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The Daily News Aug 23, 1906

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\ |
I'M I   |'vi|\\
.  . 1906.
in wEXTS :-I i: W I.KK
Force    Led   By   Pino Guerrera  Captures Important  Point
After Sharp Engagement With Troops Loya!
to the   Cuban   Government
Insurrectior   Spread?.
-ee a
Difference Between Old   Country and   Canadian  Methods, and  Admire the
C P. R. Svsti m.
ty  then
a It
ed som,
���      ���     :   -
- ��� ��� ��� ,
a     -
'    ' '���      except
lespa, Racbo V
rince of S
���   ���
... ���;.
'-.  ' ���
. --in
mmander of tbe
I to thi    Vaw
��� - -      Cuba i�� pn, :��� ��� '.    . ���
.-   th.
and   pot   ii med   en
Guerr, posses
���.. ernoon
���'. .auren
-.,-���.. I    or
:      H, .....
���     '.
��� g,   Man., Aug. 22.   Evi ..Ale j
; ���   s  -- '<   -a.s- ig   thr
; indicatt - thai W< st< rr Car
j known.   Yesterday a  , arl ra tway ��
I ed.    The;       a ris   S. Fi   .      iera] Man- ���
agei     1  ��� English Gr< atCenl ..-    nstruct- j
; ������ ��� ������      tdruple track  into Lor lon, 1 rhaps, !
; st roa      . Europe: H. i, Su th<
j Lon      an   Sonth \V< stern, ipon Whose Iii        Si i
; '      ���    .       faster (     rred; S. T. }
| Dutton, ,   . ��� ii R ..;���.:
i J- P. O'D ...     s  E. Fay, . j
j    ��� ..        :  ��� Gr,... Centrs I
Thr   compa        ��� Montreal  in  a
special salooi h was shed ry i
' "" . ���    ���"    ".   the; . !
; westward to Vai       er, whi       thej go ��� j
! ' 'alif ... .���     Sail Lal ��� Cit .- }
| si ne }\ '���:,. Sa Pa il, I , Ro i !
J N  .. '.' rk. !
I        '  -   ssii a'  railway   i .mi i n i ation,   M      Fay
I remarked:   "Of course, vour problems in Canada !
! are different   fn
1   think,  however, you J
j tackle them very well.   You have immense distances !
} to cover and heavy traffic in hulk.    I do not think
j ;     ���' a. 'aa;   ; olicy could be materially altered,   I j
! think greal credil  is due to the Canadian Pacific, !
i which is very progressive with its st .amboats, hotels, !
! etc.    We have not been out of their hands since we
j lefl Liverpool, and we are goi ig : i Vancouver ���.. !
! then,.   If we wished to e tend   ur   ourney to China ���
! we might do so and still remain under the C. P. R.'s !
rhe running on their lines is very smooth.'*      J
"We are very much struck !
Mr. Holmes, sai I
with the enterprise of the company in building such j
; a splendid hotel as they have in Winnipeg.   There is !
! a beautiful hotel in Quebec,   he      isi in the world." !
t II r .      . . ���   1     .1 .  , -,. ., .   . I
ontemplate  Drastic  Measures on  Ac-    Desperate   Encounter  Takes   Piace  on
count   of   Inadeauate   SuDOly C.   P.   R.  Track   Near   Fcrt
of Water. William.
\  a    22     rhe    oard
id    ..      wi       I'i   erw rit
��� : ��� :  todaj   in an i nierg, u
��� . heai  .   re    r   ol rheii   In-
Mi    Howe,  . oncerning  Win
��� ipp] fin    pur-
. II, .. !  to  be  dan-
Inadi ; late     No definite Betaken  bj   the  undi i ��i It, i -.
::, lerstood   a    Irasllc   one
������I    t their re; ilai m, el
���   Vug,   10,
Seriously   Burned.
William   McQIrr,  wife  ol   I  b
���    P. R. tlckel   igent, lie   al th ���
io [ilii ���  in   a   serious  condition
al  rn ��� mi burning. While pu
tlcl   .'   a i in iii.. stove the
ol   ei       ipper i aughl flre, an i
 id hei whole dress was In  ���
With onlj   Ihe i Id of ber little
.'������I n v.as iome time before the
coul i   .���  , xtingulshed, and hei
., |   .      ...,. badly burn-
Breaks   World's   Record.
dolphia,     Aug.     22   -A    m n
.ml,.i a.a. ,    -. cord     for     50
���'as established here today hy
'   Kellj of this city who covered
lance iu one hour, three min
i i'i .; i seconds.
\\ I  lam, Ont ,   Uig. 22.    Uter
erati   sl   i   ���  ��Ith a   s nx, which
asted fu ���,. ninuti s. \v Sutlv
nl.in.I. .. c. r li. brakeruan saved
.v. a life ��� pi inging a pbeket
knife Into the anln I Sul hi rland,
at the way station ol Osceo wag b, nl
in the rear of hlB train to flag, He
ha I walked a bIioi i dlstam e down
the track when he waa attacked by
the lynx which Bticcumbed only after
being Btabbed bi ven tlmi Sutherland wns Beverely bitten on the
Bhoulder and recelvi d bi ratches on
the face, bul was nol seriously Injured This is the scion,l lyiiN killed  in  this  district   this  sum r,
Blaze   at   Fire   Hall.
Tin  firemen at So. i hall wen call
e i upon to extinguish a blase at the
n a:   of   their   ball   yesterdaj   aft, i
uoon,   the   bedding  of    ths    horses,
which   Is   usually   placed   outside   to
drj  during lhe day, having b; me
means caught   flre.    Ths  ho ie    wa
nm   called   Into  requisition,  and   the
flames  were  put out  bj   tbe  use  i
lurk-  an,i  shovels,    It   Is    suppoi ��� I
thai Bomeone pai sing along ' llarkson
'.,,..  dropped a lighted match ovi
the  railing and Into the straw, an I
thai ibis started the blase.
. Dutton said the Ca ian railways could J
be well compared with av Indian roads. "If Indian !
railways were being constructed to-day," he added, ��
'they would follow the same general lines.    ; ���������
ie ears would have
engines would be bigger an
greater carrying capacity.   We are not carrying half !
as much per train as you are.   Our biggest train is a '
thousand tons.   The tendency of to-day is to provide
for a heavy traffic."
Mr. Dutton remarked that si veral Indian railway
officials had been to America in the last few years,
and the result was that several alterations had been
made in the general working of the Indian railways.
Evidence of Horrible  Death   In   Man   Trap   of   Party   of
Eight Who Had Escaped Prom The
Valencia  Wreck.
Regiment of Cossacks
Starts Another Mutiny
St    Petersburg,   Aug.   22. Accord-, jusl concluded In Finland, H  wns re
to private advices ihc 260 Ural ����'ved thai a general strike will be
,.  .   ,        , feasible nt nn early date and  to Issue
a, ������   regiment   lias   mutinied     lit , ,        ..       A
iii ii unions   to   prepare   toi     it.    a ,
.nei,  Asiatic   Russia, arrested commlttee waa Bppointed to draw up
officers, and  replaced them with .,  gtrike appeal or any other manl-j
:; '���"   from   the  ranks.      The    com- festo which may be found necessary.
ander of the garrison of Bamarcaad 	
lemanded tbe Immediate Burren      Warsaw. Aug, 22,   Counl Parmer fl
ol the mutineers, the artillery ha colonel of the general staff, was fa?
called out, and the city Is i" ���> tails wounded today by revolutionists
tti  of panic, A patrol came up Immediately after the
\t a meeting of 142 delegates, rep affair and discharged a volley into the
entlng  all   the   Russian   railways, crowd, killing ono man.
VI   lOI 10     Cl       '       VUg     22       Ne,;..   I, ,
a. ii   reccdved   from   i he   wesl   coasl
' a ���'   elghl     koll '.'ii-   Of   vi. Mills of  111"
lost   BteamBhlp   Vai, n, In,   n   pontoon
ami :, Bhlp'S bOIlt, have all I II loiiml.
Tlie  Bitehston    are  In   a   boal   which
has i n located b) Indians in a cave
li   as  (suggested,  a   boatload  of   pas
Bongers   from   il nlucky    Bteamer
BUddenly found themselves prisoners
while searching for a place of Bafety,
i in'ii Sufferings can well be Imagined.
The following despatch was received from vs. Day kin, light  koepei  al
Cm iiiiiiiiiIi :   "II   Is   Impossible  tO  lilen
illy ihe skeletons excepi by removing
tons of rubbish, then something mlghl
l.e  found   which  would   render II   |ios-
llble     If  the   men  got   Into the  cave
lalive  they   musi   hnve   later    heen
Starved to death,    It. Is A perfect m-ii
irap,   There is ii large rOoh ai  the
mouth of the oave, over which  tii"
honl    wns   thrown    hv    Ihe   sen,    and
Ihere   Is   not   room   enough   on  either
���Ide of the rock lo Kfi the boat out
again   when   smooth,   mid   Ihey   ninat
New  Westminster Nine   Defeats   the Border Town Team
After a  Hard. Up-hill .Struggle    Crack
Pitcher    From    Seattle
Proves  Easv.
I'    ,
'���.������. ���      . ���-
. ' . . .
i       \n imm< . ��� ���
v ���      . ��� . s began to
ng a pi ���    no , r-
.   . ���
��� olor.
���- \.    inn ngE , ne ,
ov, throw
e visit,
Vfti e   Blaine   1 wenl
id the Nev
the sc, ���   end
; h   Inning     I
... hen
���  il
..... | gi
���.  . hroi Id, '.
tch, aid they, a f, w
Bellingha        Th��
-.. ' thi ii
���   -pp more nipn over
e i nd bi und while
eh inch    ol  root,        wenl
-   gave them
I   aisi
��� ���
Nev.   WesJminE ���
.... , .o , .......
���ir as foi-
Mi   rell and
v   i eventh innings the
���-   '
ed ���
v. ..   vvestmi ist,      Smltl
-   ..       . w ;���-.    Malcoln
\'i ���' infield.    Peele  anj
.   ���   from   i.   i.   to
. her.
ereed the game for the
'   Wright      .   Blaine.
Run  for   H s   Money.
: .    man   who   "
.- eday  morning
���   on  Columbia
... - costs in the
  morning.  The
ovei    an   lienr.   tlif
-. ��� -..'    . thai he was inno-
���    ol     e crime charged ar his door.
���    ���        efendi P. Hampton
Ite i     ��� severe cross
s witnesses by M
, ���   \\-^= secured,
royal Ciiy Laid Up.
���  ��� .   .   , ���   ���   boat, the Royal Ci1 s,
owned        Cap!   F ider, lias been lai'
th,   .        ew dsj - w-hile b, ri,
ilteration     ��� e   being   made   In   th"
Score   is   88  to   79   and   Match   is   In-   One   Arm   is  Torn  Off and  the  Other
-Victoria  Defeats Is Taken  o�� in the
have   peril bed    lefore   I hi     | ol    in
 'i   woathoi      I   think   Ibe   bi it
:     all    : Ighl    BXi epl    I'm    a   small    ho'"
iii ihe foi ward all i hambei  Deai  i he
gunwale     l   am   loo   sl      haudi I
here to do anything."
Th,. Valencia was wrei Ited ��ii1'"
mi her way lo Vli torls from Ban
i 'rantdi ��� o with a big load of pfl
i ngi i fate in January last, tn the
disaster over one hundred lives were
Scots at the Fair.
The committee appointed by the
.Sons of Scotland to carry oul the arrangements foi the Caledonian Sallies
and grand Bcottlsh concert In connection with iiu- exhibition nut down tu
work Tuesday evening. The games
nnd concert will he held on the first
day of the exhibition. Enquiries have
already been made for programme of
the spnrls. and 'interest in the event
will he keen. A. Adams Is chairman
of lhe committee, and Rev. A. E.
Vert Is secretary.
tee sting-
Victoria,   B.   C,    Vua In   the
Intel icket      atchi b    today
Port! ������ defeated Bu rd by a score
oi sv to 79 In the its- Innli % fhta
��� .a:;, li was verj closely contested
and great Int, reel was displayed us
ii-i rard gi aduallj approai,;> d the
mai k   ������'       ��� h, rv rivals.
The \ I, toria Nelson match was n
�� ill ov, : tm the former, the local
team piling up 270 and were followed
|.\   Slelson  all out  tor  80
Guli hon   1 Bheasgreen V in, ouv, i
George  Gordon,   Aberdeen,   Bcotland;
q,  \   Keefer, City; J, C   Devlin, VI
[Ol ia
\    N'.Won.   k     Ti naka
I. A   Pelh .���    \   ivei    M
Canwi II,   Vam ouvei     Ml     tnd   Mra
r    \   p,     ��� bran,    Ub, rta;   I
-.i .     . ���   .a.-  wife   i" iln,     '    Dan
Q. C. Edison     id ran,
|)j ;    g in    r- an. IBCO
Wind an D   Costello      \ '  ��� ��� ivei
V. Mu Mo in   ' i hni in I    H i|
\:a--i, i   Hlldreth,  \   ; In "��� altle,
ia . 0| p;   ,     Fleinin     I ;'l" 11   P
,,i nl    .  Belllngham;  J
Hunt,  \\ E   v, In Isi i   and wife,  I
.,   on
\  .,     eight y, ars of age.   named
.., i,   who  lives  in  ih��>
west i        v   -   looking  around    the
i   . ...      Lumber    company's
-I ingle mil ��� ��� day afternoon, and
ibout 5 i ock Blip.ed and fell into
the  ii .��� .I,, i j   which  elevates    i!
