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The Daily News Dec 18, 1906

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 ���������   .
2 rages
���      I    '006
112 Paiges
TO F/G//r S��4 TTLE
_��_ of Importance No Longer Looms Up
Meeting*���Building Permits and Commun
the Chief Interest Last Evening
' *   ' *     Dec.   17.-What   is  denounced   by
���'" mei o   thi  cii   and the entire Inland Em-
pin ���   tht unwarrantet  and selfish action oi Seattle
opposini Spokane'   lighl for what they claim are
jus am equitabli fn ighl rates h    let to much talk
o   retalia ioi  hi n ii
neai   It     end,  to tbi   B. (    I    E*.��, .,..  |.
couni :   grow     lng of the freq -    ���      ���     ���
ij   .     tm ��� 'ia.    n - lestlni   Ihat  I
way of declaring war on
Well   Informed  in   Political   Matters,   He   Believes   That
Only a Radical Change in American Attitude
Can Prevent War.
the Maska-Youkon-Pacific Exposition lo be held in
I Sea   li ii  1909.
��� . cord   foi   un
������ .
ian ���'   ���   ���'
��� ....    aboui all
oi   on   the  file
,'i m .ii. ell   elei I
o   thi  councl
the   villi-     i a
Monday, tin
heen dul   d
... ie manli bi.   .
���ion!"'   Smith
Bhllei       Tin
���   ��� ived and filed
.   Adami   v hi
.      : hi    mo'mi    wn
:  ���   which  becami
In    i   ���' d
Cal .'.a   ti       n ���
���:������������ .     \
.      a a.   a        .
...    . ��� Il
,Iil. Garrel   ������   ���
fosepl   Sail
Ma  o    i phi     ���.
lib   receti
ol   Langlej
and   the   mavo
a      '
'��� I
' I
'    ������    hem   tt nol been brought directh
���< he i tentioi o tht legislativt delegati m bi
plani hi ��� bet i m id< ��� 'hereby an attei ipl will be
mad< t* organizi hen for battle, th< issu< being
ha Sea l< musteithe withdraw from her position
in fightinj Spokam oi lose the support of Eastern
ashingtoi fo  tht fair.
��� a   -I,.,,  j;    "Unli     the]      '���    minimization   ��� :    ation   Is   the
materially chai        heir    olution of thi
... . "I am :i B ��� mi athl        .ith the wo
:     tlio    .III I a '
la   e   ^i anj  ��� and l can
thi   dl icrlmin .     ,,     , ,    . , .
��� i    . by  the laborin.    men    on    this
them, there wiili .. ��� , jftpane i
tries.    1 ' class is friend!)  toward
afraid ' li   In    iill the Immigration
for as   It   will   afford   i i
��� ti  neni   was    mad I The protective tariff enable
For eight yi hem   to  exclude   foreign  goods   and
Hyehara 1                   resident of tl the prices of their commodltii
r.nd the Immigration permits them to
��� witl
Ki arj then i poi ace   to thi establisl
loi   to Aid    ""''���''   "'  ;'''   '*���-*'      "' ' '
resolution   on  tl wouli    bt
liresei   ed   ti     hi   mr, ���. he ne.
n  In) al to ask the t lov
ernmenl  to givi a      ���     n
�� hert  :����� \ ;    | an    *. anci
ha     bei : ���..,   th.   ii'--- Ini
iiii     ha i   mei   ��   I   i pp ova wai
h ' ll '��� '- a.      ,. -.,
��� "'-' ndertaki   hi man
ageme. hi i  fo   the dif
ferei     i    i The n oo ���    o
he mi         ���-; afti
���    : Ijo   ned   until
st, witl anding
���    r.
'���a oll( v. Int     F    ���
ned   an    i Isi   ad
few coi ���  remarks to
| ba   in   was
��� ���"     tbat     Aid.
���-1 ne        In  com
1     ��� ���     In  which  he
-    ������ . i      wi       the < lecto""!
mi lams remarked
-   worse, anyway
|�� *������  thi ��� nti reoti ol tb<
as well looked
'���'������������ bi .  :a  as the.  had
:- .' ���   h;td been in
Owint;   ti   8t ral ned Relations Between
France   and   Rome.  Archives
Cannot   Enter   Spain.
Police Commi-Skners Find Nothincj to
Justify   Charges   of   Bribery
Against   Chief.
sent ln a rej
!���:-'    ��� Captain I *
Hnseman   Seeli                   | < 'i'*>'n.
"���   resignations   wn-v Thl   '"    "                    '    accounts
?'������ -*���   ���������     erh authorized to ��' ''    "*"**'���
;'    *    lates to fill tbe v* Finance   Fi                t     $1,018.24;
tb resiimation. are finance, $76:                          sewi   age
31, S .t:. 59    Ugl     '              nark     $6.7**
Bonell   wen  8re.   ���������     ������ Po - - .     ��� :i���,. a
lay     bui!d;n_   M3.79;     Hbrar;      J -..-..
ssion   being j
P 0 wish,-.- tO
;. Btreet dur-
S new  fact
���  to-day
f He thanking ti ���
i i condolenc
hi r  broth
Ig, On the nn a
I e letter was re
1 '  '������ ���     Introduced In
mediatelj afte)
work.     $689.0.
Recount   of  B. 'irl.    Before   Hon.  Nor
man   Bolr    Gives   Aid.   Shiles
Majoi t_
E,    I
f ��� -   for  pen
1      ' ibles   at   Qi !,-
ten   horses,   which!
Next    en ���
VI ;   Adams,
HIS     lli'lMM     .'   I  '    ���
quel' Ion "with n< al in   -
'������''-    Dei Spa   I   govern-
���     ���    Ifli      hi   " itican tha   I
llj      '1       :      "i
chivi    i      he Papa   nuclature
���   "������ a    ��� i Inj   ti    hi    upture of dip-
elation    riol. eei   Franci   Bin
tin   Va lean
Spaii  - ���     ��� li   hi   ���  ��� tei
. ,:a.. ti    '.   thi   Vatican
t(   do  si   . hei    hi   Papal  nuncio at
 will   wai   recalled,
ii Franci hei ��� uh nol have made
���a objec loi : afte thi expulsion  ol   Mgi   Mon tag hi   si (
he nunc    un   am    hi    ea 'ch
o    he arch v cl       	
rhi   '-������   ������      hi     Papa      I  "
���..    . ,; i ... ��� -.���...��� ...   hostile
ii   Frencl        ���   i ment.
 ��� tlon
'      ��� 11   nOt   aPplj  "<l      rOlM-l'.-i       a  ���-.
... i   .      ���.   archive     ���   Corn
hi ���   ambi
lor of Iti
s dean i dipl rt3.   ��� o 'P��
��� ���   .  . .      otect the privl
.     .   v       .     .  .
V     ���  - '  : '  ��� '��� 	
-    ��� 	
���\      France ai
. . |t|oi Tbi'
���   . ���
��� I .     . ���      .... ...
������ . . .v. when  (hi ...
and dls] ������ '���
���---   .-   yer
ighl to the cite   when ii came  before  hlm    yesterda;
.a,    ,
'    n, Aid. Henley
��� ' ial    the   city
��� to accommodate
I a
f mg with horses.
���   how long  Mi
'' ���    I
��� -     :,'.���..     ii    ���
���    ' ���
In   whicl      .
i : ... ���    .
���..���       I hi   ���
i th ' 'i"
ei ton,    >' hi   ���
'irin_ no question ns
ol ���; a"' al   ��� ���
Ud    Shiles   led    Ud
I,,i    ,.       .���
a.   .      ���       I.,,   | ���,. .,        ,    |||   I-,        |l|        ||   .1     ||_l
Plurtii  were   laken
. , | ||      i lend nl
Then the i iallot.   wen
,     I        V.I,,a- 'It
'    '  ol   live  foi
Ulan e maj r elsi
Into    halt pi
I   ....    ....       whlcl   hi    ���' ���
ii   ���    tarte in i   evil-minded   pen ���      li   i   tlgated   at   the
������ ��� e Ini thi   polici   commi i il< n
,  .,. a.,    afternoon   when thi   ��� I   '-
a   | a,   |0ca]   polici   ���   ��� :e     ��� Info 'i e I
fo   tin   occasion by llmmy Warmsley,
C. P   H   nitjhi watchman, won   called
upon to testlf.   ns to what thej km w
oom iiini;  tin   chief's  dealings  with
certain people oi the spirting frater
nlty The meeting was productive of
nothing hui talk, Some time since,
the chief heard that somebod. had
told somebody else thai chief Mcintosh ha aece] ti I mone fron i ertaln
gamblers nnd had also heeb the   ���
��� ',.,..   .    a. ..., .;..   from ., p^Bldent  i '
the red lighl dl trict Hem e thi
_Tea:  garheri-ti   ol  the forci    li    hi
��� ayo fflce, i nd i hi bewildering ai
���ay i question whicl had to i�� an
���   ' red.
Thi   mei   In)   ol   I bi   i ommls iii i
������   Ict Ij   priv te,   no   reprei i n
��� ��� ; ���
���'    i'    ������    *' ���       Kearj lnfoii
I'll    II     WW |   aia -a.     'hii'    j n    1" - ] . .J . - -
���  ��� "million con -  ��� he polli i  i
mi   loneri     won! I     ha\ o   to      i i !
  ��� ��ho ii alv
resi a tini
         ��� i   ��� ������" was i
���  taken up with hearing I he p. Idi i
��� . ��� -   office]     v. ho ��en   sup
I  ti     ��� ���"     onietl   ij   aboul   the
brlbi       ��� rhi   chief di baters
i   - rti ���   -     ha. e   been  ofl
Stephen    and   limn      Wai mi i      Sti
��� I  ��� hai   Warmsle;   had
...   ...... i    had 1       I that thi    lib I
I   ���     he gai
��� ui  \  lotltl     li ' led 1
  ������       icl      latemenl
��� . ��� ���     luestionlng, the ]
.... . .    .....   .    i ���     lepari      .sl
i . a .   i   Islon had been nrrlved al
iln       ��� '   : ��� i '       Clt;
1 lied that tl       I    I (Hsml
I  th       '        thlni       tl     t ftirtl
tudylng political condltli cheaply.    Remove the pro-
Million,    existing    between    i riff,  and the  resull   will be
rapai     a    the  United Stab thai  the real, not the nominal  wagi
���!'���   idem  Roosevell    has    brought I will be better than at present, becausi
lion to a crisis." he continued, j while the nominal  wage  may not bi
Hi  '     laid the matter dlrectlj laron.  Increased  the cosl   of living will  bi
Vmerlcan    iieople,    and    Japan   so  much    loss    that    the    sum-tota
knows that II congress and the people   amounts to a benefit.    This ought to
ird his reccommendatlon ll will   solve the problem and cause iho roast
atenl   to  the  Japeni       that  the   worklngman   to   feel moro  kindly   to
���onns    intend    to    dlscrimlnat-..! those of my country.
ag Insi   them.    This will bring  on   ���<      "The." i.  bound to be bias and prewar.   I am an advocate of peace, but   judlce In the world.  The workingmen
thi    thoughl   Of  the   outcome   of   this   are   In   a  sense  justified   in   their ob.
coast's continued  antagonism  to the   lections to the Japanese,    nut whi r
Japanese makes me much afraid of th ���  ever there ore two races living Bide
i   ult      The   whole affair  rests With   by side and oni considers Itself super-
Ihi .merlcans. They can change
the! ttltude toward the Islam! Empire, regard them as equals and admll
them '" citizenship with severe nat
urallzatlon laws, nnd tranqullltj will
then ��� xlst bei ween the two peoples."
| ��� hara says the people of Japan
' ���. kindly toward the Ami i
Ibr to the other, and so acts, there is
bound to be a violent straggle. A
change must come soon or it will be
upon us. Japan is getting strqAger
everj day. and is making preparations
for 11" worst. I thinlv Japanese should
be made citizens, bul the requirements
could be made very severe,    cbarae-
bul he says this can soon be displaced   ier. education and standing should be
by a different reeling If their country
��� ��� ���    an   lool ed   down  upon in   this
ii.   thinks the removal of
requisites    [or   citizenship,     Canada
makes  the  Japanese citizens  of the
country, and 1 bave never heard of anj
the high protective tariff and noi the trouble arising .therefrom."
Ladner    Will    shine    on    Wednesday
Night���Submit an Alternative
to  G.   N.   R.
Aid.    Henley   Tells   of  Trip    Through
Country  and  of  Visit   to y
it  has   bei 11    definitely    announced
trie juice is to be tui ueu
i a "i thi   \ ii'.o i  of 1 ,adm r oi   1
���   the twentieth Instant, from
thi   ���' mporary  planl  which lias been . th
���  lied by the B. C. Electric company.
The   presenl   arrangements  are   thai
lighl Bhall be turned on al  5 p.m
\i lerman   Henley   returned   yes
daj from a trip to Matsqui.    He S]
In i nthuslastic terms of ihe development   which  hi i   ved   througho I
countrj.     Whore a  feu   yeai ���
the wild birds and the denizens ol
i   '        .   sole  possession,   the ri
of the  axe I nd homi
springing Into exl item e     Mr. I !i
has had a   wide  experience    In
until  l  a.m.     When there are enter-   springing into existence,    .Mr.
of a   special   charactei   In   has had a   wide  experience    in      be
extra Unn   will be granti d.      building   bu    - and    visited     tl e
li   and   pipe   works   al     Clin ian.
a  greal   deal  of  Inten   I       He
such  an   up-to-
lap     -.-.���   v -1   -   ;. .      ng Ded
, . ,     .   || a,
:i   in   ihe
\i, thodlsl     Ml   ��� "
irch  '��������� - 	
ti       f.   W.  Pes
ll ... '��� a  '     tO
i of Va
..    ,;. ,������  I     I      '	
the mi     on, r. M. Santo
,"';a i" ���       Method :' ���
a      ,.��� I
I. ill %',      I   "
,.  ...  .
' ���:ri,ia. report
:      : . .������' on Sun.
���    el :'.-��� a . lwt
I   an
1 ���   Ion   if   a
write a letter   md      i Rev. .1
.   ��� |
��� ���
I   ,
....   ,,,,,.
been    -   eived al   La Iner an 1   ��111  be
" as a sui
.    : ��� i,     11   will   be
I .iallli r   i fti        Cl
111       '      ,       offl
iiiis-i   v. Iiii thc G   S   H
���  I tisl       lo 11
hich led tl il
he   by-l
pollzli .<      road
i ��� | |
ond  ho
!e' famine Compels
Many Plants to Close
���   11
1    >���
'   '
p b owned.
Em      Dee.   17.���Nine
        the crew or (he
'..-.hip   Hindustan   were   drownol
th ��� ��� ���        made,  .mi
H    pointed oul
h a
��� gainsi him    i
(id thai     Ich i:  ���
Ithoiigl -        i    mlghl
'     '       t] .'. a I
lng i he officers to
peo   bi fore the poiiee commission
dei Hm .' ir ��� .;,\ who had taken
the Initiative      _nd, noi being very
much Interested anywsfy, fh*e reporter
did nol press the point
I for trad 	
���    ��� some! I
like 1.1 nil linj
I   In would   ni i
the filling in of (In     l|      .ini   n
poini   of j im tu 111    would give
en  per ci li       rhe re i
1 ol   Ladm r  fe.l  i thai
II,, ... . .. ���       ll in Hi
with the new Idi a.
planl there and  to find  such -m
excellei letj  of bricks and i a
oiled       I      ", inufactured.      Hi    pn
future for the ludusl
kind of a  i
S   quantlt;     i
.���   i
Mo found the        Ie ull in
ml of the |
on beli    ��� mm
���    .'. oi i l  by  means of an  i ���
'������>'��� ' m  line,    Th mntrj  is full   .f
' isslbllll les  for rai nufa
and 1 I ard to    Hie    time
n hi :i there will he a busj    hum    i I
him ry  heard In the land, an I  a
large marki I  open for \e\\  Westmln-
"! Un' line of supplj Ing   I e
needs of the workers.
.1.   Perry,   who   was   charged   wi'h
having   heen drunk and incapable on!
,.i.iday evening, was lined $2.60 an I
American Artillery
Is Badly Deficient
Dec   17    The
'i ��� lents the mosl
11    hat 'ms existed   n
"   itate,     Careful   lm
'i   il the aorthei i
hal   thei ���
���     I    ���an    io   had
Hid  tO   IUp'
mme Had   ������ ���       '"'
Washington, Dec.    17.���"Both    Ihe
c of a cut-    '������"-���* ���" ���.����������--t- '""I     w..h.ii���b1u_,, uec.    iy.���uotn   rae of days or weeks, but of years."
i   in  the   jiolice   court  yesterday, coast and field artillery are badly de-      Brig, Con. Arthur Murray, chief of
II \ I   I   l"l I  , ...���!������, ..  '   I (J
,     i.     i���. ter   in   which   thr\   were   refurmns  io
inces ihere   n no "'   ,0   h' ,n "n       "' .   .    ,
. o'i,, u-nrsiiin     ' e forty men
wig-lit,  the doo.      .������ ;^"-'"   _ '    fc     ' (r.    th
n the cuttei and al  "- re thrown Into
he ���. Owing to a heavy fog the
vicinity had difficulty in
orning.     .lohn   Perry,  bartender   91 | ficient in  both  personnel  and   male
Depot hotel, wishes it to be undo. -
iod thai he is in no way connected
wiih  this gentleman, and objects i >
if ��� iei 'or  i	
,r    i   week oi   nn i
ichools md   Ig ���   mm    boats in the ..^...., M;inv ���r  having to sui.mii to the jokes of bis
Ing plant    hnve   '���   ... -_���i������. ' ���',-���.' Mends on account of the slmilaritv
i the   l'i Her   were     unconscious     Vi-1.il
are   iharing  theli       '    '""*   ,m   ''"'" ofthenaraes.
a;c ig] ��� ��� P'efced up.
artillery, thus summed up the condi-
lal;   neitiier  is in even approximately Hon  of his arm of the service in his
proper  condition   for   Instruction   In annual report,    He says it cannot be
time of peace, much less In condition too  strongly  urged  that  apjfropria'c
for reasonably efficient service in war, legislation Ue obtained to make good
and the time necessary to put either the detlclenciesand to correct the de-
������ lattei con Ution Is n : a matt sr fects.
i?i I
y ,
:! 'i''-
r- V
L      .        /
i*   _.
The Great Slipper Store
Open Every Night This Week
the   Xmas   Slipper   store  !
_ s ���-���
-:ee"e.^ mar.v
_- ^.-^
w/i/s^ fo gtge >ou an z'c/ea ofa hat ue have:
��� r:
* ���     . : .    -'..
si X
$1 50
3 5 . * . .60
.'".- >-
For Christmas
Johnston's   Big Shoe House,
Columbia   St.       New   Westminster
Trains &. Steamers
*  ad    ���..-.:  :_-._    U
Mail Service
... betw������|
, ������������ lietl
������ -
' ...
(i    e ','
'.     I<!
tt-.i   V.
���. .��� ���.
srio _
.... - ���
; _
L ���    ,.
:��� .:  . ..    _���   ... i.i
-.   : f. : ..v.    ir. X. w
_-   _  .
. - r
-.     ���_���
__ .:. ; :
B   '.   ELECTS!
