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The Daily News Mar 13, 1908

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 i >gNto_i-�� lAwun,.
Shiles & Co
St. Phone 85
Undertaking Involving Expenditure of $700,000 Now Assured
0f Successful Completion.     Official Statement Made ty
Managing Director Buntzen.     Cliilliwack Line
Will Be in Operation By 1910.
Primed With Whiasky, Trusty; Actors Soundly Thrash Man Plight of Imprisoned Hin-
Steals Suit of Clothes and | Captured Peeking Through dus Is Being Brought to
Walks Away���Recaptured     Window of Green Room.        Notice of Sovereign.
Patsy, a northern B. C. Indian serving a six year sentence for horse Sisal-
Swift and well merited punishment
was meted out    to    a despicable   in-
ing,   escaped   from    the penitentiary | )d,vidua] by one of the act0rs of   the
yesterday  afternoon  shortly  before 5
"Old Arkansaw" company    yesterday
Tin I'1- Elec
rfff��dne3daj practlca
Railway company
"y  deeidetl     to
g imas dyking scheme,
H. over tne
undertaking Involving an otiiiay on
.       ,   |7O0,000.   This will
ompletlon   of    the
make   the    neceasary    surveys.    The to a successful issue.   Their estimate]
work on ihr. dyke will be pushed with for  the  work  was |700,000,  although j th,.  shack   formerly  occupied  by the
all dispatch and when completed will the actual cost may prove to he muck late "Dutch Bill"   (William Vianna).
make possible the rapid construction greater. The Indian was very drunk when dis-
Of the  Chilliwack  line,  "which,"  add-      The  railway  company  found  them-j covered.
ed Mr. Buntzen, "we nr w hope to c im- Belvt a up against a proposition in the! For ,,,��� past tnree years Pat8y hfl3
pie the earl) ompieuon t oi iue plete much earlier than the time limit construction of their Chilliwack
6,1 ,!���. which will drain the i��� the franchise, In .ict, we expect branch when they arrived at the
EL-ol Su 'ke Into the Fraser to complete it before 1910. Our chef Sumas lake, through which their sutler, reel ���' settlement 3^,000 trouble is to obtain the requisite vey runs. There was an alternative
,ms ui'foe Bnesi agricultural lands amount of labor." proposition to carry the line around the
IXanad nd emoving the greatest The land that will be affecttll by Sumas mountain, an unsatisfactory
jijiclt u the p th "I the B. C. B. R. the proposed dyke is the fertile Su- route at the best, and far more cost-
(om|.any in the construction of their mas prairie, a few mile., north of tlie ly than the draining of the lake. Such
tew line:' Chilliwack. International boundary. The lake it- were the conditions that led to the
jlils information, of so much    mo-   self covers an area of 11,000 acres and deal by which  the B. C.  E. R. will
lit to the people of the district, WM   an  additional  20.000    acres    will    be \ assume  the  contracts of the dyking | months.    The officials have a theory
Carted to a News   reported    by   J. I rendered    safe    from    Inundation    in company  and   obtain  their object  in [that wjail��� working with the farm gang
totien, n.anaglng director of the B. ' times of flood.   T'ne value of the land the removal  of the obstruction  from' outside    the    penitentiary    building
Il H. who arrived In the city yes-' has been realized for several decades. Hie right of way.        - Patsy was  supplied  with whisky  by
wJay afternoon from Vancouver on   and some three companies hive been      Mr. Buntzen and the assistant gen-[some
Ksltrng Inspection to the shops and   formed at intervals to undertake the era! manager, F. R. Glover, were met
���premises of the company.    Mr. Bunt-   enterprise of reclaiming this land for
Bt was accompanied by F. R. Glover, I cultivation.    Two failed;  the third Is
Instant -eiieral manager. The man-
_ din nor slated that while the
Heel was practically settled, yet It
In. not absolutely closed. Asked
���ether the company proposed to buy
��� thepresenl Sumas Dyking and De-
the existing company, a firm of
Americans, who obtained a franchise
from the government, granting them
in consideration of their constructing
the dyke, the 11,000 acres at present
comprising the lake bed- The com-
|t.lopmrn* company, Mr.'Bunt-en re-! pany also entered Into an agreement
���tithal the intent ion was merely to with the owners of the surrounding
Bride the necessary capital; ln ! lands, by which In return for the pro-
ther worls. the railway company tectlon of their property, they will
iw tho controlling interest In the pray an annual fee. Apparently the
���not dyking company, who until j firm as at present composed, Is unable
pe present have done no more than : financially to carry the big enterprise
at the depot by Aldermen Fader and
Gray, representing the city council,
and I-ooal Manager D. J. McQuarrie^
of the B. C. E. R. The party visited
the works of the company and drove
around the city until dark, when the
officials returned to Vancouver. Mr.
Buntzen was much impressed with the
growth of New Westminster since he
visited here two years ago. He accompanied Aid. Fader to his new
What will be the ultimate fate ol
the fifteen Hindus now incarcerated
at the Provincial jail in this city, ia
a question that is interesting a great
o'clock, and enjoyed a brief period ofl       ' man>' Persons, not only in B. C, but
liberty, being recaptured by Deputy Owning in the Property room at the at Ottawa, and it. may be that tbe
Warden Carroll and Trades Instruc- opera house. It appears that for s.ime question will soon be raised in the
tors Dynes and .McKenzie at half past time past certain shameless males great parliament buildings on the Em-
! ten o'clock in the west end of tho have been In the habit of peeping bankment in London. Their cSse has
' city,  where he  had   taken  refuge  in   through the window of the actresses'   been  eagerly  followed by their coun-
dresllng room which gives on the na - trymen in the province .and the city,
row alley between the opera playhoi se and many enquiries have been made
and Fader's garden. The window by them regarding the law that per-
are painted on the inside, but a few mits of their imprisonment,
scratches here and there, permit of a Influential men, who are acquainted
blurred view of the Interior of tlie with the conditions in their native
room. I country of these swarthy subjects of
While  engaged    in  changing   cos-   the empire are also interested" in the
tumes between acts last night, on.- of   matter, and it is learned on good au-
the ladies noticed the shadow of    a   thorlty that they will not only carry
man   outside  the window.     She    im    the case of the Hindus to an issde In
mediately  informed one of the  malt   the higher courts, but that thry have
members of the company that a latter   gone  further and have sent a direct
day Peeping Tom was ogling   Lady   communication to King Edward. The
Godiva.   This   happened   immediately   direct question was put yesterday hjr
after the production of the great tra!n   a News man to Mr. Brooks, of Van-
robbery scene. couver,   who  has   identified    himself
The actor appealed to immediately   with the cause of the Hindus and Is
went outside, clad ln his bandit cos-   himself an old resident of India.   He
persons  unknown,  and  that  It   tume af,fd carr-vinS two 42 callBer re-   replied  that while he did  not know
was while under the influence of the volvers' loaded with blank cartridges,  that any telegram had been dispatch-
stimulant that he evolved the scheme | He surl^ised two men at the window,  ed to His Majesty, yet he understood
which gave him nearly six hours of   and  with  6tem  voice  he  throw out  that the k,ng was be,ng d,rectly com-
the peremptory command "Hands up."  municated with on behalf of the Hln-
One of the men turned and ran. The dus. In the meantime habeas corpus
other caught sight of the revolvers proceedings wlll be Instituted,
and wilted. He was marched into th. j The Hindus, more especially those
property room at the rear of th. stage, who haee served In the Indian army,
where, in the presence ot the ladles feel that they have a just grievance
who had afforded him so much a_hi.se against the government that prevents
ment, he was made to humbly them as British subjects from travel-
apologize and given a thc-endo.   by ing at their will In any portion of the
been a trusty at. the penitentiary, and
had been given a certain measure of
liberty. With only ten month- of a,
Bix yens' sentence to serve, and having i Btablished a reputation as a goo I
prisoner, it was not expected that lie
would make any attempt to regain
his II! erty, more especially as he was
ftware that he was in line for n
tick"! cif leave within   the next   few
After leaving the field where he .was
employed. Patsy broke Into the bachelor keepers' quarters outside the p.n.
stole a suit of dark blue serge, a hard
felt hat and an umbrella, and, clothed
like an ordinary Indian, he made his
way down Columbia street, being met'
the  Russell, and  compared it ZunTlttte ^ShtoS �� who ^ heavy villian of the company, who, empire.   This feeling was well lltus-
(..ii.lren  or  tne    neighboihond    wno   before hg _,._t on th_ gtage    wag   %  trated  by .__ flf the prl80nerBf for.
favorably with the best hostelries ln, were acquaInte)j wlth hlm.   Tne8e ln_
other cities,  not excluding the Van-:formed gome of ^ ^^ wbo n,
couver hotel.
boxer of some repute. The moan skunk  merly a sergeant in one of the Sikh
who found pleasure In peeping into a \ regiments that fought In the frontier
^ I once invested, with t]g result that ,ad1ef. d_._.|n_ mom mM ^^ . war8 for ^ Br|t,Bh and Mrrlo| mta.
, Patsy was reported missing and L^ ���ed ,]p by tt_ ^jj, thrown! ala for good service on his breast:
I twelve men detailed to scour the city
|*�� Reduction  for   Consumers���Revenue Is  Needed   by  City���Flat
Monthly  Rate  Discussed.
Soldiers   Fired   on   Men   Massed    in
Street, Killing 2500 in Short Order
���Work Resumed at Mines.
Proposition to Start Athletic Club Endorsed by Members���Officers for
Current Year Elected.
San  Francisco, .March 12.���Machine
runs,  operated  by    the    government
At the special meeting of the o'.ty
pn.ii last night it was decided that
id reduction should br. made In the | forces of Chile, in a great conflict with
jHwtric lighi rntes this year, The strikers at the nitre beds of the city
pwtkmol placing the large cohsum-   of iquique, laid .600 men low, most
down again,  used as a    door   rait,  "Why should I be thrown Into prls-
mi   i���mini   airr-raiir kicked and thumped to a fare   vou! on?" he exclaimed;  "I have commlt-
,  ANNUAL MEETING i SUT"0*,*! WCre ^ ��� WhilP ViS""   *-�����    When the prompter announced ! ted no crime; I have fought hard for
to the different Indian houses In the, ,hnt the rnrtaln WM up the meinhers! the empire and the emperor and
city were made, with the result that of the companv were prc,mrlng (.'have been honored with this medal.
he was finally captured, blissfully in-  br_nd  the  ^^     Instead  of thi_   when , ^^ the army they told me.
he was thrown bodily out of the room  that I was a British subject and could
and given a parting kick as a remind-  _�� anywhere I liked    in the British
Patsy is described by Warden .1. C- er that Insults to actresses are resent- empire and was entitled    to all the
j Brown as being a well behaved prison-' e_ |)y their athletic friends. j privileges of the British."    Now, al-
A  proposition to    form    a strictly ��� er- BP��a.l<ing English fluently and with i    Manager MacGowan announces that  though a man of splendid  physique,
athletic club In this city was discussed  a fafr education.   He stands about five  the windows will be repainted on the' and able to talk English well, he Is
ut length at the annual meeting of the   feet e,gnt ,nch,5s> and has a 8car on J inside before the next  show    strikes j Imprisoned   because  he   cannot   read
Crescent club yesterday evening, when I th�� 8,de of the neck'    He wln most   town. ' and  write.
number of members gathered  ,lke'y   be  ,r,ed  oh  a  -h��W of  jail <
in search of   him.    All   trains    and
toxlcated and unable to give an account of his escapade.
a large
to   discuss the
business of the   past
I"   ':  ;l Ul1  monthly  rate  was also! or whom were killed, according to ad-  yt.ar ftn_ |ay plans for the future. The
|   BMed mi   \ii|   Gray, chairman Of   \'<'H received hero yesterday by the  suggestion favored by a majority was
""��� lijht committee, was instructed
Itoronfer do the matter with the city
pulclan and bring In a renorl at a
Norwegian steamer    Christian    Bora, that  the  club  take the  initiative  In
which arrived direct from Chile.   Busl- the launching of the athlet'c organlza-
ness at iqniqne, which had never be- tlon, which would be undenominational
fore been seriously disturbed by any- in character  and not   affiliated  with
1,1     ""  ; ing,   it  was at  Brat, thing but earthquakes, was paralysed  any  existing  club or college    The
gjKwted thai a reduction In the rate
��' one ceni
���tide in ih
lit  ,i'n���	
In   revenue    to    tin
I'er kllowatl   should   be
��>"! of light, equal  lo
Ihreaklng, and will lose all time allowance for good conduct during the
years he has been In the pen. A strict
investigation Is to he made In order
fo discover by what means Patsy -secured possession of whisky, which
must have been given him hv someone
outs'de' the building.
The   last escape  of  convicts   happened towards the end of August, 1907.
Estimates For Current Year
Are Passed by City Council
rJ' 'I wan stated thai tho reduction
"7" '"i;i" '''���" h would nol make
PJMwencn to the    -0n_.in.eri,
J"1 Im -f 14000, While the ell v
J���,1"1** m�� nrsMnt heavy expend!-
""'""     '    from  daal    In    the
Sitting iii special session al the city   not by any means cover the oost ot
hall last night the council finally pas.-' the improvements contemplated  dur-
, ..        ,, , ���     ;. ' Ing the year, a much larger sum being
ed the ordinary estimates for the year,    s        ���
I provided for in the extraordinary ex-
190S, totalling In all *2an,8!>0, a sum J^^,, wh)ch httVe not    aR    yet
considerably   below  the  amount   that ] |>nHse(1 lne eouncll.   The same applies
,1,.,'   (;:'"""  'Ai"'"<sl'd  lhe opinion
JL ��� ""s' '" ,:" malntenanoe of
��� ''"�����*�� ���hmiM be placed on
nt.'",:" fevenue; he held thnt
"i"n,IMl ��sed lhe streel should
"''��� towards tho streel lights.
I W 8 Sh
when the great army of workers went matter was finally turned over to the
on strike. Fracas after fracas occurred executive for further consideration.
until Midlers and strikers met In.the      The election of officers resulted In | when two half breeds got away from
streets o* Iquiijue, and on the   out- the unanimous election of J, H. Vidal to-oouvtot quarry at Pitt lake.   They
skirls openly defied  each other.    Be- to the presidential chair, he succeed.I we>-e   never  recaptured.    Bill   Minor   will be required to cany fo completion   equally to the estimate for schools and
ing  ordered  to disperse the nrmv of Ing Charles K. Mm.lev. who had served I ant1 ni�� <hrpe associates escaped from   the many proposed works for the year.' some  other  departments,  the  details
men.  the  soldiers opened   lire.    The |_ thai capacity fnr tho past two year.! f',p Penitentiary on August 8 of last   A glance at the table of totals given   to be Included In a by-law which will
strikers had little opportunity to fight and declined  to stfliid  for reelection.
hack even though they had been arm- ,r. n. Mahoney was re-elected   vice
year.   Since that, day no trace of any   will show the amounts voted for eacb   be placed  before  the  people at
of the men lias ever been discovered.   ���-������ --     - - - ��� ���	
ed, the assault was so sudrVn. This president, while A. s. Johnston sue-
took place on January 1, and a week needed K, 0, Brown asieoretary, The
later as though by common agreement executive will consist of c. B. Bart-
thv strikers went back to work with ley, II. J, Warwick, A. McDonald, W
OUt the expected advance In wages.        J, Burr und S, Malcolms*"!.
it waa reported that the nunc ��>wn-     .p,,, flgances of the olub were   rears will voluntarily Increase the pay of  ported to be In a most healthy condition, a number of outstanding debts
having been wiped out In ihe pasl few
many of their employees
���'���'lMI^Mi#IWMM��,:;:;.::;.:::: :^;:t.:.^��!!.��.^.t::r::^:;.::-:
'This Is My 53rd Birthday"
'" Photos
Perclval  Lowell.
oweli, the orritnent Bstwnomer and author who last year
Mention in Hlentlflo circles by his expedition to the \nd's
va| i
I and |���"S"11 the 1,laM( vr,"'H
was  horn  In  Boston.  March  18, isr.!.,
cninfon       ''''''lMllU,,l ffoni Harvard   university.    Having Inherited  a
������,, |.(h"'" torl��ne he decided ro devote his life to scientific 'study
I tofsanndI i '   "" "pen' Mm y*ftr" "f ,||H f!"r,v "rt' '" ,apaD n"(1
I "leKoret       1888 hc Mted a�� OOWM-llor and  forsign   secretary  to
I l"Ki,i���I1(',',!"' s'"'il1 mission io the United states.   After ten years'
I '"ar later i   l"'""1 '", rotu,^-d '" "'e TJnltefl Stntes In 1898, and b
1,1 iistftn'i',,,'"  0,mflW ''"well obnervutory whldi h.ns eonlrlhiiled nim'b
-,\',, one ��? ,   advano��m��i1 in America.   In 1900 Professor Lowell
II,,,'"   tile ohlef promoters Of the eclipse expedition to Tripoli.
