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The Daily News Dec 19, 1906

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 Iol i
���0 Ai
��^C 201906
^Oria, B. Jj
12 Pages
. Are Ready tor the Fray
..Pn.ce   RuP*rt    Fllled
With Surveyors.
..   v p ;���' . was in the clt)
Dg   bei ���  up the
,        -,, ii     During his
I large audiences
;jffl porl     Essington
etbla,   and   a
lie found
;hi    Libi mi   i'art>
:.: feels con-
i and I dates
... a      Omi     ti.a ''
... I ..iia -.
.... there will be i
. ou Jan. 8, ��� i.
arer will lie seleci
...                   :: Iin-'.
..,-���:.'  :.  and   l'ort   Sim; -
pgi          aa whal .iiiii .ii the
|. ���:.      ���   thi   business  nen
].. ��� - ���     greal I st sue
- .       ��� :.- up.
I, Eupert   on the contrary,  is
��,. ten survey par-
���    -���"in?  ready
tBaess     _ gl a;.hic survey
lings in the
i e going u;i and
great f ituri   for
I-.:.   :. He  i onsidei a
ni way  pur.
'' ���     iddn ssed an
I;.--     v an i mi Monday
|:. ������ tker at a large
t.:. tltuents at  Easl
H* - ��� ���          ngth on public
i I taken his
I' -:..'.��� ition  was pa*
PiOfSing '..   all I   ;,
\   ��� ���    iw ��� '::i-   ..���
&*���'���-'-    ��� election.
I at 2 o'cli ck,
!i;ee':n_   ,xl
'    I the     .i-    LangVe)
"They Never SceaK a_ th��y  Past _.
Is   tne    Ruie   Now   With
Sen-,.  Officers.
Sikhs   Anxious  to  Buy CheaD   Bottled   Fool   With  Gun   Responsible for  Juice
Beer   Seek   Information   From Being Cut off on  Sunday
Good   Templars.
It even
'1'!.. :���    .     friction
���   ��� '   ':..
.,:   ������ .
i ach other i        e
a no : i '  ��� ���     ...
relations can i tracj
feting ol
i ii    Mo:, la .."���������    :      ..: . :
:     '��� a      .  ���    ���
__.     a
.a . ....
J    ' ���'������
n of it
'.  .   '
���'.'.������������:.'. ��� . thi
the   .-:. :.���'....'    ..        ���
with Interest.
When   iir.   ilewi     .ester       :  tei
noon,  i i....:'  Mcln ,.������ I that ae
... ocerned. tbi     rlbery
Japanese Students Twenty-four Years
of Age Sat on Primary School Seats
With Little Children-Comments by Roosevelt.
'iwo gentlemen who are wellknown      Vancouver. Dec. 18.���It will lie of in-
.i, the city for their active Interest in   terest to users of the cur service and
'...... ance wort.
; :t el   yi sterday
were stopped on the
afternoon    by    'wo
of the electric light  to know  that  the
failure of the   juice."  Sundaj   night,
mei :. iml.  Hindus, who outraged the   was due to the ��. ��� ut ,, rifle by some
i  ���   Idi in ��� ei mposed ot   Reprei entai Ives    Kahn,
��� ������ '     .        transmitti    -a Con
Si    ��� ' .. .    Mi ti alf      . |ioi    . a
��� ���  ��� In  S n  Fran-
��� .  th n ci nimen-
ol his on ii.
Exti ��� om   I e message and re-
���   rl follow,
The Presldenl  says:
Seen tary Metcalf's    n , i ri    deals
. thi   exi lusion of Jai.an.a-e child-
Hayi b, mul McKinle. ol Califoi nta to
keep iuu on the situation and call an
other meeting If anything presents itself thai requires action.
The sentlmenl was emphatically opposed to any change in existing Chinese exclusion law'-.    Representative
reeling! ol the two temperance workers by Inquiring from ihem us to
where thej could buy two bottles of
beer al a reasonable price, The manner in which the Hindus spoke English   showed   conclusively     ihat      they
were In no mood to list, n to any
ii mperance lecture, .md in order io
get   rid  of them,  thej   were directed
one who found nothing else to -.htx.i
a!  excepi  a  bin insuliilnr on  lhe  H   I'.
i:   it   company's    hich    transmission
line from Lake ltun:_en. Some little
time ago there was trouble from this
cause near lhe Moodyville flume. The
latesl trouble was caused by a rifle-
man in lhe vicinity of the Indian reserve, near the second  narrows.    The
to a saloon. Hm ihe duskj ones ob- company has at its offlce ih��. big Injected to buying their beer there on sulator that wiis shot inlo and also
the score that ihey would ie charged   the protecting pipe carrying the wires
loo much, and wished to know  when
; i:.   which   the   bullet   was   imbedded
they could   purchase their Bupply  at The bullel  did not  cause trouble
Humphrey of Washington, was one of a Btore> "a"  same  '1S '���'  Vancouver once, but it allowed leakage and wate
citv "
tile speakers on this phase iif the case
ami he advocated no letting down of     The  lliMll,ls  were  <""1  ''*�����   thereI grounding
Lars  lor Chinese.     There was discus-   waa  ""   *ilul1   s'"n'  '��  ""''  City, upon
sion of ihe question of forbidding Jap-: w,li(l' the>* expressed their opinion of1
; setting in  made  a   short   circuit   or
It was the sense of the meeting that!
luestion        .                  ed, and then ���     I om San Francisco schools; boy-
would te i          ���              ���             "isi   " ng  of Japanese restaurants  and
the on     thin.                       ��� ighl ou! acts   of  violence committed    againsl
a'  '  ���                                a-       meel Ing Japanese.
was   that  son                             somi 'Then   would be nu objection what-  the  President's    recommendation    to
.���   ��� iad  :��� i:d somebody say evi ���    'n  excluding   from   lhe   schools' naturalize the Japanese should nol  he
���:, ���     ...     ���.:��� ���   -,         ccepted   money anj   Japanese on the seme of age.       adopted.
from gan    ��� a   :.   evidenci  of      "if*   *   * failure to protecl persons 	
an      Ind propertj  Mien the entire power of      Typhoid lever claimed another vie- j rnr..,  nnrnniT     ���-..._
ithorities, thi   Federal   Governmenl   within  the tim yesterday morning in the person j LKtW  i KtuCN I   LULKtl
anese coolies from entering the coun-! ,lu' ,own in v,,r.v i,lain language, They
Iry. hut no decision was reached on ! "ext wanted to know at which saloon
,|,.(t tllljnt they could hay beer the cheapest, and
the  temperance workers, not   wishing
i to admit their ignorance of such matters, directed the cautious beer buyers
j to   the   Guichon   hotel,   and   went   on
their way rejoicing.
���    i fl   ���
���      ..������    -  a   a
...      '  _
Imits  of  ihe Constitution  would   be  of   Alfred   I)   Saknian, a   Norwegian,
si I
to    enforce   the
who died at the Roval Columbian hns-
.ance of our treaty, the supreme law ��� pital after being under treatment for
_ G. N'. R. train      ished Inl   ��� ne - '
!:���    ea'a    leli ���- ������ i -- ���:������   ���<--'��� rdaj
morning n ghton'e coal
-��� ire    From ���          The  team  was
uninju:- L, " ghtened,  and    inesi   boys and men ranging from 16
start. -    lo
ag down towa . who
���r land "
.-'��� ������������ tary Metcalf says:
tests were mainly againsl Jap-
"is   c-   Uptown    Streets    Com-
i n That Wander ig  Cows
Do  Da-age.
of thi   cii
.-. .   a   .
the!    . .
:'������'... i      w... -
f ni|
ii    fo ind
��� ���
. itii! ..ud
-   milk
��� .. :     ' :..      ���
\  ���
will  ac  i_s
was .tan ling igi of the street,
mi*, rI\-���     ml      To avoid l>ein_
- n. Mi f waa con
led  to jun        - -      i       - any
-- -.-:  le   '.. in L'nfortunati
be i ne wa      ind thai
: ' C     .
ng   in  the
ok    at    Mr.
... ���  . ,-era
sei fun
... esenting  him
Whi a  ::.
the on ���   'S    Crowli
...      - Dped inti
���: ���       er, and i warn
-;..    ���        ti I;   Is  at  Mr.
I requesi   tl I       reproi
the ��� :
22, 23 and 24 .'.ears of age attend-
��� a-   primary   grades   and   sitting
.   the little girls and  boys of 7
.md 8 years of age.     When these complaints   became  known   lo    Japanese
. . nts, I am Informed thai some oi
.   older   pupils   lefl    the    primary
g a It - "
.-  .hould he held that there was
icriminatii peratlug   in   viola-
e   reaty
Men    Make    Recognition    of    Twenty
Years' Active  Service on
Fraser  River.
Capl. Reid lias now retired from the
with    Japan,   the
the  past  three weeks.     The deceased
was about thirty years of age. and well |
known  along  the  water  front,   where i
In   had  been  working as  a lisherman
for   several   years   past.      S.   Nelson,
ano; her   well   known   fl Sherman,  is   a
leusln of ilie deceased, and is looking ' command  of the  C.  P.   R.   passenger
alter   liis   affairs.      Tlie   funeral   will   Steamer  Heaver,  and yesterday  Capt.
lake  place in  the oddfellow's cenie-  Gardiner was al the helm for the first
tii>   on   Friday,   D.  Murchie   having   lime    Before Capt, Reld lefl the ves-
charge ol thi   funeral arrangements,    i sel, the officers and  crew   waited on
him and  presented a well worded ad-
Iress   in  which   regrets  were  expres-
A.  It   Ti.aley. one of tiie employes I bed ;,. ]ijs removah    During th��� ,w������.
tj  .Mars Cap;. Reid had been with thi
the Vulcan Boiler works, is suffer
exclude  from  the use <      a.  from an injured foot, the resull ol
lie schools all alien children.
most i ffective boycott was main-
nsl nearly all of the Japan
.  .   -estam anti   located in San  Fran-
i for a  period of at leasi    ttore-
���"] |  . whelming Bentlmenl in the
: law and order and for the
pn . tion ol Japanese In their per.
son-   ml iheir propi rty."
company, he had always had the fui
having received a Idow from a heavy   ,    , ,. , ,   ,   ,,      ���., ,.     ,, ,   ,.,i,i,,
lest   confidence   m   lmih   otlicers and   tame.
Burnaby Council.
Count il   met,   all     present
Conn. I'riffiu, who was ill.
Mr. John Green's application
a loan from the sinking fund
The "Burnaby Road approbation ��y_
law, 1906." was reconsidered, read a
third time and finally passed. This
by-law establishes a number of roads
throughout  the  municipa
Coun. Stride was authon; d to
bring iu spexifieations for a waggon
road along the road reservation of
Buller Road, connecting the Vancouver Road with the B. C. E. Railway.
A resolution was passed approving
the proposal of the lo<-al committee
to endeavor to secure the selection ot
Central Park as a site for lhe University of British Columbia.
The application of Messrs. Bowden
and McKay for permission to lay a
1-2 inch pipe across the Haszard Road,
for domestic purposes, was granted.
The complaints of the engineer of
the B. C. E. U. as to the condition of
Barnet Road at th�� skid road crossing
used by Messrs. Gilley Bros, was referred to Coun. Cliff, with power to
A  letter  from   li    T.  Thrift   re utili/
ation of wild lands and Importation ol
settlers, was received and laid on the
hammer while working on Mondaj nf-
ii < n
filed to
ti I neon. e   hus   been   eompfcucu   i", ,
whatevt r he   mighl
lay   up since,  and   will  be  unable to
:. ume worli for seme i Ime. The
medical man who is attending Mr.
'r. nie-. believes thai one of the small
bones lr the foot has been fractured,
.   .
3  Wife.
���      '
e Opera
���   writ-
...   len, iiiin-
On the Rocks.
Van ouver,   Di
��� ��� ii    Mai. ��� ���
. a       ..aa  b    - till    I   fl     ���������'���     '     "*��� ':' ������������   a
���       3��    D
- steamer
. .- ��� .enl ��� -:
���   rei
:.      . ���   "
���'���   '������
- les
Vanco_ .e-   C ty
'  ���
i will e Aid
l\ .    K\ Al i. Sal   ��� ii
....... i- ������ '
(.an in e   R.    McLaughlin   ha     been
grained   a   record   for   lifty   inches   of
from   water   from   a    stream   which   comes
iiom   the  billsbii
���   .   p .,, iUr i 'oasi congressmen inue
,.     .   , om .ilia-ion   lo   watch   all
���-   ��� ne li 11 ilatlon  letting
to  Immigran
���     ��� ' ��� l,,"n'   fn""   CHli*   Frasei   River about  a   thousand feel
���  n, Wyoming and Washing-
..   |n (he House lobby todaj und
.;,..���: Japane c  in I Chinese lm
���.,.,���,.,! :i ptimiiilttec   One hundred Inches was applied for.
'I In", wished him success in
undertake, and
hoped the time would soon come when
he would be reinstated in the service.
Accompanying the address was a
handsome gold locket, on which was
i !(graved,   "Presented    to   Capt,   Reid,
l\   the officers and crew  ol  the Beaver, Dec, IB, '06."
The annual report of the Medical
Officer of health (Dr, Walker) was
A recommendation was made to ihc
li.   C.   Union  of   Municipalities  to  secure,   if   possible   the   repeal   of
sections 151, 152, l"'". lai, and   I I
Section 50  of  the   municipal   cla
act, relating to tax sale procedure, as
sec.  153 et   soo,. of the act  deals  with
the matter, and  the suh sections nam-
In  reply, Capt.  Reid expressed  his  ed  are superfluous and   possibly con-
west of Sllverdale station,
ier is to be used   for millin
warm ap] ri ciation of the good fellow-
ind   runs   Into the   *;|li"  displayed   bj   the   officers    and
ri v.   In il i'i  action and also spoke of
bis appreciation of the friendly spirit
w hii ii   their acl   betokened.
The  wa
Blair p
'    ���
Go .ernor.
I"      i - ���Hon.
���  Is city,
��� : rise to the
e  appointed
\- .     Bruns-
n m will ex-
��� i I  ll   i -  said  that
-  appointed   be-
< gislature.
- -' free, -    thai
t of I      mi  d
, ie    Meth   II
���I     .   iti er loi s.
ig Gaul      Ruth"
d  I       .
lon i '
The  Embassy  at Washington.
ndi :-      ���"     :" ' '    ,!" ' '
.... House of Con
m n . '��� nil M     I ,;';"' !;:
chief  gecrei irj   toi   Ire!   id,   had
... ted the '    ''������������' L8sa ! '
to the i sited 31 ite    in su cession I
Sii   Mortimei   In.and.     Mr   Bi   ce li
now  unlve    ill I as the nexl
��� i    i loi   I �� Wa   -a- ��� .
Station age     G
: ���  .    a a min..  the
ind decoratoi        ''���
��� .e   got   in   their   wo te f"   ���'   ���
m   a     e
i le i by vs. ii. Gat I ���
������������,   -. m terred   to   '���   ���   ���     '     u,ili
��� Installed in the offl e I     "    '    '
'   ��� ������ ������' ���
! Chicago, Dee. L8. hdward ll. Harriman, ac-
! cording to the Chronicle to-day, has repaid .lames.!.
! Hill in his own coin, by wresting victory from him in
! the shadow of defeat, through one of the most ef-
fective coups ever executed in financial battles. The
i control of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail-
�� road, which Morgan and Hill confidently believed to
; be th sirs yesterday morning, is still lodged with the
Harriman - Standard Oil interests, and will be
A Hill threw Harriman oul of ownership of
Northern Pacific in the Christmas season of 1901, so
Harriman ousts Hill from an ownership in St. Paul
in the holiday season of L906. Hill executed his
flank movement by retiring the preferred stock of
Northern Pacific, in which his opponent's control cen-
tered; Harriman and his friends maintain St. Paul
,, ng two-thirds of a $100,000,000 stock increase
to the holders of the preferred. While Hill's control of Northern Pacific common was a golden apple,
his control of St. Paul is only ashes.
The council then adjourned until
Saturday, Dec. 22, at 2:30, being payday.
Dr. Walker's annual health    n
was of a  most   satisfactory  cha rai '   I
The   municipality   hal     been     almost,
. .    fl.",,  InfCI lions  diseases   ilea   a
Smith's Dry Goods. out  the vear.      Note is made of the
.I   i" ���  through Smith's drj goods pldlj   growing   population,  as  calling
ii   mi   ���    i; verj apparenl thai Mr i    - I   Bchool   accommoda
nol  teen Iii business for a The only iliim.   complained of are the
u mn In      ol     ears   for  nothing      He slnughti    Iioubi   , and the dumplni
i        u    n hi     hei.' . ami tables el          ��� ������
llllrabl        .''il ion   rl   weal aides
i i   i Ichesl   ,abi I< iltable  foi   ladies
v.t all agi    i 'nl    .i '"ii the wee toi
in  long  dresse. to :  e aged  matron.
Nei I. we ir is one of ihe leading line
for Chii- mai  i n  ��� nl i, and one lan e
In v. i a -a. < ontains dazzling array of
ll    ,   ashes, ribbon and comb-.   The
Louis K ���. v hi accused ol having stolen monej from one of his
countrymen al I.a.Iner. will come ;i|i
before the county court judge on Friday next. A strong effort was made
bj   the  counsel   for  the accused,  to
have llis client reli used on a will of
habeas corpus, which, however, was
disallowed by the in due on the grounds
that Kel was not tried hy the police
magistrate al I.miner. The ease was
listened to and the magistrate decided thai the decision of lhe case was
out of his Jurisdiction, ami therefore
handed iiini over to the county court,
Constable Deane was in Ladner on
Monday serving summonses on the
four witnesses who will he called upon
tn give evidence In connection with
the case.
belts are ii gj ei laity and are mad I of
1 Hi atel; woven metal. These are
nil the rage at the presenl time in
lhe larger metropolitan centres. The
newest plaids, and rlchesl furs nestle
site by side, ami demand observation
', by their  luxurlousness  and  Beasona-
: biiity.
Irish and Japanese linen articles,
Battenburg work, and fancy tray
cloths nre all there to .proclaim their
[ own  desirability  as gifts  for  friends.
! One   show   case   is   full     of    leather
I goods.      Ladies'  and  gentlemen's 1ol-
j let.   sets,   manicure   sets,  and  shaving!
eets. Those are imported English'] The Columbia street merchants
goods of exceptional merit. On the ; were somewhat disappointed last night
shelves is to be Been a tasty display that the street lights were not burn-
of hand painted cushions, and kindred lng. The .stores were open and they
articles. The stock of umbrellas is a expected that the street would have
hummer and the prices range from jii business like air inst*">d of looking
;, Ic to $11 r>0. Uke a. village.
,11:; >!
V a. ! ���
I:-If   "  "
The Great Slipper Store
>.-..--..- -...��. - -.-.���-~>~������-��� "*���������***���**���*���*���������
Open Every Night This Week
Xliis   is   the   Xmas   Slipper   store !
No two ways about it, as we have everything in Slippers ror everybody.
We have, certainly, the handsomest Slippers that are made,
and we are showing many styles you'll not be able to find
Just to give you an idea of what we have:
MEN'S soft felt French Slippers; most comfortable slipper made $1.00 a pair
MEN'S chocolate kid, opera cut, fancy Slippers $1.75 "
LADIES' English felt Romeo Slippers, assorted colors $1.00 "
LADIES' best fur trimmed felt Nullifers, black and maroon S1.50 "
MISSES' felt Slippers, our finest French make 75 "
CHILDS' felt Romeos, a fur lined house slipper with leather soles 75
CHILD'S soft sole Boots, lace and button, all colors, black, red, white, blue, etc, .35 and .60
BOYS' Slippers, the Dongola kid style, sizes 1 to 5   1.00 "
BOYS' alligator Slippers, something new, sizes 1 to 5   1.00 '*
We can suggest nothing better than Slippers
For Christmas
Johnston's  Big Shoe House,
Columbia   St.      New  ^Vestmmster
E vfi.'
a*-. .   I 3"      i
HI    ':*!,,;��� i   !'
