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The Daily News May 15, 1906

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MAY 17 1906     ��2
Address in Reply to the Speech From the Russian Thi one
Is   Framed   By   Commission   and   Submitted to the Lower
St. Petersburg, May 15.���The drafl
ol the address to the throne in reply
to the emperor's speech al the opening
ni parliament was submitted to the
lower bouse of parliament today by
nu ission. Ii consists practically
.... following ten demands:
,;, neini amnesty.
Abolition of the death penalty,
Suspen don  of martial  law, and  all
icci ptlon ii laws.
Full   civil   liberty.
Abolition of the councils of tl m
li, vision of the fundamental law.
Establishment  of  the  responsibility
of ministers' right  of Interpretation;
��� d  explrlation  of land  and guar-
ntees of the rights of trades union i.
St,  Petersburg, May IT,.-   Th,
��� Hay strike has ended. Thr workmen ol
Bt, Petersburg and generally throughout the country, resumed work today.
The men of the new Admiralty works
where Vice Admiral Kuzmich was
assassinated yesterday w.re kept ill
the work until far Into the night In order to enable the police to continue
the search for the assassin, bul no
positive clue was obtained, The be I
the poi .��� could do was to arrest on
suspicion four men who were without
Identification numbers, one of whom
was a former naval cadet named Ps i.
evich, now a student of ihe university.
Three of the prisoners explained thai
' they wrn, lo ll,.- works in or I, r to look
foi' employment and the only explanation Paskevich could offer was lhai lie
went there to see how the workmen
celebrated May Day.
View of Sapperton, Brunette Mills,   and  .Other   Industries   Reproduced   From   Photo
Taken By Cornish on Nev/ Westminster Bridge.
Body  of Former Priest Is   Positively Identified       rl
Story of How   He Was Lured to a
Tragic Death Is
St. Petersburg, May If,.���At the In- him to the floor uni,   ���
... r ,ini1 i'i'.'iwards
quest on    the body of    Father Capon '
which was found May 13 in the upper ,n(,'" ^,,^m k "  ' ' M hav-
chamh-r of a lonely villa    in the sum-  group oMhc Tl''''"'"'""   Wlth   *
.    ���       ,   ...  , ...    .,.        e IgMIng organisation of
mer suburb of Ozerki, F.nland, M. the Terrorists ana hi ordei to test liis
Margotin, the former prie "s lawyer, loyal,; on.- of the li-;,,|, . ,.���,,,,,..._
positively Identified the body, Rnteabwg offers i .   betray the
The autopsy showed thai   ie receiv   ,,,.���'    ,"'." ���    to the gov-
'   "1i"1" ">"k thi li,  inui nf
ed a blow on the head and ihe theory   r,.., . .   ,,,,,.1,,., ., ' "l
'���_ducl thenego Ions Some
is thai revolutionists were listening In  bag]   ng y���,w tt],  |ili|.|i (_ ||f>     ..
an  adjoining  room  and  heard Qapon [ followed, Rutenb. rg demanding   ,',n.
000.   Finally, however, on hi,  .
In8 '" accept $12,600 Gapon wenl to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ O-erki to met R,,,,.,,,,..,��� fo
loiist leader who is said to have lured   sumatlnn nl ik
sum.i,mn ot the agreemen|    ,|m] hi3
Qapon  to his death  rushed  ln felled| death followed,
betray his connections with the gov
ernmenl and   the Rutenberg   the ter
Carl Schurz Is Dead,
History Is Romantic
New   York,   May   11.���Carl   Schurz,, next  twenty years he was one of the
nn ly  known  as a publicist  and  for-   prominent  figures in  the political his-
nier cabinet i,,ember, died al his home
in >l,is city at 1:35 o'clock this morning. Death was due to a complication Of diseases following au attack
01 stomach trouble, which ' became
acute on Thursday last, in spite of
brief periods of seeming Improvement,
Mr. Schurz slowly failed, and yester-
aflernoon sank into a state of
which continued until the end.
\     the   bedside   were   a   son,   Carl   L.,
lory of the country. He went to
Spain as United States minister ln
lsoi, later resigning to serve in the
civil war, during wnich he earned
the title of major-general, In 1869 he
was elected to the United States sen-
air from Missouri, being the first Qer-
man bon, citizen lo b,-conic a member
of the upper house of congress.
Newspaper Work.
In the meantime he had engaged In
uni two    daughters,    Marianne    and  newspaper work  I,,,,,, al  Washington
t   Edward   L.   Pretorlous,  Mr. and In the southwesl and had trans-
ire's   lmsin.'.ss partner, and   Drs. 'erred his residence from  Wisconsin
Jacob!  and  Strauss.- to   Missouri,   wnerr   he   became   join'
Schurz was 77 years ot age, hav- proprietor of the  Westliche  Post  in
mn   been     bun,   March  2.   1829.     HisJSt,  Louis, being associated  with  Bmll
ence here was at 21 Easl Mn.-iy- jPretorious.
li,.-,  street "is career '" [be senate was a bril-
l to flee from the land of his Rant one.    By his unswerving course
efore he bud attained his ma- '"��� support of Independent  prim      s,
Carl Schurz soon  became aud   however,  he  became  estranged  from
ore than half a century remain-   the   republican   party   with   which   he
ed one of the striking figures in theiwas  then  identified  and  retired  from
public life In the land of his adoption.| the senate in 1876.
Born in the village of Libel;,,', near
1 '.an'. i��� is2;,, Schurz became luted in ihe revolutionary movemenl in Germany while attending the
University of Bonn, and when the up-
His public service did no, come to
an end at that time by any means.
.Many of the independent political
movements since felt the weight of
his  Influence and gained  the benefits
New York, May 15.���A cable dispatch from London to the Sun says that
Doctors Grenfell and Hart, during a continued research of ruins of Oxyrhyncus,
where the ancient monasteries some years ago yielded the famous Logia of Christ
found a fragment of a supposed lost gospel, which is now in Queen's college,
It is a tiny scalp of vellum perforated by worms and yellowed by sixteen
centuries but the writing is perfectly legible.
It is written in Greek characters, which are almost microscopically minute
with scarlet initials. There are about 200 words. It is certainly no part of any
known Gospel, but its value must be left to the theologists.
It is unusually well written from a literary view point. It begins in the
middle of a speech. Jesus and his disciples have entered the Temple and met a
pharisee who rebukes them for omitting some cremonial of ablution. Jesus
asks the pharisee what the latter have done to comply with the ceremony. In the
Pharisees' reply there is minutely described the process of purification of which
no previous authority has given the details.
Then follows a powerful eloquent denunciation by Jesus of outward purification as he and his disciples have been purified by the water of life.
There is also a mention of a hitherto unknown part of the Temple called the
Hegneuterian or place of purification.
'Insurance Companies
Charge Double Rates
San Francisco, Cal., May 16.���The
Call says today: Certain insurance
companies doing business in San
Francisco are charging double the
rates for insurance on local business
that were assessed before the recent
Among the reasons assigned for the
increase are that the water pressure
Is still weak and the flre alarm service
is out of order. Persons seeking insurance, however, are told thai there will
be rebates later when the normal conditions are restored.
Reports were receivcl yesterday lo
thr effect that a careful examination
of all the oil fields of thc state showed
thai the industry escaped Injury from
the earthquake.
Chicago City Council
Protests Vigorously
rising came In  1S4I) be served  as  a  of his active co-operation.   He was one
...   in the ranks of ihe insurgents,  of the organizers of the Liberal party
H,  was wiih (Jen. Tideuian when the In 1872 and presided over the conven-
ttei surrendered the fortress of Ra- tion at Cincinnati which nominated
-Mitt In July ���f ihat year and made Horace Greelej tor president He sup-
an almost  miraculous escape through  ported  the national  republican ticket
���   sewer connecting with the Rhine '" is",; t'n�� '�� the -v���'' following he-
Two Chinese Weddings
Booked for Tomorrow
Chicago, Ills., May Iii.���At a meeting
of the city council last night resolutions were passed protesting vigorously against the proposed legislation by
congress limiting the How of water into the Chicago drainage canal. Under
the proposed treaty regarding'waterways and the great lakes in which both
the I'nited Slates and Canada are Interested, the How of water into the(
drainage canal would be limited to.
1(1,000 cubic feet a second. As this'
amount of water    is    already    being
drawn for the present Bystem, 'he proposed limit would prevent the construction of the Calumet clu, nel an
essential part of the great project to
purchase Chicago's water supply.
The attempt to limit the w, ter running into the canal grows But of a
con,,,,ission of engineers appointed by
President Roosevelt lo acl with a
Canadian commission to consider the
safeguarding of Niagara Falls and
various waterways in which both countries are interested.
and fled to Switzerland.
Returned to Germany.
A  year  later he returned  to .Ger
many,  under  au  assumed  name,  for
the purpose ���f liberating his friend.
Prof,   Kinkel,   who   hnd   been   taken   a
i'iisinicr al the surrender of the fort-
and sentenced to life Imprisonment. This daring and romantic project was curled to a successful conclusion and created a sensation
throughoui Europe. Ills marriage to
Margaret Mayer, the daughter of
;i prominent merchant, In 1N..2, was an
Indirect outgrowth of the sensational
rescue id his friend from prison.
Thai exploit luis been made one of
the features of "Die Von Hohensteln,"
ay Priederlch Splelhagen, a popular
1 iov, lisi ,,r thai time, in tha story
Schurz figures as Wolfgang Von Ho-
hensteln and Kinkel as Dr. Munzer.
Bchurz's  acquaintance  with  the  wo-
came secretary of the Interior in the
cabinet  of President Hayes.
lb,ring his tenure of office he ef-
1'reird wide reforms in the administration of the department. These reforms
were particularly notable in that arm
oi the department which deals with
Indian   affairs.
Ai the close of his term of office
he came to .New orli and devoted nearly all the remainder of his long life
to editorial and literary work. He
had a beautiful summer home at Lake
George and there a large part of his
time in his declining years was spent
with his hooks, his music, ot which ho
was passionately fond, and his memoirs.
May Have to Move to Europe.
(From the Chicago Dally  News.)
Living costs continue U> go Up, The
poor  people of this country may yet
wan who became his wife wns trace-1have    l���  go to  Europe to  get.    the
An event that is creating consider-,
able excitement in the Chinese quarter   will   take   place   tomorrow,     when
Sing Kee, the will known storekeeper
will lake unto himself a wife. The!
lady is coming from Vieloria tu attend the wedding ceremony, bu, it was
only after considerable coaxing that
the name of the fair charmer of Sing
Kee's hear, could be ascertained, as,
the bridegroom elect insisted that his
bride's name was of no importance, as
long as ihe name of her lord and mas-
ter appeared in print. After consulting wllh various relatives, Sing Kee
finally admitted thai Uu- lady's name
was Toy Un, but beyond this he
would give no Information.
Another of the lady tne-nhers ofj
Sing's household Is also to be married j
tomorrow, and the busy store on the
corner of Columbia street will therefore be the scene of a double Wedding.
The bride elect is Miss Ling Ho, and
the fortunate gentleman who has captured her maiden heart rejoices in a
name thai taxed lhe ingenuity of seven educated Chinamen before it could
be translated Into the English language. After varlou. tongue twisters
had been proposed and rejected it was
finally decided thai lng Hyen was
about as near Hie pronounciation as
lt could be rendered in this unenlightened land.
A big padlna in honor of the double
event    will br held by  Sing Kee,    al
which there wil! be much feasting and,
merrymaking, the festivities lasting
two days at lei^st. The whole population of Chinatown is invited to attend
this big padlna and share in the joy
of Sing Kee and his spouse, and lt is
not likely that many will absent them-
sclv.s. li cosis money lo gel married
In Chinatown, as the entertaining of
lbe 1,000 odd Chinese is no small item.
Sing Kee is anxious to remove the pre-1
vailing Impression that there will be
"much fire cracker" at his wedding,
but he admits that there will he a
"illHe fire cracker bul not much."
Fire cracker or no flre cracker, there
is sun- to br something doing in
Chinatown tomorrow when the big
par,Una gets fairly under way.
-ble ,,, ,',,. scene of his exploit as described by Splelhagen.
Si'oual'icr llis marriage Srhurzeame
1,1   this     country,   locating    first   al
iladelphla,  three years later he re
in,,111  of low prices on tariff-protected American products.
Washington, May 14.���The supreme
court of the United Slates has denied
Telegraph  Operator    Kills One    Man
and Dangerously Wounds
Three Others.
moved lo Wisconsin, allied himself I the petition for a rehearing In the
whh ibe Fremont forces In the cum- Chicago traction cases. The couri
; 'i;" and look part In the campaign ! today look a recess until nrxt Mon-
<,!   Urn    following  year.    During  thej,lay.
Man Who Cashed Checks
Is Arrested At Everett
Mter having a swell time on the
l;" ti. of the bogus cheques he had
'""i  so  Industriously  cashing al   ,111'
ic, ni hotels, ihr gold brick artist who
Successfully relieved a local honlfaco
01 a large nun, of money, and perform-
,,,! the same Hick on several other ho-
''i'nci, in Vancouver has al lasi
Cached 'he ,������,] of his tether. A mes-
���Sl|ge was received by Chief Mclnlosh
'������' nlghl Btatlng thai lhe mnn hud
''"'" wrested n'i a place ten miles
north ���r Bverett.
Detectives truce,] tho man to Seat-
, He, thence to Salem and finally ti,
Everett, where he was apprehended,
llis lady friends found the pac gelling too hoi for theiii, and abandoned
the gay cavalier to his own devices,
preferring  the  Seclusion   of  i,   certain
dlstricl of Vancouver to ihe strenuous
| life of a grafter's companion, and after they had helped hlm to spend the
easy monoy ho had Obtained, they
quietly gavo hlm tho merry hn ha.
Chlof Mcintosh left, on this morning's G. N. R. Irnln for Everett, expecting to rdurn this evening accompanied  by 1,1s prisoner.
Atlanta,  (la..     May   15.���James    11.
Clark, nlghl telegraph opera,,,,- at
Chamberlain, twelve miles from here,
late yesterday afternoon killed William .1. cheek, of Lunwoody, dangerously wounded S. Purcell, and his son
W. S. Parcel! and W. S. Mark, the day
operator al Chamberlain, and escaped
to the woods, where today he ls being
sought   by  ,,Ulcers  and  volunteers.
Clark, who Is believed to be menially unbalanced, aggravated his condition yesterday by drinking.
��� ���<-o ������ .
Standard Oil Dividend.
N.w York. May M.���The Standard
Oil today declared a quarterly dividend
of $11 a share. Tills compares with a
$15 dividend ln the previous Quarter
and one of $!) n year ago.
Arrived at New York.
Now York, May 15���Arrived: Steamer Kulser Wllhelm II from Bremen,    i
Workman   Accidentally   Drops   a   Box
of Dynamite In a Coal
'a.,   May    15.���Seven
Smashes Window in Jewelry Store on
Main Street and Escapes
With Gems.
minors were torn to pieces nnd twelve
badly burned by an explosion of dynamite in the Shenandoah City colliery of the Philadelphia Reading Coat
and Iron company today.
A box of dynamite which a workman was carrying, fell from his shoulder and caused the explosion which
ignited  Ihr mine gas.
Mosl of the killed and Injured were
Burke Forfeits Bail.
