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The Daily News Mar 10, 1906

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- l 'c,
Lester W. David Returns to the City With Good News
Americans look        MORE MACHINERY FOR BIG MILL express surprise
D>minion Government Agent   at   New   Westminster
ceives Many Enquiries from People Who Reside
Across International Boundary.
Largest Double Cutting Band Saw Ever Installed on the School Trustees
Pacific Coast Arrives at Millside���Working Staff to
Be Doubled and Output to Be Increased to 200,000
Dominion Laud Agent .lohn McKen-
zle reports a marked Interest shown
In farm lands In this vicinity by people of the United stales.   When seen
tills morning, Mr. McKcnzie said:
"] have letters daily making Inquiries as to vacant lands in the district,
the climatic conditions ami many
other subjects too numerous lo mi'ii-
lion. The majority of requests for
Information come from    the    United
Slates, from all soils and classes of
people from the humble bom,'seeker
to the wealthy ranchmen and farmers of the Northwest, who seek to
escape from the severity of the win-
t, is of that  country.
"Many of the letters ask for Information as lo grazing lands, although
the majority are for fruit lands, and B
lew  for  land   for growing purposes.
"Today I was visited by W. J. Bark-
lie, ii former Alaskan, but now of So,
attle, Wash., who is In this country
looking into the land proposition with
I a view to settllug in this neighborhood. I gave him all the Information
possible and  supplied  him With  maps
I and general advertising matter, and
after looking (hem over carefully Mr,
BarkTie decided  to look  into Ihe Mud
I Baj   district  for  which  place he left
i'thls   morning.
"Mr. llarklle lefl afoot, slating that
Le   intended   to   thoroughly   examine
gthe  country,  and   knew  of  no  other
���.way in which a satisfactory know-1-
''���edge of the country could be gained
���tts easily as by walking, lie tells me
that he is an old time walker, having made the trip overland lo the Yu-
Ikon   in   the  early   days,  during  which
time he travelled Coin Inuously for exactly one year and  one day.    In  that
(time  he   necessarily   endured   muc^
hardship and when he lefl the northern country be was so taken with
the   mild    British    Columbia   coast
weather that he will probably sol Ho
In  this locality  at   an  early  dale.
Feet Per Day of Ten Hours.
A new double Cutting band saw, the  the  longest  ever   seen  in  ill,
largest    of   Its   kin I   en   Ihe    Pacific* liver, should  puss through th
coast,     has     arrived   at   the   Millside   late  this  afternoon.
mills,  and   will   be    in     operation   in
abOUl  four weeks from today.
At   present  only  half of the mill  is      Lelser   W.   David,   managing  direc
"Very frequently I have other visit- |)(i|n(,  i|H(l(1   f()|.  cutting  iunjber,   inn  tor of the big mill company, who has
for  the  past   two  weeks,
Meet the City Council and4Find rVli. Cunningham Has Changed His   Mind
Their Settled Policy.
Mr.   David   Returns.
ors,   many   of   w i   are   represenla- ��� wlu,n ,,,��� m,w s.1Wi .,���,, ���)(J other mll.
lives   of   farming   communities   in   the  ohlnery   v,.,   ,���   Brrlv8i     1h     installed.
Eastern   provinces   and   Middle   WestLhere wlll be buMlng    activity    from
,-iales,   who   have   been   sent  onl   here  ,,,���. ,.,,,, ���f th��� W1),.);s ,��� Ur, u[ht.r
lo look over the land, and report, fav- j    Th(? w0||ilng staff w,n then be (lou.
orably or otherwise to their people at bje w)ul(   n  |s today
home.     Those  people  are  th"  people; wl],   |)|;  i,R.,.,,ilHI,,]  ,,',
who should be encouraged as I hoy are  ^      ()f u,u i1(Jurs
always an extremely desirable type to
have In any locality." Lon9   String   of   Logs.
not   luffloiently   matured,   bill   ihat
something   might   be  expected   lo  happen   before   very   long.
Mr.   David   expressed   some   grallti-   '
cation over ii,,- fact   thai  a  regular
train  service   with   Millside  has  been
,,,,,,., ,   , ,, and   expressed  himself as del
established,   there   being  no  rail   con- '
,   , . ,,     a   reduction of the  same,
lie-lion   la'fore   he   weni   away.
and  Ihe output
100,000   feel   per
The   land   office   Is   noi    Iho   only ;    Tho mill company has now five log-
plac  that   is  being  Invaded   by   land ging  camps  In   operation,   and   Is   re-  among the manufacturers of tho thii-
seekers, as there are many who have ceiving a  regular suppl  yof material.
money   lor  Investment   purpose.,   who Two tug boats lefl Howe Sound last : prised to see a  number of additions I tlon
wish to purchase in larger block., than night   with  21   sections of logs, equal  to local Industries during the coming: has looked over all  the country from
can  be had  from  Ihe government, and
consequently   ihe   citj   realty   offices
are iho storm enters for more than
one  laud   seeker.
A Join! meeting of Ihe school board
and the ahlerinanlc board was held
In th,' civic council chamber lust even
ing, the representatives of ihe school
board   were   Messrs.     Peck,     Peebles.
Creighton, Cunningham   and   Trapp.
ills Worship the mayor Introduced the
object   of Ihe  meeting,  the discussion
of tho estimates for the school board,
reus of
lor of th.
loon   aw;
returned ,    ��� ,
busy at  ilie works todaj  looking over ,"'   New   Westminster is making Itself BObOOl   board,  guv,
the development   of  plans which  Will, H  a.  ho  and  abroad, and  Ihat  all   ���"��   '""���   ��*�����   '"'   l��"   '"Ivantages
, ,      .,      .."i ,,          I,            ' Hi-it   Is ,',.,,niri',1   io nek., ihiu ���  lo'i.'ii   which  would accrue from Ihe addition
in time,  make  the   Millside  nulls one   "'���"   ls lequiieu  lo make nils a gie.it
, ,                                   .   ,      ,                     Indnnti'lnl  ollv  Is I,,  koo,, ,-i,-l,i  nn  a a  of the  Improvement   of the kindergar-
of the most   important   lumbering  in-   iniiusiii.ii <n\   is io keep ugnt  on as
.,    ���-.   ,., ,, ti,,, i���,.,,.,i ���f t,-.,,io ',,���i oiiv mimicii'ten and manual training department"
liuslries on the Pacific coast.    Ho re-i"ln   ooaru  ot   u.uie  and   Clt)   council
ports that while in the south he had  ,lr(> now doln8-
some enquiries about  New Weslmln- Something   Up  His  Sleeve.
Bter as a location for industries, and;    Mr. David was accompanied on his
that this city is becoming well known , return   by   W.   I.   Clarke,   manager  of
he shook and lumber department ol
������ -I   SiT"        He   would   not  be  sur-lthe California Fruit  Canning associa-
of  San   Francisco.     Mr.  Clarke
the city last night and Is "ay* ""' Public spirit of the citlsens
Mr.   Cunningham,  chairman  of  the
his   views  on   the
II is thought that the opening of
the new electric road to Port Moody
will materially increase land values
In that district, and a�� a result several of the land buyers are ghing attention to land in this particular section in preference to that of any
other district   at   present.
inquiries seem to be principally for
small tracts suitable for fruit growling, and although there Is considers*
hie of this land vacant at present, the
pi ices are gradnally Increasing, making early  purchases  advisable.
hut   weakened on  the subject  of the
projected   new  school   building.
Trustee Trapp expressed surprise at
the views of the chairman, and showed
that the school board hud carefully
considered all matters in connection
with the estimates before bringing
them  forward.
Trustee Peck  considered  that  more
to   1,260,000   fee,   of   lumber   in   tow. -summer.                                                    | San   Francisco  north   to   New   West-  arPomm0(liUion was an Imperative n,-
One of the tugs was supposed to leave Questioned   about    side    Industries,   minster, and  has  something    up    his j        ,(     ,    ,         ,   |     urovided  for
the tow at the mouth of the river, and which It was reported some time ago sleeve which Mr. Duvld thinks may be I    rnh(1'  may0r  suggested  that  one  of
the other to take the logs from there his  company   was  contemplating,  Mr.  of Interest  to the people of this city J tn0   b^u^jjga  .,,   tbp   park   might   be
to  the mills. David said he had nothing new to an-  If it should happen  to drop out here
This   long   train   of   logs,   possibly nounce just at. present, as plans had  as It, may.
Paris, March 10���-2,10 p.m.���A terrible catastrophe
has occurred at a coal mine in the Courrieres district of the Pas de Calais, 16 miles from Bethune.
fitted   up   for   Ihe   use   of   the   high
I school.
= | Iu reply to the suggestion, Mr. Peck
did not consider the suggestion would
meet with the approval of the citizens or thai it would be in keeping
With the claims of the city's demands
as a residential center. To relieve
the expenses he suggested that a fee
be charged all high school scholars.
Mr. C'righton regretted that Chairman Cunningham did not appear to
stay by the decision of the board.
Room  was, however, an absolute ne-
cessity and the suggestion   ol    the
mayor seemed to be, fur th, lucent,
the simplest solution of the difficulty
and of arriving al  i,  conclusion,
Mr.   Cunningham  claimed  thai   he
had changed his opinion on thi matter on learning  that the COUW ,1 , oul.l
not see Its way to provide thi necessary amounl of inon, j lor i|���, wo.-k.
He favored Ihe , hanging I I the location of the high school to the park.
Mr. Trapp thought il would be a
retrograde step lo place the high
school in the park.
Alderman Howay was ol ihe opinion that the suggestion ol Hie mayor
was a most advantageous one ior ,,ii
purposes. The question of making a
charge in Ihe high school was debated and a number of Ihe truBteas
and aldermen approved ol the idea.
Alderman Garrett gave the board ,f
trustees credit for their great Interest
in the management and Improvement
of the public schools and was strongly in favor of making a charge.
The chairman undertook to secure
nn estimate of tu- cost nf turning thi
park building into a school and wou'u
report as soon as pi ssi'n.e.
Earthquake   Kills   Eight.
Lahore, Punjab. March 10.���An
alarming earthquake has occurred in
Bnshar, one of the Simla tributary
hill stations of the Punjab. Considerable damage has been caused at fiain-
i pur, the capital ol Basbar, and at,
' Kakoola.
Fight  are known to have been  killed and 2G injured.
,   .                  ,        .���  , , J. ADAMS GOES HOME      STEAMSHIP STRIKES
An explosion oi gas has killed many miners and        mTU rUDTV Cim/c       inn mcc -m nimnu
P&FMFFI?  TH TJMF ^         >      .         * \..       ���                * WITH EMPTY SLEEVE       AND GOES TO DOTTOM
riiE*iVMiEai\   ivji iivin, three chambers ot the mine are on nre.
Loses    Arm   As   Result   of   Accident   Dense   Fog   Prevails  and   Identity   of
The number of victims is not known but eighteen       While ��n Duck Hunt -vessel Cannot B,;
.John Oliver Takes the  Floor   and   Talks   Against   Time, i -i       i        - i -���     i    ���    ,       , -1 ���,    , i  ��� ��� ina Tr'P ,       Learned. y*
hundred miners descended into the pit this morning. ���
" Physically  weak  and   with  a  pathe-���     Loudon,   March   10.   i:2fi   p,   ,��.���A
Forcing Government to Abandon
Its Closing Scheme.
Vieloria. March 10.���The legislature
.Bill i "Ttically all night., rising (tt 4:30
this morning.
E Premier McDride, in attempting to
��� Close tho business of the sension tonight, insisted upon going on with the
jjBrder paper after a vote should be
���taken to adopt the report Of Kaien
ilslnnd investigation committee.
lllr. McDonald would not consent to
'this, and insisted upon proceeding un-
'tll the premier care* io thin;.
Hat 2:l.r,, John Oliver began to kill
���time and kepi it going till 4::tn without breaking.    Finally, When -flie pre
mier consented  to ���submit to Hie conditions,    CWi'Ver    consented     lo     quit
The  premier .agreed  not   to  Canoe
any more ^business.
The report  of the Kaien  Island investigation otimiulttec    was    adopted,'
and the house rose until 2 o'clock today.
Sessions will continue Into stun
Mr. McDonald objects to the slaughtering of lints at the end of the, session to allow the government to %e\
oul of a disagreeable'situation.
iJUnlted  States    Consul    in Newfound-  Gets Turned About and  Bumps  Piers
land   Makes     Diftcouraying th* Prazer -River
���Washington, March 10.��� Th* Tutted
(Stales   is   not   in,'cling  with   lh��   same
,(Commercial success in Newfoundland
Its in Hie Dominion of Canada., reports
tDnlted Ki.alos Consul Cornelius, of St.
01. Ill the .Dominion ihe mcrcbawls'
.Sttfics are tu' per cent of the Imports,
'���'leading Ureal lliilnin by over $!rt',-
asMm.iHHi, while in Newfoundland IV'
two compel nig counii'ics ranked near
ivcii, aflei the American trade
ropin',1   back  li��� $2,7.",0,OOO.    This  the
btisui adds, is notwithstanding that
open   trade   door   exists   in   New-
^iiiifllnrnl  and  lh�� British enjoy a 33
preferential   tariff   advantage   In
Tho captain of the  Baltham, MilleT
company's     Steamboat     ('beam,     had
troubles of his own today.   He undep
! took to lake his MM01 hack to her
native waters, the Hiurison lake, and
than the fun coramemocd.   First of all
I the wind caught her broadside on and
refused to allow her to turn, carrying h*r a considerable distance down
stream before she could find Ver feet.
Then followed a hard snuggle against
wind anil tide, and it took a veiy long
time for her to make fhe bridge.
When sh* did make it, the force of
the wind caused her to strike the
piers instead of the channel, and com-
iK'lIcd her to back up three times lie-
'foi'e making a'passage.. She (hen
gave up In despatt* and tied up at the
Surry   wharf  to   wait   till   the   wind
| goes down.
Women and Children
Are Killed in Battle
iManila, March "'J���An unofficial re- children   mingled   with   the   "".irriors \
[rt  says  that  the   families  of  th? during the battle    (repo'tei.    yestui
iros remained In the village locat-.l day), to such an extent ibrit It wnsJ
the center of the crater at the ape.; [Impossible to discriminate    and    all
ihe mountains, and itic women nm.  were killed In the ft roe onsl.right.
Victoria, March 10.���The
pressure has considerably de- ���
creased on the coast and a
storm area is passing south-
'eastward through the Pacific
states. This movement wlll
probably cause rainfall on
Vancouver IslamS and the Lower Mainland within the next
24  hours.
In the Northwest the pressure is high axili the weather
much colder wttth occasional
snow fall.
Forecasts for Wi hours ending
T, p. m. Sunday. Lower Mainland: Light to ll'resh easterly
winds, becoming unsettled and
colder Willi rail tonight or.
Fire  Bitigade  Rushes to  Residence of
Fred   Lymrt.���.
Ai 3.25 this morning itiie boys from
fire nation No. 1 responded to a call
from 6he ,corner of Columbia and Duf-
ferin, and found that Ihe residence ol
Fred Lrnch 'bad taken fin.. The cause
was an ovei-lieated chimni'\v, which
set fire to a quantity of dr\v leaves on
the root causing a slight blaze hut
doing no damage, owing to the ready
response of the department,
The residence is the pm-perty of
Premier McBi'ide.
Not Yet Settled.
Ottawa, March 10V���Thc dispute between the Canadian Manufacturers'
association and the c. P. n. in regard
to rates, was not finished when the
railway commission adjourned lust
night. The case will come up again
on the 21st.
Marchioness Killed.
Rome, March 9.���The Marchioness
of Corslnl, formerly Princess Barbe-
rlnl, was killed yesterday evening by
the overturning of an automobile in
which she was riding with her bus-
band, who Is King Victor Emmanuel's
master of horse.
Saps Americans Need  Time
To Recover Fran
W. H. Austin of liltie Mountain, telephoned the News to-,
day that B Japanese plum tree
in his garden has been in full
hloss4un for three days, and
that there are many other
signs of early spring visible
around his place. These signs
are about two weeks in advance .of those of last year.
Unitad   States  Pushes Germany   Hard
for  Second Place  in
Saskatchewan   Legislature.
Regina.   March   10.���The  first  legislature of Saskatchewan has been called  to meet on Thursday, March 39.
Washington, D. C. March 10.���
Special  Agent   Uurrill   in  a  report  lo
i.i.e department of commerce and la-
1 bar describes had conditions II Sou'n
CJilna, slating Ihat it will take time
iw recover from the effects of the boy-
As yet the only movement of Am-(
trican gixuls at Hong Kong Is co.v
fincd almost exclusively to the foreign
firms and for trans-shipment to
l-itnch Chiam and point* beyond.
American cotton goods have not
met with the success in southern
China that they have in Mancluiri i,
and tho report .suggests Chat as the
Chinese of tt,e south demand clottih
full oft sizing, American manufacturers should cutM- to their whims.
The United States Is puaflilng Gen
many for second place In the trade
ol Argentina, says Consul General
Coles advices from Buenos Ayres.
Great Britain leads by selling annually
there $65,000,000 goods, Germany and
America each averaging nearly $2',,-
000,000. The consul's report, tht need
of an American bank In BMSnOS
Quebec House Prorogues.
Quebec, March 10.���The second ses- i
slon  of   the  eleventh   legislature  ol
Quebec, was closed last night, at 9:301
by  Lleut.-Gov.   Jette,  who  gave  the
royal assent to Ui Mils passed during the session.
Donkey Engine at Work.
W. it Austin of Blue Mountain has
a donkey engine at work stumping
on his land, and remarkable pro-
mess In clearing is being made. A
derrick, operated in connection with
the donkey engine, Is piling slumps
sixty  ftwt   high.
Has  Position  of Chief Justice  of the
United    States      in
Washington, D. 0., .March 10.���The
Post today says President Roosevelt
Ins decided to appoint William H.
Tuft, of Ohio, now secretary of war,
to the next vacancy In the United
Slates .supreme court. The vacancy Is
to be created by the voluntary retirement of Associate Justice Henry B.
Brown, who was appointed In 1890, by
President Harrison from the state of
Michigan. When Chief Justice Fuller
retires, provided it Is during the administration of Mr. Roosevelt, Mr.
Taft will he promoted to this exalted
Th�� president has discussed the entire situation with his secretary of
war and the latter, It was learned last
Bight, has given his assent to the programme. ThlB Is the second time Mr.
Tuft has been offered a place on the
supreme beach. The first time was
in the winter of 1903 when he was
serving a* governor to the Philippine
Islands.       . .
lie looking empty sleeve, Jas. Adams
returned this morning to his home at
Port Hammond. Two weeks ago today Mr. Adams, accompanied by his
friend John Molland, got their canoe,
armed with their shotguns and went
in search of ducks. They paddled
across the river and made a round of
the swanips with good results and returned to their canoe with a good bag.
Adams started to enter the canoe
first, his gun loaded, and by some
mischance the trigger was raised and
the gun went. off. Adams received
the whole charge of number four shot
in his left arm just below the elbow,
and dropped. Molland helped the injured man into the canoe and paddled
lor dear life for the landing on the
other side, where he found assistance
in having Adams conveyed to _ Dr.
Manchester's office, where prompt
measures were taken to staunch the
already serious flow of blood. The
doctor hurried Adams off to St. Mary's
hospital, where amputation was discovered to be immediately necessary.
The arm was taken off just below the
elbow. Adams' recovery was wonderfully rapid, and he was released from
the hospital this forenoon. He will
have to take an occasional trip in
for the purpose of getting his arm
dressed, but will soon again he ready
for work.
Veteran   Suicides.
Portland, Ore., March 9.���A special
telegram from Jacksonville, Ore.,
states that Thomas Ferguson, a Civil
War veteran, aged 75 years, who lived
near Phoenix, that county, was found
dead with a bullet hole through his
head, March 4. The coroner's jury
returned a verdict  of suicide.
large steamer, the name, of nhali has
not been yet ascertained, tank this
'morning after striking the rocks
' northwest of Usjhant, 27 mites from
Brest, France.
The first Indication of trouble was:
I at 3 a. m., when a signalman on the'
I Mole heard guns fired and a steam'
jer's syren, in a dense fog which held
llhe vessel.
Life boats were Immediately 'lent to
the assistance of the steamer, and
subsequently word was received to
the effect, that she had been ictloated
but shortly afterwards sank The firing of the guns seemed to indicate
that the vessel carried passengers,
and her identity is awaited with anxiety.
 o ,| .,^
New York, March 9.- William A.
