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The Daily News Mar 29, 1906

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 ���'.AR ? i 190*
^roR'.-v ^iK'KNis PER WEEK.
Lead and Steel Await Rebellious Subjects 1>f 'the Czar
father discovers      READY TO PUT DOWN UPRISING gang suspected
IN LUNATIC ASYLUM Government of Russia Strengthens Military Organization
In St. Petersburg and the Provinces in Anticipation
Of Revolutionary Outbreak At Any Moment���Witte
Gives Orders for Protection of Jews.
J. O'Neal Journeys From Davenport, Iowa to New West
minster and Returns Home With   Boy Who
Was Believed to Have Died
In War.
\ \.'i> touching Huh' story has Jusl
i niiie io light in connection with the
release of s patient from the provincial asylum lu this ciiy, -which Involves
it Jusl son who ran away trom home
to the Spanish American war, a Bearch
i,, the young man's aged parents,
which would have proven futile bul
for a very peculiar little Incident
which occurred at the asylum some
weeks ago.
ai the opening of the Spanish-American war, or rather the subsequent
war in the Philllpines, young Patrick
O'Neal, of Davenport, Iowa, determln
ni in lie a soldier, and wlthoul bidding good-bye i" his parents or friends
lie left home, and after a Bearch ex-
ii ading over six years the friends and
relatives lost all hope, and gave the
boy up tor dead,
Loses His Reason.
' On April li. 1900, B young mun
i lalming to be an ex-soldier was ad
niitteil tee the- local Institution, suffering from violent attackB oi insanity,
which the medical superintendent attributed i" the' life iii the' Phllllplnes,
where so many young Boldiers unaccustomed tee the life and climatic con-
'i.ii'in gradually lost their reason.
For three years it was necessary to
keep the unfortunate young fellow in
the refractory  wani.  bul   In  time J"'
became  more'  tractable,  and   was allowed the freedom of a wani with the
Ie.ss   violent   patients.    Although   al
apparently    quite    rational he
l.eadfastly refused to give any Information as to himself or his friends or
people, and all efforts to net  at  his
lentltj  were fruitless,    He was beg.
-.������ii in write to bis people, as he was
il  times rational enough  to  write a
etter which would be understood by
"'it but  ihis he refused i" da
Given  Up As Hopeless.
The authorities Anally gave the case
a   being hopeless, when to the sur-
lirise of Dr, Doherty the man sent a
letter down tn the' ofiice, addressed tn
"J.  O'Neal,   Davenport,    Iowa."    The
letter was scarcely Intelligible hut tlie'
superintendent thinking thai by for
warding ii be might gain some clue
in the' identity of the patient, be nol
only mailed the letter bul wrote' to
the party addressed in the patient's
letter, and later received a re-ply stating that .1. O'Neal wns the father of
th" young man whose name was Patrick.
Broken-Hearted  Father.
Coming out from Davenport the old
gentleman met Detective Bradshaw of
whom he asked particulars concerning bis son. although in- made no mention of having any knowledge of the
young man's real whereabouts, other
than that he had heard that he was in
New Westminster.
The old man had been broken heart
ed over the thought that bis boy was
dead, and so great wns his joy upon
learning that such wns not the case.
even although the boy was confined
within the walls of the provincial Institution, thai ii was with difficulty
thai lu' could restrain himself.
lie- then visited Dr. Doherty to
whom he- related Hn- Btory as bald
above adding the statement ihat it
had been the early Intention of lhe
family that the lining man shouhl
sluily   for  the-  priesthood.   When    lasi
seen nearly elghl years ago the boj
appeared to be alright mentally, se.
that tlie conclusion of the medical
superintendent that the Ikiv'k I__mbs
waa due to exposure in ihe Ph'tlHplnes
is undoubtedly a correct one.
Remembers Kindne*-.
Although tin' veiling man was still
mentally unbalanced, he was quite
tractable, anil under the circumstance!
the' superintendent allowed him to return to his home' in the care of hie
Yesterday  the guard in the ward il.
which O'Neal was confined reoel-ved
n letter Irom the bitter thanking him
fur past favors and attention, and en
' losing a very hand-one little present.
Dr. Doiiei;. is also in receipt of ;.
letter eif thanks from lhe father.
St. Petersburg, March 29.���A spe
i ini commission under the presidency
rn Premier witte baa been oreated
fur the purpose of co-ordinating the
work of tlie troops aim police in handling revolutionary and agrarian outbreaks,
The- police nnel rural guards are
being everywhere strengthened. Tin'
si. Petersburg police having been in-
creased by a hundred officers and 1,-
:;eeu   men.
A mllttarj train is held in readiness
ni  the Nicholas railroad station.
More  Serious in  Poltava.
Poltava, Province of Poltava, Russia. .March 29.���The peasant trouble
in ihe- district iii whieh the Bourolka
estate,  owned   by   Princess  Cantasur-
e ue is situated have assumed a more
serious phase.
The governor-general lias telegraph
I'd to ihe offlder in command of th"
district not to spine the1 troops in
suppressing the disorders,
Faith in Moderates.
si. Petersburg, March 29.���M. <;-11
I'hoff, leader of th" Moderate party,
in an interview published todir . i \
pressed the opinion thnt the Moderates will prove to he the salvation ol
the country againsl the Reactionaries.
He believes the country and the government are drifting towards a counter-revolution but thnt the Moderates
li'. iIn-owing their weight and in-
niieiice ngiiinst reaction, will be able
to preserve the balance.
M.  Qulchoff  further  declares  that
the peasants are au unknown factor
so far as parliament is concerned.
The priests, he says, are not reactionary and me' likely to be more' radical
on the agrarian question than the constitutional Democrats themselves. He
fears the latter, who he considers to
lie the simple revolutionists, masquerading as constitutionalists.
Jews in Danger.
Mogtlheff,    Province'    of    MogilhefT,
Kussia, March 2!).���Premier Witte bas
telegraphed to the governor-general
that the governmenl has received Information from the rabbi of Cornel
to the effect that anti-Semite outrage's
are Imminent there In connection with
the elections and Instructing the governor-general to prevent an outbreak
ai   all  hazards.
Leader of Party of Foreigners Shrugs His Shoulders and
Professes Innocence of the Butchery That
Occurred in Minneapolis
On Tuesday.
Governor    of  the   Island    Says  lt   Is
More  Repulsive Than
Washington, 0. C, March 29.���
Qangresa, a tropical disease more repulsive than leprosy, has become so
prevalent on the island of Guam, that
Lieut. McNamee, 0. S. Navy, the act-
Ing governor of the Island has recommended the establishment of a hospital for the Isolation of the disease'
which is believed to he highly contagious.
Admiral Rixey, the surgeon general
of tin' navy, has approved Uu- recommendation and it is likely a $5,000
heispiia! for case's of the new disease
will be erected immediately near the
leper hospital on the island.
Lieut. McNamee says the disease
destroys the upper part of the face by
Blow ulceration, and is more horrible
both lo the victim and to bis companions than leprosy. As four hundred
cases have already developed Lieut.
McNamee says its isolation .is Imperative.
Present   Brisk   Movement Just a  Preliminary to More Important
Realty movements in the city during the past few days have been quite
satisfactory, and local agents state
that the coming season promises to be
cne of exceptional prosperity.
Malins. Coulthard i- Co. report the
sale of the residence of Wm. Peacock,
on Princess street, to Mrs. Muslin, n
recent arrlvrl from Manitoba.
Individual lots are also mining very
rapidly, and the above firm mentions
the sale of a lot, on Queen's avenue,
;. portion of the D. Drysdale property,
to .Mrs. Peter Birrell. Yesterday they
also disposed of a lot on Royal avenue to Alderman Geo. Adams.
Arthur Malins of this firm slated
be had never known properly to move
to greater satisfaction than at present,
ami said that he thought present
movements were only preliminary to
several larger deals which are to take
place in the near future.
Engineer   Expects  to   Be   Ready,   for
Tenderers When Council
Meets on   Monday.
Plans for the new Carnarvon street
bridge are now being prepared by A.
T. Hill, C. 1-:., assisted by Superintendent of Works Furniss, and it is ex-
pected that tenders will be called for
not later than Monday next. Tbe
structure will be of wood, substantially built, and will certainly be ap-
preciated very much by the tax leavers who petitioned the' council for
tlie  new  bridge.
The old timbers from the Carnarvon hrielge will be used to erect a
temporary structure on Vieloria
Btreet.    The council may later decide
! to fill in where the old Victoria street
bridge now stands,    and accordingly
; no permanent structure will be built
, lor the present Alderman Henley,
chairman of the board of works, will
submit    his report    on    both    these
| bridges at the next regular meeting
of the council on Monday night.
Duluth, Minn., March 29.���Blg-1
men, two boys ami one woman were
arrested here today on suspicion of
being connected with the' murder of
si*. Bulgarians In Minneapolis early
The  spokesman  of the  party,  Kuz-
man Schuloff, admitted to the police
Hint it was he who rented the' bouse
where the murders were committed.
He says however, thai bis parly left
Minneapolis on Monday at which
lime everything was alright. Of those'
under arrest some are Bulgarians ami
smile Macedonians,
Knows the Place.
Schuloff admitted having conducted
| ihe party to the Minneapolis house.
He  snys  when  the party entered  the
' house ii numbered 16 men. Two of
these came to Duluth, leaving li men
i in   Minneapolis.   Of   these   six,   four
. were1 brothers of the name of Dimitri.
j The Dimitris went to the train Monday and were then alive and well and
Schuloff says there was the best, of
feeling in the house. The Duluth party
| were   on   their  way  to   Hinebing  to
i work in the mines.
Shrugs His Shoulders.
Schuloff expressed surprise at hear-'
! ing of the murders, but when asked
I for a threory shrugged his shoulders,
threw up llis hands and said he did
| not know. The articles of a religious
nature  found  in  the  house,  he  said
are  prayer  books  and  paraphernalia
of the Bulgarian church, to which the
members of the party belong.
Cross-questioned     individually     the
; eleven prisoners tell the same story
| and  maintain their innocence of any
I complicity   in   the  crime'.
The Leader's Story.
The facts as told by Kinsman Schuloff, the spokesman of the party are
these: "For a year or more some of
the Bulgarians from the province of
Presbad, in the northern part of Turkey, have been working in the woods
and camps of Northern Minnesota.
The members of the band were all
from  the  same  part  of  the  province
ami were headed bj Schuloff. ll was
the only member of the band who
Could spi'iil, English, liming been in
this country about five yearB, and ho
provided work for his followers, hiring them out to work in the' mines or
the railroads and In the logging
in yesterday's report the principals
ot the' tragedy were referred to as
Work on Cumberland Street Extension  Is in Progress.
The work on Cumberland street,
which is being opened up to the Bur-
naby line is reported to be progressing very favorably under the supervision of A, Ai Broom, This work was
started upon request of the citizens
of Burnaby who petitioned the city a
short time ago for a belter roadway
to the city, and Cumberland street offering the best access to the city, a
gang was put at work at the saino
time as work started on tbe reservoir.
The men composing this crew aro
exceptionally good workmen, being
regular city employees who have been
accustomed to this class of work, nnd
under these circumstances it Is sahl
ihat the wor�� will be completed with
greater  speed  and  less expense than
would be the case were the
accustomed to street wor'K.
men nut
Clouds Are Loosening.
Victoria, March 29.���Tue ul| b baro-
liie'er area now central c pr the
Rocky Mountain region Is nuking to
the southeast and the pressure is giving way on the coast from Casslar to
Lower Oregon.
Showers have fallen i'i the Pacific
states and light to heavy frosts have
occurred on the higher 1 mils on the
western and on the' mountain ranges.
ln the Northwest the weather is
fair and temperatures higher.
Forecasts for 36 hours ending 5 p.
in. Friday on the Lower Mainland:
Easterly winds, becoming unsettled
wllh  showers on  Friday.
Excited Citizen Hears
The Guns of Invaders
Probablj thinking that annexation
enthusiasts from the other siele of tht
line were invading tbe British domain,
nu excited citizen reported to one of
tin' police officers thai he bad heard
��� Bhots fired shortly after ll o'clock
nlghl in the vicinity of the Fra
-'���!  River bridge.
rhe officer thoroughly   covered   a
���    portion   nl   thi    district   Immediately  surrounding the bridge,    but
lied i" inui aii>  kiiini or wounded
' ven as nauch as n bullet mark, so
'"   presumption mi  tb.   pari  of tbe
; i ii   wiui  furnished  the alarm  ls
1   dixie's   army   must    have'   been
'" off during the time In which
'    '-I , locating the officer.
l; tlry in the neighborhood failed
to discover anyoneeim-who bad heard
lhe firing,
Call From Vancouver.
Jailer Mclniies Has awakened from
',"' sleep of the righteous al 4:15 this
morulas  in response ,u> e telephone
'""sage from the Vancouver police'
asking the local department to look
'""��� 'or the arrival of Frederick At-
" '��� :,""i 15, who disappeared from
""   '"'im   i,i   his father.  Robert   At-
wood, n .iH.ggist residing ett UB Kwt-
ItlgS   streel    ,.:1K|,
r|i'' young   fellow  was laaj   seen  iii
ancouver early yesterday afternoon
""i bi the message to the local pollci
""' statemenl is offered thai lie may
""'"I" I" leave tor Belllngnam  via
New Westminster, although no reason
for this move Is offered by the boy's
The boy is described a,�� tallows:
Fifteen years of age, 5 feet, :i inches
in height, rather dark complexion,
wore lung trousers, nnd a dark coat
patched at the elbows, and was afflicted wlih an extremely bad cough.
Fear for the boy's safely is felt  at
bome, und nny Information which will
lead to ihe' location of th*- missing
.veiuth will be gratefully received by
die boy's pm ents. whose address ts
gi'ven above.
RETURNS $1,000.
Stranger Hands Conscience Mcmey to
J_ounty Treasurer at Tacoma.
Tacunia, Wash., March 29.���County
Treiwurtir l.nkin received $1,000 conscience money yesterday, tinned in
by a man .who asked to Bee hiiu in liis
private Office ami then passed over the
roll of b_Us for another parly, wbo.se
name wm inot given.
Whotttale House Burned.
Fort    Worn.   Texas,,   March 29.���,
Waiisworth a  Cameron's drug house
was destroyed lu lire- of unknown orl-,
I gin early today. Tin' loss on Ihe build-!
ing inui s k Is $160,000.
South African Cabinet
Resigns As a Protest
Pletermarltzburg, Natal. March 29. The latter had confirmed the death sion of ihe executions pending the
���The Interference of the Colonial of- sentence imposed on twelve natives home government's consideration of
flee in.London with matters wihieh the who took part In the murder of po- th(J somences The premier curtly re-
natal government  thinks u, he out- licemen during the recent uprising in ^^ (o Jo _ ^ (he governor slr
side   the   Imperial   government   juris- this colony.
diction,  led   today   to  the resignation Winston  Churchill,  under  secretary Henry   Mel ullum,   postponed   the  ex-
of ih" ministry  beaded    by Charles of stale for  the colonies, cabled to ecutlons. Thereupon the ministry Im
John  SmyUie. Premier   Smytlie   ordering   a   suspen- mediately  resigned.
Babies Wander Away,
Parents Sound Alarm
Attempts  Outrage  on  White QM .and
Scmn  Was   Rope   Around
Flora, U-, .March -lb���A negro
known as "Cotton" was lynched liust
nlghl near 0__< flrove station in Waal
Carroll Parish, .within an hour after
he ds said to ham attempted a criminal .assault, iijxmi a young white woman, Miss Blair daughter of a contractor ai n railroad camp. Shu dls-
covet-iil the negro in her room who
nttacl;.,'il her. She screamed and her
family were aroused, when he Bed. He
wns captured after a short  pursuit
Atlantic   Steamers   Make   a   New   Record  in Carrying  Immigrants
to America.
