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The Daily News Apr 22, 1906

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f��s_ w*��e_l-*_5'r!*m, <*S? ���_*
- i#$
^T|   �����'^-
nsax. __lL_.'lt_j��i��;
City of New Westminster,  the Royal City of British Columbia, Viewed From the South Bank of the  Frasei   River.
7     T^Q
Cll    oi New Westmlnstei  ..
Mayor W. li. Kearj   	
Alderman George An. ,,.- ...
��� .Mian I'. W. Howay ....
Alderman W. V. DavleS ....
Aider,,,an .Joseph Henley ...
Able,,!,an .1. Ii. Jardine ....
250.00 Dall)  Ne   .   Pub. Co., Ltd. ���
15.00 Dr.  A. .1.  Holmes  	
;   ... | :'.   3.   Ann..11.1.ile   	
In.in, Lady Friends  	
10.00 Dr. and Mrs. B. lv Sawyer
10.00 -lohn  Crean   	
10.00 -Nels   Nelson    	
,(l Many Large Structures Are Found to Be in Good Shape
For Repair   and Will Soon Be Ready  fcr
Occupancy���Architects in
Prompt and Willing Response to Call for Relief Is Made A
By the People of the Royal City���Contributions Are
Numerous and Generous and the Good Work Goes ^ ,
I .    r OU li'!        .i.l Ml    J,    L_i,    I il 11111 >.-
On Unceasingly���Busy Time Yesterday.
Alderman Alex. Garrett    10.00 Adams  A:   Dean   ...
W. McLeod   6.00 A. E. Rand	
M. H. McQuarrle   5.00 W.   S.   Collister
I. VV. Mcintosh    5.00 O. 0. BouUUer  .
I. Pearce   5.00 Reichenbach Co.,
10.1 n   Memory   Gilley
io.,,.,  u. C. Cigar Factory
vv. ,|. Wall,.-,-    5.00 Gilley  Bros.
.1. IV Taylor  10.00 Rev.  W.  11.
\  . ar containing   15,1   pounds of  thai within an hour ta,  car had been  wiih the matter of the car passing the H   0   Bowe    lu.,,,h  p-   Bi L.yle  	
cms tor the San Francisco Buf-  secured,        teamsters       were       out  customs. He had gotten in touch with Joh_  Koster     B00 Judge w   Nlinila���  Boie
left this city las,  night as the  mail,.-nng    up   the   goods    ami   men  Col.   Dudlej   th,    American   consul  in  Kuv;ll   city   Mllla     10000  Anonymoua  	
ontrlbutlon of   the New West-  wer,   in the cars Btowlng them away  Vancouver and  had  made the neces- ,;    D   Brymner     25.00 Whltesldes &-  Edmonds
  5.00   I. A. Montgomery  	
goods    ami   men Col.  Dudley the
,l,e New West-   wer,   In  the cars stowing then, awny Vancouver  and   had  made  the neces
citizens towards their relief.  In  readiness  for their long journey, sary arrangements    for the    passing ioim Ueill|
I,   affair  was arranged, Bet-  The credit  of getting  the e-ar placed through  of the car without  invoices. |L M,,,.,,,  	
I  and  the car  loaded   within   live  so quikly  ls due tb the management and for the Immediate delivery of the Th(im   chue_  flp].  chlnesa  Mis
Phe car No. 7209 bore on either  of  F.   C.  Griffin,   the  local   agent   of shipment at San Francisco.                          Blcma 	
nvas signs, 33 tt. long and about   the   ('.. N. it. company.   Teams   for     Other committees were then cal  Rev. A. Shildrick 	
wide, bearing  the words "Re-  hauling   the   goods   were   turned   out upon to hand in their reports. W. A. H Harvey 	
.  San Francisco sufferers from   by   their  owners  gratis  and    within Gilley reported with reference to the j   ,,   Maxwel]   ,	
twenty    minutes  of  tiie    promise  of transportation of goods to the car. He jonn   power
teams    being    made   Messrs.    Gilley Bpoke very highly of the expeditious Rbbt   Kennedy
.lohn  Peck        10.00   J0a
bail  men  ������  the  road  collecting up The secretary, Aid. Howay, present-
the goods and conveying 'hem to the ed  Hu- following financial reporl  and
car.    On  another  team  being deemed list of goods placed in the ear.
necessary, Belyea & Company prompt
Westminster, BrlUsh Columbia."
....i-i  were  valued    a1   $1,819.26,
. II Izens  hav,-  pledged  th, :������
linn   will  be more to fnl-
Bros.,  Belyea  &  Co.,  W.  Smith, and' manner In which the teamsters had re-
the    Westminster    Transfer company  sponded and gol down ,., the business.
Considerate Officials.
Ureal   Nor, hern   officials   were
aough to allow Ihe car to pass   |;.  fll,e(]  |))(1 , i;,     Tw(|  h.,1(,  wol-kii>g
tree.    Edward     L.    Dud
a    consul  ai    Vancouver was
lone  and   guarantee,]   lhe   car   lo
The  Money  in  Sight.
total assets in sigh,  were: City
custom   duty   free and  with-   tjje|_  eoatj
men   who  have  lo  wot!,  by   lhe  hour
tor  their  living,   lal.   Thompson   an.l  1!^ "*. *���"'""��� Daily News lis,, $.-,���0
Robt. Johnston went luto the car will,  ��0��� *"l'",'"i' *1B��- In speaking on th.
idea caught on and Chief Watson, Dr.
F. IV Sawyer, George Adams, R. A.
Henderson, were appointed a commit
i.e of management.
An adjournment was then made un
til Tuesday nigh, a, S o'clock In the
board of Hade rooms.
Subscribers  may  leave    their dona
Thos. Gifford, M.  1'.  P
II.  Kyall   	
I   ,;    IV  Grossman   	
6.00   n.   a.   Eastman   	
10.,   A. Welsh   	
2.60   \i.  Sinclair   	
2-50  h. .!.  McMenemy  ....
5.00  iv   Murchle   	
,'.  Armstrong   ..
.1.   Harl   i-  Co	
Capi.  Ackerman   	
Frank   S.   DeGray   ...
Alex.   Matheson   	
M.   Monk   	
.las. McKay  	
Mrs. F. W. Howay ..
Chief .1. IL Watson ..
Geo.   Scott    	
ustoms delays.    Before night
��� car    was   Baling    en   route   tor
��� i   melsco, A considerable amounl
off  and  did,,',   le,   up  .ill   r��Port   ���"''���   ""w;1>     st*ted   that    OM
committees had fell    tha, they   were tlons ,������  pledges  a,   the  Daily  News  Vanstotne   Heading & Plumbing Co.
quite  justified   in  going   beyond    the office,  the city    hall, or any    of ibe.John Stewart Elgin .
the job was complete and go, angry
when ihey w.re offered pay for their
services.   The  75   yards  of  canvas  tor
telephoning   to distant places was Ih). Btreamer8 wa8 donated by W. S.
rl necessary and  Manager Arm
offered    the      committee    In
" free Use of lhe telephone serv-
aii    messages in    connection
lie relief scheme.    Thus every-
lushed   along     ���will,,.,,,   a
��� i, m's delay.
Spontaneous Origin,
he   movement   seems  in  have  bee,,
fin.menus   origin.     W.   EL   Vanst-
V..   A.   Mall,ers   and   Dr.   K.   IV
'ti   nu.:  aboul   ���,,..���.,  and started
idli  over the  mailer  and   came  to
1 inclusion   thai   ii   was  time to
busy,   Accordingly   they   started
telephones   working    wilh  such
Cllisicr .^ Co. 1. Hudson, the painter,
willingly gave up bis Sabbath day's
res, in order t��� add his quota to
the good cause ami pain, the streamers. Dr. Sawyer got busy along the
lino printing the necessary signs
to accompany the ship,,,.,,, an.l C.
Donahue, stuck I hem on. As soon as
tl,.. streamers were read,, Capt. Ackerman of the IV G. S. Georgia was on
deck will, a hammer anil lacks to
nail  the,,, on to the sides of the car.
Swipe the Lathes.
Jus,   then the committee found them-
11. L. DeBeck     a.
Belyea & Co    3
T. ll. Smith      ���'������
considered the ac- man of the relief committee,  Mayor|Thos.  Mombray       :!
Schmidt,   San   Francisco.  Iron,   W.   K.   W.  C.  Chamberlain        3.
Vanstune. chainnan. New Westminster, I'-  H.  Benson      2.60
present amount subscribed and thought   banks
that,   "He  who  gives  quickly,    gives
twice," and as it  was a case of immediate necessity, l,
The Loaded Car.
was   shipped   to   the
tlon would meet  with popular Bympa
Aid.  Ada;.* stated  thai  $25 might and contained the followln
be expected from the West Side Methodlsl   church  as  a  resull   of their  reproduction on Saturday of the Temple
of Fame.
Dr. 10. iv Sawyer promised that the
News list would be Bwelled to $800.
The el,airman called al ten, Ion to the
lac, Ihat the congregation of SI. Bar-
nahas church were putting on Ihe com-
Ta cases   >2  lb.  Hats sain,on
42 22V4  lb. sacks oatmeal  .
8 45 lb. sacks oatmeal
lu Tu Ib. sacks oatmeal ....
,r. sacks bread   	
iuu pkgs. 500 boxes herrings
24 boxes  crackers  	
Ill I :.���  lb.   sacks
men, through Chief Watson, hail pro-
edy, "A Pair of Artists," in the opera 146 iuu lb. sucks spuds
selves     "up   ng'in   It"   as     there   was   |���,nsi, ,,���   Monday  nlghl   in  abl of the   no sacks   rice   	
positively   nothing   in   sight   lo  use  us   fll,���|   |,   waa gig- st.ilt'd  thai   ihe flre-1     ll  IUU lb.  sacks BUgar
-"���"I "in ihai ai i o'clock there wasIci9atg to hold the canvas on. Walter
: ' a respectable steed body of men <;iii,.v looked a, Doc Sawyer, Doo
ed ln the board of trade rooms, sawyer looker, a, Walter Gilley,
A n preliminary, W. E. Vanstone "Guess we'll have to do-lt," said Doo.
*H9 uppoiiiieii  chairman  ami  F. W. ������(;,���,aa B0)�� S]li,i Walter and like two
Howay, Beoretary. His Worship Mayor   aron  conspirators,  moved  by  a  single
..a. Bought  for. bin owing to thought, the two made their way along palltles   Inviting   their   co-operation
���"���us  illness  in   bis   family   he   was   nu,   p.u,-    Btreet,   around   the   lumber along the line ol' sending supplies.
unnlilc to leave  home.     He sen,   ni.-s-   pnea   ���j   tne   u,,y:il   City    Mills   and       [���  the  name  of  the  Itamona.  F.  .1.
' regrel   thai   he could not   be   vvltb   daring   desperado  airs  each   ap.  Harl     promised    that    all    donations
20  lb, lb. sacks sugar
llilscd ,o bring in a  llrsi  class wrestl-j   __ eases   cream   	
Ing  male',,     lhe   proceeds     of     which     III boxes   tea   	
WOUld be defOted to the good cause.        uu cases canned goods
The secretary was Instructed to com-   100 woollen   blankets   .
muulculc   with   clerks  of   the   municl-    2,, eases  can,,.
.1.  1'.  II.  Hole   2.60
Pounds ���'��� li- Cam,,,,    -
. 4,500 A- ���'��� Blrtch  ���:  "���
B00 W. B. Sinclair    -.
::,;��� Wilson Edwards   2
700 Lady   Friends     -
150 Alex Hue   -
.   1,000 Alf. Turner    2
,      700 D.   iv   Bourke     ^
our   lu,7tin Joe   Quol      -
Iii,.,iii, Fred   L.   Hacking     11
6,800 Thos.   Freeman     "
,t,���, w.  F,  Brown    -
2 800 B, W. Cook   1.60
7,���, Saknan *��� Johnson
:,,,��� II. II. MoKensle ..
CO,,' Mrs. T.  II.  Lay  ...
San Francisco, Cal., April 21!.���The
area of the burn! district is seven
square miles.
San Francisco, Cal., April 21!.���Properly owners had an opportunity yesterday io inspect some of their holdings ami iu a measure see what damage had been done.
The new model si eel buildings were
found to be almost Intact. In every Instance it seemed thai the earthquake
had not damaged them. The steel
frames were in perfect plumb and apparently as strong as ever. Cornices
and fancy trimmings fell but that was
al'.. Even wlu-n the tire S.Wepl through
them only the wood work was damaged.
Few Repairs Needed.
The Fairmont hotel on Nob Hill will
be rushed to completion.
The Spreckels buildings. Market and
Third si reels, will be occupied in a
lew days.
Tl,.. Union Trust building at Montgomery ami Market has lost only the
Interior woodwork and the St. Francis
hotel is is the same category.
An inspection of the Call building
a, Third and Market streets disclosed
the fact that several of the floors of
the building were in good condition
and could after slight repairs be used
as formerly.
Monadnock Stands Firm.
The new Monadnock building on
Market street, next to the Palace hotel, was round to he in first class condition. Even the wood work In the in-
terior of the building wns intact und
the owner. Herbert E. Law, announced that within ten days he would be
renting offices In this building. The
Monadnock is a large structure of
si eel and brick and wns almost completer! when lhe lire came.
Architects in Demand.
N'.w   York,   April   21!.���Mayor     Mc-
Clellan  today received  the following
telegram from Mayor Schmidt of San
How many archilects and .structural draughtsmen can you furnish and
how quickly can Ihey leave for San
Mayor   McClellan   suggests  thnt   all
Grant's Pas i, Ore . A, id ;:i.���
Ah earthquake sin.,1., wa [ell
here a few liiiini!. s i ast on-,
o'clock this morning.
No serious damage resulted although the houses were shaken
and windows broken.
The shock lasted for fifteen
or  twentv   seconds.
architects and architectural draughtsmen who are in a position to do anything for San Francisco seU,| iheir
names at once tu the sectary of the
ciiy relief committee.
Arrangements were made by l__ officers of the Red Cross te open stores
here to receive supplies fur the San
Francisco sufferers.
Shelter for Ins.vne.
Oakland. April 23���That ���!,.��� chances
of an epidemic breaking ��� ut among
refugees may he lessened, tlovernor
Pardee last night i��KUc,l an order that
all the large camps be broken up into small communities aa soon as possl-
i ble. The governor has received a men-
mage from the secretary ot the interior offering to car.   for  100 of Califor-
' nla's Insane patients at the St. Eliza-
i heth hospital nt Washington, D. C.
Care of Prisoner?.
General Fuuston has noUOed Governor Pardee that the prisoners who
were taken from San Francisco to Al-
catraz Island, government fortress, in
San Pranclsco Bay, at the outbreak of
'the IItb must be Immediately removed
j from the Island on account 'I lhe lack
Iof water and crowded conditions,
Bodies  Recovered
Oakland, Cal.. April 23- I'hat    the
i bodies of 86 patients and it attendants
..ave bee recovered trom lhe ruins
iof tlie Aguews Asylum tor Hu Insane,
neat San Jose, is th,  telegraph lnfor-
I mutton conveyed to Governoi Pardee
last  night  by  Dr.  Hal.),.  ��� ���i. riuten-
| dent of stale hospitals.
;,,���l   F.   F,   Broad          1
I   fruit        1,200   W.  Meltae
,            Mrs.   Auk.
Total     17,1,111  .1.
''in ami expressed bis hearty ac- peared will, a bunch of lathes tucked
01 ' ""I, all lhal mlghl be done by under his arm which he had deliber-
''' 'i'i"',,.. assembled. ately "swiped."    These they  took  to
CommlH... Annninferl I the  Cllr   ,111,1   USell   111   hold   the   slgllS   ll,
nmittees Appointed,
"ue iiex, siep was the appointment
j       ' e nlttees of management, as foi-
anient:    c. A,  Welsh, chair-
:'. i;"".   \il:inis. F, W. Aria,ns, Chief
-I. .1. Phillips, W. .,. Ma,hers.
Curtis, ,��. t. Kirk, F. J, Hart,
1  .orinilon:   it. F, Glover, ohalr-
:  Waller Gilley, N. Mcintosh, D.
C,lstoms:   W,   V..    'nnslone.
���iiian.e;    |���.  ,,;   i,  sawyer, chair-
position. By ti o'clock the cur was filled
and the seals were duly a,inched In
readiness for the cur lo slarl on Its
errand of mercy.
Evening Meeting.
Al    8   o'clock   the   same   nigh,    the
would be carried to this port on that
boal free of charge.
The various steamboats along Iln
river were lo be requested lo follow
out the good example of the Itamona.
The assistance    given    by    Edward
account  telegram from ll.
A.   T,   M..   Seal tie.
Firemen to Entertain.
ri.d entertainment will i���- giv-
0, Brown 	
M.   Kenny   	
ii. McKen.le ...
.1. MaeKay ii Co.
en  in  the  opera  house on   Wednesday
evening by   the firemen   of the eity.E. L. Webber
The entertainment will consist of sing-  A  Friend   .
ing, dancing and wrestling, The Aber-  Mrs.   Kolas
Holt, janitor of Ihe ciiy ball, in aid of   ||(,(,n ������,���.,���,,,, ���,��� ,lss,Kt ,��� ���,_ (|anp.   Caah
Ihe various comiuillees was commented on. Through his efforts every facility     was   provided   for   the   effectual
Ing  number  of  the  programme.   It   is  O. J. Davison
expected  that   some very interesting   ������'������-���.���    .
tolowtng gentlemen  met   in  the board ] working  of  the   various    committees.
IH   I
Of trade rooms lo llnlsh up the business of the day: W. B, Vanstone,
chairman;    Aid.   Howay,   secretary!
Dave   Cross,-.,an.   Waller   Gilley,   .lohn
Crean,  .lames  McKay,   R,   A.   Header-  ���    ,    Ki,.   ,,,���,., ,,������,,,,, ,,,  A    ���   ,,,.���
Armstrong, John Crean, P.   son.   W.   E.  Drown.   P.   Mcintosh,   Dr,
10. IV Sawyer, 11. T.  Kirk, P. .1.  Hart,
Chief .,.   ,,.  Watson, George  Adams,
���vl". N. Mcintosh, .,. D. Taylor. W
Br��Wn,     IV    U.    Hickman,     L.   A
l;.   \.  Henderson, W.  P. Powle
V  Small,   II.   Schaake.
Additional  Funds,
The mailer    of    raising    additional
funds  received  due consideration  and
ti,..  following   resolution,  moved  by
deist,,, was carried unanimously: That
bouts  will   be  seen  In  lhe    wrestling   t   - , , , , ,
Competition   and     all     Interested     in
this  sport   .should  not  fall   to  attend.
The admission win be 2ii cents to ���n
parts of the house and the proceeds
will he devoted to the fund for the v.-
Iler of tho victims of the San Francisco disaster,    As   the opera    house
T.  S.  Annnndale.  D.  10.   McKenzle.  C,
Averll,  II.  II.  McKenzle, C.  II.  Deans.
all employers request their employees  llils been kindly lent free for 11,1s onto donate one day's pay toward the re-  <'��sl"n It Is expected that a handsome
No Time Is Lost,
conunlltoeK    till   got
Success Reported.
The chairman    slated Hint
ler fund,
ll  was suggesleil lhal  an entertiiln-
ment might be arranged In the opera
sum will be realized.
Benefit Tonight.
"A Pair of Artists," ,m|Pt- the nus
he had  house the proceeds of which could be  pices of St.  Barnabas chip-ch  wlll he
London, April 2:!.���According
to a despatch from Toklo to tho
Times Seismographs in the Imperial university show that the
San Francisco ea,���Ihqiiuke reach
.���ii Japan in eleven minutes.
The Hod Cross society uf Jap-
nn Is sending u hospital ship to
San Francisco.
in"i lo i,i,s|i���.��s wllh surh good wlll  made full nrrnngemenls In connection  devoted to Increasing ihe fund.    The, reproduced tonight in the opera house.. t_
Flames Break Out Afresh in the Coal Bunkers nnd
Gain Headway on the Firemen.
San Francisco, April 23.--The lire which seemed
to have died out yesterday, broke out with renewed
vigor in the coal bunkers north of the ferry building
shortly after midnight.
The fire reached these bunkers Saturday but was
apparently cheeked after a hard fight, although the
blaze stubbornly resisted all efforts of the firemen to
extinguish it.
Unless the flames can be subdued there is grave
danger that they will eat their way across, to-tJie
docks north of the ferry building and reach this great
Early this morning the fire was burning fiercely.
