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 E   ���    S\
ineers Mow D��w
Officers Killed or Imprisoned-No Quarter Given-Horrible Scenes
: Mi
I I "it
r.i-_��t��, ���
Sudden Uprising of   Disloyal   Soldiers   Proves   too   Much
for Commanders   and   Faithful   Men,   and
Russian Authority is Soaked
in Blood.
I      .-..:���   rs,   .i'i!..'    ll.    \    gigantic
uing  it the simull ineou
itun     '   !t issia e grei
essi      ���    mstadt,       ���    01     and
astopol��� ... -        irely
ist i      ��� ��� ttempt
le to       i abers  of a   !
��� a itinie !
n   icci unt o i        one
con rades, al       .    i been
111 tn
The entire - i rlson        lu    ortress
t Sveal    ��    amed In      itly In
��� volt.
The artillerymen an!  sappers  gar-
I   tl     ; ...-1    were Invi Ived
...     four  companh a   of   Infani i , -
men remained loyal.
���   ���   ,   aeei - Beized forty machine
and   in a< '   ..       all   the   quick-
s   and   lighl   artillery,   bin   even
this aid they were unable to bole]
' :��� againsl the loyal itif.m���
e  fighting  continued    all    night
ng,    The  heavli Bl   bring  was  I    i
���'clock i'i the evening till 5 In the
a ing.
This morning a detachmenl of civ-
���i revolutionarli b Beized the marine
m  Sk itu Id.-:i  island, ho -'
. I the  ���.' i  flag and  were joined by
thi   t  rlni s.    Nine  crulsi rs, tor-
I  I-, boats and destroyers lying in I ;"
- :   opi t I  tire  on  the  barra
Torpedo boats  and destroyers  which
... ie lying cli   ���  to the shore steamed
i il and joined in the bombardmi nt.
Finally, -.(.wards the morning, the
firing censed, and the authorities an-
aounced thai the barrai :.> ha I been
At l p. ni. the CoBsacks cleared the
square In front of the palace facing
Sveaborg and then drove ihe public
from the entire waterfronl to prevent
the Bending of assistance to Svea-
I .-ig.
The exact situation at Sveaborg is
not known. Firing can no longer be
heard, Rumors are in circulation that
the entire fortress now has fallen inlo the hands uf the Insurgents.
lt is believed thai this cessation of
fighting is 1 in a prelude to the re-
ie wui of the battle   etween the mu
I ineers and  troops.
The casualty lisi on both sides must
: Igh,
Mutineers Held Positions.
si. Petei ���   irg, Aug. I, I a. m.���No
.   orl ol thi    uspensli n of the great
revolt   ol   ��� lie   garrison   at   Sveabo -
the Gl      Itar ol
een received    i   -' -   i -
Up  to  ti,:-   tl
econ .
nlcatin      with
.   icon by li afb      -   .
In     In   ���'. ...        cruisers, di
ii ats ]
ed.   The soun I o   firing on I ie
ess eased, an I
that  the
ti. d of tlie ent li ���    ������ atei fri nl  by C is-
 uts the obtaining - I  ������ sl-
tlve news, It ls understood al :���:��� - Ins
fi : - that the mutinous artilli . aen
and sappi rs ire stll holdinf I hi ii
positions. The outlying inland- and
I b fort itt are still be leved ti ��� In
:',. .    : of essi n and  I hi . t
have all the machine guns, quick-
firers and lllerj of the
General   i. in  ag, thi and nl
of the fortress, is holding on to the
main forts on Commandei Island with
.:  force of loyal infantry .
Socialists Assist.
\ general si ri ��� v is le ���'. re I In
ngfors bj Socialist wo ��� ien today., The i. ��� !; I dispatch i
i ��� from 'he i res] mden ol I ������ Associated I' ess h s it sl ;������..- ! here
, ;     ...     elevei      mi -  em i ite     om
;:. U .t _. irs.    1    i ispon i- at  sal i
il i the "red guai I." the ai mi 1 So-
gion, v.. contemplating an
, ���. ] uprising to attempt the relief
o! prisoners ci I in 1 in the Skatud-
len barracks.
Telegraph Wires Cup.
Owing to the cutting ol telegraph
wires by the flying squadron of the
"red guard." whicli destroyed the railroad at Riihiokai, the Associated Press
i receiving the freshest news of the
mutiny by the roundabout means of
telephoning to Viborg and telegraphing from there to St. Petersburg. This
entails a delay of several hours. Some
of ihe telegraph wires have been cut.
All Done Suddenly.
Petersburg, Aug. 1.���This dls-
has just been receiv< il dire ������
Helslngfors,   dated    luly   31,   2
can Suffrage Policy Exitcs the Opposition
Leader in the House of
! ateb
p. in.:
"A  hundred   revolutionists, ��� I
and hair unlfoi med, have jui I i i
(Continued <>u Page Eight.)
Esther Mitchell Smiles
and Pleads Not Guilty
Seattle, July 31.���Smiling happily
because she had been assured that
her two brothers, Fred and Perry
Mitchell, would befriend her in her
trial, Esther Mitchell stood before
Judge Griffin this morning and entered a plea of not guilty to Ihe information that charges her with murder in the first degree, for the killing
of her brother, George Mitchell. A
few minutes before she entered her
plea, her counsel, B. A. Clark, of
Portland, told lier that her brothers
would j,id her to the best of their
ability. The tired, haggard look on
the girl's face was at once replaced
with a look of pleasure, and still
smiling, she entered her plea, uttering the. words, "not guilty," In a
sharp clear voice.
As soon av Esther Mltchel had entered her plea her lawyer demanded
a Separate trial. The court ordered
it granted.    It rests with Prosecuting
Attorney Mackintosh to determine
whether Mrs. Creffleld or Esther Mitchell shall first face the jury.
A. E. Clark, who represented the
girl In court, declared that he was
retained by Portland friends of the
girl, He refused, however, to divulge
the names of these persons, saying
that he would do so later. Mr. Clark
declared that Perry and Fred Mitchell
will come to Seattle to attend the
trial of their sister, and will do all
they can to aid her.
Mr. Clark said: "Perry and Fred
Mitchell tell me that Ihey have Nothing but kindly feelings for their
unfortunate sister. They will lie present at the trial to aid her. They
realize that sho is mentally Irresponsible und Ihey are sorry for her. Al
first they were somewhat bitter towards her. but this has passed awaj
and now they are on good terms with
Winnipeg, July 31.��� The C. P. R. has established
a new long distance speed record for western lines,
making a run yesterday of 399 2-10 miles in 8 hours
flat, including stops.    The train which made this re- } | Announcement of the Imperial Government's South Afri-
cord was a special carrying Sir William Van Home,
William Whyte and G. J. Bury, and consisted of a
baggage car and the private cars Saskatchewan and
Tlie run was between Winnipeg and .Moosejaw
and the stops included water stops, a change of engines at Brandon and lay over for all eastbound passenger trains.
This means that an average speed of more than
fifty miles an hour was maintained through the whole
The run from Winnipeg to Brandon was made in
tw i and a half hours, the distance being 133.1 miles.
Between Kirkella and Broadview, "62 miles, an
average of 60 miles per hour was maintained throughout.
From Broadview to Moosejaw, 134.6 miles, the
run was made in two and a half hours.
This speed has been rendered possible by the improvements which have been carried oui on the main
line within the last few years, including heavier steel
ar.d better roadbed.
!a .. I   i. J ii,.    !l.��� Winston S
Cl in ent  rj   Bee el ary oi
��� il ���   offl :e, ti lay 01 tlined
the 1 commons   tb    -   ������   i
��� nt ii isal egar iln - the govt
. ut to bi . ited to the Transva I,
'i. e gui ling principle, he said, wot d
be not to maki anj lifference be-
tween B Itlsh and Boer, but to ex-
tehd ti oth the fullest privileges of
i rltish citizenship. All males 21 ye"ars
. ha i resided ln the Transvaal
would be entitled to vote. It was
the intention to give the Ra   1 I iii    -
-  lary, which was i arria I by
Fea--s fcr the   Flag.
was transpiring in the
L    I    llgln,    secretary    of
' | nie.-. made a similar
. :.     in   the   house   of   lords.
.    it hill was praising the
l    ..     instil iti in, his cousin, the Duke
c'    Marlborough,    who   was colonial
t .-   t .;   in the late government, was
denouncing it in the    upper   house.
Lord   Harris  asked  what  flag would
wave    over   Pretoria    twenty    years
said there was a
dread in the minds of most men that
the Boers would gain Ehe upper hand
In the election, and then goodbye to
:'.'.-    -  premacy.
Judge  Sattle and  Party Try to Ereak
Record   Bet.veen   Here  and
Declares  That  He  Is the   Real  Thing
in the Heavyweight
Thirty   Thousand    Dollars'   Worth
Fragrant  Weed   Goes  Up  in
An attempt to i; avel from hi re to
tie .��� automobile In twelve hours
was made yesterday by Judge Battle
��� Seattle and a party of friends. The
party have been touring Vancouver
island for the past few days, and ure
delighted with the beautiful scenery
and the good roads they found.
The start for the record-breaking
trip wns made from the Guichon hole!
about 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and from the point of departure
until the Fraser river bridge was
reached the speed limit was certainly
being violated by the judge and his
party, Once across the bridge the
autos were soon speeding for all they
were worth, and wiih a clear read
there seemed to be . chance thai they
would reach Si ttli In the ' ���
hour limit.
A Bunzen, if ��� ��� i who a /ed
n the G.  N.  R, ...-    ���   the
arty with their two automobiles al
I ai. where they had dinner be-
[ore | roi eedlng n their way. They
reached Belllngham aboul 7 o'clock,
having taken i vi' Bvi hours I i covei
the distance. When asked whether
the pai ty ha I a i hance to get to Seattle within twelve hours, Mr. Bunzen
replied that he did nol think that
ii could be done, as .the roads were
pretty bad on the other side of the
line, and from his own experience he
did not think the trip was possible
in such short time. He said thai
.fudge Battle and his party were covered with dust and grime, and certainly looked us if they had been going the pace since they left New
Westminster earlier In the afternoon.
, o	
New Cabinet Selected.
St. Petersburg, July 31.���At a late
hour this afternoon Premier Stolypin
Issued a statemei.t through the St.
Petersburg official news agency to the |
effect that the assignment of the unfilled portfolios has not as yet been
entirely decided upon, This may
postpone an announcement of the new
cabinet for Beveral days, but it is accepted as a fad that the cabinet has
icon virtually agreed upon and ap-
; roved by the emperor,
Seattle, July 31.���Jack Twin Sullivan, who wa.s in Seattle yesterday on
his way to Dawson io tight Billy
Bates, is endeavoring to arrange a
match with Sam Berger, und will
leave nothing undone to bring about
a meeting. Sullivan gives the following argument, and it's a strong one,
I oo:
"1 bave beaten Hugo Kelly. Mike
Schreck and Tommy Burns. The lat-
ter won the heavyweight championship trom Marvin Hart at Los Angeles, 1 have fought two twenty-
round draws with Jack O'Brien, one'
ten-round draw and he defeated nie
once. Look over my record and then
see where you can find any other that
eoir.es up to ii among the men thai
are challenging Berger.
"The   public   wants   to   know   how
tell ol .-     lampion he really is, and
In  oi di ���  "I  Bn !  oul  he < ould  do no
���  tei ;li ui to match me.   If he beats
he   .' Ill  know  in  the  lirst   place
thai he has been In a flghl and thai
he ls all his friends claim him to be.
if i defeat him, then the public
.vill   know  ihat   he is no  match  for
Jeffries.      The   test    test    tor   Sam
Berger Is to light   me,    1  am  ready
at any time to accommodate him."
Germans  Refuse to  Pay.