Into the mill     One arm was almosl ""ii from the body, while ���
���    ���    was so badly mangled that a: i
nade  necessary.      il13
n       i.t en  to Dr,  Hall's  offl, ���
,.,.i   fn      thenci   to  the  Royal  Co
lumblan   hospital.    He   was   allowed
,.. reel until B o'clock In order to nv
i is much Btrength as possible    Al
n   o'i Ic      ' i"  ei >Minion    had  been
pei orn ed and the lad was report I
be n sting and doing |usl as ��  II
ild b,   ��� ���   ���   ted
Injures  Her  Eye.
it  Htti,  da ightei "r L Dauphlne,
i,a i   ihe   '..;-" "'   '"   rfl"   rt',,',   ;'
; .,. hi i h -1 ��� ������ iterday
In ,        . llntei  from the wood
. I  the little ' n, 'I
.., i .  ' thai  st,? wlll
|i       ' "s1   or medical
att, ntlon  ' i ""   ""' '"-��''
. im    ���.     ..   to   "''aln   the
.    |a
Says Chinese Control
Thc  Victoria Colonist
A special dispatch from Vancouver
to the Seattle Times yesterday saysr
An extraordinary report from Victoria
that Chinese had acqnireil an interest
in the Victoria Daily Colonist was
Investigated here today ami was confirmed by wealthy Chinese who have
put up some of the money. Tai Yuen
nm! Yip Bang, of this city, nnd I.oo
(iee   Wing   and    l.ee   Bjfosg   KOW,     of
Vieloria, are the men interested nnd
it is declared they own a controlling
I, i< asserti d the Chinese have
I.. tight the control i��� order to make
an aggressive campaign for the re
ductlon or obliteration ol the |B00
poll tax. 'I''is view is borne out DJ
the facl thai df lftte the Colonist has
editorially  expressed the  view  thai
the tax should be reduced.
The Colonist has heen the leading
conservative   government  newspaper.
It  Is the pioneer dally of British Co-
lniiihl ��� ami the news that Chinese
! nre Interested in lt causes great dls-
I mission.
,'t  fit   \
i" u
Clean, dry crystals ��� that are
absolutely pure��� that v.ill not cake
SALT.    The best (or table use.
CONDENSED STORIES.       .gpgjj  ^Mi   COUfSCS T
The programme of horse races to
be held during the Provincial exhibi-
tl m has been pre iai A iy Arthur
Malins, chairman of the horse racing
committee, and will be mailed
throughout the province as soon as
the printing of the iirogrammcs Is
completed. There will be five races
each day, th" races to Se held on
the Wednesday and Friday. There
will ... ra, pony : na- this year, as Mr
Malta oes nol consider tha: ihi
ii..... ���: i.:' eni les recel ,'e I last s '.-ar
justifies him in putting forth another
this ' ar. The rules and
... litlons governing the . ices will
ex i'-tly   the   same  as   last
exception of the cl   ise gov-
. ag   pony   races,   which   will
i ni ted      A   printi d   enl  ���   form   on
��� .������  . a      ,,:' the  ,.���������.-��� amn"  has  t >
filled in by the owners   ������  I  irses
... .   the entries  a:.' nd  in
..1' races the enl r in, ��� e fiv ���
per  cent,  of  the   purs
The   programme  is  as  folio   s;
Wednesday Oct. 3.
How    a    Celebrated    St3*.es.-nan     Was
Treated to 3 Surp-.se.
Famous men        -    i just   q nn Aff  C U  A Iir
like other men in the , M'KU 1   I "J il A W
riren. i >!)������ da; ' e elebrated Kd-
���:..,;��� ] A retl 5 riding along a
road in M iu.��etts.    At Lynn a
bright and pretty girl got into the
.,.."- md ��� ik thc ���.:.' seat by his
side.   He entered   nto conversal in   336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R. J.  SROTT.   B.A..   Principal.
H. A.  SCRIVEN.  B. A.,  Vice-Prin.
For Teachers in the
Business Institute
r U E     E~-Lh^
A Gift For Our Customers.
Eismmn \
��� \ i V.     :  ; K.
���      Ml   ^>^        .O^'-
.. 'v, --1 ���*���' ^r-^   / ^-
1 W^E- J
I l��?���*������"���'..  1&     ������...-     -K
I \ 1 : SMAN SltrLED.
���.'. ith    ��� :         much ontertair.ed
Aa ..                                                   by fresh   and   viva i ms   com-
-...'.���:   I   mile  he its,      -   I   ree         mei I .
five,  purse  J150                                            A .    . :   ij tr   .,         , ..���   i tug B .--
��� ;       N i.  3,   Six    irlo a-,   weight   ton   he a     ned to "give 1 er   i
5200 pleasant surprise and so sa I
!. ice  N'o.  ::.     ....      ;;...  weight   : ir   ly:
:������ o $20 I. "1    . .   ivould yi      .        : i   ..
Race Xo.-I   2.40 class tro    o ���-    '       it is with wli i have I
��� ii" heats, best three li    Ive        -���    talking?"
"Oh,      -."    : -   ���      I I    -..!'.,
turning     i :���
Th i statesman
"1 :..:. Mr. :..  :  tt���Mr. IA .     :
:      ice,   free   Ev, rett."
In Every Pa.kag^ of Colgate*! Denial Powder
We Give a Pr.-.ra! of a eke of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
rREE.        (Guesl Room Size)       FREE
A Wonderful  Bargain.
H. RYALL    i
I Lure  N'o,  5.���Fivi
ige, purse $200.
Friday,  Oct. 5.
Rai e   Sl.   6,���Tro
| Printing j
]1r ",' forthemorl  :   -    { Open for BusineM
mg tlio    In I    t his na    ; could be   J
'.:. I not yet taken I j   jU|
ly 4,   1906.
: ..   all    ;   mile  he il ���     est   3  In
. ' T'a".
R: ������ Xo, 7.��� 0 .. New Wi
min     ...:.. e $350.
Ra, ���   N'o.   B.���Six furlongs,   n-eight   form
' ������   ��� -��� $2   i, The pans ���:    -    a   A-   *-
lace ' :'.._-...    . ���   lughl     reelt.
irse, $200 "I)o yo i,"   .... -aid   losi   ral
R :   ���  N'o.   10.���i Pos s)  Con    "do ; : Lynn ':"
lation ..   :.:..   > . :   ��� 	
ige :..:  non-wlnnei .��� ��� Marl< T'''ain's Best.
.. ,. $i5o, After  Mark   Twain   had  sp      11
for hall    ��� ��� ���   t om   if
Cond,tlCrs' his lectures yeai   ngo, says the B 	
ih - "' ��� ie Amei      . Trotting   Lon Rei ord, h       ncl ide i to    ike   i
: nts fex-   brief   'est,       . mt a  word of
not i     ij    nd   t .- explanation he -  ppi i talking The annual general meet-
ihi     .... -...:     i m ki .   ��� ���'-   ,: Tho    mdionco   hardlv!. ��   ,, ,        ,    , , c
knew whai  to do.   After n   ��� ln& of the shareholders of
Public Notice!
- o ��� lore   iold tl an thc
���   ..'.. ��� v. :.
11 .   ���    -a      la
tt en, Railway Company will
tlie New Westminster South-
:olor  an I   sex  o
Ian i ol  owner
....        i ���    :
'������ pt  .
IO  ll.l.
r 1 d e i   ..
���  enti,.
.   :. ��� ��� ,.
i   ie  given
be held at the offices of the
V. W. & V. in Vancouver at
10 o'clock A. M. un Wednesday, the 5th clay of Septem-
i cry   .     I   >��� ' ire,
I ns,"   -aid  a lign     ' .
who wa . ���     .    .,."...    "Vou
''     ���'   '''      '   ' ���      1 .    ' ��� ' ' 'T.-    '    .
rep] '     ":    ���    .    ���'. !       If ha
Ai.   .  lei oi  : Uti      iappea     been I       'N  ��� del    ���  ��d!"
��� .-' ..���. i : ".n. aimof local di i ���.     ber, 1906.
" "Xo," - . .    r T     T    TPA^P
In        .   . ������   in I ihree   not in tin turbed, whi e t'.io *������   ''���   ' iv-Al '
usual merry tv nk i was   een ii
in the evesl filling    ''"'
the I o start tho
u e   hi ... ei   e the          to ������ .   iho i
:. the enti         the missing
e or n '
A. hoi .   II    u   ���
' ' ��� ....;���
a    I -        ���        Ifll
,    ���
��� eni        ihi   purse
Bi : al     Bell   h i
��� ti, i be]
'I  hi a   . I
ite tho
i'... ... i
lhe �� hole, i don I  sen w i,
need  to   woi      il thoy   onl)   ta
Chip of the Old  Block.
������:.       Eddie I.t."    ..   bi ;,.: renown   !
asacomed   ���.. irated ml..:
I,.   mont, his lioine,     ��� the number
precocity of 1 Idrcn.    A  I
days ago hi        ��� I,  i   .... of ������
wanted  to ���  - to  New  Vork
city to a 'i h    [
Hi- p] ia le I hanl and , I���:m-r to I
paten tail      i  pi rsi il
��� "    thai I  -   ���     ��� i   an.
"Xo, ' ������ :   an'l eo today," sa
For Sale
Well-seasoned Tine Cord-
wood; could deliver on scow.
Particulars   Box   39,   Port
!  : : '   l;'' ''��� breaking aw.i\   , r,,,,,,.., ���,i
and sprinting for   lie   lation Hammond.
All puises divided 70 per ce "lloo-lii od young t''o;  .
....    i i   i r bis tn : nr, und I In n, brighti
up, he shouted:
"Well, an I'how, cive my reg
to Broad��������� nv!'
rinncr; 20 pe   i
er 3rd.
The ;.. Iges of I hi j con   i   ui e vest
,. i ��li a i he power to i ml sh all pei
ions who engage In nuarn    .affrays,       '" "" " U' '   ''��� ":l   ont l!l" v"':
tho use ..I abusive lai piage  or other   ster n l,10>'do ncxl   : ' ���
breache    of  decorun    n thi
en,...    .. i maj fine,       h    I oi expe
auch offenders al  tl u i    I    i 	
Entry       ink    furn        I    a  appllca-   Elaine.   Wash.,  August  2Cth   to  25th,
tlon, 1306.
All   communication   .��� ll ii   i ���:' irenc
China Department
Is filling up.   Come and Bee the lovely
I in  Augui i   19th  to 23th  Incluslv ���,
to transportation, tracu facilities and   .,, ���.   .    _     , .,   .,       _ ., 'A1
' .,      1906, the Great Northern Railway com
ol hei   de Ired   Ini n m ition , leerfull,
: rnh he I,
Ample   stablin
furnii hed tree,
The a aoclatlon re lervea  th ��� rl r1.'
pany   will   sail   r mnd   trij
MOREY'S   Columbia St.
ni  ,|lt,    groundsP,,ew  \v'",t,"���1���*','   ;,>  Blaine    nl return ni one and one third tare foi I he
round trip, $1.35    Children five years   <��      tf~Z        1' IQi 1
ol   age   and   tinder   i welve,   half   ol ' B
the above rate,  FLORIST I
Return Umil goo I ani I \n ru il 26th, |
Ave- 1
��' .i'it^n
Things Happen In
The Night
And the only way tu keep posted is read the
��� i a  ,  . amend or postpone any nr
all ol   :  .��� .���  races  should  the    i i
mlttee In their judgmenl and r ,r ca i ������
.. ."ii it expedient to .i<> so*
ARTHUR MALINS, Wanted���Active,    Intelligent    lade
Chairman  H;k\u:i Committee,  New   aboul eighteen , s of age, il Fruit j Telephone aisi or address 4th .'
Westminster   B   C. I Cannery, Front street, nue and 10th Street. qqq
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
p*W3TH3MHBil lr1
, rc,DAY, AUGUST 23,  1906.
WHAT the deuce is the matter with this bread ? I was at mothers last night and she had the most
lovely bread. Well, no wonder, your mother bakes with RISING SUN, and ii' ihe grocer sends
fi iy more of that stuff he sent lasi H! certainly send ir back. You get me RISING SUN FLOUR and PI]
���   -rake just as good bread as your mother ever made.
F.  G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver.
Westminster iron Works
G   '
'EE   y' '���''    "
���I' >
We guarantee themtto lit  beautifully and to
��� the equal of the best set of teeth you ever saw
costing twice as much,    our mechanical experts
ire men of long experience (we employ no ether?)
tnd their work is the best  known to the Dental
Te-.ders for a  License to Cut T ml !
on Dominion  Lands  in tro  Province
cf   British  Columbia.
the C - -     ��� ���
i th,
foi   Timber Berth  *
.   Wednes laj, th,
Sent, t license to cut
Provinci "...
< Ither prices worth coming miles to profit by :
Gold Filling .... $1.00
Platina Filling . . . $1.00
Silver Filling ....     5Cc
Gold Crowns .... $5.00
Bridge Work i,-*J $5.00
Set of Teeth   .   . . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of^Charge.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, i
Hou i 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
U)7   Hastings  St. VV.,   Vancouver
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
.    ;���'���"'       ixu.i T and
\ ...'..
���    ent of Ri      McMillan,  B. A.,    -  -". "ii i  ass    an   < n
ting i       ���      ntn
.   V
ing an my.
Have Another Story About the Strike
in   the   Westminster   Fruit
en t al
. ���   ���     . lati -
I on
I    : ���
"a      '   1  .
I,    ��� '
 ���      an: corn ence In
BEOBIil S'l KLh-l.
Xew Westminster. p. u. *7i
EEEEe^EE^ B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones Re.
bio.    -.  ...
���  .
Block encing at i      I
South' tin larj
��� '   Tii    t   Bi   th   ISO,   . ��� ing  about   5
' .   :    ��� said  Rlvi       from     Its
... said    Ki\' :     -1
1-2  i    ������- lireel e with a
I, ' . : ' ��� aim n tl East
side an 70 chain i the \Y< st,
side then easured at right angles
the  gen, ���    ing     f tin
:        a        :'
Bl ������ ..   2.    O       ��� a   ng   ai   a
aid   rivi     .       '    :���>    chains    U)
-   ��� ��    thi        boundai j
Block   I.  theijpi str, am  -i   1-2 i
��� II, -   In din d e with a d, .  h
71 < hains oi    be Wes - de I here
of, ::.�� asure I at rii        agles t
general  bearlnj within th,
bio    .    '. . ���   -.. -.   .   .. ���  ains  an  an a
i ���  \  acres, i     ���   , i   less
Tin   survey ���   mi d,   ��it: In
on,   yea    of receipt ol tend, rs.
