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The Daily News Aug 2, 1906

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V i
\ I
"VI l\ v
10 CK> ���   '
iutmeers   Float
1   ���
jfi   $���   p��
Sh<   ' Explode the Magazine and Render ali the   Heav]
Gjnf of the Fortrej.* Practic.am   Useless.
The Land Forces Do
the Resl
Nelson, B.<     '���  ..  '.     A.1 i  spe .
g   r* tht                  ; ��� ssocia    n }
ere tod                    igresolui ��� cai   ed    ;
:. -     e     :  ..              ���  . ���          tr 'cessitj   of
! At.   gasl       ...                          . -               of 1
rcials, this associai a ice ;
Letter    From    Solicitors   for   Thoma*   Mowbray   Brings
\bou1 the Decision     Brackman-Ker Company
Securer the Contract for Hay
?nd  Oat;.
! ��� ���   " '
��� aboi
a pr
I as j
' AA    (
.    .    .
al pa   .  . ���' ��� -
tion ir        ii
fr m
j ] esem
Si n<
'��� -   -
��� ���
j the ass    ation.     'here ma i\   spe< c u ���   a
; .. the resolut or      . 11; i   ainst.
On a d    sion, fifl favoi and sis  i ���..
British Governmenl     Pn
a  Feeiing  cf  Rr   el
'     '
:���   h
,.    .,.   ..
"��� vol '..
. -
'   ���
1   on   Fire.
��� i
��� ii
,    ,.:.
..' ���    :.
li    '   ���
'.:��� . ned      i .   -
i   i  Helsitij foi a
n n        ��� ���         S v e a
i ..   i li*
��� :   during  all   the  a   ���
��� '
Sailors Become Blind
in Experience at Sea
���. . . ���     . ���.
-... about thi        . -   ��� ; food   and
for   Capet
nu tin       en ....
nd si lime scurvy was fearetl
���  ,   ,.           ���   , ��� ���             and wen ������ '  ���     of  ll               uen
loneil ecame partially 1 '������'�� '
thin                         i.      n, A. 1 More than thirt;           i
Iiu-.,   i   \ , i        i aud A    I         :       ��� ������:.-���      i.i    it, .           |iped by tin
lhe   fou         n   ��bo  suffi orci          i       ���                     ...
slghl   due        i'i-    uilt  fiKtd      I ���   ��� 1   i ��� ���        i Ini   entire set ,
... connection v
���.    .   ,     ..        ,   , .....
.    . . erabh
.   ���> -    -
���      I'hei'i
.... trgin  of
.   elect rii        ht di
as man;  men
s  thi    " isim   e
... ....
5 was of
.   - .
ein     Win
v News report!       ���;
m ...     :,.. ������,   suggested
visabb exclude  the
...    tin       ess    is ther
...     . ���   .-. i  -, that he wiBhed
re the mei mt were
lat! ��� li i   oi  publii ation    Pi
,;     ....    -      he repi
it he did nol thlnl   il
... .      i e dlscuSBii
\i,i   i   .;;,... madi   ��� mi     a ';'-
neetini      lould    ���    prlvati    RUd tin
-    -.. ���   .      .   ....    eporter n
i  graceful  exli  aftei   ba> lug bi ��� n in-
.i-i;     Ihe clt;   . lei h  " ould com-
���   ��� ���
-   vas ti
���i   ���
... . .
���  . - ��� ircels
 .1 the
" ...       ...
need< ���  im-
.   .    -
.   .
The :'       censes was
siden   ....
mnu ��� .    ��� ���	
       *   ���
erabli     ilk I    was d ���
...    iiV
��� ���    ��� ��� ��� ��� thi
���. im .  ��� exl      ��� ���   ng   i
....     .... in Be]
��� i ber.
ee appointed ti    epi
"ii   '' ��� ���     tl	
lie cl        esented
in-Ker  i h id
      i   '' -   coming   yea
���..    . .    .T
$25 a ton      rhi     eport was
... same  as
for oats, and a        - -
i,  ..
I members he i     Inel       i tend
i'ii.        vlncla in to be held
,,  ,. iu octi
i it  ,,..,, ���-,,. ,  t.      venlng's
,.. so   ,,,.; ... ncil rosi   sh  rtl;   : i
���.   ,   ii..
ieKroo8. is  still     iffi ! '   i ��� wen     .    .    iicliidin     I lie   mpplj
an  evaslvi    answer,   when upou
��� ighi ol        left eye allogi    ���
In 11..   n' athi '  cam     -    Whlli   lal ���
them     one    ���    i        ""' "',i: '' ' lng  "IT ""' B��ut>hern   coasl   ol    New
Instantly, the othei   rani    :   ivns lug voyagi   from Shli        Eng,, lo Si Zoi   md   thi   nu   en   lopgallanl   masl
ubled al  the  Ihlrd  Bhol j;,i"    ;i''    '���'"      '''     ' eft wits carried   iwaj     I    ��       il rj .1 poi
H, '_ ,      ShleldH  011   Jul} IHOfi      Vrrivlm Hon  ol  the  bulwarks
J   lp   and   Riddled    With    Bullets (||.   (.     , ,.     , , ,.,    ���..,,������������,���     .,   ,   .���   ,���H ,
Because of an Evasive Gives Credit to Canadian. weeks in .1 vulu attempt lu round tin Iik    pig   Iron   and   Bn       ;.      il   thi
Answer. London,   Vug   I     The annual meel cape     Palling,  ahe attempted  to pin Wall ��� ���,,,, ,1,,-.      ...        ,,, 1, , .1,,
ng of the British 9 (y for tin   Vd -  lo Moutevli     lu this she was 1 tei   lo Balfour, Gutbrli   (   Co     The
unsui..    fill     11 1    lie �� impelled el   will  taki    1     I     n    1
Samples Good and  La'ye Crop  Is  Ex     cemmander   of   American   Forces   on
pected���-Movement  Will   Soon Island   of   Leyte   Prepared
Pe General for Action.
v^-   '     A special from   ,,,���.,,��������� ���. S( , ���,.   ,...,,��� ,���  yorh
���    ��� i	
K - hal  two in-'..   coal
Presldenl    llii}   Lnni   siei    u
lo mal e Cape nl
hi (his poi'  i"   ii trull
1 '   :'':'' from Providence    - ,,   m)rjrei     re vli wed   ll '���   ncen
���vere  held  up  In   thej jJIunvie,jg     , mcernlni I  im    and Effort to 8n,asl Record Bmlth  Wlm Honors
lll,,,i   gave  Krncsl   Rutherford,    ol     Victim      x,.,   r. Vui 1     Prom  Ban       New   Vmi     vug   1     alej  Bmlth of
in I vi    Ity,   Montreal,   much   ol    lhe 1 ���   t -      i'i nen dn       Nassau,  I     l���  won  Ihe honoi   pi * ���
credit fo     tlon lu this      1 Hi  1   In the o rofe islon .1 gol I  lourn
;��n  men   with   Win
11      if 1 he mine] j wi     abb
to    town,    though
��� in I'd.   Tho othei  was
'    111      mil lltillll
��� ��� 1  and  Bob Hall, tic-
ol   ; he   :	
���   cd and taken to the M01
Sir David OIU  hi       een  noi       nd 1     ; ji.-- ���    Viu lliuiil loiln
In ite 1  for the  presidency ol , Ix-cyllndi       11       1    '   "     even        tl profi    I	
ur Januni      'Si  . in    m  cfl    1   to  lowi     Iln 1 ���      In Ihe Unlti il     pari
itor enr roconl I   1 11 nd Bmlth       11
Customs  Returns  Increase,
en ate holders of I        .--���-��� ���        villi a tod,I of ill
iree d      , w hli Ii Ihey hob
Winnipeg,  Vug,  1     The eu Ion      1      ,.,.,,      ,.     Under 1 11  In  W04
. - ri   witness, says thai   turns   1 :    Winnipeg    porl    foi    the                               ()
' ���'  ���������   ��� In .. buggy, thai the)   month ol Julj were $333,D67.GB    Lasi Miss  "utton'a  Rsvangs
and stopped the negroes In  year In Julj the rel i��ns amounted to               Harry h.ifs Hla Way. . ,      . ,   \$ng., Aug. 1    Miss Ma)
���   ilrlng Is they were going  $287,677.19, nearly $60,000 less Iban ln      Ne��  Vmi-. Km   1     yielding to the Sntlon, of Pasadena, Cal.,  who posl
persuasion  of  her Bon   Harry  Thaw, poned hei departure foi bome, In 01
���   Mrs, Thaw  lodn;   dispensed with the .1. .   to again  try    conclusions    with
services of Ihe linn ot Black, Olcott, Miss  Douglas, lhe  British chnmplon,
Oruber a;- Boyngne, whom she had en played In the Northumberland count)
gaged lo conduct  the defenci   ,; thi tennis    lournamenl      In the singles
young ni.in mi the charge ol 1 ilei Miss  Button  beal   Miss  Atchison   by
Ing 81 inford White 0 I, 6.'
1   io woi i. im- the Wesl Ken-  July, 1900,
I,       l, Aug. 1      1 hi   cutting ot
��� ... 1   ..11   ihe   ' 11 ma  lu   I his
rlcl    resterda      "'���'    In   al I   a
.... i      - . mi ni   ... in   ...   geneial
\     ,   .    ,. i,|..,,  i..-  , v pected
tin       niples to be  seen 1 11
In   ill np|  1
1 I   ndrerl    ni'..   hom   I
 li   In tlie H	
|i   nlnlon    nd .."' e durli 1 ���!|
1 . . i,  -i .   - , . , 1 1.
. ii 1.
Want   Rleotrlo   Railway.
