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The Daily News Nov 24, 1906

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ites His Triumphs���Refers to His "Good Friend    With
the Usual Ponderous Sarcasm���Compliment    .e
Daily News and Ignores Columbian.
was tilled bin not
.   nu tbe occasion
.   rally consequent
:   Premier   McBride,
'   Bpeaki r oi  the
(..faithful of the party
��� i. and    before   the
they   bad   become J
k .. iver the pri mi- r'S
I   | . touching similes,
I , io iching referenci -
, ...   old   flag     With
L, am.   those   present
I have en. questions to ask the
whn was allowed al! the lati-'
.i.a.a i ;,, all bis statements.
eption was supplied by a rank
nliu wandered into the hall
|t of Information.    The Beeker
had Imbibed a considerable j
; alcohol for the early hour
the meeting was nailed, and
Interesl   flagged, he would
te needed stimulus by asking
some question of import-
|a yapping little  mongrel  cur
|> : bla  quota  to   the  amuse-
) the evening, but  was ejected
kings couple of strong canine
against sunn of the premier's
��i..  .1 Ir Taylor was also pres- [
Gilford,   M.P.P.,   was   ihe
ter. ami made quite a rous-
h. telling the party members
" about what the Conserva-
' m   a1 ihe province.   He
���> tin  people generally   were
Kith the  way   the  McBride
had acted, and that at the,
faun the same party would be
to pqwer with.an even great-
:��� than they have at present.
'1-.he Conservatives to fight
- u ���     would be sure to at-
I     - .     chairman   of   ihe
then called   upon  the Hon.
ilcBtlde to speak,
'   '    rei -ived quite an ova-
the platform, ami
iting until the last
:!l" applause bad died away,
" mouth to speak words
":   ������   wis lom,    Ii  bad hoi
1  to address a politi-
��� '.   nn eting   here,   he said,
ti Ii gram to his good
'���     rd,    ..... lng   be would -
1   thi_   city to-day,
n   all assot lated with
'   ol one pai ty here,"
* lm ' riated    individual
"' '    to;    "I'm    nol   a.
McBrlde   said that
Impression that
' vere to be pulled
Although   ibis   was
.  lie   would   urge
! ���   nei.   sltj of inl
��� "!'��� ice, and work-
��� ' i be iai i ",    If
' .  the enemy
'ly;   they   would
lie  hi lloved   the
���   m ..��� satlsfle I
'be   Conservative
'    11"'.   I iie   pi o
��� - - _ j i   rendei
���lea':   with  the
ih- notioed
a      "!'|ioS|1J<iu
1 ���'iii".-   to  ihis I
inatelj they were
Lhal   no reason.
digest them,
took  place al
' niiers   held   in
thai ii was
the represents.
' uvlnce realize
British Columbia
meaning, Mr.
���  '   I'.  E.  Island
11 one ei the lakes
'*  Nova   Scotia
obtained a 'la: eon-., liction < : the
whole story. This showed how hard
up the Grits w. re -.. bi n thej musi
accepl the false sl u mi nt ol somi
liolitical hireling In i rdei to minimize
Uo    work   he   had   doni       il'    fo in I  a
lami ntable Igaoranci   ol thi   pro. Ince
among -lie ; pie ol ��� a u ��� y, Canada.
I' waa ihi. Ignoram ������ ol local conditions which made I i fo ihe
vim '��� ���'. obtain the better ti -ms to
which it was entitle I. !:> then de
scrl ""I bow h,. had pleaded with Ws
brother premiers for a whi le week before I num in. leaving :.��� Conference,
an.l slated Dial he , :... toi a Mils Btep
when everything ei., had failed. He
did noi wish to advocate anj extreme
me;,us. hm he certainlj was going to
in--:.-' upon getting a ; the province
was   entitled  lo.
Mi McBride believed thin his ac-
tion had been approve ( i . ;, large majority of ibe residents if this prov-
Ince, and the facl tha: he wa- deluged
with telegrams congratulating him
upon the stand he had taken wiiile he
wa.- still iu Ottawa, proved 'iii- conclusively. When in- arrived neareT
bome, be was fete I an | i anquete 1
along ihe line, while upon his arrival
ai the capital be w_s treated with the
ut most generosity.
The question of bettei terms had
:iot been introduced bj bim ;..-��� ._ party
cry, in spite of vrhal bis friend, Mr.
J A. Macdonald, mighl have said at
a meeting held ben- <n Wednesday.
"The trouble with :::������ Liberals," continued Mr. McBride, i- lhal -hey are
suffering from chronic cold Ieet. It
is the most aiiiuniiit thing lor me to
read ihe speeches ol Mr Macdonald
and the editorials o! mj good friends
Higgins and Brown. Both are very
good friends of mine, especially Mr.
Brown. In Bust, wh-:. Mr, Brown has
been againsi me in an < lection, I have
generally succeeded. Let him continue his good w-iil; lie is helping
out our <-ans_- n greal deal through
the medium of tin Dall; News, which
is it very snicd link paper." Tbe premier also referred ti editorials in the
Vancouver World i:i much the same
strain, and menl. changing the nature of his saTcasni h trifle, sn thai ii
might not become wearisi me upon his
A reference to tb Terence in ihe
treasury   since  thi   Conservatives en
1*. r<   I   lntfi)   office,   an I  a   li iv   lem.'irks
concerning the inmpn .ement in the
- ��� iol system v.ina: thi j ha i intro-
duced, together with some Interesting
Information aboul the lumbering industry . and a mo test assi rtion thai
ihe Conservatives ." ������ ivholly responsible tor the pros |H ro .- State of the
province, closed an Inn n -ung and en
lertaining address by the Conservative
pa: ��� \ leader. Afti i thanks ha I been
i xlended to fhe vai I i a- akei .-. the
r:t'S .ml file m .:. he I 0 i: a.'. i
seiei ��� 'ru remahie i :n I In hall
cuss   political   ma: ii : s
Washington. Nov. 23.-As the result of fric- {
tion over publishers' privileges in the two countries, ���
the Canadian government has notified the United {
j States government that the postal convention bet- }
��� ween the two countries will be abrogated on May 1st j
| next. The notice i.s accompanied by a statement that }
| it is only in so far as it relates to second-class matter {
j that  this action is desired to extend, and that if by i
} legislation, or departmental action, new regulations }
! are framed for the guidance of the l'nited States
} post office department regarding second-class mat-
{ ter, Canada will be prepared to enter upon negotia- j
! tions for another convention relating to this class of !
! matter. i
Receive Satisfactory Reports From Branches���Are Entertained at Dinner, and Listen to Several Stirring Missionary Addresses.
The annua' convention of the Meth-.who will shortly leave for China and
odisi Women's Foreign Missionary so   Japan, respectively
ciety of the New Westminster district      Mr. Robertson was ihe iii-st speaker.
was    held    vesterdaj    afiernoon   and   He told his audience some Interesting
Evidence All In���
Decision Reserved
evening in the Queen's avenue Methodist i hurch. There were nol manj
deli gates from outside points, but all
Ibe mission circles and hands in the
district senl in encouraging reports.
There has heen growth in numbers
during the year to the exteal of one
new mission band.
The Ladner delegates wei,' prevented  from   ln-iii
the   death     o
facts about the Held for which be soon
expects to sail. He said thai a greater
awakening was going on in China at
lhe present time than the world in
general had any Idea of.    At Chen Tu,
to which place he was going, a col
lege had been organized, with the
leaching staff of whieh he would soon
be Identified, A friend of his, in writ
presenl on accouni of L-g from China, recently bad said: "If
their    president,   Miss   ym do not  come  to China  soon, you
The    much
brought   bj   .1.
publisher   of
libel suit
e litor and
Columbia a,
discusse I
H. Taylor
the Daily
against .1. C. Brown, managing director of ihe Daily News, came up for
hearing in the police coun yesterday
morning, when the coun room was
crowded   bj   well-known   men   about
made   a   deliberately
with   the   Intention
board of trade.
Under    cross-examination
lalse  statement
to    deceive   the
bv    Mr.
, Tbirkle, whose remains were place i will nol see china." Ten thousand
in their last resting place yesterday. Chines.' Btudents are now studying in
The officers present were Mrs. W. Japanese colleges, and all through
H. Barraclough, district organizer, and China an educational system was be-
Miss olive Woodward, who was elect- ing put Into operation on lines very
ed secretary, The feature of the af- similar to those now In vogue on this
ternoon session was an address by continent. In Chen Tu, it was no un-
Mrs. W. E, Pescott, of Vancouver, on , common sight to see -t.llllO Chinese
.impressions received   al  the   general students,   arrayed   In   their   college
Howay, Mr. Taylor said that be Intro-   women's missionary conference which ! dress, wending their way to their col-
duced the resolution dealing with ihe
bridge subsidy at   the meeting of Ihe
was   recently   held    at   llelville,  Out.   lege'campus for Iheir athletic sports
The  question    drawer    was  ably con-j contests,  shouting   their   college   yell
board of  trade,  and   had prepared   a   ducted   by   Mrs.   W.  .1.   Cunningham, as  'bey  passed   through  the  streets.
the Information ihat the report of Uie
board of trade meeting whicb appeared iu the Columbian was written by a
reporter who was present at lbe meeting. Mr. Taylor admitted thai he had
re-written part of it, and that the portion of the article dealing especially
with the resolution introduced by bim.
through the proper channel, which
was by examining the company'.-,
books. Mr. Whiteside complained
thai the witness was unduly reticent,
saying that be knew very well wbo
banded In thai parlicular piece of
copy, who wrote It, and what hud be
come of it.   The witness pointed out
Shams Death and Then Chews Up the
Assailant's  Hand���Blood Poisoning Results.
INJURES MMi i. .11
Lighted    Candle     Falls     Amoncj    T. i
��� and  Starts *   E'aze���E. v
Badly -Hurt.
ne ol the cou*
|i.     i '"ll in-   < oun-
I a.   Similar fig. |
ft '���'""" Into in con-
I "'"er provinces,
I 'hai  the o-
, .       '��<*lcapi.
I       . ' Mr, Whitney
' vicBride  was
rri��"*  in his con-
> The Hon. Mr,
Whitney and
���a i .   Spi lng,  a   14-yi
wi b injured rathi r serl   ..-':  las   evi i
Ing i j the explosion of a i arrel of tai
in a woodshed at the rear of bit father's  residence. Twelfth  Btreet.   1 he
���j oung lad was sent nui in chop some
kindling wood and took a i andle with
hi;.,.      |j,.   placed   Hi,-   i ami: i   on   lb.
, ; -��� of a   barrel  containing  tai   ai
proceeded  to perform his woi k,    Bj
some means the can Hi   fell into the
tar and a frightful explosion Immedl
ately  resulted,    The  lad  was  .-truck
in  Ihe face by flying pieces oi wood.
uml was badly cul and gashed, while
the  woodshed   was   sel  on  flte    An
alarm was Bent In to the flre ball, i n I
the  brigade was soon on  tii" spot, but
the neighbors had mastered tbe flames
in   the meantime.    Drs* W    K< i
and  Rothwel]  wee suuiniom  I    a ;  '���'
ten led to the little   ufferer.
town, who were taking keen interest iengthy report dealing with the Bub- and following it, nn address to the as-1 China was awakening, nnd very rap-
In this novel suit. The case was open- ject> tne s.li(1 resolution having been sembled children of ihe city mission idly. It was only a matter of a short
ed by a few legal arguments between j printed in extenso in tbe Daily Colum- hands by Miss H. I). Winters, teacher; time, and Ihe antiquated methods und
the different counsel, Messrs. . . w. Bian of Nov. 15. Before answering to of the kindergarten school, which took customs of long ago would give place
Howay and J. P, Hampton Bole repre- certain questions, Mr, Taylor referred the form of an object lesson on "The to twentieth century Ideas and meth-
senting the defendant, while Messrs j l0 a (,opy of ,ne Columbian whicli he Clean Heart," which was greatly en- ods, The need at the present time
Whiteside and Edmonds acted for Mr.  held in his lap.    When requested by  joyed by the children. ': was to get the gospel in as fast as it
fayior. , the counsel for the defence to put the       At   the close  of  the  afiernoon  ses-; could  be gol   Ihere. and  win the land
At the outset, Mr. Whiteside ad- paper away, be refused, bui complied sion, dinner was served in the lecture for Christ,
dressed the beach wid stated that be upon the magistrate saying that he room of the church, and the ladies Rev. C. P. Holmes was next called
wished to Lave the intorinatio.i ��� ctmj<j refer |��� Dle paper whenever present nearly all stayed for the even- upon and gave nn Interesting address
changed somewhat The words "de-jijjere was absolute necessity. The ing session, which commenced at S on work in .lapan. lo which he has deliberately false Statement" he wished j matter Of bridge subsidies had been o'clock, eided to devote his life. Both gentle-
to have altered to read "wilful and de- discussed during the election of 1904, At the evening session, the chair! men will be heard In the city churches
liberately false .statement." The coun- but 3ie did not remember having heen was occupied by Rev. \V. H. Barra- to-morrow. Mr. Holmes will occupy
sel for the defence immediately raised asked certain questions pertaining to clough, arid the speakers were Rev. H. the pulpit o. the Sapperton Methodist
an   objection   to   thus    changing   ibe  ^iH. granting of subsidies, and did noi   1). RoberjUon and Rev. C. P. Holmes,! church on Sunday morning.
charge against  his client.    Mr.  White- ijiememher   that   any   had   been asked.    ta 83   1 .uuj__e
side wished   to   have    me   objection   He did not  remember being told dur-  .Xews saying  that  J.  (.'.   Brown  was
overruled, aud considered thai he was   jIlg the election of 1904 thai a proviu-   managing  director  was  correct.    M.
within his rights in   asking   for the cia]  bridge could poi   get a   subsidy   Howay objected, pointing oui thatMr.i
amendment    Mr,    Howay    reiterated   from the Dominion government. Johnstone  bad  no means of knowing
his oiijeciion on the ground thai ������ Further cross-examination elicited "-this, 'mii ,llal " could be learned;
was a most material change in the
charge, as the libel was in ihe Uuiu-
.ui in He and his colleague had come
prepared to meet the charge with bin
uu. construction.
