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The Daily News Oct 14, 1906

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 .- >N ���
���VOI.I'MK 1, M'.MBER 189
NEW WESTMINSTER, li. ( ,. Monday MOKXlXii, OCTOBER 14, 1906.
A NICE LITTLE ST0W"�����S*��_o
_g Steamer Hankow Is Burned at Dock  and Hun-
reds of Chinese Passengers Unable to Escape
Are Burned or Drowned.
T "PAP."
i   ng,  Oct,   ll.   The steamei
.. hi a   was    bui ned "to-day
ilni -e passengers, men.
a i    iiii Iren,   and   seven  Bland   .i  cargo   Including   300
n ������ lng, 500 bales of raw silk
waste silk.   The vessel
��� ai ton at  three o'clo,-,,
.ii!  was  shortly  after-
. i at the wharf.    Fire was
i on    "ii:-I and the captain
e chief engineer to turn on
through the flre hose, but
Impossible   for   the   reason
I a   five   mlnuti s   after  the
a     i ,.| ,.:w  was ablaze  tore
��� . tain Branch then awak-
��� : iropean passengers who
own I he gangway, the ladies
��� . ���.-  clcihes.
���e.v    was   compelled    to   leave
li   by this time, was a
��� n na ". The I Ihinesi sti er-
-��� ngers   were   thrown   into  a
���   nie.     Horrifying   shrh ks
Save    iheir    lives    were
il il was impossible to do any-
-  fin  t ren I rapidly owing
:.-   mm ible    nature   of   the
il .   Ireds    were    burned    to
id mi ny  others  jumped  Into
��� an i were drowned.
idi ig   to  signals, the   British
���"*��� ra and the dock yard des-
i :- -.��� - and assistance.   The
'! ating brigades of firemen
��� a ��� Efo I - to i xtingulsb
Bs, which leaped to a height
.     ' ��� '.   The liritish steami r
������   ��� i:   was  berthed  at   tbe
Muved oul  to save
structlon,    A neighboring
��� ;.- distant, was burne I to
The fire was brought
at 6 a.m., at which time
of the Hankow remain-
i i of recovering the dead
igun.   Already 7a corpses
bave heen recovere I    Manj  i i them
were huddle 1 togethei and onlj
eu, while others  were b irned h<
recognition,    Of  the carg<.  20
' '   raw  sill,  were  savi I, 1
aged  by waier.    The remain l<
totally destroyed.    Thi re   are   i
thi ories  as to  the ca isi     I   lhi
The lirs;  Is that  the fin   wa
bj  the overturning ol   thi     intei n of
i'. Chinese boarding ho ise i inner who
< ame aboard seeking customi rs,   T u
second  is that  an opium Iter ac
cidentally sei lire to the ma ing The
third is thin it was causi d I j the
i rosslng of electric win -. Thi fourth
" eory is one that is consider! i ��� be
mosl probable the flre was incendiary, ami was an outgrowth oi a boycott against British river b< ats.
The Hankow, the Bi Itish sti amer
burned al Hong Kong ... sti rda . was
an old wooden sidewhei: boal i il
the size of the Charmer. She has
been on the Hong Kong-Cant n route
for a number of .vein--, she had big
eyes painted on her bi ws, as the Chinese would nol travel on her If these
ivere not in evidence. The sti ry goes
lhal once, when they were painted
out, the native-; boycotte 1 the boat until they were replace 1. C. Bra lhury,
night operator at the C.P.R. telegraph
office here, has often :;a.a ih i i ii the
Hankow, and greatlj regrets the .tragic end of the stanch old vessel, tin
these steamers the Chinese passengers are confined to the lower deck,
lhe only communication with the up-
! er deck being ch se I bj a hi avy iron
grating, which is locked and guarded.
This precaution againsl a i iraticaJ
outbreak accounts foi the great loss
of life among the Chinese passengers,
while the European passengers and of-
-  ers escaped.
And the Very Particular Instructions
of the McBride Government
Virgin Coal Fields Valued at Thousands of Millions Said
to Underlie the Soil Which Bears the
Fragrant Hop.
The   Col .ii.   an   Is    .< rj   fon i    ol
''���'<-���  .<s :���'���������   Lo  "pap,"  mi aning
anj   purchasi ,  order  oi   cont;    i   for
which  governnn al    m ni j    is  to   be
paid. ..      i
lt   was  talking   abi il   11   lhi    other
laj  when no less than ten an i a half
ol its own colt . ii     ,-ere fill. I with |
provincial  governmenl   "pap,"   but   a
little thing like thai  makes no differ-
��� nee to I ia- i lolumbian.
Well, we beg iii le licate to it, with
. ssurances ol our most profound, etc.,
��� -.  the  following   nice   little "pap"
story which we h< ard the other day:
Un or aboul the 28th day of Sep-
ti mber, las' past, thi re entei ed the
sl ire of Messrs. Hardman A. Bryson
a man unknown to the firm, who talked in a way to lead to the inference
thai la- was a citizen of Vancouver.
He asked il' the fii m coul I send a
man to the provincial asylum, an institution ander thi charge of the provincial secretary's department of the
Moll. Ide go.eminent, to do sou:., repairing ..a a ro f. The firm had no
man disengaged, but ; romlsed to gel
one an 1 send him, as it was a : is . ol
��� ��� ��� gency. Thi st rang, wenl a .. ,i.
.atlsfii I,
In a couple of houi - or so he was
back, an 1 opened negotiations bj saying that he had "pui his fool ln it."
"How? " Well, the authorities at the
asylum did not authorize him to eni-
their firm;  however, it would i e
ali   right.    They   could   do  the  work
and make oul the .11       ag dnsl him,
he strangei  _��ild.
As the fii m -.iv, uo re a I i be
i shamed of either its name oi Its bill
hi.; Is, l'unhi r explanation was ask ���
for, an I the strangi r said, 'The pow
ers ;ii the asylum tell me that a bill
from your Arm could not he senl
through to the government; the
charge musi be -under some other
name," or words to thai effect. He
further explained that he had been i
told to gu to certain establishments
In town, but as none of them had a
man to spare,, he had dropped Into
their store, thinking it would be all
right. He had b< en to! 1 since, however, on Informing the powers what
lie had done, that Hardman & Bryson
vere on the tabooed list, and their
name could not appear.
Mr. Hardman, who represented the
lii in .n the occasion, told the stranger
what he thoughl of a government
whose officers dare not, even for a
trifling job in an emergency, employ
a tirm of good standing and reputation, which paid taxes and conducted
:. legitimate business. Ordinary governmenl patronage was another matter, hul such an absolute taboo as was
indicated in this case was outrage. US.
Cnder the circumstances, no amounl
of money could induce him to send a
We trusl that this true story of
"pap" and its distribution will meet
with the approval oi our contemporary.    It  certainly should, as the sub-
jed   is one  to  which  it  has devoted ri
���.'.a a deal of attention.
N v.   i'or!. D' t. 14.    \ Herald Bpe-
Durlni thi lai I wi ek a disi over;
has been made near Hove; which Dr.
W. Boyd Hiiwkin, professot of geolog.
a! Owen's college, Manchester, describes as an event of the most importance to the distrlcl since the Nor
man conquest. Rich Beam of coal
have bei n found at a boring sevi .
��� a. from Hove!-, ami if idi that Is
i In praise is fulfilled, Keai will in
a few years' time develop ini i another
Lancashire. The coal Held Ig claimed
t" be the largest virgin one In the
Cnlted Kingdom, and the vai ie of the
f oal is  plai ed al anywhere i ver   !_ l.-
Odd. ,000  Sterling.    The area  of the
field is estimated to be 100 Bquare
miles. Borings wer.- started al thi
end of 1904, and the foreman was almost giving up work in despair wl en
he came upon traces of coal. When
the core was taken out he found a
scum on the water that came from
the cylinder which was the typical
scum formed by coal. Then three remarkable seams were found, the first
a twenty-inch seam with two feet four
inches of flre clay; the second three
feel four inches, with four feet of fire
clay, and the third four fei t six
Inches, with little fire clay. Anal sis
showed ii to be a splendl 1 houeeh ild
coal. II is the opinion of Dr. W.
Hawkins that there is room for thirty
or forty collieries. In ten years' time
there will be ten thousand men > m-
pioyed in the fields.
Big Balloon Race.
Berlin. Oct. 14.���ln a breeze blowing
15 miles an hour, seventeen balloons
stinted to-day In the International
race for the cup offered by Emperor
William. They were sent up from
within an enclosure al Tegel, six
miles northwest  of Berlin.    Fully one
Ired thousand ei aons had assem-
bli I -.. Bee ;be 11 i The starters
were officers ol the army balloon
orps. The flrsl ba loi n to start was
one trom the Vienna Aero club, Then
at five-minute intervals there follow. I
i ..ll ions representing Switzerland, Belgium and various stales of Germany,
Among the promlnenl aeronauts present were the delegates of the International Aeronaut society, for whom
ti" race was really given. The day
w i- i ��� ..ui Iful a id sunny. The bai-
l ins were Btarted off by a southwest
v nd, and robably will land In Silesia
oi beyond. The victory will go to the
cleveresl handler of ballast.
A Eravc Man's End.
New York. Oct. 14.���Dashing down
a steep hill in an automobile which
had got beyond his control. Louis Lie-
ber, in order to prevent a collision
with another automobile ascending the
i 111. and which contained Miss Cutting, daughter of R. Fulton Cutting,
deliberately wrecked his machine and
was himself crushed to death in the
wreckage. The accident occurred on
the Snake road in the Ramapoo mountains, Saturday afternoon.
Gambling Chinks Run In.
Winnipeg, Man., Oct, 14.���Polioelast
night i aided a Chinese gamblfng joint
and gathered  in   forty-throe  celestials
who were enjoj li g a game of fan tan.
 o ���
Freezes to Death.
MeKeesport, Pa., Oct. 14.���.lohn
Roslnski, S years old, of Scott haven.
Pa., was found frozen to death yesterday near his home. The boy was clad
only in his night clothes. He was r.
somnambulist, and some time during
the night I*ft his bed, and in his slee
wandered from the house.
Leaves  the   Conference and
Cn-ries   Motion  cf Ex-
a  Million for B.  C.
.a senl  by the News-
. ' e nondent at Ottawa,
..., we t ike thi  I  How
- mfi n nee,   which
In   week, i   nclud
.    evi ..a        '. ;    ' 9
ers   with   thi    ���
'..':.;;    ���    .    r to bi
. i i       i��������� was a ph ..
u   ,'i : ae i intai lo room at
ler   Whitne; . ol   On-
IUI    a  "a -
.   I
a iBi idi        In    unable  to
Ulereil wa - right for
��� h Irew  from   the
.iii-;   and   did not
ioon' I  a.    As
��� a- deman I ��� a-ere
1 ��������� ������ delaying the pro-
: asi couple of days,
long time to finish
i'i i. \n additional vote
foi ten years was given.
f1, !" reject., i this before leav-
11 nfe ��� n >���
[lirid  Laurier, upon receiving
itlons, said thai be could not
'' ��� subsidies embodied in Ihe
fence, which were practlc-|
esi ated, but would prom-
bsidies of  the  1SS7 confer-!
I'ch were ahout   the same as '���
l9<>2,  with- a  difference  that.
nothing  given   for  criminal
'�� addition the premier said
would be an amendment to
1 North America act.
IcBride's  resolution  for refer
fWtratlon was voted down by
""'���    Mi. McBride made the
declaration:  "1 protest  that
n""   of   British   Columbia's
1 the Dominion government
:i " should not in. consider-
;i: ice, but that it is a
' Iween  the  government of
British Columbia and the federal government.'"
B was move i ;.;, Mr. Whitney, seconded by Mr. Murray, that in view of
the large area and geographical i*jsi-
tion of British Columbia, i: is the
opinion of the confi renc thai the
said province should receive a reasonable additional allowance for the purpose oi civil governmenl iu excess of
ihe provision made in the Quebec resolutions of 1902, and that such additional allow.ii hould he io tl:e ex-
I ��� i of $100, annually foi- ien years.
Messrs   Scott  and Rutherford mov-
e!. in   view  of   this   resolution,   thai
.'���.'.ler;.i ami Saskatchewan should -���
additional treatment.
Mr. McBride withdraw a1 this - ige
of ;he proceedings.
Tlio  hist   resolui li .a  i ;   M     .-' ��� itt's
was lost on  division.
Mr. Whitney's motion for British
Columbia was carrli ���! unanimo i
'i'he conference - ��� ndi 1 the
abolition of travellers' tax .'ien. , n i
also thai there should he no di-, n ���
inatlon taxing companies Incorjiorat* I
by the Dominion, and t'i. rasi ' il in
passed for an annual meeting ol provincial premiers to consi ler n a"-"a
of common Interest.
Thanks were passed to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and his colleagues.
The position which Mr. McBr le
tool, wa.s that the pro.Ince should
i"1 ie $i per head until the amount
reached $300,000, and remain fixed until the population is 400,000. After.
400,000 population, 75 cents per head
until the amounl reached $400,00*0 per
annum, and remain fixed until the
population is 800,000, then 50 cents
per head until the amounl reached
$500,000, and to remain fixed until the
population is a million anil a half.
Then llll 1-1! cents per head until the
amount reached $600,000, and remain
fixed until the population is 2,500,000,
and afterwards 26 cents per head in
Great Activity in Real Estate
TAKE TO Til ".
A quick turnover in real estale was
made on Saturday morning by F. .1.
