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The Daily News May 10, 1906

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~-__��rfS��2V WESTM
-DAY. MAY Id. 1906
tsmn \*wold
l<> CENTS 1'KI! WKi,
Military And Naval Forces Line Up Against Every Possible Point of Attack While Nicholas and His Imperial
Party Flash Their Presence on the Occasion of the Inauguration of Russian Parliament.
!'.   .        til  ���.    Mo .     1".      \:i      idea!
...    ed the
curtain   for  the  new
greal   historical    RusBlas
: r liberty,
did Ihe showy norl hem i ip
a. Gri il pi.  eni a more
: ure than tor the In lug il
Iiu    lai :      it.  Jusl
on ol   haze hung    ... er    the
nln ���   the oul lines  i n :  glv
, :;.. a  lintel, of a  fairy land.
. idlng '.in over the oilmen i ilands in the river .   i
���,'. in a hood rn light.
Soft Music, Please,
id, Bwlfl   flowing Neva with
r, . bed to the sea and the
.   la, were turned to azui ���
eflect 't  blue Dl  I h.   hi    ...
nl I, a domes ol I hi  church-
,1 ��� b,  admiralty and the
p. i      ::.  and SL Paul tortre ises
bluing niin,ii eta of tbe pal-
[ lo Boal above the m
tildlng . be Ide i he Metro-
.    ...    dressed  bride-like awaiting
of ber lord.
Colors Proudly Fly.
low imperial standard with
led eagle Hew from the
���  - .   flags   by  order of the
llsplayed    from    every
������ tms   of   multi-color, .1
ut. red   from    the  yachts
,pini  in ib.. harbor. Even
. agei I oats which thread
ind  canals,  tbe  Bl :   cars
cabs,  carried  the   Russian
tores, schools and some
"lies were closed In honor
islon bul there was no gen-
,  the  governmenl   speclfl-
. traging   a suspension    of
,ri. in the Industrial districts owing
tl  crowding the workmen
��� a :.��� of the city mlghl pro-
Ions, disorders and perhaps
Determination of Fate.
waa something distinctly awe
.;   the day, with visions
Ting from ano,ber branch
the  human   race   and   thc   Russian
i Jng up the march of modern
Tbe   representatives   of
11  millions  and  the  Russian
���  al  lasi  lace to face and
in determine the rale
ad tho country stretch-
many  to the  Pacific, to
and  to the    burning
The Jarring  Note.
ainiing the mutual distrust
'  rn nt   and   people  there
the hope that'   the
"' of a sincere understanding
[ ieror and bis subjects
Ming and  de, p  In.lay.
ttltude of mutual bus-
| ' h constituted    the   gn at,
"ii Ibis occasion. I,   could
ll    was   ;r.parent
L        State  of  Siege.
*l have been In a state
1 heavy was the array of
'���my were detachments ,,f
1 "airy, and gendarmes sta-
trateglc points, but large
i"   massed     In   the  court,
public buildings,
the   morning   the   Palace
I mbled  a   held  camp,  two
'"ids having hlvouack
r"! th,
11 nighl.  At   daylight   balla-
i "'licenten took possession of
all  tho a iproaches to the  Palace tor
'I"- dis'  nee of a third of n mlb ,
all day no one was allowi I to pa
line, wlthoul tick, ��� .
Their  Majesties Afloat.
The  draw   of   the   Nich,        bridge
from Vasll! island wa   t i ned and the
palace bridge, whit I, ri rta on pon
wa , allowed  to swing down thi   cu
r. n' so as   to ; ermil    the   lm ,
yachts   bearing   their   majesties  and
Hi" cur,  from  Peterhof, to po     uj
the river to thc landini n front
: - Winter  ; tlai ��� .      \  flotilla of
police  patrol   boats,      avei al   I i
and : il       I gall,
closed the river as far as the Pi I tei
to all moving crafts.
Impressing the Masses.
Like al! great state functions in
Holy Russia, ibe ceremonies began
wiib religious servl, es, V i o'clock
in the morning ibe whole cltj i
���' ' ited ��:;i bells ami chimes from
St. Petersburg's myriad of cathedrals,
:i"s and temples, summoning the
people ,��� the thanksgiving, only those
., ho have heard ,1,,. booming of ibe
P. lis ,,f s:. Isaacs cathedral striking
bass   lo   I!,.,   olber   bells   can   Imagln,
iii" savage splendor ���f ,1," wild clanging. Nol onlv a' S'. P, :. rsburg, I,',:
al lbe Kremlin of MoBCOW, bells were
rung ami T,. Deums were celebrate I
thus giving ih,. occasion the .solemn
religious as we" a i , Ivic significance,
necessary     lo    impress    the    Russian
>l',ss.   ;.
Imperial   Yacht Dips  Flag.
W'lnle ihe bells were sill] ringing
the Imperial yacht Alexandra with he
Imperial standard at ihe fore mov, d
majestically up the river dip;.ing her
Hag in answer to lhe salutes aud
ch.ers uf the emperor's warships lying at tbe Baltic works. Instead of
proceeding to the Winter palace, the
yachts stopped a, the landing stage
of the English quay, below the .Nicholas bridge, and in front of the Leu-
chtenberg palace, formerly the American embassy, where the emperor,
ike empress and lbe dowager empress
entered a launch, and attended by a
launch on each Bank, moved on ,,;. the
river. Tim members of ihe couri mail.'
ibe remainder uf ibe journey to the
Win:.',' palac.   in carriages and escort-
i d P.' a troop of clattering horse
I    irds,
Travel   in  a   Hurry.
The emperor's arrival was nol
!:.'rallied by the customary salute of
:.H guns and for thai reason the pass-
in;., of tb" river hardly attracted ihe
notice of the thousands of spectators
who were wailing along the river.
Wlthoul hailing at the Winter palace,
lbe launches crossed the river and
Iheir majesties landed under the walls
,,r ibe St. Peter ami si. Paul's fortress which thej entered bj ibe imperial waier terrace driving hurriedly
in the Immense cathedral Inside the
walls where repose the remains of the
Romanoffs. Before ihe tombs of his
majesty's ancestors ihe imperial family kneehd for l'i, minutes mad., their
ii,"..  is  and   asked   for  blessing and
guidance.   ,
Back at the  Palace.
Th.ir majesties, after lb.'if devotions, returned to the terrace ami
re-entered th launch. The faint r.-porl
o, a cheer swept up ibe river. The imperial launch Immediately crossed the
rive,- and entered Ibe Winter palace
from the quay entrance, For the lirst
time sin..',, tbe ceremony of blessing
Ibe waters January 1!,, Hill,"., when the
emperor  escaped    death   from    the
charge of grape Bred from Ibe battery
oil the opposite ban!, lie
II th   ma .    i ,.:i two hours le     .  ,
crmi Is of civil and J
be emj
House Called to Order.
5:35 p, ii,.   Thi   n, ��� il  par
lent was call ........
li.    bj    B ilUl   K, ... .      ,    .
. " ��� cretary ol a i mplre with ibe
ball  from  on, , i..-., thirds  full.
Baron  Frisch n ad  an  Imperal  I
convoking parllamenl  I Invitini
 ii me   foi'.' u !   and   sign
the oath. A rec.      wa ...
The  Czar's  Speech.
5:30   p.   in.-  Thi   em] peech
'Tl,,- supreme providence which
gave me the care of our : md,
moved me to eel to m; a ints in
legislative  work    elected Benta-
tlves of the people. In Lhe , xpi ctati in
of a brlllianl future tor Russia, I greel
in your persons the I I men from the
empire whom I ordered my beloved
subjects ,', choos,. from among themselves. A difficult work li.-s before you.
1 trusl that love fur your fatherland
and your eai lesln  to serve it will
Inspire and unite you. 1 shall keep In-
violate the constitutions which I have
grained with ili.ylirn, assurance ihat
you will devote all your strength to
the service of your country and especially to the ne.-ds of th, peasantry
which are so cl.e-e to my bear:, and
to the education of the people and
their economical welfare, remembering thai to the dignity and prosp, I
of the Btate ic: only freedom but order founded upon justice are neces-
Desires for His Son.
"I desire from my heart to see my
people happy and hand down to uiy
son an empire secure, well organlz id
and enlightened.
"May God bless the work lhal Hi s
before me in unity with the council
of the empire and the Imperial douma.
May ibis day be the day of the moral
revival of Russia and Ihe day for the
renewal of Its hlgheal forces. Approach with solemnity the labors for
which I call you. May God assist us."
Pekin Makes Another Important Move Toward   Shut-
ling Out Foreigners and Trouble May Result.
Washington ' . ��� .. May LO.��� ���. 10th sr imp >r-
tant step towai te realization of the policy of
"China for the Chinese" has been made in the
promulgation of an Imperial Decree at Pekin naming
Tien Liang a.s " Minister Superintendent of Customs
Affairs" with Tang Shan Vi as vice minister.
It is feared that this means the complete overthrowing of foreign control of Chinese customs collections which have been in the hands of Sir Robert
Hart for the pas' 20 years;
Tien Liang i.s the Manchu commanding chief of
the Chinese army, dividing honors with Yuan Shi
Mai, the Mongolian commanding chief, and he is said
to be a man oi great ability.
In 1898 an arrangement was made between England and China i Co deration of which England
paid 100,1 .00 i taels providing that so long as British trade exceeds that of other countries the
inspector general of Chinese customs should always
be an Englishman. Under that arrangement Sir
Robert Hart has administered the Chinese customs
service with satisfaction to all foreign nations.
Now these new office's are created and it is believed that they . 'ill dominate his own, so that it is
expected that an immediate inquiry will be made by
the great powers as to the extent to which the new
Chinese decree tends to subvert the British agreement.
F. R. Glover Tells of Excitement Aroused in the inte '
Over the Hold-Up of the C.P.R. Train Near
Kamloops    Little Chance
of Escape.
!���'. ,'. Qlover, local manager ..I ihe
li. c. i:. it. ,',,.. returned to the cltj
"Hla.   after  an absence of aboul    a
we.i,. during  which time he wa
ervlslng ibe  w,.r!,  being done mi  bis
ranch   in   i lie  Dkanagun   vail  . .
Speaking of ihe recen I up <���,
ibe ,'. I', it., Mr. Qlovei aid in the
country for miles around Wh, ��� the
hold up occurred is now al .. with
na'n who are ou the trail ol li rob
bers. (iver Tm, are know n to be actively engaged in lh.. man bun!, and
it will be sur,,! Iglng ;; ' h, robl i are
not captured within ibe nexl tew days.
I ,���   promise, ul ihe reward of $11.-
���  which   is  now  offered  has  put
all  iln- irackers on their nc tUe, ami
I    men   and   lh"   cowboys   ami
hunters are vying with each other in
;'".""":        '   "       a.       offered.
lh.. clause which
ward wil    , paid ,0,   h     m
'"'   allve"    "ohM  '���     hi   hold-up
'���"" ���'",|"   i   i-a
anj   mm, .���     ,; ,|.al   ,       n    ih!
i':m "r the country, and      . ,.u _ot
:l:" s11 don. All
1,1 In  track-
1 '���  ' ''     '��� ' ���  travel
through  an open loud ���i  they
'������"""'l ���"'���'��� well hid, ilea: elves,
Th" P��l ular Impn   Ion  n thi
try around ;...
will  try  ... reach  Un, I, ,n t,,
as soon ...  possible, and li   b Iowa
IT        OUI '
the tracki
Under  Guidance  of Aid.   Henley  They   Gravel  Laden Craft Sinks at lbe Sand
See  Need of Better Sidewalks.
Naval Official of United States Will Establish System  to
Guide Captains When Compasses Get
Out of Order in Bad
Farewell   Sermon.
The Rev. Mr, Seymour, aci ing rector of St. Paul's will preach bis farewell sermon In St. Paul's Reformed
Episcopal chinch on the evening of
the last Sunday of this month. On thai
date Mr. Seymour will terminate n
rectorship of aboul two years' dura-
Rev, An bur Owen, of Surrey (Yn-
tre, has accepted a call to St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal church in this
city. Mr. Owen will enter upon the
labors ol bis new parish on Sunday,
June 3.
Bapists Arrange for Debate.
The  Baptlal   Young   I'm.pies   Union
of the Olivet Hap'isi church are organ
Izlng an excursion to Vancouver to
: ii,,. place mi Maj 21, where they will
nnel the 11. V. P. U. Of the Firs; Baptist church of iln Terminal City In a
friendly debate ���,, the subjec!: "Thai
chines,. Exclusion trom British Columbia is I'njusiilialile." E. II. Lennie
and   W.   K.   Ilanton  have  been   chosen
as the champions of the New Westminster society and will take the at-
Urinative.    A   special   car  has   been
chartered for lhis occasion und wlll
leavo the Irani Station at 6:50 p. m.
proceeding to Vancouver via the old
route, picking up passengers on the
way.  Tickets  for   the  excursion   are
now being offered   for  sale
Washington, D. ,'.. .\I.,y I',.���The departure of Commander Reginald Nicholson, assistanl chief of the equip-
iii.iii bureau of the navy department,
for Cleveland, Ohio, today, inaugurate
a new work of much Importance to
lake navigation.
For years pas, there have been
many complaints by lake captains of
erratic behaviour of their compasses
upon which the safety of their ships
depend in bad weather.
Cargoes of iron ore and metals capable of affecting the magnetic needle
were undoubtedly ai the bottom of
sum., of these complaints, but It was
realized by navigators thai natural
conditions were often causing variation of the compass, and that i; .night
be possible lo reduce the evils arising
from such causes. Therefore, the Lake
Carriers' association and the Pittsburg
Stemaship combination, and other influential organizations interested in
lake commerce have called upon the
navy department to aid ihem.
Accordingly Commander .Nicholson
goes ou, to the lakes for the primary
purpose of setting up prominent marks
in proper places so that the captains
Ol passing ships may check down any
error in their courses and make the necessary adjustments.
He wlll take with him the necessary
instruments to establish "True north"
al the marked sights and call up the
nearest branch of hydrograpbic offices for any needed help.
Yesterday morning the city council
turned out in full force to Inspect the
sidewalks and also the proposed work
thai has to be done on the city si reels
Aid. Henley, chairman of the board
of works piloted the ciiy fathers
through the Btreets thai are most in
need of sidewalks or repairs, and ns
a r.'siili of yesterday morning's little
Jaunt, the members of the council ure
now better Informed of the city's
needs in  the mailer of .sidewalks.
The aldermen met on tne corner of
Fourth avenue and First street at
elghl o'clock sharp, and after an Inspection of the neighboring streets,
they proceeded >��� Moody Square,
which tiny found to be overrun with
broom. A suggestion was made lhal
the square should be clear..] of this
From  Moody Square;    the   council
nexl proceeded to make a systematic in
spection  of  the reside,,,ial section of
j the ciiy and many improvements were
decided upon.
The   tour  of  inspection   lasted   until
I about  eleven o'clock, when the nieiii-
| bers  dispersed,  Several   of  the  aldermen,  however,  had  returned  to  town
earlier,  owing to the claims  of bus-
Ine is.
Pit    and   Holds   to
A scow loaded with | ravel which
was to be tak,;, to Ladn t, , the us..
of the municipality .-mil, ,u ihe sand
pit just beyond Porl Kells yesterday.
The contractor for the job. Capt i tr
tin Martinalochl who Is own. :
the steam tug Eva pul In th, gr,
par, of the daj yesterday in trying to
coax the submerged sut, i ach to the
surface. He said: "1 poomp, end
poomp, all der day time b!>. der blazea
und she don't come oop to der top
von tain bit alretty." Capt. Martinalochl came In lo the city this morning and has been trying t��� male arrangements for a derrick to go up to
the scene of the disaster and rale, th.
submerged  SCOW,
Murdered by Brother.
Montezuma, Ind., May 10.���W. H.
Sylvester, presldenl of the Flrsl National Bank of Montezuma, was shot
and killed today In his home b his
brother whose mind is believed to be
Snow Falls.
Plattesburg N. Y��� Maj 10.- now
fell   at different points in thi  h ' ron-
(lacks yesterday. At Upper Lake lhe
thermometer registered 34 de rees
above Zero.
Longshoremen's Union
Declares Strike Off
Will   Have   Mutual   Representation   in   Damage   Claim   of  John   Woclard   Is
Management    of    Affairs Heard Before His Honor
Cleveland, O., May 10.���Following
conferences between Presldenl Keefe
nl' the Longshoremen's union, and allied labor interests and representa
lives of the dock managers, it was an-
, n.iiince.l lasi nigh, thai the strike of
the   longshoremen   on   the   lakes   has
be..,, settled.    Tbe men will go back
,,,  work  on  the  basis ot last  season's
wages,   pending  another   conference.
Buffalo. N. Y.. May 10.���In accord
ance with the agreement reached al
Cleveland lasi . venlng, all the workers ,,��� the docks reported for duty this
morning al iheir respective elevators,
ore and ena! docks, and the Murk of
warping vessels inlo position to unload   was promptly  begun.
Owing io the congested condition, il
being estimated   thai    there  are between  fifty  and  sixty  grain  and ore
laden vessels in  the harbor, Ibis work!
wa.s slow.
ii win require aboul ten days to
clear up this congested condition after,
which the work will proceed in Its
normal course.
About  :!,���()��� men resumed work.
Special Department to Be In Operation   R-  McQuarrle of Vernon lets Contract
in Hampden Sidney In- for New  Industry Near
stitution. Port Kells-
of Zion.
Chicago, ills., May 10.���John Alexander Howie and Wllburg Vollva
reached an agreement in couri today
upon the proposition for mutual representations in the management of
the financial affairs at Zion City. The
Dowle force appointed .lohn A. Lewis
whll, Vollva named Alexander Granger. A third member of the committee
Is slated to be chosen.
King  Causes Annoyance.
Vienna. May 9,���Much annoyance is
tell in official quarters here because
King Victor Emmanuel has pr, mted
bis father-in-law, the Prince ol Montenegro,   wilh   twelve  mountain   this.
The Austrian government sees in
ibis gif, an encouragement lo Montenegro to come lo an understanding
wilh Bulgaria and Servia, ut Austria's
The governmenl has resorted to reprisals, lt Is now announced that a
presenl of a battery of mountain
guns have been dispatched by au
Lilly's worsl enetney in Africa. The
gins have beeu dlspalched by un
Austrian cruiser.
Judge Henderson.
A claim against the municipality cf
Burnahy, pr, !'��� rred by John Woolard
is occupying the attention ef His
Lordship Judge Henderson today. The
plaintiff in Hi" casi  Is a  bait of
Hi,, dlstricl ..ml h'' claim* lllat
through a faultily constructed drain,
bis land has been l!,'��'!''<! and lbe value of It deprei Hi therefore
broughl a suit against ih.- municipality for *7"'i damages, an.l for an Injunction. The farm it, question is locale! in lei 156a, group I, ���f lbe New
Westminster district. Tin' plaintiff is
represented by Wei r rayl, i and
Cherry and the di fense Josesti Martin, K. C,
A  quiel   wedding   took  place    last
nigh, at the residence of the Rev. YV.
