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The Daily News May 14, 1906

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i  v^M  f.^AYlt,
I-. t
COOA. GO��5 F/?����
[Hon. W. Norman Bole Finds That Charge of Assaulting
Police Officer Is Not Proven and Gives Some Good
Advice to the Two Principals in the Case���A Reminder for Policemen.
Tins , ning A.  II.  <'""k  came  up
,,  Honorable W. Norman Hole to
celv,   sent, nee, and   was ord. red   to
i:. i���!,.  . ed as in the opinion of the
...... had nol  b.. ii proved,
.ring liis decision, his honor
, on, ,��� is Indicted for having
., :  ed  a  p. ace officer  engaged   in
i'ion of bis duty under Sec-
| :  of the  ("ode.
1   .   : ii   - as given in evidence show
ial in the early hour of the 15th of
. ��� Johnson was on his beat al
.     '.nisi ter   uud   obsi rved   an-
iceman   arresting  a  man   for
ink. This man offered no re-
Kanci bul wenl quietly with bis cap-
beless Johnson wenl toward
the purpose of giving help if
.. led though later on in bis evidence
d he w.-ni because he Baw
.   pi Isoner, on the street, a
-mi who has recently had .some con-
���   trouble with the city police
��� i���.,11 the force, to pul it mild-
i dlj   enti riain  feelings the
I affectionate and undoubted-
I   ,ok is a troublesome talkative
Ivldua]  who evidently  regards the;
���   with disfavor and makes no se
���I  nl   his  opinions  on  the  .subject.
PV ihnson arrived  on the scene.
.  was ;. Iling some  persons In  a
���   voice,   undoubtedly   Intended
Johnson's ears, that  the  arrested
a was nol drunk and thai  the ar-
unjustifiable. Now up to thla
��� :.   he li.nl committed no crime, as
free  country  like  this  citizens
i  to express  iheir opinions
thou, thereby rendering themselves
ii aires,  unless they are incit-
to break the law and police-
exempt from criticism any
i'|   than   cabinet     ministers.     Now
obvious course was to have
"ii no no,ice of Cook's remarks or
I"' thought they were rendering Cook
1 1' ��� he should have summoned him
i disorderly conduct Instead of which
I im.. an angry controversy
onl without any justification
'     '��� '������ I    to arrest  Cook    and  when
Ul his open hand and touch-
8 liini with his fingers, told him to
1 ���1'"���,  his business, responded  by
iwardly drawing his baton and strlk-
6 Cook repeatedly on    the    arms,
hereupon      not     unnaturally    Cook
Inched with Johnson and both men
'������ Johnson on top. but in the strug-
f gol     the   upper  hand     ami
ssilng   H,o    baton    from    Johnson
"ck hlin  several   limes  with  it   on
' head,
I'li.ii Cook got free retaining Iho
'":> mul Johnson drew his revolver
'I threatened to shoot Cook unless
' surrendered. Cook finally escaped
Into his wife's restaurant in fronl of
which   the  who]., affair occurred.
Tbe v, ry gin. of the offence is thai
Johnson was in the execution of his
duly. Had a crime been committed by
Cook under S. S. '���', of Bee 662 of the
code, .l.iaiison would have been Justified in making the arresl wlthoul any
warrant bul up to the time of the arresl I am of opinion Cook bad committed no crime to justify his arrest
and 1 think that Johnson was not in
the execution of his duty when he arrested Cook and lhe charge as laid
has not been proved Vide Reg. V Chapman IL', Cox C. C I Galllard V Lax'
'on ::i I.. .). M, C. I-'". Codd v Cade
1 Exch. I). :;.",:;, Jameson v Cope ���". Car
& 1' 193.
I mus, I herefore acquit the prisoner.
A   Few  Observations.
"Before proceeding to my formal
judgment," continued His Honor, "I
think It is my duly to make a few observations on th.- case. In the first
place the conduct of Johnson was bad
and the conduct of Cook was bad.
Knowing the ill state of feeling whi,!,
��� Aisled between Cook and the police
force, Johnson should nm have endeavored to place himself in the way of
picking a quarrel.
Looking for Trouble.
"On the night in question, Johnson
was evidently looking for trouble, and
lo use a coimnon expression, when ,,
man parades the streets looking for
trouble, he is .sure to find it in paying quantities. Johnson started out to
look for trouble on the night in ipies-
tlon, because it is perfectly clear that
I hero was no necessity for him to go
to tb.- assist ance of the other policeman who was taking along a man who
was i��� a state of quiet intoxication,
and right here I must say it Is a wrong
thing for a man to get Into a state of
intoxication, and it is also wrong for
a policeman to Indiscriminately arrest
people because they have more liquor
than is good for them as I am informed the police force of New Westminster are doing. Thc force has a greater
duty lo discharge than making revenue
for the city by bringing people up and
lining them. A drunken man who Is
not. creating any disturbance might
wall be taken to a hotel or his rooms
and later taken on a summons and
fined If necessary. There does HOT appear to bc the smallest justification
for lhe arrest on this occasion. Up to
the time when Johnson laid hands on
Cook, there had been no offence committed to warrant an arrest. But while.
Johnson was very much to blame Cook
was also at fault. I see no reason why-
Wheat Experiments.
Regina, Snsk., May U.���The government has decided to conduct a series of experiments with Turkey Red
Winter wheal and plants will be bowh
on 25 farms throughout Central Saskatchewan to give it thorough test.
The minister of agriculture is convinced that il will be a success.
Schooner Sinks.
Detroit, Mich., May 11.���The schooner Ellen Williams, loaded wilh lumber and lies for Tonawanda, N, Y.
struck an obstruction in lower Detriot
river yesterday, and sank soon afterwards In Callums Hay, on Canadian
side where she was towed,
Workman Assassinates
Vice-Admiral Kuzmich
'''  '     burg,  May     I I.-Vice    Ad-
|lr'11 Ku.mlch,   commander   ���r   ihc
:""l    very    unpopular with  the
1  ��ns assassinated here   to-
1,1 w,     men whose May Day dem-
J*"'"'""      .   bad al templed  lo slop.
""' ����l       1 was killed at the    New
P'liiraiii works, a governmenl insti-
I""" *' most of the 2,000 men em-
I"1"1' 'here reported  lor duly at    a
I morning.     They    wanted
I '   "uce In a body and cole
" ''"  Russian May Day but finally
agreed to work until _ o'clock.   The
admiral however, made    a    si cl,    to
the men saying that he could nol agree
lo Iheir leaving work at 2 o'clock .Ind
ll,.- mailer was left open. Al about
B:80 a.m., according to an oflclal, who
was al ihe gales of Ihc works, the admiral was emerging from a small shop
lu lbe works when a workman, who
had been concealed around the corner
of lhe building, leaped on Kuzmich
from behind and drove a long dagger
Inlo Ills back.
The admiral fell forward on his face
ami expired Immediately,
Constantinople, May 14���4 p. m.��� The Turkish
government has notified Ambassador O'Connor of its
full acceptance of the British demands.
Cook should be parading tbe streel al
 no of nighi."
Warning to Cook.
"Now I have come to this conclusion,
thai while the charge cannot be sustained, ai the same time 1 wish to
warn Cook thai he had lienor take
care of himself and not get Into this
kind of trouble again. He has had two
escapes and If he gets Into trouble
again, I maj be content with a lesser
degree of evidence  than  I   would  in
' the ens.- of a man entirely not to
blame, Cook has escaped punlshmenl
; on one or two different occasions and
may think that he is justified in acting In the way be does, but he may
find UJat the third time he gets into
trouble ii might place him in a very
different position.
Has a Bad Temper.
"Cook ls so far as I know a very
decent citizen, but from the evidence.
Of Ihis case und from the evidence
which I have read in the newspapers,
in other cases he seems to have an
ungovernable temper. He should bear
In .mind thai if the cons::,hie had had
a little control over his temper, and
had been a cool man, be could Very
. soon have provoked Cook into com-
i milting a crime whoch would have justified bis lines,, but both men lost
their tempers and the result was that
the arrest was made before the arrest
was justified.
This Is Not Russia.
"The law in this country is a law
for all and not a law for any one class,
and as long as the police are doing
their duty I will protect them, but if
tl,.. policeman forgets his duty, and
breaks the law he must, like any other
man, take the consequences. This is
British Columbia and not Russia and
policemen must be governed by the
law. ami as long as I sit tiiKiti this
bench, policeman or citizen will be
London, May i;.
The Anglo-
Turkish difficulty
has been settled to the satisfaction of Great Britain,
the Turkish government having yielded on all points,
unconditionally. Foreign Secretary'Grey announced
in the house of commons today that a satisfactory
note had been received from the Turkish government
acceding to the British demands that a joint commission be appointed to deliminate the Sinai peninsula
Alexandria, Egypt May 14.���-The British gam-
son of Alexandria consisting of infantry and artillery,
with bands playing and colors flying, marched
through the main streets of the town today and paraded on the big square.
The object of this military demonstration was to
reassure and impress the natives who had been somewhat disturbed by the recent Pan Islamic campaign
launched by the supporters of the Turkish action on
the Sinai Peninsula.
Hon. W. Norman Bole Allows Guilty Man His Libert
Conditions and Advises Him to Lead An
Upright   Life   in   the
J. M. Beckett, who was accused of,
misappropriation ol government funds
came up for trial this forenoon before
the  Honorable W. Norman Hole.
After hearing tbe prisone i plea of
guilty, and  summing  up the ease  llis
Honor released him on suspended sen-
tence, the prisoner giving hi-  personal
security of $1,000 to com.- up for further sentence at any time in the next
ion years,
His honor gave the young man some
' kind advice and recommended him to
live down the charge lha, had helm
made against, him so lha, he might
grow up to be respecte 1 by bis fellow
After pleading, in response lo his
arraignment    the   accused    personally
' requested the judge to be merciful. He
stated that he had not thought at the
time of the seriousness of the offense
ofwhichheaaduengu,,^, ���,,������.
Ised thai he would never be guilty of
.. -miliar breach of trust. Messrs De-
,;""'���'��� ��*6 Nl U Martin wenl Into the
witness box and gave testimony to
"'" Previous good aaaractei ���i Beck.
Water Commissioner C C Fisher
Bave "v"1'''"' to the eft, ��� ihai all
moneys had beeu refund, ; and that,
he had ti.ver known anything againsl
ih" accused except the ,:r,.������, ,,,,,._
W. J. Whiteside, counsel for the
prisoner made ;, strong plea to the
judge for merry, calling attention to
the youth and Inexperience ol tin ,
"""'' :""< the danger of placing youths
in positions where they bad to handle
considerable money,
On receiving his sentence, the prisoner wiih his father signed the necessary documents ami left ihe court
President Roosevelt
Denounces Accusers
Washington, D. C, -May 12.���Upon
the floor of the senate ihis afternoon,
during consideration uf the railway
rate bill tbe president of the United
States, acting through Senator Lodge
of Massachusetts, denounced as a "deliberate and unqualified falsehood."
the charge that he had characterized
Senators Spooner. Knox and Poraker
as senatorial lawyers, and that he had
broken with them on- the rate question.'
The sensational incident came as a
climax to the implied charge by ..ir.
Tillman of South Carolina, nominally
ln charge of the rate bill, that the!
pr, -ident had been treacherous to him
and to Mr. Bailey, Attorney-General
Moody and ex-Senator Chandler of
.N.-w Hampshire. Senator Lodge's first,
sentence challenged attention. He!
"I was unfortunately uut of this ���
chamber and did not have the felicity
of hearing the statement that was read I
in the senate by the senator from !
South Carolina. When I returned to
the senate I was told about the state-1
ment, and there were repeated to me,
some of the statements that were con-!
tallied in it.
Spooner'a amendment; as to Senator
Knox, the president said that he did
not agree with a portion of his proposed amendment, but that he
thought that Senator Knox had made
out a very strong argument for asserting affirmatively the jurisdiction or
the  authority  of  the  court.
"I think, Mr. President, that it is a
mere acl of justice to allow this
statement to go out with that which
was read and attributed to the former
senator from New Hampshire, Mr.
There was no reply to Senator
Lodge's statement,
Operators Can't Handle
the Rush of Business
Washington, D. C, May 14.���Orders
have been issued by General Allan, the
chief signal officer of the army, for
the installation of the duplex system
on the Alaskan cables. The commercial
business on the cable line has been bo
heavy that even by working night and
day the operators are not able to handle all the despatches. With the new
system the capacity of the cable will
be Increased about  75 per cent.
An appropriation is now pending in
congress for the construction of feeders to the main Alaskan cable wblch
will connect with Ketchikan, Wrangle
and  I'rince Edward Island,
As the country branches would he
rich in fisheries and would bc the seat
of many canneries, the war department
view is that business would increase greatly. Many change* In the
telegraph lines in Alaska are also contemplated by the signal corps. The
lines north from VaMez to Eagle City
and to the western coast of Alaska
are very crooked, the country being
so rough that it was necessary f���r the
builders to follow the streams
Tile assassin fled Into a large forge
where he was losi among the men em-
| ployed there.
'i'be works were promptly surround-1
.ed by troops and police but the search
for the murder.r was unavailing, his
comrades professing ignorance of his
Ideality.    The police say i,  Is evident
lha, the assassination of the admiral
'bad been planned In advance. The dagger which was found was concealed In
a round slick like a sword case.
Kuzmich hnd the reputation among
the workinginen of being harsh and
msian Authorities
Prevent May Day Riots
Statement in Question.
"One of the statements attributed
to Mr. Chandler, in regard to the
Senator from Ohio,, Mr. Foraker; in
regard to the senator from Wisconsin, Mr. Spooner, and iu regard to the
senator from Pennsylvania, Mr. Knox,
struck ni,' as so extraordinary and
seemed tb me on its face so unlikely
to be correct, and so unjust to the'
three senators involved, that I took j
it upon myself to go to the ofiice
of the stenographer and get the sen-]
tence accurately copied out. Tlie sen-i
tence to whicb I refer Iron, the
stenographer's notes is this:
"Mr. Chandler said the presldenl
had slated thai ho had come to a Ann-
idol.- disagreement with the senatorial
lawyers, who were trying to defeat
ihe bill or injure it b\ Ingenious constitutional arguments, naming Senator
Knox in addition to Senators Spooner
and  Foraker.
"I then took Ibe liberty of calling
the While House on the telephone,
which wns the most rapid way of
reaching the president, antl I took
down the statemenl which he made to
me over the telephone, which I will
now read lo the senate because I
think it is Important that it should go
lo the country with the allegation that
1  have jusl read.
President's   Reply.
"The president said in reply Ihat
ibe Statemenl thai I had read to hlm
���attributed to bim by Mr. Chandler���
was n deliberate and uiiqunllned falsehood; thai Senator Kornkor's name
was never mentioned al all 111 con-
versa, Ion; lhal Sen:,lor Sp,,oner's
name was only mentioned by bim to
express a  cordial  approval of Senator
Washington, May 12.���There is to
be another chapter to the exciting
senate incident of today.
-Mr. Chandler tonight merely replied that it was late in life for him
to be accused of a falsehood by a
president and that he would have
something at length to say within
forty-eight hours. It Is understood
that he will issue a statement tomorrow, giving his version of the president's remarks.
lt is also understod that President
Roosevell will give out a statement tomorrow denying at more length tbe
charge that Senator Tiilman has
When Senator Bailey asked Mr.
Lodge today whether the president
denied the other statements of fact
made by the Soth Carolina senator, he
was informed that be (Lodge) had not
Interrogated the president upon them,
bu, he felt sure that when the president had read the statement, he would
no doubt reply more fully and freely
to the charges.
Chinese Get Nervous
About Certificates
Los Angelos, Cab, May 14.���The Cal-,
ifornia Chinese are to make an effort'
before the highest authorities for com-'
plete  reorganization   of  their  people.!
The contention of leading Chinese is
that   more than 25,000  certificates of
legist ral ion, a great  part    of    which
were   not   duplicated   in   Washington,
were destroyed in the San Francisco
fire. It  is stated  that   ...ere are only
fifty thousand Chinese in California.
Many of the Chinese are bordering
on  panic for Ihey  realize that should
llieir right to he in the United E ates
be questioned they have nothing to
show their legal liccise.
For mouths to come any Chine ,
who has a possible knowledge of English and American customs will ��� 'aim
on arrival that his certificate wit destroyed in San Francisco. The problems that now confront the immigration officials are practically endless.
The registration now in effect was
made 12 years ago. The Chinese , lalm
that this was imperfect and in home
respects on a wrong basis.
Dislike the Comment.
Buda I'esh. May 11.��� Official note
has been taken of the untimely comment of ih,- Hungarian press on the
approaching visit of Emperor William
lo Emperor Francis Joseph at Vienna
and both the premier, Dr. Alexander
W'ek.rl, and the minister of commerce,
Fri,nels Kossuth, have publicly discountenanced   Ihem.
Many   Others   Severely   Injured   by   G.   People Mistake the Concussion for an
N. R. Express This Morning
at Diamond Crossing.
Summer Hotel Destroyed.
Sharon, Mass., May 14.���The Massa-
pog Lake hotel, said to be the largest
summer hotel in Massachusetts, was
burned yesterday. The loss ts estimated at $75,000 with partial Insurance.
Increase Insurance Capital.
London, May 14.���An exlraor,Unary
general meeting of the shareholders
of the London & Lancashire Insurance
company today ratified the decision increasing lis capital to $15,000,000. The
chairman said that the latest information from San Francisco had satisfied
hlm that $5,000,000 was the maximum
loss of the company as a result ol the
recent disaster.
A Berious accident happened this
morning at Diamond Crossing, on lhe
(I. N. It. line, as lhe result of which
one Chinaman is dead, and Beveral
oilier section men are more or less
severely  injured.
As the (!. N. R, train leaving Vancouver at 8:45 was rushing along lt
overtook a party of section men on
a handcar, and before these had time
to escape, the car was hurled from
the track, and the men were sent Hying through the air. The dead Chinaman was literally cut to piece,, his
body being mangled beyond all recognition. The Injured men ar.1 being
medically attended to and it is expected  that all ot them will recover.
Earthquake Shock and Become
Bridgeport, Conn., May 14.���Four
magazines in the testing grounds of
ihe Onion Metallic C.irtiiilp , unipany
in the easl ski,' exploded at 2:45
o'clock ibis unn ning.
The concussion shook Ihc whole city
and caused great alalia i-umig persona who believed thai there had been
au earthquake.
So far as is known no one was
Money For Outsiders.
Sacramento, Cal.. May 14.-Ror.in
P. Grant, cashier of Ihc New York Na-
Uonal exchange bank, yesterdaj placed a fund of 1-0,000 in the hands of
George W. Pettier ���f lhe California
Bank association to be used for relief
outside of San Francisco.
"'ig. May 14.���The women
"��� Petorsbur
t'g today made an in-
1 Ai"" 1" Iheir May Day eel-
Practically every factory
.J'"' 9h��P In the City was idle over
I '":i lining in the domonstni-
*ow' ~ ' reports from ihe Interior
fii.1,,1 ': w'"'k ffM wnerally huh
j��� . ' '" ''"' Principal cities of Ru*
L    '   *M1_ lb,, leaders professed
I       '""""ni io avoid collision  wlll,
'"ileal element which is boyoot-
1    """iment   determined to eels.
brute ibe day wiih manifestations nnd
ihe men oui of work decided i" parade
iii ih.. industrial isotlons sarly in the
day will, Hags bearing Inscriptions
reading: "Liberty and Work ior Ihoso
mil of work."
