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The Daily News May 28, 1906

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,,��UMK 1, '     itiBER 71.
I     WAY 89 1906
Appeal For Life of Fernandino   Levera   Is   Granted    By
King Alfonso and People of Spain Rejoice
Over Action of Future
Visit of Burgomasters Leaves the People of London Quite
Cold���Old World Politics Become Most Interesting���Americans in a
Maj   27.���The first nol
--   Ena    of Batt<
i   ...,*; In Spain to becom<
..   of  King  Alfonso  XIII   has
���iduce   ihe   king   to
L- vera,  who    n as
i   death   after  an     exciting
i v.    dramatic    climax     under
pardon  was  given,  as   the
���uried man was going to the gal-
te   widespread    atten
���   augmi ms the  popularity
a   Ena.
Pardoned   in   Last   Hour.
.-.,.-  to have been  . x-
.   [ghboring town of Badajos,
. opulation   solicited   Prii   ��� --
iti re ssion  and  sh.   spok,   I
.  who consulted with his min-
. . after a cabinet council, the
v   resolved  to grant   the re-
v  was the first petition the
-  had  made in  Spain.    Th
the  king  issued   a   pardon, and
announcing this fact reach-
��� Ison ai Badajos half an hour
for the execution,
b  to the scaffold  was ..
���tu when a messenger    broughl
��� ��� ������   pard  -..
People   Sing   Ena's   Praises.
r< markable scenes    of
Th,    p,-,,, 1,   form, ,1  a   pro-
���! sang ih,- prals, s of their
. ��� n.     The   people  of   Madrid
.   approve the princess' hu-
. ��� nt Ion and I he pap. : s eoni
upon   the   i iming   queen's   first
������' I ������- b, lng om  ol mercy.
The  Pardo pala, i   was    again    the
scene <>;  royal  Ceremonies today, the
weath, :��� pei mltting ol open air
religious services on the lawns of the
���   ���      the military bteh :
el rated a mass.
Admires Army   Uniforms.
It  was a prettj  Bighl with th,  bril-
-    inlforms   ,| th   soldiers forming
a   background   for   the   royal   pens ,n
ages.    Princess  Ena's inures:   in  the
Spanish uniforms led King Alfonso to
summon six soldiers representing the
various  arms  of   the   service   for  his
���    lon  of iln-ir arms
c, lutrements.   This was a source
ol  special satisfaction to the influential  armj   element.
Latei   In the daj   King Alfonso and
Princess  Ena  went in  an automobile
to the picturesque forests ol  Pardo.
On one of th.   Princess Ena's visits
1 Madrid she was permitted to visit
the gorgeous in;.Mal apartments thai
have been  prepared  in the royal  pal-
ce, and to try on the wedding dress
made here.
Regarded as Treasure.
The cablnel ministers have had
their share jn the prevailing enthusiasm over Alfonso's fiancee. Premier
Morel expressed his official view-
while drinking a teas; to the prim-ess.
Addressing King Alfonso, the premier
said: "Sire: You have broughl us a
treasure. Maj it please God to make
us  worthllj   conserve it."
Draws Twenty-Five Feet of Water and Rides As   If   the
River Were Bottomless���Will Leave fcr Australia With Lumber From
Si W York, Maj 27.���The New York
Hera d bas the following in a special
, able trom London todaj;
In the political world, matters were
nevei nmju- Interesting than at the
present-moment, The visit of the
German Burgomasters lefl people here
quite cold. Emperor William's effort
to imitate the French course of action
toward this countrj has not resulted
ii like iiiecis, for the conditions are
quite dissimilar. As a highlj intelligent diplomatist said to me recently:
"The bitter Anglophobia existing in
Germanj is confined to the court and
Its surroundings but is not seconded
bj the more solid pari of the country,
whereas In England, from the king to
th, pot boy '1\ monophobia has become ., perfect epidemic from which
none have  escaped."
Cause   of   Bitterness.
This diplomatist's opinion is most
fully confirmed bj whal I hear on all
sides, Rightlj or wrongly���preferablj
the latter���the entire Iiriiish nation
is today convinced thai Germany 's
only waiiinc. a propitious moment
io strike a death blow at England's
trade, even if war be necessary, I have
taken some pains to ascertain the reason of this and find that the main
cause, is the bombastic publications of
the notorious German naval league.
openly stating thai Germany must
strain every ,-ffori to build battleships
ia onb-r to annihilate the British fleet,
Needs Some Diplomatists.
Wilhelm   slrasse   has     become     ex-
Figures on Raising $1,000,000,000 Capi-   Policeman  Ross Takes Drunken Moth-
tal   and   Organizing   a   Gigantic er   and   Baby   tc   the   City
Coal   Trust, Lock-up.
York, Saturday, May    27.���An-
'' md discounting the effects
Iroad bill, which demands a
��� ��� Of the railroad and the coal
. J. Piarpont Morgan, so Wall
as   has been entrusted with
��� vein  of a  giant  coal   com-
h  .,  capitalization,  winch,  it
���   :.   may   reach   fully   $1,000,-
, oui tripping even    the    steel
' Lh    merging of industrial iu-
Mr. Morgan is now in Europe,
'    ���    he   has   been   so   .successful   at
In his great  linancial  ventures,
was reported in Wall street tonal   he  will  delay  his  return to
������ country until the general work of
Hoating  ihc   corporation   is   complet-
''���    Henry   C.   Frick,   it   was   stale!
"t't it,  ih,-  circles  whieh    seemed
Informed aboul Uie new combine,
'"���  president  of the corporation",
- of Incorporation  are ex-
:,,'l  IO   he   filed   under  ihe   laws   ol
ol  New Jersey within a week
Iwo.    'i'be   original   capitalization
��� o	
Si 'tiers fo,   West.
,   '������ S.. May 2il. - -Tin- Doiiiin-
' Norseman"   arrived     last
from Liverpool with 700 pas-
over   half  of  whom   are   for
'���inndian Northwest.
A Si wash woman, holding a babj
about five weeks old was found lying
In the gull ei' at the corner of Agnes
and Fourlh streets last night about
nine o'clock. She was crying, groan-
i- g ami shrieking alternately, and investigation by passers-by disclosed the
fact thai the woman was drunk, and
in danger of causing the death of her
baby by choking ii.
A telephone message was senl to the
police station, and Officer Boss was
despatched to the scene. When he
ai rived the woman was sitting on lhe
sidewalk, crying for her baby, who
was lying in the ditch behind lur.
also adding its quota to the discordant,
The woman was escorted to the
lockup, where she was looked after
ar.d the baby attended to. She was
in.aide to give any Information about
herself, bej'ond the fact that she came
from Sleveslon. and had only been in
the city one day. For several hours
she mad,' nighi hideous with her
shrieks and howls and sleep anywhere
in the vicinity was an Impossibility
j She will be charged Ibis in,,ruing wilh
being drunk ami disorderly ou the
streets. /
The British steamship Plenley, the largest and deepest
draught vessel to ride the Fraser river since C. P. R., construction days, came up stream on Saturday night and
docked at Millside, where its deck will be loaded with
The Henley had almost completed her cargo at
Vancouver and drew twenty-five feet of water as it steamed up the river.
Capt. Rogers the local pilot was in charge and found
every inch of the way without the slightest difficulty.
When the cargo is completed at Millside the Henley
will draw twenty-seven feet of water, and Capt. Rogers
has every confidence that he can take the big ship down
stream again just as easily as he brought it up.
Considerable local interest attached to the arrival of
the Henley, and many hundreds of people lined the docks
and gazed admiringly at the big vessel as it made its way
up the river.
The Henley is the largest ship that has entered this
port since the C. P. R. construction days, when the S. S. TRAVELS MANY MILES
Victorian brought in a cargo of railway materials, and the
easy manner in which the trip was accomplished i.s a guarantee that vessels of large tonnage will find the navigation
of the Fraser an easy task. The importance of this demonstration can hardly be overestimated, and the lumbermen antl mill owners are jubilant and predict great things
for the future, when all lumber vessels and freight carriers
will berth with case in New Westminster.
The Henley, 2243 tons, is 242 feet in length.
It is expected that the loading will be completed about
the end of the present week, when the Henley will immediately proceed on its journey to Australia.
Three Pei sons Are Killed and Several Wounded  During
Military Review���Youth Executes Revolutionist Sentence on Prison
tremely nervous as regards Anglo-Uus-
siaii plans as lo lhe Bagdad railway
which, if carried ,���it, will leavi her
lhe useless trunk of a body, lie , v
tremitles of which have been lopped
off. Here 1 am assured from au excellent source, lies the grand diplomatic struggle of the fulure, and Al-
geciras has demonstrated clearly that
Germany has no diplomats today.
Prince Bin-low is a mere tool of the
emperor. The latter I hear is much
disconcerted al his failure. A trn-
d ion has been summed in a saying
of Bismark ai the time of the Glad
stonian administration; that when the
Liberal governmenl is in power, Eng
land's foreign policy ceases to exis:.
So it was then, but Sir Edward Grey,
li present able minister of foreign
affairs, is quite equal lo Lord Lanv-
downe in force of character.
Sir Henry Spoils for Fight,
As for Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
man, his troubles increase with BUCh
rapiditj thai even the stolid Scotch
premier is beginning to lose his nerve,
giving way io fits of ill-temper an 1
rudeness, An Instance was the scene
vith Joseph Chamberlain, in which
"Fighting Joe" called the premier impertinent. Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
m.m's Interference on thai occasion on
behalf of MacNamara was totally uncalled for. I have remarked during
my Visits to (he house ihat the moment  Mr. Chamberlain rises Sir Henry
(Continued on rage Two.)
Man   From   Hawaii. Armed  With  Wai-   Chicago Woman Predicts Supreme Up-
nut Shell. Arrested In Washing- heaval of the Earth on That
ton City. Date.
James Dunsmuir
Takes Oath of Office
l-'^toria, ll. C, May 27.���Al 11 a. in.'
s,"'ll:|y tn the parliament buildings,
" Presence ��r Premier McBrlde
'""' "'" members of ihe executive, .I.1
' 1|f|;v,  clerk  of  the  privy  council'
oL0ttawa" administered tlu- oath of
"'' to His Honor .lames Dunsmuir,
b���� 8u0ceedS Sir Henri Joly de Lot-
t)l""''" '" the gubernatorial chair of
"" Province.
""��� Mr, Dunsmuir has entered up-
Wflih' ?"tleS'    Hla prlvftte ��<->cretary
'��e Major Auduin, his son-in-law.
'!"',' :,l|He!il   house will 110(  bo occn.'
for    !y, U"' new Iteutenant-governor
,u.   whaps a  month's time.    There
'""'    repairs necessary  to    th.-
building, and it is eonsileied an opportune time to make these Improvements before the house is occupied.
Sir Henri Joly de Lotblnlere, who
vacates office, will leave very shortly
for his home in the province of Quebec, accompanied _y his daughter,
Mrs. Nanton. Ho expects to leave about
Iln-  end   of  the  coming  weck.
R. A. Muskett, who has been private
secretary to Sir Henri Joly de Lotblnlere ever since R. Powell vacated
the position, has been offered the posi-
lion of private secretary to Sir William Grey Wilson, governor of Iho Bahamas. Mr. Mltsttett will not likely
accept the position, preferring to remain in British Columbia,
Sebastopol, Maj  2,".   Several bombs
Wei-' thrown here today while a review of troops waa being hold after
i hi- T,- I),'inn iii e,'lehral ion of lhe anniversary of the emperor's corona-
I ion.
Three persons were killed and SeV-
eral   were wounded.
Among the wounded were ih,- commander of ihe fortress, General Ne|,
liieff, who received slighl injuries and
Iho chief of police, who was seriously
injured. Other high dignitaries
escaped. Two of the bomb throwers
were   arrested.
Revenge on Prison Warden.
St. Petersburg, May 27.���M. Shata-
loff, warden of lhe ciiy prison here,
was shot four times today and mortally wounded hy an 18-year-old youth
who was executing a social revolutionist sentence iu revenge for Shata-
luff's bad treatment of political prisoners. The assassin, whose name is
Slaiiliniin killed a beggar who tried
I ) slop him, hul afterwards was arrested.
Cossacks Killed.
Tints, May 27���While Governor
GreneraJ Tlmoseieff and Chief of Police Martlnoff were driving today,
bombs were thrown at them. Neither
���was injured, but a Cossack belonging
io iheir escort was killed. The crime
was  attempted  in  the center of the
low n, a  few  rods from the scene of lhe
assassination of General    Grlasenotf,
Chief of staff of lhe vie,-r,,y of ih -
Caucasus win, was killed by a bomb
explosion  on  Januarj   !)  last.
Instantaneous Execution.
General TimoBeieff and Chief ot' Po
lice Martlnoff were riding in separate
carriages. Thej1 were on Iheir way
to attend the coronation anniversary
Te Deiim ai, the cathedral, Two bombs
were thrown simultaneously one of
them failing to explode. Chief of Police Martlnoff who was riding wilh
his  revolver   in   hand,  sho!   and   killed
one of tin- terrorists.
Perry Succeeds Colvin.
Montreal, Que., May 27.���-Fred !!.
Perry, dlslrict passenger agenl at St.
.lohn, X. II.. has been appointed New
England representative of tlie Canadian Pacific railway with headqUajk
its In Boston, in succession to the
late II. J. Colvin.
 _ o	
Empress at Liverpool.
Liverpool, May 27.���The   Canadian
Pacific  Railway company's Steamship
Empress  of  Britain  arrived  at   eight
o'clock this morning (Sunday).
Washington, D, (.'., Maj 27.���Robert
l> Lewis, of Hawaii, who says he came
to this country wiih the intention of
killing President Roosevell was arrested here yesterday, lie created an
exciting seen., ut lhe police court by
asking to see C. A. Massie, agent of
the Prisoners' Aid society. He told
Massi(. he was going lo shooi prominent public men and if Massie interfered or followed him ile wouid also
in shot. The iluvat.was written on
a small walnut shell which Lewis
handed lo Massie, and before lhe latter recovered from liis amazement
Lewis had disappeared.
Four detectives found Lewis later on
Pennsylvania avenue. When searched
at police headquarters a small walnut
si.ell was found winch he says he intended to hurl a! the president. ThG|
shell contained a small American flag
and a piece of paper on which was
written, "To kill Presldenl Roosevell
v ithoui bloodshed." He carried no
dangerous weapons,
Things Happen
in the Nightime
(. bicago, May 27.���Like a warning
voice of the ancient Sybil crying "Beware the Ides of March." comes the
gloomy forecast of a Chicago prophetess, Mine. Mora, who, al the time of
lhe Croat SuiisikiI February 4, 1906,
predicted horrors and wholesale death.
