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The Daily News Mar 15, 1906

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'���"vim lal   i ���
��� Ihi
-   ' I )rTa
Fall Into Line and Boost for New Westminster City
Mrs. Watson Writes From Denver About   Derelict   Husband and Wants His Room Closely
Watched���Says He Is
Phoenix Line Steamer Sails Into   Destructive Hurricane INSURANCE ALARM
On the Atlantic Ocean and Members  of  the   Crew
* ��� "���   a, ���    ,      .      TTT1  .   , l   /��       ml      ���     T ��� r* T.      x"        Advises Chairman of Legislative'^Investigating Committee
Struggle in Whirlpool for Their Lives���Rescue Parties Thal Work Was Never _ Greater
Display Unusual Heroism.
Danger   Than    At
Thai i.b( course of married llJe dors
nol    always   run   smootblj    anj    more
than t���e course of true love, Is revealed in the following letter, which waa
waived hy Chief Mcintosh this
morning, and tells its own tela of woe:
Denver. Colo., March lu, 1906,
I ii i   of  Police
i lear Sir,-  [ wl as a favlr
you, will vou please watch Mr.
Watson my husband who is I have
reason to believe sporting anound with
some other woman, as Iii- .-on warn-
id in. to watch hli i ��hen we were
living in Wlnnlpt t nl his three
children and me hi n to Denver to
visit my Bister ovi r two months ago,
promising to Join us hew three weeks
after we left Winnipeg, and he was
on his Journey for a weeli before he
��� even wrote to me to lei me know
where I could find hlin, and the children were all verj ill, so I had to
call a doctor, and twice Blnce he has
been going from plaoi to place and 1
have written him Che children were
11! and telegraphed him, and now it is
nearly a week since I heard from him.
I think there Is something wrong. If
this letter reaches vou too late for
you to iim! him, I wish to draw your
attention to the laet that he may go
back to Vancouver tn two or three
i business :
months  again  on
and  I   will
give you a description of my husband
t nood as i can and i hope you win
do me litis favor. Please watch him
and even go to his room late al nlghl
tor it is his habit to keep very late
hours even when he Is al home, and
force .'.our way Into the room and
search everj corner as be would put
you off with a cutting smile or give
you a dollar to keep still. 1 might
i bj we reached Denver Jan. 11 and I
have been verj much disappointed in
Mr. Watson this Is .' '!������ ������ t Ipl Ion of
him as nearly as I can say:
Vge 50 on the 30th of January last;
it, C foi i l ot 5 Inches; light
l rown hair, BllghUy bald, with, eye
brows thin on this outer end next lo
temples; light, short moutache;
es in brown or gray sui;; 'black
shoes narrow toed; black hal Chris
111 . wears blood stone ring on left
hand short neck and wars turn over
collar and how He as (i rule. I liop<
S'OU noni fail to do your duty, as I
'bitil. I shotiKl know us I certainly
have enough trouble with him and his
chtUren, and 1 thins you are the parties that should help me out if possl
ble 1 am willing to pay you for your
trouble if you let nne Know what your
tchsrge are. Please answer as Boon
as you can Thanking you tin future
lai. is.
lal and physical, and nu
heroism in saving life rarely exempted
in the grim record of tragedies of the
sea,  attend   the  loss  of  the  Phoenix ,],,������  upon  the Btenmer's  sides with the   Bostonian
line steamer,  British  King, which  on crushing force, opening up her plates manoeuvred tt
Boston, March  14.���Suffering, men-1hurricane.   Qn Friday, In the helghtof steamer, smashing the small boat, and
merous acts of ''"' tempest, the deckload of oil bar- tht   water receding carried the volun-     Boston,  Mass..
rels and all deck titling'- were carried leers some hundred feel distant from  lawboh today
overboard.   The barrels and wreckage, their   ship.     CI ring  cries  reached
Forming a  powerful ram, were driven them to cling to the wreckage while
started,  and   thi
i point ni at the
Sunday  last,    in    b    raging  Atlantic and  allowing  lhe  water  to  pour Into   |    i      eamen.    Again  the lines ��v.m
storm, foundered about 160 miles south  her bold.   The extent ol the leak wbb used with skill ami success, for all tht
nt  Sable Island, and curried to death  not  understood    until    the    following  volunteers  were  hoisted  to the  Bhlp,
27   mombers  of  the  crew.     Thirteen day,  when,  although  .ill   hands  were though  Officer  Cromwell   was  .
men   were  rescued   trom  the  sinking placed al the pumps, the water gained drowned.   Weakened from expot
vessel   by   the   Leyland   line  Bteamer considerably, extinguishing   the   Ares lost   hold  on  the life  lino and   (a
Bostonian,  whlcb  arrived  here  today and rendering tl  b. The second time was plunged Into the sea.
from   Manhcester. and  eleven  by  the rudder bad held foi  n time, enabling He appeared on the Burface, however,
German tank steamer Mannheim, Rot-  Captain  O'Hagen  to   iteady   bis ship. : ,,i gruBped the second line, which he
iii.i.im  for  New  York.    Five others,  but sunn this too was swept away; the wound twice round ids body, and bj
who hud I"' a sucked down in the vor-  men suffered  from lack of sleep and which he was drawn up to his ship.
lex Into which the British King was hunger, and Injuries received by being     Captain Parry deemed it imprudenl  Chief Engineer of the Roanoke Stands Cannera  at  Btevesien Object  to  Pile
engulfed, were picked up by the Bos-  tossed backwards and forwards on thi   in send another boat to the wreck, as Accused   By  Boiler Driving.   Operations  for  a
Ionian   from   a   frail   Ml   Of   wreckage,   vessels deck. darkness   was  setting  ill.  and   decided Inspectors. New    Industry.
u   I'i     Thomas
a    ii" in   to
Chairman Armstrong,   of   the Insurance  Investigating  committee  of  the
New  York  legislature.
in  it  allegations are  made  to  the
(feci thai  interested parties havi   re
ce-lved  assurances  Ihat   the  proposed
tnce legl ilatlon can be killi l
The telei i ant i ont liulen i isure
��� "in ' "tnaiiiiee thai ii" woi i. wa i
never In groati i di i present   I Iuu.  i '    in urance
pollt I led within   n    few    days,
signed bj  new i'i"      tiffin il .if-
from ih' InBUrt d thai Ihej ro-
reived them for uotiiini i roxy(
and in - "i"' p rebates."
Hon.  Charles Wilson  Stecs Down and, \Sill    'Emieavor    to    Come    to    Some
Out of the Provincial Agreement    .With     the
Cabinet. Ooerators.
to   wait   until   the   moon   rose   before
Victoria, March ir. \n Important
announcement was madi yesterday
thai Hon. chas. Wilson, attorney gen-
��� oral in the McBrlde government, had
tendered his resignation, and that the
same had been accepted For the present the position vacated will be Blled
by Hon. F. -.1. Kiilion, provincial secretary, who was made sating attorney
general during Ihe absence of Mr.
Wilson  in  the east
The latter i.s still at Ottawa. Mr.
Wilson joined the McBrlde government on its formation in the capacity
of president of the council, and on tlie
resignation of A. lv McPfctllips, K. C,
from the position ol attorney general,
lie succeeded him.
N'o intimation is given b> the government as to who will susceed  Mr.
Ison in the Importajil portfolio.
Some say ii  will be Mr. Bowser,
Guilty   of   Ghoulrsh   Fraud.
Cripple    Creel;.    ColOL,    March     IT,.
riic jury In the district court yester-
Jaj returned a vertHcfl rinding John
Hurley alius Crowley, ghfltj if con
spiring tu defraud lhe Noi I he n Mu-
i ual   i    ��� companj   oul   of
1)  b\   hlowini    up a  bodj   In  the
dig thi
"T i       m ,     ||is
Traction  Stocks.
,ii,   rue, ��� ol  the
nd ' iii
locol        ������ - hal   i h i dei ���
of thi     : ourl on Mond i    !.
�� l| ed out ti anchisea belonging to the
1'niiT  Trai iIon  company    valued    al
anywhere I om J60.000,  to $86,000,-
Iiuliai apolis, Ind, March 15.���The
.v.,nie,mil -convention of the United
Mine Workers of America opened here
today in the German house with over
one thousand delegates representing
I Hi I   locals.
The convention has been culled by
Pjiesldent Mitchell to consider action
which     may     result   in   an   agreement
A'.ith the coal operators}, that will pre-
pent a genera) strike that would bring
125,000  men   from  the  mines  April   1.
The conference with the operators
will begin here next Monday.
When the last convent Ion of the
Mane Worlotrs .adjourned 'February 2,
following a joint conference with operators which  had   failed  to arrive at. a
wage agreement, a strike on April 1
was Inevitable, unless something
should Intervene.
Ross  Gets 900  Votes  More Than  Mac-
Cormack   in   By-elfcction.
tx, M : elect Ion foi
the  li"" e i    Fo    Ihi   eon
C tpe  Breton,  fen
.... ��� the
' .    psttlti
the rul urn ol At    ib , Liberal   at
John  MaoGi              i i
which they had grasped after a des-      At 6 Q.cIoch   ,���,   Smu,.,v    mo,.���i���g
perate struggle tor Ufe In the whirl- (,|pI.ijn ���.���.,,,������ B|ghled    1h���   Mi|)111.
'"   ��� helm und shortly afterward the Bosto
Captain James O'Hagen, of the Brit-  n)an     wli||c, preparitlg  ���, ,,���,���,. ,,,���
isb  King, died ,���,  board the Bostonian   |inj|s  ^   Mannh9lnl   8lgnaned   ���, ,,,���
from the effects of the terrible injuries Boatonlft_ ���,.��� ,,,, shi|, H,.iUsll Klim
austanled it. trying to save his ship.     ma ,n (M_n ftnd Capta,_ p        of Etagger In the trough of the sea. and state
The  rescued  brought   here today  in-   ,������ ,���,���,������,������_ |n���n,���li;l,���lv altered his  "��'����� *���� h6r '"'"' ""i"""' '"'""��� ";,S    Bulgt
elude -lames Plam-igan, the second of-  ,.(������.s��� ;,nd ,.a|1 (]mvn ;ls (,1|is��� ag __,  Bed from sight.   There remained Moat-
fleer; J. p. Crawford, the chief engl- tJ   w,ml(1  |>(,rnll|     .,.������ Bt.__  Kln(, Ing a mass of wreckage, and ��� num
neer;  Adolphus Beck, the fourth engi-   ���,������,���,���,   ,���.���   s������   WM   waterlogged,   ,H>1' "f cattle' wWcb sw;"" :""""  '"'"
neer. and William .1. Curry, the stew- __ W()l|||) hay_ )n |m, .������������,������,,, lessly.    The  Mannheim and the  Bos-
aril.  The others were coal passersand Ionian steamed to the point where the
,, ,    ,. ,   , At   S   o'clock   she   sent   another  sig-     ..,'���..       ,       , ,,.iii,,
Bailors, mostly Belgians, and one stow- ship  had   foundered  and  it   had  jtisi
i way.   Henry   l'arkotch, of New   York. ":i1   "'"''''   "':"1:                                              been   decided   thai   all   lefl   on   board
Life   Boats   Smashed. "Do  Not  Abandon   Me."                had  perished, when  a  feeble cry  from
Two  life   boats   from   the   Bostonian Previous   lo   this   every   small   bout   the darkness told  them some at   leasi
were   crushed   to   fragments,   and   the from   the   British   King   had   been   do*  had  not   been drowned.     Half an  hour
volunteer crews which manned them mollshed.   The hi if hundred or more later. <   ptaln Parry of the Bostonian,
were'throw-   Into  the  raging sea.   but   men on  the wrecked  steamer  wryv in   located   a   small   section   Of   a   Cattle-
all   were   sufelv   landed   on   board   the   plain view of those on  board the Bos   deck, to which five men were clinging.
��� learner.
The lirs-i life boat owered from the
Bostonian was BWept against the ship's
stern and destroyed. Several of the
seamen were hurt  but were rescued by
San  PranclBco,   March   14.���Having     Trouble lias loomed un at Steves.
been informed thai racing was permit, ton over the siie of the iu�� Cousin's
led on certain lines of coast   steam- cannery,    those   Interested   claiming
continuing the work of rescue.
Staggers   and   Sinks.
About n o'clock, when the gale waa
running    with    apparently reinforced
velocity, the British King was seen to ships on the northern    run.    Unltedlthal the builders are constructing their
Local Inspectors   Bollea   and!wharf too far oul Into the river,
made  an   investigation,   which j     ���   complaint   has  been  lodged   With
resulted   in  a   complaint   being   filed the proper authorities and Capt   Roa>
yesterday with United States District ers, of the government's fraser river
Attorney  Devlin against  A.  Dunham, department, was expected to go down
chief  engineer   of   the   steamship   Ho-   today   lo look  into the matter and  re-
anoke.       He   is   accused    of     having  port
wedged   and   loaded   the   safely   valve      In  the meantime W.  V Qllley's pile
on a recent  HI, I ween this city and  <Mrfn.�� crew  Is going qilletlj   on  with
ns work  outlined in the plana pro*
''"'"' vlded them   Th oners In the Imme-
The Inspectors were very Indignant ,iiate Vicinity are the complainants.
when   they   learned     thai   the   safely ���o	
valve had been tampered with, espeel
lines thrown out trom the steamer.   A
second   attempt   to  reach  the  sinking
ever, do nothing at thai  time in the
way of rescue, since it would havi
been suicide to launch a boat in tin
heavy  sen.
\t   1   lb  p   in   the  British   King signalled:
;:;::;: fails to identify
tonlan and Mannheim, who could, how- These were Second Officer Flantgan,
chief  Engineer Crawford.    Adolphus ally <"' " Passenger vessel,   tnsp.
Beck, fourth engineer and two cattle- Bulger said that hud the I er of the SUSPECTED   VILLIAN
men.    They  hud  i n  carried  down Roanoke exploded and a great loss of I
with lhe steamer but after coming to life ensued, the Inspectors, would luivfi ed WomM Pi.soner tf
Hie  surface  bad   after   mighty   efforts,   been denounced  by the press and pull
succeeded   In   swimming  beyond   the He generally for having allowed "rot-
whirlpool, aud finding a temporary re ten" boilers to be used, when In fact j
luge  upon  a  slender  bit   of  wreckage,   there   was   nothing   the   mailer   with' 	
.1. Duponl Nogues, who was arrested yesterday on request ol a woman
of the town, wns released last night,
"Help   Us;     We   Are   Sinking."
Bhlp was  unsuccessful,    nnd    thirteen
men, Including Captain O'Hagen. were
taken to the Bostonian.    Then, again.      A slight  moderation Of the weather   \y nighl and until 7:"0 a. m. on Mon- the  boilers.     Engineer   Dunham   also
a powerful billow crushed the life boat   permitted   the   Mannheim   to   lower   a   day  both  the  Mannheim  and   the   Bos    Bled an affidavit  to (Ills effect:
against  the  side of  the  ship, and  the   boat   in   charge   Of   a   volunteer   crew.   Ionian   stood   by  searching  for  bodies.      ...rh(1 s,|f(,lv   va1y6g were not   shoved
Police   Station   Is   Not   Her
savers  were  thrown  Into the  sea. which,   after   n   most   perilous   row   to and then concluding that all had been ,|���wn  ,,y  my  ���n|,,rs.  but  there was a
10 be rescued only after an hour's ef- lhe   British   Iving.   rescued   eleven   of done in the way of rescue, both ships K,|,,|.   ||U(    ln    |u   U['\w     ���,,     n���,   B(de Owing  to the woman's statement   that
fort  bvHnii   comrades. ihe tatter's <a-ew.   Some id the freight- resumed their passages. motion   of   the   weight     on   the   valvel >���������'' was unable to identify linn as the
Volunteers from the Mannheim, af- er's men Jumped Into the water and Hero Succumbs. wnen ,|���, kMii WM roiiing heavily at man who had been annoying her. The
ter a hewllc battle with the waves, had were puTlea -out  by   the    volunteers' Yesterday,  after  terrible Buffering, Beai ,im] nils stick, while li  steadied woman returned from Vnnt ver late
taken off eleven from the British Ktnlg crew.     Bailors  Df tlie   Bostonian  vied Captain O'Hagen succumbed to his In- u,,,' w,,|B|,t,  would    nol     prevent   the  yesterday   afternoon,   and   seemed   to
but   aftei   this neither of the steamers. With  each  other  for  the  honor of sil- juries, and  his end  is laid  to his per- v.iK(,   |lg_te___g   at   unv   pressure  ex-   '"'  Considerably  agitated  ever  Ihe af-
In conseqt ��e of the increasing gale, ling in the fife boat and were not de- i-lstence and  heroism  al  a  time when ce9(]|ng  eighty      pounds,  al   which   It   I'tdr. und  In Quite evident  fear of the
could   m__e  an   attempt   to  reach   tlie terred when lhe lirst  boat   was dashed he  was  severely   injured. wua   s���t.     |,    w.,s   ,,!���,,   testified   that   m;l"-       However,   when   Nogues   was
foundering   freighter,     Then  darkness to  pieces againsl   the Steamer's stern. Fifty-Six   men.   including   the   stow- ,|11M.(,   .,,,.   ,WI,     Kpring loaded     safely' brought   lu     she    liiinieuiately   slated
fell,  and   the   British   King,  Water log- First   Offloer  William   Brown   and   the away, were on board  lhe British King, valves in  Hie  main  sleam drums, and  tn_l   he was not  lite man. and the pc
ged   and   helpless,   plunged  down,  bans six   seamen   with   him   were  lefl   slrug- and   -7 id these, ll   is deemed, almost B|,,lm   ,,,   )���,   ,.;nT|,,,|   wafl   Beventy-flV6  l!r''   Wl'"'   ' <'Hsnrily   obliged   to   let
lirst,  and   disappeared. gllng   in   Che   WBtefc,  but   were  rescued certalnlj  perished With their Ship. The pounds   pressure   by   my   orders,   and   him  go.