Tho gravest fears were entertained
thai Ihe day would nol D_M wllh,ml
bloodshed.   The  chief  of   police   poslod
notices ii,���t. no manifestation! would
be be permitted. Largs reserves ot
police armed With rifles were lluv "��� d
In  tile Industrial quarters and  detach-
menta of 1-tahtry n���,i cavalry, tfibugh
Ihey were kept oul of nlghl were posted ai strategic: points.
Shortly before noon came the news
lhal Vice Admiral Kunnlch, Ihe com
nianiler of Iho port, bad been iinsiims
liiiil.d al lbe new admlrally worloi al
a reiUll of lit" altentpllng lo I'oiee ,,,.
employee! tO work all day.
Tho ,���,i\  disorder reported up W
six o'clock lhis evening was a fight
In it suburb between a number of workmen nnd a band of radicals who tried
,o prevent Ib.m from working toddy.
Several persons were injured.
Fire Destroys Property
In the City of Regina
Message From London
Surprises McClintock
Now   York,   May   14.--The   Tribune
confident   that   the policyholders will
no,  enter inlo any such arran��tenw��<
In any  great number. A preat proi**
11     <lllt       --  i  '   .1 i      __��_������-���������    "-    ���
ilon of the )��,lIcyliolders will be deceived by it. �� would ^ the wor**
thing tbey could tt*. They *��""<����'
������ more safety ����,J worse res,,  * Ani
Regina, Sash.. May 14.���Damage es
iIn,aid at $25,000 was done yesterday
morning when the prembtos of tne
Western Hardware company with the
offices of Haultain A Croett, Cln.lt &
Sebolt and J. H. Boyle ft Co. above,
were nlmost entirely desfwjyed by flre.
The  ex-prcmler's  HbraJiy was dam-j
aged, but Mr. Boyle did not suffer as
much as his neighbors.
,;The damage to the building which
Is of brick Is estimated at $9,000 with
$0,000 insurance. The damage to stock
Is $1,1,000 with $S,0���0 Insurance. The
companies Interested nro the Quebec j
Fire. Commercial Union, Hartford,!
Canadian ami Phoenix of -jondon, Eng.
says Emory McClintock, vice-president
j of the  Mutual  Life who Is in charge
I of the company's agency  business In
lull      its of the world, was astonished
I when a message frum London saying
ihat   the  .wth   British   & Mercantile  no more-,��-..,.""-".-       ,_ (ho Ml,
company  might take  over policies- ofil"'"^** ^��,^^,^    ',,���., would
ihe Mutual Life am-unttn* to $46,000,..  ual Wf^J^T ��� ,��� I)uil, ,nt0
000 was read to bin, last night. He ��al,l  lose the btto-t of       ���      -    ^    '
he was nol ^*^*^&X$g'& WZ�� JEl -
Kr^SSS SSK - - -he contrar,, ��� North
tiling II  was r-i~, rtrltlsh  and   Mercantile  vompany  will
*%__!  Is certainly  remarkable���but not accept such policyholders without
i,  may noi  l"' true you  know. I feel I medical  examination." THE DAILY NEWS
Rev. Dr. Rugg on Christian Culture���Rev. J. S. Henderson
Preaches on Running to Win-Rev .W .H. Barraclough
Disc lurses on Temptation���Sermon by Rev. T. Ward-
law Taylor.
and receive the crown ihni  fa les
Rev. T,  Wardlaw Ta;.I";.  M. A.,
D.. Minister.
2 Cor. 4-17.    "Our   lighl    affll,    m
���,' ���, lo .il, for us inon  and more ��� ��
Ingly   an    eternal   welghl   of    glory,
look in ihe things which are
iine brings no recompense. Nature
knowa nothing of a life thai is nol
:,, dged about with death, if wo can-
no lift up our eyes lo things unseen
oils oi life yield n��� profli und
, very moral struggle la vain. "Eat
drink and be merry, for tomorrow  we
We  need   lhe  vision  thai   can   p I
beyond il"' veil ihat shuts us in.    tt e
while  We
nm   .-een."
There Is  never a
our sky thai  has not
ocean of God's love.
(Rev.  M.  I.. Itugg. D.  D. i
"Christian Culture"  wns the
of Rev. Dr. Rugg's morning sermon in
the Olivet   Baptist   church  yesterday.
He  took   for  his   text   Kpb.   |;   im:,
Till we all oome, in Uie unit) of the
faith, and the i::, iwle Ige of th    s n
of (enl, unto a  perfect  man;   un' i    .i
measure of Uu- stature of the fulness
o, chriisi.   That we henceforth be in
more children carried aboul with everj
wind   of  doctrine,���but   speakin
null, in  Him, may grow   up inlo  Him
iu all things which i.s the bead of the
. Iii'cb."
'I'be  greatest   gift   of  iho  t eate I
love, Hie speaker said, wa.s (lod'.- gill
ol' Ilis Hon, and In make all men see
"whal Is the fellowship of the mj ���
which from I'"- I eglnnli g t
hath b.-en hid in Cod." Hit a
were Of a varied character and lo 111.'
intent thai the gift or Jesus Chrisi
jnighl be made fully known, and thai
the church might be built up. Tie
great need of today was Christian
education, and that meant more '.ban
a more knowledge of the religion., uf
the world. The mission of the church
v is to lift the pall of Ignorance from
human lib- ana tne church today was
Irving lo accomplish thai. The more
Christian enlightenment there was in
n land, the more numerous were
educational facilities. The children al
School were taughl bookkeeping, nnd
they should also be taught Christian
bookkeeping, paying special attention
to the subject of profit and loss. There
was no, so much need today of Christum literature as there was of Christian living and it was the great work
of Ihe church to build up in chrisi inn
character, work was nol measured
up by pro, .salons, as by the efficiency
of those who were in the church, li
took un ��� hundred cents to make one
Here   i  i a  I    ; Igots   and   people   Wl I I
when they held to a little sedg-
[_ni i : truth an l denied iheir broth-
���i. .    ,. of proclaiming their
On     the   other   hand     there
-.     ome BO careless lhal   they were
.  to follow every spiritual organ
.. ..,.]��� .   thai  came along, and dune.
1 . . re were man, spiritual dyspeptics in the church and there were
also spiritual starvelings and lt was
I , ,i|.,.,i bj Improper use of spiritual
food. Perfect development was re
quired in the spiritual as In the physical realm, Man musi study the word
of God whi i,  Christian's texl
lone,   man's  duty
would be male : lain.   Some sheltered
under  the   saying    thai
wen   nol   under  law  bul   under
under and bring II Into subjection," ll
Is clear thai the hod} ia the antagonist.
The mind man must control tho body
man. Tbe spirit niusi bold the flesh
in check. The scerei of Paul's greatness was that In Chrisi he bad the
mas ti : j over himself.
The   ran    is   noi   lo   the   cross,   but
from    the   cross   to   the   crown.   A
hastening to the  full  reward  ol   the
Ian i.i.   and thai la why we are
urged   to  "Lay   aside  ev.-ry   weight."   I
uml i��� the athletic contesi son,.' of the
oi how ii is accomplish, d.
Ilecison    li    was    a    brave-h, art, l
thing on the pan of young Sherrlng
OUI  alone  ,o the SC, ue of his
triumph.    He left   home lat,     .   Fi i
ruary  and   arrived   on   th,
i he race early In March.    He did nol
enjoy   the  luxury   of   a   trainer,   did
need   some   voice  out  of  the  sib nee
round   about   our   little   lives.     A   few
loud thai  dims years ago an explorer, on the margin
arisen iron, thel 0f the greal Ice pack, rose In his bai-
There is never i,,,,,,  and drifted away  Into the chill
a tear thai  wets a cheek which flows region of eternal silence, and day after
not   from   that   divine   fountain.   We ,|;lv ;,n the world waited for a word
are    Cod's   husbandry .   and   In    the thai never came.   So century bj  Can.
shadow   as in the  sunshine,   in the tury all men waited on their vanished
draughj as in the rais He labors with iove,   .\(, echo ever answered to their
us  and  for  us.    Alike in  the  gloom cr[eg,    So message ever soothed thalr
,,f our griefs und in the golden glory grierf.    Then,  early  in  the  morning
of  our  joys.   In   tender   patience,   He ,,���   ttint   great   lirsi   day,  Christ   rose
works  and   waiis  thai   He  may  reap
the  peaceable  trull  of i Ighteou ne
Readily, as to a Bi il principle of our
Christian faith,  we all give assenl to
the claim    that  all things work    to
and  all  the  world   was transformed.
Then    life    and    In rtalitj     were
broughl    to    light.    Noi  Immortality
.   but life Itself was revealed In
,i,i   dawning  of lhal  day.    ".Now   li
when they did nol  want  to do  nol   have an assistant.    He depended
mpl,     ;��t duties thai w,   e
nu    .    ���   sary bul man ha I ,
as   well     as
nder the law. The former Impelled
, ;h duty, thi I itter through love.
If any were anxious as to whal was
th ii' duty, let thei i i God und
He would willingly reveal Himself to
thi :n, and whi n dutj has been re-
| God pow, :��� io follow
the path ol hteou nesa and attain
a higher standard of Christian cul-
i ure,
(Rev. .1. S.  Henderson.)
"Running to win."
The leading .vein in ibe athletic
world during the lasi few weeks was
the Marathon race, the feature of the
Olympic games at Alliens. Gn
Since the days when Hermogenes of
Xanthos earned the name of "Hippos,
. tuely on his o��n speed, stamina
.���ul judgment, He made up his mind
. . nter thai race, and he enter, d to
win, mid ran letel mined to carry off
the Hi prize, and he won.
.- n .,  a  d. i     "i of chara,
I to    .. i ��� ���.- in life.   A \ace '-
ing man, no matter what his abilities
be, i ���   : nm, dia - I)   pushed
:. : .a   race of life by the man of determined w ill.    It is he who
i .- ni ��� ed and  a:.,,
ol .'   ... again, thai reaches the goal.
Napoleon said  thai   he  beal   the Aus-
rians because thej did nol  know the
' value of live minutes. There are many
. .    ...   be King lom of C
they do not know the value of God's
Imperative  "Now."    "Ndw  is  thi   accepted time."
gether  tor  our good.    Yel   who thnt Christ risen from the dead?"   Around
has known deep                     nol found ihai   one  stupendous  tacl   all  hiatorj
ii  hard    In  the mom, ni  i t    pain to nuns, and In its light all the tolls and
make thai assenl  I                   '   "   ���' truggles  and   pains  ol   can   receive
presenl and vital iru        We have no their  meaning.
��� : ',:,..  ic of   on        . which we can |��� our own ,|,,y there ba         en i
strike  a   balanci              Bi    ind  lo achool    of  Christian  thoughl     which
Th..   gains    a                       ind    even Would                  the spiritual  truth of
I mary.    How i                        e antl . rectlon  from  the    hi    i
n?   Ho                  n for our ,;,    ,,.;,.,���   ,r the go pi i story,    Thej
���. en    h          -        irt?   Who ,                         Irltual  life on
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"I held it truth, u-li
Tn "ia   clear
men   maj
B tones
01 their   h . .
ivho ���
In  divers I  I
i.-O      On       iti
who Bhall so ton
An 1  ii.. i  in  loss a  gain    i match?
Ur reach a band thro'  ���    o ,
'; e fai :  ���        of tea
For the poet that dead is the
greai   love   buried   in   the   grave   of
Arthur  Hallam.    Brllllanl  and  '
llallain   drew   all   hearts   to   !.:
and   Ten::;, son   1 ll !   within
"ihe half of life."    In   ..
is idle.    The one question  is thi
lal lon of the s plrltual to the phj Blcal.
inded  by  the limitation
earing in our frame the i
.'i'i!..    over    b
Iheir  bonds?     What   issue  awaits  ley
:. -.   a   slow   sinking   Undi
burden of the flesh, or B soul rele
Only   the    physical   facl   that    J
broke the bond- of death  glvi
'   room     und   right   to   rule
Chrlsl  broughl  im 'tali!
nol   merely that, al  the close of life,
ive might  be assured to m, et tbe In
his  tomb  .vi!.ible.  noi   merely   that   we  mlghl
truth, a       ive  co ir  a  fi ���'���   great   m,,'-
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h  Is necessarj  in wim .... -    irts and  a  _���,.���.������,   .,- our ;;;.,    [n
i in the Christian life to forego  .,,..,   ,,,..,.���    we  ��� ive  aled  ,,,,.  , ���,
many things, and to Hvi   a daily 1  ,   -,-,���.   problem   of   [mmortalitj   i-   nol
i     : ice 11(11'.-
ru-. Claudius,
and Germanicus, Tib-
and Nero drove their
chariots  aronml  for  wreaths  of  wild
oliv, the world has  widened.    From
a country far pasl the pillars of 11- r-
t   na i Atlantis, or the wlldesl
... of the most daring Phoenician
navigators came   a   young   man   who
ol   r.iiili    at
courage and
eve:,   turn
ib clsion.
Self Denial.
we  lower   our   loved   Into   the    open    ows, but    thai daj  by day we might
grave wi   laj  be lem pari of our  I ingth   tor  the  daily   bui len,
Nol   In ih" celebration of an annual
tlval,  bui   in  the constant   remem-:
brance  of  the   Lord's  day,  the  early
church kepi I he memory of ! hal great
vli   01 We,   too,   should   so   cherish
���   ���   .di  Sabbath  morning in  ita (
^^ ;-��_:-^:i-��i:.^: :-������; :-^: i-^::^: !������- :^:i-��~-��-: r-��: :-��_i^~-*-; i-*-:i-*c>��: ;-^^��;^*;_*ci-��^ i-*__r-��-_:-^; :-��c"^:.'*c :���������" :-��-"^::^;r^::-��: :���������" :������-: "������: :���: ������ :���; :������-; ���: :���::���;;���"���"*_���_.���_
This  is  in  order that   the   bi -
suits'  may   follow     hi    : irmer.     The
athletes contending in the race e
in   which  I'aul   was looking  had  bad
ten   months'   iraining,  and   according
dollar.   There were some one hundred  conquered the Beetesl  an hut'  endur-   [Q .,���.,,. ,,^,[(ni .���.,. ������..,���. .
en. I       - ians, but there was a class !""  '"" a"  the  runners  gathered    or  ^ abstlnence {nm .. ._.    wine    ,: .
of Christians of whtob. it took a greal      !'   ^]"]  "r  ,h"   Bames   instituted  ���������.,. ,,,.���������,.    They consldl     ,
one hundre .    . m ik
many more I b i
a dollar,
11   was   :i gieal   joy   to  ha,.
le child  in  the home,  but   tl
cpected   the   child   to   grow.
md  lo get   the newly  born Chi
the   revival   of  the  games   Instituti d
lefore the birth of Chrisi;
1.12, i   i. ' ile  a. sembb d  to  Bee  the
,1,,,  in . ..     .     Tii.;'..   were     fifty-two
parent   competitors representing almosl
ll   was   civilized    country.     The   race   was    a
loi ���-   .... ���   fi ei.   the   .'ill. f   il
.1:,   the   church,   bul   the   Individual  '' ": ���    ,:""    ''       '
k mil, s of hilly road
on al  Alliens.    The firsl  man to
tbe round  of the stadium,  th
frowning  point  of the  race  was the
hearer  of  I       "������>��� Leaf,    William
Sherrlng, of Hamilton, Ontario.  This
crown mi the brow of young Canada
.! ov,     lhal   her   sons   can   comp. te
world  in  any   li.ld   they
wlthoul  :��� n :m.a'ii-' training h,
nol Bl in ��� the ten ininii es effo   .    i'���.���
a il  truth  in conn, ction  with  the
Chrisian   race   is   that   it   cannol
illy run without withoul  i i
J,    .       Ts   the   pace   and   hi
"If  any   man   will   come  after
bim   il  nj   himself
up his cross and com, ."    I
do  not     wish   you   to   think  of    self-
.   as   onlj   characteristic   a
| llgious life, i;  belongs to human life.
i-i always be di -
when you are I rj Ing to rl
ber life.
demanding | mere]j speculation upon the pos-
-ibilin of :i distanl reunion. II is a
question  of  the  ch u acter and   worth
f all life.   It ls not.a question of con- dawning   light   will   recall   Hun   light
solatlon.   The mere efflux of time re- which   brake   upon  the  world  on  the
llevea   the   deepesl   grief.    The  slow greal   firsl   daj   ot the  week early  in
of the days and years wears the morning.    Then, eve, as we join
out  the  soul.    Th.-   loss  thai    finds i��� th    apo tie's doxology "Thanks be
such   comforts   is   loss   indei I.    Ti'. to God,  which  glveth  us  the  victory
tho   of life becomes the tt  gedy of through  our   Lord  Jesus Christ,"  we
ul.    With  each   successive  be- will hear him adding  "There!
leav...,].. ir   the   hearl   grows  emptl elovei bretl    n, be ye steadfast, un-
1 'i   ;:      .    Th,   power    i ,.    ible,    always    abounding  in  the
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
is expected lo develop ln Christian
service. Some thought that work
finished when the young oonverl joined the church, but ll was then that
the  real   work  of  Chrlsl levelip
ment   began.    The church   wa
made a  1. ispltal for nursing he i
infants,   and   the   pastor   wa     I i ,1
upon a - a spiritual dry nurse
Ihem   from   crying.     Then   again
Church   was   often   made   a   .-.���
resl io mi   where  people could  - 'um
ble al   their  meals of the  mann   ��� ln
whicb     they    were    served.    Chun
members were sometimes like children   i   tc ol    peed  the runner
al   ph,y,   ir   they   did   not   like   their throughout     the    whole     twenty-
It i,lers, they would go off I:, a pel to  miles, the endurance required to win
find other companions.    The purpo ul   has  suggested   to  my   mind   cer-
of   the   Christian   religion   was
men  and     women   niigbl   attain
good   and       ie  dwin-
Th, .    iw    and
bee .'I.- irrowful, 11
-���  noble.
��� onfo," of ' ��� be only
nature     ip To
gn al   majority   ii   Is   alone   pos
i the ., el more I  i
��� : . With the atheism of
: ite   they   har len   their   hearts   and
hi ms, l\ is   to   mi el   the  grim
of  lhe   Lord,   forasmuch   :
know that  j our  labor i -  not  ln  vain
in the  Lord."
i Rev. \v. ll. Barraclough, pasl���   l
. lining
topic that of ' Temptation" and an-
nounci !       t    ��� ixl l
"Tiiei.���   hath   no  temptallon
in  so  arming
ii -       i win.'
a.. thai  suggested the
evening's sermon, "Run-
The training reqti
Endurance    was a  very    nece
��� leme.tl tn running th,  Chrl
Nearly all  the world'., great  scholai i,
bllosophi    . .:- well as
the men who have become famous by
them-  you but Buch as ts common to n
l. Corinthians 10:13.
i ��� mptation   i -   a   commonpl u ,
perience. No time, no age, no condi
tion,  no  life  is  tree  trom  It.    If  wi
In   tlti  ��� I   surroundings  ai
ca] ��� .   we   find   that  new   ,. mp
...       lorrow
hi ' toi   . .       all  that   is
and    i i lutiful,   all  thai
���   and  - to life.