'' h i r i
���'���itafly'J ''".''ll "mil,1,l the world several times ami the n suits of
���"hlsvemt     r"""(1 '" hl* l,u'ra,'-v w"r,<H'   Vor WbI  i,e|��RKjhea   ;""'
Pro'eSsor L    '"  ""' ,l"1'1 of ��Ri',,,������"y and other brunches of science
Hii,. ��� '"w"" 1|,,K been honotttd with membership iii the   Royal
iio''''   "f "rent Britain nnd  Ireland
"'-, i '    ,1lr Astronomical society of Pranoi
fl tmdl
American PWlc-o-
and a number o!
e�� of America and Enropt>.
':: - WI#H#||nHiHI^ 'f
Canada's Northern Qardon.
H Ottawa, March 12,���H. ft. Young.
w before the agrloulture committee of
M I parliament yr'sturday, slated that fW-
K tude didn't govern cllniitite���certainly
H not In Canada. Last summer It was
jfjl.at as warm at Port Simpson on Hie
jjfiI Mltoltenzle river as at Winnipeg or
ffi! Ottawa. Last summer Oonroy, Inspeo-
H tor of Indian affairs, saitl as line
��� vegetables grow at Fort Good Hope
ns wen- grown anywhere In Ontario.
Wheat of good qunllty, sixty-two
pounds to the bushel, was grown at
Fori Simpson, In latitude 88. Thp
southern boundary of the province of
Tobolsk, Siberia, Is one hundred miles
further north than Edmonton, yet
Tobolsk In 1900 had a population of
1,800,000, and produced 64.000,000
hi.sue!,, of wheat.
I w
a  ^
Duncan. March 12.���The 0, P. R. In- *
tends to build a now steel bridge In j a,
Dunoan across the Cowlchan river to | a
replace tho old wooden one. a
In All five new bridges   are to   be ' ^
built, one between Cobbl. Hill and
Shawnlgan, n steel bridge across the
Chemalnus river, and one across the
Nanaimo river. With the filling In at
Wnugh creek, which wlll do nwnv with
that have been put In during the past
year, the line will be very much Improved.
London, .March 12.���The visit of
Pnsldent Fnllleres, of France, will be
n notable demonstration of the Anglo-
French entente.
King Edward has promised to open
the new Frnnco-Brltlsh exposition In
I.ondon, and had Invited the French
president to accompany hlm on thaf
occasion, which thus will become ����
significant state ceremony, most of
the members of the government, the
prominent peers and many notable
French visitors attending,
Taxes, iitiiK  176,000
Tuxes, l!io7, And prior years,,
Interest on arrears      400
Water   ,  :i4iion
Light    _r.,ooo
Land sales (balance  1007  ..
sales)       10,000
Licenses     12,000
Road tax      2,1,00
Rents        4,000
Police  court   and   pound    I ,"t00
Market     2.S00
Provincial  school  grant 17,110
Grants and charities re-....
fund           50
.dlscellnneoiis          .01
Sixth  8t. sewer refund. .20,000
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
4 ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� !���
��� ���
Official    and    offlco
charges $ 7,r.27J.a
Water maintenance .    7,I64.:!8i
Market       1.875.00
Police    10,610.00
Library      1,795.00
Parks     4,200.00
Health     6,390.00
Light  34,450.00
Schools     43,118.00
Fire   15,239.00
Finance charges  ....  7S,922.2r.
Board of works
.    11,59887
Total 9288,890   ���
of the various departments of the city
It, will be noticed that the estimatfl
for the hoard of works for the yaar
Is $11,598.87. the odd cents being given
merely to niake the estimated expend'-
early date. The finance charges, 878,-
92225, cover the Interest on the debentures. Originally an Item found
a place in the estimates of 9700 for
exemptions to manufacturers but, In
conformity with a resolution passed
at the previous session of the council,
this amount   was   struck   out,   the
tare conform to the total estimated \ amount being added to the approprto-
recelpts.   This amount, however, does tiod for the board of works,
��� V'.����-___*;. ���_*.
't��,;*-_. ���
k     ��**    A^*k   ���    ''?t*
���*: .:, iV$$f3
'������*������': ������������  *���:*;
'.  . ,'-<
' ���'.;���;���.,>;/
t i/Mf'- - 5|   ">   ' ^ 1
'��� iii-_iaW_ii_3* .m%*-J
1 'ft' V-flHi'____ '''rt, il ���._l'.'(^' _______rf
*   l��.jiV. ''?��.^��
.-��� ��� t littt.'^fai
wW^gry *mki-,^
ty i_&^Vit-BB
3     . -ft      kt       '.      4       *��� ''Hi,   m"
K*K$ifcjti*v^M _
' it-'-*
'.    lif      JS'J.I       .    '"l��T"l'S(l
, .'.������__ <��" 'Pi 'j-S-nifii 1
FRIDAY,   fo,
._.-nn .���gm
*CH li
places in their craft. The boats were i
paddled  oui into  the  Columbia,  and
the Indians had taken formal leave of
this    wonderfully   rich   valley   land,
where they had held sway for many '
Great Pow-wow Marks Departure of Red Men From
Old Camping Grounds.
White Blufl'fs, March 12���A great
Indian pow-wow and potlach was ended north of White Bluffs Sunday night
the event being held to mark the formal farewell of the Siwashes to their
old favorite camping ground, in this', gress decides that the enactment of
part of tlie Columbia river country. A
For Federal Auto License.
Washington, D. C. -March 12���The
Judiciary committee of the House held
a hearing this morning on the pend-j
ing hill which provides for the national registration and license of auto-
mobiles in intercourse between thej
several States. The measure is advo-
cated by the American Automobile
association. It appears probable that
the  measure  will  be  passed  if Con-
large number of Indians from thai
Yakima valley and other parts of thej
stilTo were present to take part in
tbe ceremony, the second of its kind
ever held in the state. The farewell
ceremony was witnessed by a num.er
of the new residents of the valley
whose coming is responslbe for the
passing of the red man.
After the dance had progressed for
three days, and the chiefs of the dif-
fernl   bands   present   bad   visited  the,
old camp grounds, which marked the
scenes of their victories in battle in'
the   Yakima   Indian   war.   the essem-j
blage   faste.]   for   twelve  hour,
the squaws prepared the cam
a  law  lies  within
its  constitu-
Modern   Institution  in   Most  Westerly
Town Will Have Accommodation
for Twenty Patients.     f
" Paying for the name" is
wise, or otherwise.
It all depends on thc name
you are paying for.
has a value, on a Suit or
Overcoat. It guarantees
style���and wear���and satisfaction. Look for the sign
of good clothes���
The Label That Protects.
Alberni is to have a general hospital, a building that will be capable, of
while accommodating about twenty patients
ind equipped in a modern
for the j at one time
U I fashion, says the Pioneer News.
The ceremony   was titmed to   take       Th_, lntentlo- is t0 sm���.e a ]ocation
placea t the first quarter of the moon,-1
| as near tlie centre of the two towns as
Chief Tomannwas. of the Columbia
river tribe, acting as the war god to
salute the coming of the white man.
At dusk, the heads of the bands visited their former burying grounds, request ing the new owners of the land
to let their departed brothers rest, tin-'
possible, and with this object in view,
the owners of the Anderson townsite
ai _ to he aproached by the committee
which has been ent rusted with the
preliminary work of raising funds.
It  is estimated that $...000 'will be
dietufbed. This rite being carried I requlred for the bulldIng and tanilBh.
out with much ceremony and P<>mP.' ,ng of such an ,ns���t���tion as wlll meet
the Indians all assembled at the wat-. ..      , _..,_.._.      ... ������.,,���.., . .
! the demands of the community for a
ers edge, where small fires had been, . ... _,     ' ,        ���.* .
; few months to come, and an attempt
started    nnd   the   flames  smothered.'
the moon appeared at a certain ivoint
In the heavens, rite squaws, at a slg-
It ia Pure, Wholesome and Economical
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Llna
I. O. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, NO. 27	
The regular meetings of this lodge
i.re h9ld in O.ldfellews' hall. Colum
bia street, every  Monday  evening
at 8 o'clock. H^^^
, . __iuuuiou lands iu Manitoba .11
a. O. U. W.-FRASER LODGE No. % |?wft�� and Alberta, e. ���, .V^j    at
Any even numbered
31 ctloa ot i
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday In each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. O. U. W. hall. Odd
fellows'  block,  Clarkson  streel
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, ln the small
hall, Oddfellows' block.
A. 0. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge ane held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at 8 p. m. in Ihe Oddfellows' Hall.
Aerie .\o. 20���Meets every Tuesday
evening at S p. m��� in the Eagles'
hall, Columbia street. A. Clark,
W. Pres.;   H. Schofield, Secretary.
PERANCE meet every Wednesday
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
hail, Columbia street.
not reserved, may h. ^""s �� andl
any person who is L ^H
family, or any male ov^ M 0|
age, to the extent of onL. y64r��
tion of ico acres, ��%��*
Application   for  entry
made in person by the _, T'
a Dominion Lan,j;.4;(.d.''""^t
agency for the district . JL
land is situate. En-V :,.."*'.
however, be made '. ��*""����*
certain condition, by the tathVL
er, son, daughter, brother 0- !'��� 1
an intending homesteader r|
The.homesteader Is rejuirei to,
form the homestead duties JJ
of the following ;/.uu.,. er'
(1) At least six months- resMrf
upon and cultivation ol the la 1
each year for three years. '
(-i   a homesti
desires,  perform
will be made to raise this amount.
The greater part of it will have to be
subscribed by the citizens of the
towns, a small amount is expected
from outside sources, and the Provincial government will be approached
for a grant.
The proposition  was brought up at       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^______
.,      ... .'.", """ "'"', 7"   the organization meeting of the Board  Phone A269S. ?. O. Box 1185
odors of the meat being prepared for     . _    , _ , . .  .     _   ,   ' "uuc ���-_,_,,.
..,  -     .     ,. . .    ,' , of Trade on Tuesday night by P. .7. Howling Alley, Pender St..
the  feast which was to follow. ...,,. ���
Burde  who iKimted  out  that  by the
nal from tlie head chief, began a
death chant which was weird and wild
In the extreme, their voices mingling
with the howling of the coyotes, which
had gathered at a safe distance
from the camp, attracted there by the
English and American Billiard Tables, Bowling Alleys, etc. New and
second,- hand tables and supplies In
time such an Institution could be _s-
ttablished   there certainly   would    he      Agent
need for it, and urged that immediate Co- Toronto.
to proceed with the work. An estimate
of cost was submitted on a basis of a
Victorian Order of nurses report.
The  Bcheme   received   the   hearty
Wlnnebishii, the oldest squaw in the
Pacific .Northwest, according to the
statement   of  the   tribesmen,   at   the,
beginning  of the   chant,   prostrated   ^ ,1(, taken t0 raise money f.nnu~h
herself before the central fire, and as
her voice gave expression to tones like
the wail of a lost soul, each fire, in
turn,  was uncovered .and the squaws
formed a circle about them. At points, .nj>pQrl nf .,,, pre8enti manv members
between the fires the chiefs took post-j _,enero,IsIv expr68sing their willing-
tions. each decked out in all the war, nps_ to aM,gt fin.inclaIh,
togs of the old days, their principal! A colnmUtP(, composed of R. J.
dress being the breech clout and war; Burde Dr. A. D Morgan and W. H.
r'"1,s' Maroon was appointed to take the pro-
Squaws Mix Charmed Food position In hand, and a start on the
Younger squaws, with the old-fash-'        , wor]. wi|1 ,,0 ma(Je nm week
ioned pestle and  mortar, were grind-]��� ���..._._��
ing ��  feed which had been charmed ^% ��� ���
l>y fhe medicine men and which was wO-lOGllSCO
to he used In the big feast. The chant-1    ���    ��� - ��� -
ing nf the squaws lasted about twenty'  AdVCrt-SGIf-ClllS
minutes, when Chief Tomannwas rose
Trom a crouching position in the center of  the  big  circle,  and,  giving a
shout   which   echoed  along  the   hills,
commanded all the tribe's people assembled to harken to the Last voice of
the   warriors   which   would    ever
beard in the Colum
r  Messrs. Samuel  May
<_ |
Sausages,  Head Cheese,
JeWed Vest.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and-   PTtth A
PHONE 370.
BOWELL A OTOY, Proprietors
"��    pattern department.
S.  Collister &  Co.
GIRL   for5
Apptr W.I
correspondent;  experienced.   Ad-1
����  nver valley. | dress Box "D," News offlte.
and ap-
Wlth  much graceful gesture ^^^^^^^^
parent  eloquence  he  hold  Ills  people I THOUN1
spellbound, for fifteen minutes, while)        ean
i.e recited the bixtoo of the deeds <>f
valor performed  bj   himself ami
irarriors, in  their struggle  with
whit, s, and with tribe,
this jiarl  of (li
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters* Etc
Aerated Wafers*,
Family Trade a Specialty.
frt. 113. Office, Eighth
���es of Indian,   iu
  | cv ii n try.
'V���/.���.������ G-0.8 of h'�� addr is* he .-quailed on the ground and every Indian in
i'i.' assemblage Joined
'hr.   i.ri   squaw, who,
. ts*t
D���ROW I NO  B0A_*.    Owner
have name by proving pro>-
erty and paying for this   >dVertle��-|
ment   if not crattned within   severnta-fl-g^g,-^^
days win h e sold to defray expenses: 1 '&'"  M
ib for              ;:��
B. C. Coast Line Service.
S.S.  Princess May.
Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver
February 22, March 4, 14 and 24 and
April 4.
SS.   Princess  Victoria
Leaves Vacouver 1:30 p. m- daily;
arrives at Victoria 6:30 p. i;i. daily.
Leaves Victoria 1 a. m. daily; arrives Vancouver S a. m.
S.S.  Princess  Beatrice.
Leaves Victoria 8:30 a. m. tlaily except Monday;    arrives Seattle 2:30 p.
m. daily except Monday.
Leaves Seattle 11:30 p. m. daily except Monday; arirve3 Victoria " an.
daily except Tuesday.
SS. Tees
Leaves Victoria 11 p.m. 1st and 14th
of each month for Clayoquot, Mosquito Harbor and way ports; 7th of eacb
nioath for Quatsino and way ports;
20th of each month for Ahcuset, Quat-
sitio, Cape Scott and way porta
S. S. Joan
Leaver Vancouver J: 30 p-m- daily,
except Sunday- Friday and Saturday
leaves at 1 p.m. Leaves Nanaimo at
I a. ni.
From N> W. Tu., Th��� Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chtrk. Snn.. Wed.. Fri.. 7 a.m
*v S. Transfer.
Steamer. Tttaas-fer leaves .New Westminster .Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday,   Friday  and  Saturday at 2
p.m.   Additional trip Monday 5 a.m.