! "i'  Willi "ii   Vug. I      1 he ' ouncll
h      i.. i.i. 1 io secure   >  ��� omp mj   to
"1 "��� :'<������    m     Ipctrli       ���   ��� all ���- 1
mh Hi" town,
1    Qen,   i.       com-
1 merlcan   ton es   on
! md 1.1   1 i.. tphe 1
...... 1
.    : I .... ... ,,,I|S
1 .1       . ... ;,,    .,
round   m
Ions Pulajai nlclpal poi
hm      ��� ��� .    ���
��� ...M    ..1    1' . ernor
* alcl]
,  thus  leaving
eopl    ��� ��� ��� ��� Ically
li I
fori  iVIlllam 1.���A com-
������   ��� 100,000 has i��'' m
1 cl .1 brewery here
Lithographers Declare
International Strike
'"--.li;  I,���A general strike notice that In default of compliance
ebibers ol the Lithographers' In- a strike would be ordered on Jn
'""���''I    Protective    and    Benefit An offer by the employers tonighl lo
:i "��� the United States nnd Can- arbitrate the matter wai   rejected,
'  den 1 tonighl  by John A.	
' ''    1 resident   of iln- associa
u'    trike goes Into effect  to SUck t0 Cummlrw.
Makes 67 Miles An Hour
Over Canadian Vacific
Portland Police Detain
the Wrong Lord Douglas
Winnipeg, Aug. I.���A special train,   from    Brandon,    n distance or i.:i.
���""i will effect about 30,000     Des Moines, la., Aug   1    Governor  consisting of Sir William Van Home's  miles, In two houra; an average speed I
-  lithographing concerns   Albert fi Cummim  toda) waa renom   private   car   Saskatchewan,   Second  of sixty-seven miles per hour,   'i'he1
ntted S   ������    and Cana la   The
��� di m ,:i-i on Jul) B
In lead  of    run tnn -
pei   iveel    coupled   -
Inated for election by the Republican vicfrFreaidenl    Wliyte'i   Drives   "ar  train waa pulled by one of the coni-
-1 ���'.- convention.    A full state ticket Manitoba and a bagga#�� oar, .uiivci  pany's modern ten-wheeled passenger
nami I,  mo     of the 1 indldatei ,,1 the C. P, u. depot last evening at  engines, which was   constructed   ln
....   nominated    ��� 1       nation. ; D2 0' lo k, bavlflf made   the   run' Sootland,
Portland, Maine, Aug, l.���instead of-
having in custody an American ing-'
anilst, known as Lord Douglas, wanted by the authorities of many slates,!
as was at first supposed, the Portland
police, it is thought,  bave detained
Lorir%holto Douglas, third sun of thej
late Marquis of Queensbnry.   Several
days iuiu a Portland detective was re-I
iiuesie 1  by  the police  oi   Vshevtlle,
x.  I'..  10 ai rest a man   who rented
a col i ige .'a the shi re 1 l -;"' igo lake
n May, The officer wenl to the lake
yesterday and detained a mun known
iu the lake resorts at S. 0. Douglas,
The suspect regarded the arrest humorously and told the officer who
called on hlm that he waa Lord Sholto
Douglas, With him were two persons
who he said were Lady Douglas find
their son. A linn of bankers ln Portland stated iiniii.', tnat the man detained ai Sebago Is Lord Sholto
Douglas. The suspect is In custody
of the police.
��� ��
��� 1
�� 1   .   .1
'������ vj
.   tt
. It... ,..* ���
Annua'  B, C. C:
As   Ha
/erg Address
I '. - -  ���
the       sent
���    _       .    .
! ���--.. lay m      ing ... St. G    rge's
hall.   '..���    | resi :��� nt,   Di    Ge n --   B.
���....���:   N'.-w   W'.Tti:.::.-- .:.-   .:.
the chair. A large gathering it medical men was present from ill parts
the | rovince and I good number
from the state of Washington also put
in an appearance. The sessi 'ti opene :
&��� 10 o'clock, when -he rep nts of sev-
el .i unitti ��� - wet ���- . ��������� i and the
reception of visitors proceeded with.
The rest : the mornin? was occupie I
with routine business.
Afti Ijournment :A>r lunoh the
men mi i   ig tin   u  2 o'clo ...
.' hi :. presi len    lelivi in
��� -.vs:
1 lentli'..- o���l feel een
ligal   :.  ���
: ���      ���    '���
3 an
:   '
this, eting
.led        Vsso-
���  ...  i
���ti- ire
1*1 .... ��� ...        ws o! the
:'.'..-   i     imbia    - - ���    ition, I o isei ��� e
duties      ������ I upon the
-   -..'      :'   i.      ni     f his  duties
there  is no �� ai --.  for it is impel a-
tivel     ..- - : irth .:. this .; isolute-
1)   pos '-���'��� lang lage:      He  shall   :���������
livei      :.       ... --    setting   : irth   the
adition   ol    the   ;    fessi <:.   In   -
in        et       ii   ���.:.-  read this au-
... :. i.    He shall deliver   an   address,"  etc.,   "he   weight  of
officii:   responsibility   seemed   al:.. ist
11 -T.::.-    yet dul   -    ill adds stimu-
lus  and   - metlme   issis -  the    weak
n :  I     to surm    nt mo ini ilns - .
"������   dt      To s<    :   th the con litlon
he        [essi ���:.   In oi    thi   igh i it
the province is ���     mderi   ting
and  i hope impe       nent for n-rj.-- ������
of trust may r. it  I       ���<���  my efforts I i
Us barge the traditi nal and i .-torn- i |
ary d ity ot the offlci      hair.
The igh our ci!    Is no   boar)   '.vi-h
,. gen Is or tradil   ins  noi our archives
-,.-;iA   wit  .:. .   -��� j historical
records of consecutive   enturies   for
many     .:, ��� ng  -.���..- --..-    j yj
ipon   our then   ighl ires   tod       were||
. oreei - ii    ed    - the virgin   :".-���-' even   whei ���   we   now   are
gathi  ��� . . :������������ New  Wesl minstei will
���  .  . - -   :   . -.  .:.  hist   .".
..... the fii -"  < t ���' 'I of
British  ���' . im    i        I, tho igh  sh ��rn
f that g :. ' ga       if pic-
-.:-..      -       - commei I il
locav :. ip :. th gen le slope of
Fr :-���-. r northei a 1 . - will ever re-
raain witb ber, ad at i iture gathering 'ion of the
S .:. - " ... ��� Ini ��� :: Dominion
I :.' , ��� the mem iries if all here as-
5i:...:.. everi leas int recol-
. :. ��� . this ting in the
Royal City.
A-  corroborative  evl       e   of   our
< It) -    . iim .... . the i i it-
:.. ii  .    Inn  ���     ng iserve ihal
the ::: b| act passed in    rii       i     im
bia  . ���    ectlng t! i      e i I
i Ini ���' . ��� I ie nd i enti le i
"An i ir Iln ini e Re Ing Pi v '.Ition-
��� rs ol  Mi llcli - i
date I as having        ied thi
tivi   ci ni' 11 u ion   Vpril  I,  1867, an I
assente I to   a   i      n ijesi        d ime
upon April 2, IS67        Fre lei It.. Si ) ���
.��� iverno        N      We   minster,
B, C id o      ne, and the
���        ��� ��� in
leaf     Important II    i :���. .
"When i    It I lien    that  per-
.-"ii.   requlrli
en    ������ !   ���
llflod   pei
en    ted."   This    ' i
in the        '   ol   he earl)
i. t hi ��� .. .
'��� l our in sl  me Ileal     I  n is thai
ll  was more tor the p        tion ol the
public from Incompi I mi ;������ i< illI -
that i ich ii l . ���'.   ���.'. ���    nece
a .  i ofen
day, to create tl
pr ifesi Ion Into n cl      : iratloi
I am indebted to one
;      Di   I:   ii   \'.       ir, ���    New
Westminster, foi I       It un ol hlsi i
.in i ii an ���        il snffl ih nl
terested to loo
the li , , the profi
A   :i.  I
,|.    ���    !     |d . ���       ���  :   2'J,   1902   .::
Johnston's Big Shoe  House
ecial Prices
ins IVIorning
Men's Shoes
Geo. A. Slater's best $5.50 Russia Calf Boots, $.350
"Boucher" glove fitting Shoes, our $3.50 box calf and
kid lines for       ...        -       $2.50
"Boucher" fine kid low Shoes, heavy soles, a good
summer shoe, our $2.50 line going this morning
for, a pair $1.35
Men's Canvas Boots, high and low cut, the $1.75 kind
for, a pair - $1.00
Ladies' high laee Boots in box calf and kid, our
$3.00 sellers, for - - $1.95
Ladies' fine black Oxfords, a reg. $2.25 shoe for $1.25
Ladies' 31.75 black kid low Shoes, for, a pair, $1.00
Ladies' $1.50 elastic front House Slippers, pair $1.00
Misses' S2.25 tan School Boots,  this morning $1.50
Misses' $1.75 Chocolate Strap Slippers, this morning
for - - - $1.15
Misses' $1.50 Black Strap Slippers, this morning 95c.
Children's Low Shoes and Slippers, tan and black,
sizes 5 to 7 1-2, a pair        -        -        -        50c.
These are only samples of what we can do for
you in the shoe line. Do you need new shoes ? If
so, don't overlook our great shoe sale. It won't
last forever.    Come this morning.
(Continue i nn P ig   1 bn
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in  Alt Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash    Doors
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone  12. New Westminster.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderesl
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, Xew Westminster.
Gold Crown and
Bridge Work
Of The Highest  Order
Our system of Gold Crown ami Bridge
work is the best known to dentistry. We
defy contradiction. The bridge work
made by our system has never U'<t. surpassed. Our brill' s and crown expert is
the highest salaried lentist in the west:
We have hundred of testimonials to
prove these statenn its. Our prices aro
about one half what you aro accustomed
to pay.   They never change	
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Filling's
The Boston Pentists, t
Hon i 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407   Hastings  Si. W..  Vancouver
i ��&&J>'.i*A.!< >tf '.'''
. ^$:mzMwm.m:mM x.;. 5- ;. im
apoen In
A     it
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service o( the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.  \
\\ M lESfflBBITJ
1'    ������ i Lands
V;     .- bs  the Non   vest Tei   ..
a      : - r Yukar   Tt
������   ���     '           '              efcfctei
i       over :                 -..'.������
-���                            ���
i ���          : mining
��� ���               SCI              :    -   i   :
T      -    T      i   ������ ���      ���          .::.���:.      f
��� ���   ���                       y ��� -.