.,"'   ,VT
nut  it   is  only   p*ft  of Indl 11
,    Thai which In on�� of the ra i
world, and caugta as In the full
1:  Is
. t   in the
.]     by   Him.     In    tha'
great movement we hav,  ..'.'��� oui
Rev. J. M. McLeod Discourses on the Observance of the \
Sab oath���Rev. Dr. Taylor Deals With Man's Place in
Daikness as Well as Light���Rev. Dr. Rugg Speaks on
Business Element in Religion.
,.r��   Indignan'.
of - larger trut
is    the    I ���'�����    of   loss    is in
anothe,  the la.   oi  gain.   The tore   of an ocean current ,
which    perpetu -;:
has seized upon  bu,   ever,   man   in   Wa  own
generation  Whal  Is ��ur own  order?    v\e maw
our nn    place  in thai    grei
Where tii.-ou,- Even as th�� heritage ot death did nol
ation <>f aestr��y ""r tri'"'""'
of the
firmed  ihat on  the
r.-st   as  Christians.
SABBATH    OBSERVANCE. wise pi       .-vay."   If these words have, disuse.     The  council   ��i   Laodicea   A.
Sunday April :_ wa�� a day M apart Ignlficance, fha    Sabbath   lawjp.   364   condemns tho*er who Abstain
given  to  M ,ses on Sinai, along with  from work on the seventh day und af-
by Ihe Lordu Day alliance for ppecial   ...     ���.������_    Q,n_  oomnuinrim,.nls,    are1 firmed   ihat  on  the  first
sermons   In   support   of  Sabbath   oh-   3tll|   .,,   rorce  aml   will   remain  until
servance, and  on this subjw Rev. .1.    -,,. r-,n8ummatlon of all things.    Pur-
MacLeod Reached a strong sermon we fin(1  mlr  Lorn-   rof(.rring to
thc ��� mi commandments as 'he   stund-
a- !   .:' righ' and wrong: for when ,he
ing  man   came   ,o   Hlm   enquiring
il as the one hop
of a  fallen  race
"In Adam all die."
glans speak of the Impttti
SuHt, philt.sopl.-i-. talk of the solidarity of the rae and although they
do not mean exactly fhe same thins.
fund-mentally tbey are in agreement.
We ure not merely an innuruer.ibl -
mas* of individuals. We constitute
on- iwiy.   Generation by generation
at Central
chose    for
park. Rev. Mr.' Macl.eo i
hir theme the words of
"Whkl   evil   thing    is this
ye do and  profane the gabbath
ni.-n  should  we  aI.  building up t-twt body. W*eo
but  one  sin  in  the history  of men
The records of the early churches and the*corporate life must ber ���Wh-
all show that In obedience to- apostolic' j,,  Itself the  seeds  of  tha,   sin.    Only
enactment.'th.-y Kept  sacr.-.-f ,h.> first   a   _lvin'(    Interposition   adbld   prevent;i anu*Al
da>  of thc week.    Ignatius, A.  I>. W,  ih,.   traniltnisafon   and   spread   of  '-he
bids   those   to   whom   he   wiole   "Tn  ovil, and  such  sn  [htorpcsitlon  would
whal be mu^t do to inherit life, Jesus'beep   ,he   Lord's   day   on   which   our  ,,,,- ha melttx, for It would'destroj the
the heritage of
life but add* to our liberty. Held
tost by Christ we cannot ehooee but
he borne onward by Him hut within
the new life whieh Is in the world we
move freely, Joytullj accepting the
light, hunib'-y yielding to tnJ grace,
or with shame and degradation, tu,.
ploying our dearly bought liberty to
,h, despite unto EUl love. Within
Hli light  We  must  siand. but   wv may
si!.p love the daduiesH and welcome all
Many anti-Sabbath:,,dans tell us that
the   Sabbath   is  a   mere Jewish  ordi-
ns th,
Lord's   day   on
him to these commandments  Life arose."    Justin thc martyr, born structural   llfe   of   the
rule of life. The great teach", r | A.   n.  80  says:   "On   Sunday  wo  all would ceasj to '������ men.
eleven times to the   SabbathI assemble in  connnon,  since on   tha, to  himself    alone.     \r
ra* and w>.
\ ��� -.nan lives
th* fathers
nance and thut In our day we We no (l!iy iml nCver jitters one word imply- day .���,,��� Lord ..*s���s Christ rose- from: ��nil the ChiSfran ''" with hem, and
more bound to observe It than we |ng ,|l;1, H should pass away. So far the dead and appeared unto his ipos- tha dark ta '< 0 shame of the one
are to offer sacrifices; that the Ob- trom the Lord intimating that ,he ties and discipli's and taught 'hem generation !'��� ���'" (Joom Of fce next.
servance of the Sabbath is merely a Sabbath bad passed away. He takes the things whlcli we enjoin you to Tie liberty .' '��� ��� * '�� "Ol etetroyed
custom of human invention for which ,-.,,. .,..,,,,,,(| -v . continuance, for when ol,serve.'' 1 iirnal.i.N. a co-laborer vt'h try that rlr.-.-:' iBfieritance. Freel)
there is no scriptural authority. In ,.,. predicted the destruction of Jeru- Phul says: "Witli gladness we ob- rata reveal t-Sdr heritage, willingly
opposition to this we hold that the .,.,,.,, He Baid to the disciples, "Pray serve the eUvshth <f-y in which .lens endearing the! uDHHaan heringe oi
fourlh commandment is a part of the ,,,.,, ,1Mlr Bigllt \)e n0, nn the Bab- rose from the dead." Anthouaslus, A , :, ���-,-;;!> battli i��j afftinst it.
eternal law of God for the guidance ,atn day,�� wh.-,, we look at the D. J96, affirms* "The lUird transferred! ..u Ak,_iril .,,. ,,,.��� ln the
of mankind in every age and in every  teachings of our Lord It is Impossible the'Sabbath to tbe Lewi's day." These ,,   M1.,u ,_h,
to believe  thai   He .11.1 not mean the  teachings  are   lorrobor-ated
of  the  forth commandment to be as enduring of  Aonysius,     -usebfaB nnd    others,  j,  iB.aver the stv��  oi gam.    Bersuse
as the other nine. and   are     exact   harmony     with   th, ' ,,,-   ,,,.,,    foteAl       ,..-    if   Inheritance,
If we  turn  to the  writings of the  teachstsgs and pristtlce ����� tbe apostles.  wld8  ,_   Uu.   ,���....������,..   ���;  .,   father's
..,.,...     we     find     then,     speaking      '"''i �����  sabba'!,    .as  :,,m!e  (or man":   hvll���v     Kveu  ���.,,;���  , ���_!_ repudi
T,in!,  concerning the temporary na-  f"r ni ^ of ��" cilm** aw) ��* ilU :,~"s'  a* t nt, we claim the other.    Be-
' ,re  of  the  ceremonial   law   and   Its God ������� i; ;" Mwnwwtm* u from   ,���,��� lh��� Lalie ls hour8 ,,,��� tri.,t. i-  in
him a.M who dan- take trom man Ins  lu|jy tracing in form and teature 'ii-l
Influence  <���>��   his   family.     Bttore   the
child has become the youth men note-
In th,   oaarriage of the head, 'j, trlclis. ,_
R.ll-b-iiig nf man   ,���  ,h,   .,,nz,.ir, and band, the heritage.
here  a':,t   hereafter.     .Mails   physical   .,. .,]���,>    ESven In itrenglh of his.
If   we   turn   to   the   history
creation  we find  it   written that God
blessed the Sabbath day and Banctlfled
it. This blessing of the Sabbath day.
if we take  the word  in the sense  It
bears   in   the   preceding   vers.-s,   can
only  mean thai   He bestowed  upon  ii
the  power  of self-propogatlon  In  the
life  ol   the  human   family.    In  other
words, the day was to continue as a
divinely   appointed  day     of  res,     and
worship.    As  such  it   would  also    reproduce   itself   in   the   character   and
conduct   of  all   who   observed   i>.  and
so mould their life into harmonj  with
the  mind    and   will  of  the    creator.
Upon    man.  in  consequence    of this
blessing rests the obligation of honoring   and     preserving   this     day   as  a
source of inward quickening and spiiit-
ual recreation.    God not  only blessed
the seventh day, but he   Iso sanctified
it.   thai   is   he  separated   It   from  all
the o,her days of the week.   <>:> theBe
secular work was to be done, bul this
was  dedicated   to   whal   was   sacred
and divine, including of course, works
���oi   nec-ssity     and     mercy.     II     was,
henceforth and  forever to be a holy
��lay.   H was to be a channel of divine
revelation, lit up with the radiance ot
the glory of God,    And as God   lepa
rated the seventh da)  from what  was
unholy   or   common   11   follows   thai
man  for  whom  it   was  ordained  was
to  s.-parate    It   above  the    reach   of
earthly  mutation.    We thus find"the
Sabbath   mentioned from the   begin-
taiiig vi all things.    Hence when this
command waa given forth from Mouni
Slnal, thousands ���f years afterwards
ll  begins with the word "Remember,"
clearlj   implying  that   this    command
wjs  ;.   repetition  ol   whal   had  been
previously taught.    So tar, therefore,
Irom being merely a Jewish ordinance
or  .,  custom of human  invention  we
find  that   IU  institution  date-  as  tar
1 ,.  \   ts the creation Itself.
Lei us glance now a, the giving of
,b,. law .ui Mounl Slnal, ar.'l �� see
that on ��� "f the commandments, the
longest, fullest and mosl minute is
devoted  to Sabbath observance.    We
v.,...   alSO   a   great   difference   between
the ten commandments and anj other
par, 0, the law ot Muses. Thej were
lhe only  pari  that  was spoken in the
hearing of all the I pie.   Tbe;   were
given undei circumstance* of peculiar
solemnity, amid the flash of lightning,
the roar of thunder and the rumbling
.������, rj0cking of an earthquake, and
of  the law  thai
I istory
first chapter i- the story
by  those) o{ iiiUnve ;mci , .,���.    ant linked with
the power of Chriet is fitting all
maeWad up into Ifsjht, it is into (he
solemn searching light ol the gr, it
.villi. Utrohe. TV-re we mus, .11
itand ��� v-���!���)��� man In hist own orden
Whal wtu our plawe b��? Ka.
face v'Hi ('.oil we musi anWrer for the
use w, hav. made of the o��ortunitles
and powers, giv.ii tc us iu Christ.
What will bt our onb r in ,1-Mt dread
,,. - .\��� in. tbe dim hereafter, but
her. and now we deti "mim th ��� anj
��� ��wr for onr.t-lves. W lit Is the am
sv.-r we '�����'������ given this day'.' "This
is the c .mim million, tl ��> H*M is
i ������>;,.��� intr-he world, and uu-a loved
,ia taess   ml, m  than   ii-; '   atcai
th, fa   de.-IT- .Ve-ii   evil."
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sacrifices, but they do in* utter one
syllable to Intlmata that any one of
the '. -i commandments bad passed
away or should ceas, to be binding upon man, bul on 'h-i conuary Paul
speaks of the moral law with the bigh-
��� -.-, re-,,:.nee, though affirming '.ha:
ii could nol justify I'll sinner. Xo
candid and intelligence n ad, r
Paul's epistles can Imagine thai when
spoke of th.- moral law. he rneasit
th,  nine and omitted tht fburttU
If we observe the practice ot tte
apostles "������ find th, m religiously ob
serving one day In Beven as a 'lay m:
resl ar..i religious worship. Vi'.. tret
. read of them meeting in tbe
!',i si day of the week for the V ��� a .
Ing nf bread and prayer.    Uhdouttted-j
    ch unged the day from th, . ��� renin
lo the first after the resurrection of!
Chris, in honorable and lOvlbg r<-
raw e of thai great event Tfc ���
apostles, i; is a moral certalnt] v:,-.--.
livinely Inspired to make this ,-'r���n^-:.
and at t!,.- same time were ln-tractcd
. lake no public proclamation bo thnt
efi ct,  to  prevent  an  noma,-   ini,.��g.
ie ,"-<>iri.. and to avoid wonnditig tba
conscience    of the weaker    briihrwn.
lence ibe silent and jraduaii inirn-
duction of il," change. I'.n, rhoiigh
changed to the firs, daj of Hie week
tha,   did   not, in   ibe   ..'igllleM.  dBSB-O
rfere    with tip. four,I,    i-oinnsui.t'
.,,..:   .    Tl,.- Brsl day is jus, as much a:
.,,   o   res, after I he -n days of Bator]
a. ih,   seventh was after the six days I
wl;' ., preceded i>.    Ii is n.ot  rht Jew-]
-'   Sabbath which Is ordained tn the]
. ��� ��� landment    In  the fourth
here 1       i mora Jewish efemeat than
���her., i-  In the third oc sixth.   The
���    h Sabbath a - such has certalnlj
I... ,,   repealed,  hul   the  original  Sab-
till  rests on its Brat authority.
Th ��� .i.-u isi, Sabbath  was indeed  the
Patriarchal  Sabbath  with certain  suii i   elements   and   obligations.
i    ,      have   passed   away   with   tl, i
heavei -<rivon blrthitght. rn ita instit-
iiiiion v.:- sf-c the wisd.^n B-vd goodness ,. (God, in making ..mvUion for
the happfnesB an.l
not   rai-lced   to
nature   saru&es  one lay   oi   rest   in   uumho<��i
s.ven. Dh�� tnind as well ib ,lv- body r,,,.,,. ,1,.,, his conduct has- been Ilk
"l requires-iJie-rest of P.. SibhffU. The h)_ fathar'a, or worthj of his mother's
soul ha-, waarts us vil ,o the body ..,,,,������ Ul,j aa n,..,,:,..,-s of a wider
and witatrnt __e Sabbath Ease Hgher f;iIIJji-,., :|S scotch oi EngUsh, Welsh
wants o. o>,-'jatiire. ,.:,i.l.-: -li.-hurry flr [fjahj, we beat the influaiuoe and
and bustle; a_td -businiss and ptaisure (U8piay the characteristics ot races
of the world ire In tlangei of being ;,,a. mingled in the .-"- datum - bis-
overloked     '���:., whal   - go <i for man   ,,,.,.        >.aii     on   a   ,..,   wi.Vr    scale
science Bnds In all muUituillnous
traces if. Instln, i ,..".���- by for-
{Otten   mces   In   II tanl   cUmns   when
as an indiviftuul is eqaaHy ,..,.--...,
for the vei'.,,.. and prosperity of a
nation; art ir. will alirays be I md
that thuss inr.iniis w l:ol, ��.\,��r'.nce
the Sabbath an the most itnaperoua,
progresaife urt pow, rf il.
Let flits v...:!': which has Bean set
apart by .hi. Dominion Salbuib Alliance 'l: tht ill'.cresl s . 1 'hie 9_ . I I
act no-v ���. .ti, ������--.. Hon-. ��� t.f ( fun mom:,
be spenKin aansest woitiandl fierrent
prayei fords satctmeni rffthw mucli-
ii.i'd.-r-. .-ivti baiii law, so hal te various f ims of Sabbath ctewicratld n
whirl, pre Wil m our jid. ���I'.t. 1 j
the FtrOUK ���'�� of th. b.vw be dis
continu ;ii.
How  w)���ld   (he  old    irlngflms  ac
in thi .fane of iSabbatb   rteaenboat  oc
hlstorj vi.s uot. In ��� v r> mu, or us.
men long dead, are rv,i,g- ��� n: again
it'.larg.r possibilities, the trnition of
���he things Cor which bay ttdbtd and
.- , i . ��� : . .
"In Vdam all die," but it Is more
..���I of doom fat "ex ���,. so in
Chrisi shall all be made alive" God
has BOized ilpon the very law af death
to make it the law of !l_o V.-u may
drill the tock and cemenl to U the
ring   and   chain   which   will   hold   it
li  -he li...'.,Ui '-.hard, yesl ttdas ttev.
M. I- Rugg, U. I), took i.e His Heading   .jsson  'he parable of the talents
and    for  hie  a*, chose    ths   words
found in  Lukt xlst 12, tl"' portloi oi
the vtrse, "Occupy 'ill 1 coniev'-' The
revlsi 1 version s,. .1 ���   "Trail.. , e '.-1 ������
y_l   1   e.,,1,^."     llotberbam   In   B
mi.re    modern,   translation   -.'.i.i.
' "Do    business    while    I am CtMdtSS."
This was essentially  a business see.
'The Imitations of tttiay war,   a-.g-,'.
at a chaxacter '., advance buslntsa    n
'���rp-.-is. i The ';:*'at. battles of modern
almes v are business battles, and puah>
��! in nic.i. cases out at ten in older '.,,
lurther   bnslaew   i latlonshlps    Tht
great    difficult}    mbi-h occu red   b&
. v+< u K- j.-'.jnd !-,rl China so ni   yjaars
: i,  was   u'.ainl'.   with  the  object   of
I irdn.': uooa China the oplui n traffic
Tha   reoen-   wai   between  Japan   aud
ffiasia wm Iir.si  of all tor the main-
i. tance    >'  11 ad - and    busl
th ���-.   So -��� he past has had   li -
...  us lr, a age' Its siLvi r ag ��� and Its
-..'.I. u ag,   ^nrl the pros ni n  Ight well
��� ������ called    he caoinuwMal ag e.    He'd
tin i'.,    nnv idaj -  did  aot     result   bo
muih fr.ui'. war.   lamina   pes'  llenoi   or
natural    I oubles  bul    ' trg(  Ij     'j nm
bUSlUl BS   ri .,ne>si(||...
Buslness   principles    were     alHused
Crushed Bone as
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
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often ,,, eatei ln_o He, mo Bl sacred
fasi. bm who can cling.to thi shitting of ,,, rejat_o_-u_lss, tha,t oi huahand
sand? The solidarity of tha race, .mi- ui(V| ,,jm1 (| waa u,��� , ������.,,,union
which tnakts universal -he spread of f(ll. ,,,,,,,.., t0 ,,.,,,.],. ltas_i r ,������ wealth,
<vil. makes possible tha.regeB_u:-tion. ul.   .��ji,i, ,;,. f,���..iS,:i ���:���;,���,
i-allMad plhaeuw excursions,   balloon ��� V1R wnuld measure the purjjose ol     Deartn   ln   forelKD
:i ai-rta,  gjsatlng,   b'tutig  or ordi
na,-.   liit>oi ?    Wts AmcsusUSemt! H-
bis siarnAig wefcee
we e  the ""ly   par,
was written by the Anger ���f God
Hides   of   stone,   and   thjjt   Wer,
,.   1V   within   the   ark.     We   had   the
,.,. h commandmeni lying side 05
..,,,. witb tbe law egalfis, muTder,
adultery, theft, lying, slander, etc.   No
one   can     show   jus,   cause
why th1
command,,,.-:,! should be 1 Bl
when by common consent
other nine are still in force  or who
may   presume,  with  unholy  hands  to
,l,.a._   ,be   fourth   commandmeni   from
red resting plaoe; the holy ark
rr!    God?
Tj,en    nun   to the   prophets   and
vm, bud   them   classifying   Sabbath
,1 ration along with the moel henl-
1M, They declare ll to 1"' the
,,,���. ol many <>r the judgments which
Cod bad sen, upon the Jewish people, II Is clear that in the estimation
01 the prophets, the Sabbath law was
something far higher than the washings of the ceremonial law, something
which   would   not   pass  awa
translenl economj  to which tbey we'ie
: > ,1 ii.ii, but  the  primitive    Sabbath
no, therefore repealed because bobic
L, mporury additions annexed to ',, for
1,   iim.-   have   been   annulled.    Taare
���..���ems 1 lore over, lu the fourth c	
mandment, provision made r,,, that
change of day which has been fctCectatl
under Christianity. 11 makes a careful
distinction in lis language between the
s. venth daj absolutelj and Hi�� s, venth
daj relatively. Its command K "Remember the Sabbath day", end it adds,
"Whereforo the Lord bl, wed the Sabbath day." Thus the tirs, Sabbath,
firming part of the moral law still
remains In force.   The enactmenl on
hich t real is nol effected bj Ihe
, . .... of day. 1, Mill demands the
; ,.s: d| Hp. -��� venth day after six days
of toll.    The principal difference  now
lies in the oi.jec, of commemoration.
Th.. Christian Sabbath, ,,,,, overlook
ing man as a creature, principally regards him as a sinner, and while I,
: bids bin, adore the great creator,
ll n mo 11 him particularly to con-
ridi in nod, the Redeemer, and sots
> ,..��� ,n   him the Saviour's triumph in
ni.s   result .-ct ion   from   the  dead.