Miiliiney, a paymaster for Post & Mc-
Cord on one of the buildings the firm
is erecting with non-union iron workers, was burned and painfully cut last
night, when a man whom he nays he
recognized as a strike leader threw
a bottle filled with ammonia into his
Maluney fell to th? ground, hut as
he did so he pulled a revolver from
his pocket and fired it to attract help.
A policeman and several hundred men
and boys started in pursuit of the
fleeing assailant, who was finally captured.    He refused lo give Ins  name.
Sarrien Tries It.
Paris, March 10.���M. Sarrien, has
accepted the task of forming a. ministry after securing the consent of M.
Bourgeois and Poiacare to take portfolios.
Pilgrims Will Honor
Governor and Cabinet
Now York, March 10.���Earl Grey,
governor general of Canada, has accepted the Invitation of the Pilgrims
to the dinner which they will give In
his honor at the Waldorf-Astoria on
Saturday, March 31, nnd will come
down from Ottawa for the occasion
with several of his cabinet ministers
according to the Tribune.
Secretary of State Root and other
members of the    administration,    as
Well as Sir Mortimer Durand, the
British ambassador, have also promised to attend the dinner, while President Roosevelt may be present, it his
engagements permit, ���
The dinner will be tbe first public
entertainment of a governor general
of the Dominion anywhere in the
United States. In the absence of
Bishop Potter, Morris K. Jessup, one
of tbe vice presidents of the Pilgrims,
will take tbe chair. THE DAILY NEWS
SATURDAY,   fVlARCH    10,
New Rifle Ran
Some Interesting-Facts About the Proposed Lay-out
for the Soldier Boys Who Practice Shooting.
The pi in and specifications for
the new rlli ��� range to be constructed
in South VV slmiiisler for which work
the Dominion government Is now calling foi lenders, have arrived in iho
City, and can be soon at Ihe drill hall
ai  anj   lime    on    application to the
The Mil' of the new riile range is
on the- south jSlile of the river jusi behind the Indian mission, and extends
11 'Mi, Ho south bounder) of the mission web up onlo the hill just back
ot the it hool house on the Yale load.
and CofHulflB about lift acres comprls
ing the whole oi block 17 and pan of
It',. Block IT is fairly level, ami Ihe
pail  on  block   It, rises up .-.limply and
will form a good natural butt for the
Stopping  ol   bulb's
The around will gH ��� impls room
toi B I,Odd >ard range and from the
laj   of Iho land  will  i,e   ,,, effectual
on, lei   I.,   wild   Shots   and   in ocholles
I   lie   placed    n   the
ground  and   will  be
pattern;  th it   I
tlio ground long
I'b ��� i o gets  w
foot of Lhe rising
ol   the  disappearing
b  i rem h Is dug in
en lugli to take all    the targets In .,
row, about S feel d iep, Rod wide
enough    for   the   ni ,i lei ^     lo     nun ,���
freely about in shelter. The targeti
arc v.' , "loo ir lai".. ' overed v.Ith
nm is,   which   oii i -    iieely  up  and
In guid" post* ind 0 ��� count
halande.1 with weights The exposed
i : get Is ti feel Square, with b black
hull's "; ��� in Hi ' ' int re. The Size of
the bullVevc varies with the class
ol shooting ih ,i Is being done.
Aiound tho bull's-eye is drawn a
circle which is called the inner.
Ai >iiuti i tut is anolhei called the
magpie; and qulslde of that an) Bhot
i- i .ill.- i  in outer.
The marker, Hi it i
attends to the target,
in the Lronoh f.u lag
he rum, in, so that
view of the shooti
travels through the target and buries
Itself in the mound of earth al the
back, v Inch Is called the butt and
which has been formed from the
earth thrown up in dinning the
treboh. The marker then lowers his
target and patcnes Hie hole made by
the bullet with a piece of paper
pasted over ih,. hole. He then hoists
the target up Into position again
at the some time putting up a disc
at  die end of a rod, directly over (he
lhe men who
. likes his stand
the targel which
it  comes In full
,   whose     hullo'
patch, so [hut the sjhnnler can see exactly where he has hit and regulate
his next shot acoordlngly, The discs
are Ol different colors���white for a.
bull's eye, red for an Inner, black and
white for i magpie, and black for anj
The   range   Is   fairly   open   but   will
le sheltered from the south win.is by
the natural lay of the ground thus
gi\ing the shooter experience of all
but bead winds Th" prevailing wind
Will be a Side wind, according as the
wind  is  blowing  Up or down  river.
The matter of light and wind are
Hi.- chief dl'llci.ilies Tor lhe average
long   range   Shot     judging   distance   is
greatly a matter of light objeoti
looked a' on a bright, clear day up*
pear  much closei   than  when look,.,!
ai   on   a   dull   day.     A   slight   puff  of
wind*has often caused a bull's-eye to
io missed.   Inclining the Bights either
Way   will   cause   the   bullet   to   navel
aocordlngl) and a gentle wind wlll
throw a bullet man. feel away. Even
with the modern high power rifle the
wind allowar.ee .,' thi longer ranges
���thai is son and 1,000���will often be
from 18 to 30 :', el awaj to the ilde
.,1 the targel i M course al the short
ranges the aim Is almost polni blank
���Indeed the modern military rifle is
sighted Hi" sani" al 100 and 200
yards. At the present II Beems the
only liniii to I'm r inge of rifle shooting is 'in limit of the power of sight,
and   unless   the   vision   Is   improved,
the     practical     limit   Of     rang,'     lias
boon achieved. The power ,,f
observation tor judging distance, the
knowledge of wind and llghl allowances and steadiness of aim comprise
about all there Is tor a good shot
. the rifle will do the res! and that
knowledge is only to be got by actual
experience and the more exposed
his range is the better the opportunity for a man to siudv these matters.
Th" old rang" over the river Stopped ai i no yards���quite good enough
for rn,- ild short Snider���but useless
t,,i iho modern rifle and when the
Boss, lhe rifle which is being issued
to the regulars, comes into use 2,000
yards will he ���> very unsafe distance
to i,e exposed at.
The stands at 'ho various ranges
will be constructed of wood and every
, mvenlenco viii be considered for
Hie   shooter.
It    Wa*    Plrat    1'nnH    l��    a.    Hu�����la��
Trader  la   1HK2.
Cold was tlrsl discovered in Alaska
on tbe Anuuk river, a tributary of (lie
Kuskokowiin river, which joins lhe
latter stream about twenty-five miles
belOW the trading post of Kahunnko-
flsky. The Anauk river was discovered
by Ivan Sliiieiison Lukeen In 1*12, at
which time he built a fort, called I.u-
keen's fort, on the Kuskowlin river,
twenty five miles ubovs the mouth Of
Uie Anauk. It was portly destroyed
by natives In 1H41 and rebuilt by Kn-
Inmakoff, a Russian trader, afterward
and cnlled KalnmnkolT redoubt.
In 1H32 the headquarters' of the Russian American Trading company were
at Sitka, and supplies were transport
��*1 from thence to Lukeen's fort by
way of Nushagak river. Tie chic river
and lake and down lhe Anauk river to
tho Knskowlm river and thence upstream twenty five miles to the fort.
In 1K37 the yearly supplies were sent
In by wny of the mouth Of the Kuskowlin river and Uie old way abandoned
as n summer route and used only for
the purpose of wending OUt the malls
during tho winter by dog teams It
was Hie only Winter route the Russians
ever used from any polni on Ihe Yukon
lo Uie outside (Sllkin and was only
abandoned for the purpose after they
left the country.
It was while on one of these trips In
1&12 Uuii the Russians dissevered gold
on the Anauk, ami it is known today m
the Yellow river of the Russians, It
Is not known whether they ever attempted uilulug on any large scale or
whether they found gold In paying
quantities, but It is thought to I*' tho
first time on record of gold being found
in this country.
LukeOn was born of Russian am:
Spanish-American Creole parents in the
Ross colony in California, lie was
Well educated at the Sitka school and
proved to be an active, energetic and
intelligent officer. In 1863 Lukeen
een,led the Yukon river from St.
chnel's to Fort Gibbon, at the Hud
Ray company's trading post, which was
bulll by McMurray, who descended the
Porr-upiue river in IS 17. Lukeen was
the first man who connected the Polly
river of Campbell and the sen. lie
returned to St. Michael's that fall. In
18(10 the Russian garrison at Klama-
koff redoubt, In charge of Hcmcntoff,
was Withdrawn, the United States having purchased Alaska from the Russians.���Ketchikan Mining Journal.
Atni.i3��ile-i ic   Conditions   Can   Do
    Trick   on   the   10th   of
Next   May.
Webster Brothers Take Action Against
Prisoner  in the  Provincial   Jail.
According to the ofllei.il tide table
there should lie only one-tenth of a
fool, or a little more than an inch of
water, above sea-level on Ma)  10.
Should the suit   atmospheric conditions prevail  then  that  have boon1
prevailing for the past   week, that  Is,
a steady  north  wind in the gulf and
very  little  water  coming down,  causing the unusual lov   tides of the pas)
few   day.'.,   it   would   be  In   Hw>  very'
unique position ol  having Its surface
considerably below the usual level of.
the sen.
Th|s uncertainly of the tides is due.
to the large vol'it-.-i of water in the
gulf in (omimrison with, the size of
lhe openings through which II has to
pass. A strong north wind'drives
the water, before it through the straits
much quicker Hun it would run with
the tide thus lowering the level of
the giilf and allowing the Fraser to
run out much quicker and more of-1
fectuu.ll}, while with i .strong southerly or 8outh,-west wind the contrary
is the result the wil'i being pushed
back and swelled Up, practically choking the entrance and damming the
water bob.
The. tide and wind only affect the
lower Fraser, the in,in part of the
river depending on the snow and
rain for ihe height of Its water
An extra dry JUmirier end very little mi"�� on the mountains In the up- Question
per country was responsible tor the
exceptional!) low state of the river
in 1858 and 1859, the time of the
great   gold   rush,   when   Hill's  bai   and
Bmery'i   bar were being worked and
20,000 i" opie wore encamped on the
lite ot il,,.. city, and when ill- little
���hur.li where Till Honing now reside-
on the old governmenl reserve on
ihe other side of the river was the
custom house, where Governor
Douglas Imposed i Lax ol fiv ��� dollars
on even canoe, wisely remarking,
like o sanny Scotchman, thai the gov
>nu, ml musl ii lv money. and taking the most practical war ot getting
The rainfall unlike the tempe a
ture Is ., more uncertain aud uucalcu-l
lable quantity, a cold draught of air
from the mountains or a BUdden
change of temperature being quite
sufficient lo cause a heavy downpour
ol rain al any Mmo of tha year.
The meteorological reports tor the
past   few    years   show   comparative!;,
little difference in the mean tempera-'
ture  bul   very  great   difference  in  the
rain fall
Flattie     Hesults     Prom     Atteinot     to
Make   Peace   in   San   Domingo.
Washington, D, C. March 9.���The
state department is ,in receipt of a
cablegram ddled.- MOhle Cristo, San
Domingo, yesterday saying that on
'he preceding day while the terms of
BUTrender were being carried out be-
iween the government forces and the
revolutionists the latter acted in bad
ralth and there was a fight in which
'wo officers and six men were killed
Micludlng General C'oplri. The revolutionists escaped to the bushes.
Mr.,. Jackson, widow of the late
Thomas Jackson who died in Vancouver some lime ago as the result,
of poisoning, was staled as the de-
lendant in a case in the small debts
court yesterday. Tho case was remanded until Monday the 19th, in
���ird"! ihat Mrs. Jackson might be
ot,ughi down from ihe provincial
.mil where, she is serving sentence for
perjury con,milled during the late
enoner's   inquesi   hi   Vancouver.
The   plaintiffs   in   this   action     are
j Webster Bros..Vancouver grocers, who
��� Mie for ?73.S0 including the costs of
'he  court,  which  they  allege    to  lie
due  them  by  Mrs.  Jackson.
Al the tine of Jackson's death he
���left $1,0"0 life insurance which was
placed to Mrs. Jackson's credit in the
ROyal Bank of Canada, and us a re-
Bult 'lie bark has been garnisheeil
I',:-  Hie  amount  of tile  bill.
It is said that. Mrs. Jackson is a
nervous wreck, and by request
Stlpendary Magistrate Pittendrlgh
remanded ihe case until the nine-
teenth as ii is thought that she will
'������ aide lo appear in court by that
of  Two
a Team
More   Horses
50 Acres of Choice
Land close to School,
Church, Post Office
and store. 12 acres
under cultivation.
Balance easily cleared.    Price
TERMS    |600 CASH. Balance in
Two Years at l> Per Cent,
Mclnnes & Ken
Run. Estate Brokers,
Upstairs Duponl Block,
Columbia Street.
barristers, solicitors, etc.        ,,,'
lies:     New Westminster, Trapp lip
corner   t'larkson   and   Lofne  strei
Vancouver, rooms 111  to 14,  In, Qrttn!
villi, street.    ,1 iseph Marl la, K   C
W.   Wcuil.   W.   li.   McQiiarrie,   11." \
Bourne,   Mt. Martin wi|/l ho in n,.
Westminster offioes every Friday ,,i
DWAY, UKID &  BOWK8, Barrl
s, solicitors, etc., 12 Lome
street, opposite Court House. N,w
Westminster.    J. H. Howes, P. O   l|ox
tors and solicitors, Bht.ak.le 111!..,
iiunibia  street
. ,i. Whiteside
II.  I..
Westmlm li
u. j.
of tho supreme court. Offlceg
Canadian Hank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, New Westminster.   Mohe
Solicitor,  liuii lion
it. C
II /.le
Han Istei   o I
block, Coluni
streets, New \v.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets ��ib.JM.a/i>.
corre pondont      i
cities  ot tne  world,
business transacted.
'Other Cities Have Bank of
�� Grown, Why not We:
nches and
all the principal
General  banking
,1 opens an account,   interest   id
i.ilf yearlj.
Collections made al lowest rate
Incorporated   by   aci   oi   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid upi. ..s11,"��".	
RESERVE  FUND ��1U,000,000
)pen    Saturday
nights   from  a to 9
111,1,-k   lVnrla.
Black pearls used to be held as ot
small value, comparatively speaking.
At the present day a perfect black
specimen commands a much higher
price than the finest pink or white
pearls. They were first made fashionable by the Empress Eugenie, wife of
Xnpoleon III., who possessed a fanions
necklace of them which fetched ��4,000
at au auction after the overthrow of
the Imperial dynasty. This did not in
elude the single great pearl forming
the snap, which was purchased by the
MarqnlS of Bute for ��1,000. Mexico,
Tahiti, Fiji and the kingdom nf Ms-
dura, to the east of Malabar, supply
the markets of the world with the best
black pearls. One of tbe most curious
pearls from many jioiuts of view waa
that which the traveler Tnvernier sold
to the ruler of Persia 200 years ago for ,
f 100,000. It ts still in the possession of
the shah of Persia and Is now supposed to be worth ��135,000. Tbe Persian
monarch has a square glass case
among his bizarre collection of jewelry containing a vast heap of most
magnificent pearls four or five inches
deep, Into which one can plunge tbe
hand and spill them in cascades and
hand fu Is.
Patronize the   merchants ot
��� the ROYAL CITY  . .   .    .
Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, (',.( vmi;.. . Hon  President
Hon.  Sir G,   A.   Driimnionil,   rrosidcni
K.  s. (iousion,  Vic  President  and
General Manager.
General   banking   business   trans.
ai led.
Branches In all the principal cities
in Canada, in London. Kng., Now
York, Chicago, and at. .lohn. Nil,I..
and correspondents In all parts ot the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.   D.   Brymer,   Manager.
F.  B.  Lyle, Manager.
W. CURRIE, Manager,
Urriiiiii! Hi:|iiiiiiiii|, Shoeing
and lumcriil Blacksmilbinq.
Logging; Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
H��-K','��' Street.
������������������������������������������������ ���<
Cart Arrange
Terms  For You
Keep Our
At Home
823���One hundred and sixt v acres.beautirully Bttuacea on the
Bouthern slope ,,t me serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting on
lhe ('lover Valley Road;  near t be   railroad   and   river;     goed   roud;
land   Is   vry   productive;   nimut   80   acres     in      first-el,iss   Condition.
Hood and convenient Buildings,   All necessary Implements and stock.
This is well  worth investigation.    Price, $90 per acre.
1027-An unusually good buy. One hundred and sixiy acres.; 60
to 76 acres under ttrst-oiass cultivation; '.I acres under hops, all in
good shape; in-roomed dwelling in good condition, nam ttUXlUO; hop
kiln and baling room in good condition; lhe buildings on the place
are worm al  leasi x;;,uuo.    Bert and Creek runs through the property.
This Is a most  desirable farm;   from   $2,600  to  %'i U  per  year  can
be taken oft it.    Price, V,b00 c ash.
Editor  Kills  Editor.
Shreveport.      L��,      March    ��.���I.
Stuckev.   editor   of  the   Peoples'   De
mauds, was shot, and killed at Colfax, i brought
In Lie II. C. Gazette or March Sth,
u notice of a change of tariff at
Westminster bridge is given. The
notice Is dated February 24, The
tariff as revised reads as follows:
Adults    each  way,  ���">  cents,    or  8
i t.i ,   for  j:,  coins.
Chii.iien over 5 and under 1-, each
'���   l     -', "ins,   l'i   for   J.',  cents.
Vei Icles, one aorse, emptj or load- ���
i.  lu cents, 8 tickets tor $i.uo.
Vehicles,    2    horses,    empty,     ir,
cents,  - tickets for Ji.00.
Vehicles, '1 horses, loaded, lid
cents, ���; tickets for |1.00.
1 il I vood and shingle bolt wagon
��� h :: returning same day, Round
trip 25 cents.
Milk vans, one or two horses,
round trip tickets 10 or 1^ tickets,
round  trip, $1 DO.
Each additional horse over two
.-ii' ! to vehicle mentioned In I.
['   ii and  7. 5 cents.
Cattle, horses, mules, donkeys, and
-hoop,  ",  cms.
Goats, pigs, sheep and calves on
hoof    or   loaded    In    wagons,    per
head,   5 cents.
Goals, pigs, sheep and calves 1:!
dioves of  r>.   2b  cents.
Kacli   additional   drove   of   five,   20]
The reason for the above change
in tariff was brought about by tho
fact that the wording of the old
tariff was not colisi lered sufficiently
clear as to the passage of teams over
the bridge, formerly lhe tariff milium: oil a rate for "teams" and
' haiies Piuminerfelt a citizen of
New Westminster driving four horses
was summoned before Stipendiary
Magistrate rttlendrlgh on December
12 because he held that a "team"
might constitute any number of
horses when hitched to the one
wae.on, and consequently ro/usod to
pay excess toll. The charge against
KlummerfoH was dismissed, and thiB
about   a    revision    of    the
Sleeping With Open Kr��.
All fishes which sleep do so with
their eyes open, as they are not pro
vlded with eyelids and cannot there>
fore close their eyes. From experiments made It was discovered that
Borne fishes have no preference for tho
nighttime, but sleep egually well during tbe day. They may be observed
resting quite motionless for periods,
apparently in sleep, except that, having no eyelids, they are unable to close
their eyes or exclude all influence from
without. The bsre also sloops witli
lis eyes open, for the simple reason
that its eyes ore unprovided with eyelids. Instead of these there Is a thin
membrane which covers the eye when
asleep. This membrane, as In the case
of certain birds, folds like a curtain In
tbe cornet of the eye and by an instantaneous action flics buck when sight Is
required, leaving lhe eye lniineilhUely
nnd fully open for the exercise Of sight.
Some  birds,   such  as  the  eagle,   also
have this membrane, which, when at
rest, lies in the corner of the eye, folded up like a drawn curtain.
Muil,-  n   strike   Too.
In an Imperial city a criminal was
condemned to be beheaded who hud a
singular Itching to play al ninepins.
While his sentence was pronouncing
he hnd the temerity to offer a request
to be permitted to play once more at
his favorite game at the place of cxe-
cution, and then, he said, he would
submit without a murmur. Ah the last
prayer of a dying man, his request was
granted. When arrived at the solemn
spot he found everything prepared, the
pins being set up and the bowl ready,
lie played witli no little earnestness, !
but the sheriff at length, seeing that;
he showed no Inclination to desist, prl-
vately ordered the executioner to strike j
the fatal blow us he stooped for the ���
bowl. The executioner did so, aud the
bend dropped Into the culprit's hand
as he raised himself to see what had
occurred. He Immediately aimed at
th,- nine, conceiving that it was the
bowl which he grasped. All nine falling, tha head loudly exclaimed, "I have
won the game!"���From the German.