* R A SE R   **>   . E =  ROUTE
. .   . 5   5   =;a.i-
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.     ;.~.-....  ..*  ��� -   ���   .
VAXCOCTER e- I .-  Columbia Coasl Lin�� Mondays. 1 ��� | Fridays
Sew  ���;���;���...- v. M&g.   ...   t_S4   1
_. --.    _-. :*.������;. ;. ! ;v .. ���._,.:��-
i .  ���  : i n  T ��� - ���: ���
f   -." -.   -;.7j   ea   sa;
Fraser River and Gulf
2    C    C:as:   l_ -.   S-���. ;���
��� -
;_ ::
... ' . ���
.    ���   '. . ���
  ��� .���     ���  ���
��� r'  ���    ���   !
,--�����. .   ���      ���   ��
��� . ���   - -       ���   .  ��� .    ���
the -  ; ��� .   ������
S.  S.   Teej
L<- '.'  -      ...-   a".   I p, o     hid
16th  of ea b   montli,  atllii .
. .    ** '  ;       - "'"-������ rat.   Bftrstl . *       Cool.
".  (      ad trip.  ~.���: -���   ���-.   ���.-���':: y       |
VANCOUVER,  victoria  SEATTLE   leparton    ���.--        roximate
ROUTE. Por   ��������� ���������-������'
Pr ncess Victoria. ~1'-'-  " 'iU ���
'���>���������������   '���'.'.    :--  lally at 1 p. at fo  OOITLET
VICTORIA      NEW      WESTMINSTER Arf'"' NeW    '' * *"   :* *'**
I ���   - .'���'   ".'������   us.y. ex. Bat ani Ban. route B   j   ,'��vi-!*:
Asst. Cer.   P    - '��� -'��� ���      "  ���.     iver
',,'      " Bteamer Queen C ty. i   ;>,-   --.. ,rp
.,���_��� v. .- ���������     ���   ���     .     - -      _       '.eneri. Buttr'nte   li   ���   Vlctoi
���" ...'.;... ��� e -ss.  .
Fi   - .'���'  W. M.r.   Wed   Prid Jl ts
Fr       ' '. - rl    *: .    " -.     Bai 7   . :_.
'.  -    aa���
Fi -���.  ������'   W   Ti    Tv. . B M   ! I m
Fron .-:.-,   Wed   .'-. 7 a_a
*  ��wn ..;*.*r:i{.
.   .  ...
rr   T
.-:'. ri
��� **--
Sewn r***^
FortyFiv:   TyP**
j'i, DAV
i Regulations foi  disposal
J ��ra,s 0" Dominion Lands in
i"1!   ��ti_ Northwest Territories
lt_.a, x*'s-    _
\t Yukcn Territory.
u lands may    be    pur-
jE'O per acre  for soft  coal
.'.  anthracite.      Not   more
.     can be acquired by one
company.      Royalty   at
| cf ten
cents per ton of 2000
e[haa k. ci llected on the gro_
Lj2���Persons     of     eighteen
Mover and joint stock com-
.in eni
ee miners  certiticates
for a mining loca-
nuners certincate is granted
"' . .    re years, not exceeding
���E'.   . n advance of $7.50
P..'.'. .-*- ....    . iividual, and from
���trooper annum for a company,
E_ ���    ita1,
1    m��� tiaving   discovered
Ii ,n pla ���. may li cate * claim
I marking   out   the
f* gal   posts,   bearing
I".  . ,.   at  each   end  of
V .-.... le, or vein.
Idaim shall be recorded within
ildavs ii      '   ; within ten miles
j   . _        rder'i  office, one ad-
���...'    for   every    ....
ten n. h     or  fraction.     The
['..   ��� ::ng a claim is $5.
L .. ;:      :. ust  be expended  On
L. . .   , year  ot   paid  to  the
T.   ��� ler in lieu thereof. When
Ij been expended or  paid,  tin
.      ..   .;   :i   having   a   survey
I, 1 Uj  n     mplying wiih othei
-,n;..  pur ihase   the   land   at
iar. icte.
n       ���  m :���  be granted by the
|t, r Interior   to   locate
ning iron and mica, also
I ikon Territory, of an
f,���- ������    ���    ��� /   !'o acre..
patent for   a   mining   location
pr ,   e for the  payment   of  a
ly of .'. per cent, of the  sales
le'pr.ducts of   the  location.
l^CER MINING���Manitoba and
W. T., excepting the Yukon
Itory: Placer mining claims gen-
are 100 feet square, entry fee
jewable yearly. On the N( rth
Jtchewan River claims are either
ler bench, the former being 100
Jong and extending between high
ll-., water mark. The latter in-
|s bar diggings, but extends back
bast : the hill <>r bank, not
king [000 feet. Where steam
k is used claims 200 feet wide
I:-   y    ���
���> ..' the Rivers of Manitoba
Ifr.t N W T. excepting the Vu-
II-: .'. free miner may ob-
|c.���. ��� lei ses of five miles each
1 lira 1 I twenty years renew-
1.1 ' tion of the Minister
tt 'uteri ���
���     "���-.'��� -lined to the
ptf ���  bars  of the  river
; any low  .���. iter ���'   rk, and sub-
'. >���������' a I $k  per mile for each
*Y ienl   year.     '���:��� yalty   same   as
(t: n -.- g
minii g  in   tl ������   Vukon   Ter-
l      reek,  g ilch,   river   and   hill
not e.   eed   250  feet   in
' ���      red on  the  base line cv
:'   the     creek     01
bi ng  from   iooo to
th  -   placer   claims
I be _;o feet square.
marked   by   two   legal
' ���    h  en I, bearing no-
.. must l,e obtained within
I1"'''; ��� laim   is   within   ten
,    : '     !      ng re order's office.
["" 'Wed for each addi
'���:" r fractii n.
P* Pers n or company  staking n
...   free  miner's   cer-
r of a new mine is
���rn of io<>o feet in
the party consists of
togi ther, on the out-
��� n yalty shall b.
K resl  of the  party  ordin
It)   it the ' *
per 1 ent   nn the
I ������ '   ::   m   the
I   ill per    ' ���   wl
ve entries ��� ��� ���
, ���
in   River,   where
:. .'.
ten   tive '���   - '��� '���''���
1  hav   1   dredge  in
-���1-   . fr  m the
f  r  each  five   :
in or ������ mpany hain   one   lease   one
1 mile��    r fra
��� nt.     Rental, $10
���'.ch    mile    of  river
It   the   rate   of   two
r cent, collected on the
ieds  Sin.noo.
each   separate   river,   creek  .
but   the   same   miner   may   |
number  of  claim'   by   ;      V
free  miners   may   work   I      -.
in   partnership   by   filing   :   |
paying fee of $2.     A  claim may b
abandoned  and  another obtained
the   same   creek,   gulch   cr  river,   1 .
giving notice and  paying a fee. '
Work   must   be   done  on  a   d
each year to the value c 1 at least %. -
A   certificate   that   work   bas
abandoned,  anad  open  to  c       ,
and entry by a irte miner.
The boundaries of a claim mav be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Vukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum-All unappropiated Do.
minion Lands in Manitoba, the N'orth-
we-t Territories and within the Vukon
Territory, are open ti pri .pecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual 1: company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of IQ20 acres Tor
such period as he may d( . le, tl -
length of which shal] not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospect ir discover oil in | aj ng . ��� 11
tities, and sal sfai ti rily ��� ��� ��� ibi h such
disi overy, an area not en eeding 64c
ai ri -. including the 1 | well,
sold to the pn spectoi ��� the rate of
$1 an acre, and the rei nder f thi
tract reserved, nami . 1280 res,
will be sold at the rati of $3 an ri.
subject to royalt; 1 1 rate as ma.
be ���; - rified by Order in
'SS   'SS
' ' 1
of the
M n ster
-ft* '
Tenders for  a   License to Cut Timber
on  Dominion   Lands in the Province of British C: umb a.
essed to the Comi a- .    I  ! 1
a   Lan Is, Di   .    ment 1    the 1
terio     md ��� 1     li envi
"Tender foi  Tim ei   i .   1 h Ni . 501 01
Timber Berth .N       a     .        e re
ceived at  this Departmenl
on  Wednesda,", th<   26th 1 Di
���      er,  1906, fi        en.es I       11 ".in
er on Bei th Nos. ' < '. .���.>'.._   li     rib
ed as follow:
Timber  Ben b  \. li late in
the Province ol Bi itish Col imbia, on
S .. I le 1 Ireel, li a il Township I,
Range 2, Wi st of thi Tth Mi rldian
1 lommenciitg at _ posi ; anted on the
East side ol aid 1 e< al be North
end ol ::.������ ^m _ : Canyon, al oul
miles up Croiii thi mouth of sai.l
Creek . thenci S 1 .- up said Creek
. ij   miles   i': (I   lani ���   wit!
depth ot one    .  ��� ���   '     tei Ij
an 1 half a mile hi iVesterl.   sidi
of said Crei k, n at 1 ghl  an
to   -In    generi       eai Ing  ol   said
Creek within tin    ��� ��� italning an
.... of 4,_- e ur li
;;���      1  N      .02. I uilllll' 11   lm*
��� 1-'   planti i     1 the East 1 Idi   1 '
Su     le Crei :     North,
,-e, the N 'IH
hence "        ��� ip said Creel
IA_   .. ��� with   a
one mill lie 1 11 terl\ side
alf a mil    tn tine We terlj  1 Ide
���  .       mea   ired in     shi   ant.li
the   gene al   bei ��� '    Creek
1. 1   ntaining  1 11  men
��� ���  ���   .-   en ' '       I he 1 o wei
illel ti      11    ip|��
.   .:. lai     Ol B. 51
The   11 rth       1      ���     irveyed
: ���    yea     ai'":    the
inib 1   whli '1   .1  II
,ii ;     ���    .    .��� s   ������ ���
...      ��� ���        ���
. ai 01 ii* the
office of the 1        n      mtier /I
'. :.   I! ' '
Santa Claus
Is Visiting Our Emporium Daily
and Making Selections . . .
Don't be too late. Now is the time
��������������������������+����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������.�����.������������������
Dak Rockers, cobbler seat, golden finish, a beautiful line from $3.00 up.
Dining Room '.'hairs in large variety -a splendid set oi 6 chairs (5 Diners
and 1 Arm) for $16.50.    Pad seat.
Rattan Rockers and Chairs from $5.00 each up.
Magnificent Davenport Beds. Red and Green Candaco. Most durable and
beautiful furniture.
PICTURES   We have just received a very large iine of beautiful goods.
FRAMES We make a specialty of framing pictures and have an expert
framer at work all the time.   Good work, moderate prices.
PARLOR TABLES Always acceptable for presents- Oak and Mahogany,
for $2.00 each up.
Ladies' Princess Dressers, Dressing Tables, etc.    Elegant variety.
Pugs, .Mats. Carpets. &c.    Large line just received.
LINOLEUMS We have just received $2,000 worth of Inlaid Linoleum.
best values going at 00c. $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 per sq. yard.
Lace Curtains and Portiers, Tapestry and Chenille Table Covers, Curtain
Poles. Brass Extension Rods, Cottage Rods. &c
Hall Chairs, Racks, Seats and Mirrors.    A swell line.
KITCHEN COMFORTS���Bins for flour, sugar, etc, and kneading boards.
Drawers for cutlery, a great convenience. Parlor Furniture. &c.   Come to-day.
Origin of the E.pr-. .sion "Happy Hunting Ground*."
You oftt or sei the < rpres-
Fion "happy hunting grounds."' and
It may bi f our readers
do not know how it originated or
what it means. It is the name given
to the Indian's leaven, which his
imagination paints as a prairie well
stocked with bnffalo and other
game, with no one to mole, t him or
make him afraid. Frnm this belief
arose the custom of killing the Indian's pony at the burying ground,
eo thai ' i may enjoy sport with it
forever in the other world, for they
also believe thai the pony will accompany its dead master. That he
may have his weapons readj when
he get- there, they bury with him
his rifle, his pistol, his bow and his
quiver ol arrows Thus equipped
be   goes ai'pv   hunting
grounds," url en hi will enjoy end-
les_ sport.
Where   Four  Stctes  Meet.
The United States .- ihe only
. untry in '!:'��� world thai has a
"four con ��� rs," thai iv to sir., a place
���a f. ur states meet. Look at
vo'.'.r .' ��� nnd von will see Colorado,
Utith, N ���' Mi xico and Arizona
toui each other.   At no other
place on the globe do four states,
oi ie ' r provinces unite to
for i sui    i       ii il ion.
', in spol is on a spur of the Carizo
. . and few tourists visit it,
parti} because it is not easily accessible and parti; because comparatively few people think about it. A
nionuiiient marks it. however, erected by the government surveyors.
Thi poinl i- reached by a Irnil leading fri i e road from the Navajo
Spring! in i olorado, in the Ute res-
ervr.tion, ti thi San Juan river.
������������������������������������������ ��<>������������������ �����������������������������������*���>������������������������������
Brushes I    PRESENTS
The  Ebrber'c Pole.
How many of you can tell why a
barber has a red and white striped
pole as .-. sign? In the olden time
barbers wri-r also surgeons in a
small way, particularly in thc operation of blecdi. .. To assist (be operation il wns : i cossary for the pa-
tienl to grasp a staff, and the barber always kepi one ready, as well
ns str p of cloth for bandaging the
pni ient's jo m. Wl en the stuff was
riot in use the bandage was tied to
:t so '. .( thej might be together
whi :i wanted, unci the barber usually hung i hem a1 bis door as a sign.
In the course ol time, however, a
painted pi li took the place nt the
door of the oni used in the operation, and ilni'- can.* the sign.
������   I
I"' ���!
a h
the Yukon Territory���
L... "  miles etch  may be
miner for s term of
n right is confined to the
JL,  ,  ' or  bars   in  the   river
k.���i '���**    mark, that boun-
r.     :   ,_
by its position r.n the
I- *  in  thr  yr��r ot* the
hall   have   one   dredge
��� thin   two   years   from
\i ise, and one dredge
bi m lea  within  six   ireat
I '      Rental $roo p^r mile
L -*   to   be   paid   to   the
-.   . '    hall r<--eive a grant
tie   mining  claim   on
a ��� ' :.. ���:.'   ������
Ottawa, \   ���' tn ei   IS
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions B Specialty.
Ellard Block,
Carving Setsf in Nickle Silver
With Solid Silver Mountings
Rodgers' and I. X. L. Pocket
and Penknives
Gillette Safety Razors
No Honeing;   So Strap
The Best of all Useful Presents for a Gentleman
Desert and Tabic Knives;  Forks
Electric-plated Serving Dishes
Carpet Sweepers
Save your wife .'nm.   of the hard Work
f Hardware of all descriptions
A   Tallow   Projectile.
Perhaps you might smile with incredulity if an) one should tell you
t1 ;,i it i- possible to (ire a tallow
candle from a gun with such force
that it will pierce n board, but it is
��� - . I..-- . . - . 'I'he reason is
t'   ���   ��� i; .   cam h   reaches the
board even pai I of ter com-
.. ag il i- in a state of intense velocity. At thi ��� mt of contaci
the partii les of nun ler composing
tbe board are state of rest, and
as thi  di I he candle multi
plied by its v��   i        is greater than
the s ������   :   .       .     iard a1 resl the
ler force i   ereomes thc weaki r
and tho i ���        through nnd
makes a hi e  n I he bo ird,
$5.00 t Ki I
PHONE  NO.   -   fi
Columbia St. Columbia St.
���_���.##�������������������������������< �����������������������������������*������ '������������������*��������������������������!
Of call at the
New Westmin. ter.
Wholesale I
-  Proprietor
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia St.
.ingR.'iKe delivered
part of the city.
promptly to iny
Light and Heavy Hauling
.rfi.O 7'lllltie lS,r).        H;iru f Don's 1H7 I 24 TFront Street
=$20 AND UP
Cut and Made on the Premises
New Westminster w'.'i; ���'.
��� ��� y  . I
I '
'   4
:- ��� . the S - Sews Po
.- i
-   - Sixth ���-���     .    c;
-.   ;.'...    ": ���        .-.--. - I
Va'53 ng D rector
.   C  Brown
Translet     i epla.    adTerUs ag
cent, per   ine   non. ir:?.    '- ������-���
the  toe*.      R��  sects  per  Una
-_:---,--"."    liaert_0___
Beading n *ices - v.i face *: pi
roots per line, ::ev.er or nooparfc
ecats ; er Una
For   time   cootracta,   special
t.. ta, a:,;;;- I. advert i.-i manage
Notices of births. rr...::_;���; =
deaths, '*- Wants, -'or sa>_. toe
{.rand, rooms to let, etc one cent
-ror:        N*'j  &-���.-.....��__.���;:.-   ���-_.<_��:_
., It
Pr bs   -i?   3   C   SeaS-raJ   O Btr
-      - ".'-."-
- ��� -___-
-   :.
'   ' "  -
From t       ! MlUs     "..:
*.   _    r. . ���    -_--���-
-5 the H       .   B .    -.
V_ut - '��� --" ". -
...      -     - -    -    : :.   .
ler of Vano ���.est i     - .:_..--
.   . -    Home        A .-.. :
as were made as f      -
..*      for Mnd Ba    r
v.-. -;        i new lift and    -   ���   -
Horace Dorer
.n   than .". cents.
��� -. -
-   tl           for H
e Clerk's
Da .   Of -��               	
.      ���                .p.m
N jht  Off ct
���'             -            F Klein
-..-..-  y   ���
.-������-���_ "K -.
tDesoay, de:  ta   ���*���:
. -
. : -          ��� ' ���                    >.'
' '
!   ._���                   :.     '
-   ���
-    -
.'.'             ���                             5�� the :
��� . '                                          _���   ���
Columbia St.. Next Tram Office
���Goldsmith, Sil\ ersmith
Diamond Merchant
tenders t to sen
tuor  to      II -".. :.    ���   ....     ...      I*   ���  -...-
in interesting -  '
.   litor
-     ���*.
[Absolutely    PURE
:. ������:: ������ :
.'.     PER3  IN
. ne
Sal d
Thi j  In
l3 aus vulgar and
��� at    News.
ITED ��� B ��� .-..-���
Hoi       I mbia s:
"ED���: oys.
r -.
V. ANTED��� .
- _  .
������     11   I
. r
Carnegie's gift      5! . i.      a'a
Ita half-i endowment  fund.    It
was ' tie V'an< o
: ���������;   ...        ��� ilse this en
'��� :. ��� :.-       Qd   Ri        D.  L
St. John     '���' ' _:.
ler I     nderta sing
' ������ ami   :.'
Thi e walked int        r       i        _ -
| ������-���..     a     -
ed   the n$e_rt tt*
.1,200.     Twenty   <
the com id paid
igent     it he
���hen  ��� �� on fire
iin. 1
Senl    ���������'   '   '��� ng to We I
thi    ���   11 ile
ter fh
,   ... it   th
.arii       ���        not  meel
ead.   den in      here
Not.   a*   a   Rul..   ihp   R *-�� n 11
La/ln. *m   i.r   Olutlony.