H. Madlll, the contracting parties being  Andrew  Thomas    Atchison,    of
Tynehead, and Miss Daisy Trousdell,
daughter  of  Frederick  Trousil.ll,   also of Tynehead. Tho Rov. W. H. Madlll'
tied  the nuptial knot that  made the
couple man ami Wife. After the  ceremony the happy couple left for Tynehead. where they will reside in future,
amid the good wishes of their friends.
Police Search
Quarters of Russians
!   I0���The police author!-   blow   up   Hie   new   Russian   ministers
U   on        ;" 'mike Investigationsland other distinguished Russian per-
,,,,,',_'( "' conned the re,'.:,i   nonages,
""   With   a   widespread       The Pa trie asserts thut the men,bers
Kanlzatlon,   This   has   led'of the organization  were  planning to
Ootroassoff,   ami
Tbe police ,b, uot confirm these reports bui continue to Bearch the quarters of the Russian students tn Paris.
They   have   round   will,   lbe effects  of
Strlga, tha  Russian student    of the
Furls school of mines, who was recent-
I miber of unconfirmed reports kill  vie Admtras   OotroaBsoff	
I',,,, "   """'lis were in,ended to De Grand   Duka  Vimifmlr  mul  to destroy   ly killed by carrying n loaded bomb, a
, ' :!l" occasion of ihe opening the hospital for convalescent Russian large quantity of explosives and rbem
' l|n"l:i"  parliament   today    to Officers ill Nice.                                        J Icala and many cartridge,
Kiel,,,,,uni. Va.. May 10.���Al a special meeting here yesterday the trustees of Hampden Sydney college accepted a prop,,sli Ion made by James
T. McAllister of Hoi Springs, Va.. to
guarantee $3,600 a year towards the
expenses  of a   special   ilcpn, I ,,,,'ilt   for
training  writers  for  newspaper and
magazines and of books. The new department will be pul 111 operation at
Hie opening of next session In the
autumn of this year, and will be a departure In college work and an experiment likely to be observed with i
Interest by the whole world. |
A new lumber and shingle mill is be
lng erected bj  a Vernon man named
R. McQuarrle, at a point about throe
miles above Port Kells, The mill will
be   of  n   combination  charade    and]
able lo turn out both lumber and slun-|
gles. When In full swing the mill will.
hnve a capacity of ad.oon shingles per
day and from 11,000 to 10,000 fee!    ol
lumber  per  day.  The  erection  of the1
necessary  buildings  has already been
started  and    It  Is  expected    to have)
everything   In   running   order   by   the
middle  of  next   month.   The  contract
for the machinery and lbe Installation
of the equipment  has  been  accepted
by the Bchaaka ..,ach!ne works.
Cody, Neb., May 10.���At 6:30 o'clock last night
an earthquake shock lasting nearly one minute, pass- j
ed through the Elkhorn Valley, the earth seeming to \
move north and south. I
No damage is reported from the various towns
which telephoned in (he news.
Towns in all directions for a radius of sixty
miles have reported feeling the shock. I
I '
ii i
THURSDA ���'   may
The  ibove Is I    ��� he i ling of a verj
'   ic ai  ie.,   in a rec-n,  issue o!
Winnipeg Trl une. We publish bene  irtlcl,   ii. lull as we feel that
much   of   ������>.���   c    Iclsui   therein.   '���-���
tllj the ol.sei ilions in th ...
ing paragraph ap ly somewhai tore!
],iy to ouri lives. The reference to
We ' Ontario ls of special Interest
to us person i,lv. Almui twenty-six
j eai s ago we n el a geologi t, a Mr.
Fletcher, then, and perhaps yel in the
service of the Dominion government,
This gentleman told/Tis thai be bad
taken a somewhat hurried run, the
previous year, over the country south
of James' bay und had met with samples   of   various   ores   in   such   abun-
their  ���
did not :.:.
. a..on   wbii
throu ag them m
i, w bile il...,   be old  res
vim had
 ~ ' ' ,,   a  gold is as the worth of dross,    rhe
. ���f th,   hydraulic excaval tr.      make   her   pr,              ���            ' ,������,,.������,, portion ol On  irlo, districts
P                               '"' ,   Whlch In  1912 will be brough     u
,t                 n running tor a      -six   yes v..:             bj   a   larger
number of years through th, .                     will   be
ted rich  :   ' i                                      Intellect,   rblch   v, _ _                             .
stirring  In   this  country,   will  t ,antitiea of iron ore. smelted on the
spot,   and   wrought
boom   and   break,  fought   shy   of  ue to the northwest  of the St. Lawrence.   N������h   A,m���,can   continent.    In
ofveryrar,     ad   , onallsm   in   tha
city and land!    It was the law ol the unique  minerals   li'
lasi   and     . ' ���'���   -"     bl '     '""""""    '" "       -,���  ,
i        '      ines producing nil ���������  'eaking down of the artificial
Z   con,-       ��� ' dum. platinum, copper, silver. In  1912   barrier   which  chokes   he  free  Inter-
. lg    0)   those dark daya wh".. the names of these mines will be as COUrse of the two i des.
.,   ,,,.,-   in,,;    of   the   city   property well  known and aa frequeutlj  quotei Half Mj||jon Horsepower.
was relinquished    as  unworthy    the in the newspapers of the.world as,��.
-���   'igThea! Stt1.tM~-.	
the Iqulque saltpeter mines.    Even al   avallaOl
, the  i.'esen'  time the nlck.l mines of  and the other larg
���__   like   manner   today,   the   most J,^���^. nf ,���_ two ,mpor.| spring up around It, Is immense
opii.ui ;ic  Canadian  is  the one
  mo   agricultural
Inerj   and oilier mechanical  pro-
paid   for   long   years
and  m ide a  tori ine.
me most
rifling  ���f the  i
dance as to Justify him In saying the  "'"
region   would   yel   startle   the   world      "'    w'"   se' ^^^
with   the    extent   and    value  of  Ita  crops  of  grain  lhal   this  old   plan":
mineral   wealth.     Ills   prediction     is  has ever carried on Its wrinkled hide,
being   literally   fulfilled,   for   the   Co-]
ball   mines     alone   are     acquiring   a
���world-wide     reputation.      We     think,
with  <he  Tribune,  thai   our  country
.-lands today  on  the verge of a   pi"s
porous  period   such  as  ii   has never
before experienced, and we trust  our
people   In   British   Columbia   will   rise
to Hie occasion and let no opportunity
pass by unheeded:
"To picture the Canada ot 1912 is
i��� s.-e a fortune for every actual resl-
den in this dominion, if he will only
stay by, and have faith in the country;    How  many of the old timers Of
Has'",':,   Cana.la.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"In  N.w  Ontario and  the  di crea he  wealth
Lawrence.   .\(,,-Hi   American   euntinenj 	
In ibe electrically moved ma
ol v. Inn! eg Co
mckei. and sin., will be produced in
great quantities in the northwesl of
Ontario and in a number of years the
rivers    Kamlnlstqula,    Neptgon,    and,
 ���   Micbipiclon   will   I,-  harnessed   l���
U,   Deacon  has  slow:,,   turbines ani  gi ���������     ' >��� I
energj   which Is W���et\t Area.
for   the of   Winn   es
,,���-,..,      hich vill      -ii   will   !>������  In  ih"   wesl   thai   the
The  a,eat   expaaalon   of   wheal   area   will
,f the 1 ike of the Woods Is take place during the next half dozen
,,. m)lOTi and of the thlrtj   years.    In the greal  west  the wheat
,,,-   rainfall   over    ibis   vasl   produced ln the year 1896 was 30, I,-
inches    Hud   bushels; in 1903, ll was 50,000,000;
their  way  to  the lake.    The tall  to la 1904, 60, ,1 , and in 1905, 80,000,
Winnipeg   Is   328   feet,   which  i.   possibly this year lt will be 150,-
effective    horse noo.i     bushels.    Statisticians    have
worK,    Allowing stated thai Canada can produce any-
���c   amo'iin   H   ihing   from     1>"0   millions   lo     L'.I"H
Oi     in  ,���,i. the mtn"' manufactured   and   BnlBhed   P���du^ I could "be "directed'into  the  machine  ral,llon bushels per year.
��� ,       i,     e,��� like tho opera   '" "'" i*lim "r consumi n.    Winni- hjlr        , ,   . ,,,,,-.       h     ttll.��� ,,,.. N���,.,,���.  . ,,���, ,���,,���������,���
'"m" '" (i,,,""a 9eem  '- ������""""" ""���" ��"��"''1'l.mnoi.     bw Bha nd the _,,_.   [n   1903   the   amoun|   ,���-   ,and   ���,������.,.
Bra,    , ,, ,, , ������..       o warrant the as-  crop was 4,687,000, ac an Increase of
4 Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
(M-ple I.eaf
Is eainine in favor every day.    Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious .,1 beverages.
has   jusl    njk'.n   out
What will  1912 se.   in this Doniin
, ipel
' he    one    w in.      ������-.
his   homestead  tanl nickel producing localities of ihe  basin   of  th
world,   Saxony hus up io the present   30,000 squar
led   in   the   production   of   cobalt,  but    Inches
In 1912 the Temlska-oing district  will area,    probably    fifteen
have i educe I Saxony to a cipher.
Winnipeg Will  Manufacture.
Il   is   a   Qxved   law   of   commercial |
Will     give     663,000
1 power   available   for
,.\,   the  presenl   average
of   viol,I,   the
in  ... ,.,
oductlon would be:
Yield  of
528 000,000
 26,700, ,
    1,050,000    141,760,000
"There's   a good time coining   for
meboih ."
.ockets of the  economy  that  centres which produce,^  varloug  losges_  Q
tions of a  burrowing beetle.    At this  peg In 1912 will have a popualtlon uol
presenl   hour  Canada  li ; "'  from  300,000,  a  city  larger than
  v , :      ...;i iln       - ..in   lime. Min-
;!:N:-o,::,;;;;::x:;-,',;,;. ���.;,;*,;:;,;;
ii      been   seen:  for  gen.aUon,
1912, those distrlcta ol  Keei w,1(,n
the Northwest territory b, , ,     ._���
ower  product I  trom  wai
me:i,, inufacturim
it   a   rale   which   will
which sent    ^^^^^^^^^
.apposed  rivers   p
s   a
.������,    problematical  lakes,    will  bum
with the rumbli   i   tl mill and   will  go
sumption   thai   Winnipeg   will   be  n 0ver thirty  per cent,  upon  the area
city? In  1901.    Assuming the area ol the
levedb; oth, ���- - Ion- I "   of  Manitoba   and   the   ��m
.,      the opening  the O.  T.   P. provinces of the  weal   to be 228	
.      ���   vasl   and  almosl   of  which   15,   Is  available
,.,,, ,,,..   Qnds  of   iron,  thai   greal for  whe;,.. oats and  barley, the cal-
odern civilization, dilation results In showing    thai    in
loi   Df our mo
ed   with   vhlch   the  value
w hole w ll] be under cultl ration,
Wanted Further Orders.
Senator     Tillman   w a i     accusing   a
political  leader of overbearing,  arid
trary  methodB,
"He T��' '...I i ir," -aid the senator.
��� lie i i like iln miiiii.i captain they
used to have iii Concord.
"Tins   man   came   to   Concord   with
a war record, and gol a captain's appoint ne ii'   In   ' he  im Itla.
"He wa a martinet, The lirst day
be iei |i �� ed hi companj he examine i
...   ,  hair on I luir hi tula, every but
ton on iheir , oal i,   ll
I'm   them. H	
On  the    whole   the   captain  wai
plea ed with bis Inspection, Om   lu-
dlBsatlsfled him, though.   Hli men
bad  clean-shaven  uppei
had Bide whlski i
chops,   B    bad   go   ees,
patriotic chin bi u i      n
one   tt ho   had   .    a   I      ll be.
"The    capl iln    coi      mealed   :,
company In a   lio
I ��� 1 I I I I e , |      1 , \
Onlj on,
;.   crack,   ma
you    ��� I   ..
lack oi you    i ralsi
"At tl
.me ano hi ;
ll__^^^BM__!j��HHK��_____r' _-���__ SHBH-B-B-i __��'H__ZSl��l_W��''?_?RWR_!raf:"->
��EIMt^a.'if IS
with Johnson's Prepared Wax It pre-
serves und brings out Datura) beaut. o(
Lhv. wood. It produces a rich, artistic
CttUab. to which dirt, and dust will not
adhere. Just try it and you will sec how
much better it is than any other polish.
Prepared Wax
is "A Complete Finish and Polish for All
Wood." Use it on your Moors and woodwork, lon. Johnson's Powdered Wax is
for nil dancing Hoors.
Vim nm get Johnson'1-, tree book. "The
Propel Treatment for Floors, Woodwork
,iui fur liture" und these preparation:* of
"iii .i'li.     i*i-il-tf71T ittlrtiii iiri__ri.iV i VmKsZ&X&BKS.
A HOT   Qmjgat
We respectfully call your
attention to these Irons.
Call in and examine them.
Cool Handle.   Hot   Iron.
��� ..Y,'i_r3iOK_aihm_K-W^
We carry a complete line
in Garden Tools, Rakes,
Hoes, Spades, Shears, Lawn
Edgers, etc., at all prices.
����-*-��----��.-_.._-._.....     |:
Economy; j
r  '    _m^)     ^.\ ROE NT'
���Vcm    |     o Food I
an  . -
���     . ,
time  and   I,
labor, and thus
i the
I.��� . . ..
and   s'. I
V, ���
attra, I ���
appe t i.Ti.i:
^^^^^^^_ dish.   ���
made from what might 1
ii it were not foi th   '
It chops   food ol
meats,   vegi :    les,   fruil
crackers, etc.    It Opes   IlOl   : .
[ueeze, tear or grind, but , hops
the food as you want it- I I
or medium.   Easy to operate, self-
sharpening.   No kitchen complete
without it.
jpn-'aSJiS 2,___2S_-3_E# UR8DAY,  MAY  10,  1906.
,vv ���;��;.���;������: ���:>::^>:*>^*>:>:>->:>:>:>;*>:i**>^>>i>>:>:*i>::*>:>;>>:>;>:>:>:>:>;*:;��:>.:.;>;:. ,
9 ���-    _     ________ '���'
j      _   -- - g
��� Ladies' Blouses, |
From $1.00 up to $4.00 I
l%�� Wkite   House I
275 Columbia Street S
i b
Shingle and. Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Body of Holy  Roller Prophet Is Quiet
ly   Buried   in  Seattle
nun  ,. legr im and  wo
turn  i"  his h e 1 ���
Tells  Pathetic  Story.
To  Mil. hi 11.  1
told ;, pitiful
be  :,., la i Ii...
I   II   111
en hi
'.  V.  Hurl
Mrs.   Hurl.
Sea George    Mitchell
��� when  b
.    ;  ,
. nd   buall...   In I 11
- a
a   time   Hurl     was
���������   al   tho
ed up     i h
1   one   of   bis   shoulder:
md   and i have
.   :; BW  Off I nnd
i .earn ���   , ���,. en
ui    ji.  I'.iei   thai   Hun   III! I  I'ound  the
''     ���'��� out,  the re,.
ll.''.    -    tOl   i     l'l. It      thi
,   , ll
to  I       i . ��� . modern .1
I don,, to Mitch I
iViih  that   George Mitch H
md iu me  th      -    ...
lo a .        i   ��� ern d ror anj   one  to harm ('    .. Id.    Shi
-aid    ll .    ���        I i    tt slop,  1   in
nighl a  vap        nd he could
���'   V,   Hurt,  I'a'n. i   of r .  ii Id'i ' "    mlnuti     hen
".: l ki . ;���, the offli - S  ui h bo Itlj   barn.    , tried
i .'.   S n thai bus thai
I to ing Mitch- In      were In i aln,    Th     	
ell of the ch mm time a  o       ivi   her to It My
daughter,  Ci ��� tfli Id' -   ���'���; lov
"Had   Georgi    Ml  'hell   killed   Cref ti".     M-.   family   wai   broki
fl, Id   in    Corvallis,"    lie    i onl In . ,;.    n I   hi      iffei Ing I ��� ed ls In
'...   would   In    fre,    now       V ���'   ci Ibable.    Although  mj   wife  and
vou liter  have  b, en - I
him   and   he   would   h tve   been   pi       he m ill  In-
sei.ie.i  wi chrome for bis deed. I fluenced  by Creffleld' , Hla
1 ,       , iry  to' timely dent! i ��u!l In thi Ir en :'.
take h i      - .       fell to George recovi ry.    I I  i will 11 "
Mitch,   I o   remove Mrs.   Starr's   Letter.
bate,    then by    f   .:,,      ol u Hurl  broughl  with I
ible." I,  ti     thai  had   n   n n        Mrs.
Hurt   Sees   Mitchell. II.   E.   Sinn   i.l   Pol  I
,,. V. Hurl  iiiiie to Seattle to look band.    Mrs. Starr li
re ol   bis    daughter, of Mitch, 1 er. 1 igh
Cretfli lov      Chat her thai  Creffl, 1.1 was   ���,.
; mission.   Tl i'hen 1 eleas tin won
and ip M      S d      ovi i . an I now.  Hurl
porl  that  he and  all good , ol , Bhe and hei   .  iu
Corvallli   and    tl On    m I at Waldport, Ore., where i
��� Hurt
was taken to thi office of the at-
s by Mayor Johnson of Corvallis who chanc, d to be In l b, city
mi business conneel .- Ith is , fllce
in  bank  examiner.
Hurt     Immediately   called   up    liis
i daughter  al    he  bom.,  of  the  p die
ron,  where  she Is li.l.l as a  wit-  Th
tempte I to reorganli
Mrs. Stan desert, il i, r husband
.uni her three little children, one of
who Is bul 7 months old, She walked
ninety miles to Waldporl to join
Creffleld and then found thai Cref
field bad abandoned hi - camp, fearing
vengeance trom the people there,
note is pathetic.   Il reads in part
as   follows
"I  don't  want  io leave in the daytime,   because   the   children   wlll   Bee
ness. Hurl found Mi Cn [field nervous and it,, il inn.. She apparently
expected  a   scolding  from her  f i   -
Bul there was no scolding. Victor me and cry to go with me, I mus!
Hun took his child In bis arms as lean- when they're asleep. 1 have
li,.  used   to   wh.-n   she  was  a   mere taken $3.50 of your money.   This will
sir!, and be comforted her all he
could, Yesterday afternoon Hurl
went to Southeast Seattle, where his
son Prank lived until a month ano.
Las' nlghl In- Informed Police Matron
Kelly ihai  he had received an Impor-
not pay all my car fare tor I'll have
to walk ninety miles to the place I
wani  io go.   Affection . ���';:���.
Says  Crettield   Is Christ.