:  ���
S                  .  '       ���'           ...;���
(   '���
���      ���             ���     i          ..:   ���
t<   ��   .   j   ���
king  out   I
1                        v               ,        T -
.   ���
at each <
���������   ,'
��� ���
.. ' -\ \
.    ���'. . '     N.   -  '
1 -   ���" ��   A
:    ��� ���
��� .     ��� ' :    .     ' '. N       '���   I
-. .'   ��� ���        ���   i     r cl    "-        eithei
nch, t)i ioo
��� :       g and extending between I
v   water mark,     T  i     ���   i
.. ���  gs. but extend   back
l     fhe base     i  the  hill        '    ''���
>  {eel      Where  steam
| claims   ��oo  [eel   v\   It
maj '   ned
Drcdgii      ������ the Ri> ei - ol Manil b
���  ���   \   w   V . ling the Yu
Terr'l VI ''���,:���
��� ������      ly | s of five miles eai
.   \ eai s, rei
i the lion    f the Minisl
ned to th
'   '    . ���  b rs    ' the rivei
;   '   ,\   watei   i"  ��� A   ind sub
>vi fto per mile foi
v. ,   -.   Itj   5 a m i
P!  :    n  thc   Vukon   1' i
I Ich,   river   and   hi
not  exceed  25o   fei i   in
me isun d on ihc base line i i
ection        the    creek
.   Ich, the  width bi i ���   fi   m   li oo I
'."   othei   placet   i laims
t    ��� i .      .      ������,������.
i |a ���������    . ���     ���   ii ki .1   by   two   I
i .   ts,  oiv   al  eai h   en I, beai m^  no
tjci       Entry must be obtained within
ten  di \    ii  the claim  ii  �� ithin ten
nulls oi thr mining recorder'* office.
()ne cMi .i day allowed foi eai li addi
n im| ten milei nr ii action.
The  person or company  itaking  .i
in must  hold .i ti' e minei 't cei
i Rente
I !���(��� disi ivei er of .i new mine is
entitled to .i claim of iooo i< (i in
length, aand ii the party consists oi
two, 1500 id i nltogi (lur. mi iln oul
pul on which no royalty shall be
ehai ���.���( il the rei i of lhe pai ty ordin
ii v . laims onlv.
Entry fee $10 Roj ally al thc rnti
two .md onc hall per ceni on ihi
v. lr. oi the gold shipped from Iln
|i t to I he righti ol .ill pei si mi w ho
have, oi who may rn eive enti in fi n
I. n fi "ii i bench claims, excepi
mi iin' ! ' ' li n ii River, ��1����� ��� ���
the lei (<��� ' .im 'li i A', in high ��nt. i
i    rl   nn each alternate e lean hold
I hi   I hall  havi   n  dredge in
n| ��� i.iiion within i ne ��ea  hom the
date ni Ihe li ai c foi  eai li five m li
but whi ii' ii i1' i -"ii or i ompany ha
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
di i dge for eai !i fiftei n miles oi d ac
tion ihi iml i   mffii nm     Rental, $io
per annum for   each   mile   (,i rivei
leased,    Royalty .ii  tha rule of iwo
.mil :i half I"r i'ni. collected on the
output .ilirr ii exceeds $to.ooo.
Dredging In lhe Yukon Territory
Sis   lease,  of  live  miles  each  in.iv  be
granted lo ;i free miner fur ���< term ol
.���ii years; also renewable,
The lessee's tight is confined to ihr
submerged bur iir bars iii the river
below low wi.trr mark, that boundary to he fixed by its position un the
ot day of August in the year of lhe
date of the lease,
The   lessee  shall  have  one  dredge
in   Operation   within  two  years   from j
lhe date of lhe lease, and one dredge
fur  each  live  miles within  six years!
frnm SUCh dale.    Mental $ioo per mile
Yukon  Territory  to be  paid to the!
Nn free miner shall receive a grant'
of more  than  one mining claim  on i
null  separate  river,  creek  or  gulch, i
but   the   same   miner   may   hold   any
number  of   claims  by   purchase,  aud
free  miners   may   work   their   claims
i \
morj   of
I xvi       ni    ������ . ���      ���     i
. aii    the
. ,i
���.    . . x  .    ,
11 |
...... M
:.    .       |1    ol
we oi        ...
eallee lhal        ��� ���    I
. ii,.
of i
id ni   li     ��� ���  ��� ��� '��� ��� i  ��I     -
.   ,.' . ,
������     tttotl    IVI
.   . . in ���     . wed u    n
So much        sti . i'i  In
. lon 'i i   |in eepl   i
in..,i   within    In   small  i om
. '   the ii it' rm ion, It |h ii b and i od<
��� >"���>���> * . * ������>���������,���;��'.������,:���.��,���;���:,���;���;;���;:���.
tllVK  yoi ll  iiiii.i'io \       ;���
\\n  \\ \ roil   I'lli'M  ORi >\\
'���'���':���'���"���.������"��'���.���������'��'��� ��'��� * ���'���'���'��� �� . . . ���'
hi p.irtnei I p bj filing notii e ind
fee of j \ 11.mn in.iv !���������
abandon* il and anothei obi iim d i n
i In- same ��� ������ i A gulch oi i Iver, by
i m ing notii ���  and poj Ing a fei
\\ ��� ii '.i mir i be done on s cla m
i j, h iti to the value ol it leasi $ ioo
\ certlfli ate thai i\"> k h n been
ib null iiu I. nnad ti| mi to o i up il ii m
md i ni 11 I... ,i frei  minei
Herth   on thcii    Icepcrs an   ongei
night i and �� idi i than In ilmil ir can
mi   any   iithi i   line      Thev   proi   i
'In ii ii sins by the Bloi h 5) tem
The boundai les of a claim may he
defined absolutely by having a lurvej
iinnie ami publishing notices in the
Yukon    I Min lal    GaSSttS,
Petroleum Ml unspproplated Do
minion I.amis in Manitoba, the North
well Terrltoriei and within the Yukon
I'liitiuv, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, snd the minister mav ri
serve foi an Individual or company
having machinery on ihe land to be
prospected, in area of iu.'o seres roi
such period as he may decide, the
IrtiKth of which shall not exceed three
limes the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying qUan-
tities, arid satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 6.)o
acres, Including the oil well, will be
snld to the prospector at the rate of
$i an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject In royalty at such rate as may l
be specified by Order in Council.
VV. VV. CORY.       I
Deputy of thc Minister of the  In-,
Dept. Interior,
.������                    .:
��� ���
.       .
������     .   ������
. ���
.   .
,      I ,   . .       . ,   .
g tl    causes v hit '1
effect*     ..  the
.   ..
.     ���  ill;     in.
,       , .
i\    ...   . ���   .a,!. 1
... .
v, ...
.     TII'
on. tra
...   .n  .,  ���
... 1        ;i   nt
.... j        MU.   .1  '
i     .....        iwledgt
. ,     ., hli '.    .1 1.'"
���   ni. depends
1  ittenl   a w hich
th<   profi 1     for, both In rei
Hon to and public, -non :'   l
ipaullll 1   Poi
I nil   cot or   othei n I ���
.1 1      my at    nmt in
ttitude <
itn . leratlon,   bu
nt hi uanj   oi   Blow   grow th,
it ���, ��� eply 1 ooted
i              mil)    mil  3i "i
1     1 ,      prim Iple and   hono       11 a
mini etn
1 u ii< n
��� ... . 1
,11 b
��� 1,.nr . .     ��� deserves,
1 t      ind justly bo,
Ihe 1 ���   qualified for ������<>���
thought  mighl  lead   a*
lo�� ' Ion gam 1 sl
in 0   special
ml vi 1     i, for we all
iroad and    yel
hi ���'   llmlti 1  Is our knowledge    1 he
��� hould be more capable. 1 I
giving to the public the very1 best ble
Beld     ' 11 ������    We, as phj sioians,
recognise the advantage of spot lal
study ami application and should nol
hesitate to advise our patients ac
Our educational standard needs m
be maintained, bence the professioni 1
qualification demanded by the provin
clal ni i ovi    .. nil ii ihe medical coun
oil luts supervision,
Thai the iikiU'^sIdh has done imlile
service ami placed the public in a
position of comparative safety when
(Continued on Page Seven.)
J ; -��:'   '
��� H ,''
. E
4    ���
. * UU ���
n ;"       E.
A'A'A   :''
��� ������ 1.��
tku.::jay, august
'<   :906.
Published by The Daily News Pul;-
iehiiif;   Company,   Limited,   al   their
ifflces   corner   of   Sixth   and   Fronl
(Streets, -New Westminster, B. C.
that  has made the nation greal   and
bas preserved the unity of its aim."
C.   Brown R.   J-   Burd-
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
.-���ents per ii:"1. brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special posi-
fims, apply to advertising manager.
Under Mr. Justice Clute -  Inti
tat ion of section 516 of the Criminal
Code,  the Dominion  gofrernmeni
its   work   cul   out   for  tt.     Attorney
General  Flndlay  wants an  investigation    of    the  beef  trusl   in   Alberta,
��� while the Calgary Herald lemands an
Inquiry into the affairs of the lumber
associations of th ��� en.is' an i m i in-
tains.   " If the Retail Merchants' As-
! Bcciation were guilty of a breach In
���fixing' prices, and thus restricted
trade. Is not the lumber combine of
British Columbia equally guilty?    Ace
I the cases not strikingly parallel? is
not the .Mountain Lumbermen's Asso-
:*: k
NEMO  ll '   The Store  That Saves  You Money
Notices   of    births,   marriages   or
deaths. 50c.    Wants, for sales, lost or   nation  guilty  of  forming  a  combine
found, rooms to let, etc., oue cent, per
word,     No advertisement taken for
les.) tlian 26 cents.
Business office     22
Editorial   office        17
Manager's   residence   	
'to destroy competition and greatly
raise the price of the commodity to
the consumer? If In the one case
there is restraint of trade, the question at stake is the same Wesl as
East, and Ihere need be but one verdict."
