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The Daily News Oct 22, 1906

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OCT 231906 .!
V   , ���     c   J
V.    I>, <-,   G'   --
Political events
now stir interest
in the old world
eting of Parliament in London and Change of   Ministry in France Are the Interesting
Topics Now.
���    '"    '"'��� Honeage, Liberal, have given notice Ol
ivith  I >V"      i mi li        ' -  ,,     ���
t,   rin '   araetei uf thi
'   ict        ' ;a ������ Igi   ,    Ini   ruction as j      ��� i
estions. .             ���                    ,..,;.       |
"   ''"    ���" ��� Ition 1
ifter a ! tj the lowi
eath of hi ��� ��� |      .....       u-ing  -j
i re-   i    ml . ������.    . : ,
tion   i .. ..    the   ��� . intei     a  tin     i
;<���' ;in^H **
s.    Tin ire, then
-'    ' n will b
full of af ���
London, Oct., 22.���Accord ing to the Morning
Post, the Autumn session of Parliament, or the beginning of the next, i.s likely to see important
changes in the cabinet. Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the premier, probably will be raised to the
j peerage and will lead the Liberals in the house of j
J lords, remaining, however, as premier. This would {
! enable the aged Marquis of Ripon to retire from the 5
Arrangement Between London   and   Washington ^As   to
Newfoundland Fisheries Is Now Given
to the Public.
position of Liberal leader in the house of lords, and
[ Ii. M. Asquith would become Liberal leader in the
j house of commons.
in n
lentai    oi
'    i
���    . in :.
��� '..
i       i     m :
I '
.'.-.- i
��� tion
ie, thi
h  -
n .   la'i _;
i   ire i   ��� on ��� Idered
���   govi   ���.
ild the snpjM rl of
house of
��� twi ��� n
���  and the bouse of
lon bill may
��� ���   ' -. and pos-
' the country,
��� ,,, rently ir-
.   ���   ' ��� a   ire     Loi I
aii t, an l   Lord
Thi      i ���   ���
'���:���       ]'.      a
  it the
ten lei I
: .emii      .il     eaiil     i ai
lis i        ��� . end
���; ��� ���   ' ��� _ s i t
' ������   .. er, it
i2ht that
���   '���
i pa '        f tl ......
Survivors   From    Boats   Wrecked by
Thursday's Cyclone T- I  of the
Havoc it Wrought,
Violent   '..ind   Storm in  Salt   Lak.
L.ke  City  2nd  Elsev/here
in   Utah.
Was     ._      .   Oct.   21,   The  Amerl- fishermen, Mr. Reid said, would gladly
a                  a.:n,i'nt  has Just   made pay  light  dues  II      e    were not  de-
ln   text  ' :" the modus vivendl prlved   of   their  right!   to   0 h;   and
itivi   to thi  Newfoundland fisheries were no   unwilling to comply with the
a aa-  alreadj   been deall with In provisions of the colonial customs law
ict  form,  and   which the  people ar  to   reporting  ar a   customs   house
! N'ewfoundlan 1 have exi res.se I a dc- whi a physicall.  possible to do ne. Mr.
to  sei        Its entire!      efore the Reid   concluded  by   saying   that   the
Inei   ol  the  Island  colon    decides American   governmenl    was   anxious
a  ::���.    of action. that   the  provisions of the modus vi-
The modus vivendi, instei I of tak- "  should be made effective at the
he form of a treaty, is emhi lied e            no sihli   moment, and he was
orre pondence  between  the  Brit to hi   assured by the British for-
.:���        . st, s
if    T
. I. Cl i
.   vi   i   ���
M    i   ���
Ign     '
Pa     , Oct.  21
��� a :.  niinisti
a      :��� '
I entrusted
Ins  .'i   new   i   i
���  .     ,'...���
I to
liorl folio.     M.
le  In   his   n ���    lint
i-   Ith,
. I.  Clemence m nfer-
with  Ws friends    in-
i   iding Gem        P Ihe di    nd
i     of 1 ireyfus, whi ���   restored
the  army and    roi In Jul: .    M.
��� ��� ��� i ,-i   |i is not  yet
fered an ' :    iw Genen
Pi   | larl onlj I Form itii n i n
��� ei tain Items of thi estin   ������
1'  ��ill take him I to cboi
i\".  P. D      :.     ry,  wh     :. in I'
��� -     ��� ived   here     i  the
Russian sti .... ng other
��� ��� -    ��� ehoi
���   ��� men,   . as
T . .
.   ' :.
���   ' ��� -..:i
1 - ��� ��� her,
and tl
S i for protection,
��� .
....     tim-
��� ml '���:..-.   -Mr.
n  I ..���   :.     I, hu    sue-
i getting . an 1   rtoated
.   ���,.-'.'.
er 10 men w ere
nine ig ng on to an
sides   of the   ho    ehoal
������ '��� i    ���'������     men     It tin ned
. . ������   i each  time re lucing
i.r.    '.' a   ji nnie slghte I  i he
ind succeeded in  rescuing
,--nin    ��� en -a ho were bi might
["here was    nothei   houseboat
villi  150 men on board at  Long Kej
hich M     Dusenbui y thinks was also
\, i   ��� to sea.
Serious   Accident.
Strui .     j    i   street   car   yesterday
afternoon  at  the  corner  of Princess
Salt   Lake, 1       , Oct. 21��� Foi   thi
;  24   h region     .      been
a       ng the     ��� ��� . i       ���. inparalleled
���  le    ..   .'��� ith   ������ '��� ��� ri Fire, fanned    I     the       .
.   ihi    storm        iterated i .-1 ui    d
|     !
1" rai ns havi . . ...... ly     .
.   Th. '        .      Ing j  an
'. .      ���:      .     . IU   '       .-      ,-
'.. .-      .
en   win      ._,
aggregate   loss   is
Ign  offii i   an 1  'he   .merlcan   ei
ssador al Lon lop.
a a    date    ' Oct. 6, W'hiti   iv it. id,
_meric in   am assador,  addn
:. ���  i to the BritisI   I ireign office to
al   he n as a ithorized by
govi    i   ent to   ai Ify a modus vi-
endi in regard  to the Newfoundlan
herj   " ii stions on  the basis of the
eign   office   that   the   note  would   he
a-i Ie e 1   sufficient   ratification   of
the mod is vivendi on the part of the
American government,
The British foreign office replied to
this ue'" of Mr. Reid's on Oct. 8.
This reply said thai the note had
been re eived with satisfaction, and
thai ii ���>"���: i be considere 1 by the
liritish  government n   sufficient   ratl-
Ign   of fii e     mi morandum   dat
Sep .   15, in  which  the foreign  office Pcatlon of the modus vivendi on t.he
;  ���:      irrangemenl  set  out  in ; irl of the United States government.
Mr.  Re        ��� emorandum of Sept. 15 The British replj  said also thai  King
asking  consenl   to   the  use  of   purse Edward's government fully shared the
seine         _meric n   s hermen  during desire of the  American   government
he ��� ns S          -     i   subject to lue re- that  the provisions of the modus vi-
:    ���  :.-   paid   in   the use of  such \endi should be made effective at the
��� ....y- to othei  m s of fishing, earliest moment   ossible, and that the
; ir .':��� id said tl��! I i i L'nited necessary Instru tions for its observ-
The wind           ied a maxi-   States understood by this thai the   se ance had been a<  ordingly sent to the
ity u    2 miles a     ,   ir.         '        t   ���    seines   by  American   I sh ir- government of Newfoundland Immedl-
eu were    aughi    indei        ' ' :;   ���������'���   '��� ' '   '     ,"-'  Interfi   ed   ,v   h, ately   en   receipt  of Mr.   Reid's  com
es while driving to a fire an
.��� juri       . ustained less
��� i falling
..   ��� -.
���   oa ,.   ai'ti     eceived to-il
v ���  ���   ���
graph  ......   .... ia  ... to-nigh
Denvi to Los Angi a -.
Og len,   Utah,   0   ,    21.���One   man
��� ��� -    .illed  an I  $.i ". I   in   n >p< ri
was de: troyed b;   a heavj  win I storm
this region lasi night
���ii iy.
Wl  .   ..   Gi    -.   while   \i lorin
is    ,. ., les rui tl ii.   was
.   a flying j lank   . n 1  kill. 1.
���   <' itholic ��� h irch  was damagi ! '���
��� stent        . a a',  ''a usands oi do!
'.....   and     tl        ..; ge   buil lings   .��� if
a   ��� |.
the shipment  of  Newfound-
.merici n    0 hei mi a  i .
., | ..     le the three mill   limit v. as nei
to hi   - ibji cl  I . Inti rference no
. ��� i.    But   al   ih-   same  time
.ernmenl   was  a   ured tl   I
��� n li   shipmi nts  I e  found ne-
ary,  they    would    be   made   far
.   .   from   i'ii    exact
limit to avoid any reasonable doubt
munlcat! a.
Tho   Financial   Situation.
Washington, Oct, 21.���The secretarj
li"   of   the  United   States treasury, after
a conference  wiih   President   Rouse-
velt,  speaking of the  financial  situation,  said  that   assistance   from  the
three  mile   treasury   was  not   necessary, he  was
inclined to believe, 'mt he would give
On   the  other   haul,  il   was under-  the matter further attention.   He said
��� ood    :���  the  United States. Mr. Reid   he would keep in close touch with the
.-aid. thai "our fishermen would head-   situation and act in accordance with
;<J   vised  bj   our government, and  would   bis judgment as the conditions seemed
agree, not to fish on Sunday."
It was further understood that the
Iiriiish government would nol bring
Into force the Newfoundland foreign
fishing vessels act of 1906, whicli Imposes on American fishing vessels certain restrictions in addition to those
imposed by the act Of 1905.    American
to warrant.
''    - "ent   ,5  Reforming   The  Windy  City   Gets a  Long De-tired
A: "     Annexation Talk
_______���<. rrl.
Imnroverr.ent  in  its   Urban
Railway Lines.
���''������'    M  goon
.m to-
1   ��� .        ��� ���   state
i "" ��� : ' I   ' \
. th
'filth      a | jj.
���'                       ���..
���  an
1     '       ' '    . ..ii.
'   ���    expended,
.er.  little
la ���   Instant
1      b lildings aud
\merlcan ma
'in to-morrow.
| ���! will sail Mon-
"" cruisers  Mim
(Denver. Six
dn..','.,;' ' ' Camp Colum.
ihoui ������'     ' '     m   scattered
<   ,,' ''���"������'    r.
Cuban   ' rmerlyhead
��� ���     concerning
:   .       ���   -'   'he  Waldorf  As-
**. by t)    **   '""K-   Saturday
Cuban., in or
mi,��������� ,        conference which
'   lhe radio,,,
(i annexation
*nor z;,ya_.
'' "f tti" Liberal
'   ��'as a poasi
i hlcago, tii '. .1     Ci    ��� Lhis
ir.'.m ng ceaai 1 I i opi i iti In Chii ago,
electric trolley i        o      -   ati
thi  placi  of the iintiquati d i a b
Iraw a :... undei gi oun I steel
Nile I een yea     agi   lhi    tn et
��� .. i oinpaii. i ��� rat tij irs on be
���. ii th   - ii!.-  n*   Chii ago   ia-;.nled    ih"
i-sten opul_ i ui.  and
motive power wa.     t that
modern means of Btreel    at
i   ition    in    exlsti nee,    Afti ���    the
i    ll    I   ~a;.' 1 staled   iuu se  poWi I    fl
��� .eral years, the electric troili y
.. ised I he cal 1" to app< ai a.-, a slow
and uncertain mean, of ti ans poi ta
lion, aad foi several years Chicago
has i i looking forwai d to i he abo-
i'i a of tii" cable lines, a hope that
was fulfilled this morning at 1.30
..:. I   Cam ���   ��� .   Vancouver,   a
a,.;,   aboul ' ���  :''s of ^^J.r   re-
��� "."d Inj .��� .< ay prove fatal
��� allii-d    I    his j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
rather, started he track, not   Biven notice of sending delegates
noUcIng thi   a        ' car, and was ��
hurled a considerable distance before.
rnt .rnational   Confererc.
i. ... lon, '' ��� 21.���The thii ,1 inti r-
. tional . ngress for tbe su] pression
of traffic in women, over which ex-
Premier   Bourgeois   will   preside,  will
a.-semli!c in   IVri.-  ou  Oct. I aud  !'e-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
main in session until Oct. 25.   All the
ntini nti I  powers an 1 Greal   Britain   production of Oil in the East and Gold
Money for Church Work.
At Its merlin.'.' in London, Out., the
general Anglican mission hoard voted
$2,700 for work in ihe diocese of Xew
Westminster and $11,100 for the Kootenay.
.    . lie : ��� ��� .' sented al the conferenc .
but   the   I'nited   Stat-es   has not  yet
Another Balloon  Race.
New Company. ", j
:     A new company has just been form-
lot   the   "British   Columbian   Flour   &
| Feed  Co."    The  personnel of the  dl
; rcctorate is as follows: It. G. Venable3,
late of Medicine Hat, president; D, J.
Briggs,   late  of  Kenora,  Out.;   W.  .).
