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The Daily News Mar 20, 1906

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Queen's Park Once Again Becomes a Scene of Activity
hair seals hover      TAYLOR  SPILLS   PHILANTHROPY stockmen arrive
I SPREAD FOR FISH Substance, Long Bottled Up and Highly Fermented, Al- AND PURE BRED SALE
most Inundates the City Clerk,  and  Causes Aldermen to Turn Up Their Noses���Gift Horse Is Looked Thoroughbreds  From various parts Are unloaded
Fuhermen on River Complain of Serious Loss and   Arm
Themselves   With   Guna   to   Destroy   the
Creatures That Prey Upon
The Salmon.
in the Mouth and Then Rejected.
At River Wharves and Taken to Queen's
Park in Preparation for An
Important Event.
Flsh uro gradually increasing lit the
river as tlie weather gets warmer, but
the llHlii'riii.'ii are tit a loss to know
just whal to do, us they claim that
at letisi  one in every five lisli caughl
the   ravages   of
thicker in  tlie river than ever known
to b before.
The stallion show, which start- to-  Kin;; nne! a promlBlng looking colt!
long to ilie tur-bearlng variety and is i,,.,.,, nerving themselves for an attack
covered with a thick coarse hair that  o_ the treasuries of corporations and
It developed during the progress of The following communication, read thai while ii portion of the communl
business al the city council meeting [_ open council, led up to thi  examl- cation could be treated  In  this  man-
with the fur dealer.    He does not  lie-   |aB|   night  that  while  aldermen  have nation and  rejection:                                 ner,  tlint   the  latter  portion   referring
to the ���,,,,,',- m���s, be referred to the morrow and continues un Wednesday      W. Udner ol Udner   Seven ol Hit,
New West mills,,.,-. March 16, 1906.     ,.,���������.��� ,���,. ���,.���������_ L,ghti ls ������,,,,,,,  aaaured.of success,  'JjJjJJJ JfJ^J? te "le.md ",,Q
is neither useiul nor ornamental.         hits   worship   the   mayor   has   been City  clerk, New Westminster, B. C.       Alc]   aarret(  insisted thai  Blnce the and stock of the highest orderlaroll-      vPeatham Island Stock Breeders' a��
Tiie fishermen al  the present time searching for public benefactors and Dear Sir,���Some few days ago I sub- Columbian had offered to do the print-  Ing Into the stock sheds at the exhi- 90Cjat|on   ,,���,,     percheroc      Voile*
are  nearly  all  armed   with  shooting even running the gauntlet, of public mined a tender, of 5 cents per toe for ing for nothing that a letter from The bitlon grounds with encouraging rap-  Vyinci^ ,1B(1 a n |(, proUd'prinoe-
Ib rendered unsaleable cm account of irons of some description, and  they censure  in  endeavors to enrich  the the  printing  of city  advertisements, News could  nol   be considered, until  Idlty.     Bach  Incoming steamboat   is     A. di Wells and Sons of Chllllwack
the seals which  are are shooting all they can, but so nu- eiiy treasury, a reckless phlianihrop- and .1. D, Taylor submitted a tender such time as the News was prepared loaded with stork and throughout to-     -pi���,���, Ayrshire bulls'and a pen ol
merous are the vandals thai heir small  |st has been escaping recognition. to do the same tor nothing.    As no- to meet the figure of the Columbian, day a steady stream of horses, cattle  w])i,,. p]ymoutn ]Un.^ ,)t,,,i11-%
efforts are but as a drop of water In     The curtain has now been thrown thing does not constitute' a ten.ler I vvhich, by the way. was nothing.          and pig* have been travelling up the     (;   cooper, of Chllllwack ���
a bucket.                                                 aside,   and there before the admiring desire to know why Bald publications     Aid, Jardine stated tluu he was op- hill  to  he  housed   In  their  Intended   Durham bull;
It  would   appeal-that   the  seal   has     Al tnL, fishermen's    mass    meetntg gaze of a grateful community stands are nol published in The Daily News,  posed to accepting tree work or Ber-  placea.     Among   those  alread]   here      ,   Thompson, of Chllllwack
learned   that   whoreanetisspreud           |ag|  year at which they memorallzed  ,|  d. Taylor, the manager of the Dally I am today requested to tend..',' on the  vices of any kind,    and    moved    an  are the following:                                   Yorkshire pigs,
learned that  where u net  is spread, the government  cm the close season Columbian. judge's order re tax sales for three Is- cmendmenl  that    the   Columbian be     J. T. ��; J. il. Wilkinson, of chilli-���                       ���o���
there is every reason to expect a meal  question,  the  seal  question  was also      h,. na8 offered to print  city mlver- sues.    I desire to change my former compelled to place   its   philanthropic  wack.
Without much trouble io himself, there- discussed and the government    wer.'  tisements, hitherto a  source of good tender of 6 cents per line per Issue to statements ln writing.                            wings;
fore as soon as the lisherman spreads  .lskl,,|  ���, 0ffer a  bounty  for the de-  revenue  to his  business,  all   for  no- 3 cents per line per Issue tor all city      He Intimated that he had known of     H. M. Vasey, of Ladnera���Two Clyde|
hla net, the seals are hovering around  struction of seals.    It  i.s understood  thing. advertising,
and  as  soon  as  the  unfortunate  sal-  that  a  movement is on  fool   to  still      This splurge can only be accounted
mon beeimi nangled in the meshes  furher  Importune  he government    to  f0r by the fact thai a strong brand of
of the net, the whole' army of watch-   Qply wili that request, and make; it   philanthropy bad  been  bottled up so
ers make a piratical descent on them,  Wortb while for men to make a bu.si-  |,,ng and had reached such a stage of x              Manager The Daily News,
and before the lisherman can secure  ness of seal  destruction,    li  is said   fermentation that  the slightest shak- City Clerk Oincan  reported to the which was carried.
���phis calch, the.,  are mutilated in such  thai  there are uses 10 which the seal   ing up  was all that was required to| council that he had asked .1. IJ. Tay-      The clerk was then Instructed to uo-
a  manner   as   to  be,   in   many  cases,  skins could be pul  and that  the oiler-   blow   out   the   cork   and   let   the   sub-  lor,    manager  of  the  Columbian,    to  tjfy  tliu Columbian  Ihat   if  the latter
quite unfit   for market.                              ies  might,  if seals came In  sufficient   stance   spill   itself   all   over   the   city tender  on   the   city   printing  referred   wished to obtain the City printing that
The trouble with this brand of seal   quantities,  pay  for  the  carcasses  fur   hall. tu,  and  was met   with the  reply that   it  would be necessary to make formal
resp. et fully,
B, 11. SAWYER,
v    hue
'1   '     hire ulna.
,v   .1.   11.   Wilkinson, of Chilli;
Standard  bred  troller,    Coil-
Deserts Family.
Regina,   Saslt.,   March   20. -W.   .1.
agreements which had I stallions,  both   noted   prize  winners, Btubba, son of the former member ol
caused considerable trouble   when the Royal  Citizen   and   Premier   Princes parliament for Peel, has deserted hla
time for commercial    reckoning   ar- two head of Shorthorn cattle and four wife and three children here and left
Yorkshire   pigs   neatly   all   of   which them in destitute circumstances
were prize winners    at    Lewis    and ��� 0	
Clarke exposition; Heavy Snow Fall.
T. Tamb.iline. of Wcsihnm Island��� Buffalo,  N.  Y���
Civile stallion, Ethiopia;
Howay seconded   tl
is  that   lie   is   not   in   much   demand   the
March a).���About 9
inches  of  snow   fell  since  yesterday,
.1. M. Sieve, of Steveston, three Suf-   by   far  the  heaviest  fall  of the  sea-
folk  Punch stallions,    Sheriff,    Royal   son.
Victoria,   March   20.���A  mod-  8
erate  depression  hovers on the >Jt   yy;,^
Oregon   and   C'alifornlan   coast,  V
causing    rainfall    at     Portland,  '���<
Ruse-berg,      Eureka     anil     San   B
i Tlie pressure remains high in
the Yukon and Atlin districts,
witli a ridge of high pressure
extending southeastward to the
Gulf states, where low temperatures may  be expected.
East of lhe Rockies ihe high
area is sinking slowly southward  to  the  .Mississippi  valley,
sake of ihe blubber they contain. |    The Jolt was administered, the cork  the Columbian would print lite adver- tender,   and   that   no   verbal   contract I
 ������    blew out  and City Clerk Duncan, who  tisemenl. regardless of whether other would  lie considered.
mis near-by, was almost inundated.      tenders   were   submitted.      The  clerk ,\ld.   Henley    then   asked.   "Did    It
The substance was examined by the  also staled that Mr. Taylor had agreed ever happen before?"
IIAUAIT    TDnil    TIDE   ('lv  ;ll,l''t'in>'ii  in  session,  and  sad  lo  tu  run  Ihe advertisement  in  question The clerk replied that he had never
UAItIAUL    rnUlTl    MIlL   relate,  tlie Odor  was so objectionable  without  charge, an.l furthermore stat- known it  to happen before.
 ie   Bome  of  them   that   they   insisted  ed ihat lhe same proposition had been On motion of Aid. Adams, seconded
Wind   to   Fan   the    Bush upon it  being swept out of the build- made 10 City Treasurer McQuarrle, by Aid. Davies, 11  was decided to lay
Flames,  Danger  Passes
'Ing. It   was moved  lhal   the communica- thi   communication of The Daily News
In  other words, the gift   horse was  tlon   be  received  and   filed,  to  which  on  the table until such time as a  re
'looked in the mouth and then rejected.   Aid.   Howay   objected   on   lite  ground   ] 1>  was forthcoming from Mr. Taylor.
danger from Hu- bush llres
which has existed for the past few
days, is practically past, and ranchers
in the district reporl having escaped
real   extent.
visible across
J the liver, is burning its wa) toward
V Delta, but is not now burning so ex-
��I tensive!}' as in the past few days.
a This is doubtless due to the fact thai
;���'   damage to auv
��������       The   lire   which   wa
and a low area central In Manl- _ the wind  has  materially    decreased,
toba covers the  Northwest pro-  p,' '""'  u" further *������ Is anticipated.
Vtnees and higher temperatures ���������
are general. ,���<
Forecasts fur lit', hours ending   _
5 p. in., Wednesday, 'm the Low-  _.
er  Mainland:     Easterly  winds.  ,7,
continued  fair and -Willi  station-   _'
arv or higher j. mperature.        ;��;
The   lowest   temperature   in y
New   Westminster ' last    night
)ras 30 degrees above zero.
F. it. Glover, of the B. C. Electric
Railway company, commented on the
fact   of  there  being  so  many   tires  at
With His Head Erect
and Eye Unflinching
Hero Faces Bullets
  1 >*t
! _<
Hon. W. Norman Bole Orders Release   ,���,
i a
From Jail  of Joe Alias . m
Si.  Petersburg,    .March    JO.���Lieut
Schmidt, leader of the naval revolt at
!iks time., something that is very un-  Sabastopol iu November last, who was lhal when Schmidt  rec..'ived the news  cause."
usual in the m.mill of March   which'lr too by couri martial and shot near that   the authorities  bad   refused  to     Schmidt refused 1
i.s   usually   inure   or   less   rainy,   and'Otohajioff  fortress.  South   Russia  yes- commute  the  death   penalty,   he  wept   ment  an.l asked not  to be blindfolded
An order for   discharge   from   the
provincial Jail was issued by the Hon.  :J
\V   Norman  Bole this morning in the  jj
cise uf an application tor writ of;!*!
habeas corpus, tor the release of Joe, :,���,
alias Cow. a chinaman charged with | ;���;
selling liquor to Indians. >;
Joe was arrested some time ago, 1-J;
and upon his Inability to pay the tine S
of $IJ0 Imposed he was sentenced to yd
a term of six months In the provincial ;��j
jail. His lawyer, .1. P. 11. IIolo ap- fi
piled for writ of habeas corpus, and | ,*
the case which was brought before the1 �����'
Hon. W. Norman  Hole was continued  a
The Kuss printed :t detailed account  and many of you doubtless will here-  from    yesterday    afternoon      to    11   j!
f the execution from which it appears  after   share   ms   deatli   lor   the   same o'clock  this  morning,  when  Joe's  re-   _
lease was ordered without the writ ' [���]
pt  Die sacra-  ���f habeas corpus  being  issued. |$
1 l.e
Henry    L.  Edmonds    appeared
The meeting of the It. V &
I. society will lie held In the
city hull tomorrow night, at 8
The Dairymen's ast-u
Oration will also meet In con
junction wilh the H. A. .ii I, a
Tonight in the mayor's offici
the   various   committees
w   o'clock
meet  for tin- revision   of   the
v. II  ��
ize lists for the coming exhl- A
The meeting of the board of _j
directors of the Ri yal Colum- |
Man hospital will be held In tha ^
mayor's   ofiice   tomorrow   after 51
nuon   al   8!80,     The  matter  erf i
raising $25,000 will be the chief jjj
Other 'J<
subject   for  discuss..:
runt ine   business  will   be   transacted. '
stated that  tlie woods at present are
almosl as dry as in midsummer,
Houses Burned.
.S.'d.iii-Wuolle.i,  Wash.,    March  Ilk���
city is shrouded  in smoke from
icr.lay,  wilh  three  sailors, sentenced  mr ihe three sailors, his companions,   He met his death  with  head  up and   behalf of the Crown.
�� ' Thi:
,���! I brush   (Ires.  The  flre  department was
�����*������.������*������.>������..���������:�����*>���..��.���:iad\i  IU"''11 '""   S,'V|,1;|1  Uosb to  pul  oul
small fires Btarted within the city
!,iniis. 'ihe residence of Mrs. D. e.
Moore was burned to the (round yesterday noon.
Tbe old Tyee lugging grounds north
uf the city have all i.urninj over, destroying several small housees. Many
lives are raging between this place
and Wtckeraham. Tha Frltadh Hard-
wan   comjiany lias shipped   a large
...nsigiuneiii   of   pails   tu   l'ralrie.
The Northern Pacific trestles und
bridges  n.a th  of  town  nre  burning.
l.en.c   crew., an   lighting to save  pr...
��� . L)
Cyclone    Destroys   Everything    In    Its
Path   Including  Many  Human Lives.
to death tor mutiny, is being made a
hero and a martyr by tho revolutionists.
The-' boys of the St. Petersburg gym
naslum struck today In order to oomi-
pel lhe offering up of prayers in
sell.ltd fur the repose of tho sou' o��
the  lieutenant.
saying they were so young and honest eyes  open.
and  hat would  prefer  to  die alone. Tbe firing  party  wa.s stationed al  a
The coin!.'tuned  men  were taken to distance tuf fifty pact.
the small  Island of Horiznn and were Two   of   the   Bailors   were   killed   al
sb.il   at   sunrise.      Sclmiidl   addressed the  lirst   volley   ami   one   inure  at   lhe
his executioners, sixty sailors of Die third,
cruiser Teretz, Baying: "1 die for the!    Schmtdl did not fall until Die fourth
Russian   people,  and  the  fatherland,I volley.
Friends of Maud  Newbury of Victoria   Sir Widfrid Laurier Says Canada Will Horrors of Capitalistic Oppression and 1
Produce  Strange Theory of                        Consider   Confederation   at the Despot's Heel  Set
Drowning. Any Time. Him Going.
John   Dillon   Sarcastically   Refers   to | Business   Houses of Thriving   Prairie
Chamberlain    As    Ireland's City Are Burned to the
Greatest   Friend. Ground.
Belief in Witchery Results In Tragedy
In   Mexico.
New Voik. March L'u A special lu
the Tribune from New Otb"."s says:
"A despatch re. eived le re aniioune,
thut ;i tornado struck Die town of
Brooklyn, Mississippi, near Meridian,
las!   night, and  wrecked It.
Enornii.ii.'i damage wai' .lone and Die
loss of life was lieuvv but no exacl
llgurt's  have been  rei-eiv.,].
The wind attained a lelocltj of tin
miles an hour and ev<t> tiling In Die
path of tlie tornado was razed tu the
Aftei '.lulling llrouklyii Die tornado
ewent  :u'i'|.in', across   the   country,
Heaviti".   ;���   trail   uf   devaluation Jn   its   and   many  crimen  h;iv
Wake. IllO  supers! i'i.,1:
Mexico OtJ    March  30.���Three men
are   in   lielem   prison   under   sentence
of death tm having killed iu Tajim-u.
capital of Dm slate of Mi-xiou. an
Old WOnUUI Whom they believed to be
11  witch.
Belief in   .Miehcaft   prevails ait.ung   Identified   Itoyal   Artlllerv
the lower classes lu the rural  regions
lulled   front
Victoria,   March   20.   The  bod]   ol Ottawa,    March    18.   Sir    Widfrid      Seattle.   Wash.,  March   IB.���A  pro-
Maud   Newbury, a girl of  18 who mys Laurier  said   in   the  house   today   thai leal   against   lhe    judicial   murder"  of
terloual)  disappeared fuiir weeks ago tlie guveriiineiii of Newfoundland was Moyer and  Hdywood, alleged  Blayera
Hum   bet   home  here,   was   found  yes- aware   that   Canada   was   read)   to en Ot   former  Governor   Sleiinenberg,    of
teniae  morning in the miniature lake tar Into communication with it at any blah... was a auhjecl thai J. 11. Haw
a Beacon Hill park. Ii,lu' " ''h"S1' "' l'is,'uss lh'' subject thornthwalte,   of the British   Colum
An    itupiesl    has   heen   Ordered,   a.1
Diuiigh  un signs of foul  play are evl
Men and Sheep Perish
In Terrific Snowstorm
Ol   bringing the  island   Into coiifi'ib'ta    bill    legislature,   could   not    get    uway
Hon.    Willi regard lo the llritisb Wesl   t,.. 1 a a during the course of his address
Indies the governmenl  was prepared Ri s,atiie socialist hall last night.
to extend   Canadian    relations   with      m,.  Hawthornthwall tempted to
curie in   gossip  says  that   the girl  them bul was nol prepared at this time deliver  an  address on  "Co-operative
was  s.i'ti   ...n   the  evening  of  her dis    to  cue.image   political   union. <��� inunweali h."    but     he    Invariably
appearance in company, with an un- The governmenl Intends passing lo- wound up with tha 'horrors of cap-
man, gtalation Lo provide for the redemp- Itullstlo oppression" and of how tha
Friends still cling in the theory, (ion of worn silver. ���eci, of the Boclallsl had become cal.
however, thai she had never been fully Oermany is asking relief from the loua because' or the continued tramp-
released from hypnotic Influence after aurtaxea, Hun. Mr, Paterson said thai ling of tbe despot's heel,
serving ss n "sensitive" tor a touring thi   matter would be considered when Seattle  socialists In  the afternoon
hypnotist   Due.'   months   before.     She   the  tariff was  revised
bad   frequently  told  her companions  0���
thai "hypnotic whispera". wee calling
bur,untl she had io obey.
       _        Dave Grossman,  proprietor of the
Westminster Clothing house, has again
Dried   Peaches  Explode. ,|,",,iunslrated  bis ability  as a rustler,
Aunt.  Mont,,  March   18,   Aa a  re* h> closing one of the biggest clothing
London, March 80.���A1  a  st. Pal-     Winnipeg, March 20,   A destructive
licks  day   banquet     in     London     lasi   lire'   visited   Qu'Appelle,     Sa.-I...     this
nil.bt. John K. it.'.iinuiid, chairman ot|morning stroylng Beveral buildlnga.
Among lite losses are:
Hardy -i store,
I...    Wing's  laundry.