Leave W.e-fchana Istamd Monday,
Tuesday, Weilnea<laj', Thursday, Saturday nt "��� a.m. Friday ti a.m. Additional trip. Sataurda.' leave Ladner at
5 p.m.
aSk Amur.
From Victoria II. p.m., 1st and 15th;
ma>'. if lie I
,       ���i^��� required  rJ
deuce   duties   :, ,    0.    fa   1
land owned  solel ,  hlm Iw, J
than eighty ,-.. nlm"
the vicinity 0l his .,,,   ,f
ownership i��� i.,. , ,.,    ... . ^
 ��� 'I    ,:;'    Ktherathi
I, O. 0. F.���Royal City Lodge,  No. 8  father i.. decee ed ,.,, j
���Meets   in   Oddfellows'  Hall,   Col-1 uas permanent  res ;.   .,��� far 1
umbia Street, every Friday evening j land  owned  soli ,;:!1  no, J
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of P. hall,   chief W. Sutherland.
than  eighty  !80    acres in extent
the vicinity of the hom   tead or'
at _ o'clock.    Visiting brethren will
be made welcome.   CH. Clow, N.G.
CE.  Osborne, P.  G.  recording  sec-! on  a  homestead entered for by _]
retary. |in the vicinitj . -..aderml
.   perform his own       .!������;. .  | ltj,,
t'OSE OF COLUMBIA   LODGE   No    living with the tather (or motherll
115   SONS  OF  ENGLAND,   BS-        (ll    The un,u , 'j
Red Rose Degree meets 8econrl and   ���,.,���������,i���ly     ,, ,     .' 11'
Fourth Wednesday of each month,  pcemng  pa "L'! '    J '���    !'!i"^
in K. of P. Hall, rw-iumbla St., at   meaning not mere I       nine miles
8 p. m., VTbite Rose I>ir,.ee, Fonrtb |a direct line, exclusive nf the will
Wednesday    in
time and pJace.
each month, same
include the Union Lodge, ^o. 9, A.
F. and A. M.J King Solomon Lodge,
NO. 17, A. F. awd A. .M.; 1�� O. U,
No. 1150; L. O. L., No. 1593; Court
Sapperton. No. 4683, I. O. F.; C O.
K., Court Westminster, No. 330;
Brotherhood of OwPs, Nest .No. 29;
Solicitor, Qulchon block, Colum
r ia and McKbiizIh streets. New Westminster, B. C.
_pply "Mont." care .if Bully At-ws
ry ANTED   A
TT     quarry   w
rrrit.    Apply   <:iiio>
the  chant of
puring all  th ���
L1;!.ri 9t tin,, ceremonj and the
rs V.ii \,il|*. ha! lain upon the
ground, squirming and wriggling to
free herself from the hands which
iMitin.i herself and the others of the
tribes tn this part of the river lands.
She suddenly Uttered a fearful scream
and fell In a faint.
Take Their Final Leave.
Without   paying any  attention  to
her, the balance of the Indians with-1
out any formality, gathered about the
"mulligans." which had been prepared
and for fifteen minutes they did jus-1
t.ce to tho feed. At the conclusion of
the  feast,   the   big   dunce       	
part of the Indians doing the torture
���dance with their clubs. When thi
'trial  street.
-    Itlc
h, City,
In    English si
science, mathematics.   Box 1^7.. city.
" v
1 V
B  (KVii'AjNdia.i
uijjdct.H, classiosj,] ;���'
Go to
The Arrow Press
W.ndsor Hotel. Block.
from    VancouK(w   at   8    9. m.( 2nd|'.0,flces "^^ i,'ri(lay aflernoon
and  16th of each mooth, calling at
Skldegate on first trip, and Bella Coola
on second trdp_
Si S. Queen City.
From VIctortlK 8 run. every Wednesday, from Vancouver   10   a.m. over/
Thursday.   Ueturnlng arrives at Vai.'
\couver Sunday afternoon;  at Victoria
Monday moiiiing. vii�� Ladysmith,
S.% City of Nanaimo.
Leaves> \HckiHa Tuesday 7 a.m.; arrives Nanaimo 4 p.m,
Leave* Naw_irm> Saturday 2 p. m-;
arrives Vlc.<.).rl�� 9 p. m.
furniture rcpa
.pairing. Planrm :hji_
tuned and polished, iiiun-
Carnarvon stnaot,, nean   <.1ty
TV     Got
.\NTKI)--8TORB    16   ih   20x40.
>d   IfKratton.    Apply     R.
���,__   i   i.    Dally   News.
was  held,	
orturo ; -r-
Is was | J;
Opera House Bookings.
OR    SALE��� BEST    FIR    CORD-
,,....      ....     .        , WOOd, $5.00 a eord di'jDvereil.   T.
concluded all but the Chiefs knelt on  ���, FoitOTi 26o Colombia stieet. I-none
tne river edge and  another dirge .ike  ag
song  was   sung,   Its   harmony   being!see
exceptionally good. At midnight, win n i
ithe  moon Inn]  reached  the  polnl   for
Which the gathering had been wnltlng, j
the  fires   were again  smothered, the  A Royal Slave  March 26
canoes were pushed off Into the water   Bis ln New York   a. April 1
and tin. aged squaw was placed on a  Taylor Stock Co \pill o, ,., 4
litter and  put  Into one of the boats,   (The   Burgn.nas.tor    April S
nnd with their blankets wrapped about   San Francisco Opera Company In "The
their  heads,   thc   lnd'.ans   took   their      Toymaker"  Aprtl 14, 15
Websdale & Hardwick
Builders and
All kinds of carpenters work. General repairs and alterations. Estimates free for all kinds of frame
buildings. Shacks built on the shortest notice.
P.  O.  Box 816.    Office  St.  Andrews
Street, between Sth and 9th St.
For   rosftf-atlons   and   .nforrmatlon
call 01- addr��*..
Ageut, New Westminster.
E. .1. COYLE.
Asst. Oen. Pass  Agent, Vancouver.
a����m".i_! RntieHntendent. Victoria.
rister and Solicitor. Chambers, Canadian Hank of Commence
building, New Westminster, B. (..
/����� l.citor, etc., 42 Lome Stoneen
opposf..* Court House, Noir Westminster.    Phone 143.
j of  road  allowance ���      issed   in  1
I measurement.
(6)   A   homesti a ��� -  Intending
| perform   his   residence duties In
' cordanee with the above while livli
with parents or uti fanning land ow
led by himself niust notify the age|
'���for the district of Bucb Intention.
Six months' notice in writing mii|
��� be given to tho Commissioner of'
falnlon Lands at 1 iti a .-a, of intentij
i te apply for patent.
W   \V   CORY,
Idt-puty of th-1 Minister ���?; the InteriJ
Cf.  B.���Unauthorized pnblicatlon'j
flsit3 advertisement will not 'be pa|
Mail' Service
L.*am at 8:!
Dlsvatched hy C. P. It
a. m.; close S a, m.
Samas and Seattle, via llantingtuj
Millside No. 1, daily except Sui
mgglttttttg^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dary; Sappertoa .Vo, 1, daily tn*\
U Ail'VlX, WEART & aMcQUARRBft! 9uivday. -Malls Receivx-d 1st t,:_5 p.B
*�����   l___rri_-tors, solicitors, ctlo. Offloea,! Dispatched  by B. C. Blwulc raiiwi
teas and solicitors, Blackie BUfc,
Columbia street, .New Westminster;
W. .1. Whiteside, II. L. Edmonds.
Now Wt.t-.mtns.er, Trapp Blk- oorn��H-j
ClaralCK-u and  Lome  stretu. Vancoi>
v��r, roeiiit. 21, 24, 445 Granwiile stroou.
Joseph. .Mi-rtln. K. C, J. W. Woarti W
G. McQiiainrte,  H.  A.    Bourne.      Mr.
Co., 7:45 a, in.:
Vancouver, NO. 1,
vMartin  wil   b�� in    tlie    WOstmlnstenj
daayexcepl Sui
tltitys.   Return mail rr��erv��ri 10 a.m.
_Hej>atc_ed by> G,N,Ha wain, 8 45 am,
C3overdale,    aMicomuW,  Port Kol!1
!;lilnxelmere,    Hall's-   ff-Slrle,   Bon��<
.__, j cord, Blaine and Saattto (all poi"'
fi-lUHU__ h,. MARTIN, Barrister ana |'la  Washington, and. south,
I   SollcUor, Qulchon block. Colum l;polnta ln eaBUjrn BtoiB,)i   dally f<
��ept Sunday.    Rot urn mail, receive!
____________________________________      _t   a.UO   p.m,   Hou;io...-d \Vedneala}|
w. MYE..S GRAY, Barrister, Sollcitoi | and gaturtlws.
flf..s reanovetl to G'-rtiB Block, Glftftk,
tosite   CJourt
Telephcoe 64.
81.10   ^^^^^
P.O  Box 169.
F.  HANSFORD.    Barnlster,
Solicitor, etc., (Crescent block,
coraar Columbia and McKsnsii
stjoets, New Westminster, B. 0,
Plumbers, fo ind Hit Water Filters, [tr.
Repairs of all kinds given special attention. Sewer connections made.
Moderate Charges. Phone   A 377
Front St New Westminster
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal husinetw centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Tim�� Tables, etc.. address
GEO. W. VAv-X.
Assistant Gcn'l TaHseniJaVr and Ticket
Ajtent, 136 Adams St.. Chicago, III.
BOARD OF THADE. -New W .titmin-
_��ec Board of Trade uit'itr-, in the
Hoard Room, City. Hall, as   PolloWl!
second Wednesday of eai lit inonth,
Quarterly meetings on thai second
Wednesday of Feb-wwy, May,
August and November, at h p. m.
Annual meetings on tiiae second
Wednesday c. February. New
members may be purposed and
electetl at any- monthly or quarterly
meeting,   a. e. whit*. Sec.
ani Notary Public, 1> oi-actlce sine*      ���,    . ��� __���            th,,, ,i���.il
._.,    . ��,      ...   _   1           .,,,,-_.      Clayton, Tuoadaa:..  and  innr-wtn
18..1 at. New Westm!">t_ir  r n.   ot           *     ' ,     ,        , .  ?A,J
tTynehead, W-dnasasya and  �����"���
'days.    Retuftt mail received Monday
land Frldaya,       J
Dispatched' by B. C. Bleotrlo Nil**
10:30' a, ta.:
Vancouver Eft*. 2;  Victoria, N" '
Central   Parit.   dally   except Sunday
Return mall teeelwd al 3 i""
Dispatshsd by earner, i:i3 Bain
Etist Dunatay, dally ��� s^"*
Return, mails received ��< I :"*''��� m
Dispatched by carrier 1- "���'n00n:
TiinberUtiil, Btrawberrj .:'::'i
days n,n,d Fridays.   Etetura   mi
cofvud Tuesdays and I'h >iyr>'s'
Dtopuiliched by C. P. It
daily   (closes  dall,
time during winter ���not-1"
ladner,   Westham    W-""1
Oulchon,    Steveston,   Suiibury
except Sunday.   Return "al1
ed from 9 a. tn. to 11 a m. I
Woodward's, Wednesday ani w L
day. Return mall on Wednesday* a I
Saturdays. ...
Vancouver,    No.   it,
liake; closes at 8:30 p.n.l
cept Sunday.    Return malls
Dt 6 p.m. -���       ���|
Burnaby    lake.    Return   ����"
3 p.m.
Fyler. 4 0-"-  ���
dally e**0,l
Canadian Pacific
AMERICA, running through first class
sleepers, tourist and dining cars leaves
dally at .1:15; makes close connections (or all Kootenuy points and also
St. Paul, Chicago and other United
States points.
Agent, New Westminster
or to B. J, COYLE,
Asst. Genl. Pass. Agt., Vancouver.
tr      ADVERTISE     -ea
��� IN -
���,oat 1:30 l'i
at the i*1
ami   Buro"
ilallr *L
Dispatched by O.N.
To southern   polnfs,
Sunday.   Return mall H P- "' ....
Dispatched by C.P.R. train at �����     |
m., mall closes BtJ:30 *�����
Calgary and Vancouver, No,��
P. R. east, second mall). Re'""1     '
received at 1 p. ni. j,,
Sapperton. No, 2; M^'.fJ
Coquitlam, dally except
turn mall received at t P. �� Loav.
The best Laundry loap
FLOUR  I Sunlight Soap
Only One Contractor Has Lost Money
at Prince Rupert���He Hired Japs.
Others Employed Whites.
Wage Agreement Must Be
Settled Before March 31,
Or Big Strike Is Certain.
Prince Rupert, March 8���At this
writing over one thousand acres of
the lantl that will be included in the
townsite of Prince Rupert have been  al  convention  of  the
cleared by contractors who were paid   Worker*   of   America
STREET. New Westminster. Telephone 333.
that comfortable feeling of having a Savings Account?
THE NECESSITY of saving has never been
,,  ��� apparent than at the present time.
���- The	
ACRES. Four acres cleared. Between
this city and Burnaby lake. Splendid
fruit lard. Adjoining land is held at
$400.       PRICE   $200   PER   ACRE.
Very easy terms to parties who will improve.
Indianapolis, March 12���The nation-
United     Mine
reconvened   in
$120 nn acre tor the work. It may tie thIa dt>' ^tey to make another at,
said in this connection that the work tei"ll1 u> decide ""<m a policy to he
has been done with the minimum of Pursued after March 31,
friction   Letween the contractors and
thr. company on the one part and the
men nnd the company on the other
part. The contractors who employed
white labor paid fair wages and are
reported ns having made fair profits
themselves, The one contractor who
employed Japanese is reported as having in. i money; bul as he is a Japanese he tuny recoup his apparent lo
by his system of book-keeping. The
in. n employed were good workers and
when the existing wage agreemnt with the operators will expire. Thre joint conferences of operators and miners have
already been held without result, .and
six nioiifhs has been wasted ln futile
argument and strategic sparring. If
uo better results are accomplished at
the present, it general strike iu ell probability will follow.
lius John Mitchell, retiring presl-
di'in of the United Mine Workers,
more Influence than Tom. Ln wis, presidentelect, who is t.r bake office the
first m next month ? on the an wer
is Lelieved to depend the question of
... ���    you to jr.in the larpe number of satisfied Depositors.
put your money where it i.s accessible when you require  it.
New Westminster Branch,      F. B. LYLE,  Mgr.
i Pork Sausages Daily
Best of Farmer's Pork
fic Meat Market
%���  vl 'f-^ '
���',  _/_, , ���5"><rx3����
W. R. Gilley���Tel. 122.     Office   Tel. 16.
G.  E.  Gilley���Tel.  29!
Gilley Bros., Ltd.
Wellington Coal, Van. Portland Ce��nent, Rosebank Lime, B. C. Pottery Vitrified Pipe, Drain Tile, Terra Cotta, etc.; Clayburn Pressed,
Mantel, and Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Gartcraig Fire Brick, Liverpool
Salt, Forge Coal, Common Brick   Sand, Gravel and Crushed Rock
Bank of Montreal
Phone 192
[B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturer* and Deaier. in All Kind* ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
interior Finish,    Turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Umber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
CAPITAL 114,400,000.00
RESERVE           111,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, and  in   London,  England,
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A Oen
, eral Banking Business Transacted.
Letters of Credit Issued, available wltl. correspondent* in all Darts of the
Saving* Bank Department.    Deposits received In eums of $1 and upwards,
and interest allowed at 3 per cent per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $168,000,000.00.