Sails   l"to  Hurricane. by   means   of   lite   lines   thrown   from cattlemen  und  seninen   rescued  In  ad- ||i(,   steam   pressure    w i     held   below      The woman  ������.tilled Unit the man who
The British King-.vent down in lmi the shin, ,'iti'.n t,, the second officer, the two eighty  pounds.    These spring  valves hud   bothered   hei   ,i,t,|v   resembled
imie   n.m north, and  longiude  60.10     ��   greal   cheei   went   up  from   the engin s, the Bleward und the stow ������  the sumo  drum are nf  sufficient  Nogues, but thai she was positive that
vest, or :,boui   15 miles easl of Bo* Bostonian when id  I o'clock the Btar awaj    were;    Captain    Jactius,    Jeff   i-,. to complj with thi United Stales the prisoner was aol her tormentor,
ton i.ighi and aboul  150 miles to tha board life bom  put oul  in charge of Maas, Vannefflei .    Prancia   Copplns, law, ind.( ndenl of thiio on the main     Even   ���������                          '     mente,
south of Sable Island,   Tho Bostonian Second n<:���;    Cromwell, und manned Edward     Rays,    Henry     Burmlnster,  lers, of whicl pla'nt  la made." ",|; l-erajbl   doubt
und the M.-iiiubeini stood bj the scene bj  the steward and four sailors. Thej Charlt    N'el on, Frank  Martin, Joseph                                                                                                           ''     '!   ,llal"'
��' lh"  v.r.ri,  p.p.I   Mondaj   morning, oB  thli ���    u.  Including i .��� sky,    Frank     Vnthony,   Joseph
1': '   i"  I                      i         red     The tain  0 Hai en,  wl o  was  tenderlj   bi !hcolm         nd Pott     ;'
tiled   from   Nov.                          I by his unn bj  mean riu   Britl ih King ���������, i    built al  New
I for Ant- i                                    ���.   and renin- i ���     md, In 1891.   She was 104
when   Ihe   resell ength, !7.9 I
; " he                        .                    (                                     ' 0n ' ,,ii.i    But bi
I - ��� ���.'���'���"���);������:>��������:'������"���;'���::���::��:>���>:'��������'>'-;��� '�����.'���"
nsl bim.
' ������  ' : cl 'i,       .
ran    lorth M i  hurled the I, of Llv- S
which ntot tho   dde    ol    thi !���!
is jssian "I r.vtors.
Si. Pi ,..-t'. M ���
enmi.-il ba developel In thi i Ja li rj
of marine r/s In ��� to tb ��� diacovoi i l hoi
iim plans ot the < onsti uctlon ol itns
Blan Bubniartne boats hnve been jwiI/i
to agents ol a foreign power,
Belgian Accusations
Reflect on Britain
!���;       Victoria,   Mn eh   1".    The  low
'���:   i-i '      areti Is mot Ing south-
���   wind into New Mexico;   rain la
,���;   fulling   in   Culiiornia   and   snow
,���]  in Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Ne-
Capt.   Sivi ville   can,"     in     last   |   hnKk.^ DttkOta and  Illinois.    A
nighl  wiiii the Peerless, towing only
hal.! of the large boom of logs she ex-
After  Days of Delay, Caused by  High
Winds.   Mills   Receive
Eight   Employees   of   Steel   Works   Receive  Painful  and  Probably
Fatal   Injuries.
���������    ., ���
Ituatlon i
ThjB coi
ind    ii    i ���
������   when  II     delei ites  will
i.        inble.
i'"   Interruption  of the  dis-
Causa for Alirn
it li.
�� l   the
a to
S hi ing from .it'
!���;  ii int.
���"    '  '     lK  ''""  '"  ""'  ,i"'k  "f |;    'Ibis  wai ipllcat   i ���   day by
elasticity   in    the   French   and  * i,,,,,, whlch caused the pati-
Qerman  Instructional
i*l enl   i ousn        everal limes
during the night.
Pittsburg,   Pa.,  March   IB.���An   sx>
high barometer area oentral In Blrlnnloq 'if hot metal In the converting
Edgar  Thomson   St��el
London,   March    lu.���Statements   at-,' dissipate  the  Impression   who'll   such
tribute,!   to  tiie  Belgian  minister ai statements may have created in Am-
Washington,   Baron   Monoheur,   and erica."
the Belgian consul ln Chicago, C. Hen- in reply Sir Edward drey said he
rutin,   imputing    political    and    sordid had   nol   heard   the  stalenienls.   lull   If
motives to British criticism Of the ad- they  had  bevn   made  they  were quite
ministration of the Congo independent untrue.
pected to get in witli last Saturday for
ihe Fraser River mills.    Oju account
Of the  severe  wind  storm   raging out-   V   ( "l,llnll|u
side,  he  remained   in  Hie Inlet   until
yesterday afternoon, and as there- was
still a rery heavy swell on, he only
brought witli him half of the boom,
embracing eleven swiften, with which
he reached his destination aboul midnight  last  night, and  went  out again
Montana and Manitoba overlies H '"' '    "f    ""'
,i���      ,i  i,   ,,-     , ,      ,, ,,, i B wta, at itraddock, Pa��� today, result-
the north   Pacllir aatales.   British .���, ,   ,
�� ;���, ed   In   s.i,ous  InjtirleH  t,i elglit   work-
anil    the    Canadian
;���; ed in
W I men.
state,  formed  a  question  In  Ihe house
of commons today.
Charles P. Travlyian I Liberal) drew
the attention of Foreign Secretary
Gray to the alleged utterances, and invited   the  secretary   to  take  steps   to
shortly   after.      The   Peerless   will   re>   >J
turn Ibis evening with the balance ofife   !> p, m., Friday:
J Northwest   provinces,   and   fair, i      All ".ero terribly burned by the mol-
!���, cold weather prevails In all sec- [���] ten metal and a number may die. The
!���< thins.      Indications   are   favora- '?, "il'1""!"'" occurred while the men weri
fi ,,   .                               , ,, 8 ��< work In the cinder nit.
B hie for a continuance of the pre- ,��, v...,u*,i  in,.
_ a I
fi sent   conditions  In   this   (Hutriot ,���,  o- '-���
_ for the next -IJ hours. !���! Chauncey's  Illness.
��� .     .. . ���
Socialists Parade
and   Wave Red Flags
New York, Match lu. The Indus parade through the east side und at-
liial workers of the world, the new la tended the joint mass meeting at the
hor organization ln joint conference, Plaza. Red flags were carried by tho
with the Socialistic Labor party, held I paraders and one of the trrnsnaren-
parades  nnd  a  mass meeting at tho cles read:
Forecasts for .16 hours ending >���<      New York, March 15.���Dr. John P., plaza on Union Square last night, to j    "Our brothers, Moyer, Haywood, Pet-
Close    ta   Prorogation.
Winnipeg, March H.���The Manitoba
legislature Is expected to prorogue on
the boom. The lots! consignment!*
will embrace In Ihe neighborhood of y
(deven  hundred thousand feet, and  Is  a
j| I Munn, physician to Senator Chauncej   protest against the arrest of Charles 111 bone and St. John must not be mun-
Lower    Mainland ��� Kaausrly g | M. Depew, who Is 111 at his home In! H.   Moyer,   president;     Charles   Hay- dered.     Show the master class your
tonight and  Friday.
winds, continued  fulr and cold B  this  city,  denied  last night   that  the wood, secretary and Pettlbone and St. spirit."
said   to   be   (he   Urges!   consignment  ,���,
ser river.
B | Condition of his patient was critical.; John, members of the Western Federa-
/jowest     temfdrature,     New S He added:    "Senator Depew's present j tlon of Miners, relative to the killing
"Indisposition Is, I believe, only tem-io
About 2,000 persons took part In the
i m-jrjrj>ym*wrj��yBi^ \ ,""'!"y-
Resolutions denouncing'the arrest of
the officers and members of the
the Western Federation of Miners
were- adopted. THE DAILY NEWS
Main   Line  Stations,
American    Correspondent   Makes   Comparisons   Between
C. P. I�� and American Line Charges and Explains Why U.S. Farmers Go
To Canada.
E. NN'- Thomson, writing in the
Boston Evening Transcript of Fetv-
ruarj 10, has the following under ihe
"A comparison of frelgb
rates on
the Hill roads with those in Canada
just across the line shows sinking
differences In  favor of the  Dominion's
farms���figures that seem to show that
bj reason of these rates a quarter
Bet tl m in Canada is worth tidO more
than one iu the United States similarly Bituated���Canadian rates may go
lower yet."
Because Boston is the Canadian
Pacific railway winter port commercial Boston stands to gain by rapid
and complete settlement of the Canadian prairie west. Hence il is good
tidings  for  Boston  that   the
the assertion that considerable re^t
ductlons were made by the Hill roads.
But the Canadian Pacific railway and
Canadian Northern rates were not fully met. It Is with some hope of Inducing Ihe United States roads to
come down a few points more, and so
place the American western farmer
on an equality with his adjacent
Canadian rival, that the following
statements are presented. The
quality of mercy in Mr. Hill would
probably he twice or possibly thrice
blessed did he lower wheat rates.
since the Canadian Pacific railway
company might then knock oft a point
or two more, whieh might again bring
down Hill rates, and benefit farmers
and ports in both countries. This
correspondence, It may be superfluous
euiigra-, t��� mention, is Invariably   conducted
Number of
Stations at
one rate
TABLE   NO.  2.
Hill System, I'. S
lion  of  farmers    from    the    United in a spirit of beneficlent international-
States prairie west to that of Canada  jsm.
Were freight   rates   se,t strictly  according to  railway  geopgraphy,  then
continues, B is expected to include
at least 60,000 souls for the current
year. Perhaps the movement is not
wholly accounted for by Canada's
giving free grants of lf.0 acres of
good wheat land to adult immigrants.
Railway rates on wheat may have
more to do with it than casually ap.
pears. Farmers are apt to lie attracted by low freight rates, attracted   to  a   degree    greater    than    the
Minnesota, Dakota and Montana farmers should gel their wheat hauled to
lake water considerably cheaper than
could Canadian farmers at similar
longitudes west. That ought to result from the American Lake Superior
part of Duluth being nearer the American prairies than the Canadian
Lake Superior port of Fort William iB
to tho Canadian prairies.   From Win-
of first
Kolb 92
Verna 98
Farris 169
Wilton 186
OJata 304
Petersburg .145
Creary '���'<"'���>
Perrin 399
Knox 429
Pleasant Lake       4:14
Tunhridge 44S
Towner tii;
Henley 542
Palermo r.p.i
Ross 564
Tioga r,sr,
Ray -5!iS
Main   Line  Stations,   Hill
Bralnerd 119
Staples 148
Verndale 160
Rlchdate 183
Lake  Park 22;',
Stockwood 242
Greene 272
Casselton 27��
Alta 309
Kblridge 360
Windsor 365
Cleveland 370
Driscoll 420
Sunnyside 462
New Salem 4S5
Glenullen 514
Taylor ",17
Lehigh 560
Eland 570
Medora 606
Beach 630
Ureal   Northern H
Name of
Swan Rivet
E.Grand For
White   Earth
System, Northern Pacific.
Harbor 393
N.  Y.  Mills
Martin wijl  be in Hi i
offices every Friday at-
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices' New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome Btreets.
Vancouver, room- "I to 24, 415 Hriiii-
rtlle street. .1 iseph Martin, K. C,
w. We;,it, W. G. McQuarrie, 1
Bourne. Mr
HOWAY,  Ui:iD &   BOWES,  Barristers,    solicitors,    etc..     12    Lome
street   opposite  Court   lions".   New
Westminster.   J. 11. Bowes, P. 0. Box
[ITESIDE -  EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors. Blackie Blk.,
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster.
W   .1.  Whiteside, H. I- Edmonds.
. r of the supreme court. Olllces
Canadian Bank of Commerce building    Columbia   street,   opposite    post-
oiiiee, New  Westminster.    M iney to
THURSDAY,    MARCH     15,
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The    regular    I ting    ol
is held on  the First   W"lm    i
each   month,  al   8  o'clock   p.  in .  in
tho   Masonic   Temple.     Sojo
brethren are cordially Invite i to at
tend.      Dr.  W.  A.  DeWoli   .
F.   fi   A.   M.    Regular   c< nunlca-
tlons of this lodge are held o
second  Tuesday  in  each  month  In
Masonic Temple, at 8 p, m.   VI
ing brethren  are cordially  Int
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sei
p i:imi;K E
Ida and McKenzle Btreets
minster, H. C.
M VRTIN, Barrister and
ck, C(
New West-
It.   B,   K.   of   I.,   meets   s md
fourth Friday ot each month, ai s
p.   in.,   In   Orange   hull,   conn;
Royal  avenue und John  streel      s,,.
journing   Sir   Knights    cordially    in
vited to attend.    W.   E.  Dunlop, VV,
p.;   lv E. Matthias, Keg.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
���Meets   In   Orange   hall   llrsi   and
third Friday In each month at
in.   Visiting brethren are cord
Invited to attend,    B. E. Matt
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec Sec
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162 j
Total  Assets $3b,3,3,oib.
Branches   and   correspondents   ln
all  the  principal  cities ot tne  world.
General  banking business transacted.
Interesl  added
I.  o. O.  F.���AMITY   LODGE.  No. 27���
The regular t il Ings of I hi i lod
are hi Id In Oddfellows' ball, Colun
bla street, every  Mondaj   i ��� ���
, -  8 o'clock.   Visiting brethren en
dially Invited to attend.   S, J, M
N. (',.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec, Set
economy amounl s to in money. They
like to be located where they can bejnipeg lo Fort William ls 427 miles,
served by railway companies noted j From Grand Forks, Dak., nearly due
for liberal dealing. In such dealing'south of Winnipeg, the distance to
there is a sort of promise of still Duluth is but 300 miles. The Grand
more liberal rales. This promise Is Forks wheat shipper might, therefore,
the more distinct where popular gov- reasonably expect a lower rate to
ernment, over which western farmers, Duluth   than   the     Winnipeg  shipper
The three foregoing main line tabulations show that the Canadian Pacific railway company and lhe American Hill lines serve their respective
fanners as follows:
gets to Fort William. But the boot
i.s on lhe other leg. The Winnipeg
Fort William rate is 10 cents per 100
pounds. The Grand Forks-Duluth
rate  is   12   cents     tier    100   pounds.
a rate
per  100
lbs. of
10 cts.
11 "
12 "
13 "
14 "
15 "
16 "
17 "
IS   "
19 "
20 "
���127 miles
433 "
4S0 ".
560 "
5S3 "
620 "
690 "
750 "
S24 "
859 "
937 "
1023     "
The       That the wheat rates on the respec-
N.  Pac. tive branch railways of the specified
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up)... 114,01)0,000
)1 opens an account.
ilt yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom  a to 9
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LODGE No.   I
��� Meetings the firs! and third   ;
day   in    each    month.       VI
brethren cordially Invited to atti ��� il
_odge loom, v O. D. W. hall, 0
fellows'  block, Clarkson Btreel   i
3, conic.in, recorder;   Louis Witt,
muster workman.
also could be
systems   are   similarly
to the Canadian farmer
shown by tabulations.
92 miles 154 miles      Were  lana   Vll]ues  to  he  estimated
S. laud.
must increasingly have influence or
control, supervises railway rates, and
governs the railway companies by a
standing commission having arbl-
trarj   regulative  powers.
Two years ago this correspondence Nearer by 127 miles to his port, the
set   forth   a  large  body  of  tabulated Grand  Forks   shipper    is    worse   off
figure.-   lo   prove   thai   the   Canadian j by two cents per ion pounds.
Pacific   und   Canadian   Northern   rail-      What   does   this   signify    in     land
way companies, which serve the Can- values?    Let the assumption be that
,'idiuii    vest,   were   then    much   more two wheat farms, one al Grand Forks,
liberal I i wheal rales than the Anieri- Ihe oilier al Winnipeg, will each yield
can  "Hill    system"    companies,    lhe 25  bushels,   or,   say,  1450 pounds   to
Greal   Northern and  Northern Pacific, the acre.    Then the respective wheat
which  serve that   United Slates west, rates make the Winnipeg farm worth
adjoining Canadian prairies.    The ad- 2'J cents per acre per year more than
Vantage    of    anj     Canadian     wheal the Grand  Forks  farm.    Thai  sum is
farmer between    Winnipeg    nnd Cat the Interesl  at  6 per cent, on almost
gary   was   then   ul   leas!   $5   per  acre $5.     The   actual   wheat   value   of   the
In hind  values, I lies.- being estimated Winnipeg   farm   is   therefore    almosl
Bolelj   "ti    he  basis of wheat   rates to $5   per   acre   more   than   that   of   the
lake water, und the comparison being Grand Forks farm.    That means $80n
With   United   States  lands  of  similar difference In the wheat, values of the
fertility   ;it   similar    distances    west, ordinary  quarter  section    farms,   160
There  is  some  reason  to believe that acres,     The   sum   is   u   large   one   to
extensive  republication  of  the Tran- farmers who think of moving,
script   figures by   western  papers  was      St.  Vincent,  Minn.,  wheal  shippers,
beneficial  to  American  fanners.    Al 360 miles  trom  Duluth, have to  pay
any  rate J.  J.  Hill  gave his  farmers lhe   Great   Northern     road   13   cents
some relief,   ln the harvest season of per 100  pounds to  Duluth.    Emerson
last   vear   (1905)    u    more extensive shippers  just  across    the    boundary
BOftenlng  of  his  heart   was  generally from   St.   Vincent,   have  to   pay   the that   port   it   might   naturally
announced  by  the western  press,    It Canadian     Pacific     railway    only   12pected   that   they   would   give
solely by comparison of wheat rates
to lake ports, a Canadian acre 430
miles from Fort William would be
reckoned worth as much as an American acre 130 miles from Duluth, as
each acre has a ten cent rate to the
respective lake ports. By similar calculation on the basis of wheat rates
; from ten to twenty-five cents the
comparative values of wheat  l^ids of
|ei|tiul fertility would he as follows:
Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C3l.C.,...llon President
Hon. Sir G. A. Drummonii, presldenl
E.   S.   Clouston,  Vice   President   and
General Manager.
General    banking    business   trans- |
Branches In all the principal cities
in Canada, in London, Hug., New-
York, Chicago, and St. Jonn, .Mid.,
and correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymer,   Manager.
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
W. CURR1E, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmlthing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
I'.cghic Street.
land  121 worth U.
"      489 "
560 "
������     583 "
"      600 "
"     .50 "
"     824 "
'"     859 "
������     937 "
"    1023 "
.. 98
.. 399
. .434
11 cts.
12 "
13 "
14 "
16   "
16 "
17 "
LS    "
19 "
20 "
Can Arrange
Terms tor You.
823 One hundred and sixty   acres,beautlfully   situated  on   tbe
southern slop" oi tne serpentine Valley; flrat-ciass lana, rronung on
the Clover Valley Road; near the  railroad  and  river;    g I   road;
bind is vi ty productive; about 60 acres iii flrst-claaa condition,
Good and convenient buildings. All necessary Implements und stock.
This Is well worth Investigation,   Price, ��90 per acre.
1027���An unusually good  buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; BO
to 75 acres under nrst-ciass cul tlvatlon;   9 acres under  hops,  all in
good shape;   Lu-roomed dwelling iu good condltton, barn 'mx : bop
kiln and lulling room in good condition; the buildings on the place
are worth at leas! ss.uou. Bertand Creek runs through the property.