Macgurk'a boarding bouse
Webster's blacksmith shop
Qu'Appelle Furniture company, Tho
latter lost $10,000. Insurance $4,000,
Caswell's store.
.Massey Harris    warehouse  and  tho
l.i'kind   betel   wen     .   ��� I   aftei   great
Grossman  Is a  Rustler.
Dave Grossman,  proprietor of
Mill   of   the  explosion   ct  sol tried deals 111 the City, whereby he purchas-
'Big I'iney.  w.v.i.,  March   80,   The tif sheep have occurred iii tha deaerl  fruit, Philip Plnlater, a  bachelor Hv- Bd the entire stock uf Deo. A, Collard,
most  id 1 ilie snowstorm in the history   nasi   of  h"ie  and   II   is  reported   that   log   in   Waahlngton  Ouloh,   was  badly and  be now proposes lo begin one of
Of  tills   section   has   jus!   euiiie   lo   an   snine flocks have  been entirely  wiped   Injured. Die  biggest   sales of elolhlng. elc, on
end   hue.   having   rap-.l   cciiitlnU0U8ly   Oltt,     There  is nu  f I accessible and       He was 1 king some dried poaches record.     Mr. (irussmau   has Conducted
Since   March   In.     The  snmv   Is  idled   I'ockniasieis are In despair. In a kettle and tho Julre began lu boll n great many sales lu Ihe space ot tbo
celebrated   the  rising  of  tha    Paris
Commune, which began un March Is.
IS7I. The "Marseillaise" was BUng
and   Speeches   made.
Al the close of (lie address by Mr.
llawlhornllnviilte lasi night. Chair
man  Scntl   BUggeBtod  three cheers fin
"tho wm klngman'a Hag." pointing to
the red emblem that adorned the rear
of the platform, and there was ringing response,
tiie Irish parliamentary party, niter
lilted the belief which he expressed un
Sunday that England will, ere long,
give to Ireland all that she could reasonably  expect  or  demand.
John Dillon, member of parliament
for Bast Mayo, said that Irishmen had
one compensation for their sufferings
In   lighting  Ireland's battle���they  had
given   Joseph   Chamberlain   to   the
I'nionisi    party���"a   disastrous   gift",  '
tor SO long as lie remains In that parly
so long will Ireland's enemies be par Horse Narrowly Kaenpas
alyzed and  unable lo rally  fur a  light      Dae of llelyea &  company's  horses
against  us.    Lung may lie live, for he  nearly  came  to  grief    today  at    tho
has been  Ireland's greatest  friend!"    I wharf the entupanj   baa   luul   purchas-
T.   P.   O'Connor,  speaking  al   Liver   ed.   While  turning annuel,   the  driver
pool, maintained that the Liberal guv went too Bear the edge and one bone
eminent could pass   a   measure for went down, lis fail   was Fortunately
Irish self government by such an ovei broken b\ the harne      mi ll escaped
win luting majority that the house of without injury.   A ne v.    et ol harness
buds  would   not   dare'  reject   It. I   he  DeccSSaJy,
C. P. /?. Lets Contract
For Line From Golden
Several  aheap  herders are  missing,  over.  When   Kinisler attempted  to re-   past   three  y 'S,  and   all   have   been
Ambitious Cities.
Winnipeg, March 20.���Three
seven   feet   In   depth   ,n   places and   ls
IWO feet deep mi the level.   Siago and       Many or Die ranches In this auction move   Die   lid.   It,   and   the   contents jbriiuglil to successful consliislons.    lie   towns  will  apply  al   the present ses-
mall   service     luce     I,,,.,,   i tfeieil f.i'e  completely  snowed   In  ami  soinn 0f ihe kellle were blown up Into his Is 11 firm believer In printer's Ink, and  llljh of the legislature for incorporu-
*'lth. ot the houses   ai..   entirely   covered race, scalding him badly ami almost ouo of the most extensive advertisers tlon as cities:     Wetaskiwln,    L.ti.
It. is  feared  that   tremendous losses U'om sight. destroying  Ills slphl. In the city. [bridge anil   Medicine  Hat.
Winnipeg. March 20    The Canadian
Pacific Railway oompany has dosed a
contract with the (Jen. ral Contract
company, of Vancouver, for the const rui'Don of ten miles of the Koot.enay
Central   railway   Irom   (liilden,   B.   0.,
Work will be commenced at once,
and according le. the conduct, must
be complete! by May 1.
The road will ultimately he extended to Wardner on the lYowS Nest
Piss line, and will open m> .1 vnluablo
agricultural and mineral country.
Tho contract for the Bret len miles
was signed here yestterdny by William Whyte, on behalf of the C. P. R.,
and George H. Webster, manager ot THE DAILY NEWS
Tax on   B. C. E. Ry. Co.,    Is Raised $50 and Telephone
Company $150���Discussion  on Amendments
Waxes Warm With His Worship
Going Some.
A ide ii" i the regular routine bust- thai the public or bis associates saw
cess transacted at   tho council meet-
hi the principal feature of
(le meeting was a heated and lengthy
.I.].,lie     on     Hu
lit to pass. As a reason for this state
i,i.-i,i lie went Into a mass of slalis-
tlCS showing that Die telephone company was nul paying anything like
iiiiendment  to Die ,|,t, taxea tJtaa.1 ii should and volunteer
Tradoi   Licence bylaw, which was de- ed the Information thai  most  of Die
gtgned   Witt  B   VleU   to  increasing  lhe;i'ol"s Ihroiighoi  cily were almosl
present   licence  of  Die   British  Colum
i.ia Telephone company and Die Brit
i.-b Colombia
worthless from Die assessor'B point of
view,  and   that   lie  saw   no  oilier  way
.a  getting ui   Die company  in order
Electric    Railway com-U0    make    ll    pay    a    fair   share     tu-
result of all Die speech-  wards the  maintenance of the city,
:r::z,:;;:::tz::;:'' "speech from throne
Yours respectfully,
,l. W.  MiINTOSD.
Chief of Police.
Alderman   Henlej   stated   ihat   be
bad   been   notified  of  Ibis   matter,  and
ibai  lie would lakei Immediate steps
to remedy Die evil.
A communication was also read
from E. i>. Sawyer, manager of The
ii. in  Ni'ws. mention oi which will be
found   elsewlii re  in   Ibis  issue.
There  being  no other  business lie-  noon on
in tlie province that telephonic communication b. tween different sections
111    HV1U   I LTIU ��TIIUC  "' ""'  rince sl""'M '"' ''""''"''"'' :,s
IIS   [MtW    IXlIlaLAIlIlL  Inexpensive and effective a
' and    our careful attention will therein-  fere be needed to the consideration ol
eicui '" ds this et
ch as    be  p e ��� ut   la ���-   with
I. '.alb.n..  techanit ad theli
  registration and enforcement  It   found
Edmonton, Alta.,   March  15.    When in everj  re pei    to b   it  heavilj  upon
Die flrsl  Alberta legislature gathered  the laboring classes, a  measure  wlll
lllis ;lli,.|. !l   submitted for your approval  prodding means wherebj  ihe rights en-
Lieut.-Governor   Buly.r.   Outlines
portant Work for the  Alberta  House.
in  the Thistle  rink  here
fore Die council the nieel Ing adjourned until the night of Monday. March
<"   ""'   b'B6eBl   cr0Wd8  thal    .eed   by   all   mechanics     or     la 'ers
province  ll:"'   ler Die presenl I iw may be render-
ever assembled  In  I
congregated,    and    ai  Id    tremendous  ed capable of enforcement Inn
cheering   and   greal   enhuslasm     Al-  and  Inexpensive way.
belt:,   entered    upon   her   autonomous Health   and   Sanitation.
iiui 1
I .a in      Th'
making In which nearly averj   mem   He then In ii lew bul very emphatic
.,,,,.     ...   ...      voids characterized the companj  as
Let  of the council, including Ills \\ or- ���
.   ,.        ,. , ,,   .  bo ng tine ol the greatest  monopolies
hliip Mavor Keary. took part, was that H '
i in  Ihe province,  and  one   which   gave
the licence ol the  British Columbia 1|]r |r.is| v.,|m, ,,���. |]1(J|1(.V m.,.u ,-
Electric Railway    company   was   In- any corporatlon ln _la C0Untry.
..eased Iron, $.r.b per annum to $100 Alderman Howay held lhal even if
per annum, and that of the Hrliisli the telephone company's poles were
Columbia   Telephone   company trom  ���'" bad condition thai they should be
����� ���,���,��� ���_ taxed fur-tin- space they occupied on
150 nor annum to $2b<i per annum. ' ���
Die public streets in the manner of a
The run started    when    Alderman  legltlmate    ���,���,���������.,���,     and     Mt
Jardine moved the proposed increase through the medium of an excessive.
88 per his notice at the previous meet-1 Alderman Garrett then took the
lug of the council.    Alderman Howay  'loor  and   staled     that   he   had   never
I known  of  anything    inure    "glaring"
career. After the preliminaries usual
tee such an occasion had been concluded the Hun. G, ii. V. Bulyea,
lieutenant-governor, read the following speech from the ihroae:
Mr,   Speaker   and   (b'til leiiien   ol   the
legislative   Assembly     It   affurds     me
ti    -:       md ,   .        ,,, ,.,.   ���., i, ������  g -real pleasure' to welcome you to the phas ' the pufcllc health and sanl-
w...'.. admitted to ihe hail when   the performance of your duty upon this tation, and s  measure will therefore
be rub,,lilted io you I....king towards
litis end and providing for the proper and effective enforcement of the
i Delia Tiines, .March  17.)
on Wednesday evening Grand Master D. 10. MacKetizie paid a visit to
Helta   Lodge  Xo.  21,  I.  O.  ().  !���'.. and
after the regular session of the lodge.
The presenl law governing the pub-
lie, health and sanitation having been
found by practical experience to be
unworkable and in man) respects in
adequate to the growing necessities
..f the province, my government is desirous of  making provision  for every
following programme was carried out: occasion of the opening ol  the Aral
Selection,    phonograph;    song,   "Oul legislature of the province of Alberta.
where   the   Breakers   Blow,"     Bro, "'"     "
Woodley;     selection,       phonograph;
song,     "Little     Tin     Dee-Dec,"     Mrs.
banning; selection, phonograph; song,
Does iii Navy Blue," Mrs. I.aiining
ami Bro, Woodley: address by the
grand master; selection, Ladner cor
noi band; selection, phonograph; selection, piano, Miss Reld; selection,
phonograph, Al the conclusion of the
programme an adjournment was made
to the banquet room adjoining, where
the company was regaled witli oysters ��lli('�� ��''' ;"'" ��"��' I""'"1 "' eater.
sandwiches,   cake   of   many   varieties. Important Function.
tarls,  coffee,  etc.  After  this  stage  of |  congratulate each  one of  you  UJ
the   proceedings,  the hall   was cleared
privileged to lake pari   in an
started the ball rolling wilh the pro-
than the attempt  lo reduce the lax of
position thai the council go Into com   fte ^.^ (.,m]|l.nn. ,im, snoulllei. the ~�� ���.ovc-,-,.���.^, ....  ������.=_ ������ ,���,,���
mittee   of   the     Whole.     The     motion   excessive   tax   on   the  telephone. Com-  ttnd  ,l;"lc'1"�� '"'K'1"  wlm'n la8ted unU1   event   fraught   with   so   much   Import
was   seconded   by   Alderman  Garrett,  puny. Alderman Garrett was the cause  the early  "lonlill��-    lt''"'   Dr-   A-    A-  ance to this Dominion, and particular
In proposing that tbe council go into of  much   merriment    among his col-
Diis   ami   iu   our   Slater     province     Of   provisions    eel     law     iu     this     regard
Saskatchewan is a matter of gratifies-1 Among other measures which will
tlon   and   pride   nol   onlj   lo our    own   submitted   to  you   are:   A   bill   provi.l-
people,    but  to the Dominion    as   a Ing  for  the  legist rat lon  of  titles of
whole, and in your name I thank the land  in  the province;  a  bill  making
people of the older provinces for their provision   tor  the  establishment,    al
expressions of good wlll towards us. such time as the growth of the pro-
voiced in addresses adopted in their vlnce warrants, of a provincial unl-
respective representative legislatures, veraltj ; bills providing for the ap-
and greet   them    as kinsmen    in     the potntmenl   of   such   public   officials  as
gte_t  tamllj    of confederation    Into coroner,  justices of the  peace, sheriffs ami clerk Of the court.
The presenl law relating to regula
Don  of  coal  mines  and  inspection  of
steam   boilers   having   proved     inade-
,,         ,         .            , .engues from the slow and character-
committee  of    the     whole,  Alderman
idle way in which he made the start-
Howay intimated that there might he ||ng ���,.,���,������.���,���.
considerable    discussion  on  the  sub- Alderman  Adams came  to  the res-
jecl, and this statement, or rather in- cue jby   suggesting  the  court   of  re-
tlmatlon, ou his part aroused the sus- vision as a place of settlement of tax-
j'icion of Mayor  Kearj   thai   all   was """>  disputes  in  preference    to the
not well, whereupon he requested
Mderman Davles to lake the chair.
and In this manner lie took possession of one of tho aldermauic desks,
and plunged into (be thickest of the
council   room.     He  expressed  himself
as being in favor of a licence of $200.
King acted us chairman and many ,y l(, we8tern Canada, as the opening
thanks are rendered to Miss Ethel ,������ thla flrg1 representative assembly
Reld who kindly played for the vocal ln ,lu, province. Our thanks are due
contributors, also to Mr. Lasseter for l(, ,llvim, pl.ovidence for the bountl-
liis kindness in furnishing and operat- lul h.arve8i, with which we were blessing the phonograph. This was the ,.,-, ,jurlng ,|K, ,,.,���, year insomuch as
most pleasant affair of the kind we .,,. ,nlils ,,,��� tlu, BoU .,,.,. .,, ,|���, DaglB
have had in the village for some con, ,������ material prosperity of any eoun-
siderable time, and everyone lefl try, and the glorious heritage to which
feeling lhai   they  had  spent  a  most the people of this province have 1 n I legislative  assembly
dilate in  practice, legislation  In this
n gard  will also be brought   to your
Public    Accounts.
The public accounts will be laid before yon for your consideration tit the
earliest possible moment and the est!
i at's for the coming year will also
be submitted to you for your approval
at   an  early  date.
Mr. speaker ami gentlemen of the
Shingle and Saw Mill
j Machinery
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Mayor  Stands  Alone.
Alter  this a vole was taken  Which
resulted   as   follows:      Ayes,   Jardine,
Adams,   Howay,  Garrett   and   Heniley.
Mayor   Moves   Amendment.
liis worship's lirsi act on appearing
to   the   several
enjoyable  evening.   Delta   lodge  is   in   ealled    justifies   boundless   confidence   matters  herein  referred to and to all
a    most    flourishing    condition    with   j���   ps  future,  it   is  my  privilege    on   '"hers   that   may   be   brought   before
very bright prospects. volll. behait ,0 (lff,,,. ,,, our sovereign  you   I   Invite  your careful  attention,
The   St.   Patrick's  ball,  given    by lord.  King   Edward   VII,  and  to  her  vvil1'  tbe  fullest   confidence  thai   the
the Ladner Cornet band last evening, nest   gracious majesty,  Qi n   Alex   "sub  of your deliberations will   be
His   worship  Die   mayor   thundered was a  huge' success, about  fifty con-  andra,  the continued  loyalty and  de   beneficial to the province and to the
out  a tremendous "No," after which plea attending. The music by the full  votlon of our people.  It is a matter for  Dominion as a whole,
tbe members of the council all Indulg- band  was splendid,    and    everybody  gratification to us thai we are short- Speech in Reply.
on the Hour was l.i move an amend- , ,, ,��� . Ile.u.|v [augh ra which his| seemed to thoroughly enjoy them- l.v to be honored by a visit from His
ineiit to the motion of Alderman Jardine in the effect that the licence of
the British Columbia Electric com-
i . be raised from $50 per annum to
$100 per annum, instead of $1U0 as
proposed by Alderman Jardine. He
i,"ii thai alderman to withdraw liis
motion with reference to the British
Columbia  Electric    railway company,
staling   at   considerable     length     the1!
many    rea ons    why   the   company
should not be laxed in the way of too: :
excessive    an    Increase    of    licence,  i
win ship joined.
Aldorniiiu Howay   then    remarked,
Stay witli It," to which bis worship
responded, "You bet, I'll slay with lt."
selves. The proceeds of this ball have  Royal    Highness
already   l n   voted   to   purchase  ad-  Connaught.
ditional   instruments.
Mrs.   F.   W.   Harris   returned   honu
lasi  evening.
II.   Mends  came  over   Irom   Vancou
ver on Thursday.
P.   Slater   spent     a   few    days     In -,   matter  for congratulation  that  set
ir the construction nf a  slip at  the   Vancouver,   this   week. Dement   has  increased  with  such un
������t  of Eighth slice!.    This slip will      Mrs.  Forbes, of (Iran.!  Porks,  is a paralleled  activity,    and    still    mon
Contract  Let.
Oilier business of minor Importance
came before the meeting, chief among
wliicli   was  the letting of a  contract
Edmonton, March  19.���The Alberta
legislature  resumed   today,  after  adjournment.    The speech in replj  was
Welcome to Settlers. moved   by  Mr.  Stuart   of Glelchen and
it is with pleasure thai I extend a seconded by Mr.  Puffer of  Lacombe.
wieome  on   your  behalf  to  the  set Mr. Robertson, of High River, replied
tiers  thai   have  poured   into the  pro "" behalf "r the opposition,
rince during the past year, while it Is
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
VIA T11K -
Great Northern Railway
���Tht Comfortable  Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
I'.n- detailed Information, rates, etc., call on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Alderman Jardine declined to wiih-
e'raw the portion of his motion which
affected the tramway company.
Howay  Plays  No Favorites.
Alderman   Howay,   who  is   credited
bj   bis colleagues with being the instigator  of  the  argument,    evidently
surmised that his worship was worl
Ing   for  the  interests of  the   British
built   before  May   1,  according to guesl al  the Vicarage,
���J rat I, and when finished  will prove,      \Irs.   \\'.   ,|     Leary,   Jl
i great convenience lo fishermen,
i'be conn act was let to Messrs. Crow
ltd Meyers for the sum of $80.
Applications from several citizens
the   vicinity   of  the  Fourth   street
��� ver asking for sewerage connections with the main, wore read, and
upon mot ini ihe applications were
,' .nilod.
i'be reporl of Alderman  Howaj i
Columbia Electric   ftatlwaj company, ���,,      ,       ,.     ,
nn   order ..t  rules
and   consequently   launched   forth   in
i n extensive speech to the effect that
Inasmuch as both corporations were
using the public streets tor private
use, thai the licence fee in both Instances should be the same. He did
nol believe that a distinction should
be made even if the railway company
did pay a much heavier annual tax
than Ihe telephone company, and slated that he did not think ii fair to discriminate in lliih matter as it appeared
to be the Intention of bis worship to
Alderman Garrett then spoke to the
effect that he also die! not think that
a difference should be made in either
Finally when pul to a vote le matter came to a deadlock which was
broken i.> the casting vote of Alderman Davles tin the chair) who decld
e il in favor of the amendmonl The
vote stood, in favor of the amendment as follows: Keary, Henley and
This matter settled the council
.aove.i on to the decision in the matter of the telephone licence.
Telephone Company.
Alderman   Howay   was  t
Royal  City  this week.
Alt'. Jensen went uie to the Royal
City on  Wednesday morning,
Robert Stokes paid a short business
visit   to  Westminster  yesterday.
