  Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.      Received
'Seattle, via Sumas. 10 pm.       8.20 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside. .10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   9.00 a.m
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc.. .. S.45 a.m. 3.30 p.m
Van. & Cent. Park...10.30 a.m.    2-p.m
Victoria 10.30 n.m. 10.00 a.m
East Burnaby  1.15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston,  etc    1.30 p.m. 10.30 a.m
East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm. 7.10 p.m.
East, via C. P. P.. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m.    7.10 p.m.
October 2nd to October 6th, Inclusive.
Van. & Burnaby, .3.30 p.m.   6.00 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.   12.00 m.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.     j
The only all rail route between all i
; points east, west and south to Ross- '
i land, Nelson and intermediate points |
: connecting at Spokane with the Great I
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
i & N. Co.
Connect- at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek point.-.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
-tage  rSily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday.    November    io,
Right Honorable Earl Grey, G. C. M. G., Governor General
of Canada, will open the exhibition, 2:30 P. M.
In  Prizes  and Attractions
9.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Train Arrive
.,  Spokane   ... .7.15 p.m
.. Rossland    4.10 p.m.
.. .Nelson    6.45 p.m
Enlarged Grounds, New, Handsome and Spacious
Championship Events in Lacrosse, Horse Racing, Scottish
Sports, Baseball and Military Exercises.
Indian Sports,    Canoe Races,    Lacrosse,    Tug of War.
VV. R. Gilley, '-"none n'i..
J. R. Gntey, '."none 1-4 *
Dealer.   In
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents ii. (.'. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co,
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot   |
'Phone i-b
Something to be Proud Of
Mayor Keary
Aid. Jardine
Aid. Adams]
Aid. Davies
Aid. Hen lev-
Aid. Howay
Aid. Shiles
Aid. Garrett,
T. J. Trapp
G. D. Brymer
L. A. Lewis
C. A. Welsh
W. R. Gilley
J. B. Kennedy, M. P.
i hos, 1 .ifioru, MJ
Judge Bole
J. I). Taylor
0. S. Curtis
-Jno. Reid
Jas.* Loamy
Sheriff Armstrong
Chief Watson
W. G. Armstrong
H. Ryall
Arthur Malins
Nels Nelson
J. J. Johnston
W. E. Sinclair
Alexander Adam
���'.    ii.   V::''   I
R. -J. Rickman
W. E. Vanstone
J. A. Cunningham
Rev. A. E. Vert
Reeve Ladner
W. J. Mathers
R, Jardine
D. R. Ker
T. W. Stirling
A. H.*B. Macgowan, M.P.P.
A. C, Wells
W. W. Slaw
PRICE $1.50
Manager and Secretary,
New Westminster,  B. C.
[ SATURDAY, SEPT. 23,  1306.
New   Wool   Sweaters  for  Women and  Girls.
New    P.p^erdOAn
for cool  we_ther.
The Cash Store
Local News Briefly Told f
.' '���'
���nvenien; a
a  Van
A Specially Good
For You to Buy
M    '��� r   ..   .   *
'. ���!: i.   ha i_     red  iu  the
i he
It   I.
T     ,.l.
I,   V  .1
'"      '' " 11     Ol
ed Benson'     ,
imetn    ,|.    Eignth
s,ree,'a"'l ;:    '    -" lot adjoining    it
fhompson's  Intention   i , teai '
i h in ,- in'
M i
of workmanship finisn is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
Is to give 'hese two qualities in every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 high hack dining chair possesses these in marked degree���
they are excellent value. Our $1.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker Is
a .'eader and i.s a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best   fiords r-hairs al! oak  frame  from $7.50 each up.
lay i '    ,mitb *:"'l' in th(- Dear
ternoon     o     V              -...       hi   had 1         md  erecl   ' '"-" liver' "' '���
.-.-,, - lending      - ting    ie *'; "     *'" occ^'-'    '"'  3ite and also
annual exhl dtion. th" :* -'><-inin-r.
Tbe  Re ties.    -     .-. .     o  Nanaimo      "'-' W{<*>*��I��Si' ''   3pe.ln.ens   from]
m   '        il ti .-   ii iv-     ''   Carnes :"'v"   """n  '"���
.       . . .        iIessrs   moved to tn" inhibition grounds, and
ilaced  ���''"   show during    he
���. i men who had the I is*.
carrj Ing thi   he ivy c ises to their
 urne . .. ime    .-.,,,-  in   the In . i .trial   I lilding   sstJ
ia, where he wa ited   mated  the   weight   of thi   exhibi
aboul    even I ���������������. .    n   con  daine I
well,    ieing I   el long air task was
lie feels cou-   complete
Duf_on_ Block.
Telephone 73.
.���a--.-; a.
Pei k & Browne citj     a    ie   '"/
ti  inetuj mill     i   I falr'   Thl
'i he nlore Leni
>ria, ie wa     . _.
Dr    ii Hall   foi
nas.ii  complication.
He    ool
Is It a Nice Dinner Set
You Want, Madam?
,   -
''   C. I*   Ft. c
���    h
Thi   Vul  T.    oilei    ,. ii .. -   .-   j ist
it read      i ship :.     he fli
i .;ii-   logging eng   e boili iill In
���  ..     ��� . . d N   ,        -   ..  tster.   Tho bol
':   -        i      .-,  ;_���,   md will       pan
������-;..-.. ...        ���   . ...
i.i...       . -    now       ... ling    another
large new t _       nai ���
he evei irm of ga     ners.   If it. is
���ea:. me,  il   ......    .;.,.._
I -   ..   i ... i:. .    trial
he     ���
We have a good selection, and the prices will
please you.
Our Grocery Stock is always fresh.
Adams &  Deans
Women's Underskirts of Black Moirette, cut |
fairly full, with frill; regular value $1.75,
To-day, $1.25
show   ro in-   are   fairly
Ie i ��� ii    laj - with the
: mi I   '.V inter  merchan-
, Sai' -    Hat -.  Coal -
Don    wall an ither
il      no     : - ir
Furs on exhll i'i n
;: -li-- store represent
��� a Ilng   manufacture) -.
im tte mj :::<���'' thus
i a .\ In des iler's pn fl .
i ,.     Includes    Mink.