After having spciil all day and all
nlghl in the cells, George Rurke, who
wus charged wllh attempted extortion,
secured ball to the amount of $100 this
morning, and on being let out, immediately wont to Vancouver. On his case
being culled at the police court, there
was no appearance, nnd Magistrate
Corbould ordered the ball to bo forfeit-j
ed anil Issued a .warrant for his arrest. ;
Winnipeg, May 11.���A robbery which
fur daring rivals the escapades of
Jesse James, was perpetrated on Main
street this afternoon when a man, taking advantage of a lull in the street
traffic consequent upon the downpour
of ruin, smashed a window in Henry
Uirk & Sous' jewellery store, and
snatched :, tray of diamond rings, valued at $7,000. lie hud guarded againsl
pursuit by locking tho store doors with
tt skeleton key, and thru dashed
through thr Dank of Montreal next
door and escaped, However, he tripped
in his (light and stumbled, losing fifteen of tho eighteen rings which tin
tray oontalned, These were recovered
but the booty which he retained was
valued al about $1200. He has .so far
eluded pursuit.
Ontario House Prorogues.
Toronto, May 14.���The Ontario leg.
Islnture prorogued at 3 o'clock this uf-
tornoon with the usual ceremonies.    I
Enterprising   Gardeners   Make   Unlawful Use of Stream for Irrigation Purposes.
The application of the Royal brewing company for ten inches of water
from a stream, in the vicinlty^of Cedar Cottage which empties inlo False
C k, came up for hearing before Water Commissioner C. C. Fisher this
afternoon. J. L. C. Abbott of Vancouver appeared for the applicants and
cut down his application to one inch
on account of the fact that the application was affecting other properties.
J. J. Godfrey of Vancouver appeared
in the Interests of Mr. Thin one of the
owners of adjacent properties who is
now in lhe old country. Other property
owners present were Messrs. Searle,
Adams, Gibson and Timms.    V
Mr. Abbott was anxious to have the
matter closed up at once, or have the
opponents to the application pay the
costs of the applicants. He eventually
agreed to un adjournment in order
that Ihe other applicants mlghl have
a chance to post their notices according to legal requirements.
II came out In the evidence that Chinese gardeners In the dlstricl had for
some time been using the stream for
irrigation purposes and had dammed
lhe stream without permission, nnd
during the dry season monopolized the
greater part of the water.
As lt now stunds, Mr. Fisher will
make an official trip to the scene of
action and will give the enterprising
Celestial, official notice to tear down
their dams and leave the water alone.
The property owners in the vicinity
will be enabled to secure one inch
each for (heir own use.
Eight Sailors   and Two Pilots   cf an
Italian    Vessel     Are
Bordeaux, France, May 15���The
Russian steamer Lea collided today in
the Estuary of the Glronde, near Paul-
lac 27 miles from here, with the Italian barque Tereuina Mlgnato, Captain
Quarto. The barque sank anil eight ot
the crew and two pilots were drowned.
Women's Council  Meets.
The Local Council of Women held a
meeting In the council chambers of
the city hall yesterday afternoon, and
despite the Inclement weather, the attendance was good, Mrs. Levar, Mrs.
Broad snd Mrs. McKam wee elected
local representatives of the Lord's,
Day AlUMC*. The Daily News report
of the lecture on domestic science
given on April 27 was read ami discussed. It was announced that a lecture on the diseases i I ohlMren by
Dr Anderson ��i Vancouver would be
delivered In the near ruture, and that
.��� tJ,e meeting to be held on June 11
the members ol the hospital hoard
will be elected.
Water Application Granted.
The application of J. J. Johnston for
ten Inches of water from an unknown
stream flowing through lot ��1, group
1  In lhe vicinity of Port Moody recelv-
,,,, m n���al hearing belore Water Commissioner C. C. Fisher this afternoon,
the application being granted. The wa-
,,,,. wm  be  used for    domostic purposes.
Kamloops, May 14.-A telephone messa^w
just been received from Nicola L*ke, rt* ^ ^
message has arrived there with the new       D
three train robbers have been captured vm        g
las Lake, about 60 m les ^J^Sem was shot
doctor is needed right away, as one ottnem wd
in the leg. THE DALLY NEWS
TUESDAY, MAY 15, ������
S.ster    of C::fi;,ld's . Murderer
Hopes Th: : He Will Have
Time ;o Repent.
Seattle, May li.���Esther Mitchell.
the 18-year-old victim of "Joshua"
Cicffield, for who..; despatch from mis
yottlfg brother, George
awaiting   trial   in     the
the rives which Bow Into that mighty
sire;,,,,. This is a region oi , ..:. ani
high temperature and heavy rainfall.
I, is not a white man's country, and
few of either Latin or Saxon blood
are ai all likely to attempt home establishment in It.
Much better conditions appear In tho
remainder of the country. Southward
of the tenth parallel of south latitude
the surface is more diversified, being traversed by numerous mountain
ranges, all hough none of great altitude. The heat is that of the tropic
and   the   sub-tropics,   but   the   air   is
world   her
Mitchell, is
county jail, ;
day  morning
The   hrigh!,     alert   little     creature,
with  skirls scarcely  reaching to her
shoe   tops,   is   still   absolutely   Under  th,. presenl essentially an agricultural
the  power    which   this  dead,   man's and   pastoral    country, although    her
forest    industries  play  an    important
nived in Seattle yester-  drier, and the rainfall less and general
conditions far more healthful than in
the  northern  half of the country.
Like  Argentina,  Brazil   Is
Quotes  Words of Ex-Senator Chandler
Disputing Contention of the
Chief Executive.
pressly grant it court of review, but
to distinctly limit 11 to two points;
first, nu inquiry whether the interstate commerce commission bad ex-
1. 1 ib ,1 its authority, and second an
inquiry     whether
rights of the carrier had be.-n violated,
"He said that he had much trouble by the advocacy of an unlimited
court review by some of the lawyers
ot the senate, naming Senators Knox,
Spooner and Foraner, who were trying
to  injure    or defeat  the bill  by    In-
words and teachings cast over her.
Her oue desire was to see his widow,
and tbey have beeu together ever
since her arrival.
' Ay brother and I have nothing iu
common, she snapped out, when asked if she did not want to sea bim.   "1
part in her commerce. The gathering
of rubber Is the business of lhe na-
Hv.s of sparsely settled northern aud
northwestern states. The export value
of this
Washington,  May   11.���Senator Tillman made public last night part of a
written  attempt  made to him  by ex-
Senator Chandler, of New Hampshire, genious constitutional arguments,
regarding    the hitter's  various    con- that  he had come to 11  complete dis-
firences   with   the   president   on   the  agreement   with  him.    He  made ihis
railroad rate bill. point emphatic by repetition, and said
The portion given out by Mr. Till- he would go thus far
not for man Is largely a repetition of the first -.md thai his decision would be impart of his statement in the senate alterable. He declared thai he wished
Saturday. It covers, however, that.,,, ascertain whether there could be
portion where Mr. Tillman had quoted. united action in the senate among
Mr. Chandler as saying that the;the friends of the hill so thai il could
president had Btated that he had be surely passed wlthoul injurious
come to a complete disagreement, with anirndments. and he named various
senatorial lawyers who were trying to  republican senators whom he thought
Mrs. Tarranova had been taken inn,
the home of her uncle, a well to-do
baker, as a sort of ward and repaid
him by house work. After ber marriage she asserts Regglo hinted to her
,tlonal husband thai he character was not
spotless. Ten ;������,vn. wilh reproaches,
abandoned ber at once. Several days
later Mrs. Terranova wenl ,0 the
home of her uncle and aunt and while
pretending friendliness ,0 her unci.-,
stabbed him- lift' aunl defended hi.n,
and  was  killed  also.
The  trial  began  wilh   ihe  drawing
01   thr  jury,  during  which   the  girls
counsel, former Justice John Palmlerl,
repeatedly    asked  the talesmen
,. they would    be prepared
,n,i  no  tarthi-r        ' . ,
evidence  showing that
We have taken the Maple Leaf for our trade mark, because it is Canadian
product   exceeds  $50,000,000  a defeat  or Injure the railroad rale
The   southern   States   are   Hie'naming  Messrs.    Knox,  BpOoner
don't  want  to see him or have any-  coffee  district,  which  supplies about! Foraker,  regarding  which    statement
thing to do wllh hlm. 1 don't waul
Hum to kill him now. I want thorn
lo wait until he has repented and
been forgiven."
In response lo a telegram from Corvallis, Ore., Will H. Morris, attorney
for George Mitchell, met the girl at
the depot and escorted her to the
home of the police matron, where she
was welcomed as a homeless and
friendless girl, there helng, as yet no
other reason for detaining her.
Wants  to   See   Maude.
Her altitude toward her brother was cultural  and  non-manufacturln
quickly apparent when Mr. Morris explained lo her that he was her brother's attorney and asked If she did nol
want to see him.
"No," she said, "I want lo see
Maude. Wlll you tell me where she
Mr. Morris explained that her
brother was In jail for his defense of zil's purchases are made in lhis coun
7.1 per cent, of the world's demand foi
the berry.    For the last  three years
our  imports of Brazilian coffee have
averaged   nearly   sou,uiu,,    pounds  a
year. Rubber and coffee arc file principal articles of export, although there
are shipments of hides, corlon, cocoa
and tobacco to thr amounl of several
million of dollars each year. Thr
United States i.- ihe market for aboul
one-half of Brazil's total export sales.
Brazil's importation consists mainly
01  the merchandise needed in an agri-
,,y. ll includes lextilcs of all kinds,
non and steel, machinery agricultural
Implements, hardware, cillery, crockery and glassware, and all the thousand and one articles required in civil-
Ized communities. It is no, ,��� ihr
credit of American business enterprise  thai  so small a share of Bra-
try.     We supply   barely   more  than
per cent, of her requirements.
her and her married sister and her
married sister's children's clliildren.
but she made no reply. In response
lo a comment Ihat he hoped a girl
of her apparent brightness and intelligence would later see things in her during thai period only $38,600,000
a different light, sho retorted: worth of our products.   Tho mere fact
"Don't tell me I'm bright. Don't of an adverse balance of trade is a
tell .me I'm intelligent. Everybody matter of no importance whatever. We
says I'm crazy," and she repeated il buy because we wani what she has
several times. "Don't tell me I'm!!,, sell, and thai which wr buy con-
bright. Everybody says I'm crazy. | tributes lo our progress and welfare.
Everybody says I'm crazy."
The  girl    is  evidently    ln  a high-
strung nervous    condition.    Her eyes
flash  Bre.    She refused torent or delay a moment until she had found Sirs,  lon  cloth
She onlj   asked casually where her
brothc   was.   It was as if some other
boy's  sister  had   asked  out   of  mere
Creffield's name was nol  mentioned
were true friends of the bill, but said
it would take nearly all the democrats
to carry the measure ai I defeat all
obnoxious provisions.
Favored   the   Restriction.
"After ihe presldenl h id made his
statemenl I replied thai I bad reason
to believe that mosi of the democrat ���
in the Behate would sustain his limitation of the court's powers, but that
I w, 1 sure thai Mr. Bailey and Mr.
Tillman would insist upon coupling
with ihr limitation Bome restriction
upon the power of 11,0 courts to issue
Injunctions against Uir orders of the
commission. Before I had finished my
statemenl ���n this poinl the presldenl
Interrupted me, saying that 1 ned nol
explain further because be was warmly  in  favor of sonic such  restriction.
"Thai evening I saw Mr. Till,,,an and
told him win,, had occurred."
Sena,or Tillman's statemenl  in the
Senator Lodge subsequently said lm
was authorized from the White House
10 say that II was an Unqualified falsehood.
(1,1 1hls subjeel Mr. Chandler, referring to Ihe presldenl, said in his written statement:
"He said thai he had heen much
troubled by the possibility of an un-
limited conn review by .sonic of lhe
lawyers in ihr senate, naming Senators
Knox, Spooner and Foraker, who were
Hying lo injure or defeal lhe bill by
Ingenlus constitutional arguments, bui
1 iuu he had conic to a complete disagreement will, ihem. He made lhis
poinl emphatic by repetition."
Senator Tillman says in his statemenl ihat on Saturday, .May 5, he in-
sisied on having from ex-Senator
.Chandler a written statemenl of the
various conferences between tho latter senate Sa,urday was the principal
and the presldenl  in connection with  topic of discussion  in- official circles
to receive
the defendant
was mentally deranged because of in-
tense excitement when she killed her
uncle and aunt.
Assistant District Attorney Ely rep-
resented the prosecution and it was announced that the charge of murder
would be pressed only In the case of
the aunl.
Noted Californian Passes Away.
S,,n Francisco, Cal., May 14.���Samuel Ilrnunhiirl. former stair senator
and supervisor of Ibis ciiy. is ibad
al lbe Hern,1,11 hospital. He had been
sirk for Beveral weeks and was convalescing but suffered a severe relapse
al lhe time of the fire on April is,
from which he did not rally.
' Tht fit "Pt' t.taf ForeVtr "
(Maple Leaf
plan  of Ihe president  to control
railroad    rale  legislation   by    al-
Durlng the last three calendar years llance will, lhe democrats of the sen-
wr have bought from her $225,0110,000 ! ate, and Mr. Chandler gave him such
worth of her products.    We have BOld  a statement.
Part   of   Statement.
.Mr.  Tillman  salU   he   would  give  a
What we could and should do is lo pay
ior our coffer, rubber, hides, etc., a
smaller amounl of cash or European
exchange and a larger amounl of colli, anufaclures of iron and
steel, of paper, leather and wood, and
a miscellany of domestic commodities.
Anxiety in China.
Minneapolis, May 14.���Bishop T. J{.
Dahl,   of  the   United   Norwegian   Lain her presence aud she did not. refer jtheran church, has senl a cablegram to
tc   the    prophet"   or  his   death.   She:,,,,.   mls8ion'rlea    ,;f  ,������  ,.������,.,���    in 1 ,
lid nol say whether she expected his  china, ordering them to lea..' the dis-!
yesterday. The senator had a number of callers at his apartments with
whom he talked freely about the matter, among whom were Senator Bailey
and ex-Senator Chandler.
Mr,    Chandler has been  urged    by
some of his friends to make a public
portion of ihat statemenl relating 10 statement over bis own signature ri
ihe interview of Mr. Chandler will, ganling the denial by Senator Lodg
Ihe president on March 31, which had   ol  lhe accuracy of the president's r,
become a subject matter of dispute,
lm, would retain thr remainder for
use in ease any other parts of his
statement in the senate on Saturday
should be denied.
The following is the porl ion of Mr.
Chandler's statemenl given out by Mr.
marks in reference to Senators Spoon-
, i', Knox and Foraker. 11. declined
bow. ver, to be further brought Into
the controversy at this time saying
he would let the matter for the presenl resl on the statement made public by Mr. Tillman, li was wilh Mr.
Chandler's consent that the portion of
"On  Saturday afiernoon, March 31, his written statement to Sen,ior Till
11)06, a  friend of mine came in,,, my I man   and   his   conferences   with   .he
nto my   man
offlce and told me of the White House   president  was made public
conference of thai day in which :,��� Attorney-General Moody and Senator
understanding as to a limited courtIAlason conferred with ihe presldenl
review had been reached wiib Senator today on the si,nation tlmi has arisen
concerning  Hie   railroad   rale  hill   in
resurrected    spirit    to    forgive    her
jrofher and she was not  asked.
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
.lohn F. Miller was not aware of the
girl's presence ln the city until informed later. He said he would have
,, talk with her tomorrow. He knew
lhal she was OOmtng and she will he
held a:, a witness for the state
married sister, Mrs. Starr, who lefl
her husband and children and walked
to rejoin Creffleld at Waldporl, Or-.,
is ex| .cled in Seattle within
the president wished to gel into coin-
"'irls  ln   whlcn   I '   :    a   1. 1.,,1,-aii.in    with the democrats    and
case  they    consider    their  lives    in   would shortly ask me to come and see
danger. liim.    while he wns talking ;>  ssen
Bishop Dahl has received three let- ger  boy  im.|vi,,|  wiln  ���  ,,.,,,.,. ,��� ������.