: Williams, late of  Edmonton, Alberta,
During the | Percy  I-'.  Venables, of this city, will
in  Alaska   Has  Largely
Washington,    Oct.
s of his agonized parent, who |    Pittsburg, Oct. 21.-��Unless tbe wea-|year 1905 the oil holds of the United I h.
became distrai e I an I   iva -  ana1'!" to
vi ..��� his  nai uy ol h< r Informa-
i a    ���: '        ���     'I'1-      ij   u as car-
rle I Into 11 . wl son's ��� ��� flci. wh re It
ound tl       ���       ;              il
shed  ,   nui   iie       ".    nd h   :
 si ��� . a-  only
i ho i________|^^^^^^^^^^H
motorman that the bo> was nol Killed
mil no blame ran be at-
Her cqnditions are again unfavorable,] states produced 134,717,580 barrels of
is now planned to .have the balloon ( petroleum, as againsl  117,080,960 bar-
���    he spo
ce,  which was originally scheduled
foi   yesterday, lake   i lace   to-moi row,
when    ��� ���     ������        ii.      , Centaur i
Eagle, will   e senl   ip a    10   ,m   The
lloons . ���  r in ��� osition to night, md
o'clock to-morrow morning,
rels In   1904, according to a reporl Is-
.  i   ,.y   ih"   l'.   S.   geological   survey.
This wa J gri ater by 17,636,620 barrel..
a  iln-  production  In any previous
lo   romanc.   If   of  keener Interest
the story of the departmenl of
level    ���. enl ol  thi  mining In lu
the managing director.
The company is formed to handle
bl ill wholesale and retail Hour and
feed of all descriptions for use
throughoul li; Itish Columl la, Messrs.
Briggs and Williams have for years
been engaged In this class of business,
and have a thorough knowledge of all
Iti manifold details. P, F. Venabli a
I:  well known throughoul tbe district,
That  Bandit  Again.
��� testi I ra :l hly a;   the i
Gum-jln '  ol Ita .ian ial output from|a*er I0r tne c"''���
repre    12,400,000  in  189"  to over $15,000,0001 Calgary, Alberta.
ol -ii'  i^i.s . ihei   iftei Ihe accident I    Tangier,   Oct,   21.���II    Is   reported   I       atti    ed roughly by the increase IFIsh Co., and till recently local man
was pitiable to behold, and he broke  here  thai     .merlcan   Minister Gum- j In the value of its annual output from I a&er for the Calgary  Milling Co. of
down  coiii'l'''  .   .md  hud  to be  as-  meto  has   made very  decided
-is ",| awa.. fn m -h" scene i E the ac-  sentations to t.he foreign hoard at Fez | in 1905.   The gold production of 1905,
cident  by sympathetic onlookers.
The  Lost Submarine.
Bizerta, Tunis, Oct, 21.���The divers
| working    on   the   French  submarine
boai. Lutin, which wen; down off this'
I on Oct. 16, with foui teen men and
two officers nn board, to-day sue-'
ceded in digging :i tunnel under her
stern, through which a hawsei was
I assed. A heavy chain has been
placed ill position under her hows,
and preparations for lifting her are
now complete. All efforts to remove
the bodies from the Lutin have proved
vain. Through the window of the
hatch the divers bave perceived two
i orpses. The position of these bodies
i ��� such as to make Impossible Ingress
to the submarine. Th.' bodies cannoi
'������'���' identified,
Another Wreck.
Norfolk, Va., Oct. 21.- -The steamer
i ,i ii ge Farwi 11, <��� Imi ei ladi n, r .om
J cksonville, Fla. I r New Haven,
Conn., is ashore off Cane Henry, and
win probably l e a total loss, bul
ou  board   were saved.    Captain   '
; ��� -h" i a ������ ire of the band.it Raissuli. j according to reports of the U. S. geo
II Is sail also thai  the Sultan, in a logical survey, increased probably 601
roundal o 11  way. le trying to contract per cent, over 1904.
. .' i   American loan. An Important factor In the advance-
 o  ;  . ni   of    Alaska's    mineral    industry
Austrian Minister  Resigns. luring  the last   decade, says the  re-
Vienna, Oct. 21.���Emperor  Francis i'i". is the greal reduction In miningl
Joseph   to-day   received   Count   Golu- costs   which has   taken   phoe  duringj
chowskl, the Auslro-HUngarlan minis-   this period.
Chisholm and his crew of fifteen men ter of foreign  affairs,   who  formally
were landed from the wrecked sionni- presented his resignation, which was
or  to-day  by   the  life   saving  crews accepted   by   his  majesty.
from  Ihe Cape   Henry   and  Virginia
Leach    station.    The    steamer
ashore  in   a  gale   which   the   captain
-ays   was    the   worst    in   hi
years'  ex.pi rlem'
; wen;;.
ilong the  Atlantic
It  is not
yet   known   who will   succeed   Count
wont   Goluchowski.
W.C.T.U.   World's   Convention.
Street Car  Accident.
Pittsburg, Oct,  21.���One man   was
killed,  another   hurt   so seriously   he
will die and six others bruised and cut
In  a   street  car  collision   to-night   in
East of the Mountains.
Washington, Oct, 21.���The L'nited
I Slates weather bureau to-night announced thai all that is left of the
tropical storm thai wrought havoc in
its path from Cuba across the Florida
keys, is now a shallow barometric depression prevailing over the southern
seaboard, it is not dangerous. A severe snowstorm with freezing temperatures is raging through the Rocky
Mountain districts and the plains
states eastward.
Denver, Col.. Oct. 21.���A general
storm prevails along the eastern slope
of the   Rocky   Mountains,   from Wyo-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 Knoxville,  I  suburb.    The dead man
Boston,  Oct, 21.���Two meetings, One   is   .Mich-iel   Sulllvin    ���,  nnndnntn.     -in,l        i     _    ���_.        ,_     ,        .     .
,       , ,    , *"cnae_ smman, a conductor, ana  minto New Mexico, to-day.   Snow has
0     a   devotlona    Character   and   the the   fatally    injured    is   Louis   Davis,   been falling in Colorado almost inc/s-
othera mass meeting In charge ol the treasurer of a foundry and machinery  ,antly to, the 1;ist 24 ]wws    SJJ��
Young   Women's   Chriistlan   Temper- company ai Carrik.    The car was as-  ban electric  lines  are operated witl
New   York.   Oct.    21.-The   annual   ance union   branch,  brought   the   pro- eending a  sleep grade and the motor-   difficulty   and railroads experience de
, eetlng ......   Eastera league ofl.ase-   ceedings of the seventh convention of man lost control of it, and it slid back-  iav in runnina their tmin.    r���nei,
Md in -his city on   the world's Women's  Christian   Tern- ward down the hill, mashing into one , erable property has been damaged lv
perance union to a close to-day. ! that was following it. ' winds. *��magea i.y
Eastern   League Annual   Meeting.
ball chilis will  ' " 111 I
'.-  ��� a:.- and Tin   la THE   DAILY  NEWS
M '   OCT, 3, .. I
i ���
References    in    Sermons    L^st   Night
Call Attention to  Evils ;n
Social   Life
Th       ... - :andal Ls not dea 1.
Several of thi city minis ;- referred to the recent gambling expose
in the Daily News in their sermons
last evening, arid from the remarks
made by some of these gentlemen, it
is evident that they intend to probe
the matter slill further. After speaking at some length on this subject
last evening, the Rev. .1. s. Henderson, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church, remarked that he would devote more time to it in a future sermon.
"Righteousness and truth must prevail," was the slogan of his sermon,
hul ii was only towards the end of it
thai he touched upon the expected
topic. New Westminster, he stated,
could compare favorably with many
other cities in Canada to-day, and lie
thought thai It was greatlj to i's ere-
dil that vice could not flourish here
oi "ill.'.' without public attention being
. | on the - ibject. In connection
w II a ��� hi . i'a' ling scan lal whit h had
1 ., exposed by a local paper a few-
da; s ago, he could say thai if this
had been in many other places, it
would have I ei n allowe ; to ,: i -- unnoticed, and would have been winked
al by everybody; but II spoke volumes for this city that public Interest
had been aroused.
"I have read the irl Icles that have
been printed in ihe papers about this
gambling," continued Mr. Henderson,
���'and I have spoken with several public men. and run satisfied that the
.acts were not. in the least exaggerated In the articles. There is no doubt
that these dens of vice were allowed
to openly operate here during the exhibition week."
Mr. Henderson then wen; on to explain whai he would do if he were
given a free hand In the cleaning up
of ihis city. He would begin by cleaning up the wesl end of the town.
which h" described as a foul blot on
this fair city, and a disgrace to this
community. A few thousand dollars
s;.e���t in cleaning up ihis part of the
city would result in a large increase
in the  value of property.
"This place, where vice is given a
free hand, and young men are enticed Into evil ways, is a festering
sore upon the right eye of this city;
the very place is ugly and repulsive
, i look upon. It is the first place the
visitors .-ee when tbey arrive here,
and lirst Impressions, especially bad
ones, are very hard to eradicate. A
few thousands spent in cleaning oul
tiiis section of :no city would be well
Mr. Henders in mi n lom I some of
the other evils in this city that need
to be stamped o it, an i explained the
way in which he would sel about it.
He would enfori e the licensing laws,
and refuse to grant licenses to men
who ran hotels in the way several
were being conducted at the present
ime, and would make the penalty
heavy enough to make it worth the
! otelkeeper's while to enforce the
laws of the lan I. A stirring sei mon
was broughl to a close by a spirited
.,. :, al to nil Christians I i stan I Bho il-
Per t.. shoulder and man to man in the
coming fight for ti. ��� w ilfan of thc
city at large.
in  the   Olivel   Baptisl   chut ch   I i it
i ,i nlni . Rev. M. I.  Rugg, D.D., .-.. ike
on "The Mission of th ��� Church."    li i
. fn, hi    ext a pa - age I rom Ne iu-
��� liadm   /��� ir's  dream,  ' And  the   stone
;.t , mo e he Image I ecame a m i in
I . an 1 i.iie l the whole earth " l'l. ���
.   eai ited that the texl ��as pro-
I P.- i ��� nf ��� ii" ; Ime �� nh li mu si  e rent-
i H  when thi    - Chi
'..i aid  nil  the  whole eai th     Prophi
��� les had I ��� "ii u Dnderfull fulfilled an I
were i omlng to pass da. bj day. It
should   be the duty and  privilege ol
ne consecrated church member to
ally himself with every enterprise
v hich tended in that direction. The
lirst mission of the church was to accomplish the conversion of the world.
The last commission of Jesus was,
"Go ye Into all the world and preach
the gospel," and unless a church was
a witnessing church it was foredoomed to fail in its work. Christ's mission
wa3 to bring light into tlie world, and
transform it. It was the mission of
the church to see that the various social evils that were extant ln its surroundings were eradicated and banished fer ever; in light for the banishment of vice in all its forms. Dens
o! Iniquity should nol be permitted
t'i Stand with wide open doors, unre-
bilked, Some say that the preacher
Bhould not meddle with matters of thai
kind, and shoul I mind his own business,  bul   If  the   pi cher and   the
church did not eiiter into the matt ir,
it would be a long time in getting rectified. The church should enter Into
ali sections of social life, and purlf.
it    with   its   presence;    the    church
Selections are now at their best���Prices at the lowest
qualities up to our usual high standard of excellence]
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Men s Showerproof Coats, $7 to $25
Boys' Showerproof Coats, $6 to $7
Men s Rubber Coats, $3.50 to $6
Boys' Rubber Coats $3, all sizes
Umbrellas ���-Oil Clothing
The Wardrol
should reach out into business and
political life. There was onlj one
party   that   ever  entered  politics   for
Uie eradication of social evils, ann
that was the prohibition party, and
the electors, when il tame to the
pinch, were so wrapped up with party-
ism that the prohibition element was
ruled almost out of existence. Men
said, "We must riot interfere with this
or that evil because it will affect the
party." .May God give the christian
people the kind of a spirit that will
stand solidly for the uplifting of humanity and the overthrow nf those
things thai are destrimental and hurtful to the national life.
There were societies upon societies
being organized as auxiliaries to the
church, ami the speaker had come to
the opinion that it was the working
��� "it ut'a Divine pian for the education
o* the rising generation for the winning of ihe world fnr Chris-.
Matsaui  Carries By-law.
Th" polling in Matsqui municipality
on the by-laws submitted by the coun-
fii. giving certain franchises to the
1; C. 1-1. R. Co., resulted as under;
Tramway by-law, for 7:'. againsl '1:
light, heat and power by-law. for 71.
igainst 2, so that the by-laws were
( irrled by ;m almost unanimous vol '.
 o ���
Guichon���VS. Banner. Mlllsidi ; P.
G uichon, Porl Guii hon; c .1. Bennel t,
I'a' i in I: vs. Foster, Vnacortes; C. li.
Vllen, Sin Fran tisco; .1. 1 i. lias' ���, ..
Tm onto.
Colonial 11. Wc'a'i. Chilliwack; G.
li Turner, Matsqui; I", il. Moss, Pitl
Lake; \\-  \v. Ovens. Toronto.
Windsor���George l-l. Adams, seat
'ie; George Curtis, Nicomen; W. Morrison. Se ittle;   R. Boe, Vane, uv  '.;.
H Turner, Matsqui: A. Castle, Hope;
A, W. I.nudum Surrey Cent re; .1. Wilson, Hammond.
