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The Daily News Mar 27, 1906

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 "���''.,' ���''�����   ,.
 ---���������-�����:   -���--.--���-.-
Logfsiai i klbitm* -. a,   ��>    -
  --   ���   v^ll e ^
Active Preparat
eing Made for Civil War in Russia
Blaze on the Waterfront in the City   of   Newport,   R. I.,
Causes Over a Million Dollars Worth of
Damage to Ships and Other
Newport, il l, March 27. The Pall
River Lines' big Blde-wheeler I'ly
in.mill, was burned to the water's edge,
the freight steamer City of Lowell was
damaged ii long pier, Bhed, hoisting
, .ns. paint shop and old railroad
��� ition were destroyed by a fire which
��� i ,1   i. arlj 'three  hours  i ai Ij
lodaj anil w bP'li in one tl  thi ea en
to wipe out  the entire    repairing
��� of the owners of the line ol the
Sew   York,   Newhaveu   and   Hartford
Railroad company.
The loss is estimated al more than
million dollars.
No lives were lost
The Bteamer Plymouth   was valued
nearly a million dollars and  was
tlcdlly n  total  loss.
The i.iss ..ii the wharf is estimated
ui |25,000, and ou the shears (10,000,
while damage to tbe City ol Lowef>
win reach nearly 110,000.
The painl shop and the old railroad
station were of slight  value,
Five  Thousand  Texans  Gather   Under
Canvass to   See  Camille.
Hull.11, Texas, March 27.���For the
first time in her long career Mme.
Sarah Bernhardt last night played in
a circus tent The piny wus Camille.
The audience numbered 6,000 persons
from all parts ol the Bouthwest. The
performance wns carried out smoothlj
and wn received with Intense enthusiasm.
| .^k..
^ Iii 11
; > ��. ������
_Wi_ZJfi ''"""���"'It
��� ~. -f"TI
. A- ' -     i
Ztrasei   ffivri 9anntry jitj .
Submits Report of Commission to Congress and Earnestly
Recommends That Suggestions Be Carried Out
Without   Waiting   for   International Agreement.
View of Buildings From New Westminster Side of thc River.
,;er   Razor     on   Himself     and     Dies   Beji-d of Licence Commissioners Have
While Doctors Try to Save Drastic  Action  in  Serious
Him. ��� Contemplation.
Washington, D. C, March 27.���In
' submitting to congress the' reporl of
the members of the International
Waterways commission regarding the
preservation of Niagara Fulls. Presl
ii.ni Roosevelt today sent a recommendation that a law be enacted along
the lines of the recommendations of
��� the report, which wns published last
The message says: "I earnestly recommend Unn congress enacl ' Into
law the suggestions of the American
members of the International Waterway commission for the preservation
of Niagara Kails without waiting for
the negotiation of a treaty.
The' law can be in such a form that
ii will lapse, say in three years, pro-
vieleel that during that time no inter
national agri ement has been reached.
But in any event I hope that this nation will make II evident that It Is
doing .ill In itt ; owi i to preserve the
great Bcenii v onder, the existence of
which, unharmed, Bhould i e a matter
of pride to everj dwi lb i on the continent.
Part of Town Is Destroyed am) Horses
Are Burned to Death.
Bradford, Pa., March 27. lbe explosion of a gasoline eaglne last night
caused a fire which destroyed a large
part of the town of Kalous near here.
The blaze Btarted in the livery sin-
i.le ol Wlckham ^ Johnson ai J burned to death 32 horses in Iheit  stalls.
Slips   Off     Plank     on     Cold     Storage    Believes  That  a  Satisfactory  Solution
Wharf    and    Hurts Can Be Arrived at in
Himself. Time.
. i   v..ik, March 27.   Dr, H. Poyle
a leading nose and throal spe
lisi  in this ciiy, wns found yester
dying In his apartments in    ihe.
., tel Seville. He died while' the phy-
.���ti -  we're woi king on .   bird  with
regaining consciousness .The cause
��� di ,.ili  was a deep  wound    ln  the
��� ii   under the' right  ear and was
.  .uh   by a razor wtni'ii was miind on
floor near the body.
Coronei   Dooley  who Bpenl   the en
daj  Investigating the death said
njghl thai be was not prepared to
'    whether   Dr..Butts  commuted
iii i,P  e.r whether bis death was due
��� .ui accident, lie is inclined  to ali
bi   the theory of murder.
Twenty Dollar Bond of the Year 1780
��� Is Now Worth $12,086.
Clinton   Muss., March 27. -Herbert
i' Morgai has learned from ih�� i'. s
'   ismy .department    at    Washington
bis J'jo government bond of the
1780 will  probably  he honored
the  United  Btates and ounipoimd
I   ptld  for  126  years.  Mr.  Mor-
"uM then get about $i_,UMi. The
'���I bore   ui iis face no stale, time
��� di iiip'ii.n,
The board of licence commissioners
will meet in the council chamber tomorrow night ". consider applications,
.mei also to take some action In thi
case of the hotels, the proprietors ol
whieh weri recently convicted ol .....
icg liipior to minors. The hotels referred to are the Depol and Windsor.
Considerable uneasiness is fell on
He' pearl of the proprietors .if the re
sorts, ns ii is fill linn some decisive
notion will undoubtedly be taken by
iln   board.
The old Telegraph lintel on Front
street is to be replaced by a handsome
new Structure whieh it is said will be'
complete and modern In every particular, and although the present
licence is in force, an application
.will be made to the board for a transfer ai the nexl quarterly meeting, to
be held In June, as it is though! ihat
the new liuililing will be completed
lr, iLluit  date.
The board will !��' represented by
Commissioners Smith and Thornburg
representing the ciiy. and Messrs.
Joggers, and Wimbles, representing
the Provincial boasfd. His Worship'
Mayor Keary will act as chairman of
the board,
Machine Guns and Other Equipment of War Are Put
Into Readiness, and Bloodier and More Terrible Times
Than Ever Are Expected���Reactionaries Force the
Dreadful Issue.
Jury Shows Sympathy
For Sleepy Operator
St. Petersburg, Mai-el- 27.���Despite
the government's assurance that another extensive outbreak in the near
fin nr, ta Impossible the ci.ni.is are
1..wiring and there are other Indications that a big storm may break mil
ere the parliament meets.
Tie resentment againsl the terrible
repressive measures of the governmenl
Is arousing lb*' people, especially the
workmen, In the cities to fury.
���This is playing into the hands of
iln revolutionists who are planning
u political strike and a general uprising, They believe that the right moment will come in mid-April and both
wiles are preparing for the fray, if it
Homes it is likely to be bloodier and
more terrible than anything previously  witnessed in ibis country.
Wholesale   Arrests.
[The record of arresta lust week in
St. Petersburg beside showing an aw-
lui state of'lawlessness in the capital
le eloquenl testlmonj of the methods
bj which ihe governmenl hopes to
pi event   thi   threatened  explosion.
According to the returns, n."i!i beg-
glll'8,    I I.i   p'lisons   wlthoul    passports,
:'i 7 thieves, 27 highwaymen, and 1,067
unclassified persons, which means
political suspects, were taken Into cus
War   Office   Busy.
Ai no time during the war was the
war office busier than mm. making
dispositions to suppress the first evl-
dences of rebellion.
Machine guns and ammunition are
being despatched in every direction,
troops are being shifted und concentrated lit strategic points, armoured
trains are being stationed al the railroad centres and ironclad automobiles
are being sent to the larger cities for
use in street riots.
Day and Night Patrol.
Here and in Moscow 111<��� Cossacks
ii��-d other cavalry ure again patrolling
ihe streets night and day, a project
tor a wireless telegraph system to
enable the government to communicate with tlie Interior in the event of
a strike of the railroad ami telegraph
operators is being hastily worked oul
and soldiers are being Instructed how
m man trains and work ihe telegraph
Festering   an   Outbreak.
The Intrigues of the reactionists at
court are ceaseless, In tact the Cabal
seems actually to be festering an outbreak in order to suppress il mercilessly and convince His Majesty that
the people cannot be trusted with
political liberty.
The elections are in full blast and
contributing to the political excitement. Out of 42 municipal elections
in the cities and towns which have
bo separate representation in parliament, the constitutional Democrats
who are now sometimes designated
the "Party of lhe Peoples' Liberty"
elected ihirty representatives which
proves the advanced state of the political development of the cities. Ii is
by no means clear, however, that they
can overcome the constructive delegates of the peasants and the landowners  In  the  provincial  congresses.
Elections Tomorrow.
Municipal elections ill the towns of
this province except St Petersburg
will occur tomorrow. Tbe government
regards the Baltic provinces iis being
sufficiently   pacified  to  fix  eluii's  tor
the provincial  congress which will  be
beld in Eathonla April nisi, and in
Courtland  anil   Livonia  April  27th.
Hans Qoransen of this city had a Constantinople, March 27.���The
very narrow escape this morning at Tabah frontier Incident is engaging
lhe wharf of the St. Mungo Cold Stor-  the earnest  attention of the Turkish
age company's building. He wits walk-   government  and  the opinion   t fails
ing across lhe slip on a plank and slip-   Ihat a sntisfii. t..i> solution wlil be ar-
peel.   He   fell   some  eight   feet,   struck   r'.v, .! i;t  in ll few days,
llis side on the    lower edge    of the      Great Britain de ids    the    with-
wharf and bounded Into the river. No drawal of the Turkish troops Irom Ta-
one was handy when he fell and the  bah on  the  Egyptian trontlei  of tho
tide  was  low.   ne  managed  however. Senal Peninsula which Bhe cl: ms to
to grab the platform, of the slip and   lH, Egyptian territory,
drag  himself  out of  the  water.    He;     Tllrkeyi  on   the othei   hand,  holds
feared at firsi  that his hip on which
that   Tabah   is   nail   of  ihe  Ottoman
he fell was broken and hobbled up to
the eloctor's office to have it examin-   empire.
ed.  The doctor  found  that  no bones. ��
had been broken, but that the muscles GETS TWENTY YEARS.
of his side had been badly sprained. J 	
It will be a long time before Mr. Gor- , sentence Passed on Negro tor Abduct-
ansen is quite well again. j wh|te Women.
New   York,   March   27- Robert   H.
Spriggs, the negro recently convicted
Standard   Oil   Investigation  Concludes | of abduction  in    detaining  white wo-
In  New  York. I nien   against   their  will     In   a   resort
New   York.   March   27.���The  taking  frequented   only   by   negroes   was   today sentenced to serve twenty fears
testimony In this city in the ouster
proceedings of tlie' state of Missouri
against the Standard Oil company was
completed  this afternoon.
Attorney General lludley requested
Commissioner Manborn to semi a
signed copy of the testimony to the
Missouri  supreme court.
In the state prison. Sally Bennett,
who asslsteo Bprlggs In conducting
the resort and who i leaded guilty to
abduction after Spriggs had heen convicted was sentenced to ten years in
the state' prison.
Operators and Miners
Conclude to Disagree
Canyon   fiij.    Colo.,   March   13.���.A
Ulier'B jury  (Which   bus   been   uiwh-
1 ating the Denver .v.- Rio Grande
��� " I ,n Adobe, on March mb. re
turned i verdld us follows: "Tust
'" collision will due to the cureless
!��  and   negllgemoe  Of  S.   P.   Lively,
'"���'���'lu.'.ii Swallews.
'''in said negligence waa not wO-
1,11 or niajjcious,
"Tbal said Lively was asleep when
'  :: Pusseel his BtMtlon and failed to
" " Port when  asked   by  the chief
!| otcher.
������Thai night operator Vanduaen
shouiei in againsl i.lvi ly or tha rail
.-(That i"1 criminal prosecution
shouell He againsl Livellj en- the rail
loud by reason of said collision,
mint   a  a.'iangi'  of  signal   methods
shoibei  b lopii'ii i" reuulre trains
to remain al  message stations until
slop signals are changed uiul the engineer has aso rlnineil from 'the agent
thai there are tm orders for Mm. That
a block system should be installed or
thai ib' Denver & Rio Qrande sys
ti-ui double tracft its roadway:"
Railway Men Indicted
For Granting Rebates
Rioters and Soldiers
Clash at Bucharest
-Serious    Btreel
V|enna, March 27
'   ''   occurred  m   Bucharest,  Rou-
"""'i'1 ,ilKI alght ami culminated In n
'""""'  between the rioters and the
��P8 during which    two  mon  were
8 trouble arose over a. d instra- troous   were   summoned   and   fired
The Ladles' Charity Boclety which
in under iho patronage of the Princess
Marie wife eif Prince Ferdinand, the
heir presumptive to ibe throne of
Roiiiuiinia, advertised the production
Of a play lu French anil Itiotisnnils of
snd over three hundred   wen' Nationalists gathered aboul the theater and became so llni'iili'iilng    that
"  "outile arose over a damonstra.
����in a performance al the NHtionuil   ovei
'"' use ofvthe French lang.I dispersed
twice  before  the  demonstrators  we're
ii hundred persona were nr-
PniUeiii'iphlii. Pa,, March 23.���The
first rebate i'iis>' to come to trial lu
ibis country tn which the defendants
are charged with giving and accepting rebates iu violation of the EUklns
| law began today in the United Slates
court here before Judge' ] loi
Accused Are Numerous.
The Indictments are those against
the' Great Northern Railway companj
whicb company is dunged with offering rebates to u, i>. Wood & Co* ol
this city; c. K. Campbell, its looal
agent; L. vv. Luke. New York agent
ror the Mutual Transit company;!
Walter Stuart, George and Richard
Wood, members of the firm of it. n. I
Wooil  & CO., and Paul  K. Diver, local I
ageuii for the Mutual Transit Co., who!
is charged with offering n rebate to]
the National Essence and Coffee company. f i
Winnipeg Interested.
Tho rebate In the Wood ense, ll Is
charged, was given on n shipment of]
1,;IU0 tons of iron pipe from Florence,
Ni .1. and Camden, N. J,, to Winnipeg
in Ocuihui;, 1904,   and   iwu  hundred
I tons from  Bmaus,  Pa., to the some
point.   The   published   rule  wus   -IIIV_
! cents per one hundred  pounds bul   ii
is charged that  the firm obtained ,a
rate of ii'-j..
Woo* A  Co.  Get   Rebate.
The   1,809   tons   were'   shipped   over
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to
Fiiiii.iinii,. Ohio, thence by the .Mutual
Transll company aoross (he Great
{Lakes to Duluth and thence by the
Ureal  Northern to Winnipeg,
The L'oil Ions friini BJmaUS were sent
iii Buffalo over the Reading railroad
nnd Shipped on the vessel of the Mutual Transll company to Duluth. The
full freight rale was paid hut It. Is
charged that Wood & Co. afterwards
received  u  rebate of $1,2:10.
The National Essence & Coffee coin-i
puny It Ih alleged received rebates on!
two shipments of essenoe froifl this city
to   Winnipeg.   The   first   consignment
was shipped over the Reading road to
Buffalo thence by Ihe Mutitul Transit
company Hue to Duluth via the Great
Northern to Winnipeg.       %
Matter of   Eighty   Dollars.
The' second shipment was consigned to .Minneapolis, it was shipped over
the same' route to Duluth but from the.
latter point ll was sent to Minneapolis
over the Northern Pacific The rebate
received by the company wus given,
li is said, in the form of a reduction
for charge trom the company's warehouse In  ibis ciiy    iii the Reading
freight   Hliiiiiin  and  amounting In  the
aggregate to less than $so.
One  Indictment Quashed.
The Wood ease was the first to be
taken up and on motion of District
Attorney  Thompson    ihe  Indictment
iignliiHl   George   Wood    wus   quushed. '
Before the election of a Jury wns be- j
gun a number of motions In the case's
wore heard  by the court.
Indianapolis, Ind., March 27.���The
jeiini scale committee of the bituminous coal operators and miners, of the
Central Competitive district after being in session one week unanimously
decided today to report a disagreement to a session of a joint conference of miners and operators to be
held  at   2 o'clock.
The committee was In session but
ii short time today. A short time was
spent in general talk that wns not
relative to  the  question  nt  Issue.
Presldenl Mitchell declined te make
a statemenl bo advonci ol the open
session of the Joint conference this afternoon. He said it would be deter-
mined by the action di the conference
when he would go east to take, up con-
ilderation of the anthracite situations
The miners' national convention
will be held Immediately following
thc adjournment of tbe joint confer-
enoe, Should this convention be hold
tomorrow Mr. Mitchell could not ar-
range for a conference for Friday or
Committee Repairs
Text at Algeciras
Algedrai, Spain, March 27.���
The committee of tho Morocoon
conference has repaired the text of n
paragraph which will be the bnso of
an accord on the police question. The
American delegates hnve drafted a
clause for the agreement which Ih accepted by the prlnclpnl delegates and
wiib adopted by the committee. This
clause provides thnt the diplomatic
corps nt Tangier shall receive reports
of Iho operations of tho police for tho
purpose of assuring that the decisions
of the conference ure carried out uudf
as n   guarantee   for   tho   Uupurtial
treatment   of   foreign   Interests.   Tho
qonfereuce  will  meet  tonight to consider tho foregoing.
Sentenced to Hani).
Los Angeles, Cat, March 27.���Morris Buck, who shot anil killed Mru.
Canfteld, the wife of the oil millionaire, was yesterday sentenced to bo
banged nn   Inne  I. THE DAILY NEWS
TUESDAY.   MARCH  27,  190b.
Provincial \ 'ealth Inspector Does Not Blame Water Supply fc     Fever Epidemic, But Believes Neglect
\ /as Dangerous���Cesspits and Drains
Must Be Looked After.
The report of Dr. Fagan who visited has  the chemical and  bacteriological
Coquitlam lake recently on a tour of characteristics of crude sewage',
inspection was submitted to the c,.���n-      Reference is mad,' to one case In
v iiioh after the appearance of typhoid
i.l   in  comu.iilee lasi   Friday  night, ,. , ��� ,     ,   ,    m
'f the septic tank was overhauled,    lhe
but being such a lengthy one. ii  was u :[tir,   gayg.    ..-,.,,��� (..n.,i, around the
.iv.n tee a committee with Alderman tank and under the bouse was super-
Howay as ohalrman, tor revision. Aid- saturated  with the overflow and the
erman Howay drafted a Bummarj  of odor  wns distinct,    In  the  language
the report    which takes In  all    the of a  person  who wns  presenl  when
Tallin's of the s.mn', and this be sub n,,, ground was dug  int,���, "the odor
mltted in eepeM council last night, the was abominable anel Blckenlng."
reporl being accepted. The upon then deals with the In-
The reporl as drafted by Alderman Brectlon, made by Dr. Pagan, of Co-
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i,;, way reads us follows
The report made by Dr, C. J Fagan
in reference to the outbreak ol tj
j.iio'ul fever In ibis ciiy has lie 'n re
. alved by the city council.
The document i.s a very lengthy one,
.'..ri.nu some thirteen pages of type-
. I il UIR.
li opens wi li ;i few general remarks
on typhoid, pointing out thai it does
not develop spontaneously, bul origl
nates In ich case from .some antecedent case through a special microorganism, the bacillus typhosus,
The re lort then proceeds to deal
with statistics of deaths occurlng
from typhoid in peace and war, and
refers especially to the freedom of the
Japanese army '.run t: la disease In
the recent war.