Thai 11," change from the seventh
bul ,.,..    .  the   Hit'   daj   of  th,
male   by
"Shttl nor, the land
tremble Sir tlfe, and enary one mc,-1,
thai     dwelleth     therefioi"     Did     not
Isfvallh   dlt   an  his  voice a.cnnst   S tti
bath b eaters and pronounce benedtic-
diiis upon Sabbath lieepars? He si id:
"Bleeaed lathe man   bn, keepeth the
.-.'abbarl,    day. "     Di li U0<    .lereiuiah,
when aonUmplatlng   b" niin of  " ru
Balem  charge the  p <,pl�� to bear no
Imrdims upon th<> PAllbath day."    Did
r.zeki.d   keep sib-ni.  In   sight   <���,   Sabbath   profanation'.'      Did   he   m *   tell
IrlOtS In Babylonir.v,) captivity Hu, this
1 ...ami!;, came upotn rheiu on neeount of
���'.���ir Sabbath desMreatlon?
\...v. this is IBs sph-i,  tha; Hhoul*
Im manifested by'tfto servants ot (1<��I
In our day:  a  Bum,  fcarl'-ss .bnunciie
: in  of Sabbalb   .|."..ec.ration   in   all   is
forms, and eaisres, believing prajar
and faithful ��� Bort to secure the ��� n-
actmenl of a good and eSBclenl Bali-
bath law iiu,'; (or the betti r obsorMance
nf  ih..   Lord -, day,    Sush   preaching
may nol ev.'brnce the popularlt)   of ih''
preacher, Uul ll Is better to be f.abh.
fid than popular. Perhaps seme "'
th, mod popular preachers of ,u,r
Lime :.-. those who hold loose vten ���
upon '.bis and kindred topics, but this
Is  .���   .-I"' ip   and   nu,-nviabb-   popularity
thai ���o true minister ol Chrlsl wlll
covet,   "Whal   the Lord  hath spoken
that I will r'.t-clare iinio you," Is lhe
language of any true servant of God,
whether ill   lbe  pulp',!  or  In  the  pew.
ir: would measure the purpose ol Dearth in- foreign 'amis
Pod w, ��� is ever plane llte= tJuough ,���, ,h(. All,,.,,,..,��� ri,iUiUen
Christ  hj   the side ot death Hmmgh, ,���.,. in business m cops li
v I 'i" ri'f'x . act '-.n    els, mhi
Every   sniod action  is a  permanent wa    itten  sUowed to  rater
toico   maiking   tor   spodneaa,   Every! thing except religion an.l
goad  Ufa  multiplies  Itself.    But   the
llfje   nf    Christ   waa    more   than   ;,
>,-Hirer ..,b ut example; of tbee influence
..it     In Him pe fool  r��,.ily uiani-
!,.-.;.,1   ns   power  in  the   world,  bul
i.pd gme not that lifj- to,a doubtful
battle with evil.   A.  the ,."il.v begotten
jf the Father He is the man, who is
iln  men.    By    Him   we    ha��  been blat-ot  tht ppusodfi..   l-a' ilgion  was
i:   ii..,t   lind   intry th, 0*   I
",",i'��lreii    >f   Light,*,'   be
th, lr generation thai the
,lai'.-.u- ss'."
The sa,,..- skill was ni
vance the cause   >f '.'hri.
vance the  interests  of  t
w'stil, ,:,���sht the Siiviuur
was   felt
ami   fail-
ire bad its
Into ftvery-
why should
Should   the
lesswlsi    in
"chlldr.i n ...
ed, .1 ". ad-
il a bo nd-
ie business
in Hits para
ci'i.���,,i.i. tu Him a '. tliiiiu-s enusist. At
his. '.,':'! "d, grace f -.���'..',' dl ti* world.
Because the roots- ol their being are
i tin to Him. Wa life has power In
1 im Hearts of men Xor was i,. enough
for i'be salvalio'i of tie v. ..'el thai
the divine life s'loubl ...���ie, f_��e world
aadl reval the perfect axample. To
sa-��, it was ,,. idtul it.., I'.- only be-
tten i-iiii sjouiri in at into the
c��rpi������:,!..    Ufa of  man,  setae    upon
i i and "ic. a ' ec~ iei loi. Chrlsl
tlans Bhould nol b . ,v_>i r.s at religion.
1 ��� Isi in r,:: ��� ��� ii-.s 1 iarabl is said:
"When onto a ,1 1 Ilk' in thi < genera
Ifon*1 ,: Is ni..- uir, , c blldren sluing
la the iiLirkei. plAcat, ai >,i ca ling unto
heir fel'iws, na hate   piped unto you
...nrl ye have nut J:v- iced, we hav.
aiourue ���'uni". .',��� and ye Have not
lamented." 810 tha, eh' Ddrem were portrayed   as  qu_rral__g   over  'heir  play
(Ri v.   T.
Wardlaw  Taylor,
11., Minister.)
M.  A.  I'll.
,"t. nbro of sur being,, and make our j and Clirlstlaas were ofteai thus with
Cot His own. Ii.-,'in, ..��� i,,'f'i are bound! their reltglottand mt de span! of it or
together by t't-t,��� 1 - of -bam.- ai I Bulked as tte ii-'.:<>,, took iIi.hu.
degrodatlon and woe, Ha took up a ButlHees nriii,-,i;..lo i bust be applied
Himself ih ��� burden of suffering. By to ,'��to siou: -lite in-d th, ��� Mnu. qualifl-
toll antl ermw, by t.-ars and aie'i,-.', cation necessary v.,:. dnclslon. The
and deal!. Itself, !'.<. drank all the 'up wis, man lad odd: "A 1'.,'..'��� minded
ol human experience, thai He mlghl man is instable Infill his ways."
have His full par,, in the comtton si�����:,���e.-i of purpose was nwcesBary,
fate.     N(en   receJXed   Him   Into    h.-ir   Hi    who   was   jack   of   ail   trades   was
life and made Htm one with   kem- usually naetsu of aovsi   Ptul reallz-
Belves ...    thej  nailed    Him  tii the eir thai ids 4uty In Una w:.;s ,��� press
cross.    How  Hi.i lire of all m tklnd ii.wan'L,  T>.|,   aginii,   ,, knowledge
Is  ll'.., ani  tbe power of  th,   Risen of the busilness to in dont was essen-
Mm, boats In ewerj pulse. ,,1,1.   tgtoo Nl shoiirm boil, temporal
Through  Chrlsl   there is  , ,v.   lite and    spiritual  affm-s because of a��
In   in- world..  Thousands ���i��� r, thous Ignonsnoa of busln-aiti laws. Wise for*.
at the impulse ,,r tii.  lovn ,iioncht,  was  nl:--,�� necessary,  back��B'
Do you need a Set
of Teeth ?
We guarantee to fit you;]
or Refund Your H
.   $5.0f|
$5.C '
aide unn
and   lind   mat   love   mighty   in   \ rea*
the  .���:,slaving   chains.    The/  arc   Ills
,111,1 His [i ,w.-r Is manlfestwd to thi m.
Hut  Ills power goes OUl  hivoml ijmii.
up  By iiiiiigeiic.. uid application,    if
a  i.aan. desired tm succeed In busln.iss
he wnniii talk I., up, advertise i, ,,<���l
work      for      I,    iL',,e..,.tslngly,      An:,, her
"For as in  Adam all die, even  su in
Chris!   shall   till   be   mad"   alive;   hu,
week   was  every man In his own order."    I  Cor.
:" ! -      ' "!ivi"" mvam 1 ,u'iir,; *sSto
,���..,, si,bs  nf man for  tor after the resurrection of Christ,     Hereuuj
' not tho seventh but the first was thejvaSUely alarms many people,   as lt !b better   things hy    the power   of a|-��t   obtalnabte without that eflDmeni
:  , : day on wblch the apostles mei onvplbyefl in the writings of Darwin chrtatteii   civilisation.   Through
Is though!  to bi
and  Bplrltual
Whom il   was male continues I u exist.
1 k   nexl   Bl   the  teachings  of our
Lord in reference to the Sabbath. >���
His dTrourses we fad to find one
single word in discredit ���f the Sabbath or any of the ten command-
menu. On tho other hand he declared al the very outset of his
ministry thai He can,.- nol to destroy
but   to   fulfill   the   law;   and
law did  he refer?   That  It
because In the observed  In  differenl
erning the law   lifferenl   purposes-th
fast or preparation for the latl
Round .'bom  them are millions cpon ntctawry elemani 10 success waa love
is an ugly    word,    and millions whose lives are,borne ;',> to tor tho work.   Hlghesl  success was
aid  that
say  unto  you,
pass away, one Jol
or tl
the  introduced.
... 1  .,,.    Lord by and Wolssmann. It is ihought  to be power of Hie lite of Christ thai alvill-     in conclusion the speaker
meeting with the disciples on the flrsl  subversive of all religions 1 ruth.   Vet zatlon  lives.    Prom   rtep  to  step it. Mtare very oftten came beca.se there
Bas  of the week stamped the change as a familiar fad 11 Is as old as the mates forward, oftem fainting or be- bad ������t been eufflclenl capital invested
with the seal of bis own approbation, beginnings of all   Christian theology coming corrupt, yet ever rising again In spiritual matters, the work of the
The early Christians who were Jews and, Indeed, lies al  he basis of the with a new hope und strength.   And dmi-ch waa often labeled a failure  be-
by birth   kept both the Jewish Sab- Orthodox doctrine of the church. Men far beyond the lt��ht of Christendom I cause  there  was no,   enough    devo-
bath  and  the Christian's   Lord  day. do   nol   Bin by   accident,    tn Ada,,, myriads are stlrvud to hopes and long- tlon to the cause of the Chrlsl in the
This practice continued in the church all die.   The sins of the fathers are Ings nnd vlslow tha, wall upon the make-up of the Christian.   Ood gave
10 WT^ for several centuries, but the two were visited upon the chlldron.   Multitudes,(coming of tha l,rjrd,   Whore dettth has talents  to  all  and  tbey  wen- give,,
'''   : howevor, who would  Low  wiih g-'n, r.'.'-ii'ii iron'! "vi i,��� all ���,'.��� uurie clive tor a purpose and ln the words of the
rec'gnatton befor,  thai word an  , hold  le Ch ' |text, the duly of man was, to "occupy
ex   Ion    ���;      c.".,:ific    IV .,    -. ,..,      Be   .1   ������    I ma,  ;!:vl ',    tlti     , one  till Christ came."
againsl li as. a. statement of rellglo^jfj body  thfe life of Chrisi  is in evry  o	
truth, Sn,,,,, are perplexed and others man, 11 is no* merely iin> regeneration     Phone ins tor lc�� Cream. *
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moral   law   Is  .-vide,,!
conies,   He   Bays  cone
which   He  came  to  fulllll,   "Verily   I
until hewen and earth  the end of the fourth centur
or the seventh day tell Into
ways   and
former   a
ihall ia uo  servance
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early  lit"., of  how  father  and  mother
their young lives  pleasanl   and
when  'br- days arrive can rise
up and call  them  bless   i.
W�����-r- Cian-:,.,.  -v.rm. Uf      Selbomer his     1
One 0' the  11. .-,   rei    '       le  sights Lord  Chancellor!
ln tb- world In  Bird Island, in South wesleyan
Afri.-a. f..r there,, that during some      Amongst   i,le   s
months of tb.- year 11 Is literally cov ministers   who have acquitted   them-
witli   gannets.     Sol   a   fool   of selves wiih  spei
business office 	
Manager's residence  ....
MONDAY.  APRIL 23.  1906.
A  Little  Yn.mlon.
Conditions are changing in so many  er |ie forgotten
bus'nesses that i* w ,uld not l.e strange .	
if the manufacturer bad yet to plead
f .:��� protc 1, against the girl iu her
A young girl appeared at a large hat
manufactory ..ne Monday morning and
asked tor ������'���' irk, :;he ���was inexperienced, '.ut tbey needed help badly, en-
gaged her ni 1 :, e and took the time to
teacb her one department ot tin' work.
Sho learned easily and very quickly,
earned ; imething the first day and in
. . ." ys was making us mncji as any
..:....��� girl in tlie room. They noticed
that she seemed to enjoy the work and
the ��� agped ..f good wages nnd were
g . ly surprised when she appeared at
11... offlce I'ri.liu nigh, and desired to
"settle up." saying that she was
through work.
The manager asked if anything dis
    agve.-abie bad happened.
"Ob, no," the girl replied airily.  "It's
a  real nice pla.-e ,0 w.,rk.  but I   was
���_  only visiting in ,!,e city for a few daya
and thought 1 might make a little money.   I'm going b6me tomorrow moru-
p���~~  Ing"���Youth's Companion.
ground t> to be -een anywhere. Day
after day thousands of gnunets strvj
around, and they 1 ri s > ehi-e to each
othei that the whole Isi 11 il icei is actu
ally alive. Those who have jeen this
sight say that it 1* one whi-th can ner-
. 22
,. lull, in.,
The old feudal lords of England were
the biggest hogs on earth. Their life
w,s made up of the chase, gluttony
antl drunkenness. The habit of glut-
1 my was han led down to them.    It
Can cud playing be called gambling
and shoul 1 ll be suppresse 1? Wei
define:, gambling "to plaj or game for
monej  or -stakes." We therefore Infei   (,.lln��� ,iirp,.,.,.- rTom Lucullus ami his
from    Mr.  Webster, and  he is    con-   Imitators.   There is no doubt that Lu-
..     ,,      ...   .      cullUS, held up before ns as tie- table
sider.-d   he   best   of  authority, that   to   ���.,���   nt��� llJTr<,.,-���; ,,,,,,���     tt was not
gamble,    would    mean some   evidence   only the quantity of food he ate, but
must  be shown thai    parties engaged   I *<>* P"1 "> nii*
in a game of cards, must have money
erable an end te hi,,,.   Fielding proved
many years ago that there was a larg.;
An ,,1,1 gentleman was walking
medll rively along the Btreet, when his
attention was attracted by the following in a draper's window:
"Our Annual Sell ls Now Onl"
"Good gracious! what gross ignorance." he ejaculated to himself. "Of
course the man means 'Our Annual
Sal..' It would be a charily to inform him of the glaring error he has
Sn be walked Into the    shop
asked   to   see   the   proprietor.
"Whal  can  1  hav-  the  pleasure of
doing  for    you,    sir?"    Inquired  the
draper, who was a middle-aged, sharp-
ng  individual.
"Why. my good fellow," replied the
. : 1 g, atleman, "are you aware of the
glaring error that stares everyone in
I he   ; ie     who  looks    in   your
"Error, sir?" said the draper, interrogatively.
"Stupendous!" exclaimed th, ,ld
gentleman.    "You  state,  'Our  Annual
Sell   is   now   on
.1      '.-ale,'   not   'sell.' "
"indeed,  sir!   I,   ought   to  be
you  say?"
"Of course!   I'm  afraid  your educa-
tlon  bas    been  sadly    neglected,  my
:." remarked the obi gentleman,
life-struggle, the
bi -.riven to the Right Hon. Sir Henry
1!. l-'owler. Chancellor of the Duch; of
Lancaster and treble-first in 'he
cabinet tripos. Si H, ary, from the
lays when he was a cled , lerk to a
- ��� Icitor, ha.- bi mtified himself wiih
the Wesleyan connection, in which he
was cradled. In Wolverhampton especially h.- has contributed both money
ami labor to hi.- church, of which he
is socially and Intellectually the leading member. His promotion to cabinet
rank has not in any way affected his
loyally to his early faith, and he is
still one of the most esteemed "Path
ers of th.- Church."
vine, who was on  the revision conv
,,:   the   New    I ���' iment,  and
was .1 presldi ut ol ������ ��� si, yan conference.
v     ....       ;..-.. . '     ..:'
........        i   S        -I cm     La* -"a
Wall  a, K. C 1 gener
.; v\. -: ij-an mi sionary, md .:' 1 -
presldenl    of    the    1 s
John,  who  Is    till   1       ing  mim,  Is
31  and nm.-'  ���!���"
,,,...,   c ei  '������ '��� humanly
,  ing.   should end bis    days as a
I :��� ,,:' the realm, after serving In the
exalt -1 office of Lord Chancellor.
y;:.    ' .. istli      "��� r    I,   K.   l'..   th.-
gifted   author  of  "Obiter   Dicta."  one
oi iln- most eloquent speakers In Kng-
1 m.l.    .nl     now   a   right    honorable]
member of the cabinet, is the son of
a  Nonconformist  minister:  as is Mr.
representation "f  amount of f".:.-.- about Lucullus.   On   pit     -   .
In  sight    or   son).-
the coin   of   the  realm   before them,
:,::! the parties must be actualy en- supper nt whicb Cicero and Pompey
g iged in playing for it
some understanding musi be mutually
agreed upon between n,cm to constitute gambling. We would therefor,
be forced to call the game gambling.
no matter by what name the game waa
called, it money ���r its equivalent
was the slake ,0 be played for, ami
we u,,,si certainly term ii a,, unlawful
general principles be was. from a culinary point nf view, a fraud. A s;:i_''.i
supper nt whicb Cicero and Pompey
a, lea-' weie guests Is Bald to have cost him
50,000 rlennri (about $8,500), but !.���
prohnl ly serve.'. bis ���_''].���-:- a feast . f
barbecued bow, topped off with cherries. He was excessively vain of hla
cherries, ar.d. as for his sow. she was
always served high.- -London Spectator.
Blake  Odgers,  K.  C���  the apostle of
The late Judge Will:- wa- perhaps L'nitarlanlsm and -be greatest living
even  more actively and widely bleu- ft,miorltj on the law of libel.
an-j  titled wiih Methodism than Sir Henry Twent)            - ... >    Stoke Newlng-
Fowler.    The    son    of   Dr.    Samuel ,,,��� wa8 ��� ,���. gathering pla,    of a brll
Waddy, a well-known Wesleyan divine uan) ,,,,,..,.- .,;��� young Wesleyans, m'
ol lasi generation, li       u'kei harder wl,,,n, three were  sons of ministers,
than any other la                         ric [-  ufferenl ways each ot these friends
ot his church.    Poi                 '   forty ,,,.  lttalned di-T:.. lon    One is now
ears he was thi Sir Clai         Smith, ex-sherlt! of Lon-
��� 1    nd his hen       .              ���   ���     co ,ili;; an-j    .                  ,1    Parll^n
and powei rul lo:                           ' ��� . ...        came Sli  Ge ,rg<   Morrison,
congregations    throughout     England. , , ,..;,.,���,    .- ...   relinquishing the town
Even    during   :.:-    luslesl    years  as ,..,.,.,,<-d^, 0f Leeds  for a call  to the
Qui ".'- couns             lember of Par- sir Geon    Haytei Chubb, Han..
li.'.-.    El   he  gave  up ' :-  'lavs of harl- ,                       I; and   Mr.  It.  W.  I'erks,
-,ing. m. p., an I foi   1 long perlo 1 partner
���' remosi    among   ' ���    families   or ol   Sir    H n .   Powlei    Is  the    onlj
when, of 'course, tl   SVesleyan minis   1                 re,    ,ned mb,               band who has not yet
t of Moulton. Lord Justice Pletchei 1   1    ed thi    llgnlty of knighthood.
v. lulton is one of the mosl  brilliant \n   ng tl         ng genei iti ,n of bom
ind En       1. ii" ' I Wesleyan min most b .
waa Senior v.               ad first Smith's ful   11    Mr. Walford Green, wh., was
���   ,��� .           , is a F 11, ti er  of   Parllam ml   for   Wedn, ���
of the Royal Soci 1       nd bai ��  1 it th    earl;   age ot twenty-six;
...,,      ., . ; 1        . ,   |S than an) and  Mr.  Walter  Workman,    tx  years
idmitti I  : ��� '"��� living.   He             a th          nes ��r. Green's  senior,  who  was  second
'���,,,.���   .   ..,.���:,:',..:���    .,:'  I';. :;,:nent,  and    tor Wrangler and first  Smith's prizeman,
many years m   ���        1   ssal Income al nd  who al  twenty-six be,   -
...    bar.    His eld       : ,ther  was  !��� ot Kings- ,od  school, Baih, In
a,    of the  i.    -    school, Cam- which onl;    ,lgh    years previously he
��� i Ige,   1 disttng               h car an 1 dl- ���'   -   ��� ;      '
by the same authority that onions cor-
Tlir  Onion.
"Onions nre really sweeteners of tbe
breath after the local effects have passed away," says one learned doctor.