Every one who breakfasts,
lunches or dines at
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, because
Everything- is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
Having decided to move to Alberta,
I offer my personal property for sale,
as follows:
Four head  of work  horses.
One sorrel mare, 5 years old, weight
about   1.250  lbs.
Two bay horses. 5 and 9 years old,
weight 1,000 and  1,100 lbs.
One pony mare, 4 years old, weight
?bout 900  lbs.
One  spring  wagon.
One set work  harness.
One fine Jersey milch cow. giving
pent/ of milk.
One good cook stove.
Household goods.
Two miles east of Westminster
.   Coquitlam, B.C..  Oct. 16, 1906.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only al! mi! route between ail
points east, west and south to Ross-
la". !. Nelson and intermediate points
tonnecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connect- at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Fails with
stage f*iily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave Day Train Arrive
920 a.m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
12.25   Pm Rossland   ....4.10 p.m.
g.40  im Nelson   6.45 p.m.
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee witli
Cream,        -       -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.; 6 to 8 p.m.
'1 iod Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Shi.rt Orders Quickly Served.
Trapp Rlcck,
Columbia St.
Sale of Lands by Public Auction
By order of the Council, the Col-
lector will offer for sale by auction
0:1 Saturday, October 20, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon (sharp), at the Municipal Hall, the residue of the properties not dispose I of at the recent sale
by tender.
Tin.-;.- comprise two subdivisions In
District Lot 30, 120 subdivisions (in
9 1 locks) In District Lot 53, and SS
sul  li.isi.ins in District Lot 91.
Indefeasible title, Deeds at pur-
���i'a ers' cos;. List nnd conditions of
sale may l e oh'nine 1 from
B   G, WALK Lit.
I .   M.  C. and   Collector.  Box  34,   New
Municipal Hall, Oct. 1, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that 1 days
ater .late 1 intend to appl; o the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a license to cut an I carr
away timber from the following de-
si rlbe i laud .;
1. Commencing al a post m u Iced
W. M-'s 3.L. Corner, planted on the
noi' ii bank if the Kll; ila river a ioui
two miles up from the mouth, in
ning a.s follows; 10 chains north, 16')
chains west, 10 chains south, 160
chains east to point of c immen ���
ment, containing 640 acres, more or
Locate 1 August 27, 1906.
.. Commencing at a post marke I
W. M.'s S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of tbe Kildala river, about
two miles up from the m mth, running
a.s follows; to chains north, 120 chains
east, -(a chains south, lu chain- west,
40 chains north, 80 west I i point of
commencement, containing 640 i
more or less.
Locate 1 August 27, 19 (6.
3. Commem Ing   at   a   p ist   ;:: irke i
W.   M.'s  N.E   Corner,  planted   in  the
north hank of the Kildala rive',  ibou
live   an 1   a   half  miles   up   ri. ���
tram 'lie mouth, running a -  follows
in chains south, 160 ch tins,  vest,   I i
eii tins norl h, 160 chains eas      ��� ,   int
of    commencement,    c int lining    ' :
aire-, more or less.
Loc ite 1 August 26, 1906.
I. C immen Ing at a pi -' marked
W. M.'s X.W. Corner, plante I on
north 'tm1; nf the Kll la'., rive iboul
. . a an l a half miles up th ��� river fi om
'he mouth, running as I iws; 160
��� a ..ia- ea--, pi chains 30UI':. P. i
hain - v. est. 10 chain - n ir i I i ilni
of commencement, i mt lining 640
acres, mure or less.
Located A igust 27, 19 ifi
.". Commencing al t ;, I marke I
W, M.'s N.E. ilorner, plant 'I on the
south bank of the Kll la) i u m, i 11
one mil i from the mouth of the river,
running a _ follows; 50 i hain - ioui ii.
80 chains wes'. 80 chains north I > the
shore line, thence following shoreline
to poinl of commencement, ��� intalnlng
640 acres, more or less.
Located August 27, 1906,
6. Commencing at a post marked
vs. M.'s S.W. Corner, planted on the
east hank of the Dala river, about
ten chains easterly from the mouth,
running as follows: 40 chains east,
40 chains north, 40 chain- east, 80
chains north to the river, thence following river to point, of commencement, containing 640 acres, mote or
Located August 27. 1906.
(Locator)   WILLIAM   MOODY,
per  Frank Vandall,  Agent,
Oct. 1, 1906.
Telephone A1S4 or address 4tb  Avenue and 10th Street.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any a\ lllable Dominion Lands within the Hallway Belt in British Columbia, may he homesteaded by any person who Is 'lie sole head of a family,
or any male over 13 years of age, to
. the  e^-.��nt  of  one-quarter   section  of
160 acres, in.ire or less.
Entry  must   lie  made  personally at
ithe local land office for the district in
which th ��� land I- si-uate.
Th** h imestea ler is required to perform the conditions connected therewith un ler one of the following plans,
(i) At least six month..' residence
upon and cultivation of the land In
each year for three years.
(2) tf the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
i resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
; by such person residing with the father   nr   mother.
1 (jil? the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land'owned
by him in the vicinity cf his home-
stea I, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given ti tlie Commissioner oi D i-
minion  Lands at Ottawa of intention
j tn apply tor patent.
Deputy  Mini-ter   of   the   Interior.
N*. I!.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Re bl    ,    . ��� 11    ���: 1:1  of lol    : i.   .
md    -       lurbai    .1 1 .. ''.. New  \.
min te ��� city,
Wile- tas p ai at' ��� he loss of ceitit.
1 :>'" of title a imber 2s i:,a, Issued li
tb ��� name of Ne's Nelson, has bee,,
file l in this office,
Notice : i herebj given that I Bhall,
a1 the explratl in of one month trom
the date of the Qrst publication here
of, Issue a duplicate of said certificate, tinio-s In the meantime valid
objection be made to me in writing
C.  S.  KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,   New  West
minster, B.C., Sept. 28, 1906.
Transfer Cc
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia bt.
Baggage  delivered    ; ���
part of tbe city,
Light and Heavy Han
D'fice 'Phone 185.       Ham 'rw
Westminster Iron I
SHIP SMITH1NO, iiitiiHii-a.
Ornamental   Iron   won, tr.cti
Fences, Oates, Fire Escapes, W|
Mail orders and correspondeKJ
BEGBIE H 1 ict.Ki.
Xew Westminster. 1
B. C. Monumental Works:
JAMES  McKAY.   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones ftc.
Write for prices.
| New Westminster, B. C.
Great Northern Rj|
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Dailv j NEW
I ease   WESTMINSTER  v"'
9:25am Blaine, ' . ..
1:36 pm ham      Bur Ing '     ���
ton,   Ml   V'pi
una.      Uveretl
Seattle Uil
4. ;:r> pmlSpokane,
|Paul    and   ���<���'
points   Has'
9.20 anijAiiaeoites,
IWoolley,    snd
3:00 pm Vancouver
9:55 pml
I S?'\
Lv.     New     \\ eain'ii-'
Guichon 3:60 p. m. "-''��� '": ;!l
6   p.   11,.,   Monday,   - I
8:15 a.  in. ar. fr    ;'  :'j
9:30 a. m. l.v. for Van out*
Hume, of the rami"18
"ORIENTAL    LlM'''t0"
2���Daily Overland Tr,i ^"l
Spokane, St. Paul, itlnneal��-|
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chtcitf ���
Louis and all  points E��^|(j
For    complete    Infprmn^
rates,   berth   reservation.
call ou or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Age-*'-
Hank of Commerce B"1'1 ?, {|
New Westminster, "���
8. G. YERKES, v & ['J'-��\
Comer Second  A> '    ���      ,,.
lumbla St., Seat'- DAV.
CCT. 22. 1906.
Manufactured and sruaranteed bv
F.  G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street. West, Vancouver.
Trains & Steamers
L<    .     X,   .      [���
!������ ;.'���-   X. '.'.. S.30; a     Si
��� ivi   S ea    ���   i. x. V,
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria ..:   11  ;. m. on
-..-.. '..".. . ��� . .       uf each i
Souvenirs of the City;
Fancy Goods;
Fine Stationers Ftp      ": ^estmixs'
ime ^rarionery i^tc. .     s lower fraser river rout
I he  I .i. v   Vi am
Wist"    Vl . ,   , i,.   lol     a-.���  . \;
lng the   i :   ��-,       from tho ii
t'oi t.' 11 d ei. ������ more um
.- '  and waj   points;   eaves Vli    -1:" '���" .     forth and  gii hei
toria   :. ;..���  7, an i _0, foi Q ial  li    in     mo11' ":   '���""'* ''"' >' '
way  points.  Leaves Victoria  on   -   '
oi e ach mi nth for Cape Scott and waj
J. J. MACKAY & Co.
BocK.ellers and Stationers
_rrive X. W. 9.35, 11.35, l..i       ��� y .
Steamer Transfer
tobm . e t Iui I l" a, a  .moke hi , lie l
ed states \\ li . ,!,, nol Knew  nnj  bet h "
T'u     Iar.)  ,   rn     ... pe. ullnr soi t "
creature     After hn I. ia mixed li in ���
quite   i liorong! Ij    ivltb   the   Into 'i ,1
c,onomj   .a  n  i adv.   ile  latter fe
Rev, s.  w. Good...   Bpeaki  en  tha
Work Accomplished In
iim:-,'   like   sill ia'   In   the   kIi ide   i'
Leaves   New   Westminster  on   Mon    going .o.th .a tIio li I sun tn dn ���
day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thursdaj   uenvv lifting.
Lv K w*4"i-na���": ar-0Sef.Ie.t p'm   '���'���'���   ^^3   ���������   -      '     and   Saturdai      There   arc   people   In   the   l'n
lv. n. w. 4.3o p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m. . ,
.jjj at 2 p. :���-.. with additional trip on Men
day at S a, m.
States  u ho ted Unit   ivnj   who li
never   hnd   Hi"   |d 'ii ure   of   (Iiu
Li ives Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
& T. Dick's Old  Country Boots .at
Every pair guaranteed damp-proof.
No rubbers required.
ie Old Country Boot Store
221 Columbia Street
New Westminster.
brthern Pacific
v., W. A. Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. N. W. 3 p. in. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver S 35 . .n... and 4 p.m.
I.v.  X.   W.  9:35 an:.;  ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. X. W.
8:45 p in. and 0 p. m. Mondays.  Wedne. days  and   Fridays.
Mondays only. Leaves Chmlwack 7 .,   ���,, TlieS(jRV,
B. C. ELECTRIC���VANCOUVER.      Thursday   and   Saturdays    calling   at
Lv.  New  Westminster 5.50. 6.50   1   ,andlnSa   between   New   Westminster,
and 8 a. au, and every half hour there- '"*' chllllwat*-
after till 11 p. m. NORTHERN  B. C.  RCUTE.
v. Vancouver for Westminster at _   ���   _
, o.  S. Tees
me hours.
Leaves Vancouver at . p, m.. 2nd
Fraser River and Gulf     and icth of each montb. oaiiing at
OP rivei. Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coolai
Beaver��� on  second   trip.  Time  on   arrival   and
From N. v.*. Mon. Wed. Fri... _ a.,,,   ,|f,>';ir"ir"  ���'���'' approximate.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sai., 7 a.m ,'""r reservations and Information I
ii,.. ona��� ' tall '"" address
From  X. W. Tu., Th.. Sa-. S a.m.
Frnm Chwk. Sun., Wed., En., 7 a.m.
From X. W. daily, ex. Sat. un��_ Sun.,
lii , S \\ i; i,| ���,,. vector ,,| Sl
J P1114 chlin . \ee; a.\a. M III . u he i .
: he ��� , eel .1 leple .eltl.lllve of lhe Up
;    i    i   .a.id.i   IPti'i     Kucll'tj   Iiii     UPeila
it: ,i   initisii  I'oiuuiiiia. yosterdaj   ad
.    ,   ...ed lhe i' 1111.-. i.!-.., 1111, l . nl Sl   I'a it   .
nnd   St.     Ilariia'iaa'    rllll.cllOS    in   HlG
morning and evening reapocltvolj    Al
qunlutiinee  of lhe  l.i/v  worm,  bill
WOUld    ttlku   '- el!, in:   Btf a    ;'
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday al   medicine   d. euro  them     Uioiit   tl
7 a, m.:  Friday at t*. a. m. additional   onlj tiling that "ii: do (hum any .   ai   noon  lie  addressed   lhe  prisoners al
trip Saturday 5 p. m. la  a   vlsll   from  their   tlipr-ln the provincial Jail     \li   Goodove ban
,    _ 'Hid   If   thllt    ill USll'l   , lire   thru:   III" '   '  |<C('l)    lldd'e     lltlU        IKlll  111 ea    thll.ll'.-llOIlt
UPPER   FRASER   RIVER   ROUTE        hrmelo..   unit   kIhiiiM   ho   i   veil   fi'i-vl  mi
ini,iin   s   ..no   sc.n,io   in    ioui   i     i.i   \ 11.������ t"I.i   Purlin.,    the    p.el    lew    MoeKs.
S. S. Beaver days without  further prcllinlnarl ;lll(|   h
Leaves  N.w  Westminster, 8 a, m.
Coming I lock.
a - I    .1   I I-.
is*'i i-i -H\i  '")
. k     E>i E.