New   York.   March   2H- Over   10,000
Immigrants  arrived  today  on  board
seven steamers from European .ports.
This Is the record  for a single day.
Ellis Island, where these Immigrants
are examined, can care for less than
half of today's arrivals. Its limit being 5.000 daily,
Those who cannot be landed today
vij.t be kept In the harbor on their
steamers until later In the week.
Walls of  Masonic Temple  Fall   While
the    building    Is    In
Dover, N. H., March 2��.���A fire
which destroyed the Masonic Temple
in this city early today, was confined
to that building although several times
burning brands Ignited the roofs of
near-by  structures.
When the walls of the big five
I story brick block fell several spectators were slightly Injured by flying
The loss is estimated today at nearly $260,000,
Water Rushes Through
Streets of Port Hope
Minto Believes Russia
About 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon
a telephone message to the police
headquarters Informed Jailer Mclniies
that a il year old boy, Eric Norfolk
by name, had strayed from the family home, on Queen's avenue between
Second and Third streets, early In the
afternoon and that absolutely no trace
of the missing boy could be found.
Jailer Mclnnes had hardly hung up
the received after promising that
every effort would be made to restore
ilie lost boy, when a second 'phone:
message informed him that a small
boy about '���'> years of age had been
found near the home of James Harvey,!
accountant   at   the penitentiary, and
within a very few minutes from the
time that this report was received
the little chap was brought down to
the police' station by a young boy
from the neighborhood in which the
little fe'llow had been found.
The parents were communicated
wilh, and a friend culled and took the
youngster home with him.
When taken to the police station
the little runaway informed the police
that he had gone down to the water,
und In u sort of baby fashion attempted to relate his many adventures,
whieh if they could have been understood would doubtless have proven to
be   very   Interesting.    The   boy   was
quite composed, and was able to give
his name, although he could not give
llis address. His clothing was somewhat torn, evidently due to wandering
about, in the brush, but the kindly officials at the police station fixed him
up so that he was quite presentable
when called for.
Another lost child or rather runaway story similar to that concerning
little Eric .Norfolk came to light late
yesterday afternoon. The youngster in
the case is the son of Charles Knud-
son, of the Vanstone Heating and
Plumbing company, (he little chap
who i.s very young having strayed
from the family home at Cunningham
and Elliott streets, to lhe i orner ot
Sixth and Columbia street, where he
was picked up by an otl'u .-r who recognized him, and restored him to
the family fold.
 o .   .. '
Manitoba Blaic.
Newdale, Man., March Hi).���Flre
almost wiped out the business section
of this little town yesterday utternoott
burning Scott's hardware store, A.
Martin's general store, the postoffloo,
Fanning's private bank ami dmg
store. The loss will total about $10,000
with insurance of about $4,000.
Hazing at Kingston.
London, Ont.. March 28.���Jack
Marshall, a son of Joseph Marshall,
ex-M, P., is recovering from a serious illness of three weeks' duration.
It is understood that his injuries wore
the effect of hazing received at tho
Royal  Military  college,  Kingston.
Hope   Ont.,   March   29.���Port      One of the town's main bridges on
is suffering from one   or the Wakton Btreet   was partially   swept
Wsl  fiooda in lis history. away and  oilier bridges are In  dan-
.The   llanrraska   river   is   In   Hood, ger.  One of tin.' leading  streets  Is  a
j-   * *''""i <l"al of damage hlis been raging toi-rcni   ami  piles  of Ice  are
' ""'    _ 1 piled   ll|) filling Die  streel.
Will Become DangerOUS family of Immigrants
Have Fatal Experience
Calcutta, March 2!).���A denunciation
by native members of the Viceroy's
council today, during a discussion of
lhe budget of the enormous military
expenditure demanded by Lord Kitchener, commander-in-chief of the British forces ln India, which the spunk-
ers declared to be unnecessary; "now
that the strength of Russia Is broken," drew u reply from the Earl of
Minto, Ihe viceroy, who said he hoped
India would never be deceived Into
false security. He added: "I cannot
ngree thnt Russia's reverses huve
minimized the danger ou the frontiers
for all lime. I am afraid that we shall
be  much  more  impelled   to  consider;
tbe effect these reverses will have on j
the pride of a high spirited race. In
iliue Kussia will feel competent to re-|
cover her lor* prestige ond the price
now paid for our army Is a premium
for the Insurance of India."
Philadelphia,   Pa.,     Mu-:h    2!).���Ig- j night in a tenement house.
.,.__._ _ Schaye Waynster,  the father, died
norunt of the mechanism ot a gas fix-, t<H)ay ^  ^ ho8p|tal> an(t  hl8 wlfe
ture a family of Austrian immigrants I,  thelr  throe dallghters,  aged  22,
who arrived here three days ago were! ,9, nnd 14 are said to be dying at the
overcome  by  Illuminating    gas    last; same Institution. THE  DAJL>   NEWS
-.::- .  .   :
-c'.��     "j   'toCU   rj\K'    '.'.���    ���'�����.���...���    DotCttOMi   tr.'.if.   F-���'W^
riwcsrs  f u.c  Grct-ff-itlKrc u, lnc'**!**: wf Sabbatk
C j*er>��_u��-< b��iUn,��flt���Lv^��.   ����rfcr.- I
m NORTHERN jjjjfjj
l^a^  Fd_n_M) 15tL ISM
Through Tourist Sleepers
l  ~->   In,}   ir  ���-:���*  Yetr
Between Seattle and Chicag
Great Northern Railway
Trss   Csssnfssrtsthu   **r<
A.uu-,   u; 'li*   Fumuui   '���'terra   Lstnstmt
���     . ' T
: .   ������   \    \?w Westminster. ��  C
��� .-      .
���    ��� ��� ���  , ���  .
'   f,v.
���   ���      ���    ���
... i
���        ���    ���
^ .     .      ��� ��� .  ��� - ...
��� '  ������   ���
��� '
���      ��� '. ���    ��� ���
-    ���
��� #
... .     . , .
Boilers and Pumps.
BES. ���
[LEE PLANT i :      :      :
"Canada" Heaters  and   Separators
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
"Canada" Water Tube   Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Fed Pun pa carried a:
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on, sizes
$1.2r, a pair
���hool Boo     ���./' 0 2      ��� ��� ������    leatbei
",',''   hi    .       oil   .   .   $1.50 a paT
ii,',i 'iinii-   Kid, Blui I,'.   <  ii   Booi     i ' .-
uii    'In-    i.i.ii l.e i, 12.00  ., pair
lldren     and   Mis ei      Lou    ���- ioi -  In  tan  and   III  i
 t.i., 11,28 and 11.50 i pair
Wi  ' .ii i ������ ie lai," i atoi i  ol chlldnirj      ho�� i tl
others in inwii ji'ii together.
Ladies9 Shoes
:.          > I ox olate   Kid Oxfo        tun ���   ���     ���
and  made  with   m heels J2.20 a pair
loi ���  on ii o      American   make   ol   i hoi o
���bade,  '"Mi   aole oxford*, rlghl  up-to-date
      .  $2.50 a pair
l..'niii       I'li.i, -in Broi     Heavj   Bole, Chocolate Ki'i  <>\
ford    Blnchei cut, all size* and widths.. $3.00 a pair
Ladle      Johnson  Bros" make, Pa enl Coll Oxfords, I ������
������-i.j'Ji lops, ilie- ne'^i-hi shoe nn the market, $-:.50 a pair
Ladles'Two Strap Slippers, turn , . . $1.25 a pair
Liniles' Elastic Krnn' House Slippers $1.00 a pair
���KMMULMr3s-?mTl~l���WK?mi!ZV~^ si'eM
Boys' Boots
H���������-.     Boston    Call    Schcxil Boots, slses ' '������
 $1.50 a pair
Bo      Celebrated Horseshoe Hranil ol School Boots,
���I that don't   wear out ln a hnrry $2.00 a pan-
Bo      Blucher Cut, Hand-made, Grain, Waterproof Boon
 $2.25 a pair
youths'   Horseshoe Brand, the   tn'.st   Bchool bool made,
 $1.50 a pair
Infants' Shoes, all colors, sites anil widths	
 35c to $1.00 a pair
if you are a stranger in town and arc interested in Shoes, we invite you to call on us.   We'll guarantee you as good satisfaction,
if not better, than any other shoe store in British Columbia.
t m�� r ������a ^mrai#M��_
MIT��� THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1906.
American Painless Dentist
Are Now Open for Business
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental College,
Garrettsonian Hospital of Oral Surgery,
Hudson Post Graduate College of Chicago, III.
Special Course in Crown and Bridge Work Last Summer in Hudson Post Graduate College of Chicago, III.
Dr. H. P. Moody will Attend Personally to all Work in New Westminster and District.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty
At Popular Prices
American Painless Dentists
Guichon Block, Columbia St Over T. 5. Annandale's Store,
Patients are Requested to Make Early Appointments.
New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mi\\ACTIVE development
Capacity of Plant Is Being   Steadily   Enlarged   and   Im-
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,     p">ra"ente *- Nofalble Ewy D��*-M��d���
New Westminster, B. C
Chatham Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 190G,
on a Slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS   $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
Write fur Circular and Mention tin1 Daily New*
And Powerful Machinery in
Out" cd  the laiK.'si   iiiiiusii'inl  con-      Millside Is destined to eventually be-
loams on the cmst lathe Eraser River come quite an important little villus,'.
, ii   occupies some considerable terri-
Mills, located on the northern banks
lory in extent-   The main road, which
of the Fraser river about a mile be- nms friml 1|K_, 1]|jn 1(1 ,hl, sl.ltioll la
i yocii Sapperton,    New Westminster's called by the patriotic name of King
QourUb-sg  suburb.    The  mill   has  a Edward  Btreet    And    In   passing, it
history, and an Interesting one.   11 Is llli��l" '"' mentioned thai a new slain  ilie  neighborhood of twenty yearn
��,iiiece thc aid Ross, McLaren company
run-chased the site ami nbout fifteen they are being continually added to
years since the' larger portion ol the as business demands,   There are at
buildings ware erected under the man- i,,vs"'��  flve commodious houses and
xgemeaxl  of .las.  McLaren  who  was
walk from iln  mill lo the Btation is
almost completed.   The mill buildings
cover  some
acres  in   elxent
afterwards thrown    irom   his   horse
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturer! and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,   Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy_Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
���  Telephone 12. New Westminster,    j
a hotel which have been erected tor
the convenience of employees, ami as
the lumber if ion booming, the corn-
while riding in the Kamloops dlstricl pany propose erecting thirty or forty
ami died iu a short .time' as a result more houses. The hotel is equipped
���f bis injuries    Two years ago the ln ap-to-date Btyle and boasts ot five
, bath rooms in addition to other con-
nrovert* was pul up tor Bale and was
1 venienci'S.
bought in by a Mr. Jenkins of St Paul.     Tll(, f.l(1|(ll.v    |���,j.,|jll>;s    w,,���, ,,vi.
v.hei after pasfectlng   his   purohaae eently bulll  for bualnesB ami are of
came wesi  to .exuiiiiin' the property, a site and style best qualified to bring
 ,i once saw the vast possibilities i,lKml lh"st' lvs"l,s-   "' ""' lllfil i'11"'''
,. ...    there is 700 feel of wharfage nu teel
of ihe proposition    and Immediately ...       , , ...
whie wiih n  large piaiiorm running
took steps to form a company and run northwards trom lhe water from tor
the concern.   IThs resull  wus thai a the convenience ot piling lumber.
new organl__Uon known as ihe Fraser      uu' saw mill is 72 feel wide by 4!i(i
River Milling company (limited,), wan  u,,!l Um* ","1 iK lilu''1 ��P wil" �� Pair
.of double circulars for breaking down,
launched   and     Immediately   Battled
down lo business.   V'lie' work of Instal-
ami the Immense logs, the besl  the
couuj.ry can  place ai  ihe company's
ling   machinery     wan     rushed     along   disposal  are'  handled   by  an  up-todnte
under the management ot \v. t. Fowle 81____,sQn log turner,   There are also
inui the superlntendeney of U. Nevlns.  '" ,uili department    a    9-fool double
,   ,     , ,i .,  ,       i.i     hand cutter ami equipment; a steam
The resull  has 1 u alii that  could be ...    , ,, ,   .
nigger;  a 64-tnch, gang saw, which is
desired and to use  the language o* capable of cutting 32 one inch boards
those on the Inside   track, anytlbing at one time; one 8x60 and one 10x80
thai   Bob  Nevlns  doean'l   Know  about! edger.    A  -IN-fool  slasher, wllh twelve
a mill no om' else need try to find out, sawg' ttn<! �� B��-f��01 automatic trimmer,
,. ,.     A feature of the mill is that all skids
He    has    heen     Ihe     urcMiect,    t.W
by which transfers are made are ope-
draughtsman, the overseer and  eon-  ,..,���,,, by ,,ompl.e88e(1 uil..
suiting liiechimlc, everything from the |     The  planing mill  ls   125  feet long
driving of the piles anil ii stalling the  snd 110 feet wide and the machinery
machinery   has   passed hanntb his *'iei> " '�� complete win be run by a
, , 22x42 Corliss engine.    In  this depart'
liniiils  anil  grown    under  his  super- ,     ,      .      ..     ��� ,,
menl  may be found a Mershon roller
vision, and to use his own expressive  bnn(|  r(,M|  wh|c|l  ,.  nu,mlmt|cnny
vernar.'.Oar hf> Is   "head nisser on the  operated and wlll be in full swltig next
j0ii" j week,   In Hie snme department therej
may also be seen a double ten shaving
fan exhauster; an automatic knife
grinder and matcher; a moulder, and
four planer's In operation. Three con-
Crete dry kilns nre in use, each 20x120,
and two more are in course of con-
Btructlon. A dry lumber shed 64x160
will he complete and ready for use
next week. The company's son ing
platform is one of the largest in the
world and is 18 feet wide by 36- feet
Al the tail enu ot tne mill is u
16x30 timber planer, and a number
21 S. A. Woods fust flooring machine
which is used expressly for the culling of green lumber. This machine'
iv operated by electricity.
A visit to the source ol power of
lhis gigantic concern reveals au engine developing 2,100 horse power,
and 10 00x10 boilers -with their immense furnaces fed automatically by
sawdust. Right beside the engine
room is ihe immense smokestack and
rubbish and wasle burner 27 feet in
diameter and  140 feet high.
A visit to the yards and the attendant lumber piles reveals a large' army
of men and they claim the record for
high piling.   Their piles Of lumber are
us even as though piled by machinery,
and are 10 feel high.
Tbe mill when fully equipped will
have a capacity of 200,000 reel every
day of ten hours.   Running two shifts
they will be' able to nun oul  360,1	
feel  In the twenty-four hours.   Two
large vessels, Ihe Welhcrsllehl and the
Btelnbek have already di'purtd with
their   cargoes   from     the     mill,     the
formef with 1,000,000 feet, the latter
with lu ih neighborhood of a million
ami a half feel of lumber.   Another
big vessel Is on her way here and Is
expected in the river on April loth.
She will also take away u million and
a half feel of lumber.
a  pile driver is still in operation
in the mill yards and Is now almost
through wllh Us work. For a long
lime past they have been driving In
ihe  neighborhood Of 60  piles a  day.
The mill when complete will represent   an  outlay  of aboul   $600,000.