"Beware of .lune 2'.��," is the danger
signal   thai   madame     disp.ayed    this
"Tlu- earth will now be visited by a
supreme unheaval, 'the earthquake
shocks wuich began January ii will
continue during lhe year. June 29, the
culmination of the mosi dangerou.
position of the planets relative to the
earth is io occur. There wlll be fire,
earthquake, death. In opposition to
ilk earth al the same time, Hie sun.
Mars and Neptune will cause an
oceanic disturbance resulting in shipwreck and disasler. We are entering
au era of misfortune. The conditions
on our till',- plane! are the most appalling of any existing in all the peopled worlds of the unbounded universe."
I o-	
Read the Daily
Morning Paper
Ionian Rescues Sailors
When Last Hope Is Gone
Montreal, May 27. -Capt. Nunan, of
th,- Allan liner Ionian, which reached
port today, from Liverpool reports thai
un midnight of lhe 21 sl. when in mid
ocean, he reseu,.-,I the master and
eieW, 15 in all. of lhe Norwegian I,ark
Trio of Tonelii-rg.
The Trio left Tonsberg on April
12, in ballast for Chaleur Bay, and her
captain, Hans Thorassen, slates lhal
during a severe storm on the 10th instant, she lost her mast and commenced to leak The ballat shifted and
the pumps became choked, and it. was
owing to the Incessant labor by the
craw that the Trio was kept afloat.
The Ionian bore down on the sinking
vessel   wh,.-n   th,.   signals    of   di-
were   seen   but   owing   io   the   heavy
sea  running at   the  time,   it   was not
possible to effec' the rescue until day-
io eak,
The shipwrecked crew was brought
lo QuebeC and handed over to the Norwegian consul. Twenty pounds was
collected on board Ihe Ionian for the
shipwrecked  mariners.
 o '
Steadfast    Presbyterians.
Des Moines, lowa, May 26.���In the
Presbyterian general assembly today,
a proposition to amend the Westminster confession of faith, by Striking out the words "cast into eternal
torment," was rejected.
MONDAY,   MAY  28.  lsc
our sugar finds a markel   with you."
;   has onlj ">d will towai
r-ntiiii;    mirilTIinrO  oc lne 1>ari 0I uermany    	
lltKMAN UVtnlUKtO         American              Has  not  already
  e.-n advanced from 2Z to tn Pel' cent,
1  from Page <'
Can,, ���   merman is like an angry-
dog, spoiling ior a fighi. He can
Bcarcelj still.    Hi   Hdgi   -,  inter
rupts, wip, 3 bis ( veil, ad, and shows
pronounced signs of mi ntal agitat I ,n.
I am told thai Sir Heni-j feels terribly
bitter towards "Joe,',' never having
forgiven him for holding him up to
the country al the time of the Boer
wai  as "A Utile Englander."
Millions  at   Stake.
For a j ear. th,- Increase ha       ei   .
ferr, i,  because ol the explanation of
the   Washington authorities  'ha;   the
senate has n,,; yet had time to make a
Had.  iieai;., but if no reciprocal agr	
mem is mad,-, and Germany makes ef-
1> ctive a  higher tariff, lb,- result   will
be a difference of $22."..nun. I againsl
American Interests. Since the provision of ile- Dlngley tariff law, which
gave authority to the president to
make trade treaties expired, lie is
powerless i,> act and it seems the im-
Hornets Break Loose.
What makes matters worse for the portant issue is now up to the senate
premier is thai   in verbal  duels, Joe  o	
Invarlablj gets the belter of the arguments, prlnclpallj because in- keeps
cool, whereas Sir Henrj Campbell-
Bannerman is a born blusterer of a
plethoric nature.    Bui  Sir Henry has
worse  troubles   than  "lrriialing    Joe"    ^	
I'm  the Education bill has proved that Vancouver;  .1. Beard, Vancouver;    r.
the Liberal.- have thrown a brick into Proude and wife, Vancouver;  Mrs. 0.
,, hon,,:'.. ms;.   it has already alien- (;-  Orr,  Vancouver
ated an Immense class throughout the Vancouver ^^^^^^^^^^^
n   clergy ani Poster,  Anacortes;  Charlotte Thorn
Gui, bon    Lester W. David. Minneapolis;   N.  li. Gawread,  Winnipeg;  W.
A.   Adams,   Sault    Ste.   Marie;    R.    L.
Beaublen,    Vancouver;     W.    Hughes,
K.    Humphries,
Jean Orr, .Vancouver;   W.
countrj   consisting of tin
school   teachers,  while    Sir
i ��� the Woman's depu-
-   anayed  the   pi tiIcoat   In-
; the country    against
Henry's 6on> Belllngham; Marie Lane, Belllngham;   M.  Shanksley,  Porl   Moody;  A.
L. Vertucan, Vancouver;    W.    Evans
him. Vancouver
Windsor���A.   W.  Anderson,    Mimie
and ii is worthv of note thai lOngland's      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,   ,���,ag   tO   the   front   iu  a apolls;    D.   A.   McMillan,    Vancouver:
���.���.,���,. which is truly astonishing, in- E.  Burnett,  Vancouver;   A. Christion,
,1... .i   highly   alarming  to  those  poll- Vancouver;  Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gard-
ticians who seek to oppose their pro- ner, Chilliwack;   M.  B.  Sang,-.-,;.  Bel-
lingham;- A. E. Tlsdale, Barnet; Frank
.lohn   limns  has  proved  a  source of Plcci, Victoria.
great   w, tkness to th,- cabinet.   Keir      Depot���A. W. Sampy, Vancouver; F.
Hardls, Tom Thorne and other labor T. Noult, Vancouver;  H. Parker, Rus-
candldates are pounding him perpetual- kin; .I.C. Christian. Vancouver; Archie
jy Mclntyre,  Elgin;    George    McGregor,
Labor Men Cause Trouble. Elgin;   Wilfred Stillar, Sturgeon Falls,
Tim,  ,,,,,,-ne i.s huge of frame, and A. L. Griffith, Hazelmere.
is gifted with a stentorian thundering o
voic- which -Tins to make the rafters of the house shake. II is Wue that
Ins name is a terrible thorn in the
side of the governmenl to whose members lu- pays scant respect.
Rossland Developments.
Rossland, May 2ii.���'i'be Junibo is
looking well and is developing in a
Very satisfactory manner, A n,\v glory
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hole i.- being opened on the .surface
Altogether, threat and thrust com- whj(.h u is thought will yield between
munications which pass between tlu 30,000 and 40,000 ions. A diamond
government and the labor party are ,ijm jH al Work on iiu second level,
rapidly making broad gap between the Und the outlook is ihat it will pierce
iwo. The Irish party is also fidgety, some large ore shoots.
lis members contend thai "'l'lie Edu- \V,,rk on ihe Velvet-Portland has
cational bill treads upon Roman Cath- been energetically resumed. A drift
olic  principles." ;,:  being run along th,. ledge for the
Fatal   Lack  of  Firmness. ! purpose of tapping lhe main ore shoot.
A diamond drill is at work exploring
some ground which is thought to be
rich.     A   force  of  twenty
.Moreover rhe premier is being constantly bailed upon file famous Angely  	
case.    Whole lists of awkward queries  ��cn.    A   force of twenty  men ar,
being  put  down   daily   upon the  v''��'k bu�� about  the first of June this
force is to be doubled.
The shipments for the week were:
Centre Star     2,880
L<    Roi      2,41)0
Lo Roi Two       450
Jumbo      Fin
Total     5,950
Total for the year
. o-
. lv.i.rn;:,
Earthquake   Scare.
Sl. Paul, Minn., May 20��� A special
from Houghton, Mich., says:
"The most severe earth disturbances
ever experienced in this region occur-
are   Demg   put   down   dally   up
question  paper.    Never  was ihc saj
ing that "He  who  hesitates  is lost"'
more   clearly   proved   than   in   this  instance.
The   whole   mallei'  could   have   been 1
settled  in  naif  an  hour,   with  a  little
firmness, inn the government has not1
Un   courage   to   admit   it   was  wrong I
SO one of ihe most unjust and .scandalous cases of modern times is dragged,
along possibly for months to conic,all;
on  account  of a lack  of  courage by
the government.
Forcing Unci- &sm.
After an exhaustive study of the
tariff systems of Germany, France au I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Italy, Eugene Foss, of Boston, vice rod at the Atlantic Mine today. There
presldenl of Reciprocity league ex- wore more than 5u shocks. Buildings
presses ihe opinion thai the United rocked violently, and in sevral places
sviv- musi revise its protective tariff there are cracks in the earth from
if it would continue the era of pros- two to six inches in width. The shocks
perity, were distinct in Houghton and Han-
"It is only a question of lime be- COCk. No damage was done. Great
[ore Uncle Sam will he forced to alarm prevails, and millers and their
realize the necessity of sweeping families ar,- preparing io leave for
changes," lie said, discussing the gl1 oth.-r points in the copper country."
uatlon wiih the Herald correspondent.]  -o	
How  to   Crawl   Out. Water   Supply   for   Klondike.
Au.. body who knows tlie movement Ottawa, May 26.���Alexander Mac-
v, Europe to guard againsl an Anieri- donald, W, Barrett, A. B, Palmer, of
can invasion understands thai we shall   Dawson,  Robert   Kelly, of Vancouver,
K   shut   oif  troi n,petition  unless and   A.   E.   Hitchcock,   London,   Eng-
1mm, liate  action  be  taken  in  Wash- land,  have  been   Incorporated  vs  the
, V, preclude the possibility of so Klondike Water Supply company, with
di   ���       .    an event.    Froi y point   a  capital of $6,000,000 to establish a
of view ll appears thai ih,. only way system whereby water from Klondike
we cai, . awl from the hole ini,, which river maj I,,- brought to Bonanza,
our tarll system is plunging us. will Hunker. Eldorado, Cold Run. Sulphur
le- to adop, a minimum and maximum and other creeks for hydraulic mining
let ill in d'-aliiig with other countries,     purposes.
All   Europe  Against  Americans. "���������-o	
Ti   :,   treaties  must.be  made  with Man  and Team   Killed,
nations with which our commercial In- Kenora, Ont., May 26.���A horrible
terest. are Interwoven, so we shall b, accident occurred this morning at Pet-
giving ihem a square deal, Instead of erson camp near Osterund a fewmlles
ih. onesided arrangements which now west of Kenora. Fred Duiiner, a sub-
exist. With the whole of Europe al- contractor while working wiih his
lying itself against us, ii is apparent team at double tracking was overtaken
that a crisis is coining, and I look for hy tho Atlantic express running nine
the subject of ihe tariff to be the hours late in charge of Englner Milli-
greatest political issue from now on gan. Dunner and his team were in-
ill  lh--  United   Slates.    We are facing  stantly   killed.
the alternatives ot making a new ar-S ��� o-���	
rangement of our commercial relations
or accepting ihe chances of greal
business and financial depression. If
wr would protect our interests we
musi  look  deeply into the matter.
Saved  by Good Will.
In   iln.   last   vear,  Germany    made
trade  treaties  with    eight    different
i, untries, not only because such trade
We've Something to Interest Men Who Wear
Our $5.00 and $6.00 Canadian and American Shoes  Reach   \
\ e &  " A  '
the Limit of S-yle and Excellence. 1 fp^j
J fc
ome of fhe U
<S$ k
Election Petition.
Halifax, May 2fi.���A motion was
made to dismiss the election pel it ion
aginsl. Hon. W. S. Fielding on the
ground that the six months allowed
during which tin- date for I rial could
bo set, had expired. The court dismissed the application, three judges
taking lhis view. Two remaining justices    favored  the dismissal of    the
pet it ion.
The  ease   will   com,,   up   in
treaties were conducive to greater
,, rnmerciaJ activity, but to fortify herself against the American  tariff. Cer 	
many's   proposition   was     clear     and l  o	
v 1 "If you will deal wilh us," she      The purest of ice cream at. the Star
i, lis America "We win deal with   nu   Candy Factory nexl to DeGrey's barber
Your beef will  find  a markel   when sho;,. ���
��� ��� ���   1 11-Li ��� ��� ���
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====���.   Limited =
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
������I t.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
'Thursday   ..|    1.2* | 12.8 |   8.31 | 5.9 |
''ity I Itr-'t- Una���yerviec Tr
��� l   CUIU   u   utm    ll
j-p     t^r-
nrvtrfl   W'1
1,0 M0NDAV.  MAY  28,
free miner-' certificati
tin entry for a mining loca-
.    ,pSi3 of Regulations for Disposal
- Minerals on Dominion  Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
d ^ Yukon Territory.
-Coal lands may    be    pur-
Sio per acre for soft
[or   anthracite.      Not   more
���res can be acquired by one
or   company.      Royalty   at
the rate of tcn ccnts Pcr ton 01 200��
.. alj be collected on the gross
v f       Pel   ms      of      eighteen
over and joint  stock con
mini r - certihcate is granted
0,  more years, not exceeding
I ayment in advance of $7.50
mini for an individual, and from
:   1 per annum for a company,
miner,   having   discovi re
|    place, may locate  a claim
feet   by   marking   out   the
with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
ices,  one  at  each  end of:
th    lode,  ' r vein.
claim shall  be recorded  v.
days if ocated within ten miles
mining recorder's ofiice, one ad
day   allowed   for   every   ad-
ten   miles  or  fraction.     The
re,   rding a claim is $5.
jioo must be expended on
aim  each  year  or   paid  to  the
recorder in lieu thereof. When
1    been  expended  or paid.  I
may,   upon   having   a   survey
upon complying with other
II purchase   the   land   at
an acre.
1 n may be granted by the
] the    Inter:,',,-    to    li
iron ami mica,
1 11   ' ukon Territory, of an
not exceeding 160 acres.
patent   for a  mining   I ,c ition
vie  for the  paym
'���      ���    1 per cent, of th,
products   of  the   location.
R  MINING   Manitoba and
'.   V.    T., excepting the   1 ukon
Placer mining claims
too  feel  square,  entry  fee
bl,   yearly.    (In the
Saskal River claims are either
bevel-.,  the  former  being   to
in,   -   tending between high
mark.     Tlie latter in-
, ;   digging , bul extend   back
,    the   hill   or  bank,  not
rooo   feet.     Where
-.    used   claims   200   feet    ���
I),   obtained.