'Phone lOt
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Coluaitbla Street
| Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
| Manufacturers of
] Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
',t��� >e:.icrday, by A. M. Goodwin,
���ditoi of lhe Colfax Chronicle. The!
���ause or the tragedy was the publl-j
������alioii  of  an  article  by  8tuck>y  re*:
lecthift on the Character of Goodwin, changed.
tariff, so that it now gives a separate
and distinct rate for each Individual
horse   constiliitlcg   the   team.
Otherwise   the   tariff   remains   un-
A   Mathtr'l  llrlnrt.
Dr. Breckenrldge, a well known
American clergyman, and his two
brothers, also of tho same profession,
one day paid a visit to their mother.
"Do you not think, mother," snld he, j
"that you ruled us with too rigid a rod
to our boyhood?   It would have been
better, I think, had you used gentler
The old. lady straightened up and
said, "Well, William, when you have
raised up three as gdod preachers as I
have, then rpu can talk'."
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Game In Season
We deliver to all parti of tho City.    Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Newt.
Now Westminster, ������ C. SATURDAY,   MARCH   10,   1906.
Shingle and Saw Mill Just Arrived
MATELtss nuturxb.
Large shipment ot
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Call and look over lhe stock before
purchasing  elsewhere.
Right Up to the Minute
For First-class Job Printing in
All its Branches	
Give   Us   a    Trial
Recommended by The Daily News
Front and   Sixth   Streets
Spring  Goods
Arriving Daily
Summer Blouses, Summer Whitewear and Shirtwaist Suits.
Prices Reasonable and to
Suit All Purses	
Make a selection now while the stock is new.
Columbia St.        Sign, Man en Wheel.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell's rasnion plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock ot nigh-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, nroadeloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
< ill-Ion.   Pro* lil..it   uf    \,,i������   to   r,,,,
Hi. I,    Nollluil,-.
"Pigeons  are  monogamous."  sulil  u
raiser of those birds lor  market, "and
Ihe female lays i,ut two I'gKs.   One ,i
these Is always the egg from which a
I male is batched, ami the other Inrlosm
: the future female.    If by any accident
a cock pigeon loses its mate or a bei
pigeon   becomes   widowed   the  aympa
iiiies ,,r tii,, entire sot go out t,> th,
afflicted brother or sister. If It should
' so happen that n cock should lose hi,
unite und a hen tiers, so that they an
both matelees at the same time, the uf
dieted pair soon forget their grief In o
new life partnership, and all Is serene.
"Hut if there Is a widower In the cot
and no convenient widow for him tc
tnke to mute, or if there Is a widow foi
whom no widower pigeon Is on luind
something must lie done to till the ra
ciiucj Upon the flrsl hen pigeon tc
nest after the vuenncy occurs falls th,
Important duty.   If she hasn't hatched
her eggs yet she promptly dumps out
of the two out of the nest. Sho nevei
makes a mistake In evicting the right
one If a widow Is to lx> provided for
the hen throws out the egg cnntalnltui
her future daughter; if a wiilower U
pining for a nwte she disuses of the
son egg If she bus hatched her crc.
when a demand Is niade for her sncrl
flee she eeasen footling tile youngster
who will be superfluous and starves It
to death. Pigeons grow fast, and
iqUSDhbod over, the lone product of
tlint nest becomes mate to the bereaved
member of the flock."
��� Sunday.  March   11,
In Social Circles
Holj Trinity cathedral, Rev. A.
Shildrick, rector Holj communion v
;,. m.: matins and holy communion, li
i.   in..     Sunday   school,   2:30   p.   in.,
, i, nine soul' and sermon, 7 p, m.
si. Barnabaa ISplsoopaJ church, Rev,
C. W. Houghton, rectoi Morning
prayer and holy communion. II a. m.;
bible class, 2 p. m.: Bunds) school, ::
i'. in : evening prayer, 7 p. m,
Queen'a  A.ii.ue  Methodist  Church
Rev.    W,   il.  Barraclougk,    it.  A..
pastor���Sendee* at  n a. m, and 7 p.
m. The subject of "Rull Surrender''
will be discussed by lhe pastor al
both    services.      In    tho     evening      a
lift '���������ii minute song service will precede the usual senic. 'ihe congregation is BSkSd to bring copies of
Alexander's hymns which will be
used  iii ihe song    service.    Sunday
school   it it > I   Bible   classes   nl
111.   The   BpWOrth   League   will
iiviiini   meeting on  Monday
.11    X   o'clock.     'lhe     regular
'Mill   p.
hold  lis
SuiiiIm,    lH,l,rvi,i'T
Scene, Scotch farmhouse; time, ijun
day morning,
Tourist (to farmer's wife)���Can yov
let me have a glass of milk, pleuse?
Milk Is produced and consumed.
Tourist (taking some cuppers from
bis pocket)���A iieuny. 1 suppose.
Farmer's Wife���Mon. due ye no think
same o' yersel' tae be buytn' goods on
tlwe Snwbulh?
Tourist (reixx'ketlng the coppersl-
Oh, well, there's no harm done. I'm
sure I'm much obliged. Hut won't you
have the money for It?
Farmer's Wife���Na, na; I'll no tak'
less than saxpeoce for on-akin' the
Bawbath!���Leeds Murcury.
i Hug   will   be   held   on   Wednesday
evening   at    6   o'clock.
West Presbyterian church Rev,
T, Wardlaw Taylor. M. A. I. I.. 1)..
minister���Services at II a. nc and 7
p.   in.  Sunday  school  and   Bible class
ai   2:'.'M  p.  m.    Prayer  I ting Wed
lies,lay s p.  ui.  Morning subject, "The
Christian's  Blessings."    Evening subject,  "Complete  Manhood."
Olivet Baptist church Preaching
by Rev. M. L. Rugg. I). 1). Sunday al
11 a. in. and 7 p, in. Sunday school al I
| 2:30 p. m. Subject of sermons, morning: "Things at Hand"; evening;
Mrs.   A.   .1.   Hill   W8 ,,i     a
most   enjoyable  tea    on   Wedi i
fternoon at  hi i  residence on Fourth
street,   Mn    v    W ilf, nden  and   M
Beatty  assisted   In  pouring   ti
coffee;        and      among 'nc ivlio
rved     ��en      Miss    Cott, i
Curtis,   Miss  Corbould,    Mil      I
Corbould,  Miss  Claire Corbould    and
Miss   ii'n in-i'     Dui Ing   it,.     ��� .  noon
Mrs. T. It   Pi ai on
ml,,,   and   vocal   solos   were   given   by
'irs. .1. \ Diamond, Miss Lewis and
His Hrvmner \mong those invited
were Mr Corbould, Mis Cluti Mrs.
BUrnett, Mrs. Davles, Mrs Watson,
Mrs Barnes, Mrs. I., A. Lewis. \1
0, 0, M. Dockrlll, Mrs. Poster, Mrs
c. ,i. Pagan (Victoria), Mrs. a
Maltns, Mrs. ,t. c Brown, Mrs W, .1
Armstrong, Mrs T, i Armstrong,
Mrs.  Beatty,   Mrs.  .1.  C,   Armstrong,
Mis   Taylor.   Mrs.  C,   E,   Lewis.    Mrs
Curtis, Mrs. Slvowrlght, Mrs. Hugh
Gordon,   Mrs.   a.   ii.   Oordon,    Mrs
limbic. Mrs Fowler. Mrs W, W.
Cordon, Mrs. A. M \L litis, Mrs
Charles,,n. Mrs. Yneiigling. Mrs
Trapp, Mrs Cotton, Mrs Fletcher.
Mrs. A. W DeWolf Snillh. Mrs C
M,    McDonald.    Mrs    Crolghion.    Mrs
Payne,  Mrs.  Loamy,    Mrs   Diamond,
Mrs McColl, Mrs, F .1 I ���onlthard.
Oraeme, Mrs. Qaj nor. Mrs A.
Mrs .1 R Qrant, Mrs 0. Turner.
M. M. English Mrs. II Hovle.
ii.   S.  Curtis,   Mi     MacQowan,
II. C. Major, Mrs. Lee. Mrs.
T. H. Pearson, Miss Murphy, Miss
Brymner,    Miss    MacQowan,      Miss
Armstrong, Miss Frees,'. Miss Hull..
Miss Lewis. Miss Cnrlis. Miss llur
neii. Miss CorbOUld, Miss draco
Corbould.   Miss  Claire  Corbould.   Miss
Charleson,      Miss    Fillmore,     Miss
Homer, Miss Loamy and Miss A.
  Mi ������   i on,
id     M I!',.,.. ||,e
'������"   Mn   c ������   i,w,      Mrs
'��� honld   md
1 ���    ...il,i
i.    \   i,
��� at' 11     .'
' i idi   on   .hnrsdaj
' " ""        ��������� I.   i|    Mi
Mrs.   P.   ii      | .!,.    ,���
1" t :l.    ,   ,,!   ',]       i       .,���
x     ' ��� tim   ,,.,    ,, .,,  |���  ,,���   B( ft| !
n  Prldnj  ,,ii ���
ronrert to bo given
In  ih-  cltj     :,      ',     I,,,,,,,    ���,    ���
tuber*" a, hi in,' upper
county   in  ,-   t  pagan ,.,4��� ��� .,,���,,
lecture polntlni    ul  tl \k  0l
such a step The arrang, inenl i for the
concert  wi n    efl In th,   ha I
committee    with  the      tandlw
thai it wai   ti   i" i. id    ii,���.
v iiliin tii,- ,,, (i  i,, ���.|,   ,\u,,  n	
' en   ' paid collector win . on,, ., u���.
town im  fundi   (ni  thi    . m,   instltii
Hon     The    ""..'       sleeted    were
Pn  Idonty    Hi       ,.    n    n,  ,.������.,
' rsl   no  i���,,  i,,. ������    m, .   \    i   uil|
Recond  vice pn -nt. nl    Mi i     I.���,..
Learn)     tiuni  vie |H, ,,|,,,,     m,..
Hugh Gordon   trea tin,    Mi i   0    s
Curtis,   and   ai creli   .   Ml      n, n,i,
Hi. and Mis C .1 Pagan ipenl
Thursday In the Terminal VM\ the
guests of Mi ami \t, . g j rJiQpip.
son.  Broughton  street
Dr   C   E, Dohi rtj  lefl on Friday's
Ureal   Northern   for   Seattle    ,1,. ro lie
will spend tin- weekend.
A few Winter Blouses, v hile they last,
from 50c to $2.75.
The White House
Columbia St.
A. J. BirtcK
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
St. Paul's church Reformed Episcopal���Rev. .1. Alfred Seymour S. T. L.,
rector1���Service at 11 a. ni. and 7 p.
m. Sunday school, 2:.1() p. in. There
will be a special prayer service in
the lecture loom of the church on
Wednesday at 4 p. m. These services
will   be  held   each   week  during  Lent.
si. Andrew's Presbyterian church���
Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor���Services 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sabbath
school and Hible class 2:.10 p. in.
Y. P. S. C. E. Monday X p. m. Morning subject: "Bible Study"; evening
subject: "The filory of Young Men."
The D. C. O. R. attend the evening
Sells Out to Edgett.
G, R. Shortrldge, of Aliholsford. has
sold out. his grocery and provision
business to the 11. A. Edgett Co., Ltd.,
which has its headquarters In Vancouver. This enterprising company
has already acquired a larg Branch,
and the creamery known as the F.dRe-
wood creamery, and Is doing a con-
side able, export trade as well as sup-
1 ������ing lhe local  demand.
Mrs. C. E. Seymour entertained al
a "Tea" on Thursday afternoon al
her residence on Seventh streel. She
��as   assisted   by   Miss   Cnrlis.   Among
ihe gnosis present were; Mrs. MacQowan, Mrs. Hugh Oordon. Miss ,1. S.
Clute, Mrs. J. C. Brown, Mrs. Lee,
Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Burnett,    Mrs. George    Wolfenden    and
Mrs.   Curtis.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mallns went over
to Vancouver on Thursday evening
io attend the concert    in aid of the
Tuberculosis Society's Fund for a
sanitarium  in  the  upper country.
Mr, Walter C. Brown of the local
brunch   of   the     Canadian   Hank     of
Commerce   has  1 n   removed  to  the
Vancouver   branch   of  that   bank.
His Lordship Bishop and Mrs.
Dart returned on Wednesday from
;:n  extended trip to the Old  Country.
Mrs. Frank II. Lyle will tie "At
Home" to her friends on Wednesday afternoon and evening of next
v eek.
Miss Fillmore entertained a number
f  her   friends  on   Tuesday   evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Seymour len
on Thursday for Vancouver where
they Will reside in future on Nicola
si reel.
The Musical club met on Friday
afternoon nt Ihe residence of Mrs. .1.
Loamy. Columbia street. Those tak^
ing  part   were:   Mrs.  .1.   A.   Diamond.
Miss   Brymner,   Miss    False,   Miss
Mrs. .lames li Kenned) i r Sapperton! entertained thi n,un i i oi the
Royal Columbian hospital , n fuesday
evening, a pleasing unci,,,( programme     was   lollowed    bj   !��� Irish
1 '."Ills.
Mr and Mrs. C. s. Richmond entertained a number of friends, at their
lesidenae on Thursday evening Pro
41-,'ssive whirl was played, and refreshments were servil at Hie close
of the card  games.
The home of Mrs. A. Matheson,
Royal avenue, was the si rue Thurs
,la> night of an enjoyable whet party
The prize winners werP: Piist, Mrs.
C. Matheson and Mr. T. (Irani; .booby
prize. Miss Stevenst.on and Mr. A. T.
Kirk. Refreshments were served during the evening and the gathering
broke up during the small hours of
the morning. Following is a list of
the ladles and gentlemen who were
present: Mr. and Mrs II. T. Kill,,
Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland,
Miss Sutherland, Miss Peebles, Mr.
and Mrs. P, Peebles, Mr. and Mrs. .1.
Kmbill, Mr. and Mis. C. Malhesoa,
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Johnson, Miss
Milne. Mr. and Mrs. James Hciib'-.,
Mr. and Mrs. Youug. Mr. M Munn
und Miss V. Munn. Mr. and Mrs, N.
Nelson. Mr. T. Grant and ItnVi I Irani.
Mr. and Mrs. C llrimnicr, Miss E.
Gllley, Mr and Mrs. (!. BI��W��y, Mr.
and Mrs. I). McDonald. Mr. onl Mrs.
W. Orr, Mr. and Mrs. McCasketl, Miss
Padden, Miss Slcvonstmi. Mi C. P.
Grant, Mr. and Mrs. W.  PnUpol   Mr.
md Mrs. A. Campbell, Mr. w Sutherland, Mrs. Faulkner. Mrs. Midlines,
Mr. N. McLeod. Mr. I). Stuait, Mr. V.
The Paper for New Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Day Evening for
10 Cents Per Week
To the Route Boy Securing the Most New Subscribers During the Month of March
An Eegant Raincoat and Cap will be Presented.
To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers-Daily News~a Similar Present will be Given. THE DAILY NEWS
eATuRDAY.   march   io.  i906
Publish! I by The Daily News Publishing C< upany, Limited, at their
offices   CO   ier    of   Sixth   and   From
streets. N( w Westminster, B. c.
Disqualified   Councillor   of   Mission
Not  Yet   Satisfied.
W. R. Gilley,   fnone !-<:-;:.
J.  R. Gflley, 'Hnone   1-4-9
Editor   and   Mgr    Edward   D.
Application  has  been  made  for    a
Sawyer   writ    of    certiorari,    in   lhe    case  of
-������������- - ���������    I    0.   Manser   Of   Mission,     who  was
Advertising Rates. disqualified   in   the  lower   court   from
Ti melon!   display   advertising,   10 hold     a     seal     In     the     Mission
cents pei Ime (nonparlel) 12 linos to .council. ,i. ft  Bowes, lawyer for the
the inch Five cents per line for
Subsequent  insertions.
Reading ti dices, hold face type, 20
rents pei lie ', brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents po,  Iii a,
Vol time contracts, special positions, apply lo advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
dent In-. GOO Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let. etc., one rent per
word. No advertisement taken for
lees Hi',' 26 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
cents pei inch per issue (di.spluyi or If
reading noi ices. 26 cents pei line per
Issue.    No deviation from thi.- rale for
tetm contracts
i ualnes ��� office 	
Manager'!; resident e
.  22
SATURDAY,   MARCH   10,   1906.
The oast,un catalogue   goods that
come Into this city and surrounding
' rWUS are  certainly   .'   good   tiling  for
the express companies, railroad com
i inle.8 an i the post offlce department,
bul a pooi ..'.uice i' revenu ��� for Hie
merchant. One day recently we
counted no lo.,., than 21 packages
consigned to various persons in New
Westminster and vicinity front a well
known Toronto house. The ral iadf
etc., must exist bin so must ur local
merchants,  and   it   seems   a   burning
shame Hint .some si,"is or concerted
action on lhe pari of the merchants
cannot be taken to nut a Btop io the
fending of eastern catalogues here,
What an awful bowl would go up if
the local merchant would send to Toronto for all his help, would purchase
all his needful supplies in Toronto.
or would permit, his family to purchase all their supplies in Toronto.
That puts the shoe on the other fool
then, and recalls Ihe quotation:
"Don't do as wo do, but do as we
Bay." But will this work out. We
do not thin kso, and Tho Daily New-
will shout und keep a shouting at all
limes, "Keep your money at home."
Patronize the local merchant. Light
your fires with eastern catalogues
etc. We follow ibis principle our-
helves and   therefore advocate it. i
The merchants of Now Westminster are thoroughly up-to-date and no
better good-, can he purchased anywhere than rigid here al home, and
just is large a variety to select from
as elsewhere too, and it is certainly
up to the people ot the Royal City to
Bland by their own local enterprises.I ��
If the merchant has not in stock what
you wish for, request him to order it
for you. He will do it and he glad
of the chalice.
We will again lake this, subject up
and give a few figures showing ''i";
amount of revenue annually taken
out of the city by the big Toronto
appellant yesterday gave notice of
appeal from the judgment of the
lower court which held that .Manner
was not onl il led to hold his seat in
the council owing io property dls-
qualificatlons, and who was also ordered to pay a fine of $50 because he
had alien,led one silting of the council which is contrary to ihe Btatute.
The   notice  of  appeal   calls  for  the
���. rll  "f certiorari to be issued out of'
Hi:, superior conn  of liriiish Columbia  before  Mr.  Justice  Morrison, or
another Judge  ol  the  superior  court.
An  amusing  feature  of  the case  is
the allegation that all of ihe present
holders Ot seals in the Mission
council   are     disqualified     if    anyone
ihould wish to press the charge,
from the fact that al the time of the
election thi returning officer is said
to have it-ft Lis post during the hours
at which the election was being carried on, This tacl alone made the
t illegal and dis lualifles every
member of the council aside from known ns
1 roperty    or any oilier   disqualifies
: in    v. hicli  might   arise.
This   feature    however,    does  not
��� ���; ' I mz t. as h" has already been
fined for holding his seat illegally on
anothei count, and II Is from this
lai ei  dei Ision that  he h i ��� appealed.
From thr lluj. of Adam There IIhh
ll.-.-ii Not Only Forbidden Fruit, bnt
Forbidden Meat* and Vriretttblea.
Tbe I'eenltar Belief of "Totrmlsm."
From the days of Adam and Eve to
tbe present time there has been not
only forbidden fruit, but forbidden
meats and vegetables. For one reason or another people have resolutely
refused to eat any and all kinds of
flesh, fish, fowl, fruits and plants.
Thus the apple, the pear, the strawberry, the quince, the bean, the onion, the
leek, the Hspnrugus, the woodpecker,
the pigeon, the goose, the deer, the bear,
the turtle and the eel-these, to name
only a few eatables, have boun avoid
ed ns If unwholesome or positively injurious to health und digestion.
As we all know, tbe Jews have long
had n hereditary antipathy to pork. On
the other hand, swine's flesh was high
ly esteemed by tbe ancient Greeks find
Romans, This tact is revealed tiy the
many references to pig as a dainty bit
of food, At the great festival held au
nualij In honor of Demetei- ronst pig
was the pie le resistance In the bill
of fare because the pig was the sacred
animal of Demeter, Aristophanes In
"The Frogs" makes one of the char
BCters hint that some of the others
"smell of roast pig." These people un-
had been at the festival,
the Thesmopborla, and had
ealiTl  freely of roast pig.    Those who
Gilley Bros.
i'   lers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. C. Potter) Co. Sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot I
'Phone 1-b
Strathcona      Encourages
Country   Lads to   Emigrate.