���J:s -
��� ..** i'i;::*"
���������''���'''"llffllhi II
J   ;..-: ilj     '::
> .vsiiin.,':: :
_ i'i,
Men    Make    Reccgnit; c n    of    Twenty
Years' Act;ve   Service   on
Fraser   River.
i 'apt. Reld l.a   i. - ���'��� :-   Ired from the
comnian I of I he i'.   P.  it   passenger
steamer Beaver, and    esterda    Cap
Gardiner was at i the i.
:Ime,    Before Capi   Ei       lei   thi   .<
sel,  the oilii en   ind  en w   wai ed 01
hlm uml presented   . ivell  ��or le I ad
dress  in \\ hich were expi ea
sed at his renin', al I luring the I ��������� t
r. > ears Capt. Rei I Iia I baen with the
company, he had alwa; s ha i the tulle .1 confidence of bol h officers and
men. They wMir I him i ucii ss In
whatever he mlghl undertake, and
hoped the time would ��� > ni come when
he would be reinstated In the service,
Accompanying the addresg was a
handsome gold locket, on which was
engraved, "Presented to Capt, Reld,
bj the officers and crew of the Beaver,  Der.  15.  '06."
Iii reply, Capt. Rei I ex ��� sed hla
warm appreciation of the "ml fellowship displayed by the - '' ������������ a and
crow In i heir acl lon an I alsi . , oke of
his appro, lation ol the fi lei 11} .-, irit
v. hii li  their acl   be  >k< i ���
Leave your order ill   Re   llnbach Co,
for a good turkey or goose.   '. liej can
(ill  ii  lo yonr satis   ICtl   I
Frail   Tri>.    U ...,,l
Many  farmers  who occasionally ���
der tho destruction of fruit  trees ���
account of advanced age or unfrultt'-
ness are quite unaware of the  v
attached  to  much  of the  wood
-,'ii'i'ii: ted. i'harry wood is largely u
lu furniture and when polished rev
a beautiful color and provides a \v.it
ble imitation of mahogany,   Apple :
wood i.s remarkably   well  adapted
turner's  work and   Is  111  demand  I
making cogwheels  on account of s
great   strength   and   durability.    '. .
e.gs of wooden mill wheels are oil
toads of apple wind,   it is also ex
lively us.-d for fruit presses, where
proves   very   durable.   The   value
walnut   wood  In  lino cablnel   "
well known, nail  _   11 prlci - are u
tai i f ir thi.  ��� ���' ui if ui and p p .
wood.   Londoc Times.
**.tlnt1   I rohn.
Crab- nre generally supposed ti I .
In the ocean but thoro is one -: n ���
that lives o.i tho iiiini. ii is fotin i ...
the island o," Jamaica, in tlie VVesi i ,
dies, n burrows In the sand soim
tliae-i two or three miles from the sc
It has two long daws, in attacking n
enemy it binds it with one claw, whic
Is then thrown off, and then continue
the flght with the free claw, Th'
crabs stay in tha grouud during tb.
day and hum for their food at nigbi
They visit the ocean once a year to I :���
their eggs. They travel by night, wbo!
they are caught in great numbers.
in tin1 r'ecdras or
pi tai, London, is nn
1570 to the effect that In consideration
of the bote tyme or the yere" the poor
ho allowed "every one a day thni>
pyntts of Bore for two months," a
quart at dinner and a pint at supper,
and at the end of two months return
to "there oide ordinary allowance,
wyche Is ono quarte." The food ht Oils
ancient workhouse was to be dealt.
with as liberally as the drink. 'Ilie III
moner and stownrd were to "bye no
byffe but of the best, without bones '
and in special) without the marybon,
and none oilier to be bowght"
(^hnstmas    Presents!
means of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables ami jewelery to all
part- of the world.
tt is strongly recommended that shipments be sent so as to arrive al destination some days in advance, Hum avoid
ing the rush and ensuring most, careful
handling. Arrangements ran be madi'
for dehvery the day before Christmas
when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
' for Great Briuain and Europe.
For further information apply to
Company's office at (.. P, R. station.
Phcne 91.
j. w. Mcdonald, A����n(.
BTJ R Ml V _ _   ;-���*>�� ��"'_____
DF THE l-<fiAf-!A.. PAClFiC T
-i.    I .*i.),i,n..-tr-i
entry of the year
18,000 (EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,800
Truvel In the same way as your let-
1 ' - it la the quickest, safest ind
in-la: economical. From St. ,lohn, Dee.
1st   and  Dec.   15th.   i'or  particulars
i ipl;   :.o
C. P.  R. AGENT.
82 acres of first-class land, about 30 acres improved; excellent
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruil Peach, Apple, rear, Plun ���,
Prunes, Walnuts; good dwelling house and outbuildings; centrally situated; good road.-: store, telephone, posi office, school, church, all convenient; excellenl transportation facilities,
Price   .(.55,'_!OC),  quarter cash, balance 6 per cent,
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
- New   Glassware -
Spokane falls I Northern Ryj
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry-
Red Mountain M&
The   onlj   ill   * ������
points east, wesl   u
lan I, Nelson   md inl J
connecting   I
Northern, Northern 1
& N   Co
( unn cl - -it K
dian   Pa il     '
��� 'reek   poil 1
��� -
t nnnei I
tage >' ii') ' '
Buffet   set'
;,... .mr and   -'
I'I... tiv.    Sut
Leave Da
g.20 a.m.
12.25 Pm-
ij.40 a.m.
Just Arrived-
< For >-
���Christmas Trade
We will be pleased to have
336 11 ust in
Spokane   ���������''���
'.'.  Roland"���������
Nelson  "'4:1
.����. St. w-. v-""-*
Bookl pinR. ';���'; I
Shorthand, Te
vi- Alwavs
' .'
rii. Ly. DEC. 18, 1906.
Hi   i'All.Y Sl WS
����������������������������� ����.*������,
Santa Claus
t<.   . i-M   KAW.sO.
m �� im aspect oor ��
m awn stock of
^ *%%���%�����%%*
��-��%-��%%%%��%����%%��%��%*��***���* t%
Is Visiting Our Emporium Daily
and Making Selections    .
Don't be too late. Now is the time
}||| ���)tM.MM..MMK.-M-tllli_tit tnillllliiMtlMMIH
Oak Rockers, cobbler seat, golden finish, a beautiful line from $3.00 up.
Dining Room Chairs in large variety   a splendid set of 6 chairs (5 I"
nd 1 Amii for $10.50.    Pad seat.
Rattan Rockers and Chairs from $5.00 each ip.
'Magnificent Davenport Beds, Red and Green Candaco.   Most durable and
eautiful furniture.
PICTURES -We have just received a very large line of beautiful goods.
FRAMES   We make a specialty of framing pictures and have an expert
framerat work all the time.   Good work, moderate prices.
PARLOR TABLES   Always acceptable for presents   Oak and Mahogany,
for $2.00 each up.
Ladies' Princess Dressers. Dressing Tables, etc.   Elegant variety.
Rugs, Mats, Carpets, &c.    Large line just received.
LINOLEUMS-We have just received $2,000 worth of Inlaid Linoleum,
best values going at 90c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 per sq. yard.
Lace Curtains and Portiers, Tapestry and Chenille Table Covers, Curtain
Poles. Brass Extension Rods. Cottage Rods, &c.
Hall Chairs, Racks, Seats and Mirrors.    A swell line.
KITCHEN COMFORTS-Bins for flour, sugar, etc, and kneading boards.
Drawers for cutlery, a great convenience. Parlor Furniture, &c. Come to-day.
W .  tm, t.-t    IY.,rr_
""-"".ifN   |�� (VTll   |   ���.. ..a.'...-..-;v.r. tv-
'"' \r_:     .. i .     -      .     ..     A
p.:.*     i..:.-.   .-. tr*v<                       ���������'���'
N> e. .������. i ���-.���.. a* i             . ���       :   .  .>
gTs,..i\. ,yv. : . . i:    ,     w : ,. i.e
Af��!    -              . - -           -...-   i.nSi
An.:   , ��� -          .   en
i..'   : .���!, . .... . ..    lint ml
ta An -      __ i ..   < .. .
v    ���������'���������'��� ���       nu :  i.  -..... eo     >: -   ... -.  g ��
:��� tl .    ,'���-. fit*   ftlll      r. :.-. .......       |f . :      ...      .   ;
k                       ��� : ��� ...   land tv.5".    lai      ���������    dktwi   i   i       ���������>
.      ���:                ki   : . t   [��ow*t live- : . . :,-      -    ,,-..-�����,
ftil .trwkt - foi ui ;: ��� river *n'l '���'���'��� ;' "   tenon* m ������ en rt th��e_
s;,.  ...         '   . .  -��� ,,    . ... an ��������� I I ol .... ���:   . < us   i ����t>* p��-
sh,   ... ' just arrived arrd Including
* thins Wh. (..-;,     ���,,,       , ...    .;    ,    WUl(     %m6    ,V
* ;      - ������"'���  i   '    woo :..   som :a.ia   :.���   ���   ;.-..,,  . .     : .
rttvp     tl .    -     :'a     ,'.,-...  .     ll  a',     (till        ,,[>,     ��� .       ..,    .    .
never  irant.   :.-.,.:          rtint '.'. I a.  : it.. m I '.: . . Dm   lirmhi it
i  '. ,   ..        ,.     V I   lh.1t   Sit l..':a-a-   ..a    ..i;...:,-aa.      a>
i'ii hail all  '..i.i. i.,'...'.     ml;   :.���    .
Tom   : . -   a> i Red   at  tier   '.      : r
��� i    Hi   '-       .    .
Bro wnl ni
I S       '- -i
Ibej .1 ,      s
tio ��� .and   ���.'<���
ihcj �� <.. '..���-. .'    .r*   a of 1  -
i at .      ..i.. . .1 ^.   iarj  -,���   - r...    ...
tr '���������-,      i-    f i
t.v.s ; r��<:.. i n .-.> :���! : \, .  ned hy othei
rr.v.s*.   :i\. ... - or
fi .���: ....  :.:   theli   ..< ...
w_lj-�� perform ed
tin   '  ......      ,.        , .-
:. ..i    Will lv- ' I   .. (T.1
.'..'  J     �� :.-.   ���.. , .   ���
'... ...,.-.    ���. '..- :: i   l
.la' , . :'.-. ���. > il I. t r>.1
. M '    ' ������,  .   ��� lhl        ' -       	
s 11 I i s of I  ���- '
i. , ,_-'.i\i ,   a,-,   m-i .. > '.a rm-"  :.'���������.:������
-.ts i n ^i ..,-���-  i-i:, rt   : ���.  ���.
1 .IT'..I.
I.. Joj as ..��� i.e. .: . i : . r
en.Ui ,..,���(:..< '..<> feolinsf ;": ������
proi-d a.. i. ��� c   tun on th. ������.  a. .. - .
tl.r p. :..���    . ;    ';.:.::..._.   b.  0��l. ������ < ;.s . I
Ull      .. .:.-k    ai a. I i-:.  -     '. :      I.i      151*1
Tti.    .a.i.,   . .      _: -��� .     ;.: ' .    :���'....   >:
tug  cv o-..  :..:  :.'..:���.   .'.v.:     '.'re ..c:  . ..
c"...ii- w Ith tho pxhau.l . .. , : .: i ,..���
pants    a fantasia li   ::��� .'r^ir. lr.   i>
a   CUrtom   lU.-jri'SsuM.   .t   ftcrrvi.v.vm     ~
an th.  ','.   ���������;    '���'���'��� .i  il '������'  ....<  ooca:
on �����!'.,:   ih<   .torn, s-sii i.-Kikiri.   v   .
.as'..'..^ i.s ...   bit  '.'anion.    C0WI6I l..r.'.
aa tii  trn��' i��on of nature *
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
Prices Rifiht.    No trout..* to
show fcoods..
TIE JEffQH      inlumhia St
Poot .'llth A-vr    Goi   '.a-   S-'fft
Nt�� ��(*stininstrr. I ..
BS was   LOOSRM  BTRAIOBT   H15_l\  j.\
IN   TUB l'l BS   111    > ASSK-.   ll_.
/.   Ci  rsi   V, ����,-,        Hej   fa-i"-.
".      I1    R��\ " '. j,   \\ '. a   .    ... '..'��
fa. '.a.   . ,000 V.rft.".    :  : . ,.-  , :   t>
s...;. .   farm    lii <_< >. :<> I i_ . i tin
Iimt   ... :. (U*.inj   ;�� >:;\Y'.;...\
iii'..  :������        -..,���. i ���-         '���������������:��� .'.     .
Ail kinds of Ship  vc\x\\r
Shin s-rid Sw>"9i   Kuilding
tmd given bsct hla rins ��nd h, hBd ��Pj �����* Pf^        K^���'OS     promptly    fUT-
������ oir :.. ihni-ivii irniiiiKiiiT -nn '':;'" pin mshoo.
\s . ��t -  -it#     P. .*
ladian Pacific !
���*��������������������������������+ ������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������!
- '-  will   :���" ISS U  :
| :-. .���   fan ne-third for the
ak, Dec. 21 I I
28th ti  Jan.
"P"^ '������ '���'��������� lan, .ird.
irs appiy to
Ne* Wesi.
E.  J.  COYLE.
sit G-n.'a!   Passerger    Agenl
V a--;ojver.
>0 C-\CM.
the afternoon on her hands They had '��� '��� ���'��� ; :- '��� -:'' *< ��������� ':
planned to skate hi R w>n_ale, t^_ Oil . i a. . \. soon a. .'; .' Itj
miles up Ihe river; hnve sum^r them   pips :--,- r> t     ... :, .. , t,; .':.(\ :,?#
ant) skate- u.'ui. t> moonllshl Kow h :-, *...,,-.-. ���.- - .���-. -.- -.��� . --, (- j.- .!>
neaa  i-ll  -iHitled   anil  she  mual  skat.    ...    y. ��� ������ ',,���
nlone , ���
sl'.. ��:i* (oral .'( the loe, ami tti.
iwlfl motion ami the Uraclns air aoiMi
I'ni hoi In ii 'i lore plea an nt frame ol
mind IVrtwp. she -tin<i bwn ti.tst* hi
c'vinv: 'na, I. ii -, rlnj Iwi tii<".'. ll is nni
overt ila,\ that one is eleetetl Ihe pr����l
.a. I   .a   lhe !'.;<-.a:\   .'.rii   ami he  mi|_lit
it   ,. -..  I a,   ..:..���..''. n-,1 her ni��iin
Carving Sets, in Nickle Silver
With Solid Sitvtti
f     . ���  \ .  ,- \ . i er Set! le l '.'"iin
0       - .      ,       -a aa.   ,.-^i*,l  vt itti hot
1 . w is \> ih am :   ae lhal
fho in   -. ���      Inui i    -   ������: iin-    .ui
:,.-,;���      two miles from Ihe I .  ..
I ,    -a- . ,   x ��� -....a        at OOP
to .- ������ < nth    nml ���'���
1,   Oimlileretl n . ������ sh<>   Innoetl at Ihe
ttiiis on i lit-,-.   kUI.     She  never hnil
,,.\ |i    ,| II  lv���'.,   a   . ���", ���...>��   ti'i->   siN'ini'.'
.a ; nels nml foi '��� ilillns
s:.,. waa atlll ���     n   " up nn hei ������'. ih
Htl Ul'li    a    l'l    ol    \> ra.l    ! i  'i fli    In'..'   IllO
lee,  mill  wllh  n ert   ahu ann.   lo tin'
ins*.    Millar
Sin-   slrnr.i;!.'.!   t.<   In
J   trri   imi ��i(ii number Utile monn nl
���   i:it'i. \r ..ir i.ni-r, sin- lnni nprntlied In
mnn.. v.
Rodgersf and I. X. L.  Pocket
and Penknives
Gillette Safety Razors
No Honeing;   No >������ ���*���*
The Best of all Useful Preatnts fw ���* <������-���   ���"
Desert and Table Knives:   Forks
Electric-plated Serving Dishes
Carpet Sweepers
Save your wife :<>'��<��� "I the hnni u-
Hardwart- of all description*
tafl nnlili
Sevewl iiini's sin- i-NMiit ni i.'iKr bul
r.,,ii iin.i'iiri nni.if inni hei ni.'ii' nml
\ alio ili'.i.iial mul < ii'i'i .'ii tiiim!-.
.in,! l.ni'i'-. l.i Ihe luink Peril '!"��� noim
,.' ihe ,'iin'i'. woulil Inlte n lul i lhe i
heuitn In ti, a ii- up mul ilni ����� 'nui r'.ti
in-: help 11 ii" "in' ' iui"' "In' ^t null!
im in 11.������-!��� Imi i> tirii-i alio lm.i ii-.ii.i
Hul   nl n f nil lunn   ��� In' f:i\ r  lip  lnv
,.i  help i iiniirr   Hhe wnn nu utiiiih aln
.iinl.l   ni'lllt'elj    l"'"li'     Sill'  liri'illl  Iii i I \
. irih     ir  kIii<  i'ini.i   iiiii   rai   i"  lhe
|ll\\ ,1   (Mill  ill    Ilia  r���\.   \\ I i.-l -,-   | hi'   ina lil
uiu ii i .iiiini Iiiii uf ��� mn.' i.in' .'a nhoi ���'
the ii Ighl   I'i'i'.'i' In ile llll
\\ illi Ii.Iiiiii.    I ilim   ��� In- , lain li'.l :l I' 'tt
fi ,-i    hm    i ,   lm I  lit slvo up    ml
Int' ii ii| uiu    I'l'i'linp    llii'.v hi    lil min
ti, -    i ���  iii.       mini     nni reliu'l ihi i   'i'i'
t'ulh stocked with all kinds of
*-��(.--�� lull��     lini'iu I ��-.<    (��ti     tl.is    <nau.'a
Inui itmie up .hn l'l tel     I'lu-y tt'ni    I    I     |    u I ;,>.,'" 'U' ,-, >], >; (' ;
HARM >>'
Columbia St.
I IMMI l��
Cohmtltla  *s(
Westminster SUI I S
l^QNgjNo. ��� ft Transfer Co
Offfe. -Trim Dspol
Columbli ���*.
LSSSSfl 'i".i'."""i    i;f��rnpiiy '"  "'v
.-��� '.f tba < Ity,
P Light and Heavy
hREEMAN,  .   Proprietor
'lr ". '(" III <��� |l
,, i','n,i.'i iii?
,i    -       I nlll  n Ki'in |i I tm  |i 111"   I "'   hei     11
J | 1  .       Ill    I      I       Ill  I   " ,       llll
i       mlil    I ,i|ii.    fm    help     Iiiii    ill.     i ll '
III ht'i    mui   ' -'iui"i i    ihiiui li  ll
'   a.    ||   ||    .  |||  .  ||    ||||l    11   .   v    Ilf   |l    11    -
I In ,i hn  ,|iu. i,  rni  . nn hi  Hi.- �� el
���ini.i nf thn i im  nt "I. .-I "ii il"'
I .      .Hni    ��� |||      I I ii.l    |ll    all llt-tfl.     I"
���      ��� . ,'l
t ' aiiliil   Ilia   lull,|   iiluil .���    lnni   limn .' .
, tvllll   |'"it ii fui   an ..I.i  ���     ll"   tt ll*
.     .     i    llllll iiii, a,I   -in,I  In ||||i llll
��� .i i ��� i    Hai.".- nh ulil i nlu
��� ������:..   i . , nil 1,1 iiiiii he nluppeil
1,1       Hill     llliillil        III     n     lluih    ho
��� '      '     ��� I  ll'     1,111',-lill        la   lull'   ll. I
tt ��� . in.in, i  ,i..|ii"' he itnltPil
l  .    , .-v   Irn ��� ���
���   -a    ... .i mt tinkle," gbe o ibhwl
������ ��� f   '.      '..i  "it.I '"Id  nml linii_rv,
���vi ntt liil Iiii.   I*iu nn I tin
���'���'"' t.'ii tinen hei-i'?'* In
'      11 neenw like
....-- ��� ��� mu i lohpsome."
