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The Daily News Dec 15, 1906

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 r(MK ,, NUMBER 240
n tec 612! Pa^es
\jrikes dakota /
Und blocks tr/ffic
Veat Northern Trains Are Snowbound on Western
Irision, While Others   Cannot   Be   Located���
Manitoba Railways Are Also Affected
In Same Way.
London,  Dec.  14-There
i.s no change in the
Transvaal constitution as finally approved by the
king. Members of the legislature will receive $1500
yearly. The recruiting of Chinese for work in Transvaal will cease immediately, and the entire system
of Chinese labor a year after the first meeting of the
Legislature. The latter is given the right to put an
end to the system earlier if it desires.
J Cabinet Proposes Amendments Which  Will Deprive the
Pried ts of Pensions and Rights of Citizenship���
Church Property to Be Handed
Over to the State.
... :|   'Tbe worsi
irm in .'       '    "''"',':'''1   b>
. rains In western
I       .  mo�� bound, and In
���lack   Of.      It   II
ne of tbe Urea.
r . ij,   ocated, Tbe
I .        .     ],   piled twen'v
v traffic Is al a standstill.
I, ..���   ��� . ���.    that   have ar
..��� Northern Pacific.     On
|..;.. ,. ,:��� ; Sl   Paul lines, in
iwenty-four    hours,   trains
[rom twenty-four to forty-
lr, late, an ! many trains arc
jovei lue.
L ii,    ;;   Stormy weather
l_p traffic "ii the Canadian
j ��� .������.,. d Brandon ami Dan-
t ���.,   lay's north bound train i
[ucl! in a  drift   near  Hal*-!
Tl. ii  laj s    south    boun J I
i rain has put in th< a - hi ten miles
north oi Neepawa Fortunately th��
fuel supply is nol low enough to cause
alarm Thi re tin manj Btormboun I
passengers here awaiting the clearing
of tbe line,
*K���������C��>ro>>>;'->: ��>>��>>>>>>3tsi. **>;**��*'*'^>_*:��^>;*��:>_'����>;>_*:��:*:'��:*>:'c��_*.
Richard the Third.
The announcement of the producUon
of "King Richard the Thii I" on Wednesdaj night, Dec. 1!', with the eminent tragedian, .lohn Griffith in the
ti'le role, promises a meat deal to
the admirers ol Shakespearean drama. Nature has pi c dial ly fitted Mr.
Griffith for the most strenuous of
stage portraitures, He has the phy-
slcal and mental qualities thai are
ideal for it: in fact, no actor since
tbe days <if tbe peerless Edwin Forrest is so well equipped for this cou,
plex and animated i hara< t. r.
Wireless Telephony
Proves a Success
Berlin    !
clety  of  wire!
cce led in boh
14.���The  German  boss telegrai hj   baa sue-
:ig wireless telephonic
ion   between   Berlin   ani
Paris, Dec. 14.���Tlie cabinet met today with the president In the (hai-,
in order to decide upon new legisl i-
tion to be presented to parliament.
Steps to be taken are of a sweeping
character. It is proposed to amend
tin law oi' 1905, providing for the .separation of church and state, by whicb
a year's grace wns to be allowed before  the permanent  alienation of lho
blnation of the laws of 1881  nnd 1301 ���
With regard to the pensions and allowances of the clergy, distinction-
will be mad-' by which those who are
entitled to the former will lose iheir
rights If they are deprived of their
French citizenship, while those who
nre entitled to the latter will lose
theii allowances if they do not conform with the law. The conditions
undi r   which   the  clergy   will   forfe't
partment,  who received  perfectly it?
telligent answers to his questions, j church property, and to suppress the, their French citizenship will be pre-
Prof. Slaby says the problem of wire- privilege of forming new cultural or pared later. Many of the prelates
less telephony is solved, but ihat the| diocesan associations during the per-'have  issued   toucblngly  worded   let-
lod.     All  church   property,  including  ters to their flocks protesting against
the   seminaries,   will   be   immediately   the   persecution of the church.     The
handed over to the state, to the depart-   archbishop of Lyons said:
ments  and   to   the communes,  underl     "1 am a French bishop, but I blush
with a friend In any part of the world,   conditions insisting that the churches, with shame for my country. May God
The method today consisted of the u.e   themselves be   retained   for   religious   torgive those who are relentlessly pur-
of the microphone in connection with , use.     The continuance of public wor-   suing the work  which they have un-
le-   the  ordinary  wireless  apparatus. I ship will he provided for under a com- j dertaken  of destroying religion."
indi of distance is not yet known. He
Nauen, twenty-four miles away. Pro- Bees no reason to set any limit, and
fessor Slaby, in an interview, describ- believes that the time is coming when
ed the experiment as eminently sue- ''' man wil1 be ab,e t0 s'jeak tirelessly
cessful. The conversation was carried on partly by Uerr Von Sydow,
nn |i : si cretarj of the state postal
Ipe'l Would Mean Cold  Feet
Fcr  Many Coast
I surrounding  country,  and    the
tion is being large;.',  signi I.
The   growth   of  business   in   Chilli-
j wack i.s clear!;, seen In the number of
i new  siores  and   wan houses  now  in
course   of   construction.      Several   of
the   new   Stores  on   Wellington   street
will soon be read) for occupancy.
Bradstreet Predicts Higher Prices on   American   Companies  Are   Petitioned
Account of Tariff For Cars to Transport Coal to
Revisions. Freezing Settlers.
hant    yesterday
the : .     ��� utlooh   would  be
I :���       ihi    present    lime
Ire come a protracted spell
I Id ���������  ther.    The coal sup-
itlj   very scarce as the.
!:__... [o lum Out the black i
I.'as; enough to supply the l
I : I     '��� ���  ���'   supply   which
lulated the  warmer
I i up, and th��;
I ' .  Seattle are
shipping   tlie
��� ���   many times '
. ��� ���     and  the  cr,y
'     .   ly being Bent
I�� '��� .smith, Nana!-
f tin  mines are all
[ From  Van-
II for   more   than
coal   required
���   condition of
'*   '��� tfetg   n:y.    The  cltl-
lf" "'"*"������������'������ ���>���'��� are bnrnitiL-
'   much coal  this
I The supply
���' ei   ''      " it  arrives  and
:' '' able to get  it  in
thej   are doing  as
��� ui ;i  at  the
Expanding   Trade.