, from missionaries of the United  f,.���In  Ml.. tj0el>, as follows:
Th.-   While   House,     Washington,
Some    Information About the    Greatest South American Republic.
Beyond lhe mere fact that, her possibilities are known to be almost
limitless, Brazil's economic resources
are little belter than a subject for
guesswork. The country occupies
ahout ir, per
church   In   China,   who   forecast   the I
trouble in the nature of a new revolution.    According to these letters, the
Her  disturbance is  centered  around  Run-
Ing-F.i, of the Honan district.
Rev. .1. S. Stockke, who wrote on,
1 ''���' letters, and who died in April,
'��� s the Chinese are  rising against
..���ir own government In this district
and he asserts thai the officers and
the governmenl officials themselves
do mn believe their own soldiers are
to be depended upon, as they are receiving pay from the revolutionists. He
says they are constantly afraid the
soldiers will betray them and open the
gates to the enemy,
. _0	
March  81,  1906.
"'My Drar Senator Chandler: The
president requests me to say thai hi
would be glad to have you come to
the White House In sc bin, al 8:30
o'clock tonight. Will you please lel
the bearer know who,her you can
" 'Very  truly  yours,
the Benate.
On leaving the executive offlce Mr.
Moody said thai he would make no
Statemenl  in answer to thai  made by
Mr. Till,   in  the  senate Sat urday:
thai if any statement is made ii will
come from the president. He would
nol say, however, that such a state-
11,rn,   is to  be  mad-.
" 'Hon.
"I told
I here.
10.   Chandler,   1121     I
the messenger  I  would   be
Met   the   President.
Wouldn't Take Chances.
Fuzzy Fred���I dreamt las' night dat
ent. of the entire South | a guy offered mo a quart uv ten-year-
American continent. Us urea slightly
exceeds that of tbe United States
proper. Its northern half, lying within ten degre-s of the equator, ls In
large part a region of extensive forest
plains,  drained   by  the   Amazon   and
old whisky, but   I  refused I' lake it.
Hungry Ilank-Whal did youse do
dat   ferV
Fuzzy Fred���'Cause I know',! de
n,limit i tried to take a drink I'd
wake  up,���Chicago  Mews.
Seventeen Year Old Girl    on Trial for
Killing       Uncle      and
New   York.   May   li���The   trial   of
Mrs.  Jose],bine T.-rranova,  an   Italian
girl, 17 years old, for the murder of
her   uncle,   Gaetano   Reggio,   and   his j
wife in  tholr home  in this city last
"Ai   the  time nnd  place appointed, February,      was     commenced      bathe president said to me thai he wish-  tore Justice Scot,  today.   The case IsI
.��� I through me to get Into communica-  one of the most extraordinary to come:
tion   with   Mr.  Tillman.   Mr.    Bailey  before a New Yorlt jury in a long time. |
land  other    democratic   smut,ns.    He
slated   his  purpose   slowly  and  carefully and In exact substance his statement  was lhis���that he had  reached
the conclusion that, the besl  plan tor
i railroad   rate   legislation   was   to   ex-
Mrs. Terranova has confessed that she
stabbed her uncle and aunt to death,
but declares that she was impelled toj
do it by a great wrung done to her 1
by   her  uncle,   In   which  she  declares
he  was aided by her aunt.
Maple Leaf
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the Maple Leaf Brand
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J. !"!��� TO
\ .. r_carw i
TU_G_AY, MAY  15, 1906.
Denunciation     by    Apostle    of
Causes a Free Fight on
Chicago, -May  11.���A meeting over
. ,,,1, John Alexander Dowle presided!
���, 2ion city yes,erday afternoon was
broken up by a number of folowers of
..   opposing taction, assisted  by several outsiders, and  before the crowd
parsed a  free fl^ht occurred.
Dowie was addressing the audience,
cumbering ahout 600, and made the
statemenl thai the overseers of the
Vollva faction were thieves ami rob-
in rs.
At once a number of those ln the
audience were on  their feel  shouting,
no, no, you are the robber; why don't
you pay y���ur debts?"
iln- disturbance became go violent
thai a Zion guard was sen, to restore
ord, >'��� The guard took hold ,,f an old,
gray-headed man, win, was loudest
i.i his demonstrations for Dowie to
pay his obligations, and this was a
ignal for a free fight.
\ dozen men seized the guard an I
aboul    tu drag him down    the
aisle,    when  Gladstone    Dowie    nnd
.  ii  Arrlngton  mounted   the  plat-
��� ii in and called upon the audience ,,<.i
'.P create a disturbance, and 'hen
'. ok their seats.
Traitor   and   Robber.
\r. i ij nl. -t had been restored Dow le
. ,  in attempted to proceed with the
meeting, bul he was jeered and called I
traitor and robber until In- finallj
elded   ,i,   dismiss   th.    audience.
A riol call was senl to 'he poll, e
Station, and Captain ot Police Walker,
will, four men, hurried to ihe taber
nacle in a wagon. Hy the time the
police arrived mosl of the audience
hud left the building. In the mids,
of the trouble, Burleigh, the negro a;
tendanl of Dowle, rushed upon the
platform nml placed hims.-ir al Dowie's
side, while those of the uniformed Zlon
guards   who have taken sides    with
Dowie   funned   ,,   line   of   defi i.
fun,, of iii" platform.   No attempt at
violence,  however,  was made again I
Dowie was s��� weal; that he had to
be carried into his carriage from ihe
tabernacle hy iwo attendants.
Seco. 1 Disturbance,
At a lat.-r meeting called for Dowie
adherents only, bu, which was Invaded by a large number of those who
were riotous at the former meeting,
Dowle precipitated a second general
disturbance, lie caused to be read a
letter from   ,,,,.��� of    his   supporters
Stating     Hint   the   writer's   wife     had
i" ��� i i fely through the crisis of a
Berious illness while Dowle prayed for
I..,-. This fact Dowie compared wilh
the ���'. e ..t Mrs. Cant el, wife of a,,
overseer, who died last Friday wlthoul it 'i.ai attention while v ��� \\\ i
and hi upporters were off, i lng pi a ���
��� rs for i,er recovery. Dowie declared
thai be feared thai the woman died
because she had associated herself
v lili the rebels. Th. re was a atorm
oi hisses and Bhouts of "Sh um
"There Is death  In  store for more
of you If this rebellion keeps on," continued  Dowie.
Again the people sprang from their
chairs, ahouting and gesticulating ,,n-
:. the turmull became bo general thai
Dowie was obliged to bring the meet- Amount Promises to Gro�� Into Billions
Ins   to   ;t   dose
With  No One to Claim
(From   the   Philadelphia   Press.) New York, .May 14.���Mayor McClel-
Coal  and  I���,, are both  necessities  ia���,  after  looking  up  the  law,  says
the negro  convict  who  was  confined   afternoon  to Hyde  Park, where
h   the Jail a,  Martinique al  the time James Keir Etardle a
of the disaster.   So tar as known, h,
was  the  only   human  survivor ol
disaster.      He   joined    a   circus
freak   the  year  after  the  disaster.
_',[ GeorgT.vico'n USES WOODMAN'S AXF
of  life.    Any   con,hi,,:,,ions  which  in
"    their   price, any    agreements
which  restrain  competition, and any
Ownership  by  railroads or railroad others  which   gives  one  mine  or  one
mill an advantage over another is not
only contrary to public policy, hut*it
Is   uflsoi   under lexlBtlng   statutes,   a
cime and must be fleall with as such.
The process and progress of ihis investigation,  carried  uu  by   two  men
���   Mr.   Hughes  and  Mr.   Simpson,
will quicken the zeal and increase the
s|.el   with   which   the  railroads  lh.-m-
lv,    are Betting their houses In order.     Many   abuses  in   the  past  have
een  steadily  diminishing, until eastern   rail,,ads  are  working  on   a  tariff
hnsis.    Special  rules have been eliminated.     Favoritism   has  heen   removed.
Hu,    i,    still    remains   true   thai    a
searching Investigation is necessary to
satisfy the public, and to rool  on,  tin
last remnant of abuses rife in the past,
diminishing in the present, in,, not
wholly disappeared and needing exposure.
 o ���
that ii will require a constitutional
amendment to permil the city to
spend the money raised to aid lhe
sufferers in the Mounl Pelee disaster,
About $11,11 was sent in and the names'
of the subscribers an; lost.
A.s all  lhe people hut one a.   Mount
P, l.-e  were  killed  and  there  �� it  ,i i
, all  for money,  it   was no,  sen,   forward.    Money  in  the custody of the
I city to be spent for a specific purpo   i
I cannot  be spent   for anything else.
The  ���,������������>'  wus raised  about   four
.ears  ago,   when   Mayor   Low   was   at
the city hall, and some one lost the 1
names of the givers.   The money has
.....,]   un   deposit   tor   the   past   four
years  and   is  drawing  interesl   a,   the)
rate of - per cent.
"I am informed hy people in the
finance departmenl " said the mayor,
"ihai we are likeh to hav. the Martinique fund will, us Indefinitely. I also
am Inform, tl tin.' ' '���''��� a, 2 per cell,,
iln- fund will double itself every
forty-four years, nnd lhal in one
thousand years this modes, fund if
left   undisturbed   "ill  amounl   to  the
New Departure in Sealing.
Ottawa. May 11.���Reports jus, given out by the government .show tha,
Newfoundland's sealing fishery has
been a groat success. I.as, year tie-
catch   was   174,000.   This   season   ovei
300, I   wer.-   ki',...:.    .m,   experlmenl
was made this year with a powerful
iron ship, and lhe ease with which she
smashed her way through the ice and
enabled hunters to get closer to the
sealing ground, has marked a new
departure in the methods of at. Industry which is the greal .-vent of the
.r.. pan of iiu- year in Newfoundland, and is said lo give employment
to 5,000 men.
, o ,
Yukon Navigation.
Ottawa, May U.���The post office de
Barns, Labor party members of parliament, presided at thc line,ing. The
object of the demonstration was lo lm-
press upon the authorities ihe fact thai
there are    thousands    of unemployed ' "D' Maj 14.���a
ng upon the authorities to recog-  im.- a   Iii,nnin8iu��� y
eople in the Metropolis. Resolutions s;i"''   'U ''on,niiii,.,|
ing i
this cl
nise the right of    all  lo work
Engagement Announced
London, May 14.���The
is announced of .1. Austen Chamberlain, chancellor of the exchequer in
the late Balfour cabinet, and Ivy Mur-
��'l,tn i
'" wtaar, woodi
J' '       of
ah,..:.. fisher
man lianitil  u i
'"""' Anderson
er ns:,.
 ���' "wxraran'i  axe, and
ngagement   Inflicted se.rat. fr,���,.,f���,
r.���������....���   ,,,    .     ,        ,rlsh""1 '*' bout
tne head.   Dr    u...
r'   H"*��l    '..'ni    down,
';"""' ^ sounds, and brought
iei, daughter of P. L. Dundas, Esq., of h : ,0 the tospltal here, when he
Datehet, Buckinghamshire, now chief ��">w "esis8���-,pr(      .^
staff officer at Gibraltar. -Mr. W. H. BlUlook-WebsU, of ,!������ Pro-
 0�����  vincial ioIIc. ���.������,  ,
' '"��. ��ent down lo Bonning-
British Defences. ton this m���rnl���R ,���   Brreg) ,,,��� W(j|i|i|_
London,   May   14.��� In   the house    of I be murdwef wholad fled to th,   woods
lords today the Karl of Wemyss*Con-''""' *ho ll;"1 ""��� been located an to a
.Bervative, called attention to the ques-    '"'      r """s1"-
tion of home defence. He asserted tha, o	
L����ure�� at  Haney.
""  n"^a.v,v,.ning las, .'..!   while
kon on or aboul  June (I, after which  """  il">   ��i'-"��"'"' -""���-��� "'  '"" '"���"''  "���    Vancomw,  (ave   an   Illustrated
due service   roall parts   ot lhe Yukon j ,r-v' Tlu' ��uestlon w0"'��1 b" ^ved, he  lecture   in ,���, oa��� ,ni
par,ment has hern advised  that  navigation is expected to open on the Yu-
the country was practically without an
army, ami that there were not at present  any  up-to-date guns in  the conn-  of
��� abject,
will  be  absolutely  unrestricted,  wl,h;""'"' lr ""' government had the con,.  "The  Haw_t__ Wands."    Before De
reference to classes of mall matter
conveyed. From all points in lhe easl
all letters addressed t<, Yukon will he
forwarded after May 25, und from Vancouver and the Western Coast on and
after June  1,
age to adopt  compulsory  service    at ginning Mr. White awl ,\|,��� w/hl,
home and volunteer service abroad, trlbuud leveralsongj and   ..unions
The Earl of Portsmouth, parliamen- which were nmen enjoyed    This lee-
tary secretary to the war offlce, salJ ture,       ...                entertain-
thai  the  governmenl   had a mobilize- ments which ire being held during the
tion  scheme  under   which   it   hoped   i, season,
could    mobolize    its    forces.    Further Th,
on    Ban
Freshly   made   candy  every   day   at   tidy sun, of $12,000,000,000."
the  Star  Candy  Factory  next to De
Grey's barber shop. '
It has been sugg, - ed that there may
be a possible claimant for the fund in
,:s    forces.    Further      rhe next lecture will
schemes had been prepared for the de-  Francisco" by   Rev. Mr.
fence  of  British   pons,  which   would  Rev. Mr. Reld Is deserving ot suppi
London, May 14.���Thousands of un-|be placed ln position to resist nny Bud- in his effortt to provide such helnful
Unemployed  March.
,, May 14.���Thousan
employed of both sexes marched this  den attack
Polish Your Furniture
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adhere.   Jusl try it and
much bei ter 11 Is I turn any 01    r \
Prepared Wax
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TUESDAY,  MAY  15,  1906.
Cause  ,Tor Congratulation.
The cap,ure of the men who held up|
the west-bound train on the C. P. R.,
near Kamloops,   last   week,   is mosi !
gratifying. The first robbery, which occurred over a year ago, near Mission
Junction, while it proved a poor speculation for the robbers, since the booty
thej  obtained was comparatively trifling,   was  quite   successful   so   far   as
their getting    clear away    was    con-
earned;  and men began to ask if we
were to see on our side of the line the
establishment  of  train  robbing  as  a
regular industry, such as it had .mow,,
to be south of the International boundary. The prompt capture of the men
engaged in last  week's "hold-up"���followed as it. will    he by their    speedy
trial and (if the evidence against them
is as conclusive    as our    despatches
would lead us to expect) their exemplary punishment, will do much to (liter others from following their example.      Experience    seems   to     prove
that      Ihe      quiet      arrest,      followed
by  a  conspictilously  fair trial,  and  a
long  term of Imprisonment,  is much
more   effectual   in  suppressing  crime
than the shooting down of the criminals i��� a little battle between them and
the officers of Ihe law. The quiet, dispassionate, British style of managing
such matters Is so very prosaic. There
Is nothing  about it to appeal to the
Imagination of Uie youthful criminal.
ers," as they were called, did much to
sur popular feeling againsl the Con-
servatlv, government, and contributed
no ,, little to the crushing overthrow
of that government should feel that it
has a mandate from the people in the
ma,te,���hence the introduction by Mr.