Tin' reg . ' . :. und, r wbi, h a
license will bi Isf i, d, also ;.:in: I
fori is of ti nd, an I i nvi op<, ma; be
obtained al A - Depa tment or at the
offlce of 'I.i.' (':. wn 1 In i u;< nl
lit  New  Westn Inst, r,  B. C.
Km ii tender a usl  be   t anled
by   an   hi ���".'��� I   . bi ;:."   on   a   chai t-
Bc-red bank In I  ���< :  ol th'e Deputy of  u teacher
the Minister ol  the  Inti i loi.  fi i  the
amounl of thi   bon i   v, hi, b thi  api  I
cant Is pn pare I to 11 :���  for a license
Mr.   Morgan   Contradicts.
Editi Dall;    N'ews:
SI ������ . ��� lon bas jusl I e< n ���
ri   ..:    lasi     Thursday's
meetii the  Chilliwack  municipal
appi    ed in your issu
of thi    I9tl   Inst.    Pi . mil  nre to sn "
in   refi   ...      ... hat   j our   cor-
j-espi n I, ,- must either have b,, n
ii:s:;. . or made a heavy draft
upon i.i- imagination, since his every
dement r< garding my sell Is uni
exc, pi :': which repres nts me is
having addressed the council. It
was not brought out at the meeting"
thai in ,1 previous conference v,
Mr, Bunt en I had fixed the an'...',a:
ne essary   to recoup rhe shareholders
Write for prices.
New  Westminster. B.  C.
Settle  Question  of   Susoension  of   Pupils���Improvement of Grounds
and    Buildings.
\n ten ler by  lelegi aph vs 111   ie i n
��� " A' ���   :
i a   ,   tment   ol
i.' lav,.
'V  Cl
I :
K . VES,
���    I, : .
.  27th.    ".ii
StefftnLcit Inspection Service.
The . lation ol   th n
. bo avi ... ed foi ; be poi Ition of
i. .. ��� ���..��� . ��� ���; . nd Equipment , '
Meainboats will  lake  place   nl    tbe
Steamboat  [in i i ���  (ifflce, Vict, i In,
I'. c��� on Aug isi :. mi, 1900,
Deputy   Minister    oi    Marine    and
Fishei les,
Notice Is hereby riven thai 30 days
tfter date l Intend to make application in the lie 'able the Chiel Commissioner  11  Lands and   Works,  for
In view of a Blight change in thp
new regulations with respect to the
powei of suspending pupils, it was
rp'olved at a meeting of the srliool
trustees last evening thai In ease of
requTlTng to suspend a pupil, lie shall be"" at liberty to do so
on obtaining the consent of the chairman, er iii his al sence, any other
one of the trustees.
Trustee Cunningham was appointed a committee of one to look a ft ��� ��� r
tbe beautifying and Improving ot the
1 ioI i ulldlngs and grounds lit an-
tlcipal a of the \isii of the governor
. : eral during the forthcoming exhl
Miinii i'. 11 iiu woi I.- tending to improve the appearance of the schtfbls
wi ���.. ,.'..,. di. Ided upon.
Trusl ' innlngham  repot ted thnl
the work ol making two re.mis Into
on, ai the ee���,ral s,.)i,p,ii had been
li ted, and thai the work bad
been well carried out, Several other
minor matters had also been attended
to sime ihe las, meeting, arid after
hearing his report, the thanks of the
board   were   tendered   to   him.
The notice of the expiration of a
policy of flre Insurance on one of tho
buildings led I ii the resolution thai
all policies now In force be renewed
on expiration. Communications wer-.'
received rrom the Buperlntendenl .'r
education, acknowledging receipt of
the annual report of the board:  from
\    ������. ,,-;,  maidens Invadi .1 the
.... of the  1 tally  x. w -
menl   yesterday  after-
ed fi    ..ri Introduction to
he mi8 eportei  who w rote up
the story of the fruit cannery strike
which  .. .       .  Wednesday morn-
ing's Issu,    is flu ���   'v Ishe l to make
lear a      x      li      on  which the re-
ortei   h   1   not   given   them   a   fair
show,    v.i elderly gentleman who was
ng   office   waylaid    the
party while the unfortunate reporter
.-Ai-:. ' in the nexl room, and listened  and   ��   It,  :  fo    the  worst.
The maidens stated that the reporl
was not  quite fair io them and the
$9,000.00 for the; statements maple to the reporter were
not quite accurate,   In the first place
they had not  asked  to be placed on
��� ic    work.   Thev had been receiving
10  cents  an   hour  for  iheir  valuable
services and lhe ba^is of piece work
was arranged by the manager, Tbey
did nol object to that, but when they
un.  Ve;.* standing around with nothing to ile they were not earning anything and time was flying.    The con-
si |u< n, ���   was thai al the end of the
Mr.   Huntzen   to  nego-   ...     ��� ���,     had not enough coming to
consented   them  to  pay  expenses.    When  there
was lots et w, rk they could by steady
. vi r.inc.   make as much  as  $1 liO
a  .lay,  but  otherwise  wore better off
on !0 cents an hour.
Made a Good Showing.
Pupils . ; Miss A. Powers, n ho
leaches drawing in Xew Westminster
and Vancouver, have been very va ���
cessful ai the Royal Society examine
tions, held recently In London. England, Ol i- who submitted samples
of theli work, only one tailed to pass,
and 23 took honors. The Xew Westminster pupils who passed were:
Miss H. Boutlller, Miss n. i.. clute,
Miss ]���:. l.. Emett, Arthur Cotton,
Ml 1. Oliver. Miss O, A, Brown, Miss
1 Q May; the first named four with
hot On such a r.ood showing  is
this I oth  teacher and  pupils are t.i
be congratulated
of our company at
.' t sim] .. reason thai I had done
nothing of the kind. I did not consult
with tw, lawyers regarding this matter, neither did I conclude th>- i "had
inde ei timated the amo'inl ol the
lebentures" nor "increase the claim
to $14,00 1.00." Upon the tew occasions when I have named a price at
all, it   has always  been  $1.",.nun.i'ii,   in
'ii   last   weei.   when  In  a  conference
with   Mr.  R.  L.  Reld,  who bad  been
appointed   by
tlate with our company. I
to   red    :he   figure   to   $14,000.00.
Any other figures than the above
have bei n unauthorized by me an 1
have originated wit* thai numerous
. lass ol people who Invariably know-
more about the business of others
lhan  ihey  ,1pi ahout   their own.
Thanking you, Mr, Editor, for giving the same publicity to this letter
that >on gave to the report referred
to, I  am.
Yours very sincerely,
Secretary an.l General Manager of
the Chllllwack Power and Light Com
pany, Ltd,
Chilliwack,  It   (.",,  Aug.   ^ist.  1906,
Wanted v gli i for genei al hi i ie
work in a small family. Apply to
Miss E Rogers, Park Row, N "
West minster.
" ' " ��� ' A      '
;.   .   A ' ���:�����" :
at u ������-'��� -��� �����
Miss Helen Hobson accepting the pos:
���|,",'i;'1 ^ence to cut and oarry away t|on (lf flt.s( ftgaltBan1 ttt Sapperton;
described | from M)ga Helen   noi,SOI1   accepting
the position of nssltant in the prima"v
from the following
lands, situated fasi of the head of
Pitt Lak.'. N. w. District; Commencing ai a :.take planted on the North
K.isl corner of the l'l. O. Patterson
Old claim No, 1093, Ihence Northerly
SO  chains,  ihence   Wesl     SO    chains,
llii'i   Soulli  80  chains,  thence  Mas!
Mi chains lo poinl  Ot coiniiieneeinent
Slaked   AugUSi   lath.   1908.
New Westminster, 13. C,
department   A number of bills were
nlso passed and the usual amount  Of
routine business transacted.
Those present  at the meeting in-
, Imled all the memhe'rs of the board
with the exception of Trustee Peck,
who has not yet returned from his
trip across the Atlantic, and Trustee
Trebles, who is al work in Chilliwack.
The renuilnlng members just form a
l f
k   m\ ��������� ? j
< i
i i
��� j
, ���
�����*W^'...,.'i Ul** ���. mttmmk>
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
. ���
P   .
,  1   '        '
.   *       a .
^t * il A     '
: A'A'T-!
������ %.
���;��� tu,:
'' vi
Mill: I
Published by The Daily Xews Pub-
.'soing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
,'tfiees   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
ri'.reets, Xew Westminster,  B. C.
J.   C.   Brown R.   J.   Burde
Transient display advertising, 10
cent's per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
the Inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents p>-r line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, fur sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
"vord. No advertisement taken fcr
Iqsj than 25 cents.
Manager's   residence   	
Th boating accideni on the Red
Rivera week or two ago, by which
five members of a pleasure party lojt
their lives- was caused i; the pres,
ence in the channel of a pile, under
water and Invisible, which .v.:-
driven there for someone's convenience's in mooring i boom. The law-
prescribes a pen ill foi the . I icing
of such obstructions, but the law is
mr. enforced When some accident
brings out the facl thai these statutory precautions are neglected,'the
public will be rery Indignant I'or a
little while and then we unanimously
forget all aboul It till the next fatali-
���;. rails our attention anew. The real
difficulty i.s that a strict enforcement
of the law In these matters would often interfere with "business," and
business seems to bave the right of
way in these days. St itute law will
not acl automatically, as natural law
does, and the officers who are appointed to enforce "; ' -'nte are
sometimes Incompetent, sometimes
inefficient, and frequentl. are nol supported as they sho:; i I.- by th, very
power  which  appoints  'hem.
Some years ago, Loi I Rose iei y
said���and was Jeered toi saying���
something to the effect that the most
needed "hing was efficiency. Theie
ts a great deal of truth in that. Much
-- Is laid upon law, and we have
new Btatutes and strings of amendments '' old ones 3ut without effie:-
enr administration, of what value are
laws? ft is true that defective laws
sometimes block the way of officials
who are honestly trying to do their
duty, but the great failure is to be
found in the administration of the law.
This is not a political article in the
party sense; we are not accusing any
government; we are stating a general
pr iposition. Men declare at elections
and on other occasions that they are
in favor of 'he enactment of this or
that law; it would be better to make
their influence felt in favor of better j
administration. We have used the Red .
ministration. We have used the Rei
River- accident as a text, but the ev:l
of lax administration���and maladministration also���runs through the
whole warp and woof of our public
affairs. In papers of all shades of
politican opinion, printed in wi le'.y
separated parrs of the Dominion, we
find references to the subject. Sometimes, as In this Red River case, the
complaint is of neglect of precautions
foi -''curing the safer-, of the public;
sometimes the charge is that the law
leals r 11 lightly with ' Influential"
people, while the poor man gets the
i-xrreme pi-mi!'": .snme-irues i- Is that
transportation and other companies
are allowed to trample on public right j
In open defiance of the plain letter'
of the statute. It Is not. on'v that the
whole public suffer more or less from
this condition of affairs in the immediate present; a bad habit is growing
and gaining a hold upon rhe body
politic. Lax administration of, and
disregar 1 for, the law threatent so
become the fashion. Canada canno*
afford that. As one of the papers to
whkh we have referred says, there
will be a heavy price to pay for ir
by and bye, if it is allowed to become entrenched in our customs, as
it has become entrench.-1 efsBwirer
The remedy for if Is plain enough;
in these democratic days, the people
can get what they are determined to
their readers that the advertisements
of the West as a good country to go
to are no more to be trusted than
the announcements made of marvelous
.������ure-    '.    -one- aid;. A-   ii'.'li'   pill-.     I:
is to be feared, however, that the
great bulk and variety of testimony
available in these days as to the ai
vantage- which western Canada has
itter will ..rive too much for their
patriotic efforts. Instead of endeavoring to -how 'hat the West is "bad
medicine." they should devote their
efforts to proving that the opportunities in the maritime provinces aro
still plentiful and abundant. Nora
s. itia, Xew Brunswick, and "the
island" must still have attractions tor
investors and chances for workers. [*
is but the other day. as history counts
time, since the-, themselves were the
farthest west
The local organ of the���well, com ���
to think of it, it is a little hard to
sa] Just what aggregation, political
or otherwise, should be held responst-
for It���but the Columbian is the
paper we refer to���has started the
scandal factory again, taking its material from the headquarters factor .
as it is only a branch. It dishes up
iver a column of this stuff, "sen-
out from Ottawa," as it candidly acknowledges. Whether it is simply doing this "as per contract" or whether
the shower of mud Is to be brackets!
with our local premier's tour of the
mainland as an indication that the
policy of holding the genera! provincial election this fall has not yet
been abandoned, we connot of course
say; but 'he wise man is he who
keeps himself in readiness for the
���     W. R. Gilley. 'Ktione ���\id.
J.  R. Gniey, 'Hnone
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. (J. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
|   Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone IB
The Montreal Star is engaged In a
crusade against '.he note shavers���
the modern Shylocjcs���of that city,
and an up-country paper uses 'his aa
the '.-x' of an exhortation to the Vancouver papers to take similar action
agalns' 'he illegal money dealers of
the terminal city. The paper referred
to, the Nelson Xow.-. asserts that
these "sharks" are to be found in
Vancouver and that they keep the
newspapers quiet by liberal advertising. If the Kootenay contemporary is
rig il ..- ' i Its facts, there Is a chance
for Bome ol 'he enterprising publica-
��� a- ol mr neighbor city to secure
-���. . readable stoi les, an 1 per-
- a libel suit or tw i thrown In :>.���
way of make weigh'.
An Accident.
pf tf
= say p
"Bul I thought be was on the water
"So b,' was, but ii Jolted bim off right
In front of a saloon."