I.:.-  .  Sat urday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, .Monday, 6 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. ti a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
"THE NORTHWESTERN LINE" victoria and islands.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year  mth^~
BETWEEN From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
rans. onl mental
Trains Daily
Travel i n the Famous
E    -:'   I train.    Low Rates.
^,nH'- Excellent Service.
I'ork, Chicago, THE TRAIN* OF FAME
Toronto, St. Paul  ���,E    NORTH-WESTERN.    LTD.
IND ALL POINTS EAST "     '^    '''" : ' '" '' ' ""
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
MirTii ki ts on sal
"tn all Euro-   1I1(|   LUXURY,     It   is   lighted   with
Reduced    Rates    Round    Trip
* " to  Southern   California.
all on or write
���' ral Agent,
. Vancouvi r, B. C,
������       iiARLTON,
\. G.    A
tr of
Wai Waters, Etc.
Crated Waters,
ll),T^=a Specialty.
)ffi:<*, Eighth Street,
WE5'MlNr,TER.   p.   c.
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most
Mail Service
C osi. Received.
Si ttle, via S imas 7. lii. a.m. G.4G p m,
Sapj ei '������:. and Mill-
- Ide,  Nn. 1   7.45 a i:i. 1 1.35 a.m.
\ am it',' r, No, 1. 7.15 a.m. 9.00 a.m.
GN.R   Cloverd ill .
Blaine .Sea--:��� . .  S.4.. n.m . 30 p.m.
v. n. & t ��� n.  I'a I  10   0t m. 2.00 i m
brilliantly    illuminated    train    in    the  Victoria     I i.m.
world.     The   equipment   consists  ol ; ,.- Burnab. US    i
private   compartment   car?,   standard        ;,(i      g ,.. ,_
i'i section  sleepers,  luxurious dining i"0n   .   li1
.ar. reclining chair cars  (seats  free),
i i i ii.        ,     '���'.'. ���     t, S
modem   day   coaches   and   buffet,   library and smoking    an ' ':  "' '   :!" ';" '
For Time Tabic-,  Folders, cr any     C ..:',.
further information  call  <n  or  write   *a        id Burnaby 3.30 C.ot
,, \ it   Fl ���' 1.00 p.m   11.00   ,n
GENERAL AGENT. .   ...12.00n       12      I
".to Second Avenue, Seat'.le, Wash
Apent, New Westminster
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. F'asi   Agent, Vancouver.
.1. W, TROUP,
General Runer'ntendent, Victoria,
Dei.. Agent, Freighl Pe. t..
Ne*   Vs' Ml I'd,.sir r.
Graduate < Iptician.
Expi ' a i , i      i,   low   fill I
I'|'i a    UK illl.la
A m  ii i .   i i . t ih'- p" .a ini. iiii
Thi I' 'a   ""in Hen .   "I'a   I"   I'm
A I bird Ilit.
"Wl..-   is   ,t   that   vmi   ,-ceai   to   ll
failed  ,i nil of your i utiture '���"
inaPji   '-I'M-ral   ntOJ)S   on   bin
n BJ    I lllinil'.ll   I lie   lllii'llll.'lllia       'l'n inui
row  in   win appall at  iho Ministerial
'    nclntlOll    meel;  i:-        (In    lellvlll.-.   llll'
. o.iBt, Mi   ip.edev.   will  loilVO I'm   Man
iiidia by way nt Ihc Koototinya, where
In   win apoa.li ai ail tin- londlng cen
The siicleH which Mr GooiloVC i"
lepresenl hu: li.ia dune a r.ieat worli
iu   Canada,   and   ll   leailiim: mil    wan
by year, li has spread the Scriptures
throughout    lhe land   In   13 differenl
tongues, and each -ear llii'\ foul it
la'iea   .im     In    add     Some   IH'W    dialccl'-
to iiieir already largo stock t^��i
\c.ir 111,000 people entered Canada
only half of whom wore British
The socletj Is part of the t i i
Bi It' ii   and   Foreign   Bible   soclet \.
"i  have i.a.i to spend bo much  et   which  at   the present   time  supports
'""'��� ;-.; 900 colporteurs, In 27 differenl  ��� oun
' iae .   and   snld   laid    \ear   nenrlv   two
and a quarter million copies of 9i    i
lure. *
six   hundred   and   seventy   native
I Christian Blblewomen, working undei
:     ugh to Make 11 m So,
"I Bl ; think that thai man w
be a I"--   ,:.. ������:
"Wl,.-.     '
"Even the milli disagrees with bin ' I differenl church missions In the ea I
are  maintained  by  the   locletj
H.rdc-.i Pon. i have read the words of everlttBtini
'T''   not o mm    to write o rhym.,        ,��� .,��� ��������� naUve ���,,���,������ |n m,na
Ax nan hi    . : Intcrt,
)   ��� ������ a   i that ii ��� an art
'l.   i.i  it i  Inti .i
Sunk   by  Floatinq   Mine.
Lond m, Ocl   21 v a. gpatch   e
 nl  here rrom Vladivostok  thi
ternoon   saj        ���
co' iting  steamer   R      i   ��� ok a
No stiii" mine   u ndored  on Oct,
lii),    \ pi rtl, a of hi i
mew were iiaved,   mt  the rei
numbering 180   erBon
_ later di
l ipi.wia '  md   a    om     ned
"Know wliii 1 Hi nit of vmi?"
"A';.' hod..    v\ lm   claims   id,,   to  j in
ihoti s i,    bty poor Judgmonl "
Kttpi I Iim Utir.y.
"Whal I. tb it M'uir- millionaire tl
ra i      I i.i '. P ill .- ii iw?"
ting fur i ' f the moony thai
Our work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store f
9 AJ'J'.i.a.JJUM.. r-,  ,i,ji.:,i.i ���:   ������ '���    '    ���<k ���<
,*, #^P" SS ll_IIH.   _���!���!��� ..WKtWr.r,-!*!-'.  tti    ,     ������    n.  ��p.w__��4 l*<
.���; rf   \
ll     1
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. CHOICEST CIGARS
British  Columbia  Coast  Line
i a
Having boug] the Bla    ���" Ith
iu_- business of i;. II. Benson, I will
be pleas.-] t.i see all liis old custom-1 ,sntiject to change without   notice
ers, as well as a-��  ones,    Horseshoe-      Princess    Bi   trice,    Oct.   29,   from
ing a specialty. \ mco iver.
H. M. KNUTSON. Princess   May,   No. from   Van-
Eighth Street.     couver.
TAK E route.
rpi         ||ti  ���          |j                                        princess Victoria.                          _ __-.       ..  ;#
IllC   WhllC  I HSS            I., ives Van                  :   a�� 1  P- �����   -The   Pion'-r Limited"  St.  Paul  to ;���'
wiCTORIA     NEW     WESTMINSTER      Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to ?,
VICTORIA     ���                                     Chicago.  "South    West    Limited" S��J
Kansas City to Chicago.                     i Bj
S. S. C-a. -                                 j^0   trains   in   the   service   on   any j j��!
yW i2i
.,   ^^:; ,*&3 fi
jy' ��� ���Y'��'*   ���
Columbia Street.
"The Milwaukee" I
WANTED       and Yukon Route
i  E ��� ' .  '    ��� ������-vu';'M
> __  rn'ts w-w -n '��� " ��"* ��'>'��*��
RPpwt.H^r.-'*."'''' '
���     _s- WHITE    HORSE,   DAWSON   and Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m. railroad in the world that ejMlw    ^
nden,    of FAIRBANKS.. Daily trai.    excep. ,,.,..- ^'Uy, ��ffiT&?wX��*l&
the I Sunday)   carrying  pas Vancouver nanaimo ROUTE. ^Ynd operate their ownT sleeping
. .    express    and    freight    connect    with
stages at Carcross and White Horse
S. S. Joan
���   ���
maintaining a through v. inter _erv.ee
For information apr'y to
J.   H.   ROGER?,  Traffic  Manage:
Vancouver. B. C.
and dining cars on alll their trains and ;
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of     jjj
.     ! ....      _ _._.-_._l.l_     _l 1  _*1
,.  V .:.-,��� :ve- daily exceDt Sat-   iervjce  n0f obtainable ftlsewhere
,: 1 Sunday at ��t�� U- P- ����t- H. $. ROWE. General Agent
-i'P-m. :  tj4 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.   feiJOfiSOgStSS^^
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 5c per box;
I-  J ���
Pubiished  by The Daily News Pub-
I thing   Con   any,   Limited,   at   I
irKces   corner   of   Sixib   -..:���'.    Fron
fi'rei.es. New  Westminster, B. C.
When you wan! BLACK silk,
you don't say "a spool of silk."
When vou want Windsor Table
Salt, say to-"WINDSOR."
M. racing Director.
J. C.
Translei Jlsplay advertising, 16
t-.-j.r-. pei il e nonpariel) 12 lines tn
tv- Iiicb *-".-.(. .-���.;_._ per line loi
.,:.���.  ��� :       ...--.: :i:>ua.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
���ents per line, brevier or nonpuriel, 10
cents per line.
H"or time contracts, special posi-
tons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
;<._. than 25 cents.
Day Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
��� ���?q-ie-' <������>���.
MONDAY.  OCT. 22.  1906.
Vi . il; ' hi se be hai . '....- I r the
ers which ure comp died to l]
port that absurd aggregation known
a. the - ivernmi nl a; Brlti b I lolum-
bia, and to I'm 1 excuses for the antics'
i , Premier McBride. The task of
Sisyphus was child's play to theirs.
They are calling to their aid the premiers of Manitoba and Ontario, and
inducing them to come to the rescue
ul Mr, .McBride; but people will naturally ask, If the.se gentlemen now express approval of Mr. McBride's
course, why did ihey turn him down
at Ottawa.'
At   the   time of   writing,   however,!
Mr. Whitney has gone only so far as
: i say  that   some "accusation," wired
bun   by   Mr,   Green,   is   untrue.    His
support of our premier Is at once neb- j
ulous and negative,    Even that, how-:
ever, is better than  nothing, and the
organs are glad  enough  to  grasp  at
s traws.    Take the facts:
Mr.   McBride  appeals   to  have  had!
two propositions,  an original and an
ternative. Which was which does
int clearly appear, but one���the slid-1
Ing M ale allowance���need not be discussed at present, as it was not
brought to an Issue. The other was
tbat a a.iard of arbitration should decide as to what the Dominion should
lay this Province in satisfaction of
Lhe claim for special consideration���
preferential treatment���which Its government advanced. This proposal was
bt ought to an Issue. The conference
voted mi it. Mr. McBride voted "Aye,"
Of course; all the other premiers. Conservative and Liberal, voted "No."
The premier of Manitoba may now .
say, as reported by press despatches, i
that   Mr.   McBride's  course at Ottawa'
was correct.    If so, why did he vote
againsl him?
We may call that  vote Pacl   No. 1,1
..ad a very hard fact it is for the poor
Then we have the million dollar
offer which Mr. McBrlde would not
even discuss. The organs say that he j
did the correct thing when, on that
proposal being m ide, he bouni ed out
of th ��� room and banged the door, like '���
a i oj who ba.- ha l lii- ears I oxed;
but they neglect to add that the , >
;...,!   i . a,e,   not   from    ' ���   Da nlni in
ivei iment, bul   rrom   M r.   McB idi
i on ervative   friend,   I:.    I Ion. ,1.   i'.
\\ hi'i.i.    preml r o   Outai lo,
Th  I Facl  N'o, 2,   in
i-i   a   .j    a,: |i    than No. 1.
Tl ���    ither hard facts,  bul   a -
.. ' ...     a fen
...       i     doubt be c im
polled     i do i    again        the pi    ,
opi esenl be organ
ha a'    i.i
1 '  ������       ���   ,
Sa: a. , ' I ��� . ���,; ivarti the
Roverni enl to arrangi thai i bunch
of hei lei s ball be on band ai differenl points along the OP il. line
when Mr. McBrlde returns, In order
i iar they may furnish ' popular demonstrations" of approval of liis course
lr rejecting "the mess of thin porridge
v bom.'
mi   II  '������-   the   -  .     .. .." omit-
ng tills ; aragraj b :
"Moved   by   Hon.   Mr.   Murray.   _ec-
1 .rded by  Hon.  Mr.  Weir, That  in the
. .pinion   of the  conference  it  is   inadvisable that the claim   in  t^.e way  of
subsidies of any  Province be  referred
1 to arbitration.
'The   conference   dividing upon  .his
; question,   the  names of the  Provinces
were taken down as follows:
"Contents ��� Ontario. Quebec.  Nova
' Scotia.    New    Brunswick.    Prince   Edward   Island. Manitoba.  Saskatchewan.
Alberta (8).
"Non-content ���British   Columbia (1).
"So it passed in the affirmative."
Nor does  the mutilation  of the re-
oi'   end  wi'h the i". iie:.. e  thai   Mr.
Mi Bride was I urne I   1 i ���������::   i    the pro-
\ inclal  premiers, an 1  n it   b;   Otta\. ���;
��� by  omitting this. Mr.   McBride's    i
test  is made to ap     . ���    is if I
een ��� ntere I against the bas
��� j upon for  determining   th im
'the ordinary subsidies, whereas I    .
in reality  entered   against   the  vote
al ove recorded.    An 1   : el   the   New --
'Advertiser,  in  the  same  Issue,    al   -
. It    I il"   "'l.s.ii a    '.     '  :      :    -"     a    M
1 erals!
