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The Daily News Apr 28, 1906

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Commander of U. S. Infantry Details Special Company
and Threatens Depredators With Instant Death-
Soldiers Give Protection to Chinese Refugees---Stories
of Heroism Come to Light���Precautions Against Graft.
Court in Vancouver   Passes   Sentence   of   Young   Fisher
Who Stabbed An Electric Car Conductor at Lake View
Ban Francisco, April 28, Col, Frank
i.i ii,. 23rd i'. s. Infantry who
has charge ol' the third military dls
trlcl of 'be ciiy, with headquarters In
Portsmouth Bquare, Is authority for
he Htat, ment that looting bas ,"
commenced in Chinatown ami in the
ruins   of pawnshops   along   Kearnej
Street,   Much   of  Ibis  work   he  says   is
,.,i,ig    dime    hy    sights..ers.    Already
..,   Irron/.e,   brass    and   partly
. ..I jewelry have he..,, carried
Colonel   MaUB 'announces     lhal    be
���..ill detals a speeiiii company in patrol the district and warns depredators
le   new patrol  will  he Ins, rue,ral
bool looters,
Soldiers Protect Chinese.
Washing,.'ii. D, ('., April 28    Advices
��� .I   by  the    Chinese  leg,,,ion    in
. It)  Iron, the Chines., cons,,I gen
. ral   in  San  Franc I ico  Indicate    that
every , onslderatlon Is I .ing shown the
Chinese  refugees and  tin.   troops are
giving then, adequate protection,
"The reports Mom our officials ..."
. ratifying," Sir Chen Tung Liang
Cheng,  the Chinese  minister  said  todaj. ' And we are very grateful for the
Ion which our people an  recelv-
Accounts of Heroism.
San     Francisco,    April     28.���Many
Btories   of   heroism   lie   buried   in   the
ruins,  but  some tales that  make the
|[ tingle   are    slowly    Ottering
���through official  sources.    This i.s the
story of the noble work performed by
|Ml       Kane,   matron   of   the   detention
I       lal,    and    Policeman    .lohn  Mc-
| .vim was detailed there the night
I' 'he great  earthquake.    Tl,.- insane
I -  ;,,   th,.  ruined  ciiy  hall   were
II Tr- in locked cells from which only
|,i,. keys of the steward could free
|tl,',,i.     At   the  hour  of  dawn   on  that
Wednesday   morning,   the   strii.--
where  the  courts  were   housed
���was the lirsi to fall.    The weight of
li s western  wing crashed down upon
j'        letenl in,,   hospital   which   was  in,
I        round   Boor.    Steward   Manville
J' 0   badly   injured   by   the   falling
mill  lhal  be died two days later,
Rescue  the   Maniacs,
K.me  ami   Policeman   McLean,
[however, managed to rush outside to
momentary safety. Both of -hem are
well advanced in years, bul the nurse
is a wo,,,,,,, of Intense nervous energy
and  Ihe officer ii  in; f glanl   Iran,..
As so,,,, as ihe;. reached ihe open
i'i.,,,., they were greeted by the terrified shrbks of the Insane that pierced
through lbe smoking ruins around.
They refused to leave their helpless
charges anil both went back into the
ehiiolie   debris.
Fortunately only six patients had
i.e,.,, held by the Insanltj commissioners, These were all pinned in their
cells, more closely prisoned than when
ihey were under lock an.l key. McLean and Mrs. Kan., went to work at
once. Where they could no; drag the
prisoners through the gaping holes
iba,  greal  timbers had made in the
walls tbey smashed   in the doors will,
stones,    Aft..,- all   had  been  rescued,
none of ,he lunatics proved to be injured, ,hough frightened into imbecility by th.-lr terrible experience.
Taken to the Presidio.
I,, charge of the rescuers ami cap-
to . ibe little band was marched to
the Presidio, when- the unfortunates
were temporarily turned over to the
federal   authorities.
In ihe excitement of the common
calamity both Mrs. Kane and McLean
forgo, that Ihey had done anything
remarkable. 'rhe nurse wen, Into
lb., general hospital where she remained fifty-four hours without res,
and the policeman reported for duty
as usual.
Precautions Against Graft.
Sa���  Francisco, April 2s.���What to
do   with     the     immense     amount   of
money   thai   has   been   contributed   to
the relief of San Francisco's homeless
| is the question tha, receives earnest
consideration by nil those now encaged in this all-importanl work. \3o
I many Inquiries have come ,,, the hands
lot the various departments, civil and
military, all asking how and by whom
! the money so generously contributed
would be expended, that ihe \sso-
clated Press was asked lo communicate to the country at large ihe plan
for disbursing these funds anil the assurance thai every dollar Would !�����
put io ihe use for which ii was to-
While the complete details of disbursing and accounting* for the Immense sun, ..I monej already contributed   have   II. ll    been   , rum I] | a,, d ,   llle.V
have be.,, thoroughly discussed in
committee, and may be brieflj' stated
as follows:    All expenditures will be
authorized  bji  ihe finance commit	
of the citizens' relief and Red Cross
funds, Tl,.. ,n. inbeis nf this commit
tee ar- representative bankers, business men and jurists of San Francis,', and Dr. Devln, of the National
Red Crosi Society, This committee
will admit  all  accounts and  make a
de,ailed report to the war department,
where a final audi, ami public statemenl  will  be  made.
City   Hall,  Facing  on  Columbia  Street,     New   Westminster,     B.   C.
Mayor Advises Aldermen of New Industries Likely to Be
Established   in   the   City���F.   R. Glover
Writes About Port Moody
Fisher, tin- young man who jvas
charged with stabbing Conductor
David Millar, of tl,.. B. C, Electric
Railway, on Friday of las, week came
up Iii Vancouver this morning, for sentence.
From thc evidence give,,, the assault
was most unprovoked, and also premeditated, After having been pul off
Ihe car on account of bis disorderly
behaviour while Intoxicated, be waited at the Lake View slalion lor some
lime,   and   when   he   saw   Millar's   ear
approaching he removed his coat, at
ih.- sain., time   Informing   witnesses
standing   by   i||a,     |���.   wa|   ,.ii|lu,     (|)
wake thlng�� Interesting ,,, .,,, ,.������.
ductor win, had pui hi,,, ,,fr. ;:i���i n;,,���.
I��K   'III'"'  I" I  er,:  r.l  1 |,,    tt al
Thl prompi i ion ,.| m, Miliar,
who iefended hlmsell bj kicking i,i8
asailanl in ih< Btomach pr, I blj aved
his life. Fisher ��as immediate!) secured and taken to Vancouvei where
he was locked up,
Fisher waa sentenced lo ll years
Imprisonment in the p, un \, this
being the maximum penalty that
could be Infli, '..I upon hlm.
Brings  King  of the Air to  Earth With
One Shot From His
Captain Acker,,,,,,, of tb. govern-
in.nt boat Georgia shot an eagle this
morning as the boat was pasing Cottonwood point on her way to the city
from the Fraser River light ship. The
bird measured seven feet, four inches,
from the Up of on.- wing to the other
and had talons'about two Inches long
capable  of  inflicting  terrible  damage.
The bird was Be, n by the captain.
perched In a large cottonwood tree on
th.- point. On.- shot from the doughty
captain's rifle took him under the wing
and broughl him tumbling to the
ground quite dead.
The captain brought him home as
a moment,, of bis skill as a marksman.
Eagles of (his kind are very plentiful
on and around the sand heads and
sum., very line specimens are easily
 ��� o���������	
Cancer Kills Him.
Berlin, A],rii 28.���General Von Uud-
dac, lhe Prussian minister of public
works who has been suffering from
cancer lor some time, died today. He
was born in 1861,
{French Ship Triumphs
In Speed and Wireless
Las, nigh, ibe civic estimates were
completed by the >i'j fathers ami
will he finally passed at ihe meeting
on   Monday  night  of  the  full  council.
New industries-co,, ine io look to-
word the city for openings and his
worship reported that a pipe manufacturing company had written him,
announcing that they were meditating
opening up the manufacture of wooden
pipes in lhis vicinity.
The Canadian Mining 4i Smelting;
...mpany wrote the council asking for,
a lease of the old power house for a
term of live or ten years. They also;
desired that the adjoining lots might,
go with tbe buildings. The Vulcan
Boiler works also had a conunuuca-
tion, asking to rent tl,.- buildings and'
I,oilers as Ihey stood.
The council passed a motion to the
effect that the property he put up for
sale by auction at an upset price, and
that Hi.- prospective purchasers be>
notified to that effect. The motion
F. Glover, local superintendent of
the British Columbia Electric Railway company, wrote with reference to
the survey for the proposed tramway
extension to Porl Moody. The clerk
was Instructed to invite Mr. Glover
to confer with the council at <J::iO on
Monday night, when the lull council
would be In session.
The proprietor of the Depot Hotel
wrote with reference to the rate for
additional lire protection. The clerk
was instructed to reply to the effect
that the special flre protection rate
must   he paid,
The   Vanstone Plumbing   company
wrote requesting permission to open
up Clarkson street adjacent to their
business premises, for the purpose of
laying a drain. The request was
A Speck wrote asking permission to
open up fro,,, street between Eighth
and Heghie sl reels, In order to Conine, will, the drain. The request was
referred  to  the board of  works.
The Schaeke Machines company reported that a levy on the union men
in their employ bail netted ibe sum
of $45.50 lo be devoted to the San
Francisco relief fund.
Inspector Pearce reported that the
drains throughout tbe city were in
somewhat bad condition. The chairman of the board of works stated that
the work of flushing these drains was
being  carried  on  as  fast  as  possible.
The sum of $1,150 was added to the
estimates for the improvement of ihe
Victoria street bridge and tbe erection
of the Clarkson  street bridge.
Alderman Garrett spoke of a request received from tbe local baseball
players, asking for the use of the
Queen's Park grounds for playing
baseball. The mailer wus discussed
at some length and there was a prevailing opinion that the game was
hard on lhe grass unless the players
would provide tbe proper bags for pro-
leiitlon at the diamond and bases. I,
was considered that If the city provided tbe grounds that the players
should bear the expense of keeping
them in order. A motion was passed
that the various teams become responsible for the care of the grounds,
and that they agree among themselves
as ,o bow the work shall be conducted.
A motion was also passed thai all
In arrears for water be notified thai
it payment is not made by the first
day of May that the water will be cut
Blaine People Feel Sore
Over Delay at Boundary
.1. 11. Gilley lias returned from Blaine
where he superintended the loading
Of a scow load of coal which the Flyer
took over from ibe Ladysmlth coal
mines. Mr. Gilley stated that the
Blaine people felt somewhat sore over
the delay at that point of the car of
goods recently sent from New Westminster to the reliet of the San Francisco sufferers.   They exonerated the
agent whn thej said was held down
rigidly to Instructions, and he had no
authority to allow the car In pass with-
ou, the regular formalities l,ei���n . (implied with.
The Blaine people expressed considerable gratification al the prompt
action of the people ol lhe Royal I'tiy
In providing for the r.iiei .,r th.- s���r-
ferers ti) the south.
Second Car Is Loaded
For California Relief
The second car of goods for the relief of the San Francisco sufferers will
leave here tomorrow morning at five
o'clock. It was loaded this afternoon
under the supervision of W. E. Vanstone, chairman of the relief committee, Aid. Howay and W. R. Gilley.
The provisions consisted mostly of
potatoes, canned butted, Hour, rice and
other foodstuffs.
This was mostly c on,>United by peo
ple of the Burroundlng country, Chllllwack Contributing fifteen tons; Surrey, ten tons; Langley, two tons; Ladner, one ton.
The Chines.- of ih.. city also helped
In the good work and supplied one ton
of provisions. The remainder ���t tbe
car was filled with goods purchased
by the relief committee.
This will be thc last car ol  i to
be sent from here.
Fish Run Is Plentiful
and Sea Gulls Fatten
Salmon are beginning to run a little   tomorrow   night,   Oollchans  are   verj
thick  In the river and Ihe sand bars
better than they were and are reported  ^ ^^ ^ ^ |_n. who are
as fairly plentiful up river wiiile they  growing filt   on ,)���, mile   llsh which
are somewhat scarce down stream. It  thcy capture when they   gel into the
is expected that a good run will bc on  shallow water.
��� w   York,    April  28.���The    World
..lay it Is a question whether of-
l of ihe French Line are prouder
1 wireless telegraph record or the
Speed record which their new ship La
ace established   on her maiden
rosB tii.. Atlantic. She arived off
pandj   Hook a,  1:15 p. ,,,. yesterday
marl.,  tiie  run  from,   Havre In
, iriue hours and ten minutes.
fhe old  record  was six days, nine
ars and twenty minutes. I, was held
La Tourraln..
I"he  wireless telegraph  record  was
pven more satisfactory    than this    it
Paving been the ambition of the Atlan-
'���' navigators, to, carry on communion-
fion with both shores of the ocean at
same time but none of them could
quite manage it.
The wireless telegraph operator
aboard La Province was in constant
communication with Poldhu on the
coasl of Cornwall from the time the
ship got clear of Havre. The ship was
1.S00 miles from Poldhu ami 1 ,700
miles Irom Cape Cod a, 2 o'clock last
Wednesday morning, The operator in
Poldhu station al that moment was
sending lhe latest news of the San
FranciBCO disaster to La Province to
be published In the ship's daily news-
paper. The dots and dashes were
snapping and crackling briskly ami
the mesage was flowing smothly.
There was a pause as the operator
reached Ihe end of a paragraph. The
instilment was silent. Suddenly the!
dots and  dashes  began  snapping and
crackling again hut instead of earthquake news from San Francisco tbey
wee spelling ou, scary details aboul
manhole covers being blown off the
Sewers in New Y ork. The operator on
La Province threw over his transmit ling switch.
"What do you mean, Poldhu," he
asked, "by mixing up messages? Go
ahead With your San Francisco stuff."
'Tin no, l'ol.lhu," came the reply.
"I'm sending from Cape Cod in America.  Who tire  you?"
"This is the La Province, the new
French liner," the Province man replied. "Report us all well. Wait a minute till I finish with Puldhu."
So the Cape Cod man kept silent until La Province called htm a few minutes later.
British Steamer With  Russian Troops
on    Board    Sinks   the
Singapore, Straits Settlements, April
28.���The British steamer Havresliam
Grange, having on hoard 3,000 Rus-j
sian troops bound from Vladivostok
for Odessa arrived here today and reported having been in collision in the!
Straits  of  Malacca   wilh   lhe  Chinese
steamer Bentong. The latter sank and
thirty  of the  101  Chinamen .���,  board
the  vessel  Were drowned.
The Haversham Grange broughl ihe
seventy-one survivors to this port. ller|
t'orepeak Is full of water.
\Horror Again Seizes
People Near Vesuvius
Naples, April 28.���Another disaster
is occurred In the Vesuvius region,
brought.,,1 last night torrents ,,r rain
'" accompanied by a heavy gale of
""1 causing a large avalanche of
'"'��� sand, ashes and cinders to fall
u'i' Son,ma and Santa Alstasla dos-
'��ylng bridges, blocking    the    roads,
""ling many   habitations,   interrupt-
'8  communication   by  telegraph  and
irylng away portions of lhe railway.
Troops and military wagons were
hurriedly despatched to the assistance
of the sufferers.
The Inhabitants of lbe stricken
places mentioned were awakened by
a roaring rushing sound which was
absolutely new to them and ,,��� running oul of their houses, they found
their property threatened by a new
horror, lbe fall of avalanches of mud,
ashes, etc.
Their terror was extreme. The women and children  ran scream,Ing will.
fright Into the open country as If pursued by the living monster hul in spite
of lhe avalanches, floods and gales no
loss of life has been reported up to
the lime Ihis despatch was Bled,
Everybody Is praying for fair weather as ll Is believed that while the
slorms rage Vesuvius Is liable to be a
continual menace to life and property
nnd Ihat Iho people In the region of
lhe volcano may have visitations of a
more serious nature lha,, laBt night's
Chief Murdered.
Lublin. Russian Poland, April 28.���
Lieutenant Colonel Pugel, chief of the
gendarmerie at  Sholim was murdered
last night. The  assassin escaped.
Members-Elect in  Russia Sign  Resolution With a Sharp Tone
to It.
St. Petersburg. April 27.���Returns
from yesterday's elections are slow lu
coming in bul the proportion of Const i-
tutional Democrats continues overwhelming. Up to two o'clock this morning reports had been received from Cl!
.if ihe iim constltutencles ,,���t of
which Ihe OctOhcrisis carried only :!;
the Constitutional Democrats and their
Polish allies, ���!,; and Ihe so-called Democrats 2; the remaining 1- being
classified as Independents.
A resolution worded In the sharpest
terms is being circulated and signed
by members elect expressing lack of
confidence both In Count Witte and
the emperor.
Log Boom Carries Away
Can Buoy From Channel
The Samson returned last night from
down river. The crew have been engaged ln placing Ibe can buoys In the
proper channel through the gulf. A
little extra work was occasioned the
crew recently by the carrying away,
by a boom of logs, of one of the large
red buoys. They found the missing
buoy away up river and Immediately
conveyed It to Its proper location in
thc mouth of the river.
Mr. Turner, assistant engineer has I
been  taking sounding, yesterday and
today as to the depth of water along
the Surreynsidc of the river from the
tannery up to the Fraser River bridge.
Before that he took soundings from
the bridge to the Fraser River mills.
Where the Better Climate l��.
The official weather report for the
week ending April 25 gives the following comparisons hotween Vancouver and New  Westminster:
Vancouver���Hnln, .64 inch; highest
temperature, 69. on the 21st; lowest,
lis, on the 18th.
New Westminster���Rain, 1.52 inch;
highest temperature, 72, on the 20th;
lowest, 42, on the 18th .',,,.1  20th'.
Queen's Own of Toronto Invades Tournament in Madison Square
New York, April 2S���Nine hundred
men of lhe Second Regiment Canadian
Militia, the Queen's Own Rifles, Invaded the military tournament at Madison
Square Garden  last     night     and gave
an exhibition drill that evoked storms
of applause.
They had eumo in a special train
from Toronto under command of Lieut.
Col. Sir Henry L. Pellatt, aide de can,,,
to the Governor General of Canada.
Horses Burned to Death.
Montreal. April 27.���Fire last night
destroyed the outbuildings of the Ville
Marie Convent, at Notre Dame de
Grace. Five horses were burned to
death, and a large amount of farm implements. The loss is estimated at
Gas  Workers  in Toulon  and  Waiters
in Marseilles Leave Their
Toulon. April 27���The gas workers
Of this city struck at midnight. Infantry  occupied the works.
Marseill.s. April 28.���Leading cafes
here are closing ia consequence of a
Btrlke   by   wallers.   There   hav-   been
] demonstrations. Reinforcements of
gendarmes are arriving ami ihorough
precautlonarj measures are being tak-
Placiny New Poles.
New poles .ne being placed In position on Clarkson street by the 1). C.
Kl.ctric company. The poles that are
being replaced have been In use for
many years ami are beginning lo show
signs ef wakening. As soon as all
the poles are in position, the work ot
Changing the wires will commence.
Anthracite Operators
Disappoint Mitchell
Scranton, Pa��� April 28.���It    is   the|    If the situation remains unchanged
general Impression that the anthracite, next Thursday when the c���"���� *
Ihe miners takes place here it is taken
operators   answer   made   public   yes-  ^  ^^ Ly ^ peo|)|e of tW_ rt���
terday, was Intended    to    provoke   a g1(1I) that (hc ^legates   will   declare
Btrlke and that Is will succeed. , the present suspension of work and a
,ngws��r0xwr cusis - r���r .:r -z -
be rea"  in the operators answer.       | valent opinion here.
:'' ���'.;, THE DAILY NEWS
IL _��� 1
Read This!
White an '. Red Handkerchiefs, regular 15
cents oc
Cotton Socks, regalar_15c,_4 pair for. .25c
Canvas Gloves, regular 15c, 4_pair for 25c
Quilts, regular $1.50 (35c
Men's 35c and 50c Braces 15c
Boy's Knickers 25c
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('nine in and see our line of g   ���
Prices Cut in Half.
Men's Pants, regular $1.75 and $2 for
Boys' Linen Collars.
The Westminster Clothing Co.
Next Royal Bank of Canada, Columbia Street.
Having Purchased a Portion of the Immense Stock of
C. F. Jackson & Co. Ltd.
of Vancouver, Retiring Trom Business
For the Low Price of 40 Cents on the Dollar, Will Commence
Friday Morning With One of the
Still Another
Men's Working Shirts, Regular $1.00,
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Special Bargains in Straw Hats.
Men's   Four-in-Hand  Ties, regular 35c,
now 2 for 25c
Biggest Bargains in Blankets ever offered
in the city.
Flanelette Blankets, $1.25 75c
Bertrand last Wednesday and received
;  receipt signed "Sam Smith."   Bert
rand was anxious to get the outstand'
b,   told bin, he could noi get Into the  quor)  which h,   bi mghl I i th,
Vaughan    was  the    Invent 01   ol
plan.   He blamed Vaughan tor Inventing 'li- whole   scheme and   enticing
Thiei  Men Tell  How They Tricked C.
P.  R.  Employees    at
Mb a   iteming
, .. '. Llf_g :' >m C P. EC. cars thai
two Thiel detectives told in the witness box a, ihe James street couri on
Saturday aftertaion, says the Winni
"#��g T'e..' Press. Sensational descrlp-
rMiiv >f tl,,' manner in which som,
of' rae prUSonetf! were caugh were
'portrayed an'_"twU feiore of them admitted participation, at 1 -a bi In the
tiTrnlllnp UF Uiu guilds an'd the division
of the booty.
