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The Daily News May 11, 1906

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 Wmk SEfcfcjfe
To Secure the Deliverance of Men Who Worked for
Freedom's Cause Becomes the Ruling Passion of the
People���President of the Lower House Goes to Talk
to the Emperor.
Petersburg,   May   11.���The  in,   ol the constitutional monarchy to ihe presidency of the hover house of par-
Ion i. i'i    by   yesterday's historic  uiasth, id. Ilament. li Is known thai he expects
The deliverance of the political prls- to speak plainly to bis majesty ,,��� the
 ' ""' wholc 0Ptlmtet1"' B*en oners and those who have suffered for views of the bouse ami u���. eonstltu-
radical  papers assumed a  rather  freedoms cause is now a passion with tlonal Democrats hope thai much good
ih'- masses ami  ii  is difficult  t,, s.t iviii result from ih,. audience. Besides
how ,he governmenl   will be able I i demanding amnesty Prof. Mouromtzeff
Zeeii. ihe organ of the Constl-  resist.   Th.- central committee of Hie win presenl in behalf ol the Constltu-
,i:i] Democrats, ami now the mosl
irerful   paper In  Russia,  while not
iceallng its disappointment  at  the
ihat  tin- expected  amnest]   was
Upper  House  Opened.
Constitutional    Democrats   is    work- tlonal   Democrats  a  suggestion   thai
Ing oul a reply to the speech from the the council of the empire to be made a
throne, purely consultative body with no rlghl
Peasants Independent. to Btand  between  Hie representatives
The principal  points will    be    am- ���'' the people ami ihe emperor.
nesly anil equality of political ami civil
ranted expresses its satisfaction    , ,       , ... ,
rights.   An   attempt   will   be   made  to
th,  emperor did no us,- the word coma tQ        .,,���,...������������  ���.,,��� ,h��� nM.     5:30 p. m.���The n.w council of th
cane to an agreement  wiib the pea
Autocracy." It regards his majesty's sums who   are drawing up   an lnde-]1emplre '"' upper '""""' "r Parliament,
��� ;.. erl,  a.s  an  ardoil   refusal  to grant   pendent    reply.   Their   chief   demands
���nj   fnriher  concessions  leaving  Hie are amnesty, the reorganization of the
labor laws, tbe reorganization of lb"
army, the disbanding of ,1,.. cossacks,
Hie   sepmanion  of  church   and  state,
ni  marking time while events general extension of the schools ami
marching so rapidly, really means equal  rights for all nationalities, but
their lirsi .ITorls will be directed to
forcing general political amnesty from
the unwilling hands of tl," emperor.
'"Utional   Hen."' W||| Spea,   Plainly toCzar.
,. in no wise dismayed al 'b"     .....-, ���  m,_Profi mouromtzeff wenl
of having  to  continue  the ,,,  Peterhof this afternoon to notify
.    Tbey intend to nail the Bag the emperor    of his election    to the
fundamental law as the platform
ivernment, adding:  "Bul the
Not Dismayed.
was opened b> Counl Solsky, its presldenl this afternoon with elaborate
Thinks Himself Safe.
Paris. May ll.���The Russian Ambassador N, Keliiloff discredits the reports thai the bombs recently seized
by the police hi re were Intended m be
used in an attempt upon his life and
ihe police deny  the seiisirtional report
thai two arrests have been made on
suspicion thai ih" bombs were desig-
nated fur attack on Grand Duke Vladimir.
British Ambassador Does   Some   Plain   Talking   to
Tewfik Pasha.
Constantinople, May 11.-Tewfik Pasha the
foreign Minister called at British Embassy and
made proposals in regard to the Tabah question
which Ambassador O'Connor unhesitatingly rejected.
The Pasha was informed that any compromise suggestions were quite inadmissable and that nothing
less than an absolute compliance with the British demands would prevent drastic action.
The ambassador also warned the minister that
time was running short and counselled him to be under no misapprehension in regard to the determination of Great Britain to enforce the Turkish evacuation of Egyptian territory on the Sinai peninsula and
a joint delimitation of the frontier.
Tewfik Pasha returned to the Palace and an immediate meeting of the Council of Ministers was
London, May 11. -The term fixed by the British
ultimatum to Turkey expires at midnight Sunday. It
is still anticipated in official circles that the Porte
will accept the demands of Great Britain but in the
event of the Sultan proving obdurate active coercive
measures will proceed immediately on expiration of
the period of grace:
Full instructions have been sent to Vice Admiral
Lord Beresford, who is commanding the British fleet
at Pireaus. The Turkish ambassador had a long interview with Foreign Secretary Grey this afternoon.
Cairo, May 11.���The belief is strengthening in
official circles here that a satisfactory settlement will
be reached in the Tabah boundary dispute between
Egypt and Turkey.
.jciqn B,l      'H"T
State Department At Washington Prepares to  Negotiate
Direct With Great Britain Over the Action
of Canadian Cruisers in Fishing Waters.
Washington, I).   ('., May    ll.���The under the terms of th.
seizure by Canadian cruisers of th.-
lishing smacks Hay,,,an of Bos,on nnd
l'ar,bin ofsGlouchester adds another
lo  the  many   vexatious  cases  of  this
kind regarding which the itate tie
partment is now preparing to negotiate directly with ihe British govern
ment through Ambassador Durand upon his ,e,���n, ,o ihis country from
ll Is pointed out, however, tin,, trom
the press rep,,lis Hies,, mw cases appear lo differ essentially from those
Of   the     Gloucester     boals     seized     a
; month ago off the New foundland coast
and brought Into Bt Johns. While It *��_ the court before which the captali
lis a debatable question as to whether  ",'  ""' :  ""(l V6M��h will appear and
the  Newfoundland    authorities    were
1 win,in   iheir   rights  ln   arresting   the
Gloucester fishermen  who were ihere
,'���-:,ly uf IMs,
���rutin, .,���,��� ^ prlvlte     wmi
l""ls1' ""Meet- in the shore waters
no such claim iinuuie.j  ^^
PMtme" "��<>��. to the waters of New
Brunswick or Nova Scotia and North
American fishermen have the right to
twwl herein win,,,,,, ������. ,������.,������, ,���
0,6 """WW* This case, __�� involve
' con ' "I""" of the old and losi dig.
""",il    Head Und" claim,  that the
Amen....,   fishing boats,   while  within
an Imaginary Hue drawn from headland to headland on the Nova Bcotla
coasl south io north were actually
more than a marine league distant
from the nearest shore and so wee
within their rights,
'���' ���' Question ��� determl I
these facts tnusl be awaited by the
state departmenl before it undertakes
to mak,  any representations In   the
Complaint   Is   Made   and    Provincial
Constable Wilkie Takes Culprit to Jail.
City   Workmen   Make   Large   Don-Fire   San   Francisco   Refugees     No   Longer  Transportation    Companies    See
cf  the  Carnarvon   Street Have   Free   Rides  on  the Finish     of     the     Chinese
Structure. Railroads. Boycott.
Master of the Forager Dives Into River After Mong Han
and Saves His   Life After   a   Hard
Struggle in the Chilly
1,1   Carnarvon  street   bridge  is Chicago,   Ills..   May     11,-Tho     rail-       Seatlle.   May    lO.-An   increase
.mg   of the    past.    The   old roads  ceased  granting  free  transpor- l]l" dour shipments to Chinese pons
..   ire, aft,,, having been condemn- tatlon ���, San Francisco refugees yes- and  the continued movement  of cot-
lafe and closed for a consid- terday; the privilege expiring by limit- ton   piece  goods  are  interpreted   by
demolished   yester- ''lion last  night.    All    refugees    here. Uie transportation .companies engaged,     A tragedy was narrowly averted last   l00 terrified  to take  hold  of it
' ni".  was  demolished   yester
'!'.'���  morning  by  being  blown  up   the ''tier   will   !������   .ball   wilh   individually In   the   Chinese   trade   that   the   hoy- evening at the C. I'. X. wharf, shortly sank for the last time.
.      that did not fall as a re- by the Chicago Relief and Aid society, cotl   sentlmenl   Is dying out.  On re- before eight o'clock, tha. CMnese cook The    captain    who    is  a  splendid
-   blasts being later'pulled Since the earthquake the refus scorn- ceni bonis out of Seattle shipments of ��!   <��"  ^'^  **��������* **���� Han swillmu,��� aiver atter hlm> and drag.
down   with  ropes.  As   the   woodwork
��� , soclatlon has cared  for
���iiii.Tv useless lor any purpose, ,        ,
I from San  Francisco
mlttee of the Chicago Commercial as-  Hour have gone inui Shanghai, which
gradually  rolled  away,  ii   was ,,���..,,  |].,v���  ,)0t.,,   pr0vlded  with  cloth-
I i��� burn it on the spot, rather [ngi meals and transportation to other
" the trouble of removing ii points,
from   the   ravine.   Accordingly   about "~~ ��
ir.i  persons wag the center of the strongest boy-
a   majority   of
by   name,   being   the   central   figure,  ged  him  to the surface,    where    he
Th.   culinary artist  was clearing    up  threw  him across a beam under the
Retiring  President and Acting Secretary-Treasurer Submits Reports for Past Year.
The New Westminster Cricket club
held iis lbsi meeting of the season at
St. George's hall last evening. Auont
sixteen cricketers wee present, President T. S. Annandale win, has acted
as secretary-treasurer since the resignation Of J, ft. Suitor last season, occupied the posiiion ot chairman, and
read the statements of the club's expenditures, which showed a deficit of
$11.50, owing to the heavy expenditure
of preparing a cricket ground, etc.
The reporl was adopted and a vote ot
half of Policeman Billy, Dun's father,Ithank* "-'"""'"'I '" thl' retiring pres-
, _        .    .    ,.      ��-  ,        . ,    ident  for the aide wai  In  which he
accused  Dan  of stealing %;i  trom  his; , ,,    ,
bad looked after the clubs business.
father  and  also   with   cashing  at   St
"Vou must come with me," said
Provincial Cons,able Wilkie yesterday
afternoon to an Indian named Dan
Billy who was sitting on a box beside
bis dusky mother, outside P. Venables flsh store, and Dun very quietly
walked off beside the representative
of the law while the old lady shouted
out good advice in her native lingo.
Dun was taken to Magistrate Pltten-
drlgh's office and Chief Charlie on be-
Mungo Canning company's office fish
checks also belonging to his father to
the value of $4.2i>, making a lotal of
$9.26. It appears mat old Policeman
Billy who is one of the best known Indians on the river has been ill for
some time with heart trouble and
has been unable to leave his bed. A
couple of days ago Dan landed up
at the parental teepee and the old man
gave him a five dollar bill with which
to  get  medicine  he  needed.   Dan  un-
-i\ o'clock last nighl, a torch was ap-
i"   wreckage of the old*brldg,
and in a few moments a spectacular
the result, the hungry ton-
dame leaping from timber to
'l,lll':': and from pile to pile until ii
- ing muss of flames,
A    : ���   crowd gathered to witness
after   the   evening  meal,  und  singing  wharf, and supported him in that pos-
cott sentiment, merrily as he went about bis duties, ilion  until  a  boat,  manned by Regi-
Acual   shipments   of   Hour   at   this  when   be  had  occasion  to  go  to  the r.ald Bradshaw and W. Webster arrived
period of ihe year do not refb-ct sentl- sil,e ot the boiU t0 throw B��Pe scraPs on   the  scene  and   rescued  both  the I dutifully came to town and blew the
menl   as clearly as it  wlll  later. This  overb��ard.   B-v   some   raeans  he  "ver- captain and the Chinaman  from iheir   m"1U!-v ln ��n himself and let  the    old
balanced   himself,   and   fell   headlong perilous position
is an  off-season  in  Hour movements  ,  ,          ,,    ,            . ,,     ,,.,1.1,.r ,���,���     ,,,,,      ..     ,��� ,'
Between me uoui ana me wnari into      When  the  Chinaman was safely in
nnd  throughout   ihe  summer  months the icy water. the boat, he shook himself like a ter-
Whit bridge, oi Xew   York, appoint. id by  the movement of food sniffs is usual-      Capt.   D.   J.   Butler   and  Ills  father rler,  his  queue  .swinging  around  and
President   Roosevelt   to  represent   the   ly   Light,     Hut    shipping   men   insist   were   talking   together   in   the   cabin, splashing the rescurers until they re-
United Suites at the wedding of King ,||aI  ,|1(, gong-kong shipments are up and  hearing the splash    they  imme-]quested him to keep still.
Presented to  King  Edward.
London,     .May     11.���Frederick
Alfonso,   was  presented  to  King  Edward al   Buckingham  Palace today  by
Ambassador  Reld.   His   Majesty's  re
lieve that ih" fall trade will open well.
aeiilar display, drawn  thither   eeplion   of  Mr.   Reld     and     Mr.  Whit-
...in glare -m nie sky which bridge was of the usual cordial char-
;,i ���'  wi re unable to understand,  bul :"''"r-
was s���  fierce thai   no one  ��	
i  anj   degree of comfort   re- Army  Officers Dismissed.
vicinity of the flre. The     ���,,���������,���    S(,.vllli    May    11#. ,,h���
tt,   seemed   ,o  be enveloped   .���,,���. ������-���,.,., ,,.���.��� , ��� ,,.  ,,v ,.������,.,
' ' ��� : '' martial and dismissed from the ser
vice because ihey congratulated the
editor  of  a   local   newspaper    nn     his
diately  rushed  on  deck  to see what It  was  only   when  both  had  been
was  the matter just  In  time to see hauled aboard  the freighter that the
the  Chinaman  disappear  for the  sec- captain knew who il  was that  he had
Japan   is   heavily   stocked   with   Hour  ������,]   lilllt, i���,|mv  the surface. Without rescued  from a  watery grave.
ami if a demand was created tor the a  moment's hesitation Captain Butler I    The cook has only been aboard ibe
Vmerlcan   product    II   could   be   met   ,ur'' ��S his coat  and  vest, and  dived Forager   Iwo   weeks,   having   shipped
from  nearby  purchases.
man lie on his bed in need of the necessary medicine. The camp broke up
yesterday and Billy wns lifted into a
canoe and is now over al Brownsville
where he is too sick to leave his bed.
Dan tried to put up as a plea that the
old man had given him the money; he
had neither asked for it nor stolen it.
The magistrate did not accept the excuse and regarded it ��s misuse of
trust funds. The case was remanded
tor eight days and the representative
the flre might be communi-
the buildings In the vicinity,
lhe sparks might settle on the
"I  so star,   another  conllagia-
rei alliums  had   been   taken.
was confined to the lim-
ll  . itiiiiiued  to  burn  far
Reports several m,,���ilis ago to transportation companies Indicated a cessation of cotton piece goods shipments
this   summer.     This   was   expected   tO
resull from the enforcemenl of the
boycott. The tad thai these shipments   have  nol   fallen  off  and   thai
. '    -   bookings  are   still   i I   encourages
lion and  disposes of the belief thai  ""' transpacific companies to believe
the army Is preparing to  -ge itself ,l'" trade wl�� Plck "" "��ai" -,l",:'1
of the  regicides. '-v-
in  after  the drowning  man.  He  held   al   Vieloria   when   the   freighter   was j ��r tlu' law Plaoed  I1:|�� >�� liml,�� l>eni>-
pul   his fool  In the cook, bin  be was  last  in that  port. inB the dale of the trial.
anll-reglcide   campaign.
The members ihen decided to drop
the club's old name which was the
Sons of England and adopt tha New
Westminster Cricket club as the one
under which the club would be known
In future.
The officers to act for the tallowing   season  w.re  then  elected:
Honorable President���J. I). Brj inner.
President���J. Piers.
Firs,   Vic. -President���Mr.   Ui. I.num.
Second Vice-President���I.. A. Lewis.
Third Vice-President���,1. Benly.
Mr. Annandale wns asked to act as
secretary treasurer but declined and
Rev. Mr. Graham was elected to act
in his stead. J. Piers was elected captain.
The question of men*',skip fees
was brought before the club, and
those present agreed to a suggestion
of Mr. Oddy's thut tickets be printed
for those wishing to become honorary
members, which Ihey could purchase
for the sum of one dollar, and that
the active membership te, be the usual two dollars and nny cents, The
business of appointing delegates was
left over till nexl Monday night
.'. S, vei al trees were de-
the dames, the fierce heat
foliage to shrivel up In an Want t0  Examine  Estimates.
I,mi space of time. Af- Washington, D. C, May ll.���A de-
nkshad been I,unn through, iiiand is being made by ihe house corn-
would full with a crash into mlttee on appropriations for the estl-
"rning niass, scattering
in    all directions. Watch-  on   the   wort
'���' kepi ot, the scene nil night,
vigil was only  relaxed  when
was   passed.   A   hose   was
Into service on two occasions,
1    real danger
he fly. mates on  lhe Panama canal to carry
Mitchell Closes Up.
Scranton.   Pn..   May   11.���President
.lohn   Mitchell,  of    the   1'niied     Mine
Workers, closed, his headquarters here
yesterday   and   left   for   Indianapolis.
lines seemed to lie gelling
""roi,   but   nl   no   lime  was
i .Ta    the  nexi   fiscal "wing lo ������ apparent misunderstand-
year,  Secretary Tafl  has explained loi ing  of   the  orders  of  the  convention
ihe committee that ii will be lmpos-|the hum, dill mc respond generally 'u
slble i��� submii detailed estimates un-|the breaker whistles yesterday. Ii is
,il ihe arrival here of chief Engineer expected they will all be on hand to-
Sieves, who is now on his way from   day.
Socialist     Deputies    Create    a     Wild   shots Are  Exchanged  at Twenty-Five
Time  in the Streets of
Rome, May   ii.   ah    the Socialist
[verything   in     Main     Vault   of    San i George Shcrthouse Attempts '.o Jump
Paces and  Results Are in
Francisco  Auditor's  Office
Found  Intact.
Into Descending Cage and
Is Instantly Killed.
San   Francisco,   Cal.,   May   1:.���Thej
Paris, May 11.���M.  Mlllevoie.
T.,T      uberta, 11.���George
main vault of the city audit,,,',  officeIShorthou     miner, was InstnutU kill-
has been opened and everyihi,,,- eon- ed in the Reliance mini Beat nl ,ejres-
talncd (herein found to be Intact. This  lerday.
ol the chamber of deputies, fought aivau]t  oontained  all  the  valuable pa-     The deceased mistook a signal from
duel  with   pistols  today  with  Count j pers and books of the auditor's oflloe, the engineer and Instead of repealing
bill  presented  by  their  parly  provid-1 Mathleu  De  Noallles as  a   result   of' Including  the  bonds  Issued   tor  $17,- or  continuing "  foolishly  attempte
,hn ��,,���..,., ������M���,,,r between thpm nn I OOo.mM*  for specific    permanent    lm- to jump Into a descending cag(    and
.      ,,   ,������     . ,    .,    provements suoh as school buildings, was crushed between lt an-tne snaw
May  II,  when   M.   Mlllevoie  broke his        , ���   _    ,.      .. ���    , ..       .        ..
parks, etc. Besides these all of lhe of-   wall
cane over the  count's head. flcla]   ,,(m,,s  ()f  ���10   preBen|   Mty  oft,
members of the  chamber  of deputies   0f n���, i>;,iric, and Nationalist member
have   resigned   as  a   r- suit   of  the   refusal   of  lhe  chamber   lo  discuss  the
ing for the regulation of the use of
anus on the part of police and troops.
and have issued an address to the
During  Ihe  day   ;,   largely   all ended
Beyond   the   fact   that   pistols  were i eials. book  vouchers and financial ac-
the   Isthmus.   The   lolal   to   be   nsked
tor Is said to aggregate $26,000,000.
meeting  of  strikers  wns  held  in  the used and that two shots were exchang- j counts    of    the    ciiy    tax  collector,
Thousands of Zulus
Go to Join Bambaata
[Suit   Case   Containing   Paper.   Valued
at  Twelve  Thousand   Dollars.