Loi    in   11 irch 6.���Every year 'i�� or
10 boys    who aci    in the messenger
lepai' .!��� i.- of the post office at  Aberdeen are thrown   i ut of employment
upon reaching the age limit of sixteen
With a view to getting them
���'. .;.. in Canada, Postmaster Hagei I
bus    appealed    to    Lord  Strathcona.
���   li .a  commissioner.    The   latter
replied,    I am convinced that such of
(he young men v> are fitted for the
firming     life   of     Western     Canada,
could    by taking    employment    with
, farmer   first,   and   by   perseverance
i and    Industry,     secure     themselves
! positions   of   comfort     and     Indepen-
Baker, successor to the late Dr. Bar-
d��nce."   In   appealing   for   funds  Wm.
lardo,  says the first   instalment,    for
���ii" current .'ear. comprising about 2.'i0
Balls  for    Canada    this    week.
Altogether   he  expects    to   s.-n,l   out
1,200 boys and girls this year.  Dp to
17,684   young   people   have   been
ited   mostly     ">     Canada,    and
IS   I 2  per cent, of them have proved
desirable  and  -prosperous    colonists.
The first   batch of church and army
��� n Igrants,    consisting     entirely    of
sing e men
1 mraday.
will leave For Canada on
President   Roosevelt     Gives     Instruction tb Government  Employees.
Washington,   March   9.���A   crwadte
ti.-. il   the   spread     of    tuberculosis
among    Hie    employes of the ginern-
 Imenl service in Washington has been ��� orally sailed totemism.
directed by President Roosevelt, who I "'as a missionary  for
SEVEN    SENTENCE   SERMONS.      ye8terday Issued an order to the heads
The    pleaaantest    things     in    thejof  all  departments,  giving  ihem  ex-
and the plicll ins-ructions as to their duties in
tbe disease.
world are pleasant thought
great art in life is to have
of them as possible.���Bovee
After referring lo the report. Of the
Piontj  of peace
hardness ever
Of hardlnesb  is  moth
In is    cowards;
��� Shako..peclro.
committee appointed by an executive
order   of   December   7.   1905,   to   pre- i
i ���! plan for the prevention of tu-
ben ulosis  in  government  offices and I
workshops iho order directs that  the
How  unworthily of Immortality do heaa "' "��������" executive department in'
Washington shall see that the print-
id  rules prepared by the committee
shall be placed in each federal building under his control;  that lhe names;
it is faith in something and enthu   nl personB in his department who are
slasm  for  something that   makes    a    filleted   with   tuberculosis  be  aBcer-
life worth looking at     O.  W.  Holme.,,  talned and a copy ot the rules be pro
1  bear  myself,    when  my
cannot   wait   a   year   for
blessing.���Turns It.  Wells
i   promised
My nelghboi met me on the street,
She dropped a word ol gi ting gaj
took part in another Greek mystery oi
festival, known as tho F.lcuslnia, abstained from certain food and, above
all, from beans.
Again, as we all know, mice are esteemed in China and in some parts of
India, but the ancient Egyptians,
. Greeks and Jews abhorred mice and
would not touch mouse meat. Hats and
field mice were sucred in old Egypt
and were not to be eaten on this account. So, too, In some parts of Greece,
the mouse was the sacred animal of
Apollo, and mice were fed in bis tom-
ples. The chosen people were forbid- ,
den to eat "the weasel and the mouse
iiiil lhe tortoise after his kind." These
came under the designation of unclean
But people have abstained from eat-!
. lug kinds of flesh which could not be I
called unclean,  For example, the people
of Thebes, us Herodotus tells us, ab- I
Stained from sheep.    What Is tbe mat- I
ter with mutton chops?   Then, tho ancients   used   to   abstain  from   certain
vegetables.   Indeed, tho Romans sneered at those Egyptians who did not dare
to eat onions, leeks or garlic, und yet
the Romans themselves were superstl-
1 tlous about what they ate e��r what they
should avoid eating.
In Jils "Roman Questions" Plutarch
asks, "Why do the Latins abstain
strictly from the flesh of the woodpecker?" In order to answer Plutarch's
question correctly it is necessary to
hare some idea of the peculiar custom
and belief called "totemism." There Is
a stage of society In which people Claim
descent from and kinship with beasts,
birds, vegetables and other objects.
This Object, which la a "totem," or
family mark, they religiously abstain
from eating. The members of the- tribe
are divided Into eluus or stocks, encb
of which takes the name of some- animal, plant or object, as tin) bear, the
buffalo, tho woodpecker, thoasparairus,
and so- forth. No member of the/ bear
family would dare to eat bear meat.
bnt hi? has no objection to aatineajaf-
falo steak. Even the marriage law Is
based on this belief, and no man whose
family name Is Wolf may marry a woman whose family name Is also Wolf.
In a general way It may be saiat that
almost all our food prohibitions spring
from the extraordinary custom gen-
Mr. Swan, who
many years in
the Kongo Free State, thus describes
the custom: If I were to ask the Teke
people why they do not eat zebra flesh,
they would reply, "ChlJUa"���L e.. "It Is
a thing to which we have an antipathy," or, better, "It Is one-of the things
which our fathers taught us not to eat."
So it seems the word "bashllang"
means "the people who have an antipathy to tbe leopard;" the "basha-
lamba," "those who have an antipathy
to tbe dog," and the "basbtlaiiliuizefu,"
"those who have an antipathy to the
elephant." In other words, the members of these stocks refuse to eat their
totems, the zebra, the leopard and the
elephant, from which they take their
The survival of antipathy to certain'
f Is   was   found   among   people   as
hlghlj civilized as the Egyptians, the
Ci ks and the Romans.   Quite a list;
��� We have listed with
J us for quick sale, one
| good paying hotel, show-
! ing a profit of from $6,-
j 000 to $8,000 per year;
J likewise a blacksmith
j business, restaurant and
j general store  business.
t We can demonstrate
| to you that there is
! money being made in
! each business.
1        Choice
j Residence  Buy
J \\ ith L'.U feet frontage on
i       Superb outlook and good ,s,,il for
j garden,   improvements
{ and all for
Only $1,SOO
ik quickly.
If you want it, better -|"
j Malins, Coutthard & Co.
Tel. 106.
Real Estate
Columbia St.
Farms to Rent
We have two good farms
to rent. One on tbe
Delta, the other in Surrey. Particulars- at our
Feed, Sale and  Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. Sth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 280.
F I Hart & fn ltd I Westminster Iron Works
I.   J.   HUH   (X V/U.j  LIU.    jj   G,|.;xKRAI, MACHINE  A.M)  I-..NGI.NE
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Her  look
1 Btepped
bright,    h"i   lone so
How   mu
pluses In tho
feeling   Bymi
��� ���ni'-.I  to each;   that   non-observance
of the rules may, al  the discretion ofI ,,f animals whose tlesh was forbidden
thi   department   head,  be considered   might be drawn up.  For example, in
lust   cauBa  tor  separation   trom   the  old Egypt the sheep conld not be eaten
,,,,;,.,, i in Xbebes, nor tbe goat In Mendes, nor
that day.  ^  j ,h,, ,..,( ln Bubastls, nor tbe crocodile
\i. in ' ,.i Ombos, nor the rat, which was an
Old  Radical  Dead. cred to Ra, the sun god,   II  w-over, the
b ib" ..uiu ol ii'im.ui hap      Berlin, March  10    Eugene Rlchter,   ' Pie of one place had no scruples
rid Is due lo ihls one   i Ldl    I leader In the
io noi
gene mentor,
relchstag Blnce
Hliv.     It
W.    Robert' Ita foundation, Bi marck's old oppon
BUl'B     law
By  thine own
And if men thwart  lh(
And il men hale
Sing  thou  thj
learn tu
li'i care;
do thy
A.   Fatiinglon.
��� hi ,  and a  long time edltoi   of the
Frelslnnlge Zeltung, died al  1 o'clock
Mils morning,
Neai  the close oi 1904 Rlchter Bud-
��� ���ni.   i elite,i   from   the   Preisinnlge
;ng,   which   he  founded   and   at
tbe ��� ".c time ce i ed to appear at the
reachstag,    He   was   then in   feeble
health and  threatened  with the loss
of his eyesight.
To Lecture at Sapperton,
The Rev. Thomas Crosby, the well
known missionary to the Indians of
this province, will deliver in Ids
Inlmlc.abie way, a lecture entitled
"The Indians of Urillsh Columbia" In
Sapperton Methodist church Monday
evening next  at  K o'clock.
Mr. Crosby has an excellent collection of views which will be shown
by electric light. These depict the
Indians as seen in their naluro state
in the early days, and include war
scenes, potlaches, totem-poles, villages, Indian medicine men, etc. This
locture promises to be a treat, of a
most Interesting nature, and from
an educational  point  of view, a
Afternoon  Blaze.
The lire brigade had a run at
'this   afternoon to the residence
Charles  Allan,  Seventh  avenue,
j small  blaze that did about. $lf,
[age was quickly extinguished,
'      of
Aid. Shiles Recovers.
Aid. 11. W. Shiles, chairman of the
tire Committee, who has been Ul at
his residence for several ) eeks past,
Is slowly recovering from tho effects
of his Illness. For a time grave
doubts for his recovery were entertained, and only last night he was re-
rare] ported as being   considerably   worse
opportunity of hearing from one who1 than he had been for sometime, but
has spent the most, of his life among! Dr. Drew, who Is In attendance, states
the Indians of this coast, just bow the j that il is only a matter of a short
native   when    at   home,    live i.    and lime until his patient will be on the
acts, and lives, and dies.
street again.
about eating the forbidden rood of another plaeo,  and this often led to re-i
llgtOUB disputes and bad blood.
Among   tbe   vegetables   tabooed   ns
food   by  the  Egyptians  may   ho men-;
tloned  the onion, the garlic and  the'
leek.   I.ucinn says that the Inhabitants
of ivliislum adored the onion.   According  to   Pliny,   the  Egyptians  used  to'
swear by the leek and the onion, .hive-!
mil pokes fun at those who thought It
a sin to e.u them. He exclaims, "Surely
n very religious nation anil a blessed
pence Where every garden Is overrun
With gods'."
The survivals of totemism among the
ancient  Greeks  are very  Interesting, i
Families    named   after   animals   and
plants were not uncommon.  One Athenian  genus,  the  loxldae, had  for its
ancestral   plant   the   nsparngus.    We'
may be sure that this plant was tabooed
as food to every man, woman and child j
of the Inxidae.���New York Tost.
ATot So Terrible.
Physician���Ton lie awat> in bad
t&ree or four hours every night? That
Is bad. I shall have to treat yon for
chronic Insomnia. Caller (whose salary
Is $14 a week)- Er-no, doctor I don't
think It's as bad as that. I simply can't
R����rr   AHUl  <onnl��.
There is no notion an slight nor so
mean but It may be done to a great
purpose and ennobled therefore, nor Is
my purpose so great but that slight
Actions may help It,���Woman's Life.
Where Too  Can  Itrnd   Int.-  at  MfeHt'
Without   Irlifli-ial   l.ltcl.l.
I have, on the Llmflord, in Denmark. |
latitude 57 degrees, rend the new-spa
per in my bedroom at 10:80 p. m. without the aid of a candle.    While 1. Dead]
Uie villagers played sk.lt.tles In the alley under my window, and boyoDd: the
hoary  chestnut   trees  oft the  garden, I
with clots  of starlings on their bare)
top boughs, the sky was still crimson i
and gold tn the west,  with the long,
woolly lines of vapor only Just begin- i
ning to swathe the laud like a blanket.
On the other side of the Uiu tbe tralli,
was as vigorous thou as at noonday.'
Carriers' carts creaked up to the door,,
and dray loads of squeaking pigs made
other music than the lark's.    Double
chaises, with cushions-of red or green
velvet ami half a donen happy villagers
to each Ithe men all with great china
bowled pipes in their mouths), swung
lazily by, raising a dust; and the lowing
of troubled cows and calves came as
much from the road as from the-1111m-
Itablo meadow beyond attached to the
historical old manor bouse (now aimers
dairy    farni.i,    whose    buildings    were
quits concealed by  Che tall trees that
girdle them,
The inn damsels, sewing girls, klteh-
on maids, the daughters of the house
and a friend or two had now set aside
all the cares of the day anil were roll
Ing each other about on the dewy grass
Under the chestnut trees like so ninny
lambkins, and the landlady with lbs
immeasurable waist, who by day held
all the maids leashed to their respect ire
tasks with Indexible yet not unkind severity, stood In, the doorway, with her
fnt berlnged fingers  In  her yielding
sides and disturbed the starlings perl-
odleally with, her stentorian penis of
laughter ut the antics of her dependents. Yet at 5 o'clock tho next morning, with her own rfiadainantliliir
hand, she will pull tbe bellrope that
shall waken each lass, and by 15 the os
tabUSbment will be again In a normal
state of activity. As for the worthy
landlord, he Is haymaking until 11
p. in., and It will be odd If be Is not up
before bis dame wakes every soul In
the liottse with her enll beiWCornhlU
SHIT SMI'l'lll.Mi, IIK1UUK and
Ornamental   iron   won;,   including
It noes. Gates, Fire hiscapes, etc.
Mail order's and correspondence in-
.'To, |
is kg; iiK s t ui'.i-.i.
New Westminster. v. U. 474,
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot-
Columbia St.
Baggaw delivered
part of the city.
promptly to any
Office ' Phone IS5.
Kiarn   l'none 137
la  Street.
Cood. Land
A.C.WHITt, 2$i0 Columbia St.
Notice of Meeting
Sfdmen by Rityat Warrant  to Ut* Mt/t-.i,  King Cdward   Vtl,
Sutton's Seeds
Light and Heavy Hanling
J. H. Todd
Dealer inn
��� Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Cuiumbra   Gramaphones arm)  Kecords,
Zithers, etc.;
J. ff. TODD, Burr Block..
"Father," said the little boy, "every
now and then I hear you talking about
somebody who was old enough to know
"Yes, my boy."
"What age Is that, father?"
And the old gentleman after some
thought replied:
"My son, there Isn't any such thing.
It's like the golden ago���purely mythological."
Bta��r *Wo O.Milp.
"Why do you keep such an Inefficient servant as that and pay her such
oigh wages?"
"My dear, she "has been a maid In
tvery family of prominence In our aet.
���Baltimore American.
To \V.  ll.  IvMiry, Ksq��� n.ayor:
We, the undersigned clt ffiens of N.'ew
Westminster, hereby reipjesl  that  JtW
will call a public meeting tor the purpose of considering the advlsabOity
of   forming   science   c'Hssos   in   eon-
ueotion irith the board" of education,
South Kensington, England,
Waller r. Gilley.  T. s. Annandale.
IV  Howler.
W. Crolgliton.
John Peek.
F. W. Howay.
W. I.. Johnson.
J.  Trnpp.
Henry Schnako.
C. Patterson.
John C. Dlgby.
H. Watson.
Peter Gray.
,S. Curtis.
.1. S. Henderson.
E. Drown.
In accordance with the above requisition, I hereby call a meeting of th?
ratepayers for the purpose stated;
said meeting to be held In the council
chamber on Tuesday, tho 13th Inst.,
at S p. m.
W. H. KEARY, Mayor.
City hall, March 8, 1906.
Ready for
Button's Earliest Marrow.
Button's Bountiful.
Sutton's Improved   Kingteader.
Suiion's   Selected      American
Womb r.
Button's  I'.arliest nine.
Button's Met bourn* iravorito.
Sin ions uwart narrow,
Button's Plentiful.
Button's Bt ir ol Australia,
Button's I'l illfie Marrow.
Button s  Abundance.
l.AKIIl.iN    til   hin
Button's Improved v\ mas ir
Button's Green Windsor,
Button's t'niiiiic i.,ngpo,i.
Sution's Favorite bfcarlet.
Button b Olant �� tutor.
Button ���    beiecti s      Canadian
Sutton'B Negro.
Suiton's Pei lection,
G<\HUtN   Bh.tl
Button' Blood Red.
Button '    ' ��� .
3utton's Mark"t   Favorite.
Button , Mho;-,   or   Hi a  Kale.
Suttoi ���   ''  tteet   or Per-
, ���   ial Spinach.
BOr'.ECULt,   UK   K/^Lt.
Suiton's Extra curie,i ejeotch.
Sutton's Improve,1 branCOtOg.
Button .. Exhibition.
Button's Matchless,
GAHUtN   LABBslih.   .
Son,m's Earliest.
Button's lie: erial.
Sun,m's Favorite.
Suiton's Malncrop.
Sutton's lied Pit
Button's Dwarl   Green   < mied
B ivoy.
Sutton's Late urumneao serroy.
Button's Chinese < laODage,
Sutton's Mixed capsicum,
Sutton's Mixed Chill.
SllUoa's Ivory Wluie.
Button's I'eiiei lion Pink.
Sutton's Belected Plain.
Sutton's Selected Curled.
Button's Early Gem.
Sutton's Karly Short  Horn.
Sutton's Favorite.
Sutton's. New Red Intermediate
Sutton's Scai let  Intermedia   -
Sution's Early Walcheren.
Suiton's Early London.
Sun,m's Autumn  Mammotl .
Sutton's Late Giant.
.-5ui ton's Telegraph.
Sutton's Market.
Sutton's Prolific Rl Ige.
Suiton's Extra Gre ai Curled
Station's  Mixed.
Elibbard'i Sqush.
Sutton's Improved Musselbsagn
Suiton's Selected While.
Sutton's Selected Brown.
Marjoram, Pot.
Savory, Summer.
Thyme, Common.
Suttou's Imperial Curled..
Sutton's All  Heart.
Sutton's Giaut Whlt9.
Suttuo's Black-seeded Bai*.
Sutton's Al.
Suttou's All-lb"-Ye .r Ror.u,d.
Hollow  Ct iwu.
Matchless       .a/arlot-
Suiton's  Water   V l,n.. mixed
Button's    Preserving,     ��r    Pie
Son,m's Long Cream,
Sutton's Long Gree i.
Sutton's White i'.n ��� li
Sutton's Finest Mix - H
Su'uin's improved  Elutadlng,
Bul ton's Long keepln
Simon's Giant Rocok
Button's Sliver Ki.ini
while Spanish,
Brown Spanish.
Brown Globe.
Sution's Early Scairi it Turnip.
Button's  Early  Whits Turnip.
Suiton's Mixei! Turnip,
Button's Krencit Braakfast,
Suiton's Mixed! Oval or Olive.
Suiton's Long: Scnrl )t.
Suiton's  Long  Rose.
Sutton's SnalJots.
Sutton's Early Dwarf.
Sutton's Selected  Round.
Sal ton's Selected l'il;ltlv.
Button's Pieniier.
Button's Invincible.
Sution's  Yellow.
Satton's Early Snowball.
Button's Improved Orange Jolly
Suiton's  All-llieYe.ii-Ro'Jnd.
Sutton's While. Stone.
Green-top white.
Sutton's Garden Swede.
Your Selection:
Sution's  Dwarf Hi
Aster, sution's  Dwarf  Bedder
later, Button's Dwarf Bedder, Scarlet.
Aster, Sution's Dvnrf  Baddsr, Rose
later, Suiton's Dwarf Bedder, Blue
Vsier, Sutton's Dwarf Bedder, Mixed
Aster, Sutton'a Comet, Mixed,
a Mei', Sution's Olant French, Mix,-,i
\   -1   Button's Tall, Mixed.
AcracUnfum, Button'i  Blngle Rose,
,gi iii'otn, Button's  Dn'nrf.  Kim-
.���v. rohretuni.i Coronarla, Button'i
leci.,,1.   Mixed.
Vlyssuta, Sutton's Sweet, White
Anemone, Suiton'a Brilliant, Mixed
Antirrhinum,  Button's Tall,  Mixed
Antirrhinum, Button's Dwarf, Ml
Agullegia, Sutton's Bolecti d,
\  ih i, Slitton'a While Alpine.
Auricular, Sutton s Border, Mixed
ii il   in, .-"' itoi     11.,iiiiie. Mixed,
Bai  un. But' 'ii'.- Improved Mlnlat i ���
L' .'"lli.i,       Button's       Filmic , 	
Calaiiilriiiln, Button's Large Bbwi
i! ilendu
i alon bill'. Sutton's Double Oran
Canat >' t Button's   , illfl n
Cantei    irj     Hells,    Button a    I.
Bowi red, Mlxi rl
I lUttOll '. :' :'"  HOWI   '    I!   ;
i landj tuft, Sutton's Crtms , i.
Cantd tuft, Sui ion's White.
Can,!', tuft, Sutton     di v 'i
Carnation,   Sut I in      I tou ile   Bi rdei
Chrysanthemum, Sutton's Mixed   \,.
Chrysanthemum, Sutton'B Mixed ,
i, Sutton's Pink.