I  in the Rivers of- Manitoba
W. T., excepting the Yu-
', free mil ei ma;   ob
5 of five miles
: m ol   twenty years,  renew
hi   discretion of the M n
��� - ���    bt is oonrine    to the
or bai th,   river
water 1 and sub-
��� ar and $10 per mil,
year.     Royalty   same   as
��� lining in  the  Yukon  T, r
reek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
U not exci id  250  feet  in
���id on the base line or
of   the     creek     or
width being from  iooo to
All  other   placer  cla
> feet square.
are   markel   by   two   legal
,n,   at  each  end, beai ng  no
������ - must be obtained within
!   the   claim   is   within   ten
the  mining  recorder's  office.
v  allowed  for each  addi
ten miles or fraction.
rson or company  staking a
must hold a free  miner's ver
icoverer of a  new mine  is
d to  a  claim  of   iooo  feet   in
nd if the party consists of
0 f, ei altogether, on the output on   which   no   royalty     shall     be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10.     Royalty at the rale
M two and one-half   per cent, on the
Value  of   the   gold   shipped   from   the
ject to the rights of all persons who
���  v. ho may receive entries f it
ng!   or bench  claims, excepl
1  the  Sa katchewan   River,   where
can dredge  to  high water
ich  alternative  leasehold,
1 -  shall  have  a  dredge  In
v ith 1,1 one ��� ea -',1 from the
���: -��� lea e for e u h  five miles
1 v here  1  pen on or c, impany has
re   than   or
e for each fifteen 1
: i   gufncienl
m for   each    mile    of river
ll-   al   the   rate   of  tw
��� 1 int. collected on
l r ,1 exceeds $to.ooo,
ni ih-- Yukon Territory���
i   f vr   miles   each   may   be
I 1 a  free miner  for a tel  fl
1   alSO   renewable
1-" '" lee's right is confined to the
'u���ei fid  bar or bar.  in  the river
���    water   mark, that boun
��� fixed by its position on the
August in the vear of the
notice and paying a fee
Work   nmst   be   don,-   on   a   claim
each year to the value of at least
A   certificate   that   w- -
not, the claim  shall be 1 ,
loned,  anad  open  to  ,
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
'"": and publishing notices in the
' "fficial Gazette.
Pe,r"''l"" Ul unappropiated Dominion Land, in Manitoba., th-' Xorth-
*cst Cei ie and within the Yul 0
I erritory, are open
1     ', , and the minister may re-
1 rye   for  an   individual   or com]
having   machinery  on  the  land  to  be
prospected, an area of I,
such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
length of which shall not exceed three
the breadth.    Shoe',- ,),,. pros.
discover  oil   in   paying  quan-;
satisfactorily establish su< 1
very, an ar, exceeding 64
acres,  including the  oi]  well,  will   be
sold to the  prospi ��� toi   at  the  ral
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be sold at thc ral '     macre,
subject to royalty al such rate as may
bi   ���'���' ���  Red by Order in Council.
Dl puty of the  Minister  of the  In-
Dept. Interior.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The   only  all   rail   roul      I���  '���      ti   all
points easi, west and soutl   to  R
land.  Nelson   am!  iv- ���     ���
connectini   1    >p, : in,      th I       ���    ���
Northern, Northern  P md O. R
&  N   Co.
Rossland with the Canadian   Pacific   Railway   for
Creek points,
Conn,   ���     1      Meyers    F ills    with
��� .-.   -'aily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   bet
Spokane and  Nelson,
Effective    Sunday,   November    to,
Leave Day Train Arrive
-    I   am    Spokane   ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 p.m Rossland   ....4.10 p.m
11.-jn a.m Nelson   6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Trams   1 vi   j   ' 'ay in the Year
. ETWE1 \
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
THE    NOR! H \\ ESTERN,    LTD.
the new. -t    and besl
01    > :  . .   1   iNVENIENCl
and   Ll M RY.     It   is  lighted   with
both   electricity   and   gas}  the   1
brilliantly    illuminated    train    in    the
world.      The   equipment   cons sts    ���
��� ite   compartment   car-,   standard
16  section   - eepers,  luxui IOUS  dining
car. reclining  chair cars   (s,
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li
brarv and smoking car-;.
For Time   i   bles, 1 olders, or any
further  information   call   on   or   write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone !-_-_.
J. R. Gniey, 'Hhone 1-4-t
Dealers ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot  j
'Phone i-b
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co. ]
Mr. 0.
is ver rabl
���   when
you iv
our friends and the public generally that we
McFadd, n, who has been our iceman for tbe past
Ice for us again this leason, Unless the weather
ou may expec 1 all trom hlm aboul the first
���-lers you have been pleased to place with
surred will be promptl;   carried  out.
The B.C. Packers Association
Phone 156     New Westminster,B.C.
".vtoie-. m jaMiii'jiii���t i.r:
oval City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Reta:l Dealers Jn
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(ic-STse In Season
We deliver to all parts of the Ciiy.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street?
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
%�� IJ if
lease   one
,,ie^ or fr ,r
Rental, $10
'The Milwaukee"
'The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago. "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world thai equal in
equipmenl thai of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
,,wu and Operate their own sleep,nn
and din,in: car- Ofl -111 their trains and
give  their  patrons  an  ex, ellence  of
Bei vv e u"i  obtain ible ��� I ewh, re
B, iihs on theii sleepers an  longer,
higher and  wider  lh,111  in  similar  I  >��� S
on   anv   other   line,     They   proi    -
their trains by the Blo< 1. System.
1 lonnection   made   " th   all   ti in
continental lin< 9 in I fnlon I u pots,
U.S. R< >WT'. General Ac- nl
i.tt Third St., cot Alder, Portland, 1 h
of August in the year of th
the lease.
ee  shall h.ive  one  dredge
on   within   two   year--,   from
���''���' of the lease, and one dredge
'""  Well   five   miles   within   six  years
late.    Rental $100 per mile
in" Territory to  he   paid  to  the
rec miner shall rn..��ive a grant
claim   on
���'''��� miner shall receiv
'  than  one mining
1 1     river, ereek or gulch,
iame miner  may  hold any
umber of    ' '
���e mi
aims   hy   purchase,   and
'"'rs   may   work   their   claims
lership  hy  filing  notice   and
!,."'"    '" of :?.'.     A  claim may be
loned   and  another   obtained  on
'""'   ireek,  gulcli   nr  river,  by
Northern Pacific i
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted tram.   Low Rates.
quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshlr Tickets on sale to all European point-.
Special    Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on 0* write
C. E. LA NO, General Agent,
CHI Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
l'ort land, Or,-. A. G. P. A
ter 100-Circus Champions and Celebrities-100
22   Famous   Eqv.ostria.-tr. II   Arnbinn   Tumblers
W��r"_..j  -���K_Sii__!_!   o-^-.-    23   Merry   Mirthful Clowns
tO   ffecWetii   .Teenerft   Rider* J
7  Russian  O-steacka 9  Btt_,Mtion*l  Equilibrists
^ ~ __ _0 Astonishing  Acrobats
Cxtt ,'��� ^v_ A Carnal   fe Japanese Glrctsm
'~""vf    J    \~\ fk       "   ���"-"   Oerland  Entrso
���<���;.- Blned Wild Beasts
��rtf�� af Performfnti ttopltnnts
' Llamas nnd Bos Indicus
I \   "���'���-:.'.���:   and   Sea   Lions
sst   Jurrtpilng   Horses
Thundering Ronu-.n Chariot Races
���,.,,-,  -4,'VSM   ^   K3C-     Tr8[����_ lirp.rfjil Arabian Stallicns
v,5^^ ~~ �����, \ \   O/'t1 Lady Japanese Artists in America
_ni__M    /_?{? Sthtitlnntl Potty Ballet
Cake   lA/olklng   Horses
Marvelous Picards Z���.'
.'ttutifui L.B IFBfSUS* Troupe
10 L.trly L*attl "l  FaultlO) !mm in Clttlh  Potfl on  ���
Urtat   Mcvalvuif  t'tddtal
Pretty Edna Maretta
The Only Lady in the Entire W��rld who throw! I0MI K*Al I >S
on Ihe Naked iu,k ol a Iwlltly Kunmn�� Horai
'��. Brand Street Parade
| Sunday Sermons
WEST  PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH,  j Chris!   died   for   us."    Through   death
Rev. T. Wardlaw Taylor, y_,  \.. PI '     :    troyed him thai had tne power
D.   mitdril i 'li.    By his blood  h
Peter l. 18:19, "Ye were nol r, I "from  all  Iniciulty" and   trom
.���.ith corruptible  things, aa silver vanity of life.   Christ brings men into
old, from your vain conversation close   union   with   the  Father  and  in
b;   tradition from your fath 1,u"  fellowship they find  tl       biding
bul   with the   ,,-yeiiJii    blood of realities which can satisfy th,   hun
of every soul.
"Vanity of vanities," said tl '''"" ";i'1" w,   thin!.: of th,       I,
er;   "all   I    vani:v."   The   word    evei ;'"u   wrought by  Chrisi igh  i,
mind back, over more than were "nI>  our deliveranc
twenty years, to the remembrance of Judgment   seal   of   God,
a broken life.   In them ring ever the ,he rt'si aml Peace of heaven when   I,
le,     tones of a grea; Roman Catholic atorms '""l "ia!s of th: shall
archbishop pronouncing   the   funeral '' ed away.   But Christ brought
I     oration of one who had been minister '���t'1'  '" usW  as  well as Immortality,
'of the crown and the lieutenant  go, ,''''l'sl   of ;i1'  lh' red-ems us from si,,
-vine,   only al the lasi  ro lm<1 delivers us from lng which
die in utter misery  and  want.    Bul  in would   mar  our  lives  and   canker  our
th ���: e]Vos the words ar,- not  a wail hearts.    When   we  permit    our daily
for the dead.   They are the complaint struggle and the corroding car,    of the
e  living,  disappointed   and   slcK
al h ���
is full of disappointments. The
"young men se,. visions" I,in the years
���    ��� are beavj  with the bur
den   of   unredeemed   promise.   Youth
world to burden and fret our spirits
urrender ourselves anew Into the
bi ndage irom which we were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ.
N-i Christian has any rigbl to fin I
lit,   "vanity and  vexation    of   spirit."
build    ���    'castles in the air" bui the u'''""   w'   ar    constrain,            o de-
of   experienc,    dispel crlbe   ''���   TO   ji""    been   llvln8 far
the     cloud-buili         I adoi         Fresh ,'i"n Ml" te"owship of Chrisi and th,
Illusions,      however.      sue.a ed      the
ered        hopes,        and
old   men   dream   dreams
the waking of experienc,
lr,   m, r,   Life Is one long
,"    But
disillusionment.    It   ls  Indeed    a
"vain conversation," its aims and its
tandards of value "received by tradi-
Oui of the abundant bitterness
the  writer of
; le trial of life
Father.   In that communion our bouIs
maj   still  be  p <  of unfathom
able longings, bu! we mus' acknowl
��� dge thai "He iti tl, th the longing
soul." Looking back upon all the way
bj  which He has led u 11 bear
oui   testimony,  "Goodness and mercy
followed me al] tl of my
life."    Looking  forward  into the dim
we will cry with exulting con-
Ecclesiastes speaks the verdict,'*vanitj   fldence. "' will dwell in the house of
-���;   vanities."    He  sougl       itlsfaction
' tasure, and behold 11 was vanity.
night it in great works and behold
all was vanity and vexation of spirit.
!'     Ini   from disappointment  to deep-
e- disappointment, al   tl     la ii   in the
pain ol utt, r dissatl faction, he crl, ,1
out   in   hatred   of   life.    Anclenl     or
D    h rn, millions of nieii haw repeated
thai  <��� .���;.   under the bitter mock,
the unfulfilled promls, a of life.
Ts th, re any escape from the bond-
Ill '    Illusions?    I-  ''ev,. any
redemption? Can the life of disappoint
th,    Lord  forever.
Rev. A. J.  Brace,  Pastor.
"in my father's house are nlanj
mansions, If it were nol so i woul 1
old you. I go to prepare a place
for j ou, and if I go to prepare a place
for y,,,i, i will come again md re-
c, iv, you unto myself thai where I
am there ye ma ��� be also." John 11. 2
and   3.
. ..is messagt of consolation an 1
given   by     the    compassionate
���    ���      I    onu- the life of abiding ��� i
do,,? Multitud eekingsuch ""'!"   l?  the ^pairing discipl,     I
a   redemption    in    the    "corruptible
i, as silver and gold."    II  is the
waj   of the world.    1  look  ou!   upon
th,   ch vie,     and  changes of li:',   and
mine to arm  myself again
of i vli.    Rising earlj   an !
r,s,in,: late, I toi] to reach the b
n e competency. I fondly think
of such a competencj as a strong hul-
y  against  every trial.   1  rear my
In I he air,    Perchance my  In-
I    i. v. ard   1   and   mj   goal   is
: tache l.   Bul even in Its attainment I
lind it  only a  phantom refuge.    The
is   still   expos, l   to   pain   an '
ind bitter disappointment. Toiling
hard,  however,  1   look    beyond    the
��� fie and the burden and heal  ol
the day. to a place of vest, an nasi,
i;   life.    A few brief years of grinding labor and  then���retirement.  The
years are soon past.     The    coveted
leisure  is  won.  hut   the  "green   pastures and still  waters" whieh my soul
Bought, have vanished.    Rest  from toll
is not the satisfying peac- of a weary
heart.    "Corruptible things*, as bIIv, r
and gold" bring no deliverance,
is there then no escape from the
disappointments of life? Yes. One,
"looked, ami tin re was none to help;
ami he wondered that ther,. was none
to uphold; therefore ids own arm
brought salvation." Chrlsl has brought
n leinption unto men. Ii is noi merelj
thai he has won forgiveness I'or sinners and opened to them the gates
of heaven. He has made satisfactorj
th, presenl life of men. II Is nol an
!, m thai the word "vanitj ' I
found more than a hundred times In
th,   Old T '  . while in the Nev
menl it occurs only thrice.    Be
Chrl     came,    o  w, re  bllndlj
  .��� ������'������ al unrest, their u< ai
h   unsatl ifiod  longings. Tho
I owever, ive, lyed from then
-: uch  satisfying  treasures    of
av and JOy, thai thej
! a I no room for dlsappolntmenl and
. | ��� rln. Life had become satisfactory
to them.
applicable to the discouraged toiler
today. H Is jus: as direct, jusl as
simple and just as comprehensive In
ope. Simple though i: is, capable
,v comprehension by the most unlettered, it is fathomless in its philosophy ami inexhaustible in its fund of
The firsl striking cone ption of the
text is "My Father's house." The use
,nal pronoun and the pos-
s, ssive ease suggests a veritable
wealth of parental familiarity and an
abundance of si curltj, On 1 he natural-
in  the Father's h
1 ial! find him witli,mt wearl-
��� ii. Then the vision thai is
often clouded here wni be clearlfled.