It .-   9   ::. sta ��� ������ .   :-" ce to
many   il stei    ms folk t ime tbat
sli fat ;- r- .".-���- large
.   ���  rs.    Very many exeessiveli      i   I
lent le    esp      ...    �� imea,    ire
bi     | i iters,  while some of the
.- ty   trem bermen  are   g   int   and
th ..
It .- uot the |uant ty so ich . - the
', tality f the . >od one ita "��� b h de
ter::..:.- - Sl -" :._��� on of flesh. V-;
!t is not always the kind of fo-..! ���
makf-s th    for some stont i
eat very -' ir Dgly of rag irs ind
star i. ���-. while there, ire large con-
snmen of sweets b ho :.������' er f tl
f..-\ In so fa ���- ' Is a . ���-��� a
of const " iH in ften of hen . '7 aa 1
Dot at ill or ri -;��� , ttle, on
..:. ���:.'���? prevalent error in reg rd I
fat people   ��� th  I thi ;��� are        t >r id::?
and ne1   1     ��� 1   -���    Of eo irse exercise
does   In re  ������   the |   ��� ��� -   ..   .   trl
Bon    nd so I     Is to tbe    irn   .���  ip   '
Baperfl .   .- :  I   but at the same 1 nae
It causes    n incn   -������   a  I
and  th .-  tempts to the consumpl
of a greati 1 1        food.   So on.
"..    ���       mces the other, and want of
exercise   alone  is   Dot  a   rery  potent
'������ ... 1 ' .. ..-- -���      '.! . ny rery fat ;��� -
- -. - ���   - ���-        luggisl   but they
ie so sin " pi " ng on  I  ��� r
for it ��� -      erreat difl ren .
��� - .   . . . :".. po mds about
rbetl   - ���     Deces-
as much ai-a.'n or
. ile tbe -������������ Ight    It Is a tre-
& there is small
tbat tin     .������-..���-.:    the
t merelj tbi of laz     -   01
glut 1 I ts ���: ��� ���    down
��� na 0 ng 11
:. -   ' res by whirl
��� ���    .      ���        i moul
��� I  into bloc :      ���    -       I
n. cells.   II
can of 1 ���-��� . ������
diet anil ���     -���
owed to get 1 I. but
thc ten to       11 .
be mo ever removed
Anj   ��� ;   re
moral of fli .      earrled out un
der thi   advice of n f.hj
lout measui   ��� ���: rei ted to I 1 may
be produi tive of ten   ...     u     to the
constitution,   youth's < 'on pan on
..   v.
Wanted���Sl      - '    drive rig and
make hii      I   -        - ���"���'������
'.'.'   E  Fai  -  F :. n I
MR.  HARRY DAVIS. \l ���- Iti '.     will
'������-'��� e pupils     Les    ns in t_e
-ir. -    - I'oici luction      123
.:..  ia  Street
Prnt.r.-j   cf  eve-/  description���If
to reach       11       ent -   le ive   . -
.:      .- ten 1
rim 1 tern to 5 >ui  satis
lon as we hi     I     type fa
er wil!
eclated     Mi let! ���   -
Pre      Dal     N'< x - Bl
LOST���Bei '��� -    111   ind Do iglas
-��� 1 ���' t cemeterw and 1 st,
.   ���   I :'
Inside      Flnd<
. ���.         ��� ��� 1     |i ��� a
. v,\ E. Fales    242 _
��� :S-:'S.i:r   .   ���  ���..   - torey   frame
1 Agni    - - - ��� ��� - received
n ���    ������-._���
Plans and I       . ��� ofl ��������� of
r. H. I . iw, Sixth and Clai     m St
fa wi  t or ai     tender not neces-
Easterbrook Milling Com)
A lady should never f- irget to say
when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selecl
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.
fry it
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that  you get it.
Ui . : ��� ���
Archite t.
Pi ���
' .
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE  &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  Pront St.
Surrey Counc.
''.'iii':: met Dec. 1*
rnern sen!.
'  " Reeve an I
Mlnuti i 1.
I". I'.  ''   '���!    ��� e Im 11 .-.  1
"Mu.ii i .a)  Clausen  Act," 1 nd
A  Hole In the Roof.
Mr-. Anna D. Cornelewis, .1 I and
.-ome widow, is the owm r of r ml .
property in Roi liester, hid, '.'���. ��� _
.he rented the property to P< rry
Coplen for a term of years -S
ed to reserve the right of entrance
tlirough a hallway to her ro mi., upstairs for herself and son.
Mrs.    Conieli".vi-    rei   ::.   :
th i
tii" t]
tun   .  :.  11
_lin.:-, ���   .
." ���
for cr icltv I
��� on-
Il    ::��� ..-
poor ren-
f.j.oj led in
pri-a ition
letlng were ��� mflrmed,   C >m-
������    were receivi I as follows
B< ������   H ..   s ���'���. an l Treas.
���r   he
sayingl fr0m a visit she and her - m, with-
���  out permission of 1 oplcn,        1   to
pass through 1!;" parlors ol  Cop-
len's room- to reach tho
J-hn  Sharp
Jn thc ���     hborhooi]
j       i John fi
��� - utlve al its next meeting
From the right-of-way agent, G, X.
R . re Ele ich road, ni   r S     la onard's
Hotel, .-.1. lng thai whi re 1 ie railway
on thi   hlgbwa.   I - ���     the Indian
';    erve     nd permfeiloi   to coi   tract
ime had        .1 I fro
In lan   Departm   ,    ai   111 uwa,   that
the    '' un im-.   ha h trip ol
. 1 60 ; iei .iw-'   noi theunterl he
n    in   ,- ml. and   ��� nstrucl   9
highway much        1    than the
one already In exlsten 1
..  - ���
1= al'.i'ii;.
is been
e *  .
Coplen protested and later served
notice on her nol to In .pa . !Ie
then padlocked the door of the ta r-
Willow Cornelewis' son is a ��� .:
penter, and he gol a laddi r to imh
to the 11''w rn,:. where he o] m d .1
way through which the wi low tnd
her son have been making thi ir exit
and entrance.���Cincinnati  En | tin
if h -
���:> Williams
'.'       Sj . ":i." That
.'.   ily of  the con-
_'."'���     11 ���:'   .   ��� . re iii" Sharps
- tho ���:;'���- it iple of that section.
According to I own confes ion
Will u nol on of earthly hap-
pinc - is to sii  '.,'1 his veranda at
j'a    1 in the 1 on p iny of % I books
and '. itch tho 'otton /row. Dnly
ono vote w 1 d >l against him ai the
last eii of ono of hia
seven chii ike. Ono of his
do " fi end..       I 1 tl I":   '"John
writes poi try f >r n irflation. At
len t, he >a, ��� po try, and that
li" finds r.a real m in committing it
to 1 aper."
In addition to above we I
'lenders, Steamboat Wra]
cerchiefs, in Silk and Lin
and finest creations in Xmi -
fail to :->' our Xmas eroo   .
ave fine lines
s, Suit Cases.
of Tuxedo
Club and
nd Dress Suit
Silk Handkerchiefs w
ies we have ever
Gladstone Bags, lmtj       ;,
with fancy border. P
offered to the public   ���
liT ������'s - Ar
Ipposlfe Post ti K' *'
m L DEC. 18, 1906.
ie Question of the
That Shall I Buy
ir Christmas ?
jv, ���    il question, Christmas is the most in-
[:���.. ���      and, at the same time, the most
. ���   as well as the most vexing time
jii the whole year. Who doesn't spend hours
in�� and turning over and over trying
light on something that will please a dear
friend?   "ur idea in putting this ad. in the
papers is to lay before you a good big as-
sortment of giveable things, and thereby
lessen your worry.
Around an up-to-date dry goods store
witl a courteous staff to show thc goods
you shouldn't find it hard to choose some-
thii _. especially for young people.
Although we don't keep toys, we have so
many other things for children that you can
ali >st overlook toys.
For Children
nnet .   Hats,   SI iwls,   Gloves,   Stockings,   Handker-
made, i ���- - i , R bb ns, Underwear, Work
Infants' Gait irl        from .   to $5   i each.
Articles from 5c to $5 each
For Girls
. Coats, '.."   - .  ���'��� in Isor Ties, Ca]  . Hats, Hand-
' Dresses, 1 Iress G ���  ' I    Ribbons,   Neck-
Boxes, Cual   >n To| ���   L'mbr lias, Belt . et:.; articles
Articles from oc to $6.50 each
For Ladies, young and old
: ia e Bio ises, Ni      rear,   Suspi nder , 11 indi er
its, Shawls, Glovi Dress Goods, Ribb ms,
aises, made i   Dresses, etc.; articles frnm 10c to
Articles fr .   LOc to $20 each
For Men, young and old
ii : ��� ai
W'e lay special emi h
ist one     n i ize  and
Lther cases,   Ann-Ira
Artii les from LOc to $20.50 each
For the Home
51.50.  2.00, $2.50.  $3.50,  6.50, $8.50  nn I  $3-50.
$1.00. $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $3.50, $5.00 an I $8.50.  .
-  $1.50. $1.55   $2.25, 33.50. $4.50   il  I $5.00.
l| tins,  75c. |1.00,  5*.::.   .2.00. 53.50, $5.00 to $8.00
. B ittenburg, !:  i
. In all size ��� an I
i i, anesi  fir iwn wn
tOc, 25c  50c, $1.00, {2.00,
*-   35c.  50c. 75c. :   M  11.50 m   $1.75 pei pair
75c, $1.00.  $1.50, $2.50, $3.50, $5.50   ind $10.00 per
���   Saxon.  Wool, $4.75, 35.50, $6.50 to $8.50 per pall
 is, Cushion :      is, Cu ihlon Top      ' tm a i  Mn
. .i
Local N
Briefly Told mEW CHINA
Io | I
3. G. Till
iugh   in
������ terda    .     >',
thi   Vulcan
ia    received  thi   i   ���
'���'���     '     largi    :.��� ...     	
in   Sl ingle   i ompan     il    ���
Ing .
T1"'  .        Irl. Ins tor  thi
k'ln al the Roya   Citj  Mills h i
1 ,-!'      ���     ind the work ol
sills and rai in ���  the   i ill ling   i
: i '��� mg thi    v..a.,..
��� ii   Sal u i
a    :
Id ena
i;>on i
in  .:
I    '
' .      ;
,.    tei      Dunsmuir,
'     laj     with    a
i ...:i,  ol    oga ini- the
River Mills.
hi a i   ,-     e -a were broughl
���in the Delta yesterdaj on bo ii 1
��� rran i   Reichenbach com
The   Ramona   made  a special  trip
; iwn   the  river  to Ewen's  ranch  on I
S indaj   and  broughl In a large Bhlp
ni":.' of baled haj  for the Brackm in
Kei compan
The Royal Cltj Mills Is facing a
; famine.     The  booms around the
mill are jusl aboul empty. Unless
lore   irrive In a  _horl  time the Baw
mill   'a il]   have  to  tie   up   foi   a  fe i
Just Arrived-
-Christmas Trade
We will be pleased to have
.a   al     no in
a" 7,
i   i . .i       ccntro
Over a hundre      ile o  :. ���     a  iwn
and   packed         the  II Hop com
i.      il   Chilliwacl       , eh   I
hen         erda       Tin u    lo be s lip-
������: ia the Ben Porl Brew::, ��� i impany
I Q ie ie       Thi - filled
��� ���  . eighl  -he I
Richard   the Third.
Shakespe ire' -    Imm irl il        igedy,
' King   Richar I   the   Third."   will   be
a "   nted  :i.   the   i era  house  tomoi
rov   night, nj    I e well known American tragedi in   John Griffiths, assisted
a  stron : con p inj ol   irtisl -     The
i ompanj   can les   i i ... plete ou      i
lem lid si ener; . md I he mosl m 11
led rical effecl -.    The battle seen
said   to  be  mosl   ablj   nnd startingli
depicted.     The various  press noti e
| which   have   appeared   from   time   I i
' Ime   with reference  to  the com 11
and   Its   merits,   are  all  of  a   hlghl
complimentarj  ch iracter.
The Members of the Queen's Ave.
assisted by  the   leading  local  talent,
s2 acres of first-class land, about iiii acres improved; excellent
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruit Peach, Apple. Pear, Plums,
Prunes, Walnuts; good dwelling house and outbuildings; centralis situated; ^iioil mnd.-; stun, telephone, post office, school, church, all con-
venient; excellent transportation facilities.
Price   $_��,_200,   quarter rush,  balance ii per cent.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
The   funeral   ol   Miss   Milliceni    E. f ������1'        " D TTTTI   "
Belyea, who died   it her father's resi- ^lll S          KUlrt.
lei   .   Van   ...        :. Sundaj morning, ���ON
will laki                     Oddfellows cem- THURSDAY, Dec. 20th, at 8 p.m.
:..       !   moi ��� Ing.     A,	
special car will c ������ n   over fr mi Van- The following Soloists
couver.      New    Westminster   friends will lie heard :
are   reqm   ted   I  I   al   the   tram miss   ELLA   WALKER,   Soprano,
��� iol iii  10:15 a ��� as " Ruth."
Contralto, as " Naomi."
.'    ". h i'i    m in i new hoi sl   r P irl
Moody  will   be  I     ly 1 ir op -. n .   in
about a month.    The building     about]  and   MR.   HARRY   DAVIS,   Basso,
ready for the  commencement of  the   ��� .so. ..
plumbing Price of Tickets.    -    -    25 cents
(aire,I   bj   A.   Hard mai ; 11 y ��� I
Lathers are now al work on tl . Inl rr
loi  ol   :  e bul  ling,   md tl      vorl   ol
a terlng   will   ' e  commenced   nexl
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
Thn _   wee.      i
��� i. . li posed upon the j ning w om m
-. .in the red light - distrlcl . ho n 11
charged In the |>o        couri rdaj
i ning with having been drunk and
���   ible .mi  Sal ii' laj   e\ ettlng      N'o
ii a Ion  of   .1   till"   ��a ���   .'.:\ en,   II     "���
��� \ Idi nl     ihe ii    ���     n of the ti  11
I ties in Iniprcs ��� ���.��������� n the min I if
these undeslrabl ���- ��� hm ��� he mn u ' ���
li ii.. pruperlj  or be punished se\ ei p
The   Norw pgi.tn        ��� mier     i li 'm's
��hich   Rh ������    PI loi   i.    ers  was  dallj
epoetin    ' ' lo I upoti lo o
i tin    l\ ,"���    '       "'.   a   River Mill i,
am.,' p Card! can Rock i
aboul   .i   milo   fron    Hiilaclavn   Isi in I
on   I'ii In; crow   i en ilnod   on
board   ill  ul ,hl io vo isol   had
struck .md wore      ��� p hall
��� a . \       a han i.
\\    .      i vod    lm i .   ��� ��� ��� ! 111
iine   ���   iia
;    w i :    ....
lho new in i .
I,.  ||  en!    \.  Murkli.l ���'   M
.ih Iln    ar  .''. ' *'    l;
i , of Vancou*!      I
I.in I with a vl '
|)|    I .........
i'i.!   VI I to lv   nl
,a     iir   bO I    I 	
  i HIS ll
I     ,   tha   '  I
roast In Iln ,; N'muiln  i  i
In   '"" '   : '     '   '
H ���    ,! :
The in    ��� nn
ii,. nu I '  '���
��� : , ii���     ,,i    man      111
I Purest of The Pure l
Are the Candies Purdy Makes
Swellest   of   thc   Swell
aro the handsome fancy baskets of
Every lady in New Westminster should be given a box of
ihis Xmas.   They'll appreciate it.
Do you know you can buy your gentlemen friends
Cigars, Tobaccos, or a
=   Handsome BBB BRIAR PIPE -
at our store.
The   Store   with   the
White   Tront
_���>. _a
wfiA��My'E\   .
U ���������ii lly
. ,,,, ihr   besl   policy, yoc
1 ���*'  '      ���" . ���       i   11 ..
��� ,, .  i who cm iiliii'l It,
* - V.'".i__ i_.__.v-.__��_r_CC,2f,WC2!l**i-4'*V^'i wnw TIBB-RfiJ**
' I i
1 : . i:''..
i ji   i: iney?"
,. '    j   I'm  Inlcresfi-.i
IBP    il It?"
Columbia St., Nest Tram Office
���. ��� ,.   . ...��� i 8
t .
H   lii
��� i V
i mt
I   '       i       'a' 'l"'*i \
S;.   ;*
1 it   ,
!       .
H__pi�� Bzodaaa and Kn>��_in nal
pTi.m'ii* H*-- 1th and iww-d U<iki.
H v.- _re '- -: -'' ... i law rttt*
of i* : ----���.- v j met. '��.
c_      ,.--".' ���     i . '      :_.��.:
.- t^.- .   -.- !*   - -    - - ;-
I   -  .   . i    a thai
-- -    "      .". EO   Oi
��� - - ttle good
If. ���       ther ban     j   i are bow
..... |       .           -    power and
f . .-..--���        -   | i
.. .         f health, power and
g"- - *-" *' ���'"
The Right House!
���-.  Z.
i   rreci bread    _ :   - -���_-:���
t;.   ..--   than        -    i!  in  pr   .   ���._._
health    Ord     riii   it sh >nld be -.
dt-f] ���    i ].-     foi
deep breat     g exercise sl pr
���  ��� I   ��� ���    ��� -     _���    ���:.   first   rising
. -   wide     Stand    t
���-    -    '   ��� loose robe oi     Lei
-'��� ���     -   -   ���     _   .    --;'*'      ���   ��� -
���; . ���-..;..---'-.
��� '     -        r will
< .. t a fourth ol
Scientists say 1      n t
Irawi th t        ������   ���      It is not
gir itself.
air.  As j ������
\     ��� . - - _    ���      i    ��� ���
shut tig! ��� r j ���   ho
tb  ng to
est j    '    ' ���������--.���'���
foi aie ti       re       In thi
same  ��� i cner.   While yoi
do - . sei r your t! _������ r :. : ������:..
tbe life forri thr    ���_���    tbe nerves
Btai d erect th the spinal Intni
en! -���      ���' ���        i - reatl
Ing font t five mil utes
j.-    -   .    t thr    -     tbe da;    to.
< ndei ' or to make it bat tnal, alv iys
keeping in l nd tl tl : I that r
_r<- drawing force 1 your nerv.
centers Wl ���. ��� ��� - i deej
I re tth ng exei - .- t night bef r��
If y . are . ��� ied to 1 ive a ianr*
stomach and hollows around the col
Iar bone bre ithe for that, 1 , but in a
different ��������� i. i . -;��� yonr bands Ugh.
around your :'-��� I . st below tbe w .1
ti' th ugh yo were g ig t Ift that
part of the ' ���   i     nwhlle bre t
lng tl r ugh th n ���-'.- - li a success!. ���
of siiarj . si irts Take a dozer
of  th< --   ': re tl - success] m   nighl
and :��� trn _ ? |nsi fteT r< i have finish
ed tl ������   a ������;     -���   thing exercise   Ke<��;
Ul     ������ ���    II      ������        ���      ,.
are the triple attractions at Richmond's, The Right House.   Only
a few more days left in which to make your Christmas selection.-.
Begin to-day. and save the worry of the last few days.