The ease with which the disease
nay be spread is 3hown.
The life of the typhoid germ outside the body is next taken up.
It is then pointed out typhoid lever
may be conveyed in four ways, by con-
laglon, by infection of food, by cou-
liiiniuation of the soil, anel by contaminated water.
In reference to contmlnatlon of the
SOU, Dr. Fagan quoted from Sir William Osier, the best known authority
in America, as follows: "Imperfect
sewage and contaminated water-supply are two special conditions favoring the distribution of the bacilli;
tilth, overcrowding, and i.a<l ventilation ;ire accessories In lowering the
resistance of the Individuals exposed.
While from an Infected person the
disease maj be spread bj fingers, food
and flies.' And in another place the
in'  authority    says:     "Filth,    bad
1,1.1 lam -., ivt-.
On  March 7, I  went  to Coquitlam
li 1. . the source of the New Westmln-
ti i  water supplj,
lake is aboul elghl miles ions
bed be built to 1 1 all refuse in con-
in'.then with the tunnel lions.'.
If these few suggestions are carried
and one mile wide, surrounded by well  oal and no settlements are permitted
ml. r  I,  high  mountains, and  with
lhe exception of one solitary  water
guard  for  the  Electric  Rallv
company,  the  lake  surroundings  are
ee trom the danger of pollution
., ith menl or otherwise.
li is unnecessary ne go in", details
ol my visit, imt I wlll briefly call at-
ti niion 10 some points thai Btruck me
_���   to the pasl and presenl conditions.
The C'iiy of New Westminster own
the water rights of the lake.    Some;
years ago. leave  was  granted  to an
il.'ciric railway company to dam the
Coquitlam river aboul  three quarters
of a mile below iis exll from the lake,
ond at a polni Immediately below the
city Intake pipe.   The result of the
building of the dam was the general,
rtising of the lake's Burface some six1
or elghl feet.
The lirsi point I visited was the site
of a saw mill on the Coquitlam river,'
and some few hundred yards above
the city Intake pipe. The place was
clean, but I could not gel any history
a. to the disposal Of the refuse neces-.
sarily resulting from the presence of
11 number of men. The city authorities would have been wise to have
[.revented the erection of ibis mill,
snd, if ii could uot be prevented, then
Lhe Intake pipe should have been
1 hanged n> 0 position further up the
1 iver.
In passing up the river to the lake
we had to weak our way through two
to ������ .'.-' tbllshi . Rl "i neai the lake
then in a shorl time all Boluble, objectionable material will be taken
from the freshl; covered surfaces
the river banks, and New Westminster will have the most precious
..I all assets���;i perfect water supply.
Regarding New Westminster's sew-
, ���" disposal, I beg to recommend thai
all cesspits nm proper!} constructed
be forthwith condemned, <ir. If constructed according to accepted principles, iliat provisions be made tor
emptying same In some acceptable
Every septic tank should be examined 1111.I reported on, and unless pro-
it provision is made for the disposal
of the effluent, the tank should be con-
Overflow from cesspits, septic tiinhs,
im other sewage products should be
strictly prohibited from being allowed
in How into surface or any city drains.
All cesspits and septic tanks should
cleaned oul once, and contents
disposed e.t in some acceptable way.
ond such cesspits or septic tanks as
ure inc. ptable to authorities should be
1 urifled by chloride of lime. If not ac-
e' ptable, they should be filled up with
ehloi Ide of lime and earth.
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
GO Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
Write for Circular anil Mention the Daily News.
| Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
������:��� .���>:.���:> ���>:���>.��� '��� ��:>"��� >"���'���"���.���::���:,���:���'��!���:,���"���> ssbs :���>..���..���'>.:���..���::���' ���"������ '���'�������� ���:
| B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
sewers   or cesspools cannol  In ihem-  Looms of logs and floating Blubs, evl-
selves cause typhoid fever, but they
furnish the conditions suitable foi the
I'lose'ie'��� lo    of the bacillus, and pos-
told In an exchange:
Get a ten cent package of Improved
New  Y-irli.  large purple seed,  which
Itnw   lo   Grow   Them   Ii,   the-   ll',a.*.
I-ott^d   Plants   1'1-i-fi-rrpH.
The eggplant, one of the most wholesome, nutritious1 inui finely flavored of
i-t lit ty   washed  OUl   by  the rise' Of the   roijctrililos.   tielmr :t  tropical   plant, ro
lake level.    The  water around  Lhesel quires   a   high   temperature,   but   the
booms was muddj and slimy and mosl   young plants can be raised, with a lit-
-ihi;.  ��� iropogatlon.   The history ccrlainl:  did nol Indicate the earnesl   tie care, ir, the bouse as well us In a
of  typhoii    .   ,>er in  Munich,  as told and   ictlve attention the health auth-  hotl.e-l. s how lt can be done, as
anew  i-  Chllds (Lancet  11, 1S!)8) In- crities should show for the guarding
dlcat.es   thai   the    soil   pollution  has  i     heir cltj water supply,
much to do with the occurence of spo-     The  nexl   polni   I   visited  was  the j B0W evenl3 ,, ttne> wen
radic ens - and of recurrent out- electric railway tunnel. II ls situated 1 enriched loam leaf mold if you can
I,icaKs. on the opposite side ol the lake from  gel   H   covering Uie Beed  lightly  and
(d) Contaminated       Water.      Tbe  Coquitlam    river.    I  understand    the firming the soil about the seed by press-
forms in which waler muv serve as a hi ring of the tunnel, whieh is aboul   ln8 "  gently  with  o  Bmall  piece of
means 0     mveylng the typhoid germ1 lv. lies long, cosl two million dol- bo<",d'   The s"" s,1;mM be >"*\ ",l,lst
, , .,                        ...   ,          ,                 ,.           ,1 and  im  inure, us din-inn germination
to human beings aro in detail so ex- Inn    Work was begun simultaneously!        lfm1    _ ,g   (..nmii|   ^   ^
tremelj variable that ihey cannot ai both ends and I was told that about dampness or being chilled, This is the
here hi dealt with us 1 would desire, 150 men were working on the Coquit- critical time. Place the box before n
nor the manner in which water be-|lamend. 1 found the site where these j window, facing the south if possible,
comes contaminated by the demotions men were housed, clean, but whal dls-  i�� the kitchen or 0  room where the
er  typhoid patients, bul  ii  is a fact   posal was made of the refuse during; t,'':,',,:'",!'1
ll'.at   infection   through     waler   is   lhe   the  year  and  a   half of  work  on   the'
most common source of wide-spread' tunnel I have been unable to learn,
epidemics. Hero again I think the city authorl-
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
From these general preliniinni
marks the report proceeds tn
with  the conditions in this city
"Dr, lieWolf Smith. Uie medical
health officer of New Westminster, reported lo mi' the presence' of twentj
eight cases of typhoid fever from
January 1st to Februar} 24th, 1906,
Now, while i'i :i city of 8,000 persons
such .1 repi cannol be classed as
llghtl; ed  almost  ovei j   cai 1
 le obti -'.il as t omplete a
1 tory as possible, and. whenevi 1 1
' Tidereii ii advisable, examined the
; ui 0 surroundings and general sanl
:��� arrangements, 1 also visited thi
different milkmen supplying the rarl
ens affected families,    and    made a
��� ���'���"*<��� in-; ��� ��� tion ol dairies, cow sheds,
��� ater buj , ly   nnd   surrounding con-
re   ties should have been mon
leal  i.iiard their interests.
it      After Hiis description    the
pioceeds   in  Btate   the   resull
tclive  to
ui'vi't-   falls   below   liH  to
70 degrees.
II.-Kle,   Anj- Time  Atirr  March.
II often happens that nftir April 1���
before- which date li Ls i.e-st not to sow
your   seed      the   temperature'   outside
Ke'ts low, penetrating tho window
itoi-i.,1 panes; In which case remove your box
of  his! of embryo plants to warmer quarters
examination of the water,    lie says:
' Neither tho chemical  nor  bacterlo
leal examlnal ion    of   an}  of tho I!
for the lime' h.'hiK.
As soon ns plants get their second
leaves  they should be transferred to
larger boxes; better still, to pots���three
ramPleB "'  * '"���'   taken    b>    '��>s|,|t  1.,,'h and live Inch sizes are bandy, ln I
rhow typhoid Infection." | transplanting tho first time to the three
A little later on be stales thai "The inch pots handle plants carefully, leav-
iiii In  ������  nil    found    wns that   whllo lug us much sell ns possible attaching
;..���st n0| De regard   i   l|""'  w:is "" evidence    of    typhoid  to roots   tn transferring from three to      ""' mayor and council  am
, ., fir,,   ineli   nnls   11...   litter   halnff   nne.1 I'ae'ilie'   Coasl   pefats   lor   iissislanr
....   |on     there    was   sullli n in ��� ">e   in. n   l"'is   ,111     i.iiur   in nil,   uiu-
third   111!,'.]   wllh soil  liefeiivhiind   iln lt
Body   Found   in   Trunk   Identified   and
Mrs. Emma Ledoux
uueau, Alaska. March 2i',.-A des      Stockton, Cal.. March 26.-The body
patch has been received here to   the of a man, which was found in a trunk
Fire   Sweeps     Up     and     Down     Main
Street    Devouring    Every-
tl.'.ng  in Sight.
effect thai Ihe town of \V ran Kid was
burned to the ground* on Saturday
afternoon. Tin' tire slarie'il in the Pioneer   lions.���,   and   swi'pt   up   and   down
Main  Btreet,  also   burning ou'   fully
iwo dozen residences,,
Tin' mayor ami council anneal  to
among baggagi
ai Mu' Southern Pad-
lence   > ' call I n   i chango In Ihc
��� ..   i onditlon i.
���   fled ihe Coquitlam wati i
ii   thi: !��� of the presenl   I���
.' I   imi'ii   ;il>.   Inn   I   nm     , ���
i   II    I     thai     this    Willli'    Is    Il.ll     Hie
All the leading Btores, excepl   thai
as follows: invert the pot, placing thi'   of Hie si. Michael's Trading company,
stem '.f the plum between the s md
ami third Angers of your lefl hand, so
that Ihc tup ef tho pul rests on the
pnlm if your hand; give tho pot two or
three  nips  with  your  right,  when   It
in  i'.shi's.
thai  nn  he obtained  from  'his "in be lifted nil'; then put the whole
This Is  nm  in bi   wondered mil"'- ""'' "'*' llv" ""'ll '""��� IIUI"�� '"
i.i  when it is considered that during wi,!l """'" s"il; ll,1";,t th" Si""" l'1""
.,            .   ,,                 ,       ,      ,  , when  iransli'iTlnu  from   live  lin'b  pot
"innns.   Aftei Inspection, I waa sails-  ,l"' I'usl  few  months the hike level
; "'I 'bin   the milk supplj   was nol  lb.'
���   use of t!���. trouble,
'''be' l'l    then  noes  inlo  lhe  niiil-
lei   of th.   sewerage     of  the city  at
s.me considerable length, and points
'.ui lhal lhe septic tanks whieh be has
i-e'en me nut constructed on the rlghl
principle, and that in any event whore
B septic lank is in use il is only a step
in  tlie proceaa of handling sewage.
Professor Fowler, of BnglaUU, who is
has been raised some' six or elghl
feet, thus covering new surfaces,
(lean und otherwise, inui dissolving
and washing oul all Boluble and mix-
lll'le      Sllhslances       from      soil.      tree,
slumps and decaying matter,
"Judging by the    conditions along
the dlfferonl shores ii is quite evldonl
lhal   ilie  rise'  nf  watei   in  tin'  river
iH'lll Uie lulce lo Hie dull! would dissolve and mix out much more material
to garden.
GAUDi;N    ill NTS
Is your garden on a hillside'.'    If so.
bco that your furrows run at right angles to the Incline,    Kemetubor, you
wani   to retain moisture,   mil  drain   il
li way.
Tomato reel lives over winter III
pi'oiinil wlinre' reitteu tomatoes have
fallen, and tomatoes nf' loss likely tn
rot when growing on new land than on
lepot ui Stockton, Cal., on Satur-
nlght, has been Identified ns Unit
uiii'ii .\. McVlcar, employee of
Rawhide mini' ;n Jamestown, Cal,
Th,'   police   yesterday   arrested   at
Anlioch,   Mrs.   Kninia   LedOUX,  or  Mrs.
McVlcar, as Bhe called herself, at
Stockton, Mrs. Ledoux, on he'iun arrested, promptly admitted her ��� <i<��� n
ih,t and said she knew thai carbolic
add was administered MoVloar mi
Saturday morning by Joe Miller. She
Hon. Mr. Templeman Makes Interest- does nol go into details, hut declares
ing  Statement  in  Parliament. She had nothing lo do wilh It, outside
,,     ,    , ���   ,,,.    of asil.atlng in putting the body in the
Ottawa, Marcb 2b.���Hon. Mr.   lem-
pieman in the house today said: "II is
quite true that the establishing eif
experimental station! by ihe governmenl ��a Alberta inui on Vancouver Island, wus discussed on the public
platform. I said thai I believed the
minister of agriculture would esiuii-
lisii sitch sintions. nnd probably In
the fur northern count ry such exper-
��� ne of the most  prominent sanitary  ",:l" ::" '"1";l1 P,B0 "" ""' lalte ,;ll"lv"  land that has been mod for tomatoes
engineers or today, in Bpeaklng of
septic tankB says; "The bacterial
process i. be it conducted in three
stages- (a) settlement and screening
(in of the grosser solids; tin anae-
rohic decomposition in the septic
'���mil; and (c) oxidation on baoterla
1 l :1s."
"Anaerobic decomposition" moana
"breaking up" nnd "liquefying" the
solid matter of ..wage; and "oxidation" meunii tho purification of ibis
li'iuiii effluent
Speaking broadly then, owners of
npiic tanks must remember that the]
overflow from a soptle tank  is liquid
oewage and. although a certain degree
ot purification aas taken place, ll still
iii  Dr,
report   proceeds to state that
Pagan's opinion many,, if nol
for several years,
As early us yeeii euin after the frost
all, of ihe' cases of typhoid iii tho i iiy gets out of tbe ground transplant your
are derived  through    Infection  from
open eii-iiiis.
The doctor then makes the follow
Ing recommendations;
I   beg   to   rec tend   thai
rhubarb plants if you wish more of
them,    one root   may  bo divided  to
iiiiike' :i dozen, a ml nil <i" we'll.   Make
! the earth rich, though, advlsea Farm
I Journal,
There la nothing ho fatnl to future-
iiniii uui'cess ns working the' ground before
inieutiii I'm ins. would iii the future bo
established. I advocated such u policy.
I announced my Intention of asiV.atlng
in the establishment of such experimental Mint inns imt i announced no
definite policy on the part of the gov.-
i riiini'tii. I believe thai it is the intention of the government, as soon us
possible, tu establish experimental
sia .'.ins such aa mentioned."
shores of the Coquitlam river be clean  It is" I" �� ��t condition
(d   tip,   and   all   fallen   und   decaying
timber be removed.
Secondly, lhal   lbe booms of Ions at
Unlucky Number to Die.
Cbiin.   Kust   Siberia,  March   27.���A
Ground that is I court martial here today sentenced to
worked before lt Is thoroughly dry and  death  n postal officials who partiot-
overy bit of frost oul "f it will imko ��� ,,.,,,,,| |n tna r90ent strike.
mul, wlll   nnt   Improve   with   huuiiikt  n_	
Early Model beet, n new variety, la
present  in the river be released and
ll!i"  ""'linK be taken  revenl  the ,,���;���������) t0 ba ��beet perfection for ta-
iicciiniiilatlon of tools and logs on Ihe i,|,. ,,,��������� being uniformly perfect, al-
i iver. mo ,t round mid peerless hi quality utul
Thlr lly, thai a    ij      lank and flltei eolor,
trunk, Neither elm's she' give the reason for killing. Hi. iiuii. one of the
uutopsy surgeons, stated yesterday
morning thai blows on the head, causing congestion of the Inner lining of
the skull, had caused death, and thai
there waa no evidence of poison. There
was absolutely no evidence or carbolic
' acid ami no odor of alcohol,
The police Bay lhal Mrs. Ledoux 'is
wed! known in the tenderloin dlstricl
of San Francisco, They Bay thai her;
name is Kniinii Held. The man referred to as ,ioe Miller by Mrs. Ledoux
la believed by the authorities ut Ban
Francisco to be Joe Healy, a plumber,
with whom sin' passed Saturday nlghl
at a lodging-house in that city, Detectives arc searching for hlin.
Fire Consumes Costly  Play   House  lr
City of Mcrlden.
MerlileiV    Conn.,     March    27. The
Merhlen theater on Church street, the
largest playhouse in the city, waa .!.���
Jean Daplistc Millet Dead.
Paris, March m;.- Jean Baptlste Mll-|rtroyed by fire this morning and the
let, the artist,   the brother of  Jean loaa is esiin -d   to   reach   nearlj
Jean Francois    Millet,   the    famous $200,000.
painter, Is dead, '    " is not Known how the lire started,
Finest Line of Candies
In the City
Entire Stock Must be Sold
As We Are Retiring From Business.
Italian and Maple Creams, French Nougats,
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j   Columbia Street.
trim.    "lJi^-r '1
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,4$Si   fcri      '.{. r
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Columbia street. Surveyor
dell  f.r writa for nrlces. dlard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
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Daily News
American   Friends    Believe     Divorced
Husband   Will   Give   Her   Un
pleasant  Time  Abroad.
New fork, Mai i h 20 Some con-
ci in Is felt by the' fi lend i ad rela-
Uvea nf Mrs. Burke Roche,
ror England recently, aa to 'l.e possibility of ber becoming lavolved In
trouble with her husband, the Hon,
James Burke Roche, during her Btaj
abroad with her daughter Cynthia.
The  dlvi    wl li h    sfc ���   o< I Ined
om him >    ��� irts la
i.m reco ilzed eithei a En land or
on the continent. Bul Inasmu . aa
the English tribunals have ner even
granted a judicial aeparatlon iie the
couple, tbey remain ns much matrimonially bound io each other an if
there had never been any differences
between them.
Now the laws of Coinintental Eu-
rope give a man all Borta of powera
over his wife and his children, and as
the matter stands now Lord Fermoy'a
brother and heir would be able to invoke the assistance, nol merely of
the authorities, but even of the police,
In compel his wife anil chihl te, rejoin
him, or. as put in French law, to "re-
Intgrer le domicile conjugle."
He could also legally prohibit her
from spending any money, trom entering upon anj commercial transactions,
such as for Instance the purchase of
a trousseau, and could even seizi her
belongings on the plea thai he had a
I roprletarj rinlii thereto. In fact he
could annoy her and render life In
ti lerable td her in a thousand dlffep
i ml legal ways on the Continent, compelling her to apply to the courts ol
the country In which Bhe happened to
he for a judicial separation or a eli-
it may be argued that both being
foreigners, and wlthoul any fixed legal
domicile on ihe cenuinent of Europe,
none' of its courts would he' competent
to grant a separation or divorce, llui
ihe' very fact of Burke Roche's invoking the assistance of the laws of the
country to harass his wife would he
construed as a legal acknowledgment
by him of the competency of their
It is fortunate for .Miss Cynthia
Roche, the fiance of Arthur Burden,
ihai she is already twenty-one years
of age. For had she not attained her
majority, her father might have' taken
advantage of her presence em the Continent, to remove he'r, if necessarj
with the assistance of the police, from
the care of her mother, and Mrs.