The village at Millside' boasts its
own posi office and general store, aud
the majority of the 200 employees of
the mill live right on the spot. About
20 pans to and from the city each day
on the 0. 1\ R., while others foot It
Into  Sapperton.
The company has Installed an automatic time checking arrangement and
each man as he arrives or departs
presses a button containing his number, which record! the exact lime of
1:1s arrival or departure to a second.
The Fraser River Mills have come
lo stay nnd are n credit to the community nnd to tho Pacific coaBt.
.   '. ���
T              rT-'!                                    "'
. ���-���      --^   B -]
|      J"J_J���'sl        ,      '  '                                        ''* .
fe^jLr '   "     '    '-   _     V'.,      '
��k_2���"^ ������<_____*
Fraser River Mills, viewed from     South   Side of    the   river.
Question  of the   St.  Lawrence   Route,   Abyssinian Tribes    Lose    Theli     Re-
and  Not Tariff,  Bothered straining Influence and Cio Cn
Him.     ' Raiding Jaunts.
Montreal,  March 28.���At. an in for-1    London, March 28".���The situation In
inui banquet of lhe Montreal branchi Somalilaiul, near the Abyssinian fron-
of the Canadian Manufacturers' usso-j tier, is causing anxiety In view Ol tho
elation last nlghl, Hon, .1. 1. Tarto _ald| recent  death of  Ras   Makonnen,  gov-
ibai the report that he had resigned I ernor of Harrara, who had powerful
! his attitude on the uiriff question, was
rubbish, He resigned, he said, chiefly
on  the question  of the  St.  Lawrence
lent tribes. During the last two months'
Abyssinian tribes have on three occasions rahled Ihe frontier tribes under
I route. He had outlined a comprehen-l British protecuon, and it is expected
1 she scheme for the Improvement of thai Great Britain will be forced to
the Si. Lawrence route, which he In-   take  actldn  In  order  to  protect  her
tlmated   to     his   cabinet     colleagues I subjects, Ras Muleonin'ii attempted to
I might  cost  $26,000,000, but  in this he   disarm the Abyssinian frontier trihes-
' iuu he men, bul failed. With a lean friendly
governor, the tribes will probably bo-
como more aggressive.
failed to get    ihe' support
should have  received.
Saskatchewan  Legislature.
Regina,  March  29��� The  Orsl  legislature' of Saskatchewan will open to-
Syndicate Wants Island.
London, March 2S,- The London
Times correspondent al llobarl, the
i'a pit ul of Tasmania, si ales that according to reports from the Fiji Is-
hinds, an American syndicate, pn,)!,,-,1 day with befitting pomp and ceremony
bly backed by the Uerman govern-! Nearly all Iho members are already ln
ment, Is trying to secure the owner-'the city. It will meet In lhe leglsla-
shlp of Fanning Island, which wlll be (,ve bll|],ungs 0f the Northwest, <mt
sold at auction on April 17. It Is fear-l   ��� ��� ^ (o H,,n((nienl   a|tJl0llgh the
ed that the transfer of lhe ownership -��
may prove a hindrance to the station, general des.re was expressed to have
of the British Pacific cable which wnt the function held In a more central
established there some years ago.      , and  commodious bulldlnx. THE DAILY NEWS
������".���': ' ''�����::
-      !',     '
Editor   i-'    '���' -        Lz + irri   D.   Sa��yte-
-: ���������    . ng Rate*.
Tl - - z,    10
���' It lines to
_H to
bo*d face type, 20
��� ler oi ������/npari'H, 10
���    v.- posi-
���-.   _l I   .-.  .
'.'��� inis. for i--.
���   ���
��� ���    ���    - .-.ti.
ed   it- zdnls-
I ���
.iters   and
Thi- '    -     -    ���
d to How,
- -���
P.. 811 e>     PHOSjS  l-M    '
-/   Btercf     i     Sp��-t:   Pa -
Readio.   A-MMri   /, ft t Pan
.    -Ti-
eat of Uh
wax |
Gilley Bros.
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
i ��� ���      ....---���
��� - - . -.
I  Office, Front Street. New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
....... -
.��� - ��� ��� >������ if
reading i per tb
; ���;    ��� a trom tl     ran '.->���
���   ��� ti .' -
������'.  i
- -*-' ���-.
-  4URSOAY,   V A PCM   21   IM
,:. g
-   ���
���   '
��� this modi
- -,-                         ' '���' '
:  .Josh Billlrigz did.
.:    Iliyunary's throne asyd, and
m a ���)
Be4 I atari ", riti   ii     ;  and ���-
-,.- sownd
���           ..          I'I      l'l          1   '        '
v. Casnyund
ROI ���"������     '��� '���' '      '
.   iate 2 bet
awl       ���    . ���
���             .���   ���
... ..   .    ��� -i
t. Its
r.irdlBK   _B   -    ".il.tilt.l
I n i.'l" if, - r i.l    I1..I.
��.-l-   ��� ' ��� ; '    z*J>"s
��� E to Dr. J
-. I.  - tt, gas Is 1
.- ���
���  ���
of wb
'    '
lists.    Di
��� - :.
t gases ot rs i
fir -   -   '
  '    '    '
j   ,  .
-   '
'     -'    .
12  In
.  >'-
I don
init;,   wiib   ��
hi   .
: '.
between the
Ma,.'.   "I..-.ii*-r   i-iil.-"   Uiirk,   lo   K..11
Ih*   --MrimSes   M.1---   lr...
A. gl
gar 1
- ��� .-: D   P -
-ben tbe subject of dgan
Btrl d ';L<- of tbe i    :.
, .- ���    teaman   Tell me      j
it is 0 tt all imoki rs h .:������! the r i ! n
ft side of tbe rno'jTJh "
........ 1   _._    ..     ..   .
-    [|   - ������    right banded
1 do     Left 1
...       .     g ��� 1  -
' do what
_ to I
1 a 1        te I
[n either I      band
lence in Is free
- : '.<-'i ;.'
��� - let of bit
.        ���>  that b<?
-    .-.-' it - U
.     ���   T
ith���11      1st thai       ������
le* that mat
Det ��� r Po ���
'--.'���:  Club  Complete
.     '
���     ���
���    I
"   ��� ���
'The White House
1 .-.,
Ladies   and Children s
.cady-to-Wear  Goods
you t : --"     -" rtock.
Ev;i->'tr.i-; it M -t Reasonable Pn-.-.
A., j. Birtcn, :
\\ eftminster
Columbia St..
I roc   l-icic   ' oriii.li I*..
1 ':  %i   ���������.--
ly  wsooi. e ��� --
th     iroi .   '.' ler to 1
- an       ��� -
..- --.  with       sort of 1
pe oi       - ���... . :     ���   ���
tbape tbej
i- -.-.- j come tact
.:. io doing go 1        id
tii .--������-
Zed g
.     :
Publication Begins
April 3rd, 1906
FishinK Season
r nev
Alex. Speck,
Sign���Mai    ���   ���'���
A Clean, Newsy,
Reliable Paper
Just the Paper for the Farmer
and Rancher
The Healer
Edward Olney
Thi-   I.l, r-   S;.-  ii_-~
When tbe -; rage U
f the witl
���-zz   1        ppeart
-��� into
tbe large ones, and 11 .     ,
-;��� .:..: ��� tbe
tt tl i extracted
Methodlsl and Congregational i
M h��� cetred Is certainlj  an
,,.���,, i    .���  the splrll ot the   I
Hen ���'	
, ,| ,i;, It,  li.  cerl iln '.
ap i ��� ui ilon I   go i
the ;���: ii     igs<   ted be
union Bu! there li  no |ue tlon
0 nl   Lhe
tbe i
Hardest   to   Ma-��-    lr.   OrebMs
unrj     A imr lean     lli-nutj     Uu.,,.
1      irch : and American Bei aty ro e
are tbe two n.ent dlfflcnll   Bowem  to
make,   A e.k..;iij worker can con ti
only about nix American Beanty
in one day, nnel this numlcr only when
Ibe leaves and petals are all ready to
imt t',^i-:!ii-r    The small Bowers, like
tin- Jasmine, are also difficult to i
anil only skilled band i < an be Inti . I
i-'l  with tills work.    The majority of
Up     ... :! and delicately made Bowem
: ted f'ir milliner]  ui '���.-, are madi
In tbe i risons ',f  france,    Tbe
: ,-.' ��� , .- pleasanl and f n
..���ni-   lucratl''-   the  girls  re
three a t all tl , ..    ��� ek I u
iii.il,   Conpetltiim*.
��� ���   ���      lilt lt It wi
should tor 1
otbi t f Ingt being equ     tbe    est man
gets thi the best |
(  ��� illdlng ;i  assured    !��� w  ;���- i
���1.   ....  realize -1 tl It - est -
tect to enter a i oi i| et -.   i     1 bey do
not uadenttand the time and lul/vr that
. . ��� be deroted to tbe design, tbe estl-
..   ������ ��� etc.   There It one Dr:.-, of
te< tt In this ' ty thai -;���< nl I-' ���' ������
year on a single competition    This firm
entered   ten   competitions   altogether,
winning four of them, ami th<- total cost
��-    I. .-  /���-^ 111.1 l~J-l.-l.l-     TJ..H-J.I-.
Iii ���: iu '������  r -���'.������ - -������ ben | i
button    ro .'.-the bureau';"
������I   keep  a  man  to  attend  to such
things,'1 answiri-i yotmg Mr.  \ irll
"Th"   bnttont   or   lhe   swearing?"���
Pi__/bnrg Vim.
'.-,,, i Msrwtu
Cashier���riav�� y-,n beard, sir. that
Jirrn Jones is a bankrnptl Banker-
Well, tnafs g<y>3 news, We'll now get
�� UtUe of what b': owes us, whereas. If
he bad remained In business, we'd nei -
er have got a earn.   FUeg'-nile Blatter.
��� . An-
������   ���    ���
and   rtlffi ��� In    a
ti v.   minutes.   \   lady  with
and    tbe
fell  the    lit"    ���   '
he Heab
Se ver al ot 1
!.���' ture and tree healing dme
tions al  Bl    Patricl      ���        Frid
���   p.   in.  ADMISSION   10C.
Call on Hi Heali      t the
the  hotel  Colonial.  CONSULTATION
���   ���
The Big Sale is Sti!
��� 11
IT,I '
mi   ��� thai    ihi
.,,, i . '���    '
in lhe line -
I Hn solid
in,.i  rl
Chi nk  minor dlffei
en lo bi    me
eve   t ,...,.
���| hi     v ..      lone    In   lie''   Cll '    "'
^ ms   ,,   :��� ago      The   Hope
i; , I, i     Wesl   End   Pi
i church and Oi " u Mothodl I
e hurcb '"n.' ' morated   tho   death   ol
t'ln i i    ". ilod audience ol ��� "in-
munlcan     and ll  h i   attrai ted v.ieic
altentlon. Ovei   ,i  thou and    persona
mere pn tei:  Tho otneors of the three
church'    ii,'���!  in Mi. Hartley*!! Btud)
and I    there proi t.-<t In a body,
wllh   lhe
middle ,
Iuu "Bli
serve ibi
'"i , in.ni hlng up Un
in lbe linn ' : ionnl, Kln��-
in- the Tie- thai    Bind
i for tin -     irkei
grade give n oul
uu   v ',i... v. mien und -��� I
in-; Im;. i                  Bo petalt and
,. line i
i f thi  bin
lo g for tl
Hi".i  ' . I otbi
ol '
.. r orcl
i much     Imlred
iiml    opera    aro    artlSe la       !.���
\    III.KnsI i-il    HaalclAlli
Conductor Oerlckc, known at Hi-
"human metronome," bad been giving
ii Wagner programme, After tbe eon-
'���"ri ..in��� of tin' trombone players was
heard to say to H fellow mu Iclan
"Will, i nm going to 'iuu " "Are you
daffy?" nalil his friend. "Whnt' I the
(natter?" "Well, It's Jusl this: In thai
"i i tan und 1 aide1 number I irjoinen
tinlly forgol tho technics of my Instrument, gut enthusiastic, filled my lunss
for Unit magnificent passage tor tbe
brass, when np goe-s that fatal left
band, so I bad to swallow my cntbu
statin and wind too. if I don't null I
nm either going to burst or die eif tiller
cnlfi'ils "
Last week was one of the Largest in the History of our Store and we will show
Our Appreciatioi of same by making Still Greater Induce-
��� '   for t; e Cash Buyer.
All of Geo. A. Collard's Stock
Purchased by Us Sells at
Exactly 50c On The
Men's, Boys' and Youths' Suits at Half Price.
Men's Overcoats, Regular $18.00, for $9.00. Men's $7.50 Overcoats for $3.00.
Men's Raincoats, to clear out stock, Regular $10.00 for - - - $5.00.
Men's Raincoats, to clear out stock, Regular $5.00 for      -      -      -      $2.50
Special Reductions in Gents' Furnishings
I 'ii-lliiK     l��      \ |.prill ii nr.-.
"A photographer Is really among th"
,   were   assigned     Lo I most trusting of men,"
ments, the others seating     "I|,IW (1" J'"u 'nal"' thai out?"
Sox,  and
"Doesn't be alwayi take people at
Lhemselves In tho choli  stall Jusl In  t,R.|r fU(.e -_nwr_Baitlmor9 ��mert-
iln- real ol the pulpit   The Individual  can.
communion cups of the PresbyterifUi
Church  were iimni    in    the   service.
Elghl  of ih" Wesl  End  Presbyterian
Ohurch eldi i    olghl ol    the   official
i ni ol      i 0 ace Mothodlsl Church
nnel i",    duaconi from   the   Baptist
Clu ���  ���' . thc i ewoni:   k bo   e    i
A   llillrf
Mother���Do you think  It ls a  gooil
thing to apnnl; u child?   Doctor   Well.
it often relieves the parent of a hud _i
of temper���Detroit Free I'ii'hi.
A ninth' i , tears are the ��� la ul 1
All of our Men's Shirts,  Underwear,  Night Shirts,  Collars, Ties,
Sundries, at Exactly Half Price.
Westminster Clothing Co.,
DAVE GROSSMAN, Proprietor,
Next Royai Bank of Canada. New Westminster, B. C.
Market Report, the
Market Prices, M i n i n g
N e w s, L u m b e r N e w s,
Poultry and Stock Reports
and a Query Column, edited by a Reliable Veterinarian.
The City News will al-
so be briefly and correctly
We will have correspondents in all nearby
towrns and will cater to
your wants in every man-
ner possible.
n ._v��mii i���-r
Per Year
The Weeky News Costs
The Daily News
Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sixth and Front Streets,
New Westminster, B. C. ;3SDAY,  MARCH  2?.   1906.
The Paint
and the Label...
What's in a name? Bome people  thli    one Paint's a     	
as am,im r. Vim milk" ;��� big mistake Hit", a good Painl l��
known  bj   ll    label   [I   Hi" mark Hi."      tlngul ihe   a brand
from   hosls   of   niii.li.' lis  n   visible  I'.uai-niit I
Sherwin-Williams   Paint,  prepared,  is  known  by  Us label,
10 years of good paint-making have   made 11 a   Blgn    that
i.i    for Painl  quail      satisfaction and economy.
Tho l'tiors S. W. P.. 1     emu   protection   and   mine'.
Shall wi' tell you more aboul  It? li to call al
Local News Briefly Void
Hi il i    offices Hotel Colonial. Con
nm free.
.1. Walton, "I Mi Lehman, is a vis
Itoi in Hi.' city,
William Elllotl returned this morning in liis home ni i.iiii. -
i. E. lnman returned homo to Ladner nn board Hu- Transfer ihis afternoon,
Mr. inui  Mr-   McWatten
liniii"   in   Simlii'ii-.'.    on   i hi'
this afternoon.
