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Wrecks San Francisco
Enormous Loss of Life and Property in Early Morning
lA.11 Farts of the City Feel the Shock and People LivingI"""' """""'
J- CD Scene of Fatalities.
In Tenement Houses and Cheap Hotels in the Busi
ness Section Are Crushed to Death in Hundreds-
All Is Confusion and Terror.
|nfi_unmable Ruins Are Blown Up With Dynamite to Check
The   Progress   of   the   Conflagration���Telegraphic Communication Is
Chicago, April iv -The On-
lon Pacific Railway company report that all of their wires have
gone down west ol Ogden, Utah.
The area covered bj b earthquake seems to be hundreds of
?an Franci-co. Cab. April 18.���Sutt
ancisco was practically wrecked by
earthquake at 5:10 this morning.
fhe shock'lasted  three  minutes,
"nousands   of   buildings   were   dam
red or destroyed.
rne  loss  of  life   is   reported
wire.     The   Postal   building     is
damaged.   The operating room
i\ reck.
is    a
Farther  Easl   on  Market   streel   to-
. ward the ferry slips and n section occupied by cheap lodging houses   and
1 hotels  111"  loss of  life        : d to
e vei greal l hough the exact . xtenl
of ii could nol be asceitained al ihis
Checking the Fire.
Fires are burning in a number of
places along Markel Btreel and thi
water mains having burst, the authorities have resorted jo dynamite to
check the progress of the Barnes,
The resilience section of the city,
while badly shaken, reports no loss of
life or serious damage.
Grows  in   Magnitude.
S:40 a. ni.���As reports come In the
magnitude of the disaster grows.
Fins are raging In all directions
and people are moving cm: of the down
town   sections.
The loss of life may reach Into the
Millions of dollars worth of property  has be, n  destroj. d.
One Thousand Lives.
Kansas City. April 18.���Al 9:16 a.
ii.. the I'osial Telegraph company re-
ticre   is  no  water     and    fires
along out Jail over the city.
II the wires with  the  exception  of
are gone
he city hall, costing seven millions,
n  ruins.
all linns suffered less Lhan
I brick and frame.
Terror Indescribable.
���: ror ami excitement  are In
���     Mosl   of  the   people   were
nd rushed into the Btreets un-
Tb.-  buildings  swayed  and
uiying     many   occupants
ed   in   down   mwn   hotels.
house is badly damagi i b u
of life there is reported.
from ihe Hay back was almost completely wrecked. The Call and Exam-
Utter buildings are destroyed. Many
buildings alone Markel and Mission
Lights All Out. gtreetg|   lndudlng     ^e     departmenl
I'be   power  of  every   bim!     is  gone   stores, collapsed.
nm!  there are no lights, either gas or       Hundreds of people    in  the    cheap : celved the following information from
to be   electric.  Neither the  Palace hotel  nor   tenement  district are  reported  killed.   Los  Angeles:   It   is  reported thai   one
tlie St. Francis ia gone, thai is as far thousand lives have been lost iii the
Fires Beyond Control. _ :|]qlLi| ,, ft| Sjn K.,���1(.is,,(1   ,������,, ,,���.
Files   an-   raging  and   owing   io  tin-   Postal and   Western   Union  Telegraph
scarcity  of the water are practically   buildings in that  city have been de-
New York, April 18.   A telegram from Sacramento
to the Western Union Telegraph Co., reports thai  three
miles of railroad sank out of sight as a result of the earthquake between Suisun and Bonecia and all wires weretak-
briet peril   that the wire was j en with it.   At Pleasantoti there are several cars on the
main line blocking the track.
Up to the time of receiving this despatch the Western
Union had been unable to get in communication with
San Francisco.
The Southern Pacific will attempt to get a train into
San Francisco starting from Sacramento and taking- a
round about route to Vallejo, which is on the Bay of San
Pablo. From that place the passengers will be taken by
boat to San Francisco.
This round about course was made necessary b\ the
At 5:13 this morning a terrific earth-    ... ��     ,, -, ,��� ��   ,, -,       ,   .     ".    ,
uuake shook sa��� Francisco ,ioi���g pa,-sinking of a three mile section of the railroad track be-
ticuiar damage in the districi east ami tween Suisun and Bonecia which are on the direct line be-
Boutt. or Market street practically ,ie- tween Sacramento and San Francisco.    The road crossed
Btroytng six   or elghl  blocks   in tin- ,       .      . , . , . ,
manufacturing ami wholesale districts, some low land at the point where its tracks were sunk by
The banking district was not Ber- the earthquake shock.    The location of this sinking of the
ioiisly  damaged although  small dam- ea].th js about 30 mjles from gan FrancisCO.
age  lias  been    done  over    the  whole
Many  persons bine been  killed all
reported, connection again almost immediately
In th
working the San Francisco office report* I that a number of buildings had
collapsed and thai the dead and injured were being taken from lhe ruins
as quickly as possible.
\i the time this message came
through, the principal damage waa
from the fires, a number ot whieh harl
started and were making greal headway owing to lark of water.
Less of Life  Heavy.
ai in: io o'clock ibis morning the
Pi rl Telegraph company received
the following message:
,1   earthquake   shock   was   severely   felt
- the outside goes,    bul  the    inside
ilaaterlng, etc, is greaUy damaged.
Foe Breaks Out.
ai    A dlsasi rous   flre   has
on the south side of Markel
and is now within a block ol
Palace hotel.
'!'   waier  mains  have  burst     and
bo department is practically help   buildings are being blown up,
The residence districts are
| The  utmost   confusion   exists. lai   as  beard   from.
business   is   suspended. Newspapers Destroyed.
Burning Fiercely.
Between the postoffice and the ware front thi ir has been greal damage
bj fire which is burning fiercely and
ihere is little or no waler. Tbe lire is
burning both on the east and south
iidi   of the Postal Telegraph building.
People Frantic.
Peopli Docked to the telegraph offices oi Bend telegrams to friends
and wire frantic because there wen
no wires. The greatesl damage was
Bone to buildings    south    of Marl.. I
��� ��� ���   .   i' In re   Ihey   are   mostly   frame
and tenement bouses.   Plrea occurred
In every block in the district.
.Blowimj Up Buildings.
The damage by the earthquake ap-
parent!)' extended all over the city.
The shock occurred al 5:15 this morning and lasted three minutes. The
streets   are   blocked   with   debris   and
Fire  Eats  Its Way.
A Berious fire is eating its way along
the souih side of Markel streel and a!
lasi   account   was  within   three blocks
of the Postal Telegraph building.
beyond control. Business Is practical-
I; suspended. The office of the I'osial
Telegraph company In the Hears!
building was wrecked a> is tin- Associated PreBB building a! 302 Montgomery street.
The residence porUon Is bul slight waur mains were bursting and the
ly damaged although marly every i]Tl. department was absolutely help-
house bus been more or less injured, less.
Communication  Lost
New     York,    April     IS.���A    ri  orl
n aohi d here thai a severe earthqua
wi.ckrd  many   buildings  ami  caused
moment   there is
ol  San   Francisco
onlj   one |     Tbe   liusim
a  Postal I from  Markel
is    section  of    the
sire,!    io  Mission
Confusion Reigns.
8 a. ni.���In the confusion which
reigns everywhere ii is almost impossible to learn details of the disaster caused by the earthquake this
morning, lu general it may be said
thai the district lying between Markel and Howard streets from the Bay
as far wesi as the city hall has been
badly wrecked. The hotels in the vicinity uf Third and Market streets were
hadl> shaken up, but there seems to
have been no loss Of life there. The
Call and Examiner buildings as well
as the Western Onion building have
been badly wrecked. The large de-
panment stores in this neighborhood
were also ruined, iuu the earthquake
occurred al an hour when tbey were
loss of life In San Francisco ibis
morning. The shock was fell at 5:10
San Francisco time.
Following the wrecking of buildings
numerous fires broke out.
The I'osial Telegraph ofiice was
wrecked and communication was lost
ai  8:50 New   York  time.
There lias been no telegraphic communication with San Francisco for
more than half an  hour.
News for a  Minute.
Ai about 8:40 the Postal Telegraph
company     hail     communication    With   message
their San Francisco ofiice but losi the   pany's a
wounded and a portion of the town is
on flre, the waier supply being shut
At this moment they are dynamiting
bi vera! large buildings.
The Associated Press office was also badly damaged.
Where   It  Was   Roughest.
The I'osial Telegraph company received Information thai the greatesl
damage from the earthquake was done
to property in the following Btreets:
Di'iiinni. Battery, Sansome, Montgomery, Kearney, Spear, Main. Beale, and
Entire City  Damaged.
Th, Postal Telegraph company
learns thai the fire Is eating iis way
along Market Btreet Water mains
w.-re bursted by the earthquake so
thai Ihere are no means at hand for
lighting the conflagration. The electric
lighting plant or the city has failed
und gas mains are disrupted. The damage extends throughout the entire
city. The Postal building was badly
damaged and the operating room is
Incapable of use.
Worst Ever Known.
The Western Union telegraph offlce
at Fresno says thai il is the IllusI
severe  shock  ever   known. They   have
no furthest details.
Felt in Nevada.
At   the  Offices  of  the    St.  Louis  &
San  Francisco railroad  in  this city a
throughout  Nevada and that  all  wires
wer,   down  west   of Iteno.
Blaze at  Berkeley.
At 11:06 the Western Union received a report that u serious fire is burning at Berkeley, where the state university is local is!. The report came
from Pinole, a station t
of San Francisco and
point in the latter city which the company bail been abb- lo reach up till
the time of this despatch,
Berkeley is between Pinole and San
Pram Isco,
the operating force to vacate the s.m
Francisco Office. This was .lone and
the operators lefl the blllltlliiK lint relumed  within  an  b   anil  business
was resumed.
Horrors   Continue.
San Francisco, Cab. April  18
Valencia bole!    between   S.    .   i
n miles oul   ;l"d Eighteenth   streets, on    \ il
the     nearesi   Street,   a    five   Story   frame   hri - t.   ,
toppled over Into thi    treel   bu
T.'r people in   ir.   di hi Is, only thi      |i
story rernalulng Intact.
A house on Tliiiu [ou   b Btree
Valencia was wrei k��l killing two   ��� r-
.Many of thi flre housi in >i ta i
so badly ii is ImposBlbli to gel tl
fire apparal as out,
A  lodging house on Seveath streel
Wires All  Lost.
Chicago, Ills., April 18.- The tele
graphic communications here are en-
tirel;   wlthoul wires to San Francisco.
Th, Sacramento office of the Western ( kll()Wn .ls ,h, Rlngslej entirelj
Union reports a very severe earth-. lapsedi ��� ls ,���, ,-,,,. ������_ 7B ,��� 80 per
quake west. Los Angeles reports all g()n_ ,u|, ,���.,;,, v,,(, .��� b, ,,,��� i,.,| i��� Hi.
wires losi al 5:13 a. m. burning ruins.
Considerable damage from the earth-     Al Twenty-Second and Mis
quake is  reported as having occurred   dry  go0|Jg  st|1|.��� ,���   Lill.,m  |.
threatening the destruction 11
tire block.
Exaggerated Reports. Street Yawnit.
Sail    Lake   City,   I'lah..   April   is.��� -      At    Fifteenth   and   Valencia
Reports received by the Salt  Lake Ot  ther
Bees of the Postal Telegraph company   Int
In  the city of Sacramento as well
in   San   Francisco.
an ths
n   tire.
be en-
Is b crecasse in the sneet Blx
wide  and  entire sidewalks  are
was  received   from  the  corn-
rent in Nevada, says thai  the
from San Francisco would indicate
thai the flrsl reports of the earthquake were exaggerated.
Superintendent \V. P, Hawk, was In
communication with the San Francisco
office of the Postal Telegraph company after the earthquake. He was Informed thai it would be necessary for
street   ear   tracks   are
dl through the south-
ih,. city, and traffic is
torn up. Tb,
badly twisted
em   section of
at a standstill.
Injured on Streets.
Ai  the Southern Pacific hob I water
(Continued on Fifth rag'' I
uiu Chiefs Support
The Rebel Bambaata
Natal   April 17.���The expo- The military authorities al Bshowe
'��� which -nus sent   lu  pursuit  of have requested    the  Colonial govern
I|,;|. the Zulu chief, who is In menl to despatch troops to Zululand,
1 Igalnsl     the   Natal     govern- and  a huge  picked  force  will  be sent
;t proving to be ii more serious (here.
''���nig  than   was  at   lirst   anlicl-  0	
Donation to Hospital.
' Zulu   chiefs,   Bigaanandl   and The sum of $60, nel proceeds of the
���?'         '.ave refused to co-operate In wrestling mutch  held in St   George's
'   "ll  of  Bambaata,  and  it   is hall on Monday night, was handed to
*                   Kshn.,i. In  Zululand, lhal W. II. Keary   secretary of the hospital
hole tribe of which Sigaanandl Is board, tills morning, as a donation to
joined Bambaata,
the hospital.
ind Gigantic Cave
Beneath Their City
u      -'���'"��� i"s.. April i.-..v despatch
Record-Herald   from   Charles'
! Virginia,   says;   Tile   city
"siown wiis thrown Into ex.
" I'esterday by the discovery of
I    : " cave directly beneath   the
"'" C��V8      contains    a   large
'lasting rock made the dlsoov
ir_        I;ik" :i!��' cave when lhe dls-
I       '""Sl"1   'he  earth   to  crumhie
1,1 '" 'Wlog ��� greal hole.
Workmen ventured iu to the cave-
in. exploring for a considerable dls-
lauee,   Ihen   discovered   the  lake     and
returning to ihe surface procured   a
small boat In Which Ihey rowed aboul
for several hundred yards,
Tiler., are llineslone formal Ions 111
the ciive Similar to those in Ilie noled
Luray caves.
'I'be wuler of ihe hike is remarkably
purr' and  Is  cold  nnd  sweet   In  tOSte,
a sysamaUc asploratloa of tha cava
In will be mads today.
Duluth    Man    Succeeds    After    Many
Failures lo Accomplish Thrilling Feat.
Duluth, Minn.. April is. After two
years of hard work, George 1'iolT of
this city has sucoeded iu "looping tin-
loop" on roller skales. I'riilf lias been
seriously hurl on several occasions,
but has persisted until success has
crowned his efforts, lb- also leapt a
23-fool gap after coming down an 80-
fOOl incline. He used skates with
10-inches wheels and weighing L'T
Election Protests Numerous.
Regina, Bask., April is. -The   seat
of .1.   I''.   Hole,   lor  11 lly  ol   Regina
was prole.sled yesterday. The petitioner is a well Known character in the
elly,  HID  Dallas,    who  runs    a small
lunch counter lu South Railway street
In  addition   to  the  seals  of  Hie  four
ministers, Ave government houIs ami
seven of tlie eight opposition seats
hnve now been protested.
Inhale* Gas.
Toronto,   (int.,   April   18.���George
Toomley, of Durham, Out., was found
unconscious yesterday from Inhaling
gas In hla room at the Gladstone hotel. Ile wa�� removed to thr hospital,
and Is In a very critical condition.
Sacramento,  Cab,  April   Is.
A   severe  earlllipialie  shock   occurred   lien,   al    an   early   hour
lhis morning.
There Is greal confusion ami
It Is Impossible to barn the full
extent   of  Lhe  damage.
No loss of life is reported,
woman with gorky     HOSPITAL KNOCKERS
is a smooth artist      annoy HIS WORSHIP
Black   Men   Waylay  and   Shoot  Down
Three Sons of Sunny
LOS Angeles, Cab. April 18.���One
man was fatally and another serious-
Ij   shot  by three negroes who waylaid
ihem ou Enterprise street lust night.
Fain Amnio Is badly wounded and will
Afler firing six shols the negroes
took In their heels nnd disappeared in
ihe darkness.
The shooting Is believed to be the
result of a race war Between negroes
and Kalians in a colony In thai
Monlrenl, April 18.���The Empress of
Ildia lefl Hong Kong .at noon today
for Vancouver.
Has   a   Record   in   Russia   for  Gett.ng
thc Coin  for   Revolu
Si. Petersburg, April IT.- Maxim
Gorky's reception in the United States
Is giving the Itiisstan government con
siderable concern. A high ol'lb ial
lure made the following statemenl:
"Mine. Aihlrelva, Who accompanies
Gorky, Is nol Ills wife. Like him, bow
ever, she Is a revolutionist and M.
Mniosoff, one of Moscow's merchant
princes, gave her $1.Mill,nun for tlie
revolutionary cause. When Ilie gov-
ernmenl last summer secured proof
of lhis he wa.s given iwonty-four
hours   to   leave   Russia   or   stand   Ilia!
here, lie lied to Paris, where he
committed suicide."
Restricts I. C. R. Employees.
St. .lohn, N. It., April  18.���lion. H.
| K.   Knimerson,  minister    of railways.
has  issued a  circular  which  prevents
lntei-colonial railway employees    from
being municipal  i lidates.
Fatal Mistake In Medicine.
Port C'olliorne Ont., April IS���Frank
Cashin, 4 1 years old, took a dose of
wood alcohol In mistake for medicine
io relieve acute rheumatism and died
shortly afterwards, ,
Mayor Keary Says Opposition to New   Building   Scheme
Has Been Offered By Members of Board
And  Doctors���Will Fight
It Out.
Al   a   meeting of   Hie   Royal  Colum-I     "Hut," said  His Worship in discuss-
bian hospital board which win he held Ing "i" proposition this morning, "op-
, ,        ,. ,, ,. ,,     ,   'position has arisen  from the least  ex-
lliis   afternoon   Mayor   Keary   who   Is   '
| peeled sources, and I ani unable to un-
secretary of the board will make tL^^ ��� T|l(MV ,m, m8mb0rs of the
BtrenUOUS effort to arouse more uilillil- board who are throwing cold waler on
inlty of Interesl In the proposition to, the scheme, and one or two doctors
build a new hospital. 'of tin- cltj
The   mayor   started   this   movement
lor some reason or other,
are showing opposition. I am going to
take this question up earaeettj a: the
board meeting this afternoon and
learn, if possible, why it- is that when
people OUtsldS "I' 'he city  are  willing
some lime ago and receiver!  sufficient
encouragement at the Cfutsei to convince hlm that the scheme was feas-
aide.   After sizing  up  all  tlie certain, ,.=-��-��
Mid probable sources of contribution to stand practically all the cost resl
lie believed that u new hospital could, dents of the city, particularly those
he built without cost to the citizens whom I think should be the foremost to
except such as might he classed as j encourage tbe proposition, are doing
private subscription. their b<-st fo knock II.
Assurances fro,,, the Provincial In ponclus on the mayor *snounced
governmenl a well known phllan- as shoVt-sfchted any cltlsen who could
ih " opeson.ntlves of outside not see that the necessity lor a new
m^cilPbTnndL Women's Aux- hospital would be In glaring evidence hy
Diary were sufficient to convince His
Worship that the financial problem
was practically overcome.
the time the building could be completed even if preparatory work should
be commenced right away.