Burke Roche would have been pul to
all sorts of trouble ami expense in
order to recover the possession of her
Even as lhe matter stands now he
has li in his power to raise obstacles
to her Impending marriage to Arthur
Burden. He has heen living abroad
ever since his violation of the English
laws of neutrality by his sensational
dash, during lhe war in the Fur East,
lo the Russian port of Lilian, on hoard
;i tor, e.do destroyer, from the Scottish
shipyard where it hud heen built for
the Muscovite government.
He did it to win a bet, and likewise
foi the love of adventure, and narrow-
I ly escaped capture by the English
cruiser soul in hot pursuit Should
he elect a legal domicile in France he
could Invoke the laws which insist
that, any marriage contracted by a man
or woman without the consent of both
parents if living is ipse facto invalid.
The consent can he withheld for
twelve months, and even longer still,
1; the French courts decide, on application, that the parental objections
are well founded.
lt is by no means certain that Burke
Roche will do any of these things.
Hut he is very hot headed, Impulsive
.md reckless of consequences, besides
Icing Imbued with the most intense
I Itternesa againsl his wife.
Council Instructs City   Clerk   to   Call   for   Tenders���His
Worship the Mayor Urges Haste in   Commencement of Work on the Fourth
Street Sewer.
A deputation of citizens was presenl the t          ���    .      -.���   council  could
,n   the  regular  meeting    of the  city   take  rtlon in the mi
council last  nighl   to urge upon  the C. E, Si  mom     ked permission to
council   the  necessltj   tor  action   In plant Bhade trees In front ol his reel-
building a new bridge een Carnarvon dence on Seventh  avenue.    Applica-
st.  The  Hun  w.   Norman  Hoh' laid Uon granted.
the ens.- before the council  pointing      W. J, Mathera asked i nlssion to
om ihe- many difficulties In the way of lu, imiiiiini; material on the street in
residents who    were    obliged  to go front of his new residence on Queen's
around  the block  in  or_er to  reach avenue.   Permission granted.
ce riiiiii portions of the neighborhood, rames Wise also asked tor the same
v.hiie  the  bridge  was open  to  tool trlvilege    on    Cunningham
passengers matters were not  so bad, Granted
but  since lt  had  been  totally  closed      Llndsaj    Lougl ,i
io    ihe> residents
'������I   permission    in    tap   the  city
water pipe ,,i Weatmlnster Junction,
ihe Inconvenience
was very great.
in his statements   the    Honorable  with :l half '"''" Pipe, the water being
Mr. Bole wiis supported by I). S. Curtis.   Dr.  Walker and  Rev,  Mr.  Shll-
in reply to the petitioners His Worship stated Ihat he believed lhe' council hnd visited the bridge in question
anil that some action would undoubtedly in- taken in the matter before
lie- meeting closed.
The deputation ihen lefl the council room, and later in the evening the
report of the committee viBltlng the
I ridge wiis received, ami upon motion
the clerk was Instructed to call for
ti ndera for iln' construction of a
wooden structure to replace the' pre-
' sent affair.
a petition sig.-mei by Henrj T,
Thrift, .1. I.ee Thompson, Geo. Cun
ningham Jr. J. L. Mclnnes, Mary Mr
limes and \V. Baldwin was presented
asking thai a bridge be built io replace the old Victoria street affair
which has never heen rebuilt since the
lire'. Failing to get a bridge tho pe-
I'tioneis asked that ihe gulch be filled
in. ll. T. Thrift, who was present rep-
lesenting ihe petitioners asked that
Immediate steps be taken in this mat-
ter, and stated that the cost for work
ii   I llis case would lie very slight.
llis Worship in reply to Mr. Thrift
stated thai this matter would he look-
eel into by the council later in the
evening  and  that    he    thought  that
,i" arrangement could be made to
���in satisfaction of the residents of
i las porl ion of fhe eity.
'Alien ihe niuttei came before ihe
council ii was referred lo the board of
works in report, it is probable thai
the gulch will be filled, as this method
will he' considerably cheaper, and
quite as satisfactory to the residents
! ol ihe community.
A   portion  of lhe  report   of Dr. Fa-
. gun, who visited Coquitlam lake some
tiiiie  ago,   was  drafted   by   Alderman
desired   fnr domet tic   purposes,    Ri
ferred to the water commissioners to
The offer from tin Columbian to do
""' citj  advertising    fr it charge
was accepted.
Chief ni P.,in, Mi intosu wrote tho
council statlni thai n old unusi d well
on Hie come : ol Ri al avi B)ie and
Tenth streel ... nol ufficiently
" '""' I one ah be ing practioallj un-
l rotected The clerk was instructed
io notify Mu ,,uii, i of the property
in close up the  well immediatly.
Alderman Garretl reported thai it
would   be  ii". to hire ii   hoy   lo
i'ssisi the park ranger and take care
ni tin' animals of tl afti r they
��e re removed in the park. Hi moved
that tin- matter hi' referred to the
chairman of Hie park committee with
power to act.    Carried.
Moved by Alderman Jardine that
ihe Trades Licence Bylaw of 1903, and
ihe amended bylaw of 1906 i.e passed.
His Worship suggeated Unit II would
be advisable to start work ��n the
Fourth street sewer at the earliest.
possible dale, as ii would be elifflcult
to obtain labor later on. Acordlngly
Alderman Adams, chairman nf the
sewerage committee, asked for power
io start work Immediately. Carried,
and work will si art at an .'.uly date,
Irom Columbia street to the river.
There being no other bustm ss he-
fore the council  the n ting adjnurn-
i:oway  and   wil
in this issue.
In'  found   elsewhere
The reports of the various committees consisted mainly of routine busi-
I uesi   and  all   were  adopted   as   rend
without the least discussion.
The committee composed of Alder-
j men Howay, Jardine and Davles, who
���were appointed  to  wire  the  premier]
and the member    of    parliament  for
...s district  urging the appointment
id  a senator from Ih'p district report-,
e d  having done    so,    although    as ls I
' known the appointment ai Ottawa was'
Export Trade  With Canada  1, creases
at Alarming Rate.
Washington, .March 26.���T ide of
the United States with Canada in ihe
fiscal year 1905 aggregated 1-02,949,-
.13, against $89,429,096 in 1895, according to a bulletin issued by the department of commerce und labor, lt.
shows that in the twenty years from
1875 to 1895 our trade with Canada
increased $67,000,000. and from 1895
to 1903 it increased $111,000,000. The
larger portion of tills growth has been
on the export side. The imports increased from $27,S67,615 in 1875 to-
$62,469,432 ill 1905, and exports ad-
Minced from $34,647,219 in 1875 to.
$140,529,581  in   1905.
The percentage of imports to Canada from the United States in 1905
was 60.6 and from (he Untied Kingdom 24 per cent.
reached   Ottawa   in   order   to  do  any
good. ��������
Alderman   Henley,  representing the Prisoner Walks Away,
committee appointed to confer with .Nelson, March 26.���A prisoner at
the flre chief, stated that the chief the Provincial jail here, doing a year's
bad reoprted an old building on Dick-: sentence  for   burglary  at  Cranbrook,
Members   of   Seattle   Aerie   Celebrate
Release From Debt.
Seattle, Wash.. March M.���Flre lasi
night destroyed securities representing $20.1100. the amounl  of the last
nihl against tlie home of Seattle
Ai tie' Na 1. Fraternal Order of
Eagles. The blaze ignited in tile lodge
loom of lhe order and Its fiery course
; was   watched   by   fully   one'   thousand
enthusiastic members.
The' lien represented by the mortgage
v.us  paid  several     days ago  and  the
' local Aerie Is now In full possession of
a building erected at a cost of $45,-
000, The Aerie Is now In a better
condition financially than any other
lodge' of tin1 order In the weBt.
Al I hi' services lust night speeches
were made by Worthy President .). L.
Waller, Secretary Frank Dowd and by
Tiisi Worthy Presidents il. ll. Thompson, W. S. Bower and Captain Ward.
There'  was  music  by  Wagner's  banil.
': in' ceremony marking the burning of
the mortgage was followed by a
special session dining which refreshments were served.
��� o	
Spoils   $100,000    Worth   of  Paper     In
Warehouse at  Butte.
Butte, Mont.. Mutch 27.���FIro In the
Olsen block lasi night resulted ln approximately $100,0(10 damage to the
wholesale stock of the Bassniore Paper company through the warehouse
being flooded with water.
inson street, between Elliott and Meri-
vale, as being absolutely useless for
any purpose, and recommended that 11
he lorn down. Alderman Henley
moved thai the recommendation of
i hi' chief be carried out. Passed
Reference  was  also  made  to  some
old Japanese buildings at Sapperton,
which could he fixed up alright, so
Ihat It would not he necessary to tear
them down.    Alderman  Henley asked
further timet In order that the owner
of tin' building be given the opportunity to rectify present conditions,
Carried.   .
Some lime ago neighbors of Dush-
','eiod .loues, living at the head of
Seventh street reported that the latter
huel closed the alleyway, and they asked the council to see what could be
('one about (he matter. Mr. Jones was
present, and during his address to the
council ii developed that he had
bought   u  66-foot     lot,    anil    that     a
neighbor hud purchased a lot in the
reiir of his, and that in order to have
open traffic they agreed each to sacrifice six feet, thereby creating a twelve
foot alley. Each property holder how-
e ver paid his share eif the taxes on
this strip which was being used fur
public purposes.
Later Mr. Jonea got into sonic difficulty with Ihe neighbors, and as a result he closed Iln1 property, or rather
his half of the alle'yway. Then the
neighbors attempted to force hlm to
keep the property open.
It was proven beyond a doubt that
Ihe properly belonged to Mr. Jones
nnd lhal cousctpicntly he could close
oi open It ui his will, and accordingly
Ihe clerk  was Instructed  to reply to
half of which is now over, managed
lo open uh Inner and outer side-door
yesterday afternoon, at ,1 o'clock ami
walked off. All efforts to find tlto man
have so fur tailed. He was committed
under the name of Delaney but has
R, ,1. .lohuiison tatooed on Ins right
wrist. He Is of middle age, 5 feet 6
inches tall, light brown hair, blue eyes
and weighs 162 pounds. He is known
to have had money, anil to have hail
on other clothes than his prison uniform. His chum was released the day
previous, and a woman friend, of the
restricted district here has visited
hlm In prison severnl times.
Straightening Matters Out.
.Nelson, .March 26.���Tho Plllsbury
Western Land company of Minneapolis, whose sales of mountain t,o,ps and
hill-side lands for alleged fruit farms
created such a scandal hero and In
Minneapolis, has a representative hero
trying to straighten matters out, The
former purchasers are to have their
money returned, wherever aslee>d, and
the objectionable advertisements have
been withdrawn, and some plainly-
worded advertisements suhsniuted.
Winnipeg  Building.
Winnipeg, March 26.���Up    to    elato
permits for ;I42 buildings, aggregating
In value $766,900 have been issued
here, being about $30,000 In em ess of
last year.
Phillips Gets a Chanenc.
Montreal, March 26.���J. B. Phillips,
the manager of the Place Vigor, C- P.
R. hotel here, has been appointed manager of the company's hotel Ohuteau
the petition to the effect  that under' Frontenae, at Quebec. THE DAILY NEWS
TUESDAY,  MARCH  27,  190ii
THE DAILY NEWS ov6r llu> n'"' i,,ul   wI,J'    -bould not in Chicago in  1884 will be guests of
Published i    The Daily News Puii- ' ���l'",h;l11   become   flrmly   established ""' ''"'niuiitee.
iishing   Comp ay,   Limited,   al    their here. We do nol  need a professional ,  M��stB boys wl" '"' ,;,k"" ta char��a
offices   cornel    ol   Sixth   and   Front ''���'���'   ""'  committee   sel., ted   bj   amir-
Streets. New Westminster, B. C. "'"����� '"" " good amateur team could ,.jsli(. organlM ;,,���. M lucated ,n
.Edward D.  Sawyer ''' selected   from amongsl  our local the manner Indicated b;   their father
..  ���___ toya that could give anj team In the shortlj  before hla death.
Adve.'.ising Rates. . in 'rounding towns a K 1  tussle.    At
Editor   and   K
Transient d! play advertising, io
cents per line nonparlel) 12 lines to
the inch. Fi ' cents per line for
(UbBOque'nt insi   (ions.
Reading notices, hold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line.
For time cei'tracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, ' marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wauls, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken far
less than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine ad-
vertisemeiiis Inserted at rate of 50
cents per Inch per issue (display) or If
reading notices, 25 cents per line i>cr
Issue. No deviation from this rate for
teim coutracls.
surrounding towns a goi"i tussle.
: nv rale  u  trial  should  he given and
the club supported.   II    is   a good,
clean,  honest   spoii     and     assists   In
making strong, healthy, robust men of
our vou! lis.
Takes Credit on  Himself for  Putting
Fishing Industry on Permanent Basis.
business office 	
Manager's residence
Clear Cue.,- ol  H'Miko.
The manager of a New York theater
tells the following story; During a per
(ormance of "Blp Van Winkle" by the
late Joseph Jefferson the manager, who
wus standing In the lobby, observed n'
countryman   hovering  about   the  en
trance in an uncertain way.    Finally,
as wiib u determination to go the- limit,
the countryman bought a ticket and
entered the inui-se'.   a little while after j
the manager happened to be in the lob ,
by again, when the countryman came '���
out with an expression ot Intense disgust upon liis face.
"Well, how do you like the show?"
the manager Inquired, with secret
The irate farmer grew confidential.
"Say, mister," bo replied, "I'm goin'
I   do   tew have a mighty hard time splaiieln
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone ~\ll.
J. R. Gflley, 'Knone 1-4-9
Gilley Bros*
11 iaiers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents ti. 0. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cenienl Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
���Phone l-b
Seal lie.    Wash..   March   26
pel  look   for  as good a salmon  pack   tew Miirnmly what I done With them
mi lhe  Sound Ibis year as there will
i'5��llirV*��t' '
TUESDAY.  MARCH  27,   1906.
in tour years hence," Bald Fish Com
mlssloner Kershaw al the Seattle thla
morning. "And there is a reason tor
I . Four j ears ago there was a dam
across one of the main branches ot
ilie Fraser river that prevented the
sockeyes trom running up to spawn.
As u consequence thousands ot them
died.   The dam has been removed and
111,'   lish   will   be  able   lo   run   up   lhe
drew Carnegie bj shaking off onto the fraser  this  year, bo  the   pack  four
public Bome of Lhe wealth accumulal   sears hence ought to be an unusually
i'i in its younger days, might   we he- lar6e one-
"On the Columbia   river,   however,
tew dollars, but you kin bel 1 won't
tell her I paid it tew see an old teller
fill up on licker nu' go ler sleep when
I could 'a' gone up ter ther tavern at
ther Corners an 'a' seen old Hill Hard-
free dew It for notion'!"���Success Mag
Now thai the Columbian, In ll b
ge,   has  si.uied  out   to  omul at i
privileged to make a suggestion as to
the mosi  beneficial distribution.  The
Frightened  the Bride to Death.
In the Church of i 'hrn itlnn nl Plsok,
lu Bohemia, a marriage was about to
bo solemnized between Anna Boalin,
aged nineteen, nnd n youth of her
choice. Bride and bridegroom stood all
ready before the altar, where were
lighted tapers.    Before the priest coulel
unite the bridal pair one .,f the tapers
been mo suddenly extinguished.   A loud
Mn��a are different.    ''"'���   years ago sliril,,. came .__ ���,��� u,u](K .������, sl)���
we- inn 84,000,000 fish in thai stream gasped "Melno kerze isi erloschen!"
provincial government, according to ,,���,, lhi. BUmmer ,hov sh���llW tajrly (.eMy taper Is extinguished!") and sank
the statement of the finance minister, swarm back. 1 have jus; returned unconscious into the arms of the bride-
la called upon to spend more monej from a son of a farewell trip along groom. Immediately all attention was
... V|.���. .,,,��� ,, h��� .���1V .,,������, ���, the Columbia. 1 have a *lol Of good t,ln""1 ,0 ,hp foiulltiou <>f the bride.
""s>"'    ,'W"   " hM   ""    " ""  ��   friends down there I they unite* foveral attempts were made to revive
"""h'*' and iH more ln D ' '"' """-'i., informing Gov. Mead thai if he re- t^\^   V^'i\\i^!t u^
..       .            . ,      ,.       ,,   ..   ,,,,.   -_��� tn    it eliiiplet nnd veil, ilieel at the  u-
anthroplc  consideration   (hall   tin-   cor-   i,UDOtnted  me thav would  all  no ilnwti ' i ���!       ....                 . ,���         �� .i        ii
,i[i[iuiiiii ei me  ini'  wiiiiin an to en��� ii tar rails.    The superstition of the vll-
pi ration of the city of New Westmln- the line for his renomination.    Whal lagea of the plain is thnt If a lighted
ster.  We do not wish to hurrj   our'w'" tlley do now?    Well, we didu't taper becomes extinguished on either
aged and infirm friend, nor to appear dlscus,s  the governor," and    the lisi,
commissioner laughed.
presumptive in lhis mailer, but   while
So far as tlie future of ihe salmon
advertising space, hitherto remunera- ,, ,,,.,���    ���       .     ,    ,,,,-,
' industry is concerned l  think u  un
live, ls being given uwa> we humblyLsuallj bright," he continued.   "Under
siel'> of the altar the person standing
on that side of the altar where the light
went out will suffer a dire calamity.���
London News.
Adv until*.-,   lu   FattenlllK   \V,-llii-r. If
They (u n>- nought lUsht.
"There are advantages In feeding
wethers that lambs do not possess.
They nr" big and strong and hardy;
tbey do not die so eislly; they ��� l��> uot
need shelter so hit h na tho limbs
need it; they will thrive quite well on
corn and corn stover, with little buy;
they are adapted to a ruder, rougher
style of Bheep husbandry than the
lambs," says im'ph E Wing iu his
iiook on sin"  i    .Tiling in America.
There i bov ever, ionic few essentia' to - t ��� -ssful ivi iher feeding.
Fir ; m isi important Is to buy the
rl ts     :i-i   to  i ' ..   them  cheap
cue K 'i. v. ,i tho Inmb one can afford
better I i p .��� I io much, Blnce the gain
in weight may bo so great that the excess of i est may be offset by the good
gain lu weight and profitable price for
It. With mature Bheep much smaller
gains can be had, and If there is nol a
material advance In selling price over
cost loss is apt to ensue.
In Inmb feeding there is often most
profit In buying siiiiiU. Immature
lambs, with wethers, on the other
hand, the bigger and better matured
they are the better the chances presumably are tor profits In feeding them
���that is, if they have been bought low
enough so that the sidling price will be
materially better.