This statement is imt In accordance with
game  and   one  thai   Bhould)    be  sup-   our own experience; therefore we avoid
pressed, provided, however, fhal    I      onions.   We are still further Informed
game played is known aa a profe jlon
al gambler's games ami Indulged    in
by  men  and  women  who earn their
that all may freely use,   Eaten raw au
livelihood bj  this means.   We would  onlo��� wU) often (,llP1,k a coia !n the
hesitate to call  the gan I euchra, head,    One small  onion  eaten  every
.   ,  ,     ,   . night before retiring Is this w.ll known
whist    cribbage,   etc.    as   indulged   in ,        ,              .   ,      .                         ,
'   '"'"'-��� doctors prescription for numerons af-
at  4he   home   a   garni,Usr'si gam.>  and   fectlons of the head and ls highly rec-
one thai   shoulil be suppressed, even  ommended for sleeplessness
I'm  afraid  It   has.  sir,"
the   draper.    "For   I   was born
hoard schools were unknown."
' Just   so.     Another  thing  is,"  con-
tii n 1  the  old  gentleman,  "such   an
. rror might do you Incalculable injury.
ise the word 'sell," in :, slangy
.   means   'swindle.'     Fancy   lnvlt-
,pl,   into your shop to be swin-
he   smiled.    "I   shoul 1   advis,
���I1   to  have II   alt, red at  once."
"Dear    me!   I am  sure I'm    much
.    i  ��� . you for your kindness,  nil.
in point i ," said ihe
"(  in   I   prevail  upon  you  to
��� >.'' i.l   your  kindness   by   perch a-';:.".
rcct stomach disorders  nnd carry  off   ,.:    n article?" he asked. Insinuating
tlie  accumulated  poisons of the  system.     They   provide   n   blood   purifier
Lcnlenc] mus, be Bhown gets this warning be should change hU
posit '.'..' arom d for the draft and
mo-. ��� oul of it or protect him lelf
a ��� as! I .'. Iraft Is -..:. ethlng ' , be
. /.. 1 ��� ��� ud to be avoided, Dr ta
-,. in ir ��� paths than war, whisky,
fo ri ball, - imptlon and yellow fever
pul together. Almosl everybody who
' :'r ..., ..: ���.-.'��� '. ���
from taking cold. This la especially
true of elderly people. Vet 11 is n matter In regard to which there are great
Ignorance and inattention.
'f the merrs little company assembled
lay for a prize. li,.",'all>   speaking an I
> come down directly to the fine point,
1  t is  gambling,  bul   of a  nature that
is permlssable, and beyond a little bl!
of excitement ovei  winning or losing,
no harm  is done, and  bet'.,re '��  :.
four hours have elapsed  the lncld
Is tor 50U ��� >
all home game- and the greatesl ol
hesll in, s Bhould be used i��� the condemning of them. The ince 1 1 il .1
progre slve euchre or whlsl pai '>
ing given and prizes s.c forward for
the various ��Incers, Is no ct
thai gambling la taking place, an I I
also ���n evidence thai this Ipnocenl
game la going to produce gamblers,
01 have ..,.'. tendency to Invite thi
winning party to seek the gambler's
den .������ hell and starl down the destructive path maib by him. Far
from it, but II docs produce a desire
f,���- the Interchanging of brighter
idea .. brings together well-trained ..".1
hapi ������ young men and wometi, wbos,
aim ��� ami objects i��� Ufa a,' assembled
in   ..ne common lot,   to   th.- I	
mem    nl    social.    SS   well   as   pe      ���
..., iii,in.-, ami should b,  encoui ig   I
in even   manner poeslble.
That  gambling should be s���P|   ���     ���
there is no floubl  al  all.    it  is bi i
business and can  produce nothing hut
misery in the ond.   That caul playing
should   be suppressed   we  think   n ,1
and express ourselves forcibly on thi
subject.    We    are in  hearty
ally, we nre never troubled with any
of these complaints and therefore still
ly.    "Don't    let   me  suffer    for  my
ice,   sir!   I   have  some  mai vel-
.   . 1 heap cravats   and    beautiful
handkerchiefs, if you will pi, a -���
'.' ,j;T'
' know that I���er want any-
Ing," h,   Ital   1  'h.. old    gentleman,
but  "
It. fori    the  old   genth m .a   I, fl   the
look   upon  this  strung.-   vegetable  as ��-as  minus  Beveral  shillings
something to avold.-Vegetarian, ; ,. ... vt!i j articles thai he didn't
When  V.111 s.i<-.-/e.
Tbe alarm  signal  of d  draft   is  n When he had gone, the draper rub-
sneeze, which Is a spasmodic effort of .   hands BOftly, and soliloquized:
nature to start up the circulation and -what   a   strange  thing  It   is  that
relieve the congestion.   A pe ,,,.,   _���  ,     , ,,,
,', ���"   -   a,"   so  prone  to   meddle   with
be far gone toward contract!! -  1 c ,ld , .   ,
before he sneezes, but the mm ent 1, ��� ' ; ples '""��1"^    I suppose 1
from twenty to thirty people
In . lie shop .very day ,0 In-
le- of n,y 'glaring I n rir'; and
i gel 'em in the shop 1 .-.. ���
'Phone 101
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest. Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
old Japanese PrlntM,
The .' .ii." i '.' of old Japanese prims
must l.e guided In his selection by tbe
quality of the pap. r, w hich should be
soft nnd vibrant, the fibrous tentacles
upon its surface often forming shad
ows where It has been exposed to the
.lust. The register must be perfect,
each color being confined absolutely to
Its prescribed Bpi     Perfection in the
register is an Infallible guide. The colors :. ',-, bo Bofl and melting, In many
ea-.-s oi ������ tone shading Into another,
iint harshly d, termlne l by the lines of
tbe block, Extract From "Impres in -
of Uklyo ye," by Mrs  |. ..a Arnsd, n
:     '. :n go before they have purchased
m ��� thing.   Th.   greal  difficulty is to
p-ople   in   one's   shop;   but   I've
l!      iim : ' grinned,
idmlringly    al "Our    Annual
Mel It's a 'sell,' si,!-, eno .
he mu r i.    "for I've clappe i    25 ,.. ���
' ' ���     "ii  ; i" Hy well everything!  Sold
hi   i huckh d, on obs, rvlng a
I     millngly pointing oul "Our
Annual Sell' to her daughter, and th, a
ting a move towardi  tl u    hop en-
lr in,...
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
and IS cent.    In your
' "   "      ���   an admission fee will .. I
>u    ' the Povertj  Social
usplces of Queen's  Avenue  ',:������
!.. aci,...
I   ll - : ,ng i een notorio i    hat tl
,f fin;:, h of Englan I cl  r ���;.:. ��� a
ii.i,.��h'i  liUe 1., Hnve,
A mosl curious and sluggish creature
Is   the   taiitn.va,   a   nine   inch    Itzar i
whose im  I. in Now Zealand,  Thi.- ... ... to the highosl po
little Imitation saurian has tbe repul i .  ,,  i;,   .,,,
tlon of being the laziest creature <-��� ��� ���
er. ated,  ll" is usual); found cllUBlng
to rocks or logs along Un   ihores of riv-1    1:'  >'ears "�� ���'""��  'l��:"  thej   have
ers and lakes and has l n known tt, lablo rivals In thc Bona of Non-
"'ct i   remain In nne position perfectly mo   conformisi ministers, two of whom are
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
leading pro-
has l..en roserv, I l i
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famotin Oriental Limited
Fi r detailed informal i .n, rate . etc, call on or address
F  C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
W. R. GOIsy. 'Hnone l-<i-2.
J.  R. Griley, 'Pnone 14|
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents ii. V. f ottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-b
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.j
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ol Policies now in force exceeds 141
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds...    ���
This is a company of polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OUR UO'i in:    me largest amount of Assurance foi thi U ist
possible t luti e .
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 8b.
Renriie's Seeds
at Half Price and Less
with the social game ���r cards  when tionless for many  mon.lis.   How  the
creature manages to exist is a mystery.
played al l���,���,e or in the refined club.	
There is no harm In    it. bul   rather Hli o-a Ckair.
��� "Beg  pardon,    said   tin-   garrul ms
much good Is derived, Insomuch as I, .,.,���,.���.,.,.   ..,������   ,   ,,,,,���.   ,   ,���..,,,, yotl
keeps the young men-and women al addressed ns professor.    Might 1  In
l,on venlngs,   and    if    perchance
their     footsteps   pointed     toward   the
gambler's den, the sweet Influence ot
The home-life would naturally rise
pan,,,,nuni to any <-\il desire, and n
step would be taken in the rigln direction looking toward the saving of
thai young life; by all means encourage home pleasures,
ing influence which is liable 1o arise
.shoulil be promptly checked and the
editor of this paper sees no better
way of checking 11. than the mod,:
uggesled: i. e. encourage the young
to remain al  home, make the1 home
lirighl   and  cheerful,  allow the yoiilh-
i,i he;,,.,  in bubble up wiih rapture
nnd joy
quire what chair you hold';"
"The chair  rlghl   next to the duo;-."
answered the professor,   "1 run a shop
,,r my own."
Tin* Proper Caper.
Tom���Here'. You've started your
note to Horrougl'.s "I,r. Sir." Don't
you know that sort of ahhrevintlou is
very slovenly? Dick -No, sir. "Dr." Ib
all right In this case. Tie owes mc
Any dchas-' money.���Philadelphia Press.
Kxperl.-nc-d  Hnn.
She-Is my tint on straight? lie���I
presume It Is on the way yon want It.
lt Is not on horizontal. -Somervllle
A man cannot escape ln thought any
mor" tin,,, he can iii language from
iha mint nti.l tho n.osent.
'"" ������'������ the (lr ' 'in... Included in thai
i J ��� i an : exclusive circle, the Brl -
Ish < .. in..', while o third occupies a
.; bed place among the king's
ministers and is within a Btep of the
Woolsack Itself,
Th ��� hlghesl offlce in the stale
which Is ,,|.e��� to a layman was twice
held by the late Lord Herschell, who
was Lord Chancellor in ins,', and
again from 1892 to 1806.    Lord Her-
sell. 11.   whose   career   at   the   liar   and
i��� politics was, for rapidity and brilliancy, unrivalled during the latter
half of las, century, was the so,, of
the Kev. Ridley Herschell, a well-
known dissenting minister In London
a generation ago. Fairer Herschell
when quite a child gave such remarkable promise of rare gifts thai his
rather, in an access ,,r natural pride
ls Bald to have declared to a friend,
as   he   palled   the   boy's   head,   "This
boy will    he Lord Chancellor   some
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame in Season
We deliver lo all parts of ihc City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
Five-cenI Pacl ig, i ot any ot the
following Seeds for   21 ..c
Asparagus, large   white,   ounce
20c, tor  10c
it an.-. Bush   yellow pod, gr- en
pod ot Lima, lb 36c tor.. 18c
Be, ts, early roi,ml or long, blood
ounce 20c, for  10c
Cabbage Bi ��� econd ��� arly
or main orop, ounce 30c, for 15c
Caullflowei.     stai dai I,      ice
11.60, for  75c
Cai rotB, large whit,. for stock,
14 lb. 25c, tor  16e
Celery, early    fall    or    winter,
ounc 60c, for   30c
Citron, preserving,   ounce   20c,
for    10c
Corn, table, extra early, medium
early or I ite, ii.. 35c, tor. .18c
Corn, for popping, lb. 30c, f,���'l5c
,'  .        r PeppergraSS), ounce Ll'ic,
for   10c
Cucumber,   pickling   or slicing.
ounce -.".c, for   15c
Kab. curled, ounce 26c, for.. 15c
Lettuce,   Butterhead,  crlsphead,
cos    (upright),     ounce    26c
for    15c
Leek, largest, ounce -r,c. tor 15c
Mangel, large r ��� l or yellow. It,.
35c  tor 20c
Musk  Mellon, green or salmon
fl, ih, onni '��� 30c, f,���' 15c
Onions,  early  red,  large  yellow
or  while,  or  pickling,    ounce
30c, for  15c
Onion Sets, quart 86c, for.. .25c
Parsley,     curled.       ounce     20c,
for     10c
Parsnips, table, ounce lac for
Pepper, scarlet,    '.. ounce   25c
for    15c
Pes I, early  dwarf, second early
,,r   late   marrowfat,   ll,   "".,-,
for    18c
Pumpkin, pie. ounce 20c, for 10c
Radish,   early    round,   long   Or
winter, ounce 20c, tor ... .10c
Rhubarb, pie, ounce 35c, for 20c
Salsify, oyster plant, ounce 2",c,
for    15c
Squash, early marrow nr winter,
ounce 20c, for 10c
Spinach, fnr greens, ounce 15c,
for    10c
Sugar Beet, large rose, for cattle, lb.  36c,  for    20c
Tobacco, large leaf, ounce Hue,
for    30c
Tom: to, exti r ���
nm early, or Bl
ounce 85c, for   20c
Turnips, white table, yellow oi
table swede, ounce loc f"r 10c
Turnip,  large    Bel !   Sw, le   or
early feeding, Ib 35c, for .25c
Watermelon, earlj  I i
20c, for   10c
Sage, broad leaf, oun, ������ 25c, for
Summer   Bavory,
for    15c
For    Lawns,    with    01
Dutch Clover, Ib. 35c, for..25c
Tall Climbing, or it irf
20c,  for   	
Five-Cent   Pacl
the following varieties for 21 ;c
Alj s-;i,n. Sit  I. irkspur
Antirrhinum  (Snapdi  g
Asters, mixed Lob, I   .
Asters, crimson    Marigold
Asters, while      Pansy
Balsam Petunia
Balloon vine  ..��� irdlo
Bachelor's Button  (Cent irea
CalUposls     Poppy
California Popi ���  (Esi
Canterburj  Bells (Campanula)
Candytuft     Portulaca
Castos Oil   11 an   ill"
Canary CreepeT
fan,alio,,      Sweel  Willi.nn
Coxcomb (Celosla)
Climbers, mixed 1
Chryantbemum  Scarlet  Runi
Cypress Vine Oi omoeal
Dlanthus Pinks (Sli
Dlanthus Pinks (double)
Evening  Prlmrosi   >"
Everlastings *     '
Four ,,'cb.ck (Marvel of Pen
Fore.���I Me No1    ' M  '" ''    '
Oodetla V��i0
Heliahthua (Sunflower)
ice l'l:,,,,
Musk Plant (Mlmultii'
Morning Glorj   (Con'
Phlox, Drummondl
Sensitive Plant (Mimosa)
Scahlosa (Mourning ur'1''"
Tassel    Flower   (Cacalltt)
over i���o sons mixed, ounce
MARK   SORTS  WANTED, cut out this advcrtisciticn-       ^^
with order, and you will receive the   Seeds   promptly   free
Toggery of any kind will render ill
and jusl   as sure as the good   Wei,rcr liable  to  a heavy   line a,   the   Sunday
Lord   liven  ftbove   will   those    young Poverty Social  on Thursday, 26th.        lowing .In  the  footsteps of the greal
Shingle and Saw Mill
����-n ,���i���"7*.':'r,', ii"������    The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Wm, Renn
school, I bus    unwillingly foi-
66 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, MONDAY, APRIL 23.
And use the only good Paint made, S.W.P. Sold at
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing
Local News Briefly Told
.). E. Phillips' advertlsemenl In this "��� cartridges, and two black slickers.
Issue contains good reading. ��� The i"m<v have lalv'" Possession and
are  interested  in  finding an owner of
Th.- city council will meel in regular  session  tonight.
icious Ice
am  nt  the Cream
L. F. Bonson returned up river this
morning on the Beaver to Bonson's
.1.  Lal,Haw was a passenger on the  ]a sl-lppe
Steamer Beaver this morning to Chilliwack.
Mothers take    your boys    to    J. E.
The Fearless wenl out to Port Sidney this morning with the barge Sidney in low loaded with ,;. \. R, cars.
E. ii. Stincheombe, manager of the
Asylum farm is laid up al his home on
Fifth avenue with  a  severe attack of
Just arrived - a new stock of
Prices $2.50 up
Also "Blue Yeddo" and "Green Arcadia" stock patterns in Dinnervvare. If you are using either of
these patterns and require more to complete your
set, now is your opportunity.
The City Grocery,
J   Telephone 97.
.Phillips'  spring clearance    sale;     105   iness.
boys' knlcker pants at  fifty cents.
S.  Lev.-, t was a  passenger to Chilliwack ihis morning   on the steamer
The general    freight    boat    Robert
W. W. Johnston of the provincial
assessor's department left this after-
noon for Seattle on departmental bus-
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Account Books
Our Spring Stock is nearly all in.   Comprises the Largest Variety of Rulings We Have Ever Carried.
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
���    A.  HARDMAN
J.   S.   BRYSON  ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line ot Qra-dte, Aluminum and Tlnwares.
EeUmates furnished on all Classes of Plumbing Work.
s. I Granville Street.
��� Columbia Street
:  ��� ��-���  ���
Sole Agents Monarch Range
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. ;���;
House Cleaning Time I
And you may possibly need a carpet.   We have the greatest range of >������
then,'and can guarantee to save \..u money ami  give  you   better  satis- |��j
faction than you can get i��� any ..the- place.    For instance, a g.,,,,1 body ,���,
Hi i   els, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up. >#<
Old carpets taken up. cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard.   We [���;
have the largest Stock and the lines, -how rooms and the   linest   prices. A
Come and see us.   [t will pay you to see our stock .before placing your y
order elsewhere. ,*i
V.  711, and 71S Columbia St.     Four l'l..,.,'.-
K.ar Extension, Front Street.
Premier McBrlde was a visitor in
the city y.-st.-rday an.l part of today.
He went down river on the steamer
Transfer this afternoon.
A me..ting of the New- Westminster
liiiiisinuir arrived this morning from intermediate Lacrosse club will be
Van.-,,nver, wiih a small eonslgnmeiit h,.1(1 in lIl(, cUy eonn.il chambers on
of Portland cemenl  for Chllllwack.     Wednesday evening al  eight  o'clock.
The  Xew  Westminster  Lawn Tc- All interested in lacrosse are cordially
nfs   ci���i,   will   give   a   dance   in   s>.  invited to attend,
George's ball on May I. Harper's -,-,���. st(MIn ilaUln��� -rawled s,|lll(| .���,
orchestra will furnish ths music. rlved  ln  |10rl   j,.,,,.,,iay    wltn  .,  ,���������
Ice (ream the pines- at the West- cargo of Iced halibul  from the north
minster Creamery. *    ern fishing grounds ami js discharge
Tl,.- Flyer, Ollley Bros.' ,ug, Is away   ing her  load  a,  lhe  British Columbia
to 'he quarry a, Pitt lake for a scow! Packing company's cold storage.
If  Adapl��  Kuril  |o  All   Soil, and Cll-
nuili-n  of  th.-   r.iirtli.
The dandelion belongs to the largest.
oldest atnl moil widely diffused order
of plants. While other orders of planu
have died out and become mere fossil
remains In the rocks, this order has
survived the geological changes ,.f
many different periods ,,��� account of
its power of adapting Itself to tbr.se
changes. And these changes In tb.-ir
turn have only made it heller suit,si
for all the varied soils and climates of
Uie earth at the present day.
We 11,1,1 n,en,hers of this order ln
every part of the globe, in places as
fur apart from each ml,it as they
can be. It is the prevailing und dominant order of vegetable life, the most
highly Snisb-d and the must success
ful family of plants. And the dandelion Is one of the most perfect forms
belonging to It.
it la the head ami crown of the vegetable kingdom, as man Is tbe bend und
crown ��,f the animal creation, uud it is
curious how this highest type of plant
is always found only where man, the
highest type of animal life, is found
and where lie dwells and cultivates the
soli, lt Is never found apart from
hlm. lt follows I,ini wherever he goes
���to America, Australia ami New Zealand and there in lbe new home It becomes a silent imt eloquent reminder
of the dear old land be may never see
load   of   rock   for   Ihe
l-'ras.-r    River      The gold medals presented for competition  to  the  boys'  league  by   llis
���lohn While and family, who recent-!H0D0r W' Norraan Uola and Hls Wor-
lv arrived trom Pallsser, B. C, have ^li" ,May?r. "f^ ,���ve arrlved and
decided in r, main hei-e and wlll make
llieir home in lhis ciiy for the future.
'I'll.- Hon, W, Norn.an Hole returned
from Harrison Hoi Springs today and
held supreme cur- chambers in the
The ,���b bun, S,ranger left this city
today with a boom of shingle holts
for Klrkpatrick's mill on Burrard ta
in order to Continue lie.
nf iln- large can buoys in the
Hi., gulf channel.
Largest  Stock   in the  City.
'     Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
^^���f^,-, ���-,- ������..,.! ". C. Chamberlin
V^DLrlMONDSl   The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
A Golden Opportunity!
The owners loss i.s your gain.    For one week only we  offer   live
acres ,,r liurnaliy land, close in at the nominal figure of
See us today about this properly.