San Francisco, July UL���The Trans-
atl antic Fire Insurance Company of
Hamburg, Germany, has refused to
pay San Francisco insurance claims
approximating $4,uoo,0uo. The following statement was given out last
night by the local officials of the company :
"The Transatlantic Fire Insurance
Company denies liability upon the
ground that the losses were from an
Fi.';urc   Left  to   Chance.
., Pretoria six. Krugers    rp ���    Lord Milner declared he saw a trag-
one and the rest of the Transvaal   Ur-   . ,.,,.   behind   .he   precipitancy  of  the
���;  seats.   The members of parliament   government  and  feared that the fu-
would be elected  for five years and   ture or the Transvaal was to be left
\ would be paid tor their services.   For    0 chance.
I the  first   parliament  there  would   ie      Lord  Lansdowne
a second chamber of fifteen members
nominated   ij the crown.   I iui lng
flrsl   session  arrangements  would   be
made for an elective second chamber.
The  constitution   would    contain    a
clause  abrogating the Chinese  lal or
ordinance    after    a reasonable time,
The receiving of Chinese labor Wi  iii
. ���   se entirely on November l.
Hot Time Follows.
An   animate 1   debate   foil '������.
< losing  oi   Mr.  Churchill's    :��� :���.
Alfred  Lyttleton, former colonial  sec-
v tary, said  ii" though;  the  proposal
I : i nature, i omlng as II did only four
. ears afti r the  war.
Mr. Balfour declare.1 it to be a reck-
.   s  and  audacious experiment.    He
argued thai ii was too near the war
! to  expect   ihe   Dutch  to  forget   what
tlu :���  nad suffered and more than human  nature  could  grant    to    expect i
them   to   ' (.   loyal   to   Great   Britain...
He   declared   an   explanation of   tills i
' hurried       rocedure   was   the   govern-!
meul's burning desire to get rid of
| all iis eccnomlc questions in South
' Africa   which   its  rash  pledgi s   oi   a
general election had brought upon it.
Sir Henry Excites Them.
Sir Hen 'v (
. n ler, answered that never in the
course ot liis parliamentary career
had he listened to a more unworthy,
mischievous and unpatriotic -������,   '.
An  i s - Itlng  scene    fi llowed,    the
i : loni-'      - loutlng  "shame,"    gag,"
' i ci; ���'." 'withdraw," i i :.,  but the
i n iu nu ������       imptly ca led a   leclslon
on 'he      estion  of the c
Mi ..real,    July     31.���The      store
house  of  the  St.   Lawrence  Tobacco
ny   was   totally   destroyed   by
fire  at   St.  Laurent   lust  night,  causing   damage   to   the   amount   of   $30,-
000.    The building was 70 feet by  40
and built entirely of wood, so that  it.
made   good  material   for the  f'.a.... i.
It   contained   about   $29,000  worth   < i
tobacco.     Yesterday   morning    after
I having  taken a  quantity of tobaaco-
I necessary  for ihe day's trade out  of
tbe   building  it   was   securely  locked
and it  is nearly certain that nobody
entere ! he doors after that. The fire
mpbell-Bannerman, t! ���   j.; supposed to have  started from  a
cig      tte   lr i] ped  by an employee.
Bills   Pass.
London, July 31.���The musical copy-
righl   I ill  passed  ns  third  reading  In
the  h   ise of commons   today.    The
Iris . tagea    bill    was
h   ise of lords today.
Shingle Weave
Accepts the Open Shop
Seattle, July 31.���The strike against ^ it :n:ng, and it  is probable the
the shingle mills of the state, ordered Whatcom county mills will be im-
by the International Shingle Weavers' mediately reopened. On the upper
Union, has been called off.   The union   Skagit   river, where the shlnglemen's
label   will   not   be   required   even  on
the   product   of  closed   shops.    Local
union    is    strongest,    it  is  likely   a
closi I   shop  policy   will  be enforced.
unions are given authority  to order   Blsewhere the open shop will prevail
a return to work under the open-shop
rule if they see fit.
This decision was reached at an all-
night conference of shingle weavers
held at Tacoma yesterday. The delegates finally adjourned at 4:30 o'clock
overwhelming catastrophe, due to a | this morning with the understanding
visitation of Providence, for indemnity ' that most of the union men would re-
against the consequences of which the': turn to work immediately.
Everett    mills   will   reopen   tomorrow.    The Everett union has already
policy never was intended to provide
and does not provide."
Direct Cable Opened.
Tokio, July 31.���A new telegraph
cable via Bonln, which established a
direct cable between Japan and the
United States, was opened today, this
being the first message transmitted.
Engineer   Killed.
Ottawa.   July   ill.���Two   C.
Dividend on  Steel.
���New   York.  July  31.���The  directors
of the I'nited Slates Steel corporation
today   declared   a   dividend   of   1   per
cent, on the common stock.
| voted, 36 to 24, to return to work, j freight trains at St. Kose, on the
and  wiil  agree  to an open  shop poi-   North Shore line, came into collision
, icy. Olympla and the Grays Harbor today. John Broom, Ottawa, engineer
country are In the same position, of the eastbotind train, was killed. A
.Michael    Earles    removed  the union   misplaced   switch   was   the   cause   of
I label from his shingles at Bellingham   the collision.
Events Are Arranged and Entries Are
Now  Being  Received -Trophies
The  open I uirna-
menl thai is to be played here nexl
Saturda afternoon . ... - o ie a
successful affair. Entries are now being received by the secretary, I-.'.
Duthle, for the different events and
will be received until Friday evening!
al 6 o'clock. The tournament includes;
the following events: Men's singles,
ladies' .'ingles, men's doubles, ladies'
doubles and mixed doubles. The entrance fees are 50 cents for all events'
except for the ladies' singles, which
has been placed al 25 coins. .\ couple
of trophies have been donated and
will be competed for at the tournament.
Fugitive  Surrenders.
Paterson, X. J., July 31.���AV. II.
Belcher, former mayor of this city,
returned to Paterson yesterday on a
train on the Erie electric railroad and
sun . :. ..-.. I himself to Dat id Moi. I -.
t wai len of I he count) jail.
1 eii hi ; was fori e 1 ; y his povertj
t i .:. . ti8i If up. He hail been in
Ni :������   Vork for sevei       I lie de
ci he had  no  in ai      .villi w hii li
i"  : ake  .   stltution  of I 	
is  i to have o       i efore he
bed   .: ....    he cit     ...     .      he   nas
back   ..... ie  charges  again.-'
has nol been out of
the counti in ite of i uinors that
in u. :��� iii he it.'.. . islands an i
Since his disappearani e he has wan-
<l( red a u ut the counl ry. obtaining
emploj mi nl �� here and when he could
and was finally forced by stress, of
circumstances to ret urn to the city
where he once had friends. Belcher
has been missing since Augusl I,
At the time he left Paterson a few
of his closest friends were ready to
draw him out of a financial difficulty.
They did nol know at the time that
he was charged with having obtained
$20.ami by fraudulent representation
and that $5,000 was taken from the
Manchester Building dt Loan association, of which he was treasurer.
��� o	
Debs Urges Uprising.
St. Louis, July 30.���Eugene V. Debs, |
former presidential candidate on the
Socialist ticket, yesterday, in a
speech at Riverside park, caused a
stir among the working men of St.
i^ouis and Illinois when he advised
all werking men of the I'nited States
to assist in the freeing of Charles
Moyer, W. D. Haywood and George
A. Pettibone, the three Denver min-
'ers confined in jail In Idaho, at any
cost, even if it took a revolution to
free them.
"If there are more than a million
working men in the I'nited Suites
who will rise up and demand Ihat
'.bfis��>. men be liberated ," said the
|\sileaker. I will be al the head of
these million to assist In the freeing
of them, if accessary.
The  occasion  of  the  speech  made
by  Mr.  Debs  was a   a ting of the
Moyer-Haywood defense organization.
Settlers'  Case   Reversed.
Victoria, July ' I.���The full court,
ihis morning unanimously reversed |
the decision of Mr. Justice Martin in
Iho cas ��� of the E. & X. Railway Company vs. McGregor. This is a famous
settlers' rights cast*, in which Mr.
Justice Martin upheld the title given
to McGregor under an act passed by
the provincial legislature at the In-
stance of J, H. Hawthornthwaite, M.
L. A.
McGregor v. as oi e am ing a numbe] of ettlers who squ itted on land
in the Esquimau & Nanaimo railway
oilier decisions were as follows:
Newswander vs Geigrich, action
dismisse i and appeal "... [; Calon
vs. Andrews, dismis p costs;
Waring ... Cob .   tnlsse I
with costs; Lewi - v i, I lughes, dismissed with costs; Bi setti \ . I: it-
I. . -. .       .    id;   v. . ..:   .     ii .., ilton,
.   '. ....    I; Coni
Li peal   i      ������ Hi       n    vs
Adai       .-    eu id.
i o	
Deadman's   Island   Gafe.
Van     iver, J I.un
gate wiil nol bull I i ��� i.. Ill on
I lea Inian lie all ro] art:
to tl     con . ] tiei ipts I i
Identl I       I
i.iid I In local me :  n Inlon
parllamenl   wil - that I
as  ipc opnlar a    It ary,  no
... :.i.:  ..       .(       ed on Peadmai
I.    H. G. Mai ed a i-
Ihoril   ivei    this  luornii
islan I will be i     lined ie D imin-
Ion     ��� ���        ent, insl        i
for a purpose .oul
tion in  this  ci
���   '-i
Shoe House
iitfBrasqMata&sa^^ "��� ft ������~���mm��iiimwm?nr*em-'w.
*.iU2di-2H "Ji&u3sJi.Jii}
Men's Shoes
Geo. A. Slater's best $5.50 Russia Calf Boots, $.350
"Boucher" glove fitting Shoes, our $3.50 box calf and
kid lines for       -        .        . $2.50
"Boucher" fine kid low Shoes, heavy soles, a good
summer shoe, our $2.50 line going this morning
for, a pair $1.35
Men's Canvas Boots, high and low cut, the $1.75 kind
for, a pair - $1.00
Ladies' high lace Boots in box calf and kid, our
$3.00 sellers, for - - $1.95
Ladies' fine black Oxfords, a reg. $2.25 shoe for $1.25
Ladies' $1.75 black kid low Shoes, for, a pair, $1.00
Ladies' $1.50 elastic front House Slippers, pair $1.00
Misses' $2.25 tan School Boots, this morning $1.50
Misses' $1.75 Chocolate Strap Slippers, this morning
for - - - $1.15
Misses' $1.50 Black Strap Slippers, this morning 95c.
Children's Low Shoes and Slippers, tan and black,
sizes 5 to 7 1-2, a pair       -       -        -        50c.
These are only samples of what we can do for
you in the shoe line. Do you need new shoes ? If
so, don't overlook our great shoe sale. It won't
last forever.    Come this morning���Wednesday.
l-i .j;   'ui-'\
fdB&! r. fe.
���   ' W��DN��SBAY.  AUGUST  1    tan,
'    I Jut
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash.   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch. Columbia St.,   i
Telephone  12.
New Westminster.    |
'Phone 101
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Irade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Gold Crown and
Bridge Work
Of The Highest Order
Our system of Gold Crown and Bridge
work is the best known to dentistry. We
defy contradiction. The bridge work
made by our system has never been surpassed. Our bridj and crown export is
the highest salaried entist in the west:
We have hundred of testimonials to
prove these statemc ts. Our prices are
about one half what you are accustomed
to pay.    They never change	
Bridge Work", per tooth
Gold Crowns
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
'   T' ... *   . .-,    , ,
$1.00 !
Hou .5 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember lhe Place
'}7   Hastings  St.  VV.,   VRtKoiruT |
-������C     -.'-   ft'*'-'*iWliV       P-S
r. 'i. tiry." "JdnESDAY,  AUGUST  1,  1906.