.lohn Reld, Manager of the Westminster Iron Works, ba. been making
considerable additions during the pasl
few weeks to his machinery equipment. He has now in operation a
new and modern iron shaping machine
which he Is using in connection with
his contracts (or fancy iron work, lie
has also now in operation an electric rotary fan with which he supplies
the wind for his forges, other machines have l>een purchased for the increasing marine work which is being
done by the firm. The increase in
business has necessi ated tbe employing of a collide nn���:��� men during the
past  few weeks.
At  that   meeting a candidate will  be ���
selected  to represent the district   in
I the municipal contest which will take i
place  in January.     A  ratepayer's as-1
sociation will also be formed at the:
meeting.     Three   names   are   at    the!
present   time mentioned,   and   the selection will in all probability rest upon either Joseph Cameron, it. W. I iof
fard or Mr. Chambers.
Bad Accident.
Joseph    Reichenbach   is   suffering
from   a   severe   sprain   to   his .inkle.,
the result of an accident which hap-1
pened while be was loading cattle al
Ashcroft  on  Thursdaj < '.''ning.     Mr
Reichenbach  slipped off the car, and
fell heavily to the ground.    Dr. Roth-
well is attending the Injured mnn. who
was brought to his home on yesterday
morning's  delayed train.     The  injury
is mosl painful, and  will likely keep
Mr,   Reichenbach   confined     to     bis
bome for siime time to come.
Xew York. Dec. 14.���Bradstreet's to-i
morrow will say:   Cold weather helps
Canadian   trade and   holiday   demand
is   expected   to  be   of  record   proportions     Complaints of slow deliveries
of grain, affecting trade and collections, come from the nor'h west.
Higher prices In many lines are i �����
; ecti tl, partly from the wldesprea l
demand and also because of tariff revisions. Holiday trade in groceries
is active. Collections In the eastern
provinces are fair to good, but in the
grain-producing sections they are complained of. Montreal reports re-cr-
lers irge, i heese shipments are li0
per cen;. greater. Toronto reports
grain prices too high for export, common goods higher, and a record holiday trade is looked for. Winnipeg reports slow deliveries of goods from
the east and of grain from the west,
affecting trade.
Washington, Dec. 14.���In view of
complaints about car shortage resulting, it Is said, in failure to transport:
the necessaries of life and coal for
household use, the interstate com
nierce commission has sent the following telegram to the presidents of a
number of western and north-western
railroads: "From many parts of the
country and especially from your sec-
tlon the interstate commerce commission Is receiving numerous nnd
important complaints of car shortage
and failure to transport the necessaries of life. In various places of
the northwest it is represented that
people are actually freezing because
sufficient con! for household use cannot be procured owing to extraordinary delays In moving that article.
The commission therefore urges yon
to make every possible effort at once
to relieve the sufferings of those dependant upon the facilities of your
road." Signed L. A. KNAPP, Chairman.
Five   Industrial   Sites  Change   Hands
On   Lulu   Island���Capitalists
Get Interested.
��� ' ci al  ha a  i'   n
��� nt  ha* step-
all coa] from
ent    : ��� .  Manl
In ' rder that
'���' 1 in th  -���   -One. s
to        ���        , v'i nt
Tunnel Completed.
New Vork, Dec 11.���The two sections of tbe tunnel under the East
River, which were started simultaneous!, in New York and Bro ikl n,
were jolne I under the rivi i to I; ;
I .,   lections .>''!������ I   ������ '���
Wedding   Bells.
Tl: ��� marriage of J. B. Wilson and
Mis A. J, Thompson was solemnized
at the St. Andrew's manse yester-
! afternoon, the Rev, J. S. Henderson tying tii" nuptial knot. il. i>
M ,: ietta  supported  the groom, while
Miss Coutte, of Sapperton, i cte I as
bridesmaid. After the ceremony, Mr.
and Mrs. Wilson wenl over to Vancouver where ihey held a wedding reception  at   the Commercial  hotel.
Municipal  Meeting.
Another meeting of the ratepayers
of   the    lilue   Mountain    district      was
held last night al the residence of
Mr.    Chambers.      Municipal    affai's
were freely discussed and it was decided to call another meeting, which
all Interested will bi invited to attend The meetin_. will be held in
lhe Blue Mountain school house at
7:30 p.m.,  en  the evening  of  Dec. _t\
Nipped in the Bud.
Under    instructions    from    Sheriff
Armstrong, a considerable quantity of
household goods were sold on the mor-
ket   square  yesterday     morning,     by
auctioneer Trapp,     The goods belonged to Frank Carle and M. Schramberg,
who rented a house from T. R. Pearson some months ago.    .Mr. Pearson
put on a considerable number of improvements for the benefit of hit tenants, who, in order to furnish up, borrowed some money from A. Morrison.
The two men lived in the house until
about  a week ago, and then failed to
whack up when the rent became due.
The house agent, and the money len I-
er  suddenly became awake   to    the
fact   that   the  house  was untenanted,
and the furniture had been removed.
1 Tbey set the machinery in motion an 1
I soon   located the  household  goods   al
j the G.  N.  R. freight shed, where they
', bad  been  billed  for the other side  if
j the line.    The sheriff was interviewed
and   a   distress   warrant   was   issued.
', The goods were eventually seized and
I were sold yesterday to meet demands.
Fetch Him Here.
Winnipeg, Dec, 14.���H. (!. Brown, representing big eastern capitalists, is
seeking Information regarding the erection oi factory for manufacturing
cars, refrigerators, etc. He will locate at either i.ake town or Winnipeg. Factory would employ about
1,(100 men.
Cultivating Popularity.