Mrs. H. N. Rich returned on Thurs-
daj  trom a visit to California.
Miss Crisp, of Vancouver, is visit-
it:.;  her*sister,  Mrs.  Marshall  Smith.
Jim   McCallan  is  progressing  very
and     regulations   favorably   and   is  expected   home   next
was referred to a committee. week
tuber reports of minor Importance      W'D   ,.,,,,s ,,.,-, yesterday tor Van-
were read and adopted as read. (imv,.,. wh(.���, ,���. ���,., ,.������,,. ,,���, servlce
liis  worship acting   under Instruc- ,,,- ,i1(, r   p  ]{
jlions from the Royal Agricultural and      Mr8i ^ord and her daughter, Doro-
| industrial  society appointed  as mem-   l|lv   ,.am��� m,,,. ,-,.,������   Vancouver  yes-
i ������! s ot  the executive committee the
chairmen of the finance, park and po-
lit oininittees.
In the mailer of communications
the report of City Treasurer McQuarrle was received and  tiled.
The New Westminster Building so-1
.���civ asked permission tu upon up
Dufterln streel tor the purpose of lay-
Ing a drain lo connect with the corpo-
Hostess   Takes   Exception     to     Man's
Remark  and  Shoots  Him.
Kansas   City,   Mo..   March   19.-   Mrs.
Ida   Donlelson, while entertaining   a
party of friends al dinner yesterday,
became enraged al a remark of !!. C.
Harris, a painter, one of the guests,
and shot anil killed him. Harris had
made a remark about Miss Donlelson
to which C, it. Rigglna, the woman's
nephew, look exception. The men
...,,.,, ,its. The quarrelled. Rigglna and his wife fin-
rapid advancement, and growing im- :,llv went r'"' :' policeman and while
portance of the dairying industry re-
qulre that sufficiently ample provision be made for   its assistance   and ;
gratifying to observe the high standard of the character of that Immigration, li shall be the e.-peeial care
of my government to encourage such
settlement   by  every  available   means.
Agricultural   Development.
All   sections  of   the   province   bear
evidence   of   steadily   increasing   activity and enterprise on the pari of our
i pie,    .specially     in      agriculture,
they  were gone  Mrs.  Oonielson
AI   flrsl
.ill. .1
Mrs. Donlelson    said    she
urday on a visit.
Mrs. Ilerl Alexander, of Point
Roberts, went over to Victoria this
V eek on a visit to friends.
T.  E.  Ladner, wife and family,  re-
shot  Harris In self-defense and later
she told the police thai  the shooting
was   accidental.   There   were   no   ylt-
.'esses to the tragedy.
encouragement    by    my    governmenl.
and   in   this  connection   the  establish
men!   and   maintenance  of  creameries
controlled by the government  will he
a  matter to which your attention will
early   lie  directed.  The  Importance or' Police Scand=l   ln  Portland.
such a  provision to the farming com-       Portland, (Jr., March  19.���A scandal
niunity  can  scarcely  be  overesilmai-  has  occurred   in   the   Portland  police
ed. Proper provision   for an   active force, and detectives detailed on the
turned  yesterday after spending sev-  |1()i|Cy  [,���.  ,|le  improvement    of llyeI J-tMuat Kultn murder mystery   are ac-
oral  months In  California. stock   and   agriculture   generally   will   cuaed   of   having   delayed   making  ar-
Thomas  Roberts returned  home  cm   ;||s(| engag(, youl. attention, and metis-   "S|H   until   they     had     induced   the
Thursday   after   paying   a   short    bus-  |���(.s will  be submitted to you looking   widow   to   offer   a   reward,   and   then;
it'.lion drain ou Columbia she. i
fOI red  lo the board of works.
Iness visit to the Royal City,
Mrs.   McKeeii     and   her    daughter,
i Mrs.  Fogg, of Point   Roberts, went  up
The City Band. to the Ro.mi1 Cltj  this morning,
A communication from E. P. D'Arcy     Mrs. P, Shirley and family return-
I'iih reference to tl rganlzlng of    ';  home las!   evening  from a  shorl
the city band, and asking for financial   risll  to her old home In Langley.
,  slstance trom the city was referred     Mrs. c. T, linker and daughter, of
to the finance committee who instruc-  Dewdney, came down on  Wednesdaj
. d the clerk to notlfj Mr. D'Arcy thai   on  a   visit    to  Mrs.    Qlllandera    al
Vgalnst, Jardine, Howaj  and  ll,e-v "'" I"'"1  hinl  Prlda5  ,'"'"i"-   riverside.
with reference to the matter. It.  C.   Abbott   has  purchased
towards    the  registration    of    branda  sought  to use the mother as a  means
ami the protection of those engaged or sending ber Bon to the gallows,
in   the  industry  of cattle  raising.    In       M'"'1'  ,l|i">  a   week  ago,  the  delec
Ibis connection also it   is tell   that  the   liv"s' John Kerrigan and  Frank Snow.
public gram to exhibitions might well  * ''"' before the dlstricl attorney and
: e somewhat augmented, and you wlll Informed   him   thej     had   evidence
b' asked to pass upon an amend nl   which   would   warrant   the  arrest  of a
ot   Die law ill this regard. suspect.     They   refused   to   tell   whal
Information they had and would give
no clue as to the    Identity of their
The  organization    of  the    province'   Ml.,n.
1 i   proper constitiiDonal  lines is  a       v,,.s    K|ll|1|   w.ls   nn.l|ly   |m|m.(,,|   l(,
_ _\m ~j_\   "yoF ��_ff
jWr_*'i* \_ir
_    ''305      _t9l^tl
^*^t>'' at ��� __M
Do you need a Set
�� nr*      jjL 0 We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Provincial  Organization.
K. Whyman asked permission to lay  property   lately  owned   and  occupied  matter of lirst importance and  in or-  ���08(   .,  rewan] of .9260 for lhe arrest
.... . .  . .......       ... .    ....i.n..  ���*��.,i,...-    ,,,.,,   i,,, ,.nt.        .   ........ .
He will  move In as soon   'I"''   ">;"   I'"*'11''  affairs    may   In
euii.iing  material    on   Fifth  avenue,jbj -1   Poul
where he had a building under course as posstbli
..   construction,    Permission granted.      Miller  Mason,   brother of  Mrs.  c. Is necessary thai the management of
A communication from the board of H.  Davis, left this  morning for the ""' several brunches   of the   public
lirst  to trade, Victoria, asking as to control east,   During  Ills  stay  here.    Miller service be   put  in charge   Of appro-
and   $LT.II   more   for   the   conviction   of
Speak on  Diis clause, anil  staled  Dial   oyer   business   bouses  and   residences' made a  host  of friends. print.-     departments.     To     this     end
Since the  licence  fee Of  the  tramway!:,   the  vicinity  of  saw  mills and  iron       .1.   Ponl   and   Ills   wife  are  about   to   measures   will   be   submitted   for  your
company had only been raised to flOO works, etc, where there was danger-leave here ami return to Vancouver, approval  providing    for  Die    proper
per annum Dial  il  would he ridiculous  ei  fire, and asking  for Information as  Bj  expressing regret  a!  their removal   an(l   efllclenl   organisation    of  several
en lhe face to ask Die telephone com-   to   tire   regulations   was   given   to   the''we onlj   voice Die senllmenls of their   departments of Ihe public services.
pany to pay the exorbitant fee ot $400, rierk witli Instructions to furnish the many friends. Public improvements,
and asked Alderman Jardine to amend necessarj Information,
Ills   former     motion,     making   an   in-
tneaseyfii $200, which was still double
lhal   of  the  new  tax  Imposed  ou  Ihe      The following letter was read  from'
t'blei  of  Police  Mclnlosh:
clently and expedltloualy conducted lt j the man  who slew her husband.
Tile- disclosures have lirotight  about .
at,   open   upheaval     in   Die   police  department,   ami   a complete   cleanout
and   reorganization   of  Die  force  may
result  from Die Inquiry.
Calls  Attention  to  Sawyer.
Coal   Strike  Hurts.
Cardaton, Alta., March is.--Tin. sup-
|dy of coal all the winter has been de-
Tlie Influx of immigration ami th,.! ticit-nt here, althotlgh the entire eotm-
lapid settlement of the province ren- try la underlaid with "black diamonds"
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
railway company,
Alderman Jardine stated Dial  in all
owing io Die recent tilling in opera-
a  view of the action of the  ,i""s '"' ""' BOVemmenl   dredge King
Edward    between     lhe    Lulu    Island
council in the preceding case, he
would willingly amend liis motion, as
be thought $_bn quite stilllelonl under
lhe very peculiar circumstances which
had  developed  during the discussion.
His  Worship Warms  Up.
bridge and Small & llueklln's mill the
drain front the swamp which crosses
Twelfth and Auckland Btreets Is
I locked so thai no water can drain
i nl Irom Ihe Hals oast of Twelfth
sirout to Ihe river and In consequence
llis Worship then demanded a valid Die1   ,vater   Is   now   flooding  Die   lower
excuse-   from    Alderman   Jardine,   and t. rl   of   Dm   Mat,   and   should   we  get
look occasion to remark Ihat were the any   eiuniiDly  of  rain,     will     wlthoul
matter     in     his     hands     he     would doubl     form a  stagnant   lake between
make Die liconcs $1,000, and still be Tenth and Twelfth streets, which con-
-lining in eland it;, under any censure inlulng as ii  liie.    so   much rotten
Negro  Education.
New   York.  March   lib-The    Anierl- 'bis   Imperative   a   progressive   policy
��� an     church     Institute      of    Negroes, with   regard   to   the   construction   and
which  is  to take over the negro e.lti- repair of roads nnd bridges, and your
catlonal work of the Protestant Bpio- consent   will  be asked  to  provisions
copal  church,    Is lo be    incorporated proposed lo be made for tills purpose,
within  a  few days,  with  Rev.  Samuel The  duties  devolving     upon   the  prp-
11. Bishop as general secretary. rince   In   relation   lo   the   admlnistra-; �����
The   Episcopal   church   at     present "on of justice  within  iis borders and; Schwab Denies It.
controls  three  schools    for    negroes, the can- of Its Insane, as well  as ne-1     Now  York,  Monday,     March   19.���A
Bishop   Payne   Divinity     school   oi ceaaary provisions for   public   build- rumor,  originating  In   Omaha,    thai
Petersburg,   Va.i   the   St.   Paul':'   Nor- bos   will   likewise  be   brotlghl   before  Charles   M.   Schwab     had     senatorial i
mal   and   Industrial  school,    of    Law- ! ml  your  consent  Will   be  asked   aspirations,   and   lo   attain     thla   end'
rencevllle, V. A.; and St. Augustine's to the  provisions in  ibis regard  in- had established tt residence In Neva-
Academy   anil   Normal   school   of   Ha- .bided   In   the  estimates    of  expend!-  da,   was denied   b\   him   last   night.
b'b'h.   N.  C.     As  soon  its the  new  In- ture     tor  the  coming  year. "It   Is   merely   an   Idle   rumor,     and
stltute is   in fun   operation,   other    There is a gr wing neceaBltj owing j there is not a word of truth in it," h\e|
schools  will  be founded.
and   ihe   strike'   at   Lethbridge   htm
brought mutters tu a crisis. Two cars
reached here on Saturday and were
sold in a few minutes, and famine is
imminent.   As the weather is cold, ihe
situation  is  serious.
In  Die commercial  and  social activity   said.
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.   Remember the Place J
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver. |
��� ^
Advertise   in   The   News
\ TUESDAY,   MARCH   20,   1906
We Have Purchased the Entire Stock of GEORGE A. COLLARD at the
Greatest Sacrifice Price on Record
And we Propose giving the Public the Benefit of Our Judgment in Selecting This Stock, which had only been purchased
from the manufacturers 6 months ago, and therefore is almost new.   It comprises all the
Latest Eastern Styles and Patterns and to Clear the Same we will
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We have an immense line of these Trousers in all sizes and pattern?     Only
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This line was the special favorite of Mr. Collard and was selected in the east
with the greatest care.   We will make the biggest cuts here ever heard of.
Mens White Cambric Nightshirts, Collard's prices, $1.2:.. Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    55c
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Week in Our Clean Sweep Sale Advertisement.   Out of Town Orders will be Sold at Same Prices and Given Our Special Attention,
Westminster Clothing Com'y
Columbia Street, Next Royal Bank of Canada
NEW WESTMINSTER, British Columbia
TUESDAY.   MARCH   20,   ,906
Published by The Daily News Pub- What Tennyson calls "the ape and
llshlng I'ompan , Limited, at their j the tiger" in us i.s caged only, an.l
Offices corner cf Sixth and From ieap8 ������t when the cage has been
Streets.   New  V    .1 minster,  It. C.
i unbarred in war or broken open in
Editor and Mgr Edward D. Sawyer revolution, writes T. P. O'Connor.
���"   ������ ��� The   Russian   peasant���e.  g.,  is nat-
Advert,   ng Rates. UrBlly   B    Kimll-V   '���|'>'"'""'   llI11>    ��'
llesl   ol   ail     towards  children;     yet,
Transient    elisi   iy   adverlising,   10   ���.,,.,���   ,,,,    ,,���    , ,       ,
cents per line (it ipariel) 12 line's to when the RusalaB 1"';LS;"" h;ls be'
the inch. Five cents per line for come ���' soldier and lias tasted blood,
subsequent Insertion^, he can  commit  such    atrocities    as
Reading notices, bold face type, 20'lilclst' recorded in Father Gapon's
cents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10  "The Story  of My  Life."    On    that
dreadful   Sunday
cents per line
Tor time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager,
Nol ice's ol births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost, or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
St. Petersburg,
January 22, 1905, when nearly a thousand unarmed and unoffending processionists were slaughtered and 5,-
OOtj  were   wounded,  "Die  captain   of
word.      No adVOTtlsement taken for  ,lu' ,,|( rajensky   regiment,   Nlcho-
less than -'��� cents. las  Mansuroff,  who ordered  Die first.
volley  lo  he   fired  near  Dvorstsovaya
palace, nol  satisfied with the evidence
Patent or proprietary medicine ad
vertisenienls inserted at rate of SO
cents per inch per issue (display) or if
reading notices. 2!i cents per line per
Issue. No deviation from this rate tor
tetm contracts.
Business office	
Manager's .residence  . . . .
.  22
T uter i
TUESDAY,   MARCH   20,   1906
As an evidence of bow rapidly
Settlers are pouring into the Canadian
Northwest the following is reproduced
from the Winnipeg Free Press of
'J hursday, March 15:
Five trains arrive from Die easl to-
Bay over Die' Canadian Pacific railway.
IThe first to reach the city was an
Curly one. the train pulling in about
J a. in. Very few of the passengers
remained ni the city. Three extra
coaches were attached to the Calgary
express and almost till who came in
jvere taken west on this train. Most
of the strangers were from Die British
Isles,   and   were   destined   io   Calgary
tiii.i Edmonton.
The regular daily train from Die
east will arrive i:i Iwo sections, nt
6:30 and 5:50 p. m., and will bring in
a party ol European colonists in mill,Don to Die usual traffic. Verj heave
trains are expeiled, inane Ontario ami
Maritime Province passengers coming
n i si  on the regular.
Tlie chief Interesl  of Die day will
attach  in Die arrival    of   Die In.ine
seekers al 8 ..'clock tonight.   Accurate
in'..re   tion  ri gardlng  i he number ol
I .   ��� i;    oi    board   Lhi        iainE   could
noi    l.i    - icun !   loc ill        i:   u.i     mi
i.'ni iced, li"ve.ei.    i i.i     in,Di irains
w< it   carrj In ; 11 nu  l welve to HI   �� n
i.i  lies and   hal ei ei j . oacb held Its
,)l   quota  ol   passe.igers.    It   Is estl-
ated I bai      oul .pie will ar-
ive in  the ��� l;   on   th     train     The
tomeseekers come fron  everj portion
of   the  east,   many   coming   from   On-
t ,i ,n and   the    Mai Itlmo Provlncea.
Cm   i .   two eienehes are devoted  to
French Canadians trom Quebec, who
V. '11 he distributed through the many
I'i  cell   settlements  and    colonies  d
i   ���   west.    The  regular lrain  will  go
-.',e ,,i , n time tonight nnd will be foi
lowed   bj   two   specials     which     will
curry wesl  n
In mcseelters.
of the heaps of slain and wounded,
found it necessary to examine the
rifles of liis soldiers, eight of which
were found not to be discharged. The
eight men were Immediately pul under arrest. The poor children, many
ol' whom fell victims to a natural en
riositj either to see 'better or to save
themselves, climbed Into Die tree's.
One corporal approached Mansuroff,
and, pointing to a child on a branch
of a iree. asked permission of 'his
honor' to bring him down. The officer consenting, a bullet quickly finished the little life."
take money for my garden except Die
! ��20 a year which    I  receive    from
your   government   through   the  consul
general al Odessa." Whal most struck
Miss Meakin wns Die pathetic youth
of many of those who fell in this aimless war. And, indeed, their youth ex-
ii    om  failure al Die Redan. "Tlie
par! les  which  lined  ihe  imisi
��� !    parallel   were   compassed
mainly  ot  hoys
sent oul trom E
inf. go! ii Into Dieir heads thai the
Redan was mined, could not be Induced by Dieir officers' prayers���not
even ii> their tears- io advance."
The government, of course. No i -
volution���e. g., however, sweeping or
successful���could bring Russia, which
is both eastern and medieval, into line
with a progressive western country.
Here, irom Miss Meakin's book, is a
suggest ve      contrast:       "Recently      a
swarm of cockchafers settled on Die
corn n Die fields of a German colonist nnd ol' llis neighbor, a Russian
;,eas,itit. in a central Russian district.
The German*sen! to the nearest town
for n long rope, which lie1 stretched
a. toss his cornfield, harnessing each
end   lo a   horse.   As Die  horses  moved
forward Die rope Btretched between
''.ei., was drawn over Die young
l holes ot coin and so disturbed the,
cockchafers tha! they migrated in '..
odj io 11,,' field of the Russian pe i
Vmi. Tin' Russian peasant, with the
effectiveness of ibis practical remedy
~Vo_drra of Baalbee.
Baalbee, or Baalbek, Is the name
given a ruined city lying in ancient
Code-Syria, forty-five miles northwest
of Damascus. There is nothing particularly remarkable about a ruined city
belng fouud in the locality mentioned, i
but tbe size of Uie blocks uf stone used
by the nncient builders of this particular city is something that baa puzzled
tbe modern engineers since the day
who bad just been when Baalbee was first made the Mec-
ngland, and who, hav- <* of the oriental traveler. There are
immense atones on every side of the
visitor to this ancient pile of ruins, but
tbe three most remarkable blocks���said
to be the largest ever used in the construction of a building���are In a wall
back of the temple of Baal. These immense stones are respectively sixty-
four, sixty-three and sixty-two feet in
length aud each ls thirteen feet in
thickuess, but the most wonderful
thing in connection with them ls tbe
fact that they are at a place In tbe
wall twenty-five feet from the ground.
How these Immense blocks of granite
were ever raised to such a height ls a
question that has never yet been answered.
_,rk._.a-��   >.l.l��-��<��   u���.r~.
The oldest office under the crown la
that of lord high steward, which was
in existence before the time ot Edward
the Confessor���Indeed, some authorities say that it was instituted by Offa
in TOT. For a long period this official
was Second only to the king, and the
otliee was for some time hereditary ln
certain noble families.
Buys it house and lot
near Moody Square, on
Eighth St.'
This won't go begging,
so if you want it let us
know at once.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.       Tel. km;.       Columbia St.