* sxss jtmmtkyggamaam
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
' /
-    '.'.
V >
syno| Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
'      A.���Coal  .          ���    :��� be    pur-
' $10 i er ft coal
for   an: ���   -
t  Si : .
panics 1    |r]    ft j
may obtain
���    '
A free miners certi      ������    s granted
for    m     r ;:.  re yi   rs, not i     eed
, upon payment ii nci    E $7.51
per n i  r an ind I from   ; ���-  .    ;,   .;���...  m;ies  w:.;  .,
bar   liggings    r bench       ms, exci   I
���    '       S        '  ' ��� -.   -i   Ri'   r,
thi ee red|     I h-watei
n a tr
-'".'. ...
... .
late of tl
' e   thai
':  i fl
���    ���    '        ���   .  .
for    each    1
......     ���   ���
: nl        '���       I on t!
.... r  : t  1
in tl n Terril
'        '
- . ' - ���������':��� I 1    the
r bai      n the river
1    ���'/.:'
..     .. .
1st day of Ai r of the
���' ���"
shall 1   v "    dre Ige
in     -      ���   n   within  tw 1 -   irom
per ai r ipany,
A   fri ���    miner,   ti     ng   1        vered
n:':-, ra   in 1 ace, n   j te '
- ��� v-  :���' ���   " ���
Rem;.' Sioo per mile
:'������'��� ry   to   be   paid   I .1   the
���  pti   Hi r.
!     iree 1   1   r shal! receive a grant
':������     :       feet   by   m rl    g      it   thi f  m  re   :' in     ne  mining  claim  on
'��� ������    legal   posts,  1     ring -           -,       te  1  ���������:,  creek  or  gii :h,
h  end of ��� but  I       same  miner   may  hold   any
'               f tht lode, or vein. irr.bcr of claims  by   purchase,  and
The claim sh  II I     ri     rded within ���-       -     ers   1         ,vork   their   claims
���"...      days ii       1                  ���      mill - :.   ���   rti   rship   by   filing   ���:. ': :e   an I
���    ning r      1 paying fee of  $2,     A  claim   may  be
ri:is even
r  thi      '        L905
ui      on i,   will   be
-   .'��� ainsl   $1,-
.;. 1
enl   .-   year   of
���-/.������ i,34S, and
lei thi ��� . 11 '���
the depart-
:. 15 ��� ..
I th! is I
fi   ���
e '
I   :  r   every   .  :-   A   -A  ni I   and  another  obtained   rn
���   ���       The   thi    - .-  ���     reek,   gi    i.     r   - -Tr,   by
m   5 $5. riving and paj ing a fee.
....      nded ci       '��� ist  be   done   on  a  cl iim
to ti     ���   '������     ���       east
1 thereof. Whi ' ficate  that   work  has   been
���t     '   - ;. . ���    ;    pen l       xupation
��� _.       .������,..     '���'".   by a free miner.
ther      Bei    -    n their sleepers are i  nger,
ler than    1 similar cars
11 thei A        ���    iti   I
Block Sy-
ndaries     fa   :1   m n   y b<
nteu     vl
-    t
-    n 1
ntaining                                - ' - '"'���'.   >"��� : ������    -'���   - ��� '"���  ���
���    i 1 y, of an I made  and      iblishing  n     res  in  the
not exci        u                -. ficial  Gazette.
t.         ...      .                         -ation ���'-.::��� leum���All   unappr  piated   1    -
payment        a j mil    n Lands in Manitoba, thi  N'ortl -
:-   .    ...    ���              the  - il - '������.-���'.   rril  ries ir.d within the Yuk  n
f the pi         ���-                locati >n. Territ  ry, : re    | en to pr  ���;������ :ting f -
���.   \ . .    Manitol       ndlpetrolei m,  an I  the ministi r may re-
,1,,.   ^    y,    -;���                ng 1       y ;'.  " -  rve   for   ar    ndividua]  or company
 , :  pi      ���   ������                 ms g having machinery on the land to be
...     ,    .                 ���   .       re,      try      1 ; '   -;   cted, an area of 1920 acres ror
$;, rei     ,-abl         irly,        n th<   North sucl    peri   1   i.s   he   may   decide,   the
c"a's]   ���                      r claims are either length of which shall not exceed three
the  f    im -   I    ' -   ' times the brea 1th.    Sli ul i the pros-
.    ���       ctending- bet veen high pector      so ver  oil   in   paying   quai
���.   ,   ter marl       Tl     I   in- titles, and satisfactorily establish such
ggings, bul  exti  ids b ���'   '���   ry, an area  not  exceeding 640
., th    basi     :  ���'          I or b nk, not '  -. ir  fading the  oil well, will be
ling   tooo   feet.     Where   sti im -    I to the prospector   it the rate of
.   ij                  |ms   200   :��� -.    .-.    ��� Sl  an acre, and the  remainder of the
.. . v    ,. .,:,���   ned, tr; :t   reserved,   namely,   1280   acre?.
Di   A ��� .'   ���   the Rivers 1 : Maniti b; will '     -   Id at the rate of $3 an acr .
'  ihe  X. YV. T.. excepting the  Yu- subji '- '    '   :��� 'Ity at such rate as may
.     \:-T;  -.,     \ free miner may A>- be specified by Order in Council,
nly tw    le si . of five miles each W. W. COR\.
���    ,   term     ;   twenty   years,  renew- Deputy of the  Minister    f the  In
' |i    ������  the   lis :retion of the Minister '' rii r.
the   1  ^' !1f- Interior.
..   A>  :                 ' ���������������������������_������������
rged beds 01   '     -     :  the river
bi low 1 ��� y low water '   ���'   ��� -
for fii  t year and ?io per mile for e ich
subsi |ll( nt   year.
A    er mining.
Placer  mining in  the   i'ukon  Te
Heavyweight  Func al.
... \    ;'-     itCll  tJ t;l
��� in   Anderson,   Ind.,
says:    ;"     t!    .     id pi iple wi ri   ..
itory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill   tracted to Anderson cemeterj  yester-
claims  shall  not  exceed   .'50  feet   in
length, measured on the base line or
general   direction   of  the    creek    or
. gulch,  the  width  being from  iooo to
2000   feet.      All   other   placer   claims
: shall be 250 feet square.
Claims   are   marked   by   two   legal
' posts,  one  at  each   end. bearing no-   hearse  could  c
! tices.    Entry must be obtained within
; ten   days   if the  claim   is  within  ten
'. miles of the mining recorder's office.   were required to carry the coffin and
' One extra day allowed for each addi-   sixteen men were necessary to lower
tional ten miles or fraction. it into the grave.
The  person  or  company  staking a       Rodecap died of cerebral embolism.
day I;.' the '-aria: of Joseph Rodecap,
a farmer, and the heaviest man in the
county. Mr, Rodecap weighed 400
pounds. His coffin was 5 leet wide.
3G inches deep and 7 feet long. No
rry It, ami a wagon
was used as n  tunera car.    Ten men
claim  must  hold  a   free  miner's  cer
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordin-
iry claims onlv.
Entry fee $10.     Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
j value  of  the  gold   shipped  from  the
' ject to the rights of all persons who
He was 51 years of age.
who may receive entries for| ��::o>>x��C�������>>>::c��>>::��::o>xOX
month ie showing
.-��� eg 'ting $285,-
5    9,2      :      the cor-
- ��� -.    is       nth of 1905.
-   '   - '���   .-
... n this field.
tain     1 the is-
��� ���*. - . ���.-
. i.
Mo .; ���      '.    -  a
I.       .-.
lent :..
rJ.   Man 1 be sti rted
11   - .  -.   ���''������ !
for tl ��� - to fall, bin
���   is  no assur-
I .  .-. ill    ��� gin  ivorl    it once
lei        - - . e    he 1 ' :'
��� 0	
Blaze   ac   Blaine.
1.���The Palace hotel,
an 1    the    Nlcolet
��� -   . II idging house n ere de-
night     by   flre,  which
who!    ..    less section
. .: .   The Steaul II    A ., was
hard work, an I if that
'    In   live  other  buildings
���t .' ��� _ ne   with   it,   including
..   -���   Imi    tani   -   ires
Thirte a I 1 5 on the
N'o ern tracks ln the rear of
also In danger,
t th time .- so hot
a .v. - ;., le to re-
. pour water on
The cars an ! iheir contents
... ued 1 150,0 0,
The Palai ��� hotel was owned by
Paul A. Wolten. It was run by A. E.
Veamon, whose loss is $3,000, fully
Insured, The total damage done by
the fire Is estimated at $12,000. The
flre started in the hotel kitchen from
an unknown cause.
Labor Men Alter Date.
Victoria, July 31.���Owing to the fact.
that J, Ramsay Macdonald, M. P. in
the Imperial house, will arrive here
previous to the date originally set
for the meeting of the Dominion
Trade and Labor Congress, it has heen
decided to alter the date In order n>
permil of the labor men of Canada
meeting him here. The ojiening meeting, originally set for September 17,
has now been changed to September
10, when Mr, Macdonald will be present, leaving here on the Ht li. A. Ver-
vllle, M. !'. of Quebec, will meet Mr.
Macdonald at Quebec on August 17
and accompany him across the continent.
.   A.* ''
���" n
I fl
i* ������    ��� "1
'' ���
���  Ijli
ii; %!
1 11
' ': Em
��� ii   ; '������:"��� J
J * 'EEsi'-'
��� m.
i f&.iii'i
���'*    .ffiT'TA!
Published bj   The Daily New.- Pub-
Ishlng   Com iany,   Limited,   at   thel
ifBces   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
Btreets, New  Westminster,  B, C.
taxing him  according to  bis  ability
ia .   and   the   Amerlc in   Idea   oi
Ing hlm roundly an I ' ttlng him
a ie thirty-nine-fortieths of '.iis '.i\:-
would  decide I i  -' i;   n here
lie is    Seattle Star
j. c.
Brown P..  J.   Eurde
Transient display a lvert'lslng, Hi
conts per line I nonpariel i 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
jui sequent  Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
fonts per line, brevier or nonparlel, l"
ccats per line.
Foi lime contracts, special posl-
t o'is, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, ,".t>c. Wants, for sales, lost 01
found, rooms to let, etc., one een; per
word. No advertisement taken fcr
|osj than 25 cents.
Business effice      22
Editorial   office       17
Manager's   residence    277
In 1 oi onto thej have i api ired i ue
r    the   meanest   burglars  on   recoi I.
i ii essed in the stolen uniform of an
ur   of the Salvation  Army, he
i   ei o railing the houses of Salva-
. officers,   He did not        ire great
wealth,  bin   he  di I   displaj   colossal
i N D
AT '
THEM   (iltt)W.
l; is high time that something were
done for the security of the mail and
express cars and the brave men who
travel in  them.���Seal lie   New.-.
>��;.���:>..+�� >>>�����>>>>>;>>>>; ����;:���."
mem iei of pai liami n ' ir St Mary'.-.
"According to law," said he, "I could
bave waited until the nexl session of
parliament to resign, but I though'
i' preferable fron. every point of
view id send it in immediately. This
Dr.  Bnnd  Appointed.
Woodstock, July 31.���Dr. Brind of
this citj has received the appoint-
menl of Dominion veterinary Inspec-
toi al Vancouver, and leaves this week
��� i assume his new duties,
Dr, Brind is a member of the board
of directors of the Ontario Veterinary
WEDNESDAY,   AUGUST   1,   1906.