Re I   Pox, *.i:Si.. Poxa
i .,  el   and  other
i h are made In all the
��� '    lyles. Our pi lees range
50c  to $50.00.
it Hats an tEe -. ijecl of
much favorabl i n ,. enl among i ��� �� ho are well Inform-
i-1 m a .hlon - Vi bin - am ing
���  -       ieing   I    I a :.   toques
������ N'ew V ;.:. 1 Paris, as
A'ell . - sm li i rea ly-l i wear
hat      . all  _ha| es an I sizes.
11 . milliners ai e kepi bus}
trimming ru ordei iis well as
making to order all kinds of
hats     Get } our or ler in early.
Vmong  ; be  favore I hats this
a    are   dai I-.-, - cl iii..   Is
his  true ol  I he I n gei   sha n -.
. ���   mg  'I..-   i" I irs   ire   emi :-e
. ���   ��� ie, go] len ' .. an I
., I   ���      Our prli es  i ange  11 un
$1.25  to S35.CC.
lining :��� I ire Silver and bronze medais, as well a.
>'ing Mr.   R flying a hai                ,  lom i,       re    een   <���:���
-                                   B    ivi) ..s .   . .           mpetiti -ii i;.    ������ a itomo-
:" - ile  I dug  c mtesi -    ha    are
,,       ,, , .   .       to be decided here nexl   . eek.    Pi \tn
Pi if. Princi i ���        ii,
. .    . . resent   indicati ms,    these   contests
t-r of nsherie a    estei :,r-
. ,   , .' ;    ��ill    ���     , sel.   watehe.        a large
conrei ring     .a   Ins ;   Swoi I.    I'
.,,   . .    number ol  autolsts, and the winning
I. probable P       Prince will visil
,  , . ,   machine wi.i secure a valuable adver-
,   . i -  '������' a    , ick    .
tisemeni   as   a   resull     il   conquering
1'     ���'���     loi       .   .    lace he    \ -    .   . ,
Xew   i\ estminsoer s   hills   in  quicker
' -  ...
��� me '.; in 11 - competitors.
Mr  Holbrook, I. ������ artist li   lee u ator
, , , has    een   , ,    |ng a(  .  .    ,.,...       Ge    - -   Bu gess,  of Barnet,  was  a
tying   ol      - neai    the  C.P.R.   visi< "   i:l    'i;'"   ci!-''    yesterday.    He
epot, compli ��� work there yes-   "'''"'  that  he ha,i recently returned
terday,  and   ivi!   commence  work on   from Kamlops and the upper country,
the   Agassiz   ex erimental   farm   ex-  ui-":" he had been travelling in the
It  stand       thi   fair this afternoon,  interests of the Barnet mill.   Mr. Burgess'  objeel   In  taking tlii.- trip  was
The manager of the Bank ol Mont-   !(l;- -j,,. purpose of buying a number
real will havi ime of that insti-  ,,.-  horses' for  the   mill,  but  did   not
on blazoned on the building in meel with very much success, as he
vari-colored light., luring the fair, and found stock ver} scare* in 'hose parts
will also maki   m elaborate display of :in >   ,,,,   ���,., i   <,,  '���.   satisfied   with  a
lesser number of horses than be had
originall} Intended to bring back with
| Don't Guess!
\ ������
Don't Take Chances!
bunting on      i oo asii n of the arrival
of llis Exi -ii-:. -.,   Eai i Grey,
There's no reason why you should not hi as
��� stylishly dressed, and as comfortably dressed as anv
m  .-.- i-i���- j      All you need to know is two things
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
D.   McKenzi -. ive    \'a!l    .  is
\, ������' ted   : '   arrive   In  the   city   this
morning,  an I    will   al   once   assume
charge of the stoi ,  depai tmeni   il the
provincial exhibition.    Mr.   McKenzie
has  ! ;. officia   } ii i master at the
fair for a numl ei  ol years, an i is especially .1 lapte l  : ir this  pos ti m
There was  i } mng farmer of Surrey, 	
Whose uerves  were  thi iwn  all  in a
���This nr.,- wi     i    ra rich". rie i     In accordance with a reso-
he, lution passed at the regular
"Then  my  Lest  girl  will  smile on  meeting   of Council,   on   the
1 man in Canada
-who makes the best and most stylish clothes and ���
'ho sells thei
all sides that
who sells them in this town.    It is now conceded on *
me ���
-V iiii off to the
dl he lid hu
20th Century Brand
Thi   i li eai    \ ui hei n   r tilwa}    n
ran  special trains  to and   I om  Van
i ouver duriug tali  week.   Trains will
li   ..   \'ai aftei no u ar i even
lng,    .i.l    eturulng will  '������ - \ ���    Wesl
Fall Suit Question
Dooii .II'IH.MKXT iii tho selection of ^^^^^
a Suit of Clothes usually accompanies City Hall, Xew Westminster,
Sept. 26th, 1906.
poor judgment in other things
It i.s as bad tt> be underdressed as to
be overdressed.
Wear Clothes in harmony with your
The Sack Suit we illustrate here is
appropriate for solid, substantial men in pound���ai surrey Fair, goui orna-
sssssss^^^^^^^^^t liiny   have nn
payment of this advertisement, Qeo.
24th inst., I hereby declare ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
��� are the finest made in Canada, and the only clothes
___���_���                                 ���
a- Tuesday   Oct. 2nd  and ��� ^n t'1's couritl'y that class with the very best made in
��� New York, Rochester and Chicago.
Thursday, Oct. 4th,      ���        We are sole agents for them in this town and
c        . li-ii'J district.   Keep these two facts in mind and vour
from  1  p. m..  public hair-  % ' .
holidays,    and   respectfully % clothes troubles are at an end.
invite the citizens generally *
to so observe the same. X J
The Wardrobe Clothier of New Westminister.
. !
WANTED \ s'vuiiil IkuIpI I'iirin wag
gon, four-lnoli tire; state price and
where to be seen In letter addressed
"Waggon," care Daily News,
Drinkwater, Clayl in  P.O., B.C.
Any Walk of Life
Every detail has been   studied   and _���.,.,_   ,,       ,, ,
,           ,',    ,     ���    1        ���          ���,,   ,,       , fcuni.    Pair gold rimmed spectacles
planned to be in keeping with the charac- on Tlli;,,, avenu6i hi,uwn m hth
Something Worthy
Apply   Dally
ter of the man who is to wear it. and  \inth streets.