��� m
Boys' 5/w'rf JVaisfs Price 75 Cenfs Eac/i
With Patent Detachable Elastic Band.    Detached Before Washing.
No Draw Strings Required.
Suitable for Boys From 8 to 14 Years
Wash Day at the Big Clothing House
Medium and dark colors.
All good wasding patterns.
Plain Linen and Trimmed blue.
Grey and white striped.
And Still Again
Striped trimmed self, and dark
striped trimmed fancy.
Mostly with sailor collars.
Prices 50c, 60c, 85c and $1.00.
Boys' Blouses ::
has  assisted  us  very  materially  din*- al this time to tell you. The prospects today.    Be lias been  very  faithful to
ing  the past   twelve  months.    I   lind for    the    coming    year      are    verj 'iis duly, and during the year has not
thai    it    has   donated to the vestry encouraging,  and   we  are  hopeful  of been absenl  a Sunday without  being
the sum of $200.00, and 1 can assure renewed  success  In  mir  new  church abb- to idler the best excuse for his
these  faithful   friends   that  their   as year upon which we are entering to- absence.     ||,.   has   tbe   respecl    and
..-i-iance has been greatly appreciated night. esteem   of  avery  officei   and   scholar
during the year.    It lias long been a I   trust   that   our  deliberations  this in  the  school,  and  as I  said  a  year
���                     ,..                          r     c.    r>     11       r��   c            J     c   ���             i   problem which until this day remained night, will be of much  profit and in- ago 1 repeal tonighl it would be hard
Secretary-treasurer   of   St. Pauls   Reformed    Lpiscopal unsnlvccl whcrc lh(, ladle8 manage ,��� ���.ri,s, lo ,M ;(U(1 tmm th��� gev6ra, ,.,.. t() flnfl one.nior��� ,-������.,, ff0, ���,��� ������������,..
gather these amounts which they do- ports  which  will  be   presented   may aide position which lie so acceptably
nate to tht vestry from time to time, lake couragi  and press forward in the (ills than  Mr.  Maxwell.
Church and Sunday  Schcol   Makes   Satisfactory
Showing to Congregation���Rector Reviews Good V/cik Dona.
Tiny   possess  that   happy   faculty   of   Interests  of  our  church  which  is  so
purse, suffice to say that as long as
year we have reduced  they have a dollar to loan they gladly
me to be,
Yours fuithuflly,
Sunday   School   Report.
from $5.00 to $ir,n.bO  at almost, any
;time application  is made.    But it. is
The reports of the  Becretary-treas-   an;  congregation might well be proud nol  ours to  know the depth of their
urer,  on church and Sunday    school,  and thankful,
and of the rector read at the annual      During  tho
meetine of St   Paul's Reformed Epis-   the amounl of our Indebtedness to the lend it to the vestry.   It has been my
B3 sustentation    fund    to   $230.00.    For privilege to acknowledge the receipt of
several years we have been endeavor- several amounts during the year. All one which l always make with pleasing to have this amount remitted us, we can say in return for their help ure, for the reason that it is one of
bul owing to the fact thai the general la ,hl" WB are in,1,"'(l grateful "> t-he many successful branches of our
council dees not meel until May of them, and we sincerely hope that they church, and tonight's report of our
this year we have been unsuccessful, "lay long be spared to continue tho career during the past, year will. I feel
However,  application has been  made good work which they have  been so  sure, be interesting and highly satis-
Copal church Monday evening were
The presence of the parents at tin-
sessions of   lie Sunday sc.bool services"
does much to stimulate an interest Ini
the work, and we extend an Invitation
to all Interested to attend! such meet-'
Ings of the ichool as tlioy e-.in make it I
With the belief thai tho coming year1
The repori ot the Sunday school is  will be a profitable, one for our school,
I am.
To   the   Congregation   of   St.   Paul'
Church, New Westminster, B. ('.
M)  Dear Friends:
i b.  ..  pleasure In submitting het
With   my   fifteenth   annual   report   for   to thai  body which meets nexl  month   successfully   carrying   on   during   th
the  year    ending  Sunday,  April    15,
The last annual meeting of the con-
in   Philadelphia to have this amounl   existence ot St.  Paul'.-.
Tin- Sunday school has also assisted
vestry   ai
1 am glad to say thai tho
in   possession   of   letters
tlon   was  be'.ri   on   the  "ith  of  which bmi us much   encouragement,
1905, and va.- presided over bj   and I am Btrongly of the oplnon that
Rev. J. A. Seymour,   The meeting  nexl   month   we  will  be abb' t
w      well attended, and much Interest   you   lhal   th
ua as usual during the year
never  passes  wlthoul   this branch  ol
our church contributing to the lnalii-
0    ,,.;!     lellallie   of   Ilie   clllll'eb.
Regular meetings of the Teachers'
a -"iiiaiiiiii have been held throughout
\ yen' tlie year, and have been well attended.
Th ��� officers and teachers have ail
shown tin- greatesl Interest in the
work of the school, and were always
petition  of lhe  vestry
>    a     (ed.
I ���    entlng  my   reporl  tonighl   I  ls  entlrol
do bo w Ith a greal deal of pride, toi   ��l i evi
th.- i.. sou thai  in ver before In i he
hlstbrj  of St, Paul's has it been n j
privilege  to submit   a   more satl I u
t.orj   state of u 'I itrs  i onnected  v. U h
each departmenl ol our church,
.My reasons for feeling proud "r
our little church at this I Imc are main.
In ib." first place 1 mlghl say thai we
have iliis nlghl i" n loflce in thd,
i i. that a kind Providence lias
watched over us so kindly ami care-
luring lhe pas' twelve months,
11 .-.ems to nie lha' in every branch
ot oui work we have been inure sue-
ci ��� ���' .' than in pasl years. Our Sunday school, Ladles' Aid, Missionary
Society, ami other valuable auxiliaries
connected with tlie church have heen
doing excellent work which will be
evidenced by the Beveral reports which
-will be presented foi your consideration tonight.
The   financial   report    which   I   will
During the past row   months   the ready  to make  such  suggestions as
���   ������    ������ i and thai our church  church building has been made more  w ro calculated to advance the work
f.,.. of anj  encumbrance  comfortable by the addition   of new  In nay way.   The attendance during
I iws.The church hashad nev, carpel    lhe pasl    twelve months    has  been
1 find thai during the year regular placed ln tha chancel, and altogether  Bomewhai larger than thai of tb.. pre-
and on., special meeting of  wo have n  very neat edifice In which   vlous  year,  o   foci   which  has given
lo hold our Bervlces,   Al thi i   Ime ll
v mlghl   be lining to acknowledge  the
i irvlcos of Mr. .loseph  Burr In i on-
a,Minn with ih" seating of thi church.
Mr. Burr haa i pent  much of liis time
Voins l';iil liptil'iy, j
Secretary -Treasurer. I
Rector's   Report.
To the Officers and  Members of St.:
Paul's Church.
Another year has passed in tin- history  of our chip oh  and  the time lias j
once again arrived  when  we are met |
together for the  purpose of looking
over lhe work of our church year.
in   givng   my   n post   for   tip-   year
ibal   has  jusl   closed   in   our   work,   I
wish fust of all io bxpress my appreciation for the sympathy and bup-J
pori which .vou n- a congregation have]
a anlfei ti -I lorn ird mi :.i my efforts,
i' hai be a vi rj encouraging to me aa
your rector to notice nearly all the departments of our church work making
latlsfactory progress, whieh Its doubt-.l
hoi.  Inten ited much encouragement
The collections during the year have
i    a ger   than   las:    yi ir,     Tip.
air,mn,;    collected   during   the   past
I welve months wa , $132.10,    Our ex-
,   looking   af'er   ibis   work   and   he   pendlture    have amounted   to $139.10   ,,.��� ,,,,,, h,',." ,,-,ill' of'b
can   be   proud   of  his  cffortB,    Tie- as  againsl   sil".s:,  for  th"  previous
makers   of   Hie   peWS   an'   lo   be   con-   twelve  months.
gratulated upon ihe satisfaction they Tho staff of tbe Sunday school con
have given, and our relations in this ststs of a,   superintendent,  Becretary
.-.pee,    will,    Messrs.    Galbraith & 'treasurer, and eight teachers.   The at- j church.g 11{Qi
,-;,,ns have been mutually pleasanl. and tendance is mosi  gratifying when we  llo_ g]lonW bft dlrected iri ,
itforts of its members.
Standing then, as I do, In the posl-
i;ou where 1 am al le to keenly ob
serve   ,he   various   phases   of   th_
satisfactory. '""' "1;"   ���'"-  average  attendance  IS
in iln. reporl  of tlie roctoi  which aboul   sixty-two.    We aften have an
has  jusi   been   read   you   wil!  notice attendance of seventy, and seldom less
tha!   Uie   Rev.   Mr.   Seymour   has   re- than fifty-five.
signed his position iii connection with      During ihe year th,, Bcholars were
lbe   church.     We   are   very   sorry   in- given   their   usual   annual   picnic,  and
deed to pari with the services of such as  on   other   occasions!   the   younger
an efficient  rector, hut we cannot  al- ours as well as those of more mature
ways  have control ot those affairs, year.-    seemed  to thoroughly    enjoy
Mr. Seymour lias given  us good Serv- the,,,selves.
ico during his  stay  with  us, and  we 1  am   very  pleased  to  say  that   we
sincerely trust that wherever he may have a cash balance on bund of $34.00.
bo called to labor that ho will he as lake the church we have no current
successful     as   he   has  been     in   St. accounts.    We have, as In past years
Paul's.    I  might    sny that  the vestry contributed to the special anniversary
onncctlon   is doing its best to secure a successor, offering lo  the church.
There has been the and while we have nothing definite to in  concluding  this   reporl   let   mc
nnnunco, slill we have reason to be- say thai  the services of our teachers
Rev.  J.  A.  Seymour,  retiring rector
present  to you  tonight   will.  I  thin
he   one   calculated   to   please   you   in   of    St.   Paul's     Reformed     Episcopal
every  way.    In  tin.  flrsl   place  I  wish   church.
to say that the receipts have been in  -
excess    of last    yoar  by    unite    nn  Ihe vestry were held, and 1 must, say
amount.   The report  will show a sub-, these were better attended than ilur-
stantlal balance.    It   is wilh pleasure; ing  any     other   year   in
I make the statemenl that other than with the church
the amounl due th" Bustentation fund usual harmony and good feeling dis-
wc are entirely out ot debt.   We owe  played   in   all  our  deliberations,  and  llevo that  we will be able to secure have been much appreciated aud help
no man a dollar,   We are nol bothered! at no tlhie has their been a distasteful
a   rector   who   will   render   US   good   ful.    To  our   superintendent,   Mr.   F.
nt of liabilities I word uttered by any one of the vestry  service, and one who will be accept:,- p. Maxwell is due a greater portion
I hie to all connected with the church,  of the credit   for the ploasant condl-
I cannot think of more ot Interost  :i,m 0f affairs existing in our school
for payments on accou
for  we have none.    Surely  lhis Is  nn   board.
t-xc.llenl. Showing, and  one Of  which i     As   usual   the   Ladles'   Aid   80C)H>
alu mat.-:
ters which I think are worthy of Bpec-M
iai  mention.
l have bei a very much pleased from
tiiii...  to  time  io notice  the marked*
progress which our Sunday Bcbjxil in
muking.   To my mind one of the most '
important   departments Of any church
is the Sunday school, and  we do well
where wu endeavor to make (I as bu��-i
CeSSful  as  possible.     Hence  I,   should
be   a   means   of   gratification   to   the
members of the congregation to know,
that our school is operated by a most'
efficient staff of officers whose trueH
I devotion nnd consecrated energy has
| made it. one of the lu-st In the city.
Another    auxiliary    of the   church!
which  1  tUUSl   not   fall   to  men,ion  is
the   Ladies'   Aid   and   W.   M.  S.    Tin:
work of the Ladies' Aid along ibis llnef|
h.as been marvelous, and a great deal
(Continued   on Page Throe.)        I
Royal City Fish Co.
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Fresh and Frozen Fish
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Manufac^rcr ��f Harness and Saddlery
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New Westminster,  - B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
i a mil ������wil-������Mini Mm !_���������mi i     -***
'Phone 101
Wholesale amid Retail
ieat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
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Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1906.
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Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
(Continued trom Page Two, i
years     ano,   It   will   be     remembered
Unit  tb.   length of my  stay  was to he
Indefinite.   Tonighl    I regret   to an-
amine,    'bar   my   position  as  rector of
Si.  Paul's church  will  terminate on
'li'-   bi   ���   S indaj   ill   .Illlie.     Seine   few
, i placed niv resignation in
he  I.   "d    of lbe ve trj   in order thai
I ftV6       ' 11 li. i��� 11,     lime    in
a suitable supply, Inn I bave
n. i made my Intentions public until
now  for  various reasons  besl   known
. if.
our  : in r. ..-. Qnanclall >   i    due  to
the   Indefatlgueable   effort
i  .��� j.iie.. likewise In our
lonarj     efforts,    II   will   be    n
'i''1  :lli"  lasi  year V Intimated      ,��� cioging ���,-. reporl I Blmply wish
'��>' Intention of delivering a   ,-ries of  ,,, ,,,,,,...,,;. wha, , have ,ia  ,��� ,,���.
iddn    ���     mi  missions whh  ibe  view
>n stimulating a  nnue active Interesl
; iu  iis demands,    i   am  glad   '������  say
Man   S��nds Copy to  Yc.
and Then Puti Her lr
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
(������������������> ;t>>>>>>>>>xo>K����;��i >:>:>'.>>>;>]>:>x��:>:>:>;>:>:>:>:>xoi>>>^
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Incandescent  and  Arc Lamps. |
Write us for   Estimates   on   complete  Plant. !j!
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried :���;
at Vancouver and Rossland. $
ll Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
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All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
thai   in  a   measure  my  efforts  along
111!    111     ll t.i     ., ,       fill and our
in .      glvlngs I bis  yen,   ure   nm
 i ��� at what tin     were
���    ��� . .
When  w,. , onslder thai  he largest
iir.rii.b station    of   Hi.-    presence    of
i    rlsl   wllh   us   a..   Individual   Chris-
Hans and   with th
depends   upon  oui
nning, I. e. thai I appreciate n
r ���. dingl ��� i in- iii,ni kindnesses shown
nie by you all. Vour sympathy and
Bupporl    have   nude   my   slay   among
ynu a pleasure and delight, and I Bhall
always carry with mo many happy
recollections of my experience in si.
i hope thai my successor will carry debt
ou th.. work  more successfully than  ing,
myself ami that  ihe pleasure of thi
church   ai   targe  Lord ma) Indeed prosper in his hands
obedience  to  tlu-     Wishing tha, you may long eon,inn.
To  a   ra;;  anil  a
Thej  railed he,
IlUt    the    fuel     hi
EVI ll   a
a.I I
New    Veil,,      A],ni    17
moral   force  in  tin
Faithfully Submitted,
Gives   Out   Rush  Orders  for  G.   N.
Construction   in   Canada.
divine   command;  when we   observe  in  be  a   strong
lhal history Impressively teaches thai   community,
ihe missionar) epochs havi. been tin
times of greatest activity and spiritual
in ih.. in., of ihe home church,
we sbniibi to some extenl ai least en
deavor to realize tbe Important position whieh the vvoil. of missions
should occupy in our church life.
During the year our choir lias been
inlzed, and under the very able
lead, 'ship   nf   Ml-.    BUrUett,   lias   bee,,
rend n Ing    excellent    si r\ Ice   to   the
eh.peii. i am sure ibe congregation
, I] appreciate lhe faithful energy
which has be.n pul forth by the
mi . d .-rs who have been so efficiently
ervlng the church in ihis capacity,
Km ii would nm do tor ni" to .say
nothing but good things, The iuu- bi ready for operation in b-ss than
pose ni a rector's reporl as I under- two years. .1. II. Morgan of St. Haul,
Btand ii, is to criticise as wil as to who was In Spokane on Sunday, said
compliment, so I feel ii my duty to that a contractor at St. Paul lum been
eall vo,ir ainn,ion to a few matters given orders to rush the work on the
ivhlch, if rightly considered, will In 11,600 miles of prude regardless of
due time properly adjust  themselves, cost. Thousands of men will be requlr-
The  first  is  that  of attendance.    It   ed, he said;   if these can be had, the
-M:       lb     ,,    .:    , ������,  ,, ,.
fuii-haii        i|u,      0,i      ,       ���., y
belle,    ileum,,,,, .  ihe  ,���.,,,     .     ,  Qaa
caused her urn I    .:,..,,.,, -, lt.
'"K. I*al    b wai  "i i,i p.e,      yen.
fane.-' 1 .,   ,|8e    br   !,.  I    ......   ���,���!,
him" nn reclvtng a cop) .,: K n |
poem, "Ti,.. Vampire," togelh , wlt_
Its now famous Illustration b Burner-
Jones,   si,,  told .���   torj oi d
ha,,-, the romance ol a pr,        ,g
woman ami wealth) man im | ��� ,
'IT,'' beautll il Mi    i hn . Lud
low Streel Jail qn an oi I, i b   ied by
Spokane, Wash.. April 17.- Rush or- Justice Greenbaum In a the
rb-rs have heen given by 111.' limit recovery of $3,000 ��� j,,-
Northern officials al St, Paul to the stltuted by George H. Woodn a, man-
contractors of the trans-continental ager of the Miles Pneumal Tub,,
line in Canada fnr iim inn Interests, company, al Nn. 1123 Broadi .
and  i,   Is given nut   thai   the line frnm       W Iiii.in    asserts  lire    li aned
ib..  Easl   in  Winnipeg,  Man., will  be -Mis. ('base some $3,000 on her Jewel-
completed in  IS months, and  ilia,  the ''>'���   ,l1"   """   ll"   neve
Iiu.-  lima   Winnipeg  to lhe coast   will
Miens to me that with the number of
families which we have connected with
St. Paul's church thai we should have
i, well lllled at our Sunday evening
services.    In a small congregation we
work wl
Boon lie-in.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call un or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
port of lis members, bul their presence a, all the services, l know
Ihere are a few who ar.- always found
in their places on all occasions. Hu,
why should the burden he placed nn
ihe shoulders nf a few? 1 hold thai it
is the duly of every family connected
w'.ili the church to have itself represented   a,   least   one  of  the  Sunday
gems, lor. be rtei he i,.���i paid
her ih,- money, Mrs. ,'!,.... | the
jewels from the tabli Into .. Bmall > ��� ,\
bOX   and   refuse,!   to  rive  Ihem   lip.
Man Refuses to Talk.