Mr, Geoi ge Wrighl Halil . has
begun a cru   ide a gain I   i   ���' mil    on
thc stage, an 1 theiq tei tl - i  iw re-
celliu~ ci nsidera ill   atti . lu
. . ess,    i he genei al opii us to
be that : is no Imaginary e\ 11 n hli i
Mr, Wi Ight combats b it a real
Il Is nol m> much blasphi tu that Is
complaini . of as the free i ipon
the stage of expletives t are vul-
gai ral bei than pro ne. As the Ottawa Free  Press says:
' Nowa laj s exclam r Ions w Ith a pi o-
fane sma -k to them are seldom if
ever missing from melodrama, The
moral : re of 1 he hi arer Is coarsene I
bj this promiscuous flippancy���to call
ii by Its most innocent name. Boys
and girls are unnecessarily Impressed
by what they hear and see. If, in our
theatres, ihey hear words freely spoken which are forbidden In the home
and no: ice that grown-up people are
unmoved by them, can we wonder
that thev. too, soon begin to use a
daring freedom in speech at which
our grandparents would have been
dical Association,   1 Ii
Istock for Ave years
'..   ��� een
I di
1   as  soon  as
1   was   sworn
in   as
e of special
Not  Guilty.
ince Albert,
Sask.,  Julj   3
conclusion ol
the trial of
in   In-
named Jum
io, accused ot
I.t i
ng another In
dian las' May,
;i ver-
of not  guilty  was  returns
1   and
prisoner was
Manitoba  Blazes.
-   ��� .  !.: .t Man, Julj  31,    I'he h >���
bow a as  ; he Shoal   La      louse
James Bow les, was destr t; -
ed    .   flre toda  , to       ���      ,-ith fifteen
u li rs'   I elon-a. .  mi
on the I uilding was $1,	
'! ..     farmers'  eh . .���   -     u   Rothwi
. o des:roved.
Sails for  Hudson's  Bay.
Halifax, X. S., Julj  31.���The ste
ei    Adventure,   chartered   by   the   l�������
ivernmenl   to carry   Ma   u
Mo   lie   ind   the   N n I hwest   mounte I
; dice I ' Huds m's Baj  stations, sails
��� ring.
John D. Is Glad.
��� .    ind,   ()..   Julj    31.���Mr,   and
Mrs.   .lohn   11.     Rockefeller     . ��� a hi .
li veland  to lay  on  the   Lake  Sh ire
Limite i.     i'he..   were  driven  dire I Ij
to Fore.-,:  Hill, their suburban home.
Mr.  Rockefeller  greeted  the  news-
, ipei   men  who had gathered   r  the
union station mosi cordially.   He said
he was glad  to get   hack  to his ol I
"Our  slay  in  Cleveland."  continued
Mr.   Rockefeller,  "will   last  until  the
��� i :>���:���:    i.   i   ii!.ii. iei-.
"In mj- i   in   - 'marked n
Br i.   i eler u    . ig to his
"I : - pan Ion  nn
.    '���  . i. ��� ���      ���      |iinintance
1  pri     I Vftel eou
ile of five        ��� ��� Iiw     fteruoon
" ������ itopp d ::: ii : iniih in  ��� for a drink
of ml        i tin     . d .....   .  !- ���  und licv*
ivi'reshin: ll ������.-���: But th - old gentleman dr nk 1: . i I set his glass
'.-���v. a with -i good , ponIon of lhe rich
milk untom h ���.
" '\ ery ll   ��� drink,' he said as we re
sinned our jnunt,
" "J'h .... why didn't you drink all of
It?' I ; -�����  1.
" 'That's tl: ��� wn    I ma ko my contribution to lh -  Ion   ���  fund.' he ex
plained seriou -: v. 'Wheu I was a boy
autumn, 1 hope, until our usual time , worked on n rami and was taught al-
for going easi in October, ft will be ways, after rinniag, to leave a little
a  little shorter than usual, owing to   wat -r In the milk cans.'   ���New York
our trip abroad, but we hope it will
be long enough to enable us to see a
great deal of our friends."
>I*mi Wiih  Women'* Voices,
Generally speaking races living at
high altitudes Inn e wi a ker and  more
j highly pitched voices than th ise living
in regions where the supply of oxygen
is more plentiful. Thus among th��-
Indians living on tha plateaus between
ih.' range"; of th ��� Andes, at nn elevation of from lisi to fourteen thousand
fee:, the men have vib-o. like women
and the women like children, and their
: singing is a shrill mon it ine The Australian   native has  a   weak   voice,   but
In   iis   comment,   the   Free   Press,
however,   rightly   widens    the    issue. Fire   Fighters  Organize.
Much more detrimental to public mor- Brandon, Man., July 31.���At the con-
ality than the profanity of the stage vention of representatives of fire
Ic the profanity Of the streets. In brigades of Western Canada between
public places it is impossible for chll- the Great Lakes and the mountains,
dien to escape from hearing bold vul- an association was organized, to be
garities of speech, and even the pres-' known as the Western Canada Fire-
ence of ladies  is no check upon the j men's Association.    The  main object.
foulness of some tongues. The Free will be to improve the fire fighting j a knack of sending it a longdistance,
Press would welcome the enforcement efficiency in towns and villages. Chief' and the lowest tribes of African bush-
in Canada of a law against blasphemy Wisewell, Brandon, is president; Chief men also possess weak' voices. Of all
similar to that at present in force in. Buchanan,    Winnipeg,    vice-president  uuman beings   r would seem that the
for Manitoba; Chief Smart, Calgary,
however, be wid- vice-president for Alberta; Chief
etied still further. "Promiscuous flip- White, Regina, vice-president for
pancy" is the phrase employed by the Saskatchewan. Secretary. .1. Manlove,
Free Press, and a great deal of the Virden; treasurer. Chief Young, Sas-
evll complained of is rightly described ; katoon.
as    such.      There  have always  been o	
-.'hose who mistake vulgarity for wit,
bin   they   are   more   numerous   today
Winnipeg, July 31.���There are sure
to be protests from Alberta cities following the publication of the census
bulletin from Ottawa, which gives Calgary's population as 11,793 and Ed-
monton   as   11,534.     As   a   matter  of
St. Louis.
j    The issue should
Don't Like the Count.
dwarf race <lis.- ivered  by Stanley  in
central Africa havo, in point of volume
I nml  compass,  the  weakest  of human
| voices,   and    this   is   only   what   one
would   expect   from   the   feebleness of
: Iheir physique generally.
Hug. 1 In FMstory.
than ever before. Many forces are
ai work to destroy our sense of reverence, and we hold but few things
sacred. As a result children are being
: tught that to be flippant is synonymous with being clever. In that the
stage is not the chief offender. While! fact- Calgary officials believe fro:, the
influential journal- speak of high dig-   assessor's figures that t
11 B. C. -Tiberius Cl
man emperor, waa
Agripplni. hla nli
mother of Nero, A,
indiiis DnisuH, Reborn;   poisoned  by
li; and wife, thc
D. 54.
nltarles as "Bill" and "Teddy," or
parody scripture, or jest on solemn
themes, children do not need to enter
-' the ��� ��� ti be expoi ed to "promiscuous flippancj-." It is enough that
they go to the public school and learn
io read. In this journalists would do
veil to sel  their own house In order
Is well over 20,	
Judge  Piche  Resigns  Seat.
Montreal,   duly    31.���Judge     Piche
today  announced   his   resignation   as
1799���Biitile of the Nile; Nelson destroyed
thp Frew h fleet,
1818���Marl i Mitchell, astronomer, born In
Nantucki t.  Mass.; died 1889
1894���Joseph Holt, formerly a cabinet ofrier ar.d Judge advocate general under
Lincoln, died at Washington; born
1807. Japan declared war against
1902���Mrs Ellzah th Drew Barstow Btod-
d .nl    Ami novoli*,   wife  of   the
poi ��� Rl li i- i I !��� m - Stoddard, died in
Ni w  i'orlt eil   ; born  1S22.
yjii ��� Retr    '    of   the   Russian   army   to
I.i.lT.   :   ���..:
before   undertaking
to    reform    the
King Edward is to visit the Cer-'
man emperor some time in the
autumn. Although the emperor's visits have been chiefly productive of
mischief, Britons can trusl the wisdom and prudence of their own sovereign, in Germany ll Is otherwl e,
��� ������ i . li:.- to the Vosslche Zeltung,
which says;
"We are seml-offlclally Informed ad
nauseam of the embj ices, kisses and
pleasanl speechei exchanged by mon-
archs, but experience teaches us thai
all this has no Influence on the tren 1
of International politics. With whal
cordialit; . for example, dl 1 the kaiser
not assure the presenl czar of Germany's Men Iship, and yet thai did
not prevent the czar from taking anything but a friendlj attitude towards
Germany in the Moroccan affair. It
is iiii won.ler that the German people
have gradually become wearied of the
voluminous reports of journeys and
Bpee< hes of princes, and it would be
no misfortune if political royal visits
should eease for a while."
No; there is no escape for the millionaire from democracy.    It  extenas
everywhere and  i.-  w irse I ir him in
some   place.    Mian   ;���;   horn.'.     Forced
to  choose   bet ween   11 e   Brit   h   i lea |
of treating the mill!  na    ��� I In 11;
Great Special Sale
Summer Suits
Coats ��m Pants
5 Only Suits     Lined
// Only  Su/fs���1 ll i li
1 he remainde '
coats, dark striped, grey
ed coats,  dark checked ,
$10 suits, als ' r al   .
striped and light check;
flannels;   good service
pants, to clear       17.00,
homespun.   Usual good
able goods,    i fsual good
Our $8 suits art
SLI values; to clear, the
$12 values; to clear, the
for $5.15; and oi
price     -      -     $10.00
suit       -       -       $8.00
suits are going for ���*-. !
The remainder of Straw and Imitation Panama Hats,
���   to clear at       - HALF PRICE
Five dozen Men's Straw Hats (boater shape); prices
from 75c to $1.25; to clear, the price 25c the hat
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   WorK,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
New Westminster. f. U. 474.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone -\i.l.
J. H. Gniey, 'Pnone l-4-l
Dealers ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents li. U. Pottery Co. sewer pipe. eir.
l.oeai agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
j  Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
I 'Phone 1-b
>i>ii*i>:>:>:i*:>:>i>;>;>;>;>.:��:>:>^;>;��:������; >>>>>>;��c<*3C<�� '���"���:���;;���>:���:>-���..��� *;���-���������*������*������!'���
Fortune  Teller:
Mr. Automania:
"3ewa-e!     Your  bitterest   enemy   will   shortly   cross   yaw
"Good!     My auto won't do a thing to him!"
SEALED TENDERS addressed t
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender �� >!��� Post Office, Fernie, ll. C ." will
be received al this office until Satur-
i ij, August I. 1906, Inclusive, tor the !
��� on -'ruction of a Post ' iffice, &c
building al Fernie. ll. c.
Plans ami specifications can be seen
and forms o! tend sr obt lined al this '���
Department an I on application t-> Hob-'
ert   A.   Kerr,   Esq.,  Clerlt   of   Works,
Fernie, Ii. C.
Persons tendering are notified thai
t'n lers will not lie considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
Each tender musi be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, made payable to the order of
the Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. 113 p.c.) .
". the amounl of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter Into a contracl when
called upon to do so, or If he fall to
complete the work contracted for, If
the lender be nol accepted the cheque
will he returned.
The Department does not hind itself
to accept tho lowest or any tender,
lly order,
Departmenl  of Public Works,
Ottawa. July 12, L906,
Newspapers Inserting ibis advertisement  wlthoul  authority from the !>'���
,  : part ment will n I . o    ild for It.
To Figure on Your Plumbing Requirements.
We have c full Line of
Lavatories., Sinks, Baths, etc., to select from.
Have you seen our one piece enamelled sink ?