No m ni can do ��Ithoul consolation
of  lifi   an   nol   alone
tin ������ ��� which death brings in Its train,   meet  us.
Youth  with   iis  possibilities  and   vis-      Every   phase   of   llfe   has   Its   own
Ions of le. ..    ,asses,    With each sue-  temptations.   The man of buslm
made their way to distinction through  cessive year the burden of failure In-  tempted  to take advantage of the  I -
many trials and  discouragements.  II   en ises. No n     er how greal a man's  norance  and   credulity  of  humanity;
thai   tain things essential to suci       In the      almos   Impossible to exaggerate thi      ������ be,   hla   failures   out-  to lose sigh   of the rlghtB of his com-
the Christian race.   I remember that Paul   wonders  thai   may  be  wrought   in  a  number   his   achievements.     Even   in   petltors,   or   to   use   unfair   business
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Heme   en otlonal   excitement;   a   dls-  temptatl ns o
, it on to    :���  olve   in I    i     i     ere,  neither  expect   oi
tike the son In the parable, who mad.   trom them,
fair in" Ises of obedience, and failed why arc We Tempted!
to keep them; censorious crltlcls tl     T ,,,   ,-,  :, ��� ���
Stan bud of the measures of the
.- a ue Of the fuluoss of Christ. The
Standard Ot the measures or the
Blon of the church was to bring iis
bers as near to ii as possible.
The church should be developed bj
getting more truth and not by giving
up truth and a Baptlal shoulil In ,
Baptl from conviction and not
through    feeling.      Some    Christians
-   ng  'ii the stadium jusl  outside brief lifetime by Intense nnd  persist-
... ill    of Corinth, down upon the eni  labors urged on by uu Iron wlll,
Isthmus said to the Christians, "Look Vou may fall and tall on
tt  runner there, straining evei lo nol yield in despair.   He came,
. il    'i.ii.t w'c make our p .
-ions   pan     ol   ourselves   and     when
���    take   '.'.ings   something   of  our
self dies  with  them.    And  when  we
mei hods.
Social life has Its temptations, fo
extravagant dis lay, to ��� nvlous rivalry, to an  undue desli ���- tor i   ���������   i iu
mu cle ai   he runs in  the  race   win- li1" 1 ll'-- life, and died His death thai turn        the         ,  ol   .            ndeat ir gratification, to judge by false standing a  cl             .ii  fades in a  week, you   mlghl   win,  strengthened   by   his and  medital    on  the  Ideals  we have ards,
'So run tl                 ogtaln' nol a pel mlghl and encouraged by his pn ed ai     whal   we have striven Temptations of a  Christian.
ihable    wn   ���        a    an    evei asting Therefore  press on until  yon  appeal '" become  failure and  losa  mark all Even   a   Christian   ll.'e  has  iis  .lis
crow,,." perfect   before  Him  in  Zion.  till  you our course.    Wo die daily.   Tor these tlnctlve     temptations.     Temptations
when  Paul Bays "1 keep my body hear the divine plaudit  "Well done' nature gives  no comforl  and to   formality,   and   to   the   other   om-
others, and over-j, alouBy tor the honor
-��so we say of God and the church.
which leads us to be uncharitable.
These are a tew of the temptal I mi
which  bos.t   the Christian,
Mj ii ids and \.u led are the temptations of life. Temptations to youtd
an i temptations to age: temptation i
to  lhe   poor and  temptations to  the
rich;      temptations     of     failure     and
tlon is to lead
el      his    snares,   thi
weaves bi        ell, to
Win   do       Ood
tempted?     Lei    i
(ration,   The mi
province are full -
knows  whal   the '   inl"
(Continued on P
���T,.  >_��_ME*tts!_Er   - .'-.���:������-"-    > :_flHHS____fEH_HKtr,''"' ���"'    "-    ���     "' ���'" ��� -'^'?^?^.^7SEWI^T^^
iaw. 17
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.���**rfflffi'.;��*y��j ^-mmimmmBmi
xro^saRBOTJirc.wsr^^ T''.icrvtr_iri':e^_^^ NDAY, MAY 14,
Sermons Preached  On
^Continued from Page Two.)
properly explored and prospected.
',!,,  n0l    know   ourselves    until
Tion "explores" us.    Innocence
,, mother name for ignorance.
[houghtlessly condemn the weak-
and failure of another, and we
little of  the  conflict   which is
going on  in  liis life, or of the bard
.        pulling up to be a man. If
...   :li:, cted  by similar clrcum-
ll is doubtful if wo could have
., ,|,   Th.- reason why some men
nol   drunkards   Is   because  they
... ., IT been .surrounded   by temp.
.  ;o���.   Th'' reason why some men are
���   is  because  they   have  _,ever
forced by necessitj, nor enticed
bj opportunity to steal.    We do not
know   "���r  powers   until   tbey  are   put
.     U'S'.
Developed   by   Trial.
her, the ore maj   be found in
mountain,  bin   will   be   valueless
thi   mine b>- developed and ii
i:,       .. al   disposal.    The highest
if mind and soul are develop
itatlon  and trial.    "We can
. ie  iiiire,"  says   Dr, A.  ('.  A.
"bj   choosing   purity   win a   we
I |ghi choose self-indulge,ice.    We can
.. come lm Ing when we saci Iflce
on,-    way   or   another    for
.   when   wo   might   cling   lo  our
���   '.   -.     We   can   only   be-
:. ally   true  and   brave   when   we
honor  and   truth   who,,  we
might gain .some advantage by swerving fr,,,,, truth, by compromls ��� i   n
1 lo I    permits  temptations    becaui ������
it   "prospects"   and   then   "develops"
moral character.
Put   Up   a   Strong   Fight.
Bul    temptation musi  be   st, i
resisted in order to the Mr- ngthenlng
of charact, r.    If  we  weakly yield  ii.
will  prove ou,-  undoing,  ir we manfully   face  difficult,   and   temptation
will, a strong purpose to overcome We
Will dovlop a strength which will
Tii" way lo righteousness Ji.-s
through difficulty and it can only be
attained by those who resist temptation, l.e, there be no compromise
bu, a Ugh, lo tin- death.
The  Way  of  Escape.
I'.ui we sh, il . not only resisl temp
tatlon, We .should lur,, to the opposite virtue ami seek its development,
Hod's way of escape is the cleaving
io ihai which ls good. Turn from
the picture of IubI to ihe vision of
Bweetness and beamy and purity.
When ih.- enchantress smiles mosi
bewitchlngly, call up your angel
mother's lace. Turn from covetuouB
d, ���"  a   contemplation    of  the
rights of Others, und iln- honor of an
hitherto stainless name, Think of
lhe consequences of sin before you
yield, in-lead of vain], reflecting upon
your folly afterwards. Turn from
jealousy and envy and haired, and
tialn yourself to think kind and loving thoughts, '" :-|"'iik kind and loving words, and perform kind and loving  acts.
I.e  your effort  be positive, not neg-
"Overcome    evil  wiih    good."
Cure   dis. a.so   by   tbe   infusion   ol   life.
Don't Tempt the Devil.
And yel  tor all this. I  do noi  know
hi!   We  need   II, covel   an  a' Unisphere
..i temptal io,,, or i eai e I tie prayer,
' I..-ad us no: im'. temptation." .Many
a man place-; him - It, bj his own
li.e choice, in such a position, and
suks such associations as to naturally invite !��� mptatlon. If Ins falls,
In- has himself alone u, blame,
.Nor . justified in sheltering
rice, in order thai  the moral charac-
Transportation     Conditions      Improve
and New Shippers Appear in
the  Kootenays.
Nelson, Maj 12.���The seventh emel
ter in ihis district, I'.a.- B'.-. i.i. w in
its flrsl  furnace ibis  wi i ;., and iwo
ter of its men,hers may be developed more will follow. Tram
by successfully resisting the allure dltlons are ini],roving.
ments or vie...
li is the duly of Iho state and BO-
CietJ lo make i, as easy as possible
lo   do   right   and   as   difficult   as   pos-
le   o do wrong,
Sod, ��� ;.      | id   be   jusl   as   zealous
in removing Hi.- causes of moral contagion Mid diease as i: is in protect-
Ings Itself from smallpox or' other
vlrulenl   disorders.
Temptation tuny be used to the
trengthenlng of moral character,
much as ihe siorn, sciv. s to strengthen the roots of the He.. Inn .such is
rn.' Mi" purpose ,,r the tempter, llis
I urpose is in weaken, to debase, and
io  defile,
And if societj winks at sin. or is
Indifferent to iis Influence, ii mus:
no' shirk ih" responsibility il the
I'oek marks of vice 118 dlSCOVi i !
where Lasi expected,
among the mines that an- la,   Id, I        Le   Itoi   ...
thla lisi.    The... mine .   . e on     I..   Roi No.
ploynieiii   to an  Increased  number of  Jumbo   ....
men, and  their output   will swell to a
considerable extent the tonnage ol the
camp tor ih" y.-ar.    There I    talk of
the resumption of operations ",, the
Cliff  and   Idaho,  and   there  are
defined rumors that work ts to  ie
Burned shortly on .some of the propi r-
ties In ih" south bell which hav,
idle     for   several   years.     Willi     the
brightening   situation and the   more
hopeful outlook, the people are indulg-
lortaiion con-  [ng in  the hope that  there will  be a
Ther,,    me  repetition of iln- limes when Rossland
'-���n is
several new shippers lids week,    Th, was  in  ,1,.-  zenith  ol' her  prosperity,
toiai   shipments   foi'  the  week   were At tin. Trail smelteT they are now
32,023  i'.n.-  and  for the ."'ar 628,945 starting a fifth copper furnace, making
ions.    Boundary  ship;.. I  24,462  tons, a   '",..1   capacitq   for   ibe   output   of
nd    .",.ii7^  and    Slocan-Kootenay copper,   of   between    1300   and    1,1""
i.ci.:    ions.    The  Blocan    shipments tons daily, and 350 to 400 tons of lead,
were:    Bt.  Eugene 559, .-:. I   an  500, The refinery is now turning oul about
Hunter V  146, Bllver King 308, Krao 50 ions of pure lead daily, and ship-
Total  I'or  the     " i:
News   Kills   Grandmother.
New York, May l:.'.  -A brl, ;' n
sen;   by   Frank   Fischer of  San   Fran-
.  ico,   announcing bis safety bad such
mi effecl  upon his grandmother, Mrs.
^^^  one-
'"' in Ilie |i-r-lKl
i  ">"'��!   II     .,     ���     ,   ,1V
.  6,340  '""������'���'
1-"',7:i '   J09C.li  Der
"rl,r   after wh���m
DanMcDcaalaofMcDon   .    ,
^r0?811" :'"        '
"�� whieh 1, :,
 r;:7 ":;;-i I-.
Mary  M.   Behn  of ibis ciiy,  wno bad '"'"'g0lfl '"'"'"K e.citemeal   he
heen   worn    out   with  anxiety    while  ''""''   ''' "' fr"ishting ������ n���   Cariboo
road   a,nl   cat,  ���,"
la M1 some iir.
Empress at Yokohama.
Mon: re !. Qui.. May    l l.  -The   Em-
d\" Chin la'  Yokohama a'
5:30 p. in..        terd      from Vancouver.
23, Queen lib Payne 18, Ke; Btone 11.
Cliff rn. Noonday 11, and Midnighl
5. Boundarj shippers were: Qranby,
Mother Lode, Brooklyn, Emma, Sun-
���. Skylark and Providence, Th"
Rossland shippers were: Centre
Bl ar. l.e itoi. Le I'.oi .No. U, and Jumbo.
ping the greater portion to Canadian
consumers, while the remainder is going to the Orbni. The refinery Is being enlarged so ihin  ihe capacity will
!... ?.". Instead >>r 50 to,,..   New cranei
.���md a .",1,1,-horse power generator are
being   Installed.     The   plain,   for   ih"
The receipts reported a: Hi" Granby   Huntlngton-Heberleln process Is being
smelter   were 16,567 tons    Dominion  enlarged by the addition of six eon
Copper its.-,, is. c. Copper 3,164, Trail j verters,   New transformers ror the in.
0,7,;,;, Hail Mines 440, and Marysville creased consumption ,.r power are being   put   in,  ami   a   new   blower    has
l.e,,,  ordered, giving the Trail Works
The piioi   Baj   n tui ns  f".   i he
should   be   over  600   tons.     B
h  I two   or    the  largest,
Rosslana, May  t_.    Work Ins or is constructed,
being resume I ou s. v. i ,' of th i mines The following are
of the camp during ih" last few weeks, the week:
Tl;.. Velvet-Portland, the Crown Point,
iho  Jumbo  and   the  White   Hear  are  Centre   Star   	
worn    out
;.wailing news of him from th,   stride
��� II  eil. ,  llllll   she die 1  ill  a  lew' inillUleS.
Her  physician  declared   lh.-  news had
caused  a  reaction  whicb  broughl  mi
li'a"  failure,    when ih.- lirsi reports
began   lo   arrive   from   San   Francisco
.Mrs. Behn, who was 7!i years of age,
and who has recently recovered trom telephoni  connection
an attack of pneumonia, Insisted upon       Me ,   ,   ,
having every line of the news read to' hav, ...     ^ ',, ^^/'^J
''"'  :|1,1'   :" !UPPl) ii"  local demand
egraphlc messages were senl to for farm improvements. In the
Sa,, Pranclsco, imt no replies were re   state "t the lumber marl
ceelved. Day after day, with no tidings terprls,  Bhould raw
of her favorite grandson, the aged wo-,    Ther, Is also an
'":"       ���    "  '  "Tly.lines,
Xi,"":"'>   i�� connected   with   the
MalnIand   H   two   bridges   one   to
""w'"" ���' Bt����on and the othei a mile
east of Nlcomen su,,,,,,,, ,, h;i. llUl>
man would sii for hours a, lhe window  wharf
rkei theli  . n-
Ml' I i-  ��� In;
agitation to have .1
the shipments for
.   2,820
, ,    , _     ,   , ., ,l" '",he neighborhood of .Ve
to catch sight oi the postman. When  Donald's Landing
she saw the postman approaching the     as, nthenum
hous,. ������ Tuesday she became excited, I  ol i atl e on the Islam    ine   i th
hurried  to iho door, and  with band', princi] , 1|(,
trembling    win, eagerness, '..ok   the ers I .
letter which he gave her   read it. and on thi Dewdney to b, Bent to
wiih   a   faint  cry. she fell backward. Vancouver,
She  was  dead  when a  physician  nr-     Thi, Important Island Is nol   i     -
rlvel.     Hut   the  smile  upon   her  lips known .- || :,,,h: ll; ,���. ffhe_ ,iVn
was ev nee of ihe joj that bad com, into consideration ,]���. tertllitj
Into  ih-    aged   woman's  life    before soil   a,,,  |,       ,      ,    situation for
death Struck. both   rail ami rive:- i,,���
i :it ion.
i ������������_������ ������_���������_) 4B_3ffi_-B��-B> ��SSTSSEL. ..i_2ES_.:.";; ?%
'.".OTt.TJTBrWICi^iBT.'; 5__B__Ha___K-
'olish Your Furniture
.    i prci
���   . out i
t.  it produces b
dust wlll nol
Just try ft
better it ia tl   n nay other i    - U,
Prepared Wax
���   " IPollsh for a .
L ]
: ���
\   i, ... . Johns T- s (ree book, "The
Proper Treal rs, Woodwork
and furniture 'und these preparations of
We respectfully call your
attention to these Irons.
Call in and examine them.
Cool Handle.   Hot   Iron.
A HOT <K*��w^^ A COLD
I __&H__E_j_aa__:r- m&Timij&&g&miaE*3i^:r-JtWB5:2
tiagZEBsmzzzszz 'jj-.^M^w^tc^smiiiimaMiz^^x'^i
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in] Garden Tools, Rakes,
Hoes, Spades, Shears, Lawn
Eclgers, etc., at all prices.
fi m
Mt G E N T's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen.   It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes   the
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
^^^^^^^^^^ appetizing
dishes can be
made from what might be wasted
if it were not for the Gem.
It chops food oi nil kinds���
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food as you want it���fine, coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, self-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
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I    I*
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Published by 1
Hbbing  Compan:
offices   corner    ���
Streets. New- W
he Daily News Pub-
,   Limited,   at   their
C   Sixth   and   Front ;
st minster. B. C.
Advert, .ing Rates.
Transient dlspl iv advertising, 10
con's per line (u -ipariel) 12 lines to
tbe inch. Five -ents per line for
subsequent insert- .ns.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cunts per line, brevier or nonpariol, in
cents per line.
For time contiacts, special positions, apply to ���dvertising manager.
N.dices of births, mnrrlages or
deaths. SOc. Wools, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one eent per
word. No advertisement, tulien f >i
lesj than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine ,.l-
vertisenients inserted at rate of 50
cents per Inch per Issue (display) or ir
reading notices, 25 ceuts per lin. per
Issue. No deviation from this rate for
term contracts.
Business office	
Manager's residence  ....
MONDAY,  MAY   14,  1906.
May   World's
Iu an  in Inlo    in  the
Work   mi    "I'ho   Unhealthtulness   of
Packingtown," Dr. Caroline Hedger of
the University Bettlemenl  iu Packing-
ton paint:, a vivid picture ol' lbe wrecked   living  ami   working conditions  ol
the people Hi.'I prepare our meat,    lie
says:    "The   bouses  are   small,   dark..
dlrtj and badly overcrowded. They are
close togethei', each tenement is trans-
ion,,oil  into  a Bleep  destroying monster.   Every   possible  opportunity     i.-
given for Uie men of Packingtown   to
drink. Outside lbe stockyards on Ash
land  avenue are  forty-five saloons  in
two blocks. Bubbly Branch on the West
edge of the district,    is    a    stagnanl
branch of the Chicago river. Tlie filth
from the stockyards sewer pours Into
it.  It is really a large open sewer lt-
' self.   In summer,  if you aqeydetaiii'-.l
on. the bridge that spans It, your clothing will smell  for hours. Tuberculosis
ravagei the district. The broken down
Siavic   n,en   and   women,   wasted   ,,y
diseases, tha'   you see on the street,
were healthy peasants a few years ago.
In ibe stockyards, too   they work under very good conditions lor supplying
tuberculosis germs. Sunlight kills the
germs        ��� ;,-'rculo.sis. A vast number
of il,.' i     king house Workers work by
electric  light.    If a  tubercular  poison
chose  to  expectorate in those totalis
dark   i where    scores    of    girls
work, germs could  live almosl
Indefti unless    removed.    Many
stair-  : u I  dark  rooms ir.  the    yards
look  very  uu ised to water and soap.
The Blower, of Tlit-li,*', "Were I-liperf.
Many   Onturlf-M   \K".