At   another    time  Hurl  says    that
Mrs.   Siarr   cooly   told    hi
that tb. re ��,. i onlj oiu  u
the world whom
hi. she s ild  Ilia
hi r   le-
i':. le Id was the 11     i
thai she would have to do
"This is only one of the man)  p,,
C       leld 1
Man.   hom,
. ere   leparate I   from
and   mothers   from   their en to
this iuai .��� iii human  t. m, Hi
oculated    them   with    bis   ;
teachings  and   with   his  hypnotic
lllience,   thai   lhe,    COUld   Ii" I        i
'   name, a pli i. an ou ro
iim-        '. .   ���:,.,,   ii,,.
him  thai   there  was  an
young   men   each   of
'., hum  ha !    woi n  to kill <Y. tfleld on
"I know nothing of anj  su, h organ
said.   "I never km-w whal
Mitchell's Intention    were,    He never
told me thai  he Intended to kill Cref
ii. Id.    in   i'..ei,   i   did   nol   know  the
man  well,    although    I  have
known   his   two   sisters   for   a   long
Prosecuting   Attorney's   Opinion.
Hun said thai Deputy Prosecuting
Attorney Miller had an.'in|.'. I to have
him admil i h re wai a i onsplracy.
He  said   thai   Miller  said   lo  him:
' If you had killed I , ffleld, ii
would h ive b,    i a good Job."
Hurl  declared  thai  then, is ,,���
-, in, woman or i hlld In
Or. ||  be a few- of the mis-
gti  led   :..:, i   ei - of the  i inatic,  wh i
���    thai   Creffield's    ear,.,.,,  has
' I'm convln, ed thai Mitchell will
1 ive all the moral and financial support thai he needs al the ti lal. I
further believe thai If he should be
convlcti .I  the governor of . tate
of im i'.n as well as all "ond citizens
ol ii." Btate, will use their Influence
'���Ti!; the governor of the state of
Washington to seen., for Mitchell an
Immediate pardon."
Before leaving the office of the attorneys Hurl save in detail a full history of Creffleld and the Holj Rollers,
Hun has liv. ,i al Corvallis for twenty
years, nnd tor the pasl eleven .ears
lias be,.,, engaged In the mercantile
business there.
Creffield Buried.
Without prayers or hymns, without
flowers or mourners and without .services always accorded ,,, the civilized
dead, the body of Franz Edmund Creffleld, leader of the Holy Rollers, wus
laid in rest In a grave in Lake View
cemetery lhis morning.
Looks   for   Ressurection.
-Mrs. Creffleld, the widow, requested
lhal   there    be no  minister   and
m'.   lm -', ind, though .bad in bodj
now, will  ai Ise again        I        I   did," i
i   the   misguided   woman.    "In
I again be In our
and  Satan  will    again    be  re-
������i    Iim   . ind killed.
dead   now.     He  is    only
Nexl  Sunday he will
and     t ,- e    the   i elncarnation    of
Elijah  the R,
' believe nun
is m Ti mm.
Views the Body.
.    1      did    in,I
,   |,
her     . Al   10
o'clock ���   . tfleld,
leaning   on   the   arm   of   Mi
'   At   Pekin
w""e Un,ted Sta
Kelly, with 23
police ,���;,;,������. In whose charge the thai the
woman  Is held attain,,,; the trial ol
..    Mitchell,   the    slayer,   a      ..   ;
Bonney \\ al ion   morgue,    Sh
b.ni nm dresse.i in mourning, Her
clothe were "��� i ; ul nol fine. They
bad   be,,,     broughl    to   her    by   her
in i
''' :' I' thai ih
who    ai  ,t ;   fro , ,.���
y, sterday.
Mi     Creffleld    how, I  no ��� moi lon
She tt iiked    Into t he  mo room
and  fnr  tWO  mini]
ll    !...
.. ie, in
on the body of ber husbam
��� i only in a whit,   n
i  cheap coffin upon  ��hlch
words "At  Re t."
who  bas ' ii:
"':'"  ' 1,701 000
to 12,561
Lonesome  Funeral
The   widow  ni   the   man
 -,  man    hi a;      ind ��ho ��a    ac
of  son,,,  of  the   worsl   crimes  �� '""
..���  : pll h   i in lh,  name of re- *'
a, said nothhii   as she looked up-  JJ ���   '
the   cold   form   of   the   bunch   of
she turned awaj  in a mo
and wa- led away iii ii carriage. She
climbed In with the o    I itance of Mi  .
; and    followed    lbe   bears.,   con
taining the body of Creffleld to Lake
Vie., . emetery, where II was ojulcklj
laid away under the ground. Aside
from Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Creffield
ami the undertakers no one was at the
cemetery. A wooden table! wns
placed m he head of the grave. Thla
Inscription was painted In black ftpon
a  white background:
"Franz  E. Creffleld, Died    May    7.
1906.    Aged 35 Years."
from  tl . ,   1004_
The   fall i     ol  t!
The .,...'
'' ,! " ! Ami .,, in   ::
China duri.
lasi  hall ot 1
oil de,  easli ,   :
lion  between the Btandord Oil  c, m-
pany's  ag, nta and thi   olfli lull
merchanl    n several poi
contribute i to -iii- de, reas,
Peddler With  Ambitions.
��� Henrj Dlogenos, 23 years old,
Akin to a "Hot Dog."
N'-w    ��� : ;    II],     ||y, !
growing   state of o ir  languag,
forthcoming al  Penge licensing
si,ms yesterday, wh, n Mr, Marti ��� iu
solicitor, in applying for ih  ml
was arraigned  In Judge  Hell's court. "'' the license of the Imperial CroiHi
Yonkers,    yesterdaj     afternoon  on  a beer  house  Bald thai  the  food   rap
charge of peddling neckties wlthoul a PUed there Included pork pies, save
license, lie said thai he desired to get lo'ys, Bausages, bread and chees,  and
enough   money   to  enable  him  to   go busters.    "1 don'l know," volume, ed
through  Columbia  unlverBlty. Mr.  .Manin.an. "whethei   the    bench
Dlogenos, who lives ln this city, said know  whal  a 'buster' Is."    "li   is a
he did not wan, to peddle here, as he technical  term. 1 suppose?'  hazarded
bad  a  good  many   friends who  mlghl
recognize him.   The Judge suspended
sentence and lbe young man was alii.wed  to go,���Xew  York  World.
the chairman. "A 'buster,' sir," es
plained Mr, Martlneau, "is a roll slit
down ihe middle, with a slab i I asm
in  between."���London Tribune.
It Will Pay You to
Advertise in The Daily News
The Paper for Local Industries
We are about to commence one of the Greatest Booming and Boosting Series Ever Attempted
by a Newspaper in British Columbia.
We have secured about 50 Photo Engravings of the various industries and scenic effects that
we propose publishing and scattering broadcast.
Watch the Daily News for Startling Events.   All the news of the world.
i ^a'vsaBmagtsmmBm
Best Advertising Medium in the City
For Rates Apply Office,|Cbr. 6th and Front Sts.
1 ���%  si ���'��� .
THURSD,',,. ���
Published b]   The Daily News Publishing    Con,in,  y.    Limited,   at   their   '   '
offices   corner    >f   Sixth   and   Front       "   begun  to
13,,    .... V,.,..     V     ...,���l *-_      .-.       r. 	
iiueni   will  to do ���, ������ the same terms strikes llkelj   to   resull   to  propertj   Ut
,     ,.      |lr    ,. ...,  opponents  as  a   mo,     Irregular worst   feature    oi   the   fltes    which
he   ii','1    arj   to    en   ure   tt,    ������  ������ ,,.,.,,.,,.���
.,             eeeii.s and     unbusinesslike  proceeding.     Hi'' men,,,.
paper   _rtlcles   and   news   dcspaicues s-^-���
W. R. Gilley, Tnone !-_-_.
J.  R. Gflle
Btreets, New v estmlnster, is. c.
Editor   and   Mor--Edward   D.   Sawyer
api ear In I
. 'llwav  preence In the province of a i 1 of summers.   We bad fhe spectacl
Be  niiitt.i, ' ... ....    , ,  ...   ,,,,,,  .,.'  ,,.,,,,1.,
eaiure    oi   me   hit     ........
US    during  exceptional^     drj   Titled   Land   Owner  Takes   .Steps   .to
/��� '���'none i i|
organs    as   prelimlnarj     stepa  to
Mr.   Hill's   menial   calibre   and   ���
last   year and  In   1901  ol   whole towns
Redeem  His E.tate.
,   , ral  oiber    titled
Lytton,    of
K li
up  I
Advert.dng Rates.
Tram.tent    dis; lay    advertising,    10
���cents per line d >nparlel) 12 lines to
U10 Inch. Flv, cents per Hue for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notice,-, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line.
For lime contracts, special posl-
t.,,i,s, apply to advertising manager.
Notices   of   births,   marriage-   or
doallis, 50c. Wants, for sales, losi or
found, rooms to let, elc., 0110 cent  per
word. No advertisement taken [_r
lesj than 2., cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of BO
cents per inch per issue (displayI or If
reading notices, 2.1 cents per line per
Issue. No deviation trom this rate for
term contracts.
______                ,.    ?  '", " nriiw whn works without aovernnieni   In the upper com            ng In Imml-
general onslaught.   Nexl  the London 1            '    ���tawithout go                            pp                                ^ (] _������,���,,,,���,,,  LorD
,"!"il""ii" preSS   "  ""    "r""" ",I".'S iron   :,.;,w,     ra.waj   Hues   Kotenay    ;,  Dumbi '   h.  Has determined  to out
1 �� ����� '"   ���al   ��"";""���' 7.7 ',���"',,',, o   the agricul-  plants  yere  entirelj   wiped  out.    In  , states I  small building bus.
bf blood-and-thunder articles ln which and aid in tne^opemngc          ^ _j ^   ^^   ^ ^ who is verj Impecunious,
1     urn   luril    frull      tores,   und     mining  re- | addition   i���   this   the  damage  to  our
,l���.  holders of securities  111 the Hill  ""���"���   """���
lie    holders    1,1    seclllllies    ill    Hie    ..... .,     ,,.     ...,,.,,,,,
...  ,        ,-,.,,.,   ,hni   if thai  sources, la most desirable.   He should  forest   wealth,
roads  will  be  Informed   thai   n  in.n     .       ..
which   British Col-
enterprising   gentleman   shall   be
.,]    l���.   encini; i ;ed
lid     lee
ived      .villi   iimbia   relies   for   no   little   of  ber   lu
ii,. noi  been driven to ibis decii lon,
lowed  in build  Into British territory "]"'�� anms, nol mei on the threshold
11*. early  ruin  of both the Canadian with  menaces and threats of a with-
Pacific and the Hill Bystems will be drawal of capital In response to the
certain,   These tactica will no, scare appeals of the C.  P.  It.   press, who
Mr.   Hill.    He   has  tonghl   and   wm, are doing all thai lies In their power
too   many   harl   bailies   to   be  .scared '"  induce Mr.  Hill  lo cease bis build-  needs   Of
by tin   beating ot the C,  P. it. torn- lng operations,    llis opponents have1'
1,1,1s.  or    the  setting    off  of  iheir gone so far as to requesl Mr. Hill to
blunder!.,, eS     nnd   firecrackers,     His pass    bis   eumpeCilive    lilies   over   lo
memorable victory over  Harriman a ""' C. P. it.   Could assurance further
j   ti   igo Is slill fresh in the popular _o. than to demand thai  the greater
mind,   He snatched the Northern Pa- should conseni to be absorbed by the
socialistic   or  even
ture prosperity, Is absolutely lncalcul-1 however, by any
abb-. We aometlmes talk of the wan- philanthropic Ideas, bul bj tne mnu-
ton slaughter of our timber by alien ,.,���.,. ���r bis wire, who as Miss Pamela
companies which pick and choose, plowdeni was a verj beautiful Booletj
wiih   im   idea   beyond    latlsfjdng   the ^.,  ( Jll()11  ,s verj   ambitious
1   ' r"arUOt' ,;""' i :;,���, |0nga to live in Knebwor,!,, whicb
leave  greal    (juanti les  ol    excellentH"10    ""
wood to roi ,.;, the ground on which has been let! for many years lo Lord
they   have   be, a   operating,   but   in Slruthcona,   the   "grand   old   man     ot
ib st rue, ion is WTOUghl  by one of theS,
disastrous conflagrations tluui all ib,
Healers  111
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,  j
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock. !
Also agents B. U. Tottery Co. sewer  pi ....    ir
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cemeui Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phone 1-b
Business office	
Manager's residence  ...
. 22   who built the Greal Northern railway,
���-r'1    wlthoul   1,  dollar Of fi ibsldj   or a land
j bonus-.  In   the   hardest   of   bard   tlm    ,
when    ih,-    money  markel    wa
Ickj  lhal  the beal s, 1 u
 bi """i".    and  C.   P.  U.  ."luin'-;.    In
 H        d'ience.1    li.     Iln     S,'l|,'l'iil    'l'l''
 ...    to 38.    Mr. Hill la now engu 1 I
ANOTHER  METHOD. '"   " :'   li""  '''"'"   K"
.-,    ,             ,, ,       , , . lo Vancouver without a subsld , Hi
lbe   ellor;   lo  enlist   publi, feeling                                                      ., ,,_
.         . [s nreoarlng   to   build   another Iim
againsl    the construction  ,,1 ;,  new ' pieimi.__
UH   Winnipeg  to  Vancouver   v
transcontinental      line    ot      rallwaj '
,     ,. i���_i   ���.!,������   I, ss.-i���'.'    Moveuienls of  financiers dur-
ciii,- from hla rival's graBp, just when
,       real opponenl  was on the poinl   Ina the nexl tew weeks will be of In-
_   ,.,-,������,!���  V.    Mr. Hill Is the man  teres, and should be closely watched
" ''M        K by    BrltlBh    Columbians.���Vancouvei
^^^^^^^^ When the largo estate Is oul up nnd
companies In British Columbia could gold [n bu^xdlng lota the fortune real-
' i/.ed  will  be Bufflcienl   to keep  Lord
, it��ijMa���t
THURSDAY,  MAY   10,  1906.
���   Crow's   N
,. '...j,.' I   lhe
HIT     II
through  Brltl ., Columbia, tor I
lege,I   reason   thai    ,,    would   "deflect"
Canadian trade Into United Stati
channels, has signally failed. The
public were found to be unanln
in la,.., of the new proposition. The
governmenl al Ottawa and a large
m illy of the members of parliament are similarly inclined, and the
effort bus been abandoned. Hut the
opp iStUon has assumed a new form.
Having I,.,',, "scotched, nol killed,"
the opponents of the new line have
Inaugurated another movemenl  to de
feat   Mr.   Hill's   policy   ami   keep   him
oui of Canadian territory. Tbe movemenl may be mote fittingly described
,,., a ploi���a conspiracy���to band ibis
lair city and province over to the
lender mercies of the C, P, It., from
whose overcharges and unfair treat-
tnciii the province has Buffered and is
still suffering. It is well known In
financial circles thnt many of the adversary a pain
holders of bonds and shares in the
Hill company are Interested in the
cam,,, an Pacific company; and it has
been represented to those capitalists
thai In assisting with their monej
and lnSuenoe to further Mr. Hill's
latesl schemes they are in reality
placing a stick in liis bands with
Which to br, ,l< the C. P. R.'s back.
and i,ohre. , llieir own. hy depredating the value of the Canadian
company's securities. The plot is an
Ingenious one, for once alarm capital,
vbich is as timid as a rabbit, and a
_________________________   _______  a   general ioa^^^^^^^^^
ii is a mailer ol the utmosi neces-
sli, i herefore thai precautlonarj
measures againsl the breaking oul of
a serious iir,. in our limbered domain
should be promptly and effectively
taken bj the governmenl authorities
and   ihai   the   gi i , iblli   should
lend  all  Hi.   a . ble to the
onforcemenl   ol i [illations.
n  ��,, mlghl   , t :
i   deftnll     . nd   cffectlvi
prevoi   ng an li  oul  i al.
to be fe,    i. II  would be thai
the ;   .   or co . of the pre, .nee
and oth, rs Inten    e l In the lumbi i In
business should  i i inge with th,   ;o\
emu,on authorities for -some common
inlted action whi rebj the fori   I
could i ,��� bo patro led thai
would be reduced to a minimum. The
companies   would   know
hal in. a- ures to   ike, and ii i ���
. -   who havi   made a  studj   of
Ic condll lon - In  Brll Ish Colum-
.il  apprehend   no  little  danger
.in  lores!  tiie,- tlui Ing  the , nsnlng
. ummer, and  11  Is as  well  therefor,
lhal   the press an,I  other  insiiiulions
A hil-!,   collie   IntO   In   .male   a    ��� .eialioll
is built a line lntolw'th the public should sound a no
counl nd    1;.;  I of warning,   The pasl   winter season
; I       per 1       been  an  exceptional^   drj   om.
tb  .... ,,,:   a        I   i    i cons, (]Ui nee lhe snow na lbe
iu   ildy,    lb-  ha-  i,,ii a  .-hurt   line  mountalnB,   which,  ordinarily,  during
from Va co ind utilizes  the   warmesi   months   keeps   ihe  air
ih,.   \\e hrlds                and    ��� n Is  rills  of  waier  run-j iumbe,
for   which   privilege he pays a  han .             Into  the  plains and   perco
-.nn,. rental  to the government, and  "��� ough   Hi,   earth,  will   largely   fail  ..-,..    ,,.,,  ,.  , ,. ,
.,.. , "' ,i'i''  'bai   their , ordlal   i
ih"  I'aeili." - ne ans _^-^-_^_^_^__H
minus of both the Greal Northern and  thai   the governmenl   regulations  tor
ihe  Northern  Pacific transcontlnen  il prevention  of   foresl   fires    will
railways will, nol a subsidy.   Now he  have  to   l nforced   wiih   a  greater
ises, i    iln ubsld; I in, i    and   severity   than    usual,
make this por   Lh,  lormlnus of anotl I    hi     re ponslble  portion    of the
overland line and so compel the C, P Hon  all  through
R, company to submll  to competitive  should lend iheir besl  efforts toward
and enger   rates   and   to carrying all  precautionary    measures
equalize the tariff of rates to Win- ni'n effect. Camping parties wil! .In
Which Is now openly violated Well to remove all possibility of I'm
in the greal Injury of the coasl mer breaking oul among the scrub ani
i hauls, the idea of Mr. Hill doing underbrush in ihe localities thej
anything for nothing gives his grea     iavi   occu   i ',. before breaking camp,
.lust  think of ihe  ami  ihe  Indians .-hould  be in:;,;
millions   of   money   thai   havi    been   with   the    danger  which    maj   a;
away   by   ihe   Dominion     and  from   neglecl   mi   iheir   pari.
province   for   railways   in   ihe   past!       Vlready the coverlid of smoke which
The twn    governments    have    !,.len  clouds  the heavenlj   bodies pn   igi
plucked  by railway companies like '       laj --:'.     Unless   tin    warning   is   nl,
.���  ,   a' Chrlstmastlde, until only ihe served   ihere  u  much   tear thai   the
i'inleaihers    remain,    and    ihey    are  lighl pt ���'.<.>��� Bun will  be partially nl.-
coveted.     Mr.   Hill   startles   hi.-   rail-    cured   until  the  rainy  Season  come
tt'.ay competitors by offering in build  again,  ami   we all  realize  how  much   Detroit Free Press
;,  through line without   a subsidy or  such    a   condition   militates    againsl 	
any other consideration  save a  rlgh own enjoymenl of our climate and      x_e arrows of sarcasm  are barbed
of    wa.v.      Monstrous,      scandalous,      -   - lod    Impression    of  i,     which   with < intempt    lt Is the Bnecr in tlie
shocking!    After having done so much  tourists should carry away with them,   satire on  '.       ���i g.ii.s uud wounds.
the couti ry the propositi        In!   of  course  ibe  dang,.,'   which   Is   ~-W. Gladden.
ani Lady Lytton in affluence .,,,,1
Kuebwot'lb wlll slill have many acres
of beautiful grounds preserved around
Kiiehworib is a ghoetlj bouse, full
nf decayed tapestry, old armor ami
winding corridors. Tb.. particular
,,<���,!, which lias frightened manj
guests is a youth wiili yellow ban,
id ln "i    w in  had  lien  Been
sitting in odd arm chali
Being wi;bin a ,, ��- miles of Lon
.imi. ��� a,. Knebttm��� ii j ���    bound
ii, I,;, h  .1  \. rj  high price,
Beginning February 15, '06
Discounts  Hobson.