;���: iLirvtiiED J
Sor.?ctf;i;i3 Unique is
Coconut Cream
1 DY
r^~-3G?J WED
Good Opportunity
This, to Buy
Dress Muslins
30 pieces of various lines und color-
orings; all new this season; worth
up to 35c for, yard     -     1 2ic
50 pieces fine Scotch Gingham
Zephyrs, pink, blue, oxblood and
plain, also check and embroidered, etc.; worth up to 30c - 1 5c
20 pieces of Percales and fine English Prints, worth 15c yard, for,
yard 10c
30 or 40 pieces of choice Dress Muslins, Grenadines, Vestings, White
Batiste, all personally selected for
this season's trade; 35c, 40c and
60c; clearing at        -        25c
Send a Trial Mail Order and See
What the Big Store Can Do.
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
Local News Briefly Told
Come in and see our assort-
lent of the famous
j    which arrived a short time ago.
J    It is swell.
' J. J. MACKAY & CO.,
Fhone   157.
1   . . . ��� T , I , . .
i   :,,;   e "-W
/KX-   '.���, ;-;������ -���	
S|MDI    a s
^^^��-��.SS����    WWW * ���-- ���.    �����-��� -   -
Largest  Stock   in  the City.
Mounted     In   any   Style     you   Desire
Come and   Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
Vhe Jeweler,
Columbia St.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
It'ext Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
m.a���n.11? ������������I nig^
i La Ij
: iv   . i    map    in
iill iw hats.    H. L,
The reus Is   being
:  .       i .,ii appe u n ������
���   Belllngham on Augusl  11
I: Bpecto' '-' C. O, Hopkins il the
.: thwesi ���:. p . dice ii at presenl in the i ' . spending i few 1 lys
"���'ith friends
The  poundkeeper's  al tent lon  i- di-
recte I  to the  :' tct  thai   i  cow   an I  a
c   '   have   evei     day, fo       ime time
turing on the i' im i \ m
streel       mleva   i
W     ii Ic, ii )������   loading
ai   the   M will i i ��� 1 ;
to come   I iwn river this evening    It
will   probably   be  piloted   oul   to  the
ton  in ovi  morning
:    ���    con     ll of tl ������  pi il il.
ii . I  i meel Ing in Maj ���
ti   laj   ��� '    nooi
��� : ���
���    . ��� eet-
:        terd ......
���       '- i offlci
rhi        . t
���   ���    en Qurnab
wanted   I      househol attle
.-    .   .       Ivei
the G. X. R     nd wil     ike
coi   ention ti d     e e
companlerl - heir   wives,    ind    ire
Istered    t thi   Guichon.
The conti icts foi the - ip il if .:������>���
eerie ���   I n   the   pi nltentl  ry,
��� he        -.    md proi incl i K-ere
nil    secure 1    this   year   bj    Ge n ge
\ I ims.    One Is lei        thi   Doi Ini in
-��� fnn enl   ind th      ber two by i he
provincial   tovernm        ai
1 iwest tenderer.
Thi funeral of lhe 18-m nl hs- il i
ol James Smith of Woodsworth
Landing will take place this morning
after the arrival of the Transfer. The
bodj '.vjll be buried in the i. O. O. F.
cemeter; at Sapperton, and the Rev.
Mr Burton of Woodsworth Landing
wi'l officiate. I). Murchie is hi charge
it the funeral arrangements.
The finance committee of the city
council ha.s made a grant of $1')0
towards the booklet which Is about
to he issued by E. Paige and E. Sands.
I is promised that the booklet will
he nicely Illustrated and will contain
a large quantity of information such
,i- is required by intending settlers
or investors in this city and district.
An application for all the water
running In a small stream lu Surrey
Center was posted in the water commissioner's office yesterday morning
bj Joseph Tambouline of Westham
Island. The water is to be used for
agricultural and domestic purposes.
The dog-killer Is at work again. A
valuable fox terrier was found dying
from the effects of administered
poison las* evening at the corner of
Sixth and Victoria streets. The matter was reported to the police, but.
the owner of the dog was not discovered, lt is believed thar strychnine
was used  in  the successful effort to
- iose of the dog,
Rev. Father O'Boyle, O. M. !.. D. D.,
trrlved j esterday afternoon from the
��� .st. He Is jusl dellghte i over his
: rip an 1 speaks enthusiastic illy of
this p o\ Ince. For the time being
he will act as parish priest of St.
Peter's church, as Rev. Father Lard in
leaves In a few daj 3 E ir Seattle and
Tacoma, where he is going to preach
a series of sermons.
Mr. Buntzen, managing dlrectoi of
the British Columbia Electric Railway
Company, will be returning to London, England, aboul Augusl 15, Mr.
Buntzen spends aboul eight months
of the year ln London and the iv-i
of the time he Is In this province
Mning after the Interests of his fellow directors and listening to plans
for proposed extensions of the 'ram-
Chief Mcintosh was advised yesterday afternoon that a crippled man
had been begging around the city
for some time, and he at once Instituted search for the man. Some
Inkling of the Interest lie was awakening in police circles evidently
reached   the   cripple,   for  he  hopped
out of (own before the police could
place their hands on him. The man
in quest lon has only one leg and has
i been soliciting alms rrom the charitably disposed by a doleful tale of
a terrible accident which deprived
him of that useful member.
The liritish Columbia Medical Association convent ion which opens here
today will be largely attended by
! medical men from all over the province and bids fair lo be one of the
n nsi successful hold by the association.   An at-home will be held on the
'  . D
..     ' ii ��� .  :. .
Invited.    Meel in ���    will   m
George     b        od ij   an I
i ��� iw    al   ������  del    papei.    will
read   ind reporl - re< elve I,
.-  ������   iui i ornei  w Indow tor snap.-, in
" ��� lit - a:; I Bt: aw   bats,    11.  I..
'i be Ian 1 i egisti j . el urns for i be
:. in h ol Julj were $1,130, thus being
$160 less than for the previous month.
The  officers  and   members  ol   the
Maple  Leaf Convivial  No. 1  Juvenile
R     il  Templars Intend  bolding theli
aunual   picnic at   the  Becond   beach,
Sl inley  park, Vancouver, on  Friday,
A ugust   3.    A  .-; eclal   car  will  leave
the i; am offlce al 9: 30 a. in., and on
��� he return trip will leave the park at
7 p. :n.   Tickets are now on sale, the
. Ice   :nin^   50  cents   for  adults  and
enl - for children.     a   splendid
am me of sports has i een arranged, and several donations havi- been
celve i from I iei        which will be
��� embers  of
i.    r, ol 'l Ij  Invite I,
n lldren   utei   li      irill be can
i ��� ed   iftei   A    '  ������  committee
20 Per Cent  Discount
Makes a Big Saving When Buying Furniture
i.   .
���   50 good      lu      Iron Bed for    $3.60
Ro -    lei   ���-.;.  iargaln   it ��� 1.50, tor.. .$2.30
Pari t Furnlt n ��� A equall    I iw In price.   We have a Bplendld line
-   i   i'i-   tered Goods   md   in     ure to please you.    It  will pay you
line.    These special   prices  will   nol   last  long,  so  pur-
'.i ie ���; ���-'.  toi ' ish and Bave something.
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
| Reduced Prices!
��� ON
Preacher   Excuses  Noah,
'i ful       0      '.   -, eclal   to
nes fi   .i.  Ocean I    ive, X.  J.,
'I . '. Christi ins
i nol vote ' hi       ihi    lon ticket
were      tlclsed      - the meet-
in lei   the   aus ��� ;   ���    ol   'he
mal i Ihristian  11 n  iei im e Union.
'  mes    x.   Fitzgei aid      ild    there
would   be  no  saloons   In  America  If
V iei lean   ran: < h    membei -   voted   as .
Rev. Dr. James M, Ferris of the
Sixth Avenue Reformed church in
Brooklyn, said Xoah was one of ihe
I : -��� men mentioned in history to
stumble through drunkenness. The
���milder, though, had an excuse
: ir tailing, for it' there ever was a
:.. in who must have been tired of
water, that man must have been
Tiie  evening sermon  was preached
bj   Dr. David Burrell. of Xew York.
 o ���
Has a Freak   Horse.
Grand Forks, July 2'.'.���The greatest
novelty in tlie form of horseflesh ever
brought into the Boundary country
has jusi made its appearance in
Grand Forks in the form of a racehorse owned by Fred McKeehan,
American immigration agent at Grand
Forks. This horse has been brought,
in from the Palouse country. Its running qualities are excellent, and it
can distance all the local racehorses.
The animal is striped like a veritable
zebra, aud is in addition to its other
qualities an unusually knowing animal Yesterday it wus discovered that
i; Is a trick horse, performing some
wonderful feats.
The general supposition now is that
the animal, although still young, originally belonged to some circus, and
by some strange accident became the
property of a Palouse farmer. Among
the tricks performed by this animal
is one where it will sit up and beg
like a dog until it is rewarded by
some sugar or other sweets. The arrival Of the horse here has created
quite a sensation. Mr. McKeehan has
'i i".: keeping the animal at the Black
Hawk livery barn, and hundreds of
I eople are going daily lo see this
wonderful production of horseflesh.
Mr. McKeehan would not take $5110
for the animal.
 o ���
Leaves for Northern Wilds.
Edmonton, July 31.���Dr. Genoii, late
of .Montreal, who has beeu a guest at
tlu- St. .lames for several days, left
this morning with a party of mounted
police for the north. The police will
accompany him as far as Athabasca
Landing, and the doctor will continue
his journej by way of Lesser Slave
lake and Dunvegan to Fori St, John.
:S. C, on the Peace river. There he
Intends remaining for a year or more.
to await the arrival of the pany of
mounted police which is now engaged
ir breaking a road from Dawson City
to Athabasca Landing. The doctor
will then accompany it to Edmonton.
The trip north to Fort. St. John will
occupy several weeks, the distance
being about four hundred miles. It
Is expected that the doctor Will be
absent  nearly two years.
\ Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits I
| The  White Mouse f
I   A. J. BIRTCH. 275 Columbia St. |
Two   Lccal    Bartenders   Are   Accused
of   Supplying   tne   Fiery
Johnnj Nelson, an Indian who recently arrived here with the peaceful
intention of making a little money
during the fishing season, but who
was led away from the path of dtity
bj the allurements of the saloon, was
arrested yesterday afternoon, by the
city police, while in a state of intoxication. His companion iu misfortune,
a halfbreed who is known us Johnny
Curry, was also corralled after attempting to put up a scrap and resisting the majesty of the law. The
charge against him will be one of
drunk and disorderly. Both cases
will come up in the police court this
Acting  upon   information    supplied'
by the Indian and his companion, two '
local   bartenders   are   to   be   charged
in the police court this morning with
supplying liquor to them, and will be
given a hearing by the police magistrate at 9:30.    No  liquor  was  found
upon   the   Indians   when   they   were
searched   at   the   police   station,   but
their condition was evidence enough
that   they   had   absorbed   a   plentiful,
Railway   Work   Deiayed.
Winnipeg, July 31.���Construction of
the Grand Trunk Pacific at Edmonton is being delayed on account of
the difficulty in securing men. This
fact is dwelt upon by F. W. Morse,
general manager of the company, who
is now at that place looking over
the route and making arrangements
for the prosecution of construction.
The great amount of construction
and development operations being carried on by the Canadian Northern ani
Canadian Pacific throughout the west
is taking up all available laborers,
and it is believed for several years
railway work will be retarded.
Mr. Morse says every effort will be
made to find sufficient labor to ac-
oomplish the early construction eastward from  Edmonton.
Schweitzer, of Toronto. Ont., f:	
brink of the American falls on   '��� u ���
���"     Schweitzer attempted suicide.
situation   required  aa  bookkeeper
or accountant; large and varied ex-
perience; strictly conscientious and
trustworthy: state salary. Turner,
Chlckne, Sask.
CONSULT Madam N��*yes on all mat-
. .ters pertaining to business and marriages, past, present and future foretold.    One week only.    Corner 8th
and Carnarvon street.
