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The Daily News Dec 24, 1906

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 12 Pages
12 Pages
'-"     ���'���������'
-   /
Iween His Clenched Teeth, President Declares His Re   '
iness For Full Investigation in Connection With Di.
bandment of Negro Companies.
Ct-,-. cr e_    Are   Decorated   With   Ever
Greens   and   Flowers ���Special
St-������-���ons  and   Music.
Annual    Convention   of    Pacific   Coast
Teachers'   Association   to   Be
Held on Jan. 7 and 8.
... ���
-President   ti    havi    declared    et
,;,:. made to callers the un     eeth. H	
i   ,        . ment that In liis opinion      Capl    Macklin a' ��?  rl   R<
ol Capt, Edgai   It. Mack- awaiting trial  _>  court- _y  ial for
fifth  Infantry, at  Fort  Re I'ged failure to t ,.    ,ei
I . Fridaj  night, was vi rj     :"w'"' "'������������������ .:,.  He
[ Inspiri.: b>   the speei h " "" '' egro vi
jgenatoi  Foraker of Ohio, made ' n,ran '
. . -.     ���   floor Thursday  In sup
llscharged battalion of the Nomination!
L... ��� ������:, regiment and In criticism      ....
_ ��� a '     -   ���    ���, i i ��� .
I   ; . . lenl _ policy in dismissing
^��� nominated ror , and        ��
(l: ������..  gentlemen  on   Capitol   Hill daj   """��� R   M  Bridi    .
Investigation,  I'll  give  tbem all candldati     fm    Dewdni both    ol h,  the d.      ations   were    ol    a
an  for." the President is said course. In the Conservativ.  Interest.    '   '     '
f thi lurches yes-
ier, in the h ���
.- D
i '..:..    . ���
..     '   ��� ......
- - .:..    ..   Mis.   Hughi -   .
... ...
elte was
diss V.
..   .     ..:. I M    Roberts
.��� ��� ������     End     Pres
..iui   breathed   ol
I la   .'. a...,: J     .    aiiil   v.   the   Cltj    "'���
New Westmlnstei  will  be Invaded bj
....���-:       ...        OVI        tile    1'1'OV
The evi I e  the annual
Pacific Ooasi Tea
the   sesi
held in St. Gi      ���      Hall     \i.
. restlni        - '   has   I '���> n  |  i
...���.'     ��� ���  ,      sion
Monday.   Jan.   7.
l'n ���,   Pi   ��� Pres
deni si       ��� - - .   I nen     '
111   ��� .        iin. ss       ;    N'v
-i     M .. C. Stewa
Second  Sessl       2 p in     I. Eli
:!., ers      2. 1 irawlng,     Mi     John
Kj le; dlscussl       ipened   : ���   Mi   1 mn
di        3,  Piano solo, Mlsg Claxton, C
Calgary Expects to Boast a Free Service Within   a
Months' Time���Rapid Growth of Country
Brings It.
The posi mastei G< ni i a! has  |us I  is
sue i an ordei  creating  posta I cei
for lhi   wesi     'I he oi dei  rea  - i
-S a   esuli "i the mi rked ant
��� : ������ mand-   foi  [iof tagi
���   pro. Inces ol   Manlti   .
-:. Columl la, Albei i Saskat
i hi wan  II has been deemed neeet sarj
..   .-li in i Imi porl lon ol   hi    io
ci n: res of dis n ol
��� ���       ac
��� .  ovinces."
ng      ��� hi   posi mas er-gem   i
:    Ized the follow Ing  arrangi
���   establishment ol such a
��� :   a  ,,' distribution at Winnipeg, foi
all the accounting offices  situated un-
. be charge   il    in   pos i  offlce In
,:.   Winnipeg    at    Calgarj.    for
those Included In thi   Calgar;   tnspec
toi G   dl\ Won;   and   al   Viiiicinivci    in-
iiio.se within itie postal division ol the
:   pei  on  at  Vicinriii ond  Vancouvei
in connection with 'ids.. Calgar) ex-
t-   -   i   havi   s  frei   house to bouse
��� ii Ivery, ami thai the uniformed mailmen   will   llkel.   atari   on   theli   fii
on   Feb,   I.  unless addlt ioiia!  is
��� -   ba ve  to be  passed  In  which
I in   Ben Ice  will  nol  Btart until
April   i.
jieiik   Suffers    Another    Attack
Syncope���Demise will cause
of   R.N.W.M.P.   Men   who   Captured  Bill
Miner and   His Pals.   Receive
The  sermons   were *'���   College.     .   Earlj   B   C   History,
the day, and special Mr- ���*'��� w- Howay,
....    rendered by tbe choir.   In      Tbin1  Session, 7:30 p.m.���1. Selecting anthem, a solo was taste- tlon by Orchestra.   2. On the ma kins
.....  Mlss Sprlng Lhe Old  World College, Mr. A. E.
.  een's   Wei    Methodist   cfhurch v' ��� Sl : Song, Mrs  c. H   Watson
was    lecorated   In  a   wry    elaborat. 4   Address,  Ur. Fagan.    5,  Reception
Evi   greens were hung from to visiting teachers
.   ch and festooned aroun the
:. tfoi:     ..a 1   choir   loft.      At
��� Authoi i'a' Ivi
The consi .  les ol thi   R.  N. W. M.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      P.   whn   ca|aii:i.|    Hi;)    Mine:.   H
King ol   .byssiuist, has Buffered   Dunn and   Colquhoun,   the   Kamloops
iiain robbers, have Just re elvi I the
reward offeri d foi 11" api un of thi
; and its.
The reward was paid in two set
tions. li consisted of $1,350 which
was to be paid to several members "f
the police. Fiis; ,,i all the persons
who were Interested received .;;."'".
and on Mondaj last I be balanci of thi
rewards, .I 00 ���. wi ��� Bent to thi bar-
".-. ��� deputies in Abyulj-la of lacks al Calgary. 'Iiie reason thaii
Powers more   deeply   Interested   the money   was  nol
.celved her*   dt clare that Men-
��� i. ... "a ... i.i sj ncope.    Increased
:   Is fell   because recentlj
��� ia ha\e  changed his  mind
iut the ..: pointmenl of a successor.
...   . tiger certain that Jisu, des-
peJ as a son of Menellk's daughter,
b isband,  Has   Michael,  will
Ic-osrii.    If ihis is so, the struggle
,'-���       ne after the death of Men-
till    ���   tierce.     The  difficulties
Iiuiei ited i ;���  persona] differences
oi ning se: vice, the pastor, Rev
W.  il. Barraclough preached an Illus-
-' ; mon    on  "The    Announcement. "Plockhorst'f  famous  picture of
"Thi     .nnouneement," was  neatly
luced  on hearj  paper ami copies
���><"i   distributed throughout the pews
Orchtsi;a, Refreshments
Tuesday. Jan. S.
Fourtl Session, 10 a.m.���1. Domest
ir Science. Miss Berry, of Vancouver;
discussion led bj Mi>. w McKeaud
2 Entomology Mr. Harvey, of Queen's
,,,. School, Vancouver. 3, Nature study,
a.> taught in public schools, Mr. Robert Sparling;   discussion  led  bj   Mr
After Pacing  Death  in Tunnel  Cave ,n   Nanain-o   Assault   Case Causes  Magis
fcr   Fifteen   days,   Hicks tr_te   to   Express  Himself   in
Vigorous  Terms.
Is   Safe.
thi    ise of the congregation.   The   ���'��� t;   '-is"'*' and Mi   G. W. (Turk.
pastor proposes making ihis a month-      Ki;',!*   Session,  2   p.m.-   1.  The tea
������ affi ir, ..ml .in. ;  month will preach   cher :l,,,i discipline, Mr. K. H. McMll
' a sermon Illustrated by one of the old
fthat country
Fran '        ting   from   the     time
' '���  ' ���*��� of their respective
lernnientsci i fli, ted strongly. These
ftrtiuit'i .   .,,,.v   however,  act-
'   ���        acocrd.     Italy    and
ve  decided   to recall
ives,    and   it   is   he-
��� ���   will  follow suit.
       paid   l.eliaf   . .-
owing to tbe routine which is Insupi i
The Baptist  church had also ;ak��u
i upon itself a very ornate appearance,
| and  the pulpit, platform and electro-
���   i were decorated by means of evergreens   ami  carnations      The   pastor
preached. In ihe morning on   "The in
lum Messiah." and In the morning anthem,    sing, sing  ii   Heavens,"  Miss
Vesta Bent ni.nk' her debul as a soloist, and sang In a very pleasing man
' ner.
���"  will   be   no   Young   Peoples'
eel ::l- in the churches above men
lan; discussion led bj Mr. D, Robinson
and Mr. K YV Murphy. 2. Piano solo.
Miss V. Vass. ;l Raffia work. Mis.-
M.  E.  Winter;   discussion  led   by  Miss
\ \i  Newsom and Miss R  McFariane.
Bakersfleld, Cal., Dec. 22.���Entomb-
_ en 'in Ihe bowels ol the earth, beneath
tons n!   stone and  dirt  of a  collapsed 1
tunnel.   L,   B.   Hicks,  the   miner   who
' for fifteen days faced death, was rescued this afternoon by a ran. of his
fellow miners who have wm kel In
cessantly to save him.
Hicks was nearly crazed wiib joy
when his rescuers drew his weakened
body from beneath the tram car under
which he had been pinned since the
tunnel fell in. leaving him in the dark-
Nanaimo, Dec. 22.���"Yon are a contemptible sneak, and if you ever appear before me again I will give you
the  extreme   penalty   of  the law."
This was Judge Harrison's Chrisi
mas bouquet to thc young man Storey,
who was on Friday carved up hy his
angry former friend Wiley, for being
all too familiar with  Mrs Wiley-to-be.
When the Story of Storey's visits to
tti<   Wiley   mansion   had   been  told  to
ness _n the plaything ol a mocking) the judge In the presence of Wiley,
death. The hardened miners wept as|brought from Ladysmlth, where he
Hicks tried to thank them. wiis arrested, the judge found the Eng
Not . wheel has turned in the great   ]Ish   language   inadequate   to   express
uj ^^^^^^lvn ls mst^M__^__^|_^|^_^_^_��_^l^_^_^-^-^********"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
Chinese came across a horse and rig
roaming around In the woods. An In
iestIgation of thi tracks made by tin
I ttggj showi 1 that It bad come from
Millstone rivei
Follin lng up tin ir cine the Orientals discovered the bodj of a stout
man. which was later Identified as
| James Livingston, lying on iis back in
a stream. There is no intimation ol
ibe circumstances under which Uvlng
ston nn : death. The whole affali .-
a  complete   mystery.      \   resident  In
 ^^^^^^^^^   ibe   in ighl i - Iii'.��� 1   name,)    1 ..nuiin.   I
His relationship is said in, be of a most   elaborate  and   pleasing j ^  [f) ]y{U. heanJ a  r,g ,,..,;...(����� ,,;.
____^__^__^__^._^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__| .,���!-���, on 1'ii.v mi'1
.  :���.,.   ,.,   ,),,.   meeting,   hare been through his mother, and ne'
Mysterious Death.
Nanaimo.   I-ec.  J_ ��� I  deep mystery   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
..hai'.-   a   tragedy,   comes   from  Old j BdlBOn Plan1 since the tunnel oave-in,   his contempt for Storey.    Storey was
outh Welllngti n today.   A number of j an<1 Bata-Sfleld has given thought to. boiln<i over to k<.e,, ,,K, peace.    Wiley
was acquitted.
nothing else for two weeks but Hicks''
Riei's Nephew.
That Tlio.'i.a.   H    :,.a'.  i.ie-i,l<ni ofl 1__^_^_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
���    ni I, ilns evening, on accouni ol  n
thi    labor    inion, and   leader   of   the     ,     ,,     hrlstmas Eve
ken    it U whi      el  hit       At Holy Trinity cathedral there will
..ra  in  the riol  in that  lown on Oct.   b< special    midnight     communion j
service on    Christmas     Eve.   "Wood-
Communion   service   will   be
^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   sun...     i in the
eon  baturday.     m&bmw vouched foi by  Mr  McCa  ���    wh   livi I      ,.-.   ,., ��� ,  ��� UBUa]
li   the vicinity  ol Bu am I     ma-      ,\> st, Barnabus the decorations will
'beral   Nomination.
������ i.i lon   was
held   at
. was the :r  .'.r ..        : . ii.-   Kiel, t he
ol tin   Moi' h W'i   '   ���:���   elll  n, Is
r^*' a':"�� lance  and  the i   was a
of i ;.' a.i-:, -���;   through-
.  w ... : was the  '���'���' years
'  ���'   Association was a ould apear to have inherited .the .re-
���: \   i'  Smith was nn.ui
"''    ' si lent  . a.i   i com
there -''.ill  1 e  special
vl   i ��� 8   a n..   nm)
Hay ^^^
communion ser
:   I I   a in.   there
il ! i lire:'
ove   for
- :    ��� m ii    ing   nine
���   : om   Langle .  three   �������>��!"
.,  ��� The! ' om  Srv'   England   Stati s  and   mar
���   ared   ried a young woman of thai town,   ii'
a- ������      he word goes
.  n  Is forthcomins
��� Arthur H.  nes.
.���    ������' .        :,   \.:.
lb .;  . n   Sa   ;
'    ���.     ���������    CI    ...     . :
er I
out  47    - irs  ol
.<��� ���     '.    a S '   la
1   elusive of the guns an
nentyj,   .  .. L n   .   m ...   tood, t    ;
ti'. ���     passionate nature ani     .�� ,     ,,.       i^_m_ii_^_^_K
.I     ' a ilar t In isi mas _en Ice
ag,   togethei   with   hii   S] , ... ;  ,,,.,.;.   ;.., b8eo  arranged  for
Hi   came  ti    Buckingham    ������     ervice,  In  whirl   the  choir  will
', ���   ���   niiiln���.        . ��� ���        ' Ion  of   Mass
:   Sl.  Peter's i htirch will be open in
; ihe   p ibllc  who  will   lie  admitted   by
liel      Tiii,' le  i mi   in   obtained on
..��� lon  ..���    he   l'n shy lery      The
will   i. .  .   al       :''      Tb ���   nm
will    Imj Ihc   '' -iml   elaborate
i,���:  an i   . .     w      h listening to
house late lust nlghl and the occu
panis were engaged In loud conversa-
. Ion,
has   numero is  nelatlvt
��� .ai |, in Mont real
nnih '
New   Battleship.
I'���      22     The      titn   I
- . . ie thrrd of thi
!   ��� .     .     ��� n   this
! ...
ler for nery. p.
The M..scct.
en one    I idles ol
ttiiKilen's   . la '             I fell     ill
Sal unlay '         Unit i iinpnnj
md bad
tgaged ii    he 11 verj
wai ielor,   and
'��� n, had n    relal
eo int;       'i hi  '!��'���
- not      ���    een set.
Political  Meeting.
The Premie,  and VV   3   & wsi     W
P P . a tdr  i   :  .  ��� ���    ��� i.
1 .      Saturday nigh*.
ictnnes    ol   the
lately   to
of    Yukon
era   authorities.
cone ers
He was
tied io pui . a ibe wi li known phi\
1   ���    Via . .��� "    nm   this   in.lv   mn i
.."������ii  ��� In pany'i   a. i ii ei. Lo
be    absence, till   i he   i oni puny   ���
departed, i nd Ihej   ��ere gieeted
��� he   ..'in.ue st    attendance    I hat
,   ���      .,    at ed   '��� lhi  lu ul play ben ie
���   glim   house apparently    nlfei ti .1
.ia  lng, nn i  '.'. Iienevi i   i he actoi
.   ��� mlling   part, I heli   gaj_e would
. rr: :r:   O. B of empi v  seal B,
in i   .  glooi .    ' ���, !"���  Ion u"uld    ' ���
i        vi.i- cot," Miss
' ed the audlem e
��� ���   John   . I  ��� ���       ,..   Rosco,   ii"
______^ farmer, and J. H   Harlow, the I'rlnci
Ol   Pisa,  ra;-" I  aaT.     .1   laugh  bv   Ijiell
 iary  negotlatl ns    etween  Ottawa    ,,���,      .-- ��� : ,,,.. ,,i
and   Dawson   Involve        delaji     that
Sent  up   fcr  Two   Weeks.
Tom Kennedy, the aged sinner who
has been   n   government   guest   ninny
lum e during the course of his seventy
.' bl   ��� en'.,  Is  again hoarding  al   the
jail, where he will remain for tin. ni xt
two weeks,    He waa sentenced to ihis
lasi   lei in "ii  Satin day   morning,  the
!   rge   ..'��� i'ii':   hlm   being    one    o
1 un        ' .   d  10   lei Ij   on   the sl 11
Win 11   an    led,   he   gave   1 he  poi 1 ���
n Idei itih     1       le,  und   hud   lo
hi. i      y    ie time ago. In   bi i ���
n ei|       'i ��������� ���       ���""' tn ���
Itoi      ml ealing  h   quani   ;    ���
a '   hi       ��� a       ' gl       11      I!
:     y ���      ,' :     'ii hi
���   ���    ...     ihni   evei   h tppi tie I   in
The   N'ews-Advertiser   of   yesterday
We are Informed that ihe Hon. r..
!���" Green yesterday tendered the Pre
mier his resignation of the Chief Cont-
missiouei-ship  of  Hands   and     Works,
 jami ;lu  same was accepted hy Mr. Mc-
estminster.  the applicant   compt ay   gride with regret
it is understood thai Mr. Green expects to be interested In an Important
enterprise lha; wil] require mosi 01
his time.     Having regard  10 the pub-
-'".vice,   ami   the   convenien .    .
i -  colleagues, Mr. Green has. th
ton   thought It besi to retire at  this
Permission  Obtained.
Ottawa, iv>c. 22.���The Board of
Railway Commissioners has ami o I
se.j ihi Vancouver, Westminster \-
Yukon Railway company to cross the
Canadian Pacific Railway company's
sam line to the Brunette Mills at New
to di liny  the cost of the construction
"' a  diamond, and ins'tallins.  i   s<
The same  company   is also  pen
ted to mak. a junction nn 1 cross the
C.   P,  R. nt  the  Fraser River  Mills hi
the cosl of the applicant company.