The cour' dec:.led that lhe change
could be made.
.1. D. Taylor was the first witness to
take the stand, and in answer to counsel's questions, said thai he was the
editor an I manager of the Cohimbian,
a.ud thai he wa- a member of the
board ol trade. He was present at
the mei ;ing of the board on Nov. 14
and pi-:-' tte I tiie 11 solution asking
tor a .-.i isidy Ior the Fraser river
bridge, and also tool) pari in the discussion which fi lowi . i.i read the
,i . am ol the mee Ing In the Daily
:-��� ��s the next oi ining, au 1 a. p rea I
thi " litorial complaim ; if, and. as he
u.is ihe only J   D  Tayloi   presi nt al
a ���     bi ting, h      new   thai   the per-
. son  mentioned   in the i lite lal  musi
.. i im.   He re eivi I Dn  copy of the
��� ., Ij  News at hi   o1    ��� ,    ���   virtue ol
,:  .,..  imieni   ni   ������     butwei n Jiim
.    tm '��� the to ���      ed I the Dallj
....i,.'.,    hi ��� first es
taulisbe :.
|    i . ill     Bl       :
.,,.'. i    .i,     introduced    Into   an a
,-ith which be ha I no cou
.,,.,...... ... |i  pe i   ���    e was
.       , ���    . | '   ��� .,    Dailj   N< ki     II"
,    ...   he ground thai
���   ighl  ������ a  a ���   Mi    Bro
..ah. and   no        alnsl    tbi   D 11
, ,      bum   Company,     \   con-
,, .   bi ' a -'-ii   the   Columbian
and the discussion which followed ,llal he sei upwards of a hundred ar-
was his work. He slated that it was tides every nighl. and lhal he paid
his practice 10 revise anything which ��" particular attention to who handed
was  written  for the Columbian  whicb''" the copy.    It was brought In by dif
ferenl    members   of    the    slaff.
satisfied with
concerned  bim   in   any   way.     He   rewrote the portion ol ibe article about counsel appeared
noon on  Thursday,  after he had   rea 1 >*''' "nation.
the editorial in the Daily News,    lie Daniel  Costello, questioned  by the
did noi  know thai  the reading of the prosecuting counsel, said that he did
editorial Influenced him In any way li
the writing of the report.    Would nol
ihai   ii  had  or  bad  not.    He   had   the office, and be was  subject   lo
not know who wrote lbe editorial complained Of.    Mr. Brown had charge oi
M r.
not taken anv notes at the meeting,
and   wrote  from��memory, bul  to the
best   of  bis  knowledge.  Ihe  quotations
used wen- correct He did ool rewrite the article with a view to fur
tin r  proceedinj a
Mr. Taj lor state i I Imi  he ol ji
pai ticulnrl i   to the   word
Al i    l'n au  did  no
Brown Tlu- witness also wenl iut.i
details connected with the printing offlce, and gave Ihe names of all the
members of the staff.
L. w. Luce, a repoiter on the Daily
\i ws, was ihe nexl witness placed on
the stand.    After answering  tbe  pre
"unwritten   llmlnarj  questions, be Btated thai  he
a.  iinwri;    reported the proceedings al the board
Roberi     Clnpp.    belter    known    as
"Bob." is  nursing  a   hand   which   has-
been threatened with blood poisoning
us ii   result   of the   bile of an  angry
mink.    Bob  was out  walking on  Lulu
island,      ami      Incidentally    gaining.
Strength after a  somewhat serious .-���.
tack of typhoid fever.    While I ra . i
ing one of the  by-paibs of the Islan I,
he saw a big, healthy looking mink
ahead, and thoughl it would look well
skinned and converted  inlo a fur conl
or somelhlng of lhal   kind.    He  had a
slick In his hand, and a.s be was big
ger lhan Ihe mink, lie came out ahea 1
In  the lirsi  lap.    Tbe  mini, turned   up
bis  loes to the azure  sky and closed
his eyes, while his lips moved In Sileill
something or other,    Hob hastened
grub his prize, when, to hi. Burpi
prize gra ibe I   bim,   chewed on i
ten law; In   ised the word act, and ri of  trade  meeting   on   Nm.    14.     He
���,    . ;   non             ilarlj  io thi   B.N.A. wrote the  article winch  appeared on
Hi   had i." fauli to find with tho tbe  front   page, and  submitted   li   to
11,, i >   \'ews'  .e).oi .     it  claimed ihat Mr, Brown.   The notes which betook
i!n   expn    lon      uwrltteu   law"   was al  :'i" on   tin     vera de l/oyed aboul
���, ���   used,    Hi   iva    positive on   thai Thursday, us he was not in tbe habll
until  ihown ti copj  ol  thi   Co of keeping note   after the articles hud
ii  lan, w here the word law api oar- appeared
��� I,    Upon
lhal he supposed his memo... was bet- shorthand.    Tin
ter  bn  dav-  ago,   when   the  even were nol  kept on die after they bad
company ami  thi    Dallj   New.- com    V| lr r.eshei   In   bis  memory.    This appeared In   the paper,    ll" did   not
ould nol   be   isi I  as evident.    conc]ndeii the complainant's evidence know who  wrote   the  editorial corn-
He  i 'nd, his notes OH  loose
band up as though tl I i ted a iod, an I
then when Bob t*o_ tho other ban i
In order  to  In ' ice bim  to leavi
the wicked  littl ail   took a chew
at the han ' _ . h had gone I i tho
res ue, i, i evi tualtj won tbe thir l
lap, an I too ! . -mint" In pie In
bis poi ��� i ��� an I ��� ii id home iii an
extemporli ed .ner a coupli
a  .1!..
against Mr. Brown. Before   Ignlng bis
Magi       ���   Corbould   flnallj   i Cfered   ,,���.  i���sjs,,,,i  upon
daj s ih,   han i devi I
-a   th   , Mr. Taylor said  sheets of paper, and In both long and  tom�� of blood poisoning, an
siipposed "��� ' shorthand.    Tbe reports of meetings l prompt attention.   The danger is now
past  ai.-:  the  ban i  is on the mend
Bob saj. thi    the ne. ie he kills
a mink w Ith ms b ire h inds, he will
have bucl .es   in.
evidence, Mr. Tay-
one or two minor
plained   of.   bul   be    dl I   iml     w rile   II
The editorial staff ol the Dally News
lake  Mr.  Taylor's  evidence oil  this   cflaage8,   which   were   iut   challenge!    wus  iiiur.iose.l   of Mr.   !!iowu.   Mr.   l.e
opposing i nunsel
i bun \ 81  V'rnln Johns
part: : liai     olnt,   m ijei I
Mr. Howay's objection, Henrj Sl  V'rnln Johnstone, linotypi
Mr. Taylor then detailed the agree-  ,,.,.,,,,,..,; (j,e rjaiij  \vws office, wa
yer and   himself.     Mr,   Brown   was   i'i
control and edited all the i opy.
Cross-examined by Mr, Howay, Mr.
set up the i,ilM, Kll|(| that he wrote the article
dealing wiih ibe proceedings al the
board of trade, bui could not swear
thai  II  appeared word for word as he
ment, which was  that   two copies  oi   li]r nex(  wl,,,,....    hi
the papers should be exchanged daily. artjcje describing the proceedings   c
i,   received  the   paper   produced  in   Im, board of trade, Wid also the edi-
. iri in pursuance ol 'bis agreement.  .,���.).,] entitled   'Board of Trade," bul
Ml     Howay objected   to   I oi   ,,,���,,,  ���,,,  Bay ,,v   ���i���������  th�� edltoritl   wrote It, as changes were made some-
,,,. paper being pul Ln as an exhibit,   w,,s w.-iti-'ii. as ll  wns handed in to  n,m,s ln article* by Mr. Brown    Wiih
��� lug thai hii  learni i       ould  ,jim.   Mr. Brown usually wrot* the edi-j regard to the words "unwritten law,"
have followed the usu ! i.e an !   torla,g) .,���,, ,���, Con��idei*ed  Mi.  Brown   n,o .witness  said   that  he   wrote   ihat
have had  the   proof   usual   In such th8 edltor or tne paper,   tie could not |trom nlg ajWeBi and to the best of his
,,    ���;-,,,,  |)aper wa    then marked   ..1V ���.,,.,, bM become of the editorial  knowledge^^these were the exact worcja
for identification, *   (copy   in   this   particular   case.     Mr. | uaed by Mfc. Crean.   He had a conver-
l��� gnawer to further questions  by j Whiteside asked the wiiness u num   gation with  Mr. Brown before the re-
counsel,   Mr.  Taylor  said  he  consld-  ber of question,   with regard to  tho   ,������.,  was, W1.in,.;l,  dealing  more  par-
'.al  that  the editorial complained of, disposal of the copy, and also enquired
Students'   8er.8atlonal   Story.
Toronto,   M        _ I,      \  number ol  To
lonlii   un:'.. ��� a.     ..    |n    sworn
testimony before the police commis-
nloners last night, told stories of be
ing clubbed bj ��� lb e on the morning
after Hallowe'en. They said ihey had
offered no resistance, and that the police had also made use of threats and
bad langunge before charging against
the students. n0 stones had been
ibrow*n, however. The Investigation
was adjourned, and at the next Bitting
the vei-io,, of the police will be heard,
.���..a   Intended to convey that he had ������ whether thi Statement inserted in tin
(Contln     ' on Page Four.)
Weather Forecast.
Lower mainland���Light or moderate
inds; generally fair and cold. *��-��v -��....-
'. ,   <
' i
.���-���ullii.   llannrr In Whieh I'rnposaJa
tti   . Iurri.-igc-   Art-   Made.
There is an old custom prevailing
among the Tyrolese regarding proposals of marriage The first time a young
mini pays a visit as avowed lover be
brings with him a bottle of wiue, of
which he pours out a glass aud presents it to the object of his desires.
If she accepts it the whole affair ia
settled. Very often tbe girl has uot yet
made up ber mind, and then she will
take refuge In excuses so as not to
drink the wine and yet not refuse it
point blank, for that Is considered a
gross insult, proving that she has beeu
merely trifling with the affections of
her lover.
She will, for instance*, maintain that
tbe wiue "looks sour" or ffcnt wine disagrees with her or that she ls afraid of
getting tipsy or that the priest bas forbidden her to take any-ln fact, she
makes use of any subterfuge that presents itself at that moment.
Tlie purport of these excuses ls that
she has not come to a decision and that
tbe wine offering is premature.
This strange custom, dating very far
buck���according to one -.-count, It was
known ns early as the ninth century���
is culled "bringing the wine" and is
synonymous witb the act of proposing.
Shy lovers, loath to make sure of
their ease beforehand, And it a very
happy Institution. Not u word need be
spoken, and the girl is spared the painful "No" of civilization.
If auy nf tbe wine is spilled or the
glass or bottle broken it is considered
a most unhappy omen���in fact, there is
a peasant's saying for nn unhappy
marriage, "Tbey have spilled the wiue
between them."
The   Fanioie.   Shrine   Hnd   Ihr   "Labyrinth"   In   Egypt.
The crocodile, one of the most sacred
animals of the east, has given its name
ap lication will be made to the Par-j
liament of Canada, at the next .session '
thereof, for an Act to Incorporate a j
Company under tbe name  of Burrard !
Westminster   Boundary   Railway   ani
Navigation   Company,   with   power  to
construct, equip, maintain and operate
a line or lines of railway, of standard
or other gauge, with steam, electric,
gasoline or any other kind of motive
power, for the conveyance of passengers   and   freight,    from   a   point   or
points at, in or near the following localities:
Commencing at a point on the nonh
side of False Creek, thence crossing
False Creek by a bridge and running
in a southeasterly direction  through
the    City    of    Vancouver,    Hastings!
Townsite.  the   Municipality   of   South ���_
Vancouver and Hurnaby  and the City j
of  N'ew  Westminster   io ihe   Fraser
River   Bridge,   thence   northeasterly
through the City of New Westminster,
the Municipality of Coquitlam to Port
; Moodv. thence in a westerly direction I
I to a point al or near the proposed lo-
; cation of the Vancouver. Westminster
! A.   Yukon   Railway   bridge   a;   Second
Narrows, Burrard Inlel. thence continuing westerly through Hastings Town-;
site io place of commencement in City
of Vancouver,
From  a point  at  or near the south
II ml of the proposed Vancouver, West-
- Farms For Sa_k
Investors,   Investigate
20 acres water front, 660
ft. on Fraser River, 800 ft.
on Brunette, just above the
can factory, Sapperton.
Price $lO,OOOf$2000 cash,
bai. at 7 per cent. The only water front on the market this side of the river
within the city limits.
James Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00, half cash, balance easy.
4S0 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
_9 and 32, Township '.1, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices: Section SS. $45 per acre; Section 2!'. $60 per acre; Section 28, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station. I*i't River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.   Exclusive agencv.
1*7 acr.-", Hornby Ranch, Nlckomekl,
house cost $2,500 when built, 2n acres
cleared. Price only $3,000. half cash,
balance easy.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,
about :.',2 miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
Three acres. North Arm road, near
Meads.  ^25.