. rlj citizens, not one of them lui.
ing been arrested lor breach or the whether there will be a general sus-
peace, Whue, no douht, there was j pension of bituminous mining in west-
liquor .li inking, yet liquor was urn | ern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and
sold openly, and that alone did more   Illinois.
to  prevent  dsturbances and  unlawful      The question of the influence of the
ad   '   in ti large force, for at no time   two leaders is to be fought out in the
was   there  more  than  one  provincial   convention which   began    today,  and
constable on duty, ami [or days at a  adherents of both are prepared for a
ti m   there was none.   Yet there were   lively contest,   If Mitchell carries the
from 150 to 300 white men employed   convention the  operators  in  Indiana
'. from the middle of October up to the   and Illinois will be allowed to settle
. presenl time.   The contracts were let   with  their miners as separate States
j by .1.  II.  Bacon,  harbor engineer, on   or jointly, as they may elect.   If Lewis
j 'oehali' of tho G.T.P., and none of the   wins the suspension will ibe general.
'. contractors    have    made    complaint.      The operators in Ohio are said to
either in  public    or in private,  that   favor u strike.   They have millions of
they  were unfairly dealt with either j tons of coal on hand, and, should ia,
by Mr. Bacon or by the engineer, A.   strike take place, they    believe   they
R.  Barrow,  who    did  the  inspect ing.   can dispose of a large part of it in
If no new contracts are let, the work   Indiana and  Illinois  markets,
will  be  finished  by the  20th of this |     The operators in Illinois and  India-
month, na have practically come to no under-
At  this  writing  (March 6th),  it.  is   standing, and they do not. want a gen-
not known in Prince Rupert how much   eral  suspension.    They  feel that the
of the Indian Reserve land will be in-   situation hinges entirely on   whether
eluded in the townsite;  but from the ; President Mitchell can carry his pol-
fact that the land Is better for town-; icy through the convention,
site purposes than    that which    has'    Three propositions are   before   the
been cleared, and, also, from the fact i miners'  convention  for  consideration
that the townsite is to embrace not' and action.   The first is to proceed at
less than 2.000 acres, It may be as- once to frame the wage demands, and.
sumed that 1,000 acres ofthe reserve . having completed that task, (o issue-
land wil be cleared for the townsite,! a call for a joint wage conference be-
and that the work of clearing will tie . tween operators    and  miners  of  the
eommencoii at an early date.       "     States interested-
 ��� The second proposition is to draft
wage demands and issue calls for joint
wage conferences with the operators
and miners of the States interested.
  :    The third proposal is to shut down
I     Spokane,   March    12���Because   she.  all of the mines In one big strike, ajd
| had determliied to earn her own liv-  thus try to force settlement by com-
**************************   ************************* Ij
Dry Fir Wood in 4 ft. lengths, which we will
deliver to any part of the city.
Eighth ave. and Second St. 'Phone 333
******$**********+*>��� *********************************
ing, and  had decided that  better opportunities were presented to   a man
. than to a woman, Mrs. Emma Carson,
< > i aged 20 years, of Tekoa, yesterday at-
| M tired herself in masculine apparel
"'I started to walk to Tekoa from Latah,
< i j where she expected to apply to con-
I >  tractors on the Milwaukee  for  work
petitlve results.
r I
w Canadian Bank of Commerce
*>P Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
K walk Kit
President ALEX. LAIRD.
General   Manager.
Bwking business transacted.   Accounts may be opened an.l oon*
ducted hy mail with all branches of this hank.
StfdiJ1 Bnd "l'Wiinls received.   Interest allowed at current rntes and
th,, JJJJ quarterly.    The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
' "')a'' " "!' the whole or any portion of the deposit.
NT.W w
* Our...
New Wellington
Victoria, March i._���On Friday will
be tried before Judge Lampton in the
as a section hand, and was arrested county court one of the most interest-
by Marshal Nessly, of Tekoa, on the ing oases that has yet been before the
charge of masquerading In man's ap- courts ln this country. It ls an action.
parel. She was brought to Colfax nnd to be brought by Lawrence Graham,
lodged in the county jail. a   bricklayer,  against  the officers of
In order to more thoroughly dis- the Bricklayers' Union.
guise hor sex, Mrs Carson had clipped It seems that Graham was refused
her hair. Her fair features and white admission to the union because he,re-
lianils lot] (o the arrest. Mrs. Carson fused to agree to some of the regula-
says she has been separated Trom tions of that body. For that reason he
her husband, who Is working at Modi- claims that he cannot get work, as the
cal Lake. She lias been vlsll Ing ,nt the members of the union use their In-
home of her sister, Mrs. Julia Brown, fluence against him.
ami had grown tired of having no ftraham claims the sum of $500
work which to busy herself with. On damages and also lays a charge of
the road Mrs. Carson posed as "Char- conspiracy nnd wrongful combination
lie Roberts," unemployed, seeking for  and asks for an Injunction to restrain
P. O. Box   34S
'Phone  105.
C.-B.'s Health Is Bad. .
London. March 12 -The health of nl^n,ifr
Sir Henry Campbell-Ilannertnan, the
prime minister, hits caused renewed
anxiety. During the past few days
I here has been a weakening <*i his vitality, which is regarded as a serious
symptom. The premier has practically
the defendants complaining to any
employer of labor that members o!V
the   union  could   not   work   with, the ���
The officials mentioned In the .summons are R. P. Knott, Ed. Short, Albert Pike and H. D. Jones. 4)
Ryall's Drug Store
Children's Wear
Before beginning to make the Mlsees' and Children'. Dresses,
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We wlll be pleased to show you everything.
The White House
A. J. BIRTCH  - 275 Colombia Streel
Kan��a�� Populists.
Topeka, Kun., March 12���The rem-
isolated himself for the past three hantf of the once-powerful People's
week*, and has given no attention parly in Kansas assembled in mass-
whatever tO political affairs. convention assembled In Topeka toll Is expected that the return of day to select delegates to represent
the King from the continent will he the slate at the People's party na-
followed almost, immediately by a tlonal convention to be held ln St..
change In the premiership. Louis next month. Kansas will have
 '��� . twenty-six   delegates   at   the  national
���_-__.      ....      .    _. , convention.
Boston  Nationals Going South.	
Washington,  D. C,  March  12���The
members of the Boston club of the Consider Reduced Rates.
National League rounded up In Wasfc-1    Fort   Pierre,   S. D.,  March 12���The
Inglon  today  preparatory    to taking  state railroad commission held a spe-
thelr departure for the training' camp, cial session here today to consider the
at  Augusta.   The'present plan is for  proposal for reduced freight rates ln
the team  to  remain  In  the Georgia  western South Dakota.   A committee
clly until the end of the month.   On   representing the State Federation of
���l Ihe return home a number of games   Business Men's clubs appeared before
1 will lie played with teams of the Vir-   the commission and  presented argil-
I gtnla league and with the Baltimore,   ments in  favor of tbe proposed re-
i Wilmington and Trenton clubs, duction.
t'w   *��W*3l
���._ ������ r'.;��.*,MH
v * ��� '?*.' ��� i 4-. 'I
-   ':    ���' - �����.'
'      ft VI
I"     ������       !W,'      ���'    ������
,.;   ,.%-\ f.   ,,i.w
u.   '        * ���,-.��       ���_.V*.____
"*   *_* [
i ^ifiujL,    . ,
I    Jul    -^    *V_w *     ���
V'i_ L'f'*.'*%.
!J_ .        Jl   *>���*** ���Ti     $    '
... 'll
. _r.,'*^*lr!\i'
^yes Tested Free PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY,   March  13, J
fl #>.
Dress for
Achievement and good clothes    al
wave go together.   A man who dresses j while  she  might  le  allowed  to    re-
poorly never receives the same con-1 move any  improvements  she or  her
sideraiion as the man    who   dresses 'husband had placed there she had no
when the land was declared unfitted ; tween the tracks, he was allowed to
lor a reserve because of swamp and purchase the four acres Tor five dol-
overflOW. lars an acre, and be ilrl purchase this
Again in 1891 Mr. G. & Corbould, j tour acres with the building theieon
.rl. P., presented a petition, prepared j for $20 before any application was
by Alderman Jaques, a relative, that! made tor the other lands adjoining.
Alis. Herring be allowed to purchase: ThPn in 1902 Mr. M. W. Mintho^ne
the fifteen acres originally asked for) applierl to purchase a piece, Mr. J. W.
and iu April. 1891, the .Minister of thej wise :-, 1903 also applied and ohtain-
Interior reported to the Privy Coun- j efl a sm:,n section. Mr. F. R. Glover
Oil    at   Ottawa    (Conservative)    that   for the B. C. E. R. Company in 190M
See our spring woollens
for   sug-
Opposite the Post Office.
NEW  WESTMINSTER,        -        B. C.
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth aud Front
streets, New Westminster, B. C.
E.  A.  Paige Managing  Director
rights and it could not recognize her
claim and it was ordered that she be
given four months to vacate the land
and the Conservative Government advised its agents, Messrs. Drake, Jackson and Helmcken, of Victoria, that
Mrs. Herring must vacate the lard
by January 1. 1S92. In the meantime
the railway right of way was granted
and i small strip was added to the
Indian Reserve on the west to compensate for the right of way taken
from it.
In the fall of 1S95 the matter came
up again and Hon. T. .Mayne Daly,
Minister of the Interior in the Con-
servatlve Government tat Ottawa; in-
tigabed the claim made now by
. Herring, and he reported
net that the occupancy was
,   no  matter   who   occupied
There's no economy in buying
salt     At  presenl prices
more  than   imported   salt.    It  is
pure and never cakes.
107 w
riiliiian  V.
to the i ai.
ti  trespass
'l the land,
FRIDAY,   MARCH   13, 1908.
The present nominee of the Conservative party in this city in his address in St. George's Hall ou .Monday last declared that -Mr. Tillman
Herring had been filched of his homestead hy the sale of some land to Mr.
T. W. Patterson in 1905. Tliis erroneous declaration was made and contradicted in the early days of 1907, but
Mr. Taylor's memory must have failed
Ilim and for want of other matter,
allowed himself to produce it again
with a little seasoning as though it
were fresh.
We do not suggest that Mr. Taylor j
knowingly mis-stated the case or that
he  deliberately  used it  to misrepresent,   therefore   we   will   endeavor  to
give the facts of the case, so that in j
the   future  that   gentleman    or    any:
Other local speaker may have no ex-;
cuse to offer for perverting the truth.!
The facts are:    That Samuel Her- |
ring squatted on the old Colon'al Cue-.
fcoms  House Reserve in 1871,  in the
'building,    which    yet    remains,    and i
which was built by or under the direc-'
tion of   Governor   Douglas.    It   was
Eguutly  afterwards   leased to  Samuel I
Herring by the Government of British I
Columbia at a rental of $480 per annum.    This  rental  was  subsequently
rr-dueeii to $180 upon   representation
only the  foreshore  was of
other than the right of way
granted   and   that   nothing  could  be
done for -Mrs. Herring or Tillman Herring anrl in November, 1895, they were
j notified to leave immediately.   It must
' be noted liere, that from LS90 to 1S93
i the Conservative Government and Its
j Department of Interior had had   five
! years  in  which   to  repent  of its de-
| cision to evict, and In March, 1900, en-
! quiry was made by the   Department.
I when it was found that Mrs. Herring
had been dead some years and    that
Tillman Herring was still in  possession   of  the  old   Custom   House  and
garden, aud it was suggested by the
Land Agent, Mr   Mackenzie, in a letter to the Department that Mr. T. W.
Herring  be  allowed  to  purchase  the
j one acre so occupied at a reasona'le
j rate as it was all he was using and
much more satisfactory than carrying
j out the order of ejectment.   This was
1 supported by the sitting member, Mr.
Morrison, and endorsed by the Inspec-
. tor.    The Department acquiesced and
; permission wns granted, but Mr. Her-
j ring neglected to avail himself of it.
: and when in 1902 the survey for the
��� bridge approach cut-off three acres be-
also applied for a piece for station
purposes which is still held. The Surrey Municipality also applied for a
piece for cattle range and in 1904 the
Provincial Government obtained title
to road allowance.
No application was ever made for
the section which Mr. T. W. Patterson
purchased other than one for a portion of it by Mr. Minthorne, but whereas, where there were two or more applications it was the rule of the Department of Interior, under both Conservative and Liberal administrations,
to put the property applied for up to
tender with .an upset price of $5.00 per
acre according to law, yet in this instance it was put up to competition by
public auction at the upsefc_ price of
$10.00 an acre. This course was not
so much necessary in the light of after even's for in November, 1901, Mr.
Minthorne withdrew his application
because he considered the land, necessitating dyking, was not worth fifty
con;- an acre, so that under the law
as well as under the rule of the Department there being only then one
applicant the Government could have
granted the land without auction or
tender did it wish so to do. The instructions to sell by auction were
again confirmed with the purpose
stated of giving everybody a chance
to bid. It was advertised by half sh?et
posters for fourteen days from Mission
to the mouth of the Fraser and from
Abbotsford north to Vancouver in
public places. It also had the advertisement of criticism in the Columbian,
World and News-Advertiser, ana Herring's interest safeguarded by Mr.
.Joseph Martin's wire to Ottawa and
the reply "Land to be sold does not
include the four acres sold to you"
and subject to assessment for improvements if any were found thereon,
and although every portion of the
property appeared wild there was an
allowance of $215.80 made for a .ec-
tion of two acres said to have been
tinder cultivation at one time together with some ditches made fo the
fence  back of the  railway  track  bv
Mr. Herring's father. The small upset price gave men with small means
a chance and was fixed by a Conservative Inspector of Agencies at Winnipeg. The land adjacent thereto and
which is included in the Patterson
private dyke, lot 8 was sold either to
Mr. B. Douglas or Mr. Insley at the
regulation rate of $2.50 per acre under the Conservative Government and
the both sections were valued by Mr.
Albert Hill, C. E��� as only worth fifty
cents an acre. In this case the regulation price was $5.00 an acre and the
upset price fixed at $10.00 per acre. In
view of these facts which cannot be
controverted how is it possible that
Mr. Taylor can claim jobbery or that
Mr. Tillman Herring has been filched
of his homestead ? Let us hope that
for honor's sake that, aspirant for a
seat in the Councils of the Dominion
will withdraw his statement and set
Himself right before his constituents
and the country.
Men's Shirts
Soft Front styles every time
comfort and style.
Victoria, March 12.���The provincial
government has made arrangements
with one of the big cinemetogra'ph
companies of London to send a representative to this province during tlie
present summer to obtain views of
timber, scenery, agricultural lands,
etc., with the intention of supply-fig
copies of these slides to lecturers in
other countries.
A local photographer has been retained to take pictures of events of interest as they transpire for the same
In stripes, checks, and fancy patterns,
Pleated styles and plain fronts.
75c, 90c, $1.25, up to $3
Silk Shirts. Japanese Crepe.
Exclusion League
Ottawa, March 12.���The Grand
Trunk Pacific tod3y awarded a con-1
tract for the construction of one hundred miles of road from Prince Rupert
eastward to Foley Bros., Larson &
Steuart. It involves an expenditure of
over $(.,000,000. Some of the rock cutting is estimated at $17,000 a mile.
on I
use, the other being swamp land and
���subject to overflow and to use his
own word "untillable." In 1876 under
the Bearen Government then in power
at Victoria, distraint for rent was attempted by Mr. H. V. Edmonds, the
Sheriff, assisted by one John McMurphy, who found such determined opposition that they failed to proceed
until further instructed from Victoria,
finally seizure was effected and sale
of stock goods and chattels made and
Herring's lease was voided and notice
to quit given and at the time it was
handed over to the Dominion Government, as part of the twenty-mile railway belt under the terms of Confederation, Herring had no title, 1
or other right and was only ther:
sufferance at odd times,
lu \m Mr*  Hannah Herring peti
������^v,.'!!. through Mr. J, A   Homer, the
Minister  or   the   Interior   at   Ottawa.
asking for consideration  of a  claim
for a Strip fronting the river, nnd ho
petition  was referred   to   Hon.   Mr.
tojUQtt   TruU'h for report thereon. He
rr'jortod  ih'tt  Snnitie] Herring had no
���claim  in law  or    in  equity    and no
moral right to be upon the premises,
In the meantime there was an application from the Indian Department
commenced by Mr. McTiernan, Indian
Agent,  to set    this    piece    of    land
(which was then between two small
Indian  Reserves)  apart as an Indian
���Reserve,    it  was  surveyed   as  such,
find no  portion    reserved    for   Mrs.!