Rlchm .: l
'lie   agents   of   ihe   government
would give us an  i   urance ol si -
which   we  could  ., italn   in   in,
way.    The    lum       c i , iratlons are
���ii,-   mosl   dlrecl     i I    n mi 11 iti   suf-
.  fin,,,  ibis   ;��� -��� ructlve .
and if llieir ,;���;. ��� :.- ami workmen
were given something uf ihe autnor-
Ity ami responslh ol sp, clal constables lh, re i "le dOUbl thej
would employ theli effoi - in i man
r.er which wn,,1,1 !��� -��� I he I hanks
,,;' ib,. country a'  i ,rge.
Madrid.   May    ^^^^^^^^^^
Pearson   Ho - ,n   of   kissing   fame   is
nol   in   ii   when   compared   with   Don
;. i     , Olclna, the boal nf El Norte, .,
d  oi i   ,,f ibe suburbs,
'I'be lirsi prize of $-;.",,,!,���, in th,
s,i mull national lottery has fallen
in  iim  Dumber of  a  tickel   held   by
i-    , llcilia,   who   pr, \ I,''I llj    In   th,
drawing,   bad   generously   distributed
I ,n.-   of   it   lo  a   number  of   poor
washerwomen    in  the    neighborhood
who earn n precarious living with ib
S Beepers
-    -    -   Every  Day in the Year    "    -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
VIA Tin;
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Omental Limited
For detailed information, rales, etc., eallonorad i      '������*
^        F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.     _
irk. >
i in mi,"
of  her
!' n     I"
Prijr or   ince-try.
"I'm proud of the fact that
grandfather used m split rails,"
clared Swellsome Donothlng.
"S.."' said liis friend,
"Yes. indeed. If be hadn't I'd proi,
ably have been splitting wood myself
Instead of blowing In his money."���
of work.    Ther,- were
Maria, so nicknamed because
Incessant   chain ring;   ' F itty"
: i. "Cros -'���:��� ed" Rosa. "S
Amelia,  and  .some  others.
Wh.ii  the  resull   was  made
these  poor    women suddenly
from penury to whal seemed to them
Wealth,   wenl    mad     with   joy.
Cro   ej e I"   Rosa,  in  the exuberance
of her delight, lore a shin she ... :
washing al   the moment, and a  rush
was made to the tavern.   The excited
a   bugged  and  kissed  s.-nor  Olclna    until    he   cried    for   nn-rcy    and
"Whal    are   you   going   to   do   with
money?" asked a    reporter    of
"F  Ity"   Manuela.
���.  going ni buy a motor car," t\ a
lbe   pro.id   reply.
"Father," said the little buy. "every
now and then 1 hear you talking about
sun,.I,,,iiy who was i.i.i enough bo know
"Yes, my boy."
"What age is that, father?"
And tbe ..al gentleman after son,,'
thought replied;
"My sun. lie re Isn't anj such thing
It's like tbe golden age purely mytbo
Knew tlie Qesilp.
"Why  do  yen  keep  such  an  Inefficient servant aa that and pay her such
nigh wages'.'"
"My dear, slip has been a maid In
every family of prominence In our set."
���llalUmore American.
Ver-   mnvrnit Trials.
'less Aren't you Rolng to choir rehearsal tonight, Jess No. Tess���
You'd better. We're going to Klve that
new hymn a trial. Jess ,'nn't. I am
nu.��.��,  ��� �����."��� "  new bim a  trial my-
_--.��.-.   ..in   nml   \t\t.
Most   modern   hi i
women,   whereas   the
Shakespeare and in novel  ��� i;  - p-
were  almost   lllw ays  in
V,,ii   i.i...   I'..
���l���,'. ,��� all ii.  ..: . i. L'uu do
lose   your   hi srl    lo   I
lib,nigh a tine ���  ��� ; ,
you   .1,,  nol   .1,   Ire   lo compete <ri!i
,, itbello in the        ���
This may be ll I      . ���     ty, but tO
Victorian taste even widows,
at  lea-t. ,-,,me under the bi i
elder Mr. w.���!.,���>���.   Nobody bul I ol
Esmond cer cared tor 1
wood, and Do liis i
slou for Amelia.- a
don I'osL
Om- Wowmi'i Way,
Husband   Whj ��� uytagwdi
an expensive pn  enl     r Mrs. Shoddy!
I thought you told me you hated I a
Wile   So I do. but I  In'.""
afford to plv-e me a return onea��b__"
���ome, and it will laak   her perfcettj
furious���Baltimore American.
il        ^_^_^_^_^_^_^l ____________^^_
Just Arrived
A Large Shipment of
Sit        iP   :-     i   I
Pink of Perfection in Style and Finish.
Of Rochester, New York
These shoes are guaranteed to be as represented.   Our stock of men's shoes is the largest in the city-
manufactured by the leading and most reliable firms in the world.    Any gentleman who
cannot be fitted here will receive a pair of shoes "Free of Charge."
' gi* ������_. tfif S^'^'^-M9rc3S:r: '--���<' i-j-iS-B?: THURSDAY,  MAY  10,
so3 Why ? It's a Snap [safe] Local News Briefly ToldSIB ��� mm m
Eos-   The   Man   With   The   Hose!
F��Fr-AII<_F   IT
Snaps,        Saves Time,        Saves his hoi 6,
Saves bis wife's temper. Also hi   wife'i
It's easily attached to old coupling
Saves ins temper,
lingers nnd skirts,
and hose,
I.s warranted to make a tighl joint at all times.
Swivels;        Will nol leak,       Will not wear oul,
Cannot loose the washer,      Will not lei the hoBe twist or kink,
Can have worn wasi,ers quickly replaced.
Will not wet liim when uncoupling with water flowing,
Is made tight by the water pressure acting on thin lip of washer.
Phone 138 for Ice Cream.               *  , !,e all ready for business bj  the time
.1. McLean  ��.,    a  passenger on the sockeyea are beginning l i run.
Bteamer Ramona thla morning to Mt. Robert  Brown lefl  on th,   Ramona
Lehman. this morning tor his horn,   il i.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a after spending a lew   la     In the Roy-
the Creamery.                                  * al City and Vancouver on business,
The Forager came In this morning K.   si.   Kirkland   lefl   on   the   It.   P.
from the Todd Inlel    Cemenl    works Rithel   thla afternoon for Ladner, af-
with a cargo ot aboul 3,000   sacks   of ter spending a few daya iu ibis ciiy.
C, in, in  for the C. P. It.
Premier   of  Dominion    Takt s    Manly
Stand on the  Much Abu sed
H. T. Kirk,
Hardware  and  Tinsmithing.
We carry all the Leading Brands of
Toilet and Laundry
Thc City Grocery,
telephone 97.     ...
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls,  Mits,  Gloves, Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
T      T     ~\A  A  C\[   A V      Booksellers.   Station-
J.   J.    lVl_r_L\_jJXr\.   I   ,   crs.   News    Dealers.
place: your orders in town
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Freshly  made candy every day al
the Siar Candy  Factory  next  to De-1
Grey's barber shop. *
A sheaf of timothy hay six fee!
high which was cul in the Chllllwack
dlstricl was broughl in on the Transfer yesterday for P. .1.  Marl.
Mrs. Dr. Jones, who has been seriously 111 with typhoid iever is now
OUl uf danger, ami on the mad to
complete   recovery.
Don'l fall to see the Di ruction of
San Francisco bj Earl' quake and
Flre al the opera bouse, Saturdaj af
ternoon and i v, ning,
c. Bebbe and vv. s. Ball, y let! on
the Ramona tor Wade's km,iim; this
morning afti i pending a short 1 Ime
In the city.
Ice Cream the pure I al the Westminster Creamery, ���
The freight lm il Foi i ; an Ived
iu porl ibis morning . - alcb Island in Todd Inlel ��. h wenty-slx
hundred sacks of c, m, he ('. P.
Saturday   nl| ht a     h ra hou
you  can iver  100 gi aulno  \ lewa
of ; hi i '��� r tel on ca I by the
earthquake to San l- nels, ,. You
Bhould . ���.   thi
Ai the opera bouse Saturday afternoon and evening. Ri pi iducl lon of
the Destruction ol S in Pranclsco by
Earthquake,  All   views  are  genuine.
Admission 25 and 50 i    i      11  i op
en s p, ,,,.. curtain 8
The work of tearing down the   old
Carnarvon   si reel   I   Id ���    i    proi i
Ing  favorably.  This  morning  a   blasl
was  dls, harged   I b ight    down
half of It. The remainder la bi li g pulled down with ro]
The O. N, R. car barge Sidney lefl
tor Crofton this morning In tow of
th,-  tug  !���', tr! '.������'.. cars
being tram port, I .-. as a car of gj p-
sun, for the cemenl works on the island.
W, .1. Math, rs, :. anager of the
Brackman-Ker company's but li
here and Alex. Lamb, chief , lerk wenl
out to Stevestmi's ranche yesterday,
in the Mml Hay district, for the purpose Of bringing in a inIW driving
horse for  Mr,  .Mathers.
The steamer Rithet arrived in the
cltj ibis morning with the usual cargo
E. Murchle of this city lefl on the
Rithel   ibis  afternoon   tor   Steveston
Ottawa, May lu.���The debate on MO
Maclean's bill  to restore the sessional
Indemnity to whal II  waa before the
lasi session and to do awaj  with the
minis,.-rial   pensions,   was   resumed   in
the house last  evening by .Mr. Armstrong, East  l.ambton. He bad BO apo
where be  will-be engaged  by one of  '"*'""��� '"' Bald' '" "h" tor havln8 ;""
the canneries in thai  vicinity. Cepted the i,,ceased Indemnity.
W.   Hicks   ot   Victoria   left   on   the      Dr' Sprpule complained  that  Ihe In-
Bteamer  Rithel   ibis    afternoon    for demnity   and pension bills    wer,. in-
Ladner where he intends to spend   a  troduced al too late a stage las, .session. Tbe Indemnity bill was feasible
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
��� thai is why we continue to grow   and expand      Sn
not only on knowing what but how to buy.   Our -,hilit,   .'"'^ "P*-"
best at lowest prices enables  us  to give    ,u money^JS ^T8 lh"
Here are a few of them: "L>   fcav,n��-r  chances.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 t o   241   Front Streets, Dupont  Block,
short  time on business.
but the pension bill was wholly   Indefensible.
Mr.   Ilniirassi,   said     thai   nearly    all
members   of the    house   signed  ^he
('.    AlllC'ls,,,!    lefl    nil    'lie   Sleilllier    It.
P, Rithel ibis afteri n for his bome
at Westham island. Mr, Alhertson had
h. i ii  visiting  friend    in  Victoria fnr
lbe days. ^^____^^^^^__^^^^^^^________^^
round   robin    ami    they    were    all
Mi. .1. Cain ami  wife I, fi    mi equ        r,   pon Ible tor   the Inert a
Bteamer Rithel this afternoon fnr He wa not present in the house when
iheir home al Sunbury. M and M i, the kill paBsed nor did lm sign the
''.'in   hue        n   ������ .     a  "i.aimI  robin", yel  he was going   to
ih'' Royal CU few days. . ,      ,,,. responsibility.
Rev. Arch      lop i! the Ai ���  '"'  waa opposed    to
can   church   of   th '   ' ' wn"   dld   "'"   "*
Bteamer Rithel   toi   La lm i     - 1"!IL
noon, where he ii mflr      81r wlltrl '  '-11 ,;'r -"':'1   lll;"    '!l"
.. ��� rami ni   waa    responsible tor the
I       the      opposition
a    ,    responsible    for  lis    sl-
..:��� kick  of criticism. As to lite
salary of the 1, ader of the opposition
he had  nothing  to add. beyond whal
I already said.   Canada was the
ii:.-'   country  to  recognize  the leader
��� opposition aa pan of tbe constitutional Bystem.    The    sessions   in
,'ana,la  were nnw Bve and six months
. and $_.."  was nol any too much
in the way of remuneration. Coining
was I
11.  .\ ���     ...     th on th
mi bu Ii etun
lng by wa; C, E. railway.
A eai loi.. ol  bus ...
last nigh!  vii        , . P. it. trom
...  .. hlch ai ���     elng unload, A todaj   and  will  be taken  by  waier    to
W. J. Buntzen, managing director of __ iw_  _,���.	
the li. ,'. E, R. Co., will arrive fn Van--,,, pensi0na to ministers,   there
couver  tomorrow ,   ll   ls  ex- . ,., ag ,,,,���,, ..,.,.  ;ll givlng pengi0M
pected  thai  some  definite    announce- t0  ministers as to judges.    The Eng-.
ment about the proposed new routes 1U!l PenSi0_ ao) ,���,.;,- to be the model
of th.- company  will  be  made within .,,.,     ,,,. ll;h| ..... -. ,��� las) v,.ar
a few days after Mr. Buntzen's arrival, [n accepting  thai    pari    of il  which,
A  meeting of the    V. W. C. T.  V. made ll necessarj to apply tor it. The
was held at the home ol  Mrs. Vim- Canadian act    made   a    mechanical
nlngham on  Tuesi       evening.    After feature of the pensions,   In Britain it
th,   reporl of the secretarj  and treas- was lefl  to the prime minister to de-
urcr had  been  read  .uul  duly  recelv- ci le whn should and who should not
ed, the election of offlcers*was proced �� il pensions,    He would not   like   to
ed   with,    The  follow,:,.   . were have thai responsibllltj put upon him.
elected:   President.   .Mrs.   Nicholson; At any rate he had asked the minis-
Keep Your Eye
Mere !
One up to date house  in  Brick Row,  Sapperton.
1,welling on S.VV. cor. 9th St. and 3rd Avenue.
Cottage, corner 3rd St. ami 3rd Avenue.
Kilby Place,  Sapperton.
Three rooms for light housekeeping, Ash St.
Small house on Princess. Si.
Columbia St.
vice-president,   Miss   Armstrong;    re.
cording secretary, Miss Battson; corresponding    secretary,    -Miss    Lord;  j.-ct to review,
treasurer, Miss .Mark;  temperance re-      Mr. Lennox:
porter, Miss Prtngle,
The pheasant  pens at the zoo   are
now ready for their new tenants, but
ter of justice to see how the act could
be amended.  The  act   would be sub-
I would like to know
If the governmenl intends amen,ling
Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier���It  will  be  re-
j Our Koow!?
Us Not for Se,
tnev will not be occupied for a while moved  altogether  or amended.
,,.   .... the hen ph asants which are in "<���  Borden  look bis full share    ol
charge of T Ovens' are setting and will the responsibility.    Indeed    he   made
be left iu their presenl quarters until '"" "���' "��e strongest arguments in fa-.
���f farm produce   and   the   following                ,oved with their broods.! ���>r of the Increase of Indemnity. The
passengers: P. Purcell, B. II. Sheaves,  The  firemen  yesterday  received    the Question was asked whether Indemnity
Mr.  and  .Mrs.   Havens.    .Mrs.  Beadle-  offer of a deer from a lady at Langley. was right  or  wrong. He did nol    ,h
stone, W. Livingston, .Mrs. Whitesides   [j the deer ls a female the offer will Ject to iin-v ��ne thinking that it was
from Ladner and Jliss Guichon trom  ���e   accepted   and   the   presentation ""M   I**   >'���"'���   :""> w,w changing
Porl  Guichon.                                                            n to the    park.     The   buck their mind  been.-,   of the new light.:
deer no*  belonging to the   zoo   have Bul   how  much  new   light    did    Mr.
out   to    the  asylum  farm Maclean get  frnm the time    the bills
a .   allowed   to  range at Passed until the time he hatched that
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
All of the ; Ictures to be shown at
t  opera   house   Saturday  night   are
genuine and were taken while th,  i I
was yel In flames,   don'l  tail io   see!
I hem.
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts
show that we are masters, thorough in every
detail   of work, workmanship and material.
Flre protection buckets and a quantity  of flre   extinguishing    chemicals
The Chosen.
:,." remarked the nssump-
 , *
have    heen    placed    throughout    the I tlve citizen, "are born to lead "
,. . .    ��� "Yes."   answered   the   cautious   per-
Brackman-Ker company's   warehouses:      *"���
The   chemical   compound   Is
son,   "but  the   trouble   is   that  every
irticle in the cellar against the increase? There never was such a sudden conversion as thai of Mr. Maclean. He would go slill further, and
make mem!;, rs sign a record daily,
the same as in Australia. As to his
own salary, he bad nothing to do i
with it. It. was referred to a sub-corn-1
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
V Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold- |
'$   en from 2 to 6 feet.   Roses, paeonies,  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- |
!���!   green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free. ��*<
See us before you let your work.
__^__^__^__^__-_^__-_-_-_-_-_-___, man who feels a  disinclination  to do
Place! :��� barrels throughout ihe build-, actua, wk taUos it for ���...im,,,i ;,,.,t   mittee from his own side, in which all
lng,    where   i,    will be   easily acces-, |je |s one of ^^e men."���Washington   the provinces, except two ��� nnd there
were  no  conservatives  from  these ���
were represented, li was an infamous
silile In case of necessity. Star.
The  Schaake  Machine  works  Ship-
Not on Top, But Still i nit he Ring.