This Is a most desirable farm; from $2,500 to J3,50U per year can
he taken off it.    Price, $/,a00 cash.
much   wheat   to
iwithln 100, 200, 300
be  ex-
Because  Hill   system    roads    carry  ta!"   is   now   under     contract.      The
Duluth   from   points specifications    demand  a  better road
,   ...     ,,        .than  any   now  existing in  either  the
and 400 miles of . ., 7 .   m,
Canadian or the American west. That
road will be aide to carry wheat pro-
lower fltably at lower rates than any now
was si.ited thai lie had reduced wheal cents for carrying 100 pounds to Fort iong haul rates than the Canadian conceded. Of course the Canadian
raies to the Canadian Pacific railway  William, 403 miles' haul. Pacific  railway  company,  which gets Pacific railway will have to meet that
level throughout the American pralriei The following table shows the re- practically no wheat within 427 miles competition. This implies that Cana-
near the Canadian border. An elabo- speetlve wheat rates at points not far'0f ).-ort William, and therefore has to dlan rates on wheal must go down
rule   examination   of  the   1905  wheat from  the   boundary   line,  and   nearly operate over that, long distance with- within a few years so much as to en-
tarlffs   of   Lhe   Hill   railway   confirms  opposite one another in longitude.
Cana II tn
C P.
Emei - ii
Distance  from   When!   rate     I'. S.
Fori. Win.      per  100  lbs. station
Distance from Wheat  rate
. 193
. . 196
Holden 508
Manllou 520
Holmfield . .582
Napinl ,i      fits
Plerson 634
Estevan 717
St, Vincen
Neche..   .
. ,363
. ,396
. .:;:i7
... 143
Si     lohn 459
Avoca. ���
. 197
per 100 His.
j out   any   wheat,   freights.     The   facts hance  greatly the advantage of Can-
are directly contrary  to Ilia!  natural adian lands In a comparison of their
expectation. potential  values  with  those of  United
If   all   this   assists   explanation   of States   lands  sliuated   along  the   Hill
the  boom  in  West   Canada it   may  lie system  railways.
logically   inferred   that     farmers   will The   farmers  in   North   Dakota   and
continue  to  rush  to  that  country  for other   wheat   stales  of  the  northwest
years to come.    The more it  is popu- have  complained   for   many   years  at
kited   the   lower   can     the   Canadian Hie  rales they  have to  pay  for trans-
rallwaj   companies   put   wheat   rates, porting  their wheat  lo market,    Un-
and  their    policy     plainly  Is  to  put doubtedly this situation Is one of the
those  rales  to  the  lowest    possible, causes   for   the   moving   of   some   of
Moreover the Canadian "Grand Trunk those   I'nited   Slates  farmers   lo  Cnn-
Paclfic"   or  "National   Transcontim'ii- ada.
The    Igntficance    of    due    above Bpectlve railroad  companies, und  the
figures i . if the method of the pre- distances  from  their passenger  time
vious computation of bind  values be tables.    A  verj   few of the distances
followed, thai  Canadian farmers near are estimated,  these being  of   wheat
the   International     bound an     have stations  nol   found  in the passenger
everywhere  an  advantage  of almosl Btation  lists, nnd  it  is possible  that
$2.50 per acre In the wheal value of the estimate may occasionally  be aa
their bind, and one nf almost $7.60 in much  ns  two  or  three miles   wrong.
the comparison between  Estevan nnd In all  eases  where  there  are   more
Avoca, routes   than   one   on  any  company's
In  the  following,   as   in   the  pieced- system   to   the     lake     purl    specified,
Ing  tabulation,  the  wheal   rates  are then  the  shortest  route is  taken  in
taken from the 1905 tariffs of the re- quoting distance figures.
In Social Circles
Mrs.  A. Charleson
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
was hostess al II. V, Ardagli returned on Sunday
ii most enjoyable tea on Saturday from an extended trip to Hie east.
afternoon at her residence on the cor- While there he visited al bis home iii
tier   of   Third     avenue     nnd     Second   Barrio, Dm., and  in Toronto.
irison of Hill
system nnd
Canadian sys
NO.  1.
em wheat
\~ !���*..'
Line Stations C.  P.   It   (
Number of
Name of
Wheal rate
Stations a!
���of first
per 100 lbs
even  rale
Fort   Wm.
Fort   Wm.
o Winnipeg
10 cts.
*   441
o Burnslde
Oak   Lake
Swift   Current   937
Maple Creek    1023
street. Those who assisted in serving
were:      Miss   Corbould.     Miss     Grace
Corbould, Miss Cotton, Miss Brymner
and Miss Morphy. Among those present were; Mrs. A. .1. Hill, Mrs,
F. .1. Coultharil, Mrs. T. .1. Armstrong,
Mrs. A. DeWolf Smith, Mrs. F. B.
Lyle, Mrs. A. F. Colton, Mrs. Glover,
Mrs. Fagan I Vieloria), Mrs. Malins,
Mrs. .1. It. Grant. Miss M. Doherty
(Toronto), Miss Cotton, Miss Brymner, Miss Morphy, Miss Corbould,
Miss Grace Corbould and Miss Claire
Mr. and Mrs. D. Von Cramer Spent
Sunday in the city the guests of Mil
and  Mrs.  F.  H.  Lyle, Queen's avenue.
Mrs. F, .1, Coultharil entertained at
"bridge" on Friday evening, Hie
guests being Dr, and Mrs. C. .!. Fagan,
Mr. and Mrs. A, Malins, Mrs. C. 10.
Holt, Mrs. II. H. Gordon, Mrs. Cinynor
and Mrs.  A.  10. Graeme.
Mr. Hoseason of Vancouver spent
Monday in the Royal City.
Mr, und Mrs. Fred. W. Cunningham
spent Sunday In the city the guests
of Mrs. C.  10. Seymour.
Dr. Doherty returned Sunday from
a  business trip to Seattle.
At a meeting of the executive committee of the Anti-Tuberculosis society held ai the residence of Mrs. G.
D. Brymner, First street, II was decided to hold a concert in aid of the
society's funds at an early date.
April 5th will probably lie fixed as the
dale. Programmes etc. will be Issued
ill   once.
,���. o	
Alberta   Legislature.
Edmonton, Marcb ll.���The Brst
session of the Alberta legislature will
be opened tomorrow   witli    befitting
ceremonies,   nnd   iirraiigenieiits     have
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Dr. and Mrs. C. .1. Fagan left on been made to accommodate 3,000
Sunday for their home in Victoria,        gnosis ul  the function.    Mr. Fisher, of
Royal English lefi on Monday for Banff, is expelled lo be Sleeted speak-
San  Francisco. er.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
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We deliver lo all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
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115,   SONS  OF   ENGLAND.   B.  S.���
Red  Rose Degree meets Second und
Fourth Wednesday "f each t ith,
in K. of I'. Hall, Columbia St.. ut
s p. in., White Rose Degree. Fourth
Wednesday in each month, Bame
time und place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. io. B, Stlnch-
combe, Pros., II. Disney, Seen   u
--Meets the Fourth Friday in tin
month nl 8 o'clock, in the small
hull. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren nre cordially Invited to
tend. .I. B. Uushlon. C. It.; F, I'
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge nie held on the Second
nm! Fourth Tuesdays of each month
ut   X  p. m. in  111" Oddfellows'  II
Visiting  Brethren are cordial]
viied io attend,    IO. C. Firth, C. R
F. 1-. Maxwell, Sec,
THE   ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE  meet    every  Wedni
ul   8  o'clock   p.   in.,   in   OddfellO'
Hull.   Columbia    Btreet.     Visit i .���
Un thren are cordlallj invited I
tend.    .1.   S.   Hr;..-on,   S.  ('.;    \.  ii.
Brown, Rec. See.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on tlie I
Third Tuesday of every month in
K.    of    I'.  Hull.      .lohn    McNI
Chief; .1. .1. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New We 'minster Hoard of Trade meets in the
Board Room, City Hull, as follows
Second Wednesday of each month
Quarterly meetings on th" Becond
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, ut 8 p, m.
Annual meetings on tlie Becond
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected ut any monthly or ijuarterly
meeting.    A. 10. White, See.
New Wtitminit���, B. C.
"it" naturally follows!!!   What??
Snlisfuctl if course, to ever)
Who  smokes  the
B. C. and Old Sport Cigars
Manufactured  by  the  it.  C. i
Factory, New Westminster, B, C.   -\1!
llrsi class dealers bundle these brands
Still Doing Business at tne Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full linn of lOngllsh, seotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always In BtoCK
Spring stock now  in.    Make >"lir
H. M0REY & CO.
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New Westminster,   - - -   B. CJ Columbia St.        Sign, Man on Wheel.
Washington,   March   IS.���Presldenl
Roosevelt  yesterday sent to congress
the report of the opium committee up-
pointed to Investigate the use of
opium in the Philippines. Tile reporl
is ns follows:
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Stricken   With   Paralysis.
--  ���      _   .      _^ Kingston,    Ont.,    March    14.���Dean
W��   1^1 ���   LirSpCr Smith, of St. George's cathedral, was
s���,���.. . Btrlcken with paralysis at the service
B. C. Land
yesterday,  lint  regained consciousness
surveyor during the night.   While his condition
Cllard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.   is critical, lie i.s holding his own.    Dr.
Smith is ahout  GO years of age.
"Washington, I). <'., March 9,  1906.
"My Dear Mr. President���1 have tho
honor lo enclose herewith for transmission lo congress the reporl of the
committee appointed by the Philippine commission to invesigate the use
of oiiium and the traffic therein and
the rules, ordinances and laws regulating such use and traffic ln Japan,
Formosa, Shanghai, Hongkong/ Saigon, Singapore, Burmah, .lava and
the Philippine islands.
"The law in force in the Philippine
islands under the government of
Spain made it unlawful for any Filipino to smoke or use opium in any
j way. It permitted, however, a licence
to issue for the maintaining of opium
smoking resorts to he patronized
only by the Chinese, and police supervision was exercised over the resorts
and any Filipino found there was arrested and punished. The owner of
the resort was also punished for conniving nt the Filipinos' violation of
tin- law.
"It is generally thought tha! the law
was fairly well enforced and thai tbe
spread of tlie use of th" drug among
the Filipinos was much retarded by
its enforcement. I'nder tlie law the
right to sell opium for smoking and
oilier purposes was farmed out in tii'
various provinces to u wholesale
dealer who purchased the privilege
ut a public auction.
���When the American troops entered
Manila and look possession of tlie
islands, ihe Spanish opium law was
; not continued in force. A duly was
| imposed on opium, and towns were
enjoined to pass ordinances forbidding the establishment of opium dives.
! Such information as the'commission
could obtain Indicated that, the suspension of tlie Spanish law had led
to an increase of the use of the drug
among tlie Filipinos. A resolution was
introduced in the commission following in some respects the Spanish law.
The hill abolished the smoking license
Und provided that no opium could he
i.eld to be smoked upon the premises,
'��� contained the feature of farming
cut the right to sell opium to Chinese
persons 21 years of age. Tlie bill was
advertised for three months, and
when it came beforj 'he commission
'ii open session It was discussed by
t embers of the pulp!: witli great
vigor. It was very vigor.usly opposed by the clergymen o. the city of
"Indeed, so strong was their objection that it led the commission to
table the hill and appoint  a commit
tee consisting of Maj. Carter, surgeon.
I'. S. A.,  chief sanitary officer of tlie
I islands: Dr. Joseph E. Albert, a promh
'nent Filipino physician of Manila, and
[the Right Rev. Charles H. fireni,
Episcopal bishop of the Philippines,
who were authorized to visit the
various Oriental countries to Investigate the measures taken by the different governments for the purpose
of suppressing tlie use ,,t opium. This
committee made its report to tlie
Philippine commission in June. i:mi.
The reporl was not transmits
tie- Philippine commi- on to this department until last July. Tlie time
Bince then has been taken up iu the
],riming of it and iu Ihe correi
of typographical ami othei errors contained  in  it.
"An informal copj nf the opium
reporl brought by Bishop Brent reported to tlie department a year ago
and   the   results   of   iis   contents   and
conclusions were transmitted to tlie
j committee nf tlie bouse nnd senate
j when they were considering the ques-
tion of tlie duty to ho imposed upon
!opium in :i hill providing for a tariff
Ion goods Imported into the Philip-
i pines. The result was the opinion "f
j the committee
"Opium:      (a)   Crude.   N.   \V���   kilo
$4;   (lit   the  same   manufactured  *
prepared   for  the  smoking  or  other
purposes,   X.   W.,   kilos,   $.",:   provided,
j however, thai  the Philippine commission or any    subsequent     Philippine
legislature,   shall   have   the   power   to
enact legislation to prohibit absolutely the Importation Dr sale of opium,
or to limit or restrict its Importation
and sale or adopt such other measures
as may be required for the suppression of the evils resulting from the
sule and u ���" of the drug: and, provided further, thai after March I,
1908, il shall lie unlawful to import
Into the Philippine islands in whatever form, except   |,y  the govern nt.
and at no time shall it be lawful to
sell opium to any native Filipino In
the islands except for medicinal purposes.
"There is now pending before the
Philippine commission a lull providing for the suppression of opium
smoking which penalizes the sale of
opium lo Filipinos or Its use by them.
It prohibits the sale of opium to any
Chinaman unless he be registered us
an habitual user of !he drug. License
tuxes are imposed on wholesale and
retail dealers, who are subject to close
[regulation and  scrutiny.    The text  of
jthe bill has not been received, but
only a cable summary.    The hill, if It
I becomes a law, will, by reason of the
congressional restriction above set
out, cease to have effect until April,
1908, and at that time all Importation
j cf opium Into the islands wdll cease
txcepl for medicinal purposes and the
importation for that purpose will he
made by the government only.
"The interval of two years before
the absolute prohibition applies is
made in accordance with the successful policy adopted In Formosa by the
Japanese, who did not put into operation the prohibition until after three
years of preparation, during which
licenses were imposed and a registered list of habitual users was rei
quired.   The proposed license bill fol
lows exactly the recommendation of
the Investigation committee, bul it
it passes it will effect the -rue pur.
omewhaI diff' rent
\ supplement ta th< een fary'8
letti    i     tra . Ini d In a cablegram re-
I eivi '. ::,,',, i noi "��� I.' I il   of
Philippine Islaadi al Manila, Indicating thai the public discussion on
the  pi , imn    hill    has   been
1 the bill v. i    ;
osltlon    except
from i ho favored       tu
bul   in   -..'
shorl tore the tol till Ition
It   v ||   js
announ lie establishmenl of
i government monopolj ivith tho
Dei " isarj forces ef empli - . Impracticable, ni view i-i the facl that
tlie importation and use of thi opium
was to t"' prohibited after abo it two
years under the acl or congress ap-
proved .March 3,1905.
The bill in its general terms provide.- fm the abolition of the opium
truffle in accordance wilh the provisions of this act of congress.
The 'nil mission'! proposed high
ll-tis, bill make- i: unlawful to sMI
opium to any natives of the Philip*
pines excepl fm medicinal purposes,
am! the provisions as to license shall
apply onlj to the Chinese, and only
these of the Chinese who are now
habitual users of the dim. II penalizes any use ef opium unless pre.
Bcribed bj  a pi    li Ian I ������ anj  except
regular    habit i il    usei ������     ng  tho
Chinese, ":������ e ��� mired to pay a
license  ol i who   must
use the drug In their own residences;
authoiIzi ��� isi ��� ��� pitalt ana
physiciant   and , harmacists
mi phj slclan'i ilizes
possesi ion  ext        I horlzi tl   per
sons:  provide rei   latlng
��holesale and retail det It i regulates sales, wil bdrawal nd records,
substantiallj as with liquors In tha
ini. rnal revenm lav requlri i !j ensfl
and bond foi �� hi let di di alers, and
imposes a high ii' ense on wholesale
land  retail dealers.
The bill provides thai revenues received from tltis Bource arc to he used
in disseminating Information concerning the evils uf opium using, payment ol hospital expenses o( habitual
i users of Filipino students in the United Slates. salaries ol Filipino
! teachers in the islands, ami the construction of school buildings,
Lt. Gov.   Jones   Dead.
Halifax, March 14.���Lieutenant-Governor Jones, of Neva Scot in, died tonight.    He retired as usual lasi night,
.and awoke    shortly    after    midnight,
1 complained of pain In the chest, anil
passed away before a physician arrived.     Heart   failure was tlie cause.    He
waa 82 years of age and was lieutenant  governoi  since 1900.
C. G. Electric Prospers.
Toronto, March 14.���-The annual
meeting of the Canadian Oeneral Elec-
i trie company was held here al noon
���today. The profits for the year
amounted lo $608,000,' an increase ot
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An Elegant Raincoat and Cap will be Presented.
To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers-DAILY NEWS--a similar Present will be Given.
THURSDAY,    MARCH    15,   1906
Streets.  New V estmiustor, B. C.
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone !---_.
J. R. Gflley, 'Hl'one 1-4-9
Editor   and   Mgr    Edward   D.   Sawyer
Adver-.ising Rates.
Transient    di play    advertising.    10
Cents per line (nonparlel) 12 lines to,
the  inch.      Fi\ i  cents  per  line  for
Wife Is Victim of
Standard   Oil   Man   Gets   More   Than   Young   Chinaman   Who   Has   a   White
Even   With   Young   Mr.
New   York,   March   14.���H.  H.  Rog-
I ers has been  gunning for F. Augus-
Seattle, Wash., March 14.���Chinese
highbinders, numbering fifteen, at an
early hour this morning beat and robbed and attempted to murder Frank
Louie, a well known Chinese boy who
Subsequent inse.tions.
Reading notions, hold face type, 20:tus Heinze, says a Wall street report.
tents pel line, bievier or nonpariel, 10 ' The gUlIU]ara- oil Nemesis has bag-
cents per line. .     _   ,
For   time   contracts,   special   posi-1 Sed his game, according to John W. lg employed as a waiter at the Butler
tions. apply to advertising manager.      Gates. Heinze recently -forced Rogers i,ar.    The police have been given the
Notices   of   births,   marriages   or __ Ug _^_ ,on,av hlm a gigantic names  of  the  guilty  foreigners  ami
deaths. 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or ! , .,....PSts wiii nrobablv be made
found, rooms to let. etc., one cent per  sum    '�����    """���"<"    M~U,<      	
Word.      No advertisement taken  for'
lecc than i!ii cents.
"Paten,  or  proprietary  medicine ad-  iously estimated at $11,000,000 to 126
VertlsementB  inserted  at  rate  ot  50  ooo.OOO.
cents per inch per issue (display) or if
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
for    certain    Montana    copper
Frank, the victim, says he was at
���'        ""'   ;-     ' ; l!   '        :' tacked  because the    highbinders  are
angry at hlm for adopting American
dress and mode of living.    They are
Rogers ls one of the best haters Ini also at outs with him, it is said, be
issue.   No deviation from this rate for  tht. world( aml after he succeeded in j cause he has taken an American girl
teim contracts.
eliminating  Heinze from the Montana
for a wife.