This Store is full of Christmas gift suggestions. The deciding on just the appropriate
thing is made easy here. Never have we shown such magnificent assortments, and never
have the values been better. Come and see for yourself, then you'll know why we are so
enthusiastic, then you'll know the "why" of the greatly increased business we are
The Modern Clothiers      The Modern Clothi
i * -       i
Never tr.   (    stretch y iur n    ith bj
yawr.ir.t'���': -   v '���-  .    - - |   - -     -    " ''raw
)r.g back tbe lips    Stretch ng *���_*��� skir
1 rt DS-robei   .' .-��� mi ml   i
T.-.a'.. . . : days    ( I ag ago
Whefi ;r��;rr   .'.'..;.   ���    lati   December
J :��.-.���.-   ���   and raki
PIOW    ' It   1   a      .a   . teg,
C_.���"������_.t'   the  i-- .���      rr.:
Neve-   . a-  I n    over
Event! le-or no a or rr   r...
Ire.-. ember   I re rr. - n I ��� i
.:ov.        . _t .���   ���       iys we felt
Ir, tbi   .  z      .   .- ��� . E  ; ti rr. > r
It    WS  - *    .;.     ._ I     '      -a-   ���
Ar.d ��-   . _-
Sr.. rt-  at -;/r- . ig  ������ -  es
i --'. '.'  . ��� _  - '       S    .' ng "
Bald .1   - .a ,   ' r. .rr;.. pleaM
I r< ������ mber   .  .-  m. rr bi -
H . -r    i  farm.
Ever ���  . *       member
Had 1
Fair!; fron -et
" F    '     . ..������.
Ar.i  ��� ��� ij   ��� ���.-���-:
'-'������'        re to 1
I ���'   ���    ' "������'.-���     ei
. .    ��� y.
'���'   '' and g
When tl
j,       . .....
Tl       :   ��� ��� -        .     ��� t.T
'���  ������   > k   10  WOI a-
"Asked to i ������ I h :.. ��� ��� ��������� he
w'i- g  .:._ y
"Xo; told I a s< eret ai I tl .:
it al ���:.- th hin "
Danili._   of   lapoa.
Even the natives of Papua have tbc.r
fine gentlemen, their dat'i.e.-. To rani
ln this clap, the young man Is < cupelled to lace Lis waist and to Lave a
nose ornament of polished shelL Eut.
M an eipiorpr says, "very few youi
blades can afford to possess one. a:.
accordingly it may t��_ lent either for -
consideration or as a very special favor.  The possessi r <<f one of ii .--
Laments could easily buy a wife fi r .:
and sometimes It is i aid as a tr.i..-::
tribute by one should be have to paj
blood money er be unable to give the
statutory pig a^ atonement for a mor
der." Papuan husbands, too. have ..
primitive way of dealing with their recalcitrant wives. A man name.; Gedon
bad a shrewish helpmate whom be attempted to tar;,.- according to this
method: ''He would pick up a billet ��� f
wood when she was halfway through a
tremendous scoldine and give her a
terrific blow over tbe back. Tbqpenpon
ensued pand-Trjonium. The other mi
and wo__i(_-_i would gather round,
berine, but tbey would make no attempt to stop the beatine once it bad
No: Explorers Either,
"Who ������������ as I  ���    ���.  of J . . iliscovered
"The fellows u .�����. bad been up the
aigbt before and inted to sleep that
r; < rn . -��� '
Canadian Pacific
��� ,
an      . , . mates writ
rse evi	
I        .��� rs enough 1
la a"     '
she   ���
After -   ������""
. ��� .
-���   - ���: me
I   r��.
���  ..
' Shi
"!' ���
- ���",'��� ng in live down her p.^st."
ii ' rtunate   mar-
I to i   iik that she conld
To local point-. Tickets will be issued
at -.ngle fare and one-third for the
round trij. Dates of Bale, Dec, 21st to
2Sth, inclusive, and Dec. 28th to Jan,
'.-:. g   d to return Jan.   -.
For further ; artlt .. irs apj .y to
C. P   R   Agent,
E.   J.   COYLE.
Ats stant    General    Passerger    Agent.
Manufai :urer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tfl.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars    for Vancouver and    way
stations  will  run   every  ha.f-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7 I : *
a.  m.    Half hour!} -  wlll
i in   from Central    Park    to
V .:.     ner only.
Cty   L mits Lint     S( ��   I
G.15 a :i.   tO 11  ;  n
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and _ and _ and 7.
X British Columbia E
30   Minute   Service  durln? 1
r of day,   l ransfer t
Leo; '   : :     ������
Sunday   Service half-hourly.
tween ! I Up
Sapperton Line.
15  Minute  Ser.' :��� fn :. I S
i.   ���    ::   .       ���        ������-
..    ���     . : ��� s -'4
Sunday Service  halHotirlJ 1
lectric Ry. Co.,t
(Maple Leaf Label)
Is the best value, because it is pure, nutritious gnd WfJ ���waonu���
  *******���**������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������*
Queen's Avenue
! *   tl.
:��� . ��� '
lng   :��� ���        ��� pari   les   of
fOOil 1 I i..'   ;. .a,!
I '    ' ' .   I      you       a
han I   a ,. - good i       ��� on.   II
Is not pn 11 th in-.'
1   ted 1    ���'    Take     p  ��     .:      ���   .   .
y mr hrtiKh i : <l  sei ih your ti eth  with
It aii at t ��� i-i        Thla preserves
Ihe gums and  makes the ti eth them
lelve) ". hite nnd sm ..."
'������ nd hi
H    ' * - iin ;��� i  Into
A fat l i
���      ��� main
'''���'��� ���..������.
BUpi      ��� the train
"Why d ii i the i irse of true love
never i u   - ih?"
"Becausi . verj _ , thai yen are in
'" ' ������ "��� �� bound to t ike al least on��
fall out of v . ' "
Five hundred and se . enty-fi.e dollar!
one-third ca.h, will buy one cf the
best lots ever offered in the City of
Ne./ Westminster.
Five hundred and sei   '     '     I
one-third   cash,
best   lets   ev-
New  Westminster.
Simp'e   R.mcdies.
Get out' ioi all you ������.���in. Lei ihe sun
iblne upon your hare head frequently
if you "'nut your hair to >:ti>v. thick.
Drink between mails an abundanoe of
pur<. \.aier. While you are drinking il
think thai it is wnnhlng waste matter
out '.I .'��" system Much more depends on though! in the matter of
health (han people nre aware, Black
damleii ni tea i. excellenl medicine for
Stomach, liver and sluggish Intestines
nml consequently for tlio complexion.
Drink n little of mornings before break-
fart it* you are Inclined to be bilious.'
Washing the fnce on I neck in buttermilk N an old recipe for the skin that
cannol well be Impro,
milk off with
pott ir-n
Just a Trifle.
"What's Brown pr n . iting now?"
"A coi ipany t i move Mammoth cave
aeross the rivi r Into Ohio and use it ai
a Cincinnati summer resort."
A Pacer.
"I am afraid that she'll make a fool
of me."
"lion'i worry. Mother Nature is
ahead of her"
An  Iiia. |.il.in.
Mr_. Pea_freen   Is _:; always an un-
lucky number?
Not when you bold all of the trump*
In a game of whist-Kansas City Independent.
A few lots on Queen's Ave., just on
the brow of the hill, well out of the
  morning mists, with uninterrupted ���-
view of the Eraser River and valley, Mount Baker and the Olympic
Range, are now offered for sale. These lots are situated just on
Queen's Ave., off Third St., opposite the well-known residences of F.
J. Hart, W. E. Vanstone, etc., bounded by Tipperary on the east and
Peele St. on the west. Sewer pipes already laid; every lot to lane.
Four inside lots, 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash, bai. <t-^(1:
while the corner lot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave., is offered
Five hundred and seventy-five dollars
one-third cash, will buy one of the
best lots ever offered in the City of
New Westminster.
Don't let this magnificent opportunity to purchase a fine residential site now and for always
slip, but secure it at once from the exclusive
Five hundred and scventy'^o(|
one-third cash, will W C,J
best lots ever offered in
New Westminster.
::.   Wipe the
tntle little i niches of a
Dinar noata.
Knie-ic--My wife say- she feels Ilk*
an old ra^'. Boeker���Then the only cure
ls to buy her some  nen-  of-M,���.\>w
Tork R.,rj
Real Estate Brokers, Etc. DEC
13. 1906.
inest  Beyond Compare !
X the Store that stands be-
/een you and high prices
uxurious, Sensible Gifts.
Smoking Jackets,  Dressing Gowns and
Fancy Vests.
Rich, elegant effects, and not expensive suggestions.
We can't begin to tell you all the suggestions we have hero for
acceptable gifts for men; it would take pages. We want the
ladies and gentlemen who have not already heen in our store, to
come in to-day and next wee!-;. You'll get exactly what will
please him and delight you.
See  the  pretty color effects in the
New  (Neckwear.
Make this Store your store and let us show ycu what's
GET THE HABIT, and go to
uzxrwati::   HI
The Wardrobe Clothier
Columbia St.        New Westminster
rchase Notice
to   '
ise   ' ������
tai     '  '   :
...  .       i
follows     :
resl      i
I i [ ���
'���     lAL        .   '���   '
ex. Speck's
M Hand Store
of that  '.'.:��� a- Gift, h;   _���   I n    something that i-
Seasonable, Acceptable and  Reasonable in  Price
 C  \LL    AT	
ry Boot Store
; | |     ' and I 'entlerm i  - SLIPPERS,
ind coi ifort ibli      Fron	
!, . LIPPERS ' "' ���   "i n i w  a
Chr   ������   i   Gift.    From
90c   $1.75
The r form a very neat and ap
i.. | ���     | ��� ���
in be '
Dn      ���'LIPPERS.
$1.75 to $2.75
.- ....      .   een the Di     Waterproof Hool yet?     A |>aii '
..     that bo  ',   fi ���! drj  for tbe wot, wintrj weal   ���
...    | he.   w ill  ea ilj  o itwear two  p       ' '    ���'"���
 ���   ONLY    AI    	
Th.: OU Country BOOT STORE
Timber Notices
���g de:
iast Distri
..��� . lng al ..
na  - hi   he id ol
ila Arn    in th    ��� ���	
Follows:   v ���
ith   ���     hains ea it, 80 chain    i    th
...   a     .    e to p ilni ol
o  ... a. ���..
No. 8   (lommen lng al .i pos   ... .
.   iut one mile up Fall creek, on
the  i a.-:   bank  ol   creek,   running  as
... iws:   SO   chains   east,   vA  cha   s
south, 80 chains wesl   more nr less, to
: "ik. then  along      ���������-.   to   po at  nl
.��� ncement
N-i   9   Commem ing ai  posi plan
me mile up Fa . i a ���
creek     lining No. 8 on
iesi   Iim ming   a -      illow -
.-...',     io   ch.::.     ��� est,   lfiO
.a     .a    D 40       ..a.n-    i   .
if comn      emen
No. 10   C ���:.. ..  a In
east   80 chains _outh, i'i chains wetH
in chains   n irth,   vo ch tins   ��os'   to
ommenci menl    i oni a ning
, ....
p isi    marked
W     '.       N E
norl h
i ve   an ...
i         illow
i- i: iins    .. ains  west, 40
.... iains eas
of commencement, containing 640
acres, more oi less.
1. Commencing a. a posi marked
\\. M.'s N.w. Corner, planted on the
north bank ol the Kildala i Ivei aboul
Qve .n i a ha I miles up the rivi trom
the   mouth,
chains east, 10 chains south, lfin
chain, west, 10 chains north to poin!
of commencement, containing 640
..i n .-. more or less
An   Arll.i
Noti hereby gh en    ha      hlrtj
lays a ...   .   ntend to applj  to
immisstoner ol Lands
an a  W ii i.i- I a  a   license  to  . n   and
' i"1 'tScarry awa trom th. I       .   i
les. rihi iituated    in     the
inted i Skw Coppi    river, ah ml
i  ... .      iala Rivi ...
ith, on thi ...
.  ��� -     10   i hains
��est, 80 chains n .   ���    .    5 ea
3, to rivi
��� a a ... ing   Ivei    ���       .... sti
. ..
No '.     post p anted
it 6 miles up from the mouth, on
I he north ban. ol Dala River, run ���
as : illi �� - l'i chain- north, su chains
east, I" chain.- noi th and v I chains
easl. i'i i hains south, more or less, to
rl.' r, 1 Ken alon .rive to polm con
No. 12   Commeni ing al .. ,. isi , Lanl
e i aboul : iur miles   ip fi om the mouth
of   the   Dala   Rivei    on   south   bank,
running as I illows:  la chain   east, to
chains   north,    '.J'    . hains   east,   4"
. hains  noi th, more 01  less,  to
then   along   rivei    to   polm    oi  ���
N ) 13 Commencing al a p isi la .:
ed aboul one mile from the hea 1 ol
Kildala Arm, on south bank, running
us follows:  in chains south, 40 chains
west, 40 chains south, 10  Ins west,
40 chains north, 10 chains west, 40
chains north, more or less, to shora
ihoii along shore 11 point oi commi na. menl
N'o 11 - Commencing a! a pos    lanl
1 ii aboul one halt mile from the hi a I
of Kildala   Arm, on  the  noi   i    ian i
running; as  follows    10 chains north,
i"  chain s ea      10 < tains  south, 120
chains   east,   10   chains   south,
chains wesl to shiic. then along shore
in polni of commencement-
No. IS   Commencing al a post plant-
Miii.fif.i.   1_   Thi.     -A|  mt
the   Ilrl.nl
Iu all matters of sentiment the
Arab's   instinct   is   sure.     If   yon   can
the  appeal to him on nny ground of hos-
:   pltalltj 01 g . . ���.-       says the author
of    In the  I-esert," ymi bave a hold
on him.
It used to !��' the boas! of Arab poo
t^y iu IL. beal days that it. "never
praised a num except for what was iu
him," and the habit of judging direct
ly nnd wlthoul regard to surrounding*
h.T_. always boon an Instinct of the
race, au Hiose evidences of worldly
prosperity    and    success   which    turn
160   t1*0 ho;lrt Of lhe Anglo-Saxon to watet
leave the Arab unmoved.
Tho Arab is nn artist in manners. 1
remember a certain sheik, who was
onep my traveling cuiipanion on the
Upper Nile, a tall, lean, keen face.1
liiiili. of a complexion almost black,
with n glitter on ii l.ko the sun polish
on desert stones, who walked among
the fellahs on the crowded deck like
a chief among his slaves.
With him 1 shared the same narrow
corner of the deck He was strict In
his religions observances and at th-.'
appointed hours would spread his mat
on the deck, turn In the supposed i
iv.linn ...f Mecca nml then kneel and
rise and kneel again, bowing n '
his forehead to the ground in the Im
pos ng attitudes of Moslem prayer.
Quick ai .. itectlng the least sign of
considers! on   or   respect,   If   we   slop
ped ta 1. ng  or moved to make room,
he V! iuld treasure up the courtesy and
when his prayers were over turn an.'
acknowledge 1 v Itb a grave gesture
and a smile thai seemed no conven
tlonal grima 'i. hul 1 spressed the in
tention nf a ii.-liberate friendliness
1 Locatoi 1  WILLIAM  MOODY,
per Frank \ an lall   Agenl
- ui   :   ...1 the mouth
1      .. ...       a      a    p  1-
...       .en."-   on   the
ani    ���     ...       .      ��� ���    _  as
���' -    SO  i hains norlh.  *..
h esi    10 chain. - >uth, more .     ess to
rive:   : hi n a  mg   Ivei      po nl oi c im
N'o. 2, Commencing al a posi planted 2 i 2 miles up from the mouth on
north bank of Copper river, running as
follows: in chains north, 80 1 ba as
east, 10 chains north, 4ft chains east,
sn chains south, more or less, to rivei
ihen along river to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
Land Registry Act
l-oi 484, Group 1 (excepi two parts
conveyed), New Westminster Dls
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the above propertj will be Issued
to l.ho.in McKatnej on the 2.H1 day
ol December, 1906, unless in the mean
time a valid objection thereto be made
to me In writ ine bj a person or persons claiming an estate or Interesl
1 about one mile up from the mouth therein, or In anj pari thereof,
it the Dala River, on east bank, run- r  s   KEITH
ling as   follows    SO  chains east,   10 District Registrar ot Titles
iains north, 40 chains east, 40 chains      Land    Reglstrj    Office.  New Wes
.mill,   pi chains east,  10 chains ni   th,   minster,  B.C.,   -1st   November. 1906.
nore or less, to rivei. then along rivei
n point of commencemen The person 01 persons having in their
Nn 1''.   Commencing al posi planti I   custodj   or   possession   the   following
it the mouth of Dala River. Coasl Dls-  Title Deeds   1   iting to   he said p
iiii. 011   ivesi   hank,  running  as  to    '   ���    are requested to  leliver thi Ba
iws    10 chains west, SO chains north,  to the undersigned
10 chains east, 10 chains south, more      12th   December, 1S95    Robert  Gran
.   :.       to rlvor   then  along rivei   to   ville McKame. to  fhomas Robe I Mc
Allied    In    Tim.     nii.1    T. p.-    fo    Monnt
.Inlynkr   ntttt    . up.    Rlnniidon.
The con ���' ��� height of Ihe cliff was
much higher, originally, for the glacier
thai burled North America down t.i
this latitude eroded billions of tons
whicli went to the upbuilding Of Long
Island, trap bowlders being common in
the soil of Brooklyn, find I have found
on the top of the Palisades opposite
Spuyten Duj'vll glacial groovings nnri
polishings thai have survived the pr?
snmptive 15,000 years since ibe glneler
melted. The outpour of this mass from
a volcano whose crater we cannot sn
much as guess In lhis day was tremen
clous, and II cut the Hudson and Hack
ensack valleys asunder and pushed ill"
harbor several miles to the southward,
while related activities thrust above
the surface, either as downpours or up
pours, the thousand miles of basalt 1,
hills thai chain the Carolinas l 1 the
Bay of Fnnoy, so thai our .' I -
nre allied in form and time to Mount
Holyokc nnd Cape Blomldon
To the 1 noralatwt our ralisades
nol yield as much of Interesl as wo
Hud in the roiling trap of Paterson, a
few milOS away, from which have bei'
taken the largest prelmites in thc
world, sea green nnd wonderful; royal
amethysts, balls of silky pectolite and
quartz .pseuddmorpihs thn! eopj them
but we find In these cliffs occasion!)
duplicates of the columns thai make
the Giant's causeway and I'ingal's
enve -geometric sbiipes of three, four
five, six and more sides, not B result ot
crystallization, as was once Imagined
for trap is a rock, not a mineral, but
of lateral shrinking whi I has cool
ed���Diaries M. Skinner i    ���'������.