���ulil tenderly,
Tll soon i.n' ��� y������ i  ���    "i* it.   I'll skuto
Cul mul Mml^ <���<�� ��'������� PffBSWft   lown to the I ���    ���   ���  -",1 borrow n
ghe Km '' ! I 'h terror.  "Don't
i plead*!    "1 think l
would ���������   Pn    I"
������It ivoi Ill lake only ten minutes or
24?front HlHll    ���     NiW Westminster ^ ,o." ltd   l.n< :li" kcit ii eoiiv>'_
, .lllll"
i coin
,\ i"il!tl;'.     Slippi 1
and lei
i loi.lt-' Pint! Dongola Slipper -.
2.00, for   	
line, worth
...   itni-ir,
%zo and vr
S'uvial Wnno Lined Gentlemen's  ���'        . for solid
comfort,  ... ,1.00 and 1.25
Tho Dtck damp-proof Boot for Gentlemen, in Dongola and Box Calf, at.    LOO
When once worn is always worn, and
requires no rubbers.
The Dick Boot for boys means dry feet and iron wear
������ iii-n���!..��� t^^^^mmmmlm, ,IIIIihm-1_^_���w��n ��� iii      ������������ m     ���
The Old Country Boot Store
Columbia St. J. STEWART, Prop.
I-       a"
p.a . :
��. J
Published by the Daily News Pub-
lishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director.
.. J. C. Brown
Transient display advertising, :i>
cent* per ine nonpariel) i- lines to
tlie inch. Five :-..:_ts ner 'ine lor
.-_: sequent insertions.
Reading nutiees, hold face type, 20
.-ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, fine. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
monl. No advertisement taken for
;�����_- than 2ii cents.
R. ?
���'-. RS. Br"--":
"Knocking"   and   Knockers."
"If ynu can': boost, don't knock,"
were the words of wisdom which fell
linin ih�� lips of Premier McBrlde al
a  certain  banquet   in  Toronto,     The
form might have been m leg ini
am the advice was good enough, and
should be taiken by Mr. McBride's
organ here, which seams to think il
the correct thing tn represent the city
as suffering under ficticious disabilities, If thereby i: can find excuse for
the venting of a little spite. For ourselves, we must confess that we do not
see whal good can possibly be done
by such "knocking." Many improvements in postal accommodation are
desired by the staff as well as the public, and same nf these have been promised���may, indeed be said to be under'
way, as the construction of the Fisheries building on Carnarvon street
was a necessary preliminary, As
soon as the officials move in, the offlce
tbey vacate will be thrown into tlie
post offlce, increasing the room, and
making possible several highly desirable improvements. As for free delivery we have the statement of the
Postmaster-General that he is eonsid-
ering the extension of the system, an I
there is no reason to doubt (but every
reason to believe) that New Westminster will get its full share nf whal Is
We cannol lay claim to a population nf more than i"ii thousand at
present. It is true that we are get-
ting along pretty rapidly: inn j., is
nni reasonable to expect thai we shall
have everything in tlie line nt' public
service which is enjoyed by cities of
lm i.v thousand to a quarter of a million population. We expect to have.
ami are prepared in demand, everything that cities of our size enjoy,
ami also some consideration ���>( the
fact that we are forging ahea 1 fast,
and that provision should in' made i-r
keep up-to-date-, But we are imt pre
pared to whine ami we are no: beg-
I-i i rs.
New Westminster has today many
advantages to offer to those who come
here to reside or to engage in business.
It has grown and is growing on the
rolid ground of these natural and ac-
au ired advantages, and it asks for and
needs   nothing   but   fair   play.
A <   fnr   i lm   a' tacli   mad ���   ;i; ..n   .Mr.
Kenne iy, ilan i- dm il    laughabl i. I
��� ii  all lil-  ii:i.c inui  effort  t i
ng after ti    inte    sts of his conti a'   ,   \" istln     : a. ���' ll,  -   a      n
a' oi  poll I al. on i lie gi Indlng of pri-
ii axes,    We all ! now tin-, ami give
Mr. Kenne It  i re ;.��� for it,    Of course
!.'��� ivas suiltj   ol  ���  e I i ;: o ,    off n   ���
administering   i  jolly  goo I  licking
'" liis i pponeni al  the lasi  Dominion
��� '���   lion, an I  li" :,, isi      fer for thai
- in:  but ii mat     ��� . 1 indetl in ex   n
ai lon i Inn if he Iiii'      lone it, some
 Ise would,
I'he Unhappy Kick.
Xo greater misfortune can befall _,
youi���:: man than to inherit a million
dollars without having enough brains
stored away iu the bony part of his
head lo serve as a chock on the check-
We hate lately had an object lesson
reaching all the way from Pittsburg
to New York, and It Is enough to make
every young man throw away his money, particularly It" he hasn't any.
What u blessing it i�� to tbe youth
wbo inherits only health, a good digestion and possibly a shovel. If he earns
bis money by hard knocks or gets it
by marry lm. an heiress he will know
Its value and will realize that there are
other ways for a young man to b*
happy besides wrecking his constitution and shooting holes iu the moral
Let ns be thankful tve were born
poor if tve were, for then no expert
will ever earn a large fee proving that
we are Insane.
She Could Hear It.
"What nr   th.. wild waves saying?"
Ile whispered In tier ear.
"It seems in me," sh.* answered low,
Willi eyes downcast an.l cheeks aglow,
"They murmur lu their playing,
'Vuu Jay. get uf and dear!' '
Jenkins���That's il." way the
thing was t"M to im-: but, of course,
there's always more than one side
to a story.
Wiseman���Of course, there ari.*
always as many -. les in a story as
there arc people to blame.���Hous-
ton Post.
Yc _niir.g.
When ai fair July
Th, re's a  bl using sky
An.l the air i- liquid gold.
Then 1 I ���������- ' > '���'''
'.', hi a- i." ���' s '.��� md  low
And thu ii   'ii  'is lurk ������! o. old.
For the  : ��� ys hni' i   ne,
Rv ihi- whlsp'rlngs drawn
Of th- brook an.l glade aa l glen.
And --'ali tales they'll b'lng
And such sunns they'll sin*.
When they come back again.
And I yearn to sip
Frnm my task's firm irrip���
Lorn, tn whip for il-f festive trout���
Sn thai I. too, may
Whan sha.!  - ome ihai day
Have soma things to yarn about
Open To-Night and Perfumes g3
��� " Aim,.- ..    1
�� m. Ts>       V.        F  T       . ��� 1       ^> _T ��� in, ' i|,J'l
Fighting Combination.
, so*
"I am going to bave me big brudder
lick ynu."
"Hull, me big brudder "ill eat him
"Has youse gol n big brudder?"
"Sure, an' he is dead tough."
"Say. let's be friends   Wid dat back-
In' we kin bluff de bull town."
Every Night Until Christmas
No more need for the excuse "It's so hard to
get a suitable gift" with this store's assortment, and appropriate gifts for men and
women. Umbrellas, gold and silver mounted
silk cases, paragon frame.
Cut Glass in Endless Variety
Diamonds of the choicest water. Fancy China
for use and decoration. Gold and Silver
Goods in abundance. Come and see the
finest and prettiest selection of rings ever
shown in Xew Westminster.
Goldsmith. Silversmith ar.d Diamond Merchant, next to
Tram Office, Columbia St.
up in
XMAS   :-:   pRES!
A- good Suppiy at]
W. IN. DrapJ
**��� C. Land
Ellard  Block.   New W.str-,.,  I
315  Carnarvon si ri el
\   'a   ���
Starting   the   Bores.
"Don't l
know that
ask   your
Ic   .irl   to
���   it
makes   every]
ody  feel  1
ke   g
home ?"
''Then H
lo vou do l!
pi.ded Theoi
"Do vou
ieve all me
i are
ated equal,
"Not bv
nil;:   -lint.
baby of m
knows more now
. al
though he
onlv three
than  some
oplo   ever
. : irn
Houston 1
LOST on Thursday, blai k sow, Fin I
please notify A. F. Lucas, Cltj  P >.
WANTED���Married couple desin   fui
nished rooms for light housekeeping
or board and rooms In pri. ite fa  .
ily.    Apply 11. this office.
WANTED ��� Boy for jewellery store
Apply Horace Dorer, Columbia st.
wanted���Boys, immediately; good
wages.   Apply B. C, Cigar Factory.
WANTED���One or two furnished
rooms, close in or on car line. Write
fl.. care of Dally .News.
Chip  Off the 0!ci  Block.
De Long-*-] met your son this
Shortleigh���Don't you think he
resembles me a good deal ?
De Long���That's what, lie tried
to borrow a dollar from me.���Detroit Tribune.
To Test an   C30
If you wish to know it' an egg is
fresh, place it in a basin of cold
water. If it remains at tho bottom
it i.s all righi: if it floats at all it is
of rather doubtful freshness; and
if it. floats gaily 'in the surface you
may be certain it is unite bad.
Wanted���Strong boy to drive rig and
make himself generally useful. Apply W. E. Fales' Furniture store.
MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will recite pupils, Lessons in the art of
singing and voice production. 321
Columbia Street.
Printing of every description���If y 11
wish : i reach yonr clients leave us
..our order for type-written circulars.
We can print them to your satisfaction a.s we have the type faces for this
class of work. Vour order will be appreciated. Mrs. Dominy, proprietress,
Arrow   Press.  Daily  Xews  Block.
Flax_ee.   Lsinor.ad...
Mix thc juice of one lemon with,
as much  sugar as it will take up.
Add two cups of boiling water und
pour this lemonade boiling hot over;
two tablespoonfuls flaxseed.    Let it
stand several hours.
LOST���Bei ween Asylum and Douglas
strei" cemeterw ami Columbia sl .
watch guard, black grograln ribbon.
gold buckle and diamond-set locket
with photo inside. Finder will be
suitably rewarded by returning
same to W. E. Fales 212-:.
Xmas Gifts
In addition to the above we  have fine lines ofl
1 uxedo and  Dress  Suits, Fancy  Suspenders,]
Steamboat   Wraps,    Suit    Cases,   Out    and
Gladstone Bags, Initial  Handkerchiefs.    Silkj
Handkerchiefs with fancy horder.   The latest|
and finest creations m  Xmas   lies   we  nave  ever offered
to the public.     Don t rail to see our Xmas i>oods.
Ai a public meeting held al Vernon,
las! iveet, Premlei McBi Ide said thai
the governmenl had never needed to
depen I upon an I had n1".".- depended
upon the Socialist vote, to save it
from defeat. Mr, Hawthornthwaite
unless our memory plays us ,1 scurvy
trick, lias said on several occasions,
thai he had voted more than one
measure of which he did not approve
because the vote was necessary to
save the government from defeat.
When these mighty statesmen thus
contradict each other as to plain matters of fact, whal is a pour newspaper
man  to say about  it.
Ebony Goods
Opposite Pos! Office, net W
if fi
Modern   Mualc.
She ��� Why did Professor Sebluckei
stop playing al Mrs. Lard's musical"
He-He sub; be had to because the cot.
versatlon was not pitched In the same
key os his music���Harper's Weekly.
fie extraordinary in your excellence
!f you like, but he ordinary in your dl*
play u? It���Balthasur Gru.iaa.
ETC.,    ETC.
A Pleasure to Show Goods at
A Carload io Choose From at Prices
Within the Reach of all
Wl-$W\ I'S <&*<..
i ��� DN��3DAV.   DEC.   19,   1906
Bath Robes,
Clearance -sale
Wrappers, 95c
The Last Week for
Come as early in the week as you can.
There are hundreds of choice things today and will be to-morrow, but as the
week rolls on and hundreds of happy gift
seekers make purchases here���you can
[(lily understand that the assortment will not be as large as the end of
>ek as now.   Lots of bargains to-day tor the thrifty���each depart-
jnt having its quota of specials���saving one-half on your purchases here.
To Men Shopping For Furs
Local News Briefly Told
Turki -     gee i   poultrj ol all kinds      it  you  wasi   something   extra    tor
Rechinbach Co your Christmas dinner, buy your Tur
keys and Geese at  the  Pacific  Meal
For   Mlsletoe,   ' In Ij    ind   Ctl       ma -
Market, opposite  1ruin office
Flow' i - i In ��� up s  c.   l'i i>. The Florist.    'Phone  \lsi Chief Watson was compelled yester
day, to refuse a proffered gifl of a
llio   various   shingle  mills   in   thei
number ol   squrrrelg   .iml   blue   Java,
dlstricl   will   close   ,|o��n   aboul     ihe      ,. , _      ,       ,       ,       _    ,
whicb  were offered  to him  for the liv
first oi ibe year for iibout si\ weeks.        , .   ,          ..
cal zoo Owing io there being no ac
hon'i fail in see the grand display   commodation tor the little creatures,
a.  exhibited In the win.low.- of .lohn-   at   the  Park,   the   chief  could    mil.
-ions Big sin,.' House 243  thank the gentleman  who male the
offer, an.! decline the gift
A cm  load ol Chines,   goods which j
w.-is broughl in on the Empress of In-      Johnston's Big Shoe lions., can cer-
dia on  Monday,   was  received    here  talnly  be  calle,1   the    greal    slipper
yesterday  for local  merchants. ! store, judging by the dlsplaj the.  are
making  In  the  many   linos  for men.
''"' ""*  h;nm-  '" thel1     '���-""'   women and children 243
signed   petitions   for   the  abolition  ol
lhe  lolls upon the  New   Westminster      A   logger  wbo  found  himself  In   a
I'rldge, wlll oblige by   returning   hem   ll'>  for the lirst  time In manj    i i
:,' once io John Oliver, M P.P., Delta,   on   Mondaj   evening   was a   e
he police on a charge o: in le. ew ex
ire      He  explained   to   thi   cour!
cloveril  '"' S:""!^''  n��i   De    22.   ,������,,,,.,,, mornlng tha, ,���. ��... ���
A Lib.-ral co in will iPlii at I
ii   11  a m.     The  i onvenl loi    wil     ie
eii  to the civilized waj so:.
letaine lb;   thel    duties
now lit! ... : i-'     - ��� a   to  shop bee mse   ill Ihe Insi                          ��� has gooil     inortunities for comparison  and study
inci Color?:!
egular $1.25 foi $1.00
��� ��� i Furs 75c
, .1.75. $3.50, $6.50,
Long   Marlnot    Throw-overs,
I in . I ���" ;'       Satin line I 	
. lies' Sable, :���' ix, Marten, Mink and
ither Furs. In all shapes and lengths
same with  muffs to match;  $12-50.
$16.50.  $20.00,  $30.00.  $40.00.  $50.00.
Women's Neckwear   in  Rich  Variety
Fan      S   '
:       ctll     - " '
.. .   ���- Iti :    Uspia ..���--,.:.
:     . ffy  I  hiffon  .   :     I Chii to
?i - extreme.
Ei      dderi I   ���: ffo ���    \     .
��� .   ;'. .ii. I 4i      Von
-   Ties at   35c. 50c. 75c. $1.00. $1.50   $2.00, $2.50. $3.50
Reai Linen Handkerchiefs and Glo vesReal Ki
r��1,0W( I  ;'>   ���' i"M"   '"""!'''-  which and after li8tenlng ���, Mi ex    ...
tt,!l commence al  2  p.m. ,,���, maf-lBtrate impo8ed ., nominal
Chrlsl .- i      - iyt;rs  an    ri n or "��� $:' 'in,l costs,
liir   magniflcenl   showing   of   holldaj ������
��� ..��� .vear   as   dlaplaj ed  al   .1 ihnsi ���
Big   Shoe  Housi'                                 243
Firemen   Wanted.
.1. Johnston's resldeni e on   . n     an I
sl reet, had a nan ow  esi a pe fi        ie
Applications lo iill two \ u an les in
Ing   burned   to  the  ground yesterdaj
ifternoon, when  flames  were  noticed ;!u' F|IV Departmenl  will he recel.
breaking through the roof     The fire- J>" ,he undersigned  up to Friday, the
men  were quicklj  on the  scene, and "       ,,|N
managed   to extinguish  the blaze  be       ]'"'.' Particulars applj  to (
fore very much damage was done. son, ;'>  N'o   I  Fire Hall.
-  : . ���
$' :'
". ,:..'���
."���    ���      162
im  . a dozen,   i        ��� ���'��� '
... -    ion Vn md F 'an ''
.1 *.:
mes $2.75 to $3.75.
:      ..      ililei
all I     Law n
i ine of the large lighl towers �� hich
li '.i be used for the'carrying ol the
lighl wires from I lie north to the
south side of iho river al Ladner, is
now completed, The lower- are to
.a each 200 feel high, and there wil!
be a sag of forty tee! in the wire- as
thej   cross lbe river.
John Berry, whi I i_ een seriously
ill in the Royal nun .:. ., - dtal, is
now oul of dan . ;. an I hopes soon t.i
be ablo io leave ibe Institution. His
son. wbo came ap frnm Eureka, Cal.,
io see him, recently, will return to
ihe south today, satisfied thai liis
father is on the high road to health.
A   . ..iln.id   of   choici'    turki
geese   at  Ftechlnbach's for   the Xmas
Three frequenl callers at the police
Maiion were again iii their old familiar ceils lasi evening, and will take
i heir old   familiar  place  In  the  doi k
: ibis morning. Thej wlll be lined the
old familiar $2.50 and costs for the
old  familiar offense, drunk and lneaip
i able.
\ well attended meeting of the Liberals of the Central Park dhstrici was
] held on Mondaj  afternoon a! Central
Park, when delegates were appointed
I-. alien,i  lhe nominating convention
|; for the constituency of Richmond The
convention will bo held In Vancouver
11 this afternoon al   i _0,
W    A   DUNCAN,
���    ���
i'ii'   Hall, Dec. 19.  1906.
We Have
as usual, a nice assortment of
Pe rfuiros
Dressing  Cases
Hand Bags
Purses, the prettiest line ever
shown   in  this city.
Collar and  Cuff Boxes
Smokers' Sets
Glove    anel    Handkerchief    Boxes.
and   many   novelties too  nun-e-
ous fo mention.
CURTIS* Drug Store
I  ?
That Delayed Shipment of Long
Coats Has Arrived
A secre or more smart, dres: y. warm Co iU, in ?<*' i Coverts,
Shadow Checks. Shepherd Chec!;, and Plaids, well tailored and
neatly ;rimr,-d with suitable trimminB . a, velvets, stitching, etc.
Who wouldn't be pleased with the gifl ol one ol laments?    The prices are $10.00 to $25.00.
- -     i    12.00.
r. :.
f_ i'y   i
Notice  Is  herehj   givei t;
days after date i inten I to
lhe Honorable,    the    Ch
Sione      Ol    I .all Is    and    \\.    ;. _,
si.. lal license to cu   ai    ��� ���   y av
The Transient Throng. iber   from   the   Po   Ov  ...