N'. v,    York.   ii.        i -       :'������-'   . "I |      j
3us.v' oil I ompanj   i w in ed  t< la)   th il   il
���    the   Mini will a Ivanee Ihe
Ottawa,     . loyees, now rei i Ivim    ei               IOD
Improve- a  month, bj   ten pet  cent, I 'glnn
��� ..    ng a. ��� ;.���. Januarj llrsi
wharf   Bl
ting   that Accident to Nogi.
���   done at Tokio, Dec.  I !.���   <���< neral Nogi  w io
sev ral was thrown from his horse I   lay, au l
"   ���   ��� ... .ig. v.as for a time thought to lie dan.
���a  iter ously   hurt, 11   I elieved to be  a il   ��� f
."' 'i   an 1 danger.
* '<������'���* >::���.:���::���:>��;������ *'*v;<-*-'*'*'*v'*w?:m*'*:***s*sm:w***s*\
,���, i
P0** Vt, Dec. 14.-Jeremiah Curtin, who
' ent in seventy languages and is believed
![.'j/-'!'''!l,,d any other man as a linguist, died
f;, 'j'^iu's Disease to-day, aged 66 years. He
knpwn as a translator of Russian and Pul ish
j       icularly the works of Ilenrik Sienkiewich.
I was long engaged in special work for the
1 Institute in the study of folk lore of
'���'���IV'.-y v  J*
' '"���������.���>>>>>>X<*'i^��^ *
's'Edjti;^. ^aM:'-^:
r .���-',.<;,<��_'    ..
E-  .^yM.
i ��� -
-S-iii E.s^^^J^-A:-J.
The story of the proposed establishment of the tl. N. R. carshopa on
the city property on Lulu Island which
was published in this paper yesterday
morning, have caused a flutter 1n
real estate circles, and the attention
of the men who direct the financial
destinies of this city has been once
more actively directed to tbs island
in the Fraser river. Before the Daily-
News had been on the street many
hours, several important deals were
already contemplated, and inquiries
about Lulu Island properties were being made In most of the real estate
F. .1. Hart, of the firm oT Hart &
company, who has a large amount of
the Lulu Island property listed for
sale, did not waste any time after
reading the article, but hurried down
the city, and drafted out a large advertisement, embodying the Daily
News article, which he inserted in i.e
local and some of the Vancouver papers. Questioned yesterday afternoon as to the effect of thc location
of the carshopa <m Lulu Island, M-.
Hart said that there had been a constant si ream of inquirers for property
in the vicinity, during the day, and as
a proof that these had not been merely attracted to his office out of curiosity, lie mentioned the fact thai five
large Industrial .sites had been sold
to apltalists, These sites are situated jusl across the bridge, and close
by the �� Itj pro]" rty, and will increase
considerabl; In -.nine in the next few
M [| i sta:,. i ihat the dent! o ,ulu island property was
now larger lhan ll had ever heen I,.
propertj Is listed at
ng 11 a., ' e is i oiiiideni thai
there will be n ore sales record' <j
�� thli . next week ihan thi re
! a     ' en for month : past.
Tht Mat.
Th ��� w -estling match between Sanly
Swanson an.! Mai-uda has finally
been arranged to take place in Nnini-
nio el the Athletic < lub on Dec 22. By
tin- terms of the match Mat 111
agrees to throw Sandy Iwice in an
hour. During thai time, however, if
Swanson obtains a fall, he wins the
Short of Fuel.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.���Winnipeg face.
a fuel famine because of a shortage
of both wood and coal In the yards of
the local dealers. Wry little Is being
brought into the city.
Scene   a
t   the   H_.-J   of   Lulu   Island   Near Prcposed  Site of C.   M. Ft.  Car   Shops.
The Weather.
Forecast,   Saturday:���Lower   tmin
land,      Winds  mostly     northerly
easterly,    unsettled    with     sleet     ani
".-:.-. ...
We  Are   The   People!
I     :-:     We show to-day a few samples of the many lines we have in stock
Our S5 Packard Shoe
B X ���������.: ....: ���:::
Our Empress Shoes.
2.50 ro 4.50 a pair
Our S6 Florsheim Shoe
A merit
_���-"��� -
Our Gee. A. Sl. cr "invictus
Shoes," $4.50 and $5
Our $3.25 American Boot
Our Prospector Boots
$4.50 a pair
Our Boys' Shoes. 1.25 to $3 a pair
Our Rubber Boots
$4 a pair
Our Felt Slippers. >l & 1.50 pair
Our line of Children's Shti
35c tn LOO a pair
Ut   ,i
Columbia Street,
New Westminster
. **���-._��� .    I':. --:.   ���'   ��,. ui.nr.v
The E - -���  -    - _"     s sl
and short ei - -       . t      -
r. Sir Th        -  "    n    Lyli        . .-; _
ney use   ���    i ----- _
fifty -.  ��� Nowadays tbe t
tence.    f the      era? ilist a:
B      r.   :.-.
I the short s .:   .  I
-    g  :.'���;
......        .... -...
: "        ..������.-    : - ���
���-       '   - It9 ��� _ .-'.   T'a
tweet; - sens' a vera c
Te_   .., enty-eigbt.    T
ti' '. Maul ew   \-:.. .'- senti
are      ��� _ I tifully   I ������
Tbey    are    tl rty-s.      ��� rs       Henry
Jami -' -��� - ���      _'
cat"   are wi _���     it   ' .-
In ea       f thi ������ ������   erf        inning
la coi   ��� Thej     - ��� thli ty   lners
K!p!.:._- b s<   tences     re  twi   -..   .:.err
Qeorge M ��� ���-������ -   re t   ei nn :. and
H. (',  Wells' are twenty-threere.
Tbelr   GaJBie    _p��-m��    to   n.    a    Pratt.
Hnrd   <>ri<-   tn   lie....
It i* hard to beat the beggar game lr
Italy, a fleet footed urchin and bli
maiden fell into a tux trot by the sidi
of the carriage,
"Look, noble gentleman," be began
"look, beautiful lady! See the little ra
g-azza���the poor girl���have pity on bi r
So.-, noble slgnor���you cannot refusi
to give li".* something���your heart It
too good you are too generous, too n
ble, too hands.-tne, to refuse. Save pit;
on her dreadful suae, for look���she ha.
one gray eye r.ial one black one!"