Woodman, although good I ol
rather under ii���. medium hi Ight, and
somewhat over 50 years of .ik��-   Seen
at libs office, hi' refused In dhruss
ihe mailer, even when told C -bo
woman's accusations.
Mystery surrounds .1 Chase.
While living ai No, 126 West One Hundred and Eleventh street, lie also
rented an apartmen! a, Nu. 120 West
Smith's Revelation.
Kansas     City,     April     17.���.loseph
Smith,   preside,,, of tin.   Reorganized
���,      ',.  sympathy and *un-, (,���,���.,��� of ,������,,,. Dav SaIntg) hag ,,,.
warded 1,1s followers for their fasting One Hundred and Twelfth Btreet, From
and prayer by giving in the conference ihe one she could see iiuo lhe Other.
nl  the church  In  session in  Indepcn- Her   explanation   was   thai   Bhe   had
dence,   Mo.,   a   revelation   which   ap- tired of housekeeping, and renting her
points   his   son,   Frederick   M.   Smith, apartment   to a  friend. Bhe h id  gone
to be his success,,,- In the even, of his to the boarding house In On, Hunii   ���!
death. and Eleventh street.
This was considered the mosl   Im- a,    the apartmen!   house   In
portanl   message   ever   given   to   the Hundred and Twelfth  street
ivies  and  at the midweek  service! <,,,������.,,_  aK  ,10thlng ,���  ,,���. .,������.,,,  ,���- vanlg wer(? retlcenti    A ,���,���,..
is well. There Is nothing more dis-
:ouraging to a rector (nan Indiffer-
elce   as   to  church   attendance,   and
Reichenbach Co., Ltd.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
Transfer Co.
Otfice���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Tide Table
For Week Ending April 2_
Baggage   delivered
part of tlio city.
promptly to any
Light and Heavy Hauling
office 'Phone 186.
Barn Tnone 137
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
I- - i ..,
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen and gold
from 2 to C feet.   Roses, paoonies,   rhododendrons,     privet
'''n, and I,road leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
ever- ��
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Tynehead Nurseries.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total   Assets $iti,i/S.5/b.
Branches and correspondents In
all, the principnl cities ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
|l opens an account.   Interest added
Bilf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trcin  8 to 9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Wed,,, .-day
while on the wind., our al lemleiii-i.
this year has been better than las,. I
fr el thai ihere is still room fnr improvement. I trusl then thai during
lie year upon which we have entered
our church attendance w'.'   surpass all
:' i:r.'is   records.
The question of baptism is another
matter in which I have found some
of the parents somewhat lax. We believe as a church that he proper tlniei
for baptism is in infancy, and if this
be true, why wall  until the child is
two, three or [our years old before
you hav,- i, baptized? It is always
more convenient for the pastor to per-j
form the service when the child is a
few months old and it should he just
as convenient for the parents.
1 would, therefore, request thai in
the future the parents of the congregation In- more particular about this
important ceremony.
Now in referring to my pastoral
work, I may say thai during the;
year I have visited the parishioners
as frequently as my work would permit, and have endeavored to look
after the spiritual needs of the congregation ,o the best of my ability. I
may not have been able to give satisfaction to you all but a man can only
do his best, and you must remember
that  occupying as I do, the  position
    of  pastor  and  studenl   my  time must
FrSSer River  necessarily be .- lewhat  limited.
The health of the parish on the
whole, lias be,-a good. A few have
been called lo pass through sieges of
Blckness bUl nearly all have been
blessed  with a speedy  recovery.    I an,
pleased to reporl thai i have only had
to conduct one funeral service connected   with   the  church   during  the
the reorganized church lias been considered so vital as the question was
as   to      wlin   should      sneered    lo   the
presidency, A greal crowd was al tb,.
conference yesterday to hear the message. Presldenl Smith was not present, bin lie was near the temple loi
iii meditation while his people Iir ml
his revelation mad. landlady said, "bul  wi
For a time ii looked very much as  her.    She said she was a widov,   i    ���
though the revelation would create a  dressed   in   black,  bul   shi
schism   in   the  church,   as   [I   was   he-   affairs   to     herself.     She      .
lleved by some thai the revelation of have few friends, bul was visited from
April, 1902, conflict., will, the presenl   time to time by a middle-aged man.'
when asked concerning the wo,
"Mr. and Mrs. Chi -.  I fi he
out leaving their address."
At   12Q West One Hun'
enih  stn-ei.  Mrs.  Chasi   ��  -
be  a   widow.
"She   was   here   two   I
message as to President Smith's buc-
i . ior, but after some discussion Hie
revelation was adopted una,iimonly.
President Smith soon afterward en-
leied the church followed by Ills son.
The young man, who will succeed to mutely
the presidency of the church, stood fused.
with downcast eyes while the members of the conference gazed upon
him approvingly.
"It's all an old fern's vengean, ���."
was .,lie way Mis. Chase put i: ia telling the circumstances uf her Imprisonment. "I mei Mr. Woodman in December and he fell in love with me, uhi-
proposing marriage, but  I re-
Says He Gave Her Money.
"One day I told him that 1 needed
money and asked !,i���, for a loan, offering   my   jewelry,   but   lie   mar!.,   .-ill   a
check, handing back my gi ms with
Ilie remark: 'Here, baby, Is a Christmas present for ynu.'
" My dear old Santa Claus,' I replied,
as I wenl on the thank him a thousand
Revenge at Last.
Minneapolis, Minn., April 17.���Harry
Spencer,  who  was  nearly  mobbed  in
Chicago three weeks ago on account
of  his   threats   against   his   divorced
wife,  last  night  shot   her three times ijllu,s,
and escaped,    Sin- will  probably die. "Later be senl  me a copy of   Tho
Since the Chicago affair, Mrs. Spencer Vampire,' and,   naturally.   I was tu-
has been    trying to hide    from her rious, refusing to see him again.   He
former   husband and has   been living tried many    times to patch    up our
with friends in Minneapolis. quarred, and, tailing, revenged himself
 .0  by having me thrown Into prison on
Manitoba   Member  Dead. this outrageous charge."
Morden, Man., April 17���Death came Mrs. Chase said she was formerly
will,   awful   suddenness  In ,].   II.   Uud-   the   wil'    Ceinii   Georg     ChSTtler,
dell, M. I'. I\ at 8:20 tonight. He was and thai she bad been separated from
apparently in the best of health   all her   present    husband,     She is the
day.  an.l   bad   been  out   driving  until original  of Theobnld  Chartran's  fam-
7:15 ,,. ���,. Ile was sluing reading witli ous pain,Ing,    A Portrait of a  Lady."
his  family  In  the  dining-room  of  his  o	
residence,   when     his     pipe    dropped
lb :������
High Water Low Water
Time H'glit Time light
Our baptisms have nol been quite so
numerous as last year, there being
only four. However there are u number more who are to receive the holy
rite shortly and this will bring the
record well up wilh lasi year's report.
from his mouth and he fell hack in his
chair, and, giving a few gasps, passed
away. The news spread Immediately,
and the whole town is shocked at the
suddenness of the event.
Annandale Entertainment.
Tlie recent  supper    and    entertain
; Saturday
iT< ��� ���
a Plants and Annuals  of all  kinds,   cut
}���' flowers and floral designs,    Dahlias
{���<, 50c per dozen.
NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. j ^^ Alg4 o_ ^^ m Mmm j Sunday
pssaosoaBMBffa^^ an(l J otb ,street-
...     0.27
| 10.36
...     1.28
| 12.-3
-   .     2.10
| 13.3S
..!    3.00
| 14.68
...1    3.37
| 15.lib
...|    4.08
| 16.45
...|    4.33
| 17.32
Three    marriage ceremonies    have 'lent  given In  the  Aiiuandale school
been  performed during the year, one In aid of the proposed new Methodist
uf which took place In the church. A church   in   tha,   district   was  well   at-
record   of   all   the   baptisms,   deaths tended   and   a   surprising    amount   of
and marriages has been Inserted in Hie talent along the line of entertainment
parish   register for  preservation. was discovered. Tbe programme of vo-
While  no    confirmation    class  lias cal   ami   literary   numbers  were   well
been   organized   (because   of   lbe   un- rendered  and  the  audience  was  very
certainty of our beloved bishop being appreciative. The eatables which were
able  io  visit  us)  we have had a sub- Passed around    at  the    close of    lhe
stantial increase in our membership programme were abundant and-choice
by a number of new families which mid even Hie most hungry found suf-
united wiih the church. Seven (ami- floent to satisfy them although many
lies in all have identified themselves j df them had driven long distances in
will, the congregation, so that the ' order to he present. The chair wns ol-.I
Increase In membership Is ahead occupied by Rev. K. Wilkinson, super-:
|a-j  veai. jintendent  of the  Langley and Clover-I
re-  dale circuits assisted by his colleague,;
Fierc Fight Over Girl.
New York, April 17.���Two
fought over a girl on a surface car
; hound in from Coney Island early
today, and three of llieir friends took
sides, drew revolvers and began tiring. There were a dozen other passengers in the car. They, with (he
conductor and niolonnan, sprang from
the car and ran to a safe distance',
calling for police.
Some of the men had knives, v.iiich
they used. When police reserves arrived four of the windows had been
shot out and the interior of the car
was wrecked. Three men wero
stretched OUl on the floor. The others
fled al the approach of the police.
but five of ihem were captured.
VIncenzo Carrera was shot through
j the right thigh. Carroll Simouc/a
and Antonio Notaro were cut so badly
with  knives  that they may die.
And now 1 come to u part of my
Liberal Elected.
Lethbridge, Alta.. April 17.���Official
port which I do no.  like to give, he-! Rev.  Mr.  Wilson of    Columbian    col-j figures confirm  the election of    Sim-
cause it affects my persona, relations  lege.    The amount of |30 was cleared j mens   (Libera.)     In    th-      ���....."-.
with you as a congregation.   When I which will   go toward    swelling   the, here, by 80 i.iajoiily
became your rector a little over two) building fund for the new edifice. (Labor).
over Sherman
18. loo;
A.  J.   BIR1CH
j   Stylish HatS    Perfect creations  of Millinery from   $3. 75  tO $10.00
There   are only a few  left, so you  had tetter hurry.
Also   several Waists, Skirts, and Summer Goods that will
please   the most   fastidious.     LOOK   THEM   OVER.
Remember our address is THE WHITE HOUSE.
Published by The Daily Xews Pub-1
llBBlng   Company,   Limited,   at   their
offices   corner   of   Sixth   ar.d   Front
Btreets,  New  Wesl minster,  B.  C.
Editor   and   Mgr. .Edward   D.   Sawyer
Advertising Rates.
Transient display advertising, 10
cents par line (nonparlel) 12 lines to
tbe Inch. Five cents per line lor
subs.- ment  insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wauls, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
less than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements Inserted al rate of 50
cents per inch per issue (display) or if.
readiug notices, 25 cents per lino per       On application ol   W.  H.  Kent, gen-
Issue.    No deviation from this rale for   eral manager of Ihe company, perniis
Proposes to Improve Service Between
This City and South Westminster.
The British Columbia Telephone
company has completed plans tor an
Improvement of the telephone service
between ibis city and South Westminster, ami will commence work ln the
course of a few days.
The    Improvement   to  the    service iowe() Dy the court, were confirmed
will necessitate the laying of another     Sneaklng tWs morning of the wor
cable across the Fraser river, and the
digging  of a  trench  across Columbia
street,   in front   of the Crescent, tor
the purpose of laying the cable under,
ground from one of iis city poles to
thc water.
Ratepayers   Generally   Satisfied   W'.th
Valuations���Complaints From
The civic court of revision on the
1906 assessment roll completed its labors lasi evening and adjourned sine
die,  The assessments,    with    certain
mendments of minor Importance al-
Aid.   Howay     Makes    Discovery    nnd
Complaint, and  Investigation
Will Follow.
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone l----,
J.  R. Gilley, 'Phone 1 -41
Company  Causes   Brakemen,  Conductors and Others to Be Locked
Up in Winnipeg.
term contracts.
in. ilness offlce	
Manager's, residence 	
Slon   to  do    the  underground    work,
under the supervision of the board of
works, was granted  hy the city council last  night.
i .mr
WEDNESDAY,  APRIL  18,  1906.
rhe meagre news conveyed over the
���.only wire lefl In working order in the
shattered city of San Francisco is sut-
flcent to make the whole civilized
world shudder with thoughts of what
thc awful disaster means, and in thi-
period of successive calamities people
will no doubt wonder when and where
the end will he, and in no part of the
world will there be a feeling of safety
against the disastrous pranks of nature.
Il would appear from the very latesl
despatches of today that the results
of the earthquake are not as serious
as at first reported, and while this is
likely to prove true, still il is awful
to contemplate the loss of life and property which must really have occur
red. There are no doubt bodies buried
ie burned In the ruins that will never
i recovered, and perhaps never
,    n ted   unong the victims.
pr, -inns of sympathy are idle
a, the p esenl time. There will perhaps be a large opportunity foi a pr c
tl, al show ol -: inpathj later on, and
ih ��� ease Is one v. lv ������������ the kind heai I d
Id be no respector of riatlonallty.
Speaking this morning
of the court, of revision Mayor Keary
sairl there were less appeals, than lasi
year, and that there seemed tube general satisfaction on Lho pan of he
ratepayers who are residi at in Hie
The appeals were principally made
by non-resident properly owners who
are not in touch wilh local progress,
and dn nol understand thai the value
of properly in the Royal City is increasing.
In spiir. of the increased marketable
Sunn-I��ed ��lio  AMroiiniiier. ' value of property,  the assessment   val-
Dr. Flail,steed, who was astronomer' naiions have not, to any noticeable ex-
royal in Newton's time, was rather tic-  tent, bee,, increased.
kled by ihe belief of his neighbors In	
his powers of consulting the stars
abnut terrestrial affairs. An old wash
erwoinan ut Greenwich who had been
robbed of ber linen came to consult 	
him about its recovery. 80 he sel aboul , Mr. Peck Receives Letter From Soutii
drawing squares and circles and sug- j Kensington  Faculty,
gested that if she went into a certain
Held he would not be surprised if sbo      VVi,h  regard  to  the  proposition  to
found her lost linen iu a ditch.    I'.ut   form  a local, educational branch affl-
whe-i sk" came back "with haste and  Hated    with the    Souih    Kensington
joy" an 1 :i half crown In her hand for  ni���h, Sehouls, Mr. Peck states that   a
bla fee 1  - was not only very muck sur- r r(imm,1Ill(..l( ic>[1 from ,,���. tacujtv o{ ,,���.
p   .e',   mt  iV.nued.    "(loud woman. . ,       . ���    ,    .  ,
;        ,', i.,,i.i. organization, lias  been  received  stat-
la  said. "I am heartily glad you have
found your linen, but I  assure yon liri'-' ,ni"  ,h" application w,U he look-
knew  nothing of it  and  Intended  to ed  Into and! thai  the secnatary    will
real you a lecture on the tolly of ap- communicate with Mr. Peck, advising
plying to any person  to know  event-' ),jm 0f tho decision arrived at,
not In human power lo tell, but 1 see
Satan has a mind I should ilr-al with
him, and never will I attempt BUch an
affair again so long as I live."
\Vli>   Blocklo Wore  the   IMnlil.
Professor Blackio frequently stayed
at Dr. Donald Macleod's bouse in , ;ias-
guw. One night, said the doctor, we
were sitting up together. Blackle said
In ids brusque way, '���Whatever other
faults I have, 1 am free from vanity."
An Incredulous smile on my fa''0
reused him. "You don't believe that.
Give me an instance." Being tints
challenged, I sairl. "Why do you wa
about flourishing n plaid continually?'
"I'll give ynu the history of that, sir
When 1 was a poor man and when my
rife and I bud our difficulties, she one
day drew my attention to the threadbare, baracter of my surtout nnd nsk, ,1
me i i order a new nne. I told her 1
could a.it afford it Jusl then, when she
vim, like a noble woman, and put her
own plaid shawl on my shoulders, and
I have w..,��� a plaid ever since in men: 1
ory ot ber loving deed."
The expected reply should reach
bene In th�� very near future and the
action of th'. local board of management Will be decided thereby. If the
report, frnm Ihe schools Ls satisfactory
there seems to be very IV.tle doubt but
thai tho local night school will meel
with popular favor. A large number
are interested and express their intention ol availing themselves of the facilities thai will be offered.
Tl,,. ctvlc board of works wlll m
\ sstlgajti the op' rations of a brick.
Making  Aim,  which,  ii   Is alleged, is
ig claj  from i ne of the city s
for   manufacturing   purposes.
���| be discovery and subsequent complaint was made bj Aid. Howay who
-. ild he believed the name of the firm
was Coghlan & Co. The streel in
que tion is known i s Boulevard mad.
and is located between Queen's Park
and the provincial hospital for the Insane, it is said that an excavation
150 feet ia length, and from fifteen tc,
Iwenty-flve in depth bai been made by
the In ickmakers.
The board of work/3 will report the
result  of its Investigation to the city'
council   next   Mpnday  evening.
Rev.  J.   C.   Reid  and   Miss  Mary  Williams. Are to. Be Married.
This evening al the bride's home at
Sapperton, Miss Mary Williams, only
daughter "f Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Williams, will be led to the matrimonial
altar by the Rev. J. G. RchL formerly]
pastor of Knox Presbyterian church,
Sapperton, but now of Central Park
and  Cedar Cove.
It will be a home wedding and only
a lew of the relatives and most inti-
mate friends of the contracting parties will  in1 present.
The bride has received many useful
and handsome presents, including a
handsome remembrance from the
nurses of the Royal Columbian hospital of thr. staff of which she was a
m, n,ber fnr a time. Tbe bride and
bridegroom propose lulling a short
trip before settling down In the manse
a' Cedar Cove.
Winnipeg. Man., April 18, Tbe C.
P. It. la n night caused the arrest of
fifteen employees, Including bw! ch-
men, brakemen, yardmen, engineers
uni conductors who have been pilfer-
ing from cars in the company's yards
Vir  years   pasl
Tbey ba.l the thieving down to a
Bttlence bul the company's police have
it te a thorough round-up of the
������   ig,
The wholesale arrests caused quite
a  local sensation
I'nder  ���   fly's  V.liot.
One of the Nuremberg toymakers in.
Jloseil In a cherry st.oue which was ex
Minted at the French Crystal palace B.
plan of Sevastopol,, a railway Btation
and tho "Messiah" of Klupstuek. 1,,
more remote times an account ts gtven
of mi- Ivory chariot, construe'...1 by
Mci-ineeides, which was so small that a
fly could cover it with his w-lng; also o
Ship of the same material which could |
he hidden under the vviug nf a bee.