The glass-lowers of ancient Thebes
are known to bave been ns proficient
In Unit particular art as is the most
scientific craftsman of tbe same trade
of tbe present day after a lapse of
foriy centuries of so called "progress."
Tbey are well acquainted with the
Srt of staining glass an.I are known tc
bave produced that commodity
great profusion and perfection
sella! gives an Illustration of a plece^of
stained glass known to be 4,noo years
old, both In tint and design
ease the color is struck
vitrified structure, and he
signs struck entirely in pieces from a
half inch to three-quarters of an Inch
thick, t!,c color being perfectly Ineor
porated will, the structure of tbe piece
and exactly tin? same on both tbe obverse i.ml reverse sides.
The priests of rtah at Men,phis were
adepts in the glassmaker'B art, and uot
only i'.id they have factories formalin
f:u luring tbe common crystal variety,
but they bad learned tbe vitrifying ol
ibe different colors aud tbe Imitation
uf precious 6tones to perfection. Their
Imitations of the amethyst and of the
various other colored gems were so
true to nature that even now, after
they have'lain in the desert sands from
2,1100 to -1,00,1 years, it takes an expert
to distinguish tbe genuine article from
the spurious. It has been shown that,
besides being experts in glassmuking
and glass coluiiug, Ihey used the diamond In cutting aud engraving glass.
In the British museum there is a beautiful piece of stained glass
engraved emblazonment
arch Tbothmes ill.,
years ago.
in this
through the
mentions de
with   nn
of the  raon-
who  lived 8,400
l hunt, il   ArrordiiiK   lo  ��u<- < alt-nd-r
and \ot  the Weather.
A characteristic of the Koreans
which has helped to their undoing as
a nation was the tact that tbey were
guided wholly by precedent When n
new situation presented tbey did not
cope with lt lu the light ot the day
they were living, but were guided entirely by the old saws and tlie ancient
maxims of wise men who bad been
dead a thousand years or so. A striking illustration of tills national trait
was furnished In the matter of their
wearing apparel, which was changed
according to nn ancient calendar and
without nny regard to the t peruturc
of the day.
Korea ls a land of great extremes of
heat and cold, and the mnn who draft
ed the calendar by which nil clothing
Is changed, though a Chinese sage, lt
is said, was not a success as a weather
prophet, unless, as some maintain, tat
ell,nate ln the course of the hundred!
of years which bave elapsed has changed, when the calendar announces now
begins the period of greatest cold
conservative Korean, although the
may be sofl and 1.filmy, pads out his
white garments with six or seven
thicknesses of cotton wadding, untl
the thin man becomes a fat man and
the stout party swells up to such onor
mous size as to block up the streets
when be walks, or, rather, rolls, abroad.
Again, though spring and early sum
mer may have come and tlie beat pre
vailing be almost tropical, the Korean
s'v.llers about in bis wadded clothing
iu perspiring veneration of
ti ry calendar.   New
R. Gilley, 'Pnone
bis heredi-
York Herald.
A  Hu
From  the celling of the killing rooms
and  corridors, to the rag thai  a girl
'lpes a  can  with   before  capping  it,
liere is dirt. The air In-some of uie
apartment,    i.s    had���sometimes    so
teaniy that il  is Impossible   to   see
through it, and providing moisture to
keep tuberculosis germs alive.    There
are no devices visilbe to prevent  the
Inhalation of dust. In the soap-mlxtng
departmenl of one firm, which 1 visited, the dU8l was choking. One won,;,,,.
in the last stages of consumption, was
found  sewing bags    at  home.    The.
were for a special kind of export tt
sage She had them carefully piled up
and  explained   that she had  to  keep
lli.n, clean as they could nol or would
not be washed. In two weeks she was
dead.   Yd   these  are  the  people  who
prepare food." I
The Art of  AnKlliiK la n�� ON aa thr
tinman  Race.
The art of angling no doubt had Its
origin In man's necessities.   The carll
est record of mankind makes reference
to the taking of fish for food.   There
are frequent allusions to It In the Bible.
Job,  in the oldest book of nil, says:
"Canst thou draw out a leviathan with
a hook or his fatigue with a cord which
thon lettest down?   Canst thou put a
hook   ln his  nose?"    Homer,   In  tbe
"Hind." speaks of fishing In those lines;
As bearing death In tho fallacious bait.
From   ,l,o   bent   anglo   slnka   tho   leaden;
And it Is recorded In tlie "Odyssey."
A�� when the angler, his long roil hi hand,
On ,l projecting rock assumes his stand.
Casts lo the Hery fry tho btiltod snare.
Then flings tho wriggling- captives ln tl,��
The Romans, Greeks nnd other races
of curly days around the Mediterranean
practiced tiie art of angling. Plutarch
tells of ii prank pluyod by the fair ,
Egyptian, Cleopatra, while out fishing
will, Antony, "They wagered on their
angling, nnd ler illvcra did hang n
salt flsh on his book, which ho with
fervor drew up."
The ruined wnlls of Herculnncuin
and Pompeii abound ln frescoes of
fishermen. All along tho track of his
tory are found traces of this gentle
roerontlon, showing the gradunl Improvement from tbe heok of t>otie and
rude equipment of the cave man to the
elegant accessories and belongings of
the modern angler.
rirsl Attempt to Welsh It Was Made
by  Artatotie.
If we are to believe both legend und
history, tbe first attempt to weigh air
was Unit made by Aristotle, the great
Creek philosopher, of tbe fifth century.
He first weighed nn empty goatskin
bag and then Inflated it and again put
it in the balances, and because he
found no difference iu weight under
the two conditions announced to the
world thnt air was a substance wholly
without weight.
With modern laboratory apparatus
most any high school scholar can demonstrate the fact that a flask of teD
cubic Inches capacity weighs fully
three grains more when filled with air
than It does after being placed under
the exhaust of an air pump. The numerous experiments that have been
made on the weight of air warrant thc
scientists ln announcing that tbe
weight of tbe whole terrestrial atmosphere Is about equal to that of n solid
copper ball sixty-two miles ln diameter.
Tbe philosophers have also shown that
the weight of the atmosphere must be
limited to where gravity overcomes tlie
centrifugal force. If it were of equal
density throughout Its height above the
earth, it could not extend a greater alti-
tude than 27,818 feet, whieh would
leave about 1,200 feet of Mount Everest sticking out above the atmosphere.
It Is a well known tact, however, that
air los"< its weight and density as we
ascend from the sea level, and calculations which have been made on that
basis go to show that there may be a
stratum of very thin air at n begbt of
21,001, miles.
eiteader'a iiutut When Caught
In the Qniclcaanda.
The "mover's" wagon, canvas coven 1
and travel worn, is always picturesque
Tbe traveling home for a family and
all their worldly goods, from furniture
to poultry, is still a familiar sight on
western roads. The spirit of dissatls
faction ami longing for newer fields
that iurks under that broad brimmed
hat is a spark of tbe same Bre that has
been the theme of our history. By
some stream under the cottonwoods ol
an evening you may sometimes see this
half gypsy, and the fire, with its accompanying smell of bacon and beans
or the song and accordion, will suggest
as you drive by why the roving has always its fascinations.
There arc, however, the long dusty
days of travel and sore backed liorses,
the occasional swollen fords, and always present, though seldom encountered, are the quicksands of the dry
bottom streams. Tbey are indistinguishable and silent. Tbe shallow ribbons of water flow over ib.-ni as over
all the rest of the river bed, Imt on "
fairly In their grasp there is n remon
less, certain settling, which a struggle
only hastens and which ends in an ever
lasting disappearance. ,'attl.. and
horses are caught ln it oftenest, and. it
seen In time, can be pulled-out with a
rope and horse, but into lis hungry
maw have gone horses, wagons n id
men. and even a locomotive, going
through a bridge, bas been known tc
disappear In this bottomless mystery.���
Al'i-ii True In outing.
liif-liIcalM I u 11,-tt  From the
Horrors ol w ar.
A veteran of the British army ln 111
din mice saw a strange Bight on a battlefield. As he tells the story a squadron of cavalry had ben held ill reserve
under cover Qf a field battery aud an
infantry regiment. The artillery duel
had ended. The assault of the euemy
in overwhelming nun,bers hud been re-
pulsed by the steadiness of lhe Infantry. While a cloud of smoke hung over
the field tbe cavalry received an order
to charge with drawn sabers.
The troopers started ln close order for
the enemy's line. Midway they met a
destructive flre fro:,, earthworks In |
front of them and fr u i the woods ou
their flank. A young cavalryman, with
his saber drawn, was shot in be heart
while lending ln the first file. Tbe horse
baited, swerved to the right and turned]
back, but the rider kept his seat with,
out flinching. The other troopers wenl
ou, carried the earthwork by storm,
rode at full gallop after tlie retreating
force aud converted defeat Into rout
Tbe dead trooper meanwhile was re
turning with white face nnd with the
blood streaming from his wound. Under his nerveless hand the horse re
celved neither check nor lending and
made its own way toward the Infantry,
which was now advancing rapidly.    As
tlie smoke lifted  til Idlers saw  tho
solitary rider coming, with one band lu
a death grip upon the saddle, while tht
other still held the sword rigidly
It was a sight never to be forgotten���
tbe galloping horse, with the dead cav-
a...,: . a still mounted und looking gTim
nud fierce, It was not until the rldei
had gone fifty yards from the spot
whero he hud been killed that he rolled
off tbe horse.
A similar story is told of Captain Nolan, who delivered the fatal blundering
order for the charge of the famous Light
brigade. He was seeu on the field of
Balaklava, rldlug from the hills when'
the staff officers were drawn up to thc
quarter where tbe brigade was station
cd. Tho charge begun, and what was
left of the brigade returned lu broken
At hist Captain Nolan was seen gal
loping rapidly toward tho center of tlie
field. He was firmly seated, straight as
an arrow and riding well. Suddenly
thc horse swerved and the rider topp.pd
The officers who were nearest rushed
forward, but when tbey lifted hlm from
the  ground   they   found   him   lifeless.
Like the Indian saberman, he bad been
shot and Instantly killed, but his horse
had can-led him safely across the field,
out of the reach of the pursuing Cos-
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. O. Pottery C o. sewer pipe,
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone lb
In distrieis whore t__
glanders is suspected and
iave occurred the
the following precaution!
of   horses   and   otbe
In neighborhoods
breaks li
exlstence ���,
' .- .
actu_ ,,.
adoption or
, '''  "*H"r,
*������* revest the
centres of Infection.
''   Horse, or muios having _ ^
discharge or oti,
toms should __1 i
or   feed   atabl
"lmlt"'|| to 11,1
��"���.'������" i."a:
way  siock  yards, private sui,,;'
"'her   places   wl,,.,,-   ������,,   Me      *
come Into dlrecl or Indlrec
S    | with animals
of 111.
...... ���
The  tne  of  Qotnlnr.
People who suffer witli the liver and
who get run down in nerve strength
sometimes complain that quinine does
them no good, says a physician. The
rea- :i is this: Wbeu quinine passes
luto the Intestine it ls acted on by the
1 "" and forms with it a salt that ls
luble only in a great excess of bile,
so it passes out of the Bystem without
entering the blood at all, To prevent
this bilious persona ought to clear out
the bile by a good liver pill or a saline
purgative before the quinine ls taken.
Even when the liver is not affected It
Is always best to take such medicines
before using quinine.
rtoy.M   Gamblers.
Tho fascination whieh games of
chance have exercised over gentle and
simple is well Illustrated In the description by Stow of the entertainment
gi-en by Henry Plcard, mnyor of London, In 1357, when the kings of France
and Scotland, being prisoners in England, aud the king of Cyprus on n visit
to Edward III., the mayor "kept his
hull against all comers that were willing to play at dice and hazard. Tbe
Lady Margaret, bis wife, did keepe her
chamber to the same intent." The
mayor, having won 50 marks from the
king of Cyprus, returned him the money, saying, "My lord and king, be not
aggrieved, for I covet nol your gold,
but your play."���Chambers' Journal.
Thr Mtaiater'a Tnrtnn.
Every clan of Scottish highbinders
hnd its own tartan, or striped colored
cloth, of which the kilt and plaid were
made. It is not so well known, however, that the clergy of the hlgbland-
ers down to a recenl date used a tartan
for their weekday dress. The tartan
of the clergy, as it was called, was a
sober cloth of white, black and gray
stripes. Ministers who did not care to
don the kilt almost always wire the
plaid or mantle of Ihis material Iu
the eighteenth century when tbe hlgb-
lai ders seldom went unarmed It was
the eust..ni of some clergymen to wear
sw ,rds eve, at church and to be accompanied by n gillie, or servant, carrying a bow and sheath of arrows.
Nothing could better illustrate the disturbed state of those times than this
priu tlee on the part of the men who
were pre-eminently preachers of peace
nnd universal good will.- Scotsman.
Chick Food
Poultry experts and farmers in all parts of tho world
unite in placing Oatmeal as the basis of all reliable
chick food. The large poultry breeders for exhibition purposes, in England and the Eastern States,
who frequently mix their own special chick foods,
invariably order their Oatmeal from the leading
Rolled Oats and Oatmeal Mills; by su doin^- they
insure having the line st Oatmeal. It is because we
are Cereal manufacturers and much the largest buyers of the best oats in the whole of Western Canada
that we are in a position to produce the celebrated
B. & K. Chick Food
which is now so popular amongst poultry farmers
that it is not only selling by the sack but by the
carload. It is packed in 25, 50 and 100 lb. bags.
It is not only the best food for chicks, but also the
cheapest on account of our facilities for purchasing
the purest ingredients in very large quantities.
Miling Co., Ld.
The Front, New Westminster, B. C.
equine species
2.   All    stables,   yard,,   or  .
used for the accommodation of 2
or mules should be regularlj   , i ..
quenlly  cleans,,!    and iii Infected  *
, tbe manner prescribed below,
I     :i-   After   cleansing   the  premlie,
i thoroughly, and burning all .,
Interior should be well go,  \,1
hot steam, or boiling water,
the latter al lea I
(,;"' I'a,i'1 to each !,.
whieh   the  satire
thickly coated with a hoi solution ot
fresh  lime wash, to which , ���   .
bolle acid bas been added In tl
in. ntloned proportion,
i pos-
in a simi-
Outbulldlti ���     fl iii T
with    which    Infected   anln
be.-n in contact i houl i al ... wheni
slide,   be  thOrOUgl I
tar manner. ^^^^^^^^^^
All ordl -y   I. in "      md
utensils, which have 11
with Infected anli
mises, Bhould be thoro .
a hot soluilon ol i rude carbolic acid
of a Btrength or om i twent)
Materials which -
by the above tr, atn  i
able   harness,   roi I
wblch  have been in i ont icl with Id-
feci lon should    be pla, ed   In
tight   room   ami   fum g I   :
maldehyde after which thej should be
thoroughly cleaned.
1.    In  s,abbs where .. -   -
occurred or wh.re dl eased   animals
bave, Inadverteatlj or    hi rwl��
stabled, even temporarily, the cleans-'
ing  and  disinfection  Bhould be especially thorough and In   ni h case
safest to remove and burn d   ;    i
��� and   mangers   when
wood;   Iron
II. K. loll.
fc_i_W7S2iffi&TE-!5-?8^^ I
Tin- llartli  nml   linn  , umiuirol
If lt were possible for n man to construct a globe 8IKJ feet In height���much
less than twice the height of the Washington monument���and to place upon
any portion of Its surface nn atom one
four thousand three hundred and eightieth of nu Inch lc diameter and one
one hundred nnd twentieth of nn Inch
In height, it would correctly denote the
proportions man bears to the gigantic
globe upon which he stands.
A   Klnnins  Hurl.
At some amateur theatricals In Vic
toria two people In the stalls, whenever
the heorine was kissed, kissed each other loudly and with ostentation, it turned out that tlie mnn In the audience
wns the busbnnd of the heroine, who
disapproved Of her thontrlonl tastes
and, with the help of nn ntnlable friend,
took thla way of reproving them.-Sydney (Australia, Bulletin,
A  Divided  Sentiment.
Little Agues ls twelve years old. She
Is a poetess. She has, maybe, a sense
of humor and, positively, she did not
like her stepmother. On the latter's
birthday the .youthful rhymer put forth
n'i her powers to please the lady who
had usurped her own mother's place.
The quatrain ran ns follows:
I thank you for your kln.lness,
I thank you for your love
And hope God will reward you
By taking you above.
Her stepmother hardly knew whethet
this wns to be tnken prematurely or
not. She supposed not.���New York
Old   I'.iikIInIi   IVnre.
Halfpence and farthings were not
coined In England before tbe time of
Edward I., and until they were the
penny, which was then made of silver,
was Issued deeply Indented with a
cross lu order Ihat lt might be broken
Into two pieces for halfpennies or Into
four thlugH, or farthings. The silver
penny wa3 tbe first coin of the Anglo-
Saxons struck ln England. In 1072 an
authorized coinage of copper pennies,
halfpennies and farthlngB waa established. Silver farthings ceased to be
coined under Edward VI. nnd silver
halfpennies under the commonwealth.
To avert a sneeze press the upper Up
igalnst the teeth with the forefinger.
An  Aceompllnhment   lo  He  HevWed.
Tommy Etarduppe���Can you whistle,
Mr. Wigwag? Wigwag No, my hoy.
My whistling dnys nre over. Tommy
���Then you'd better Icnm ngaln. Wigwag --Why? Tommy 'Cause I henrd
pop sny he owed you some money and
you'd have to whistle for IL
Untile. In Ihe Sea.
Fights between sharks nnd porpolsej
are said to be common ln the waters
around the Florida keys, nnd tbe fishermen thereabout declare that tbe porpoise always wins and sends the shark,
which usually begins tho tight, scurrying away. The shark bas 'o turn on Its
side to bite, and tlie nimble porpoise
easily keeps out of rench of Its snap
ning Jnws nnd then Jumps In and deals
the shark tremendous slaps with its
for Sweets
Ice Cream and C.   B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit &
Do you need a Set
of Teeth ?|
articles can be rendered harmlenbj
passing them through Bre i
merging ihem  for som- time In boii-
Ing  wale,.  aii  lif. r trom
animals should be burned or caret.
ly  fenced  until used.
5. Farmers and other! should,
whenever possible, avoid ndmittli'
strange hors, - or m ih i tl - prta
Ises occupied by iheir own animals ;
especially of the Bame Bpecles. It ii t
good plan to res, re an isolated
building for outside horses or mules
but where ihis ls impossible tl ~"
be accommodated In i ow stables, tittle not being I to gl nders _���
fection. Such horses and mules should
be watered from Bpeclal palls, whldt,
together with all other stabl,
used on or aboul them, should be
carefully clean . ,1 and disinfe,
for., being used for other snlmslt
Stalls occupied by Btrange horses or
mules should be well cleansed ni
disinfected and. ir al all possible,!*
unoccupied  for sonic time.
fi. where new noraes or mules an
purchased In or from districts where
glanders ovists, they shoul.l, unkfl
tested with Malleln prior to
be stabled apart ami closely
for some time before MM
contact wlll, oilier animal!
brought  In
In mind that
or ulceration,
, of farcy
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
A-ule i nre Kor Drunkard*.