C we   are   often   wanting   in   love
for others ami spiritual perception. We
are often vexed. Irritated and repelled
by the weakness of others instead of
seeing   possibilities   of  good   as   God
in all of us.   Th.- promise of the
Uxt  "1 will receive you unto myself"
suggests all this and exhlbll a I li
inmost  desire for his people thai
maj   be with Him in glory.    Re
able is the unselfishness of Christ, lie
is  not   dazzled   with  or  absorbed  In
the Father's shining throne for Himself.   Truly as the writer of the Hebrews puts it  "Looks for     ���- joy thai
was   sel   before   aim,    enduring    the
cross, despising the shame."   In spite
of the humiliating shame and the ex-
tl eme   suffering.     llis   "joy"   was   th l
Iblllty of through suffering bring-
his peopl, to "His" Father's house, to
inherit with Him the joj s of sohship���
heirs of God, joint ueirs wiih Jesus
Christ This Is the high privilege,
Is to be the high natural enjoy-
menl thai the redeemed children
should be c,,-,-tiual with chrisi in glory,
hers and sisters, M.n speculate
as to the location of Hi aven. lt matters \ rj little, for it wlll be Heaven
I , l���. with Christ wherever Ihat is;
and jusl in passing it must be noted
thai the texl does nol refer any more
to the future than to the present. , _is
v m  be emphasized later.   Any   one
,    has been  w, il  said  thai   a dis.
[ntinglife means an undiscovered   ��"" ��'"
Cod.    Christ revea's God to men. Met,
h id    fallen   BO   far   from   Iheir     high
2 performances at 2 and 8 p.m.
e, sin had so blinded their eyes,
thai   Ihey  had  almost   lost   every   true
conception or Cod.   Even thos,- whose
vision was deepest and clearest,
thought of him only as the Lord, high
and lifted up, the ting, merciful bul
just, righteous but Inscrutable. Chris,
firsl  revealed  to men that  the motive
powjer of the universe is Uu- love of
a Father for his children. Beholding
him going aboul doing good, working
miracles of mercy, and reconciling
sinners by the mightiness of his loving power, iru-n saw in him the Father,
They beheld a love that would no!
stop short of the uttermost sacrifice
"God   provt-ih   his   own   love   toward!
in, in that while we were yet alnnersj
thus comes Into conscious relationship
with Him, begins Heaven on earth.
To know Christ and His love is
Heaven. , ins is the sentiment of the
world-famous Glory Song we have
jUSl   sung:
When by His grace
I  shall  look on  His face
That   wul   be  Glory   for  nie."
Secondly the many mansions is     a
beautiful  conception  suggesting God's
provision  for all.    Among His people
there is a diversity of gifts and graces
and   the  "many   mansions"   provide   1
variety of functions and honors  that
di peiid entirely upon present fidelity.
Mark well the word fidelity.   It Is not
ability that  counts, else many of us
(Continued on Page Seven.)
���:,S:wsi'. :,������..���,.���.'��� '*,,'^n**,..,-��,, THE DAILY NEWS
MONDAY,   MAY  28,   1906.
THF   DAILY NEWS the season of 1906.   Th, exl at of tl ocean���these are supposed to have
���        ���        ��� , business, the large numbei  ol m a to equal           ��� practically, in even yea;
Published by The Daily News Pub- - .
���suing   Company,   Limited,   al   theli whom   it   gives  employment,  the  mil ���bul   'upon the result ol the spawn
>ffices   corner   of   Sixth   and   Fronl ,.,..,.   of   dol]ars   h   hrlnga   mt0     the ing."
Streets,  Xew   Westminster,  B.  C. ,
  country, make the subject one of very      rhis he case, II follows thai
particularly  when we have ascertained "the resull
(im- of the spawning" in the season 1902-3
J.   C.   Brown R.   J.   Eurde
as compared wiih other years, we hav.
considerable  importance
to ihis    part  of the    province
feature ls common to all of the para
graphs referred  to;   viz., an acknowl- a fairly accurate basis upon which to
edgnient   that   in   these   forecasts,   as found an  estimate.    The Information
In   those   relating  to  the   weather,  a desired or at least some of it, is to be
good deal of allowance must  be mad,- round   in   the   report   from   which   we
for the effect  of unpredictable  ot un- have quoted.    There was a falling off
ascertained factors, while thai Is true, In the supply of fish on the spawning
it is also true thai a careful review of grounds of the upper river, but it was
ascertainable facts eliminates a good nol serious.   The alarmist note which
deal  of the uncertainty  which  is  com- was sounded  in subsequent reports, is
Not          -      births,   marriages   or   monly supposed to exist. entirelj absent, and against this slight
deaths. ,r,0c.    Wants, for sales, lost or ,                          BnHn��   ... i��� aericultnre falling  off  there   was  an   increase  of
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent, per      In sockeye ashing, as in agriculture,
word.      No advertisement taken for|the harves1 season is a short one and s"��"' sWeii million in the try planted
les- than 25 cents.
Transient display advertising, 10
c->nts per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
tbe inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
,-onts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Business office  	
Editorial   office   	
Manager's   residence
.  22
.   17
weather    conditions    may
materially effect the result.   As far as
ashing  in   the  river  is  concerned,  a
lighter    run.  If the  fish  come    along
therefore I h}' ,'1'' hatcheries.
This is one of the "small run" years
and a large pack cannol  be expected,
but  there   is  no  reason,  as  has been
,   8 ��.'.=.
steadily day after day. will give better shown, to expeel that the run will nol
! be fully  up  to the average of small
rOO, ��� to 800,000 cases as
MONDAY.  MAY 23.  1906.
The World wauls to know why the
, nl.mist (ii might have said "aud
oilier conservative papers") while on
the subject of "graft," doe.- not rise
and explain how ii happens that certain people, to whom lhe World has
given the title of the "hand of adventurers, male and female," have such a
.strong hold upon the provincial government. The World declares that Ihis
"band" appears k> have access at any
tlme to the most secret archives at
.lames Itay. and wants the Colonist to
devote a little of its virtuous zeal for
political purity to the elucidation of
the operations of the said "I,and."
Whether this particular demand of
the World's be justified by the facts,
the Daily News does not know; bin it
dees kilow thai there :uv a number
,,;   things in  connection  with  the ad-
results than :,  heavier run if Weathe
conditions   keep   lhe   fish   outside-   for years���say
days,  io    come    at   some    favorable the total for both Puget Sound and the
change    of    weather,    in      crowding Fraser,  the  former being included as
masses, tilling the boats to swamping practically all  their catch are Fraser
poinl and overcrowding the canneries. fish.    Ibices should rule high.
Stormy weather, again, makes fishing As to ihe probable division between
on tin- open gulf difflcull and danger- Sound and  River, there is a  point  of
_us some interest  to those whose concern
,      for the sockeye is not bounded by the
Bul   the great  cause or  uncertaintj
���weather ami other conditions on the
natural spawning grounds���has    heen
in,,ii, the annual deposit of fry hardly
averaged   live  million,'bul   this season
ministration of provincial affairs that,
offer a very inviting field for Investigation if our conservative friends arc-
really ;is anxious iis ihey would have . ...
us believe them 10 turn ��he search
lighl on the questionable practices of
As to ihe Immediate question however, which is the outbreak of virtuous
indignation   about   "graft"   for   which
the   Investigation   into   the  affairs   of  therefore be by far t
the  North  Atlantic  Trading company
has  furnished the  text,  the action of
| sides of the can in which he goes to
market. The unusually low water in
the Fraser last year was supposed bj
many people to have something to do
wiih the fact thai, ill least early in
ih. season, fish seemed to be more
plentiful in the river than on the
Sound. The case as between cause and
effect was put in ihis way: The comparative vHeataieSS of it,s current
caused lhe fivsh water from the rivet-
to lose its Identity, so to speak, much
sooner than usual, so that its volume
in ihe Gulf of Georgia was neither so
large nor so widespread as in ordinary
years. Therefore the salmon were
much nearer the river���much farther
up the Gulf���before finding themselves
iu fresh water, which is supposed to
be iheir signal to strike towards the
hind. Be the soundness of the theory
what   it   may,   the   condition   is   likely
sockeye into th,- water;   '" be r,'!H':,u<1 ,his ���vea''' aa il Keems
��� live hatcheries on the
���. a e red to a certain extenl inoperative by the energetic aci ion of the
government in establishing hatcheries.
This of bourse, applies hardly at all
io ih,- prospects for ihe present season,
as the benefit of hatchery operations
is not realized until iln- fourth year
after the fish are hatched. lint even
in tlie presenl year's run there should
I,, an appreciable increase from this
source, and ihe same is true of the
seasons of 1907 and 1908, although it
will not be until 1909 that the full ef-
'j feci of the work of the new hatcheries
| will be seen. From the time hatchery
operations Were begun on the Fraser,
up to and including the season of 1899-
and there w,
Fraser all in full operation. Official
figures are not available, but it is
quite safe t-O pul the number of fry
dt posited this year al not less than
ninety million. The run of 1909 should
fully as low during the season of 1906
as it  was  in  1905.
special     correspondent
A specia correspondent of th
largest in theICrlobe, who made a trip the other day
history of the river. There are those ,0 1lH> end of the track on the T. &
'who doubt the benefit of hatchery x- 0. railway now building, writes:
the conservative papers is very easily operations, bul ii is difficult to see-! "One expects to see a crooked road,
accounted for, The opposition at Ot- whai warrant there is for such doubt.: winding in and oul among innumerable
tawa is simply "playing the gam,-" for Experience seems to demonstrate thai stumps and rocks, and you look to the
all that can be made out of ii in the ,, V(TV considerable percentage of ihe engine, expecting to see them burning'
way of political capital. Liberal mem fish turned oul as fry by the hatcher- crooked sticks because of the sharp
bers of the committee of Investigation i jey C0I11(, hack to their native waters, curves; but instead you find a Btraight,
have declared their intention to "staj Examination and comparison of the even road, stretching away to the
there all summer" if necessary in or- official and commercial statistics re- north, passing for miles and miles oveT
der to get at the bottom of the matter, hating to fishing operations on the a country as level as a billiard table.
and ar,- doing their best to push the Fraser confirms this view. For ex- Tllv 'and for forty miles north of New
investigation home in every legitimat( ample, the largest deposll of fry from Liskeard is the very richest clay loam,
way; but Hun is no, what the op- the hatcheries in any year previous pan of Hie great, fertile area which
position  wani.    They,want simply t,, ,,,   L902,   was   followed   in  the   fourih  crosses the province from east to west.
succeeding year by th,- heaviest catch ''   is    heavily    Umbered    with    pine,
.ver made, before or since, in a "small spruce,  cedar, tamarac,  fir. etc., and
,'iin" year, or off year, as all years ex- great   piles   of   pulpwood   and   railway
e, pt  those of the quadrennial  big run ties are being sent oui by ihe farmers.
are called. The  soil   resembles  ihe   besl   western
Coming now io ihe Immediate ques- Ontario land, and the country must re-
tion, it   i.-. evident  that  the points to semble the old Ontario of fifty years
!,,  considered are the condition of the ago.   The settlers find a ready market
natural spawning grounds and the sup ior all  iheir lumber and  timber and
plj of fish iher, on four years ago, and make good money getting oui lies and
the operation of the hatcheries In thai pulpwood.    The   cleared land is    ihe
-ason,   sine-   it  appears   io  l���:   estab- verj   besl   wheal, soil, and  Ihis will  he
in    ihe comi one of the riches) districts in the
make political capital oui of it. Thej
ai sending om Isolated scraps of evi-
,i- me, in many cases distorted, and are
backing these up by newspaper ar-
l ivies, hoping in lhis way to create a
general Impression in the public mind
thai there is something verj far wrong
In I ��� i. The rule thai a verdlcl should
nol b, ntlclpati d w h, n a case is untl- r Inv, ^ligation is alt,mother disregarded. Th, evidence ���.-,, tar seems
to show clear!.',   thai   whatever opinion
may be entertained as to th- wisdom  u8hed    that   fish  com,,  bad
01    o^ei-wise    of    the government's fourth    year -after   spawning.    Ocean
P��llcv in th�� 1"'l,;"r there is absolute- conditions���the causes   which    affec!
1.   no ground for a,,.,  chare,, of corrupt    ,iSll   llfe  j���   ,h(,  |nterval   between   llieir
practice;  but if the opposition can sue-   [pavine   anil   Iheir   return   to   their   nn tu, its       ���-      v.   ,
leaviug ami  unn  return to men   na- Ottawa, May 27.���Notice is given ln
'"""  iM  ,Uin- iM  ""   PUbllC llliml' i"   ��ve    s.rea,i,,-are    little    understood, the Canada   Gazette that  a light lias
conn^tlon^th the name of the NorthJ but they appear to act with uniformity, ,���,,,  established  on  Swale  Rock,  at
AlM"""   mdlnS * :my' a    vague  - that  ihe,-,, is a  fairly steady and the eastern entrance of Sechart Chan.
suspicion of something in ih,- nature oonstanl relation between the number Uel   Barclay  sound
"'    llin- ,h"-v  wil1  ''v ablc  ��'hen  of  ,ry   beginning iheir career  in  the long.
lh" nexl 'lection <������ s along, to us,,   tributaries and head waters of a sal
Unit m,in,   as a campaign cry, without   mon  r]
Notice of New  Light.
lat, N.   -8.56.40,
W.   125.13.12.    The  light     is  a
fixed   while,   elevated   twenty-five feet.
ver and the number of mature   above high water mark, and should be
"" ; ish   which   return.    This seems  to  be   vi.sihl,   ten   miles   from   all   points   of
Verdict   of such  experience as hns   approach.       Tower    and       framework
foundation,  painted white.    The light
stands on  the eastern side of Swale
xampie, in,. ProvincialI flock and is unwatched.