To capture the aha ihe two detectives winked a.v.i.'..''><>'��� One who
went l,y She HataM of Harry Vaughan
took  up   his  abode   wiih   Peter   Bert-
.rand and wiib bin, ..���!,,erea,lino a i.l,.,   i,"":-'1"   hlm  liquor  at   the Tecumseb
Lo   rob   ,i  freight   train'.    Goods  were  h0USP-
car, the conductor said, "That's tough   He  procured a suit ease and said it
luck;   we will  have to try it  again."  w-ould  hold lots of boots  anil  finally
he  said, "I wani   to get   Skelly, he said, watched for Bertrand's  Induced him to accompany him on a   him Into It.
away because the bunch Is pinched."  lantern about   150 yards  wesl  of the  raid  on  the  freight   shed .     is  thej       William   Proctor  denied   the  a
Cross-questioned    by   iir.   Edmund   Notre Dame avenue  crossing, and  It   neared   the  sheds   Bertrand   tried   to  ���,,,,��� Lna| p,. tl ,,i been on 93 the nighl
Howell, who is defending Skelly, wit-  was there. back out but Vaughan said, "Come on  ,,, the boot theft.   Ho had been down
;.������     said h,   .Ini not Know thai  the     Witness, who otherwise was to gel   you bluffer, what's the matter." Wil
off al   Bergen, jumped  there.    When  uess   said  he  went   as   far  as  No.   1
I." alighted he saw, to his great  sur-  track and then backed out.   The next
day Vaughan bought more liquor and
when witness had a skate on" he led
hi,n to the w, I yards, Knowing them
by   their  labels,  he  picked   out   mer-
goods were stolen. He had been cm-
r ed by the C. P. It. on March 16
to buy goods and junk and would
hav bought anything that was offered.
He never Intimated to any of the
pris ers thai he would buy goods;
;     ivenl  In and offered them.
prise, some merchandise on the road-
nd  Bertrand came over to him.
"       Pete,"   said   the   witness,
"someone else has been her.."
The Story of the Plot.
Harry    Vaughan,    Thlel    detecUve
���   home  U   In  Chic igo and  who
now re I les al the Wesl hotel, Identi-
the four prisoners.    He had been
pi i, .��� I a ������ ,, watchman In the freight
for the purpose of looking Into
robberies which had been going on
there,   On March Is. he mei Bertrand
and   gave    him   a   drink   and     later
mainland., and with him rented ,,
shack al 543 Jarvls street. Kelly
b . I come to the shack with Her, rand
hen be Brsl met him.
While thej roomed together in the
nl' his shack, he said, Bertrand maib. a
proposition to roi, the company, and
,'���!��� rred to other jobs "up the line."
Thc plan, as completed, was thai
Vaughan was to pick ������, a car containing rich spoil, the crew woi,1.1
.'"i'i h |i oul near ihe Notre Damo
avenue crossing, where Bome of the
merchandise would be dumped. Th,
listened f. .iln; evidence car would be re-sealed and traces
with deep Inheres! and 'lie,',rami and ;l," robbery covered up, Skelly said
Proctor enter' d the w|tneaa box. The .... II t i a good BCheme, and i, was
former made sweeping admissions but arranged thai the flrsl time he went
alleged thai Vaugl-ni had plied him oui on No, S3 they would cany it
With   liipior'.'and   led jllm   into   crime,   om.
Proctor   rl.'iiiiil   anv   pari iei pal ion   in      Ol) t bo afternoon of April 12, he con-
thpactual theft, but adrnltW receiving United,   Skelly    came ,., the    shack
pine  "i   ibe  sp'ojls  for  asslstjng; In  where Bertrand, Proctor and   witness
,. '  lii'-n,  to Clark.    He Knew   ��,.,.,. together.    Bertrand told Proctor
thai   Ihey   harl   been   dishonestly   bl ���  DUt|  as  he  didn'l   wan,   Skelly
tained. ���(>  kee  him.    Skelly  said he  was  to
Junk  Buyer's Evidence. j , .,,���  ,���, ���.,;���,, ana f(���. witness m pick
\ id;', vv. Clark, an employee of oul a car. On April II he returned
iiu- Tin el .*,.������..���," v. ho J,_- beuu living. to | Uir aback trom down town, and
litely a, |8T Mai:i,.,'.a ���ven,,'r\ iri<\ntl. si.-lly SWn there, "Bertrand has been
fieri Bertrand and Proctor as two men   looking  all  over  town  tor  you,"  he
stolen lion, the train and were taken,
<ni Vaughan's suggestion, to Ashlej
W.  Clark,  the  offier  detective,   who
i: id   iei   lip In  business as a  "fence,"
.,..  iai he  pul   if. ''buying goods and
���Junk,"   ..n     Hi"   Ins'i'iicllons
Tbe purchase of Junk by Clark at
,,i house gift Manitoba avenue prom-
1  ...   lo   open   up   new   cases  aud   from
the .suggestions made by Clark ana
Hie prosecniion these are numerous.
'I'ho prisoners. Pe'tbr Rerlranil, Villi,,,a Proctor, It. Mcintosh, and William   Shell
"Yes," replied Bertrand. "Proctor chandlse cars. On track No. 19 he
w i- on and dumped thes, off, I saw picked out the third car from the
'.iis light  and  the stuff go off." end and while he was doing so P. 1..
George came down the 'rack. Witness wen' away with George while
Vaughan brol ��� the Beal and ent, red
the car with 'nw hags which be filled
with boots. Vaughan took som, of
them  to    lady  friends.    o���    another
nighl   he br ,ke into another car and
he said,  "it   would look bad  if ���. pass-   ^   ^    ^^   M   Qr   ,,���   ^.^
enger   train   went   by  and   they  saw
goods lying on thc track."
Witness knew nothing of the goods
until lie saw them on the rlghl of
way.    lie tobi of assisting  Mcintosh
Skelly   Got   Nothing..
Thr. merchandise consisted of easel
 ts,    and  Bertrand,    Mcintosh  and  ,
witness loaded  them onto  Mcintosh's
wagon.    Bertrand  wenl  up the track
and  Bertrand    to unpack  the    ca ���
which    wer.     consigned    to  Christie,
Bailey & Co., Millwood. Man. Proctor,
be  said,  returned  later  ami   clal 1
thai he harl been carried to the station
wes, of Bergen, and thai he had returned on a Northern Pacific train.
The boots were placed in bags and on
Ea t, r Sundaj taken to Clark's house
and sold.
Bertrand and Mcintosh didn't want
Skelly ,o know of the theft and
. thought thai he had nol noticed the
goods, Vaughan bough, beer for the
others, worked in with them and -
periodically made reportB to his principals,
Mr,   Howell  by questioning the wit-,
ness had him state that Skelly go, !
nothing oul of the deal. The scheme,
he said, was proposed by Bertrand.
Shell, listened to it, anil said, "yes,
It's all right." Skelly knew nothing
about the thefl of the boots, bul it
was arranged that should he have
noticed them and "hollered," ho was
iii have a share.
Says  He Was Baited.
Peter  Bertrand entered tho witness
box  when  asked  If he  wished   to give;
and 10 or 11 pairs of irons..rs. Va igh-
! an sairl thai he had "a gray headed
Jew friend who would lend money or
buy the goods and he got $27.50 for
them and  split wi,h me."
"I nev..,. >aw Proctor's light mi a
car nor did I Bee Proctor on the
train the nlghl the shoes wen- thrown
off. Vaughan tried to gel another
Innocenl man into lhis, Fox who
knows no more abom i, than any of
you gentlemen."
Wl,..,, be first mei Vaughan. he Bald,
the detective was making a big show
of  himself  and   offering  Ihe  boys  a
town and visited the Tecumseh and
Windsor hotels, He gol home about
12:30. He gol o ,ne of the shoes, bul
on Easter Sunday nlghl he helped
carry them to Clark's. He knew they
had heen stolen, but he never had ban
any conversation with Her,rami as to
stealing goods.
J. Cockran, an ex-secrel .-��� rvlce man
gave evidence as to the amount of
shortages and pllterlngs which were
. omary during his term with the
company. II. tated thai on an average there were from l- to 15 cars
a week broken Into.
C, D. Baby, an inspector In the employ of the C. P. Ii. -ave evidence as
to the maniier In which the losses
sustained by the C. P. it- were classified, whether as shortage or pllterlngs. All I.t'.-... which in the opinio,,
of officials showe 1 . ������ Idence of having
be, n   stolen   were   entered   on   pink
leets. Charles l.armour Btated that
the amounl approximately paid by the
company and classified as pllfertngB
was in 1904, $3,816.76, In 1905, $5,919.59
while the am,,mr paid as shortages
was in  1906 $30,339.
W. li. Thompson, a treighl car conductor, running trom Minnesota to
York,,,,i  was called and  produced his
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the ben,'tit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
drink.   He took one.   To Mr. Hagel he l'""k  "f accounts  of    horl      An
admitted thai  ihe boots plied  beside entrv "" Ai"'n  lv- showed thai there
the  witness box and  In  front  of the wa8  """  car "��   his  ";iil1   ln   which
clerk's desk w.-rn stolen, bul said thai two CMes "r l"",ls *''"' missing.
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Shingle and Saw RU
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd
New Westminster, B. C.
who came to his home on March 22 Bald, as witness entered. He then
.uml wilrl biu, cloi.luug and shoes... Rail), thai he lei. two crews around evidence In his own behalf. The
'i'Uty.i'aJJ,. a��Bla On ths ftiBbl Ol April him and lhal he "JjtOOd lor 93" next. court room was crowded to the doors
li. ISiiHte,' SundAy, With V'niighaj, to Witness chose car No. 40344 and Mc- and as he was sworn Ihere was a
i��U, shoes,   .and  be    purchased  firty  Into'sh was arranged win, u, ge, a rig|breathless silence, He narrated a story
in winch he accused Vaughan of lying.
bul admitted   having   participated l���
the    lonely    night    robbery    near   lhe
Noir,. Dame avenue crossing.   "When
Vaughan says il was of my doing he
was noi telling tie. truth," sahl he,
Vaughan broughl il up and when I
sabl I didn'l like the idea he said.
, h nice anyway.'" Vaughan
Be, me I   Lo  have   money  and
jmic   for.tl.'i.     >l��   paid   $11).   ill   .push   and be ready lb WW the goods away.
itfiri  the/,  Mi'iv. lo. return on  Monday   Witness   to  break   Into   the   car   and
lor   the   balance,     He   Identified   tha  throw  ouJ   the  good*,,  bin   when   be
>,hoe1s,,pt���dll(e,l  in  court  us   the  ones   boarded   ,11,,'.   trail)   in ,l!i���   yards   the
he t����d boimlll-' He paid Uerlrami for i car  wa*  aui   o,n, U. . Skelly  lefl   bim
Ihuui   mid   In,   handed   lb..-   moRW   to , tbe wa,y bill, to pick another car. and
Vaughan. The latter divided il, giving   he  clios.,. nuiulw ��� B.WJ^,  loaded   with
1'rodoi; And  liniiiajid 17. retaining a  'Igars and groceries.    Ho, tried to get
.hare of.*7  for Rpot^ejl  liar'y. $7  fo,'   inlo  il,  but   tho  train  pulled,  oul   and   'takB
1 oiu.el!  an,, 13. tor expends.,,   11��� paid   111, gfi| onlo j.be caboose,    Skvlly ashed   ,.:
the  balance of  ,.,i..r.pHJBbftae  l"'!r"  '''   wl*��t  he.   was  doing   lln-iv,  and   when   continually   bough,   "tanglefoot,"     (11-1
Mutual  Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now ln for ee exeeeilH	
Amount of Assets, legitimate nnd solid, now exceeds.
. ,Vtf,OUU,UUO,00
This ls a company of pollc y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
oi'll MU'l' it):
Possible Outlay.
tub largest amount of Assurance for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
lal i,""'"'
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oncn  ���
.For detailed information, rates, etc., cull en "r " "'
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. & SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1906.
Clearance Sale
(Ming Dept
65 Lonely Men's Suits, Regular
$7, $8, $9 and $12, Sizes from 34
to 40, To Clear	
The Suit - . $3.85
100 Pair Men's Odd Pants, Our
Usual Good Value $2.00 $2.50 and
$3.00, To Clear	
The Pair -  - $1.00
Boys' Department
65 only Two Piece Suits, our usual good  $2.00,
$2.50 up to $4.00 Values, Sale Price
��� ��� ���
The Suit $1, $1.50 and $2.00
Mothers! Look Over These!
- - Specials - -
Men's Collars that were regular 25 cents each selling
now at 5 cents.
Men's  75c   Working Shirts,
To Clear 50c.
Only Brownie Suits, $3.50 and $4.00 values, while They Last to Clear
^���$ 1 .OO���
105 pairs Boys' Odd Knicker Pants, regular 75 and 85 cent values
To Clear at 50 Cents.
The Big Clothing House
Bargains!  Bargains!
���A 4
6ATURDAV   io,r_ .
I ���
Published by The Daily News Publishing Con,pm .,-, Limited, at their
offices corner if Sixth and Prom
Btreets, New V. istminster, B. c.
desolate homes, or  wander out  Into'
the li.ids and di..
Ta.. depth ot the gei      I poi
igta  from    the    follow
'Ev, d th,       turj   .r,   a  bit   ol
then a new day will dawn for the Indian people.
Editor   and   Mg    .Edward   D.   Sawyer   ���.,���... ,.::,'.
  .-    possibl, tai    beyond  llieir  mean-, as  soap and  lowel
Te.  phones.
business office	
Manage, 's reside ce
09 .would i.,i..  if regularly used, aboul  1"
. . .    ..- (
.:r,i   , ei   ci nt. itire Income.    Dr.
   Sunderland   quotes   Burke   as   saying
thai     "British    friendship     broughl
greatei     ruin   upon   India    than   the
������   In.Til: >     of    invaders.''     He    quotes
Bishop lie .. ;  ,,- saying ol the heavy
taxatl ,n:    "II  Is   in effectual bar to
anything   like   Imi rovement,"   and  in
,���������,   reli.f   il   is   the
,   women   an.l   children
"11. v. .1. T.  Sunder! nd.  of Tfiftmto,
Can,,,!;,,   baa  published   lhe    staiilm- ..,,     . in droves and the
Guichon���G. A.  Lester, city;   1'. K.
Ilook, Vancouver; P. Hugh.
.1. s. Hicks, Abbotsford; G, ll. Bow  -.
Windsor���C. A. Bwape, Tacoma,
Wash: P. A. Gansson, Mounl Lehman;
.1. E. Taylor, Mount Lehman; .lohn
Haugen, Tacoma. Wash.; Theodori
Crol . \s,\ lumn.
Depol -Mr. an I Mrs. C. Mclnnes,
Langley Prairie; Archie Mclntyre,
Blaine, Wash.; 11. Wade. Surrej Centre; J. E. Minion. Bteveston; V. W.
King. P. ll....->.
accusation thai  England herself Is the
.lire :l    and   de',. . rate  cause    of thc
frightful I..mines which are killing off
the Indian people   al ihe rate   of ten
million ��� a ri., ide,   tn support ol
statemenl  which baa caused con.1
nation on  both  side- of th,-  Attani
Dr. Sunderland  proves thai   th,
never lack ol  food  sraln in India and
thai  even  in  times of  worst  tannine
wn  with  carcasses.
���.. as Ini - .nee   to the tax on
.    4a Christians, and of common
with   the   British    people,   we
...      i hope, yea we would pray, thai
.   mighi   ..   .  \.: rtak,        n wh, re
���   those   figures   before   us.    R,
think over It, such a necessltj to I
i ��� as well as to the rich tor which
thej musi suff, i serious physical consequences If it cannol  be obtained, Is
Employee    of    Electric    Railway    Car
Shops Is Injured.
.1.  H.  Hal! an
trie  Railwaj   eai
yesterday afterno, n        i :      from   a
..line.  Mr. i;       is ., carpenter
who has i ,i in   he emploj   ,1  the
company onlj for i short time and yesterday af,,'rn.mn as he was d ring i ,me
ea,',,enter work on    h,   roof of one Ol
the unfinished eai -. one ol the seal
fold hoards gave �� i> under hi- wi Ighl
causing bin, to ;      to the Boor with
consi l< ......  He  was rendered
unconscious tor ��� "'������' &nd 1,is
fellow workmen i ledloal aid.
Ii was discovered thai i , bones were
broken and although badlj shaken up,
Hall will be ready tor work again
Sunday, April 29
ihcse  are  exported  constantly.    The  , a_. ,vkn t)j0uaan(] (2, ,  per i
famine., are not ,,f food but of moneyJ on i^ vaiue; that is to s y, when the
he slew.-, h.r England has taxed the  [nd|an laborer buys one cent's worth
natives to their last  cent   until  thej   ,,, ag], h,, ������,_���  ;,;l.  the British -
-;..ive in ih ��� inids, of plenty.   'Called  L.rnmen(   twenl    cents  for  permission
by its righ   warm. this is parisitlsm.
England has sucked the life blood ol ,.      ,   ,, .      n    ,,,.
,  , ,        , Another cause  lor  tndlas  poveitj,
heli   '     India.
Dr. Sundi rland says, Is the destruction
l be    v riter ex] h, h s  with .   , , ,,
ol   many  Industries  through  taxation,
..... I oth, m.    "When
to India it was."
h, says, "full of man . I   was
the I ���  t Ing coun-
In  the  world.    Now  nearly  all
Colonial���J.    E.    Monroe,    Stlrton
Monroe, Wash.;  ArthuT Owens, Hani- Mr
ikon, Ont.; R. D. Douglas, Vancouver; In a :'��� ��
H.   l'riv.r.  Vancouver;   S.   M.  Baker
and guest, St John, N. B.;  D. M. Kob- Vancouver Boys Win.
eris.ui.   I,m!..head:   .1.   D.   Robertson,      \   baseball   match   was  played   this
high he ad;   Mrs.   G.   A.   Boyle.   Ingle- morning   il Queen     Park, The Junior
head;  J. Stephens and  wife, Vancou- ���(���,. 0( the Colun , in college and the
ver.  T. J.  L.  Downs,  Abbotsford;  P, juniors of the Van coll,
A. Cleff,    Mission;    William    Galpcr- nishlng the sport.
Brlce and wife,    Porl  Kelly;    E. H.     The score was fii       two in favor of
Go       i'h. Miss Loulscon, J, E, Mur- Vancouver   colleg,     C.   Canfield   re-
ray, Torontoj.Dr. and Mrs. Jones Mc- fereed the game
Don London,    England;      Misses
Jon, -. London, England; Mis.- May
Luckrlf . I .. of Wight, England; W,
A. Johnston, Vancouver; Henrj Hornby, Cloverdale; J. A. Taylor, C, S, _���
smith, Aldergrove;    K.  A.  Anderson,
to both teams.
Member?    of Legislature    Will    Look
Over the Flowers of May.
mton,   Apt 11   27.��� Imn   Hat,
Aldergrove; E. s. Sterton, Monroe, E. following the closl     o   th, legislature
force all old accepted theories regarding Indian famine, The popular bellel
reg ,, ding I hose famines is. thai they
ire ,ii ied by over-population and
failure of the periodic rains. Dr.
Sui lerland shows that the country being so large has great varieu of
climate, of soil, an.l of amount ol
rainfall and therefore of productivity.
He lays there is i ever a failure or
rainfall everywhere, and tin
never a failure of crops everywhere.
If a part suffers, there are other
parts  that   hav.- abundant  crops.    He
��� ��� rok, :, down and
,   ised to be
. ,| in carrying them on are scattered, Impoverish . .en back to
Ihe  land  to  divide  the  already    too
soanty income of the ryot.
Bul   the   greatest   of  all   causes  of
India's  poverty  are,  the rl". toi
rhe  heavy  drain  of  wealth going  on
Camp ii ll. city. J. E. Clark. Cloverdale, lien Sloe, urn, Elgin; D, Duffln,
M, rchants   Jim Foi tune, oltj; I
les Johnson. W. Benson, Pat  Hoolan,
Frank  Burns and wife, Charl,.- Johnson, M. Benson.
which will probablj    :.'k'    I'���"'    oi
Thursday next, >,.��� m ��� rs are going I i
, trip through the southern pari
of Allien;, on ;, s;,. <-i.il 'rain. The pro-
.,,   has heen on   the    ipis   I i
some  time, bul  .li I  nol  take definite
form  until las, night, ��hen, after the
Cosmopolitan-  Alex    Gilles,    Mounl  hous,       I  i   lourne-J, Hon. W. H  Cush
Lehman;   M. Taylor. Waterford City;  Ing called the c,
R. T. Anderson, Seattle; John W. Mc- members cl I round that
-a.s that much of ili* land is Irrigated
and therefore largely  Independent  of F'
rain fall, and that much more might ;" England. He mentions the manj
be broughl under irrigation. His nexl ways in which this continuous drain
point ia that with navigable rivers, Is going on and says ihat "returns
mate railways, and the sea on two '���'<""��� back to England as the resull
Sides, transportation between all pans of many firms of industrial and finan-
ol the country is easy, and therefore ctal exploitations of India carried on
lhe faininine stricken portion can be by Englishmen
easily supplied from the over abund-
��� of the more favored sections.
"India," he says. "In her worst tannine
years there Ls plenty of food to be obtained, and in the famine areas them-
vantages which they possess
the domlnanl   power."