Clarkia, S I Ite.
Clarkl i. Sutton'a Mixed.
i 11, malts Fluminula,
'' mi d\ uiu i,   But "m's   Mi\ -il   Clin
Colvolvulus,  Sutton'a  Dwarf,  Ml
Cock >i omb, Bul on' - Crlm ion,
Coreopsis, Button's Dwarf Crimson.
Coreopsis. Sutton'i  Dwarf, Mixed,
Cornflov er, Sutton' - nine.
Cowslip, Sutton b Mixed English.
Cormea Biplnnata, Sutton'    Mlxi I
Dahlia,  Suiton'a  single,  Mixed
Dahlia, Sutton a Double, Mixed.
Daisy, Sutton's I bie. MUed.
Delphinium,   Sut ion's   l.ar; ' flowi
Sutton's   Brtlliail
Butt, n's   lirilliaui
Sutton ���
Escbscholtila, Button's Single
Eschscholtzla Suiton's Single,
Foxglove, Button's Mixed English.
Galliardla,    Button's    Large-flowered,
Single, Mixed.
Godetia, Suiton's Scarlet   Jticen.
Golden Feather, Sutton's Selected.
Hellchrysum, Sutton's Glint, Mixed
Heliotrope,   Sutton'a    Large-flowered,
Hollyhoi!;, Sutton's Double, Mixed.
Hollyhock, Suttou's Single, Mixed.
iioni -:        Sut ton's     1. irge Powercdi
Jacob "a. Sutton'e Double, Mixed.
Lantana    lb brlda,   Sutton's   Pli i t
Larkspur, Sutton's Dwarf, Mixed.
Larkspur. Suiton's Tall. Mlxetl.
Lavendi r, s itton's Sweet.
Liniiiu, (Flax), Sution's Crimson
Lobelia, Button's Compact, Uluc.
Lobelia,  Sutton'B Compact,  White
Lobelia, Sutton's Spreadftg, lilue
Love-lies-bleeding,  Sution's  Red'Ahw-
Lupin. Sution's Annual,  Mixed.
Lupin, Simon's Perennial, Mlxedi
Maize,  Sution's  Striped.
Mallow. Suiton's Largo Pink.
Marvel  of   Peru,   Suiton's   Hum llo.v
ered, Mixed.
Michaelmas Dais..-, Sutton's Hybrid
Marigold. Sutton's  Mlnifauie  French.
Mignonette, Sutton's Giant
Mignonette,  Sutton's Bweok-scented;
Mignonette, Sutton'a Ctoth or Gobi.
Mignonette, Suiton's spiral.
Mlmulus, Button's Giant  Mixed.
Musk, Sution's Selected.
Myosoi i-   Sflti 'i, b Perfection)
Myosotis, Button's Bedding
Nasturtium,   Sutton's   King  of
S'li ion's   Dwarl   Yellow.
Suttoa's Dwarf! Mixed
Sutton's    Tr.il',    Fatrj
Button's Tall ' rimsoa
Sutton'a Tall Mixed
Nemesis, Strumosa, Stuuonts Mixed
Nemesla,  Strumosai  Button's  Dwarf.
Nemophlla,    Sutton's Large-ftowered,
Nlcotlna, Afllnl . Butt W    < lected
Nlgeiia. Sutton b  Double  Dwan I
i'.hi   . Sutton    Giant, W ltite>
Pansy, Sutton'B Giant,  Y"IIt.v
P "i -..  But ton' -  P ii.-. tlon, Mixed
Pansy, Sutton'B Bedding, Mixed.
Passion Flower, Sutton's Blue.
Passion Flower, Sutton I   Searlei
Perllla, Button's Selected], Rronse.
Petunia, Simon's Singlet Mixed
Phlox, Drum., Button's Large-floworerl
Phlox Drum., Sutton's JLaf-^e-flowored
Polyanthus, Sution's Glint, Mixed.
Polyanthus, Sution's (Slant, White
Portulaca,    Sutton's    Large-flowered,
Poppy, Sution's Double Giant, WUsO'
Poppy.  Sutton's  Scbi'tod  Shirley
Poppy. Button's  'eelai.'l.  Mixed.
' Prlmroaw, Button's Brilliant, Mixed,
' Ranunculus, suiioesGiani Branch,
Rhodhnthe,   Button's   Larce-floweteit.
Rlolmis    (Castor di   Plant).   8utt"Hs
, Roieket,   Button's   tfwool-sc'itod.
Rildheckla, Sutton':; Golden Sunset.
Siitplglossis,Sutton's Giant, Mlxetl.
Salvia,   Sultan's   Scarlet.
Scabious (German), Buttons
flowered. Mixed
Sensitive Plant .Sutton's Sel'JCted.
Stock,   Ton-week. Suiton's Giant D
Giant English BrofflP1
Stock, Sutton
ton,  Mixed.
Sllene.Sutton's  Pink.
Sunflower,   Sution's  Giant  Single-
At Brackman-Ker Milling Co., "���>
And at various sub-agencits. Ptoato cat this out for r��/��*nc
B. K. 818
aV��sns����BBnj����a>�� SATURDAY.    MARCH    10,    1906.
��� i
Cut Prices...      Local News Briefly Told
To Introduce
Stransky's Agateware
We Will Reduce
the Prices ....
50 Per Cent.
See Display and Prices in Window
Kirk's Hardware.
Workmen are  Dttlng the   v B   C
Packers' boat, the Nora, with a new
; Books, Stationery, Fancy
j Cjooqs, Small Wares, Etc.
' Thousands of writing  pads   in   stock.       Over   50   kinda   to   select
I from.
J Hundreds  of papeteries.  dozens of  kinds.
t We raise the quality of our   stock.     We   hold  the  prices  down.
! J. J. MACKAY & CO.,
' Wholesale and retail.                                                       2ib   tiolumDia   street.
An extensive prairie lire was raging John   Bprott;   vies  presidents,  Hugh
on   Lulu  Island   last   night.     So far as Hum,   ami    Miss   K     McNlVen;   sen'
i .rn be gathered no damage was done tary, Miss k. Laldlaw; treasurer, Mis.
I   Hudson
Captain Plttandrlgh lefl foi a shorl
smokestack todaj "'i' '" Vancouver today,
The   Westminster,   owned   and  oper- W.   LOOkWOOd,   01    Ham",   cine   In
ated b)   Drodle'a cannery, cam, t "�� >1"' Ramona yesterday,
oi ,iry dock yesterday. J. Qrler came   In on the Ramona
The usual Friday night drill of the yosterday  from  Splllabury's  Landing,
Boya'  brigade  was  well  attended at It. Hudson of Langley, was a vialtor
ilie Armor] last night, In the city yesterday,
The civic  water  can   made  ihe ini F.   L.hly     who     la   suffering     from
Hal appearance ol the season on Co- diphtheria is slight!;   better today,
luinbia avenue today. ci,,is  Mbertson and TV  C.  Abbott
The Brackman-Ker Milling companj teturned yeslerds) afternoon to their
unload,.1  a  car  of corn  ami  a  car of homes   at    Wesiham   Island.
barlej at the C. P. R, depot today. j,  \\,   |{���,i,i    returned    name    to
Tl .oh  train io Millside carries i.aiinei- on  tha   i    q it| '   yesterdaj
from   tlf'eell   tO   IWelll'    passelmels   ,1111 ,, 11, '1 In toll
, acl, morning, i   \\ elah
a  telephone  wire  wai  broken op-  Ladner!
il lhe  Helta    hotel    al
,i  i    lor    in the   pit}
Mite  the  penitanttarj    during    the
gh wind ibis linn mil.',
l'lie Blaine, Joe Rclchenbacb'a gas-
'  :   I.T.
m l une ���  Bi andi I ' .    Taj loi    and
Held   returned  not ���   to Ladnei    ye
ollne yacht, is being overhauled and lerdu      afternoon     uftti    ,iti
iedecorated In readines   for the com
Mill I  '  '
Mrs.   Collla   and   her   son.
\V.   F.
I W. E. FALES  |
* Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. |
.*,               ..    ..   A
Mrs. lb ( Garrett blrthdaj party Collis, returned this morning lo theli
was postponed from yesterdaj to uexl home in chllllwack on board the Ra
M id '. nlghl on , '
oi   Mr    Allen.
\     1 ll'| ������    I  HIT      I      ',
ai   lhe   Armorj
ant of the death   inona.
��� .lan,. Mlino, ��� m ral BupeiIntend'
ent ot the B. C. Eli ctrlc K illwaj Co.,
�� ,    in i ii" city tor a Bhorl  time
|11      "111    lust
o attend  the
"im i lass  undei   il" direction  lerday conferring with Local Manager
' i  Prof"- mr Judge
Con,!' im -   \.  and   !'.. Sixth   D. 0.
i'.. will hold their annual church par-
It    It.   Clover.
I!. m   \ -, . '   re in:,' i j osterdaj on
iii" Ramona from an up river cattle
ade to St. Andrew's church tomorrow buying   expedition. He Invested   In
night. twentj two bead o( cattle and twenty'
.'. fisherman's    boat    Bwamped ibis Bve  Bheep    from Mr. Wilson,    of
morning al lhe fool of Begbie street,
J Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets, |
�� Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. S
!���; Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. ;�����
J Picture Framing. ��j
ind  gave ber owner ipdt
raise her.
Thirty-two bale
shipped  through
yesterday    to    V
The Transfer j
I Columbia Street.     -     Telephone 176. &
Hie c. p, it. freight sheds 1,250 cases
i>]   cai.n. I   :
Island  cunn
Chllllwack,  which  the   Ramona  con-
i i ask to veyed to Sunburj
You are heartily Invited to attend
of   Excelsior   were   ;,    series   of   evalT.'-lical    Ill'i". im;s    ill
the C. P. H. here the new gospel ball, corner Sixth and
Ninth street, conducted by Mr, E,
gtacl . a converted Hussar, Sunday,
March 11, at 7 p, m, Week following
s p. ni.    Hymn books provided,   No
Bterday  brought to
na ii    i��� i'ii: th,     iiease collection.
w. Miller, late of Vancouver, now
Th�� Ramona took oul a large con- ,,f mi,  Lehman, was a passenger on
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
the Ramona to that flourishing agri-
cultural district ibis morning. Mr.
Miller is erecting a store about half
., mile from the Mt. Lehman landing
and   near   lie'  school,     and     proposes
putting in a general stock of merchan
ills,., ||e expect I t" be all ready for
business in alioul   a month.
Evangelistic services will it v.. lie
conducted in the new Gospel hall, cor
nor Sixih and Ninth areata by Mr. E.
.stack,  a   converted   Hussar,  Sunday,
March 11. al 7 p. m. and week following, nightly ai 8 p. m, except Saturday. You are cordially Invited to
attend. Hymn books provided.
L.   Deckel I,   of   Vancouver,   was   a
IT. J. Trapp & Co, ^ |
Headquarters for
Farming Implements
and Machinery	
Complete line of Carriages  and Farm Wagons.
Hardware, Stoves and Ran gee.
Auction Sale every Friday  at the Market Square.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.,
Blgnmenl of machinery of an agricultural character for Chllllwack Implement  dealers this forenoon.
ilia clearance of ladles' collars, lies
and bells lor today only.    Values from
:,.",c lo $l.i acli.    Clearing price 25c.
\V   S. Collister ,^ Co. *
A. Qourley purchased a team of
l-.ors,* up river on Thursday and
shipped 'iiem on ihe Ramona to
Deroche's Landing yesterday.
Tile heavy wind made the Transfer
somewhat later than usual this morning. She came in with her ilag at
half mast, having lhe body of .1. II.
Kairmaa, of Lulu  Island on board.
Two good looking boats were left
al lhe C. P. X. wharf last night by
lhe steamer Dunsmulr. They were passenger io his ranch al Langley on
manufactured in Vancouver for the boatf -he Ramona ibis morning. He
steamer Phoenix. ���> accompanied by N. .las. Beckett,
of Winnipeg, formerly of Toronto, who
Joseph Armstrong has received ,R halting the west with a view to
news of the discovery of four new hot flndlng ������, fcl|. i,|niS(,lf what it is
springs al Harrison lake close to the really liUl, trom ;i gocia] iU���i coiniiiei-
Bprlngs from which the supply is oh- cla, sUin(11,nhl,. n���f0,.0 returning
talned for lhe St. Alice hotel baths, j home fae ||r|||||m paylng ., S|1���(,|al
'i'be II. C. Lackers' Utile steam tug. ,,.lu to ,n��� m���ch talked of Okanagtin
ilie Wellington, was launched yes- Vil)p,y. Thus far ho expressed him-
lerday alio,- being thoroughly over- se){ a8 ,],,iiKhted with (he west, lis
hauled and her deck ilxtures '��- scenery and prOSpeotB,
1 lolled.  o	
Tile  little  steam  launch,  Hobs,  has _
,    ��� . Snag   Boat   Returns,
been   purchased   from  S.  Connors   by a
Mr VV II Gilley. She Is being re- The Dominion governmenl sting
..aimed and will' soon be once more boat. Sampson returned last night
ready  for the  river looking like new.   from   Ladners.      She   had   on   hoard
George Turner, of the department of
Rev.   W.    H.    Barrowclough   Conducts
Final     Rally     in     Quern's
Avenue   Church.
Tii,    evangelistic    services   which
nave  been in progress in the Queen's
avenue  Methodlsl  chinch during the
|insl   three   weeks   closed   last   evening.
itie attendance was unusually large,
the auditorium being almost filled
���'lie so,vie was conducted bj the
paator of ihe church, Rev. W, n
Barrowclough, and his earnest words
were founded on the words of Festua
io Paul, "Almosl thou persuadesl mi
io be a Christian." The speaker re
minded bis hearers thai ihe promises
��� I Chi were sine ami steadfast ami
that lb' u.c able ami willing to par-
form all tha' lie promised. However
in ilie wordi oi ib,- old hymn "Almosl
i', i naded" �� is not aufllctent, n re
iln i on 'in- pari of everj man and
nverj  woman a wholehearted turren
del   "I    ��� 11  i" Qod and no half lieai '.-'I
i ,i   ne,   would    avail,      'I'be    aft, i
nesting ��i li li ��., i the largest ol th"
"i lea  look  on  tho  tot m of a   test I
mon)    ervlc    In  ��hlch a  verj   Iri ie
i" op irt li n  oi   i he  cougn Ration   took
pait.    I'ho leaden ol the movement
at Tiici ihat much good has bei a
done,  and  that   a   l. i ge     number  of
have ii oilted  thei ufn n
Falrman  Funeral,
About  fort ������        len '"i ��� came In nn
the Transfer this morning to attend
meral ol Lhe hue J, li. Falrman,
o'   Lulu   Island,     'l'lie  decSWod   bad
i.een a resident   on   the   Island    for
I 1-"' years, ami bail reached the
lipe old age of 80 sears. Ho Came
Irom Belleville, mn., and I'm- some
years past, sine the death of hi>
wife, had  resided with bis daughter,
Mrs. .las. Mclsinnon. 'l'lie deceased
had ben a very Btrong ami able man
in his ilay. and was only sick for a
few days prior to Ids death, lie loaves
two sons, who live in Ontario, ami
two    daughters,    Mis.    Mclnnia,    of
Woodwards, and  Mrs.  MoKlnnon. The
obi gentleman was known by ail on
the island, ami  was much esteemed
by his many friends, 'l'lie funeral ar
I'nngeincnts   were   in   Ilie  hands  of   D, :
Murohle ti Co.. win, took charge when!
iho Transfer pulled up at iho wharf
at    Sapperton,   and   conveyed   Iho   re*
mains to the cemetery.   The funeral
service   was  conducted   by   ReV.     Mr..
Burton,   id   Iho   Steveston   Presbyter-1
i-m church, ami the pallbearers were:
Messrs. McCulloch, Branscombe, London, Itoss. Cray and Kid,I.   'I'ho hand- j
some  casket   was  covered   with   floral
tribues, Conspicuous among them||
we,-,, wreaths from Mr. and Mrs. Gray,
Mr. and Mrs. McKiniiey, Mr. and Mrs.
Branscombe, Mr. and Mrs. Kldd, Ihe
Misses McCulloch, ,Ias. Houghton, K.
MoChesney, G. H. Hodgson and a lit
He hunch of sweet peas, which bore
Iho simple words In a child's handwriting, "From Charlie," and told its
own story.
'"" i'""        Carpet, lust rs
w'ved ex   Blue   Funnel   line,
"'' r       els,  Wilton  and
Adtmlnstei    com,, and gm fl,si
A  splendid Una ol good as-
236 to 242 Columbia  and  229  to   241   Front   Street.,   uupont   Block.
Taylor's Toilet Soaps
A large shlpmonl   lua
Note These Pri< rs
5c per Box   Pearl Toilet  Soap
10c  per  Box    Palm Toil. I   s, a|
15c per Box   Bweel  Violet, White Carnation, Im
25c per Box   v.iiie,   Violet, La Ki.,,,,,  ii., e, Can .���,..
Clorei   ' latmeal, \ a -t.i  Violet, ati
25c per iiozcn   Old Brown Windsor,
We aim to keep em- stock Fresh never buying more than ��" rs
,iuii" for Immediate sale.
We  have nice  fresh
Evaporated Pruni ��� Evaporated AVpplea
Evaporated Ipi Ico Evaporated Pe u
Try a pound of our fresh Ground Coffee al  10c Ib,
Try a pound of Maravello Tea at   i:.e lb, or our Special  Tea al
iir.c or :l lbs. for $1,00
The Gty Grocery,
Telephone 97 AI>AMS X l��r AINS.
Nothing   In   Recount.
Regina,  Sask..  March  in.���The  recount  in Klnlstino applied for by Tlr.
Bhadd   (Conservative)  has been  conr-
pleted, lint  the result is unchanged,
Sanderson's majority Is 52.
NEW  WESTMINSTER,  B. C.   �����.
V. ........*
 _! i-
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jewclcry Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Visit W. S. Collister & Co.'s tonight
for exceptional values In neck ribbons. Twenty-five pieces silk and satin ribbons, regular values 30o to 40;
clearing, per yard. 26c.
The German bark. Steinbek, which
has been loading up with lumber al
public works, and Capt. Rogers, the
appointed pilot of the Frazer river,
who had ben taking soundings and
buoying the channel.
Capt. Card reports everything satisfactory down river.
In  the early  pari   of  the  week  the
Suitable for alt  occasions.
rhe Praser River mills, has about got Sampgon wi ;i, |(,��� DeRoUBhe.a
I,,.,- full complement of lumber, and lanalagi fl|,,���,,.;,,. Bumas, and removed
will be ready to pull out about the ,���w,,..il MU1(,, fr,)m lh(. ,.,,.,���������,
and of nexl week.   She will be towed 0	
out by the steamer Lome.
A  huge  1,000-lb   hammer, recentlj
bt ought    in   from    Vaiuouver   for   tin
A. B, c. Packers for work at the Bell-
Columbia   Street.
Logger Cuts Foot.
.lohn Long,, was yesterday admitted
io the itoyni Columbian hospital, lie
had been working tot the Praser River
Irving cannery,  was  slipped  back   to
..    ...      .  ���.  ...     Lumber   coinpiinv    In   their   camp   at
| Pitt hike, and  had  lhe  misfortune  tl
CUt   his   fool   badly   with   au  axe.     II,
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount   of  i'ollcles now in tot ce exceeds *44,uuil,UII(1.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceed! |8,OUU,UU0.00
This is a company Of polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OUR MU'l t'Ut     i ne largest amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Vancouver today, as li did not fit the
pile  driver.
Tim 0, N. R. imrge will be towedlwas bi-ought  to the city  by two of
down  the  liver  today and  will  carry   hJB comrades In  a  fishing boat     Dr,
two cars of gypsum for the cement Rothweii was soon in attendance and
i works lit Todd creek, and one car pu| several stitches In the Injured
each of Hour and paint for Victoria., foot, but it will lie several 'lays be-
There  was  also  B   car  of  condensed ; fore he is able lo return lo work.
j mlllt billed to  Butte,  Montann.  n	
A car of chop  feed and flour was Question  On   Insurance,
received at this point yesterday frfno i iondon, March !l.- The Karl of
tho Calgary  Milling Co.  of Calgary,   , Onslow,  Conservative,  gave notice In
The  regular  meeting  of  the  local j,h,>  ho��"  of l,,r,!H  ",<Uiy  "f  hls
We Have Listed With Us Two Fine Ranches.
Could be rented with privilege of buying.
Near the best shipping port in the country.