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone i-d-Z.
I. R. Gflley, 'Knone 1-49
Gilley Bros.
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. Pottery C 0. sewer pipe. etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cemenl Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-b
Now Is the Time
To get your Bicycles put in order.
We have received our Bike Sundries
and are prepared to make your'
Hike almost as good as new. We
also have a good line of Racycle
and  Perfect Bicycles.    We have
just   received our stock of   Fishing
Tackle. 0>me and have a look over j
our now Stock.    We will be able   j
to give you just  what you  want.
under  his esc.  sent   for  the  priest  to!
"Do  they   kill  Jews   in   England?"  exercise   the   cockchafers   by  sprink-
asked a Klsheneff Jewess, trom whom  ,;,,.. ,,,,, u,.1(1 wllll bo]_ wftteri��
Miss    Annette    Meakin    wns    buying j
some picture post cards.
��� 'Kill them!'
1 answered, 'I should think not, in
deed!' 'Do they beat .lews In England?' 'Of course not. Some of the
, host men in our country are Jews.
Thej are often our cleverest politi-
. inns nnd our bravest soldiers. 1
Should like to see them being beaten!'
I'Surely only the lowest class of Russians?' No, indeed: all classes���doctors, students everybody.' 'Were you
here when they did ii ?' 'Yes. They
went lirst lo one shop an.l then to
another.' " The truth is. as Miss Meakin discovered, the Russian Jew is hated by the government because he is a
nihilist, and by the people because he
is a usurer. Hence the startling sen-
t me Miss Meakin found in a book
she bought at a Russian bookstall:
"Wherever then' was a Jew there
\>. as an enemy of Russia."
If, as ' be papers gave us to understand, th ��� Jews were all  bul   exter-
, ited the oilier day in Odessa, the
slaughter  mus!   have been  prodigiou
��� ed.    ' A  Russian    business man,"
Miss  Meakin, "assured me that
50   1   .   c. i.i.  of  the   population    of
Odessa   (500, 1   were of the Jewish
i..e e, and lhal there was a synagogue
in almosl everj  street, 'There are,' hi
two kinds   of ,    ..    I   re    1 In
Karalm or Kalralte Jen s, descend -
[I  Pal.   'in.' i" e the
: Christ, :.i. ! the .lews, descend-
,,, ibese win. lefi afterwards.
The Kalralte Jews, who are In the
t ti Rj. are greatly liked by their
Russian   neighbors  for  Dieir  honesty,
anllne and kindliness of disposition. We cannoi get on with the
Lack  Money.
"Handsel" is the lirst money received
for the day ("luck money"), that which
Is given back "for luck" by tbe seller
to the buyer. Spilling upon it is the
essence of tbe whole transaction, and
It ls practiced today, not only all over
England, but all over tbe world. We
know from many classical authors
what virtue was believed by ancient
Greeks and Romans (see Totter, "Ar-
chaeol, Graec.," i., 41Tj to lie in the
act, and there is also abundant evidence of the belief all through tbe middle ages, and now in tho twentieth
century it remains as strong as ever.
Otto Jabn says: "I have often seen the
fishwives of Ellerbeck, when tbey had
got bandgeld from my mother, how
tbey spat upon It. They say that It
brlugs them besonderes gluck. They
will not tell tbe reason. Certainly it Is
done to keep off witchcraft." The same
thing Is done by modern Egyptians aud
by Italians. At Poslllppo I gave a
penny to a deaf mute. He first spat
on It, then put it to his forehead, and
lastly devoutly crossed himself with it,
precisely (except the crossing) as Is
done by modern Egyptians. Even in
faroff Celebes the natives spit in the
same way ns a protective rite.���Notes
and Queries.
His Expectation.
"I suppose," said bis friend, "thai
when tbe investigation takes place yoo
will be represented by counsel."
"V.-s," said tbe statesman, "and I
suppose I'll be misrepresented by tbe
opposing counsel."
Tlie Miclilahndt.
The deadly nightshade In Italy and
Spain is tbe emblem of falsehood.   It ls
pj-obable Ihat the poisonous character
of the plant bad something to do with
Columbia St.        Sign, Man on Wheel.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING, istlliiiii-; and
Ornamental   Iron   work,   including
Fences, Dates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence invited.
Menkln   paid   a  surprise  visit
i , Tol itoi,  and  was  received  by  the
Rust Ian  ai 1 tie  with  his  usual  sim
large proportion of the pie and cordial kindliness. She quotes
The   new   comers   will   from   Mine,   Benl/.oil's  book  upon   him
),'  111
1. ache
.11 the
' the   C
the titerararj likes and dislikes he
confided to her. "He is a greal admirer ol Rousseau; lie does not sufficiently appreciate Zola, while tor
Kipling be has nothing bul contempt.
To him the greatest writer of fiction
was Charles Dickens, while the altruism of George Ellol touched a re-
simnsive chord In his heart, He poured out all his wrath upon Kipling,
special train which whose pugnacious Imperialism he
I'. It. depot at 9:50 and loathed, Ho denied him even talent,
newcomers   are   trom which, to be sure, was going too far."
of   the   easl   and   while   ���],,  M{8S   yie.ikin  herself Tolstoi  said:
Ii cate tor the most pari along the
1 oi line from Moose .law to Calgary.
; n ! along the C. and E. from Calgary
1. Bdi '.ui',m. The large partj of
English people who went wesi this
mornlug went through tee Calgary.
On the tollov Ing day the Free Press
published this additional Information;
Nearly one thousand homeseekers
tn rived    irom    eastern   Canada last
"When WatcllC- AVert-  !*ew.
At first the watch was about the size
of a dessert plate, li bail weights and
was used as a "pmLet clock." Tbe
earliest known use of the modern name
occurs in the record of _562, which
mentions that Edward VI. had "one
larum or watch of iron, the ease being
likewise of Iron gill, with two plummets of lead." Tbe lirst watches may
readily be supposed (o have been of
rude execution. The lirst great Improvement, the substitution of springs
for weights, was in lr.r.o. The earliest
springs were not coiled, but only
straight pieces of steel. Early watches
had only one band, and, being wound
up twice a day, they could nut be expected to keep time' nearer than fifteen
or twenty minutes in the twelve hours.
I'be- dials were of silver or brass. The
eases had no crystals, but opened at
tlie back anil front nnd were four or
five inches in diameter. A plain watch
cost the equivalent of $1,600 in our cur-
leii. y, anil after one was ordered it
took a venr to make it.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Trl.   113. Office.   Eighth   Street.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
i Comn er    .   i itman :,t   ��� ir  ;g Short-
i hand, aphy   an I   Engineering
(Civil, Ma   i Statioi ary | ' lourses.
��� ���   BEST ei'
BEST   ef
1:.   '.  SPROTT, !:..\..  Principal,
II   A. Si';.;'. EN, B.A., Vice Princi] ....
BEGBIE K 1 Kl'.l-. 1.
Westminster. i\ U.
For Sale!
Entire Stock and
Fixtures of the
Toronto Candy Co.
Including all Candies, Soda Fountain,
Show discs. Cash Register (Cost $150)
Tables,   Chairs,   Counters,   Shelving.
Must be Sold by April 1, 1906
Apply Mrs. Ketas,
165 Columbia St., New Westminster.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
la de livered
art of Die City.
pi   mp! ly   to  any
Light and Heavy Hauling
Barn 'pnone 137
I M'l'ice 'I'll.me IV,.
B. C. Land
Cllard  Block.   New Westminster.  B.C.
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms arc (ash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS   $11.00   TO   $13.00
TliOS. ELLIOTT, Manager,
Uox w.r,, N��-w Westminster,
for Circular and Mention the 1 lai . N
J. c
I Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
most ol iii.an wore Ontarlons, and
people from the Maritime Provinces,
there wen also several French-Canadian families,
Nearly all appeared to be well to
.le, an.l mil ot confidence Cor a good
" 'The la-i   foreigners to call on  nie
were two ..iio-i ii-;iii ministers who Inui
never read Emerson ami never heard
of Channing, Parker   ami   Thoreau!
���  " are mi' days ot telephones ami
" fieialiie.  People  miss tlie besl   of
i'i,lure.   There wero a largo number ot nre, Whal  Is more precious than   to
able    bodied,    Intelligent     appearing know and to study the works ol H,"
young in.'ii. many siut,l\ men of ml.
tlh   age. anil  sonic  wilh  Ilie snows of
many white, crowning their wrinkled
brows. There were many of lhe
gentler sex among ihe greal contingent. Young i;iris. sprightly maidens,
comely matrons ami venerable
mothers, of course there wen- many
children among ihe crowd, whole
families, Journeying together to a new
I.'.me on Ihe plains. The walling of
infants in nriiis mingled wllh lhe gen
era! hub-bub,
Tlie wall ini; room was tilled With
clly   people,     inane     ot     whom   were
anxious i.. find former friends among
the   Settlers      Tlie   homo aoekers   had
I.: puss clown narrow aisles of packed
humanltj and brave tho inspection of
n,nny curious eyes.    Tills whh a some
wlini trying experience lo some of the
;n rivals.
One train wan made up ut 11 o'clock,
nnd proceeded on lu way to Calgary,
Home passengers  win   drop   off   at
various    points    and    ninny     will  go
>.i might through. The large number
remaining lu  the city for the nlghl
W8r8  dispersed   to   various     holels  or
made comfortable in the lower wail
li.g room.
The llrsi train oonslsted of 18
coaches and  lhe second of ifi.   The
train Which  Wen'   wesl  last  night  ear
nnd 11 coaches. Many of the home-
Keekers, especially families, en route,
traveled In tourisl curs.
���iul;. great?'
"Then Counl Tolstoi changed the
mibjei i  .mil told us a pr.ii>  English
m    Nun I lean    he  was  nol   sure  which
legend aboul the Great Bear, There
was once a mile girl whose mother
sen! in i to the brook t.. fetch thence
water In a wooden howl with a long
handle, iuu each time the little girl
filled   lhe   howl   she   found   sonic    one
elae wanted to drink trom lt, and she
had ue refill It, and refill It, and every
tlmi   I he refilled ll  the good fairies, lo
n wani  the kindliness of  ber heart,
c ham;.'.!   the   howl   from     wood     Inlo
bronze, und trom bronze Into silver,
and trom silver Inlo gold, and from
Rl Id   it liainonil.   Hill   lhe   dazzling
diamond Vow! was too beautiful tor
earth and was translated to the sky.
where li shines   hi til   today   as   the
deal   Hear."
Miss Meakin found Ilie ceinelery of I
the English men und officers who fell
liny years nun iii tin- siege of Sevastopol a contrast to that where Prance
Interred 80 generals, 2,000 offtoera
and 88,000 soldiers. Not one single
flower blossomed in the French cemetery, whereas the English, owing to
the  ceaseless  care of un  old  (lerinan
gardner and his iwo assistants, was
a ported blaze of the loveliest flow
ers. When Miss Meakin offered this
dear old   man  n   ruhle  lie declined     ll
gracefully, "Thanh  you, inn   i  never
i rolling IPor Tnrpon.
It Is not easy to hook a tarpon while
trolling, fur his mouth is very hard,
says Julian A. Dimock in Country l.ifo
In America, and much skill may doubtless here be shown. In the playing of
the fish the work Is about the same as In
still fishing save that more care must be
used, ns the book Is probably not firmly
imbedded. An old fisherman told me that
ho liked to be sure of Ills llsh anil so
preferred still fishing, but to my mind
lt Is one of tlio objections to that method. Another anil stronger objection is
the disturbance of my reelings In thinking thai I nm pulling against a fish's
"lu'ai'ils."    If tlm line ili.es break Hi"
chance ot the victim's being abie to
free himself from the hook Is pi-olleni-
atleal, while ln trolling it is iho vork
of a minute after the strain is ofi the
line ti ut 11 a sure iiu.iilli ls the oi.ly
symptom remaining,
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc.
| At Cost for Cash
I A visit to our store will convince everybody that we I
���~ \.'i��.I',-.,.........     .-..Tl       I fr,        l...!,...,,.^-,.,..,  ,,.,..< I   , . ..     ..,.11 A   . . 1. .       J   1 I 1 J I I' . 1 f        11 ' ,��       *  ,   '       1 /,.
Tltc- lir.M'k   Nympo-luiii.
The Greek symposium was literally
"drinking together," but before the
drinking fully began tlierc was a banquet, more or less elaborate, as the
wealth nnd taste of the host might dictate-. Tho guests eniiio In their best.
Even old Socrates, Plato tells us In bis
"Dialogue" on tho subject, waB not
iibovo taking a little extra pijlns when
lie was Invited out. Somo one met him
tine day In (bo market place, "freHh
from tiie.iuitii and sandaled," and as
the sight of tho Niiiulals was unusual,
he asked hlm whither ho was going
that be was so tine.  "To a banquet at
Agatlum's," be replied, "and I bnvo put
on my finery became he Is a Hue creature. What say you to going with ine
Property flollf.l Mont.
To boll meat so as to retain Ilie juices
Sail soluble salts unci yet cook It suf-
Clently It should be plunged Into boiling water and boiled rapidly for about
ten minutes, After tills fast cooking
the kettle must lie pushed over to tho
back of tlie tire, where lis contents wlll
Simmer gently. This tends to coagulate the outer rind of tlio meat so that
the juices cannot escape.    If meat  Is
treated In this manner the Inside win
be found juicy and tender, but If tlio
meat Is allowed to boil lt will be found
hard anil chippy, Iho goodness having
all boiled out of It.
Very neat 5c to 7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
9 in, borders to match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-_,e, LOc, 12 L-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices
Sale prices
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd
Sale prices, per yard
25c to 40c
12 l-2c lo 20c
12 1-2 to 20c
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful  line   of  American
regular $1.50 a roll: Sale price
lS-in.    Frieze to  match;    regular
pressed goods;
75c a roll
c per yard
20c a yard
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. We
have just, opened a line line ol* (ierman goods which
\ ill be sold at cost.    Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
10c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good stall" of papcrhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
JDMlCjM JL K-Jm    a3
808 Pender St., Vancouver
Opp. People's Theatre.
Same Prices Apply to^Mail
ii ���HBSdW!__E51
Orders ��� TUESDAY,    MARCH    20.    1906
t::z _3Ai!_Y news
Say Pat, what is
S.   W.    Pe?
Why it me ms Sherwin Williams Prepared Paints
Kirk's Hardware.
Local News Briefly Told
Accident Insurance Policy Free to the firh.'t
one hundred people between the ages of lb'
and 60 who will call at our Store for same.
It is not necessary to make a  purchase.
Wholesale and retail. 23b   Columbia   St
I . W. E. FALES   f
H Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. jjj
��� Tt       �� .          W
$ ���:
!���!     Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,     ��i
4 Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. |
{���; Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. :���;
!���! Picture Framing. Ijl
li Columbia Street.     -'    Telephone 176. $
_L ti '*'
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B, C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Is a'fine, tough quick
drying, durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Varnishes, Oils, etc., is unusually complete and includes the best known
brands. Nothing cheap bul the price.
Try us next time you nt-i-.l anything
in our line. Try a can of Jap a Lac,
T.J. Trapp & Co,_4
Columbia ���Street,
The Leading Jeweler
EverylhliiK I" th*"- Jewelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable for all  occasions.
t oiiitniii.i  Street.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
Telephone 97.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amounl  of I'ollc'los now In for re 9X066(11 |44,UUU,UOO.OO
Amounl  of Assets,  l.-Klllinali' n ml noli.I. now 6X066(18 ltJ,OUU,UUO,00
I  This i.s a oompony ol policy-holder., by policy-holders, for policy-
. holders.
..  OUR MUT'l'O!    inn largest amounl ot Assurance for tho Least
' POSsll.le oul lav.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phono 8b.
The Ramona look out a large con-
I'lmi'iii of lumber today for Chilli
wack dealers.
A large consignment of oakum
came in on the C. P. R. today for
local hardware dealers.
t F. 6. Gamble, c'liicf engineer of the
public works department, ot Victoria,
paid the city a shorl visit today.
-Mrs. il. Boyce, wlio inis been visiting her uncle, Mr, Pummell, of Wis.'
road, lefl  today on a visii to Seattle,
Mrs. j. Henley in.s returned from
her visit io Mrs. A. Crulckshank, at
The governmenl patrol boat, the
Georgia, left today for Nanaimo to assist the government fisheries officer at
thai point In some of his duties.
Wanted���Ten .salesmen and one
casjiler, Apply tonight between 7 and
S p, m. at New" Westminster Clothing
Co., Columbia street.
Th.. Milkmaid, witie Capt, Butter-
ii-hi al the helm, went doWn 'lie river
toihiv on he; tiisl lisli purchasing expedition 6t this season. The fish wlll
be marketed with the B. ('��� Packers.
.Mrs. I". W. Aitwiehe received news
yesterday that her nephew, "Willie Au-
v.'iciie, a hni of 16 who was a resident
here all lasi summer, had suddenly
died al liis home in Chatham, Ont.
Hull Inspector Collister was expected in the city today, and was billed to
continue liis journey as tar as -Mill-
side- to officially inspect the Steinbek,
i nd   ascertain   whether   she-  is   fit   Jeer
Frank Trapp was one of the Ila-
mona's down river passengers this
morning. He look with him a horse
and hiiRBv with which io ,lo some j
overland travelling.
Freddie Wilder, aged 10 days, son
0! Wilbur 11. Wilder of Mission, died
Sunday afternoon In the Royal Colum-
I an hospital. The body was shipped
i i Mission al 3: 15 yesterday after-
i mm where interment took pla. ��� in
the evening.
W. W. Forester, accompanied by
Manager F. It. Glover, of the B, C,
I:: ol vie Railway company, lefl on the
2:30 tram for th. Burnabj power
in.ns.-. to appraise the loss sustained
bj ih" company in the lire of Sunday
. ornlng lasi.
An unusual Blghl was seen on Fronl
'   :  today, when William Webster,
the  ulghtwatchman  on  the  C.  P.  N.
f, was leading a mine deer about.
captured last  fall ���<1
��� -ii made quite a pi I.
ft.   \veril. the manager of the New
Westminster  i reamerj,  has   rel urned
I "'.i   hli    VlSil   to   the  si.He:-,  and   has
a'   his  sen  and  daughter-in-law
'ii reside in this city with him.
Tlie Schaake Machine works have
on the turning lathe today a huge
wm.den cover 8 feci in diameter and
two Inches thick, which' when completed, will protect the pump which Is
in course of oonslruction for the gov
ernment dredge, the King Edward,
in order io meet the growing n Is
of the foundry, the Schaake Mahclne
Works companj is clearing the ground
in the nar of the present foundry,
aiid will build in such a manner as to
5lve  an  extra   floor  space  of aboul
:inxl!ll  feel.
Mac'' Cniikshaiik. nephew of .1. W.
Macdonald Iho local agent of the Do-
Imoiin  znna  kuiia  ctnfw  shr cnil'wlun
n inion Express company, left for
chllllwack yesterday on a visit to a
brother In that town.   Mr. Crulkshank
Is on the staff of the Northern l'acilic
Express company In Seattle, and ls at
present on a holiday tour.