The  Tottenham   in   Port.
���    stea   ship    Tottenham,  which
was   cl   ��� ;��� red   I :    Messi s.   McKi ;,> 1
BiOS., '���     aci    the   Themis,   which
wont   ���������   ; leces  off   Balakala   Is
.   p       ��� .    ast weei   whi le ���
.  I-.-  1 :    nee of V    es 1
.   1   ,     ved heri        ���      on S
���   ..    a, in   chai gi   "i   R ��� ���
, . which has
over 1    ���  ��� in The Toi ���   ' '���        local Institution wl ' h
he rivi          ���       s 1 ���                        ��� "   1
ow anchored at M "                       office,     li   has   ; ������ n
  ' ing    "       ���   regulai Ij. but  Bince
and Mrs.   .. T. Heath, of Kam-
.   is,  are   among   ihe  latesl   settlers
t<.   arrive  in  the city,  and  intend  to
make   this     place     their     permanent
Ml    and   Mrs.   Heath   an   ac
1 ��� mpanled   bj   Ave   bonnj   childr n
.     .-,   assets   thej   could   poi si I Ij
'       _     Witl a'I'll.
ukon Commissioner
Sees Rosy Prospect
Dreadnaught Injured.
v 11   -incl lean ; uper lins  1 his stoi y,
Th"   wonderful   battleship    Dread-
in'iialii   has  Iui ned  UP in   I'"' 'simian: a
v. uh two hadlj dented plates thai will
have to be replaced.    Nobod.   knows
w   Ilie illjin )   WS    1' 1 eived, win n  re
..in 1 11 where the battleship was al
momenl   ol   reception.     It   dues
1 ince.Hide  that   so big a
I      ��ould I ���   taken into water where
<   possible contaci   wiih  solid substance  Would  occur.     Yet.  there ii"'
iii" dents, and no submarines lo suspect.
3u ' ��� v    A. ,i "_  Sawyer."
rhi ��� Ining   plaj    .  :
1" ib" n n    I   hi   ' >.'  a  Hoi ���-
tonight.     The   i ook  on   which   it   is
founded is note i [ ������ ll - clever poi 111
al "i  Aiuei'ii'nii rural life
- came in Bight, ii has b ol ��� n
���   .��� '.  ',.  oi   ihree o'clock  in
.. alng   s     ���    egular thing, an I
. ..;. ,   before, It wa^
Doi 0 see the grand display
��� xl .t'i;"'! in the windows of J< I n
ston's  Bij   ���  oe I louse.
Phone Will Connect
Two Albertan Towns.
:.    ni
ng by Sir. Wilfrid
ap al once the mat-
it.ight  beit-r be ...enc.- leaving              Veterans of the Herds,
these questions I ��� the li *        Two Butt  ���           ees seen recently
altogether. H             H   25  _________________%  ___________________%     ^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Mr    Mclnnes   claims   thai ear   Winnipeg, .<:i\ the provincial govern-!     A. W. Dill, E. C. Richmond, and C. | of the
...       aexi    when   ..,..   ,,, ,,,,.,���  has di          ied men toattemptiN. Matthews,  three members of the
i.dniniiton, Dec. _:i.���All arrange-1 government is now advertising for
ments for the construction of the first | .000 poles and is calling for bids
long link of the Alberta Government's [ from  the  leading    telephone    supply
telephone system In the central part j houses of Canada for the Wire, insula-
'  him to the Capital    have accomplished the  Iw '  B< whk'h "rP "'   '!   N   "   !'',!,v;lt Present working at
e, onomtc
:'   present  In 'he , I iffs.
^_i :���:,-.��� I ,������    for   the
'   commissioner in coun-  their numerous pro ert lei      ���      *fwt|0f the buffalo in Manitoba "has caused, day for  the    purpose
'   the authoritj   to deal  ,,,- the Yukon gold fleldt   ���      ibow a   consldei mtnent,    as  none    of
...  powers large Ii     ���    ��� ,   ���        e five �� eee ������������     Ime monarchs of the pra.ir-
'    present these have  a half millions that it    . .:���:..���   een seen in tbeir wild. *tflt��
The presence   Abbotsford, ai rived In the city yester-
of    Bpendlng
:: !   lhe !,"��� a
���   eighteen years.
(')iristinas In a real !ive town. Abbots-
lord may be a very nice place to work
province have been practically   tors,  cross  arms and other
completed  and   the Public Works De
part ment   will  he  ready    when    the
weather   permits   them  to   go   ahead
with the construction of the line between   Edmonton and   Lloydminster.
Specifications have been completed
around, but  the young men draw the  the necessary exploratory work done,
line at spending holidays there. and the mute of the line chosen. The
    Items ot
The telephone line will follow the
general direction of the C. N. R. Kvery
town on the railroad between Edmonton and Uoydmlnster will be connected with the system and the towns to
the north and south wlll later on be
connect ed  up with branch  lines. IHE DAIXTjrEWS
��� u
. <
.'   .
To   Do   Your
_._.___ -iW~__ I* m-~Jk **m
g> ������
The Trans ent T. rong.
' ' - ' ;
I    Mat     .- _ -
li.       Morgan, J. Rai     _!    .-
���*'-������' '
���������       -.      ri:,- K    .       .
���'*���    '���'.    "     -'     ' -.   :: -
���'*'���������". ,
��� ���          .   '.:-
' ���*                  s * ���'���   ... .-   vi
'��� I'ancou. '        '.     .'.-.-...
6     '   R     *  ', ���.'::.
'       ilal���Ml      ������     ���
'���  "    i. I.    '���      H. Darid    -
P ;:   -''���     Chill P  :.-..- ,-.   Van
'.- . ,er.
r   ��� ������ ���     B '   ::;���.:.'-���
(���>����'�������.������>.'���'������-������"��� ���*���*��������*<#��������� ���.."���.���.'���'���!
Men's Xmas Slippei -
/or Men
and Children
���E' .
Ladies' Xmas Slipper
40c to $5.00 a pair
Children's Xmas Slippers
35e to $1.25 a pair
B.    AelJre,   ��e<-l    v_rl>-i>   ��rnl   D-rm't
f..-    Mr.ii'l    lo   l..-i.j_rli.
"fc *��.'���_��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���.'���.'���_��!��.���.'���. :�������>.'�����.��� ������������.��� >.��; *
��� ���
'Hi'' *' <'���
c a:.
v   ���
J' ���
ty    I
i   ���
an ���
tin .
tbu    '
I ��� ������
o .���','.
ii      ���       ..
ii   . a    ' fit
lm  i- Inflnli
'I bey
i     is than coun
h.'irii v hen at work    mt r are
thr ug
a good l rhei that
the theati I plte of Its i
has done      gt    I il       '    vard ci
th" maik    of agi     I' ������ An   ������ Sn laugh
much retain their youth  longer.-���Suo
This Is The Slipper Store
sM\\\\\mmammmmammmmmKMiriam*trji hhiiiibwiiiihi .  az_a_fs....���stsxtsEmtuecii.ti���:��� ^ansmrrmsmati-* *.���*&zx.w&wxvv.mHim&sx&vKmJiWK.,*a**.*nTP'i|
We hope to make this the most busy day
on record
fc i*l__W_lli--��T*l*i*n'ii^ruri'iaJ
SHOP EARLY and Avoid tke Evening
tl,i- I nr_r'-iii;I   Saurian,
���\ ��� ��� y ��� in her took _    i�� eandl
dn'e- foi ,a   n   .', i , i r.. er li
I.'- ��� Seeing  ��� on e alligators  In
the   In   :.  it tl cm objected
'���Why,   hi .':,'���:��� "   urge I   the   j.astor.
"���"���'���''  : . trusl   lhe  1. ird?    Ue took
ran- ol  Jol tll n'i   be?"
"Y ii ii s," ii'i.a ited :'. ��� darky, "but a
whale's dlfl rent. .. "'bale'- got a
linin ry. bul ".'' 'iie o' dem 'gal irs wus
ter swaller '..- nigger, he'd Jes' go ter
sleep dar In tie sun tm' ferglt all 'bout
mu."   Woman's Home Companion.
4    li
A SI) Poke,
Nell When I mei May today r had
ny new coun on. 'if course i expect
ed her to say something about It. btri
(tlie pretended not to have seen ft
Belle yes, rIic'h an awfully considerate  nnd  tender hearted  girl. ���'Phila-
dill.Ii:,'l    l.lal'el
Columbia Street
Shoe House
New Westminster
Mn,',- Lay   DEC. 24, 1906.
.j**>:*z*&>:<*y*&>> -��>:��>>>x*>>>>>>>>:.>:. ,
��� ��� ��� ��� ... . . ,;.������ ��� �����>��.������
Elegant  Gifts
For Men
Just a few more days before Christn is, ..   . ;...   .       ... ::-,:
shopping that has to be done yet!    Havej      lon.      :*..    It's
time tu look around and get hii ts      .. ..��� | .... .::    /., ..,., S(
all those ladies who have not yet       .  | *. ���     gifts for thi
gentleman friends to look at tht tn    end    5 selection we havi
The very things that would pleasi    ��� e tha   anything
are :
Silk Umbrellas,   Silk Sox.   Pretty Ties   in   Boxe*.   Silk   Mufflers,   Beautiful   Silk   Initialled
Handkerchiefs.     Then there are  FANCY  VESTS for  business, street _nd   evening  wear.
luxuriously comfortable, and what men long for in the e\
with paper, or hook, or cigar.
GLOVES also are most acceptable.    We have in stock ;. grai
selection of "Dent's" world famous Gloves, for riding, driving
or walking.
And  Don't  Forget Your Boys
Fancy Suits,   Stylish Coats,   Handkerchiefs,   Mufflers,   Ties,  Hats and Caps.    Everything to
delight the heart of your boy.
Get the habit, and go to
<- .'        .   j    Compel tior  foi   Depart
enti    ���   .-   . u��t loi   Bi   ���  ign.
��� .ited fo
.'...-. :.;. i      .
.   . .     .���������      ; $}    'l'l        III
:     Ottawi
lesigi    .
. awarded i ��.  ,...
. :. ia i
:.''.: ��� " .   .   000
Drawings v
anti are to hi
���     - " ! i     . ��� ���     ���    .
V ' . ' I
.      . ���    .
���   ���   ��� on i
'   I I      -    :    .
���.' .       .-.UNAS
...       ;���  ���
..   ,i    . ,
' '.i'
in thf: Supreme Couri ef British (oluinliif,
���������  . i       Sews n       ni ���   v ho    I   oui I   neeesi: ���   "
ave left their i day, will h        forgni
hii ������'������
Johnston'.  S.hof  S.tn~r
I      .:���.'..-        .. 	
models o   gooi    ���,,>.;���.
dated i    ndi
....- a :..  ia -. ..,>.     a grei    ���;
���   ,...( ���_    and    shoes     v i.   I
I i :,.-���!   ��� Ri    at    :.    ill'- .
I la
()|     V  a.
i   ���!������ r ne    v   :   i ������!   . '.������ i ���
; ���-   -:  .   , an      he wli
��� 11.  '.'     '.' !,     i
���  .     r
,:i      ���>. hi . ������ li
', ,'.       .   li.      I'l'llii.ll,      Ot>M       Hll-l��
1 ���     i.e.      .. ,. innsnesi   i n<   seasons
��� i    . i . ni -'    llnei    a ' Iclfls
i | .,  :       ae. am '
:. a    a ���     '.   .,.  lain       ll    ���
.vi b gifts for f 'lends
a '.!'. fllll 111 I' I'e
. ��� ���      ni    gei   'en'"! ���   toi
n .a. 'i   seis   am   shi   In*
KPtl a     ... l'i.       ���    I
.    mi     me'        ��� ll     hi
.... ��������� i,.      ...  ���
!a,i.    an.   ;, ind red
The Wardrobe Clothier
.     .1   :     M '   .     :  ���.
:-.      .        l-.i.i-      \, ,    .
. .   i . a  . ..    \. 1 >
���   VXD
N    .HI".   . 1 \TTI'.li  I
. i     U
i.      Th.
��� t--    ....... ......
li- ��� a       - :        ... I' I
. , .    ���
V   .!���   '     I k
'1. II,
s-       .    , ���     . I . ' ���.. :
on   exhibit iol
a    he ston i .   .
. ...       (rei     .i -     i
and ah oi      in      Those i
Ii  ii
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
From  the Vancouver Fire Clay Co.,  .'it
Clavburn, B. C.
Purchase Notice
N'Ol i.e      .    1  ���     .   '.,    glVCD   111. '    1 "     la
after date   1   Intend   n; |  i nn
Chief   Conanil    l< ner   i i   i ;.-. Is   and
Works fei pei iiii-a ,uu In pm i '���:.���, tin
following dps i Hied '.mil. ��� 11 inted al
Uie iiiuiiil! of the Kildala ��� Ivei. Coasl
di-lrirl Commencing .it a posi mar It
. i] \v . I 'i \ K Coi nor planted on
the south Inui]' of Ilie Klltlala river
al ihe moul li. running as ro li vt b 10
-IiiiIii. '.niiiii. in chains west, 40
rhalns north to Die shore line, thence
following alinie line to |ilace of com
iiii'iiri'iia'iii. containing ui .ien". uiiiie
or ii"--
Vug   27, I00G
I ocnlor, W   MOODY,
I',,  I'll \\K   VANDA1 .   Vi eni
Oct   .'I.   1006.
s,r��     \\ i stminsti ���    i'..
v i.i rei:     John     i*����wald,
u,      '    COUltha _       ' ..all.      fo
:i     ;:.    possession    ;md
Baa in st Ba     CouH a..
i nant ln tail
Pni stia.nl to I h�� Ordi i ol Ihe Honor-
<   Mi   a a.  I< i   Moi  Isoi   sea ed '-end
���  s addn sse I   ���    Caml   idgi   Dls
:;. g4.. a   erf Uu  Sui :���' me Cow t���
\i ��   w est minstei   B.  C,  wil    bi    ���'���
celved bj hiiVi .:,  ti Sa o the ..ih
..   ol  '     1907, fm thc purchase
. '   pari  '1 Lot   one (11, Block  Three
S aa   ..,-.., :-   \i ��   Westmln
���-ii    Cltj     Tenders must be accompa
riled   bj  a  cei tilled   11 ���������... i   Poi   Fit i
pei ct n    of thi  am< unt tendered.
Solicit!      ���     P<     low i   herein,
la   :
just arrived and including
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gifl
Jewel Cases
of all hinds
Pr.(:<"<. Right.    No tn. ....lr to
show goOdSi
im ji nil i k     Columbia St,
City Electric Works
0|.|...��-l(       I f (till   ��>l.<.   ������
nters an     he 1 n>
���. kish slippers a.
a ver;   nei     i ni   ���������  n
Prencl   -   r��pi     es iei lall;   ad
pa ���   ol   Ljol   i    a. ied rot ihi  mah �� ho love. ��� lei
sul ui ban  land. ... .. ���. '.,   home.      \   new
ni ��� adiei ovi gaiters n i flm
variet; ol colors haf been Introi i ���'���
foi   the  flrs 1 hi ;   a ���(   . i   n
. a i,'  and  would  bi  appre   i "���
: '   an;   lad;   ��h<   has ti   venti
In   the cold      The < hrisi mai   >   ���   <
stocl    a ������������!��� es ii  ���   iei  :      he wa;    'on
35  cent, to $8 Bfi
R. C   Purdy'i 8uggaat(ona
��� "    .      i nnli   ��������� i"
Hi .1      |.     11.:. a.    a I a,a
i,     -     when     hi     ���������  pii i
It   .,   Im   i   pen Ionian   ������   i  I
; ,    ..    :.;.:.    pipe!   O Wl    ���
i   ��� ���       He hai     hem  witl    long
: ���..    ..: ., ���    ��� ems   -    algh    nml
"e     . ems    ���'    i    momhtpleee.    '���
III      llll.      ll     llllllll'".!      (I
omi   casei   o   me 'eehaun   pipei
i  an bi    s ..ia   . leal   :. a-   wei   ca
....     ,    ai ',;..)     an     li ve    ol   thi
���   ...      .a.e,        hi    iiisc    im-      i"
.   Cl| i.      i   'tni.     boxe.   ol   f'li
ei . 1. ? i in     a    lu.\ ("llll,"    luiy.'S
i.-i   ii 'ge   ii   snli  iln   im "���>'���
1 witi'icw glil en wil i   e -ei'i,  r 'id
- i. na '..in.   eolo s   and   In atM-
lion t<   :lu  iii'.'.a '1,'ei   . lh 'Is mai  Tret
contains t- eanle. ol boxes o   choio.
confectlonerie.  whn.)   art   dreams  to
lool  i    i.iw choicei  Btill U   taBt_   ' Tu
Phillips The cipthier. o  that lini ol good, run In cn.s��
The  window   flispla;    .1   oonnei   01   ,i-"'   "'""   ���       fo    ?s       Mi    . nr,i>
���with Phillips   Gentlemen'e fti nisi  <   -
ston   Is a modi   1    goo   1 as te ai    1
gai ci      .:    hi   "���' is ��� " ndi w Is 1   hu
i.i      si t 1 ..rr.   from a   Pi iim   ��� with art!, les ro
....       .... .a,    . es -.I    a wind   ������ !'* n **kN   nothing oi suga    birds
. a   .    anged aifferenl col< ���<���.    nc 1      *'" '''"',"       ,���":,''*��   'n  ������v'',*'  VJ,r-
��� ���-'���< nl lights     The bell is ai pa '��i   I     ''  '* ''
.     .        ������ .   "     and    ib'     I ...