Coltsseum. Socialist deputies delivered Inflammatory speeches and a .resolution  protesting againsl   the use
of  arms   against   the   people  was   ad-
I.aier a collision between the strikers and  the police and  troops    took
"' Zui
Natal, May 11.���Thousands
"a rrom Chief Ruin's kraal are
''    "  be on  their  way   to  join
"hi"f  Bainbaalnand,  colonial
'" '  being hurried  forward  to
1   ;?,!:'" ��Mr junction.
ssatisf6' K"';l wl'" is "Wwoted of dls-
'""" ami was recently arrest-
Was pi
:,t>e<I 'n jail at Pletermarltz-
burg today, ll Is presumed thai li was Lynn, Mass.. May 11.���A suit ease
lhe arresl ,,r this chief which led lo | containing $1,1100 worth of bonds and
the rising of his followers. oilier   securities  many  of  which     are
Native! captured by.colonial forces .sal.I lo be negotiable, was stolen lnsl
report that witch doclors are wierl: nlghl from Ihe High Street Free Bap-
flclng children In order to render tho! tie! church when' the annual coiiven-
rebels   Innimie   from    British   hullels. i Hon  was  held.
Before a battle Ihey kill n girl and! The still case belonged to the Massa-
OonoOOt "medicine" from her body chiisettr association of Free Baptist.
wllh which they anoint the warriors,   churches.
Ballslon, N. Y.. May 11.���The
heaviest frost ever known ln
May occurred here last night.
lee formed a quarter of an
Inch thick nnd tho ground Was
frozen,  damaging vegetation.
There were flurries of snow.
ed at 25 paces no details of the duel I
w.re  obtained  as  this  despatch  was
Mrs. Tewksbury Acquitted.
London, May 11.���Mrs. Violet
Tewksbury, who was extradited from
Paris March 110, charged wilh passing
fraudulent cheques, at the instigation
Of her husband, was acquitted In the
sessions court today after Ihree days'
treasurer  and   stale    controller    and
treasurer  were  found  intact.
His neck was found to be fl af tured
and three or four ribs broken.
At an inquest held here 1*81 evening
the inn rendered a verdict oi acci-
dental death.
Monster Steamer Sails.
Dover, England, May 11.���Tho Hamburg-American line steamer Kaiserlne
Strike Is Declared
At Funeral Service
New York, May ll.-At the church I��  was gM-M* *�� f*  ������������ s,,
of  the  Huafdian  Angel In  West MrdU  ^^[o-nnel    and    !*><���
street, while funeral services were In  cured     The toourww
progress walking delegates ordered the  went  to .hj^en^tery^
drivers, who had brought the party to ^^ Lomb_
the church to leave. ���^^     st  pnllI,  Minn.,  May   11 -The  path, church dis-  P��r   trust,  today   withdrew    Horn   tho
lng the'hearse and their carriages with I    St.
Auguste  Victoria,  the  largest   vessel j them. Before those Iu'"'""'"","g the I proCeedlngH In the United Plates-court
afloat, sailed from here today on her | covered 'be loss o      �� I  m] ]o(.es a���     ,nt__
maiden voyage across the Atlantic,     pall bearers had borne out tne <-a j
j, i :
dr. ;. s. mm heals
Professor   of   Cc.   lell   Medical   School
Astonishes   . hysicians   and
Su: jCons.
N, w   York, May   10.���As an example
ol  one  ni  the  in, it   wonderful  c
in   the   annals   of   surgery,   Vlncen;
Cepola, ol  No. 304 Kast One Hun .
nnd   Eleventh     Btreet,    a   13-y,
I     .ni     girl,   stood   before     a   large
gathering of Burgeons an.l physicians
at   the  New   York   Academy   ..I   Mi i
tine.  No.  17  W.isl   Forty-third stre   .
a few nights ago io Illustrate om' Instance   of   spinal   cord   regeneration,
billowing an operation for a gun shot
wound, performed by Dr. I. s. Haynes,
professor   of   Cornell   Medical   Bchool
Of  nine  cases  on   record   of  spina!
coni  regeneration   tour   have  shown
results even after greater injin
that   suffered   by   lhe  Cepola  gill, hul
ln none of the four was regene, itl
.- . rapid, or wa-- any case finally cured.
SS   II   IS   hope!   'his   lasi   ease   will   In'.
From   a   girl   paralyzed   from   the
v. ilsl down a few weeks ���go, so wasi
��� i  |   away   ilia'   only   ibe  ; Kin   clung   to
Hie   I.na her   legs,   ibis   young
1 ..li,mi   '   -'   al ''ii.   a.s  she   walked   and
wabilled   ior   ih'-   hep.Iii   of  '.be  surgeons, was a  remarkable Illustration
ot the Von lei; "f mo lern
|. ������ idi "    ' ���       ni del.I and M
i .    ��� ��� ������ r,d   similar     injuries.
Had they 1 i operat, ���! upon as ihis
girl   was,  it   is   possible   iley  would
i. Is I '
Shot   in   Abdomen.
ila wa in the ab-
Wllile    pi
with   ..        led r, \ olver  b, longing  to
her  brother,    The bullel   entered  the
ol  the
middle     of     the     abdomen,     passing
through   thi    1, :';   lobe   ef   ihe   liver,
lng ibe rlghl  I.i.ine. . puncturing
..I a sliver 3-cenl pi. ce
. .: l and lodging in the
n,usee .,'k iwo inches In lh"
: .uie    ��� i he spine.
Tbe Injured girl was removed from
h..;'  home  in   Easl   line  Hundred  and
Elev, '. ':   stn e    to  the  Harlem   Hospital, ��� ���  was  operated  upon
b;    ie.  John   .1.   Moorhead,  assistant
,:~ii,m   lUrgeon  of  '.he  hospital,  as-
I    ,j   the   house  staff.    Cutting
���.  . ��� .   abdom, n. Dr. Mo irhead sew-
fte bole in the liver, stopping
morrhage.    He  sewed   up  the
lomen  and  noticed  disposition  on
the' pari of the patleni  I i rally.  Dp
Mi   ibis   time   there   was   nothing   to
indicate  that   the  spin.,  had  been  Injured.    Th"  day   following  lhe  sli K3I
leg ih,. surgeon cul Into the  i
ih ���   spine  a|,d   removed   ibe   bulb t.
Even   'ie n   thi i ������   wa-   no   -it
thai  ihe spin,   ha i  been injured.
Signs   of   Paralysis.
'I'll,.    ,.; foui d i> s later I
a   io   show   si_ns   ot
lily  the  whole  b id
I.   1'". I. S.
In i     nell   Unlver-
���.!��� Ileal  School
e Harlem Hosi ected injury
i  the  i-;.in..    He did  not  think the
 '.    had   cut    through    th I   .spin.,!
cord   itself.     So   he   operated.
As the spinal column was es
they were startled to find ihe r I
hole in iis center where the bullel
had gone through. II was an extraordinary condition the , surgeons
thought, and wiib no precedent to
guide tluni they .!. termined to face
It in an extraordinary way. The surgeons deliberately sewed together the
ragged edges of the cord an.und the
hole, realizing all the time though
that the chalices were a million to
one against them.
Paralysis caused the body of the
girl to slump away below the abdomen, umil there was nothing bui bone
and taut skin. Braces were placed
on her feet i��� prevent them from
becoming deformed, as she gradually
begun to get back Bensatlon in her
extremities, The surgeons watched
her   slowly   improve.
Massage  Aids   Recovery.
They   had  her  massaged  every   tew
hours wiih cocoa butter, olive oil, alcohol and electricity applied to the mus
cles "f the legs.    Slowly the patient
i in announce the return of feeling   in   various     parts   of  her     body.
Winn   Ihe   paralysis   began   to   disappear  Hie  surgeons   started  to  teach
her  in  walk.    They   got   a   big  steel
r or framework for her, m
. ' on the lines of a baby's jumper,
a 1 in ihis she shove 1 and push, d
ound the hospital wards until
he ut w' stronger.
She w;is then taken to the Hospital
; .��� ibe Ruptured and Crippled at
Forty.sec,md     streel   and    Lexington
avenue, where ihe ire
tinu.��� i.    Th.- hole in her I
i��� ten days, ami the paralysis i
i   "'"'���   ;h;l" I
TftTa,   the Cepola   giri used a   D,6C0Vers  That   HI.   Vict    Free
pair of crutches I  -   a  while, bul shi Mnson ,���_ Refuses to Take
.  now  lo  �� maided l",'"l
and is almosl  as perfect M
was.     Eventually,   the   Burgeons  say,
-!������ will be asv  11   isever.   She now       New    iork,   .
drags he,-  fee-       ;htly and wabbles
when  she  walk-.   iul  ibis  is believed       -,,,���    ,������.,,,.   uttered  with    all  the
lto be da- to tin   mc.   thai  she has      ^   gurprl8���  _,  a   cMid   who   has
been obliged to learn to walk all over
I".       v
Winnipeg's  Financial   Showing.
Winnipeg.   Man.,     Maj      1".    Bank
clearings  for  the  week  ending
were $8,486,179;  1905, J6.084.925; 1!"".
found a losi treasure, rang oul in
tb,- bedroom of an Imposing three-
Btory bt'ownsione house a: No. 1 -:T
Bainl i Idge Btreet, Brooklj n, occupied
bj lb'..,'ge E. Hale, his wile and two
i en.
The hour was .". a. m.
a f.w moments before, ihe questioner, a handsome, well Uni, burglar
of ;,�� improved Unifies type, bad enti ; '��� I Hi.- house ai the rear nud
rather unpleasantly had attracted ihe
attention of Mr. and Mrs. Hal" toward
Camping  ?t  Port  Moody.
The unusually early season nas already attracted a number of campers
i���  tbe  vicinity   of   Porl   Moody,  and
everv   d',v   ���>    !',,".'   null,'." r   Ilie   I'lljoy- ;
every daj  a larg    , h,   gel,  wlIh   ���ie  conventional   tools
;:,;;r,;,;:;: !
t-is lust a���  warm and
"">*������� was a Mr. Gale, his wife and thi
rr^ti ' ^ in,  intr r,  .ducted  in  well
.    - ���'       m,   ���       . i rgrow-   n  idulated    tones,    relative    to    th
,      ���     . nn re and this   riitlv,   opens.    Mr. Gale bad jus
i Ii,.i p   simi'iici    tv i   ��� i
"ear   ItTanticipa^d that th,
,...., i        i , ' was wearing becau
ber will   be lai
i,. design and had i reater sentimental
than   Intrinsic  value.
Begs  Burglar  to  Leave  Ring.
"Lei   me  k, ��� n  It,   won'l   you?1  he
:     "ll  Is ii  .Masonic ring.    Il  can
do you rn. good."
[I wa i then I hal the man b, hind
tl n  and  the  lantern  asked:
"Are   you   a   Ma -m .'"
"I am," replied Mr. Gale, blinking
In the dazzling light, adding wilh a
much dlgnlt) a i.i- recumbenl posl-
i nm  in  bed would  permit '���
"Ar..  you a  Mason?" t
"I am." replied the burglar.
"What!"   exclaimed   Mrs.   Gal, .   hei
hmenl overcoming her   terror.
"You   ;,   M;isun  and   a   burglar?"
The unconscious brutality of Mrs
Gale's dlrecl question discomfited the
Intruder. Every action betrayed hlm
;is a beaten man. The superb confidence in his own powers exhibited
when be flrsl  entered the room wus
lie bung his head. His lips trembled, llis words, when Ihey came,
we,... broken ami uttered hesitatingly.
"Ye- Mad;,ni. ll is Hue. I ani
a  Mason and a    a"���
"Come! My money Is In my con,
pockel there. Take It and gel oul,"
Interrupted   Mr.  Gale,
Refuses  to   Rob   Brother   Mason.
"No," i  the  s,,'anger, Bhaktng
bis head. "You may keep lhe ring
ami   ib"  num. J.   in...     1   wani   nothing
from a brother M i on, Bul will yen
give ine our woi I as a Master M i in
thai   nelth, r j ou  nor your wife wlll
-��� '   up until  I  have bi ��� n  ������ ��� trom
the hous,- live mlnuti
'I'll. and   wi'li   a
quiet, "I  la a
den - al   > i
lu telling the
Hale   in
fee, gentleman."
iwiee over his .���
way out   lie  tool     llvi    und |Tl
the valu.  of $150 and ���
and   eoa,   with   Mr.  G
"The man c in
der storm,"
in,is,    determlm
mull I told him i ..     i m i o���   |
however, loath to
ber of my lodge    H   i
a wonderful chang,  ul front when be
saw  the ring and
replies were propertj
to   lodge   rules."
Alberta Round-up.
Medicine  Hat, Al   I .   -
cer Brothers and thi  M  ii. Ranching
company    si.ua
June  I. Ai   their coi
I ran,   sie.is   own. ! ���.., , ,..,..
cerns and  Me   i
iluekvale, and I., ii  P
ilei'ed down to Moo
from thai point. \
tie will  follow   late,  on.
Trouble Over Capital.
Sa katoon | .���Those
familiar with lh.
ble   ale "i   ;       P
.���ni  ol   tl
, tai.  Eleven of hi
lis  i !;-
gin a.
f& �� 0_S"_S_-_3_8 Qr!2ES��M$�� ���8?
*x *��;.x_ssaaffiBP
.  J8B-K1       " i_frZ-_.!___����*�����',�����
j Economy I
Polish Your Furniture]   ^^^aai_a_^^^
with Johnson's Prepared Wus. it preserves and brings out Datura) bi '
the wood. It produces a rich, artistic
tlnish. to which dirt and dusi will not
adhere. Just try it antl you will see b< w
touch better it is th;in any other polish.
Prepared Wax
is "A Complete Finish and Polish f r All
Wood." use iton your floors ar.d woodwork, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax i>
tor all diincintr lioors.
You nan get Johnson's free to oh "The
Prop* i Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
and Furniture " and these preparations of
; ������-!.-
' _.'?_?Si.i/* "^aX'-.-ii j -.
We respectfully call your
attention to these Irons.
Call in and examine them.
Cool Handle.   Hot   Iron.
We carry a complete line
in Garden Tools, Rakes,
Hoes, Spades/Shears, Lawn
Edgers, etc., at all prices.
...ENT'      i    '
ood tl
an  ..'..ii
addition  to    i |
kitchen,   li saves
time and
labor, and thus
economii es    thi
With ti
made from what miplu I
it it were not for the I.. ,���.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. it does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, l.ut chop!
the food a.s you want it ��� in i
or medium. Easy to op, i
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
<03fo I:- ���
is recognised as
the enly satisfactory painl in
use today ar.d
stands alone for
Durability and Lasting
Builders' Hardware
Loggers Supplies
Mill Supplies
Camp Outfits
Blacksmithr' Materials
from $4.50 '
To $10.00
Carpenters' Tools
Oil Stoves, Stone Churns
and Butter Crocks,
Fishermen's Supplies
will make your
floors the very
glossii '��� N"
carpets required
whe," CHIJAP
is use,!.
Our Cuslwiifrs Know
lis Value.
agyqaggggiBi FRIDAY.  MAY  11, 1906.
8 Ladies Blouses, 3
From $1.00 up to $4,00 1
j The White   House!
3 A. J. BIRTCH. 275 Columbia Street  i
Two ��,,id Volume*.
Th '  bO"k  done  by  a   French   monk
who Instead of writing the words cut
ih.. letters fr  the v, Hum  page and
tl a sort of stencil bas Its opposite
in a Swedish   translation of the four
Is, which wan done in gold and
i '.��� .��� i ... The initial letters are cul
i '  ��� of 1 eaten gold done in
i ��� i -, Ulie the i."':. Of ib'
(exl i, of heavy silver. 'I'be foil Is cemented telle parchment page with an
a I' .  ..(. which In spite >.r tbe undo ibl
."I    Bill  el  It)    "f    lie    li IOk    llll i    ll'lt    lOSt
its powers. Me ��� freak books were
evidently done i" perpetuate ibe name
,,f tl." Ingenious owner, but this carries
absolutely te, Information ns to Its
A mure modern frenk Is the output of
n l.v.,us silk weaving firm ami is a
prayi C bonk lu whieh lbe lelters nre
woven imI. tlie Milk. Tint one copy was
r tide of the bo ,lt, and this is in the
go ernm, n! library a1 Paris.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers und Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doers,    j
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.     |
Plij-ftieul Culture.
A rational Bystem of physical cul-
; ture shouhl insure 1��� every  man  and
| woman who adopts it a perfectly erect,
poised figure, " straight spine, u broad,
deep and capacious chest, uplifted and
flexible, and harmonious development
of llll the muscles, tie or sin- should
I a. jy inui graceful in every movement, possessed of marked muscular
power nnd endurance, splendid health
and a voice of notable equality and
Sn touch would the rati..,,nl system
,.f physical development do for those
win. I'-.11 .well it, unil any method which
will noi accomplish nil of these things,
even fur its leas! promising students,
Is in su much Incomplete mul false. The
Object nf physical culture tne,boils Is
tn render the body o more perfect Instrument, more strong, inure enduring,
more obedient, ,.. ihe commands of the
i will.���Outing Mag
i.-citi ii.i.l Live I..,in-.
It has be.',, aptly said that there is
not the remote I corner of tho Inlel "f
tb" minute blood vessels ef the hui
body that d, es not feel    ��� ���   ���     a elet
from   the   convulsions   oeea in.,!   by
g ....I hearty laughter.  The  life ;
pie of ihe central man la sh il:eu to its
Innermost depth , ��ei       ���      ��� of
llfe and stri       i to 1 face, thus
materially tei ding to Insure g ind
health to thi persons who Indulge
therein. The blood moves in..re rapidly
and conveys a dlff, rent In ; essl m t"
nil the organ i of the I        i visits
theu, un that partlc . lurney
when the ; lan is laughing
conveyed al other rim, -    ' ��� - ���' ���
sjli .-v. iv y laugh in which
a person In tends to li       ... u bis
life, couvej id dl i-
tiiea Btlmulti        the , ital forces.
from the Progress 'fey 9.
Chllllwack, Maj  9.
whai     remote  from Immediate
vicinity     of   local   bn
il:.. energy ami enter],]    - -.:  Richard
Hren in Improving hi      iw  mill plant
a;   Elk  Creek are nm I,   - com
Nearly all the obi machinery in
Mr. Brett's mill has been replaced by
n.w ami up-to-date appliances anil
plan! and in place of a dall; ou pu
ul l,nun feci, this mill has now a
regular output of 10,000 teei with the
capability    of  adding    another  5000
people, owing to the popularity of vei   was   removed   from   the  road.
i    :   ie,     iininei'liaieh   Inter,        I |tems   From   Sardis.
consummated on  Wednesdaj  ��� .nia        ,,-.., ,
Owing   io   Hie   unprecedent, '1   .
M ,y   3rd,   when   at the  P
iii drj  weather, al this bi
Manse    He'    Rev.     .  .1.    Ro ��� rtson
,,,.,. '    brush  flres are raging with In-
inui. il in the holy bonds of matrln .