Win Iboi    T   M -' -b'      ,1     v    Mar    lands
shall, Prince   Ubort, Sasl< .   .1   Swan.      Xo   I. C
Vancouvei     P   Welsh      Bruce,   Wis.;   ' ���>   ��b   the Dominion   B
Mr, mid  Mi i. .!. P. *. mn i   \\ i nl eg;   on Sharp-  - C i ���
1     .    Mi Donald,   Vancouver;     C.  E.   nortl PI     Lal.        -     .   Mc
fnmhi i    .'nn.'inn,  D   M   !!���''"   (son    "'   chains, thence    Wesl    SO    chi
i j a hi -. i    P    Moss   Rem!   i iland;   C    ''"''��� e South   SO chains       ...    I
I'-h na   nn. Matsqui; L. i    !*-'.'.������    8u     "���   chains to point of eo i
No ������  Commencini   it a po
Ci ' mini   \\    No ri in       unes               ' ' ','1' "' i*'1'"'" '-��� '������ ' ��� ���
man.    S  nth   We Hull ��� ���         Cfl    iin          commen  Mo.  1,
Holbrook   Harrison   Hot                     .               '     ���' ' v     ''
W    lame.   Mission M?  chain      thence Wi
theni e South   SO cha tolnt
.   una en. piiirii
lliiulniii in ii   .   ... ii,
Tills l�� II "i'i     ��� i        N"   '   '''
o,| in Moi '    i ' im I :-       I SO ch iin -  Mo
horn     ��� i  . '    ��� > i ���.- .; .      ���   ��� imed j ci Ibed In ( \
i . v     i fnr ii      I a.. . North K0   i iia a-.
lhi  n ':'".:.:���..,' south v '
Wc    so chain
,|     ||   I     '.I          . '-      l'|,
i wiili m  and
,. ��� i   '. ii'Ml   witl
lm nn i i-.'i :    ul lu I I n   I th? I ii'..'
body sl      ��� villi lun i ' "    ;",'��� -;
I thinni'l I be       ��� 111 il        ���  i *'���
.1   ROBS s;i M-'i'i-
Sei i.   .
-  -I   No\   '' I   1906,
.lolin  ���'   Th
dllp   Of    ll l|ltl    111 III '    a .
ihe in..rna, ��� ib - fri "i' ������   ��� ' in'   ��� I '
tbe pei i a     \i i i) o'i '     ileb
i|>,  la'i|..r   ail,    i '".    ^  i
'      ' ,; h   The Mtmbcrs of the Queen'? Ave
nil i    lhe    rn'   in
ihc ��� in i  tii'-u   i  > 'i-i  i i
if i lod I!  i ������ il " b'd- - ' ��� .   ittcli nn
ime. sou of such art one'   Then the
child Is \\ a ai'd for the first time.
Iiennn li I'm OU its hands ."ml feet,
Ithol tin.' " iti eyes; it Is clothed In Its
flue 1 robe, nud put into it . mother'i
bed, nt Lha ttead of which lighted tapers are biiruin:.'."
(-f.iiji.il.if_ TP
Street    j[ ^
"     rm j niii t     iiiiwii���mui a n t* '   jhokuca ���* ���������
Choice  Goods for
Blouses.  35c value
for 25c.
69 an'1 75c Flannels
for  50c
HaffMBttttunE ��*a* tkwammmm
ScttliiK Mother Right,
"I'm sur,'. Ethel," said Hie girl's
mother nti'iuiy. "that I saw him kissing you lust evening."
"Nonsense, mother! He's entirely too
"Inm't contradict me, child! I saw
Ihe performance with my own"���
"Pardon me, mat ber. You merely
new me klBBlng Wm."���Detroit Frce
a   i ited by  the  leading local tali i I.
Wil 1, SING
Gauis -ruth:'
THURSDAY. Dec. 20th, at 8 p. in.
The following Soloists
will be heard i
as "Ruth."
Contralto, as "Naomi."
and   MR.   HARRY   DAVIS,   Basso,
as "Boaz."
Price of Tickets,
25 cents
Ve  '
Y '''
Thr  Mine'* By*.
It  will  probably  be news to mosi i
people to hear that rudimentary trace*
of u third eye exii<t among all verte
.nates. Including man.   In the human I
race the third eye forms part of th"
pineal gland. 11 small mass about th.
.ize of fl pea In almost the very center
of    the    brain.     Possibly,    therefore.
Ihere  was  more  actual  truth   in  the i
well   known   expression   "the   mind's
eve" than Its originator dreamed of
A Dlapcraer.
A street preacher li_a nest of Scot
land town complained to n passing policeman about being iinm/.ed by a part
of the audience and asked him to remove the obnoxious ones. "Weel, ye
nee." replied the cautious ofMcer, "it
would be a hard job for me tae spot
them, but 111 tell ye what I'd dae If I
were you." "What would you do?"
eagerly inquired the preacher. "Just
(.-a rouud wi' the hat"'
Thr Mod.rn Dinner.
A medical journal complains that the
modern dinner has become an extremely depressing affair and that, so
fnr from being a feast of reason and a
flow of soul, the conversation Is a mere
Interchange of symptoms, details nf
operations or the advantages of this or
that cure. Such topics evidently are
not provocative of remarks that set
the table iu a roar, nor do tbey tend
to promote the good digestion which
Should wail mi appelite. Indeed, there
ls little appetite for digestion to wall
upon. The dainties! of menus is disregarded wbeu tlie diners are under a
regime, and courses pass untouched,
while powders are openly stirred into
The Right Mou
are the triple attractions at Richmond's, The Right House.   Only
a few more days left in which to make your Christmas selections.
Begin to-day, and save the worry of the last few days.
This Store is full of Christmas gift suggestions. The deciding on just the appropriate
thing is made easy here. Never have we shown such magnificent assortments, and never
have the values been better. Come and see for yourself, then you'll know why we are so
enthusiastic, then you'll know the "why" of the greatly increased business we are
To-night, as I sit in the Klondike vale,
My  fancy  lakes flight  over river an 1
To where, in those halcyon days gone
We were together���you ami 1.
And 1 find myself wishing to Clod thai
ln your far away home, under skies of
Often think of the boy who longs for
the sight
Of your beautiful eyes and your kisses
I light my tobacco, its bowers invoke.
And presto! Your astral shines out oi
the smokt���
A face of sweet beauty, a form of rare
Half hidden liy billows of shadowy-
You hover above me, O vision divine!
And your dear dreamy soul passes
quickly io mine.
So 1 sit here an.l silently long for thel out ~orfashion��and"_s usually worn
Slg *' i only by people who have reached
Of your beautiful eyes and your kisses   that stage of ]ife when they have
u>'ni"ht' ; ceased to crease their trousers."���
! London Mail.
A rich, mellow perfume, while memo- j 	
lies roll. Australia   Prosperous  Again.
Brings tlie flavor of age to the wine
of my soul;
You  fill  up the glass,  dainty   sweetheart of mine.
And I feel like a man who is drunken
with  wine.
Yonr soft, gentle voice   pulses   down
through the air,
Ami I thrill with the thought  ihat  ir
murmurs a  prayer,
A prayer for the boy who so Iouks for' lish penny po.tagi* at home and with
the sight | the rest of the empire.    Australian
trade is booming.    Exports exceed
{ The Modern Clothiers      The Modern Clothkn
Those m.n wearing beards will n������
them clipped torpedo fashion. ��� Order te
tbe British Naval Volunteers.
"A torpedo beard," explained an
expert, "is a beard clipped to a
point���a sort of stubby Vandyke
beard���and is the official beard of
the navy. Just now the torpedo
beard is becoming more popular���in
fact, it is the only beard that smart
peoDle wear.
"The flowing beard is hopelessly
Australia is in the flood tide of
prosperity. Her revenue is nearly
half a million sterling in excess of
the estimate, and for the coming
year the various states will receive
back from the commonwealth government more than ��,100.000 above
the minimum to which they are entitled. The distribution would be
larger still but for the very right
decision of the government to estab-
The  hyacinth   lias  its   name   fr__:
Greek   mythology.   According   to   tbi
Btory a.s told  liy Ovid. Hyaclnthus,  a ;
beautiful  boy.  was tlie sou of n  Spar   i
tan  king  and   the  favorite of  Apoll i
Zephyrus, being envious of tin- attacl
ment  of  Apollo  and   Hyaclnthus,   s
turned the direction of a quoit which
Apollo had pitched while at play that
lt struck  tbe  head of Hyaclnthus and
slew   him.     The   fable   concludes    1.-
miikinc Apollo transform the body "f
his favorite luto the flower that bears
bis name.
FlKare   II   Hul
A man hnd sixty ducks for sale and
divided them into two lots of thirty
each. One lot was (o be disposed of
at three for $1 and lhe other at t'.'.'c.
for Sl. Iu his absence his clerk sol.!
the sixty ducks at live for .'.L'. realizing
the sum of $24, If sold according lo
Instructions one purchaser would have
got thirty ducks for $15 ami the other
thirty for $10, making $25 for ibe lot.
What became of the missing dollar?
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures A       . m /
  Aerated Water
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mali ufacHirer of
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office
imports   by   nearly   ��20,000,000.���
London Saturday Review,
Of vour beautiful eyes and your kisses
On  Mn'  breast of your astral,  O lady
of mine.
L. ��� me pin wiih a nugget my heart's
''   :h"   gold    in    'lie    Klondike    in
naught  can compare
With the velvety meshes of gold in I The meiry microbe Vh~rives"onthe7e
'"" haJr; unnutritious  substances,  it  seems,
' "    win"  "*'  >"">'   breath,   ami   the   nnd takes n malevolent  delight in
touch "��� v'"11' hand imparting ali manner of diseases lo
Seal my senses in sleep in this sha-1 the unwary,    Knowing from expe-
('ow> ,:i11'1- I rience thai the Lancel approves of
slumber, ani sleeping, I long for ilia   few things bo oal arid drink, a con-
1 '���''* temportary suggests tl.;.! the human
'���' your beautiful eyes and your ki-- >s | race live in balloons and subsist ft_>
to-night, bananas and sterilized milk.
.ii   Vm_eiik��..
"The Elizabethan ruff is likely to n
turn," said Ma Twaddles, looking r
trom the fashion paper she was re. ,
"If be does," responded I'a Tv.au
dies, with energy, "you set the dog m
him.   I>o you bear''"
The  Merry  Microbe.
The London Lancet lias Keen
warning its readers against the table
implements at restaurant-, the door
handles of public places and vehicles
and, above all, the coin cf the realm
"Oh,*' she said, "your conduct Is
enough in make an angel weepy
"I don't see you shedding a tear." he
retorted, aud his ready wit saved lis"
Tide Table   Fraser River
Easterbrook Mine G
For the week ending Dec, 10. 1906.
Ilif-h Low
Waur.        Waier.
Km  the wei .. en iin- li-'  _:.  1906.
Ilea.   i:       8.05 2.2"
18.15 la. IU
I)""    1.   S.55 3.03
19.05 14.15
made Liandies
are made at the
Star Candy Store
Our Chocolate Creams and Fondants, Fresh Made Daily,
are the talk of the town.
Customers are requested to leave their orders for Chocolate Creams,
Fondants and other fancy sweets, AND WE will maki-: to ORDER.
I I	
IH    1.45
20    10.30
.1     11.10
A lady should never forget to say
when she wants to obtain the verj best Hu
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but .you get it it'
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Columbia Street
Next to De Grey's Barber shoo
VJiSS. a
SAND   1110 ADS.
Time. lit.
    7.21!    14.6
17.HI! 12.5
.   8.14 14.7
IN.27 11.8
.  9.(10 14.9
19.27 11.0
.  9.IS ll.S
20.34 lu.2
,10.32 14.4
2 l.a2 9.5
.11.11 14.0
2::.27 9.2
.11..", I 13.4
19.20   I
Time. lit.
12.40   9.3,
0.36    n.l
13.48    9.1
1.2:: 0.6
15.01 8.71
2.12 1.6 (J
16.13 8.0
Unexcelled for Pastry.
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agen^l
122  Front St. I'-
D��C.  v..   1306
,-, ������>;o>>>>i*s��>> *>>>>>>>>>>>>:���>>>>>:���>. ��� >��. ���
��� ���������������-.��..,
For Men
Timber Notices
Just a few more days before Christmas, and think of all the
shopping that has to be done yet! Have you done yours? It's
time to look around and get hints now. and we strongly advise
all those ladies who have nut yet bought their gifts for their
gentleman friends to look at the tremendous selection we have
Tl ������ very things that would please men more then anything
are :
Umbrellas.   Silk Sox,   Pretty Ties   in   Boxes.   Silk   Mufflers,   Beautiful  Silk  Initialled
i_erchiefs.     Then  there are  FANCY  VESTS for business, street and  evening wear.
luxuriously comfortable, ant! what men I ng for in the evening,
���   : aper, or book, or cigar.
GLOVES also are most acceptable. We have in stock a grand
selection of "Dent's" world famous Gloves, for riding, driving
��� r walking.
And  Don't  Forget Your Boys
fancy Suit*.  Stylish Coats,   Handkerchiefs,   Mufflers,  Ties,  Hats and Caps.    Everything to
delight the heart of your boy.
Get the habit, and go to
The Wardrobe Clothier
'-*-**���* ���*"-*-*>^^^^
chase Notice
'.-'     I
���     '
-        '-.
ce of ���
���   -
:' ���   it  X::.;   Gift, by getting something thai is ��
Seasonable, Acceptable and Reasonable in  Price
 CALL    Al	
try Boot Store
��nd Hand Store
; 'and Gentl i SUPPERS, warm lm-
iforti :
: .        SLIP) ERS I n
; .LII PERS.     'I hi su arc vi
lalitii -1' roi
90c   S1.75
$1.75 to $2.75
i the D      Watei ��� \    ���
..     ��� ���   .��� ������ \v,a.    .   a       .    .       .
tne.   1 ��� it wear I        I 	
 ���    ONI".      M
The Old Country BOOT STORE
COLUMBIA ST. J Stewart. r,,:-
rsm'CBSBusttKKSB.___ux.-_-.<....!-_.�����* ���..* 1
��� tha
��� ������
mer   it   I i
��� t|     .'��-u '.. ��� .'
ind cat      i.i       .        from the foi-
���     :��� ��� :    ni:-    situated   ou
ila Am   ���   ..-   District, H.C.
.    , poal plant-
el   i ���.. ��� .:������ hea : i I
��� Vrm, on the -i rii bank ot the
Arm, running  aa   follows:   SO  chains
���    ���       . :..iIna east, SO chains north
. 'I.', then along shore to point of
.   .. n emenl
N'o. S   Commencing ai .i post planted aboul one mile up Pall creek, oa
-������  eas.   bank  of  creek,  running  as
follows:   SO   chains    east,   80  chains
il .   SO . hains west, more or leas, to
reek,  then  along  creek   to  poinl  i'i'.
sommeui ement.
No   'a   Commencing al post planted
out i ne mile up Ball Creek, on east
in., ol crook, joining S ' * claim on
���"���-���   line,  running   as   : -lows:   i'"""1
tain a   south,    10   chains   west,   160
chains north,  t i chains eas! to ,
:  ' omnium. ment.
N'i"   '  imtu :i Ing at p isi . . mti .
aboul   (mill Dala Rivi    from Its
.':..  on   ��� .:������   n 'i ..    an    ol   river,
' hen running as   toi    j.s    10   cha  .
�� est, SO chains n irth   I _0 ��� baln - i .
i" i hains    i.  .   more or less to rl
then along 11, ei :���' poinl of i immen
No. 11    Commencing ai post planted
.' ���   miles up from the m ��� ith, on
the north bank ol Dala River, running
is follows    ;   . iains north, v" . hains
��� ist,   10 chains  n irth  an i  S' chains
east, i'1 . hains so ith, moi e oi less, ��� i
rivi r then al ing rlvor to point ol com
. ��� ment
No. 12   C immen Ing al a post planted a     it four mile -  ip from the mo .
of   the   Dala  Ri. er      a       it h   I ank,
running us follows    ; i chains easl   10
Ins   :. irth,    ' 20   ch tins   easl     40
chains north, more or less   to rh er.
':.. n   along   river   to   po nt   of ���
:: ement
No. 1 I Commencing n a post : lanl
o,l about ono mile from the hea . .
Kildala Arm. on south baftk, running
as follows: 40 chains i-o : _ 10 chains
west, to chains south, 10 chains west,
i'i chains north, 10 chains west, 40
chains norlh. moro or less, to shore,
then along shore to polni of com
No  i-t   Commencing ai a post . ..m;
i . aboul   'iio half mile from the head
of Kildala   Arm   on  the north  bank,
running as follows    ifl chains not h
; ��� chains east, 40  chain;- south, 120]
ha ns   east,   10   chains   south     120
bains �� est to shore, then along shon
lo poinl of commencement.
No. 18   Commencing at a post planl
. oul one mile up from the mouih
. he Dala Rh er, on easl bank
as   follow a.   SO   chains east    40
chains norlh, 40 chains east, 10 oh ilns
noi lh, i1' chains east, Ifl chains no   li
moi c oi loss, to rh er, I hen alon
a poinl of commoner;!'...-
chaii        . n   |0 .bains wost.
W ia   north     -0 ch    i     west to
..l"a in   .    ���   Ig
640 a   ������    moi   ���
it a   poi     m >��� im' I
W    *>'���      N i on the
r . . abo
Bvi    ...      . ...
ming as follows
i" chains .....   >. -���   40
cha::'. - n ��� :" .... ,..,-. ��� 1 poinl
. lining   640
aere -  :.. 11     1   less
1 Commen ;ing ., a p ��st marked
w M.'s N \\ Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
:.w and a hall miles up the river from
bi moul b r inning ... follows
bains east, to chalna south 160
chains wo.-t. i'i .ha;:., north to point
of commencement, containing 640
a res, more or less
Locatorl WILLI w. MOOD?
por Prank Van 11 '    \-������:���.���
Woman's World
\ acaboo Schema cd \\ omeoX. .sc
and ( W    ���>   ���   - \\    : Ma. Be
Done V. ith Small Meant     Inge
1 nd        a   iv"..:a ai   Woman
No'. , is bere . given lha! tblrtj
daj s afti lati I intend 1 -.. y to
the Hon Chief Commis. mi ol bands
and Works for a license to cul ,>n-.
carr>  aw ���������    lm a. r ..._
descrl situated
Skeena district, on
2 1-2 11   es   .,   '   an ' be m   1
No. 1    1  immen lng  ...
��� .    n  1       - . be . - d
Ivi      : ... .     ....
���..-'A s.   SO ( hains noi   .   IJ       tains
west   i ���    : 1 sou ss to
:. ��� ���    then along river 1       In:
men< ���
No 2. i ommeni lng .... st ...
ed 2 1-2 ml . >ra th ru . h on
north bank of Copper river, running as
follows .0 < bains north S < ba ..-
easl 10 eh iins v. 111:. 40 , hains east
south, mon --  v : .\ ei
then .   mg riverto poinl of commence
".'.. n ng  ��� ���    acres   more
Locator. WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
'1: a .prta .... peculiar, the Ideas of
vacatlo . am ������ people have,' remarked
Mrs Sensible
"There's Mrs. FlUtterty, for ...staaoe
If anj woman is near nervous pro.-
(ration she Is after '.mt Ions ard so
cal grind .as: ��.:.:���: and yei what do
you suppose 1 found her do.-act- Tack
Ins four huge mink, of clothe, for
herself and the i.r.- As canal, they
are going to some re nouslj expensive,
overdressed wai ... , ace whore sh*
will use up the last li , I core, left
ln her ami pro .. J ive to po awsj
nnd  rest   in  th< I      rhe   _ :���>   will
moot  all   kimis of   Sa.   |   people  and
ha<0    t:::;i    fllrtal        -     ��� ��� ..    w'jfl
are apendtng .... tholr ��       _- ta put
  two  " r tea   ��� a . a   -��elT
place,   A...1 there 3   11 are
"It's a ,:' thej ��� : V ��� lhi
:-    ...��  thej  wasti thos and tt
ensii Is trai     ng about  sec
:__ inti resl . > : nntrj and im-
proving thelt .. ada observed Mrs
I . ghl . The   Flutterlj    girls   arc
about the - teres! ng dressed up
1        ..-'.'.. .   :  seen     No won
tier :: ��� .    1  .. I attrai : real men "
��� w . think  ihere la
a jn-r..: acatlon
Mr-  Si. -    ���  "   . : on   "lVopi.
used 1 '   conldn'1   co away
foi ;:,. - mmei in ��� ihej bad a .-or
: .     -    . '    r f or a eottagi
or for hoi - -     x ��� ��� s : hey
plan s    -     - .������.-���-     I know
cf one fan ; I >i stan thai : re.
a hai -:'������' ��� ��� 1 ���'��� rd s.....met
cottage rat  -
Novel V��c��1 .- is
"Some friends of mine nre poinc on
a .inline torn with a c.i's.'i wagon
through thp Adirondaeks." pul  In Mr*
Land Registry Act
ile Lal  IS4   Gi mil   ���   I* s ' ��� : : " ' ?ar's
I'.'iui'.i'i'   Ni'��  Westminster Di^
A   Cert.tfli ale   ol   In lefeaath e   TU <?