Jenkins���That's tii ��� way the
thing was toll] to me; b it, of course,
there's ni.'. i> - i ii re than one side
to ii story.
Wiseman���Of course, there are
always as many sides to a story as
there are people to blame.���Houston Post.
:^   thj   Sores.
know thai  when you
girl   to   recite
to   rente   it
te.il   like   going
"Don't you
ask   your   I iti!
makes   everybody
"Then why' do you do il ?"
"That's why."���Washington Star.
THURSDAY.  AUGUST  2.   1906.
iii its issue of July 23 the Toronto
Glol e s j s:
".lohn Burns, M. P., approvi - ol the
plan oi relief ing distn -��� in Britain
i,> emigration. The ��� al real relit E
from the press ire n ilch mo lern conditions i :in- to ii u i "��� industrial
i la.-.-, s .- i mnd in ipp u I mities for
self-*mployment In agricult ire and
othei ;.i imarj Ind isti les. An emigra
tion policy brings the opportunities of
the colonies within the reach of the
people nt the mother country."
On a .... 25, discussing the Yorkshire
Post's protest against the recent restriction of immigration, it says:
"The people of Britain have lately
awakene I to the facl that I he least
expensive way of treating the human
residue of their industrial system is
to ship them elsewhere. The result
U great activity on the pari of emigration societies and other supposedly
charitable organizations and the free
subscribing of money to aid the work.
But there is no reason why Canada
should submit to a lowering of her
standard of citizenship by accepting
this  residue.
"There is plenty of room in Britain for these people. They have
heen crowded to the wail by a pressure needlessly severe. There IS
abundance of land at home I'or them
to take up a.s homesteads. But to
open it to them would require coil- \
rageous statesmanship that does not
seem to he forthcoming. It is easier
to ship them to Canada."
It may be toy much to say that
these utterances are contradictory,
but mlghl we nol I e , emitted to suggest that they are evidence of an
erratic spirit? The only problem
which arises "from the pressure which
modern conditions brings to bear on
the Industi lal classes" i.i the problem
of treating the human residue of ihat
Industrial system, II emigration Is
the onl real relief, - :, by all means
lei us not refuse to id the brother's
pari   ..    setting   u i lera   against
But, while emigration Is in some
measure a relief, Is li ln any true
sense a solution of Q Italn's social
problem? Emigrati m i palliate; it
can iu'vi i cure existing conditions In
the ;.. :li.a' country, If all the unemployed in Englnnd were to be shipped
to Canada, tbe rellel would only be
momentary, even for the home authorities, Thousands would be benefited, bul thousands more would be
in ii plight as iii I .i - If a il worse
than, in their Brsl condition Mo problem would i"' solve i im thi contrary, Canadians, as well aa EnglUh
statesmen, would I .��� compelled to be-
gin an earnest search for a solution
sorely needed, England's social problem is nol iiieri'h the problem of Idle
man. ll Is a problem of Idle land as
well, of resources remaining undeveloped even under the pressure of a
teeming population in other words,
it is a social in'in.i than an economic
question, The attitude of the Globe
in the second extracl quoted a iove is
eniireiv correct, The ol I countr; has
sufflclenl resources i i s live her own
problems, if only thai solution Is
Boughl i ourageously, ami there Is no
reason why I'linad i should not Bcru-
i Inlze carefully the character of the
Immigration she receives,
Whatever may be thought, however,
or the policy of Inspecting Immigrants,
the reference of lhe Post to Ihe Iiriiish navy Is unfurlunale. Some men
are unable to confer nny favor without the recipients cursing their benefactions, If the navy were lo be treated as a "quid pro quo" In every ques
tion between the colonies nnd the
mother country the situation would
speedily become intolerable. As the
Globe ways:
"Lei us avoid Imposition nnd hux-
terlng if wu would preserve the sjilrll
An   E;;plcc!ed   Theory.
"Do you believe iill men arc created equal, Mr, Newpop?"
"Xoi by u long shot. Why, that
baby of mine know - more now, although lie  is onlv  three days old,
Whether or not the inferno i.s paved
with good intentions, at least the purgatory of opposition hopes Is laid
upon the bad intentions���of the government. It is well for the country
that those Intentions sn seldom Hnd
any oilier embodiment than printer's
ink. To repeal the Chinese tax is
only the latest malign design attri- than some people ever lour
buted to the government. But why Houston Post.
In the name of common sense sho il '���
a governmenl, which raised thai tax
to a prohibitive level and whicli has
only recently passed special legislation restricting undesirable immigration  of every  son.  be  made  respon-
the O
sible for Mr. Scott's personal vagaries?
One very practical resull of the
British naval manoeuvres is the way
in which ihey have impressed all Europe, The French government iias
decided to send a special mission of
naval officers to England ch irge I
with the duty of studying the manner
in which target practice is carried out
in the British navy, and to make observations in regard to the English
method of telescope sighting and fire
control. That is indeed a compliment
to the gunnery efficiency of the British navy.
In History
Yes. Mr. Scott, thhre are some kinds
o" labor whicli white men easily yield
to Asiatics. But not willingly! The
squeezing process is always disagreeable. Permit the pressure to become
greater and there    are    many    more
forms of labor which they will
as  "easily"���and  unwillingly.
His Late Call.
Geraldine���Must von go?
Gerald--Yes. I make it a point
never to bc late for breakfast.���
New York Press.
Great Special Sale
Summer Suits
Coats m Pants
Do  Long-
Shorti-eigh��� i loi 'I ���'; think he
res 'mbl - i ie n a ' "' '��� - ���
It" Lon i -Tl it's hat. lie ti ��� I
to borrow i d illar from me,���I 'c-
troii Tribune.
Every up io date marriage license
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1100 ��� William   Ii.   (Rufus)
of  England  accident d-
ly killci In N.-w torest,     i-^,
Hants,  by  W liter Tyr-      V^
1788 ���Thomas      Ualnsbor- ^Sl
ouRh. the noted  Iiriiish '  '
artist,  died   In  Lon.Inn;
born  In  Sudbury  1727.
1SU - William       Williams,    Helarocho.
"signer,"  soldier and  statesman, died
In Lebanon, i onn.; born there 1731.
1848 ���Captain   Frederick   Marryat,   noted
British  author,  died  In  Norfolk.  England; born ln I.on,lon 1792.
1857���Eugene Sue,   author ot  "The  Wandering Jew"  and other romances, died
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1863 ���Paul    Delaroche,    French    painter,
died; burn 1804.
1898���President  McKlnley  announced,  offl-
ciajly, the terms upon which ho offer-
i'd to make pence with Spain,
SITUATION required as bookkeeper
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Also agents B, c. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc,
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Drug   Store
Westminster Iron Works
SEALED   TENDERS   a I Ires ed to
the undersigned, an i endorsed   Ten-
Ornamental   iron   worn,  including   der for Post Offlce, Fernie, D. C,   ��
Fences, Oates, Ure bjsoapes, etr.
���,   ,, b"   received   al   III:,  ollli 6   llllll    8 '
MW1 order, and correspondence In    ,,,, VugUi| ,_ ,, _,
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(Maple Leaf Label)
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��� onsl ruction of a  Posl    I ifH u    &
building ai Fernie, D C
1'i.nis and speclfli atlons can 1        ;
and forma of tender obi i no i     '!
Departmenl and on application 11 R"'
'���it   A.   Kerr,   Esq.,  Clerli   "f   Wo
Fi rnie, it. c
Persona tendering are notlflc I thai
B. C. Land tenders will nol be considered nuless
Surveyor made on  the  printed  form siippHed.
CHard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.   ''""'   sIki"''1   w!lh   lh"h'   actual   t'K"'
Bach i ler mus:  be aci impaale"
bank, made payable to the order o\
the Honorable the Minister of P"11110
Works, equal to ten per ceni. ''''l"''1
OH ihe amount  of the I lor, wliici
will be forfeited If the puny tendering
decline to enter Into n contracl ��l11'"
called upon to do so, or ii i"  lail
! i ( mplete the work contracted for.
| the lender he not accepted tlio l'1"''1"'
will be returned, .,
The Department dues nol bind Use
lO accept, the lowest or any let"1''1'
lly order,
' Departmenl of Public Works,
Ottawa. Jul.'.  !-��� l""'''
Newspapers Inserting thlB illlv''rl,^
menl wlthoul authority Erom
I lie I"''
par!ment will not be paid tor It- THE DAIL\  INEWS
Mid - Summer
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li is swell.
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Local News Briefly Told
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parte of the City.    Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Net,
New Weitmineter, B. C.
��� .     '������.       .: .     [ow       I        ...     ,',
straw  bats.   li. L.
The  -���" ime   I lutli    arrive I
fi om    V mc TT-     j esterdaj    even .-
. n : is now berthed at the C. P. R.
.' hai;
���I. \V. Galloway, nlghl steward ���'���
Kenny's restaurant, Is leaving ob this
morning's train for Chilliwack, where
��� i" will spend a couple of days with
his fanillj
William McAdams, of the Edmonton liulleiin, who has been on a two
weeks' visit to the roast, was In the
city lasi evening. He leaves tor home
this afternoon.
Tin- members of the New Westminster carpenters' union will meet In
the Oddfellows' hall at 8 o'clock 'his
evening, A full attendance of members Is desired.
1' ng to some delaj In the loa Un g
." Wyneric, the big ship will :. il
��� ready to leave the !���'; isei Rivei
mills until Frid i ifti rno in Al i.i i
presenl time i ie Wj nerii .- nlj
.r.oiii hall    ���
! '��� A, Welsh, ... -; len , the B. I!,
A.  L.  A.,  1 med A    '.'     ���,    ,
nd  J.  Ban .    ���       ... .,..-,���
:    Tii   in   Vai  :o ivei     hei��een     '.  '
Westminsti     and   I he   Van      .������ -  on
...     ....
1 he   funei al   of   the    I -na  ..
ei  ol   .; inn -  Smil i, A'o   Iward's
Landing,  took   | lai e j   sterda
ing  ..    Sappei ton.      'l'l..     offii tating
��� lei gyman was I he !;������ ���.  Mr. Bun m,
11.   Murchie  was  in  ch u
the 1 meral arrangements.