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
suitable for an ofiice. Apply to
Chas. G. Major.
minster, holden at Xew Westminster.
Notice to George Wales.
Pursuant to order of His Honor
Judge Bole, dated July 26th, 1906, application will be made at the courthouse, Xew Westminster, to presiding
judge of the county court at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, on Monday,
the 27th day of August, 1906, for an
order concelling the plan of lot 233,
group 1. Xew Westminster district,
being number 125.
Solicitors for Appellant.
Vancouver, B. C.
Approved:   J. J. Cambridge, Registrar.
Accident  Kills Aeronaut.
Salt Lake City, July 31.���Joseph
Mc.Matin, an aeronaut, from a small
town near Des Moines, ia., died yesterdaj as the result of a fall at the
Salt Palace Sunday night,
lie ascended In a. c.union attached
i i ,i balloon. When the cannon, sustained by a parachute, was cut loose
from the balloon, McMann undertook
to drop from the muzzle of the cannon with a second parachute. The
apparatus did not work properly and
the aeronaut dropped 150 feet. Both
ankles were broken and he was fatally  injured  internally.
Ladies Preferred
To take orders for the Calgary Milling Company's
flour that is the favorite in
every household where it
has been used.
Salary  and  Commission.
Calgary Milling Co.,
Front   Street.
Mrs. Corey Gets Decree.
Reno, Nev,, July 31.���Mrs. William
Ellis Corey was awarded a decree of
divorce from William Ellis Corey,
president of the United States Steel
corporation, yesterday  afternoon.
��� o	
Judge Critically   III.
Halifax,   X.   S.,   July   31.���Judge
Sedgewick of the  supreme court  of
Canada,  who is  at   Chester,  at  the
home   as   a   relative,   is   critically   ill
ami physicians have faint hope of his
Publicly Honored.
Niagara Falls. X. Y., July 31.���May-
oi Cutler tonight publicly presented
Patrolman Harry Batts and Fireman
Thomas Conroy with gold medals for
their    bravery     in     rescuing    Amos
!f<       GIVE   YOUR   CHILDREN        8
J;    AND  WATCH  THEM   CROW.     $
. . .
Drug   Store
.. I 'I!
'"A' j
,i     ,'   ''i   *
���'���' i-
��� !it
TV   H     K
��� '*     I]
' ! -
;  fV.f   i.t" ' ���
'���'     (  l. '    T
��� 4m
' i!'}i";,J
��� .oi...!,,
V     J
!     July  4,  1306.
:  I      ' n CLt'tc sua r.
urday and Sand        I  I
0  :    x.  Sal SO.  4��4      ���������        -.--.���..
. noon on Wed-
I      . i. ���_��
;se HA
t w��\
L- ' - -    -       - .
to m     ti ���   n
it i
To ' ' -
; lbe  Bi - r   ;
Bi r I and
:.        - ..   1  ���       i offense        I
thi ; --��� .     Si.
Bl -.'���'-.���.
[J'THBl       KB
!.  . -   - :. - -  -
; .   -     skate   I      Rive!
Id -���
.    i to I
���   ���
_- -   -.   the
P               ber.   I'
I:    .
, f .
t ���  the ��� ���
f tin                     !   -, tbi
��������� 1  -'     tried ti struggle t-
1 ���-:��� fei ���
lii'iid above Tom Runy i
. -.   He w is
-   '                  .      tho d
Bi fore ���'..������ ��� mid pain
I -
Foot   f 4th Ave.       r. 16th   Street
Sen lestmlBSter, B. f.
All ki i Shi
Scow  1
Estimal -
..   .
rille Jo -
5.  5. Queen  C ty
-   ".'.
Railway Companj
124 Bgftti] St., New Westminster. B.C.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
. . '��� .
���-. '       ���:������   ���   RK
Si   imer Tran sfer
od ��
���     . trip on Mon -
i accepted cheque on a charten
es Steveston Monda'
... r   the   Interior,   1      the
- .      -   . -.-.
nt to pay for l
N'o tendei       telegraj e enti
RLEY  G    K:A    3
- ���       '  '   -   A '- '     "
90 DA
C. P, .-:
r a. l
Saturda;   '       :
S. S. Beaver
- -        -   A        ' -'--.��� ::.
i and Fri day {
- ag al
.'���   . minster
'.; "'HERN   E.  C    ROUTE.
S.   S.  Tees
Assistant   General    Pst
GEC.   .'.-
'        DC
synopsis   of    Canadian     Homestead Regulations
Dominion Lai
a the R
Great Northern Ry,
Time Table   |
V. VV. & Y. RY        :
. -.
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
: a     . - l
. A        .
and  LUX - i   I   .   with
e  most
....... ..   _
rid.      A -   ���     ��� ���     ���      -.--���-    i
....       ....       .      .       . .
16 section sleepe.-f, - g
,��r. rfL..:  ng t-   A- -
. jdern .        ::-:...-
I :-n   and  si
For Time Til .   ider-
further   nfon    t   - -
Trains <��:
-:      '
--"       -        - ��� .    ���
-   : lally.  ther
.: ; - tie, Wash   Lv- X- V\
Arrive  .'���'       '- lally.
P. R. MISS1 :. ' '-     ���'.
:.      V.        " 25, Ar.  Sea;
Lv. Seattle, 15        Ar. N  v.. .   2
C.l - JU.N ". [i  '.'
Lv.   \,   W.   ;..-.   .���   A   17.20,   19.25.
A-.   X.   VA  9.15, 1 19.10, 20.20.
P. R. MILLS :      SPEC] ':'...
Lv. N. '   , 11.2 -      tie 4 p.l
e. (.34 i
settler I permai
farming J
by him ty oi }
the i        ' '        to ri
A    '
���' ���   - -
Six n  ���'
be given t    tl ner
minion Lai I     tl - tention
...   ....
N. B   Ol
F. C. Gl
Ni ��
.-'      T
- '     -
The Milwaukee'
The   p.cr.'*-   L:~::v:i"   St   Paul   tc
Chicago,   "Short   : ir.e"   Oms
South     West    Limited"
Kar.sas City tc Cl t ag ;
.-      ]
r.g car their 1
���   '
r34 Third St., cor Alder  P  rtl  nd
Canadian Pacific:
Ro>al Mail Steamship
the i
Lr. V
J i
I Northern Pacific
, ���*.
' '
.'.'   :. .
ELE   .
hour I
���'������'.    ::      ;;.
Lv.  Vane   . ���:   (or   '������'���  tminst( .-
- :.   .rs.
Fraser River and Gulf
.'  RIVER.
Thr eo
Trains Dail)
New York. Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
AX1    '
Special    Reduced   Rate*   Round  Trif
Rates   to   Southern   Ca    .-na
,   ���
C.   P.   P.  AGENT
Canadian Pacific Railway Co,
Bt  Line
di     li
Soj iei
British  Columbia  Coa
B      rig  a  Eg  Ci'cus.
recently j 1 in P
lid that it 1
ties the
size of P ���   er is
senl out ahi -. tvhii h
. fori ��� fteen to
twenl en.    Bes   ��� ���        % fit-
(Subject ti        age wiuiout   notice
May,   leavi      Vancouvei
i ine .'
ess bi i ������ - V..-. ' ire:
:        -     .i eavi      Van - iver
July 7th.
I'.i.v i-.-a Uta'  :  ���-, '-.i ������ - V..:.
Et "  -    '      I. Frid
I       ........ , S
Rai oi ���
' ���   ��� a.m.
Fi - ���        -.;.,:
I.  ���   fer���
ex. Sat. and Sun.
. |. ��� .
"��� i.m.
From �� toi .   .. -     ���
���- :  .
'.'      . I IRIA AND ISLANDS.
��� ���
F         '��� I i  Mcti., 7 a.m.
I-" ���    '���          ��� ���        an 1 Sat i a.m.
Mail Service
Spokane Falls i Northern Rv.fo.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
<'. IA LANG, Geni i
th( 130 Hastings St., Vai
���   ���
fcr Tii
-   .     -.
must   be   n
Th�� ���       route
lints east, west ai
tlon   to;iand, Xe]
D. ��� nncctingatS
Ont., to A. E.   D     ��� '��� ' I
'A ���   i.     t       Q      ec, P. Q ���-  '���   '
A.    E.    Hodgii       District   Endm '      "   '     ' ;; '
Kei        Ont !     '    " : '   '  '
Creek i    nl
1 " - ���      ���    Mej ���-    ���
'   ' '   ' ' riven   on   form o! si B,  ,t :y ; , K..; ,biic.
'���    ler. ���   ���- ������    e  on  trains  bei
Each ti ��� ���    i       . ��� ��� !    and Spokam    ind  N< Ison,
ted up with ..'��� '��� : ��� ���   ns   ',:1'-V 1:;th-
the t'ournge to call to him he stopped   f"r these men, -. h .. car has a ca-       Princess
ty for twenl   I    3 of paper and   July 17th.
le ; yet   Vane 1 iver,
suddenly  and  1 irned    In  a  flash  ! ������
was ni her side, kneeling before ber.
"What's tie matter, di ar?" he asked
"Are 3 "ii burl':"
"I've -!>������;: ni '1 n y ankle," Bhe s ���'���'��� ������ I
"and I'i 1 tired and cold nnd bunyry,
nnd ll 1 . 1   an awful lot.   I'm so 1
"How :   ���-���'.��� ������ yi a been bi re?" 1 -
"Hours."   li   ��� '.  "ft seems 1 ;.-
days, nnd n-l lones ime "
"Poor Iill d tei Ip '���
"I'll soon -.   I'll -
down  Id the 1        . .���  . ��� 1  bom ��� ���
She pra ��� -' mt in terror,   "T> m'l
���cave ." i-'" 1      led,    "I il ��� I   I
would ('��� ci 1 .'. .'"
"Ir ���      Id 1    1        v ten 1   nutes   ir
so,'' be argued, but she kept n convnl-
1 ������ it twelvi barn ��� ��� I ������ .-���������. Whi d
it reaches the town to be billed���
;.' ! tin- is alwa; - as earlj as possible in the mora .- -:��� is mi I by a
number 1 f m ������: ns ��;. h have pre-
riously been arranged for, and these
carry the pi per and paste over the
bill route. 0 ���. . to the systematizing of ��� billposl !:-r busii ess
1 '��� erj thing ��� I ������. .   pa ���.
method of covi nd the like is
providi     for,      t it rn 1st be
a definite agi          I   ��� adi   be-
���  has  a
��� 01     ; '..*������������ > .  .   rd tai 1 >��� to
i*~ Phi adeJphia Rec-
Prlncess Beatrice, leaves Vanco ver,
luly 25th,
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m.    7.10 p.m.
Princess   May,   lf.jve.-i   Vancouver, Van. & Burnaby..3.30
July 31st.
C>,-a.     lift -f-lvc-d.
ta,      8.20 p.m.
'     ���'- ���'���   "'       le..10.00 j :..   10 10 a.m.
Varn ��� . ������ - 10.00 j .ru.   fc.00a.ni
Cloverdale, Blaine,
8eattle, ��� tc, .   ..  3.45 a.m.   3.30 p.n.
Van.  & Cent, Park...10.30 a.m.    2 p.m
Victoria 10.30 a.zn, 10.00 a.m
East Burnaby  1.15    l.��0 p.m.
Steveston, etc.... 1.30p.m. 10.30am
East, v:a C. P. K...4.4o pm.   7.10 p.m.   '',rj'1 ,0 furnish an accepted chequeonl
East, via C. P. R..10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m    a chartered bank of Canada, payable
to   tbe   Commissioners of tbe Trans-
mtlne tai Railway for a sum equa' j
ties to the tendi
and wltni     ��� :
Tt.-     .   PBsfu   ten lerers   will
req iln : ti   sign .1 contrai I   In   '
or)   to    tie    Commissioners
' ffective
9.20 a m.