Harl .V To., whi n they secured a eus-
tomer for R. 1. Burde's house on Carnarvon streel after i: 1ml been listed
with them oni. a lew hours. The
bouse ha 1 ��en liste I with other real
i. -.iie firms i" .--'ni' weeks, bul as
in satisfactory arri igemenl could he
made, Mr. !!';: :��� iced 'iie sale in
ihe hands ol Ur. Ha '- i ompany on
laj ic it,    ul o'clocl  i't m xt
��� iii:,:: : . li li had een han leu
over in pay mi nt I ' li h mse. The
purchaser is Mr. Al dnson, a gentleman who Is ���'.nn. '���!��� ! v. i'h tbe local
pi] e manuf id in Ing c mi i rn
Th. n    :     aii   in... asing   .!���. a:,ill.I   for
y il i'.a.ii ���   re; i ��� state, and  the
firms are continually being asked
i i supply outside parties with properties on the main business thorough-
fan . The latesl d< al to be i or le I
i ��� the sale of the vacanl 1"; adjoining
the Bank of Commerce, which was
bough; on Saturday for $6,500, J!. .1.
heal.".-, ol Portland, Oregon, being the
purchasi r, The transfer wa ��� n< .-.
;itfi by the firm of Malins '.- i' iull
hard. On Saturda. this Mime flrm
dosed a  leal \\ herehy the *���'. les bl ick
transferred to VV. il. Handco fl
o' Vani.' iver, for the sum i I $20,' 10.
h is understood that several oilier im-
11 rtant sales are pending, an I pi aide
who are on the tnsid. track ol
i state ��� '��� - redid ii an ; i rrtanl
trans i< tions for the nexl  fi w month-.
Eritish Operatives Are Advised to Be;
Land  in  Southern  Sta'es. and
Grow Cotton There.
Many    Nimrods   Are    Out   After   i   5
Game Birds, Which Are Said
to  be   Plentiful.
French Betting Men Get Anc,ry at Bad
Start in   Horse  Race, and a
Eiq  Row  Results.
Hdy   War   is   Preached   in   France's
Colcny,  and  Serious  Reftults
May Follow
Horrible  Murder.
Houston, Mo., Oct. 14.���Barney'Par-
sons,   a   farmer,  his   wife   and   1h ee
children    were   murdered   yesterday
near Llokeng,  Mo.    A   fai mer  named
Hamilton has been arrested  charged
with the murder,   He is said to have
Paris, Oct. i I. I liei e were violenl
. liaiu- demonsti ation. al lhe Long
Temps ra.ee Lrai k to-day in consequence of the unsatisfactory start in
the free handicap. There were nine
starters, four of whom remained at
the post owing to ii misunderstanding.
Amidst an uproar, a complete outsider
won. The public became enraged,
broke down the barricade, surrounded
the bookmakers' booths, chased out
the cashiers and seized the money.
Attempts to restore order were in
vain, the police presenl being inadequate. Tbe rougher element raided
automobiles near the grand stand,
seized petroleum, with which they
sprinkled the booths, and then set
them afire. The firemen on duty were
helpless, as the hose had been cut.
The authorities telephoned to Mont-
valerian and a body of troops was at
once sent. The soldiers succeeded in
-Killing ihe enclosure, bul the betting
structures had burned down. The
:   .t were postponed.
Algiers, Oct, 14.���Despatches re-
. eived here Irom the interior show-
thai the local sit,lation ij growing in
seriousness. A huge hand under
Muleyabout, a cousin of the governor
of Tafllalet, and Muley Rachid, istrav-
oiling through Tafllaiel province and
preaching a holy war. Arrangements
have been made that every section of
the population, according to its numerical ability, and the malcontents
are to meet in November at Ouedghir,
two days' march from Colomb-Brebar,
and attack at once the French posi ;
ln the southern district.
Hunting Them Down.
Copenhagen, Oct. 14.���A vessel
which arrived here from Russia has
on hoard five stowaways, who were
detained at the request of the Russian
consulate. II is supposed they were
terrorists who were plotting the assassination of the Dowager Empress
of Russia, who is now here. The police are enquiring into their identity.
���A recommendation of vas- importance to the English potton indus-
tr_ is made in tlie reporl jusl Iss i< I
by the commission appointed b_ the
leading cotton firms of Lancashire to
visit the cotton growing area of the
Cnited States. Brleflj stated, the re
porl says that the Lancashire cotton
spinners should buy land In the southern states and establish large cotton
plantations, with the object of providing pari of their supply, and also for
the   purpose   of   keeping  them   n
ely iu to ich uith the cotton flel is
The observations ol ihe commissioner
��� ven led ovi r a cotton pi a lucini
gion of 750,000 miles, through a terrl
��� retching 500 miles from noi th
tn south and 1,500 miles from easl to
T1"' commission) n Ba. In con
elusion that, "taking Into acct uni the
: i esenl pi Ice - of cotton, I his is an ex-
������ tion illj fai ot i'i" o] poi I mil ��� i r
I" ginning such an un lertaking."
After reading this, one wonders
what has become of the greal scheme
proposed last year for the opening up
of some regions in South Africa which
were said by experrts to be simply
perfect for cotton growing.
Telegraphic Briefs.
The Mexican ambassador al Washington bas resign.'l on accouni of 111-
The general commanding in the
Philippines protests again reduction
of American garrison of 20,000 there.
To-morrow the convention of the
Internationa] Bankers' association will
1��. called to order at St. Louis. The
bankers will be in session for three
days, and a number of important papers on financial subjects will be read.
The annual conference of friends of
the Indians and other dependent people will he opened at Lake Mohawk,
N.Y., on Wednesday, and continue
d iring the following day.
An endless procession of determined loking men left the city yes ��� ������
day; more will leave to-day, and
throughout the week there will be
every day a similar exodus ul I u a
who go out into 'li- wills with murder
it: their hearts and the lust of blood
in their eyes. This is the fifteenth,
the opening day of the pheasant
sl 'l,   . 'i 1    with    the   lirst
he r   "'i '- - ".i will begin the
���-     i   annual   si.noting  evenl  of the
, v.hi -i  ihe     i  -���   e  will  be the
il gan Is whose Immunity
Is   '    lay,
in buggii s, tra] s and rigs, by i...
i  ind boat, ori imen are leav
ing for the c iud   .���  where reports Bay
Is are to be found in numbers,
am .     id,      ! ler, Mud baj an i
Lulu island    re i     r.iing a large per-
ige of ci j   nl juro Is, who go out
" ' iii" fields v.: b a .'.'awning shooting  bag, and  return  with weird and
wonderful   stories   of their   unprece-
'��� nti 1  luck   .. ith the gun. but blame
the small a imber of birds with which
they  back  up their arns on the dis-
1 : ��� Hence of thi ii' dogs.   The poor dog
wil] have many hard things said about
him these days, and It will again be
remarked that the bad marksman usually has a worthless dog as a partner.
The number of people who have in-
vited their friends to a pheasant supper for the end of the week is considerably greater than in former
years, and the loca! poulterers, being
wise in their generation, have placed
orders for a supply of game that they
expect will be able to tide them over
until next week at least. Pheasant
shooting is like going fishing In some
respects, and many sportsmen who
have been unsuccessful, mainly
through the fault of the dog, of course,
find the material for splendid stories
in the poulterer's establishment.
*   _.
11 MC ' -
"'ii  a
Chinese   Banker.   Followed   by   Thugs
Evades  Their  Attempts  to
Take  His   Life.
rhe C P.R. transco itlnen il es
v.hii i: left  for 'lie easi on Fri . }  last
i a:i ..���- on lie,. ..I;:- i,    Chil
banki r   of lions   Kong   named    Lee
Koong .Mi1. Koong took i.i.- passage
from -his cii;.. -.. i will em'.ai k at
M,.i.. , nl aboai i 'die Empress of Britain : ir Liverpool. In an Interview
..; . entative   of ti.-    I lailj
News, Mr, Koong, who is a prominent
. '.���:��� of  the   Hong  Kong   Chinese
Reform association,   and    wears    his
hort,   rave some Interesting
infoi ai ition    as    to   bis   journej hus
-.me he left Hong Kong a few months
iii excellent  English, Mr. K . in ���
..ai   be   bad   ba 1  ai!   kin Is  ol
in     itting   awa    fron    China
with       -a hole   skin     Hi      nted   I hat
...���:������   poll .   il  t   sons    or   his
li     Ing, ami that  then    ras a certain
i    olitica        a t ance In his
li        ice tnlc    and       fans  ontlm utal
i'a   over a thou os af-
Ing Hong Kong he ha i b en
:.  pal ! : h igs n ho gai e him
I .:;  of llis life,  ..:. !   A hom   lie  had
to mi       vith  trickerj   equal
oi. :i  i:i order to escape,    Nighl     ftei
nighl he sl h nd barricaded d ��� ���
and windows in order to avoid the
iui de i -aiii feeling ol iol I s eel run-i
i h into his an;: , i rson with a
truly December sensation while he
t.    Even al       leai Ing China's in-
. Itable .-bores, thugs hired by
���. e of his enemies were waiting
L'oi ..im ai the vai ious poi Ls al n bich
he i ':n be,|. After Ie iving China he
������������ .. to Russia, where bis carefully
[.ii red passports opened every door
�� il.. mt trouble. Theni e be passed into Poland, and In both co ini i les he
f ..i ��� 'a le I in i. ansacting his business
��������� I boul molestation. He then ma le
.. bee line for the south and saile 1
., i ne of the southei n ports for
V iuver, and so far as he knew lie
ba I shaken ofl the bunch of hired
boun Is ��hich had ieen so bol on his.
trail. He had business of importance
in Liverpool, and he hoped to return
the same route to this coast. He
v.as nol prepared to say who:her he
ivould be allowed to come back in
safe y or not, but was g >ing I > have
i.   ... 1 try at  it   anj how.
Mr. Koong wiis expensively and
tastefully dressed In up-to-date English garments and spoke excellenl
English. The only thing that betray-
e I his oriental origin was hi.- com-
; 1 ... n and oblique eyes, He has ap-
i ... 'ii ly well lined pockets, and carrli i with him the most expensive line
o. sui! cases and rugs. When Mr.
I .   .. /   eturns he may have an inter-
''       tory to relate.
New    Use   ho."   Cocaine.
> In his charge to tho Warren county grand jury Judge Rush drew attention to the alleged doping with
cocaine of roustabouts by steamboat mates. The judge stated that
it had come to his ears that tho
mates carried a supply of the deadly
drug, which they gave to the negroes in liberal doses. When stimulated by the drug the rouster's capacity for work is greatly increased,
but by the time the trip is ended
he is a physical and mental wreck.���
Mobile Register.
A  Whistler   Retort.
"At Point Av.-;:. in Brittany,"
said a New York painter, '"1 met
Mortimer Menpes, who is chiefly famous for his friendship with Whistler. 'Whistler,' Menpes said, 'was
not a conceited man. Jle was a
joker. As jokes, not as serious
speeches, most of his remarks were
to be taken.' Thus a lady said one
day to Whistler, 'Do you flunk, Mr.
Whistler, that genius is hereditary?'
'I can't tell you, madam,' Whistler
replied. 'Heaven has granted me no
offspring-.' "
Selections are now at their best���Prices at the lowest
qualities up to our usual high standard of excellence
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Men s Showerproof Coats, $7 to $25
Boys' Showerproof Coats, $6 to $7
Men s Rubber Coats, $3.50 to S6
Boys5 Rubber Coats $3, all sizes
Umbrellas Oil Clothing
The Wardrobj
MONDAY, OCTOBER 15111, '05
Spokane falls X Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between ail
points east, west and south to Ross-
Ian '.. Nelson an.l intermediate points
ionnecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacihc and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek point...
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage r'aily for Republic.
Buffet service on train, between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave Day Train Arrive
0 zo a.m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
[2.25  p.m Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
Q.40 a.m Nelson   6.45 p.m.
The London Cabby.
Tho taximeter Bystem hns been
introduced in London, and one of
the papers there asked a cabby how
he liked it. "Vou see/' said the
cabman frankly, "'most of us likes a
bit 0' sport. I tike my keb out in
a morn in', an' I don't know whether
I'm goin' fo mike my yard money or
'ave a quid over for meself. You
tike my moaniii'? it's like baekin'
'osses." All the cabby wants is a
sporting chance.
Played   by   a   Select   Company  of
For  the  convenieni e  of   ".'i;
: al rons, the form     . ile   d 1   n tnenc-
ii.-   ��� he evening    e     finance,   it 5.30
.1,1   gl. Ing a   '�� 0 h mr
mission  h:i -    ��� en    lon       . 1     vitl
During iiii- '���:���- igemen        e In
\\ 11] rise at 7.43 ... Carriages 111 15
be ordered at ll p.m Auditors must
be in their seats at rise cf first curtain, as no one will be seated during
the acti.n of the play.
PRlCES-50c to $2.00
Tlckel s ordere! by mn ii will I ������
promptly forwar le 1 on rei',:, I of
money order and self-addi���ed envelope.
Seats on sale a: Ryall's Drug Store.
Notice   ls   hereby  given     that the
partnership, heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, as loggers.
' in the District of New Westminster
1 under the firm name of Allen ,& We<.t.
Sale of Lands by Public Auction
By   or ler  of   the   C mn ill, the Collector   svill  offer  for  sale by auction
. p  S itur la.. Ocl iber 20, al  2 o'clock
the afl    noon (sharp), al the Muni-
'   1   Hall, the resl iu i of the proper-
th    not  ::- ��� '���  if at the recent sale
ten :��� r.
They com u ise two Bub llvlsl ins In
District   Lol   ' 1,   120 su   iivlsions  (In
;���    ilock  '  in  Disti i ������   Loi   53,  and   ss
In Dl il  Id  Lol  91.
in ief ��� a-i'���'. ���   title.     I)"" 1-   al   purchasers' co       List and 1   n litions or
--i'      .   . .'a ��� I   fl   'i:l
13   (..  WALKli!'..
1 .  M. C. and Coll    tor, Box 31, New
'.' estmins  ir
.: inlel] al Hall, Oi t. 1. 1900,
Railway Company
Two fast transcontinental trains
with dining cars an.) through tourist
and   firat-claas  sleepers  daily.
Atlantic   Express  leaves  at 7:25.
Imperial   Limited,  leaves  at  17:20.
New  York's   Barbers.