We Stopped the carriage. It was true
The maiden had Indeed particolored
eyes, In addition to whieh she rejoiced
In a most appalling squint I gave bet
one copper. Hereupon ber escort set
up a howl at being ignored.
"But why should you bave anything?'
I a. ked.
"You ought to give in" tv* i co] ; rs,'
be replied, with a twinkle, "far I hav
two blacks eyes, and she lias only i I
I was vanquished.   I  gave b ...
two eot'Ders.   I   don't  bel|?ve  In   beg
gars, but ! th :.'���: he (   rned tc
L-.v__.r-._e Los Book." by Jerome ii ir
Htr.d   Mourn rrv.
It pays t ��� be a mou     r In St
tersbsrg, sn I th<  e are
err.p::; gr~a: numbers   f vagi
tramps f it tiie ;   -     ���     says a    riter
"Thes*? as-:, les - I]; y suit
tag and  po ket  bandkei
thing, la fa % ���    - '       "- .. tbi
tramp  most show ���   :'���   -   or :.-.
will  not  be   t.':        '.'���' ��� Is
__ .:������   or   less       ;   rtai I   funei
tramps gather  it i ���   N
aad are -������.. ted   j ���-���   I I
aceaey.   Tbe        ge  for the
with   tips.   gener illy   ��� ....-    .     it   i
shillings."���London v   .
Trains & Steamers
-   re S*. W. 15.4 W   11   "
c.p.i   missio:       vn ������������
Prom N.W., Wed. and Moa.   7
From Victoria Tues. and Sa:. 4
a. :r.
Mail Service
:.'  '.'.
v.*   :��� l
DlftlertM i      1.    -  i r.,1
Tl.- ���. _- -
v.- that g
com no ner i ig the
I e iple / . ;;-..
llsh   paper   !..- uting   .
ch dee es     -    -     '     . -    ���    ���
party of mas    -        at One ot
their numb. - is I lling    The forei
Joe  (warningly    Hi,   Ben,   v ere
gaffer eyln' "��� .
Ben���Aye, i eye 1 ye I
An  exami le from Pui t  tr-:
as to dialectic pe -u    rlties, Is re     e '
It is the reply r( a farmi r t i a :��� i
*icar of his parish, ������������ h i syn patl
with him on  the fact that bis thre
elderly  daughters it   i arrie I
"Yon see, stir." be said, "when the;
would ha' they, they woul In't ha' they
Now tbey would ba' they, they woo i
ho ' *. _.r "
A   t outInu. nn
"II iven't I a right t'i
with my money?" Inqnir
D llll malre.
"Y."i  1. i. ���
"if    i
... ill;_ ' ���
��nte -��� I "���*.." ���
A ''��� ��� "���
ehan etc i sti   of
he-   e.   ' 'ari; I ���
do .
' ���
., I
... 5     8]
'       '<���'.'
: irt
..   .   .-    ���  .-
S   w   ���       '     *    * ���     17.33
'��� '.'.'  .- 10, 1S.40.
��� ������ *��� - r. Seattle 4 ;..m
Lv. N. W, ;      ...    a    .-���       ������ |" p.m
V.,   W.   A:   Y ��� VAN       L'VER
Lv. N W. 3 p. x  and 1:55 p, m.
.������ v ncouvet  ���   5  urn., and 4 p.m
O.  N.  R - Pi iRT GUICH  SS
Lv. N. VS. 9:35 am.: ar. Guichon
: -0 p.m,
Lv G il '. n, 2:4 p. m.; ar. N. W,
S: 4-  p rn. aai 0 p. m
M inda; -
Lv. New Westminster 6.50, 6.50, l
sn I " a ::... and every halt hour ihere-
iftCT till II  -.. m.
Lv.  Vancouver  fo:  Westminster at
���  :..- .   ur_.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon, Wed. Frid. 8 a.m
Pri ���;.   '        ..   T ...  T'u., S.i-..,  7  a.m
rh., Sat 8 a.m.
Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m
. N RIV   ;..
Pi '��������� ���'-.    ���'   ;    ,. ex. Sat. and Sua.
Ad ,5 a.m.
Fr..-    -' J       i. (Fr|   ,, .. .
'  , ���
1'   -��� Reci
Seatt;<          Sumas 7.4c ���  ���   p.m
Sa j   ���   ton and M
le. No. 1 7.45a n 11   5 a.m
7.40 arc ���  ���    . :a
N R   I    ivei
���   ;-
'���' in   & C in. Pa 2.00 p.n
'��� . ���      .    ... IU     a.m     ���        ::
liast Burn i.l      m    1.1'
.'.'':      '. '. 00 J.n
C.P.R easl Sa|
������ n, Millsl ie a-
1'     ;���'..' p.m. n.35a.i
Van    md Bun ��� n
. N R   Fl    ��� :        m. 11.00 p n
.    . erl in I,  Tues
. :.: Fri la    .   .. .12 00 tn     12, ifl m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia  Coast  Line
E.  C.  Coast  L.ne Service.
(Su   eet to   h in ge with iut nonce I.
rincess Bi        ���   li ive   V im ouvi
-   D   .  ���. ; ���������     .2, Jan  9, 19 '7
N iv. 2:
Tan. __
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily a'- l p. m.
Steamer Queen  City.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
- ���:   fveekly,
S. S. Joan
I   '.       ���.. ���:   lally exceut Sav
irdaj   ind S ndaj   at  1:30 p, :u. 8a:
urdaj   ii  .   10
S.   3.   Tees,
1st.   7        II        if ea fo
. *.; 20th,
' i Ahou ���"���   Quatslno,   lape Si  ���"  an i
"��� bj
Steamer Transfer
L.  i.  -   \' >.   Westminster  on   Mo
I'm   ...   \- ������: .������- lay,  Tun -
i.:. :    . It   2    p ::..  an I   Sat .. : i
at s ;i, m  ��ith a i I tl m i!   r:p on M ���
d iy a I ���*. a, m
Leavi - Ste.  -   in M in lay. T.:;>?'1.
Wednei lay, Thursday aal Saturda.  ..