Hlrrell. Th. governmenl has carried
the second reading of the bill by a
majority of something like two to one,
bul how far features deemed objec-
tionable will be trimmed in committee,
and what action the house of lords will
take when the bill reaches the chamber, i, is Impossible to say. There are
those who believe ihat the entire banishment of religious teaching from the
schools vill be ihe final outcome.
The fall acceptance   hy Turkey    of
the British demands would seem to be
a sufficient answer to the rumor which
was circulated   that the    "Sick -Man"
���ad been stirred   to take   the   action
liit-li  made Britain's interference ne-
���ssai'.v, by the German government-
.- the German Emperor, as it was put.
.lad Turkey    believed   that   Germany
was behind  it, the demands of Greal
Britain would not probably have mei
with such  ready acceptance, and  the
Mat isfadory    outcome    of    the    affair
should  therefore dispose of the accu
.satiou against the kaiser, whose hand
some people seem to see in everything
which  even  remotely    threatens    the
peace of Europe.
It Uni Flmt Found lij- n h��.��Im
Trndir In JS3-.
Gold was first discovered in Alaska
on the Anauk river, a tributary of Ilie
Kuskokowiin river, which joins the
latter stream about twenty-live miles
below the trading post of Kalamako-
flsky. The Annuk river was discover,*!
by Ivan Bimenson Lukeen In is.",2, nt
which time he built n fort, called I.u-
keen's fort, on the Kuskowtm river,
twenty-five miles above the mouth of
the Annuk. It wns partly destroyed
by natives In 1841 and rebuilt by Kll-
lamakoff, a Russian trader, afterward
and culled KahiinnkolT redoubt
In is:'.- ihe headquarters of the Russian-American Trading company were
nt Silica, and supplies were transported from thence to Lukeen's fori by
way of Nushngnk river. Tie chic river
and lake and down the Anauk river to
the Kuskowlm river and thence upstream twenty-live miles to the fort.
1 In 1887 the yearly supplies were sent
ln by way of the mouth of the Kuskowlm river and the old way abandoned
as n summer route and used only for
the purpose of wending out the mails
during the winter by dog teams. It
was the only winter route the Russians
ever used from any poinl on the Yukon
��� lo the outside (Sitka 1 anil was only
abandoned for thc purpose after they
left the country.
It was while on one of these trips in
1SV_ that the Russians discovered gold
on the Annuk. and il is known today as
the Yellow river or the Russians. It
ls not known whether they ever attempted mining on any large scale or
whether they found gold In paying
quantities, but lt is thought to he the
first time on record of gold being found
in this country.
Lukeen was horn of Russian and
Spanish-American Creole parents in the
Ross colony ln California. He was
well educated at the Sitka school and
proved to be an active, energetic and
Intelligent officer. In 1868 Lukeen ascended the Yukon .river from St. Michael's to Fort Gibbon, at the Hudson
Bay company's trading post, which was
built by McMurrny, who descended thc
Porcupine river in LSI". Lukeen was
the first man who connected the Pelly
river of Campbell and the sea. He
returned to St. Michael's that fall. In
1800 the Russian garrison at Klama-
kofT redoubt, In charge of Deraentofr,
was wlthdrawu, the United Stales having purchased Alaska from the Russians.���Ketchikan Mining Journal.
tion 1
introduction of the new oduca-
ill in ihe British parllamenl has
, storm in the old country, be
side which our own Northwest school
controversy of last session pales in,,,
insignificance. The leaders both of the
Church ol England and the Roman
Catholic church denounce the bill,
while the non-conformists generally
support il although some of its provisions meel with criticism from that
quarter also. II will be remembered
that many non-conformists refused to
obey the provisions of Mr. Balfour's
education Mil of 1902, going to prison
in some instances, and in others sub
nutting lo distraint of their goods and
chattels, rather than pay the rales for
the support of the schools as conduct-
HIii.-l.  Pearls.
Black pearls used to be held as ol
small value, comparatively speaking,
At the present dny a perfect bluet
specimen commands a much higher
price than the finest pink or white
pearls. They were first made fashionable by the -Impress Eugenie, wife of
' iipoleon III., who possessed a famous
, -:lnce of them which fetched ��4,000
. nn auction after the overthrow of
Ue Imperial dynasty. This did not In
elude the single great pearl forming
the snap, which was purchased by tho
Marquis of Bute for ��1,000. Mexico,
Tahiti, Fiji and the kingdom of Madura, to thc east of Malabar, supply
the markets of tbe world with the best
black pearls. One of the most curious
pearls from many points of view was
Unit which the traveler Tavernier sold
to the ruler of Persia 200 years ago for
��100,000. It Is still In the possession of
thc shall of Tersln nnd Is now supposed to be worth ��135,000. Thc Persian
monarch has a square glass casi-
among his bizarre collection of Jewelry containing n vast heap of nio?t
magnificent pearls four or live inrluw
deep. Into which one can plunge the
hand  nnd spill them In cascades and
In districts where the existence ofj
glanders is suspected and especially
In neighborhoods where actual outbreaks have occurred the adoption of
the following precautions by owners
of liorses and others interested will
do much to prevent the spread of thc
disease and tho establishment of fresh
centres of infection.
1. Horses or mules having a nasal
discharge or other suplclous symptoms should not be admitted to livery
or feed Btables or yards, blacksmith
shops, church or school sheds, railway slock yards, private stables or
other places where they are likely
come into direct or indirect contact
with animals of thc equine species.
2. All    stables,   yards,   or sheds
used for the accommodation of horses
or mules should be regularly and frequently cleansed and disinfected ln
the manner prescribed below.
15. After cleansing the premises
thoroughly, and burning all debris, the
Interior should be well gone over wiih
hot steam, or boiling water, adding to
the latter at bast one quart of crude
carbolic acid to each five gallons after
which the entire surface should be
thickly coated with a hot solution of
fresh lime wash, lo which crude carbolic acid has been added in the above
mentioned proportion.
Outbuildings, fences and tying posts
with which Infected animals have
been in contact should also, when possible, be thoroughly treated in a similar manner.
All ordinary harness and stables
utensils, which have been In contact
with infected animals or infected premises, should be thoroughly soaked in
a hot solution of crude carbolic acid
of a strength of one part to twenty.
Materials which might be injured
by the above treatment such as valuable harness, robes, cushions,, etc.,
which have been In contact with infection should be placed in an air
tight room and fumigated with Formaldehyde after which they should be
thoroughly cleaned.
4. In stables where outbreaks have
occurred or where diseased animals
have, Inadvertently or otherwise, been
Stabled, even temporarily, the cleansing and disinfection should he especially thorough and in such cases it ia
safest to remove and burn feed boxes
and mangers when of wood; iron
articles can be rendered harmless by
passing them through lire or by Immersing them for some time ln boiling wnler. All litter from suspected
animals should be burned or carefully fenced until used.
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone !----.
J. R. Gflley, 'Knone 1-4-t
I   I
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. 0. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-b
Poultry experts and farmers in all parts of the world
unite in placing Oatmeal as the basis of all reliable
chick food. The large poultry breeders for exhibition purposes, in England and the Eastern States,
who frequently mix their own special chick foods,
invariably order their Oatmeal from the leading
Rolled Oats and Oatmeal Mills; by so doing they
insure having the finest Oatmeal, lt is because we
are Cereal manufacturers and much the largest buyers of the best oats in the whole of Western Canada
that we are in a position to produce the celebrated
which is now so popular amongst poultry farmers
that it is not only selling by the sack but by the
carload. It is packed in 25, 50 and 100 lb. bags.
It is not only the best food for chicks, but also the
cheapest on account of our facilities for purchasing
the purest ingredients in very large quantities.
Milling Co., Ld.
The Front, New Y/es.minster, B. C.
II. K. lull.
5. Farmers and others should,
whenever possible, avoid admitting
strange horses or mules to the premises occupied by their own animals
especially of the same species. It Is &
good plan to reserve an isolated
building for outside horses or mules
bnt where this is impossible ,hey may
bc accommodated in cow stables, cattle not being subject to glanders Infection. Such liorses and mules shoulil
be watered from special pails, which,
together with all other stable utensils
used on or about them, should he
carefully cleansed and disinfect,,,1 before being used for other animals.
Stalls occupied by strange liorses or
mules should be well cleansed and
disinfected and, if at all possible, left
unoccupied for some time,
fi. Where new norscs or mules are
purchased in or from districts where
glanders exists, they should, unless
carefully tested with Malleln prior to
purchase, be stabled apart, and closely
watched  for some time before being
brought In contaci with other animals
of the equine species.
7. It must be borne In mind that
while nasal discharge, or ulceration,
enlarged glands, ihe presence of farcy
buds, unaccountable swelling of the
limbs and general unthrlftlness often
characterize cases of glanders, the
disease exists in many animals without, for the time being, any external
manifestations whatever, the only
mrans of detection ln such cases being the Malleln lest, and that these
occult or latent cases are In some respects the most dangerous because
unsuspected. Our experience shows
that lt Is possible for animals of this
class to convey infection to others
without themselves developing acute
symptoms. It is therefore plain that
great caution should be exercised in
the purchase or handling of strange
horses or mules especially ln those
districts where the disease has
become established.
The  carcases  of  animals  dying
<>,slaughtered as being axected
with glanders should, when possible,
be burned or, failing this, buried at
least six feel beneath the surface.
0. Owners of premises where outbreaks have been dealt with should
bear in mind that Inspectors cannot
recommend release from quarantine
unless disinfection has been carried
ont In a satisfactory manner and that
compensation for animals slaughtered
cannot be paid until a certificate of
cleansing and disinfection has been
received by the Minister of Agriculture.
10. Horse owners should have no
hesitation in reporting to this Department or to Its inspectors tho existence
of actual or suspected cases of glanders. The disease has been spreading
rapidly of late years and lt Is a matter of public Interest that every fr.sh
centre of Infection should he discovered and dealt with as promptly as
Veterinary  Director  General.
Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, March, lOOfi.
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F. P. Rand of Vancouver was among
the Ham,ma's passengers to Chllllwack thla morning.
.1.  Berger    won,   up the river    this
[morning   on  the Ramona    to Green's
landing after remaining in the city for
a few days.
The steam tug Si,'anger wenl to
I'in lake today and will return with a
boom of .shingle bolts for the Fraser
River Lumber company.
The Bteamer Favourite went up to
Point Douglas today with a heavy load
of general merchandise for P. Purcell
the general merchant at that place.
Mrs.   (Rev.)   .1.   G.   Reld,   1738   Pandora  Btreet, Vancouver,    will    be    at
home   to  her  friends on  Thursday   af-
, ternoon and evening.
The following matters cam,, up yesterday before 11������. W. X. Hob-: in re
W. 0. McQuarrle, application for quieting titles, order iii advei Use, In re 'William Cassldy, application for service,
order to advertise in the Daily News.
A carload of caul, arrtvod ou the
C. P. It. railway this morning from
Calgary. They were consigned in
Reichenbach & Co.,   u���. Royal City
butch,', s.
The Jewish junk dealers are still
operating along the river and yesterday ile- Ramona brough, in a consignment of iu sacks of old bottles addressed to them.
Six cars of Todd Inlel cemenl w.-re
Bhlpped fro,,, ile- ,'. P. X. wharf yes-
terdaj for Calgary. The consignment
embraced 1,560 sacks and wen- recent-
lj I,rough, Into ihis port by the
freighter Forager.
The postal authorities have received the informal ion thai on and after
today, in addition to the present facilities mail will be taken from thla point
for Sea,He and way points on the 4:35
'rain. The mail will close at 1 o'clock
daily except  Sunday.
C. .1. Millar left on tin- Ramona ihis
morning for his home ai Chilliwack
after a short business stay In the city.
W. Patterson was a passenger on
ll,.- steamer Ramona for Chilliwack
this morning.
The S,. Mungo Canning company's
little steam mg Lora is a, presenl
laid up at the cannery aud a new en-
glne is being Installed. A new boiler
was recently Introduced and ihe little
craft will very soon be a decided acquisition to lh" Sl. Mungo fleet.
Th.- down river steamer Transfer
arrived in the city this morning from
,!," lower river ports with th.- following passengers: Rev. Dell, I.. Tambollne, G. McStephen, Miss Whitworth,
Miss (Iniei,on. R. Swanson. from Lad-
ner; P. Kelly, and P. Birrell, from
The .steamer Rithel arrived in the
city this afternoon from Victoria, with
a general cargo of freight Among
other things wore three large buoys
from the waters near Victoria. Those
are consigned to the department of
public works and wlll likely be used
ln the FTaser.
0. Wilkie, chairman of the music
committee of the May Day celebration
today sent the tickets over ,,, Xanaimo
which will bring to this city the members of the Nanaimo Boys' Brigade
band. These young musicians have a
good reputation and it is expected will
add much to the enjoyment of the cel-
The steamer Favourite left for Port
Douglas, Harrison lake, this morning
loaded down to the water's edge with
a cargo of general freight, chiefly consisting of provisions. The Favourite
expects lo return on Thursday morning next and after collecting another
load will lea��e for Harrison Lake
again in the course of a few days. Geo.
Harvey will act as captain.
The large number of municipal applications for water records on the
shores of Burrard Inlet which were to
have been heard before Waler Commissioner Fish.',', in Vancouver tomor-
I row, have been remanded for oue week
at the request of a considerable number  of the applicants who are at  the
11 res, nl   time  in   al tend   ,ce    at    the
Methodlsl    conference      a     Victoria.
i They  will  be heard  on  the 23rd  insi.
Opera House Alterations.
At the invitation of General Superintendent Marpole, acting on behalf of
the C. P. R., a conference will be held
to discuss the details of ,!������ proposed
alterations to the Vancouver Opera
house. This meeting will be attended
by Mr. Marpole, the company's architect who ls expected In Vancouver today, Dr. Underhlll and Captain Mc-
Spadden. The company is desirous to
conform In all respects to the building by-laws and to make the place as
safe as possible Iron, any conflagration
In addition to an asbestos curtain the
stage will probably be provided with
an automatic sprinkling device.
quietly withdrawn, ijcsiries tne pne
nomenon of boiling mud columns there
are scores of gigantic bubbles of hot
slime that Iill up like huge balloons and
keep up a series of constant explosions,
the Intensity of tbe detonations vary
ing with the size of the bubble. In
times past, so the Javanese authorities
say, there was a tall, spirelike column
of baked mini on the west side of the
lake which constantly belched a pur,
stream of cold water, but this has long
been obliterated, and everything ls now
a seething mass of bubbling mud and
slime, a marvel to the visitors who
come from great distances to see It.
Annual  Picnic.
The employees of th,   B. c. Electric
Railway company will hold a meeting
on Monday evening to arrange mailers
In connection wilh their annual picnic, which will likely be held al Chilli
wack as us,,!'. This seems to I," favorite camping ground for pleasure parties from ,his city and then- is no
doubt thai with such a popular locality In which to hold their annual fete,
the Btreet car men will thoroughlj enjoy their holiday.
Cruelty to Horse.
C. C. Dunn Of this city has caused
a warranl to be issued by the Chief
Constable's department for the appearance of Roberl McMurchie of Hazle-
mere. Mr. McMurchie will answer to
: the charge of cruelly to a horse which
he has been working. The horse ls
thu property of Mr. Dunn and through
neglect the shoulders of the animal
were raw and supuratlng matter, and
the defendant was slill working it.
The matter will be looked Into on the
18th instant, in the hearing of Captain
Plttendrlght, S. M.
Iliirnia    I   ll N I o in s.
Two ceremonies lu Hurma mark when
childhood stogs nud manhood or worn
onhood begins. The boys have their
thighs tattooed and the girls their ears'
bored. The boring of a girl's ears is
commenced with a needle, and the
puncture Is gradually Increased until
the tip of the finger can be Introduced.