House Cleaning Time
company at Sleveslon among th
chines were two feed pumps, one soldering machine, one crimper, one
weighing machine, a topping machine,
a belt stand and a largo feed table.
falsehood for any one to say that he
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ muicuii.
p.'il  a large number of cannery  ma-.    1Uf:h  priced   Doctor���You  are l...
chines this aftei noon on the .steamer: convalescent, and all you need is ex- ; had anything to do with it, yet some
Rlthet  to the    Great  West    Packing  ereise.   You should walk ten to fifteen Iremarks of this kind had been made
ma- miles a day. sir, but your walking in his own province. He favored the
should have an object, ratieut���All joiiglisli system for pensions, except
right, doctor. I'll t_��vel around try- perhapa ,h��� objectionable feature men-
lng to borrow money to pay your bill.   [Uoned . y ^ mnin
There were only nine voted for Mr.
Macleanls   Irfill,   eight   Conservatives
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Tynehead  Nurseries.
y And you may possibly nee,! a carpet.    We have  the  greatest range  of
,���, them and can guarantee to lave you money and give you better satis-
���J '    tion than you can get in any other place.     For instance, a good body
!���! Ik      ila, paper for underneath, Bewed and laid for one dollar u yard up.
,���, Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed  for ten cents a yard.   We
,J have the largest stock and the finest snow rooms and the finest  prices.
[���] Come and see us.   It will pay you to see our stock before placing your a
,*[ Order elsewhere. , !���;
W. E. FALES,      I
,���  ii,i ami 7is Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street,  8
L  :���:
-*-*���* ���**..*..*..*z.z*':.k<*z*z*:.*'W
Largest  Stock  In the City.
Mounted    in  any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,      -     Columbia St.
The Schaake Machine Works yesterday Bhipped a second hire,, con-
Blgnmenl of cannery machinery to
the Croat   West     Packing    company's
new     cannery     at     Steveston. The	
Schaake company have the en,,I rae, Jealousy Is the greatest of misfor-
for all the machinery required in the tunes and the leant pitied by those who
new concern.    The cannery expects to   causo It���Rochefoucauld.
Ret to Ue Repeated.
"Yes." nn old Indian tighter was say- ,_____________________________^_^^^_
ing, "the Sioux done something to me   and  one  Liberal.    Those    who voted
that tbey could never do again." ^^^^^^^^^^r    "��� ������'-    '"--,���
"What was that?"
"Tbey scalped me."
/Sari '���"'���  '������   M"'
, v -'     .
NINE ACRES ���n the River Road with 880
feet water front '_ 1-2 acres cleared.
First class fruit land. (!,������! water on
property, and Al soil. Small house partly built.    $1600 with $1001) easl,.
CENTRAL PARK Six acres, first class
bind, good house und outbuildings and
close to trim,. To a prompt buyer this
can be got at K good figure. Enquire
for price.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate, Fire <6 Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Off tee
Cold Lunches.
Boiled Ham
Jelly Veal
_, ���
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
P,S.~ Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes.     Large Navel
Oranges, 35 cents per doz.
for it are: Messrs. Blain, Maclean
Barr, Lalor, Welsh, Wilson, Ellison,
Christie (Conservative), and Mclntytv
, Liberal,. The remainder of the house
voted against. The vote Stood !) for
and 107 against.
Wanted���Dry  goods  salesman.  Apply
D. Grossman.
. To Let���Six roomed bouse on Royal i
avenue, near Fourth, $10. Apply to
.1. M, McDonald, 4111 Agnes si reel.
' Wanted���Situation as chambermaid or
for housework. W. E. 'Chapman,
Brownville, City P. O.      ,,|
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been our Iceman for tbe past
two vears, to deliver Ire for us again this season. Unless the weather
is very unfavorable yo.u may expect a call from aim about the UK
of the month, when any orders you have been pleased to place with
him you may rest assurred will be promptly carried out.
The B.C. Packers Association
PKone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up ,��� the llth Inst., for
the position of driver at No. 1 Fire
Chief Fire  Department.
City Hall, May S, 1!)0G.
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A.. Vice-Principal.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada       W
Amount ot Policies now in for ce exceeds.. ''' V.' "'_' ,s,,uuu,u,w.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exceeds.     .
Thl3 ,. a company of potto y-hob.er, by poHcy-holders.       P     -
holders. ....���--�� for the Least
���      ���im mrces t amount of Assurance ror
OUH MUl mi     i ne larges i u.u
Possible Untl,,'- ��_.��--
S. W.MODLEY. District Manager.
New Westminster.
���Phone 85. THE DAILY NEWS
' '       '   '10.1906
��  4
* Sporting News f
and Comment.       *
Jury "fixing," said an ex-New  York
couri a       .      t   ���     -. .-. nilj.
is.   I   suppi ti   in   tii:   ���
ai ever h, re i:  flourl
������ . \\ hen l   ell j ou thai
u  poor  woman of fifty  waa terribly
injured in a streel ear accident.  H i
family sued the companj   for $20,	
damages,  fur the victim ha i
a hop. ,     pie.    Th.. company in
question   posi ��� ssed   In   their   i a
ineiii  several  particularly smai
"fixers," and the whole .-'an wa
nn  the case,    i   know  for ��������� >
ta,     tha      Beven   ol   thi   jury    were
bought,   and   as   a   conse [uen, e
��� ���
Cracks at the Traps.
a  me-      iccessful shoot   wa - he' i
pening   under  the  auspici
th    Nc.   Westminster  Gun   club I  like for  sums
Moodj   Bq   ire.   I'll.- local  club turn   I ranging from  $10      ".. -   lounl   of  damages  which  the   poo
in       ".,__,   numbers,  and  quite  a have  a                        I                       s woman received was sci                Icienl
.  ntln                . husiasis cam,, aero ol                                    land ..i to pay her
om  Vancouver    to show    ibe    New grafl and                                                     Vou would hardly think ii  po
Westminster   sports  how    to  do    he l know  one man who tor years has thai men could I                    in enough
trick. The besl  percentages of s< een  employed   hy   a  streel   railroad ;" take bribes to defraud children oul
last   night   were:   Bulssell,  90; companj   Blmplj    to   serve   on   juries oi just  verdicts, yel  ibis is verj  i
l     ���    Lord.   85.5;   Allan,   84.25;   Capl lilch   trj   those  eases  in   which   the 'non.    Her,- is a ens.- in point. About
Garland,   76.66;   G. Cunningham, 75; ,...,,,        is ���                       ie works two  years  ago a  boy  of eight  was
l'"   T. Smith, Tu;  ti. It. Johnston. 6S; on a                              highlj  success- thrown off a car through the conduc-
Miiyiiai'il, 66;  Dubrey, 65.71; .1. Eagles, f_i, ,,,  bas Berved on dozens    l might tor  ringing  the bell   before the little
63.33;  Frank  Reichenbach, li,,;   11.  Vi- bbj   hundreds    of juries  to  which  he fellow     was   s.n.h   on     board,     His
dal, 60, About  a dozen new members has   never   been  summ ned,  both  in                       '           company   and   his
also look  par,  in ihis shoot, and ac- the cltj  and the supreme courts, and case n i                         e city c
barrister. . etc. Of-
New Westminster,
Tinier Clarkson and Lome bI
Vancouv e r, om i 21 to 24, 116 Granville street. .1 iseph Martin, K. C, ���'���
W. Weait, W. G, McQu irrl ,, H. V
Bourne. Mr. Martin t .'" be In tha
Westminster off! Frlda:   af
HOWAY, REID . OWES, Barristers, soli." . 12 Lorne
street, oppo ite " House, Sew
Westminster. J. H. B, wes, P. O. Box
WHITESIDE .-.   ! DMONDS, Barristers and soli, Itors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster.
W. J. Wioteside, ll. 1.. Edm
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held i ��� the F"in I v. ��� " laj In
(M, |,  . S.o'cloi m.. in
the   Masonic   Tei    le,     S
Invtt, ;
.   \.   DeWolf  S -
KING SOLOMON  LODGE, NO. 17,   '���.
P    fi     \     \\      ; 'iii'.iuniea-
lions of ibis lodl " are I. Id on tho
md  Tuesday  In  each n  i ith    a
Masonic Temple, ai S p. m.    \
In�� Invited
,,, attend.   D. W. Gllch I t, Sec.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the bu       ������   ourt. i
Canadian   Bank  ol   Co tme i i
Ing,  Columbia  Btreet, opposite   |
quitted  themselves    very    creditably,     ,, maj  i Iblj hav.      Of I            office, New  Westminster,    Monej   I
several of them giving promise of ch    theli    ... seldom taki   the ,:'-      Al  '    bona-fld    and   unbought,
developing Into good shots with a Utile practice. Allan won the .silver
spent, offered tor the best local marksman.
Vancouver   Intermediates.
The annual meeting of the Terminal  clerks,  even   In   the  supreme
trouble elthei  to havi   the matter ln- j but ol tour two of them
-.,.,| _own,   l know w, ," whii,. the other
And iuu, does b,  man v,," a  $200 "present."
..-  course, to "fix" j The i ���       ���  b,     i,
clerk to the court, bul 'his. .,    .. ��� d,    1 -    .... i   and  a  new
rule, is the . game, l��rj   �� ���    appointed.    During the In-
GEORGE K. MARTIN'. Barrister and
Solicitor. Guichon ! lock, Columbia and McKenzle i reets, New Westminster, B. 0,
R.   B.   K.   of   I.,   meets   Becond   and
fourth Friday of each t ith, at 8
p. I,,., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John Btreet So
lourning sir  Knl cordially   in-
W. E. Dunlop, W.
p,     r. B, M itthias, Reg,
M, eta  in  , uaii".'  hall   Brsl   and
-! Friday in each month al 8 p.
m.    Visiting brethren are cordially
Invil.d   to  attend.     B.   l'l.   Matthias.
W. M.; J- Humphries, Rec.-See.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
terval    which   .laps,.,!   between
t'lty intermediate Lacrosse league will
be held  tonighl  al   the Vane.en.:'   '.  -
letic  club-   Representatives    will    be
present   from  the  Maple  Leafs, Wesl
Ends,  Easl   Ends and Argonauts   O
Boers  will   I"'  sleeted and  a  season's
schedule drafted.
Y. M. C. A. Field Day.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   or   parllamenl
CAPITAL  I VII  paid up)...$14, ,000
,;,, ,���,  ...    .;,,..- Baiar- two trl Is the   flxi rs" wer,. busy, and
conscl, ac,    o .' v h, a the ease came on again the num-
I of men composing the new jury
a  .,, -,,,,]  t0 ,, who   pad      been    bought    was     a I ml
b ��� irj    fix, t" If th 'ble.    The r, Bull  .tt a verdlcl  tor
imall   an  am..air   that   the  child
in H'.:s    practically    unbeneflted.     Alto-
. .  |S ,..,,]., , gether  the  quest! in  of jury  "fixing
..... i, a ng, o | , :jt ,;.. is ;i  serious  one  In  the states,  and
Tin- following is the programme for lurles is furnished to the the   worsl   of  ll   i    thai   the  evil   is
the big meet to be held In Vancouver  ... couri by thi  commission- rather  on   th, than  on
on Sal,inlay   afternoon under the aus ; decline.
pices of the    Y. M. C. A.    Harriers'        nan ,,    ,. .,,    tiu-  o-	
club; re-writes   i slips   of Fuzzy  Wuzzies   Loot.
j...y   p    ,������Baseball;   Sprol   Sb ham, after which thi
Business College vs. Y. M. C. A. are thrown into a wheel.    Of cours,
3: p. m.-Open 100 yards. It is ex-Un tl ear oi ^unm     Branches in all the principal cities
pected thai there will be a g I entry   the 11.1  m court, so that   I ��� , ...   i(,w;i   lnB^X   In   linden aS!   New
In this event. A handsome medal win  9 |
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Ro ��� :. G.C.M.G,,. .Hon Presid, nl
Hon. Sir G. A. Dr m 1, Pre : I  al
I..   S,   Clouston,   V   ���    i';, sldent  and
General Manag,
I. O. O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No.  ?7���
The regular meetings of ibis lo
are held In Oddfellows' ball, Colum
bla street, evi ry Monday evi ning,
al B o'clock, Visiting bre,bre,, cordially Invited to attend. S. J. May,
N. G.;   W, C. Coatham, Rec. S,
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday in . a, li month. Vlsll Ing
lu.-,br.-n cordially Invited to atten '
Lodge room, \. 0, !'. W. h ill. Odd
fellows' block, Clarkson Btreet, C,
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workn   n.
Dally I NEW Dail
i ,,,.,   VVESTMINSTER   Vrrh i
'..    III.ii,,.-.   ,; ,Ulng  :::"" pm
4:35 pn: ham        llut'lm-     I      i] "i
��� ...      Mt    Ver ;
non,     i-i.     tt,
Sea,lie nnd
Pol  'and.
4-..;r, pm Spokane,      St. 3:00 pm
Paul     md    all
points  I'.'nsi.
!h20am|Anacorte . I ' pm
Woolley,     and'
;; pm Vancouver        9:20 am
9   15 pm 1:36 pm
Route ,.r the ramoua
2���Daily  Overland Trains���2
Bl ol ine, St. Paul, dlnneapolls,
���a - ' ;i  Duluth, i tilcago, St.
I.. all  points East.
i'.n- complete Information,
ro , berth n lervation, etc.,
call "ti or addi
F. c. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Coi        ca Build
.New \\ e ' mln ter, B, C
S. G, v- RKES,  \. '1. I'  A���
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seal:!.',  Wa ih.
idian Pacific Railway fv
ntish Columbia c0��t ,t
��"t Line
will  bi   ready  at   once
be presented   to  the  winner.   Entries ,,, ,,,..... the box.
elose  .ni   Friday  night nt  8:30  p.  m. when   the  court   Is assem      I
Thi   entrance fee Is 60 cents and no wheel  containing thi   names is given
entry will 1"' received by Mr. George a quick turn, and after it has ceased
\   Smith   physical  instructor  at  the !(l revolve the clerk puts in his hand,
Y   M   C. A. unless it is accompanied ���  ;,, 9 0U| a ,j,p, and reads the name,
by the entrance fee. Then  the  owner of the name  called
.,. ,-p   ���_   nh Quarter-mile   run. makes    his  way  to  the  bar,  is    pul
n.jjQ   .,    m Boys'   two-mile   .scaled through  a   brief examination,  and,  If
handicap race. everything  is  in  order, lie goes  Into
'4 p   m. Five-mile sealed handicap the box.    This shorl  description will
race for seniors. show  >'��u   thai   in   all  cases  of  jury
The 100 yards dash is the only open "fixing"!,  Is ahsolutelj   necessar;   for
event of the day. 'he l'^''rli  <�� the court   to be in the Acquired a through knowledge of the
of Mal.isii  In  the provfnci
���!     Details ol ild are lack
ing at   pres. nt.    A  force  of constah
tit." is now on the trail ol
Watchmaker and
Panga- York, Chicago, and Bt. .toiin. .Nfld.,
and correspondents In all parts of the
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND,   D.   S.���
Red   Rose 11. -:;���.' ��� ::i ;-'       :  I und
Fourth Wedn sd i" of eai h 1 |onth,
In K. Of P. II ill, ''. lui ll i.i St., at
8 p, it. Whii.- Rose I' ��� "". Fourth
V.. dne I " In each month, same
time ind pi ice. VI Itli Bi ethren
cordially Invited. E. B. Stlnch-
combe, Pres., II. Disney, Sen.
Railway Company
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily wilh Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Express leaves at
7:25, connects with trains for
Seattle and Eastern Canada,
also with steamers at Fort t_��' i
William. Imperial Limited
leaves at 17:20.
(Subject    tO   ",.��� ,
rn" less Beatrice ]
Leave   Poi
Leave   \     ���
arrive Seattle
I.. a\e   ;;. ;,. .       ,   B
Arrive Port 'J
Arrive VI to
S. S. Prim e    \
Leave Vai ,,
Leave Vlctori i l B   ,���
VICTORIA-NKW   Vttovmm���
I'.UI  I i. ��
STR. ,',i.i: ���.,,
Leaves \ I, i .,,.,   i .   .���
and  Prid ' '      W
Leav, New Westmn
Wednesdaj i and B m-
Calling al   vi ,
VANCOUveR-NANaimo tt,
s.s. Joan I,   ..     .      ��� ,,���.,
cepl  Saturda;   and
Saturday H      . ' a">.
Leaves      y ..,...,.   ,1      ���   ..
Saturday and Sunday, al I ..,,,���'''
Saturday ;.'.:  ,,,, ' "���
S. !>. Queen City,
l-ea,"   V |    11    ,,,   ,���    .
and 20th ol ��� ;
and waj  points,
Leave \ b to la 10th ol ...
for Quat, no    nd '"
r,,:''' ��� ��� l
in- Qu il  in.i. '
LOW1 '.: !
St;.a , .      ,;er.
Leaves   n   v   Wesl
Additional   trip   I,
Leaves   81 .: ���
day,  v. odi
urdi ���    ,  a,  i:      i'i Iday , ��� .
ditional trip .
I  PP   ':  I   ���
Steamer Ef.iver.
i      e New We ..
Moi  . .    .   .
Le ive i
Savings Bank Dept.   COURT brunette. No. 4099, I.O. F.   For rates and other particulars applj to
��� - M""!>  the  Fourth  Friday  In  the ED, GOULET,
G.   D.   Brymner,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Mar.ufactvring Jeweler.  CaPital *��.ooo.ooo.   Reserve $3,437,102
Total  Assets $Sb,4/i,5lt).
Branches    and    conespondents    In
acheme, business in England with 10  years  ex-   all the  principal  cities ot tne world.
Reception to Olympic Champion.         Now we will assume thai there are perience.    Later was 7 years  manager   General banking business transacted.
.    ��� York   May 10.���Plans were got    certain   men   in   court   who.   though of the watch  repairing  department of            SAVINGS DEVAK 1 ivi_ei 1.
under  way yesterday  tor a  Berles of  their names are not in the wheel, are Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,    Montreal,    ��� open_ an BCCOUnt   llltereSt added
f    s and dinners In this city to  desirious  of  serving  on   a  jury.  The Henry Kirk's business manager part of j   Bif yearly.
Martin Sherridan, the  winner  of the  clerk, Df 1 mrse, knows very well who the time.                                                      Collections made at lowest rates.
two  first   prises  al  Athens und  other   thej   are.  and,  when  he  takes  a  slip English,    Swiss,   American   and   all    )pen   Saturday   nights   from a to 9
members of the Irish American AibU-  ,.111  of the  wheel,  Instead  of reading complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
tic club   when they arrive home in a   the    in    written    theron   he   sub- made like new and adjusted.
few day's from the Olympic games. A   stitutes that of one of the men who
ltte(   wi;i ,,,,.,.. them down   the he knows Is desirious of s rvin , mak- Charges Reasonable.