While .1. M. Marshall, !h.' builder
and  contractor,  was  at   work   putting
Un- finishing touches on it. J. Hall's
residence on lhe cornel' of Sixth si reel
ami Fourth avenue, shortly before
noon ilils morning, he suddenly fainted   and   remained   in   an   unconscious
condition so long thai the watchers
Men' on Hu- point of calling medical
aid.     lie,  however,  gradually  oame
hack   lo   consciousness,   nililwns   con-
veyed home in a buggy,
l'lie    A.   II. C.   Packer's    lllli;e    pile
drivei' is ta si approaching completion,
The   donke.   engine    has heen sel  up
The donkey engine lias heen su!  up
In Ilie deck bouse on the scow and Is
Dboul   ready   for  business.  Tho  fninie
work of the pile driving section   Is
almosl ready for ereotlon on lis lull 'tided place on Ihu fore part of the
scow and will lie the largest and
most powerful machine on tho coast.
The lower will he CH feet high and
lhe liuniiuor will weigh In Iho neighborhood of 400 pounds. Tlio machine
will llrsi he used In liiilldlug u Imp
J idle for her owners.
Quests     registered   at   tile   (iulclion
hotel today nre:   N. s. Loughoed, Porl
| Moody: W. Woodward, M. Gallon, 11.
M. Iloullhee, C. II. Vincent, Vnncoii
ver: T. P. llowan, Hamilton, Oul.; ,1.
T.  Chlcoln,   Vancouver:   W   10.  Adams,
! Victoria: ('has. IO. Ilrown, ltoslon; A.
McKachcrn. Blaine; w. Foster, Aim-
corics:   11.   11.   Chapman,   Vancouvei';
ii. a. Nichols, Seattle) it. L, Beaultsu,
Vancouver; It, S. Phillips, Spokane;
ED,   A.   Slsson,   Paelilla,   Wash;   It.   T.
Bradley, Anaoortes, wash.; lly. Dun-
lull, Victoria: A. T. Houston, Mon-
licnl; Rev. .1. Muxwcll, IlundiiR, Onl.;
Rev, Dr. Whlttlngton, Vnncoitvci'; T.
A. NorrlS, wife and child, Vernon;  F.
M.   Logan,  Victoria;  J.
Vernon;  M. 1'. Wil    a
S.  Gardolpl
Men are at work Improving the ra
way   i rack   which   runs  through    tii
yards al the*Royal Cltj  mills.
��� u
Another  Pair From the Sound  Mctr;
polis Search for and  Find
Allot h
preferred ii
New Westminster' for their
r oi' Seattle ICVSrfi .'.ii
romantic atmosphere i
ceremony,   arrived   in   Un-  city   las
evening and started oui in search of
an obliging clergyman.    They wandered around on  the hill  lor some time
and finally towards tlie main thorough
fare again    with    disappointment    i
their  minds.     On   (lie  way  down   lie
hill  they spie-,1  st.  Andrew's churcl
standing in the full glare of an elei
trie   lamp,   ami   then   found   the   res
iience of Rev. .1. S. Henderson, win
tied the knot and bent them happll
on their way as man and wife. Fra.nl
Phillips and Miss Edith Martin wen
the contracting parties, They were
accompanied by Mr. ami Mrs. M.  B.
Dennis,   also   of   Seattle.
"tt hr-re  Mini',  Indue.,, ,-   |.  Fatal.
Man Is the only animal which ls always accompanied by disease except
those creatures that are his companions
and share his patronage. There is reason to believe that the denizens of the
forests, the veld, the rivers and tbe
ocean, so far as they escape man's influence, live, with hardly an exception,
healthy lives. Chronic ailments begin
with man's protection in the dairy,
stable and kennel. Man has created
artificial conditions with which the
"thousand ills that flesh is heir to" are
associated. It ls now liis supremo task
to brlug these conditions into harmony
with the laws of his being. Sickness
and debility are uot to be regarded as
natural and inevitable parts of our
heritage, hut as the fruits of rebellion
against nature's laws, and therefore to
be got rid of. If tlie humnn family
dwelt In ventilated houses, breathed
pure air, lived temperately, with little
or no alcohol, and took dally exercise
iu the open, lt would perhaps know
little more of gout, rheumatism, cancer, fever, lumbago, dyspepsia, asthma aud the host of Infectious troubles
than do the lower animals.���London
An Old  'X ���- o -  Wasx.
A curious relic of tbe old days of the
paper duties which so much hampered
journalistic enterprise In the first half
of the nineteenth century ls the fiist
number of Berthold's Political Handkerchief, being a news sheet printed
on cotton fabric Instead of paper. It
ls da tod London. Saturday, Sept 8,
1S31; price, fourpeuce. And the letterpress, which Is fairly legible, Is as remarkable as tlie material on which it ls
printed. The tone of this news rag Is
Intensely radical, but it reproduces the
order of ceremonial to be observed at
the coronation of King William IV. and
Queen Adelaide on the following
Thursday, and it is announced that a
proclamation to tlie people of Europe
will appear In our "next cotton." It
Is embellished with a medallion woodcut of Napoleon crossing tlie Alps, but
the Ink In this pictorial effort wns too
much for the cotton, and the Alps are
ln a fog and tho emperor, onhoq^ebuck,
Tre-.- aL^'r"~>*' ��� London Mail.
LOST Mon,lai.   a   small,   long-haired
poodle; ansv. rs in the name of
Dodo; anyone returning li to Mrs.
tl. Munday al Sapperton, will i.e
suitably rewarded,
LOST���Child's white fur, Fourth avenue or Tenth street    Please return
to Mrs. iioo.i, sixih street, between
Third am! Fourth avenues,   Reward,
.".I   Sixth street.
WANTED���Aged   lad,'
child,    (loud  home
Apply   News office,
For  Sale   old  papers
wrapping up parcels, etc.
io  look   after
i  right   person.
suitable  for
Apply News
ROOMS  TO   LET-  Apply  lo  JIB  Car
iiarvon sir.vt, near sixth street,
WANTED���-Second  hand  Chatham  In
cul.nlor and brooder,   Box 5B7,Clty,
on Saturday from residence at Seventh street nnd Third avenue, n fox
terrier puppy, about two months old,
spot on hack and head and spots over
both eyes. Howard will he paid on
return to k. ii. Lyle, Royal Bank of
Stanching In Conffre-a.
Visitors in Washington nearly always
call upon the congressman from their
district, and the latter, If of hospitable
turn, frequently invites them to luncheon   ln   the   congress   restaurant,   a
privilege highly prized by the average
visitor.  Once a number of women call- i
ed  upon a  wealthy  congressman  anc}
were  duly  invited  to  have  loncher,n
with him,  which  they  promptly  -and
glacll.3 accepted, and when seated pro.
C-ceded to order a-lnncheon sob.",tajjtlal
enough  for day  laborers.   Wii��n  Q.e
check for the luncheo* wiiS ijUmied to
the congresi^ian and he handed a bill
for t_,e amount to the waiter, one of the
Women remarked that she thought congressmen did not have to pay for their
Heals there or she would not have or-
lereu' so much. The congressman, says
lie nar"ator. explained that paying for
lincheons was 0,le or "ie pleasant priv-
leges which ���v.'t're sti" permitted to the
congressmen bv J" '"diligent government and that it wa_' oue wllkh the-T
especially enjoyed.  "Ana  Tisitors helP
t)s enjoy it, too," he added.
Hr,w About that Sideboard ?
Our line is complete.    We k
line   Al   Large   Elm   Board
i :> splendid (t��| (���
from,   each, $!��) Up
lave two or three splendid large Extension
tables, regular $17.50 and $18.00 lines, we are clearing out at $12.50.
You may need one.    Don't miss this opportunity.
We sell Liquid Veneer   makes old furniture look
new- 10c. and ;">()c per bottle.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,   Uupont   Block,
Confawlon mid Infection.
The terms contagion sn.l infection
are too often used promiscuously,
though they are by nor means synonymous. The dissemination of mycotic
diseases takes place in different ways.
There are those which cannot be communicated from person to person, but
spread only by tlio mlerobic cause Invading the individual. To this class belong malarial fevers produced by spas-
mnilia. There are, secondly, those
which are not communicable from person to person, but through external carriers only, such as soil, wal-r, food,
air, Clothing and utensils. To that class
belong yellow fever and Asiatic cholera. They are Infectious. There are,
finally, those which may be transmitted
directly from a person or Indirectly
through carriers. To this class belong
���tsarlet fever, measles, diphtheria, variola, influenza, erysipelas aud varicella,
jierhaps also whooping cougb, They
are contagious and infectious.
Headquarters for
Fruits and Vegetables
aRva.es    depend     on getting    the
Pftill  at the lowest prices here. Fines!   Naval
1 ���-'   quality
���' "s. 25c per
,.'����ii;  WasHrrgton' Apples and Coldstream  Ranch
coanui.*,  10c each.
Vegetables   ��� Freshes!     ami best  Asparagus, :
Radishes, 5c per bunch; celery, 15c   per head;
5c per lb;  Rhubarb, 3  lbs. for25c.
. e.nriln_ Custom* of Slam,
In Blam tlie lighting of a cigar indicates a betrothal. In that country a
person wishing to become engaged to
the girl of his choice offers her a flower
or takes a light from a cigar or cigarette if she happens to have one in ber
month, and thereupon, provided there
ls no impediment, steps are at once taken to arrange for the payment of the
dowry. The families of the bride aud
bridegroom have each to provide a considerable sum. In Calabria, as In
many parts of India, a lighted taper or
a lighted pipe betokens the acceptance
of the suitor for the band of a lady In
marriage. Iu Siberia it is tlie custom
that when a suitor has been accepted
by ti girl she presents hlm with a box
of cigars and a pair of slippers as a
sign that he is to bo master in the
le. ie..,'-.  Pnncnkc Women.
One of the familiar sights on the
Btreets of a Japanese town is tlie pancake woman, who, with her little brazier of coals and her tiny frying pan, is
usually found on a comer not far from
a school, She lias a bowl full of delicious baiter, a ladle an.l a cake turner,
and there Is apt to be a hungry crowd
around her liltlo stand as soou as
school Is out, for not many of the chll-
dren are able to resist the smell of the
crisp pancakes, at least If they have
any money. For a small coin worth
only a fraction of one of our pennies
a child may fry and turn his own
cakes, and happy is the one who has a
number of coins in his little kimono
sleeve nnd can fry aud eat to his
heart's content.
ollieial  Corrri*|>ontleace.
A fourth class postmaster���and he
doesn't live ln Rillvillc���sent the following to headquarters lu Washington:
"This wil make three times that I've
told you I'm laid up with a bad leg,
bavin' shot myself in tho left leg���the
one that was wounded In the war-
while I wuz tryln' to kill a squirrel for
my breakfast, and I will not be besides, I don't git much holiday nohow !"-
ttilenoed  Him.
A. Kansas City woman tells this story ou her husband to demonstrate the
Inferiority of the masculine mlud. One
morning as her husband was sitting
down to tho breakfast table he glanced
nt tlio dining room clock and said,
"Wo must be later than usual this
morulug." "Don't place too much confidence In that clock. It stopped ut C
o'clock this morning, and I just set It
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
The Westminster Lacrosse Club
Will lie llelil ill the
Friday, March 23rd,' 06
At 8 P.M..
o'clock this morning, and 1 just set It ' -,���. -.        -, ^
going   by   guess."   replied   the   good j J^Vei'y DOCiy        bOIYie.
"Were you up at 5 o'clock'.'" usked
the husband.
"Of course not."
"What time did you say the clock
"At 5."
"If you weren't up ut ,"i," replied the
man, wllh a puzzled look, "how lu
thunder do you know when tho clock
stopped V"
"Why, dear, It stayed stopped," wim
tho reply. Tho man did uot say un-
othi-r word that monilnir.-
Made on
City Real Estate
lit-   MlniHMler-tooil.
Mr. Simpson   Sam. Is It true that you
confiscate your neighbors' chlc_M_a1
Btun���No, mill; I frlenzees 'em.
Bo sure'no man was ever discontented Willi the world who did his duty In
It- Southey.
��� ���::���:>:.���:��::���::���::���::���::���::���>::�����:�����_��:
| Money Saved is  l*��<raey  Earned I
n S
Are you taking ad van lai;
Specials?   If not, you ar
Our special last Sal urday v
from the quantity we sold.
It will nay you to take advantage of our special
next Saturday.   Watch for it.
' our Saturday
osing money.
i a winner, judging
GROCER : : :
| Columbia Strcot. New Westminster.
For a term of years, repayable in monthly installments, with the
privilege of making excess payments on principal each month.
Straight Loans
Can be arranged on first
class City Real Estate
up to 40 per cent, of the
Farm Loans
We loan freely on Improved Farm Lands,
giving special privileges
to the borrowers in the
matter of paying off, or *
partial repayment of
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year tliti Finest Crops in B.
li. were produced trom our seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
B.-K. S50
Burnaby Municipality
F.J. HART & CO.,
During   the   time   of   mai:itll   the
n.'.sessment the ofiice will lit) closed
ouch Tuesday, Thur��'m end Friday,
nniit Feb, 20 to M:i.'ci ii, ootii in.
c'uslvo. ���   _
���orbing  work, with  its,  to  a  eertan
.Ment,   GOB-pensatng   advantages, to
! my duly-appointed, younger, and well-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i qualified slice.'ss..iI
  "ln  February,    1863,    under  Mark
About Two Hundred of Them Attend   Lemon's wise and genial rule, and in-
the School at Queen's troduced   with   a   memorable,   hearty
Wei...me    from   William    Makepeace
I Tiincki'.u.,   I   m.i,le-  my   lirsi   appearance amongst    the    members of the
To anyone  who  lias    children,  or staff at  thai period assembled round
:nyone who takes an interest in th
Seattle's   New   Mayor   Issues   His   Orders  to the  Police
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, an.l the minister may re-
li$2��*. serve  for  an   individual  or company
      ^5"^"* .,...;������ machinery on the land to be
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal  ^^"^J , ,  [g20 lcres for;
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in  prospi   tcu, _
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
practical .'.nation of children, there
can lie in. more pleasing Blghl than
i ial wiii is in be v.iiiies.se,i iii the
mineral hall at Queen's Park, on any
- Tool day, that is from Monday at
:��� a. in. to Friday at 3:30 p. m., the
dinner hour excepted, where there are 	
tome   20   hoys   hard     at     work   with  The   Strict   Espionage   That   Is   Exer
noarl  and soul and -every thought in- cised Over Them,
tent on the work before them.
.-. ntatIves  of    Mr.   Punch's
grasp bands, I id  fi i ewell, and
:..    exit.    Bon  soir, la c impagnie!"
such  period   as  he  may  decide,  tlu
length ol which sh ill i   I exceed three
i th,
pector  discover  oil    n   paying  quantities,
discovery, an an i   ding  640
acres, including the  -  '  well,  will be
sold  t -at the  rate of
-Si an acre, and : der of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   i_8o   exct
___, ^TT>, __ ________    . will In- sold at the rate of $.; an acre,
en-     QUARTZ���Persoi        oi     eighteen subject t0 royaity at such rate as may
tie years and over and joint stock^com-  ,K, specified Dy 0rder in Council.
W. \\, CI IKY.
Deputy of tlie  Minister  of the  In-
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual  or  company.      Royalty at
the past month ami reflects great
credit on Profe'^or Nelson who is in
charge of it. Every detail and every
appliance that can be arranged for the
convenience anil Instruction of the
pupils has .been curried out, and a
I.11.T fitted workshop for the work
i" he done would be hard to find.
The  benches  are  each     fitted  out
v,ith a perfect    kit of tools, exactly
Seattle, Wash.,    March    IU.���Mayor
Mr. Punch's council board.   In Febru-   William  Hickman  Moore    Issued    an  the rate of ten cents per ton of .'000
pry, 1906, I l.ow to the present repre-   order  to  the   police  department   this  pounds shall be collected on the -
council, I afternoon   Insisting  upon  the closing output
oi  all gambling games and  the
I nii'iii   of  the    law  against
saloons. slot machines wlll not he allow. -.1 but the new mayor Is not so
insistent on dice shaking when the
hazard is a cigar or a drink. Uul, he
will enquire Into even (his diversion
.1.-  soon as possible.
The   saloons   will   be   compelled   to  $50 to $100 per annum for a companj
conform  strictly    to    the    ordinance  according to capital.
A free miner, I.t ing discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
���500x1500  feet  by   marking  out  the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     The young girl I Ani'Viea is singn
This   school   has   been   running   for   ( ir|v  ,,ni-osTi:iiii.'.l  in  her  Movements
albeit there is so much stress laid up- ^^^^
f    ,   ,.1,.,, ,���,,n   111,011   pm Hinting   closed    bllXe-s
on  the  presence of a  cliupcion upon 1 >
panies holding free miners' certil
may obtain entry [or a mining
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more ye rs, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance oi $7 ."������
per annum for an individual, and from
I)' pt   Interie
ind    they
men occasions as usage or etiquette I must also prevent women from loiter-
demand iti __, what  is .his pretense  tag aboul or from working In estab-
 ,.       ,.(,i, ���.),..,   /ishini'iits  where  intoxicating    liquors
of espionage m comparlso,   .win wnai
tb,   young  woman  of  Sicily  must   en-; al't'  Mid.
1   . i- ���f clew-how       Mavtir  Moore  will  nol   attempt    to
dure, according to a book of .Ketones ���
Published in collaboration by two Bng- close  the  ����1"����s  on   Su��,la>'s  m  to
lis), authors'   According to this au- toree a general    1    o'clock    closing ^^      ^^
thoritv   the young woman who conies  movement.  If  the saloons obey    the  ditional   day   allowed   for   every
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days ii ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one acl-
adapted to the work thai  the pupil 1st     ,,v  Uu, ,lav  ,���",,��� ���ewing brings uj <>���'<'''  orders   for   ..'form   it   Is   proha-   ditional  ten  miles  or .fraction
expected to do, and every step of that   ,,,,.���,,���      S;lIeswon,en  in   the  shops N  there  "111   be  no  effort   made  to  fee for recording a claim   1 ��
v.ork is graded, from the first simple  ,,.,'.'���,���  aUow���, ,��� g0 ah  to a cits-  -.force  the  closing  laws,  bnt  if his      At   east ��00 must be expended on
pattern  ,0  the    tlna.    climax  of the  ���,������,, house, ������. matd  servants are orders    for    Improvements    are    not  Je  claim  ea        e r 0    P   d to the
pupil's  ambition.    The tools s lied   ���,,  IlllllWHl ���, I - their emplo, ers' j - ��yed Hteru I* J. J*,��    1   g-jJ^J upended or paid, the  ^JtaTS'ttalS
to each bench are a small tenon saw, h0UBe8    unprotected,    even to go to|����t upon a rigid ooeaienee   ot   "Mj     tor may   upon having a survey ��'    Q ,      Lul,
regulative statues. ^ aml up0_ complying w���h other   ��m��'tion   winnipeg
Before he takes any action cm the  requirefflC���ts,   purchase   the   land   at thr,cn,., authority
bonds of    those    saloon    proprietors ��, 00 an acre.
whoso licenses    were  granted   in    a      Permission may be granted by the
blanket ordinance,  Mayor  Moore will j Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate
three chisels, rule, gauge, bench hook, c)lureb| according to an agreement en-
Jack plane and a vice, and each pupil ,,,,., ,, ���p0- ���]���.��� the matd j* hired.
keeiis and leaves his bench In good wh,,n ., young gj-i is p.fi alone at
Older nnd perfectly clean, so that the llume she is |oek( 1 Into the bouse by
pupil who conies after him may have ,,.,. parents.
everything in good order. Indeed bo
much is this attended to thai within
15 minutes of the close of the lesson
there was not a sign ot Bawdusl 01
shavings to be seen.