Xo one knows exactly how many
barber- there are in Xew York. The
official record of certified barbers
puts the number at 20,000. Boss
barbers are sure that the actual
number o_ those in the bartering
profession, judging from the applications made for employment, cannot be less than 100,000.���New
York Sun.
has this day heen dissolve 1 by mutual
Persons having any claim again.1
the said firm are hereby required ta
I present the same with full particulars
to our solicitor, J. P. Hampton Bole,
Bank of Commerce Building, New
Westminster, B.  C.
New  Westminster,    B.    C, August
15th, 1006.
Special Excursion to Eastern
Cities Oct. 12 and 13
Good to Return to Nov. 30th
C. P. B. Agent,
New Westminster
6, J. COYLE.
���.islntant   General   "���atW'.er   Are*.
Nol Ice is   ii . ��� ..   .   . ��� ..    . i   30 da
late   i   inten 1   :���>  a pply   to  I he
hii . I lorumis sioner oi L inds and
Works ia;- a license to cul aud c: rr;
i. n .;. li.ii ler from the follow ing de
si i ibe 1 lands:
i. Commencing al a posi mar&ed
W. .\i '.- S.E. Corner, planted on I he
nor! i. ink of I he Kil lala river aboul
miles i ,. !"'.���'.:.i the mouth, running as follows: -l'i chains north, 160
chains wesl. I" chains south, 160
chains east to poinl of commenci
ment,  containing 610 acres,  more  or
Locate 1 Augusl 27, 1906.
2. Commencing al a post marke 1
W. M.'s S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles up from the mouth, running
as follows: 10 chains north, L20 chains
east, SO chains south, in chains west,
10 chains n irth, SO wesl to point of
commencement, containing 04u acres,
more or less.
Locate ! August 27, 1 ttOO.
:_. Commencing at a post marked
W. M<s N.E Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
five an I a half miles up the i i\ er
from the mouth running as follows:
10 chains south, 160 chains, west, 10
chains north, 160 chains east t.i poinl
of commencement, containing 640
acres, more or less.
Loc.i' I August 26, 1906.
4. Commencing at a post mai ke i
W. M.'s N.W. Corner, planted on the
ta i'i' I ank of the Kildala river, about
five an! a half miles up the river from
tiie mouth, running as follows: 160
chains east. 10 chains south. L60
chains west, 10 chains north to point
of commencement, containing 640
a.:.--, more or less,
Locate 1 August  27,  1906
... Commencing at n ; osi marked
\v. M.'s N.E. Corner, planted on the
so il ii bank of the Kildala arm, aboul
one tnii'- from the mouth of the river,
running as follows:  80 chains south,
i ciiii r. ��� west, 80 chains north to the
shore line, thence following shoreline
to point of commencement, containing
040 acres, more or Ies3.
Loi aied Augusl 27, 1906.
6. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s S.W. ^Corner, planted on the
east bank of the Dala river, about
len chains easterly from the mouth,
running as follows: 40 chains east,
4(1 chains north, 10 chains east, SO
chains north to the river, thence following river to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Locate I August 27. 1906.
(Locator)  WILLIAM   MOODY,
per Frank Vandall, Agent.
Teletih me  A1SI  or address 4th Ave-,
nue and 10th Street.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
An., available Dominion Lands within the Hallway Belt In British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any per-
sou who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 ia re , more or less.
Entry must be m ide person illy al
the loca! land offlce for the district in
whi< ii the i ind is situate.
Tin- i  m esteader is require 1 to perform the conditions connected then
with un ler one of the following plans.
(ii At least six month.-' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(_) If the father (or mother, if the|
father is .le .eased) of the homesteader
reside- upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the lather  or  mother.
(j) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his home-
stead, the requirements as to resi lence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said Land.
Six month.-.' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner nf Dominion Lands at Ottawa ot intention
to apply ior patent.
\V. W. CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.  B.���Unauthorized   publlcatl in  of
this  advertls ar-nt   v.i<:   not  be  paid
Transfer Cd
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia bt.
;��� iggage delh ered    ;
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hautj
'ifflce Thone 185.      H in>
Westminster Iron li
S'. Dill..
Ornamental   Iron   \\ in   " '
Feiio's, Gates, Flre Escapes el
Mail or.lots an 1 ' orrei pod
vited. ami
BEQBIK S'l Ki.t.:
.    _______
New Westminster.
Great Northern Rj|
Time Table
! V. VV. & Y. RV
Re I il  9, -iibdl vi lon  of lots 21, 2'.
and 22, .- iburu in  block 6, Ni -..   V.. i
minster city,
Wtoerea - proof of the loss of cei I If!
cate of title number 2845a, issued In
ii." name of .WN Nelson, has been
file I In this offh e,
Noti :e i~ hereby given that I shall,
a the expiration of one month fr im
tin (iiii,. of the first publication hereof, issue .a duplicate of said certificate, unless In the meantime valid
' bjection be made to me in writing
C.  S.   KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry   Office,   New  Westminster, B.C., Sept. 28, 1906.
Dailv I NEW
'j: DO uni Blaine, fl
I:35 pm ham     B ir '���������'
hon,   Mi    V
Seattle :i'
IPortl i"'
1:35 inn S-."1 ai"',      Si
il'iiui    ind   ���'���
poiiiis Easl
9.20am Anacortos,
IWoolley,    ���"
3:00 pm Vancouver
9:55 pm
Lv.    Nev    Westniins"
Guichon 3:50 p. m. ^r'
0  p.  in.,   Monday,  w";:
8:45 n. m  ar, fron*
Gui ������'���..���
9:30 a. m   Lv. for Vancou'
Route of the l'.'i""''
2-Daily Overland Jr*'n'jl
Spokane, St. Paul, MnsM ,
For     complete    inj.:
18.000 I EMPItESS OF BRITAIN j14,600
H. Power I EMPRESS OF IKELAND )      Tc.v .
Leave Quebec Oct. ;, and Oct. i:1.
Passengers booked to an.l fro at lowest r ite.   For particulars apply
C. P. R.  AGENT.
Spokane, Bt. ram. "'"".j .
Winnipeg. Duluth, < >������':'    y
Louis and  all poiats ��* Jyfl
For    complete    "'for'
rales,   berth   reserve
.all on or address,
F.  C.  MEYERS, ^
,  I!llil'l;"T.
Bank of Commerce ��'��' B(
New Wesi '^
S, O. YERKES, A  ,;' P���;
norner Second Aveniu
iA. W-
lumbia St., Seattle, h
Lt_J MO***' ^CT' '5* 190'3*
lr OR
Ice   Cream  Sodas,
Sweets, Fruits, Etc
Trains & Steamers v
(' IMI.   MAIN   LIN1 .
i*e X.  W.  13.40 N. V    11.35.
C P.R.   MISS    . .    :.; .NCH
Lea.     \   '���..'.      ;o; Seatl      15.50.
ia ive Si i   a   12.3 i;  ar. N. WS IS.40.
.. . ." X. V. 10.33, 15    i, 17.35.
'��� ' ,10.10,1
WmiS-t Street
Lv. X. w, fi.2 i a.m     ir. S      i-i p.m
Next to Tram Office   Lv* N* w* '' " ' ' ''"'A
S. S. Cliatmer.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. to
on Wednesday and Mondays.
S. S. Joan
..;-,   Atlantic   Liner   Pacscnger  r.r.d   thc
Superfluous  Pilot.
a .!   then   blew  out* Ins "brains."���
i hiladclphin IV ��� .
After   De,-.t!i   In   Africa.
Two  oi i  time darkies  were en-
A; ' ���     '   " '"   '" |e��[��n anvA * -   gaged in a discussion of death and
'      '    '    fts mysteries when Uncle Mose said:
"Reuben,  d ;  you   b'lieve  dat
. il.   ���r �� i' a elm .. ii:
reci   ' I     \ .     n   charming   young
s      *'01 : "   Louif-  B'l10  ���3   v.hii ii i'i-'.ii dies ho kin turn into
Leave. Vancouver daily except Sat    mi icr first trip abr   id.    rho
Souvenirs of the City;
Fancy O'oocis;
Vine stationery jute.
V.,  VS. &  Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. X. W. 19: 55 p. m.
Lv. *. . ". .....-���..  ind -1 p.m.
G.   ���:.  Ft.    PORT GUICHON.
Lv.  X.   v..  9:33 a.m.;   ar. Guichon
2.   I : ���"
Lv, i. ��� ., 2:4U : . i-i.:   ir. N. W.
��� ; 6 p. m.
urday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat- vessel li I  ti I   pro e. led far wh.ii       ���We���   ,   ���  , .,,,- ,,, Wl,,,,,, Reu.
urday at 2:^0 p. m. the j    ������ .          ger a]    -o    hed   I   i     ;,   .   ., ,    ��� , ,    , .., ��� u,,,. ���.hin yol]
west coast route. '"''y's' '"'l:                                dies, wi   Id vou turn to a chicken?"
s s  Queen Citv "Ihe slup appear   to be si ippin .       ..,,..    ,        :   :. ,,���,,,,,,������
S. S. Queen City cp        , o ).,.    ....,ullj w(,    ,.,,.,        (l                                      ...
Leaves Victoria at ll  p. m. on 1st, i   ;   .������ '                               *         Altogcuuc] on vvnat.               _
7th, L9th and 20th oi each month fo,       E;, in   ,,  .���   . ,   .,, HlQ  Dilo,     ,    ���� ��'     dcrt c^ no1 vou llV1''1 in
\ i C ��� -         I G    LO    LCI U1C   IM i"��        : ,         ,       .... i ,...,
'    ousit and w: y poll    :   eaves Vic- ,,,.--   . .'.   ., ,i|v
toria on the 7, an 1 J", for .' latsino and
Philadi [phi
He  Was  Enlightened.
A  stout   old  g-entleman   with  u
Led ������ r.
To i'i i   off?   exi lannc !
way  points. Leaves Victoria on 20th         , u in a tone -     iol    ���
i month i"i"'                    i . t                     _ ���   ,,     ,, , .       . ,
poin1     '    ;:;;'             lno-                     th '           ' i'tcro ::hcr.c   tn   short   letup r   waa   having   trouble
lower fraser river route.      '     ! '  '                         with   tl i   phoi a    lie  could   hear
Steamer Transfer                           "'           n ;  ihat," n     wen   i    I   !    notii                          mf    i   '   jumblo  Ci!
I- iv i  New   Westminster  on   Mon    '    ,          . :
day,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  'i'i    I " I        n '    ,'    S''���'���''   thfl1 he     Hod into the trans-
2   p.m. and  Saturday   a ]
t 2 p.     .with                  I trip on Mon-
. tu
1 n rial to her, ::
Ei   I nl thc -   'I of bhia
"Oh. J after he hi    sel     c   line?'
��� in the ri    I   lii "Not at tl     i    I," wn   the clear
n ��� A CKAY & Co.
u   .tier    and Stationers
Lv.  New   '..     d i   5.50   6.50,  :.'""' ' !    '      ' ���  ' ;"  ���'���'������   tion tha      here'    m Ihin IT in-   and  ��� I '.���Lippin
..     .. i.i.. and e        :.   :' t     ��� .   ,    . '   .   .    '   '       '     *   ;,.'"    'hii    '��� he goo ." -s   .man'     " i       ne.
il p. m.
u ���   iver  for   Westminster at
i  a.  in.;   Fridn .        6 a. m.   i iditional
trip I iy 5 p. m.
.'. .: v' .: Old  Country Boots
'.���  pair gii;  ��� ite  ! damp-proof.
Sfo  ab]    - required.
aser River and Gulf
Md Country boot "Store
a'. ��� ?..!., Sliv- *
Nov Wcslrninster.
S. S. Beaver
Lea.      x w   Wi ���. S  a, m.
an 1  v's a    .
I.P.IVI        ��� ' ICK    7   a.    ia.    T a'-   :,      .
"I X. W. Mi ���!   Wed. Fiid. S -i.ii,
.  '. !.,   ''!i..  Sat., V  a.i i ,...,..
Rami ���.     ���       .
N.  vs. T -.. Th., S '. 3 a.m,
!' Chwk.       ... !., i*ii��� 7      a NORTHERN B. C. ROUTE.
Dl IWN   RIV Kit. S.   S.  Tees
a ..   .     [ ..   ..
..,,.,., . , ��� L' i ves Vam   uver   i    2 ti. m.,  2n 1
��� Froi     .. \,.  laily, ��� x. Sat. and Sun.        ,   , . , ,   ���
1 . and   16th of  (ach   m inth,  c     n
��� - p.m. ���, .
,, - Skid "1  !i !   I!      | C ���
���   ' i: . Monrl iy, ������ a.m.
Fn .     on, : a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)   on  second  ;:l;-  T    " ��n :,rnvnl ���*
_dd. trip S . ! lepar e  approximate.
For   reservations   and   information
Vi    I'ORIA AND  ISLANDS. ,  ��� ,,.  .. ,,,P���
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m. ED- GOULET,
Agent, Ne^ Westminster.
ii   I. COYLE,
Itast, Hen. Pass. Agent, V mcouver.
.!. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dejit.,
New Wiostminster.
!!"������'   Co  i] mi ui.
Tho  lr.  and  Oits.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mali Sarvice
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n it .Millside.. lu.uu p.m. 10.30 a.m.
U/ucm   itA|up   BTACT Vancouver  1.00
WHLr.    ciuoit.   EAJ���� Cloverdale, Blaine,
��'>4"kV**n      I'^einf       '.-i- 'i-nr -I'lrri.-T   \fi-\-'- ittle, etc..  ..  8.45 a.m     1.30 p.m
liLIU      i   *.. ...1I.1L-     ^'K   nn-   NLKl'l   AGEN1 ,. , 	
'I'ii   QTTMn   Vill'   nVFR ^.i".   i T...i..     - l'-m.
in .i.MJ   _<H   UVCK Victoria 10.30 i.ra. lO.OOa.m
riSCOntinental Eight Trains  Even   Day in the Ye_r East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm.   7.10 p.m.