1 ���,e ,.-,,1,1,! down to voice a in"   his   way   to  the  bar.  and   enters
bay, hundreds going now,. Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery !
heartv    welcome.    A    committee    ol he box,                                                                                                        _^_
forty members of the Irish American 1  have  known one man to acl  . -
\thletic  club  hns been  appointed  to juryman in six cases during the same PMpnCA|l|'C      nOV      HlYK
make tie necessary arrangements for eek.   He was employed by a certain LITILIVsMill 3     UlAI       UUUl
'��������� affair   A banquet in honor of the railroad company, and whenever there
���ill  be held in the hotel As- wa.s a case on In which his employers
tor and8 500 guestB will be seated. The were  Interested   he   would   receive   a
a_te will be on or ahout May 25. Slier- note from th, m telling him to appear
rid'ui friends on the police force will in  a  certain  conn,   where  his  name
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
give a dinner In
his honor. Immediate
ly after the police parade on June -���
Slosson Wins.
Chicago, May 9.-G-orge Slosson de-
feated Louis Cure in the billiard tournament here today. 500 to 219.
All kinds of Ship repair
would  be  called.    All  he had  to  do
was 10 answer an.l  he would at  once
be  sworn.
���nun ihis jury "fixer" would   get     Ship and Scow   Building
busy and do his besl  to get  the case q specialty,
decided  In  favor of ibe railroad  people, or dismissed, or the damages re-     Estimates : promptly [fur-
duced  :.' a  mere nothing.    If he did  r,,'cj-,p.1
tun succeed in obtaining one or other
A   Decision   That   Keenly   Applies   to   v
0  sow   much   discord   thai   the  jury
uld disagree.    An 1  when  the next
Strap   Hangers   in   the   Cars. ��� (       |n    h.     ^ ^j^ ^ ^ \yfiStmillSt01*, B.C.
St. Louis is the fortunate possessor employers would see lhal he was urn
of an  upright  judge who should live the only "fixer" represented, and the
Immortal  In  the hearts of bis  fellow yerdici In nine cases oul of ten would
men.    This  remarkable  friend  of hu- be given  In their favor,
manltj  does not hold an exalted judi-      Here is a ease in  point.    Recently
clal position tor a man of such broad .1   man  sued   a   cerl iad  com-
lies    and  enveloping    charity, pan,   foi   damages received in  an ac-
Indeed,  his  Is only the humble wool clden!     while   travelling    over   their
sack of a  police couri, but liis "lighl Hne,     He   bad   suffered   the   Beveresl
Bhinetb    forth   as    from    a  hilltop." Injuries    leg   broken, arm    fractured
Specifically,    Judge   Pollard,    of  the ribs   stove   In,  etc    bu    on  the  jury
Dayton    streel    police    couri,    fined were no fewer than tour smart "fixers,"
ii.nr   cherry (6 for tramping on th, the  r,   ,:���   being thai  the poor  man
corn   of William McDonald.   Tlie of was awarded a sum Insufficient to pay
(ens,   was one thai appeals keenly to his doctor's bills.
Btrap hangers, for 11 happened as usual      Prob bly you would Imagine thai a
In a streel   car, ��� "  was something   In the
It  is remarkable thai  ihe mis.'ream medical  line,    bul   I  can    astire    ynu
who promenades upon the tee! ol  rel- thai  this is far from being the case. -,��-    ��-      ������� r.
low  passengers  in crowded  cars  has No;  in  |ury parlance a "doctor" is a   Wall      _a.pei"     -."tOFC
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, ftc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
j Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock  now ln.    Make your
.- election.
month   at  8   o'clock.  In  the 'smal
hall,   Oddfellows'   block.     Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend.    J.  I!. Rushton, C. It.;  1". P.
Maxwell, It. S.
A, o. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at 8 p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited ,o attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell. Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. n,., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia streel. Vi [ting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. J. S. Bryson, S. ('.; .!. McD,
Campbell, Sec.
,'.  !'. H. Agent.
New Westminster.
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Eight Traini Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
I indln ���   betv n   ... .,    ..
and Chilllwi
S.   S.  Tees.
Leave Vane   tvi    .1
I., ive Vancouver Ma
Leaves Vancouver al 2 p. m. 2nd
and  ii.il, ol  each  month i it
Skiie. ;'.. on Bn ��� trip and Bi
la   "ii   : e, "ii i   ,:
Times   on   arrivals   and  ���:      I ire
are i   proximate.
For   rickets,    . tlons and Ig.
form,ition call on oi ad !
General Su]   tint , Vli
!���:. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Qen. Pas    Agent, Van,   iver.
tie,,. Agent, Frel
.\'e�� Wi       oster,
ED, GOl :
Agent, New  Westminster.
Trains & Steamers
I mbodies  the newest   and best ideas u,av��� x,,v  vVeBtmin ter 15.40 dally.
SONS OF Scotland benefit AS-  for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE, i.rrive New Westminster 11
SOCIATION, LORD OF THE ISLES   and   LUXURY.       It   is   lighted    with    ' C. P. R. MISSION BRANCH,
CAMP, 191.���.Meets on the First and    i���,,|,   electricity    aud   gas;    the    most    l.v. Xew Ve   t. . 8.30; ar. Seattli    6.50,
laird   Tuesday  of  ev  ��� a   brilliantly    illuminated    tram    in    tbe   Lv.  Seattle  10;   ar. New  Wesl   18.40,
world.     The   equ pment   consists  of
private   compartment   cars,   standard
���^^^���^���^^���~������������������   |0  iection   sleepers,  luxurious   dining
BOARD OF TRADE.���NSW   Westmln-   car. reclining chair curs   (scats  free),
ster  I!iard  of Trade  meets  in   the   modem   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
Board Room. City Hall, as follows:    brar- anj  smoking  car-.
Second  Wednesday of each month.       j.-,,r '|'II1U.  Tables    Folde
further  information  call  on   o
K.    of    p. Hall.     .lohn    McNlven,
Chief;  J. J. Forrester, Itec. Sec.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, -May,
August and November, at. 8 p. in.
Annual meetings on the see..ml
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates
Quick Time. E.xc
ir, hum., deci ration need not l,e expensive.       Quiet,   rich   colorings,
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Lv. New   West.   10.36 and  17.1 5.
Ar .New  Wesl. :���.:::. and 16.40,
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
Lv. N. \V. 9.20 a.i,'.; ar. Seattle i p.m.
rs,  or any   Lv. N. W, 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10p.m.
write   Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m ; ar. N. W. 3 p.m.
Lv. Seattle 1.20 p.m.; ar. N.W. 9.35
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. 11 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
    Lv. Van..,uver 8.36 a.m., and 4 i'.m.
l.v.   N.   W.  9.20 a.m.;  ar. Guichon
2.20 P.m.
Lv. Guichon  2.10 p.m ;  ar, N. W.
9.36 p.m.
Mondays only.
l.v.   New   West.   5.50   11.11.-   '        ���
and   hourly   until   11   p.m.,  "
hourly   betw 1   I? 30 and I
Saturday hair hourly noon to 11 i'."'-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 P-m-!
with half-hourly bet. noon at:
l.v.  Vancouver same time throughout.
Fraser River and^Gulf
Beaver��� ���  ���
From N. W. Mon. Wed, Prld. ' ."��.
From  Chwk.  Tu-. Th., Sal. ��� :'���""
From   X. W. TU., Th., Sa'
Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., i a-"1-
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
ent Service. I Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA, via;Niagara Falls.
For Time Talibs, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAUX.
making an admirable background
fur furniture and pictures,   can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
" Stenmshir Tickets on sale lo all European points,
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
Sixth Street.
never  before con,.' to his just   deserts ma���  vvno  i1;,,,,... r0Und  the conns and
excepl where outraged victims pounce tries to gel  hold of those Jurors  who 	
upon  him  and tear him  limb    trom are serving on certain cases.   He will
limb.     N.v.r     have     the     maoeriHe.l follow   them   to  and   from   the  courts M.J.   HENRY'S
toei   of humanity received judicial at- and gel  Into conversation with ihem   ��,    . _���      r~~-~\ .*..
,   , _,       , ,, 1.    .,     11,, Nurseries, vjreennouses
tendon   before.     Five   dollars     Is    .1 which is not so dlflicli in the state!
small penalty, but it is something and a   11 is in England, tor Americans aro
may  eventually  lead  i���  a   degree  of always real,  to talk.   A few mlnut, VANCOUVER,  B. C.
punishment  thai   will tit  the crime. chal     wlll   show  a   skilled     "doctor"
BU!    this   i.s   nn!   all   that   is   lo   the which   men   are  open   lo  be  bought.
credll  ol    his revolutionary Bt. Louis      .\i,in>.   ,,,���  these  jury  "doctors"  are Seeds.    New crop now in stock ready
judge.     In  liis   wihl   (light   from  pre- extremely     clever     char;,,!.,, leaders, for  distribution;    ask   your merchant - father is deceased) of the homesteader
cedenl   he  has  actually  decreed  thai and It happens thai  any man  for Hkb,  in sealed  jackets.    It lie  resides  upon  a  farm in the  vicinity
Synopsis   of   Canadian " Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Hallway Belt in Hrltlsh Columbia, may be boniest ended by any per
sun  who is the sol.- head of a family,
or any  male over lis years of age, to  For fu" informtion call on or write
the  extent  of  one-quarter  section    >t C. E. LANG, General Agent,
100 acres, more or less. 480 Hastings St., Vancouver, H. ('
Entry must be made personally at                  A. D.CHARLTON,
the local land office for the district ini Portland, Ore                        A. G. I'.
which tho land ts situate. I	
The homesteader is required to pcr-
and Seed Houses  form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At  least six  months'  residence
Headquarters   for   PACIFIC   Coast  up0n  and  cultivation  of the  land  in
GROWN   Garden,   Field   and   Flower   each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
Assistant   Gen'1   Passenger and  Ticket    Kavorlt
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, 11
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer   Limited"  St.   Paul  to
I    Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
Chicago,  "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad in the world that  equal  in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, They
(own   and   operate   their  own   sleeping   Seattle, via Sumas In." i p.,u
and dining cars on alll their trains and   Sap'n  & Mlll_ide...l0.00 p.m.   M^
give their  patrons an excellence of Vancouver 10.00p.m.  -
[service  not  obtainable elsewhere. Cloverdale,  Blaine,
From N. w. daily, ex, Sun.,
Prom Mt, Lehman, 7 a.m.
From  N. \V. dally, ex. Bai , -    ""
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.     ,
From Sieve-nm, V 11.111. (P��. 0 ��'nw
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
111 '-     ll   \ nullum   -
1 ',. W. Sunday 7 a.111.
ii..11, Victoria Saturday ~> ��m-
Mai! Service
Close,    li""""1'
6,46 p-m
Berths on their sleepers are lunger,
Sea,lie, etc.
5 a.m.  .''���3("''m'
Van. & Cent. ]\uk... 10.l!0n.m.
The   only  all   rail   route   between   all
a   passengi r  has  0  legal   as  well  as  whoi 1  the
a  moral   rlghl   to swear  al   a streel
en   conductor  when  carried   pasl   his   1 can recal
higher and wider than in similar cars   y,.   , | _
on   ,���,y  other  line     They   protect Last Burnaby..
ther trams.by the  Block System. Steveston,  etc...
Connection   made   with    all    trans-   i,;llKt,  via  CP.lt..
continental lines  in  Union  Depots.        Sap., Mill, Coq'm.
II. S. ROW!'., General Agent, j Van. & Burnaby.
. ,io,80a.m.
l.lap.in.   1.W P*
ill p.m. 10.30 8.B.
8 00p.m. 12.00BB
5.00 p.m. 12.00B
have   decided   to   "touch '
In   not   a   single  ens.-  thai
has a juryman complained
"���  which  the conductor has fall loctor" trying to bribe him.   If ties, for $i.O0 to introduce then.
does no, handle them we will prepay
.   ������         at,      r ments as to residence mav be satisfied
lo   '-our   nearest   postofllce,   fifty   5c ,           .                     ...     -   ., ������������
' by such  person residing with the  fa-
packets,  our  selection  of  good  vane- ,her  Qr  mother
of the land entered for the require- P^Vm!!;^ ����""&.* fe ��4 Third St., cor Alder. Portland?Or
80 p.m.
i',.nO p.io.
land.  Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great I
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. U.1
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Can-
(3)  If the settler has llis permanent
edtocall.    Freedom at Oi und, 0    he does not take the bribe he will nol      Largo   stock    of    HOME   GROWN  residence   upon   farming  land   owned
al least  1, couple of jumps, has finalh   round   on   his   tempter    preferring   to  Fruit  and Ornamental Trees now ma-  by  him  in   the  vicinity  of his  home-"J-  a'!      a.  ,     Rallway   f��r   Boundary
com,    ,,   the   rescue   Of   the   literally   have   the   work   of   exposing   him   to  tured for the spring trade. ct..,,,  n,��� ,��.,..:,��� ..-. . u	
The White Pass
preferring  ta Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma- by him in the
stead, thc requirements as to residence
"down-trodden"  public.    After Buffer-   Bome one else,     A  jury "doctor," if;    No expense, loss or delay of fumi
lng tn eloquent silence for years the ho Is successful, makes a very hand- gation or Inspection.
Strel   car   passenger   now   knows   his   some  Income,  and  as his lmsim ss in       Dot   me  price jour  list   before plac
privileges.    He can have the man who   creases be employs assistants to help  |ng  your  order.     Greenhouse   Plants
may  be   satisfied   by  residence   upon
thc said land.
Work,    Bee    Supplies,   Fruit  tQ apply fof patent
treads on  his corns fined, und he can   him   In   shadowing  bnna-lhle   |urymen,  Floral
swear   al   the   conductor   who   passes      |  could  toll  vm, of lots of cases in  Packages, Fertilizers, etc.    Catalogue
liis street    Thus from the obscurity  which the mosl unjust  verdicts have Free.
Connects   at    Meyers    Falls     with
stage cSily for Republic,
,      . . Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Six months' notice ,11 writing shoul, c, ���,               ,   xT ,         "�����"���    o-iwcen
.                      ..     r-         ���    ���            r r-, Spokane  and   Nelson.
be given to the Commissioner of Do- rrr    ,
���  .       T      j         r-,..            t ���  .    .- Lllcctivc
minion  Lands at Ottawa of intention
Sunday,    November    10,
of 1, St. Louts police court cranes another blow in behalf of the rights
���    a   n.���Kansas City Journal.
���i' : 1 1.. 11 tun,,,'-'' ,!' ' bus,ling of
: he jury "fix,.." I remember "tie
Bpeclal case quite recently la  which
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N. n.���unauthorlze/d publication of
this advertisement wlll not he paid
Day Train
9.20 am.
... Sp'kane  .
..715 P-m.
t2.2$ p.m.
...Rossland   .
..4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m. .
....Nelson ...
.. 6.45 p.m.
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via   and Yukon Route
St. Lawrence
General Passenger Agent
Seven  hundred miles of magnificent
river  trip.    Empress  of   Britain   sails
from Montreal for Liverpool May 19th,
For other dates and rates apply to
0, P. K. Agent.
New Westminster, I
FAIRBANKS.    Daily W'�� (B��A
Sunday)    carrying   P8"6"/",   with
express   and   freight   conn" 1
singes at Carcross and W "'c     vice.
maintaining a through winter -
For information app'y l,> Minagjf,
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic M������
MacWnnon B>o��j c
Vancouver, ����� *" THURSDAY, MAY  10. 1906.
warning glanders.
i��� districts wh.re the exi itence of
ll    '
���' ' Ball   with  as  promptly as
Veterinary Director (i.n. ral.
D, partm, nl  of Agriculture,
Ottawa,  March.   1 HOG.
Is su ipected ami ei pecially
ghborhoods    where  actual    out-
I |lave occurred the adoption of Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
,,,,.  following   precautions   by   owners;     of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
���;��� borees  and  others  Interested  will Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length'of which shall not exceed three
d��� much to prevent  the spread of the ^d the Yukon Territory.                     times the breadth.     Should the  pros-
dlsease and the establishment of fresh _ COAL���Coal lands may   be   pur- pector discover oil in
centres of Injection,
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, lhe Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, arc ..pen t . prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re-
Berve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of iojo acres for
such   period   as   lie   may   decide,   the
Bridecjrcom      Being     "Broke,"     Bride
opened   yet I irdaj,    in l    a   bui
I a ��� ed men and women, ��� nf,
..   physical     inlii ml       . their
Wanted    2000 Cords of Hemlock Bark Pays for the License. way slowly to bureau
ai  the Praser Rrvei  Tannery, Ltd.,     Capt Sets Bullock, personal friend of charities In the Unity Building and
taken iu lots from 25 ccrds up. For of  Presldenl     Roosevell    and   United  gave  iheir  nan i     ie  bureau  of
particulars appl; nager al  States    mar..ha',    tor South    Dako i, flclala appointed   o   ...ave them.
Tannery  or  P. O.  bos    l'-T.    New acted as mast ei  of ceremonies al  an
paying   quan-
chased  at $io per acre for soft coal  titics, and satisfactorily establish such
and  $jo  for  anthracite.     Not  more  discovery, an area not exceeding 640
I     Horses or mules having a nasal j than 320 acres can lie acquired by one  acres, including the oil well, will bei
discharge    or other BUplclous    symp- individual  or  company.     Royalty  at  sold to the prospector at the rate of
t(,���,s should not be admitted to livery Itlle rate of ten cents per ton of 2000 $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
feed  slabbs or yards,  blacksmith P��unds shall be collected on the gross   tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
'imrcb or school'  sh.ds, rail-  "u!.|,,l!t: ,in.,    ��� ,       ., will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
of      eighteen  subject to royalty at such rate as may
'      "  ���        "���-      ',"'*' ""-fQuWz-Persons
way   stock   yards,   private   stables   or-
Other placs whore they are likely
come Into direct or Indirect contact
villi animals of the equine species.
2. All stables, yards, or sheds
used for the accommodation of horses
or mules should lie regularly and fre-
quentlj   cleansed    and disinfected    In
manner prescribed below.
After    cleansing    the    premises
years and over and joint stock companies holding frce miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $".50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept Interior.
For Sale���Modern T-roomed house on
hue corner iu We ' End; two lots
stable and fruit trees, Cheap, Appl.
X, this office.
For Sale���Half Interesl In a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Daily News.
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Hock
$1.00 per setting. J. W. Austin, Sain
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,   Sapperton.
Indian wi I Sioux 1        . ecen!
Th.- principals In the wedding were
David Charging, a Sioux warrior, belonging  on   the  Pine  Rldg	
lion,  and   Nellie  Little  Hud.  a  belle
During the daj emploj menl al good
was   found   for   twenty   Of   the
lame and the aged, The others wenl
away happy wiib the assurance thai
ever, thing po islble would ii.- done to
find work for them, and some said
II   was  ihe  tir.-.,   gleam  of sunlight
according to capital.
A   free   miner,   having   discovered
mineral  in  place, mav l'.cate  a claim
thoroughly, and burning all debris, the       ',,,  ,n,  m���.klnK  mlt tlu.
rlor should be well gone over with 8ame  mlh  t.A.r,  ,ega,  p05tg|  bearmg
 am, "r boiling waler, adding lo |ocat;on  ,���,,,,,,,  ,,���,.  at  each   end of
Itter at   bast  one quart   of crude tj,e .,.���. ,,f ,|���. lode, or vein.