Dt.'t,��___��_k'-i.-^-^'��*.'. ������'-'���* ���      '
f��nd Hand Goods of
hnd*   bought    and
W for cash.    All Mail
���*s promptly attend-
'��'    Kindly write or
Shingle and Saw
Mill   Machinery
,r  ol  commem emeu
No   IT   Commencing al a po
c.l on I ic we :  hanli of 1 he  Ki
��� rin, aboul twei 1 0 miles s ml h ol Kll
Indi ill    Village,   oppo site  Go
.   and, ul  11111    iol Kildala   \ m    11
ning   a.  follow a     I" 1 ha 11 -  ti 11 th,   ;''
. ii .in.  a a '   in , hnlus noi 1 h, 10 1 hain -
.. ll.   in   chains   noi lh     pi   , ha ai . i a ���'
> 1 lm ins io poinl "i 1 oiiiinoncpiiienl
No   is   Common In    n   n  iosi pi in;
11   a: mil   20 1 h ..ii 1    .ci'h  o'   po 1  ol
'" lm No.  17. running as follow ���    10
. hain . wr        1 cha 1.   ;��� ml h, in . 'a   1
v .       ��� 1 ��� tain      mill, 40 ch ilns en ii
��� 11 n   iiini"     '.        ��� .   p.in   ..;   1 om
a a, 1    eul
N..   1 .   ��� 'fr. neni li - al a po I planl
��� i aboul ..lie in:' ��� up from the mou 11
��� .   I ic;   1 'i ������i'i,.  mi   li..in .1 .: ion Chan
iltua   tl a out  elghl   milo, south
e\ .   ( 011.0
in  loc.
M Vli TIN. \\ BAB f &   McQUARRIK,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc. New Wes;
mlnstei, iw
Ase- '
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Home-
stoad Regulation.
Am available Dominion Lands with
In the Rallwaj Bell In British Columbia, maj be homesteaded bj am person who is the sole head of a family,
or anj   male over  1 s.  vents of age, io
iim extent  of one-quarter  section of
160  acres,  more or less
Entry musi  be made personally at
\'n  r_r.    ...>ld   In   i r___.
"(.old when refined from ali Imparl
ties." said a jeweler, "and alloys of ir,
ferlor metals Is denominated pure
'ibis nieans gold of twenty four eai-.K,
and iins is the standard recognized bj
the mini master and dealers in gold
As a matter of fact, however, (here is
no gold so pure. Gold Of twenty-two
carats is aboul as pure as il can be got
lt  has two parts of silver or one pari
of sllvei and one pari of copper. Th.
copper darkens the color of gold, whi.'i
silver lightens II In color Twent
three ca ra 1 gold is occasionally se,-.
(villi ii means a half carat of silver ari.
of copper. Ordinarily eighteen carat
gold la the besi gold than can be had
Certainly II Is the besl for lewelry, for'
pure gokk as ii la ��� anel. is too sol'l and
wlll wear away much faster than the
owners of it desire.
Mn . �������.
Stoves vi :. ch .on.'..:, led lhe fire w.ri
in use in Greek and Roman house
holds i'he ancients also employed
open   lubes   ol   metal  or  onrlhenw an
1.     Iiia    .rm, 1 iiiiniti'.   1    follows    I"   On'  load  land ofiice for (he district  tn    and.   in   a.Id,tion,   heated   theli    rooms
vv hlcli ihe laud Is slluale.
The homesteader 11 required to per
(oun the conditions connected there
with under one of the following plans
ill At least six months' residence
and   in
New Westminstrr, I?. ( ���
���1 Sl
M*��n on  Wheel.
N'ew Westmlnstei
ll,nc 2 75
The Royal Bank of Canada
��� hain   east, .0 ci, nn. north, in chaim
��� ai -I.  in chains  nm th, sn 1 hain 1  vve-i
I  'ft    1 liiill I      i-iolll ll,    lii      point    of   colli
in in einenl
I 01 nie.I Nov    .",. 1906,
Locator, WM   MOODY, D.D.S.,      ���,������,  an_  cultivation  of the
Per  Ki.uik  Vandal     each year fur ihroe years.
Nov     1   1906 ...... ,        ...
li)   K lhe father (of mother, if the
father i�� deceased) of the honteste&det
Nm .        Iierehj  given thai 30 daj     iooi1.s  upon  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
ilni   da .   1   iniend   lo   appl,.   lo  tin    of  thc  land  entered  for   thc  rcquire-
ihiei   commissioner of   Lands and ments as to residence may be satisfied
Works  to   a li'onse to cut and cam |ty such Person residing with the fa-
with charcoal braziers Grates for the
bui inns; of coal were employed WW
Centuries ago in Great Britain Many
thousands of patents have been takec
ont upon sio.e, and ranges ilno.
r.iinkHn nnd Count Rum ford pointed
OUt the waste of fuel and of heat tn
voived in open fireplaces.
y Electric Works
��� ram Office
I. I
.a-,, is, motor���.
���""-    a.i". bells, bat-
������-   ol  ail   kinds
M Por   In-
All kinds of :���������
'ttended to.
)|r''iY, Proprietor
::. - .r^s absolute sei
.nd you will nevei reg
nothing ui show for it
���., depo ii" 1
/, f \ 11T Ni iVV to save    >ui money
_gg every day find have
111 nan'
al '.;��� Sr nothing,   1 il ONf
������ :��� fears amounl 1 1 ''���''   "    '' ,II'N'
|'���l  H   in yotir pocket, it  would  pfob-
!,. ; , 1 every week with ns will in
1 r-HS OVER.
away   timber   from the following de
scribed lands
1. commencing al a po.t marked
\V. M 's S.E roiner, planted on the
north bank ol the Kildala "Ivor, about
iwo miles up from   the   mouth, run-
! ning as follows: 40 chains north, 160
Chains west, 10 chains Kouth, KiO
' chains east to point of commence-
j ment, containing 640 acres, more or
I less.
2. Commencing at a post marked
��� \v. M'�� s.W. Corner, planted on the
I north bank of the Kildala river, ahout
two 1 ale   up lii.ir. the moutfl, running
-"'E  3C4.
F. B. LYLE. Manager.
ther or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Thr   T.. .>   Lad]    MolorUH.
lhe tWO givat motors were pullet
up In fronl of one of lhe big dry good,
stores One lady was entering bei
machine; the other was getting out.
"Hello, Gladys!   Out for a spin?'"
"Yes; glad to see you."
".lust run across your husband a
block above."
"You did? How can I ever thank
you enough?"   New York Press.
Thr  Effect.
"Hat-tilde, throw that poor beggar a
Six months' notice in writing should, crown."
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.  B.���Unauthorized  publication of
this  ndvertisement  wlll   not  be  paid
"Ah, yes, he looks very unhappy."
"Not ou that account, but the Moyera
are watching us from their window opposite."- Wiener Saloawltzblatt.
is follows: 40 chains uorth, 120 ehains   for.
A house Is never perfectly furnish
ed for enjoyment unless there Is a
child In It rising three years old and s
eittBii rising six weeks���SoutUey. i      I
_    '.S    F
ti ii i
*<>_  ad-!   J
.   - i i
._: ;
Public Supply Stores
New Dinner Ware,   |New Toilet Sets.       Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it.
.7-i--7 im-nd^Tf"! Ih'' column .hould bt ad-
d��Ell !Sda1 Bdttor, Daily News. P. o.
Hun ic. New Westnunstet
lhe !
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
MOR FY'S Columbia St.
IWJL V_/ J %_���___#  M      kJ       New Westminster
Mr. Marshal. English has returned
trom  the North.
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. N. Woode returned on Saturday from Seattle.
.Miss Muriel Shlldrich and Miss
Lillooet Armstrong are spending a
few  days in Vancouvei'.
Mrs. Phillips is the guest of her sister .Mrs. w. .1. Armstrong. She is accompanied by her son and daughter
and will remain until after Christmas
W. R. Gilley paid tbe stone quarries
at the bead of Pitt Lake a visit yer-'
terday. ]
William McMurphy was taken to thei
Hoyal  Columbian  Hospital  yesterday
where he will lie compelled to undergo
a somewhat dangerous surgical operation.
FAR SUPERIOR to any other
roaster made. Not an ounce of
substance lost: other roasters waste
10 to 20 per cent. Needs no water,
grease or attention of any kind. It
simply asks to be let alone. Retains
all juices and flavors: renews the
youth of the toughest fowl.
No corners or seams to become tilled
with burned grease.
The Transient Throng.
Guichon���B.   Stark.   Vancouver;
II.  Smith,  Montreal;   -Miss  A.   Kii
Langiey Prairie; J. S. Emerson, Vancouver; F. .1. Hall, Victoria.
Windsor���R, L. Aichen, C. unburn.
Vancouver; .1. ci. Chappell, Bellingham; H. A. Star. .1. A. McDonald,
Vancouver: G. Eastbrook, Eburne; A.
E. Burr, T. White. Ladner: R, S. Pike,
Mission; \V. Ouless, Vancouver; L.
W. Conners, Reed Island.
Cosmopolitan���.1. Lester, Elgin; I.
E. Hausen, Wetaskiwin; G. Hank-ley.
Langlej; W, McAuley, Nanaimo; \v.
Ross. Huntingdon; W. Carmetta, Maple Falls.
Ladies' Collars and Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A. J. B1RTCH, 275 Columbia St.
Special Xmas Offer !
l-O.dO  Suits for    $18.00
$22.00 Suits for  $20 C'J
$25.00 Suits for   $22.00
$8.00 Rants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 64.
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
The only way some people know is
their way.
Hospitality is often nothing more
than loneliness.
A secret is never sale after some oui
knows you have it.
If you nre naturnlly rude it's pretty-
hard to disguise the fact.
Are you so conceited that you believe people never talk behind your
The trouble is some pushers are us
liable to push on the wrong side us on
the right.
Watch your side issues. Iiou't give
them so much attention as to ruin
your main Issue, which makes you n
Don't be mad if you are interrupted
when you are talking. It may have
prevented you from saying something
foolish.���Atchison Globe.
6-room cottage, West End,
modern conveniences; $9 per
(I-room, 1 1-L' storey cottage, on
Canarvon St., opposite Presbyterian
manse; hot and cold water; all conveniences; $13 per month.
Roth houses can be had at anv time
We are now ready for the rush���
Extra Help
Extra Stock
Extra Values
Now await  those who visit our store
in search of holiday footwear.
You may have seen as good but never a
better selection of
Men's, Women's, Misses and Children's
Felt, Carpet or Kid Slippers.
Endless Colors
Endless Varieties
Endless Shapes
Come and select your pair while the
assortment is large.
I I have sometimes heard English
sculptors complain that Greal Hrit-
ain hud much to learn from France
in thc matter of the encouragement
given to ari and artists. "Even the
lamp posts in Paris arc artistic,"
said an ��� nthusinstic young Scotch
student al the Beaux-ATt. when I
was walking along the boulevards
with him one day. And he was right.
The French cannot turn out anything inartistic. "Look al tiie number and character of their statues,"
.ays the .sculptor from London.
"\ ou cannot turn a corner without
coming upon a statue, and every
Bquare has one or more monuments
in honor of people who were never
heard of."' Hut it may he pointed
out to those critic- of England's
way of doing things thnt the French
method Ims its obverse. Statues, especially when they are com] stulues.
are certainly pleasanl to In hold, hut
M. Escudier, municipal councilor
for the Si. George district of Paris,
is up in arms m ... i I the indiscriminate creel ion of hi onze nnd marble
in the thoroughfares of the city,
lie grudgi . the spai e occupied in
the public pron i nades by the effigies of the i minent. "The time has
come," he suys, "to check the statue
mania tvhii h hns seized our contemporaries. ('ur gardens, our squares
and our promenades are invaded by
innumerable images. We musi resist the advance of '.i.i- bronze and
marble army, which spoils the perspective of our -iii i i- and the harmony of our gardens."���London
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
I A Puzzle cf the Ei j Fire.
One of the remarkable incidents
of the great fire of San Francisco
was the immunity from damage of ���
an old wooden ��� hack owned by a
paint coi ; nny at tl ��� conn r of
Main and Harrison streets. The ram-
shackle, half i. itury   old  building
'stands unharmed, a little island iii
a sea of di .olation.   It  rrrk< with
i oil and is filled with highly inflammable materials.  Near to it a great
pile of coal caught lire ami burned
for nearly a week.   The officials of
tiie company felt so certain that the |
place had fallen a victim to the de-
vouring flames  that   they did  not
even attempt to visit it until two ;
weeks or so after the conflagration, '
and then i; was mere curiosity tn
see what the ruin- looked like that j
led ihen: there.
Ec'iolc   Birds'   Nests.
S mc aul hoi il ic have contended
that the edible birds' nests are constructed of a glutinous mailer secreted iu the mouths of the birds,
and other,  think  thai  these nests
ur  [i i-'i  I oi ll  kind  of seaweed.
'i he latter theory has now been
practically abandoni tl, and it is generally conceded lhal the robbing of
lh" tn :��� : ef ire the hatching of tho
yo ..'.. i i 'i nc! of great cruelly,
'-;r' " I ������ i nls ii in edintely sel to
v '.; . ti hi Id new ones, ami the excessive drain on their saliva exhausts their stn ngth to such a degree tlmi Ihey i.ir often found dead
in numbers near the spol where
they had meanl to rear their broods.
The Reliable Shoe Store
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payablc   on   very   easy  terms.
F. J. HART & CO., ^d.
So many articles that are suital
for Christmas gifts meet the vi
of the Xmas shopper at our sto
that making a proper selection j
be found easy here. Our showi
was never as large before.
We mention here a few lines which have been
plete by new arrivals this week.
New Silk Blouses'
Just arrived per expre   and pared.
in time for Xmas,
Some    are    i,,,. :.    ���  .,..,
Lace  Insertion  and  L'i     >. i
signs; others with Rows otToehJ
Plaits,    A large range i      . ,
all sizes to select fron
EACH    $2.75t.
In such materials as N i i ...
I ashmere, Luster, etc., a new lot]
celved  this  wi i .... m: Kj
tlon   full again.  Prices
EACH  . .. $1.25, $1,50. $2.00to��|
Made of r ������  Ki [ted v..    ... .
. oloi -  and  rai      leslgns; All sj
for Misses or Ladii low prluj
EACH $i 75 toil!
New Plaid Ribbons
New lot of Beautiful Plaid Ribbons in wide widths, per yard
45c, 50c and 65c
All the New Baby Ribbons
in all the desirable widths  from  the
narrowest to the widest.    Prices,
2 yds for Be, 3 yds for 10c, 6 yds for
25c, 5c and 6c,  Special prices i>v the
New Embroidered li
N'ew designs arrived this wei
in Embroidered Cashmere Hoi
IVr pair
60c, 65c, 75c and]
Fancy Hose Supporters
Done up in individual boxesi
most  appropriate with a pa_
embroidered hose.    Per pair
 50<. V . Jl and M
Int. I IN It
l/__ J~
Good Kid Gloves for
Particular Women
And what woman does not
know a good pair of Kid Gloves
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Probably  the  most  appreciated Glove you could give on thf
12-button Suede, in black and white, per pa r
16       " 	
12 and 16-button Glace, black, white and colors, pi ' pair
Short length Glace and Suede, all shades, per pair
Reynier's Hand-sewn Sued >, black and colors
Silk lined Mocha, tan only, per pair 	
Plain Mocha, tans and black, per pair 	
Xew styles in all shades of Wool Gloves showi
I j
w. s.
Collister & Co.
B. C. Mills, Timber ani
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash, V��   |
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and D��"ainl
Royal City Branch, Columbia St
Telephone 12. New W�����
wv*:.. ;nd Section
h\\XEW- 1, NUMBER J42
Pages 9-12
j/l. f___*_
of fe main business  portion  of. Columbia  Street, which is crewcied a
with   Christmas   -hoocers.
WHERE TO BUY    ==    VW/AT TO fl��/K
rhe sail  river to have a sluice dam
at 'ie- entrance to the east branch of
said river; also a dam, with a bulkhead and inlel works, a; the entrance
to lhe  west   branch, where the  water
I will be conveyed In steel pipes to the
power-house and returned to the said.
river  al   a  difference of elevation  of
100 feet.
2. And this is further to certify that :
. ������ < lompan;   , i opose. to bi -in their ;
indertaklng by the necessary excavation and the construction of a cofferdam  across   the   mouth   of  the   west I
.ran ii of the Stave River, In accord-;
ance with the plans prepared by William  Kennedy,  Jr.,   Hydraulic   Engin- ]
eer,  and  lii" 1 with  the Ch      ���    the
Executive Council.
'���'.. And this Is : . t! er to certil    I hal
ih" iuuu int of ea] li i! of the Company ,
which will I e duly si serin".I and paid
up  I' fore    the  si i i    Company  commences construction of that portion of'
their   undertaking   In   the   preceding
i a: a:. aph mentione 1, 01 fui ther exer
cisi s any of the powers of th ��� "Water
Clauses Consolidation Act, IS&7," Pari
IV.. in  that   behalf, is hereiiy fixe 1  al
Ithe sum of $100,000, and  the further
' amount of capital to be subscribed and
I paid  up above  the cost  of the first-
mentioned   portion  in  respect of the
remainder of the  undertaking before,
the same is commenced shall be $200,-
4. And this is further to certify that
; the time within which the said capital.
viz., $100,000,  is  to  be subscribed,  is
fixed at June 1st, 19't7. ami the time in
CONSOLIDATION ACT, 1897"wh,ch thesaid <����� >��-1-"-> works
| are to be commenced is fixed at June
1st, 1907, and the date by which a por-
The Dominion Trust Company
The following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
���:: \Em?.
"' "   "-     < '���     ,.*"S.-J65
The Finest Selection of VACANT LOTS
in the City of New Westminster
day   long   and   well   into  the   night
202.���144 acres; easl side of Scotl
road about 1% miles from New Westminster.    Price $2,200.
208���2. acres in South Westminster
about 3 acres have been logged and
burned; frame of house worth about
$200; aboui 2 miles irom New Westminster. Price $600; % cash, balance I en house with covered run; land all
on   terms   tu  suit   purchaser. cleared;   part orchard   and  part  gar
den.     Price,   for   laud   and   building,
209���Surrey;    690   acres;   very   fair  $2,600.     Fairly good stock of general
soil;   divided   into  lu  acres lots;   two  merchandise  can  be  purchased if de-
of the lots front  on  Scott road:   will   .ired.
make excellent fruit or poultry farm;
mile distant; house fairly comfort,
alih other buildings of nominal value. Price $4,000; terms can be arranger.
801���Business and property for
sale; six aeres of land; house, Bix
rooms; barn, 45x26 feet; sheds, chick-
presentatlve c ontinues   his   tour
thin- - of lute ri sl  to Christma -
�����-.,  , .-���>,,   _,,,,   uie   uni.    ...    ��iii-ij   a   ,i^ji -
the Stave Lake Power tion of said work shall be completed
Company, Limited, a specially incor- so as actually to furnish and deliver
,.a ted company within the meaning 5,000 electrical horse-power, is fixed
oi Part IV. of the "Water Clauses Con-1 at  November 1st. 1908, and the date
802���110 acres;  house and  barn on
I igh iand.     Price $2,200.
:..��� .'        ...   this   season   Is
i]   ���  thi       ial   standard,   an I
bol est ol      i asi -. In the widest
l!   * 'in-   walls,   and   n
���   f good   old   fashioned   l'n
b '--���    '; ..��� i eevt     . ���.   ol  i
"on Is from Ihe choic
��� ��� ,. In tbe provin. e ol
n'hich i    gi iduallj
������-- ������������   ... .    its ��_.< alien! v
':     " ���   i in Ice quallt.