McLeod, Mark & Co., ff 2
Real Estate,  Fire * l-ife Insurance
27ii.      fi.cr Trctn Olfice
the date for the drilling competitions
will he set as soon as possible. The
award will be made to the two most
proficient boys in No, 1 company ol
the  Hoys'  Brigade.
Rev. A. Shlldrlck,    rector   of   St.
Paul's and Rev. W. C. Houghton, rector of St. Barnabas   lefl today   for
Seattle where they will attend th.- Interna, i,mal conference nf ihe churches
of England and America. Tl,.- future
R. Duark "f Hon  Kells was in    the   ilolk.v <)f (he church.a missionary en-
city yesterday an.l returned home in  terprises   will   receive   careful   atten-
time  for bis  Monday  morning duties  ,iim.��� the hands of the reverend gen-
as teacher of the Fort Kells school,    tlemen assembled
A line programme and lots of fun al Mr8, M;11.y Ann Smith of Tvnehead
���I,.- Poverty So.ial ...xi Thursday al had laid complaint against a resident
QUeen's Avenue Methodlsl school 0f thai district, of accusing her son.
room- John \v. Smith of attempt to commit
Capt. Garland returned yesterdaj rape. The papers wer.. laid before
after an extended trip through tin- Stipendiary Magisiraie Pittendrigh
province of Alberta. He is registered this forenoon and warrants were Usual the Guichon and will be in the city ed for the accused ,,, appear before his
for a  few days. worship on Friday next.
The tug B.-lle- arrived at the Royal The suits of clothes offered al .1. E.
City mills this morning with a medium Phillips' Clothing House are wonder-
sized boom Of Seven swifters and re- fully cheap.'ami the material is the
turned  shortly afterwards to the Ter-  best.
mlnal city. Rev. w. H. Barraclough, B. A., will
Charles Cliff, manager of the West- give his well known lecture. "On the
era Canadian Can factory, has recelv-|Edge of the Arctic Circle." in Sapper-
ed the appointment of justice of the ton Methodist chiirch Thursday*even-
peace, in and for the Province of Brl-   Ing, 26th Inst., at S o'clock.
tish   Columbia. ��� ,,.   ,.,.   .,     .   , ,    ,
Rev.  Dr.  Rugg    has return..,1    from
Th.- government snag boal Samson Portland where be was In attendance
went out to the gulf again ihis morn- at ,,���, Paclflc Coag, Baptlgl convening in order to continue the placing ,,������   Hi. SIal(1|, tha|  |hi, ,,���,,.,ings al.
'ue of though very successful were some-
; what  marred by the awful    disaster
Brownie suits that were $;!.Ju and whirl, had taken place to the south.
$4.00 me ottered for $1.00   at J. B.(-Members of the faculty of the Berkeley
Phillips' Clothing House. Baptist   Theological  college  and   inin-
There will be a meeting of the com- laters trom the surrounding districts
mine.,  which  was  recently appointed hurried home as soon as the firs, tid-
in connection with the Y. M. C. A. or- lugs of the earthquake were received
ganlzatlon  scheme,  in Mr. Sands' of- and much anxiety was felt by many
fice at  10:30 o'clock tomorrow morn- wh" had relatives and friends in the
jns stricken districts.
The freighter Flngal arrived ln port .Mrs. James Anderson telephoned her
yesterday morning from Nicomekl friends here last night that with her
witli about forty tons of hay ami eight little son Robert she had reached Seat-
hundred sacks of outs from J. Stewart >le in safety. Much anxiety hail been
lor the Brackman-Ker .Milling com- experienced by her family here as
pany. Mrs, Anderson was in San Francisco
Sixty-five suits, regular price $11 and 'luring the recent calaiiilty~and up to
$ii'. sizes 34 to 10, to clear ai the ex- yesterday ���o Information could he se-
ceedinly low price of $3.85. J. E. Phil- cured as to her whereabouts. .Mr. An-
lips' Clothing House. I derson made every possible effort  to
The steamer City <> afNnaimo arriv- Ret ln ,0lldl with S''�� Pranclsco and
ed from Victoria Saturday evening yesterday his anxiety was so greal
with a cargo of general merchandise ��M he started by the afternoon train
. for this city. The It. P. Rlthet ls ex- ""' ""' Bcene "f the disaster i��� order
peoted to 'resume her semi-weekly t0 lpal'n !or hlH"��* the best or the
nips from Victoria about, the first of wtirst M ,h" case mighl be. The tele-
The annual dunce of the Regina La-
crosse club Will be held in St. George's
hall tomorrow evening. Music will be
furnished bj Harper's orchestra and
refreshments will be
committee consists of C. D, Peele,
chairman; J, I. Keary, C. E. Bourne
and I. WIntemute,   Mesdames R. H.
Cheyne.  T.   A.   Mulr,   C.   N.   Mu!boson
and  C.   H.   Peele  ar-  patronesses.
The steamer Transfer arrived from
down river points this morning with
tin- following passengers: W. Campbell, W. Cornfield, Miss Betts, M. Carter, M. Martin, Miss l'l.-wis, J. W. llnl-
llnshead, T, Ladner, Doctor and Mrs.
Wilson. W. Mason and wife, Mrs. Williams, F. Bolton, -Mrs. Bole, Rev. ,1.
, F. Belts, of Ladner; Mrs. and Mr.
Mackwaic.   and   Mrs.   Whltesldes,   or
The tug Clive. recently purchased
by Captain J. A. Croll has returned to
I port after a long voyage. The Clive
look ii large scow loud of supplies   to
j Northern ports for the Fraser Kiver
Saw Mills company, eiiconnlcrlng very
I rough weather in which ll behaved admirably. Al   present  the Clive ls being
overhauled for its next voyage which
1 wlll commence in the latter part of
the weel,.
Chief Mcintosh  Is desirous of flnd-
i Ing  who owns  a  boal   that has been    , , ���     ,    ,
His message bears out ii certain fu.-t
jlylng tor the pasl  two or three days I ,!lsC(lvrrcd bj. ^aJlgts-thal In the sunt the wharf at the foot of Sixth street | pr(,mi, au(j R0U| terrifying moments of
The contents of the boat were    Iwo! nre   thr   most  ndlculous   nud   trivial
pairs of oars. Iwo pairs of rowlocks,, tlilugs' ofteu come uppermost in  the
ia new Winchester rifle and Iwo boxes   -i1"''.
A Fable Tlmi Point* n Moral vt'im a
Larue drain ��>f Truth,
There was once a Rich and Stingy
old Bachelor who had Two Nephews.
And oue, being a Hypocrite, said in bis
Heart: "All men are  Mortal, ami  lhis
Oue must Die '...me time, although unfortunately bis Doctor understands bin
Case. Su l wi.il Pretend to Love my
Dncle and Bear with hl,��� and Tend
him with Great Care and Tender Assiduity." But Uie Other Nephew, who
was blunt and Honest In his Feelings,
said to All Whom It Did uot Concern:
"Why should 1 pretend to Cure for My
Dncle when 1 Don't and Play the Hypocrite? lie cannot bul Respect my Independence the More then than If I
Fawned upon him."
Oue day Ibe Uncle died when it Suddenly occurred to him that he was
Spending too much Breath. To tlie
Nephew who Was a Hypocrite be left
his Fortune, and to the One who Did
not Conceal his Ileal feeling he Left bis
Moral.���Most.people like to be Flattered, because Human Nature is Built
that Way. au.i the People who give
Real Money to Folks who say Right
out what tbey Think about them are
only to be Found in Highly Moral Story
Books���Baltimore American.
phone message announcing the arrival
���f mother and son at Seattle was re-
celve.l   while   Mr.   Anderson     was     en
route south and  ths reunion  would in
all probability take place at  Seattle.
served" Tlio' ""' ha|'l'y Pal'ty Bre ''xl"'c'"''l '" 'each
home today.
Carpets! Carpets!
$10,000 Worth to Choose From
Jut.- Squares, 9x12	
Art Wool Squares, 7-fix9  j.,-
Art Wool Squares, 9x9  5 00 ui
Other sizes. 9x10-8 and 9x12.
Tapestry Squares, 9x9. from
Those handsome Velvet Milton an.i ���xn
'.'���, up
Ktmnster Squares, 25.00 up
Carpet Felt, Corrugated Paper. Hygenic Qnderfell and Stair Pads.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front Streets,  Uupont   Block
(Trimmed Millinery)
|                   The very latest styles shawn. ���
>J? Visit our show rooms you will lie sure to |
!j|                           find what you want. |
gj                  Fine Stock 6f Children's Sailors. |
:���: .   :���;
Saturday's List
Provisions, Fruit, Vegetables���everything fresh
and good at reasonable prices. Cooked ham, bologna
sausage, pickled pigs feet, pickled lambs' tongue,
pic-nic hams, Loney Bros.' Al butter, bananas,
oranges, apples, lettuce,
Public Supply Store, Columbia St.
M.ial Coctll Carriage.
Originally costing something more
than $0,000, the lord mayor's conch, still
used l��� the annua] procession, has
probably had more money expended
upon It than any horse drawn vehicle
in the world. It Is something UUe 160
years old. and lu that time more thai,
$100,000 has been spent In refurnishing
lt for the sole occasion when It is made
use of each year. A more modern
condi could bo bad for the sun, of live
years' repairs, but a new coach would
never seem the same to the London
public who line the Strand on the occasion of the November parade. It ls
probable that the lord mayor of a con
tury hence will ride In tbe same equipage, though, like the Irishman's knife,
it has been repaired so often thai practically nothing of the original coach remains.
.,.:��.,,<���.-   to   Come.
Lord CoelU.urn. though a successful
defender of prisoners, failed ou oue oc.
cuslon to get an acquit,al for a murderer. "The culprit," Mr. Croak .lames
tells us iu his "furiosities of Law and
Lawyers," "after the sentence fixing
his execution for the 20th day of the
month bad not been removed from the
dock when his counsel passed him and
was tb^n seized by the gown. The
prisoner said, '1 have uot io>t jus, ice.
Mr. Cockhnrn,' to whirl, th*. counsel
gravely replied. 'Perhaps not, but you'll
get It on. the 20th.'"
Do You Want To
Buy a Neat Home
. I
On Tram Line. Comprising 8 City Lots,
6 Roomed Dwelling, Woodshed and fruit
trees. "pftR
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;��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
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ij! Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes. ,������
'& Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds          |
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ij .    .. !���
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold- g
'j' en from 2 to 6 feet.   Roses, paeonies, rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- y
!���! green, ami broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.                           |
I    D. M. Robertson & Sons   1
To  Core South.
Scan are often very ugly things nud
disagreeable marks when they exist In
a prominent place on the skin. Probably nothing .'an remove a big scar the
tissue of which has become Bbrous
ami unyielding, but the following
recipe, to be applied on lint ami allowed to remain on tlia part for a little
time dully, will effect au improvement
lu small scar:, and blemishes: Borax,
one and a half ounces; salicylic acid,
twelve grains; glycrlu, three drums;
rosewater, six ounces.    Mix.
It!   Tynehead Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. g
Advertise in the News
Over  Iln*  TriiiiNom.
Two well known Portland (Mc men,
I.. .1. Carney and Thomas L. King,
roomed together at the Preble House,
In that city. One evening Mr. Carney
retired before Mr. King, and the lal-
ter, ou arriving rather late ���t the room,
found the door locked, lhe key on the
Inside and his friends,,, .ring loudly. All
er repeatedly pounding on Ihe door and
awakening the other guests he succeeded in arousing Ids roommate, Mr.
Carney Jumped out of bed ���,���1 after
climbing nu to a chair managed after
considerable trouble to force open tho
transom. Then be passed the key out
to King, but sleepily said he wns awfully sorry for locking him out. n���t
King felt more than satisfied, ns he
roared at the ridiculous performance of
his half awake roommate,���Chicago Inter Ocean.
"Thnt mnn In there is ��� hypocrite,"
snld .lucks,.,, Bl be left the drug store.
"You mean the druggist?"
"Yes. Whe, i went iu i Interrupted
hlm In the ,,:1,1st ..f compounding a
prescription. 1 told bin, 1 wanted a
two cent stump, and he smiled us sweetly as if he was glad io see me."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Obi dollies wlll he the stylo at. the
Poverty Social on Thursday, 20th, in
Queen'B Avenue Methodist church
school room.
Wanted���Hoy to look after office. Apply Dr*. Hall nnd llothwell.
Sons of Scotland
A   CarlonH Fact.
A mnn  who Inui determined to kill
himself weut down to tbe river to commit  suicide,   nml   when   lie  began   to
write a iiiini message to his wife be
could think of nothing to say except
thnt some lull ter which lie bad ordered
would be found nt a certain grocery.
Elk's Minstrels
���_���_���������_��� ���_���������������-���! 3BBBBBBB
Vancouver Opera  House
April 26 and 27.
Great Chorus.    50 Voices.
Best Soloists in British Columbia.
Hear the famous Octette.
The Sons of Scotland are Invited to
STcS?v^rr'wlS TICKETS, $1.00. for sate everywfcere.
night, April 26th.
All members cordially invited to at
By order,
Additional Want Ads on Page S-ven
No extra charge for Reserved saats.
The Daily News has a few for the convenience of        |   *
I' Westminster patrons.   Apply at busmen office, MONDAY. APR;
-��� '906,
md return  it to a basket| Berth No. 471," will be received    at  class  to convey  infection    to oth^'"d I^^IJ"f^/mmef ���>' ob-
|y two leases of five miles each
I at the end of the line.    The time al-  this Department until noon on Wed-  without  themselves   d, '���
r   symptoms.  It is  the:-for- plain that  tain ��n^.  o{  twemy ye3r^  renew.
able.ir. thc discretion of the Minister
MfrlAMDinKIQUID   lowance   to   accomplish   this   perform-   nesday,
inAITlrlUlXOnir   mee w.,_ -- nih,utes. bul the butcher  a licence to cut timber on Berth No. great caution should  b
sneceded   in  finishing  in  4S  minutes.   471,   situate   In   the   Railway   Belt   in the  purchase  or  hand'.'.ns  of  strange o{ ^   }mr.   . .
Columbia, horses or mules especially In    tnose     -j-he |e-SK'; Hg-ht is confine:! to the   I
Ladysm.th Defeats the Home Team in. The task  is not  so simple as il  firs,   lhe   Province     of  British
.      , in the seventies he  commencing at the southeast corner  districts    where    th.
disease    has
the Final  Intermediate Football  Match.
The final game in the intermediate
football championship was played
on Saturday afternoon at Moody square
��� ��� :i the Ni w Westminster and the
smith teams which resulted in a
win for the visitors by three goals to
The Ladysmlth team showed considerable Improvement since the match
on Good Friday which resulted in a
draw. The home team was rather han
dicapped by reason of Turnbull suffering from a weak ankle which he recently injured during a practice match.
For the visitors Colander was the star
player scoring two out of the four
goals to their credit. Kerby was the
strongest of the New Westminster
team and did some great work. Quite
a number of the gentler sex of Lady-
smith took advantage oftjfrh.- opportunity to visit the Royal City and honored
the game with their presence.
The t.-ams lined up as follows:
New Westminster���Goal, S. Chan;
full backs. H. Leamy, B. McEwen;
half backs. Kirkpairick, S. Peele, J.
Brown, 0. Peele; forwards. K. Brown.
L. Turnbull, C. Kerby, .]. Brown, T.
Ladysmlth���Goal, O. R. Greaves;
full  hacks,  J.   Crossan,   M.   Kerr;   half
backs. 0. O'Connell, A. Saunders, G.
.lacks,,n; forwards. F. HcMiller, A.
Mitchie, R. Colander, .1. Hughes, T.
Referee���T. Manoney, New Westminster.
The New Westminsters won the toss
and elected to play with a strong Bouth
westerly wind in their favor, their opponents  having  the  advantage  of    a
, h, Is  or bars ��� f the river   j
was running something like 100 yards
for .ach stone, which was increased
the finish. In this wa>
he covered a considerable distance; it
i-  . -���::, ��� ' wean    fi-..   and  six
;:ied at
of Section 14, Township a. Range 27, become established.
West of    the 6th    Meridian;    thence 8.   Tin-  carcases  of
North  44  chains;    thence  West    SO from onslaughtered
chains;    thence    South    20    chains; wiih  glanders should.
thence West 20 chains; thence South be burned or, failii,'--
24 chains more or less to the North least six feet beneath the surface.
boundary of Section 10;  thence East 9.   Owners of premises   where out-
along the North boundary of Sections breaks  have ber-n  deall   with  should gc,"crai   direction  of  the    creek    or
10 and 11, 100 chains more or less, to bear in mind thai   Inspectors cannot pjlch^he width being from  n
the point of commencement, contain- recommend  release    from  quarantine  2000 Teet.     All   other   placer
ing an area of 400 acres more or less, unless  disinfection  has  been  carried  shall be -SO feet squ!
The  regulations    under    which    a out in a satisfactory n   nner and that      Claim
licence will  be issued,    also  printed compensation for animals slaughtered  posts,  r^^^J^ *ithin
ture of Mortgage which will be pro-  forms of tender and envelope, may be cannot be paid until a certificate   or         '         ,;[" tlle c|a:m  ;s within ten
duced at the sale there will be offered   obtained at this Department or at the cleansing and    disinfection   has been miIes ^ ,he mjning recorder's office.
below any low water mark, an.l sub-   j
i oimals  dyii     ���  r firsi year i nd 5 i   '���' for each   j
t,emg axected  subsequent   year.     Royalty   same   as
when   " BBible,  placer mining.
I   icer  mining  in   the  \ ukon  Ter-
.    Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
-   shall  not  exceed  ;?o  feet  in
length, measured on the base line or
Mortgage Sale
Under and by virtue of the Power
ol   Sale containel  in  a certain Ind.n-
is "are   marked   by   two   legal
the  Minister of Agricul-
One extra day allowed for each addi-
for sale  at  Public Auction    by T. J. office of the Crown Timber Agent at received  b;
Trapp. Auctioneer at his auction mart New Westminster, B. C. ture.                                                            tional ten miles or fraction.
on Clarkson Btreet, New Westminster, Each tender must  be accompanied      10-   ^or^  ovcuera  should'have no     The person or company  staking a
B. C. on Tuesday the 1st day of May, by an accepted cheque on a chartered hesitation in reporting to this Depart- claim must  hold a  frce miner s cer-
1906, at 12 o'clock, the following Real bank In favor of the Deputy  of the ment ��r to its inspectors the existence tificate.
Kstate, Lots 1, 2, and 3, in a portion Minister   of    the  Interior,     for    the of actual or suspected cases of gland-      The  ^overer  of a ne^ mine  u
r it   acres,    of lot   17    in Suburban amount of the bonus which the appli- *rs.  The disease has  been  spreading    n^    <^ ,{ ^ ^^ ^^ Qf
Block  10 CItv of New Westminster, cant ls prepared to pav for a licence, rapidly of late years and it is a mat- _        ie^_ f__of ���.,���������-,,,.  ���_ ,>,.��� nllt.
No tender by telegraph will be en- ter of Public InUrest that every fresh
For conditions of  sale and further
particulars apply to
Vendor's Solicitor.
Bank  of  Commerce   Bldg.,
New Westminster, B. C
Re Lot  9, 10,   and    in of Lot in ol
Suburban   Block   1".     Map   200,   New
���   c.ster   City.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certi-
Bc ite of  Title Number 1074 a,
Iss led   in   the   name   of   .lane   Howay
!       ��� en filed In this office.
Notice is hereby cjven thai  1 shall,
al the expiration ot one month from
the date of the first publication here-
dupllcate of the said Cer-
���   meantime valid
objection be made to nie in writing.
I' strict  Registrar  of Titles
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, 1906.
In districts  where the existence of
glanders  is  suspected  and  especially
in neighborhoods    where actual    out- Synopsis   of
New W,   ti   ast, r, B. C, A; rii 1. 1906.
Re  part  of  Lot   280  Group  1,  New
Westminster Dis,tic.  Whereas proof
of the  loss of Certificate of Title
number 2164A, issued in the name of
Daniel Callaghan has been filed In this
Notice is hereby given that I shall
; at the expiration of one month from
ibe date of the first publication hereof, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid
slight slope In the field. Ladysmlth
was the first to attack, bn, Chan sav- 1""'1
..I. kicking the ball well into the field.
Westminster then pressed but was unsuccessful. No goals were scored tor
quite a while after the opening of the'
game. The visitors seemed to outclass
the home team in the handling of the
ball, being particularly bandy in tossing with their heads and having a bet-
-. r combination all through. The New
Westminsters were good al rushing,
bul Beveral times failed to find the net.
K. Brown scored the firs, and only
coal for the Westminsters after ., brilliant  rush, just  before half time.