A JSrUn��i,ui> Career.
A young man who will some day Inherit an enormous fortune anel who la
being brought up as a "gentleman" was
interviewed the other day. Among uih-
e-r things ho said, "If I did not have my
career cut out for me, If I were to lust
my fortune, l should turn to the law
and study some phases eif it that Interest me greatly."
Probably  if the  young  man  were
actually thrown ou his own resources
be would resort to something less entirely "elegant" and more useful.   But,
that asiele, what ls this "eiu r" thai
he fancies he has "cul out" for him!
To take care of his property -that Is, ta
spend his life at an occupation simllui
to that nf a watchman or a policeman,
but far more mechanical and leas exciting. What a miserable, what a
melancholy conception nf*a careerl To
spend one's life al jusl making money
s poor enough use of the one chance
),i live; to spend it at watching a heap
of money what dullness, what dreariness! And in n world teeming with opportunities to live Intensely, vividly. Interestingly, usefully!���Saturday Evening Post.
The   First   VIiiIIh.
The early muffs were small and
made of satin or velvet, lined with
fur. The leopard skin came In with
Queen Anne. There is a print nf ar
Elizabethan lady with a small inufl
hanging from her girdle. Before this
elate It was probably looked upon as
an eccentric novelty, at least In Eng
land. A full century before a Venetian
grand dame had carried her lapdog In
commend the governmenl at Victoria lhe present hatchery system there is
aa worthy of some slight recognition, "" chance tor the Industry to die out.
  For years  1  have been    hammering
I   MlllilK    I'l-e.iili-   |���   (   liiu-ili.
when i was examining the church
biils of the Eust Killing of Yorkshire
away ;ii  the British Columbia fisher-
A  GOOD SCHEME ^      T|u,v   ^   awakenefl   aL   ^
There    is    a    movement     on     toot  anil   are'   building   hatcheries    for   all
: ni'ingsl  the various owner.- of   yachts  "  V  ;,lv  worth.
In this ciiy and vicinity  to hold a re
gatta ni the neat future  and unit"
i rn meetli ���   have taken place
latelj .   project   to
Macaroni Whent  In riuimln.
While   it   is  possible  to  make  good
flour   from  some   kinds  of   macaroni
wheat, such  flour Is generally  unpop- her muff, a fashion thnt continued foi
ular.    Furthermore, the peculiar char- a long season and found Its way into
aeter of  the kernels necessitates the France,    in  Parla muffs fnr this ex
use of somewhat different methods in press   purpose,   chiens   manchons,   as
some years ago I came to a little place, tho m[mug ot tllese klnds ot WDr-at. they were styled, could be bought In
"ailed Pordon, on the wolds between   The-  are m,turnlly, therefore,  looked 1092 at the'  establishment  of the De-
Malton and Bridlington.   It was a very \ upon wUh disfavor by millers.   Farm- , motselles Guerin, rue de Hue.   French
primitive place, quite cut oft from the  erg wl]0 grow ,U1V ,���. tl���,^, varieties sumptuary laws condescended to no-
world,   the   few   Inhabitants   hardly   gi,ouW eXerclse great care to prevent tice such  minor details  us the color
knowing the road over the hilltop to   Ul01ll  ,-,.���.��� | 0mlng mixed  with the of a mun'.   The bourgeois was obliged
rhe hatchery system has been the  "'"  '"'xt  place n01'tlnvanl-    Tll�� dl"  Btandard sorts used for flour making.- to  restrict   himself to somber black,
iking of the Columbia river canners    "1,im,t1ive b^ag wb'dl ,serves f"   Dr. William Saunders. Tho noble mlghl please himself,   Un-
  der Louis XIV.,  therefore,  the man-
Worth More Than ah the Gold Mine,., eh n of the courtier was brilliant wiib
Alfalfa   It   worth  more In  Colorado gold lace and embroidered ribbons.
old mines In the	
church is built near the brow of lhe
Seven yeara ago they were (lai broke   nlIL    lt bas no tower, bell turret or
md now all they do apparently Is to   bell cot.   Ou Inquiry I found that it
8 *.'"'   i-i' back and count theii money.   The  had no bell.   The parson come over  t
sl'ul issue'.   All such movements as only drawback down   hen:-  and   Lhat   ou horseback now  and then trom
proper direction. ;' li:mll>  ;i drawback���is    thai    the  heighborln
'. Pti hery   produced   fJ b  are  bo  large
' '1 ,       ," ople gel  the most
ol i hem.
1 i ".-!'    .1' B      ill      III'
'i achting and boating in these  -'. t
iavi   I       iiiii.,.-i extinct, and it is
in iip hope       - scheme will fully ma-
t ure    , me a stei n real 11 j.   Van-
��� ni ,i ' u htlng club thai  i   lumbia  rivei   i almon
state-, and a nne of us are passing up
palish, tied up ins horse  tll., |)ea, ,���,,.,������,,, ,,r ���,���. llfe hl not
couver i
carrh     I
I-      ���
id iin,, do," he said In answer
"Do you realize that
averaged   $1
Ide the church, opened the door. .,,,.,���,-iiu, ,hl. u,,:l! legUm
pul e.n liis surplice and ihen walked to Denver Field and Farm,
tlie top of the bill and cracked his whip
Beveral times, "and then we knaws as
i ' : .ne' ti gang ti chotch," said my
iiif'irn ant on the spot.���London Notes
and Queries.
royal  ensign    and    wh)
<������"     Westminster,    The
' ii t. i, ��� ts  will look  forward
iii, , :i        .       near future between
tlies,   ti les ,iini everj   besl wish
will go i.e w; nl io the im al j ie bl (men
when �� '   ee the royal ensign By here
u '.'   That's a tact.
1   Id    Loi t .��� men   paid   7  ceni.
There Is many a farmer who plants
his scores or hundreds of acres to
wheat, e;oru und cotton who actually
begrudges the use of a half acre for
a kitchen garden, yet that half acre,
Ives better re-
i'be season approaches when the
muscular Inclined young man prepares
tt- enlarge' llis muscles, develop Ills
lungs etc., and nothing is so conducive to good health as a uartlol
pation in the various out-of-door
games thai are played in ihi.-. country,
They nol only create good appetites
iiiei epiiei repose al nights bul have
tverj tendency to prolong llfe, They
sin mid in' encouraged in even pes
Bible manner, To the young man pen
I'i'il   up  in  an  ofiice  all   o   S      "      ll
b   ni  bo e:e ii evening devoted to
football, .1.    lacrosse  oi   anj
��� ,i me i ������
bi im in   wlll  be derived   thai    ���
'���pi i ilng In the   Bhoi lost    bp i
Klnfffl Named John.
.leihn I. of the "eastern empire" was
foi  all Balmon v. Ighlng inure  polaoned by a servant; John IV. was
Iwenty-flve pounds nnd  ���".  cents   deposed   nnd  had  his   eyes  put out;
��� ni'! for all fish weighing under  J0'"1 v- ruU''1 ""'y ln naIue and llvcd  ?r ove',  quarter ttcrf'
I, ,      , in  constant dread  ot assassins;  John i turns than any equal urea on the farm.
VI. was deposed and died in prison. Ton often the' garden Is the most
I was deeply Interested In the work Que of the Swedish Johns was drlv- neglected spot on the- place. Good re-
thal Is ;;: Ing on in Willipn. harbor on out of his kingdom by his subjects, suits cannot be expected from meager
while I was down there," concluded and another was belittled and defeated feeding and slovenly cultivation.
Mi. Kershaw. "More than LOO car- at every turn. John I. of France had With much garden work It "now
loads   of   Eastern  ovsters  have   beer    a short and disastrous reign, and John   or never."    The gardener
' II. wus a prisoner of the English for the tag end of the. procession is likely
years. A long list of Johns have to remain there.
"""'" changed their titles when taking on1 The kitchen garden will take all that
p'.unted oyster will play an Important ig|Qgly robes because of the superstl-' we have to give, lt lias a place for
I mt in the local llsh markel In time Hon that n "John" ruler cannot lie nil the asbea, the yard sweepings,
i , come, and a man who has secured   otherwise than unfortunate. leaves, wood pile trash, solid and liquid
a few oyster beds is indeed to be con-  ~ refreshments  and   commercial   fertlll-
AiiiciKlnieni Rejected.. zers.   Its maw is truly insatiable.
"I.:mru." said Mr. Ferguson, hurried-;    Hire a little extra labor (if you can
ly explaining matters In the kitchen,   fl.nQ it) and get ahead of the game for
anted there this spring.   There can
���   no   question   but  that   the
Churchyard Novelty.
In the churchyard of the little Mid
dlesex village of Pinner, England, there
stands a monument quite distinct trom
all those which Burround It It con I
of a tall, Bquare pyramid overgrown
with ivy. through the middle of which
projects n coffin made nf Btone.   This
in,,an ::i was raised by a son to bis
parents, William and Agnes Loudon,
ns the Inscriptions tell. They do not,
however, tell why lie chose to have his
parents' remains poised ln mid air In
the stuiie shell Instead of being buried
in the usual manner, This curious act
is accounted fm- In a strange way.
It appears that his parents came Into
some money which was to be theirs "so
long us their bodies were above the;
ground." When they died, therefore, in
who"enters    "n,'t tllMt ""' """"'y BboUld "ot ?a_,1
Into  other  hands  their  son   "buried"
them In this curious manner, and, de-'
spite the apparent Injustice, his object.
was attained.
i rat ulated.'
I didn't want to bring tlie man home  0nce, at least
to dinner, but ho kept staying and     Those who "make garden" generally
Proposed   Law  in   United  States  Will   Staying at the office,  and  I just had   Kr(nv   0���iy   the   commoner   and   most
to ask him.   Sou will have to put as  Pag|i]
Revolutionize Fuel and Light co,���i ��� [ace on |t as you can."
Business. "if  .vou  think   I'm  going to change
my  face on his account,  George  Fer-
v '       v"    ���  26.    The    tree   ,,,',.������.������ satd bla spouse, red and an-
hoi subordinate committee of the   p-y. "you'll have to think again!   You
committee Oil  ways and  means   may   bring   him   'lit   to   dinner  right
agreed to report a free alcohol   nowl"���Chlcag   X Ibune.
u to British Cob      a       : lo the full commlti
easily raised vegetables because of tho
popular notion that choice kinds can
emly be raised by market gardeners
with hotbeds and greenhouses. This
Is not always a right conclusion. Try,
a few of tin' finer tilings.
thai looms up In a formidable waj h-
Hi*' oncoui agemenl ll should i icelye
trom the business men, a good game
"i lacrosse Is bound to draw large
crowds in the city and the presoiico
"i large numbers of strangera In the
nny grain, vegetable, rool or I'm
teinlng Blarch.
The teal n   tho bill is lhal
H   takes th,. internal  n irenue lax off
di ii ii un 'i iioiiiesiic nlcohol for lech
', " , Including lighting, heatln ���
Vnother leature ol  outdo ii     loi ,.
li,       hill   is    tO   gO   lUtO   ��� ffei I    lliree
mom lis trom the d  of ,:- ;.
i'i     ii'' ills ot Its ; Iminl tratlo	
bii  with lhe treasurj department,
li is predicted the effoi t of the bill
vi ill be n revolution In heating, lighting and furnishing fuel for motors, as
city Is sure to cause comment thai can  nlcohol wlll be cheaper than kerosene
e nly result  In good for the merchant   ''' '"' gasoline and can be made trom
as well us ihi' city proper.   Lacrosse I
.'iiouid in, encouraged In everj manner
possible.    Westminster   lias   always
t'aei a championship    team   and no
doubt   will   have'   one   this   vi'iir   mo.
'.neither   sport   thai   deserves  apodal
mention is baseball, ami while ll la a
game recognized as the American
iiiiiieniiii game, (here is no reason why
11 .shoulil nol catch on here and lake
lis place with laorosse, A great man)
Americana live here and In Vancou
ver and enjoy (heir national game,
and New Westminster boasts of
some native sons that can play Home
baseball loo and  teach   the  Yiitil   a
lino or ho on the game. Some excellent games of baseball were played
lasi season at Queen's Park and the
club shoulil bo abundantly supported
'his year    Lacrosse  i ��� - co igl
What Uf Needed.
A father recently received the following note from a young man:
Dear Blr���Wood like your elotcr Jessie's
hnnel in nun an . She und 1 aro ln luv,
inui 1 think 1 ne,)-- a wife.   Yurcs,
The father replied by letter, saying:
Friend  Henry   You  don't need  a wife.
V'-ei   ni'cil  u spelling liemU,    Get ono  and
study it fnr a year.  Then write mo again.
v  Itorse'i ilnndu and ITcot.
The borse never puts his heel on the
ground, nor even the ball ot his foot
ll- Hands up on the very tips of his
toes, and this is, in part, the reason
why he can trot so fast. Dobbin's heels
ure half way up Ills hind legs, an
wo call bis knees are re-ally his wrist
Windmills aa  New-panera.
in Holland births, marriages and
dentils, Instead of being recorded in
newspapers, are Indicated by windmills,
When a miller gets married he steps
liis mill Willi the arms of the wheel In
a slanting position and with the snlls
unfurled, His friends and guests frc-
queutly do likewise with their mills, ln ;
token of the ceremony. To indicate a
birth the wheel Is stopped with the
arms In n slanting position, but at a
more acute angle than for a marriage
anel with the two upper sails unfurled.
Should a miller die the sails of his mill
are all Curled, and the wheel Is turned
round Until the arms form an upright
cross, In which position they are left
until after the funeral has taken place.
The Mole linn Byes.
The m'ajorlty of people  believe  that
d what   ,ll(' ln<)1(' is even "blinder" than the
proverbial   but.   but   the   naturalists
The Chosen,
"Some> n.en," remarked the assumptive citizen, "are born to lead."
"Yes," answered the cautious person,   "but  the  trouble  ls  that every
know thai such is nol the case,   sir
arm is short ami" is so embedded in the John l.ubl k and Carl II,-ss the tetter
muscles of the should.'.' that the elbow ft noted German naturalist, by careful,
comes next the body, but. the horse has Investigation proved that the mole bus
only  nne digit to each  limb, and the eyes which are us perfect as these of a i
wrist bones are comparatively small, horse or an elephant,   They ure very
The   so   called   ankle,   then,   Is   the smnlT optics, to be sure (only one mlllt-
knuckle where the digit joins the hand meter In diameter), but In tbe matter
or the toot, inui the "foot" Is only a of reflection and refraction do not dlf-
ingle thick linger or tne', with a great fer from tbe normal eyes In larger an!
��� ��� 'Mil , ,        . ��,     . ,, ., , 1_'     OlllUll"     Wlll-li     nil.mi    Wl     >���".      ......    --    j-,-	
man who feels a ^Inclination to to Uoof   Tllc lmvor hftlI of lno  Ilials
; actual work takes lt for granted that ,     ���     ,      tIo
1...    I_    ......   ,,1'    ........    ...rti, " W auliliitrt.m v                                    n                           ...
he is one of those men."���Washington
Hint  nun. nn.
High  Priced  Doctor���You  are  now
Anarchists Will See That    Boys    Arc   convalescent, nnd all ynn need Is ex-
ereise.    You slueulel walk ten to fifteen
miles  n   day,  sir,  but  your  walking
cation. tihniild  have  an  object.     Patient���All
right, doctor.    I'll totvol around trying to borrow money to pay your bill.
hand, with only lhe middle linger and. ����* *****   .1' *"�����.      ,
��� niece out ot ihe' middle of the palm.     �� ~ the locked up forces within, that;
while the corresponding pari of his  ����� deepJn our natures, not those that
hind leg Is a big. single toed fnot.-si.' ��>'" on the surface that test our mettle.;
N1(.lmla3                                                S It Is within everybody's power tn call
 ______                     j out  ttiese hidden   forces,   bi be sntue-
Given Faithful  Erlu-
Now  Voi II.  March 28.   The education of .lohiinn Mosi'., two sons is the
tribute  which   New   York   anarchists! Not t��� n'   n-p-.t-d.
will pay tii the momorj uf their late "Yes," an old Indian fighter was say-
leader,   The flrsl slop wns taken yes- lug. "tile Nlnux done something to mo
te ni iy. when a theatrical performance ln-nt tbey could never do again."
was given for the benefit  of lhe fund. "What was that?"
Yi'sti'iiluy's affair also commemorated
ibe' organization of the Fails Commune and the death of Czar Alexander
A mass meeting will be held in-xi
Sunday and a collection will be taken
im the' memorial fund. The widows
of several anarchists hanged for thlr
i onneotlon with   lie '  ��� inui '��� ���   i lota
"They scalped me.
Jealousy  Ih  the  greatest of  misfortunes and the least pitied by those who
pause it.-- Rochefoucauld.
Don't  think  a   man  great  just  because' he looks  so,    Seve'ii dollars  In
small bills look bigger than u "fifty."���
i ruck,
ili��i�� tii I'uiiiii- Speaker*.
Never refer pityingly to the poor.
This brands you at once as a demagogue, Never say anything respectful
of corporate wealth. In so doing you
lay yourself open to the charge of being a hired man.
Never use slang If you want respect
able people to take stock In you. Never use pure' llngllsb. The masses hate
Never tulk straight to the point. You
will be accused of taking yourself ton
seriously. Never tell funny stories.
They lend to the suspicion of chicanery.
Never praise "our forefathers." Ancestry pride Is disgusting. Never appeal to the "sturdy Immigrant leaven
lu our midst."   \l riles the old families.
Newark News.
body and to do something worth while
In the world, and the iuuu Who does
not do It Is violating his sacred birthright.   Buccess Magazine,
French MiirrlliKi- ttestrlottons.
It sounds almost Incredible,  Imt is
none the less a fact, that a Frenchman
under twenty live years of age whose
parents lire dead and whose grandfather or grandmother is alive cannot
enter the married state without the
written authority of both or either of
them���Paris Letter to Loudon Post.
stenliiiR in Blither Case,
There Is not much difference In the
guilt Of the man who "kills time" when
liis employer Is absent uni the mun
who steals a dollar li'nin the cash draw-
er.���Pittsburg, observer.
Publication Begins
April 3rd, 1906
A Clean, Newsy,
Reliable Paper
Just the Paper for the Farmer
and Rancher
Market Report, the
Market Prices, Mining
News, Lumber News,
Poultry and Stock Reports
and a Query Column, edited by a Reliable Veterinarian.
The City News will also be briefly and correctly
We will have correspondents in all nearby
towns and will cater to
your wants in every manner possible.
Per Year
The Weeky News Costs
The Daily New
Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sixth and Front Streets,
New Westminster, B. C.
-m TUESDAY,  MARCH  27,   1906.
Will YOU Use Paint ? Local News Briefly Told
If so. you will want the best  Paint  there' is and thai  is
Sherwin-Williams   Prepared Paints, and tor that  reason, it
ii   will  he the best Paint  for you  to  use.
S.  W.  P. Is made of the   purest    material     and   wiTli   the
greatest care in manufacturing, li  gives   the longesl  wear
and satisfaction always. Behind I1 10 years of honest point-
making. Wo have a strong proposition for you. You will
find it worth your while to paint your house with S. W. P.,
Do you  want  to know why'.'    ihen  call  at
Kirk's Hardware.