Dr. Sunderland concludes his awful
aralgnmenl of British rule in India
by an    appeal  for local    self-govern-
selves   an.l    generally   at   moderate ment.    He quotes Lincoln as saying
prloes for those who have money to that "there is no nation good enough
buy  with, and grain is exported con- to  govern  another  nation,"  and   Ma-
tiiiually. Even In the best year- they caulej as in,ning ihe matter thus:
have all they can do to live without "Of all forms of tyranny I believe the
laying up a rupee for a ralnv day." worst is that of a nation over a inland when the famine comes the. must tlon." He advises Great Britain not
sell one thing after another and when to keep India under her feet but to
the las, is sold there is nothin_' lefl lift her up to England's side as shi
for   llieni   bul   bo   bII   .town   in   their has   don.-   in   Canada   and   Australia.
Cnbbln, Cloverdale; Alex McRae, city;
,1. A. Frederick. Clayton; J, Hughes,
Fraser���,'. .loin,-mi. Whonnock; II.
I.. Fredericksoh, L. And, rson, E.
.lohannson. Whonnock,
Fine for Sunday.
Vieloria, April 27.���The barometer
Is high ov.r this province while from
California ,o Cab i, is abnormally
low and rain is reported along the
coast of California, The weather is
fine throughout this province and Is
becoming wanner. In Alberta light
falls of sleet or snow have occurred.
Forecasts for 36 hours .'nding 5 p,
m. Sunday on the Lower Mainland:
Light to moderate winds, fin. and
warm today and Sunday.
they were  til expi       I to go on a pll-
grtanag,     h  iugl      - Vtbi
with himself an.l Mr. Mackenzie McLeod, and see wh it V i ��� "ll ill
I In tl ,nth of May. The
Invitation was to Im i le hear ��� ��� - an I
their wives.
Prorogation Is   In plain sight   and
m, mbers are  woi king  da
to get through, II  Is g< n,   illj
'.. i thai the Bessio,   ��     not last longer than next Thut
St,  Andn w'    Presb; terl in    church
R, .. j. B. Henderson  pastor.   Sei i
:, , .   11   a.   ,,,.   anil   T   p,   m.     Sa
an.l   Bible   class,   2:30   p.   m.
V. p. S, C. E. Monday, 8 p. m, Prayer
meeting Wednesday, B p, tn.   Morning
ervlc,. It'-,. Dr. H a. ol Calgai I.
wlll  | Evening sub "The
Brotherhod ol Od Ifellowshlp. Sundaj
being the sT,h anniversary of Oddfel-
lowshlp the local soclties will attend
in a body.
West Presbyterian church- Rev. T.'
Wardlavi Taylor, M. \. Ph. D., minister.   Mon,ing  service,   11 o'clock;   Sio;
. ,1 ,,a ! bible class al 2:30 p.
,���. Evening Bei vice, 7 o'clock.
Qu, en's Avenu,   M ' ho ll ���   Church
Rev. W. it. Barraclbugh,B. A., pa
.:       ir  services  at   11   and  T   p,   m.
....    .i,,|   adult   Bibl,    ���
in,    in  the    morning a
nd        eptlon servi, e  will
. Howed ir;,  the sacram, nt ol
the Lord's -upper.    Pastor's  mo
I';,      Whole   I",';,     of   Man."
Evenlni Our   Duty    to   the
W, ������    En     Mi tho list    Rev.    A.   .1.
Morning sermon   buo-
Fool ol Christ" Evening,
1 Christ  Paying  Wages." Ai the c ���
ning service a reception of
a ��� rs will be held, and at th,
of th, . rvlc,  there will I
 nt of the Lord's Supper.
,;,   .    ,. .     , orner   Sixth   avenue
and Ninth Christians mi et to
���    The,  the Lord'.- death In break
ing of bread at 11 a, m. Sunday school
,1, reading, 3 p. m, Gospel meeting, 7 p. m. All ;,!'������ heartilj  welcome.
Men's Oxfords
We have the   best Oxfords that m
can buy.
The Style, the  Leather,   the Splendid
Making cannot be excelled.
For good solid  Summer  foot   comfort
try a pair of our Oxfords.
Tornado's Victims.
Bel ��� vn... Texas,   \    11  28.- The  toi-
ig Is a corn ��� ,f the dead
.   .     im   from ��� ido    which
over this pi ice Thursday night
W. w. Bell, of Henrietta; Mrs. R. I..
Ru       I and  five  i    Idr, n;  F.  Mount:
Tom Mount, J. Warren and child. Ber-
������ !���. Daj  G
Relief Contributions. ���  o ���
Additional contributions to the Call- Old Timers Go Broke.
fornla   Relief  fund   were   received  at      London, April 28���On the Stock Ex
the city hall today a.s follow.-: change today the failure of Greatorex
Westminster Creamery Co $2.",.',',  & fio., an old established firm of stock
Brackman-Ker   lO.fiu brokers was announced.
" Big  Mining  Suit Settled.
Butte.  Mont.,  April 27. -By  the decision of a jury in   the Unite l Stat,
���   here    today  damagi -    to   the
amount of $72,541.55 were awarded ' i
i.    .  ,-.  Bo   on Consolidated Mln-
. jnsl the Gr in an Min,
The sui: was brough
an.l under ground tresp
alleged to have been Bt ,len trom th,
Butte & Boston  mine.
Suit was Instituted Jun, 6, 1903 and
il thai 'in ��� Graenan was committed to
jail for con,en,p,  of court.
Rhodes Scholarship.
Wlnnlp, g,   Vprll   27.- Bru, e   E, Id,
Beech a brilliant graduate of Manitoba
unlverstty, has been nominated tor the
r_ . les scholarship for Manitoba this
y, ar.
Beech I ���  ���<  Bon of S ti geon Lienten-
Johnston's  Big
Shoe Mouse
ant Colon.! Beech, of Victoria, B, C, leav- for Victoria in
bul Is i��� his flrsl year In Medicine her,.' tew days and will
He ha brilllanl college course, direct to Oxford.
and is one well calculated to do honor
to thi ��� ;.: .vine, al the greal Kngllsh
seat ol      ; uiu-   He won the governoi
Sugar   Prices   Advanced
s,;u  , : iuuu.   ,,'*  .\<ui   mc  butciuv
jeners       old i ilso     ,   bronie     N""  York' W 2'
and   silver   medals   during   his   arts
course, beside several scholarships. He
refined BUgar were ad va
,, hundred pounds tod
and RANGES   -
The celebrated "Kootenay"
steel range and "Model"
cooking stove. The "American" Blued steel range with
marl ile top, the most attractive range on the market. $65.00 complete. Old
stoves taken in part payment
Lawn Mowers
For all General Hardware
we are one of the leaders.
All our stock is first class
and up to date, so you are
protected on every article
vou buv.
Beautify your home
with S. W. P. Paint
Best in the market.
Once Used, always
i'   .' ' "���
������ :    ^. ���:������������ Z,
V    .-��� v:t,;t,;t>.>1;
'.''���"���'    - ��#_*_> ������ ���'- ','���   -
V ." ��� ' ll  '
J ���
Hardware a
All classes of tin-
smithing and repairing done on
short notice by experienced workmen
���we make everything out of tin,
copper and galvanized iron.
Garden Hose
The Season is almost
here when flies
will be bothering.
We have a full stock
of all sizes.
Oil Stoves
Our stock of Tinware is the
best in the city.
Get accustomed to trading
with us���you will be always courteously treated.
Hanging lamps, Etc.
Tools SATURDAY, APRIL 23. 19C5.
When you ask yourself
Where will I go to get
A Lawn Mower,
A Garden Hose and Reel,
A Screen Door and Windows,
A Refrigerator or Oil Stoves,
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing
Local News Briefly Told
Just arrived--a new stock of
Prices $2.50 up
Also "Blue Yeddo" and "Green Arcadia" stock patterns in Dinnerware. If you^are using either of
these patterns and require more to complete your
set, now is your opportunity.
The City Grocery,
t   Telephone f)7.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,  -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Phone 188 tor toe Cream. *
Mrs. ,i. B, Kennedy lefl thr. city to-
day ������ ;, visii ,,, Ottawa.
a. C. Wells lefl this morning <���, th,
Ramona for his Vi.hu.j al Chilliwack.
.1. Kent hers, one left ,,u the steamer
Rlthet this afternoon tor Woodwards,
M. Carier wus one of the EUthet's
passengers to Ladner this afternoon.
li. Robertson wharspenl the morning
In town ,,n business lefl for bis home
at   Westham  island this afternoon.
i. Hicks left on the Ramona tor his
1 al Abbotsford ibis morning,
C. Mi Swain left for Chllllwack this
morning after a business visit to the
K. Cameron and family were passengers on the Ramona to Langley this
Leave your orders tor ice Cream a
the Creamery, ���
it. Russell of Vancouver, look a pleasure trip t�� Langlej thi - morning on
the sti am. r Ramona
J. K. Brennan lefl thi i morning on
the Bteamer Ramona toi Aldergrove
after spending a t, �� .1 ij i in town.
a special meeting ot the board ot
school trustees will be held In the city
hall this evening.
City  workmen have commenced to
lay   a   new   sidewalk   on   both   sides  of
Elllotl su-e,., from Columbia streel up,
W. lt���ss was a pas eng ,r this afternoon ,.��� the Bteamer Rlthel  tor Lad-
charged,  and   the  public
Are Difficult to Answer
but the question where to net
the l.est and newest in correspondence and (jeneral stationery
i.s easily answered. It is always
worth your while to drop in and
see the stuck carried by    .    .   .
ooksellers.   Station-
News    Dealers.
*********************** *************<> <><>�����>***********
* *
\ Our Knowlecjge     I
\ Is Not for Sale       \
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every t
detail   of work,  workmanship and material. ���
��� See us before you let your work. j
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. ;��
House Cleaning Time
And you may possibly nee.! a carpet. We have the greatest rant,"' of
them and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satisfaction than you can iret in any other place. For instance, a good body
Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up.
Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard. We
have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest prices.
and see us, It will pay you to see our stock_before placing your
order elsewhere.
716 and 718 Columbia St.    E mr Floors.^JJRear Extension, Front Street.
tee will
is Invit, h
Mr. E. Beam, the sash an I door man
ufae,,,,���������!��� of Vancouver, was In the cltj
System stenograph] and typewriting. The Provlnoe office, Armstrong
block, 'Phone 62. ��
A good looking Bailing boat made at
Steveston, was shipped todaj via the
,'. P. H. to Three Valley lake where it
will I,.- used in connection with a saw
The novelty of seeing Columbia
Btreet lit. up in broad daylight was
witnessed this morning, All street
lights we,,, turned on while men were
at work replacing th, burnt oul globes.
The work occupied a considerable
time, as many of iln lights bad become useless through long usage,
The steamer Ramone arrived from
river ports yesterday afternoon with
the   following   passengers:     W.   Mc-
Curdy, C. T. Fowler, E. D. Keith, fr	
Chilliwack, K. D.Taylor, s. Hl-ks.fr	
Mouni Lehman,   W. Gi ani fr  Langley, ('. Williams, from Bonson and W.
Kiz/.eli from Spill,,,".,  landing.   A
the    Ran,omi's  frelglll   on   the    down
river trip  was  160 sacks of pota  .
a large amounl of flour and other
goods for the Sari Francisco rell, i
Enjoyable Evening Is Spent in Lecture
Room     of     St.     Paul's
Carpets! Carpets!
$10,000 Worth to Choose From
Tl,.. Veatrj  of st. Paul's Reformed
Episcopal   church     entertained    (be
Ladies' Aid  society     tO    a  sumptuous
I,amine,    In the lecture  room    of the
churcb lasi night, Tbe event was an
enjoyable and amusing one and the old
established idea that the ladies .should
do all the catering and serving was
reversed. The  main  delicacy    of the
evening was the luscious bivalve and I
the Rector's warden s. .1. Pearce act
ed as chef. Up to date no deaths or
Berious UlneBseB have heen reported a
a   result. The remainder of the  vestry, Messrs, I.. Thornber, J, .1. John-
sum, W. S. Collister, .1. Burr, K. P.
.Maxwell,  I!.   Burr, C  Warwick.  \V.  U.
��� alley, .i. Mountain, A. H, Oakley, and
K. Johnson, each acted as waiters or
in   son,.,   other   necessary   capacity.
About   30  guests  were present   ami  af
ter dinner, speechs were the order and
the   flow   of  BOUl   and   feast   of  reason
was weii up to the standard ���f sue],
evenl i. Ml reported having spent a
most enjoyable evening.
1.26 up
5.00 up
I uie Squares. :>xl2	
Art Wool Squares, T-,ix!l	
Art W....I Squares, 9x9	
Other sizes, 9x10-6 and 9x12.
Tapestry Squares, 9x9, from       -IK|
Those handsome Velvet Milton and uminst, 15.00 ui
Hygenic UnderfeU an,
Carpet Kelt, Corrugated 1'ap.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets, Uupont  Bloc
>ro>:>:��>>>>:>::��:>:>>>i:c��>::*]>;>i>:>:>i>x��;*>>>>: ���"���:������:'.
I New Art Goods
B your spring house cleaning- will reveal n I   ��� |hin_
>���< This is the place to have your wants supplied.    Opened ...   \,.\
Coverings, New Art Den,ins, Burlaps, Madras, Mu
See our [.are Curiam .  8
yards lone. Very Special
lies wide, 3 I
from down river point ; with the fol-
lowlng passengers: D, Robertson,
from Westham Island: MIbs Taunton,
Miss Welsh, Miss Brighton, Mrs.
Montgomery, Miss Byron A. Marsh, W.
J, Leary, J. Dickson, from Ladner; J,
W. Murray, W. Lusier, D. K, Hook,
Miss Cray, from Westham Island;
Two car loads of prim.,  beef cattle   Miss  Mills,    Mrs. Cozens.  I).  Rlddler,
Seaside  Excursions.
If you are going to the Old Countrj
or   Bending  for    friends    and  desire
The   Rlthet   arrived   I        morning  comfort, travel via C. P. Ity. Atlantic
Lake Erie Wesl St. .lohn. April 28,
2 magniflcenl new Empresses will sail
in May. For particulars apply to Ed.
Goulet, C. P. it. Agent.
$1.50 Pair I
|   GORDONS   !
���*��� - v
>;>::���::���::���::���:>::���:>::���.:���::���::���:>::���;:���:>;>;>:>::���;>;>;>������..���; ;���:>"���:.���..���::���::���.���;:���>::���;:���:>:>;;���.>;;���;��;;�� ���;��>;��;��t,''
lefl   I ,r his  home
II, iz.
e   this
morning on the G.
arrived  from    Calgary    this morning
over the C, P, It. in charge of R. Scott,
for local dealers.
A new residence for P. O. Bllodeau
is under course of con.-,, rue, ion on the
lot situated .,��� the north east corner
,.f Carnarvon an.l  Merrlvale streets,
Joseph Davis of Tenth Btreet was
admitted to the Royal Columbian hospital ,���day to undergo an operation for
Father Wagner   was   a    passenger
Alphonso Townsend and Carlos Brick-
sou of the St. Mungo Packing company, frnm Sunhury.
Wanted���Good Bt rung I,
Ber River Lumber Co.
,y. Apply Kra
Additional  Want Ads on  Page Seven.
Prof   Alexander     Lectures     on     Love,
Courtship and Marriage.
St, Patrick's hall   w i-   crowded   to
the doors las, aight to bear Prof. Alex-
ander.     Tbe   lecture   entitled   Love,
Courtship, Marriage and Jealousy, the
down river this afternoon on the Rlth- most popular and certainly the most
. ���  to Sir vs,..,, wh. re he will conduct
services  tomorrow,
II.   H.   McKenzle  of  this  city,  left
this afternoon  on the steamer Rlthet
for the  Pacific Coast cannery where
he will spend the summer.
Mi.  Burdett,  proprietor of the Star
,,      ,     .    , in    , ,  ii      . i   laughed  and cheered   and  cheered
I andy factory will    keep a full    and
87th Anniversary
of Oddfellowship
The brothers of Royal City Lodge
Xo. 3, Amity Lodge No, 27, Harmony
Encampment No. 2, and all visiting
Oddfellows are requested to meet in
the  Oddfellows'   hall  at 6:30  o'clock
pointed  in  the  whole  course  was  replete from first to last with hon mots
of the first water. As the various sharp Sunday evening, April 29, pre-
cllniaxes, the anti-climaxes, pathetic paratory to attending divine service
and ludicrous episodes of the couri of In St. Andrew's Presbyterian church,
true love were painted with an almost Reulah Rebekah Lodge Xo. 5 and visit-
personal   faithfulness     the   audience Ing Rebekahs"are asked to meet In the
Cooked Ham. Ashland Ham, Bologna Sausage,
Pickled Pigs' Feet, Pickled Lambs' Tongue.
Weinier Sausage. V egetaoles���Fresh Tomatoes, Asparagus, Lettuce. Fruit���Strawberries,
Bananas, Apples ;  Oranges from 25c per doier..
Public. Supply Store.
Columbia Street.
complete slock of wholesale and retail candy, everything being manufactured on the premises.
Tbe examinations for engine's papers have now hren completed and as
a result 125 new engineers holding
from fourth to firs, class papers will
be let loose on the engineering world.
The local Oddfellows will attend
service in St. Andrew's church tomorrow evening when the pastor. Rev. .1.
S. Henderson will preach on the subject of the "Brotherhood of Oddfellowship." i
i��� Tambollne returned this afternoon ou the steamer Rilhet. to his
home at Westham Island after spending a few days In town.
laughed again, bul when the lecture
began to hammer fiercely at the deceptions of modern match-making,
laughing fares BuAoehty grew .serious
and a bushed silence told plainly that
the sharp darts were going straight
home. For two hours the audience was
entertained and Instructed and it
would be a good lhing if many more
of ihe young and the old too, of New
Westminster had heard the sound advice of Professor Alexander last nighl.
Tonighl be gives a free lecture on
the Laws of Health and at the close
of that will give another talk to men
on "Whal all men should know before
M lay   evening  he  gives  his   very
entertaining lecture  on  how to read
By  order
D.  D.  G.  M.
Dated  26th  April, 19110.
....CALL ON.
j Do You Want To
Buy a Neat Home
On Tram Line. Comprising 8 City Lots,
6 Roomed Dwelling, Woodshed and fruit
q5> 1 600 on easy terms.
B,  Taylor was a  passenger on the character by the way of wearing the
Ramona    yesterday    afternoon     from hat,    walk,    handshake,    eyes,    nose.
Mounl Lehman.   He broughl with him mouth and chin, and at the close prom-
���i large number of ships kneea tor the Ises  a  tesl  examination  which  many
new  snag boal   that   will  he  built   for are anxious to see if he can fulfill. He
the   Baptlsl
the  Skeena  river.
A poverty social under tii
���[   the   ll. Y. P. IT.   of
church will be held at
of Mrs. Small. Third avenue and Seventh Btreet, on Monday evening. Camping logs will be the order of dress, and
a line will he Imposed on all attendants who wear finery of any kind.
On Monday evening. Instead of the
regular Epworth League meeting, a
general rally of all tho organizations
of the church, will be held in Qi n's
Avenue Methodlsl church at 8 o'clock.
will describe three sent on the stage
by looking at their faces. They will
then   blindfold him  and  bring up    as
he residence'many """''' '""' cllan8e seats so as to
fool  him  and    while  blindfolded    he
agrees to pick out those whose faces
'he looked at and describe the new suh-
Ijects  by  simply examining the beads
and   not     touching    the    faces,    This
, shoul.l  draw a crowded  house.
T A Muir & Co * Al lv
_.A.Muir&U>.     T# R, pEARSON.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITH1NO, uhiuuk; and
>'v'��>>'>''*">>:>>::CKo:;c*!>>;>"c*;:��>::*>i ,>:>"���:>>:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>�����>-���-*��;
*  I
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen and gold- Jj
en from 2 to 6 feet.   Roses, paeonies,   rhododendrons,    privet,    ,
green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
Fences, Gates,
Iron   Work,   including
Fire Escapes, etc.
Money Easy for Russia.
St. Petersburg, April 28.���The new-
loan has been so largely over-subscrlb-
.'r��� excellent programme will be given ed In Russia that the subscribers have
in which all the departments ol the been notified thai they wlll receive one
church  will  Tike part.    No admission  of 2d shares subscribed,
I 1
I Are You Particular 3
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
New Westminster. f. O. 474.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
'J!   Tynehead Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,
Largest  Stock  in the City.
Mounted    In  any  Style    you  Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
Croquet Sets
From $1.50 up at
Full Line of
��������� ���������, -------------- ;��.
About Your Butter I   Sporting Goods
SJ^DigMONDSl   The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
2 Small Houses, 5 rooms each and well situated.
Will rent for $12.00 a month. Can be purchased for
or will sell separately.
Ml 1      WH       1       O     _P Real Eatate,  Fire eft Life Inxuiance
CLeOd,   lUark   &   tO.,       /',/. 273.      Near Tram Offic.
If you are you should come
to us for it. We have the
very best brands of Butter on
the market and our prices are
low.    Try vs for Butter .  .  .
C. A. Welsh,
Thc People's Grocer
P. S. - Fruits and Vegetables of all kinds���large assort ment at Low Prices.
J-SE ' r*
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public to call
and see  the candy made
Fresh Fruit in Season. ^
' ���   Twelve years  experience  in  th
candy  trade.
The proof of the pudding is in
the eating.
j |    Next Door DeGrey's Barber Sfitp.
The White House
A. J. Birtch,   275 Columbia St.
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone !-_-_.
J. R. Gntey, 'Phone 1-4-��
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. U. rttlW Co. sewer pipe. etc.