Fisher,   Commissioner,   in   his  report     U)r,, strathcona is expected to ar-
for the year  I tin;;, says:  "1,  is general-   ,iv(.  shortly   al   Ottawa   in  connection
> recognized thai iln- rm, of sockeye   wilh the Preston.Qri.fith quarto.
down lo particulars a condition which i _h
suits   Iheir .peculiar style  of   political   ,���.,.��� ���;,,,���,,, ani| s,,���:
warfare     ve.w    well indeed.     In   tin    opinion     of   those   who   speak      wiih
meantime, they are wasting the time| authority. For example, ,,,,. p,
of Ihe house ami lhe countrj  with , n,
l.ss talk.
From time to iim,- there appear in
provincial papers pargraphs in the
nature ol forecasts ,,l the .salmon���or
rather   . o, ..eye��� fishing   pro. peel     t ir
for :, given year in the Fraser depends
upon ihe result of the spawning in
the   fourih   year  preceding."     Not,  ob-
Dies Suddenly.
Ithaca,   X.    V.,   May   ^7.    Frank   .1.
serve, upon any conditions encounte-   BnB| postmaster of this city, died sud
red  hy  the  fish  on  Iheir  wa.-.   to or  in I denly today of h'-arl  disease aged tit).
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
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pnu-p    the     oewice   WU '���
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ii- ahogan
To B<- Cleared Oul   '-���:
r i c e
The City Groccn.
Phone 138 for 1     Crea
>., Ife of Morrlso
|l on ,the stea
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ed fro on _laturd
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on   Ohill - acl   witl      la   ;<   bul
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���   .,    ,,i, h lm
i]     I ���.     i...:i,   o     shee
on  th,      ��� .   -o
il 1	
Steamship   Dakota   Didn't   Do   It.
ip fn 	
u St, in -���-!'   D ikol    whicl lei
i; .    ���        -,.    .  .,.,,,
of I     no    ���        i ind I
no   dti    lintl    ii i
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��� i   nini  days, 1    hou 8, Is atl!   hei,
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e         el.OH hi POO 0
I    . e,,.. I [l le . .
broughl  down by the steamer Favoi ,,,   ; .. ���   .-��� ,   ,���	
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��� firry    the
[IR UllS I lhl  J HIKli
Columbia  St.   f
Cincinnati Mechanic Makes Successful
Test   of   New   Principle   of
Springfield,  0 .   M ,-     2:
iu!  owing to  rough  principle of flight is represented    In
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ol lit,,-Jan.i Behefll Boclety, was hell
v, it, id.,, evening, The metnbeij mei
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Bai,v,i'., - .I,,i,ei,. wheiv ||"- Rej C
w   i loughton preached an appropi lal
Bei llieil.
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lug ladles oh Lhs 9treel bj dropping a
I.  .1,11., lellief      il,,i|      ..flee ,v.,' 11 ���:       w C08l
lug i i,e,n    This oas   Is being tollot
e.i  with Interest,  -.   espei lallj   b
��� hi   ladies concei a,,;
i .,,,,....��� i |       |      ,    , ,    ... 11,.
-   i   ,,,     ,,,,,,.  ,.-.,    rallwaj    arrl    ;
ovei   th,   0    N    R., las alng
,,,.|  v.. :,   ,, ausf, ered to th,   C   P   R
They '������ i      bt   a sent up
T     I   ��� Ob   Hhifl.      a    l'l -e.ee   .e
��� 11 -1111   P acl
,i   :     in     .... ...    i .,,, 'i.,. a
i     on 11." E-fflpi��� bs of i i ���
fit-annnnl ,      Ion   ,f offl
��� Oddfello ��� -.  it... il  Cl I   Lodge,
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e.l in office the firsi  w.-.'-k in duly.
Mrs, ,l';-ur,es- Anners .n. of ....
uni Mrs. T. tt, Smith of this eity. returned on Saturday from VieLf>i'ia. Mr*,
Anderson, who has lie. i, on ,,i i \- end
asure trip Of the F'aeifir- roast.
will I. ,v ��� ,iVi���K ihe middle Ol fhe
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will visit lh.- Okanagan and other i
piefni-esqup parts of Ftritish Otilnmhia
en   i-riute.
R. I.. Mason, colored swindler and
hast master in the art of deceiving
hei el proprietors, will eome up for
trial in Vatieouver this morniiiK,
when it is evpeete.l lhal sentence will
I,, passed upon him Iter cashing a
bogus check upon  the  proprietor of
iln-   l-impit'e   hotel.     Mason   will   nfU-r-
v . ' is  t i, hrnusht  hack liere to aland
heen t��K��i out. i .- sails are eontmlled by n levtf lh-1 horsepower and has a lifting    power
,.,    fiyiftg   apparatus   cotislst*    df Bid.  thi   >-r.  much  the BJ_me as ths  ^thHeiit to m.is(. mm pounds or about
three dahvaa sails  one of whieh Is of tillei  Of ti sail boat. sly "rdimiry men.
concave Bhape ween these ^",lu'       rhe  indflt strlklag  feature  bf  tue ���������������������^_____
Ol  winss, as iln- inventor styles thein, inachini   Is that   the ear Is in reality      Wanted���ftodm In private family for
irt I wenl;y-seven propellers. Th" wings  an   tiutoi-iohih-,  nnd   is  capable  ol  at-
i-i   cotihected   with   a  lighl   eai   bj   talhlng grtai speed, tl contains a light
yduhg cOiiple.
News   Omfce*.
Addi"       tt"    Dally
irit  V��3IStS
Largest  Stock  in tt
ted     in   any   Style
Come and  Inspect
Y, C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
smalt'  '     "��� >0U8��, wall situated, new BoimdUtion,, chicken liouseand
���'   ������' fat class chamce Bor employee in mill. Only 1��650.
iis rt. cottage-, I rooms, with about 21-2 acres of gmrand
"ruit tries.      Enquire about bhia pvopert.y at. our office.
CIIIIvTWAISTS made of medium colored wash
^ goods, with goft collars attached, price 50c.
each, fitting boys from H to 14 years.
SHIRTWAISTS, with starched detachable collars and patent removal elastic bands ; no drawing
strings required; price 75c. each; sizes 8 years to
years. ^^|^|^|^|^|^^|^|^|^|
Russian Blouses I - Wash
Real Estate.,  Fire & lit* Insurance
Tel   273-       Naar Tram Office
| Sporting New
and Comment.
he   pulled   up   agin   and   mai
come in a close second.
trom  his man  the llrsi  of the week.
burns i.s willing   - > it is up to O'Brien
**���*+���;> �����*<><* *>*��*������ *** *******
,��� ., tt.  Purse   |150'   three-fourths and as Jack uevei overlooks a than,-  OaRTIN, WEART & McQUARRIE,
��� m"��    W-nick. +* *   to tarn an hon , ad as h, is  ^"^jS^ ^Pp B?l
turgeon,    first;   Dixh   Lad,    second;   firmly    convinced   tha    h,   can    trim    ���^  clarkson  and   Lorne  streets.
Lacrosse  Innovation  Apprtciatea.
An ii :...,atioi       it added n
. - aj.i.  aent of the la,
was introd i '! nursday for the
first time in this province, although
it has been a common 1 ractlce in the
East for some time past. This was
the num lng ol the players, and the
distribution of programmes, with the
men's nami s and numbers printed
thereon, to the occupants of the gran l-
stand. By ihis means the- play madt
by each man can easily be ascertained,
.veil If tlu- onlookers are not familiar
with the teams playing. Some opposition was encountered when the B.
C. l.. A. lirst suggested the numbering of the nun. Beveral of the players
objecting to being numbered, but the
public is highlj ph is, l with the new
method, as ii enables them to follow
the play much closer than was previously the ease.
Another improvement noticed on
Thursday was the penalizing of the
plaj. rs. Tickets w, i ��� ��� gl fen to the
men who wer. Bent to th - fence bj
the referees, with the number of minutes they were to I . rail 11 writt, n
OU them. These had to be hand, ,1 to
the tlmekeepi r, and as the time only
counted from the handing of the ticket,
the players avoided all dilscussion
wiili the refer. ������ as to th, justice or
otherwise of the penalt;. as the wrangling only meat,: mere wasted time
on their part and this they wer,
anxlOUS   tO   avoid.
Myrtel  White, third.    Time, 1:27. Burns, the match looks to be as good
This   race  al o   proved  .,  surprise;   its made.
"Dixie Lad" le I to irn and 	
look, I  like a  sure  winner,  bu Amrican  Ball  Games.
i's" Jockey broughl him along ..:'..      xew  York, May 27.���Following are
b   fin,   spur!   whieh   landed  him  firsl   the baseball results of today:
pasl   the    winning   po ,o       a   National League���
neck. At Cincinnati���Cincinnati, S;  Phtla-
North   Vancouver   Purse,  $125;   foi   flelphla, 4.
.. unplaced horse; fiv, of
a mil, An.;,, sa, owner, A. Powell,
first; Kubelik, second. Gold Orme,
third.   Time, 1:27.
There were only three entries In this
race, bui there was ;,. fine contesi for
first place between "Amassa" and
"Kuhelik," which kept up the excitement  thai  had attended every rae..
Victoria Purse, $200; one mile and
20 yards���Wenrlck , first; Cazzaza,
second;   Iras,  third.    Time,  1:57.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Gran
ville street. Joseph Martin, K. C, ... ���
W. Weait, W. ii. McQuarrie, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wijl be iu tha
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
A.   St.   Louis���St.   Louis,   5;
York,  10.
At    Chicago���Chicago-Boston
poned on account of rain.
Eastern J..-ague���
At    .Newark���Jersey      City-Newark,
postponed on account of rain.
At    Providence ��� Providence-Baltimore postponed on account of rain.
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne !
street, opposite Court House, New '
Westminster. J. H. Bowes, P. O. Box '
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Tennis   Cracks   Reach   London.
London,    -May    27.���The    American
Ties   was  perhaps  the rae,. of the ,awn tennis players Beals C. Wright
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite ' post-
office, New Westminster. Money to
day. "Cazzaza" gol away at the start,
and 1,Killed a sure winner, hut in the
t- f, w jai'ds "Wenrlck," with thai
splendid reserve of which he appears
to be possessed, made a splendid spurt,
and passed the winning-post first, amid
the loud cheers of his supporters.
Seattle Purse, $125; tor non-winners
at  the  meeting;   lour and a  half fur-
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block,  Colum-
All the others of the team looked fit.
longs���Katie Bell, first, owners. Col
well & Thornton; Black Cloud, see,uni;
Tom    Hawk,    third;   .May    Holllday
fourth.   Time, 1:04. 	
In this race there were eight start- Vanderbilt's Horses Win.
ers, and for a little distance all seem- Paris, May 27.���William K. VandeT-
,d to be going evenly together, bul Dllt's Maintenon, with Jockey Wood-
���Katle Bell" got -away, with "Black land in tlu, saddle, won the Prix du
Cloud" close behind, and for the rest j0Ckey club (The French Derby at
,i the rate it was a hot contest for chantilly) today. The race was for
first plat-.- between thc3e two. "Blackh.year-olds, al one and one half miles,
Cloud," however, showed the effects of and the stake was valued at $20,000.
hard work, and was unable to over- Seventeen horses stalled. Notwith-
Man college base ball teams played take the lead of "Katie Bell," who standing the uncertain weather a most
their w.fkly match on Saturday after- came in first by a shorl lead after a brilliant, assemblage of leading person-
noon on the oval of Quen's park. The ivell-sustained run. "Wenrlck" was one ageS in diplomatic and social circles
play was fas- and clean, and a fairly of the starters, bul failed to come UP I witnessed Mr. Vanderbilt's victory.
good exhibition of base ball reward,! with his usual reserve, Bengal with Woodland up, won the
those wh,, watched the gam,-. The Expressmen's Race, for bona fide prrx aeS Etangs. Bengal Ls also own-
store  was  nine  runs  to  six  in  favor  express   horse;   sweepstake   with   cup ei]  Dy Ml.. Vanderbilt.
of the Columbian college. added by the Vancouver Jockey cluh:   _____	
The following is the order In which   purse, $50;  half mile���Mag, owner, W.
the  players lined  up: Slt"le>    ,h'sii  January,   second;
Holconihe  Ward,   Ki'eigh  Collins, and
Raymond  I). Lit He. who will play for!
the Davis challenge cup arrived here I bla and McKenzie streets, New West-
today and were welcomed by Mr. Col-   minster, B. C.
Una, president of the Lawn Tenuis as-   	
st-ciaiion. ihe captain of tin- English
i.-am   and  other    prominent    players.,
Wright's   ngut   hand,   which   was    injured prior to his departure from New ���_���/>��������� ___
York, is slill in a sling but he hopes Synopsis   of  ^Canadian    Home-
to   he  able  to   play   within   five  days.
stead Regulations
Dailv | NEW Daily
Leave; WESTMINSTER] Arrive
9:20am!Blaine, Belllng-|3:00" pm
4:35pm|ham      Burling-].: 36pm
Iton, Mt, Ver-f
jnon, Everett,
Seattle and
4:35pm|Spokane,      St.]3:00pm
|Paul    and    all
points  East.
9.20 am|Anacortes,     ~~|3:00pm
[Woolley,     and
3:00 pm Vancouver |9:20 am
9:35 pm| |4:35 pm
Route of the Tamous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points East.
For complete information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A���
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway PJ
British Columbia Coast Lin.
��� TEF
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to       	
the   extent   of   one-quarter   section   of        Railway  Company
1G0 acres, more or less. i	
College   Defeats   School.
The  public  school   and   the  Coluni-
Steele,    lirsi;  January
Columbian college���Pitcher C.Smith;   Cloud, third.   Time, 1:04.
catcher, E. Crow.;  first  base, L. Rob-      This  race  was  between  "Mag" and	
son'  second base, A. Grey; third base,  "January"  all  the  way round,  and al   To   John   Cooper,
V   -dams- short stop. N. Kenny; right one time they were nose by nose, but j    British Columbia,
field, P. Miller; center field, A. Berry;
New   Westminster,
lefl  Held, It. Henderson.
Public school���Catcher, W. Cunningham; pitcher, O. Swanson: first base,
J. Clifford; second base, D. Wright;
third base, G. i'.iiad.a.i: short slop, H.