Prograrremee  of   Entertainment.
Tii" programme   nf Hi.- musical en-
tertalnment  to It ���������'��� "ii in Si   Ann's
academj  on  Frida:   nighl  win in- as
March   "Li   Pas di  Gra es"	
Tanner, of Port  Hamm I. who hah p.|ui  warin.
Missis a.  Murphy,  S. Nelson,  I.
., Lavery, P  Guichon
Calm i    11"   Bea"	
of Paradise"	
....'   Streabbog
'olle, M. nnil Susan
..Win.  Ross
! i .ii spending a few weeks w Ith  Rev.'
ami Mrs. Brace sin",   belna  released
from  iln-   Royal   Columbian   hospi'tal,
will  return home i"  Porl   Hammond  Chorus-
tomorrow accompanied i>   hei mother	
Mrs. Sands.
; Duct- -"1111,1.
W. KniiiiiTson had quite a contract
on his hands yesterday raising    tin'
hi'iivj Kins Into position for the a   B.
returned  '    Packers' new pile drlvei which he
Transfer ll:,s  ""B   '""'   ;l1"""  ''"" plated.  The
work  was  accomplished    and   todaj
ilni hum' In,mi ��� weighing  1,300 lbs
ll.    Cormlck    returned    home    to wtn ,���. installed Into ll   propi
Ladner  this  afternoon  after  a   brief
The following are registered al th*
hotel i lulchon: s. li. Buchannan, cltj .
li. ,i. Coulter of Sllverdale  was a  ,,,,.���,,���, A   Brown, Vjhcouvei    H. M.
G. Gayaor, M
'Mother's Own
Si -i.
Inisiin'ss visit   In tho city.
,n   111"   Ra-
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���V isidIc Writing
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
I  W. E. FALES   I
i Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. 1
> $
Wall Paper.        Linoleum,       Oilcoths,        Carpets,     $
B Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. >;
i* Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. :���;
Picture Framing. ��
passenger to Mt   Lehman
 na Hii   morning.
Healei   Bt.   Patrlck'i    Hall   Frldaj
The I', C. Mills shipped one of their
portable bouses oul  to Sapperton  to
i ,
'I'll,    tean er Strai In rrom
Pitt    |aki      esterda i  boom ol
oi  the Prase    Ftlvei   Mills.
The Schaaki   Machine companj   un
loi ded ', cai   loa I  ";   pip.  Iron at  the
machine si" i
Mrs   C,  C.  Cliff,  ot  Burnaby,    re
.:   home  this   moi ning   rrom    a
\isii   to Ladner,
Weste-reli and wife, Si   Paul, Minn.,
Miss.   Thompson,   Miss   Miirlanff,   A    C.
Hodge   D s   MUilgan, J   McLeod, Van
couvei ,   ll. h   Benson, Everetl;   H. .1.
Patterson  Toronto;  tilt   Lillian Law
rencc and maid, J. M. Salnpolls, i lha
E   Snell   'in"  Christian,  New   '���
William GUI, Victoria
a and ii ' 'ompnnle '.   , i .
Own Rifle
ol ful
"i daj    li"1 Tiili!"
iii   tbi     .rmourle In
to Vanco          a me -          i:   H,  the
Conn   . have
oui to 'i.i!'.
���   a un          acquitting
M itta Grtoves
Duel   -"Dance of the Toys"../*	
!rPlaM    .     .  Fran* ,"">"
i. and B  i.avi'i'y
Operatic    Transcetptfon���"II     Trriva-'
tore" Verdi
Pianos   Misses P   Quiche* ami
i.  Laves*]
S  Miss M.111111
"I'll" Little Haj makei i".    ...
   W. Bmalfwoo
M. and S  G	
Whe : i  the I larl  Comes Mi ���
B. I..t
!   Serenade      Uvardo" 	
  Chas  Henleln
��� - F. Herring
Pianos -Mi i ie    M. Popple and L,
La vei
Guitai     Miss   A.   El ���
Progressive Westminster
Demands the Best--We Have It!
Judicious Westminster
Demands Dollar for Dollar���We giv
Careful Westminster
 i little more.
Demands Good Work���We do it.     Try uc for (,'aliinet or Upheilster-
ing Work, Window Seats, Cosj Corners, Eb    The best in the land.
Don't Miss Our Lines of Carpets, Linoleums and Oilcloths.
���  -������
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,  Uupont   Block,
V ll
You Are Invited
���*���> mm_}
Miss Snelgjrove will demonstrate for the next few
, , . . . days with	
Don't: miss this opportunity of seeing and tastingthe
delicious Jellies, Custards,  Puddings, Salad Dress-'
[jig's, that can be made from these goods.
, 111 bi   held in the   ,.,,.
"nival  school  tomorrow  nlgl
Tin-  wife  of   W.   li.   N'i'sliiit.
themselves    In  a   tn uai   wlll  Song -"Swinging"
;'"'  board   p, ;,i;. , redll : ves and to Maj
"Th" Platterei"   	
The local branch of the Internatlon C. Chamlnade
''  nl Council oi   Women have    i    ec e Miss.'- M. Popple and M, Dunn
"bilging purser o    he B    ver, yester- arrangements for a co lectures Voca]    Be,ecte, Miss Laverv
day presented hlm with a daughter.      whlch  will ,,,. ,������.��� ,��� _, ladle_ :,
Mrs.   Dove  "i"i   Mr,  an.l   Mrs.  Mc-  gentlemen  who are Interested  in the:
V,t; of  Sunberry,    wen    passen-  work of the council. The lirsi  of the
ge ���..   orj the Transfer ihis morning,    series will be given in the civic council chamber, Citj   hall   nexl   Tuesday   Romance
:<<<cccc<o:>>>>>>"o:o>>>>>:>:i :��:e��>>>>Xe>xo>>��>:o:>:>:>x��:ii>:
3 Columbia Street.
-   T
clephone 176. $
Mrs.    P.    McLaughlin,    ol    Sedro
\v,i, v. Washington, Its    purchased "v""i,IL: <���"��""���>��"��* at 8 o'clock. The
the Butterfield Ranche   al    Sunberry lecturer for ��>��' evenin< *��� be Aid-
through Messrs. Mclnnes and Kerr. "m:"'  Howa5   i'"'1 ,liK ""'""��� wfll be
"The  legal  standing  of women."
John  Bhortr 1  ol   Rock  Hay.    120
miles up coast, was a  passenger to Mr' i""1 Mrs'                   '��� of Am-
Charge of I be Uhlans" i
    Carl   Boh in
Misses M. Popple and L. Lavery
In Old  Madrid"	
  H. Trotere
Mandolin    Miss P, Herring
Pianos���Misses M. Popple and  L.
l.a\ ���
Guitar���Miss  A.  English
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
on the Ramona thla morning.  i"Tsl- 'V S" are in ""' ,'1'-   suests  Vocal-Selected
Miss Lewis   V
Manufacturer cf Harness ���* Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of airdescriptions.
j of Mr. and Mrs.  L. B.  Lusby, Agnes  piano Solo���"Mozarl  Presto" (Finale}
The steamer New Westminster lie- Btreet.   Fifteen years ago Mr, Lusby
longing to Brodle's cannery wenl  oul   Bpen,   s,.v,Tai  months  in  New  West-
today all fixed up in readiness for the  minster anel  vicinity    and    naturally
m's work. sees  ninny  changes.    Since    leaving
Fish are  getting more  plentiful  In   N"' w   Westminster,     Mr    Lusby   has
the river and the B, C.  Packers are-  been engaged in extensive contracting
receiving In the neighbor! I of 500  ::'"i  building operations in the mari-
pounds per day. ''""' provinces and is al  presenl  re
turning from a trip through Hu- sum   Vocal���Selected
'I'll" ii. C. i' ��� ki boat, th" Terra
Nova, came in todaj loaded with tin
and   cannerj   supplies   whle
nth om     thi    con pahj 's
from Sonata in G. .Miss L. Lavery
Quartet���"Sliver Trumpets" 	
    P.  Vivian
First Piano���Misses M. Popple and
M.  Dunn
Be cond   Piano   -Misses L. Laverj
ami P. Herring
    Miss Mum
>    ���  atic Transcription���"Faust" ...
Miss   \. Lavery
Ornamental tree?s and shrui i in groat variety evergreen and gold- !���;
on trom 2 to 6 feet Roses, pai onles, rhododendrons, privet, ever- _i
green, ami broad leaved for hedges.   Catalogues five, ,��;
D. M. Robertson & Sons   1
;��;    Tynehead   Nurseries.
i     espie who '.
in  Vancouii r  for some months  past,
wenl  to his home    near
The King  Edward, i i. i governmenl
edgi i lallng    up   this
morning. She has been throwing sand    Second Ve Godard
for the pa-' week on the vacani '   Piano���Miss M. Poi
Second Plani     Miss L, Laverj
this morning.    11" has   been   ill   for
land   lying   between   the   Royal   City
Mills   and   the   Small    and   Bucklii]  Vocal  'Selected ��� ���  Miss Lewi*
.    wgtei  from the  ''i:,no  Solo���"peethoven  Rondo"   (PI
lome time and wenl bome to recuper-
haa  seriouslj   Incommoded   the
[s a line, tough quick
drying, durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints. Varnishes. Oils, etc.. is unusually complete and includes the best known
brands. Nothing cheap but Ihe price.
Try us next time you need anything
ui our line. Try a can of Jap a Lac.
T.Jo Trapp & Co,
null'i  from Soi ata  In  E. O
mill people as II  soaked the track so                     Miss M. Popple
much thai  n  was rendered unfit  for Orchestral Selection���"The Holy City"
There will be an excellent musical   service.   Tomorrow   the  dredge   will    arranged by Wm. Henlej
entertainment given In Bt,   tow's aca   commence to ail In the' h>w land be- Mandolin    Miss P. Herring
demy tomorrow  evening.    The    pro- hind the Galbraith mill, Tho road bed
gramme which promises to be an ex-  will be excavated so as to allow tin
cellenl  one may  be found elsewhere pipes containing tlio water and sand
in this Issue. to  pass  underneath  Instead  of over
i h" mail.
Tomorrow evening Rev, W. H. Bar-
raclough will deliver his lecture The frienora of Tom Hughes of the
on "Cranks", ln the Wesl End Meth- Lytton hotel are busy shaking hands
mlisi church. The- Ladles' quartette or with him these days ami calling him
Hie- Queen's Avenue Methodlsl church
will sing during the evening.
The Transfer came in today with a
pretty heavy passenger list. Among
them were: L. Tambollne, V, Larsen,
Westham Island; W. Livingston, Mrs.
Whitworth, Miss Simpson, Mrs. Holts.
Mrs. Nicholson, D. Bl. Leary, W. Raj
and W. Brewster, Ladner.
Pianos���Misses M. Popple and L.
Churns���"The Song thai Reached My
Heart" 1. Jordan
Accompanist���Miss M. Popple
God Save' the King
12 x 14   feet.   Apply   This  Office'.
Lost���Small Hay  Man', about  3 yi'ars
old, Reward   Mclnnes * Kerr.
Lnrrjest   Stock  in  the  City.
p ,..������'   .iv,.'.v. Mounted     In   any   Style    you   Desire.
,.i'-. :""->:'��if|W     / Com,  and  Inspect Them.
fe.y ��� - ���--I W. C. Chamberlin
Mg4j]MM0Nfei    The Jeweler.      -      Columbia Si.
The Qreal Northern today received
a ear nf oil and a car of Iron from the
easl consigned to the Cunningham
Hardware company, Two ears or nails
from Montreal were also received for
M. -���!���.. McLennan, McFeelj <'o., ot
Vancouver, for local distribution,
a sly dog. li appears that a few days1 For   sale���Wall   Te'iit,  good
tgo hi- was Been to board a train for
Belllngham in company with a lady
friend.   Yesterday   he   returned   with
the sunn' lady friend wearing a plain
gold band on the third finger of her
lefl  hand whom ii" is Introducing to  Wanted at Once
liis friends aa liis bride.
The race between the Bobs and the
Elaine failed to pan out yesterday.
"All wenl merry as a marriage bell,"
until  they  goi   as  far as  the  Mission
bridge  then   something   wenl   wrung  E99s
aboul   ihe'  internal  economy  of  the
Bobs and the  Elaine was compelled
i" continue her Journey alone,    Mr.
Men nnel boys who
ai" willing to work. Girls also required. Apply personalty at the
Western Canadian Can Factory.
West  Burnaby, end of Cltj   Car
for    Hatching���ltarie'il    Rocks,
Ringlel  Cockerel,    B. C,  W.    Leg
horns,   Wyckoff   strain.   Large'  grass
inns. Fertility guaranteed or settings replaced. $2 per 18. 1621 8th
aii'iui" or Boi 557.
ii Ichenbaoh feels sure however thai
The   Kn"\    church      tSapperton) his fairy Elaine can do the trick and
Chrl llan Endeavor society, wlll hold heal  the Bobs, and like the old gen-
, lal in Hi" church tomorrow even tleman In the clai  li s, he Is looking  For Sa|c \\-|,i ,, \yyi ndottes,
Im     mi  young  people ol the church around In Bearch nf fresh  worlds to
and  oongregi n  are  in\ 11 ��� ������ l  to al conquer, He cam wn from Llllooet
tend. yesterdaj   In   Jusl   one   hour,   eleven
Mi    Tanner wife ot the Rev. D, W minutes ami two seconds.
white, Duston strain, l-'.ggs $2.00 per
sotting riiiHe stock. Lawrence A.
lohnson, 1027 Queen's avenue.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
���   Telephone 97 ADAMS & DEANS.
rvvvvvwv'o:*:'*::*:*::*:*^:*****:**:*:^ -���:>:>:>:>::���::���:>:>::���:'*:>:*> ::��;>::��:*>:*>:*>i>^>:
W '��� .���.
$2000--Haif Cash.
Phases a 0 roomed solid brick house, bathroom, pantry and oellar
a��w barn and stable and chicken house'.
,; ;l,,|'"s of land, pari cleared, real good cedar short distance from
car line,
Enqulre aboul thla property II is a fine home', will double In value
In a (e
w years,
McLeod, Mark & Co., "ftftS? T^E-55
Wo will have in tomorrow, nice and fresh, for Saturday's trade, the following lines: Cauliflower,
Rhubarb, Celery, Ripe Tomatoes, Asparagus,
Radishes, Green Onions, Lettuce, Artichokes, etc.
In the Fruit line we have all lines that are in season.
Bananas, Oranges, Apples, etc.
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
N. B.���Watch for our Snturday Specials.
Wanted Fiist class bookkeeper.
Write slating salary expected tc
Bos A. Dally News offloe.
Wanted���i,ady chocolate dipper, Com
i etenl and willing to teach,   Btate
experience and salary exi ted. n.
L. alien Bcott, P, O, Box Ll-0, <'al
gnry, Alberta.
For Sale���Two Ilni' Jersey cows, nnd
one Shorthorn, fresh milking. One
two year old heifer, and one six
months. Apply w. H, Miuiiii. Doug-
las' ltoad, or Dally News office.
Lost���On Third avenue between 10th
nnd 8th streel n pah- of gold rimmed glass,'s, with double lens, Find
tr please return to Mrs. D, Welsh,
113 Mowetta street.
For Sale���Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
To Contractors.
fenders will ho received up to uoon
Wednesday, April 4th. at tho olllce of
Messrs, Malins and Coiilthuril (where
plans and specifications may be seen)
for lh�� erection of u brick block on
tlio corner of Columbia, Sixth nnd
Front streets, Now Westminster, B. c.