7 a. nn  Fri lay at 6 a. m. additional
trip  Saturday  5  p.  rn.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, S a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday.
Thursday ani Saturdays calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S.  S.  Teej
Leaves Vancouver at '^ p. m., 2ni
and 16th of each month, calling at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Ttaie on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and Information
call or address
Agent,  New Westminster.
K. 3. COTLB,
Asst. Gen. Pas.   Agent, Vancouver
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Oen. Agent, Freieht De. t���
New  Westminster.
Spokane falls &
Nelson mSI#rf
Red Mount
��� - - ��� ���'
a--:   ������:''
ite w1
. ::-.���
��� - - '
S'ori , " "
& N   Co.
I    -::���"���     t F
in    P
Creek poii .
..   g     .' ii)}- for  R
Buffet   ��� '
-.   -
! '.'IHI
Q.20 a m
12.:$ pm
g.40 i.m.
\ n'ldl
..   ,,::(
S('.^3 ���
H. >
.     El   V.
' -"'I
B '"'
Sb   thai
Forty-Five W
j    STUDENTS At-*-0
_ ���*" DEC. 15, 1906.
You Want Flour or Feed
end save money by trusting your order to the B. C. F. & Feed Co.   The well known CALARY MILLING
;0'S Flour made from the celebrated No. 1 Hanl of the Prairie Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.   Feed your horses,  cattle, pigs and chickens, etc.,  on  "Feeds" grown  in  British  Columbia
finest in the world.
e British Columbia Flour and
eed Company of New Westminster
����+���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>����������������������    -p>.    .  r__ _
ctric Railway Service j   \j/\ | f~l
Inter-.roan   Line.
lur Vancouver and    way
���Ons  will  run   every   half-
i. in. to 11 p
eptiDg at 7:11(1 and 8:30
}>..S.'. hourly  ears will
from Central    Park    tu
.aver only.
Imits Line -Service frum
li. to 11  I' in.
lute Service���No transfer.
112 and '_ and b and 7.
30 Minute Service during remainder of day. transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday Service half-hourly be-
iv.ien 8 a.m. und n p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from C.25 a.
ni. to 11 p.m., except between
12 and 2, and 5 and 7. during
whieh hours the service will be
Sunday Service   halt-hourly *.e-
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
psh Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd }
wing Appreciation
Sugar Cured =
takf ast Bacon and Hams
" Th�� ]Wnp!p I eaf Forcfer'
It!....:-, t.,, Mapie Le_f f0T our trade marl:, because it i: Cr_Eddii��.n. I*!
r*% ff*. mrnvm *�����    A     ^v  T? r?"\
just arrived and including
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
A    Curl.itiN     < alrulntlon     From     thss
Talmud   mul   the  Bible.
Did you ever figure on the proba-
ble size and immense Btrength ot
Mo. es, basing your calculations on the
dimensions of the tables of stone, as
given by the Talmudlc writers'.' In
tne Talmud (folio H8, column H> it is
said that the tables of stone upon '
which the commandments were written were six ells ioug. six ells broad
and three ells thick. In the Bible,
Exodus xxxii, lfi, we are told that
"Moses went down from the mount,
and the two tatdes of the testimony
were in his hand."
"Hand." mind you, not hands, though
it must be admitted that It would have
taken u strong pair of hands to perform the tusk of carrying them, eveu
on the level. Now, we will put Uie
Talinudic nud the Biblical accounts together and apply the mathematical
rule. The Hebrew ell or cubit was. at
Its leas* estimate, n measure of eighteen inches, whieh would have made
each of the tables a stone block niue
! feet long, nine feet wide and four and
one bait' feet  thick.   If common  stone
! weighed as much to the square foot
'.lieu us it does now tlie tables would
tip the beam at nbout twenty-eight
ton ! Wns Moses one of the giants
of those days or lias some one made a
mistake in calculations or in the siate-
ruent of supposed facts?   Exchange
A representative of the Daily Xews started out yesterday to get wise
mi the efforts our merchants are making to do their whole duty in catering
to iln Christmas trade. He found tjie task an attractive nne, and proposes
to keep at it until he covers the who le ground.
Todd's Music House. . part of the adornment of a well dres-
.1. II. Todd has already put his ssd man. Inside the building, fes-
Musie House in order for the captur- toons of evergreens have been looped
ing of a share of the Christmas trade | about the ceiling, and in odd cor-
of the city and district, and has do- ners, imitation palms have been plae-
cided to pul in a supply of sheet mu- ed with good effect. The centre ta-
sic, which will be on hand In time for bles are piled high with the Progress
the Christmas shoppers. In the east, Brand of clothing and Mr. DeBeck is
front window of his store he has a I making a speciality of Dr. E. Jage-'s
choice variety of mandolins, zithers, underwear. The handsome ward-
Hutes. accordeons, Edison phono- robe system which has been recently
graphs, violins, guitars and other mu- installed gives the store an up-to-date
sical Instruments arranged In a very and metropolitan air which proclaims
tasteful manner, In the west front good management.
window   he  lias  sewing machine  sup-'	
plies.    Throughout the store itself he
has  a   handsome variety  of  Nordhel-I
Muir's Drug Store.
In T. A. .Muir's drug store the se?
"*G T.A.Muu-&Co.
��ra ndy
^ no.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Prices Right.   No trouble to
show goods.
THE JEWELER     Columbia St.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia at.
Baggage delivered    promptly  to   inj i
part of ih. city,
Light md Heavy Hauling
Thr Waj  They  Are Cooked and
pared   For  Market.
Sardines are caught In nets, and aftei
being well washed the bends ure eut
off nnd the flsh are sprinkled lightly
with salt. Alter lying for a few hours
they nre placed on grids In rows almost
perpendicular, The frames ure then
pin.'ed in pars containing boiling olive
oil. The oil is changed ns soon a< it
becomes too black aud dirty for continuing the cooking proci sa.