A number of newspapers down by
the sea have formed a sort of protective league, the object of which is
to dissuade the young men of the
maritime provinces from taking 'he
idvice ot the late Horace Greeley by
- I. g mt West. They are maki.ig
ise of rhe fight, against patent medi-
cinea   :n   an   ingenious  way.   warning
When Bryan first  came into prom-!
inence aa a presidential candidate the
fight  turned  largely   on    rhe    silver
question.    Xow  Just     when    he
: ��� tght   forwarI   again,  there  is  an-
'.���������   silver question.    Uncle Sam   Is]
short  of the  white  metal  and  Is   ad-
sing bis desire to purch ise i1"'
00 ounces per week.    In the day-   if
"16 to l" the supply was said to be 1
inexhaustible   but   now    -he    people
have run short of change and are demanding the coinage of 10, 25 and 50
cent  pieces  by the carload.
Tommy's Trouble.
"What's tbi   bast thing nl) iui going to
grandma's. Tommy?"
"Well, what's tbe worst?"
"Eating ; ') ia- li "
PEiVT paragraphs,
The 1 .:i- " man argues the less he
cares ab iui tl ����� truth,
Marry ux I ru mey doesn't re iu re
a.s mu t . ;e as marrying without
It Is banl to - mil u ������������ b i doesn't
U; lal be   Ig   I I >, ned.
If . iu ���   ��� ��� any f, lures youi
success I m't ti i ount t > much.
Sou ������ pi "A" think II doesn't matte,
whal others i aJI them as long us the;
t'u u .!  :  ���-���'���'
Turning the .. her A ������!; isn't a bar 1
matter If y i ir :'   ��������� Is brass pli 1
Fhe stump of ��� .��� : ty la 'as ly erased
If -.. ui use tbe r ghl eraser
An affectation if sh iplic ty sets the
complex mind guessing
Carrie Nation, who had droppe I
out of sight for a long time, is get
ting to the front again. She denounces Roosevelt as the great fyien I
and champion of the liquor Interests
of the  t'nitei  States.
The Other Way About.
"I suppose you are wondering If marriage |s n full ::-..."
"Not nt all. A ni ich more perplexing question is up ��� i   ne "
"What is It?"
"Is single life n -;��� c ���--'.-"
The Wjy of It.
A man la    pt to Ilk.
If sh    I. i a dlmp     ' i I
Acl  -   :'   blow, r with tips        irl,
A figure ind petit
I [<       il  : p from is such
If i     ���.���   II  n   ���    a.'.:.. ��� -i
He oertali    - would love I   ��� ��������� ich,
N'.i matl : who pri >! bit
The sir! ly pla:
H..a   ... ints him on her list.
And  round ��� .       illm
SI... v raps h!n    vii     it    tie m    '
And " f ���:��� h��r
Bei . - -���   she's here and     < :- he;
Th" ' .                            i    ���: fl  ��� ��� nl were
Sh.* here arid hoficross th i
Every man tei   itliatl erolsm Is latent
In bim and varus ,.> be discovered.
Hug.  23 In Rtet
17:.; Increa ie Mather, f.
natical Puritan, etc .
died   In   Boston;   born
l ���::������
1764    la. Ii��   XVI  Ot It
was   born;   pull  il      I
1788   ' i'r.' r l! laard P   ���
American   nav ...
9 . i b�� a In   '���'   ' port.
I:  i    died on t
���I it. in :���������
1788   Silas Di
a��. ii!  In   !���
. oloi le.   In  1776-77   died I
'   .  :
1863��� Boml nt of Fori
. m ���.
...        i    .
plete, fai
'....:������ li
parapet . ���
..ii-!- a
seen in i
ind   channel   l
In fli t ruin "
Bbled foi
harbor oi
1901 -
"��� '^s\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\sssst\s\s\\m
The Cat:    "Great  Sco'.t, no  wonder that little pi^  ia fat."
$150 in Gold!
Reichenbach  Company,  Limited
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 906
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchasj. Our weekly
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon. The coupons are all numbered in duplicate. One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box. The first number
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
ach  Co.,  Ltd
Columbia Street
Nev/ Westminster
tW,&'#< ,Hl)BSOA--   ��"=UaT ��  ,M6-
All About the . .
Picnic Sale
Numerous enquiries ��... ��� i  ,. i ,,. -,, ��� ming
: the phrase���to all of which ���"��� offer this explanation���It's a sale thai offers opportunities to you
,,. to be of more satisfaction to iu than the tun of a
tskel pifnif���you can nov iu ip manj lines of merchandise which you reallj need and othe nrhlch
really want to have- al genuine i&\ ngs
Basket No. 9
Ranchers' Crash  Towelling,   la:.,  color,    excellen
en   use,  has  two  stripes  of  red -t r\                 1
n border, this sale     . IOC   yai'Cl
Basket No. 10
60 Inch Table  Linen,  half   ilea bei r��r\                 i
a.,, i firm quality  .JOC  yai'Cl
Basket No. 11
'I   Bleached   Sheeting,   plain   regular ,-.,-.                  1
a,,-.van: .ins.-.ii-  20c yard
Basket No. 12
Linen  Roller  Towelling,    known    .- s.                  i
Dandy Crash," this sale  OC  yarCl
Basket No. 13
54 inch Tweeds and Homespuns ilds and flakes specially good for warm wlntei skirts, extra '.vide, for-
��� ������'.  $1.25 an i $1.50 r-+                   1
  75c yard
Basket No. 14
A grey and fawn Farmers' snin. , /-.                  l
e-fold, 54 Inches wide, this ial9, 4UC  yai'Cl
Basket No. 15
A fine selection of Tweed Su      ���      ���-'  whal you wani
���"r early fall wear, greens,   blues,    ...  3,    etc.,    many
65c and 75c, ���A       1
j.hi- -ai,.    50c yard
Basket No. 16
Cotton Summer Vests,    white    and    cream,    with    no
deevea    in I   half   sleeves.
2 for 25c
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
uie iii and see our assort-
' of the famous
i %if : f
j    ��Inch arrived a short time ago.     U..   I   LJ\_^
��� - ~~:ii'i
ft   t^&SlI* |
II  is swell.
). J. MACKAY & CO.. 3
j    Phone  157.
Local News Briefly Told
We have not only the largest :���!
and best stock of WATCHES I
in the city, but also have the $
sole   agency for the HAMIL- ;���;
The Transfer yesterday brought In
a'i tons of '-bu year's hay from tho
Delia district
The fruit cannery yesterday received a ton of plums from Messrs. Whir-
worth &  Kirkland of Ladner.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cliff will leave
iti the near future on a holiday trip
whicb will be spent In ihe vicinity
ol  Shawnigan  I. ce
Work on the new- 0. x. R. freight
sheds and offices is being rushed
along as rapidly as possible. The
win,lows were placed iu the offlce yesterday.
Miss M Bolton, and Miss M. Stone
of Vancouver an 1 Miss Winters of the
local school staff are the guests of
Mr, and Mrs. Temple Cliff of Bast
Spring salmon continue to run
strong rhose who have watched the
i Iver To-.'i. fo ��� ears say thai :'
is ��� ��� ��� largesl late i in of Bpring sal-
t. ui  thej   ever remember.
With tl xceptlon of the clothiers
and hard* u ������ men h ints, all stores
closed as usual it 1 o'clo, 1: yes'.i r-
day afternoi n. The -' ires whl< h remained open did n it seem to do very
much  business
The case ���- ilnsl '-. V illeure of
shooting a heifer belonging to his
neighbor John Ossler has been withdrawn because of 'bare not being
sufficient evidence to convict upon or
to warrant  a trial.
Tin.- meeting ol tbe W. C, T. U.
which should have been held yesterday afternon was called off on ac-
loiiiit of the sin illness of attendance
and a mix up with regard to the date
oi   the   meet iii";.
About ^0 of the citizens of this city
were passengi - to Blaine yester.lay.
There were verj few from Vancouver on board 'be train. It had been
expected that a large crowd would
take advantage of the excursion
Theodore Lennie who recently left
for Victoria has undergone a some-
whal painful surgical operation, and'
had an obstruction removed from his I
nose. The operation is reported to |
have been successful ani the patient |
is on the high ro id to health.
The local butcher shops closed
sharp al 1 o'clock yesterday and a
merry crowd boar lei the car for]
Vancouver tnd too i In the butchers
picnic at North Vancouver, The .lay's
;.ror;:amine embraced sports and i
barbecue during the lay and a dance
at night
Chief Mclnl is has deci ie 1 thai ti ���
u 111 nol attend the convention of the
Chief Constables' association thaf is
a. ... hei i in Toi >n1 i In September.
The ebb : Is planning to take his holidays In a quIStei poi than Toronto,
but he has not yel made up his mind
whether be wlll g i camping or prospecting.
.1. .1 Johnston of the provincial
court bouse staff lefl tor Winnipeg yesterday accompanied by his
brother A. ll. Johnston of Vancouver
Mr. Johnston expects to bring back
with him as his bride one of Winnipeg's fair daughters in the person
of Miss Lottie M. Lake. After a short
honeymoon trip Mr. and Mrs. Johnston will return to t:u;e up their resilience in 'he home Mr. Johnston has
erected   on  Thli/ street
Al 1 advertising signs on Columbia
strep.' have to be remove.I by Saturda) evening, and anyone disregarding
| police Instructions after that date
win be prosecuted according to the
byh\w. Only about ten apex signs'
now remain ou the street, and the
merchants are also making a smaller
display    ol   then    goods   on   the   side-:
walk than they ha.I been In the habit
of doing loffoiiie time past.
The   police   have   their   hands   full
these  days  looking  alter  the  many
Indians   Who  are  walking  the  .streets'
of the city resting n!T? their arduous !
labors   during   the  fishing   season.   As'
If   the   trouble   r.i\;-i' I   by   the   bucks !
when  ihey got  intoxicated with  tire
,water  was  not enough  for the  force,
, the papooses are doing their best to
gei Into trouble.   Detective Bradshaw
and  Chief  Mcintosh   were  kept  busy
yesterday  afternoon  near    the    tram
! terminus keeping the Indian children
from getting in the way of the moving cars,    liven  with the closest  vigilance,  several  narrow  escapes    were
noticed.    In the meantime the Bquaws
looked  on  and  smiled.'
I other mishaps, an.l all that Is now-
necessary is the necessary material
with which to make the final connec-
tions which wlll change the course
of the current from aerial to submarine and leave either side of the
draw available for any class of vessel
to pass through. Hitherto sailing
vessels psucli as the Beaoon Rock
which is now loading lumber at the
Fraser River mills have been obliged
to pass through the south side of the
draw in order to avoid coming in
contaci with the overhead wires which
conveyed the necessary electric power to the machinery which operates
the .-wing of the  bridge.
Cosmopolitan���E. Simpson, Coquitlam; J. Griffith, Hall's Prairie; Angus
McDonald, Vancouver: W McAulsy,
Fingers Cut Off.
.1. Oaffney who runs a tumbte""8aw
at the Royal City mills, met with an
accident yesterday. He was cutting
off box lumber. The boards are ousn-
ed through to a gauge and the saw
cuts off the required length. He had
just got to the end of a board and
misjudged the length of ihe end which
projecteH: The saw came down and
cut off the ends of 'be four fingers
of his left hand to the first joint. He
was taken to the Royal Columbian
hospital for treatment and '.'-ill soon
be  about  again.
j Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
j all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size        - ���   $2.00
See them.   They will delight your eyes, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
i    Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.     \
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
��� mm*
I Reduced Pricesl
| Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits
! The  White House I
|   A. J. BIRTCH. . 275 Columbia St. |
Miss Julian Jackson of this city,
was led to the matrimonial altar yes-1
terday by G. W. Knox of Victoria. The
ceremony was performed In Holy
Trinity cathedral by Rev. A. Shil-
driek. The bride was attended by the
sister of rhe bridgegrom Miss Florence Knox, while the bridegroom was
issisted by the bride's brother. T. B
Jackson. After the ceremony the
parry adjourned to the bride's home
on Albert Crescent where a wedding
��� Ilation was served, after which the
bridal party left for their new home !
in Victoria.
School Suits
Almost At Your Own Price.
i Ud you hv a -  irt a papi r
1 '���!.  :������.-.   rlain iir rear mind,
J'l-r to keep youi -��� If trom mischief
' ir to elevate mankind,
Jasi ��� . :..   ke   hi   world take notice
.'.ai to ketp   he nation stra -rut?
It      . ,  :   a I sh    a I   .
For tb       . is great.
V'har ��� a li     i :' It n mt i- ro .min?,
ti-nlr.s;    Imost to bite,
you shoi Id     <.-.���        < the harness
An I pr .    .  ; . i lo vi rite
r  isibly  ��� -  ivalting,
I .us.: -    :��� ��� ���   I daj  to day
And on tipl ������   '���       ag forward
Just to hi ar v.. ii you will say.
Ther ���   u    ��� i great and noble,
Son    p ������ .'���  pear your heart,
That u . - ir the ;��� iper
i to start;
Just befon ���   Is waiting
Mi ���    ��� sure!    fame;4
Hire a ] By;
Tl a:'������ il. ��� w :���  to .vork the s.inn.
Easii r i a.   ��� lng ' 'a kei -.
It" you will the rules observe;
Any one cai    I i the business
If he only lias thc nervi
Why delay?   i'ou know, dear reader,
In your secret so';'. I trow,
Ymi could do   : so much l. tter
Thau the men who do it now.
He Got Off.
"Jimmie, you bave been such a bad
boy that nculier will have to whip
"1 il m't miinl Hip whipping myself,
mother, but 1 know that it will hurt
you worse than it will me, and t-that's
wh-\vhy I'm eryiug."
Wanted at Once���Quirk, active, energetic boys. From la to 20 years
Of age. Apply personally. Western
Canadian Can Factory, Sixth street.
For Sale���Second hand buggy, road
cart and harness, W. II. Madill,
care A. Speck. Columbia street.
j $2.50 and $3.00 Suits, yours for - - $1.00
i $3.00 and $3.50 Suits, yours for - - $1.50
j $3.75 and $4.50 Suits, yours for - - $2.00
All  above fitting boys from
7 to 1 O years of age.
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced vrith
Cake Icing
Chocolate, Pink, White, Lemon, Orange,
|      Almond,   Maple  and  Coconut Cream.