Owing to tlie scarcitj of flsh this
season, an American firm has chartered a .-cow which they bave sta-
'   med   ii'   Ste ������-��� m,  where  they  are
.. ::.- al the flsh the; can gel an 1
I aying 30 cents apii i e for them. T i ���
ii uermen say that the Americans
have expressed their willingness to
take 20,000 fish a ildy if they can be
The dumping grounds on Lulu Islan 1
are now being extensively patronized
by the business men of the city, and
a long procession of carts are to e
seen crossing the bridge everj morning. The old dumping ground on Mc-
lenis sue,.- i~ being cleaned out aud
i'i a few days nothing will remain or
that eyesore and perfume factory ex-
���lit the memory.
Aid. Garratt paid a visit to the distillery yesterday afternoon on a
search for the origin of the smell
about which lie had complained at
the council meeting on Monday evening He stated that the smell Is so
sti mg that he could hang his hat on
it. luit that the men at the distiller;
are aboul to i ev,.; the rubbish from
vhlch ii originates with earth, and
he hopes that In a few days the nuls-
.'. ������' will exist no more.
The waier main on Columbia street
irsl in two places yesterdaj evening. The liis; leakage was noticed
opposite Cunningham's haillw..;
.-tore, and later In the evening a small
stream at the rom of tsixth streel .-:-���
nale.l the preseni e of another lea t.
Both leaks were qulcklj  Btopped.
Mrs. A. Vachon and Arthur Vach n
lefl yesterdaj morning tor Port
Moo ly, u here thej ��111 camp toi the
remainder of the summer,
The   tax   collector's   Office   was   open
until lu o'clock lasi nlghl to give;
everyone a last chance of paying their
Ti\es while the rebate was allowed.
\ huge number of people haa waited
until the lasi moment before parting
with iheir cash, and the collector's office was a busj one for quite a while
lusi evening, Clt) Treasurer Mc-
i,i larrle says that ihe receipts this
yi ar are In excess of lasi j ear's, bul
he is noi yel In a position to state
I lie exact  figures.
The work of tilling the ravine on
Victoria streel haa heen commenced
under the supervision of the hoard of
wi rks, Tile piping for the drainage
nl' waler is being laid, and lhe work
Is expected to i e completed shortlj.
The annual picnic of lhe st. .Mary's
Church of England Sunday school will
be held todaj al Stanlej park. Vancouver, The party will leave Sapperton this morning on special ens
placed ni their disposal by the British Columbia Electric Ratllwaj Company,
The Indian Johnny Nelson uud tlie ;
liell'hreed Johnny Curry, who were at- |
rested Tuesday, on a charge of being
lu a stale of Intoxication, were presented before tht poiiee magistrate
yesterday morning, when both cases
were remanded until this mot ning.
The two bartenders who are charged
with having supplied the liquor to the
Indians were also remanded. it ls
understood that the hotelmen intend
to light ih<' ('us'' on a plea that both
men who were arrested by the police
������  :. it
"��� im   purchasln i   II ���. ior   i:
in   -.. incline 1.
Si ������ our i orner w in low I >i  -..,..- in
- lits an I   -'.  v.' I, its,    ii. L.
D   leek,
Tl is evening i Queen's pai . the
Regin i Intermedl ite lacrosse te im
and the Brownsville Indians will
again cFGSe sticks and pass away an
hour in playing lacrosse. After the
exhibition put up in the previous
- nnes by the Indians it would be inadvisable to place any money on
them. The Reginas will line up in
the following order: Goal, G. C.
Clute; point, J, A. Robertson; cover
point, <:. Mannering; first defence, J.
Fitzgerald; second defence, C. A.
il nine: third defence, K. C. Brown;
center, .J. I, Keary; third home, H.
Archibald; Becond home, K. Hougn-
ton; first home. R. Jamleson; outside
bome, A. Smith; Inside home, R. Ai-
l in
Guichon���S. W. Edwards and wife,
Vi toria; Jain..- B. Eagleson, wife and
n,  C.  A.  Sn Iti    ind   wife,  Seattle;
A    Bunzen,  Seattle;   F.  J.  Hall,   Vic-
i;   R,   Mi Coffrey,   i hilliwack;   H.
���    ivlfe   md      mil . Nan dmo;   W.
Irwin and daughter, Peterboro, out
i lolonial���F. ... A itli , Geci -������ Aut-
lej  and wife, Miss Rub    '��� . Miss
Minnie Autlej. Ta i lohn Yo tng,
| Ihemainus; E. ' D. Paters in, Pitt
. ite; A. E. Rinni   , Silvi D  G.
Fraser, Abbotsford; .1. D. Tupper,
S ockton; H. H. ' lollisi a, Sumas; J.
B. Ferguson. Blaine.
Windsor���Alex S. Reid, Hood River,
Ore.; George Wren, R. \V�� ster, .Mission: James Bull, Ladner; P, .Morris,
Vancouver; W. H. Cole, steamer
Wyneric, Millside
Depot���M. L. Mann, Vancouver; C.
Gabriel, A. Gore, Seattle; T. McEwan,
Ashcroft; E. B. Smith. Belllngham;
.'. K. McCawley, Vancouver. F. A.
Li [gate, Maple Creek.
i osmopolltan���A. Bessinger, Mill-
side.; J. Sullivan, Detroit; J. E. Tre-
lawney, Haney; Dan McLeod, Vancouver;  George Mason,  Vancouver.
20 Per Cent  Discount!
Makes a Big Saving When Buying Furniture
For    .; ll ti ce
���: 1-50 good .'At iron Bed fo     $3.60   J
Elegant Solid Oak Rocker, cobbler seat, bargain at $3.50, for...$2.80   {
Parlor Furniture Is equally low in price. We have a splendid line
Of Upholstered Goods and are sure to please you. It will pay you
to see our line. These special prices will not last long, so purchase now tor cash and save something.
Duponl  Block. Telephone 73.
I Reduced Prices!
! Ladies' Blouses and    (
:���; |
Shirtwaist Suits!
I The  White House I
fi   A. J. B1RTCH. 275 Columbia St.  %
>. :���:
total oul   $6,500,     showing
about   -    In   building   permits
for the period. Last year at the corresponding 11! ��� the figures were $300,-
000 or $4 10,000 In excess of the total
���.. have reached up to the present
time. A gain of over $100,000 Is
shown when the figures for July,
L90b", are compared witti tne record
for July, 1905. J
:���: :���'
;���: :���:
$        GIVE   YOUR   CHILDREN' >���<
Croquet Sets
Sporting Goods
��� AT	
MOREY'S Columbia St-
J    AN'D  WATCH THEM  GROW.     '���'
:���: :���:
'���' :���:
Railway   Extension on  Prairies.
Regina. Aug. 1.��� I have no doubt
Unit tne statement made tne otner
day regarding the time when the C.
.Y railway will start, the operation
of the north line is correct. The general Impression al Prince Albert, is
that tlie c. P. K. win continue to
operate the branch until the Prince
Albert connections with Sheho are
complete." So said J, D. Henafin, of
Punce Allien, last night in the
course of a discussion regarding the
lew situation created by the Canadian Northern purchasing the Q. L. 1-.
..���  S. R.
"i'he C. P. R. Is reported to be ex-
lending the old Manitoba and Northwestern In from Sheho to Prince Allien," went on Mr. Henafin, "and this
will give Prince Albert the shortest
route to Winnipeg, i'he line starts
irom Portage la Prairie, and after!
leaving Sheho wlll run through tne
rich Quill Lake and Birch Hills coun-
tl'j  direct to Prince Allien."
Telephone A1S4 or address ith Avenue and 10th Street.
Open for Business
July 4, 1906.
4 ���' *�������������*����*������*��������������������������
Lords Discuss Educational Bill.
London. Aug. 1.���ln the house ��l
lords today Lord Crewe moved Hie
second reading ol tiie Educational
QUI. The debate indicated thai tne
house bad nn Intention Of rejecting
the bill, inn the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Huke Of Norfolk and others
declared r"e lull must tie amended
drastl "ally.
Winnipeg Building Figures.
Winnipeg,   Aug.   I.���July  ends   this
year  with   the  city   building  figures
about   $7110,noil   above   ihe   $8,000,000
mark,    When the month opened the ���.
Plus  Chewing
10c per cut
��� ��������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������� ����������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������<
Balloon Ascension and Parachute J. mp every day,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance.
One Whole Week of Fun.   Baseball and  Other Sports
|  Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British   Columbia   Day
'.    ;���
'a;-.-- J
. '���.*:' .
...  "V
... i    ��� t
-     'ij;  j
. ���   WM.
������'ii '.;-
i im
i�� \U\i.
. .,'���������' ������,
��� E!;
' kEM'
' t.iip i
i w��
1 ri'iai/'i'
��� 'i'nrfiiii
���i;,'llii '
��� *     *---.---...-... .��. .���
Roman's World I
s w m~"
-   '    -.    - . - ���-������_..- SJ
At        . :::"-:
Humor c
.: : ;a: ;���   ���-- ������  -'
Grand Trunk Ry.
Chicago. London
Hamilton. Toronto.
Montreal. Quebec.
Portland. Boston,
i. -
-. . i
��� . : '.
���   ��� ;
. :    . . t
��� I -::. .
' -.
1     j
-   1 -
7- U   1
1      1 -
tad s
- -    .
| Great Northern Ry
Time Table
f;.T.:pi_}    ::'    C-s.-.a- =-.    Home-   i
5-ri_ R-i-.al.::.!
V. W & V. Ry
E K0RTHWE5TI"-'   El
Minneapolis, St Paul   ___
and Chicago Trains & Steamers
';    V '      '    ^'      "fl!
' .   F - -
���      ���
"A ���    -   t   - ;" '
- -. '       .. ;. ���   .' ���'   ' .   -
���      ' A ���   '    :'. A A
'"   - A :         :��� : .   ;:
���  -  ���   -.