No. 1 ���160 acres, 35 acres seeded; 6 room house, bam 34x34 stable,
fine well and creek, 1 mile from school, lots of fruit. Could be
bought for $2600, $500, balance arranged, or would rent $60 and
taxes for the flret year.
No. 2 -15 acres, 10 acres cultivated, best soil, 7 room house, large
barn 52x34, 1-2 mile from station, good orchard, woodshed,
stable with 8 stalls. $3,000, $600 cash, balance arranged, or
would rent for $200 with the use of 2 cows, horse and buggy.
McLEOD, MARK t CO., Real Estate and Insurance, .%Sfo?
Council of Women, will be held In the
'civic council chamber on Monday af-
ternoon next at 3 p. m. The executive committee will meet at 2:45.
A concert, by local talent, was given
In the municipal hall at Mount I.e^
{man last, night, nnd was well attend-
ied. The object of the concert was to
j raise money for a lady resident of
the district, who has recently been
j left a widow.
The advisory council of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, which Is
composed of representatives of all the
societies In connection with the
church, was formally organised at a
meeting held In the lecture room on
Thursday evening. The election of
officers resulted as follows. President,
lentlon to question the goveinmen'
.is to whether in vlnw of Ihe din
closures    made     regarding      certain
American Insurance companies It j
proposed to compel foreign ci ul
pnnles doing business In (Ire'it Hi'
tain to kee]) In this country i s, '���-
dent propoitlon of their securities
to cover the claims of British pollcv
holders. Tho matter will come in In
the house next week.
Decide to Com* West.
Ottawa, March 10.���The Can uuuu
Forestry association has received in
vitatlons fro* British Columbia and
Prince Edward Island to hold n BUni-
nier meeting In either of these p.,,
vlaces. H wis decided to acrn,.' th��
Invitation to,'go to Vancouver.
WANTED-Strong steady hoy to learn
bollenniiklng. Vulcan Bollor Wks.,
Front slreet.
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsylte
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year the Finest Crops In B.
C. were produced from our seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
We are Selling Agents for
Dr. PejmePs
Linen Mesh
| The Most Sanitary Underwear
on the market to-day.
Recommended by all the Physicians of our city.
Do not buy imitations with the
recommendation of "being just as good."
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Talc no Chances
Shirts from 3(5 inches   raise 2 inches   to 44 inches.
Drawers in short or long lengths.   From
32 incnes   raise 2 inches   to 44 inches.
$3.00 the Garment
The Cash Oothier.   Selling Agent
B. C. Monumental Works Announcement
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer ami manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
N*v�� Westminster,  B. C,
For First Class Repair Work
Give Me a Trial.
Any mniko or design I ��m repsir It and
iMke it ����d ����*��#,
Columbia Street,      Nskt 1x~�� Osfptw :��� THE DAILY NEWS
SATURDAY,   MARCH   10,   19o6.
United  States Government Recoflnuea
Growing   Importance   of   Northwest     Canada.
-.  following special dispatch from
bington,  u   ('.,  ��� in  tbe
-   ���,,    Globe,    '.(    Feb,  2fc:    The
finds treasure  bag.
Wist EHk lashin's C���r n '.,   Leads to
Recovery   of   Gems.
\.-u   v,..: ,    March  -     '���'    ������    than
12,006  worth  of diamonds  lay  In  ihe
Strap)   In  Newsn ..  N   .J    :
���reek  mull  tbej   wen
Mlsa   BUS   ' isthin    ol   South   Ninth
i few da ��� ago. Ehc i ��ed in a
��� :
��� I onl of theli I ea a
wl !  of  Borne  vehicle  passed   over
made   and  publishing   n  ticei   in the
\ nk n  I
Petroleum���All   un., li
Lands in Manitoba, the N n
Synopsis oi Regulations for Disposa. ��J . Ug  - ����� ; ���; ... -~
of  Minerals on Dominion Lands in wesi  ltrr'1   ' .       .
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories '   ����������� ��
j     u       V    L T.rritoru ���.c'.l!!'..    .md    t tl f    1111111-!'.     IM)    ��
Sealed  tenders, address* i    to    the
��� :, marked on the envelope,
"Tenders  for    Construction,'   will be
received at the oflh-r of the Comniia
and the Yukon Territory
O i.\I.    Cosi   Isi    -   may    b
chased at $to per acre foi
���,�� !  S.'o  for  antl Noi   more
lerve  for  an  individual   ot  company
. machinery on the I md to b��
pri spected, an ares oi iqj
such   ;���> ���    .'.   aa   he   m  ���   decide,  the
b of the Transi i Rail- the rate of ten
seen ��
at  Ottawa,  until
a, Bday,    the   4-th day of
Manv   persons might     have
late department is fullj awareofthe the Id  notice 'l',"!', "".   .- ���   . _nrb  reou.red
i.  thej   .      ��� ethlni   of ��arch,   ti ,   foi     hi aork   required
no  v.,1,1.-.   Even Miss  CasWn   kicked for the constractlon. In
���   singular  condition   that   -it-
in regard to American consuls
n - ir,,ii,.a in western l inada. Congress bat been asked to providi foi
the appohrtment of a consul either in
Ihe province oi Alberta ,,i s.,.-.��;,:-
, bewan, and the pending consular reorganisation   bill   proposes   to   ���
.. i,insulate in thai  growing section of the Dominion
This movement  calls   attention to
lhe (acl that, so far as ihe I'nlleil
Btatee governmenl Is concerned, little
attention has been paid to the marvelous developments  going on  in the
it   carelessl;   a    le  Srlth    the  t
her    bro^ ,    and      wns    entering      her
home    when    something    drew    her
to ')i"  - ."���.    s> ��� Id  no
-, ei i.ii   attention     to   thi     Im
when she I I ������>! her
way, and it was only alter a long
search that she finally found It
burled In a heap of d isi
More   curious     than   hopeful   as     to
the contents of the bag, ihe carried
iT home and laughingly annonnred
herself  as  a  treasure hunter  to    her
"And     I'll   prove   to     you   that     1
u, rn:
with  the  plans,  profiles  ai
of said Cotnm
ins ol  th,- Transcontinental Railway, the said ���������
eted on i
Bi ptember, 1907, viz.:
111 District "F."    From a point
illecte I
which shall noi        cd three
individual or  company.     Royalty   at   ........     breadth.    Should th,
: .   quan-
8r ��� -:' ictorit)
eighteen  acres, including the will be
rospector at the rati
certificates  Si an of the
mini::. :��� ��en��� d,   namely,   ij8o    ,
will be - ild at tl f $J an acre,
at such rate as may
be specified by Ordei
- shall be
'    '     ions
��� :
may obtain entr)  I
A free mil tc is granted
I ii ��� m  i - u. tc
signaled  on  the  plana    of    tbe  said  five, upon ] ance of $7.50
Commissioners at or rear the CI' ' ol per annum for an individual, an,! from
known at  Pen- $50 to $ieerper annum for a company,
the    jui n  according to cap.'
Winnipeg, to
Insula Crossing
great region King between Winnipeg  know where to find the treasures    I
and   British  Columbia    At   this    late  leek,*1   the  told   them,  as  she  loosed
da)   the   state   department   Is   taking  the  fastening  from  the  hag.
cognisance  of   the   rapid     set'lenient  slant   later   there
which   ha.s   tj<-en   going   on  for   some
time  in  western   ( an;,,la.  and   the  d0
partment of commerce and labor  is
receiving reports which show that In
almost no part of the United State
i- such a significant development of
rich natural resources taking place Is
in the province of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Nearly a vear ago lhe treasury department of the I'nited States was
reminded of this great development
by the application of American transcontinental railroads for th" establishment of additional sub-ports of
entry on the international boundary
1 etween the western boundary of
North Dakota and the line dividing
Washington fiom Idaho. The demand
for these sub-ports was brought about
by the rapid settlement of agricultural lands In western Canada and the
increased production of wheat. The
American railroads wished to have a
share in  the transportation    of    thtg;
wheat to th? seaboard, the object be- 	
ing  to  carry    It    across    the    Inter-  Overworked Cooks and Waiters of Se
rational   boundary     into    the   I'nited aM|e  A        , ,Q c|
Slates, ana  then  eastward to Duluth
and thence to  Buffalo and New York
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is a grasp of
pstonlshment    as    a   lunburst,    tour
diamond, turquoise and ruby rings,
a knife blade pin set with, a solitaire
diamond, and an enameled dragon
By  pin  fell out.
Miss Cashin was about to advertise
for the owner of the Jewels when her
attention was called t,, a description
of lost gems which corresponded
with that of the ones she had found.
The finder was instructed to return
them al Bretton Hall, in New York,
at Broadway and Eighty-fifth street.
Miss Cashin communicated with that
apartment house, with the result
that Mr. E. H. lingers proved the
ownership of the jew,-Is by his wife,
and yesterday thev were returned to
Mr.   Rogers     saw   to     It   that     Miss
Cashin is wealthier by Jinn than be-  j",
fore  she  kicked  the $2,000  worth    of
diamonds out  of her way.
point ol the Fori  William brand
th,- Grand Trunk Railway, a instance
of about 21", miles.
(2) District "B." From a point de
signaled on the plant: of the raid
Commissioners si the north end ol
the yiiebec Bridge  i id Raltwaj 1 un-
pany's   bridge   In   th,    vicinity   ,,      he
Cltj   of  Quebec,  to  .,   point  neat   !.a
A   tree,  miner,   having   dis,
mineral  in  place,  may  I cate  ���'  claim
1500x1500  feet  by  marking  out   the
tame   with   tWO   leg  '   potts,   bearing
���   tices, one .,t each end of
the line oi the lode,    r vein.
The claim shall be recorded w I
fifteen days :i ocated within ten m tt
one   :,<!
I lepntj
��� ���    -
! I, pi   [nteri
of the Mir
the In-
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
Tv-:;v:^i^ ���:.;::;;;. V::.:.--.. - **�������
long across the iv-  Rouge   \ '  ,nal   "''>'  :,!!'"'v' !   ' r  ,every^
In     ,11  District  "B."  in the  vir-.nlty wtwnal ten miles or fraction      rhe
���( the ('it;.   ,,:  iju,-; .   . Hi-  wo,1.  ;,. :Vc iur recording a claim is $5
!������ performed In acccrdance with 'he
General Specifications nf the Crwiniis-
sioners of the Transcontinental ���'.: 1-
way, and the Qcnei il Bpedflca Ion
for steel bridge* an1' /inducts of tne
Department of Rall.vr.ya and Ci.-.la
of Canada.  1S05.
Plans,   profiles    and    specifications
may be seen in the oflice of the Chitf $1 00 an acre
Any even numbered  lection of  1 >,>���
in::.    ::    Land-    :n    Manitoba    Or   the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
. .        26, not reserved, may be bomestesded
At least $100 must be expended on  b)    .,  person who is the sole head of
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Dalli NEW Dallv
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arrive
��� .-��� ,���    .. Bi ITfnj   ; DO pm
t -"1 pm bam,    I JOpra
��� m,   M      Vei
non,     Everett
4:35 : -   -' 00 pm
Paul   and   all
point    1
9.20 am Anaeorti iMi pm
Woolley,     and
Ro, 1.
3:00 pin Vancouver 8: ii" am
9:180 pm' Ij86 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Bpokane  BL Paul. Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chlcato, Bt,
Louis  and   all   points   Kast.
For com I lets information
rates, be; 'h reservation, etc,
, .,1! mi 01 address,
1'   C   0R1PFIN,  Agent,
li.ink of 1'ominei,.' Building.
New Westminster, 11   C
B   0.  YKHKKS.   \   li.  P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St . Beattle, Wash.
the claim each year Or paul to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$;oo has been expended or paid, the
I icator may. upon having a survey
made and upon complying with Other
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
a family, or any male over  is years
of age, to the extent ,,f one-quarter
1 "f 160 acres more or less
Entry  may he mad,-   personally  at
the  local   land  office   for   the   di-trict
in which Ihe lam! i- situate, or if the
Engineer of the Commissioners, at
Ottawa, also In the office of the District Engineer at Kenora. Ontaiio,
for the section of District. "F," and for
the section of District "B," In the of-
Bee of the Histrict  Engineer at Que-
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, oi an
area not exceeding  160 acres.
The   patent   for  a  mining  1
Persons tendering are notified that   shall  provide  for  the  payment  of  a
tenders will not be considered  unless   Royalty ot 2V2 per cent
made In duplicate, and on the printed
forms supplied by the Commissioners.
Separate   tenders   must   be   submitted  for    the work    in  each    district
homesteader desires, he may, on ap-
Permission may be granted byth  piication to the Mm.-tor of the Interior,  Ottawa,   the   Commissioner   oi
Immigration.   Winnipeg   Or   the   local,
agent receive authority  for some one
tn make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one nf the following plans
(ii At  least six  month-'  residence
Seattle,   March   V���Within     a     few-
After full consideration of the matter days a  petition will be addressed   to
declined   to 'be  pastors  of  the churches    of  the
rlty asking  thern  to offer  prayers In
the treasury department
establish the additional sub-nosts.
Department Has Yielded.
Since that time the fact that settlement is going rapidly forward in
western Canada has gradually Impressed itself on the official mind in
Washington, and one of the results is
the proposition lo establish at least
��� one consulate either In Alberta or
Saskatchewan. Senator Frve of
Maine has presented to the senate
eleven reasons why an American consulate should be established in that
part of Canada. These are summariz
cd as follows:
111 Consulates of the 1 nlted States
are established in all the other provinces of Canada, even in the Yukon
12) This country (the Dominion of
Canada)', including these provinces
(Alberta and Saskatchewan), is developing more rapidly than any ills.
1 riot in the world since the discovery
that wheal can be Buccessfullj raised Jjjj^
(Hi American citizens predominate
(131,000 coming in, in ten months).
An American representative should
be nearer than Slid miles, for the
nearest consulate representative of
the United Slates is now Stationed at
(41 American capitalists have established a distributing trade centre
at Calgary in the province of Alberta,
from which place goods are shipped
over the entire Northwest in rapidly-
increasing quantities. They have
built fifteen grain elevators in Alberta.
iiii The wheat yield In the western
provinces last year was s.r,()0.0(|(i
bushels. In Alberts more than a million pounds of butter were produced
last year.
Tardy Acknowledgment.
(G) Canada is third in the list of
customers of the United States and is
likely soon to be second. American
exports to the Dominion In the calendar year 1906 were $144,076,835, as
against $137,285,267 in Pun, and aa
against $212,696,329 to Oermany,
which   is  Ihe  second   largest   customer
of the United States. American imports from Canara are Increasing in a ment are
larger ratio 'ban exports to that country, for the total last vear was |63,-
927,923 as against $56,626,141 in 1904.
1T1 The provinces of Alberta and
Saskatchewan ar,- about four and one-
half times us large as Manitoba and
an- destined to become the most im-
portanl In the Dominion. (These are
the words of Senator Frye, which
��� ent the views of the state de-
,   .tmenl In the matter.1
Seems   Rather   Strong.
im The lown of Calgary; in the
province  of  Alberta,  has  already   U,.-
  Inhabitants,  of  whom  13,000 are
(9) This new country offers great
opportunities  ",  our    manufacturers
and   merchants,     This   Is   shown   by
the fact that Americans now resident
'heir churches on Sunday for the
successful termination of the movement being agitated by the nv-mbers
of the Cooks' and Waiter6' T'nion to
obtain six days' work a week for all
the cooks and waiters emploved In
the restaurants of Seattle. This Is
the first time that any labor organization in Seattle has ever called upon the clergymen of the city to offer
I raver for the success of any movement for the betterment of labor
At the present time the majority
of the cooks and waiters employed
in the restaurants are compelled to
work seven days. The waiters and
waitresses work eleven hours: the
day cooks work ten and the night
cooks twelve. Although the Cooks
and Waiters' Vnion as an official
���body Is not taking part In the six-
day   movement,  the   members   are  In-
ivldually    keeping      the      agitation
Tenderers shall not be in any way
entitled to rely upon the classification
or any other information given by
any person on behalf of the Commissioners, and before submitting any
tender,   bidders   should   make   a  care-
of the sales
of the  products oi  the  location.    ^^^^        ^^^^ .___.
PI  \CI"R MINING���Manitoba and upon  and  cultivation   of  the  land
the   N    W   T    excepting  the   Yukon each year for three years.
T.rriiorv  Placer mining claims  gen- (2)  If the father  (or mother, if
loo feet square, entry  tee father is deceased! of the homesteader  0NTA1Uo, QUEBEC and  the MAPI
the North resides   upon  a
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
farm   in   the   vicinity
tt   renewable vearlv.     On  . ^^^        ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
Saskatchewan Rive   claims are either of  the  land  entered  for  the  require-
bench    the   former  being   100  ments as to residence may he satisfied
between high  by such person residing with the ta-
nr  mother.
bar  or ^^^^^
   feet long and extending
ful examination of the plans, profiles,  and low water mark.    The latter in- ther ^rminent
drawings and  specifications, and  read  cludes bar diggings, but extends back:     (3)  If the settler ha, his permanent
the  forms to  be  executed,  and   fully  ,f> the t)ase of the hill or bank, not  residence   upon   farming    and   ownea   Assjstant Gen., Passt.nKer an,l Ticket   formation call on or address
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Fails.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British   Columbia  Coact   Line
(Sn    ���   '   tO  ''hang'-   v. 11:,,. :���     Dotlce.)
VICTORIA sk\ 1 1!.!.  KUl
Pi inc, >s Beat
I ���     . , -   Port     I uw n-. 0 I    ; .
1.. .:���.,���, Victoria '��� ; ���
.\ 111 \ ���  Si ���   li   5 a.m.
i..-1.���  Seal   s it  u 1
Arrive Porl  Towsend    :   in
Arrive  VI, toi
B. 8  Princi
1 ���        ',   ���.     ivSr 1 p, m.
Leo������������ Vlcti 11 ..1  I a, 1 .
VICTOR! \ .'-'l.v.   v., e 11: it
KOI  lb.
Sill.   t'HAii.M! It
Leave   Vli toria, 1
and Fridays,
Leaves New  W< tmim tei    . .
Wednesdaj ��� and Batut
Calling al  Maj 1,'Tii d Btc vestoi
B.8. Joan leavi 1 Nan. ttno nan ���  ������,,
cept Saturday and Ban lay, at
Saturdaj  v a. m.
Leaves    Vancouver     :.
s.i urday and Bundaj, at 1   0 1 d
Saturday -. '���" p. m.
S.  S. Queen C.ty.
Leavi Victoria 11 p m, ��� ��� I
and 10th of 1 tu h monl ii for Ah
and way points
Leave Victoi,., 10th 11 1.. ii
tot Quatslno and ��.���   11 Inti
Leave Vtctoi la 20th ot each n
for Cap,- Scot' and wa) : ototi 1
Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    Men    Wi  tminster   even
Additional   ti   1  leaves   '���'�����   >'.��� ���
minster 5 a. tn   Bunds
Leaves   3t< vi ston   Monda).
day, Wednesday, Thursdaj   and   -
urday 7 a.  m.    Frida)  ,: a  m,   a
ditlonal trip Sa urday r, p. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave  N< w   Westminster   8
Mondays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays
Leave Chilliwack t a. m. Tuei
Thursdays   and   Batrd 1   ag  al
landing   bel��een   Si w   '���'.'��� Btmiri
ami Chllllwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m. 2nd
and 11:111 of each inon'h . ������ ��� w'
Bkidegate on Brsl trip and B< a Ooo
la on Becond trip.
Times   on   arrivals   and   departure
ar,-   pproxiir ite.
For   in ,"ts,  reservations   and  in-
inform themselves as to th" quantity
character  of  work_ ,,
nderstood  P^ be obuined
Many Of the cooks and waiters employed in the restaurants now work
onlv six days a week. The cooks and
waiters declare that the restaurants
that have adopted the six days a
week for the help have been pleased
with  the result.
The rooks and waiters are asking
for six days' work with six days'
pay. They do not ask that they be
given the same wages that is now-
paid them for working seven days.
���Ti; that they be paid for six
days at the same wage per day as at
present. They further are willing to
guarantee thai the workers who take
their place one day a week will work
for the same wages per day as they
If the agitation proves unsuccessful there will be no strike. The cooks
and wallers believe thai the employers can be induced to grant their
demands if public sentiment is aroused it, their favor by Ihe prayers of
the   clergy.