Wanted ��� Active,     intelligent
Advertise   in   The   News
about eighteen  years ot age, at  Fruit
Cannery, Front street.
I TON WATCHES which for accurate time keeping ��
>  cannot be beaten.
W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, The Jeweler, Columbia St.
The 11 i ii ton Electric company which
has been at worli drilling the piers
beneath the big bridge and laying thc
cable beneath the Fraser river to
replace the overlie.ul cable which has
hitherto done service has almost completed its contract. The piers have
been drilled In spile ot much dillii-
culty   caused   by   breaking  drills   an 1 |
*   acts.
Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump every day, and many other free
Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance
One Whole Week of Fun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British   Columbia   Day
.����� .-
t    '"    L'l A
I   fl1
. ���   :! t
=C    feather bed. Bhe laogl ed tricked!? ��'.
I   delightedly.
a ib. '.- bat wo   ���; .- . '  Con ���   a do
If she knew I - -      before th
new ministi;:   - town, I d ���
belie< i . t  1 :
well. i.u: i .; ...      -..-.-     I like a m
ter  to .   b
b!       . - ised.   II wa -
fr:   .... , .    ' -.,-���;
alpout thi :     . '���     a.: .
��   Ist< .. bul as he l*
"II ..i,.. .      ; [il man!     : isti ;   called    n mi lister I'd
t...   ��� .     ��� ���      sting the car      Tl e   nest ml   an-
..... a nounccd tend a i lub
.. .   ��� mse 1   '���'���''      -   ' '      '...-.
::' passivil ���'.';.'    s        '    '        il��L     ,     I
';.���-���      ���   ���       ���   ��� ���   i'
l :. ering  their  be-
: .   . L'l ���    ��� ..'..:
ber departure
out into the  cold     ,
i. :  ���   - - ...
night,   i a young girl  -A. a   f(
' '      '     '   "    ra   .. ��� itbad to
' : '   " :" sort   ��� ��� . ���     , 1        j  I
am ���     'll ���     hot        ���     II       Ide'ringl) ��,., ,
" i slowlj   puller!       ,,, (it
OUI V(.v,.,
t   1" a:      ke   :'.....-        ,.j    ,        .       ,
ill    ��� '  .
It isn't II
......     s  this?
.... employee        e oul
, i
-   :: A
���   -.   . ���:.'-'.��� ; '   '
; .
���   -
after 1
���!   |usl  ���
������    1 .
i '
.   ���
ntl ���
. ���   .    .
:'���     ���
��� .
"Mr. -. .'
to     11,;        my troubl
::....'    . '   1   '   ���.   : :
: ?k your a
"i '        I.afl       '.  . .
:: .   .
'II . .    '.a      :   " ell
.. .     .   J   _   ..        ��� tip   111   ..
nd,  M      \\   iti rs,   will
yen  i.. ,'.��� .- mi    ...      tually at I ;..������-
d    r   : ��� .   ...a    ���   i.   I   tell   you���she
"No.  Mis-  I...Sin!    V .a  amaze  mei
It cannot 1��- possible!"
"II irrid   a; pocrite!"    tho igbt   Polly
Hearing voices ���:.���'..���;��� she look
ed "ui and l eheld i.e.- . :.�� ei tering in
company '��������� Ith a mai . 1 .-. mye !. -be
snat. lied ;!.������ wig fr .. : ��� :��� 1.- d re-
gardli   -  of rla. effi cl the i
-ir    : ter. She bad just  c mcei  ��� d  il   ���'��� ben
her aunl    ud com] ��� titered.
'--'    fi " ' ���"���:���������  ';" '" rd, : '. I that a      ���; ,... ;,. :. ... .-;!i., : ���,.  Pollv
man's thi   railrai :   employee   xiiis is our pastor, Mr   Winters.    My
���""��������� ��� .-i. but the otiiei   i. ap    ,.,.,.,. M._ i,. .-,..   jjr. \\ uters.   I met
I" ���������'' ��� ���'' ��� ' '��� ",|- Mr, \\ Inti :- ... !.:-. ���'.:.-   here."
"Thank you eery much," be said. ''Well. .John, what are you doing
"Vou voice my sentiments exactly, here:'" asked the inister'after ac
Our comn....  I     fori nie sl i ild  i  .������������      .,,, .....���_��� i       to PoUy.
u- to waive en    i   j and ��� mven-    j., , ,...,. ,..- .    ..:,   w ],.
tlonality.    My nan e .- John  Winters.    -, ..   -      ���.:���....   e you h ive  nti i
I inivr. recently taken up my abode In   duced -,,,.. .    ���
"Yi -.   I   .i. ���        ��� I   myself,"  he  re-
"DEAB   Ul
how i tt������ i  :}:.:.  vot'-
"Mine   .-   Polly   Li ster,"   she   said
piled     ...
'   if 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th   Street '
New Westminster, U. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship andJScow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pion��er  Limited"   St.   Pa,:]   to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   tc
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited'
Kensas City to Chicago.
A .   trains   in   tht   service   on   an
road in  thi Id that  i
n'pmcnt that of the i
fe & Sl    P    11
:   ���  ������   theii
lining cars on alll their t
their patrons  an  <
���   ��� ble i   ewhere
A   .    'r     XE. General Aj
134 Third St.,     -   .      , Porl
Canadian P^icific
Royal Mail Steamship
friends froi ....
will   -   ve   a   :.-. ���    '
Ni   t sailing :        ���
... peediest  ai
'   ' '��� gai t  Sti        ��� :'
C.  P.   R.  AGENT.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Sritiuh  Columbia  Ccast  Line
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Am! all the principa scenter
Also * . BUFFALO,  NKW YORK ami
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tabic -. etc., . ddri ss
GEO.  W.   VA-X.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and 1
Agent, 135 A ian - St.. I hicago, 111.
It   lii.M'.l
' ��� A  A
frankly, "and 1 am onlj  going to Hill- - ,.,,..,. - .,   ..
man to visit    I trust I will never take at her niece.                            ,-o'rld have
ap "-'.       -!" th ." }.ot] ._,,, ,,. ., ...   ���   .  ... -.-.
"It   Isn't         ���   ticing  spot,"  be  ad- ''Why, Aunt Cornell:;, I wns just try-
'���'  "       -    -      "     "u'1"'' '';iri  "'" get a.e   | .���.. ������],,,��� Mr   wipers rang and
a tra     to II   li   in?" be asked of the , ,   ,;    , . .... .., ,.,.,  _., -
"And do you know," said John, - i .
"Nol till t ;.. .rr..".  ���. oi ning;." . , ���                v'i  i                         to  i eet
"Jl                ���    ���'    :     '   '"'"���    '  I'"" I. -     ���:..    lust bail   an   ...-':. nt as you
-   ���      '.   re        ....       b< re   but there ,,,,.,,.,   ., ,     ���         ���   .,   .    .   .    w,���   ���.,.,,.
'��� "''   "   -'    "    ' " '    '    ��� iU <lrive us Mis.    Lafl I    an I then I at i tice recog-
:.���:���...-.,.. 0l]  j   tady  I   saw
II  :...   : . : -    the  barkeep, Blighting from tl e train lasi night."
��� .  iu over In bis automobile. 	
Mixed I'ji'Ii i<> Huiipiri.-Ms.
'���'" '' shortly with the bar- ���n., ce and lit you look this morn-
keep a ml .. runabout. John Winter- ;������_������ you always look so fresh after
made ii I :������ ��� ib bim for tbe trip, a -ba e," said Myers to bin wife as
i aa P. .. ii be I i , tb- -eat o.-sbie |���. ,.,,,, ... ,| ,j,. breakfast room,
l""' '��� "'.,: "II a. i retty thai little b mse dress Is
"I bave -m,.��� .-..,.1 news tor you. It thai you have onl" she answered, with
seems   ������          . i eel    tbe western ex n smlli
I'"-'  ':-           '    :'   tn ber.-. and that "Whnl on earth are you two people
train Is i         cd     Ie, so we can over- talking  about?"   Inquired   the   frlei
take o ... ti     i an              ie our way as v.i,,. was         .  ������ tin m.
"''sl "':'"'. "\ .ni see, we rend an article In a mag
Polly quite ei    . ed th     little adven azlne suppleme I   once   entitled  'Kee
"���''". She ie a weakness   !.,..  r...- ...  fonilnu -   Il-Jiieymoon,"
nnd   .  '���   di   . ������   ���            enlures.   She sa.]   Mi      ';.            It   ��������� ��� .   q   li-'  ol
cbiitieil     ���            :. In r i.e... acquaint t!,.   ,: .    ���              bn��i.iyid   and   wlfi
";,r"   '                   ' '             l�� ���' thej diould            i          ber i     ry morning
I'd tin     detrni ked before ��� ���������,.       :���..���.             .. tickled
-    ���    '��� ���   ���     ���������       the with '....    .                cut them mu nnd
; '  .    lie pi    en pn led them                      ol our res|ie
V> Intel - ..   tin tlve i edr -            e were I
ml I they i ppro i bed u ,- ,,.   ,       evi ry i   .:    , .    P,ul it Imp
11               ��� ' '      I"-'      " ���"' : iptlj pened '! nl  In                the two seel
i:                              place, mid people : exact);                       Hint tin   busliniid's
1 :���  '                        ��� regarding \>m\ rii .             , ,  -               .. ..,,. .,;,-,.-, orj
"              *         '.������:'.. .Mil.,... n'i, be comes  In nn
' '   ''       ���   i      ��� ''  ���> ���"���"'��� '< ing, ;������ ���    io me  "  m doti I know how well
i     ;;'-'' ,''- " thai         ��� ���   il -et- off your greal dec|
'���" :      "  : -���' ' ���"  : -'���""��� ��� b..'.' I .   -   ��� ,   'Whnl n dear, lovable
'''���'  ���'���                      ���   '���''    ���   ���������' ''������ ,1:'"'' .it e tl            : :  .���:' That's tbe answer
''���" We I..t ���  n I .1 of fun oul of It,   Ureal
I'ollj  '       met and whisked away to sehemi      n't     r   Mew York I'n   ������
the " ." haeli by a spinster nutit. 	
"tins   lllllmiin   ebnuged   much   unj Lifting with the i imk.ti..
new people moved In since I was last Did you ever nee n mnn lifted from
>''''"��� Ami 'tielia?" naked Polly de- the floor with the Index Angers ot lour
llnurelj   us  'bey   were  unpacking  her <,r five persons?    It  Is not bard to do
luggage, ir   the   efforl   Is   made   with   perfect
"(ib. yes.   Illllinan is growing fust, unanimity. Five persons can very ensl
Lots of people, and  we've got a new |v ni|ge n man with only seven Angers
minister, n city fellow." If the subjocl is nol too heavy,    Lei
"What's his name?" demanded Polly, two persons stoo] Ing down place their
looking up Interestedly, Index lingers under the feet.   Two oth
"TheUet   Mr. Winters." ers, wiib one linger each, will rnisc the
"Oh."' gasped  Polly feebly, bending elbows.    A   ilfth  will  raise the chin
over ri  refrnclorj   box  cover.   "Whal with  one Anger   total,  seven  Angers
does he look like?" When nil nre in readiness lei each take
"I nm iishnmed to say I lmvcn't seen a ).,���..   f,iil  breath, antl nil  together,
him," replied ! ��r nunt.   "First Sunday > "One, two, three, rnisc:"   when the othe was Are I Inui n cold,   The next fori to be pul forth Is only of short
Buudnj it jn-t poured.   He bus called, duration there Is considerable muscular
bill I wns not at bome." force   in   tlio   Angers,   nnd   it   is   not
"Well, I presume lie will call again," strange thai lhe united power ot seven
remarked Polly. . fingers   should   overcome   the   dead
Later, ���. A , she wns alone and re j weighl   of  u   person  of   160  to   l(M
posing   comfortably   In   tha   billowy pounds,
tSubject to change without    notice.
! . ncess Bei ti   i    ���   res Van
'��� if isi  6th.
Princes.--    May        ���'-    Van
'. .- ist 12th,
Prin ��� --  .';���   '    .    eaves Vi n i ivei
M .,   18th.
I ���   i  ���   -    ."'.:        ���, . ��� ���    Van
. ..    ��� i.i. I.
Prince     Beat]   e   ���   ������ -  Vi nei    ������
August  - A
Pr.ncess Victoria.
Leavi     Vancouvi r      ily at  1  p. in.
S. S. Charmer.
Leavi     ' ' ..   Westmlnstei    I 7 a. zi:
������:. '.'. ��� Ines ...   . i : M< nd j -.
S. S. Jean
[.( ivi a Vi :������ '. ivi r dally except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat-
��� .       p. in.
S. S. Gueeo Gty
Lf avi -: VI :toria al 11 p. m. cc 1st,
7th, 19th and 20th of each month foi
Ashou .' and way points; .eaves Vic-
toi ia on tbe 7, and 20, toi Q ial Ino and
way points. Leaves Victoria on -0th
of <-;ich month for Cape Scott and way
points incl iding Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer
I., av-   Ni ..   '.'..   '!,, :   -. ���   . j,   Mon
I     .   An" >'.,    .    Wl    Bl     .     .   Tbui    lr
and  IA Idaj    I   :  p.  m, and i. al irdaj
at 2 p. m. with additloi     trip er. Mon
al ���". ... m.
Li   ..    S ��� i   Mon .. .. Tue day,
Wednei d , Thursd i tl E I irday al
7 a, in.; I'.-: lay al G ... m, addllli n il
trip Saturday G p, m,
S. S. Beaver
Lea ves Ni w v.'f ��� mlnBter, 8 a, in.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a, m, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack,
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. rn., 2nd
and 16th of each month, calling at
Skldegate on first, tiip and Pella Coola
nn second trip. Time on arrival and
departure are approximate,
For reservations and Information
call or address
Agent, New  West minster.
Asst. Oen. P.'is-i.  Agent, Vancouver.
.!. W. TROUP,
General Siitperlntcinleiit,, Victoria
Oen. Agent, Freight. Dept,
New V.A.-it minster.