Gifford; right field, V. DeBeck; center
field, ll. Archibald; lefl field, K. Mac-
!���'. Biladeau of ihe Royal City high
school acted as umpire and gave satisfaction   to  both  teams.
"Mag" proved too spedy for her rival      TAKE NOTICE that a Writ of Sum-
on   the  sticky  track mons has been  issued against you in
Burns  Thinks   Fitz  Easy.
New  York, May 27.���Word from  Es-
Pa.,   where  Tommy   Burns  is
i the Supreme Court of British Columbia at the suit of Agnes Blackie to
foreclose a certain Mortgage made by
you in favor of Walter Blackle, a copy
(Subject to change win,,,,,;
Princess Eeatrice
Leaves  Vancouver    \\
28 th.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver d .
S. S. Rithet
Leaves New Westmlni
on Wednesday and Saturdays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver dall    ���
urday and Sunday at   1:30 p, !:   g .',
urday at 2:30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at 11 p, m, ������ ,.
7th, 19th and 20th of eai b month f"o|
Ashousit and way points; V...
toria on the 7, and 20, tor Qua jjnoai
way  points. Leaves VI, t,
of each month for ('ape Scotl and wai
points including Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New  Westminster on Monl
day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thui  :.J
and  Friday at  3  p.  m. and  S iturda
at 2 p. in. with additional trip on   '  \
day at 5 a. in.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday and S j
H a. in.;  Friday at 6 a. in. additiona
trip  Saturday  5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Entry must be made-personally at Double Through Fast Train Ser-
the local land offlce for the district in vice Daily with Dining Cars,
which the land ls situate. Sleepers and Tourist. I	
The homesteader is required to per-;      Atlantic Express lcClVeS at       ^aves   New   Westmln
form the conditions connected there-  n.c,-    mmwhu,itl1tnint;fr,,'lMoll,la!'s' Wednesdays  and  F
with under one of the following plans., '-Z0> COnneCIS Willi iraillS 101       Leavos Chillhva(.k - ;, .
(1) At least six months'  residence  Seattle and Eastern Canada,   Thursday   and   Saturd calling at
upon  and  cultivation  of the  land  in; also With   steamers   at   Fort   landings   between   V ��    . ,
^TuMff��_w. i. *. William     Imperial Limited  <_*. ,
father is deceased) of the homesteader   leaves at Yl'JO. NORTHERN  B. C. ROUTE,
resides  upon  a  farm in the  vicinity  For rates and other particulars apply to s- s- Tees
of  the land   entered  for  the  require-J ED. GOULKT, Leaves   Vancouver  at  2 p, in., 2nd
ments as to residence may be satisfied q  p  K_ Agent, ;""'   16th   of  each   month,  call!      9
by such person residing with the fa- Xew We3tm5'nsU.r   Skldegate on first trip and B ,
ther or mother. on Becond trip. Time on arrival anc
(3) If the settler has his permanent E    .   COYle
residence   upon   farming  land   owned   Assistant   Gener:al   Passe'nger   Agent,
by him  in  the vicinity of his  home-       Vancouver.
stead, the requirements as to residence
may   be   satisfied   by   residence   upon j
the said land.  	
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
of which Writ may be seen at the office of ihe District   Registrar of this
Court at New Westminster;
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   B.���Unauthorized  publication  of j
Eaptisis   W,n.
The   second   game   in   the    church
. e.i. mie was  pla 1
: ���   ., ���   park   on   s iturday   after-
.,,11 ih.- Olivet Baptists and
St.   Andrew's   Presbyterians.- The
was rather fasl  and resulted In
. for the Olivets by tlie .score of
A.   .1.   Brace   acted   as  umpire
training for his bout with Bob Fitz-
slmmons, scheduled for the Tuxedo
Athletic club for Tuesday night, is to
effeel   thai   the  Detroil   wonder is      -UN"   1'LKL!ill'K   'xmti   wutiuj-i tw_  advertisement  will  not   he  paid
backing   himself   to   defeat     Fitzsim-  that pursuant to the Order of His Hon- for<
mons  waj   inside of the limit.    Burns or w- Norman !!n!"' local judge of the |_	
counts on his punch to turn the trick.  8ald C��Urt' dated 1-"' May' I9��6, S��'"'"
"it's a short w.i, of reasoning," is vice '"' the said Wri1 ,l'""1 you may
the way Burns places his logic. !,!' eri'",'l",, hy ��"^��* this Notice
"O'Brien    stopped    Fitz    in    thlrteenI^ the Daily Columbian and Daily News
newspapers for one issue.
Dated this 14th day of May, 1906.
i 'la in tiff's  Solicitors,
Trapp Block
New Westminster, B. C.
departure  are approxln
For   re lervatlons   an l   Ini tj
call or address
Agent, New Westmln
B. .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Van,
General Superintendent, V
Gen. Agent, Freight De
.New   V. .
Burns places his logic,
stopp, I Fitz in thirteen
rounds, Everyone who has seen
O'Brien and myself in action knows
thai l can hil hard.v than Jack. i1..
is cleverer, undoubtedly, but I have
ih. punch. If he could stop Fitz with
his wallop in thirteen rounds I think
1 should  be able to do it in ten."
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Route    ____
Seven   hundred  miles   of   magnificent[ C. P. It. MAIN LI.Nil.
river trip.    Empress  of  Britain  sails   Leave New  Westmlnstei   7.25
from Montreal for Liverpool June _:',rtl
For other dates and rates apply to
U. F. R. Agent.
New Westminster
Trains & Steamers
^^���   ________ .     i'be old gladiator Is training on his
,   .    3atisfaction t��� both teams     farm  |n ^ 3 ^ [g ^ confl
:.la ^  orderin wh,c!l  dent as ever of coming home on the
Catcher,      II.      Archibald;
.   Swanson;   first   base,   F.  Ju
econd base, Ackley; third base
: lorl  stop,   Gordon;    center
eld     W.   Archil,aid;    left      field,     H
Held,  S.  Kirkland.
iati..        Catcher,      Munn;
Mack:   i'i: 3l   base.  McKenzie;
��� .   Currie;   third   base,   ll.
stop,  J.   Gifford;   lefl
H. Wl       :   e, nter   field
��� Id,  S.   'frapp.
I).   Bar-
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
        Acquired I Itivoiieh   knowledge  of  the
ami Is confident of regaining liis for-1 business in England with 10 years ex-
niei' place in the pugilistic world. j periencc. Later was 7 years manager
Philadelphia experts like Burns and of the watch repairing department of
ii Is seldom the Quakers go wrong on Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
a game of ihis kind. Those who have Henry Birk's business manager part of
looked over the siock\ heavyweight the time.
say   he   Is   I'aste,-   than   they   ever   b
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London IT ~     "
Hamilton, Toronto, Royal Bank
Montreal, Quebec, of Canada
Portland, Boston, CapitalT
bit.    He   declares   the  defeat   at   the]
bauds   of  O'Brien   was  due  solely   to
family   troubles.    These  troubles  have;
all   disappeared   long   ago,   and   now
Fitz is training with his whole heart
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, Bio Adams St., Chicago, 111.
li.-vetl ii possible for a man of his
shori siaiure to be, and thai 1 hey cannol see any reason to keep him from
getting to l-'itz's body. He is essen-
1 lally a mixer and will nol I ry 1 , t.i ly
t lever with Fitz.
Matching Burns and O'Brien.
���: le, May 27. - Bill Dailey, man-
as, r of the Occidental club al Pleasant
'leach, is determined to haw a high
class attract ion ihere for July I, and
yesterday be wired his representative!
Race   st   Hastings.
rd d     0     1,   Hast-
.. or, 1 ���.'��� 1th
,,  . bul the
id   left   the
1 ,n thai was
,    peed
md       1
.   .,1   race, 2: i" class, one mile
:    .1 1     heats;   purse In Chicago to go al once to Phlladel-
Won bj B. C. King, II. Holllngs- phia  and   back   Jack   O'Brien   Into  a
head,   owner,   In   two   straight   heats, corner and make him agree to fight,
Starmont, Jr., second;   Pauline, third, Tommy  Burns,  the Btocky lad  who
. Brat  heat, 3:02;       tond, 3:07. used  to play  lacrosse around  here. Is
In this race there were live entries, the man  who wants to meet  O'Brien
"Ts!   Ann'  and   "Napper  Tandy" on  the nation's  birthday.    Tommy la
were distanced  in  the  firsl   heat, the now hooked up with Sig Hart, a pretty
heavy    track   proving  too  much    for wise promoter himself, and they Wenl
tlietii.   It was a good straight race be to   Philadelphia   with   Bailey's   repre-
tween     the   Other   three,   hul     "ti.   ('. s. illative,  to  forty Jack  Into a   match
Kins" kept pout! ling along steadily in If  possible.
front, and though "Starmonl Jr." mad,. Bailey    wired  his man in    Chicago
a  strong effort   to overt:,lo- him,  h, thai   be  would  guaiantee $10,000  for
passed the winning post first, the match, and as things In the pugll-
Wesiminstir   Purse,  fl.50;   six  and l,stic  line  are  rather  dull  at   present
one-half furlongs   Won by Prickles, A. everywhere
Dobson, owner; Black ('loud, second; Seattle, Jack cannot very well over-
Sherry, third. Time, 1:32. look a bei of thai kind. If the match
In this rate "Black cloud" led from Is mad. the men will meel out In the
th, tari, bui, with characteristic 111- open on the afternoon of July 4.
luck, .tumbled befor, he gol half-way If the O'Brien and Bums match Is
round, and fell Into the rear place; mad.. Seattle will take the center of
but wiih a spb ndai burst of sped the stage, for it win be a champion-
that was loudly cheered bj the crowd hip  affair.    Dallej   expects  to  hear
English, Swis3, American and all
complicated \. itches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo.  Adams Cr,,eery
Foot of 1th Ave.   Cor. 16th   Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specially.
Estimates   promptly [furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
You Buy "B, C.
or "Old Sport" Cigars rff-^J.-
;  tempting   JL_-J_ JL Vy-1l_* Ld
You  do  the  wist:  tiling.  Its
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by������
xcept   in  New   York  and | Factory and Offlce, Brine Block,
W. IN, Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New V/estmlnster, B.C.
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admiral,le background
for furniture and pictures, can bc
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
$3,000,000.   Reserve $3,437,162
otal  AsGets  $36,3/3,!)/.,
Branches   and    correspondents   In
all the principal oti-s ot tne world.
General   banking  business t.-ar.sncted.
'1 opens nn account. Interest added
lalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday    nights   trom   _   to  9
F. B.  Lyle,  Manager.
Bank of
Incorporated by act or parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up). ..$11,111111,ee,,
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal,  G.C.M.C,. ..Ilon  President
Hon. Sir G. A. 1 irimimond, President j
E.   S.   Clouston,   Vice  President  and I
General Manager.
General hanking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities
in Canada, In London, Eng., .New
York, Chicago, and St. John, .Nfld.,
and correspondents in all parts of tho
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D. Brymner, Manager.
Still Doing Business at the Uld Stand.
Merchant Tailor \
I.- av,   New Westmlnstt laily.
Arrive  New  Westrolnsti r  10.30 ,laiir|
Arrive  New   Westminster  19.10       \
Lv. N. w. 7.26, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle,  12.30;   Ar. X W. 20.20.
Lv.   X.   \V.   7.25,   9.35,   IT.:",  19.25.
Ar.   X.   VV.  9.15,   10.30,   19.10, 20.20,
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a m.
Lv. X. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle I p.m.j
Lv. X. VV. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 I'M
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.: ar. N. W. 3 !''"-|
l.v.  Seattle. 4.34  p. in., ar. X. W, 9.3
Lv. X. W. 3 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
j Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and I P���"-
Lv.   X.   w.  9.20  a.iu.;   ar. Guichon|
; 2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon  2.10   p.m.;   ar. N. "-I
9.35 p.m.
Mondavs onlv.
l.v.   New   Wesl minster  5.50, 6.50,
and 8 n. im, and every half hour therc|
nl'tor Iill  It  p. 111.        ^^^^^^^~
Lv.   Vancouver   for   V. |
same hours.
Fraser River and Gs.il*
Beaver��� ���_
From X. W. Mon. Wed. F I
From  Chwk.  Tu.,  Th., Sat.,  ���  -llu'l
From X. W. Tu.. Tb.. Sat. 8 a.ni.
From Chwk. Sun.. Wed., Fri., i a-m'
Transfer���      ��� , ,,���,
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and s
S p\ m.: Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Mombiy, 5 a.m. ,L
From Steveston, 7 n.m. (Fri. �� i,-UJ"��
Add. trip Saturday, 6 p.m.
Rlthet��� --
From X.W., Wed. and Mon.,/7   -J
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. i ����� 1
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm.
..ni. I'
9,00 a.*
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Seoten and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Sprint? stock  now  In.    Make  your
8.20 P-��H
Sap'n & Millside.. 10.00 p
Vancouver..       ..10.00 p.m
Cloverdale, Blaine, �� m n.m
Seattle, etc..  .. S.45 a.m-   *���% j,w
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.3ua.m.
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 1"
East Burnaby  llr'
Steveston. etc.... 1.^0 p.m-
East, via C. P. R.--4-45 P'��-
Mast, viaC. P. R. 10.00 p-m-
Sap., Mill, Cog.'-..4.45 p.m.
Van. & Burnaby..:!-'!" lu"'
Tlniherlaiid, TueS.,              ^fi(j ra,
1.20 l'-nH
jo30a.no. j
7.10 p.m*
1 o.iio -.�����
7.10 p-10'!
6.00 p-"1'
,12.00 in-
1.28 I 12.8 I    8.31 I 5.9
rtfy I I���its tins���Ser.'i      tf-ro
Pourp    tbe    oernee   W' MAY  28,   1906.
aboul tht
_ ,ODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A   M.
tin-    of    this
��� [, - wednesd 13   In
,,'. loch   v. 1,..   .:
emple.    Sojoun
D. [t,    t,
���    .:.  DeWolf Smi b
:, gular  ���
,   ....    held  on  the
In each  montb  in
-   p. m.    Visit
cordlall;   In -;'   I
:    u , Gilchrist, Sec.
until you l.av,
MOREY'S c��'-""fa st.
Business Institute
'i'i   Rl    ':     Fu
,1    T.  R.   !'���
To Let���Tw,, Furnished rooms   ,,, ;,.
u.    With  or  without   board.