There are about 200 boys taking
the technical course and they come up
In classes of 20 once b week so that
tbi whole 200 have one lesson a week
each, each lesson lasting aboul three
The plan of education adopted here
is to let the pupil work from a drawn
plan, and work to Bcale, each plan being drawn to a given scale und the
pupil bringing oul liis work to thai
bi ale.     The  plans   are graduated   ac-
-,   ,       ,1,111,   t-cionemient vouns I '00k Into the law personally.   He will claims containing iron and mica, also
\ha(  would the Inuepenoeni .\0u11g ������_._  ;,, ,i,��� Viik-.m Terntorv, of an
have  before  him  the  bonds  rejected  copper, in the Yukon 1 erruury,
area not exceeding 160 acres.
 n ol A rie-u think of such assiduous oversight upon their actions
is that enjoyed (?1 by the fair maids
of this beautiful little three cornered
il land  off the const  of Italy?
As .1 mailer of fact, few American
girls realize bow many liberties they
enjoy.    F   from  the   English   nur-
si ry s. stem before her debut: free us
.-. rule to choose her own husband, un-
! 1 ��� ruo I of her European sisters; alio. - ''. fairl ��� unn si: Icted companionship with 'li" opposite sex and alto-
geiai :   coi   Idered   as   the  com) union
id . 11. nd '���! her po 1 eni . surely she
ought    to   ;i|.pi 1 eiaii     ber    liberty.���
by   Mayor   Ballinger   on   tlio   ground
thai    the   licenses   were   granted   ilie-'
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
26, not reserved, may be homestead) I
by any person who is the sole head ol
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of 160 acres more or less.
Kntry may be made personally at
the local land office for the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on ap-
ster of the Inter-
tor, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
g or the local
gent receive aiunomy for some one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the lan.l in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. VV. & Y. RY.
Daily NEW Daily
1      .���    WESTMINSTER   Arriv 1
9._uarh Blaine,  Belling   I  in
I.:.'." pm ham,     Burling 9:20 pm
ton,    Mt,    v
non.      Eve ''ll.
tie        and
4:.:.", pm Spokane,      St.|3:00 pm
ran!    mil    all
points   East.
9.20 am Anacortes,
Woolley,     and
3:00 pm Vancouvei
9:20 pm
3:00 pm
9:20 am
I  36 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul. Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth Chicago, St.
Louis and all points Blast.
For complete Information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
1'. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Dunk of Commerce liuilding.
New Westminster, B. C
S. C. YERKES, A. C. P. A���
Corner Becond Avenue and Columbia St., Beattle, Wash.
The   patent  for  a  mining  location
1 shall  provide   for   the   payment  ot"  a
gaily.  An  opinion   from    the  corpora-   Royalty 0f 2)ra per cent, of the sales
tion  counsel's    office    sustained    the  0f the products  of  the  location. re-;dc5  upon   a   farm  in   ihe   vicinity
license given W. F. Robb, but Mayor      PLACER MINING���Manitoba and q{ ^ .^ entered  for  the  require
Moore,  himself  an  attorney,  will  be the N. W. T., excepting the  Yukon
guided largely by his own reading of Territory: Placer mining claims generally arc 100 feet  square,  entry fee
$5, renewable yearly.    On the North
   Saskatchewan  River claims are cither
THE HUMAN  MIND. bar  or  bench,  the  former  being  too
 _ feet long an.l extending between high
It  Is a Wonderful Vehicle For  Rapid-   and low water mark.     The latter in-
eludes bar diggings, but extends back  ma;
Tl) SEND Y< il' OVER
Eight Train-  Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast Line
(Subject   to chnn:      v.
VTCTOR1 \ si  '���. i 1 1.1.   kui       I
Princi a 1 Be tt Ice 11
Leaves   POli     I ""   1   ��� nd    12   p.   I...
Leaves Victoria 9 p.m.
Anive Seattle 5
Leave   Se ..Ml.-   1)   IU   Till.
Arrive Porl Tows, nd
Arrive  Victoria 3.3U
s. ri. Princess vie to
Leave Vancouver i p. m.
Leave victoria i   i. in.
VICTORIA-NEW   V\ l-.s I m:,..-
KOI   1 !..
STlt. CI IA K.u I-.,;
Loaves  Vieloria,  1  a. in.,   I tii
and  Fridays.
Leaves   New   We.llllltlsl,T,   |
t/ednesdaj a and Baturd
Culling at   Maj lean  .1  Bti   ���   ton,
S.ri. .loan leaves .Nanaimo ua,
cepl   Saturday  and  Sunday, at
Baturday * a, tn.
Leaves     Vancouver     dally,    except
���'  turday and Sunday, at 1.30 p in.
Saturday 2.:;o p. in.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria   11   p.   m.   1st,  Huh
; and -Otll of each month  tor  Alien
; and way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of each month
for Quatslno and way points.
Leave Victoria 20th of eai b i
i for Cape' See.i;   and  '    pe
1 Ing  Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   New   We tmlni
Additional  trip  leaves  New
minster 6 a. m. Sunday,
Loaves   Steveston   Mond
day, Wednesday, Thui di
urday T a, m.    Friday 6 a, n
rJitlonal trip Sa urday 5 p. tn,
Steamer  Beaver.
the statues
and city charter.
,,,,,. -,-,, \,v  nu   FAME '-C'''V('   New   Westminster   8 a, to
__-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_-__     ,,      -e,,,-      ���   , -vnv., <���nV\:      I'll) MondayB, Wednesdays and   I
ments as to residence may be satisfied   I1II-.    NORTH-YVE_lJiK��,     i-m L*ave chilliwack 7 a. m.'1
bv such person residing with the fa-   Embodies the newest    :!';-;' ,,.,,;t. ^'/i;'. Thuri laj     and   B trda:   , ca
^^^^^ '       '-'���'"' '->" n �� landing   between   New   V ���
cording to the skill of the pupil, the I Philadelphia Ledger.
first one being simply a piece of wood  o-
ahout twelve incites long planed Io a
perfect rectangle ami marked off Into
inch spaces. The Intention of this
lesson is to Inculcate Into the pupil
tip> necessity of true measurements,
lliumee--. ���l Cocaine,
Cocaine, an alkaloid of cocoa leaves,
was discovered in IS.10, but remained
ln comparative obscurity until 1S84. In
minute doses, whether taken Internally
so that in the future' work everything! or used as a spray on mucous surfaces,
sl-all be exactly to pattern. Its effect ls wonderfully exhilarating,
When the pupil lias mastered the producing for a time the fresh and
difficulties of his first plan he is buoyant sensations of youth and per-
grsdually advanced to more difficult' feet health, that bavo apparently _ no
ones,  n  plan    and    drawing of each
unpleasant reaction, and therein lies
the explanation of the subtle and Irresistible power It quickly acquires
Over its victims, carrying them to the
very brink of destruction before they
article to he constructed with all the
measurements being given to each
pupil so that he may become accustomed to working to plans. The subjects gradually get harder and harder,
starting from the simple block of
wood and gradually working up by
I'.sy   stages,   such   as   I   llnwer   stick
with  -hampered    edges,    plant  label,   piete mental, moral and physical ruin.
champered siring winder, tea Bquare, . ���
'** of Action' to the base of the hill  or bank, not
A   flash   of   light   is   not   sluggish,  exceeding   moo   feet.     Where   -���   ti
sound  travels  rapidly, a  bullet   is no  power  is  used  claims  200  feet  wide
messenger  boy, and    an    automlblle may be obtained.
. _J    lli-e-i e ne in the Rivers oi Manitoba
which shoots a mile .,. twenty-eight     Jrcdging m ^^[mi, lhc, Vlt.
seconds is moving along certanly. kon Terrj.tory_A free miner may ob-
When it comes to getting over theLam on)y tw0 ieases of five-miles each
ground In a real hurry, however, to fnr ., term oi twenty years, renew-
eiovouring distance in dead earnest, ablc in the discretion of the Minister
the dreamer marches  proudly  at  the  of the  Interior.
head of the procession. He makes the The lessee's right is confined to the
very  latesf  thing In  the line of 160 submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent  year.     Royalty   same   as
and Chilliwack.
NORTHERN  B.  C   Ri d
S.   S.   Tees.
Leave t  Vai coui er  al   2       m.
and   16th of 1 ai h  me nth ?
ite on first, trip and 1;
ther or mother. for    COMFORT,    CONVENIENCE
(3)  If the settler lias his permanent   and   LUXURY,      lt   is   lighted   with
residence  upon   farming  land   owned  both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most
by him in  the vicinity of liis home-  brilliantly   illuminated   tram    in   the
stead, the requirements as to re iden 1   world.     The   equipment   con
be   satisfied   by   residence   upon  private   compartment   cars,
aid land 10 lection   sleepers,  luxurious  .luiing
Six months'notice in writing should  car, reclining chair car-  (seats free),   la on Becond trip.
be given to the Commissioner of Do-  modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li        'rimes   on   arrivals   and
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention  brary and smoking cars,
For Time Table ers, or any
further information .-.ill on or write
apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister  of  the   Interior.
ire      proximate.
For   Tickets,   resen
formation call on 01 addn
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, \
!���:. .1. COYLE,
horsepower racing cars look like hay
Railway Company".
7->o Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash | Aggti 0eu   paM   A^ui; yance
  ' : W. H. GARDINER,
New  Westminster,
Agent, New Westn
I Northern Pacific i
his chair after dinner and dozes.    He _ mmjng
awakes with a start and discovers, to      Placer  minim
^^^^^^^^^^^^1    Atlantic Kxpress  leaves   natty
la.40; has    first-class    sleepers
in  the   Yukon  Ter-   diners.
liis   surprise,   that   he   lost   conscious-  ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
ness for exactly three minutes by the claims  shall not  exceed   250  feet   in
have dreamed of danger.   Being a cu- | clock.    Yet In those three minutes be  length, measured on the base line or
mulatlve   poison,   the   first   warning '
symptom docs not appear until the
fatal chains are riveted that shall drag
them, horror stricken and powerless of
resistance, over tlie precipice to com-
iim ruler, round ruler, pen and pencil
stand, tool rack, to a bread board
h> yed and braced. All of these plana
en drawn 10 scale and have been prepared by .1. Dunn.'.id ...f the educational
department and are cur.'fully devised1
Foreign Flaitft In America.
The first flag to float over American
Boll was tbe royal Standard of Isabella,
emblazoned with the nrms of Castile
aud Leon. A white flag with a green
cross wns Its companion. Some years
after Columbus landed at San Salvator
journeyed   from   New     York   to   Port | g^"al   direction   of   the     creek     or
ro. 1,-h Uf width being from 1000 to
Said, transferred himself to St. Peters-  WW, <tn��  wiuin    ing
1000 feet. All other pi.te.tr Claims
burg,   loitered   in   Paris   and   London   ^j ))(, ay. fcct 5quare.
and sailed up the Nile. What is of Claims are marked by two legal
greater Importance In this connection, posts, one at each end, bearing no-
he journeyed leisurely, almost Indo- ticcs. Entry ihust be obtained within
lently, Ho slopped at various "points ten days if the claim is within ten
of interest" und examined them 1I.01- miles of the mining recorder's othce.
, ,      , , , ,   One extra (lav allowed for each addi
oughly,   h.'  met   with    annoying  and  Vnc .*uo "������� .
Tourists ears    for   Toronto   every
Monday and    Friday;    tor    Montreal
every Wednesday and Saturday.
Seattle train leaves daily at h.'M.
For further particulars apply to
c. r. k. Agent,
New  Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
and drawn so thai the pupil may find   the Cabots planted tbe banner of Kng-
thi   exacl measurement of every part
amusing experiences on steamships
and 1 rains, he talked with acquaintances whom he encountered In for-
1 igu lands, and  lie told some of them
by placing his rule on the drawing.
Independently    of    the handling of
11 ..Is each pupil is thoroughly taughl
tin   namei of various   pans of a tool,
1 1   instance  1 he  Insl rtictor  takes
icl   plane (one of Stanlej'.- make)
to pieces and nam.    each pal t, showing tho Btatlonnry parts us the body,
moula   ' Bcapement,    knob  and
handle, ami the nioiabl    pai     as top
I. ver, : Id.   lever, suljusl Ing Bcrew, cap
and  cutting   Iron      u    thai   the
upil maj  have a thorough practical
knowledge of the tool b
land and of St. Mark of Venice on the precisely  what   he    thought   of them,
eastern shore of North America.    In There  was genuine  pleasure in that.
the   centuries   that   have   Intervened A  dreamer can    pul    thousands and
since a variety of national flags bare lUouslmds ,������ mlleg behlnd hilll in lh���
waved where now only the slurs and sh
stripes Is the accepted emblem.    Over .      , .
Texas have float.,!  the  French,  Span- ''|;,'IIV l"l">; hlmBelt ln nis wanderings.
lsb, English, American and Confeder-
tional ten miles or fraction,
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new- mine is
entitled ty a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if tlie party consists of
two, t?oo feet altogether, on tlie output on which ii" royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10.     Royalty at tin- rat
ate; In Louisiana the lilies of France,
the Spanish Bag, the tricolor, the American and Confederate flags; lu California the Spanish, Mexican, Russian and
lly comparison the chauffeur, with liis  0j two"and one-half   per cent, on tin
ib' In Ids hands, i.s a shiw cee.ieh, and  value-  of  tlie  g.eld  shipped  from  the
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.  Paul   to
Chicago.   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No  train-   in   the   service   on  any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  that of the Chicago, Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul  Railway.    They
own and operate their OWll sleeping
and dining cars on all) their trains and
give  their  patrons an  excellence of
Trains Daily
Travel nn the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full Informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
7430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B, C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P, A.
N, W,
attend  strictly  to business1,  ject to the rights of all persons who  service not obtainable elsewhere
in no conversation or have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
.11   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
Independent!) of the tools on the
1 onoh. thi re la a good supplj of
oilier  tools  im   general  use, Bitch  ai
I aiiel saws, 1 Ip saw -   bow    tv     frei
BnWB, bits and braces, rasps, gouges,
brad awls, plough planes, smoothing
planes, Jointers, hammers, axes and
every tool thai one would expeel to
find In a  wood worker's shop.
in addition lo the i....is thero is n
II iii.isione ami nil stones so thai the
pupils   may   learn   lo   keep  their  toolfl
Iii good condition, The grind-stone is
1 rovi.i.'i! with a guugo that exactly
regulates the angle al wheh a tool
shall  beheld  for grinding and keeps
l!  ul   that  angle',  thus simplifying one
Th.- t <>.'..itniit.
The cocoanut tree is the most useful
is handling.   ��f all plants In the tropical region.  Its
lie .an engage   	
The human mind is a wonderful
vehicle, Some people in spectacles
hi ve analyzed II and think that thoy
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Berths on their Bleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars   /~i ��� w j
011   any   ..liter   line.      They   protect   UllCagO,   1.011(1011
ilii   lessee can  dredge  to high-water  tneir trams Dy tne Block System
will know.
Beed furnishes food and an intoxicating Bul they do nol know
drink. The shell gives drinking cups
and vessels and 0 bard material capable Of a high polish, trom whieh personal ornaments may be manufactured,
The trunk furnishes wood tor dwellings nnd beats   The leaves make eiotii-
Ing, cordage nnd   ropes,   'l'h.' fibers of
tin- bark and of the out afford matting
and carpels. The Puds fumi-h a (UCCU-
lent vegetable, and from the trunk a
palatable liquor Is drawn by making nn
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee  shall have a dredge in
whal   il   i.s and  wliut   II   can  do.   operation within one season from the
and they novel'   date  of the  lease  for  each  live  miles
Journal, but   where  a  person  or  company  hat
  obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
dredge for each  liftc-en miles or fraction thereof is sufficient,    Rental, .,10
per annum  for    each    mi'-e    of river
leased       Royally  at   the   rale  of  iwo
and a half per cent, collected "ii tlie
output aii.r it exceeds $10000,
Dredging in the  Yukon Tcrritory-
Connection , made   with   all   transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
II    S.  ROW.E. Genera! Agent.
134 Third St . cor Md.r, Portland, Or,
Am Good ����� Mnrrl<-it.
First Sailor   No, Bill, y.-r don't really know what life is till yet get spliced.
Second Sailor--W'y, shiver ine timbers,
messmate! I've never been married,
true,   but  I've  had  yeller  fever  nnd
the  greatest    difficulties  thai   the   cholera," I've'"been   frostbit, drowned,
burned alive, eat by a shark, blowed
Up at sea and operated on for cancer.
Wet more does a reasonable chap
want'/���London Answers.
11..- II.-..1 Thing.
Express  Clerk���Value  of  this  pack- 	
age,   please?     Fair   Damsel ��� $-5,000.   county  in  the State againsl   fruit  Iree
beginner has to fare.   The princi pi
of this lining to the grind-stone Is so
good ami so simple' lhal e'very mechanic should avail himself of the opportunity here offered,
The lads who are inking the course
of lessons seem to take far more ln-
Ictost  In them  than  In  their ordinal'}
school lessons, and by their eager
faces ami keen attention to the work
before them plainly show their Interest  in this branch of their studies.
Punch's   Editor's   Adieu.
In   the  cur.-nt   issue   nf   Punch   Sir
Francis Burnand bids farewell to his
numerous friends in a typically genial
and grateful paragraph. In ".lust a
lew   Words al  Parting," be says:
"After forty-three years spent In
Mr. Punch's service', tirsl as the
youngest of his staff, then for over a
quarter Of a  century  his editor,  I  ro-	
sign my functions ns president of his    ,a.man should be upright, not b�� kept
council, primus inter pares, and hand  upright.���Marcus Aureiius,
over its greal responsibilities, Its nb-
Cuts  Man's  Nose  Off.
Beattle, Wash., March 19.   The end
ol   Kluil   Malison's   nose'   wns   slashe'd
off in   .1 Washington   si reel   lodging
house in a light thai occurred among
Rva  Wilcox, Malison ami Iwo cousins,
Peter and  Allien   Mattson,   Bergeani
smart  und  Patrolmen  Hubbard    and
Dolphin aire..led the quartette,
The city physician   fixed up Matt-
sons  nose an.l   he  was locked   Up.   He
declares  thai   the  woman  used    the
knife wiili which    he was cut,    The
'���bole matter was laid before tha pros-
1 cuiing attorney for action.
Crusade on Pests
Tacoma, March  I!).���State 	
ftirlat  K.  A.  Huntley niul  his deputies j comptroller
will today begin a crusade In every
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   for   pacific   Coast
Six   1.a-.es  I  live  miles  cai'li  may be	
granted to a [rec miner  for a term of CROWN    Car.Ion.    Field    nnd    Flower
jo years; also renewable. Seeds,    New crop now In Stock  ready
The lessee's right is confined to the for  distribution;    ask   \011r   merchant
submerged  bar  or  bars  in  the  river f()|. ,,������,   ,���  M,lll(l(]   ,���,.u,lit.    i; J_a
below    tew    water    mark, that bot.n- (]ooM ���,���  ������,���>,��� ,,���.���,  Wl, w|M  ,���,.���,,,
darv to be hxed by its position on the .   ,��� ���,,      .
1st day of August in  the year of the '"   >'"'"���   nWest    postoffice,    fifty   Be
date of the  lease. packets,  our  selection  of  good  varlc-
The   lessee   shall   have   one   dredge ties,  for $1.00  to Introduce  them,
in   operation   within   two   years   from       Large    slock    of    HOME!    CROWN
I the date of the lease, and one dredge Fruit an.l Ornamental Trees now ma-
for   each   live  miles  within  six  years tured for the spring trade,
from such date.   Rental $.no per mile     No expense, loss or delay ot fuml-
bortlcul-lYukon   ferr.tory  .0  be  paid to the gat,0_ 0_ ,nspnptl(m.