Four and a half acres in Lol lis::,
half way between Port Mood;, ani
Westminster Junction, faces on Port
Moody road     Only  $125 per acre.
20 acre blocks, fruit lands, near
Junction, $20 per acre.
Si) acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
! trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
I in three equal payments at reasonable
; interest. Apply to D. Fraser, Abbots- ���
! ford.
40 acres near above, $7 per acre;
Bee us for fuller particulars.
150 acres improved  land,  buildings
I and  sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
all  under cultivation, $15,000.    If you
can   handle   this,  don't   delay;   it's  a
I bargain;  lerms can be arranged.
138 acres. 100 acres prairie, 38 acres
high   land,   four-roomed   house, barn,
'chicken house, all fenced, nexl to the
Hampton  dairy   fairni. _'_  miles  from
' Hammond, $40 per acre.    Don'l  miss
' this.
l'lu acres, township 11, section  r>,
I two miles from Fori Langley; ," acres
1 slashed, $1,000. one-third cash.
160 acres, Langley, _.", under cultivation;   bouse,   barn,   sheds,   etc,  all   In
'good   repair;   a   snap   al   $3,000.   half
Very Special
160 acres, Westminster
district, 40 ac under cultivation, 10 ac orchard, 3-4
ac. strawberries planted
this year, alder oottom
land,running spring, house
18x22, frame barn 30x32,
14 post frame house and
cow stables, 3 in all, stable
8 cows and 2 span horses,
near Mission station,
schools, churches near at
hand, steamer lands twice
a day.about 100 actimber,
fir and cedar, never been
logged, $2000 refused for
standing timber, carriage
house 16x24, hen house
made of hewed timber laid
in mortar, 12x30, a chance
of a lifetime, $8,000, $4000
cash, bai. at 6 per cent.
���acres, al
read>'fl    Nation
ly for
1 wack, $.���
school, ailto ��
vation, at i hilliw
per acre
10% acr, ,. ,77
135  '"''' '  from u
,'"'lln"11 ���'"" kneed   house'*
cost $2,500; oad ���     J
Price $50 pe halt cat.-2
"' s"i< Pur. ��� m J
son for sell. i owner's J
bad health, m | has -, , .
D  Fraa
160 acres In Surray, near Brown <v
 '.-hard's  ranch. $7  per acre;   good
terms;   fruil   lands;   see  us for   particulars,
80 acres of land near Sutherland's
mi:!, in Surrey; good bouse, 6 acres
cleared;   only  $1,000, easy  terms.
climate.    \
160 acres, N'.i.. ij   ,     . ,,
ship   i-i.   i.
acres   cleare I
Price $1,500.
at 7 per ceni
168 ai re 10 , v.
ed' ""'!   Bl $2.ooo.'
x in I 10 aci
mile   ti ini tin       r, $io era!
160 acre:     ��� ���    j,,;
-'_��� miles ���: a    ���    r        -,
al Ier bottom, $1.200.1
Ten ai re . I
of Westmln 1 ,,[
Ilj  cleare 1    $30
to several ancient sites. Of the various   minster &  Yukon  Railway  bridge at
eities of crocodiles the names of whicli
hnve been handed down to us by Herodotus. Pliny and Strabo, perhaps the
most striking was tbe "Crocodilopolis"
of tbe ancient Egyptian province of
l-'ayuin. which, according to tradition,
wus built by that pharaob who "made
the lives of the children of Israel bitter with hard service." This province
lies within an almost complete circle of
bills���a little oasis iu the midst of the
desert, where roses aud grapes mingle
wiih figs and olives nnd luxuriant palm
Second .Narrows, Burrard Inlet, thence
across said bridge to a point north of j
the .Municipality of .North Vancouver
on Howe Sound, and to a point north
of the Municipality of North Vancouver on the North Arm of Burrard Inlet.
Houses For Sale
Prom a  point  at the  north en 1 of
the Fraser River bridge at New Westminster,   thence  across   said    bridge
trees grow almost into forests.   Its cap- i (leave to cross  which  will  be applied
ital is Meilinet. and a little to tlie north ! for to  the    Provincial    Goveraftnent),
of the city are a number of Irregularly   thence southerly to a point on the in
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
shaped mounds. Beneath tlgj-ie are the
ruius of tbe pharaob built '���Crocodilopolis," tbe "City of Crocodiles," later
called Arsinoe and tbe shrine of the
sacred crocodile of the neighboring
Lake Moeris, which was then ���_.**.> miles
in circumference. This lake held the
sacred crocodiles, and ns each died in
turn ii was burled In one of the 1,500
underground sepulohers of tbe world
famed "labyrinth" at band, side by side
with the embalmed bodies of successive pbaraohs,
1 Holy  Saturday  In   \nple_.
Naples celebrates In a curious mnn
ner Lent and the end of Passiou week
Itupes are stretched from bouse to
house across tbe streets in the ancient
ternational   boundary
n.mo Bay and Sumas.
From a  point  on the south side of
False Creek, thence westerly through
the City of Vancouver and the Municipality of South Vancouver to a poinl
at or near Point Grey, thence return-
in:.' In a southeasterly direction by the
j most  feasible route to a  point al  or
, near  the   north  end   of  the   Fraser
River Bridge in the City of New W ���-'-
From Port  Moody easterly to Dewdney trunk road, thence following sen-
1%-Storey   house,   corner   of   Sixth
street  and   Eighth   avenue,   ti   rooms,
': brick chimnev, all papered inside ani
between  Semi-  palnted| m slze lot> 66 x  r,,_ floor8
il tbe day of the carnival, | erally the said trunk road through Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and  Mis-: >n M :-
nicipallties to Stave River and the eas
boundary of Mission Municipality.
All  In  the Province  oE  British C >-
lumh'ia. Five cottages on Firs-   street.
site Queen's park     Price $7,000
and dolls made of rags, wearing tha
traditional Neapolitan costume and carrying a disiatl' and bobbin, are bus
pended from these ropes. At the feet
of the spinner is attached an orange
containing seven feathers, corresponding to the seven weeks of Lent. Each
week one feather is plucked, so that
only one remains at Holy Saturday
Then, as soon as the cntin m of Fort
St. Elmo ami tho church bell* announce
the noon hour and the resurrection ot
Christ, firecrackers, whieh have bee;,
tied  In  long strings to the orange at
covered with new oilcloth.    Price $950.
House on Brantford street, rents $ir,
per month. Will sell for $1,500. Terms
$Ta'i  cash, balance easy.
On- and a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia street ami Brunette, only
$1,000.    Term- to be arrange 1.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh street., eight rooms, all
modern, stable ami chicken house, full
sizi 1 lot, twj storeys
Double tenement house, 6 rooms ln
each house, water, light, full size lot,
:i'' ween First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half cash, balance In one year
it 'i per cent.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Don't Miss
S-roomed House,all modern improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes, $5000, one-
half cash. A comfortable
home and good family residence.
A Snap
2-storied house, 7
bath,   sewer connect
all modern improved!
splendid locality, $21
Terms arranged,
And to construct, equip, maintain
and operate branch lines and all necessary bridges, roads, ways and ferries, steamship barges and vessels,
theatres and other places of amuse
ment, and to construct telegraph and
telephone   lines   in   connection   witl
Two-storey   house,   Bt-fble,   ihi ken
$1,000   cash,   house, two  full  sized  lots,  all  mode:!.
Improvements,  Third  street, between
Fourth    and    Fifth    avenue-,    $2,250,
$1,500 cash;  good snap
House on Royal and Eighth Btreet,
two storeys, .-even rooms, full Sized
lot,  $2,000.
House,    in   rooms, 1V_   lots,   near
oppo-1 Fourth   avniie   and   Seventh   Btreet,
$2,000.    Terms can be arranged.
House ami full alaed lot, 6 rooms,
��� ���ii Princess .--r'-ei. near Sixth avenue,
good gai len, fruil  trees, onlj  $950.
Eighl roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
S -. a    -ree ,  two store; 3, $3,750.
storej -
an i 1 it on Agnes street, t wc
ie .'-:i ro ims;  a real snap at
i irner of Sixth streel and Fourth
avenue, house and seven lots, orchard
fr dl trees, etc., $3,100, half cash.
Large lol and two cottages on Co-
I im il i Bl reel. Sapperton. Both rente I
at $10 each,
House,  coi :.���      ��� Fii b
Sixl h  .-': eel    oni
ro im -. $2,500. h . '
Bo irding house, . I
Bl: eel.  one ���'���'��� I -;
rents al   . 10 1 \
S"w:i : lome .      ise, Sei ::|
ne ir   Fifth   a . ��� a _ I 51
size I lot, $1,600.
Hous ��� un l '
Twelfth treel
$800, P..    tore
;; i i.-e.  eighl
street,   cornei    I ��� ���      ';::l
House.     full
��� '.   Sua
month,   on'   $1,050.
cries of the crowd, wherein pious I'ot
mulas ami profane phrases alternate.
the  dolls'   feel   are   lighted,   and   the  said   railway  and    branches,   and   to
Quareslma  figure explodes  nniid  tbe | transnitl    messages   ior   comme   lai
purposes, and to charge tolls    iei ef.
and to generate electrlcitj :     the su
London-* .iio_�� Ancient Court. Ply (-'1' "sht, heat and  power, and
The anclenl court ef hustings is oi  enter into agreements with any   i
Saxon origin, und tlie name Is derived  trie or power company  for the pur-
i matter ] pose of obtaining the transmission of
electricity, aud to acquire an I held
siock in other companies, an l to acquire   and     ,ea.a    wa  a.i .��� ������    for
the pm a", e ol " neratln -, eleel rii
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokt
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
from bus. u I i'i 'a und thin
of cause���that  is, a  bouse or ball of
causes.   Courts of tiie kind were established  in  ell  lbe greal   eiiies,  nml,  ns
regards London, it is ibe supreme as
well  as  lbe  mosl   undent  court  and  i.
tl Olirt   of appeal   from   Ila'  sberitTs     to sell and
court,    lu il ,irie-i   limes  ii   was. exproprlal
held weekly, bm it is now summoned   'ami for tin
li-trlbute ��� he  i ime,  r.r
buy,  bold, bn-'   ami .
��� i i:. ises   if the   on   u
No'' ��������� I - l;" ebj -i .en thai the pari
aershlp   'ie:'"'  a' , ��� ���   subsisting   be' ween
us, i'ne undei -i.m-1. as plumbers, tin-
sn ll' - in I - 'ii".- il hardware me ������
ch mts, in ih" cltj if N'ew We tmin
ster, B.C., -in be- t'. ' firm nam" "t
i.i ���::: ai & !!��� on, 'ia- this du.
di - solve i i mul ual c in senl, James S
n  over  iha   -i.l
Bank of Morstrei
Land Registry Act
only as occiisiou requires, | and  ,-,���. ,���,,���,. .,..,.,)Q  .     ,;   . ,;    |y   j Brj   in   having   ta
^7 ;""' collect  tolls from all persons us    '"^nesss.
A  writer in an   English paper has   ln8 M,1(i for all  frelghl   passing over      Persons  bavlng   iny  claim against
this to say regarding the game of golf:  said railway and branches, and to con-  !': ��� sa'd firm are  herebj   required to   '' Rhoda  McKami
"Golf is n great  game, but shiver nie
niblicks if l think it comes up to tld-
dledywlnks,    It is played with a cou-1 or othei
pie  of  farms,   a   river or  so,   two or
three  sand  bills,  a   number  of  implements   resembling   dentist's   tools,   a,
strange, language  much  like  Hindoo-        l,hone
Stance, nny old clothes and a large as 1 "cross, alon
rortment of oaths." ways within any municipality
       jlo   ihe   regulations of said   municipal
ily;   and   to cross  navigable rl\ ���, . or
streams, ami to arrange for the use of
neci with or make traffic or other ai
rangements with railway, steamboai
companies, and to i listru it,
maintain an I operate the sal I rallwaj
and brum hes, and the said telegraph,
and electric power lines
or upon streel ��� or high-
. subject
Two   l.nokn.
lie climbed down from the pay cur,
with his month's wages still in his
"Sure, ye must lie feelln' rich, Pat,
with all yc have there," said a by
"Antl what does this signify to me?"
answered Pat.   ".lust two looks, wan
whin I gel il and wan whin I give it   ,,.,, ,,.
_   .,       ,, ,.   , ,,. ' M " '"   otherwisi
to the ould woman.      Idle.
! re |ul the - ime with full particulars
' ��� the an i j. s. Brys in, who has as-
si ue-1 all liabilities, an I Intends to
carry on the sail business under the
firm name of Bryson & Son...
New   Westminster,   !'..('.,   ifjth  No-
-. em' <'i\ 1906,
���: .1. P. Hampton Hole, ..oil-
brldges therefore, and to conn tel with
nnd Interchange traffic over other r i I
ways, ami to purchase, take over,
lease or otherwise
orty right., and t'ranchi
Lol  D I, Qroup l (ex epl    h    pari
i onvej-e h. New  VV   ti In dei Dl;
A   Certifies e  of Ind tea Ible  Tll a i
o tiie above pi opeiI:   wlll  '"��� i ��� - ie I
on  Ilie   29th   d.n
of December, 1906, unless in the mean-1
'ime a valid objection thereto be made
��� .i ni" in writing by a person or : er
sons  claiming  an  estate or  lnteTest.1
i herein, or in any part thereof,
Dlstricl Registrar of Titles.,
Land   Registry   office,  New Wesl
minster,  B.C., 21st   November, 1906,
Im orporated   by   aci,   ot   i
arnatni i'
CAPITAL  (ALL paid up)   	
Ri. Hon. Lord Strathcona m I   Mounl
,:.    ,1    G   C *
Honi        P��il��
lion.   Sir   ii.   A.   Drummoi I	
E. s. eiouston vice Prj Ident   an
1   General MauM*
General banking business transacted,
Branches in all the principal c.:;o. In Canada
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfbl., and correspond' ���d--' i:1
In l-onden. W
all pM"
acquire the prop-
Westminster Iron Works
sea of any other   GENERAL MACHINHJ a.nu i_m_in*.
i ompany or companies, and  I i   eas i
.lllMl   ns   Well.