As scan as the fish nre considered
sufficiently i loked, they nre withdrawn
from the i ms of oil and the grids are
placed ou the tables covered with zinc,
the mu ".'a. i of the table Inclining toward n groove In tho center. The oil
Is thus carried to u vessel prepared t.j
reci Ive it. Round lhe table stand t'i"
\i. en vv b ise business it is to pack the
h. h cii si Ij and iiuiforml.  in I >xos.
The boxi s being full, .' e 0 li are ��� ov.
i n ! v. ith ���:    li .il nnd lho lids are I ��� a
bo! lered   dowu.     Tims   hermetically
si   led tin.   are p! iced in Iron tm ki
aial ersed  In boiling wati r     'J he
boxes an   lhi - b lied i  r I
���   ur and the larger ones somewhat
.:,  proportion  i" Blze of   bos
Tin- fish are thi u ready for tbe marki..
���Pearson's Weekly.
mer, Morris, Dominion, and New Scale er after Christmas presents will find
Williams pianos, and Doherty and a choice variety to choose from. The
Sherlock-Manning organs, arranged young lady who wishes to gladden the
along either side, while his sewing heart of her gentleman friend will find
machine display occupies the centre handsome pocket mirrors, dressing
nf the floor. He also handles fhe cases, shaving sets, and other kindred
Newcombe   Piano Players. articles.    The young man who wishes
Any shoppers whose fancy turns to' to make the young lady he admires
musical Instruments al prices to suit happy, can lind chocolates and other
all purses will be able to find what confectioneries done up In the daint-
iliey wan: among the articles offered lest of art packages; manicure sets,
by  Mr. Todd.     He also keeps a large ' little baskets of choice perfumes ani
and choice variety of phonograph record, to which be is continually
ud liflfl
a multitude of other things. 'l'l..
stock is well selected an.l the article-
are of reasonable price.
DeBeck's Toggery.
As   t_ie  pedestrian   passes   the
Adams & Deans.
Adams &  Deans have laid
ner of Columbia and Sixth streets the In a choice line of Christmas grocer-
";'" l8 ,,�����1"t'Wy attracted to the les and fancy chinaware and are all
blaze ot  Ifghl   and  color which emnn-   ready   to   satisfy   nil
ales from H. I.. DeBeck's gent's furnishings store window. Al night the
window i- brilliantly Illuminated by
electric lights, and in the rear of the
win low tasteful evergreen de-
 Reasonable demands along those lines which may
be made by Christmas shoppers.
Their windows have taken upon themselves a seasonable appearance. One
is ornate with a choice display of an
J Ellard Block,
'    EXCHANGE N.�� Westminster.   - -  B. C
'* I-:��rtin.-n���
tM���' - ero���rie��or ADVERTISE IN THE "NHS"
'ric. Th
'liniie 185.       Kiirr   ftson* 137
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Bioci*.  Ni-w Wwtmlnstef. B.C
\ * - .mi Plenae.
In the nuelc.il times there lived a
wonder! i !'.v . .,. nan, of whom it was
���".i.l thai he could answer correctly
nay quesl m put to him, There wns
one, however, who thought himsell
clever i uouj I i outwit the Bnge. xhis
ia u took n poor, captive bird und
clasped it so i losely in bis band that
only the bead .- nil tail were visible.
"Tell me," said be to the reaowned
guc-scr of riddles, "Is the bird which
I hold in my hand alive or dead?"
If the answer wero "Dead," thought
this artful plotter, lie would just open
his hand nud let the bird fly, If the
answer were "Alive," be would with
one little squeeze crush the poor bird
to deutb.
Bul tlie wise man proved himself
equal to the occasion and replied, "It is
as ymi please."
Bach one holds within llis or her
grasp the fair bird of life. 'Which ls It
to be'.' A blessing or a bane? It is "as
von please."
,,'T ,' "   worked  ":"   ^!l!l'*' "Que  chinaware,   wases,   matcb   1���,M-
''     '     s    fu,table    :'"' ""'er wind * is i fine collection of in-
'   '          a*,Ch    na    fan  ' stents    ' lulrej   bj   the  n,���i���  ,
'         '    '���'':������"��"���'' embroidered urerof Christmas puddings and m n'e
I     '"'"       ami   "";''   -""--   "��'��� ���at.    There Is also a varied   n  r,
""^lnu '"'i:s-     lh"   " d *" " "nd   fancj   raisins   well   qualified   to
'."   "'"-   1^'��� ��'��ng   the   line make the younger members of socle
I  fancy shir s, cuff links, collar bul lool,   with  longing  eves  through  the
tons  and  toilet   nni, les   which   form sheltering  glass.
.'film. '  I't^r.m'H.
The clam's eggs are carried by the
mother on ber gills, when there are
lish in the water with them the mother
claws discharge tho egys which soon
hatch, bin it' (here iire no tisb they
carry the eggs until they decay. The
reason of this strange bei avlor is this;
When the eggs am set free In the
water they soon hatch and tl_> little
ones swim about until tbey find some
lish to which to attach themselves.
They live for a time on the mucus of
the lish and then drop off, sink to the
bottom .-Hid form Inirrows for themselves. This curious setniparasltic life
is no doubt a reversion to the habit of
some ancient ancestor.
; but be "as a wise guy. all right
Green Because why. Brown���Because it is possible t > e'.ade the laws.
bul one can i gel uv ay tram the songs.
especially when tbey become popular,
I -Chicago News,
Ono  ..Imi'.-  Wi. ilont.
Green- -Who was it that said. "Let
tne make the s ings of a nation and I
care not who makes its laws?"
Br iu ii   i dop't know the man's name,
The Price <>f Viinlir.
"What became of that life guard
who had forty-one medals for saving
people's lives'.'"
"The poor fellow fell ont of a launch
with tbem all on and the combined
weight sank him."���Minneapolis Journal.
Mrs. Dove���Henry, 1 think you arc
posi lively   cruel.     Here   I've  tried   81
hard to conk you a nice dinner and yon
haven't had a word to say to me about
i It. Mr. Dove���Darling, 1 love you toi
much for that. If I snld what I thought
you'd never speak to mo again.
i' :
|  i |
J .
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Fronl
streets. New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director.