-���    ' ' ���        in     the    di:
��� bj Bide nunc
an   in   life;   thi
amb an   n   .
wati i  a- i,
ipon them
��� ���    fini -:   nnd
gei se : i I
���   ther.   ,'i all
���        the best of thi   bargain     ";i^il" Act, 1897," incorporated on  by which all the said proposed works
Tin   book   shelvi ���   an   parti     a   ���
desen ing  ol   the   aitenti  '     o!    the
' a.a-  Shop] i -
the 15th day of September, 1899, was shall be in operation is  fixed  at No-1
granted   a   Certificate,  dated   the   Tth   vember 1st, 1912.
Dated this ,'ilst day of October, 1900.
near market; 3% miles from city.
Price $15 per acre; easy terms to
parties improving.
SOt.���320 acres;  near Clover Valley
212���160 acres in Surrey; ihis land   post office.
fronts on the Scott road and  is five.
miles from S. Westminster;  there are;     .07���SO acres;  Nicomekl river runs
some 40 acres of fairly good land on | through this property;  1V_ miles from
east end of lot;  while the idle timber j Surrey Centre post office; uo improve-
is valuable on the balance, and is not   ments.     Offer wanted.
subject  to royalty for stumpage, this
day of December, 1904, approving the
proposed undertaking of the Company,
To erect works for generating power
and light on the west half of Section
19, Township is, east of the Coast
Meridian, and on the east half of Sec-
a  24  of Township  15, 1 asi of the
being one of the old C.G.'s.    Keason-
lble terms.
Clerk of the Executive Council.
Phillips   The   Clothier.
The  window   display  in connection
with Phillips' Cent lenient furnishings
store is a modi   of go  . taste and elegance.    In 'I,,   wesi window Is a huge  Coa_    Meridian;   to construe!   a  dam  Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
bell,  suspended from a  frame of the at Stave Lake, In the District of N'ew
mosi   approved  design, around  which Westminster, on the north half of Sec
are arranged diffe ��� nl colored incan I-
��� ���. "a'  lights     Thi   bi ll is appan ���.
covered with   snow    and    the    huge  power  and light   by   wire   along the  minion Lands. Departmenl
on Dominion  Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
tlon 14 of Township ���! 1 : Range 3,
wi -��� ol the Tth Meridian, for impound-
���,-   ,���  reserve  of water;   to transmit  addressed to the Commissioner of Do-
the In
tongue Is also dated with an ba   S  ���>    River    from the power station  terior, aud marked on each envelope
gives a  mosl '     township  ..Tender ,-���, Timber Be,,h No< m  or
��� islng   effecl ������   the   bell   is  . '"'.   ,���".....,,,..      for Timber Berth No. 502," will be r.
seen  .   .   riet\   of
lo .lit- centre section line ol Township
thi nee along  the  centre  section
lies ol  Town ships 15,  12 and  9 iu .1
Icles .-1 li   .v, .:,... id  to the  New  West-  <v'veil at 'his Department until noon
SOS���1C0 acres;   this is a most desirable   property;   Port   Kells   station,
Great Northern Hallway, is on adjoin-
215���40 acres; unimproved;  % mile  ing   lot;   steamboat    lauding,  school,
back from Scott road; good soil; will  church, store, post office, convenient;
make a good cheap home for the right  yi�� miies from city of New Westmin-
man.     Price$10 per aere. ster;   several  acres    cleared;   house,
sheds, etc.;   as  this   property  lies  so
216���504 acres: Surrey; eight miles conveniently    to market,  it   is   very
from towu;   there  is    a  commodious suitable for poultry farms;  good soil,
dwelling house and  barn on this pro-   price $2,000.
perty:  some 15 or 20 acres have been1
Improved; orchard, etc.; splendidly 812���160 acres; 1 mile from Clover-
located; several tine springs of water dale; log house; some 10 acres clear-
flow across the land; the Serpentine ed and under cultivation; some fenc-
river is immediately adjoining; the ing; corner lot; good roads: some ce-
whole tract constitutes the making dar aruj h*r timber. Price $1,250;
of one of the finest stock and dairy cash $1,000, balance terms to suit,
farms in the province; nearly all level bottom land and readily brought ' 814���150 acres; this is a fine farm,
into cultivation; easily cleared, and. well improved, in good neighborhood;
when reclaimed would sell readily 141.1 acres improved; dwelling, barns,
for $100 per acre. Price as it stands sheds, hog pens, root house; land all
$40 per acre; immediate possession, laid down to grass; Cloverdale station, G. N. R., on property;  11  miles
ilk han Ikercl eeve holders,
and  I'ani".   i. -'-.   Iressing gowns,
: ���      ���
��� ���
< sling upon a white floor,   lu the
��� ais;  win.low i: a neai and  ��� ��� llliantly
itei Trunk Road, antl following the on  Wednesday,  the  20th  day  of  De-
Trunk   Road   until  west   of  the  Pitt  comber, 1900. for licenses to cut tim-
'���  a    h lii" chi :
Tliere   are   th(
������ ii
["I  li
1  ���    1     ,
tomato sausagi
; isages   and   Welner
i'ei   ..a 1   blood   pu I-
a fi ai ure foi
per.   to   loa.   ovei
-    .n  iheir  supp ���
There  Is  all
I cheese, as well a_
'���' stock of hams an 1
���   .   Emporium.
Lore  the see
finds a iiewiid-
goods and  toys,
task   Of  making
���   ions   although   1
��� ���  eye ranges along
their  tastefully  atari 1 grows bewildere 1
Icle, ."ach apparent-
���   than    the    other,
Rh ��� ���    them .   to the Cities  of   New
Wi stminster and Vancouver or to such
other point as may be found advisable.
nated  arch rnis    the   to  use   water   from   the   snid   Stave
background   oi   tin    lif day.     Ju   the  River ai   a   point   immediately  above
foreground   is   a   choice   showing    of   the Falls, about   six miles  from   the
,,   mouth of the river,    The said  water
men -    wearables, ol a character well , , , .
���n .erte I by means of a eoffer-
���;-"1   to attract   the    seekei     after   _am and a shiice dam at the ��ntrance
tmas gifts for young men friend*   to thi   easl  branch of the said river:
Inside   the   sto:  .   the  observer   is also of a dam with a 1    knead and loam a '.<��� I  by the rich and  well sel ���
te I  display  of ties.     The   plaids are
. !el woi ks at the 1 nt; a.i;.,  to the wesi
I ranch, v.hen   the wati .   _ ill be con-
re e I   In   steel   pipes   to the   power-
especially t.i.-'; bouse, and returned to the sai.l river
numerous  as  can   be sei tired   by tlie
. 1. er for the  sti re,
A   special   line of  smoking   :	
at   the  inns'   reasonable   prices   Is   in
display, and on  the tables are to be
found   the   now     famous     Twi i
Ceul in brands ol    lothln .   Thei ���  .
also uml i-ellas ol all soil - and prices
and In the show 1 ases are th    fa
of sleeve holders, 1 illai   I utu ns, c l��
links and shirt   -"'a Imaginable
al a liffen nee 1 :' elevation ol 100 feel;
When as   the C unpai ... need
operations  in  the earl>   pari  ol   1906
which  li 1 1  pn 1     ited coi
i.i-l}: an 1
Where.is the Compai
. a extension ol in   ci mple.
���ion of lhal portion of th< un li    a
authorized under tin   -������
v, hich Is now In proi
Whereas the Companj  hi
e i thai .1 change In Ihe plans 1
....      king s lecifle I  In thi   said cei
i  .   has   been  decided   upon   and
���,,    fih 1   with   the clerk of thc  Ex-
.. ri'." Council data for thc  pu r��o 1
the   only    kind    ol   1    0 italuing n  further certil	
a useful one, would   ���   general plan of the works:
1      '
fe ,,;
"a   ���
lli ction is a choice
card albums of newest
-chief boxes, car 1 resets,   needle    Work
"    sets,   need!
I,    * a -lov,. boxes and an
���note ���
Old  Country   Shoe  Store.
Those who adhere to ths old f
imied  idea  that
Christmas gift
do swell
making a speciality of the Dick Damp
Proof  shoes.     These  siioes   are  ma 1 I
in Glasgow, Scotland.     They  an
the most reasonable price and are ab-
,1.   Stewart,   the  manager,
I, This Is to certify that the under-
to visii the old Country Shoe ,-,,,,      , .,
n_ as submitted ims been appri v
18 , 1, and that the same is as follows:
To��recl works for general lng power
nd light on the wesi half of Section
,f   l'i   'Township   18,   easl   of the   CoaB!
Meridian, and on the east half of Sec-1 cense   will   br   issued
ber on Herth N'os. 501 and 502, described as follow:
Timber Berth No. 501, situate in
the Province of British Columbia, on
Suicide Creek, in about Township I,
Range 2, West of the Tth Meridian:
Commencing at a post planted on the
Easl side of said Creek at the North
end of the Second Canyon, aboul 7
miles up from the mouth of said
Creek; thence Northerly up said Creek
.'_. miles in direct distance with a
depth of one mile on the Easterly -side
and half a mile on the Westerly side
of said Creek, measured at right, angles to the general hearing of said
Creek within the berth, containing an
area of 1,320 acres, more or loss.
Timber Berth No. 502, Commencing
.. post  planted on the Easl side of
Suicide Creek about   tO chains North,
..  ove, iii" .North boundary of T. B.
501;  thence Northerly, up said Creek
mi's   in   direct   distance   with   a
'1 ol one mile on the Easterly side
  half a mile on the Westerly side
thereof, measured at rlghl angles to
thi general bearing of said Creek
within the berth, containing an area
Ol   1,320 acres, more Or less. I lie lower
indai;  to be parallel to the upper
boundary of T. B. 601.
The berths must be surveyed by the
grantee   within    one   year   after    the
gi anting of the bertha.
The   regulations   under   which   a  li-
ilso    primed
:;oo���1G0 acres; no improvements;
situated about five miles from New
Westminster and l1,. miles from Mud
Hay.     $10 per acre.
Ion���1 GO acres. $1,600, on reasonable   terms;   practically   no   improve
from New Westminster; good roads,
school, churches, mills. Price $14,000;
terms $5,000 cash, balance $1,000 per
year,  interest   0  per  cent.
S19���Surrey Centre;  SO acres;  this
ments; new railroad runs close to Ms a piece of land, excellently situa-
this property. "bed, a large portion of which is good
j soil and easily cleared; the other por-
402���140 acres: 1V_ miles from New   tion   is  lighter  soil,   but   has  a   large
Westminster.     Offer wanted. i portion    of    valuable    timber    worth
,, , .        $1,500, which is now  being hauled  to
404-160 acres; all under cultiva- the Bawmlll; tjlt,..e _s a line new 7-
11011; new house and barn; every- \toaBIBa house; also sheds; good well;
thing in first class condition. Price ��� clearlng Price $2,000; terms on
$125 per acre. part
405���160 acres;   5  miles  from  New 1
Westminster and 1V2 miles from Mud       820���80 acres;  this is a splendid lo-
Bav. .        Offers winted. cation; corner;  first-class soil:;   prac
tically   40   acres   cleared   and   under
501���4U acres; this land is situated cultivation; good house, buildings;
near Point Roberts in Delta munlci- good water; 10% miles from town;
p.ility; unimproved; good soil: timber good roads; 1 mile from Cloverdale
land: good road; 4"_ miles from Lad- village; churches, school, municipal
nor's Landing; will make nice place hall, stores, post office, all adjoining;
when Improved. Price $10 per acre G.N.R. 1 mile, etc. Price $4,500; terms
'4   cash,  balance  can  be  arranged  to  easy.
suit, interest 6 per cent.
822���100 acres; light soil, when
719���Kensington Prairie; 160 acres; cle,ne I will make a good sheep farm;
lhis place fronts on the Clover Vai- school, church, post office and Btore
ley road; good soil, easy brought in: convenient; Port Kells and Clayton
very little improvement, but land is each three miles away. Price $10 per
very open; good pasture; this is a ,'cre.
good Investment  for a  practical man.
Price $30 per acre; terms to Buit 824���60 .. res; 7:;.i miles from ciiy;
purchaser. goi 1   soil;   unimproved.     Price   $10
-        ,.       . ,.    . ��� per acre.
i.'n   Kensington Prairie; 79% acres;
this is a   most   excellenl   proposition; v:.;,���i,-,, acres;   this is very fertile
first   class  land;   map  vegetable de- land, well situated and practically the
posit;    good    water;    4n   acres   under n, ares;  good agricultural land, on the
good   cultivation;   balance  very J.w.r Surrey side, to the city; it ia distant
pasture;   well  fenced;  school  on cor- eight miles;   good  road;  unimproved;
ner  of lot;   buildings consist  of dwel- will make one of ihe finest   farms in
ling  24x30,   l'_   storey,   6   rooms,  in the   district;   all  bottom  land.    Price
good    repair;    new    hain    ti0x70,   well $40 per acre.
built  and  fitted;   poultry  houses, cab-
immediate     possession.
902���150   acres   good   land;   >S  acres
Hon 04 Township 16, east of the Coast forms of tender and envelope, may
.:������.,.   ,,  ., UBefu]   solutely inpervious to wet.    The soles   Mer1(���an; t0 transmit power and lighl obtained at this Department or at the
i.t.     m       _i,i,, nt .libber   ,                 i ������  iho  swnvn River from ol'l'ife of the Crown Timber Agenl al
ire noi  inlaid  with .1 Btrip 01 1 utux 1   |1V   w!r,. along  me  hi.1.0 unn   inun
,,   ,                 ,'                 a���,i������   ...  n,��� npiitrp sec- New Wesl minster, B.C.
is  are many   of  tlie  so-called  water  Hie power station to tne ceiuu   sit
,i,,��� ii,,,. of Township la; Ihence along Bach  tender  must   be accompanied
character crowd  the
"���"Mi. la
-Ull.I   ,���.,
and color
Imi   n,e leather   is   pul |'
Games of all I through  a   special  process,  and   yon
lavish    array     in
dressed and undress-
mechanical toys which
:!l"l It hard to leave and
may wear one ibickm
away, and the next |>1)
waler  just   as ,freely.
to lea.
1 tastes with purses or
ea.Ui   be  suited there.
I ' well  to
the lirst comers are
s  of  leather
will turn tii"
Thev   can  be
boughl In all sizes for boys and men,   j i]
Mr.   Stewart   also  shows a gplenditl
line of comfortable slIpperB   of   all
mak" their se- I s!"',s.  sizes and  colors,  which    sre   i,���,m
well   worth  looking over,
the centre section lines of Townships by an accepted cheque on a chartered
16   12 and 9, If ti  weslerly direction, bank   in  favor   of   the  Deputy  of the
lo'lbe New Westminster Trunk Road, Minister of the  Interior,  for the am-
and   following the  Trunk  Road   until mint of the bonus which the applicant
wesi of the  PHI   River;   thence  to
10 Cities of New Westminster and
Vancouver, or to such oilier point as
may be t'ound advisable, To use water
from the said stave River al a point
,lialelv above the Falls, aboul six
ulle, from the mouth of the river.
is prepared to pay for a license.
No lender by  telegraph  will be ei
Department of the Interior,
Oltawa. November IBth, 1906,
Price $65 per acre: cash preferred, but  cleared and in good cultivation: good
terms can be arranged  for part. orchard, selected fruits;  u_ mile from
steamboat   landing;   n4  mile from sta-
721���100 acres; soil on south light tion, G.N.R.; large quantity of valuable
well adapted to sheep and fruit vais- timber; dwelling house 24x24. .
ing; north side soil stronger, will pro- rooms; barn and Stable, woodshed:
duce clover in abundance; small poultry house, root house. Price $15
clearing; house and barn; orchard, per acre; terms "^ cash, balance to
etc.; school, church, post office and arrange 0 per cent, interest,
store    convenient;    Great     Northern
railway,  Cloverdale,  2V2  miles.   Price!    90;!���90   acres;   Langley   municipali-
$1,000. ty;  ',4 mile from river; this is a piece
I of land well worth looking after, and
800���160 acres; about 50 acres should he readily taken up; will be
bush: balance open land that the \ sold cheap and on easy terms. Price
mower can run over;  school house %   $12.50 per acre.
Columbia Street, Next Bank of Commerce
. .-ft-,.��. I. in,.,., n qt 1 fc^tftfi^-*,.
. 10
[.plication will be made io the Parliament of Canada, at the next session
Keen   *ien*e  of   Humor.
"There   is   nothing   like   a   sense  of
humor." said a naval officer, according
to  the  Philadelphia   Bulletin.     "In   a
woman, in a soldier, in a sailor, in a
clerk, a sense of humor is a help an/'
a  blessing through life.    At tlie same
time even a sense of humor may exist   thereof,   tor  an   Act to   Incorporate  a
In  caress.   I.  for  my  part,  shouldn't | Company under ihe name of Burrard
care to have so great a sense of humor
as a British soldier I once heard about.
This soldier was ordered to be flogged, j Navigation Company,  with power to
During the flogging he laughed cm   con8trUct, equip, maintain and operate |
tlnuallv.   The lash was laid on all Uie
harder.' but uniler the rain of blows the   ** ��ne or lines of railway, oi standard
soldier laughed. or other gauge, with steam, electric,
-**>*:c���-o*:o:*:co**^^ '
__ ri
1 Westminster
Boundary   Railway   ani
"'What are you laughing at?' tbe
.ergeant finally asked.
" 'Why,' the soldier chuckled, 'I'm
the wrong man.' "
gasoline or any other kind of motive
[lower, for the conveyance of passengers and freight, from a point or
points at, in or near the following localities:
An  Arnli  Flatting  Vara.
A fishing yarn  from Algiers: "Some
Arabs were tishing from a boat with
lines off the coast whpu a dolphin seventeen fect long, eleven feet in circumference and weighing four tons swallowed   one   of   the   baited   hooks  and
daslipd off at a tremendous speed. The I .
fishermen  paid  out  as  much  line as I
possible and then made It fast.   This j the    city    of    Vancouver,    Hastings
brought the dolphin up sharply, but   Townsite, tlie  .Municipality  of  South
the strain snapped the line.  The mon- ,,,,,,    ,.;,.
,.        ...   ,  ,,,, ,���,.,, ������,, ���������    Vancouver ani Burnaby and the 1it.
ster then attacked  the boat  ami tap-
0f =
W estminster
ters .
Columbia '������
W. .1. White
K. a. i'
���oi   Ol   l| ..
Canadian   Baul
iny,  Columl
Office,  New   wu
'   l_
l   '..
Commencing at a point on the north  g
side of False Creel;, thence crossing
False Creel; hy a  bridge ami  running
u  a  southeasterly  direction   through
si7.ed ii. flinging Hie fishermen into the
water. Other Arabs ashore waited till
the dolphin was clear of the men and
then killed it with rilles."
Tlie   Logical   (|n.*l Ion.
A little Philadelphia boy was taken
by his father for his lirst visit to the
zoo. Stopping before an Inelosure, he
asked, "Papa, what animal i.s that?"
Reading the sign tacked up to oae
side, his father responded, "That, my
6on, is a |irong horned antelope."
"Kin he blow his horns?" wa.s the
question that promptly followed.
The  IMaaailile Lie.
We resent calumny, hypocrisy and
treachery because they harm us, n it
because they are untrue. Take the de
traction and the mischief from tlie un
truth, and we are little offended by It.