Loca. agents Vancouver fo rtland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Ne.r C.P.R. Depot j
'phone l-tf
Saturday Night
60 pairs Ladies' Best Tan
Oxfords, regular $4.00, will
be sold Saturday Night for
Saturday Night
60 pairs of Men's Best Tan
Shoes, regular $4.50, will
be sold Saturday Night for
W. t SINCLAIR. Leading Shoe House
.! i
\ Sporting News \
I       and Comment.       ���
No More For Jeff.
Chicago, Ills., April 27.���II
.-.cms, as forecasted last week, that
those magnificent offers and counteroffers mad.- to .Mm JeffrieB to reenter     the     ring,     made     by     Tom
O'Rourke and Jimmy Coffroth respect- however, ihat Corbett may have
ively, were never seriously Intended, enough left to win from young Hyland.
and probably not seriously considered   who   although  gam.-, strong
Chicago Is a Dead One.
[...���n   rounds  about   a  year ago,  is  a  he  show...I  his  usual   cleverness,
pretty hard customer, and unless the old-timers, seemed to hav.- partly
Denver boy has rejuvenated consider- his hiuing power.
airly,   he   is   likely   to   again   hil   the
ma,   for  the  count.
,'ml,..n's  las,   figln   was with   Her-     The feeblesl attempt at reviving the
rera,  who easily  pul  him out  in  the  pugilistic game in Chicago is stepped
fifth   round   after  having  the  best  of;""   about   a.s   quickly   as   the   ruling
the go  trom  the start.    On  that  occasion the ex-champion showed that h.
slill retained some of his former
cleverness, bul apparently lacked the
old-time  punch,    it  is jusl  possible.
and   wil
ing, lacks the knowledge of the liner
points of the
other hand.
game  possessed  by  the
by either Jeffries or the sporting public generally. They were, however,
pretty fair advertising schemes for the
pugilistic enterprises of the fight promoters mentioned, and, as such, undoubtedly  succeeded.
But, contrary to general expectation,
it has developed that Jeff has definitely
decided to stick to the simple life and
never again to don the spangles. That bonis thai were scheduled for 'Frisco
Is what he Is reported to have told In the near future will, of course, be
the aforesaid O'Rourke when asked by abandoned and possibly those a1 U,s
the latter If he would consider a good Angeles
offer to re,urn to the ring anil lake Fiesta iis.
Jack  O'Brien.    Jeffries, according  cordlngly,
May  Call  Off Fight Carnival
1, is more than likely ,1,;,,
great disaster thai has overtaken San
Pranclsco may upsel light plans on
the Coast  for some time ,,, come. The
as lhe
powers can put their foot���or feel ���
down. For Instance, an Insignificant
little barn fight was framed up for a
secluded spot on ihe North Side two
or three nigh, ago. Before Ihe proceedings bad gotten fairly under way,
some thirty-odd coppers swooped
down on the bunch, some of whom are
running yet.
Tl,.- racing game is in aboul us
nourishing a condition. There is not the
faintest possibility of anything doing
this season, and even the most sanguine will make nn prediction as to.
when ihere will be. Some of the
fraternity nr.- turning their attention
lo baseball in an endeavor lo keep
Huir sporiing blood from coagulating
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $_.,./.,_/_.
Branches and correspondents in
all the principal cities ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
'U opens an account.   Interest added
lalf yearly.
LAND REGISTRY ACT. be given to tlu- Coiiiniis.-ioiiiT ui Dolt,. Loi ;,, io,   uml    13 of Loi  16 of minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
Suburban   Block   10,    Map   200,   New to apply tor patent.                --,������
,,.                     .,., W. W. CORY.
Westminster   t ity. .              .    T      ,
.    , ,i     i          t <���,,.., Deputy  Minister  of  thc   Interior.
Whereas proof of the loss ���f I ertl ��e^-Unauthorised  publication of
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom  B  to  9
F.  B.   Lyle, Manager.
flcate of Title Number 107 I a
issued   in   the   name  of  Jane   Howay
has been filed in ihis office.
Notice is hereby given that  1 shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, issue a duplicate of ,he said Cer
tificate. unless  in  the meantime valid
objection be made to me ln writing.
District  Registrar  of  Titles
Land   Registry   Office,
New Wesl minster, B. t'��� April 4, 1906.
thls   advertisement   will   not   be   paid
;., r, port, replied  that   he  wen,  on,
the fighting business once and did not
Intend   to   go  back   to  lt,
seems     ,,,     setil"   il.      Lucky
Fitz and O'Brien Again.
hub,ers have be.,, known to
their minds���same as other
Take Hob FHzsimmons, for in-
Old Hob has retired from
the ring several limes, bul he is coming back for another try. And he ls
going to lake on Jack O'Brien again.
this time before Tom O'Rourke's
elril, a' Essington, Pa., on Decoration
Hay. Fitz can hardly be blamed, how
ever. He ami O'Brien have been
guaranteed $6,000 apiece for their
trouble, ami to lhe old 'nn, jus, a,
present, thai looks like a good deal
oi money, in all probability.
la  .   ..bar   'lie  fighi   will   an,nun'   I".
i    a  rather uncertain Quantity. * The
..   . icres    ar.-    predicting  that    the
vet, ran  will collapse quicker than he
did   when   the   pair   last   me,.     Maybe.
Bul   there    have  been    so,,,.,    rather
strange stories whispered about us to
ihai former meeting between Fitz ami
Jack,  which   may or may  not   be true.
Corbett  and   Hyland.
Y,.,,���g    Corbetl    is   another   onee-
greal who has acquired ihe reapp '
jug hal.il. He and "Fighting Dick"
Hyland will /nix 1, at Salt Lake City
next Tuesday. Young Hyland, who is
besl   r, member..,]   lor   the  awful   fight
li.. ul up againsl Frankie Nell for flf-
during Fiesia week, as the
I... declared off. Ac-
hree big battles, forming
ibe nioBl Important fistic carnival
since the memorable  ��� a, New Orleans, over ten years ago. have be
come uncertainties, They are the Nel
son-Herrera, Herman-Britl and Nell
A,,ell affairs, and Ihere will be many
a disappointed Bport if Ure worst
shoul.l happen. Also a few busted
However, It's an iii wind, etc. Willi
Strong Men at Athens.
Athens, April  28.���The  weigh!   lifting  Incident of   . .ursday has stirred|
the Greeks more than almost any oth-l
er conies,.    Stelnbacb,    the    Austrian
has challenged Totalos, the Greek   to
another trial of two handed lifting.
The Alliens newspapers today declared lhal llofalos' victory on Thurs
���ii.'-  Is void, Thej express regrei thai
���i   controversy   has     arisen     and   style
Thursday's    proceedings    a    slur    on
the Coasl apparent^ ou, of ll for ibe  ,;,,,.k-s ,������,,,,;llity>  ,������,,  wera ,,������,,,
ipplauded al the Stadium unlay. King
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia Bt,
Baggage delivered    promptly  to any
part nl the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone is,",.
Barn  pnone v.n
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
lime being, boxing in the easl will
receive a fresh Impetus. Already thi re
are signs of a gradual loosening up in
New  York  City.
Burns   and   Ruhlin.
Then Tn,,, O'Rouke Is gelling very
busy ,,i his Essington, Pa., club, in
addition in the O'Brien Fltzslmmons'
match he has signed Tommy Hums
ami (lus Ruhlin lor a battle on Maj
16, Making all allowances for Hums'
rec, nl greal showing againsl Marvin
Han,  if  Ruhlin  is  anything  like  he
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Re part of Lot 2S0 Group  1, New
Westminster  District.  Whereas  proof
of the loss of  Certificate of Title
number 2164A, Issued in the name of
Daniel Callaghau has been tiled iu this
Noiice is hereby given thut I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, Issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made >,, me in writing.
Dlstricl Registrar of Title!
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B. 0.
March 110,  1906.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Dally | MOW |l   Dally
Leave! WESTMINSTER! Arrivo
9:20am|Blalne, Belling-].too pm
4:35 pm|ha_n       Hurling-]!) :3.r.pm
jion,   Mt.   Ver-1
[non,     Everett,
Seattle and'
4:35 pinlSpokane,      St_|3:00 pm
|Pnul    ind    alb
points   Fast.
e le ���g the cheers. Steinbach Seven  hundred  miles
.       , . ..... . . river  trip,    hni press  ol   Britain   sails
has bis revenge,  fofalos retiring from f,,,n, Montreal fin-Liverpool Maj 19th,
the single-handed  lining contests bo- For other dates and rates apply to
lllowed    lo use his
5  kilo-
used to be, he should whip the young-  cent! ires:    I..  mlng,   Sweden
cau, e be was nut
own weight.
In ibe single-handed lining
bach, AUBtrta, won will, 7,1..'.
M. .!. Sir lid,in, Irish American A'h-
letlc .bib, won in ;h,owing the weight
13 in.ires 32^_ centimetres, David,
Hungary,   waa second, 11 me, res,   2s
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands with.
magniflcenl '" 'be Railway H'li in British Colum
bla, may be bo,nest,-ailed by any person who is lhe so].- head of a family.
or any mule over IS years of age, ,(,
tin. extern of one-quarter section of
160 acres,  more or less.
Entry mus,  b de personally a,
'he local land offlce for ihe dlstricl in
which ihe land is situate.
The homesteader is required to per-
form the conditions connected therewith under r,,,,. ,,f the following plans,
(i) At   least  six  months'   residence
B.20 am|Anacortes,
3:iin pm Vancouver
9:35 pm'
3:00 pm
!'.,: 20,1111
1:35 pm
ED. GOUiiE'l
0. P. K. Agent.
New Westminster,
' man wlthoul much trouble. Ruhlin has always been a careful liver and
is   always   in    fair   condition.     He   is
a better boxer than llan, ami Burns
will have some , rouble in'fooling him
as  be db!  I In-  big Ken, in 'Man.
Benny Yanger, once the pride of
Chicago, and for years an unbeatable
featherweight, has started In again al
���ii the foot of the ladder, or, al least,
on one of the lower rungs, He beal
up one Paddy Nee pretty badly al Kalamazoo a few nights ago, bill although
third, i" metre . 25 centimetres.
The following qualified in the semifinals of the 100 metre race for the
finals today: II. L. lllllman jr.,
New York Athletic club, time 54 4-5
seconds; P, 11. Pilgrim, New York
Athletic club, .'.I 1-6 Beconds; Harbor.
Australia, 63 seconds; Lieutenant W.
ll. Allswell, England 54 Beconds; C. .1.
Bacon, Irish American Athletic club,
56 1 5 seen,Is; p. K. Moulton, Kansas
Cltj Athletic club. 64 I". seconds,
Barker is the favorite.
Mortgage Sale
I'ntler and by virtue of the Power
of Sale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage wblch will be produced at the sab- there will bo offered
for sab- ai   Public   Auction    by T. J. upon  and  cultivation  of the
Trapp. Auctioneer al  his auction mart   each year for three years,
on Clitrl....,, street, New Westminster,      (-)  lf 'he father (or mother, if the
B, ('. on Tuesday the 1st day of Mav, father '" deceased) of the homesteader
resides   upon   a   farm   in   Ihc   vicinity
of thc  land  entered  for  the   require-
a P��rH��n ments as to residence may be satisfied
Suburban  by such  person residing with  the  father nr mother.
f.i)   If the settler has llis permanent
1906, at 12 o'clock", the following Heal
Estate,  Lots  1, 2, and 3,  in
,::'j   acres)     of   loi   17     in
Itlock 10 City of New Westminster,
For  eon.lit ions  of  sale   and   further
particulars apply to
j. P. iiami'Ton BOLE,
Vendor's Solicitor,
Hank of Commerce Bldg,,
New Westminster, B. C
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirement! as to residence-
may bc satisfied by residence upon
thc said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, Bt, Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis  an.l   all   point!   Kasl.
For    complete    Information,
rates,   I..,,h   reservation,   etc.,
call on or address,
F. ('. GRIFFIN, Agent.
Hank of Commerce Building,
New Westminster, B. C
S. G, YKRKF.S, A. 0. I'. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Railway Company
When travelling by lhis popular up-
to-date Railway you have no worry
abou, missing train connect Ions or
changing ears during the nighl. We
take you over the continent on through
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia  Coast Line
(Subject to change wltnont   notice.)
Princess Ilea, rice Dally
Leaves Port Townsend  li! p. m.
Leaves Victoria '.> p.m.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
Leave Seattle ...0 a.m.
Arrive Port Towsend 12.3U noon.
Arrive Victoria 3.30 p.m.
S. S. Princess VI,  orta,
Leave Vancouver 1  p. m.
Leave Victoria 1 a. i���.
Leaves Victoria, 1 a- B>., TUMWI
and  Fridays.
Leaves New Westminster, / a. �����
Wednesdays and Saturdays,
Calling at Maynean d sieveston.
S.S. Joan leaves Nanaimo daW. ��J
copt Saturday nnd Sunday, at ' a-Dl
Saturday 8 a. DJ. ,������.
Leaves    Vancouver    dally.   ""''
Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30 p.m.
Saturday 2.30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria   11   P   m   Is'.J0'
and 20th ���f each monl r Anoti����
und way points. ,k
Leave Victoria 10th ol ���
for Quatslno and wa; ;  In  ���
Leave Victoria  ZOtlJ of ei
for Cape Seolt aud way I
ing Ou.it ilno. ,,,,,-tF
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   New   Westminster <"���?
i dn-v- ,        ,  \-,.w West'
Additional trip leaves Ne*
minster r> ���. m. Sunday. ~ue9.
Heaves    Sleveslon    M"""' ' . Sat.
day, Wednesday. Thursday ana
urday 7 n. m. Friday '��� ���';; '"���
ditional trip Sa urday 5 I'-  "���
Steamer Beaver    ^ ^ %
Leavo  New  Westminster
Mondays, Wednesdays aim
Leave Chilliwack  , a. B. *     g ,t
Thursdays and Satrdays, u�� { i(t
landing  between   New  Wesu
and Chllllwack. ...F
S. S. Tees. }     m :n,i
Leaves  Vancouver  al   -  ['Mril >'
noTnU m*J'
������.i   hai, , i  -    _4month can^
Skldegato on first trip
i la on second trip.
Times  on   an iv
iis and ,!"i,'i;
Brst-clase    sleeper    and    magnlllcent   ar0 approximate.
tourist   cars.
leaves daily
For further
Transcontinental   train
il   3: 11,  p.  in.
particulars apply to
C, P. R, Agent,
New Westminster.
1.1 !��'
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
For Tickets, reserv
formation call on or ���"'''; ,;���
j. \v. ;>%;,���,.,.,.
General Superintendent
. '0- ;'' vaicouv*'
Asst. aem ';-l,A';:;:;:���lx,jt,
Gen. Agent, M^^Sh** SATURDAY, APRIL 23. 19C3.
* Iil-Wll-'IHW?���Mra"W&iM?*' ?."
Do You Need a Set of Teeth ? I
    ���-��� ���---���-��� \
Full Set
of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Our Gold 22^ Porcelain
|   Crowns are tne Best
All  Our Work  is	
For   10 years  With a  Protective  Guarantee
The Boston Dentists Limited
B. .C Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU Kinds of
j   Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and FancyJGlass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Crushed Bone as
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
Lost���Urown    Cockerel    Spaniel    last
Monday. Please return to Mr. Frank
Reichenbach.  Columbia  street,  city, i
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed house on
fine corner in West End; two lots \
stable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this office.
Wanted���Buy to look after offlce. Apply Drs. Hall and Rothweli.
For Sale���Halt interest in a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance oE a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Dally News.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Hulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,  Sapperton.
Wanted���Young girl help. Apply 1st
and 4th avenue, upper Exhibition
Wanted���To rent a farm with at least
forty-five or fifty acres cleared,
within reach of New Westminster
market. Apply Mrs. Ormiston, Sapperton.
Construction   of   Dry   Kilns   Proceeds
Rapidly���Extension of Company's Wharf.
I Boilers and Pumps.
j .���^���.	
:        Before   placing   your  orders   for   NEW
: STEAM   PLANT,   write   for   quotations.
!        We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       :       :      :
I "Canada" Heaters and Separators
) Cochrane   Patents.
I   "Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
Hanam Patent
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
Reichenbach Co., Ltd.
Wanted���Smart boys to sell the Daily
News, Good pay guaranteed. Apply
Business office Daily  News.
Wanted Smart boy 15 or 16 for ofiice���Apply Dally News business office.
For Sale���Chester While, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Royal City Pish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
For Sale���10 acres, 16 acres cleared,
Good building. Apply Donald Mc-
Clure,  Port Kells.
Wanted���20(10 Cords ot Hemlock Bark
nt the l''n,ser River Tannery, Ltd.
taken In lots from 26 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 187, New
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$1.00 per setting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted���Young girl for part care of
child and housework. Apply Mrs.
Sawyer, 7th st and 5th ave, after 6.
for Sweets
Ice'Cream and G. B.  Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit &
The Immense dry kilns a, Uie Fraser
River Lumber company's yards at
Millside are being pushed along as
rapidly as the gang of Hindoos employed on the job can be persuaded to
move. Master .Mechanic Nevlns is
keeping a watchful eye on them and
one of the kilns ls just about completed anil ready for the installation of
the Bteam pipes which will supply the
hen, for the drying of the lumber
DAVE GROSSMAN. which will eventually be placed there.
One of the youngest merchants of Five kilns are In course of construc-
the Royal City, and conducting one tion, each twenty feet wide by one
of the largest retail clothing houses hundred feet long. The walls and floor
in the district, Is a keen observer of are of cement. The walls twelve Inch-
tlie public's needs ami great believer in es thick and the floors six Inches
advertising. thick,  Gilley  Urns, are supplying the
"Dave,"  as   be  is   familiarly  called,  crushed  rock  from  their  quarries  at
cam.. ,,, New Westminster about three  Pitt lake, and the cement from Todd
years  ago  and  has  made  a  host of Inlet Cement works. The kilns are sup-
frlends by his sunny disposition and ported by 12 inch columns every ele-
accomnfod-ttng manner, always alive  van feet, and the beat will be supplied
to the city's interests and  one of the  from  the  engine room. The roofs of
Mrs,   to dig  down  In  his  pockets  for  the  kilns are  flat, ami composed    ot
all    charitable ,������  benevolent    enter- shlplap covered by patent mica rool-
|.rises.    '1'br    Westminster      Clothing  Ing, The kilns, It is expected will all
company, ot which  be is the head, Is  be in readiness for use in a month.
one ,,f the staunch business bouses ot     The Immense transfer table ls now
the  ciiy. and made so  by   Mr. Gross-  in  lull working order, and ls 352 feet
man's   strict     attention   to     business,  long and  18 fee,  wide. Moving cables
The   lines  of  goods   handled   by   ihis  carry  the boards    and  planks    along
house,  nre the  best  of Canadian  and   from the mill and men switch them off
American makes, and a huge stock is  where they are to be piled saving a
always on the shelves. i vast amount  of labor in handling.
Do your own Silver Plating at
home���a wonderful preparation
made by Meyer & Allen of New
York       ::::::
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sol. Agent. Columbia Street
Mr.   Grossman   has   taken
Interest  In   the   relief   work
San Francisco sufferers and much to
credit  is due him  personally, for the
vast amount of good accomplished by
the     transportation     committee,   of
which he Is a member.    Iu the space
of but five hours last Sunday  Dave and j wharf accommodation.
the committee hy hard work, succeed-j     The dry lumber sheds are just about
nl   in   loading,   packing   and   draying  completed and will add greatly to the
19,500   pounds   of' provisions   Into  a, firm's  facilities.   The  sheds   measure
car  and have the satisfaction  of see-  04x225 and  will  be ready for use    In
a lively A new !> foot double cut. band saw
for the has arrived nnd the mill now has a
cutting capacity ln a single shift of
llu huh feel  of lumber per day.
The pile driving crew has completed
Its work In the yards and is now busily engaged In extending the company's
Ing it depart on Its errand of mercy.
Dave ls also prominently Identified
with quite a number of the secret societies, and takes an active Interest
ln that line
about two weeks.
Storeroom Coll��p��e��.
Montreal, Aprily 27.���The store-room
, ,..,.,_ the third floor of the buildin* OO-
Mr. Grossman settled In the lTnl"',l |ed ty GraI1ger Freres, book sellers
States when but nn Infnn, and locate-1* statloners Notre Pame street, col-
ln Cleveland, O. Arriving in British J^ oar|y th|g mornlng. No one was
Columbia five years ago he beg,,,, bu��. ^ ^ buUd|ng at the time. The loss
ness   in  a   small   way   and   8l"adl��lW ^ several  thousnnd8. The stock
worked up the Immense trade he nowj^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^
f-njoys. I
Mfi .-��� BJ
���as ���&% '.���>
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
Committees Are Appointed to Arrange
for   Festivities on   Friday,
May 18.
T. S. ANNAINDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, IWgr.
I Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. &
We have been appointed agents for the Union Assurance Society
of London, England, which has been carrying ,,n lire insurance business
since 1714 A. D., and which has a capital and accumulated funds of
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record:
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,4im.   I'rem. $22,954.60
1900 Assurance in force $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,605.96
1901 " ������ 2,564,904. " 92,029.80 �����;
1902 " " 8,426,897. "        126,695.21  ,���,
1903 " " 4,086,112. "        160,644.68  >}
1904 " " 4 509,764. "        166,884.20 W
186  Columbia
Real   Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
Street. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.
8 CO., BUY
Government     Agent     Fisher     Knocks
Down Property to the Highest Bidder.