Mr. ('. \ radenburg ami Rebccc ���  K< .   .    . ,, ,       ,    , ,
��� uni  II   Is feared  ths        uable
'iln!..-;    is    being !.      The   tin,-
tamed   I         succeeding th,     mai ber which constitutes one of th,
riage ceremonj  the pai i    Irlven valuable ass,
to the home of Mr. i:. i; -     .-, the ������,  Dl     subjected  to whole.;.;,.    ana
avenua,   whe,,.   B   Bumpt, iu     repas, wanton   destruction  and   the  au
was partaken of. ,leg Bhould ��,,.,. ,,,.,, ,,���, umber lawa
Methodist   Meeting. rigidly   enforced.
The Carman Ladies' Aid held a
mosl successful meeting lasi Thursday afternon at the home of .Mrs.
Former Er���p,oy,e of   th,    5tandaf���
Glve�� Damaging E
at En
such,  increase
She  ,'mll.l   Tell.
Wife-.I'lim.   you've  been   drinking
Oh. I can tell.   Husband���Well, don't
do it, in'ilenr.   I.e!'-!, keep it ii family
ahecret.   Philadelphia Ledger.
We know the truth, not only hy the
reason but by tlie heart���Pascal.
lee,     shouhl
Among the new features are a new
Pelton waier wheel and slicker, while
in, eighteen hundred fool Hume or
pipe li,,.. of wooden pipe purchased
trom ib'- ('ana,Han Pipe company,
I,as be.-n lai.i from the Palls, ihus insuring an adequate water supply at
all times,
Chllllwack is sieailily acquiring the
means ol' providing many of the
necessities of advancement, within
herself ami ii remain for her people
,,,  patronize  home  Industries.
Accident to  Kenny McSween.
On Saturday evening last  Mi-. Ken-
neili   McSween   was  tin   victim   ol  a
very   serious   aeciilcr   and   is   now   as
a   result, con!',,,eil  ,<i ied,  ��� utter
ing trom a broken leg ami other
Mr. McSween was returning from
town with his team and wagon and
mi reaching home, he ,: hte I to open
the farm yard gate. Ju as It was
.!,,in i this the team i a .: i ih and
i   to   run   low hi    hous..
Kenny   made   a   pli: mpt    tt,
slop ihem li,'  selzlni      ������  b 'Idles and
Ing  '.a   for  sevi ral   rods   bul   he
was Anally torn from his hold to fall
��� ie :;ih the cruel hoofs.
Dr.  McCaffray was summoned  anil
in  his usual record rune was on the
and ii  was found thai  iln- rlghl
leg was badly broken above the knee
itnrl  the unfortunate    men    seriously
bruised   otherwise.    The   doctor   reports  his   patient   in   a   serious  condition,
Genuine sympath; Is fell by the
ei.lire community for Mr. McSween
who is well ami widely known
throughoul Chilliwack. II is ln, erelj
hoped thai under skillful treatmenl
be may speedily recover.
Wedding Bells.
An even! of much interest to towns-
The   representatives   ministers   and
laymen of tl,,- Methodlsl churches of
British Columbia met in district
meeting in Chilliwack on XhUTSdaj
ami Friday lasi. Arrangements for
ib,. anau;,1 conference, to be held in
Victoria, this presen, week were discussed nnd completed. Following is
the  lis!  of those  pres.   i;
Rev. W. J. Sipprellt IJ. D., Columbian  College,   N.w  Westnilnsl.-r.
Rev.  .1.   II.   White,   1).  D.   Nelson.
Rev. vv. ii. Barraclough, B. A.,
It ,V
Rev.   II
Rev.    .1,
R"V. .1.
ReV. R.
R,"..    R
v. .1. Brace, New Westminster,
I. F. Melts, Grand Forks.
R.    Wilkinson,   Halt     Spring
1'.   Howell,
.1.   Nixon,  Chllllwack,
W. Hi!,bert. Chilliwack.
F.  Siiiljnan, Chllllwack.
.Messrs.  Chas.  CHIT,  'I',   r.   Pearson,
A.   Hardman,    S.   Boothroyd,    N, w
v . stmlnster;   Jos.  Ogle,  G.   R.  Ash-
well,  I,.  McGillivray and   II. Proctor,
Fires on  Mt.  Baker  Road.
Ivor C. Lucas, Esq., members of the
recently elected municipal school
hoard, together wilh his colleagues in
offlce, entered upon their active duties at their Initiatory meeting held
last Thursday evening.
R,\. .1. .1. Nixon occupied tb,. pulpit ���f Carman church lasi Sunday
Mr. Nixon, commencing with the
fall term, will alien,I Columbian college and will continue his Btudles al
that institution.
Tlie R. T. of T. had a mosl success,
ful time ai their regular meeting lasi
Friday evening, it is the Intention
of the committee In charge , devote
an hour .very evening of m etlng to
exercises   for   the  good  of  the  ordei.
Tbe many friends of Mr. .lames
Bailey will be pleased to learn that
he has so far recovered from h]|s
recenl Indisposition as to be out
There seems to be a continued Bear-
city of white help and even the chinamen look askance al what mlghl be
considered   fair   wages.
'I'be busy hum of Industry emanat-
A   very    unusual  phenom, non    was   in,; lion, our own local saw mill indi-
wltnessed  by  residents of the Valley  <��� '���    thai a thriving business Is being
en Friday afternoon and evening last,  done.    The proprietors are evidentlj
when ii large, regularly formed cloud
nl'  smol ������     a  , ��� niled  slowly    and   ns-
��� i   gigantic   proportions  seeming-
: i il   back  of  the  foothills  to  the
0 itheasl   of   lhe   valley.     From   Mr.
giving good satisfaction mid are being
well  patronized  in consequence,
The members and staff of the Coq-
ualeetza Industrial institute will give
one nf iheir popular concerts on the
R. Hipcoe, who was in town Tuesday, evening nf lhe 16th  instant.    The , n
il   was learned iba    tremendous fires tertainmeni   will  bo characterized  by
��e,e raging all up the valley of the a high order of merit.    None Khould
...,1.     rive,-   a,el     hundreds   of miss the opportunity.    Proceeds will
trees  were  continually  falling,  many  i pplied  to organ fund.
ol them across the Mt. Baker road. Mr. and  Mrs. Vradenburg are mak.-
For uver two days Mr. Hipcoi   was lng chilliwack their home,
lighting   the   flames   thai   threatened ���o	
i"... y minute to devastate hi i home.
The whole mountain side from
Th on's i.i Robt. Dunn's was ravaged and when Mr. Hipcoe came
down the flre was slill burning.
botwe ,,   -i
.    i  oil
1111,1   .,,
apon which It is said the Investigation
*' e"deaT�� to throw ligh, a,..,,,,,
Df���� P'K "a*, ofth, stand-
Wd COmp!m> ""ch are laid along
'^otway of railroads and the
purchase "' <����� by the railroads for
head"enl  *��<l signal  purposes
The first *u_eM was E. M. Wllholt,
01 T"""k;i' Kim., new an ,,���������.,���,,.���.
011 operator- *io. tea years an,,. was
"  lgent ��">" Standard Oil coi my.
"" said thai while i��� the employ of
'!'" Standard he had, in following ont
lbe    in   '��� ���-.������.   n.    y
Beers, bribed clerks in ������   0ra,     ,
railroa I   and emplo ���
oil  'nne. ms, i��� ordei    o       _|��� i���.
tormation 61 the details ol  Hi.- bush
the rivals ol    ie Stand
ard company, He declared
"'     "   ��� ' iMard compan;   ar,
i"'   '���' I       d .'.. ,���i .s���ui
'"  ,!l" . pedent
'���'���' ''    '-        ���   ef  i.uik
wagons .   . expect, i to .
siock og 205 to
���    .a load of 20      ilions,
if- - r.:  he  - .
duel ni the siimiiarii com
t, I'lnine    -I,., quallt;
' I I .1
'.' .-      iii    to cul    :.
the figure at a compi titor,
quality of nil was
guaranteed io lie of a hi
than it really was.
Mr.   Withers   sail
grad, - ot eil were sol II
tank  by  agen    m    ie Stai 0
Fires Around Nelson.
Nels,m.  May   !".- Rush-fires are raging wiih  unabated  violence i���  ejery
direction in this district, and the    a'
mosphere is filled  wiih dense smoke.
Fortunately  for the settlers of the  Reports   from   Hie  surrounding  coun-
dlstrlct, the    boundary  survey    party   try, east, wesl  and south, all show ex-
wiili Iheir pack train happened along  tensive  fires  iu  progress.    Unless    a
after the worst of Ihe lire has passed   heavy   rain   follows  quickly,  lie
over and much of the obstruction to will be very  great,
The Better Climate.
The official weathi
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lng  com -. '- "l;
an I   X. ���:.   \
Ai     Vancouver���High,
ture, 73, nn the Sth; low, st, 34, ���n the
4th:  trace ef vain.
Al   New  Westminste
on the 8th; lowi st,  16, Bth;
i    c,   of rain.
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Pay You to
The Daily Ne
...   '; C,:.!_3BKBS��___ttr. IKJIB--^
The Paper for Local Industries
We are nbout to commence one of the Greatest Booming and Boosting Series Ever Attempted
by a Newspaper in British Columbia.
We have secured about 50 Photo Engravings of the various industries and scenic effects that
we propose publishing and scattering broadcast.
Watch the Daily News for Startling Events.   All the news of the world.
i ,*~r?TnHS
ertising Medium in the Ciiy
For Rates Apply Office^Cor. 6th and Front Sts.
Published by   The Dully News Publishing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
offices   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
Btreets, New W >stminster, B. C.
Editor  and   M jr.. Edward   D.   Sawyer
Adverti.ing Rates.
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (m apariel) 12 linos to
tbo inch. Five cents per lino for
subsequent  Insertl ms.
Reading notices bold face type, 20
cents per lino, brevier or nonparlel. 10
cc:,ts per lino.
Foi time contraots, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or'
deaths, 50c    Wauls, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one ceni  1 ri
word.      No advertisement taken r,���
les J than 2.r> cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements Inserted at rate of 50
cents per Inch per issue (display) or It
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
Issue. No deviation from this rate for
leirn contraots.
article  In  most  demand  for  thi
dilution of alcohol  is fruit, and , .1,
if the frull  is in an advanced 1
oi decay Its value is n,,i lessened for
ibis purpose.    Denatured alcohol will
oost from 10 to IS cents a gallon.
our people   of New    Westminster
are awkenlng to the splendid oppor-l
lunliies our city can offer all .sorts of|
Hovr a Fninoim I'l-i-iu-h Artvooati- Won
n  RopetlMa   Hurd.r  CtU,
Maltre Lacband, the famous advocate, was perhaps the greatest master
of comedy ln France, and not ��� few
eminent actors envied him his marvelous powers of mimicry.   He was once
f^^^^^^^��� employed    to   defend    a    murderer,
Industries thai maj desire to cast th, lr agam,t whom the facts were hopeless-
loi among us.    We would recommend   iy clear.
to   our   board    of   trade,   a    body   of I
gentlemen doing excellent work in
lie Interests of the city, to keep a
Sharp   look   out   for   developments   by
When 1,1s pathetic appeals nnd his
tears- which were always ���t call when
he pleaded before a country jury fulled to touch bis stolid audience, he resorted to the most  impudent piece of
denatured    alcohol.    Let    ihem    just : , , , ���,      ,.       -., , , ,���  .
trickery.     Thrusting   his    moistened
think   tor a  momenl   the greal   value   white handkerchief into his i���,cket, he
ni' an Industry thai  would furnish us| demanded if the jurors were men, If
Fiuslness office	
Manager's residence ....
FRIDAY,  MAY  11,  1906.
ll has Ion,; been known thai alcohol
can be used as an tlluinllii'.nl and as
a fuel, as well as In Ihe preparation
of many drugs and as lhe basis of all
Spirits of an Intoxicating nature. II
was Hsed in a diluted form in lamps
mid known a.s burning fluid. Bul
owing lo lb,' large government lax
placed upon il. it has been dis;,laced
by  coal   oil.
Recent experiments have denom-
sir,ned lha, i, can be used for pur
in,ses unlhotigbl of heretofore, and
if expectations are realized, of whieh
there Is little doubt, it will yet compensate lbe world for 11,,ich of the
. vli il  is said lo have been the cause.
Tho United Stales is jusl now
legislating in regard to il. There are
,1, be two varieties pul on the market,
one. the alcohol we have heretofore
known, nnd the oilier the new variety,
known us denatured alcohol. Tins
Variety   is   so  named   because, il   is de
prlved   ���f   its  Intoxicating   property.
Ther, will be no lax on this varlel)
anil a., il can be produced from vegel
aides and fruit its distillation may b,
looked for in all agricultural districts
where il use may be required. \l
though it can l,e obtained fro,,, almosl all vegetables nud frull yel
there are somtf articles bei,,-;' adapted
for iis production than others, an.l
bore is .1, point of Interest for British
Columbia. We are becoming famous
��� s a fruit-growing country.    Mow the
,1 home markel for our Inexportable,
��� otherwise unmarketable fruit, nnd
we a,., confident if they l���u point out
1,, prospective Investors the great advantages to be gained by locating in
lh, Fraser valley we shall he among
the   flrsl    on    the   online,,I    ,0   have
ii;  Industries,   For further enllght-
��� nuieni on ihis question we quote
in,,,, an eastern paper:
"By  known  me,l���,ds the same vol
i mm' of alcohol  burns nearly twice as
', long as kerosene and gives a  far bei
ter lighl.    Hy  methods thai  are soon
in be  made  public alcohol   will  be ap-
.plied ii, purposes fnr which il  is now
believed  to be adopted.    The alcohol
from which lhe tax has heen removed
will  be denatured   (i, e., deprived  of
value for any other purpose than fuel
and lighting)  ami will practically re-
they bad human hearts, If they could
bring themselves to condemn a fellow
man like the accused, whom he bud
credited wllh nil sorts of chivalrous If
not saintly merits.
Ills eloquence wns not merely fruitless, but the jury responded to it at
first with uneasy shuffling, then with
biting lips, and finally with loud and
uncontrolled bursts of laughter. I.n
cluiiid, while Hinging about 1,1s hands,
hnd Intentionally dipped bis lingers into
tlie great Inkpot iii front of hlm, and
���s he drew his right hand across his
forehead, as If in agvtny of despair at
the certain fate of thc accused, he left
upon bis brow an enormous black
mark like a crescent moon and drew
two other black traces down his cheeks
as he put his fingers to I,is eyes to dash
away tlio tears.
Feigning high moral Indignation at
their conduct, he continued: "Y���n nre
about to decide Whether one of your fel-
111,w   enjoyed   by   ihe   Standard
lompany.    Al   the  least   it   will
late   ihe   presenl   erratic   prl.
due.  if i, does n���i destroy ibe profits   |mv ������,,, Bhall ,H> t)mlst by }.()H out of
OH; the ranks of the living, nnd yon choose
regu-   such a moment for indulging in cruel
B   ,.i    and  thoughtless laughter.   Is this extravagant   mirth   a   fitting   mood   In
which to decide whether n man shall
or shall not die?"
The argument actually told upon the
Jury. The man was nciiiltted.���l'urls
kerosene and gasoline which vary
from nine cms a gallon in some
easier,, cities to thirty cents a gallon in western cites. Actual tests
have demonstrated thai alcohol al
ii'i cents a :i iiiini is cheaper for lighl
1 ban kerosene al 15 cents a gallon.
Twenty-cenl alcohol would drive
kerosene down in price or oul of the
markel. For Internal combustion engines. :!,, enl alcohol, would bring ::���
ceni coal oil down In 20 Cents, and
would in time supplanl ii, perhaps,
[or gasoline, of which petrol..,,,,,
yields imt 2 per ceni., is Increasing
in  price bee;,use of  iis  increased  use
otner people ns well as n'.tnseir tc
found the lustltutbm which ben��� 1,1s
name and to restore to health (down t,
tlie present time) over 0,000,000 humnr.
Among tbe many curiosities exhibit
e,l In tlie fatuous museum nt Guy's is I
large piece of cardboard bearing lh,
remnants of thirty live pocketknlvea
which were swallowed by an America]
sailor.    Ills inline was 1 Cuiiiiiiings
and he was admitted i" the hospital In
i,s__. A small book, containing else
tiie manuscript ���r the printed copy
narrates the particulars of this remark
able case, nud it may be perused by
tlie privileged visitor to Guy's.
It appears that Cnumings during  0
spree ashore challenged the feats of ��
conjuror who had made ��� pretense ol
swallowing knives. Encouraged by hli
drunken comrades, the sail,," actuallj
swallowed   an   opened  p.,.!,e,knife.   U
the amazement ��f the conjurer. Feel
lng no Immediate pain, be put five othei
knives out of sight In the same way
In two years' time he had, In the course
of bis drunken bouts, shown BUfflclenl
bravado to enlarge bis Internal ur
mory by twenty-nine additional knives
Wb"i,, after his foolishness had broughl
hlm to the hospital and subsequent!)1
lo his grave, a postmortem examination
was made the thlrty-flvo knives wer<
removed from ids stomach by the amn/.
ed surgeons.
These Interesting relics are exhibited
among others In the surgical classroom
whither the rtudents return trom th��
dissecting room to correct their Impres
Blons, cl,".' by Is another Interesting
object, n glass case containing 0 nun*
ber ��� t what appear to be Illuminated
.. ;, ;,.:;,.|,|... The grcwsotuo nature ol
tin .,��� exhibits grows upon il���' vlsltoi
when lie learns thnt tbey are slmplj
pat.his of tattooed human skin pre
sen c.l in spirits. Tbe inscription upon
ea.l, enables oue to trace the occupation nnd character of the unfortunnt,
patient frnm whom it was taken. Onc
was a colored sailor, n native of A fri-
on   On seme twelve snuare inches of hli
skin is worked an artistic represents
tion   of   the    st   brilliant   plumage.!
birds known in lhe tropics.
Guy's anatomical wax models are
said to l.e the tlnest iu the world, on,
���f these Is extremely valuable, the hospital authorities having refused the
sum ���f ��5,000 offered for 11 by n foreign medical celebrity. 11 Is an absolutely perfect model of the upper extremity of the body, Pi,owing every
muscle, gland, vein, nerve and artery.
It took Joseph Towne, a clever demonstrator lit < luy's. fully two years to
make It. but with hlm In 1870 also died
the secret of the process by which the
wonderful construction ���f the human
body was reproduced in wax with such
marvelous fidelity.���London standard.
Tho 1 a,��d of I'i.s".,."..
Hurinn ls the land of pagodas. From
the summit of every mountain, of every hill or hillock, from ubove the cliffs
and rocks nnd from among tlie woods
of the Islands of the broad Irttwndi rise
the graceful forms and gilded pinnacles
of numberless pagodas, often they are
crowned by a golden htee or umbrella.
Pagodas are rarely temples in tho true
sense. Tbey are usually solid, tapering
buildings placed over real or Imitation
relics. Close by, anion, groves of palms
and biinuuav, are generally to be seen
the curved and seven storied roofs of
tbe kl���ungs. or Buddhist monasteries.
(Jay nnd light hearted as are tho liur-
niaus, they realize another and future
existence   ns   vividly   as   they   do   the
present life, and the teachings of the
greal Buddha are ever present to their
minds and Influence then, profoundly.
��� (���Mill*,,,.
Why is the cow purple iu Uie picture?
Because the girl's parasol Is red.
The cow, In fact, Is purple with rnge.
This  is   precisely   whal   is  meant  by
realism ln art.���Puck.
Ancient   lire*  Still  Worn.