BETVVEEN East, via C. P. P.. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
..jthin'   Doin'.
Tl      [Tobo    PL tse,   n i I  r,   '������
yo iii  no cr few      uni     [e' me
0]     Bad elor    N'oi  me.    1-:  tl
11 ha      ':     : nnj ;   nnie
in the       ud place I havo no i
lv ii   ' .'"" ii ������ u
������ .     ���      i  ���        .ant a wife i
v. ii go N i
n ro!cntin
, i ill
! our
1 a      1
������ ���
'    .
. ���
;   ���   :
���'���"1 on the Famous
hte i train.    Low Rati   .
Exc ilh nt Sen ice.
fork, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Ihir Tickets on sale to all Euro-
Minneapolis, St. Paul   In* *
�� ' Timber
and Chicago
Sap., Mill, Cu,, in. .1.4"  p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Burnaby..3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
and, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m. 12.00 m.
Ch - r, However,
became   i
i. . a   '. ������;        f the piai
"He ran through a fortune and       '     ;   :-;���    ! ne an
then shol himself.    He had more  ex-pounder in a double sense of the
money than brains." t, didn'l     i kei
"I see.   He blew in his money man,
J>..^'.*'AS.A.A.AAS.AAS.AA.A.ASASi���ASAS.���^ *
THE1 north-WESTERNMJ1ltd. I Canadian Pacific Railway Co,
British  Columbia  Coa.t  Line
imbodies the newest   and best ideas]
nnd   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with
Graduate Optician.
R.ri,,^���,i   _>  .        r,        .   -        ''oth   electricity   and   gas;   the   most
(Reduced   Rates    Round   Tr p   bri���iantly    iHuminated    train    in    the
to  Southern   Caii.o.nia.
irmtion call on or write
LANG, General Agent,
ftings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Ore. a. G.    A
world.      The   equipment   consists   of | (Subject to change witiiout    notice.
private   compartment   cars,   standard
16  section   sleepers, luxurious  dining] ALASKA  ROUTF..
car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),      Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
modern   day   conches   and   buffet,   li- j Sept. 10th.
brarv and  smoking cars. Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver
For Time Tables, Folders, or any | Vancouver, Sept. 13th.
Our work guaranteed.
i   *
\   ft
1       '   I
Ryall's Drag Store j
. _
Yukon Route
. HORSE,   DAWSON   and
'_o Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
TAK F" further  information call  on  or  write      prinCess Beatrice leaves Vancouver,
I* WU*      D               *            R ^ PARKER'                  BM^i   Mav   leaves    Vancouver Tlie     Milwaukee"
fe White Pass         ���   ?���*���it���11>., J�� >���.   ' .The Pion,.r Limited" St. Pan, to
Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Oct.  2nd. Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver, Kansas City to Chicago.
Q���f   4^ Nn   trains   in   the   service   on   any
Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver, railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
Oct 12th.
INKS, Daily trains (except1 Having bought oui the Blacksmith-
carrying passengers, mail,' inn business of it. 11. Benson, 1 will
and freight connect with bi pleased to sec all b's old custom-
Carcross and White Horse,  ers, as well as new ones    Horseshos-
IpS a through  winter  service  1 ��� ���   ,_
���formation apply  to J '
ROGFRS   t.   <r     m H- M' KNUT80N,
["^iji.ks,   ir.-iitic   Manager,
Vancouver. B.  C. Eighth   Street.
[uipment that of tlie Chicago.  M
���.-aul.ee  &  St.  Paul  Railway,    They
VANCOUVER,   VICTORIA   SEATTLE   own  and  operate  their own   sleeping
,__ and dinins cars on alll their trains i.ni
o f*\ _ i ^r ___
* give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
Princess Victoria. service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent, j    '���!
Leaves  Vancouver dally at 1  p. m.   lM -r>;rd St   cor Alder> port!and) 0r '
*.' i
fW-*-, i
1     .'���  ���' ��� ��� ��� ������ ���: Irt     v ' ��� ���
',     *T\        >        :-'   WE*    '���
Xm,/LsvJ   '.'���<���
%h>T * '" ���
; Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 5c pxsr box
.���.'**.���>..���..*>>"*'>>"��' '������>;>::�����.��..���.
) T
i I'
i       hi
j t
I   l't
��''      f
*.     }''���}���'
-    |  .
i" tl
i i-i
11 j
. t ii
���_��� 1
Published bj  The Daily News Pub-
I bing   Company,   Limited,   at   theii
'Sice?,   corner   of   Six-h   and   Fron
.-:r- ���!   ...  New  Westn inster,  B. '".
Managing Direct:".
I. C. Brown
Each tiny grain of WINDSOR
TABLE SALT is a perfect cryQal
���pure and dry. That is why it
never cakes.
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpariel) 12 line-s to
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
���ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, lu
cents per line.
foi time contracts, special posi-
tlons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, r,nc. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one cent, per
non*. No advertisement taken fcr
;��sj than 2_ cents.
^ sgSS - .
MONDAY.  OCT.  15.  1906.
Tlio question of h .-. esi ... ipplj
the rjefi( iency in lab Ei 'iii s\ hich
every pari of Canada is suffering at
presi ii;. is receiving an answer in . ar!
from the Salvation Army. This year
they have brought 13,000 people to
Cana i.i. and nexl j ear I he., expect to
double thai figure. As to the kin i of
people they bring, ive have the assurance that both the Governor-General
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier heartily approve of their work, and we have the
following warm woi Is ol praise from
Mr. Whitney, Premier of Ontario:
"Let me give you a little instance
of what occurred las' year���and 1 may
tell you this, that my opportunities of
obtaining knowledge of the great and
magnificent result of the work of the
Salvation Army has been quadrupled
during the past year. Last summer
the Salvation Army gathered together
from all parts of this Province a large
number of instances where the services of a farm or other laborers were
required, and after they had got together a large number of these particulars they went to England, and
they selected���they did it guardedly,
not everybody found on the streets���
they selected a large number of men
and women, they chartered the Vancouver, they filled the Vancouver with
these people. On the way across they
were sorted again���I like to call it
hand-picked���and they were led to i
their different destinations. They
were not dumped on the dock in a ]
strange land, and left there, but they ',
were taken���each one of them was j
taken���to the door of the place in the j
Province of Ontario which had been
allotted to ihem. at a cost of between
fi and ?i per head, and there never
has been an instance of the expenditure of money, public or private, !
'.hich resulted in such great good to
this   country   as  that   one  single  in-
r i o	
' "Skidoo!���Mr. R J. Burde. who
since the lamented departure of
"Doc." Sawyer, has been one of the
twin "managing directors" of the local
Libera] organ, has retired and left
for Victoria, where he joins the staff
of the Colonist."���Columbian.
We transfer the above paragraph to
our  columns   as   i   specimen   of  the
nice,  gentlemanly, courteous  style of
thi   pa] er from whi i. il is co] ie 1.
Th :   nei    larnii the    Uni ed
::  ites  Steel <������      iratl  a  for the > ������ ir
in  over  !. I millions of d illars.
i in    he   ;: imin tl        Ital  oi   the com-
��� ������ '.' i    .  i ��� an excessive
it if th    ivatei   wei e squi ez-
ii of  thi     apital   as   state I,   it
' . ��� omev - ml thirty per
i enl This : . Ulustra ion of l h >
greal    eneflts Ived I by those |
en the Insi le) I polic..   of high
���   -; 'a
��� o	
One is accustom I to hear of vai i-
able "strikes" in he m �� i mntrles d
tb' world -the lountries that is, In
which civilizati in and its con' omi-
l!|nts are bul rei enl arrivals, and in
which exploration and research have
Slill wide fields to cover; but a
"strike" in the "tight little island,"
about which it might be supposed everything wus known long ago. ia cer-
talnlj a surprise, And such a strike:
A coail field valued ..*. five thousand
millions of dollars! r takes one's
breath away. Mr, Asquith shoul I be
able to get a big a I lition to revenue
out. of that.
little  i iolai i ns    if  I be law.    The
��� ' i  proverl   _  dui  an ell  I eing taken
a hen an inch is given applies with
peculiar force to thai class which
b.   preying upon society.
 o ���
The News-Advertiser, which is the
personal organ of the gentleman com-
:.. inly described as "the brains" of
the McBride government, is the only
paper in the Province, so far as the
Daily News has observed, which continues to advocate the removal of the
barrier against Chinese immigration.
This is significant It is reasonable
to suppose thai Mr. Cotton does no;
allow the advocacy, in tlie columns of
his paper, of a policy which is repugnant to his colleagues in the cabinet.
True, the Colonis: has entirely ta-
I toed the subject���will not open its
columns for the discussion of the
question even; but the Colonlsl lias
nol a representative in the cabinet,
and the News-Advertiser has.
Writing about the platform of the
Socialist party in Canada, Goldwin
Smith says: "We note once more the
absence of any plan of socialist ���- iv-
eminent, any securitj for its fitness
:.' exercise powers more than autocratic, any assurance of its compatibility
v ith individual freedom." Which is a
very terse setting forth of the logical
I i> ction to Socialism. There is nothing to show that, were it In powei- tomorrow, it could establish a system
of government which would be both
workable and consistent with thai
spirit of personal freedom and independence under the law which has
been the distinguishing feature in the
character of our race.
| _i__,_Ui,i.i_.i,.i_.i...ili,_.-_.,.i_!,...__���..i .._���<_..m
Copyright,   1906,   by   ('.   II.   Sutcliffe   V
_>��">.'������ *���������i"i,ii,|i<���''���.{"������<. '���'.���������.������I'Mmiiii*1'.,-**.
Willie sat on the steps in a distinctly
unhappy mood. It was the lirst of
July, bright and beautiful. The garden
was ablaze with flowers and he c ml 1
pick as many as he wanted. His ball
and books and little flre engine lay on
the porch beside bim, and his collie pup
was begging bim to come and play, but
Willie had no heart for nny of these tit
He was grieved. What was the use.
he retleeted, of being the only child If
your father and mother go away f >.-
two weeks and leave y Ul at home.
What was the use of having n young
aunt stay at your house if she shut ber
self up in her room and wouldn't come
A sale of over fi.ooo revolvers in one
day. by one firm, in San Franciseo,
gives a hint of tlie state of society
there. Of course, things generally in
San Francisco were badly disorganized by the earthquake and fire, but
that was months ago, and order nnd
good government should have been
restored by this time. The condition
of anarchy which prevails is the logical outcome of the | illcy of winking
wini.n-: looked As-xroi-snv pnosi onb to
ran OTHEB.
downstairs? And what was the use of
being alive at all when the circus was
coming to town In three days and nobody had invited you to go? Life wa3
full of terrible problems, lie was just
wondering If be hadn't better cry about
lt when he saw n friend c itiiing down
the street and hastily chnnged liis
This friend wan u > less a person than
Max Hnrwo.ll, chief of the volunteer
lire departmenl of Norwood, commodore of the local yachting club and a
hero ln Willie's eyes. By some mysterious coincidence Commodore Mas
appeared on the scene witb great.
promptness and frequency whenever
Willie's aunt, Miss Marjory Dean, came
for a visit, and as these visits bad been
rather numerous during the year just
passed Willie knew him well enough
to rummage through liis pockets and t.i
boast about their intimacy whenever
any of the other boys needed a little
wind taken out ef their sails.
IO ivime * . :ro-.,- .u.-rx was passing with merely a wave of the band.
so the little boy Jumped up and ran
after bim.
"Hello, N ipoleon!" cheerily called bis
hero. 11 ".: - bis fancy to call Willie '���;���
the names :' tbe world's great generals, one al ter another.
"Good morning, commodore; aren't
you coming in to see us?"
"Cues, not, Hannibal; it's prettj
early  for company."
"You bave been earlier than this,"
said the child reproachfully.
"Well- er���I'm kiu.l of busy this
Willie was turning away to hide the
hurt look In his -ves. Nobody wanted
to bother him. Max saw tins and lias
lily added:
"But get your cap and come along.
I'm going down to lix up the boat. Vou
can help me."
Tho delighted child race! back to the
house for bis cap and then was off
hand In bind with the commodore,
happy as n 1 irk.
They worked all tlie morning on the
boat and then ibe commodore took
Willie up the river for a sail.
"Ari' ymi going to tiie circus, Agamemnon.'- Inquired Max, by way of
Witb a recurrent touch of _looii'
Willie w;is forced to admit that be
didn't think be was.
-Well. I'd like i" take somebody cf
jas' about your size," went on his host,
"and I 'bi'ii; that somebody is you
What do you Bay. my hearty'.-"
"Fine!   Fine:" shouted Willie.
"Well. Ilea',.' Im. there, and we'll
splice Ibe mi in I,race.    Keep nut of lhe
lee scupper- while I hoist tlie mainsail
Ila! Ulyss -. whal do you think of
that'.-" And Miix. who loved to nil.
up nautical terms for Willie's entertainment, made tlie cleanest kind oi" d
landing al his own pier.
"Did yu ever shiver your timbers,
commodore?" asked Willie.
���'Lots of titi.es. Wellington, and >t''.i
live to tel! the tale. Don't forgel nbout
the Fourth- side shows, fat lady, peanuts, elephants, pink lemonade���we'll
nee lt all."
"Indeed I won't!" cried tbe child.
wild with delight as be raced into the
house to tell his aunt.
She was watching i'or him anxiously.
"Oh. Willie bov,. where have you
iiee.i an tne morning." sne exeiaimeo,
ia--ing him.
lie iuld her breathlessly, and she
listened to his admiration of the commodore witli rising euJur.
"Isn't he perfectly splendid. Aunt
Marjorie? Tbey say there are ten elephants and the lions growl something
awful! But I won't be afraid with the
commodore. Only 1 wish you were
coming too. Wouldn't you like it?
I'm sure he'd take you, too, If you
asked him."