 ������    .   th an In Rei. Henbach'-
ght which  gives  a   nosi ,     ���. 1.,    mei     .  Bp .���     his   a on   in
ph      ��� '   effecl       1 . ��� "    thi    I .      It   {,,.;,,    ,.;    ,   ,),,   ll8ua    Btanda -d   1 1 a
:,     ���   seen a variet;   ol articles sue!     he choicei   ������    -   cases   1  fbewide.il
���   1    ���       slei vi   holdi   5   va ,.       .'...... ., .     i.v.,.:B   ,mf]   ,.e
dressing go1 mind   us ol   good   old   fashioned   f_t
est ing 1 pon n . I  h   '������'��� ���        - ���   . hei        * 'hi   I e ���<   0     bi
.        ...      and brilliat        ...     ,      he mi   toi   -   'rom the ehofc
���cl     which    ro mt     ihc   esi  flockr ol sheep In the provinc.  oi
... an bia   �� hich  li   i  aduali.
a  choice  showini      ���      .... amous I xcellen   .
1 a cha ���" ���     ��� ...      I.,..      -.    hi   clu ;'a  qual
make,  a  speolalt.   or Oanong't   G B
"vi.H'.a a. . .   an    P - 's   chocolates
Then   an   also stockings wei   Bllet
he little one In <hf
��� 1
.   ..        .      .... u.
-   ,    young men
lhi       :'.   0 "'    ���
... ind we 1. ���������'
led  .       ...       ��� rhe
: .      . .        .    ,-
.  .       ....   can   bt   -' ���
.' .      .   <
.       '��� ..'.,'-
ea son able  p; Icee
���   les.    and     tbe    ''"
��� ..      ���_    1 ���     .      de by sidi   "-   ���
1   dei ��� 1   than   in   : fi      tin
. 1          ���...    a-     an I  a ������   'ei 8.
. ia     a ���, hase .    and    causi       '������
h ol    he epicuri    ���   wate   ai   1
ll, v 1  1  !  ��� ��� ���������    ���    ���'���'������  upon them
The turkeys are of th�� finest   ������
 ble an.   thi   geesi   ah'l
'    and .rn the ��� il lei   an    ���   t.      _ ���; _h���.<   ���   ���. ���.   ^ere
��� "         *��� "��� ���
1 '   ���    !   '   ���"      h ";     '   ���   ���     '��� {ji.    5oIi   1  Rl ���"   v Ith the .
nbri     - of all sorts nr..       ��� variet;   ol  sausages     The	
henhow 1    ���       ethefancii ,-..,        .     : ..     ..  ,	
buttons   . mi x,���   ,. ri,   .,       ...       ...     v ,. .,
ver 1 nd   I ',""1   pud
. * 1*
v.          .         .....      ,   '.
Anderson   A   Lusby.
j              ���
.   ���
:  ��� ���                                     thORI         wtl'l.a
.                                      .....
.a,       ...
 ' ���
I'm   1 let 11 Ic  uir.!.      ,!   iiiiii," .     ni"' "
hi... phoni ii'' urea sh 1 li 1 liells, bai
ii : i. " ii. a.i ��� abli ���' of all iiin.ic
an.l -i/"-' 1 ti ���" wiiiiiL'. Motor in
winliiii"   '  1  ��� ' laity,    All kind,   of re-
.i. ��� iii'iiiipii'. attended to.
li DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
$20   AND   UP
Cut and Made on the Premises
24 7Front Street
New Westminster
��� . '     .       .'i    and    varied
Ilni ������    j    which  ai-.
d ��� i        ."'i   ���
la,,',..        '��� I      ,        ,   ,,,,,,��� ,        ���       .    ,
I,    I      a ill,      ,     ... pii  I.   I. ,11. I.   ���     ���       .
 " '"    .en I'j .   M'i",a i 1 . i   .
pri Ii   '    11 1 111.   bu; ���	
��� i. ii. ; 11 long nt n a " ' I'm ge . >n lm
i_j| h
'-.iiiiii,'. i- \  boot's.
\ gli 1 h ��� ;i "���" 'li. ill��� ��� ���   _
-na.. makes II ver; apj arenl thai Mi
Bmlth ims nol been In business foi a
number of years for nothing, li'1
ints placed Upon his shelves and tables
tin admirable selection o'* wcnrnlilcs
ol richest fabric, suitable tor Indies
o' till ages twid sizes, from the wot> tot
In long dresses to the aged niiiiroii.
Neck wear is one of the leading lines
tor Christmas presents, and one large
Show case contains a dazzling arrin of
ties, Bashes, ribbons nnd combs. The
I 'its are a specialty and are made nf
delicately woven metal, These aire
all the rage at the presenl time in
thc larger metropolitan centres    The
1 -
���  : ���
... ��� ... .       a.,a     .      ,
"   ��� ' '
of Cl ��� Then
1      e line of hi pse
e> tock 1    	
1   .
���oiled crea ���
���   .        . ������ , ....
\. ���'
.hich  are  dom
fane) which sell at 1
. onabh        ��� chlldrei
���""   ���'���'-.    . tocklngs   filled
"   lh   ' a.lies
Speck's Specialities.
Alex. Speck hns placed in his si a
6 verj fine assortment of cutlery ot
all descriptions Knives razors, car-
vevs nn.i carvlhg sets, are among
them, and also a liatn sllcer Well
suited for presentation to all who live
In llieir own homes. For yOUttg people he lias month linniioniens 1tl dif
tereni style., violins, mandolins, auto
harps and other musical Ittstj-umente
at ridiculously low prices. 11.
carries footballs of excellent male.
He would like to call attention to tho
(Continued on   Pag^e~Ntnej
��� mimimmm THE DAJLY NEWS
r ���     . tabic  get WINDSOR
.���-__    .-._-.'.
gj f. | *\
_ -.
��� _
���      DJ
<r        ..     .-���--
Bea ling notices   ���.:.--'   . e   1'
���<-.'     ��������� '..--:..-.��� -..- nonpariel  I.
��� ���      e
>   -,   . ���        ��� '   - ' . toanager
.' '   ' _.-'..-���-      EM
_ea'.b     *        '��� ��� ���.  ���     for sale       -.'. o*
a        se cent    ������
-. ���1. ment taken to
���    ���    .-. ." ceou.
��� *
_a  |.
|> ��� :
Day C" -..
'. -_ -1  Off -.��
HONDA /   DEC   2*   1906
Xmas Presents
Horace Dorer
>Id I ���    ���'.
��� ��� ��� -.        . ..,..
.-.   of the :���:��� y.   ,-
1 ting
'���'���    ;,   a   ::.��� ���'.:..'
'       '    ."
'' ��� '.' . .'.������.:      ��� -     ��� ..     :
1   ' .���-.-��� '        .
'*���       ���" '        ���:.���:   ���
"���'    '������      ���
"���   '' R _ai    '.. .    '
''   '    Klli    ���    il.P.p. said in Janu
��� ' It is a i ...
i  ... ���   .
Govern mail     -   ���
"'������-'-. I  i.   . .  ��� -
tl (tm     ��� ������ r_   rerun
���    -.���     ���
���    . ...
The tl       ���  '     -
[     ' '������.:
"���������:������ . -   :. _n
"    ���   '  ���   '       -������.���-.     ���    ".--.
6 1 ������" : .:;.     Ml   2 . ���.   ta..-. M
-;     ectalit   of G. D. B. i    ���-���
ids.   a well ���       _��� of
. ��� - -.   - -. . ��� -. ���     --..���'.    ���
One   thing   rbi. -.   a     fa      -��� -
��� ���'..       - -    .     that   '''    ���.
:.  -   ���     tbe
-.-������..----'..-.'���-��� hot
������������������-.-.:    .        ,>������������ - ������ - -    is
:. . :. .: _������' .
Remember���INext   Tram   Office
vas  going
C-a^s's  /ewe   ery.
.'.   '..-.���- . ���   .-.-.. ���.-._---���--. -.
'. -ie.-.   .
T   ���   - ���    ���������   e-at      ".-      er -.--
��� I-   .'.    ���'������-'..-
���      ��� .   ���
ice fron   '        ���   .      Theae
-.    . - |
- as acci
��� *:.       z ��� .-. ��� - ���
... i,. ���..
��� ;. ���.-,.-     '���.:������ -
Cut Glass
v ���
Crake 1
'    -.    ��� ���
W. N. Draper "The Milwaukee" Firemen   Wanted. Koyal Columbian IfcH
. that  Mt    .1'
Pa ea1  Furniture   H
��� ���. ..-.
In tl ���   ��� .'
ions to  -I
-    -
:.       He   :
' '
'. ��� ,     .   :���  i.    /������-
���   ���.
B. C. Land
Eilard  Block.   New W.st-nirster.  B.C.
'The   Pioneer  Limited"  St.   Paul   to
Chicago.   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited".
Kansas City to Chicago.
::    ie-     :.
Tkc Fr3.s6r i\ivcr i ___Qn6rv        a%   *on * '���l' r tra ~
*   give   the r   i   "  ns   an  excellei f
N'o   tra :-    a   the   service   oo   any
railr  ad   in  the   world  that   equal   in
equipment that  of the  Chicago,  Mil- j
���.     - ee   &  St   Paul   Railw iy      ]     ���
own   and  operate their     .'��� -.   -'��� ���:  ng
'.   ; ������>-_..
give   tneir   pa
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. Genera] Agent.
-34 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
VS.  A   Dr.VC IN*.
i Mr. I
I hlm. 1
i ba      a correi      i
. ��� ���   '      a
Ild neither, I
'     natural] ied In
.    I to     ������",,'.
Reduced Rates on Market Day.
i.'f'- Live   Dot ember   2.     1906,   the
Oreal  Sc thern Railway company will
' '        roun I trip ticketi   P ii ���
'���   ' and   Intermediate  points  to
'     '. iin ter at  $1.00    for    th��
ind   trip   on   Friday,  Market   day,
with  ret . :. on  date of Bale only.
Half rate i will be made for children fiv year ad under twelve yeara
"���' age.
any  of  v
: e heart of an
ilso an exci lectloi
nd i'! iin in
tange i        Ic.       I'..: ��� in   ,
i .      '.    ��� ome   : ���      itioi   ire 1
" pui cha " I, and Foi tn un ac
Chi :   ' ... gifl    l'i   ;i!i    ���.' ' ���������    '
irtlstlc  n  home   a lon,
More 1 linn  l.lkcly.
Romantic He (with bl. arm around
her wiiisi. All this seetna go familiar
to me, darling ��� thc quiet night, the
whispered word, the tender look. J
wonder If ll is a mem iry nf some previous existence? Practical She No,
William; II Is more likely n me a try of
.Tne previous B\vee be irt    Referee,
N'cglei tod    c iiu ��� :;.     soon    expires.
: ';   i   i'i yon a ������ li -    ���   I vani  .iv*
;:  Un   ��� . ."..:'. :i <! of I 'tl It.    fuckus.
TENDER TURKEYS al th ��� Royal
Fish Co.' - store. 346-2
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from   Geo.  Adams,   Grocer
Ladies' Gold Watches from $12.75 up
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, open
Iar-", $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
ca ". $7.50 up
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, upplied to the Wellman Arctic Exi edition.   All warranted.
Chains, Iiin;rs, Jewelry, etc.
Watch repi ring; charges reasonable.
9 Oil
Christmas is with us once ag in.
What joy it brings to millions.
It is the greatest day on the World's calendar.
Who of us i.s so old, that he does not become young
again on Christmas morn?
Santa Clans will live a< long as there is parental love
and human brotherhood in the heart of man.
We Wish You
A Merry Christmas!
The merriest you have ever spent.
We deem it not amiss to thank our patrons for the
greatest business in our career.
Perhaps, we have merited it through the exercise of
our best endeavors to conduct a mercantile enterprise
worthy of your heartiest commendation.
Again thanking you for the libera! patronage extended to us during the past year and wishing you greetings
of health anti prosperity   we say, once again,
Ti :. le
-'a     '
. ��� I
' -
Di . ..-
Oi  ceries
.'.  LS .
F ���
i e ���
���a  Wesi
'"'     i
R. C. I
MONDAY,  24th #>\
The Original S ���
an. Bi  tonSu   ������
p. EF JifliS S��"Ei
Wiitiam A. Wlllia"*!
in his original title n
f.100  :3c. 50c aad 25C-
'    ' .. . ��� ;";;!
|��     Seats dow on s-1;
Store. DEC   2'.  19��6-
LrKath Robes,
The Cash Store
Clearance sale
Wrappers, 95c
Only One Day
More and then
Already we hear sighs of relief from
peopl .��� who are just about through their
shopping, but there are some who have
yet many tilings to get, for whose benefit
publish the following list of gift things.   There being only one more
ling day means that unless we sell a large quantity of small stuff we'll
ive it left on our hands. So to-day you may buy any of the Fancy
jedle Cases, Pin Cushions, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes,  Dressing
Ises, for
Ready at 9 a. m.
One-fourth will be deducted from the price of each of
the above articles TO-DAY. Monday.
eg' Dressing Cas
rmerly  .14 5 '   I
ither   box,   lined   with
��� ,'
 :.- ��� mans' Dress!   .   i !ase    m   idlng   raz.    an I   _tro
.���>:. line.I ���'         Wa       '    -         former!      -:
���y. i's Work Cabinets    ��� needles, etc .  In sl
ilo  icco Case;  regular  $2.00   to       $1.50
:.- in the shape of    Pu Vppli       SI awberri -
loc for 10c:  20c I      *-c: ."    ' ��������� 2Cc an I  loc for 25c.
��� !���;.���. Gentleman's Dressing Case, with razor and sir p, In Eng
,,-j  Leather box, lined with Watered  Silk, formerlj   Jit.''":
'  ' Ia.      $11'.all
16-piece Ladies' line dressing outfit, In leather covered box, with
Jewel drawer, lined throughout with Watered silk: former.) $15.00
iiia    $11-25
I.a.lies' Leather (Hove nil Handkerchief Cases, lined with Watered Silk, well made and beautifull;  finished; regular $5.00 pair for $3.75
Pincushions, ordinary shape covered with satin, trimmed with
ind  rlbl  m; 75c for 60c:  $2.75 for $2.00.
1            "'*���'
Irish  Linen T i
:  a   i   an i
. lanuf ict irers'
:   1-.   .'���
. '            $1.85    HI: 1
:���'. tr dozen, large -i s ���
.:l. lies
and .Men's Umbrellas, with fan-
horn  all.I  li It ::' S    '   i i.
!'-    equipped   with   barrel   run-
i ers    These   have  ' een
and$2.00 goods TODAY   .$1.50
Girls Bi Coats iris of 1 1    T
. : 7" on ���- an   -  in ���"    tl $2.50.
,    ��� . C    "... thers
;: .. tr $3.50
\:       .. ��� 'ii ���        etc.  'i sto ��� ���
;.          Si     B    .   - in
,,    ,    ,   one    -peri.
1   Iim
���     -      ���         it $2.00.
.    Si
t. 1
tc.    a     75c,   $1.00.
$5.00, $10.00   o $14.00.
Jerseys   E
��� ..-'.. n        Kin   :l
To Men Shopping for Furs
'  ���     $3 SO, $6.5C
i nml othei   w orl   a    w ho .ii e detaine i ' il    dul les
find      Is jusl   lhe   a.i '��� i" shn i lie   mse all  the in-
������I; opportunities for comparison  and stud)
l. .ii".   . i.i iie'!    Throw over ���
i \i: i I"":: length i, Sniin lined 	
S   Me.   Fox,   Mail' ll.   Min'.   in. '
.  : . : rei    ,n all  ill i]ies and lengtli i
' ,11: e     �� il ll     lllHl'i   ���    l'l     IM.lI'li .     $12.50,
$16.50,   .120.00,  $10.00.  $10.00.  $50.00.
Women's Neckwear  in   Rich  Variety
Local News Briefly Told
bas a:
ol  :.   -   ������" .-���      i: ��� ::.'  -  ��� ���      : - ��� itra choice
The ... ���    in    il       '   ��� -
will bi m \ lay, 1 '������    26,
an 1 also on v, ������ lm - . i;    .lan _, 1907.
Turk-        a . ���.- ��� -    ,' '       i     .:.    Meal
Markel ��� ffici 243-4
t'i,. -    ..-     elebra       _   started  on
Saturday,   when  -rie&ds  wished  each
a   -       So   far  a.-     ���
iffice   here   a   ,'.. kage  addi I   to
If tl .   ��� nto the post
21 Pionei eet, Victoria, a narked "Book P ist, .�� :' :. i: ��� " will call
at the 1'   O., this raorni  g make
good  thi     eflclet stage, thi     a
age will go forward - mail.
:..   exp    led       ���   .   ���'    '
'l      eys have arrived       Re! iach,
lon't dela li     .   on ���
ledgs   goes   onlj  two men were
irdened   with   '**���': le   thai   11 ���
.   ate      while    drinking
their health.     The twin jags  will  a,
peat  In   i he   i �� k  this  morning  when
i| -��� ��� ite  will  look  ihem
and    lecldi thej   deserve
for Christmas
i im
V.ina ��� ivei   banks
J   i    -.      ��� :.    : ir tihe
Polmatiei   Slsti . -     i ipi i a     oompan; .
. Idi .   '     .��� ���   sa-.       ' ...      is  just       nplete        rangei ienl -
.....   ....   ..    .   to    ������".   ..: rith  the  appi :.".ince     tii*
ter rei er.   King    '       talented on Thurs
rk.ni       .        nd ���'���'"   i:     '; he enti w I
emittanci i       '���   '       ice in St. Pai
���der loci
........      ,       havi
���   min le I
of  hoi!
.  ihni   ���: -
Big Shoe _ :
3 at the Ho
Pis    Co.'s   store ! 16 2
:  :..    a   .        ii     r  Chinaman
who  : ��� ��� ���       ideas as re
gar Is   liis   ow:.   an       ii b i     people's
- '   ���-    '.��� as   ���""" te     i ���. -���     esterda;
Ladi ea     Foi
I     a:
1' igars
-   '
. ... ��� '...:.
:.   La streel
���'    \   '���'.