Eight Trains  Every 1        n thi   Yeir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
.    E TRAIN    ������
Nl >RTH  .. A.    LTD.
the nev   sl        d best
for A     iRT, .'..'.     NCE,
.       ."   : A
electt    ty   and   j
..... ...     n   thi
equipment       i       -   . :
te   i	
;���   ji.'    -   -'��������� pers,  luxui      ......
��ar. reclii   ' .
:..uiltr hes   and  buffet,   !i-
I r.irv   ,1.^
For Tii       . lers,
further informal   ��� on    r
IENER .   ','T,
t, Seattle, \
Trains & Steamers
' ���   .e New   Vi .   " r 7.25 dally.
Ltave New Westminster 17.20  :	
Arrive  N. rv   \\ estn nster   10.30 dally.
Arrive New Westminster 19.10 dally.
Lv. N. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 16.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.30;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W,   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.  N.  VS.  b.l.",  10.3",   19.10,  20.20.
Lv. New Westrnins ti i 6. 10 a, m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. .-'���   ttle 1 p.m
Lv. N. VS. is:', j ,u..; ar. Seattle 10 p m
Lv. Seattle, 4,:;-i p. m��� ar. N. w. 9 15,
Lv. N. w. 3 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver S.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. \v. b.L'O a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon 2.40 p.m.; ar. N. W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays onlv.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50. 6.50, l
and 8 a. m., and k\-Kry half hour thereafter tu: ii p, in.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same Lours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wn]. Frid. 8 a ri,
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m
Ramona ���
From N. vs. Tu., Th., Sat 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wei!., Fri., 7 am
From X. W. dally, ex. Sat ami Sun,,
'i p. m.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 6 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri, 6 a.m;)
:   trip Si turday, :, p.m.
I   ' n:  N.W.,  Wed. .ni'l  Mon., 7 a.m.
1 ;l-m '.'.. toria Tuet. and Sat 4 a.m.
Berth No.  494,"  will  be received at
Department until noon cm Wednesday, the  8th day of Augnst, 1906,
| . . :.-. nt  timber on  Bl I th
No. 494 ng the Wi
>������'.:.:������. A .-
the 7      -'���    ���   '
Df 3i
The survej   i     " i       to  I ���
a   ��Ithin oni . ���  ��� Ipt of
. ��� ��� -��� ed,   also   j tinted
tendei    nd envi
-   aed at thi   I ���    irtmi nl I
office of the Crown Timber   '-.-. i ��� I
Ni '.'���  Wi ter, B. C.
ra ist  be accom] anted
.   epted   ... te   n a cl artered
...  :   .  r of the Deputy ol  tl
Mil Ister   of   the    Inti rii r, thi
mt of thi     oi      which the i
cai ��� tor thi      ense.
.._���������...        .   . ���
PERLEY 'b   KE1    3
Sei ������
11. ���   rtment ol the Interior, i "
. :. : 106.
Railway  Com
Two    fast    ���
with Un ���
and  first-' lai
Impi ���
I  ir
Cheap Excursion  |
and   Return.
Sept. 8, 9. & 10 j
Good till Nov. 30th
Assistant    Gene-ai    p
Great Northern Ry,
Time Table
Mail Service
Seattle, la S imas.10 pm.
Sap'n & Millside.. 10.00 p.m.
Vancouver io.no j..m.
Cloverdale, lilalne,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45 a.m.
Van. & Cent.  Park...l0.30 a,
Victoria 10.30 a.m.
East Burnaby  1.15
Steveston, etc.... 1.30p.m.
East, via C. F. It...4.45 pm.
East, via C. P. R,.10.00 p.m.
Sap., Mill, Co(]'m..4.45 p.m,
Van. & Burnaby..8.80 p.m.
Tlmberlandi Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.
8.20 p.m.
10.80 a.m.
9.00 a.m,
3.30 p.m.
m.   'S p.m.
lo.oo a.m.
1.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
6.00 p.m.
12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Timber and Minos Drancb, Department, of the Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Timber
Synopsis   ot    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
An; e Domli    a Lai       vlth
In thi   . Bi !' .:. Britl b   '    u
'     '
or any mal
'��� .   ..       :.   ��� I
i made pi
offlci ���    Istrict in
. .
The 1  imi   ti    lei   - 11    lired to pei
fori    ' . -   -.-      nnected then
witl -   ��� ���  of thi  folio wing pl
ui    .���   leaf:   ��� >   miu ths* ri
i] tivation of  the  land
���   r for three years.
i j i If the father I or mother, if tl
���' -    -       eceased) of the A n
upon a farm in th*r vi: :i:ty
i t : A land enti red f r thr ri quire-
mei.t!- as to rr-. lei en j bi - fied
by such person residing -.Mth the fa-
::;��� r   . r  nr'.tber.
(3)  If th" settler has his permaneni
re-   len -   upon   farming  land   owned
by him in  the vicinity of his b< 1  ���
stead, the requirements ns to residence
may   i ���    -..:    ��� .< ���!   l.v   r1 ��� ���    :'|    '.
the said land
F:x m nths' notice in writing sh
be given to the Commiss oner ��� 1 Do-
rr. ���    n 1 at Ottawa of     lent   n
to apply for patent.
V.". W. CORY.
Dejuitv  Mini-tcr  of  thc   Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will no', be paid
Sealed tender.-   addressed   to   thi
undersigni 1. mar...' i on the envel , ���
"Tender for Ties, 1906," will    be   re-
��� ���. .'j at the office of   the   Ci mml
sloners of the Trai ��� atal Ra
way al  1 ittawa, unt 11  "��������� 1 ve o'cJi   I
noon, of tbe  I2tb    a    of July,  1906
for five hundred and thlrt; I .-   thou
sam!  1" 15,000)  Railwi ,  'I 1
cordani e with tbe     ....   ous
the Commissioners.
Sealed Tenders   addressed    lo   the
undersigned, marked on tbe envi ��� ;.'���
"Tender for Ties, 1907," will ...
receive,] as above until twelve o'cli
noon, ol the 4th day   of   Septsmbei
1906, for one million and    ten    'I 1  1
sand (1,010,000) Rallwaj Ties, In   accordance with the   specifications   of
the Commissioners,
Ti nden must be made on the
f< rm- supplied by I be O n 0 lone -
v. hii li, aa well a tha Bpecifii ation -.
maj ��� .��� obtained on appll ation to
11 ..ii i��. Lumr len, ehiei Englni 1 1
' ittawa, Ont, to .\. E. D icet, Ois
trli ��� Englnei . Q tebec, P, '.,', or ta
A. 17. Hodglna, DIstrli t Enslni 1 1
Kenora, Ont,
Full Information in regard to dellv
eries required is given on Jurm 0!
Each tender must i e signed an i
sealed by all the patties to the tender
and witnessed,
The successful tenderers will be
required to slim a contract In form
satisfactory to ihe Commissioners
and to furnish an acceptei] chequeon
a chartered hank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Hallway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per rent).of the
amount of the tender, as security for
the due and faithful performance of
the contract.
No tender for less than five thousand ties will he considered,
Tho rinht Is reserved to rejeel any
or all Renders,
I)y Order,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, June 26th, 1906
V. VV. & Y. RY
Le ivi
non      E
���1 00 1 'a Vanci iu vi
il    p.    :.        M
���   li   a    :      ,.'    '
a. m
It. ite of the Pai
2���Daily Overl.mj Tt - _2
Spokane, St. P   A   ���'
Wlnnipi g, Du ith   1 I
Louis  an 1  .
For     . om] .'���'������ ���   ���
rates,   berth   resen
call . >n or addn
F. C. GRil FIN. J
Bank of Comn
Ni w  We   ���
S. Q. YERKES   '
Coi       Si   ond   Vvi
luml'ia St, 8( .'   ���
j Northern Pacific;
m - ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
Trains Daily
Travel on the Fan    1
Electric-lighted train..
Quick Time. I
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Ticket.- on Bali t  all European point.-.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Rrund   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or wi ti
C. IA LANA. General '��� ���"
430 Hastings St.. Vai       ���    B. (
A. I). CHAR1 '
Portland, Ore, *> ��� i;-   A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS,    I      1
Sun lay)   carrj �����   i"- '
express    and   fri a '
Btagi - nt Can ro
maintaining a thro 11
For information apply '
J.   II.   ROG1 RS,   A "     "'i^''
Vancnuv".   B. '
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co
Nelson X Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
I   . .    n ���.
K' -'���
The  only  all   rail   route
', points cast, west and  si til
land, Nelson and intermediate pi     ,
connecting at Spokane v. th H��   ��� R
'Northern, Northern Paci     ���<��'1
& N. Co. ,   .    r.n.
Connects at Rossland with the un
I adian  Pacific  Railway  for   >'""ul"r)
Creek points. 1Viti,
Connects at    Meyer-    fain
stage ('-lily for Republic. ���
Buffet   service   on   tram-    ���
Spokane  and  Nelson. ,p
November   '"
q.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
g.40 a.m.
D.iy Train
MS I ���"'���
.4.10 I
. Spokane
..Nelson   6'4V
.in. th
AUGUST 22.  1906
.    EDMONDS, Barrlf
S'-v.   Westminster.
i.  Edm in i.
���l 'ii,'. BOLE, ���
mrl  Offices
tre t,  opposite   po
, e tminster.     M ine     I
On the Famous
... || itoi eti of
tn      '���     '��� i :      Bll
Lorne  street.,
is 21 to 24,  14" Gran-
Martin, K   I
i,    M Quarrli    ll   A
Martin  will   be In th ���
.. ce    every  Frlda;   a!
"Oriental Limited"
TO  Al !   P4STrR\   POINTS
.;il. &   BOWKS,  Barris
ItOl 61 i !������   Ta
,,    Court    Housi     Net
,   i,   Bowe    l'  0   i '
Tickets on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sep}. 8,10
For  particulars  call   or.   or  add-ess
F  C. GRIFFIN, Nev. Westminster, B. C.
Oul :��� in blocl      nlum
, Tom   .-i '������ ts, New  \ e
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
I  rough  kn-" ledge  of the
a. ���..        England with 1"  ��� ear
perier Lat ��� ��� ���' ������
of thi   watcl   repairing  department, nf
Savage,    I.   - u     &     Co.,    Montreal,
i.    ;    Birk'   busi    -   "onager path.- time.
Enelisl Sv iss, American and all
complicated watch"- cleaned, repaired,
mad new ami rt.lj.i-* >d.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Di    from Geo   A   u      Groce
St;l! Doing Business at tie Old Stand.
e ana
l .,    .   . ODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A   M.
 tii ���'    of    this
v    mi li
tl      .    lo      i    n     ii
i n.:
T    1 .   , . ' ���'
v      .    I vv oil   Sm   :.
Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd.,
New Westminster.  B. C.
Merchant Tailor
M.���Regulai   communica
T; .       a    ���      1 U bl
.    |       In ea       montl
���    "
ei   an   cordi        li     a
,     W. Ollchrlsi   Sei
-V   PRECEPTORY, No. ���'������":'���     I
I.   i    i.   of   L,   in- :;|l    J
I             ,,;. ���   of ' . i   month   a i
i    agi     :. . .    corni of
:             i in   ai ,, .  .. So
r Knlgl        co In
end            '���   Dunlop W
:.   Mattbla     Reg
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manuf of
Show Cases. Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Columbia  Str����r
Full Hni   of El        tl, 5:        '     ",: Irish
"��� I     md worsteds i In stocl
S]    ��� ,,      i ...|
. election
Carnarvon St.. between 10th and Mrlnnis.
!���'.,.      .1.     . . .... ,
From 1 5c. up.
'    A-  A TRIAL.
ii   , i- angi    bi I        . ni
In each moi b a   l  n
n.    '���.      mg brethren i Hall;
ei .     E. 1 M     ���    ���
v.  M   .,. Humphi lei. ftei Sei
F.��� AMITY   LODGE.  No. 27���
.     ..- '. ��� ���    1
ed to i S. .
\'\   c  Coatham, Re   S ���
V\ ���FRASER   LODGE   No. fl
��� ��� .   ;.-���
���     montl
In    ed to
��� ���:..    \..   '    D    w    bai     i '.: ���
blocl    Clarkson streel
���������   .- lei     i.   . b Witt.
'    v 01   .!: ..IJ
Bank of
: ,    la.    act    ot    pi
���   '"'
FUND   >���    	
ii in   Lord Strathcona and Mount
Hon Presldi
- ond   fre
..   .- m,   V ce   Presldenl   Hnd
:..  i
l ...-.-    trans-
il cities
d   Cai New
.      :    a ���    :
,.. ! i..       jiondents In a    parrs nl ilie
Royal Bank
of Canada
Ua-zltal $3,000,000,    Reserve $3,437,162
Total   Asset?  $3b,3/iS ���   b
corn orients Ii
all the principal cities or tne world.
Gere-a!  b-tnking  business  transacted.
... west i  tes.
'   ea   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
;        r   COLOMBIA    LODGE    No
5-ONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S ���
���   Dec ������������' ';.��������� ts S
'.     ��� T ' I
���   :-' .  at
Rose D
In   each montl
Visil       Bn
l>     invited.      E.   B   Stinoh
Pres., H   Dai.T . Sei n
Savings Bank Dept. Je HENLEY
.     .       I       '   ��� ''
' '
'   BRUNETTE.   No. 4099.  I.O.F.
���- the  Fourth  Fri lay in the
���   -   o'i Id k,   In  the  small
a     ws'    block.     Visiting
.:���.. i ordlallv Invited to al
it. Rushton, C. K-:  F.  P.
)!  S,
A        * ROYAL COLUMBIA. No. 8808.
F.���Tlio regular meettnga of
Ige are hei I on the Second
rth Tuesdays of each month
m. in the 0 Idfellows' Hall.
���  Brethren  are cordials   In
lo attend.   E. C. Firth, C. K.;
Maxwell, Sec.
Junk and Second-hand   Mineral Waters. Etc.
Store Aerated Waters,
..... .,...; :,.,
��� ids      	
, opper, old shoes   in I a    tn<  als; also
. ,     '.      etc    write   ir ca
Front  Stret, New Westmln?