"No, honey, I���I don't think so. I
don't expect to see the commodore
again; we���we aren't friends any
"Oh, auntie!" exclaimed Willie, in
genuine dismay. "And he's so good
Willie thought for a minute that bi ���
Aunt Marjorie was going to cry, and
then he was surprised to hear her say
in a manner singularly unlike her
usual gentleness. "Maybe some pe..
pie think he is good, but I know lii-
true character, and I do not think you
ought to go around alone witb him.' ,
This speech was rendered with all the
dignity that a woman of tin; world. ',
aged nineteen, could muster.
"You   went  with him  alone  to  I /. j
���of  (daces,"   complained   Willie.    "Y'ou
went last night."
"Yes, uud that's just the reason i'ni
not going again. If a man takes a girl
to a dance and forgets her he will cer
talnly forget a little boy when be takes
him to the circus, and then what woul 1
happen to you?"
Really this was awful. Willie hud
never seen his dear little aunt In such
a stale, but she was very sweet to hi.a
and took him oul driving that after
noon, stopping i'i the village to buy
him candy aud lois of fireworks for thc
Fourth. lie didn't know what to think
about his beloved commodore, but saw
him the next day and promptly repeated the whole conversation. It seemed
io him the simplest way out of the difficulty.
"Did you forgel, commodore?" be Insisted.
"Great Scott, Willie, maybe I did;
she says so; but she wasn't lonesome,"
he said grimly. "Girls are queer creatures. Wellington; you'll find tha't out
-,,:: .'day. Bul don'i say another word
about the circus. I'll fix it some way.
You're going to see ii as sure as your
name Is Vlnclugetorix."
So Willie kept his couusel and was
p.''ied much by Lis auntie for tho nexl
two days. On the morning of the
Fourth ic was firing off liis crackers
from Ilie open window in ids little
nlghtclothes at 1 o'clock, ami Marjorie
said never a '.'-ord of complaint, ^li"
had male lip her mind to take him to
the cln us herself and to get away early
to avoid any possible conflict witli her
flintier great friend, the commodore
now a stranger forever.
Before lunch was over, however, the
commodore's touring car stopped at the
door and the commodore was standing
on the porch, cap in hand, announcing
that he bad come.
"Yes, I see." returned Marjorie coul
ly. but deliberately avoiding llis gaze.
Max had such a way of looking at one.
"But what for?"
"Why. to take my friend Julius Caesar to the circus."
Willie looked anxiously from one to
the other In an ecstasy of hope and
"i told Willie"���
'Tea, I know," be Interrupted, "but
if you come, too, it will lie all right."
"Oil, yes, auntie!" cried Willie, Jump-
lug witli Joyful anticipation.
Marjorie tried hard to look cold and
[f you are looking for a shoe to keep
absolutely dry ask for Geo. A. Sl
Every Pair Waterproof
Prices $4.00, $4.50 to $7*00
a Pair
Our Ladies' Invictus Shoe is
the only absolute waterproof
shoe that comes to the coast.
Try a pair of Invictus Shoes
" for your next."
NOTE    THE    PROCESS    CF  M. .   |
Johnston s Big Shoe House
���""Could  you spoil  thai  child s day'.-
asked  the commodore,  coming closer.
���Marjorie, please!"   llis eyes urged her
as well as his voice.
She looked at him, "All right, I'll go.
Unt It's just on Willie's account"
���'Any reason will do," responded
Max a.s he helped her into tlie cur.
"But maybe you can find a better nne
before we get home. I'm going to ride
back bere witli you and William." He
lifted Ihe delighted child, gave him a
hug. and put him iu the front seat
with the chauffeur. "William the Conqueror is going to have the time of his
The  Turquoise  l_nnd.
oinal was known as the "turquoise
land" in vry anclenl tin..-, and In.
Flinders Petrie believes thai it was
tbe flrsl mining center In tbe world
iu bis b iok oa the subject Dr. I'etrii
tells of the \ urious ex] editions sen; t .
Sinai by the Egyptian government. At
the bead of the party was the "c >;n
mander," or "bearer of tbe seal of th ���
god." the pliai'ii.ih. 'I'be itlicial sli:.
��� ��� insisted of "masters of tlie house of
metals," or assayers, scribe, and sec
I'etaries. lo make Inventories of lhe
output of the mines. Even more moil
ern were the "devisers of metals," or
prospectors. The working staff i i .
sisted of miners and  theii- assistants
Tl ramissarial   bad   cooks,   bre
bakers, waler carriers and even a doc
ior attached. 'I'he mine- ��� mid only he
w irked for a certain period, froi i
January to May, which is exactly the
best period for archaeological work la
Sinai today. The miners li\ ed in cani| -
and tbe so called forts and camps
were really miners' villages.
W. R. Gilley, 'Ktione !<;��:.
lie i.ers   in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. IS Pottery Co. sewer pi;'1, etc
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cemenl Co
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D��,
'Phone 1b
l-OST      s      i:.
'. ��� ��� .-
���   rn to Dall    S
LOST    Black    -    '
'.. :   ll        -i aa
Vii       '  .
i Adam
WANTED��� lood   ii. irt b i)  'i   le
dodgers.    Applj   247 From  street. |Iav,
WANTED   Good   '.ii:i  ror  housi work, ��� ill
I imilj   of   thn ������.   wages   $20     ������.
England  nnd   tin-  Sen,
Yorkshire ill me has a record of n i
fewer than twelve drowned towns and
villages. There wns Unvenspur, : r
Instance, whicli was constituted n fre.
borough   by   Edwnrd   I.   at   a   easl   of
��300 and been i  seaport of aim. ���
national Importance, 'Ihere ii was. that
Edward Balloi embarked with a fir,"
of 2,500 strong in order to win the
crown of Scotland. The town, bigger
und more Important than Hull, had
five churches, n capacious harbor and
a uum'.r of buildings befitting its
rank and importance. Where are tbey
now? -London Poll Mall Uir/elle.
The Gleaming nf His Pate.
'That bald headed man is following
the Scriptures, isn't he?"
"As how?"
"Why, Isn't he letting his light
montb.    Apply   I.':  Agnea  Bti
ii. .     Ill car
��� .":    hlng  In thai
.       .li   |        ..     a      f|   '3!
Hous,.  wiring will
TO LET ��� Two furnished rooms foi
llgihl   ho i sekeeplng;   marrie I couple
I referred.    Apply 08 Second street,   ti n led  to,  and  i
i irner Queen's avenue. 188-3   thing will be fo in '
kit..I on the COB ���
"You are always finding fault with
"Beg pardon. 1 don't bave to find It.
You actually fling your faults at my
'���',",i\ Hastings St. w. Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy mid Engineering.
Seven Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand,
B. I. SPROTT. 6.��.. Principal
Columbia Street, N
B. C. Monumental H|
JAMES   McKAY.  P'0Pr"'
Importer  and  mat'1'
Marble and Granite
Tablets, Tombstones m
Write !".'  I
New  We8tmin'-'e'' ���' THE
\ iti^''
For the Fall and Winter Season have a greater range of
sizes, styles, models, and prices
than ever.
$7.75 $10.50 $14.00
$18.50   $22.50
IITITC  $12.75   $16.50   $22.50
IUIIJ $28.50    $35.50
jEverj class of customers can be satisfied. Not onl ythose to
n price is no object, but the economical buyer as well���those
.'.an:  real value in the clothes they buy.
Most women want style first, bul the) also wani garments with
and general utility to balance the style. They look for values.
i's garments give them rea!  values, style and wear.
'he minute you look at. out garments you'll know they are full
for the price asked, whether thej he $2.50 children's coats or
.:i lies' < oats,
.'ot only among the coats   : ies   this  apply, but  also   the  suits,
. furs  and  underwear.
-"��� mir hats arc exceptional!;,   stylish this season, many of them being  . reel Importations from New    York,   while came from
"Pit 'i ...in' i
.my smart hats have been  i trned oul  of our  worl    , mis, \ ,..>,
ji     the trimmers are kepi  bus;   from  Mondaj  morning till  Satur-
ire word    we havi      ie ver,   i.i:. 1 of garments you warn,
b     i   style, the quality and   the   workmanship,  al  real  moderate
WW am
_*  W & ____
,V..���'''.'��� _.?.'____. SS* ���'   j-
267 Oolumtb St.
si r.s -i CTTF. "Tl * -��� iSS*] '
5WEBW>y_fcifi.-..,~~ i
IBuJhe/'r works shaft'ye
I "V   /^ know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
s rdi
a, C
Local News Briefly Told
good time keepers and y,^\ill.
consequently comfortable watches to carry.    ^���r\ v
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
��he owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
C. CHAMBERLAIN, The Jeweler, Brine Block.
it S. G. Tl hoi      t-I. atf
a Japan
" '    ���       n wi       | ire Mag-
ai ��� a    DI
���    ��� '���-        held a
��� rday
In   honoi   ol   th i sold ���       I ave
,,:-' arrea m 1.
Tbe   ' ices   a1   St.
Barnabas'   church    . e     ���    a   most
��� tsing character lay, and the
iroh  was   t istefullj decorated  for
 ij ���..
This ��� ening thi ,-oung people of
the Olh ������ Baptisl church and congre-
gation ���'..'   hold  a  social  evening al
a    ....   ��� ...
fair ���'��� n ol :he    Ti. , team.
| The Rovers, however, scored two of
lr three goals during the las; half,
when the Vancouvers   had  an   equal
I . reg ilar monthlj mi eting of I
local council of women will be held
to-daj in the board of trade loom,
a 3.30 o'clock. The meeting should
have convened Monday, Oct. S, hut
was postponed until the 15th inst., as
several of the members were unable
lo be present. This is a mei -im: of
importance, and all belie- who are interested In the Royal Columbian hos
pital worli are earnestlj requested to
The i irge new tug w hii h  has I ������ a:
of workmaaahlp finish is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
Is to give these two qualities in every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 high hack dining chair possesses these in marked degree���
they nre excellent value. Our |3.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker is
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chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the hen.    Morris chairs al!  oak   frame  from  $7.HO  each up.
Duponl Block.
Telephone 73.
tin- residence   i   Mrs.  \V.  V.  Davies,   built  by Messrs. Blain & Symcock is
oi   Pour
.' I	
i.   iven ie.   A very entertain-
;ramme   has   been   pn      ��� :.
���'!  ��� "iii" is  promised
��� -. i.
M mnl  He  .. .. lodge, A. 1     ud
. . a      invited the Ne.".   '.'. ���    i   n
il    .-I.T       tO "II       a ;
i to-nio .-enlng.    The
.a has   " ' . ited,    nd a      'cial
has    ���   :   chartered for the occa-
i.ow completed, ai i will he launched
from tlie wa>s ir lie Royal City mill
:il! . ai 1, .I i :i. ���. th" i.e\i few days. The
' vessel is to i.e i died the Blain. anl
vi ill be ' apa il of doing anything
along the line of towing which may
'.������a required on -tie coast. Tie- tug Is
fid fe." : .-._ a:; i 21i feel beam. The
engines whicli are ���" be place I in tlie
i essel will e ca i ile of b \ eloping
: i " hor '    ower .or! are oi' a most up-
'l'lie    n
a '   sit, :
; ij   mornin:
nnual  union  'i'i ....--
- wii!   a :.'���: i on 1   irs
i..   tin    Queen       ���.  i  ..
ietho Isi   '  uirch.    The  mee In -  has
" "i; | ia. e ;  "a the h '!> Is    ' i:-'.   W.
il. iiai racl >ugl an    offi   Ing
. .ii   be ' i. en   which  v. iii  bi   devoted
���i.- Royal Columhiai   a ispita
The V\'i sl ham   I-i inders    played   a
-.  a-iainst the S iamrocks on Sat-
urday and defeated their visitors to
the nine o:' tout goals to one. For
their firsl game this season, the islanders played a ver) good game, and
plainly showed tha; -lie'.- have a foot-
l.a.l! team -hai will have to be reckon- I wi-': In   hi - ��� "a.' - -������ les,
.Several 6U0 can lie power Pitner
lights have been ordered for the Colonial hotel, and wil! lie installed within
the next week. These lights were on
exhibition here during 'he fair. J. H.
Todd bas already installed one in his
music -'ore. and several other merchants have placed orders for similar
George Grimston, one of'he Bremen
a' No. 1 hall, has gone over to West-
iiaiii Island for a week's shooting. Mr.
Grimston ia peputej '" ���"-' a deadJjJjpt,
ind 'lie men a' 'he hail are anxiously
expecting his return witli the spoils
ol the wee!:, which he has generously
promised to distribute among them.
The regular monthly meeting of tlie
women's auxiliary of the Royal Co
lumliian hospital will be held in the
board of trade room to-day at
���_',:','i Instead of 3 o'clock, as previously
announced. As there is business of
importance to come before tiie meeting, a full attendance of the members
i- requested.
A valuable Persian ca; was killed
yesterday morning !.; i ferocious bull
lerriei in the vicinitj of the city mar-
ket. Th ' lice are on I ii" ! tokout
lor tlii- dog, which is known to be an
luveteral c t i Wer, :.:ai ii' thej sue-
reed in lo ai n 'iii.. the i al poi ula-
tion of tbi cl will a ;aii e n the
Increa :e in :������  -*. irl time.
Tba  ilinis'.er!  ��� ar
ranged    o  hoi neeting earl;   this
,\ eek, when the cpen     in mit-
ie.; during i'ii!" week wii: ip f >v
ii- aa. i :.. Thi :i ii. -" shave iei ided to take ;. firm stand i this iii-�� -
ii :-. but until thej 1: il I a n ������ i i thej
are ne: pre; are i ti liscus s the ques-
i ion.
Three yachl . whii h form pari of
the Vancouvi -Yacht lub fleet, pi ssed
ap the river yesti . la nn lei full sail,
and attracted considerable attention.