Tho  style   is  conservative,  and   yet News,
keens pace with the trend of  fashion. ~~"
The length has been increased, the back T��ghLtEI~I��W0 turn,8het, n"""s ""
made form fitting, the lapels broadened, preferred.  Apply os second street,
shoulders widened and the front shaped corner Queens avenue.
to accord with prevailing fashion without  ���	
beintr extreme.                                        I To Rent  The Vi'","'la BoardlDB :,ml
rSss,                 ii     ,      -.      ,     ,    ���      . mo tin' Rooming House, No. 44 Sixth street,
fhese excellent suits starts in at $8.00 ,U)iil,,, .���,. ;���rh��� wlth all ������������,���
and run Up by easy Steps to $18 Ol' $25. conveniences; i: rooms; possession
,^      _-ir       ii_ioc'_a             __j Oct. '.   Applj to A. M. Herring, 58
Our $15 and $18 Suits Appear to Have SK,h   .
The Most Friends.
Xew dwelling, 8 rooms, Sapperton,    Terms,   cash   $.. on.   balance to suit.
Price     $1,000
Dwelling and two lots. Third ave.: terms of payment easy.   Price....$2,800
Dwelling (new), central,   Price   $i,500
eping; married couple | Dwelling (new), central   $1,800
Dwelling, Blgbee street   $i.50n
Boarding bouse on lease for five years.    Price    $3,500
H. L  DeBECK, The Cash Clothier.
| for RENT���Large, well lighted room,
Bitlfahlo   lor   in   ollli e.    Ai ply   to
i    Chas. (J. Major.
Advertise   in   The   News
i;  I
a ri
or I
I a is
'   'IT
Last week's - a "buzzer," 1
but this * -        s ' ' v-  limit," snid
the   markel      erk    - - terday,   and  if i
nun ��� -   - ���       ��� i.Idi  i ���!   the  cri-
, it was ci i:: no way be-,
liin I othe markets held in the Ho; al
i .���  .
Everybody  was   on   hand  either  to
-��� .', and tl me :  to bi
; regulai s ramble for the stalls.
!'. ij��� - weie tumbling over each
other, and when 12 o'clock arrived
there .1 soul about   tlio
a . ket, as all the vendors bad sold
. .' ii i '���- ired iff up town to blow
In some I theii superfluous cash
a    mg the merchants.
The fruit market is :i lvancing rapidly, an I thi     pples  _ ere piled up on
lop "i  each  other many  eases deep.
G   ivi nsteins,   Wealthles   and    other
e ���   rieties were am ing the num-
which   change I   hands.    Among
who sold were;  X. McKay, Glen
Va  ey; 11. 1.. Carti r, Langley;  \v. \l
Bi rrett, s im is;  il   .1. Ansell, Haney;
A ex, Lamb, Xew We tminster;  H. I.
Fredi       - in,  \i lei gi ive; .1. Harding,
I      .i'ii l>.  -I.  Nelson,  Langley  Pral- '
- -     and G. A. Bo; le, Mounl Lehman.
M   ��� In  M ni     a is    n  h ,111   with   hi^
us ,. i supply ol flsh,    n I ami ng other
:!ii:i_- Iiii 1 ii  .     :      ed stui -a on ��� :i
. i :i   -.-.   Ich     ttracted   1 onslder-
able attention   from  those who   were
ngi rs to thi of the Fraser
1 ivi r. Mr. Monk '- 1 had a quantil y
of wild ducks for i e, which he says
pre pai ticularly - arce this year. Mallards sold at $1 a 1 e. All the usut I
i utcbei - wi re th re an I offered a
select variety ol roasts and boils of
all   desci iptions,   an I   mi st   of   thorn
snid  OUt.
B 1"' r .:n 1 egg -; ivere In great de-
i and, as usual, and the former sold
for from 30c to 35c. Some sold two
pounds for 65c. Eggs were somewhat
scarce 1 m I retailed at 40c dozen.
Poultry was offered in large quan-
' y'u s. Th< 1" were nol - - many pens
rf birds offered as on some former
orcasions, but the crates were larger
and filled to the Una.'. Ducks were
somewhat scarce. The dairy men and
women were all  In their accustomed
..res and made an early start for
tip town; fo; the first time in two
jveeks none of them missed the boats
*U*. Whiting, as usual, led 'he /an
along the line of choice vegetable display. His stand was filled, and the
variety was ahout complete. Anything you did not see it was only necessary to ask for.
Celery was offered at 4 bunches for
Com, 15c dozen heads.
Cabbage. 5c head.
Citron, '���', for 25c.
Parsnips, carrots and beets, 3
bunches for 10c.
'" Pumpkins, 15c to 25c each, according to size.
Tomatoes 1 ri; < I, 4 lbs. for 25c.
Tomatoes (green), 40c box.
Unions, 2'jC to 3c lb.
The florisl 3 were all there, and offered pot plant, and v< getables, and
among Dthi r things a limited quantity ol lati  bla t ��� .. los.
An a iction was - nd icted at thi
1 lose bj T. J. Tn . a, ..��� which a num-
I er of hea i ... torses an 1 cattle
changed bands, also farm necessaries
along the line ol mggii s, harness an I
similar articles.
.   The general tone 1 f the markel was
healthy.   There was a good Btipply of
beef, .di 1 j- ��1 -   ill sold at quotation -.  I
Mutton  scar ���<,   g iod   demand,    Veal,
good s 1.a 1    and read     leman 1.   Pork,
��� :a wh ��� largi : - ipi ly than usual,
with rea ,, bu ��� 1 atlons, Potatoes were somev. hal  scan e with a
: ii: deman I,   On        wi       carce and II
onlj  sold In   n lantltles,    Butter, i|
:    ippl    ind read   deman I    Eggs,
slim       ipl;    and    .      roti     demand.
,   ,.. i    good
ii 1
Market Quotation
Bei  . hlndquai     .       to     ic lb,
Bee     orequarl       ' 1  .
Lamb, 12c i" 12.4c lb,
Veal.  IH-   lb.
Potal ie_   .15 ton.
Onions, $1.25 sack.
Eggs,  10c dozen.
Butter, 30c lb.
Fowl, $6 to .7 dozi 'i.
Chickens, . 1 to $5.50 dozen,
1 nicks, |8.50 dozen.