Pliny,   Son,   tells   us   that    Homer's
"Iliad," with Its 15,000 verses, was i
written in so small a space as to be
contained: in a nutshell, while Elian
mentions an artist who wrote a distich ,n letters of gold which be Inclosed i
hi the rind Of a kernel of corn. I'.n, the
Harleln manuscript mentions a greatei
curiosity tin,,, any of tlie above, it be
lug nothing more or less than the Bible
written by one Peter Hales, a chancery
clerk, in so. small a bO0_ Ihat  it  oould
be inclosed'iu the shell of an English
I GiSley Bros.
| I'. alers  in
!    Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
V. ..-������.���..,iis H. c. I'oltery Co. sewer pipi    etc,
Local agents Vancouver .Portland Cemenl Co,
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Fhone lb
try   sn   hard   that   tire,     ��� .     " ���   t'.RMl
white giov ���<-. three times a ifaj.'   ...
Is not sn fall,as,ir- as il   ma .- -   el I,   f01
If a shoemaker soils material of il,i>
kind the expi uso to him "" replacing
the materia . i" Bay noth t :; ,f tin- I ��� .-.
of his time, makes it v orth '.it whili
to work in gloves and keep thvui dean
at that���New York Press,
IInmile  Work   Wit-   Qlovea.
"I hope," snld the woman who was
ordering  a  pair  of  slippers  made  of
flowered sarin, "that ynu will it'll your
Workman to wash tils hands before he'
begins to make these up."
"Wash his hands:" repeated the clerk..
"Why,   madam,   he  never  will   touch
these with bis bare hands;"
Then   the   clerk   explained   that   all
workmen employed ia making slippers i
of   light   colors   worked   with   white
gloves on.
"Try to keep then clean!" be continued.   "I should sav thev did.   Thev i
The Smelt.
It ls the opinion of the ,rue murine:
that of all marine pan lisi, tlu/re U non,
to compare with the see;, ��� ����� in-riis
mnrdaxi. Thi*-primary rank l*��ttsown
by reason of its delicacy and dsilcions
Bavor, and when fried a light brown in
very tine breadcrumbs ami served with
melted butler there Is nnue U_tt disputes Its pre-eminence.     Its delightful
flavor, however, as well as its peculiar!
odor, i.s evanesi cut.    Like the mackerel,
It5.cannot be too fresh.   It is from its1
odnr that the smelt derives not maly its
familiar Imt Latin name, an odonsuag j
gresslve of sliced cucumbers ih; t tf its ;
presence   be   manifested   "iily   to-  the j
sense of smell psople are often deluded
Into such supposition.   This odotrto not
marked except in the freshly caught
flsh and disappears In the rooking, piling place, however, to a titling ��� resurrection  of   lhe  smelt   to  an  ol'aetory
sense slill more-savory and delightful.
| The Lucky
Mnklnsc  H   Splash,
"I Ree that our friend has tH_-"n a
band in politics."
"I am not sure." answered Senator
Sorghum, "whether he has taken a
hand in It or merely put his foot in it"
���Washington Star.
TnlU  mill   Slf<-p.
Doctor���Do,you talk in your sleep 1
Patient Nn; . talk In other people's.
I'm a clerg} man.
Is a Lu-'rky number when
it represents an income
of 13 per cent on your
The owner of a Royal
Avenue property has ordered a quick sale, which
means that we must
move, and move quickly.
This i�� a renting proposition and its net income exceeds thirteen
per cent on priee asked.
Only $500 cash required.
f. J. HART & GUI
Salvation     Soldiers     Want   Land
Which to Erect  New Barracks.
The local branch of ihe Salvation
ami; has in contemplation the erection of a new barracks, and is negotiating with the. finance committee of
Hu- city council for Ihe purchase of
forty feet, of land on Eighth street,
block 14, in the rear of where the
present barracks stands.
lt  is presumed  thai   il   is the intention to tear down the present  structure,   and   creel
suitable one.
Spiders Tlmi  Change Colors.
An Interesting Instance nf c dm- mim-!
Icry in spiders has her-., observed ia
the BOUth uf France. The spiders of
tb.nl region when 1��� search of prey
hide in ihe convolvulus flowers, lt
has been noticed that a white variety
,,r spider frequented tbe white tiowers.
A greenish colored variety made ibe
green flowers his home, and a pink one
lived principally in the pink flowers,
The colors of the three varieties were
at lirst supposed to lie permanent, hut
11 has recently been discovered that the
color of any one of these spiders
changes within a few days If the insect be placed In the convolvulus of a
different colored liowcr from that Which
larger and more he has been using as his home. Four
spiders- pink, white, green and yellow
in color���were all put In a box together,
and within three days all were white.
Weather Prospects.
Victoria,   April   is.���The   barometer
To Hnve One's Bacon.
"To  save  one's  bacon"���that   is
Is falling along the coast and showers   ��^e * narrow escape-Is supposed to I
,���   |    .    | ������ , ,., ���    ',   refer to the JMinmow flitch.   For ninny
are likely to become general west of   ^^tit* It was .he custom nt  Dun-
the Cascades.   Rain    is  falling    over   mow ,n EnRia,1(1. to present a Hitch of '
Northern   British   Columbia   and   has t t,ncon to a married couple of twenty!
occurred in Alberta. years' standing who would make oath j
Forecasts for 116 hours ending E  p.   on the Scriptures that they hnd never
in. Thursday on the Lowe- Mainland:   hn.l  n  quarrel.    To come rinse  to n
Light to moderate   winds,
with occasional rains.
quarrel without an actual rupture was,
In the popular dialect, "to save one's
h-icwi "
When you go on your vacation you want to look your test, dont you.
You want to be as comfortable aa possible, also. .
You will Und here a dainty profusion of Summer Suits in many fabrics,
colors and shapes. ,,
Serge suits in abundance. Blues, Blacks and Grays, single and QOUDie.-
yreasted, some half lined to make them cool.
Two-piece Outing Suits of homespun, wool crash, cheviot and serge -
open to all breezes tlat blov .
$7.00, $10.00, $12.00, to $18,00.
Outing Trousers of flannel, homespun and white duck,  with turn up
bottom and with loops for belts.
$1.25, $1.50, $2.50 to $4.50.
Negligee shirts, Summer Ties, Outing Belts, Featherweight Underwear,
Summer Hosiery, Straw and Panama Hats in every correct shape, ets., etc.
Boys wash blouses and blouse suits in Buster Brown ana Russian styles-
Boys' shirt waists in all the latest patterns. .       .
We can surely hit your fancy in outing wearables and your satistacu
will be our best reward.
' *_^B P^
:"���    '������
*���,..,       -'������'.'���<������
9/^^ -,
'S.- &*���$&?*
At the Big Clothing
} House on the Corner WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1906.
S. W. P. Saves Money Local News Briefly Told
to there Paint economj  tn buying   _. W. iv.'   Shenrin-
Williams Painl Prepared i s true Painl economy. It eosis nn
 re   than   good   Paint  ought   to ena. [a always full measure
ami bas consistent quality throughout, It has a large covering capacity, Is easy working ami saves tbe painter's time
ami the need of re-painting too Boon. s. w. p. adds in property value ln the handsome appearance ii gives and ihe
protection it affords again I nn. wind ami rain. S. W. 1'.
saves vou mi y, i, in urea you satisfaction,
. you Interested In the best painl proposition?   if so, talk to���
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing
Just arrived���a new stock of
Prices $2.50 up
Also "Blue Yeddo" and "Green Arcadia" stock patterns in Dinnerware. If you are using either of
these patterns and require more to complete your
set, now is your opportunity.
The City Grocery,
telephone 97.       ...
Should a Horse be Clipped ?
i flipping in the early spring is recommended by leading veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand
: ier, but does 100 times the work. We also keep in
stock L902 Clipper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine. They shear clean, saving 1 to
L-2 pounds of wool to a fleece.
T. J. Trapp & Co, Ltd.
Account Books
Our Spring Stock is nearly all in.   Comprises the Largest Variety of Rulings We Have Ever Carried.
i        J. J. MACKAY.
!    Booksellers, Stationers, etc.
235 Columbia Street.
���    A.  HARDMAN J-   S.  BRYSON  J
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete  line of Granite, Aluminum and Ttnwares.
Estimates furnished on all Classes of Plumbing Work.
��� Columbia Street
Sole Agents Monarch Ranges
S.3 Granville Street
'      $
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. V,
House Cleaning Time j
And you may possibly need a carpet.    We have the greatest ranjre of
���ami can guarantee to save you money anil  give  you  better  satis-
ii than you can ue! in any other place.     For instance, a earnd body
..-Is, paper I'm i.:i Icrncath, sewed and laid fur nne dollar a .vani up.
Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed   I'm- ten  cents a yard.   We
i ih'.. largest stocx and the finest show rooms ami the finest prices.
'   ���mc and see us.    It will pay ynu to see our stuck before  placing-  your
order elsewhere.
ffl      fiL��� ��      Ml     I    f_ Ci���ML���*__-�� ��)
Ti<; ami 71* Columbia St.   Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street
Tin- two-piece summer suiis a, ll. I..
ir. Beck's are A.i in Btyle and finish.
,1. I). McDonald weut up river to
Langley this morning nn the steamer
Ladles will doubtless take advantage
of ihe prices of Hats lefl over from
ihe Easter stock .-,, the White House.
It 11. Keith was one of the Heaver's
passengers to Chilliwack this morning.
.1. Israel returned to Mount  Lehman
this morning on the steamer Beaver
after a short stay In low,,.
The candidates all had serious ex-
presslons on their faces as they advanced in nice,. Un- music.
The While House is offering wonderful creations in Hats according to
ih.   advertisement  in this issue.
F. Qillanders was a passenger on the
steamer Transfer |() Ladner Ibis afternoon on business,
I'. Bargars returned to Steveston
this afternoon on the Transfer after
spending a shorl time in ihe city.
.1. Patterson nf Vancouver left on
the Bteamer Transfer for Ladner this
i   Hammond nr Port  Hammond ar
id   in   ll,..     Eagle'.-   hall     as SOOU    as
tilings of a business character have
been disposed of. Tie. . venl will take
pi,re mi  Friday  i.
11.   T.   Kirk   shipped aim,,,   sewnl y-
five feel of galvanized iron pipe this
afternoon on the at< imer Transfer to
the Phoenix   cannerj    al  Steveston.
The pipe will he used a, a flue to carrj
off the smoke trom the charcoal
Stoves which heat the small soldering
Tie. Bteamer Transfer arrived i���
port this morning with the following
passengers  aboard:   Mrs.  Smltheson,
Mrs. Keith, of Ladner; Mrs. I). Woodward of Woodward's Landing: Miss
Webster, O. McBae, .1. C. Smith, ll.
Deveraux, Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Livingston, Rev. H. Ileus, Miss Kirkland,
.Mrs. Johnson, aud .1. lt. Coon, of Ladner.
A   Number   of   Interesting   Cases   Are
on the Docket.
The regular Spring 11 size court foT
ihis district will commence on the
rust daj or May. The dock.' promls-
e    to be an Interesting one. Among
Earthquake  Wrecks
San Francisco City
the i: Imlnal cases ilreadj in sight are
tbe following:
ft, s \ j, Fell. K .;��� ��� 'i'i. ��� defendanl
In this ca-,>- has now been held over
for two assize couri sittings and is
charged with murder.
Rex vs. Pierre, i- an assault case
coming  from  Agassiz.
Rex vs. Ah Lee, Is a case in which
The city clerk is calling today for ,, efen(ianl ls charged with Bodomy.
applications for the position of pound-     Rex vs_ Beckett, the defendant will
"'!"'r vacated   by it. 0.   Patterson appear on the charg, of embezzlement,
yesterday. Rpx vs   N-,.wm;i���     the plaintiff    is
Wash .lay of a nev,  kind Is at  the charged  with breaking frnm the pro-
Btg Clothing   House.   J. E. Phillips'  vlnclal penitentiary.
wash   day  of  Hoys'   blouses  and   suits       In  aTidillon to these  'here is a  fuir-
open for Inspection. ly long list, of civil suits to he con-j
.1. Peck, the provincial boiler inspeC-' sidered.
tor had a class of seventeen applicants     One of the civil cases will be thai
before hlm ihis forenoon undergoing of  Coen   vs.  New  Westminster    and
examination for engineer's certificates. Southern railway. The plaintiff In tha
Th,, Brackman-Ker Milling company caBe la ;l tarmer re8ldlng j" ,he C1��-i
received ;, carload ..r oil caae yester- verdale dlstrlot- ;'!"' '"'
i Ived in town this morning on, the C.
p. it..
T.   .1.   Trapp  &   Co.,   received   a   ear
load of faun Implements this morning frnm the Ptobi & Wood company
Df  Smith   Falls,  Out.
ll. L. DeBeck Is offering outing suits
In this issue. Note his adv, rtiserni nt,
day, shipped trom Winnipeg via the
C. P.  R.
���I. E. Phillips the Cash Clothier Is
utilizing half a page today. The display of hoys' blouses are well selected and worthy of attention.
The Utile ones can be togged up
from star, to finish with some delightful little summer dresses and bonnets
at  the White House.
Constable Wilkie of the Provincial
police force was a passenger up river
this morning on the Bteamer Beaver
to Langley, where he will enjoy a
short vacation.
Quite a pretty display of blouses,
shir, waist suits, and while wear is to
be seen at the White House. The selection has been made with excellent
A sale of cushions and other fancy
a nicies will he held at the residence
of Mrs. M. F. English, Royal avenue,
tomorrow afternoon from three to six
o'clock. The proceeds will be donated to St. Mary's hospital.
Columbian college misses the
bright  face of Roy Fysh, who with his
railway company for compensation for
the sum of $500, the value placed by
him upon a mare and col, which were
run down and killed on the railway
Says   New  Tank   Will   Be   Ready
Water in About Three
Mayor Keary. accompanied by Fire
Chief Watson, drove out to the new1
reservoir under construction, this;
morning, and inspected the work
going on. Nineteen men are engaged
on the cons,rue,ion and at the present
rate of progress work should be com-j
pleted and the reservoir ready for water in about three weeks.
When the water is turned Into the,
new   reservoir   the   old  one   will     be
thoroughly   cleaned,   and   the   banks
which are now thirteen feet in height
mother took the train yesterday  for will be raised to fifteen feet. The pre-
their new home In Sun,mid-land. Mr.
Fysh has business interests in Dawson city.
George Carter, who owns extensive
hop gardens near Chilliwack received
two engines from the United States,
whieh were shipped up river this
morning on the steamer Beaver. The.
engines will he used ror the purpose
of driving a hot air fan to dry the
freshly picked hops.
J, W. Smith, the proprietor of the
new wood turning factory received a
neat looking band saw this morning
from Roches,er, N. Y. Mr. Smith's
quarters are In the old WIntemute furniture factory.
Careful preparations are being made
by the local Oddfellows' lodges and
the Rebeckah's In anticipation of the
visit ot the district grand master and
ih.. fraternal visit from the Vancouver lodges. About a hundred guests
are r xpected and supper -"-111 be serv-
sent capacity is ahout uiiO.lnJO gallons,
and with the contemplated addition it
will be doubled.
The new reservoir will also contain
500,&00 gallons making a total increase
in the reserve supply of 1,000,000 gallons.
Largest  Stock  In  the  City.
Mounted    In  any  Style    you  Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
How  This  Very  Intercallnlj  l.umi- la
Tush ball is played on a gridiron held
or floor 1.0 yards long by fifty wide,
witb goal posts at either end twenty
feet apnrt and connected by u crossbar seven feet from the ground. The
mammoth ball, almost globular in
shape, should measure six feet iu di-
uir.eter and weigh between forty-eight
and lii'ty pouuds. It is usually Inflated
wilh compressed nir.
The ball is placed In the middle ol
tbe field, and il"' teams line up as follows: Five forwards on the forty yard
line, two left and two right wings en
thc twenty yard line a.fl two goal
keepers on the goal line, eleven men
each.    At the sound of the referee''
whistle both sides plunge nt full speed
upuii the ball, and then the tun begins.
If the ball is caught fairly Pel ween
the two human battering rams there Is
��� rebound from Its elastic sides that
sends lhe players sprawling  like ten-
Applications will be received by the   pins.
[ undersigned up to  I p. m. of Friday      It does not take lon
'��� tho 20th Inst.,    for the    position    of
poundkeeper in the city.
City Clerk.
City Hall, April 18, 1906.
a4>>-- -*h W. C. Chamberlin
NIN1 DIAMONDS I   The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
ATTENTION!   I. 0. 0. F.
Watch Our Ads. For
Reasonable Figures...
1 lot fenced and drained on Agnes Street, $050, 1-3 Cash.
1 lot, cleared, Royal Avenue; overlooks the bridge,   fine situation;
$625, 1-3 Cash.
2 lots on 1st Street near the Park, $,r>00, 1-3 Cash.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate, Fire 4 Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Office
however, for
the   entire   twenty-two   men   to   gel
around the sphere, put their shoulders
to the wheel, so to speak, and push fut
every ounce of energy In them. The
heavier, stronger team will, of course,
hnve the advantage, but some trick
plays have been Invented which lend
variety to the game and redeem II
from being n featureless contest of
mere brawn and muscle. ��� National
The Crab aa n Fisherman.
The crab sometimes catches a flsh.
The officers and members of Royal
City Lodge No. 3, and Amity Lodge
No. 27, are requested to meet in their
lodge room,  Friday, April 20, at 8 p. I
! m., for the purpose of receiving an of-! and It catches It without book and line.
! flcial visit from the Grand Master, and' It lies in wait, perhaps In some creek,
a fraternal  visit from the Vancouver  with Its jaws extended In front and
open.   Perhaps a school of killles comes
along, and It may be that a klllle on tbe
All visiting hrethern    cordially
vited to he present.
By  order Joint  Committee,
T, A. MITR, Chairman,
E. S. WEBBER, Secretary.
Additional Want Ads on Page Seven.
outskirts of the school may swim unsuspectingly along through the clear
water between tbe upper and lower
parts of one of the motionless open
claws of thc crab. When It is well
within them tbe claw suddenly snaps
together and that particular little klllle
goes m farther,     u
(Continued  from  PlVsl   Page.)
is being carri, I Into the building from
nutsiri. tor the use of   the pa
Many persons Buffering frnm injuries are s.ei, on the su. ts walking to
different hospitals.
The hospital church on Eleventh
Btreel is badly damaged and at the
Studebaker carriage factory on Eleventh ami Market streets the top
story caved i��� badly wrecking the entire building.
Palace   Hotel   in   Danger.
Fire which has been raging in Ihe
vicinity of Fourth and Stevenson
streets has gotten beyond the control
of the firemen and the flames have
leaped  ,o  the  Winchester    rooming
house on the west side of Third
street. Unless the flames can be cheeked here ihe Palace hotel, one block
dis,an', will be endangered.
The rooms in the Palaco hotel Were
VBC ite I   early   in   the     morning     anil
gin.' are now returning to gather up
iii.ii effects. All sorts of vehicles are
being used to curry oui of danger
/.rn very thing of value.