The petition addressed to the clergy
will contain a full exposition of the
cooks and waiters' side of the case.
li will be pointed out that practically
all workers in all lines of employ-
given one day a week's
rest from work except the cooks and
waiters.    The  clergymen   will   be ask-
>��� 1 to pray for the success of the
movement   with  the congregation,
Canada's Mineral Production,
A summar> ,,f the mineral production of Canada for 1005 has been !s-
Biied by the geological Burvey branch
,.f the interior department, The value
',1 the mineral products for the year
is $68,574,707, or $2,000,000 higher
than Canada's best  year,  1901, when
ii was ov��t $66,1 ,000.   Last year the
mill,-ral production was $60,073,897
or 'Ight and a half millions less ihan
for the past year, Last year's r,'��
linns  are  ail   the  more   remarkable
In view of the 'ailing off in the output ,,r gold from the Yukon. There
It a decrease In the output  of  Yukon
of materials and
manshlp required; and arf
to accept and agree to be bound by
the terms and conditions contained
in the form Of contract, specifications,
etc., annexed to the form of tender.
Kach tender must be signed and
sealed by all the parties to the lender
and witnessed and be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank of the Dominion of Canada, payable to the Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway for the
sum of four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000), for District "F," and
two hundred and twenty-five thousand
dollars ($225/100) for District "B,"
and thirty-five thousand dollars ($36,-
0001 for steel viaduct in said District
' B." Any person whose tender is accented shall within ten days after
the acceptance thereof furnish tbe
security required by the Commission
ers for the due and faithful  perform
ceding   1000   feet.
used  claims  200  teet  wi
Where   steam  by him  in  the vicinity of his home-
<le   stead, the requirements as to residence
may 'be   satisfied  by  residence  upon
of Manitoba  the said land.
Six months' notice in writing -hnuld
Dredging in the Rivers
and the N. \V. T., excepting the Yu- ���,^^^_^^^^^^_
kon Territory���A free miner may ob- be given to the Commissioner of Do-
inly two leases of five miles each minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
twenty  years,   renew- to apply for patent.
for a term oi ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
able in the discretion of the Minister
of the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and subject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings r,r bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The  lessee  shall  have  a dredge  in
Operation within one season from the
of the lease for each five miles
^^^^^^^    ��� \V. CORY.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
ance of the contract according to Its hut where a person or company has
terms, sign the contract, speciffca- obtained more than one lease one
lions   and   other   documents   required     '   j       , h  flftcen mi]es or frac.  Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will bo
LVK of're&or^Xe ��-thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $,0 received   until   noon,   tbe   15th   April
on the part of the party whose tender  Per  annum  tor    each    mile    oi  river
is  accepted  to  complete  and   execute  leased.     Royalty  at  the  rate  of  two
a contract with the said  Commission-  and a half per cent, collected on  the
ers  and  to  furnish  the  approved  se- output after it exceeds $10,000.
curity  within  ten  days after  the ac-      Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Agent, 136 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Eight Train- Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest aand best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas} the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world.      The   equipment   consists   of
, private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car,  reclining  chair car-   (seats  free),
1 modern   day   caches   and   buffet,   li-
lnformation  obtained at the brary and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
Department of Militia and Defence.
New  Westminster.   B.  C,   Rifle  Range.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Tender for Construction of
Rifle   Range,   New   Westminster,"   addressed to the secretary of the Militia
ceptance  of  the    tender,    the    said
cheque shall be forfeited to the commissioners  as  liquidated  damages  for g^11*"1 ,n a tre
such  refusal  or  failure,  and  all  con- 20 years; ai=n renewable,
tract  rights  acquired    by   the  aceep- The lessee's right is confined to the
tance of the lender shall be forfeited, submerged   bar  or  bars   111   the   river
Cheques  deposited   by   parties  whose below   low    water    mark, that boun-
proximo, for the construction of a
rifle range at New Westminster, B. C.
Plans and specifications may be seen
and full ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
offices of the district, officer command
Gene: il  Supi rlnti nd, at,  VI toria.
Asst. Gen.  Pass   Agent   Vancouver.
Gen. Agent. Freight  Dej I
New Westminster.
Agent, New Westminster.
Railway Company
Atlantic Express leaves aaily al
16.40; has first-class sleepers and
Tourists cars   tor    loronto   every
Monday and    Friday;    tor    Montrea
every Wednesday and SaturQay,
Seattle train leaves dailj  at I   0
For further particulars apj ly to
ED. OOt 1.1.1.
U. P. K. Agent.
New  Westminster.
Assistant    General   Passenger   Agent.
tenders are rejected will be returned
within ten days after the signing of
the contract.
Attention is called to the following
clause in the form of contract:
"All   mechanics,   laborers   or   other
persons   who   perform     labor   for  the
purposes of the construction of the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
works hereby contracted for shall be frr,m such date. Rental $100 per mile
paid such wages as are generally ac- for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent   year.      Royalty   same   as
Six leases of five miles each  may be  ,nB_  victoria;   l.ieut-Col.  J. C.  Whvte,
e miner for a term ol   New  Westmln8teri  a  c,  ;ind  tnc  (11.
rector of engineer    services,    militia
headquarters .Ottawa.
Tenders must be made on a form
Supplied   by  the  department  and  ac-
further information  call  on  or  write
Trains & Steamers
in that  part  of Canada are constantly
calling attention  to these opportunt- Sold r.,f over $2,000,000. the  non-mi
ties and urging persons In the I'nited
States to take advantage of them.
Signs  of  the  Times.
(10)  The   Canadian   Pacific   railroad
runs through the province of Alberta,
ann several branch lines are in operation and others projected. In fact,
the railway development in this part
of Canada is one of the significant
Signs of the rapid settling op of the
Country and the Increasing produc-
tlveneso ol thi area between Manitoba and  British  Columbia.
'Hi The  (tate   department has re- jjr- ]
celved  a  region     from    the    united'*] fj^
Bl iti    1 nt" ul  ai  Winnipeg.   This official visit, ;  the provinces of Alberta
and   Saskatchewan   last   spring   with
the express purpose of examining into  , ondttion      I ho nughly,      11,���    re
port:; that there Is the atrongesl   po
siide  Justification     for  :h"  establish-
1. ml of a consulate    lai  least onej,
and   that,   In   t""1     a    consulate  it;
urgently  heeded! by  American   Interest)
The state department  and  memhers
of the Senate  committee on  foreign
relations have received many letters
from Americans resident In Canada
calling attention tO the hUh of consular representation In Alberta und
Saskatchewan, and describing striking developments which are taking
place In that part of the world.
tallic is placed at $31,12:!,S77 and th"
metallic at $57,150,830, to which $300,-
000 products not returned are added,
making $68,574,707 In all.
coal occupies the large predominant position, making over $17,000,-
000, and when added to the value of
the metallic products about SO per
cent, of the production of the country
is accounted for. The output of the
Yukon gold was Js.;^",^1"! and otliir
gold $6,159,633, making $14,486,833 in
all. Copper is placed al $7,420,451,
nickel  at   $7,660,526,  silver  al  $3,605,-
nl at $2,634,084 and pig Iron at
��� i 0
Archbishop O'Brien  Dead.
Halifax.  N. S., March   lb.-  Archbishop O'Brien, of Halifax, ,iie,| suddenly
���il 11 o'clock la.-t night. In tin- after-
no,, 1, be complained of an acute form
of Indlgestl6n, but retired as usual
this evening. Al 11 o'clock be asked
hit niece for a glass of water. When
she brought the glass, she found the
arhcblshop dead in his bed. He was
born in Prince Edward Island In 1848,
and was created an archbishop 2:t
years ago. He was a man of literary
tastes and was a member of the Royal
Society of Canada.
cepted as current for competent workmen In the district In which the work
is being performed, and, If there is
no current rate in such district, then
a fair and reasonable rate; and, in
the evenl Of a dispute arising as to
whal   is   the   current   or     11     fair   and
reasonable rate, it shall be determined by the Commissioners, whose do-
cl Ion shill be final.'
��� This agreement Is subject to the
regulations now in fore,-, or which
may al any time her,-after lie in force
'luring the const ni,-,Ion of the works
hereby contracted for; made und,'
th<- authoritj of the Department ir
Labor, and which are or shall I"- applicable to such works."
"The contractor shall In connection
with the whole of the said work, as
f.ii- as practicable, use only materia!
machinery, plant, supplies and rolling
siock    manufactured or  produced in
Canada, provided the same can be obtained as cheaply and upon as goo 1
terms in Canada as elsewhere, hav
rig  regard  to quality aad   price,"
The   contractor     shall     conform   to
the   Fire   Regulations   adopled   by   toe
darv to be fixed by its position on the , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1st day of August in the year of the companied by an accepted cheque on
date of the lease. a Canadian chartered bank for 10 per
The  lessee   shall  have   one   dredge cent of the amount of the tender, pay-
in   operation  within  two  years   from able to the order of the Honorable the
the date of the lease, and one dredge  Minister of Militia and Defence,
for  each  five miles within  six  years      The department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
L. F.  PINAULT, Colonel.    ���
Deputy Minister of Militia and Defence.
Department of Militia and Defence,
(ittawa, February 14, 1006.
Leave  New   Westminster   16.40  daily.
0 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Arrive New  Westminster 11.35 daily.
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of (he crick or
gulch, the width being from 1000 to
-���'"in f,-,-t. Ml 1,ther placer claims
shall be 25" feet square.
Claims  arc  marked  by  two  legal
posts, one al each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output  on  which   no   royalty    shall     lx-
"The Milwaukee"
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Ross-
land, Nelson and intermediate point-.
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at    Meyers    1
Btage daily for Republic,
Buffi;   service   on   train
New West. . 6.30; ar. Seat''.- \<>.'>'<-
Seattle  10;  ar.  New  West.  15.10.
l.v. New  West. 10.35 and 17.35.
Ar .New   West 8.35  and   16.40,
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 pjn.
N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar. Seattle 1" p.m.
Seattle 8.30 ,1.11,.; ar. N. w. ;; pun.
Seattle 4.:'" p.m.;  ar. N. W,   9.35
V.,   W.   &  Y.-VANi 101  V::R.
N. W. " p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
mil 4 p.m.
I. ... Ill .1
'The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to  Spokane  and  Nelson
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"       Effective    Sun,lay,
Kansas City to Chicago
11-    with
N.   VV.
Commissioners, and also to the Laws ; charged  the  rest  of  the  party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the.rate
of two and one-half per cent. ,,n the
value of the gold shipped from the
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of nmre than one mining claim on
each separate rivir, creek nr gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be '
abandoned and another obtained ,,11
the same creek, gulch or river, by-
giving notice and  paying a  fee.
Work must be done On a claim
each yeir to the value of at le.-nt $200.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
and Regulations respecting fires in
the different provinces wherein the
work   is  being  performed.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all  lenders.
By   order,
Commissioners of the
Transcontinental   Railway,
Ottawa,   sib   February,   1906.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee ci St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own Sleeping
and dining cars on all] their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere,
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lims in  Union  Depots.
'j 20 a 111.
[2.25 p.m.
O.40 a m.
Hay  Traill Arrive
... Spokane .. ..7-iJ p.m.
... Rossland   .. . .4.10 p.m.
.... Nelson    6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
II. s
134 Third St.
ROW.F, General Agent,
cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our specallly.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone liO.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except pean points
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Morse,
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
done must be obtained each year; if  maintaining a through winter service.: por {u\\ inf0rmtion call on or write
I not, the claim shall be deemed to be I
abandoned,  anad  open  to  occupation
1 and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
I defined absolutely by having a survey
For information apply to
J.   H.   ROGERS,  Traffic   Manager,
Mackintion  Itldg.,
li ta
Vancouver, B. C.
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Lv. Vancouver s.;ia a.m.,
O, N. R.���PORT QV
l.v.   N.   W.   <>/M  n.m.;
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon J.iu p.m.;      	
9.36 p.m.
Mondays  only.
l.v.   New   West.   6.60
and  hourly  until   11   p.i , .      th  half-
hourly between  12,30 and  6  " p.m.
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 I'-i"-
Sunday hourly S a.m. to II p.m.;
with half-hourly bet. noon and T p.m.
Lv. Vancouver same time throughout.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From  Chwk.  Tu.,  Th.,  Sat.,  7 a.m.
Prom N. w. Tu., Th., Sat R a,m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri-, ~ a���'
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., 2.16 I'-"1-
From Mt. Lehman, 7 a.m.
From  N.  W. dully, ex. Sun., 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 6 mm.
From Steveston, 7 11.111. (Fri. 0 uiu'
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
City of Nanaimp���
From N.  W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.     Received.
Seattle, via Sumaf 10,00p.m.   6.46p.-ni
Sap'n &  Millside...1(1.(10 p.m.    6.46p-P'
Vancouver lO.OOp.m.    9.00 B.1D,
Cloverdale, Ulnlne,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45 n.m.   8.80p.��.
Van.  &  Cent. Park...10.30 a.m.    2p.B>-
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a-W-
East Burnnbv.. .. 1.15 p.m.    1.16P-P'
Steveston,  etc.... 1.30p.m. 10.30a.m.
F.ast,  via  C.P.R... 3.00 p.m. 12.00 m
Sap.. Mill, Coq'm.. 3.00 p.m. 12.00 m
Van. & BusBaby.. 3.30p.m.
6.00 P-W. SATURDAY,    MARCH     10,    1906.
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. A A. M.
���The   regular   meeting   of   this
Is held on  the First   Wednesday In i
each  month, at  8 o'clock  p. m., in
the   Masonic   Temple.     Bojourning
brethren are cordiallj Invited to attend. I>' W. A. DeWolt Smith,
F. & a. M.���Regular communications of tin.-, lodge are held on the
second TuiiHday in each month In
Masonic. Tempi,', at B p. in. Visiting brethren are cordially invited
lo attend.    IJ. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
���Meets in Oram;,' hall first and
third Friday in each month at S p.
m.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited  to attend.    IO.  E.  Matthias,
W. M.; .1. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
I. 0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of Ibis lodge
are hold in Oddfellows' hail, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at s o'clock Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. 0.;   W. C, Coatham, Rec. Sec.
A. O   U.  W.��� FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
���.Meeting! :'..������ flrsl and third Tues
day in each month. Visiting'
bretl i in cor II - a\ Ited i attend,
Lodge room, \. 0, t . W, halt, Odd- ���
fellow ���' bio, It, Clarl T.ii Btreet, c.
S '''in lean, recottier. Louis Witt,
.   master workn an,
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Bed Robo Degree meet - Second and
Fourth Wedn sdaj of each month,
in K. of P Hall, Columbia St., al
s p ie , Wl Ite Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month,
time and place. Visiting Brethren
oordl illy Invited, E, B. Stlnch-
combe, Pies., li. Disney, Secretary
���M,���!''., the Fourth Friday In the
month al 8 o'clock, In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are i ordlally Invited to attend. .I. B. Rushton, C. It.. P. P.
Maxvi II   R, s.
A. o. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at X p. in. in the Oddfellows' Mall.
Visiting Brethren are cordials' invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.; '���
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at X o'clock p. in., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. S. ISrysor., S. ('.; N. H.
Brown, Rec. Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month *n
K. of 1>. Hall. .lohn McNIvcn,
Chief;   ,1.  .1.  Forrester,  Rec. Sec.
R. H K. oi 1.. meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p. in., in Orange hail, corner of
Royal avenue and .lohn street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Im
vit.ed lo attend. W. E. Dunlop. W.
P.;   E.  E.  Matthias, Reg.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Hoard of Trade meets in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.    A. E. White. Sec.
"It" naturally follows!!! What???
Satisfaction, of course, to every man
who smokes the
B. C. and Old Sport Cigars
Manufactured by the It. C. Cigar
Factory, New Westminster, It. C. All
Jlrst. class dealers handle these brands.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
\ Merchant Tailor j
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always In stock
Spring  stock  now  In.    Make your
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
W. IN; Draper
B. C. Land
Cllard Block.  Mew Westminster, B.C.
Do you need a set of Teeth
We Guarantee to
Fit You or Refund
Your Money	
We are making a special effort to
introduce our world-famous all-
porcelain plate. This plate is the
most natural in appearance of all
sets of teeth and is unbreakable.
If any of them break we make an
entire new one FREE OF CHARGE
Read   Our   Prices
Wky  Pay  More?
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
����::���: [K���*\*x.*>;*.>:*.'.<*v*'M
Lost TEETH Restored by
Artificial   Substitutes
Bridge work is the
Most durable of all
Dental work. Our
Bridge work is 22k
for 10 years
The Loss
of a single tooth impairs
digestion, alters the contour of the
face and forces the stomach to
over work. Examine your own
mouth and you will see whether
you need any teeth replaced. If
so, now is the time. Do not put it
off. We can restore your mouth
to a normal condition.
Our Gold and Porcelain
Crowns are the BEST
There can be no Better Come and Examine Samples
All our work guaranteed for
10years with a protective
Remember the Place Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
407 Hastings st, West, Vancouver
Only   IMnc  M.'t.i,.
A svv.e> of grewsotne Ini dents had
terrified un English neighborhood
Whal Bads tl dents peculiarl]
horrible wan their tragic mystery N.>
b<>dy . .nu explain them. Sheep and
lambs vrM.ii were in full health over
night, were found dead tn tbe mum
lug, their bodies uninjured, bul drain
ed uf every drop of blood QbouU and
vampires and all Imaginable horrora
were blamed, and tbe whole country.
side wa* up. The damage continued,
mill In a single night a farmer had
fourteen onl o( twenty-one lambs kin
ad, and the ume pen was chosen the
next night, and the remaining seven
lambs were destroyed. In the earlj
peep of day the slayers were discovered, ail hideous from their sanguinary
work. They were neither men nor
monsters, but S iwiple of jilne martens.
which, having routed a pair .>f msgplei
from llieir nest, had there made Iheir
home and thei  nightly  scoured the
country round about
I 11.1 1-JM    >,-,, I'l I II   ,   .
"No." laid a lecturer, "it doesn't do
to ��el   swelled  head  and   think you're
Indispensable to tbe  welfare of  thli
"I was in the lobby ot a big hotel In
Cincinnati when a bus load of traveling
talesmen came from the statl in l'.\
ory man of them .1- be signed the reg
Ister paused to shake bands ��. th ���'
hotel clerk, a fatherly old fellow who
bad been there many yean
������ 'Ah,' said one of them tn the clerk,
��� it a good thing you're still on dock,
Cnclc Dave, I don't think the bouse
could run without j OU '
" 'Couldn't It, ji��t" said Cni lo Dave,
'You fellows would come In here, and
If there was a strange clerk you'd .-ay.
"Where's Uncle Dave?"
"'And the clerk would say: "Why,
didn't you hear? He died n month
"'And then you'd say: "Well, I'll be
darned! That's too bad. Say. when'll
dinner be ready?	
Shorlalithtfd   Anlniala.
So far as naturalists have been able
to ascertain there u no auch thing as
Bhortsight among animals in a state
of nature. In the case, however. o(
domestic animals and wild ones in
confinement shortslght la by no means
unknown. Many people who have kept
dogs and eats will remember Instances
of pets Which were unable to distin
gulab friends from strangers nt a short
distance, Horses, too, frequently suffer from shortslght and other derange
nients of the vision, and this kind of
thing is sometimes met with In the ease
of cattle. 'Ihe diseases of the eye
whieh frequently affect wild animals ir,
captivity are to he chiefly attributed
to the narrow spare In whieh they are
confined.   The eyes are never exercised
upon distant object! and therefore lose
the powers whieh use of this kind calls
The Glowworm   lavprn.
The greatest wonder of Uie antipodes
la the celebrated glowworm cavern!
discovered :n IS'.ll in the heart of the
Tn.siuaniaii wilderness, The cavern or
caverns (there appears to be a series of
such caverns In the vicinity, each separate and distinct) are Situated near the
town  of  Soutiiport,  Tasmania,   in  a
limestone bluff, about four miles from
Ida bay. The appearance of the main
cavern la that of au underground river.
tbe entire tloor of the subterranean lias
sage lwing covered with water nbout a
foot and a half In depth. These wonderful Taamaninn eaves are similar to
all caverns found In limestone formation, with the exception that their roofs
ami Rtdea literally shine with the light
emitted by the millions of glowworms
which inhabit them.
odd  Tfclaci io Hr t���m  i��  m
London  F.laklUliaril.
If the reader can imagine the cure o|
every one of the j,i)00,006 to li.iNHOOC
persons living in London of some ail.
men or disease, he holds In tils mind'i
eye a true picture of the vast wort
done by Uuy's hospital since Its foundation. The south sea bubble, like uianj
another financial catastrophe, ruined
thousands of eltlr.cns, bnt it enabled
Thomas Huy, who sold his Investment!