Singleton���No man can tell just what
a woman wlll do next. Wodderly-*And
It's just as well he can't, Otherwise
she'd be sure lo do something alto-
geiher different    Chicago News.
He that runs out by extravagance
must retrieve by parsimony,���Frnm
ih". Dutch.
llspose of il. '  un
dertaklng, or any pan thereof, and fori
all other necessary rights, powers and I
privileges in thai behalf; an I th il a :
"'' the above works maj   be d m lared
111  te ror  the  general   a Ivan age of
For the   .pplh r   .
Dated al   Vancouver, -v .  L5Lti day
of Noveml er, 1916,
Ornann ita.   iron   worn,   including
fences, Cues, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail ord.
d correspondence tti
The person or persons having in I heir
custody  or   possession the   following
Title Deeds relal Ing to I he said prop-'
., I erty are requested to deliver the sa i P
to On   undersigned;
l_Hi   December, 1895- Roberi  Gran
vllle McKamey to Thomas Roberi M
Kamey, conveyance ln fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc , New  YV
, minster, B.C,
'.F,-*i.!r. tt'CKhJuri'.
Nin.  Westminster. *"��� *->��� *74.
Shingle and 5a��j
Mill  Machine*
New Westminster, B. C. NOV. 24, 1906.   V
Manufactured and guaranteed bv
F.  G.  DAWSON. Agent. 145 HaBtings Street. West. Vancouvei
& Steamers
P.R   M .IN  LINE.
an N. W. 11 35.
VV   ���     : ar. Seattle 15.50.
..-:. 12 30; ar. N. W. 18.40.
10 35,15.40, IT..'.la.
. 11.35, 16.40, IS.4ii.
9.2   a in.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
,4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
p. m. aud 9:55 p. m.
Icouver v,3S a.m., and 4 p.m.
I W. i'a.*' am.;   ar.  Guichon
hicbon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
b. and C p. m.
lys only.
tw Westminster 5.50. 6.50, l
lm., and svery half hour there-
] 11 p. m.
iconver for Westminster at
ser River and Gulf
J1* IV, Mmi. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
I hwk.   , :., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
I-V V*. Tu., Tb., Sat. 8 a.m.
1 "'��������� Sun., Wed.. Fri., 7 a.m.
W. dally, i-x. Sat. and Sun..
���. - p in.
fPi Monday, 5 a.m.
gteveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
pip Saturday, 5 p.m.
'���W., Wod. and Mon., 7 a.m.
fr toria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
[Mail Service
Close.    Received.
'Sui   is 7.45 a.m.    6.40 p in.
T 45 :i in. 11.36 a.m.
7.45 a.m.    '.'.nn a in
S.45 a.m. :i.;!n p.m,
'���               "������ m. 2.00 p.m.
11   "a.in. P.no a.m.
1.13 P in. 1.1a p.m.
S.   S. Tees,
: "'���   "th,   1 i'i.   ' :   ��� ,    :     .: .... :      for
Claoq i"-  ,.:. | Mos njiti   Hai I oi.   20th
to Ahouset, Q latsin    Cape S    tt am
way ports.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves New Westminster on Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday
at _ p. m. with additional trip on Monday at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday am! Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
and 10th of each month, calling at
Skldegate on first trip and Belia Coola
on Second trip. Time on arrival and
leparture  are   approximate.
For reservations and information
cal] or address
Agent, New Westminster.
last Gen. Ptiss   Agent, Vancouver.
.1   W. TROUP,
Orieral Runer'ntendent, Victoria
'"en   Ageet. Freight Dept,
New  Waastiniiister.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,  {
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass. '
Eight Train?  Every Day in the Y._r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and   LUXURY.     lt  is  lighted  with
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
Canadian Pacific
The only railway running through
sleepers and tou:ist car-. Best equipment
Train for Seattle leaves al S.30 a.m.'
Eastern Express al 15.40.
For rates,   reservations   and other
irliculars apply to
C, P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
E.   J.   COYLE,
���"" p.m. 11.35 a.m.
" p.m, 6.00 p.m
1    m Mim p.m.
'"in i..mi in.
>n Pacific RaUway Co.
*'h Columbia Coast Line
' '  'ice.
���:  Line Service.
Ihotil  noticei.
'���uvea Vancouver
-���' Jan. 9, 1907:
'ER.   V
sr. Victoria.
'    dally at 1  p. m.
:r Queen  City.
[,.. ���*'minster at 7 a. in.
tn.  1 I.nil a.m.   Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard Ry. Co.
I     Red Mountain Ry. Co.
rhe Only all rail rente between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pac.'fic and (). R,
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian   Pacific  Railway  for   Boundary
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
I stage f"-lily for Republic.
Buffet    service   on   trains    between
1 Spokane  .ind  Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   November    io,
Day Train Arrive
,. Spokane   .15 Pm'
..Rossland    .10 p.m.
..Nelson  G-45 Pm
9.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
Q.40 a.m.
I       S- s- Joan
I 1 11
is. y except Rat
I      ,0
p.  ni-  Sat-
Dr.  11. I). Brown, V.S. n  graduate
! or the Ontario Vetei Inar.j School, will
bi   in New Westminster 1 way Friday
and Saturday, and will examine your
horses iree of charge,
DR.   H.   D.  CROWN, V.S.
New     Westminster
for the Best
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
The Edison Phonograph
Graphoplioncs, Violins,  Accordions,   Xylophones, Mandolins,  Concertinas,   Flutes.  Whistles, Guitars,
Mouth  Organs,  Zithers.
Grand new selection of the celebrated Columbian and Edison Records.
Subscribe for our monthly records.   Now selection each month.
Musical instruments of all kinds kept In stock. Easy terms on all instruments.
ie     Trinlt.   cathedral  ���     Kev. A
Jhll rick, rector,   llol> Communion,51
m.; Matins sermon and Communion,
"THE NORTHWESTERN LINE"     ��  a.m.;  Sundaj school, si. George's
* hall, 2.30 p.m.; Catechism lasi gun-
daj In the month In the church;
Evensong and sermon by the rector, 7
p.m.; dall} service ai 9.30 n m. and 6
p.m. excepi on Friday, when Kveu
si nt;   is   slid  al   7.30,    Holy   Commun-
lon every Thursday and saint's day at
THE TRAIN OF FAME S am,   Choir practice on Fridaj after
}   THE    NORTH-WESTERN.    LTD.   Evensong.
Mi���1:_._  -t,_. -.��....,..     _-.Ji  K_,_-  i.i_ ._
St,   Barnabas���iRev. ��'.  \v.  Houghton,   rector.    Morning   Prayer    and
��� both electricity and gas;, the most Ula,1-V- " :,-"'-; Evening Prayer,
brilliantly illuminated train in thr " P-M-i Bible class, 2 p.m.; Sunday
world.     The   equipment  consists  of   school, 3 p.m.; baptisms after Sunday
|   private   compartment   cars,   standard   school; choir practice, Friday, 8 p.m
��� io  section   sleepers,  luxurious  dining ,,
,. .       ,  ���           __._,_   __,_._.\'    St      aui s    Reformed     Episcopal
car. reclining;  chair cars  (scats  free).
modern   dav   coaches   and   buffet,   li- "Church    Rev, A    de  P.  Owen,   rector,
J   brarn and smoking cars. Divine worship  Sunday,   ll   a.m.  and
��� For Time Tables, Folders, or any ' p.m . Sunday school, 2.30 p.m.; pray
J further information call on or write .. meetlug, Thursday, S p.m. All are
j P. W.PARKER, cordially invited,
��� GENERAL AGENT, Olivet Baptist church���Rev M. 1..
) j        ��20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash  Rugg, D.D., Pastor,   Preaching by the
�����-* pastor at ii a in. and 7 p.m,   Subjecl
of sermons: Morning, "Laying Up
,���! Treasures in llenv^n": evening, "Tern
j��|  pe ranee for the Time.." Sundaj'school
4   and    Bible  class   al    Ilie   close  of  lhe
J   morning services al 12.16 p.m.   Young
;���!   People's meeting un Monday evening
W al s o'clock    Prayer meeting on Wi
ij  needay evening al So clock.
*#'       Queens avenue  Methodist-    iiev. \v.
��}   H, Barraclough, B.A,, pastor,  Services
>j  at  ii a in. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school
!���! und Bible classes. :i p.m.; mid-week
V  prayer meeting,  Wednesday, s p.m.;
>J  Epworth    league,   Monday,    8    p.m
;!�����   "I'be iieiiitiou of the Liquor Traffic to
���}   All   Christian   Effort."    At   2.30   p.m
>,' Rev, Dr, Sipprell will address the Sun
fi daj school on the subjeel of "Tempet"
SI ance."    Evening service, Rev, Charles
B.A.,   II H.  and   Iti-v    11.   n.
RobertBon, B A., of Hamilton, will a i
dress the congregation In ihe (nteres ���
of missions. j
West lind Methodlsl Sunday ser
'i"'s- II a.iii. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
E Bohool, 2.30 p in. Uev ll. ii Robert-
,���! son Will preach iu the morning,
m son will preach In the morning and
��<; Rev, Dr, Sipprell In the evening
���J' St., Andrew's Presbyterian Rev. .1.
J S. Henderson, pastor ' Sundaj _er-
!������ * li es, 11 a.iii. and 7 p m : Christian
J Untie Ivor, Mon laj. 8 p.m.; prayer
'.*, meeting, WednesBay, S i m. Bundav
[���.' morning, "Love's Vnswer to the Dl
v vim l:r pie it"; ��� ening, " \ Pi tctli a
��� ii,
Sold in
a i Holnn
A   Pro
V i    V. e
J  law   Taylo
ORGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
The Music House      -     Burr Block, Columbia St.
l' erlan   itev   t   Ward
M   ', ,      I'll.11 ,     mini. ler.
!���;: s< rvii es 11 a in , ii i ,- p.m , Sunday
j��J school an I Bli le class, 2.30 p.m :
u*  pmyer  meeting,   Wednesday,   8  p.m,
a Sundaj morning subject, ' Ingratl
[���!  tude"; evening, "Civic Righteousness."
[��! Knox church. Bapperton Rev l),
]��], McKensle, B \ . pastor Services, U
S i in. and 7 p.m ; S:m lav school and
,���, Bible class. 2.30 i ai . meetlug ofY.P.
J��! S i' K. Immediately after the evening
Bervlce, Sundaj morning subject,
I iuu iii" l'n'. iven"; evening, '��� \
!���) i *l)emperanee Bermon."
si Peter' i athedral i Roman Catho-
Slllc) Vetpers and Benediction, 7 p.iu.
$ i Sundaj Ma ���- al 8 ami 10.30 a m.; Cat-
a I'' diisni. e.i  L'.::.'i p.m.;  Friday devotions.
7.30 p.in.
Gospel ball, i inner Sixlb avenue and
Ninth street Breaking of bread everj
Sunday at ll a.m.; Sunday school and
Bible class, 3 p.m.; gospel address. 7
pm.; prayer meeting, Wednesdaj. S
:���::���::�����: *v.*x*s*:*:&'*z*��me.K*.:M '*r*:*r*s*'.vsM:s:'ic*^>;>:'*;:��::��a.;'��;*>;j<c:��''K*c��'��; 'd
Our hud is the extract of pure ho ;
fat. ll is aa pure as it is white. Try
It.    Reichenbach & Co. fe
r 4
..'reels. New  Westminster,  b.  C.
Managing Director. . .
.. J. C. Brown
Of course your grocer has
He will send it to you always, if
you specify WINDSOR.
display advertising, 10
c.'iira. per ,t;e nonpariel) 12 lines to
fie tech. F:��e -ents per line Iar
f-ursetjient iusertlon_i. | succeed, he  must   prove   publication,
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 ! and he thought it would be admitted
.������ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 I )nat Irie prosecution had fallen down
cents per line. ! most lamentably In this case.   Author-
"-"���oi time contracts, special post* jyes Were then cited as to what was
tuns, apply to advertising manager,    j .    * ,      ,,      , m    "publication."
Notices   of   births,    marriages   or   fmpiiea   oj
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or = There    was    nn   evidence    that    Mr.
found, rooms to let, etc., oue cent per   Brown wrote the editorial complained
I running as follows:  40 chains east, in
'chains   north.    120   chains    east,    40
chains  north,  more or less,  to  river.
then   along   river   to    i>oint    of com-
; mencement.
No. 13���Commencing at a post plant-
el  about "ue  mile  irom  the head of
    Kildala Arm.  on  so,lib   hank,  running
"   as follows: 40 chains south, to chains
would pass le3t   ,,, cnam3 B0Uth, in chains wesi.
of Heel, Mr. Howay said
on to the question of publication.   Be-j40 cnamg  north,   lu chains  west. 41
fore his learned friend could hope to cnajns north,  more or less, to shora
then  along    shore   to    point   of  com
word.      No advertisement taken for
i"s. than 23 cents.
Day Office  ..
Night  Office
SATURDAY,  NOV. 24.  1906.
The Columbian of yesterday has a
'well defined" rumor thai John Oliver.