Shortly  after  resuming  play. Turn-
bull of New Westminster and Winsby
of the  Ladysmlth took a tumble   together and Turnbull again hurt ;
kle, with the resull that  he ���������
ticallj oul of the running fi
of ih.  game, though
on th,
fed of w,     ��� ho   ���  '
sid, ..it i      'i -'��� ireely run, 1"'
���   .    ':
Ladysmlth sci i
ter, and  . is  was ,p,i, kly fol
low, I by C     ndei  putting In a
for the visitoi -. The home team then
I oi -..: ��� the     n : some good rushes resulted,  bul   they  tailed  to .score. Th,
Ladysmiths    again secured    the ball,
and after some passing Colander drop    . .
....   .       Seven   h
iie.ks have occurred the adoption of
the following precautions by owners
of horses anil others interested will
do much 'o ,:���'.' : the spread of the
dlse is, nd the esl llshi enl of fresh
centres of infection.
1.    Horses or mules having a nasal
discharge    or oth, r suplcious    symp-
l toms should not be admitted to livery
or  feed   stables  or yards,  blacksmith
shops,    church or school    sheds, rail-
put on which no royalty shall be
centre of infection should be discov- chargeQ the rest of the party onlin-
ered  and  dealt  with  as promptly as ary ciaims only.
possible. Entry fee $io.    Royalty at the rate
J. O. RTTHKRFORD. of two and one-half   per cent, on the
Veterinary Director General, value  of  the  gold  shipped  from  the
Department of Agriculture, ject to the rights of all persons who
Ottawa. March, 1906.      have   or who may receive entries for
bar diggings cr bench claims, except
on   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
the lessee  can  dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
Thc   lessee   shall  have  a  dredge  in
operation within one season from the
date ��� I the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
ome-    ... more   than   one   lease   one
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily !        NEW Dally
9:20am Blaine, Belling-13700 pm
4:35pm|ham      Burling |9:35pm
to,,,   Mt.   Ver-1
'non.     Ev,  eti
Seattle and'
4:3a pin Spokane.       St. ,",:U0 pm
Paul    and    all,
points   Kast.
9.20 am Anacortes, IS 00 pm
Woolley,     andj
3:00 pm Vancouver '���' 20 am
9:115 pm' J   "' 1""
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trainu���2
J    Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth,  Chicago, St.
Louis and  all  points  East.
For complete Information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN. Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New   WesIHliuSter,   B.   C
S. G. YKUKF.S. A. (1. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
British  Columbia Coast L'ne
(Subject to change witnout    notice.)
VlCTOHIA-Kh'A'l i i.i.   i
Princ.    i Beal   ��� ���   l.
Leaves Port To
I...nves Vlctoi la ��� :
Arrive Sea,lb- r, a.m.
Leav.- Beattle 9.30 a.n>.
Arrive For, Towsend  12
Arrive Victoria 3.30 p.m
' a. m.,
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway B, 11 in British C    i
bin, may be boniest, by any per
son who is the sol.- hea 1 of a family.
or any male over is    ears of age, to
dr, Ig, for each fifteen miles or frac- Eight Trains Every Pay in thc Year
tion thereof is sufficient. Rental, $io
per annum for each mile of river
leased Royalty at the rate of two
and a) half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds Jio.ooo.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
S. S. Princess Vli ���
Leave Vancouver l p. m.
Leave Victoria 1 a. in.
Leaves Victoria, 1 a. in., 'tuosdayi
and  Fridays.
Leaves  New Westminster,
Wednesdays and Sa,unlays.
Calling at Maynean d Stevestos.
S.S. Joan leaves .Nanaimo oativ, ei.
cepl Saturday and Sunday, at ; ,_
Saturday ii a. m.
Leaves Vancouver italic.
Saturday ami Sunday, at l.liO
Saturday 2.80 p, m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria  11   p.  m   - ���   ]ota
and 20th of each month :,,, ,..,
and wav points.
Leave Victoria 10th ot e   \ month
tor Quatslno and way ���
Leave  Vieloria 20th of ��� month
for Cape Bcotl and waj , |.
ing Quatslnp.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves     New     Westmlnsl
1 ery
the  extent   of  one-quart  :  section  of Six 1, ,ses of five miles each may be
160 aens. more or less. granted to a free miner for a term of
Entry may be  made  personally at  -�� yearsi also renewable.
��� the district     The lessee's right is confined to_the for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE
in which the land is situate, or if the  submerged  bar or bars  in the river  and   LUXL'RY.     It   is  lighted  with
way   siock   yards,   private   stables  or  home?teader desires,  he
Additional  trip leaves  ���
mln ter 5 a. m. Sunday,
Leaves   Steveston   M, ���
e'ay,  Wednesday,  Tint-day 7 a. in.    Friday 6 ai-
.!    :   '. .1   trip Sa unlay .",  p. tn,
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave  New   Westmln I a. ra.
Mondaj 9,   Wedn,    I
Leave Chllllwack 7 a. in
Embodies the newest   and best ideas   Thursdays and  Batrda    .  ��� 1     ���   .-
landing   between   Ni w   '.' aster
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
other   placs   where   they   are   likely plication to the Min ister.of ilie Inter-  daryto be fixed by its position on the   brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   t
com.. Into direct or indirect    contact ior,   Ottawa,    the    Commissioner    of
with animals of the equine species. Immigration,  Winnipeg  or  the  local
2.    All     stables,    yards,    or  sheds agent receive authority for some one
used for the accommodation of horses to make entry for him.
or mules should be regularly and fre-      The homesteader is required to per-
world.      Thc   equipment   consists   of
private   compartment   cars,   standard
16 section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining   SkJdt      ���   1 a Bi
form  the  conditions  connected there-
t,. li'iv  cleansed    and  disinfected
.. ,,    , ,   , with under one of the following plans.
the manner prescribed below. , \   ._  , - .   .     s. ,
,, , , (I)  At   least  six   months    residence
3.    A.t.r    cl.ansmg    the    premises upon  and  cultivatio-   , ;  the land  in
thoroughly, and burning all debris, the each year for three years.
Interior should be well gone over with (2) If the father (or mother, if the
hoi st.-am. or boiling water, adding to father is deceased) of the homesteader
objection be made to me in writing.  ���,��� latter il( least nll��� quar, llf (.ril,,,. residea  upon a  farm  in the v.;c;nit>.
C.  S.  KEITH        carbolic acid to each five gallons after oi the land entered  fr r -the r,   nir,
Dlstricl Registrar of Titles,   which   the   entire  Burface   should   be met>ts 1    ton    Icnce 1
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day ..aches and buffet, library  and  sin. .king  cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information  call on  or write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Land  Registry  Offlce,
New  Westminster, B. (.'.
.March 30, 1906.
Canadian Pacific
Fv?oyal Mail Steamship
thickly coated with a hot solution of by such >" \ n r'":':i"- '���''ii'1 tht f'1"
fresh lime wash, to which crude car- th/\��Tre T     fl,     ,      ,-
,  ,.      ...     ,         ,,   ,,     .      , (3) If the settler has his permanent
 ., added,:, U,e above p .. ,|-i; ,.   ...   _   [arming   ,      ,
' I  ���'     ':,i"n- by him '-���           nity of 1     '
Outh                                 ' ��� .......          ..,.'
with    which    Infected    animals   have may  be   satisfied   by   residence   upon
be, n in conl id                    1, wh, n pos- the said land.
iroughly treated In n slml- Six months'notice in wril
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
.   hundred   miles   of
ped 1, into the net  lor the third time.  nv,.,.  lri|l    Empress  of  Britain  sail
The New Westminsters tried hard to from Montreal for Liverpool May 19th
i the finish   bul time   was  For other dates and rates apply to
even up at
called with the score againsl them.
A feature of the game was thai no
body was ruled off, the play being
clean throughout, although it could
hav.- been Improved on, particularly
as ngard-, combination work.
Lacrosse   Meeting.
Tl... executive committee of the New
WestminSt, r Lacrosse club will mc"
iu il. It;, all's Btore tomorrow evening
at   e   o'clock.
Senior Championship.
Tne  senior    football     championship
was .-��� ���tiled    in Vancouver   Saturday
when the Una) game of the series was
1 bei ween the Garrison team of
Victoria and the Celtics of the Termln
al city.   Th.- -.am., resulted in a draw
, :��� ���,. trn Bcoring    a goal    which
gnve ib.   championship to the Qarrl-
ED.  UOl.Lhl,
C. K K. Agent.
New Westminster
lar mai
All ordinary   harness   an.l    stables
utensils, which have been  In contact
with infected animals or Infected pre-
e thoroughly Boaked in
a hot sop.,jlirl 0f crude carbolic acid
of a stnngth of one part to twenty.
Materials which might    be injured
magnificent    by the above treatment  such  as  valuable  harness,  robes,    cushions,    etc.,
which   have  been  In  contact  with  infection  shouhl    be placed    in    an    air
! tight  room  and  fumigated  with   Formaldehyde after which they should be
' thoroughly  cleaned.
���I.    In stables where outbreaks have
occurred  or where diseased    animals
have, Inadvertently or otherwise, been
; stabled, eve,, temporarily, the cleans-
be given to the Commissioner    I l'1-
minion Lands at Ottawa of in:-
to apply ior patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
X.   B.    Cnauthorized  publication  of
this a   ��� enl   will  n, 1   I e  paid
low_.water   mark, that boun- botl)  ciectrjcjty   and   gas}  the   most
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each -1 par..:..- river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miner- may work their claims
in partnership by filing ni '.ice and
_. :'��� ������ of .-��� \ cl iim may be
abandoned   ami   another  ol
same  creek, r   river,   by
giving  notice and  paying  a  f, e.
W  rk   c     '   b,    dr : ���    , in   a   claim
each year to the value of at least S-'Oo.
A    ertil    it,    thai   work   has
not, the claim shall b,  d,, m, '. t 1 be
I,  an. 1    ipen I    ���       pal   '
and entry by :, free I
The '���   " I m may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
i: le and publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All   unappropiated   Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North- New York, Chicago,
est Territories and within the Yukon
and Chilliwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leavs Vancouver al  2 p   n   L'tii
and   lt.,1,  of each  month  1    ling at
Northern Pacific i
j Transcontinental
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rate .
Quick Time. Excellent Service
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum,  and  the  minister  may  reserve  for  an   individual   or  company
' having machinery on the land to be
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal  prospected, an area of  1020 acres for
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in  such   period   as  he  may  decide,   the
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories  length of which shall md exceed three
and the Yukon Territory. times the breadth.    Should the pros-
COAL���Coal lands may be pur- pector discover oil in paying quan-
chased at ?io per acre for soft coal titles, and satisfactorily establish such
and $20 for anthracite. Not more discovery, an area not exceeding 640
than 320 acres can be acquired by one  ��<=res, including the  oil well, will be
Ann,"lea's     Big     Whistle.���One     is
scarcely    surprised    to    lean,    thai
America   Bounds  the  biggest   whistle
on record.   It has been constructed toT
the Easl St. Louis Electrical Railroad.
and  is  as  tall  as  a   man.    It  sounds
lour tlm, -  a day, and, being connected  with  an  electric clock, announces
1     morning, at noon, at (
n,   o'clock, and a1 six In the evening
ii..  ... 1 ect   I in,,   to  ��� ver;. body  within
ton miles of it.
Drugs for Flower      Experiments at
��� 11   University  are said  ,��� show
thai   pli :.      can   bi    rorc, d   to  grow
with the : Thi y are ted
ber or oth, for twenty-
:0       1 thirl������ six hours until they are
��� it, I with the fumes.
'i ���       tl       ���  ��� ���    with   thi    greatesl
.ri thus
have pul oui magniflcenl blooms in a
night, and narcissus flowers have
double ; '/���   aft, ' a  few hours'
Singular Competition.- -The fascination  tor remarkable athletic feats Is'
more characteristic of the North and
Midlands than the South.   A singular
contest to,.!., place near Birmingham.
Stones  were  placed  11   yard  apart   tor
a  hundred  yards
Tenders addressed to the under
Blgne i al 1 era v. a and marked on th
envelop.. "Tender foi the cons,rue
tion ,.:' a Hydrographlc Steel Twii
.-'. 1 e�� St, am, ," will be received u]
to the Hi ��� di of Maj next, for th
construction  ol   a   Steel  Twin  Screv
Si.Miller    for    lire     1 I .Ml I'ogl'apll ie       Se.'
i i, ���   in British Columbia waters.
Sip". IH on plan and forms ,,
tender can I e . een at the offlce of th
��� ol the Departmenl of Marin
and Flsh, i let at Vi. toria, it. <'., at
the Custom House al Vancouver, B
c. and at  the  Department  h, re.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an ac, i . ted I ani, cheque equal to
10  per ' ��� '     ..i   ' ie whole an,..uni  of
the i :. which will be forfeited 11
Lhe p, Ung the accepted ten
der de, line to enter Into a contract
with the Department. Cheques ac-
coi ing t, nd, ..  which are nol ac
cept, i   will   be  ,������' rn ned  Immediately
after a de, ii lon has been arrived at.
Newspapers copying this advertisement  without  authoritj  from the De-
individual or company. Royalty at sold to the prospector at the rate of
ing and disinfection should be cspe- the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000 $' an acre, and the remainder of the
daily thorough and in such cases it is pounds shall be collected on the gross tr;ict reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
safest, to remove and burn feed boxes output. will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
and mangers when of wood; Iron QUARTZ-Persnns of eighteen subject to royalty at such rate as may
articles can be rendered harmless by X^s aml over and joint stock com- be s
passing them through fire or bv im- panics holding free miners* certificates
merslng them for some time in'boil- ���>' obu,n tntr>' for a m,mng loca-
ing water All litter from suspected Tfree miner's certificate is granted
animals should be burned or careful- for one 0r more years> nQt exceeding
ly fenced  until used. f,vc> upon p.,y���R���, jn advance of S7.50
5.    Farmers    and    others      should,  per annum for an individual, and from
whenever   possible,   avoid     admitting $;o to $100 per annum for a company,
.'trance horses or mules to the prem-  according to  capital.
Ises  occupied   by   their  own  animals      A   free   miner,   having   discovered
.���specially of tlio sat,,,   species. It Is a  mineral  in place, may locate a claim
goorl    plan    to    reserve    an    isolated   1500x1500   feet   by   marking   out   thc
building  for outside  horses or mules 5��m��   wilh   tw"  leg-1  Posts-  bearing
bul where this ls impossible they may lm'''m"" "ot[c"' ":,c at c:ich end r"
b,  accommodated in cow stables, cat- "
tb- not  being subject  to glanders Infection, Bueh horses and mules shouhl
be watered  from  special  pails, which
Toronto, St. Paul
Steams),ir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion cal! on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, II. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Railway Company
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
When travelling by this popular up-
to-date Railway you    have no   worry
aboul   miBSibg   train connections    or ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MAR]
The claim shall be recorded within  changing    cars during the night.  We TIME PROVINCES.
ii en days if ocat, d within ten miles  lake you over the cont w m on through Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
f a mining recorder's office, one ad-  first-class    Bleeper    and    magniflcenl PHILADELPHIA, via [Niagara Falls.
cars.   Transcontinental   train        For Time Tables, etc., address
pari in.uil   will   no,   be  paid.
1'.   GOURDEA1
Deputy   Mi,lisi,-,-  of  Marine
Departmenl  of .Marine and  Flsh
erl, .
Ottawa, Mil  March,  1906.
litional day allowed for every ad- . tourlsl
together with all other Btable utensils ditjonai ���.��� mii,., or fraction. The1
used on or about them, shouhl be fee for recording a claim is $5-
carefully cleansed and disinfected be- At least $100 must bc expended on
for.- being used for other animals, the claim each year or paid to the
Stalls occupied by strange horses or mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
mules shouhl be well cleansed i,nd,$3oo has been expended or paid, the
disinfected and, if a, all possible, left 'locator may, upon having a survey
��� ,    .   ,   . .. made and upon complying with other
unoccupied for some  time. . j . f.      ,.,,.,
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
(..    Where new horses or mules are _   '
purchased In or from districts where ''  permission'may be granted by the
glanders  exists, they  should,    unless  Minister   of   tb..   Interior   to   locate
leav, s daily al 3:10 p, m.
For  further  particulars  apply  to
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westmln it, r,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 11!.", Adams St., Chicago, III.
"The Milwaukee"
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
la "ii second trip.
Times   on   arrivals   and
an- ap] roxlmate.
For   TU kei I,  reseri 1 in.
for,n.i, ion call  , ��� or addi ������
J. W. TR
General Superintendent, VI toria
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vai     iver,
Gen. Agent, Freight  Dept.,
New  V.
Agent,  New  \\
Trains & Steamers
Leave   N. W   '.'���':'
Arrive Ne��  Westminster
Lv. New W, it, . 8.30; ar. S
L\. Seattle 10; ar. Ni w  ���
C. P. it. WESTR. JUM
Lv. N'.w West 10.36 an :   ?   i.
Ar .New West 9.3G and '���
Lv. Ni w Westminst, r 6
Lv. N. W. B.20 a.m.: ar, Seatl     ll   '���
Lv. N. W. 1.35 p.m.; ar. S,
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. W.  ���
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.;  ar. N. W.
V., W. &  -.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. nnd 9.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and  I P.O.
Lv. "N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m. ,
Lv. Guichon 2.10 p.m.; ar, X. W.
9.35 p.m.
Mt.ndnvs onlv.
Iiv. .New West. 6.50 a.m . 6.51, 8
and hourlv until II p.m . ��Ith hall-
hourly between 12.30 ac I 6.30 p.m.
Saturday half-hourly noon to n P-ra-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 ]<���'�����'���
with half-hourly bet. uoon and 7 p.ni.
Lv. Vancouver same time throughout.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Web Fri I  �� a.B.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 B.B.
From N. W. T,,.. Th., Sa'   8 n.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri
From N. W. daily, ex, Sa:
From Mt. Lehman. 7 a.m.
From N. W, dally, ex. S I
Add. trip, .Monday, 6 a.m.      ,       .
From Sieves,,.,,, 7 a.,.,. (Fri. 6 a.DW
Add. trip Saturday. 5 p.m.
CItv of Nanaimo���
From  N. W. Sunday 7 a m.
From Victoria Saturday " ���':n-
Mail Service
dose.    Received.
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m.   '
Sap'n & MUlslde...l0.00p.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale, Itlalne,
SeatUe, etc.. .. 8.45a.m.
Van. ft'Cent. park...l0.30a.m.
Vieloria 10.30a.m.
Kast Burnaby.. .. LIB i1-111
2.15 i>.m-
6.46 p.m.
9,00 a.m.
3.30 p.m.
Steveston,   CtC...
East, via C.P.R..
Sap., Mill, Coii'm.
Van. & Burnaby.
1.30   '
8.00 p.m.
:,.ii" i ' ���
8.30 p.m.
Tenders for a   Licence to Cut Timber
on Domonion  Lands in the Province of  British Columbia.
carefully tested with  Malleln  prior to claims containing iron and m    l,
purchase, be stabled apart  and closely   copper, in the Yukon Territory, of all          *'**V      iUIITinillWV The   only   all   rail   route   between   a
watched  tor some  time before being area not exceeding 160 acres.                "The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to'pointa cast, wesl  and south to Ross
brought  in contaci with Other mil,mils     The  patent   for  a  mining  location      Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to land, Nelson and intermediate points,
of the equin,   bi   cl                                 k'i;i11  t""vi'le  for  the  payment  of a      Chicago,  "South    West    Limited" connecting at Spokane with the Great
7.    II   must  be borne in  mind  thai   ^ '" /     ''' '   ''."V '  "���"' ':':"      Kansas City to Chicago. ^��itherrn' Northcr? Pacifie and ��' R'
of the products ol   the location.             No  trams   in   the   service   on   anv & N. Co.
while nasal discharge,   or ulceration.     pLACER MIKING���Manitoba and  railroad  in the world that   equal  in Connects at Rossland with the Can-
enlarged glands, the presence of farcy the  N   w   T| (.Opting the  Yukon  equipment that of the Chicago,  Mil adian  Pacific  Railway  for  Boundary
burls,  unaccountable  swelling    of the Territory: Placer mining claims gen-   waukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway,     Tbey Creek points.
limbs and general unthrlftim'ss often crally arc  mo feet square, entry  fee  own  and  operate their own  sleeping Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
characterize  cases  of  glanders,    the $5, renewal,le yearly.    On thc North  and dining cars on alll their trains and stage daily for Republic.
disease exists in many animals with- Saskatchewan River claims are cither  give  their   patrons   an   excellence   of Buffet   service   on   trains   between
out    for  the time being   anv external  bar   or  bench,  the   former  being   100  service  not  obtainable  elsewhere. Spokane  and   Nelson.                                 	
ter, Effective    Sunday,    November    10,  Sunday)    carrying   1':,'��   ,,,���,..
cars 1901.                                                         express    and   freight _ ce
eludes bar diggings, but extends back   on   any   other   line.     Tlmy   protect Leave
I . 00 a.t 1.