In Ibe little town of Munsledel, In
Bavaria, there exists one of the most
curious charitable foundations In the'
world. One of the burghers, Christopher Wanner, died In 1-151 and left his
fortune for the establishment of a
home for aged poor. He attached, however, tbe condition that every old mnn
who was taken In should wear his
beard and the same cut of clothes and
cap as be himself used to wear; con-
i". engines, l'lie Internal combustion goquent).v the ancient pensioners are
engine is m.aking a conquering march still to be seen wandering about the
1 brough  the  land.    Light   In  weight,   streets of Munsledel In the costumes of
small in size, easy lo start, it is every-    the flfteeuth century.
where bringing  new economies,    li  is
turning  the  weekly  newspaper  pres",
the mwn f 1  mill, the lathe of the
village blacksmith, and. In sonic sections, i, hales the farmer's hay. shells
his corn, shreds the fodder, and saws
ilie w111.1l.   Willi lhe lax removed from;
denatured alcohol, the use of the In-   UK'"1 or disease ho holds in bis minds
eye a true picture of the vast work
done by < luy's hospital since Its foundn
tlon.   The so,uh sea bubble, like manj
Beginning February 15, 'C6
oad  Th in ui  to  De  Seen  In  n  Ureal
London   Km tit 111 lull ment.
If the reader can Imagine the cure ol
every one of the 6, ,000 to 8,000,00C
persons living In London ot some all
Sleepers   ^gi_^K.i8B��
-   -   -   Every Day in the Year   "   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'77>e Comfortable Way"  Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
leriial combustion engine will increase
and automobiles will adopt the fuel.
"Altogether a very material change
in the est of lighting and healing
will result, from the removal of the
another financial catastrophe, rulnci
thousands of citizens, l.ui it enable:!
Thomas Guy, who sold bis Investment!
in the stock to tho great advantage 01
For detailed information, rates, etc., call onoraddresa
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.      $*
The secret of success lies lu tlie man
nnd not in the stuff he tvorks on.��� Tor-
KA'���' 11, IM
W. R. Gilley. 'Hhone I-*-*.
J.  R. Gilley, 'Hnon
e 141
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. U. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phone 1-0
Chick Food
Poultry experts and farmers in all parts of the world
unite in placing Oatmeal as the basis of all reliable
chick food. The large poultry breeders for exhibition purposes, in England and the Eastern States,
who frequently mix their own special chick foods,
invariably order their Oatmeal from the leading
Rolled Oats and Oatmeal Mills; by so doing they
insure having the finest Oatmeal. It is because we
are Cereal manufacturers and much the largesl buyers of the best oats in the whole of Western Canada
that we are in a position to produce the celebrated
B.&K. Chick Food
which is now so popular amongst poultry farmers
that it is not only selling by the sack but by the
carload. It is packed in 25, 50 and 100 lb. hairs.
It is not only the best food for chicks, but also the
cheapest on account of our facilities for purchasing
the purest ingredients in very large quantities.
Milling Co., Ld.
The Front, New Westminster, B. C.
ii. k. mu.
4_#_aii___��__o_sr_i__f_:i-}_a"i-  .C'r'.^-ivKtiiSKwe;,;-"-. .: *+���*���
,  -S-w-yT. /\, z.\32Wm&/il4*s**m,'~i^-AU*' ����� ��� XffM.
Just Arrived
A Large Shipment of
World Famed
Pink of Perfection in Style and Finish.
Of Rochester, New York
��    I    I
"V      .'     ''      V
_J \\��L i vs*k
fe�� J-L JRL %e?        Maad X
These shoes are guaranteed to be as represented.   Our stock of men's shoes is the largest in the city-
manufactured by the leading and moSt^reliable firms in the world.    Any gentleman who
cannot be fitted here will receive a pair of shoes "Free of Charge.'7
;;.i<___..-_^#._\���__i ���.���.-..-...-   .-.',- -."-���',!       .w.-,rf_..v#..-. _,...  :...,,, _,.-;,.,_      ���-...,-...'. ..'.        ...... ..,���.),;��� rwrssws-ni
-jjBSB-*' ,_AY.  MAY
50c| Why ? It's a Snap [sod Local News Briefly Told
For   The   Man   With   The   Hose!
Snaps,       Saves Time,       Saves I,is hose,       Saves his temper,
saves liis wife's temper. Also his wife'.- fingers and skirts,
It's easily attached t" old couplings ami bo ������,
Is warrant,-il to make a tight j'.int at all time's.
Swivels;       Will not leak,       Will not wear out,
Cannot loose the washer,        Will not let the hose twist or kink,
Can have worn washers quickly replaced,
Will not wet him when uncoupling with water Bowing,
Is made tight by the water pressure acting on thin lip of washer.
H. T. Kirk,
Hardware  and  Tinsmithing.
We carry all thc Leading Brands of
Toilet and Laundry
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.       ...
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls,  Mits,   Gloves, Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
;! J. J. MACKAY, t
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
, ^���������>*�� ******
99 %&
1 Our Knowle<
lis Not for Sale
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every ���
detail   of work,  workmanship and material. %
See us before you let your work. ��
ouse Cleaning Time
you may possibly need a carpet.   We have lhe greatesl   range "I
in guarantee to  ave you money and give you  better satis-
n ihai, you can get in any oth, r place,     For instance, a good body
. paper I'm- underm ath,  tewed .uni laid for one dollar a yard up.
.. . ���.; on. .'le:. land relayed  I'm' ten cents .1  yard.   We
the larg s: stock uml the fines! snow r ns and the  lines!   pnees.
1 us.    It will ���������.���, you to see our stock before  placing your
W. ��
TIG and 718 Columbia St.
a     ul    /
Four Flo, rs.
Rear Extei
Froni Str, et.
Mounted     in
Come  and   Inspect  Them
��::���:>::���'.>"���-:���-������'������-���->"*'������������;���-;���'>"���-> ���>��:>;>, :���: :���::���: :���; :���: :���: :���: :���: :���: :*^*: :���: :���::���: :���: :���: :���::���; ;���: :���: :���: :���;;���: ^::*::*".
,���; $
% Not on Top, But Still injhe Ring. ;���:
Phone 1.18 for Ice Cream. ���  ,
T,   Harris   left   on   the   Beaver   lhis,
morning for Langley.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
the Creamery. ���  j
.1. Hayward was one of the steamer
Beav, 1 ngera  to  Mission  this;
Freshly made candy every day at
the Btai Candy Factory next to De-'
Grey'g barber .shop. *
���I. Turner of this ciiy left on the
Beaver this morning for Langley
where he win spend a shorl vacation.'
Ice Cream the purest at the West-
] minster Creamery. ���
I-'. Rogers lefl on the Bteamer Bea-
ver   his morning for his home al Mt.
Lehman,  after spending a  few days
��� In town on business.
.1. Featherstoc was a passenger on
the Transfer to Woodward's this afternoon after spending the morning in
the ciiy.
S. It. Beizzela len on the Beaver
this morning for bis bome al McGar's
la,1,Hul: after spending a shun time In
ihis city and Vancouver.
The   final meeting   In   connection
irations tor the May Daj eel
tlon  will be held in the editorial
rooms of the Dally News tonighl commencing al 8:30.
The puresl of Ice cream at the Btar
Candy Factory nexl to DeGrey's barber
shop. ��
The   steamer   Beaver   resumed   her
. ,:��� run this morning after laying
al the C. P. N. wharf tor a few days.
��� > number of passengers patronize i   i,    this   morning   and a   lai g,
. nl of frelghl was taken up.
The car ferry Sidney arrlvi & in the
river ihis morning from Sidney in
tow of the tug Feai . 8, 1 ��� ral cars
were broughl in. among which was
a car of copper from the Crof-
Tiii i-tii, I er.
C. 11 mi 11,11 one ol ' :i" Rithe '.- passengers  1111 river   this    monning    was
among I be Tr insfer' - dov. a river pass-
:.      - this afternoon  to Woodward's
1 inding.
C.   A.   Bentlj   lefl   on  the  Bte m 1
.;���   this  morning   tor  Chllllwack,
accompanied by his daughter and Miss
Harris. While in Chilliwack they will
lt. L. Young of that
a minute ��� xamination ol        pr, mises,
.; bis vainaides w.     si 111 iii the
safe nnd no chickens w, e missing,
T.  P, l��n   was  a  down en
ger ihis afternoon   .,��� . earner
w. Hath who spent the morning In
the city left on the Transfer this at-
' ternoon for Ladner.
T. Ladner, of Ladner's landing spenl
the morning in the city and lefl on the
Transfer for his home this afternoon.
J.  .1.  Monkman  spent  the  morning
tin the ciiy ami left on the Transfer
this afternoon for Ladner.
The Columbian College students
have planned an excursion to Pitt
lake  tomorrow,  weather   permitUng.
Workmen have heen busy repairing the wharf al the B. C. Packers'
premises today.
w. Heaton of LadneJ ��bo spent ,���.���
morning In the city lefl on the Trans
f.-r tor llis 1,om.��� this afternoon.
'ih.. Bteam tug Clive came in last
nighl wiili a 3S0,  feel li   im of log 1
tor the Small  ��  Bui I
H iwe   So ia I,    Tl ���   ,:
cam.. Into  porl   with     1   100,     fe, I
boom tor the - 11 ti p inj.
Saturday night  at tl 1  house
you  , m    .,. over  100     nulne views
of the  Destruction    c   1 ed
to    San 1 '.    You
should . ��� ���   the e.
The a. B. C. Packi the Re-
ca a ���  Into  porl   this  morning
and coaled up ni Gill.     Bros.' wharf.
The   Reliance   recentl;       ived   a   five
��� etlon boom of idles to the A. B. C.
Packers'  flsh    trap site n, ar    E
1  r.i ilk lln'a    S-wiluMt    Pudding.
Franklin believed In fair competition,
lu freed..,,, f,,r others ns well .is rdm-
lelf und cared more for his i>,��������� ���
independence In the conduct of bis
business than f,.r the business II
The sii.ry of the sawdust puddiug
should be know,, iu every newspaper
offlce in lhe country. When be lirst
Btarted the Gazette be made some free
comments on certain public officials,
ami some rn' the Influential patrons of
the paper resented it and tried 1 , si,,].
It Ile Invited them to dinner. When
they came tliey found nothing on tbe
tab!.- but a  pudding made of  coarse
meal and ��� jug of waier. 'ihey s���t
down. Franklin tilled their plates and
then his owu and proceeded to eat
heartily, but his guests could uot swal
low tbe stuff. After a few nomi'iiN
Franklin ruse and, looking ut them,
said quietly: "My friends, any mnn
who can subsist on sawdust pudding.
ns I can. needs no man's patronage."
American Illustrated Magazine.
\. .1.
The Rev. Robert Lennie has received tidings of the marriage of .Mrs.
Louie's niece, .Miss Houston of Leith
to Bailie T. 0. Bolton of Leith. The
Leith Observer says In Its report of
the event:
in the "auld 101111" ol Ayr. immortalised by Burns as the abode of "honest
nun and bonny lassies,'' .1 member of
Leith Town Cuuncil has found a bride.
Bailie Bolton, the member referred to,
has had a fortunate career, and is
doubly fortunate in winning the good
wlll he one of ihe "bonny lassies", of
ihe wesl..-rii burgh. She is the eldest
daughter of David Houston. St. Ola.
Ayr, aud is one of fnur sisters who
havj taken an active part in musical
entertainments   and   charitable   con-
M trsh lefl 'in :h" steamer Bea-
ver 'his morning tor Mount Lehman.
Mr. Marsh has been engaged by one
of the  Steveston  canneries  for some
time  pasi   uml  is  reiurning home to certs in Ayr and district. The wedding
spend a shon while wiih his wife uml t00k place ou Thursday, and was at-
famlly. tended   by   every  sign   of  happiness.
All  of the pictures  to be shown  at, The  weaiher  was  propilious, the sun
the  opera   hinise  Saturday  nlghl   are shining genially all the time, a large
genuine nud wei ��� taken while the city number of relatives aud  friends    as-
was yet In flumes,   don't fail to   see sembled  at  the ceremony  and subse-
them. qnen'   reception,  and   the  interest  of
Vi  1 ...,.     the   Uer|   Bay    [ndian the inhabitants was showrf by the as-
who wiis convicted of perjury at  the semblage in the church and elsewhere.
Irecenl assizes ln Vancouver; was tak- ">'h" marriage service was perform-
en  :., the penitentiary this afternoon ed In the St. Andrew's C. F. church.
by Chief Constable Spain and Provln- A> ''��� and the pulpit and other parts of
Constable   0.   Wilkie.   Wetistalls 'If church w   . beautifully decora,ed
cl -1
will spend live years in the quietude
01' the  provincial  pen.
Poundkei, er Collins yesterday corralled a wandering cow he came
across In the west end while searching tor tagless canines. The cow is
black and while In color, and if she
is   nol    claimed    slioiily.   Mr.   Collins
will pine 1 to take onliu's for   the
supply of milk to families around the
pound. He expects to make a big thing
out of this industry when he gets
fairly Btarted, and is now on the lookout for a couple more stray bovlnes
n  inc.��� use his li. rd.
with arum lilies, narcissi, and white
roses. The officiating ministers were:
Rev. William Binnie, M. A., St. Andrew's I'. F. church; Rev. Thomas
Crerar, M. A.. North Leith l". F.
J church (Ferry road,: and Rev. William Johnston. M. A.. St. Meddan's
IT. P. church. Troon. A reception was
su 1'iieiiily held by Mr. and Mrs.
Ilo'iision in lhe Station hotel, after
which the bride and bridegroom lefl
on a bridal trip to the south.
 ��� 0	
Funeral  of John  Dahl.
The body of John Dahl, who was
At the opera bouse Saturday after- drowned about four weeks ago at Sic-
noon and evening. Reproduction of veston was found yesterday, close to
the Destruction of San Francisco by ,,,,, ,,].,,., where he was drowned. The
Earthquake. All views are genuine, body was brought to the city for in-
Admission 26 aud 50 cms. Doors op- terment, D, Murchte having charge of
en S p. m., curtain 8:30. the   funeral   arrangements.  The  body
j  ,.,,,,. ,,,��� Upl,el. sumas lefl on the  was consigned to Ita lasi resting place
this morning after
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
��� that is why we continue to grow  and expand     Bn��. .    ,
not only on knowing what but how to buy.   Our ability p.T.     .e k
best at lowest prices enables  us   to  give n..v s���,.:���secu,re l"e
Here are a few of them: '  BaTO* ,: '
For bedrooms, halls, etc., we have a fine lin.- of Jutp Tai-   .    r
25c per vard, 36 in. wide.    Union and wool carpets frum Af1' T
:'.�� in.-wide.   Jute squares, 8x3, for $8.60 up.    Union, TaoLJf ft
sels, Milton, Axminster, Squares at all prices.    ttV l:ar, t,.r't. jni,.     "'?"
you money on the goods.   Lace Curtains from $1.36 per yard BSVe
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets, Uupont  Block
A Sell*.,,,,- un,, ii Luncheon.
<,,,,��� of Balzac's wild schemes was a
plan to combine Paris theaters. One
morning in September, 1838���an early 1
day to talk of monopoly���ten literary
fri,'iids of the greal novelist met by In I
citation at bis liou-.'. Before luncheon
Balzac toll tbem of his scheme. Million was to form a trust to buy up nil
the theaters as a sequel to a smaller
p iluary trusl for the supply of
plays to every theater in Paris. Tb.
ten guests w.re 1 . supply them. I Ie
estimated the profits of the Brsl year at
��12 ,,000, ai 1 each year would, be
thought, brli g ��� :. money, tie ex
pounded his scheme ut length for ..ver
un hour, and finally one of the gue ts
suggested thai he mlghl go on at table. The novelist Btarted. "I forgot
all about ordering anything to eat:" he
cried, and late in the afternoon the
members of ih" shadowy trust made a
Bhadowy men! ,f bread and cheese and
gour wine in a small country restaurant.
Keep Your Eye
Merc !
lie  \\ lire the Hold-.
A story is told of the hue Dr. Peddle,
a Scotch minister, to whom hi< congregation bad prewented a pulpit robe, lie
had never worn a robe. and. after a,'
knowledging tlu? gift, he said he would
wait In the vestry live minutes aiter
service to hear any objectors to the In-
novation, Nottady appeared hut one ;
old lady, who, ou being asked what
her objections were, answered that sin'
had road the epistles of St. Paul and
could not lind any reference to the
apostle wearing n gown. "What epistle did you read,?" asked the doctor.
"Prom Romans to Hebrews," answered the old lady. "Well, Janet." Bald
her minister, "1 have read from Romans to Hebrew also, and I could
never find nny reference to the apostle
wearing the breeks. What would you
think If yon saw me going Into the
pulpit without breeks?" Needless to
say, the old lady departed satisfied
with tbe explanation.
One up to date hous,.   in   Brick  Row,  Sapperton.
Dwelling on S.W. cor. 9th St. and llril Avenue.
Cottage, corner 3rd Si. and 3rd wenue.
Kilby Place, Sapperton.
Three rooms for light housekeeping, Ash St.
Small house on Princess. St.
Columbia  St.
Evolution ol the Needle.
Sewing needles of bone, stone, glass
nnd bronze antedate all historic records, but those of iron, brass and Bteel
are comparatively modern. Bone and
glass needles have been found In Egyptian tombs that are known to be over
4,000 years old, und similar domestic
Instruments of bronze and copper bare
been found in tlio mounds and burial
caves of Europe and America whieh
are. believed to be much older than
those found with the Nile mummies.
The needle first appeared in iis present
form in European countries in tlie
year 1410, but the art of making then,
was kept a secret for upward of 150
years after the date last given. In the
year 1080 tbey were first made i��� the
American colonies, but ut what point
Is a mooted question amoag the historians.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Cicime In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Wtstminster, B. C.
The >l,,,.,,Iii_ Star.
The morni-ig star, au Iron ball studded with spikes and fasteucd hy means
of a chain to a short handle, was much
used ln mediaeval time* ns a military
weapon. It was exceedingly formidable, for when thrown It could not easily he avoided or dodged, the chain permitting it to curve around the arni or
over the shield. It was confessedly
modeled after a common cactus which
prows iu every part of Italy.
I Apples, Pears,  Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
�� Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
| Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold-
>J en from 2 to 6 fe I    Roses, paeonies,   rhododendrons,   privet,   ever-
S green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
|    D. M. Robertson & Sons
P Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C.
vv> >��� ��� ������> >x<<<o;c<OX<'OX��>>>1 iO"Co:>"o>:>:>>i'o::coxc*>xo>>;
Stock  in the  City.
nny   Style    you   Desire.
W. C. Chamberiin
Columbia St.
The Jeweler,
This Is
NINE ACRES cm the River  Road with 830
feet water from" 2 1-2 acres cleared.
First clans fruit land, Good water on
property, and Al soil. Small house partly built.    $1600 will, $11100 cash.
CENTRAL   PARK~S\x   acre,   first    class
land, good house and outbuildings and
close to tram. To a prompt buyer lies
can be got at a good figure. Enquire
for price.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate,
Tel. 273.
Fire A Life /ntiurann
Near Tram Office
iteam, r Bi aver this morning arter ri -
naming a few day.-, in town. Mr, C ile
look up with him the body of his lit-
 i  Patrick tor burial ln the Mission cemetery. The boy had bi en ailing  for        b  time and  had  :- en  an
: Columbian  b
ofl and mi tor the pasl Bvi   ���
Hip disease and liver trouble vi
malady thai caused hla death. The de-
. |   .,       a n'lii   fourte, ���  ..ears old
and passed away on Tuesday  in,lining
leaving a mother an 1 tath, r to cherish
hi., memory.