"For ten years," said a physlclnn, "I
have advocated apples ns a cure for
drunkenness. In that time I have tried
tho npple cure on some forty or fifty
drunkards, and  my  success has  been
mosi gratifying.
"Let any man afflicted with the love
of drink eat three or more npples dally,
and the horrible craving wlll gradually
leave hlm. The cure will be greatly
helped along If ho also smokes as little
as possible.
"I know a woman who cured a drunken husband without his knowledge by
keeping alwnys a plentiful supply of
good apples on thc dining table. Thc
mnn ntc these npples und 11,,ally stop
pod drinking altogether."���Philadelphia
Plied   Fnr  Life.
"I enn't understand bow that young
lawyer lives. I've never heard of hlm
having n client"
"You haven't? Why, he ts one of the
people who helped to break old Bigger-
son's wlll. He doesn't need clients.������
Chlcaco Recqrd^Hemld.
Ja.tlre   -   Ilevlre.
It Is universally conceded thnt nothing short of divine Justice can measure
the Intrinsic guilt of nny action or
administer punishment which sbnll be
exactly commensurate to the crime.
What we call justice Is In fact a very
rude device which finds Its Justification
In tho necessity to protect society.���
t'lnclnnntl Eiuiuirer.
Wnrnt  K-er.
"Yes, Indeed; he's tho homeliest man
In public life today. Haven't you ever
seen him?"
"No, but I've seen caricatures of
"Oh. they flatter him. Yon should
see hlm." ��� Catholic Stnndnrd and
A  Great  DeteetWe.
"Yon   say   he   has  grown
since last you saw hlm?"
"now did you recognise him?"
"By my umbrella." Milwaukee Ben-
Wouldn't   Hill   It.
Maid���Are you nt home to Mrs. Ton-
ey, mum* She's nt the door. Mistress
���I nm If Bhe hns n new hat on���not
Do your own Silver Plating tit
home���8 wonderful preparation
made by Meyer & Allen of New
York       ::::::
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
of the equine species.
7.   It must be borne
while nasal discharge,
enlarged glands, Iho presence
buds, unaccountable swelling ol a
limbs and  general  unthrlftinesi oKe
Characterise   cases  of  glanders.
disease exists in many animal
out, for the time being, any
manifestations   whatever,   tlio    .
means  of  detection  in BUCD ��U*��
test,  nnd that H*
re In   some rejects the most   dangerous  bees*
,���.   our experience   ^
possible for animal" "
class to convey Infectlou   to ,-
themselves developlM ��J
,a therefore pW�� tbat
should be
lng the  Malb'ln
occult or latent cases
that lt Ib
xercised l"
nf strange
udiy '�� m
Her  Intention.
"So little Plutterby married the
stroiigmlnded Miss Hairing. I never
supposed he had any Intentions In thnt
"He hadn't; thc Intention originated
with ber."-Ohlcngo Tribune.
Ilnvr to Tell  Them Apart.
Mr. Knowall (laughing)���Can you toll
me. Miss lie VV'llte, what Is the difference between n wise mnn nnd a fool?
Miss lie Witte- .V wise man knows he
Is a fool uud ls miserable; tho fool
thinks he In wise and Ib happy.
Baggage  delivered
part of tho city.
promptly to "ny
Light and Heavy Hauling
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years.
AH Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
when P0W�����
this. Wrl��� "
least, six feet
9.    Owners
breaks have
symptoms,  ll
great caution
the  purchase or handling
horses ���r mules espei
districts     where    the
become established.
8.    The   carcases  of   --    ^
from onslaught,'i'cl SB betas   ��� ^
wllh  glanders shouhl.
he burned  or, falling
onth the ��iir'��rft
-here ow
from qiinr"^
unless   disinfection   huh  ' lhff
out In a satisfactory ^"^
compensation for ^lf���Uolj. i
cannot ho paid until �� llfC��
cleansing and   disinfection ,.
received  by the Minister of
ture. .. i,,,!'
10.    Horse  owners  |M����   ^
hesitation In reporting to    ^^
ment. or to Its Inspectors .        ^
lected C'1S'"'
has bean "P'9
  ��� it Is ;1
rapidly of into y-r- '' y
ter of'publlo interest ���� ^ 0fO,
of premises
been  d��aH  w""
,,���ar  In   mind  thai   \WW��
recommend  rclenso
of actual or susp,
ers. The disease
of late years
centre of .nfo,'.l""^,;,ir!;:;,,yM
ered  nnd  dealt  With  SB
Office 'Phone 185.
Harn 'Pnono 137   -���.
Veterinary i"^
Department of AP10^, 1**
Ottawa MONDAY, MAY  14, 1906.
PAT. 1005,
The Snap
Hose Coupling
fonne its while you look at it. Price 50c
Fly Screens,    Screen  Windows,    Screen Doors.
HAMMOCKS���We have a nice assortment to choose from.
LAWN    MOWERS-Nothing  but
the best, every one guaranteed.
Local News Briefly Told
VVe carry all the Leading Brands of
Toilet and Laundry
Thc City Grocery,
���   Telephone 97.
p. ....������������>��� ������������'
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls,  Mits,  Gloves, Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
T      T     X/T  A  i^V   A V     Booksellers.   Station-
J.   J.   lVl-rW^iN-_M  I   ,   er3.   News   Dealers.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
���   _ , , .       i   i   ���*=* i    ��� ���
���   ���
- - - ��
iOur Knowledge
Us Not for Sale
We'don't charge extra for it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every i
detail   of work, workmanship and material. %
See us before you let your work.
��� See us before you let your work. ���
Not on Top, But Still in\the Ring.
j House Cleaning Time
,*, i*;
{, Ami you may possibly need a carpet.    We have  the greatest  range of >�����
f\ them and can guarantee to save you money and  give  you  better  aatia- !��[
>} faction than you can Ret in any other place.      For instance, a good body ,���,
V Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up, a
Y, Old carpets taken up. cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard. We !��J
,} have the largest stock and the lincst show rooms and the   finest  prices. ,���,
V Come and see us. It will pay vou to see our stock before placing your a
,���! order elsewhere. !���!
- ���>��� -'*��� ,. feat.*
V! 716 and "IS Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
*. B
Largest Stock  In the City.
TH- i'     Mounted     In  any   Style    you  Desire.
|OK^^S^M$ 7       Come and ,n,pect The,n���
��Illg:  W. C. Chamberlin
^^j, jt;,,jA\0NilS     The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
North-South - East-West
Take your choice from the 4 points of the compass
Tenth street, 6 room pottage $1,000
Twelfth street, i) roomed bouse  2,800
Cottage, 5 rooms, Oth street  1.260
���s roomed house on 6th Avenue  12,100
Small cottage on 3rd street      700
6 roomed house on 4th Avenue      850
Carnarvi n street, 7 roomed house  2,300
M.I 1     1|      1      O    _"" Real Estate, Fire & Life Insurance
McLeod, Mark & to.,   tw. 273.   N.ar nam cm.
Phone 1US for Ice Cream. *
.1. Wesl    was among the   Beaver's
passengers to Langley ihis morning.
l). S. Cnrlis lefl the city today on a
Vlsll   to   Vieloria.   II.-  expects  lo     lie
away about a week.
A number of applicants were undergoing examination for engineer's certificates today before John Peck.
Ice Cream the purest at the Westminster Creamery. *
Magistrate Corbould presided at the
police conn iliis morning I'or the lirsi
time .-inc.- liis recenl Indisposition.
The Samson wenl down river this
morning and pulled a number of snugs
fro,n the bed of Woodward's slough.
il. Lovi ring of New Westminster lefl
on the Beaver this morning tor Langley to spend a short time visiting
Mends in thai district
ii. Beelej who has been I pending a
lew .lays in the Royal Cltj on business lefl on the Beaver this morning
toi  Langley.
The puresl ol Ice cream al the Star
i'airly Factory nexl to DeGrej . barber
shoo. ���
E, s. Stover, ol Chatham, Ont., who
,een .   al the Colonial hotel
ime time past, lei     il   morning
for Hoi Springs, Ark., ��here he will
remain aboul a week,
D. KiiT. of Ferndale a small town
the other side of Blaine returned to
his home this morning, via the G. N.
It. after vlsll lng ti lends in the Royal
City  for a few da
All those Int, reste I In the organizing and currying oul of a merchants'
picnic are requested to meel at the
boai -1 "f tra le roo n torn ,i i ,w IT les
daj i  night al  8 p. m.
The usual busy hum of the circular
sawe ai the Royal Cltj Mills wns hushed and Still during the lor.'noon as the
supply of logs had run out. A new
supply is expected in today.
The Fire Fly belonging lo lhe Royal City -Mills has emerged from dry
dock, all shipshape within and without. The body of '.he ,-rnfi is slill painted white, while the paddle guard has
been pain!c.l a brilliant carmine.
Canning was commenced today at
the St. .Mungo cannery. This i.s aboul
the firs, canning done lhis season In
ihis district, Fish are still slow In
moving, and only come by Ills and
Freshly made candy every day at
the Star Candy Factory next to De-
Grey's  barber  shop. ��
The British barque Henley will arrive here in a short time and will take
on a deck load of lumber for New
Zealand, The Henley is al present in
Vancouver discharging n loud of
Twenty carbojs of muratlc acid were
received here on Saturday from the
Victoria chemical works for the B. C.
Packers. Can making is the order or
the day in the various canneries, and
large supplies of cans are being made
in anticipation of the approaching
The Bteamer Transfer arrived In the
oi,y this morning from the lower liv-
i . points with the usual cargo of farm
produce, and the following passengers;
It. Anderson, C, Helmer, Miss Cook,
Mrs. Manly. V. Belrose, .1. Waildel. T.
R. Patterson, from Ladner; S. G. Tidy.
and Miss Manly from Sunbury.
The Provincial government pile driver and crew were brought in this
morning from Howe Sound bj�� the
sioam tug Horseshoe. Later in the day
the outfit was towed up river ,o Hatzlc
Slough where they wlll drive the piles
for a bridge 1,200 feet long across the
ilatzie Slough, which will connect the
Dewdney road, and shorten the distance from Hatzlc to Dewdney very
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
the Creamery. ���
Mary Bernhardt, Queen Dolore and
i Irene Smith, three women of doubtful
character,   were  charged  before  Magistrate  Corbould  ai  lhe  police  court
ihis morning with being Inmates of
houses of 111  fame.  All  three stepped
j up to the dock with a jaunty air and
admitted thai they were guilty of the
offense. The  usual  lino of fifteen dol-
I lars and costs was Imposed    In each
On Saturday   afternoon   Georgious
llasicrrachl was proven guilty ot flsh-
I lng during close season on Sunday
! evening. The accusation was laid by
John Selberg. On summing up the case
Captain Pittendrigh, S. M., released
the prisoner on his paying the costs
of the court. He also gave tho prisoner
to understand that if ho again came
Up charged wllh a similar offence he
would not escape so lightly.
Tho steamer Ramona arrived in the
city yesterday from the up river towns
and landing places with Us regular
cargo of farm produce, consisting
chiefly of eggs, butter, poultry, cream,
and potatoes, The following passengers arrived: II. Hurley, T. 11. Grant,
J. Phillips, Colonel Miller, from Chilliwack; W. .1. Marsh from Marsh's
Landing; O. K. Burger, from Green's
Landing; T. T. Holrls, C, Muffard, J,
Halltday, from Langley and Miss Hod-
der from the landing of that name.
After spending a few weeks in the
city as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Welsh, P. Arnold left on the O. N.
R. lhis morning for Blaine, Mr. Arnold
wns In San Francisco at the time of
the earthquake, but escaped injury,
rushing oul half clad Into thc sired.
He says that It Is Impossible to exaggerate the extent  of the damage done
in the Golden ,. ite cltj -i the sights
in the .-'.roe's begg ir description, Mr.
Arnold comes from Chath mi. On,., and
has spenl the las, twentj years of his
life travelling in America and Canada.
Mr. Arnold Intends to locate in Detroit,
Mich., in the near future.
.1. W. Murray of the Royal City was
among the Transfer's passengers 1o
Ladner this afternoon.
P, O'Birrel left on the Transfer for
the Industrial cannery this afternoon
after spending a tew days in the city.
Rev. w. Bell of I'- ntral Park wenl
down to Ladner an the Steamer Transfer this afiernoon on a business visit.
II. Mitchell who has spenl a few
days in the city on business was a
passenger on the afternoon boat to
Ladm r.
A, Johnson was a passenger on the
Transfer ihis afternoon to the Dease
Island cannery where he will be en
gaged during the sun r months.
The steamer Transfer lefl on Its
down   river   trip   this   afiernoon   ai   3
- ������;. for the llrsi time during th ���
ui ind rill com Inue to do so till
late Into the sui  i
a. J, Hill Provincial governmenl land
surveyor, lefl on the Transfer ihis afternoon for the Rithel rami, where he
is subdividing the Immense ranch into
small lots.
Thi od t he 1 Mi i l isephlne
Gardm daui h er of C ipt. Gardner,
will be iugl to ii ������ ':��� toi inter
lui'iii tomorrow. Thi lece ise I was only fifteen years old, an.l was living will,
her parenl - al Mission Junction. The
remain- will be burled In the Roman
Catholic cemetery. The funeral arrangements are in the hands of \v. E.
The    flrsl    int. rmediate     lacross i
mulch of ih.- season will take place on
the Queen's Park grounds on Thursday evening between ue Wesl Ends
and the Reginas. Both teams are out
on practice nights and are working
hard to gel above the standard of the
usual Intermediate firs, game of the:
season. The personal of the West
Ends will be practically the sum.' as
that of last year. The Reginas have
quite a bunch of promising new players ,o pick from, and haven't yel decided upon their line up. The boys are
hoping for a good crowd of onlookers,
nnd promise those who attend the
worth of their money.
rhe     New     Engine    of    Destruction
Adopted  Id   the Ssurj.
The United Stabs navy bas just
idopted a new engine of destruction in
the shape of a high speed turbine torpedo, the Bllss-Leavitt It Is classed as
one of the most powerful and deadly
lea weapons in existence today.
This self propelling sea monster travels through tbe water at a pace of thirty-six knots and bas an extreme range
Of 4,000 yards, 3,500 being the guaranteed contract range. Owing to its
Superior advantages in speed aud range,
being capable of going eight knots, or
25 per cent, fast*r and nearly double
tbe distance of the latest Whitehead, lt
Will supplant the latter, now considered
to be obsolete. The best performance
Of the Whitehead is a speed of twenty-
eight knots, going but _,000 yards.
The new torpedo has nn additional advantage aud one especially adapted for
submarines, Inasmuch as it can be discharged equally well from submerged
tubes as on deck, a feat never successfully accomplished with the Whitehead.
Tlie torpedo is fired out of a tube
some twenty feet In length, the Interior
being well greased. About twenty minutes are required to force tile 2,250
pounds of compressed nir into the air
chamber. An Impulse charge of ninety
pounds starts the glistening, cigar
shaped shell of steel on Its course. On
ships gunpowder and electricity are
also used for this purpose. After making a five foot dive, striking the water
nearly horizontally, the torpedo darts
off on a bee line, foaming ami tearing
through the waier to attack its Imaginary foe.���Tbe World Today.
On* ���! the  Moat  Potent of All  ..,'ri_
There have been sun worshipers
through all tlie ages, and the sun has
always been recognized as the source
of life and light, of health and happiness on the earth. Yet It Is only recently that science has found the explanation of this world feeling and has
learned how and why the light of the
sup ls life giving and life saving. It 1.
only within the last quarter of a century that the medical profession has
discovered that the cause of the great
plagues of manklud- consumption, typhoid fever, pneumonia, cholera, smallpox, yellow fever nml all tho infectious
and contagious diseases���Is due to the
presence within the human body of
micro-organisms. These organisms constitute the lowest forms of animal or
vegetable life���single ceils, invisible, to
the naked eye, which are reproduced
with frightful rapidity when sown on
a favorable soil.
By itself the knowledge of this fact
would cause despair If ihere were nothing to arrest the Increase of the germs.
But fortunately it was found at tlie
same time thnt there nre forces ln man
apd ln nature warring against the minute enemies nnd that oue of the most
powerful of such protectors Is the llglrt
ef the sun.
It is now known thai sunlight Is one
of the most potenl ,f all the destroyers
of disease germs, it kills then more
certainly than do the strongest disinfectants. The bacteria that cause pneumonia, for example, are destroyed within less than an hour when exposed to
the direct rays of the sun and live but
little longer in the diffused light which
fills a room on a bright day.
This knowledge has been turned to
l_-actlc_l account  iu. ljii_ treatment pi
Water Drlnklnc.
After all the efforts of physicians to
make their patleuts drink wuter copiously aud of the aforesaid patients to
dispose of quarts of water daily It is
nothing short of discouraging to be told
by a medical writer that excessive water drinking often works serious barm.
Brain workers with too little muscular
activity or men who have excessive
muscular activity without proper hygienic supervision nearly always take
a sufficient If not an excessive quantity
of liquids In the form of tea, coffee,
beer, milk or water, declares this author as quoted lu the Woman's Medical
Journal. The normal amount of water
required dally is a mathematical calculation regulated by the sensation of
thirst. Many conditions must be considered before water drinking is prescribed, she says turther, and its ef-
focts should bc as carefully noted as
those of any other therapeutic measure.
Wins   Beauty  Prize.
i. mdon, .'.'i ly 12.���It is not often tha,
the winner of ;, beauty competition
wins without suspecting his claim to
fame, but such is the case with Mr.
Forsey, who was yesterday announced
as the winner of Mrs. Ada S. Ballln's
beauty competition at the Grafton's
There were three competitions, one
for ,,,.���, one for women and one for
children. Mr. Forsey won the first,
Miss W. Bldwell, a Bond street, shop
girl, with a "Mrs. Pat Campbell face,"
won the second, and one of numerous
children won the third.
The competition was a curious one
to decide inasmuch as only photographs, not the beauties themselves,
w, re exhibited. Hundreds of photographs we re sent in and hung up in
the galleries, aud each purchaser of a
program had a vote. The lirst prize
wenl to the photographs wilh lhe highest number of votes.
Winner  Blushes  Modestly.
An Interviewer who went to the galleries with the object of inspecting
the most beautiful man's photograph
asked a burly, fresh complexion..!
man in uniform at the turnstile where
Mr, Forsey's photograph was to be
With a modest blush, the man in uniform whispered gently, "H'm, my
name is Forsey. It was my photograph
that won the first prize."
As Mr. Forsey was evidently anx-
1 ions ihat the embarrasing fact should
not be loudly proclaimed, the interviewer merely acknowledged the whispered confession by momentarily
closing one eye, and then stood on one
side until a string of visitors had entered,
Mr, Forsey then threw ou, his chest
and gallantly faced the music. Fixing
his gray-blue eye on the abashed interviewer, he said in an emphatic undertone: "I had no Intention of entering
until Mrs. Ballin suggested that I
should. I have never before been In
for a beau���, a competition of this
sort. I mean, and I did not imagine I
wns going to win."
Another smile of modesty overspread
ihe delicacy tinted cheeks of the prize
man-beauty, and he turned to his turnstile with a look of manly disregard
for bis unexpected fame.