The excuse for the attack last night
Telephones. situation he proceeded to get revenge. | seems U) hay. ,)een a bl��� of $- or $6
Business office  2-  Incidentally  he calculated on getting: that Frank Louie owed at  a Chinese
Manager's residence   251   bac_ the millions which young Heinze! restaurant on King street.   Frank had
��_������   had  forced  him  to give  up iii  order  planned to make a trip to San F
,,     ciseo to get his white wife who
to secure an end  to tlie interminable  , . . T    ..
i been there for some time. In the corn-
la ��suits  over  the  copper    companies   p;iny f)f g  f|..(.ml a chlnese bov  wh���
of the Northwest, has  charge of the sideboard at The
Mr.  Heinze    an,]  his  friends    were  Lincoln, Frank went, to the lower part
Gilley Bros.
Healers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. fottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co. i
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot  j
'Phone lb
.   ,Nii
��fe   '
B. C. Monumental Works ������2��
Latest Styles in Rubber Tire-
Hacks and Rigs.
',;;;: Marble and Granite Monuments, ^. LYLE & CO.
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
THURSDAY.    MARCH     15.    1906
I elieved to have Invested their money of the city to see some of his friends.
,���,   .     .. While   walking   along   King   street
in   cupper   stocks.    Iheir   theory   was
,    . I'rank  Bays  that  a Chinaman  named
No doubt an odd nan," to apply to ,,K(,  ������. 8ettIement  0j the war and Dan, who works In the restaurant, ran
a club, but  nevertheless an  affective .,,,,  ���,.,..,,   s;iviliu.s  ,,, be effected  in"   ,-,,���  into the streel  and grabbed him.
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
"Pii>   me that  money you owe  me,
said  Dan in Chinese.
"I can't," replied Frank. "I haven't
any money with me. Send me your
bill to the hotel tomorrow and I'll pay
One  and  easily   understood.     Webster  ,.,,������,���.!;,,���    Hi,i,  tne    Ui^h prices    of!
times a "booster" is one who boosts, copper w,p|1|(l  make ine stocks  boom.
ami  we draw  the deduction that  "to     Roger8 learned  that   they had load-
boost"   means    to    push   along,   help ii(, up (m copperSi an;d ho immediate
along, assist  along, etc.   Therefore we  ,y  proceoljed  to  manipulate  the stock   j,
propose to boost for everything that |marke, K() aa ;;. r8i|eve the Heinze! That promise apparently did not
means or spells Westminster, and will crowd of its millions. That is believed! suit Dan, for the latter grabbed the
columns freely in the interest to  lie the    true explanation    of the  Americanized Chinese    hoy    by    the
use our c
ol any enterprise in our city or SM"|heavy   selling   of   copper stocks and; throat and began to choke him
the consequent  slump in the market, fourteen other big Chinamen, all said
roundings to aid II  in business, and ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ estimal_|t0 belong t0 the Highbinrter society,
we  will  boost,    urge,    pull, any Old I e(J tQ haye ,os(    from $4000000
name you wish    to   term it. for new  (6,000,000 In  the last few days,
industries   that   will   bring   increased      ,|0hn W. Gates declared himself to
o ran from the restaurant    and
beating the  powerless    little    Butler
liar waiter.   His friend could not help
The be a hull on the stock market, stating  him,   for  the  force  against   him   was | a Specialty,
that liquidation had gone far enough, t'10 great.
On being asked why he had reached      Prank  was dragged  into  the  door
this opinion  lie said: way    of   the   restaurant    and    there  nitshetl
at all times have the as-     "Helnze and Ua frienlds, both those beaten again.   He says he was thrown
revenues to our    Royal    City,
mayor   of  our   city   has   been   toiling
manfully   to  obtain  these    industries
and he wi
his interests tn whatever manner we
can assist him.
Blstanee of The Daily News to further ,,f Butte and those of the East, have on the floor and robbed.    A diamond
sold oul  their Amalgamated and A'na-!s,ick Pin' wor,h *7:>. was taken fl'om
eonda shares at a heavy loss.    I un- llis cravat, his gold watch and chain
derstand their holdings of Amalgama- were  s,0,on  anrt  then    the    robbers
lu another section of the paper we ,,.(| Copper aggregated 400,000 shares." took Ulolr victim's overcoat.
call  attention   to  the  formation of a       "How much of a loss does this sell- "^Ve  keen thls  for  what   -vo"  "Wl>
boosters'   club,   and   fully   outline   its ing    out    of    long    copper    holdings ns." said one of tliem.    "We ought  to
Bhow?"  Mr. (hues was asked. '''" you-
���I won't say, bul I think you win "x"' llon'r  Kil1 hil11'" eald another
find ou   thai they bought their Amal- ''''inese in Ms native tongue.    "Kick
gamated Copper shares from 112 up- 1,im out'"
cepts   to   Hie   letter.     If   we  all     pull   wara-  and   ,h;l,   ,i10y   sold   them   from Pranh   waa   Promptlj
logethev for one common object and  107 downward.1
that   object   Westminster,    first
and  all  the  time,  we certainly   will
have a city second lo none in the pro
vince.       So     then     altogether,   boost,  Am:,lin,nun,.,!  frumcr    mmnnt     ,.��� =       Frank Louie declares that he Immo
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   work,  including
Fences, Gates, Lite -scapes, etc
Mail orders and correspondence in-
BEG3L- Bl'ttl'.l'.l.
N'ew Westminster, f. U. 47-1.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Estimates   promptly  fur- ifeRKaf,e delivered   promptly to any
part of the city.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Kith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Join the
It don't Cost You
All kinds of 3hip> repair
began | WOTK.
Ship and Scow   Building
The best Club ever
1 4 Eighth St., New Westmiaster, B.C..
Office 'Phone 186.       Barn  r'tione L!7
object jf ami we earnestly appeal to
the citizens of New Westminster to
follow   out   its     teachings     and     pre-
kicked   onto
the  sidewalk
This statemenl  gives color to the BenRea 1,is "tables and his overcoat
rumors  that  hud circulated    in Wall  n''"' "��,u'' llis n"H< had been c"1 :""1
street  for several days to the effect  !l" h;l(l received a blow on the head-
that   Rogers,  the chief power iii  the ,!:"  Pafned llini greatly,
boost, Amalgamated Copper   company,    was
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
MoOSeiaW.       Samples   tO   be   Columbia   C-ramaphones
When  lie came  lo  bis: J,    ...        re.        _���   nT   it Zithers, etc.
seen at this office or at H. _���_   _       _, _.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block
boosting and boosted.
depressing  Its shares  ii,  a  relentless   ���''���"'^ reported  the case to two ilni-
campaign  to  shake  Heinze    and  his
Tlie New    Westminster    Board   ��Mwere veo* heavy
Trade last night at. its regular month- gtocks  just   prior
ly meeting recommended that a tele- papers which
gram   he     sent     Sir   Wilfrid   Laurie  war and  just   following the aniiounci
urging liiin '" appoint a senator from
this   dlstricl   and     same     was   miani-
formed  officers,    who    refused    point
followers  out    of  holdin v ' i:'r,u '" make im>' arre8ts in ,he case-
acquired,  mostly    on  margin.    It     is      "1"" ��"sl" '" ha>  >'""r '''Us," said
known  thai   Heinze    and  his friends '"" of ,ho ��mc,'rs ���  Frank    reports,
buyers   of copper "iou're t0�� SWI'"  r"r :>  r,linli' :""1
to the signing of you so1 what you "e^^."
Settled     the     .Montana       The   Vi(''im   nl'  the  ('llinrae  0,,,,'aK��
waited  until  this  morning to gel   us-
ilstance.    He  reported  tin-  facts  to
Sergeanl  of Detectives Tennant,  who
detailed   officers   to  make  an   investi-
tueui of that Important step.
'l'lie day of   ihe official   announcement   that   the  settlement
had   been
mouslj approved by the board. After arrive(j ;i. Amalgamated Copper stock
tlie meeting adjourned quite u mini- sold ai lis, a few days Inter it sold
her of the members met as private al   100,  Anaconda Copper stock sold
us  high   us  300,    and   ir   slumped     to
g:il ion   and (afresl   all   Chinese     who
were involved  in  tlie assault.
While  ilie   matter  of the  small   bill
owed  by  Frank  was a pretext   for the
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell s tasliion plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock ot high-
class suilings.
Also worstitis, serges, Broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fuel we can supply all your sartorial  wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
formed in Westminster.
Light and Heavy Hauling	
No iniation fee
No danger of
J. M. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
ar��d Kecords,
Collin.bia   Street.
write   t',,r   nPlCOB,
Good Landi
:!"'   1-2.   I'nited   Copper   sold   ns   high
robbery and    attempted    murder, the.
i in en   and signed a petition requesting Bis Worship Mayor Keary to call a , ��� ...
B public meeting to further urge the ,���,,,���,,. Btockg w(,,.��� ���������.,, ,lffl,(.,(,(, bj   ��re to live as an American and his
aistrict's claim to a senator from this the depressing Influence ot the Rogers '"'""" in <1"��"��">K a white girl for a
flistrict      No     more     sensible     thing  '"'^i   campaign    in     coppers
could   possibly  have been done by  the   M"i"Z"   ;""'   hi8   f,i""'^
 . f, . ���
hoard than puss this resolution as It
does nol affect one's political views in
any way whatever, nor does ll  place Ca���fornla   ���ancher  D'ecides  Case   of
the board of trade in  the eyes of the Man   Charged   With   Theft.
public as a  political factor    in    anj      I,,,,    AageleB,    March   13.���George
manner   whatever.    The    district    ISiPrancla Train,    a
wil, . are the main causes  for the at
tempt on his life last night. The
storj thai police officers refused to
take any part' in the case will lie
rigidly investigated by Acting Chief
of  Police Willard.
"f  knew they  wajil.od to kill me,"
said  Hie young Chinese when  he  wns
' M'kiiiiiJig  lite  case  to  Sergeant   Ten-
.inter, who 'had  nant.   "If it had been in a dark place
police are convinced that Prank's do-
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN (lartien, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stuck readj
for distribution; ask your merchant
for tlujn in Eealed jack-uin. ^| lie
does not bundle them we will prepay
to   your   nearest    postofflCBj   fifty    5C|
; ir and nojheen  arrested at   Sun  Fernando    for thej  would have murdered me in cold  ;1;"'k,'ls' '""'selection ��   8*�� '
 ���  ,���  ��� n,re    dlstricl  is , e ^> larceny, elected to he trie,, by  ,.    They   have  often   threat,. , ^ *     ."" f% ^   "|  ^JWS
honor .ban ou,  tel   \]">, ^ 'I  .^[[Z.rZ .""T.."".  Si. '^1."?..! ^ "^J? .'"" '"""^  .-rni. ...... Ornamental Wees now ma-
desei \ ing of the
low   townsman  -lohn  C,   Brown,  and, glngle juror The one ���eiected to Judge tlon."
Ids   fate   to   ii   wlll  some day  lie carried  into  execu-
The Dallj   News does
express  Itself openly
mu hesitate to the  racts was u  I anchor.    Aftei
und    candidly, he heard the Btory he was locked up
Frank   Louie  was  born  In   l'ort laud
11'    Ins   never   been   lo   China.        Al
und    places    Itself    Immedtatelj    oi
record    lo woi�� for ids appointment
alone In the lurj  room.   For hal! an  though a full-blooded Chinese, Louie'I
tiired for the spring trade.
No  expense,  loss or  delay  of  fumigation  or  ins lion.
Lal ina price your list before plac-
lioui he deliberated,
BSOClatton  with  American  people  bus
Ing  your  order
(llecl,house     I'lullT-i.
Work,     Bee    Supplies.    Fruit
rtili'/.ers, etc.    Catalogue
"The .iii i - > must be disagreeing with caused him to forsake Chinese ways,
ln ill.  early days of New Westmln- himself," the state's   attornej    Bald, and manners, und for thai  reason he V;"'1^""���*��� ,M'
ski's     struggle     for     existence     and   Another half hour passed  without  any is  looked   down   upon   by   the  country-     "*'J' m-'VHV
recognition,  John   c.   Brown    was   a  "">*''��� men who stlok to the manners of the u-,' ',,,,,-, ',,,,. u,<���i
"i,   1.. I,.  ..   �� t ..   k..~-       "  I i..in ,       .....      ._      .._! ..Uiu    wcS'Tiii il .fie
whirlwind of Btrength to his par!.',  and
city, aud even to the present day lias
maintained all his vigor   for   everj
and Another hall hour passed wlthoul any la looked down upon by the country-
noise, men who stick to the manners of the
"It IB surely n case of a hung jury," parti}     uncivilized    country    in     the
11 ventured the lawyer for the defense, Orient.
Then  there  wbb   a   knock   at   the     Detective Barbae this afternoon ar-
door.   The lone Juro/stalked out and rested chink  Isaac.    Ah   Wong and
Vancouver,   B.  C.
tiling that lias a tendeni
the district.
New   Westminster   is   certainly   en
titled   to  the    honor,     no    matter  lo
to advance enured a verdlcl thai George
Train was innocent.
Francis Chicago Dan, three Chinese, charged
wiib   being   the    assailants  of   Frank
Louie.     They   were   Identified   by   the
Esnuimalt   Defences. \icii n of the assault.    The arrest was
Ottawa,   March   ,i. -Col.   Hughes ,';"1'' on King street, in the restrlet-
whom   the     honor   is   given,   bul   we  ���.1S |nformej| Dy Sir Frederick Borden   ' '   district.     It   is  staled     thai   other
must sa\  If good hard conscientious m the house today tha! the Dominion arrests will follow,
work counts tor anything ihe mantel hud nol yet taken over the Esquimau ��
Should     by     all     means     fall   on   the  'I"'"""*-   The cos. was about J100.000 HEARINGS ADJOURNED
of  the   gentleman above
for the current  year, which the Do-
Burnaby Municipality
During' the time of mi :,iu lhe
assessment tho office will be closed
each Tuesday, Thnrs'.n .in,I Friday,
from Feb. 20 to M-i'-e i .''J, both tn-
i 'usive.
11. C. WAI.TCTCR,   I   M. C.
j,,   Water    Applications    Stand    Ower    to
Threatens  Morgan.
New  York,    March 14.���A    woman
Burnaby Municipality.
' | minion paid,    It was nol intended ���)
incie;,..,. or decrease lhe cost of main- Give   A9ent  *   Chance,
talntng the   defences and  there would      The hearing of the water rights ap-
be no new expenditure for armament, locations from   the   corporations or
The Halifax defence will cost $800,000 S""M|   Vancouver,   North   Vancouver,     Ten(Jer8  .,,.���  ,..MpA   tor  800 cubic
annually.    No Increases or doureases Vancouver city, Richmond and Burna> yal_B ,,r broken  rock    for Hastings
known as  Mrs.  William:-,  who of into  wjj|  |���,  ni;il|r in  ,|u,  |(11.(1|, ()|. ',.���, ,.y,  by. was adjourned  until  April  18.    In   road, near  Royal Oak  road.
has made frequent visits to the office pense for armament order   to   give   Govern nt    Agent     Also for widening Hastl.      ,.���.,.! "u
of J.  Plerpont   Morgan,   was  arrested      sir  Wilfrid  wild  thai   lie  had  asked  Fisher  the  opportunity  to  more cure-
tills afternoon on a  warranl  deciar- tor an adjustmenl ol provincial suii-' f"'iy Investigate the applications
ing thai she had threatened to shoot
both Mr. Morgan and his son, .1. Pier-
I'Ont   Morgan.   Jr.
Mrs.   Willi ims     was   lal.en     to   I lie
Tombs poll'" ," ourl  to be arraigned.
the north side   of Johnson   road, In
two sections of it) chains each.
,:     Specifications of the   above works,
.idles.    The matter vr iuld V oonsld-UB said thai the total amount ol water can be seen, nt Mr. Charles F. Sorott'B
,.,,.,,  a!   a  conference -luring  recess, asked for exceeds the supply In Bey- housb,    lj',iraal'>   l'llli"   ;'ni1   !"    ,l1"
The  extension  of  the   Manitoba   lx.iili-   iioiiv.   and   11    Is   to   Investigate   lilts '   '.j.'),,',',^^ j�� ,���, ,��� ,,,.  Mjtroh  ,7,|, by
....'   would also be considered al the mitter Hud the hearing was adjourn- ||()I1U
u iferen                                             ed, n. 6. WALKF.lt, C, M. C.
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spiring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year thi! Finest linijis in, B.
i;. were produced Irom our seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
H.-K. 860
1. To properly place the City of New
Westminster before the outside world
in its true colors..
2. To invite Settlers to locate with us
3. To attract th�� attention of Investors to the remarkable resources of
the City.
4.. To encourage Industries to locate
5. To encourage our own Merchants
in business and assist them \m display
their wares.
6. To establish Wholesale Houses in
our midst.
7. To keep out all Eastern catalogue
Join the Club at Once
For  further   information   watch
the columns of the
i THURSDAY,    MARCH     15,    1906
Explains Tehcnicalities to Employees
of Street Railway.
The nriiish Columbia Electric Kail-
way Employees' Technical school held
their weekly meeting las' nlghl In the
Cunningham hall at 8 o'clock,
The lecturer, J, tl.  Lister, pave a
.very entertaining and Instructive talk chilliwack on
on the formation of magnets, by single Ing.
Local News Briefly Told
k.    C.    WellS
his home at
returned  this
Lawrence was a  passenger  to
the Ramona this morn
Hockey Sticks
Skate Straps
Kirk's Hardware.
.���--* ��� ��� t
Accident Insurance Policy Free  to the first
one hundred people between the ages of 16
and 60 who will call at our Store for same.
It is not necessary to make a  purchase.
Wholesale and retail.
23b   Columbia   Street.
touch, double or divided touch, and
by electric current. He also touched
upon the rule of Inverse square and
explained that Amphers' rule was the
same as the simple clock face rule
for finding tlie strength of an electric
cut rent.
All ids statements were backed np
and illustrated, both by diagrams and
by practical experiments, giving his
audience a perfectly clear and con-
i ise idea of what   lie was explaining,
in his description of the magnet, he
Friday evening the grea! St. Patrick's concert. Finest programme ever
given in this city.   Hour the artists.  ���
YV. I'm noil pla>s l.a Scianatu on
lhe violin at St. Patrick's Concert,
Friday  evening.
Miss Munn sings Dear Little Shamrock at St. Patrick's concert Friday
evening iu St. Patrick's hall. *
For Sale���A first class lunch room,
morning ther advancement is anticipated when
electric ear service is available.