Apples, 70c to $1  I ox.
Gorman   Arrested.
Toronto,   Sept.   28,   John   O,   Gorman, of Streetsvllle, a well-known Liberal worker, wa. arrested  by  Provincial Detective Rogers and was arraign-
��� , before Magistrate Deniaon al Toronto mi a chargo ol conspiracy to
buy vote in the Hj man Graj bye-election in London In 1905. He was remanded alter hearing the evidence,
and is beld on $1,1  ball.
(waterproof i
I        SHOES
%    W     I
B   x  l'l
Packard Shoes are made in Brockton, Mass.
A Gentleman's Shoe
Without doubt the most popular American Shoe that comes
to the coast. We have been appointed Special Agents for
this famous shoe. The following are some of the new lines
received this week:
60 pairs Patent Colt Blucher Cut Boots, made on the Duane
last���an up to the minute shoe.   $5.50 a pair.
48 pairs finest Patent Kid Bals., on the new "Warren" last,
the newest shape on the market.   $6.00 a pair.
30 pairs Men's Box Calf, Blucher cut, heavy Waterproof
Boots, made with rope-stitch welt, a splendid winter
shoe.   $6.00 a pair.
48 pair the same line, only with lighter weight soles. $5.00
a pair.
60 pair fine Vicl Kid Bluchers, made on "Mapaco," a stylish
pointed toe last, a great fitter.   $5.00 a pair.
These are only a few of the many choice lines received
of these popular shoes.
Gentlemen���If you want something in modern footwear
ask for the Packard Shoe���you'll not be held up for the
usual price on American Shoes. Our Prices are $5.00, $5.50
and $6.00.
Johnston's Big Shoe House
Norman Brown lefl yesterday morning for Winnipeg, and will be away
from home for about, a month. Ite-
li.-re returning, Mr. Brown will visit
Beveral places of Interesl in Manitoba
tilld the Northwest.
4 '-
[ ���  5*p1
-    *
.   3   '
r p  HAM :
,     R   ���
-,   .   ,      -
.   *     ���
Money to
..   ������ -    ,.   ���'.    y.' vitRIE
1" ��� i   Blk.,
,- ���   '. irne   iti
corner < .    .       _,   ,,-,   ���   .
Vai Martin, K. '*.    ���
II    A
III    e in tha
.. -i My.:
���    k   B ��WES   I irrta
-,    . 42    Lome
���    -. '    '���
��� ��� E   -.' -.
Ui K m '  "   '
__ ab TRADE ���N "      "     '
���     *
���  ���    ���
��� i
��� '    and
UNION  LODGE   NO. 9,  A. F. 4 A. M.
eting    of    this
'.'  idnesdaj  in
month, at . I    m_, in
.    ���' -     -     .      urning
I .,.      ��� -.'-''. to at-
Dr.   VV.   A.   DeWolf  Smith.
KING SOLOMON   LODGE.  *"0.  17,  A.
F.  4.   A..  NL���Reg i mm     i-
iii.- ge are bei I on 'he
:-. T ���    |  ���    .-    .     'i   month   in
M Tei    ie,  ���'  s      '���'���������   Visit
ing brethren  are    ordlally  invited
ll end.    D   W. Gilchrist, Sec.
i. 0 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE, No. 27���
T .--.' n  ��� eettng. of this lo Ige
a a    ild In Od Ife   iws' hall, Col im
1 ,      eel   ever    '���' inda    evening
a ���      i",',,.   Visiting I rethr m cor-
d nvlted to a , '.    S. J. May,
N I     W. c  Co -.", i".. I-;- .-Sec.
A. 0. U. W,���FRASER LODGE No. .
- Mei tings the Brsl and third Tues
day in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to atMnd.
��� room, A. 0. I*. vs. hall, Odd-
'    iws"  block,  Clarkson  street,  >*
S  Corrlgan, r rder;   I.ouls Witt,
:.. Tier workn an.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S ���
]      ic   " Degree n i - Second and
-  Wi di of each month,
"' K. i f I'.  Hall, C iluml ia SI . al
White Ro   i Di tree, Fourth
daj    iii   e ���' l- month, same
'        md place     VI Itlng Brethren
illy    Invited       E.  li   Stlm b
��� , Pn   , ll   Dl ne . Sei rei ir;
COURT BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
M        the Fourth  Frldnv In the
'   v-  o'clock,  in  ib" small
Oddfellows'   block,     Visiting
are cordl illj Invited to at-
-1   B, Rushton, i*. H.;  I*. P,
oil, U. S.
A, 0. F.���The regular meetings of
'' Lod a:.- held nn the Second
"nd Fourth Tuesd ij _ of each month
;'.' ' p. in. In Hi" Oddfellows' Hall.
\lsJtl g Brethren are cordlaly In-
viti : to alien,i. k. i'. Firth, C, II.;
*��� P. Maxwell, Sec
perance meel   every Wednesday
nt 8 o'clock  p, ni.. in Oddfellows'
Hall,   Columbia    street,     Vlsitini-
Brethren are cordially Invited to al
,l''"1- Geo. Burr, s. C.| N. It. Brown
<&&:*?- &&&*%*?;*
EVERY   DA\    IN   mi    >t   .R
Great Northern Railway
"Iiu- Comfortable Way."
Route ol the Famous Oriental limited.
F   C. MEYERS, New Westminster. B. C.
Transfer Co.
umbi i   -.!.
Li~: in: ~-..i-r; :"ij.:.inii
rn   !. bono . 17
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Canadian Bank of  Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. "        KER   ��������� I Mana)
Fam   / Trade .   .pe :lalty
-     '' -' Cfic .    �� j  Ul   .treat.
'.I a    WES~M  N JTER,   *?..   C.
R K. of I, meets second and
. Friday of each month, at 8
in Or.inee ball, corner ot
i; avenue in I ' ihn si reet. S"
journlng Sir Knights coi I ���
vited to ittend, VS*. E. Dunlop, VI
?.;   ;..  E.  Matthias.  Reg.
���Meets  in   Orange   hall   fi-St    ind
Fi: lay in ea 'h n outh al 8
ni.    Visiting  brethren aie co-i
It    ted to attend.    E. E. Matthias.
W  M.; J. Humphries. Rec.-Sec.