The C. P. R. sl a r Rithi t an
In  ih" clt)   this i ��� ��� lWn
river  points with  u
treighl and the I
8,  Savage, C.  Mitchell,  Mrs   Keegan,
Mrs,    Cohelworth,    D.    McNlven,    C.
Monkman, 11. Peden, Mrs. Reld, C
McKenmle C. Hartnell, J. Feat!
il.  Reed,  n.  Woodward,    J.    M iM; n,
Mrs.   Iln mi. T.  Heaton, J.   i.
W.  Ladner, J, Bfith,  M. Al erl ion, T,
Thlrkle, .1. Savage, N. Nelson, A. Par-
mltter, n. Cain, T, Ladner trom Lad
ner,  H. Vasey, Mrs. Cro      an I  Mrs,
MoWattors  rrom  Sunbury.
Thief Mcintosh Is greatly disturbed
, i.ver ihe rumors thai ar, going around
thai burglars recently visited his residence, a couple of nights ago, a neighbor asserts thai  she saw a man leav-      Madrid,   May   11.���The  local  news-
Ing   the  chief's   house    In   the    early   papers  today  announced  that  all the
hours nf the morning, nnd ns he was powers signatory of the Algeclras con-
! nol    recognized   as   belonging
n Innuircd of tlie .'I'll   i in- siaie n-ini, ol   uorne, ,    ������������ n	
"���; ig al , li .en o'< lock In the
English church cemetery, and was
follow.��� I to the grave by a large
numb, r of mourners who came trom
si,.\..'oii for the purpose of attend-
��� lie funeral. The deceasi .1 was a
��� ler by birth, ab ,ul tii : -I wo
j ,ars of age, and so tar as is kn iwn,
li id  no relatives In this country,
Burnaby Case Adjourned.
The case iii Jar   ��� Woolai -1 .
the munlcipalltj of Burnaby which occupied .. of iii"  Lord hi.'
Hen lei    a day,   la  nol
le l. The argument!  of the op-
! lawyers will be heard by the
..   in Vancouver on a date to be
.   T
Th.. | |R|n in , nt, red a sail fo
toi dai ;... ��� o his properly cau i d bj
,,n Improj ,��� Ij con itruoted ditch, which
the municipality had dug with a view
��� lng the said land, and had
nol completed. The defense undertook
to show thai the land had not been in-
lured by the unfinished drain as it
�� ts  in   no  worse  condition  after the
digging had been done than ll was before,
Uncle  Sam  Holds  Aloof.
Sliirltniiril nml Tort.
Why do the sailors call the right
hand side of the ship "starboard'' and
the left hand "port?" .For the answer
it is necessary to go back to the days
of the Norsemen and Saxons, lu the
viking ships the warriors hung the
"bonis," or shields, on the side of tbe
ship above the places l'or their oars.
The viking himself held the Bteer oar.
which was fastened to the right hand
side of the stern. Thus the right hand
side of the ship became known as the
steer side, aud as the bonis of the warriors were hung there it wa.s culled the
"sleerbord," or starboard side, while
the lower, or lurking side, became the
larboard. Bord eventually became corrupted into port.
investigation Begins.
New  Yiuk.  May   11.   An  Inve
: ion Into the relations of former Sin
David   H.   Hill   I '  Hi"  Eaul
Ll .   Assuranc      ":       ������ "" ��� ���
day   by  a   ape, lal  sul ap
.: in; ���: by the grievance committee "t
the New  York Bar association.
We beg to notify our friends nnd the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been .mr iceman tor the past
two years, to deliver Ice for us again thla -��� son. Oaless the weatter
is very unfavorable you may expecl a call from him nbout the first
of the month, when any orders, you have been pleased to place witn.
him you may rest asaurred will be proraptlj  carrid out.
Tke B.C. Packers Association
Plione 15b     New Wcftminster,B.C.
Wanted    Dry   goods   salesman.  Apply
l). Grossman.
To Let���Six roomed house on Royal
avenue, near Fourth, $10. Apply to
J. At, McDonald, 131 Agnes slre.i.
Wanted���Situation as Thermal,I or
for housework. V> ���'������ Chapman,)
Hrownvllle, City P. O.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carrt.fhers Mc msfacturing Co.
to  the ventlon have accepiert  the shares in
,.,,.  i'orce, she Inquired of the chief the state bank of Morocco which have
morning   whether     he     had been   nllolled   to   Ihem.     except
I during the night, men- Unlr.ed States which  refused to parti-
a called onl
Honing the occurrence. The chief mad'
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to the llth lust., for
lh,. position of driver at No. 1 Flre
chief  fir.-  Department.
City Hall, M'.'.y S. tStW.
Mutual   Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies miw ln force exceeds   """wwo.uoO.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exc��
Thi. ,. a company or policy-holders, by po.icy-no.ders, .or pot, .
holders. ' ,���_ ������,��� r.east
OUK MU'l'lo:    me .argest amount of Assurance for
Possible Ouri '
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
Hew Westminster, B. C.
���Phone 85.
"I w
* *
WILL 1HV MITCHELL! Sporting News j
Everything    Points     to   Acquittal
Murdered  of   Holy   Roller
i.i expected  to be the largest  crowd
thai   has ever  watched  a   Ugh'   in  the
ciiy of Spokane.
 o ���	
t       and Comment.       *        the toy inventor.
Heavyweights Will Wrestle.
Carkeek    and    Pengler,   two
RU   Hardest    Ton I.   I��   1"    C��tc_   <'"���
1'uiier ol Hi' Public
welj.       The small   inventor ls  nn   Importanl
.   l      factor In the mechanical toy business,
known  mal  artists,  will  meel    In    a   nn(1 ll0 0iinis ,lM (lf ,i���, uving he gets
Seattle, May 10.���That a large pro   '   tch-as-catch-can   match    In Vancou-   ,M tllluklllg ���,, devices. He is most con-
ver within the m'xi  ten day., for    a   Cl,n���.,i with the small mechanical toys,
stake of $400.  Fengler is training a, ' and, In addition to the prime requisite
the   position   in  winch   young  George  Klts)lan0i   wh!]e   carkeek   wlll   finish  of putting forth something novel, he
must get son,,'thing which costs lis 1
barristers, solicitors, etc.       Of-
Pc-s: New Weil,,,i,Tier. Trapp Blk .
corner   Clarkson   and    Lome   sueus.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 145 Granville street J iseph Martin, K. C, .'.
w. Weait, W. ,i. McQuarrle, H. A
Bourne. Mr. Martin wljl ho in the
Westminster offices every Friday af
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���Tin. regular meeting of this
is held on the Firs! Wednesday in
each month, al 8 o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordl illy Invli 11 to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
portion    of the community    realizes
BOWES,   Barrio-
Mltchell was compelled to place himself when he killed "Joshua" Creffleld
to remove a danger to his Bisters
and others which the courts had
proven powerless to remove, waa
amply evidenced yesterday and last
night by a score or more of telephone
calls at  the office and home  of Wil-
bis   work   i.l   North   Vancouver.
Williams and  Turner  Matched.
Rufe   Turner   of   Seattle,   aud   Hob
Willi;,���,s, the clever Australian, have
signed articles to box 10 rounds al
Recreation Park, Vancouver, on May
24. Tun,,,' will enter the ring at 130
pounds,  while  Williams will  box at  a
Ham   II.   Morris,    altorney     for  the  l vler weight.
young man. Those who telephoned. There will be two frrstclass prelim
some of thejii persons of means nnd
prominence in Seattle, offered their
moral support and sympathy and in
several instances assurances of financial aid If it should be needed, as il
probably   will   he   If   the   ease   should
ho energetically    prosecuted    by  the
county   authorities.
i ii,iiiies. McCallum and Speck will travel six rounds, while Joe Bummers has
been matched for six rounds with a
protege of  Dalley's  who    is now    in
Hendron  Goes to  Regina.
Bert  Hendron, the w, II Known Man
ftoba   lacrosse   player,    who  was    a
tie as possible ami which catches tho
fancy of the multitude. This last point
Is one which is most dililcult to cover.
No student of the subject has ever yet
been able to discover or deduce the
cycle in which the public taste moves
and lt Is still hit or miss as to whethei
a figure which walks on Its bunds, an
airship with wings or an acrobat who
works by gravity will be the best seller.   Then. When lhe Invention has beeu
achieved, the Inventor has still the
problem of finding the maker who wlll
buy it  and  pay a fair priee.   The in-
venlnr   and   milker   are   In   much   the
same posltl m as ihc writer and publisher; boll, !-'" through tbe same mental lur,noil as lo thc timeliness of the
output nnd both lake the same risks.
The Inventor who has been 111 the
business long learns at last the best
places at whi.li to offer his wares and
f au idea of what
lers, solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne
street, opposite Court lions", New
Westminster. J. II. Howes, P. O. Box
I,, g ,\. M. Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in each  month In
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting   brethren   are   cordially   Invited
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
Columbia   streel.   New
W. J. Whiteside, II.  L.
tor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hank of Commerci
ing, Columbia si reel, opposite post-
office, New Wesl minster. Money to
r. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourlh Friday of each month, at 8
p. in., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to ntlend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    lv   K.   Manillas,  Reg.
GEORGE E, MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia und McKenzle streets, New Westminster, B. C.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
���Meeis In Orange hall BrBt und
third Friday In each month al S p.
m. Visit,���g brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. ED. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Hoc. Sec.
has  more or  less
The names of these men who have  member of the Victoria team lasi sea    lh(iy 0UgM (() brlng UIm> nm, onco n,
published  son    passed   through   Vancouver
offend Iheir aid cannot b
at this lime, but it can be said thai
at least one of them is well known
in the business and official world of
the city and Ihul others occupy high
places In ihe regard of substantial
ci, izens.
Nothing can he done in the iii"1 of
accepting   these   offers   until   the   al
terdi s   'ii  route to Re
will  play ihis season.
Bank of
Shy  of  Defence  Men.
Tl,,. members of i be Vancouver Ln-
. club will hold Ice tonighl
al the Camhle Streel grounds. At presenl  the line-up looks something 111 e
bas acquired this knowledge his entire
energy  Is devoted to keeping up With
the demand for newness.   Something
absolutely different trom anything else
previously offered ls ta general better  Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
than an Improvement of an old Idea, | CAPITAL (All paid up)...��i4,uuo,000
I. O. O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No.  87���
The regular uieelings of this lod��6
are held In Oddfellows' ball. Colum
bla street, every Monday evening,
al 8 o'clock. Vlsll ing brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. J. May,
N. G.i  w. C. Coatham, Hoc Sec.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily ! NEW DalTy
Leave! WKSTMINSTHH   Arrive
:,;L',,ani Blaine, Belling |3 00 pm
4:::,"i pm|ham      Burling-|9:86pm
Iton,   Mt.   Ver
|non,     Everett,
Seattle        und
4:;ifi pm Spokane,      St 3:00 pm
I'aul    ind   all
points Bast,
9.20am; \ii;nortes, 11:011 pm
IWoolley,     and
8:00 pin Vancouver |9:20 am
9:8B pm| ��� |4:86 pm
Route of the ran,,,us
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis ami all points East.
For complete Information
raies, berth reservation, etc,
call on or address,
F, ('. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Hani. ..I Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. 0. YERKES, A. 0. P, A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia  Sl., Sea,lie. Wash.
idian Pacific Railway Co
rltlsh Columbia Coast Lin.
(Subject.   tO  oh,,
Prim,       i:
:   " "I
"" '- p. ra.
and that Is why in mechanical toys the
same device is seldom seen two seasons
lu succession.-- Philadelphia Record.
third home, Speddlng; second home,
Matheson; flrsl home, Clarkson; outside home, I ii. "la-; inside home. Godfrey.
\    w 111 notli   i    In the i
line-up  there  are  two  places on
ice yel  ,"  be filled.
Html,,  of  the   prosecuting   attorney's tnis. Goal| Gibbons; cover point, Mc-
ofiice   has   been   definitely   developed  rjonaghy; sec 1 defence, Payne; third
nnd  i,  is learned  to whal   extenl  the nee, Garvey;    centre,    Cameron;
technical case againsl Mitchell is to
be pushed. Al present, Mitchell's
friends and sympathizers call si
believe that the prosecution will insist upon holding the young man I i
the  letter of the  law.
Information Is Filed.
The flrsl move on behalf of the law
was made this afternoon, when Prosecuting Am,nicy Mackintosh filed an
Information ln the superior court,
, I. nTing  murder  in  the  flrsl   ��� ;
Under the information II Is possible to release the young man on
ball, concerning which it would seein
il-,, re should be no difficulty nnd to
whi b only those who hold to the
siiki Interpretation of generalizing
i it, tea interpose any objection,
There should be no trouble In finding
security   for  the   appearani f  this
��� man, who far from any Idea ol
running away from the consequences
of his act, will silently ace,.pi what-
evi r verdlcl the curt and the jury
may  decide he deserves.
According to Article I, Section no.
01 h, State of Washington all persons accused of crime are entitled to
bail, "except for capital offenses,
when the proof is evident or the presumption great." The proof that
Mitchell killed Creffleld is great, bul
the presumption that he is guilty of
murder in the first degree, or nl leasi
that he wlll ever be so found by a
Jury Is far from being presenl. Under
this section of the law and the known
circumstances it would seem thai tonighl nt leasi should end the young
ni ii'.- Incarceration tor the killing of
thli "prophet" of the Holy Rollers.
Comes Before Judge Frater.
It  so happen
The Golden Created   Wren.
The golden crested wren is the smallest not only of British but of all En-
ropean birds, [ts average weight is
only about eight grains troy, The,
length of the feathers Is about three
and a half Inches and the stretch of
the wings about live In, bes, bul when
the feathers are taken off the length of
the body does not exceed one inch.
Intermediates' Annual.
Tl ���   Vancouvi r Intermedia
islng Un. Maple Leaf, W
and   Argonaul   clubs,  held  1' i  annual
Ing  lasi   nigh,   in the Vani o
Ic  Club's  rooms and  re irganlz-
ed for I he    ��� a ion.  Tho  i.      in    v, as
an . iiihusia : Ic    one. and in in..    Importanl  matters relating to the
of   Ini,tiii.'lia' ���     la, ro,    ���   v. ere
. I. The offlc, rs were e!
:  11
Hon.   I'r. sident���S,   McClay,   Maple
Pn -. lenl    ii.    i i'i  ill
Va     t   idenl
Secretary-Treasurer W. Main. Maple Leafs.
Council���W. A. ll,'own. II. Fowler,
A.  Larwlll, W. C. Brown, E. Hancox,
A committee was appointed to re-
the constitution, and one of the
matters decided bj the meeting wus
hi reafter an intermediate may
plaj onl. two senior gi.nn'.. wlthoul
losing bis Intermediate status. Another matter of Interesl was a proposition broughl forward that this Beason the lea iii representing the city
should be one of the Individual teams,
and not, ns hus been the custom in
��� r j cars, one pick..,! from the dif-
A  Poor Trade.
"Yes,"   said   the   African   chieftain
pleasantly, "1 gave elghl mules for my
wife, und I must sny thut I got badlj
bunko*.'1 "  ___________
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona nnd  Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,.. .Hon  Presldenl
Hon. Sir G. A. Drummond, Pre Id, nl
E,   S.   Cloustori,   Vice  President  and
General Manager.
General banking I usmess nans
n, ted.
Branches In all the principal cities
In Canada, In Lor lon, En ;., New
Vurk,   Chlca   O,   . St.   Join;.   -Mid.,
nnd correspondents In all pans of the
A. O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 1
���Meetings the Brsl and third Tims
day    in      each      month, Vlsitlnp
brethren cordially Invited to attend
,$10,000,000       Lodge room. A. O. U. W. hall, Odd
fellows'   block,   Clnrkson   Btreet,   C.
S. Corrlgan, recorder;   Louis Win.
master workman.
Railway Company.
Leaves Victoria I' I
Arrive Seattle 5
Leave Beattle u   i n m
Arrive Porl   i,        .. ,
Arrive Victoria
S. S. Princi
Leave Vancouver i p ,���
Leave Victoria i a  oi
ll,,t I,,. ll"u
Leaves Victoria, I  a   ,���    ���',.���  ,
and  Fridays. "  '      -.�����
Leaves  New  \\ ���..���
Wednesdays and Baturd       ' k-
Calling at Maynean a -teveatoa
B-B. Joan leave. Nan imo oaiij "
oepl  Sut unlay and Sunday
Saturday  s  a.  m.
Leaves Vancouver dally, MMll
Saturday and Sunday, _i i.:��� .,��� trt
Saturday 2.30 p, ,,, '''"���
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria  n  ,.   ,���   ��� .  - .,
'""   ~":" ofeacl    , f0,       ,
and ivnv points. M"
, ^eaw* Victoria loth   ��� ��� .,��� m���nth
for Quatslno and   i "
Leave Victoria 20th of each ���,������.���
for , ape Scotl and .... ;. ,iiIsidc,0,
lag Quftslno,
Lowi:h I'i: ', iiveh ROUTE,
Steamer Transfer,
at ? ���._,
N.'W        \Vl
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Express leaves at
7:25, connects with trains for
Seattle and Eastern Canada,
Watchmaker and
Manufactoring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knov, i of the
bi   iness in England with 1" years ex-
I ce.   Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage.   Lyman   &    Co.,    M ... t al,
Hi nrj Birk's business manager part of
W. 11. .' irai the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated watchi cli aned, repaired,
made like new i n I adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, 11. C.
month ni i o'clocl ;,i tl i small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
bre,hren are cordial] I ivited to attend. .1. li. Rushton, C. ll.; F. P.
Maxwell, It. S.
A. O. F. -The ia 'Ml.r meetings of
this Lodge are held on the S coi tl
and Fourth T .days of each month
a- 8 p. ,,,. in lhe Oddfellov, ���' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly in
vited to attend.   E. C. Firth, 0 It.:
K.   P.   MaXW, 11,   See.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates [promptly {furnished.
ferenl clubs. The advocates ot this
that the case ,.nines proposition pointed oul thai lienor n-
before Judge Frater, who recently suits could be obtained If one team,
created something of a sensation, whose members have been playing
among lawyers al least, by his de- together, and thus understand it.1i
nunciation of Ray McDonald, whom other's play, were pul In the Beld to
Geo ��� Beede shot on Third avenue represent iho league, than If the old
a ������ \ months ago when in company custom wus adhered to and the team
with Beede's wife. At that time in chosen with the Idea of giving each Residence;
dismissing the case against Beede, team representation upon ii irn
upon motion or the prosecuting at- tive of iheir ability to play together.
i ported by an affidavit in A tie vote was the result, after a
wl h McDonald declared thai he greal deal of discussion, and the presl-
would li il willingly testify againsl deal reserved his. casting vote until
Ht   man   who  had  done  his  hns,   to  the nexl   meeting, during which  time
I I    him, Judge  Frater declared thai   the matter will be fully gone Into by
ii  was McDonald, and not Beede, who each club, Everybody presenl expre a-
on   trial. ed great  confidence in the suit'      ol
,;i:-...',   except   for   the  facl   the Intermediate games to be played
II Ci      Id  Is* dead and thai  II  is during the season, nud the following
Mil   he        sisters   instead   of   n   wife  ,., hedule  wns ad,,pled:
led the motive for the shoot-     .lime 21���Maple Loafs vs. Argonauts
June 2? Vrgonauts vs. Wesl Ends,
July 5���Maple Leafs vs. Wesl Ends
July 19 -Argonauts vs. Maple Leafs
July 26- West Ends vs. Argonauts
Aug. 2���Wesl Ends vs. Maple L, ifs
Tl,,. appolntmenl of referees was ai-
115. SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Ri ! ;: ��� .. i:. gree meets Second and
Fourth Wedn is lav of each n onth,
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., al
S p. in.. While Roi ��� Di :rei Fourth
Wedne iday    In    e ich n i nth, Time
time  md place    VI _     hren   als0 with   .-IcailHTS   at   Foil
cordially    Invited.      E,   B,  Stlnch-   ,,.-,,��� , ���   ,  , ���     -,    ,
combe, Pres., li. Disney, Secretary.   William.       Imperial Limited
  leaves ai 1.7:20.