Thej were the Gazeka, tin' Pastime
and ihe I vani; i". Thej were i 'ade 1
with guns, dogs and ammunition, an 1
ihe owner., will enjoy ;i f'-w days'
shooting in 'he Pttl lake disi  I
the tr un  an i ele ���   .
which   wa.-   pro
I ' late . 'a.i " ti
���a-a; i" -
vote in lay on
��� .���, ��� -law
; . i'.-in -i:i." ��� .me ag .. There is i
goo i deal of agitation going on In the
li'tle town againsl the clause giving
a ninety-nine year franchise to the
a'a .i aj i ompany, and a number of
;. ��� ij.le ne acl ivei j ������ rking in or ler
to efeat the by-law on this ground.
As a two-thirds vote Is necessary to
carry the by- aw, i' is expected that
a close contest will be seen in Chilliwack lo-day, and many ; eople are
doubtful as to the issue.
On Thursday next, Thanksgiving
i laj. there wlll   ie a provincial 15. Y.
P. U, rally in Vancouver which will be
attended by a very large number of
the young people of the Olivet Baptist church, it Is possible that, they
will charter a special car to convey
the party ove:'. The rally is an annual affair, and wlll commence on
the preceding Wednesday. The programme arranged for the meeting is
an attractive one, and will embrace
addresses by well-known speakers,
both of the mainland and the island
The session-- wlll be held in the Mount
Pleasant  Baptist  church.
The hull of the new government
snag boat, which has '..'een under construction in the Royal City mills yard
for some months back, is now almost
ready for launching, an 1 will be
placed on the bosom of Pai her Fraser
in the course of a few days. The hull
is a large our. ...easuring 100 feet In
length, with a 27-foot beam. The machinery for the boa- is expected from
Toronto in aboul a month. The hull
has been constructed under the supervision of VS. Peck, and Is built for
business. It is understood tha; it. wlll
ie used on tii" Skeena.
Tinted Novelties
267 Columbia Street
Our Knowledge
Is Not For Sale
We don t charge extra for it. Our
contracts show that we are masters���
thorough in every detail of work,
workmanship and material.
Kenny s Restaurant
The  Most Up-to-Date  Cafe
in New Westminster.
The managers
of Colum Ian i ollege
The Sons of Scotland have secured
services of the well-known author,
S.   R. Crocke t, for a   led ure   in   : hi
near future.    11 Mr, Crockett  is as In-
������ inj  a;. I humorous as a  lei   ui ���
he is as     ,-i      , he sh iuld i ertain-
!\ pi   vide a u       exi dli ..   an i al; rac-
ihe evening's i nl n tainmen      Among
idi.   i Irockei   a-   iesi   w..... -    ire "Th
S     ..;���   Minstei"   an i   "C    .- -   Kelly,"
i    ��� rocke     is evidentl    ... lose sl u-
li :ii ol hu nan nature,   i.i know - the
.     'Ol   la.,    ilia. a.        f   II . ���    ...       iil.-
re re a  i le\       series  of
. har icter sketel ���-. and are a strange
le i iii.     .' quiet    humor   and
The Curzon was brough through
i he .. Idge j esterday from Millside bj
.." Flyer and safely placed at anchor
al i he iieni ol the river near Lulu ���
island, The vessel draws 24 feel oil
iiiii'i ami i.s ..na of the deepest drafl
vessels which have lefl this port Th
old bugaboo, the Annieville bar, or
where the bur used to be ill days g ine
by, was safely   passed  with  plenty ,u
Something Worthy
of Investigation
Mew dwelling, 's  rooms, Sapperton.    Terms,   cash   $500,   balance
i'i"    $ I.0C0
Dwelling aud two lots, Third ave.; terms ol payn i        Prii      ,.$2600
Dwelling (new i, central.   Price    $1,500
Dwelling  (new),   central    $1,300
Dwelling, Bigbee s:reet    |1,
Boarding hou ie on lease for live years.   Price   $3,501
w. N. Draper THEY All COME BACK
B. C. Land
are gradualb securing the entire water to spare beneath the keel. The
block on which the buildings are situ- Lorne is in port and wlll take the big
atod. During las' week the; closed i four-masted wind-jammer witli Its mil*'
.leal for li. I-"- Casselman's property on lion and three-quarters feet of lumber, I
the west side of tin.- college grounds safely out to the vicinity of Cape Flat-
on Second street, in all probability I tery, where il will start under its own
they will eventually acquire the whole sail upon its trans-oceanic journey.
block, and thus own one of the most Captain Rogers will pilot the vessel
desirable college sites iu the country,   j cut to the mouth of the river.
The New Westminster Rovers met i It's all off. There is to he no All
and defeated the Vancouver City foot- Vancouver vs. New Westminster la-
rail  team on   Saturday  afternoon   at j crosse match this year,  .mil nobody
seems to be very much disappointed
about it either. The proposition that
such a game should he played came
the Cambie street ground's, the final
score being three goals to one. Owing
to the unsettled condition of the weather, several of the players slated to
take part in the match did not put in
���in   appearance,   and   the   game   was
rather late, and as the locals had left
off training and put everything awa..'
for the winter, they did not relish the
played with only ten men a side dur-1 idea of going to a lot of trouble to
ing the last half, while at the begin-1 prove that they can heat the combined
ning of the game only ten Rovers ', teams of Vancouver as easily as they
were on the field and the Vancouvers i have beaten tbem separately through
could only muster seven.   Under these  the past  season.    A proposition was
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Columbia Street.
Every one who break fai I
lunches or dines at
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, because
Everything is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
made   to thc    Vancouver   clubs  thai
they should come up with a . I suar-
antee, but tills did not meet with the
approval of the Terminal City men,
and they dropped the sohenie like a
hot potato. In the words of a close
follower of local sports i "Vou couldn't
get those Vancouver clubs to guarantee fifteen cents, let alone SHOO."
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee with
Cream,       -      -       35c
12 to 2 p.m.; C to 8 p.m.
Good Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Short Orders Quickly Served.
Trapp Block, Proprietress.
Columbia St. THE   DAILY  .NEWS
��� .
A   Mar.-] tative  has
r..r.. :.        r to rebuild
the old i 1 ixnpike.    This is
th ' ��� easl I west thoroughfare in i ' States. Et is the
route th took to Fi rt
Duqui -,.". Was! ii s*1 m mai I
over it often. Mor than a enl try
ttgi ��� i onal road, and
for forty ;. i ars ' had more I
than . : other : sad in the co ntry.
Beginning al Bi Itii lore, it went almost due we t to Fredi '.. S ith
of Hagerstown, Md., it was joined by
turnpikes fr im York, Harrisburg,
Laneasti c ai I P] ladelphia. Th - e
it went on to Cumberland and to
Wheeling. Joined by the Pittsburg
turnpike, * ��� ��� ' : * .' nal n ad . ent
t}ir<"'t;���-'; the Ohio . m to
Iiiini then be end of
civilization.    Ov**. this road 1   i old
('��� _��� "ii-    ���    : .
farmi , The
ol I stage i      ..��� - br mghl  11
Jackson and [Iem    I        over it to
their seal - To      I  re
this road  an    to .    a ^reat
thoroughf ire bei the i
the west wo ild i n    ..
ries and
history of tb times.- -New
Yo     '���'
Beit  and   Mar _ge.
Beit, in Croesus
who died               . .  was   said
to be ���
of youi,   : ���  - ��� .  Al ' :."
time rei I for a holi-
da; to Tied. Mr. Beit replied : "'!. ni .'���' mai : 1 -han't
want yoi r re. i'ou
can't serve me as 1 1 be
served and '; . Eter;
v ��� ��� ��� i si n -
me ;            .   Come in lal       ad let
ag  to
do."    Xi   ��� ��� iry ex-
plaii id to
i  . jusl   efi
the wi
an I
ta .
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory,
'     '���      .   . ���   ,.
i.        ���     :
: for  anthracite.
t h ��� r. . . b
r  coi -
i   ���   ���   '      f ten s per I
.  QU.' E
r and ;      t st
;���'.'. . ers'
i ' entry for a minii  i
-.  ���'. ���-������ ticati
:' . ���
five,   11   n |   ���
: Iuai, and
.   :
���, i..ay  local
y   i
.*  ���
h  end oi
I be
vitl   . '
i r    ���
-    ract
fee for r
���   - .   i  year  i      paid  to  I
- .  ���
i ��� ig wi th ot!
���      .
$1.00     -i
Pern I
��� : ("ukon Territory, oi
rea not i i aci
rhe  patent ning
I  provide  for  the  ]
Royal      ��� ' per ci nt. i f the
of  thi   : ��� ts   of  the  1" n.tion.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. VV. T., ��� :epting thc- Vukon
Territory: Pla :i r mining 'claims generally are ioo fect square, entry fei
.-. renewable yearly. On the North
S: -1 .tchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being ioo
fect long and extending between high
and low water mark. Thc latter in-'
elude- bar diggings, but extends back
to the base nl thc hill rm bank, not
exceeding iooo feet. Where steam
power i_ used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in tlie Rivers of Manitoba
and the N*. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term e.f twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  tlie   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to tbe
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims   shall  not   exceed   250   feet  in
length, measured en the base line is
-a!   directi  n     :'   the     creek     01
(he  width being from  iooo to
2000   feet.     All     ther   placer   claims
-ball I     250 feet s |uare.
ims are marked Ly two !eg_'
pi its, ' ne at each end, bearing notice;. Entry must be obtained within
ten day- if the claim is within ten
- of the mining recorder's office,
extra day allowed for each addi
tioi   I ten 1   les or frac-.:  n.
The person rr company staking _
claim must hold a free miner'- certificate.
The discoverer of a n-.v mine is
entitled to a claim of '">o feet in
length, aand if the party consists r't
tw . 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall bf
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee Sio. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all ; ers ns who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings r bench iims, excepi
the katchewan   River,   where
the   lessee  can   dredge  to  high-water
: ������       h    lten   ' v    1    -��� hold.
Tl e li ei shall have a dredge in
opi ration witl in one - n from the
date  of the  '. !rr each  five  mile
������    vhere a pei     1    -      -"pany has
btaii    I   1    re   than   one   lease   one
ge for 1     h  fifteen miles or fr. :-
thei ient.    Rental. $10
per r    ead     1   ile    of river
leased      Roj   Ity  at  the  rate  of : ,v 1
If  ; ��� r   Ci nt.        '     '-I     n  tile
after   t exceeds Sio.ooo.
Dredging in the Yuk  n Territory-
Six leases of five miles  each may be
granted to a free miner for a ti rm of
20 y< irs; also n newal le.
Th<  lessee's right is confined to the
- rged   bar   or  br.rs   in   the   river
bi low   low    water    mark, that boundary to be- fixed by its position on the
ist day of August in the year of the
ti   ��� :" the  lease.
The   lessee   -hall  have   one   dredg
in   opera'ti  n   within  two   years   irom
tl ���    late of the lease, and one dn Igi
���or  each  five  miles  within   six  years
        '   te.     Rental $tr'0 per I
Yuk  n   Ti rriti iry   to  be   |     I  to  the
1 i]   ���   Her.
Ni 1 free miner shi 11 receive       r    -
-'   ���    re  tl ne   mil  1
e]   rati    river,  creek   or   gu
ul   '   -���   -  me   miner   may   hoi     anj
by  pure.       .       1
..   th :r    :1   m
.   - p   by  filing   n
$2.     A  claim   maj   ' ���
ther    bl  in   i     n
k,   gu    .   or   river,
..- . nd paying a  fee,
���   ist   1       lone   on   a   claim
. ��� ���     valu1     E
:   that  work  1       beei
���   d open to 1
!ree 1
n their    lee]   rs are loi
���    Iin   .       ':
urvi y
���   1
1 Mai .   I
within the _
ry, ar        en to pi
'cum, and  tl ���/ 1
Iuai   or      ���        ..
7 lr.achi n the land
I   ii 5 for
' ������ li ; .
������ ��� '1 three
I thi   pros- ;
iver  oil   i:i   ,- quan-
';.��� estal     '. -'i h
-   t exci 640
il  wi  I,  '. ill be
��� ���       it th     rate of
I the nder of the
tract t,   1280   acres,
bi       Id at the ral
1 )rdi r :ii
VV. VV. Ci iRY.
1        t     f the   'a a   ter of the  In
Deol   Entei 'or.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and so s, Blackie Blk.,
Columl ia -' :<������'. ."'-'������'.'��� We >ti usti r,
'V. J. W! it< Bide, il. !.. Edmonds.
-   of
Mineral Waters, Etc,
Aerated Waters,
R. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor oi tl e sui i-.nie court. Offic es
Canadian B.-u,;- of Commerce build-
ng,   Col reet, opposite  post-
office,  New  Westminster.    .".I.ne.   to
barristers, solicitors, etc. Of
fices: New V,'- 1 1 ter, Trapp B k
corner Clarkson and Lorne Btreets.
Vancouver, rooms ill to 24, 145 Gran
vllle street. .1 jseph Martin, K. C, ..
W. Weait, V.*. <;. McQuarrie, H. A
Bourne. Mr. Martin will be in th.
Westminster offices every Friday at
'��� rnoon
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,    42    L
street,   0;   osite   C   irt    il 1 ise.   New
Westmlnsti r.     \.   "Vhei ii   .  P.O. Box
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barristei    nd
Solicitor,  Guichon  block,  <"��� I
bia and McKenzie streets, New W -
minstei, ii. C.
V.. MYERS GRAY, barris!
: Mo   1    P    lie,   -.
Ta!    ���  Ta.    ,..   ��� b.i      0
:' ���    rei        '      Curtis Bloi     Ch
..   street, 1 Court   House.
P.O. Box li 9.     -   le        -   64
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade mei ts in the
Board Room, City Hall, as folio* -
Second '��� ni li of eacb month.
Quar ..i; me< I Ing 1 on the sei nd
Wednesday of February, M iy
August ��� 1 Ni vei . er, at 8 p. 1
Am,- d meeti on    the
Wednesday    of     Fei ru  r .      Ne
mem may    be   pro] ose 1   an 1
. .��� cted at anj 1 onth . or      irti
mi iting.   A. '������:. Wh'te, Sec.