Herr'ng in that survey.    In 1889 the j
matter was again up hefore the Hon. j.
Edgar   Dewdney,    the    Conservative I
Minister of Interior, and referred by j
him  to Mr.  Aikman, Dominion  Land
Agent, for report, who in reply clearly
.state, that the Herrings had no rights
legal or equ'table In the land    they
���were claiming.    Application was then j
made for right of way by the    New  ^^
Westminster  Southern   Railway Com-l<j\
pany over the  portion  now  used  by j p*^
the   Great    Northern    Railway;    the
Canadian Pacific Timber   and   Land
Company also made nn application for
mill site.    Neither of these could be
granted   because   the   land   was   still
reserved  and the  Indian   Department
<lld not withdraw Its claim until 1890
M       m NEWEST     _
SHOESl-fl. I
A General Meeting
will be held
Friday Eve'g, March 13
at 8 o'clock,
��� IN ���
St. Patrick's Hall
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with  latest machine
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and best
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T. TUR.NBULL. President.
J. D. TAYLOR, Secretary.
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qj I Light and Heavy Hauling
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of New Westminster and dist-ici
On Sale at���
Morey's    Bookstore    and
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mailing Picture Post Cards 1.0 yoei
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************** *********^**************��***44*4^
Phone 101 WARCH   13,   1908.
page tm
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Mrs. .1. H. Diamond will sing the
"Kerry Dance," and Miss May Sullivan "My Dear Little Shamrock," on
St. Patrick's night. /        **
Miss lit len Walker and Miss Vera
Kenny will canvass Ladner and vicinity today und tomorrow in the interests of tl,o children's ward fund-
Burnaby potatoes, just received .a
1 shipment of fine potatoes at .1.40 per
j sack. Routledge'B grocery, Sixth
I Street and Fifth avenue. **
The Bteamer Trader left yesterday
aftern i for Victoria after receiving
| a cargo of Hour and Peed tor Plumpers
. pass  and   tt  mixed  cargo    for    other
poi its nn the route to Victoria.
J. li. lirownlee, C. B., Dominion and
B. C. land surveyor, has opened an oT-
flce in the Gulchon blo<*.k. Phone 338. *
Miss Katie Bourke, .laughter of D.
l). Bourke, of this city, was yesterday
iiiforiiie 1  that  she  had  won    a    $50
prize In a competition inaugurated by
Morgan & Thornton, of Vancouver.
We have $20,000 to loan on business
I roperty only, at 7 per cent. Abbott
& Hyde. ��� **
The Royal Arch Chapter of Freemasons met in their regular session
last evening at the Ma_on:c hall, and
afterward to the number of some
forty, were entertained at luncheon
by the officers, at Mrs. Cook's cafe.
Teu acre fruit   ranch;    only    four
miles from town, on good road.    Has
bearing fruit trees, also small fruits;
house and    outbuilding-.    For    quiet:
|   sale at $1550.   Abbott & Hyde. **
tils lordship Blsh ��� D trt, r:f the
diocese of N'ew Westminster, will te
tlie preacher at thc special Lr/nten
service to he given in Holy Trinity
cathedral tliis evening. The service
commences at 7:30 p.m.
For cut flowers, Bouquets or funeral designs telephone T Davies &
Son, B- .08. "'
Misses    Margaret    Lewis, Alberta
l.avery and Helen  Lombard will con-
iriluite   to   the   concert     on Tuesday
evening. **
It. (I. Venables, brother of Percy
Wnables, of this city, arrived from
the east yesterday and will take up his
residence in New Westminster. Mr.
Venables has for many years len
connected with the Royal Northwest
mounted police force, and until a
short time ago was stationed at Medl-
! cine Hat, Alberta.
Dr. T. H. Levey, D.ntlst, haa moved
| Into the new Dominion Trust building,
I opposite the post office. *���
The "Auto" cigar    is t>ecoming   a
favorite smoke. ������
Mr. F. Filgiano. director of St. Peter's church choir, tenor, and Messrs.
Morris and Groffman, baritones, will
be heard on the seventeenth at St.
Patrick's hall. **
"I have bt&n through all the Chinese
houses in the lower part of the city
and have condemned them all; they
are now being put into a sanitary condition." This was the reply given
by Plumbing Inspector .1. Mahony last
night to a query by Aid. Gray respecting the condition of the Chinese
houses. Mr. Mahony also Btated that
there were a number of places whore
the cellars were Connected directly
will the sewns, permitting the dangerous rower gases to rise Into the
buildings. The Inspector was instructed to confer with the sanitary Inspector and take the necessary action in
the matter.
Ladles' and gentlemen's suits cleaned, dyed and repaired. Royal City
Dye Works, opposite Premier Hotel. **
A basketball game will be played
this evening at the College gymnasium between teams from the Columbian college juniors and a scratch team
picked up from among the Juveniles
of the city.
An  illustrated  lecture on   "Life   ini
the  Far  North"  will be delivered by
Rev. A. E. Hetherington, B.A., B.D., in
Queen's aveuue Methodist church   on
Tuesday evening, March 17, under the i
auspices of the Women's  Missionary ;
society. Admission 2uc. **
The grand lodge of the United Order of Workmen for the province
closed its sessions yesterday afternoon with the election of officers. It
w.ts decided that the next session
would be held In Nanaimo, other ap-l
plications being read from Ladner
and Atlin.   The officers elected were: |
I G  M. W., HiY>. W. H. Smith;    grand,
foreman, Bro. ... L. Peck; grand over-;
j seer, Bro. S. M. English; grand secre-;
' tary, Bro, J. T. Mcllmoyi; grand treasurer,    Bro.    Wm.    Scowcrofl;    grand!
medical examiner. Bro. W. A. DeWolf
Smith; grand trustee, Bro. G. ..dams.
A violin solo by Mr. Cameron is on
the program for the Irish concert,
also the inimitable jigs of the Henderson brothers, for the Irish concert. *���
A favorite of the elite smokers, tbe
"Brilliante" cigar. *���
If the lacrosse team goes east to
Compete for the Minto cup they will
iv well backed financially, according
to all indications. The latest to express his willingness to assist in the
financing of the trip is J. Buntzen,
managing director of the B. C. E. R.
Mr. Buntzen has long been an admirer of the Westminster lacrosse
team, and had no hesitation, while in
the city yesterday, of expressing his
opinion that they stood, a good" chance
of securing the cup if they went after
it. He is also much interested in the
Diftord cup and, in fact, has the say '
as to the scope which the competition
tor the cup shall embrace, whether:
merely the province or the whole of
western Canada. This question he will
decide before leaving the coast.
- All   kinds of  pot  plants    and    cut
flowers;     shrubs    for    lawns.    Tidy, i
phone 184. **
The trial   scene of  Robert  Emmet'
will  be  staged  by  the   Young   Men's j
Literary society,  Peter Byrne  presid-
Ing, at the Irish  night.    Tickets 50c
and 75c, at Ryall's drug store. **
The members of Royal lodge No. 6
and Granite lodge No. 16, Knights of
Pythias, will celebrate the forty-fourth
anniversary of the founding of the
order on Sunday evening by attending divine service at West End Presbyterian church, when the .lev. T.
Wardlaw Taylor, M.A., Ph.D., will take
for the subject of his sermon, "The
Book and the Law." The members
will meet in Castle hall at 6 o'clock,
proceeding thence to the church,
where seats will be reserved for the
Knights. Two chartered B. C. E. R.
cars will bring over a contingent of
Vancouver members of the order,
about seventy-five being expected.
These, together with the eighty members of Granite lodge and the sixty
members of Royal lodge, will, it. is
expected, form one of the biggest
church parades scon here for soma
time. Special music and hymns will
be given during the service.
Building Will Cost at Least $10,000���
Total Estimates of School Board
Amount to $25,000.
There is a strong probability that a
new building wdll be erected in Sapperton to accommodate the growing
school population in that part of the,
city during the year, although the
elze and the cost of the school are as j
yet problematical. The matter was
under debate at the meeting of the
school board last night, when it was
decided to place In the estimates for
the year a sum of ten thousand dollars for the purpose. It was at" first
proposed to make the amount $18,1.00,
the amount required to build and
equip a thoroughly up-to-date frame
school, but this was reduced to $10,-
000 on recommendation of the council,
to which an addition can be made
later in the year if found necessary.
Altogether the board approved of
$2...000 for the estimates.
A communication was read from
the superintendent of education intimating that Mr. Oonnell would be
available for tlie giving of instruction
in the new drawing books.
A good deal of illness was reported
by Principal McKew in the city
schools, mainly from measles, mumps
and chicken pox.
Otiawa. March 12.���Hon. W. S.
Fielding says no embargo has been
placed on Canadian hay and straw by
the Imperial authorities.
According to a statement by Hon.
Rudolphe Lemieux, Professor Shortt
of Queen's university. Kingston, ia
allowed $20 per day while acting as
chairman of a board formed under tha
provisions of the industrial disputes
act. Shortt has drawn since the bill
became law $640 as fees and $248 expenses.
Notice of amendment has been
given for the abolition of the bonus
system in matters of immigration.
Moore & Campbell
.. Announce Their ..
Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday,
March 11th. 12th, and 13th
"Latest styles and shapes from  fashion's centre."
Bank   of   Commerce   Building,
opposite the Post Office.
Wilton, Axminster and Brussels Carpets       ���
ever shipped into B. C. has just been received by
.lust call and see the newest and most up-to-date patterns for this
season's goods, in all colors, shades, patterns and designs; fancy
florals, fnwns and beautiful Orientals, all of the highest English
grade. These carpets were bought before the raise in prices, and
are now being of.ered at 25 to 30 per cent less than elsewhere.
DON'T buy old remnants and old stock, because they LOOK
cheap, but call and see us before you decide on this spring's carpets.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Public Supply Stores I
Geo. Adams, Proprietor
Columbia  Street.       New   Westminster,  B. C.       Phone 92.
Increase Your Appetite
A good appetite Is a boon not to be despised, but if your palate requires a little humoring try a bottle of olives. Should you already
be acquainted with this appetizing delicacy our stock of olives is
complete and would satisfy the most exacting.
We have just received a large Importation of the choicest selected
Queen Olives and In order to introduce this brand to the public we
are offering them at prices that will appeal to all economizers.
FROM 15c per bottle and upwards
according to size
Knights, Attention!
The members of Royal and Granite
lodges, K. of P., are requested fo meet
at the Castle hall on
Sunday, March 15, at 6:30 p. m.,
to attend divine service.
By order,
Secretary for Committee.
All visitors are cordially Invited to
Irishmen Are Annoyed.
Ottawa, March 12.���The local divisions of the Ancient Order of Hibernians will take action shortly to deal
with what they term a libel on the
Irish race ami have the matter brought
before the Dominion government.
They state that In local stationers fttid
newsstands, post cards alleged to be
Irish but which are on a par witli the
objectionable "stage Irishman," which
fortunately Is seldom seen now, bul
whloh drew forth much condemnation
In past years, are bein�� displayed and
offered for sale. Not only this, but It
Is alleged that some of them even
bear the name of the order. The real
old-fashioned boycott is euggt sDSi.
Killed by Explosion.
Sarnia, Ont., March 12��� .tumea Hi.r-1
kins, fifteen years old, was killed, and j
Joseph and diaries Ke.nsley were 111'
jured by an explosion of . boiler ln;
the sawmill of Johnson & Son, Sarnia ;
township, yesterday.
^^.��_a_R__- ..._          ���
1Wt for Visual AenttaMt.
\V. GIF-OFlD, Op.:eian, Columbia 9t.
Toronto. March 12���The C.ma'd'an ,
Pacific railway ls determined to have
rules obeyed tby employees. Only a
few daya ago thirty five men were dis- j
missed for not living up to instruc-1
tlonB, and yesterday seventeen more'
were dismissed.
��� ,'T ��*k
��� ' '*  '
��� %
y, -. ������. V i
!__.! ' ? r  _ t''
,fT  V *���>_���'
'   ** \x   ���*?
" **jw��vKJb.]
"���' .^w.-t'-M
T�� *,��   ' ����� ���'"'.������  Ml
"��������� ��T__*_*t-'**f9'_i*
ft 'SfWtiW
t"    t. "i-    ' �����   U ?Jf . t
iV. .'itV-'v/t^ii. r
1 f    f��AGE Sli
MARCH  13,
.'   .-3.it   1'��.!-��� ��.,*��,    . ���
KlItSF." ''.'5f'
Ilk. .:-�����.
Trtty   Figure in Speech ai Wall at In
Trad* and Building.
Their  Importance   In the  Eyea of thi
Indian Native.
India ls so vast that different etl-
To nail a tiling is to fix or fasten | QUettes prevail in different districts,
with a nail cr nails; to drive nails j \$-e have no standard etiquette, nc
Into for the purpose of fastening or \ itandard dress. We mostly copy Ea
iccuring, such as to nail up a box, j ropean etiquette while with Europeans
to nail a shelf to the wall, to nail ! Even a Bengalese sbakes hands with .
down the hatches, Pte; to stud with    Bengalese. speaks in English for a few
pails; figuratively, to nail a thing is
to pin it down and hold it fast, such
a. to nail a bargain or secure by
prompt action. It was Burns who
Ev'n ministers, they ha'-i been kan'd.
In holy rapture,
A rousing: whld nt tlniea to vend
An nail 't wl' Scripture.
minutes and then breaks forth into thc
vernacular. We shake hands with t
European on parting, but by mistakt
again touch the hand to ibe brow In i
salaam, so we both shake hands,
salaam and do th�� like, ami no sobe'
minded European ever cared for thi
The umbrella Is the emblem of royal
ty,  the sign  of  a   rajah,  so   native!
Take  notice  that   application    has
been    made   to   register   Henry    T.
Thrift as the owner in fee simple, under a tax sale deed from Surrey municipality,  to   Henry  T.   Thrift  bearing I
date the lltta day of September, A.D. j
1003, of all and singular that certain j
parcel or tract of land and premises j
situate,   lying and  being in  the  dis-
trict of    New  Westminster,    in    tlie ]
province of British   Columbia,   more |
particularly  known and  described  as
lots 10  to  14 inclusive, block  1,  and!
lots 7 to  12 and 17 to 20 inclusive,
block    2,    subdivision   of   southwest
quarter of section 11, townshiu 1.
You and each of you are required to
contest the claim of the tax pur-1
chaser within forty-five days from the
date of the first publication of tliis
notice, otherwise I shall register
Henry T. Thrift as owner thereof in
fee. And I hereby direct that publication for one month in a daily newspaper published at -New Westminster
l,.ell;, un seel.,, his ..taster, who,,, h. I w,�� be S����(1 ami -Uftlclent service
considers his king. But no Indian j thereof and by mailing one copy to
ment where nails are made. A nai! however humble, ought to fold up th. Mrs. Catherine Kirby, Quiney, Wash.
head is the head of a nail, and any- umbrella, even before a magistrate, be-; Dated at the Land Registry Office
thiap is said to be nail headed when : ca"s<? he ls neither the master of th. Xew Westminster, Province of British
so shaped as to resemble the lead; ___-bJ���_��a���8S_���b ������ hjf !���?*^r���^ | Columbia, this 17th day of February.
Tassing into the colloquial, to , ge'nerally _0m their umbrellas befor.
"nail to the counter" is to put t. I , rajai, and not before anybody else.
counterfeit coin out of circulation [ however great. It ls not a part of the
by fastening it with a nail to the j dress, but a protection from the rain
counter of a shop; hence, figurativ
ly, to expose as false.