- ���   --
'The Milwaukee
--       _.. -     .'.'- -    ' ���- -
���    A    "
; Northern Pacific
Train** Dail>
-   .
-  .
-  .  ��� .--.
. -
Whatever ITul .'
.'.-..���. �����.
���  '-" '
i ol
��� i good
i ...   -     ai*i*
.0   :.. I ��� --   a
��� ;T:-: ������   :or Alder. Portland     r    ; ��� . ��� ���     ;;      m.
Canadian Pacific ase
Ro>al Mail Steamship     Fraser River and Gulf
Fi -. ������ "   ������: -  " ���    .-������ ���  ��� -- -.-
.- ���   . . .-.     ~    '
Froi -   ���
���--������' ...
ran pap ���-,.���.. is
C    5    6    AGENT
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
E- I all   Cfl iwnt a   Coast   L -���
Be ���. ee
i.i'v^i    R 0 UT E.
.   '  T
f to an i
-'    t bit   with
��� ' ooldt
'       ���  Ini    (be g. ��� .��� .
op ard of the
r.' t)  and   �� ire . ��� ,     . iff the
lace* of ber gov n.  An II i .-. ed It*
���. ia)j   way   ��������� -   on  ber
deco ���������.,.���'��� .���
prick ii .-.���    '���.������'��� B it,
km '���'.',���      <���   '      ��� ... ������������������
'.     ��� ���          rntfi                 ' ���  :...,v!  a
lit!.' .,������ ��� ; ,!������).
i'.   the r.,r  thai  -!.������  ������..    setting tbe
i .   ��� dead. Tbe
i .��� '���; h   . ,;..-l  her    All  bei i .-������
i ntliing hetler '     lo than I
i ���    lint of In
������\i,-|. , . . .    ���
foollih," ci (in     ���>���
''J   Oil
Rome   .������'���.     ��� ��-.���.',.�����.-.   to  r*
'      -.-. < -< ��� . -
A   1,.':.-':   ... oftei
'..':,'.'- In<.-.  ��'^-,'
.. e -   ���
���   ���.
(f, ���      ^
��� ���
'I"be j to da    :..������ t f yoor I  ���
i parties -    ���  ���                  bad
.\   i ���                   .- ������   ��� the -. n
pleton I rillaln 8nd>
���( il can <\'i  the
r       ������  ��� .
.    -
Prince ���    .". ea
Prince     Beatrice .' i        ���   w i ..'���.'
\ .-���. ���
Pr nets* V ctor 3.
Learei  Vancouver  telly a"  '.  ;   m.
S. 5. C'arrrer.
L*i7&j! :;'������/, '. ��� ���'.- at 7 a. m
:. '.''< Inesdaj    nd Moa .
S. S. Joan
Va      .. ��� - telly except Sa:
:: ���
��� ���      ��� -���:���������
���     -
AM) ,.-:.a.    -
."    tot���
- .   A   -     7 LB.
.-.-'���:. N t. I .-: U. 4 a_x.
Mail Service
ic     Recel    I
B Sonus. 10 pn       3.20 pjn
���,     : le. .1 ;:;.:.       :..
'��� er 1       ; .'...   ':. Hi a.m
Clorer : de, h. line
BeatUe, etc..  .. : iii ��� v.    '    >pjn
Van. ic Cent Park. :   10 a.m.   :?;. rr.
VI toria 10J0a.m. 10.00 a.m
Eis: Bnrnabr  iAr/   1.20 p.m.
Btereaton, etc.. . 1 Wp.m. 10.30a.m
fjii*, v;a C. P. B...4.4S pm, 7.10 p.m.
East, via c. p. R..10.00 p.m. 10,30 a.m
Sap., Mill, C<*3'm..4.4S p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Vsr.. i Bnrnanr..J40 p.m. (.00 p.m.
Tlmberland, Tnets
rriter  12.00 m.  12.00 m.
. . -.
Tend,-, r0f , Licer8. to Cut Trrber
en Dorr n on Lands In the Province
of Brit sh Columbia.
SEALED  TENDERS,   . Idre - .   ���
'���'' "������'���'��� '" ��������� ��� Mines Branch, D< -
""'���' '��� "'������" Interior r.l marked
"���   ' '   ���    pe    Tender for Timber
���   es i     i'.red to given     d   form oi
tender i ���     signed    and
- .    ���   the tender
and witnessed
essfnl '.ez'i:':: -    will    I -
..���:���    sign a contract   iu   .'
satisfactory *o    '.he    Commissioners
snd to f'jrr.ish an accepted cheque on
a chartered bank of Canada, payable
tbe   C t.'.rr.isMoners of the Trans-
Dtlnental Raiiway for a sum eqnal
to ten per cent (10 per cent) of the
amount of the tender, as security for
the due and  faithful  performance of
the contract.
No tender for less than five   thou-1
sand ties will he con?!je:e!.
The right Is reserved to reject any
or all tenders.
By Order,
Seen ��� ,-���������
fl' C mn Issloners i' the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, Jane 26th, I
New York, Chicago.
Toronto. 5'.. Paul
?-���!-- I     Reduced    c;:;s    R
Ratts   -.:    Southern    :
���    E. LAXG. Genei
v    Bastings St., Vai
A. :     :������' ���'.:.:  s
I    -    .:.:. ' ���'-.
Spokane falls i Northern R\. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard R>. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
S'elson ai
ting at S
nneel     I '    ���
'   ��� y for
I    . .
nnects  at     Nfeyers -    with
it iKe , -; y ������ .  k tt
Buffet   sen  ���-   on   trains      tween
Sl   kane an!  Nt'fon.
Effective   Sunday,   Noven ber   to,
Leave Dsy Train \" ������
920 am   Spokane ��������� ' '5 rm-
'a^s rm. .'.. .Rossland ... 4-io rffl-
5 4C am Nelson   : J5 l'1
, m.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily train.-  (ex��pt
Sunday)   carrying   pas   i ���   m?'''
express   and. freight   connect   with
stapes at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service,
For information apply to
J.  H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver. B, C THURSDAY.  AUGUST 2,   1906.
IDE & EDMON1 8, Bai
ollcltors, I'.'.,i kle B
I,   New   Wi
teside, H. 1- Edm n
ipn ���! ���  "nn'. ic
i; ,i,i,   of  Commerce  bulld-
ila   s t,  opposite   post-
'"     '��� :'r^Pf
Westminster.    Monej  to
On the F
ters, solicitors, etc.       of-
��� . n Westminster, Trapp Illk.,
!���ner clarkson  ami   Lorne  streets,
f  ver, rooms 21 to 2 1, 4 in Gran-
" ,,.   J;)8eph Martin, K. C	
;.L'Vl. ���,.. w. ��;��� McQuarrie, il. A.
,,,'... Mr. Martin will 1)9 in tin
Westminster offices every Friday af
"Oriental Limited"
\V, REID & BOWES, Barris-
i ' BoHcitors,   etc.,   42   Lome
opposite  Court   Hon-'-.   New
,       mater.   J. H. Bowes. P. 0. Bo*
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
Wi Kenzle Bt ts, -New West-
l!' '������
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
regular    mi ettng      if    this
..  Fl    '   W idn     i      li
O'cloc     i .  in., iii
i  ���. le,    So  - ���
Dr.   W.   '������  '' '   3i llth,
�� ���   ,        .OMON  LODGE,  NO. 17, A.
,    e are held on the
In  ���" A   ��� 'i
m '. em pie, al 8 p. m.    Vi dt-
,n   ire  cordi ills   Invited
,.    D. W. Glli iiri it, Sec,
Tickets on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
For  particulars  call   on   or  address
Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C
li. i:. k. nf I., meets sei ond and
i ..;;,y of each month, at 8
p, i , in Orange ball, cornel of
i;., .��� nue and John sti et So-
��� sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   E. K. Matthias, Reg.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manutacturei s of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
���Meets In Orange ball flrsl and
third Friday in each month al 8 p.
Dl,   Visiting hrethren are cordially
I lo attend.    E.  K.   Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I, 0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday  evening,
al ���   i'i lock.   Visiting I hren cor-
���ii.  ��� Invited to attend.   S. .1. May.
N, 0.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
Bank of
Incorporated by net or parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up).. ,Si4,OUO,000
RESERVE FUND 110,000,000
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tues
In    each    montb,       Visiting
1 ��� thren cordially Invited to attend
'..   ��������� room, A. 0. U. W. hall, Odd
'  Mm li.  Clarkson  street, C
S  '  irrlgan, recorder;   Louis Witt,
ter workman.
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S ���
:   se Degree meets Second and
. Wednes la\  of each  monl h,
' '  P   Hall, Columl la  St.. al
. \\ bite Ro ������ I>( gree, Fourth
''' ���  tu ��� lay   in   each month, same
ind place,    Visiting Brethren
illy    invited        E,   B,   Stin, h-
���, Pres., II   Disney, Secretary,
Rt.  Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G.. ..Hon President
Hon. Sir G. A. Drummond, President
E.  S.   Clouston,  Vice  President  and
General Manager.
General hanking tmsiness trans-
I. te i
Branches In al! the principal cities
In Canada, In Londi n, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and st. Jonn, Mid.,
ind correspondents In all parts of tb.6
Royal Bank
of Canada
U>:/ltal $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $36,o73,S/B.
Branches and correspondents ln
all the principal cltlsg or trie world.
General  banking business transacted.
$l opens an account.   Interest added
half yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
Open   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
F. B. Lyle, Manager.
,i  ,    a.       :     ,    i ree.)
.... .  in i.     .... dise
msi lei ��� i.   ever;   citizen will admit.
\S'e ire all so fannLliai with the inestimable lenefits which have during
recenl years been conferred upon humanity by bacteriological discovery
.ui I demonstration that I will not Impose upon your patient indulgence by
attempting to enlarge upon this subject. Were these remarks addressed
to the public, the benefits accruing to.'
them from discoveries pertaining to
hygiene, purity of food, milk and
water supply, etc., could be dilated
ii ion, but this would form a subject
,-. j'-"iv in iise!:' of separate presentation, and beyond present intentions.