.:.: DN LODGE, NO. 9. A. F.  S .    '
���'i'i    ' .���.������:���'
Is held on tb    I
���    -
���    v lojoun    .
thren are ci
Dr.     .*.    _. DeWoll   Si
. i
'. '   .        . -ODGE, "'"
,     ��� 1        . .        unicn
are held 01
Tei       .    ' '
1. .-'���
:. oi 1
n    ith,
��� .con
��� ..������������     -, ���    ���.  ���
;   - ' :  -. '���'
���    .. 3D   '. .   NO,
; 1 month at . 1
Invi nd.   E.
' .   .'       1      hries, Ri      '
'-.-.. ���   LOI   ."".     3. 27���
1 -  .   . tings of tl
.       I]   ��� I, Colum
bi Monda
lock.   "V
I. May,
N. ti.;    ... '���'. <" 1    '     1, Ri
A. 0. U. V/.���r'���'. 5EF   LOCGE  N
��� .*'��� ���    first and third
di ���     In    each VI
brethren co     1 I to al
Lod 0
fi I   ". '
' orrij -a.  1" 11 'der;   i.
1    1    a
Ri     i: leg eet    S    ond an d
Fi rl a ."'-i: ; of ( ach month,
In K. of p. Hi II, Cob ia S ���
- a tn., Wbit s Ri 1 Di
v. ine day In e ich month, Bame
1 hi" ind ' ace. Visit Ing Bret hn n
cordially In. Iti d, B, B. St inch-
combe, Pies., 11. Disney, Secretary,
Family Trade a Specialty.
rei.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 10th   Street
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethri n are cordially invited to attend. J. I!. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and  Scow   Building
a specialty.
l__stinmtes^|promptly fui -
nished.    . e-^SSIEM
24 Efuhtb, snivlrjfnlrj.tr, F.f.
A. o. F.���The regular meetings of
tin's Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at 8 p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordinlv invited to aitend. E. C. Firth, C. R.J
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. in., In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
CAMP, 191.��� Meets on Ihe First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. or p, Hall. John McNiven.
Chief; ,J. J. Forrester, Ree. Sec.      j
......... ���T..
'   V'   .
��� ��� ��� ���
a4-.2r-'         I ���-_ _��� ''
%   sa
& -J E
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
*. .j  ._.._._.
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Cold
Forty Prizes $S each in Gold
A printed check will be   [ven to each c ish   '
tomer showing th   .   ioun1 o    heir purchase.
weekly and monthlj  custom ill also i
coupons for the amount of 'ills on payme
;  me.
Whi n you get $1 worth of ��� ' cks present th< ra
at our office and r^et a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn, wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplical .
IMPORTANT-A11 holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
L C. Mills, Timber and
I Trading Company
Manufacturers ar.d Dealers in All Kinds of
Iber,    Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash.   Do
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fis': and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
iber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining
��� ��� ���
Woman's Woi I
A I Iu        i Who Believes Tn
Won-.-, n .. im   I ��� .'
Tries  It   Himself���He  Is   G
vinced or i lis Error   ::    ::    ::    :
Dc of
��� -;:- parcel or
id   and   i situate,
��� ' s      j.
'.Mj    .   .    lence.      ejact
r.i.iiiiiii.i.    "An.l do you mean to
you spenl a whole afternoon i
Lots  I, 2, ::,   those dinky little bai  trimu lug
I..    26,      "Yes, and I'd like to bave seen
tp I    Lots 2_ an ...    do  better!"   returni l   his   v, Ife
- _    Ci   i ip  I,    and   "''������'''���
,    , ,   ,_ .       ;,..,, "N" wonder i, i- pr iverblal the .
*"*-:   '   ���' .- th    f   ������ Bre bl
in. .
I ty and
for I ���  . ��� .- .n !
Iress of j ours b I
..   8 ' do               ��� office
,,    ""' . .'-'I,.- eoloi     :
llltl a.i   . .' .     .;      ;
"T    ���    _ ensEgeihi
5 a ma
greal oned d
to ila- olli. ��� to .1 i u calle
to 1*1    idelj     i ���        ��� irtanl busine. .
and, after eof 1   neb, In' -t iti-
od around the store once more to :.:.-.
Bilk lb ri is tn mutch.
He   C
A Ca!a  Day.
pr ���!,..;.
Branch, Columbia St.
Nev We;tminster
Blocl   5,
'���  '      -     . \.
. ..
Hie av rage woman fritters awny i
time," went on Mr.  l-'uultflnd, wi
'     ing  to  bis  subject.    "My  consciem
think ut' ill    All  those precious I  ���
Ired    waste !  for  lack  of a   little   busi n
Royal Bank of Canada
:- ���  ���  .    N'i :',V to i ���-..-     i     :.. me\
P V:i.. - everj   la;    a 1 I
;  ���    i t ON'i'i  DOLLAR
to $C0. 30.     i ,;:..-     THIS  I '���   .
. .    a >
to con ... the  tax  nur-   energy and  system.    Whj-, thai  vi
nfternoi n  I - lit cl i ��� ts aud .'
lated twenty letl  i  . more or less.    1
,   . like to ; v.v.  you  how much  lun.-  I
'���   Dl  a "  "      or   waste over a trlile like matching triu
i led    ming."
' '��� In '-:'      '���] Wi.��h you w uld, John, il.-ar."*" Mr-
un hi iratioi i    i-'iiulitii: 1  tissenti d  meekly.    "Supj ���
John    1
In ree.    \. , 1   liri i       V
i   on  of e for oi
I in
-   .- \\
legisi       .
Proviui h
li   ' ' . Io'kT,
Ri  V-.i-:ii-.
To   ....... Black,
.ii;.. Bla .������.
i/vESTMiNSTEK bHANCH p. B. LYLE, Manager.
lank of iVIontrea
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
|l. i v.i. , d i up)
,t. Hon. Lorl Strathcona ani   Mount   Royal,   G.   C.   M.
G  Honorary President
lun.   Sir   (1.   A.   Drummond    President
!. S. Clouston Vice Pr tl   aad   General  Manager.
Ira! banking business transacted.
Iches in all tbe principal cities In Canada, in London, Eng., New
���cago, :in I St  John's Nfld., and correspondents in all parts of tbe
Iaviings bank  deartment
tadian Bank of Commerce
Capital, $ 10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
:. General Manager. ALEX. LAIRD, Ass-. Gen'l Manager.
V. tiiV notice,
i claim       ' uuler
: . m,   and  all   pei aim-- i laiming   anj
men      ii      ���     iid    ind by  . Irtue of
unrei I insti'iim int, and  all
claimin Inti rest in ihe
said  lai. I des ier.1.   \ -    title is
nol register! i u i :'���:    lie nrovisi as of
he "Land Re 1st      .ct," shall ' e* forever esi      ed      .       arred 1 rom set-
: V     ���������     :cl    if
. .  -    sol.l    i.  ,   ' .    as pn
.ided  I y the "Lun I  Regisl i     Vet."
Tha   111 M a
Faultl . .. ,
&  Buyer's euipo ufter
dering nl* ul    . a  rather da sed i
tion nm mg the i rowds of won
was   rescui 1   by   a   rl i mvalker
piloted t" ti      i ������. satin b
tbe flrsl dri : | i
"Give  ::.'���  en il    ll J I .  ;  .
evening dn -a ui>oui   ti      -   .��� of ti
one."   be   :��� . .
un b i   ���'.:..-  ��� ���     . pr i
ly edged .
"Wliat   .' >i   :t ' . .1   ll.     -
Mr. I-'aulifl
Tha     , ���      ,,     l,..;
lo roll, vou till tl       ur."
thai [tin v   v as   I
to lie      ul [her call)
"'! i       Ma ,��� 1"       .   ie 1 Mr. 1' a
lind      ... lOk la.   .���                  a.   i .
heaven .  i ian, ba. en'l   j ou - m nl
artl itii with ll ti
in it that'll ; ike up kind             y?"
He d liy the gi      ug
"i lood gr i, no!" be i      ist s!
He liml thc time of bis li   ���. nnd so I I
every clerk whn had dealings with I
He strode through the    : ire, carrj in .
the ;!'���"���   pale   ���'���:������ stuff over hi; i
and trying everj- counter on his -
At :; o'clock he bad located some I
messaline of the proper tint and  i    i
fishing mil ii wad of money and . ni-
liitf in  p the perspiration rrom  bin
dripping fori head when the cii I .
nouueed thai ihere were only twoj'i
of tbe goods left.
He was dragged away just In time
to preveni him  from c immittin \ i
At I o'clo      t ���     li;  located en      I
yards of tai   ta of the i  .!���; sh
Al a la' ivas i ring over fi   ���
yards of lace v. hich  . ould nol mn   li
nve yards more he li   i   i mghl son '
where else u ud  _ h eh he 1 ...1 jusl d
covered would a frill nr
the bottom ol ..
Al it tbe store i-h     I do v
I al   ".   o'elo 'I   .-  i  ���" han-'-
reached b me and tin      on the ���
room table n parcel conl lining n i
I. itteru  '     i :ii- ��� !  pale  blue net,
'ds   oi'   i '
Ilk, some e     il i howj ci I
ed   v, he i .. i   [nee 1  el     .   Ince nnd  two sp        o    ��� i ��� en sew!
held up Cor ieet lon a pa tl  rn 11 . (the ��� irl ul th   notion < mnter  "...
spottj   hlm     ���     eta,      th the re color   i Iiu . .   '"] here's   your   bl n
tbi i l.v �� .:    ; id   .: e j'. ��� like It.   "1      old di      1" he ;     |    '.  "If 11 lsn'1 rl '. .
you   thli '.   I   v.   :,!   II   for a   funeral'   here's soi y.   (Jo  gel  you
Give nie thing with some glngei   another.    Bul for hem ������''- sake it- a
. '" It!" lei me 1   ir of It, even!"
A j   ung . lerk n iik.'illy produced a
flower .1  pi Id of such n  loud des S
that tbey bad hei n unable to sell it. bui
were   thinking of  cutting  it   up   Into
cushion covers for the upholstery di
Diirtjii.'at un. lairs.
Then   Mr.   Faultllnd   1 .s;   his  ti :���
and said things of such a nature tl
the alarmed floorwalker came runnl i
"1 tell you 1 waul something f ���:��� ���
Imll gown, s ii:. thing strong aud   I liable so that it will last several year i
no,  1   mean  evenings���and  ye!  some
thing soft and kind of mosquito nei I
like nml lllusi t   P,ii1 if musi   tand
|     out nicely, you       i be in isi nt ;
i     shade, and��� Si .':  i m " ike ou:
A     v.-hiit  1   mean?       iodni - -1    Seems It-
JS%f      simple enough.   Jusl onc dre     fnr om
i o Insure rurliy.
*> E&i:- * -,N -' ���������                                                       simple enough.   Jusl
V��&_V. "WW    ������'*��� ���''Ai <*-**'_-                          nE STRODE THROI I .:   .li'i STOKE. WOUillll, so high nimh
^ 'W r* ~~rt r'-Ela��_EsP ^x ,            i                 .   .,   .                 * The floorwnlker cut
���^   ' W'z�� LaU    ' -  ,*yv<.>\-*r- kZS\ lng ynu buy the materials   or niv nev ,       ,    .      ....
���.;���-'   J?rJfLBS^'?.."' i -75p-->\__. >.v ���y           .   ,   .         .                   .... .��� by plnclng hlm in fn
-v=.v--.t-, ���"-;?>." v^"-*-���j&^iJ&iiJ^'z *^ evening dress  tomorrow.     With   your ' ,'
^j--���_lss..^yL ���z���zSzOi^j. ���**"��*�� ,.. .                          ,                      ,. and grenadine cotinte
t ids ravings sboi
front of the cbiffi.ti |
, . and grenadine counter.   There n woiu
business  energy  and  clear  masculine        l   , ,, , ,  , .,   ,
.   . ,,,,    .  ..    ' , .. , . ,. an took pity on hun and suggested thai
dcn'iTITTviti *DV  CI TODI ICC   Judgment it won t take you more than
rLiMitlNHAKI   _5U_"ri_l__,*3: ,,.,���.- ������ ,���������. al ���h, mogtj ,1Uil i( ,,.... ��� he select a shade to match his wife's
leave me tbe day to attend to the chil    ���'���''''���'���   "Y"" cnn't ulaUe n mistake that
dren's school  things and take Willie : wn.v." sllt- concluded.
to the dentist." After   pausing   to   remember,    Mr.
"I don't think you ought to waste the | Faulttind  chose n   particularly sickly
entire   dav   * :.;t   sortlne . cut   n    i        shade of ''ine nnd was shocked to find
.hni in., i.ir clock overhead registered
Till sausag' > grow on bushes
We will bui i-i.  I  tear,
Most any brand the dealers hand
To us for many a year.
Anil what we 11 1,  1 plainly aeo,
I. somethlnj. like a sausage tree.
Proves It.
"Do j-ou believe tn luck?"
"Then you aro lucky."
f.Kility   afforded   Farmers for   their banking   business.
��d   or  taken   for collection.
IN:;   UY   MAIL���Deposits    maybe   aaie   ir withdrawn oh;
lown accounts receive every attention.
es   Notes
SEALED TENDERS  ;. . I es ��� |  "in-
- 11 -   of   l' nlti ntlai les,   (i   t., a,"
endorse 1 ' Ten lei -    for    Fl iur,"
:. ���   1.   1    mtil  Monday,  22n 1
i ii ��� iber, inclusive, from ; arties  lesir-
ous of contracting  for the  su; pl>  of
ir  twelve month-  ending  31st
October, 1907, ior the un lerm iiti ni I
... nitentiaries, namely:
Kingston Penitentiary.
St. Vim en; iie Paul Penitentiary.