��i-T,^'fB��y��s Rl^nU -~>->r*f    COURT brunette. No. 4099, l.O.F.   For rate  and other particulars applj to
:_��c-V���ri!SS�� Dcim s^^��Ji.       _Meeta ,,,���  ,,,������.,,,  ,,,.,,,,,,   in  ,h, ED. GOULET,
G. D.  Brymner,  Manager.
RoyaB Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve S3.-I37.162
Total   Assets $3b,3,3,3,b.
Branches nnd correspondents In
all the principal cities of tne world.
General  banking  business transacted.
H opens an account.   Interesl ad ted
mlf yearly.
Collections made at lowest  r..tes.
)pen    Saturday   nights   trom  8  to 9
F. b. Lyle, Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES  McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, lombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B.  C.
,'. P. It.   l|
New  We iminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Eight   Trains Every Pay in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
i Nl >k 1 II  v\ ES'l I'.KN.     I.l D.
i .Tinidii    thc newi -t    and b, -, ideas
SOCIATION, LORD OF THE ISLE3   and   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and   both   eli   ti    ty   and   gas;   the   mosl
Third  Tuesday  of everj   month  'n   brilliantly    illuminated   train    in   the
rui f  .''���. '!-'"���     ,''"'"u   McaNlven'    world.      The   equipment   consists   of
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec. ' ,    ,
private   compartment   cars,   standard
io  section   sleepers,  luxurious  dining
BOARD OF TRADE.���N'.v   Westmln-   car.  rtcli���i���K   chair  cars   (scats   free),
Bter  Board of Trade ,, ta in tbe   modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li
Board Room, City Hall, as follows-   i,r���ry ;,���,|  8moking cars,
Becond   Wednesday of each month       |.-.,r Tim,    , .>,:, ..   Polders,  or any
^'j'"'1.    V""  V"   "' i;1"''   further  information  call  on  or  write
Wednesday    of     : ebruary,    Ma
August and  November, al  8 p. m. F. W. PARKER,
Annual   n tings     ' n     tho    second
Wednesday    of     Fi bruary.     New
members    may    be    propo.-;,',!    and I
elected at any monthly or Quarterly
meeting.   A. K. While. suc.
at s o'clo,-!i p. m��� in Oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia Btreet. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to al
, nd. .1. S. Bryson, S. ('.; .1. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. .1 p.m. and 9,
 _    Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.L_
Merchant Tailor
Columbia  Street.
Full line ottEngllsh, Scotch and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring  stock  now  In.    Mako  your
i election.
Grand Trunk Ry.
~      1    Excellent Train Service Between
iCm ra���!Cj ChicaS��> London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Hales.
Quick Time.
.;.i se.-,,, thai he clrcum
.   1 irallel,    If  McDonald
the charge againsl Beede
1 e, ;,   murder  In  the  llrsi
'    Ii   la doubtful    If this
��� made much difference in
Bl    '
1:.. 1
woul 1  I
hi:;  reli .  $1,500  bail,  us  he so deferred to a meeting to be called
w     a few   i:     after the shooting,     nexl week.
in homo decoration need not be expensive Quiet, rid, colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
And all the principal business centers of
, !Also to BUFFALO, NKW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Kails.
For Time Tallies, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAUX.
Additional  trip leai
nun  ter .". a.  111.
Leav. 1   Stevestoi
.'ay.  Wednesday,   I
urdaj   7  a.  m     l
UPPER FRASER Rl\ : :; ;.
Steamer  B,
L< ave   N ,'.   Vi.
Mondaj  , Wedn, I
Leave Chllllv. ���
Tim,'Mia;.-1   und   s
landing i
ami Chilliwack.
NORTHERN  11. C,  !.
8. 8. Tees.
Leave Vancouvo .1
1.. a\.' Vancouvi U
1 ���   res Vancou ���   1   .���;
and   lm h   ol   ���
Ski , on I
la on  m cond I
Time ���   en   arrli 1 rt
ni',- a,.1 roxin
For   Tiel.iil  ,   ' ns and In
formation call nn Ol
.1. ',.
General Superln
!'     I
Asst. O, 'i. Pass   \
W. II. ,1 VRD1.NER,
Gen.  Agent, Fl
' '.
Fl 1   0
Agent, N, '
Trains & Steamers
C. r. It. MAIN I
Lea',-,.  Now  We tmli
Arrivo Nev   Westminster 11
Lv. N"w Wost.. 8
Lv. Seattle 10; ar. New West. 1S.4*
Lv. New West. 10.35 and 17. i,
Ar .New  West. 9.3C and   16.40,
('. P, H. Mll.i Sli'i. SPECIAL
I.V.   N'.'W   Wesll    tei   '       I  B    '"���
I.v. N. W. B.20 a.in.,
l.v. N. W. 1.36 p.l
l.v. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. w 3 pii
l.v. s,.utile 4.20 p.m.; ar. N.W. '���>���">
mil I p.m.
l.v.   N.   W.  9.20  a.m.;   a
2.20 p.m.
l.v. Guichon 2.40 p.m.;
9.35 p.m.
Mondavs onlv.
Lv.   New  West  B.60  a.m., 6.5} ���
and  hourlv uni 11   11   p.m., "
hourly  between   i" I ed 6, 0 p*
Saturday half-hourly noon to n \'-^
Sunday   hourly    8    an,.  "1 UP*
with half-hourly !"'<��� i"""1 :""' ' ' ;'
l.v.  Vancouver same time inrougo-
Fraser River and;Gulf
Beaver��� .  _
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. I J*
From  Chwk.  Tu.. Th., Sa,., ��� �������������
Ramona��� ���    ,���
Fro,,,  N. W. Tn., Th.. Sal   8 ill ���
\\ed..   Ml..   'a'ffl'
ar. N. ff.
Assistant Gen'
From Chwk. Sun
Passenger and Ticket   Favorite
Gold Discoveries.
N Ison, May 10.���A discovery of
I,. . cold In large quantities has Jusl
:. a., : i on Woodbury creel,. The
lucky I..11, rs have covered the country, which is Bomewhat difficult of ac-
c< . with iiiinis, recorded al
\ dice.  The   free  gold
Gans and  Mellody.
Spokane, Wash.,    May   lo.���Honey
.Mellody and Joe Hans for the  Fourth
of July at Recreation Park.
This is the card Eddie Quinn is now
Wiling   for   the   summer's   entertain-
the   n,enl   of   the   lighl   fans.    Quinn   has
dis- signed Mellody and there appears bul
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds.    New crop now In stock ready
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home- " Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro
stead Regulations |,"an '""nU
Any available Dominion Lands with- Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trli
in the Railway Belt In British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any per-       Rates t0  Southern  California,
son who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of an,,  to  ''"r ^ll" '"'"'"ilion call on or write
the  extent of one-quarter  section  of C. E. LANG, General Agent,
160 acres, mon. or less. j    480 Hastings St., Vancouver, I!. C.
Entry must be made personally at                 A. I). CHARLTON,
tho local land office for the district in   Portland, Ore                         A. G. P. A.   own  and  operate  llieir  own "sleeping I Seattle, via Sumas 1
which the land is situate. j n���d dining cars on alll their trams and SaP'n & Mlllslde...l0.00p.m
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, III.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in thc service on an.
railroad in thc world that equal ,,,
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee   &   St.   i'aul   Railway.      They
2.15 p*
1 I'-H"
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun
From Ml. Lehman, 1 a.m.
From N, W. dally, ex. Sun
Add. trip, Monday, 6 a.m.
From Sleveslon, i a.m. ir��. 0*
Add. trip Saturday, ������ P "'���
City of Nanaimo���
Fr ."i N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday I ��ra-
Mail Service
coverles          declared  to  be equal to lltle   doubt    that  (Inns  will    be  the
anything  ever found  in  Poplar, when greater fighter to oppose hlm.
.,  in the  Lucky Jack and The match will be for twenty rounds j for distribution;   ask  your merchant
ol                    io  son,,,   thousands  of al 142 and tor the welterweight chain- for them 1n fc-alod rackets.    I,f he
d                         'ni,   an l  has the   ad hip  of  the  world.    It   will   bo a does not handle them we will prepaj
ilng In ;, permanent conn- .    impionshlp no and  there  will to   your   nearest   postoffice,   fifty   5c
tl       'ii  :.        Of   merely   a   slip.   If  the 0 questions raised as to the title  packets,  our  selection   of  good  varie-
dl         '         born., oul   in  subsequent /hen  the  battle  is over.                      ties, for $1.00 to introduce them.
reports           ���   will   be   a   greal  rush There  has  never been a fighter ln     Large   stock   of   HOME   GROWN
This   is .'    ii.ano so popular as Money .Mellody.
shortly   to  Woodbury  crook.
Thc homesteader is required to per
form the conditions con
with under one ,,f the f
upS andlecaulti:;,tion��of let-in i    ^ISOfl & ft. Si^td Ry. CO.
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides  upon  a   farm  in  the
of  the
ments as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
(3) if the settler has his permanent
required to per-
onnected there- ^\m fg |S % M\\<l\W Ity. CO.
tollowing plans.     r '
" son & l"L Sheppard Ry.
fkl Mountain Ry. Co.
I'll'-   only  all   rail   route   between   all
Vlc"",y  poinl    1     .  .1        . id i    ith  to  R,
ana  entered   tor    he   rep,,,-,.    .     ,    ..  ,
Ian I,  .'.- !. ,n ...  i  1  hi mi diate points,
K'vc   their   patrons   an   excellence  of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher nud wider than in similar cars
on any other line, They protect
their trains by the  Block System.
Connection made with all���transcontinental lines in  Union Depots.
II. S. ROWJ-, General Agent.
134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
6.46 p."
6.46 &*
Vancouver lO.OO.p.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine, oinaO.
Sea-lie, etc...  ..  ����������.��""
Van.  & Cent. Park...l0.30 a.O
Victoria 10.30a.m.
Fast Burnaby. ��� ���
Steveston, etc...
East, via C.P.R..
Sup., Mill, Coq'm.
Van. & Burnaby.
10.00 ��.*
1.l"> P-m
S.00 i>-i"' ';���
3.30 p.m
10.30 a*
11.00 p.*
residence   upon   farming   land   owned
Fruit, and Ornamental Trees now ma-]by him in  thc vicinity of his hon,,:
situated on  Kootenay  lake, emptying Ke  has  always  given  the  spectators tured for the spring trade. stead, the requirements as to residence
in; 1 th,  " irtfl Of Probtor, and south of 1   fighi   for  Iheir  money  and  has al-|    No expense, loss or delay of fumi-��� "lay  be  satisfied  by  residence  upon
K ' lo.    Woodbury creek's south fork, ways won.   He is one of those modest  gation  or Inspection.
In   which  the discoveries  were made, boya  who always acts like a gentle-1    Let me price your list before plac-
he;,ds into the glacier on the north- mnn and the result ls he draws houses lng your order.    Greenhouse Plants,
east face of Kokanee mountains (elghl here thai  no oilier boxer can get        'Floral    Work,    Bee    Supplies,   Fruit
to nine thousand feet), and the only      E Idle    Quinn  has    made    arrange- Packages, Fertilizers, etc.    Catalogue
ace             ���..,',:! is hy trail. There !s ments for the use of Recreation Park
no   lettlemeni anywhere on the creek, ���'���: I   an   arena   will   he   built   In   the
im'  i, can be 1���bed by steanrbosi air, where tha two men will bat-
1'                   <.;u Nelson. !ib championship before what
3010 Westminster rtnnd,
Vancouver,  B. C.
the said land
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply lor patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N.  B���Unauthorized  publication Of|"'._ .._
this advertisement will not. he paid
conncctini e with thc Great _-�����...___i r-��       ,--,
Northern, Nortln and O  H>      Lariddian Pacific
& N. Co. Royal Mail Steamship
Conned   at Rossland with the Can ' 	
adian  Pacific  Railway for  Boundary
Creek poinl .
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
stage ,'-uiy for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
9.20 a.m
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
..  Spokane
.. Rossland
...Nelson  .,
715 p.m.
4.H1 p.m.
6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
Seven   hundred  miles   of   magnificent
river  trip.    Empress  of  Britain  sails
from Montreal for Liverpool May lilth.
For other dates and rates apply to
EO. GOUlihlT,
0, P. K. Agent.
New Westminster.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.   Daily train* v ^
Sunday) carrying ^Jwci ��i*
express and freight con ^
..-.. >t rarcross nml \ rVi��.
maintaining a
For information eppiy *' y wit1,
J- H. ROGERS, Traft��
Mackinnon �����-��-   ^
Vancouver, ��* , ��� I
promptly  as
��� ! *^
I_ districts where the existence of
I. suspected and especially
whore  actual     uut-
red the adoption of
���cautions   by   owner.
. ered  and  deall  with
Vet, rinary  Dire, lor General.
Departmenl of Agriculture,
Ottawa, March, 1906.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
.,,,,1   publishing   notices   in   the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for nn individual or company
iborhoods   where neiuai   out- ,.._ t- v ���<.-, -^t** ,     ,     ,       ,
,    ,.       , ��� . having machinery on the land to be
have occurred the adoption ol  Synops,s of Regulations for Disposal  prospected, an area of [020 acres for
,!���.  following   precautions   by   owners      of  Minerals on Dominion Lands in   such   period   as   he   may   decide,   thc
OI  horses  and  others  Interested   wlll     Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length of which shall not exceed three
much to prevent the spread ot the     and the Yukon Territory. time   th,   breadth.    Should the pros-
the establishment of fresh     COAL- Coal lands may   he   pur- pector discover oil in  paying  quan-
j chased at $io per acre  for soft coal   inn   , and satisfactorily establish such
and   $jo   for  anthracite.     Not   more  discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
Wanted    21 Block  Bark
ni the Fraser Rive i. nnery, Ltd.
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
partlculai i apply to oager at
Tanner:    or   P.   0. 187,     New
W,   'min    ���
Women   and    Children   Seek     Shelter
While  Men  Fight to  Subdue
the Flames.
��� .        and
centres ot Infection.
,    iioi.es or mules having ;, nasal than 320 acres can be acquired by one
discharge   or other Bupicious    symp- individual  or company.     Royalty  al   sold to the- prospector at the rate of
ould not be admitted to livery 'he rate of ten cents per ton of jooo $i an acre, and thc remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will he sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
^_~,..x.,.���Persons     of     eighteen subject to royalty at such rate as may
years and over and joint stock com-  be specified by Order in  Council.
'   panics holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry [or a mining location.
A frce miner's certificate is granted
For Sale���.Modern  Ti imed  hou e on
tin,, corner In We 1 i ind    two lots
stable and  trull   tT< I   ."ap. Appl.
x, this office.
the  rale  ,1
,   .,    tables or yards,  blacksmith l""""1" shall he collected on the gr
hurch  or school    sheds, mil-  '""\'"L
vay   slock   yards,
othtr   places   where   Ihey   are
roiue Into direct  or  indirect,    contact
wi'h animals of the equine species.
All    stables,    yards,    or  sin ,ls
. . (or one or more years, not exceeding
used for the accommodation of horses   - ' .     '. , t   ,
���s,,1 ii��� mc o uVCj ���|,(,n paytnenl ,,, advance of $750
or mules should be regularly and fre- per ;mnum fnr a_ individuali and ,,,������
, .��������� cleansed and dlslafected In $so to $100 per annum for a company,
the manner prescribed below. -, ��� ording to capital
A   free   miner,   having   discover, 1
[mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1' ���"'  i' el   by   ,n irking  out  the
with two legal  posts,  bearing
leam, or boiling water, adding to |ocatiotl notices, one al each end ol
iter ai bast one quart or crude ,lr e,,,. ,,t tne |ode, or vein
lie acid to each five gallons after     The claim shall be recorded
Deputy of the  Minister  of  thc  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
::.   After   cleansing   the   premises
., and burning all debris, the
or | hould Ile well gone over with
Beattle, .May 1".    Poi est I
Ing down th,   , an,.,,, of the Skykom-
ish   river,   on   the   main   line   of   the
Great   Northern    Railway,
10,all,  destroyed the mining town of tonight
For Sale-Half Interesl ;., a livery bus-   _,A.yy__u    .,-,���.,.���  ffer��� ���,, ,,,,���, . . ^ ,������
lnesa   near     Seattle,   Wwhington. ,!���. villagers, numbering aboul thirty
Chance of a life time. Apply Adver- ,.ljnil),,,.  log)   M   tli.-ii-  effects  save
tlslng Manager, Dally News. a few trunks,    which were    dragged
Eggs for Setting-l',.:,- Barred  Rock '1"wl> '" the river's edge, where they
$1.11,, per setting. .1. W, Austin, Bap- were  -;"'"  tor ,l Ume trom  the a11"
devouring  (lames.
This morning the Ureal Northern re-
For Sale���Young Ayrshire  Bulls pure  ported   the   wires   down   above   Berlin
I red, ready   for  service,  W.  II.  Aus   and   il   was   feared   thai   .Madison   Hot
tin,  Sapperton. Springs, the town of SkylcomiBh and
other   points  are  in .scious  danger.
For  Sale���Chester  Whi e,   pure  hied,  T|���.   regerVe    lories   of  the     railway
Hogs. Breeding stock for sal,, at rea- company have he,.,, sent to the scene
pel lull.
Mumble prices.
W   R, Austin, Sap-
���   I',   entire  surface  should  be
1 oated with a bol solution ���r
wash, to whieh crude car
p.,lie a, id has bee,, lidded in the above
ned proportion,
h"ii poi
e. be thoroughly treated in a slml-
; i'i,.,,   of  crude  carbolic  acid
"   mill of one part  to twenty.
Of wools
nnd invite, the pul,In-  lo call
and '...���  the candj  made
Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years experience  in  the
candy trade.
The proof of thi  p id Iii .��� is in
Next Door DcGrcy's Barber Shop.
nt for that
it li in
,,i 1 within ten mile
.,f a milling ri .order'-  1 iffice, one ml
ditional   day   allowed   f"r   every    id
ditional  ten  mill s  or  fra tion,     '1 he
lee for recording a claim is $5.
At leasi $100 must I"- ei pi nd.
Outbuildings, fences and tying poets the  claim  each  year   or paid to the
th   whieh   Infected   animals   have mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
,, |��� en,ad should also, wh",, pos- fcoo ha    been expended or paid, the
locator   may,  upon   having  a  surv, y
.ml upon complying with othei
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
All ordinary    harness    and    staid, s  $1 00  an  acre.
whieh have ben  In  contact      Permission may be granted by th,
th infected animals or Infected pre-  Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locati
.   i id be thoroughly/soaked In clail ntaintng iron and mica, also
copper, in the  > ukon   I erntory, ol an
area ,,.,, excee ling  t6o acres.