At a citizens' meeting held in the
board of trade rooms, city ball, last
evening, it was unanimously decided
m observe tbe Royal City custom of
the past forty-five years and hold a
May Day celebration this year. The
dale  was  fixed  as  Friday,   May  IN.
John Cambridge was elected chairman, and R. J, Hurde was chosen to
;.c,   as secretary.
The chairman in opening the meeting referred to the fad that for the
past forty-five years the people of
New Westminster have celebrated
May Day. and he felt certain that it
���was the unanimous desire of th.- citi-
zens to continue to celebrate. He
said he would like lo se,- everyone
presenl do everything they could for
the success ,,f this year's event, and
he f.li sure thai if all would work a
mosi successful celebration would result.
After settling on the date of the
celebration the meeting proceeded to
elect committees with the following
.Music���O. Wilke. J. Mahoney, E. F.
Darcey,  \V.  X. Carty.    '
Collec, ion���T. .1. Armstrong, J.
Cambridge, S. A. Fletcher. W, N.
Cany,  \V. A. Qilley, S. Malcolmson.
Purchasing���C.  D.   Peele,  II.    Bray,
T.   J,   Arms,rung.
Hall���A. M. Mallins, J. Mahoney, .1.
Special Values in Ladies* Blouses and
Dress Skirts for Saturday
Tt, these who have not vet seen our large assortment of Blouses and Skirts we extend an invitation to
visit our store on Saturday for the first showing of many new lines which have arrived during the past
ten days.
Comments of our customers on our past experience convinces us that we have the best values and
largest selection to be seen this season.
Blouses on Display near door. Every Line Special Value
2A acres, 7 acres in
thorough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries,
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
Six dollars and eighty cents per acre
was the price paid al  uoon today for
the  parcel of school land embracing j   Johnston.
640 acres and located about half way Parade  and  Decoration���O.   Wilkie,
between .New Westminster,   and    de- Capt. Peele, William Baker, Flre Chief
scribed as section 16-4 New Westmln- \yatson,  D.  Pray,
ster district. Sports���0.    Wilke. S.    Malcolmson,
Water  Commissioner  C.  C.  Fisher s   A   pietcher, J.  Mahoney,  Rev.  C.
was the auctioneer and with the excep- w.  Houghton, A. M.  Malins.
1 per acre E  Paige was app0inte(j ., committee
of one to encourage practice among
the school girls of the May Pole dance.
Thomas Gifford. M. P.P., was elected
The secretary was instructed to
write Col. J. T. Scott asking him to
accept the office of master of ceremonies for the day.
The  selection  of  the  queen  of  the
which was made by A. Ewen, the bidding was confined to T. 0. Townley,
district registrar of Vancouver and M.
McDougall representing Dominick
Burns & company of Vancouver. Bidding was prompt and the price went
up by fifteen and twenty-five cents until lhe price reached $6.80 per acr.-.
Mr. Townley ihen turned lo Mr. McDougall and said: "I guess you need M.lv fegtlyal wlll be made by a secret
i, more than I do. You can have it." committee to be appointed by the
As  there  were  no    more  offers     Mr.   chairman.
Fisher knocked    it  down to    Mr.  Mc-      The  muslc.  commlttee  will  consider
Dougall. I a  proposition  from the Boys'  Brigade
Messrs.  Burns  &  McDougall    com-  bami of Nanaimo t0 rurnls_ mug|c for
puny own a large section of land    ad-  ,ne aftern0on and evening,
joining  their  latest   purchase    known      (,. Wilkie suggested that competitive
trills   for  boys'  brigades  would  be  a
good feature for the sports committee
At 75 cents
\ gpeclal line White Blouses shir-
re i yoki - and full size, a bargain,
At *1.00
S, vera! lines White Blouses, In-
-, rtion trimmings and tucks, new
��� li. v. b, all new Btyles.
At $1.25
A larg, range White and Colored
B    ises at ibis priee. ah made full
-:;���, .. hi west    sleeves,   all   nlc, Ij
trimmed and made of flne qualities
of material.
At $1.50
A   pi Ice  Wblch offers g  large sel
. Till,i, whites mostly, in flm whit,
lawns, made up ��Itb tucks and In-
Bei tioni
At $2.00
\ handsome   range   of pi,
. v,Ith tin., qualities of mat, i
lals ,,���.l trimmings <��, embroider, i
.'inn's, wiil, Burpllce yokes,
Large range iii addition to the ���
prices mentioned, $2.50, $2.75, $3.0(1
$3.60 all f 1 ii(l their various places
in our showing,
wit. 5.IJi
Visit our skirt department for proper skirts
White and Colored Voile Skirts���Beautifully trimmed with ribbon and   Insertion.  Exceptional   ��alu,
n  $4.25, $6.00 and $6.75,
Lustre Skirts���in ., large range of colors, verj  Bultable for wearing with ihe shir, waists economic
priced.   Each    *300' $4'00' *4'75' *5'75 and *6'75
Grey Tweed 8klrts���in a large selecUon at low priceB, the popular Bkirts    for    presenl      wear,
 $5.50, $6.75 and $7.50.
Ask for the Reynier Kid Glove���the Best.
Ask for our Complete Whitewear Catalogue���Free for the Askimg.
as the Lorn., estate. Their new purchase is largely swamp land and will
need to be dyked extensively. That
wor.. once accomplished and they will
have one of the most valuable holdings
ln the Delta countrv.
A Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
Give us a call in our
new office. We can
interest you.
278  Columbia   Street.
Real   Estate   Erokers,
Telephone   170.
Nice Lot, cleared and
fenced, at corner of 9th
Street and St. Andrew's
Street.   A Snap at . . .
Good residence lot on
Queen's Avenue, East.
Fine location.    Only . .
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
West End Boys Entertain.
Tl,.- boys of the West End Methodlsl
church were at home in ib.-ir gymnasium last evening lo the boys of the
Queen's Avenue Methodist church and
an enjoyable gymnastic evening was
spent, wrestling and various athletic
. .mi. sts being engaged in with the aggregate honors aboul evenly divided,
Al the close of the exercises .Mrs.
Brace, wife of the pastor of the Wesl
End Methodist church treated the buys
,��� refreshments.
 O j-
Mystery Cleared Up.
The boat con,iiining n rifle and sundry rnher things which bas been Interesting the police depart,ne���, during
the past ten days, on account of the
own. r having mysteriously disappeared, has be.-n accounted for. The owner is a Chilliwack half-breed who it Is
supposed is ai the presenl time ������ a
spree in the Terminal City. He was
last seen in a somewhal top heavy con-
rli.iiiui mi the sue.'is with a buxom
Klootchiraan in tow, and he is suppos-
e I to be Indulging in a c, lebration.
 o .
Th, steam tug Stranger came in yesterdaj from I'i,, lake yl,h a large
boon, of sl,ingle bolls tor the Fraser
River  Lumber company.
The work of destroying the upper
works of Hi. Robert Dunsmuir commenced today. Workmen are busy tearing off the deck houses and on Monday the boa, will go Into drydock and
remain ihere until the work of alteration   is con,pie,.-.
to take into consideration and an effort will be made to interest the
brigades of Vancouver. Nanaimo and
New  Westminster.
The school board will be asked to
declare a whole holiday on .May Day.
and the city council will be asked for
the use of the Industrial hall at
Queen's park for the purpose of holding a .1;,nee to wind up the day's
fesii\ Itles.
Aetna Will Pay.
The Aetna Fire Insurance company
bas advised its local agent, F. .!. Hart.
thai every flre claim in connection
with the reeenl disaster in San Francisco will be promptly met Tbey Btate
'���The terrible calamity whicb has befallen the city of San Francisco, as
you are aware, has wiped out millions
of property values, as well as emailing lhe more serious loss of many
IIvhs. The Aetna, is Interested to a
considerable extent, and as the company always has done . will pay each
and every legitimate flre claim in full."
Since its Inception the Aetna has paid
out ,he enormous sum of $103,000,000
In lire claims.
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
This is the season to have
your doors and windows protected from Hies. Our stock
is complete and well assort ed
Let us give figures on your printing. Tbey will save yOU money.
Work guaranteed satisfactory. The
Arrow   Press,  Front   Street. *
WE are not advertising any sale because we
don't have to to "sell our goods." The public
appreciate good value for their money and good value
is the order of the day at	
Ice Cream the purest at the Westminster Creamery.
Don't Be Misled by cut in prices, the cut means your own pocket book, demand
fair value for your money. Our stock i.s well chosen and picked out to meet
your   requirements	
Our goods are plainly marked.
Your money back if not satisfied.
H. L. DeBECK, The Clothier
Quite  a   number  of  the  citizens  of   leading to this conclusion
New Wes:minster went tn Vancouver
lasi nigh, .-md look In ibe Elk's Minstrel .-how. Tbey report thai the entertainment was well up to the standard  of minstrel  performances.
We look for a marked
New Westminster land v
Immediate future,
Ther.-    are    many    strong
lues In
Around Burnahy Lake and neighborhood.
We can offer fnr n few .lays only. >'.
acres, more or less, of strawberry land,
Boys Baseball League.
A movement was started last evening    to organize a  boys'  baseball league i��� ibe city. At a meeting las, even-
Ing a committee of the iuvenlle base-  com pares favorably with  thai
ball enthusiasts of the Queen's Avenue city of its size in Canada,*?
and W.si End Methodist cnurehes was     New Westminster b���s the besl back
appointed to Interview the young ball  lug In the world���a good farming dis
players who are connected wllh other I trict.
churches  of  the  city   with  a  view  lo
Residential primer,y  pries are ridiculously low at the present figures.
Their actual intrinsic values are far
gieater than the present  market,
Many Important industries have located here lhe past two years, others all cleared, fenced, and under-drained,1
are now "taking notice" of our advant. Wltb creek running through it���one
ages, acre of land   adjoining this   property
New Westminster's    pay roll   now  produced $i,i,i,i, worth of strawberries
f any   in   one   season.
Nine acres,  nearly  all  cleared, with
bouse, orchard, barn, small  fruit, and
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A, I WHITE, 260 Columbia SL
Telephone 85,
making arrangements for a series ,,r
I games to be played lhis season. As
there is a lot Of baseball material
among the church lads of the city the
! movement gives every promise of success.
 o ���
Serving   Subpoenas.
This morning Chief Constable Spain
was engaged in serving subpoenas ,��>
witnesses who arc to appear  fnr    tha
crown on May  12, ill   10 a. ���,.. In con-
: ectlon with the ease of Hex vs. Cook.
Fhe witnesses wlll be called by the
t rown.
Do  you  realize what  this  means?
WE   HAVE A  LIST  OF nice homes
for sale win, orchards, etc., on very
easy terms.
Buy now before prices soar upwards.
frontage on Burnaby lake, for $3,000,
,,��� easy terms,.
Only ll miles from Columbia street.
Electric  light,  power   and   telephone
View nnd surrounding scenery unsurpassed,
Good bathing, boating, fishing and
FJ.HART&C0 fi hart & co.,
St. Patrick's Hallj
Prof. Alexander
SATURDAY���Laws  of   Health.
Admission  lac and  _0c.
MONDAY���Ills popular lecture
on How lo Read Characters
by handshake, walk, way of
wearing the bai, .yes, nose,
imouth and chin.
At  the close  a  blindfold  test  will   be
Private Consultations Daily  From
10 a.m., at the Guichon Hotel.
Wu bug to notify our friends and the public generally
have engaged Mr. D. McPadden, who has been our Iceman (or
this season. Unless the wea*
aboul il"' firsI
io ].!t.  '���'"'
two years, to deliver leu for us again
Is vary unfavorable you may expeel  a call from bin,
oi the month, when any orders you have be.-n pleased to
bin, you  may  rest  assurred will  be  promptly  Carried out.
Tlie B.C. Packers Association
PKone 156     New Westminster, B-C
Electric Railway Service;
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver nnil way
stntlons at b.������ and tt.OU n.m,.
and every hour thereafter between ij a.m. uml ri p.m.
Half-hour cars trom J_m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver ror Westminster at same hours,
Last car Saturday ut 11 p.m.
City Limits Line���Hervlce Irom
6.30 a. m. to  11  p. m.
20 Minute Service���NO transfer.
Between 12 and 2 anil I) and 7.
30   Minute   Service   u��"jj�� ,, j
mainder of day.   "'"'        I
Leopold Place. i
Sunday  S.rvlc. toO*** U
tween  8  n.  ni.  i""1  l�� P      J
City and SaPP'"'��'n' jj
Sapperton Llne-ii'"1''"1,'!;^-
vice, except I""*'' ' '>�� \ I
2, and 5 and '���.",,��� ��������;
Hours    the   serviflt ,,
half-hourly. .]V t,e ���;
Sunday Service   MjW'p. 0b   !
tween 8 a. m. and ,,
i~s-s   Ltd-
British Columbia Electric Ry- C~^J
*************************** ****************
PAGES   9   TO    12
Interesting History of the Establishment and   Growth   of
St. Andrew's, New Westminster, the First Presbyterian Church on the Mainland of
British Columbia.
Early In the Bpring of ISti. there positions in this city today. Among
rived In New Westminster a young his first scholars was Mayor Keary.
who   was   destined   lo   leave   bis   win, received  pari  of bis education ln
mark  ou  lhe history of Ibis city und
��hose Dame is remembered by many
to  it,is day  for  the  many  deeds of
the old manse that stood on the site
of the presenl church, In ihist work
Ol   education,   the   pas,,,,   of   St,   An
kindness   and noble   self sacrificing drews was ably assisted  by  his  llfe
actions that he performed during his partner, who devoted all ber time to
long connection, nm only with the city the bettering of the conditions of the
ni  New  Westminster,  bul   also  with city, both socially and morally.   She
Vancouver,  Nanaimo, and  practically Wiis  an   Indefatigable  worker  and   a
all along the coasl of British Colum- true helpmate in the deepest sense of
bla the word and unremitting In her de-
First   on   Mainland. votlon to the cause they bulb held so
This was the Rev. Robert Jamleson,
0|   Ontario,  who  <���   to  labor  In  a Adapted to Pioneer  Life.
b, ,i  unrepresented  mission  Held and      -Mr- Jamleson was a man of literary
remained    here until    1884.    To ibis tastes, a deep scholar and well versed
gentleman  belongB iln- honor of hav- '" ""' ways of   world, ami essen-
Ing  been  the  means of  building   the ,ia"-v adapted  to Uie trying  work  of
Presbyterian church on the main- P'oneer days.
As   years   passed   on   and    changes
:,iinl ol British Columbia, and today
his church still stands as a monu-
menl to 1,1s untiring devotion :.. his
cause.    This Is the building now used
,,  lecture hall  by the congregation
St, Andrew's Presbyterian church,
In which, for many years I,.. preached j relationship with this I ���:
lhe gospel  ���f chrlsl.
Faith  Has Its Reward.
took place ln the Presbytery of British Columbia, Rev. Mr. Jamleson did
no, find his connection with it congenial, v. Ith the res,,I: thai in 1884,
both he and his church dissolved their
ml joined
I the Presbyterian church of Canada, in
the same year Rev. Mr. Jamleson re-
NY. B. McLeod, and A. E. White. The
basses are Messrs. M. J, Knight, A.
Munn, I). 11. Slat.r, II. A. Wilson, E,
Munn, .1. Weaver and J. S. Hall.
Shoots at Superior Officer.
Winnipeg, April 27.���Sergeant    Foy,
or the Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles, Misg g of Vancouver   Lectures   to Women   of   New
quartered  In     Fort   Osborne    barracks ' # _ "le"    or     '^ew
Westminster on the Benefits of Training
Girls for the Canadian
:. re, hoi al Sergeant-Major Doherty
with bis rifle today, as the result of a
quarrel ,��, parade, Poy was arrested
and will be tried by the civil authorities.
Ancient Ornaments    Make    Way    for
Modern Hostelry to Front on
Columbia Street.
Before a  sn,
tive audience of ladles, Miss Elizabeth1 popular,
Berry, of Vancouver, gave a most In-
teresting lecture las,  evening In the
council chamber of the city ball. Miss
Harry discoursed on domestic Science
and  the training of homcnakers, and
ami i, has proved  very
Girls Intertsted.
Speaking more parttcularlj . I her
work in Vancouver, Mis-. Berrj Bald
that since she arrived there la 8, p
tember, a greal Interesl In uomesti.
Bclence bad been awakened, and her
her  remarks Were closely followed  by   ..pm..,.,,     ... ,     ,,,.,.   ���   ,,
i ,as.-. s    were ��erj  well    patronized.
all  present. The,.' was plenty of time toi the girls
The taking   of a domes,ic    course of  Vancouver to attend tb,   cooking
comprises, said Miss Berry, no,  only I demonstrations wlthoul li  interfering
' will, curricula) of lhe board school,
The  work  of  clearing  the   property.
on which the new hotel Is to be erected al  the rear of the old Telegraph
hotel was commenced yesterday, and lh" 1""1"'1' '""kl"K "f food' - " and If some of tl ubjecti ,t present
in the process so,,,., old landmarks many people seemed to Imagine. It tallglll ^.|v M| i|ujh, w mI]mte|j
were   obliterated.    These  were   two  Included such vital Bubjects as clean
ing, washing, Ironing, scrubbing, mar-
gone  Into, and  the time devoted  to
__��____ ____
signed bis charge, and  look  the posl-
Immediately upon his arrival ),.,... Uo_  0, ehapla,n of tlu, penitentiary
81   to  work   to organize  a  congre-   ���.���,,.��� he he,(] ������,���  ���,, death ,n  im>       	
gatlon and two years later, as a result  ,t lh. ,��� ., ,,    ...,,,, ,,,   __���.���+.���_ maa<   "-   ^   w'           '  'ircnlucI
of bis untirin.  oerseve, ���������     the flrsl                  S                                    exception thl8 clty_ ,lK, deglg_ be,ng ���.,,.,,���,, ,_   thillk   that   the   financial   standing   of
I bis uniiilng perseverance, tb,   tlrst   ���, ,,������. y(.ars  whi,.h  h, ���,���.���,  at  Na. mm nomnatltten ������ beg1  meetin_ ���H.  ,���,. church was satisfactory enough at
of  fer, giving as a reason thai he did not
church was erected.
naimo,   where  he  also  established   a
In the month of February, is,;:;, the  church  Mr_ jamiegon had been active-
following   co,nm,miiin   roll   was   form-
open competition as best meeting it
requirements of the congregation. The  the   present   time   to   warrant   an   in-
church stands on whal  was then con-  crease.    Mr. Henderson has been un-
ly  connected   with   the  St.  Andrew's Bidered to be the best site for a church  remitting in his duties since he was
ed:    Mrs. A. Roger.,,,,, Miss A. Roger- ,.,������.,.,, r()|. twentytwo years.
-on.   Miss     Ann   Wa,,.   Rev.     Robe,,       Th(J   Rey    M].    Jamleson   ,,.f,   thr
Jamleson,     Mrs.   Jamleson,    Robert daughters,   who   still
Craney,    Thomas    MoMlcklng,    Beth (.ilv Mrs Jameg ,(.,��� MrB Paste] and
Beaton, .Malcolm  Nicholson,  Mrs. Mal- M|oo   rnmlBann      Mrs   Poole.,   .,���,,   ���n..
"... , .... , , M18a Jamleson.    Mr.,. Pastel and one  planted   by   the   old   dead   and   gone
...in, Nicholson, .laimes Dickson, .lohn ,)f h(,r Bl8ters w,,r<. elagmateg of Mrs.
l.v IIII,
in the city, situated on the corner of  appointed   pastor,   having  worked   un-
Blackwood  and Carnarvon  streets on  ceaslngly    for  the  past  three    years
in   this a gaping plot of ground and surround-  wiih,,,,,   having  a   single  Sunday  off.
Seats   All   Free.