Flames Creep Up.
9:15 a. m. Tl.. fire In the vicinity
of the Palai e ami Orand hotels is rapidly approaching these buildings and
from presenl Indications they will fall
prey to the flames within half an hour.
The Examiner and Call buildings are
also In in,inincut danger.
Easterners  Safe.
The loss nf life seems to have been
confined to the poorer districts and
manufacturing tend nny.
For the beni'li, of eastern people
who hav,- friends visit ing In San Francisco i, is sale to say that they have!
nol been Injured. As the hours go by
the  excitemenl   grows   mun.   Intense.
Every few minutes explosions are
heard as buildings are blown up to
st mi the progress of the fire. Tlie fires
are spreading and if the wind conies
up San Francisco will experience the
greatest conflagration of modern
Wild  Rumors Afloat.
On Lower Market street the main
thoroughfare of the city many blocks
of substantial buildings have be,.,, destroyed, A big fire is raging on the I
corner of Sansome street and Pine
street, one block from the Associated
Press office.
The wildest rumors as to the loss
of life are coming to the newspapers
hut it  is impossible to confirm Ihem.
No reports have heen received outside of San Francisco but the damage
about the Bay must be enormous.
Oakland is said to have suffered
The Santa Fe roundhouse and machine shops at Point Richmond across
the bay have collapsed.
Palace   Is  Burning.
10:45 a. m.���The Palace hotel is now
on fire. Other buildings on Ure are
the Clans Spreckels structure 17 stories high; the Phelan building and the
O'Farrell  store.
The south side of Market street between Sixth and Fifth streets is now
on fire and the flames are spreading
in all directions.
Martial  Law.
The city is now under martial law.
It seems thaw he entire business section of San Francisco must be destroyed.
Calls for Assistance.
1:4a p. m.���Mayor Schmidt has calU
ed for the assistance of the entire
Oakland fire department and has ordered that all dynamite available be
ustd to blow up buildings in order to
stay  the progress of the flames.
Crosses Continent.
Washington, D. C. April 18.���The
San Francisco earthquake has reached
across the entire continent. The seismograph at the weather bureau here
showed a violent agitation about S::;,i
[o'clock this morning and the pen
passed off the recording sheet. The instrument at 12 o'clock was still under vibration showing that the earthquake had not   'eased.
Experience of Early Days.
T. Vv*. Herring a well known Surrey-
fanner and a man who has spent the
best pan of his years in this district
. recalls how that In 1S69 when the city
of San Francisco was visited by a violent earthquake that New Westminster experienced a shock at about 9:30
on the evening of the same day which
partly demolished the old Holbrook
block and another building being the
only brick building In the town at the
 , o	
Evlla  of  Anxiety*
Anxiety Is the poison of human life.
It ls the parent of ninny sins nnd of
more miseries. In a world where everything ts doubtful, where you may
be disappointed and be blessed In disappointment, what means this restless
stir and commotion of mind? Can
your solicitude alter the cause or unravel tho Intricacy of human events T
Can your curiosity pierce through the
cloud which the Supreme Being hatb
made Impenetrable to mortal eye? To
provide against every important danger by the employment of the most
promising means ls the office of wisdom, but st this point wisdom stops,-
We Are On Top As Usual
In every way.   We havd the goods in tyandatthe
prices that I eep U
Carpets !   Ca rpets!!   Ca rpets ! ! !
Hundreds of Squares to choose I'm,,,   from $4.00 each up tr. $j r
Have you seen our line of Brussels Squan ..i, ,  .,lrd,  f,,r jik  ' ...
ulne Brussels   easily worth $18 and sold at  that  price elsewhere    Wa
have tl,en, in all sizes.    We have  also  Bome  handsome   Velvet    Milton
and Ax.miii.ster Squares, all sizes, green, fawn and Turkish     Carrot    bl
the thousands uf yards in all kinds.    We do not consider it'n   iV ,,ku ,
show the g Is.    Call and Inspect. Cr0UDle t0
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets,  Uupont   Block,
Jellied Veal
In 1 and 2 Pound Tins.
Try it, il is  Delici
Public Supply  Store,  Columbia   St.
Shiiiltis of Blue,    pt
Greeo, Black, Cream 'i
PRICES      |
Ladies' Shirt
Waist Suits
$7.50 to $121
Latest lo Allover Lace ;���;
Blouses, Set! Them  i
;���; .tl.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies now ln force exceeds J44,UUU,000.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exceeds.. vss,ijuu,uiK).00
This is a company of polic y-holders, by policy-holders, lor policyholders.
OUR MOTTO:    tne largest amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C.
'Phone 85.
Can Arrange
Terms For You.
823���One hundred and slxt
southern slope ot tne serpentin
the Clover Valley Road; near t
land is very productive; about
Good and convenient buildings.
This is well worth investigatlo
1027���An unusually Rood b
to 75 acres under tirst-ciass cul
good shape; 10-rocmed rtwellin
kiln and baling room in good c
are worth at least sa.uuo. Bert
This is a most desirable farm;
be taken oft It.    Price, */,b00 c
y acres.beautifully situated oa the
e Valley; first-class land, fronting on
he  railroad  and  river;    good road;
60  acres    ln    first-class condition.
All necessary implements and stock.
n. Price, $90 per acre,
uy. One hundred and sixty acres; 80
tivation; II acres under hops, all In
g in good condition, barn buxltiu; aop
ondition; the buildings on the place
and Creek runs through the property.
from $2,300 to 153,500 per year caa
Vancouver Opera  House
April 26 and 27.
Great Chorus.     50 Voices.    .
Best Soloists in British Columbia.
Hear the famous Octette.
TICKETS, $1.00. for sale everywhere.
No extra charge for Reserved seats.
The Daily News has a few for the convenience of
Westminster patrons.   Apply at business office.
��� '
St. Catherines Congregation Gets Sore
on Rev. R. 6. NevtU.
Toronto, April 17.���A resolution
passed hy the congregation of St. Barnabas' church at St. Catharines, in the
case of the rector, who had trouble
with the choir, stated that certain addresses made by Rev. R. B. Nevltt on
doctrinal matters, had caused dissatisfaction and were objectionable to
I a majority of the congregation, ns being contrary to the doctrine of the
Church of England, and that the conduct and teaching of Nevltt were not Inj
harmony with the views of the con-.
| gregatton, and centlnued: "Be lt re-
i solved that as the bishop has already
t urged Rev. Mr. Nevltt to resign, the
services of Rev. Mr. Nevltt be dls-
' pensed with forthwith, this congrega-
: tion asserting their rights as members
of an unconsecrated church to remove
him from offlce summarily."
 ���o ���
Seaside Excursions.
If you are going to the Old Country
or sending for friends andI des re
comfort, travel via C. P. By. AtlanUc
Lake Erie West St. John. April 28.
2 magnificent new Empresses will sail
in May. For particulars apply to Ed.
Goulet, C. P. H. Agent.
> ���'.?! THE DAILY NEWS
WEDNESDAY,   APRIL 13.  19og_
| Sporting News
and Comment.
Championship   Match.
Tin. Intermediate football championship will be settled on Saturday next.
on Moody Bquare, when the Columbian    College   and    l.ad> smith    teams
again trj conclusions. The flrsl match
resulted In a draw, each team scoring
one goal. The winning team i��� the
forthcoming match will carry off honors.
Action   of   Vesuvius   Reminds   Him
an  Experience in the Year
of 1856.
Berth No. 471," will he received at
this Department until noon on Wednesday, the 2nd day of May. 1906, tor
a licence to cut timber on Berth No.
���171, situate in lhe Railway Belt In
the Province of British Columbia,
commencing at  the southeast  corner
class to convey  Infection    to others and the N. W  T., excepting the Y,i-
wlihout   themselves  developing  acute kon Territory-A free miner mayoi>-
plaln thai tain only two leases of five miles each
great  caution  should  be
svmptoms.  It  Is  therefor    ,
exercised in for a term oi  twenty yea
able  in  the  discretion ol   thc
the  purchase or handling ol  Btrange �� )W  ,,���,,���,,.
horses or mules especially In    those     -.^ |e5See's right ia confined to th,
districts    where    the      disease    bas Emerged beds or bars of the river
of Section 14, Township 5, Range 27,  beco  established.
Football Finals.
The football season in Vancouver
will close on Saturday next wllh two
bis matches and after thai day the
socker boys will retire from active
service   after   a   long   season,   bavins
been playing eight months. On Saturday the Celtic and Garrison elevens
will nice, al Brockton Point. The Harrison won the first match played in tbe
provincial series, and should the soldiers be victorious again, tHBy will retain the Championship. However, in
the event of the Mainland champions!
Winning, II Will be necessary to |da>
off the tie on neutral ground, The local boys are training hard, and are
confident of their ability to turn the
fables oi, their worthy opponents,
The Vancouver ami Victoria junior
teams will meet on Saturday, al the
Polni In the Becond match of the Serbs, for the Provincial championship.
The first match, which was played on
Saturday last, was won by the Capital City aggregation.
Wrestling  Bout.
A wrestling, match has been arang-
��� rl between Matsuda, the .lap. and
Swanson, of Nanaimo, both of whom
have good  records.  It   will  take place
���'These reports about lb.. . . .1 ���ion of
Vesuvius pul mr' In mind Oi 'he lasi
serious eruption of Mot,,it Aetna.
through which I passed in 1856," said
Stipendiary Magistrate Pittendrigh yesterday.
When questioned mi tlie Bubject, his
worship suited thai lie was among the
lirsi to go I" the Crimean war and
among the lasi to leave. For some
lime prior to the close of the war he
was provost marshaii, with headquarters a, the historic ciiy of Sculara.
Thr- last regimenl nf soldiers embarked for home in the month of .Inly.
1856, and were 75 days before thsy
succeeded l��� reaching the shores of
their native land,   while   they were
lav ini; becalmed on the Sicilian coasl
Mount Aetna started to erupt very
Violently and the air was so full of tlie
pungent, sulphurous smoke that
breathing was rendered difficult ami
the eyes were kepi tingling and watering. Tbe air was filled wllh ashes
ami everything was black and dirty,
During the day there would br- an absolute  dead  calm    and  so     torifflcully
hni that the pitch melted in tbe seams
of ihe boat and life was almost Insupportable, A liitb- breeze would
spring up at night but not enough to
fill the vessel's sails. It was wiih profound gratitude that the sailors and
soldiers welcomed ibe wind which ���t
lasi arose and conveyed ,1,'.,,, frnm
the scei f the disturbance.
West of the Cth Meridian; tie nee
North 11 chains; thence West SO
chains; thence South 20 chains;
thence West 20 chains; thence South
24 chains more or less to the North
boundary of Section 10; thence Easl
along the North boundary of Sections
10 and 11, 100 chains more or less, to
the point of commencement, containing an area of 400 acres more or less.
The  regulations    under    which    a
S.   The carcases ,
from onslaughtered
with   glanders   should,   "hen   possible,
be burned  or,  tailing this, burled at
least six r,.,.t beneath the surface.
'.,. Owners of premises where outbreaks have been dealt with should
brat- in mind that Inspectors cannot
recommend release from quarantine
unless   disinfection   lias   bin,   tarried
ont in a satisfactory manner and that
licence  will  be Issued,    nlso  printed   compensation for animals slaughtered  post!
forms of tender and envelope, may be  cannot be paid until a certificate   of "
Obtained at this Department or at tho   cleansing and    disinfection    lias been
below any low water mark, and sub
animals   dying   f, r Inst year and $io per mile i"r each
bring axected subsequent   year.     Royalty   same   as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and lull
claims shall md exceed 2S0 feet in
length, measured on tin- base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulch iJhc width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All "ther placer claims
shall he -50 feet square.
Claims  are  marked  by  two  legal
one  at each  end, bearing no-
Entry must be obtained within
ten   days   if  the   claim   is   within   ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
offlce of the Crown Timber Agent at  received  by  the  Minister  of Agrlcnl- (-)nc cxtr;1 jay allowed for each addi
New Westminster, P. C. 'ture. tional ten miles or fraction.
Each tender must he accompanied 10. Horse owners should have no -pi,,, person or company slaking a
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered hesitation In reporting to this Depart- claim must hold a free miner's cer-
l-ank  in  favor of tho Deputy  of the  ment or to Its Inspectors the existence tilicate.
Minister   of    the  Interior,    for    the  of actual or suspected cases of gland-      The  discoverer o{  a  new  mine  is
amount of the bonus which the appll-  ers. The disease has been  spreading|entitled  to ,a:/^lm0[.'0^0..f.c,';1;
rapidly of late years and It Is a mat
cant is prepared to pay for a licence.
No tender by telegraph will he entertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, 1906,
ter of public Interest that every fresh
centre of Infection should be discovered nnd dealt with as promptly as
Veterinary  Director  General,
Department   of Agriculture,
Ottawa. March, 1906.
in districts wli.re the existence of
is suspect..! and especially
out- Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
In the opera house,
April  24.
Smothered in Grain Bin.
Walkerville, Out., April is.���Charles
Porton, foreman in Hiram Walker &
Son's malt house was smothered in a
grain bin yesterday afternoon, lie
leaves a widow and eleven children.
Puts   It   All   Over   Krant.
Seattle, Wash., April 17.���Using both
hands like steam piston rods, and his
head bobbing up and down like a cork
on the water, Bobbie Lundle of San
rFanclsco, pulled the curtains down
on Kid Krant's championship aspirations at Pleasant Beach last night.
The fight went only two rounds and a
pbee, yet in that short time these two
willing mixers crowded in more light
than would be seen in ten rounds
At the clang of a cowbell that was
used in place of ��� gong, Lundle leaped
across the ring ami pinned Kranl in
his corn. r. At no time during the
argument did the si en.- of battle range
far from where it started, and when
Harry was counted out, he was in liis
own corner.
Krant opened the scran by lashing
OUI wilh his left as sunn as l.undie
got within striking distanci . 1 nd II
was biff, hang, zouie, until Jimmy
Morrison tolled off the fatal ten
seconds. Kranl was on his feel and
starling towards his man a second
alter the conn, was finished aud
though he was a bit dizzy from two
telling clips on the jaw thai sprawled
him 0,,,. In- was apparently willing to
keep right on going as he had stalled.
From the time tin. boys got within
striking distance they fought like a
couple of gentleman cats hung over a
clothesline. It was a battle between
a swinger nnd an lnfighter and Lundle.
using the tactics that have brought
Bat Nelson fame and fortune, won out.
Krant looked good in the first round,
and even if he was wild with some of
his swings, In- clouted Lundle aboul
tlie head hard enough to star, the
dream stuff in llis bruin.
Harry's judgment of distance was
poor In the second round, ami twice
he swung himself off ills feci win.11 he
missed lefl lunges for the hear!. The
battle was so fas, in Krant's corner
that once when both boys missed
bads they nearly fell ou, of the fine.
Krant's head wen, under tbe ropes,
ami Bobbie was clutching at air on
the oilier side.
Afraid   of    Herrera's   Right.
Nelson makes no scoot of th.. fact
lhal  be intends to watch nothing bul
Ibrrera's rigll, hand.
"That Mexican is a foxy fellow."
sairl llal. "You look a, lilni and you
think lie's fast asleep. Ask Eddie
Santry about that fight in Anaconda.
Eddie was jus, knocking Au,'die's
head off in every round. Aurello
Would sn,,1,ble frnm a clinch and beg.
'.Me poor little Mexican boy!1 he'd
say. 'Ain't got no money an' no
Men's. Break clean!' And all ai
om.- I... caughl Eddie stepping oui of
a climb, dropped that right hand from
tin- clnuils and the next thing Eddie
knew they wer.. passing salts back
ami forth under his nose, Do,,', you
br lleve li.' can't hit from anj where
bul away around behind him, He
don't have ,0 swing that, rlghl in hurl
yoa with it. He can drop it four
Inches and loosen all your teeth. I
Bai sa; s be will ki ep I orlng in all
the lime, lighting ::, every round, so
as ,0 keep Herrera on the defensive
all the time, but the Dane never Intends to leave his jaw open to that
"You know," said lb;', I 1111111 ^ 1
can take 'em if I have to. He hil me
i, couple of times up In Butte and I'm
alive yet. But I'm 1101 going to take
a chance unless 1 have to."
Re I.o, I', 10, and 1" of Lot 16 of
Suburban "Block 10, Map 200, New
Westminster   City.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1074 a,
issued  in  the  name  of  Jane  Howay
has been filed in this offlce.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall,
at the expiration of one month from
thi' date of lhe first publication hereof, issue a duplicate of the said Cer-
tlflcate, nub ss i��� the meantime valid
objection be made to nie in writing.
District Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, 11. C, April -I
glanders is Buspected and
in   neighborhoods    where  actual
breaks have occurred the adoption of
the following precautions by owners
of horses ami others Interested will
��� bi much to prevent the spread of the
d1se.,s,- ���nd the establishment of fresh
centres of infection.
1, Horses or mules hiving a nasal
discharge or other supicious symptoms should not be admitted to livery
or feed stables or yards, blacksmith
shops, church or school sheds, railway stock yards, private stables or
ofher places where they are likely
come into direct or indirect contact
with animals of the equine species.
Any available Dominion Lands wit
in the Railway Del, in British Colum
Ida, may be homesteaded by any person who is lhe sole head of a family,
or any male over Ls years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
1160 acres, more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the local land ofiice for the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the local
for some one
length, send  if the party consists of I
two,  1500 feet altogether, on the output on which  no royalty    shall    be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the ran
of two and one-half per cent on tb'1
value of the gold shipped from the
jeel t" tin' rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries f 11
bar  diggings  or  bench  claims, exeep,
en the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold,
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of tbe lease f"r each live miles
bnt where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredg. ,'.,r each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output  after  it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five miles each may be
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. VV. & Y. RY.
Dally ! NEW Dally
Leavi- WESTMINSTER Ani. ���
9:20am Blalni. QeUlng I 00 pm
4:36 pi���,l,a���,      Burllng-)9:35pm
ton,   Mt.   Ver-I
���o���.     Everett,
Seattle        :'"'!
4:;;r. pinlSpokane,      St.)3:00pm
jPnul    and    alb
points East,
0.20 an, Anacorles,
IWoolley,     and
8:00 pm Vancouver
9:36 pm
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Eritlsh  Columbia Coast Line
1:00 pm
9:20 am
1:25 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth,  Chicago,  St.
Louis and all points East.
Km-    complete    Information,
raies,   berth   reservation,  etc.,
call on or address,
F C. ClllKI'l.N, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, 11. c
S. (I. YKKKKS. A. II. 1'. A.,
Con,'','  Becond  Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle,  Wash.
a. tn.,
ASK '1 111'. 'I li'KKT AGEN 1'
Eight 'brains  Every  Day in tbe Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
granted to a free miner for a term ofljHE     NORTH-WESTERN,    LTD.