M.P.P., will not be a candidate for
Delta, and thai R. .Iar line, nominated
1. Lil era! candidate tor Dewdney, will
be withdrawn in order to give Mr. Olive.' a chance there. There is not, of
course, a shadow of a shade of foundation for this rumor, and it would be
Interesting to know which of the party
of sensitive honor and short memories
evolved ii from his inner consciousness.
Here are a couple of pertinent para
graphs from the Ottawa Free Press:
���Detectives are after the scalp cf
Hou. Robert Rogers, the erratic Manitoba politician, because he refused to
pay them for services rendered during
the recent election. The fact that
there was no crooked work on the
pari of Hon. Mr. Rogers' opponents is
no reflection upon their astuteness..
Even the laborer for the professional
politician is worthy of bis hire."
"Premier McBride. who has return- j
ed to British Columbia, declares he at-,
tended the conference of provincial
premiers at Ottawa to represent the,
_ rights of the people of bis Province, ]
and not in any political capacity ai all.
The danger is that this fact may he
forgotten, nol by Mr. McBrid's opponents, but by his friends and supporters, when election time comes around."
(Continued from Page One.)
ticularlj  with the queatiop of removing the dn- Ige 'ni Victoria.
!���'. T. c. I.ever, also ii reporter on
the Dailj News, said thai he recognized Mr, Brown as the editor, an I
: lie reporters took all i beir orders from
him. He did not know who wrote the
editorial complaine I of, bul he did n il
write it. Mr, Brown wrote some of
the editorials, and he was the final
authority as to what should and whal
should nol go into ibe pa. er.
Cross-examined by Mr. Howay, Mr.
Lever said thai a considerable amounl
of copy was contributed by outsiders,
and he had known editorials to come
in from outside sources. The outside
matter comes in at irregular Intervals.
This wiis the last witness called by
the prosecution, and Mr. Howay siat-
e I    thai   they   did   not   propose   tO   Call
any witnesses.   In fact, he did not see
Why   they  should,   as  the  case  was  of
the flimsies!  character,    To see am-
thing In the case, one would need S.'iai
Waller's  double    million    magnifying
via. -es.
Mr, Whiteside retorle I  thai  he did
noi   expect     that   his    learned    friend
would see anything In it. aud Immediately  after   this,   the  couri   adjourned
iiniij 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Promptly al   " o'clock.  Mr.  Howay
commenced his s] h fm the defence.
lie contended that, to be Indictable,
a libel must he acl billable, and this
wa.s noi so in ibe presenl case. After
quoting ai length a number of authorities, Mr, Howay said ihai when a
man  wenl inlo public affairs, he musi
of. no evidence that be published if,
and no evidence that he delivered it 10
anyone. The next point dealt witii
was the question of facts. There was
a great deal of inconsistency and in
coherency in ibe case. Two witnesses
produced by 'he prosecution, Messrs.
Taylor and Luce, differed materially
in their evidence. Mr. Taylor sum"
thai the article written by him for the
Columbian was correct, while Mr.
Luce was e.pi,iii) i ������! tain that the ri
l,ort api '��� iring In the Dallj New.- ,\ is
accurate as regards the disputed
point, ("necked side by side, the reports differed with reference to the
words "unwritten law." Th��'jftosecu-
tlon should have product d the speakei
of the words in question, an I place 1
hlm on the witness stan 1. so thai li
mighl have repeated his statement
The prosecutor knew that there was
a  difference  in  the  two articles,   and
In connection  with  the statement   in-
volved in the case.   He contended thai
the libel fell (la;. He submitted that
the statement made by Mr. Taylor ha 1
to be considered and carefully weigh
ed In view of the fact that he altered
the article and re-wrote it after he
had read the article which appeared
in the Daily Xews. After again quoting authorities at some length, Mr.
Howay  resumed his  seat.
Mr.  Whiteside   then   took  tbe   floor,
saying ihat   they   were   noi   ihere   to
discuss the statement made in the reports of the  two  papers,  but   to discuss the editorial complained of, and
they were not there to decide whether
Mr. Taylor or  Mr.  Luce was correct.
���He   thought    the    facts    broughl    out
clearly   proved   that   Mr.   Brown   was
responsible   for   all   that    appeared   in
Ibe   paper,   as be edited   all   the  copy
and  sent it  down lo the printer.    Mr.
Johnstone   bud    proved    publicity   by
swearing   that   he  sei    the  article   in
type,   and   that    Mr.    Taylor   got   the
paper   in   ihe   usual   way.   had   been
'clearly established.    After again  reading t.he article complained of, counsel
staled  that  be considered that it  contained  a  wilful, deliberate  falsehood.
Such a statemenl was calculated to in
jure   Mr.  Taylor  in   his  business,  an 1
lo provoke him to commil a breach   il
ihe   peace.     After    citing    precedents
and   having  another   legal   argument,
with opposing counsel, Mr. Whltesid 1
lel'i ihe case in :he hands of tiie magistrate.
His worship reserved his decision
until Tuesday morning at in o'cIock,
after the usual police couri proceedings   will  have   been   disposed  of.
Timber Notices
No. 14���Commencing at a posi planted about one-half mile from the head
of Kildala Arm., on the north bank,
running as follows: l'i chains north,
tu chain.- east, pi chains south. 12''
chains east 40 chains south, 12''
chains west to shore, then along shore
to point of commencement.
No. 15���Commencing at a post planted about one mile up from the mouth
uf the Dahl Rivei-. on east bank, limning as follows: SO chains east. 40
chains north, 40 chains east, l'i chains
north, in chains east, 10 (hains north,
more or less, to river, ihen along river
��� 1 point of commencement.
No. li'.���Commencing al iosi plante!
a; the mouth ol Dala River, Ci asi l'i >���
trict. on west -1: ��� inning as foi
lows:   1" cii iii.- west, SO  hains north,
I2u chains east, 10 chains south, 1 ���
or less, io rive:',  then  along rive:  to
point  of commence;; . a
No. 17���Comnieni lng at a os! ilai
e l on the wesl iank of the Ki'timai
Arm. about twelve miles south of Ki!
iiu 1' Indian Village, opposi ������ ii"
Island, al moul h of Kildala Arm, running as follon s: 10 chains north, l'i
chains west 10 chains north, 10chains
1 11-t. lu chains north, 40 chains eas',
120 chains to point of commencement.
No, IS���Commencing al a post illumed aboul 'i'i chains south of posi of
Claim No. 17. running as follows: 10
chains west, 80 chains south, 10 chains
west, su chains south, 10 chains east,
then along shore to point of commencement.
No, 19���Commencing al a post planted about one mile up from the mouth
of Deer Creek, on Devastation Channel, situated about eight miles south
of Kildala Arm, running as follows: 10
chains east, su chains north, 40 chains
east, 4u chains north, 80 chains wes;,
120 chains south, to point of commencement
Located Nov. 5, 1906.
Locator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S.,
Per Frank  Vandal!.
Nov. 24, 1906.
��� 1
It's the face of a W
Man that attract attention on
To-day, a Man's Oven 1
to his personality as does hi  S
The ultra-fashionable Ch
Overcoat that will make
he passes by and wonder
the clothes 0! a 3
''" ^ much 1
' here tb
Who That Swell Fell
ow Is!
Our Ove,   ..,    .,re cui in : ...   red to live
as long ,,    ���
stand first, last and all the 1 me on our
may rest  assured that  the 1
will be satisfactory in every ..
ireoats are cul ai I
and to hold their sha]
periority of fabric, style and w
$12, $15, $18, S1H lo ffi
We have Cravenette Coals at a!! prices up to $22!
Satisfaction is this . I
best .nl
HI        H-oRFrk    CLOTHES and TOGGERyI
���   ���-���   i-^^Ci-Pl���V-^Bmij Opposite   Post   Office
>' ��� ��� > ��� ��� ���"��� ��� ,���;;������ ��� :���' ��� ���' ���; :��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ,��� ���. M * ��� ��� ��� ���' ��� ���**��� ������������ '��� ��� ��� ��� ������. ���>_���..����� ���',���.,���' * ���::��� ��� ���.:��..���.���������.. ���>; <
WANTED - Smart   Boy.
Apply Beaver Cigar Factory.
MRS. DOMINY, proprietress of the
Arrow Press Job Printery, having
engage 1 a practical printer, begs '���'
thank the public for their kind patronage, which she li ipes will be con
LOST ��� Between Leopold place and
Fourth avenue and Eighth Btreet,
large amethyst, brooch with diamond setting in center. Kinder will
be rewarded. Apply K. Goulet. C.
P. R. station.
WANTED���A cooper who understands
distillery work. Apply A. T. Morrow, B, Cl Distillery, New West minster.
expect to be criticized.   When a man  of commencement
Notice is hereb) given thai 30 days
after date I intend to apply io the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lan Is
und Works for a special license to cut
and carry awa. timber from tlie following described lands, situate I in
Kildala Arm. Coil .1  District, B.I'.
No. 7���Commencing at a post planted about one mile from ,ihe head ������:
Kildala Arm. on the soulh banl; of ill
Arm. running as follows: mi chain ���
soulh. vo chains oast, S|i chains north
tii shore, then along shore to point ol
No. 6 Commem Ing a: a po pi.mi
ed about one mile up Fall creek, Oil
ihe e.i. i bank of 1 reek, running as
follows: 80 chain - east, v'i chains
south, su chains wost, more 01 less, to
creek, ilum 61ong creek to point .n
No. p Commencing at post plante 1
aboul one mile up Kail Creek, on ens'
bank of creek, joining No. s claim ou
wesi line, running ns follows: pin
chains soulh. In cbi.ins west, inn
chains north,  lu chains east to poinl
goes out seeking public notoriety, he
musi expect to be severely criticized
on liis Statements, Mr. Taylor came
I efore the hoard of trade, as lhe Moses who  was  to lead   the   people oul  of
the darkness into the light, and because he goi criticism when he was
looking for il. he should nol complain.
A 111:111 who bad been so long an
active figure in politics as Mr. Taylor'
should not be so thin skinned as lo
fly    inlo   a   COUrt    of   law    because   lie
was adyersedly  criticised.    The  free
No. 10���Commencing al post planted
aboul I miles up Dala River from iu
mouth, on ihe north bank of river,
ihen running as follows: In chains
wesi, su chains north. 120 chains oast,
40 chains soulh. more or h--s. tn river,
iiiini along river to poinl, of commencement
No. 11���Commencing at posi planted
aboul   li  miles  up  from   lhe  mouth, on
ihe north bank of iiaia River, running
as follows: 10 chains north, mi chains
east,   in chains  north  ami   sn chains
criticism by the press was lbe bed. nasi, lu chains south, more oi- less, lo
safeguard ol ihe public Institutions, river, then along river to polni if com-
A man who tried to pose as leader of meniJement
ibe people must expect criticism, and No, 12���Commencing al a post plant.
mn always criticism of a favorable ed about four miles up from the mouth
nature,    Leaving   aside  ihe  questlon'of   ihe   Dala  River,   on   south   bank,
Right This Way,
Everybody, For
The Best Shoes
We want you to make this your family
headquarters for Shoes   the place you'll
he sure to think of lirst when Fall and
Winter Shoes are needed.
This requires, on our part, better Shoes
and better values for the money than
you are apt to get at other store��s.
We Believe We Have Them
Come and see now well we
fulfill our assertion
Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
y ^ T ���   -__^��MM^_fc��
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone 1*2.
Oealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. lottery Co. sew, i   pi j ... et��
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Dif
'Phone lb
rvalpn   Connor s  Latent
" 1 lie Doctor!
PRICE   $1.25���AT
J. J. MACKAY y 0
. tationer.
Growing Appreciation
Sugar Cured
COn and
These Are C
fine, almost new, well bulll house, bath,
Improvement;   Brst-class situation;  two lots:
possession.   Price low; terms onsy; enquire.
si-:; acres iii Burnaby, 5 minutes from tram
sitlon  for anyone contemplating mfcrkel gardening
Easily cleared,   only $1,300.
'   '
Iran; ^
Co-un-bia Street, next Bank of Coram
erc�� AY   NOV. 24.  1906.
Distinctive, Refined
One of the strong- features which have during
. past few days gained for our varied displays the
qualified approval of dozens of visitors and custom-
element of distinction connected with our
uses.  They are pretty, well made and have an air
ment which appeals to persons of taste.
Some are of Fancy Delaine. Flannel. Embroid-
id Cashmere and French Novelty Goods; in all the
Hilar colors, at 75c, $1, $1.50, $2.25, $3.50 to $5.
lisses' and Girls' Coats
.    . a:  iii-  been  left  undone to make oui   ;real  assortment of
I,-.    .-i ments for  misses ani girls more emphaticaltj than ever tho
[theii  kind from every viewpoint of the customer
ird to values, we off i   the   following     ilend  !   models as
. ��� itative of our efforts In   producing biVIi '!      ind
ocal News Briefly Told f ^ JJ jjJJJ jj ^. j
i ail kiuia aul     .       ,wei
1 ���"-''.'.    i, ii;
��� :'        -' - i ii     Will
!     I ii.
' mi  -i a  fri a ilj      ,:, i ai
���    square this m irulue.
1.1   iral   iii..;aa      and   Mi.   Beresford
aaintaln id   hi -  ��� i putatlon   as a
in e ii.iu.      there   was   .1   tail I)   gOO 1
. ������. and  frequent   spontaneous ap-
plause showed thai  the audience was
:��� iti Be 1.
Sauerkraul    for   sale   at    Relchen-
t                 ai   prices within -
'         ".    1   :     ���         '  .       ' a  -'     ������       . imlCU
i  er in ou   vicinity.