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���Visible Writing
i    Bookseller.-!, Stationers. Etc.
23.5 Columbia Street.
Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc.
Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
Picture Framing.
Columbia Street.     -     Telephone 176.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -   B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Is a fine, tough quick
drying, durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood doors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc, is unusually complete and includes the best known
brands. Nothing cheap but the price.
Try us next time you need anything
in our line. Try a can of Jap a Lac.
T.J. Trapp & Co,
received the
of local agent tor the
branch business opener] here by the
Calgary Milling company. The flrsl
car of liuur and teed from the mills
has already arrived here and tine firm
v. ill Kiiein he open ami ready tor business. Mr. Venablea proposes siili
keeping on his own business in addition in hla new duties,
Thi' executive   committee   of   ihe
The a. ii. C, Packers' tug, the Phoe- moved to ihe corner nf Flrsl  street
nix, lefl today tor Nanaimo. and Fourth avenue mi property form-
Messrs. Roses and Golden Bhlpped a erly owned    by Y. it. Glover,    local
tar load of hides to Sumas today. manager nf the? B, <". Electric Railway
T.  Traroaleo u\  weBtham    Island ''""'I'any-
was a visitor in the city yesterday. ''��� Venablea has received ihe   ap
1,.   Mallng    returned   tee   llis   Ileum'   ill     '" '"'""""
Langley today on board the Ramona.
W. Allen, of Langley, was one of
the Kanuina's iip-iivi'i passengers today.
W. II. Ladner and Mrs. Ladner
were visitors in the city today. They
return home tomorrow.
.1. Reichenbach made a large shipment ni green hides to Ban Francisco
.1. Reea of Chllllwack retur I home
to thai place thla morning on board
the Ramona,
i. Veiwari wns a passenger on the
Ramona this morning to !V i innm' at
Mount  i."inn,hi.
James Legg returner] to Chllllwack
this morning after o business nip in
the city,
a  large eata  halibut
was received he i e todaj b) the Bl
i i    nnii     cot ,,,uiy.
Th" city workmen are putting in a
new culvert across Columl la avenue
on Tenth si
T.  Lasbbrook  and   R.   Burks,  both
COt  I. '  I ' :    I .line    ill    liillll     l.illl-
nei  on ii.> this morning.
C. Y,tt   ol  Va  i waa one of
Part   of   Woods   Estate   Gets   Into  the
Hands      of      Selling
A very desirable block of city property   which bus hitherto been closed
to  pre vj'i'i'tivi'   purchasers  hae   I d
placed on the market, and even at
thla early'' 'la,e the owners of the property have received numerous enquiries concerniisjS it.
The propert.v is situated in block 7,
bet I I. ami was formerly a part of the
Wooda estate, whJpb was in the bands
of F, McCleary as e'xecutor. and which
ttiiiil   recently   wns   absolutely   eh   3d
tu prospective buyers at any  figure.
Lee's Wednesday Bargains
Splendid:; Drawer   Elm  Dresser  and  Stand        tish   Bevil  Mirror-u
Splendid Sel   Regular si:,.ihi,
Wednesday $12.00
Inin Heds, White' Enamel, Brasa Caps and Knobs  l 1-16 F'eist   '3 8  Fill
ing Kiids, Angle Iron Head and Foot, Regular $5.5o!
Wednesday $4.50
The best value in the land.    Don't miss this opportunity   if you  are   in
need of anything in this line,.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,   uupont   Block,
Antl-Tuberculosla   society     of   New
Westminster are sparing no palnstto The area covered by tWa property is
make the concerl to be given ln the two and one half acres, or the equal
opera   house    em  Thursday  evening, of 10 regulation <iiy has. and is locat
April 5th, one of the mosl successful ed al  tbe corner of   Twelfth street
affairs of the season, Tickets for the and  Fourth avenue.
concert    will  be obtainable    shortly,     This locality   has long been looked
when it  is expected thej  will be   It upon with a jealous eye. by many who
greal   demand, us the programme is found It impossible to purchase, and
of unusual excellem ���
Largest   Stock   in  the   City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and   Inspect Them.
��- W. C. Chamberlin
S^j DIAMONDS I    The Jeweler,      -     Columbia St.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
j   Telephone 97 ADAMS & DEANS.
The following are
Guichon lintei: II
Vancouver;   Joseph
tered al the
II.      Willi'
Walton,  Lani
B. c. B. II. Bowman, Minneapolis,
, Bow man Lumber ��� omp inj. Revi
stoke); R. W. Cole i Victoria, B.
C; G. c. l. Mallng, Langley, B. C;
T. c. Butler, Vanco vi i B. C; 11.
VI ilcomb, li. S. <;. Ke irel; Le Connie
Stiles, Portland, Ore.; I! D. Miller,
Seattle, Wash.
VV. A. GUley'a plli ivei \e 111 about
lie- Ramona's up-river passengers this complete iis work ot the Cousins can-
morning, llis destination wns Lang- nery al Steveston today, and will Im-
'''���v- mediately return to the Royal City to
C Palmetter, P. McCormlck, Mrs. pul in foundation piles for drying
.1. Green, Miss Manley, and W. S. kilns and a Bhlnglt mill tor Messrs,
Montgomery,, all ol Ladner, wen- puss- Small & Bucklin. Mr. Gllley's second
engera on the Transfer this morning,  crew of pile- drivers have jusl  aboul
now thai  the land Is  be market
li is thought thai there will be hum-
eroua sides made within a verj Bhorl
time, This portion of the' city is ad-'
mirably  aituated   tor residential  purposes, ove rlooklng the gulf as II dot
and furnishing a view thai cannol  bi
excelled in any pun of tbe city. Fo
a   erlous drawback to this com-
 nlty was the poor car Bervlce, the
company only  furnishing   an  hourly
bi rvic nil recently, when half hour
ere placed upon the run.
It  is said  that  in opening  the pro-
thai   lots will be offered at  a
verj reasonable figure, but values will
undoubtedly increase al an early date
with so many enquiries I'm lots,
You Are Invited
Miss Snelgrove will demonstrate for the next few
 days with	
Don't miss this opportunity of seeing and tastingthe
delicious Jellies, Custards.   Puddings,  Salad  Dre
ings, that can be made from these goods.
E. Campbell, Clorerdale'a postmaster wns a passenger to M Isslon this
morning "ti the Ramona.
R. V. Berks, of Victoria, was in the
city yesterday and lefl on the Transfer
in the afternoon on a business trip to
C. Westheimer one of the earliest
Bettlera in the Ladner district was
one nf the Transfer's down river pass-
i ngera yesterday.
There will be a meeting of the W.
C. T. 1'. tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon al ���'��� o'clock, al the residence
of  Mrs,   Alex.   Lamb,  Third avenue.
Three .laps will appear before Stlp-
endary  Magistrate Plttendrlgh tomor-
completed their work for Dawson &
Buttimer at Rivers Inlet and has other work In Blghl which II la expected
w.. keep them busy in the north for'
the balance of the- seaaon.
Th.' executive committee of the
Anti-Tuberculosis society met yesterday afternoon at the residence of the1
president, Mrs. U. I). Brymner, to arrange tor ihe- programme of the concert which is in be held on April 5th
In aid of Hi" society. A aample of the'
programme used in Victoria was re-
< ��� Ived from Dr. Fagan and the local
society propose taking 11 us a model
tor the one to be held hi re. The anal
airangementa for the programme were
i ' ' quite completed and another meet-
"1    wiib   Illegally
Belling  Ing will be held In the course of a tew
i .' a in ] erfecl  arrangemi i I -
Steamship   Empress  of Japan   Arrives
With   Royal  Visitor.
land at eleven o'clock.
The' weather Is beautlfu
lly  fine.
Weather   Grows   Milder.
Victoria, March 27.���The barometric I surprised to note the number of new
[ pressure la Increasing over the North  families in the city this year, and I
Pacific Slope. Rain has fallen on the   teel  satisfied  that  the Influx of good
while', reputable citizens into the city
row charge
Capt.  Young, formerly  of the  Favorite, has Bevered bla connection wjith
thai   ve.-sel and left  toda)   foi   Lady-
lis inui" of i le- Phoe nix,  lb' will
Bilortly take charge ol the Reliance.
Brodie's ateam tug, the Westminster
is   being overhauled  anel  repaired  In
readiness  for the aeason's work. She on board Prince Arthur
will be all ready to leave pun tomor- arrived at quarantine,
row. li  has been arranged
Howard King, who has for Bome
ii been a resldenl of the New Westminster district will remove In a few
dues in Nanaimo where he propose8
making liis home
The Lapwing came in i his afternoon
trom Victoria. She had no cargo, having unloaded al the various ports en
route.   She   will   leave'   tonight   with   a
mixed cargo tor Victoria.
i.iince Cheyne, who has tor Bome
time past been third officer on the
Bteamer Transfer, has resigned his
position and will shortly leave for the
Skeena river where he has accepteel
a position In one of the canneries.
A large consignment of milk and
cream cans were received at the C.
P, R, today for re-shlpnient to the
Chilliwack Creamery, The MoClary
Manufacturing company were the
Stewart   Stevenson,   certificate   No,  0
2165, e.l' Elgin, II. ('.. asks for 6 Inohes Ireland In  Rome.
"'  water 1',���|"" "" Unnamed  Mr"iml  in       Rome,   .March   27.-Archbishop   Ire-
the vicinity Of Klein. The waler is de- - |;mi,   (||. g|_   p^  ^^    fa ^
Sired for agricultlral purposes, and 11   ���������,,;���,   Durlng ������, day  h��� vlsil(,,,
'"��� deslred  u' "1"1,l��    the Si,m"    '"'  the American college where he was
means of a pine line, The application  ,������s, cordlally ,,,.,,,,���, ,,, ,lu, ���.,.������,
will be heard on April 27. Monslgneur Kennedy. The archbishop
The  funeral  of the  Infant  bod  of  then  visited  the college of the Pro-
Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Crouae took place  paganda and waa warmly greeted by
the prefect, Cardinal Qotti, ami asked
thai  hi' be recelvi I   In private aud-
Census  Enumerator Reports  Decrease
of Undesirables and Increase
of Good Families.
City Assessor Powers reports that
the census Is nearly finished, the balance of the work being largely clerl-
c;il, although it few places remain to
be r> visited. Mr. Powers declined to
make nne statement Involving figures
at present, but stated that the recorda
denote a substantial increase in the
po "Million.
lie' said this afternoon: "I am practically   finished   with  the work  save
for a tew minor details, ami while I
nm  unable  aa  yel   to  announce mj
es, ] am sate in stating thai the
ease    shown  is quite satisfactory.
"The   last   census  showed   a   large
number of Chinese, and white shack-
Victoria,   ll.   C.,     March     27.���The  ers.  living along the waterfront, and
teamshlp  Empress  of Japan  having  the  decrease  among these people is
ind suite, has amazing. Fortunately, however, I am
able io say thai the number of   new
to people coming to tho city, nearly all
of whom are white families, has more
than off-set the deficiency in the pop-
��� ulation   owing   ui  the  departure'    of
thes her people. I was considerably
i*i ........
!���!            THE    FINEST    VARIETIES    THAT    MONEY   CAN   BUY. !J;
j*! !���'
��            Apples, Pears,  Cherries, Plums, Prunes. fc
:���:            Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds i
���; :���:
��� v
���; Ornamental trees and shrubs, in great variety, evergreen and gold- JV
>J   ''ii from 2 to il feet.   Roses, paei nles,   rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- $
&   green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free. ��;
a .���!
>������ V
I    D. M. Robertson & Sons   I
'J ���
J;    Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B, C. J
sk ?��?:^^ :*^��; r-^:*-"-^ :���: :������":���": :���: :���: :������>: :���;:'���: :������: :������: :���::���*: :���;:������;:������; :*: :���!:������: c^��:;��: ^c :���-: j��;^>" :*^-��; :���: :�����::*: ?���::���: I'*: :���;:���: :���::���::���::���;;���: i^u*: :*:;-��^*_
Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island
and throughout ihe' Pacific states, The
weather west of the Rockies is milder.
In the Northwest a vast system ()f
high pressure cent ml In the valley of
the Mississippi covers the provinces
and fair weather is general with high-
ii  te   peratures.
forecasts for ;>ti hours ending 5 p.
m. on Wednesday on the Lower Mainland: light winds, mostly cloudy and
mild with occasional showers.
The lowest temperature ln New
, Westminster last nighl was -14 degrees above _ero.
is an indication of conHilence In the
Mr. Powers was unable to state the!
dine upon which he expected to have
the census finished, as it has heen ue-
ce'ssary to visit some homes as often
;is three times, without finding anyone!
ai home. Many of these runaway people are yet to be seen, bul It i.s
thought that they will all be visited
within a short time.
For Sale���A  bed  lounge, also a coal
heater. Call on Wednesday at  205
9th str "'i.
Eggs for Hatching���Haired Rocks.'
Ringlet Cockerel, S. '('. W. Leghorns, wyckoff strain. Large grass
runs. Fertility guaranteed or Bettings replaced. $2 per\ia. 1521 tith
avenue or Box 557,
this afternoon from the family resilience on Eighth street. The funeral
service  was  conducted   by  Rev.   Dr.
Itugg. acting pastor of the Olivet
iiapiist church. Quite a number of the
friends of the parents we're present
and the little casket  was covered wilh
by  the
Postoffice Burglarized.
Winnipeg,    Man.,    March    2(i.���The
postoffioe at   Hart tu"'.  .Man., was bur-
Girl War.tcd-
���for store, apply Baker's
For Siie���White Wyandoltes, lhal are
white, Duston strain. Eggs $2.On per
set iim:. Utility siock. Lawrence A.
Johnson, 1027 Queen's avenue.
the floral tributes of friends and sym- glarisod  last  night, and     the    safe
The ready made cottages, five ln
number, which were on exhibition at
the fair last year, and which were
later lefl  at  the park, have heen re-
blown open. The registered mail was
all rifled, bul the exacl amount of
money secured ,':������ as yet unknown, although ii is very considerable, A
package of jewellery  wns  also talien.
f*r.>".>::*':>"*>:>:>>>>:>::*::'��:>:>::*:>"'��:>:��:>;i��ri.::.:>::.::*:>: *;*:���;>:*:�����>:>::���::���:>:;���:>!*:>:>:>:>;:��:>-
;���; ��
:J;     SPECIAL-And a Good One for To-day Only     ;���;
A Good Proposition
160 acres at Haney frontinfr on main road with road on 2 sides
-20 acres under cultivation. House, burn, stable. 100 bearing apple trees, 6 large cherry trees. St) acres (rood cedar,
about 2,000 cords of bolts; saw mill 1 mile distant.
A Good Buy~$3,000, Half Cash.
McLeod, Mark & Co., "tfSS 'ttZ
ram Office
�� Extra Large Navel Oranges ��
One Dozen  Weighing 7 Pounds
Wanted���First class bookkeeper.
Write stating salary expected to
Itnx A, Daily News office.
Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Com-
pelenl and willing to leach. Slate
experience and salary expected. D.
L. Allen Scott, P, O, Hex 1120, Cal-
:  iry, Alberta.
ROOMS  TO  LET���Apply  to  816 Carnarvon  streel, near Sixth  street.
We also have in, Right Fresh, Asparagus, Celery, Cauliflnur, Rhubarb,
Cabbage, bpinuch, Ripe Tomatoes, Lettuce, Parsley.
K Don't forget to try the Jelleys, Quick's Custard, Etc., which  V
Miss Snellgrove is Demonstrating.
j C. A. WELSH,   The People's Groce-r
:���: ....
:���: I,
To Let���Furnished rooms with hoard
if doslred. Apply Mrs. D. D. Taylor,
corner Carnavon ami sth street, city
For Sale���Two tine Jersey cows, nnd
erne Shorthorn, fresh milking. One
(evo year old heifer, and one six
��� "iplhs. Apply W. H. Madlll, Doug-
���  Road, or Dally News office.
st- -tin Third avenue between 10th
��� ii 8th street n pair of gold rim-
mei glasses, with double lens. Finder please return to Mrs. D, Welsh,
113  Mowetto street.
When a Man Leaves
Off His Overcoat
He  Feels the  Need  of a New Sack  Suit.
There are many little'1 points of difference that distinguish this
year's style from the one in vogue last autumn.
It is by comparing the 20TH CENTURY BRAND of men's fine
tailored garments with the ordinary kind of ready-to-wear clothing,
that you see just how much these "little points of difference"
If you aim to be well dressed, they mean much to you.
If you realize their importance, you will be quick to appreciate
the  new    single-breasted  suits we're offering at from $13.00 to $26.00
Selling Agent far
New WestmiKttE
For Sale���Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
To Contractors.,
Tenders will he received Up to noon
Wednesday, April ith, at the office of
Messrs. Malins nnd Coulthard (where
plans and specifications may be seen)
for the erection of n brick block on
tho corner of Columbia, Sixth and
Front streets, New Westminster, B. C.
Take notice that the Great West
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans and application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, British Columbia, on the foreshore of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 13, Block 3, North Range 7,
West. /
Dated at New Westminster, B.  C.
this 15th March, 190G.
PANY  LIMITED.       /
Sporting News
and Comment.
I *���������������������������������������������������������������"���������
Launch   Owners   of   City   Want   Some
Sport on the  River.
.   A movement is on foot among the
local owners of launches to establish | Thompson
,,i! annual regatta.   Then' are now a
considerable and growing number of
launches on the river propelled both
by steam and    gasoline   and   there
teems to be no reason why such an  Thomas' Intimation thai b
idea should not catch on and be push-! -ttluted    the    locomobile
ed  along  to  a  successful   issue'.    Old
Father Fraser is always ready with an j
adequate supply of the necessary element  and there is also lois ot  room
for a rowing club which could affiliate
with the proposed  orpin'< at lon.    The'
present  year  bids fair  to  be a most
favorable one for aquatic sports as the
snow is said to be already none from
lhe mountains and ttUTe is very little
danger of any serious freshets.    That
would mean Ihat every day at  slack
water the Fmser will be just as calm
as a lake and unsurpassed for boating
ol all descriptions
The only wonder I
U that the warm blood of youth has j
not long ago turned Its attention to
this method of working off surplus I
energy und seeking fresh laurels tor
the city and province by boosting
aquatic sports. Among the gentlemen
who have already been debating the
legattl question are Messrs. Relchen-
bach, D. Cameron, Ollley Bros., Q.
Goldte, F. DeGrey nnd 11. Schaake.
With gentlemen of this calibre al tiie
helii it would seem Impossible tor
aiiy'hing but success to attend the
proposed venture..
Brockton Point Meeting.
" The annual meeting e,'' the Brook-
tan Point, Athletic club waa Iuld in
the rooms of the Tourists' association
eel Vancouver .last nighl.. AsidV' from
'he report of the secretary for the
least year, and the election of members of the board of directors, the business was largely routine, The following gentlemfn were elected to the
board of management: Messrs. ll.
Gowan. __ Boiiehan, A. E. Suckling.