A  noticeable feature of the church
giant    poplar    trees,      planted    som..   i"_,  wanning, ironing, sc,���������,���g, mar-   thl.  traln|ng ,������ ,,���. g)rlg  lnt|   |ln|ll.,.
forty-two  years  ago  by   one  of the  feting, and in fad 11 embraeed every  _ousekeepers, li  w, 1 he mon   ad
oldest s. tiers. Rober, Powers, who ,,��� phase of a housekeeper's dally duties, vantageous for lhe provlnci The
tl.,. mi. of February, 1864, placed the -""1 the Intention of the promoters g(rls who attended her classes wer,.
two small shrubs in ll,.. ground, ot ihese courses was to properly ,.,���,, enthu8la8tlc ,��� ������,���. wol!i UIll|
When they were felled yesterday, 11 train -he young girls in the car- of l(1(lk ,,,,. ,,,,���... i(, H���h| ,_ H ^
was  f���������d   ,ba, ,bey bo,I,    measured   ;!l"  homes of ram,.la.    lt   was often  one of them was supplied with a small
12   Inches  in   diameter,  this  being  a   said thai ,1,1s was simply a tad, and  gM st0ve and a mlnlatur, si ol c .-
growih  of  exactly  one  inch   a  year,  thai  like all other fads, it would soon  ing utensils, and under the supervision
The work of building the new hotel <����  "���"   because of  lack  of  Interest of lhe teacher, the cooking capabilities
will  l,e commenced Immediately, and   ;"'"'r lh" novelty had once worn out.' o|- ,,���. children were being developed.
will   be   rush.mI   as   soon   as   possible,;,jUt this  would  not  be the case. Af���,,.  , klng .,,��� Iltm]   ,,���. g|rlg are
as the old hotel has been condemned Responsible Positions. 'allowed     to  eai   it   themselves,    and
as unsafe and a license was only' Training schools were established: this makes them take great car. in
granted on the understanding that in the Maritime provinces and also j the preparation of it. Sometimes
a new hotel would be erected. The in Ontario, the latter being by far when lbe special study happens to be
new building will front on Columbia the more Important. At the Lilian the cooking of potatoes, s������,.. ot the
Btreet, almost directly in front of Massey and also ai the McDonald gii^s are apt u, absenl themselves
the Guichon Hotel and will be modern schools, a large number of girls were' Inn when cakes are the order of ihe
in  .v.ry respect. trained annually  for responsible posi- day,  th.-  class  is always  complete.
 o  tlons  in colleges,  schools and  hospl-      The  girls  are  taught   accuracy   ia
Queen's Own Visit New York.        jtals-    At the McDonald school, matri-l measuring   foodstuffs.   Instructed   in
Toronto, April 27-The Queen's Own c,,la,lon 'sh""ling ls necessary before boiling,  simmering, broHlng,  parboil-
Rifles, under command of Colonel Sir  a Khl wi" '��' admltted' as th�� larSer lng' baklng' Bteeplng' ''"'" "* ln ""
Mrs.   John   Lynn.   Donald   Sin-   Henderson's, the presenl pastor's wife,
pioneers.    ��� li    is   a    brick   and   si..it
building, modern go,hie in design and
is   lha;   i>   is   entirely   supported   by
voluntary   contributions, no    revenue
clair   and   David   Edmpnd.     Of   this  whll0   they   were   belng   educated   at
number eight have passed to the greal   BrantIord,  Ontario,  bul   after leaving ��    r ,  u ,��� h.    w. udt ocuples a belng deriVed  fronl  ""-' "T-
leyond,    two  have  gone    away   from   colleRe they ���,��� nol meet agaln umil  J '   "J*^���  g^S a8 BV6ry BlUhlg   " ih" Ch"rCh ', ****
!.'���.-  and   their   whereabouts  are  un- ghortly ,(ftt.r th[. K(.v   Mr   Henderson comm'ul<1   f |IOMt,on at ' ,1? U ,   �� ' lutely tree, and al.hough special Rews
- extreme  width  of  the ^ ^^^ ^ i    ma. am, they oc.
Rev. John  S.  McKay.
known, and of the other four, JamesI aggnmed    rh.irK(.    ()f  at#    Andrew's
Dickson    w.nt    to   California   many church,
years   ago,   Mrs.   John   Lynn   lives  In1
Vancouver,    and   Malcolm     Nicholson,
and bis Wfe, who lived here up ��o a.    "" w:,s succeedea ''-v the Iiev- John
week ago. have removed to Chllllwack   S",,,e,'h,ni1   McKay. M.A.,  a  classmate
where thej   will  reside in  future. Mr.'0' tte 1"'est'n, I,a8,0r' ���:m'1 ;l gra.Uate
mi ,, , , of Toronii,  University.    The records
Nicholson was for many years a suc-
ol the church show that in the second
year   of     his   ministry,   there     were
seventy-two families In the congregation, the sacrament was administered
ment ,ook place on Sunday, February   ,
three    times    and  twenty-eight    new
Henry M. Pellatt, and mustering 800
Btrong, left last night on two special;
Canadian Pacific railway trains on a
three days' visit to New York, where
they will participate in the military
tournament. The regiment goes to New-
York In arms, special permission hav-
number of students who enroll there the different methods of cooking cer-
intend   to  become  either  teachers  of  tain foods.
11   -I'ul farmer, but he has now retired
from   active  life.
The  first  celebration  of the saera-
8, 1863,   The congregation met In the
old   conn   house,
usual   place  of
comer.     The
building   is   fifty-eight   feet   and  the
cupv them everv  Sunday, there is ao-
lengib   lu,,  feet.    The  seating accom- ,"                .              ��� .���
���        , solu'.elv no charg.- made.
moiliUion   Is ahout  W,o.    1-or  the purpose of erecting this church, a heavy Advisory Council.                                    Lake Bottoms Change,
debt   was  incurred,  Ihe  repayment   of Another    innovation    introduced by      Detroit, .Mich.,    April 27.���Many
which hns been rather a tax on    the Rev. Henderson is the advisory conn-  (h(, mos, promInent men ln lake navi��
ing been obtained   from
Suites government.
domestic science schools, or else to
develop into food demonstrators und
During the first year, a course in
elementary and plain cooking Is gone
through, very  thoroughly, and  in  the
second year the pupils are taught advanced cooking and Initiated into the
' mysteries of Ices, pastries and all ihe
i more difficult branches or the culinary
of  art.
Selection of Food,
which Is composed  of represent.!-        i(jn   |nteresls   are   discussing   the       ,,���..���_   ,,,     .,,  .
uuiiiig   lhe   first   year   a  course   in
congregation but  within the next five ell,
years  it   is   confidently  expected  that   tlve members of the different societies j qnestjon of wnether or not the recent
the debt   will  be  wiped  out,  as  there  connected with the church.    This was  earthquake  shocks have  changed  the
only remains a sum of less than $H,n,Ji)   first started in January of the present   leye]  of (ne lake |JI)U(jn|
to pay al  the present  time. year.   It consists of three members of
each    society    connected    with
meeting  before  the church'was built.
On the 20th of December of the same
ear.   the   first   church   was   formally
opened  for  public  worship.
Form a  Session.
names were added to the roll. The
Seating accommodation was increased
and the church was in a flourishing
condition. Owing to his health giving
way, Mr. McKay went to California
in 1886, bul as he did not improve,
he handed in his resignation, much to
For the lirst two years the attend- the regret  of the congregation. After
'"��� .,i   the  Sunday  services  varied remaining in California for some time,
from   thirteen  to  Iw-eiuy   persons,  but   Mr.  McKay  returned to his old  bome
greal was Mr. Jamieson's faith In Bear Woodstock, Mont, where he died
the future of his church, that a build- a few weeks after his arrival.
Ing that  could accommodate 260 per-
-mis was not deemed to lie at all too
large for the congregation that would
siir.-ly worship there In Ihe future. It
was not  until many years later, how-  compelled "to'resign  his   .....
���ver,  that   It   was  possible  to  form  a
esslon of the St. Andrew's church. At
Arrival of New Organ.
In 1893 the pipe organ at present in
use was built at a cost of $3,600. It
was shipped here- from Toronto, and
replaced the old vocation organ that
had been in use up to that time. The
acquisition of the organ was a great
Improvement  to  the  church  and  to-
inorganic chemistry is given, followed
by  a course  In  organic  chemistry in
j the second year.   By a thorough study
that many boats   are grounding thisk,  this  branch  0,   U)0  ^^   the
They say
season  in  places where last  year no
church, who meet for the purpose of obstruction exis,ed,   and they   are of i .onill,im,m ,,
advancing the interest of the conere-j the opinion that the recent seismic dls-! ' "'' " "
ation  and  looking over the field  of  tUrbances have something to do with
Duty of Mothers.
The need of the mothers h, Iplng the
teacher in ber work was Impressed
,i|H,n the audience bj the lecturer,
who said that when a child is taking
a lax Interesl In Its Btudtes, the
trouble can generally be belter remedied at home than nt the school. On
the subject of lectures, Miss Barry
said that very often much more impression could bc made upon the girls
when the speaker was talking to them
alone, as many points could not prop
erly be touched upon In the presence
of the boys, and a mined assembly
was oflen unfortunate from thai
point  of view.
A Solitary Man.
operations, and also of giving aid, encouragement and sympathy to the different  organizations.
gether   with   the   splendid   choir   for
which   the   St.   Andrews   is   noted,   it
Hugh Wilson is the president of this
council which meets on the first Tuesday  of  each  alternate month.    Last
Rev. Thomas Schouler.
The present manse was built, though
never occupied, by Mr. McKay as he
had  just   completed   it   when   he  was
has contributed  materially  to the in
terest of the services.
In   1SS7   the   Rev.   Thomas   Scouler
year's   financial   statement   showed   a
revenue  amounting   to   about   $3,600,
of which about  $250 was sent to the
Escapes Big  Fire.
Rev. A. B. .Vert was appointed i
tor in    1897 and remained    in office and also to help to wipe off the debt
until 1903.    It was during his ministry  on the church.
that   the   great   lire   took   place,   and Various  Organizations,
although St. Andrew's church escaped       ]n   ,lJ(11,i,1���   1(1   the   usual   services.
pupil is instructed in the different
arts of the different foods,
and a girl is given to understand the At lhis point ���f the lecture, the inexact quantity of fat in each separate, terest was transferred trom the
kiud, and the foods that should be speaker to the solitary representative
given under different conditions. Food of the sterner sex. anil all present
that Is suitable for a man leading an wilh one accord turned around and
active outdoor life is not adapted for gazed long and reproachfuly at the
the man of sedentary habits, and the misguided Individual who had wamter-
McAuliffe Sentenced.
Peterboro, Ont., April _?.���McAuliffe
the fanner found guilty of manslaughter in connection    with the death of | growing boy or girl should  be given ed  in   for  the  purpose  of  taking  a
Fred lluson, a hotel proprietor of this   the   kind   of  nourishment   that  he  or few notes for the purpose of writing
city, on June 1, 1905, arising out of a: she   needs   to   properly   develop   the up    this    article.    All    unmindful  of
.,..,......     .....      es and the remainder I bar-room  quarrel,  was  sentenced    to  growing body. llu, lnterest  he was causing, hi   sat
ns   used in the local work of the church   three >"����"  and  six months  in  King-                 Absurb Advertisements. patiently in a remote corner, and not
ston penitentiary, today.                            u  |a because t,R,ro ,. s_  much of e*n   ihe   combined  efforts   of two
this   indiscriminate   feeding  that   rest SC0K ot determined women were suf-
fident   to cause the scribe to shrivel
meeting of the Presbytery of British
was   called   to   St.   Andrew's   and   he|tha  ravages  of   Ihe   fire   fiend,   being  Sabba,h   scho()1   and   the   Bible   class
ets   at   2:11,1   p.   m.   every   Sunday
ministered here for ten years. During| Protected    by  the deep ravine    that
crosses ln front of it on the south \
side, many of the congregation lost
their homes and all their belongings,
and ns a result the financial standing
Df   the   church   suffered   severely.
During the lasi few years of Rev.
Mr. Vert's pastorate there was considerable friction in the congregation,
cures are    so  extensively    advertised
and  do  such  a  large business.    The ">P '11111 wisn for ,he eiir,n '" 0Pe? ""
advertisements  of  many  patent  food :"11' swalkw him'   S"on ls ,hc h'mU'n'
preparations claiming to possess much ^  condition of the average  reporter
olumbfa held in Victoria on  Nov,,,,- ^ Unu, ,]e wag ,n cllaw,   ^^^
ber l. 1877, leave was granted to the _M(j progress wag made ^ ^ 0()U.
St.   Andrew's   church   of   New   West- ^^   wftg   grt,a���v   c,llIal.g���,.     ���
minster   to   elect   elders   and   form   a WM    wU1_   ,u,   was  pa_to_    ^   ���,���
don      As  a   resull   of  Ibis,   March ^.^ ^ ^
M,  1878, an election look place in .he ^ ���  hJ jJJJf  ^  ^ ^ ^^
church, and Pitsgerald McLeary, War- wag rafter ,()u sma|] f((r Uu, grQwlng
ren DeBeck and James Halliday were congr(.gaUim   ������,,  accordingly   ll   was
^pointed elders;  ,be reside,,,  pastor aeclded   ,���  ,���,���  g  ^  ^.^        ; and  in   1903  a divslon  took  place, a.^   ���resl(1en,v   ���,  Miss  K.   Laidlaw.
nev. it.   Jamleson   being   appointed, number of families severing their con-L,   .' ,'T.���.,���������,.������hm���,i,
Lays  Corner   Stone. On the second Tuesday of each montn
.lection with St. Andrew's and joining
under the supervision of \V. E. Mc-J
Leod and p-ayvr meetings are held I
! every Wednesday evening. Every
: second Thursday the Boy's Guild
j meets, Stanley Gilchrist being the
' president of this branch of the work.
: Every second Saturday the Mission
Band    workers  meet  together    under
than     meat
that even such a see,,,, failed to Im-
moderator.   The church was now fully
established and had entered upon an
ma of prosperity. Il Increased greatly
ui membership and the good work was
carried on to a greater extent than
'..'fore. .
Work   Along   River.
i���    addition  to the    duties of his
Imrge    at   New  Westminster,    Rev.
Mi.   Jamleson     did  a   great     deal   of!
i'i,nicer work along the Fraser river,.
traveling to and fro by canoe and on
horseback, suffering many hardships
in the discharge of his duties. For a
period of six weeks, he exchanged du-
The pioneer pastor, Rev. Mr. Jamie-
son was Invited to lay the foundation
stone early tn the fall of isss and In
tho presence of some four hundred
people the interesting ceremony was
performed, after a dedicatory service
had been held by the Rev. T. Scouler.
A brief history of the church since
Its Inception was read by Rev. Mr.
Jamleson, and  afterwards enclosed in
lhe Wes, church at the corner of Sixth
avenue  and  Twelfth  streel.
Rev. J. S.  Henderson  Comes.
the Women's Association meets,  Mrs.
M. Sinclair being the president of this
i body of workers.   Mrs. J. S. Henderson presides at
Pile in From Fifity to Sixty Thousand
Feet of Lumber Per
The work of loading lumber on the
Norwegian barque, lhe Vallore, was
commenced on Thursday and from
50,000 to GU.000 feet of lumber per day
are being put on. I'p to last nlghl
ihere was slightly over 100,0110 feet
Of lumber In the vessel's hold,
The work Is no snap and requires]
more    nutnt.v.
are  absurd.
Hunt for Gems.
Lectures are also given on marketing at the principal colleges, both In', ,, , ,, ., ,., i.
n , be-irtv invitation to all ladies to visit
Canada and in the United States. nealt> , , v���nf.���,,v..r m
���,. , . , her mode k tchen In Vancouver, in
I hese l-etures are    supplemented by
practical   excursions   by   the   girls  to
press  him  with  a  due  sense  of his
own importance In the midst of such
gathering ���f the emancipated few.
In conclusion Miss Berry extended a
��� the different markets, where they put
j theory    into    practice.      Lessons    ln
bacteriology   are   also  given   aud  all
foods are microscopically examined for
the old High BohOOl building.    A vote
of  thanks  proposed by
Mrs.   Sinclair
and seconded by Mrs- McCamm
brought a very Instructive evening to
a close.
a metal box and placed under the
foundation stone, together with coins,
bank notes and copies of the city,
\ provincial nud church papers. R. F.
Anderson, chairman of the building
* with the Rev. George Murray, who| C0InmUt esented Rev. Mr. Jamie-
was stationed at the Mission   east ofl ^ % ^Iver trowel, accompany
the Cascades, an Immense bunch glass
district, giving occasional services    at
ill   the   chief   points   between   Clinton
and  Mela  Valley.    This locality was
���ben    sparsely    settled    by  ranchmen
who had been so long without attending   divine    services    Ihat    they  no
longer took any Interest ln the efforts
"f the missionaries, and the work was
one of great  discouragement.
The First School.
It was not only In the affairs of the
church    that   Mr.  Jamleson    look  an
active  part;   he  also established  the
drsl   school  ever held  ln  tho city of
New   Westminster  nnd   many  of  his
pupils nre    now holding    responsible
Ing It with an appropriate address.
The ceremony of laying the corner
stone then took place, the reverend
gentleman tapping It with the trowel
and declaring II well and truly laid
ln the name of the Holy Trinity. After
the singing or a hymn those present
adjourned to tho old building, where
addresses were given by the Rev. R.
Y. Thompson, of Vancouver, the Hon.
John Robson, provincial secretary, the
Rev. Messrs. White, Hadden and Lennie, nnd Messrs. John C. Brown and
J.  S.  Clute.
The  Present  Structure.
The building was erected from plans
germs.    The  teachers  explain   which
at a meeting of the W. { bo'(b']mZl wdTrata-'tol-OompTlsi!! frms ar? neC<19"ary,f��r  the pr��"er-FATHFR   CONFESSES
������. las,  Tuesday of thelThe lllnl,R,  ,���  ���,���  loge,b���. ln liMll,  fermentation of the foods, and  point TAIIINI   lUlHL-OLO
In   the   montb   of   September,   1903,   F.  M.  S. on  uie ,u��,   iu��uoj  u.   uu.pj  lumber  Is  put   toget
Rev. J. S. Henderson was called  from   month.    The    Christian    Endeavorers   |in���s   ������   Uu,     whal.f   em0Tftoj-g    nil
Hensull, Ontario, to assume charge of meet every Monday night, and of this length* and thicknesses.   A wire cable
the church.    Things  were then in a useful organisation Leonard Muttett is la   ,l!lssei\    around  the   pile    and  a .
,    ,         j,.,          mu                        , ��� .ui.iont                                                    .    i                           ,u                 i,      ,  hygiene. Two lessons a week are given   ��i,���.j n.���n,t   Steals Horses   to Get
very   bad   condition.     There   was   no| president. donkey  engine  on  the  outer  side  of|,          .     . . Alfred Brunei    oi>=��i�� nv
out those that are harmful and dangerous to health. A thorough course
Is  also    given    In    physiology    and
organization whatever and it required
an enormous amount of hard work and
an illimitable fund of patience to at-
Session and   Managers,
The session Is composed of Ihe fol-
vessel Is put Into operation and
lumber  Is drawn  to  the side of
, ,,       ���.     r> ���    i    a    vi..,,   the vessel,  raised, and  then  lowered
lowing   gentlemen:     Rev.   J.   o.   lien-,
tempt  to  successfully  cope with  the.^^   ni0(,erator.   w. E.    McLco(1|  into the hold
situation, but Mr. Henderson possess
clerk;   John   Sprott,  J
J   McKay   H '     'n  ">e   no'''   a'x)ut   a   dozen   long
ed both these attributes and he set to _ . D  n(i)1     The managers are:   shoremen are working and they have
work with a determination not to ^e. Mai-shall   Sinclair    chairman-   F.   H.  to 9,ze UI' the    lumber,    taking into
dismayed by any obstacle, however;
formidable it might appear. And his'
pluck and courage has been justified,
for St.. Andrew's church stands today
Smith, secretary;  W. A. Gray, treas-
1 consideration   lis   length   and   thick-
Thomas Gifford, M. P. P., T. J.  ,K'SS aml PUa l( s0 that u fl,s snuKKly,
Trapp, R, Fulton, T. Mowbray, W. B., amI" l'"clis  (->ve,ll>'  ln  such  a  mann9r
Slater, S. Ma'lcolmson. Ihat   ,h"   whole  8urface   of  the  l)lle
In   a   better   financial   condition   than ' ls   even   all   the  time,
at  any  time since  Its Inception, the, Splendid  Choir. A tl.|p ti11()���Kh tno    vessel reveals
congregation Is greater and many new ybe church also boasts of a splendid everything as neat as a new pin and
societies and organizations have been, cholr of twenty-five voices, under the'the sailors, who form the crew", are
formed. | able  directorship  ofA. E. White.  Miss  utilizing the spare time ln thorough-
Refuses Salary  Increase. i Vass presides at the organ.    The so- ly overhauling and repairing the ves-
It Is gratifying to know that his ef-iproanos are Misses Munn, Stout, Glf-i sel's   equipment,
forts   have  been  appreciated   by  the! ford,  Mulrhead,  I.  McNlven,  Laidlaw j     The  home   port of   the  Vellore  is
management, and  they gave tangible and McLeod. The altos are Mesdames Christiansen, Norway, and the master
proof of this at a recent meeting when
they offered to Increase the paBtor's
annual salary by $160. Mr. Henderson, however, declined their kind of-
W. J. Corbet, H. A. Wilson, T. H. Is Capt. Cornelluson. It will be a
Smith, Birtch and McNlven. The ten- month before the vessel has received
ors are T. D. Coldicutt, George Grim-j her full complement of 160,000 fees
ston,  William   Greig,  Fred  Jackman, of lumber.
Money for Funeral of His
Montreal, April '27.���This morning
Alfred Brunet, a painter living in the
west end of the city, confessed to having set the outbuildings on flre.   For
In   physical   culture   and   there   ls  a
weekly  lesson  ln  sanitation.
The  object   of   the   course   in   not
simply to make ho.uekeepers, but also
to  develop homemakers,  who are always thl keystone  of the  home.
Management of Servants.
After the first two years, the teacher's course Is completed; and the girls , ,,���,,.,,,
,   .       ',             ...           eight or ten days he had been employ
who   intend   to   take   up   the   house-���eit'"
keeper's course have to take up a ed in painting at the Villo Marie Con-
further two years' course of study, j vent. He was paid $4 for this work, but
The management of servants ln large j^ not consider the amount sufficient,
institutions Is carefully gone Into and' Durlng tne winter his child had died
the    Important    subject of   dletics Is I |t was awnIt|ng   burial    In   the
carefully considered. |a��� cemetery. b��t he tad no
There    ls also    a    special    course,, vaults       v de9peratlon he
known as the somewhat shorter, that money, and in a nc
ls  largely    patronized    by    farmer's 8tole two horses from the oa   ,
daughters and others not having the ,Dg he oould hide the theft by seu
time or the means at their disposal toi        Jo the stab)e. He tried to dispose
devote   four   years   to  the   study  of animals, but his actions arons-
domestlc    science.    Girls    who    have
admitted tojed suspicion.
] high school standing are
m ':....