Mrs. ,|. Henley left lown yeslerdai
on a visit to Mrs. A. Criilekshank at
Matsqui. ,
Three tine horses came in on the
Transfer  todaj   from  -1.  Guichon, of;
l'ort   Guichon,   for   .1.   Welsh   of   this
W. N. Draper, provincial land surveyor, is surveying certain lines in
Sapperton in tlie interests of the Brunette mills.
Unlet   ami  order prevailed  in  police
circles last  ntght, there being no ar-!
lists  at   all.     As  a  result   there  was
100 i iecea of Carpet, just re-
celved ex. Blue Funnel liner.
Tapestry, Brussels. Wilton and
Axmlnster.    Come and get first
A splendid line of good assortment.
J     236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets.  Uupont   Block,
doing  a
good  business.     Apply  Mrs.
278 Columbia street, city.   *
formed a  magnel  in front  of his
dlenca from a piei f steel, and prac- -Inst   received  a  good line of fishing
tically demonstrated  to them  thai   the tackle.    Cull and see our goods.    Alex.
polarization   was  not   confined   to  the Speck.
ends of tlie magnel alone, hut was an Mr    Miller.   ('.   1'.   li.  auditor  is in
Integral part of even molecule in that the city looking into the condition of
magnet, and that in, ii,utter how often ,,���.   )lCM)ks   ���,-   ,hl.   employees   of   tile
ii  was broken, each  pun   was a  per- |tm:,i city branch.
feet magnet,   in tin- ease or the eliJc
$ it;
^ Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. \
no magnel he had a coil or helix of
insulated wire and pul u sofi iron
core in the center. On turning on
the current the sofl Iron core Immediately became a magnet, and on stopping the current it lost its magnetism,
thus giving a practical illustration of
the subject.
Mr. Lester, in addition to holding
an honor's certificate in electricity
unci magnetism, is also a certified
teacher In chemistry, physiology, physiography, hygiene, agriculture and
many oilier of the sciences.
The ti. X. it. baigt came In from
Port t.niliccui this morning heavll)
loaded and towed b; the Bteamer Albion.
���   whist   lollrna-
sceni   club   last
and  A. (iwens
\. Beatty and
i.o  session   ol   the  police  court   Ibis
in the mention of the St Patrick's
Day concert, the name of Miss Freeso
was Inadvertently omitted from tlie
programme, Miss Freese will act as
In   the   I'm.iis   of   tin
ment held al tlie Cri
night, a yv Mci.eoii
succeeded in defeating
<ine of the Hindoos employed al the
Fraser River mills gut  two of Ids I'm
Tiie colli weather stopped the water Bers badlj  jammed today, and had tn
supply at  Crelghton - coal sheds and 'till upon u doctor to have them pro
tlie market  yesterda:   and considers- perly dressed.
hi" trouble    was    experienced  before     The wind und tide yesterday broke
tlie Mines could  he thawed out. the 'lam that  was  built   to Keen the
lie sure und attend the St. Patrick's ll""1  '"   ill;lr'' thal   is  l"'in"  dredged
...iicit  Fridaj   evening, March  Hi. at  "''  l,v  ""'  K,IKi  Edward,
St. Patrick's hull at 8 n in.   Reserved
your own Preserves are all used up.  we come to your assistance
by  drawing your attention to ou.    assortment   of   Preserves���
Preserved Strawberries, Red Raspberries, and Pineapples,
A  w.ll known delica|t)  In glass jars, 35c, and hull' gallon jut-. 75c.
Crosse & BlackwelUs Jams
Strawberrj  and Raspberry .lum i;.  one-lb   lai       8tra�� ��� ���::;.   Jam  In
Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to.
Picture Framing.
;���;   t h
Columbia Street.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Building   New   Boat.
w. A. Qllle) is today laying the
keel of a new Bteamboal which will
be utilized by him in bis business on
river. The new hout will be forty
feet long, with a ten foot beam. That
will make her some four feet longer
than Mr. Ollley's boat, the Mabel.
The new boat will be fitted with an
up-to-date compound engine with an
R inch stroke and whieh has already
been shipped from England. One
hundred and fifty pounds of steam
will be available and the new boat
will lie quite capable of doing almost
any work necessary on the river.
Mr. Gilley hopes to have her ready for
business in about   six  weeks.
IS? Is'ii'tintCTtough quick
drying", durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of; Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc., is unusually complete and includes' the best' known
brands. Nothing (heap but the price._
Try iis'next'liiiie'y.ui need any thine;
in ourjini'. Try.a canjof Japll_Lac.
T.J. Trapp & Co,
Sheriff  Will   Sell.
sheriff Armstrong, acting under authority from the court, will sell the
c lfects of .loseph Strain in order to
satisfy a Judgment held against hlm
t. Vxel Berg. The sale will lake place
en  Lulu  island on the afternoon ot
.dutch   20,  at  2 o'clock.
Tlie, action arose over the, sale of a
toil by Berg, for ;t Consideration of
8160, $10n id which was paid bySlram.
The balance was not forthcoming, and
ps a result suit was instituted ill
which judgment was given to Derg.
 p_ _
George   Richardson   Dead.
Kingston, tint.,  March   14.���George
Richardson, of the iir f James Rich-
arilsnn   _    Sons,   one   of   the   largest
grain   dealers   in   the   I Inlon,   died
tills morning In Bermuda, whither he
had gone tor bis health. Heart disease is sii],posed to have heen tjip
cause of death, as thai was his ailment.    He w'as aboul  ���"������". years old,
seats 50c; gallery, 2->. *
Grand millinery opening at W. S.
Collister & Co.'s tomorrow and following days. Grand display of pattern and ready-to-wear hats. *
Greal activity is manifested among
the Fraser river fishermen, and all
along  the  river   boats are  being fixed
up in anticipation of the fast approaching fishing season.
This spring's millinery opening is
worth coming tulles tn see Every-
thing that Is new trom the London.
Palis inui eastern fashion centres on
display tomorrow at W. s. Collister
& Co.'s. *
Next week tlie local lodge of R, T.
of T. will pay a fraternal visit to
their brethren In Vancouver. A
special car bus heen chartered which
will leave the car barn at. tit'.j" aiid
return  by  the old route.
The W. a. Gilley pile driver lias
lusi completed the contracl tor driving
sou idles for an immense new cannery
al   Rivers   Inlet,  owned   by   Dawson  &
Buttimer. Th" Eva is expected to arrive here ill about ten days with the
pile driver ate!  gang,
, he si
below the
an emergency
work to repair
The Stranger left todaj (or Vancouver tOWing a scow just I ut ned out
by K. Wilson, one of the local scow
experts,   al    his   workshops   near   tlie
Royal City mills, The owner, Contractor McQuarrle, will use the scow
for hauling rock with which to carry
nn ilie work of filling in sections of
Burrard inlet shore for the C. P. R.,
in the interests of that company's
traffic business.
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jewelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable for all  occasions.
Columbia   Street.
"We aim to keep our slock Fresh never Inlying more than we require for Immediate sale.
We have nice fresh
Evaporated PruneB Evaporated Apples
Evaporated Apricots ,   Evaporated Pouches
Try a pound of our Fresh, Ground Coffee at   10c Hi.
Try a pound of Maravella Tea at 45c lb., or our Special Tea at
35c or'3 lbs. for $1.00
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97 ADAMS & DEANS.
Back   to  the   Woods.
New   York.   .March   16.    A   special  to
The Tribune from Greenwich, Conn.
v. Kennedy Tod. the Xew York'
'.linker and yachtsman, has practical-
I; abandoned his home. InniS Anl"t;
..' hound Beach, and is "roughing !t."
wi h Mrs. Tod in a camp he has
. nil in a woodland of the estatl. The
camp consists of two rough shingle;
'.r.Vns and a couide of ten'.i the latter for dining and cooking purposes.
t ne of the rough Bhlnglod huta lias
I... the habitation of Mrs. Toil itnJ
.-. 'i.lined nurse since Janu.i''.' 1. 'lhe
other is occupied by Mr Tod. ' ill
11.11-.��� riiile huts the bank"i- and his
Wife sleep by nlghl  and  pass most of
the day doing their own  work and
living the simple life lu lis simplest
sense, spending as much time as poj
slide In the open air.
Mr. Tod has established the camn
In the hope that by means of I! Mrs
Tod, who Is a niece of Hlshop Potte-,
may regain her health.
The Westminster Lacrosse Club
Will Be Held in the
Don't fail to hear Mr!
Kilbirncy ui St. Patrick's concert, St.
Patrick's hall, Friday night, B p. m, *
At a Boclal evening spent in the
R   T.  of  T.   lodge   room  last   week,  a
feature of the evening's entertain-
men! was a hidden book contest,
which was arranged   and engineered
bj \V. F, Hoggs. The first place In
tlie contest was won by Miss V. Gilley,   and   lhe   award   for   her   prowess
was made hist nlghl at a regular
meeting of the members, Last week
live new members were Initiated into
Ihe  mysteries  of tlie order  and   more
are expected to follow iu the very
near  future.
\Y. T. Jaokman, editor of the Chllllwack Progress, wns among tlie Ra-
nitiua's  passengers  lo Chllllwack  Ibis
morning, lie spoke enthusiastically
ol Chllliwack's prospects and progress as :��� commercial and agricultural   centre.     In   order   to   meet   the
needs of his own business Mr. Jack-
man has just -installed u new Habcock
press.       Last      week       the     finishing
touches were  pul  on  the Chllllwack
water   power   system     and   tile   water
was sent whirling through the newly
laid mains In a very satisfactory manner, sieps have already been taken to
secure   a   reduction   of   lire   insurance
Royal City
gang had t
A pile driver is ai work at the Brunette mills driving Ilie idles for Uie
foundation of a force draft which Uie
company is erecting in connection
with their furnace room. The mills
have Btarted again after a short shutdown.
The German bark Steinbek has
about received her complement of
lumber at the Fraser River mills, and
is ready to sail. Owing to the fact,
however, that Capt. Glertz, her commander, is siek in the hospital, her
departure will he somewhat delayed.
A gang of men are busy getting the
stalls anil stables 111 the park ready
for the forthcoming spring stallion
and pure hied live slock association
show to lie held on Ihe 21st and 22nd.
.lohn Fraser ad Mrs. .lohn Fraser,
nt Kensington Prairie, were in town
Tlie steamer Transfer went down
river ibis afternoon at, 2 o'clock. Her
passengers were: Mrs. Phllpot, of
Westham Island; Mis. Gay. of Ladners; Miss McDonald, of Ladners: Dr.
Drew, of this city; Paul Swanson, ol
WeitbglH I*l8fid.i ���'��� Roberts, of West-
ham Island.
Mrs. Peterson, of Coqultlani, who
was received inio the Royal Columbian hospital yesterday, underwent a
slight surgical operation today, and Is
progressing favorably.    The hospital
capacity Is taxed  lo its utmost  at the
present time, in spite of the fact thai
there ate hut  few fever cases.
Tlie  high  school   line-up  for  Satur-
Watson sing'utty's match between the Columllan
Mutual   Life   Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of  Policies now in lor ce exceeds JH.uiw.mJO.nO
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds $y,DUU,UOO.OO
This i.s a company of polio y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OUll MOTTO:     Ilie targes I  amount  of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
(Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
The Standard of Excellence,
maae in *_-anauA
college Juniors and the high school
Juniors, will be as follows: Goal, G.
Corbett; full hacks, n. Huggard, E,
Ooulet; half hacks, s. Trapp, F. Hill,
l>. Barclay; forwards. II. Munn, O. ]
Burnett, R. MoKenzie, 0, Wilkie. |���
The steamer Favorite arrived at
l-:::u today. She brought down three
and n half tons of wheal for the
Brackman Ker Milling Co. Her passengers  were:     A.   Lee,   Whonnock.  1.
Law,  Silver dale;   R.   McClure and  I,
McTavish. Mt. Lehman; H. Ford.
Hammond; 'I'. Hull. Langley. and Miss
Thompson, .Mrs. March and Mrs.
Israel of Mi. Lehman.
Tile Bteamer Transfer arrived this
morning from Ladners and way ports,
Her passenger lis! was as follows:
li. I. Stokes, H. I. I'artnelter, \V. Robinson, Mrs. Ileailleson. I. llulchon, W.
Livingston, I'. Mason and \V. _, Curtis, of Ladners; und \V. McKllllgan,
VV. Dean, Mrs. Montgomery, F. Montgomery and wife, 10. McKetizle, \Y.
Matheson. Mis. Colilrlck and .1. Livingston, from way ports.
'l'lie Sends! .a little steam lug own-
id ami operated by lhe Japanese who
inn the rice mill near Bwen'i can-
| nery.  was In for Inspection yesterday
Our new patterns in Soft Front and Starched
Front Shirts are here. Nev Collars. New
Cuffs. New Shirts. Wing Collars are the
correct thing.
The Cash Clothier
I for  the  first   time  In   the   past   three
rales on the grounds that  the hydrant |
risks accruing
services minimises Ihi
from possible loss by flre. A public
exhibition of tlie hydrant pressure
will lie given the board of flre underwriters In Hie near future. Tbe tils-
Irlct surrounding Chlillwack Is growing  wllh  great   rapidity  und  still  fur-
The proprietors received a se
vere calling clown from the Inspector,
who Instructed the customs department not to let her go until properly
examined. The owners appointed Piled Capt. Rogers their agent 111 the
matter, and the Sandal was made
ready   for  inspection   I Ills  afternoon.
... ���.
| Here You Are Right in Season. |
1     FLAP JACKS and |Pure Maple Syrup
We Have Listed With Us Two Fine Ranches.
Could be rented with privilege of buying.
Near the best shipping port in the country.
No. 1    Kid acres, 85 acres seeded; fi room   house,   barn  84x84   stable,
fine well and creek, 1 mile from school, lots of   fruit.    Could   be
bought for $2600, foOG, balance arranged, or would rent $r>o ami
taxes for the first year.
No. 3���15 acres, 10 acres cultivated, best soil, 7 room house,  large
barn fi2x34, 1-2 mile from station, good orchard, woodshed,
stable with H stalls. $:i,(MM), (600 cash, balance arranged, or
would rent for $200 with the use of 2 cows, horse and buggy.
McLEOD, MARK & CO., Real Estate and Insurance, ft'���
aio St.
friday, March 23rd,' 06 | ���uree���ssfcis ateolutely pure' We import *
At 8 P.M..
Everybody   Come.
r,1 Sixth street.
WANTED���NTghtwaUhmnn for shin
gle mill at Cloverdale. Wages |6Q
per month.    Apply I). Iladdon.
The Flap Jacks you can make yourself from
Ralstons Rancake Flour or Delmontie self rising
Buckwheat Flour.
Now here is a combination that will make you
enjoy your breakfast.
New Westminster.
Columbia Street.
St Patrick's Concert
To   he   held   111   Hie ��*%#.
St. Patrick's  Hall, Friday Evening, March 16th
at s p. in.
ADMISSION���Reserve    SeatB,      50c;    Gallery. 25c.
First Part,
1.   Overlure��� Irish  Selection!    IVArcy Orchestra
2.    Solo���Minstrel   Hoy      Ml8s Lewls
.,    S()1()    Mr. Lister
1. Solo-Killurney        Mrs-  Watson
r,.    Violin SolO���La Serene!a   W. Parncll
('..    Solo���Kathleen   Mavotirueen       Mrs.  Diamond
7. Solo���Come Back to Kiln   HU Worship  Mayor Keary
8, Solo���Dear Little  Shamrock       Miss  Munn
1 Overture���Irish Selections     D'Arcy Orchestra
2. Solo-Kerry Uanco      Mrs-  Watson
;i. Solo    ������   Mr. Lister
-1. Solo-Can I Forgot  ,   Mra' Dtamon.l
5. Duet���Spanish Manolo   Misses Lewis and Lavery
ti. Solo-Eileen Alana    Ml8a Munn
7. Violin Solo���Song Without Words  W. Parnell
8. Solo-Pat Malloy  His WorBhip Mayor Keary
B.    Double Irish Jig   ���  Henderson Brothers
THURSDAY,    MARCH    15,   1608
T ���   I
| Sporting News
and Comment.
jlnake a  tremendous effort    to    even 	
things up with the negro, but it seems1 TkrB Voo wu) ,lavr
4 li a ii��-��* to Of-
�����������������������    ^^^^^
Battling Dane Puts It All Over the
Terrible Terry.
As was predicted in yesterday's
issue of the News, Terry McGovern
failed in annihilate Battling Nelson in
their go at Philadelphia, in spite of
the fact Hun many Of his supporters
bet all kinds of money to the effect ol the home-and-bome games to de
thai he would win in a walk. Accord- 'i'i'' the tie for the championship of
ing to ihe rules of ihe game, or rather the  Eastern   Canada   Hockey  league,
hardly possible that he is capable of
doing it, clever and game as he unquestionably is. Gans is eager to
show the light-loving public Just how
good he is, ln the hope of future
matches, and will endeavor to put
Mike away in just as short season as
Champion   Hockey  Team   Makes   Poor
Showinn   in   Montreal.
Montreal,   March   14.���In   the   first
v.-l<i|.   li.ur  luUI��l-uulil>.
tt Is well known that long emitiniic.
employment in the service of others of
ten .ripples originality and individual
ity. Thill resourcefulness aud inventive
ness    which    come    from    perpetua
made   and   publishing   notices   Ul   their"
Yukon Official  Gazette.
Petroleum   All  unapproved   Do
Synopsis ol Regulations lor ^posal  ;^^��^��S��   1
ol Minerals on Dominion Lands in a__i__��s_i__i
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re-
                                                           __ serve  for  an  individual  or company
stretching of  Uie mind  to  meet  etuer     .CO*L7T>       "       *"?             '""'��� ^'"S machinery  on  the land  I"  be
    - - " <���    <*��*$ ���n.^�� I,e,r "��?e '"r s"" coal prospected, an area oi 1920 acres for
and $30  for  anthracite.     Nol   mor< M|l.,,   ,���.,������,  . ���  ,���.   ���m   decid(!]  llu.
than 320 acres can be acquired by one ,,.���,,,,, ,,,- whj,n sha��� ,���,; ,.M.l.l.,1 three
individual or company,     Royally  at ,,������., tlu. breadth,    Should the pros.
the rate ol ten cents per ton oi 2000 ,���.,,,���.  discover   ,���,   in   paying   quan
pounds shall be collected,*��� the gross titieS) and satisfactorily establish -tub
"ul1""' discovery, an area nol exceeding 640
QUARTZ���Persons     oi     eighteen :,-,-.-, including the  oil well, will  be
id over and joint  stock com- ..,|,| to the pr  spector at the rate of
lding free miners' certificates $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
gencies or from adjustment of mean;
to ends is seldom developed to its ui
most in those who work for others
There is nol the same compelling mo
live to expand, to reach out, to taki
risks or to plan for oneself when thi
programme is made for hlm by another
Onr self made men, who refused ti
remain employees or subordinates, ar, year
the backbone of the nation.   They an   panic- li
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
the sinews of our country's life.   They   may obtain entry for a tinning
got  their power us ihe northern oat   tion.