116 p-m.
..... m.
12.00 m
j". ir.lIH
.     .1 .1.111.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
I   whatever      the    only feet long and extending between high       Berths on their sleepers are longe
means of detection in such cases be- "��'' '"V watermark.    The latter in-  higher and wider than in similar
Ing  Ihe   Mullein   test,  and   that   these
to the base  of thc hi
.. or bank, not their trains by ilie Block System.           9.20 a.m.
SEALED TKNDKRS   addressed    lo  occult or latent cases are In   some re-|exceedi_t  iooo  feet.     Where   steam Connection   made   with   all   trans-  12.25 p.m.
the   Timber   nnd   Mines   Branch,   De-   spects the most    dangerous    because,power js  ���scd  claims  200  feet  wide continental lines in Union Depots.         g.40 a.m.
ind a local butcher   partment of the Interior, and marked   unsuspected.    Our experience    showslrnay be obtained. H. S. ROWE, General Agent,
had  undertaken  to pick  .ach  one up  on  tho envelope "Tender for  Timber I that it is possible for animals of this      Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba 134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
FAIRBANKS,   Daily traimM ^
ct   with
xpress    ami    irs._".    - j;0rse,
Day Train Arrive  stages at Carcross and W'       ^e.
..  Spokane   7.15 p.m.  maintaining a through w
..Rossland ....4.10 p.m.     For Information ���''i'i''>'.'; MilI,agef,
Nelson  6.45 p.m.     J. H. ROGERS,   rrattc
Miickinuiui  0
General Passenger Agent
���Traffic M^
APr.l'_ 23, 1306.
barristers, solicitors, etc.        Ot
sces: New Westminster, Trapp itik.,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Granville Btreet. J-seph Martin, K. C, .f.
W. Weait, W. tl. McQuarrle, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wijl be in ths
Westminster oillces every Friday afternoon
Bank of
Incorporated by act or parliament
CAPITAL (Ail paid upi...��i4,ouu,U00
RESERVE FIND $10,000,000
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. J. H. Bowes, P. 0. Box
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
W. J- Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
lit. lion. Lord Sirathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,. ..Hon President
Hon. Sir G. A. Drunimond, President
E.  S.  Clouston,  Vice  President  and
General Manager.
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Wanted���Tl,iny   able-bodied, men  to
work for the Corporation    on    the
Board of Works. For information as
to wages and employment apply
Mr. Furness, Supt. of Works.
For Sale���40 acres, 15 acres clearer!
Good building. Apply Donald Mc
Clure, Port Kells.
Lost���On   or  near  corner  of  Queen's
���v"' Delegates to British Columbia Association Meeting Settle
All Outstanding Difficulties and Agree on Schedule
and Rules for the Season of 1906���Officers Elected
and Referees Selected.
MB. J. P- HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce build
ing, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, New Westminster. Money to
GEORGE E. MARTIN", Barrister and
' Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle streets, New Westminster, B. C.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. 4 A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the Firs, Wednesday in
each month, at S o'clock p. m., ln
th.. Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to at-
tend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
ge, rotary.
General banking business transacted.
Branches ln all the principal cities
in Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. .lonn, Mid.,
and correspondents ln all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D. Brymner, Manager.
6. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer ot
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B. C.
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
Wall  Paper  Store
Sixth Street.
avenue and 6th street, a photo o
young gentleman with name on back
Finder please return to this office
For Sale���Modern 7-rooiued house on
fine corner in West End; two lots
si aide and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this offlce.
Lost���Small purse Willi small sum of
money at foot of Cemetery street
Sapperton. Return to Mrs. Cigouler,
Front street, or Dally News.
Wanted���2000 Cords ot Hemlock Hark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box INT, Now
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday In each month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visit- i
ing brethren are cordially Invited
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with ID years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's'.business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicatedjwatch.es cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
For Sal ���Fresh milch cow. Applj P.O.
Box 332 or Daily News Offlce, City.
For Sale���50 Egg Chatham Incubator
'heap. Only used once. Apply 199
Sixth avenue or P. O. Box 502, City
For Sale���Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
Found���A  house key  in  "Tipperary".
Apply Daily News Office.
It.   II.   K.   of   I.,   meets   second   and Columbia Street.
fourth Friday  of each month, at 8
m     in   Orange   hall,   corner   of Full line of English, Scoicn and Irish
Royal'avenue and John street.   So-  tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
lourning Sir  Knights   cordially   in- j     Spring stock now  ln.    Make your  Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery,
vited t" a,lend.   W. E. Dunlop, W.| selection.
P.;   E.  K.  Matthias, Reg.
Charges Reasonable.
���Mceis in Orange hall first and
third Friday In each month at 8 p.
in. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' lull, Columbia sue,.-,, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No, 3
- Meetings lbe first and third Tuesday in each' month. Visiting
in..thren cordially Invited to atteni.
Lodge room. A. O. I'. W. hull, Odd>
i ..o.s' block. Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Hose Degree meets Second and
Fonrih Wednesday of each month.
In K. of 1'. Hall. Columbia St., at
8 p. m.. While Rose Degree, Fourlh
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. E. B. St Inch-
combe, Pies., II. Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at S o'clock, In the small
hull, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling uur apecallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone loU.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell's fashion plates
have  arrived.
So have our spring stock ot High-
I class suitings.
Also   worsteds,   serges,   Broadcloth
! and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia street.
J. H. Todd
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headn.uarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Garilen, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant
for them 1t realod jackets. If lie
does not handle them we will prepay
to your nearest postoffice, fifty 5c
packets, our selection of good varieties, for $1.00 to introduce them.
Large stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation  or  Inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order. Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C.
For Sale���Young Cow and Calf, newly calved. Mrs. T. Hembrough. 14th
st. and 5th ave.
Lost���A striped tiger cat, brown nose
and eyes. Black and grey in color.
Reward will be paid for its return to
Mrs. J. A. Crouse, corner Eighth
street, and Royal avenue.
Fcr Sale���Half interest in a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Daily News.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Austin.   Sapperton.
Harmony prevailed at the annual
general meeting of the British Columbia Amateur Lacrosse association held
in tIlls ciiy on Saturday. Delicate questions were satisfactorily settled, difficult problems were easily solved and,
with businesslike despatch, arrangements, suitable to all concerned, were
made for lhe lacrosse season of l'.m,;.
The meeting was called to order
shortly after 2 p. in. by Vice president
C. A. Welsh, President Hooper being
unavoidably absent, and from the
sound of Ihe first knock on the table
mi adjournment it was all business,
the gentleman i��� thi' chair tactically
steering the meeting clear of th.- all
obstacles to harmonious conclusions.
Secretary's   Report.
The retiring secretary, M. .1. Barr,
submitted the following report of tha
association's work during tl,.- season
,,r  1-905:
Mr. Chairman und Gentlemen: 1
herewith beg to submit my report for
the season  of 1905:
The pas, season was successful in
many ways, public interest was never
greater. The lacrosse played by the
different clubs, especially New Wis,
minster and Vancouver, was strictly
first-class; that this was appreciated
by the public was proven by the large
attendance at the different games. 1,
is to he regretted that, the Inauguration of the International Lacrosse did
not prove successful, for in spite of
the good efforts put forward by Jh>-
Seattle Lacrosse club, to make the
game popular, it did not take with
ibe public. The national game In
British Columbia, however, reigned
supreme in tho sporting world; never
before in the history of sport in the
WeBl has the game prospered so
well. The public also showed its ap-1
proval of good, clean exhibition of lacrosse by turning out in very large
numbers at all of the big games.
At  our  las,   meeting  a  number  of,     Mr.    Bolton    as I    h���    i,,v,. be
changes were made to the eonstltu- granted bj the association to play ex-
tion, one of which was calling upon hibltion matches al Victoria during the
the different clubs to deposit with summer. Be had several dates which
the association the sum of $100 as a he would like to suggest ,,, ..,,, SCHe.
guarantee ot good faith. This was dule committee. Th,. victoria club
badly needed and it forced the clubs would bear all i,,. expenses for such
to keep their schedule dates or forfeit matches This was ��������� rated iv ,h
the    money.    The    Seattle  Lacrosse  association.
club  was disqualified for not having      Mr.  Yorke introduced a  motion  to
paid the schedule tee of $25. have (he motion in ih,. minutes of the
Another change was the abollilon ol las, annual meeting of the association
the fleld captain, for the season ofirequlrlng new clubs to m> an en-
I90fi. As w<- have a good represents- trance of $25 Btruck nut
ti,,,, of ,t,.. players themselves a, this tlon carried,
meeilng no doubt   ihey  will  give us
their opnlon as to th- advisability of . EXP'a'ns for Seattle-
continuing. '"  Yorke 'ented  Seattle
The tournament which took place at .3
the Honunion exhibition was a huge
.iiecess, ib,- teams wen- evenlj
matched and a splendid article of lacrosse was pui up. The Capitals
brought out a good team but it was
lhe Vancouver and Westminster game
that the crowd wanted; ihis was '"' 811ed b- !h" contesting clubs. The
demonstrated by the record attend-. S":""" club' " ls :ill"'-"l (ailed tr,
ance at the opening match of thePeep sm talth- llui1 M "����� pay its
series at the fair. entrance ol $25,  which  should have
The championship of British Colum- been ,1""" according to the conBtltu-
bla was won by the New Westminster """ "' ''"' " r- '������ A- Lln,i Uie club
Lacrosse    club, after    a close  finish   waa   8u8Penned   from  the  association
by     President    Thos,   Hooper.    Mr.
York.- ixplalned the position of the
Seattle  club   iii   th,.   matter,     In   the
The    complete   list   of    scheduled  course ���r hl8 reamrka hi, stated tha(
matches played during the season and Seattle had adhered io the eonstltu-
the official results were as follows:    ' tltm ln liv���.v wav poss(ble    Thfl
May 24���Westminster 12, Victoria 2.
June  10���Vancouver 7, Vieloria 3.
June 10���Westminster 12, Seattle C.
June 24���Westminster 9, Seattle ;;.
June 21���Vancouver ti, Victoria 2.
July 1���Westminster 12, Vancouver  piayed
Money Returned.
The Vancouver delegates stated Hun
The mo-
having ��� ,nonej o| ,,���. g ,,.
"" eluh returned to thai club. v, the
commencement St lasi n ison each
' : '      " called upon to pul up a for-
ft>" "r *' ts a guarantee of good
faith that all scheduled dates would
with  the  Vancouver  Lacrosse
The  Season's   Matches.
hud  endeav 1  to have one match
scheduled    to be played    with    Vancouver post] 1. as n.i grouuds were
available In the Sound city on that
occasion and   the   match   was   not
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$1.00 per setting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
Tide Table���Fraser River
For Week Ending April 29.
July 1���Vancouver,   1,   Seattle   8.
July 8���Westminster 6, Victoria 4.
July 15���Victoria 4, Seattle 3.
July 22���Vancouver 13, Seattle 5.
July 29���Seattle  8,  Victoria  4.
July 29���Vancouver S, Westmlnstei
August  5���Victoria  0, Vancouver 4.
August  12���Westminster 13, Seattle
Wanted���Young girl for part care of
child and housework. Apply Mrs.
Sawyer, Tth st and 5th ave, after 6.
For Sale���Fresh Milch Cow. Apply
Daily News Offlce, or P. O. Box 332,
New Wesl minster.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at S p. m. in lhe Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting Brethren are eor.lial.v invited to attend. E, C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. ,,,., In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. s. Bryson, S. C; J. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and Kecords.
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Street.
Onll  or wHt.A fop Tirlees.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month 'n
K. of P. Hall. John McNiven.
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Wes,minster Board of Trade meets In the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows.
Second   Wednesday  of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings oh the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. 13. While, Sec.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Wanted���Young  girl   help.   Apply   1st
and   1th  avenue,    upper  Exhibition
for Sweets
Ice Cream and G. B.  Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit &
When you want a good smoke you
ask for a���
Manufactured by the B. C. Cigar]
Factory, who also make The "Brll-
lantes" (In three sizes.)
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg; Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
On modern lines even in  backward old
China.    We have heard that the  Racy-
cle Bicycle has been seen on the streets.
of Shanghai.    We handle  the  Recycle
and   Perfect   Bicycles,    the two best
bicycles made in Canada or the United \
States,    Whatever wheel you buy here
it is value for your money,   We also do
all kinds of bicycle and other repairing.
Bring your lawn mower to get sharpen-1
ed and put in  shape.     Don't  mistake
the place.
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block.        Sign���Man on Wheel,
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. lGth Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow  Building
"B. C." OR " OLD SPORT"!a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
-Hard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Do your own Silver Plating at
home���a wonderful preparation
made by Meyer & Allen of New
York       ::::::
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purely,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING, bkiuue and
Ornamental   iron   Worn,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence invited.
BEGB1E BTK_l_rr.
New Westminster. f. O. 474.
|    13.30
Tuesday   .
|      0.45
|    14.25
|      1.20
|    15.55
|    15.25
Friday    . ..
|      2.20
I    16.05
Saturday    .
|      3.00
Sun,lav   ...
High Water
Time H'ght
:,ow Water
Time light
..     4.56
11.8 ;
11.30 | 3.3
��� 18,17
23.42 | 6.8
Tuesday   .
..'    5.18
11.6 |
11.55     2.9
....  |  ...
.|    5.41
11.3 1
0.19 | 7.4
12.24 \ 2.7
..|    6.05
0.58 | 7.9
12.57 | 2.5
Frlda,y    ..
..    6.30
10.S |
1.42 | 8.5
11.7 |
13.34 |,2.6
10,6 |
2.31 | 8.8
| 22.09
11.7 |
14.16 | 2.7
..!   7.23
1 10-2 1
3.24 | 9.1
i  23.02
11.6 |
15.00 | 3.0
August 19���Vancouver 4, Westminster   3.
August 26���Vancouver 8, Victoria 2.
August 26���Westminster 10, Seattle
Sept. 9���Vancouver S, Seattle 3.
Sept. 9���Westminster 14, Victoria 1.
September 23���Westminster 31 Victoria 2.
September 30���Westminster 4, Vancouver 1,
Goals Scored by Clubs.
The following ls a table showing the
number of goals scored by tbe respective clubs:
Gls.   Scrd.       Cls.Agst.
Westminster  132 36
Vancouver       62 54
Victoria 3.S 101
Seattle 40 85
Th.- system of double referees was
introduced during the exhibition tournament, and to my mind it was a distinct success, and I trust it will be
given a trial here for one season at
Respectfully submitted,
Credentials Presented.
On motion the credentials of the
delegates for 1906 were then presented
and received. The delegates then took
their seats, credentials being present-  Maple Leaf.
they were prepared io play on the
I date In question, but no word had
been received from the Seattle club
; ami according lo the constitution the
money posted by the Sound club
should be fortelted. The matter was
debated a, length. The consensus
of opinio,, was that Seattle shoulil
have paid the entrance tee of $25 at
the commencement of the season ami
thai Presldenl Hooper had acted in
the proper manner in suspending the
Sound city for non-payment of entrance fee. Mr. Yorke stated that the
matter had not been constitutional as
the a&endments to the constitution
had been made before the proper
notice had been given. He [minted out
that New Wininlnsier had been charged $15 for re-admission to the league
at the same meeting and that this was
also unconstitutional,, as the proper
notice of one month had not beea
given, After discussing the mutter
at length Mr, Gray moved Hint the
president and secretary of the association lie upheld In their action
and that the sun, of $100 be returned
to the Seattle club, and that the sum
of $15. which sum was paid by New
Westminster for re-admlsslon to the
League, be returned to that club. The
n������ ion was seconded and passed.
Officers Elected.
The officers were elected as follows:
Hon. President, Mr. Bolton, Victoria.
President, C. A. Welsh, New West-
First vice president, H. Godfrey,
Second  vice president,  R. J. Grant,
English China
Tea Sets from
$6.50 up
ed by the following:
Vancouver���G. M. Matheson, H. R.
Godfrey, R. D. Douglas.
Victoria���Rev. W. W. Bolton. Lionel Yorke. Mr. Uolton held a proxy
for Mr. Virtue, of Victoria.
New Westminster���C. A. Welsh, F.
Lynch, A.  W. Gray.        ,  ��
Maple  Leafs Admitted.
The application of the Maple Leaf
club, of Vancouver, was then taken up
by the delegates. C. W. Murray, one
of the representatives of the uew club,
address  the association    briefly, atut-
Secretary-treasure,', Matl Barr:
Council, Lionel Yorke and .1. A. Virtue, Victoria.
Hon. members, F. Lynch and W.
Gray. New Westminster: R. D. Douglas and G. M. Mathesoa, Vancouver;
C, W. Murray and G. Morrison. Maple
Referees���Nominated by Vancouver
clubs���W. Gray, F. Lynch, R. Cheyne,
T. Gifford; nominated by New Westminster Dave Smith, H. Godfrey, C.
K. Snell ami Mai,  Uarr.
To   Revise   Constitution.
A committee consisting of Messrs.)
Plants and Annuals  of all kinds,  cut
flowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone A184 or address 4th Avenue
and 10th Syeet.
Factory and Office, Brine Block,
Teacher of the German
Language  and  Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets *3b,3.3,t>/e.
Branches and correspondents in
all the principal cities ot the world.
General banking business transacted.
11 opens an account.   Interest added
silt yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nlflhta   from �� to ^
f. B. Lyle, Manaoer.
Take notice that the Great West
Packing Company Limited have de-
' posited plans and application for the
! erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, British Columbia, on the fore-
j shore of Section 12 and Fractional
I Section 13, Block 3, North Range 7,
j West.
Dnted at New Westminster,  B. C,
this 15th March, 1906.
ing that the new club could be de
pended upon to remain in the asso- A. VV. Gray. R.v. W. W. Bolton, G. M.
elation if a franchise was granted. Matheson ami A. M. Murray was a>
The club would adhere to the con- pointed to revise the constitution be-
stitutlon In every respect. fee  July   Is,   and  to  report  at  the
On motion the new club was admit- next    annual meeting   of the associated  into the association.    The  Maple  tlon.
Leaf club was represented by Messrs
C.   W.   Murray,   It.   ,1.   Grant   and   G
Victoria  Club's  Position.
Mr. Bolton explained the position of
Field  Captains.
The question ot Feld captains was
broughl   up and discussed  at length.
I.a si  year Held captains wer abolished and the clubs were all well satis-
tlie Vieloria club, slating that the club; fid with the change.    The delegates
were unanimous In their opinion that
the  fleld    captain   should    again  be
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promplij   to nny
part of the city.
would not be in a position to put a
senior team in the field this season
but that his club would like to remain in the league if at all possible,
suggesting that the Victoria club be
allowed to remain In tho association
as  an    honorary    organization.    He
abolished and a motion to this effect
wns passed. It was decided to abolish
field captains indefinitely.
Doublt   Referee   Syutem.
The double referee system w���� dis
sociation as an honorary organisation
, .   . . ... HU        ' for a period of a year.    All the other
Light and HeaVT HaUlmg   ilelcgales were a*** tn  the  matter
, ,- ! and the motion passed.
Office Thonc 185.       Ham 'flume 137   an" '""
stilted that he hoped to have a good j cussed by the delegates. Mr. Grady
senior team readv to go back into the sald that tli#British Columbia cnib and
league series again in a year or so. ������ Idea how the system was carried
Mr. Gray moved that the Victoria)out ,��� ,he Bast and ">at 'he assocla-
club be allowed to remain tn the as-
tlon was not ln a position to Judge
how successful the system was In the
East.    The double referee system had
;;��� i
(Continued on Page Eight.) THE DAILY NEWS
MONDAY, Aprils
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. AINNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. U. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
v _��
'i Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. 1
New  Owner  of  Well   Known  Steamer
Will Remodel  It for Shallow
We have been appointed agents for the Union  Assurance  Society
on. England, which has Been carrying on iir.-  insurance business
More Sockeye Fry Will Be Taken to
Head of Pitt Lake.