It'IlU-  '1    I
Origin nnd Development of the Work Is  Exhaustively
Der.lt With By the Local President, Mrs. Lamb���Mrs.  ;���:;;";
��� be
,n time.   Th
taking   bin   li'.'in   1, ���
tended onlj   to fill
on beg
March 27th, a meeting was
being no place wi,. ... ,1
vise prospective im ....
get';. .1   lution     re-closlng  . I
no small ,,:. :iuo_	
held I
.   "
Knowle .. m
J. HENLEY Bank of
Manufacturer of
iplng : he Royal
Cunningham Reports on the Progress of Organization
Work Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
g nf the local :isU(''
A    "
T< n[r    ini e  IInlon  bei I on Thursday
afternoon  al   the  restd   ..���������    ol   Mrs.
Marshall     Sinclair     two     Inter,
pa era were i a id, one by M,.-. Lam' .
the president on "Whal  is the w. C,
T.   U.?"    mil   the   other   bs    Mrs.   (' in
nlngham   on the work ot    provincial
organ,/, i1 ion.     Mrs.  Lamb's  ;.ape,   waa
Was Coll iws:
Iu preparing a Bhort  papei   oi
alms ..nl  work ,,f the W.  C. T.  r.
I   ��� I     ���       iprlati      ���   quote   the
declaration    of    prim Ipl        of    the
omen  as  v
be cared for a . m
ivlnclal  in.-, ���   vN
minster, drlng   ill
ence and governme
rrovl on tor suff,
���. r whal th.   ne   .
Government  Assists.
The governmenl 'v
Wor'.d-vVide  P titions.
The  '.'..rlil's  union  Is  composed  of
unions and was organized in
mber,    1883,    bas    organizations
ir     in fifty nations with halt a mil-
11, . m, One ol the greal works
.    .in..in was
be ci, i ilai ion of th, polj gl ii p, tltlon,
addressed  to the go of the
world asking I ol the
tflc oholl
. opium ai lon of
imp,n ll  .     This   pel ll lon   lias  already
every school  board.    I  think  no one
could  or  should  more  willingly give
,1 and physi-  "i"'" '"> delegations    .     the \\. c.  i.
.������! the  !.'��� hospital, board , ra  '
isslstance, and it was during
world's W. C. T. I'., for while ii is nol ir own I
ai ., ���'.'������ ,,, authority over us the prin
clples enunciate 1 are whal the VV.
C. T. I', all ov.-r the world stands for
and I could timi no Bhort ei. cle ir, i
statemenl anywher,. [I ls as foi
low -.
"We believe In ..... omlng ol His
King I ���������'. ������ ��� .. , Is t he high-
Ill), ���. ai.se liis laws, written
in our members as well as in nature
an 1 in grace, 'are perfect, coin. : lng
the soul.'
"We believe in the gospel ol the
Golden Rule, and that each man's
habits of llfe should be an example
safe and t.eneflclent for every other
"We therefore formulate, and foi
ourselves adopt the following pledge,
asking our brothers of a common
danger and a common hope to in
time  to  the  menial,  mora
cal  condition of the pupils
suitability   of   those   placed   over
children  for  so  large a   pari   of  i
speii,ill;,    formative period    ot their
lives as   the   mothers,    Therefore I
:hink  ther,   la  work  for every  local
union in British Columbia along this
line, and  if we did  nothing els,   we
would i.i ,'��� reason  for ��� xtstence,
Work Among  Railway  Employees.
Our ; .oviiicial  corresponding
larj   will tell  us of the work of the
rotated  organizer and  whal
.it       bed bj  her i
. ���;, . rlor. Ther..
is no time to enter to any extei
union    OH
.   pros-
���    financial as ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,���.  the  last   interview   i   1' ������ sution  baa
wiib the governmenl that the
making    the    Instl "'    wlder
parentage,  bo  to ' '���"��� "  '
Consequent!)    the    ���'.   C. T   I
proached the   Worn n's council
that  "i'JTi  in view
ll  always bas. bei,        i the utmo
and bhe , lea of the
resulted   In   seourli	
. ommodatlon, an '  .
���    nl   hospital   -��� ���
. n. up-to- late li       .
The ��� ���   . will
..,,. iat th,     .   C, T. I . is ii ���'
in,   ni,       ,.,,;��� a ..'lit   work,   but   I   may
say thai   while  this  provincial  anion mefel:  an excuse for women to meet
l,a>   Bup,  IntendentB  for    twenty de- ' ���' '' ;l while and th,    go away,
partments of work, I,  Is no   i    rected Mere   Knowledge   Needed,
bloody  crime and  thi   i full of
viol, m e." The W. C T. r. Is the
��� womi n's organlzatl ,n in existence, and Is a chain fasl encircling
the globe. Every' union Is a link in
this chain an 1 every member an
. , (,   added strength.    We should belong to
common cause with us, in working Ita
reasonable and helpful precepts into
the practice of everyday life.
The  Pledge.
"1  hereby  promise, God helping me,
government,   to i"ni   of the
ed States and
qlleell,   Vii 10 .        '
���   its way to
.   i ipan.
Encircling the  Globe.
>���'''"   **b     lo 1    ���           ' th,  \v. c.   that any one union woul             .   to I have nol  attempted to enter into
'!'��� '"���" Beca ise I                           every j, .      hem all, and Indeed all ar,   nol            ' the >s                       mem-
Christian woman            I   I       i work   practicable    In ever;     locality.   One, hers who caoxte and         i         o your
having   foi              eel   the  prote,            iwever, ihat this union mlghl assist officers for counsel, ... ...
la   in would be work among the railway fort, thi    ul  rvlewj           ive bad.and
ength and power,      A           chain, ��� employees, and  I  have a letter, Jusl must have with the pov           i   be if
saith the Lord for the land is full of  received, from the provincial  superln- the   principles   we    relieve   in   ai
Mrs. Do        ol   \ hcrofl with gain    support  in  thla or any    other
valuable suggestions    for community, bul   mo     ol  all  whal   we
some    very
need  is  a  greater t our
B, Ives.  This  is  as   I:
work  as any  other  Christian
the VV. C. T. I", because to us Is en-
rusted the moulding of the future
men and women. Home i.s the woman's
kingdom and all Christian work mus'
begin in the home. Society is composed of bon.-.holds and women reign
to abstain from all distilled, fern,en,- in the household. Every white ribbon
ed and marl liquors, including beer, woman shoulil realise thai Bhe Is in a
wine and cider, as a beverage, and to measure, at least, her brother'.- I
employ all proper means to discourage n0 Special  Privileges.
the use of and ,raffle in the same. Temperance  work  is  largely  a   pr.
To confirm and enforce the ra- ventlve work. Our children watch us,
tionale of the pledge, we declare our and during their early years is the
purpose to educate the young; ,o form time to establish their standards of
a better public sentiment; to reform, purity. Teach our boys that in God's
as far ,is possible, by religious, sight all .-in Is equally sinful, and
ethical and scientific means the drink- thai there Is nol one ''.'le of morals
ing class; to seek the transforming for them and another for their slst, rs.
power of Divine Grace for ourselves The blessing for the pure in heart
nnd all for whom we work, that  they   makes no special privileges for either
le help.
Literature Neglected.
Another department we have sadly
neglected, I fear, is the lltei
which on,- members could I ike from
our meetings and. after reading thetn-
-. Ives, give to some ol bei - whom
tbey 'bought might be helped by It.
������ ould be money well spent. Then
I do think we all should subscribe for
our Dominion organ as II Is only -���*.
. ents pel j e ir. I conf, - I subscribed
feeling tha, th'- 25 cents waa nol
much, and thai we could expect very
little In return, but I was most disagreeably disappointed, tor it is the
first semblance to a live, spirited pap,
I have yet se.-n published by the W. C.
T. U, and I feel sure if even half
supported by the members will de-
re ra in,o a  power for good.
Miss  W,Hard's   Visit.
Now for a few minutes lei us glanci
at  the past  history of our own local
white   ribbon   badge   union and see if it has any claim for  And my bean was fill
lous palnj
.   Wil bi
'   i
Mrs. .J
i  ilunibln.
Mi      Bpi Fl ird   met   the
Thursday,   March   29th   In
V.o;,>   thirty ladles
... mfei ��� nee waa bail and
new  members joined the anion.
VI the close a children's _i, .,,im.- wa -
which   Mrs.   Spofford  lefl
ind, a  tow i.  nol  far distant.
arrived in Summerland  M
nd   ...... ate] tain, 1  In a  h ime
u    il 'own.   , ,,i S iturdaj
ed nin,   la Ilea.   M
found lb-'.. Dr. Km;., In  Summi
1st co
Suudi .... ��� and evening,   In tbu
r .. .   of  the   rei I
ifford  .nrri   the
Ing in charge.   The entire congregation tine      Twenty    ladli
. li..... . is���  her   their
.. rs of a  W, C. T.  I".
M  ���. tei noon    Bhe    held    ber
: i.   organizing.    Onlj
i   to   ittend,   who    had
and  her absence
. ���  to  llln, - .    i.... ���
foil iws;    President,   Mrs.
Wm, Maj ir   Up, rati    vice   presld, nt,
'.l: i, J. R. Brown; corresponding sec-
. Mrs, G, A. M,���Williams; r, cord
iry,   Mrs.   .1.   l.ogie;   treas-
. Miss Grieve,   The presldenl had
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
in home d, i ..ration need not be expensive,        Quiet,    rich   colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures,  can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jevjeler.
A. I'lired a through knowledge "f the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage. Lyman & Co., .Montreal,
Henry Birk'sjui tines manager pari of
the time.
English, Swiss, American anil all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
EST.A Bl :
IncorpoT ited   I
Ilon. Lord Sn .���
Royal, G.C.M G
Hon. Sir ,1   A. Di
E.   S.   Clou ton,   \
,ir li.r...,   .Man
��� :
, i' i   ral   banking   i.,
Branches In all the
In   Canada,   ln   London,
and correspondents In a       ���    .,, ,
York,  Chicago,  and  s
world. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.   Brymner, Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor,
Importer and man I ,;
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for I
New  Westminster
B.  C.
Charges Reasonable.
(Jills- a.s we are educated can we see  ,,een  .,   Baptlg,   mjSKioliary   in   Cnlna
''"'   '  ror turthei  doing, and ll  I-  ,,...  lwenty^ix   years  and   Mrs.  Spot- Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery.
our   duty   as   mothers  to so  educate  tord describes her as a woman who hi]
ourselves. I, Is nelth, r unjusl nor
uncharitable to judge our actions as
good or bad, but we should be slow
to judge the actors bad and only by
beter knowledge will we be able to
always distinguish betwen the act an'l
the actor,
A   Little   Verse.
In  conclusion  lei   ....    iuote a  little
sent  to  me  in  a letter,  which
gold  through and  through.    She was M. J.  HENRY'S
surprised and    delighted  to Nurserieg) Greenhouses
tier there, as Bhe had been In j c    j u
,   , and beed Houses
touch  with  ber  for  the  past   twenty-
four years.                                               H	
Prom S'ni.i,. rland our organizer Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
went to Pentlcton which was reach, I GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
V] . 2nd. A public meeting waa held Seeds. New crop now In stock ready
Tuesdaj ev ning, April 3rd and anoth-lfor distribution; ask your merchant
r Thursday afternoon. April 5th,  tor  for theto  ln  Fealod  jackets.    If he
I quoted once before In ihe provincial organization when a Tine lot of women does not handle them we will prepaj
mlon, and  which  I trusi  each ol us attended  and  a  union of twenty-two to   your   nearest   postofflce,   fifty   ..c
ssiii appropiate: members resulted, and  the following packets, our selection of good varie-
The   Master  Is  com,   and  calleth  for officers were elected:    President, Mrs.| ties, for $1.00 to Introduce them.
and   we   may   wilfully   transcend   no .-ex.    The   little    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
law   Of   pure   and   wholesome   living; which we so often forget should stand   existence.    II   was  organized  on  Sep-
and   Anally    we   pledge  ourselves   to for   purity, consecration,    helpfulness   tember   13,   L883,   by  Mrs.  .1.   L.  Mc-
labor  and'pray   that   all   these  princi- and  loyally.                                                  -Xaughton,    of  Victoria,  during    Miss
pies,     founded     upon   the     Gospel   of Rescue work.                          Wlllard's   visit   there  in   that   year.    I
ru,,.,^,    .���,,���   ,���.   am-load   nut   Into  the ,     , .   ,                      ...              well   remember   the   evening   I   heard
Chris,,  ma)   be   noikea  oui  in a   u T,lis    ,   ,j,jnk    |s   en0ugh   of   sour   .���     ���..,,                         ,,,,,���
c      ���,,..,���   ������,,   tn.,  Piwls ot Miss  Wilmrd  speak  in the Methodist
customs  of  societj   and   the   laws ot time to take up with a general view of
the land. ,he  organlzatlo,  and   now   tor  a   tew
���To this end we plead with all good mlnuteg ,  shal]
women throughout Christendom to join th(
with   us  hear!   and   hand   in   th
Had  I  heard
m, .'
Waa  ll   I  who was  wanted
I with Incredu
iright, was the call for
I listened
fi .  fur (   tence.   Our provincial
oi g inize I   in   i ��� -a and  In-
ra    .   on   Jul)   29,   1890.    Since
ask your attention to
work In our own province and of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    _ own W. ,.-!;. I
endeavor  to protect and sanottfy the   W!|., , .    .  flolng a_ , w|];|. h;|
home   as   that   Temple   of   the   Holy   ���     pn_  [ha|   ���   shou]t, haye
Spirit,    which,   next   to   the    human
bod:   itself,  is dearest of all  to our
, li .... ,. .   thai     womanhood    and man
hood   In  equal  purity,  equal  personal   lh���n   ,|1U(.h  u.()1.,.  Qf _   ]|U|j]ic nature
liberty,,:, ace, may climb to those   ba    ..,   Q done> ,      .  ���..   .,,..,,.-,..
West heights where there shall be no  ���.,,   M,   ,|f   ..,,,.,,,.,.   m.���,.,-,,   lha_     ,,,,,
more curse, est iblishmenl and maintenance of the
"We ask all women like-minded with   Provincial   Refuge  home,    From   ���,,,.
u_ Id ibis sacred  cause, to wear the   inceptiorl   ,,,���   w.   C.   T.   r.   ivork
whit.- ribbon as a budge of loyally; to  Brltisn Columbia r
lift  up   their  hearts  with  us  to God
���t  the   n Hide   hour of  prayer;   to
take  as   their   motto.  "For   God   and
Home and Every Land," and to unite
with us In allegiance to the foregoing  Cnrlgtlan .���,,,���. (or Bnelter lmti, somo
I'u,ur.- provision could I"- marie, and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this led to the organization and open-
as embodied in the preamble of our |ng 0, lh(. Provincla] w ,. T ,-
constitution, adopted In Fancuil Hall,JHomea| victoria.
Boston, U. S. A.. November llth,
Initial   Crusade.
As you all know the vv. C. T. U.
Is the outcome of the great   woman's
Yel  ll    ���. .... I
Idle  svork   look   I
I, adlng   ; arl   in   the  thought   and  en-
ol   the   workers.    For    son,..
s.a:- .hose rescued from a life of sin
had ,o depend on the opening of some
ileclur.ilion   of  principles,  and  to the
.summary of our plans and  purposes,
of our
church there, happening to be in Victoria al the time, and al the closi
ol the meeting when all were asked to
dgn the pledge and wear the .
II was Miss Willard who pinned on
the first white ribbon I ever wor.., and
as she did ll she said: "May you
grow with your opportunities." Oi
all the chart..,' members of this union,
and svbo were presenl at Ita organization, I think Mrs. James Cunningham
and myself are the only two who remain, all others either having I, fl
the city or gone to ihe reward of their
Christian Mission Union.
Asldi from rescue svork the first
work undertaken by this union was
Hand ol Hope which was mosi successfully carried on until other organizations undertook juvenile svork In lys".   ;h.,,  ���il
McNeil;     vice  president,   Mrs.     Ede
pon ling secretary, Miss Munro
recording    secretary,    Mrs.    Fludley
treasurer, Mrs, Shepherd.    They meet
the fir.--  Tue  l i)  In each month. The
: resident Is an English woman whose
was an ardent    temperance
worker,    and   her    Bister  Is  now    a
I cturer  of some years  Btanding,    On
waiting Friday the union met again with Mrs.
Spofford :��� organize the svork for the
At   the  close of  the  first   month's
Mrs. Spofford reports: Women
.   It, i i��� their homes, 163; members
secured,     active   112,   honorary     35;
unions organized, I; me.-, ings held. 11 ;
letters written, 26, '
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     From   I'eniicion   Mrs.   Spofford   re-
Master  Is  - nne  and  calleth   for  turned    to  Peachland   for    a  Sunday
T   il  ss as keen and bitter and hard
No doubt  there were other
To answer the .summons, the good, the
And thos.- who !. ��� I serv, I thi   ma iter
ha, to me the messag,
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Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
Still Doing Business at the um btand,
T   ���   ���   ���  l t   ���   ���  ����������������� ������������������.<
Merchant Tailor!
Columbia Street.
Full line Of English, Bcob n    ��� I i-;-~.
tweeds and won teds  ������������      m stock
Spring stock  now  in.    Make your
Belyea & Co. |
General Hauling and Uellvet
Heavy  Hauling > lur B|  ��� ll
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone  laU.
Dress in Reason
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have arrived.
So have our spring stoct ot Blgi-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, ��� ��� Broadcloth
and fancy trousering
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia  btreet.
ii   1   beard
Feed, Sale and Livery
the call �� is forme,
And timidly    an ;w ��� re I the    darkness
Lord,   whal   will   thou   that   I   should
Provincial   Organization.
Mrs.  Cunningham  gave  the  following accoun' of thi   work of provincial
At  tbe last convention the question
of  sending    a   missionary    organizer
e upper country was seriously
        The 'Mails of ���
years since It ������ op, ning need nol be
entered into here, bul as time wenl
on and the provincial government
realized the svork that was being done
a   gran,   of   $l,,nw   a   year   has   been
temperance crusade of 187:1-71. The given towards maintenance, and now
origin of that crusade was a temperance address by I). Lewis, of Boston,
under the Inspiration of which the
women ot Hlllsboro and other Ohio
towns were moved to concerted action care, help and
and in less than fifty days the liquor a  better lit".
after all these sear- we bas.. al last
a commodious home. In a suitable lo
callty, free from debt, where each
year irom a score upwards receive
encourag, menl to lead
It is sun h   enough  to
traffic    had   heen   swept   from     over induce us to remain "steadfasl  al  our
250  towns  and   villages  in  the  stale, pit's to know that  over 50 per een'.
The liis.  local union was organized of the cases treated  in  the bone   re
in Fred,i,,,;,. N.-w York, Dec. 15, 1873, Bull  in the reclamation of the patient,
and was. as i, still is, an organization and  svbo can  estimate the saving of
of  i"n, is. ia ii women, banded together even ten souls a year In sigh, of Him
lor   the   protection   of   the   home,   the whose  children   we  are  and   Who  we
abolition of the liquor traffic and the say we Berve.   To mj way of thinking
triumph of the golden rule in custom to   have  saved   one  soul   from  death
and in law. would have been sufflolenl  reason for
Growth  in  Canada. "s to    continue, .sen  if 1,  bad    been
Dominion   VV.   .'.   T    "     ���_. "��!>  <">"  " the years.
The Dominion vv. ('. T. fj, was
organized on October lu, Iss:;. in Mon
ir.-al and was Incorporated In 1894.
A provincial union bas been organized
in each of the provinces except tin-
two created lasi yeai'. and a territorial
union for the Northwest! territories,
organlz. rl al Calgary In October, 1904.
Our  national   motto   is:     "For  God.
Home ami Native Land." Our badge
is the white ribbon whicb was adopted
al the national r. S. A. union In 1M77
on motion of Miss Margaret Wlnslow.
Tho Dominion W. C. T. !T. exists for
the purpose of educating the young,
elevating public sentiment, and the
securing of laws which svill totally
prohibit the liquor tr ffic In Canada,
������,,, l iis lines of \ .   ,. ,-.- ��� di ;anlz ition,
The age of consent has been raised
in o.,r provlnci from I l to 16 years,
and I think I am right in saying il
should be 1*. years. Tbe svork of our
home openi l our ryr^ to the necessity
of this.
School   Board  Dutiss.
Through the efforts of our committee op legislation an agitation was
started Hint resulted in the extension
of the franchise ,��� women for school
trustees and, with some limitations, In
municipal matters ns Well, and women
The  W.  C. T.  V.        	
a number of young mon from the
churches organized whal was known
as the Christian Mis-ion union, and In
connection with ibis svork the VV. C.
T. r. rented a large room where the
bank of commerce now stands and
fitted It up as a reading room. Part
of rhe VV. C. T. f. share of the fur-
>.i blngs  was an organ.  Here gospel
atlngs were held every Sunday
nlghl after church, and we had the
blessing of God for souls were saved
al .bos.- meetings, and men still lis.-
in this city svbo dale their decisions
iron, those meetings. Bul ,,���,��� nlghl
fire ran along that side of Columbia
Btreel and burned our building and
.most of iis contents, The organ happening to b.- near the door, wa.s
save I.
Jail   Services   Begin.
From  this  union  the  W. 0.  T.   r.