-������         ,   .     ,           ,,,!.,.-   with which  will go the possession of   gets Its strength, by lighting every Incl       A free miner's certificate is grantei
the regulations of the law in this re- with which   vm go < & ^ ( _  _m ^       ^ M| __
sion could he given, cm- ��u "1-    h    ��     ' st���,,���   ������,,   u at    ���   ls   ������.  batd  five, upon payment in advance of $7-50
l^y hated  Ottawa her.   tonight by nin                    Ilu��� ������. wlf ma(1, man ,���,. f(,r an iml,v���,u,', a,���l from
goals to 1.    I pwards of 6,  people   ... ,., ,  ,.,. ���  v^ ^ ^ ^^ ,_ a company,
according to capital.
A   free   miner,   having   dis
sped, no deel	
sequenllv  Terrible Terry    was
enough  to  avoid   defeat.    Had   a   de- goals to 1.     Up
cision heen rendered it would certain- saw the jgame.   The champions were
ly have gone to Nelson, as he battered   played off their feet from the start of
Terry   all   over  the   ring   in   the   last   the  game.     The  half-time  score  'was
three rounds of  the mill, and  in the   ' '�� ��
sixth   and   last   round   McGovern   was
all  to ihe had,  and  narrowly  escape
floating away to  dreamland, as a  result of a couple of terrific pnnichos in
lhe wind.    Terry's clinching proclivities, and the gong were all Ihat saved
the Terrible One.    from  a  knockout,
and it is admitted that another round
would undoubtedly have finished him.
in Ids struggles io elevate and make
place for himself iu the world that de
velopi him.
Rome   employees  have  a   pride   la
____________________ working for a great Institution.   Theli
The  second  of  the  two  games will, identity with it pleases them.   But Isn't
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acre-.
will be sold at the rate of $3 an at re,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
I by Order in Council.
\V. \V. CORY.
Deputy of the   Minister of the  tn-
t.  ���
Dept. Interior.
,,1 be played in Ottawa on Saturday, the
majority of goals in the two games to
count   Speculators sold for $m each
the $1   seals.
Husky Ball Player Makes Gentleman
Jim Sneak Out.
New York. March 14.���There! have
been many reports as to the prowess
of certain ball players in the mutter
of physical contest, and at least one
of them, Frank Smith" a pitcher of
the Chicago Americans, has been referred to as ;i possible opponent of
Jeffries for the heavyweight championship,
Other men in the ranks of professional baseball have been extolled
for their combative ability, bul none
of those so mentioned have ever
given proof that the asserUons were
based  on fact.
Iti appears, howevjer, 'that :i man.
who has never been referred to is the
real pugilistic champion of the baseball diamond. He is Frank Chance,
manager, captain and first baseman
of the Chicago National League club,
and Clark Griffith is authority for line
statement that Chance is tbe ablest
man in the baseball business so far
as the use of his hands is concerned,
Officers of the Law Scramble for
Custody of St. John.
Boise, Idaho, March 11.���Vincent
St. John, presides! of the Miners' union .11 Burke. Idaho, who wis arrested February 18, charged with complicity in the assassination of former
Governor Frank Steunenberg, was
released to.lay on a writ of habeas
corpus granted by Judge George II.
Stewart, of the district court, .ludgo
Stewart held that the probate judge
ce.isec! to have jurisdiction over Si.
John, after March 2. when the pre.
limlnary    examination    should   have
even a suiall business of your own
which gives you freedom and scope tl
develop your individuality and to !��
yourself, better than being n perpetual
clerk In a large Institution, where yen:
are merely one cog In a wheel of a vast
The sense of personal responsibility li
iu itself a great educator, a powerfu
schoolmaster.   Sometimes young worn
en who have been brought up In luxury
and who have known nothing of worl.
when suddenly thrown Upon their own
resources by the loss of property 01
compelled even to support their once
Wealthy parents develop reiuarkaldi
strength   and   persona)   powei.    Voiiiil
men. too, sometimes surprise every
body when suddenly lefl to curry 01
their father's business unaided. They
develop force and power which no one
dreamed they possessed.
We never know what we can do until we are pul to the test by some great
emergency or tremendous responslblll
ty. When we feel thai we .are cut ofl
from   outside resources  and  must de
been  held.
St.  John   received    the  congratula-   pend absolutely upon ourselves we can
lions of his attorneys, but when    ho   hs'it with all the force of desperation.
mineral in place, may locate
i?ooxi5oo  feet  by   marking   out   the
same   with   two   legal   posts,   hearing
location indices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated withm ten miles
of n mining recorder's office, one ad
ditional day allowed for every additional ten milt's or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to I cate
claims containing iron and mica, also
cupper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding t6o acres.
Tlie patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royally of 2'/J per cent, of the sales
of ihe products of the  location.
Synopsis   of   Canadian  Northwest
Any wen numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba nr the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
jn, not reserved, may 1��- homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head oi
a   family,  or  any   male  over   lS   years
oi age, to the extent of one-quartet
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the local laud office for the district
in which the land i- situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the local
agent receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
Daily 1 NEW I   Dally
Leave  WESTMINSTER] Arrive
0 20 amIBIalne, Belling-].: m
! :2B pm ham,     Burling-9:20 pm
ion.    Mt.   Var
non.     Everett,
Se ttle and
4:35 pm Spokane,      S\
Paul     md    all
points  East,
9.20 am Anacortas,
Iwoolley,    and|
;!:iiii pm Vancouver
9:20 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily  Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Raul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, liuiuth. Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points  Fast.
For    complete    Information,
rates,   berth   reservation,   etc.,
Call on or address.
F 0. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New   Westminster.  11.  C
S. (',.  YKRKKS. A. Q. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
:00 pm
|3;00 pm
9:20 am
1:35 pm
1 Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast  Line
(Subject lo change without
Princess Beal rice 11
Leaves   l'ort   TOWUSend   t
Leaves Vieloria '.1 p.m.
Arrive S.at 1 le G 11.111.
Leave Beattle 9.3U a.m.
Arrive l'ort Tow send  1 i
Arrive Victoria 3.30 p.m.
s. s. Prince    \ I
Leave Vancouver 1  p. m.
Leave Victoria 1 a. m.
VICTORIA-NEW   \\ Kb!   1
lit n  , 1.
Leaves   Victoria,    1    a.   111..    I   11
and Fridays.
Leaves   New   Wet Hamster.   ,
Wednesdaj a und Baturdaj a.
Calling ui Maynean .1 atev.
stepped from the courtroom out' into
the. corridors, Sheriff Jasper P. Nichols and Detective S. C. Thlel* met
him with a warrant issued by a justice of the peace al Caldwell, charging him with ihc crime of murder. St.
John was re-arrested and taken to the creative
county  jail  here.    Tomorrow  he  will   oesa-
The trouble with working for others
ls the cramping of the individuality-
die luck of opportunity to expand along
original ami progressive lines- because
fear of making a mistake and appre
heiis!on lent we take too great risks are
constantly hampering the executive, the fee* ;ong an
the   original   faculties.���Sue
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between^
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
^________^^^^^^^^^^^      (0 At  least  -is  months'  residence
PLACER MINING     Manitoba and   upon   and   cultivation   of   the   land   in
the  N.  W.  T., excepting the Yukon  each year for three years.
Territory:  Placer mining claims  gen-      (2) If the father (or mother, if the
erally arc 100 feet square, entry fee father is deceased) of the homesteader ONTARIO QUEBEC and the MAKI
$5, renewable yearly. On the North 1 sides upon a farm in the vicinity
Saskatchewan River claims are either of the land entered for the require-
luir or bench, the former being too ments as to residence may be satisfied
il extending between high by Mich person residing with the fa-
and low water mark.     The latter in-   ther  or  mother.
eludes bar diggings, but extends back      (3) If the settler has his permanent
to the base  of the hill or bank, not  residence  upon   farming land   owned
exceeding  1000  feet.     Where   steam  by him in  the  vicinity of his home-
used  claims  200  feet  wide  stead, the requirements as to residence
may  he   satisfied   by   residence   upon
for the arrest of St. John lu eonnee-
_���___, tlon  with   a  murder    committed    in
and that in his opinion the Chicago-  ��� ,      .
an would win the honors in the game
of fistctiffs if he desired to go into
that   branch  of  athletics.
Handy   With   His   Dukes.
be taken lo Caldwell for preliminary toi>'n Biir�� Eipinnniicm.
examination.  Sheriff  Rut an.  of  Tellir-      After  the  visitors   to   the  Island   of power   1S	
ride, Colo., is expected  lo arrive    at   Nantucket had covered the course over may be obtained.                 (Manitoba the said land.
Holse this afternoon with a warrant  which sightseers nre always conduct Dredging in the Kivers 01 ��                     months* notice in writing shoult
ed, says a writer In the Boston Her- and the N. W. T.. excepting tne                           ^ ^ Commissioner 0f Do
aid. one of the ladies of tbe party re- ���0n Territory���A free miner maj on-        b      Undg ^ Qttawa |if inU.n,;,���
quested that the drive be continued to ta;n only two leases of five miles eacn
"Sheep pond." for  a  term  of  twenty years, renew-       appij                       w ^  CORY
"The place where the-natives used to aDle in the discretion ot the -Minister      p        y  Minister  of the   Interior,
wash  the wool on  their sheep  iu the ,,;  the   Interior.
old   days,"   she   supplemented.     "Ev- T)]e icssce's right is confined to the                                 Ha_a_a_i
PHILADELPHIA,   via  Niagara  Kails.
For Time Tallies, etc., address
Assistant  Gen'l  Passenger anil Ticket
Agent, 1S6 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
at  a   time
forming very
The cases of Mover, Haywood and
Pettilione, officers of the Western
Federation of Miners, who yesterday
were denied a writ of habeas corpus  erybody goes to see It.'
The   driver   and   guide,   Cap'n   Hill.
be taken  to the    United  States    su-   looked  perplexed.    He  was  evidently
when  the la.ter was ner- Preme court.   The bill of exceptions puzzled as to the location of tills Inter-
the accused   Ps!!��* ^\��L���*ll    Rut  nn  ��W
Griff says that he once Bay Chance by  the  supreme court of Idaho, will
put on the gloves with Joe Choynski
well, and    that    al   1 lie' prepare.1  by counsel for
close of six rounds the pugilist    had ,niGn *�� {M\ afternoon presented to  ��^pluael�� and  presently   Cap'n
sailor  and town  character  is  rarely
not scored any more points against
the ballplayer than Chance had made.
It would have been a draw had a decision  been rendered.
It  is not generally known, however, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
that Chance once attempted    to get 	
on   an  impromptu    battle    with    Jim   Suspicious    Circumstances    Surround
appeal to the federal court.
CoTlielt    and  that  the latter    evad
the issue in a diplomatic manner.
This affair took place the night  af
he full bench of thej state supreme g~pp_dh'is w-lpTteta^ttal In his
court and signed, thus permitting the  eye.    He drove to a neighboring hill
and stopped his horses.
"Here 'tis," be said, with a sweep of
his bund.
"I don't see any water'." was the general exclamation.
"Not now," Cap'n Bill gravely admitted. "You see, the sheep was so
dirty that the bloomtn' pond got filled
up."- Youth's ('onipanion.
submerged beds or bars ed the river
below any low water mark, and subject to the rights of all persons who
have, nr who may receive entries for
liar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold,
The  lessee  shall  have  a  dredge  in
operation within one season from the
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year   ���
S.S. Joan leaves Nanaimo nan
cepl Saturday and Bunda;,
Saturday 8 a. m. M^^^
Leaves     Vancouver     dam.    .
Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30
Saturday 2.30 p. in.
S.  S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria  11  p, m,  1st
and  20th  of each  month  l"i
ami way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of each
for Quatslno and waj  points.
Leave Victoria -"th of eat
for Cape Scott  and way  point - .
Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   New   Westmln   i
Additional  trip leave-;  New
minster 5 a, rn, Sunday.
Leavos   steveston   Mondi
day,  Wedne idaj. 11 tn   I
urday 7 a. m,    Friday 6
ditional trip Sa urday 5 p. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave   New   Westmit h
Mondays,  Wednesday a  and  I
Leave Chilliwack 7 a, tn. T i
Thui idaj -   and   Sal rd lys,  ca;
landing   between   New   We  ti
und Chllllwack.
S.   S.   Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al  -
and   16th  of each  month  i ���        ���
Skidegate on flrsl trip and B
la  on   second  trip.
Times   on   arrivals  and  t
are approximate. ���
For  TlcketB,  reservations .
formation call on or address
,1. W. TROUP
General Superinti ndent, Victo .
K. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Cell.  Pass   Agent. Vance  ivi
Gen. Agent, Frelghl Dept.,
New Westmit
Agent, New Westmln
Department of Militia and Defence.
New Westminster,  B. C,  Rifle  Range,
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
j Death   of   Louis  de   Lanpe.
New   Yutk,    .March    II.���Louis    di
Lange, author ed "Tlie Globe Trotter'
BEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Tender tor Construction of
Rille   Range,   New   Westminster,"   ad-
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one  dressed to the secretary of the Militia  brilliantly    illuminated    train    in    the
dredge for each fifteen miles or true- Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, wlll be world.     The  equipment   consists  ol
tion thereof   - sufficient.    Rental, $to received   until   noon,   the   IBth   April  private   compartment
date of the lease for each  five miles
but  where a person or company has
Embodies the newest aand best ideas
unci   LUXURY.      It   t-   lighted   with
both   electricity   and   gas;  the   most
ter  the  Corhell-McCov  bout   in   Madi- "",1 <l'h('''  l'lil-VK' was Ummi ,lead yes"
son Square Garden, whieh was gener- ***** ,in,t murder is BU-Pected. The
ally regarded as having been of the '""'>' w:is Umu,i in bea wiln th<! lhm"'
fake variety.    Chance,    Jack    Taylor f'"'
and  some other    ball    players    who     The suspicions of the police    that
were in the city at the time, August '*�� Lan*e w;is murdered are based on
3d,  1890,  went  to  the bout,  and hot. ;l statement made by the dead mans   get going ln September,,1389.   So per-
'I'll,- <;rent < 1...1.   ut  Itimen,
The ancient city of Rouen, France,
owns the very earliest specimen of the
larger varieties of the ancient clock
makers' triumphs. It wns made by
Jeban de Felalns und was finished and
having secured tickets in advance
were compelled to yield $10 apiece
for seats.
They were very much dissatisfied
with the bout, and Chance denounced tho affair as a raw swindle, asserting Jthat.'at the first opportunity he
would take one or both of tho principals to task  for It.
Made   Jim   Corbett   Sneak   Out.
After the game of the next day
Chance. Taylor and some other members of the Chicago team sauntered
Into Corbett's cafe, at Broadway and
Thirty-third street, and met the actor
pugilist. ���
"That wiiie ii One fake you put Up,"
said  Chance,   by  way of  salutation.
"Y'oti will have your little jokes,''
replied Corbett, trying to change the
"It doesn't strike me as a joke at
all,"   was   the   player's   reply.      "You
took our money   and then put ui
fake bout."
"You're mistaken," said Corbett,
looking uncomfortable.
"Oh, no, I am not mistaken," said
Chance, "and I will tell you what I
will do. 1 have a hundred dollars here
and  you rover It We
been   regularly   striking   tlie   hours,
halves and quarters for centuries, it ls
Rental, Sto received   until   noon,   the   IBth   April   private   compartment   cars,   standard
per  annum  for    each    mile    of river  proximo,   tor   the   construction   of   a  t6  section   sleepers,   luxurious   dining   or
leased.     Royalty at  the  rate  of two ]iiU. range a)  \,.w Westminster, 13. O-  ^��r- reclining chair car-  (seats free),
and a half per cent, collected on  the      plans ^ 8peclflcatlong may be geenI modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
output after it exceeds $io.ooo. ^  m  ta___M_ ,lllt;iil)���'(1 ���  tlw!brar- and smoking cars.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory- ���m���.s o{ ,h(, dlatrlot officer command-      l'"r Tlme   i :lb'"'  Folders. or :i">'
Six leases of five miles  each may be  ,������   vieloria:   Lieut-Col. J. C. Whyte,
New Westminster, 13. C, and tho director of engineer services, militia
headquarters .Ottawa.
Tenders must lie made on a form
supplied by the department and accompanied by an accepted cheque on
a Canadian chartered hank for 10 per
Railway Company,
Atlantic Express leaves as
IB. 10; lias first-clasB Bleoi e
Tourists ears lor Tope to
Monday  and     Friday;     tor    U01
every Wednesday and Ba i
Beattle train leaveB dai
For further particulars a
ED, GOl i.t.i.
c. p. it. i
New Westminster,
granted to a free miner for a term of
jo years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
further   information  cull   cm  or  write
^^^^m  E. J. COYLE.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Trains & Steamers
sister-in-law, Mrs. Alex. C. de Lange. feet lu construction is tills ancient time
About   -1   u.   m.   she  heard  the    pltay- recording machine that, although It has
wright, who lived in the same apartment   house,  come  home  and   go  to
his    room.    Some    one    accompanied this early horological oddity ls six feet       	
him.   Shortly   after   they  entered   the eight   Inches  ln  height  by   five  Inches   in   operation   wtthm  two  years   from  able to the order of the Honorable thr
room  Mrs. de Lange heard sounds of broad.   For 32r, years it continued to   the date of the lease, and one dredge  Minister of Militia and Defence,
quarreling  and   thinks   she   heard   a run without a pendulum, being provid-   for each  five miles within six years
scuffle.   The,,  she  heard  her  brother- ed with what the old time clock makers   from such date
('. P, ll. MAIN LINK.
^^^ Leave  New  Westminster   15.40
7-0 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Arrive New Westminster 11.36 d
The  lessee   shall  have  one  dredge rent of the amount of the leader, pay
exclaim.   "Oh,   Cod,   don't    do
Going  to the hall
called a "foliot."
An Honpfit  Mnn,
she  saw  a   young      Tjlrnm Stroode for the seventh time
man leave the playwright's room and   -was about to fall,    He called  In an
go out of Hie house. This man, Mrs.
de Lunge said, walked us if intoxicated. She listened and heard nothing
more from her brother-in-law's room,
and went back to bed. On arising this
morning she told her husband, known
expert  accountant  to disentagle his
botiks.   Tlie accountant after two days'
 ^^^^^   Rental $ioo per mile
for lirst year and $io per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining,
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter-
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and lull
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
work   announced    to   Hiram  that  he   gen"era]   direction   of   the    creek
would be able to pay his credltorsM    ulch| tlu, width being from I000 t0
cents on the dollar.   At this news the  _)f)00  feet      A���   otlu,r   placer  claima
obi man looked vexed.