Tomorrow the I). G. S. Georgia wiln
make the las, trip from the Bon Accord hatchery with sockeye fry for this
season, and will take a consignment
ot little fish to be let loos.- at the head
of Pit,  Lake. With this 1<���   1".""".       T��"  ^;""-;-  Roberl   DunsmU
small  SOCkeyes  will  have been  taken   been purchased ..;.   11. Gilley, :
from the Bo��� accord hatchery during ��t the International Lumber company, .Brookiyn.Stemwinder, ,   Emma,
the season and. according to the offi-  -ho will Immediate^  put it int.. the u,wl,,,,. and  strathmore , trlbut   I
Emerson   dry   dock   to  have  It   remod-   28.256   tons.   Rossland   I am;,   shlppei
l.,. ur.i. Centre Star and Le Roi No. J.
senl 6,795 ions, wbil.. from the Slocan- (
Kiuc,.nay   mines   tb.    shipments   were
Shipments    From    Various    Kootenay
Properties to the Smelters.
Nelson,    April   21.���The    Kootenaj
ore shipments tor the week show an
.   in  Hei:'. - ....     the 1 is1   :��� ��
owing    '���'    Imi ' ivements   in
transporl iti, n    fa, llities.    The    total
output   was  36, 916  tons and  tor the
.,, ,,.  ;,, flat,   532 216   tons.  Prom  the
Boundary  tne Granby,  Mother  Lode,
oklyn-Stemwind' I
:     New Ready to Wear
T  Just arrived by parcel post, new creations in ladies readj I
iu�� assortment of Ladles'Belts in the season's populai    I
binations of gold and silk.   See them H;,' irda ..
Ask for the Reynier when looking for your New Kid Glov
of Lon.
since 11'4 A. D., and which  has  a capital and accumulated  funds  of S
$20;0OU,0O0. ;���;
The National Life Assurance Co. if Canada, assurance record: >j!
Dec. 81st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   I'rem. $22,954.60 U'
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,600. Premiums $ ,'.'J.,'.o.'.9t'. .���;
1901 " ���* 2,654,904. " B2,029.80 >���<
1902 " '��� 3,426,897. "        126,696.21 V
1903 " " 4,086,112. "        150,644.88 ,���,
1904 " " i,509,754. "        166,384.20 B
cials, they arc aboul  as likely looking Emerson dry  dock  to
,a lot of Utile fish as have ever been en,.(i. The new owner Intends
discharged from the fish orphanage. jng the (,eck houso and lightening th,
|    This is ,1,.. fifth  season    that   lisi, so ���  m only  draw --. - ^
] have been sent out  ami ,Ins year will , ���    .       ,"' .
tell the tale as to whether fish, like from ,1 to T feet oi water,  rhe objec    gt Eugene, 856; Suliiva,,.  : Hunter
cliick.ns.  come home to mr..,.    The of thus lightening the boat is that It   v.. 101; Ruth, 20; Sunshl
i contention of flsh experts is thai the may be fitted to  pass safely through  19; 1
'flsh  wbeu  full  grown  will  return  to tll0 fjortjj arm 0j -���..,. Fraser with log
the  place In  which  they  were located ^   ^     ^    lnternaU0nal     com-
���as frv  in onlc   to deposit   the spawn
- on Burrard Ini, t.
Real   Estate    Brokers
and Contractors
Columbia   Street, NEW
itlnued iiom Page S, .en.)
iduced durin     he Dominion
i ion Berles, bul the referees had
not   can-led   out   their   work   in   the
ime  w.i\   as II  Is don.- in the  East.
Mr. M    I ��� ion i onsldered ll a splen-
for the rising generation. The officials
are naturally awaiting developments
will, profound Interest.
Th.- 10,000,  '" fry    have this    year
be, ���, distributed as follows: 80,000 In
the Banc Hen Haugh river; 60, I In
the Sq lamish. 60, In the Cowich in;
60,   in  the  Nanaimo  Lake,  300,	
divided among Sprott lake, at the head
,,f the Alberni canal, Anderson lake
on        Bare! S ,und,       Kennedy
. on the wesl coast. The remaining 9,540,000 wer, p u ��� i a, tl e head
of Pitl   Lake.
pany a camps
Hitherto boa,.-, ol BUffici, nt slz and
power to haul an I m aage heavy
booms have been c mi ��� 11, 1 to go
around   by  the   O ":1   ���""
count ��� draw
and the .-hallow, e north arm.
'Ph.. passing -. ���  north arm
will  -;,v.. tw, Ive  miles ��� ��� f an outside
A.I   the Granbj   Smelt, r  18,801  tons
0f i  .   wer,   :. ceiv, !:  Dominion Cop-
��� er,  1,385;  It. ��'   i'i>i...<t.  1,868;  Trail,
7,421 ;   Hall  Mini -.  i."'1  ; and  Marj s-
Ville,    ��� ���
24 acres, 7 acres in
thorough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries,
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
A Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
Candy  Business Changes Hands.
Owen  Burdatt  yesterday  took  over
...as   of  the  opinion  the candy store    until    recently    con-
gtven a trial tor al   ducted   bj   Mrs,   Keatas on  Columbia
least   one      ��� Mr.    Murray    also  Btreet. Mr. Burdatl    is   a    r nl  ar-
...,:    ..-thi and   rival   from  Salem,  Oregon,  and   it   is
ild 1... given a trial. his  IntenUon    to  make    considerable
M . Graj did nol appear to favor the Improvements In hla Btore. He is ac-
Idea ot Introducing the system in ihe companied by  Mrs.  Burdat,  and tarn-
Province.   He,   however, would    sug- Uy, who are al presen   staying at the
hal  one referee be appointed to   Windsor hotel.
hav..   absolute  control   and   he  cm,I.l  o	
select an assistant. Cloudy  With  Showers.
Mr.  Grant   Introduced   a   resolution      Victoria, April 23.���-The    barometer
thai   the    double  referee    system   be  is low ov.-r the western portion of the
loi     1  t.   the association.    Mr.  Ma- continent and showers have been gen-
theson seconded the motion. eral over the Pacific Slope from North-
Mr.  York    moved  an    amendment, ,.rn British Columbia to California and
seconded  by  Mr,  Cray  that  the  dual  high   southerly  winds  have  occurred
system be adopted, but one referee 1 n  the Washington  coast.  The wea-
in control of the match as an  official   ther  is  fine and  warm  in  the  Prairie
t,    .. and lie to have the power to  provinces.
affirm or veto tin- decisions of th,   . .-���       Forecasts for 36 hours ending 5 p,
Bistant, m.  on  Tuesday  on   the   Lower   Main-
T!,.. amendment  was lost by a vote  land:   Westerly  and   southerly  wind.-,
of five ,,, ih:.... partly  cloudy  with  showers.
Forfeit Money.  o	
In    considering  the    matter of the Rounding Up Isaacs.
��100       '"' '" >���"' I"" "P h> eaen v]nh      Provincial Constable Wilkle has re-
-" as  to ensure schedule  being  kepi   ,���,���,.���  ,.,������ ., vislt    ���, hjs farm    .���
11   waf    tactltIv  ;i--""''    thal   ln   :h"   i. ngley,  While  there lie  looked  into
ivenl of Vancouver clubs being unable  ,he case of .,��� [wllan nam ,angIey
to securi grounds the forfeit would ,,,,,,,, ��� .,,i;���,,,s ,-,.,, [8aac has a wife
;,,,: '"' Imposed. Ii was Btated thai who h.,s bee_ ., heipiess invalid tor a
the Vancouver clubs were being asked, number 0f years. Lately Isaac's love
50 and 10 percent, of the receipts for ,������,. his afflicted partner In life had
��� of groundB in that city. Both grown ,,,,,, lt]lll .,,���,��� weeka ag0 he
the Victoria and New Westminster s-j,,,,,.,, ,������ ���f ,h.. distriC| willl .,��� [n.
delegates considered this a very ex- ,,i;lI1 ���,,���,������. who also has a husband
cessive demand, the New Westminster of ner 0Wn, and together the amorous
���:.        ��� hal if they were asked   palr  wen,   :il  chilliwack   where they
$75 tor the Beason they would con- Qave ,.,���.,.��� up honae keeping. The inj
Bider ii a hardship. An Informal lnvla- v&m wa8 let, wlthoul means ,������ 8Up.
lion was given to the Vancouver clubs   port .,���,, in ,,a. care of .,_ aged moth.
I"   play   their  matches  in  the  Q, n's   er,  The  tw0 wome-   hav,.  :���.en  reduc.
'en  ed to direst poverty. The matter has
been placed before the Indian agent's
Increase at Rossland.
Rossland,  April  21.���The
foi  the y.ar have reached and ;
the l  ton mark, and the In ,
now are thai th, j will be greal
in they were last year, v J, Mc
. managing  dii i
i���w and  will obi langei   ac- Roi, after spending a < pie of week
cruing from th, gull passage in stormy In Rossland, has gona�� to the co,   t. M
er, thus    r, the    risk at McMillan, In a recent interview, while
i.-as, 50 per ceni lu* admitted  that   the  general  condi
The Dunsmuir  ��      buill  by Capt. tion of the mine is good, says that the
Rogers  of this  ,. I has  hitherto  strike west of the Josle dyke has been
ieen  owned    an I ed Cap
New Zealanders Offer.
Melbour,,..   April   23.���Funds    have
.   ,n   -' irte 1 al  tho Various Australian
capitals in aid of the Bufferers bj  the
Sa���  Francisco   earth ke.    Premier
Seddons on behalf   of   Ni w Zealand,
b , . offered $25,000.
Mayor  Schmidt   ol   Ban   Fran, i ico
.   terdaj  to the mayor ol Syd-
i ,      hat there is urgent ,, I of con
tAbutlon i'..r the relief of the distress
.��� l Inhabitant
��� ���u	
rjlo, -' me of the mosl
curious docks in the world Is, perhaps, thai which tells He lime to th"
Inhabitants of a little American back
woods town. The machinery, which is
nothing bul a  face, hands, and lever,
Is    connected    with   a geyser    which
irted to '..- larger than i, really is. shoots out an Immense column of hoi
Lincoln    Rogers   and    T. L. and thai it will take sum., ii  to de water every 38  seconds.    This  spout-
Wh,.,! th                                    termlne its full  value.  Mr.  McMillan, |ng   never  varies   to   the   tenth   of  a
from  dry dock, old  friends will have how.-ver. is noted toi his extreme con eCond.    Every time the water Bpouts
to look twice In '         to "��� gniz,   it   Bervatlsm and ll  Is generall}  believed ,,,, i, strikes the l.-vc- and moves the
as u will be resplendent in a nev, coat  by those who claim to be in a position hands forward ::>. seconds.
of paint  in addition to the numerous  tr. know Hen  the strike Is more    Im-  0���,	
changes in the consti iction of th- up- portanl than Mr. McMillan will admit
per works. Walter Emerson has charge  It  to be, The ore shli ,nts    tor the
of thc job and  will ''ring his exper- week ending this evening were us foi-
i. nc.   ,n the boat building business to.lows:
bear on the sine.
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
Cream a
Centre Star  ..
l.e Roi   	
I..   Roi   NO.   2
2 910
Total     6,810
Total  for the year     100,195
Prof. Alexander Draws.
Another large a idlence listened,
laughed and cheered in ihe St. Patricks hall Saturday night when Prof.
Alexander gave his lecture on Sue. ss
In Life, The majority of people are attempting   to   do   thai   tor   which   they   SEATTLE   WOMEN   SETTLE   HERE.
are  not  fitted,  said  the lecturer.  Too 	
many young men are looking for BOfl   Magistrate Corbould  Objects to Their
Give us a call in our
new office. We can
interest you.
278 Columbia  Street.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
Is This What
You Want?
1! Lots all cleared; Chicken House
and run; (> roomed dwelling-, wilh
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On car line.
K. I WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 85.
��� buys a 40-acre farm at
Hall's Prairie. Rich soil,
good stream of water ; on
the proposed route of the
Seattle - Vancouver electric
railway and 3-4 mile fromG.
N. R. ; 1-2 mile from post
office, church and school. 12
acres under cultivation ; 1-2
acre in asparagus ; 000 rhubarb plants and quantities of
small fruit.   New two-storey n-inster.
hOUSe, barn, Sheds,  etC. Exhibition  matches  at  Victoria:
..   |. r       Iti        J   O      r May   24���Vancouver   vs.   Victoria.
Malms, loulihard & lo. ^ ^^ ^vs vict��ia
Financial, Insurance & Heal Estate
Agents.        Tel. 100.        Columbia St,
"better than reasonable terms." Mr.
Uniton also suggested thai Victoria
would be only too pleased to see them
down   there.
Mr. Welsh broughl up the question
of having full 20 minute quarters
play...I this season. In the past time
was taken whe a player wit injured.
Mr. Godfrey Introduced a resolution
covering Mr. Welsh's suggestion,
which was carried. Hereafter full
twenty minute quarters will be played
Numbers for Players.
Mr. \V. 1st, suggested thai this season
players on the Held be numbered by
havi,in numbers displayed on the back
of their jerseys. This system is now
in vogue i'i tbe c. L. A. II was decided to give thla Bystem a trial in
British Columbia this seas,,,,. The
playei - will be numbered In rotation,
I commencing with goal tender player,
wh , will be No, 1.
it  i.i possible thai  a  I ting of the
council of the association will be
���held in Vancouver In July next. The
I meeting closed with the usual votes of
, thanks lo r, urine officers, etc.,
This se s. ach refer.... will be allowed {in for expenses, when selected
! to offlclat,.
!__.,           Schedule for  Season.
The following la the schedule arranged for the season, the im,,,,- to be
played ",, the grounds of the last mentioned cluh:
May 24���Maple Leafs vs. New West-
i minster.
June 9 ���Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver.
June 23���New Westminster vs. Maple  Leafs.
July 2���Westminster vs. Vancouver.
July 14���Vancouver vs. Westminster
July 21���Vancouver vs. Maple J-eafs
August 4���Westminster vs. Vancouver.
August 18���Maple Leaf vs. Westminster.
August 25��� Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver.
September 3���Westminster vs. Maple  Leafs.
September 15���Vancouver vs. Maple
October 4 or 6-���Vancouver vs. West-
department and will probably come
up before Stipendiary Magistrate Pittendrigh before long unless Isaac
comes to time.
snaps, not. for that the doing of -which
would be ��� pleasure to them. They
look upon their work as an infliction
when they should select that which Is
an enjoyment The ��� si, st thing in
life to do Is th.- thing we are best fitted by nature to do. Three things are
a ary, nature, study and practice.
Natural tendencies Bhould be followed,
bul be, ci-- of wrong amblUons the
mechanic is forced in'', law. the farmer into the pulpit, and the one who
Bhould be running an undertaking es-
taiilishinen't into medicine The lecturer
particularly Impressed the necessltj
Of having an  object   in  life,
Tonighl Prof. Alexander gives a fre,
lecture on Temperaments; Tuesday on
Training Children, and Wednesday bis
mosl popular lecture on Love, Courtship, Marriage and Jealousy. This is
tin- lecture which has crowded the
halls wherever delivered, and us in
VahcMtyer, recently had to be repeated  to accommodate the crowds.
Presence   and   Imposes   Fines.
Matilda Bernhardt, a colored woman,
was charged before Magistrate Corbould this morning with being an inmate of a bouse of ill fame, si,., pleaded guilty and was fine ?1". and COStS.
Flora Gunton, was charged with    the
sa, ffence and also fined the same
a,nu,,,,,. Both these women claim thai
thej came from Seattle two week ago,
an.l finding tbe climate to their liking,
they stayed. The magistrate remark...!
thai io��� many of these people were
coming here from Seattle and other
ioin in :he soulh, and Bald thai
.-mn,-thing would have to be done to
stop them. The fine did not seen, to
have much effect on the woman, who
cheerfully paid up and wenl away smiling.
Half Hour Service in May.
Commencing on May 1 the B. C.
Electric Railway company will extend
the time of the half-hour service between New Westminster and Vancouver to a full day instead of a half day
as at present, with the exception that
Conductor Millar Doing Well.
The trial of the logger Fisher, who
. while intoxicated, seriously stabbed
conductor David Millar while the latter was in charge of a street car going no cars will be run between this city
to Vancouver lasi Friday will lake and Vancouver at 7:30 a. ni. and 8:30
place In Vancouver on Wednesday, a. m. During the rest of the day cars
Conductor Millar is doing as well as will leave the barns every half-hour,
������an be expected, although he ls still The city service is also going to be
suffering considerable pain in his arm. Improved and cars will run more fre-
The wound is
and he expects
healing   satisfactorily
to be back    on  duty
quently than is now the case, but the
actual all,.rations have not yel been
decided upon.
Does This Interest You
Woman Blacksmith. - A widow
named Ann Winn, aged eighty-nine,
who has jusi been buried al Constan-
tin<-. n.ar Falmouth, lefl 151 descendants, including seventeen sons and
daughters, lhe eldest of whom is
bi .v.. in., one. Then- are Beventy-flve
grai. (children and fifty-nine great
grandchildren.* For many years the
deceased woman, whos.. husband was
a blacksmith, assisted in the village
smithy, both at tbe bellows ami with
th.- sledge-hammer.
��� o	
There Is an animal hospital al Lode
pur, near Calcutta, where there are
usually about 1,000 animals under
treatment���horses, oxen, mules, elephants, dogs, and even sheep���all
comfortably housed and looked after
by a stan of eighty native "nurses,"
under the orders of a British veterinary Burgeon,
Ofltl     I'tlllllipllK.
a correspondent ,.f the Chicago Keo-
ord-Herald contributes a few odd epitaphs fro,,urem,dories iu various parts
of thh, country. The following is
found on a tombstone In a cemetery nt
Trenton, N. J. Although the fact Is
uot slated In the Inscription, It would
appear that the subject was a scale-
maker or bad something to do with
Weighing machines:
Ills ways were ways of pleasantness
In all life's ft,r���l dream;
Ho struck ;i balance with the world,
And then he kicked the beam.
In the cemetery at Copp'a Hill, Mass.,
is found the following epitaph:
Sacn-U to the Memory of
Beloved wife of u'd QttrUck,
She slipped her wind
Af,.-,- .lofnK a week's baking.
Leave your orders for Ice
the Creamcy. '
Epworth   League
Thursday Evening, April 26
School Room of Queen's Avenue
Methodist Church
Admission   to   BulUlinK
15c Including Luncheon
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - -  B. C.
This is  the Beason I i
your doors and >
tected from flies.   0
Is complete and .������
St. Patrick's
Prof. Alexander
Monday���Reading Character
by Temperament.   Collection.
Tuesday--Training children
without the use  if the
rod.    Collection.
Wednesday��� His   greatesl
Love, Courtship,
Marriage and
25, 35 and 50c.
Private Consultations Daily From
10 a.m., at the Guichon Hotel.
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT, write for quotation--
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada      :      :      :
"Canada" Heaters  and  Separators |
Cochrane  Patents. [
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers  :
llaniim Patent |
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Eull Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Septsmber  3-Westminster  vs.
A Line or Call at the Office'of
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
New  Westminster,   Vancouver  or  Chilliwack  will give
you interesting information about 100,000 acres
of good land in the fertile'Fraser  Yalley
where just these conditions prevail
Tli<> Three Heavleil  Hen,
Tho Uiri',' heaviest men of whom any
mention is made in history were Miles
Darden of Tennessee, Lewlj Cornelius
of Pennsylvania and Daniel Lambert
of England, Darden iiii-ti in i.sr.7.!
Who, in health be was seven feet six
Inch.-s In belght i,n,l weighed over 1,1,0,1
pounds, 'riicv is ,���, record of the date
ot the iicitli ,,f Cornelius, which oc- j
curred In riuo comity, pa., but the nc- \
ronnt Niiys thnt he wns born In 17114.
| When in his in-inio he mcnsnreil eight
' fci t two Inches nroimil the waist, was
nix feet tall and weighed Cii.'.'i, pounds.
Daniel Lambert was an i:,,kIIs1i fr,-���u
of tbe early  part of tho century and j
iiieii in June, 1809.  nc was of average
' height, but weighed 73'J pound*. |
Addres8:I527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ***********************   *
| Electric Railway Service:
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver ami way
trtatlons at b.ut) and h.ou a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between 8 ;,.,���. uml  M  p.m.
Half-hour cins trom l_m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver Kir Westminster at, same hours.
Last car Siitunlny at 11  p.m.
City Limits Line���Service from
8.80 a. m. tO 11  p, in.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Hei ween \'l ami 'i and li ami 7.
30   Minute   Service   during ���-
maiiHler or day.   Transrei
Leopold Place,
[alt-hourly l"-"
and 10 !'��� n'
Sunday   Service
tween   S  a.   m-
elty and sapperton.
Sapperton Line���IB ����utJ .,
vice, excepl between "��^
2, and f> ami 7, during **K
hours    Iho    service   ffl"
bait-Hourly '|C'
and ii r-'"'
Sunday Service
tween 8 n. ni.
British Columbia Electric Ry- Co.M-
��� ************************* i ******************


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