1 irhollc acid to each five gallons afler The claim shall be recorded  within
vUrh  the  entire  surface  should  be fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
���    coated with a hot solution of of a mining recorder's office, on.- ad-
fresh lime wash, to which crude car-
I id has b. en added in t
1 .: ��� oned proportion.
Outbulldln    . '��� aci    and tying poi is
which   Infected   animals   have
,   ni ad sh,.uh1 also, when pos-
be thoroughlj treated in a slml-
All ordinary    harness    and    slabbs
: . which have been  in  contact
I ed animals or inf.-, ted pre-
I M be thoroughlj  soaked In
a hot   olutlon "f cru Ie carbolic acid
��� a: 'I,  of one par:   lo twenty.
M ti   lals  whieh  might    be ii I in 1
II .<��� 'n atmeni such as valu-
', in1 ei,    cushions,    etc.,
���vi.ii 1,   have   been   in   contaci   with   in-
ditional   day   alb.we.I   for   every   ad-
he above  ditional  ten   miles  or  fraction.     The
fee for recording a claim i.s $5-
At least 5.100 must be expended '.a
the claim each year or paid to thc
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended "r paid, the
locator may, upon having a SUI '. y
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister   of   thc   Interior   to   locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
;   r, in the Yukon Territory, of an
. , not exceeding 160 acres.
The  patent  for  a  mining  local: in
shall   provide   for  thc   payment  of  a
Royalty of 2'/2 per c nt, of tin- sales
of thi   products of tho location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
lid    1" placed   In   nn   air the   N.  W.  T.,  excepting the  Yukon
i-lii   room  and  fumigated  with  For- Territory: Placer mining claims gen-
,,, hn'erally are  100  feet  square,  entry fee
$5, renewable yearly.    On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
I.    In Btables whin- outbreaks have |iar  or bench,  the  former  being  100
occurred or wh.re dl eased    animals ,-,.,.( iong atid extending between high
... Inadverl mtl;   nr othi      ' e, been  and low  '���'���  it  mark.    The latter in-
si bled, . 1. ' temporarl ,, I aus- eludes bar diggings, bul extends back
hould be 1      to tl ���   base "i the hill or bank   not
daily tie.' 'i'h and In such cases ll is ''""'       ;0,,��  f,1't'     Z,,/'_���,?��
oower  ia  used  claims  200  feet  wide
:.. remove and burn f I boxes ��� ,    .     ,
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites, the public to call
and Bee  the candy made
For  Sale���Chester  White,  pure  bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at rea-1
sonable prices. W.  H.  Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted ��� Dining room girl. Good wages
paid. Cosmopolitan hoi
Wanted���i.   Ill ....
a, aa. al i".'   big* class   publishing
lum:-.    v..'.!;- .lohn Hutchinson,   ���
eral agent, Colonl il Ho ��� 1. city.
1.1   the   Pi,,.-  Ridge  reservation   tribe that  had come in,,,  their lives since
"I  Sioux  Indians.    Tho bride isn't yet ihey  crossed    over  iron,    "manhood"
l'l   war.     of   ag.-,   while   lbe     bride- inlo  "old  age."     Men   of   1,",  years  of
gi 1 has no! attained his majority, age confessed th.,, employers had told
The ceremony was performed in the them they were too old to bei of
federal court room In Sioux City at the service. The women applicants tor
conclusion of a session of court, and work pul the age limit al 55,
Is the only instance In the history of One man wilh heart failure was
South Dakota In which an Indian given employment a.s au attendant in
couple were married in a federal court a physician's office, and three one-
room. The ceremony was performed legged men Were given jobs as watch-
by Judge A. I). W'heelock. men. A feeble-minded lad discovered
The bridegroom was financially em- thai he could fold paper in a box
barrassed and lbe bride was required factory and was employed at that, oc-
l��� pay lhe fee charged for a marriage cupatlon. On.- of the men whose
license. The other expen.-es of the right leg was missing was employed
wedding w.re paid from a fund con- al work iu a factory in which the
trlbuted      bj       witnesses      attending hands alone are used, and one of the
United Siaies court.
nnni   whose 1,1't   leg  was  missing was
A   large  number of Boclety  women  entrusted wiib ibe work of operating
of Sioux Fails were Interested spectators ai thi wedding, New York
a   sin
'  lie    i
ill machine
which   is   run  with
L-utenant   Governor   ^^    ^
HlsA��ent to Large Number
of Bills.
, ' "���   * ll   -T.
urdei p.       wu
0 8
""Ha im assent this
r0Mla] lM tableau a.
ra3  ��   'Nation   us ,,;,. ,.v,.,. ,���.,,,
' Pamela! leglslat  1
l��*\?**- ��4 when ll is con-
Bldered ihat tl���. nf,i .��� ..
'"""��� '���������"���"' ��'"' everj' bill was
"s '���. ""���; ����� or another, aotwlth-
ending that almosl all private bills
��-';'���" Practically made over hi com-
��< the i-s-Miiii,,-,. ���,.r��� dolng BQme
.""'"''   ;l��� ">"ir Indemnity, Alio-
father 77 bills ,������,.,,   ,A(,1,:jvi.
I '        _^_	
Splendid Class of A^mals Shown and
Hl9b Prices Realized.
C ilgary, Alta
Work  for  Aged  and  Infirm.
Chicago,  May b.���Th.-  employmeni
iu for     ���    ��� ;ed an I the ci Ippled
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years  experience  in  the
candy  trade.
The proof of the pudding is in
the eatmg. I
Next Door DeGrey's Barber Shop.    ���
* *
d, afti r v, hli h thi      hou
Ij  cleaned.
and  mangers  when    of  wood;     Iron
can 1... r, ndered hal ml, ss 1 y
and the N. VV. T., excepting the Yu-
I   .      ���  them  through  fire or by  lm-  \.nn Xerrtl .ry    A free miner may ob-
��� ,,,-, 0nly two leas, - of five raili ��� a I
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of   the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
fur lirst year and $10 per mile for each
Royalty   same   as
the  Yukon  Ter-
Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
claims   shall   nol   exceed   -'.,0
feet   in
ng them for some time in boll-
. iier.   All   lit', r   from   susp
Is should be burned or careful-
���   ��� ed  until  used.
."..   :~ rmers   and   others     .should,
��� ver   possible,   avoid      ad,uitting
>'-       e horses or mules lo lie- premises  occupied  by  their  own   animals subsequent  year
lly of Ihe same species.  It  is, a placer mining.
plan    to    reserve    an    Isolated Placer   mining  11
���  fur outside horses or mules ritory
but where this is Impossible thev may
, , , ,   length   measure,   on the base line or
be accommodated in cow stables, cat-
!'.. in.i  being Bubje, I   ,,, glanders in-
fection. Such horses and mules should
I       .'ered from special pails, which.
1 with all other stable utensils
1 1 on or about them, should be
Carefully cleansed and disinfected before bi lng used for other animals.
Stalls occupied by strange horses    or
Bhould be well cleansed and
disinfected and, if at all possible, left
unoccupied for some time.
ti. Where now norsos or mules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless
carefully tested with Malleln prior to
purchase, be stabled apart and closely
v> . .'lied for some time before being
I: ulii in contact with other animals
nf the e |uine species.
.iicrnl   dire I   the     creek    or
: .1 e v lh b.ing irom 1000 to
2000 reel Ml other placer claims
shall I.. feet square.
Cl - a marked by two legal
posts, one at inch end, bearing notices. 1 : try must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of tl " mining recorder's office.
1,,,,. , ..t.i day allowe 1 for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a frce miner's certificate.
The   discoverer   of   a   new  mine  IS
entitled   to  a   claim   of  iooo   feet   in
length, aand  if the party consists of
two, '500 fect altogether, on the output on  which  no royalty    shall    be
charged  the   rest of the  party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10.
-    II   must be borne In  mind  that1 of two and one-half   per cent, on il,c
while nasal discharge,    or ulceration, value of the  gold  shipped from the
nil:'..'," I viands, the presence of farcy   Ject to the  rights of all  persons who
1:  i...mumble  swelling    ot  the have, or who may receive entries
l,ar  diggings or bench claims, cxv
Don't decide about the present for that
until you have seen the
MOREY'S c��l��mbi'Sl-
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and (iretrir Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil. Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of curses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R, J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCR1VEN. B. A., Vice-Principal.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
our .- ores from 2 to 7 p. m. everj S il
urday afternoon du m
May. .I.i:, i, Jul; aa ������ i
ing May IJ. 1906.
T. J. TRAPP & CO, LTD Per Q. B.
Per .1.  A.  Cunningham, Mgr.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up lo 5 p. m. Wednesday,'
.May '.', for the privilegi of conducting
a refreshment booth al Queen's pari,
on May Day. May 18, 1906.
ii.   .1.   BURDE,
Free Pasture.
Free pasture tor 100 head of cattle
and 50 horses.
Plenty of grass and water and well
Apply S. ll. BUCHANAN, City.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Uur specnllty,
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lal).
Tide Table   Fraser River
For Week End
ng M:i
- 13.
I    23.50
'i'i. sday  	
|   13.35
1    .. ..
Wedn sday    |
|      0.35
lay    1
|     1.25
|    16.00
Saturday    j
Sunday     |
1    17.45
IND 11
Low Water
Time Hght
Monday     |    3.52
|  12.1,
10.26 j 2.4
| 17.06
22.43 j 0.0
Tuesday   ....|    4.26
11."il j 1.3
| 12.S
23.33     6.6
Wednesday   . |    5.04
| 12.9
11.50 | 0.5
| 19.01
Thursday   ..    5.45
0.25 | 7.3
| 20.00
12.3S | 0.1
Friday     |    6.28
! 12.1
1.21 | 8.0
J 20.59
13.6 |
1:1.29 | 0.1
Sal ur lay    ...|    7.14
2.27     8.4
! 13.7
14.22     0.6
Sunday   ....|   8.05
3.43 | S.G
| 22.54
13.6 |
15.16 | 1.3
C.-B.'s Fondness for French.
,'. ii.-- lie will indeed be an easy
mast, :. In private life- indeed,
1 I ubllc life as well��� C.-B. isn't in
the least like the caricatures which
have been published of him by those
who do not know him. He is���1 think
I have written this before���more like
i Scotsman of the eighteenth than ot
the twentieth cut ury. Nothing would
hav*. dellglated Jiim more���nowhere
would h. have been more at home
than among those wits, students,
philosophers and judges who made the
'able of the capital of Scotland one
,f the wiiiiesi in all Europe. He is
also an eighteenth century Scotsman
lu his Intense love of French literature. There Is no more cons,an,
.-imleiii ol modern French hooks than
the Liberal : ader, though Mr. Hal-
lour and Mr. Chamberlain run him
hard, Mr. Chamberlain, I have heard,
when he Is utterly tagged out, can
read a French novel when he can't
look at anything else. Mr, Balfour,
if 1 be not mistaken, has a good
supply of French literature in ..ie
house of commons to console him during the lung hours of waiting which
are Imposed upon him by the necessity of being always at call during
every sin ing of the house. But I
,i,,���bt If either of these two distinguished gentlemen could pass an
examination in modern French books
with C.-B. I have never known him,
certainly, al a loss, even when one
talked about the obscure figures in the
lesser known books of Balzac's immense library.���T. P. O'Connor in
New   York Globe.
h,'W "' i       .anal ex
hibition of the Ubei .,',     B
���������   �������   '  Illdl   i    thi      a      ���
""""���  v""' before :,i ���!,.. his'.,-   ,
the   cattle  Inoustrj of A
a bettel daw '>f animals shown,  u I
never  before were better price   real-
lzed  tor purebred bulls,  \
Sh��rth  bulls were sold al an average Tee ���i (94, Thirty-six Herel irds
averaged Jim each. Elghl  Abet
Angu.- averaged (138 each. Only two
Galloways were pul up for sale, and
they   I rought $���<:, apiece. The gi ind
iverage tor the total aumber of bull
sold amounl to J108. A vasl uiajorii;
"     he animals pul up tor sale were
yearlings and two-y, ar-olds, The average prices realised al the annual exhibitions held since 1901,   ire as foi
1901    $ 81.17
1902        96.76
1903    _    96.38
1904       93,98
1905       69.59
1906     103.60
No stallions have been pul up tor
sal.- by auction, but there has been a
i brisk demand for Clydes, Shires, Pel
i hei  "s and Hacknej's by private sale.
Good animals in each class realised
giiod pries and manj sal is were madi
during the past ihree days, The heavy
es are in greatesl    demand, fclx-
pert Judgi a have declared "Goodington
Magniflco," an Alberta-bred Hackney.
to be one of the best In his class iu
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Royalty at the rate
limbs and  general  unlbrlfllness  often
::...   eases   of   glanders,     tbe
disease exists In many animals without, for the time being, any external
manifestations   whatever,    the   only
in.'iiiis of detection ln such cases i o
lng the Malleln test, and lhal these
OCCUll or latent cases are in    some re-
: tha most,   dangerous   be, au i
Ul a peel,,I. Our experience show;
thai il is possible for animals of lhis
class to convey infection to others
Without   themselves   developing   acute
symptoms, it. is therefore plain thai
-real caution should bo exercised In
the purchase ,������ handling of strange
liniT, s or mules especially In those
districts   whore   the     disease   has
become established.
s. Tl,.- carcases of animals dying
from onslaughtered as being axeoted
With glanders should, when possible,
be burned or, falling this, burled at
teasi six f,.,.| beneath the surface.
9, Owners Of premises where out-
,,;'   '. .   have   i.e.n   ,1. all   with   sboild
hear In mind thai  Inspectors cannol
recommend release    irom Quarantine comptroller,
unless disinfection  has been carried
0111 in a satisfactory mnnner nnd that
eiunpensivtlon for animals slaughtered
cannot bo paid until a certificate   of
Lansing and disinfection has been
received by the Minister of Agriculture,
tO.   Horse owners  should  have no
hesitation In reporting to this Dopiirt-
s for
;S   Or   IH'IICU   ceiling,   wvCept
on   the  Saskatchewan   River,  where
ilie  lessee  can   dredge  to  high-water;
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
dale of the lease for each live miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one i
dredge for cub fifteen miles or fraction thereof i- sufficient. Rental, $io
per annum for each mile of river!
leased, Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent collected on tlie ;
output  after  it   exceeds  $10,000.
Dredging in thc Yukon Territory-
Six leases of live miles each may be
granted In a free miner for a term of
.'o years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars ill the river
below low water mark, that boundary to lie fixed by its position on the
tst day of August in the year ol the
date of  thc  lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the (late of thc lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Vol.. n  Territory  to  be  paid  to  the
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office. Eighth Street,
You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
You do the wise thing. Its tempting
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by��� I
Factory and Office, P.rine Block,
  ____-----_^���������������������    '
Westminster Iron Works
Gents* Prefered
AM) l'..\t;iNE
STRUCTURAL ikon    wintiv.
Iron   wont,  including
Fire  I'.scapes, etc.
ind correspondence in
Fences, Gate1
Mail orders
New Westminster, t'. o. 474
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Bring your old bicycle and get it
made ns good na new. We are experts
on all kinds of repairing. We have been  \tym   |\|.    D|"OP<s2r
B. C. Land
"Hard Block.   New, Westminster, B.C.
constantly   at the repairing   business
for 11 years so we know II from a to z.
ment n,- to Its Inspectors the existence giving notice and paying a fee.
���� wtual or suspected oases of Blan,l- Work   must  be  done   on  a
c"- The disease ha* been spreading ^ ycar to ",e va,uc ��f " '' "'
rapidly of Into years nnd It ls a matter of public Interest that every fresh
centre of Infection should bo dlscov- alui entry by a free miner
No free miner shall receive a grant
of  more   than   one   mining  claim   on
each   separate   river,  creek  or   gulch,
bul   the   same  miner   may  hold  any
number   of   claims   by   purchase,  and
free   miners   may   work   their   claims
partnership   by   filing   notice   and
fee of $-'-     A claim may be
abandoned   and   another   obtained   on
Ihe   same   creek,   gulch   or   river,   by
year to mc vaiuc oi ai ,e.,si $^oo.
A   certificate   that   work   bas   been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be I
aba,id.me,1,  anad  open   to  occupation : Telephone A1R4 or address 4th Avenue
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster,
Plants and Annuals of all  kinds,   cut |
flowers nnd floral designs,   Dahlias
f>0c per dozen.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggngo delivered
part of the elty.
promptly to any
Light and Heavy Hauling
and 10th Street.
Office 'Phone 1K5.
warn 'fnone 1.17
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the Place
407 Hastlnss St. West, Vancouver.
In  the Teeth of Danger.
According lo the annual recruiting
return,    llii.oijl new men joined the
British army lasi year, ami 29,911 the
' militia.    These   figures   show   a  decrease from the previous year.
So,,,..   Interesting   information     is
I given   as  to  an  unsuccessful  experi-
I ment with respect to recruits whose
; teeth were defective.   It was decided
that these recruits might be accepted
I if Ihe provision of artificial dentures
(cost  not to exceed   ��3)   was likely
to render them efficient. Recruits en-
[isttng on these terms had  lo agree
in writing; 1. (a) To pay on enlistment a sum not exceeding  E3, oi  lb,
to be placed under stoppages until lie'
sun, required to provide the dentures
had been made good.   2. To undertake
to  maintain their artificial  teeth  in
serviceable condition at their own expense during their period of service.
A  considerable number of recruits
enlisted under the conditions, but the
experiment cannot be considered  to
have been a success and has been dis-
nmiiniu.Hl.    Many  recruits repudiated
tb.ir agreement, and in other cases
the amount agreed upon was inadequate.���London Daily  News.
��� o	
Too Thin.
There is a representative in con-
gress from the West who is exceedingly thin. Being a very good-natured
man, ihis representative always takes
in good part any Joking reference to
bis Blenderness; indeed, he is uot
averse to a jesl himself in that connection, as is illustrated by an inci-
,l,ni thai occurred in a street car in
II appears thai just as the car was
roun_lng a curve a burly citizen
lurched forward and sat in the con-
man'j lap. He recovered him-
quickly, and begun a profuse
apology, when he was Interrupted by
the    statesman's cheery    "Thai's  all
"But," added the congressman plaintively, "I wish, my friend, that you'd
tell me whether you thought I was
painted on the seat."���Harper's
Jungle at Sea.
When steamer BarenteMs, which has
jusl arivt',1 at New York left Calcutta,
the cargo consisted of two big BHcred
white    elephants,  oue    ordinary  elephant   and   500  assorted serpents  tor
a   N.w   York  animal  dealer.    In  a
slant    of icy  weather    in the Indian
ocean  Ihe sacred  elephants died snd
were heaved overboard.   T '�� *
teter a big python climbed In-o  ....
rlgslDS and  embraced a USW-  The
while tho crew hacked at the python
with knives t.iUll they freed the victim. The man lay unconscious ,ia..l
port Snld was reached, aud he wa*
sent ashore with his ribs crushed.