Other definitions referring to the
nail are: Nailer, one who nails, jvho
makes nails or who sells tiwm,
while a female nailmaker is referred
to by Hugh Miller n. a naileress. A
nailery is described as an establish-
or sun. a necessary appendage, Just
like the watch and chain. You mlghl
as well ask a European to take ofl
Iiis waterproof coat. A cooly is nol
bound to fold his umbrella when, r
brigadier general rides past. But ���
menial generally closes down the um
.. nail.
cer,  nor is he bound to salaam  hi_
A.D. 190S.
,     f But If he does, no harm,    ln a word,
A nailing machine is one for fore-   na(.v.s  pent,rally   fold  the  umbreua , C.S.KEITH,
ing or driving nails into place; in   before a master or a superiur office.; District Registrar^
carpentry, a feeding tube for the Bnd ,10t anv otIier citizen, bowevei To Catherine Gerbrlcb, now Catherine
nails, connected with a plunger or   grout, and this is no insult. Kirbv
reeiprocatini: hammer; in shoemak-       While going to so* a native ehief Id!
ing. a power machine closely allied his palace the native visitor or official: All persons served with thla notice,
to the shoe peggcr, used to drive takes off his shoes if the r eeeption and those claiming through or unJer
small metallic nails' or brad* into ' room nas a fnr:isl> an(1 th<? rilJnh is slt them and all persons claiming any
��_��� soles of shoes   ' i ting on his I,iusnud-   But if l,e is rc I Interest in the. said land by virtue of
The nail machine is a power ma- j ^^^^^'^^^ unreglstered 1��st���t' and a"
chine for making naila, spikes, bradl aro allowed> /., some Vates ao nt , pe.rsons clalmi"g any interest In the
or lacks. tlves can ro to a rajah without a pn   eald land ''-v descent, whose title    ls
A nailmaker is one who make* j gree.    in others the pugree is taken  not registered under the provisions of
off and tossed at the feet of a ri-.nh.    | the "Land Registry Act," shall be for-
It ls ridiculous in a European tsrom ' ever estopped and debarred from set-
the Hindoo point of view) to ord** a | ting up any claim to or In respect, of
native to take off his shoes.    ThisMs; tte said'land M mU for tases M   ro.
what we ask our priest to do, so that  L,... . ��� t.    ..�����.__,.      .  . ���
...      ,   .    .   Li-  #���.* i vlded by the   Land Registry Act.'
we may touch the dust of his feet, j ]__  ��      J
A munshl when mildly rebuked by hit! ~
sahib took off his shoes, but recounted I
the whole scene to his better half, say j
Ing, "Sala hamara gor ka gurds Ienay j
magtna!"   ('The brother-in-law want. |    SEALED TENDERS    addressed to
the duet of my feet.")-lndian Military j the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-
Gazette. I der for Examining Warehouse, Winnipeg, Man.," will be received at this
office until FRIDAY, March 20, 1908.
  inclusively, for the erection of an Ex-
No man er�� Unded a ^rtlcnlarl, amin,        Warehou8e    at    Winnipegi
easy position by trying to dodge work   m
Almost every man imagines he would ,
do a lot of philanthropic stunts If h.     Plans  and specifications   can    be
had the money. 8een an(l forms of tender obtained at
Why ls lt that tbe people with noth   this  Department  and on  application
...    ing to do but sit aremnd and visit ar* to Joseph Greenfield, Esq., Supt Pub.
money on the aail.   This phrase u j nch dreadful bores? Bldgs   Winnipeg  Man
said to  have originated  from the      gome people imagine that hy belnaj    PeTSOns rendering are -otifled that
custom of making payments, m tht   mpudentthey are showing other, the, tenden} considered unless
exchange at Bristol, England, and   are "as good as anybody." i ,.  ,
���lsewhe>e,  on   the  top of a  piUtt I    When a father and son are in falsi j maf e ��n  ��* P**8* form 8U"<>31ed.
Cdled "tie nail." ness the son can usually tell of ��� let* iand s,S-ed  wlth  thelr actual  ��*-��
... ..    ..  ���-��� : mistakes bis father makes. ���tures-
Almost any married man eaa mate \ Each tender must b_ accompanied
his friends smile by saying he is per j by an accepted cheque on a charter-
feetly free to do as be pleases. j ed bank, made payable to the order j
When the carbolic acid bottle find.. of tne Honorable the Minister of Pub-
Itself next to the cough medicine *. , ,,���  .!.-___   ���_������, ,��� , .   ,.��� '
��.      .  ��� .   ���    .     ��� . .     /7  He \vorks, equal to ten per cent (10
the shelf. Death stops sharpening tot. i . *~   ^^        !
scythe to lean back and be eaerry^ I p' c)    of the amount of tte tenfler.
Atchison Globe. i which will be forfeited if the person
 i tendering decline to enter into a con- j
nails; a nailer, a person connected
in any capacity in the manufacture
of nails.
A nail plate is a plate of metal
ro.led to the proper thickness for
cutting into nails.
A nail rod is a strip split or cut
from an iron plate to be made into
wrought nails. A nail selector is a
machine, or an attachment to a nail
machine, for automatically throwing out headless or otherwise il!
formed nails and slivers.
A countersunk nail is one having
a eone shaped head like that of a
screw; a eut nail, one made by a
nail machine, as distinguished from
e wrought or forged nail.
"On the nail" means on the spot,
at once, immediately, without delay or postponement, as, to pay
The Battle ���( Kc4��a��_.
Not far from St. Thomas, a matter of
perhaps a- hundred miles, was fought
tbe most wonderful naval battle in all
history.   The Dutch admiral detected
the enemy ln the early morning, when
the sea was covered with a thick mist,
and his guns opened fire at once without warning.   The fire was returned
with Interest, tha ocean fairly quivering with spasms caused by the shock
of frequent discharges.   Somehow or
other the enemy's shots, which sounded like a bombardment, seemed to fall
short or go wide of the mark, for not
even a splash of a ball was heard, and
tbe Dutch ships remained unscathed.
On the other hand, the Dutch could not
nee the terrible execution their guns
���were doing until nearly the middle of
the forenoon, when the fog lifted, revealing to their astonished gaze not the
vessels of the enemy, but a great rock
fdnnding out of the sea. They had been
flrlug ot It for five hours, and the sound
of tbe return shots they heard was the
echo from  the solid  wall of granite.
"Checkmate." I tract when called upon to do bo, or if
"Checkmate:" represents "shabmatr ihe fall to complete the work contract-
-"tbe shah is dead." '.Shah," In fact. I ed for. If the tender be not accept-
entered our language long ago via Ars-, Bdf the che w,��� be returned.
bic and ok. I-rench. arriving iu tht | _. _. . . .
form of "chock." "Chess" Is reallv I The DePartment does not bind It-
"checks." kings, and the cry ol jself to accept the lowest or any ten-
"Checkr' means your king is ln danger,  der- By order,
henco    the    verb    and    substantive ��� FRED. GELINAS,
"cb/ek" In all their English meanings- Secretary
'".���heck."   which   was   originally   the  Department of Public Works,
They named the place Redonda, which I eign's title
means sent rolled or driven back, and
Redonda it is to this day.
counterfoil of a bill that served to
"check" fraud; 'checkered," from the
aspect of the chessboard, and "exchequer," from the checkered pattern
of the tablecloth on which the king's
accounts were kept with counters. AH
these  we  owe  to  the  Persian sever
-London Chronicle.
The Bosnian Roasting Jack.
A curious  variety  of tbe old  fash
a        .        i    .  ,i ...     loned   roasting  Jack   is   used  bv   tbe
A post r��rd of the usual size �� : peasants of Bosnia and Herae/ovto4
flhiblled  nt the Bucharest exhlt* j when roasting sheep whole, aa oa th*
tion. On it are written the Bulgaria* j occasion of a wedding ceremony.   On.
cor., titutio:.   in   full,   the   opening j often sees near a  running etreaua ti
Bpeeches of ttrious Europeun per- j 'onR I,ole having  one end   revolvin|
lia_nents and two poems bv Rudyg*< j freely In a sedketed peg,  while tb'
Kipling, 13,000 words in'all.    Ths ! o0ier' overnnnKlnK Hie water, in equip.
caligraphist.  Peter  Paikoo of Se- i pe<! wlth mln'��,����� paddles.   This i.
6a. spent nine hours a day during i 'beKBo8nlaD iro'",,l"�� J-<*.  ���* rteep
three  month,  te   aeoocipLiah S!   1�� Jl TS     ��*__!! " f" ft
.... _~"   *nrtnr%******mm   mm    h   jjpg   js   ]lt   underneath,   and   whlU
��� the current spins the paddles and thr
pole merrily round the big Joint la
cooked literally to a turn.���Wide World
���i Magazine.
Ottawa, February 21, 1908.
Newspapers   will   not   be   paid   fo'r
this   advertisement   if   they   insert   it
without   authority   from   the   Department.
Only four weeks now remain
for those who are not already
ofl the voters' list to have their
names registered. Those Who
have come to reside in the city
QUrlng lhe past year, ami young
men who have attained the age
of 2] should see that they are
not deprived of their right to
have a voice in the coming
Dcm'nion election by failure on
their part to registei in time,
as tlie list compiled at tl.fi coming court of revision will most,
likely be the one used at the
next election. The time to
register is RIGHT NOW.
Why She Was Pleated.
Tess���Did  Mr.   Boron)  ever call on
you?   Jess���Yes; he called last even
Ing.    I was quite delighted when th#
girl  brought up his card.    Tess   Ob
Re James Taylor, Deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that all I
creditors and other persons having
any claims or demands against the
estate of James Taylor, late of Fori
Langley, ln the province of British
Columbia, deceased, who died on the
30th day of November, 1907, and whose
will was proved ln the supreme court
of British Columbia on the 25th day
of January, 1908, by Joseph Mayers
and John Taylor, the executors therein
named, ai_ hereby required to senc
particulars ln writing of their claims
or demands to me the undersigned
the solicitor for tlie said executors on
or before the 20tfa day of March, 19U.,
at the undermentioned address, ai'te-
which date the said executors will
proceed to distribute the assets of the
come now.   You weren't really delight-1 8ald James Taylor, deceased, amongst
ed? .less -Certainly. You sec. if sh��
hadn't brought up his card I might
have gone down  to  him.  thinking II
the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands
of which they shall tlien have    had
wa. some one else.-rhlladelphla Press   notIce and the Sald exebutors will no
' he liable for the assets of   the said i
��Yn.,r liwtaY?.r .!0.Tith'n9" James Taylor deceased   or any parti
lour little boy may become presi I __..���.... I
dent some day." j thereof so distributed to any  person I
"I hardly think so.   Archibald Is too j ^ persons of whose claims and de-
modest and leiirlng." ! mands they shall not then have had
"Oh, well,  be tuny get to be vice i notice.
presldent."-Pa.i1t���lolpl.in  Bulletin. Date(] m 20ti, day of February, A. |
"""    "l-p       ~~~ t_     1908
The largest grasshopper, nre found'    " ' .   wm.. , . ....
In South America, where dome sped v��nr.._i.t_i,..
mens reach a  length  of f" . Inches, I     So)lci,or for th<0 sa,d JoseP^ Mayers'
with �� spread of wings o*      Ipcbe*     and John Taylor, Executors. '
Hygienic Dairy, La ,td
Incorporated Under the Companies Act  (B.C.)  1897 and Amending Acts.
Capital $250,000, in 25,000 Shares of $10.00 Each
Ten thousand shares are now offered for public subscription at $10.50 Der share, including a premium of fifty cents per share, the whole payable as follows:
On a block of Ten shares, which is the minimum subscription.
Payable on -Application���115.00, being 10 per cent, and the premium of 50 cents per shar..
Payable on .Allotment���$10.00, being 10 per cent, within one month of application.
The balance, $.0.00, being payable in eigbt equal monthly instalments of $10 each.
There are no preferred, deferred, promoters' or founders' shares.
The following, signatories to the articles and memorandum of association and others, have consented
to act as Provisional Directors:
M. P. THOMSON, Esq., (Thomson Stationery Co.). A. L, KENDALL, Esq., M. D.
S. J. TUNSTALL, Esq., M. D. W. S. HOLLAND, Esq., (Insurance Agent
CHAS. E. HOPE, Esq., (Hope, Graveley & Co., Ltd.). J. A. FLETT, Esq., (Hardware Merchant/
H. A. EASTMAN, Esq. New Westminster.
Mr. A. Cruickshank, of Matsqui, will join the Board after allotment, in the event of the exercise ol th
option now held by the Company upon certain hind now owned by hlm.
Bankers, Auditors, Solicitors,
Eastern Townships Bank, Clarkson, Cross & Helliwell. Messrs.  Burns & Walkem,
Vancouver, B.C. Chartered   Accountants, Vancouver,  B.C.
Vancouver,   B.C.
Secretary, A.  Farmer,  Esq. Temporary  Offices,   322   Cambie   St..   Vancouver, B. C.
This company is formed tor the purpose of supplying the City of Vancouver with absolutely clean and
pure milk ofthe highest quality, free from drugs and deleterious germs.   The need of such a milk su        la
so well known that there is no need to dilate on this question, the plans of the Company   having    the
earnest support of the Medical Society, the Provincial and City Health   Officers,  and every doctor  \..
An option has been secured at a very favorable price on the well known Cruickshank Farm al Mat qui
elo.se to the C. P. R., and on the route of the Chilliwack tram line. Tliis property comprises 640 at ��� uf
which 400 acres are in a high state of cultivation, and the balance is rich pasture. It is proposed to ereel
thoroughly modern barns witb cement floors throughout, well ventilated and lighted, and a modern li and
hottling plant, shipping by special refrigerator car to Vancouver every day.
The price to be given tor the farm is $75,000, or about $117 per acre, a very low figure considei ag
thc quality of the land, the improvements and the situation. Ii would be hard to find a farm tiettei
adapted for the purpose of a large modern dairy. Tlie terms of purchase are $25,00u cash, and the balance in fully-paid shares of the Company.
From the sum of $100,000 to be realized from the sale of 10,000 shares now offered, there will remain
$75,000 after paying the cash portion of the price of the farm property. It ls believed that this amount
will be sufficient for the erection of the necessary buildings and equipment and the purchase of abo il 509
cows, especially selected after careful examination.
The City has no authority at the present time to inspect any dairies outside the City. The Company
proposes to give it this authority, so far as its own .tarns and premises are concerned, and will welcome
such inspection at all times. It also proposes to ask the Medical Association to appoint a committee of inspection.
The City records of 1907 show 148 deaths of babies under twelve months' old, and medical men have
stated their opinion that at least 90 per cent, or say 133, of these deaths are directly traceable to mil..
either drugged or contaminated at time of consumption. It is needless to say that 148 does not by an>
means cover the total number of deaths of children, as it is the number of those under twelve months of
age only.
Out of thirty samples of milk collected In Vancouver during 1907 and analyzed by the Dominion Go.
ernment authorities, only two samples reach 314 per cent., which Is the average Canadian percent..cc of
butter fat), and fourteen of them were officially described as either watered or skimmed, and were below
3 per cent, which ls the Vancouver City standard.
The average farmer and milk vendor is perhaps unaware of the need of the most scrupulous cleanliness
in every detail in the handling and delivery of milk, and lacks the necessary capital for the erection oi
cement floored barns, properly lighted and ventilated, the equipment of refrigerating and bottling machinery, and the employment of men technically trained in what ig now recognized as a business requiring
���scientific care and management.
Without a supply of natural ice, or the means of artificial refrigeration, milk cannot be kept during the
period of twenty-four to forty-eight hours which elapses between milking and delivery, without the aid of
powerful preservatives, such as formaldehyde, etc. This drug prevents milk turning sour, even if exposed
to the sun, but this and other preservatives are very dangerous.
This Company will supply milk only of the highest standard, both as to quality and purity. It do..- aot
propose to pasteurize milk, which at best is a makeshift.
It should be clearly understood that pasteurized milk is not pure milk; it is only Impure milk which
has been renovated, and the Impurities to a greater or less extent removed.