Friday, April 6th '06
Public   Holiday
Monster Parade, 3 p. m.
Vancouver,   Past,   Present   and    Prospective.
Mass Meeting in the Evening
Speeches,   Songs   and   Music.
Special Rates on All Lines.
1 00,000 CLUB
Advertise in The News
���H TMLiPiO*-'   w*s-
CARE 0-   M8V CH CKfl
Sj.<r   I *^��   emm_a0a-MHat   I *���'   H--**
���       . . ���       .
l*n   Ml ?.*r ��_6eka  fey i
*a*t    ~*7    Ma
�� I    U 11
-a*--. -..-.- -.-   :.-. :������'-.> \S.���.- v.*-/.
ttg a-arket fcswfc*? tii * wm ���
- ss": :f Is
_*a*   - ���'-.* s��wf _ar!iv.
B    ��� . .-."-.<   -
eeajM .'.-_��.���> srMb tta ��� -adfew
1*7. Ct* taefc S leiifeut ap. &* ssjpir
half **" _f* !��.-.*>���: I aaS
fc��rl a* e>*o��. i,7 Vew/ji rr ��.-.<. KuAt
ts -trie *17 "^ ;>-r. _M ks r " Si etal
.7   '.*  a  Or\>".   '-.st  Ui�� '   v.<
f*��9 ��164M tMswy&t   \:A
���fr'/c.   ."
lit mi j     <t, ��� __.
r/c k
mamn wtmemat
���xss,   P_r   :   -iv.^ -wm.
> ��j��t .
���W.:S.-}   ���.>.}    _��   Tr<rz/l   i^,->-i    -. .-    >-*���*�����
ri.-.'./r. ���.-> 'v^. --.... -./ ..* --:.-x/__i
a_ sj -���.',*-�� ��**r. va*. <*r.-:-i -.? -.-. - ���/���.-
ar* (.;.'�����!
; ; ������<��� �����-. -/       - ��� , ���    ���������.������-���
t ***.  -:-.--  * -j ���;   - -. -. j*/��  - .---.-.   -}   ��� - ���
7r4.'.">-��    Mr.*   w>��*r*��l
win betttag (at Iim
a��etlUl  �� ���'. :-.':���
���*.���:. '. ���:���/.- s- 11 -. ��� . >., ���. ;��� - ti
ft* Croat -,' Bhs i ts ���   ���   .   '
-r.v-r      ehS.tfcS  Vj��   ���    ��� '���-.-
frir.-."    |  Mil '.' I    .'.-'.  I  (Mt Tc-Vi*
_��-.*  dry   tad   *.-.-���- --.   ras
��--..-:-.-.-.-��� ;��� -
'.:.+ a - ���'.. : an safe '���
���    restate'   \a iWas frnain  si
f��r-p-^J   -.-,   Dm   '>,'   '      i    ss     si
IK?*-.,.. '-^7 '��r. -.- -
twity ;.-,  ���   ���-.'<    -,  ���.-.'- '>...     Haet
(ft ��� .> an .-.:-"- feed ���   sibei I
j,-.- -,r..? f.������<*���.. �� -.-. e-T', baa '���-
Mu?- m ���*,����� .*<��� -.'   .       I :,-.- tvsatj
1J> W*ii>jtl:<���  -���    ���
'An ���!.-<- 't.:-t>. ?..���<- ��:. -.-> ��*.-.-    --. .-
Sfcrt Sfl ftM: f>^..�� <V, :.'/' r.-.'i"-- Qv*..'
vrr. i:../ji n.-.^l wfl] 'Ji�� Say 0. -Ma
Tl** '-t.VXs r��-r.-.*:.'. irttt Hm -.' : ������������>. *><.%
m  tc-  f.:.  i:.-.���-.���-   ���.. BastaaH
"       .
-.., - . -
-   ���
���?. tm :���:-.���.    ;������-    ���'     >:���        ��� ���    .  ���-'
��� ���   .
.   -    . we
-.-��������� _"��� -        ���     ��� -
11   --. .  i  -.    -.  ui '������-.i       r   >. ���
v ..;.-: \.t ---..,-    ���
{   .-        ���-.->/ . -   -.^
;--j���� -.-.->����� vu.-. -i^ ���. 'i'--.   ��� -..'.
..-.if-j-.-.   }/-jr>j,,yvM   sS       - ���
-   .-.   . - ��� ��� -   - -        .    ? ti
���--'   _^��i- .1     .   i    .   i - ., -  ���.   --.
tp**-". ' - v '.*C
'. ���*-.    ' '"���      /   -j:��
���j.:-:Xr.  .v / .     ���  -<?-
���      T        ���        ' - -...'    T .    ..V*
-.,-'���    - ** >*<    " -     ��� " -     '      -.1 ' '.    -��
*���    -.-. - ' - -an ���
i.- i
Great NortLeni Ry. i
Time Table
V. W. ck Y. RY
! Timothj Lxtra Cleaned
; Oover, Red
! Cover. M-mrr.oth
! Oover. V��"hjte
; Clover. AUyke
I Clover, Alfalfa
! Rye Gem. PerermiaJ
; Rye Grata. iLaiian
1 Red Top
! Orckard GraA*
Rape Seed. Dwarf E_t*ex
frnij  k_4   ,���  fwrlwrm   it.i.  'n��f��.
ti'.ra   1-   ll.��  Marft7��r4.
ft;  :,��� nrttos '.' sail    -
tJ.<- ������it.'/*;.-./ '.f .'-������ ^ ta ������ i '-' ��������� ��� f-/rr-
i.-.y ',r sti ..-.',      - -r ���(
*;.- ;,.-.'.>-' ',r tsopro ...      ���;
st  Om  ��*.���.-,'-  ���.; -,-    -, >>;^
ire In i - ��� ���.
to pai lawaj    It Is ti f tke >!r
to ���'.-..':. tka a .,-<-.- -.
i�� fori ti  too ���. - -'   ���
pnr<- ���.- rsaoH
.  ty '..' ��� .-.<��� .-.-���  ���
., ��� .-i i.',' pure, and
r.'.'.-. harm a��. food '. d   .--  tayi /'.">
t*"'it if. H Daaa of I       ts ;n A.vi'r'.
'    D  Aii-ri'-nlt'i.".  ���
T"h��  U*ri��SI  '.t  A^rulittsi.
.'.',-/., lo //.y //..;,<! (or a I
n.:.* In ;; barnyard , '        ��� .- ���
ttiinz' b�� eonld posslblj  do    I ���;*���*_
fram srxpatlsncs    Wi b itkad ear
cow i in Qm j snd   ���' .. -.   i  ������'        >
k"j��t ii food teal eisanei ���    a Cb
���rriiui-   l/arnyard       *Ts   havs   pot   tl^t
��<-ra",r   ii'.n     tti<-    fstKS     ;.,.<;<-'!   tl/*
eowi sod h��T<. i'-t it," i..../ r..-. down
ov-r tbe aerator   Tbs ramH was 'hat
w��-   K',t   Vim-,   i/t   Iti':   -/.',rHt   it..,/.   ���/,.
cool d poasibly __ rs
DnlsdS   thli   sir   Ik   [/'in-    I    liiinlc   H
would bt i/*��t to cool ii.'- milk ���'������ltb
��� �� n11)*- n'-mtl'/ii ��h i^/<ieilhi'- 'I ui- chief
i^'iiifit fr'iK. aarstlon, to my mind, .
Qm oppottuntty that i�� Blven for tuy
line) na'.orn arlKiiiK froui aodesirabl*
fi-��-'j or hMllfaallon on tbs pari of t!,<-
row tn [,aiw away    Thaw      slso ��
r-<-rtair, iimoiiiil of eoOliOR v.h> li Is ad-
rants gaotts
(,������   I.ni  m��'  WststsMua,
Tbs   I'i'Iiiikj Iran     ���   ;������ '   ��ta
Hen,   rsporU   nii'iih"!   i'-.;,'��� ,n."iit   in
(������ding < attta in barn snd In lot
ni ��� i      I,, ,,(,, i,  sbed,  v.-1111 ti,"     i,.i
g< ii'-nil r<-*ultii ���� li're I'if'ii"   I'
iimt ei,i |   ���,   mads by rattening;   i i ��� i
iim   noi   Irurriraaed  l/y  warm ���,
It la ii-it  in. ��� Ibis ' ' I,a rs    t
roid foi fattening steers In Ibis climate,
provided ii.' |  in" kepi dry sod well
_>i)i|"'l, '     vli'li     IS     Hi"    't|i"l ,1 I" "    'it
romuisri ini cattle fswdars Nor lo Ibis
Instance ���'������������<������ khiiik oada cbaapti in
doom llnili In Uu- loi, tin- 'iiit'lu'ii    i""i ���
sating I. kh pi-r pound '*f Kmin tbsn tbs
fiihi-n- Tbs tabls of Kiiini doss not
���uKKeeii  iimt it,,, itoors were on full
fi'i'l, Ih" dully ({lllli li��-llil{ I I DOttOdS
p"r elny   for n  period  of   \'Si diiyu     It
ni'i'iiiH hi,ff- to miHi-rt that stasri on full
feed require i"i stabling and ttial nlneirs
l��'liiK fad  BO thut   they  lire iiuttliiif on
Bash srs nol In need 'if beat sttber,
Sntl'ililil Hlii' Iiu,nn
BWMSB_1   '*  f.l.* r/x��   sk**\r  VH+r P1������
*f   tthi.tr  .   Scaur.
';..-....-'.- -.'  ���=���    it;
I ��� ���   .
.   .    - - ���:.-    -J,   v.
It .    1 .       |
'     ���   ��� I     tl - : "       -
"     I
It I       . .-   - i tbat dw fes
���    ��� . - ��� ���   i
I trass -.. -   ......   .     ��� 7
v.    ; ���-' - ���     '   * ���    : era]
���!>  psvred    .-. ���;���   ssaad
'.-=-���-.-���./  - -. ���        sa svee-fi
-.'   '���������'. >-r east tt >���.���/:.   le ���:���     :'.
V..    mast   r����j��r.t^T   ���.-.s-   .:.   v.-,-.j
-��� . tries   *'.rx.i  Utjmn   asa  krewal
'--.       '..-=-.'?      ^    T,    -;. -    -.-.;   ;   }���..._:-:.
>^.-        ��� ���- . ��5 '-,-.-. -,--..-.  :-r-<i..-.
sa   :!:���:: tt - s- M   sorts .' Srsal
ir/frj 7*4.' ."'.3 r.-.v>-. p*-r?vr'��- .-.^. ���    iv
���     T l*d        ���     ' '/     ',-.;.- ^-     - *     1      .v.
v      .      t    *>.- ;. -.vi tf ly* at -rj
.'-. -tr. ;��*n    esstdaded tht ;:���.'-,-
...........   ...... ,.     - j_-,
n>. *>r.    1 '///   . v��. - ��*   ' ' ' .     -
v..r  .-.-..-.-.->- s(  losTts  :�� aboat 200
��� ���-. ��� :::.   :���   ������-���-��� -:'���.;
���.������-.:'������      ��� ��� ; .  '.(   ''
lb* -  -  ���- ;.i sea ��� :
ut tea ytaj ���
"T.'. ..' '    I / .  .    . \
, t .-. ;��� - ���-  .-������
Vetdaea ^^^^^^
MiBet, Golden
| Data, Swedish
I Oats, Tartar King
1 Wheat, Island Spring
| Barley, 2-Rowed
1 Barley. 6-Rowed
j All Selected & Tested
; uu jew Mw Fltert t����8 ii t
���   -
1 - - -   i' :
T       "     -    - - -'
���     -    ' -	
-   : ITT- ���--   -
��� - / -���
mx&t-n    ���   \
-    -��� -.
...... -..���������-:
...    ..    ���   -. ���     ���    -
.        .. ...    - - - .   .       -
' - - - id..     ��� . - -   ..
-- - -? rti'.<J.'.-       ~���'���   '���'-'��� **���
a ���   -    "T
- -    -      -. -   - r irictiosi
fee f<w recording J        -      - -
Ai   east lice -  - : 'jt ~s*n4fi oc
"      -        '
" ' ���
7  ' * : *
I    ..  .
Syaopjii   of   C_uilm   Northwej*  i
i_....... ......    .     .
.......      .
���-..-;-     -   ���     -'--���-.'���
,    t.. - :: :*vm'.'.   ��� \ ���
'- V   ; " T -
i : i - -;-.-.-
.:'   ������- r       - -
So acres a   r��    r less
  B -      -
' - i
: - �����.-!_   . ��-' Tttr
: ��� :i  .��� z.'.��� i-t ~������> -1���2
B-     p -   - -
.' ' r
.- -       -...
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
E- ��� i- c-. .--. -. :���      ...
j Brackman-Ker
i Muling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
���   ea  '   .���-���'    '  ', ��� -
itor  aary,  __���   ���     _
--..-..  .-;    -   -   :/xB?iy��g witk o**er
���       '       ^ -'
liix '.-  ten
it which tlw     - :   - -   -
....        ...
... roip*g     -   ���
r some oat
- - -
P ������:���   -
���  -
'.-x B. C
s -   ���    :-. p. a .
tt -i*i Co-
-  -
I. ...        ... . .
��� '"������'-'
���-   .-.iti cr.e oit
-   -  Yei:
: .-.
-              .- o acre
.'���������-     ���-        i ten Dotal
........ .    .
I  - ���   In and
V ag tbe
I       I ��� ���    -  -
...... re, entry i
... .. T.   -,i;-
jtslutcbec ran B      - "'������ t:t e:the:
x./ At teajt si_
i - d cultrration
r three ;
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
- .        .   ..
'���-���'��� 'rle-r;_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_f r . -,,
  ' . Tr,
������--.'. eaten 1 for the ��
u to residence i "
-  - -
(j) 1{ ti    settler] permanent both   electricity
lata       ��� ...
. K
L*aT*a V.  '-.-:-_.  . ���-...,
lad rridai
L*ar*si  Ne��  ' -.   ,.
-       - ""'
ag  i.\  Vti; -
Va'. \_
���   - ��� - "    __
��� ������.. m
L*aT���r_    Vaao       - ��-.
~ "   ' :... "
WK- ,
S   S   Q*'.t- C :,
LeaTe  V ;   a
2.Z. '.    . |
sa I ws
laSIS    ". ' -     ;_���>;
I      "     'vl
L*ay* \ -.3
for C
Ing Qaalsb
Bttaastr ~-i-'.'-.-
'..-���' -
A Idll
T its-
- ������
upper :-:.  - re
Mas��� Beaver,
I>?ave   N- -
beav- ;,
i   Dg at
landine   between   New   Wes'.minster
'   ' '        " ���   '���- ... .-..--       t) If the settki
���      " .       ...-        - pon farming land        ��
���    ' . -      . -
 ���-- -       ----- -       -        -partme
- nir< im _�������*���������_ hi. ��>i> Daa
i��_   ttssj   h".'.:ir..   Scs-Ma
a sssaarkaMt sstdt n
-    ; ���
nd low vi-.tr ir^aric. mc >eaaBaBaBaBaBBBBBBBaa
-;..-. k may tx by i poi
. the ���     - -
_ _ ~*s'--:-... ng  i ooo   fees wre  steal -   -.      ....     . .    .
is   pnt^w.   r.7   (he   born    .-       -:- -  is  used   claimi 2-vo  feet  wide bt grres -
- -..  kaasseaat  -    ���     . .      ���  ;     - - '���' i " i'- minion Lands at Otl tetrtion
at   .-. hsbabK ��/i<iul>iT_ A.?;a. the Mi ���    ,- -.-  -. tbe W.-t-s <A Manitoba "" lPP'7 :" P-tent
i . .-.   .    ... M_
layaa  ttsads tad< atn     t -   tthers the N   '.'���'  T
Sn.   P.|il.    t��r*sr+r.