Tbe enlarging process ls the one carried out in tlie Polynesian Islands,
where a native can carry a good sized
knife hanging ln the lobe of his ear.
The ugliest mutilation ls that of tho
Eskimo, who punches a hole ln his;
cheek nnd puts a bone stud Into lt. The
Burmese boy suffers gTeat pain from
the elaborate ornamentation of his tegs,
Which are decorated In blue and red
OrKaii   Grinder-   In   England.
By turning the handle of an organ
the Italian In England obtains nearly
eight times as much per week as he
can earn In Italy, more than four times
as much as the English farm laborer
and nearly three times the pay of the
policeman who moves him on when
requested. Thousands of skilled artisans who have served apprenticeship
as carpenters, painters nnd joiners gel
only half the organ grinder's pay, for
the Italian reckons it a very poor week
Indeed if he makes less than $15, and
he often gets $17.50 to $20 or more.
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
���that is why we continue to grow and expand.    8,,,,
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������������ ��� ��� ��� ��� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������>�������������������
Tlie Angler Fl-h.
The angler flsh angles for his prey.
From tlie upper part of his head project
two long tentacles, with fleshy extremities, which wave about in the water j
and attract small  flsh, that, approaching nnd  attempting to seize the sup- j
posed bait, are themselves captured by;
the angler.   Without this device to attract his prey be would probably starve
to death, as be Is heavy and of *om
paratlvely slow motion.
One up to date house   in   Brick Row, Sapperton.
Dwelling on S.W. cor. 9th St. and 3rd Avenue.
Cottage, corner 3rd St. and 3rd Avenue.
Kilby Place, Sapperton.
Three rooms for light housekeeping, Ash St.
Small house on Princess, St.
Columbia  St.
4 l.lRlilhiiuM. Which In Wlthnt ���
I.lRlit   of Its  inui.
The most extraordinary of all lighthouses Is to be found on Arnish rock,
Stornoway bay, a rock which ls separated from the Island of Lewis by a
channel over 500 feet wide. It is In thc
Hebrides, Scotland. On this rock a
conical beacon ls erected, and on Its
summit a lantern ls fixed, from which
night after night, shines a light which
ls seen by the fishermen far and wide.
Yet there ls no burning lamp ln the
lantern, and no attendant ever goes tc
it, for tlie simple reason that there is
no lamp to attend to, no wick to train
and no oil well to replenish.
The way in which this peculiar lighthouse Is Illuminated la this: "On the
Island of Lewis, 600 feet or so away,
ls a lighthouse, and from a window ln
tlie tower a stream of light Is projected on a mirror In the lantern ou the
summit of Arnish rock. These rays
are reflected to an arrangement of
prisms and by their action are converged to a focus outside the lantern,
from which they diverge in tlie necessary direction."
The consequence is that to all Intents
and purposes a lighthouse exists which
has neither lamp nor lighthouse keeper
and yet which gives as serviceable a
light, taking Into account the requirements of the locality, as If an elaborate
nnd costly lighthouse, with lamps, service room, bedroom, living room, storeroom, oil room, water tanks and all
other accessories, were erected on the
summit of tlie rock.
X. (au Incorrigible borrower)���Lend
me a fiver, old mnu. Y. (weakly lend-
lng him ��4 10s.)���I'm keeping the other
Shilling to pay for the postage of the |
letters which I shall have to write you
before I get my money back. X. (coolly)���Keep 5 shillings, then. That wlll
give me more time.���London Tlt-Blts.
Aids to Happlneaa.
Cultivate the habit of detecting the
possibilities for good In things and people; also the habit of letting people
know how much you like them. It
makes the world a pleasant place.���
Woman's Life.
lll��  Scheme.
Creditor���Can't  you  pay  me something on account of that bill you owe j
me?  Debtor���How much do you want?
Credltoi^I'd like enough to meet the
fees of a lawyer to sue yon for the bai- j
Royal City Fish Co-
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C
To Let���Two Furnished rooms to let
wiih bath. Wilh or without board.
623 Queens avenue.
Lost���On Vancouver Road, medium
sized brown purse, containing money, keys and papers. Reward upon
return to Mrs. Johns, St. George st.
'47 _���
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
Java's   Wonilrrftil    I.iil.i-   of   Hiilltna
Mod   mid   Slime.
The greatest natural wonder In Java,
If not in the entire world, ls the justly
celebrated GhekO Kamdkii Gumko, ot
Home of the Hot Devils, known to tlie
world ns tlie Island of Fire. This geological singularity Is renlly a lake of
boiling mud situated at about the center of tlie plains of Grobogana and ls
called nn Island because the great emerald sea of vegetation which surrounds
It gives It that appearance. The Island
Is about two miles In circumference
and ls situated at a distance of almost
exactly lifty miles from Solo. Near the
center of this geological freak Immense
columns of soft hot mud may be seen
continually rising and falling like greal
timbers thrust through the boiling sub
stratum bv glaut hands and then ngali.
[���J Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen and gold- S
>$ en from 2 to G feet.   Roses, paeonies,  rhododendrons,   privet,    ever- J
��*< green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.                        H
:���! V
D. M. Robertson & Sons   g
The time for receiving tenders for
the construction ot a hydrograpbic
steel twin screw steamer has heen extended to the twenty-second day of
May, 1906.
Deputy    Minister    of    Marine    and
Department of Marine and Fisheries,
Ottawa, Hth May, 1906.
|   Tynehead Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C.��
ft 16 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.   ���'
,���. ��� ;���;
Largest  Stock In the City.
Mounted     in   any  Style    you  Desire.
______^���_���-__ _____���^_J Come and Inspect Them.
dyps^^L W. C. thamberlin
^^Ql^MONDSl   The Jeweler,     ���     Columbia St.
Cold Lunches.!
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been our Iceman Ior the past
two years, to deliver ice for us again this season. Unless the weather
is very unfavorable you may expect a call from lum about the first j
of the month, when any orders you have been pleased to place wltn
him you may rest assurred will be promptly carried out.
The B.C. Packers Association
PKone 156    New Westminster, B.C.
Take your choice from the 4 points of the compass
Tenth street, 6 room cottage $1,000
Twelfth street, 0 roomed house  2,200
Cottage, f> rooms, Oth street  1,260
8 roomed house on 6th Avenue  2,100
Small cottage on 3rd street  700
*i roomed house on 4th Avenue ���  850
Carnarvon street, 7 roomed house  2,1100
MI J     111       1      O    C ^ea' Estate,  Fire <J> Life Insurance
CLeOd,   MarK   &   vO.,       Tel. 273.      Near Tram Office
Boiled Ham
Jelly Veal
i >?<
1 y
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
i P,S.-Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes.     Large Navel %
_i Oranges, 35 cents per doz. ;���;
Tenders addressed to the under
signed at Oltawa and marked on the
, envelope "Tender for lhe construction of a Hydrographlc Steel Twin
Screw Bteamer," will be received up
lo the twenty-second day of May next,
for the COnfttTUOtlon of a Steel Twin
Screw Steamer for the Hydrographlc
Service ln British Columbia waters.
Specifications, plans and forms of
tender can be seen at the offlce of tho
Agent of the Department of Marine
and Fisheries at Victoria, B. C, at
! the Custom House at Vancouver, B.
O.i and at the Department here.
Each  tender must be accompanied
by an accepted  bank cheque equal to
10 per cent, of the whole amount of
! the tender, which will be forfeited If
the person sending the accepted tender declines lo enter into a contract
With the Department, Cheques   aconi-
panying tnders which are not accepted
��� will be returned Immediately after a
decision has been arrived al.
New,,,,a pels  copying  this advertisement  without authority from the Do-
j partment will not be paid.
Deputy    Minister    of    Marine    nnd
Department of Marine and Fisheries
Ottawa,  28th  March, 1906. .        '
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now ln force exceeds noat),o��0.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds...���* >    ^^
This is a company or policyholders, by polior--��'<'w* '"
h0klerS' i nr Assurance tor the Lea*
OUK MOTTO:    ,OT. ingest .mount of Assuran
Possible outlay.
S. VV. BODLfiY, District Manager.
" New Westminster, B. C.        'Phon. "5.
"Si .. ��� ���. ,-< :
<- .. .��� . 1'>W********4).--enin>+m
* *
| Sporting Nfews 5
and Comment.
LIFE   OF   A   SILK   HAT ,    Scene. Scotch farmhoune; Hflj* fun-
day morning.
****************+4>*4 ******
Cricket Match.
At a meeting of the Cricket Club
committee last evening it was decided to arrange for a club match to take
place on Saturday next at 2 p. ru.
sharp. All members are requested Jo
turn out and get the ground into
shape, a practice will be held on Wednesday and Friday. .Arrangements are
being made for a match wiih Vancouver to take place on May 24. AT] who
desire to become members are i- quest
ed to communicate with the secretary,
Rev. C. "vv*. Hodghton.
Personnel of Bisley Team.
The Canadian Bisley team for 1906
is chosen. Lieutenant Colonel E. W.
Wilson, of Montreal, will command the
team, and the adjutant will be Lieutenant  Colonel O. E. Talbot, M. P.
Nearly all the marksmen who figured highest on the scores this year were
were able to accept positions on the
Bisley aggregation and the Dominion
barristers, solicitors, etc.        Or-
IL_-.il It Cnn He Miidf Over nml Over
Aiciiiu as I ..ii_: an tbe Pi-Hint- Hold.
TokpIIiit ��� lloiv It. T��i-nt>--iilue
riecc   Are   Molili-d    Intu   One.
"Actors use up the old silk hats."
laid the batter. "Actors?" asked th*
"Actors." said the hatter, pausing In
the act of lifting a chuuk of iron out
of the stove and dropping it in the hoi- i 8awbath!-LeiHls Mnrcury
low   flatiron   he   carried.     "Acters���I   ____________________
mean variety actors, uf course. They
need them In their business. Haven't
you ever wondered where all the old
silk hats come from when you've seen
Tourist (to farmer's vlfe.-C.in yor,	
let me have a glass of milk, -pK-ase? flces:    j;ew Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
Milk 1= produced and consumed. corner   Clarkson   and   Lorne   streets.
Tourist   (taking  some  coppers  from Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 44
his poc ce t>���A penny, I suppose.
^^^^^^^^^ Granville street. Joseph Martin, K. C��� J.
W. Weait, W. U. McQuarrie, H. A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wijl be In th?
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
Farmer's Wife���Mon. tine ve no tliinl
same o' yersel' tne l,e ruiyln' goods on
the Sawbath?
Tonrlst (repocketlng the coppers)���
Oh, well, there's no harm done. I'm
sure I'm mucn oiuigen. t>ui woo i you
have the money for It? fl ~ ters~' s"oiJc[tors.   etc.,   42   Lorne
Farmer's Wife���Na, na: I'll  no tak'   srreet,   opposite   Court   House.   New
less  than  aaxpence  for  breatin'  ths   Westminster.   J. H. Howes, P. O. Box
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. T. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
OWAY, REID  &  BOWES.  Barrls-
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on tht
second Tuesday In each month in
Masonic Temple, at .S p. ni. Visiting brethren ar, cordially Invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist. Sec.
ters and I
EDMONDS. Barrlfl-
licitors, Blaekie Blk.,
Columbia   Btreet,   New   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, II. L. Edmonds.
W.s; minster,
office,  New  Westminster,
Money  to
theonmedians kicking each other's tiles j T()   Joh_   c        T    N(,w
all i-iFer tlie stage';    Well, such places; .' ^^_
as mine supply them. MR- j   p   HAMPTON BOLE, tollcl-
*Mt takes a good many years to wear' TAKE NOTICE thai a Writ of Sum- HI .or 0{ t]le gupreme court. Olrces
atatJi silk hat. With proper care they'll mans has been Issued against you in Canadian Bank of Commerce build-
lasa to be a hundred years old. Of I the Supreme Court of British Colum- inP, Columbia street, opposite post-
coarse before thnt time the silk will bIa .,, Ih,, ,,,,. (lf Agneg Blackle to
tun. red on top, where It is exposed to ; fo,,.clost! _ 0l,,.,.,in Mortgage ula(le bv
tbe sun, but that redness can be over ,             ,                ,,,     , .
,.   .    ���      ,���,       .   . I you in favor ,,! Wa ier Bl ickie. a copv
fume for a time.    Vm can make over .
a silk hat so long as the frame holds ��' whlch Writ  m;'>' be seeu ���� the of'
together. "''   ":  ,!"'  |;is:"'<"  Registrar of ills
"There are twenty-nine pieces in ��� Oourl al New Westminster:
silk hat    They are "the brim, which Is AND    FURTHER    TAKE    NOTICE
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKeuzie streets, New \\ est-
niinster, B. C.
II. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
���Meels In Orange hull first and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
in. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
will be represented by a verv efficient   1" tow pieces; the .Uk lining, In two; that pursuant to the Order of HI   Hon-
the foundation, In two; the gossamer ,,. w. Norman Bole, looalqudgi      th,
tips   I iet ween-there   ar-    two  of   these s.,j,| fjourt, dated  12th May. 1."    ser-
also; the two coverings  fur the side yjr   (]f |h    _aM Writ upon may
crown, the two for ihe tips, the three .     ,.���,.,.,,,  by  inserting this   s'otice
pieces of Plush, the tbne rubbers  the oolumhianand Daily News
underbrlm, one piece; the two pieces
team. They will sail on June 11 on the
Allan LineT Tunisian, and will have
about ten days' practice before the
competition. The meeting or the National Rifle association ls fixed for
July 9, at Bisley.
Following are the officers and members of the Canadian Bisley team:
In command���Lieutenant Col,,nil E.
W. Wilson, command "rd regiment Victoria Rifles of Canada. Montreal; Adjutant, Lieutenant  Colonel O.   E.  Tai-	
hot, M. P., commanding 17th regiment.  cut with ammonia and hot water.   The
Levis, Quebec. oloth  Is cut  up in strips,  cut  on the
Members���Private F.  N.  Allan.  7th   bias, and then stretched on the block
Fusiliers,  London,   Ont.-   Captain   W   in four t  Icknesses, one thickness bell. Forrest, Gth Regiment, D. C. O. I!.,  tag stretched and permitted to dry 1���-
Vancouver, B. 0.;  Captain  R.  A. Robertson.   13th   Regiment   of   Infantry,
Hamilton,  Ont.;   Captain E.  Skeddon,
91st    Highlanders,    Hamilton,    Ont.;   ,,���,,.,.    ,,,,.,,.,.���,,   ���,,���   u^u...,    ^...B  ,    .        .   ���    ,    ,    -.,   ,,, ,,
Lieutenant W. H. Sample, 78th  Regi- dusted on tTprevent the iron  fr0I^ [business m England wrth 10  years ex-   world
ment. Truro, N. S.;    Sergeant  G. M.  sticking to the cloth soaked In shellac.
Whiteley, 2nd Regiment 0. O. R��� Tor-
of the band nnd btndlng, the leather,
one piece; the bow braid, one piece;
the label, oue piece; the ej elets, two of
them; the sticker, or piece of court
plaster, joining the sweatband together
ln the back.
"Cotton cloth is the foundation of the
silk hat.    It is stiffened with shellac
fore another is put on.    The lining Is
put in first, the cloth being stretched
newspapers for one issue.
Dated this 14th day of May, 190(1.
Plaintiff's  Solicitors.