Hon.  Ft.  F. Green  wire I I i Hon   J.
'**. .
P. Whitney:
"Press despatches t i Vict irla Times
'Liberal) claim that you said McBride
'neither frank nor sincere' in his presentation of British Columbia's case
before conference provincial prenii irs.
Kindly wire if this is correct or not."
And Hon. ,l. P. Whitney wired in
if ply:
"The proceedings and discu.-si.ni~ of
the conference were absolutely confidential, but I will sa;.- that the accusation you mention is untrue.''
The reply does not seem to fit the
question very well.    Why is the word
"accusation" used?   Letting that pass,]
however,  it  may  be  well  to point  out
that Mr. Green's telegram is "neither.
frank nor  sincere."  Inasmuch as  the
words   were   not   said   to   have   heen
used   by Mr. Whitney  In  that   sense,
nor    was   the   word   "sincere"   used. j
"Neither  frank  nor   candid"   was the
expression;    and    the    difference    is
material.    If no such words were used,
how comes thai the story was widely
published in the east? A little examination will show that Mr Green's telegram is so framed that Mr . Whitney
could send the answer he did, Whether
the original story was true or not.
The Daily News has been asked
some questions which it cannot answer about the C. P. R. station at
whonnock. ii appears *liar no reg i-
lar station agent, is maintained there,
and much inconvenience is caused ' i
the residents, particularly those sending and receiving freight Why the
company has not appointed a regular
agent we cannot say. This is a matter, we imagine, although we cann it
give a positive opinion at the moment, which might properly be refer-
re I to the Railway C< mml ssion,
 o. ���
Fl IMi INI >S ���Al I' ���;.. ix .I   ���������-.   ,
rer,    .   Sunday, Oct. 21, .1....    s ���
I une   1-1 Im inds ,  rei he   at
Fieni     V   F_dm ind - The   funen
will ta   ���   ila ��� he tram offlci
T    - la; , Oct. 23, p. :.:.. to Hoi
.   i   an i M ��� sonic  cemi
WANTED���Young  man irentic
' -  jeweller;    business.    Appl     ii-.
I >. er   'I;:::. i :���:;���
putting out for To-Day
FOUND ���  An   Eng ish
t iwn -;  can   i c e   .an >        iving
owne ship.      Appl; I   Columbia
street. 193-5
WANTED���jo   . -
di Igei -     Ap] .;
.'17  Fruit street.
WANTED ��� A lil icksmith for stone
quarry. Apply Gilley Urns.. Front
street, Ne ��   Westminst ir, 190-tf
WANTED���Good girl ir housework,
family of thn ���: wages $20 per
month.    Appl-.   ;__   Agnes streel
In   fifteen   itate
. a 1  ten ii  rio
the   nal ional   sjovi
: "'    ���
aside forest  land
,   ���       ,    ���
more than   100,00
lucres.    ' "
poncnts ��� i : he
i -i   resi rvi ��� ha' u
lo it o
the   pround   lhal
agriculturu    il   1
and .i;  vnl
��� ���
bim at  Ottawa."    Offered  by
The   Dominion   government
no Offer- Mr,   McBride  did    nol
and ;r: ��� :       wh I
pi       ' !,;    of    ���'   ���
of i.i ;.) to 1
and county in        .
'I'o mal       [) this lo        ������    ������
vided   ni  oi . ���      e:i.
menl -.  I In   .. ������    ilturti
lull, thai all the
for    home    h       ��� .    and    sett!
menl shall I"1 brou ;hi within re n
of   tho   people.    Moro   than   that,
under a provision of the agrieultur
al appropriation act, the counties in
lhe reserves lie ure to have
LOST���A bunch if -"-. -.. keys d mis-
. "li ine a.- s irl Finde , le ise return to Dall;   New - offl
JOB PRINTING ���The Arrow Press,
From street, working. Bring your
i ib printing. It will be done well
an 1 cheap.
LOST���Black spaniel, three months
old, with small white spot on
breast; answers ', the name of
"Joker." Reward if returned to corner Twelfth and Eighth streets.
George Adams.
LOST���ite tween  the of  Sixth
an I Carnarvon ��� ��� and :. iar i of
' ra i ��� room, lad. - resi em b . n h,
set with pearls. Fin ler pie ise re-
t im to Daily News   'tti' IDOtf
THURSDAY, OCT, 25th, '06
'.','.   F    Mann        .ents  a pla
As Told
in the Hills
���ent of tho i ipts of t!
":'���'     ||   ,.;;;.,��� ic   pro lUCtl    I
1    to lay,
ii'.. '..: bin '   i '
new    scene.  ,   ne.
new costumes,
Seats   on sale   Tuesdaj   at   Ryall'a
drug   store.
Prices 75c.  53c  and  25c.
New   specialties,
eleel deal effects,
- ve ll a i hance, The "offer" we
.is" ih Columbian's word, though it
i.; not the right one was made by
Mr. McBride's Conservative friend,the
I  - cer of Ontario,
li the McBrlde organs will allow
this fnei to sink Into their Internal
(.'ii.-ei.ai. ue a . they may perhaps be
able to see what spectacles they are
making of themselves by representing
Mr, McBride's iioorish treatment of
Mi. Whitney as a proper rejection of
an "offer" made by tbe premier of the
Dominion. Is Mr. Whitney also a Lau-
r.'er "tool"?
The News-Advertiser of yesterday
prints whal ii calls the "official statement" of the results of the < afi
enco, Not only does ll so describe
the : tateraenl In the head line, but lt
editorially refers lo H aa offl* lal,   Yet
W. R. Gilley, 'Vhone   .���*���_���.
Dealers   Ifl
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents il. <;. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement. Co,
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
���Phone   .��
I 3 Specials of this noted Shoe
1st���A "Kangaroo Grain" Blucher Cut, with Never-Leak Soles, an
absolutely Waterproof Boot, $6.00 a pair.
2nd���A "Soudan Kid," fine dressy Blucher Cut Shoe, $5.50 a pa r,
3rd���-Fine Vici Kid Lace Boot, made with heavy extension -������ ��� -.
$6.00 a pair.
-Fine Vici Kid Lace Bunt,
most comfortable fitter.
Try a Florsheim For Your Next
Johnston s Big Shoe House]
s     ..��..-  ���
New Westminster's Piano Hous
.arge variety of New
too late for the
Pianos just received
Will be sold at Great B
argam Prices.
New Scale Williams
Graphophones, all sizes, all prices.
of New Records.
Organs sublime in tone, handsome in finish.
A   NEW  DEPARTURE���We   now    carr;
line   of   musical   instruments,  Violins,   Guitar-.
Aeolian   Harps,   Mandolins,    Accordi
Moutk Organs, Whistles, Etc.
.ccordians,    vj
a w
rs, Banjofl
Burr Block
Columbia Stre��-
'��'.*w*'��i.:.:.:.:.:.:>;.:.:'��:.:i<>;.'v*..vv^.^vvvv>.i.  .. ������_-_-��"���:���'* >Yl OCT. 22. 1906.
.  -. 1
le,        ibili!
. a ��� W
i   ���' ' l on     ile a i .     ,        ,.
tment, at redui irth to oi
'"���  >:
ren's   Coats   of Fr.e^^^^^^^^M
���   ���.'.:��� I     a.i
:_.7a. N     ��
Coats of Mo .   Cheviot and Homespun,
���'���'- '���'" > Oxford    nice .������ i with braid or velvel
'me  i: iving sing i , ,  , ;.,,   , \se$
il     ���    with pi tin color broadcloth I    ...   h g lods.   Formerly
nl .4.7..    -Vow
ia of coats reda
HHHHH^Hat $3.--5,
���  -.vii.i make Children's  Coats  or   gel   ihe     made,   we
suitable cloths   u irlce        Iso the  rig  I
_s.s to match tlipm���velvets for trimming,
to 43-inch Tweeds and Meltons,  in g     ;   m   ii   m   weight,  plain
y, green, brown, biue and da  ���.  i   ;      .       rweeds with
-   greens, fawns, el :., at
65c and 50c
���3-inch Scotch and Don-,_stic Tweeds,   a ty    lon    three
��� urea    Some with   iverplaids red an I -
$1   and  75c
Harris   Homespuns, in dai
i H .av> Grey Can I-
r Fr ��e.  :       ��� Ighl  for warn   i ia   i,   Our n g
I   -
i ii   $1.23 an 1  $1.50
*})','!-.-..'-',"f'     '���    '
I. i..   . I -, ���;���..'- .
2*s i_ ���
rry^-_*."*������;!!������' "-';
2_B_.^_.i .' ' .__.'..
a m
. ������
Local News Briefly Told
hildren's and Misses'
Winter Coats
Chance to Save on Them This Week 1
" ' ' ' ',:,v an "x";    ' '' ' '  coats rn;- girls who
em In a fe.-.       ���      , .,  .,��� ���
1 and warm, and  are   will ... a moderati
��Jhe/r works shalluq
v"      'know them"
>\\   *^n l^e mer't ��f l'ie'r performances alone are
���     -1   Jjj j   we w��II*ng to have them judged. Simplicity of
[���'*    .KjIJ   construction, combined with a .kill in mantis'^       '^.facture. which is ths inheritance of genera-
V^-ia5^        >w  'ions, make
good time keepers,
consequently comfortable wat...~	
efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
!     "er ,0 "ave any constructional defect remedied free of
b       the nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
_������      " '" SraC'es w^'c^ cannot I* ^u"y guarantee^'
CHAMBERLAIN, The Jeweler, Brine Block.
"        ������.... Bowers
'���    i dtf
for     .    !.'���    tiro :...
'  :' ���'-'    ��� .    with
A 'l   ��������� ' .. of a
��� '���    ���     Xau
H m. VV   M ; n
Nov. 29.
ro-m ...   .yi   ia;    . .   . .....,'
' te    La club
���vil1 : ""' in H. Ryall's ofl ��� to wind
::"  '������ lirs of th            . .  tin   , lS|
ii on.
min assizi     .      . ommence
i-mo     tv with a good       id d c-
' '    T ���" '' :!-    evi aln il cases
     '��� ���"������   "    '    ��� Ivil   - tits   to   be
': ��� "��� ....-���       ; be
i long one.
meetln     .     .... Ministei I .1  asso-
een called I     this morn-
:'     '���  ���' ' nt ng   .can-
I   i    ihe News  _ ill       the
tOJlic Ol a .    ,..
o decide at the mi      ng v, hal
'    ���''     ' "           - In   hi ,.;. 1 is
n       ilong the line
itti            ntiflcation i upon
e who 1   ,e a fam    : tha      irl
'   'i.i.. '���    : ��� Iging hj thi ig aphs
���    11              f the wn        i has    one,
'  artist of no m   u ��� ler,
John ' il -.   .. Ai P.P., wh i ���.���. is a vis-
city  on  Satui a;..   raised
ii;-   . i   ������ ;::    . itesi   igain -   the con-
tinuanc    of tolls    I the Fraser  river
; Ige.    ' \li   ;a ,g essive  cities  have
ree   irl Ig s,'     ild Mr. Oliver, "and it
i-  time   N'ew    Westminster   fell  into
A   i oupl    j oung   men   wh i   hud
een having a g iod time around town
went up the hill I tsl nighl singing al
the top of their voices. Considering
" il tl i. ������: was close to midnight,
ts ol Eighl .i street feel
that they have a right to kick. The
a iiii e ai ������ prepare I to give pointers
t'i midnight disi ir iei -  if I he peace.
In the fi:-.-' football match of the
junior si h ��� lule, playe i on Sal urday
morning tl .\iuni; square between the
High s hool an ! the Columbian college
boys, ... victory was secured by the
i ig ;. . 1 team, four goals to one
being the score al the end of tlie
a me The lads showed up in good
for ;i first game, and before the
season Is far advanced, Interesting
matches will be played between the
several I :ams representing the junior
On Saturday lust .lohn Ft, Morrison
ol Dewdney, who i.-; charged with ob-
iti a   ng a governmenl bridge al that
���    came  up  before the  Hon.   \V.
..   .  Bole for election.    VV. G. Me-
_! ...   I     ired  for   the   defendanl
an ! stai ��� i that Mr. Morrison would
take a _y a judge.   The case was
therefore set for hearing on Nov. 19.
Mr. Morrison was released on giving
; ci -i :.. I : ��� ogniz ince t > the extent
<v $500, and two curettes for the sum
ol   .2. ach.