Opposite Brackman-Ker w h n I
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Synopsis of Regulations Air Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Maniroba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
C     -       . . .,..-    ���     De    f..,-.
ed  .it $to per acre  for soft
and   $20   f< "   anthra.   te.     X  t   i
���   ���,.   acquired b;   oi
individual  or   company.      Royalty   at
the rate ��� -ooo
pounds sl      1 lected on the g
\ RTZ���Pers ms     of     eig!   ei
- and over and joint stock com-
panie.; hiilding free miner?' certifici
may obtain entry for a mining '.
v  ���" ��� ��� -   ��� ��������� is granted
- e or i '        , not excei
...    upon payment in advani ���
pet annum for nn ini  \ dual, a id from
$50 to $icn  i ���       num for a com]
ng to . ipital.
A   free   mini ".   naving   d
.   al in place, n   ; ite �� claim
150c X1500   feet   b;    1    rking   oul   I   ���
same   w ith  tw.    I< g      posts,  bearing
loi ition  notices,  one  at  each  end  ol
ne of the lode, or vein.
The claim -:' ;I be recorded v
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one ad
dil ion il   .' 13   allowi d   for   every   additional  ten  miles  or  fraction.     The
I fee for recording a claim if $5
At least $100 must be expended on
PERance n t   every Wednesdaj
o'clock  p. in., in Oddfellows'
Columbia    1- it     Visiting
en in e cordially Invited to at-
J, S, Bryson, S. C; J. MoD.
bell, Se,.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the Flrsl and
1 rd Tuesday of, every month In
K    of   p, Hall.     John    McNlven,
Chi i; ,1. .1. Forrester, Hoc. Soo.
o.D of trade.���Xew Westmln-
: 11 iard of Trade meets In the
"i.l Room, City Hall, nn follows:
��� "ini Wednesday of each month
lartevly meetings on the second
edneaday of February, Way,
l! usl und November, at 8 p. m.
nnual meet inns on the Becond
Wednesday of February. New
embers may be proposed and
"(l"ii nt any monthly or quarterly
 ting.   a. B. White. Sec.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbpn. bt.
" delivered    promptly to any
' ""i of tho city.
^ight and Heavy Hauling
tl.flco Thon.. VC).        HfllT   I'Dono H7
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by tlie laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that tlie best parts
of tlie beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL Is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
;���! '��wiati��j!7,;'��. v'T"/''.: ������ ^^m^je^i^Jfam^KiTu^.
' the  claim  each  year  or   pi: i  to  the
mining recorder in lieu there,-' V
$500 has been exper ' the
lay,   upon   having irvey
upon comply'"
purchase   ' 1
Sr 00 an acre.
Pern -ray be p-' nl
Mini-' tl      [nt trior  I
claim 1 -  iroi   ind mica.
��� - Yukon Territory, c
....    not 1      ���   :ing 160 a :t ���
Tin-   pal . 	
shall  pi ���       payment  ���
R iyall per c int. of the s
of the  p- ���      '     -o   th    location.
PLAC1      MINING Manitoba
the  N.  Yi iting the  Yu
Territory:  A "^ning claim
eraily  ar"   "
:$5, renewal���" rly,     On the >-'   rl
Saskatche- :-     are eil
bar  nr bench I    "r��r being   1
feet long and between hi
low wai      ���    -'      The latter
bar diggin      but extends b
to the ba=e  oi   ' bank   1
[OOO   1
power  is  u ed   : fee
��� ��� jned
Di idgii     :-   thi   Ri Manitol
.-    ���      ���    " ��� ���-������ the V"
knn Territory     .'"-������
tain only two le
ble ii    '     discretiot Ministe
Tl 's rig' Iii      to thi
1    ��� 1 ...
, ..     1 .......   - ..1
nd $1   pe   mill I     "ach
il        ;-' .
    t!     " il   ���   Ter-
gul  !- hill
hall not  excei        50 feet  in
���   -    -        on the ba---   ':-
genet il   directiot th       :reel
gul :h, tl Ith beit      fron   iooo to
feel the    pla :er   claims
shall bi     _    f '"   :|:'" re
Cl in marked   by   two   legal
������ cl         I "irlng  no-
-; ��� I ��� ������ ��� ��� be obtained within
tei    da the   claim   is  within   ten
.. (ning  -:      '        office.
wed fir each addi-
���   miles nr fr,.-*: in
The  person nr company staking a
rlain   n u '   hold   a  free  miner's  certificate.
hi erer  of  a  new  mine  :-
���   led   to   a   claim   nf  iooo   feet  in ,
��� ���     .........
igether, on the out-
j put vhich no  royalti      hall    be
charged the  rest of the party ordin-
ar;, Iy.
Ei $10     P ���'"���'���;���' at the rate
'"       per cent   nn the
-  '���.   of thi   ������   '      I pped from the
a   ���  to the rights of all  per=n-= who
-.-���������-���    ��������� tr is for
bene!   claims, except
; nn   '        ��� River,   where
the  I ""    i" '   vater
-   ���- ��� .Id
The  '��� shall hat     a  dredge in
m the
���-late of the li ��� foi eacl five m:!e-
btit where  a  r,"ii,",ri  or  companj
��� ire than nne lease one
In a. ��� rch fifteen mile? or fraction ther- ��� fficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rati
and ��� ' ��� ci nt. collected ^ the
    aftei    ���   ��������� ; 10 000
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
j Six li    - five miles 1
i granted to  1 I           '   1 rn of
0 yi
The lessei I is confine! to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
A ������ '  - rk, that boundary to be I xed by its position on the
ist day of August in the year of the
dat.   of the  lea-e.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the .late of the lease, and one dredge
for  each  five " ithin  six  year?
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
An  niner shall receive a grant
of more  than  nne  mining  claim  on
h   separate   river,   creek  nr   gulch,
but   the   same   miner   may   hold   any
number  of  claim-  by  purchase,  and
rei    mi       may   work   their   ciaitns
in partner-ship by filing notice and
paying fi " of ?-'. A claim may be
abandom I and another obtained on
the san ' ' gulch or river, by
: giving  ������ '   ���' and paying a ���
Woi '���   1    be   done   on   a   el	
each year to thi  \ llue of at least $
\ cei ��� ��� cate that work has been
al in li ������ I, an ��� 1 open to occup ti -
and entry by a free miner.
Berths nn their sleepers are ' nger,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on   any   other   line,     The;    pi   I
their trains hy the Block System.
The boundaries ol a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Vukon   Official  Gazi tte
Petroleum���All   unappropiated   Dominion 1 anda in Manitoba, the North
west T.-rr;tnries and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and  the minister may reserve   for   an   individual   or  company
hiving machinery on the land  to be
j prospected, an area of 1920 acres fnr
j such   perind   as   he   may  decide,   the
! length of which shall not exceed three
1 times the breadth.     Should the prospector  discover  oil   in   paying   quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres,  including the  oil well, will  be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
I tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
' will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as mav
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of thc In
Dent. Interior.
Humor ��mr Philosophy
  ag 11
!iari  some
men   tell   11   t''H!': '   a"
��� re men mo 1   than women?
depends up in the m in   likewise
the woman.
���   .    bad b ien con-
s-nl'"ii on th - pro]    Iti tig born,
would havo spi I   tted  to
then    ��� [arguing I
���   -
���  ring ���
When people   1 1
��� 1 '   the idvlce
Womi n consid -   ���- d
possession to be expi   tod I
Ha'a   . . ��� ��� supreme
 uents thnt the unrol tnmu-
���g ��� cherish s iward them,
Ynu      ���      help   resenting the  p
,..       ,, ., ..,-...;.1 ty-,.   it is so aggre
��� ex .'ll.mt reason for wishing tn ,1" irrol <virb some men is be-
.   ������ rtble to pick a craar-
r '   ���'.
Th ��� only 'egtil ir habll that some
men have is the habll of being irregu-
Inr aboul coming home nights.
I know a quiet   ' .      '.   path
Down thro igl food.
"o see it whi 1 way
It certain! '>. - g
Romance ls wov ��� ivea
And hovers In thi
But I'd advise you not to gn.
For horrM Bnakes are there.
I know a pleasant rural dall
With blossoms In its snaini;
A ...     .; ..... the way
Arai murmui 1 o'er a f
Thi eafy branches      .rhea/1
un can hardlj pier  ���
But I - *���    bound
Are n thing ftei   i
I kn,T\
Through meadows low ind sweet.
To sit upon Its bank and fish
Wot Id seem I    I
I trl.d it once upon a time,
And 1 - tralght
I got thn e mtnn >v      nd a 1 i.rp
!'. -   ,.   ���   ���   1    a-   11 .1 bait
But that's th.. -pv.iv it la In I
pit:   but '1
Thr' the en ihantmi nl dlstar :e lends
For hai dly anything Is rlgl I
.ar atri il;.  on th
We read I to     isp a prize,
And. lo, It Isn't there!
Took No Chances.
"When   you   are   b larding   a   show
troupe ymi should be rr 1 to them, for
you may be entertalntng nn angel unawares
"Perhaps," replied the practical hotel keeper who bad had experience,
1 a '.��� ij s make them pay cash In
advam ��� nj n 1; If they haven't got
What Tommy Thought.
"Mr. Brown is such a funny man,
"Why. Tommy?"
"Tause h ��� nluss goes barefooted on
the top "t bis head."
"I detest haste In anything."
"?,. do I     My expenses :>���������' always
galloping iilnuir ni  terrific -i' 'ed In a
mad ei '������ '- '.r t ���" ti ke and pass my
Incom '
Ju 1 L ke j Man.
"She's i".   ��� ���
"In whit way."
"Alv, ay- pin - ..11 her stli ���'- Standing "
Met His Match.
^-~ yv��o's
-: ��� \  -;~e
"Whnl has become of the Terror of
the li'�� les, who used to shoot up the
villages hereabout nnd always ate a
man fo' breakfast ?"
"ParOaer, he bad a sad tir.ish."
"OttWrs get him al last?"
"Ne; worse than that, lie married
a ninety pdund woman, and since that
he s.as inui io behave himself and work
for >i living."
Entitled to It.
"Why does he put on so many airs?"
"Because  be  has  just acquired  an
A very small ar.d minor thing
A great result will often bring.
For many :i soft and temperance drink
Is wholly altered by a win!;.
(iMr ���'���
n.��if,.��i in.T.i^ffljiia��i��1(Tnniniiui> THE DAILY   NEWS
REASONS    WHY We Want Your Trade
1. We can give you entire Batisfactk n.
1. We have the most complete stock of Far. .  and Sta le
Groceries on the coast
::. W<- believe in Quality before Quantity.
���I. We sell our goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
Foreigner   Helps   Himself   to   Je.ve '/
Fro-n Trunks cf Windsor D^nng
Room   Girl.
.... CALL ON ....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
���   .   ��� arid went out an 11
the outfit into Ladner where thi
up     The  pile drivi r    waa
- . ..imaged and the Ma   ���
- tst Ini ���   -  ���:.���   slight  injury.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. -    -  B. C.
the Public
I am now open to buy
ail kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Sign   Man on  Wheel
Col:::,,   la
New Westminster.
U.   S.   Revenue   Sh,p   Meets  With   Mishap  While   Navigating   Vanccu-
.... ver   Narrc-AS,
��� he   - '���   :..-      .   ���       was enter-
���   .   ..   ,.. ���    "" . 1 Tui
aftei noon, thi        tain  not! ��� I
... irer and  ascertained  that  A
\: a rican Revenui     C��tti
��� ti '.     v       pe' .  '  ':.'    .-���-.-��� ���
iver 1
:     :���--,.    ... : lich had on
of ie 1 Train
��� :       thi   Orient Via   miss!   .
thi   :'. .���.' ���'..:,���   - eeeivi   thi
. :, :  :ake  '���' to  -..., 'a
��� Pi ini '���' m ��� ssing thro 1 A.
. ���  ... ':.������...��� ���     et thi
Venture   rroin::  out.     in   t. del
.   i :   .���:;      poSSJbilH Q  Shi
���    V< ntun :���      ������;:;:
ig s    skirted      in-d towards
:    ''.  shore an I      .   ign und <:.  I
- a   \'"r I    '; -   west of thi   mouth
f the 1     . ano.   The ti li ning
in  at   the  ' nd thi       ��� -.- . ���
tbi        ti     against thi        es  ol
vessel th     rted all efforts to get hi
A' ear   v  o'clC ev<       ������������ :,-���:.   '
���   ...:.��� acl ' ; Iti  heig ' and I irn-
���- i   -:,������   ' aa'<  i   array  ar_-air..  and   . "    '
\ her anchor:-  camt   saf
Into   on     Th.- Prln eton is 1   ��� - -
. ���   .:���'���,���   ���>   thousand   tonf       A   has
��� . on    oard,
;.. ai  -, Imiral Ti tin died       1   el
Augti      II ir, com-
and of I; e Cl in    fleet
������-'. -  taken  to  v.,   ihama  when   	
piles were held 1 ���:. th< I attli ���      Ohio
These  services    we ���       tti a ';��� I    by
������ :   SI ,"'���--     \    lassadi       iVright
:        To   -i'i. Cons ul Gi nei il Miller, ol
Yokohama, ani  Consuls  Hayward, of
S< ���   .   , r. 1 Jom -  ol  Dalne -. Lleuten-
���������   1 !i . mandi 1   1    ml   S no   oi   'Sc
a. -'��� navy. -.-,-. sent to represent
Imiral  Tor/'..
'.   ���    Raleigh,   Ch tttanooga   nnd   Al
were in porr when the     !���  ���
'.   i r.   on   board   the   liner   i.e.]   fired
a  '.   e in- dui Ing thi   ���'.-������   -
Th"-  00 ly i:-: acct .-ni, iiii- I  ���.   Lieu-
'��� :   nl   Charles   R.   Train.   31 a   1 [   rh"
i te   dmiral, and I j  Flag Lie itenant
:'        ' f 'he Ohio.   Fm::: Seattle the
������iii be taken to the Train horn?
in New York for burial.    No service
' :  iny son has been ordered conducted at Seattle, an 1 II  is possible 'h-'t
ceremonial   honor   will   i.e   rendered.