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business Centers of
Also  to BUFFALO,  NEW  YORK  and
PHILADELPHIA,   via  Niagara   Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant. Oen'l  Passenger and  Ticket.
Agent, 185 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Let   me   price  your  llsl   before  pine
Greenhouse Plants,
Kxpress Clerk ���Huh? Fair Damsel���
You heard what I said. Those nre love
letters from old Hagsocoyne, anil I'm
Bending 'em to my lawyer.
TrnnNlntlnff   the   ll.'fl i,lll,,���.
Johnny���Papa, what dues precocious
mean? Papa���It means��� a��� It is a term
applied to children who know more
tbun Is usual nt their age. Jobnuy���
Oh, yes; It means 11 fresh kid.
 1 A-ffnllr Slow. MM
He���Darling, I have loved yon ever   Huntley  In talking of his work
and shrubbery pests, ll being thee annual  spring spraying and   Inspection
pi liod.
Mr, Huntley is endeavoring to carry
the work forward systematically    in
every county, In order to, If possible
purge the State of posls during his
term In ofiice. Pierce county hns n
I'liill   inspector   and   au   asslslanl     lo
. xatnlne the orchards and Hu- shrubbery of the county.
"The people of the stale," said  Mr.
since first we met. She -Well, why
didn't you say so long ago? Did you
think I was a mind render?
manifesting a very generous disposition In coopcralng wllh the inspec-
tors, and with llieir help I believe
thai   the  attacks    of   the   red   spider,
aphides,   ami   different   varieties   of
scale' will he reduced to B  minimum."
No free miner shall receive a grant
..f more than one mining claim on ln8 >��1"' (,1',le''-
each separate river, creek or gulch, <i'l,>ri'1 Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
but the same miner may hold any Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
number of claims by  purchase, and Free.
free miners  may  work  their claims M. .1. IIKNRY,
in  partnership  by   filing  notice  and
paying   lee  "I   $2,      A   claim  may  be
abandoned and another obtained em
the   -ante   creek,   gulch   or   river,   by
giving  notice  and  paying a  fee.
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim
j each year to the value of at least $joo.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
i abandoned, amid open  to occupation  OT   Seed   OlltS   shipped   from
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
j made   and   publishing   notices   in   the
Yukon  (iilii'iai Gazette,
Petroleum All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
I'.OIO Wesl minster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter   Warren.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian  Pacific Railway for  Boundary
Creel; points.
Connects  at     Meyers     Falls    with
stage daily for Republic.
Buffet    service   on   trains   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   November   to,
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.20 a.m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
I-.25 p.m Rossland   ....4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General  Passenger  Agent
Trains & Steamers
Leave  New  Westminster   16.40
. Arrive New Westminster 11.35
Lv. New We'st. . v."; ar. Seattle 16.50,
Lv.  Seat lie   1";   ar.   New   W.
Lv.  New  Wesl.   10.35 and   IT
Ar .New  West. 9.36  end   ll
Lv. New Westminsti 1 11.3
Lv. N. W. B.20 a.m.: ar. Si
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar. S.
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. \\
Lv. Beattle 1.20 p.m; ar. N. W.
V..   W,   &  Y.    VAN.'ti! Villi.
Lv. N. W, 3 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
Lv  Vancouver 8.35 a.in., and I l'���-
Lv.   N.   W.   9.20   a.m.;   ar.  Uiilcholl
2,20 p.m
l.v. Guichon 2.40 p.m.
9,85 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   5.50   a.m
und  hourly until   11  1
hourly  betwei a   12 30  end  1   " ia"
Saturday halt liourlj   n 1 to
Sunday hourly   8   a.m. to n P
wiili half-hourly bet. noon and i P-*
l.v. Vancouver sun." tlmi
Fraser River and Gulf
Prom N. W. Mon. Wed   1
From   Chwk.   'I'll.,   Til..   Sal .   '  a"
From  N.  W. Tu.. Tb.. Sal   8 ���'���"'���
From Chwk. Sun.. Wed., I'n . I 'ir'
From n. w. dolly, ex, Sun., ���
From Ml.  Lehman, 7 a.m.
From N. w. dally, ex. Bun.
A.1.1. trip, Monday, 5 a.m,     ,     .
From Sleveslon, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 "'"
A.1.1. irip Baturday, 5 i'"1-
citv of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sumlay 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
dose.    Rece'vej.
Seattle', via Hiinias 10.00 p.m.   J-��J'
Sap'n &  Millside .10.00 p.'��-    ','l:'1   '
Vancouver 10.00p.m.
Cloverdale,  Blaine,
Seattle, etc.. .. 8.46a.m.
Van. & Cent. Pwfc-lMOMftJS
Vieloria 10.30a.m. 10.00 tt.ni
East Burnaby.. ..  1.16 p.m.
Steveston,  etc..
Knst,  via  C.P.R. 	
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..  8.00PJ��.
Van. & Burnaby,. 8.80 p.m.
9.00 a.m.
3,30 p."'
i p.m.
I 00 ll'"1'
1.16 pJS.
UOp'-m 10.80 a.m.
:; no p.m. 12.00W
i ",oo ni
t',,00 p*
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS,   Dally t""'5 (cXl!,
Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   m  '
express    and    freight    connect   ��
stages at Carcross an.l Whits ����
maintaining a through winter b
For information apply to
J.   II.  ROGERS,  Traffic   MaM- '
Mackinneui  Bldg.,
Vancouver, B. L- B
TUESDAY.   MARCH   20,   1906
barristers, solicitors, etc.      offices:    New We tmlm ter, Trapp Blk.,
corner  CI   ; son  .-enei  Lome' str a.
Vancouver, iooma "i t��< -1. -i15 Gran-
i /e sue-"'. .1 iseph Martlu, K. C, .'.
VV Weait, W. G. Me Qu irrie, ll. a.
Bourne. Mr. Martin will bo in tli3
v.. itminster offl ea every Friday afternoon
REID  &   BOWES,   Barris-
' on ..   ....   42   Lome
street,   oppo > t. -   Court   House,   New
We M:.in.-'     .    .!. 11. Howes, P. O. liox
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily New*.
New Westminster, B. C.
Declares   That   British   Columbia
Not Got a  Fair Share of
in b.g. oil mm
Ccrrespi ndent of Winnipeg Free Press
i'.ees  Indications of a
SI e United  States of the Glory
Won for  It  By tha
ters and solicitors, Blackie Bile.,
iinliia   sir.-ei
J. Whiteside,
11. I.
Wesl minster,
��� THOS. R. PEARSON ^YmVY"1.^..... ���
MR. .!. 1'. HAMPTON BOLE, soliel-
tor oi the Bupreme court. Offices
Canadian   Hank   of   Cointnerce   building,   Columbia   street,   opposite   post-
ofllee',  New   Westminster.     .Money
GEORGE E, MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzie si is, Now Westminster, li. C.
X2!i One hiinilri'il and sixty ncres.lieaulilully situated on the
BOUthern slope ot tne serpentine Valley; tirsi-class land, minting on
the Clover Valley Road; near tbe railroad and river; good road;
laud   is  very   productive;   about   CO   acres     in     lirsi class   condition.
Good ami convenient buildings. All necessary Implements and stock.
This is well worth Investigation.   Price, $90 per acre.
1027���An unusually go.eel buy. One hundred and Blxty acres; BO
to 75 acres under nrst-ciass cul livnlion; H acres under hops, all lu
nood shape; lU-roomed dwelling-ln good condition, barn tsuxiuu; nop
kiln and baling room in g I condition;  tlie buildings on tho place
are worth at, least $3,ouij. Bert nnd Crock runs through tlie property.
This Is a most desirable farm; from (2,500 to (3,500 per year can
be taken oil it.    Price, ��/,b00 cash.
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
 The    regular    meeting    of    this
Is held on the First Wednesday In
each month, at S o'clock p, in.. In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in each month In
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visl
Ing brethren are cordially
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures j
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
The  Winnipeg  Free  Press    of lasi
Friday  sa.es:   The minister of inland
lue, lion. W. Templeman, passed
through the city .his afternoon on hla
way to Ottawa.
"According io appointment," Mr,
Templeman said. "1 me! a verj large
ib legation ol the Liberals of Vancou
ver city, who presented to me the
claims of that City and of the district
of which ii Is ihe centre, for representation in the senate. There arc,
you know, only three senators from
British Columbia, and up till my resignation two have been residents of
\ ancouver Island and one of
mainland, which is the larger and
most populous portion of the province. The delegation pul their arguments forcibly and fairly and on the
ground solely ilia! the growing commercial Interests of their city required thai a resident of either that
city or dlstricl should be chosen to
till the pie-sent vacancy. I admitted
the force of their contentions and
pointed oul that if their request could
noi be met on the present occasion
lat it would most assuredly have to
_e conceded In the- very near future.
I eiid not express any opinion in regard   to   the   fitness   of   any   person,
I carry the most complete! whether ins name was mentioned iii-
stock   ill   the   City.      Spring!Ow Party friends who met me or not,
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
In   New Westminster
Is B eve ol
tlon  being
man,,   people,  Interested  in
R. II. K. of I., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p. in., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E. E.  Matthias, Reg.
���Meets   in   Orange   hall   first  and
*4llrd Friday in ouch month at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited  to attend.    E.  E.  Matthias,
W. M.; .1. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
,��� are held in Oddfellows' hull. Columbia   street,   every   Monday   .'veiling,
[i at ������> ..'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
dlallv invited io attend. 3. J. May,
N. (i.;    W. C Coal hum. Rec-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
" ���Me. lines the lirst nnd third Tuefl-
, dav in ouch inonih. Visiting
brethren corilWlly Invited to attend.
Lod'.-e room. \. o. r. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrig.m, recorder; Louis Witt,
master  workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Hose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In K. of P. Hall. Columbia Sf., at
8 p. m.. White Rose Degree, Fourth
Weilne'.-dav In each, month, same
time nnd place. Visiting Brethren
cordiallv Invited. E. B. Slinch-
cotnb. .  Pros., II. Disney, Secretary.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
. ... , and  further than explaining tlie posi-
designs arriving daily. ,ion aB T understood it, both from a
Also complete line of room!'Jtr'sonal' no''1'���1 and public   stand-
, ,. j      ,   , ., I point, nothing was agreed  to respect-
mouldings and plate rails.     lng my BUCceMOr ln lhe Benate
 ��� "Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are more highly favored than
British Columbia, which Is limited to
tbroe members in the upper chamber
The Pacific coast province ought to
have four Immediately like the other
western provinces, but it cannot have
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell's tasnion plates
have  arrived.
So have our spring stock ot high-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
1 lie ' esources/ot
the province .   British Columbia
ci rrespondenl  of the  Winnli i g   Free
Press.     TO  t -l   que:,'i,,n  a   re
view of . ondil Ions existing and of the
Indications tor oil will be necessary.
The "oil field" lakes in the mosl
. "H h easterly portion of this provlnc.
ami the south-western corner of Al
berta. Much baa been said and written of the great oil indications bul
very few have given the time to belli,-   ' ome familiar with it.
The country is mountainous, rolling and undulating, the valleys wide
and in most parts limbered, on the
i lountaln sides the formation Is exposed showing a gently folded strata,
forming a series of domes, or antl-
. Unas, ami can be traced for miles,
w here a break in the formation occurs a seepage of oil can Invariably
i ��� found, Fifteen of those seepages
are now known to exist where oil can
be gathered, and along all the creeks
oil indications can be seen.
After seeing the above conditions
there remains no doubt but that there
ore large quantities of oil in the dls-
trlct. Bui knowing this benefits no
one. Whal this province requires is
men of action to develop her re-
��� sources.
Bul the nearest wagon road is 17
mibs away anil to construct a road
that distance through a mountainous
country is a task that few would care
to undertake. Nevertheless, the
: Southeast British Columbia Land &
Oil company, of the Dalles, with the
assistance of the Flathead Valley oil
Lands Development company, of Victoria, R. c. and the South-Bast Root-
In 1
if Si H I
��� really
Wmrsl re-
recent   kill-
ai   Roose-
alell     li)
a era-
its number increased until there is
Imperial legislation. There Is, however, a larger view of ul 'mate senatorial representation, and 1 do not
know why lt should not be pressed.
The  west  in  point  of  population  is
et.ay Coal & Petroleum company, of
Spokane, Wash., were determined to
I rove their holdings, and .1. Gloyn,
manager of the South-Bast British Columbia Land & Oil company, was
selected  for the undertaking  by  the
entitled to as many senators%as the combined   companies.   Results   have
���Meets tin' Fourlh Friday in the
month at s o'clock, In the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. H. Rushton, C. U-; F. P.
Maxwell, It. S.
W. CURRIE, Manager.
We have'listed with us for
sale some of the best small
ranches in the finest fruit
district in the country, 5 to 25
acre holdings mostly all in
crop, large and small fruit;
these are worth considering,
money can be made off these
places; good shipping facilities. Enquire about these.
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL  (All  paid up). . . J H,"00,000
RESERVE   FUND $10,000,000
A. O. F��� The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at S p. in. in Iho Odd fellows' Hall.
Visiting Uri-thrcn nre eorelialv invited to ntlenel. E. C. Firth, C R.;
F. P. Maxwell, S.ic.
Hon. Ixird Slrathcona and Mount
Royal,  G.C.M.C.... .Hon  President
Hon. Sir G. A. Druninionil,  President
E.  S.  Clouston,  Vice  President  and ;
General Manager.
at 8 o'clock p. III., In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. S. liryson, S. C.J N. R.
Brown, Rec. Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on Iho Flrsl and
Third Tuesday of every month 'n
K. of P. Dull. John McNiven,
Chief;  ,1. .1. Forrester,  Rec. Sec.
���OARD OF TRADE.��� New West mill-
Bter Hoard of Trade meets In the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wi 'dues, lay of each month,
Quart.-rlv meetings tin the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may he' proposed anil
elected at any numllily or quarterly
meeting.    A. 15. White, Sec.
General hanking business trans-
a< ted.
Branches in ol! the principal cities
In Canada, In London, Eng., New-
York, Chicago, and St. Jonn, Mid.,
and correspondents lu all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G. D.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total   Assets $ib,S/S,5/b.
Bronohei   and   correspondents   In
all  the  principal  cltieB ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
,1 opens an account.    Interest added
kalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom a to 9
F. B. Lyle, Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmithlng.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begbie Street.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Tele].hone lbu.
Real Estate
Fire and Life Insurance.
proven the selection a wise one.
On the 16th day of October, 1905,
work was commenced on the wagon
toad, and 27 days later was completed
io the point selected for boring opera
liens. Ample supplies of provisions
to last the force for six months were
freighted and packed In to the camp
In looking back three mom lis In the
history of the district, the only Indication of a human being ever being
there was an ancient Indian trail. Todaj Akamlna lias quite a collection
of buildings, and presents quite a
lively appearance.
The first  load of drilling machinery
three maritime provinces, which as a
senatorial district has twenty-four re-
presentaUves, while in respect to area
Ol interests of legislation required
there can be no doubt of its paramount importance.
Should Have 24 Senators.
I believe the west should be constituted into a senatorial district, having
twenty-four members, which would be
six for each of the four provinces.
The only objection to that would Jie
that the west is growing so fast that
there will undoubtedly be in another
ten years or so substantial reasons for
lhe creation of two senatorial districts
instead of one. That might make the.
senate too large, but would it not beil. .!'e.broUBllt int0 Ellst Kootenay to several  months ago.
better to have a few more than are
actually   required    than    that    there.
11)05.  But  as  the  snow  was  not  suf
. Mai
Ing   of    -
veil's     c
ral Wood.
lie   said     " .asy
and self-satisfied waj in which we regard the mowing down of the savage
and  semi [n    the Philippine
Islands when they stand in the way of
"'" national purpose, of which after
'������^i" years of benevolent asslmjla-
'>""���' we have lusl had a mosl startl-
h,:' '""l hi in rending example In the
bombarding to death of 600 men,
men and children, collected in
ter in  the Mom islands.
There ar. two things to be said
ab'oui the jubilanl congratulatloi al
bj   the chief   executive    to General
w I     The  firsl  is in reference
designation ���f the performance
'brilliant   feat   of  arms.'  Basing
on the ,, ports ri adered-by
Wood, il was no more a
'brllllanl teal of anus' than smoking
bees oul  of a hive ,���  ,;i.s eU|  ol a
"But a far sadder feature of the
executive communication to General
Wood is that it contained not one
word of sympathy, one note of tender
distress, In view of the Indiscriminate
slaughter perpetrated in honor of the
American  Hag.'
"We have been taught to believe,
and we like to believe, thai the president lias a greal heart.
"And so I prefer to think of that
cablegram, composed as it was, In the
presence, practically, of mangled men,
torn women, armless anil headless
children. I prefer to think of it not.
as being the expression of the man
Roosevelt, but of the President Roosevelt, in whom officially the heartless-
ness and the greed of a degenerate
nationality is functionally represented.
1 want to Hnd a way out for Roosevelt, for the performance on Join island has a ghastly look, and the
cablegram matched it.
"With the exception of the maintenance In the South of negro slavery,
there lias been, I should say, nothing
sadder in our history than the national attitude in which we today stand
as toward the little brown people of
the Philippine islands."
i drill   for  oil,  arrived  at   Akamlna  on
ilu   evening of the 8th of December,
Teed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.    ,_,
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full lino Of English, Scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring stock  now  In.    Make your
select ion.
Good Land
A._.WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
should he a preponderating number
from what some day will cease to be
numerically the larger part of the
Dominion. If there is any objection
to increasing the number of senators
to the extent that two new senatorial
districts, or even one, would involve,
ami I here would lie, then It will be
necessary to find a plan whereby an'
equality of provincial representation
would be maintained without having
too many representatives, But In. tbe
meant line British Columbia thinks
there should be a little evening up
and that she should be alloted four
us the other sister provinces have
that number.
Business Brisk.
Business generally ls very good in
British  Columbia.  Mining Is  prosperous, the lumber trade is better than !
lt was a year ago, and on the whole
the commercial outlook    ls    satisfactory.  The  coast   cities  are   patiently
waiting advent of the G. T. P.;  that
is  the  people are.  The  Conservative
politicians tire so Impatient that they I
tried at my election to make me re-1
sponsible because work of construction had not yet been commenced ut
I the   COOSt,   and   their   stump   orators
tried to    make the    electors    believe
that  they had heen betrayed In some
way or other,    iu fact one roorback
1 announced  that no more work would
he done for years west  of Edmonton,'
1 ul   the  statement   was  so  ridiculous
that   lhe people only  laughed  at  It.
Prosecution  of G. T.  P. Work.
Now that tho C. T. P. is practically
under construction all the way to Edmonton,  1  look  for a  vigorous  prose-
rutlou of the line from that point to
Sudden Death In Vancouver.
W. S. Chambers was found dead fn
his bed at his residence, 1155 Georgia
street, Vancouver, yesterday morning.
The deceased came here from Alberta
His wife died
some time ago, and he leaves to survive hlm three daughters living in Vancouver, another in the east, and a son
who is attending Columbia college,
New Westminster. Since coming west
Mr. Chambers had been employed with
various mercantile firms in the city.
After investigation It was decided that,
death was due to natural causes and
no inquest was necessary.