CAMP, 191.-.Meets on the Firm nnd i
Miii-ii Tuesday of every month In
";���    Of    1>.  Hall.      John    McNlven,
Lftl,'f; J, J. Forrester, Rec. Bee.
U'1'I''IM\ai:y  SURGEON,
8 ��l Manchurian Japanoso Army
Ser. ice.
,l(c. 3��o Westminster Ave., Vancouver. B.C.
Offlp.eE_e IM|""" 63>       0 Wee llii rs
 hQno2666.        9 an,, to 6 p.m,
-        ���     . -
Ne* Hfesti      ��� _. C.
FARM ERS'   B ", N .-, '. 3
Eve-y   facility   affcr_e_   Farmers  for   the     bank ng    .usiness.     Sa .;   Not
cashed   or  taken   for  coi.ecticn.
BANKING   BY  MA        Deposits
'���'������:...      mts ��� , ���      a.ti
S   '���'���' WESTMINSTER BRANCH���H. R. DAVIDSON, Manager
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITAL (ALL paid np)    $14,000,000
RESERVE FUND  $10,000,000
Rt Hon. Lord Strathcona an i   M mnt   Royal,   G.   C.   M.
G  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir  G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities in Canada, ia  London,  Eng.. New
';   -       il :ago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents iu all parts o" the
v. n i :
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162 Total  Assets  $36,373,576.
Branches and correspondents in all  the principal   .Itlee ol  the  world.
General banking business transacted,
$1 opens .'in account.   Interest added hall yearlj
Colle I Ion - -na le al lowest rates.
Open  Saturday  nights  from 8 to  9  o'clock.
Uy EDITH M. DO,...:*
[gum   "���' ��� . -..
ami irt In hei
i oil
ire . .  ���
��� a   .
ucb   ���
'orner had iwn    :i
'. ������   ���-      or   nany  i  bay
..   v a- ,
be game    ivi
September   md    iy   Da vson,    b ���
��� ��� me
norning    innd     an mnor   n  tbe
a-    j,    ireserves    vith    i    irace    if
.a       It,   vhereui ���"'     ;; v ���"��������
rumtnoning   he   ib irifl   rom   Viniisor
Bend,  md ������ C mnor
... .. ...���
ill     TU '
���    i	
a   " .     ai,"'
IB      ���
��� ���   '   iu ---   ������'    .
���   ��� i
.      -
���  ���
AU kinds of  Ship  re
.   .   *** Ei.;:' I   _
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
new westm:nsi _k uhanch p. B. LYLE, Manager.
Shingle and Saw
Mill Machinery
New Westminster. B. C
Graduate Optician.
Our work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and  manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones ftc.
Wiiio for j-ricos.
New  Westminster,   B.   C.
\ riven    that   tho
Voters' Msi foi 1906 has been
li ea. ,,r, i thai the same ma> be
een ai Bee for thir       rs tro
the date hereof;  an.l any person who
a Ided to the said
Voters   : .is    oi an   El ector who shall
lesire to have anj name or-,sei thore
. mnsl  prefei   lus or her roque. I
ia wri.inft, signed with his   ot   her
name, and shni: deliver, or cause s_ ,
bi    ie Ivere I   to the City    Clerlt
Within the time ho re in ho fore Specified,
Cltj Clerk.
Clt;   Cle k's  Office,  Cltj   Hall, New
Westminster,  9ep(   i, 190B.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturer! of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthera iManufacturlng Co.
"The Milwaukee"
'The Pion'-r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha ta
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No tr.iiiis in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, "Milwaukee 8; St. Paul Railway. They
own anil operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains ami
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable slsewhere.
ll   s  ROWE, General Agent
134 Third St., cot Alder. Portland, Or.
HIST.      MISS     MOLLY.      HIST
well look for it; it's comln' to him." he
said menacingly us be slouched heavily
from the room.
The roughei element of Pour Corners
wore u-"'.l to depending upon their rifles
t.i eke out an existence, meager enough
nt best, inui In the lifetime of old Mr
Cornish, the former owner of the great
estate, their depredations bad been
practically unchecked, but now a uevi
order of things prevailed. I Ild Mr. t 'or
nish was dead, and the villagers regarded the s-m who had succeeded hlm
with suspicl in ami the gamekeeper bi
hail app ilnted with sullen hatred.
The vlllagi rs were not alone in theii
disapproval of Dawson.
"You are making a mistake In ap
painting him," the doctor's daughter
hail declared, her brown eyes resting
on the tall young man beside her.
"1 don'l see why," Itobert Cornish
Inui returned stul bornly, "Something
has in be done i i preserve the game
These fellows are a lawless set, sbool
Ing in si as -:i ai ���! iui in 1 ruining the
preserves. Besidi ." -his voice rungde
���   i    "11 Is uv proi erty."
���. i s," she ndi tl -:. "iii;.I yel thi y
bave so I :J' ��� 11 doe^u'l seem quite fair
they s!       ' ' rights"
���''ai   r  - -   ' ���' oul I J.   I
ci   ta tins "  be  pr i
teste!. hserre
game laws also realise
that It Is ira."
"Do thej ��� 111 allow them
��� :-i-. .
i; >bert ���       -   - - ' -   I    "Not
yet.   Daws -���,.:     . ���; ���
short until rn to rei
;:       -   pr i-alj.  propi \\ in a: they
nndcrsi  nd $ .-.,-, ige, n rt
b jive less trouble "
Mollj shook her bead doubtfully.
������I kiiip". the i bettor than ymi 0 .."
. lie said '   ���     -    I   i less iii'il Ig
norai I bnl there is more good Is
rt.om than yon  .��� i nd Dawson
isu'i  iln- man to deal   ��Ith then
wish  yon   wonlfl   talk   to tlieni  your
self." she went on.
There v as i  hrl . silence
"I \-- ill || ii sh ' he si Id Impulsively     "1 will pa-   '   "", ���' '
Bui on the morrow two unforeseen
tiiinu's happened. Robert Cornish was
eniieii suddenly away on an urgent
business Imp nui Pan O'Connor bagged the quail.
Tt was the evening after the excited
discussion at the store that Molly,
prompted by nn unusual feeling of
r. .tlessness, crossed the room to V.<:'
window and. stopping out on the ve
randn, wandered down Into the mooul I
garden, Robert Cornish would be back
thai night, but of course it was n i
vague bop" of meeting hlm tint brli tl
ened  Iier eyes  or  led   ler  tlirutlch   thi
gate linn tin- road, made light as day
by the full moon overhead.