' services in the jail began and we eon-        ^	
tlnued them until a couple of sears secure the Interesl Of others.
ago when the ministerial association Vernon was reached March 17th.
approached the govern,uenl regarding Mrs. spofford addressed the Methodist
the necessity for ordained ministry prayer meeting and also attended a
for the prisoners. Hul I may add Presbyterian social where she nie,
there are still Sabbaths when were quite a number of ladies, son... of
ii ,,.,, for the faithfulness of our jail whom Reamed much Interested in her
superintendent, Mrs. W. A. Gilley. the work. A meeting was held and eleven |
prisoners   would   not   hear   the   gospel   ladies  attended,     Tbey  decided   to  or-
..t peace.   After the destruction of the ganize on ber return trip if practlc-
Mission hall young men organized the able.
Y. M. C. A. which did. as many ol you K.losvna was next  visited, March 23
know, effective work  until  the build- (Friday.)    Mrs. Spofford saw the pas-
Ing ssas wiped oui  by the big fire of tors  of  the   Methodist,   Presbyterian
1898, and/Baptist  churches, also discovered
Opening of Women's Hospital. everal    "Al"    women.    On    Sunday
Th,. nexl  work of Importance to be c|Sht, the 25th, she addressed a mass
in conjunction with consider, l and a resolution passed
committing the local unions to tbe
svork ol raising funds ami the sub-
executive to whal then seemed the
more difficult ta ik of finding a suitable woman. However, to the satis-
("���' lon of all, I trust, an arrangement
was marl, with Mrs. ('. Spofford, of
Victoria, and on the 6th of March
She Started trom Vancouver for Knder-
by, where she organized a union of
twent) members, after visiting
thirty-two women in their h um i.
President, Mrs. ii. Hale; secretary,
Mrs. .1. McMahon; treasurer, Mrs. .v.
Paul. Twelve members subscribed
for the White Ribbon Hull,'tin.
From Enderby Mrs. Spofford wenl
to Ai mstrong, arriving there M neb
llth. She ,-, malned there five days
and visited aboul thirty women. At
a meeting it was decided to defer
organization until Ihc return trip, ,o
give the im,���rested ladles a chance to
night service. April 8th. Her purpose
after thai waa lo go on Into the Koot-
ena)   district.
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Rlk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 21, 415 Granville street. Joseph Man In, K. C, .'.
W. Weait, VV. G. McQuarrle, II. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wi��l be In tho
Westminster offices every Friday af
J. H. Todd
Sewing Machines
Singer and
W.   LYLE  & CO.     Wheeler & Wilson
��    1
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
Cor. 8th and ( arnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
Both on easy terms
or pne
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
HOWAY, REED & BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. J. H. Howes, P. O. Ilox
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, lllackie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
VV. J.  Whiteside, II. L.  L'dmonds.
Gents' Prefered
Bring your old  bicycle    and  get lt
made as good ns ness. We are experts
ll. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor ol the supreme court. Offices
t'aiiadiaii   Bank   of   Commerce   build-    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lug,   Columbia   street,   opposite   post-   on all kinds of repairing. We have been
ofiice,  New  Westminster,    Money  to '
GEORGE E, MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle streets, New Westminster, B, C.
instantly   at the repairing   business).
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English, Japanese and Chinese Styl��
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Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Business Institute
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.Columbia  St. New Westminster.
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an and Greg?
and  EnpnM
tryi1.!".1!. :;���
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teachers   (eight)   and   th'
W. N. Draper
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(lowers anil floral designs,    Dahlias
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salaries. s^mm .������,
K. ... S.'ROTT. B.A., Prmgk
,.  .  mill >tri
Foot of 4th Ave. Cdr. WW
New Westminster, Ii. t
You Buy "B. C."
voters are eligible for office as school| undertaken   by
trustees.    While i _0 nol think worn- "I"*"1       ,,!' ,h'
an's place Is In municipal councils or   '''
legislative balls, I do think ii is their  two lives bavin.
ihis   union   was   tha meeting in the  Mefhodlsi  church, at
Women'.,    bo   iltal. '   '! ��� " ' '  'ho r igular   ei   le, .    She
...        ,    lf .             .      , !    . .  i  ���-,  ���;      and
been sacraflced in a ���-'���<���..r.-u the names of thirty men and
right  uml duty to be represented on j near  by  community  owing to there) women who promised to become mam-
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���\i :
_��*��_��_sa_es_*9__^_*_i_'>_'W_'>>^^ religion.    Sometimes   I   le absorption      Surely when we Bee sucb manifests
>J   In innocent pleasure; sometimes ii Is  tlon ot power we can recognize the
i*i   unwillingness   to   deny   one's   self   of  power  of   th,    infinite  and   recognize
pleasures which are sinful and danger-  the truth    of the non-destruetiveness
ous. i>t   the  soul   of   man   In   spite   of  the
ind by a retraction lhal be remained   jiwr    \\ftWK   VISITS
��� ,i... church.   The case excited great',��WI   UUnlL   ll-llo
A  Message  From    the    San    FrancisCO   ;���;       Bishop    Vaughan truly says:    "The  change and  decay  of all else ln life,  Alaskan Pioneer Commits Suicide Be
, ��     t   t> >5   worst of ,,11 habits is the making of Truly ts this a message for the living
cause of Domestic Row and
Calamity  -Sermon  by KeV. A. J. brace  ��������   e_Cuses for ourselves to ourselves.'       and like the handwriting on the wall
of the West   End    Methodist    Church.   ������!       ""' underlying truth of th.- lesson the plain message is "Prepare to meet
.-. a    is  that excuses  are  invalid  and will  thy God."
JbHBMWC-BBWBWBWBOW^ ;ivai: nothing before God.    Rather, a     "It is an awful thing to fall Into the      Seattle,    April 27.���Driven   to
"And they all with one consent be-  must be unselfish with his possessions,  wise,   rational,    reasonable    spiritual hands of the living Qod."   God never  pondency because his wife had beg��n
gan to make excuse."   Lujte 14-18. By his action ln refusing God's over- j Preparation.through a practical   ann, eternal | proceedlnga   f01.   divorce, Harry    A
Christ's favorite way of teaching
was in parable form. Under the
veil of allegory or parable pregnant
and suggestive truths lay hidden and
Christ in His own inimitable manner
so courteously revealed them thai direct and unmistakable inference demonstrated their power and appropriate-
Interest, and. while the public sympathized win, the accused, and perhaps
with his heterodox utterance, and hla
congregation would hav. loyally supported him, in the event of an adverse
verdict, the doctrine he had doubted
was    reaffirmed    as a tenet    of the
church.     1���   the   Interval   since   that
,],.s.   case   was   heard,   Ihe   disbelief   In   an
And  Contradictory     Reports Art  ��'���
culated About Her Attitude
Towards  Him.
Chicago,    Aprl
_7.���Following �����!
,-ieni i punishment, which he ventured  ports thai John Alexander! I
lures he said, as many men have .said, definite faith in God is necessary, damnation. "I'is a matter of personal
by deed If not inward, thai he would l'''.r "we know not ihe day nor the choice and result is the consequence
do like the world though he perished j hour when th.. Son of Man shall ap-
wiih it, swim with the stream though pear."    It.   seems  unmanly   to   be   a
I.,  express  in  carefully  guarded  and  very sick man, Ovei
tentative language, has been proclaim-
Jane Do��M
1   hav
Excuse   of   Business.
.���   bough,   five  yoke  of  oxen,
In this case the nobleman's feast is
likened unto the gospel feast. Invitations are sent out and excises come  ' '"��*! 8��  ' P��>ve them."
that,  are  made  for      The application to the Jews again
he drowned in it. rather go socially | Christian to escape punishment;
to hell than In the uncomfortable rather should we because 'tis our
soli,,uie of precise singularity ,,, privilege thus to buI Btanttelly ac-
heaven when convictions are called knowledge our blessings. Then, too,
for. j In the last week we have had pressed  Btia.ll li
home to us in a forceful manner the
reality of death and the power of
God through nature.
of personal choice.    This is no time
wife of the depo    I ; :he Clu* 1
Smith, a pioneer merchanl or Sunrise ,.,, wjI|| f,,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,������ thl. ,,,,,,,1, wlth.  tlan Catholic chu ' >w *
City, on Cook Inlet, Alaska, and for- out causing surprise in the peopl,  or '"""l In his apartments at '
The  toriun, Annex ye terday.
This is the Brsl Iim,  l"��:
The  excuses
not   accep
ting   the   gospel   are   as   de
is   here   very   striking,    The   Jewish
ii     <���        ..,._   ���c  th���  ,v<.ii��,.^  mull.   l'n'l''is  hhv  l.u^.v  will,  their  kind  of
void   "f  reason   as  the  excuses  mail.
The   Sad   Calamity.
speaking    of  the  sad
for excuses, or denial because of mis-  merly chief of police al   Astoria, or.,  remonstrance from the minis,rj
understanding,  for "the conscience  is   and   sheriff   of  Claisop   county,     Or..   ""���'">  "f evolution which thirty years
ago was anathematised from the pul- wife have Been each otn
pit, is now treated, with respectful con- months.   When General Oi
siiieraiion if ������, win, assent.   Higher Uva assumed control al Zlont ^
das   afternon by Bring a bullel  Into criticism adapted to the needs of an Dowle cast ber toi with l'v
his brain. age of scientific InvesUgation ami dis- ministration and si""'   1"11     (-
Too Sure of Themselves. Tne divorce proceedings had bo tied  covery, Is being made helpful Iii the pudiated her husband, Becaui     -
A   few   weeks   ago  when   Vancouver   Up   his   properly    that    he   could    no,   spread   of   religious   truth   rather   than s'''><'   "r   affairs   those   H��
was  celebrating  her  birthday  and  a  realize anything trom it.   This made being treated as antagonistic to lt. The the controversy over Zion
committee   was at    work    collecting llis  financial  con.li,ion  embarrassing, controversy   which   raged  In  Ontario a great deal of signifies
vival- uf -N,|,s. Howie.
the candle   of    the  Lord."    Excuses committed suicide at  the toot of lhe
will   make   a   way   of  escape   for   no   Mn,,is(m  pMk  clmteSi  SeatUe,  yester-
man.    "Whatsoever a man sows that
��� also  reap."
go when Vancouver  up   his   property   that   he   could   not  spread ,,f religious truth rather than  s,'"('
'Frisco funds for the, day one individual -was i'1"1 falling to secure employment, bis 0Ver   the   Insistence,   by   the
for nol accepting the invitation to the
Interpretation   of Bcrlptures, with the calamity tar be it trom our minds to approached  who said:    "No, not for despondency became more aggravated, lets Torey and Alexander, who reeentlj
Mrs. Dowle was ace,
feas,     The general idea obtains thai   handling and control of the sl]
an excuse is mad- no matter whal Its affalr8 '"   ,h"  natlon-    They  did not
validity In order '" shin responsibility  u',m "' chan8e their conduct for tear
and to postpone personal acting.        ��� they might lose personal and monetary
Excuse of Possession.
lhe appl,canon  to modern  times is
The   first   excuse   is   the   barrier  of   |||s|   ,[S  (|i|.(,,.t      Mi|(li,ni   ,(1,s,n,.ss  ,.x.
possessions.     "I   hav..   bought   a   piece    a   ,,���.   ,.,.,,.���int,  ,.,���.,,,   .,,,..   Ki,.s,
of  ground,  I   must   needs  go  and   see   1(|u  ,|USV   u_   .(,.,inil  t_  ,h(.  cla,m_  oJ
"���'                                                                          Chris,;   BBCOnd,     we   would     have   to
The application  Is made directly to  change    _n_  |insi|1(.ss  (,  w.���    ,���,,.	
,be .lews.    The leading Jews had  ver>    chrlgtian8;   ,hlr(1    ,,s  ���������_   ftg   w���   .���..
much at    stake���their    country, their  ,.,,,,,,,,.,,,. ������,. fortune we %vill (.,,]lsilp.r   message    comes from  this
holy   city,   their   temple,   their   syna-  ,,|(i  rll,.isll.in  iifl, disaster.
,,i of ih.- sipiriiuai  lU'~ tlcally assert In any pharasaic this God  forsaken spot," and with a
and   In  a  lit   of temporary    insanity  held great gatherings in Toronto, on  A x '*>' her Bon,
,��� latter did
manner thai t be horrible cat astro phe suing oi   oaths  declared  thai   when Smith decided on bis self-destruction, the existence of a literal hell, was par. but the latter did
is God's judgment on San Francisco,  iii 'Frisco be could  make easily $::, The body was found soon after death  ticipaieii iii by prominent clergymen, occupied bj  Ins t.''
If   Judgment   it   was   to   be   then   the  on   a   Sunday   bul   m   Vancouver   he  and  waa taken to the Horn,oy-Wa,son   and   the   severest   blows   which   were       Mrs,   Dowle   " ""'"'^ "',  in iioit.t
escaped   with   their couldn'l    make anything on    Sunday, company's    morgue pending    Instruc-  leveled al the proclalmers of the doc- band's apartmenl      ��	
people   bad   not
lives  by   tens  ���f  thousands,  and  if and with   added curses   said:    "I'm  ''""- fl'",M hls widow, who is now in  nine were directed from the pulpit
wickedness bad been the cause then going back to God's country and live."  Seward, Alaska
gogues, their rank, their wealth, their     .^^ ,n|() klndred l,x(.lls���s .,,,. ���,.���,,.      Beautiful  'Frisco with its halt mil-
'Frisco would not i.e the only city A tew weeks before the greal Chi-
on th.. Coasl to be visited by earth- cage flre a v. M. C. A, secretary ap-
quake and flre. V,-, Inasmuch as the proached a wealthy man in his own
calamity has taken plac, there Is food richly appointed office for a $260 dolor   ,hough,   and   a   grave   and   timely nation to the assoeiaiion work.    "Why
ppalling I could,,',  think of such a sum,'' said
the   rich   man.     "Well,"   replied   the
leadership of the people. They were a]i(| m,|(1(i tll()U),hUes.s|v willl llnl(. Ilon population and one of the wealth-
unwilling to consider the claims of lflea q{ t)]| h.ir,1(.ninK ' procea8 that leBt ''i,i,:s "n the American continent,
Christ l'-st It would lead to their re-
secretary, "if you would giv,- me half searched by a coroner's deputy,
of   one   of   these   Inlaid   onyx   tables
that are worth  $500 each,  you would
goes   on   and   in   time   unfits   a   man   invested,  equipped,   and   adorned   with'not   feel   It.     It   would   help   Christian       Tl.p,ls    hv   c.(.,.h.sl.,Kti(..u
li'iuishing their material   possessions.| eyen t_ b(j ft atrong unBejflgjj character aI1 the modern improvements and de- work  materially,   besides   if  a  great   ,
They were afraid they might be culled   , s u_efu] ag h(i m^{ be an(] &g Go(]   velopmenl    thai down-to-date    science fire was to come yon would lose all."
upon to deny themselves. I w&nts h,ffl (0 b_ .)n(] M he ought tQ 1)p  could suggest;  with its halls of learn
in      acknowledgment     of      manifold  lnS.    legislature and  commerce;    Its
mercies and blessings. banks, marts, warehouses, architect-.
Excuse  ol   Pleasure.
The thought of this excuse applies
in our own age.    In modern times the
rejection of Christ from the stand- ral splendor and remarkable beauty-
point of possessions arises. First, Excuse of Pleasure, .,,, ,practlcally destroyed in three
from the pressure of cares and an- "I hav. married a wife and there- minutes of an earthquake shock. True
xieties that fully occupy the mind; fore I cannol come." the rulnalion was made complete b>
second, from the fear that It may have The most foolish of all excuses, and the raging hungry flames but the
lo   be   used   for   the   Lord   Instead   of the   weakest,  admitting   the  influence   ;.,���,..,,   [a0(     remains  that   the     proud
"Don't you know, sir." replied the
magnate with a contemptuous curl of
liis lips and a hiss, "that the flre departm.-n, of Chicago Ih of national
reputation and could extinguish the
very fires of hell Itself?" In two
weeks he lost all by lire and was
While, however, in Canada greater
freedom of expression ami Interpretation is permitted >,, the elegy, the
cardinal  doctrines  of the  faith  as  we
lind them in the four gosp.ds continue
unquestioned,   It has remained for a
minister of the   Protestant-Episcopal
church     of  the   Fulled     Slates,  after
twenty-five  years'   labor  a.s  a   clergy.
man, io deny every fundamental truth
of   Christianity,   ami   for   the   church
nils.   01   court   to     which   he     is   amenable   to
hrlstian    ministers    on    charges of gravely   consider   whether   his   dlsbe-
heresy are almost things of the past. Hef  is  Inconsistent   with  his  protes
tor the las, two weeks Sn,i h
slaved al the Wallflrsl Hotel In North
Beattle. yesterday he borrowed 10
cents from the landlady for car fare.
One half of this he used to take him
to Madison Park, The other nickel
was    found     iu    his    clothing    when
after  which  she  wa- V
her son and thej  returned to*��*|
Tha,  Mrs.   ,lrt vWt to *��
band was for the purpose ol����H
i���. I    reconciliation was  .l"'1
nigh, by those associated wltuWJ
who asserted thai she called o
bis propo*
lo  arranged  for
to  Zlon  City  nexi  Saturday..
Thiit Dowle was In a J>�� J
tlon was denied by all fl��"�� ��
fui to bim.
Fox Buys Building'
.Toronto,   April   ���       -     ^ji
It  Is  true  that   in  recent   years,  both   sll|n   as  a  teacher  of  the   religion   of'"""''1    ��   "'Vli,   New  Votk U|e" I
In  the  I'nited  States and   In  Canada,1 Christ.     The   trial,   which   began   at g ^ lllTI'y by WH|lanI C  ,J
several  notable cases have  occurred,   Hataviu,   X.   Y.,  recently,   is  interest-' 8UrlinC0 co   _ ' Ro8g ���.iiri*''!
i of (lie Unn Of r"^ '-��� I'lXVI
and while ln some Instances the find-  lng only  as Indicating the    growing!'     ". ,u    for ft little t��*VA
ings  have been  adverse  to the  mln-  looseness In  the republic of religious J?" ��1~'.     Ilteratioas *l"b  ,^1
Isters accused, they have tended rather opinion.    There ls no dispute as to1     " ,Al'" " *
to demonstrate the growing liberality what the accused, Dr. Crapsy, who was
of   view   on   the   par,   of  the   clergy   reetor     of   St,   Andrew's     church   In
gaining for self;  third, in other cases  of another to rob him of his Individ-', handiwork of man, the complex sclen- ,���Sfg ^Z-^JTm"^'  "  ^'' ,h"n",",ve8'   ,",,,   ^lelr   refus,ll   ">   '"'   ","���h"S,,',' tor yea"' Bal"'    The <""��������
000. Extensive alteraUoM
and the board of tro
as tenants.
le wl" c0��'
Reduction Dorks P^J*.-.
Kenora, Ont..
i,  might have to be restored if i,  had   ualiiy and  personal decision. | ttflo     combination       that     makes    a'aVkn'owsTh^'tn^h^anTlnte^  l"'""'1,'?; ,ln,"���h;,,,"re,' Cr"""S i"1"  ""  "0D ^ |S"'" iH -11"111"'- '"' "'"  "iH Ut>
been dishonestly obtained.    Zacchens     The oriental custom ,-b.aine,, that  modern city, the mom intal res,,,,of lh".r.s     d sin  ^r   nt^   !^    ?n:   "     TT"'   '""" '" T"T     '",'"' "�� "0l    Vl��,ate n"' Unn works of the Don.:
oui  ne.irts ana still picuis toi ,i near-1 punish a heterodox brother for the ex-  doctrines Of the church,    ln 1804 and 1k,n "OrKB
ing.     Let   ui   forget   the   excuses  and i press Vm of novel opinons. 11906 Dr. Crapsy delivered a series of  'ng comp.... ^
faced this problem, but when he was when   a   youth   married   he   was   ex-! years of the best   brain  of man and
ready  to  make   full   restribiitlon  Cod empled from responsibility for a year  expenditure of millions of money was
honored   him  as   He  will  every  man. ���a  year    to  spend    In    ease.    Th<>  hlnsloil in three minutes of time.
It  certainly  requires  back   bon..,   but striking    fhotighi   here  Is  how    nun
I' ls tho making of character. through    luxury and ease    deny    the
When the rich young mun came to claim     of   Christ    The     delights   <,r      How  small  Is  puny  man  and  how
Josus to seek the way of eternal life bome,  th,
Message for the   Living.
, o,  ....   ���" .r()vl'u������
listen   and   obey   and   know   peace   of      I, Is ������w 0Ver thirty years ago that,   sermons   which   he  subsequently   pub- flra ioAAy' T"
one of the  Ushed under the title of religion nnd' u"on wWon "U'r"  *,
most   distinguished   ministers of the| politics,    in    these   sermons he ex      ni" '" '''
Rev.    D. .1, Macdonnell,
The buildings
although    morally guiltless    he went   fascinations    of   society     often   lead
away sorrowful  when  he learned he  ..>;i   to  make  excuse   far   neglecting
The Star Candy Factory taken over
pleasures of appetite, the weak his best efforts when compared!b�� Mr.  Burdett  has been completely
to the great  laws of nature and  the renovated and home-made candles are
author of nature���Nature's God:       i the order of the day.
Presbyterian  Church   In   Canada,   was'Pressed   disbelief   in   the   divinity   ,,f ond a cyanide a
cited before the general  assembly fori Christ,  lhe    conception  of  the    Holy
expressing doubt as to the eternity of Ohost, the virgin birth, the bodily res-
pnnlshmenl.    It  was  very    narrowly | urrectlon, and the trinity.
is no i
i  'in Sl*""
mi elilo#*l__i
but  In  rcce
They were bonused bl
extent of 120,000.
���, years ir**^
iii,. i"��"


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