12.25 P-"i.
9.4c a.m.
Sunday,    N ivei il  ���   ,^���
Day Train
.. Spokane  ... 7 '
..Rossland ... 1 :
...Nelson  6-4S I :''
Princess Victoria.
I.,   vet Vancouver dally at 1  p, m
S. S. Charmer.
I.-   ��������� - Xt-'A' v.'- stmlnsti 1 ..' ' a, v..
on Wi Ini -ind Mondaj s.
S. S. Joan
p.m.   6.00 p.m.
Tlmi er.'and, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 rn.
12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
cf Bnt'Sh Columbia.
SEALED  TENDERS   addn    ed to
tbe  Tim ���>���-.     -.. I   Mini     Bi m< b, De-
p rtmenl    ' I be Interior, an i marked
' lly except Sat ot the 1 pe "Tender for Timber
to v-n per cent. (10 per rent) of the \
amount of the tender, as   ecurlty fori
the  due and  faithful performance of
the contract.
N'o tender for less than Ave    thou-'
sand ties will lie consider! I, ,,,r CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATLIN,
Tlu? right Is reserved to rejeel any WHITK    HORSE,   DAWSON
or all tenders,
By Order,
iThe WhitePass
and Yukon Route
P.  E. RYAN,
Tho Comn     loi ers ol   hi
Tras   DQtfi 1 Dtal Railway,
D U I al Ottafl 1. June 26th,
FAIRBANKS.    Daily train-  (excepi
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,  msiii
express   and   freight   conned   witn
stages at Carcross and White He
maintaining a through winter
For information apply to
I.  H,  Ri airs, Traffic  Manager,
Vancouver.   B,  (
1 wrwiiyt : ��� GUST        '���<>.
pi -it'P8SI0NAL
v. M.'t  ARHI
'",   |  i RU
:, in     ���""��� ���
,,, .       ��� ��� '.    ������  '��� i.
��� ���      ���    ���
���   I
���., , i      i.i     ;     in tt
offlci     ei r     Prtdi
���:           W
���A i .
.ion      el
..           -1  ���
: on
I-.I ,
i      ���   ���
��� i. ��� .
I   1
"���-t     ��)A��LY r<^<-'
/ij.'- - .
S��\^\irfii|)     ; !/vm!
��� -
: ���
*'/'   i'jf
���:���"���"��< .   .,.,.   .������.��>>.��
Swrir   Siirnn,!    fwru.
icher. ' couver
'.-,': - I i -"'
.. i.
.    ru    I
T    *~m.
x,...i h
S?> v*
Schaak(    IV��H.*hm;    V/i-U     *.t#,
\t,    Wesl      uter, B. (
K..nj%oo     Cnc-i-ti-v>{
L.UOI11V.OO    lllolUUlv
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
P -----     B   A     Principal.
" A., ^rin.
���    "  " NINGHAW   '
M-.rh!   an   r.-n.i   M���..���^
f;:^   l-vhclT-o,   ll.
: , i
..  i .��� i
1 ���   -
assured c:
* ��
1 I
p i
'A,\' >
; '���!���
-'    PRECEPTOR\   N     :'������
gi   ��� i
;.... -. ordtall
\     :    : mloi    v
Matthl      lies
'llth.'1**.'    !Vi;jiui ;*,\>n *ityx   * mr '���%.
Shnv   ..;;��:.'>>,   Stn';   Sttnij.-<  :uw   fcu   ''ivhi-,*.
��� -
a ,        unoKpecte
i     !
-   Y%C
--..!.IV   . -^. Mf :*Uff*i   ' '.Est,*
��� i    -> nt- rt    cul
ORANQI    . DDGE    NO    1161
Ii   . i ww    hal    ii ':    .i"'
ti   ��� ti   niontl   ;i       >
nn)   brethrei   an   cordlall:
ii   attend     E   E   II -   bias
.  Humph las   Rei -Sei
B.ank of Kvvn.i t *,����������*���
Columbia  Street.
.    A    ...... .  ,.
'-.   ' l] k now  In.    MaKe lour
:.  r ��� ftMlT -   LOOSE   No 27���
mnnttngi  dI thli  lodgi
 Itell  i      ' vim-
ttoi        i-i in
iHlttng I   ithrei   >o
��� '   "       i   end    S  ���
V    '    " ..;. l.i.n.   f.c- ,Se<
-    "> ���f'P.tS.ER  LODGE No   '���
���       be flr    and th ��� Tues
���   ..-  '
���  ���   �� - -   , ��� ���
W   ha     i'..
- i -I -   7,    Bl  ���������   ���      ���
���������   ���  ���      Lonii 'Wftl
. .��� v  -, -
;-v .. I;,   ...        !|
!��c��r       en ��������� t isn
Fisherman's Fate.
rota    Assets $'iB,'J/'a,b/b.
rn   i-r>ori tei    li    ac    o    - >n       ,,
.: pan up    ���- ��    , ;,  '.  ;��� ���- ���    '   ,tTi
RESKRVH   PUND ��0IM)0 00(    ^ltheF'"   '"-       *!-? or the world.
Cerpra!  bnnking  business transacted.
' :
C ���
��ONS   OF   ESGL*NO.   B    S
I ��� ��������� ���    ::.���-��� ts Sei rtnd snd
' .    '   i    nth
..'!.,   Si  .   HI
��� i:       I h   ��� ee, Foui ih
in   each month, same
' ������ e    Visiting Brethren
Invited       !���:.   n   Stlnch
������ Pres., li   Disney, Bocretar)
<'       ���' <   S ������  ''���'���" '   v*'	
Ri   ���     .......      ' ..���   ������ idenl
Hon   i-;      ���   -   Dn mmonri    '' lei
I-,   s   , Houston   '  ���������   '' 'esi len
. ..... -    Manage
bui u    j     busii ���" ���     r
Cansi       :-   ���      Vev
>     k,  Chieajo,  i      Nfld
i      ��� -  ��� *������
S����% inu<> Mnnl> I ��ri��l
M   \\      ��   TT  M    \   - 1  C -.    P11M      J
,,      , *      p. v ...  ... ..... (.
the  bead ...
. .    ���.
 .,   i
.   ��� .        ....
'  '   ' -'   /!��h know ledge of tl ^g
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
; ��� ���  ' I '      . .
Co li -���'- s made at I  ' "        -!  '      ������ pair! ig depart
Ope-   ���"-������   -'-������        rjhts   from   S   to   5   S     " '.   Lyman     &     <"
Tide Table   Fraser River
P. B.  Lyle, Manager.
i.nrNi r>
M ac '
���y Birk's l r        -   ���'
tl    ti
Swiss,  A)        . '.    .
Charges Reasonable.
rhe    . > ��� tying  o nr limen
��� bankrupt i
/.        nan i      Id  i   rr; u-i   <������ fe a
. ���           i       -��� -     .,i ���   i -. bill     li
svouldu ���   ���     ear j > ler If
.   . .
Ths Siucy Summer Gjrl.
Kh'      pi |uanl      6    :
S        '     l"   Bl    '   ���      Wil
I'D :i. xJ�� i ii  'i sin pli iste;
'. i iiiit,.,i her nose la,
\ i t vt ���: b    i he ' '���'-������' EM
^.  e in'    mo,  ' lough
is ��-h  r  ' rnil curi'iIni
And ii   Ita In th    I tlghl I istr,
Bul -'.'i   ��� e li   enti
And says  I  sti  'iiilv
To dol
1 mi ��ar  I will ,tM vt> h,��r
\nii hope it.   ' <i   itnvn her,
But nevsr a r.-ar havi traced
S'm .f! there ar���> others
Who ar��.n t  qxrite t.i other*.
And pi '.. won't k' to w.xate.
���   ���
Il�� First Job.
lOURT ERUNETTE.   No. 4090,  IOF.
��� Pourth  Friday  in lhe
��� o'clock,  in  the small
��� i'   block.     Visiting
������ cordlallj Invited to al
Junk  and Snoiulluiul    Mmr-ial Wafpic. If.
Aeia����wl WalPi*.
IA    '
B. Rushton, C. ii .  I'   P
R  s.
nilai  meei Ings of
".i nr, the Becond
��� ./ " u h 1101 ' h
he Odd f     . ���     (li
���  cordis
-    f   ���/.  C  R .
i li'.in- ' pi h ��� ��� paid '"' si ' hail '
" "i      | ink    li il I lea    i nhl i    In ass
i "i'i" t "i i  :I i -i'"1 all  'alsi   "' ��� ���
..' i .   iIIips, i >���     n rll  call
e   BROWN,
Fronl i ���m.i.i.i ..
��� i ni .- i ',. ... i  ������    ' barf
Phone -",
I'arnarvnn fit., between lOlfi and Mm.
�����-���-".   trade - l'r--'T!ty.
rel   113 Office, eighth  Street,
NC '/   WESTMINSTER.   B.   C.
!���':  ' Cl      "   Is at all "    rs,
,, ._,. ,    , , .....
rrom 1 5r. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
��� .,
.   10
1.50    | 11.10"
. , ,.
|    17 ;���       ... i
;     18.3
Uu    ; '
>6-,*;Tu -A,     .-'.  :",���'
7 m"- &
i.i 15    : hi:
"When Adam and five moved out of
din garden i wonder it' thej carried
their Im  ��ug    ;s on a wheelbarrow "
"Suri-  not    They U6ed  Adam's ex-
High Water Low .. .
It   ��� ���smnr.'jTKf <��� ^v.ji-��ii��gjiinnji.i
fCMPLARl   r>c  TEM
.        .  ��� IT
'    II
,    if.- D
ORO OP TWB    -'������ - %-
.M    ia Fl    'i nl
��� , ni i    -i
,   'i s     ,i ���       "i
,   ',' ...   .),���.    .-,,,.
���.������v    v ' i min.
���    nonl .    ii    Iui
.    ���
j^'rt.*'^   -
!Vf^;;r   Co..
��� r
It in ii
f i��avv laming
,  '#'k'$$\r\ x
r0fTrsi��rrsTny" """
Evei ��� Kince   >i   '���  >VRIL i'    u wJ under the most hygienic conditions
,.   -...,.: ��� ;   -,.���  i-.   ',>.    n:' ',.'... g| tain
In    he   >repfii >f  iOVRlL absoltifely nothing but the choicest lean
>eef s Ijed >ui n&in ��� ��� ' E supply being the Argentine Republic, where
:&ttle ire rj plentiful md He ���onsurning population so small that the best parts
>|   I. ���   >.���.���!'  -rn   v   >btairted by us at a very reasonable cost.
>.iVAi     �����   , specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
.VkT/ON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
The Gr.iduaie.
re prone to po e a goo I deal
ol I   .      tvaj  or in other al tho
 rte'H      i"  - laid gpri luate, I ut be lo m'i mind
, |"      . , [! It, kuo   ���", .a liis superior way thai
,   it Is .-ill prompp ii ind per
pa    ,,i      li is,
" ' ��� '      im   who can help but i avy  lu bis
'  ��� -"        o yo ing ii in �� bo ',
��� - ���        ..    i.t   all ��� lay ln
...   '..i.n  .in , ��� wi a ���    I      . ranches
, :       ]    ...     bo cau do thiu      ietl      In hla
i   ..   be fellows who bave
Pi Ida ' " 1 '    ^ '
'  .   ��� - tor a number
-'-���' .,  . r people who i
. .'     i- i     11 'il     |.     *. ,n to school liave them, and b ��� soon1
' . '..'. ���        place, and bei
1.3-t     1 I.S     11.46     l.O    ������ ���'   '"    ' ' ,!   "'''
,      . ��� youth sil a i aud no-
,  XJ.U i   i   l,.i..t   I    ....   I .... ,
 ,u    ,    ���   ,   ���  em.