.J. C. Brown
Diamond Merchant
Transieu. display advertising, .0
cents per .ne nonpariel) 12 lines tn
the inch. Five -ents per iine tor
subsequent insertions.
Beading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken fcr
;e8J than 25 cents.
Day Office   A22
In announcing the completeness of my Xmas stock, I do so feeling that it is the largest ant
most comprehensive and contains the finest pieces of high-ciass jewelry ever seen in Xewl
Westminster. Commencing to-day I will exhibit in my windows and show-cases some verJ
valuable pieces of Diamond Jewelry which were designed and made by artisans who hav!
been engaged for months preparing new and exclusive designs for the Xmas trade!
China and Cut Gl
Night Office
. B22
SATURDAY.   DEC.   15,   190..
We asked the other day, and ask
again now. what has happened to silence those patriotic editors whn. six
years ago, bowled iill the mountains
echoed because the Cabinel was not
filled for a few weeks?. Tbe McBride Cablnel has been short one
.Minister for eight or nine months, yet
these patriotic editors say nothing
about it. If a Cabinet vacancy, just
before a general election, was a thing
to write flaming editorials about six
years ago, it is much more a thing to
be denounced now. when the public
affairs of the Province have grown to
larger proportions; and ihe Govern-]
ment. declares that it intends to meet
the House once more before the election takes place.
If the Legislature it to be called together again, it should meet in a
month's time, and a new Minister
should have a chance to know a little about his department before it
does meet. Every day which the
Government allows to pass without
taking action In the matter, is a renewed  confession  of weakness.
What is happening to the work of
the vacant  department?
The Premier and the Chief Commissioner have been flying about the
comn ry during a great part of the
year, so that, for the most part, we
have  had but   two responsible  heads
By the already many sales
within the last few months, I
must certainly be making* a
great name.   Loose stock, as
well as mounted, from	
 $8.25 to $600.00
Watches and Clocks
Owing to many years of practical experience, I am immediately able to determine a good
article. If I say a watch is satisfactory, it will be so, or money refunded.
' Boys' Watches from.. $1.50
Ladies' and Gents' from	
 $6.50 to $150
In this department I will say
very little. Vou must know my
stock is all new.
I have solid gold Brooches,
English, Canadian and American designs, from. . $2.75 up.
Solid gold.
In China I have almost evenl
thing. Staple and Fancy A J
trian goods only just opened!
shipped direct to Horace Dor3
such as Tea and (IhocolateSetl
Hair Receivers, Creams aM
Sugars, etc. etc. C ;* Gla
Vou must havo ,. 0ur xsl
dow; if you havi n't, c |
EQUALLY   WELCOME   TO   LOOK   OR   TO   BUY. Come and Sc, Before PurcliiBing Elsewhere,
For I Have Many. Many Things I Have Not Mentioned Here.
COLUMBIA   STREET, - Next Tram Office, - New Westminster
A Taste  Thnt  Ar.   Withers.
According to a member of the candy
loving sex, tliere Is no sail.ler evidence
of age in a woman than being able to
pass a bonbon shop without being
tempted by the wares. "When a
woman can do this," she says, "she is
frankly middle aged. During your
school days chocolates are a recognized necessity of existence. During
tlie early bud period of matinee here
worship they are Indispensable to the
enjoyment of a performance. When
your mouth does not water at the mere i
idea uf a caramel or a marshmallow
begin to search fnr the first gray hair."
���New York Press.
WANTED ��� Boy  for jewellery store
Apply Horace Dorer, Columbia Bt.
WANTED���Boys, immediately; good
wages.   Apply IS. C. Cigar Factory.
WANTED���One or two furnished
rooms, close in or on ear line, Write
G., care of Dally New s.
Wanted���Strong boy lo drive rig and   247 FrontStreet
make himself generally useful. Ap-1 __________________
ply VS. K. Fales' Furniture store.
Cut and Made on the Premises
New Westminster
^c Fraser River Tannery
having   b
be pie ; e I
ers, as ���������������'
eight out ��� ��� BU
i  of H  11. Benii
,  ....
as ii'".'    :.. -
ing a specialty.
H. M.  KNITS.!
I MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will re
ceive pupils. Lessons in the urt of
singing and voice production. 321
Columbia Street.
.-ood   For  Evil.
There are some people whn turn gray,
but do not grow hoary; whose faces are
furrowed, but not wrinkled; vvbosfl
hearts are sore wounded in ninny
places, but are not dead. There Is a
youth that bids defiance to old age, and
tliere is a kindness which laughs at thc
world's usage. These are they who
have returned goad for (Vli. Whom
the gods love die young, and they die
young because they never grow old.
NEW ADDRESS���The Arrow Press Is
now installed In the Daily News
Block. Every kind and description
of Job Printing done. Lowest rates,
good workmanship, Satisfaction
guaranteed; prompt attention. Mrs.
Dominy, proprietress. 23311
Trno   I:.I neat i.mi.
Tlie first, last and closest trial ques
tion to anv  living creature  is. "What
r  vi.-aiia, to look after the work of   do  you   llke?..  lln,j   th(>  entlre  (),,jec,
yet the pat-1 of true education is to make peopl.
not merely do tlie right things, bul
enjoy the right things���John Buskin.
live departments. And
riotic editors are silent! Their silence shows, either that they were
rank impostors and hypocrites six
years ago, or thai ihey are cowardly
traitors today.
The Vancouvi':' World is endeavoring, both by a frantic display of the
biggest type al li s disposal, and by-
lengthy editorials, to induce the powers thai be to make some substantial
ia lucemenl to the V. VS. & V. companj in male:' to offsel the offer wliii h
M i.vor Keary proposes lo submit to
tho ratepayers ol this ;:;. in the near
future.     After  bucking  the  ii. N.  R, I think., himself.
iads to the besl of 'heir ability, the
v '" niuer people suddenly become
aware that an In Itistry of great ini-
I ' ' nice Is slipping i . iy from them,
���''"t their eleventh h mr of awakening
ha., come too late.    Thi   G   N. R. au-
irlties am i lotting ivith favor on
Mayor   Keai ���' isal, an i   p irth ���
on the Insido tra.   . n ho have rei en ly , to   .1.2"
acquired  proper j    m Lulu  Island are
wearing   iheir   blande      . miles   th ise
daj i,    Vancouvei  . ... little   ..
too  slow.