20 years; also renewable. Embodies the newest    and best ideas
The lessee's right is confined to the  for   COMFORT,    CONVENIENCE,
submerged  bar or bars  in  the  river  an(j   LUXURY.     It   is  lighted   with   and Chllllwack.
(Subject lo change wltnoui    1 >uee)
Princi  s Beati Ice D    ���
Leaves Porl Townsend ta 1
Leaves Victoria 'a p.m.
Arrive Seattle ."��� a.m,
Leave Seattle 9.3U a 111.
Arrive  Port  Tow-end   IL'.:
Arrive Victoria 3.30 p.m,
S. S. Prince is VTotorl
I tally.
Leave Vanco iver  1   p.  m.
Leave Victoria 1 a. m.
ROI  I I..
Leaves Victoria,  I  a. ���,.,   1 ...
and FrldayR.
Leaves New Westminster,
Wednesdays nnd Saturdays.
Calling at Mayneau  rl  Hteveston.
S.S. Joan leaves .Nanaimo .:���;:v, ei.
copt Saturday ami Sunday, at ;'a_
Saturday  3  a.  in.
Leaves   Vancouver   dally,   excent
Saturday and Sunday, at l.;;n ; D
Saturday 2.30 p, m.
S, S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria  11   p.  m.  I t, 10th
and 20th Of each month for Al
and way points.
Leave VI, toria lmh of each -
for Quatslno and  way  points,
Leave Victoria '."'tii of eai h month
for Cape _ :otl and way poll 1
ing Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New    Westmlnste
Additional   trip   leaves   New
minster 5 a. m. Bunds .
Leaves   Bteveston    Monday,
day,  Wednesdaj. Thui daj       : Saturday  7 a.  m.    Friday 0 a. m.   Additional  trip Sa unlay f, p. ���,.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave New Westminster - 1. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
Leave Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Sundays, calling at
landing    between    New    Westminster
below   low   water   mark, that boun- [ ^oi^  electricity   and   gas;,  the   most
dary to be fixed by its position on the 1 brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
August in the year of the I worl(j      Tlle   equipment   consists   of
private   compartment   cars,   standard
2.    All     stables,    yards,     or   sheds agent receive authority
used for the accommodation of horses to make entry for him
or mules should he regularly and frequently cleansed    and disinfected    in
the manner prescribed below.
,1. After cleansing the premises
thoroughly, and burning all debris, the
interior should be well gone over with
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
hot steam, or boiling water, adding to father is deceased) of the homesteader
the latter at least one quart of crude resides upon a farm in the vicinity
carbolic acid to each five gallons after of the land entered for the require-
which the entire surface should lie ments as to residence may be satisfied
thickly coated with a hot solution of by such P"son residing with the father  or  mother.
fresh lime wash, to which crude car-
bolic acid has bee,, added in the above     ty U the se,tl.er h.s h'? P"���,le"t
, residence   upon   larming  land   owned
mentioned   proportion. .      .��� ',        ��� ���  ..       . ��.���    1	
,    ,    , bv him in  the vicinity of his homc-
Outbuildlngs, fences and tying posts steadj the requirements as to residence
with    which    infected    animals   have may   he   satisfied   by  residence   upon
New   been in contact should also, when pos- the said land.
Re .part of Lot 2S0 Group  1
Westminster  District,  Whereas proof sible, be thoroughly treated in a siml-     Six months'notice in writing should
of  the  loss of  Certificate of Title h,r manner. be given to the Commissioner of Do
mini! it 2164A, issued in the name of      All ordinary   harness    and    stables minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
Daniel Callaghan has been Wed In this utensils, which hav- been  In contact to apply ior patent
"Hire, with infected animals or Infected pre-
Notice Is It".'.y given that I shall, mises, should be thoroughly soaked in
ai   Hi" expiration of one month from ��� hot solution of crude carbolic acid
the date of the lirst publication here- of a strength of one part to twenty.
of. issue a duplicate of the said Cer-       Ma,dials which mlghl    be injured
tideate, unless in the meantime valid by the above treatment  such as valu-
objectlon be made to me in writing, able  harness,  robes,    cushions,    etc.,
C.  S.  KEITH which  have been in  contact
District Registrar of Titles, fection should   be placed   In
Land   Registry   Office,
New Westminster, 11.  C.
.March 30,
tight room and fumigated with Formaldehyde after which they should he
thoroughly cleaned.
1. In stables where outbreaks have
occurred or where diseased animals
have, inadvertently or otherwise, been
stabled, even temporarily, the cleans
ing  and  disinfection  should  be especially thorough and in such cases it is poundsshall be col     ;��� ���'. ��� n ; '.���
safest to remove and burn feed boxes output.
1st day of
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge 1
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the'
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and  paying  a  fee.
Work must be done rm a claim
each year to the value of at least $20Q.
A certificate that vvrk has been
not, the claim shall be deemed to In.
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may bc
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Y'ukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Y'ukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re-
I serve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length of which shall not exceed three
and the Yukon Territory. : times the breadth.    Should the pros-
COAL���Coal lands may bc pur- pector discover oil in paying quan-
chased at $10 per acre for soft coal (titics, and satisfactorily establish such
and $20 for anthracite. Not more' discovery, an area not exceeding 640
than 320 acres can be acquired by one acres, including the oil well, will be
individual or company. Royalty at sold to the prospector at the rate of
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000 l$i an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will bc sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
iO section sleepers, luxurious dining
c-r, reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library -ud  smoking cars.
For Time  Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information call  on or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Deputy  Minister  of   thc   Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will nol be paid
Northern Pacific :
Trains DaiSy
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
QuickTime. Excellent Service.
S.   S.   Tees,
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m. 2nd
nnd It'.ih of each month calling &t
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coo-
In on second trip.
Times or, arrivals and departure
are approximate.
For Tickets, reservations and Information call ,111 or address.
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria
E, .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
Gen. Agent, Freight  Dept.,
New Westmli  I
Agent, New Westminster.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St.
with In
an   air Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
('. E. LANG, General Agent,
4.10 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
.ni.i   mangers   when     of  wood;     iron
1 articles can he rendered harmless by
Tenders    addressed  to  the    under paB8mg them through fire or hy Im-
signed at  Ottawa and marked on th mersing them for some time in boll-
envelope   "Tender   tor   the   construe lng  water   A11  ���tter  frnm   BU8peoted
ii,,,,   of  a   Hydrographlc   Steel   Twli anlmaiB snoula be burned or carefui.
Screw  Steamer," will be received up ly [enced ,,,,,11 used
ir, the first day of May next, for the ' 5_   PamerB   .,���,, ' others     BhouW|
construction  of a  Steel  Twin  Screw whenever   possible,   avoid.
Steamer  for the  Hydrographlc
vice in British Columbia waters.
Specifications,  plans  and   forms  of
tender can be Been al the office of  the
Agent  of the  Department  of Mann
and   Fisheries al   Victoria,  B.  ('.. al
possible,   avobli   admitting
Strange horses or mules to the prem- according to capital
occupied by their own animals ,\ free miner, having discovered
. peclally of Hie same species. It Is a mineral in place, may locate a claim
good    plan    to    reserve    an    isolated
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen, subject to royalty at such rate as may
years and over and joint stock com-! be specified by Order in Council,
panies holding free miners' certificates W. W. CORY',
may obtain entry for a mining loca-      Deputy of the Minister of the  In-
tion. tenor.
A free miner's certificate is granted       Dept. Interior.
for one or more years, not exceeding ���
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50  ^-��, ^-��
per annum for an individual, and from  ^_, clf"l��1 Cl Icl 1*1
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
Railway Company
building  for  outside  horses  or  mules
but where this Is impossible they may
the Custom   House al   Vancouver, B,  ^
('., and ai  the  Departmenl   here.
Each  tender musi   be accompanied
by an accepte 1 bank cheque equal to
10 per cent, ot the whole amount  ot
the tinder,  which  will  lie forfeited  il
accommodated In cow stables, cattle nol being subject 10 glanders Infection. Such horses and mules shouhl
bo watered from special palls, which
together with all other stable utensils
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
Thc claim shall be recorded within
fifteen (lays if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional   ten   miles  or  fraction.
When travelling by
tO-date   Railway   you
about   missing   train
this popular up
have no worry
connections   or
ib,,.  person sending  thi
der declines to enter into a
with  the  1 '��� partment.    Cheques    accompanying tenders which are nol accepted  will be returned  Immediately
after a derision bas been arrived at.
Newspapers copying this advertisement wlthoul authority from the Department  will nol  be paid.
Deputy   Minister   of   Marine   and
Department of Marine and Fisheries,
Ottawa,  _s,Ii  March.  1906,
be  fee for recording a claim is $3.
used  on  or aboul     them,    should
carefully cleansed and disinfected be- At least 51100 must be expended on
fore being used for Other animals, the claim each year or paid to thc
j Stalls occupied by strange horses or mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
mules shouhl be well cleansed and. $500 has been expended or paid, the
disinfected and, if at all possible, left locator may- "I10" '
unoccupied   for  some  time.
0. Where new horses or mules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders  exists,  they  should,    unless
ohanging ears during the night.  We
lake ymi over the cnnl in..nl on through
first-class   sleeper   and    magnificent
The! tourist   ears.   Transcontinental   train
heaves  daily
-.40 p. m.
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister   of   thc   Interior   to   locate
For further particulars apply
El).  GOUL-1T,
/ V. f. tt, Agent.
New Westminster,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, viaiNiagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger anil Ticket
Agent, 136 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
carefully tested wilh Malleln prior In  claims containing iron and mica, also
w& 1
purchase, be stabled apart and closely
watched for some time before being
broughl in contact with other animals
of the equine species.
7. It must he borne in mind that
while nasal discharge, or ulceration,
enlarged glands, the presence of farcy
buds,  unaccountable  swellin
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
Thc patent for a mining location
shall provide fnr the payment of a
Royalty of 2]'- per cent, of the sales
of thc  products of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the  N,  W.  T.,  excepting  the  Yukon
of  the Territory:  Placer mining claims gen-
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago,
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   thc   world   that   ccjiial   in
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points cast, west and south to Ross-
la,ul, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with thc Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with thc Canadian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
Trains & Steamers
Leave  New  Westminster   15.40 daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster  11.35
l.v. Ni w West. . B.30; ar. Seattle 16 50.
Lv,   Sea":,.   |n;   ar.   New   \\ ���   \   18.40.
Lv. New West. I'i.::.". and  17.35.
Ar .New West 9.35 ami  16.40.
l.v. New Westminster 6.30 a. 1
l.v. N. W. I'.l'u a.in.; ar. Seattle 1 p.m.
N. W. 1.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 1" p.m.
Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. X. W. .1 ;���'�����
Seattle 4.20 p.m.; ar. N. W, 9.35
V��� W. & Y.���VANCtH'Vi ;;.
N. W. II p.m. and 9.3B p.m.
Lv. Vancouver S.::."i a.m.. ami  I p.m.
Lv.   N.   W.   9.20   a.m.;   ar.  Guichon
2.20 p.m.
l.v.  Guichon  2.10  p.m.;   ar. N. W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New West. 5.60 a.111.. 6.60, v
and hourly until 11 p.m., with half-
hourly be,wee,, 12.30 and 6.30 p.m.
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 pm.
Sunday hourly H 11.111. to 11 p.m-i
with half-hourly bet. noon and T p.m.
Lv. Vancouver same time through'
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Weil. Fri I. 8 a ��'-
From Chwk. Tu., Tb., Sat., 7 a*
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun.. Wed., Fri., 1 B.O.
From N. \V. dally, ex. Sun., 2.15 !""���
From Mt. Lehman, " a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sun.,
Add. trip, Monday, ���"' a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri.
Add. trip Saturday, 6 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
dose. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00 p.m- 6.45 P--"1
Sap'n & Millside...l0.00p.m, '���l[],;
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   9.00 am.
Cloverdale, Ulnlne,
Seattle, etc..
Van. & Cent. Pi
East Burnaby,.
Steveston, etc..
East,  via C.P.R.
Sap., Mill, Coq'm
Van. & Burnaby
. s. 15 a.m. S.30p;p-
rK...io.::iia.iii. 2P*
,10.80a.m. 10.00a
. 1.15 p.m.
. 1.30p.m.
, :;.uo p.,,,.
.. :,.���ii p.m.
. ;;.:',0p.ni.
1.15 p.m.
12.00 B
6.00 p."1-
Tenders for a   Licence-to Cut Timber
en Domonion  Lands in the Province of British  Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
Ihe Timber and Mines Branch, Department of the Interior, ami marked
on  the envelope "Tender for Timber!
limbs and general unthriftiness often orally are 100 feet square, entry fc
characterize cases of glanders, the $5, renewable yearly. On the North
disease exists in many animals will,- Saskatchewan River claims are either
ont. for the time being, any external bar or bench, the former 'icing 100
whatever,     the   only >eet long and extending between high
Hertlis on their sleepers are longer,       Effective
and low water mark.    The latter in-  higher and wider than in similar cars  1001.
...   eludes bar diggings, but extends back on   any   other   line.     They   protect  Leave
Ing the Malleln  test, and that, these (q ^ .        of thc wu or banki not  t],cir ,r.|ins ,)y ���K. ���,���,.   System Q 20 . m
occult or latent cases are in   some re- exceeding   ,00(> fect.     Where   steam      Connection   made   with   all   trans-
specls the  most    dangerous    because  powcr  js   llScd  claims   200   feet   wide   continental lines in Union Depots,
unsuspected.    Our experience    shows may De obtained. II. S. ROWF.. General Agent,
that it Is possible for animals of this      Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba] 134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
equipment  that  of  the  Chicago,   Mil
waukee   &   St.   Taul   Railway.     They   Creek points.
own  and  operate  their  own  sleeping      Connects  at    Meyers    Falls     with
and dining cars on alll their trains and   stage  daily for  Republic. ior wnnnv, v-...s~-
give   their  patrons   an   excellence  of      Uiiffct   service   on   trains   between WIHTK    HORSI.,    DAW-    '    cept
service not obtainable elsewhere. Spokane  and  Nelson. FAIRBANKS.    Daily  tr:"""r_l
Sunday,    November    10, Sunday)    carrying   passeng1-' s,
express   and   freight   connect
Arrive stages at Carcross and Vvm"    ^ice
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
.  Spokane  ..-.715 p.m.  maintaining a through Winter
..Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.      For information apply;to
H. ROGKRS, Traffic W���
Mackinnon Bldg.,
.Nelson ..... 6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Ii. C. WE-'��S��AY' APRIL   18, 1906.
i ..: t
Van' ;
solicitors, etc.       Of
New Wei tminster, Trapp Blk.,
Clarkson  and  Lome sir s,
iver, rooms 'Jl  to 24, 445 (Iran
 1.    .1 IBeph Mar, in, Iv. C.
V?. Weait, W. <������ McQuarrle, ll. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin will he in tin
Westminster offices every Friday af
Bank of
Incorporated by acl or parliament
CAPITAL (Ail paid up)... j ii,,i,,,,,,100
RESERVE  FUND tiu.ooo.ooo
ters, solicitors, etc., 12 Lome
Street, opposite Court House, New
Ht.  Hon. Lord Strathcotia and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,...Hon Presldenl
Hon. Sir tl. A. Drummond, President
E.   S.  Clouston,  Vice  President and
General Manager.
J. H. Howes, P. 0. Iiox
rHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackle Blk.,
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, II. L, Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hank of Commerce build-
in',.., Columbia street, opposite post-
offlce, New
Westminster.    Money to
General banking business trans-
Branches in all the principal cities
In Canada, In London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and at. Jonn, NHd.,
anil correspondent! In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
GEORGE 10. MARTIN, Barrister and j
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKen-le streets, New West-,
minster, B. C.
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Ii.,; ml.
md manufacturer of
LNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of tins
is lead on tlie I"" il Wednesday In
,.., h month, at B o'clock p. ,���.. in
��� . Masonic Temple. Bojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. Of- W. A. DeWolt Smith.
Be, retary.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for price.;.
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street,
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
fnr furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Stri
|.- �� \. m. Regular communications of this lodge ar.' held on Hi"
s,.���,. ,i Tuesday in "."'ii month lu
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are cordially invited
t., attend.    I). W. Gilchrist, Sc.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
! Merchant Tailor
it, u. k. of l., meets second ami
fourth Friday of each month, a, 8
p, in., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and .loin, Btreet. So.
lournlng Sir Knights cordially In-
, i I,, alien,1. W. I'- Dunlop, W.
p..   E. I-:. Matthias, Reg.
*. ���-
Columbia Street.
Full line of EngllBh, Hcotcn and Irish
tweeds ami worsteds always ,n smck
S;,:ir.L' stock  now  ln.    Make your
���Met ts in mai.".' hall flrsl ami
third Friday In "acl, month al 8 p.
iii. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to ati..ml. B, 10. Matthias,
\v. M.; .1. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
0. o. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
Th,. regular meetings of this 1 idge
. held in Oddfellows' b ill. Colum-
1,1a , reet, ev, i - Mondaj evi ning,
o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited i" ���������'��� ".I- 8. J. May,
N. ,;.;   W. C. Coatham, Rec-Sec.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Watchmaker and
Manufacturing Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience.    Later was 7 years  manager
of the watch repairing departmenl "f
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry link's business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicatedjwatche cleaned, repaired,
made like new an.l adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Hen. Adams GroceryJ
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
_��� \\u>   (li.- Brute World  I.  Ile.nrrt-
i-ii I,* Null*ms oi India.
India's pets are not royal, bul celestial. To write "f animals In the land
which keeps Its V'edlc prayers and for-
i ets 'I.'- nai n - "i Its i ������ perors, one
in,.-, leave Bolld ground and ascend to
beaven, must speak In poetry, uol pr ,se,
lu hyperbole raiber than In plain
Me- i-i rii. The question "'.' animals cannot, ind I. be soberly treated,    Hwrj-
  where one sees acta toward them that
en be explained only by their sacred
of Queen's un,i legendary Importance. One can
scarcely believe one's senses. This attitude is not the fantasy ..f a moment
nor the bete blanche, sn ,n speak. ,,f a
single author, lt is the accumulated : Columbian
national   delirium   <,f   thousands   of
years. To detach such animal worship
from Indian life is tu tear the rug to
pices, ami we can weave untl,lug mure
The place held I.y these creatures In
India is different from that accorded
.Small purse with small sum of then In a.,j other country. Every animal is looked upon as bul the covering
Of a spirit. Is not its mind will, Godl
Are not Its auras and vibrations far
puror than ours? May not even tbe
soul nf our grandmother look fro,,, Its
eyes?   May imt we ourselves return to
1 ..... .���  Iii..11   lis  slate if  we  give   it   not
reven ���   i 1    Surd, conceptions are imt
called i': , niis dele thought but from
th.- vibranl Up and life .,i' India today,
I,me  is always  in  lhe orient.     "It  Is
your misfortune that you have i" talk
si much of progress," -aid a sage to
a.e "wo hnve progressed."���Edmund
Russell In Everj body's.