F. R. j_ktf> ZRussell. -I.  1)   Hull, C   M.
Beecher, R. W. Tinmis. J,  .v. Wallis,
and P. i el. .ShaHci-OHs
The ;report of the secretary tb all
largely with a brief summary of the
various sports under the auspices of
the club, and this together with the
flnanci.n.i statement praticallj takes In
everyt-uiif in connection 'with tlu report.
Celtics and Ladyi -nith.
The Association fool ball championship of Vancouver [aland was decided Saturday afternoon, by the (Lady-
smith aggregation defeating the Victoria team, 4 goals to nil. This victory over the Victorias places the
Ladysml-h team up against the Celtics of Vancouver for ihe Provincial
championship, and although both
teams are confident of victory, the records oi' tlie .teams would indicate
that the Celtics will have no cause for
alarm, when they clash wiia the
urer of automobiles he permitted to
act on the ruling boards, 1 am building three racers for the sole purpose
Oi winning the Vanele irbllt cup for
America, and demand a square .deal
which was nol given nn' last  time'"
Mr. Taylor, in oommentlng on ibis,
declared thai sportsmanship bad here
tcfore been subordinated to commercial Interests by the managers of the-
big automobile race's, and he wrote
nn article In his paper commenting
lent iiiile on the appointment of Mr.
under the heading "To
Turn the Grafters On'."
i in  .March  2u  Mr. Thompson    an-  i
i e unced the appointment ot Taylor as
a member of the racing board,
Robert Lee Morrell saiii In regard to
llilil    sub-
tier      I he'
iiioiiiiis car because he was a large
shareholder In the Locomobile company:
"1 do nol own a single share of
slock in the Locomobile company and
never did, l never have been financially interested In any other automobile company. The Locomobile finished Becond, bul Thomas' car fifth In
tin' elimination trials, There has never
been the slightest question as to the
light and propriety of the Locomobile
in compete In the race,
"1 understand thai the editor of this
pe riodiciil is a member of the new rae-,
I ing board; In fact, Mr. Thomas' pe^.
I Miniii appointee.   I am sorry he ��� lid
j mn make some' attempt to learn  the
[acta before such an unfounded cr__rga
against a fellow clubman was i aade."
west Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for |
petroleum, and the minister may re-;
Sy��� ��* of Regulations' for Disposal serve  for  an  individual  or company
��f.  Minerals on Dominion Lands in   having machinery on the land to b
T 4��mtoba, the Northwest Territories Pr<��pec1
Timothy Extra Clean e<i
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, AlfaK/a
Rye Grass, rYrennial
Rye Grasr, Italian
Red Top
Orchar _ Grass
Rape Seed. Dwmif Essex
M jl8et, Golden
' Jfcts, Sv edish
Oats, Tartar Kh\g
Wheat, Island
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
amd the Yukon Territory.
OOAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $io per acre for soft coal
���and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 3-!o acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cent, per l>��� ii of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location,
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, nol exceeding
live, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for n company,
according to capital.
A free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end ffl
the line of the lode, or vein,
Thc claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocatcel within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional elay allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5-
At least $100 must be expended on
the  claim  each year  or paid  to the
such   peril el  as  he
length of which sha!
timei  the breadth,
peel or  eliscover  oil
may decide, thc
not exci ed three
Should tiie' pro
111 paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area nol exceeding 640
acres, ini hiding the oil well, will be
sold to th< prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be s iei at the rate eef $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate- as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the' Intern   .
I>, pt. Interior.
Famous  Shortstop Dead.
Chester,    Pa.,    March    26.���Joserjh
Cassldy, shortstop of the Washington
American League baseball dub, died
in his home Lu this ciiy yesterday.
Jay Gould  a  Winner.
Tuxedo Park, N. v.. March 21;.    lu
Hi.   final round of court tennis ai  thi
court  of the Tuxedo Tennis nnd Rao
q_et   club,   Jay  Gould  of    Laltew I
easily defeated Pierre LdriHard of ilit
Tuxedo club yesterday 111 three
straight sots. Gould is looked upon
as a atrong candidate for the nations
championship next week.
Scandal in Auto Circles.
New York, March 88. ��� Samuel
Walter Taylor, editor of a sporting
paper and a new member of ihe racing board of the American Automobile
association, who is said to !����� the
presenl appointee of Chairman Jefferson Di'inoiii Thompson, has stirred up
The  king  of  Spain  has  1 irdered   a
supply  of  Irish  'i>e,'is  [roan   BaHln-
11 be.
A coal steamer, the Scotsman, wns
wjiecked off Londonderry in a gale
and the captain and crew of live men
were drowned
An old man named John Watson
was burned to 'le'iitli In a loft over the
harness room when' lie' was employed
in Tynan Abbey, county Armagh.
Lord Haelech has sold his estate al
Ballycommln, county Sligo, to his tenantry, after a family connection with
Connaughl dating from the reign of
Queen EXUabeth.
Patrick Bhovelln, of Stagar, near
Klllybega, a wealthy fanner, committed BUinlde while of unsound niinel
hj hanging himself. He was 30 years
of age and unmarled.
Michael lloran. a farmer of Clone-
yegan, while e-ngaged with .his son
falllngttlmber, was accidentally struck
in ilif stomach by a large log, He
I at! to be carried to his homeland died
In n few hours.
While Mrs. Ronan, wife of Mr. Con
Komi 1, of iim ���lane, near Fermoy,
waa driving home front a "wake'' with
her husabnd the trap was overturned
and Mrs. Ronan was killed. Her husband escaped unhurt
The body of ii man named Patrick
Cox wiis found lying in Uat mud about
thirty yards from Ihe shore at Bel-
tiiiillet by some hoys who were collecting seaweed. He was a farmer
and had attended the Belmullel fair.
The Kingstown urban council are to
ask the' admiralty department that a
llriilsh warship should be again stu-
tioned in Kingstown harbor, county
Dublin, ll is some years since 11 ISrit-
lah gunboat has been stationed In the
Though Mary Boyle, a Qalway woman, is only about 30 years of age
she has already spent ii modest fortune in flues for drunkenness, During the last year she was convicted
21 times for drunkenness nnd paid
i-27 in fines. For previous convictions the line's amounted to  ��300.
���lohn Hegarty, of CuJiion Bonargee,
Letterkenny, who, it is staled, was
upwards of 103 years of age, died al
his home recently. He had vivid.recollections of ninny stirring events
when the lust century was still young.
and Uveal ,lining tin- reign of five Itlit
isii monarchs, George ill., George' iv ,
Wllliani IV., Queen Victoria and King
I   Iwill'el.
A curious case arose ire lhe probate
court, Dublin, in relation to the administration of the estate eef Arthur Dig-
:'eis 1.a Touche, of Oaset, forks, who
slated thai Arthur Dlgges La Touche
had not been beard of tor a great
number of years, Accordingly an
order was made by the court deeming
hlin to be dead, in January last Mrs.
Dlgges La Touche, the mother of the
missing man, received a latter from
ber  son   from   Australia.    The  order
Las. year lhe. Rnesl Crnjis in It.
C. were produced from mir skihI
I Brackman-Ker
! Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
Synopsis   of  Canadian   Northwest
Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting H nnd
26, not reserved, may be homesteadt-,3
by any person who is the sole head ol
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the extent of one-quarteT
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally ait
the local land office for the district
in which the land is situate, or if thc
desires, he may, en ap-
the Minister of the Interior,   Ottawa,    the    Commissioner    of
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily I NEW I   Daily
l..'i,v,'  WESTMINSTER  Arrive
li;2ii;iin 111,line-,   Beinhg   '��� "" ('III
4:2:, pm ham.    Burling-9:20pm
ton,'  Me.   Ver-
[non,     Everett
Beattle        and
4:1!;, pm Spokane'.       St 3:00 pm
[Paul   and   all
points  East,
9.20 amIAnacortes J3:0n pm
iWoolley,    and
8:00 pm Vancouver        19:20 am
9:-0pn |4:35prrj
Ttouto of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul, Minneapolis,
V\ inmix-v.. Duluth   Chicago, St.
l^ouis  and all  points  East.
Fur complete information,
rnif berth reservation, etc.,
rail on or addresB,
V. r. GRIFFIN, Agent,
ltiinli of ('online tee Building.
Ne-w Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKE8, A. G. P. A.,
Corner Seoond  Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
"7 I (Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia  Coast Line
Service. ��������
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
AH Selected &Tested I t^^STS* ?��� ;��=��
made and upon complying with, other jQr   Ottawa,
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at [m'mjgration, Winnipeg  or the local
$1.00 an acre. agent  receive authority for some one
Permission  mny be granted by the to make entry for him.
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate The homesteader is required to per-
claims containing iron and mica, also f lin, tnc conditions connected there-
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an wjtn nl,der one of the following plans,
area not exceeding 160 acres. (Ii  ,\i  least six  months'  residence
The   patent   for   a   milling  location upon   and   cultivation   of  the  land   in
shall  provide   for  the  payment  of  a each year for three years.
Royalty of 2]/3 per cent, of the sales (2)  If the father (or mother, ii the
of the products of the location. father is deceased) of the homesteader
PI rYCER MINING���Manitoba and resides  upon  a   farm  in  the  vicinity
the  Yukon of thc laud  entered  for  the  require-
the  N. W.  T., excepting
Montreal Protests.
Montreal, March 26.���The city
council today unanimously passed a
resolution protesting againsl the' Sabbath Observance bill now before par
llament, us curtailing the liberty of
the people.
Oeylon Fi>r clever Doctors.
The native uii'elie-nl profession of Ceylon la envied by half the population of
the island, as It comprises the highest
their learning can afford. But it Is deplorably becoming extinct owing to
lack of encouragement and shortly wlll
be as much a thing of the past as the
Egyptian embalming system. Ceylon
dentists never extract a tooth. Their
medicines are strung enough to arrest
corruption, giving vitality to the gums.
Surgeons never amputate an injured
limb, but cure tbe break, fracture or
dislocation by powerful vegetable oils.
There is no union among these mysterious doctors, however. They are jealous of one another, nre continually run-
,ning each other down, and so tlie Europeans and high class natives seek European advice, und the native science
ls being gradually ruined.���Pearson's
Dolly Madlaon'a Trunk liram,--.
In the treasure room of tbe White
House ls an old trunk that belonged to
Dolly Madison. This trunk had been
battered from tbe attic to basement until Mrs. Roosevelt discovered its historic worth. She had the relic renovated, and now It ls one of the receptacles of the White House silver, i'ac old
trunk held the wardrobe of the beautiful Virginia girl, and on the side it
bears the words, "Mistress Dorothy
Madison, care of James Madison, Esq."
Just how old fashioned it ls may be
gleaned from the fact that lt Is not covered with a smooth leather, but with
reddish eowsklu, with the fuzzy hair
showing. Tbe trunk Is In remarkably
fine condition, considering the bard
knoeks it has undergone, lt was In the
���White House at the fire Hud bears
signs of scorching In several places.
Territory  Placer mining claims gen- meats as to residence may be
erally are  100 feet square, entry fee by such person residing with the fa-
$<!   renewable yearly.    On the North ther or mother.
Saskatchewan River claims are either (3) If the settler has bis permanent
bar  or  bench    the  former  being  100 residence   upon   farming  land   owned
feet long and extending between high by him in  the vicinity of his home-
and low water mark.    The latter in- stead, the requirements as to residence
dudes bar diggings, but extends back may  be   satisfied  by  residence   upon
to the base  of the hill or bank, not the said land.             _          _
Where   steam Six months' notice in writing shnul
(Subject to change without   notice.)
VICTORIA SKA I li.l'.   Hen   y_
Princess Beatrice 1
Leaves Port Townaend 12 p  ra.
Leave's Victoria 9 p.m.
Arrive' Seattle ~i n.m.
Leave Beattle 9.30 a.m.
Arrive'   i'eerl   Towsend   I'-' IU noon.
Arrive' Victoria 3.30 p.m.
S. s. Princess Victoria.
Leave Vancouver 1 p. m.
Leave Victoria 1 a. m.
8TB. CHAR.MI.lt.
Leaves Victoria,  1  a. in., in,
and Friilays.
Leaves New Westminster, 1 a. rn.
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Calling a'   Maynean (I  Steveston,
S.S. Joan leaves Nanaimo auny, ex-
ci'pt Saturday and Sunday, at "i a.m,
Saturday 8 a. m.
Leaves   Vancouver   daily,   except
Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30 1
Saturday 2.80 p, m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria 11 p. m, 1st, luih
n"ii 20th eef each month tor Ahousett
a, ei way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of each n ��� h
for Quatslno and way points.
Leave Victoria 20th of each month
for Oai a Scotl and waj 11 int
ing QuatBlno.
S'.tamrr TransTd.
Leaves   New    Wei, mil    er   1
Additional  trip  leaves   New   "
minster .", a. m, Sunday.
Leaves   Stevesl "1   Mom
day,  Wednesdaj.  Thursda ���   and  .   -
. urday 7 a. m.    Friday 6 1 . m.   Ai-
'. ditional trip Sa urday 5 p. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Lei e Ni w Westmlnsti r - a in,
Mondays, Wedm Bda: s and Frio"
Leave Chllllwack 7 a. m,
Thursdays  and   Satrdaya     ailing at
landing   between   Ni w   v. ���  1 mln ti t
and Chilliwack,
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m. 2nd
and   li'i h  of each  month  calling fX
00 feet wide be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply ior patent.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
exceeding 1000 feet.
power is used claim
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. VV. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable.' in the discretion of the Minister
of the  Interior.
The le-see's right is confined to the'
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any lo
for lirst year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gvtle-h. the width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims arc marked by two legal Nurseries, Greenhouses
p.i^ts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company -staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year j
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It i.s lighted with
both electricity anil gas', the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private   compartment   cars,   standard
16   section  sleepers,   luxurious  dining   Skldegate on lirst trip and Belli   1
car. reclining chair cars  (scats free),! la on second trip.
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   library  and  smoking cars.
For   Time   Tables,   Feihlers,   or   any
further  information  call   on  or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
and   dej
and in-
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
water mark, and sub-   or    sqq([    fjatS    Shipped    fl'Om
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New nop now in stock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant
for thesn in sealed uacbete. If lie
does not handle them we will prepay
to your nearest postolfice, fifty Sc
fthe"party consists of Packets, our selection of good  varie-
Maxiinlu was the only giant among
tlie Roman emperors, lie was elghl
ami one-half feet In height nnd very
heavily   liuilt   even    for   that   stature.
Hi' wiis a Iraclan (barbarian) and rose
to  the Imperial  dignity   by  military
skill and ability.
Ihi 1,1 hlm.
"iilinbles  are  made by   a singularly
Ingenious piece of mechanism! whieh
receives plates of polished brass ot
steel at one stroke, stamps (hem into
shape unei innki-s. the Indentations,
it tempest In auto circles by printing] deeming the man dead was revoked.
In his publication Intimations of
(favoritism alleged to have been practiced by the hue chairman ot the
board, Robert Lee Morrell, a prominent lawyer of this city, and the other
members, including W
Jr., E. II. Thomas. Iln
Mr. .lohn Kelly, a farmer, died al
hla residence, St. John's Point, Kii
ough, county Down, aged 108 years,
lie recorded liis vine al iii<- lasi election   iu   the  polling  division of  Ard-
K, Vanderbllt,I glass and was loudly cheered.
bunker; James     The  Drogheda harbor   commission
_  U��-nr (Ilrll
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10, Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on thc
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on thc Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water Free.
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee Shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease lor each five miles
hut where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased, Royally at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected <>n the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below    low    water    mark, that  boun
ties, for $1.00 to Introduce thtim.
Large stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now m-
tured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay <��f fumigation or Inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order. Greenhouse Plants.
Floral Work, Dee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc.    Catalogue
M. .1. HENRY,
soio Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C.
Railway Company
said ber father after   elary to be lixcel by its position on the
I. M'e'se, the millionaire painter and have under consideration many Im-
Clubman; T, M, Hllyard, late of the | provements for the control of the tidal
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel; Col. K.  11. H.
'Green, Hetty Green's son, and several
others equally well known.
The' ruling out of ih" Thomas Flyer,
whieh finished fifth in the Vanderbllt
��'ii|i rne't.'i, is made' the base Of the
Statements, and a controversy which
may shake' the A. A, A. to Its foundations and Incidentally involve the arls-
locriitie automobile club of America
v. Ill be the result.
The 11-011 iii< started with a telegram
from E, R. Thomas, the Buffalo manufacturer, iei John Farson, president of
ih" American Automobile association,
(is follows:
"Robert   Lee  Morrell   Is  said   to  he
;i large stockholder in the Locomobile
company,    I respectfully urge thai   no
one Interested u�� agent or mnnufac
waters of the River Boyne. It is necessary that the Improvements be car-
1 led out If the present shipping ol the
port is to hi' retained and new shipping attracted to the port,
Old Sleuth  Author  Dead.
Bainbrldge, Gai, March 26,  -Col. 11.
Shackleford,  better    known  aa  "Hal
Blandish," under which m le plume
hi' wrote "Fred Fearnot," 'The Old
Sleuth" and other well known detective stories, died h.'ie yesterday morning aged ii", years. Col. Shackleford
was tor thlrtyflve years 11 writer of
detective Btortes. Besides 0 prolific
e-rl'er, he was at Various linn's a Bap-
isi   minister,   democratic   campn.'gn
.-,'cakor and lecturer.
she had klsseel him effusively two or
three times, "what Is It you want? Out
with it!"
"I don't want anything," replied the
dear girl. "I want to give you something."
"Indeed?   What Is lt?"
"A son in law. Jack asked me to
���peak to you about It."-Philadelphia
1*4-   11,-teirK.
"Well, sir, who are you?"
"Why, father, dear, don't you know
me? I'm your prodigal sun llsh."���Wo-
1,inn's Hemic ('leniiiiiiilnn
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six year*
from such ilate. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each -.i'|i.irate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
In partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $_\ A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch Or river, by
".iviii";  notice and  paying  a  fee.
Work must be done em a claim
each year to the value of ,'it least $-'00.
A certificate that work has been
not, thc claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in thc
Yukon   OfhVi.'il   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
Atlantic Express leaves tinny at
Hi.40; has first-class slceners and
Tourists cars ror Toronto every
Monday and Friday! ror .Montreal
every Wednesday and baturday,
Seattle train leaves dally at 8.80.
For further particulars apply to
C. I'. ll. Agent.
.New  Westminster,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
j Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travel <m the Famous
Eleciric-lighteel train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale' to all European p'lints.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates  to   Southern   California.
For full informlion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Anil all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
Fur Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of thc Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alii their trains and
give  their patrons an  excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars   Leave
on   any   other   line.      They   protect
their trains by the ltlock System. 920 a.m.
Connection   made   with   all   trans-, I2-.25 p.m.
continental lines in  Union Depots. Q.40 am.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Pt. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
! points east, west and south to Ross-
jlatid, Nelson and intermediate points,
'connecting at Spokane with thc Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at     Meyers     Falls    with
stage tlaily for Republic.
Mullet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
F.ffective Sunday, November io,
Times   on   arrivals
are approximate.