.ited to
. _ .-���--   tn thi   ���'. .. .'        a-  ��� .
in his ���> :. re of whethi
make a lase oi   not.     The
-  : ��� .    storeys big]    Is  ma li     :
the   fine.--   materials   and   guarantee
'">   t;"   ���'���    *    &   '   '     ��� ��� *   -  essinS   afternoon       P      tfaxwel    who acted
.   ntest is an annual affair al Welsh's   ���.M,n   in| ,.._ [on  .,,(..,v<.:_  ....,���_
the special   thp,   chinaman, who complained  thai
Tine   had  .-mien  ;i   croantlty  of cigars
from his store in Vancouver, nnd thai
a warram had Seen  issued for his ai
resi by the police of ihat city.    Latei
features   if Yule  Tide
Cows are si,;: marauding around on
the top of the hill much to the annoyance  of   some   of   the   residents   who
have   gai lent       A   number  have  had   in  the  afiernoon.   Officer  McLeod,  of
the  Vancouver   police    force,  arrived
here and  took  Tine  In charge.     The
their  raspberry  canes ruined  by  having the tops nip     1    1     The victims
an   talking ol s    g   .      tin.l  robin!case win ,,f* bought  before the Van
to the council o      . ��� matter, an 1 ask-
couver   police  Magistrate   ihis  morn
ing for the spee Ij   app��� menl  ol a
pound keeper.
All   Onl   of  the   Sum.    R.rrrl.
Threi! Americana traveling in the
French provinces thought at dinner
that they would tro a little higher than
the vin ordinaire included In their
three franc table d'hote, and accord
lncly one ordered a bottle of Mnrsranx.
Ihe seeond ordered Pohtel Oanet, and
the third ordered Hatit Brion. The wait
er. suitably impressed with these or
ders, retired, but he Incautiously as he
retired left the door open, and thus it
was thai the three stupefied priests
heard him give their order in these
"Baptiste, three  bottles of the red."
I Argonaut.
v.  I i    Cll
. r ;.   .     .        . (':    _   '11
.    . - ���;....
I   : ' ' "   I
;---,,"     ;���'-,   $1.50, $2.00  $2.50, r-       i
A   Vnlvemitl   Itnlo.
a good thii ���_ I i me town sometimes
fails to work In an ither town Abso
lute knowledge seems to he rare, ex
eepl that It always pays to be Indus
trious, far and decent, Atchison
Cheerfulness bears the same friendly
regard to the mind as to the body Tt
banishes ail anxious care and discon
tent. sonthes and composes ihe pas
slons .iiid keeps them in a perpetual
Wife . the tiff)   I bave suffer
ed  everj   calnmlt.    that  can  befa
n Oiia. -        d    lealniU i    Oh,    no,
you h..vi j dear You ha\ e nevei
been  a  ��   ' w :,    You evldentlj
'lo,, ,  un lersl ind me ', _al i "calan
Men   nl  Dentin.-.
"De in i who a i.a. : ...a'r serlousl;
e- erj   i   ii.'ie ot his life" said Cnclc
1"'.""' Il        ....    to   b��   one   of   tWO
iti a ������   ., he i or ii |oke,"  Washington
(.1 ir
Thi. *<���<���<.nni�� lor 11vert i ,������-_.. Tha'
\nr_r.    Soiik-i linen   Show.
''Yes. she's n good nurse, doctor."
said the patient rather reluctantly.
"Yon dou't mean that," wns the answer ol the physician, "What's the
matter with hn':   Come, tell me."
"Nothing," began the faint contradlc
lion. "She's quiet, tidy and sympathetic, but, .l'"'i"". her hair's dyed. ;
could see ii plainly yesterday when sh,:
sal   hei weel. nie nni  the  V indow."
The doctor did not speak for a tne
menl.    lie did nol even look surprised.
"Such a nice nurse, too," wenl o i th
patient.    "Why  should she do such it
foo sli thing?"
li wns then that sh - I larned 1'roin the
do, ior that dyed hair is not  nearlj so
uncommon    In    the   ense   of   trained
nurses ns might !"��� supp ised. S ���', pe
pie lil .���  to have  young  nurses abou
th Eve    ph; sic   ns h ve a wei I;
ness for the young nurses. Thej I ���
lleve that their Interest and enthusiasm
arc greater.
'���The nurses' term of usefulness is
short enough us It is," this physician
said, "for the work is so exhaustive that
they must soon succumb. Some of
them are coi pellcd to give up af ���
ten vein's. I'ew nre ever i ble to keep
up until ihey have pul in twenty years.
"If ihey feel ihai gray hairs, coming
perhaps n iii fli ea ' than they are
due, are going to maki the term of
their best tlaj s i \ en briefer thej are
driven to hidiie those traces "I" I m
, overwork hj the us ��� of hair dye,
nnd tl ��� number that do make use of
Is . <--\  nine] ' ;  ���
n >������- >s.'     Not Yo
\    ���    .   nbn   as, Wen's 75c to $6   ���
'. ��� I  I   Ll ���... .    .
: Sn Cash Store
Real Linen
Handkerchiefs and Gloves
Real Kid
���"'lv bays som- of th        useful some   a dozei.
is li    ' :*'"  ''   ���'""'  ftl
$2.75 to $3.75.
the famou. Trefousse Olove, which
. opnlar price . .$1.50
medium   length   Olove.   it 75c, $1.00, $1.25
,'.. oo Manufacture.-'- Seconds and San
worth 25c tor 16 2-3c.
plain and fancy one . at 5c, 10c, 15c, 2.5c, SOc, 60e
m .
and     Lawn     (Z
|'"    ���    ���
'-'" Wash Col-
""��� 50c for  10c
�� a   * _ *
9     kJk �� &��&
\\ here The)    -m-.-,-rt
"Bul i r.r so tinw oi iin. darllngr lv
murtmu ed as he beld ths dem (flrl'a
hand in hla
"Oh, Qeorge," she sighed, "if yon
ii ud papa agreed on every other point
a.i   you  do  on  that  how   happy  ���w*
would   lip"'
: I  i-MSHED   ROOMS   tl
i  <     narvoi
The regular meeting ol   New w^.t
min. ier  \erie L'O. will be held on Thursday evening, Dec 27, Instead of Tu< b-
day evening, Dec, 25.
(Signed) H, SCftOPIEH-t).
Choice Goods for
Blouses,  35c  value
for 25c.
60 and 75c  Flannels
for   52c.
HimiuM ��� un  M ' ���������"������'Illi	
-   .i- -m i>
$675 Will Buy
a fully equipped sea-going 4u feet
1. horse-power, 4-cycle engines. The
price is less than half the cost
lii'lee of the engine alone. Trial trip
and all particulars to anyone meaning
New Westminster. 'Phone 24"..
Wanted���Si imt.  bo;   to drivi
maki elf generally useful. Ap
plj w. lv Fales' Furniture store,
MR. HARRY Davis, Baritone, will receive pupils. Lessons in the art of
sin��in_. and voice production. 321
Columbia Street.
WANTED���Married couple desire furnished rooms for light housekeeping
or board and rooms in private family.     Apply H- 'his ofiice.
Printing of every description���If yot
wish to reach your clients leave us
your order for type-written circulars.
We can print them to yonr satisfaction as we have the type faces for 'his
class of work. Your order will lie appreciated. Mrs. Dominy, proprietress,
Arrow Press, Daily Xews Block.
LOST���Between Asylum aud Douglas
street cemeterw and Columbia sl .
wai eh guard, black grograln ribbon,
sold buckle and diamond-set locket
with photo inside. Finder will he
suitably rewarded by returning
same to W. E. Fales 242-2 THE DAILr NEWS
I    1
See our window display of Beautiful Pictures
A large importation of
Prints, Engravings, Sepias, Carbons, etc., etc.
See our line of 25c and 30c Pictures
Regular 50c and 60c values.
������������������������������������������������ ��� ��� ����� ���������#�� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������
Large   Oleographs   for   $1.95
Good value at $2.50.    Large 4-inch gilt frames.
It will pay you to drop around and see the goods.    None better ever
offered, and a good selection.
Another car of Xmas Furniture arrived yesterday.   Beautiful Cabinets,
Buffets, Sideboards, Bedroom Furniture, etc.
Make this your headquarters when  shopping,
chairs and a parlor fitted up for your pleasure.
We have numbers of
|| hat   ttsr   V��rl..u��   I oumr !�������   ot   Km-
,.,,,.    All""   Fo* Their I......
me different  fins �� :ir��' f',r fr0,,i j
taring the Bame ralue In the eyes of'
| the law  with reference to their func
' tlonal utilisation    Much tbe most lm
portant  ia tbe thumb,  for without   II
prehension   would   be  very imperfect
The band Is no longer pinchers, but
merely a claw, wben deprived of tbe
thumb.   It may he estimated tbat ih<
thumb represent* fully a third of the
total value of tbe hand.    The French
courts alii  ���   15 t" 35 per cent  ralue
for the rigbl  band  and  10 t"  15 for
the left.   The Austrian schedule gives
from 15 per cent for the left to 25 per
cent   iur  thi   right     In  Germany  20
:. ...  28 per i-eut  and  even as  high  as
: ;. : per ci ut  has  I n awarded     The
percentage is based on 100 as the total
Industrial ralue of tbe hand previous
to the accident, a 1 iss of 50 per cent
representing half of the value, etc.
The total loss "f the Index linger
causes nn In apac ty estimated at 10
t" 15 per cent in Austria. 1(1 t.i 20 per
cent in Germany, 15 per cent for the
left and 20 per cent for the right i'.\
Italian courts The French allow II
per cent
The middle ringer Is of much more
Importance than the Index, Btates Dr
Meiguan, whom we are citing and who
Is i." _mi authority, fur a great losi
of force Is observed In the hand when
the Qnger Is amputated. Vet almosl
all Un- authorities ascribe less Impor
tance to it than the Index. The Italian
law allows ,r> per cent, the Austrian ."
t > in per cent.
The ring Anger Is tbe least Important
li-; total loss often does not cause in
capacity The Austrian tariff aaalmi
lutes this finger to tlie middle one. The
Italian law is liberal, with 8 per cent
i'he French and German tribunals ol
ten  refuse Indemnity,  considering tbe
Incapacity   result,ng  frum   tlie   loss   as
very slight.
The little finger may lie compared to
ile ring, except in the professions In
which it serves ;.s n point "f Bupport
for the bnnd. It mav l.e remarked bere
that the artist has imt lu-ei, taken into
consideration In these cases. I'hdade]
phla Record
to all those that purchase their XmafmSM
We have the finest selection anH...
ORANGES ever imported'moil; ��ran^ofj|
The nut famine is unknown at our ��� ���.,,.       a    , \
variety   Brazils, Walnuts, Almonds-and oi     .   "..'"'      |
Sweets and Candies
EVERYONE  knows the excellence'ot  ,
Our reputation was built long ago I
year is no exception. Our prices ai S3
If \OU have not been a customer intH
become one now. Every satisfi E
anteed at
oe   ^uoy"
Opposite C. P. R. da
Open  every  evening  this   week   until
Saturday and Monday later.   Come at once, get first choice.
9    p.
To local points. Tickets will be issued
at single fare and one-third for the
round trip. Dates of sale, Dec. 21st to
25th, inclusive, and Dec. 28th to Jan.
1st; good to return Jan. .'ird.
For further particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
Xew Westminster.
E.  J.   COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered promptly to iny
part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Xmas Gifts
TIES and
The Koran says all flies shall i *..._-
with the exception uf one. the bee 11. .
It ie regarded as a death warning In
Germany to hear a cricket's ery In the
! nlgbt.
Tbe Tapuya Indians uf Smith Ameri
��� ���a assert that the devil assume! tin
shape nf a tiv.
Tbe grasshoppers are said to fere
warn people In Germany of the visits
of strange guests.
The Spaniards in the sixteenth een
tnry thought that spiders Indicated tbe
existence of gold wherever they were
In abundance
Although a sacred Insect among the
Egyptians, Uie beetle receives little no
i ti.-e iii folklore,   It is unlucky In Eng
land  to  kill one.
The ancients believed that there was
a close connection between bees and
the   soul,    An   old   Welsh   tradltiou   In
that 1 s came from paradise, leaving
; tbe garden   when   man  fell, but  with
| Hull's blessing, so that the was is nee
essary in the celebration "f tbe mass,
'Iffice 'Phone 18-
Marn  r'none 1.7
or call at the
Wholesale Department
T. FREEMAN,   -   Proprietor
Clothing Co.
The   (l.xl.'s   Tick.
"Not  all  people,"  said   tbe Jeweler
"like the ticking "f a clock.    It is a
pleasant sound to most j pie, but not
to all, Some people, clock lovers these,
couldn't sleep without a clock In the
same room. Its ticking is company,
and it scares away the spooks. Such
people would wake up if the clock
should stop in the middle of the night.
But there are other people who can'l
sleep with a 'lurk in the same room
and who, if they found themselves in
a strange place anywhere witli a clock
In their sleeping apartment, would
.tup the clock before they went to bed.
Of course there is much of habit in
ties, hut we have our fancies about
| clocks, ;:s ue d i ni out all things else."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
: 16 Hastings St. w, Vancouver,
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
i    Shorthand, Telegraphy and Kn-
i    .meeting.
�� Seven  Teachers
j  Forty-Ftve   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
mas   Cheer
The Royal Bank of Canada      <iHhAv( Cot 1(th str((t
New Westminster, B. C.
Insures absolute security to depositor-.. START NOW to save your money
and you will never regret it. People do harder things every day and have
nothing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an accouni, Put it in your pocket, it would probably be nothing, bul ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will in
ten years amount to $604.60.   THINK   THIS OVER.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building'
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
r    Cl    I vi!?   ft* RESIDENCE-24 Eighth street, New
r. B.  LTLt, Manager. ' Westminster, B.C.
is fully stocked with all kinds of
Specially   Imported   for   this   st>a.on.
Ladies' fine colored Felt Slippers, in fell
sclcs, from 50cto?li
Ladies'   Fine   Evening   Slipper-, in fine D(f
Kid    .... 1.75 to:'1
Gents' Fine Dongola Slippers,  a special line, wot
2.00; for  '
Special Warm Lined Gentlemen's Slippers,      *|
comfort 90c, 1.00 and II
The Dick damp-proof Boot for Gentlemen, inOf
gola and Box Calf, at ''*
When once worn is always worn, ana
requires no rubbers.
The Dick Boot for boys means dry feet and ironw^
The Old Country Boot Storj
Columbia St. J. STEW ART. Pr0|
sWksWk%wkmmmk%mmss%%mmmmmmKwmBBs. mess*
Talking   Butjhfti
Star Candy Stor<
, ��� seen '"
puts up the finest assortment of pure sweets eve
_ our
the city.    Jusi thinkl    Chocolates made to order,
delicious cream, that melts in the mouth-   So g"*ea
,. 0f fresh
sales that every day sees an entirely new stocK
intuit.' Candies,
Columbia Street
Next to
de Grey's Barber
u ' *
24, 1906.
7.   '
he Right House
'' S.M
are the triple attractions at Richmond's, The Right House.   Only
a few rr^re days left in which to make your Christmas selections.
Begin to-day, and save the worry of the last few days.
This Store is full of Christmas gift suggestions. The deciding on just the appropriate
thing is made easy here. Never have we shown such magnificent assortments, and never
have the values been better. Come ani see for yourself, then you'll know why we are so
enthusiastic, then you'll know the why" of the greatly increased business we are
Old .1 ie. :i funnel-, was noted for the
many ways he bad of skimping and
saving, line day be hired a big country
boy to help him with his work. The
buy reported for duly al 5:30 o'clock In
the morning, nnd i >i I .1 . ��� sat bim down
to breakfast. After the lad h id finished
the menl the sharp old fanner said,
"What do you say If we at. dinner
while we are al it ."   As the boy agreed.
they fell to and ate a littli re.   Then,
seeing ihat the youngster could eat do
more. Old Joe suggested, "Suppose wu
finish up and eat supper too." "Ali
right," assented the lad, and he man
aged to swallow another crust of bread.
"Now let's get tu work," shouted the
gleeful farmer, thinking iif tlie saving
ln meals lie had made, "No," returned
the hoy, "I never work after supper
A man'- time Is Ids own then."���Loudon Times.
Tie Modern Clothiers      The Modern Clothiers
Columbia Street
Columbia Street
Manufacturer ot
irruthers Manufacturing Com y.
Manufacturers of j Mineral Waters, Etc.
dw Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures ! K    . , ,ir .
&                     { Aerated Waters,
JMENLEYA Merry Xmas and
A Happy New Year TO ALL
No. 15���Commencing at a post planted about one mile up front the mouth
of the Dala River, on east bank, running as follows: 80 chains east, 40
chains north, 10 chalna east, 10 chains
north, 10 chains easl, l'i ehains north.
more or less, to river, ihen along river
to point of commencement.
No. 16���Commencing at post planted
ni the mouth of Dala River, Coa-,- District, on west bank, running as foi
lows: In chains west, 80 ehains north,
120 chains east, In ehains south, more
or less, to river, ihen along river to
poinl  of commencement.
N'o, 17���Commem Ing at a post plan
ed on the we il bank of the Kittim it
.im. about twelve miles south of Klt-
limai Iiniinn Village, opposite I lo
Island, ai mouth of Kildala Ann. running as follows: 40 chains north, 10
chains west. 40 chains north, 10 chains
easi. In chains north, lu chains ea-'.
120 chains to poinl of commencement.
No. IS���Commencing ai a post planted ahout 2" chains south of post of
Claim No. IT. running as follows: -10
chains west, Sl) chains south, 40 chains
wesl, 80 chains south, 40 chains east,
then along shore to point of commencement.
No. 19���Commencing at a post planted about one mile up from t.he moutu
of Deer Creek, on Devastation Channel, situated about eight miles soulh
of Kile tla Arm, running as follows: 40
chain, oast, so chains north, 10 chains
east, 40 chains north, SO chains west.,
1_0 chains south, to point of commencement
Located .Nov. ,., 1906.
Locator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S..
Per Frank Vandall.
Nov. 24, 1906.
��e Carruthers Manufacturing Co. j    Family Trade a specialty.
VANCOUVER,  B.C '    Tfl* 113* 0fflce'  Ei9"th  StrMt'
l_I AVING just about completed our Xmas season
��� * we beg to thank our many patrons for their
whole-hearted support during the past year and
to wish them, one and all, the season's greetings.