Though   purposely avoiding special
mention     cf    the     diseases    which,
through scientific investigation,   have
been   prominently   brought   to  public
and  professional  notice,  I  cannot re-1
:   iiu  from  ailing  your serious con-
.' .. . ri in  ol   the  m ivemenl   and  In-
��� ���;-'���:    j ��� he   ml. ersal efforts
the ravages of ' the white
plague"    ' ���    i culosl ���
i  ion .��� i;" . ession   de
pends, to  ��� gn u   legi        he s iei ess
��� :    eft" ifl      '      .    -A.   i ��� .!������
lodern   metho ing   and
in   of
1        ri .     '.��� ���.    i   .
.  '  .   It is ou    Iui    ��� i      ..       tbe
".-    ..-   to the       .'        is char-
cter    of    this    widespn
1 ho igh   gi eatei       ogi e-'     h is    ieen
le ii   'he eastern p   ivinees   ij tbe
i ��� iminion  an i  the    ���    iblic south of
us,  we   u '���  now    tklng   m u ��� ���  . ctive
F. CRAKE. ""
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing 'department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager.part of
the time.
English. Swiss, American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams. Grocei
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Savings Bank Dept. J# HENLEY
G   O.  Brymner,   Manager.
Manufacturer of
COURT BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
' i Hi" Fourth Friday in the
! m   8   o'clock,   in   the   small
hall,  Oddfellows'   block.     Visiting
���ii are cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
*��� 0. f,���The regular moo: ings of
' Odge are held on the Second
Fourth Tuesdays of each month
st < p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall,
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly in-
' to attend,    E. C. Firth, C. R.;
P, P. Maxwell, Sec.
Junk and Second-hand   Mineral Waters, Etc.
Store Aerated Waters,
Highesl prices paid for second-hand
goods,  junk,   bottles,   rubbers,   brass,
copper, old slmes and all metals; also
old clothes, etc.   write or call,
Fron:  stret, New Westminster,
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf.
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Columbia Street.
Full line of English. Scotch and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring  stock  now  in.    Make vour
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
��� r..?.iXti\x>r'ra!tmsmWG>Mm
THE  ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE meel   every Wednesday
''   '   O'clock    p.   111.,   ill   Oddfellows'
Hall,   Columbia    street.     Visiting
|;    ! ren are cordially Invited to at-
J, s. Bryson, S. C; J. McD.
Bll,  See.
Vi ��w*^%
camp, 191.���Meeta on the First and
i Tuesdny of every  month In
1      if   P. Hall.     John    McNlven,
'��� J. J. Forrester, Rec. See.
Board of TRADE.���New   Westmln-
l: '.'id of Trade meets In tho
Room, city Hnll, as follows:
Wednesday of each month
��� ly meetings on the sei on
^     i'T'lay    of     February,     M:n
' and November, at 8  p. ni
'I meetings   on   the   Becond
Wednesday    of     February.     New
'"i   may   be   proposed   and
' ",| hi any monthly or quarterly
1 "ng.   A. 10. White, Sec.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia bt.
" delivered    promptly to nny
I lhe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling i
inno 1S.r).
nine I'M
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
fflMBKK&M!**^^ " ' WW*
isi in thi - mode  . cms i le, a   I
the   untiring  efforts  ol   the
fl   our provincial
- ������ ���       .-  ��� .
en I ������ th ��� iblishn en   i I
. im.
nsideration o ven    u   ���
������ii . . -      iei    '       ������ ���  the i:
��� i". i  of ������        Heine   In
���-���' nei tl, a del I   o vast tha   I me ���
tioi - ���      it th    Intimate  r<
l.i'ini. be .'.���������'. 'i," .��� ofesslon an I
tlii- public maj arouse the attention
:iii i interesl the cause demands.
In   addressing   to  you,   as   brother
practitioners, these rambling remarks,
your further active efforts in a cause
constantly with us, 1 ,uu aware that
the appeal is made to a body of gentlemen whj ever have been and are
foremost in  philanthropic   work   und
who   perform   more   charitable   labor
than all other professions combine.i.
I trusl i!i"s>; observations may assist
us in the more faithful discharge of
duties entrusted to our care;  for, being fully conscious of mj  inability  I >
effecth elj nan lie a su iject so replete
wiih problems and possibilities, I feel
these remarks bave fallen  ver;
far short of whal the Importani ques
tlons demand.
Items of business and   mai ei -   ol
ibll      . :   irofession     Import wlll be
���   .," you for disc ission and i   ..
Questions     learing
i . :��� mai .       .   serious
tenti Yii'i   .'. Ill   '������   iske I to c  a-
. ��� ': i"-'ion oi  fees in life as
suranc      :   min ition;    his is
tlon sa\     ng ol       umerclallsm,
nsid       .    ..i    ci ndltions   ��� hii h   . I
��� senl . it Is imperativi    ha   a e
le il wi ii it.
These    u i   othei   ma tei -   :.. j      e
pi esen -        i incerning   which   I   feel
nfldeni   your   careful   and   prudent
ei    ions will lea i to wise i es du-
We a:, high! : ivored by having
������'���i'i: us so manj visitors, and, as the
programme offers it list of subjects
rich in educative thought, I take this
opportunity of thanking you for your
patient attention while listening to
this prosy address, and now have
pleasure in presenting to you papers
of much more interesting character
by gentlemen prominent iu the profession, not only In British Columbia,
but also in the republic of the Stars
and Stripes.
Hoping the subject material placed
before you may evoke friendly criticism and discussion, in which I most
cordially iuvite our guests from the
I south of participate, 1 willingly resign the future conduct of the session
to your cure.
Dr. B. D. Gillis, Vancouver, followed
with the reading of a paper on "Some
Mistakes in Diagnosis In Vascular
Lesions." After the reading of this
paper it was discussed by Drs. J. B.
Eagleson, of Seattle, an.l Dr. C. M.
Smith, of Peachland.
Upon the invitation of Dr. Charles
E. Doherty, the medical men paid a
visit to the provincial asylum for the
insane, where they were received on
the tennis court by Dr. Doherty, Miss
iDoherty and the matron, Miss Fillmore. The asylum orchestra'supplied
music throughout the afternoon and
a most enjoyable time was spent by
all present, a large number oi ladies
being in the pany. oome of the
guests spent the time wandering over
:he beautiful grounds of the asylum,
i while others indulged in tenuis or
1 croquet, according to their inclination.
The whole affair was quite informal,
and this added to the enjoyment of
. the guests. Refreshments were served on the lawn, and all the guests
were profuse in their thanks to Dr.
. Doherty for his kindness In placing
the grounds al their disposal.
At the evening sessron a letter from
the president of the Washington State
Medical Association was read, invit-
| ing the members of the British Columbia Medical Association to attend tha
convention to be held there Bhortly,
The secretarj was Instructed to thank
tin president for the courtesj extended,
At the evening session a paper was
read by Dr. A. P, Procter, of Vancouver, on "The Heart in Phthisis," and
this was followed by a discussion by
Dr. I). It. Gillis and Dr. H. L Riggs,
Dr. J. B, Eagleson, of Seattle,'then
read the next paper, dealing with
A, Annual Operations I'or Relief of
Uterine Retroversion." This was discussed by Dr, Fraser. Dr. .lories. Dr,
Preston Hall and Dr el. Hall, of Vic-
toi la,
After the reading of a treatise on
"The Treatment of Gonorrhoea" by
Dr, li. E. l.angis. of Vancouver, the
meeting adjourned until this morning,
when the convention will be continued and more papers on subjects of
I importance to the medical profession
; will be read.
* i
J       GIVE   YOUR  CHILDREN       >J
���i ;*
,���;    AND WATCH  THEM GROW,    !���
i >; y
Origin of the Exp,-e:3ion "Happy Hunting G-ouncis."
1   f"|      ���    T
���;-." and
ie thai of oui readera
do noi know   h iw  il     '    .        . or
it it mei        i ��� nai en
to thc li i ni'- heaven, v hich I -
imagination paints as a prairie well
stocked with buffalo and other
[ iTi.", with no one to molest him or
n ake him afraid. From tlii.- belief
arose the custom of killing th" Indian's pony at the btirvinir ground,
bo that he may enjoy sport with it
forever in the other world, for they
also believe that the pony will accompany its dead master. That ho
may have his weapons ready when
he gets there, they bury with lum
his rifle, bis pistol, his bow and his
quiver of arrows. Thus equipped
he goes to the "happy hunting
grounds," where he will fnjoy endless sport.
Where   Four  States   Meet.
The United States i- the only
country in the world that has a
"fourcorners," that is to say,a place
where four states meet. Look at
your atlas and you will see i 'olorado,
Utah, New Mexico and Arizona
touchin i each other.   At no oth
;��� rj the globe do Eo ir   I ites,
territoi ic-  or  proi.' nite   to
form such a junction.
Thc spot is on a sp rof i he Carizo
tains, and few I mrists visit   '.
be .:,:-e it i- noi easily ..   es-
sible      ! partly because compara-
���   t ��� few people think about it.   A
imeni Marks it, howevi r. erected    ..   ;' "   government  surveyors.
The point is reached by a trail leading from the mud from the Navajo
Springs in < 'olorado, in the lite reservation, to the San Juan river.
The Earner's Pole.
How many of you can tell why a
barber has a red and white striped
pole as a sign? In the olden time
barbers were a!-o surgeons in a
small way, particularly in the operation of bleeding. To assist the operation it was necessary for the patient to grasp a staff, and tho barber always kept one ready, as well
as strips of cloth for bandaging the
patient's arm. When the staff was
not in use the bandage was tied to
it so that they might lie together
when wanted, and the barber usually hung them at liis door as a sign.
In the course of time, however, a
painted pole took the place at the
door of the one used in the operation, and thus cam* the sign.
A Tallow Projectile.
Perhaps yon might smile with in-
j credulity if any one should tell you
that it is possible to fire a tallow
candle from a gun with such force
that it will pierce a board, but it is
i true nevertheless. The reason is
that when the candle reaches the
board every particle of matter composing it is in a state of intense velocity. At the moment of contact
the particles (^'! nuttier composing
the board aro in a state of rest, and
as the density of the candle multiplied by its velocity is greater than
the density of the board at rest tho
greater force overcomes the weaker
and the candle breaks through uud
makes a hole in the board.