: - thi   abo\e  .   opert;   wlll be  ��� ���������    _
:.��� B  a   .  M< K ���   on the la.
of Pi  emix     ���. "' unlc��� ��� In :'������<��� mean
:1:11c :..,.. ��� be made
lo mi     1 writing bj   1 person or pe ���
timing   an   esta e or  Interesl
ihereln  01 In an   pai I 1 lereof,
.    S  KEtTH
liisii      .: 0f Tl   es
t.... .    Re fist       Offio    n, .   West
ISt    NOl .a    II . a    a
f>nd Hur.d Goods of
W5   bought    and
c^-     All Mail
dersPromptly attend-
0i   Kindly write or
II at
Shingle and Saw
Mill   Machinery
.   . persono   pe so  .having  n   hi
Na 16   Commencing al post planted   cnatodj   01      ���      ������ tn    following
Ihc mouth ol Dala Rhei   1   .1 ���   Ills    ri'-le 1      Is re 	
..   .-a west   bank,  running as foi   ei - are requested lo  I.   ���  1 the same
.ws    ifl chains west, SO chains north,  :   'he undersigned
. rn ns co-'   10 ch iins south  more
a a-     ' : a.-    then along rivei  to
ol  .omnioncomenl
Na   1;   Commencing ai a   ist p an
on  iho ��'"���:  bank of Ihe Klttlmal
a   ' 11 1 u pi \ 1' mile 1 south ol KI
Indi '������   \ li'-i".o.   ois'o 1I10  tloni
of KI li a  \i in. 1 ii".
... foil iw      10 chalna 11 111h
.. :���  ,\,   1, 10 1 linln - no; th, 10 chains
'asi,  ii1 chains 1101 lh,  10 chain 1 on
, |\nlu ��� to poinl "I ��� .'iiiau'ii.''iiii"i
Na  is   r.'iuiiii'ii.'iii i 1   a 10 il plant
., oui     1 ' linln ��� soul ii of  pos   ���
"..11:11 Nn    I ,'.   rn 1111 ��� 11 -.   1    follow ���     10
��� . .... ....  :  sn . linn   soulh, i" dial 1
...      so   , a llll .    lOlltll,    IH   ' lllllll      .a a
a'li 1.Liii      iho '���   in   poinl oi    com
111 1' 11 a':11
No    I '     i '"iniiioiirlii;', .il  a pn ll planl
iim ii   an' mile up from 1 ho moul h
'.'cai   Crook, mi  Devil ilni Ion Chun
a.i   1  .1 .1   nlghl   mile i i mil ll
.   :
' '
\ l".C
!   to
. ��� .;
'.'    ���
.  ...
M \;:
. IN
w 1
.  .
a ���.  .
1 ���
' 1
Synopais  01   CAnAdidn
sicail ReffulattoiM
Al.'    .  v   ill ll |i    fa"..',, a".',   1   ,','.ia   �� i(h
ll tl      ::     ��   '   :;...   In  II    :..li  Colum
' I i    t     j    'r' home..       aa   | ;   .-,:-,'   per
��� . n whn la   he sol. h. id of a f tmllj.
>   ���   iln o\c   is rem | r'. a
. .,:    . \; a."  ,....'���'     .    . 1 a    S .
Bi    htlj ���"���   ' ���      ._ take
guns - - d i Kpect
to ha vi   i   ���      y 1
1   kao^    In a - a ---  who
siv pis .  tramping expeditloa,"
.  . v, -v i ,,   ������ i' i, ai  who hnd boon
ioui co listener    "Thej are going
lo :.'..��� .mt-.  and  lliey
have planne ro    ilj     - .'.'ury
through the cu .  Us   \s tbe   -r-.- lioth
Ind. . ��� ������ -     "'��
a. io do wonder. -. siciicht-
,1.; ..rr     ...... lew    'iml   pflt
tm.. color Into theli ��� heek -"
\\    ���     :
niil   soon   ! . sible  ideas  of
ier ' no. Hon* -    osl men have,'
draw led   Mr.   1 " 'rh
dravi unci,
oi irom flioR h o ''lor.
\  ,1.   though remark
li ...   .
i r.a
-Mi-ir.    , ;    . .    ,    ,
a   ' ''a      lUOl O    01      le I'
section  of
���   -. r\
i iiii rj   moat  he m ide pw son i  j
Klldaln Vrm, running ns foilow i   in  " ' local land ofllco tor ths dlstricl In
mu   . .������   so chiilns north, 40 chaliiM  ��hich thc land Is situate
Ifl . n.l H-. n.uiii. sn , imliiH ��n ���
'��� ail'-      ..mill,    I,
a aa'u;
. Hin.1  No\
New We8_mini.t��'r. B. C.
,,Sl9n f'*5n  on  Wheal
^ St
moi. \\ \1   MOOD\    D.D.S.,
PtM'   !���"'.ml,   V.inaal
Na. . ���      ���   '.a'l.io    glvpu  lli.i:    'n  ,|.iv
��� a i  nui'ii.i  t,i amtlj   io llu
I'ho iioiiii'-iciilci ii required to pei
form the condition, connected lh< ���
with��� iitnici one ol the following plans
iii   \i l>-:.--1 six months' residence
upnn  .mil cultivation ol the land in
cu h  v fl ii   lot   < hi rr yeai =
(a) 11 the i.iihci i��i mothei. if the
i.,iii. i is deceased) of the hotttesteadei
ii'.i.lc.   upon   :i   l_in\   in   tht   i '
.'i iin- land entered tot the require
e 275
- ���':.-..'..
The Royal Bank of Canada
:: I.   .Iillll'l
i ;,ii i. ;, ,,i  inents as to residence maj bi satisfied
'���v    in ii i" i ������ mi i < siding \< ith thi    ���
ihei   0|   mother.
X  TA   r_iin.__-_��_- [2��ore��  ah  i ite    ���   irlt)  to doposlhi ri
HO BUILDERS,  a,,,..,,,, i..*.i..
I I'AII r NOW  lo IB I" ' mil '".'".' ���
I i       I'U'il   .lm   iiii I  ti >> e
FEN'dep    ,
. *       '. .."���',   fr tme
"' " ' ��� ���'���      ���" I
li ' * 22
. n .���-.���.'
C   H. c.l.
.    ���
vmir in" li��*, II WOUld l'ioi'
;r ��� . ng ���>) ibow for It
ONE DOLLAR of>��n    in nftcoiim Pill ll In vmr pi
,,,   i���,i.i,Mi ,'.���,.,in-1 .-vm! wash with n�� "in Ib
I III ,i I in::  iiVI'Ml
e nothing   h il '
''���.,  .eats   i.-.a. .���,' I
\> a    '. '���    111 Oll-O    1,1   cut    ullil    , ai i '
.. .. ���     .loiii iho following de
.  , ,-..|,iv.'n, iu_  ai  ;i pon   marked
w. vi ���- s i-   I'oi'iioi. planted on the
novi'n S'Kn'-i o. '.ho Klt.lala ilvor, about
i>\o niito= ft|p v.r V tlio mouth, run-
hlns '������ ���'" : 40 chains north, 160
chains   wesi.   40   chains   aouth.   160 !    Six months'notice in writing should
chains   east   to   point  of   commence-1l     '''''""     ' ;      '     "" '  **"
ment. eon mining 610 aeres, more or
( I* H the settler has his perm. nem
residence upon farming land owned
liy him in the vicinity of his boni.
Stead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
OPEN   BATUI HA.   I VI NINCtl, N  l"0   9  O'CLOCK.
new wetiTMiwiTi h iHAN< H f. B. LYLIi Manager.
niinion  I.amis at Ottawa of intention
to apply ior patent.
2. Commencins   al   a  posi
W. M's S.W. Corner, planti .  ..   thej    Depmy Minister nf the interior.
north bank of the Kildala river, about     N.  13.���Unauthorized publication ot
two miles up from tho mouth. i  this   advertisement   will  not he  paid
10 chains north,
"Man wo
iv m " sniff oil 'and
\ci  : ,-
are freqii
\\ :, It   Wi '
to  ��� l. ill   ���" ''!'  a   pi :   d "
pi     ii in the ani .  ��� Kansas
woman?  1 et cl
leona were all the Paris, she
\\... i led !'             ' ie ooiiMn't
i  one Cor i >i e or money.   I.
. ��� ,  ���      a .       1        1    ., I     .     I     ���   -    .
mable fads of her native town
Mie   ��� " ��� 'i  �� 1th -I  ei- mrceful
eapai Itj
���I iol i ' ��� the garden, she pick ' i
nn b common lizard of the Kansas va
rletj ami wore it proodlj among the
laces ot her gown. \* it " 'Iggled its
small way here and there on her
decolletage sh.- wis conscious ot a
pricking sensation of the skin. But,
kiioivinu thai she waa the object of
universal scrutiny, siio didn't mind I
little Inconvenience like that, in view
of the fuel Uml she waa Sttticg the
"Four hours Inter sho was dead
lizard had poisoned her.   All because
���he had nothing bettor to do than to
make an Idiot of herself.
"When-women have Ome to I that
foolish." concluded the str- ms (rlri,
"1 sny. blessed be hard wor:-.:
mai;d porinso.n. THE DAILY NEWS
Ell :
dec. ���,
Drawn   and   Undrawn
The only drawn birds in the city.   ORDER EARLY
Malt.r iiil-iul-d fe. thiseeliiniij .hoiil.l li<-addressed, Social Editor. Daily News, P. O.
Hm ii'-'. New WMtnuMter."        	
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection ; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
IWnBFVS Columbia St.
M V_Af\JL__#   M      KJ       New Westminster
Ladies' Collarsand Befts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
We are now ready for the rush���
Extra Help
Extra Stock
Extra Values
Now await  those who visit our store
in search of holiday footwear.
You may have seen as good but never a
better selection of
Men's, Women's, Misses and Children's
Felt, Carpet or Kid Slippers.
Endless Colors
Endless Varieties
Endless Shapes
Come and select your pair while the
assortment is large.
H. D. AverM, of Vancou ver. was in
tlu- city yesterday visiting friends.
Archdeacon Small came in from Lyt-1
ton yesterday, and spent the remainder oi" the day in the city,
James Sharpe, of the Fraser River
Lumber company will leave today
on a  Visil  to -lurk's Falls. Ont
Mr. John Griffith will lecture on
Shakespeare this afternoon at Columbian College. Tins gifted actor lias
lectured at a great many educational
institutions and Columbian College
students are fortunate In having the
opportunity of enjoying such an Intel-j
ligenl treat,
The Cathedra] Guild had a most!
successful concert and bazaar in St.
George's Hall yesterday evening. The
young ladies belonging to tin- Guild ���
had been working very industriously
for .-oni,- months and In consequence
had a great many useful and prettj
a:: Icles for Bale.
\V. -Maxwell of the C, P. K ticket
office returned yesterday Prom a hi I-
day trip to his old bome at Spi n :e's
Bridge. He says tbat there ts a ire
mendous amount of snow throughoul
the district, and sleighing is good.
When he came through North Bend
ii was raining and the weatbei wai
very  mild.
(!. M. Thom, who has been supply- j
ing at the C. P. R. ticket office foi the
past   two  weeks,   left   yesterdaj   for
Harrison Mills, where he will relieve
for awhile.
.1. ('. Carlysle of Chilliwack was in
the city yesterday on business.
(I. E. Uairns, late of Bellingham, has
been appointed night sta'ion agent
at the local V. \V. A_ Y. depot, and commenced his duties last night. Mr.]
Gairns is well known here, having
been in the employ of the Cl. N. R. for
a considerable time before being transferred io Bellingham.
.1. E. Harrison, of Wetaskiwin, a
well known real estate and land speculator, arrived in the city early this
week from his Albertan home, and
! roposes making extensive purchases
lr ihe city before returning home.
.Mr. and Mrs. .1. P. Young and faun'.,
nl Winnipeg. Man., arrive J here yesterday from the prairie province, They
intend to make their future bom. on
iln- Pacific coast, although tb.- exad
1.'cation lias no' yet been decided ipon.
Mr.- I'. A. Phillips, aci ompanied b)
her daughter, .Miss Anne Phillips, and
her grandson, Master James Hutchison,  o;   Mineral   Point.  Wis.,  arrived
ii. ihi- city a few days ago. and is ai
present visiting her sister, Mrs \Y. .1
Armstrong, of Royal avenue
F. W. Whittaker, of Portage La
Prairie, Min.. arrived in the city yi ���
terday afternoon, and is registere I :<���
'he Guichon hotel.
FAT- SUPERIOR t" any other
roaster made. Not an ounce of
substance lost ; other roasters waste
in to 20 per cent. Needs no water,
grease or attention of any kind. It
simply asks to be let alone. Retains
all juices and flavors; renews the
youth of the toughest fowl.
No comers or seams to become tilled
with burned grease.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00 Suits for  $18.00
$22.00 Suits  for  $20.C'J
$25.00 Suits for   $22.uo
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
A I) Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 644
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
6-room cottage. West End,
modern conveniences; $9 per
6-room, 1 1-2 storey cottage, on
Canarvon St., opposite Presbyterian
manse: hot and cold water; all conveniences; $13 per month.
Both houses can be had at any time
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
"Drumminc" In Mexico.
Cheap lravolin�� men who can
pick up orders in a brisk and breezy
fashion in tbe wesl and southwest
of our own en mtry arc not the men
Who mav be es iceite I to do business
'n Mexico. The pr .fossionaJ "hus-
Her" is quite apt to be of no use
:i","n here .Men of education and
culture, with cri ntiemanlv manners
ami a knowledge of the' language,
[ts people and llieir customs, are the
sort of traveling men American
firms need nol onlv for ilns country,
bul for all Spanish Am.'rin;. -Consul J. A. I." Roy of Durango
Polish  Editors and  Jail.
, s'"11" Poli li editor.: have a hard
time. In .a parting word to his readers the retiring proprietor of the
Polish paper Gornoslazak says that
during the Sr.r years of the 'paper's
existence the responsible editors
have spi nt four and ti half vears in
prison, while $3,750 has been paid
In iine.-.
Forests  Disappearing.
The National Hardwood Lumber
association at its receni meeting in
Memphis adopted a report thai presented the .] re possibilities of the
destruction of the forests in the
short pi rii d of thirty-five '.oar-. It
was ' -timated thai there now stood
in the L'nited States in the neighborhood oi 1,475,000,000,000 feet
of lu . " ���. bul thai 45,000,000,000
feet oi lumber was being cut every
year. The reporl recommended that
something must be done, and done
i'i once. Recommendations were
made by the report for the prohibition of log exports and exemption
from taxes of tree plantations. Attention was called to the desirability of state legal enactments along
the lasi line and mine constitutional provision by the genera] governmenl of like effect. Mention was
made of the custom prevailing in
France of requiring a tree to be
planted for every tree cul down.
Treat .rent For a Cold,
When suffering from a cold avoid
eating much solid food. Take soft
''""!*��� *������ ���'��� '��������� I ri ad and milk, farinaceous pi dding and soup.; also
worm drinks to produce perspira-
'���' :" ���*" l: ���' gruel, tea and cocoa,
tolfce should I e avoided ior a few
Un brellas, Men's Tae to $6.50.
I lh ' 50c io $11 50. Children's 50<
to $1.25.    Smith's ('ash  Store.
The Reliable Shoe Store
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very  easy  terms.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
���M     I ���III���������
There are so many appropriate and servici
articles suitable for Xmas pres, nts which!
be purchased in our store, that it i-i-.l,,
tell what to talk about first.
which a woman will welcome at any time
Hand Bags and Pur
This year our stock of J.adies' Hand Bai
ied _
from N.-w York and Chicago,   The values ar.    ���   ,   than   J
PURSES  are gaining in  favor.    ,\ new  |,���  J:| ?
only.    Som,. extra good qualities, each 50c to $3.00.
HANDBAG-8    Man;,     nov.   tie.   .hown In ihi
time serviceable ideas.
PINE   LEATHER   LINED   BAGS-Each $3.00 to $6,50,
JAPANESE BAGS In FancyGraJned   Leather  witl
> lil
somen In .   . ..
topped bj large bone and metal knol
Other lines moi" .hown than these previou
in   price, imi   for   values   they eclipse an 'i.m.   ...
the price All styles, each 75c lo $3.00.
Wg tti *y
1        Jt      m
J      _W           /
X____P__-     Ki_/
firE r
Blouse L
This is a  line   In  ��-_j    ,e
nevei   featured  vei |
,  evious season   but thi   ban -���
-   : opular this   ��� ,-,. havei
Bl. ise Length I popular 1
such   a-  Lustre  Delaines,
rrere, Serges, French Flannel EiJ
dered Goods and Silks of ever.��
You wil iii,   ���       rjeai ihi      1
on  the flrsl    1 \ |
the  walsi  lengi .    E   h 50c to 1
Silk Handkerchiefs, Linen Handkerchiefs, Cambric Handkerckj
Many customers have passed th.  remarh ihai iv.
lot of handkerchiefs they bave seen.     It   bas  beei        iii   |
ilius      A  look  through  our selection will convinci   ���  iof this,
s.-e our showing on centre table, Becond  from  loot   Ml p\
from 5c each  to $2.50.
HANDKERCHIEF   BOXES with 6 handkerchi.
linen, with hems, per liox $1.25,$1.50, $2.00 and $2.50.
Men's Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs in large variety.
W. S.
Collister & C
B. C. Mills, Timber an|
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash   V��a
Interior Finish,    lurned'.Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
I,  ,  j Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Drainij
Royal City Branch, Columbia St
Telephone 12. New We^J
Temporary Premises: Trappjjff
Plumbing and Contracts
 ���  Telephone^
P. O. Box 248 nd Section
'U.ME i, NUMBER 243
Pages 9-12
NEW W I ��� I MIN-1 I R. H
��� u I I'M S|)A^   MORNING,  Dl < I Ml.
tl r. l!'. 1906
I0il\l> PRK \> kkb
-":. �����;
.   . .      branch i
������   '  ..
���   . -��� _ .
Thi Dominion Trust Company
1 (Mil R
Tho following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
Tho Fines! Selection of VAC AN 1 LOTS
in the City ol New Westminster
'���    ���   .'��� .
. i  $.; 200
Hii'.r nster from the head  of  Lulu  lsi_nd.   .howing  Southwest   quarter  ol   City  and     Res
Mills,  one   of   New  Westminster's   Pio peer industries.
I'M;:   | \
���   :��� sentatlvi   continues   his   tou
:,-  things of interest  to Chrl tm i
... .     r  ..
���'    ' '
i he ...
'      ��� .
heir   undi .        .,-
  ��� p i. i : ,    . \i
��� ..
���  ��� ' ���  .            \.
1^     In   Ll  i   . ,,  ,  .
. '   5
I .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 e the coi     .        . fi. .  ,     n South \V.
        I     ; , ,  .    ,  ' ' '      : '''  ������ 	
r. ..... nder of thi , .... "   *   "   :""'"    '*'
, . .   . miles I rom  New Wesl
*h"-:' ������ ���������"-������"���������:-   '������ s   ���       . :   ., $60i       , ... .h"SWSrrSrT.^,wai.