Wutely     PURE
To-day is the Eve of Xmas. To-morrow the welkin will resound with merry laughter and rejoicings. To add to the festive occasion, when
down town drop in at C. A. WELSH'S and take
a Free guess for that magnificent Cake we give
away to start the New Year with.
Our Xmas stock of Groceries,
Fancy Goods, Nuts, &c. v^c,
is the finest ever exhibited in New Westminster.
lv should never forget to say
when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Pe 'ft i tion is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheal grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.
0���������I '.mra-B-HRKHJUUlUI 9_
Try It
Bak< rs, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask   for  Terminal, and soo that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE  &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  FronS  St.
i i
N '' ice ia li ' '.. given thai 30 'la. s
j after date I Inl ��� id to apply to tho
j ilon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works tor a special license to cut'
and carry awa' timber from the fol-
| lowlag described lands, situated on
, Kildala Arm, Ooast District, B.C.
No. T���Commencing at a post plant-
led ahout one mile from tiie head of
Kildala Ann. on the south hank of the
Arm, running as follows: 80 ehains
south, so chains east. 80 ehains north';
to shore, then along shore to point of
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted about oue utile up Fail creek, on
the east bank of creek, running as
follows: 80 ehains east, SO chains'
south, sn eh,iins west, more or less, to
creek, then along creek to point of
i ommencement.
Nn 9���Commencing at post planted
about one mile up Pall Creek, on east.
I hank of creek, joining No. . claim ou
i west   line,   running   as   follows:   160!
chains  south,    40   chains   west,  160 [
chains north,  40 chain, east to point
! of commencement,
���    .No. io���Commencing at post plante l
about  1 miles up Dala River from Its
; mouth,  on  tiie  north  hank of  river,
then running ns   follows:   10   chains
v,e.-.:, S i ( ha ns n nI i, 120 chains ea ..
10 chains south, more or less, ti) river,
then along river to point of comtnence-
No 11- Commencing at post planted
aboul 0 miles up from Lhe mouth, on
the nonh bank of Dala Hive:-, running
as follows: io chains north, so chains
east, 40 chains norlh and SO chains
east, io chains south, more or less, to
river, then along river to poiut of commencement.
No. 12���Commencing at a post planted a',.on! four miles up from the mouth
of the Dala River, ou south bank,
running as follows: 40 chains east, 40
chains north, 120 chains east, 40
chains north, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commencement.
No. 13���Commencing at a post planted ahout one mile from the head of
Kildala Arm, on south bank, running
as follows: 40 chains south, 40 chains
west, 40 chains south, 40 chains west,
10 chains north, 40 chains west, 40
ehains north, more or less, to shore,
then along shore to poinl of commencement.
N'o. 14���Commencing at a post planted about one-half mile from tlie head
of Kildala Arm, on tlie norlh hank,
running as follows: 40 chains north.
40 chains east, 40 chains south, 120
chains east, 10 chains soulh, 120
chains west to shore, then along shore
to point of commencement.
Notice is here!)y given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works for a license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post, marked
W. M.'s S.K. Corner, plauted on Lha
north bank of the Kildala river, aboet
two miles up from the mouth, run
ning as follows: 40 chains north, 160
chains west, 40 chains south, 160
i hains east, to point of commence
ment, containing 640 acres, more or
2. Commencing at a post marked
W. M's S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles uj) from the mouth, running
as follows: 40 chains north, 120chains
east, SO chains south, 40 chains west,
10 chains north, SO chains wes: t >
point of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
;i. Commencing at a post marked
w. .\i.s N.E. Corner, planted on the
north bank oi the Kildala river, about
five and a half miles up the river,
from One mouth, running as follows:
in chain- soulh. 160 chains west, 40
chains north, 160 chains east to point
of commencement, containing tlio
i ares, more or less.
4. Commencing a. a pos a ked
W. .M.'s N.W. Corner, planted i i the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
five and a half miles up the rive.' from
lhe mouth, running as follows: 160
chains east, 40 chains south, 160
chains west, 10 chains north to point
of ocnjimencemen., containing 640
a, res more or less.
(Locator) WILLIAM MO< iDY,
per Frank Vandall, Agent,
.Notice is herehy given thai thirty
days after date I inten 1 to apply to
the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands, situate,! in the
Skeena district, on Copper ri "a. , boul
i 2 1-2 miles up from the mouth:
No. 1. Commencing al a post planted on the southeast corner on the
north bank of the river, runnln . as
follows: SO chains norlh. 120 chains
west, 40 chains south, more oi less to
i river, then along river to point ol commencement.
No. 2.    Commencing at a post . lant-
led 2 1-2 miles up from the ttrou h on
north bank of Copper river, runnin \ as
follows: 40 chains north, 80 chains
east, 40 chains north, 10 chal is east,
SO chains south, more or less, to ver.
then along river to poinl of I ce
ment, containing 6-10 acre,   moi-i    or
Locator, WM. MOO     (
Per Agent, Fra. !>. \
!   m
J :!
!V.f h
DEC. ,.|
For Christmas
Drawn   and  Undrawn
The only drawn birds in the city.   ORDER EARLY
-.��. !?E XMAS GnTS^t Something IjJ
"MlSZEr"E;ul Editor. Dally New., .'...,
!),���_ -HC.  N<��  W.-lliiimt<r  1
George Cunningham, senr., has been
confined io his room for the past few
days on account of a slight Indlspoel-,
lion.     He  is expected  to  be  about
again In a day or two. |
H. O. 1-yal. of the G. N. It- surveying
staff, has som- to Seattle to spend
Christmas with his folks.
Many serviceable and suitable articles h
(lm present line of
would prove useful and pleasing at this seas,
it be for use in the home, or for person,'
sist you in your search for Xmas gifts.
1 use, v.e
Nickel Plated Copper Ware Special Xmas Reduction in furs
A presenl rtJc, .
heart of, j
In our stock of Furs is a line eon-1 '"' "'"' of ou
TOYS, all kinds, from oc to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
Columbia St.
New Westminster
Hon   B.   McBride  was In   lown  on
laturday, on his way to Mission City.
it strictly of the highest  quality In-
Mr. and Mrs. N  L, McCabe, of Seat-j    (:lJ(ijiig.
tie, are spending a few days In the  percolators
city. Serving Dishes
Tea and Coffee Pots ,,J^ were ' ear ft< "'" I"'1'*''    'n"'S
Cream and Sugar Dishes are not too high now���we havo reduc-
Five  O'Clocks.
Master John Worsfleld was the host Chafing   Dishes.
on Saturday  afternoon on  the occa-1 We invite you to call and examine. ,
,          ....       ,..���,.;���., fi"' Misses  <n- Ladies,   in tho lot are  ,,,,,��� ���,���, ' -""ced
sion of a verj happy little gathering.   teen with Batin
A noble Christmas tree was the cen- Bla-.k Coney Black Sable, Ore. Oppoe    pure  white down 0| i .' '.'"']
t ral attrtu-iic.il. the branches of which    A AlllFDCfllU      ��       I   IKRV   """   ''"""   *""'*   H,'il1'""''   r,'L"il'"   v:''    s,'v<'>*al price '
bung with pretty things for everybody, _F%ll|/LlljVll     0      _L-UJUl
and at the tea table, whicli was beaut!
sistitm of one down Fur Ruffs which   New Down .' I
have   been   slow   sellers.     Probably      v,.n,;. rtersI
Nothing   Ilk,    ;.. 1
fore in New w-       . , ""'
ties, every one or ,___, ,   ,
ed them In Ume for Christmas buyers   "^s are "'  ' ardln I
and they will be found most suitable    *        ""''  ''���,'"" ��� : s.Jk J
other covering    ... ,. ,,      f
for Misses   <ir  Ladies.    In tho lot ars   ....
uos $4.50 in $6.50, reduced prlci   now   $1-'50' *9-50- *18M
and 527.50,
Ladies'Collarsand Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
fully decorated and laden with Christmas fare, a mechanical toy fllled with
chocolates at each place added to <h*'
universal merriment. Mrs Worsfleld |
was assisted bj .Miss Muriel Shlldrlck
and .Mis. deWoll Smith. Among tbe
little ones presenl were Misses Mary
. nd Clara .Malins, Master Sonny Coulthard, Miss Una tii. nml Master Orms-
:., Lee. Miss Mi ii.- Holt, Miss Isa Mc-
Donald, Miss-- Margery, .lean Eleanor and Masters Jimmie and -lack
Whiteside, Master Geoffry Pearson, l
.Miss Vivian Rickman, Miss Millicenl
and Master Edward Graeme and Miss,
Peggie Gordon.
Mr. O'Brien, of the Hank of Mon-
treal staff is spending Christmas at
his home In Nanaimo.
Harold Leamy of the Canadian Hank |
of Commerce,  Seattle,    lias    arrived
home for Chris: mas.
Mldnlghl   services   will   be held   tonight   in   both   Holy   Trinity   and   St.
Peter's   Cathedrals,  and   it   is  hoped
that   His  Lordship Bishop Dontenwill >
will arrive   heme   today.
Messrs. Etbelbert Schofleld, R. Ar-
dagh and Shibbley Milligan are spend-
in.-: the holidays with friends In town.
li $3.75.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00 Suits ror   $18.00
$22.00 Suits for  $20 00
$25.00 Suits for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. (��. Box 644
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
Many lines nf NECKWEAR
against Eire
in Heal Estate investments
Crib Quilts and Comfi
m  the  sami     epartn,.., .1
'' ind  these ofti ���
We have thi i .
( sizes ami kind    i
! $3.75 and $4.25.
The  Quilis ai.    i
* ���
faiicj     kin li ...
.1.25. $1.50,  $2.00 and ..'a
Linen Table Sets!
A   new  sel   ol   line.   ......
large size Tai le I       . ��� ������ J
Dinner Napkins '
��� i   up the Chrisi
i. Ing  llm i. ...I
. ears of   ervici   ���  ���       ��� .1
v. iii prove the . 1
nenl    Out ... _.|
$��.25, $10.75 to $14.C0.
By TaDay's Express
Two Shipments of
Christmas   Entertainments.
Entertainments in connection with
the city churches and Sunday schools
have been arranged to take place In
the following order:
Salvation Army Dec. 2 .
Knox Presbyterian    Dec. 26
St. Paul's R. E Dec. 27
Si. Andrew's Presbyterian ... Dec. 27
Queen's Ave. Methodist  Dec. 27
St. Barnabas Episcopalian ... Dec. 27
St. Peter's Roman Catholic  .. Dec. 27
West Presbyterian   Dec. 28
Holy  Trinity     |an    ;;
Velvet and Satin Tai��
In   the  search for Xmas  gifts  �� in  Covers
Neckwear Departmenl  will  All  manj      A new loi ...I
wants.                                                     ers  received   th ..- I
I:   handsome ��� ��� ol -a :J
So   many   customers   remark   upon   Tapestry  and        ��� Can      I
the   largness of our  display.                 Oxford covers,   Thi ������   etcovu
i.   harmonious co - ���  I
New Lace Ties In a rangi  i I prices   ,,
oes and an ���  one ol these nil)
which are eas.  on the pin.-'.    White Us a gift.    Each $3.75.  $5.00,
Cream and Ecru in color,    Each 26c to   $8.75 and $9.00.
Our  House Fun
will   furnish   a :.: :-|
viceable  artlcli    ��� i
ars  In   Oriental   and   Guipure   Lacel _ng 0f wm n)( . ... ������'
Each 15c to $1.50;   Lace Ci   ars witb'best advantagi
I  _
long  laee fronts or  tabs.    Each 50c'
���'   $2.50: Shoulder Collars and Fronts Pla iff    allij    flrpCffpn
In    a   variety of Laces,   i; ich  50c to
$3 50- A   'NV''k   li] ���'" : l\
XtYlflQ   _r^f*_PC_0_n_f'C designs  In  these rl        trill m
SYIIIUH   1   #C-3C#ItO      Chirfon Collars iM Novel ,,n| 8taple  Wonian <ir Yuju   ^       ||;
Styles and the range of prices is large.   ,,������ (lf |jav|ng lhl. aew ���. .-k
ALjU With a nice dress a collar Is the finish-  the greatesl variety ol shade. Ill
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
$3.00 in price.
New Lace Collar* Narrow Neck I '< '
. __             BRUSH and COMB CASES in*-' """'1|    No w*"nan ���"������" bave to�� beld by carefl1
TURKEYS and GEESE fines, In the  TD4I/r���.,r   crTC many.     They  are  appreciated   al  all of this depart mei      OurXM��|
TRAVELING SETS times.     Our  collars  are  gold   in   In- U'" is complete   i
TH/IFTSFTS    Ft,     _,^ dividual bcoea from 76c lo |M0. namen baly Rl
1U1LC.I   _3��,y_i,    LtC,  etc. ni 2 yds. for ac
.             i              ��� Other  values from 25c in 75c  in all Plaid   and   Dn           '���             !l
A good supply at          ! colors will|()l��� boxea
World a?  the Royal Fish Co.'s store.
Tide Table - FraserRiver
per yard.
For the week ending Dec. 30, 190C,
High Low
Water.        Water
: Doc. 24th       1.50 iia"'.".
13.10 21 45
T'A�����ftC�� '��� w. S. COLLISTER & Cl
i Ellard Block,
New Westminster
One from Utz and Dunn, Rochester,
New York.
The other came from Blum Shoe Co.,
Dansville, New York.
I" c 25th
i Dec. 2Gth
Di c. 27th
Dec. 2Sth
I" c, 29th
Di". 30th
Di c. 31st
���1 30
1 1.25
22. .'!u
8.30 !
.  6.15
.  6.45
.  7.20
0.20 !
10.25 i
0.50 '
il 20
Call and see them, they are beauties.
What would be more acceptable?,,,
c. 24
Dec. 25
What else could you buy that would be appreciated more
than something- serviceable, comfortable, and stylish.    All ""��� -";
these qualities are found in our stock of Xmas Slippers.      Dec
Endless colors, endless varieties,     jD<* 2S
endless shapes ,x* 2|}
Extra help, extra stock, extra values await those who ,,v<* ::"
visit our stock in search of holiday footwear. | De   .,,
Remember the only place you can buy the famous
"Dr. Jaeger's" Slippers. !
Time, lit.
. .   1.10      9.3
12.32 13.0
. .  2.39 10.0
I3.0S 12.6
..  3.4S 10.8
13.43 12.4
..  4.40 11.6
14.17 12.2
.. 5.25 12.2
1 1 .'ai 12.0
..  6.03 12.6
15,22 11.8
..  6.39 13.0
15.55 11.6
..  7.11 13.2
16.30 11.5
Time. Ht,
6,57 8.3
20 10 3.8
8.00 9.1
21.16 3.2
9.01 9.6
21 111 2.6 j
9.57 9.8
22 20 2.2
10.49 10.0
22..ail 2.0
11.37 10.01
2:: 20 1,8
12.2:: 10.O
23.52 1.8
The Reliable Shoe Store
Skip,   .-mil   Shirt.
"Skirt" Is etyniologlenlly the Bame
word as "shirt." though it bas come
over another linguistic route mid prop
erly moans a short garment. In fact,
"skirt." "shirt," "short," "shear," "l<ir-
tie" and "curt" are in all probability |
near relations. Hut "skirt" has got itself specialized to a lower garment,
with special reference to the lower
edge thereof, the boundary whore _he
garment Is cut short, whence the rerL
"to skirt."
Christmas Greeting
We beg in thank 0111 numerous real estate nnd general clients for tin ������
past patronage, and to express the hope thai relations thai have heen so
unusually pleasanl and satisfactory may !������ continued during the ensuing
>'"���"��� We have 'ion,. a large volume of business with the publlc duiin-
the year now closing, Involving some large real estate transfers. Manv
of these deals were with clients who have been business friends  for years,
and many netv accounts have 1 ��� opened with people senl to us by satis
'" ' <'li''iiis.    To those who read this curd   of   t-hanks,  and   who are no
clients of ours ,we can safely promise satisfactory business relations If our
services as real estate, financial and Insurance experts are employed.  We
extend to all oui  best wishes for a Happy and  Prosperous Xew Vear.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
_i>~ f^d Section
lU'ME 1, NUMBER 24"
Pages 9-12
tiie most reasonable iirice and are ab- Ryall's Drug Store. robe system which has been recently
solutely Inpervious to wet. The soles The boxes of Lowney's choice eho- Installed gives the store an up-to-date
are nol inlaid with a strip of rubber colates which Mr. Ryall is offering and metropolitan air which proclaims
as  are many   of   the  so-called  water   for sale  are dandies.     The   candies   good management,
tighi   shoes,  bul   thi    eather   is   pui   need no recomendation, as ihey have 	
through   a   special   process,   and   yon   stood the test of time, and the fancy
may  wear   one   thickness   of   leather   baskets and  boxes in  which the confections are packed  are  treasures ol
the decorative art.   There is also on
the  display   tallies a  rich assortment
away, and the next ply will turn the
waier jusl as fri el, They can be
bought in i II size.? for bi y- and men.
line  ol   comfortable  slipper/S    of
sizes  and   colors,   . hich
well  worth looking over.
Sl       .i   als    shows a splendid   of little ba   ;el    of perfumes.   All the
ii. .est varieties of sweet smells are
are embraced'in the collection. There Is
a :.; e Iim ol bi ashes, combs, sets ol
brushes an 1 combs, shaving outfits,
man cure -' ' - and a host of othi i
lain::, ai' li les . ell �� 01 thj of the
attention ol  the hollda    shopper.
Todd's  Music House.
. Todd  im-       :��� ���        put
House in order I
citj  and   ..- rlct, and  has  de
' Ide 1 'M pui in a  - ipplj of shei I  ni i
Ic, which tt III    '��� on h in I i'i time :
ihe Christmas shi In the east
Wlll'lo;.    -
re  be has a
|,er of New Westminster's Philanthropic Institutions���The Orphanage.   Tomorrow  its young inmates,  to the
number of more than  a  hundred. Will  make  merry  around  a  huge  Christm 33  Tree.