Wanted���A flrsl  class clothing  Bales
ences.   Apply
Clothing Co.
mtlnue l  trom  Page Th
00k upon ii and if Qod's Ea,
ned   for   you  or  me   toda
pend u In, black sin It    1
and ie itterly repents I  0
the sunshine of God's
b,   en] 1 jain.    Thus Chrlsl
Wanted irds 0   Hemlock Bark  lng   the  miserl,     of mankln,
;'i   thi   It-..>,.,- River Tannery,  Ltd.   tlced   bj   Chrlsl   and   reward
Heaven.    We
no   b<   1 onsclou    0 ilents,  oared the 1
"'��� or ev.,, on,    bu   to cultivate      The* lastly notice    "I    win
1    "'' faith   li . :ij,r' not iu   the  tutu
:|      ild of Ma ��� ii 1   -e di it,   and continuous comin
dene whal she could" -glorious eucon-  continues    to com-     d
uim.   The humblesi duties performed   thought, He come   tonighl an,   I
'"vv  to b nlni   ..    die ia       1    personal allegiance of each fa
All this was a message   to   ch
he stricken disciples but they m
Joe Larcey  Makes Sensational    Dash
Out of Mexico for  Life and
Jimlnez   Mexl   ,, Ma loe Lar-
.-.     ....      condu
:" ���   een       Railroad, has
1     ' of the most d 1   ���
,   city   PRECEPTORY.No. 459
R0V'\ , ,   ui.   ts   second   and
,    each month, at  8
angi   hall,   corner oi 336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
md .lobe street.    Bo 5 "����� Ydnc��uver
Juraing Sir ^VSon   W   PT���^1* Pitman Mvl GreSg Short-
I    w. E   Dunlop, W. hand,      Tele,     pi     and   Engineering
Wa8'  R6g' !,!','', ^!'"'e and Statinnatv;,'nui-se:.
 .  Jm- i-t.M ',1 ,-ourse..,,   the   BEST of
r- teacher    (eight)   and   the   BEST  of
..,      .riANCE   LODGE,   NO.   1150 sala
,,,   Orange  hall   flrsl   and
li  each month at 8 p. R  .;. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
, hren are cordially .,   .    ,,,,,,,.,,,,                       '
.     BL B. Matthias, H- A- SCRIVEN, B.A.. Vice-Principal
J ���           .���    b   ���    Rei .-Sec.
L_rnarvon St., between 10th and Mrlnnis.
taken i��� lots from 25 cords up. For "Hi,  giving of a cup of cold ��� H no1 ,in ������. resurrection  Whal
particu        i] ply to the manager at   Hte   name."
can al  a danc   he -e a  t. w day i ago.
'    led u v sxlcan Central
he  flagged  a
".r train. Six Mexican police trom Jimlnez were oh the
Eggs for Settlng-F        Barred Rock ��� hi   name was missed on Heaven'i    il
��� : !"' P ���   se ting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
For Sal ,���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
'e id;   foi  service, W. R. Aus
tlan  church   is  often   the  experlenci
o!   the  disciples   before  the resurrection.    The church  thai   knows    onlj
'"-''  men,   and, lo, A1,on Ben Adhems  ,.|   ,
To  the recordln \  angel    Abou    said:
"write  in-- as one who  loves  his  r ���[.
��� c  F_AMITY  LODGE.  No. 27���
oi  this lodge
hall, Colum-
M mda:   evening,
lng  brethren a
���. I end.   S. .1. s>
it tham, Rec.-Sei
j, 0 y  W.���FRASER LO^GE No. "
be lirsi and third Tues-
month.       Visiting
ed to attend,
0. !'. W. hall, Odd-
Clarl    :   street,  C.
icon ei;   Louis Witt,
:.. - "���
���15, SON'S  OF  ENGLAND,   B.   S.���
��� .. meet    Second and
lay of each month,
11, Columbia S
:.       D, Fourth
v In onth, same
Visiting   Br,
cord: !'..   B.   Stlnch-
..  II.  Disney, Secretary.
Fir ii, ,,.-
and III
Erorn 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
a terrible experience   of   doubt   was
oi   t.O. box    187,    Xew      fhe sarcastic remark of _Irs. Brown- their crucifixion and the
We8tminster ��* tatoo often true, "Ohrlstl  ,,.,,.    paralyzei
For S^e-M,,,.,,,. ,,���;,,���,,   ^J^TS T,',-' of all the wonder-
��- corner in We,    En,      ,      ...        .,..���     :���,    ^ S t l^ ""'^ ��* < 'S
; ^od_rtrees-Cheap-ABpI: r:;^^
;"'������   ','1""11''   ls1""   :"      '   God  :,:. to,   to  .      yon    ihat   make  bis escape In such  a   man,
Th  -     . d   : .     e.v to s���r, le      ut
d of i    the command, he
drew hi-   revolv, r upon  the  Mexican
police and order.-,i tl , off   :
Thej gol off ami walked back to town.
I.a:-.-..      too ,,
in : i ul   It lo,   .   from    I
E3     ���        Geo       i, ���  ��� wa -
ed   i      main       the thro  le. The
wild ri :
th,   T, vi    | o ler, 370 mile   di
Th,     ra i cher  was  ad-
was   running
wild and the track was cl, ared, Run-
,rds "t, th-- Mexican Central
aashed.     Larce;    took   to  the
For  Sale���Chester   Wh ,      bred,
Hogs   Breedlni i     v. ftl rea
i    ble  prices,  W.   i; ���,  Sap-
FOR  8ALE���An  invalid's chair.
Cor.   Fourth   S; \v.-.
nam,   led all the r-
Then too the revls, d version
slates many    missions    as    "abiding
places."    iv-ver  still   is   .,,���
��� loi   o    h,   Latin Vulg
bj   Dr,  Westcotl    as    '  ���    In
places,' ed   by   the    re   Int
on the old Roman roa
Is a happj cone       m hecau
, ,   .     , , T.y discovered the i  e      eason why
had gone.   The grave bad nol
ween  His  birth  and  resur-
lon tee no pa islonate zeal,
<"   daring  or  decision,  no  power to
ue  evil  in  self or  the world  at
��� -.
cl   ag,   after
!     Whe,,   tnej   tarried    in
and   the   bap It m  of    flre
<   ai-  upon them they were equip]
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
letual development, the reaching to
le    - -t h    -.    Ighteousi      . This
naturallj  be one of the chief delights Of Heaven.    This was th,
tlful viev of th,  talented bu!   tc<
Di. Arnold.    When conteinplat i,.
life of    s father after death he could
ronceiv,  of no heaven for his
withoul work and development.
a o    he Cl     of Xew
v. estminster  is  o tor  sale by
11 within th.-- O strong soul, by what shore
of the sai.i . Tarrlest thou now?   For thai force
These lots wer,  ol   lined foi arrears s,,1'el.v> bas not been left vain.
ixe   accrued during a number of Somewhere, surely, afar,
t- and have been trans err,          hellu !l'" H"ill"|i''-.-  Labor house vast
Marble and Granite Monuments, '^in-M'ld'r'i^'QlIing^tl^cr
Fo irth Friday in the
: ,'clock,  in  the
block.     Visiting
��� dially i-.ivtte.l to at-
t.. C. R.;  F. P.
,. S.
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B.
A, 0. F.���T ar meetings of
held on the Se
3 of each i
:   '       m.  in  the Oddfellows'   Hall.
V ��� D   are   cordial'-'   in-
E. c. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxw, 11, s.-e.
THE R0YM. TEMPLARS OF TEMPERANCE meel - very Wednesday
v .  p.  ni.. in  Oddfellows'
ibla    street.     Visiting
; llally Invlti ,1 to at-
S, Bryson, S. C; .1. McD.
ime of the
The title   is then Eon    unimpeach-
and the cltj  v, all lots
to the purchaser bj  deed warranting
the title.
The  upset price has    ��� only
v Ith a vi.-w to cov, r the amounl due
to the city, bul  in every case -;. far
below the actual value of the property.
A  map showing the exacl  lot-;,-ion
��� ach lot offered for sale has be,
i ed al tii i City Hall and may he
- 1   at   any   time   during   offlce
hours,     Catalogues   may   also   he   obtained    on   application  to  the    Cltj
is practised
Of  being,  is  practised  thai  stn
lous,  beneflclent,  firm
Yes,  In som,   far shining- spiv   --.
Conscious or not of the past,
Still thou performesi the work
Oi the Spirit in whom rhou dost live���
Prompt, unwearied, as here
Sull thou upralsest with zeal
The humble good from the ground,
St. rnly repressest the had
Sli.., like : i i e'  dos:  rouse
Those who with hail open ���
Tread ihe border land dim
Twixt  vice and virtue;  reviv'st
Succor'st���this was thy work
This was thy life upon earth,
burled Him, th,  r, surreotlon gave Him
-lumphanl victory over de ith
and   he! .   and   this  conviction   Seized
upon the disciples and the: i '      ""v,'r*"1 ''""':' "' :' ""inl *"",h
flaming evangels of truth, and a ' rez and Is suppos,     to       safe
one suffered gladly the martyr's death ',"/.    ' other si"" "nh" Ki" Grand   '
and    received   a  ma-ntyr's    glorious
crown. ��
By the energy of such an heroic and
loyal faun le:, us each presumably
make such a discovery. Lei the glory
ot eternity break through ihe clouds
ol doubt and failure,    .uife is full of
.ointments, o�� course, but lei the   ��������.���   It,,-       T , _
Young   Italian   Takes   His   Own   Life,
grace o�� God transpose the   D   into
and No One Knows the
A determined case of suicide hap-
"H" ami they will become "His appointments." Let sadness forget itself
la the anticipation of joy and let pov-
erty forget, itself In the anticipation
ol spiritual wealth. One half the Gos- pencd in Vancouver on Saturday after-
pel never gives the whole of Christian noon, when Pietro Patrisse, a young
r. demptioii. Believe it and live ii all. Italian killed himself at the home of
"Behold to obey is wetter than saeri- bis parents, Hastings street east and
and to hearken than the fat of Victoria Drive, by discharging two re-
rams." Surely the best thanks we can volver shots into his neck. No cause
give such a Father is the giving of is known for the rash act, as the
���" to His Service and nil our talents young man was well esteemed among
-the besl we hav.-. A sweet story is all his people and friends, and was
told of an artist who gave a Hf_ not known to have troubles of any
like tint to his pictures, so much so kind.    Some four years  ago he was
thai  they wert eagerly sought after,  confined  at 1he  police station  for a
Then  the  statement:   "1  go to pre- an(j otnoT artists strove in vain to ob- few days, suffering from mental nbbe-
pare a place for vou," is pregnant with  tain the same effect.    It was noticed' ration at  the time, but medical men
meaning.   It was necessary, It was ex-  thai as the pictures became more life who attended him did not think that
in    th,    Pt Hent.    Through the sin    of Adam  iike, the artist became more frail. At he would eVer attempt to take his life
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the Pirsl and
T&ird T lesday of every month in
K- I P. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief; J, j. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF trade.���x,-w  Westmln-
iard  of  Trade   meets   in   the
-        Room, City  Hall, as  follows:
lay  of each  month.
; ���   meetings on  the  second
Wednesday    of     February.     May,
ar.d November, at 8 p. m.
meetings   on    the   second
iday    of     February.      New
Members   may   be   proposed    und
we-l al any monthly or quarterly
meeUng.   a. e. White, Bee.
and look at the fresh
stock of homemade tan-
dies- fresh daily. Fruit
of all kind. Ice Cream etc.
Fresh Strawberries and
p.         ,      .                                      ccuncil chamber, City Hall, ai 1 p. m. the  curse   was   upon  the  world  and | rjS death a wound that had been ofteu in this fashion.
Hie  Apple         0n Friday. June 1, 1906.                          Christ must be the scape-goat.   He is opened was found over his heart, and About 5 o'clock on Saturday, young
willing, but O, the agony of it all. Not it  waa learned that he used his blood Patrisse arrived home,  and went up-
Ihte  wounds,   the  scars,  the  spitting, to mix with his colors and thus pro- stairs  to  his  room.    A few minutes
the insult, not all that, but the weight Sliced  the life  like  lustre and sacrl- later two  revolver shots  were heard
of ibe sin of the world borne by the t'iced his life to his work.   Christ thus' in   quick  succession,   and   when   his
sinless one; this wns the burden that demands  our  life  blood���the  best is mother rushed upstairs, she found her
Nev; Tram Office, Columbia St.
Terms of sale:     Cash.
N.  ll.  McQUARRIE,
City Treasurer.
JHH�� ********************
Plants antl Annuals  of Jail  kinds,   cut
flowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
60c per dozen,
Telephone A1S-I or address Ith Avenue
and loth Streel.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Colunhia St.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy  Haulm,; Our Specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone  l!>u.
broke   His  heart   on  the   cross.    The
J, w(s  d]ldn't  kin   chrtel���thai   great tonight
ncne too good.
muscle, the ln-ait   truly  burst under|
the weight of the agony of sin.   For!
this did he sweat  the moody drops In
Qethsemane's garden,    In the   lonely
hour of the  cross, the face of    His,
Father  was    hidden���this    was    the
agony that killed Jesus.   In his spirit-  F
ua! paroxysm He cried ''Jty God, My
_?t us give it Him only son with two gaping wounds in
his throat. She assisted him downstairs, and medical help was at once
Summoned, but within a few minutes
the young man was past all human
aid. Stefan! Patrisse, the dead man's
father, had been summoned in the
meantime, but on his arrival, his son
was dead.
An inquest will be held this morning
"All this  I have done for thee
What, hast  thou done for me?"
Death  of James Malone.
Newhaven, Conn., May   27.���James
Malone   formerly   a   well    known
iress  telegrapher   died  at  his  home
God, why hast wiou forsaken Me." it here last night, as the result    of    a  at 10 o'clock, and the funeral has been
has ever been  and ever  -will he, the  stroke  of appoplexy.
face of God is hidden by sin���He can-j 50  years  of  age.
lie   was   about
fixed for Tuesday morning.
��� o	
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of lhe city.
CANDY      J Light and Heavy Hauling
JJL JJl/ioL A^th**     %s*m _ )%
office 'Phone 185.
I la rn   I'tione 1117
' ,   iresl  Of pure sweet
;     nvites the public to call
1   the candy made
ritit in Season.
1 xperience  in  the
candy  trade.
Pr��of of the pudding is in
I the eating.
j N��t Oftflr DeGrey's Barber Shop.