���   '  ���    ��� ian orchard   ���..-.-   .,.-,   g&r
I- An irther to certify thai '' ''''      IdJnf
e time within whirl '-    '-.".'-''"   ��� $2,600      '  -        ......    -....,.  0     .
"    ' '"  ''������    ' " '     " ���   ���         : -'.
' ���     ? ��� '   '        Ir to hi      -    .    :. of the loin fn    :������������ ������   wai
��� ���             a.      ��� ,       ,  -,, maki  < \.'   ' ������   |.oiill      ��� ��� ���
"    ���  ���    lie i   ���    ,..   .... '''"    1 "  :''        3^4    miu"*   ,Vai"   ' ���     ' "���"      '���    ��� ,   on
-     n    ,     -.,     ., .    P   "   �����   P��   ��������     ':'" '     ""       '"'"  M.200.
 i     ��� -     ��� > ��� i. |
''       '   ;   :' .-: ,i.  .    -��� soi      ',    -. ,-     neai   Clovi     Valle'
Hon of said wor". shall  In   .... ,  . -.      212    160 a<  ei   In '������-   e; nti     post  oftci
]   limn', on  Hn   Se.,it  road   ��� ���        Bve'
...    .....    .    nforl
:        ..Jil OlV i     ,,. -     e'H,
,.-..., I   ������      (,..
������  \    :..  'es   i ��� . .        1 . ������'-���      i   v
...    sheds . io. .
���'    i"   islly li     -��� - . .   ,,
i ..mi,a:     ivli    n     ,     , ........    . , .,,  ,,,.,,,   ,   , ' .  mile.   . . ... :���   Wi stn InBti -    lhi  i   i ���
o chmond   Bros.
���:.-   bave ex-
:..- ������ . ���   intei loi  di
The Chi ���   ,   �����
ranges i
��� ��� ���     to   I ��� ���'���"
Trapp's Hardware
i .-     : ��� ���    i
���   Is    :. ���  ���
port* a ser-
mi i' -   of
composi d  ol .--.-���:
         I ^"ail'f.       Vie,,,eeUl    rr.,     ,,,���������
f Part IV. of the "Water Clau.e_ Con   v   \,n,������,���,    ,.     ,.   ,        ,    ,        irome 40 acres or ramy gooii land on i through   his property; 1% miiei   fron
. ,   ,, *vnemi io,1-   and th.        <   east end of lo!    ���n ,   ih,   ,         ������.-   ey Centre poi    ofl rove
Milhlation Act. ish,,    m ,ift. ob   .,   whicl    ill thei      ,. ���  nabli  ...   :        Offer w��wt����
entiire mil   ""' ''"u "BV '" ""     '      '       K"    ":'     shall  be  In open   Iob        Hxi I   nl   Nn   '":  "      '     oyalty for i I
granted  a  CYrillii ated      i      h   Vem <    l_t   ii.12 ���''  :''   ' "'   '���  ;,)'' "1'' ' '' '"     "'a ""       Sl'*    ;  ���   -���  ���-     thi.   I��  ..  mosl  fle
able Iei mi ible  propert;     Port  Kells  si atton
l'l'l.ll'l.   .1     I'll   l.l\ .1.        i,    a.    . 'nni.r,, lew .        1      I   III        .; -. ., ., ,,-, | , .-, ,        |Bn.lUi.       .,',	
'a,., i.    om Scot! road I           ston   posi office, ��� bieni
n  a good cheap home foi lhi       h    ���'.   _   ���      -. ,, ,.i. ,., \.���   vVe^tmin
man     I' ;-. i $10 pei  ecu -��� .       acrea    clean      1 ������������
hi rt_   eti     ai  this   ,,.,...    ,..������   ...
H      ' * "  ���'    '"1; M'    eight       ���     ..- ctlj     to  market,  II   ie   verj
trom town,  there  !u    a commod        suitable foi  i >.���    . ,,      ;...   R0
��� ������ of the C	
:   -     ���
I,--..', [or pell        II          one:
HM'|              I   I �� ,          .  ..   '   .       S('( 1 -, 11
������'���                   for   l :-���    .-" ii.-'    dejidian ....          ..    -    Sei
'"   |:>:U <lNJ^^^^^^^^^^HI^^bi operation
_^_^^^^^ ! 'HI. approving the
 _^B v 11 111 \
ol .In- 1 \>   nilv,   i . nn.  I
'   :       ,:.'.:.-
ar   are hug*
��� ���
:. :    .
t of article.-
I line ol cutli -
.-  ��� :' ���   I   brand,
i o Dominion i tttdi In the i
vm, r- of iii it.tii Columbia
ll P \i; .Tl_    si' \i rn
..  .'
 ^^^^^- ; I      .a I I
1  '       tt'p)  i.i.;....  .11 'in. north half i
lerate i n   II of Town, bl     I Itatige
��� Bei  i     .    ... i> Till Morl.lt:        or ii
appl , re. erve of  walei
wl re   n 1
", ��� ���    I- lih'l '   Hill   iiie    , ���  H. ���   ���
��� t t rl ]tii        :        ciiiri    eet Ion    ne i      ��� .  ���
,.,   ,      ..________________���
i mil.i i  iiei ii, \,i   5112
11 Iml       - Po. :    and !��� in a
ill ri   '    n ' ���    New   Wes!
���   a      ' a,II     ,,' .     .    a - |        , ',',..
o on   Tm n     Iti mil   uiiill   woul   ol   lb.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ,I'M   ..llll. .-
rendera for a Lleonte to Cut Timber l,e,,;      mne 15 or 20 acn    : ���-���    ��� ���
Jnipioveil     "lcbard,   etc.;   P|ilPiid!ill\
How   ai:.�������������� the land .   the  Berpen! in
i i.<      ���-   -,a.n.< rllalelj   nd-Joitithg    I hi
rt-NDERH  whole   Ime!   constitutes   Ihe   maklns
..        -  I- ,!...._, _,     .       1  1        .,_!..
1 .   a .: I   ,      I, n      I' 11111
l'<-i ill   N'o   . ni
^^llll I
; ..   1   a!    lllls   la , a i : nu n:   lllllll   noon
a    \\ i   I n..   .io v .    1 In       llll li    |]a.
a ,.-i    ipint, fo] licenses Io ���:|��� dm
"   $..000,      ^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^H-^-^-^-HT   '    ....
located    Beveral Plni ������:    ',! " dei   deli      of   hi o ���    so_n�� 10 s	
u                .1������.(,(1    ,UUI    ll)u)< ,    , ,,l,|vr,,i0���      v,.,,|(      ,,,���,
, en,, ,    lol      hooiI   roa    .      . o	
.in   ami   ii.   timbei       Price il,_!50;
���    '   . I ���..   : ��� ..... terms ... suii
��� ���:         thifl Is a im.   farm
w. ii improved, in good neighborhood;'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_, ii" . . .
'"'  J'11" pei  ai "     Price an ll  standi     i.-1     :      . ,,,  : (   .
$40   i"=-   aerei   Immedlali   ,���   ������    Ion      Id  dov ���  to   i   ���--     Clovi rdah    sl i
���"  impro hit      ""   '     s ,5   ���>" ���       '���
|trom  New  V\estminster;   good    ��� i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H en,
: ' '    ' ' ;" ''"' Ciitniiilsi.ii.iiei ol  il     r_.m|   in  ,h���  ,���,���������,     ,���:1>),   :,���   |,
Inlou   i an i-   Depart menl   o| the In   vei holtom  land   Rnd  readll;   broughl
n.l  mai i.e.i i>n each < in ��� :������;
Into  ��� ultl. ation    easil;   clean <1    Rhd
w in ii   i ,.,-i:iin��� i   w.-iii.i   ��� ell     i eadil;
urn  in ie
i   -:a:.,l     a. |     .1 il.,     H.in      N'" . ,N"      V\       ,     -'"'     """'
i"     we imiiistei   an.l  I'.  miles from  Mm!          """���' !"'   ,M"   tH.OOO;
ade   ja'
I    and     ... '    ,|,
iii ihe ("ilie.   i      \. "    ��� -   a, ii. i in Nns
'''' '    lllllll lllld Villi. Kill i ' a '���    l   i I,,1|,,,
nllie nui mind adi
lunn    I h> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
llle    I'lllvlllCP    uf    llllll. ll    I   IlllllllhlH
 I ..1.
lilt]       ; .      .  ' ' eel ���
mi III. ;
ul,  slluale  111   .his i"opi ' i ���
 """"""^""1 il.l. 1.-I      I'l'^^l
Iiiii acres      $1,600, ott  reasdB
II..      iill|.l.oe    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tB:   new   railroad   runs   close   ;-  '*   '   ���"'������   ol   land   eiccelientlj   Bitua
'���e'1' '* laig.   pi   lion oi which u :-	
''"���'���'    ���     80 a. .-.--.  this
i Disc
.    II ���
u nun
:     Ml
II ll .   :
a    ��� M . a
'���      '
1 ill ii  i.le     ( 'l eel. ,     ill    a a, a| I      'J'llWllSllI I
Uanei        W'i  "i   i he   fib   M**< 1 IJnn
. ���.. mm in 'ma nl n  pusl   plnnli il nil I In
i  ,       ide i
end  ol
I ' .   mil. p  li
llffpi    wanlP't
nil     \.   11
II |ll I   III    II
I      ,\ . I mil 11 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
III       I .a.    a, i ' ������       all     lllllll '      . nil ii -a
i |���ii     nen   house   '.""i   bai ii     ei ei i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    liiill.- eilll.li.i.i.. I'll..
I ������       ] li   "!  *>al(1 Cii "'-  "i  lhe N    jn. . ,,p,   3. re
'"""' Canyon,  al        hl     ,,,     -,  ��� Ml..  , ���
n     lh.-      naae ll     (If    | ab]    '-'  .     lllllll. lei    an.l    I ' .,    llllll -���'   ' I   llll    Vllt.1
rjay. Offers Wanted
t l,i^   I in.)   i a    -11 nil ��� ,1
' in in ,   N'ui'l hei      up said Creel
inih a    in   |]|i ei i    iIIbIiiiii .    with     '
'i     in hi
soil and ��� ' ' ���  il    the othei  imr
tlon  Is  Ilf hti i   soil,  bul   has a  i	
poi tion    ol    ' dual  bei
.< 1   -e ,. '   ||  a    -,.     ,,,   ,.      : .    na    |e,   -
. i,.        ... -. ,::      then     Ifl    ''   li'"'   ���'��� V
' ' Oil ' ll   I ��� "  Bill il       good
... .    . ii ,   ,.-     r,:.. $2,000; tern    en
i "
n ,   - i splendid
��� ���   ��� '  oil      pr u
,i. ai,    in    icrea   cleared   and   undei
eiiltli ition     good    house,   bill  I "���
II'     I  ' I    .'MU l| '..a    ,,  a       HI        ,    1M. I,        111,11,,,
'���  ''!' "' '""   mile nn Iln   I  i lerli slih    ,,,:;-.     inilmpiiivi il    | i sol!    Ilinb. i
and   || ilf a  mile  en  ih.    "V'i . -. ,       ..a     ' in ! gimil  mad     !l_  <"'������ i   frnu!   I  Ii!
in    - i iiiidltij     " II I ���   nlei   place
 '     " '"-jwlien i  ��� .1     I'rlei   Ti"  pei   acre
I'i'liii   Robi ris  i"   lleltn   iniitili i    il   _ iti i     mi,   rniles  frdm   tov n'
,.. ,     ,, .   . nl1. Ilileip. t 0   | Ill
':'..', ,     | -.- |||
71',     |  , ,,   -;,,   |i ,,   I', Mil
ii, nngi ,i  ,..
��� ���"     .- 'I'a
���i,   ,   ,        -'
ii   '   ��� ���   lhe
a.i     i In i	
i'..         In    II ���r ' ���
III     ' ��� '              Ul!|l       -a
-.mi hall   .  mil    , ii
I,u  |,i,i,.    limits  mi   ""���  Clnvei   '  ll
. ' Olid      :  I   -''il    '   isi     II I"    In
, ,        ��� - . .       .- pi    '"i1   land   li
         : ��� ���     I     ;   '       ' llll.      I '     ���'
. ���    i m, -   in   fm  a  practical man
; ��� $30    i" .     -ei-      11 .   .. ���
' ���   islnglon Pinlrle    i ''..	
' III.   ;-    .   ."��� '   '       i ' iipn II loi!
. md     a. - ,,     , ,    . ,i ||     ||
ond   ...I-     i   mil.    fi ..in  . 'i.e.' ���
. hi ,- .      . hui chee,   si hool,   rtninli I   i
hall     -   i os   ��� ffli ���    ';l   nljolnln
i.   I mill   ��� '���   Price $4,600; 	
��� ���
ie,i    -,. -, a-     .-  H, when
��� lenl ���  ' mod sl ���
-" i   church "��� '        I   ���
.tin , ni ..'     p '      ind   i   ���
,,,!,, a ., -,- P|]|        'I
'    '
i ,.,-i    . , ....
in. ni,
|)���     nn  a
         '" '   '         ' '"���  "      ' IH-sll     I  ""i      all ���       ���   itii.l  '   nearest gi    I        I land, oi
piieraJ   bparl      i ild    Creel I '   i nil 1   ith n     I ilmi rj    I ''-������- -         ,.     .   ,. ,            ,.
mi.m.  ihe  |,erl  ... e-'<'".. ^  well  fetn^l: school oti^cor                                ,       id;'unliuprovet*
..i  i     a .,, ,, ...   in,,,,  ,,,   ,
llOtlllltfll   .       I"     la,    |.;i,���||..|     |>1 (ill         '     .
,. in |ai     n|   i    ii   -an
I  lip    hpl lie:    mnal    la.    .  n-
' '���>    . iihii.    ���   reai
 Ine "  bi i-lhs
'" I    ��l    '"������    bllHllill! -   '    '���'   Ul   .!"��� I-j Wil| .
'���'���"���'    ���'��� '"    '' ���   '  ������  ,;    '   I  ",  land     Pri i
: ���" i   repair;    in       I    Bl!    "   frell I $ i" pr,   -   .
., I    il   ��� ' ,|       | ...nl' . 1    in..i--. a    ,.,,.
sheds:     Ilium illale    (ms n i don i      res j      I   land    8  acn
" -    i "i      in ll,I ,     o    _.( ._
Price $6S per aerei cash preferred, hm     leared id cultivation; g I
rne   ' n  '" ""���   'i    pari orchard | ��� i    mile fi nm
, .,     || c  .
1.11 (111       I (1 I
-.   .
1 '..   '.   ���
' -    .
'   '    ���           ;--.'.
'" -
.'     '
v    . ..
W     ' -              V
���      ���           '       ���      .
.     -
- PI.
 ��� ' llillttB  "  bl I'lhS   ,   nilfe  from .la
 i ,    ,,,    .,,:,,        ',;'   ,!6(! ;;'     ,'""  ���'", """ '   ���  ��� ""    ol .aluabls
" "  "'"i'" il  '" "' i "'"  '" "  ral Hmb. i       I        ��� ise    24x24     a
'   """   "1"   '"'   j" '���   "u"   '"'"'" '  >"������    id" -"ii  ..-   wm pro     ... a,���i   stable,   woodshed;
���' ���    ' I lehdei and envelope, may be 'Idee   clovei    In    abundance;    small poultry  house, roo!   house   Price $15
,��� -.,   i���-ri=i.i|, 1.-. ms   ���-*       '    1 ni this I" ������ rn 01 al nm  ''' "'"-���   h.ollsg   :,n,i   barn;   orchard, per acr-:  lermi   '-   1 tsh.'balance to
nfflce ol the Cm ii   -.gents "" '   ""'""''  ?^rch'  ,'os,  ofr' ""'  arrange!    nl  Interest.
"   ' store    convenient:    Great    Northern
���a   WestinlhBter, B.C. railway, Cloverdale,  _���_ miles,  trice "";    '"  acres;   Langley   munlcipall
K""li tender WU-I   be accompanied $1,000. ty; W mil" from river: this is a piece
...::.: 1 hence alone   '. lepted  .hi itJUl  a chartered !    s0(l���Kill    n.,w.    nh_,,,i    -n    _��.��_ \��1 ^ uWe" ���??tth 1(?>Mn8 after. and
.... ,M"���u"i    acies,     ahout     nil     acres   slum d   be   rend   v   t'il;e.i  nn-    u-in   i,n
... lines of Townships   hank  Id I'avm   bt  the Deputy  of the! bush;   balance  open   land   that    the ! sold ch. ip and on easy term��    Price
.   ,   ,.p.-,.:i,  diieclioii.   Silnlster oi  the Interior,  for the am-; mower can run over;  school house '.4   $12.50 per acre,
tminster Tinnk t.Viad,  '.unt of the bonus which the applicant '
. ,   ..    Fioal miM!  Is prepared to pay for a license.
,���     a      ihence   to      .N'o lender by telegraph  will be en-
��� ������"���-'���"'   and ; tertalned.
.    a  other point  as |
sable. To use wate
.... Stave River at a poinl
,, - ���   BBS'fsMst, abW. six
Seen tarj
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, November 15th, 1.0C.
Cc.trmfa.a Street. Next Bank of Commerce IO
c ��� a ���
'��� I,
It's al. i Ighl ' ' '  "< of  i ��� '  ���' '���'���'��� 'bratloti
When   i'.'i.'iii   oi   .1    . a   Cull   inonti'.
an a..
Hut sanity goes ea  ��� liurried  vacation
Th.-  moment  wc  toot  for  He-  grlorlous
Hnrraii   lor   the   Fourth,   f"r   tin-   great
When  quiet  Is  s. :u  In  disgrace  id  the
The  day  we  ii.-.-  up  ami  sing  out  a.s a
To let the world know we are ixl.nl we
aro here.
We   ��� ouldn't   Jo  Jiistii-e.   I   fear,   on   the
To all of the feeling- that surge in our
For . us turn has placed on the cracker Its
And youthful America tends to the rest.
We  let down  the  bars,  and  our   feelings
run riot;
With shouting and shooting all voids we
must nil.
We've grown so accustomed to noise for
a diet
We wouldn't know how,  I'm  afraid,  to
he still.
We   humbled   the   British,   we're   free  to
confess it;
of course we forgive them,  but  it Is a
The   rerord   ls   written,   and   who   would
suppress It
Or say that It wasn't a glorious act?
Our Joy is supreme, ami  we have to express it,
And   how  can   we  do  11   except  by  a
You Bee .in old man. and you never would
guess   it.
Hut he bus grown young and Is one of
the boys.
application will be made to tlie Parllamenl of Canada, at the nexl session
thereof, for an Art to Incorporate a
Company under the name of Burrard
Westminster Boundary Railway and
Navigation Company,  with  power to
M?^-^^--r_^^^^ I
construct, equip, maintain and operate ; $
a line or lines of railway, of standard >��?
% Whiteside
:���: ,r    ters an
��' Columbia  bi
* W. J, White
'    :- EdT
or oi ber gauge, with steam, electric,
gasoline or any other kind of motive
power, for the conveyance of passengers and freight, from a point or
points at. in or near the following localities:
Commencing at ;i point on the north
side of False Crook, thence crossing
False Creek by a bridge and running
in a southeasterly direction through
Vancouver,    Hastings
e w
W estminster
it. J. p.
'.or oi ���
Canadian B
mg. Colum I
8? "'" '     J
.Miinii'i;. tll oI S iui a V
Fraser  '���'
the    City   of
Townsite, the
Vancouver and Burnaby and 'ii
oi   .New  Westminster   to
Kiua    Bridge,   theni e   n n i lie i��l ���: I;
through the Clt} of Sen Westminster,
the Municipality of I 'oqu I tm ' v Port
Moody, thence In a westerlj   lirection
to a point al or near I he      ���.   - 'd    i
Then Bhoot off the cracker and send up
And' furn0 tne boys loose for a season   Moody, thence In a westerly   lirection U
���     Insane. ,,,,,, ,,      . to a poinl at or near the       iposed lo- #
you   may  as  well  let  theni;   there s  na | ,���;
way to 1'ioi-k it. cation of the Vancouver, vVestmlnstei ;���'
For  would  it I."  Fourth  if the  spirk.  ' A
didn't rain? &   Yukon   Railway   bridge  al   Second ��j
From   Portland out west all the way tn ! ., _ .,,__, !_!