Turn It into praise, and we may be
pleased with it. And yet it Is not calumny and treachery ihat do the Iar
gest sum of mischief in the worl_
They are continually crushed and are
felt only in being conquered, Rut It Is
the glistening and softly spoken lie.
the amiable fallacy, the patriotic lie of
the historian, the provident lie of the
politician, the zealous lie of the partisan, the merciful lie of the friend Hi:,i
the careless lie of each man to himself
that cast that black mystery over humanity through which we thank any
man who pierces It as we would thank
one who dug a well in a desert. Happy that the thirst for truth remains
with us even when we hnve willfully
left the fountains of It.���John Ruskin.
I'nllli.til   lo  HU  Friend.
Toole and Irving were friends from
the days when they were both strug
gllng beginners.   On one occasion Ir
vlng  was  to be presented  to  Queen
Victoria and was delighted at the honor.  An officious court functionary took
it upon himself to tell the player "not
to  mention  this  matter  outside"   lest
other actors, such as Mr. Toole, might
think  that  they  shouhl  lie presented
too.  "Let me tell you, sir," said Irving,
"that  Mr. Toole is not only a deservedly renowned comedian; lie is also a
truly Christian gentleman. Toole often   quitlam, Maple Ridge ami Mission M :
saved ire from adversity, perhaps star
vution, when 1 was unknown.   If John
L. Toole i.s not worthy to be present
to her most gracious majesty, neither Is I    A.11  in the Province of British  Co-
Henry  Irving.   I   wisli  you good day  i iambia.
sir!"���London Standard. Ami   to   construct,  equip,   maintain
-  ���- and operate branch Iir.-'- and all ne-
essary bridges, roads, ways ani fer-
oi Xew Westminster to tiie Fraser
River Bridge, thence northeasterlj
through ihe City of New Westminster,
ihe Municipality of Coquitlam t > Port
Moody, thence in a westerly direetion
ton point at or near the proposed location of the Vancouver, Westminster
.v. Yukon Railway bridge ry s.a m I
Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence contin
ning westerly through Hastings Town-
site to place of commencement in Citj
of Vancouver.
From a point at or near tiie BOUth
end of the proposed Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway bridge at
Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence
across said bridge to a point north of
the Municipality of North Vancouver
on Howe Sound, and to a poinl north
of the Municipality of North Vancouver on the North Arm uf Burrard Inlet.
From a point at the north ond of
the Fraser River bridge at New Westminster, thence across said bridge
(leave to cross which will be applied
for to the Provincial Government i,
thence southerly to a point ou the international boundary between Semi-
amo Bay and Sumas.
From a point on the south side of
False Creek, thence westerly through
the City of Vancouver and the Municipality of Sotiih Vancouver to a poin;
at or near Point Grey, ihence returning in a southeasterly direction liy the
most feasible route to a point al or
near the north end of t.he Fraser
River Bridge in the City of New Westminster,
From Port Moody easterly to Dewdney trunk road, thence following generally the said trunk road through (
Headquarters     Of A \I/^ Q   Sold in
for the Best   1    I/AlMvyO Canada
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
The Edison Phonograph
Graphophones, Violins,  Accordions,  Xylophones, Mandolins,  Concertinas,   Flutes,  Whistles, Guitars,
Mouth   Organs.   Zithers.
Grand new selection of the celebrated Columbian and Edison Records.
ubscribe for our monthly records.    Xew selection eaeh month.
Musical instruments of all kinds kept in stock. Easy terms on all instruments.
ORGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
�����. WEAR! ftMcQni
'"';''��� ��� ���   tors il
,���,   Bees:    Now \\,.
corner   Clai,
'   '"'. T
>; I   Lorne
���     V'""'"1""'. .' i .  to 24 ill
W. Weait, w. i; ���,,,(, '"
Hon rue.    Mr.   V
The Music House
Burr Block, Columbia St.
... ��  will be'l
West minster  offices -.���_.�� p-J
ternoon *
��WAY.   REID  .:���  BOWES
ters,   solicitors,  etc., ('
street,   op io  i ,
Westmlnstei      ���        lall.r p
Solicitor.  Cu
I la and McKen:.
minster, 8. C.
a '.      ���-     P
1 >:��� 1 al Nev, We
flee . ��� : ' ��� '
on ���- treet, i
l'.'i Box  IG I.
a N i.l
:*i VfiSliiSiiSlC^^^
 ' A
BOAF-D  OF TRADE.-'.'  i   .;|
.ter  Board of 1
B iard Room, i      I       i|
Second   We lm   la; of each
Quarte. 1}   meetings oi the i
Wednes I ���      of    !'���    . -
August  an I Noi it 8]
Annu ii  ���   eth       oi   I
Wedne  11      ot     !���'���
membi      ���        be        ���i
electe I al  u    :; mthly or qi_|
meeting.   A  '-;. v. b''e, Sec
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. _|
���Tin1    reg .  "   meetli -���
Is beld on tl ������ Firsl Wednes
each monl ��� i ��� lock p, I
the   Masonli S   I
brethren "��� ���' '|
tend.       Dr.  U*. A. DeWoll
P. & A. M Reg ' ���'������:
rions of this
second  Tuesday in p_c. E3��|
Masonic Temple, nl I i-1
lng   hrethren   are    irdlaill
to attend.   D. W, Gilchrist.
\ nieipalit.es to Stave River and the eas
boundary of Mission Municipality.
Th<-   II > iii-I ntll.
The hyacinth has its name fro:
Greek mythology. According to the
story a.s told by Ovid, llyacintliiis.
beautiful boy, was the son of a Spar
tan king and the favorite of Apollo
Zepbyrus, being envious of thc attach
ment ol' Apollo aud Ilyacinthus, s
turned tbe direction of a cjuoit which
Apollo had pitched while at play thai
It struck the bead of Hyaclnthus aud
slew   him.    The   fable   concludes   le.
ries, steamship barges and vessels,
theatres and other places of amuse-
p.ient, and to construct telegraph and
telephone lines in connection with
-aid railway and branches, and to
transmit messages fnr commercial
purposes, and to charge toll, then
and to generate electricity for the .- i -
ply of light, he il an I  power, and to
Every article or piece of furniture in ou
actual cost without reserve.    Fir. t comi
need the cash and you want the goods,
of a lifetime.
��� establishment at
. first served. We
This  i.s a   chant'..
Great Northern Ry. j
Time Table
V. W. & V. RY
"^       R.  B.  K.  of I.,  meets second!
fourth  Friday  of each MthJ
p.   in.,   In   Orange  hall, conl
Roj il a ,-en ie and S-'ha streetf
journing Sir Knights cordial
vited to atten I.   W. E, Dm
P.;   E, E, Matthi ts, Reg.
6 and 71. Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street.  ���}
making Apollo transform the body of enter '"'" agreements with an.   ele
bis favorite luto the flower that bear;
his name.
Figure  it  iiui
A man hail sixty ducks for sale a:.'
divided tbem Into two lots of tliirt.r
each,    one lol  was to be disposed of
at tin  for $1 .nui ih ��� mlier nl rv
for SI.    In his abs dice h s clerk   ������ i! !
the sixty duel;-i at live for $2, reallr.iu
the sum of $2-1,    if sold uecorilii
Instructions oue purchnsor \. iuld !.v
got thirty ducks for $15 and the otlu .
thirty for $10, making $2j for th ��� : il
What became of the missing dollar/
^l��    %0-lNCnHC.
"The Elizabethan ruff is likely to n
turn," said Ma Twiddles, looking i.
from the fashion paper she was rea.
"If he .does," responded Pa Twad
dies, with energy, "you set the dog or
hlm.   Do you hear?"
"Oh," she said, "your conduct Is
enough to make an angel weep!"
"I don't see you shedding a tear," h.
retorted, and his ready wit saved Iiie
Same  Old  Way.
Robert-Wheu I get Into my hew
bouse I mean that everything shall gc
like clockwork. Richard-1 see; the
same as heretofore  tick, tick!
When you want BLACK silk,
you don't say "a spool of silk."
When you want Windsor Table
Salt, say  so--" WINDSOR."
��� ric or power i������>n..Iy..,   [or the  pur ;
pose of obtaining the transmission of
electricity,  an I   to  acquire  ani   h ���
'lock in other companies, and  to ac-
tiuire  an I   devel p   ����� i ���������   a ......
the purpose of gen ��� a tin .��� ������ ���
to sell and distri uite the same, and to
expropriate, hu; , hoi I, lease    n.l  sell
lan I for the purposes of the       .  an;
������'���"��� i   I '������    ithi .   p .   ..  ... and ��� i
an i  collecl   tolls   .   mi all , i
in;, and for all   freight   passing over
._.id railway an I branches, and to i on
nect with or make traffic or other arrangements   with   railv. i,     . ti mil o.
or other companies, an I i > constr . :i
maintain and operate the s dd ra! ,\ ���
and  branches, and the - lid telegr .   h,
telephone   and   electric   power   lines
across, along or upon stn ets o ��� high-:
ways within any municipality, subject
'o the regulations of said  municipality;  and  to cross navigable rive: , or]
streams, and to arrange for the use of
bridges therefore, an I to conn." I with
and Interchange traffic over other rail- j
Ways,   and    to    pun has",    take    ove:-.
lease or otherwise acquire  the property rights and franchises of anj other
i ompany or companies, and  to lea ie,
: "ii or  otherwise  dispose  of the  undertaking, or any pan. thereof, and for
all other necessary rights, powers and
privileges in thai behalf; and thai all
of the above  works may be declared
to  be  for  the  general  advantage of
Foi the Applicants,
Dated  ai   Vancouver, this  15th  day
'���: N i\ em! er, 19 IG.
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BR YSON &  SONS
Dailv NEW Daily
Leave  WESTMINSTER! Arrive
li ���_<) amdilaine,  Belllng-|3:'C0 ; in
1:35 pm ham      Burling-|9:55p_o
ttori, Mt. Ver-l
|non, Everett,
Seattle and
-.'35 pm Spokane,      St. 3:00pin
I Paul and all
points   Kast.
9.20 am Anacortes, |3:00 pm
IWoolley,     and
3:nil pm Vancouver 9:20am
9:55 pm i4:3,*i pni
���Meets In Orange hall
third Fridaj In each nionttuf
m. Visiting ; rethren are tori
Invited to attend. E. B. -^l
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec-MCl
The regular meetings of Mi
are held in Oddfellows naii.*-
bia street, ever;  Moi
at 8 o'clock.   Visiting bre ��
dial!'.' Invite : '     lend. A.i
ii   Re
N.G.; W.
Westminster for
p, m Ar. Guichon
i lay,   Wednes lay,
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
I.V.       New
Guichon 3:50
fi   p,   m..   M
8:15 a. m   nr. from Qulchon,
9:3d a. m.  I.v.  for Vancouvei'.
Route of the Famous
?_r_.i;iv Ovflind Trains���2
Sim,.,.on-, St. P.oil, -llnnenpolls
Winnipeg, Du! ith, Chicago, S:
Louis ami  all   points East.
For complete Information
rates, berth reservation, etc.
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New  Westminster,  B.  C
8. O, YE*RKES, A. O. P. A..
Corner Seeond Avenue and ("io
limilila St., Seattle, Wash.
��� Meetin::> the Brsl ;>*' """'l
dav    In     eai       '   '*     ..  ,
brethren cord i">'���;/���"? Sr
Lodge roon    V. 0  I":!;
fellows'   bl '    ''���;.;,
S. Coiri.       recoi ler; ww ]
master workn an.
POSE   OP  COLUMBIA,   Ljg>��l
115,   SONS  Of   ENGLAND'
Red Ro ������ n. , .'    ,1
' '.a    '
yisltln. "'I
cordlall'.      In ';   gei
Fourth   .'    h
In K. of i
8 p. in.. Willi
Wedne ';
time and
In   '
com in.
--Meets the 1'onrlh Frt^
month   ni   8 ocloc 1. '     Vl!,
h"!l.   Oddfell   rs        jnvi,.i|t
brelhren are con Hall) a
tend.    .1. r   R��slltpn' U
Maxwell, R- S- _^.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve
WALKER, General Manager.        ALEX. LAIRD, Assl. (lend Manager
A. O. F.-The ''
ccLU^.        ,
ular mi -j
this Lod, ����!*,(*
and Fourth Ttte f^^
p. in. iii,"... .,,. rordlai
at 8
Visit I ng
Brethren - ,'��� ,.,,���!,. f-l
vited to attend.
p. Maxwell. Sec.
tl'.eir  banking   business.
Sales   Notes
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers for
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY  MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mal
Ont-of town necounts  receive every a lontlon.
.*.:.','.   WESTMINSTER BRANCH���H. R. DAVIDSON. Manager
H. Power I EMPRESS OF IRELANL l      TOr.":
Travel In the same way a.s your letters. It. i.s the quickest, safest and
most economical, From St. John, Dec.
Isi and Doc lath. For particulars
apply to
C.  P.  R. AGENT, j
at 8 o'clock  |).
Hall.    Columl"'
Brethren at
tend, Geo. Burr
"""' ii .IK i"vi""--
S. Ci y
80CIATION, LORD O-     fl
CAMP, I01.-Me (
Third Tuesday o( vM
k.  of  p. i ;���' ���.,;.,. it"
Chief; J. ���'��� l"M
���slei- DEC
1  1
[What you want in Real Estate. Farms, House, or Lot sand we can
supply you. New Properties are being placed in our hands every
Hay. It costs you nothing to investigate this. Buy, buy now while
prices remain low. Who would have thought a few vears ago that
fcoperty in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver would be
selling at such commanding prices, New Westminster's turn
iext. The coming manufacturing centre on the Pacific
;oast. Mark our words the time WILL come.
reatest Snap, bar
,ne, in the city.
- ��� ims ;  store
.     res.  $1,350
-: le Int.
p Ice   $1000,
six   months,
dghi ���
' a in   1 i     ���' I
acre    ar..'.
'. S ippei ton
On the corner of l<��th
Ave. ami llth St. Lots No.
TH und 80 can now be purchased for $125. This price
will remain for one week
only and is exclusively for
sale by us. Also the '-ame
applies to the corner lot at
5th Ave. and 12th St.;
$550; lot 66x132.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bai. easy.
Btel for sale.
nil sizea
fof lot 8
ot.   $20,000.
El x 66.
..    e Commu
(25            i
ai rea cleared,
$1,800, hall ���
ceni . .-:
��� -   cle ired    in 1
:   E
';������ -   ,
0 '.  <
m   Agni -
:          i
.    '.
eet   $225.
H iuse an I lot, 3:; x 1       ;:_���..
" I   " ��� -    Queen     ivenm    $1,150.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
size lo
between   Fi ml   Second
Fo enu aori      ide    Price
$1,500. half    i   .     ilan ������   n one yeai
.���)������,;      ceni
' ���  ��� ae mile from Ab otsfor 1,
good      ...  220 fruit
':��� ��� -   price $'.400, half cash, balance
it reasonabli
.:. ���   est.
. i       ������ :    :���:,     .   Iin; ���
md ���    nple -  Dear C i.    lale
a lltivatlon,  $15,000.    If yo.i
ndle  I    s, don't   del ij,   it's a
.i _.':., terms can       arrange 1.
��� ���   '. i  _��� ���     -' in       cultiva-
ill in
it   $3 000.   h lif
be .
���    -aa,     '. "...    .
Fourth    .    a ie    ind   Seven
$2,000.   Terms i an
James Inlet, thn     -; ia ��� ��� .;.i'e
56.00. hal ilan     eas;
ISO aci       Maple R
���     .      .
... trees
Price     Section 32, $45 ] a  Sec
tion 29, $60 per ai       Secti in 2S, $55
Teleph ae  al   H im ..
telegi ip .  station,
Read !   Mark !   Learn !
160 acres, on which is a
house 20x30, frame stable
20x24, chicken house 12x
14; good well; 8 ac.cleared
on front and 12 aeon hack.
All these acres cultivated.
Can be bought on easy
terms. Enquire immediately from us, the exclusive agents.
Iia..   *.(... sib.   n  l|iilr_,   Fl. ���
must   a   Deft    Ilnml
��� > - { the boat*i
deck. Hi.- sponco     - I   th hi.   water
glass   .. ., box fitted with
bandli - . :rri into tii ���
clear Witl :..   : he
and  sink*  -   -        .
fifty f.   . ,ii   puted ai the ei I
with .'i double hook it.- sponge onco
discovered, fli. hook .- deftlj Inserted
at tho rockj bate, and bj n suddi n
jerk tbe sj>.-:._:.'> Is detached
This rurt description of what i
the simple work of sponge fishing c. es
no idea of the real sK;ll and exertion
Deeded The ej _ of tbe tisher has to be
trained bj lonji experience to peer Into
tho sm and toll tho commercially vai
uatde sponge, from those that are
worthless He must haves defl haa 1
to detach tbe sponge without �� tear
Ab i. e all. i. bile doing this ��Ith one
hand,   ha  musi   manipulate  with   the
other tii.-  water glass,  as the  wavei
swaj   :l   s .ii'wnys  and   up  and
The .',: eyi   ami body is mo. i  ,
tense, t i Raj nothing of the era pe
position and exposure to wind and wp!
whieh, : I -' ad lasi, make ever]
sponge fisher b i Ictlm ol acute rheum i
tism. Vet "i'ii all In* arduous toil
an experl spo ige ; -her earns nol
than ��3 . month bes les his 1 eep o
the boat, which barelj deserves tin
name of existence    Pearson's Week:..
and a I  ma"'
revival    ol    Shakes ���   i . nna irtal
King Richard the Third
New hn prool scenic equipment,
nov��M electrical effects; rich and cor
root   costuming    -      ling   battle  I i b
leaux,   ami  i ��� ��� ....   a.
Prices, $1.50. $1.00. 75c. 50c and 25c.
Sale    Of   Beal 8      K '-   ' -    V, ..i | |:       17
. 'i .     ai   Ryall's  Di a. S
Ehe Fraser River Tannery
on 6tl  Avenue,
onVf ��1,100 cash.
.'���E: can be bought
1 $1,350. This
:;:: *' ;���"'"��� illustra-
M how il 5 to in-
real estati .
In 'nest residential portion of Nev; Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in even* respect.   Two full lots
1132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
i i ait with shrubs and flowers.  Tennis c iurt on fine
' side. Price $2500. Terms
S6i10cash, balance on mort-
I era ere.
loa, ai :������-. B : nabj Lake, $100 pe.
. re.
l 13 acres, one  mile from  Hunting
ilon. B.C . 70 ...: ea In gi ass, 15 a. res
irairied and  fenced;   house and  barn
i isi $2,500; good road along one side;
Pitt  Rivei   Bridge,   price $50 pei  acn   half cash, balance
. balance one and tw >  !" suit purchaser at 6 per ceni     Rea
s at 7 per ceal   Exclusive igeney.   son for selling, the owner's wife ls in
bad health, and has to go to a cold
160 acres, XI". "i section 19, township 1". Langlej . small b i isi 31
aeres cleared, timber valued $750,
Price $1,500. one-third cash, balance
at 7 per een*.
16S acres, Coquitlam, T*1 acres cleared, near Black's ranch, $2,000.
s ami 10 aere blocks in Surrey, thr >a
miles from the river, $10 per acre.
1 i.n acres, section 25, township ifi,
2% miles from Ahbotsford; 50 acres
alder bottom, $1,200. half cash.