Heretofore," be said, frowning, "I
Btage as Alexander Clarke, have always paid 10 cents on the dol-
��� had seen, and Investigation   lav."
de   Lunge's  dealh. A   virtuous   and   benevolent   expres
sion spread over his face.
"And 1 will do so now," he resumed.
"I will make up the difference out of
my own pocket."
will just step whom they claim
Into ihat hack nana Ihere, and if I
don't whip you, go-as-you-please rules,
why, you keep the money If I boat
you wo get Luck the money we spent
on the fake."
"Mr.  Corbett,  you    are  wanted    on
the 'phone." said a discerning employee, and Corbet! left hurriedly lo
answer the call. He did nol return,
and when Chance asked for him   be
was told thai t'lirliett had been called
away on Importnnl business. Chance
left  the cafe in disgust.
what   sli
A  coroner's  physician  performed  an
autopsy   and   found   Ihat   death   was
1 cine to tlie' severance of the lefl jugular vein. He said, however, that he
would not give an opinion as to
whether tIn��� man's death was suicide
or murder until he hud Investigated
the ;case more thoroughly.
Detectives  Inter  arrested   a   person
I.nnar  MltiutPH.
"Are you ready, dear?"
"In one minute, dnrllng."
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must he obtained within
leu days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each ftddi
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must bold a free miner's certificate.
The   discoverer  of  a  new  mine  is
The department does not hind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
L.  P.  PINAULT, Colonel.
Deputy  Minister of Militia and  He-
Department of Militia and Defence,
Ottawa,  February 14, 1900.
"The Milwaukee"
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and smith to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern 1'acilic and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connect-,   at     Meyers     Falls     with
stage- daily for Republic,
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Day Train
'i jo a.m.
12.25 p.m.
i).40 a.m.
was last   seen with   c.le"r
de Lange before his death,    He    is
Pain    Herman,   a   newsboy,   17   years
of age.  Kerman admits talking with
de   Lange   Monday   night,   bul   denies
going Into the room  with hlm.
Illusions,'.'  he   muttered   as   he   lit
Before   we   were   married
Gans   Has  Fight   On.
Sore on   Harbor  Board.
Montreal, Mutch 11.   Both the council    of    Ihe   hoard   of   tiude   und    the   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
chamber of commeice, al  their meet      a friendly thought is the purest gift
ings today, passed resolutions culling  a man can afford to man. --('arlyle.
upon   the   Dominion   governmenl   to	
abolish ihe harbor board, which al the
1 resent time manages or mismanages
the port of Montreal.   The meetings
"Matrimony does  not dispel  nil our   entitled   to   a   claim   of   1000   feet   in
a  length, aand if the party consists of
  I   two,  1500 feet  altogether, 011  the out
thought every moment I had to wait put On which no royalty shall be
for her was an eternity, and so It's charged the rest of the party orcltii-
turued out to be."���Baltimore Amerl-|arv claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royally at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value cif the gold shipped from the
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each -ep,irate river, creek or gulch,
bul the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
Thr Oncp Thlnff II*- Drcudril.
Mrs. Ht'ithtim -Are you afraid to die?
Benbam���I wouldn't be if I felt sure
that I wouldn't meet your mother.���
New York I'ress.
"The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.  Paul  to _________________
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to Spokane  and  Nelson.
Chicago,   "South    West    Limited" Effective    Sunday,    November
Kansas City to Chicago. 1901.
... . .        , . Leave
No   trains   m   tlie   service   on   any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment thai of the Chicago, Milwaukee it St. Paul Railway. They
own and Operate llieir own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service nol obtainable elsewhere.
Bertha On their sleepers arc longer,
higher and wider titan in similar cars
on   any   Other   line.      They   protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lines in  Union  Depots.
Lv. New West. . 8.30; ar. Seattle 16.50.
Lv. Seattle 10;  ar. New West   i^i1
Lv. New West. 10.86 and 17.35.
Ar .New  West. 9.36 and  16.40,
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. in.
Lv. N, W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle I P*
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar. Beattle 10
Lv. Beattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. W. I i ;.
Lv. Beattle 4.20 p.m.; ar. N. W.
V., W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and 9.36 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.85 a.m.. and I i1'
G.  N. It.���PORT fVrjICHOX.
Lv.   N.   W.   '.1.20  a.m.;   ar.  Guichon
2.20 p.m. ...
l.v. Guichon 8.40 p.m.i  ar. N  ��
9.:!ii p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   5.60   a.m..   ,;
and   hourly  until   II   p.m..  ��'"'  h''"'
hourly   Iuu ween   12.30   and   ''>.:''" P*
. Spokane   7.15 p.m.' Saturday half-hourly noon to IIP*
.. .Rossland  ... .4.10 pin.
. . . Nelson    6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Northern Pacific I
Joe Huns  and  Mike  Sullivan   will Iof the board have In the last two years
again  hook  up next  Friday night  at  become farcical, tho members goner-
Los  Angeles  for  twenty  rounds.    The  ally   undoing  ul   one meeting   all   thai
bom. however, is noi creating much 1 "�����>��� lli"1 decided to do at  the lu.'vi-
enthusiasm, partly because Hans clear   ",ls  meetinlj,
ly demonstrated his superiority over  �� , ,
the  "Twin"   at   t/,eir   former   meeting; Agricultural  College Openin'g.
S  short  time  ago,  and   partly  on  ac-      Winnipeg.  March 11.- The new pro-
rount  of the Nelll-Teuny affair. vlnclal agricultural College will be op
Sullivan   is   undoubtedly    going  to cned on November 6.
Belyea & Co.
General  Hauling and  Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our Bpecality,
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lt��U.
Trains Daily
Trawl on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
  B Toronto, St. Paul
[abandoned  and another obtained on for CONRAD, ���CARCROSS, ATLIN, AND ALL POINTS EAST
the   same   creek,   gulch   or   river,   by WHITF     IIIIRSF     OWVSON    nnrl      so u'   ,i>- 1   . 1    ,      1, rs
',                 ���  t������ until.    iniK-i.,    u.vwawiN    and      Mciunshir Pickets on sale to all Euro-
giving  notice and  paying a  fee FAIRBANKS,     Daily   trains   (except  pean points.
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim Sunday)    carrying   passengers,    mail.
each year to the value of at least $200. express    and    freight    connect    with
A   certificate   that   work   has   been stages at Carcross unci White Horse,
done must  be obtained each year; if maintaining a through winter service. For full informtion call on or write
not, the claim shall be deemed to be      For Information apply to
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
U.S. ROW.E, General Agent,
i.tl Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Dr.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
'defined absolutely by having a survey
J.  H.   ROGERS, Traffic  Manager,
Mackinnon Hlelg.,
Vancouver, 13. C.
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Sunday  hourly    8    a.m.  to   11   l1"'"
with half-hourly bet. noon and 1 P*
Lv.  Vancouver sume time thros**
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Prld. �� "���"'
From  Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., " a*
From N. W. Tu., Th��� Sat 8 s.B.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed.. Fri., 1 11"1'
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., -I",l"
From Ml. Lehman, 7 am.
Transfer��� .
From  N. W. dally, ex. Sun.. - l11"
Add. trip, Monday, E BOB.       ,    _)
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. I'""' ,
Add. trip Saturday, G p.m.
Cltv of Nanaimo������
From  N.  W, Sunday 7 a.m.
From Vieloria Saturday 7 a.t't.
Mail Service
Clos,..     RtjeelJ*
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00 p.m.   6.4BP"
Bap'n & Mlllslde...l0.00p.m.   ''���;'',,���,
Vancouver 10.00p.m.   I''"11'1'
Cloverdale, Illalno, .,.   ���,,
Seattle, etc..   .. 8.4511.111-   ���'������';,,���.
Van. & Cent. P_riC...10.80 ti.tn-   -  '  ,
Victoria 10.80 a.m. 1��" '',���,
Fast Burnaby.. -��� Lire p.m.    .',;',! ,���,
Steveston,  etc.... 1.3(1 p.m. ]"���''
Fasl,  via C.P.R... 3.(10 p.m.   --'"
Sap., Mill, Ooq'm.. 3.00 p.m. 1-
Van. & Burnaby.. 3.30 p.m.
1,00 m
o'.uO P'"1 THURSDAY,    MARCH     15,    1906
Great Wallpaper
This is no Bunco Game with Us
But a Genuine Going-out-of-Business Sale
Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings, Varnish Stains, etc.
At Cost for Cash	
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we have the largest stock of wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all
got to go and go quickly.
We have just opened a fine line of German goods which will be sold at cost, from 15c to 40c a roll.
Our Varnished goods for kitchen and bath, 40c a roll everywhere, while they last 30c a roll and so on.
Very neat 5c to|7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
2c borders to match, per yd       - -       1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll        -       5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
3c and 4c nine-inch Border to match for  2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices           -            - 7 l-2c to 40c
Sale prices           -           - 12 l-2c to 20c
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd -     12 1-2 to 15c
Sale prices, per yard           - 6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A  beautiful  line  of  American   pressed  goods;
regular$1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.   Frieze to match;    regular 35c per yard
For - - - 15c a yard
The old reliable Ingrains, regular 15c a roll
Sale price - - - 9c a Roll
18-inch Friezes to match, regular 15c a yard
Sale price - - - 10c a yard
Ingrain Ceilings, regular 30c to 40c a roll
Sale price - - 17 1-2caRoll
Room Mouldings, reg. price 5c per ft. now   3 l-2c
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine get-out-of-the-wallpaper-busi-
ness-quick sale. We have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.    First come first served.
BISHOP ^J������2r2�� 801 Pender st., Vancouver
Board of Trade
Royal City
:, r i"
6 p "'���
U ii.ni'
Members Show Live Interest in Electric Line Extension
Schemes���Endeavor to Add to the Growth
and Prosperity of New
More Industries Are Promised for the Near Future���J. C.
Brown Is Put Up for the   Senate���
Sunday Distribution
Of Mail.
���j p.m.
II 0.!"'
5 p.*
o a.m.
III 111
'0 Ii'"1'
Transportation I'acililii's, now factor-
les, and luisiiirss enterprises wore Hio
leading topics at a most enthusiastic
meeting nl' the Hoard nf Trade lftst.
High! wht'ii the matlor id' Hie Port
Moody Fleetrie\ and oilier proposed
roads of minor importance wore discussed  iit   ion nth   by   the  prominent
and representative business men who
represented New Westminster's best
Interests, us shown ui tlie meeting
last night.
The president, II. S. Curtis, Was In
the ('Vaii'. and members present were:
Messrs. VV. 10. Kales, I��� li, l.us'iy, W.
J. Mmh.us, T. S. Annaclale, T. .1.
iTrapp. .las. Anderson, \V. II. (lardlner,
J. D. Taylor. !���',. I). Sawyer, .1. It. Ilren-
nan. II. T. Thrirt, W. It, (lllley, .1. O.
Tbroll, M. W. Mint borne. Nels Nelson,
J. A. Cunningham, li. Ily.ill. (5. 10.
Martin. A. .1. Holmes, ('. S. Richmond,
���Blllcy and lhe secretary,   A.   E.
_   lite.
flgtcrolary While read the reporl of
tjle join' 1111111111101. composed of
Mayor Keary unci a number of mem
IlfrB of ihe council and lhe Hoard of
Trade.     which     report      was     almost.
Bcal with that- contained   ln the
B recently, lo lhe elTect  that   they
met   the  citizens  of  Porl   Moody
whom  they  had  conferred as to
rof-wuy  concessions,  anil  also  to
fleet that the mutter wns rectiv
^^���nrcl'iil consideration at Ihe hands
Be    it. C. lOlectric   Railway   Co.
Later Information was also contain-
ed to the) effect    that  the engineers
, ���> iio  had  liee'ii  making  trial  lines fob;,
tha proposed road had reported thai
the best grade obtainable into   Porl
Moody   was  8   per   cent.,     which   they
considered rather too heavy for
freight traffic although alrtghl for
passenger service.
Port  Moody  Willing.
However,    il   is  though!     that   Ibis
made may lie lessened, and at present the engineers are busily eiv-
gaged In  working   oul  their   notos^
wllh u view tO being ahle tO report
more favorably and definitely on the
projecl within a very .sborl I line. The
citizens of Vm\ Moody stated to the]
comrnfjwe frpdi New West minster
thai  they weTtra.le and willing lo
make  all   necessary     concessions    In
order toiseoure the new road, buM
would nol state just what the nature
of liirise concessions would he until
the railroad company stiile-i) their requirements which they wlil be unable
I to do .until the .official  report   c^f the
engineer ahas been filed.'
Buntien Coriilrlg.
ManiiBlns,'  liirttr.ror  Hnnlzoiy, of  Me
II.   ('.   HloOrle  Riillw.'ty     Co.,  Who   Ba
now Ih'r'ho hi'ltd'office of (He compiijly
In   l,oncioh,"Kiit!,'ihe'l,-   will 'lie In  trlS
'district   some  lime    noxl     menu li,   fit
iwhlhtlitlrsl l|U'i'l.nl|ri'."'n'Htki | pi},,
to making final and definite arrangements with the company at the
earliest   possible date.
Still another matter which has boon
agitating the public for some time,
was brought up by the Hoard last
night, namely the electrifying of the
('. P. R, main line spur us far as Mill-
side. Some time ago an
agreement was reached whereby the
it. C, Electric Railway Co. could take
over the roue!, and electrify It. As yet,
this agreement lias never been considered advisable, nl: hough it would admittedly be :t good thing for residents
along this line, should tlie agreement
go into effect, However, Superintend
dent Marpole, of the C, P. u.. and
Qeneral Manager Sperling, of the B,
c Electric, have staled their intention of geiiing together   al an early
date With 0 view tO electrifying tlu1
road as  far as  Millside,  In  order that
a quicker service nia\ he Inaugurated for the benefit   of the people   at
Millside who desire n more frequent
service between the two points. If tho
proposed  change  lakes  place,  II   will
also mean a cheaper fare to Millside,
as the B, 0.   Eleetrlo Co. will   make
several trips n day, which wlll enable
them to lower the present rate.
Ladner   Proposition.
Other railroad matters In which the
B. C. Eleotrlc Hallway Co. figure prominently  were    discussed,    nnd many
valuable   suggestions    were   offered.
The coining visit of Mr.  Huntzen,    of
the ii. c. Eleotrlc, caused much comment among the members as it is desirous to bring to his attention several  oilier matters  in  the  hope    (hat
they will receive direct attention
from the hoard of directors nt LonT
don,  should   Mr.   ltunlzen  see    fit    to
place the requirements of the people
before Ills associates, Chief uniong
the propositions lo ho submitted I"
liiidtW'ii recommendation for an eloe-
trlc Hue from here i<  Ladner, 'ts it is
posed   road     loi'oil  MPP.i . Will , t1"   bit,, that   Immediate  action     is   noo.es-
,     I  < I <�� < l,t <  :  < if I  { C < 111 t t < < I e "il!l ���   ..  c ....
brought   to his attention  with a  view  sary In order    to save    the trade   of
Ladner before Vancouver takes it
away from New Westminster in much
lhe same way in which they gained
conlrol of the business along Iho
Steveston electric line. It was pointed out that at one time all this
trade was tributary to New Westminster, ami that had the local people
realized the necessity of protecting
this trade that the same conditions
would prevail today. This subject
was Introduced by J. T, Trapp, who
succeeded in making It very clear to
the hoard that negligence in the mat-
tor of trade with Ladner meant cerJ
tain deatli to business interests in
that district at least, as Vancouver
was waging u very energetic campaign for commercial supremacy over
New Westminster in the matter of the
river trade.
D, S. Curtis, president of the
board, heartily endorsed the statements of Mr. Trapp in this respect as did other members of the
Wants   Double   Track.
T. s. Anna���dale then Introduced a
mot ion recommending thai the it. c.
Electric Hallway Co. be asked to
double track lhe line Pel ween here
nnd Vancouver at Iho earliest posah
ble dale. He gave as Ills reason that
a double track would create a much
quicker service between Ihe two
points, and enable people working ln
Vancouver to take up llieir residence
here, thus adding considerably to the
population of this city, 11. Ityali
look exception to this motion on the
ground thai a city si reed car service
lr Inaugurated between Iho two points
would divert trade from this city. T.
.1. Trapp, H. T. Thrift and .!. I). Taylor each spoke regarding the comparative cost of goods hero and In
Vancouver, and In each case it. was
stilled that prices were very much
lower hero than In Vancouver. Ono
Inslanco was cited where n rancher
wishing to purchase   �� quantity   ol
wire    fencing,    consulted    Vancouver
merchants after which l.e placed his
order with u local merchant, stating
that the difference In prices more
than equalled bis onllro expense account.
Nels Nelson and W. It. Gilley each
spoke of the practice of ^he B. C.
Eleetrlo Hallway Co., ln running curs
to Ihe fair grounds during exhibition
week without giving visitors the opi
portiinlly of Booing something of t.ho
town.    It was recommended that  IhlB
. L
matter bo brought to the attention of Hon  to Sir Wilfred   Laurier and the
the company. Honorable William Templeman of tlu>
All three of the above mentioned appointment of the new senator from
railroad propositions were referred this district. Mr. Taylor carefully ro-
to  the Transportation  committee, on  trained  from the mention  of names,
motion of T. S. Annnndale.
Request  V���   V.   &   E.
.1. D, Taylor spoke1 as to the proposed route of the V. V. and E. railway,
iuul Us connection with the electric
liine now under course of 'construction from Seattle northward, which
will he joined nt Blaine by the Van-
couver-Praser Valley and Southern
railway, who have recently applied
for charter to the Dominion government. Mr. Tn. lor stated that It was
the intention of this company to pass
by New Westminster, and make Mud
Hay their principal point lu this district. He moved that the company he
asked to reconsider Ihoir plans In thls)
respect. The motion was carried unanimously, This concluded tho |
avalanche of railroad talk for the
evening, whereupon the discussion
switched to factory and mil! sites.
New   Industries.
II. D, Thrift staled that he had rein
responded with an eastern representative of n large fibre manufacturing
establishment, relative to the erection
ed' a factory at tills point, He pointed
out Ihat certain portions of Pitt
Meadows were admirably sulled lo
the growing of fibre flax or hemp.
The object of these eastern people was
to eslajiisli  a cordage  factory In Ibis
disirhi if possible, for tho manufacture of twine, fishing nels, etc, und
Mr. Thrift recommended thai negotiations be Instituted with these people
at   the   earliest     possible   date.     The
secretary wns Instruclecl by the board
to   open   correspondence  as   oarly   as j
possible with a view  to securing this!