Richmond   Bros.
.   Rii hniond   Brothi .     bave ex-
���   ��� I   a- tn ��� Ives  In   1 he  interior decoration      :   ' heir  place  of   bu Ini
li '1-    :,���   sl ������  of ;ii" store is ; ii ele
let]  1 latfoi in  which supports a  seres  ol imitation granite ; Ulars.    The
. lars   are   connected   by   means   ol
well   deci rated   arches   composed  ol
lane;,  paper, evergreens and bunting.
Resting  against  the  pillar   are   hu^e
Throughout the store Itself he   ornamental   letters  which    form    the
handsome variety of  NOrdhel-   word "XMAS."    The  new  and  hand-
Muir's Drug Store.
In T. A. .Mini's drug store the seeker after Christmas  presents will find
a choice variety to choose [rom.    The
" ing lady who wishes to gladden the
hi art of her gentleman friend will find
handsome    pocket    mirrors, dressing
��� ises, shaving Bets, and other kindred
article.     The  young   man   who  wish' -:
to make the  young  lady he admires
happy, can  find  chocolates and other
nl cl loni rle    done up In the daint-
li st   of ari   par,, iges;   manicure   -��� I
Ittli     a -kets of choice perfumes s n 1
multitude   of   other  things,     The
stock is well Belected and the artic 1 ������
are of reasonable price.
i imi' :��� variety ol ni ���. . lins, zithei s,
Iluti . in ������ ordi ont. E II n phonographs, violins, guitars an . 1 thi . musical Instruments arranged in a very
tasteful manner. in the west fron:
window he has sewing machine s ip-
'-���''���- reportei   ������    Ing tl   1   those who. through necessity or
.astinuii.n. have left their Bhoppinf   ti   the lasi day,  ��   I have forgot
Ithe hints   11   gave  them,   ri   '.its his advice to-da
Coir.iiiii' !  from  Page Tht'������  1
-���  ��� Is   tt hich   he  jianit -   In
-eas. ui  o;   thi   yeai
|of liph! is necessary t�� make the
Chamberhn's  Display.
1 lhamberlln's  ji welli ry  store    contains aitieles  in suit   all  purses, and
Christmas presents can be bought at
from a few,cents to hundreds of dol-
The win.low display is original. In
the wesi window there is an Imitation re I brick chimni ... and Santa I
: iaus' hea 1 ir- poi Ing 1 vei iin- top in j
h .. 1 ��� listii :: .::.:.'-:��� thai quite a
: itnl.et' nt > "iiii;_s't : - have waited for
some minutes in anticipation of see-
Ing iiie rest of ihe children's patron
.-aim appear from the depths. 'I'he
ii!>uj- is of white tatting, and looks
like snow. The background i.s of
bunting in patriotic colors, mid the
whole is lit up at night by means of a
brilliant electrical display. A few of
lhe choice articles carried in lhe
siock are arrange.! so as to add to the.
pleasing effect. The second window
it.; filled wiih a nice line of the** and
fancy slippers. It will pay the Christmas present buyer to look and to look
is to admire.
mer, Morris, Dominion and .New Scale some show cases show to great advan-1
Williams   pianos,   and    Doherty     and tage ihe  large assortment, of articles
Sherlock-Martning    organs,   arranged of male attire which are so admirably
along   either   side,   while   his   sewing stilled  to  the  seeker  after Christmas
machine  display  occupies   the  centre gifts for young men.     There are ties
oi   ihe  floor.      He   also handles   the in the greatest   variety of colors and
Newcombe Piano Players. designs,   bows,   ascots,    four-in-hands j
Any shopper   whose  fancy   turns  to and  a ii.st   of other up-to-date styles,
musical instruments at prices to suit They are also showing a new line o!
all   purses  will  he aide to find   what ini'ial'ed  handkerchiefs in   silk    and   prices range all the way from $8.75 to
Ihey want among the articles offered I'neu,   also   boxes   of     handkerchief   $600.00.     The top notcher is a marvel
by  Mr. Todd.     He also keeps a large from halt a dozen in the box up. T'i
Dorer's   Jewellery   Store.
Horace Dorer's display is complete
in everj particular, and almost every
; rtlcle winch one might expect to find
in a well appointed jewellery Btore,
and a number of others are to be
found within the elegant glass rasi���.-���
vhich are ranged around the show
room. On the glass topped counter
are a number of [totted ferns which
are held in the choioest silver fern
holders, ani add to the artistic effect
Mr. Dorer's specialty is the glittering diamond with its fitful hidden fires.
He has them in rings, scarf pins and
brooches,    and    also    unset.      Their
and   would   excite   the  cupidity of a
and choice variety of phonograph records to which he is continually
are .elier cases and purses in leather;   Quaker.
also  _ild   and   silver stick pins in  a      Another  show   case   is   filled   with
choice  variety. | sparkling cut glass which would fain
A   special   line   of   umbrellas   ha.   put the diamonds in the shade.    There
!.'���".     and   Mr. Speck has  ajlars.     Uesfdes   bis   articles  cf  jewel-
ip of elei trical good*  whicb be   ery, watches and cl< cks, he has ac ex-
'���,..' . to Instal in any homi   on   cellent  display of cut glass goo.!-   ia
hortest n tice the latesl  designs,  which glitter like
... whicli would gladd, n   crystal     He also has  handsome set-s
he housekeejper, _s ine   t:' carvers, punch bowls, dressing and
clothes    bangers,    or 1 shaving cases jif choice  patten   and
Ui   ..,..   .. lias a large hock,    j elegant   finish.     Ht  also    carries    a
 . most  acceptable   line   of  presents in  light and color.    The window decora-
ithe   form  of Waterman    and    Mcu-v  tion   is In   the  form  of a   revolving
fountain pens.    Among the articftes of  Christmas tree  which  is  illuminated
a   purely ornamental    charactet    are
.ooze statuette. 1 : classical form and
others egually elegant   vhich  can  be
used as candelabra.
Mackay's Emporium.
In .1. J.  Mackay's store  the seeker
for Christmas novelties finds a bewildering array of fancy goods  and  toys.
and once inside, the task of making
tecu ..died for the Christmas f-.de
ani 11 ore are also on the tables a
choici' collection of fancy vests, and
lounging coats. Richmond Bros, ti.o
handle the Perrin and Fownes l.'d
Ccllister's Dry Goods.
contains    all   tl e
���   isuaUy to be found
*' ' i  emporium i'1* i's
eat    many    bi -1 l<
:,i     '     net   especiall,.   di slgne I
'-���'������  of the Christmas at-
iUS'-  '���'��� ���    Ili'a'llI.iK   1    1XCI 1
' -1 of fancy handli s   mas   suggestions
'     -:-.     Tier,     are     . .
an i  Eauacj   hand    agues
' ef    a__jpla.     is    .1
ur  are the des . ns
:' red.     On   thi   ta   1 -
a   fancy   hair con     ,
ice,   -ill,   and chii   ���
ick    ol*      belie.-'      . .! .
and   rar.   I  and any
ations  -uiilj  make    10
r ��� ir-r with dellgb
'��� ".in' a special
''hich  is 11 .acting   ,
1 ni "i attention I
;ore, an I a Ja rge 11
s   aro   l*J7ip  sob)   ft.
Welsh's Grocery.
Welsh's   Grocery   is    ablaze    with,
by means ol Incandescent lights in a
variety of differenl colors.    The floor!
0'  ihe window is filled with ;.  choice,
have     taki 'i    iipi 11
' 1 "'1 ible   1 iipearan 1
the advent   of San'a
hoppi '     wn lid    I.i
'  and   ��Pie   -   the  sl
efore   thi j    flnall)
minds just whal   ;
' 'iaus  is going  to en"
"ii I'lir; .'im.s moi 'i-
all   room,   at/ racts   notiae   and'
claims  attention  : 1 om   aia   sl    ev< ���;���'
. ...   tt ho bap: ens  to j)   s;   b. .    In the
���-:.:     ::    thi    tt In lows   . re   glistening
mi:  ars, and In one   rl thei . .. 1   riee;
: v., a sprea III     antlers.     Patrio-
- .-  givi   jusl   thi    afqiiin d   Bn-
��� .  toui ii
Along  the line of    sngge stions   "1
���     'a.    shopi'i     an   lhi   win nt tin I
��� -ai  Drtabh     slippe       0 Iginati I      y
i it    Jaggen .which      .���������'..
nee to coltl       corns.    There are
be  C.   H.   Fi x sl      ers  and    be
.'   _���   iniaii   slip] ers    un '.'1    having
11 ��� "   _   of Its   ov il.
5 and
II '.nm   ,u. I the  I '   of lit-
��� a ��� e fanclc
a selection is a serious although a! gloves, a pair of which always rules
delightful one. Tbe eye ranges along: a seasonable gift to the average man
the   shelves   with   their  tastefully   at-   whether  young or old.
ranged displays and grows bewildered 1 ���	
as article after article, each apparent- j Adams' Grocery,
ly   more desirable  than    the    other.      Qeorge Adams' spacious store is a;
comes  within  the    range    of    vision. : veritable   mine   for   the  seeker   after |
Among   the   collection   is    a     choice| Christmas   fare   and   Christinas  pres-,
range of postal card albums of newest j ents along the line or fancy crockery
design.    Handkerchief boxes, card ve-; ware.     The   shelves  and   tables  are
ceivers,  manicure   sets, needle   work  covered  with   everything   imaginable
cases, work boxes, glove boxes and an   from   handsome   china   and   earthen-,
assortment  of   candies   and   nuts ar-   infinite variety oi things of a useful  ware dinner and tea services to earth-
ranged in artistic designs.     A promi-  an(j ornamental  character crowd   thelenware money boxes.     For the child-;
nent feature of the display is .the hand-   tables. ren   he   has   an   exceptionally   fancy
-������:.,. tour storey Christmas cake. -pi,,, children's department is :.: line of ornamental china vases which
manufactured by the Gardhouse bak- blaze of light and color. Games of ail are worth examining. Prices range
ery.    Those who make a pure base in   Kinds,  dolls  in  lavish    array    in    al]   u]   in  easy  stages  to  suit all purses.
sizes and prices, dressed and undress- The groci :;. department is filled with
ed, musical and mechanical toys which ; the best of Christmas groceries. His
the children find it hard to leave and raisins and figs are especially good,
harder still to leave alone. j Christmas oranges are ready far the
are table and toilet articles in numerous sizes and designs. In still another large show case are to be seen
the choicest specimens of delicate,
hand painted Venetian chinaware of
the newest patterns.
There is a varied collection of gilt
goods, and articles of jewellery; De
Marie and Marchant opera glasses Inlaid wdth pearl; Waterman fountain
pens in all styles and prices. To cap
: the climax Mr. Dorer has placed in
stock an elegant line of silk umbrellas
for both ladies and gentlemen. The
prices are as varied as the stock
which is worthy of the inspection of
Sinclair's  Shoe Store.
Sinclair's  win low   with   iis   Christ-
has   an   Irresistible
fadnation.for both   ild and.young.ian'l   ,,u,   .!olv ane en,.illefl R, a  gueSs ������
:'*    !;:"-(    Christmas   tre.    with    itsj ,he weigi3, ot tbe cake> and lhe one
'   lejl   ,:   Mi-:   ; :"     slippers, ,:��� 1   ft.hois .,, ,^,,t in guesslng ;h,��� ���...���..
famvv.kld_.hoes for the Uaby, and forJes, .Q ib,.  u.,,li,,,.   v,   ,  ,���,  pern]iUed
to claim the cake.     .'Im.  examination
guesses will lake place Dec. 31, ko
thai thi winner can become possessed
o:' the anise .to .New "fear's Day.
People of till  tastes with purses ofl purchaser and he has also received un
" ���
��� 11
'a    1
GrosBman's Offerinps.
1 '.     \\ ������    ::, "���.   er Cl
laims   to har.        -:   bai
an 1  -.. rle 1 assortment of In the
��� 1 :   the.   aw   cei tainl;   1 1
re tloas     The vail ihi I    lh fl '������
Ing end ties, are especially worthy of
��� ��� ntloa      Tiie silk   handli ti hii I   ta
las  ;irc also a  two aio'i  and glisten
with  the mosl elegant   assortment!  ol
tints, an 1 embroidered cornered bsnd
[kerchiefs Imaginable-
Hanging on rods where ihey are sei :;
1   goo I advantage, a nloe line of men s
and   boys' sweaters   In   a   variety   01
colors attracts notice.     Another sea
" well arranged  win-   B.,���.,,������],.    suggestion     for    Christi    -
' 'i a line iin,. of -uiiek-  shoppers Is the fine line ol hats,    Mi
ui".   gun   metal  and  Grossman handles the John B. Stetson,
nurses,    writing   port,   cilfton,   Scotl   Young   and   King, in
cases a,v also to be  the latest American. English and New   Sotw  flescrl il ons
md prices to suit all   york   styles.     He   also   carries  the
ire only a few of each   ,,,.���. :1I1;1 m,,. rjlark kid       .'es in all
shades ami sizes, and whnl  tt'otlld any
young man appreciate "
The siock of fancy  s i ipen ler     " I
'   Drug   Stcre.
drug  store   is to  be
���' :llon of seasonabV
"I'd as well as of ai
Of   Webb's      delicious
creations that   woul 1
'   i'i of any lady in the
""i<- unable to ead the
���rself,   the    receptacle
iosi   dainty  Christasae
The Whit. House,
Mr-. Bine*. \V.h_a Housi is full
tn ovorfl ^iii'. ��'i :: timeiy s.ingestions
a 1 liios.' w.ii- are looking E01 useful
���; : la . ' :a ���' nts for any �����. presen-
ta Ive i ��� in fair sex om one month
old ti 1 allotti I three score years
:.:. I ten      Thi ������   a"   ' be _ iir lies!   of
���    bibs, bonnel h, and clonks, and
 ��� .     au.  one 1 h ngs  unfamiliar
��� ���. us 11 Ine ���   ��� -   ��:    ii . ri  calcula-
��� ; ��� i :    uji    irth cm    cl delight Irom
the liny  v an 1      :'       the    maiden
here are belts ui .  .  tbe last-
1 ���-���   of   lai b ..1 :        fi  a   collars,  fur
.' - au I glove lints and colors,
ne bull i; tip ti a m's length.
For the 1 ome!. 1 ron bere ar-e silk
��� he ��� - exttire and r��
1. sill band ti 11 hli fs an I
baa ! painted silks and ssttins mnnlp'i-
i.ii- : Into the form of handkerchl )f
: ���, : . an I othei .1 deles ui' luxury.
Fiv�� o'i lock tea I ible Bets, and coders in tastlesl drawn woi k, an 1 1 ven-
Ing li'iawls In greal variety,
gr in bna ihere an warm and
knlttc : slippers an i a numb, r of art
Ich 3 wpeclally adapted for present.*
tlon to those well advanced ln years.1
all sizes can easily be suited then
and would dtf we'll to make their se. |
lections early, as the first comers are
apt to .secure tlie best of the bargains. J
The hook shelves are particularly I
deserving of the attention of thej
Christmas Strapper,
extra   fine  consignment   of  Japanese
Adams & Deans.
Pacific Meat Market.
In the Pacific Meat Markel, the
needs of the table along the line of
poultry, meats and sausages can be
fully met. The Christmas stock of
turkeys,  geese and   chickens iis  unex-
Messrs, Adams ti  Deans have   laid   celled, and the proprietor has request-
in a choice line of Christina-, groceries and fancy chinaware _uei _i.m .all
ready to Hartlsfy all reasonable demands along ihose lines which may
be made bj Christmas shoppers. Their
n'indows havi taken upon themselves
seasonable appearance. ()ii_- is or-
uate wiih :. , hoice II li oi ani . ie
1 hlnaware \ use.-, mate)
b] oon iiiiii!' r.s, etc, while in thi thei
window Is a ti:'" colleotloi
a ni- requin .1 b\ the n anufa< ��� ure , I
Christmas puddings nnd mince un 1
There is also a variety of nuts an I '
ed thai eclal attention be drawn to
hi. Christmas sausages, which are
made fri _h every day from the choic-
1 -'i pork.
On the hooks around the walls are
prime carcasses ol beef from the up
country ranges. Mutton, especially
i'a, orti 1 1   the   Australian    Men-
... and the pick of the white n an-
1 ���   ,vn pork and veal.
Trapp's Hardware.
Trapp's hardware store is replete
witb seasonable gifts for the young
man, and for the housekeeper. Ker
the latter is a splendid line of cutlery
bearing the Rogers Sheffield brand,
and the Rogers 1S74 stamp. Cases
of carvers from a very moderate price
up to the top notch, may be secured
and the satne range of prices applies
to the complete sets of knives and
forks in handsome cases*: There are
also complete sets ot daintiest triple
plate silver ware. Silver spoons and
a hundred other things along that,
A specially interesting selection ot
chinaware on silver stands is also on
display. There are marmalade jars,
sugar bowls, pepper and salt cruets,
and butter coolers in a great range of
styles and  prices.
For gentlemen there is a wide choice
of razors, plain and safely, to sa.y
nothing of the carefully selected slock
of pocket knives which adorns the
show cases.
Lee's   Emporium.
J.   \. i.   ��� -��� ites that he has moro
a    :.' ,   led   '   ���    Hade  he did at   his
The -"how window is artistically ar
ranged, aad the pannelled background
gives pleasing effect. The window
contains well dressed models, and a
fine asso tmeni of lace and chiffon
;,,-,, |eS| ag well as fur articles of ve*-
Christmas shopper woul 1
��� ii. narlj.
' ��� u's 1  showing a   very
lln"   of   la-lies'     purses     ill
md alligator.     These
v'" and are of a char-
1 Idltional dalntln ���- to
"' I idy who carries one
Old  Country  Shoe Store.