Ten aeres in Lot 463, one mile east
of Westminster Junction, Ai soil, eas-
ilj cleared,   $30 per acre.
Two Btorled house. 7 rooms, hath,
sewer connections, all modern Improvements, splendid locality, $2,800.
Terms arranged,
.-i.   rooms, price
near ear line; een
Does It Pay?
160 acres, lo ac. cleared.
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only SIO
per ac. and terms easy at
K*|��- .ini. iii��     Wllh     11.�����     Moon     mul
Stan  nml   n  IIhii.I  Lin.*.
A   pretty  experiment  can  be made
with B hand mirror any nlghl "hen
there is a full moon. Hold the mirroi
so Hint the moon's Image will be seen
In it and you will l>e surprised to see
four moons Instead ot one one moon
will be very bright, but the ..'her three
will be in a straight line and quite dull,
one dull image on the side of the bripht
moon and thc other two on the other
side. Turn the mirror round slowly.
Still holding iis faee to the moon, and
the   reflections   Will   seem   tO   revolve
round a common center,
You can make the same experiment
���with   one   of   the   very   hright   stars,.
such as Sirius. Venus or Jupiter, bul
wllh these there will  he Ihree Images
Instead of four, as the number seen rle
pends on the breadth of the object
Thp explanntioi lis   nite simple.   Then
are two surfn.   - Irror, one In
front an.l the i    er w     e the quick
silver   is     Tii ���   briui test   reflection
comes from the object Itself, the otl i
are what are known as secondary lm _
ngp.   reflected  from  the front  to thi
back of the mirror nnd thence to thi I
eye.    Tlie magic mirror never fails  1. I
excite a good deal of wonder, and is an tTfuxt lt,   e.-.-ooci;    ,TI tv.
interesting experiment as well.-Lon I _or_ CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATUN,
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamprilal   Iron    v\or_.,   tnciiirllng
Fences, Gales. Fire hiBCapeS, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
New West minster. f. u. 474.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
��� ei
-  .         i   p $ i
..   a ,-en .
t rooms   ���
.   ken
1    Fifth    avenues,    $2,251
��� '. '    .-������:.
n..               i
$1 Ono ��� i
...'_     .   .     ���    i real good
.. res
���   .                 ate j
��� ���
��� ���   ���
1   $1,000,
i ham
- ,    ���
' ���      :
a.    3
.   ...- ji .
���   ���
��� and ...
���  ' 6  s  ."���    !    .
.1    .
1   .:   ������ at  1
ri 3, Horn ���:��� Ranch, N'lck i n   ;1,
house cosl $2,500 w hen bull!   20 ai res
cleared    Prici   onl.  $3,000, half i ash,
.   ���.. e easj.
���   e    if land  near Sutherlan I's
���a ... in S irrej ;  good house, 6 acrea
...    mly $!.ooo, easy term i
ed hou e, ill modern inipi ove
.. ������ ocai Ion, corner of Foui th
.      . a i    \   a $5,000,     one    half
e home an i   good
re   lei i e
. ���.. ���I    house , all    mode a
Cai nai'von streel an I
Sixth     reet, two store: -, $3,750.
ad lol on Agnes sl t, tw ;
��� im ;  a real sa ip sl
: . ...  .���    :. i  two     itta ���'���   on '' '
ii    Both rente i
ii 510 <
.o lol    on Flrsl
-...,. o     i Q   en      iark     Prh e
: ity,  $7   pel    '    '
.    : .   : .: .���       irt I   ilars
One    . . '     lapperl m, i'i-'
j i     .:..        tn      md Brunette, only
11     -.   ���     ...-.���       ear B '���
don t'hroniele.
lV_-storej hou
$1,500. eas. terra
trally located.
House, cornei' of Fifth avenue and
Sixth si root, one lot, two Btoreys, S
r loins. $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
street, one block from post office.
rents al $30 \"'v month, or for sale al
Seven roomed house, Seventh Btreet.
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
House,   ei^hl   room-,  on  Sl    ' li       '
treet,   corner   Fourth.   $2,500;   easj
House,   full    sized   lot,   on   Keary
treet, Sapperton;   rents for  $10  per
month,   mil.   $1,050.
Three acres, North _rm road, near
Mead i, $425.
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (.except
Sunday*) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and Whit" .Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For  information  apply to
J.   H    ROGERS,  Traffic  Manager,
V.neouver.  R.  C.
I nrlnnw   Tonil>_t _>no_..
Two   curiously    inscribed   stones   bj
the wayside have been noted by cor
respondents of the Manchester Guard
lan. One is about a mile from the vii
lage of Hope, in Flintshire, and rends
"Here   my God did spire my life     Foi
the tenement was the strife 1777'
cine would th nk that the lncldeni tbi
stone commemorates must be well
known in the neighborhood, bui the c >r
respondent was not successful In find
ing any one who could tell the story
The other sloop is by the side of a
lonely road in the neighborhood of
,1 onl-in chapel, and bears the following
Inscription; "Here John Turner was
cast away in a heavy snowstorm ill tin
night on or about  the year 1735.    Tin    Fight Trains Every Day in t
Ye ir
print of a woman's shoe was found by
bis side in the snow were |si,i he laj
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Just Look!
80 i
cres in Matsq
ui Mu-
litv,    l-room
n   house;    one   ac.
1; good well,
*h 1 .ooo. (
of ;i li
oi.ir-.,    \|��.   Tiet._p  in  dngliind.
The oldest licensed village ale house
in England Is i laimed to be the Georgi
Inn, in North Si. Philip. Tlie llcensi
dates   from   1307.     Each  storj   ol   '��� .. TD.n,   ,,,.   .  ...r.
picturesque   old    structure   overhang- THE TRAIN OP   FAME
thai beneath. The from is broken bj THE NORTH WESTERN, LTD.
bay windows, a porch and a flight of Embodies the newest and best ideas
stone  slops   lea.lum   to  a   doorwiu    111   ,,1r    COMFORT,    CONVENIENCE,
the wall     U the back ni>e more quninl       ,
doors and windows, and a turret  built and   U M RY'     U   ,s   h��hted   w,th
against  the   wall   Incloses  an  butsioj both   electricity   and   ga ;   thi   rm s!
.lair, while in tne yard still remains brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
pari   of  the old   gallery   found   In  n wor]d      rhe   ,.q,,.pmt.nl   consists   of
many hostelrlos of the middle
\ curious chtraney surmounts
gable.   London \i> m eic
cQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
ank   of  Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. "The Milwaukee"
,'.. | in   r,r   ;   : . m< ni
i i
. $10,000,000
>D* Fl
Excellent Train Service Between
.  i Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Tarmr.:.
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
\���.| all the prir   sal ausineas centers of
,,. pAKIO   Q1 EBEC and the MARI-
.,     ,    oi i ; \IO   NEW YORK anu
i^;,!! V.II.I-HIA  'via Niagara Fall_.
""{f��� Time Tables, etc., address
. fr.n'1 Passenger and Ticket
RTI5E IN THE   NI;.W5.'S:SE^E��^^^.
��� >.'I  Strathcona and   Maun'   Royal,    0    '*���    "���
  Honorary Pros.dent
'S   A.   Drummond    President
... .Vice President   and   Genera   M i
Btness transacted.
"he nrincipal cities in Canada, In  London,  Eng., Ne*"""*
��� 3t   'ohi'.'s Nfl 1, ami correspondents in   ill parts of tbe
'The -'ion���r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansai City to Cliicagc
No tra ns In the Bervice on any
���a road in the world that equal in
���quipmeot thai of tlie Chicago, Mil
vi.," & Sl Paul Railway. They
iwn un I operate their own sleeping
and .lining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence ol
service  not obtainable  elsewhere.
H   S. ROWF. General Agent.
��� (_ Third is:., mi Alder. Portland. Or.
i lii!ilttno*r��  i hofeen  i otot-a.
Professor .Inmes Hullj In his stu.i .
of childhood ��� oinnai ���- the menl
processes of white children In ��� iv
hind i    u ilh   lh ise   Of   full   l��i on n    -   ���
ages  ami  discovers some remarkable
resemblances     Among .ither thltiR i
has as,eiiiiini.il thai the favorite ���
ors of ihe savage, red and yellon
those which  white nhlldren flrsl  I il
QOtlce   lif   and   "f   whieh   Ihey    1'PUI     I!
 j especially   fond   during  the period  n
cliililhood     Bo,  too, the savage n lu!
and   the   white  child  find  a  com
pleasure in nil bright, shilling nnd gll
lerlng things.
Iln na. rnu��.
Mrs.  Hornbenk (In the midst of ll ���
reading)   Mercy sakes nllve!    Here i
nn Item about a surgeon over at Big
gerviiie retnovln' an epithelioma frm
a mini's lip,   Farmer Hornbeak���Well
I sh'u'd judge ii was about time for
people to ti nit usln^ such long worda
when It requires a doctor to git 'am out.
; - ���
���S    i.ANK
.���    'MCH
G. D. BRYMN1 '<. Au<nl.
Dr. H. D. Brown, V.S, a graduate
of the Ontario Veterinary School, will
he in New Westminster every Friday
and Saturday, and will examine your
horse., tree of charge,
DR.  H.  D.  BROWN, V.S.
Jerrold���I can't get any speed out ol
that motor cur you sold me. You toll,
me you bad been arrested six times In
it. Hobart���So 1 was. old chap. Foi
obstructing the highway.- London Star
\��l��-n nml   Letter*.
Tenor (staging) "Oh, hippy, 'appy.
'nnpy be thy dreams." Professor���
Slop! stopl Why don't you sound tlm
"hv"    TenDr-It  don't go   no   higher
than "g."���Christian ri��j:,��"
;    vate   compartment   cars,   standard
io section  sleepers, luxurious  dining
. ar. rTcliniiiR chair cars  (seats free),
modern  day coaches  and  buffet,  It
biarv and smoking cars
I   i   rime Tables, Fo! lers   oi   in;
further information call i n oi   \.
GENER \l    .GENT,
���?20 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
{Northern Pa iific
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train,    low Rates.
QuickTime. Excellenl Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets mi sale t" all European points.
Special    Reduced    Ratei,   Routi,.   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.,
For full informtion call on or Write
i*. B. LAN(!, General Agent,
W0 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Pcrtland, Ore. A. G.    A 12
1 a
It!'        '.'
When You Buy Cookies or Tea
Biscuits Why Not Get the Best
Call and see our special offer.
We have twenty-one varieties put up by the celebrated
Jacob & Sons, Dublin, which we are offering at
15c per package or two for 25c
Don't gamble with your custom.    Take no chances, it will ^d worno.it bofces a
pay you to deal with thom ahve ,n Btable-
Puhikli.d  For Kindncf*.
I William Hilton has recently beeu
! released from au English prison aft-
! er being punished for cruelty to animals, ana yet he was guilty only of
excess of kindness. Not liking the
; idea thai a useful beasi of burden
I should bo .-hot tit the end of jiis hqn-
i oralile career and also regarding the
command, "Thou shalt do no murder/" as applying to the killing of a
' keast as --fell as a man, lie has-been
in the habit of buying up ancient
and maintaining
specially constructed for the purpose. It was
the discovery of these poor creature-, many of them supported in
slings, that led to hi* prosecution
for cruelty to animals.
Horse Clipping Machines
TT7E have a line of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good. Our
clippers work easier, clip faster and take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longer
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.    Call and   see  them   at
John  Sharp.
In the neighborhood of his Mississippi home ,lolin Sharp Williams
is always called "John Sharp." Tbat
is because the family of ibe congressman's mother were ihe Sharps
--lhe great people of that section.
According to In- own confession
Williams' notion of earthly happiness is to -.i  on In-  veranda at
Yazoo in the company of i books
and watch ibe cotton grow. Only
ono vote was easl against him at the
last ele, (ion- thai of one of his
seven children as a joke. One of his
clo-e friends said recently: "John
writes poetry for recreation. At
least, be .ays it'- poetry, and that
ho finds recreation in committing it
to paper."
Ready for Buisne
Messrs. McQuarrie
��� Company
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co., at
Clayburn, B. C.
CLEARED, with streets on three sides.   Close to 4th
Ave.  If sold this week, these can be had for $800,
half cash, bai. in 11 months.   A fine building site and
a good speculation.
Fine residential lot, cor. 12th St. and oth Ave., $590.
Two Cottages to Rent.    Purnished Rooms to Rent.
Fluid  Lenses.
"Lhiiil lenses" are the invention
of a Hungarian chemist. Each lens
consists of a fluid substance incio-ed
between two unusually hard glass
surfaces, similar to watch crystals.
The lenses are achromatic, 'i'he
fluid doe- not evaporate. The new
lenses are said io be as good as those
ill of glass and can be made much
more quickly and for a fraction of
the price of the all glass lenses. It
is expected that the new lenses will
he especially useful for great telc-
A Hole In tire Roof.
Mrs. Anna i). Cornelewis, a _iand-
soine widow, is the owner of rental
property in Rochester, Ind. When
Bhe rented tlie property to Perry
Coplen for a term of ye._rs she failed to reserve tbe right of entrance
through a hallway to her rooms upstairs for herself and son. When
Mrs. Cornelewis returned bome
from a visit she and her son, without permission of < 'oplen, began to
pass  through   the  parlors  of  Cop-
Jen's Tooms to  reach  tbe .fairway.    	
Coplen  protested  and  later  served  sss^^^^s\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Wk\s\sss\\\\\\\\\\\\\ls\W
notice on her not to trespass,    lie ~ : ~~���~~~~~
then padlocked the door of the stair-
wav. We do not pretend to be letter
Widow Cornelewis' son is a car j perfect on German regulations, but
penter, and he got a ladder to climb: we happen to know a little about the
to the attic roof, where be opened a l'""'11. butcher ami the lordly packer
way through which tbe widow and w^�� undertake to do business under
her son have been making iheir exit,' German rule. If be ventures to kill
and entrance.���Cincinnati Enquir- c M''r '"' " '"'- before it ha- heen
ct. '       i duly inspei ted ar.d he is .������. ight   -as
In- i- sure t" he sooner or later���the
fi..' 'ass   of   tiie   animal,   whether
I call hi or unhealthy, is taken awav
next morning from ,*,,,, am] ,,u^ j ,
wash in good clean suds: then put /j-,,,, ,
beg to announce that they have
now opened on Front St. an up-to-
date Flour and Feed Warehouse.
FLOUR of the Purest
FEEDS of the Be]
The Eburne Milling (Vs PUREJLQI
Wholesale and retail orders promptly filled
Give us a trial order; you are sure to be
221 Front St. 221 Front
next to Holbrook Hotel next to Holbrook HoJ
R. HOGARTH, Manager
(^nnstmas    Presents
Yellowed Clothes.
Soak   the   clothes   overnight
lukewarm water and
a cinder,
���  of  this
means oi" forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelery to all
parts of the world.
, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St, - - New Westminster B. C.
them in the wa��h boiler with cold i _  ...
_������+,        .    _ .    ,-. 'mil teach lum that the regulations
water and some pieces of white curd   :,,,>,;    <���  i i ,        ���    .
, .  i    . i      t  in ,,1!s held arc nol made   ..r show
soaj) and a teaspoonfu  of powdered  rr r ,. ...     ��� . ,
l    '        -r>-i_, ��� f,r 1"'  "i" di usion of meat eater-;
borax,     boil   for  twenty   minutes.,  jil|t  f       i ��� . .   '      It is strongly recommended that ship
rinse immediately and  leave tbem ,i���v. ;,' ,i "   '     ' \    ,   ';"'���. M'w'n   ments be sent so as to arrive at destin
for another night in clean cold wa- S !" ,' "' "f '"     Au'\ !:''' ^T   ?����n s����� days in advance, thus avoid
ter to which a little powdered borax fi��� ��� ���.''" V i"   >"""   ��� '"  *'w"'"
has been added. *e"d   S on,*   th? ^ginning.   After
  it is slaughtered thc carcass is in-
To Clear.se Chamois. ! Bpccted from  the inside, 1.,'id when a
It is not generally known that to d,oub* f!3es fls !" ^ condition it
cleanse a chamois leather for plate aIs�� ,c aken Bwn>" ;;,l,i ,!"r"*"1* Ku
eleaning or any other polishing pur-1 DalJyqthos*:. carcasses  thai   are   in
sound condition are quartered and
otherwise cut up for the butcher's
' [stall  where the people go   to  buy
Fancy  Goods
Asplen-idlol ofGOOD BOOKS
pose "the besi way" is to wash itin
lukewarm soapy water and to leave
plenty of soap in the last rinsing water. This make- the wash leather
as soft and pliable as when new. To
rinse all soap oul ��ill make ft hard
end dry. J iry in the open air if possible.
ine; the rush and ensuring most careful
handling. Arrangements can be ma le
for delivery the day before Christmas
when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Briuain and Europe.
For further in forma tion apply to
Company's office at ('. P. R. station.
Phcne 91.
J. w,
St. med  Porcelain.
on  porcelain  tubs
til:- are caused by ul-
urface to   be  injured.
Discount to Schools and Churches
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
tlie Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at   All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant    and   Cafe
stand- and
lowing the
When new, porcelain is as smooth as
a piece of window glass, but if rubbed with .-and soap its surface becomes like a piece of ground glass,
from which im cleansing agent can
take the stain. Common household
ammonia is recommended for cleaning.
W.-.xing Stockings.
It is suggested  thai   waxing the
toe and heel of a stocking will diminish  the number of holes to be
darned���the   principle   being   the
same as waxing thread, to make it
stronger. Stretch the stocking over j
the darner, melt a paraffin candle :
and rub thoroughly into the stock- j
ing, rubbing it iu smoothly with the
their meat. Here ;i third
guaranti e n,r the purity of the product is Lr;\i n io the consumer, livery
piece of the carcass thus prepared
for sale, no mailer into how many
p:' cos ii is divided, musi have a littli offii ial label on ii before an
ounce of it can be sold.���Hartford
I '���' i fa nt.
Mcdonald, aijkiii.
Having bought oul the Blacksmith-
ing business of It. ll. Benson, I will
lie pleased to see all his old custom
ers, as well iis new ones Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Late Suppers After the  Theatre a
Specialty.       Oysters    and    Game
Season.      -
I'rofi-i.. IiiiiiiI   IHtfnIl..
"What wages do you expect?" asked
', Mrs. Randolph of Aunt rii-onie,  who
hail come to hire as cook.
"Well, Ah tell you.    Ef Ah cooks an'
waits on ile table, too, Ah '.peels $_:
j ebery week Ah lives, b-u-t ef yo' all
hus family reach nt de tnhle an' Ah
jes' huh ter cook, den Ah charges er
1 dollar  an'  fo'   bits."���Pittsburg  Dls-
may be the sincerest
flattery. But why be an imitation of
a well dressed man ?     WEAR
and BE the
dressed man
others imitate.
H.   L.   de BECK
just arrived and ii
Diamond Ri\
j     Watches
Beautiful Gift
!    Umbrellas
Jewel Cases
of all kinds]
Prices Right. Ho trorf
show goods-
Foot ofj-ltli Ave.
New Wi*
All kinds of Ship reJ
work. _ .j,}
Ship and Scow Bun
a specialty.
Estimates  prompt')
nished. ���
Westminster, B.C


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