Industry  for (ho city.
In lhe mailer of enquiries for mill
Bites,   Mr.   Mlntborne   slaleil   that   he
hud nn enquiry from A. C. W.  Piper,
stating that the object in view was
not political, litt! thai i! was rather
that of local representation In the
senate, Independent of partisanship
in any form whatsoever. This stnlo-
lnent not being sufficiently satisfactory to It. D. Thrift he boldly recommended that the hoard officially endorse Mr. .1. ('. Brown, but did not
get very tar with his eulogy of Mr.
Drown before boing called lo order
by the president, who endeavored
to explain tha difference between ihn
proposals of Mr. Thrift and Mr.
Taylor, and stated that while the latter was quite in order In M^ (recommendation thnt. the former was decidedly OUl of order In endeavoring
to   Introduce  the  candidature    of  an
Individual. Unconscious, however, of
his previous statements, Mr. Curtis
lowed himself to comment on the
candidature of Hubert Kelly, although   llis    objection     was    directed
againsl the appointment of a Vancouver man rather than'against Ma*
Kelly    personally.      w.   .1.   Mathers
favored asking the mayor to call a
public meeting tor the purpose of endorsing Mr. Brown's candidature.
This   was  also   ruled   out,    as    being
nioro or less political, and beyond tho
Jurisdiction of a Hoard of Trade. After considerable discussion on the
part of different members, Secretary
While caino to tho. rescue with tho advice that tho hoard might adjourn,
and the various members privately
endorse Mr. Brown's candidal lire In
the form of a petition to tho premier,
and tho llonornhlo William Temple-
mnn. This advice was put Inlo affect
in the form of u motion by T. S
Annandalo,  seconded    by    .lames  An"
darson, who moved  an adjournment
after which tha petition was signed
by  a  largo  numbur  of  tbe  members
of  Vancouver,  who asked   for  a Bite
for the establishment  of a  saw nnd
shingle  mill.  This enquiry  wiib  refer	
red to the committee of Industries.: Among other Items of Importance
Mr. Mlntborne also stated that he j to the citizens wns a communication
bail  further enquiries    from  another from Postmaster George Konnedy, In
source, but wns not at liberty to mention any particulars at preB'int.
J. C, Brown for Senate.
After the commercial situation had
boon thoroughly discussed, the attention of the board was turned for a
Short time to n seinl-pollllcnl feature.
.1.   1).  Taylor  moved    thai   Ihe  board
response to a request of the board, as
to the sorting of mull on Sunday. Mr.
Kennedy stated thnt this meant a
great deal of oxtrn work on the part
of himself nnd his staff, and slated
that the loss of u portion of Sunday's
rest was another consideration. However, he stated that    he would    en*
take up tho matter of a roconimenda- fdohvor to sort the mnil In order that
box patrons might, got it lu the afternoons, hut would not guarantee to
sort the mall immediately after its
arrival. Recognizing the Inconvenience to which Mr. Kennedy will be
placed, tlie board passed a heart) nnd
unanimous vote of thanks.
Other communications ot lesser
Importance were read, and upon mo-
llcin, received and filed.
Standing Committees.
Tho special committees appointed
! by lhe president of the Hoard of
Trade for the appointment of standing committees during the ensuing
year  reported as follows:
Agricultural���W. J. Mathers, T. .1.
Trapp, D, E. McKenxle, W. H. Keary,
M, Sinclair, C. A. Welch, II. T. Thrirt.
City Advertising���J. D. Taylor, V.
.1. Hart, A. W. McLeod, E. D. Sawyer,
; John Crean.
Commerce and Industries���1'\ W.
Howay, E. J. Hart, \V. J, Mathers, D.
A.   Lewis.  A.  Malins, W.  E. Vanslone,
Nels Nelson, P. B. Lyle.
Fisheries���T, S. Annnndale, .lames
Anderson, John Reld, n. Sahaaks, C.
It.   Sword,     M.   \V.   Miiithorne,    .1.   H.
Legislation   ���!.    w.    Crelghton,
Thomas Olfford, M, L A., J. B, Kent
nedy, M. P., .1. II. Bowos, H. L. I'M-
motels.  Rev. .1. S. Henderson.
Lumbering���L. A. Lewis, 10. ,T.
Fader, O. R. Small, II. Gilloy, L. \v.
David,  A.  E.  Hand.
Membership���J. A. Lee, A. ,T.
Holme's, \v. (i. McQuarrle, T. a. Mutr.
Municipal  Affairs���W.  10.  Vanstone,
Dr. W. v. Davlee, a. Hardman, Geo.
Kennedy,  11. T.  Kirk, T.  R.  Pearson.
Navigation���W.    H.    Cilloy,      John
Peck, J. o. Croll, W. H. Gardner, ii.
A. Ilelyea, A. M. Fraser.
Communications���George    Kennedy,
J.  \V. Crelghton, L. It.  Lusby.
Roads nnd Bridges���T. J. Trapp, W.
II    Keary, G. D. Brymnor, J. It. Bren-
I nan, J. J. Mackny, C. S. Richmond, H.
Transportation    nnd    Postal Fncili-
[tles���J .   A.    Cunningham,      W.      J.
Mathers,   F. W. Howay,   K.   Jardine, C.
jo.  Major, O.  E.  Martin, H. Schaake,
B. Walk or.
Council���Chairman of Committees,
and G. D. Brymner, C. O. Major, and
A. E. Rand.
The president, vice-president, and
secretary to be ex-oftlclo momhers of
all  committees.    (Signed)
A.  E. WHITE. <*
1. Finnan Haddie, per pound   / ���      10c
2. Codfllsh, per pound       8 and 10c
3. Kippers,13 for        25c
4. Mackerel, No. 1, per kit        $2.00
6. Fresh Herring, 4-lb. tins for         25c
6. Ocean Haddie and Kippered Herring, in large oval tins, 2 for....    25c
7. Two tins of the best Clams, for       25c
!5,   1906
T. S. ANINANDALE West   End   Grocery
Foreman of Local Fruit Cannery Looks
Forward  to   a   Busy
Tho annual meeting of the Westminster Fruit Packing company was
held in the board of trade room Tubs-
Strange Couple Wander Through City
at Night In Effort to
Get  Married.
On Tuesday evening while a com
mittee meeting was in session in the
pastor's study at lhe Baptist church,
D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Alum inuiu and Tlnwnres.
Estimates lurnlsnen on nil  Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street 823 C.ranvllle street
Bole Agents   Monarch Ranges.
received were of a most  si
character and  showed a  bright out
Pay  evening.     Nearly all  the share- footsteps were heard  traversing the
holders present.    Tho various reports dark aisles or the church, and event n-
Kiiisfaetory i :ill-v   ""-'  owners  of the  foot   found
their   way   Into    the    kitchen   which
opens off the study. Thinking it might
look   for  tho  future  of  the  company.   ,)(,  sum(,  u.uw.a  ,.,������mi,I(���.  members
The president,    W. J,  .Mathers,   oc- 80me one called to the outsiders to
oupled the chair and gave a compre- come in.    The door was Immediately
honsive  outline  of the  season's  work opened  by  a  tall,  heavily   veiled  lady
, ,. ,, ��� who   asked   if   there   was   a   minister
and  made  a  number oi  suggestions
Mills and Factories I
1 Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. |
Incandescent  and  Arc  Lamps.
present  as she and  her    companion
ns to me manner in winch tne com- w,sh(,i, tQ ge,  nKin.u,il      ,���,.   ,,������.
pany's  Interests    could   bo  advanced.  imn|,m who wore a furious moustache
When   the  call   enmo  for   election  of, nnd   possessed     a     powerful   breath,
officers,    Mr.     Mathers     was    again loaned against a chair for support and
. ,        .    ,   ,    ,,.., .,,,���,.     n   said  nothing.    No minister happened
unanimously     elected     president;     1).
to   lie on  deck   so one  ol   (he  Kent.lt-
B.   McKen.io,   vice.resident;     A.   Jtl vr__t  un(lert������k  ,���  direct  the!
White,   secretary-treasurer,   and   o.|la(lv   )0  n pl(lPe  WDere   their needs
Halgh  manager. could be met.   The humor of the situ-
An Interview with Mr. Halgh elicit- atlon struck some of the hearers so,
ed a number of most  interesting facts  ***&   ��*<   (hey   were   Unable unite  to
suppress   their   laughter,     ihe   would
concerning   the   work   already   under-  ,      .        .,      ,        ,        ,       ,    ,   ,     ,
be   benedict   heard   and   detected   the
taken by his company and the various gj,mptoms and  found    his  voice'  for
branches ii is proposed co add.   First  the first  time, saying:    'This hain't
and   foremost,   more    room  Is  abso- "" laughln' matter.'   The couple evi-
lutely  necessary  and   it  the  present  aently  did  not   find  a  preacher  Hun
i,nil.ling can be suitably enlarged the nlshl  as Rev. Mr.  Barrowclough bad
work  will  be Immediately  commenc- 1|"' pleasure of making then, one al
,.,,.  l�� not> ,,,,, company already has his home yesterday forenoon.    It has
other property  In sighl   thai  will, it  slnce transpired that early on Tues-
ls  believed,    fill    the    requirements. ll:l> evening a couple Identified us the
Canning operations   las!    year were same, enquired al  n lions., on  Royal
carried on with the aid of about  fir- avenue  f'"'  :l   Presbyterian   minister.
teen girls unci forty Chinamen.   The They  received  the  required  Informs-
manager greatly dislikes Chinese labor Uon  l,m  evidently  tailed    to    make
and   would   be   very  glad   to  have  all   -""'1 "" "  ���""'' Beeln6 the n*M in :l
church,    jumped  a!   it   ns a   forlorn
Polish Your Furniture
with Johnson's Prepared Wax. It preserves and Iirums out natural beauty of
the wood. It product's a rich, artistic
llnlsh. lo which dirt and dust will not
adhere. Just try it and you will see how
much better it is than any oilier |k)11s_.
Prepared Wax
Is "A Complete Finish and Polish tor All
Wood." Use it on your tloors and woodwork, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax is
for all danclnn floor*.
You can net Johnson's Iree book. The
Proper Treatment for floors. Woodwork
and Furniture'' and then* preparations of
Anderson & Lusby |
Columbia Street
New Westminster
j SpringMillinery Opening!
| Grand opening of Parisian and London pat- ���
I tern Hats, tog-ether with Millinery Novelties J
��� personally selected by our Miss Gamble in j
| the Eastern fashion centres \
j Thursday, March 15th
| and following days
Large selection of ready to wear Hats, add
a pleasing assortment to the grand display.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete  Plant. '��
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried ;���;
1 at Vancouver and Rossland
��      _....r,--	
the   work   clone   by   girls   provided   lie
could get a sufficient number, in the
neighborhood of 75 girls will be needed in the coming season to meet demands. The company will benefit
the  city  in  other  ways  as  ii   will  be
prepared  to  figure    on  and  buy out 	
orchards  and   put   in  its  own   pickers,   Girls   Find   Husbands   and   Break   Up
Their  Union.
Chicago, March 14.���The   Woman's
hope. The couple came from Seattle
to which place they returned utter
tlie fateful knot was tied.
.. -   :���:
| Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
Office Supply
Sole Dealers
Remington  Typewriter  i
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired *
Adding Machines "Burrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
Loose-Leaf i.<"igers
orrice Stationery
Elliott Addressing Machines
625 Hastings Street
Vancouver, B. C. i
As foreman of its picking gang, an
expei t local man has already been
secured who will pay his exclusive iTIlion League club has been disrupt-
attention to that section of the work. oa DV the marriage of ninety-seven
The company has no fear or putting oul of ,ne original 100 members, and
up more stuff than it can handle as the cluij haB relurned the charter it
buyers are In sight for a larger pack received from Samuel dumpers, pres-
or both fruit and vegetables than it lflent of the American Federation of
can reasonably expect to put up. u.,hori one  year  ago.
From the Klondike the demand for The throe remaining faithful mem-
vegetnblos is very large as the con- hers, who style themselves, among
j census of opinion is that the local themselves, "The Waiting List," are
dried articles, both potatoes and mix- the president, Miss Nolly Mahoney:
'���el vegetables, are far better both in Miss Nellie Georgia and Miss Mabel
appearance and flavor when cooked Tierney, or the Waiters' Union. The
than the Oerman productions, Mr. other ninety-seven have obeyed Pres-
Halgh said thai ihe local demand ident Roosevelt's advice,
was of a different character to that on "A year ago," explained Miss Maths oilier side. Here, las! year the honey, disconsolately, "we had 100
greatest output was In rhubarb, Barb members pledged to demand the un-
lett pears und apples. In the States, Ion label on every article they bought
small fruits seemed to be most re- in the stores. The hundred ivit; all
OUired. enthusiastic,   ;. ���(!  each   one   felt   the
Is In Full Swing
If you expect to secure one
of our
Extraordinary   Bargains
you will have to hurry up.
50 to 25 per cent off
Columbia Street
The Cash Clothier
��� ������������������������������������*����������������� 4 < O-J ������� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
This year it is proposed to put up,
in - &. cans, cherries (mostly white),
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums, Bartlett pears, Italian
nnd German prunes, apples , late
pears, cranberries and blue berries.
This year for the first time on this
coast vegetables will be canned, and
the company figures on putting up in
'' lb,, 3 lb. and gallon cans 20 tons
of blood beets; 20 tons of carrots;
four or five tons each of cabbage,
turnips and parsnips; pumpkins,
vegetable marrows, spinach and sweet
corn. A contract has been signed for
two acres of string beans at Chilliwack. Of corn, it Is expected to
pack 3,000 gallon cans. Evaporated
prunes and apples will receive a greal
deal of attention and u large quantity of evaporated mixed vegetables
will be dried, grated, pressed and
packed. The vegetable packing will
In most bases be carried on In the
winter months and a considerable
number of hands will be employed
union label quite the most important
matter ln the world.
"But they fell away from their devotion, and the Inducement which ��11��t
lhe work in every case was the same.
A union man can get married, and it
doesn't hurl his unionism any, but as
soon as a union girl gets married It's
nil  oft."
The three faithful adherents of the
union label plan hold a meeting of
Ihe club last right, and after pttBBlng
resolutions bewailing the cause or
the chili's disruption, privately Informed one another Hurt they, too,
were in danger of doing tho same
sort   of thing.
"If that's so," said Miss Georgia,
"I move we send our charter back to
Mr. Qompers quick, while there are
any of us left to send It."
Miss  Tierney   seconded   tlie   motion
und Miss Mahoney declared it carried. Then they departed severally,
each with an esoorl all her own.
Blighty acres best part of Delta municipality. Every fool under cultivation and well under-drained; only 12
miles from New Westminster, near
school,  railway  and  main  trunk   road.
Can be bought  If vou call early tor
$8000 on   terms
Adjoining property was sold at $12",
per acre. This is one of the very few
places  for  sale in the whole of Delta
Apply quickly to
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Heal Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.       Columbia St.
j to  make   the
e  li and  lei
how*;       '     I   '. ��� I '���
Infants' wear a specialty.        !���!
i A. J. SSRTCH. 275 Columbia Street 5
>;  '*:
Made on
City Real Estate
��� .........
A  ���
In Every Section of the City. _
Houses and Lots
V         one acre, five acre and ten   acre blocks   in olty unci suburban  1
| districts. S
fi          Kami hinds 01 ail Kinds und    descriptions located  within  50  ��
[���J lldles ol   the city, y
$         Hoe us before going elsewhere,   We can sell us low If not lower >J
[���[ than any other Real Estate Deu let. !3
B            Send  for list  ot houses, lot s  nnd   farms. fi
18b  Columbia   Street, J��!
H 1
Advertise in The News
Fo  ;: I rs, re
payable in  monthl;
vith.  the
��� of mal
ce 3 paymi nts >
cipal each month.
Straight Loans
Can be arranged on first
class City Ileal Estate
up to 40 per cent, of the
Farm Loans
We loan freely on Improved Farm Lands,
giving special privileges
to the borrowers in the
matter of paying off, or
partial repayment of
Form a Union and Raise the Price of   In    INCW   Westminster
Their Labor.
���    t the City.    Spring
  i       ��iii desig
'   ' when . '. ,.
Wo   e, Ion, A-l 10 i
���  '   whit h  ���     on mined up il ' .    and ] lal' * til .
ii    n    i! I  ition . oi
,.ii ed    throughout    the   Btate,   The
scrijl   worn   i of ii:  nswlck  mei  und J~j_\_) '��J��){J j\J
elected   M i      Delia   Ni Ison,  p t   . lent,                  n . in
 i  Mrs, C ".   Cobb, secreiary and    House  Painter   and   Decorator
���":i ���'������������ ��� n'1  adopted  n  uniform Sixth St., Columbian  Block
cale of 20 cents an hour, lnste.ul of
12 to IB cents, t h ��� p ly heretofore,
They will address the scrub Women
ot Portland this week and the state
organization will soon be affected.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Slock for Fencing and Di
Royal City Branch, Columbia St., j
Telephone 12. New Westminster, j
F.J. hart & CO.,
Also   Have   An   Idea   That   Fisher   Is
Within  Their  Reach.
Toronto,  Murch  il.   Wallace Laut,
Iho London newspaper mnu, who Is
nceiiseil. alonil wllh Mcintosh Fisher.
Of tlie Toronto World. Of Bteallng Important governmenl documents, and
who was thought to be hiding In Iho
tn Iho United Stales, was arrested
bore this morning, It is now thought
that Fisher Is hiding In onOl it itlto
western tdknui, I.titer It wiib announced In police circles that Fisher would
Rive hlniseir up tomorrow. If he does
this he will probably lie released on
ball till the fciiso comes up for trial.
For First Class  Repair   Work
Give Me a Trial.
��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������*j
Electric Railway Service j
Any make or design 1 can repair it anil
make it K��<1(' as new.
Horace Dorer,
Late of Trorey's.
I Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office '
Inter-urban   Line.
Cart for Vancouver nnd way
stations nt ti.nu and b.BU n.m,,
and every hour thereafter between K a.m. unit 11 p.m.
Half-hour oars rrom um, to 7
Oars leave Vancouver tor Westminster nl lama hours.
Last car Saturday at n p.m.
City Limits Lint���Morvioo trom
6,80 a.m. to lU.KU p.m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between m and 'i and i> and 7.
30  Minute   Ssrvlco   during
niuiniler or day.   Transfer R<
Leopold Place.
Sunday  8ervice  hall'-houiiy between 8 a. m. and 10 !'��� '"���
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���in Minti"' s'1.
vice, cxeept   pet ween   1- :1"
2, iind-ri ami v, dunng "i"1
noun   tho   service   Wl"
8unday Service   hnir-riourly ">
tweon 8 ii.in. unit IU P-t"'
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co


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