The flagship Chicago i= undergoing
repairs at th" navy yard, Puget
sound, making it. necessary tn nse
the Princeton for this service.
Funeral   of  Sam  Gamble.
The funeral of the late Sam Gamble.
who   wa-  la; .1: .   injured   In   a   bridge
accident  a:  Revelstoke    last    'I aa;
day evening, took place yesterday a'.-
ternoon in the English Church cemetery,   'he   Rev   i'.   VV,   Houghton   1 I
flclating,    Th,.   : in. 1 il   was  attende I
;.. large number of friends ol   1 ie
li cease I.  manj-   members  of the  In-
ley  loi   the  purpo e    f  bringing the  ternatlonal Association of Bridge ani
outfil   .to  ihe   moufh   or  the   t.i:    Structural   Workers    being    present.
All   v..:.'   well   in   spi��e  of  'la-   heavy   The  pall  bearers   wen:     Messrs.     F,
swell until the tug '.villi the driver in   Broad,  A.  Thornber,  0.    Wilkie,    11.
low had reached a  point beyond the   Disney, is Brown and C. King.
lower cannery on Canoe Pas     There      a large number of floral emblems
lhe   Lottie   ran   aground.     Tiie   swell    were   laid   on   ;hc     cof'-'p.     Including
was  increasing  in   strength   and  the tributes from  the following:
A   Good   Company
Hartford Fire Co.
Has Paid $4,405,000 of San
Francisco Losses.
Tra- Journal of Commerce and Co   -
mercial Bulletin, of New  York,   1    I
11 1 f Aug. i 1. .-ay.- : "Up to Aug.
1st the Hartford Fire Insurance (''.
l.a- pa ���! 2,670 San I- rancis ������ cl:
covering an .. 1 . .a ,f $4,405,000. The
Company's settlements are progri g
very gati fi   torily. "
..    AGENTS   ..
.'.   ' A; mbia St.    Phone B5
'. :. .  -e :   ...:.. r"-   ling  tm 0 wat  ::(���-,
a gold    I  .   gold loi   ���  , a grip, a
-   .��� ��� at  aud   sevi ral    thi r
A.   Melk,   .-:,   Austrian,   war
...-.-������ . .. -��� ��� .��� :.:._- ..' A.e Windsor
ere tht ���   .     had taken
���   ���    II     .:.     ���    :..     'i'he man,
-   ���    ���   .���   . -���-���.   and .      b
-'     : - .:.      :..
:. : arri  1 I        the   ���'��� ���:��� :-'-'r  hotel on
��� - . ".a. ���.���     . ���_    .'    -
1   room  44,  on   the     ������ .   nd
'   or.
V- -'���    :        lng,    .-  MA.-  Ma -A
:  ���  ���        tresses, was -
, she was surprised
.���:   he sti   .-���    In I he :'"���:. ,
��� a,:..      ei    ': ::. .-.     She   gave     A../
tru d 1 ���. -   ' ��� I,
. ���   had ex j laine I thai    ���
.   ��� :   ' .',������     a ri ng     rom
���.-     ', A   -... :.    ���   - sl .  tti;     ::. '.
.   ��� '::.:.      ,.'.'..'.���
'    -'..'..    . . . ���
.    ie day, Miss; M  A.
- . : ��� -  Miss  Mai Intosh's
��� -a.-   !.. :   tr .ni.
ened. and      |uanl
��� a .   A-:   ���    ���     'ase had also
.   . 1 even       tides
-  ... .. ed.    A  seai  h  was   ::... le in
. ���   .    I. which I        ��� ��� .        ipied b;
ere found 1      ���       .::,���'.
. -a   In  thi  were
��� ��� ning    I" ' proceed
. ���   ��� .  ��� ���.    Shi
letective had lefl
ticed aslei chair Ii
A -      laclnl
indei      ��� -'     . ���   ���  I
��� . ��� the pi .:-" ��� ie ihi
stolen      ticli                     id
ut      ting    :.   a       ., irt   which     b<
��� :.:������-���
ross the 1   -        se:      1 a hon
...      ���    had    een   visitinj      1
' 11    lay.
���. 0	
Turning   Out   a   Trailer.
Irst tn   ��� ���   ised ovi    thi
lines of the B C A. R. Co. wil ���
sent ont fron; ' ��� . . shop In il out
ten    lays,   and ed   on   the   Lulu
nd brand      rhe 1 ailei   Is 1 I  thi
same size as thi   .   . ���   cars that run
. ��� ���...- n  N- -a   Westn instei   and Van-
iver, and    . . ti eat i
e.    Thi   ���    . ��� r .   eq lipped with
air .: . - -   and all othei   uj   I    di ���
lances and ���   known as thi
Mi ���- j ,; This a : Htion har been en
lered necessa on ount ol th ���
traffii over this ranch < f the
B. C. E. Tt. this -' -on, and mon
trailers will Ikelj 1 built in thi
nea    ' it ire.
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. Tu star.'! the continuous wear and fuse
given it both the material ar.d workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
���sjaagp-rrs':* - ���' ������*���.:-���^*ss^m*��'ii
F.ed   Men   Engaged  to  Wor<   at  Sards
Ci-c.'.d   the   Steamer
1".' neral Mai      ��� ��� ::
:-.      ��� n.
in thi city yester '��������� 1, ��� ���. : spent - pi
time , ��� ��� ..������ .   ns, where he    a e
his .a riodica - ection. He found
��� erytbing In good shape, , nd wa;
quitt satisfied 1 Ith 'a pro 1 -
made In the b il dinj 1 : car.-. A new
Inter- irban car known as No. 83,
will b< si nl oul foi 'ii'- flrsl -rae to-
moi row. It takes : 0 it two m< nths
to build one of these 'ars, and it Is
the rule t<   bu   11 .   five at one
Tug Goes Aground and W.
Craft  is Buffetted
A. Gilley's
Capt. Bayles came into port yesterday afti rnoon witb nls I .-  thi  Lottie,
and       .. ighl   the   tl ling       hal    VS.   A.
1 lllli .      pile   drive],   and   < rew   were
ai'   and    0 md at Steve ti :.
Up   ���     last   week   thi    plli       '������ .
. Ing~1n the .Mud Baj dii Irict.
'I !,���    ., . thi :   -.'..,    kind ol  rough  1 nd
thi        ".'��� war  chartered  bj  Mr, Gil-
pile driver was doing sorffS tall roll-
Ing. The-.- put out three anchors t,o
hold It, bul In spite of all efforts thi
machine started to drag its anchor?
and drift away with three men on
board and drifted almost a.s far as
the traps before the Lottie could get
(dear and 110 to Iheir assistance. The
towing of the driver back was a slow
business and the sea was .so rough
and choppy Ihat there wa.s great dan-
ger of it turning turtle. Good seamanship however, averted disaster
and the boat regained a safe port.
As soon as the sea subsided somewhat, Mr. Gilley undertook Io bring
the driver hack To Sleveslon with ihe
Mable, but. instead of the Mable towing the driver, thc driver towed the
Mable.    Tbe officers of the Lottie saw
Floral de.rrlck from the members
of the Internationa] Association of
Bridge Structural Iron Workers
Union No. 7fi Vancouver.
Wreaths: Mr. and .Mrs. E. B. Stineh
combe, Mr. and Mrs. S. Ellard, Mr. and
Mrs. R, Rees, Mrs, and Capt. Knight.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Wilkie, Mr. and Mrs
Mowbray and Mr. McGlllvray, Mrs.
Watson, Star: A. M. Johnson. Vancouver: Crescent: Mr rind Mrs. C
C. McBrine, Crosses: Mr. and Mr.'..
H. A. Eastman, Mr. ard Mrs. S. 0,
Tidy. Anchor: Mr, md .Mrs. F.
Broad, sprays: Mr. E 11. Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs Matheson, Capt, ani
.Mrs. Croll ami fami'y, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Nicholson and fnnMIV, Mr and
Mrs. C. Parrart, M ���. ami Mrs. J. Mo-
in the community.   A poor " hand-
to-mouth man '  never is.    Maki up
your mind to buy a h m ���   N< AV.
Do ft iNovv.
was must likely  a  careless and ���
travaganl   young man  and did  not
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the beat, of all gifts to your family. 	
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.     Lot60xl82. . S>175u
Very Easy Terms.
And Wani Lo Build
We Will Assist You.
f. J. HART & Co.
Over 3 t th
nd  near] ian     ..  ��� ���    ������*111
eave  today, ide  stai 'e.l
id it 1 :  daj   yesterday
id all thi        . vagi a-   in   the
we're ' ��� pi     isy until the B< aver
ftei      o'clock      The
vessi 1  was pa< ked  with hop plckei -
soi Is  and    Izi tbe hold
fllle 1  with  housebol I ��� ffi cl -  too
to mi ntion    Thli   a..,mini;
���':,.   Ramona   will   take jusi   such an-
ithei cargo, and ni :  ly a- many more
a-.i : still I '��� in ���' e city,
Vesti ���   ��� in the neigh-
101 I of 65 a the city and
��� ill   to  ov�� rflowlng
rith   sometimes   four  generations   ot
pei pie.    The   vacant   stalls   sur-
roun ling I he mi gro inds were full
-. ���   ���   ���   C.  P.   N.  wharf building had
���. 1 lly  curtained off at one
on I   which   contained   in   iS.p   neigh-
���   ,.*   j".   souls  arid   a   corresponding ���. imbi    . :' I odies.
They are a i. inch arid have
ockets   well   lined   with   ih.it
r hich   has   sl gm  tisi 1   as   the   root
1 evil.    A  very large proportion
o.' thi     11 ists   of   owning   a
grammaphone and as one passes in
��� ��� still; night the strains of Old
H indred, comingled with those ~of
Sou-.'- an 1 and rhe Blackberry quartette .���:<. heard. Sewing machine
agents are doing a rushing business
'ami outside a number of the teepees a
In ky damsal may be seen working
out a kimono 'or' some other article
'. p) dress of a  fiery hue.
The ciiniax was reached yesterday
when the Bteamer Favourite rook a
$500 piano which had been purchased
a.   an   Indian   living  al   Keatsy  and
raw i* Installed In a one roomed
inty, so small thai the room was
filli '. almosl ro tin door-. When ask-
. I what he was going to do about
living accommodation for his wife
and numerous family. '���,.��� aid they
I live in the tenl until he had
tlmi to build a lean ro on be I 1
i< ;   'hei'- accomodation.
Forest   Fires  on   Island.
Nanaimo, \ i-\ 22   Enormous forest
���   ���     are  raging in Comox district, and
grave fears are entertained of the ultimate  resull    unless    rain    sets ii
Across the bay. at  the farm known as
; Pearcey's,  the   blaze   Is most   danger-
i ous.    At. Comox the Lorne hotel  wis
i saved   from  destruction  onl,'  after an
heroic   fight   by   a   volunteer   brigade,
j but    the   fire   is    gradually   reaching
: the    settlement.     11.    Smith's    new
j house. ,wilh   several   others,  is  in  ira-
' minenl   danger,    it   is reported  that
John  Plercy has  lost    his    season's
j crop.    J, Fisher's  farm at  Happy  Valley and the bridge which crosses the
I creek are nlso reported to Ire on fire.
I A gang of fire-flghters has been dis-
patcbed from Cumberland.    Campers
j at. Roy's beach narrowly escaped with
.their  lives,  several  trees falling, during a  howling gale, in all directions.
Found  -Black cocker spaniel dog. Apply  Customs.     N.   M.   Matheson.
I Big Annual Summer Clearance Salp 11
AUG. 2:;, 1906.
The Paragon
Family Washer
Thf Latest   ��>ncl  Grfalesl   Washer  on   the Markel
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1.   Anythii
:    ising i
and i
2.-An;, tl  l
est laci curt
est   blan el
with" it thi        ��� ������
even them.   I
3.    (Jptot
thin 5 b
������ - ai
sv and tin
-    ���
'I ��� p. Paragon runs absolutely noiseless and   o ei
turn it.   The Paragon w 11 save its co3t many timi
and tear.   Call and   ��� ������ ;' and be convinced liki
large Shipment ol Them lust Arrived Dired from fatton
��� ���.
New Goods and New Prices J
A full carload just arrived.    As fine goods as ever enten
Inspection invited.    By buying here you can save monej   and
Give us a trial.    We have many things we are going   to    lear al
M i '���;.   aved is money made.
Sec our %5.00 Mattresses
16 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Flours.     Rear Extension, I ������' n
vs*'.'*s<.^'.:<���.*~*s.*.:��.:*. *>.:����� *>>>;>>i'��:>>>:>:>:>;>:>;>;>:>:*>;*>::o::*:>-0-*>ii<
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iamc In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
\ Electric Railway Service!
Interurban   Line.
Cars   for Vancouver and   way
.stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. in. to 11 p,
m. excepting at V:.'I0 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will
run from Central Pari; to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line��� tservice from
0.30 a. rn. to 11 ji. ra.
20 Minute Service���.Mo transfer.
Ifetween Yi and 'i and !> and 7.
30 Minute Service during re- #
malnder ot day. nan ifer at ���
Leopold Place. ���
Sunday   Service  half-hourly  l"" ��
in- ���
tween   p'n  a.  in.  ami   1"
City and Sapperton. ��
Sapperton Line��� la Minuti Ser- ��
vice, except between it ;ini1 i
2, nnd U and 7, (luring whicn #
hours the service Wl" |,e ���
half-hourly. !
Sunday Service lialMioiuiY ^ \
tween H a. m. and 11 I'- ffl
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,Ltd*
Boarding   House   for   Sale���IT,   rooms A*/ pvi       r^rZifD&f
completely  furnished  and  at   pres-i W�� 1^1 ���   s\Jr���m��^^/
I    ent  all   occupied.    Apply  Box  501,
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
sullahle for an offlce. Apply to
Chas. G. Major.
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, 6- ���


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