The   patent   for  a   mining  location
I    which  might    bo injured shal|  provide  for  the   paymcnl   of  a
nl suci, as vnlu- p. .   ity of ..���    per cent, of the sales
... es,    cushions,    etc., of  the products of  tl"-  location.
h ,.   been I, tad  with In-     PLAI ER MINING   Manitoba and
hould   be placed   in   an   air the   N.  W. T., excepting the  Yukon
: ,  and  fumigated  with  For- Territory: Placer mining claims
,,,     ,.        1 1 u .1        ,     ,,���     erallv  are  100 feet  square, entry  lee
le nfier which thev should be ''"''> , , ,    ' .,     <���   .,,,
, ,      , , $e   rencwa ,c yearly.     ' >n the North
Ighlj    ' leaned. .     ,        , ',,. ,   ���_,��� .,_ ���:,,.,,,
Saskatchewan River claims are eitner
1.   I��� si aides whero outbreaks have Dat  ,,-  bench,  the  former  being   too
1 or wh.!'.. dl   .. ed    animals j,-,t long and extending between high
���   Inadvertontlj  or otherwi e, 1 n and low watei  murk.    Thc latter in-
I, even temporarily, the cleans- eludes I"' diggings, bul extends hack
h ���  and  .    |, fection   Bhould  I."  ���   I"- to ;'. '   ' 'I  the h  1 or bank, n
Tidy thorough and iii Buch ca ea It ls '    '        '   ,n"��
'.   '  oi remove and burn feed boxes  Powcr  1S
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
ami the N, W  T, excepting the Yu-
them  through  Qre or by im-  ^,,��� Territory   -A free miner may ob-
��� them for some time In boll- tain ��� '��� iscs of five miles each
iter.   All   Utter  from   suspected  lor   a   term  of  twenty  years,  rencw-
hould  be burned or careful- able in th,   '    iretion of the Minister
1  lntu U8ed' of the Interior. 336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
The lessees right ,s conlined tn the �� '
n";"rs     Bhoula' submerged beds or bars of the river Commercial. Pitman and Gregg Short-
possible,   avoid    admitting .   ,              ,           te   marki and sub- hand.     Telegraphy   and   Engineering
hots,, or tunics to the pre,,,- f���r ����� /ear and $.0 per mile for each fi^^^ttS-f^^Trf
1 cupled   by   (heir  own  animals subsequent   year.      Royalty  same   as teachers   (eight)   and   the    BEST   of
lly of the same species. It is a placer mining. salaries.
I    plan    to    r,s,rve    an    isolated      Placer  mining  in   the  Yukon ^ Ter-       r, j. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
Wanted ���Id,ling room e 1!. Good .
pal 1   Co mo ��� lltan hot, 1,
Wanted���L   lie
,   tor   high 'lass   pub]
Vpply John Hutchl
oral agenl  Colonial Hoi :. city.
the train could .
,u  the  day   the   wires   w.-re  rep,
open, l,,,i  no word was recei. ed from
Lose  All  Their  Effects.
Mrs. .1. F. Mei 1 111, wife of the man-
ol he Po and Mining company,
.Mrs. .1. T. Wright, .Mrs. Andy Pascle
and live child, .a and Mrs. Richards
came to Seattle last nigh,. All ���
ed with nothing save the clothing
they wore. Mosl of the women and
n are al Bkykomlsh, bul many
Ol   I hi in are expected  to r'-ach s
The men are slaying In the
barn of the Apex Mining company
cm the Skykomlsb river, ,!,.��� only
building left standing  in  Berlin.
The For,land -Mining COmpan
mines are located i-ix miles from the
town up Miller river. Mr. Merrill
saw the flames from his camp and
in company with four men burrl, 1
Berlin to flghl the Barnes. The men
w, re compelled to run halt a mil 1
through blazing forests to reach the
doomed village. Tiny arrived .Mon
day   in   lime  to  Join   the   all-niglu   ef
fori to drive the fire back from the
town, The manager of Apex mines sent
a boy on horseback seven miles to
hi    ; roperty to bring In I Wenty more
and th,  men are fighting the fire with
mlghl   and   main.     Engl -   have  been
equipped with loi hose and
ngwa      il points along the men I 1 fighi the conflagration,
rallwaj   when, th,   flames are attack-  o ���
and wooden brldg       The Berlin was
aflame              la    aftei noon    and   a
.��� cue mew  whi,               at with en
nine and 1       1       > take the women
and   children  from  Berlin  ha I   to  fighi
the   flames  on   the  structure  before
TkJe Table   Fraser River
Don't decide abi   1 the pr
until yog lm.,. seen the
1. 111. 1 very Saturday i ��� month ol
May, .1 ine, July and            . commenc-
T. .1. TRAPP & CO.L   DPer G. B.
I' r  .1.  A.  Cunningham,  Mgr,
For Week  Ending May  1
Dal Wat��
Monday           LSo
1 'Ui   day   ...
We.lm sday
Thursday   .
Friday   ....
Where   steam
used  claims  joo  fect   wide
,t i   mangers   when    "f  wood;    iron
. .a be rendei  d harmless by
MOREY'S -_-5_-Sl-
Business Institute
'I mdera    v, ill   be  1  ceived    by the
undersigned up to ."��� p. m. Wednesday,
May 9, for the privilege of conducting
[reshment booth at Queen's park
on May Day, May is, 190G.
R,  J.  BURDE,
Sal urday
.",. 15
1 1.20
High Water Low Water
���.Time  light Time Hght
���".   r rmers
hi IM ver
the   Yukon   Tcr-
Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
claims  shall  11..'   exceed  250  feel   in
length, nu". 111 tl ,' base line or
general   dirccii  n   of   the    creek
gulchi.''i.'   '' being  from   1000
jooo    leet ' th, r   placer   claims
shall be ; 51   fe, t square
Claims a-e marked by two legal
p, - . one ii e ich end, bearing notices. Enti s must be obtained within
day- I the claim is within ten
s ol tl 1 mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entith ��� '. to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists ol
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out-
bulldlng for outside horses or mules
bui where this Is Impossible they may
b, ccommodated In cow Btables, cat-
tie nol being subject to glanders Infection. Such horses and mules should
b, tered from special pails, which.
1 her with all other stable ut, nsils
1 ��� ' on or about Ihem. should be
carefully cleansed and disinfected be
for, b, lng used for oilier animals,
occupied by sl range horses or
1 ��� hould   be   well   cleansed     and
disinfected and, if al all possible, left
unoccupied  for  some time.
6. Where new liorses or mules are
purchased In or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless
car, fully tested  with Malleln  prior to
purchase, be stabled a],art and closely
' .        ,   ,       ,   ,       put   nn  which   no   royalty    shall
"  b8,ng  charged  the  rest  of  the  party ordin-
II. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Htlnnis.
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 100 head of cattle
ami  50 horses.
Plentj  of      t      ' 1 water and well
A: ply S. ll. BUCHANAN, City.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Uur apecnllty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone 160.
12.9 | 10.26
I 12.2 ; 22.43
j 17.06
|    4.26 j  13.0
j 18.03 | 12.S |
;    5.04 | 12.9 |
| 19.01 | 13.3 |
5.45 | 12.6 |
20.00 | 13.5 |
....     6.28 | 12.1 |
| 20.59 | 13.6 |
...|    7.14 | 11.5 i
21,77 | 13.7 |
. ...|    8.05 j  10.6
22.54 I 13.6 |
11.06 1.3
23.311 | 6.6
11.50 i 0.5
,,.27 7.;;
12.38 ".1
1.21 | S.O
I   ;���_.., ,,.1
2.27 | S.4
11.22 0.6
3.43 8.6
15.16 | 1.3
Extensive   Tree   Planting.
\>, natchee,   Wn., Mai '"���   Sl_   hun
dr, d th
in  the  Wenatchee couutrj
.a.re mad    bi  s. \v.
i       ps, trull  in.- pector    tor   Chelan
.    S t cars of tr, es arrive I .<
,u the Stark Bro hi
;���..   ni   Missouri,   four   of   which
came In one consignment.    This was
the largest  single  conslgnmenl   ever
ii d to one poinl bj this company,
iii,. largest nursery  company  tn  the
in the six cars there are more than
300, i trees, representing a value of
,0.    When  set  oul   these  trees,
Which are principally apple and peach
will occupy more than  1,000 acres.
Concerning the comparative number
��� i   oul   this year,  fnspi
S.  W.  Phillips  says:
"Ther,. will be more set out this
year than in any .single year In '.he
history of the Wenatchee valley. II
will even eclipse iwo years ago when
more than  100,000 were planted.
"It is only a question of a tew l
when the Wenatchee valley will be
one Immense orchard, Tin- picture
of the older orchards now In bloom
la one of rare beauty, bul ll ls only a
beginning of whal will be seen in a
few years."
MID-US HIS \<\\l
"��" of Harvard Wanted to
3�� Soul Vanish From
i.   May To. h   K_
"' >  "'"' ���' ��>" iiiMum or death
,h"     ''   "'  ' fcparuag spin
'" *It_e body lath. ,���
' astounding theory
ii....   among
"""���'  "*o were striving to solve the
mysl :-  lh��t ��urrotmd8 the death ot
Mrs, Muenter ob April 16.
'���u:';   "I wil,- aearls     Muenter
...    .science
"" h'l!   ::v'' 'a' a' lore
'""'  :'      ' e"ches In pr, ,aratlon o
'��� which !������ hoped to s.
'"'   '' ieW of director ot philo oph
had  '':1"l Wm bo oeeplj   Into thi
peculatlve though
It      .,'..  , |, alh
..   had ahmi
and in  his
Period of Motherhood.
��� tb the   heo ,   tha   the
i   ild be seen
Retirement Rumored.
Toronto, May 10.���It is rumored thai
Attorney-General Foy will retire soon
after prorogation, and be succeeded
bj another Roman Catholic, probably
Mr. Joseph Downey, of Guelph.
It has leaked out that at a caucus
in the legislature yesterday, there was
an open revolt against G. W. Ross'
power policy, and that the dissentients
called ������ Mr. Preston of Brantford to
lead them.
First Class M.
English, Japanese
als at all Hcurs,
and Chinese   Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
bl . bl in contact with other animals
cf the equine species.
7. ll must be borne In mind that
while nasal discharge, or ulceration,
enlargeil elands, lhe presence of farcy
I u  ac, 0 m;able  swelling    of the
limbs and general unthriflim'ss often
characterize eases of glanders, the
'l' Base exists in many aniinnls without, [or  the time  being,  any external
ary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of thc gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
Thc  lessee  shall  have  a  dredge in
manifestations   whatever,     tlie   only operation within one season from the
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth Street,
means of detection In such cas, a being the Mail..in lest, and that these
occ ill or latent oases nre in some re-
��� the mosl dangerous because
unsuspected, our experience shows
"' I ii is possible for animals of this
class to convey Infection to others
wlthoul themselves developing acute
symptoms. H is therefore plain that
great caution should be exercised in
the purchase or handling Of strange
hoi ��� s or mules especially In those
districts whero the diseaso has
.. become established.
s'.   The carcases of animals dying
f''"'n onslaught ore,] as being axeCted
with glanders should, when possible,
h"- hurned or, railing Ibis, buried at
leasi  six reel  ben,.nth the surface.
;i-   Owners  of  premises  where  out-
breaks have  been dealt, with
late of the lease for each five miles,
but where a person or company has,
obtained more than one lease one
dredge (or each fifteen miles or fraction ,hereof is sufficient. Rental, $io
per annum for each mile of river
leased, Royalty at ihc rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output  after il   exceeds $to.ooo.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to ., free miner for a term of
jo years; also renew;,ble.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged  bar  or  bars  in the  river
below    low    water    mark, that bono-1
dary to be fixed by its position on the'
tsl   day of August in the year of thej
(late of the  lease.
The  lessee  shall have  one  dredge
in   operation   within  two years   from
the date of lhe lease, and one dredge |
i for  each  five miles within  six  years
Bhould  from such date.     Rental $ioo per mile
You Buy "B. C."
or "OH Sport" Cigars
You do the wise thing. Its tempting
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by���
Factory and Office, Brine Block,
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Gent's' Prcfered
paid   to   thc
iu  mind   that  Inspectors  cannot   Yukon   Territory   to  I),
''��� ennui end release    from quarantine comptroller,
���mleaa disinfection has ben carried | No free miner shall receive a grant
0,11 In a satisfactory manner and that of more than one mining claim on
compensation for animals slaughtered  each  separate  ,'ivcr, creek or' gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free   miners   may   work   their   claims
Htatlon In reporting to this Depart- the  same  creek,  gulch  or
Or to Us insp,
,-ctors the existence'KivinK notice and paying a
����� actual or suspected easea of gland- j Wor6 must bc done on
ers   Tl,o ,,i , ���  J each year hi thc value of at least $-'00.
rim,,,      , haS  ''fien  sProadlnE      A   certificate   that   work
"Hy of late years and tt Is n mat
t��r ot public Interest that, every fresh
centro of Infection should ho discov
ering your old bicycle and get It
made as good ns new. We nre experts
on all kinds of repairing. We have been
constantly at the repairing business
for 11 years so we know lt from a to z.
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Plants and Annuals  of all kinds,   cut
flowers and lloral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
abandoned, anad  open to occupation  Telephone A184 or address 4th Avenue
and entry by a frce miner. and 10th Street.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITIIIXU, liKlDlifce and
Ornamental  iron   wont,  including
Fences, Gates, Fire Uscapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In-
; vited.
I New Westminster. f. U. 474. '
W. IM. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster,
intmals slaughtered
cannot be paid until n cerllflcate of
deanatng and   disinfection   has been
received  by the Minister of i.grrloul-1 ^"partnership  by   filing  notice  and
��' i paying  fee  of $2.     A  claim  may be
���   Horse owners  should have no abandoned  and  another obtained  on
a   claim
the claim
hall be
has   been
deemed to be
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
prom,,liy  to an;
light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 186.       Harn 'mono K17
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
���'   vapoi ilk    ..,,   rition
I aerhootl is the . ijcholog-
to embark on
���   .ni" ill,, uni wn.   -Mrs.
had hei a born to hi
There Is a cherlsl   . among
��� I thai  tin
a V      :     .      ,   It 1
ihen   thai    she lias performed    the
highest fiiiiciioii of her being, nnd to
return i ace of hi r mak, .
i a lime is regarded as entering ,li" spirit land in the sun., state
of i" rfi. at clothed
in win d she i   . ��� apon earth.   Similarly, for a child in die in birth ,,:
wil bin a brief time afterward is hei
.... child    Ith thai pei ���
fection  which could not be atalned
after contact wiili the world.
Muenter fnr tbe pasl year has been
regarded aa a mystic by his assn-
clates. He baa delved in all the mazes
of anclenl learning.
He had ransacked the Harvard Library tor works extam on philosophy,
anclenl and modern; he had mastered
ail the works mi alchemy, and was,
in poinl rn" fuel, engaged In writing
u thesis on the insaniiy ���( German
romantic literature at the tune of
his wife's death,
Insisted Upon Cremation.
He was Intimate with Kant and
Schopenhauer, an I be had made the
works of the mail Nitssche a special
siudy. Who shall figure out the ideas
thai coursed through his mind as he
i oiled over his thesis hy night, while
the thoughts of the bui,,. that was
shortly to he born into the world,
and of his wife, mingled with his
philosophical speculations and Jumbled wiih the bizarre characters of
thai German romaatlc literature, the
Insanity of which he was laboring to
It is ii belief also ot a theosophlcal
sect thai only by tire can the spirit
be cleansed and rendered worthy to
return whence it came.    The  body,
iIds  school teaches, la but  the  envelope in which the spirit is held for
the  short Ume Ihat lt moves  upon
the  earth.   To free the  spirit, the
body must be consumed by flre, and
,������  unm the envelope, the shell, the
clay mould in which the spirit has
been   Imprisoned Is completely  con-
Bumed by fnv cim the spirit effectually escape,   Ami Muenter insisted upon the cremation ot his wife's body.
���,, prop08ed lo have it done here. He
j,,, |   in (act, nasve the remains cremated as soon as the body reached
Cl     ago.
���  strange, weird, uncanny cl,-
',���,���, nCes of the case are considered,
Miction grows that 11 is one not
,.���. ,,���. police court but [or the alienists     What of the wonderful belief,
whirl, was pursued even to the point
,        ,,.. recentl, by Herrich, anolh-
; er  80le-tlsi   who in the mad frenzy
of I    ne s,: " killert hU witc th'"
he migbi demonstrate the theory that.
, ,, ���f death an adept may
.,,,  spun   of  the departing he-
h,��� B0a, upward.  Will this mysterious
i Harvard   ease   develop   another   such
Lost Teeth Restored hy Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the n-ost durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work iv 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 ye: rs.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Denlists? Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. in.   Remember the Place
407 Mastin-    St. West, Vanmuver.
Bchavc3 Splendidly.
���        ���:i,  May  10,-The    Canadian
I       ,      |lway company's magnificent
ship   Kmpvess   ot   Britain,
,  wireless  telegraphic,  c.om-
i     today  at  2  o'clock with
I Station at Cape Race, she
hat hour 165 miles east of
.   UtiuJUgh the Knipress leii
i '.iM-pool   on   Saturday
,,   '.    aid uot leave the Mersey
o   - day. Sunday.    Despl,''
'.  .      mdved  in the city last rtW
,1   Ihe  laupross had me.  *"*��'*
heavy gales, her perton_����> '"
..,,,,' ,)f  ,���ese   was  remarkable,  and
I brought out*..* J����?���*��
.";!���;.��� ���,������,'���,  tomorrow evomn,
M,���P��� seeclaM'. P- H. trains wl       ���
.    ii;...  .��� r���rry  nssengers to th. u
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, rVlgr.
I Fire Insurance. Life Insurance.
yt We have been appointed agents for the Union  Assurance  Society
A of London, England, which has been carrying on fire  insurance business
>J since 1714 A. D., and which  has a  capital and accumulated  funds  of
W $20;000,000.
Mrs. T. H. Berry Who Was  in   the   Midst   of   the
Francisco  Horror Describes Some of the
Scenes  She Witnessed.
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: >}
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   I'rem. $22,1154.60 !���'
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,605.96  A
1901 " ������ 2,554,PHI. " 92,029.80  a
1902 " " 3,426,897. "        126,696.21   !���'
1903 " " 4,086,112. "        160,644.68 !���<
1904 " " 4,609.764. "        166,884.20 >J
money M.niunmr   o   nr\    Real Estate Broken ;���;
and Contractors       '���.���
B     TO LOAN.
>; 186  Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  B. C.
��� :���:
Snaps In
85 acres of good
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop, 20 in pasture.
Good house and outbuildings. Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice  and   store.
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This is a No. 1 buy,
and will only be on the
market for a short
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chicken houses and
Price $1,800
Easy Terms.
Molsl weather marred the market
this morning from the standpoint of
attendance. Poultry was ottered in
large iiuautitlcs and aboul 60 pens of food to
i birds changed hands. ('),,,, i_ae of
Vancouver was one of the principal
buyers. A large pen of rabbits and a
few pens of ducks uml pigeons were
��� also sold. AbOUl   40 eases Of eggs Were
promptly  bought    in  by    Vancouver
A  number of young pigs wer.. of-
1 tered al from $2.50 to $5 each.
I     Dressed    hogs    were   again    very
i scarce, only one carcass being offered
on the market. Veal was plentiful, and
a number of beef carcasses were offered. P, Burns & Company were the
leading purchasers.
A liberal supply of spring vegetables
was on hand nud found ready purchasers. In addition to spring vegetables II. Tidy, of Tenth street, offered in Bowers, roses, sweel peas, and
carnations; in pots, maiden ferns, as-
paragus plants, draoenas, aspheglstas.
in boxes, asters, verbenas, phlox, petunias, and pansies. In bedding plains.
geraniums, fuchlas, and  heliotrope.