.;   Gr.u -.��� veil   ki   ���' ;.    an.her
��� ii-' i i< ���  ��...- in ilie
city , on his  wa      1 in u  ; o
!' tl.angi thai the
rn   . .      tion-
;.'..'. ro it   the  Arn
-'. m; Pin iallj
were tiem      i Peacl id hi en
lirst  i  ���   -   year
,..���-. ' tock
: i ���   ieing
��� i . - in 1
. eai, that i        i       it tin Is go ���
run:; ;
from   Fron ���   ���
ii  iki een i a small
Bhack. The I wo hi Ig ides i ��� m li 1.
bul after breaking In tl was
discovered thai the hupp ��� I . was
merely par of lhe I i n tra le of
M,n kie Bros., ila'. curei -. ai i the firemen returned to their res] e the halls,
none tlie worse for the exen i i i, ihis
i ein; the firsl call for over d month,
The action of the lis!: curers In leaving a fire burning all daj without anyone to watch it was se erely commented upon ny tii" nelghl ors, a.- this
was considered a .hurt'':' i is thing to
The Brunette Saw Mill Co. is reported to be meditating the erection of a
new saw mill to replace the presenl
one and to Increase the sa .\i:: . capac-
Itj to double it- presenl output Manager Lewis was waited upon on Saturday and Interviewed with regard to
lhe matter, an l said thai al presenl
in- had nothing definite to give to the
, ���.,]](. He was figuring upon exten-
,ivi. j,.,.... lVenients, I ut tntil he had
fUj] details ii" would n il be able to
decide as to whether he would go on
with the work or not. Their business
| was growing and the demand was at
! presenl in advance of the output,   m I
enlarg ���::.��� nl   mighl   possibly   be
Much Interes eing taken lo< .. j
I in the wrestling match between Wise,
���   N'ew Westminster, and Harrison, ut
.Vanaimo, wh ch is i i take place at the
Vanco ' ���.  n    ra h iu >e I his evening,
A special ear has been chartered, and
..111  leave-  h.'ie   at  7    o'clock   with  a
'. im ier    of    sports    who are    :-;oiiin ;
across  to see the  .'neai   boy  pin  the '
N'anaimo wrestler on the mat.   Tom
Cunningham has been helping Wis.. \u
get   his   muscles Into  shai..   for  the j
last week, and those who know  best
are  Inclined   to  think thai   the  local
lad  will make a good showing when j
he faces Harrison this evening.   The!
match is :t preliminary to the big attraction, Swanson VS. .Mat.'ida. and is
limite I to hall an hour,
"As Toi i in ' ii Hills," one il the
. 'i nges eai ical attractions of the
season, will i ome : i the opera hous i
on Thursday next, the 25th Inst. The
pi incipal ch trai ter Is that of Pam-
..' na, ��� he laugl u of an Indian chiel'.
who was adopted bj an emigrant and
wife ���:. reared as I heir own
' hild. The character i - reg t le ' as
one of the strong! sl and most inter
estlng thai has been created in any
modern melodrama, showing as ir
: es the in" , mces of e lucation and
refinemenl on a typical "child of na-
t ire" who has inherited all of the
airoim characteristics of her Indian
father and mother, tn the plaj she
appears as the ideal type of young womanhood retaining the best trails of
character thai she has inherited, and
combining them with the accomplishments acquire I from her life in an
American home and an advanced education.
 < o	
of workmanship finish Is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
is tr -������(. these two qualities In every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 ,iga back dining chair possesses these in marked degree^���
they an. excellent value. Our $3.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker ls
a leader and is a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best.   Morris chairs all oak  frame  from $7.50 each up.
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
Use Disinfectants In the Kitchen���Care
of the Sink.
Immaculate cleanliness .houl>l
rule in the kitchen. Labor may be
saved liy being careful not to empty
the tea or the coffee pot into the
sink. Clogged pipes are the witnesses of careless habits. Always
have some strong cleaning powder
to wash pans and the sink after
meals and a bottle of strung disinfectant to pour down tho drainpipe
and to rinse the garbage can.
It is necessary at all times to keep
the drainpipes in good condition,
especially where the plumbing is old.
A good disinfectant is concentrated
lye dissolved in boiling water. This
should be poured through the kitchen sink and down the pipes, using
plenty of boiling wafer. Then follow with a solution made of ery.-
tallized copperas, dissolved also in
boiling water. This should be done
it least once a week,
Improving  Cranberries.
Cranberries cooked in a double
boiler with no water except that in
tho outer vessel arc superior in color
and flavor to those stewed in the
ordina'ry way. The flavor of thc
cranberry is greatly improved if a
small pici e of apple, pared and cut
in small bits, is added. The proportions should be half an apple to a
quart of cranberries*.
A.  J.    BIRTCH,   267 Columbia Street
Our Knowledge
Is Not For Sale
We don t charge extra  ror  it.     Our
contracts snow that we are masters���
thorough in every detail or work,
workmanship and material.
Cleaning   Varnished   Wood.
Grained ,,md varnished imitations of hard wood are best cleaned
by rubbing well with cloths wrung
out in borax soapsuds, never letting
the water touch them. Afterward
they should be rubbed with a flannel
barely moistened with kerosene. If
there is too much kerosene it will
dissolve and blur the colors. I llean
hard wood with a flannel wet in turpentine, and rub afterward lightly
with boil id linsee I "ii. Take off
s: ot. witl ine sand mixed in oil.
Apply it v ith ii Icathi r and rub with I
clean leather afterward to brin
back the polish.
Kenny s Restaurant
Tne  Most Up-to-Date  Cafe
in New   \Vestminster.
Oatmeal Snap Cakes.
Pul '    f a cup of line oatmeal i
the inixin add two cups of
flour ;��� fl d with two teaspoonfuls of
bakii      o'     r and onc of salt, rub
into this I    ' ��� :     - o mfuls of sug- .
cr.    Be ���   nn   egg  until   ight,   -i r
;    ��� into hal l! a i up of crean	
milk < , ai      ei -. d.   Then, with o >
i irk, make all into n lighl douj h,
roll oul on n floured board rati ei   '
thin, and bake in a moderate oven. I
The extra quantity of baking powder is nces lary I ) co interact the
natural heaviness of the oatmeal.
Remedy   For Warts.
A fairly sur.' remedy I'or warts is
to rub them down pretty well with
the fine side of an emery hoard,
then apply the smallest drop of
strong acetic acid, taking care that
the acid does not run off the wart
upon the neighboring skin, for it
will occasion inflammation and
much pain. If this treatment is
given ome or twice daily the wart
will soon be effectually cured.���
Boston Traveler,
(Maple Leaf Label)
Is the best value, because it is pure, nutritious and very economical
are made from the best "Para" rubber.
Made to tit every style and shape of
men's shoes, ladies' shoes and shoes for
the little ones.
In ladies' shapes they are neat, light,
perfect fitting and lasting.
Insist on "Maple Leaf" Brand���it's
on every rubber.
Sold by all dealers.
Western Agents
J. Leckie Co. Ltd.
Vancouver B.C.
: ���
1 i 1 'ii THE   DAILY  NEWS
Humor one Philosophy
Most small boys regard September i
the nion-.li  of schoolma'ams nnd >..:
Trying to set on a good thing often
batches out trouble.
Very cheap  people often cost tholr
friends a lot of in..ney.
liven experience has to hit a man a
belt over the head sometimes before
lt can teach him anything.
No woman x.:\< time to preserve hei
good looks and fruit at the same time.
Corset lacea are the ties that bind.
Vmi are apt t i meet good nature '
peep!., when you are good nature,1
No mail considers an advantage ac
crulug to him a mean advantage.
1 lon't worry about the people w bo a<;
ns if they wore lining you a favor when
they accept a favor from ymi; they will
get on in the world.
You Never Can Tell.
He only stole a loaf of bn ad.
Am! that was i< ally stale.
Of course 1 know you'll say at once
Thnt he was sent to jail.
Hut ta.i ss again, oh, foxy onr���;
You have anothi r try.
They quickly gathered up a purse
Ami si nt him home with pie.
The other man of talent  was
A   more  expansive crook.
He stole a  lengthy railroad  and
Whs  straightway  brought  to  hook.
You will be sure he got off lighl
For such a simple crime.
Oh. no!    They sent him to the pen,
Ami  he is doing time.
To nny such results as that
Onc cannot feel resigned,
lt violates all precedents
ln < ases of that kind,
For surely there was some mistake;
The Judge forgot to look
Around to see who stole tho loaf
And who the railroad took.
It  only goes to demonstrate
That  uccldf nts occur,
That justice sometimes slips a cog
Or that lis blind eyes Wor;
Th.at time Hied  rules may go awry.
And if the tale Is true
It prove,   the wisest oannot tell
Just what a court wlll do.
A   little   love   is  a  dangerous  thin;
aniless it is located right.
Virtues nti parade are almost as dls
agreeable as vice.
(it's oily ,
I . M	
\i-^' sr -���������������xsJ:kJT^
Iiow good it would seem to havi
more money than was good for us.
Nobody ever extracted a greal den
of comfort out of a lecture intended
to help him.
Rich philanthropists are usuall;
averse to trying the gold cure for pov
Sensitive people rarely attempt t<
protect themselves. They have a waj
of expecting others to take care ol
their line feelings for tbem.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
cf Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Cord lands may bc purchased at $to per acre for soft coal
and $jo for anthracite. Not more
thiin 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner's certmcate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's ofiice, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5-
At least $100 must be expended on
the   claim   each   year   or   paid   to  the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has betn expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
��� made and upon complying with other
1 requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in tlie Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2*-_ per cent, of the sales
of  the  products  of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T.. excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are ico feet square, entry If.
$5. renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding tooo feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of live miles each
for a term ef twenty years, renewable in tlie discretion of the Minister
of tl.e  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to tbe
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
f' r first yiar and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line cv
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 ieet. All other placer claims
-hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legai
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking .
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, .and if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall b.
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, excepi
on the Saskatchewan River, where ,
the lessee can dredge to high-water
1 mark on each alternative leasehold.
The  leasee  shall have  a  dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has '
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one'
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient.     Rental, $10 '
per annum for    each    mile    of river
leased.     Royalty  at  the  rate  of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of 1
20 years: also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the :
submerged  bar  or bars  in  the  river
below    low    water    mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st  day of August in the year of the'
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
irom such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and !
paying fee cf Sj. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on ;
the same L.eek, gulch or river, by
giving  notice and  paying a  fee.
Work must be done ';n a claim1
each year to the value of at least $200. !
A certificate that work has been i
abandoned, anad open to occupation |
and entry by a free miner.
Renin on their sleepers arc longer,!
higher and wider than in similar cars!
on any other line. They protect I
their trains by the Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may be 1
defined absolutely by having a survey j
made and publishing notices in the i
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All   unappropiated   Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North-j
west Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for I
petroleum,  and  the minister may re-
serve   for  an   individual   or  company j
having machinery on the land to be !
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for 1
such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.    Should the pros- j
pector   discover  oil   in   paying   quan-1
tities, and satisfactorily establish such !
discovery, an area not exceeding 640 \
acres,  including the  oil well,  will  be 1
sold to the prospector at the rate of
Ji  an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,'
subject to royalty at such rate as may '
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister  of the In
Dent. Interior.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS. Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street. New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
tor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, New Westminster. Money to
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lorne streets.
Vancouver, rooms lil to 24, 4 .ii Granville street. JDseph Martin, K. C, j.
W. Weatt. W. G. McQuarrie, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wiK be in th?
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
HOWAY, REID & BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc.. 42 Lome
street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. A. Whealler, P.O. Bos
GEORGE E. MARTIX, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C.
W. MYERS GRAY, Barristi 1. Solicito:
and Notary Pul '.1 -. In 1 ractice since
1S91 at New Westminster, B.C. Offices removed to Curtis Block, Clarkson street, opposite Court House.
P.O. Box 169.   Telephone 64.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May.
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. Wh*'e, Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. Nl.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M.���P.egular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in eac'i month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 ).. rn. Visiting brethren are .-ordially invited
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
R. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p, m., .in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
���Meets In Orange hall first and
third Friday ln each month at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visfting brethren cordially invited to attend. A. P. Halla-
day, N.G.; W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. 6. U, W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meels Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P. Hall,' Columbia St., at
8 p. in., White Rose Degree, Fourih
Wednesday in each monih, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. E. B. SI inch-
combe, Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' Mock. Visiting
brethren are cordlallv invited to attend. J. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of eaeh month
at. . p. m. in fhe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordialy invited lo attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
CAMP, 191.���Meels 011 lhe First and
Third Tuesday of every month tn
K. of 1'. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief;  J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach Corny
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   SJwwIstm^ )AY, OCT.
->���>, 1905.
|B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
| Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
I Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
|jt|(.phonel2. New  Westminster
[anadian Bank of Commerce
d-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
G meral Manager. ALEX, LAIRD, Asa . Gen'l Manager.
trans urn-:
, facility afforded   Farmers  for   t.-eir banking   business.    Sales   Notes
shed  or taken   for  collection.
'KING   BY   MA! Ij���Deposits    :. le or  ivitlidrawn ���  i.   mail,
a n i; a i    ml -  rei ��� Ive evei j  a
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
ie Royal Bank of Canada
ibsolute  ���������   irlty  to deposll >..     START NOW to save your money
��� '���'���     never regrel  It.    People  do harder things ever,  day and have
i- for il
! fl\r. DOLLAR opens an account.    Put it in ; mr   > i ..��� t, i   n iui i prob-
nofhin?   but ONE DOLLAR   ,!������   isited ever;   weel. \\:,;: us will in
ut to $604.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
lank of Montreal
SEALED      : ... .,.- |  ..In.
Peniteuti      is,   Ottawa,
tonda  .  __i. 1
" ' '   '��� ��� ���������������   ��� pai    ���-  . isir-
'  contracting    i     he ol
������" Ilng  31st
October, 1907, fo
a1 aitentiai ie . u   a .. :
Kingston Pen tenti i
St. Vincent  le Pa     P   .   ���..���',
Dorchester Peni entla
M mil i!j i ." a    ntiir;.