It made be said that Mr. Forsey,
who is middle-aged, and of a good middle-aged weight, Is at present n widower, although his election as "the
most beautiful man" is held by his
comrades to imperil gravely the safety of his matrimonial state.
Wanted���Carpenter's tool chest.     T.
Hadnon, City.
r-rrntr  Million.' Worth ol Camera*
Thirty years ago a camera was a
rarity. Tbe cntliuslnst who possessed
one carried a mountain of traps afield
ind smothered ln a tent during his
tedious manipulation of the wet plates.
Last year the United States alone
made 300,000 cameras, working with
the mere pressure of a bulb or button,
and tlie photographic business reached
the respectable commercial total ot
Such figures, too, do not even hint at
the true extension of this use of the
sun's aid In obtaining exact copies of
anything the eye can see. If one were
to tell an ordlnnry business man that
photography has a more pervading influence on his dally life than any other
one discovery of which wo have nn authentic record ho would probably be
highly Incredulous, yet It Is an Indisputable fact���World's Work.
Wanted���A flrsl class clothing salesman with good references. Apply
Westminster Clothing Co.
To  John   Cooper,   New   Westminster,
British Columbia.
TAKE NOTICK that a Writ of Summons haa been Issued against you In
the Supreme Court of British Columbia at tho suit of Agnes Hlackle. to
foreclose a certain Mortgage made by
you In favor of Walter Blackie, n copy
of which Writ may be seen at thc offlce of the District Registrar of this
Court at New Westminster;
that pursuant to tho Order of His Honor W. Norman Bole, local judge of the
said Court, dated 12th May, 1906, service of thc said Writ upon you may
bo effected by inserting this Nol Ice
In tho Dally Columbian and Dally News
newspapers for one issue.
Dated this 14th day of May, 100fl.
Plaintiff's Solicitors,
Trapp liloclt
New Westminster, B. C
We have studied every detail
of the Carpet Business
-that is why we continue to grow  and expand
Success  de
not only on knowing what but how to buy.   Our abili,
best at" lowest prices enables  us  to  give  you mm, ,       ��� secure  the
Here are a few of them: y savi"g chances.
For bedrooms, halls, etc., we have a fine line of i,,   n
2.r,c per yard, 36 in, wide.    Union and wool carnets fr,     ,- r|"'ts  from
36 in. wide.   Jute squares, 8x8, for J8J50 up.   I'm,!  T      '"''' ,vani'
sels, Milton, Axminster, Squares at all prices.   We t'ar   |lestr-v-  "r"s-
you money on the goods.    Lace Curtains from J1.85 ner  *5���Bv  save
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front Str����i.   ,.
��reets, Uupont  Block,
Keep Your Eye
Mere !
One up to date house  in  Brick Iiow.  Sapperton
Dwelling on S. W. cor. '.'th St. and 3rd Avenue.
Cottage, corner .'ird St. and 3rd Avenue.
Kilby Place, .Sapperton.
Three rooms for light housekeeping, Ash St.
Small house on Princess. St.
_ <.
Columbia St. <>
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B, C.
'*' !���!
I Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.         |
| Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds         ��
���J v
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen and gold- g
$ en from 2 to 6 feet.   Roses, paeonies,  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- fi
_, green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.                         ft
D. M. Robertson & Sons
I   Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. B
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFadden, who has been our iceman for the past
two years, to deliver Ice for us again this season. Unless the weather
ls very unfavorable you may expect a call from Mm about the first
of the month, when any orders you have been pleased to place with
him you may rest assurred will be promptly carried out,
Tke B.C. Packers Association
Phone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now tn force exceeds llauvuuooo
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exceeds... ���*��- '
This is a company of pollc y-holders. by poUcy-noKWrs, ��r poll. >
holders. ^ t^ft
OUR MOTTO:    ine lareest amount of Assurance
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manaj��r.
New Westminster, B. C.        '�����<��"��� u' THE DAILY NEWS
may 14
Most Horrible Deed of Recent Years-
Murderer   Laughs When  Charged  With  Crime.
Good nnd  Evil.
Accustom yourself to submit on ev-
ery occasion to a small present evil to
obtain n greater distant good. This
will give decision, tone and energy to
the mind, which thus disciplined "ill
often reap victory from defeat an.l
honor from repulse.- Colton.
New York, May 12.���James McParl
land, giant in stature, criminal on the
records  of the  county,  was  arrested
this morning after a desperate strug- j
gle    with    three   policemen,    charged
with ,he murder of Mrs. Lena Hopfer,!
of  No.  225   East  Seventy-fifth, streel. i
As to McPartland's fate there can 1"
little  doubt.    He  has  already  Berved
seven years  in  Sing  Sing as Uie  re-
suit of the death of a beggar woman
who  had  been assaulted by  him  an.l
died   from   ihe   effects   of   her   treatment    This   case,  In   which   he  was
caught red-handed, was similar to the j
oil,.,.    McPartland  is in  ihe Tombs
without counsel, charged with murder,
and againsl   him ls Ihe    testimony oil
I,is    fifteen-year-old    daughter    Mary.
thai   he   returned   to   his   home   al    I
o'clock in the morning and demanded
another  suit of  clothes  with  the remark:
"I've jus, killed a woman."
McPartland changed liis clothes,
borrowed 25 cents from his wife, bid
in ihe areaway of a house two doors
away I'rum his home and wa.s found
several hours later cowering under a
pile of debris. McPartland laughed as
In- signed his name to the statemenl
that he was not guilty of murder in
the court of Coroner Accrittili. He did
not seem lo realize the enormity of
the crime of which he was chargi 1.
He ignored the shivering old man
the husband of the murdered woman
���who had just told a tale thai chilled
ihe blood of every man in the couri
room   who  had   heard  il.
A  Repulsive Tale.
The  criminal   annals  of  New   York
contain few records more repulsive in
del,,iis  than  ihat of the murder this
morning of Mrs. Hopfer, the  wif	
lbe car. laker of the building ai 255
Bast Seventy-sixth street. Angus,
Hopfer, lbe 70-year-old husband of the
murdered woman, told the following
story on the Btand:
"McPartland was employed two days
ago as watchman as the house was
I., ing rebuilt. The first day he sc med
alright Inn yesterday he called al our
rooms on the second floor of tbe dis-
mantled building and asked me if 1
had a  pistol.    He said that  he had nn
"That pea will never come to perfection," remarked a young woman walking through a garden with Sydney
"Then let me lend perfection to the
pea," said he gallantly offering her his
A DlfHetilt  Labor,
Labor to keep alive Lu your breast
thnt little spark of celestial flre called
conscience.���George Washington.
If at first you don't succeed, do It
over, but don't overdo It.���Philadelphia
Tlecord.         .
No* So Terrlblei
Physician���You lie awo*e In bed
three or four hours fvvry night? That
ln bad. I shall have to treal you for
chronic Insomnia. Caller (whose salary
ls $11 a week i Br���no, doctor I don't
think It's as bad as that. I simply can't
Blie>   Were   Al ��,   nt   Tlini'K   n   Part
of  Ihe Life  of  the  People,
Perfumes have played an important
part In the beautilieatlon of the people of all nations and ages. Egypt
was the great mart fur all perfumes.
Even the dead were not forgotten, for
the embalmed mummy was saturated
with spices and scents, nnd sweet perfumes were burned before their stnt-
nes. Those who could not afford -lis
bad scent bottles painted on their
Most of the perfumes were thought
by the ancients to have n medicinal
value. Thyme was thought to have a
tonic quality and lavender n soothing
one. Patchouli was cheering, jasmine
Stimulating, while heliotrope was irritating unless used it, small quantities.
Some people today believe that sandal
Is a t.mic, and its virtue was known to
the   Creeks,   who  anointed  themselves
with it when tbey entered the Olympian games.
The .lews excelled all In their love of
perfumes, for night and morning they
burnt sweet incense of myrrh, and
their beds were perfumed with aloes
and cinnamon. So Indispensable were
scents considered f"r tt,,- bridal toilet
thai one-twelfth of the dowry was set
apart for the purpose. The trade in
perfumes was enormous in Qreec,
Like the Egyptians, they understood
the fascinations <>f flowers, and
Athenian not only perfumed bis house
but scented his drinking vessels with
myrrh, Ihe gum of a tree which grows
In Arabia. To such nn extent was the
love ,.f perfumes curried thai each
part ..f the body had its special perfume. The hair required wild thyme,
the neck nnd knees sweel marjoram,
the cheek and the breast palm oil, the  perience.   Later was 7 years
feet and Ices Bweet ointment
The perfumers' sl,"1'- In ancient
Athens were the rendezvouses for the
brans tn discuss politics mid intrigue.
The love of perfumery spread to the
I: ns, and the business became so
great thai :, bunch of sage denoted
their shops. A Roman lady frequently
kept one slave to sprinkle ber huir.
Nero had a rare device of ivory leaves
which slid sweet scents over his
In  the time of   Ell - ibeth  perfumes
j were very rich and numerous.   Civet,
a Bcent lake, from the rivet cat, and
musk an' often mentl ned ln the literature of that time.   Perfumed gloves
were In VOgUO then, anil the queen had
her portrait scented with then. Even
her Bhoes were made of leather steeped
In scented oils, which permeated the
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: Now Westminster, Trapp nik.,
corner Clarkson and Lome Btreets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 44B Granville street.    Jjseph Martin, K. C	
W. Weatt, \Y. c. McQuarrie, 11. A.
Bourne, Mr. Marl in wilfl bo in the
Westminster offices every Friday at
BOWES,  Barrls-
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne
street, opposito Court House, New
Westminster. J. 11. Howes, P. O. Box
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���Tho regular meeting of this
Is held on the Flrsl Wednesday In
each month, at 8 o'clock p. m.. In
the Masonic Ten,pie. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to at-
tend, Dr. W. A. DeWoll Smith,
p & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday In each month In
Masonic Temple, al 8 p. m. Visiting In.,hren are cordially invited
to attend.    1). W. Oilchrlst, Sec.
HITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Illackie Blk.,
Columbia  street,   New   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, 11. L. Edmonds.
tor of the supreme court. Oflices
R. B. K. of I��� meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at S
p. m., in Orange hull, corner of
Royal avenue und John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E.  E.  Matthias,  Reg.
Canadian   Bank   of  Commerce
ing,  Columbia  street, opposite
ofiice, New Westminster.    Money to
GEORGE E. martin. Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle Btreets, New Westminster, B. C.
���Meets In Orange hall Bret and
third Friday in each month at S p.
m.   Visiimg brethren are cordially
Invited  to attend.    E.  E,  Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
Bank of
_ i Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years ex
of the watch repairing department of 1 '
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
H.-nry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English,    Swiss.  American   and  all
complicated watel i ��� d, repaired,
made like n w ar.d adjusted.
0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lod [6
are held In Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening.
al s o'clock, visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coal ham, Rec. Sec.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Iiaiiv | NEW Daily
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arrive
9:20am BIoTne, Belling- 3:00 pm
4:35 pm ham       Burling-|!l:35pm
Iton,   Mt.   Version,     Everett,
Beattle        iuid
4:35 pn, Spokane,       St. 3:00 pm
jPaul    and    all
points  Bast,
U.20 nin'Anacot'tes, 13:00 pm
Woolley,     and
8:00pm Vancouver        |9:20am
9:35 pm I-3S pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane.  St.  Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and iill points East,
For    complete    Information,
rates,   berth   reservation,  etc.,
Call on or address,
F. ('. GRIFFIN. Agent,
Bank of C mere,, Building.
New Westmlni ter, B. C
S. Q. YERKES, A. O. P. A.,
Corner Second  Avenue and Columbia St., Beattle, Wash.
~!   CM^n Pacific Rail
British  Columbia Coa�� ,7 U>
(Subject t��� change u���,������u
Princess Beatrice'
Van    . . .
:   ' ���'���'������)
CAPITAL  (All  paid up).. .$14,UUU,000
.. .$1U,OUU,UOO
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and  Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,. ..Hon Pre Ident
Hon. Sir G. A. Drummond, frei Idi nt
E,   S.  Clouston,  Vice   President  and
General Manager.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
General    banking    business   trans-
ai ti I.
Branches In all the principal
In   Canada,   In   I   ' :    .   Ei    .   New
York. Chicago, and  at.  Jonn,  Mid..
and correspondents in all parts ot the
EMERSON'S DRY DOCK _��*���-_�� Bank DePt.
G. D.  Brymner, Manager.
A, O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 3
���Meetings the flrsl and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. O. 0". W. hall, Odd-
fell,iws' block'. Clarkson street, 0,
S. Conic in. recorder; Louis Witt,
master workn an.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degre ��� meets Second and
Four,',, Wednesday of each month,
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., al
8 p. it. White Ro ��� De ree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. VI Itl Brethren
cordially Invited, E, B, Stinch-
combe, Pres., H. Dl        , i    r, tary.
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Chrtrleii V. nml (In- Cobbler.
A pleasant story is told of the Emperor , 'harles V. i me night he s,rolled Into a cobliter's simp to get bis boot mended. It happened to be the festival of
St. Crispin. The cobbler was making a Specialty
merry with his friends and declared
that no work could be done on that day
for nny man. even though he were
Idea  thai  the place had been located   Charles himself, but the stranger was
cordially lnviti-,1 to join In th
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
Estimates   promptly furnished.
by burglars and he wanied to frighten them off if they came that night.
I gave him the only weapon 1 hnd. an
old army pistol, and he took il awny.
At half past one o'clock this morning
so,ii, one rapped on our door and
when I asked who it wns McPartland
ordered me to open the door and when
1 asked who it was McPartland ordered me lo open the door. He
Br.arcely waited for an answer but
burst into the place and with an oath
grabbed me by the throat and flung
me on the Ded. He covered me with
beddotheg and then 1 could hear him
struggle with my poor wife."
The witness' Btrength gave oul when
he came to this point, and it was some
time before he could resume his
II was brought out that for more'
than an hour McPartland had fought
with the woman, and when at las,,:
after he left the place Hopfer, who
was scarcely able to move on account
of n rheumatic attack, reached ;Inside of his wife aud found her dead���
choked to death, He went to the window and shouted for help. Il was then
nearly 2 o'clock. McParllaiul stood In
the doorway and called back:
"If you don't Shut up, I'll go back
nnd   kill   you."
McPartland  Is recorded  as only  38
years of age.   Mrs. Hofper, his victim,,
was about 45 years of age.
Another Similar Crime.
The crime for which McPartland
was senl u, Sing Sing for seven years
was almost exactly similar to the on,
for which be Is now awaiting trial,
McPartland dragged a helpless oi i
beggaT won,,it, into a cellar under u
bn, store on Third avenue "Bull'
Murray, ., tramp, testified thai he ��.,-
lying   in   lbe   cellar   and   was   ordered
oui of ihe place by ihe big brute,
Whose word was law In the neighborhood. Al I o'clock in the morning
Murray returned to his lair and struck
n match'. He found the lifeless bodj
of iln- old woman whom McPartland
had dragged i���,��� the place and notified the police, There were indications
of a terrible struggle. McPartland
escaped Indictment for murder, hul
was convicted of assault.
"I'm glad he Is arrested,*' said McPartland's wife, "I hope he goes to
tin' chair tor It," she added. "Look
at thai scar over my eye. Tha, is
only one mark 1 hnve received from
him. I have had him arrested num.,
times, It was nol safe for a woman
lo pass hlm in the street. He won] i
drag a woman from the street and attack her right   here in this room.  I'
of the women ever complained b,
of the publicity Unn was attached. H,
knew thai and took advantage of It."
making. He did ns he was bidden.
"Here's to the health of Charles v.."
said the cobbler. "Do you love bim?"
asked the emperor. "Love him?" said
the cobbler. "I do. I 1 ,ve bis long
nosi ship well enough, but I should love
bin: more if he taxed us less." They
finished St. Crispin's day very pleasantly.
Upon the morrow the emperor sent
for the cobbler to the palace and greatly surprised bim by tba idling bim for
his hospitality of the previous evening,
asking him what reward be would like
best. The amazed cobbler asked for a
night to think of it. Tbe next day he
appeared before the emperor nnd requested that the cobblers of Flanders
might bear fur their coat of arms a
boot with a crown upon It
124 Eighth St��� New Westminster, B.C.
Yiiiviiinu, a_ n Remedy.
Pawning, though contrary to the canons of good society, is undoubtedly
very beneficial to the Individual. Muscles are brought into piny during a
good yawn which otherwise would never obtain any exercise at all, and It:
value as a sort of natural massage Is
considerable. The muscles whicb move
the lower Jaw and the breathing muscles of the chest are the lirst ones used
during the process of gaping; then the
tongue Is rounded and arched, the paint,' lightly stretched aud tbe uvula
raised. The eyes generally close tightly toward the termination of the yawn,
the cars are raised slightly and the nostrils dilated. The crack sometimes
beard In the ear proves thai the aural
membranes are also Btretcbed and exercised, something Impossible by any
process bul a yawn, lt has been recommended by some doctors that sufferers from nasal catarrh should make
a   practl, f   yawning   six   or   seven
times a day and good results will follow It Is nisi, considered valuable in
inflammation ..r the palate, sore throat
and earache,
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
��� Wall   Paper   Store
Sixth Street.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $Sb,i/i.5ib.
Branches and correspondents In
all the principal cities ot tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
ll opens an account.    Interest added
lalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   n,edits   trom  a  to 9
F. B.  Lyle,  Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
| Merchant Tailor
���Mods the Fourth Friday In the
month al 8 o'clo, k, In the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
br, thren are cordially Invited to i
imid. .1. 11. Rushton, C. IL; F. P,
Maxwell, K. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are hold on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdaj a of each month
ni * p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordial in
vited i" attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbi:, Street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invite,] to attend. .1. S. Bryson, S. C; .1. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
Railway Company
Double Through Fast Train Service Daily with Dining Cars,
Sleepers and Tourist.
Atlantic Express leaves at
7:25, connects with trains for
Seattle and Eastern Canada,
also with steamers at Port
William. Imperial Limited
leaves at 17:20.
For rat, a and other particulars apply to
C. P, '.:.   \
New Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
CAMP, 191.���Moils on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of P. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Itec. Sec
BOARD OF TRADE.���Xew Wesl minster Board of Trade meets In the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday ,,f each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. B. White, Sec.
Tl i SEND V< )TJ ' iVl.K
Eight Trams Every 11 ly in th,   V. ir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ides
and LUXURY. It i- lighted with
both electricity and gas; the i
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists oi
private compartment cars, standard
id section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),
modem day coaches and buffet, library  and   smoking cars.
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further information call  on or write
Princess Victoria.
Leaves  Vanci i       .,        lt ,
S.  S.  Rithel
Leaves New   1V1
,,��� Wednesd i
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouvi
urday  and   Sun,In.,   .,���   I   :���
urdaj .,: 2:30 p. ni.
S. S. Queen City
I-".'- ��� Vn toria al  ll p. m, ,.    .
7,|o l:"h and 20i  , id, m '.
V!l   ' "       ���������
toria o��� tb  ind ;
way   p.. -       Leaves j
ot eacl :    i for,
polni    Ini
Steamer Transfer
day,  Tu
and   Fn lay p
al 2 p. m. with
daj al ���"��� a. in.