Dorchester Penitentiary.
Manitoba Penitentiary.
liritish Columl ia Penitentiary,
A! -'i'ii; Penltentiar;. E im inton, Alberta.
!' imi   of ten ler an i information as
I i form of contract will b.  furnisl ed
on application to the Wardens ol  thi
p aries.
Inspect irs of Penil      ia li
: ii .... ment of Justic .
, iti iwa, October Sth, 1906.
"Papa, what is a bookmaker?"
"One   who   unmakes   pocketbooka,
shingle and Saw
fill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
"i.uiili Pari of Lol
irruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers ot
kow Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
jhe Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Block 3, New
\\ estminster SV urbs.
A certificate of indefeasil le ti le to
the above property will be Issued to j
the Brunetl i Sawmill Com] iny, Limited Liability, on the loth da; of November, 1906, unless in tbe meantime
n valid objection therel i be ma le to
I,,., in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or ini tresl therein,
or In a11>' part  '.hereof.
Dlstricl Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.  New  West-:
minster, B.C., Oct. 10, 1906.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc.. address
GEO. W. VA-.X.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 1JI5 Ad.in-., St., Chicago, IM.
New Westminster's Piano House
Large variety of New Pianos just received
too late for the Exhibition.
Will he sold at Great Bargain Prices.
New Scale Williams
1    I
Graphophones, ail sizes, all prices.    Grand selection
of New Records.
Organs sublime in tone, handsome in finish.
A   NEW  DEPARTURE We   now   carry   a   full
line of musical instruments. Violins, Guitars, Banjos,
Aeolian Harps, Mandolins, Accordians. Concertinas,
Mouth Organs, Whistles, Etc.
Burr Block Columbia Street
i: l.|
t'i 11
Public Supply Stores
All are invited.
Interesting   Chat  cf   Daily   News   Reporter With Mansger of Odor-
iferous   Factory.
We have plenty of coke for sale now, but it will be
a scarce article in a short while when cooler weather
comes and orders begin to rush in. Take the hint.
Get your orders in at once.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    150.
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.  - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Post Cards!
MOREY'S     !
217-219 Columbia Street.
Chance for Snowplows.
Copenhagen, Oct. 14.���The Icelandic
government Las finally decided to
build a railroad in Iceland. It will be
built from Reikjavil. about 35 miles
through a fertile part of the country,
���.th re a similar railroad was planned
many years ago by an American.
Wholesale   Farming.
Elgin, Man.. Oct. 14.���-Moffatt Bro...
leading farmers of this district, have
marketed  59,600 bushels of wheat off
their land this fall.
Enjoys the Sport.
Calgary, Oct. 14.���Countess Grey
and the other lady members of the
vice-regal party who have been louring the West, left this evening for
Ottawa. His excellency will remain
for a few days longer, duck shooting.
Shipbuilder's Death.
Oswego, N.Y., Oct. 14.���George W.
Giobe, known in marine circles at a
shipbuilder, died to-day at tbe age of
���'��� ars.
Guichon ��� William Campbell, Vancouver; C. E. Smith, Montreal; P.
Donnelly, Vancouver; William McBride, J, id Ighton Smith, Portland,
Ore.; D. B. Grant, Udnei : W. Wilkie
and v. Ife, Vancouver.
Colonial���Thomas Cronle, Ladner;
!���'. Richardson, Pictou; .1 Bird, Victoria; Sam J: ' man, Stony Mountain,
Man.; V. Graham, E. Brain, Vancouver; Joe F*arr< 11. Ai mstri ng,
Windsor���T, W. Windsor, Eustache;
Mr, .uni Mr-'. John A. Nash, Philip L\
Xa-li. AM' ��� grove; v.'. Callaghan, Port
'.. :am. nd :  it. Siililaii, Des Roches.
.1. Williamson, manager of the Frater river oiiery, was in the city on
Sat irday, and stated that tlie pasl season had been rather a light one at the
oiiery on account of tlie shortage of
fish. The oiiery is a growing indus-
tiy, ami a very useful one from many
standpoints. Where a few years ago
all tiie offal from the tanneries was
either dumped into tlie river or taken
oat into the gulf and dumped, it is
now collected iu properly constructed
scows and every vestige of it is used
up. The flsh nil is in great demand
by tanners, and during tlie pasl year
1,500 barrels of the product hav. been
exported to England to one of ihe
large tanneries there. Oil is also
made from the dog salmon, and last
year o'_u tons of oil were manufactured  from herring refuse.
Tlii' remainder of ihe bones and
flesh, after tlie oil has been extracted,
i.. converted into guano, for which
there is a great and growkfig call on
account of the great fertility it gives
to tiie soil. In addition to enriching
tiie earth I'or the next crop, it builds
it uji���has a continuing effect���where-
ii,5 the chemical fertilizer which is so
much used is said to have an aftereffect of vitiating the soil. For the
guano, the manager stated, there was
a ready marke' in Japan for all the
oiiery could produce. This year they
have shipped 1,500 barrels to Japan,
and where a few years ago tbey bad
a hard problem to dispose of their
guano at $22.50 a ton, tbey now have
no trouble in ._*-t'in_. $50 a ton.
There are three steamboats and a
corresponding number of scows owned
and operated by the oileries, and during the busy pai". of the season an
extra boat is chartered and placed on
the Xorth Arm run. The oileries
buildings are located on a good sized
island not far from Ladner. and tho
buildings are kept as clean as ii is
possible to keep such places. The oil
.ner it has been boiled down and refined is a bright, clear yellow, and is
not offensive to the nasal organs, as
many might suppose. The business is
under the active management of Mr.
Williamson, while O. F. E. Kinnell is
a- the head of the company,
. (i	
The Kruco Wedding.
Berlin, Oct.  14.���The religious marriage of Fraulein  Bertha   Krupp, tlie
richest heiress in Germany, and owner
o.   the great   Krupp steel   works,   to'
L'eut.  Gustav  Von  Boh len   un 1   Iin!-'
bach, until recently  first secretary -
the German legal Iti a-  1' : i-i. will I
��� - ������ i a- Essen, Pr issia, to day.
Emperor William will attend thi   wi d
ng   .mi   $15,000  will   I .-   disti ibuti I
i'ii oul;    'ia-    ��� ���: i ' IJ --     oi    th''     '-.1 'li.;.
���   rks,
Chilean  Ministry   Unset.
Santiago, Chile, Oct, 14.���The cham-
bei   . :    di putles   last    nighl    voted
againsl the governmenl over the nom-
'i tion of a member of the council <.i'
sl il i,    Tin's    'inow-'    o il     President
Mi it'.-    first    ministry,   Don    Pe Iro
Mi atl   was   Inaug irate 1   i i esldenl   of
Chile, Sept.   is, in t ��� ��� ������ .   lon 1 i Jerri RIesco.
Ready-to-Wear Hay
_ .3-i_^_i_�� ���'^���'���_. iK-_?^"w_a__acja
The Most Liberal Policies
covering all occupations
For Tram and Railroad
Canadian Casualty and
Boiler Insurance Co.
GARDENS���-It i.s impossible to exaggerate the
future possibilities of this Lulu Island land as an
investment. Our words and phrases may seem
exaggerated to many, but the only way you can
fully appreciate this property is to allow us to
show you over it.
Will keep a horse, cow and poultry, besides producing a crop of $1000.00 annually.
N. B.   Come in to-day���the choicest selections are
being taken.
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
insurance Loans
Heal Estate
26C Columbia  St.
Phone so. P
Farm   Land   Specialists.     New   Westminster,   Vancouver,   Chilliwack
JJJUH'J ��� ll���MMWIUimiiM 1ILI.BHB������
Pheasant Shooting
on the 15 th
We can supply you with the
well known
Amberite Cartridge
Also Shooting Coats and
Vests.  Call and examine
our goods.
tn   ,   i.
parcel    .
'���'��������� -J
E'E~ - "%���_'
*��*__���_   fc   ' ��$
.*tV"I  ���".-    , ��'-..
'.,   I    lol
':'     in  :.   .
from. m^
Sum  |i Qythj,
are <������ n
US     by    H,
houses i
. =���-���-
A emi]ile of years ago, when tlifl
king and Queen Alexandra were in
Belfast, (he city fathers were passing before theni, sny- the New Vo.k
Tress. (Ma.' of tlie l"i. a big, red
faced broker, became en.barra.scd,
and as he readied his right hand to
the king he held oul his left to the
quern. Alexandra was nonplused
for the moment, hut her royal
spoil, e gave her a hint with hi..
elbow, and she gently shook the b -
loft paw. 'l'lie situation was t'">
much for Edward, and lie fairly guffawed. The queen", lips parted, as
if she was about to smile, but that
was all.
To a woman who was standing
near the incident revealed tho ferret nf Alexandra's perpetual youth.
The woman t<>!<1 me she was convinced the queen's cheeks were enameled and t.iat she could not smile
without cracking the cast. Think
of tho misery she endured with her
liege lord enjoying himself like a
boy at the cir us!
- con
Wi  -
Iar ci i
Em ft
....     ........... . . pile
>:>>>:>i>i>i>i>i>.*.��.>.>.>.>.o>.*_*.A.*_*..o..>>..o>.*.co:>>:>:>> ���:������������ ��'���-���.���. .,>&;
A full line of Furniture of all kinds kept      witf
in stock.   :-:  Prices to suit purchasers.
,���,   TIG and Tls Columbia St.   J.'our Floors.     Hear Extension, Fn nt Streel
>!>.<'0:>:'<'01>:'fX*'f*'0_<>:'<��_Oi>:'��i_��: AAASAA.AS.AASA.ASASA.ASs.AA.AAAK'Oyfl
Is It a Nice Dinner Set
A   Land  of  Distances.
Your Canadian will hook up a
couple of rangi p mies to uis light
buckboard nr. \. ing himself over the
back of a la me in ! hersc and
travel a trifle of fifty or sixty miles
to a dance or a fro!!.' of any kind
���without thinking it over a minute.
And along tiie line of tlie railroad
'tis the same. I mi: a very genial
gentleman while traveling over the
Canadian Northern at lhe frightful
speed of eight mile- nn Lour, who,
as he informed nn-'. had "just been
up the line u bit to take dinner wiih.
Aunt flattie." The genial per.-"ti
lived at Prince Albert, and 1 found
out after a lit'!" conversation thai
Aunt. Ilattie resid- d some idd
miies up away. Think- of I raveling
from \\ ashington in (Ihicago to take
lea with sister Sue or anybody else!
Isn't it a wonder? < lanadian Correspondent Washington Star.
You Want, Madam?
We have a good selection, and the prices will
please you.
Our Grocery Stock is always fresh.
Adams &  Deans
������������������������������������������*������*������.���������*������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������"in
j Electric Railway Service]
30 Minute Service ilui ' ! " jL
malnder ol daj-. i ransrerwl
Leopold Place. %%
Sunday   Service  half-hourly '"fl
tween    S   ii.    III. I    1 '   I'- 'fl
Inter-urban   Line.
���   Cars    for Vani ouver    nd    wn
j�� stations  will  run  every  hair-
J hour from 5:50 a, in. to '. i p.
��� a . ex eptlng at 7:30 and .   10
��� a. m.    Halt bom '.   .   rs will
��� :"'"   from   Central     Park    to
��� Vancouver only.
City nnd Sapperton.
: c
ty   Limits Line    Si
'   lo 11 n n
Freab   cf  a   Golf   Bali.
One lies heard of morsels of straw
being driven cii an into solid timber
by tho fori e of a torn i h . Somewhat similar and equally unci-
plainable was t lie resull of u sl roke
ai golf made by A. Wyndham
on l he famous Wesl ward Iln course
tv.ii or ihree year- ago. tie fo
his ball in a bed of rushes, actually
impaled upon a rush, so that it was
possible io pick up ilie ball and bold
it suspended upon the rush.   That ��� British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,I*
a goli ball, which is almost aa hard  -
its wood, should bc spiked  in this
fashion upon the point of BO brilt le
a thing as a rush is a most remarkable phenomenon.��� London Sphere.
^ I.I.1U     UJI],      111
J    20 Minute 8erv
���ace���no t ransrer,
Betwei n 12 and _ and 6 and T.
Sapperton Line���la *���"' -*'1 *",jfa
vice, excepi betwi en I j **
S. ami  ;. ami   .. lMa
���lours the Bervice win :<��
liall'-bourl.'.'. i\ft'
Sunday Service hnlMioi "fl
tween 8 a. m. and 11 :��� '"' jBjG
**������������������������������������������������������������������ ��t ������������������������������������������������������***""|i
A Protest.
Don't ' omo to rm with social fads
Ami manners lighl ami bn i _���..
J du imt ran- im- lura nr snare,
���An.I I'm not very easy,
lint to my r.-u-nr there's a way,
Aral   this Is how you find  ll--'
Give un  a hand with iirm clasp, and
I'll like th< man behind lt.
Son." p ople like the tiuei r Balute
Ami :-. ith Ijnpelli u in share it.
A freaky shako Rives me a quake;
I Blmply cannot bear it.
Prom n cognition I cut out
Thai thing where'er I find ii
Give me a hand with llrm clasp, and
I'll like the man behind it.
Four fingers limp and slightly crooked
And linn, i Into your digits
Are quite i nough to mil your bluff
Ami start ii in ot fidgets,
Ami  ll your l,n i were on his neck
Mosl gladly would you grind it
Give me a hand with firm clasp, and
I'll like the man behind it.
A wlggly waggly hand outthrust
Jn so called friendly greeting
in "iinii.il mi and Isn't in
Por two do.; . ateliers' meeting,
Ko  1  r. prat  with  ' nip:.a lis,
And with my li.-t l bind it.
Glv" ""' ���' hand with lin.i clasp, and
l'll Like the ;:..,.. i. hind <i.
Root Pulpers and SIM
Straw Cutter, Grain Grin*]
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   The above rn*1
ines include Fleury's, Cocksnwj
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & Co*


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