' h Col im il '  !��� a     if lary.
���v ""������ i Pei    inti.    , Edmon
: if tender and inf i
il will be
rt     lens   il   be
Pei      itiaries
Ins     ��� p ��� -
��� " ien! ������   a    tice,
.....      nut.
-'.   ������    :.
��������� ���
Sidney A.
John    Kennedy,       uiny the
Dece ...       101,  of
an .       that cei    in parce
e.    -   uate,
-.  '���- and      :    Disi       of 1
Wcstminste , in thi   Proi n      i   Brit-
!' lumbi i,     more      ia       ilaiIj
'    'wn and describi . ���'    I, 2, 3,
!  an I   5, Bloc     15,  pa La    ...
Group I.   Lots .    in . 29, B    ���'. 5, .- ib-
"��� rision '.       202     iroup I,    and
northerly fo if Lol  2, Bl    I. 5,
subdivisloi Section   13, Tow n3hip
'    '��� mg i .. .        of the 6th Meri-
Vou    nd   lach    if you  are  re : .: ��� ��� i
to com -���   the ��� laim of the tax purchaser within : rty-flve days from the
late of the  Brsl   : ublii at lon   if   his
lei ii1: of a cav i it or
��� ifl :ate    :   lis ; en lens  bein % SS ��� i
within   such  period, or  In  default of
redempti in before registration, i sshall
i 'gistei    John    Kennedy    as   owner
:������'  ::. fei .   An 1 1   lire 1 thai   tub-
��� ition of this notice : n on > m mth
in    .������   lally   new -a ip ir   publishe 1 in
N'ew  Westminster shall be good  and
dent service.
Dated at the Land Registrj  Office,
N'ew Westminster, Province of British
c il imbia,  this  13th   lay of Octo i ir,
A D. 1' '���.
District Regisl rar.
Mi -. Elizabeth  Kathleen  VS i   c,
m Knight and Je 1 G. Blake.
All persons served with this u itice,
an 1 those claiming thr mgh    r un ler
and  all   persons claiming  any
interesl  In the said land by virtue of
any unregistered   Instrument, an I all
. prsons claiming any  Int sresl   In tlie
said land   i;    les ent,  whose title is
not register  i un ler the ; r (visions of
the "Lan i Registrj A t," shall b > for-
.     r estop    : an 1   I il arre i from setting u ��� anj -   iim to or ;:: :.'���;��� ��� I   if
th ��� said lan 1 so - Id for   ixes as p o-
vided bj the ' Lan i R Jgistry Act."
I iiia .- ...    inner crop year for Canada veil as quantitj.
.'������������       efore    ���    - ich a i uge crop of
a - i   ���!,.   harveste ': never before  has   the   qualit;    been so goo I.
CO.'S  buyers  and  elevators  all over
Western  Canada    bave   secured   the
this  wonderful cr >p of finest
��� '' -. an i by the ai l of the new and
owei 'ul   machinery  in their  various
have quickly I ransformed them
' ' -  the   fai ious   B.  &  K.    ROLLED
OATS.   Every grocer has now a stock
.    B.   &   K.    ROLLED    OATS  milled
this    ��� -a - m's   �� on lerful crop.
Ilrecl fr im the harvest field -i       .   ������������������'��� fa I tabl i.
Canadian Pacific
ri   D% ��� ra-riPT pre! :.��� ms establishment
Caxigi i
"By C. ii. SutcUffe
Copyright,   1  8,   '     p.  r.  Eaatmi nl
. ike,    l ne   tent   was
.   to a  commodious
with llll    I
,-li''    -  .      !
��� . ��� iy  rum lng
: ��� Best equip
Ti iin for I i a.m.
Eastern Ex;i 15.40
��� i ���     ites, ,-ai ithei
a    :.   i i
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster.
E.   J.   COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger    Acient,
Having sol i o il the tic; cle and re-
. air bu sin iss, we will carry on the
electrical business e. il isi rely in the
future, and will car;;.' a full .stock of
everything in that line that Is to be
found in a first-class shop.
House wiring will be promptly atten led to, and our prices on everything will b ! �� mnd as low as those of
any other business concern of this
kind on the coax.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
POSSibly   a   earn.-   i.s   not   lbe   safe-1
couch in the world, hui Gwen Masters
was given to the unexpected, and she
lay stretched ai full length on a blanket stretched over tbe floor.
The low sides  of I lif tiu     '   afl   shut
out a view nf ihe shores of the lake
ami the bright camps that spangled the
dark green of the undergrowth hero
and there.   Above ruse tbe mountains
ln  their majesty,  and above all was I
���the blue sky, flecked with tiny white j
clouds drifting us Idly on the surface
of tbe blue us did the canoe on the
placid waters nf ih.. lake.
It was a c impleto es. ape from civ
illzation, and she dreamed her day
dreams comfortably until the san I
man sprinkled her eyes ami she dozed
Ii \vas her first day in camp after
banl year In il Ity, and the air w is
at nine like wine ami opium.
soundly did she sleep that she nev r
heard the chug chug of a motor boai
until iln1 instaiil before its sharp a ������
struck the side of ber canoe, orerturu
lug ii completely ami throwing her
Into the water.
The shock nf the cold water rou ��� 1
her, and, diving, she came up again i
the side of the little motor boat, now-
lying sileni  beside i! anoe, while n
young man with a very white face
eagerly searched the water.
In  an   Instanl   be  had  grasped  1	
sii mlder, nnd tbe next moment she
lay gasping in the boat, while he
busied himself . ith righting tbe canoe
and making it fust to the stern of the
boat. Then be turned to her witb concern,
"I don'l know what you think of
me," be began awkwardly, "and, indeed. I'd bate to know, but really 1
had no Intention of upsettlug you."
"I dou't suppose you did it deliberately,"  she admitted,   "but  it   would
seem to me that  with a lake as large
as this you should have had no trou- J
ble iu avoiding tbe canoe."
"Thai was just it," be said appeal-
burly. "I was ' tr ':. to n . ild it. 1
thought the bi       ' 'rlfl     I 1 I was
going to win ; ;.; than i    oi' the owner ;
by returning It.   Then just aa I came
}    336 Hastings St. VS. Vancouver.
I    Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
|    Shorthand,  Telegraphy  and En
Seven Teachers
j Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. 1. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
(or   Clearwater
tner a.
lOli     a
.'��� ��� 1   against
man Jumped out a 1
��� I r vn in bis
���d til. I .���!..'.
He Bet 1 ������ .!���'��������� i in o ��� of the pi ." i
chairs .. Itb tin Injun ���: Ion lo dt itiil.
Then lie di. ippe ired into tlu; hoi
Presenl . : , .turned, .. smil ��� o.i 1 .
"Thc girls have a 1 ���' of duds." i ���
said: "Jusl step ia and help yourself."
II.- Indicated the room and went off
toward the boat.
Twenty minutes later she emerg 1
to lind thai In the meantime h" b id
prepared n tasty lunch witb the eoffo-j
pot bubbling over the camp oven, "i' ���:'-
fee's heller than whisky to take the
cold out," he laughed. "Will Miss .Masters do me the honor to lunch with
"How did you know my name'.'" b!io
asked curiously.
He pointed to the book drying by tbe
������It took no Sherlock Holmes," be
said. "To even things up, my name 11
Ted Crawford. I believe there iv i
something said about Theodore wu m I
was named, bul I never could Hv > up
to the dignity of the full tide and i i
mercy ihey call nie Ted."
Gwen  blushed  redly.    Lottie  Nell i
had heen singing Crawford's prals is lo
her for the lasi year.   Lottie wn i
Inveterate matchmaker, and Gwen i    I
taken a malicious pleasure In n\oil
all of tin- meetings Lottie had plai.     I,
She wondered If Crawford knew i
thing of Mrs. .Wilis' tactics, bul  i. i
grave face reassured her, and sha acknowledged the Introduction with the
stiff... t of bows.
But it was Impossible for any one I i
maintain reserve with Ted aro".. '.
When he wished to bo could make
himself most fascinating, and almost
before she knew il Gwen had forgotten Lottie Xeilis and her schemes and
was chatting as freely as if she bad
known bim for years.
After lunch there came the ride
down tbe lake iu the launch, and she
wa.s sorry when the home landing
came in sight.
"Shall I see you soon?" he asked as
he handed her oul and busied himself
witb fastening the canoe, "1 think you
need an escort in your rambles. May
I call and take you out tomorrow?"
"Perhaps," she smiled.
"The moonlight will be awfully pretty tonight," he suggested. "Suppose l
run over about T, and we'll go out on
the lake and see it rise over tbe top of
Old Bald.    May IV"
Gwen nodded nnd ran toward tho
bouse, she was ashamed of herself
! for yielding so easily, yet she was gl id
when In the evening the puffing of the
lamieh broke the summer stilluus.. an I
! Ted guided the boat al ... ���:':'.' 'S. I
That evening was the commencement of Ted's campaign, and long before the summer bud begun to grow
old he bad won her promise to wc 1
him when they returned to town.
"I fancy thai Lottie Xeilis will b ���
pleased to hear the news," be laughc 1
"Did you know all along?" she aske '.
"That it wa.s the dearest wish of her
heart? Ves," he answered. "Being
her cousin, she naturally orders me
about a little more than even the rest
of the poor fellows she Is trying t,i
push into matrimony."
"Well," said Gwen defiantly, "you
never would bave met me if you had
not caught me napping."
"In a double sense," he admitted.
"Heaven bless that nap."
,..,��� ���cncmvEE "UNTIC STEAMSHIPS
mth P L       Bl    l< '���. New
V  ���-:::.: i iter Si  ��� irbs.
x     ,...;,;.,., ,,.  |   -efeaslble title to     '*'0J0 J EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114.5;U
|ERVE 1 '   .
incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
Paid uii)   	
Lord strathcona aa I   Mian-   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
���'  Honorary President
"""���   ���"*     0.   A.   I.rummond    President
���' Vice Presldenl   and  General  Manager.
���:.,   ab ive pro   ��� ���,   v\ 11       issued to
Lhe Brunette Sawi iill i imp iny, Lim-
.,.1 Liability,   m the 15th day of Xo-   lers.    i:   is   the  quickest, safest and
.ember, 1906, unless in tbe meantime   mosl   sconomical,    Next   sailing Nov.
,.$14,000,    a  valid objection thereto be made to L..    ,_.;. particulars applj
$10,000,000    nie In writing by a person or persons
i iaiming an e i ite  n lal .��� ���-   th sr sin,
la anj  pari thet s if.   .
Tra  el in the . ime way as your let-
pplj  to
C. P.  R. AGENT.
: minster, B.C., Oct, 10, 1906.
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
mnking '.mslness transacted.
:: foe principal cities  in  Canada. In  London,  Eng., New    (j^JJQ       1 HUIK      KV.
' John'a Nfld., ami correspondents ln all parts of th.   , ���, ~ ~~ -~ j
Excellent Train Service Between |    All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
24 Hliihfo. St New Westminster. B.f.
[savings bank  deartment       Chicago, London,
*'������    ������ NST6B BRANCH Q. P. BRVMNER. Agent. HaHliltOn,  TorOtttO,
j Montreal, Quebec,
Manufacturers of
prruihers Manufacturing Corny. J!       Portland,Boston,
|Sllow Case*
rhe Ca
And all the principal business centers^.
��, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures ���        ,, 11A, i.
druthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOU        .        C.
j I PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
' I       For Time Tallies, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
I    Agent, 135 Adam. St.. Chicago, IM.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block,   New Westminster, B.C.
alongside I caught a glimpse ot you in
the bottom, and it startled me so thai
my band -Ii .���:'.: on tho wheel and 1 ran
I plump into the side Instead of coming
nluns as 1 had intended."
"I  suppose  tbal   it  was  rather .startling," she COUeeded, "but there are ! I
, few camps ou tho Like that 1 had uo
i idea I ought to put up a si^n to the
effect that I was ali,iard."
"lu yachting tbey By the owner's
flag," he suggested. "Yen might have
a pennant made, say a white one, with
a poppy on it."
"I think I had better do my sleeping
ou shore after this." she laughed;
"then I won't risk being wakened by
a cold bath."
She shivered a little as she spoke, for
there was a fresh wind blowing, and
ber water snaked garments were uu-
pleasantly cold,   Tbe man sprang to
' the wheel  and  came  back  bearing a
blanket, which be wrapped about ber.
I    "That is our camp over there," he
: snid, Indicating a tiny white dot a bah'
I mile up the lake.   "The folks are all
j mountain  climbing  today,  but  I  cau
| get  you  some  of   my  sister's  things,
j and   then   I   will   take   you   to   your
! camp."
"I think it would be better to take
me right bome," she objected.   "It Is
j not very far."
"It's a good three miles, and with
| this breeze you would be chilled
j through before you got there."
"But I want to go straight home,"
] she persisted,  conscious the  moment
after of tho childishness of the word..
"I got you into this trouble," be snld
firmly, "and I'm going to get you pro;:
erly out of it."
There was a delightful mastery in his
speech, and Gwen sank back against
tlio cushions, finding it rather pleasant
to be ordered about in this fashlo.l,
She bad queened if over ber set all
season, and it was nice to bave tills
clear eyed young fellow taking the
whip hand.