Those who adhere to the old fash
allied Idea that
Christmas gift Is ';
the    only    kind    of
useful one, would
the Old Country Shoe
DeEt.k's Toggery. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\-  the   pedestrian   passes  the cor- place of buslm - lasi year, and he at-
nei 'i Columbia and sixth streets the tributes the growth to the extra well
,-y raisins, well qualified to make the) eye i-   Irreslstlblj   attracted   to   the assorted stock  he is carrying.    This
blaze oi light .md color which eman- Christmas he is making a specialty
ates from H. !.. DeBeck's gent's furn- <'i elegant!;,' framed pictures which
ishings Btore window. At night the mn in prices to suit all homes and all
window is brilliantly illuminated by purses. His regular 50c and title pic-
electric lights, and In the roar of the tares he is retailing at 25c and 30c
corner window tasteful evergreen de- each. He has picture frames in great
signs have been wi iked out againsl variety, and can make any kind desir-
a while background The window is e*�� to order. He has one very tasty-
bright    with    articles    suitable    for line of French Ovals in assorted sizes.
5 Hunger members of 1 01 :"' . look wit
longing eyes 1 hrougli the shelti rin
sleeve bidders is well worth glancing do well to vis
over and the prices all the wav round store,    J.   Stewart,   the  manager,  Is
are   right.    Theiv    are   also'   fanoy making a speciality of the Dick Damp
leaks. ;1.id bene.- still   the l   mmest Proof shoes.    These felices are male
.    lounging jackets In wide variety, In Glasgow, Scotland.     Pney are ot
Cummingi.  The Clothier.
Mr,   Ciiinmings   has   excelled   himself ihis Christmas on the admirable
siock of ties which he has placed on
sale.     One  large table four fee!   wide
aad ten feet long !_. covered with box-1 Christmas  presents,    such    as fancy These are   the    latest  Parisian   im
es   ol   Derbys.   Ascois,    owing  endI.  ties, silk  handkerchiefs, embroidered and one which ha .1 TJy ^mfn
narrow  and  broad  ties, i���  silks and   suspenders   and   natty   smoking   and in the west
satins in  lavish vamlety.    The colors   lounging coats.    The second  window Another line well worthy of inspec
contains   suggestions   along  the   line tion by those who are looking for the
oi  fancy shirts, cuff links, collar hut- useful  as well  as the ornamental  in
tons and   toilet   articles   which   form , Christmas gifts is the stock of fancy
part or the adornment of a well dres- rugs, which run in price from 35c to
sed   man.     Inside   the   building,   fes- $15.    He  has them  in  Persian    Bnis-
toons of evergreens have heen looped sels. Tapestry and Axminster
ahout   the   ceiling,   and   in   odd   cor- A Morris chair Is always a favorite
ners, Imitation palms have been plac- present    for    home    lovers      These
ed  wilh  good  effect.     The centre ta- chairs  range  in price  from  $6 50  tin
hies are piled high with the Progress There   is  a   special   line  of  smokers
Brand of clothing and Mr. DeBeck is delights,    with  side boxes    and  'inn
making a specially of Dr. E. .Tagger's rests which retail at $30.    There are
(Continued on Pa^e^Fomh)'
this season tire more than usually
charming, lhe soft shades and neutral
lints predominating. There are also
sill; mufflers and scarves, well adapted to protect the manly throat from
cold and damp.
Mr. Cummlngs wishes to call special attention to the Christmas bargain he is offering in the most modern
style of cravenette coats. He is offering the coat that is sold everywhere
for $15, for $12 during Christmas
iii'Ierwear.      The     handsome    ward-
, 10
Carving Sets, in Nickle Silver
With Solid Silver Mountings
Rodgersy and l.X.L. Pocket
and Penknives
Gillette Safety Razors
No Honeing;  No Strap
The Best of all Useful Presents for a Gentleman
Desert and Table Knives; Forks
Electric-plated Serving Dishes
Carpet Sweepers
Save your wife some of the hard work
Hardware of all descriptions
Columbia St.
������������������������������������������. ����� ��� �����>���*+�� ������������..����>�������������������������������>������*
��� Columbia St.
A Plaarrau. Breach ... Discipline Till..
Wart i.i .11.".iiiii- liioii;;li l'i Unite ili��
l.'-n'ri.l U'lio Sever liiiiurlii-ii ll"'"'
In -.iii:.- if ill* Qriiuness.
General Kid!, whose timely arrival
at Sbilob, sinue military critics hold,
saved General Graat .''rum defeat, was
known i:i the old army as "the man
who can't laugh." General Buell was
mu grave merel. ; lie was grim. Yet
tun yearling cade's al Wesl Point
made General Buell break a r< c ird..
It was hu on the plateau above the
Millers of the Hudson,  hi ter lhan  the
cheek of a Beldplece that bas I n lu
action, -in hu that the leaves on tho
��� elm tr e shriveled uud the feel of the
pacing   sen':."-   burued   from  contact
with i!m only pi e I path on the go\
eruuient reservation.
i      The plebes had  n p irted  and   were
+   ','i irtered In two divisions of barracks,
iiii" tipper class men having been turn
ed   "in   t"   share   quarters   wilh   their
comrades In the other divisions.
+      The   June   examinations   wei'e   on
��� Tii" board ":' visitors, of which Gen
eral Buell wns a member, had puld Its
perfunctory visits t" mess hall, to nca
di'ini" building und i" barracks. II
wns in o'cl.ek in the morning.    Two
i nriet. hid  i i  throw n  by fate and
by iii ��� arrival of the plebes luto tb ���
sni ie r i nil of the lii'ili division of bar
��� ���'. ��� The thermometer in the shade
of the guardhouse registered DO dc
g: ��� s. In tii" r ioui In which the I wo
cadets were quartered doubtless II
stood I1' degrees higher.
��      There lind be.n one morning inspee-
��� ti n of qunrters by an army officer, and
tf    i  e two yearlings, gasping for breath
in a room Int i which the sun bent with
no regard for cadet fui lings, had every
r ��� is ii t i believe that there would be
no  further   in-i I ons  that   morning.
They led sl iod Hi" iii-il" il "f the exam
Inglng board at 0 o'clock, and, with no
studies In hand, they thought they were
s.n'e until the first call f >r dinner.
By the law of the ncademy every
cartel in quarters was tn be iu full dress
��� uniform until 11 o'clock,    fie was not
��   allowed to smoke,   His bedding was to
J be neatly piled lit tin. head "f hi-' lilltlk.
Iu other words, tho cadet room and the
cadet's person were to be properly or
dered nnd properly arrayed for Inspection,
���'It's li.it." said the cadet who was to
become nn artillery officer.
"it's hotter tii.in that," said his corn j
Cracker Bon
J~| /~~* ^^^       _s        !    hunks and thrown trader the window,
LqI IvJ-V V��_7v_/C_)CJi-3'  1    throngt   which   occasionally   came   a
* '" \    whiff of breeze, grateful though fteftt
AspMidlotofGOOD BOOKS!
*_. ~.
"Let's strip," said the one
"Done," said the other,
And forthwith they stripped.    Then
j    the mattresses were pulled from the
Discount, to Schools and Church'
Tne Choicest of pleats Cooked in
tne Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny's    Restaurant    ana   Caf-
Late Suppers After the  Theatre a
Oysters    ana
in  Season.
I Electric Railway Service \
4 Inter-urban   Line.
X Cars    for Vancouver and    waj
�� stations  ��ill   run  every   li tit
��� hour from 5:50 a, tn. to ll  ;>
30  Minute   Service   flurli
malnder ot cl i;
Leopold   I'laee. n
Sunday   Service   '   If-hourly   I  ���  ?
i ransfer at  *
ra. excei ting al  ':30 an I S:30
a,  m.    Hall  li ittrly car
run   rrom   Central    Pnrk    to
Vancouver only.
City  Limits Lin _    Sei .
6.15 a.m. to 11  p in.
tween 1 a.n .    nil
Sapperton Line,
t i  Mlnuto  Ser .ice
in   to ll   p.m
!. an I 2, and   .   an I  7,
w lilcli hours   I       u'vl     ivill in
I ill hourly.
'   v.' an ���
Suncl.y  Ser.ico   balMlOlirlJ   rn    .
��� vee.   s 30 a ni.   ind ll  p.m,        J
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd %
Canadian Bank of Commerce
20 Minute Service-
Ilei ween la and
mo tran -tei.
ind ���'' and 7
"I'd lli.�� to smoke;" said the future
j \ nrtllloryrnrtn  as he threw  himself on
j , one of tho mattresses.
i '���    "I'm going to smoke-," said his cotn-
j j rude.
i \    Ami Instanter pipes wore lighted, and
�� ] the  room   began   Oiling  with   fragrant
j blue fog.
There was a clink of a sworil hoard
j In the hallway.    Its sound brought eon
I sternntion.   An Inspection was on.   Be
S fore   tbe   two   yearlings   had   time   t>
j think  there  was a   rap,  and   the  dunr
was thrown "pen, and In "nine, not the
��� ordinary second   lieutenant  inspecting
officer, bnt Lieutenant Colonel  Henry
!\I. LazelTe, commandant of cadets, and
Major General Don Carlos Buell, Unit-
��   ci states army.
nisclpllne strikes In. The two eul
l .it cadets sprang to attention Instantly, heels together, anus banging
naturally nn I the little Augers where
tii" seams of tin   trousers would bave
1' 'en if till .'''.!  bad any trousers oil.
The futui " i rtlllerj tn in "'-us clothe I
In one Bock, and in this attire he was
' tn   sock   ib"  better  of  bl;  comrade
'11 ley  st |   there rigid    The position
of ii soldier was never better mnin
tained, i 'on rnandnnt f.nzella turned
!";'" i ' with I"".' ��� at lhis grae -I������
I " H Ii of dlsclplin ��� actually parnded
b ���!'"!��� ��� a i injor general nf i he r'nlted
via' 's am j : nd a member of fhe
board of rl .iocs.
The cadet  wh i one d y was to > om
i   mil n btifti ",'.' Inui dropped  bis pipe
' 'I .'���   hol   in." I  touche 1   bis greal   i . ���
ami  ih"  l.tirnii �����  wit-   imi much  f -
i even a   oliller's stolidity, and he emi:
ti d ii very boylike "Ouch:"
1 lonoral 1 ion Curios Buell to ilt in the
spi   ��� i I it nnd  nil lb ���  trior ous  humor
��� I'   I'a'    -iti'i'ti'i'i      11        '.-: I'ai'i's i    n:i ;
not i'i'.."'' [imi a-i such ii sight in :'; i,
H"  lonti nl   In ck  ngalnsl   n   tubl i I
roared, und uot even the wrath In th"
roinmniidniit's face could chock his
I lng.
;    "Come,  - ������ "ral." said  ih.- eomninn- ,
ilnnt; "lot ii i go.   I shall report thos ��� '
young  men   for  throe  Hngrant   viola
tlons of i lie rules of the nc i lomy."
General Buell looked nl tho guilty
oues uml roared again. Tho coraman-
ilniii led the way out of the room, but j
1 the culprits beard tho laugh  of Buell
all   lhe  way   through  the  ball,  across j
Hi" area of barracks, until  finally  It '
The   Store   with
White   Front
We Have
as usual, a nice assortmenl of
Dressing  Cas.3
Hand Bags ���
Purses, the prettiest line ever
shown   in  th 3  city.
Collar anti  Cuff Boxes
Smokers'  Sets
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes.
anil many rt- vlties too numerous to  ment.on.
. \ eliim
���_l acres of fir      lass   land, aboui   3 1     _ e
bearii [orchard, .tanda_.d varieties of fruit    Pei       '���
Prunes, Walnuts;  good dwelling house and outbui |
ated;  I n ad .   ��� 1 re, I ilephone, 11 ������' ol ice,    :l   o!, 1
.   nt; 1   '   |]oni , ran .. -���,.���; .,, facjiii ,
Price   $5>,20O.   n iar  ir cash,  balam    1" |
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
���1 m t���ni���m ���
g Store f
^'i-OO EACH.
Westminster Iron Works i
COWan'S Perfection C*OC0&|
(Maple Lcai   Label)
MilR Ch acolate
Croquettes, Wafers. Medallion*. Ltc,
Cowan's Cake Icings|
Paid-up Capital, .';10,000,COO.     Reserve Fund, 95,000,000 ,������ M n . ,:, ,, ,,������,;lillK ,���,,��� ,,,,���,
HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO. the olllco of tbo guardhouse.
B. E. WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX, LAIRD, Asst, ilcu'l Manager '''"' culprits   '.vero  confronted   with
  the probability of nbout ihree months'
i"ii linemen! to quarters and nbout
fifty tours of extra guard duty ax a resull oi' their disregard for discipline.
They wore In the dopths for twenty-
four hours, uml then the list of the
ii '.'���'���' iieliin: ��� nts was read, nml, lo,
iheir names i'M not appear!
Gonenil  Don Carlos Buell had hnd
Every facility afforded  Farmers for   their b. nking  business.   Sales  Notes     tho laugh of his llfetl , uml because      Mall orders nnd correspondence In
cashed  or taken  lor collection. of tho joy of ii lie bad naked lho com-    ''Ited.
BANKING   ii' '     Deposits   may he made or withdrawn oby mall,     mnndoul to spare the offenders,   Chi-
Ive every attention, cago Post. JOHN   REID,
With i'ii going you can got aowhere,
���From Uu
SHIP SMITHING, Hi-int,., and
Ornamental   iron   worn,  including
Fences, Oates, Flre Escapes, etc.
now dissolved partnership, the business
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON <
���, ��-_"�����*
Out-of-town  .''
NKW WES I .'.ii.
'ER BRANCH   -ii. R, DAVIDSON, Manager
Nov.   W :���.iiiilm.'r.r.
V. i>.  <74
Hardware, Ranges, StoveE llti   *
- Graniteware and Enamel Goo s
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia a
isti. L   DEC   24. 1906.
1 1
������������*���*���+���������-. �����������
urry!   Hurry
Only   3   Left
��� ���������� ��������������������������-���-�����������������������������
^   .    - ; \   _ -  -, _
few lots on Queen  Ave., just on the*   * 11 out of the mom-
g mists, with uninterrupted view of the Frasei  ..       and valley  Mt
lake]- ana the Olympia Range, are nov. s        ^     }:.      '
toted just on Queeris Ave   off Third St, woe     the'well-known resi-
!ences oth  J. Hart, W. E. \ anstone, etc.. bounded by Tipperary on the
-st and Peele St.on the west. Sewerpipes already       every lot to lane.
its. 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash. bai. ai rangi   . while the cor-
tlot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave., is offered at $6c
re vou letting this magniflcenl i  -unity to pure!
Secure one   at  once  froi
* -
��� .
i ��� ir-     ��� -     i  ii
���      '   I    r
'I'      "
read   tr
...    repeats i      - n i ��� ������
.... . . .       .....
tbe fa     "   bt        "u
that 1 ���
.   ..
_"' ' " '     tbi      1	
had occasion 1
treal Englisl
'     '
.. . .     .  .���   ,.
.   v.i
��� weep,    a,-,::_-:    cue   woaas    ann   "
��� i    ���    ;. li      '     ��� 'i"l.      mnki'.
"      '"        "lr        -:���������     I tll    '���
a       -i   :       ),.     ;
..... agon;
;        '  ' ,|      hi    ..on
a      |  .  ���      -|:r-Iie- Thi      l-M-HOI
ms.  but sl if tt     ie  nn:
ia. - ;
wo' worship at  :   .       ,i       inks
i    H     slzi
r.  ���        "nil     a.'
: .   -a- ' i '
nu :   I   nn  -   i"'"i usi   In    -iii   tri 'li ���'
i '���������   .in.i   i.i"   of hli     nniiiai
��� ;    nu.i   "sharp'   and
"shr. wfl'     be a uh,      b '���"���    b    telli .
v- i-i-,-   bai   ii  ' irl ������ Ii   i   bng<
p      b<   ste ���    In an    oust    bl     ellov
fr a   th i ui   : pproprli tei al   tbi
"*' 'I -       a   '       , wn
���   warnln, '-rn   tbi   wool
-i        ���        ' ���    "limine:   tl-"    tbe   larger
���     "   '     tbi. 1 ��� -    Ini-iis thp
tt-i  v h "   "" "��� tractloi   tin'
y arrive!     ���   , ��� ���
Real Estate Brokers. Etc-
��� ���
��� ���
I     | ,    ,
.mporary Premises: Trapp Block
umbing and Contracting
P.O. Box 24S
Telephone 302
New   Glassware -
We will  be pleased to have
*:  IU   CALL    AND    INSPECT    IT.
2    AC
25*����  Cash
In the v.". 3   y ,].     Handy I   ���:- iposed rn     tran
";-'' Don't delay buying this for a quick 1 irn ver
Wins, Coulthard & Co.,
Keai Estate, Financial .nnd Insurance Agents,
hbia Sl. . New Westminster B. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Tra ling Company
Mattafa U -ers ar ! ChaUi in All Kinds of
um-er,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     1 urnetFWork,    Etc.
x ish an<l Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
umber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
K(        :.  Branch, Columbia St.
'"''" New Westminster
Land! RegistrTAct SeCOnd Hancl Store
��� .
V' C C C   R ���'���"
:    '     '      '      I,".' -
r f  ES   MAN
riMl,.-.      11'       III.-,,!!,,-"-.-!.
"'������ "Ull"
������ a--  : ���������   ia,   ��� _ :    .a.   ���   ...  ���
i   ���   ���������: '    ie 'him
���  ���     ,   tilth i
gain tl
'"       ��� bei   i
a . ll ���
thi     lie:.
���01 lie
ashore ai ���        ���        ���  ���   ������
��� . .
'   :     :    ������       1
ih flsh      knot    i
'  ��� . tl
oi  Dei ���   i   ���
timi   ' hi
sons   cla ...
C   S   KI
Dis:        Re    ���    il ol   ri     -
Office,   \  ��   Wi -
\* O VI
-Christmas Trade
���     - ll l\   a ;  ������.
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attend
ed to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign   Man on  Wheel,
Col imbla St. Ne��  Westminster,
Phone 27*i
Too many
���ostrich, fl 1
������  ��� ��� ��� .    .
his t
._.     ��� I.