��� ?>- .��� ;���   t   . .; ' -        :   ������ 7
.-. -
r thing
took i
hefort .'.
���    ��� .* -     .   ���      . .      .
���  - -        ���    ��� t
T    -     .     '       -
toy ��� ������ ��� .���  ���
.'-���'.- .-       ;-      ���
��� ' i perog
- ���   ���/      ��� ten at
��� ','.���.<-.-
.-   '
..- idy  to
heretofore ���    i, .-.   of
r...\  .  . ;���
a'��� I- tv/n if iyx all *     ^^^^
������-.'���- .      nl
aw txee aad fed
gj     Mtaa i ���   e tbe -..
ten, daring ��.
- .- '
... .... .......
a-    - tbe I
...... ...
��� -  . .-     ���      ���      '    rood
bas ^^^^^^^
-       -- -  ry���A free n    -��� de
B the <i     rel '���'.'.      let
.'-    - .-
... .    .
r bars of the river
ter marl
���  .    . ...        ...
' ���        ' '.'       "
. ���     ���       d   hill
...     ..     .--'--    -
red on I
ber doty of brood
00 1
���    ' NORTHERN"  B.  C.  1
by him m tlse -ricimty o: a;s mum"-' worm.      n.- |
in- !t�� ���-. .   - be i       -----        -    - ...       .......       ...... , ^
__^e.j   u_   ���*t^��^-_   nmi   ,g   K..     _    . _.- ... gfj D first I ���-
,ir, rtcr ng chair      rs (seal
-Oder: Set,   b-       Jia~*   "u ' N
brarv a_-  - - .-    irt. iri; -pproodm
For Time Tab!       Folders   or For   Tfckets    reaerral
Furl    r in form-riot -.    -  write
\Y   W
-   .   .    - - .   ter of the  later
j. \v  Ti:
General Super,:.-
J. M. Todd
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Coiurrtia   Gramapnones ana   Record*,
Z then, et;.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
. -----
y_oSeco��rAv_o��.Sea��1e,W��h   a.-, o-,   r        1
���  Gen. Agent. Freii
En  ,
Agent, Ken
I Northern Pacific!
t-     ��� ��� the
Itiare. ^^^^^^
���     . saffocathn     1 ' '
-.in t-da: Tht rental*
.-. ���    ' aatsbt       not fall I
.... : ..... . .....
i I          .......,- ng i      -    -
..        -.-I...        ling mal -   - ���       One exti lor each addi-
rtion. ^	
���-.-."- lot II      pro " taking a  ,f/r  ^|Rtrlbmion;
���  -  ���-.    ���-.'���      M    ���        ��� m  m-J=.t  I     . '.r-
 ���      '                ,.-  ���      ���     ste
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
tor   PACIFIC   '
GROWN   Garden,   Field   and   Flower
Seeds.    Ni now In stock i
_ ask  your  merchant
r.   :l utiei!  i acaveta.    If he
herself ss soon ��������� the ronng birds sn     Tl rer oi
loea not handle them we will prepay
to   yon    :     -  -   postofflce,   Wl
7ii. inist'. Ke_oef,
.....   ilways   bt
;. ..- .    ���      io thai  tbe aril
���   '...;-'    -. ���', beat 'if
tbe  soi     '    II  seasons  ������'  I
I  'I'.IC -<-iii
��� gs form tbe f^-ct liedd - g for ������>
dog    i    '... tod sre is .. h ��� r,,iT.',r to
ri       .- ��� .
1. ��� ' ken to si i
tii" i g Is i ��� 'lr    null that it
'1 ��� at I     ' '������ ���''   ���   reck     li.
.: tbi r 11* i ��l required
i u��e dog p .-    i ���" on the
of bit kennel    Home
' bai
Sot-taa ill,' Tael
A ' otrespoi ��� nrla sn snecilota 'if
a msn in ii in Hand tot n a fr.< r,'i of
bin wim lyiiiK ill, and bt -.'.'-iii to see
him io "in'i-r him u[i '"iuu ivik iiin'iiii
mon bad, Joe," lit said MYen " said tba
tofferer "Made yooi alll," Inquired
Ui" iontolar, ' in-nu-1 i iboold if I
wars your"  Tbers was sn swkward
pnuw. ilurliiK Which the vlHitnr lefl    A
otomeol   liit'-r  be-   leturiH'ii     "I   say,
li*'," be observed, ".wium Im swkward
��� tiilrn   I'i  gi-t   a  11,IIIm  iliiwn     Goodby,
iif. goodby."  i^iiiiinn t;ieiiii-
y.ell frrown     ��� ���    ��� ber pr   on Is lew to  a   claim  ol   ivjo  teet
able than II appears    Ck entlfli       gl nd il tr." party consists oi  ���i:"' election  of good  varie
>'~> -������������    '���  .,,.���..,..  on the ' ;-.- Ilea, tor ?: 00 to Introduce them.
OrlKln   nl   Il.llr,,
ItaUc letters srers Brsl ased abo
.  1240 l<y Aldus .lsnutlos, a d'ene
ti.ni jiri.-.t'-r    Hi   observed  tbe many
Inconveolencet resulting from tbe
number of abbreviations wblch
then "i frequent among tbe printers
tl.,i' ii 1^,1! ��n�� difficult i'i nnderstand
A tr'-iit:-" waa ad tally written on ri,���
iert of r'-iidini/ ii printed book snd tbui
add rose ed to the learned    By Introdnc
big thi- Ib Ik h-tte-r he contrived an <-x
pedlent by wblch (beat I ��� ������    ition*
might ti" entirely got rui of and    ���'
U^ikn miff'-r little Increase In balk    Etc
dedicated bin Intention to tbe II
stab     ii'-me- ti.e- name,    n ii
I,,-ii distinguished ley thi' name "f the
lorentxrr and called tba Aldloe    'i bi
iire.i book (iriiiti-,1 in italics was sn ���-<11
tlon 'if "Virgil" printed at Venice hj
Al.lm ll,   1801.
Th- Traitors1 Oate.
Mil" of the mom famous entrancas In
tbs world in doubtless tbe snclcnt
Traitors' K"i". i" ti'1' Tower e,f London
It was through thli portal fur several
oratories thai traitors wn- conducted
fruin the snores nf tbs river Thames
���  .- ��� a the out
:   ��� no royalty    sha'.l    \>t
���      ������  I oi tbe party ordin-
..,,:..      Royalty at tbe ral
halt   per cent, on Ihe
hipped   trom  the
to thi  rights oi all persons who
-   t-.o may ri-ceive entr ���
tor $1    ' to Introduce them
Large   stock   'if   HOME   GROWN
I o Trees i iw ma
tured for thi "I".
No e-pen e   lo     oi delay of fumi-
gatlon   or   In ;,��� "Mon.
Lei me price ro i  list before placing your order.     Greenhouse  Plants
Three I
Trains Daily
I     - - ted train.   Low Rati
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steansthir Ticlcei to all F.uro-
|n-an j--   -
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. Z. LANG, Genera] Agent,
430 Hastings St, Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
nave, or wno m*j nw.... ��.��...__ ._.
-     gging   or bench              excepl Floral    Won.    Bee   Supplies,   Fruit
.   ��� hewan   Rivei Packages, Fertilizers, etc    Catalogue
thi   li    et can  dredgi   to i.:i<h-water Free.
mark on i        slterdstive lea i i.old
'i hi   li   ice  -.hall have a dredge in
i one season from the
���  for iiae-.h five miles
pet -'ii or companj I i
than     ��� ���     east   ont
h | ftei -i        or fi
���������:.' itnl      Ri -.'nl, $io
:'  r    each    mile    'ei river
R       Ity   nt   tht   rut'   of  two
and a hall ptr ,rnt  collected on tht
output ,,,...!    $ tOjOOO.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
' ��� i    ��� i t,v milts each msy be
grsnted to > fret miner for s ttrm ol
/n year ; al o renewable
The lei ee'i right ii confined to tht
erged   bar  or  ban  in  the river
below    low    water    murk, that boun
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C,
mi 10
lliili   II ...it   In    I ���-�� .. I j. -
Based upon English experiments car
si'"i on fur ii number of years Ik tbe
gnggeation that two and one-half tons
of common lime iiliik"e| to a fine powder
ami applied to sn scrs of Infested noil
will UHiiiilly ri'Niilt lu Hi-i'iirliiK n crop
r��iiM.mn My free from HiIh duMaat It
Is noted thai the effect Of the lima uiny
, Ihi uiht" BDpariOl on IIm' Mi-ieiiiil than
mi th" Iimt "r'i|i uhlcli follows its ��p
Happy ih'- mnu who early learnt tin
wiiie chasm thai ii<-h between hi*
winiiiie nnd iim powera,  Ooetbs,
s |i-������,ir nu it ri ii i.
One of Hi" ineii'i ludicrous nnnounn
DientS Mi"! ever ii|i|ieiirei| porlinps wn
mini" by ii i.iiii'inii newspaper In ll
earHer imif of fhs Inst cenrnry i�� ri ���
tffacl thai Kir Robert i i "and " i"
ty nf fiends were shooting peiisutits i
Ireland."   'nie words mlsprlnteil,  i
ooursa,  wars "friends"  ond   "pbei
A   I'.M.H   l.mlr.
"HiiIm- your "hni JtiHt
tbs pbotograpber
���"iiiie, is "ei hi_ii as i cboose to raise
it," w��h ih" uuHter" response 'ef Mrs,
Vhk Bran   "if tba effnei Ih not to your
likiiiK you "mi lower ymr machine."
Chicago Tribune,
from the shores of ihe river Thame* , ,
, ,   .. ���.   ,      , i   , dary  o be   ted by its po-mon on the
into the tower  To Americans probably     .-,       , . ..
,i , , .  ni       ..i ,    .       ._. IS   'hiy of  August in the  year of the
tin- inoKt familiiir of these iiiif'irtuniil"- ,,,.,,
date of tii" lease,
date  '4  til"   lease,
���| hi-   |e   "(���   shall  have
hi  operation  within twr
one  ilrcelg
years  from
Tin- Firm Thing.
Batty  Ho Mime]  i-e engaged?   Well,
I'm Morry for lhe mini Sin- doesn't
know the flnl tlilin/ iilni.il keeping
bonne.   IleHKle   f)h, yi^e, nhe iIih'h    It"!
ty   I'd like lo know what  Bessie Tbs
flrwt I ti 1 ii k 1" to get a mini to keep
boost for.
wkk Kir Waiter Raleigh, Today o path
way pnsKi-s directly in front of thi
gate, completely cutting it off, and from
tliii pathway tbe famous wieici gab
lee gassed upon by many thousands ol
Tl..    llr.ull.
"Women art naturally more artistic
"Yen," answered tbe matter of fact each separate river, creek or gulch,
person;  "that's  why so many or uh but  the  same  miner  may  bold  any
look funny when we wear our Cbrisl number of claims by  purchase, snd
mini   neckties   and   sinnking   Jackets, free  miners   may  work   their  claims
Railway Company
Atlantic Express leaves daily al
18.401 bas first-class sleepers ami
Tourists cars   for   Toronto   every
Konday and   Friday;   tor   Montreal
eve-i v Wednesday and ssaturuay.
Beattle 'nun leaves daily ai ��.J0,
For further particular! apply to
ED, noi i.Ki,
c. v, u. Agent
New Westminster,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London ^^^^^^^^^
Hamilton, Toronto,     Fraser River and.GuH
' ' fi' RIVER
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Trains & Steamers
c. p. R htAlN :
Leave  New  Weatl
arrive Nee  v. ���
C. P. R.MLS8 !\...
Lv. .- ar. New
i-   1>. R. WR81
Lv. New V. ���
_r   Sea  9 ���
c. p. r ktnxa
Lv  Nea '���'��� i
Ut. N. W. 9.20 s - \ J*
lv.n.w. i -      ���; ���:
Lv. Si ar N:.\.
Lv. s-      -   - - i ; ��� N- Wl
vm'w. & y.-vanv"' v;:n.
Lv. N.'w. :: p.m. ai I ���       :
Lv. Vancouver - ::, s-i ��� ��� P-���-
V,   S. R���PORT GCH   ION-
l.v.   N   w.  MO  M
-'���-'- P-m- ..   N- \v,
Lv. OOichon -.40 ;i
9.35 p.m.
Mondays ODly. . .   ,...,-,,
It. c   ELECTRIC    VAN' 0   'I.-1-���
Lv.   New   West   I���"���"
and   hourly   until   11
hourly  between   12.30 rad
Saturday half-hourly noon
Sunday hourly    8   a.m. to H*
with half-hourly bet noon
Lv. Vancouver same time throus"
Ane] all the prine'iieal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Palls.
For Time Tallies, etc., adilres.s
Ansintiint (len'l  PaasengeT nnel Ticket
Ajrent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
  Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
in operation witnm iwo ycai�� uum t. j. ^uri.c., n J ll      I ���    IL   C
iln- date of tlie leas", and ont elrr'l|<e   Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent, |\(>(J "0UDlcltD nV. LO.
e���   ��.;i-t   ...itiiin   viv   vpars       Vancouver. ���
(or each live miles within six years
from sui li date. Rental $too per mil"
Yukon Territory to be paid t'i ihc
i omptrollcr.
No free miner lhall receive a nr.-mt
of more than  one mining claim on
The  only all   rail   route   between  al
pe lints east, west anil south to Ross
^^^^        ���  KlVl'.l     ^^^^^
Beaver��� _
Prom N w. Mon. Wed i  ��� ��� .   ;,_
Prom Chwk. Tu., Th., Bat., 7 w
Ramona��� , ,  E ,,.,
Prom N. W. To., Th . S
l-'r.m wh. Sun.. Wad   i
]���    ..ne
Prom N. w. dally, ex. B        ���   '
From Mt Lehman, ' ���<��
Transfer��� .      .. nn,
Prom N. W. dally, es  Bun., �� P'
A'M  trip, M lay, ������ a-m. ,
From Steveston, I a.m. (rn
Add. irip Baturday, 6 p.m.
Cltv of Nanaimo
From N. W. Sun.lay 7 "_'"���
Prom Victoria Baturday i ���'���'"���
Mail Service
Seattle, via Bumaa 10.00p.m.   t'\.' ���,
Bap'n & Milisi.ie'...i". ���'"���   q'0aU
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   �������>
Cloverdnlo, lllalin', ��� ..n,, m,
BeatUe, etc..  .. B.46a.m.   ���1"1
Van. & Cent Park...l0.80a.m.  -B
10.80a.m. l��'uu" -���
UTk/_     iVIllisroiilrnn"  "��iM,S ^ *"' an'' S��""1 '�� ^��"_| Baa\��B_r_aby.': .'
1 IlC      .7111 WdUKvC        '���'l',<|.  Nelson and intermediate points, i Hte'vestnn,  etc...
connecting at Spokane with the Great! East, via O.P.R..
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co
l.K, p.m.