At close range the cAinn anueared tu
The Right  Arc.
Among the litigants before the Eng-
| lish courts some years ago was a Mrs.
Weldon, who, indeed, was so constantly at law that Baron PoJJpck once remarked: "This lady has cow such a
very large business at the bar that wo
must give her every indulgence." Mrs,
Weldon was not abashed by the judges
and said many clever things in court.
Tbe reminiscences of the late .Lam
George Witt, K. ('.. include an nue.-
dote of one of ber appearances In (.'. ���
court Of appeal. She wa.s euileavi.i-... :
to upset a judgment of Vice Chance'Ii.
Bacon, and one ground of complaint
was that the judge was too old to understand the ease. Thereupon Lord
Ksber said: "The last time you were
here you complained that your ca ���(���
bad been tried by my brother Bowen,
and you said be wa.s only a bit of a b i.v
and could not do you justii e. Now you
come bere and say that my brill:-.".-
Bacon was too old, What age do you
want the judge to be?" "Your age,"
promptly replied Mrs. Weldon, fixing
her bright eyes on the handsome countenance of the master of tbe rolls.
She Cut  n  Heat.
A woman entered a well tilled Broa 1-
way surface car. She was reasonably
young, fairly well dressed and goal
looking, but she walked with a dee i,
painful limp. As she clutched for u
strap half a dozen men arose hastily
and offered ber seats. She took tho
nearest one and sank into it with a
look of relief. The other men resume 1
their seats, and tbe car sped merrily
on. Half a mile farther uptown tha
womau signaled the conductor to stop,
and as the ear slowed down she arose,
walked jauntily out and stepped oft
the ear with the nlmbleness of it
The man whose seat she had bee i
occupying looked first amazed, tho i
sheepish, as the other passengers be-
gnu to grin at him, then joined in, a i
becomes an American when placed i.i
trying circumstances.
"She's an actress at one of tin-
Broadway theaters," chuckled a man
sitting  near  hlm.     "1   know  her   by
i sight, and when she cams in I thought
she  must have been hurt In an  _::���
i cident."���New York Sun. '������.'���
OCT ...
Prime Pork Sausages and Select Head Cheese
Smoked Halibut Select Kippers
Smoked Salmon
Matter intended f* * this o lumn snou.    bt ad-
Bditoi    I'-"';    Nc ������* -   P. <'-
i     .   \"< n *tt e$tminst< i
OUR   STOCK   or
fEconomyl Ladies'  Fall  Under
��-  _<_^_._.__��5 ___________________���______���_____________________.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Mr. ..:.! Mrs. C   '   .-': ���   I spen   S '
urday  and  Sundaj   in  the city,  leaving   last  tvenn-  for  Harrison  River.
Willi.   .:: thi     ltj   Mi   Ffoi _ rei ���. ���
the congratulai   ns       his I   ���    is on
lis r<   ent em      inti   thi       '        n
t No.
..... returned on 8 lay ft im
four days' sh      i - ��� Five
-   ..'-.  that's  all.
-  ".   ��� ���   -   -   -     e gu est
Mi   nm -.    ��� - ���   ...    .'-
: :     -     ecent      re-
���.:::��� i an extendi
...- . . he   a Isiti 1   N'ew
i Montreal. Ottawa,
e t u rn ed 1
i V a -   :	
eai staff at Ei
a Sa spend
...    .       | days    ������  ���
Miss    ���.   ��� Miss E
...--- - exam
ination - Mr.
...   -.
-   -  ���      Sun
_ -   .- . ity.
������=-.    O A R G ES T' s   G em
si"***/    O Food Chopper is
an  economical
add '..on  to any
kitchen.   It saves
time  and  lessens
labor, ar.u th is
ecoi  ���  ��� ��� -    t '"��� e
housekei;  r'stii  -
ar.d   strei    I
With it n
attractive ai
api ' tizing
d sl ��� - can t e
���     le from what might    - wasted
.: it were not for tl    I Jem.
It chops food    I   .. I   kin Is���
- ��� ���- . j;:..: ��� 5, ' ts, i '���- ��������� ������
.. at ... -    etc.   i'i' es  ;   I mas
- [ueeze, tear cr gi
th�� food as you want il
i r n.-... tun. Eas to O] rate,seu
sharpening. N. kitchen .. nplete
without it
Cana!  Causes   Boom  on Gulf.
'Thi      '.-"    * the]
be of bona
-���    -     :
Telephone     ISO.
Hunting Stra) ed   Ind ans.
21.���Troops  .'-.
e Ti
.ll  -.
d   -
"         ���
i ���    '���   _
.     j   i
���    -
-      -
and i
-   fli
"  in .
thine..    A
i.'-.v::   -          . -   :
1 _��� '. ..:"���".
'.   .
y   ir-
To Shr
nk  C :-.'-
Is.    1
knot   -     Lynch
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
_ ......
ew Westminster.   ���    -  d. C -    -
pour enou_
ernight. In the Annui    VV.C.T.U.  Convent sr
rning i - I Oct. _ e Na
ture out. but. han? on 1
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
D'ives   Away   Ants.
Mix   ;     ent*' tartar
emeti    ...        ... ���   an   I
Make it i     si ���   *  r,
. - .��� - - -    a shi    :-
wher        '-    '    tro       - The
,.: .-'.-.- - -'��� :
: t of reach of
chi  Iren, as it is noi.  no -.
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
S'gn   Man  en  Wheel.
Columbia St. N.w Westminster.
Phone 275
The Teac.t.
'*'���, |   -- that . :���      ..!      : mi :..".
ii unused     i -        I    i. v. ..    fte
g       .   nustv :'..'��� or to the tea ���������   ���
:     t used.    This ma}       prevent   I
by ]   .   ...   .  cup    : -  _-..: .:. the
tea]   t before ]   tting it away.
Live-   ar.d   V.ai.
Preparatoi   I     -   ng liver or vi al
r it i'or a minuti     r ts
g watei     Pat dry with a ��� .   in
towel, .    .     flo ir an . fry   Ln a
er( I ] ..:.     nt I   -
A  Ccok.ng   Hint.
When the tim< : t -. ng vegetal -v- .- limited, p ... I ling water
over ".hem,, ther: drain and cook tn
For Chi
An   Immcrtai   Snake.
During  th<
Japanese am    riiies    .
'..-      a as K       i        ..   '... ..   ��� .
mai v 3 ���   - ���    _
er   oj
...'..--.        ��� '    ' -��� ��� :   ���
. .        the ft ia 1
...... -   ���   -
.���.:���'.._._      . -      i
"������ gai
]���.:.:       '...:':        .      .
.    ���
k      1 it.        ' .     -       ���     . ���      ���
'..--���. .he:
That night a j: sett let!
over th      ty. i ad I ie -���
wh    ha '. '������      I ti     snake are si
to        ��� -        ���      ..��� .  :..;.''
r     -        After   1       -        rs   wer
the si ... its . '
peara     . i     .   -  -     _   :
:������..:. . the       .-��� - mp ng
thi m. pn       :      . -  i . - ���
.:._- that nighl     '������    it     entu
...:..���     f 1      .trans    ������ : tile is n
related.-   I    rean Tii u -.
or Vjiiina
ass ware
217-219 Columbia Street.
The Most Liberal Policies
covering all occupations
For Tram and Railroad
Canadian Casualty and
Boiler Insurance to.
��6C Cc . "��� t a  St.
F-c-e 85.
GARDENS���It is impossible to exaggerate the
future p'. ssibilities of this Lulu Island land as an
investment. Our words and phrases may seem
exaggerated to many, but the only way you can
fully appreciate this property is to allow us to
show you over it.
Will keep a horse, cow and poultry, besides producing a crop of $1000.00 annually.
N. B.   Come in to-day���the choicest selections are
being taken.
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
Insurance Loans Real Estate
Farm   Land   Spec _   sts.     Ne.s   V. estn.'nster.   Van.cme-.   Chilliwack.
, Flu     "I
. '   ���
r       : '���   '  - - ' ' *       '
���    '
.-   ���  ' _
her ��� ���    ���    -
Now   Complete     M
iur store, i
a    ,     thi - ��� ���'���,.
lence that we m      -     ���
��� -  .--
Turnbull's Perfect Fitting,
Watson's Unshrinkabla and
Penman's     Natural    Wool,
��� ���-��� * ��� :
Lad.es' A i   Wool  Vests and  Drawers.   75c to 11.7     .
Lr on Vests and Drawers, 35e tc Ji.CC per  Barn
Fu    ra-^e  La. es'  and  Girls   Coirbinations,  $1.( ._
i- ent.
Here are a fe/v t,nec:al lines not  always knowi   I ���  ��� ;_..
lections  as we   show:
Plush   Lined  Slipwaists,   Narareth   Waists,  Plush ;
fcr children, Rueben's Vests. Infants' Anti^Srippe Banc -. .. .. '-...
ccld feet. Scarlet and Blac'   Vests  and  Drapers  '- Pluth stt
ers,  etc.
As thi - ' ���  " :���
.      . .   -
i_  L se of Esperanto.
"1   ���   '   ��� ��� -
the _i :.-���   -    t        ring
seeing    thins
.1-:'- e and im] ressivi thai   re i ling
i   - "
C:_    Tr.-   Co 1 ors.
���  ti
h  V��   :
��� -   --
::..._'��� '
fei -���' *     teeth on. .:
'.     . Morri. I
pn s? these 1 - ���    :
inti        * ��� . - ye?,
-ting, and 1       .-   I
:" ���      -      :    -       .eventies
for a tii     - agaii     imi
pen    -' them now
strong a I     .-      -      -        -    -i.
O.ee-. Ta:t_.
>-;���".'���'���'���.'���"���'��� ���'��� ��� '��� ���'��� . ��������>.���>. '���'������>:'���>.��'.>'������> ���������.���. ��� ���������ii.M
in sti ck.   :-:   Pri :es to suit
VV. E.
���* and 71.
���'.'. ........ �� > ........ ���>����! *.*********.*< ������������������ ����H
Mad   E"-p-e:s  cf a  Vanished   Empire.
Empress   I   iar] >tl     I .'   -.
'������������--   Eugenie, ai
per .  titli  fron       ���       ri   .1
. :_-���.. -. -:-.    Her stor
der    :' "  ���   - ���       Married as a gii
* ���  . .-.    mt Austr .:. an I . .'. .
��� _  were  ] .--��� I
- ��� ��� f   Mira wli:
��� ��� . -       r the Adriai
:..-.'    - - ��� . -
peroi     :   '���!��� s     .   ,.:. .    ifter   :
year-     I     i     ��� ���   -    stati       firii
pari    f    '    . ._..:.-
His ��� ���
irts ..���    '.j .:.
eigns of Eui ��� ��� ��� :
...     .- ..
��� ��� ars.��� :.��� n i( i   Tit-B ts.
'���' - rly ai       .-
lady, j     . .        -     b to thi
for etiquetti    -  ���   ��� . -    -,:.���.
life. - -       ..-..���
in ic seal       nag rgi     - ���   ..-
parisoned i     sun    i
couri   ... ���'- - ���       Bul
ly wh    lias not been fori     ]
presenti    -        r must j i   I.
except  from  a  dista In  thi
pala egi        ���    -   .    Lrg<   Id1    .
garden,        h is     ���
The ::.������::      -   -.
pear,  all thi   gardeners      tsl
thi    -     es invisibli
Who  Was --Hendrick"  Huds.n?
A new steam)    it       th    E   '- -
:.-.. --'.������ k Hudson."
It is a pit   ���   -    .... rs -���       . >... .
HI    :.*  --��� ��� .   ,.-   :     ;. -.. -
bl mder thai I      ���������������
op :-. : - nt.   Hei -.- Hu Is ��� i ... ���
?.:._   ���   a   ���     ���      ���   - ,.:-   ���   .. ., ���
ssl e *       11 him "He_   -     *    . ���
���rpeaJs     :   T mas      '..   Bdii ���    ���-
/ohannes C. FTemont���Weterbttn
Re   :blican
Is It a Nice Dinner Set
You Wani. Madam?
We have a go     - le tion, and the price; will
ease ynu.
iur Grocery St ��ck is always fresh.
Adams &  Deans
Electric Railway Service!
Inter-uroan   Line.
Cars    tor Vancouver and    .   ���
statii ns  h ill  run  every 1
'������    ���'  tl   ':.  .'��� :a. 1       '.   |
m. ex   ptlng at 7 and '
...  m.    Half h -   u.;;
r.:.   from   Centi Pi rk    to
V n     ivei   onl;
C t ���   Limits  Line    S     ���    .
20 Minute Service���No   -   :   ter.
I."'-.....- _ 12 and _ and ! an I 7.
30   Minute    Sen .: \
mall der of d :':":>*l
Leopi   : ;
Sunday   Ser.,ce   ISS \
tw. en 8 ... :  ;*|
City and Sapperton,
Sapperton Line- ''s\
vice, except I ��� ''If
-��� ���'��������� aiSa
Sours the - " 1
Qalf-houi ...
Sunday  Service   I 1
tween  S I            * " ''    1
British Columbia Electric R>.Co.
Root Pulpers and S
Straw Cutter, Grain Grin1
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   TE above*
ines include Fleury's, Cocks��
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & O


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