��� :��� .   - Sti Cl
-' --
erj   1 ���������   .    -  ��� -    "
. ��� -��� ���      .       le  ol
n  flrsl . ��� is!
for the pile an
f thai
��� n : .   ��� ,.���     hi       ���    Daya
���a   : i oi     thi
tll      .la-
: ��� ��� ��� i
bi ' il
bodj     ���r--.r r.
SO    (fTI -      Ibi      til.lllll' I       '1
othei   motion byth
ance, set off 1
-.    ���    thosi    fl
������ .   :   i ' band;   b;     Bi
  '     al        '.
sot      Wl
OpiInilw. Ii . f>ni..ni   GAltllnm
ln spi ���     . ���        -a    .     i ���;��� .
mainly I      te bis bei          he 1 ot
dor stre     chili selrloi    : iota  oi   iiini
Bell Bi            ' ������ '              '���"   hai
nr  ennr)   spirits    I    woll
(icr-ii-ipo.1. sensi n   bnmoi i tii   i   >'<>nnrl
less ���     ���- fi'iiinc a'.'  ��� mu:
ot th ag mi
1 ...a ���.,.
custoil     ��� .Ion   lhe     i
e Demi., n ��� ���  I
:a ���  lei     i' the sa
-   ,   un ���.
I .."    IS!) i     Ro! ���    ill
M lo Thomas Robert Mc
van. n  ree
M \i!'l IX,  WEART &   Mi QU .RHI...
.  \ ��� \   Wesl
1!  ' '
A :���-."'.
No Cause For Alarm !
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home*
stead Regulations
An.  av illable Dominion lannl. . Ith
i   II  11     ������  IMI in  British Colum
" home ite uleil b.   any per
I ���      lie In1,nl  'if n  famllj. i
oi    n    ���: -I" o. "   18 i-ears of age, to
���   ' stenl   'if  '"'" 'i in '"i   sei ; lon   of
...   ,.,,  D|   ;,,   ���
I a        tnust   a"  ininle  i'"' - ''I illy  al
.  ���. i    "   ������ ; ���   ' -     I       i : in
,    .  ��� .      n tnai
i- rci|iiii ed to pei
rm thi i'ii" ted then
i{ I  ���        owing [ilnn> I
i     '���,���.!, ii  ,
i| 'f the  bind  ill
r for I
ij    ;   ���'     fatl   -    '   :   ither, il the
[at    - if the hoi      teadei
farm  in  the  vi inil y
I entered for the
men!        to rei may b     iti^fierl
j with the fa
tj,  [���' - -    - "   - ' i    ;       '       '	
s;     ind   owm
���.'.:���    dem .
��� .    . . iy   rt    !"iap   npi ii
���    ���   ���    .    ting   hould
.'   . a r-r     r   \ l ,
��� ���,. ,   d   ntentii "i
',',     7.     '     i ';' V
...      :   ....    ; - ��� . -
y ������   .        ,   rn  'if
, x -'..     ���)��.    ..--.: I
fp-.. ��� - two-storey   fmau
-.a-Pft. will be raeaivad
���    ���.. -        ���   ���rrmhfir SSlnd.
Ptsn       '   ai'.-.ri.'at.ioni. nt eOkc of
i    H. (:tow, Sixth an! Cl��rl._on Sc.
[,�����> ���. i t mg Beadte not  neces-
" V''-       C. B. CLOW,
,.,    Mth. 190ft
�� i. C-/C-C fa* if a    d 12
���'��  i
"   '���
Ebony   Goods
Etc., Etc.
A Pleasure to Show
Goods at
Christmas   Presents
means of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelery to all
parts of the world.
It is strongly recommended that shipments be sent so as to arrive at destination some days in advance, thus avoiding the rush and ensuring most careful
handling. Arrangements can be made
for delivery the day before Christmas
when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Briuain and Europe.
For further information apply to
Company's office at C. P. R. station.
Phcne 91.
j. % Mcdonald. Agent.
How   II   Will   < ome    -ii'ordiiifi   lo   the
KiirN.lind   Myth.
One of tbe most striking of tbe Norse-
land myths is tbnt In which is pictured
lbe end of tbe universe, when all tbe
gods of Asgard aud Klfflehelm and tbe
Inhabitants of Jotunheim and Midgard,
together with tbeir habitations, would
be destroyed That this catastrophe
would come to all the visible creation
they firmly believed, for tbeir untaught
minds could tint conceive of luimor
And this is bow tbey pictured the
fearful time: Three winters would
conic upon tbe earth, one after another.
without the tempering Influence of a
single summer. Snow would full from
every quarter of tbe heavens, wild
storms would sweep over the earth,
with tempestuous winds tbat nothing
could withstand, and the sun would
lose it.-  heat.
Three Other winters would succeed
the first three, during which red vis-
aged war would stalk over the universe, leaving blood and death In its
ruthless track. Then the earth would
begin to tremble in uncontrollable fear.
tbe sen would rush from iis bed. the
heavens would be rent, and the eagles
of the air would feast upon the still
quivering flesh of multitudes of men
slain wlthoul warning.
Fenrls, the woll monster, would
threw off his bonds; the Midgard ser
pent, whose gigantic form encircled the
world, would rise from iis lair, and
Loki, the evil genius of tbe universe,
would desert the gods and go back
among their enemies. Surtur would
lead bis followers t" the Blfrost bridge,
devouring flames before aud behind
them, nnd. baring destroyed ii In
their passage, they would join Loki
and the frost giants on the battlefield
Of VIgrld, where I-'euris. the Midgard
serpeut and the host- of Hela bad already assembled.
Meanwhile Heimdnll. the watchman
of Asgard. the abode of the gods, would
sound the alarm with tbe Giallar born,
summoning the celestial cohorts to the
field. Odin, clad iu all the splendor
of his supreme office, would lead forth
the gods In martial array. Fenrls,
pressing forward, would throw himself upon Odin with a fierceness tbat
the deity could not withstand, and tbe
All Father would fall, pierced with a
thousand wounds from the monster's
Then Vldar, the son of Odin, would
fall like a thunderbolt upon tbe blood
reeking wolf and avenge his celestial
father's death. Tbor. the all powerful.
would slay, witb his great hammer,
the Midgard serpent, but even as the
monster gave up its life its venomous
breath would wreak vengeance upon
the slayer, and Tbor would sink down,
suffocated to death.
Meanwhile Loki and Helmdal) have
been seeking eacb other, and, having
met, tbey would fight with tbe fury of
demons until both were slain. Thus
all over tbe bloody field gods nnd
giants, good spirits and evil, would
meet and slay each other, and when
tbe dreadful carnage was ended Surtur would send his fiery flames abroad,
aud tbe universe would be burned.
The sun would lose Its light, the
earth would disappear, tbe stars would
fall from heaven, and time would be
no more!
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For  information  apply to
J.   H.   ROGERS,  Traffic  Managei,
Vancouver.  B.  C.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best idea_
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further information  call  on  or write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
The Pu-iliiK of Courtroom Oratory.
Inspiration i.s a lost art in tbe courtroom. Nowadays no true lawyer advises, prepares documents or tries a
case without a careful preparation.
Forensic oratory bas passed away. .No
longer does the crowd gather in the
county courthouse tn listen to and be
moved by the wit, pathos aud eloquence of the advocate as for hours or
days be addresses tbe jury. The courtroom may he filled, but it is largely
witb tlie ubiquitous reporters, many of
whom ure as destitute of tears as Sahara of water and as callous to emotion a.s the mummied sleepers of
Egypt. No longer is it true that weep-
ing men and women with handkerchiefs to their eyes are moved liy the
eloquence of counsel. Time is a press
Ing factor. Facts rather than eloquence Is the demand.- D, ('. Brewer
In Atlantic
is not needed to sell Westminster Real Estate. Prices speak for
themselves. Common sense only is necessary. Westminster prop.
erty will become as valuable as in any other city of the Dominion
Some of us will wake up, in 1910, and find that we are rich; and
simply because we bought some of the snaps offered by McQuarrie
& Co. in 1906.   Procrastination is the thief of time.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on (.th St.. just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property fur subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
One acre  back of   the
Orphanage.   $800 cash.
| For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bai. easy.
ie" .. res, Westmlnsti r district, -t"
ai res   undei      iltlvat on,   10 acre,  i i
ard    ' i   ai re   strawl ��� :���: leg   planti I
this year; aldi    bottom Ii n.l;  : unning
spring; bouse iy x -'J:  frame hain 30
x   SS:    I _���) i.-'   :.. '��� i    bi  .-'���   and   co v
stables, tl ;< i in ...... stable s cows aie:
_' span horses; ne;:: Mission Station;
schools, churches near a; hand:
steamer lands twice a day; aboul 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber: carriage house Hi x 24; hen
house made cf hewed timber laid in
mortar, IL' x 30. A chance of a lifetime, $8,000, S-l.OUO cash, balance at .
jier cent.
The Greatest Snap, bar
none, in the city.
Was $1,350 yesterday; today $1,600
House 7 rooms ; store
front; 1 3-4 acres. $1,600
for the whole lot.
House and kit, 50 x 133, hack of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $14.00 per month. Price $1000.
half cash, balance in six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than 14 j.er
Pan of lot 3C., joins Lake Commur,
about 70 acres, only $2D per acre.
Half cash,   Jump.
.Co acres in Surrey, _ acres cleared,
fenced on road side. $1,800, half cash,
balance on time at 6 per cent , gu i-
ject to sale of timber.
Three full-sized Jots, cleared and
fenced, close to tar; a good speculation; five minutes from post office;
$1,800; easy terms.
Lot No. 10. full size, cm Agnes
street, all cleared and fenced, ready
for building; a real good speculation
for $600.
Tu!] sized loi in Mowat street, $225.
She once remarked to me. "I cannot
portray vice. Imt I can understand and
realize crime," All the more powerful
passions were within her range hatred, jealousy, remorse, revenge bul
her liiveinaking. except .0 farea. was
us a rule a failure, Her mind, like ber
life, was so singularly crystalline that
she could not understand mere vice, "I
would rather he a grcul murderess.''
said she, "ihan n morbid, sickly fan
tastlca, SUCh as are, for the most part,
the heroines uf your modern drama."
Saturday Review.
ioo acres on the Scott road, 15 acres
cleared;   barn  50 x 30;   stables, etc.; '
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,(	
cash, balance easy.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh street, eight rooms, ;,i:
modern, stable and chicken house, full
sized lot, two storeys, $1,000 cash
20  acre   blocks,   frull   lands,  nearl
Junction, $20 per acre
House and lot, ;::: x mu, i '/_-storey,
situated mar Queen'i avenue   $1,150.;
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
Snap m Lots.
���.���,.  lots, less   :���   feet, corner of
-    ��� eet aud 1 renue.     Jusi
$S0C, terms easy.
V cant  li ts '��� i  sale In ail pai is ol
Ity, In in $2-.0C   " $1,000.00.
i" ible tenement  la usi . 6 ."ooms in
'���a   b   house,  wale:.  light,  lull  Size  lot,
: ��� ' ween    First   ; mi   Second    street,
i i i. ;!i hm n .'���. i'ii nonh side. Price
$1,500, half cas!.. hai mce in one year
ti! 0 jier cent.
.0 acres, cue mile from Abbohsford,
lu acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
150 acres improved land, buildings
. nd sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
ail under cultivation, $15,000. If you
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can be arranged.
ioo acres. Langli j. _." under cultivation; hous''. i ,.::. sh. K etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
Two-storey house, stable, chicken
house, two full sized lots, all modern
Improvements,   Third   street,  between
: Fourth    anil    Fifth    avenue-,    $2,250,
,$1,500 cash: good snap.
100 acres good farm land in Delta,
about Si/., miles from river, near Scott
road, $l_ per acre; a real good buy.
Full sized lot, Third avenue, between 10 and ll street. Price $225
00 acres pood fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now for $_."> per acre.
only one-quarter 'ash needed, balance
iu one or two year at  7 per cent.
01 acres in I'itt Meadows, only
$35 per acre, (nn 'i;:."..i cash, balance
a; 0 per cent
House an I 11_ ims. 5 rooms, price
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at 0 per cen!.;  Alice street,
House, io rooms, l'i lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh .streel,
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
Hoi.-"  on  Royal  and  Eighth   Btri  it,
two   Bti :''.. i.   si ven   rooms,   full  i
io..  $2,000.
, $85��' - tsh, a
easy. |
ISO acres, Maple Ridge, Si ��� lii : - 28,
:"' and ;:.', Township :>, oiu }...
- ���' Ip   1".   Lan. ���
iie. resl  brush and Bome sma     trei      an.     , ..,���,.,
!'    ���      Section 32, $45 per acre j Sea    price $1,500.  om
tion 29, $60 per acre; Section 28, $55  a; 7 , , . cent,
per acre.    Telephone  al   Hammi ��� ,
telegraph   Btatlon,   Pitt   River Bridge       ''" '    '
Terms, hai! cash, balance one and 'v., | ",!' uear Bla   ���       *    *2,c
w-ars at 7 per cen'. Exclusive agen >       ._ and , ..
j miles from iiu- river, $'0 ..-   .1
tine inue!.',' | and     . . ir:sj|
:4   S��e.     1.',,  Ti .':.
from Fori   Langli y,  _ .........
No.   1 land.     Prii ���    $'0 perj;r_qJ
��� I cash, balam e on 1   1
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted witli
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 1 O
perac. and terms* easy at
07 acre.-. Hornby Ranch, Nlckomekl,
house cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
cleared Price only $3,000, hair cash,
balance eas-,.
One hundred aia: ��� jfl
'.     Sec   J", Townslu
!: ������:;.      \    ofsford     creel
through, DO aa res  aide.- bottoni
to  iie $600 *"' th "i' timbei :{
property.    Price $10 per acre,:
balance on tlmi
Ten .i'i'-- ;:. !.- ii 16 ' ne nlki
of Westminster Jun I :. ��� i |
llj cleare I.   $30 ;�����:��� acre.
Two storied house, 7 rooms.
sewer   omnia [ions,   ;SS.   moir.!
provements, bj Ii :. i.i
Terms arranged,
80 acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good house, 0 acres
cleared;  only $1,000, easy terms.
8-roomed house, all modern Improvements, fine location,.corner of Fourth P..-storey hou ��� six room;.
Street and Agnes. $5,000, one half 11,600, easy terms di ar car ".ine
cash, a comfortable home and good|trally located
family  residence.
James  Inlel, three  square  miles, at
$6.00, half cash, balance easy.
all over the city for sale
from .$50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
Eight-roomed house . all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth  Street, two storeys, $3,750.
House and lot on Agnes stree'. two
storeys, seven rooms; a real snap at
Large lot and   two cottages on Cl
lumbla street, Sapperton.    Both tented
a'  $10 each.
Five collages and two lots on Fit. t
street, opposite Queen's park. Prlci
On..- and a half lots, Sapperton, jusi
off Columbia si reel and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to he arranged.
100 acres, all fenced, ready for cul-
I tivatlon, good  water, hair  mile  from
school, all ready  ror cultivation,    at
chilliwack, $75 j er acre,
40 acres near ciiy, $7 pei .- re;
see us for fuller particulars.
Three quarters of an acre ami
house mi i'i,:.imi,ia street, Sapi i i'en
House,  co: tu      I f'.'y'.i aval
Sixth street, oni     i i������!
rooms, $2,500, ha    ��� ash,
Boarding house, 20 ��� ms, m I
street, one  bloi k' from posi offj
rents at Jo" per month, oi'   - t.|
Seven-roomed he isi  Si i ��' ���""
near  Firth av i. ie   two -' '��� '
sized lot, $1,600.
House,   i Ighl   I     W     OU -    ''1
street,   corn'"   Fourth,   $2,5C.
House,    fn;:    -���,. I   lot, nn K��J
.-ilee,   Sappi '"'
month.    On!.' $1,050.
Three an''-. N rth Arm
Meads,  $425.
135  acres,  one  mile  rrom   Hunting-'
'ion. B.C., 7u acres in mass, i;, acres
drained and fenced;  house and  barn !
cost $2,500; good mad alon- one side;
price $50 per acre, half cash, balance
i" sui' purchaser al o per ceni    Rea-!    1G0 acres In  -
son for selling, the owner's wire is In j Coulthard's mu ;'  $7 i"'r ���       "
bad health, and bas to co in a cold   terms;   fruil    i
clln ate ticulars,
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Mul
nicipality. 4-room house!
chicken ' house; one ac;
cleared; good welUm
water. $ i ,000. Cftancef
of a lifetime.
Tin- Firm Lnay.
Adam looked at his helpmeet though!
"Well," he said in Ins emphatic way,
"there's certainly one honor that Ik In
dlsputably yours, my dear,"
"And what is that. Ad?" queried our
lirst  uml her.
Adam suddenly smiled.
"Nobody can dispute the claim that
you are the lirst lady In the land."
be said.���Philadelphia Telegraph.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brotoi
 Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Bank of Montreal  Grand Trunk RyM^nhSi
A   Hail   Ml..
The advertising manager was in a
towering rage.    "What's the trouble'.'" I
they   asked.     "Why.   they   went   ami
placed our prima donna's testimonial
for ti cold cure on  the same page with
the announcement that she had a sore
throat nud couldn't sing."���Milwaukee
There Is no better ballast for keeping the mind steady on Ita keel and
savin- It rrom all risk of crankiness
than business.���Lowell.
Incorporated   by   act.   or   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL  paid  up)      $14 000 000
RESERVE FUND  $10,000,000
Pt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Mount.   Royal,    (!.   C.   M.
0���'    Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond,    President
K. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Braaches in all the principal citl es In Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents In all parts of tbe
worid* i-tiB-iafe
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago. London.
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
j Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
l    Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, IM.
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous   ,
Electric-lighted train.    ���    Si,rvl(
Quick Time. Bxl
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. rau
I   Steamshlr Tickets on sale to a"
pean points. . Tfipl
Special   Reduced   Ra"��
Rates  t.  Southern  Call"    ^
For full Informtlon cfljlon ��Ar nt
C, E. LANG, General ai     .
430 Hastings St., Vancouver,  ���
l'ort land, Ore.
A. <:


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