"Hist. Miss Molly, hist!" snld a void!
close nt ber '������"
She started violently ns a small, un
ion "ask
It   comes      - ���        ���   :
jo   ��� ' said Molly in a    ion
lied  v-i   pe ���.   "I
"I -rue- . liffoi mi ���
i   a-   ,   .        -. ii'tnur II      ,.       :
be     : ' ���        a
mi-1 :. '
'''le     : .a    :.. i     he     .
ea  ing    :������   i ���-.  i      i a id  iui   - I,    i
the ��� ie  ro id       'or a
Hell        . ���     :     a    : mined.      "n-'i
ler     niud     k i toitsl       o     he
"la.a- '    ip     ���       .. a ��� ������!,:    -��� a  a
a ,- I. '
:������      .     ��� . ' ��� .        ������   ,!1
-an-       rue        . ���    .   a    i       ���  ,.- |    ; : i    .1
:��� i    leld    ���'���-..,'���     a-   ���
mu. ii' ���      g in lick   aa.  -a
- ugh    11   vet   :-1- -   ...  .   he    lick"
:  ���   i    ingle
1 hose     ' tor . -
hod     : P       t.      ;: ���-.
mother a   wall,   vi lose
-   nee a der hi
.   igain,   ... in     a   i
veil field, across  a
irsh whi ���
1 passionate
irt      she .    .
.rt!"   ihe    ���..���������..
���  ���
��� ���   ���
.... ... a.
- ���.   - -,    p   -, ���
. ess, bes e '    Lilsor i'oad.
een a
natter ol Lers .   1
������.- -' irnish d bis plan
fur hermore,
had  -      - - ' : . p':iJ-
ers r-i the     - 1 :e,   four Corners
wir . with '  an.
It is hard to say which of bis two
next moves . s "������ Lge to Molly or
his appointment of Dan O'Connor to
the positioa of - lekeeper���evoked
the more admiral
"Each u." 'eta beitt', so to speak i
stroke o' genius," mumbled old u_.ipi
The  Sea  a   .loud   ,i-li_t_bor tu   M��u.
Let us be thankful that we bave c >t
got t. send the sea 11 school and tea
It to think.    The sense of rest'*"!:: >ss it
gives in as we contemplate '"".
a go.Kl deaj, l juspect, (rom
th;.t here I. on - p >werf_l and active
creature that we have not got ' > *"
It will take care of Itself, ami '������.'      i
Jake care of ourselves and not botU?;'
iil'Sim. it.    it will ne .er want to v
never   bLtme  us   for   misrule,   uevc
shame us ���,-. h evidences of .'iir selfish
uess and ueglec..    Restl 'ss as it Is, turbulent and utvtuinfh.'    it Is a comfDft-
able neighbor, as nelght).     to.   Really,
Is there anything else on the     -ill that
takes care of Itself?    The ui.i.p.   iiii'
have forest  fires and need !     i  laws
and game laws, i.i - very a r may I ���
polluted   with smok > aud smells,  lh <
cataracts are water power anil cau b ���
stolen, the forests are merchandise, ih.'
plains are real estate, but the bm Is uot
j property, not perishable, not damageable.    It   Is th" one thing that balk 1
greed and  laughs at  abuse���the una
thing whereof there  i.s enough  to g-.i
around, and In which no successful < ���'
fort need be feared to claim a monop
oly.���E.   S.   Martin   in   Harper's   Mag
Time in < Iuhik..
"Ladles and gentlemen," said the lecturer after bowing to the lirst round
nt* applause that followed his introduction. "I propose this .'veiling t0 address
you "ii the all Imp irtant subject of 'the
training and rearing of boys.' li is a
broad sul j- ci thai Is demanding more
and mer.- attention every day. In the
beginning, and tn order to lay a lir-o 1
foundation for the proper treatment of
this great subject, I will"���
"Excuse me. professor," Interrupted
the harassed little man who was almosl
hidden away In tbe i 'ner. "but b.w
many bo} - have you?"
"Well, er, mn���well, the fad Is  - i
1 ha-re no children at all." stjunmered
the lecturer
"Thiii - . right, then," said tbe little
man.  si: king bai k -  - "1
was afeered yon bad > few of V:-.-. aa'
if you bad 1 knowed it was a ctod
you dito'1 know lii'ihin' ch art rals n
'em. . iu I .) go atieiid and I'll listen,
'cause l'i i iaukiii' ;' ir experl advice on
tbe S'ab.'a' ���! "
I*:it s imehow or other Che lecturer
though! best tn change the su'deet
Pride is an expensive tying to tiavf,
as Booaor or later it presents you with
u lug bill.
Our own errors In judgment
isuiilly nbout ns iniitiy iin urr
downrlghl  meannesses ol the r-
wo know.
Anv lobster can make a hit by real
Work, but it tukes skill uml mldresB
make one without work.
No mutter what you do, ynu most
ways wish thnt ynu hnd done the o
Never lose your temper. Some OM
might lind It nnd embarrass yon by tfj-
turuliig 1*.
If  women could  afford to sup|
husbands we would have a very
f ,,rvnt liiv. of bMbands up for our
spei.'tloH. .J
I  Wr
iir __��� THE DAILY   NEWS
i o
Of ���
I. I
a ri
i.i oil
or I
ur Trade    I
REASONS wmvw.w___y.
1. We can give y<J8 entire satisfaction.
2. We have the r,ost complete stock of Fancy and Staple
Grocexies on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
4. We sell our goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE ^.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our /'id.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
We have plenty of coke for sale now, but it will be
a scarce article in a short while when cooler weather
comes and orders begin to rush in. Take the hint.
Get your orders in at once.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    150.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. -   - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
854 Acres, Pitt Lake
Fir and Cedar
e.Umated 20,COO to the acre. Easy of
access. Ai.o a Quarter Section, in-
cluding 6,000 cords Shingle Bolts,
near Aldergrove,  Enquire aboul these,
St. Paul's cathedral���Rev. A. Shil-
drick, rector. Holy Communion, S a.
in.; Matins, Litany anil sermon, 11
a.m.; Sunday school. 2.30; Evensong
ami sermon, 7 p.m.; daily service at
9 30 am. and 5 p.m. except on Friday,
when Evensong is said at 7.30. Holy
i Communion on every Thursday and
saint's day at 8 .111. Choir practice on
I Friday after Evensong.