1'-: s
.1AY 10,
ill  '
M.I "I
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. O. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Large Sums of Money Will Be Paid for   Capture,
Or Alive, of Bandits Who Held Up   the
C. P. R. Train.
Reprcscit.-.tive    Citizens  P.-.y  Tribute
to Estimable Family of the
Royal City.
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
Wehavebeen appointed agents for the Union  Assurance Society
of London, England, which has 1,       'arrying on fire  insurance business
.!S> L1714 A- 1J" and  which  has  a  capital and accumulated  funds of
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record;
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400,   Prem. $22,954.60
1900 Assurance in force   $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,605.96
The description of th,   ro ibers who
held up ih,. C. P. R.  ��������� 1 train
of Kamloops on Tuesd ���:��� a)
given by the men whom thej  accosl
ed, bears in some respects a striking
resemblance I i some of the men who
"All w,  wani ,.,,ii ��� . i" Is i" work for
us. We are oul foi ��� ��� *;u"
ie mall and
express  car.  We i.i-
off, and then you have gol to take 11
.md stop II at th,  luindr, I nn I
did  the trick    near  Mission    In  1904.  mile post. whet,. w    i a mate to
::. 126,897.
92,029.30  >'
186  Columbi
Real   Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
Street, NEW
Snaps In
85 acres of good
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop, 20 in pasture.
Good house and outbuildings. Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice  and   store.
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This is a No. 1 buy,
and will only be on the
market for a short
The leader of  th,   gang  i-  d,
a.-   an   elderlj I loklng   man.   possibly
. ira of age, and the handkerchief
be   wor.-   only   partialis   covered   his
h, avy gn ie.   He was a man
of heavj. chunkj build, and is though!
���    pretty accurate]}
of Bill .Mim','. the
man who I ed to have held up
Sllvei lal... A Becond
man in the partj seem, d to be fairly
tall, with .-anil, whiskers, and the
���bird was apparently a young fi llo��
and In was mosl active in ihe movements .���;' ii,,' trio.
Rewards Offered.
Immediately on wor 1 of the ro
... Ived  in  Vancouver  Posl  i If-
join  us
Inquisitive Conductor.
The engineer did not attempt to argue wiih ;, loaded r, rolv, r, bul si ,p-
ped tb,. train al their bidding and the
lubbers  swung off and   uncoupled  the
mall car fr,.,,, the resl of the train. Ai
ihis juncture  Conductoi   Sam  Elliott
in, ia,   . ... oi their depai tun
... up ih.'ii' r,
den, ��� in Vancouver Mr. an.l Mrs, 11
nl Starretl were given a 1110-' ph
sain surprl 1 evi ning   when    1
; ,. ... ItlZ, ..
. ,,; iheir 1 ie i" ��� -a for
mal far,'Well.
"Th.. visiting pari, carried with them
a handsome ami valuable tea service
which was presented 10 Mr. and Mrs.
.:��� together with an address,
fhe address was largel) signed and
ied regrei that the community
was .ib,,ut to louse one of the mosl
estlmahl, families thai have ever ben
numbered among its population. The
man:, personal qualities of Mr. Starretl   which  in,,.' made him a strong
j New Wash Shirt Waist Suits'!
i __; ���
Fifty Ladies' Shirt Waists Just Opened Out ���
All made of fine serviceable materials which will!
stand being put in the wash tub and survive the trv .
ing ordeal to which they are subjected. " X
Set1 the values we are showing  at \
$3.00, $4.25, $5.75 and $6.50 j
noticing something wrong pul on: bis favorite among met* and the Interesl
head   front   one  of               11   cars  and he had always taken In the welfare Of
called  to    the engim           Whal    is the Hoyal City were referred to ln lit-
WTong there? Has an air-hose burst?" ting terms.
One of the robbei                   Bhouted Among the manj good qualities   dI
back:   "This   Is  no aii'hose.  This  is  a Mr.   Starretl   is   one  Of   modesty,   and
hold-up. I'm your head In th.-re or I'll though he Is, under usual conditions,
i.i.iu ll off." Elliott losi no time In ob- able to express himself fluently  and
eying the order, and   hi     ibbers com- Intelligently on  almosl   anj   question
pelled  the  engineer      1 sl irl   up  Lh 1 that may be suggested his How of Ian-
Harry Keefer Comes to the City With
Projectoscope and Accurate
himself   io   wire   thai   the   Dominion
government   would  give  a  reward  of
si.  for the capture of the robbi rs.
Later 'his offer n is confirmed by the
Dominion   gov, and   Inci
... $5,000. '1 hi   ''. P, R. has also offer
ads    of ed $5,000 reward fo ca] ture of the
mosi   ... .        ere now 1   mi 3 toll    ��   and $1,00 1 1 1 are   of
...     eople  of  Ni *   IV, stmlnster   an  ' " -   Indlvl b      or alive.
opportuni      to   witness   reproductions  �����  n
: Ini Ipal sci n, s of the great
Be,   Inspector  McLeod  took it    upon  train again, and undi    the Icj .naze of  guage somewhal tailed him on the oc-
While   descriptions  of   the   hor   irs
ie San Fran       11        ...   and
six revolvers
mile down th
order, .1 to pull up.
thej        imed   aboul   a  caslon of thi  address and presentation
line, when they were last evening, llis mind was filled with
thoughts   of   gratitude   and   kindness,
bul  he had difficulty   In  1 ��� -���  them
Into words, and the words, when they
commeni ed lo c nm . �� er 1 Impede I by
that obstacle th il n lly 1 i ses in
roat oi' a good natured man
when his feelings hav,. been proi ���rh
McQuarrie Fools Them.
Tb.. robbers ihen 1        I their al ten-
tion  to  the  mall-car,    which   was  In
charge  of  1 wo  cl,        named
tlvely   Willis   an 1     icQuarrl .   \\ I
ep al the tin,,     .1  VIcQ tarrie  touched
1, rs   will   have  11   hard   chase,  although ih.ir manoeuvre In taking the
11   gave them aboul half-an-hour's
starl   over any   posslbb      1        . and
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chicken houses and
Price $1,800
Easv Terms.
Harry   Keefer,  a   photographic  and
��� who Is well known
throughout   the    Uni e I   States    an 1
ida   was  in   San  Francisco  at  the
ii   ul the  disasti r, and    was    one
,,r th,   ... i ts  to whom  special priv-
to photograph ruins was given,
Hi   came trom  Vancouver today    and
i   that   he   will   present   tin
views   here   nexl   Saturday   afternoonlp   |a  ;,:s,,  very  ino'ly  thai   th
and  evening  al   the opera hous... horses  tethered  near  the spol  where
Thi i    hav just  recentlj   been  they jumped off the engine.  \ numbei
completed, and Mr. Keefer has shown  ,,.; detectives and have lefl  tor
them   to  largi    audiences  in  Vancou-  the scene of th, the peo-
ver where the reproductions have caus-  pie j���  the neighborhood  are an,used.
ed no end of interest. People who were  cowboys are hot In pursuit,   and II is
in  San  Francisco al  the time of the  a big chance thai the robbers will be
disaster, an l  have  seen  these  vi, ws,  brought  to bay.
Loss   Is  Small.
. enl offei    $1,5 ������   eward. was lefl In charg,  a car. McQuar-
Indians on Trail. rl,  was    usy sorting ti mall when he
ited bj    in.- ters, Indian not!ced tha<   :'" '��" '   ' slowln8 UP-
arted  on th,   chas,   yester- ''!l11    thinking    thai '  ng    was
day, and as II is an open bunch-g, '     '��� calle<i '" ��:::ii i0 wake '-'���
country for miles round Kamloops and "::"'"'   afterwards I was summoned
��� ��� way down to the boundary, the
���; h, door and , n doing so was
��� I by a pointe 1 revolver, I e
hind which ;, voice om a sinister
maske I lace was hi l commanding
him io bold up his li.     5. Bj ibis time
had sprung "a I and join-
e 1 him. He also was commanded to
1 oinl his fingers h tvi .ward, and
had a vision of rbbl andlng out
side the car door in company with the
engineer and fireman. The old, sl ol
��� h, robbers who app, u ed to be the
leader of the band, gruffly com,,,anil-
ed  Willis to climb down and out    of
After a little struggle, how-
ev, . Mr, Sti rrel got liis vocal organs
in,,, fairly good working ord, r, and
expressed the gratitude of Mrs. Stai
retl ami himself in a manner naturally sincere.
Al  the conclusion  of the orati
ordeal   through    which  h, r    hu
Btruggl id   so  nobly  Mrs.  Starr,
aboul   to   entertain   the   visitors     and
this sh,  did in a manner that convinced  her  guests  that    theirs  was    the
greater share of the enjoyment of the
Mrs. Starrett and the children wlll
remain In New Westminster for a tew
weeks longer and though Mr. Star-
ret's duties as conductor on the main
line of the C. P. R. will not permit
hlm to se,   much of the Royal City, he
40 acres of good
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school and
three quarters of a
mile to river.
Price $1,500
Half   cash,    balance
easy terms.
Agents for the Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
278  Columbia   Street.
��� M.ii... astonishment at the vividness tbe car. "I'm Tiny." . e said with    a
completeness and accuracy of the re- Loss  ls Sma"' grtm    oil           , no        g   Willis shiv-                    ��	
. iduction. The monetarj loss from ihe hold-up ering in the nlghl alrlnhls Bcantattlre The new air compressing planl for
The views were nearly all taken cannol be very great. Only seven let- ������,��� have to keep you out n this con- the Vulcan Boiler works arrived here
while the cltj was still in Ham..-.- and ters- :l" address-d to Victoria, were anion, bul w, won'l hold you long." today via the B. C. !���:. Ry. The man-
crumbling while refuge.., were i.n- stolen, and in these days very little The robber then din,led inside the ager, D. C. Patterson, will commence
gaged In panic stricken flight, and cash '" ",i: '" registered mail. There ,.,,. and turned his attention to Mc- the Installation of the plan! al once
when all the exciting events that have was very little disturbance to the pass- Quarrie, and demanded to be shown and anticipates thai It will facilitate
been told of In the newspapers w.re engers, though those on the first-class the mail pouches with the red stripes, the carrying on of his business  in a
will  give    a  Saturday
taking  place.
Mr,   Keefer
matinee foi
school  children of the city,
There are altogether 100 views In
Mr. Ke, fer*s collection and they are
thrown on the canvas by a 5,000-can-
dle power projectoscope, A lecture is
given  with  the  views.
McQuarrle, who showed rare presence  very  greal   measure,
of mind, pulled oui a tew sacks which   	
car. which was nearest to the mall-car
gol an idea that something was wrong
the special benefll of the bul :ll">' i:i ':'" sleepers and the rear he knew contained very little reglsl
c;ii- learned nothing of i, till yesterday morning. Very little flutter or
-ciiie sei ms in have been shown on
either side, and the engineer and fireman simply had to bow to the inevitable.
How   Hold   Up   Happened.
The train had passed Ducks and was
lbout six miles easl of Kamloops when
For .
Guichon K. L. Beaublen, Vancou
ver; \V. (',. O'Coughlln, Vancouver; J
E. Fletcher, Belllngham; !���'. M. Logan,
Colonial- .1. li. Elliott, Ladner; F.
���I. Arnol .. New York; Mr. and Mrs.
Walston ..:. l famll;, Calgary; .1. E.
Bt. John, Calgary; A. li. Winger, Toi
onto; Ft. li. Hustan, Toronto; .1. 11.
shall'. Vancouver.
Windsor���J.  E.  Pulton,  Vancouver;
C, Johnson, Vancouver, (1. W. Altchen-
son, Tynehead;  George Thrift, Hazel-
;   Mrs.   Hunter,   Belllngham;   W,
Bookman,   North   Ynl.i ;   R.  Angus,
"��� ���  li- s.  Ph ; a, Mission; .1. M,
:���'��� :i:ii .   Vancouver,
Cos n A.    is. Gammon,    G.
Hardii       Lochlel,  E. J.  Fatchel,  llar-
 -;   ii. S hofleld,  Hop
:���:  J.  vV.  Dale and  wife,  Hammond.
i  .-  ntocl . I
O.  I.e.ni.   Po     Hanej :   Mi
i.an . Iln, Si ��� .     Centre.
ed   mail.
"Is that all the registered mail ,h
Is?" asked  the robber.
"YeS. I L'll.-ss lhal is all,1
McQuarrie, calmly pointing
Till"'; -31 'XViWBBV
rep] ie.
to    thi
Overlook Lot of Cash.
The robbers then demanded
three  men  clambered  over  the    coal was tne San Francisco mail, but was
lender, and   with  a  revolver in  each told that none was carried,   He then
hand  held  up  the engineer and  fire- wenl   trough the sacks und secured
man. Two of the men wor.. handker- 8even registered letters all addressed
chiefs over their laces, bul  the third l0   Victoria.   11,.- then   demanded   to
man   had   his   features  concealed   by know what was in ,lle letter case, but
the heavy collar of his sweater which
appeared to be tied wiih a string running over the top of his head so that
ll ca me up nearly to his eyes, It was
rather a startling appartion tor Engineer Callln who was driving, bul
the man who appeared to be the
S oung, s of he three hold-up mi n re
assured    him  thai  they did  nol  wan,
was told that it was only ordinary
matter. In reality the bulk of the registered matter was in this case, and
it is calculated that It contained between $35, , and $10,000.
The rubber, apparently dissatisfied
wiib his work so far, ordered McQuaT
ii'1 i" gel oui of the car, and told Willis  io  come  in.    lie  pointed    to    the
him  lo  make anv  fuss or  be .scared.
i Haney,
and   Mrs.
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold fur $1600,
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents. Tel. 106. Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
Grade Reduced.
On  Tu      ,    nigh.  B gang of men
"' "> woi i, ni reduce the grade
on th,   tracl     I  the Btreel car line al
Colllngwood,   between   ibis   city   and
Vancouvi r, ami by yesterday morning
id compb     i a long desjrod lm-
Provi : lent. With much less strain on
he Interurban .service
will   be   greatly   Improved,   and   this
will ensure better time being made in
the future bi tween the two cities.
Weather Prospects.
Victoria, May 10.���The pressure has
creased over the North Pacific slope
' I  I    now   highesl  al   Porl  Simpson.
A lov, area has crossed the upper pari
te  Province    Into  Alberta    from
whence a  vast   trough of low  pressure
���   ids   so,,,],ward     to   Xew     Mexico.
Excepting   showers  a1   Porl   Simpson
and the uth of the Columbia no rain nandale
has fall,,, of any appreciable amount
and fair weather is general both easl
and   west   of  the  Kockics.
forecasts for 36 hours ending 5 p.
tc. Friday on the Lower Mainland;
Light   winds;  gem rallj   lair an.] warm.
for one year of an individual
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Is Only $2.50.
Long Vault,
Lorsf^ Boxes,
Long H!o"-rs.
T. -I. Trapp..   President;  T.   S.   An-
Vice. President;  P. .1.  Hart,
Manager;   Edward   Chapman,    Sec-
Treas.; L. A. Lewis,   W.   J.   Mathers,
II. Kyall.
Vault at Ofiice of
sacks on the floor and asked Willis
the question he had asked McQuarrle.
"Is thai all the registered mail?"
he said, pointing to the sacks on the
Willis Settles   It.
Willis answered In almosl the same
words as McQuarrie thai he guessed
II wa,. and this Beemed to make the
rob ers believe thai McQuarrle had
be.-n telling the truth. The robber
|still continued his search, but, ending
nothing, demanded to be shown the express matter. Willis told him truthfully thai the mail car was mil carrying any express on this trip, and thai
ii was all on the car just behind. This
car had been mistakenly cut off ami
lefl   behind   Willi  the rest  Ol  the train
and this discovery seemed to rather
non-plus the robber. With an oath he
wenl to the door, and spoke to his
companions, and direclly afterwards
ihey cut. off the mail.car and jumping
again on the engine ordered the engineer to carry them aboul, three miles
fun her west. Ther,. they commanded
him to stop, and then shouting: "Take
care of ..ourselves boys," all jumped
off and disappeared In the darkness.
Tb.. engine backo i up to the mall
car ami lo the resl of the train, and
proceeded on its journey to Kamloops.
The whole affair ,lh| not occupy more
than half-an-hour, and the train arrived in Vancouver nearly on schedule
A. I WHITE, 260 Columbia Si'
Telephones ���".
The purest of Joe cream at the Star
'��� '"ly Factory n_xl to VeGrey's barber
shop. *
Get Busy in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg. Man., May 10.���The Winnipeg Parks board will spend $r,u,nini
this summer. The city will also erect
a six story police station, work lo
commence June 1,
Maple Leaf
There are running shoes,
and running shoes, but
none to equal those with
the Maple Leaf Brand
on the sole. They come
in both Tennis and Oxford styles for Ladies or
Gentlemen, Girls or Boys,
and the soles of all are
made from pure para
gum rubber.
Maple Leaf
Lacrosse, Tennis
or Running Shoes
Look well, fit well, wear
well and are stylish, neat
and durable.
For sale by all good shoe
dealers.    Ask for them.
Selling Agents,
A large range of Lustre Suits ;tt $6 t,
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
\\\> have on sale for the benefil of
our Customers the Primest, Tenden
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New West minster.
The well established business known as
The Old Country
Boot and Shoe Store
A rare opportunity for some "ne  ul,.. has tbe ca I
wants a good going concern as  any  trades man  on  the
street can testify.    Remember this ,.11. ,��� is only ,-��� i
a short time.    Satisfactory reason for selling.
(t. pinnick]
Your Individuality
Is Liable to Suffer
when you '.year clothes intended
for the other fellow. Leave
your order at home. Don't
fatten up the eastern manufacturer but call  on	
Merchant Tailor. Columbia St.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
for Sweets
Ice Cream and C.  B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit*
Do your own  Silvi r Pla
horn,'-   a   wonderful   prepi
made by Meyer & Allen oi  New
York       :       :       :
50 Ws a Bottle
P.. C. Purdy,
Sale Afjent. Columbia Street
Ellard Block, Advertise in the News
New Westminster,
Electric Railway Service j
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver ami way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:60 a. in. to 11' p,
,���. excepting al 7:30 and 8:80
n.   in.     Half  hourly  cars  will
run  fr,,,,, Central    Park    to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Hervico trom
6.30 a. m. to 11 p. in;
20 Minute Service���.\o minuter.
Between 12 and _ and l> and 7.
30   Minute   Service   during^* }
inaitxler or ,1a
Leopold Place
Sunday   Service
tween   8   a.   in
half-hourly be-
wl 1" P- u" *
City and Sapperton. J
Sapperton Line-n, Minute ^'' |
v'ee. except  between U��   *
2, and 5 and I, �����""���'�� ;n,be
hours   the   service wm
Sunday Service
tween 8 n.
ni. 11 ml I' P'
I British Columbia Electric Ry- Co., ^


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