Woonsockei Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence contin- >J
Th,.   popping   proceeds   in   an   orderly   ulng westerly through Hastings Town- *
way. .���.
Por noise unrestrained has the place on   site to place of commencemenl in Cit; '&
the docket I ...��� .-   '���'
The moment wn enter the glorious day.
Liked Urging,
""Maliel didn't enjoy the party because she didn't sing."
"But they asked her to several
"I know, but she wanted them to
bind her with ropes and drag her to
the piano in spite of all resistance and
force her to warble."
Would Surely Keep Him Alive,
"Wilson stands a good chance of liv-
fcag a long time now that he has got
Unit young doctor."
"Is he, then, so good?"
"I  don't know about that, but the
doctor needs the money.".
Want to Make a Cood Job.
"Why do men marry?"
"Well, when they do It Is u: tially tlie
only way left them to make some particular woman miserable."
First Aid.
Your conversation need not lag;
With nothing else in view,
This query you can   ihvays Ilag:
"Is it hot enough for you?"
Happy Djys.
���   "How's ihe new 'I ictor getting on?"
"He  seems  to  be enjoying  the  111
health of the community to the highest
low can he live without an In
"He -
dia the recipe t dling how to do
it io tin
Imitating Royalty.
00'i -> .---<__
lb- -j- . ��� his ia' rn     l ..     i |
Thai Is', a prince who      ip lo d i'e,
Foi  when they hand   I him tin   bill
I le said, "Ju l mai.   It on tho sl ite."
In a' least ;i\" | ll ��� ra u dog is
illffereul from a liuninu being. The
canine has four legs and never goes
back on his ' rlen I ���
i luce those who dnnci d had to pay
the tiddler, bul now they get a pianola
and touch lhe button.
A elite woman will pretend that she
doesn't understand baseball even if
the does, so thai her escort may feel
Agre "' lo work Is tl c n 'aresl thing
I" Hi" elixir of life lhal has been discovered.
All the world I ��v ��� -��� n In or, but ospe
daily dealers whn " furniture on the
Installment phui.
When i ir ���������'.: nil' ' - ������ ,
the eon. .I'd ill in urns i
of the banana trade.
I 'iw.'iilay;
��� condition
Having troulile wilh the salt ?
Gets damp and hi lens? Then
you are not usin WINDSOR
TABLE SALT.   |i - ver cakes.
From a poinl al or ne u e south >J
end of the proposed Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway bridge al
Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence
across said bridge to a point north of
the Municipality of Xonh Vancouver
ui Howe Sound, and to a point north
of the Municipality of Xorth Vancouver on the Xorth Arm of Burrard Inlet.
From a point at the north end of
Uie Fraser River bridge at New West- ��I<
minster, thence aero.-.- said bridge *
(leave to cross which will be applied .*!
for to the Provincial Government),
thence southerly to a point on the international boundary between Semi-
i.mo Bay and Sumas.
From a point* on the south side of S
False Creek, thence westerly through !���!
the City of Vancouvi'.- and tii" Muni- ;���;
cipality of South Vancouver to a poinl >J
at or near Point Grey, -''.once returning in a southeasterly direction by the
most feasible route to a point at or
near the north end of the Fraser
River Bridge in the City of Xew Westminster.
From Port Moody easterly to Dewdney trunk road, thence following gen-
��� rally the said trunk road through Co-
rjtiitlam, Maple Ridge and Mission M :���
nicipalities to Stave Rivei and the ea -
I boundary of Mission Municipality,
All  in the Province   if  !'. .':-h  C >���
And   to   construct,   f quip,   :i. lint u i
i n ! operate branch lines an I all ne-
' essarj   bridges, road-. ��a; - an ! ferries,  ste unship  barges   an I   \ ���--<.'-,
theatres and other  places of amusement, and to construct telegraph and
telephone  lines   In   conn ��� 'tion    with
said   railway  and    branches,   and    to
. mit    messages   for   commercial
ir oses, and to chai ge I lis thi re!    .
nd to generati i led kit    I      he sup-
: ly of light, heal an I p .wer, and to
into agreemenl - with any elec-
ic  or power  i ompan '   for  the  pur-
���'��� ol o itaining the Iransmission of
��� '��� Icli  .  and   '     .��� :qu re and ho
In ol' er > i mpanie i, an I to a
. lire  an '    lev.     i   tv ..tei   y iwer   foi
'  " |) irpose of g worating ele trlcl
ell and distribute th   same, and    i
*   " iprlate, buy, bol i. le .-    an I sell
I in i for the purp ise.    f th   c mpany
an :   for oi hei   purpose.'.,   ind to
an : i dh . i  tolls from all   er:- ,..., -,,.
i    an l for all  freight!   pa   !ng over
- lid rallwaj an I branches, an I i i coa
necl with or make traffic oi other ar-
��� i ige nis   with  railway,   steamboat
: or other companies, and I i const! ict,
; maintain and operate the said rallwaj
���nd branch.'., and the said telegraph,
telephone and electric power lines
aci iss, along or upon streets or highways within any munii Ipality, subject
'" rhe regulations of said municipality; and to cross navigable rivers or
streams, and to arrange I >,- the use of
bridges therefore, and to conned with
ind interchange traffic over other railways, and to purr base, i ii ��� over,
lease or otherwise ac i lire th ��� prop-
Tty rights and franchises of any other
company or companies, and to lease,
:":! or otherwise dispose of the undei taking, or any pari thereof, and for
ill other necessarj rights, powers an I
i i'ivileges In thai behalf; and thai all
if  the  above  works may   be declared
 ir  Ll '���   general   a Ivanlage of
i   tuda.
For the Applicants,
1  a'   Vancouver, this  I5.li  day
o! November, 19 16,
Headquarters    OTA IVJ f^ ^L   ^��^ ^n
for the Best   I    I/yIMWO Canada
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
The Edison Phonograph
Grapnopnones. Violins.  Accordions,  yCylopnoncs,  mandolins.  Concertinas,   Flutes,  Whistles, Guitars.
Moutn  Organs,  Zithers.
Grand new selection of the celebrated Columbian and Edison Records,
ubscribe for our monthly records.    Xew selection each month.
Musical instruments of all kinds kept in stuck. Easy terms on all instruments.
ORGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
(f �����. barrl8teis' B����citor3,;i
>���:   flces:   New Westminster T*
�����. comer Clarkson and i,;la
ij , Vancouver, ro n . 5] ,,, ... ,
>J vine street, J ���-J,\, ;'',,;
W. Weait w. .;. McQum,
Bourne Mr. Martin *\{'��l
Westminster offl ea *Ev IJ
ternoon ��"���
The Music House     -     Burr Block, Columbia St.
tern,   solicitors, etc.. ��
Btreet,   oppo Ite        -   a *.
���    ��� ���, .&
Wesl uinstei :  .   .��� .A
Gi-ORGi. e, mai ,J
Solicitor, <t iii
Ha and McKenzle
niinstet, B. ('.
and Xotar    Pu
i ^,'l at N"- \\ '��� ���    ���
Flees remove | to i
son   street, ...
P.0   Box 169.    fi ���   .
sier Board of Ti i le i eeti
Hoard Room, C sl
S.a.,ia'    '.', .   || .      [
Quarte. ly meetings od the
VVednes la: of Fe mat
August   Bl      '���' '|
Antni il  meeting i   on  t
Wednesday    of    Fi
members   m ij   be \
elected al in |iu
meeting.   A. '���.'. Whi'e Se
UNION LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. i|
���The reg . mi��������� Ing
Is held on tl ������ First W.__��
each montl t 8 o'i loi. | I
the   Masonii S   I
brethren are i      ill; invi'.il
tend.      Di   '���'���   a. DeWolf |
F. & A. M.���Regular ccin
tions of thi.   . '" '"': I
second   Tne.-,,I ,'   ::.  ,-:.\ 3,'|
Masonic Temple, ���' '     ''
lng  hrethren  are   ord'a"; '
to atl end.    U. W. Oilchrtst. i
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
II ;;; .
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, lirst served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. ThisJJis a, chance
of a lifetime.
716 and Ti i Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Strei
i   ���
J   ���
i>   ���
��.*:^>i>i-^>:>:>i>i>:^>;>:-^'^'<'^'*'��^>i>i'^'��;>i*��i'��i'*:>i>:>:>:>:'��i>:'��:>i>i'��.>i>:>i>i*;>ii��;'��:*>:'f>:   j
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
[iii!-. NEW Dally
Leave| WESTMINSTER! Arrive
9:25am[Blafne, Belllng-|3fC0 pm
4::;." pm ham      Burling- ii:."."ipm
jton, Mt. Ver-)
'non. Everett,
Seattle        and
1. 15 pm Spokane,       St. 3:00 e:n
Paul    md    all
points  East.
3:00 pm
H. Ii. K. of I., meet! H��n
fourth Friday of earl; Mtll
p. m.. in Orange hall, Mt|
Royal avenue and .lohn sts
Journlng Sir Knights cwM
vited to attend. W. E. Dm|
p .    i;. E,  M itthlas, Res.
��� Meets  in  Orange Wl *f
third Frld iy In ���    b monttf
m.   Visiting I re I ren    ><
Invited io attend.   E. K Jj
W. M.; J. Hnmphries, Het-sej
l)._ll   l ai A Ii.ieni'les,
. "ii .un Vancouvei
9:55 pm
The regular meetin
are held in Od "'
bla  sl reel. e. ]
at S o'clock.    Vlsll : 1
dially invite I \ '
day, N.O.; w   '   '
1:35 pm
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
l.v. New Wesi n inster for
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Oufi hon
'I p. in., Mon lay, Wedn"i lay,
8:15 a :n ar. from Qulchon,
'.'; "��� i a. m. l.v. for Vanco . i
Ronto of the Famous
2���O-illy Ove-land Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis an.l  all   points  Kast.
For complete Information
raies, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. O. YERKES, A. C. P. A.,
''.irner .Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
���Meetings th. Hi "1
dav   in    ���   ��� ���     monl       J
brethren co .  ',.    '
Lodge room, v "��� '   "���
fellows'  !': ������     '
S. Corn. ,     recoi ler;
master woi
Hod Rose Di    ���������"���'
Fourth Wedi
In K. of P.    '
8 p. m., WbiteH |
Wednesday   in J
ii  and
*   ���
combe, Pn
i,   i" ���,"'
-Meels ih" Fourth in  t.
month  ni     VI
han, oddfe -*',;:."; ;vladl
hrethren are , 01 ill "��������� *  nJ
tend.   J. B. Ruslltr
Maxwell, R. S.
It: I
A   O   F.���The ree
this Lodge are ><;'': ":   ..]
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.
B   E,  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Oen'l Manager
Reserve Fund, $4,500 000 ��F THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.
and[Fourth Tae
at 8 p. ni. if
���'        ''
Visiting Brethrei    (   :   ...
vited lo attend.   '
F. P. Maxwell, Sec
.8,000 (EMPRESS OF BRITAIN ) 14,800
H. Power \ EMPRESS OF IHICLANH I      lOJI*;    T
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers for   their  banking   business,
e ii hed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   HY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made o
Oilt-cf-town   accounts   receive  every a  lontiou,
Sales   Notes
thdrawn oby mall,
Travel in the same way as your letters, It i.s the quickest, safest ind
most economical. From St. .lohn, Dec.
1st   and  Doc.   15th.   For  particulars
apply lo
C. P.  R. AGENT.
8 o'clock P.
Columbia     .
coi N '    .-
Hrethren an
tend, Geo. Burr
S. C
CAMP, HI.���5
Third  Tttesil
K.    "'    P.  "
Chief, J. ���'��� '
'(.    ��� ISDAY.
DEC 19,  '9C8
daily v
i i
^a you want in Real Estate.   Farm, Houses or Lot sand we can
Lpplyyou    New Properties arc being placed in our v^
L,   It costs you nothing to investigate this.   Buy im      w   h le
ices remain low.    Who would have thought a few ye2b     o
Lperty in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and VancomS Sd be
selling' at such commanding prices.   New Westminster's turn
next.   The coming manufacturing centre  on  the   Pacific
coast. Mark our words the time WILL come.
Greatest Snap, bar
Dne, in the city.
.,-. ; v oms :  store
134 acres. $1,350
ia;,,;.' lot.
:.   back   o
Price   $1000,
-:\    :ii int
highei pi
.ni ll  per
acre   and
���. .-* ippei ton
On the corner of loth
Ave. and llth St. Lots No.
79 and SO can now be purchased for $125. This price
will remain for one weel
only and is exclusive
sale by l;s. Al o thi same
applies to tho corner lol al
5th Ave. and 1_'*;. St.;
$550; lot 66x132.
House on Brantf r.
rents $15 per month. V,...
$' U cash. bai. easv.
��� an :    ������        -,
situ i'" :   ne ���    Queen
���     ll   a .������     u   ���     .
$2,000.   Term   . , .
���lame..  In et, tin
...    "55.00, ...
sized lot.   $20,000.
bf lot 881-2 x 66.
It's uo to you to stop pa) ng rent
Don    -    -.   . .
"   '������" :.      I -       ...���
Fourt! p ., .
��� ..  ��� ��� Commur,
I a
ii  '���'..
i    ��� - rea i leared,
1 . 3'.800, half c ish
on lime ii enl . su
]���' I
eared    li
t close to i  -    i spi
: ��� minutes ' ���'   otfli ���
i- .
IN   l'i, I on   A_-n
Iill ed, read
a - ' ' .      ' a   a
- '   ' ���    i n ���
"      ���    '���     -     J ; a    .- ���
timi 2., $60 per a - ��.���
:' ophoi
d   ���������    i'i
. at 7 ,    ������     i
,  . "���'    '."''������'-....   ..
'      -; .
���   $1,400, . mce
in thre. ...     j at rea
:' ��� .
��� ��� ��� ��� iar .a'.
���   . $15,000,    .
'���   '       "   ' ���       loa't dela a
-   . irranged
��� ���    -   ���     ' .'    ��� t
'��� a ���'       . In
i   ��� $3,000,  half
.���> ���
it   S22.
ibte on 6th Avenue,
Wy $1,100 cash.
I thev ca
���  bought
t! $1,350.    This
.fflostpi feci illustra-
oi how it ��� ivs to inui real estal i.
. :.
��� -   ���
'::- s....
���   ���
*1         . -.
1 "
...   ,
In best residential portion of Xew Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. '���'. dern in even' respect.   T\vi full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
it with -: ;���il - and flow-
���:*-.  Tennis     irt on one
ide.  Price $2500. Terms
$600 -ash, -   lanci   n mort-
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in thon*,:
nearly all planted with
truit lives, apples, pears,
plums, cherries, 'Small
house; barn and stable 30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only _$�� 1 O
per ac. and terms easv at
I that.
67   ICI . I -..   ,:
... '   " ' I . ..    I'.
Pi $3,000
I      ���    l-\
in acres of land mur Slither]
In Siirre;     - n i .   .
onli  $1,000. r ,,-;.  terms
Kjiiicil hou   ', all mod n
line lo   111 .in   rornoi ol   I
..."    mil   \ [ties    $5,000, one    h�� ���
��� i         V ci nifoi' : ih   li mi ��� in.!    ii ��� ���:
re : lem '���
: nomeil     lum se , all     n
... i ' i: a i ion   ���
reet, Iwo sl ire      $3,' 0
.. :   lol   "ii    \ fill' ���   ���:     a     ' ���' '
������ a
��� ��� ���"   $2,500.
,/ii i ooni i: n ri'ii      -      .
. ���     hei
: nd  two     il >  '
reet, .: ippoi   i       Hot!'       '   '
I  I   'a        ,|||   |     '  ��    I    '.'     .    ���'   I     V
ii... i   ,       ':'   .a-
near   i        $7
: i   fullei   parll   iln   i
���     :
nl Itrillii'tt.'   nil -
iwn  it
: .       '!
lit  lan.I '���
Read !   Mark !   Learn !
160 acres, on which is a
house 20x30, frame stable
20x24, chicken house I2x
14; good well: 8 accleared
on fro:*.: and 12 aeon back.
All these aeres cultivated.
Can be bought on easy
terms. Enquire immedi-1
atelv from us, the exclusive agents.
.   .       : a      $100
..    :   a :
. .. ���    is acres
    ....:'��� -e and ham
���; . ��� ��� |      id along one sidi
. <   $50 . e.  .. . ���    ha . . ash   :
.   lias,     it cent    Ken
son      "......       (fi.. Is In
aa.       I.    (0   ;,'   tO   li   mid
N ':'     ��� ,   ���-���' i  IS    low ll
..... ���        ..-.���,.,      housi
acres   .loaned     . .-.   ���      rained   ...
$' '.v .    ., - a    . -lance
: i .      - ent,
'.���-..   ps, Coqul lam  I   ... es cleai
.' I   near Black s ranch, $2,000,
- ... I ifl .,, re bl >ek_ -.-. s ���... i ��� thi i ���
miles from I he 11. er, $10 ���,���;-. acre
....as   section .'.   township n*>,
miles fi-.Mii  Abbotsfoi I    10 a< i es
alder bottom, $1,200, half cash
Ten acres In t_o< (6.1 onc mile easl
of Wes in u iter .; ana: lon   VI soil   eaa
.ai'.i e.i     $.10 per ar; e
: a i   .'.>: a'.i  hon -e   ,'   i ooms, hath,
sewer  connections,   nil   modern   hn
provometits,  splendid  locality    $2,800
a ��� ni i angod
i ��� a,v. i"   house,   -i\   rooms, pi lee
$1,600, ei-' terms; near cai line; cen
. located
hm. o   coi ni".  ol i'i: Ii a\ emu' and
s.\ li   .'n'i''. .mu'  lot, in.i  storeys,  s
'   '.' ���    $2,500,   liai!   ��� .1 'll
;'..'.   Iiii -. house, 20 i ".'in i, on 81x1 h
��� I it       .'lie    tilt.Cl.    Iliilll      peal      Office,
���ni ��� il }.!'������ per mouth, or for nnie .h
SOI i"l 1 llOllll'il ll'Hl a', i ;"l ''III h Sl 1 eel
���rr.r.    l-'il lh   ,u OlltlO,   I �� U   StOI ej B,    lull
������ m> I lot, $1,600,
Mouse, eiv.iii rooms, ou si iloin a
streel rornoi Fourth, $2,600; easy
lie ; ���.'    full   slued   lot,   mi   iw ai ���.
���     rr        Si;    ��������� I mi .     I nal  |    f,n     :f, III    11.  i
niiinih    nni  $1,050.
l'l" 00   a.    .' I,    Mill 111    \ i in   i n.i'l.   ie'ai
Mead     ��:.'..
OM    Nl ..Ml   DM 1
U.EflCA'S LEAMHi TK.ti.fim
������   "   I] i      ���  .'.:���'.
'''.'. l-'\  ,.'.:',;     ���
Kin? Richard the Third
^ '    '' '���'���-.. '-"���"��� ���' a I.
"!'     '      ���
������      - :    . ,:���
���   i     .   I  ever;    .........
S   :-,"   _ ' M   *:-.:   SOc j ������.. .*"���.-
Sali - .. .'���:-,
IV.     ... . >
e��.< Fraser River Tannery
PAYS i Mt  merit si
price   row   rums.
Westminster Iron Works
QEN i R \L MACHIM    .\\.    : \,-.\:
WOH :\
SHIP SMtTHINU   Ulituui  and
STRUCT! R \:    IRON     WOK.K
OrnamAnta!   ir-,in   v\orn    ..���.,��� .......