Leaves Ste\
Wedne Ida; , Thursd
7  a.  tn.:   It id ty at 6
trip Sattird ;.. m.
S. S. Beaver
i.     .���      Ni .'.    V, i .   :]r
I.-   .'     i lhl ...
Thursday   and   Sal - |
landing .-   ,
nil i
S.   S. Tees
!     ,-es Vancou
an I   16th i ���.   [
on  second  trip, 'i |
For ���    . :
,     ; ,.       ii  .
Agent, New W,
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. (len. Pass   Agent, A
.1. VV. TROl t
General Sup,
Gen. Agent, Freight I
New v. . ��� r,
Trains & Steamers
I.-  re \"w   Westn In    i  " 10 dally,
Arrive New  Westminster 11.35 lallj.
l.v. New '.. ��� it. . 8,10; ar, Ses
!,-.. Seattle 10; ar. New vV'esl  18.40,
Lv. New Wei t. 10.3 i      I   I   -
Ar .New West. B. 15 and 16,40
Lv. New Westminster 6.31 a. m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 l'.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar, ���- -������
Lv. Beattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. W. 3 p.m.
Lv. Seattle 1.20 p.m.; ar. N. V,'.  9.35
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and I".
 Lv. Vancouver 8.85 n.n
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Northern Pacific j Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
mil 4 p.m.
8.20   1,-ni-;   "f- ^aki��!i
N. Vi.
Trains Daily
You Buy "B. C."
or "Old Sport" Cigars
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, ticotcn and Irish
two.,ds and worsteds always ln stock
Spring stock now in.    Make your
\ M nr
Mince I'le.
: tongue; parboil
A   ((ill-.
Take 11  l���r
It; to tin  pounds of tongue take Dvo
pounds of beef su. t. cut tbe tongue In
thin slices and shred It, Imt shred the
suet by Itself; when they are both pretty line put lu the sue by degrees, keep
shreddlug them both together till they
ure as line almost ns flower, then put
in Ihree pounds of currans, being first
clean washed, plck'd and dry'd; cloves.
mace, nutmeg, clnamon, beat very line,
of iill together three-quarters of ,1,1
ounce; half a pound of white BUgar, ,1
pound of dales slou'd and sluvd small,'
three ounces of green citron, three
ounces of candied orange cul Intosmtill
thin hits,  the jellow  rind of two raw
len ons grated, three Bpoonfuls of Verjuice, ��� gill of Malaga suck, half a Kill !
of rose water; tin so being well mingled, Iill your pyes; have a care they
do not stand loo long In the oven to
dry after they ure Just enough.- From
a Cookbook of 1705.
Synopsis   of    Canadian " Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands wllh
You do the wise thing. Its temptlng|ln lhn u.,,hv.,v ,;,,��� ,��� Brltlsh Colum.
flavor will surely win your favor. Man
iil'nclured by���
Factory and Offlce, Urine Block,
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and  Delivery.
Heavy  Hauling Our spoeallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St, below Tram Office.
Telephone  ll.u.
Westminster Iron Works
Busy Movement North.
Edmonton.  Alta.,  May  1-"..���Athabasca Landing, the starting polni of the
water route to the far north is having
the busies! year in Its history. Trad.
are despatching unusually  large
piles   and   .senior.-;   are   beginning     1
pour Into the country along the Athabasca river.
Some  (Hi)  Mon.
"After iill, you know," said Mr. Old-
he '' 1. a man Is only ���s old ns he
"Y, ild Miss Pepprey, "but some
old men make the mistake of thinking
tbey arc as young ns Ihey think they
'eel"   Philadelphia Press.
The Koran forbids true believers to
lestroy the vines, palm trees, fruit
irees, corn and cattle even of their
ivorat enemies.
Ornamental Iron Work, including
Fences, Gates, Flre luscapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence Invited.
New Westminster. i'. O. 474,
Ida, may be homesteaded by any person who Is the sole head of ,, family,
or any male over IS  years of age, to
tho extent of one-o.uar.ter Bectlon of
1.(10 acres, more or less.
Entry must, be made personally al
the local land ollice for the district in ��� Portland, Ore
which the land  is situate. ,	
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected tlierc-
j with under one of the following plans.
(1)  At  least six   months'   residence
I upon  and  cultivation  of the  land  in
; each year for three years.
'    (2) If the father (or mother, if the
I Father is deceased) of the homesteader
I resides   upon   a   farm   in   the   vicinity
I of the land  entered  for the  requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such  person residing with the  fa-
1 ther or mother
(,i) If the settler hns his permanent
residence upon firming land owned
by bim in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be Satisfied by residence upon
the said land,
Six months' notice in writing should
bc given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N. n.���Unauthorized publication of
this ndvertlsemont will  not  be  paid
And all the principal business centers of
Also t��� BUFFALO, NEW YORK ami
PHILADELPHIA,  via ;Niagara  Kails.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant   Gen'l   Passenger and  Ticket
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
"The Milwaukee"
The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul  to
1    Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha  to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   In   the   service   on   any
.railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment   thai  of  the   Chicago,   Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
A.   own  and  operate  their  own  sleeping
 and dining cars on alll their trains and
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co. ^��r^S��^:^Zi
higher and  wider than in similar cars
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
"Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   Calii'ornia.
For full informtion call on ,,r write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
480 Hastings St., Vancouver, li, C.
A. G. P.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points cast, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and Intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Ci,meets at Meyers Falls with
Stage  ,'',ily for  Republic.
I'.uffct service on trains between
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
Day Train
9.20 am.
...  Spokane  .
..7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m.
... Rossland  .
. .4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m. .
.. ..Nelson ...
.. 6.45 p.m.
on   any   other   line.      They   protect
their trains by the Block System,
Connection   made   with   all   transcontinental lines in  Union  Depots.
II. S. ROWE. General Agent.
T.14 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
G. N. H.
Lv.   N.   VV.
2.-0 p.m.
Lv. Guichon
SX> p.m.
Mondays onlv.
Lv. New Wesl.
aud hourlv until 11 p.m., with ball-
hourly between r 30 and ,;.:" P*
Saturday hair hourly noon to H P*
s������.!:,,' hourly 8 a.m, to n v-M
win, half-hourly bet, ooon and" i1-"?-
Lv. Vancouver Bame time througn-
Fraser River and;Gulf
Ilea ver���
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. I
From Chwk. Tu., Tb., Sal
From N. W. Tu., Th.,
From Chwk. Sun., ft'ed., Fri
Favorite -
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun.,.
From Mt. Lehman, ' a.m.
From N. W. dally, "
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m. ,
From Sleveslon, 7 a.m. (Fri. Ba,nw
Add. trip Baturday, 5 p���m-
CItv of Nanaimo -
From \'. W. Sunday 1 ><���'"���
From Victoria Baturdaj  ' "-m'
Mail Service
Close.    H��'''.
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m.  8'��J"
Sup',, & Mills ...10.00p.m.   ;" '
Vancouver 10.00p.m.   ���'���w"'
Cloverdale,  Blaine, TiflpB.
Seattle, etc..   ..  5.46(Un.   ���'���"''
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.30a.m,  <J_
Vieloria 1'
East Burnaby.. ���
Steveston, etc..,
East,  via  C.P.R..
Bap., Mill, Coq'm.
v.,���. & Burnaby.
. ��.m.
l,30p.m. |:l ' '',
::, .B.1M?"
:,."" p.m. I-
3.30 p.m.
MM ,��
6.00 p.'
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FA 1 R1L
Seven   hundred  miles   0
river Irip.    Empress of
General Passenger Agent 1
Britain sails
from Montreal for Liverpool May 10th.
For other dates and rales apply to
EO. QOUid-T,
U. F. K. Agent.
Now  VVoutinliister.
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trainsil-^
carrying   P��   ' "8'"    *i,h
and   treighl   ^!     t1I���rs(,
Cnrcross and W "���"      ic(,
through wmter se
stain's at
1 ii""'      "' "II!'1^;'.0 M,in>gefi
I ra nit-  11'
Macklnnon M'lg
B.C. MONDAY, MAY  14. 1D06.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
0[ Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
,-, i\L���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-
ed at $10 Per acre 'or so^ coa'
. a   for   anthracite.      Not   more
than I20 acres can be ac'tllirt(1 !->y ��ne
Iuai or company. Royalty at
���, of ten cents per ton of 2000
Is shall be collected on the gross
ill.\RT7-���Persons of eighteen
and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
���,.iy obtain entry for a mining location.
\ frce miner s certificate IS granted
one or more years, not exceeding
upon payment in advance of $7-5��
���mum for an individual, and from
J        . $100 per annum fur a company.
...      nling to capital.
.,    tree   miner,   having   discovered
ral  in place, may locate  a claim
1500   feet   by   marking   out   the
with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
: uiu es, one  at each  end ol
. of the lode, or vein.
iim shall be recorded within
.        1 days if ocatcd within ten mile
. ���   1  mining recorder'-  oflii I, one ad
1   day   allowed   for   every   ad-
: ten miles or fraction.    The
I    1  1 recording a claim is $3.
, . 1 ;  must be expended on
I        '.uni   each   year   or   paid   to  the
1 ri corder In lieu thereof. When
been expended or paid, thi
��� ,r   !���: iy,   upon   having   a   survey
and upon complying with other
rem, nts,  purchase   the   land   at
11 an acre.
Permission may be grant, d by th,
���1 r   of   the   Interior   to   1
ntaining iron and mica,
ppcr, in the Yukon Territory, of an
not  ex.'ceding   ICO acres.
I   tent   for   a   mining  location
I ���' ivide   for   the   payment   1 I   a
|ty of :''j per cent, of the sales
I icts of the location,
PL \C ER M INING   M mil iba and
'.    W.  T., excepting the  Yukon
plai ��� r mining claims gen-
,.  mn fe, t  square, entry  fi e
bl,   v arly.    1 ni the North
���   tchewan River claims are either
r   bench,  the   former  being   100
tlong and extending between high
..   water mark.     Thc latter in-
bar diggings, bet extends back
base  of  tbe  hill  or bank,  not
,    .   ling  inno  feet.     Where   steam
r   is   used   claims   200   fect   wide
Dredging in the Rivers nf Manitoba
���      ���;. \V. T. excepting the Yu-
; on Territory    A free mi,,'-,' may ob-
,   .. only two 1, il    -���' each
f -   a   term   "f   twenty   yeai   .   I
in ihe discretion of tl,.- Min   t, I
1 :  tin-  Interior.
Thc lessee's right is c nfin, I to the
I  I,, d    ..r  bars  oi   th.'  rive
any low water mark, and sub
��� ��� year and $10 per mile for ea 1,
Hi ' 1   year.       Royally       :   1
; ���  ining.
i mining  in  the   > ut-   n   tei
:reek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
',1  ii ���:   exceed   250  feet  in
ngth, measured on the base line or
general   direction  of  the    creek    or
guli h^'hc width being from  iooo to
-    feet.      All   other   placer   claims
shall be 250 feet square.
1 laims are marked by two legal
p ts, oue at each end, bearing no-
tin -. Entry must be obtained within
ten (lays if the claim is within ten
mil.- uf the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The per-n��� or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from thc
ject to the rights of all persons who I
bave, or who may receive entries for!
bur diggings or bench claim-, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
diic "f the lease for each five miles,
but where a person ">��� company bus
obtained more than one lease one
Iredg for 1 h fifteen miles or fraction thereof i- siuii.-i.-nt. Rental, $10
per annum fur each mil'' of riv.-r
leased. Royalty at lhe rate of two
and 11 half per cent, collected ",, the
"���i|i���t after it exceeds $,n.oon.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six  leases of live miles each  may be
granted tn a frce miner for a term of I
1"-; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
-ul,merged   bar  or  bars   in   the   river:
below    low    water   mark, that boun-'
dary to be fixed by its position on the'
,-1  day nf August in the year nf the
dat.' of thc lease.
'Iln- lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each live miles within six years
from such date. Rental ?tno per mile
Yukon Territory In be paid to the
comptr   li
No frce miner shall receive a grant
of more than nm. mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number "i claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying a  fee.
Work must bc dune on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad Open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette,
Petroleum���All unappropiatcd Dn-
mininn Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yuknn
Territory, are open to prospecting fnr
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the  land  tn be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide', the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the pros-
pector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of 1
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject tn royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the  Minister  of the  Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Wanted 2000 Cords of Hemlock Hark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manai
Tannery or 1'. O. box 187, N.w
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed hou.-.- on
fine corner in West End; two lots
stable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this offlce.
Bring your old bicycle aud get it
made as good as new. We are experts
on all kinds ���f repairing. We have been
constantly at the repairing business
for 11 years so we know it from a to z.
Sign   Man on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public t��� call
and see   the candy made
For Sale���Half interest in a livery bus
iness near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Daily News.
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$l.,l,l per setting. J. W. Austin, Sai>-
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure;
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus \
tin,   Sapper,,),,.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years experience in the
candy  trade.
The proof of tl,.' pudding is in
the eating.
Nexl Door DeGrcy's Barber Shop.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office, Eighth  Street,
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
Don't decide about the present for that
until vol, have .-.'en the
MOREY'S cci.mbi. si.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Short-!
hand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil. Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
t. achers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN. B.A., Vice-Principal
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Wanted���Dining i 10m girl. Good wages'
paid. Cosmopolitan hotel,
Wanted���Ladles or gentlemen to act
as agent tor high class publishing
hous,-. Apply John Hutchinson, gen-
.-,",1 agenl   Colonial Hotel, city.
Wanted���Dry goods salesman. Apply
D. Gross,,,nn.
To Let���Six roomed bouse on Royal
avenue, near Fourlh, $10. Apply to
.1. M. McDonald, 131 Agnes street.
Wanted���Situation a.s chambermaid or
fur housework. W. E. Chapman.
Brownvllle, City P. O.
Red   Mountain Company  Must Pay for
Damage by Fire to Timber
Rossland, May 12.���The trial of tl,"
i '��� oi Blue 4i Deschamps v.-. ,!>- it..-1
Mountain  Railway,  has occupied ihe
nne,,,ion of Mr. Justice Morrison and
a jury for the pas, week in the su-'
preme court here. The cas.- cam, i i
close this evening, when the jury render, l ., verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the sum of $18,000, the suit being brought to restore $20,0,,',.
The   .-nil   arose   over   a   forest   fire
Btarted  by engine  No. 9 on the  l'." l
Mountain Hallway, on the 23rd of Au-
1905, and which raged for about
four .' ... i, damaging the timber llmll
of ihe plaintiffs ><> the extern appraised bj  il,.- Jury.
The ca ie b i been bard fought from
ill"   first   day  to  ill.-  la-'   and a  cloud
,,,' witnesses was examined, one of
Uir points brought out in the case wa -
as io the length to which a forest iir.'
could jump. Son:'' uf the wltne
fur the plaintiffs deposed thai in one
or iwo ii-.. the iir.' Jumped over
2,000 feel across belts of green timber,
and Ignited and del I roj e I acres of dry
:  beyond.
Experts for the defence contended
that  this �� i md ih:,, the
Ores were of separate origin and
bence the rallwaj company was no,
:. sponsible for them.
This was the poinl on which there
was the most fencing betwen the op-
��� ising counsel.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
.  i
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to the 14th inst., for
the position of driver at No. 1 Fire
Chief Fire Departmenl.
City Hall. May S, 1900.
First Class Meals at all licurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
We, the undersigned, agree to close
our stores from 2 tu 7 p. m. eveny Saturday afternoon during the months of
May. .Inno, July and August, commencing   May   12,  1906.
T. J. TRAPP & CO. LTD Per G. B.
Per J. A. Cunningham, Mgr.
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 100 head of cattle
and 50 horses.
Plenty of grass and water and well
Apply S. B. BUCHANAN, City.
Plants and Annuals of all  kinds,   cut
flowers and floral designs,    Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone A.184 or address 4th Avenue
and lllth Street.
Jeffries  Becomes  Baseball   Manager.
Los Aug.-les. May 12.���Big Jim Jeffries Is being boosted as the successor
io James Morley as manager of the
Los Angeles baseball club. The big
fellow has been approached on the
.subject and like the careful man tha,
lie is, he says he won't say right
now whether he is willing to take the
job or noi. Inn will wait to see what
the league directors do at their meeting Monday in Oakland.
"I won',  say that I will and I won't
say   thai   I   won't"  said  Jeffries  this j
morning.    "The Pacific Coast League i
migh! ask an exorbitant price for thei
franchise, sn 1 shall  wait, until after
iln-  mi'f,ins Monday  and then  I  will
know jus, how ihings stand.   Morley
is not out of the league and he may
in.'  drop out. so until after thc meeting t won', know what to do."
Tin,, is Jeffries' statement and base-
bal fans can read between Ihe lines
enough to see thai he is perfectly willing io lake the franchis.- and manage
the team if things turn oul right.
*�����������" ***** Astomshes New
Y��r*    B^iologis,s    Many of
Wh��" Disagree With Him.
' ' It���In a lecture last.
'"   '      "":i" *��*���� ot Medicine
"��� Metclmlkoff. the great Rus-
;":'"  ******. declared that he
":"'    ;'-'"'-r""   the microbe   which
"        thel��" to turn gray.   ���, aald
haJ also found a remedy by
u1""'   "lis Aerobe could  bo oxter-
"l1""' '; ,Th" "" Elated could l.e
accomplished with a ho, iron
��� ":r "*'" '"��� "M, "is ��� disease.
" 's <M�� by the superactivity of a
lrthan"^��l or microbe laside
each Individual hair that feeds on the
Pigmeal or wiring mater. Ii |_ the
absorption of this pigment by the ml-
crol     h" Muses gray hair.
Necessary Degree of Heat.
. ") c��nwr_tlve low degree! heal is
wilt icrobe, l��� .a,-..
ited io
���     ide, or HO d,
��H1 kill It and re  the
' in Sew  York, when
shown i accounl ol  Prof
ball ;.- onlshed,
"Mo I some, Von
must have misquoted htm," others de-
Mai      tt    i most, wilh
iieory, but all give him credil as a
'I  t aighesl order,
"if the   cablegram accurately   ex-
' '��� Metchinl 's opinion 1
disagree with them," said a Russian
specialist today.
Statement Is Doubted.
"' haPPeii io hav,- the honor of
knowing Prof Metchinkoff, who is a
fellow countryman ot mine, and 1
don'l think he made such a statement.
"The use of a hot iron will restore
ih" natural color of the hair, but it
will be disastrous to its growth, and
In the course of a month or six weeks
<'>������ bristles will break and die, Gray
hairs are caused bj air getting into
the marrow of the Individual hairs,
ln old age the marrow is replaced by
these particles ol air, and the air,
shinning through the pigment, makes it
look gray. That is all Ihere is to It.
The application of a hot iron will
drive all these particles of air from
the marrow of the hair, and the natural color is restored. Rut the result ls
. ���o--	
Decorate Soldiers Graves.
Winnipeg, llan., May lib���The city
garrison paraded to the old historic
St. John's c.'metery today to decorate
the graves nf the comrades who fell
during the rebellion of 1885 arcording
to annual custom.