Wanted���Thirty ed    nun    '"
..,, for Lhe C ,i loration on the
Hoard of Work-. For information as
,., wages and ��� ��� enl apply to
Mr. Furness, Supt. , :  ft'orl s,
For Sale���io acres, l", acres cleared,
Good   building-    Apply  Donald
('lure,   l'ort Rolls.
Lost���On   or   near  corner
avenue  and  Bib  street,  a  photo  o
young gentleman with name on hack.
Finder please return to this office
For Sale���Modern 7 roomed house on
line corner In West End; two lots
stable and trull trees. Cheap. Appl;
X, ,his office.
President, Secretary and Treasurer Review Success of the
Past Year���Mayor Keary Talks on the Need
Of a New Hospital for
The City.
money at foot of Cemetery street
Sapperton. Return to Mrs. Clgonler,
Front  street, or Dally News.
Wanted 2000 Coi.I. "I Hemlock Hark
a, ,1c- Fraser River Tannery, Ltd,
taken In lots from 25 cords up. For
parth ni.ns applj : i ths manager at
Tannery or P. 0, box 187, New
Wanted���Fresh mllcb cow. Appl,
iiiix 332 or Dallj  News Office
r. ii.
rhe Women b Auxiliary nt' ihc Royal
hospital held its annual
meeting yesterday afternoon in the
Queen's Avenue Methodlsl church.
The chair was occupied by Mrs.
Speirs. Tim first item of business
was the reception of lhe report of the
retiring president, Mrs
was unavoidably absent The reporl
lead as follows:
"In a brief backward glance al the
past year we are glad to be able to
report '.hat lhe work of our auxiliary
has kepi   on  steadily forward along
surd,   lines  ol'   help  ami   usefulness   iu
' 'tal in Hie savings bank
"' isi year the auxiliary
bas furnished the hospital with a
larBe rarletJ ot useful and necessary
srticle embracing olothlng, linen,
crockerj and fruits and jellies.
"The ll"i'-' auxiliary undertook
l,"nl";1-   who       ";       '������:"   0l   work   a:   the   refresh.
""'"'  r w at  the Dominion cxhibi-
llon' ai : -: i had a souvenir stand
|" which $81.18 was made. The Royal
Templars klndlj donated $7.60 to tb.-
The Made In Canada tete,
h"1,1 '" the Armourlas by kind per-
mission    o! Col. White,    brought   In
connection with the hospital as have   1600.40    ..a  tho  ladles  gave  an  at
been available to us.   A large amount   bomi ;,,,    :  ,,,       |     .
For Sale���"." Egg Chatham Incubator
Cheap, only used once. Apply 199
Blxth a. mue oi P, 0. Box 502, Clij
For  Bale���Old  pap, rs
wrapping up par.
suitable  for
Apply News
Found���A house key in "TIpperary".
Apply Dally News Offlce.
For Sale���Ydung Cow ami Calf, newly calved. Mrs. T. Hembrougb. im,
Bt,  and  alh  ave.
Wanted���Hoys from 11 to IT years
of age to work in Box Factory, also
box nailers. Apply B, C. Manufacturing Co. end of Lulu Island bridge
For Sale���Half Int
IneBS near Si
Chanee of a life
���real in a livery bus-
attle, Washington,
time. Apply AdVer-
tl    ���  ���   Manager.  Dally  News.
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lau.
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN ('.ai'len. Fleld and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant
for tinm in Eealed pack-eta. If lie -
does nol  handle them we will prepay   Eggs fcr Setting���Pure Barred Rock
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready tor service, W. R. Austin,   Sapperton.
\, O.  U. W.���FRASER  LO-GE No. 3
[,, tings the flrsl and third 1
in     each     month.
brethren cordially Invited to alien.I.
Lodge room, A. O. I'. W, hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrlgan, recordpr; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month.
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at.
S p. , ,., While it.,-.. Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. E. B. Stinch-
combe, Pres., 11. Disney, Secretary.
Dress in Reason;
The la'es, Mitchell's lastiion plates
have arrived.
Sn have our spring stock ot nlgh-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, Broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia  street.
to your nearest postoffice, fifty 5e
packets, our selection of good varieties, for $1.00 to introduce them.
Large stock of HOME GROWN
���tail .ni I Ornamental Trees now ma-
ured for Hie spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation  or  Inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order. Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
M. .1. HENRY.
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C.
11.,,', per setting
pei ton.
.1. W. Austin, Sap-
���Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at S o'clock. In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, 11. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at 8 p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren lire cordlaly invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
THE   ROYAL TEMPLARS OF  TEMPERANCE ,-. i   cvry Wednesday
at s o'clock p. in., in Oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. S, Bryson, S. C; .1. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Street,
Cull  nr  wrltn  fnr  nrlC.es.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hours,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Teed, Sale and Livery
i       STABLES
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
Wanted���You,m -ill for par, care of
<���!;;'.,I and housework, Apply Mrs.
Sawyer, 7th si ami Bth ave, after G.
Suitable for Easter Tide.
OUI Hens and Chicks, Candy
Eggs, Baskets, Etc.
Complete Line of Candies and
Fruits, Nuts, Figs and Dates.
Ice Cream, all Flavors, Our
We are Also Carrying a Complete Stock of
Ti,<-   l-'irsl    A iiiericnn   I Ine    Wiin    llllii
In   New   .I.-rm-j-  I.i   ITH.
Aa public conveyances or Un- stage-
coach Inui beeu in vogue in England
sim r- 1010, the establishment nf a similar convenience was demanded in
America many years before tin- waller Independence, As early as lTit,
therefore, a siage line Btarted to run
be, weeu New Brunswick ami Trenton,
N. .1., and by 1750 lids mule had Tjecn
extended over frun, New- York to Philadelphia. Moreover, as in England, so
in America, ihe advent of the stuge-
coach necessitated marked Improvements in the highways, while ihe building of better roads and turnpikes naturally created a greater demand for
more coaches, and. what was more tn
the purpose, lighter vehicles, lu 1771
there were but thirty-eight convey.
ances of every description in th.- city
of Philadelphia, but by 1704 their nun.'
ber bad Incn -Ted I.. 82", more than
two-thirds of which were comparatively light vehicles, a condition which led
one nl' lbe local papers tn publish a
must deprecatory article concerning the
use of conveyances, in which it was
Btated that lhe custom of riding was
then being carried in such extravagance thai "even farmers want carriages."���Metropolitan Magazine.
Take Cure ill Your Teeth.
All decay of tbe teeth begins frnm
without.    Consequently if the teeth's
surta.es l.e kept Scrupulously clean
they cannot decay. Let the child early
acquire lhe habit uf using a small
toothbrush dipped Into chalk Havered
will, some aromatic drug, and let it understand that the places most needing
the brush nre those between tbe teeth.
That is the place where decay almost
invariably appears. Mucous secretions
and secretions of food are always found
between the teeth after a meal. They
may be removed with u toothpick. It
Is nlmust a,, art to use n toothpick.
One must beware of injuring the fleshy
parts an.l leaving splinters, whieh lu
some cases may cause the loss of a
tooth. Metal toothpicks should bt- altogether avoided. Those of dull and
hard wood are best.���London Lnncet.
ol ��� iimi has been pm forward bj
,1,,. ���,..,ui,ers. particularly those win.
".. i; ed . ,r hard to make our annual
tete a Buccess, and tin- cnnin,iiiee for
sewing entertainment and visiting, l
need mu ��� nter Into paittculars of the
\ i lion s   activities  of   lbe   year  as  our
ecretary will give you a detailed ac-
counl in her report. Although we re
gret that w.. were nol able in Hie
year JUSI closed to realize as large a
sum of money as iu previous years,
the members have no n I to feel al
all discouraged, conditions were such
that large demands were made on lhe
li    and   Btrength   of  many  of  our
members by iln- charitable societies
or organizations whose work is like
Ilia'   nf   our   own,   tending  towards   a
co,,,,non  aim,  that  of the  ameliora
linn of suffering and want, and in
which we were glad to assist. It
was also l'el, lha, possibly it was no
wise, in view of lhe fact that our
citizens have many other calls on.
their -. neroslty to make our appeals
mo frequent. We have no desire to bei
ai   which  a
"'������    i ti amounting to *i".r>
�� ���      iken,
T Hat    Isdolnf  splendid ami
.    a,I.l.Mr,,,   tn
���     ���     ill) equipped,
funds tor a maternity
1 Is a work thai should appeal to
all women in Sew u. itmlnster, and
we would cordlallj welcome any new
members ��� . ndanceal the meet-
��� ��� ieen as large as ii ought
to have been, and we would earnestly
request ilia; the members attend more
regularlj in future, so thai the work
maj  b.  m ire evenly divided.
"Secret iry."
Election of Officers.
El i tlon ol officers resulted as follow-
PrBldenl    Mi , <'. a. Welsh,
Firs'  vice pr isldenl  -Mrs. Dockrlll,
Second  vice president���-Mrs,    Law-
over p. rsistent, even in such a worthy  rence,
Balance red Ived
Contribution R. T.
Souvenir ri ���
At home  	
Balance in bank
W. LYLE & CO.     Ramsay Bros, Biscuits
cause as that we know ours to he, so]
we limited our entertainments to practically     one,    "The  Mad.'  in   Canada"
fri.-. held in the Armouries December
li and   7.
"We regretted having to place thr-
date lor this, our annual entertainment so late in the year, hu, owing
lo th,. Dominion lair having taken
place in the autumn and practically
all our members assisting at the]
splendid effort, it was felt that in
view of the great amount of labor en-
tatled, we could no, complete the
necessary preparation for the fete
sooner. For the same
decided to omit thai very popular
feature of the previous years, the high
tea. and thus our receipts were lessened, although the total amounl realized
was still very encouraging. Our
auxiliary as one of the affiliated societies of the Council of Women took
charge nf thr- tea room at the Dominion fair for one day, refreshments lows:
being provided and service as helpers Visiiin
given hy the members, We also took
advantage of the opportunity offered
hy the presence of so many strangers
on  the    fair  grounds  to    conduct  a
souvenir table, the articles being con-
strong  ami  Harl
Third vi. ���   president- Mrs. llriggs.
Secretary���Mrs.  W. Johnston.
Treasurer���Mrs. Goulet.
The treasurer reporte l as tallows:
 % 27.35
nf T     7,r,,l
Total    $649.96
reason it. was Hospital expenditures  $1o;;.od
By cheques   165.110
Cheque to savings bank  380.20
Dad money      1.40
-  were appointed as foi-
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month 'U
K. of l'. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief;   .1. .1. Forres,er, line Sec,
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Wesl minster li iard of Trade meets in tho
Board doom, City Hall, as follows.
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second ,
Wednesday of February. May,
August ami November, at s p. ,���.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday     ol       I'd ruary.      N.-.v
members may be proposed ami
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meel lug.   A. )���;. White, Sec.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Columbia Street
Next Door Tram Ofiice.
Westminster Iron Works
Joke of tbe Deep Sea.
"The sea's pressure Is almost incredible," snld the clubman. "If you descended deep enough it would crush
vou, bones and all, to u mnss uf reddish ,
mud.  Off Sicily we ran out of Ice, nnd   We were very i    r . i ii   .. .,!!  uh,, a.-.
some one Suggested that to cool the
champagne fnr dinner we lower lt a
half mile or so Into the sea's depths.
"This was dune, and nt dinner time
the three buttles came up delightfully
cold. But when we opened them we
found that they contained nothing hut
salt water. The sea's pressure had
forced the water in through the pores
ln the eorks. displacing the lighter
liquid."���New York Press.
coivrc,��� ,"
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine ami Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of curses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
Et. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
When you want a good smoke you
ask for a���
44 B. C." OR " OLD SPORT"
Manufactured by the B. C. Cigar
Factory, who also make The "Brll-
lantes"  (tn three sizes.)
Factory ami Ofiice, Brine Block,
On modem lines even in backward old
China. We have heard that the Racy-
cle Bicycle has been seen,,,, the streets
nf Shanghai. We handle the Recycle
and Perfect Bicycles, the tWO best
bicycles made in Canada or the United
Slates, Whatever wheel ynu buy I,en-
it is value fur ynur money, We also do
all kinds of bicycle and other repairing.
Bring vour lawn mower to get sharpened im<l'put in shape. Don't mistake;
the place.
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block.       Sign���Man on Wheel.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
All kinds of Ship repair | WM.KARRMANN
work. Practical Piano Tuner
Ship and Scow  Building. prjce8 Moderate
a specialty.                            address east burnaby p. o.
Estimates   promptly fur- ;
nished. MRS. R. G. HILL,
Teacher of the German
Ornamental   Iron   Work,   including |
Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
BEG3U. STlU'.t'JT.
New- Westminster, r. o. 474.
Tnko n Felon In Time.
If  you   have   the   appearance   nf   a
felon coming put some hardwood ashes
iu   nn   old   tin   cup,   pour   over   then)
I warm water. Immerse the end uf the
sore linger in the ashi-s. set the dish ou
; some live coals nr on top nf the stnve,
; keeping the linger ln  ns  lung ns you
can, and soak It several times u day.
' If taken In time It generally  cures n
| felon from coming if the finger Is wet
| will, it often.
committee fur the current
month���Mesdames Lawrence and Ball.
Entertainment committee���Miss Sex-
smith. Mesdames Rothwell and Insley.
Buying committee���Mesdames Arm-
tribute,! by tlie members and friends.
Mayor's Remarks,
slsted,  both  by  gifts and  service  in      0n   th,-  business of the afternoon
selling.   The latter was by no means i)e|ng completed, His Worship Mayor
nn  agreeable duty during the rather, Keary. whn was present, and Invited
to address the meeting.   His worship
expressed his
ration  of tlu
doing ami ill
' did  it.    He  i
appreciation and admi-
work  the ladies were
��� manner in which they
dso complimented them
upon the efficient staff of officers they
hail jusl elected, lb' (rusted that before their term nf office had expired
frequent stormy days.
"Our plan of work outlined last
year has been as far as possible car.
rled out. In consultation with the
matron and hoard of management, our
sewing and visiting committees hav.
arranged for and provided to the
hospital a large number of needed
linen supplies as well as jams and ti,.lt there would be a new hospital in
jellies, magazines and flowers. We had y������. Westminster. His term of offlce
hnpe.i by ,l,ls tl,,,.- the contemplated aa ;1 board member would expire
new maternity cottage for which our m ,,,,���, ana- _e did not propose stand-
auxiliary last year pledged themselves ill;, ,-,,,. re-appolntment. He hoped that
,., provide funds would have been the hospital would before that Ume be
under    way.    Hut  witli  the    proposed   .,���  assured  fact.    He stated that for
larger   plans for hospital    buildings the work $45,000 would be necessary,
now under consideration hy (he hoard   0f   that   an,ount   the  sua,   of  $2u,u0n
English China
Tea Sets from
$6.50 up
the heck
Alter a Taste.
demanded Miss Starvem nt
door, "what do ynu want?"
replied  the tramp,  "I   seen
you   advertise   'table  board'    In    this
momin's paper"���
"Well, I fought mei,be yer wtiz giv-
In' out some samples."- Philadelphia
nf  management,  It   was  necessary  in
in sight.   There was considerable
Enut of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, II. C.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
Language  and   Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.
H. M0REY & CO.
��� In,I  Him Held.
Pn Twaddles 1 can't see why that
young Idiot whn ls culling nu Mollj
hasn't sense enough to go. It's midnight. Tommy Twnddles-'TnliVt his
fault, lie can't go���sister's settln' nn
hlm.���Cleveland Lender.
Take notlco that the Great Wost
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans and application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, British Columbia, on tho foreshore of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 13, Block 3, North Range T,
Dated at New Westminster, B. C,
this 15th March, 1906.
There Is no pulley like politeness
���Ince a Rood manner often succeed*
where the best tonspie hns failed.���Ms-
��ooh Friendly Kriendn!
Maude���Jnck Muggins has been calling on me for nearly three months. I
expect a proposal soon. Clara���OU,
Jack never rushes things! It wa<s at
least five months before he proposed
to me.���Chicago News.
lion   Sin-   l.ll.'-'l   Hlm.
"Well, Maggie, you hnve now beon
married a year. How do you like yonr
"Sober, mum."���Houston Post.
post],,,ne  any  action.    This  is,  how- opposition being shown to the erection
i ver. but  deferred and we are glad to  of a new hospital as many considered
that the present nne was large enough
have such a substantial sum on hand,
as our hank account shows, to devote
to our share nf whatever work may
be ,mile,taken. Willi larger plans of
work ihere will slill arise, no dOUbl
greater need of help and helpers and I
can only trust thai many n.w names
may he added to our roll during the
year, and that those who have given
such faithful service in tha past may
continue unwearied ill the good cause.
Secretary's Report.
The next report taken up was that
of the secretary, which read as follows:
"On Monday, April IS, 1904, a meeting was held In the board of trade
rooms, for the purpose of forming a
women's auxiliary for the Royal Columbian Hospital, It was started with
a membership of twenty and today
It has a membership list of fifty-nine.
"During the first year the auxiliary
kept the linen closets well furnished,
supplied    blankets, crockery,    knives.        ^
and forks, etc., and placed the sum of |
S800 in the savings bank.   The second , ~��~. -~- ~ ^ Q.
for the needs of the city. The matter
Would la- further discussed hy the
eliv council in the near future and
he trusted that something definite
would result.
Need Emphasized.
R.v. Dr. Taylor was present and
was nlso Invited to address the meeting. He strongly emphasized the
n.-ed of a new hospital and also an
isolated hospital. He gave a brief
sketch ot the famous Kalserburg
hospital and Its workers iu Germany
and concluded wllh kind wishes for
the work the ladles had undertaken.
Miss Stout then rendered a vocal solo.
Afternoon tea was then dispensed,
after  which  the  gathering dispersed.
Sea Captain Drown*.
Seattle,    Waah.,    April    17.-Cspt.
William Shaw, an English sea captain.
who for years has lived at Shanghai.
running on the blue   funnel
l���T|���s, was drowned In Lake Washing-
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per
Aid. Howay Arouses Council to Action
and  Publicity  Committee
Is Appointed.
Scarcity  of  Laborers Causes  Delay  on
Street  Work���Business  in
End   Grocery
D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
We have been appointed agents for the Uniqn  Assurance
of London, England, which has been carrying on lire
insurance business
which has a capital and accumulated  funds  of
since 1714 A. D., ami
The National Life Assurance Co, of Canada, assurance record: i*<
>(l,400-   l'rem. $_2,964.60 S
Premiums $ 62.60B.96  ,���,
1901 " "       ' _ r>r.-i !H,4. "        B2.029.80 >J
1902 " '��� 3,426,897 "        128,695._1
1903 " ������ 4,086,112. "        160,644.68
1904 " " 4,609,764. "       166,884.20
*����     i-Miiuiiai    i.iii     n^nuiillltt    \   1��,    1.(1    \   .libiu.i,
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60
1900 Assurance in force $1,792,600.
186 Columbia
Real   Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
Strett, NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.