Trapp Block
New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up)...*i*,UUO,U00
RESERVE  FUND SH',,,00,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.C.....H011  President
; Hon. Sir G. a. Drummon I, pre I I nl
1 E.   S.   Clouston,   Vice   President   and
General Manager.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. ?7���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held In Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
nt 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. J. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coat ham, Rec.-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
��� Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. 0. U. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, c.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daily | NEW ||   Dallv
Leavel WESTMINSTER! Arrive
9:20ain'lllaine, l',elling-':i:00 pm
4:35 puijham      Burling-|9,:86pm
It,,n,   Mt.   Ver-I
|non,     Everett,
Seattle nnd
4: of> pin Spokane,       SLI8:00 |,u,
|Paul    and    all
points  East.
9.20 am!Airi'-ortes, 13:00 pm
IWoolley,     audi
3:00 pm Vancouver |9:20am
8:35 pmj |4:35 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and  all  points  East.
For     compluie     Informailon,
rates,   berth   reservation,   etc.,
,   call on or address,
V. 0. ('.RUTIN. Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. 0
S. Q. YKUKES.   V O. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
"J  Canadian Pacific Rai
St  to chance m ^
British Columbia Co7,J?,C��'
Service, e
-��� without Cotl
^^^^^^  ncess Beatrice
Leaves   Van   ,uver
Maj UH
Princess Victo
Railway Company
banking    business   trans-
Mr     .     ���          r         i Branches in al! tbe                    cities
ar.utactvring Jeweler. \n   Canada,   in   Lond   . Eng.,   New
permitted to dry, it i., ironed on the   .      .    ,    ���        ,   ,       ,   ,        , ... York,  Chicago,  and   St.  J, lm,  Mid.,
block,   powdered   gum   demur   being | ^������t!^!I^. ^WJ^���^ ** ^correspondents in all partt ol the
Red Hose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In  K.  of  P.  Hall.  Columbia St.,  at
s p. m.. White Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday    in    ____________________  _______________________________ same ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
time and place    Visiting Brethren   also with   steamers   at   Fort
cordially    Invited.      E. R. Stlnch-
combe, Pres., H. Dis,!",', Secretary.
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic  ExpreSS leaves at      i-eaves  New  Westminster, S a. _,
7:25, connects with trains for Sh"
Seattle and Eastern Canada, ���,Leav.es Chil" n^mi^
Jaily at l p _
S. S. Ritn-t
ives New \Vi Bttnlnstet at j
on Wednesdaj and Satttrd_yB. ���''��1'
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouvei dally except s_
urday and  Sundaj   .,:   !.,:��� .   _.    .',
urday at  2::;,, p. ni.
3. S. Queen City
leaves Vi,    rla al  11 ���. ���, ,.
'"'��� 1: ""' -""!< of each ,.       '.
AshOUSil  and  iv,,   poinl
toriaon.the 7, and 20, foi ,j..
wa)   point , Leav,     \
of each month foi Co . . , '
points Including Qual
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  N, >   W, . u ,
day,  Tuesda , W,
and  Prldaj   ii   ;
al - p, in. will, a Idltional trlj
day al  .', a. in.
Wedne  lay, 1
7  a.   in.;   Friday  al   6 a. in. ,
trip Baturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Lt aves  New
onto; S. Sergeant T. H. Hayhurst, 13th
Regiment, Hamilton, Ont.; S. Sergeant
G. Mortimer, G, G. F. G., Ottawa; .Major C. L. MacAdam, R. O. Monl,eai;
Private W. A. Smith, G. G. F. G��� Ottawa! Captain T. .1. Wfurphy, 7th Fusi-
Savings Bank Dept.
Hers,  London,  Ont.;   Sergeant  Major   buy from a New York or Boston block
S. .1. Huggins, 13th Regimen, of Infan-   maker lhe season's latest block at a
try,  Hamilton, Ont.;   Sergeant  .1.  (Ill-   reasonable price.
chris,,  30th  Regiment,  Guelph,  Out.;
Color  Sergeant  J.  Gaven,    5th  Regiment C. A., Victoria, B. C;  Private .1.
Leask,  2nd  Regiment  C.  O.  R..  Tor-
  perience.    Later was 7 years  manager
The block la In live pieces, the een- of the watch  repairing  departmenl of
ter, the two sides and  the two ends, Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,     Montreal, |
which are removed In this order when Henry Kirk's business manager part of Q. D- Brymner,  Manager
tlio cloth body has dried in shape.   The t^e t;me> 	
leading mak, rs get out their hats on
the block ihey adopt  for the style of      English,    Swiss,   American   and   all
the season, and block makers then Iml- j complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
tate this block until any batter may made like new and adjus ed.
The block is then removed from the
shellac cloth shell, nnd a doffer is Inserted to Btretch the hat to the required
Bize, the block being a trifle small.
This  doffer  Is   simply   a  felt   shape,
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
onto;   Private  .1.   Drysdale,   3rd   Regi-   which   fits  closely   to  the  block,   and
real; Private Leon Plnard, 34th Regi-
M. Blackburn, 90th Regiment, Winnipeg.
If a vacancy occurs the following
are to be taken in order: Piper S.
Leask, 4Sth Highlanders, Toronto;
Corporal W. 11. Youhill, Huth Regiment,
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
Hew Westminster^ B. C.
thus puts a thickness of foil between
the hat and tbe block.   The hat is ironed ns soon as  the doffer Is Inserted, I
this melting the shellac and permitting i
the cloth shell to adapt Itself to the !
changed conditions.    After the ironing
it is covered with n coat of shellac
varnish, for which the hatter now has ]
Winnipeg; Captain G. H. Vroom, G9th   to pay $5 a quart.    When it is dry j      Ship   aild   ScOW     Building
Regiment,   Roundhill,   N.   S.;    Private   again the silk plush is put on with a;
A. Wilson, 43rd Regiment, D. C. O. R
All kinds of Ship repair
Ottawa; Sergeant W. Swaine. llth Re
giment, Kingston, Ont.
Rowdy   Wrestling   Match.
hot Iron, steamed on, ln fact. j a specialty.
"This plush comes lu  rolls like auy        -,   .. ,,       ,.
other nnd is sold by the yard,  it is     Estimates   promptly tur-
cut in strips seven inches wide for the
crown and two and one-half inches for
tlie brim.    The top piece having been
Montreal,    May 14.���The    wrestling   cut out, it is sewed to the crown piece
match between Frank Gotch and Ple-
tro here tonight was marked by riotous scenes, culminating in police interference after the wrestlers had been
on the mat half an hour, without ei,tier scoring a fall. Pletro Is the Parisian
who defeated the American during the	
tournament In April. Gotch staited in   It Is hung on a round block of cloth
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $3b,J/,3,5/6.
Branches and correspondents in
?ll the principal cities of tne world.
General  banking  business transacted.
H opens an account.    Interest added
lalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom  8  to  9
F. B.  Lyle,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
���Meets the  Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. .1. B. Rush,on, C. R.; F, P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A.   O.   F.���The  regular  meetings of
this Lodge at e held on the Second
and Fourih Tuesdays of each mouth
at * p. m. in ihe Od,'.fellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly invited ,o a,lend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
THE   ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE  meet    every  Wednesday
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia Btreet. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. J. S. Bryson, S. C; J. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
William.     Imperial Limited
leav,-.-; at L7:20.
For rate.- and other part iculars apply to
C, P. EL At- t,
New Westminster,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
Thursdaj   and   S iturd ij s   calling at I
landings   b, twe,
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vanco iv,
and   16th  ol   i
on  s, cond trip. 1 11
departure are a]
For   re iei i
call or address
Agent,  New  IV,
E, .1. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pas l    \������ ��� '. Van
J   W. TR0DP,
General Supeilnt, nd,
Gen. Agent, EVel) lit Dept,   ���
New Westminster.
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 1.'10 dallt,
SONS OF SCOTLAND BENEFIT AS-   for    COMFORT,    CONVENIENCE.   Arrive New Westminster 11.35 ,
SOCIATION, LORD OF THE ISLES and   LUXURY.      It   is   lighted   with
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and both   electricity   and   gas;,  the   most
Third  Tuesday of every  month  In brilliantly   illuminated    train   in   the
K.   of   p. Hall.     John   McNlven, worI(,      The  equipment  consists  of
and ls then put on the cloth shell. Once
on the plush nap is turned back a', ihe
Joint, cut off and stuck on and then j |24 Eighth St., NeW WCStlilinSter, B.C.
brushed hack, which makes a joining
bo neat that. It is almost Impossible to,
"The hat is put on a potance block
nnd potanced, which means simp.y Uiat
lo rough It up early In the bout, digging his knuckles Into Pietilo's throat
pulling his moustache and provoking
retaliatory smashes from the Parisian.
Half-a-dozen times Pletro left the ring.
but was each time induced to come
back. While the wrestlers alternately
made claims of fouling, the crowd al
the ring-side kept coming over on the
mat. while the 3,000 spectators ln the
body of the hall, were divided Into two
wildly partisan factions, the English
portion cheering Gotch and fhe French
covered wood which rests on nu el
bOT Iron at tlio hatter's bench and Is
finished over again, after having already been Unished with a hot Iron and
plenty of elbow grease. The edge of
the brim 13 curled, the hat ls trimmed,
bound, tlie leather sweatband is Inserted, and then lt is ironed again until it shines like glass. After that lt is
ready lo wear.
"It may be made over whenever the
change in tin- modes Is great enough
to make this seem desirable, and when
It gels too dirty It may be washed by
the halter and thus thoroughly cleans
cheering  Pletro.  Before Sub-Chi, f    nf   ed.    When he makes It over he slrlps
Police Lamouehe stopped the boa,, th,
sub-chief ami an Englishman Flitting
at the ring-side became entangled, and
blows were exchanged before th,j u..c
separated. The actual wrestling time
was only 80 minutes, the resl of an
hour being taken up wllh disputes.
Pug Accuses Minister.
Salt   Lake,    May    li.���Rc.     I,      \
Brown,   pastor of the' Firs,   Baptist
Church, wits arrested here today on a
warrant sworn om by Jim DonuldBon,
a promoter of pugilists, charging per
jury. Rev. Brown, rtpTeSentlng the
Salt Lake Ministerial association, was
instrumental in preventing the recent
"oiing-CiirlietF'jDick   Hyland   contest:
the plush trom Hi" frame and starts at
the beginning again, just as for a new
hat,   With  this  exception,  that  he has
the   groundwork   and   has    simply   tin
shape   i,   again      If  any   piece   Of  the
silk looks worn be will replace It so
deftly thai one may not  be detected i
from tho other, and thus the silk hat
may  be  said  never to wear  ouL"
Providence Journal,
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can l>e
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
���Write for prices.
New Westminster,  B.  C.
Still Doing Business at tne Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Chief;  J. J. Forrester, Rec. See.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets In the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each in,,nth.
Quarle.ly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annua] meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may . be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White. Sec.
('. P. Ii. MISSION llltA.N'CH.
Lv. New We "leim
Lv. Seattle 10;  ar. New West, li.ll
Lv. New West. 10.36 and 17.^5.
Ar .New West. 8.35 and 16,10.
I.v. New Westminster 6.30 a. a.
Lv. N. W. 11.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 1 p.-
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Northern Pacific j Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
N. \f.
Trains Daily
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock  now  In.    Make your
Honey  ni   n   Kmul.
Hon, y Is o ,1 ,c m isl nutritious
of foods. "\ land Bowing with milk
and honey" m, ant o great deal to tbe
weary travelers in the desert Give the
children all tbe bread and butter and
honey thai thej will eat once a day,
and tbey will never get sick and surfeited trom too much sweet, ���s they
would If Ihey ate the same amount of
Jam.   Strained h iney  wllh one fourth
Hfc swore out warrants charging th ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pugilists and Donaldson, the promoter, lemon Juice taken In teaspoonftU do;,
with  conspiring    to violate    the law   every hour Is a splendid remedy for
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St Paul
" Steam.shir Tickets on suie tu all European points.
 Round   Trip
Rates to  Southern  California,
For full informtion cal) on or write
('. E. LANG, General Agent,
4110 Hastings St., Vancouver, B, 0.
A. D. c:   1RLT0K,
A. G. P. A.
against prize-fighting, and Ihey were
arrested, Donaldson now charges thnt
the contest would have been in no
sense n prize fight and that the preacher committed perjury in swearing to
the complaints. The judge who Issued
the warrant for Re
eld, cough or any throat trouble, Taken In hot nllk it Is said tO be U invaluable aid In pulmonary troubles.
You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
Doth Were Posted.
Btockbrokei (to   Is lu,.,re sondn-law)
^^^^^^^^^^   ____________________   been   making   inipiirli-s   about  ^^^^^^^^^^
Brown released   you    Dayboy���And I about you. Stock-| Factory and Olll
1he minister on his own recognizance
broker -Oh, you have!
about something else.
Then we'll talk
Typhoid at Winnipeg.
Winnipeg. May 11. -Three cases of
typhus fever have developed here. The
victims are European Immigrants, li
is believed to he the Aral >ul br, ill ol
typhus ,n Canada for ,",,, ye,',,'.,, when
5,080 diii of ii In Montreal, \ rigid
quarantine has been establish  |,
,_ o	
The purest of Ice cream at the Star
Candy Factory ;,n\l lo Jm;:v. '.-: barber
flho|), ���
iiu iiinvnii Position,
"If you ure p i|ng lo remain In public life you  miisl  do something to attract attention."
"If I don't attract attention I don't
get re-elected, and if I do attract attention It's ten to one I'll he Investigated. Ss whut'in I golfl' to do'.'"- Houston
Don't think B man groat just be-
cause be looks so. Seven dollars in
small bills look Jblgger Ihni) n "fifty."���
You do the wise thing. Its tempting
flavor will surely win your favor. Manufactured by���
Synopsis   of    Canadian" Home
stead Regulations        B
Any available Dominion Lands with-  Special    Reduced   Rat
in the Railway Bell In British Columbia, mav be homes,ended by anv person  who i    [be sob- head ol' a family,
or any male over is years of age, to
the extent  of one-quarter section ,,f
160 acres,  more or less.
Entry musi  be made personally ���t
the local land office for the district in   Portland, Ore
which the land ls situate.	
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At bast six months' residence
Upon and cultivation of the land in
,a,h year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered f,,r thc requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the fa-
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co. | '^^1��^^
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our spoenllty.
Wood and Coal
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to ltns.s-
land, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with thc Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
I',i,meets   at     Meyers    Falls    with
stage f''iily for Republic
��.. .,,.������        ���������       iii      Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Skmonths notice in writing should s   ]<anc aml N(,Mil|
be g,ven to the Commissioner of Do-      Effective    Sunday.    November    to,
0.20 a.m.
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking car?. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any   Lv. N. W. 4.85 p.m.; ar. SeatUelO����
further information  call  on  or write   Lv. Seattle 8.30 a,m.| ar. N.H\.i��
I.v   Seattle 4*',, nn, :  ar. -V ,,-  "���"
F. W. PARKER, p.,n.
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. il p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
 Lv. Vancouver ,V"a a.m., ami 1 p,m
Lv,  N.  W. '.'.HO a.m.; ar. (juicbom
2.211 p.m.
Lv.   Guichon   2.40  p.m.;
9.115 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   6.60 a.m., ' "'���
and  hourly milII   11  P-m., ��>"' M"'
hourlv  between   I? 30 and 6.30 pm
Saturday half-hourly noon to " P*
Sunday   hourly     8    a.m. to 11 I*
with half-hourly bet. noon and , P��
Lv.  Vancouver same lime l-irous��
Fraser River andJGulf
Heaver��� ,, ..-'i
Prom N, W. Mon. Wed. FrM-��"fl
From  Chwk.  Tu.,   Hi., h ' ��� ��� iM \
Ramona��� .,,
Fr  tt. w. Tu   Th, Sat
Prom Ohwk. Sun., wed., rn���   ���
From N. W. daily, ex. Sun,
From Mi. Lehman, ' a m.