'Ilie very fact that milk needs pasteurizing is in itself a suspicious circumstance. This Company never
Intends having milk on any of its premises in need of renovation, as it will keep only healthy cows, which
will be under constant veterinary supervision; the milk, when produced, will be pure and absolutely clean.
���and will be kept in that condition until delivered to the consumer.
Immediately after milking, the milk will be aerated and cooled to a temperature of 38 degrees, put in sal
ed bottles and delivered at the doors of customers exactly as it left the farm, and at the same tempera
tine; this will prevent the need of drugs in summer to keep it sweet, and will also prevent the propagation of injurious bacteria in the milk, to which is attributable the enormous infantile mortality In the
City and district.
Arrangements have been completed to secure the services of a well known dairy expert as general manager. This gentleman has successfully operated one of the largest creameries In Canada, and has made B
special study of all matters connected with the handling and feeding of cattle.
Paper estimates of profits are some times delusive, so the directors content themselves with pointing out
the well known fact that all the Hairy farmers In the district have been for many years doing very Wi I "
deed, and the milk distributors have been doing even better, one firm being credited with making B profit
of $100 per day all last summer.
It is well known that in no part of Canada can cow feed be produced cheaper than in the Lowei
Fraser Valley, and as similar companies in the Fnlted States, which sell their milk at lower prices than
are current here, pay good dividends, there is no reason why this Company should not do Ihe sain''. M
the use of milking machines and labor saving devices in handling the feed, manure, etc., etc., should > tTM''
the higher wages of this Coast.
The Company aim to keep 500 cows, but it will be obviously impossible to get this number In 8 >'��� ���'
and while every effort will be made to deliver milk hy June, before tne hot weather begins, it Is doubtful II
more than 100 cows can ihe obtained by then and tbe necessary barns and buildings completed. In s<
the milk, preference wlll naturally have to be given to the shareholders ��f the Company, and It Is
likely there will be any surplus for sale to the general public for at least the first year of operation
as there will be probably many people of small means in urgent need of this milk, the shares have
put at a price, and on terms, within the reach of all.
Prior to incorporation the following gentlemen signified their intention of becoming shareholdei-
T. W. PATTERSO.N, Victoria.
CHAS. MILNE, Victoria.
.1.  .7. LOGAN.
,J. ,1   JONES, Westminster.
H. L. EDMONDS, Westminster
11. A. EASTMAN, Westminster.
O. M. JONES, F.R.C.S., Victoria.
j.   W.   BLAND, V.  S.
.1. W. DeB. FERRIS.
A. C. WELLS, Chilliwack.
H.  M.  VASEY, Ladner.
D.  R.  KERR, Victoria.
L. T. DUPONT, Victoria.
Prospectuses and  forms for application for shares can be obtained from
HOPE, GRAVELEY & CO., Ltd., 322 Cambie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia��� or���
H. A. EASTMAN, New Westminster MARCH   13,
FAoi. s&vm
ED T.SN-.ERS addressed "In-
s    .   of  ,    dtentWades,  Ottawa,
Jiloised   Tenders for Supplies,"
M"      .... . .,, .   until    Monday, 16th
JL   : from  parties desir-
,',, for supplies, for the
""Vyeai  .:���     Ll.09, for the following
jjiMution.-   namely:
Kingston Pen tentlary.
g. Vim,,,, ,k  Paul Penitentiary,
porcbest.    Penitentiary.
Hinltoba Penitentiary.
BrI[,,h , ol imbla Penitentiary.
Alberta    Penitentiary,      Edmonton,
facial, scalp, or body tre.,: .,._���,- ~jven
in your own home. Also manicuring.
For engagement -jng up a :;;::i
The Oriental Contract Co.
of Vancouver.
Japanese Labor Contractors
New Westminster branch P. O.
Box B45.
Mavc YOU Seen The
shade of Worsted, also the Grey
and brown'' They are all ne* and
correct in every particular.
Your inspection invited.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia St.,  NEW   WESTMINSTER
Hides  Wanted     NOT"<=E
enders   will   be   received
wi.. oi ���].,   following classes ot
1, Coal.
,. Coal
' i' ���: : ' ���
I. Drugs-
;>. Dry G
6. Forage.
|, Fresh
a, Fresh
<t. Groceries.
10. Hardware.
11. Leather.
12. T.lnk.
i3. Oils and Paints
x4. Pork and Bacon
IB. Sole Leather.
16. Tinware.
Details ��� : Information as to form of
,,. ict, togt .her with forms of tender will   ���   furnished o.i application
to the Wai lens.
All supplies are subject to the ap-
...,,,..,; . ���; the Warden.
Inspectors of Penitentiaries
pepartment of Justice,
Ottawa, February 14, 1908.
Paid on  Delivery
Fraser River Tannery
New Westminster. B.C.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
tllard Block.   New Westminster. ��,C
Roof of your house or
barn gone back on you?
No wonder after the hard winter.
Pew can stand it.
Put on a new one of Ruberoid
Roofing.    No trouble then.
Ruberoid is an elastic roofing and
wiH stand all kinds ot weather ���
beat, cold, sun, rain, wind; makes
no difference to Ruberoid.
It is weather-proof and fire-re-
Will not melt, crack or rot.
Most easily applied and requires
no painting.
Call or write for full particulars,
samples and prices.
Westminster Iron Works
Removed to Tenth St., between Power House and
Galbraith's Factory.
Telephone 53.
New Westminster. P. u. Box 474
6~Royal City Mills.
"���Carnarvon and T����nth.
S���Royal avenue and Eighth.
9-Fifth avenue and Twelfth.
12���St. .Mary's Hospital.
l.-Seeond and Park Row.
H���Columbia and  Dufferln
23���Qu.-n-s  avenue snH  Sixth.
21��� ��� tl avenue and Second.
25���Fifth ,.v��me and fourth.
26��� Fifth avenue and Eighth.
2"���Thin avenue and Tenth.
32���Apies and Sixth.
31���Schaake Machine Works.
K���Cobimbia and McKenzie.
M-CP.R, Station.
Take notice that an application has
been made to register .M. W. Min-
thorne as the owner in tee Blmple,I
under a tax sale deed from the mayor
and treasurer of the city of New Westminster, to M. W. Minthorne, bearing
date the 10th day of February, A.D.
1904, of all and singular that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises,
situate. lying and being in the city
of .New Westminster, In the province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as: Subdivision
5 of block "A" of the middle acre of
the south half of the south half ot
lot o, su' urban block 12, map 566.
Vmi and each of you ar>' required to
cnutest the claim of the tax purchaser
within forty live days from the d;ite
of the first publication of this notice,
otherwise I shall register M. W. Minthorne as owner thereof in tee. And
I hereby direct that publication of this
notice for thirty days in a daily news
paper published at New Westminster
will be good and sufficient service
Dated at tne Land Registry Office.
.New Westminster, province of British
Columbia, this .2nd day of January,
A.D. 1908.
District Registrar.
To Louis R. Bayne.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them and all persons claiming any interest In the said land by virtue of
any unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any Interest In the
said land by descent, whose title is
not registered under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Act." shall be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to or in respect of
the said land so sold for taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
He site for wharf ami Doom on tu
Fraser river, near N'ew Westmin
ster, B. C.
NOTICE  is  hire.y given  that ta
undersigned, H. G. Barnet   and   Hugh
uIcDonald, loth of the city of    N'ew
Westminster, in the province of Brit-
ish Columbia, mill owners, having ap
piled  to hla excellency the governor
general-in-council, for the approval o
a certain site for the construction ot
a certain wharf .and Doom, situate on
the smith side of Lulu island, on the
sht re of the Fraser river', have    de-i
posited with the honorable   the min   .
Ister of public works at Ottawa, plans
of said wharf and boom, which they(
propose to construct on land covered
v ith water, lying south of lot 757, in
group I, in the district of New Westminster and  ;rovince aforesaid,    to
gether with a description of the proposed site thereof described by metes
and Bounds; and have also deposited a
duplicate of each in the office of the   ts.ooo i empress of BRITAIN i u.BO-
registrar of deeds for the said district: H. Power I EMPRESS OF IRELAND J     TONS
of New Westminster, in which district	
said work Is proposed to be constructed;   in accordance with the    require-      BOOKING TO    AND    FROM    ANY
ments of section 7 of the "Navigable  POINTS   IN   THE   OLD   COUNTRY
Waters'    Protection   Act,"   Chap.   115 J CAN  BE  ARRANGED AT  THIS OF-
New Westminster
Si'ifiiro   the   Sinn   Win,   Blom   littoln
Throneh  Kin Noatrita.
A popular practice of mnpy smokers
consists in discharging the smoke Inhaled, especially from cigarettes,
through the nostrils. This is even
sonsldered by some to be ess.iitiai to
the full enjoyment of the flavor of th��
The London Lancet, while ncknowl
edging thnt perhaps under ordinary
circumstances no harm Is done to tb*
smoker save to his sense of smell, liar
Sounded a note of warning again, t tht
habit as n possible disseminator of disease. Hay fever nnd other annoying
complaints have been spread throng-t
unsuspecting households by the nn-
Blinking visitor who habitually blew
imoke through his nose.
The surface traversed by the tobacco
���nnike before Issuing from the nose, ft
Is  remarked  hy  tbe  Lancet,  Is  mois-
tened with the natural secretion of the
nuieons  membrane  lining It,  and this
secretion Is mingled With the fluid dls-
; charged from the conjunctival sac pre
I tecting the eyes.   It therefore contains
numerous   micro   organisms,   which
float'ng In the nir. have become attach
i _d fo the moist and stick  surface of
! tbe conjunctiva, ns well as those wblet
| pass   over   the   surface   of   the   nasal
I membrane.   As Tyndall long ago show
ed,  germs  are completely  filtered  ofl
: from the air inhaled hy the ex tens. VS
1 ant]   irregular  surfaces   presented   by
the turbinnl  bones.   These germs are
! carried into the air by the man wtrn
blows smoke through bis nostrils.
Crazy Man Causes Stampede
in Place of Worship ���
God's Command, He Says.
R. S. Can. 1906.
D.ted at New Westminster,
the .oth day of January. i_08.
B.  C
H.   G.   BARNET,
iiugh   Mcdonald.
60   YEARS'
Next    sailings   of
April 3 and April IT.
the   Empresses
For other dates  and   particulars,
apply to
C. P. R. Agent.
Tnaoe Marks
Copyrights Ac.
An-ono .ending a��k.trh and dp��CTlntl,-;n m_?
flnlnklf luoertdin cur opinion free whotlier ���u
Inr. nil. in ll probably Patentable. ' omnium �����-
tlm.a.t.lctl.cnnfl.entli... KANOBOOK on Patent.
tent free. OMeit *t*noj for eeourlng patents.
l'.t.nm taken thrnueh Munn A Lo. rtcelT*
iptcial notir . wit hout charge, ta tha
Scientific JUmricait.
A handeomelr lUuatrated weekly, Largoat elt-
eolation of any arlentlflo Journal. Terms fur
Cana<la,*��5By ....-_
aU newMealere.
Station of any at-ientino Journal.    Terms fur
nada, 13.75 a year, pontage prepaid.   Sold by
Branch Office. 835 V SU WaehlOtfton. D. C.
English Watchmaker
Two door, from  Geo. Adam,, Grocr
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 8:3ii, 11:35,
! 15:15, 17:20, 18:40.
I     Arrive    New    Westminster    10:25,
I 12:45, 16:30. 18:25, 19:35.
Overland    express    arrives    12:45.
| leaves 15:15.
Lt. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lt. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
V., W. ft Y.���VANCOUVER
Lt. N. W 3 p. m. and 9:15 p. m.
Lt. Vaneouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Leave New Westminster 3:50 p.m.,
arrive Gulchon 6 p-m.
Leave Oulchon 6 a  m , arrive New
The   Prime   Requisite   I'or   Ma__1ag   a
True  Woodnman.
A sense of direction I should name
��s the prime requisite for .him who
would become a true woodsman, tie-
pending on himself rather than on
guide.. The faculty is largely developed of course by much practice, but
It must be inborn. Some men posses!
It: others do not ���just ns some nieH
have a mathematical bent, while to
oiher�� figures are always a despair. It
Is a suit of extra, having nothing to
do with criterions of intelligence ox
mental development, like the repeats!
mu .ment in a watch. .A highly educated, cultured man may lack it; th��
rougher! possess it. Some who have
never been lu t!:. woods or mountains
acquire ill the space of a vacation a
fair facility at picking a way, and I
have met a few who have spent their
lives on tlie prospect trail and who
were stiK and always would be as
helpless as tlie newest city dweller
It Is a gift, a talent. If you have its
tiniest germ you can become a traveler of the wide and lonely places
If you have lt not you tnuy as weM
resign yourself to guides.���Stewart Ed
wiird White in Outing Magazine.
Guadalajara, Mex., March 1.2.���
Trampled to death in a panic of chnnU
members attending services in t_ie
Bmall town of Ocotlan, five women and
fourteen children were killed and several were severely injured when an
alleged insane man closed the great
doors of the edifice, announcing: "God
ha   commanded me to do this."
A class of children was being con-
fii'meil by Rev. Ignacio Placcencia.
Suddenly the crazed man sprang toward the front iloor and quickly
closed them Then he turned ' and
faced ihe congregation, declaring:
"Yes, God has commanded me to
keep the people in. God i.s coming to
punish the wicked."
A moment later a wild panic followed. Every person rushed for the
doors. Gh'ldren were trampled under the'feet of the women, who fought
fiercely with each other in their dash
for liberty- The pastor, still standing
by the doors, was swept from his Teet
by the frightened women and children,
Tnstantly one of the doors was almost
torn from its hinges and the massed
crowd fell into it. Five women and
fourteen children were crushed to
death near the door.
Srlence nnd  Morality.
The true student of the professional
*r technical school becomes heir to a
Comprehensive and clear understanding of his duties nnd responsibilities In
his relations to his fellow men and to
Die eommuulty. Those duties and re-
upoiislbltitles present themselves to his
trained mind lu their real proportion.
He is neither nondereloped nor malde-
veluped lu his Judgment ?f affairs. His
university training, especially In the
technical school, has taught him accuracy and penetrntion In the analysis of
any proposition confronting bim and
that truth nnd knowledge must be
sought with the directness of a plumb
I line. Science yields nothing but con-
I fusion to the shifty, devious nnd dls-
New Westminster 8:30 a. m- ! honest Inquirer.   The fundamentals of
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays-   \*^���J&���� ^-L^
Victoria, March 12���The total fimbe'
license fees collected by the provincial government for the month of
February amounted to J160.317.15.
This is more than double the amount
collected in February of the preceding
year when the total amount was $65,-
In all 1191  licenses wer Issued, 592
for limits east  of the  Cascades and
699 tor limits west. The total revenue
from timber license fees for the first
eiglit months of the present fiscal year
amounts to $1,465,709.43 as compared
with  $512.152.41   for  the   first    eight
months of the preceding year.
The revenue has fallen off decidedly
| as compared with January.    The re-
��� ceipts from this source for that month
| were the heaviest known, amounting
! ln all to $347,266.65.
Some 78 coal licenses were issued
and the total timber license transfer
1 fees for the month were $820.
Ladles' Gold Watches rrom $12.75 up
Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,   open |
race, $6.00. I
Gentlemen's Silver  Watches,   double
case, $7.50 up. | ��'tOT till V x>. m.
Agent for the celebrated South Bend j    Lt. VancouTer for Westminster ��t
Watches, supplied   to    the    Wellman , famft n#_-_.
\rrt1e Expedition.    Ml warranted.
Chains, Ring3, .Teweiry. etc.. etc. ___ ���
Watch   repairing:    cnarges   reason-j
Lt. New Westminster 6.50, 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and ev. ry half hour there-
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
.VHITF.    HORSE:,    DAWSON    and1
���MR HANKS.     Daily   trains   (rxcept
Sunday,    carrying   passengers,   mail, j
xp.-ess    md    freight    connect    with
tagei a* Carcross and White Horse,;
maintaining a through winter service, j
(-oi   information  apply to
J    H    ROGERS,  Traffic   Manager,!