Our wivi't want uh to look artistic."���
Washington Kiar.
a lit i ler ��r Hoaer,
"Would yeni marry a woman wl
mi'-ei another mun for breach of
"Well, ll uiiuiii depend Iiu-ki
how much ihe- liny had compclli
lo pay her"   Chicago Iteiiiiil |I"i
io hail
ly   on
'I hlm
nl. I
in partni i hip by filing notict snd
paying fee "f %/��� A clsim may be
abandoned  and  another obtained  on
  llii'   'inn.    i-reek,   Kill, ll   or    river,   by
Little niri   i wani to ��<������ n mitten  giving notict and paying a fee.
please,   nu'   CfaargS   It   to   ma   mother       Work   must   be   done   on   a   rl;'
For Immediate Dae,
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   lervice   on   any
railroad   in  thc   world  that   equal   in
equipment thai "f the Chicago, Mil-'      .~,t" ,     t>   -
wank",' ft St.   Paul  Railway,    They s,i'Kc d����y f"r Republic.
own  and  Operate  their  own   sleeping       Buffet   service   on   tram
ami dining can on sill their Irani', and   Spokane   and   Nelson.
-i���   it.i.    ..���,.���n ���   ,.i
Bap., Mill. Coq'm.
Van. & Burnaby.
SMC - 1 11 ",0 ll.*'
8.00 p.m. '-��� '
MOP* ' -     ii-
8.80 p.m.   l"'" ^
Connect! st Rossland with the Can-
adian  Pacific Railway for  Boundary 1
Creek points.
Connects  at     Meyers     rails    with |
me   mother        Work    mm I    li"    ilone    on    a   11.11111 ,    . . .       cxccllcni-r   of ��r ,
You mean ��� each year to the V.1, r.tl.utfm *".J>>" >�����" eSere"        . l;fT""v"   S,""l;,y'   N,,VC"lb"
SI,,*   V.iim   Itriiil,.
"WilliI II I'.n I peiil lh.il   ll III  II,e il mi
"Vi'f;   Mr,   I'liti'liem   ii   i ling   Ibli
evening,   I rather think Unit Ih my en
gsgemenl ring."   Baltimore American
Bhopkeepet  a mitteni    You mean a each year to th.
puir e,r mitieiiH, HiHsy.   Little Girl   No; a  certificate  thai  work  has been
jitit only one-, one Unit's suitable for u i,,,^ ii,,. claim shall bi deemed to bo
hoy Unit's gour lo propose an' !����� r" abandoned, anad open to occupation
jeetcd.  Philadelphia Ledger, ;,���(l entry by s free miner.
 ��� The boundaries "f a claim may be
l'"'"""1' defined absolutely by having a survey
Johnny   Tome In.    Mister's eipeetlu' ma(1(.   :ilu|   publishing   notices   in   the
you.   Mr. Ktoplnte   How do you know' Yn|,���n   Official   Gazette.
JoJinny- Hbe's lifen sl��iiln' nil day.- Petroleum    All   unappropiated   Dn-
miiii'ni Lands in Manitoba, the North-
service not obtainable elsewhere. '"'      lvc
licrths em their sleepers are longer,    -    '
liigli'-r and wider than In similar cars _,e_ve
I'll   any   eithi-r   liii"       They   protect
their train- by the  Block  System. 9.20 am.
Connection  mads  with  all  trans- 12.25 p.m,
continental lines In Union Depots,       9.40 a.m.
II. S. ROWS, General Agent.
134 Third St., ror Alder, Portland, Or.
Day Train Arrive
... Spokane ... .7.15 p.m.
... .Rossland ... .4.10 p.m.
... .Nelson   fi.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains 1 ���
Sunday)    carrying   passengers   '^a,
express    and    freight
connect   *'"
stages at Carcross anil White
maintaining a through winter
For information apply to
J. II. ROGERS, Traffic
Mackinnon Bldfri
Vancouver,  "
C. THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1906.
barristers, solicitors, etc. of-
flces- New Westminster, Trapp Blk,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, rooms -1 to 24, 446 Granville Btreet Jsieph Man In, K. C, J.
���vv Weait, W. G. McQuarrle, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. -Martin wild bo in tha
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
HOWAY, HKin & BOWES, Barristers solicitors, etc., Vi Lome
sl,,.,,,, opposite Court House, New
J. H. Bowes, P. O. iiox
WHITESIDE &  EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blaokle BllC,
Columbia Btreet,   New   Westminster.
w   I  Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Mr .1 P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court Offices
ranadlan Hank of Commerce build-
i,;..' Columbia srfeet, opposite post-
office, New Westminster. M mey to
GEORGE E. MARTIN. Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle streets, New Wester, 11- c.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. &. A. M.
���The   regular    meeting- ot   this
eld on Hi" Flrsl Wednesday In
h month, at S o'i lock p. m��� In
���   m   ionic   Temple.    Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to attend.      Dr.  W.  A.  DeWoll Smith,
F. & A. M.- Regular communica-
i . of ihis lodge ai" held on the
rjbnd Tuesday in each month in
Masonic Temple, al 8 p. m. Visit-
inc; brethren are cordially invited
iei attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
p.. |i. K. of I., meets Becond nnd
fourth Friday ot each month, at 8
p, tu., in Orange ball, corner of
Royal avenue and John street Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
Meets In Orange hall first and
third Friday ln each month at 8 p.
in.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.    K.  E.  Matthias,
W, M.; J. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
I. 0. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
The regular meetings ot this bulge
��� ��� li. :.i in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
��� I o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited ne attend. 8. J. May,
N. 0.;  W. C. Coatham, Rec-Sec.
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
Meetln ��� ��� the flrsl and third Tues-
in    each    month.      Visiting
, thren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. 0. U. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Olarkson Btreet, C.
S Corrtgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
m.isii'i' workman.
115. SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red it.is" Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wedn isday 01 each month.
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., al
8 p. ii... White Rose Degrree, Fourth
Wednesday In each month, Bame
time and place, Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. E. B. Stinch-
combe, Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.
A. o. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
ni 3 p. in. In Urn Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly In-
viii'il in attend. E. C. Firlb, C. R.;
P. P. Maxwell, Sec.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Game In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
TrlOS-   Ra   PEARSON   Terms  for You.
823���One hundred and sixty acrea.beautlfully situated on tbe
southern Blope ol tne serpentine Valley; llrsi-class land, miming on
the Clover Valley Road; near t he railroad anel river; good road;
land is very productive; about 60 aire's    in    first-class  condition.
Good and convenient Duildlngs,   All necessary Implements ana stock. ���
This is well  worth investigation.   Price, $90 per acre. J
1027���An  unusually pood buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; BO J
to 75 acres under nrst-ctass cul tlvatlon;  9 acres under hops, ail in ���
good shape; lo-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn buxtuu; hop T
kiln and baling room in good condition;  tbe buildings on the place X
are worth at least ia,uuu.   Bert and Creek runs through the property. ���
J   This i.s a most desirable farm;   from $2,500 to $3,500 per year can T
X    be taken Off it.    Price, ��/\y00 cash. ��
��� ���
��������--- ������---���-������������-��� ���...... .----. .....q
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny. |
j Manufacturers of J
j Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures j
The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co. j
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
r ��� iti.-. ��'. -^O'lf   I��� "
;���}%;:���% \iUf^:: m-'fcfegr'i
'-I-?v*>������:'Z-:^"'.���     '   ft?
Sir! its from the old reliable house
the finest in the land.
��w,��   gotable  ln��t_nce-   la  Hie llap
Record of Ureal Britain,
Only on i ae occ bas D  British
for." off ti I ter ng to sur-
reneler bel ��� lbe couiu eun ut of an
action, but this is what tbe Wack
rrin." felt himself obliged to do by tbe
overwhelming forces of tbe French be-
fun- tin- battle of Poitiers. Sn certain
did he consider defeat t" I"- that he
ictually offered to give up all the plunder li" bad taken, disband tha greater
pari nf his force and give an under-
taking nol t" flghl against Hi" French
for seven years, and s,i confident were
the   French   that   they  refused   these
terms. Tbe result was oi t the must
brilliant victories that adorn the British arms.
In modern times tbe victory of An
buera, ln the peninsular war, is another
in .-unce of apparent defeat being turn
ed into victory. After the charge of tin
French hussars and Polish lancers all
seemed lost Ammunition wns falling
a deep gully prevented ih" use of tbe
bayonet, and Beresford was preparing
for retreat whou the valor of Colonel
Harding! saved the day. The battle,
which lasted only four bours, was tl"
scene of terrll . mage, and when ii
wn, over tii" so tar victorious French
were driven bcadl nig down the bill, on
the summll of n li 1,300 unwounded
i, , : '��� reuinnnl of 7,500 unc inquer
al : , British - ildl rs, Btood triumphant
���Loudou Spectator.
Kennies XXX Clover and Timothy Seeds
Acknowledged by leading authorities to be the highest
qualities obtainable, Sold at a moderate price* Guaranteed
to   pass the   highest   standard   set   by   the   Governmenf.
WM. RENNIE CO., Ltd., Dept. "N." 66 Hastings Street W., Vancouver, B. C.
��� Sporting News f
X       and Comment.       ���
- ���
Wutiii-ii   Have   Often   1 mi-iln   in   Ilo-
ri-ll*"    ill'    Tlnir    Villv,.   T.i-.vni,.
During tin- oppression ot the Kether
lauds by the Spaniards I i the sixteenth
century it wus no uucon i . u e' ent foi
women to fight In defense of tbelr native town, W'ln'ii in 1572 Don Frederic
ut th" head of a large army besieged
Haarlem, among the garrison that de
fended the town were 300 women
Their chief was ii widow nf distiu
gulshed family, about forty-seven years
of age, who, at tii" li";ul of her ama
zona, participated In many of the most
fiercely contested actions of tIn- siege,
Seven years later, at lhe Blege ol
Mnestrk'ht, the. women were uf grail
assistance in malting mines, enrolling
themselves Into i ipanles under tin
direction of officers, or "mine mis-
tressi's," as they were called, The sen-
lee they rendered wns inestimable
At the repulse of line Spaniards from
the vails of Alkmaar women aud even
children showed a like courage, assist
Ing their husbands nnel fathers iu the
desperate defense. History, Indeed
gives many examples of siuli heroism
anions which may be mentioned the
brave conduct of tlie women at tho defense of Siin-ai4nss;i in 1808, when thej
took the place ot their slniu husbands
or brothers at the cannon side.���Black
wood's Magazine.
There   is   a   new   lot   of
In   New Westminster
H. M0REY & CO.
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
Tbcir Game Seem, to Be u l'ri-tty
Bard One let Uiiii.
It is hard to bint the beggar game in
Italy. A fleet footed urchin aud bi>
moiden fell into a fox trot by the side
of the carriage.
Look, noble gentleman," he began
z.m<L o.
COURT BRUNETTE.  No. 4099.  I.O.F.
Meets Hi" Fourth Friday In the
month at 8 o'clock, In the small
hall, OddfellowB' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to at>
tend, .1. n. Rushton, C. It-; F- >'���
Maxwell, K. S.
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL i au paid up). ..ji4,tiiiii,iioo
Ht. Hon. Lord Strathoona ami Mount
Royal,  ''i.C.M.Ci... .Hon   I'ro.-ielent
llun. sir il. a. Uriiinuiimet, fresident
E,  S, Clouston,  Vice President  and
General Manager.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmithing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begble Street.
at 8 o'clock p. in., iu Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia Btreet, Visiting
Brethren are cordlallj Invited to nt-
' ' I .1 S, III.'sun, S. ('.; J. McD,
' ell, Bee,
camp, 191,���Meets mi tho Fli ' at"1
Third Tii" daj ol every month 'n
K. ol P, Hull, .lui'.ii McNlven,
Chief; .1. ,i. Forrester, >-t��-<-- Soc.
BOAT,D OF TRADE.���New   Westmln
13, ml ,,!' Trndo i nets In the
Board R n, CUy Hall, as fi Ilon I
Si 11 Wodnesdaj  ol each month,
Quarti ��� Ij meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May.
August nnd November, al 8 p. m.
Vnnual  tings   on   the   second
Wednesday    of    February.     New
 mi.i-is   may   be   proposed   and
eleolod ni any monthly or Quarterly
meeting,   a. k. White, Her.
General banking business transacted.
Branches iu al! the principal cities
in Canada, in London, Eng��� New
York, Chicago, and Bt, .mim, Mid.,
ami correspondents in all pans of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.   Brytner,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,102
Total  Assets %ib,S/S,oio.
Branches   and 'correspondents   in
all  tho  principal  cities ot the world.
Qsnsrsl  banking business transacted.
li opens nu account,   Interesl added
lair yearly.
Collect Inns inailo at lowest   r.ite'H.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom  a to 9 I
F.  B.   Lyle, Manager.
Belyea & Co.
General  llauliiifr and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our upecallty.
Wood and Goal
Columbia St., below Tram office.
Telephone iuu.
Still Doing Busini-ss at the Uld Stand.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street VV., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Short-
' hand.      Telegraphy   and   Engineering
(Civil, Marine ami Stationary) Ceiurses.
THE REST of courses, the BEST of
, teachers   (eight)   and   the    BEST   of
R. J. SPROTT, H.A., Principal,
K. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
FASHION       j
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs-.
W.  LYLE & CO.
- Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 260,
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchells tastuon plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock or nigh-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, Droadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all j'our sartorial  wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia btreet.
Mt.  Pleasant  Lacrosse. _    _____________________
Tonighl th" lacrosse enthusiasts of| "look, beautiful lady! See the littleira
I the report of the committee appointed | ^ ^ he_ somethin)._vnu,. heart It
too good���you are too generous, too no-
^^^^^^^^ ble, too handsome, to refuse Have pltj
ganlzlng a senior team in that part  on her dreadful state, for look-she bai
of  Vancouver,    This committee has . one gray eye and one black one!"
gone carefully Into .he' matter; they     We stopped the carriage. Il"-istr"e
. ���   I -i-i,.,  nn,iilt.ii   h'lil   indeed  narOcoloreo
will recommend that a senior team be ^ ^addition t, ' li sin- rejoiced
organised em Mount Pleasant, and thai i ^"'palling squi���t. , gave be.
appllcaUon he made for admission to; one copper    noriMipon ber escort set
at a recent meeting to look into the
j question   of   the   advisability   of   or-
^^^_ Oil"     ",'i'|H'l.       n"ll-ll|i"u    ....
the  British  Columbia  Lacrosse asso-| 0p a i,owl at being Ignored.
ciation at the annual nieel ing of that i     "Hut'why shoulifyou have anything
body, which will he held in New West-j i asked,
minster on  April   14. "You ought to
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia Ut.
iln;     .'.���!���  elellvered     prui:.,i;i;,   to  nny
pari ni i ho city
live me two coppers,
     he replled,"wlth a twinkle, "for I have
i two blacks eyes, and she lias only one
The Kennel.                           I was vanquished.   I gave hun nu
A special meeting of   the   Bench  two coppers. I ^ Wj��jto be*
Show committee   of the Vancouver  ^^^^f^Hart
Kennel club will be held tonight In   ""	
the Office Of the secretary, Mr. George i Hlrnl Hon-nars.
.1.  Dyke. I    -it pays to be a mourner In St. IV
  ' tersburg, and there arc agencies which
employ great numbers of vagrants snd
tramps for the purpose," says B writer.
"These agencies supply suitable '',oth
ing ami pocket handksrchlefs everything, in fact except boots, which the
tramp must show on liis feet, or ht
will not he hired, When there is n
more or less Important funeral tht
tramps gather al the Nlkolakl market
ami are selected by au employeo ol thi
agency. Tbe wage for the occasion,
with tips, generally equals about ������
shillings."���London Mall.
W. McRAE,   j TIME IS MONEY | UghtandHeavyHading
Attel  and   Neil   Matched.
] !