St. Barnabas���Rev. C. w. Hough-
tin, rector. Morning Prayer and Lit-
any, 11; Evening Prayer and sermon.
7 Bible class. 'J. p.m.; Sunday school,
3 ;un.; baptisms after Sunday school;
choir practice Friday, 8 p.m.
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church���Rev. A. Ue B. Owen, rector.
Divine worship, Sunday. 11 a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2..'in p.m.;
prayer meeting, Thursday, S p.m. All
are welcome.
Queen's avenue Methodist���Rev. VS.
H. Barraclough. pastor. Services,
Sunday. 11 11.111. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school, 2.30 p.m.; prayer meeting,
Thursday, J, p.m.; Epworth league.
M' ndiiy, S p.m. The pulpil will be
occupied on Sunday next by Rev. .1.
P. Bowell in the morning, Rev. .1. .1.
Nixon in the evening.
West End Methodist���Sunday services, 11 a :n. ani 7 p.m.; Sunday
school, 2.30 p.m. Rev. (i. \V. Ileans
will occupy li:' 1 :ii It a' both services.
Oliv-i Baptist���Rev. M. l��� Rugg,-
I).I). ] astor. S 1:1 lay servii es, 11 a.m.
end 7 p.m.; Sunday school and Bible
classes, 2.30 p.m.; B.Y.P.U., Monday
evening, s o'clock. The usual midweek 1 in.v-r meeting will be omitted
this week. Pastor's morning subject.
"Christ   and   tlie   Common    People";
evening, Tin. Old Book ami 'lie New
('ent ury."
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. .1.
s. Henderson, pastor. Sunday services, ii a.m. ami 7 p.in.; Christian
Endeavor, Monday, 8 p.m. Sunday
will l.e children's day. Pastor's morning subject, "Loking Unto .l<sus";
evening, "The One Thing nt* Service."
West I'.-. -��� "aian Rev, T, Ward-
law Taylor, M.A.. Ph.D., pastor. Ser
��� ��� ��� 11 a.m . a 1 7 p.m.; Sunday
schoi       -i i   Bibli    ��� la ��� 1,    2.30   p.m.;
i" '������ ting,    iVedne Jay, S p m.
Mornlni ���   t,   9 itlsfle I '; 1 .< oing,
"Tin- i   -,   ,     .grip] :i,"
Knox church, Sapperton Rev. I).
McKenzie, 11 . , paatoi Services, 11
������ m. and 7 p ':i ; s ii,,i,,'. school and
j Iiibl" clasB, 2.3(1 p in.: meeting of'Y.P,
S.C.E, ian..' ,ii. tel. afti r the evening
.service in the morning there will be
; a children's Bervlce, and in ihe afternoon a special Sal.I :,ill school service.
C H.   Richardson, of  Richardson's
J Landing,   was   in  the  city   yesterday
and  purchased  two fine cows at  the
market  auction   sale,   whicli   he   took
home witli him on ibe afternoon boat.
A telegram received yesterday liy
-Mayor Keary officially fixes t he time
a whicli ihe governor-general will arrive in tin- city. The telegram is
signed II. .1. S. Muskett, private secretary to Earl Grey, and reads as roi-
lows: "His excellency will arrive at
1 .'le 11.111.    Am   writing."
Adequate protection against flre is
being taken ai ihe exhibition grounds,
and a number of hose reels ami lire
extinguishers have been placed In position in ihe different buildings. Stand
, pipes have also been placed in all the
buildings, the water is connected everywhere, and every possible measure
lias been taken to quick!) master any
outbreak of lire during the fair.
Mr. Robertson, of Tynehead, has assumed ihe charge ut preparing the
Surrey district exhibit a' tin- provincial fair, lie came into lhe city yestei lay fur the purpose uf commencing
work on the display, lie broughl
with him among othei things a sheaf
nt hemp grown in Surrey which was
considerably over ten .'eet in length,
and will figure in iln- exhibition building. 'I'he Surrey pi oj le ������: e going to
make a  big bid  for lirst prize.
Robert Lyle, who has been visiiim.
his niece. Mrs. W. Henderson, of tftls
city, an,I his nephew. William Lyle,
leaves to-day fur his home neai- perry,
Ireland. Mr. l.y h- ba- a flax mill in
Erin's isle which lie manages himself
when be is 1 here. Twice a year he
takes a flying trip across the Atlantic,
but while he always admire, the
West, he says tha; Erin's little old
emerald isle is. lets good enough for
hlin to end his days in.
.lohn Powers returned yesterday
from Pentlcton, where he has been
residing for the past month. Mr.
Powers, wbu was until recently in the
assessment department of the city-
hall, has returned here to take the
position of assistant secretary of the
exhibition board, a position which lii-
has occupied for several years. II,
states that the Penticton district has
greatly Improved on account of the
irrigation work dune in that part by
the Southern Okanagan Land Co., and
that everything is now in a prosperous condition.
Good Minstrels.
Fur male ihan forty .'.ears the well-
known Hi Henry's minstrels have
been noted for their exci Hence, and
in, management for its sound business ways. The organization is
known and popular from sea to sea,
;::ii! Hi Henry has for more than
1 went;, years been styled the "kin-;
i.l' minstrels." It is Mr. Henry's policy tu keep abreast of tin- times, always presenting the bites'; in fact,
he is ibe originator of many cf the
most sensational minstrel effects. His
performance is clean, bis costuming
elegant, his scenery gorgeous mid effective, and. being a graduated musician, In- is capable of always presenting Uie very best in the musical line,
Fifty talented versatile stars aj pear
in tin- splendid programme he presents. Mis band i- conceded even by
oiher  minstrel  managers   '������<   be the
very   best   uf  lbe   minstrel  profession.
Tbe changes have been so radical in
and British
Lasi week's arrivals in the Dress    Goods   Department    have   ,-.
large variety to our already large showing   oi   handsomi    Lire
Panama Cloths. Shepherd's ChecKS,  Plaids.   Venetians,   Fai-,   T.-��__-
-/    ' wceas   _nd
54-inch Costume  Cloths,  in  shades  uf    navy,   brown,   green      -
greys,  are  all popular  materii'ls.
winn w have such a selection of popular fabrics, il Is a
show   them,    Le   us show  vou.
iii - presi tr -,..-. -i - 11 igramme that
ic one could n ognizi th'- slightest
resemblance tu anything ever before
presente t. Tbe famo :- .,111 popular
organization will appear al 'he opera
house "ii Thursda; . Oct   -I.