Of i iw of
*5   tf"^i   T"ir^"1V        lli'"' "i:v" A<'" '' " '���
pa f)D|CT    Bod her waj through life
And ��� ri. ! ,  ii-i,
relephone   v!s I  or a [dress   lib  a -.       ' hunks )      i irs
ntio ami l"Hi Btreet,
Tjkc^ Them OH. J
"*      "Why do the good die young?"
"It is a malady thai very quickly
* proves fatal, and only the young are
]   ever afflicted."
Open for Business
July 4, 1906.
And Inj:��ht.
"Whal I. 'i pens when people fall lu
love ai Brsl light?"
"Usually marri ig ��� an I ��� occjnd sight."
Lkca 5?pAc.
"<:..      ���    ���     ;ii be havi   -. .-' ��� retty
D      i'i I il���. wl . ob, cetr
"V,t, that'   ,.! v i....  . .,-, || g0i��
'    ;-' !?.!��>
.. ���-:
A'-     ,AJ>
ii.. .
i i
)    I.T't.
Mm. ir
j- Mm.
'  "-"#4
f.A.Mmr&Co.        FINE CROP OF OATS
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block
Extends   Invitation   to   Pecp'e   cf   the    Ne*  Westminster  Intermediates  Fine
C.ty  to   Visit   H.s  Fie cs No Opponents  o.n  Brockton
cf Plenty. Point Fie d
:.       '.
New Westminster. -   - E. C.
���   . -
��� ��� ���
���   .-
:. -  - .:
��� -������ i   .:. matter 1
sevi thei    uti
g specimens      I ice thai
tas raised Owing
that sui      -   ..
raised then      n      i splen    I bu<
.-. i tl        5 oats
Tl -  -        . aot i
c-n thi   .- .      Iressing    t eight
e to thi
i Si
.. . ���   '    :
Mclnnes & Kerr,
Peal Estate,   Insurance
and A.uctior.eers
Z73  Columbia   Street.
Telephone   170.
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
all kin ].- ��� : -> ��� ndHand
''-. ods such as Furniture
Sti res, Ranges, Tools,
Bi :ycles, etc. We also
11 all kinds of repairing.
Ail business promptly
attended to.
Bi   ���     M '.   G.
mere; George M
: ioui '. M. Codlins
R   Tail    .'   .
Di     '    B    ^    Johnson    Van     iver;
V.    L   Mi nn,   '.' mc   . ��� I.
: Rivi       '..'.   E.  C
VI toria;     ������.
la son. Ste v I
���    :.;
* . ��� .���. ����� * ���.��� '��� .���; ��� .���. v .���.> >,;���.>.;���.;��� >,'����..'<
'*. ���.'���' �� ��� ���. ���.���.���. ��������.����������<,�����.  i ��� ��� ���. V.
Sign  Man on  Wheel,
lumtia St New Westminster.
160-acre Farm
near Port Htaney
en     I . ���     \   I, 260
ing fr       trees
v   ten .       springs, ��
good fences;     10 i   in ise,
. . ge larn and itbuildings In- i
': lire about this as It ls i - J
���-   ���     Tern     easy, >
Col u
>*:���:'���:���.������.>:>>.��>i>;:fx>;>;*>:>;>. ��:��:'�����.��>:���:�����.:���>.:���.:���.:���>;��.>.��.��'���
���; ���'
re Bs Your Chancel
Burnaby Homes
i have a number ol sn   11 acreages adjoining New W<  '���
��� d ee     ' rms.   This proj erty la extr i well   ll lated,
Nine acres ol good soil ni ar town.
I Electric Railway Service!
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations win run every halt-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
n. in. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service, irom
(i.30 a. in. lo 11 p. in.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between l- and - aud !< and 7.
30 Minute Service during re- 4
mainder ol day, Transfer at ���
Leopold Place, 2
Sunday Service half-hourly to- f
tween  8 a.  m.  and  10 p.  in. ���
City ,-ind Sapperton. _
apperton Line���Hi Minute Ser- J
vice, exi ept  between i- and
2, and .'. and 1. during w-nii h ���
hours the service will 00 ��
Sunday Service  nalt-nourly between 8 a, 111. and 11 p, m.
1 British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
t+immmmmm4mmmmmmm+m+mmmm4 ti- ��������������������������������� &������������������*�����������������
at by thi .... ���     ��� 11
���   - . 1
-'  ��� ��� .. ��� ��� thi     ������:.'-
to excus non
f their tean       Ut<
���:.-..���       ���    ���.       enience in
hen      :. .     ��� ins
expi ..-���        Is n .' sur-
ayers an   In-
���   tin       ���. . .      oi      ���   Van-
Intermi      tes     nd thi      ren
in the! lemnation last even-
.    een j   -'    ne I I
-'.-'���. 5  it  was - -.   ���
the X--v.  \v< strains: get
nd the . - -     ���
���J of flrsl -class    md,   Ituated 1  g lod gravel ro:i 1,   *
���; tou   ;;. e   (rom Westminster; IS  icrei   indi Ivatloi            ei    '  ���
��� ���
.. ��� .         ost n              bai ������  I ;���]
J Dwi                             ii    :. i .-��������� le ���.-��� I ee new hi                     I
J an extra good *
''���"������^���"���^���"���"���"���i>:>i>"'*:>:i*:>;>:>^*i>:>:>j>.'>:>;>A^ r*"*"^'*.'*!*''*"*:^.*^*:'*"*;:*;;*"*;!*;!*!;*;^:*.:*;;*;:*;;*^*;
R1 ��� se
i.   .
���2  Years.
:.���.M. -    Fi
:.   thi
riling .���'.'-..
ssession, s       .. - 0. V
giavitz, 1 791
. came 1 ���   ���
...    1 ���       ��� a
teese.    Lati     Mi
I Mrs. Rei        ���        ��� L
��� t
IS12, ��� ipoli
: R .--
��� ���   i'
m hi      eathbed she
... Islt 1
ed.   ��
.-   ���
3  ���
Fatalities en  Prairie.
iccu 1 Si
thi   ���    ���  ��� hi     'iii-       ..    ���
I O ��� :   Pi'   '
liolsoned    lersell I        ng    gaso
A   ;. 0 ing   English   Imn Igi   nl   .
ed Quli    "���    si   mi n '.    killi d
the   accidi ntal    dischai ge    oi
shi tgui
I of hay.
Yoj Cannol Afford to Hiss II
Our ta
free on Application
It's the Talk
of the Fertile I
fraser Valley
ntei        .��� 'l.i-
.. '..
It's a 1  ini    a
** greal   mini
useful  1 formal ioi    foi   pei pie  ". h ���
are thinking of   nvestii ���.-   in   B. I'.
farm land .
It contains 61 pages, likew ise a
\'it\- comprehensive map of New
Westminster district, and 32 views
showing fruit growing, haying,
dairying and mixed farming Bcenes,
It gives market prices of all
produce, weather statistics, amount
of crop raised to the acre, etc.
it will interest and entertain you.
f. J. HART & Co.
The Farm Land
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good, (pur line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
���- -. -.
��� 11
.. 1   ie di
'.!>:. .��� - ���'
No  Quarter  G.ven.
.    i'U - ��� ���      tilji
���     ���  . ���
-.'������:,��� ��� ���        ... istead
.:.      .
Sailors   Desert.
A ..... een  1
���    ���   ,   .        -      (no
a were
in  11   pitiabli   1
The n S    tudden
mutinei . 1 1 om-
nanded thi ei 1 I ind until Si p, m.
At this bi 11 the ailors were sleld-
in.-. M in . of 1 hem wen p -��������� ting,
- iui Iron nc idlng 1 be battleship
.- ���       ed to have sailed from
Revallc       '��� ftern
The ti .   Ilng   it Svi
. ������     ���    ���: : iln      '! he
'    ��� ������    ;   ���.:
��� 1 ell       om  eleven-lm
... ��� ���    ���
Cannonatle  Ceases.
��� |i    lng a
.   can-
���  -. 1       eased
,:.i-  nititin
rl    ���
���    11 occupli ..   letachi 1
a (annon    ���       tl In fo
on 1 reinforced
I  .V III.
WarsniD  Crew  Mutiny.
Prof. Maxili Kovalovsky, 0 member of the outlawi .1 parllamenl from
Kharkov, has   ri  el /ed .   met sage to
tl (feci thai the crews of foui war-
Bhlps ni Heli Ingfoi - have mutinied.
Two Officers Killed.
London, July 31 - A special dispatch
from Copenhagen reports an outbreak among the sailors al Helsing-
fore, Finland, during which two officer, were killed,
The  mutineers, fully armed, afterwards  proceeded  to  the  building of
the laborers' association    and    were
joined   by   C   jacks   while   on  their
1 here,
General   Strike.
Stockholm, July 31.���The socialistic
��� in ot Finland are reported to
.���   proclaimed a general Btrlke,
Reported Sunoressed.
Helslngfors, July 31, 11   p.m.���The
i These Summer Goods:
Must Be Sold
rhen 500
redu e  v
Ladies' and Misses' Bathing Suits Reduced *
Lu     e B
ivbite  braid;   rej
;" i J" A     Spi each  	
':     ���            ���           lavy Bathing S ,
of  fine  jei                    1 bi
;.   .      Sab e, each  	
Big Sale of Boys' and Girls' Dresses
Ul om the entire     t���G        Du      ind PI
1 ii -.    1 ii- r    an I     P     ie   Coal      Bo
Dressi I sli hi       oiled ... ���
Special Lot of Muslins, Etc., at 9c Yard
ms, Muslin ci Print
em       ������'.....
���.'..'       Sale     rl 	
Big Lot at 12c Per Yard
. ���
��� ���
* Big Reduction Sale of Ladies' White j
Blouses This Week {
: :
Deering and Frost & Wood All Steel
and Steel, Self Dumping
3 1-2 to 6 feet.
MOWERS-Our I   ani  Frame Mower  beats   them  ali   for
,.'  .-;.������ cutl ng,
Auction Sale at Market Every Friday.
'���"���;��;>;>;;���>'���>;>>:���>.;��� ;��� '���������;���>'���'>;:��� ;���;;���.:��� ��� > ��� ;���"��� > ���;>"��� :*..*'.*;���.>.��>> ' * *
1 Wil111 ��-lu)
NCw Goods unci New Pric t-s
>:        A full carload just arrived.    As fine | Is as ever enti - jj
���*;.  Inspection invited,   Bj buj ng here you can save money and .J;
;���; Give us a trial.    We have manj things we oing to clear
,���;   Money 1 a\ ed it money madi
Sec our %5.00 IVlHltrcs������'s
J��;  716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Hear Extension, Fronl Stree   8
,       ��� FjelslsS'
mutiny  has  been  suppressed   In  the I which defends the harl  {]_.
irons "'
insists in "       vj.
andbatterlei   ������������
port,  and  Bkatudden    fortress    has fors and conslata of numei
been occupied  by loyal troops.    The   tary works and batterlei   i
municipal council  has Issued  a pro-   tary arsenal,   Sveaborg
clamatlon urging the people In view  excellent harboi
of  the  possible danger   to     In '
'jiliet   and   nol   tO   le;
li   advises  iln
to leave their houses.  ��mv��w>205��'i
'"'  to  asslsl   the  gov [���*������������������������������*���������������*������������'������'��� j
ernment In the maintenance of order, fi      QiyE  yoI.R childBEN    j
Location  of  War. P
Sveaborg Is a Btrongly fortified J
'own of Russian Finland, Bituated on !���!
the islands in the Gulf of Finland.lS
Immediately south of Helslngfors,  The i {<
Islands, which are connected by pon>IS
Til KM OBO^'  $
toons,    ion,,   the site of a fortn    %w���*<*���***��*:<*:0:''


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