Mclnnes&Ker r
24 acres, 7 acres in
thorough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries, |
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
It*    viirriri,    Ballroom   Ortitin   .,,,,��
l.t-K enil u i-j    11..in n nee.
The origin of Hi.' Order of the Golden
Fleece is. like that ..f the tiarter,
shrouded in mystery. Very tew m...\
era archaeologists attach any credence
tu the vulgar trndltlou, wholly unsupported by any authority, thai al a court
ball she,, by Edward 111. u lady, sup-
posed M be tbe Countess of Salisbury!
dropped her garter, and tin- king, taking it up ami observing ������ H ������ >'f Ills
courtiers to smile as though they
thought lie lind not obtained this favor
merely by accident, exclaimed in a
loud voice. "Html soil qui mal y pense."
There is another opinion which traces
the origin "f this order, which, according to tbe learned Seldou, "exceeds In
majesty, lienor and fame all the chivalrous orders in the world," t" Richard
Coeur de Lion having upon the occi
slon of some warlike expedition during
hi< wars in Palestine chosen n lea,hern
thonged garter as the distinctive mark
of his  partisans.     Yet   another  ,henry
ascribes the foundation of the order to
the fact thai Edward at the battle of
Crecy Issued his garter as a si^',,,,1 for
I buttle, which, proving successful, determined him ,.< Institute the order l���
memory of the event.
Both these opinions arc to n cer,;,in
fxtc, feasible, and the flrsl is mate
rially fortified by the well known tact
thai when the crusaders captured St.
Jean d'Acre In a nocturnal assault the
knights uf the Christian army were ordered to wear straps of white leather
bound round the lea under tin- left knee
in order to distinguish them from the
Scarcity of men who are willing lo
work for about tl,.- highest ral.- of
wanes paid to laborers anywhere in
Canada was ihe excuse offered ,., the
city council by Aid. Henley, chair,,,un
of ,1,,. board of works, last evening
for delay in civic Improvements that
have been ordered hy the alderinaiiie
an,| means of board, i|Vur)v on Colcnum street was
Information was ap- particularly referred to by Aid. Henley, and on his explanation Of cans, of
delay he was granted further time.
Aid. Adams reported that he visited
Coquitlam last Wednesday, an.l that
In- found work there progressing sails
Lacrosse   Conveniences.
Aid. Garrett, chairman of the parks
committee reported thai he had had
an Interview with a committee of the
Regina lacrosse club, and Unit he bad
been promised that if accommodations
and conveniences were provided ut
Queen's park the club would undertake to in- responsible for keeping
things in order. He recommended tha,
the required accommodations and conveniences  be  allowed.
The mayor suggested that Aid. Garret should get the promise of the
club in writing in order that disputes
aboul responsibility for ihe care nf
things should no, arise later on. Aid.
Garret promised that he would, and
his recommendation was ihen adopted.
Ratepayer's Grievance.
Robert Hampton appll, '1. by letter,
to have some stumps in from of his
place o��� Seventh avenue, between
Thirteenth and Four,.. ml, streets, removed. Ile also called the attention
of the council to the fact that some
tion of Aid. Howay, which resulted in  -v,';irs aB�� city workmen had em down
The members of the ciiy council
came to a decision hi ihe course of the
regular   session   las,    evening   thai
something radical will have to be
done 10 secure an observance of the
health regulations. It was the genera]
opinion that the citizens should first
be enlightened on the law. and a com-
jniUee  (Q  devise way
disseminating th
The question was Introduced by
Aid.   Howay   who   had   before   him   a
copy of the health act. He said that
since ihe repor, of Iir. Pagan, provincial health officer, on the   sanitary
condition of the city. In- had been
looking into the  regulations, and had
found ihat a number of the most important recommendations made by Dr.
Pagan,      were    already      met     by
provisions of the act, Much of
whal was being done, as well as much
thai was being lef; undone, all of
which was regarded as dangerous to
the general health, was contrary to
the law.
As one Instance Aid. Howay referred
to the misuse of ess pits and drains;
and as another, tlie neglecl of people
building houses i.i file, for lhe approval of ,l,e health authorities of the
city, plans of plumbing, etc. lie was
inclined in believe thai tl'.e general
public was not aware nl 'li" regulations, anil 1,.- thought sonic means
should be lak.n to make the laws regarding public health more a matter
of public knowledge, and that after
the ��� n' lie had b, ��� n .inly informed the
regulations should i.e . nforced.
Other aldermen spoke on the question  and  all  agreed  with  the  SUgges-
if I IjjjS
Nothing so unsatisfactory to work with as
poor tools. Every mechanic knows this.
We carry the best
makes and our stock is
well assorted.
Special Showing of
Will    br
Worth  your while to see nur slock ol  new  wash  :���
Exceptional Values - Uuequalled Assortment
Ask lo s.e these goods at the prices mention.��� I.
At 12 1-2 Cents Per Yard
26  pieces of fancy colored muslins in  pleasing designs, . qa
beauty to the better goods, and colors are fast, a special li,,.- ol
At 15 Cents Per Yard
New lines of colored spot muslins,  prints,
prims,  ducks,   fancy   ginghams, etc.
See OUT show window for other values.
nainsooks,     Engl
appolntmenl  of a  committee for
purpose  of  discovering  the  best
tting  a   loan  of  the   public
A1 Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
Oriarln ot Odd  Belief!  u...u,  Rescuing1 Drowning Persons.
Ia Great Britain the belief thai you
mus, not rescue a drowning person is
mosl prevalent lu Cornwall and various parts of Scotland. The French
sailor and the boatman of the Danube
bow to the decree, together with the
Russians, and let the people drown.
Dr. Taylor In his "Primitive Culture" declares ,his lingering fondness
Seemed to HaTO  Him Cornered.
The teacher was discoursing to tbe
class on the wonders uf nature. "Take
Uie fnmiliar illustration of the sting of
a wasp," be said, "ns compared with
the finest needle. When examined
tl,rough n microscope the sting is still
sharp, smooth and polished, while the
_w_W fwptiar* blunt nnd rough.
"It is *o with everything. The works
of nature ure Infinitely superior to
thnse of art. Try how we may, we
cannot improve on nature."
������it isn't so with my eyes, teacher,"
said a little girl in the class.
"Why, how is that, Nellie?" be asked.
" ', lause nature made me cross eyed,"
she  said,   "and   the   doctors   fixed   my
eyes all right."
Bra-en  Tin-fir-.
During the South African war au immense siiiiu- ,inui,l,mil, was removed
nt Cape Town during the night, und no
one knows to this day by whom or why
lt was taken. Some years ago, in broad
daylight, ��� clever and bold gang of
thieves carried off a valuable fountain
tor this old .ice I is because Uie water i f0,lrt,.(.n feet high from Ixbridge wlth-
spirlt is angry at being desp died of its out exciting ihe suspicions of any one
victim, and should the unlucky person   aml  quile recently nn  omnibus  was
calmly removed, horses and all,  while
whn has dared to frustrate bin,  trust
Give us a call in our
new office.     We can
interest you.
278 Columbia   Street.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
himself to the water's power be will
drew,i as sure as [ate.
The Bohemian fisherman shrinks
from snatching a drowning man from
the waters, fearing the water demon
will take away his luck In fishing and
drown him before he gets to shore wilh
the would be victim, In Germany
when some one is drowned they sny.
"The river spirit claims iis yearly s���c-
rlilec," or, "The nix has taken him."
The belief is curcn, not alone in
those countries above mentioned, but
the Kaniehalkans rather thin, help n
man nut of the water would force hlm
under, uml if lie should escape to the
shore no one would dare receive hlm
Into his house or dare to give him food.
He is supposed to be .lend after once
failing Into the water.
standing unguarded outside a public
house In London and has never been
seen or heard of since. It would seem,
Indeed, that it is often far easier to
steal a big thing than a little one.���
London Telegraph.
I'lncinK  llii...
"Young man." began the dignifieo,
gentleman in black dress, "have you
fully considered the future'; Have you
made provisions for the hereafter? Is
It uot time"���
"Fnrdon me one moment, please, Dut
are y,,u a minister or a life insurance
agent?"���-Milwaukee Sentinel.
Tito   Guide*   to   IlniinlneNK.
Here nre a couple of guides to happiness whieh some wise person bus discovered: "For a fit of passion take a
walk In the open air. You may then
speak to tlie wind without hurting any
person or proclaiming yourself to be u
simpleton. For a fit of Idleness count
the tickings of n clock. Do this for one
hour, and you will be glad to pull off
your coat nnd go to work like a man."
Greek'*  Worohip   of   Lightning.
The Creeks were so much afraid of
lightning that tbey worshiped lt. They
endeavored to avert Its malignant Influence by hissing and whistling nt it.
In places which had suffered by it ���l-
tnrs were erected nnd oblations made
to avert the anger of the gods, after
Which no one dared to touch or approach Ihem.
A Might? Desert Wind.
The  Bamiel   is   a   hot,   nnxinus   electrical wind which passes over the sandy
deserts of Arabia and Africa.   It moves
with   the  quickness  uf   lightning  und
; passes  In   narrow  currents   for  a  few
minutes  at   a   time,     it   deals   Instant
death tn every man or beast happening
j to face lt, and It Is said that lt so decomposes   ihem   that   their   limbs   fall
i asunder.   Tbe approach of it Is Indlcat-
! etl by thick  haze in  the horizon, nnd I
] travelers,   If   they   have   time,   threw
I then,selves  on  their  faces,   with their'
fee, Inward It, till it has passed.    The
SlroCCO is a,inther blighting wind, whieh
'��� prevails   iu   Italy   and   adjoining   dls-
; 1,-iels  iibnu,   April.    The  Wesl   Indian
hurricanes   are   of   ,1   totally   different
description, being simply vortexes of
great force, nnd they have been known
to blow heavy cannon oul of ,, battery
nnd carry a man over n ten foot wall.
Patience���It's ,i very bad sign to tumble   upstairs.    Patrice���Even  so,   I'd
rather do that than tumble downstairs.
���Yonkers Statesman.
and get particulars
Fine corner with stone wall;
fine view; 6 roomed house.
This is a property that will
part of Thirteenth street, off Seventh
avenue, leaving an , mbankmenl of
two or three fee, in some places,
which at that time be considered
dangerous, and afterwards filled In
with rocks. City workmen, he said,
were now taking the rocks away. Mr.
Hampton's grievances wen. referred
to tin- board of works for action.
Lulu Island By-Law.
W, A. Duncan, returning officer reported that the Lulu Island Transfer
by-law was submitted ,n vole on April
11. 1906, and that 139 votes were
polled, only one vote was against
the by-law, and therefore he had declared the measure carried. No suggestion as to the Identity of the lonely
opponent of the scheme was ventured,
but simie of ,i,e aldermen ihink they
know the person.
On motion of Aid. Davles the bylaw was ordered to be signed ani
sealed In the regular fashion by the
proper authorities.
Hotel Improvements.
('. .1. Major applied for permission
to conn, ct th, 1 lepol hotel water
t stem with the city main. The
mayor explain, I thai the lie, use com-
mlssioners had advised the tenant of
the Depot hotel to hav.- the sanitary
inn ii-inns of the place Improved,
that the tenant ha l promised to take
i he mal ter up v, I !, Mr. Major, the
proprietor of the building, and that
the present application in all likelihood mean, thai a water pipe system
had been installed in the hotel and
was ready for connection with the
city main. The water committee will
Business in General.
S. G. Tidy asked that some attention be given tO the water service at
his house. He sairl that if the service
was not a,,ended tO he would soon
be without water. His wants will
be investigated by the water con,,,,itter. which has pr.wer to make what-
ever   improve,,,en,    is    necessary.
The Union of British Columbia
Municipalities, through Mayor Keary
thank, d thi em,mai for the payment
of membership fee for the year 1906,
Mt amounl being tl."..
The resignation of It. Q. Patterson
from the ofiice of poundkeeper was
accepted, to take effect al oni'.
Aid, SI,ll.-s, who is ill. was grained
one month's leave of abB, nee from
aldermanlc duties.
re Again
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and are selling
From $4.50 to $22.50
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Shoe Notice
There i.s a lot of Shoe Talk these days   we offer
some dandies that fit.   Comfort and ease
to the wearer.
Prices $1} $2, $3.50, $4 and $5
A full line of boys,' all sizes in stock.
Westminster Going House
_*SfiKW��_R'>SS3��L "Kir
Large  Audience Attends Comedy  Per
formance in  St.  Barnabas Hall.
that's too near something I  once saw
In real life to ideas., me."
The performance was carried
through promptly and without any
tiresome delays. The curtain was rung
down finally al 10 o'clock, and the
orchestra played the National anthem.
���buys a 40-acre farm at
Hall's Prairie. Rich soil,
good stream of water ; on
the proposed route of the
Seattle - Vancouver   electric
The comedy "A Pair Of ArtlstB,"
which was presented by local talent In
St. Barnabas parish hall last night
was a greal success and was much appreciated by the I' .g<- gathering which
taxed the capp ity of the building to
tl,.- utmost. ' liortly after '��� o'e'ock the
orchestra comprised of, piano, li. Do
Beck; Brsl violin, J. A, Smith; viola,
T. II. Uobson; bass viol, .1. Coffins;
cmnci, A. Lusby; horn, I-', .lacks,,,,.
took their places and entertained the      .. ,,,-,.
audi,.,,,,, with a c������pi.. oi selectionsJ'ailway and3-4 mile fromG.
af!,..- winch th,. curtain was mng up N. R. ; 1-2 mile from post
ami ni.. piay commenced, Ti,,- (as,..:office, church and school. 12
of characters was as follows: (acres under cultivation ; 1-2
Mrs Scott, ..
Acting   I niler  Order..
"I should like to go to your parly
above all things," Mrs. I.npsllng wns
Raying, "bu, the doctor snys I must
remain exclusive for a weel; more. 1
mn troubled with a slight prevarlca
tion of the left lung."���Chicago Subline.
The contemporary mind may !n rare
cases be taken by storm, but posterity
never. The tribunal of the present Is
accessible to Influence; that of the future is Incorrupt.���Gladstone,
I'nriN Restaurants.
A   Chicago   man   just   returned   from
a ramble in Europe declares ttat In I t      monev   (Illicklv
Paris  the  traps  f..r unwary  travelers; fc "'' :"'   lsl-
are innumerable us  the sands  of tho
seashore,    one nf the most familiar Is
the restaurant where the bill of fare
Is without prices, the .heck being made
| out according to what the customer
. seems able to pay.   "I was bitten once
' or twice in  11,is way,"  says the trnv-
i eler, "but then 1 refused to order uu-
less  the  menu  mentioned   the   cost.
} Sometimes the proprietor protested
feebly,  but   1  told  him  that he didn't
i buy ins victuals without knowing the
price, and 1 should follow his example."
Laws can discover sin, but  not re
move it.���Milton.
I'lvolulloii   Ol  n  .i'i,.,
������What  becomes of n joke
gets too old for the almanac'-"
"The theatrical programme get
"And trom there It's but n step
Uie   musical   comedy,
Rents for $15.00 per month.
deposite secures this.
cash down secures new house
on Columbia Street near approach to the bridge.
Enquire at Once.
F.J Hart&Co,LW.
Mayor  Keary Calls Special  Meeting of
Council  for Friday.
A special meeting of the city council
lias been called for Friday evening
of ihis week, In advising the aldermen of the meeting Mayor Keary announce. I thai the business was of great
Importance to the city, bul he would
give out no hi,,i of the proposed procedure for publication.
��� ���o ,
Mr. Scott,.
Willie  Scotl,
lerday    afternoon,
D., uniu^l    W. C.
At   3  o'clock     t
Rev.   It.   Lennie.  II
Chapman, of Brownsville and Miss B,
Redman, a recent arrival from England, in the bonds of matrimony. The
scene of the eve,,, was the Olivet Baptist  church.   Th.    bride   was   attended   amused
. . . A woman suffragist
.A hen peeked husband
R. Hill.
 ."...Their son
Harry Tidy.
Lilian   Dale, A  young lady  of Wealthy
parentage  Miss E. Burnett
Gertie Green Niece of Mr. Scotl
Miss M. Fletcher.
Irving  Richmond,    A   young  artist   in
love  wiih  Lilian P,  Kearj
Charlie Martin, A young man who does
nol believe in early marriages,
F. Andrews.
All   the   performers   showed   considerable  ability.    Mr.   Hill,    as  the  hen
pecked  husband, and   Mrs. Scott, as
the strong minded  main,,,, being particularly good.    Mr. Andrews, as Charlie Martin, threw In the necessary element of comedy, and kepi the audience
One of the audience paid an
acre in asparagus ; 600 rhubarb plants and quantities of
small fruit. New two-storey
house, barn, sheds, etc.
Is This What
You Want?
I! Lots all cleared; Chicken \:   I
and run; (> roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On ear line.
4. f. WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 86.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty-
Malins, Coulthard & Co. ehm-cI Block,
New Westminster. ��� ��. C
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106, Columbia St
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������**}
: Electric Railway Service \
30   Minute   Service   during W' ���
innindcr ot day.   Transfer w I
Leopold Place, J
half-hourly be-1
by the sister of ,he bridegroom, Miss unconscious compliment to Mr. Hill ami
Chapman of llanrf, while the bride- Miss Fletcher in the scene in which
groom was supported by L, Careless, 1 the old man Is telling the girl in lnetn-
late of Bedford, Kiigland. Mr. and plior the danger of little Johnnie���j
Mrs. Chapman wlU-take up their real- jumped-up from the country hedgerow
ricnee nt Hrownsville in which,.listrlol b.ing transplanted Into the city gar-
the hrrrtegroon, has a ranch. Wn- best den among the gorgeous and dignified
wishes  of  their  friends  follow  them.   ! pansies.    The   observer   said,  "Pshaw
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and Way
stations at b.bU and ti.ntl a.m,.
ami every hour thereafter between N a.m. and' tl p.m.
Half-hour cars iron, Mm. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver ror Westminster at same nours.
Last car Saturday at ii p.m.
City Limits Line���Service irom
6,;|0 a.in. to lU.etl p.m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer,
Between 12 and 2 nnd !> and 7.
Sunday   Service
tween 8 a. ni. and  10
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���ii. Minute service, except between 1- ana
2, and 6 nnd 7, during w-icn
hours    the    service   win
Sunday Service   halt-hourly bi
tween . n.m. anil tu I,m-
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd


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