I Westminster Iron Works
BHIP SMITH1NU, itiiuiui-; nnd
S'l'ltri TURAL IRON    WOKK,
Ornamental Iron Worn, including
Fences, Gates, Flre Biscapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
���;..w Westminster. V, o. 474.
1 am now open bo buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kiflda of repairing,
All business promptly
attended to.
Schaake Machine
New Westminster, B. C.
Overcome   With   Heat   He   is   Unable
to Find Way Out of Steam
a ��� m��m
tili  Beginning February 15, '06 9
\ ';;;-'��� P
anufacturer of
NWra! Waters, Etc.
Crated Waters,
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
nr���- oiu i fi���IH I
j -. vtSmuPS^ ^--
S-BS-SS 553
arrii|y Trade
���M. 113
a Specialty.
Office, Eighth  Street,
wHSTM!NETERi   b.   C.
Ellard Block
New Westminster. -
. B. C.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Mackinnon  Bldg.,
Vancouver, B. C.
-   -   -   Every Day in the Year   *   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address 'twh
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.       iii
'v,i 4
k��� rt TT*'W!Tf _"J5* ��� I." 5?
S1I**~'  '-���-.rc.fiii&^-^^'f*.-'.^ j >' ->v>U*#},y^-'���'-^:,r f
Carson City, Nev., .May 27.���Alls T.
Kendall, ;i prominent mine operator
of T,mopah and Q-oldfleld, and a liroth-
��� t  of S. Kendall, of this place, was
brought to this city tlead as a result
of having been cooked in the
greal steam room at the Wall.-y Hot
Proprietor Campbell, of the springs,
says thai Kendall came to his place
Friday night ami was put lo bed. In
the morning when Campbell went to
Kendall's room he was not there, and
a search was made.
It is surmised that Kendall, getting
up in the night, had decided to take
a bath unattended and had gone into
the hot room, and, grouping his way,
had suddenly become overcome with
tht- li,.at and there lay until cooked to
 -o ���
Killed on Railway Crossing.
Hriilgeburg,  Ont.,  May    26.-���George
Mincr, a farmer and a team of horses,
which  he  was driving were killed on
the railway crossing here yesterday.
Shoots Negro Four Times
Middletown, N. Y., May 27.���William Boynes. colored, was shot, four
limes at Otisville today by William
Wagner who escaped. Boynes will
probably die.
-���*w^w^*��--*' THE DAILY NEWS
Good Taste in....
can't be described, but it can be felt nevertheless by
every one who sees it.
These Summer Muslins have that indefinable
something about them that makes them alluring to
every woman who sees them.
They are made as they should be. Small durable dots in Swiss Muslins; neat, firm stripes in the
dimities, and fast, to soap and water, colors, in the
flowered goods.
Today we want to call your attention specially
to a display of White dotted Swiss Muslins. Our
stock now comprises all the qualities in these goods
from 10c to 50c a yard- with quite a variety of
White Dotted Swiss,   2d   inch
10c yd    jgp
White Dotted  Swiss  and Crossbar   Muslins,
excellent for  children's  wear   1 (fp    ,^^1 /{"X^
Small round dots well  worked  on  ground of
Swiss Muslin, 27 inch    OKp   \ic\
Small dots,   figured  leaves,   etc.,   on   Swiss
Muslin,    excellent   washing  OK ft   -\Tr\
Superior qualities, in clotted and figured Muslins, finest Swiss goods, at ,'IOc, 35c, 45c and
50c a yard. g
Some Snappy Specials in
Dress Goods
are here for your inspection TO-DA Y
They include Mohairs, Tweeds, Cheviots, Satin Cloths, Serges, Lustres
and Cashmeres, Cardinals, Blues, Browns, Greens, Greys JTA.-, -rjA
Cream antl Black, all at ,   0\JL   y (i
Party   Returns  Safely   From   Scene  of
Fierce Struggle With the Gamey
Wash Si
Julia Ward Howe's Birthday.
Boston, Mass., May 27.���Mrs. Julia
Ward Howe, passed her 87th birthday at her home on Beacon street today in good health, surrounded by her
children. The venerable authorities observed the anniversary with a little
family party.
A fishing party was organized on
Saturday by representatives of the B.
C. cigar factory and a lew of the
makers of the Beaver brand of smokes,
for the purpose of capturing sufficient
fish to give a sui,per to all cigar
makers at the Windsor hotel on Sunday evening, but as the time s,-i for
the departure of tlie party was ai
variance wiih the pronounced habits
Of all true cigar makers, who insist
on remaining in bed until a late hour
on the Sabbath day, only four members arose when the persistent whirr
of the alarm clock awoke Uiem out
of their deep���'''slumbers yesterday
morning and proceeded to prepare
themselves for a day's sport in the
manner Immortalized by Izaak Walton.
These four were Roily Sexton, .lack
Campbell, Conrad Driese and Frank
Clark, the latter the only representative of the Heavers to pul ln an appearance. During the time thai these
four j,reside at the bench while rolling
the fragrant leaves, they hide their
identity under the following aliases:
Tall Sycamore, Cariboo Jack, Ashland
Tourist and Frisco Refugee.
The party made their way to Hani-
sen's Point, aboul three miles on Uie
other side of the river, where- they
had been Informed there was an abundance of fish ready to bite. Owing to
ai, unfortunate occurence thai happened ou the occasion of the last, fishing excursion, when Tall Sycamore
gave a couple- of realistic imitations!
cf a man falling off a log at Brunette
creek, as a resull of which two large
holes were visible In the waier for
many days afterwards, the party look
the precaution of tying him securely
to a tree some distance from the shore,
as the manager of the B. C. factory
bas raised objections to the practice
of falling inlo the river, owing to the
fact that too much lime is wasted
during the following days in ihe reciting of the story for the edification
of the other hands who insist on having the story told to them many times
Fur many hours these four sut there,
patiently waiting for the finny denizens of the Fraser io nibble ul the
bait, but the wily fish refused to bite
and visions of the big fish supper
to which they had Invited many
friends loomed uncomfortably before
them. The sun was high in the heavens before ihe first fish was landed,
and lhe rejoicing that followed was
out of all proportion lo the size of
the  fish.
As there seemed to be no prospeel
of securing another bile, a discussion
was entered into as to the merits of
ihe different factories, ami to settle a
dispute for all time, a wrestling match
was suggested. The Ashland Tourist
was selected to defend the honor of
th, B.C.'b and he was matched against
th, Frisco Refugee. The victory was
gained by the latter with a record of
five falls out of six. In the meantime
ti little trout, attracted thither by the
noise, was captured and landed after
a struggle. This led to the other members of the party resuming their lines,
and some two hours later the Frisco
Refugee lunged the largest fish captured by cigar makers on the Frase-
river for many a day. This trout was
fully four inches in length when first
brought out of the water, but shrunk
MHflllCF    WFFDFIK i   Make an l'arl-v vi'sit to our Ready to Wear Department and  select
lIl/lljL" ilLLl  LIlJ ���   Wash Shirt Waist Suits.    High class styles here at little- pric,
Not as Good As Any, but
These low prices are a slight indication of the extra,.r.iina
J are offering this weel
ary valu,
Makes House-Cleaning a Pleasure : W. S. COLLISTER & CO.
it cleans silks, satins, laces, curtains and ribbons without injury to
the fabric. Once tried always used for cleaning carpets, rugs; upholstered furniture, clothes, dress
goods, and for the ordinary wash
it has no equal. It works wonders
on Woodwork, oilcloth, linoleum,
etc., when used according to directions.
************************** ********************t>nAAi
% Fire Insurance. Life Insurance.
V We have been appointed agents for the Union   Assurance  Societv
!���< of London, England, which has been carrying on fire  insurance business
��*< since 1714 A. D., and  which  has  a  capital and accumulated  funds of
>< $20;000,000.
��< The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record-
}���{ Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   Prem. $22,954 61
B.K. 1088
CADDFDTnM     6 roomed house and good lot  in  nice sit-
Jnll LIlIUli  "uatJ��n,   chicken  house,  etc,    Price only
$650.    For quick sale only.
Af MFC     CT       1'a"' ''"' n's'll('n,<'- '���'' rooms,   bath,  elec-
AullLj    j I #"���tric light, good situation and  convenient
it, business section.   $nso.
<i roomed cottage, close to Agnes Street
���in East End, practically new house, modern in every particular. Large lot, beautiful situation, fruit, etc. Price $1800.
Very easy terms.
DOVAI     AUF     �� roonK'cl  dwelling,   electric   light,   bath,
llUIAL   AVL""centra'   location  and good  view;  stable.
Price   $1600   with    exceptionally    easy
F. J. Hart & Co.
Anderson & Lusby
considerably   on  ihe- journey   back  to
'in- city.
When the parly arrived at the
Windsor hotel, where arrangements
bad been made with Mr. Vachon for
the cooking of the fish, they found
a large gathering of tlie brotherhood
of cigar makers assembled in anticipation of the treat that was in store
lot them, but with the catch produc-
,-,,, the fishermen begged to be ex-
cusd from supplying the wants of their
friends this time, promising to take
a week off in tlie near future when
they will either catch, buy or beg
sufficient fish to make a decent (showing. The four then handed in their
fish to the hotel cook to be prepared
for their supper, but as the hotel
kitchen did not possess utensils suf-l
ficiently small to cook these in, a
search had to be made before a small j
frying pan could be found thai would
hold the three fishes without danger
of their being lost to sight. Tt must
be placed on record that when the
four hungry men saw the supper laid
out in front of them, they hastily
ordered beefsteaks on the side.
Motor   Arrives   on   Rails.
E. H. Beas-ley, the C. P. R, road-
master, paid the city a visit Saturday
afiernoon in his gasoline motor car.
for the purpose of inspecting the track
between this Qlty and Vancouvei'. the
run being made In about two hours
and a half. The car Is driven by a
double cylinder gas,,line engine, the
wln-els being flanged to catch the rails.
When running at full speed Ilie machine is capble of covering a mile
every three minutes.
> o	
Royal City Off Ways.
The steamer Royal city was released yesterday  from  the  ways al   Sap-
; perton, where last week was Spent
by the crew in thoroughly overhauling it, and repairing the hull. On the
down river journey some difficulty was
met  with itt  the    New    Westminster
, bridge, the draw of w.,.^.. was rather
slow in answering the summons lo
swing, causing the boal which had become partly turned by the current to
return up river a short distance to
again get in linc with the draw. The
Royal City left for Howe sound yesterday afternoon for a boom of logs
for the Small & Bucklin limber company,
> o	
Death of W.  H.  Harper.
The Loronto News of hist Monday
gives the following account of the
tragic death of W. II. Harper, father
of .Mrs. F. b. Lyle of this city:
Chatham, Ont., .May 21.���A terrible
burning fatality occurred al Erie Kan
this morning at 1:30 when W. II. Harper C. r. It. city ticket agent and Dominion Express agent, mei death in his
summer cottage. Mr. Harper was stopping over nighl alone In the cottage
where friends had left him al about
10:30. Th.- house was burned to the
ground and Mr. Harper when taken
from the Dames was quite dead.
The news was received in this city
al tin early hour this morning and
cam,- as a terrible shock to his many
friends in lhis-'city. The members of
his family were unaware of the falali-
tj until the awful news was received
this morning.
The late air. Harper was about 58
years of age, and had been city ticket
acein for the C. P. 11. ever since that
company i,rst built through Chatham.
I He leaves a wife, one son and a daughter to mourn his loss. The children
| are Norman, of Wellington street, and
Mrs. Frank Lyle, of New Westminster,
B C. The deceased was onc of Chatham's most prominent and respected
citizens. He was a. member of Bartho-
non Lodge A. F. & A. M. ami was connected with many other fraternal societies.
1900 Assurance in force $1,792,500.
1901 "           " 2,554,904.
1902 "            " li,425,897.
1908          "          " 4,086,112.
1904           "           " 4,509,754.
Premiums $ 62,605
186  Columbia  Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  B. C.
>>>xo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>x*>>>i >:>:>>:>>:>::o"o:>:>:>:>:>:>>:>:>>:>:>:>:��
McQUARRIE & CO., "t/^Lt"'
Government   Boat   Sampson   Will     Improve Conditions for Fraser River
The three large iron can botiys thai
wer. broughl to the city from Esquimau wlll be put into us. immediately
having been painted, one with large
black and white stripes, the other two
a   brillianl   red   color.
This morning the governmenl snag
boat Sampson will go up river to
Mounl Lehman on a snag hunting trip
and wlll anchor one at the Fraser river
bridge near the southern end of the
sandbar to mark off the ateamboal
channel. The remaining two will be
placed down near the river's mouth,
th. exact whereabouts not yet being
Mrs. Dr. Adcms Dead.
Mrs. Adams, wife of Dr. W. A.
Adams, died at Dewdney on Frldaj
afternoon of last week. Deceased was
57 years of age. The body will be
brought to New Westminster fo
burial, the funeral taking place it, the
Sapperton cemetery on Tuesday aft. r-
nooii. W. E. Fales has charge of the
funeral arrangement*.
Invest in
T"\ TE have on our list de-
���V sirable acreage in
Burnaby, in any size antl situation required and at prices
and terms to suit all classes
of purchasers.
121-2 acres of rich
black loam land, two
acres cleared and in
potatoes. Twenty fruit
trees and patch of
strawberries. 10 acres
alder and easily cL
ed. House and barn.
Good water. Price
only $550.
Five  acres  close
to   city   limits   only
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
Six roomed house
and lot on Royal
avenue for $11 50.
$150 cash, balance
in monthly payments.
Six roamed cottage, all modern and
one acre of land on
fifth avenue. A large
quantity of fruit trees.
Good chicken houses.
Price $1000.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
houses to rent.
A. t WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone8 5.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
278  Columbia   Street.
Telephone   170.
Electric Railway Service!
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service trom
6.30 ii. m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���.-No transfer.
Between 12 and _ and 5 and 7.
30 Minute Service during ' ���
mainder ot day. TransKi �� Z
Leopold Place. *
Sunday  Service half-hourly between  8  a.  ni.  and  10 P- n1'
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Llne-lb Minute Ser
vice, except  between   l-
2, and 5 and 7, *^*J���Z
hours    the    service
.Sunday   Serve-I   M}+?�����'J? \
tween S a. m. nnd U P-
i British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,'^-\
1.28 | 12.8 |    8.31 I 5.91
<*ity I fruit? Line���Service trom
Jrf)     th-     service   W'-


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