*���*'"���'���-  ������  ' ates   Fire ) -.-a, ss   <-:,-
Mail o dera and corrcspondonce in
��� ;li..\
BE7QBIG ts 11. i.i-, i
Now \\ estminster
i    O   IT.
���i '".
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
i.r CONRAD, CARCROSS, \l"il\,
\\ HI YV HORSE, D \\\ SON _nd
FAIRBANKS PaiW traini (excepi
Sunday) carrj ng passengers, mail
expre. i and iirjjiii connect with'
Ma*;.', .it Carcross su,i White Horse
maintaining a (!;:.".u_li wintei lervice
Poi  Information appi]  to
i   H   ROGE RS,   l'i;;);.'  Manag*i
Vancouver, B   ��
\SK  nil'* ru kit AGENT
Elghl  11 un-. Every Daj in the N.- j.
HI   I \\ I I N
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
* e: . .> n . \-.\ c    l'ft*M,-n��    I t>t    .>,#    .T"����^^-
��ilr�� Ar.l  ^\ !,..<  VhAnM  V*f    ..-..-.-**
.. .    _-....    . -.....       a-   .-.--.. ni   n.it
.....        ��� ; ..
...on'^   . .-.   . - lay
.   ....������-
,.                        - -.   and
... . ���       ..        -  ���*.
.....ai.     ��� . ;        h>  ���" .-
,���                  . ��������� ��� ���������>. ���
f ���(���!,:   .. -.���  ..-.,.: .���:    .'���an
hr   <��� ���.-.: e..   . :,. .... '.     .->.i_
1,1.1-   iii ������      .:    ���     -   -.    ��� a.-f>   ;n
'ho. o wash Lais  v...      :��� ������  .:
a flat  hr-nv        :."... :������,.-. ..,'  lf��a
net   . ������ ���   -'   -. ���  . -.
kri. ��   : ���   s '      . i.  .: ��� ; ��� stardfc
��      :  ..���.....���.: .'f->
l.int ,-. .   ...  n*  pas       .:.���-:.-
a ton	
enforced ������ -'...,. ma
t-onnk    ;irui   ... .   -        .      a! ...n   >ir.
!*l,I IM c rr.  ........ .   '    - .r^Tfl
p.%sio.l   sui   : lilll   I'ri'    :.:' ..'     -    a ��� I
I-.'.    ..:     .   ; ..   a-.-.     '.  '   ;'    .    '.   "       ��� 1     g   ���   a   -I.      '
r.  sham        -: ��� If     unil
:..'   . '    " ���       -    '��� "hi. I
-      'ev  .-. .      ������   .: . f     r   t
...���.: mt  - ��� ���    -	
. .  :.   .   . .  .: i- -a... :     a   in.
.��� -.     f  tl ���      1 ���������'���a    -   	
'   -   .1 n.l
���     -   ������ .   : ���    .-. ft     ,..:.-.'.
h    :.. ���.   and   . h      liflliHl"*
.     1        ���                       ������   .       :.   ���:'    ;.               ': .     ���      .e.l.If.
.        - ......        ,-	
���   ���    . . -                                 .   .            . .   -.
             -         - '.. I   ft      ...     '
..'..    ..   .-.     ���   .'    ; ...    :,:��� 1      p| ..-
m ���.      ���    .   ���  .   ���   m    ������-.:;  iiif.
a.    .... . ' '
... --.'...   six yi     .
lhi-- Pi   . i  -..   ������ - ......
Tlie girls  .il    >    .a r - :.    :.-��� f..i::-i :'.n
i ..���! ���    ��� ...    -    ji rnl
flo" ors i'.: ���    .   n.i  on
;:    r hats " ������   ;    ������..'���.  '-our
i\   . .-. -. :    ��� ...  v.: ,  ,i.s
. ���    .     ���. . ���    ..���>���.:..
-      . "   -ie         a-      . ���
al apes a.   are see '": ��� w
:.a.s A     IV"      tlStJ     Irl' a,a'e.i      niOi tlO."��
p��1 1a,v mull c*jpa on their 1:H lo .I*.... 1
i'i a-     hosds       Those   ejip.     live   siron:,
M ...��� v .   a....  uv    .I'O head    noil   sprv
. ;.   ..���.���:.:���   i ,..���,...�� .>.'.: | .-.. a   ���������
..... ..:���   .... ia,    i   i>   f.-i   keep  their   oars
A.i." ih. i roiviirtil. nie te mer,finn thai
!,-��...i r>:^i. .vioiTior look- -.1 for her
children's ears, nn.l if thf ahew an.
a . . - ��� .. " .'i :���.] st* fid ng onl from
the bead shi .-.���-. soi I of conwvatice
that   hoi.Is  1he   torider  enr��   iiaok   fisl
Just Look!
SO fieros in Matsqui Mu
uioinality,   l-room houi p,
j chicken   house;    one  ac,
j rli',u*<'il; j^ood well, purci t
water. $ 1,000. Chance
! of ;i lilcl nm'.
1 in    11; MN 111"   i' \Mt
1 111     NOH 1 11 \\ I'. 1 1 i;\.    1 1 n
I   lull. ..lira   I III-   n."a i     I        ill,I    In ||    i.l.   i -
ami   LUXURY      li   I?   ligliti .1   ��III
linlll      elCI  ll a  ll \        1       I      | I'a        i
In illi inlly    iilnini'' ited    irain    In    i' ���
i- ��� -i I-i       III.   equipment   ��� in.
i��� i ivale   i' imp H i in. nt   . .1 ..   . tandai
10  ii ��� linn  . lei i"' i a  in' iii i. iu.   dining
'cQuarriC & Co��9 Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
i m.   iri lining   .I'm
modal 'I  day   coach
In .ii v mul .moiling
I tl|      I mi.      I   .1.1.
iml 111 i   ml. a in il i.ni
II .  I
���     ,1   .      M
l.llll.   I.
II.,. ,..       -in,
II      .Ml      .'I        '.   I  .1,
vv. PARKI R,
ij. mm-' .1   AGENT,
nnd \\f in" . '������ attlt, W ' i
'9nk   of   Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. 'The Milwaukee"
��� -i. ��� .. ���   oi   -, -   ��� menl
Excellenl Trail Stn *.* i.^��i*n
. IM.li'iO.O'i'i
StratbcoM an      M mnt   Royal,   '���    ''    M
jii.iinu.ii'i'i I        J
iio.ooo.oixi Chicago, London..
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
':���" prtncifN-J '..',:.._   .-, Canada, in  London,  Kn*.. *'*"��   .   ( n|) ||ic |lti,   patbmtimteeitUfnot
bn'i .*,*ri. a r. i comepoodeule in ���'ll i"'q "' ""'   ,,��� r,\iin ';' KBE<  fn1*' "w MART
11,.ii, pnoviNces.
M     |��� iiUI'TALO. >ff;w YOfiK and
i'll'll  m.i l.l'IIIA.   .ia N'aK����� Falls' |
I ilne Tables, etc., address
oeo. w. VAjX'
)VERTI5E  IN THE   w^S"��E:;:;^^^S:'
Bo.   ..
  Honorai i""n !"'''
Dnra-moad     Prealrlanl
.   '.'I''- F.':���     lenl    HI. I    ',' ���:,".'.!��� '���' IDBgSI
mm traaaac lod.
'Tlie   I'mni'ti   I iniii.,1"  ;.i    Paul   to
(  In, -t..     ' .'lt...ii     I j,���>"    (||���a|i3    in
i i.i. ago,    .'...mil    Wesi     | Ittilied1
K mi.ua  litv   ������'  l I'irago
��� ' ���   llailts   in   ihf   ift-Vlce   nn   nm-
...i iii iii.   umiii timi equal in
��� i'iv".- "' thai st th. ' hh . ������  Mil
. . it.ee &  St   Paul  ftiilwftj      I hej
own nni "i'"'iti- thei*. .'"" .jetjiiiig
_nd dinitiR .a.9 'Mi nil! thfel. linins and
Ki'.'t-   (hei-   patrons   an   exceltenct
<ervi..   nnt  nhtftltiabte elsewhere.
fl   S. ROWE. General Agerit.
i m T> "������! St.. cor Alder. Pom ,       Or
-TER   _CS'c,n
'.. I>. BfYYMNI M    "**'* "���
tft. EJ. D, Brown, V.S., a grad ati
of tliet'.i  ni"  \'''i��'i'iii.!i';.  School, will
be In New West minster every
mil! 8 tl m lay, and will exai
iii'i'scs free of charge,
OH.   H.   D.  BROW,1,  V, '.
!Northern  Pacific!
��� i
4.   | _
I rarmc onllnei-il ni
Irnlns Daily
Travel mi tlie Famous
RIectl'ic-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Ouiek Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshi? Tickets on sale to all Euro-
pi nn puints. *
lal    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
nates   to   Southern   California.
'or full inform tion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
I   i Hastings St., Vancouver. Ft. C,
and, Ore. \   '',.    A
iw,' mixi. -, -.-,. v ��� i jtO' sa
agalnal ii"- head    ilitt ta frfft^Nofla,
although  uudoubtedl)   .  ���'��� V-taivid,
|)Ul   _ii'U   ,'lll.lia.l    ...    .   ...       ���.     {  .ilpiv
iini'iiiliii al'li'
I'he .I'.iiiiii little .!��������� ������������ ������'��� ������! i > afti 11
��,-iin'n are often ai ide ������ li i ��iik
m iii. ii ii m " .      ��� id the v hole =ii_pe
I  .    U  rOUght    l'l     RUIlVl   I,      a I ll a    I',-,.,   u     ;.
ui in one r:.'. r and the toj. amocked
:.a     ���:     I  r:.        ,;���,:   .   :     high     ill     ffie     "���'���'_
..  . ai '...��� ire .. lhi  ���' '������ ii f'ii" coolness
'I he " ���   ���  fti ed '" i'i -"-I
.. .-.    I.      ... 1 I.M | .       . :.���<!
m i.ia  ���. ���������...,.  ...    i ..i   the    kirl    ������
Ila. ... .   . .   r . .anal      ll.,'    1.     .
t he __       ��� . ��� ���'������ .i trli -'l. 'nu they
in n  ia : . ... nt,:,..., oi i. ehed
.   ; ..i  ,.,.,, i  .    | wi   I
      ��� and
ll ...'i'.i        . crrnln
.���' I  in   VI.Mil. l    N   '
1   n.l... .. .. ,,    i .  ,    . .      ..   .;.,
lighl    . i .   ���        iim ������ . i
- ,    llial     .;     i ���    ,.
nn,i around thi. bud
I'll! I.   .   I        'IL .Ila      a     I " llfl
"   ���       nllng   In  'I ii
I     ||        .1,.    ���              a         I           (villi I
1    llll    R        Ifl        "      a  II       I	
"     " ��� itlu ' I      ire  ai "ii
"i i      I iiM    ihni      hin -1 or
'i  whli in worn
lind   nnie   . nnilnls   " . orn
n :���'' "i    >	
1 naked mi      Hli	
nu i aln    Ii ol   '"'  i" ill
.,.,1 I),      1 ..      11 ...
' weird    pill    '       v ���     u."    A
i | tl portion to
'��� i ih" i ie ��as made
n   ' 'linn' ii\   a  big ''.'M!   Inside
| .Jot! ho  Wish  to   follow    fashion
11 ik nl iho Inside of these sandal i bef M" llioj foi e the tender llttlo
'"." to wenr lhi ni
For ii raps Ihere ure pretty little short
I . b i ni Iln nnel and, for aloe, silk
inaiM, taiTi ia or pongee, black, white ot
tan, For very warm days short sleeves
are ln order, and a comfort, ami the
Beck of ih" frock cau also be cut out,
imt gulinpes are found v> till in the
lack for cooler days. There are pretty
little capes nf rather thick cotton ma-
terlal In shape of a deep bertha, Sashes
are worn it' ono wishes, bul are by no
means obligatory, The yoke froeks for
unuill girls are coal and pretty.
OMVH ItARri'.I..
Rr.-lbii.lv)>   .-uattce.
.Mrs. Abba S. Slioen, a Chicago club
I woman, thinks evo"y confirmed baehe-
aii' ouclit to lie taxed for the malnte-
j aaiiii' of nt leivit one orphan child, thua
��� making hlm iisaui'i:'. in part nt least
'ilie family duties l:e hns shirked. 12
When You Buy Cookies or Tea
Biscuits Why Not Get the Best
Modern Woman
Flat Failure of Bnhsh Hostesses to
Make "Dove Parties" Popular In
London���Only American Women
Thoroughly Enjoy Such Gatherings
Call and see our special offer.
We have twenty-one varieties put up by the celebrated
Jacob & Sons. Dublin, which we are offering at
1 =.0 npr nackao-e or two for 95c A curlous Jiff<w"*''baB developed n
IOC per pdCKct^e ur u\ u iui _.<*.. ^       ^      ^ between tht, r,.Mli!li���t, Be5 ot Amer |
Do*n't gamble With your CUStom.     Take no Chances, it will   lea and their English and French sis
pay VOU tO deal With "-*<**���   Perhaps the difference  may  b.
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co., at
Clavburn, B. C.
CLEARED, with streets on three sides. Close to 4th
Ave. If sold this week, these can be had for $800,
half cash, bai. in 11 months. A fine building site and
a good speculation.
Fine residential lot, cor. 12th St. and 5th Ave., $550.
Two Cottages to Rent.     Furnished Rooms to Rent.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
called psychological, perhaps not. Ai
any rate an attempl by English bust
esses t i popularize in London socletj
the women's luncheon party Ims re
suited in flat failure. British socletj
women flghl -liy of it ns n deadly bore
��� while American women lind tbey nevei
have so much njk-usure as in uuconven
tlonal gatherings ot* their own sc.
where tl ej may be their true selves
free ui' iii.' sometimes etubarrassin.
presence '���: mnn. An Interchange "i
u ii ami '���:. i'rtii ..!.-' Information i."'
^ isslp nr scandal either v. ith music
dainty in: 'boon mai recital ons nm
sometimes il.iui ii g of the high kicking
order, jusi among n girls, as :t imt.'
constitutes a programme (lint Amori
can u'.ii..'ii get sincere pleasure out ..;'
It  ms  ihi'  women of European so
clety consider (here can be no ���: id
time without meu nround in :' "��� I
tbom mul l.e attentive to them, li Is .
sign "f ila- growing i ruin breadth ol
our women that tbey arc fond ol mi'.'
Interested in tbeir owu sex. Life l��
broadening out before tbem gloriously
ami the fact thnt they Hud su mm L
happiness in one another's su. lety
meeting upon the commou ground ol
united sisterly interests, shows bovi
much liberty and opportunity bave
done fur the sax in America. A uew
spirit among womaukind bas develop
ed. and tiiose of other lands can onlj
stare stupidly and wonder how women
can timi mu' another su Interesting.
P. *
Mrs. Harriet Edwards Payes ox
presses in the .Now York World hoi
conclusion that tho old Idea is fast
dyiii;.' mil ihat women who wed may
not continue to earn money after mar-
rlage.   She says girls aro Inclined mori
' and more when they fall in love ti
marry their sweethearts, take a shun
honeymoon ami return to the remunerative trade that was theirs previously.
Mrs. J'ayes asks lhis question: ".Need
we. just because some man lioes us
sufficiently tu marry us. allow hlm tc
i support u> when we are so eminently
capable of supporting ourselves?"
�����. 9.
Lately I heard a pleasant story that
illustrates just whal we are coming tc
1 when tla- uew woman takes her right
fui place. A young man was soon to
be graduated from college, He wrote
his graduating essay as carefully as bt
eould. then sent it to liis mother U
criticise, Th ��� mother, berself a college
bred woman, naturally, with her years
uf experience in reading, writing and
thinking, was able to suggest various
Improvements   in    the   young   man's
lhes:s.    Su it will  lie everywhere when
woman is waked up. She will keej
ahead of her children in knowledge
and culture an I bold always their re
spect intellectually.   Thnt is something
Purest of ^ purJ
Are the Candies Purdy MakJ
Swellest   of   the   Swell
are the handsome fancy baskets of
Every lady in Xew Westminster should be given a bo .
this Xmas.   They'll appreciate it.
Do you know you can buy your gentlemen frie
Cigars, Tobaccos, or a
=   Handsome  BBB  BRIAR  PIPE
at our store.
The   Store   with   thc
White   Front
Columbia St., Next Tram Office
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
J ,  	
I���ir\ t-v s-^ ����� j        f    /"v/^v/H c   i    ���u-'hooJ.   Like so many of his cloth, hi
1   (HI IV_y VJ7L/VJvlo   }   has fallen unconsciously Into the bab
AsplendidlotofGOODBOOKS :
ijuite different from the merely animal   !i ;:' -
affection which most children now feel
���   for their mothers.
Another clergyman has put himself
! j on record In a gratuitous slur on worn-
Foi ' lectri ��� signs, dynamos, motors,
in-. ', bone flxl ires, shades, bell . bat-
v. Ire an I cables ol all kin Is
d sizes. House wiring. Motor In
illii .. si eclalty. All kinds ol re
Irs j romptlj attended to,
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
J ���
j Carruthers Manufacturing ComyJ
I Manufacturers of
! Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fix
J The Carruthers Manuf acturing Co|
Discount to Schools and Churches
j J. J. MACKAY y CO.
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant    and   Cafe
Late Suppers Arter  the  Theatre a
Specialty.       Oysters    and     Game
in  Season.      -
Growing Appreciation
-. Sugar Cured	
Breakfast Bacon and Hams
j . it of looking contemptuously on worn
en Intellectually and openly flouting
them.    It Is taken  for granted  worn
t j en   will  stand  that   sun   of  thing,   as
j they always have dime. In Ihis the
deriders of woman will flnd themselves
mistaken one of these days.   The eler-
J gymun in question, speaking of feeble
minded, cul an 1 dried, "useless aud
juieeless" graduates of theological sem-
; inn ric-. pronounces tbem "lit only to
comfort sisters weaker than themselves." Tbe useless and juieeless the
olog Is ah olutcly no good, according
iu the reverend speaker; nevertheless
his constituency is composed of women e. en . l:cr ai I more no nccount
; than he Is. I low lo ig will woman
meekly pul i:p witb i cb ueerliig u:
ternnces, I'eseiitlj _ by uo sign these
slur- on non   uhood?
V>.   I��
Extract  i rom r> lltorial In New Vork
America n:
"I Insi.a:,.:     ��� In uld    . . ,.r   h|g  goldi u
wediliii'.'   rii.:' -. .:' -I   lh"   sa    as   |!:i>;."
wives du. I there any reason why a
wuii.aii should go around with a ring
: on her iin :��� - ying lo all the world:
'I nui disposed of, I ion'1 look al me. i
belong iu a i i ntlemnn. and If you
show the slightest Interest I'll call Iho
police,' tin! ��� ��� I: >r I ishand dues the
same? We believe thnl ll would be
���ven hotter for men lo wear wedding
rings linin for women lo wear them
I'or Instance, the ring would save n
lol of explanation when a sensible
lunn is asked lo waste bis money In
Brink or In gambling or otherwise.   He
would Simply lift up his hand with lhe
wedding ring on It, look solemn and
go liis way. The others would bang
guilty head.--; and say to themselves at
once, 'He ine.uis that he has got a wife
mid children at home and he bus better
ways of spending his money than with
us.' "
��. r.
At the very first meeting of thfe Rus-
���sinu ilouma Mohileff, a worklngmaii,
aroused enthusiasm by a speech favoring expropriation of land for all tollers.
Irrespective of sex. Would It not ha
queer If Ittisslnn peasant women got
their rights ahead of their sister, in
���" en Hod fr ��� ��� America?
'.:"���"/ ',  AISCTTAUn  .'OXXER
Sole Agents for New Westminster
W. E. SINCLAIR, Ikieading Shoe


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