The death occurred suddenly yes-
terdayterday morning at his home, 837
Harris street, of Edward Boyd Cope-
land. Deceased was 43 years of age,
and was apparently in good health
till about 2.o'clock yesterday morning
when he was taken suddenly ill, and,
though all possible help was given, at
about 5 o'clock he expired. Mr. Cope-
land had only been married about five
months. For a long time past he had
heen a member of the staff of Stark's
shoe emporium on Cordova street. He
' was a member of the Christian Breth-
! ren.
of -1th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates promptly furnished.
gflLBERG & WOLZ, Props., RMldcncel
niMton   nnd   Olllce.   Brine   Block. , KCSIOCIICC.
mew Westminster, ii. o. 124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C
When  you  want  a  good  smoke you
..ask for a���
gf ������ C." OR " OLD SPORT"
' Manufactured by the It. C. Cigar
'Factory, who also make The "Brll-
lantes"   i in  Hi roe si/.es.i
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B. C.
For First Class Repair   Work
Give Me a Trial.
Teacher of the German
Language   and   Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.) Late of Tmrey's.
1006 QUEEN'S AVENUE. i Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office!
\ny make or design I can repair it am
make it good as new.
Horace Dorer,
Hie Pacific. That portion of the road
will not be the least profitable part
of the whole system as there nre
more undeveloped natural resources,
such as coal and other minerals, timber and fish, than in any other equal
ana  in  the  Dominion.
Grover's 69th  Birthday.
Princeton, N. J., March 19.���Form
I ;��� President Grover Cleveland spent
lis birthday away from home yesterday for the first time since he moved
to Princeton, This is his sixty-ninth
birthday. Mr. Cleveland is now in
Florida with Prof. Howard McClena-
hnn, where the two have boon for
ten days. He will likely remain South
a month longer on account of poor
Mrs. Cleveland said that, his outing
In Florida was Improving her husband's health, and thai she expected
hlin  to return much better.
flcient for good sleighing, a wait of
two weeks was necessary when
freighting was resumed, and continued up to date.
In connection with their drilling rig,
the South-East British Columba Land
& Oil company has a saw mill which
is used for cutting lumber for derrick
and building operations. The cutting of timber derricks was commenced on the 6th of January, 1906. The
construction is now well under way,
and actual drilling will have commenced by the time this reaches the
eye of your readers.
The time required to complete the
well depends entirely on the formation to he penetrated, but lt is supposed before the first of April, 1906,
British Columbia will have her first
producing oil well.
The wells In the adjoining territory
show three oil sands, or strata, the first!  o���
two producing small quantities of oil, Tammany Gets Busy,
but the third, or deepest strata, ls| New York, March 19.���"Tammany
proving a very satisfactory producer. Hall's" platform for the coming state
It is the intention of the company campaign will be outlined In full by
to penetrate to the third sands unless \\\ Bourke lllys 13458 7S90$.. 0$..$
one of the sands nearer tho surface meeting of the Tammany general
produces oil in such quantities as to committee. The meeting promises to
hamper boring operations. be  the  most  Important  held  by the
The South East British Columbia committee in several years, and Mr.
Land & Oil company, have the mosl Cookran's speech, ii is declarer!, will
complete standard drilling rig and be his masterpiece of political ora-
lishlng tools ln western Canada, and tory. He will preface it by reading
will thoroughly test the district.
British Columbia can record very
few Instances of such energy In opening up her resources as that displayed
by this Company, it is the Intention
ol the Flathead Valley company, of
Victoria, and the Southeast Kootenay
Coal and Petroleum company, of Spokane to commence operations as soon
as machinery can be taken In ln the
spring; the Spokane company having
already   completed   arrangements
a 1,500 word resolution defining the
position the democratic organization
will lake' on all public questions
which have engrossed the attention
Of stale- and municipal officials.
The rules committee will, lt is said,
recommend for tlie adoption of flie
old rules of the organization with the
additional provision creating a legislative commttee, This is a departure
lu Tammany affairs. The proposed
to, I legislative committee will be made up
acquire a standard drilling rig, and of twelve members, and will maintain
will push developments just as vigor- 'a permanent organization with a re-
ously ns the pioneer company has j ptesentatlve at Albany to analyze
done. | tills  and   make   public    reports    on
reviewing  the  natural   riches [pending  measures,
of the district, the almost certainty
of producing oil in paying quantities
and tho energy displayed by the
operating companies, one can readily
believe that British Columbia ls indeed on the eve of an oil boom.
with advice    and
Roof Collapses.
Indianapolis,    March 19���The    roof
of the street car barns collapsed this
afternoon  under  the  weight    of the
heavy snowfall. One man was killed
Body Found In Lake. and several were injured.
Victoria B C March 19��� The John A. Dickson, a motorinan. was
body of Maud Newbury, who disap- crushed beneath the timbers. When
peared a month ago, was recovered j found he was dead,
today from a lake at Beacon Hill. The | Louis Deburr,
missing girl had  hallucinations    that, badly crushed.
a   steamfltter,    was
spirits called her.
The others received minor Injuries. a
SOMETHING    NEW !   sporting News!
^^_r-_._h_rw��_!_i _i-r__r- A substitute for lard or cooking it       '" *" !'t"       ���
CO COSU C I butter.   Put up by Swift & Co. | ��*��������"���������������"�����������""*���������
Try a 3 lb. Tin.    It will please you.
We also have some extra fine fresh Rhubarb, 10c a lb.
End   Grocery
l>. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
blocks   in    city and suburban
One acre, five acre and ten   acre
Farm lands ot an Kinds a nil
miles of the city.
See us betore going elsewhere,
than any other Real Estate Dea ler.
Send for list ot houses, lot s and farms.
descriptions    located  within  50
We can sell as low If not lower
186  Columbia  Street,
Says   No   Professional   Ball.
\V* I). Haywood, a prominent diroe-
tor of Recreation Park, Vancouver, is
authority for the statement that there
will bee no professional baseball in
Hun burg this season. M'.'. Haywood
lias recently returned from California,
where ho size! up ihe baseball situation, and evidenUy professional ball
no longer loo.ks good lo him. How
e\er, iho matter is to bo threshed wit
ai. a meeting of iho club in Vancouver
Work is progressing ou the grounds
at Recreation park, and it is expected
i.i have them ready for use by May
24, ll is sail! that lhe grounds will
bo used as headquarters for a senior
lacrosse aggregation, the identity of
which Mr. Haywood refuses leu reveal
fo; th*- present,
Missionary    and    Young    Companions
Travel,     Unmolested.     In
Dreaded   Land.
San Francisco. March 20.���MlSS
Anna Coole, a young Baptist missionary    Wild   bus   been   il:   tie    far  '.I'.l e'l'icll
���,i China fen' the' pas! iwo years, arrived yesterday on tne liner Coptic,
ou Iter way ice Cleveland, Ohio.
Willi .Miss Coole were Gretchen an.l
Kaihlene Wellwood, young daughters
rn' Rev". Robert Wellwood a missionary in Szecnen, no; far from the border of Thibet, .'.    miles    up
Yung Tse Klung.
'l'lie trip made
������������������*��������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������+��++i
' Economy in
Swimmers'  Race*.
New York, March 19.���Tw
Electric   Plants
and Factories!
Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc ��
Incandescent  and Arc  Lamps.
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant.
Large Stock of Supplies' and Apparatus carried
:at'Vancouver and Rossland.
| Canadian General Electric Co., lid. |
Office Supply
lve members  of  th.'   New   York   Athletic  clifu
swimming   team   lefl   al   noon   today
I for Chicago and St. Louis, where they
will   participate  in  a   series    of     dual
swimming  meets.    The
the loam are (.'. M. Daniels. .1
fly,  I..  DeB.  Handley,    D,  S.
John !!. Naethlng, ('. A. Ruberl, .lames
Si. en,  V.   ll' I'.  Goodwin,   1..  S.  Crane,
Foster Naethlng,  E.  H.  Adams, and
. ni   other to be selected
The team goes direct to Chicago,
arriving there tc.morrow night. On
the following night the team will meet
the swimming representatves of the
Chicago Athletic association. On
Thursday night the New Yorkers will
meet the team from the Chicago Y.
M. ('. A, in the letter's tank.
The dual meet with ihe' Missouri
Athletic club at Si. Louis will be held
on  Friday and Saturday.
Police   Raid   Prizefight.
Chicago, March 19.���A Ghettb prize
tight In full swing wus raided yesterday fy the police. As a result the
lightweight championship of the Ghetto is undecided and fifty youths are
under arrest. For two hours about
ion excited residents of the district
crowded around the police station,
urging that the boys lie released.
The fight took place in tlie club
looms of tlio Dewdrop Inn, in the
basement of the saloon of Maurice
Censbury. The contestants were Isidore' Slur. lC years old. and Harry
Robinson, 16 years old.
There lias b. n a dispute of several
weeks' Branding between the followers
ci the respecUve champions as to
which boy was entitled to wear the
mantle of "Kid" Herman, the former
pride of iho Ghetto.
un Shanghai.
Miss Coole and
her iwo young charges was one of the
most unusual character. Leaving
Sulfu on January !"���. in a native boat,
accompanied by a life boat in charge'
..I' Chinese soldiers, Miss Coole aud
the two little girls Btarted down the
river travelling only by day.
On  the  way   down   their   IkwI   was
Wrecked ou a  rock and tlie party had
a narrow escape with their Uvea, final
ly reaching Shanghai in safety.   M-iss
Coole says there were    no    signs of
trouble at  Sulfu  when  she  left, and
when the missionaries arrived  there
members of  they received n cable from the state
A. Rini- department, advising them to he ready
Hesser.   for  flight     They  cabled   back  for  nn
i xplanatlon.
Polish Your Furniture
with Johnson's prepared Wax. it pre-
Berrea and bringa ma natural beauty oi
the wood. It produces a rich, artistic
TlDista to which tiirt nnd dust will not
tulhrtv. Just try ii and yuu will see how
muc-fc better it is tluin any other polish.
Prepared Wax
Is "A Complete Finish and Polish tor All
Wood." Use lt on your tioors and woodwork, too. johosoD's Powdered Wax is
for all dancing floors.
You car, net Johnson's free book. The
Proper Treatment tor Flours. Woodwork
aud Furniture" and -w ureiairatlouj ot
Anderson & Lusby
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Eed  Clothes  Catch   Fire  and   Firemen
Attend to  Trouble.
Tile lire department responded to a
call from ih.' Colonial hotel at r,
o'clock yesterday afternoon, where ii
was found that a calendar bunging
over a line Btopper in one of Hie bed
rooms became Ignited and falling set
tire  Io lhe  bed   clothing.
The   firemen   succeeded   in   extinguishing  tin-   fire,  I Ul   nol   before  1 lie
bed nne!  bed idol bin;
('.est royed.
The total damagi
$:;u. including the le
tents  of  the   room.
were completely
will not  exceed
;s to all the con
Sole Dealers
Remington  Typewriter
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired
Adding Machine s "Borrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
Sal. a
1 se-Leaf Ledgers
office Stationery
Fllioit Addressing Machines
��� 62S Hastings Street
Vancouver,"!.. C_
Apples, Pears,  Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrubs in g
Irom 2 Hi ('. fool,    ltosos, pueonies.
Ben, and broad leaved foi hedge
i.'at variety, evergreen anil gold-
rhododendrons,    privet,    ever-
Catalogues free,
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Finds Something Odd.
Chief of Police Mcintosh is in pos-
i-cssiou of a very peculiar looking envelope which was found on the street
nnd given to hlm. The envelope contains a quantity of cancelled foreign
stamps, ami two stamp photos of a
man with a decided Finnish cast ot
countenance. The address is as follows:
lli'i-r Slop  Xulsinkl,
Sapperton, New Westminster, B. C.
The post mark is almost undecipherable owing lo ilie cancellation
mark, but lhe word "Kemljorvl" is
quite visible as a portion of the post
murk. Ii now remains for some stamp
Kaufmann   After   Burns. collector to name iliis stamp, and give
Los Angeles, Cal., March 19.���Al. the public some information concern-
Kaufmann is in Los Angeles, camp- ing the country to which the stump
iiiti on the trail of one Tommy Burns,  belongs.
Whether  Kaufmann    will  succeed  in ��� o	
getting an agreement with Burns
whereby the iwo will meet lor a 20-
round  go  before the  Pacific Athletic
Tynehead Nurseries.
NEW    WESTMINSTER,   B.  C. '��[
*����������������*������������������������*��������� <���������*��������������������������������������'�����������*<>'>-������<�����������������
*     A.   HARMDAN J.  S.  bKYSON   ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Aluminum and Tlnwares.
Estimates furnished on nil  Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street
Hole Agents
s:;:i Granville street
Monarch Ranges.
Advertise in The  News
club remains to lie seen.
Tommy thinks A! had better wait a
wiiile and win a few more laurels lie-
fine attempting to annex the cham-
i lonshlp, and I lien he still has theatrics! aspirations, and is rather averse
lo mixing in any more fistic encoiin-
ters for a while. Tom MoCarey will
sign tlio duo, but probably not until
after iho public has hail a chance to
see a couple of lightweights in action.
Young   People   Enjoy   Themselves.
The   young   people     of     Iho   Olivet
Baptist church participated lasi nighl
p. a very Interesting programme given
under ihe auspices of the LIterarj
committee of the n. Y. P. r. at the
residence of Dr, ami Mrs. Davles, on
Si vi'uili street, 'l'lie chairman of the
committee, E. I). Lennie, was in ihe
chair ami successfullj   conducted the
following   progra e:     Inatri atal
duet, Misses Brown and Windsor;
paper on Germany, 1>. W. Turnbull;
Irish sulci, "Tin' Little Oreen Shamrock," 'I". II. Lennie; address on
Turkey, .1. M. Welsh; mandolin solo.
Miss   Rus'coe;   address  on   Persia,   Mr.
I'avlfl; paper on Japan, Miss Lennie;
Scotch solo. "Bonnie Hunks of Loch
Lomond," a. .!. Small; paper on Lap-
laud, .1. Brown; solo, "Yankee
Hoodie." Miss Grace Brown; paper on
China, \V. Sangsier; address on Canada,  W.  IO.  Hanlon.
The literary purl of the programme
wus followed by ii hidden word con
I' si in which tin' lirsi j rlzes were
ciiptured by Miss Lennie and T. II.
.'nd iii the close of eh.' evening's
| itertoinmen! refreshments were
i erved and thus a verj enjoyable time
v a.- concluded,
Walter   Emerson   Injured.
Walter Emerson me! with n painful
accident yesterday afternoon while
working on the huge pile driver bo Is
Constructing  for  lhe  A.   II.  ('.   Packing
company, While raising a heavy beam
he slipped nnd Hie beam fell across
Ills leg which was rest ing against tho
foundation of the pile driver. lie consulted n surgeon and was relieved lo
find Unit no bone was broken. He ls
si ill limping, but able to attend to business.
In Price, Not Size.
.1. !���:. Phillips' advertisement in the
Daily News of yesterday "The Dig
Shin" for ihe workingman was by typographical error described as "small
in size" instead of "small in price."
iu am.
Before the days of artillery the moat
was an effective means of defense, particularly when filled with water. In
very large forts or castles lt sometimes
assumed the dimensions of a lake, being often 100 yards wide and ten to
twenty feet deep. The moat was
crossed by a drawbridge, which could
be raised at an instant's notice. When
the moat was too wide to permit ot this
bridge covering the entire distance a
slight wooden bridge was employed.
When buying SKIRTS you want the best that you can possih'v ���
procure for the Money. WE HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.*
Manufacturers have been vieing with each other in producing the ���
best Skirts for the least money, and we have the pick of the results*
of their successful endeavors. We have been careful to pick only ���
those cloths for Skirts which we know have been thoroughly shrunk!
and sponged and are therefore spot  proof. t
Tlie  Most  Popular Line al   pus
���nt   is   dr.
Twei i  Skirl
leaders with us.   The
en   and    blue!.,    with
eclal J
harmonious shinies Intermixed, Belt-strapped, and    bu ton    trimmed t
Prlc i, each $3.75 to $8.50.
Our $8.50 Venetian Cloth Skirts ar
in shades of cardinal, brown, navy,  gr
i.l. as in trimmings,
Black  Skirts  ill  nn  eniliess variety  of styles
per weights for presenl  wear, $3.75 to $12.75.
Misses'   Skirts   in   lighl   and "lark   shades,   ouch   $2.25   tc
Special   Large Sizes will  be found   in   our   BtOCk.      Our
size's runs from 22 to 36 inches waist.
Silk  Underskirts--All shades in  Silk  Underskirts, $7.50
Ask to sue .mr special $1.25 Black Satin Underskirt.
and cloths,  ii   pfo ���
$15.00. J
A    good    die:
liis clothes.
I lies
men    wi ar      di
don't  know It.
Tile life of a Mill is lhal das.
in  tho cut, curves and kinks of
iis    make-up    that,   a.    onci
stumps  the  wearer  as  a well-
dressed  man.
20th Century and
Progress Brands
Our Suits are Full of Life
We   charge   BO   more   for  our
suit     excellence    than    other
Clothiers      charge      tor        ;'i-'
Our Bpring Suiis arc now
ready, and we trust you won"!
mind if we nudge you gently
and   say   to  you   that   It's high
time you  were thinking
We   shall    lie   pleased   to   aSSlSl
you   in   making   your   s. :
and  we shall be looking '���
ever)  day now.
Everythnlg  iu
ii with  the suit
"Toggerj '
Ita,   . iirlimn  Origin.
The word "eavesdropper" has a curious origin. In the early part of last
century the penalty of listening tn or
overlooking secret assemblies, especial*
ly Masonic ones, wus suspension under the eaves of a house on a rainy
day till the water ran through the
clothing and down to the shoes of the
cSs-ilfr.���T-cnedon F.xtiress.
Until business Is successful without
a proper store, proper employees and
the right amount of capital, it must be
assumed that thetic three conditions
are essential to the conduct of profitable trade, and It Is as obvious that
bo long as advertising accompanies the
business of profit advertising ls necessary for the upbuilding of business. The mere appearance of advertising Indicates thfft business Is being
done or will be done, and so long as
everybody prefers lo buy of men of
suei'oss rather than of men of failure
just so long will the man who advertises be likely to do the largest business.
J. H. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia street.
Pill!   nr   wrtfjfl   t'nr   nrlf.GS.
buys 50 acres of rich black
loam land all ready for cultivation. He.use' and barn. I 1-2
miles from Postofnce, store
and school. $600 down, balance on easy terms.
buys  a  6  room  cottage  on
Agnes Street,   full   sized   lot.
Easy terms.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in  All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining-
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster
1'lnnc-  mol  Stvci-tliciirt.
For centuries we have tried to get
the word that expresses the relation of
the  mun   to  the  maid  lie  intends  to
marry. "Intended" hns been tried and
found wanting. "My bloke," "my
young man"���these combinations nre
in.I beard in the best: circles. "My lie-
troth.'d." a phrase used in Germany,
has  not taken  root in  England.   "My
sweetheart" is pretty enough, but lt
lacks the official sound. Y.oung men
an.l maidens become engaged and marry, but tbey have to cross the channel
Tor the word Hint leads them to the
altar. One might suggest to the blushing girl who bus to allude to tlie man
of her acceptance "my future." French
maidens sp.-nk of "mon futur," and tt
sounds comptthenslve.-^London Chronicle.
a gooel furnish-
Tlh Si reel, in-
All    modern
a month rent
ed heeuse eell
(���lulling plan
We- have clients for houses
anil le.ts easl of (ith SI reel and
south of 4th Avenue.   Bring
your    list    of   properly   with
prices an.l terms,
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms  I   and 2, Dupont Blk.
Telephone   170.
��� ��<**�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������",
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,Lt(l
Late Car After Opera
at Vancouver,
Tuesday, March 20tk
Play-"Piff, PatT, Pouff-"


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