For Tickets,  resei vatli
formation call on or addn
.1. W. TRi     P,
General Superintendent, Victoria
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
W. H. GARDIfe     :
Gen. Agent, Fri Ighl I '���
New We<     aster,
Agent, New Wi
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster  '" i" dally.
Arrive New Westminster
Lv. New West. . 8.30; ar. St     le 16
l.v. Seattle 10; ar. New West. 18.40.
Lv. New West. 10.36 and  11   5,
Ar .New West. 9.36 and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a m.
Lv. N. W. B.20 a.in.; ar. Si att a t p.m-
Lv. N. W, 4.86 p.m.; ar. Seattle in p.m.
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. W. 3 it
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.;  ar. N.W.   9,35
V., W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N, W. 3 p.m. and 9.86 pan.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 1 pjn.
Lv,   N.  W.  SOU  a.m.;   ar. Guiehon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon  2.40 p.m.;   ar. N. W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
l.v.   Ni'w  We...   5.50  11.in-.  6.60, '
and   hourly   until   11   p.m.,   with  Bait
; hourly   between   12.:!0  and   6.30 p.m,
Baturday half-hourly noon to 11 i'1"-
Sunday  hourly    X    a.m.   Io   11   I'i" :
wllh halt-hourly bet. n 1 and " i1-"1-
l.v.  Vancouver same time throughout
Fraser River andjGulf
i Heaver���
From N. W, Mon. Wt'd. Fri,]. ! a���'"���
From  Chwk. T.i.. T      Si      I ���""���
1 Ramon���
From N. W. i 1., Th., Sat, i R m.
From Chw.i. Sun., Wed,   I       ' ���'���'"���
I Favorite-
Prom N. W. dally, ex. Bun , - 15 i"IL
From Mt. Lehman, 7 a.m.
ii ansfer���
From N. w. daily, ex, Sun . 2 !'���""
Add, trip, Monday. ,"1 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.mi
Add. trip Baturday, .", p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 n.m.
Prom Victoria Saturday 7 n.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Se'iitlle, via Sumas in.uu p.m. 8.45p.,!"
Sap'n & MIllslde...lO.OO p m.   6.4 'i""-
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   8.00 a.��>,
Cloverdale, Blalue,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.46a.m.    3.30p.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.80a.m.   - r-'"'
Victoria 10.30n.m. HU'imm'
East Burnaby.. .. 1.15p.m.  i.irer"1'
Steveston,  etc  1.80p.m. 10.80am.
East, via C.P.R... 3.00p.m. 12.00m
Day Train
..  Spokane
.. .Rossland
.7.15 pm.
.4.10 p.m.
H, S. ROWR. General Agent.
134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or. I
... .Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Sap., Mil', Coq'm.
Van. & Ilurnah: .
3.00 p.m. 12.00 m
3.30 p.m.   6.00 I'"1-
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
W111TK    HORSE,    DAWSON   an"
FAIRBANKS.     Daily   trains   (exC��P
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   WSJ'
express    and    freight    connect    WH
stages at Carcross and While Hort 1
maintaining a through winter Bervt
For  information  apply to
J.  II.  ROGERS, Traffic Manage*
Mackinnon Bldg.,
Vancouver, H. C. TUESDAY,  MARCH  27,   1906,
barrtste s, solicltoi i", '-te. or-
N'e-w Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome' streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Granville street. ,1 iseph Martin, K. ('., J,
W, W'l'.ui. W. 0. McQuarrle, 11. A.
Bourne. Mi. Martin wit ho in tlu
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
HOWAY, RICH) & BOWES, Barristers,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lome
���1,   opposite   Court    House,    ,\'ew
Westminster.   J. II. Howes, P. O. Box
ters and solicitors. Blackle Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
w   .1. Whiteside, ll. I.. Edmonds.
Mr. .1 p. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of 'in' supreme court. Offices
Canadian  Bank  of Commerce  build-
Columbia   street, opposite  post-
... New  Westminster.    M iney to
GirOE i'i  martin. Barrister ami
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
.,1 Me Kenzle streets, New West-
ter, B, C.
INION  LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
i i,,, re pilar meeting of this
held on the Flrsl Wedm day In
11, month, id 8 o'clock p. m., In
. ji.i onlc Ti tuple, Sojourning
rethren are cordially Invite 1 to al
,���i. Dr. W. A. DeWoll Smith,
[-. & A. M.���Regular communications of Hi's lodge ai" held em the
second Tuesday in each month In
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are cordially Invited
to attend.    l>- W. Gilchrist, Sec.
r, B. K. of I., meets Becond and
.,until Friday of each month, nt. 8
p. ni., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and .leihn street. So-
Turning Sir Knight s cordially In-
,;..,! in attend. W. B. Dunlop, W.
p.;   K. E. Matthias, Reg.
���Meets ln Orange hall first and
third Friday in each month at. S p.
111. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; .!��� Humphries, Rec-Sec.
0. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE, No. 27���
Th,' regular meetings of this lodge
,. held in Oddfellows' hall, Colum-
i,., street, every Monday evening,
-, o'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
dially Invited to attend, s. i. May,
-, i; .   W. c Coatham, Rec. See-.
i, 0. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
Meetings Hi" flrsl and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. O, r. W. hall. Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
.: Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S ���
Red Rose Degree meets Se'e'oml and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P. Hall. Columbia St., at
8 p. 111.. White Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place'. Visiting Brethren
cordlallj Invited, E. B. Stinch-
"'iiiii., Pies.. 11. Disney, Secretary.
- Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at s o'clock, in the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. .1. H. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
tins Lodge are held een Ihe Second
1111,1 Fourth Tuesdays of each month
ut 8 p. in. in the Oddfellows' Hal).
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited to attend. B. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock i', 111., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Colnmbl 1 street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to at-
'" 1, s, Bryson, s. C; .1. McD,
' u     ell, Sec.
CAMP, 191���Meets on ihe- Flrsl ami
fhlrd Tuesday of every month In
K "f P. Hall. .lohn McNIven,
' l:1' 1. J. .1. Forrester, Rec. Sec,
BOAHD OF TRADE.���Now   Westmln-
"':  l;' ird or Trade iimeis In tlie
'.'"'"t ���'  Room, City  Hall, as follows:
 "   Wednesday ot each month,
jeiuarttely meetings on the Becond
Wednesday of February, May,
August ami November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on tho second
Wednesday    of    February.     New
"embers may he proposed and
H"':'/'i ai any monthly or quarterly
meeting,   a. e, white, sec
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver lo all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Dail) News.
New Westminster, B. C.
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
THOS. R. PEARSON %������??�����. f ,n Ncw ^tmi"s*er
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
823���One hundred anel stxt
southern slope < > r toe aerpentln
the Clover Valley Road; near t
land is very productive; about
Oood and convenient Duiidings.
'tin's is well win i h Investigate
1027���An unusually good b
to 7.. acre i under nrst-ctass cul
good shape; l(J-roomod dwellln
kiln and baling room m good c
are worth at least ��3,0oo. Bert
This is a mosi desirable tai m;
be taken e,n it.   Hnce, v.'jOO c
Terms  Tor You.
y acri-s.lii-aiiillully situated on the
e Vallej ; first-class land, tronung on
be railroad and river; good road;
60 acres lu first-class condition.
All necessary Implements and stock.
ii.    Price, $90 per acre.
uy. One hundred and sixty acres; 60
tivatioii; ;i acres under hops, all lu
g in good condition, barn t.exttjo; nop
ondltton; the buildings on the place
and Creek runs through the property.
from $2,.i00 to $:;..,mi per year can
Tailor  Hade  Etfecia   in   Fine  i ine_.
Iiilii.  jiml   gtoclu.
Tbe sartorial question uppermost lu
tbe minds of man] women is how to
make the spring and sumsaer shirt
waists. For the benefit of those wres
tllng with this puzzling problem some
ideas gleaned from a smart maker of
these Indispensable articles of eke up
to date woman's wardrobe may be
found helpful.
lie was most emphatic lu declaring
that the tailor made waist of Due
though not sheer linen will be built on
the lines of a man's negligee shirt.
Fine tucks will run from neck to waist,
with a single box plait down tlie ee'u-
ter, fastened with medium sized pearl
buttons. The moderate sleeves are
finished with narrow rounded culls
made for links.
With these, shirts are worn a turndown embroidered liueu collar ami a
His;  M'.cj
Prevents Him  From Ap
pearing On Witness Stand
in Public.
r'e��*'r    Bjtklfftl     Imrlex    Seen
Smart  Model*���Kluwer Toanes*
The new hi ts lhal the milliners are
presentli g at hat it iglit v\ <��� 11 se-.-m out
of tbelr h a �� i are fur less i n-ukisb
ibiiti  Me-     the ;   predecessors.    There
an fewer rakish tilts, extrem igies
an', trimmings pointing at once every
wbl li   way   for  Sunday.    Indeed,   a 	
mue-b more sober mood seems to have
take-  possessloa nt the designers, with '      March 26.- John D. Arch-
the result that tie new stowing is em-   bold, vlct*presldenl uf   the Standard
Inentiy mure' i, imlng to the average   nil cm ,   ,..���,;��	
wo������,���-������d H Is f���r ber that the ,le- , '  Ifytng ul ""' heartng
signer pfcns���and the seleeSlon of a be- il: ''"' ":|"'T proceedings brought
commg cfcapeau promises to be a thing againsl the Itandard Oil company bv-
of considerably less-dlfflculty thus at- ,i���. Btate of Missouri said thai i,.h���
tended the-choice of tte wlnts* hat ,,  ,.,���.,,��� ��� ��� '      '   ll,J J"1,u
There sr. some extremely smart lit-        lt"">""1'"' t>as no desire to evade
tie turban shapes developed lo straw.   BUJ   question      He said    thai    Mr,
both  of  th* presseei  shape  and tbe   Bockefellei  knows nothing about the
miule  hat   variety.    Ribbons  with  a   matters concerned in this suit,
modicum of lowers are tin- piefierrsd        'He  dislikes  bvj   muck  the
��� w
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
j Manufacturers of
! Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
j The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchells tasnion plates
have   arrived.
So have our spring stoi : ol high-
cl .     suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial  wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia btreet.
'Phone lOI
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1S5.       Barn fnone 137
Manufacturer  of
MineraljWaters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office.  Eighth  Street,
tiny silk tie. So small is this tie that
it takes some experience to get it into
proper form. Anil a word as to belts
worn with the stiff shirt waists. The
linen varieties, both plain and embroidered, will be seen, but the newest belts are made of elastic silk webbing���the old fashioned kind that belle9
of long ago wound around their hourglass waists.
The lingerie blouses, instead of the
flat trimmines we have been wearing
so long, show stunning little bolero
jacket effects, formed with rows of
narrow lace. In one advanced model
two wiele embroidered ruffles go from
the waist over the shoulders, bretello
fashion, giving a broad effect, which ls
very desirable for a thin person.
Tho evening blouse illustrated Is a
charming little model carried out with
rows of German va] lace. Under the
edge of each ruffle is a line of pale blue
velvet ribbon. The girdle Is of blue
velvet, one end draped up on tlie decol-
letage and finishing with a smart bow
drawn through a rbinestons buckle. A
spray of pale pink chiffon roses Is an
exquisite touch on one shoulder.
trimming for those, and for a chapean
eluil   shall   eh    duty   alike   with   tail.u
made and dressy gown there are but
few if any designs mi iln- market tO'
be'at  it.
The fetching iiiiie' tailored bat seen
in tin' i ui is a good example of this
genre li is carried out In pale yellow straw, lei'tit into a becoming shape
and triiiiine'ii simply with a couple 'if
quills and a few pink roses at tbe
bai I, A fold of black velvet outlines
the' brim on thc inner side, and il ban.
dean uf black velvet raises the bat in
front. The dower bats and the Bower taking
toque must met be omitted from the W Iti
schedule of fashionable tads for southern resorts. Sometimes tbe little toque
is altogether "f flowers, but somewhat
more pleasing are those that have a
crown In mallnes and the border In
flowers, the blossoms being repeated
with the trimming of the bandeau ut
Iln- side.
Variety is the mile of the new parasols, for they range from the airiest
ami fluffiest chiffon creations to the
plain silk en tout cas. The latter is
extremely fashionable, and lovers of
bright color will rejoice to hear that it
will be seen in emerald green, scarlet
and royal blue as well as mauve, palo
blue and many other delicate shades
to harmonize with the light summer
The only ornamentation for the modish  tout en  eas is a closely  gathered
and can,iei log/
held.     "If   Attorney
said Mr   Arch-
Oeneral   Hartley
��ood an�� question
u"1 l :u" BUri !" will And him win.,,..
to answei   in i,in . ������
'���     to examins
wl  t    general  in
ti rtupted    onl   one ray."
Ti"   Sl  : :"1 "'I company Inquirj
'     i,i,li-d
Vrchbold,   vice-presl-
"   ':     '     ,     Standard
Oil  company,
I    againsl
sketched    . leststed. Mi
Archbold said \. M, V.,n Surer
son-in-law  and  Is now i���  \,.vv  Vork_
Soon  ���'"'     : ted this a   proce .-
Bervei' lefl ,|!' room. Mr. Archbold
said that John D, Rock feller
el'in of the Standard Oil companw bul
���'���T taki ii no active Interesl In the
business affairs in some years. mv|���L.
to ill health, lie has an ofiice al 26
Broadway bul is seldom there.
head   of  the
iked   Utor
Montreal IRON WORKS 3M h.*^. __��.. w., Vancouver
Business Institute
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL  (All paid up).. .Sl4,tnitl,lll)0 ;
lit. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, O.C.M.O,...Hon President
Hon.  Sir (1. A.  Driinunonil.  President
K.   S.  Clouston,  Vice  President   and
General Manager.
General banking business transacted.
llranches In all the principal cities
In Canada, in London, EJng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John, N.fld.,
and correspondents in all,parts oi the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets *.M/_,-/b.
llranches    and    correspondents    In
all  the  principal  cities ot tne world. I
General  banking business transacted.
Vi opens an account.   Interest added
laif yearly,
Collections made at lowest rates.
Jpen   Saturday   nights   trom B to 9
F. B. Lyle, Manager.
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Kith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmlthing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Betgbie Street.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia Bt, below Tram Office.
Telephone iuu-
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Commercial, Pitman anel Gregg Sheert-
hand,       Telegraphy   and   Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses. '
THE BEST of courses,   the   BEST  of
teachers   (eight)   and   the   BEST   of i
< salaries.
R. J. SPROTT. B.A., Principal,
���K. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Iininev    1  ln-i i-,-i.-.
Now that the Lenten season Is so
near at hand one should lay In the noc-
essury supply of line cambric, batiste
ami laee for the construction of tho
summer wardrobe. Lent is an unrivaled time of the year for dressmaking
and sewing of all kinds, for while resting from social gayety there is afforded a splendid opportunity for the hands
to bo busy, and how better could they
be employed than in tbe fashioning of
dainty lingerie, whieh is so much mora
attractive when handmade?
The illustration shows a corset waist
of fine liuoei batiste, trimmed with
tucks  and  ruffles  and   medallions  of
Peed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. Stli and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 2511.
I Merchant Tailor \
Columbia Street.
Pull line or English, scotch nnd Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring stock now  ln.    AlaUe your
,'isi- r��� J"" want a K,)(>d smoke you
All kinds of Ship repair;
Ship nnd Scow   Building
fJ'C" OR �� OLD SPORT" a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
Nl'\v Westminster';b. c. 124 Eiylltll St., N9�� V/CSlfillnSter, BX.
The    "Bril-
ft featured  ,,y  the n.  c.  Cigar
Tim    ' 1wlm ,,ls" mak
(,L*ERG * WOLZ, Prop..,
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY, Proprietor,
importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Wrlto for prices.
New Westminster, B. C.
liy   Eirst Class Man- 14 Years Experience��� London,,  England, Australia anil Canada.
Late of Trorey's.
Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office
puffing of silk about three inches deep
around the parasol and a roselike ruche
or bow to match tied around the stick,   j
Slightly frivolous are the plain colored  silk  parasols   trimmed  with  six !
narrow pinked frills set close together [
at the edge.
A charming sunshade of maize col- I
ored  silk  has  a   wide   band  of  olive |
green silk at the eelge covered with a
trellis puttern of maize button roses.
X white silk sunshade bas a wide
band of black lisse, tlie edges embroidered lu white.   It is very uhic.
Apropos of sunshades the tiny parasol will be revived next summer for
driving and outdoor fetes. It Is a
boon and a blessing, neither obstructing tbe view nor endangering tbe eyes
of one's neighbor.
The only new shapes to be seen this
season ln parasols are tbe dome and
regular flat Chinese forms.
Westminster Iron Work:
Ince. This model is fastened in front
with tli.y buttons and buttonholes, but
if desired small buttonholes may be
worked near the edge of the waist,
through which to run nnrrow ribbon,
or, again, a fine luce beading may be
placed below the laee edging Instead of
the tucks. Quite evidently, however,
this model Is not intended for ribbon
trimming, It should he fitted the correct size nbout the waist, the material
being drawn luto the duster of tucks
In the center, so us to keep all the fullness well forward. Pour medallions of
the Valenciennes lace trim each sidu of
the front of the cover. The laee edging
about the hem of the waist Is not absolutely necessary, but It certainly mokes
an attractive finish ami requires but
little laeo.
Good Things to Know,
Don't hang skirts wrong side sut
when putting them away. They sre
bound to crease, and with light ones
whatever dust has been collected by
tho lining and clung in spite of your
brushing is bound to sift through to
the right side ami stie'k.
Blue linings for the bureau drawers
or shirt waist boxes in which you store
your prettiest blouses keep them more
daintily white. Sleeve linings may
take the form of tissue paper or of
plain cotton stuffs, which are laid first
in the drawer and folded over the pilo
of white clothes, or tufloel puds, with
some delicate, subtle perfume Introduced into tbe cotton filling, fill the
need In a fashion which is much prettier und cost bnt a trifle more.
White dresses, no matter of what
material or what quality, Invariably
show a tendency to yellow, some even
to darken, when laid or hung awny.
Bugs of blue muslin or silesla���any Inexpensive cotton stuff which Is made
of a color that doesn't "crock"���should
be made big nnd louse enough to slip
over a skirt or dress If It is one of the
. new prlueess stvles.
P^'y unn
Office, Brine nioek,
Ornamental   Iron   Work,   lneluillng
l'Viiccs, dates, lire Kscapes, etc,
Mall orders anil correspondence ln-
Teacher of the German i vlted'
Language  and  Piano.! JOHN   REID
German  Conservatory Method. BEQB1E BTREET.
1.005 QUEEN'S AVENUE. i New Westminster. r. O. 474.
Whim I was six 1 llkfd to scare
The, ents upon tha fene-e and lenr
A holo or two-hut never mind;
'Twould only leoro you ���(pilto unkind.
I wns In mischief everywhere.
When Miiliei met mo on the stair
And asked a kiss I i-illcd h���r hnlr
And most ikiislvely dee-llned-
Wlien I was six.
Those tomcats' sons now fill tho air
Willi nole'3 of hleteneis eli'spiilr.