!n tbe stock to Uie great advantage ot
other peoplo aa well as himself to
found the institution which bears bis
name and to reebire to health (down tt
the present tlmei over 8,000,000 humag
Among the many curiosities exhibited tn the famous uiiwoum at (luy's is I
large piece of cardboard beartug thi
remnant' of thtrty-flTo pocketknlvea,
which were swallowed by an American
sailor. Ills name wag Jnhn Otiinmlnga,
and he wus admitted to the hospital It
1822. A small hook, containing ��.!����
the manuscript of the printed copy,
narrates the pirtlculnrs of this remark,
able case, and It may he perused li}
the privileged visitor to tiuy's.
It appears that CnmmlngS during a
spree ashore challenged tie feats of B
conjuror who had made a pretense ol
swallowing knives Encouraged by hi."
drunken comrade.- the sailor actually
���wallowed an opened ]������������ ketknlfe, t<
th.' amazement of the conjuror, Pei i
Ing no Immediate pain, bepul flreothei
knives out "i sight in the same way
In two years' Iii:.' lie had. In the conrst
of his drunken bouts, shown -uthcleiii
bravado to enlarge his internal ar
mory by twenty nine additional knives
When, after his foolishness had brought
him io the hospital and subsequent!)
to bis grave, a postmortem cxaiuin.it n
was made the thirty-flvo knives were
removed from his Btoinacb by tin- ama*
ed surgeons.
These Interesting relies are exhibited
aumug others in the Burglcal classroom
whither the student- return from Ihe
dissecting room to correct their Imprea
Rions. close by is another Interesting
object, n glass case containing a number of what appear tn he Illuminated
parchments.   The grewsome nature nt
these exhibits grows upon the visitor
when he learns thai they are simply
patches of tattooed human skin preserved In spirits. The Inscription upon
each enables one to trace the oecupa.
tlon and character of the unfortunate
pal lent from whom It was taken. One
was a colored .sailor, a unlive of Afrl
ca. On some twelve square laches nf his
���skin Is workisl au artistic representation of the most brilliant plumagsd
bird! known In the tropica.
Guy's anatomical wax models are
said to lie the finest In the world. Ona
of these Is extremely valuable, the hospital authorities having refused dia
sum of ��5,000 offered for It by a foreign medical celebrity. It la an absolutely perfect model of the upper ex.
tremity of the body, allowing every
muscle, gland, vein, nerve and artery.
It took Joseph Towne, a clever demonstrator at 007*8, fully two years tn
make II. hut with htm In 1S79 also died
the secret of the process by which the
wonderful construction of the human
body was reproduced In wax with such
marvelous fidelity.���London Standard.
None  Drinking  In  Norway,
The Norwegian papers tell of a
speedy and efficacious method of becoming Intoxicated prevailing In the
slums of Chrlstlanla. The < Irebladet describes how It Is done. 'Ilie drunkard
fills the palm of his hand with "aqne-
Tit" (strong corn brandy) nnd sniffs It
through his nose A few applications
do the work, while the same quantity
of liquor taken Into the stomach would
hurdly b�� felt. "Nose drinking" baa
become a real vice with sonic individuals. The effect of It is terrible. I>e-
cause the whole nervous system la
paralyzed In a moment, and the drunkard remains almost unconscious for
several minutes. Afterward B sleepy
fatigue Is felt, ns after smoking opium.
The l.nntl  nf Pa.ndaa.
Burma is tha land of pagodas,   From
I the summit of every mountain, of ~-
I cry hill or hillock, from above the cliffs
anil rocks and from among the woods
of the Islands of the broad Irawadl rise
the graceful forma and glided pinnacles
of iiiiiuherlass pagodas.  Often they ar*
j crowned by a golden htee or umbrella.
I Pagodas are rarely temples In Iho true
I sense.  They are usually solid, tapering
buildings placed over real or Imitation
relics.   Cloae by, among groves of palms
! nnd bananas, nre generally to be seen
l the carved nnd seven storied roofs of
the klounga, or Buddhist; monasteries,
(iay and light hearted as are tho Bur-
mans, they realize another nnd future
existence  as   vividly  aa  they  do the
present life, and the teachings of tho
great Buddha are ever present to their
minds and Influence thorn profoundly.
Nnt  nn  Arrent.  but   n  Iti-nrui*.
"You were arrested for striking your
"No. Judge," answered the unworthy
Specimen of manhood who was ou
trial; "I had made a pass ai her, and
she was Jnst rrachln' for the stove lid
when the officers came and took me in
Charge. Hat wasn't an arrest. That
was a rescue."- Washington Star.
Tile plant from which the well known
perfume patchoidl Is Obtained Is a ua-
tlve of India and of China. It is also
grown in Ceylon, Paraguay and the
French island of Reunion,   it first be-
ciime generally known In Europe abort
1850. At that time India shawls commanded Immense prices, and dealers
were accustomed to Identify Iho gon
ulne articles hy their odor, as they
were perfumed with patchouli. Kronen
manufacturers, acting upon this hint,
imported the patchouli plant for the
purpose of perfuming llieir Imitation
India shawls. Afterward perfumers
took up the cultivation of the plant on
their own account.
Mlilfarlnrllj    Il.-lli.ril.
Willie���Pa, what Is the meaning of
tile expression "touch nnd go?" Papa
���It's very simple, my son. It means
extreme speed and refers to the professional borrowers, who make a touch
and go so fast you aeldom see them
Mm With  llrarta.
"I don't believe bachelors have any
hearts," she aald.
"Why, we're Just the men who do
have them," he replied
"Why Is that?" she asked.
"Beeniiao we haven't lost them."
For all the Latest Sporting
HHIrr From Flnnul.
"Don't you ever get  tired  nf doing
nothing?" askisl one.
"Oh, yes," replied the other languidly.
"Well, what do you do then?"
"Take a rest."
Industry keeps the body healthy, the
mind clear, the heart whole and tht
pnrse full.--Simmons.
Pride of Ancestry.
"I'm proud of the fact that my
grandfather used to split rails," declared Swellsome Donotblng.
"So!" said his friend.
"Yes, indeed. If he hadn't I'd probably htvre been splitting wnod myself
Instead of blowing In hl< money."���
Detroit Free Press.
The arrows of sarcasm nre barbed
With contempt. It la tbe sneer In the
������tire or rkllcnle that galls nnd wounds.
-V7. Gladden.
The  Mnrnlnir  Star.
The morning star, an Iron ball studded with spikes and fastened by meana
of a chain to n short handle, was much
used In mediaeval time* as a military
weapon. It was exceedingly formidable, for when thrown It could not easily be avoided or dodged, the clinln per-
uallllng It. lo curve around the arm or
over the shield. It was confessedly
modeled after a common cactus which
grows In every part of Italy.
An  I'nuannl  li-vent.
"Tea, 1 sent my uncle a telegram on
Wednesday to sny 1 was coming. I
Wonder If he received It."
"I reckon he didn't, cos I seen him
this mornln', an' he didn't brag about
no telegram."���Brooklyn Life.
Injuries we do and thoeo we suffer
are seldom weighed In the same balance-Simmons.
How tu Tell Them Aiwurt.
Mr, Knovali (laughing)���Can yon tail
me, Hiss De Wltte, what is the dltter-
ence between a wise man sad a foett
Miss De Wltte-A wine mast knows be
Is S feel and la miserable; the fool
thinks he Is wise end Is happy.
Uamjajenintsi tsomu
Small Brother-Marie, doss your i
T   Marie���No; of
it made;
thlM "Bmall Wtatr
keltflte "My deer, dear Marier-I V|
SAT'  MAY.   wi = ;.
/���-'su im
> . .V, l
1 ���
;��� M
B i
��� Sporting News:
J       and Commeirt.        t
I   -
-   v -
��� *
- v
W��>s��:   End   Grocery
��� ��4-o��ts e see sees eeeeeee	
���Special Inducements
C*iirtir'% + t,
M <r.
-��� * > \�� !, * V
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
-... --���'.���.-, ��� i
rlxt. mar**   ' I.--..' r.* '
.    ���
���  v .
imv.a  -fr.-wkr
r bm -* n. m      m
JVv.e: AgMl-i    M
�� ���    ���
-   . '���
i-    -   -: i    '-���.���-
��� :
.    ���.   ���.
��� '
-.-    '-    -
. .       - -     '     -       -   ' ���.
���     , ���       i   ��� ���
h   the*
-..    ��� I -   Tarn.
The Canadian General
Electric Co., Ltd.
���".*'. '-*' teat
i Ekctric Apparatus for all Purposes |
Dynamos,  Motor*,
Steam Turbines,  Meters,
Umpi,  Wires,  Etc.
', -r.f- Cttsmta  r'-.'.-. ;-,'-....-
CaaaMS       >.-.���':
>.i-.a    Re* ���������-"��� Verne*
'<���..-.-. s*
527-529  Granville St., Vancouver,
Aiv/  Victoria,  Rosvfausd arid  C-alj<��ry.
-_,--.- -   i    - .      ��� . .
- .   \i - ' '    "' ; SBBSaT S
tv-: 1
.    .. ���. ....--.      ...   ..      I -    -   - ���
...        n ���   .-. ��� ���-.-. he
���     ; - V-. -
.    . ��� -.     i ���'-   - . ���     tad   I-... a is *      i    ubssj
.������:: I
������-.-��� I ' '   ' - ���'   :
���   "        ������      - '
... '     ".J    ���
... - -    _        - '      i -
-        . '��� ���    -       " T  I
T ��� ' - v " '���
��� -   T
��� ������.:- on   r*n - ��� i  Beats
��� -        - ���  rj
- - .    ��� ��� ' ���      .       " ' "
. '     -. I    .-.,.-    '.- '    .   .---.    '--
Polish Voir Furn
x ..    .   v IX    h
a .      r.
. r .. w+*\ ac
Prepared Wax
���iT A..
Ih -   mI ��� i��sss**
-i* at*r*t; <~ lx -J
��-.rx. ->-    JstsMMB ��
*,r w.    *lf'"et i*��n.
Anderson &   Lusby
. - ,i
New Westminster
-:.-_-.-    Priced     :: ���: i -:
I   ���
= I   CaSaarastca ���'���'���' TtJ��� ���
: - SS :���:
Ladies   \ . ��� .
��� ���   -
S_ H
.i: -i    Besta    CeOars   sasj Tteev���    -
--.'���:. 3 -T-
v v -:        '     .
See-   R sec-��
u     ���:! i    Tt. -    i". -    '..
Price   ;�����-  7L.-I   25<i
'   -
Your Spring Suit!
. - -
���   -
- - .
Office Supply
BOtS Dd'i'i
\   Remington  Typewriter
".   pes .-. < ��� ;
'���'.''"���        ;'
".   ..��� > rittng
Adding '���'������' Mnei    ;; n ro ���*.:��� ���
'>"..' e D< ���--1 sod f ��� mil ire
<>'.���..><��� Uiationei
B llotl   UMi      ng M rihlnea
ta wt
-     . ��� ���
���     , -. .    -
���    .        -   i ���       ���
- .
���     ��� .
. -
' ' .       ���
������ tea es
���  ���     "
������ ��� T Ul   |       -'
���   -. ���
I r:-.
Take Pleasure
In Wearing
It's the qnaltty, etyli -    ���
: : -   . ������ ' ��� "  ��� -       --
this    ���
We want   ron to see the at
we  are  giving  the   Dal]    New*  ".;- ad. toda>   I       he ea
t.-  ���   ��� ' ��� . in for a c.
at  the  handsome  new Suits, and to learn  ho��   ������:   '...:.'
they  art- prli ���
A look and a try nn   take  bnt   a  I
vou to nothing,  whi!-- showing yon will be mn
H. L.
Columbia Street
The Cash
:; 625 Hastings Street
��� -
'. ���. .       ..:���.
-    ensee
two,     . loterests  s/l
--,-   eermii   ne   to  derots   s*
he tame hi "t '...���������. a    I
. .-.- ���
<���.-::   >..-.  the  *:^r-
ers ot the red sad M ���
- -.- ��� .-- nee
f>r.   ''    �� ;^a.v
. ....        .:>.;..
I   i   '���'���' ���   D   I
-  i i ���   fa .
-. tai :-<.>.���-.
.   .'
H. (lor lot.    secro
r.:    Dr.    R.   K
bo ir. '  .'���!;--
It wai  paggi t the municipal
-. - - based upon  a
' ��� ��� ng ������' ; of the
Dr. J. A.  Kergaii  atdd  that  be   ��� �� that  a  concert  should
:.���.:   .:.    ha betwessn
I oat and fare Teany a' March  17 .. t   -r.at  the
:,      .',:.  0< s't,r.i.:..:.-:  at   mem  ���   ���- ���       '   tin      ���:-���-��� t
���    - : two '.��� three of the "     '     '      ''^m ���� takei e 25
���-   ���
���   .;.-   ��� ore season
Vancouver, B. C
see ������eeeeee������e������e��e-e-e-e-e-����-��
D      - he   gar*   h:r.-,   v.r.-.��-       Th;-.'   'ri':   ;:.--/-k:.;'
i o -���       rchnfate attei his poise r>afi r,f nsach :'
whii-.h   Vancoorer  .    'r-;   to  12    He rallied   .-. in- the foilowinc list ot those  eho
:     :  this y^r  I think   "'-   ' '   '���' '���'"  '       "':"-   0w  "*���"������:���'      ������'���-
onethiiu; doing to  ':"v'r %;''  '';" ":   ' ':' '���'������ R.   ''���'    ;--'':-    **".   H.   R.   Iia-  :
.,.     ;,,-;;.;.���        _^      \      glfO     ''        '   ' ^    '''    "'' '        ''      ':'''    ''      "''^    '"' M ^��      ''       F-       ''���'������ '' M      M       K:"
I   ���������    -    moke of r,a"i* i"r>' l" rr'" tralnteg -: ,;irt��-r=i, and rhai Mrs.   C.   N.   McDonalA   Un    -'
- . .
���h<: finish"
'��.'���'����.��� ���������'�����> '���.'���.������>.'���.���.'���:���.'���.��. ���.'���.���.���."���.'���.'��� ���'���/��� ��.'���,'���.���"��"��� ���>.'����;���.'���'��� ������������������:
I'A'crythirig Fresh and
Give Us a Trial.
The People's Grocer
Columbia Street.
New Westminster.
a> a. ��� ��� .�����.:���.>.�� '���>:��.'ox��XKt,'��.:w��/��,
���. ���. ���. ���. ���. ���..���.���>.:��.��������;a,:a.:a����>.
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
icre blocks   in   city and suburban
One acre, five acre and ten
rii Irli ���
i .win  inndt '���! an Kinds ;��� nd
i,.iir ��� of tbe cii
wte a   hi ro e i?oin�� elsewhere,
than ;iriv otben Ileal Bitate i>'-n let
|||  crlptlonM     located   wiililn   .Ml
we can sell ;i�� low If not lower
Hi'iid  for  Mr
.! nousei
Pat    feeney, who
���ii, -*ii)
',:.  the oral,    strong)
���  has h
B      'lirf'.rd ha int ed th'.- de-
o retire I ova at In
e rfcral ol tht  bo     sa i that
he will      ��� ��� ben be attempt
o > '\\>: iirxt match wltnonl at
Ing part, nnd that the we
ond game will Una the speedy boy ir.
the midst of all the v,or<-. and glory.
v.' 8 Barlow" Qalbraltb, (���wa%i:
Rennle Bandy" Gray, C, D, Peele, and
and otbei ;/iiin"<:i In tbe game will
undoubtedly i<<: on hand, although
tome of tbe snore mentioned have le
dared theii Intention <if retiring, bul II
','��� aald thai when they see the young
[v.u-rH chasing the ��-ihh1 v��r ball, tha'
the) ���*iii ti" unable to resist tbe temp
tntlon to   get In the game."
n I
,J      Becretai     it.nil,  when  n<"-n  as to
S   lacrosst  pro pacts tor the coming sea��
p    on,    la "'i  that    before    'h<-    boyi
ij   thought of tbe game it  would be ab
tj   solub      i.i at    .,     to get the grounds
Bl Queen's   park In    some   kind or
���hape,     'linn- are some spots In tha
park, particularly   around  the   goals,
which are quite bare," said Mr. it all
'and   which   heretofore   have   been
seeded  every year some time hofon-
his death   >���      caused Beatty,    .'���!���'       Tbomboro,    Jars,     D.
ed   by  exertion  and Starretl     '      G              Bev. .'>. Shil-
���l,(. direct result oi lhe com      on rick, Mr. a. .1. VcLeod, Hiss Clark-
" M       P   :.   :                   'Ir.    A.
ANTI-TUBERCULOSIS. '���                                   :        R.    I.
  linrd';, Mr>. K.  !!   Ban
Society M*?ts. Electt Officers and De- :/-.  aad   Mra   DeWolf    Hiiiirh,    Mlse
1S'i   Columbia   8treet,
* I the season opened In ordei to glrethe
Advertise in The News
cides  on  Plans.
The '.���'���'������r. ��� ��� nstei branch of
the British Columbia Ami Tuberculosis societ held Its first meeing of
this yeai  tn <l<- hoard of trad*; roornH,
City  Hall   resterday.
The president, Mrs. W. J. Brymner,
���*;m in the Chair, and In a few well'
chosen words opened the proceedings, when iir. Pagan, ihn provincial
health officer, addressed the meeting.
In th': (roiird'i of hli address th<-
dor-tor mentioned thai lhe sanitarium
wan to be free for all; that ih<: gov-
ernmenl bad idven tiflOO towards the
expense, and as It had to be maintained by voluntar) contributions be pro-
posed to call on the municipal councils for assistance, and had also had
published a circular to tbe pastors
of ih<- different deneminatlous re-
ing them to nut aside one Sunday for tbe collection, on the same
principle as Hospital Sunday, He
mentioned the faci thai though thi
society  bad   been  in  existence  over
six months this was Its first meeting.
Mr.  u. s. fiiriis    Hum   suggested
that an addition "> th" "xwitiv"
would probably add to their worklnK
ability  and   Mrs.   .1.   I,"amy   was  id"<:t-
ed   vie"  president,   Mrs.   h.  Oordon
.'!rd  vlri"  president, and  the name Dr.
II. E. Walker was also added.
The   executive   now   siands   as   foi-
President,   Mrs.  W.  J.   Brym-
Btevenson, Mr* A. Taylor, Mr-. K
Maxwell, Mr. D 8 Curtis, '"��� ,;
Drew and  Dr,  Bl
it *"*-; ai^o decided 'hat four meeting! should be held evei year and
that a nan! collectoi shoQld t>e aii-
pointed to i il criptions.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Youth    Mortally    Wounds   Cruel
band  of  Mother.
Han Francisco, March 10.���Alexan-
ih, Raconlellet, aged IT years, last
nlglt shot and mortally wounded his
���tep-tgtbsr, Kail E. Waterman. Bome
months ago tbe boy's mother secured
a divorce from Waterman on the
ground of cruelty, Last nighl Waterman visited h��-r bome, and II U said
maltreated her.
The woman ran tn a neighbors, secured a revolver and returned to 'h<-
house. Th" boy took the pistol from
h"r and he claims that Watejpnan ap>
preached him menacingly with a
knife. The young man fired three
shots, one of which entered Waterman's abdomen, making a wound
which the surgeons say win cause
death. The boy Is under arres'.
Advertise in the News
I Electric Railway Service I
mill! grass a chance to grow.    Ho
far  nothing  In  this  respOCt  has been
accomplished, although others besides
myself have brought this to the attention  of the  park committee.
"As to the Karne Itself, It seems to |���Ws:
me that th<; schedule this coming sea- ner-   vlce-nresidenl    Mrs   A    I    Hill    .   .
��,n  ��,m  i���        ii .u vice-pre-Biumi,  .nrs.  n.  i.   nut,   forty m\n0Tn  an(]  ���ne engineer  were
f,on  will   be a slim one,  as  there  I* 2nd vice-president, Mm. I. Leumy; 3rd1 killed
Forty  MinertfKilled.
Vienna,   March   9.���By  the  collapse
of the gallery  staging In  Earl's mine
a' Ratbl, DlBtrlct of Tarvlai, yesterday,
Inter-urBan   Line.
Cars   for   Vancouver and   way
stations at b.ol) and b.ou a.m..
and every hour thereafter be-
tween H a.m. anil n p.m.
Half hour cars rrom  ism. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver ror west-
minster at same nourB.
Last car Saturday ar ii pan.
City Limits Line���Service Irom
8.30 a.m. to VIM p.m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30   Minute   Service    durlns  remainder nt day.     1 ranst. r
Leopold i'lace.
Sunday Service hourly Between
8 a.m. and   IU p.m.
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���l.i .Minute Service, except between 12 nnd
2, nnd b and I. during which
hours the service win be
Sunday Service halt Dourly between S a.m. and iu pm-
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.


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