... ..   reduced the price   1!
th aa. th it's a fact, 1 .   a     lid it be-
iausi  wi   bought far too man;
-so  thi -   makes   th ��� opportunity   all
;':    ��� Iti    for you.
3 ur  iimn'".   by  spen
ng   hi  ������     Childi "ii -   '���' Inter   coals,
1.75 ar.! $1.95.    Coats 01 Ke- -
do >. Twei 1    etc . $2.25.   Big
1       ata of Meltons, Cheviot
. Kerseys and Homespuns, $3.50, $5.50
t.   $775.
' me      ol   *���'        ..Ross  took   ,
'   tei   i     nn ning in tii ��� Cath 1-1
H '      ivas  i ele       The    ladles'    all 1      societ)   of   St
Rev.   Father   Peter's church will conduct  a sale of
���' irk ::i St. Patrick's hall on the after-
s..,.,..     , ,.    , noon of Thursday, Nov. 29.   After the 1
oauerkraa -,  ���   al    Reichen-
u jj, sale ol  work the hall will be cleared
and tables Introduced tor progressive
A chin,a,-,  ftre i:, the Duponl  bl icl    euchre in the evening.   The series of
ive the rl        ���    ��� mi  \o   1   hall a   sanies  will starl   al   8 o'clock,  under
run a,.    .,      .. |f patronage   and   managemenl    of
under conti ���;     mj se lous   lam    ���''' *!:,:!  '' '���   ,:"'' L-eamy, Lewis, ilea
age  was  dom | ton and Sampson     The proceeds will
a"' ��� ' swell 'ic treasu     ol the soclett
''        ,[  '     ���'- "       "     "" '���   111 le    ivh 11 pices -anies are
** '"    ;     :l    '   '        ' '    ' !    ' ���      >>*     ���    ike |ila   1,
an I a ):ilf yi I a' the
U'ini iarbe     a   ip,    uni    *���!]
_ . ������  lb Vi
llulicurf un     Ccremonlcn     Mini     Coma
I'riiiil    r.-lmnt    Hil.-N.
l'lie 1 a > of Vnrnn, i>;i the coasl of
the Iil.i. !< sea, iii Bulgaria, have n sin
rular custom   whieh  tbey  observe nt
e, the a
Injun . isiiji
Is face  1 ���
.1 m 1   (he feasl of Ibe Kplphuuy, which takes
I ��� ex| ected thai .    i,: :i   -1-11    '������    The   clergy,   both
ncain in n   1 Creeks   nud   Biilgarlnus,  nccompaulcd
by an Immense crowd, go to tho sea-;
The   New   \\ ;;   .,       , ..   shore,  carrying  with  ihem  a  wooden
...,       ... cross,    i'ii"  cross   is   thrown   by   the
clergy luto thn sea, and thereupon the
noon to pi ill game asans! . .       .
,. . strongesl  swimmers jmn|i in after It.
:   p   '���' The besl  swimmer gets It, of course,
'rounds.     rhe  locals   ire   feeling   in and brings It In triumph to shore.
good form, an I an     mfi I 1,   thai thej The v.-u-iia people have a still more
will be able  to out-lis          their  op singular snlt water custom on the snme
ponents ea . day.  After dark nl night all the newly
married men lu tbe town are conduct-
Onr lard Is I                      pure h 1 . cd, with bands of music and Binglug,
fat    It is as pun   i_ �� dte
it.   Reichenbai h & C
They are Ihen conducted heme, where
About one acre   il  land Is aboui  to   their brides, ncccuimanled by their rela-
be added to the Catholic cemeterj al    Uv,'s ;"1:l friends, have been awaiting
tbem in stale.   After this Ihere is feast
. to lhe shore nnd made to take three
'. successive pluuges luto the Icy water.
Sapperton, in i he general clearing
of the 1 'ii: il _. ���.:.; is lo c mmem ���
Immediately. Considerable changes
w ill be made by the time 1 he men get
through wdth their work, and the
place will be greatlj  Improve !.
The funeral of William Cobban, who
die 1 sudden!.' Thursdaj evening on
' he Richmon I road, will take pi ice
ihis afternooii in the Masonic c 'me-
Coroner Pittendrigh vlewe 1 the
hod) yesterday afternoon, and gave
the 1 ause of de ith .1 - be irl failure.
The Kev. Mr. McKenzle will officiate
al the funeral service, which will take
at _ o'clocl .
1 im, aud merry making. These singular
customs are believed to have a Pagan
riioio  Amateur.! a  Study.
One of the most. Interesting places In
New York to study human nature is nt
a counter in a photographer's shop
where tho customers come to get amateur photographs they have hnd devel
8 Is vour Winter Overcoat still unbought?   Whys
;���; do you wait ? Is it that you haven't seen just what ;���;
!���! vou fancy? That would mean, clearly, that vou have ������.
J not seen our showing of
This brand is head and shoulders above all other ��<
>���< ready-to-wear  clothing   made   in   Canada   and   is $
irm   |juijiijgru|jua   mvy   uuvu uuu   uevci* i     m iiii*iii*ii i n       i V
oped ami pruned. The anxiety they   tf equalled only by tlie high-class custom-work of the ��
dismay to get the products of their   | w     [t{        Bu       gOth Century Overcoat and you g
���shots     would   seem   to   be  mil   of  all     ,���,        " ��� ��� ��� ,���,
Sa :��� rl ' 1 .'
Tv. 'ii'; six iui--: inarles are ix
ed to arrive in the wesl bei ween now
and nexl Tuesday, when they will all
-ei sail for China and Japan. Thla
will J>e " lai n"-- number of ml ssl u
aides to sail from a Canadian porl to
thi foreign Rei 1 al me time, and rep-
In a small the
ma      11 '."'lieu, which
is apparent I;        'Id  11   le,
proportion to the results, wh.-n yon   ��J< rank at once with the very best dressers. ;;���
catch a glimpse of tbem, and their tils-     ,���.        .    ��� . , . ,.       . .   , , ,���,
Come m and see these very line high-grade over- �����<
appointmenl If the prints are not ready
Is almosl as keen, apparently, as If
some Important business transaction
had fallen through,   And when they do
gol    the    prllltS    their    faces   are   even
more Interesting, The satisfaction of
these amateur photographers over a set
of fairly good pictures Is absolutely
Idiotic, nud iheir dismay al n lol of
failures Is tragic. The lraukness of
these exhibitions is nol the leasi Interesting phase of tho while thiug. -New
'/orl. Pros 1.
I coats. Try some of them on. You'll anpreciate better, |
;���; then, their worth, and the truth of w'hat we say. |
I Suits from $13 to $2S g
| Overcoats, $15 to $27 8
In  honor of  Pre
M   Hi: li .
Firing   li   1)1 .lr.*-.N   Muiiiil.
when a ' 'I ins n 'i carry n eun
ami or in irl with vt lilch she cau flri
distress I >, a metal socket ou thi
bridge or p"']> rail is used for thai
purpose,    into the socket a dotonatlns
ushion Tops
W< have them in variety, SILK, SATIN,
PLUSH, TAPESTRY, etc. all new designs.
The Very Thing for an Xmas Gift.
lineal  vi.-i:                     ... min..  :!ie <   i |  rockel   is  pl.i.vd.  uud   inside  this  Is  a ;���,   �����                  \ AM               Ij             |��                 g^ g        ��� |^ ���               >'
a ,.,���,:������,. ,s hooheiio, j The Wardrobe uiotnier;
to liie lube, iMiil :i man. by ^i\in-a; till .���.                                                                                                                                              .���.
lanyard   a     !i irp   .1 aii,   explodes   tin j y
rockel     li  ��� intalns a  high  explosive ,���,
Uld   on   ler. lug   the   rail   gives   a   loilll , V
rep ui   an :   another   on   reaching   i'-:   ,���,  	
blghosl nit    ale     r.oih reporl i are us J                                                                      '                                                    a
loud as ihe reporl of a i,."he poiiiidei :i>;>:**>:*>:**>.>:*>;>.>:*>:>;*'��>:*>:'*'��'��:>:*^
eamioll      'i'he   sa   kel   i,  slipped   ill   I'a ���
rail iii an angle lo preveni  the rockel \
touching the rigging.
m Printing :  i I   im nate I
prcn          a       thei nal   Sal in I i
lis] la         de :    lighl -   s;. i
liefore 10 o'i the  lamps   i
noticed  to i ver..
it, owin ��� ��� '
nieiise   di-' i ' eni ii| ei ho ited   al
n n |ihei e  in  C until I     hall, nl |a-
' I'll!
Sole Agent 20th Century for
New Westminster City and District
i lur lard Is i!
:.. .    It ii    is |
It,      lea. : pi
[. J. BIRTCH, 275 Colum-
 bia Street	
A Letter of Importance.
i     0u'*   FRIENDS   IN    PARTICULAR:
lat��. w�� have been constantly asked if we are selling out, or moving
Ifl" premises. These enquiries have no doubt been created by tho
��� shipments cf furniture leaving . _'.:re3 and warehouses daily.
f ��. w. are not leaving our present I te, but we certainly are selling out
���'time). M0t wjt!l any catchpenny reductions, but a tjenuine legitl-
l^th-d of trading v,hich we have made successful by always marking
|    " ���   sn   the  lowest   of   other  furniture  hou.es   in   British   Cj-
W' 'T'S UP TO YOU whether you want old and out of date goods
' old pr.ee. o- the very latest and newest goods that money and c<-
"ce can buy.
Au   an '��� ������ lie  ���
last e\ n         'ii  fi
ihe   i ni   pn      i i".i" ii
clip pips   on  d'-ferei torch
The  i olli ei"1 na     n    li
Ihe suspi '���'.��� I ;-.'.. ivii- In I ho ���
and,  ance |  i         i in of M
man wanted, note ���
oi'fici'i-  John i.        . led    lhe  h.ue
l ml  ni her  i���������    '       ,t i.i  lie  llll
found, The : I I pocte I wns fin
���lily apprehon le I shortl, I ul iro ml I
Haiiei   . .'���
i n
ih-    ai    Rplcheii
l    spoil,-,!   s,-i-iii,��ii.
A clergyi i.inwas ttupxpoctpdly called
upon  to pi   ah  before lhe sludenls of
a well known college,   lie chose n Ber
mon    from    b N     barrel"   and   without
rending II -,onl to H illego chnpel,
lie :;.i nil ilolldldlj' until near the
. lo 10, VI hen he am.i . \| I lie boys Willi
Ills peioi H on, bpglllUlllg, "And now a
w ord   In   c iliclusl IU   lo   you    WllO   are
liMlher- "
s,-^ "i-iit  DlnleotN.
Mt i:nii   \. b 't  son   of  hybrid  cron-
fur,. 11 i Iml  iipw  btttlei  ol yours?   Nu
rlt. Ii   Wh. ,  boM   do you  uioiiii?   Mc-
I  all     I   e llli'd   In   .ee   vol!   tile  other llll.v.
uml whan i asked hlm what lime I
mlghl catch you ii bome he snid. "Al
I i.t ti'   pnwsl   tin,   -.i it"    Philadelphia
<lnlli-   It.'unlitr.
1  i he    I i-l    lilne    I    saw    flayle.v    be
wiis'i't very   er   regular In his habits."
"i Mi. be' ������ \ ery re.;uliii- now."
"Well, woll, l didn't think he'd ever
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON &  SONS
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves,  Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel  Goods -
\    BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
"The Woi i :: '������ >������ ,"   i ��� pul ' a   "
l.'arr.   Bore foi I an I his clovei     un
pany of nrl i I , In ll ir i li ui e   i ������
nil ip.  prove i ��� i lie a  real deled ible
' ime ! ���. .hi I ''''���'- ",;" h ige I uigli from I,-., (,,,-,,��_- -
��� ii-i   to  finl 'i     Tim nnoxpoctn i   il |   -n,. |m. n ���    ���    , h ibn ���.   n,- aii i,.< ���
��� ,|   i  ,   o ic I  '���' happen  in  ihe  ! i "-: J now
I'hii.idejphiii Ledger.
1 -ind pay us a friendly visit; no one will bother you to buy.
Look   them   over,   and
Qoods  constantly  arriving.
1 . ' '  rJjod. select  it,  and   we will  deliver any time or anywhere
���  c'   V '  advise you in purchasing Morris Chairs, Morris Rockers,
on  Tables, Pictures. Sideboards, Buffets, etc.
:e'S furniture emporium
!Du*>or.t 3!ocU      Columbia St.      Telephone 73
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 243
Tele;, hone 302
Holiday Silverware
In adrli-ion (o thc utual variety of standard lines, our
stock comprises many Silver Novelties prepared for the
approaching holiday season, which will be found unique
and at the same time as favorably priced as other
articles of lesser quality and merit.
THE JEWELER Columbia Street
IS 6
I  I
The Big Sale is Still Going
Some Bargains for Friday and Saturday:
Men's $10 and $12 Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats, at
Men's $15 and $18 Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats, at
Men's $1.50 Working Pants   .      .      . ��5C
Men's $4.00 and $4.50 Pants   .      .      . $2.75
Boys' Suits, regular $3.50 suits   .       . 1.75
Boys' Underwear, regular 50c a garment,
sizes from 26 to 34; at per garment 272 c
Men's Underwear, regular $1.00 and $1.25
a garment, for  ggc
Men's Sox, per pair,	
Men's Canvas Gloves,     .    4  pairs  for 25c
White and Red Handkerchiefs, each, . ��c
Boys' Knickers, regular 75c, for per pair J5C
Men's Sweaters, regular $1.50, for . . g$c
Men's $3.00 Shoes, per pair,   .       .      -7.50
Westminster   Clothing   Company
E.   DAVIS,   Manager
J. Ward, an Employe of the Brunette
Mills, Sustains  Serious
.:!C Hastings St. \Y.. Vancouver.