-g-S/rSZ":i:r��.l a^-qWBMWPaW""****1'''*     ".  '~ i ?m'ZLWIB9*farJMS&*Z8Bi
Ladies' a
ij.^. \'
Pink of Perfection in Style and Finish.
World Famed
Of Rochester, New York
These shoes are guaranteed to be as represented.   Our stock of men's shoes is the largest in the city
manufactured by the leading and most reliable firms in the world.    Any gentleman who
cannot be fitted here will receive a pair of shoes "Free of Charge."
J_2_*_i_3_un_i m m 3BBKB KMxsstPtm&wi*vmumiiaxiy.+w mm       -^h����fl^^
i !_&_i^:^^
y;yi ittfqfkysmmtn^MJKmksWMmNlstsWkKlIlt?
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
| Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance. 1
Spends Money  Freely and Gets Check
Cashed  on  Strength  of
Lady  Friend    Charges George    Burke
With Stealing and Attempted Extortion.
We have been appointed agents for the Union  Assurance  Society [���{
of London, England, which has Been carrying on fire insurance business ij,
since 1714 A. I)., and  which  has  a  capital ami accumulated  funds  of V
f20;000,000. ft
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: V
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   Prem. $22,954.60 M
"       1900 Assurance in force  $1,7112,500. Premiums $ (i_,<il>5.96 >���,
1901 " " _)654,804. " !i2,(I2U.:iii ��J
1902 " " 8,426,897. "        126,695.21 X
1903 " " 4,0H6,112. "        150,644.68 fit
1904 " " 4,509,754. "        166,384.20 $
186  Columbia  Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  B.  C. j��!
A story that shows the dangers of
Identifying  plausible    but    unknown
strangers at ihe banks !,.,-. jusl leaked
mn. Early lasi weel; a part) of ladies
accompanied hy a gentleman arrived
in ihc ciiy, and registered a, a popular
hotel, where ihey proceeded to
blow iii their superflous coin. "The
best in the house," was the way they
ordered everything, and Iho best in
the house was what tiny gol. After a
time ihe supply of ready money got
Iim, small lo be visible lo ibe naked
eye, and on the request of ihe gentleman, the genial proprietor of the
hotel, accompanied him to one of the
local   banks   and   ideniili. d     htm.     A i
check running well inlo iho three figures was cashed <>n the strength of '''' tn
tl,.- Identification, and ihe payee was  him,
Coming here on Saturday with the
Intention of having u good
George Burke, of Vancouv, r, w iuu 1
up in Ihe dock of the police court this
morning on a clung.' of stealing :, hairbrush, value less than $10.00, from \n-
nio Hart, a woman whose acquainti nc i
In- mad.' on Baturdaj .n ihe Ramage
streel .secion of the city. The plaintiff and a number of her friends were
in couri and watched the case will,
Interest. The case was laid aside while
ihc nexl one was proceeded wilh. This
wns   a   charge  of  attempted   extortion
,,��� the part of Burke, he having accus-
��� woman of Mealing $20.00 from
trying  by  this   means  to  indue
her to abandon the charge againsl loin.
Xo evidence was taken in either case.
The accused aeked tl,.' magistrate t���
'allow  him out on  hail, as he held  an
A modern 10 roomed boarding house,
furnished complete,
centrally situated
and full of boarders.
Only $35 a
in New York and  Has Barrel-
ful     of  Gems     With
New York, May IJ.���On ihe White
Star liner ('chic, which arrived tonighl. conies a direct descendant of
the .Moulds ol' India, llis Highness thr
Gaikwar, Maharajah of Baroda.   He is
profuse in hi, thanks. After another
bottle of the choices, vin,age had heen '
consumed, tin- party returned to Vancouver, and from there lost no time in
journeying to Sealtle. Their apparent
haste was explained 10 mine hosl Important position in Vancouver, and
ihe nexl day, when the hank manager wns a man of sume means, Thr mag-
genUy broke the news to him that the lstrate replied that ihe fad that he
cheque was worthless and lhal he
had Identified the wrong man. There
was nothing for it   but   to  put   up the
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������^
IA Snap in Outing Hats!
See our small show window for the season's proper 1 luting I It
I.allies'. Misses' ami Children's New Lexicon Sailors,
Plain Sailors,    Wide Kim Sailors,    Chipped Alpine Sailors and Galateai
in (I different styles. All new goods, all one price.
The entire range marked at a popular price for quick selling.
Your Choice of
the Lot for
held a position of Importance 1111,do :i"
difference, he had brought himself 10
before   lhe prisoner's dock by his misconduct
coin, but it  will be a long tim
another strung.',' is Identified  by the  and would be treated accordingly. Both
proprietor of this same hotel, rases   were  finally    adjourned    until
These gentry did not  confine iheir   Wednesday,   ball   being   fixed   a',   one
operations to lhe Royal City, for it Is hundred dollars.
known ihat nt least one of Vancouver's ��� o	
bos, known hotel men is now hen,reining ihe loss of $.">,,. having cashed a
cheque  for  thai   sum  in  payment  of      Vieloria.  May   14.���Barometric
winrs supplied  by  him m the party, dltlons have become    very
Hy the lime he discovered that    the  ;ll"l
accompanied by his wife and daughter cheque was worthless, the party were
and will be received in a princely man- well on the way lo Seattle, and 1,.- had
nc  in  this country,  to  which In-  is| no other alternative than to report the
making his lirst visit.
An 8 roomed house,
good garden, planted, close in, not for
sale.   Rent
$12.00 a
The Gaikwar, his wil'.. and daughter
left Liverpool on May 4, and occupied
the imperial suite on  the Celtic.
ll., is the second greatest prince in
all India. The oilier notable, the .Maharajah of Mysore, outranks him by
11 degree or two, but the Indian vis,,or
is of sul'lici.'Ut importance lo hav,- received ,l,e homage and respect of
members of European nobility and
royalty whom he has just visited.
Thr Gaikwar wears
U'',us lhal have made
among  the  traveling   princes  in   Eu
matte to the police.
5 acres good   land
close to city limits,
Only $500
1 acre close to city
Tour a Notable Affair.
('able dispatches slate that the Gaik-
|iwar proposes making his tour of the
' United Siaies a no,;,ble affair. While
110 official plans have I n formed for
his entertainment in New York, ye,
many public and private honors will
be accorded  him  and   his  suite, Ureal
Interest centers in the potentate, not
I only ,���, account of his personality and
distinguished lineage, but because of
his gorgeous manner of traveling. He
has gone through Europe in a manner
such as is described in "Lalla Rookh,"
will, the exception ihai Iir has used
modern means of travel.
His jewels, most of which he carries wilh bim, are worth thr proverbial "king's ransom." li is stated thai
they would (ill a barrel, lie is the
owner of the only golden artillery In
lhe    world.    The  guns,   molded    and
(luichon���A. Guichon, Port Guichon;
.1. I'. Kwart, Belllngham; W. Wilkie
and wife, Langley; San, Abend by.
l'oii Moody; H. E. Knight,-Chllllwack;
I). A. Woodward, Vancouver; M. Gal-
lion, Vancouver; .1. E. Conway, Sieves-
ton; R. ,1. Sainsbury, Kamloops; Frank
O'Neill,  San  Francisco.
Colonial���Mr.  and   -Mrs.  .1.  C.  Watson, Toronto;  -Mr. and Mrs. Murrysuii,
,  for,une in  Ontario;  E, .1. Mclniyre, l'ort Arthur;
dn,     notable   ''��� Thompson, Montreal;   .Mr. and .Mrs.
P. W. Rowland, Ashcroft, H. C;    P.
Watson, San Francisco; E. McDonald,
Seattle; Dr. Fraser, Abbotsford; .1.
E, Gllmore, Seattle.
unsettled, a marked low area is
central in Montana, and ;, low area
has developed on iir Vancouver Island coast and is expected 10 cause
a southwesterly gab' on the outside
waters from Cape Flattery southward.
Light showers have fallen in British
Columbia and heavier rain in western
Oregon and Washington and in California and the weather west of the
Rockies is unsettled and cool.
Forecasts for 36 hours ending 5 p. in.
Tuesday    on    the    Lower    Mainland;
Southerly and westerly winds, unsettled  and  cool  with  showers.
Anderson & Lusby
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
'Phone 101
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the Family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Thousands   of   Greek   Boys   Held
Bondage and Made to Work
Accused of Stealing Chickens.
An Insatiable longing for chicken
nnd an unscrupulous method of satisfying the same longing was responsible for ihe appearance of Hong Chan
in the police court ibis morning. The ernment
accused asked for an adjournment un- flcials, w.re
Chicago,    May  12.���Secrets ���f    th.'
Greek  pardon,1 system of slavery and
oppression of ,011111; boys in Chicago,
for   many   years  concealed   from   gov-
and stair    Investigation of-
vealed today.
Windsor���S. Laurendeau, Calgary; in Tuesday to allow him lo produce
Thomas Moffltt, Bathgate, \. 1,.; S. P. witnesses who would testify in his
Mofliu. Bathgate, \. 11.; Mr, and .Mrs.  favor, Tb.- conn granted his request.
Stewart, 1,. A. McMillan, Vancouver;  _n	
George King, San Pranclsco; .lohn
Ruy, Vancouver; B. W. Rldgely, Vancouver; Mrs. Stlghley, Porl Hammond;
(i. W, Shannon, Cloverdale; Conrad
Drlese, s.m Pranclsco; Archie Ferguson, Ducks: W. 1). Rogers, Vancouver;
Arthur Mullolr, Vancouver; F. R. Mr
Kami.,. Dewdney; IC. Ostron, Belllngham;  I). M. Dartnell, Maple Creek,
Depol .1. II. l.iirr, Tacoma; W,
Stark, Milwaukee, Wis.; .1. .1. Skin-
dai. Everett;  j.  1.. Hudson, Burnaby
Lake; ('. I'. Nelson. Millside; S. Winkler, Millside; .1. McNIff, Millside; A.
1..  Merrltt,  Millside;    w.  Carpenter,
A young victim of the system declared thai ,,t lens, ::,  young children are kepi in virtual bondage in the
Greek frull stores, restaurants, saloons ami shoe shining establishments
,,r the city, Their masters, il is as-
serted, brai them if they complain
againsl  working, as many as nineteen
Machine Works Busy.
Several  new  machines  will  shortly
bo ins,ailed in the Schaake Machine
works, among them being a n.w lathe,
a   drill   grinder,   a   keyseater  machine
and several Others. This firm has re- hours a day. The over-worked chil-
cently contracted with a number of ,j,.eni j, is ;uid,d, tin.l their few hours
saw and shingle mills and will sup- (|f (1;lj,v ,.,.���, ,_ (||r|v 1(,fts ,���. ,,,,.,,
ply ihen, with machinery. Among thr.n,
are the ('. W. Piper company of Van
The Arrow Press
���     *     ���
es good work at a reasonable price
guarantees Ihe work satisfactory.
Work delivered when promised
.,- nothing
Harry Dominy, Prop.
Office:    Front Street
rest   in   dirty
; ill ventilated basements.
The children are kepi
Agents for the Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
278 Columbia Street.
Telephone   170.
Barnett; J. Haldl, Langley; w. Hough-
carved from ihe gold, are set on the ton, Seattle; Roberl Dupre, Sagoma,
walls aboul his palace In India and Mich.; Henry Sanders, Aberdeen;
are   Viewed   as one  of  the  greatest   of   Dwlghl    Itoss,   Vancouver;    E,   lllo ���
field,   Fill   River;   Lew   Jew,   Vancou
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
and fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
on easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Afrents. Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
Palace Is Sumptuous.
liis palace is ,���, the order of those
described In the "Arabian Nights." 11
is gorgeous and all iis apartments are
sump,nous,   ins carriages are of gold
and ti 111 ��� I\ carved wood, and lhe bullocks which draw them wear golden
trappings, Gold crowns surmount .-..���
bonis of ib,. animals.
Tho Gaikwar is ,!������ descendant of 11
the  Maiir,hi   generals  win.  were  the   ,
moguls or rulers of  India  before con-
] trol wa-, wrested from them.    He is
"tr ruler of ibe state ,,r Baroda, which
1 a   population of ;:,nun.mn, and  ill,  area
of 8,000 square miles. Baroda Is the
capital   and   bus   more   than     100,000
'l'lie Gaikwar is fond of the white
people, II. is versatile nnd well educated. Hr sp.aks Beveral languages
ami is exceptionally proficient in the
English language,
Gapon's Corpse Found.
Si. Petersburg, .May 1:;.���a corpse,
which has almosl positively ben, identified as Ihni nl' Father Capon was discovered today hanging in the upper
chamber of a lonely villa in the sum-
111.'i suburb of Czrrkl, Finland. The evidence goes 10 show lhal the man was
il. ad before his body was hung up.
Cosmopolitan���C, .1. Potherglll
ley:; (in,. Pollard, Belllngham; Fred
Cameron, Bfelllngham; .1. 11. Rordi,
.Millside; R, S. Sworp, Chilliwack:
George Key, Vancouver; James Davidson, Vancouver; A. M. Brown, Langley; W. Carpenter, Langley; M. McDonald, Langlej ; John White, Lang-
William White, Langley.
couver, who operates a small .saw mill
in that city, and the 11. ('. Timber and
Trading company for which the
Schaake Machine works are now making lhe necessary machinery. When
complete Ihey expecl lo Install ii in
a shingle mill to be built by the company near the ciiy. An 01,in, is also lngs of the child-slavery system among
to be shipped in a few days to the Sel-1 nla  countrymen  told   what   he  knew
[dik and Ainslee Lumber company of only 01    assurance    thai  his   na	
_Ulooet. would    nm br   revealed.   Condensed,
11111 . ,,  'lhe   serrrls  of tin-  system   are a.s   fol
from Ihe police and factory inspectors by frequently changing lhe lodging places
ol tl,.- older ones and keeping those
of tendrr years locked up in rear
rooms for days al a lime.
'I'I,.'  youth  who  revealed  the  work-
��� K
Ghastly  Discovery.
MaoGregor, Man., May 18.���A badly
decomposed   body  was  found  in  a  de-
s, rir.i house near this town today. The
dead   man  was recognized as a  farm
Hoys are broughl In Chicago from
the various Greeks pons In groups,
som.- to be lei oul i��� owners <>f business places ii, the Greek district.
The boys are led   pas,   Ihe lmmlgra-
hand who disappeared aboul live weeks  Hon officials a, Ellis Island by agents
ago  bill   his
name is unknown.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A. I WHITE, 260 Columbia Si.
Telephones 5.
Portes Promises.
London, May  18.���According to despatches    from    Constantinople    the
: Folios reply to lbe British Hole pi',11,1-
It'     to   ri  tore ibe status quo in 11,0
! Sinai peninsula and awall  the il.dlmln-
atlon  of  lhe  I'lo,1,ior  by  Turkish  ami
Egyptian officials now ,���, the spot.
Prince Gives Thanks.
London,  May   It.���Following Ihc ex-
aniple of his father when he returned
from India, thirty years ago, the Prince
of   Walr:   today   publicly  gave  Ihnnks
I,,,- his safe journey u, ihe Indian Empire ai .1 service bold in Westminster
Abbey, The sorMca was attended by
Fi,,;: Edward and nil (he members <,r
the Royal Family. ���
for one year of an individual
from the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
Is (inly $2.50.
Lons Vault,
Long Boxes,
Long Hours.
T, .1. Trapp, President; T. S. Annandale. Vice. President; F. .1. Hart,
Manager; Edward Chapman, Sec-
Treas.; L. A. Lewis, W. ,1. Mathers,
II. Kyall.
Vault at Office of
Body  Found  in  River.
West Selkirk, Man., May Li. A lunatic named Arlington escaped lion,
the asylum a  week  ago,  His body was
found Boating in the ited river today,
Sunday Cars Stopped.
Fort    Willi:    Ont,;     Maj    13.    'I'll.
low,, a ut In u-M li s today stopped the car
s. rvioe which  was operated Iron,  Fori
Arthur   where   Sunday   cais  are   per-l
Kaiser to Meet Czar.
Berlin,   May  14.   A    Konenigsberg
(Fas,   Prussia i   m wspaper announced
today that  Emperor William win go
'here nl Ibe end of May and will meet
Emperor  Nicholas  near the   Russian
lion, ler.
Heavy Loss Qy Fire.
Gulfport, Miss, May L4.���The plants
o1' the New Orleans Naval Stores company and s. Shorter & Co.. were destroyed by Bre today, Loss $400,000.
Insurance $800,0 i0,
of the system among ihe Immigrants,
who pose io the governmenl officers as
relatives of the children,
Each Child Schooled.
Each ,1,11,1 Is thoroughly schooled
before b'living and told whn, replies
i" make io officials wi,,, seek lnfor-
formation of their destination in America,
(In arriving in Chicago Ihe groups
of children are divided, some being delivered lo Greeks owning small
stores in small cities of lllnols, Wisconsin,  India,,:, and   Iowa.
Steamship agents, real estate dealers ami merchants of the Green colony
are alleged I,, encourage the Imp,,nail,,,, of boys, li Increases business for
all of Ihem. The Creek churches, il Is
said, looks on lhe cusliim wilh complacency I'or lbe leading members of
thr   churches     are     directors     of   the
system ami the bigger ihe Greek population ihe greater number of worshippers, giving financial support  to t,he
Beginning February 15, '06
-   -   -   Every Day in the Year   "   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call oner Bddre
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Vesuvius   Uneasy  Again.
Naples, May 13.���The director of the
Royal Observatory ,,��� Mounl Vesuvius
telegraphs thai  the volcano is again In
slight eruption.   He says ihe situation
Is no, grave.
, j,	
Judge Baby Dead.
Montreal, May 14.���Judge Baby, retired, of Ihe Court of King's flench. Is
Rich  Foods Cause Death.
Richmond, Ind., May 12   Miss Clara
Rockers, 211 years of age and proini
Ilrlll In society, diid bile laSl night
Iron, pt,in,nine poisoning, An autop
sy today Bhowed thai  a combination
of   spinach   and   strawberry   shortcake
had resulted in chemical changes
which caused death,
Physicians   worked   for  hours   In   nu
effort  to save her, hut  she expired  in
greal agony,   she inui partaken freely
of spinach i,l the noon meal, and at
supper she dined chiefly on shortcake
wiih rich cream. An hour later she
wns in spasms. A,, examination of
the remnnnls of both foods showed
thai   neither contained  any  poison.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Advertise   in   The   News
Electric Railway Service
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vane,iver and way
stations will run every half-
bo,ir from .".::.,, a. m. lo 11 ��.
m. excepting al 7::i(l and 8:80
a. m, Half hourly cars will
inn from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Hervioo trom
0.30 a, m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���,\o transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and B and 7.
during re-.,
rransrarat ;;
City and sapper10"' ',',
_lb MM,""' S<'r'  ���
30  Minute   Service
reminder ���i day.
Leopold Place.
service half-hourly
111,1 I" ''���
Sapperton Line
vi,,.. except between
2, and r, and 7, during
hours   tne   service
Service  M"-n��U���
S a. in. h"1' '"'
i, ,���1 ���
wnion j,
win "e <;
lie- < I
i���. ;,
British Columbia Electric Ry- c"
�����������������������������������������������<-������ ����������������������
Co., L* \


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