Transfer ���,,��� i ���,._.
From  N. W. daily, M   SllD, 1 '���
A.1.1- "'li,, Mondn , ���"���'j'-   ,.,���.)
From Steves,,,,,, , a.m. I"*
Add. trip Baturday, i i;';1;  ,
City ,,r Nanaimo
From N. W. Sundaj  I �������"���
From Victoria Saturday 1 ���' -
Mail Service^
'��>��� wipi'i
_^^^_   ,i i,o a.m,
Vancouver 10-00 p.m.  *
Cloverdale, Blaine, - 3n p.m.
Seattle, etc..  ������ S')���';'��� .'  ' jp.ffl
Van. &. Cent, i''"'1;/, !"���:;���, io.ooa.rn.
Hast Burnaby. ���
Steveston, etc..
Fasl,  via  C.V.H.
Sap., Mill. Co,I'm
Van. St. Burnaby
Anil all the principal b-BineU centers of
! Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,  via [Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, L86 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "Souih     West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
No  trains  In  the   service on  any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment thai of the Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own and operate their own sleeping Seattl*, via Sumas l
and dining cars on alll their trains and , S:il''�� & MlHsJda..] ���    i'
IIP-* |
  per? are longer,
higher and wider than In similar cars
,,,, any other line. They protect
their trains by the 1th,ck System.
Connection   made   with   all   transcontinental lines in Union Depots,
II. S. ROVVF.. General Agent.
1.14 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
2,00 0 ,
l 30 l','"'
t     '     .   vhhiui |
3.oop.m. ij-JJ,
:,.������ii.ii,. ,-u"   '
8.30 p.m.
Urine Block,    	
NEW WESTMINSTER. B. Cither or mother,
(.0 H the settler has his permanent
residenci up >,i farming land owned
by him in lbe vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the snid land.
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lu,'J.
minion  Lands at Ottawa of inlet,tion
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N.  II.���Unauthorized  publication  of  I3,as pm
this  advertisement  will  not  be  paid
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
The White Pass
and Yukon Ita*
______________________ I _H
WHITE   HORSI;-.. D* ���s (��**.
FAIRBANKS,    l^'1       ,.,, 4
Sunday)   carrying   1^    ,fft  J
Day Train Arrive
... Spokane   7.15 p.m.
 Rossland   4.10 p.m.
... .Nelson  6,45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
ami 'freight
���,l Wl"'
Seven   hundred   miles   of   magnificent stages at Carcrnss       w!nicr
river   trip.    Kmpross  of   Britain   sails maintaining a through ��
from Montreal I'or Liverpool May l'.lth. Tt}"JTformstion BPI '>;,.. '.Malta!"'
For other dates ami rales apply to ,    ,.    DnrKkS, 'J rattit-
1=0. ooti,!,,,-', J- H. ROGg,fl.non m
0. P. K. Agent. Vatu'o��ver' B'
New Westminster. 1 ���S3AY,
MAY 15, 1D06.
Lynopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
, ,i\L���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-
Ihased at $ro per acre for soft coal
Ini] ?-'o   for  anthracite.     Not   more
Unn 3-'o acres can be acquired by one
Individual  or   company.      Royalty   at
|l .    .,. of ten cents per ton of 2000
[       . shall be collected on the gross
1 QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
|ears and over and joint stock cora-
Ij,,|,, holding frce miners' certificates
obtain  entry for a mining loca-
i��n- . ., .
A frce miners certificate is granted
Ar one or more years, not exceeding
Ive. upon payment in .advance of $7.50
Xr'annum for an individual, and from
L��� to $100 per annum for a company,
Lording to capital.
,\ frce miner, having discovered
���ineral in place, may locate a claim
I0OXI500 feet by marking out the
I,,:,- with two legal posts, bearing
f notices, one at each end of
I       c of the lode, or vein.
���The claim shall be recorded within
It ,11 days if ocated within ten miles
,1 mining recorder's office, one ad-
-,1   day   allowed   for   every   ad-
I  ten  miles or fraction.     The
��� recording a claim is $5.
; |( -1 moo must be expended on
j daim  each  year  or  paid to thc
, ,  corder in lieu thereof. When
lei has been expended or paid, the
lor   may,   upon   having   a   survey
;,, and upon complying with other
���quirements,   purchase   the   land   at
Inn an  acre.
|. ion  may be  granted by the
of the interior to locate
���itaining iron and mica, also
er, in the Yukon Territory, of an
��� : exceeding 160 acres.
,,  patent  for  a  mining  location.
; :,���   fnr  thc   payment   of   a
, of 2'A per cent, of the sales
the products of  the  location.
I ER  MINING���Manitoba and'
If  N   W.  T..  excepting  the  Yukon
Irritory:  Placer mining claims gen-,
, are  100  fect  square,  entry  fee
ncwable yearly.     On the North
, wan River claims are either
ir bench, the former being  100
ong and extending between high
-. tter mark.     The latter in-1
Ides bar diggings, but extends back j
l tl    base of the hill  or bank, not j
feeding   1000  fect.     Where   steam,
iwer is  used claims  200  feet wide j
��� obtained.
r, Iging in the Rivers of Manitoba
thi   N   \Y, T., excepting the Yu-j
|,. Territory���A free miner may ob-1
only two leases of five miles each '
a  term   of  twenty   years,  renew-
in the discretion of the Minister I
I the Interior.
I,   see's right is confined to the;
beds or bars of thc river ,
��� any low water mark, and sub-
l year and $10 per mile for each
quent  year.     Royalty   same   as
r mining.
er  mining  in   the   Yukon  Ter-
Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
-  shall  not   exceed   250   fect   in
!,, measured on the  base line or j
general direction of the creek or
gtilch^he width being from 1000 to
2000 Teet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Lntry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected 011 the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six lea-es of five miles each may bc
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 year*; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
\'o free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and  paying  a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Y'ukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily Establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of'
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Wanted _
Gents' Prefercd
Wanted���A first class clothing sales
man with good references. Apply
Westminster Clothing Co.
CANDY      j
llring your old bicycle and get lt
made as good as new. We are experts
on all kinds of repairing. We have been
constantly at the repairing business
for 11 years so we know it from a to z.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Wanted���2000 Cords of Hemlock Bark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken in lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 187, New
For Sale���Modern 7-roonied house on
fine corner in West End; two lots
stable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this office.
For Sale���Half Interest ln a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Daily News.
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$1.00 i>er setting. J. W. Austin, Sapperton.
Scarcity e.' Stores   in    San    Francisco ] Seattle  Is Ove
C.ius.,s Sailors to Growl
!"���   Wth    SicK    ,nd
Hun"> P"P'e From San
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public to call
and see  the candy made
��� Twelve years experience in tbe ���
J candy   trade.                     ^
��� The proof ,,f the pudding is in
J the eating.
Don't decide about the present for that
until you have seen the
MOREY'S Columbia St-
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,   Sapperton.
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. R. Austin, Sap-J
Wanted���Dining room girl. Good wages
paid. Cosmopolitan hotel.
Next Door DeGrey's Barber Shop.
Wanted���Ladies or gentlemen to act
a.s agent for high class publishing
house. Apply John Hutchinson, general agent. Colonial Hotel, city.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street,
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Short-j
hand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal
To Let���Six roomed house on Royal
avenue, near Fourth, $10. Apply to'
J. M, McDonald, 4:11 Agnes street.
Wanted���Situation as chambermaid or
for housework. W. E. Chapman,
Brownville, City P. O.
VV. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Carnarvon Sl., between 10th and Hclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
We, the undersigned, agree to close
I our stores from 2 to 7 p. m. every Sat-
I urday afternoon during the months of
May, June, July and August, commenc-
��� lng  May  12,  1906.
T. J. TRAPP & CO. LTD Per G. B.
Per J.  A. Cunningham,  Mgr.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to the 14th Inst., for
the position of driver at No. 1 Fire
Chief Fire Department.
City Hall, May 8, 1906.
Seattle, May 14.���Scarcity of ship's
stores is now a difficulty which besets
vessels calling at San Francisco from
foreign coasl wis.- ports with not
enough provisions to last them for a
return voyage.
The difficulty has prevailed ever
since the San Francisco flre and
earthquake. Nearly all of the provisions available have been taken up
by the government and distributed
among the destitute. It was though!
b> steamship men ,hut by this time
vasSelB would be able to get stores
in plenty, instead the ships must
taki; what they can get.
As a result the sailors, who liKe
the best allowed then,, have to go
short, and consequently there is continual growling among ihem, according to letters received In this city by
representatives of local vessels there.
Mrs. Ella Morri.-on. Interested In the
Seattle Shipping company, writes
from San Francisco thai the schooner
Vega, owned by the company, is having a hard time getting stores. Some
articles are available, bul many food1
stuffs which go to make up the larder
of a  vessed are not to be had.
The schooner Vega experienced considerable trouble in getting rid of her
cargo of lumber. She left Seattle
long before the San Francisco lire
and arrived there a few days afterward. The vessel, according to Mrs.
Morrison, only discharged the last
piece of lumber a few days ago.
Outward bound cargoes from San
Francisco are scarce. Ever since the
fire vessels usually carrying general
merchandise consisting of edibles, now
come to Seattle with soap, hardware,
and only carry part  cargoes of that.
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 100 head of cattle
and 50 horses.
Plenty of grass and water and well |
Apply S. B. BUCHANAN, City.
Plants and Annuals  of  all  kinds,  cut
flowers and floral designs,    Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone A18-1 or address 4th Avenue
and loth Street.
Agassiz   Notes.
Early on Saturday morning May 12
there occurred at Agassiz the death
of one of the most popular residents
of that place,. Mrs. R. Klrkpatrick.
About a fortnight previously she had
given birth to a child and was apparently getting along nicely until last
Thursday when she suffered a relapse
which ended fatally notwithstanding
the attention of Dr. Elliott. The deceased leaves a husband and child.
On Friday night last a party was
held in the I. O. O. F. ball. The
music was furnished by Prof. Reynolds of Vancouver. The dance was
broken up at an early hour by the announcement of the death of Mrs. R.
Seattle,   :.u,  ,,    ���
Sun Francis arJ s7,nerUgC? U""X
Seattle   and ,_,     ��� furi��S ����o
such a ttlJZjT* *" mched
handle the p^^^
committees   wn0 h..j, , 9
""0 Handled this work
hav been 'lisbanded a���,, ,���.,
the refugee, ���*arD,d'h'5muruinS
and Sunday w re 'T ^^
chamber ot conm,^' Sw '" ��*
As a convene,, that room   was
full  to ov.i towine ,,r ,y     ,
u��,as oj the time Secretary   Yande   pm in ������
v,���,   ���,' .,,   ...       ao aH>ear__ce.
None of the refugees had monej and
some of them ,er,.lcl_ ��%��*
7' ':' ���':'" fflr ��* time being ,,���,
all ot  them to tie v W c   ,    ,
���"���� wn. >���',���,, ;��� - ,;,;;*
���"*"';  f��<- tht arriving men
"I  though: ,he worsl   of   ,(
over," said  Mr. Xatelu ^
"ut   . seem, ,hat lhc reltet      ���__
way   has   only   l���.sun.    p     ,e
����1 Hungry cannot be
'����* 1��w�� uH yet the question of
handling .hem is getting to be i
���serious one. ���, will hav,. .��� think
���W ���*'"��������� ������� of doing thi. work so
as not to work a hardship, i under-
stand thirty arrived on the Queen and
tuliy half that number hav,. come In
hy     train  over Sunday.   They ���,	
way all find their way t��� the chamber
of commerce and ye, we are not prepared to handle them up here. Mrs
Woods of the Y. W. C. A. has agreed
to temporarily look after the work
and in the meantime we are open for
B,g Suit Settl d.
Kansas City, May 11���By a decision rendered Saturday by the Kansas supreme court, property located
just over the Missouri state line and
running to Kaw Points on the Kaw
and Kansas rivers, valued at between
?l,G00,n,���, ar.d $2,0u0,000, was awarded
to the heirs of original owners. Much
of the property, which is known as
the west bottoms, is occupied by big
business concerns, who must now vacate or purchase the land.
I o	
As Usual.
"You are Father Time?" we asked
of the venerable lndvldual with the
scythe and the hour-glass.
"I am," he replied, bidding us to
jog along beside him, as he would
wait for no man.
"And where Is Mother Time?" We
"Mother Time? I lost her several
centuries ago. She told me that she
would be rea dy to go with nie as soon
as she got her hat on."���Judge.
in Style-Slater Shoes
���^v^ggSTOLH W-JIMMMt.l! i.l'i-M-'lgitcfr*,.f.".:^--WaeaiSB-B
Just Arrived
A Large Shipment of
Ladies' and
Gents' Shoes
Pink of Perfection in Style and Finish.
World Famed
Utz & Dunn
The Kind That Last the Longest
These shoes are guaranteed to be as represented.   Our stock of men's shoes is the largest in the city-
manufactured by the leading and most reliable firms in the world.    Any gentleman who
cannot be fitted here will receive a pair of shoes "Free of Charge."
Of Rochester, New York
>-���** 3
i i
Fre��h Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
S. ANNANDALE West  End  Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
1 Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. |
9 'si
g We'have been appointed accents for the Union  Assurance  Society J��(
of London, England, which has been carry ine; on fire  insurance business ,���,
since 1714"A. 6., and which has" a capital "and accumulated  funds of ,�����
$20;000,000. %
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: y<
Dec Slat, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   Prem. $22,!l;>4.6(l   ��
1900 Assurance in force $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,MU 96 ,���<
1901 " " 2,664,904. " B2,029.80 >���;
1902 " " 8,426,897. "        120.MU21  V
",     .1903          "          "           4.n*>,112.                  "        lRu.ii-l-l.dK ,���,
1904 " " 4,509,754. " 166,384.20 ����j
money  1/L.niTADPIE   Jtr  CC\    Real E,tate Bto1"" \
TO LOAN. WlCyUAI\_\1_-     <X     IA/., and Contractors        f
186 Columbia  Street, NEW  WESTMINSTER,  B. C. ,���,
Question of Rights and Privileges on   Moody   Square   Is
Brought Before Council    Notice of  Rise   in
Lumber Prices    General
A delegation from the New Westminster Cricket club waited on the
city rouncil lust evening for the purpose of trying to induce the council
(��� allow them to have the sole use of
a certain portion of Moody square
which they had, at consblerabl
pense,   levelled     and   laid   out     as
A modern 10 roomed boarding house,
furnished complete,
centrally situated
and full of boarders.
Only $35 a
An 8 roomed house,
good garden, planted, close in, not for
sale.   Rent
$12.00 a
5 acres good  land
close to city limits,
Only $500
1 acre close to city
Agents for th* Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate  Brokers,
278 Columbia Street.
Telephone   170.
On May l-th the Coquitlam council j perfectly
met  in  the municipal  hall.    All the
councillors except  Councillor   Cosens
were    present,    The  minutes of the
meeting of the court of revision ������,l
Of   the     last   dytlclnK   meeting     were
uilopted as read.
II    Communications were rec,'ived   and
dealt with as follows:
From secretary of board Of trade
asking council to appoint delegates
meel Mr. Buntzen in regard to extension of train service and on motion
the reeve and Councillor Brennan
were appointed.
From John Duncan, asking for repairs ,,, Prairie road. This was left
to board of works.to inspect and report.