: Purchase Notice
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
A young man named .lake Ward, a
re ent arrival from the east, was
badly hurt yesterday in the Brunette
mill yards hy a load of lumber falling
upon him, breaking his ribs, and it is
feared injuring him internally, ii Is i
said that the lining of the lungs has   j
heen torn, and the young man is in a i *-�� 	
very  precarious  condition.
.Mr. Ward drives a horse in the mill   \^^      ^U       M""\0*5*% f\gytys
vard, and  was busy  taking on a load ' *
of lumber en one ol" the raised  plat- _       ,
B. C. Land
Seven Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Stitients Always in  Demand.
R. J. SPROTI, B. A., Principal
Notice is hereby given that CO days
after date I intend applying 10 the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
Works for permission to purchase ibe
following described land, situated at
the mouth of the Kildala river. Coast
district: Commencing at a post marked W. M.'s N. E Corner planted on
the south bank of the Kildala river
n: the mouth, running as follows: 40
chains south, 40 chains west, 40
r hains north to the shore line, thence
following shore line to place of com-
mencement, containing HI acres more
or less.
Aug. 'Sl, 1906.
l-ocalnr. W. MOODY.
Oct. 21,  1906.
forms. Tin horse became frightened
in .lime way, and tbe young man undertook 10 quiet it. In the scuffle, the
horse roll' i off ihe plai form, carrying   : ig  1 :i I   I ian   Wil ii   I'.     Ward   slill
hung en i.a the lines, and the heavy
ll ad I ' ��� i'a ��� ' fell upon aim. lie was
.a 'i ��� -ii a- v.'. :i ; Icke I up, and waa
Imi - lati taken 1 thi Royal Calami i.m hospital. The doctors hoi 1
out a ... . thai he ma. n covi r,
Ue is a brother 1 Mrs. Bi own, Ki..: :���
.  .eet, S ipp< rton,
Ellard Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Beit in Uritlsh Columbia, may be houiesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
1.0 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land offlce for the district ln
i which the land is situate.
i    The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans,
l'i) At  least six  months'  residence
upon   and  cultivation  of the  land  in
each year for three years.
.2) If the father (or mother, if the
fatln-r is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
to apply at the next sitting of the ()y such person rt.,;ding with the {a.'
Licensing  Board  for the  Municipality   ^"her  or  mother.
of Langley for a renewal of license to (j) [f the sett]er has his permanent
sell liquors ty retail on the premises residence upon farming bind owned
known as the Langley Hotel, situated by him in the vicinity of his home-
at Langley. in the said Municipality _f stead, the requirements as to residence
Langley,  Nov. 21,  1906.
The Royal Bank of Canat
Insures absolute security to depositor--.   START NOW to save your am
and yon will never regret  it     People  do harder things ever, day and 1
1.1 thing to show  for it '
ONI-; DOLLAR opens an accouni. Put il in your pocket, It wouldP*
ably he nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited ever, weel with us wfflj
!en yars amount  to $604.50.    THINK    THIS  OVER.
F.B.LYLE, Manag��
Notice is hereby given that I intend
The Choicest of Meats Cooked In
tlie Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours   at
Kenny s    Restaurant    and  C
.11.000 f EMPRESS ' I'   BR-TAI'
1      ICK.'
EtccK.  Goes Do.vn.
Ml .    Va: ;,,   Nn,.   23.���The   stocl
Tiavel in the same way as 51 .   i.'-
ters,    i;   Is  the qulcke it, safi   t and
nm.-: economical,   Prom Si. John, Dec.
Transfer Co.
Olfice���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
��f i Isi
iin- Standard Oil Co, sold al $.*iuu on
the em ii market to-day, This is its
lowest price for years. At ibis price
ilie stock shows .1 shrinkage in market value of more than $234,000,000
since the high price of January this
and   Dee.   15th.    For   particulars
may   lie   satisfied   by   residence   upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Do-
Iminion Lands at Ottawa of intention
lo aj ply  lur patent.
W. \V. CORY.
Deputy   Minister   of  the   Interior.
N. I!.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
rs After tne
��� Theatre a
in  Season.
apply to
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to -my
C. P.  R. AGENT.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 185.       Ham fnone 1117
Shct Her  Husband and Herself.
Chicago, Nov,   2d.���.lames    i-\    Delaney,  viee-pn:-idem   ol'   the   Allierieail
Shipping i'e., was to-day shol and killed by ids wife, who Immediately afterwards committed suicide. No one al
Mr. Delaney's office could throw any
Hghl on the affair. The two were married eight yea..-; ago, i.:>. ! had no children.
Our bud is the extracl of pure hog
fat,   li la as pure as it is white.   Try
l'l.       I'eiahe,.'' iai ll   &   CO.
A Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
(Maple Leaf
Is gaining in favor every day.   Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious of beverages.
25 cents
R. C. Purdy, The ConfedH
Is now manufacturing on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramel
I carry a full line of G. B. and Lowney V C'liocoku^
For Sale
AYRSHIRE BULL, four-Year-Old
For  Sale or Trade.
���i iln' BW
Having bought 0
Ing business of 1:.    -,,,,, ;.j
he   pleased   In   see  al.  "'    ^r.
ers, as wen a- new ones,
ing a specialty- jHDAV.
,0V. 24. UML
It is good business to be able to purchase HOME PRODUCE, to support HOME INDUSTRY,
and furthermore to SAVE MONEY.
EVERYBODY uses Flour in one form or another, soon EVERYONE will be using the
CALGARY MILLING CO'S celebrated Hungarian Patent, made from the finest
wheat Canada grows.
It will save you money to purchase -FEEDS" grown in British Columbia for your horses,
cattle, pigs, chickens, etc., besides buying the best. British Columbia produce leads the
world, so write for prices and telephone your orders to
he   British   Columbia
Hour and  Feed  Co.
telephone 40.
Of New Westminster
owded for Room
'hat's why we are offering these beautiful
lO-p-iece1 Toilet Sets this week ut
$2.50 PER SET
Ev.ry one who breakfasts,
lunches or dines ai
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, because
Everything is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
'l'lie usual weeklj markel whieli was
Parsnips. 15c dozen.
Heels.   I5e  do. en.
Carrots, ine dozen
Pumpkins, _5c to _*- each, accord'
int: to size
Tomatoes  I ripe). fine box,
Tomatoes i green), tOe b >x,
Onions. 2V_c to 3c lo,
Citrons, l for 25c.
Ia   \prj    lll_.li    -IlilnUe.   th.-   .'pliiu't
liit   Mild   ami   -.If.
When   you   can   get  fitted   with
Absolutely Damp-proof Boots at
Id Country Boot-store
h  'ick Boot for Men. from $4 up
feDick Boot for Boys, at $2.75
F* Dick Boot for Youths $2.00
'   l,v very suitable for fine and medium wear;   the boys' are
H       ���   tructible.
���ear we specially recommen 1 the Glencairn Brand ; thej
1 f"r long wfearing.    Waterproof qualities  for men  from
     ' ""  '���" up.    Youths'$2.01).    Bovs' $2.75.
.'Ci; a ������  Is   :������:v\i   gi.������-���ii  to ���_!���>.��?  Bloi
>rs _     i.^   ,a,     ,.  ^eiV westmliigt.er held yesterdaj was well attended, and j
thai I require the presence of ihe sai.l trade waa brlsk-   T1'" sl-llls were iil1
Electors al the City Hall, on ,;lK"" "!'��� and ll"' wares offered for
sale showed their usual excellence,
Monday, the 3rd day of Dec.,1906 '    ��� ���;1 ��; 'i! offer��dwaa ���
17                        '                  ' quite   so   pleiitilnl   as   usual,   bill     the
al  11 oli-lock a.m., for the purpose r.�� qualt.j  was well up to the standarl WHERE. CATS CAN'T   LIVE,
electing  a  Minor and   three   School The demand was strong, and thetotal
Trustees for the year 1907, and al  12 8upplj  was snapped up almosl before
o'clock noon or the same day, for the j, g0l Into the markel  building. ,,lts  ^  mad  ;irlll ,Ul. 1U hlgu altl
purpose ol electing seven persons an Mutton Is coming in better than it tudes,    LeudviUe, Colo., Ia a city over
Udernien for tlie sai.l year of LOO" was a few weeks ago, and the demand 10,000 fool above sen level, and there
The mode of nomination shail be as was siiii in excess of ihe supply. Is not a single ent in the place Uml bar
follows: Each candidate shall be nom- or  veal  there  was a   fair offerln1 been there more than three months.
Inatedin writing; the writing shall be   and ihe bi a were I n for good Ent The greater the height above sea lei
subscribed   io   two  persons as propo-] stock el ""; *f?ter *h? ****     , "'',"   "'
  ness both  In people and the diimb QUI-
ser and seconder, who shall be dulv The   pork   markel    was   somewhal n,als.    Even to Denver, which ts only
qualified electors ani residents In the slim, only a fe\.  carcases being offer half ns high as Loailville. cats are high
city; and such nomination paper shall ed.   The demand wa3 strong, Btrtmg  am!   flighty,  given   to  suddeu
. oni.iin a statemenl signed hy the pe'' The   egg   markel   showed signs   of ',l'' "' arching their backs ami growh
Good Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties  son   nominated,   thai   he consents   to Improving      from      the    consumer's lll;- :"  nolhlng,    Toil they  do no:
Short Orders Quickly Served.            such nomlnation.   The nomination pn standpoint, and  a  considerable nuan- D,:"' iM ".m"'."!"' ""> EE "T
,rr,a    -, i    it    /-i.-\,m-                       ,   ���  ,      .   .           ,  .     .,      ,,  , ' ly I i.it  lliev i .��   n LeadvlUe.    In  i
MRS. M. A. COOK,         i   - -ha Hvered to the Return tltj  were sold at 55c per dozen    The latter place cate u to be moro than
Trapp Block,                     Proprietress.   :;;-  ��[f|���r :" ;'":'   time between tne   wh salers were paying 50c a dee., UM1.,uv   drowsj   when   Coy   are   Brsl
broughl there and Rpend nearlj ei
Merchants, Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee with
Cream,      -      -       35c
J2 to 2 p.m.; 6 to 8 p.m.
Columbia St.
late of this notice and (in the caeo of      The chicken  markel   was nol  quil
Mayor and School   fi istees)   12 noon   so large as i:  has been for ih
EMFR-iflM'Q      HRY      Dfli'K   ';    '"    '"'  ,!:':'  '"   ;v'",|l,'r- ��^ llD   few weeks, and tlie supply was app .
iTILlWUil J      Ull!       ul/tn  the case of Aldermen)   1  o'clock p.m.  ently equal to the demand, the bu ���
�� OU Country  BOOT-STORE
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart, Prop.
Fo it of Uh Ave.  Cor, L6th Streel
New Westminster, H. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Sow Building
a specialty.
Estimates promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street. New
Westminster. B.C.
of thi  same day. I being  keen ,,���]���   for  first-class bli Is
in the evenl  of a  poll being  ie     old fowls wore also nol  quite so n-i
..'.     nch poll win ! peneil on the   union.-., and were all   -old al   prices
10th   daj   ol    Dee ber,   1906, al   9 quoted
I'elock   a.m.,   and   will  remain   open      Ducks were offered ln fair numbers,
until .*. p.m   ot the Bame day, al  tho  ami found a readj mar!,..'
following places;  The Council Cham       Apples still continue to be offered
ber, City Hall; the Flre Hall, Sapper-  in considerable quantities, and the de
ton; ani ai  the Lighl Station, Tenthlmand I'm ihem is fair    Pears axe still
street. | coming In, although thsrj are not plen    York Herald
or whieh every person Is required   tiful,    The demand   for ihat   lino of
to t.ike notice and govern himself ac- goods is decidedly weak.
hour of the twenty four i-i sleep   '��� '���
condition will last a week or two,   u i
Is   succeeded   by   a   "tale   of   online'.
well   being,   uhi.ii   terminates   at   n
greater or less interval of time by r
suddenly having a violent nt. wliii i I i
u human being would be called h;
terles.    Th Me tiu nre repeated  witb
continually  Increasing frequency nn  I
one more violent than any of it- preJ
poensors carries the oal off.   Even kll
tens born In high altttu les never ,e   ���
to gel a i ustomed to them ami invar
ably go the way of Iheir parents. ��� No v
arruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
*ow Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
i      SAFETY
he c
arruthers Manufacturing Co.
$5.00 EACH.
Given under mj hand al the City
Hall. .New Westminster, ihe 22nd day
of -.ovenibor, 1906.
Returning Office -.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
I Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Strset,
���J| NEW   WEsTMlNSTcR,   1,   C.
Potatoes are slill  coming in in
i on-
llll perl net   CorVCC tlttft.
Under tbe terror in   France people
learned  to be excessively cautious iu,
slderable quantities, and there i.- only   all they said and --mu more cautious lm
a fair demand for thorn,
Beef, hindquarters, T'.e ta s*,_c lh.
Iieef. torequarters, Ic to P.��e n>.
Veal, he io nie in.
.Million, 13c lb.
Pork, in- io nt:,.  in.
Dressed fowl, ise to JOc in.
Potatoes, $l_  I,, %]\  ton,
Onions, $1.25 gack,
Eggs, 5&c to liilc dozen.
Butter, 30c to 3Bo lh.
Fowl, $7 to $S dozen.
Chickens, $5 to $7 dozen.
Ducks, sn to $12 doaen.