Los Angeles, Cal., March 29.���Manager Tliinnas  McCarry, of the  I'aeillel
| Athletic club, hns closed a match between  Abe Aitei  and   Prankte    Nelli
. for the featherweighl championship
nf ih" world at Los Angeles, April
20th, Tl"' weight stipulation is 1.2
pounds ringside, Hi" featherweighl
Beside ih" championship McCarrj
will offer n championship in'ii coBtlng
ln'iwi'ii >600 and $1,000, This will in-
Ui" lirst bell flghl io he held since tht
Richard K. Pox diamond belt,
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Pull Una of English, Hcoton and insh
lw Is anil worsteds always in stuck
Spring Btook  neiw  In.    Make your
Foot ni' uh A\r'. Cm-, ii'iih Street
Now Westminster, B. c.
B. C. Monumental Works ^^^^^xi^ -
  trails ana Canada.
you want a goad smoke you
All kimls of Ship repair
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Late of Trorey's. i
Columbia Street,        Next Truni Office
Manufactured  by the B, c. Cigar
:'"'"'v' who also make The   "Brii-
lant��" (in three sizes.)
^II-BERG & WOLZ, Props.,
aotorl :i"'i Office, iirli." Blook,
Wiito for prices.
New Westminster, B. C.
Ship and Scow   Building j
a specialty. B^	
Estimates   promptly fur- --���
nished. MRS- R* G- MILL'
___kI Teacher of tha German
W. E. EMERSON Language anel Piano.
Residence: German  Conservatory Method.
124 Elylitli St., New Westminster, BX.       1005 queen's avenue.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMlT'lll.Ntl, UKl-IUU and
Ornntneiitiil   Iron   Work,   including
l'\'iici'H, Ciiiles,  fire'   I'.scnpi'M, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence ln-
Office 'Phone 185.      Barn i'iume 1B7 j
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty,
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
BEOBl-l tnui'.Uii.
r.'ow Westminster. _HV' ���,74-
Take notice that the Great West
Paoklng Company Umited imvo do-
poslted plans and application for the
erection of a wharf on tho Fraser
RiV8r, lliillsh Columbia, on tho foreshore of SoctUm 12 ami Fractional
Section 111, Block 11, North Range. 7,
Dated ai  Now Westminster, B. C,
this  l.'.ih March, 1908,
Shuts Duffey Out.
New Yuik. March SB.   J nm l<-.- Fits-
ner;.hi,  of     tile'     New   Yurk     supri'iii"
court yesterday handed down a ih'ei-
sinn denying Arthur Duffey's suit fen-
an Injunction againsl the Amateur
Aihie'iicAiiiieiic Union of the United
States, Duffey   sought  to enjoin the
Tlilill-   Illl'irl-i'U.
Mrs. Qdgerton Blunl Bul why did
you leave your lasi place? Applicant���
I couldn't stand Hi" way iii" mistress
nnd master used to quarrel, mum,
Mrs. Bdgerton Bluhl (shocked)���Dew
mei Did they quarrel much, than? Ap
pliciint Yes, mum; when it wash'l
mc au' Mm It wus ms an' 'er,
Athletlo baton from erasing from   lis   terdayi   Didn't you see tn
-     *     ......I, I.* .....l.v
Wevaed in Tine.
Kiulley - Why  didn't yuil   Itltreidui'i:
me to thnt stunning Miss pectus when
you weM With ber on tha avenue yes
ipeak tc
ii'i'iiiii his name   and   performances,
which were Wiped Off thi lineelis hy u
resolution adopted al tha lasi annual
meeting of the parent imeiy.    i'ho no]
lion was taken on tha   ground   that
Duffey had received compensation in
Detectives  Investigate.
Los Angeles, Cal., Mar. un.���Deteo-j
tlves have' been detained to   lnvestl-1
Kitte the 1'iiiisi's nf the death of Mrs.
.1. .1. I'Tynn nf 'lli'llevllle, Oataiio, who
caine lo LOI Angelas recently with ber
husband who disappeared shortly nf-
im her death.
you  us   1   passed?    Kundor   Yes,   but
MIns l'eehes saw you anil ipokl to tne
Brat.���Philadelphia Press.
Very   l>IITi-r,-in.
Merchant���I thought you told mi b*
was a man of very good diameter'
Qulbbel���\'ou niUBt have inlsundor
Btood inc. 1 suld he was n iuuu ol
good reputation.   I''xcbnnge.
Tbe attachments of mere mirth ar��
but the shadows of thnt true friendship
of which tin' sincere affections of tin
heart arc the substance.-Hurtou.
Too  Much  for  Museum.
London,   March    2D.���Tho
museum has deollned ie> purohase th
Nelson memorandum outlining the
plan of tha iiuiiii' of Trafalgar which
was recently sold al unci ion for 118,.
000 and offered to tho museum by the
purchassr at the same price.
A Tin in HIiiH
To remove a tight rim: from the tin
ger lake il long thrciid of silk and put
one end under the ring und draw It
through Severn I Inches, holding It with
British I the thumb In I Iiu palm or tho hand.
Then wind the long end Of the silk
tightly i-oiiiid the Anger down to the
null. Tiiko hield of thi short end of
the silk nnd. holding It toward the Anger, unwind It, inui Iho silk, pressing
njriilnst tbe ling, will withdraw It.
wh *
.����_*���      W * 5 - _    --.
" .'
If You Take
Any Stock . . . .
i. ifflH5 Win BIBBn PMC
���-     ear.   ;/->.-f -.���*    ��i ;,-Sl
T. S. ANNANDALE  West   End   Grocery
/���-tl   - -s     :i>n��   *->?     saw   ���-���    -���-'���     ���    ~-^���: ������������- '"���    l  '
: .    :������:   ~~x~   f  Fs��W *vV*SI ���:   I     - ������ '   " ���  *' :
V -    .    W
0<-eW <JK'-J<;fK.
L>.   x. . O tCHr**^ M gr.
In Every Section of trve City- *
\ Houses and Lots
'1*   itT'.    *.*��������
1 .-.i-ei     3     ���:   '   -lit   i-i    -'  so    y
tur.-rrx. I
I       rt.-i��        ��� --.    ���   i- *
iwu ���>-��������� ��� ��-,- - .   ��    '   SMS    -MM
B   ���___�� ti? ���_*�� arai Tjsx:*: 1-st *-
V-**   '.-.-   -aJ    V   UVU-**    'V
w ���
Hardman & Bryson   j
Practical Sanitarians
��� t
r.-_X4-' * *^_^_H_^_^_H
-     -
��� .    _
���:   . - - ���
I    - ���
isc��_ - - -     .   - -     -      ���
: . -���
j- . ... li.
���     - .
...-���- .
. -    - ��� ���     . ���   ���
. - - '-     -
.. - '-
-    .
��� ���- - . ..:
-. - -    -.- i   : . .   - '-
.    ��� .. : aw.':>:
n .- -   v -i
��� ��� ��� . -
����;    '���    ..    ':-'.��     :��;'.J   ''���
  .   .
'-���������   far   ���..-.���:
���~aa-a-ar K-"V'-^ifl__^__|__^__|__|_^__H--^-H-l
.  -~ - - -    . - - -i
��� ���
��*sS*L Brttoifc ai
��to_ai bms Kits
full Double Corner
���   - . '���     Drew        ��� :
U  ���
-:..--;-    ���  Shirt '���'.     "  :     -
-        -    e have the - rgest  eke
S600    _t_
* __-_-_.
* -
* ��� -
'^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__e. '���M���m
���        --..-.       -������ d   ieaL    7: -
; __ -. rices for good g
5 ~vr. '"'" '��� '
'        - 	
��� .���	
. . -     .       ��� -
:        For Shirt Waist Suits
I -:   ; t:M   :'   _-r.-ti   i-:   �� i ��
7   .    . ��� -���    ���
... ��� - * .���.:*:��.'.
Two-Storey House
. -.      .    .
S 1 -too.
Our Millinery Department
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
: ���     . .���
,  . .... . . ,      .    ���
������-, ������   ���     ,
-   V.  y. ���   . -.'..'���.' ��� . .   -   ���     \ -   .j- -.
srwWt&f-. '/'
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
���_�����  >rr-.'V^" -
.... . |     -    |
-     ��� -    '
.    ���
. ���
-   ...
Advertise in the News
- -     . . "-_*
- -        - -   - .
. ���     '   - -���-
- ;.
t -
��� -    .
��� ���    '
Malins. Coulthard & Co. <
(c4_trx_- S-
DP_S   '.   KG   FLATS
For Many Moons
V"- h*-��r p<rrtl�� ,    ��rfti_'���
��� ��� ^ -...������:::������
��� -     ���.-   rlsrs   "���'
r       ��� -
11.' ���
��� , '���       '.' ���      '���. . ,       .
77ie Canadian Bank 'if Commerce
77ie f!rar.ltmunKt:r Milling Co., /-/</
J. /:. Phillip*, th* Clothier
The Columbian Co., Ltd.
W. Ii. hale*,, HoaMt Furnisher
Hrunnetti: Sawmill Co., Ltd
C. A. Wuhh, Th$ Ptople'i Grocer
the Canadian Pacific. Railway Co.
Wet/tern Stearnhoat Co., Ltd.
'/'. J.  Trapp & Co., Ltd:
T. //. Smith, The Cas/i Store
The Wettminatc.r Fruit Packing Co.
The B. C. Electric Rail way Co.
-i (riot) '*�� Irlustratloo ��� ��i
r/'w.li,,-   Ud   faniilUK   ��"������,'
map >if Hi'- *>aaaf Vaflaf, sWwh - mur u Its ns oral
' e ntrs   .'-'*  v. i  t    .-....'.. he fc owing
/.  New Westminister'* I'renh Water Harbor,
2. Market Day at New Westminster,
3. New Westminster'* Million Dollar Bridge,
4. Some of New Westminster's Pretty Homes,
5. Exhibition Builaingl at New Westminster,
fi.  New Westminster from the waterfront.
'iiie- boo* i-i.' ��� ii.iniii quo   Hot]   "i. nil UmiH nf farm iin>eim��� -.
i|u ntll    '���' different crops, fruit, etc., ralsad to
��� '    iii'v.iiii' other  ralnabls Information,
Tlie Royal City Has No 100,000 Club, But You Can Help
Boost New Westminster
iiv malUnf s ����<j,y to your friends, or if v,>n win kindly fumiHh uh
wiih names ��������� ��� win chierfBHe mall them,
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.,
H.l.r.ni.t Lurnrr IlimU unit lluiin.f Hun: in N.m W.ttmin.tta.   l.ttnliliilir.1
A.  D.   ISttl, Intlirt.ural.J A    I)    11)02.
���      ���
-   -.
T��o Handsome and
Commodious Dwellings
snoo .    -
- '.J -
%3Goo     -   ��.  -        -������=.---  ;������_
----- -
4. L V.HIIL 260 Columbia Si
Here i
-  ���
11   *
I.T ' '
Maekem -. AOmiti it.
��� , .
\n i
onl   ���
Work   on   Reservoir.
Woi'   ' satins.
-in  the excavation  Coi  the
tha    supervision    ol   v..
 Intendeni 'if eatei works,
] v. no i   assisted bj  Pips Line li
lohn  Ankers. A  gam ol Z0  men
ni" v.-,:; ing   U willy, snd should the
ml   i".'      ���     iei   bold   ool   I'   la
. rn   'iim   iin.  work  will  i," ��� ���
li ' i within ��ix weeks.
  -.       I,   ���    	
brwir  Pipe Ordered.
'I in- contract tor ths supply e,r pipe
for iim Fourth streel sewoi  bs I
li ��� in tiiii' .  Bro    and word rei        I
���,, :i   ihemi to -1," effect lhal Lb
aire id   bi en oi dared, and will I j*-
nn  the ground   v.niiin s  ver)   short
i time,
'i ii.- i antral i  foi ,i supply ol drain
| pipe line niH'i   been let to tbe   same
ft rm   fni   nil   pipe   n"i eiiiiiiu:,   in   IIiiIhIi
the win), ni Queen's Park, which win,
nee ei sarlly abandoned Is it year em
Ing in thi press nf otbir work.
Whan HiIh pipe i�� laid, and the an
urn drainage system Installed thi
park fnr exhibition purposes will be
in- in'iir perfection nn it win be pofil
bit tn iiiiiln- li.
HU Webbs
.... f that I
��� ���   ��� '
.-. ir, a l'ri
me   go
���   - -. . .
" i rn I u|__^_^_H__^_H
Vouny   1A*.n   Do   Daerage.
��� '   ,'..'������   was  ii,''
��� '
 I,  who
���.:���    .���:    from offlces and
e police an
.i'..u' rs are and
most iak<: Immi dl te
Ing    the  pro| i i
Good   Play  Toniaht.
'If.|    ��� ��������� II   II   brUk   e]e-:i.;e!,'l   tOf
ristlan which Is !',   i
��� ���   W ������ tmlnster open
���"   '        .-),���  and  ���'  largi      idleni i
one nl the  beat  dramatic
ed here 'IiIh
i   ������    '.i i
���       i,
Crescent Club Entertains.
Ths ol Cresceni club
... i      tchcli       ball   In
ball lasi night The
(���ii   the  occasion   was   furnlshi
orcheetra of Vancouvm and
oul    -   enl   ii." 'ouples i'-ikh1 that
the i   b "1  .i  royal    '-���'"���ei  time    The
gal ii"i Ing broke np aboul three o'i lock
iIiIk morning.
Steamship  Arrivals.
Liverpool!    Kirch     .!��.���Arrived
sii'iiini'i   Lake Brli, from hi. John.
iiriHieii. March tSB,   Arrived���Bteam-
ei Montcalm, f'"��i Bt, John, n. ii.
is a
Home for
Small Money
15 acres rich, black,
loan) land, three acres
cleared and cultivated.
Fruit tree i i I straw-
��� erries. _ ir reamed
boose. Large barn.
Ail for oi
Hello!    Hello!!    Hello!!!
We're calling up every Mai       this -ine.
We want to tell about our new Spring
mer Suits, Top Coat-. Trousers,  Hats, rJeckAvear,
.Shirts. Underwear, etc.. etc.    We've Cl< thes ana
Tagger,- of great merit.   We've���
Hello-Hello-o-o-o-o j
Don't leave the i ih ne yet!
We'veeverythii        'clothing Men. Boys and
Children com rtly a   1 at moderate prices.
We've the best of everything in our line and we
guarantee your satisfaction for even- dollar
with us.
Hello! Hello!!   You say youll be in for a
All right.   We're at your sen-ice any daj,
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a thi ���;������ knowledge of thi-
IrtiHinraui in Kn^-lanel with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manafr
��f the wau-h repairing department "f
Savage,   Lyman   &   Co.,    Monl
Henry fiirk 'h liOHinenn rrianaK'-r juirt. of
the time.
Knglinh,    SwiisK,   Arni-'rican   an'l   all
complicated watche  cleaned, rep
mail'- like ' ��� ra iirnl adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from <i'-". Adami Gn
Take notice thai tha Oreal '
Packing ''em ; any Limited have 'i"
posited plans and application for thi
erection of ������ wharf on tbe Praser
River, British Columbia, on tha fm"
bore e,r Section 12 and fractional
Section  13, Block ���;, North Range 7,
Dated al New Westminster, h. C,
thin 15th -tarch, 1906.
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
VV. N. Draper
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
��� * *      *���*      I     �� ��� ��� ��� CI ^^^_        __     _   _  _. .   -_���_��-_ ���~_ mm   mm   -m������������
Surveyor E-liCim    OlU^n,
Westminster, B.C. New Westminster, ��� ���'* ���**
Ellard  Block.   New
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaa******��
X British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.. Ltd j
Cars will be run to Vancouver on
Saturday Half Hourly Beginning at
10.30 a.m., as well as numerous
\ RETURN FARE 50c. j


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