Vancouver. R. C
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all j
toints east, west and south to Ross- j
and, Nelson and intermediate points i
onnccting at Spokane with the Great ]
MortHh-n, Northern Pac fie and O. R
4 N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the <~_n-
idian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points
Connects at Meyers Fall3 with
atage ���'aily for Republic
Ruffet s.rvice on trains between
-ipnkane and Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   November   io,
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Kates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St Paul
Steamship   tickets  on   sale    to  all
l.uropean points.
Special   Rftduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates to  Soutbe-n  California-
H'or full information call on or write
0. E. LANG, General Agent,
130 Hastings St., Vancouver. B. C.
Portland. Ore.
to technical success or professional at
tainment.���Scientific American.
'The Milwaukee"
i got.
q.-o a.m.
12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
.. Spokane
..Rossland ...410 P���-
...Nelson 643 P-m*
The  Won��r Limited" St. Pinl to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omsha to
Chicago, "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No  trains  in  the  service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.  Paul Railway.    They
own and operate their own sleeping
Arrive; and dining cars on alll their trains and
...7.13 P��. give their patroni an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. Geoeral Agent
IJ4 Tiird St.. cor Alder "0rtUnd. 0r��
The Hellbender.
"There's no reason why the hellbender shouldn't be good to eat," said
a scientist. "Its principal food Is the
crayfish, the same as the principal
food for bass. The hellblnder belongs
to the same family of amphibians ni
the frog nnd is very closely related.
Both nre botched from the egg, nnd
both pti.s through the tadpole stnge
before reaching inntiirity. The hell
bender Is a mighty fine fish, ns nny one
can prove to himself if he will coniiucr
Ids nntiirnl aversion." The ludlbender
Is found principally In streams about
the foothills of the Alleghany tnmra
The Sad-lle.
Early Greeks and Romans ttMb
borne., bareback. They regarded It as
rffotnlntite to ride In a saddle. The
modern saddle, with pommel, crupper
nnd stirrups, wns unknown to the ancients. Nero gave out fancy coverings
to his cavalry, and the bareback riders
,tt the German fon-sts used to laugh af
them. Saddles with trees came Into
use In the fourth century, stirrups
three centuries Inter.
Tor Texas Oeveolpment.
Fort  Worth,     Tex.,  March   12���All
sections of the state were represented here today at the opening'of a two
days' conference to discuss the future
development of Texas  along agricultural and commercial lines.   The conference results  from a call recently
issued by the Texas Commercial Secretaries'    association.    It Is Intended
in  reality   to   give expression   to   a
growing sentiment that the State of
j Texas, ln some of Its legislative acts
during the past year or two, may have
overreached herself ln adopting mea-
j sures hostlte to the railroads and other
I large corporate interests.    Those res-
I ponsible  for  the   present  conference
I believe that  any  further    legislation
j along these lines would for the pres-
1 ent be unwise  and    would    tend   to
I check the hitherto wonderful develop-
1 ment. of the resources and Industries
1 of the State.    It Is proposed that tha
! commercial organlzntons of the State
, shall formulate or suggest such mea-
1 isures for the guidance of the legisla-
! ture as are believed to be for tin. beat
Interests of the State and with a view
to the welfare of the general public.
..tondin* and  Sitting.
David Slowpay-I shall bring yo��
back those dark trousers to be reseat
ed. Mr. Snip. You know I sit a good
deal. Mr. Snip (tn I Ion-All right and
If you'll bring the bill I sent you six
months ago I will be pleased to re
eelpt that also. You know rve stood a
rood deal.���London Tit-Bits.
Elks Dedicate New Home.
I     Wtatertown,  S. D., March    12���The
i local lodge of Elks observed its fifth
I anniver'snry  today   hy   dedicating  Its
handsome new home.    The exercises
were of an Interesting character and
were  participated  ln  by miny  prominent members of the order from outside the city.   The new building Is a
large three-story structure of pressed
I brick and contains baths, bowling ��1-
j leys, smoking rooms, dining hall and
all the other conveniences nnd equip-
I ment of a flrst-clasg clubhouse.
Property Situate*.
"They may say what they mm
tgnlast him," said the convicted one's
defender, "but his heart ts ln tbe right
"Tes," assented the other, "and aa Is
tha rest of him for a few yean."
"What did she say when aba
m�� was dead tn love with berT"
'She wanted to knew If ke earrfai
��r Ufa lwmra_N-a."--Msw tart
I       Canadian Forestry Association.
Montreal, March 12���Dominion officials, forestry experts and representatives of fish and game protective organizations assembled ln this city today for the annual convention of tho
Canadian Forestry association. The
sessions are being held In tlie board of
tnade building and will co-tinu* over
tomorrow. His Excelleney Karl Orey,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Hob.'*1.. L. Borden and other notables ��r on lhe
program for addreases. The discussions will cover almost aver- nhaae of
the forest preeervatloa queatton.
Ij"  ���'���."'*   t
'%��   ��� *!��*-���'  I
���t?*W.-A4    .*-,
1 -.I ' iM
<' - - r\yi
���H^'*i__tlM   ��**!'���
��� * 1     .    -������   -1rS-l-S        M^      �����. ,-   ���
': ."      'li ���__���V_VAR.
t *    -'1,
'rati.. PAGE SIGHT
i *.ri.
! ..' Vi
��� *m
''*   f
Get Your       |
Season Opens Monday, March 16th.
For Your Chick's
Sturtevant's Cure,
Ego Food,
Lice Paint, etc.
Drug Store
Columbia St, New Westminster
Telephone 83-
.. PUMP..
No foot rest, clamp or other
fastening required to hold this
Pump in position. Solid Brass
suction and valves���no leather
or packing to dry up and give
Columbia   St.,     New   Westminster,   B.   C.
Fear That  United  States  Would   Retaliate Is Reason for Objecting
to Measure Given.
Ottawa, March 12���-Mr. Lewis (West
Huron) moved in the House yesterday
Metallic System Will  Be  Installed in
Coal City���Better Connection With
Victoria Decided Upon.
Nanaimo, Match 12.���As announced
some time ago, the    B. C. Telephone
to place an export duty on pulpwood | company will install a new system In
so as to force United States mills to j Nanaimo this year. Vancouver offi-
oome to Canada  to manufacture in-  clals of the company   say   that   the
stead   of   importing Canadian    pulp-
wood. %
Dr. Belangcr (Beauce) opposed this,
stating that there was not enough
Spruce and balsam areas in Canada
for Canadian use for export purposes,
system, a metallic one, will be installed here in a very short time now.
The new system has many advantages over the old. The same style
of phone will be used, but by the new
system hearing over the    phone    is
and   besides, t'uat  such  a course  on | much  improved  and  all    danger    of j
the part of Canada would be sure to
provoke retaliation from the United
fn his speech Mr. Lewis dealt exhaustively with the subject of forest
areas, and  made  a strong  plea
cross talking is done away with. Many
overhead  wires  down  town  will ' be j
done away with, cables being used in [
their place.
It is also understood that the sys-
for-tem between here and Victoria is to
some kind of protection which would ' be improved, a double wire being
prevent the mills of the United States   used at different sections.
being fed wdth Canadian pulp to the 	
detriment of native enterprises. Mr.
Morin opposed tho view of the latter,
and Mr, Hunt defended the present
The   mutter  was   not  disposed
when the House adjourned.
This Date in History.
Your Choice!
$600 cash and $600 on time will buy
a dwelling and large lot next to a
corner on Sixth street.
MARCH  13.
1676���Attack on Groton, Mass., by Indians.
1695���Jean De La Fontaine,    French
poet, died.    Born 1621.
ITU���Birth of Joseph II. of Germany.
  1781���The  planet Uranus  discovered
Washington, March 12.���A vivid de- by Herschel.
scrlption  of atrocities  alleged  to  be j 1846���Right Rev. Camillas    P.  Maes,
perpetrated upon slave    laborers    on bishop of Covington, Ky., born
plantations on the Islands of Principe] \a Belgium-
and   Saint   Thome,   Portugese West 1848-^RevolutIon ln Vienna and flight
Africa,  was given in an address    on j 0f prjnce Metternich.
i "Children's Lives in Africa." by Gen. j 1867-Cession of Russian America   to
Joubert Pinear, at last night's session! the United States.
of the international congress   on   the j 1881���Alexander  II. of  Russia   killed
welfare of children under the auspices by the explosion   of a bomn
of the National Mothers' congress. thrown bv Nlnllists.
After stating    that    "the cruelties ,��� 1882���Many lives lost by earthquake
$3000 will buy a six roomed modern
dwelling and two full lots, in fruit, on
Second street.
meted out to these degraded human
beings on the mainland were beyond
description." Gen. Pinear continued:
"Children are torn away from the
breast of their mothers and sold as
slaves. Slaves in the employ of their
taskmasters are beaten to death. Men,
women and children are mutilated.
Ofter after a native has been done to
death he is quartered and the dixerent
portions of his body are hung on
trees to terrorize the other natives."
in Costa Rica. "
-Benjamin Harrison, twenty-third
president of the United States,
died.   Born August 20, 1833.
Matins, Coulthard & Co. ua
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Chicago, March 12.���Olga Averbuch,
a sister of the man who was killed by
Chief of Police Shlppy, has entered a
protest against anarchists taking part
i in the ceremonies, Incident to the re-
FLAY 8TOCK GAMBLERS   moval of her brother's body from the
������ potter's field to a Jewish cemetery In
Washington,   March   12.���President  the   western   part of the city.    The
Roosevelt has directed Herbert Knox ] Jewish Free Burial association, which
: Smith, of the bureau of corporations, j has tlie matter   in charge,   declaring
to investigate the methods   of stock   that anarchism is    reprehensible    to
Have a peep at our ALARM  CLOCK WINDOW,
Then come inside and be properly ALARMED.
VV. C. CHAMBER LIN, Th��'����"" |
trading with a view to furnishing the
basis of possible future legislation
regulating such practices.
the Jewish race and Is forbidden by
the tenets of the religion. The anarchists who planned a celebration we:e
The difficulty is recognized of   at-; greatly surprised when told that they
tempting federal regulation    for   the j would not be allowed to be present.
transfer of stocks, which will operate; 	
to  curtail  purely  gambling contracts ; Cliff House to Be Rebuilt.
and at the same time work no hind-1 San Francisco, March 11.���Dr. Era-
ranee to legitimate transfers, and it' ma Merrlt, executrix of the estate of
is announced that for the purpose of Adolph Sutro, was given permission
proceeding on sound principles . the yesterday by Judge Coffey to apply the
preliminary investigation is ���elng.J47.000 insurance money received af-
made, j ter the "destruction of the Cliff house,
President Roosevelt   has    declared i toward the erection of a new building,
himself to be decidedly    in favor   b_   The  petition  was opposed  by  Attor-
1 eliminating stock gambling. ; neys J. F. Bowie and Joseph Mayer,
��� ***************************
... BUI WiH _ttffff<MMHI''ll1l SIH. WHW-    ^-:V'-,--,. ,,-V=..**-^
-;. < i
8. ��
,. <'
.. < i
,;-< i
,;���< i
.. < i
ft < i
*< >
���-;. < i
m t
Post Card Albums
A Large Range of STYLES and PRICES
15c   to   $6.00   Each.
���"ft i
-k-a_a__-a_a_._._a_a_a_._a_._a_a_aA_._._a_._._._._._a_. _._._._._._._. 1' _.' _   g_ ^_ X __ _L _. _. _  _ T "  '? < '
fff www w ww w wwww-r
0 ' "* . who  represented   four  of the    heirs,
Panic Averted in Church. ,| Kate Nusbaum, Rose   Motfbie,   Clara
.Montreal,    March    12.���While     St. j English and Edgar Sutro.   Bowie said
��� Joseph's church was crowded to the j the heirs he represented had no objec-
j doors  last night   by  married   women ' tion to    rebuilding   Cliff house,    but
��� of the  parisff listening to a  mission   thought the heirs should    have   the
; sermon   by  Father   Adams,   S.   .!.,  a j direction of expending the money, and
blaze broke out in the basement, | not the executors. It is proposed to
where t'ne  Societe des Artisans  was j put up a concrete building.   The que.-
! meeting.   Fortunately the Are was dis-: tion of allowing $10,000 more from the
j covered   before  It  made  much  head- j estate will come up March 29.
I way and was extinguished without the ��� .
priests or any of the congregation ln Airship Man Arrested Again,
the church above knowing the blaze San Francisco, March 12.���John A.
was in progress or realizing the dan- Morrell, president and manager of the
ger they were ln.    The flremeh went   National  Airship company,    was    ar-
1 about their work very quietly. They rested again yesterday on a ajneuded
knew if the women ln the church ever complaint charging felony, and was
got an inkling there was a fire in the released on giving $100 cash bail. The
building    nothing   could    prevent   a  complaint against Morrell was filed by
I panic In which scores might be S. J- Jacobs, of 1345 Laguna street,
trampled to death In the mad rusti^for  and alleges that Morrell committed a
I the doors. felony.
A Pleasing Opening Dis-
play of
Dress Goods and Millinery
THIS  WEEK     ^
A woman to be- correctly attired must pay particular attention to
her costume and hat. Other dress accessories, such as gloves, neckwear, trimmings, etc., add the finishing touches in a pleasing comblna,
tion. Our endeavors to provide the most stylish and appropriate
dress good, and millinery are bearing fruit in the many selections lie.
ing made by our customers of the necessary materials for their spring
Our Millinery Opening Is Now On
New trimmings, new gloves, new neckwear are here u ;,n ,j,e
popular shades to harmonize with each article of a perfectly matched
We extend .an invitation to one and all to vis!t our dress goods
and niillini ry sections.
A Comprehensive Display of
Ladies' Ready-to-wear Goods
The ready-to-wear store is filled with an array of ladies' costumes,
skirts, coats, blouses, underskirts, whitewear'and children'; wear ol
every description. ���
New fixtures have been added and many other Improvement,
have been effected, whereby the ready-to-wear section has '.���< n made
one of the most convenient and up-to-date in B. C.
We assure you of better service, better values and better .satisfaction than in rhe past. We invite you to our grand display ia this section this week.
A Remarkable Ribbon Offer
One thousand yards of various ends of ribbons; plain and fancy
and every desirable shade in the lot to be cleared out Friday and
Saturday only.   Regular value* 30c  to  50c.    Special  sale price, two
days only
20c per yard
Good   Apples
$1-00 PER BOX
Electric Railway Service:!
City Line:    Cars leave tram ! \
office on the hour, tweaty min- <
utes after and forty minutes af- J \
ter, commencing at 6:20 a. m.
Sapperton Line: Cars leave
at ten minutes after the hour,
half past and fifty minutes after
the hour, commencing at' 6:30
a, m,
Sunday Service   halt-hourly h*.
tween 8.30 a.m. und 11 p.m.
���       .        _ <i
:   British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,Ltd;;
�� ��� *****
lnterurban   Line,
Cars  for Vancouver and    way
stations will run every half-
hour   from   5:50 a. m.    Last
ear leaves at 11 -p. m.
(last car lv. Vancouver 11:B0.)
Cars leave the depot every
twenty mlautes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
cit) line.
(Sec  3-18.)
You can secure a comfortable six  room  storey  and  a
half house, with electric   light and city water; corner lot,
Phone 97.
Second Street
Only $300 cash and you can  pay the balance  like rent.
Don't lose this chance.
F. J. HART y CO.
New Westminster. Chilliwack,
.     Prompt Delivery
***********************************************    1
5-Roomed Cottage
Barn 18x24.   Lot cultivated and fenced.
Near the car line.
Price, $1,200.
Half cash; balance monthly payments.
Immediate possession.
P. PEEBLES _-;.!<
270 Columbia St     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.    M��� 307


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