Game of  Mesmerism.
Choose live cards out of a pack,
select one in your mind, then spread
, all five out fan fashion, faces down,
and, grasping some one's right hand
in your own, tell him to close his
eyes and command him to draw the
particular card you have in mind.
Somehow or other ho will almost invariably pick out the very card you
commanded him to draw.
Nursery   Rhyme.
Barkety, bark!  <iM iins Tray
Took to liis paws and ran away
Over tho hilltops fresh an,l green,
And since then hi '.- noi been seen.
Barkety, bark!   I >l I dog Tn ���
Pleas no back i" your home sonM
i ��� ni Innatl 11 >mni in I il Ti h
Nr.ilcd ta a Gooce'a  Egg,
A Hungar an blacl    lith i ly
=cnt iw a pre   nt to the i          n of
Austria n no!    shoe, a pair of p ���: h-
ors,   a   file  and   o   i.  ife,    ill in-
,. ..,',..    i          ���'':,,;.              ..    .'.     . ;
witl mt the                           '.  '' o
omp 'ror   ���   fc in return his i   ��� -
:!      ���
1*, j
' Av  ..
1   .-i.i  ,
I ". ��� I,' ��� ��
. ���<��� m���
��� i
ttitmame fc
.... call on ....       SASKATCHEWAN rj|0P        BLAINE PREPARES
T. A.Mu,r & Co.       WILL Bfjtf LAST YEAR FOR Bla CARNIVAL
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.  - ���  B. C
V'eld   ���-'   ���'��� ' r,     =   e=t -5tt2   s:   i\-   v=_.    Se-sa:c-a     Attractions
DOO.000 Bushe ;  ar    ncreas* Genera    3::;  ~"e   '--*
of 5 DOC ::: Prom ser.
��� -   ...   - .
��� ��� .
.-.'.-.-        i
this        ...    I,
- .- in   ���   --���
���   -'������:.-
The de     tment Is i
- .   . eni -   - -       : - har .'esi
-..'-...-     '   tne
.   ���
       -       .    ..
1 -. " - .   ���    .
...... . -
has       a secured e several
se will be made in
-��� ������..  .    ���... ...   le  at
���     ...  -..     -   :.
:   .:. I-
... ad I -     	
ict onl ie people
Drown ng at  Ne son.
In -��� lecting .- hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
:.:   kers  Battle   ���'���  ���'   Guards.
... ..   Aug   : ���In
& Lusby
4 ������ ������Hf*^
Must Be Sold
! Ladies' and Misses' Bathing Suits Reduced *
��� :..   ',
n thi
..  . .-    .
��� All
��� \
��� "
. Id;   n
;" 15.25.   Sp< ���      .   .
- I -        Bathing Suits, om
fine  jer
��. Sale price, eacl
Big Sale of Boys' and Girls' Dresses
'.������:.'��� I  "  -    i i . :
I          Duck    an II        ��� I Colored Ru
Dressi -  . ���        -...-..���<_        <
Special Lot of Muslins, Etc., at 9c Yard
ie        Ginghams, Muslin
t suits ��� .
���. Sail
Bi? Lot at 12c Per Yard
Ke ���
: Big Reduction Sale of Ladies' White ���
Blouses This Week
Mclnnes & Kerr,
Real Instate,   Insurance
and Auctioneers
278  Ccluir.b a   Street.
Te enhone   170.
Secures Calaa'/ Contract,
the       nal s
t :
have a shi ���
.. .
��� i.     !, those who .... - ��� -..���
..        -
Notice to
the Public
I am :. ''..' open  to b ly
I kinds     Sec     I Hand
ich - ��� F irniture
IS,  Pi ti a���.   Ti  iis,
Bi a ���    . et ���.     We also
.'... 5of rep iiring.
All lptly
ar     ��� I ro.
Portfolio fcr Prince.
.-������   1 ��� ���- .    ��� ..   : ��� li .-   ... lei
Prince Xic-1    i -    .vefl
re thi       ice ol M.  K<    ivs  ff,  min-
���    :       .  ��� .    lizi  :
��� ��� ��� "��� ���..�� ����������������������� ������������������ ��� "��� ��:���. ���'���.
e a pari ne's loi     Thi
..'.���.. Aug
st 2
ing Sat
lond     ���   ��� .
ing     :.'..������.      f the XI
'    '
Nyassa   Floated.
.    '
'���. ��� ���;���. ���.���. ���. ���"���;���"���;'���"��� ��� v��
��� ��� ��� ���.������;�����..
Put Vour Mon?', to Work
"> -_n  Man en  Wheel.
: St. New Westminster.
.    thi
forging      n    i
. .������ .-. :.:     '
,.. ible     prio
��� . ...j,   call    :.;.:.-��� .     I
rge    -:. :    exculsive    list    ol
������.'.- ' ale in
-  . enl   ',-,,--...   ,.���������������
Columbia .v".    i
'��� ..   Sta t on Big Se   sme.
I a n c i
- - .��� i '.���-...��� i
Kin eri    n syndicate r<
���   ��� -. ��� . i      ,
��� - ..        . on the 'i
.  o
Better   Shewing.
Winnipeg, Aug. l.���Customs returns
fi     ��� he  :i mi-.i  of Ju        ������    '' ���..
nti II     $      ��� '    in  in    easi
$1 ���    ������..,-    uding
n   :. he yi
time i      i. Israel ��� 3   corm t."���
Cleveland P    :. Dei
Tide Table   Fraser River
I        he wei     ending A      ist 5,       ���
Mi ,'.l.
High I.t
Water Water
Time Time
O.i ". T. 10
14.25 :��� 50
:: ���>. * ��� �����������.��'��� >;���>.���'��������.;���.;�����.>. ��� '��� '���>"���> ������ ������"���"���"���>"��� '��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���/��� ���>��� >
* ���;
Here Is Your Chance!
'������ '-"���'    icres of flrsl    isj     ��� ..   Ituated on a good gravel roa I,
- '���- a- :;. v. ���    mlnste    15 i   res    i  ei - iltl    tlor    7 acn
n h irve ���
I stable *nd th'ree i      ho .-���  .   '.
Burnaby Homes
I ha e a number i      mall acn igea adjoining New Westminster
on i        ' rn  .   Thin property is extra well   II i ti I,
Nine  ii re   of good    oil near 'own.
| Electric Railway Service:
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run t:\-cry half-
hour from 6:50 a. m. to ll p,
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
,' in. Half hourly cars will
run   from   Central     Purl;     to
30 Minuce Service during remainder or day. iransrer at
i.i opold Place,
Sunday Service half-hourly lio-
tween  8  a.  m, nnd  X0 p, m.
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service rrom
0..I0 a. ni. to 11 ji. m.
20 Minute Service���.no transfer.
Bel wm 'ii 1^ und 2 and li and 7.
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���Lb .Minute Ser- x
vice, except between i-' and Z
2, and u and 7, during which ���
hours tbe Bervice wm t,o z
half-hourly. Z
Sunday Service   nalr-nourly  ,ie-
tween 8 a. in. and il p, an,
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
Vou Cannot Afford to Miss II
Our Farm J'"
ot tne rertile
fraser Valley
..:.��� .
It bristli
���    ��� n teres t i n i
Free oil Application
������~~��� -_..,   I      ���'���  mine   a
;.-'-f'.i  nf r     ticn  for    eople wi
are thinl ii ting in B. I .
.''arm land.-.
It contains 64 :>a^i s, liki wii ������ a
ver.- comprehensive map of New
Westminster district, and '.vi views
showing fruit growing, hayinj.1-,
dairying and mixed farming scene .
it gives market prices of all
produce, weather statistics, arm.unt
of crop raised to the acre, etc.
It will interest ami entertain you.
I J. HART & Co.
The Farm Land
ii .,.,
��� 10
in In
1" 15
2    10
Jp7T\   J^ II
Deering and Frost & Wood Ali Stee!
and Steel, Self Dumping
Hav Rakes
3 1-2 to 6 feet
MOWERS���0 Mower  beats  then
and ea tt ng,
Auction Sale at Market Every Friday.
:���''���''���::���''���:>:>:>;:���:>'>'>>>.;<��>>:>��;'���'>;���>..'���'���'��� ���"������ �����>������ ��� ���'���>:���.:���:.���.��� ��� * * ��� *'t
19 15       11.15
i: rh Water Low Wate
Nt'vv Goods anc! New Prices
Time H'ght Timi lit
Monday        !:.!>��� 10 I 6.39 3.4
  18.19 '.I
ruesds      0.13 12.6 ' 7.43 2 3
15.11 11 3 19.41 9.1
Wednesday        1.08 12..", 8.42 1.4
16.16 12.3 ���:) 00 9.3
Thursday ...     2.06 j 12.4 9 34 "7
17.07 13.0 22.08 9,2
Friday     3.03 12.3 10.20 0.1
17.49 | 13.6 23.06 8.8
Saturday   ...|    3.69 | 12.1 11.04 0.6
18.28 13.8 23.69 8.3
Sunday      4.64 11.8 11.46 1.0
19.04 13.9        !   ..
vx*':.*':*.'!*;.*':!*'. s*:*,:*;*::**:*:*:*;:*:*:*;:*;^:**
,���' A fuU carload just arrived,    As fine .��� ds as ever entered
J In ted    By buying here yo ave money and
'_*'_ Give u   atrial.    We bave many things wi i  .    ng  to clear al
,���! M '��� ��� y   a. ".I :   money n ade.
Sec our S5.00 Mattresses
!���; 716 and 718 Colombia St    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street. ��
Special Sumner Courses B. C. Monumental Works
For Teachers in the
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer nnd manufacturer
Business Institute    IM*and Granjte mmlS
Tablets, Tombstones, Bc
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R.  J.   SROTT,   B.A.,   Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN, B. A., Vice-Prin.
Write for price.".
New  Westminster, B. C.


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