Guichon���L. A Agassiz, Agassiz;
Charles Wright, Agassiz; E. -I. Sher-
���woon, Everett; .1. .1. Walker and wile.
Anacortes; .1. M. Perkins. Tacoma; A.
.1   Hopklngs, Winnipeg.
Colonial���D. .1 Gillandue, Vancouver; T. A. Peters, Vancouver; II. Fo_
tei. Langley; Georgi Barrie, Vancou
ver; ('. Carrie, Vancouver; and t.he
following members uf the Strathcona
lacrosse team: N. Main. X. Elliott, M.
McDonald. It. 0. Campbell, W. Horri-
bin. W. McCulloch, Percy II. GlUS, 1'.
A.   Maine.   W   .1.   Powers,   F.  Jones,  E
S McArthur, \. Hampton, A. Adams.
.1. C. Pinton, A, Bis sel ll Jamleson,
A  Garbe, II. O. Ritchie. S. Hill.
Windsor ��� C. Crossman. Chilliwack;
Thomas Richardson, Chicago; Harry
Rowe am! wife. \ew York; I.. Al-
wette, New York; W. D Christy, Nevt
York; George Connoi and wife. New
York;   Miss Evelyn   Nicholson,   New
York;    G.   D.    McKay.   Vancouver;    C.
MaoCawley, Vancouver; H. Ferguson.
Whonnock' It Dougall, Hanej ; A. T.
Jones, Vancouver; C W, Taylor. Sudbury; G. W. Pennlson, Chilliwack;
Thomas Parnell, Victoria; A. Patterson, Port Haney.
WANTED ��� At  i nc-   waitresses at
Mrs   Cook's Coffee  I'i.iace.
Special Train Service
Great Northern Railway
'.*s.*s.*y.*s.*y*s<*s.*:.* ���
A full line of Furniture of all kinds kept
in stock.   :-:   Prices to suit purchasers.
!���!  716 ami 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.
Front Street.   !���!
>>>>>>*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>��� >iViCCO>>>>>i>>.'<.>.>i>>>x��;;o>;>.>.
Root Pulpers and Slicers,
Straw Cutter, Grain Grinders
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   The above machines include Fleury's, Cockshutt's
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
260 Columbia St.   Phone 85
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.       ,
Farmer Meets With Accident.
An unfortunate accident happened
' i a farmer named Hornby yesterday
morning as lie was driving into the
city with a load of produce for ,lho
weekly market, His team Bhfed at.
some foreign substance on the Scotl
road, and before the driver could control them tbey inui Btarted plunging
and rearing, ami finished by landing
ibe u'g down a ten-fool embankment
Tho contents ol the tig. mostly potatoes, vegetables and other marketable
produce, were scattered promiscuously around the landscape, and assi::
ance bad t;, ie requlsltlone I before
Uie tun ses ci uld i ������ extricated from
Hieir precarious position, As a result ot the accident, Mr. Hornby's display of goods at Hie markel was rather smaller than usual.
in the community. A poor " hand-
to-mouth man " never is. Make up
your miiiil to buy a I. 'ne NOW,
Do It Now.
was most likely a careless ami extravagant young man and did nut
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is tho Lest of all gifts to your family- 	
7 Roomed House anil
Lot on Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.     Lot (10x 1,'12 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
F. J. HART & Co.
Special train s> ".iei- between N'ew
Westmlnstei mil Vancouvei via the
GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY during the Provincial  Exbll Ition, Oct, _
tu ii. inclusive, wil; 11. ai follows:
l.e.r,,.  Vancouvei   1.30 a.m.;  arrive
New   VVestmlnBtei    2.05 n.m.;    leave
Vancouver   7 00   p ta.: arrive    New
Wl -; min. '������;   7.35  ;> tn.
Leave Ni w Wi -1 mlnsti i 6.00 p.m ;
n iIve Vancou ��� fl :*. pjn ; li ave
Xew Westmlni ti 9 0 p m ; arrive
Vancouver 9.36 i 11,
Excursion rat' b V icouvei ���" Westminster and M "iiti v.i i be 50 coins;
half of tin  .;:111;i rate foi children five
years ul' age and  iitnb i   tun.
P. C. MEYERS, Agent
Ke bu ;���. sul ilivisli ii i j Iota nu. 21
ami __, suburban bli ck n. New Westminster city.
Whereas   |iliii I  ul   I lie   loss of ceil iti
cate of title number 2845a, issued in
lbe   name   of   Nela   .Nelson,   has   bei n
filed in this offlce,
Notice is hereby givi ;i Lhal I Bhall,
in the expiration ul one month from
Hie dale  uf lb.,  firsl   publication  hereof, issue a  duplicate of said certificate, unless  in   ihe  meantime   valid
objection !"��� made lu me in writing
('.  S.  KEITH,
Dlstricl Registrai of Titles.
Land  Registry   Office,   New  Wesl
minster, B.C., Sept, 28, 1906.
������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Electric Railway Service
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver a;. I way
Stations wlll run evei y f..i f-
hour from 5:50 a, in. to 11 p.
ti:. excepting at ?: 30 and 8: 30
a.   m.     Half   hourly   I its   will
run   frum  Central    Park    to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���.service frum
C.'IO a. in. to 11  p. in.
20 Minute Service���,\n tram .er.
Between 1- and 2 and a ami 7.
30  Minute   Service   during  re   ���
malnder ot day,   Transrer at j
Leopold Place. ���
6unday   Service   half-hourly   he   ���
tween   8   a.   in.  and   10  p.  m.   *
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���16 .Minute Her- .
vice,  except   between   12  anil ���
_, anil 6 anil 1, during wind .
.ours   the   service  will  be ���
flair-hourly. ��
Sunday Service   half-hourly be- J
tween 8 a, m. mul n p, ni. ��
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Lid*
In Surrey Municipality on the
Electric Railway Light and Power
Bylaw Tomorrow -(Saturday*
Sept. 29th.


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