Prom J, Mars received and $.",.00 allowed for extra work on his Indian
road contract.
From A. Falconer received and filed
and the board of works to call for
lenders for making a* fill instead of
bridge near Smith's house.
From L. R. Scott reclved and filed.
From  W.  II.  Keary asking for donation to R,  A. and  I. society;  clerk
to reply thart  council  would consider
ma, ler.
Fro,,,   T,   Corbett;   clerk   to    reply
that   he can  fence  close  up  to ditch
, but  that  the road cannot be removed.
From Dr, Doherty received and clerk
io thank  br.  Doherty for putting up!
I hand   rail   al   railway   crossing.
The board of school trustees presented accounts totalling $152 which
! were ordered paid.
I     From .1. B. Kennedy, M. P. reclved
and filed .
The board of works reported that
the ditching asked tor by Mr. Corbett
had heen done; that .lames Mare had
finished his contract on Indian road
and thnt extras had been put on It ln!
the shape of two culverts for which
$6.00 was. allowed and that they had j
Inspected the ditches complained of
by Mr. Wilson and would call for
lenders  for  clearing out the same.
The  collector  reported  the sun,  of
$96.05  collected since last  report.
The following accounts were ordered paid: .1. 11. Scott, quarantine work,
$6.25; I). Blue, hall janitor, $15.00; A.
Falconar, repairing bridges, $12.10; !
,1. .1. Mackay it Co., stationery, $1.20;
���lohn Smith, S26.60; T. It. Pearson,
collector's bond, $5.00; Brunette Saw
I Mills,    bridge    lumber,    $14,10;     W.
The council adjourned shortly after
9 o'clock, and proceded to the committee room, where they held a meeting with the Oddfelows to further discuss the proposed cemetery question.
A copy of a letter to the mayor from
ex-'N. A. Belcourt, M. P., for Ottawa city.
, ,   a I was read, calling attention to the Invl-
cricket pilch. Tney claimed that the tation tendered to His Majesty King
has,-hall players were at present Edward VII. and his royal consort to
breaking up iheir pitch, and that the; visit Canada, and suggesting thai the
footballers had played on their pre- council adopt a formal resolution en-
serves all winter, thereby consider- dorslng the action of parliament and
ably damaging the ground. While they adding the expression of its own desire
del no, object to the other sports for such a visit,
playing on their par, of the field, On motion of Aid. Howay. a com-
they claimed thai they should be re- mine was appointed by the mayor to
stricted iron, damging the pitch laid draft a formal resolution to thai ef-
out by their club. They had paid $200 fect. Mayor Keary. Aid. Jardine and
last   year   to   have   the   ground   made   Howay   were  chosen  as a  committee.
level,   and   they   asked   the
The  Royal   City   Planing  Mills  and
ouncil  to  enable  them  to  enjoy  the ���u, Brunette Saw Mills gave notice of
fruits   of   their   labors. an advance Of $1.00 per thousand feel
For fifteen    minutes the    alderman 0f  lumber  and   informed   the  council
talked  sport, and  talked  it   in  a  way thai   farther  contracts  could   only  be
that showed that ihey understood the made at that  rate.   Both communlca-
dlfferenl    games    thoroughly.    Refer- tions     were   received   and   filed     tor
i aces  to  bats,  balls, goals, diamonds, reference.
Wickets     and   bases     were     general. S. F.  Hock. X.  Mosdell, It. Ouimler,
several  of    the  aldermen    admitting it. Parsons. .1. Scott, ll. Innes and II.
that   ai   some time or other they, too, Weir petitioned the council to build a
had played the several games. tour-fool sidewalk on Seventh avenue.
Aid. Garret suggested that as chair- West  End,    and to place a light    on
man of the park committee, he should Sixteenth sire.,.
try to bring tog,''he:' the different or-1    Referred to ihe board of works and
1A Snap in Outing Hats I
��� ���
See our small
���lew wlndqw for the season's pro]
Misses' an,
Plain Sailors,    Wide Rim Sailors,
in li different styles.
Per Outing Hah
Children B Now Lexicon Sailors,
Chipped Alpi,,,'
All new g,,,,,|    a
rhe entire range marked at a popular price for quick selling,
Your Choice of
the Lot for
Anderson & Lusby
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
++************************ ************++*******in
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Ellard Block,
ganizatlons,  with  a  view  to arriving  light committee to report.
ai   some decision  as to which  part of       Annie   Cotton   wrote   calling   alien-
the grounds each cluh .-hould play in.  tlon to the state of the drain at the , R  p
Aid.   Howay  made  a  motion  on  the   C0rner     of   St.   Patrick's   and     Firs,   New Westminster, D. U
lines suggested  by Aid. Garrett, add-  streets, and offered to have the neces- j _____���  	
Ing   that   as  the  square  was  public, sary work done at her expense if the
property,  the council  could  nol  give  council could not see their way to at-
any one club preference over another,   tend to it at present.
bul   as  the Cricket  club  had  been  to      Referred  to tl,,- hoard  of works to
considerable    expense to lay    out    a  report.
pilch,   it   wiis   reasonable  that     they:     J.   Ross   Sharp,',  secretary   of    the
should ask to have it protected. I Fraser River Lumber Company, wrote
asking Ihat the one nozzle hydrant at
the foot of Third avenue be replaced
by  one  iidapted  to al   leasi   two  hose
Referred to the water committee to
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Aid. Barrett, chairman of the park
pointed a committee of one to confer with representatives of the different clubs and to try to arrange the
matter satisfactorily. H	
Aid.  Henley, as    chairman  of    the  report.
board of works, read the report of im-      E.  (.'.
provements   that  have   been   decided  offering
upon.    The report was adopted. plumbing
Guichon���Jack Green Vane,,,ive,: ll.
0. Lyall, Vancouver; W. D. Manners,
Belllngham; J. H. Howls, R. J. Sains
bury, Kamloops.
Colonial���.I. c. Sepersteln, Vancouver; W. H. Townsend, Rossland; II. E,
Cochran, Seattle.
Parry,  of  Vancouver,  wrote
his   services   as     sanitary
Inspector  and    offered to
Aid.  Garratt,  chairman of the park furnish  plans  tor a  system  of sewer.
committee, proposed that the account age.
of  William  Pope  for  the building of      Received  and  filed  for reference,
a veranda to the park rangers cottage      A.  E. While, secretary of the board
be paid.    Report adopted. of trade, submitted a copy ,,r a rasolu-
The   mayor  and   Aid.  Carrelt   were Hon  of  that   body  respecting  the  ap-
empowered to expend a sum not ox- polntmenl    of a  committee  of    the
ceding   $75  on   the   painting  of  the board of trad,', and suggested that a
park  ranger's    cottage and    adjoining committee of the council be appointed
I,,Hidings. t ,  confer  wilh   then,   with  a   view  to
Aid.   Howay,  on   behalf  of  ihu  ll- selecting  a  site   for  the  location  of
brary  committee,   proposed  that  the | the Provincial University,
The mayor nnd council as a whole
were appointed to meet the board of
trade committee.
Mrs. Larson Gilley made application
for permission to connect lot 16, block
29 with  the Agnes street  s^wer.
Referred  to the board  of works lo
committee be authorized to spend the
sum of $100.00 on the purchase of new-
books,    'i ue motion was carried.
It was decided that the site of the
old power house and the three grave)
pits owned by the city would be offered for sale on June 1, and that
the  city   would   hav,-  the  privilege of  report.
placing ;,,, upset price on the different      Chief Watson   wrote  recommending
properties. ' that  E,  .1.  I'entland  be  appointed  to
The council will in the future meet the position of driver at No. 1 hall in
only on Monday evenings, the Friday  place of (I.  McDonald, resigned,
evening   committee   meetings   will   be!     The   recommendation   of  the    chief
abandoned  and   special  meetings  will I was adopted,
be   called   when   necessary.    This   decision   seemed   to   give   the   aldermen
more  pleasure  than   the   rest   of  the
Windsor���Lottie Bauer, Seattle;  C,
Schmidt    and      wife.   Lad,,",';      K.   P.
Stark, Porl Gamey; N. w. Fori
Belllngham; J. A. Urbln, Vancouver;
tl. Freeman, Vancouver; Edward G.
Cross, Langley; E, Osborn, B,
ham; F. R. Mel-Cane .,, Dewdn, y; 11.
II. Mitchell, Vancouvei ; W. C. Bowman, Upper Sumas. F. Grannan, Vancouver;  Peter Hums. Surrej.
Depot���William    Good,     Nanaimo;
Dwight Ross, Vancouver; William Da
vis, Se.,,;',': Charles Flounce, Belling
ham; L. Windsor. Belllngham; C. T.
Muff,,,',I, Langley; willard Houghton,
Seattle; A. Anderson, Vancouver; E
Bloomneld, Stony River.
Cosmopolitan   .lames   Fisher,   Van-;
couver; A. M. Brown, Langley; A. Mc
Donald. Eburne;  Angus Morton, Vie
|toria;  I). A. Askill, A. Benoll.
The Arrow Press
Does good \v,,rk at a reasonable price and
guarantees the work satisfactory.
Work delivered when promised or nothing
Harry Dominy, Prop.
Fronl Street
S. .1. Mahoney, secretary of the New
Westminster football cluh wrote asking permission to hold  a meeting In
For a
Few Days
Nice house, . ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Heal Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106. '.    Columbia St.
Hrownlie, cleaning oul  ditch, $2.00; .1.
j Mars,    balance of contract,    $S9.00; j
i I'.    Mcleod,      grading    Indian    road,,
|| $18.60.
Mr. Iliiti tendered $40.00 for one
acr,' of land in lo, IIM,, and lhe same J
was ace,pled subject lo approval by1
the rate payers ,,,,,1 the by-law referring to .am,' pass,,! second reading and will be voted on June 2.
w. it, Austin addressed the council
in   relation   to   his  road.
The temporary loan by-law passed
i:     see,md and  third readings.
lie sale of land by-law passed Us
second   reading.
The revenue by-law was read a
bird time.
.lohn Smiili was appointed re,,,ruing
officer for taking the voles on the
sale of land  bylaw  on  .1,,,,,' 2.
Councillor     Hrennan   was added    to
ihe finance committee.
The  clerk   was  Instructed  lo  write
different propositions passed by them the city hall on Saturday, May 19, on
lasi  evening and th,- smile that  won't the   occasion   of   the   annual   general
come off was  clearly  visible  on the meeting of the B. C. Football aasocla-
mayor's  face  when he heard  the  for- (ion.
vet,,   ayes   of   ,!,<���   city   fathers   after, Communication    received    and    rr-
the motion was put io them. quest granted.
Aid.   Shiles  was  granted   a  month's ��� o	
leave   of   absence   on   the   ,no,ion   of Ice Cream the purest, at the West-
Aid. Henley. minster Creamery.                          ^B
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
*. L Wflnt, 260 C��ta|B6fa St
, Telephones 5.
I lo  C.   1'.   R.   and     ask   for
crossing al  Indian  road.
The clerk was directed to notify (1.
Ebert   and   1..   It.  Scotl   tha,   they  will
be held responsible if any accident
o, curs [rom the obstructions ihey
line on  lhe roads while logging.
The repairing of Rochester road
near Mr. linker's was left lo Reeve
Booth and Councillors Shaw and
Ti,,' council then adjourned,
Victoria, May 14.���The pressure is
Increasing   on ihe Caltfornlan   coast
but remains low over the rest of the
Pacific slope and Ihe Northwest provinces. Heavy rains have fallen at
nearly all stations both east and west
nf l!i��� Rockies and the weather is cool
and unsettled.
Forecasts for 30 hours ending 5 p.
m, Wednesday on the Lower Mainland: Southerly winds, cloudy and cool
with rain.
li roomed house and good  lot   in   nice  situation,   chicken  house,   etc,    Price  only
$650.    For quick sale only.
East End residence, ii rooms,   bath,   elec-
"tric light, good  situation  and   convenient
to business section.    $1150.
Aflipf1    cyt      6 roomed cottage, close  to Agnes Street
A\]nl_i    j|.~~'n East End, practically new house,  modern in every particular.     Large lot, beautiful situation,  fruit,   etc.    Trice   $1800.
Very easy terms.
DfWAI     Al/F     '' r""med  dw('llin^   electric   light,   bath,
KvllAL   AV [""central  location   and  good  view;   stable.
Price   $1600   with    exceptionally    easv
F. J. Hart & Co.
O. H. Baker Promoted.
(). II. Baker, for the pas,  live years
travelling freight agent of the C. 1'. 11.
In ihe Kootenay, has been appointed
contra,',ing freight  age,,,  for the C. P.
it. in Seattle, to succeed Mr. C. ll.
Buschman, who has resigned to accept the position of assistant Manager
of the Northwestern Fisheries company of Sea,Ile. Ine change becomes
effective on May IT. Mr. Baker has
been engaged In railroading for the
pasl thirteen years, lie was with the
Michigan central   and the   Canadian
Pacific, boll, it, ll,,' freight and passenger departments in Fasten, Canada
until five years ag,,, when he went to
the  Kootenay  division.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
the Creamery. \\m\ms\
Beginning February 15, '06
Sleepers   ^^
.   -   -   Every Day in the Year   *   -   ���
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Route of the Famous Oriental Limit,* \
���The Comfortable Way'\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
For detailed information, rates, etc., call "
���  C. GRIFFIN, New Westminste
Tide Table   Fraser River
For Wei, Ending May II".
High        Low
l,;ltc. Water      Water
Time        'Ion,'
Monday           !,..',,, 1      OS
|    .... j    18.40
Tuesday     j      0.80 |      7.In
11.06 |    lfl.10
Wednesday     j      L.20 |      *.:',.",
|    12..MI |    10.66
Thursday    |      2.1,1 |      9.40
|    14.25 |    .6.80
Friday   '|      2.4', |    16.80
|   16.40 |   21.nr,
Saturday     |      I1.2H |    11.Ill,
|   16.86 |   21.66
Sunday    |     8.46 j    12.06
I7.:i(l !    22.40
High Water Low Water
(Time [H'ght Time light
u.ns |   9.7 |   6.06 | 8.8
23.49 | 13.4 | 18,11 j 2.4
| lo.2i; |    S.I, |   6.26 | 7.7
! .... | ... | 17.08 | ::.:,
|   ii.ll | 18.1 |   7.3(i | 6.9
| 12.01, ]   8.6'j IX.OO | 4.0
 Bl.2X |  12.S |    K.31 | 6.9
| 13.47 |    8.S | 19.14 |!..6
Friday    |    2.08 | 12.5 |   9.10 | 4.9
| 15.00 |    9.6 | 20.15 | 6.3
Saturday   ...|   2.88 | 12.3 |   9.39 | 4.1
j 15:57 j 10.2 I 21.09 I 7.0
Sunday ....,]   3.05 | 12,1 | 10.06 | 8.4J
18.49 I 10.S I 21.55 | 7.5
Shingle and Saw RP
The Schaake Machine Works, W
New Westminster, B. C.
Advertise   in   The   Ne**|
���������ffT������TTTTTT **********���***""
Electric Railway Servk*
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver ami way
stations wlll run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. lo 11 p.
in. excepting nt 7:80 and 8:80
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service trom
0.30 a. m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30 Minute   Service durW^
malnder <>' aay'
Leopold i'1'"'1'- j, t_
Sunday  Service *#*
8  a.  '�����  lin"
and saPP��r,on'
 H ,h Ml1"1'  dl
sappert��n "t��*��* s\
vice, ex, 1 1"       durln|
2, and T- """ ''r;ice f
hours   the   M"
half-hourly.        ���n0���r;jtfl
British Columbia Electric


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