.1. Mufrhead of Seventh avenue of-
l'i re 1  sweel   peas.   He  carried  also a
After thirty-five years' residence in
San Francisco, during which time
she saw the beautiful city grow and
spread oul its arms into the surrounding country, and watched the palatial
residences rise from the soil in all
their magnificent proportions. .Mrs. .1.
II. Berry in the escorl of her nephew,
Herbert Qilley, left for the north a
few days ago, and shed a hitter teat
as she looked hack over the desolation which had taken the place of the
depariod  glory.
.Mrs. Berry's experience were of u
character thai one would only wan, to
go ll,rough one In a life,Inn. The
ruined ciiy she said was slill under
martial law bul none w.re now hungry. For lhe flrsl time in her life-
lime wiih money :,, l,.r command
Mrs. Berry and her fellow .sufferers
knew   what    i,   was   to   he   faint   will,
hunger and will, no means of gratifying il. The lirst car load of supplies
came from Los Angeles and people
nearly wenl wild wiih joy as ihe
mayor and his helpers handed out, the
lhe starving thousands) Millionaires wore there, Inking their
turn with lhe rest In receiving the
food thai their money was unable
in buy. As usual there was a terrible
lot of cheating done hy greedy people
and some of ihe human vultures
have cached away supplies of canned
goods siifliei, in io keep them from
wani for a year. They would visit
lhe distributers lime and time again
and have iheir children in a differ.,,,
part of tho line .securing fond and
thus   they   made   rounds   of   the   dis-
The memory of the Red -Man.
How can il  pass awny,
While their names of music linger
Un   each     mounl   and   stream     and
while Miisquoiiohoii's  waters
Hull sparkling to the main;
While falls the laughing sunbeam
(iii Chegogin's fields of grain.
While floats our country's banner
O'er Chebucto's glorious wave;
And   ihe  frowning  hills  of Scalarie
The trembling .-.urges brave;
New Wash Shirtwaist Suits''
and 'his  energetic  staff  have  taken
,1��. mil,ler in hand ami have establish-   While breezy  Aspologou
ed a draying schedule, the violation
ot which will be severely punished.
Blood Unnecessarily Spille.d.
When asked if the stories of abuse
of their privileges by the military
department were true Mrs. Berry said
that there were an abundance of
cases where people wer,' treated mosl
shamefully and much blood was shed
ihat should have been spared. The
regular troops were nol the Offenders.
When military law was flrsl proclaimed there was strong need for a
very strong hand to be shown and
.very young man capable of carrying
a gnu was Impressed Into service
uml many of them were not old
enough to know how to exercise Judgment and gloried In being able to
shoot people down and show their
authority. Mrs. Berry saw several
shut down when there was absolutely
no need of such violence being perpetrated Even after they had gol
hack to their home after i xcltemenl
had somewhat subsided, she was looking oul of her window ami saw a man
coming along the si net in an automobile, heading for Santa Rosa, One
of the soldiers ordered him to stop
and   as   in.'  did   no;   respond   promptly,
!,o  was  Immediately   shol   dead  ami
lhe lifeless body was afieWvurds
taken from the auto, .Many deeds of
violence were done hy tho mob of
ghouls, more than will ever lie found
out. One wretch was found cutting
the rings from a dead woman's
lingers ami the soldiers took him ou.
Lifts high its summit  blue,
And sparkles on  its gentle  way
The river Sissibou.
While Ksonsoni's fountains
Pour down iheir crystal tide;
while ishgonish's mountains
Lift   high  their  forms of pride;
Ol  while on .Million's river
The boatman plies his oar.
Or the billows burst  in thunder
On   Checkaben's   rock girt   shore.
Fifty Ladies' Shirt Waists Just Opened Out
All made of fine serviceable materials which will
| stand being put in the wash tub and survive the try
| ing ordeal to which they are subjected.
See the values we are shov/inij; at
$3.00, $4.25, $5.75 and
A large range of Lustre Suits at $t>
M. n,
memory of  the  Red
It  lingers  like  a  spell,
on many a storm swepl headland,
On  many  a  leafy  dell;
Where Tusket's  thousand   Islets
Like  emeralds  slml   the  deep;
Where  Blomldon, the sentry  grim.
ilis  endless  watch   doth  keep,
I!   dwells   round   Catalone's   blue  lake
'Mid l.afy  forests hid���
Round fair Dl soo use, and the rushing
or the turbid Cobequid;
And    it   lends  Chebogue,    a  touching
To  thy   softly   Mowing   river.
As we sadly think "f the gentle nice
Thai has passed away forever.
trlbuting   stations   while   others   who to their military camp al Fori Mason,
were not  so  strong and  self-assertive where   Ihey   made   him   dig   his   own
suffered  want.    .Mrs,  Berry paid gnat grave and Ihen shot  him und  tumbled
tribute to  His Honor Mayor Schmltz him  into it.
and   his   helpers   to   whom   she   gives
ered 11   for  loyal  and   faithful  service'
Fight Like Wild Animals.
After the flrsl day or two, a system
was 'inaugurated by which the officials were enabled to keep check
on the recipients of food. Each one
was given a card and when thej received   food   the  a,noun,   and   the dale
Difficulties of Living.
About forty shocks were (ell altogether ami a somewhal serious one
was fell last Sunday Almosl a .
larger buildings which withstood ,1"'
flrsl shock were Bhaken down completely by the subsequent .shocks.
Fires wore ruled mil of aii lum es
and   ven   ye,    ,he   citizens   nre   doing
, full line of vegetable plants.
Mrs. Buckoll, Burnaby, had on Bale '"' Panted before fresh goods could
fuchlas. begonias, spiarea, hydrangeas '"' 3ecured-    "  "^ two days before
ami cut carnations. any   fresn   ""'"   was  available   and
a Coombs of the Scotl road offered whentheflrs(  ���s"l'''1-v camPln 1��"">'l)l'
was checked  off and  lhe card  had lo   'heir   cooking   in   outdoor   camps   by
their old homes �� e thej ar.- habitable and earl, ha., vied will, his neighbor In putting a large humorous sign
on   his   family   camp.    .No    flres   are
40 acres of gooel
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school and
three quarters of a
mile to river.
Price $
Half   cash,
easy terms.
Agents for the  Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
273  Columbia   Street.
For j
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
on easy terms.
Maiins, Coulthard & Co.
in  boxes, pansies, strawberry  plants,
lom.on. s and cabbages.
F. and  It. Stride of the Vancouver
road,   in   cm   flowers  had   a   very   nice
display  of lilies  of  iln-  valley,  carnations,  and  roses,  nlso spring   vegeta
bles nnd honey  in  the comb.
W. Whiting offered a full line of
early  vegetabl, s nnd  garden   plants.
ll. Davis, ihe Burnaby florist, had
his usual lavish display of vegetables
and   plants.
Butter and eggs were offered by
Mrs. Crawford, Easl Delia: Mrs.Tay.
lor. Langley; Mrs. Keegan, Woodwards; .Mrs. Iteid and Mrs. W'hitworth,
Ladner; and .Mrs. Smith of Bon Accord, io. Anderson of Langley was also on deck wiili a supply of I,niter.
The usual bin,1,ers wee there and
offered a full and attractive line of
di' ssed meals. M, Monk Imd a varied
line of flsh, and also a large red ling
cod. head, .-yes and all complete which
attracted considerable attention.
Market  Quotations.
Beef, hind quarter, ti to 11 cents per
Beef, fore quarter, ,1 to ,;t cents
per pound.
l.iin,b. In io li' cents per pound.
Pork, 'a cents per pound.
Veal, s'i to a cents per pound.
Mutton, lu cents per pound.
Potatoes, $11'. ,��� $l l per ton.
i.e ���-. 7.. cents per sitck.
Parsnips, 7.". cents per sack.
onions.  $2.1111   ihi-   .���
.    BtS   ,.. i'  .sack.
Hay, $9. io $10, p. r ion.
Eggs, :���.", cents per dozen.
Butter, 25 to 30 cents per pound.
Foul, JG.50 io $7. per dozen.
Chtcki ns, $5.50 to $6.50 per dozen.
Ducks.  $:,.  to  $1".   per  dozen.
Rhubarb, J ecus per pound,
Guichon  -T.  M. and  .Mis. Cuthbert,
Financial, Insurance
Agents.        Tel. 106.
& Real Estate
Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A. E. WHITE, 260 Columbia Sf
Telephone8 5.
Creek,  Sail,.;     F.   it.  Glover,
111    i"i'g;    I..   R.   Nash^ .Montreal.
i olonlal    E, s. Storer, Chatham; K.
I'. Patters  Pitt Lake, ('.. A. S,,vio,
Victoria; D, M, Robertson, Tynehead,
.' i'. Robi rtson, Tynehead; Mrs. (i.
'-��� Boyle, 1'. .1. Arnold, New York; L.
I. '    ',"���,', Vancouver.
\. Indsor���W. .1.    Power,    Portland,
I':.'..    Thomas    Pafsell,    Vieloria;    It.
Cummings ami son. I.. Raymham, Re-
vi Istoke; A. o. Henrlcks, Revelstoke,
Depot���B. Beedham, Belllngham;
Thomas Stewart, Mission; Florence
Rodenhurst, Ingersoll, .Miss .1. Wade
Aldergrove; F. Summers, Vancouver;
,1. I,.ill, Langley; .1. Ilarlwell, Vancouver; F. Chester, Huntingdon, M. J.ud
wig and son, .Mission; II. Sllmers
Langley: Thomas Harris, Langley; W.
Paradls, Belllngham; s. F. while, j,
Hanson, Vancouver: .1. Cole, Sumas;
Joseph Hayward, Vancouver; Nat
Fletcher, San Francisco.
Cosmopolitan���Tom McBrlde, Frederick Rogers, .'���!, Fennls, Vancouver;
'.", Wither.
ihe people almosl los, their reason
and grabbed and foughl for the flesh
food like so many wild animals. The
meat was nol in pieces of uniform
size ami more than on,'-half crazed
individual, nol satisfied with the'size
of ,1,.. hunk lhal had fallen to his lot,
trampled ii under fool nnd grabbed
lor  another   piece.
Floor Rises and Falls.
The morning of the earthquake Mrs.
Berry had jusl arisen from her bed
and was commencing u, prepare the
morning meal when suddenly the floor
began to rise and fall like a ship in!
a gale, throwing her forcibly to the
ground after oseilaiing wiih a horse-1
back motion for a considerable length
of lime, while from the bowels of the
earth came a sound like a thunderstorm reversed, lhe vibration, Ihen
suddenly changed to a corkscrew nio-
lion and gradually stopped. Strange
as it may seem the only damage done
lo the house occupied by Mrs. Berry
was the .shaking down of the cliljn-
n.'y. nnd in the house lhe only thing
broken was a china vase, it did'i .von
slop the clock. Olher houses only a
f. w yards awny wore wrecked. The
house was loci,led on iho corner of
Mission und Twenty-second streel and
iho lire eventually penetrated to
Twentieth street. The day following
ihc disaster the Boldlers caused them
'o leave ill., vicinity ,,r their hum,,
ami seek Bafer quarters as bio lng
was becoming general in order to
check ,i,e spreading or the flames.
They lefl    their   homes inking   with
them all ihey could carry along
'In- line of provisions and clothing,
but as there won' nine of the party
lhe slim supply of food gave oul und
Iho pangs of hunger wore .soon  life.-,!. On their way to a place of
safely they had to pass lhe Ill-fated
Valencia hotel which had sunk bodily
up ,o iho top story. There they saw
ill., workers carrying on their gruesome work of bearing away-lhe dead
bodies of the victims und placing the,,,
in trenches for burial. All along
Nineteenth street the houses had sunk
bodily and only jus, the root's were
visible above the ground. To add
to Hie horror, the sewer und water
pipes burst   and
wide and four feel dee;, soon dug for .,
Itself a channel across lhe streets as
its hurried down toward the water
front. People wore Hocking to lhe
hills in thousands carrying awny their
belongings in nil kinds of suddenly
devised contrivances, while tha soldiers hurried them along on their
journey. One poor old paralyzed
dame was being pushed along in a
rocking chair, bu, progress was too
difficult und too slow and there still
Iwo blocks lo go. A man came
wllh a horse and  rig and
io I... lighted i,mil iho chimneys have
ii. .������ Inspected officially. The reinstatement of the gas works systems is
l eing pushed   ns rapidly as   possible
Application Granted
'I'be application of William 11. Ladner of Ladner for permission i" maki
records on a stream running through
section U. township I. Delta muni-
clpalltj was beard before Waier Commissioner Fisher ibis for. noon nml
granted for a term of 25 years, The
poinl of diversion of ihe stream is on
iho s.e, hi of scciion IJ. township I.
Four Inches was granted uml the water will be utilized for domestic find
agricultural  purposes.
A copy of the Ashland Times-Gazette, ol Ashland, Ohio, dated April 24,
gives an accounl of lhe wedding o!
Willi,nu Vachon, late of Now W'esi-
mlnster. Mr. Vachon is well known
here, having been connected with his
brother, A. Vach in, in the managemenl of the Windsor hole] for a long
iim... 'file following is culled Iron, lbe
above newspaper:
A very pretty wedding took place ..'
lhe home of .Mr. and Mrs. Levi llauni.
on Wesl  Main street, on Monday even-
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the Family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
and  wil!  he a  gr.-at  boom  to all who   lngj   ���.,���.���   thelr   ,���,,,   ,,;,������],,���.   Miss
are fortunate enough to hav.. gas
stoves al Iheir disposal. The sanitary
condition of lhe city is causing the
officials and the more thoughtful of
ihe citizens considerable anxiety as
the sewerage system is completelj
demolished and typhoid nnd kindred
diseases ar.- already somewhat prevalent and on the increase. 'I'ho
wuier problem has been partly overcome and in some sections the system
is working. In some of the districts
it is still necessary to carry water a
considerable distance from artesian
wells which, Btrange as it may seem
escaped   injury.
Appalling Cries.
The me,iles; amounl of suffering
occurred on the -outh side among the
poorer people in the congested .lis
Iricts and among the Chinese where
iheir houses were .shake, down aboul
Iheir ears like so many eggshells. The
cries of the Chinese wore appalling
und fearful and ii will probably
never be known how many died ami
how much suffering lhe survivors
were subjected to as they slept a,
night without clothing or coverings
' . protecl  ihen, from the i\<-k.
Happy in Royal City.
Mrs. Berry came all through the
awful sc, lies uninjured nml expressed
herself ns being very thankful to be
iu a land of peace uud sal.;,". She
is ai ilio presenl time a guest a' th,
homo of her nl.ee, Miss Rogers, in
Park ltow nnd  has boon  holding quil.
ii little cur, today while her nephews,
il,.. Gilley brothers uml 'he Gilley
cousins and llieir large circle of re-
lations I,ave visited her ami congratulated her on her safe passage
through iim pathway <>f peril.
whole ev. ul wan mos: cuarmlng ln
iis fre.- and easy formality.
Mr. and   Mrs.  Vachon  left   on  a  la'.-
train on an extended eastern trip, embracing Niagara Falls. HufTalo nnd
N.w y/ork city, after which ihey will
be at home wiih ill.- wife's parents for
an   Indefinite  time.
The groom, Willi;,iu Vachon, is a
prominenl citizen ami hotel man of
New   W'esin,Ins,er,   ll.   ('.,   and   during
his Beveral months sojourn in Ashland has made many friends, all of
whom follow him will, their hearties!
felii ItaUons and co.nl wishes. In fact,
nil Iln- friends of Mr   and  Mrs. Vachon
rejoice with ihem at ihis pleasing end
lug of tin lr verj pretty little romance.
��� o	
Don'l fail io see the Destruction of
San   Francisco    by   Earthquake    and
Fir.,  a'   the  op.; a  house.  Sa: i: laj   al
Harrlel   M.  became  the  wife of WU
Ham   Vachon,   of   Now   Westminster, ternoon
li. C. 	
The e'venl was in the nature of an
overwhelming surprise to tin, friends
present, who had accepted the invila
tion to spend ;, pleasanl .veiling with
Hattle, and only renizicd the true Importance of the occasion when ihe
Rev. Phllpotl entered lhe parlor, followed by .Miss Helen (Iambi,��� ami
Harry Ambrose ns bridesmaid ami
bosl man. and lhe bridal couple, the
bride looking very charming in blue
and while.
The  ceremony   was  beautiful   in  iis
simplicity   ami    was   followed   by   tho
congratulations of all pies..m. Elegant refreshments wero served nnd a
delightful lime spenl by those present,
including  only  the  parents  and   mosl
iniimate friends of iho bride. .Miss..- New Westminster
May .Mills, Lot la WoStover, Alice
Brlggs and Iva Carse. The homo was
beautifully decorated in pink ami
while carnations and  foliage, and the
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
- B. C.
for Sweets
Ice Cream and G.  B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Pruit A
for one ye
if an individual
Victoria, May 11.���Weather conditions have become unsettled and the
pressure has decreased over bolh the
North Pacific siaies and (lie Canadian
Northwest. Showers have fallen in the
i Btream several feel   Paolflo  S(at(,s  ,im,  temperatures arc
Forecasts for 38 hours ending .". p.
m. Saturday on  lhe Lower .Mainland:
Lighl   winds, unsettled  with showers,
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Do  your own  Silver   Plating- at
home   a   wonderful   preparation
made l,y Meyer & Allen   of  New
York       :    '  :       ;       ;       :      :
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
Maple Leaf
There are running shoes,
and running shoes, but
none to equal those with
the Maple Leaf Brand
on the sole. They come
in both Tennis and Oxford styles for Ladies or
Gentlemen, Girls or Boys,
and the soles of all are
made from pure para
gum rubber.
Maple Leaf
Lacrosse, Tennis
or Running Shoes
Look well, fit well, wear
well and are stylish, neat
and durable.
For sale by all good shoe
dealers.    Ask for them-
���Selling Agents,
Chinaman Buried.
Ah .1 in, an Inmate of the Royal Columbian hospital for Ihe pas, twelve
months, died yestorday morning after
a long nnd painful Illness. The deceased enine to New Westminster
ilong ' from Ladner, and was admitted to lhe
would  not hospital shortly after his arrival hero.
curry the unfortunate woman to tho
desired haven of refuge until her
friends had tickled his hand wilh $15.
The   extortion   on   the   pari   of   team-
The funeral took place this afternoon
from Mujchie's undertaking parlors to
the Chinese cemetery, a numher of
(he  deceased's   friends  attending  the
tiers were general, hut. .Mayor Schmltz i last snd rites.
Is Only $2..ri(l.
Long Vault,
Long Boxes,
Long Hours.
T. .1. Trapp, President! T. S. Annandale, Vic. President; F. J. Hart,
Manager; Edward Chapman, Sec-
Treas.; L. A. Lewis, W. J. Mathers,
II. Kyall. |
Vault at Office of
Electric Railway Service 5
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour Iron, 5:50 a. ,���. lo II p.
in. excepting at 7:30 ami 8:30
:>��� ni- Hull' hourly cara will
run from Central park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���(-Service Irom
(1.110 a. in. to 11 p. in.
20 Minute Service���Mo transfer.
Between 12 and _ and 5 and 1.
30 Minute   Service  during^
ninlnder of day.    "''"'
Leopold Flace.
Sunday  Service  ****\
in. aim
tween  1
City and SapP
10 p.
Sapperton Llne-�� >    ''.',
vice, except between i    ^
8. and 6 Md 7, durmg     M
hours    the    service
Sunday Service  ^"f,?*.
tween 8 a. ni. and
| British Columbia Electric Ry- Co    ####
************** ******i***********++********^


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