Hut 1 lOSTOe henr them, fur I (Ind
I'm musing why I s'er rMlgBsd
That dinned with Mabsl- now so rure���
vvh.n I ��<< ��i*
Muni   lie  I'rr.h.
"See here," exclaimed the husband
of the fashionable iuviilld, "what's the
Uca of the doctor coming here again
"My gracious," she excla lined petulantly, "be bus come to leave my fresh
medicine! You don't suppose I'd use
yesterday's, do you V"���Catholic Stand
ard and Times.
A  Knock.
Miss rassny���Yes���tee heel I'm en-
gag��d to Mr. Kallow. Now, some people have said he's too young for me.
Miss repprey���That's nonsense!
Miss Iiissay-lsn't lt, though?
Miss Tepprey-Yes; he'll ago aftei
he's married to you.���m.Tailclpliln
'Who   is   the   active
SI, iiiliinl Oil company?"
i e y General  Hadley,
"There is no master mind In the
Standard Oil company," replied Mr.
Archliolel. raising his voice. "Il Is
made up e,r an aggregation of Individuals."
The business is controlled by men,
experts in their respective departments, he said, and the term committee as applied to the various departments is a misnomer, H. M. TJlford,
Mr. Archbold thought, is the principal
Individual In the domestic trades and
he has been connected with the Standard Oil company since- 1 s7">.
Asked concerning the stock of the
Waters-Pierce Oil company, now In
the name of Mr. Van Buren, Mr. Archbold said it was the 2,T"iii shares formerly held in the names of the Standard Oil trustees.
"Are you familiar with the produc-
i tion of oil in this country," asked At
I torney-Generu!  Hadley.
"I am."
"What Is It?"
"The dally production of crude oil
In the I'nited States Is about 350,000,-
000 gallons, and the Standard Oil produces about one-seventh."
"And about  the refined product?"
"Tiie Standard Oil probably sells-
and markets about 70 per cent of It,
and I want to add," continued Mr.
Archbold, "that wherever there Is a
Standard Oil refinery in the United
States there Is a competitive refinery
iu that section. There Is a great deal
of competition in the oil business. The
competition, of course, is greatest in
lhe  big oil  region of Pennsylvania."
Attorney-General Hadley asked Mr.
Archbold concerning the men who
composed the various hoards of directors of the Standard Oil company, including Francis D. Carley, Col. William T. Thompson, Horace D. Hut-
chins, D. S. Cowles, and H. M. Ttlford..
These men had all been at one or an-
olher time connected with the Standard Oil company, probably, however,
about 1S78.
"Who composed the original board
of directors of the Standard Oil company under the original trust agree-
ment?" asked Mr. Hadley.
"John D. Rockefeller, Charles Pratt,.
William E, Worden, H. M, Brewster,
.1 a. Bostwick, 0. ll. Payne and myself."
Mr. Archbold said that he knew R.
P, Tinsley nnil that he is connected
with the Waters-Pierce Oil company.
Bul tlu' witness had never heard him
designated iis an agenl nor had he
, \��-i- beard of Walter Jennings as an
agent. The witness believed Tinsley
ii'ii the' Waters-Pierce company to go
wiib the Standard OU company, and
now Is on his way to Japan.
"He left for Spain about the time
or a little after lhis suit was Instituted last summer, did he not?" asked
Mi.  lleilley.
"Mr. I.indley's departure had no-
Lhlng to do with the suit," answered
Mr.   Archbold.    "Absolutely  uothlng."
"I am not suggesting that," rejoined
Mr. Hadley. "I am asking when he
left   for Spain."
"I think lt was some time last summer, but I do not recall the exact
Wade Hamilton testified in the Missouri ouster proceedings today as general auditor of tho Standard Oil, that
he sent men from his office to St,
Louis to audit tho account of the
Waters-Pierce Oil company.
During the time this audit was being made, ho said, the men were In
the pay of the Waters-Pierce company.
Grown ll'lw.
"Is yob hnsbiin' In::in' Ml work?"
"Yes," answ-ercl Mrs Pl-Mr-J "He's
lone faun' out dnt ll's less work to ge
cit looklu' foh work dan It Is to stii.e
hvme an' chop wood uu' carry water
foh de waslitubs."-Washliiglou Star.
Boy Kills Mother.
Sand Point, Idaho, March 26.���
Keith Nelson, 4 years old, accidentally
hilled his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Nelson,
yesterday. Ho pkkol up a 22-caIlber
hammeiiess rllle, pointed It ut her and
fired. The bullet penotrated her brain.
.   .! i
If You Take
Any Stock
is having the best poods at tfas loweaS   po
io th* btc  way. you  v. I Ag ;. -       ���   "
This ls our boast, that we do a
��� .:- way. Give oi a 'ii. and ���� i ou.
S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Cause  Horses to  Prance Around and Imagine Themselves
ln  Danger���Toll Collectors Are  Burdened
With New  and Strange Responsibilities.
Now is the Reason
i Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
ere blocks   in    etty and labarbaa
ripUonJ    located   wi'.hin   50
We can sV.l as low il not lower
One acre, live acre and '.en
Farm  lands  ol an   i:;t;is and
rxiiles til lhe city.
Ssy: us before going e.s- waere.
than any other Real Esta'.e De* U I
S*_d for list ot nouses, lot t  and  farms.
"&5   Columbia   Street.
Season to Buy
p, iiwmrr��������������� ������������������mi ^
��� ��� ��� |   ne now ; r.&v,.-
���   ���     Our
��� k includes :��� ���
Woodyatt, Brockville and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
J Visitors to Stock Show:
Don't Forget to Cal! and Inspect the *
Monarch Range
Greatest Range of the Age.    Prices Low Too.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
iSTER.  ���
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies no-       tor     exceeds H*,w
Amount ot Asset *ld, now exceeds ���s-
This is a a ��� ��� poUcy-noW-ra. tor policy
rn it liO'l ru .   ���     rgi        '      at ol ince lor thi
I'     Ible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
Ne* Westminster. B. C. 'Pncne  Bo.
D ��� ' ' '
e trig bridge t the Frai   . : ���
lost  �����!-.���   thej   should be made Is
I ��� ���    - -
--.-'������ tdj  informed  tl
l ..Ddtrfully made  ���
t.e in evidence. The l^w oontrl rancee; where be find*
mho invites him to render thai
lay  and   prow -'���  ' ���     ' ���      ���'    '     ��� -"��� board
and  cattle LluMlllg .nir.
..   and several'poor animals     It tb(r paa-mser bas been  -
��� -      r.ging glances at the I
-.-inmed them in on either ride, ,���,,.,  ^e is in  ;��� ���' :  a  fix as a
.and evidently wi,-;.- I thai there ' ,ip_ in _ mem -,,UL ��� ���-
way of sneaking out through tht -;,. nm nmnj password or credentials
. . and he must k and secure
-   new arrangi ment glitters wttl .... -. ������
an  imposing  array  ot  bartons  o!  dif- -r,_  ,,,  ...   - .    _ rs come
.   .- ���-   sad   one  machine  :.- ..... -...      would   be
��� -  ; laced  al    the New v. ��� risk being
other at the Surrey ranee
Nou tor the i ��� I  i "       Carp* ati rs an
.     . end oi
��� '  '   ���
ol buttoi
.���  ���.  ��� - -
nd i The first .... t thi
-      ���
preaching ai
������ .... great
arrival  be!  ��� .      '      ��� ' '
big hai - ..... good repair,  I
for $1 4 00.
ton and thus stai - enough - It will pay vou I       ill
���    her wi e going ........ itrtet
mount of t a the elect n the second erties
���   ��� -   -'Wind the date Is chronicle _
- ��� off
ae more   If the I
UE SHOWINGofNew Dress Goods :'���   Tl    i
SpringWear is of unusual interesl I es
in search of the newest materials for their J;
i Spring Costumes or Shirt Waist Suits. Unusual in ��
ft that without doubt we have the largest selections of $
| Dress Fabrics whieh we have ever shown. |
| That is saying a great deal. This combined $
| with our usual low prices for good goods makes it I
!:i worth your while to look here for a profitable de- g
cision j
New Grey Tweed! and Cloths   In   shades  and cea 8
which make il eccenomical to buy the   op-to-dati    | li  wh ���        tn  1
I widths, pei yard ..  . S0ctci'=,c 't\
Full Double Corner i
For SKirt Waist Suits      |
90 pieces of Lustres and Mchairs 'V
��� -
Irowi   i
25c to S'.OO
Advertise in the News
For Many Moons
>   ad-Torn  ul  ll
We have persistentlj  advert
Westminster and  the fertili .   Vi
farming view ]i<iint.
About a year ago when we Issue
containing 84  pages,  we !'ion    iD ���'
Canadian and American pap< result!      a sevei
enquirieB from different leans of i
Britain, and In re   onse I   ��� act enquli a i of our
As evidence of lhe merit ol oui  publication the following well
kn'iwn  Institutions  tarored  us wit in Its pagi
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
J. E. Phillips, fhe Clothier
The Columbian Co., Ltd.
W. E. Fa les, House Furnisher
Brunnette Sawmill Co., Ltd.
C. A. Welsh, The People's Grocer
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Western Steamboat Co., Ltd.
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd:
T. H. Smith, The Cash Store
The Westminster Fruit Packing Co.
The B. C. Electric Railway Co.
Twenty-two Illustrations ar - given, showing    baying,    dairying;
fruit growing ami farming Hcene-s.  lihe-wi ���        rerj   comprehensive
i    ,  e,f the Frase-i Valley, showing  New  Westmlnstei  u  lu  natural
entn    New Westminster la al��u wi : repn  ented by the following
/.  New Westminster's Fresh Water Harbor,
2. Market Day at New Westminster,
3. New Westminster's Million Dollar Bridge,
4. Some of New Westminster's Pretty Homes,
5. Exhibition Buildings at New Westminster,
���. New Westminster from the waterfront.
Tb," lunik gives market quotations on all kinds of farm produce,
weathei statistics, quantity of different crops, fruit, etc., iumi] t<>
the  acre,  likewise other  valuable Information.
The Royal City Has No 100,000 Club, But You Can Help
Boost New Westminster
by mailing a copy to your friends, or if
with names we will cheerfully   mall them
you will kindly furnish ns
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.,
Ref-renctB Evtry Bank and Butinttt HoJtt in New We*tmi-.t*a.  Ettabliihed
A. D. 1891, Incorporated A. D.  1902.
Two-Storey House \
Our Millinery Department
��� * ���
:; i
,,,,.��,��������.���.��� ��>.���>. ���.:���.���..���. .�����.��_�� :�������>��:���-������.��� ������������������������ ������.���>..���>.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
La^-ence    Makes   Cc~; 5 rrt
Council  About Disposal of
Her  Home.
Convicted     Man      Contradicts    Statements of  Police    About    His
Previous  Reputation.
-v   :;"        ncil meeting Uu        - J. ��. Robinson
���:��� t   . tl
v   1 t ��� morning bv 0-
ed bel
���    -
..... ...
t having the rif - eared in court
... ' . ' '    whom
thi   U ith
gainst the m n In
���    ' ' se the man was I
- ���       e, but in 1 . .  -  ������ t state
....        not known      tb    gh the that the mai evi    ������   ���
rnoii-��� ���'   ��� alt rough ali thi
sing en :.
- ��� ���   denied   however   ihat
-:���::.-      for the
- ��� :-'
-.     -    certainly ti    ght tl       ��� ted that the mai
... .-fore  on  a   vagrancy
.'   ��:;en challengi
eating officer admitted
loi     .--  due chiefly
e had sold the propi to hi .. .- na    1 I ���   arresl   re-
l Ml Ferred Id to have taken place
-jjuatter on thi '    '   '" a'��-
stated  aftei   thi
time  a^o   he  had   laid     a
aint  at'uinBt  the  police  fur the
circulation  of this  report,  before  the
��� -     -.on   through   a   mer-
' the city, nut the complaint
Iiad not. been given any a't.-niion by
" ���   commission, who questioned  'be
'���������������       ���' "'    truth   ol    th.   -.-������
Rnai '.-
A.- ��� -��� Ter:. 106.       1     rmbia St
Attention !
,, Acres go 1 ' "<med
from tram.
-   city.
k. I WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
- ....
��� ��� .
:.. - "- ai rl ( rich black
loam .and all ready fur cultivation. House arid bam. 1 1-2
miles from Postoffice, store
and school. $600 down, balance on ea.-y terms.
b.. - a 6 room cottage on
Agnes Street, full sized lot.
Easv terms.
... eatl
and Easter is 1
Wi Icome fi
and a  Di ��   -
Last fi
1 full
. ��� ���        em
Every Kink
and Turn
of Fashion
'een  honore-.!   In  the  making  ot
our Spring Suits
Single   and   Double    Breasted    Cuts.
12,  $15.  or  $'8  up to $25.
v.hK'11 ne aays wat nevei
��� by tb<- late Mr   Lawrence, and
-   .     . ���
'be righi ���
f it in an aner hi
igfa the tax'
were 1 M      Law-
We'll   srdve  you   your   mlnd'i
anil your money's worth,
t in 1 axs.
The iiianer was refi rn
��� ���    who will
and  report  There U  do do    t that
It ll      ��� .       that Robinson mall
eel a gambling house a'  Btevi
tlmi    throughout 1!,.- fishing
ut ibis was also rig
^ denli : ���    th,   _ec
��� ���   wil]
tter with a view to
. ��� ���   . ���   ������
Applies tor Foreshore.
\-.. ij for li    e ol
il the foreshore ,- posted In lbe
office e,f the land and watei  101
I ��� ���    in the COB      ' ��� ;.   the Can-
d Industrial Co., Ltd. Tbe- application is dated -vfur''!; j' and bearing
will be granted 60 daya from date.
The sui|i commences a' a iio��t at
Hi" northwest  corner of lo'   ir.ee New
1.. . ��� .. ���        . .     that thi
' ���   ��� '      ���   ���      ��� ���   upon
which be  raj arrested, and he v.,e,.
- .-:������   Thi re *������  T
��� ��� in court this morning.
Lord's Day Alliance Meeting.
An important meeting of ihe local
b e,f the Lord's L��av Alliance will
be held in St. Paul's Reformed church
on Wednesday evening commencing at
* o'clock. The various churches
throughout the- city have all agreed
to   give   up  their   regular    midweek
a month rents a good furnished house on 7th Street, including piano. All nvxleni
We have clients for houses
and lots east of tlth Street and
seyjth of 4th Avenue. Bring
your list of property with
prices and term.-.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms  1  and 2.  Dupont  Blk.
Telephone    170.
Now Is the Time
Schnell   Registers
Patrolman Wilshtre of the Vancou-
v. r city police brought a prisoner over
to the Provincial Jail yesterday, in the
person of S. Schnell who was sent
over for thirty days upon being found
guilty of the theft of a quantity of Columbia St.
second   hand   goods.     A     brother    of
Tei (M your Bicycles put in order,
We have received our Bike Suneiries
and are prepared to make your
Bike almost as good as new. We
also have a (TixkI line eif Racycle
and Perfect Bicycles. We- have
just received our stock of Fishing
Tackle. Come and have a look over
eeur new Stock. We will be able
to give you just  what you  want.
.... CALL ON... ���
Prescriptions a Specialty.
ALEX. SPECK Ellard Block'
Sign, Man on wheel. New Westminster, - ��� ���    '
Westminster district, theno   southeast   ''ra-v"r meeting in order to unite- in  schneirs owns a  second  hand  store
i.leinK  Hi.,  high     water  mark    to  the
on Water Btreet, Vancouver, and the
the proposed meeting. The president
���outhwesl -eiiii"! posi of said lot, and "'  "'" w��ui_��tton wjii occupy   the largc,r ,)or,lon 0f the missing art,
,��� ending westward to deep water al   cha,r" '""' ,hl" first iR'm of '"lsi"pss were founi) in ,he man's Btora This
rlghi  angels to a  Ilni   between  said  wUI '"' ''"' ,"alil"t'' of lhe minutes by la nol tlu, _rg, ttme ,hnt schnell has
the secretary, Rev. R. Lennie, B. U., gotten inU) _ifflculty with the police'.
The- purpose- for which the land is  ;,!"' "'" seconding of ihe same by Rev. ,,���, heretofore he has been more' for-
��� is not gtated, and the loi Is a  w-  "���  Barr>_clo_gh.    Rev.  Or.  Rugg tunate, in evading the law,
dlstricl  one,    nol   within    the    city i wU1 deliver an address on the theme,  0	
Units, "The   Lord's   Day,   nnd   civic   Right-
 o  eousness."   During  ihe  evening  there Saskatoon Filling Up.
will be the election "f officers for the     Winnipeg,   Man..   March   26.���The
Richmond   License  Question. enBUlng   year,   and   .Miss   Lennie   will   Saskatoon   district   is   Blllng   up   fast
a siii.-iiai meeting of the' Richmond contribute a solo. us may be judged from the tacl that
licence commissioners was held  yes-  o  within  the' past  twei  weeks, ts cars,
lerdajf  afternoon  to consider Whal  to Questions for  School   Board. 0[ spttlers' effects  have been  unload-
lo with  the  license of ihe  Brighton The regular  meeting of the school ed there.
i hotel at Hastings, it appears 'hat the board will be heiei on Thursday even- ���o	
hotel hml been leased by Mr, Pergu- Ing m-xt.  Among other Items of In-                  Bodo ls Fl��ated.
seen   lo   .1.   Richardson  and   the  form- terestlng   business   which   the   board      New York, March 17.���The    Hrliisli
et   refused to apply for a transfer of will  have to discuss Is the appoint- steamer Bodo which went ashore on
Ill's  license  10   Richardson.  The com- ment  of a successor to the late    Mr. lxmg  Island    several  days  ago    was
mlssioners decided  to allow  Richard- Hall.  The   vexed  question  of  a  new floated today. It was funnel necessary
son  to  carry  on  the  business  under Collegiate building will also be thriuih- to jettison all her cargo    before    the
the llcensH for the remainder of thejed out and a definite decision us toI tugs were able to pull  her from her
iTsi'tit term, which "iids on .lune 80.1 what Is required arrived at                1 bed In the sanel.
Advertise   in   The   News
WW ���������������'
i Electric Railway Service
during re-
1 riinsrer .it
Inter-urban   uine.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations al b.bl) nnrt h.nn a.m..
nnd every hour thereafter between S 11.111. and J'l p.m.
Half-hour cars trom liim. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver lor west-
minster at same hours,
Last car Saturday at   11  11.111.
City Limits Line���Service Irom
6.80 ii.iii. to IU.8U p.m.
20 Minute service���.\o transfer.
Between VI and 'i. and l> and 7.
30  Minute   Service   during �� ��
v.   Transfer a1 ���
Leopold Place.
nialiider of elay-
Sunday   Service   half-hOUT
tween 8 a. m. and 10 r- n" ,
City and sapperton. ���
Sapperton Line���lb -M'""",'tnel t
vice, except  between  1- '     I
during nl'f" I
ill   t>��
2, nnd Ti ami
hours    the    service
Sunday Service   nalt-nouriy *e'
tween S a.m. and i�� l'"1.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,


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