'a- .e, $1.25 each
Apples, 75c to $1 box.
Tears, $1  to $1.L'."> box.
Rei ail prices of garden produi i;
Cabbage, 5c head.
what Ihey  wrote.
Au old  letter Is sail  to lie in exist-
I ence  of  the  revolutionary   period  iu,
which the author had ai lirst written to
��� a friend, ' I write under ibe reign of a
great em ition."
Then,  apparently  reflecting  that  it
was dangerous to speak of "reigns" at
i sueli an epoch, ho amended the-seu-
I tence tin is:
"I   write   under   :!���������   republic  of  iv
greut emotion."
Fur. Hums ht.
"That fellow Muikiey yon were en
gaged to nt one time may linve sumo
uf vol-'.- old love loiters, may be not?"
asked the husband. "Ami aren't yon
afraid he might be emi enough to"���
"Not a bit," replied the wife <Ieei-
xlvely. "He knows I've got a trunUfui
of his love letters to reciprocate If In-
ever i'.ojs."���Jiu.se.
sMk %
i %
i i.
New Dinner Ware,   |New Toilet Sets.       Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived; it's a
beauty.   Call and see it.
Telephone    1 SO.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  ��� ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Peary Still Has Hopes.
Halifax. Nov. 23.���Peary's steamer,
Roosevelt, reached Sydney at 7 o'clock
this morning, and immediately upon
arrival. Commander Peary boarded a
tug and came on shore to meet Mrs. |
l-eary, who has been awaiting him at
Sydnej tor the last iwo weeks
appeared to he in excellent health,and
none the worse for his perilous exer-
lions up norih. He was apparently in
the best of spirits. Peary tells of his
experience with his ship in a leaky
condition, and the loss of much interior work���ladders, beams and almosl everything movable on board
having  been   sacrificed   to   keep
Matter iut-nd-ii for this column .boulcl tx ad-
dr.-v.-d, -Socia! Editor. Daily News, V. O.
Box-HI-, New Westminster."
The bridge club met Thursday at
the residence of Mrs. Cotton. The
members present were Mrs. Bell, Mrs.
DeWolf Smith, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Brymner. Mrs. Youngling, Mrs. Malins, Mrs.
J. Stilwell Clute, Mrs. Graeme, Mrs.
Gordon and Mrs. Coulthard.
Messrs. John Peck and T. H. Goldie
returned  Thursday  from  Cumberland,
where they  have been  holding engineers' examinations.
A new dancing club has been formed among some of the young girls and
boys in I own. They will meet every
fortnight at the residence of Mrs. Burnett.
Miss Gertrude and J. P. Bilodeau
gave a mosl enjoyable dance Thursday evening. Rushton's orchestra furnished excellent music, and the supper was supplied b> J. M. Kenny.
There were a large number of gnosis,
ami dancing was kept up to quite a
late hour. Among those present were:
Miss A. Munn, Miss E. Johnston, .Miss
M.   Fletcher,   Miss  Fletcher,   Miss  I.
Birch, Miss A.  Wise. Miss A. ltustiloli.
.Miss .1. Peele, Miss ii. McBride, Miss
L. McDonald, Miss B. DeBeck, Miss E.
Pringle, Miss u Gifford, Miss M.
Freeman, Miss M. Lewis, Miss N.
Johnstone (Vancouver), Mis. Mahoney, Miss B. Sullivan, Miss M. Cunningham, Miss ('. Henderson, Miss
Brennan, Miss Q. Turnbull, Miss Gamble, Miss S. Bilodeau, Mrs. K. H.
Cheyne, Mrs. F. J. Lynch, Messrs. vv.
McQuarrle, F. Kenny. C. Bourne, ,1. D,
Kennedy, .). Keary, P. Keary, T. Dau-
pliinee. F. Hughes, K. C. Brown, H.
Latham, Alt. Johnston, Ed. Hughes, E.
Sinclair. Adam Johnston, John Brown,
jr.. Earn. Johnston, W. Trapp, H. Hobson, B. Henry, S. Gilchrist. A. Sive-
| right, Wm. Freeman, Roy Pearson, D.
gfi j Sullivan, Chas. Bartley. Sid Dyke, Cliff
Sargent's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen. It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
housekeeper's time
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can be
m.-.de from what might be wasted
if it were not for the Gem.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread.
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food at you want it���fine, coarse
or medium." Easy to operate, sell-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00 Sails for    $18.00
$22.00  Suits  for   $20.f.O
$25.00  Suits for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 644
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
on Display To-dai
New Arrivals, these lines, and just what ev-
ery person has been waiting for. Oi disolav
TO-DAY for the first time.
Ladies' and Children's Gloves in a complete
shades and sizes.   They have been alonetmfl
the way, and this cold weather makes them  1
come to us after waiting so long. "'"*
New Christmas Neckwear end Belt,
To-day's display of new Neckwear, which iu-t
rived yesterday, is by far the largest and tat
sorted showing of Neckwear we have ever receiv*
Chiffon Collars, Lace Collars, Laee Ties and Belt*]
every description.   An immense range of prices!'
A large range of Ladies' and Misses' Tarns wi
among yesterday's late arrivals in the Milliner'
partment.   All colors 35c and'!
Lord, D. MeGee lVancouver), Gowan
MacGowan, Alf. McLeod, L. Johnston.
\V. Major. .1. Priee, E. Warwick, F.
Bilodeau, Robt, Cheyne, F. J. Lynch.
Reeve.  W.  Ladner was in  the city
yesterday on  business.
Sheriff Armstrong   returned  yester-
the ; day from Chilliwack
party warm.    Peary still  believes the
north   pole can  be reached,  and  the
! same opinion is expressed by  Captain
Guichon���D,  E. Carson, Vancouver;
London, Eng.; Miss H.
F. C. Gamble, C.E.. public works engineer, accompanied by John Sprott,
road superintendent, lefl yesterday for
a trip up the coast.
Tiie pupils of St. Ann's convent gave
a   musical   enti rtainment   on   St.   Cecilia's day which was repeated yester-
qiecial request.
sale, which he took home in the afternoon and turned loose with the herd.
H. Burr and C. H. Richardson, two
well-known down river ranchers, were
in the city yesterday attending market.
Rev. Thomas Crosby, of Chilliwack,
the veteran missionary among tin-
coast Indians, has gone to the east for
lhe winter. He will spend tbe next
few months in Newfoundland and the
maritime provinces.
Rev H. I). Robertson and Mrs. Robertson, who will shortly leave with
other missionaries for China and Japan, are the guests of Mrs. Beattle,
of this city. Mrs. Robertson Is a niece
of Mrs. T. J, Armstrong.
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. This is a chance
of a lifetime.
'���'  710 and 718 Columbia St
Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.)
Dr. W. V. Davies, formerly of thi
city, has erected a commodious cot
tage in Chilliwack, to which place h
recently removed.
John Dewdne
Torens, Miss Margaret Lee, Miss Win-! 'i:l-v afternoon  by
Ifred Teison. E. S. Belard, New York, i    M.0   -,-  ���   u, ,,      ,    .
���j    .Mrs.   I. R. Pearson, Mrs. J. A.  Lee
Windsor-A.    F.    Lundbon,    Surrey   and Mra H< C. Major ,ast ���ignt| a; ,he
Centre;   .1.  Payne.   Honey;   R.   Rice
..For Only $25 Per Acre,
Harry Beresford. Xew Vork; C, Y.
i'a. ii. Kansas City; H. !���'. Creighton,
New Vork; ,\. Swanson, Kennewick;
���l. !i. Morrison, Dewdney; Mrs. Lund,
Mrs. Neilson, Vancouver; J. Haldi,
Langley; X. R. Land. George Cross,
W.  .McNeil,  Vancouver.
Sign Man on Wheel.
a St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Wood to Burn
Just Opened
217-219 Columbia Street.
Got Off Easily.
N( iv Vork, Nov. 23.���Enrico Caruso,
the famous Italian tenor, to-day was
lound guilty of annoying women in
'ae Central Park zoological garden, a
Sne of $lo was Imposed. The verdict
rendered by Magistrate Baker in
the    Yorkvil.'   police    coun.   after    a
' ���   .mg   v.iii. i.   extended   over three
residence of the lady first named, entertained   a   large    party    of  Students I
from  Columbian  college.    A   most  en-
Ijoyable evening was passed, musicand
guessing contests being the features.
To-night lhe same ladies wil! entertain
J another party oi the students.
.1. J. Johnston, of the provincial assessment commissioner's staff, toolt a
j business trip to Agassi/, yesterday af
W. H. Gardner and Mrs. Gardner
have removed lo Vancouver, whi re
they will make theii home in future.
Jos. Tamboline, of Westham island.
, was in 'he city yesterday. He pur-
I chased a cow at  tin- market  auction
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. B. McDonald left
yesterday for Harrison Hot Springs,
where ihey will.remain for about two
weeks. Mrs. McDonald has been unwell for some Iim*-. and the trip was
taken on the advice of Dr. Hall
Mrs. E. Henderson, of Fourih avenue, returned to the city yesterday,
after spending a week visil ing in Vancouver.
;���; *��:**>;*:**��:*��;*>;'��*;***i.:^^*:'*:*>:��:x-x. :��;'��:*<��--*:��;*:��;yK:��;*>:*>:*>:>;^>;^^>:*>;
On Tram Line
I *��*
��� ;���*
��� n
i :���.
:-: About the Coming Elections :���
��� IS ASSURED ���
T consists of 4 acres in orchard, 300 bearing fruit
trees. About .$800 was made
from the fruit this year, besides which a large crop of'ji;
potatoes and other vegetables j jjj
was taken off the ground.
The House is a substantial ..-roomed
one.   Good outhouses  and   barn.   The
property   is   well   cleared,  fenced   and
Price . . ��Q Cflfl   !?a,lf Casli'
yo,0\J\J,   Bai, easy terms
Are YOU Donating to a Landlord ?
1 :���:
White & Shiles
260 Coliimiiia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
6-roomed Cottage and  Lot 99x
132, near Bridge	
7-roomed House,  Queen's Ave.,
8-roomed House, 4th Ave., near
Oth St., new and modern	
7-roomed   House  on   Canarvon
F. J. HART & CO., !*
When    IllrdN    nnd    Aiilimili.    Uo
Mill-   lit   tht-   -IiiIIiik   Si-nnoii
"When birds and uniruiils do
mute ut the mating Beason, lt ls a sign
that u bud year ls coming,"said a farmer.
"(juails, gophers, rabbits and scjuir
rels all refuse to mate In certain
years. These years afterward turn
OUl to be bad ones. The ipiails are
particularly weather wise. By Instinct
Hie little wild creatures know that for
lack of rain or for some oilier reason
there Is to be a grass famine and a
seed famine, aud, Instead of pairing off
and mating and selling up housekeeping in little families of two, Ihey re-
inain unmated in ibe large bands in
which they have flown all winter, living, as ii were, a kimi of apartment
house life, Thai year Inevitably turns
out a bad one, though the bachelor and
spin ler quails, with a good ileal of
pick ig and scratching, manage to gel
CUOUgll   to eat,    Bul   t" feed  families of
little lines in su<b a famine year would
be Impossible,
"In California the squirrels in a famine year not wily do i. il male; Ihey do
in.I   even   live.    They   become  dormant.
As by a miracle, tbey remain dormuni
lllilil   a   Season   of   plenty    comes   witb
tlie next winter's rains."   Exchange,
50 acres of Meadow and 30 acres of Fine, High Land, witli
some good Cedar and Spruce. Beautiful situation, -ind con-l
veniently distant from Westminster Junction and Pitt River.|
Exclusively For Sale by
Malins, Coulthard & Co]
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster
| FURNISHEIJ ROOMS. Suitable for Light Housekeeping]
Electric Railway Service]
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
honr from 5:60 a. in. io 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 am] 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will
run from Cent ral Park to
Vancouver only,
City  Limits Line    Sei . li <��� fi om
it 15 a in.  to  I 1  p m.
20 Minute Service��� No transfer.
Between 12 ami _ ami t, nnd 7.
30   Minute   Servic   during r*��
mainder of day.
Leopold Place,
i rans
Sunday   Service   half-hourly 1*1
tween s a.m, md '! P-m'   f
Sapperton Line. |
15   Minute  Service fru
m   to  11   p.m   ���
12 and  J. and ':'*
wblch I	
half homi... J
Sunday Service   half-nom ��� -f,
tween S 30  i *'
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.M
I''c��r   tier  Welfare.
Mrs. Ooociheart bad made up ber
mind that mosl of tbe so culled charity
of the presenl day was uot, strictly
speaking, charity ul all, Whoever gave,
she had concluded, did so for the pleas
ant sensation of seeing bis or her
name figure on subscription lists, uud
she did nol agree with this ostentation.
"Here, uij good man," she said one
day last week lo n mnu who hnd begged iiims of her, "here is a threepenny
piece, ami please io understand that I
do not give Ibis because I hope to be
rewarded for my charity some day,
but because il gives nie pleasure to
do so."
The burly beggar looked dubiously nt
the liny Bllver coin,
"Look 'ere. mum," be s;iiil. "In litis
'ere wicked world we don't orften gel
the chance lo riSur: ourselves, Why
not mak" il a shlllln' an' ';'. 0 a real
good time?"   I. a.1 u 'lii i'.'.' i,
Horse Clipping Ma��
\\7E have a line of light and compactly buM
POWER CLIPPERS of spot ial durability, suitable"for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good. Our
clippers work easier, clip faster anil take 8
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longer
than any other on the market. Wo have tne
great labor saver.    Call and   see  Uh1'11 :1
l -Imltecl


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