YTW.li-f.     i> Try.
Stern father- i'oi want to marry
my daughter, do you. Young Man���1
do. Siern Father- What's your salary*
Young Man���Oh, I'm not particular.
Just give me u trial of three months,
and it' I fall to give satisfaction as a
soi,-... '_ - "ou need not pay me auy
Male  Vanity.
Man believes  himself irresistible nt
all ages, and I believe that the olde.
ho   grows   the   more   fascinating   Ji.
I.oMdon World
A man's health is something like iu
umbrella. When once lost It is bard
to get buck, but when woru a little it
ma/ be recovered.
and a superior company in a majestic
revival    of    Shakespeare's     immortal
King Richard the Third
New fire proof seen':,' eqlupment,
novel electrical effects; rich and correct costuming; startling battle tableaux,   and   every   ad vani age.
Prims, $1.50, $1.00, 75c, SOc and 25c.
Sale of seats begins Monday, 17
Dec, al   Ryall's Drug Store,
--, -<-"
In addition to above we have fine lines of Tuxedo and Dress Suit,-, Fane*.
penders, Steamboat Wraps, Suit Cases, Club and Gladstone Bags, Initial Hai
kerchiefs, in Silk and Linen, Silk Handkerchiefs with fancy border.  T      _
and finest creations in Xmas Ties we have ever offered to the public.
fail to see our Xmas .roods.
H. L. De
Opposite Post Office. KeiH
Xmas Umbrellas, Men's 75c to $6.50,
Ladies'  50c to  $11.50.    Children's  50c
Smith's Cash   Store.
- Queen's Ave
A   number  of  I   i  Columbian   Col-        TENDERS  for two-store;    frame
lege students wlll go o\       o Vancou- house on Agnes Street, will be received
ver today In oi ler to a: ness the too up to noon of December 22nd.
hall  game  between  I   ��� i dlege   earn Plans and specifications at office of
and the Celtic Inti   ... ��� Hates.   For the C. II. Clow, Sixth and Clarkson St.
acommodatlon ol the College boys, tl ��� Lowest   or any tender not   neces-
h. ('. E. R. company '��� r.e arranged to sarily accepted.
Five hundred and seventy-five dollars,
one-third cash, will buy one of the
best lots ever offered in the City of
New Westminster.
1 ������<.
>��������������������������������� ���**<
������.._._-. -���"���'
/ e
hundred snd     ���   ;
-���third   cash,   ������
lota ever offered
; laco   two  s; i il   i , ., al   their disposal.
A meeting of the i ommlttee tn '
charge of the arrangemeni In con
nection with the ball I i ��� Iven on
the occasion of the visl o the Lb ut.-
Governor, will be held in Mayor
Keary'. ofiice al 3 o'clock this after-:
Dec   llth, 1906.
Yesterday's   Dea' ..
ner of
The Members of lhe Queen's Ave.
assisted by the  leading loca!  talent,
Gauls "RUTH."
The  Baker  block, al
Columbia  and   Fourth   ,- igain THURSDAY, Dec. 20th, at 8 p.m
changed hands yesterda;    J,  B. Sain-.: 	
of Van<Oliver, being Ihe pur. hasor.
The prlc i paid for the property was
:'.i 1,500.    1*. s. Green, who   oi   hi the
A few lots on Queen's Ave., just on \
the brow of the hill, well out of the |
morning mists, with uninterrupted L
view of the Fraser River and valley, Mount Baker and the Olymp ]
Range, are now offered for sale. These lots are situated just on
Queen's Ave., off Third St., opposite the well-known residences o: N
J. Hart, W. E. Vanstone, etc., bounded by Tipperary on the east aw
Peele St. on the west. Sewer pipes already laid; every lot to lane.
Four inside lots, 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash, bai. arrange"1
while the corner lot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave., is offered at Si
following Soloists
will be heard :
proi ���. i a i oil] lo ol montl .������������ i, ni I-
I I a goo l ; r if.i ' .: h!: In .estrnent.
The sale was put throu h he Hi m
of v. 3, Harl and com , who also
sold the McGillivray pn < orner
of Pine streel and Fourth avenue, for
:���' 1,500, }���< sterday aftern   m.
MISS  ELLA   WALKER,   Soprano,
as "Ruth,"
Contralto, as "Naomi."
and   MR.   HARRY  DAVIS,   Basso,
as "Boaz."
Five hundred and seventy-five
one-third   cash,   will   buy   one
of   thc
best lots  ever   offered   in   the
City   of
New Westminster.
Don't let this magnificent oppportunity to purchase a fine residential site now and for always
slip, but secure it at once from the exclusive
Fe.-    hundred and ����
one-third   cash,  v
ii  bu
bo:*  Icta ever
I ff-.C :
��� e,,  .Vcstmins.er.
Price of Tickets,
25 cents
Real Estate Brokers, Etc.
�� .AT"
DEC.  IS, 1306.
Local News Briefly Told
Stylish Millinery
New York and Toronto Ready-
to-Wears        -       HALF-PRICE
Such a clearance as hasn't happened this year.   All smart up-to-date
pods frnm the most approved makers.  About 75 Hats at halt.
$3 Hats $1.50,   $5 Hats $2.50,    $4 Hats $2,   $6.50 Hats $3.25
" Last yeai  we hadn't cnoui.h bear  cloth   coats.       This    ..ear    we
bought verj heavy, and are now overstoi   i mce     this     bargain.
i  its   it soft, white bearcloth to Bt  girls ol  I  to 7 years;  made In
ran  is styles, with  pearl buttons.     Regular $3.00 to $3.75, now $2.50
Several  lozen  Iiiiii  grade handkerchiefs,   trimmed   with   fine lace
and embro lery.     Our regular >',;, and  75c lines, your choice 50c
lozen   plain   Irish  linen  handkerchiefs, and fane;   embroidered
handkerchiefs.    Regular 25c   line,  , iui   choice anj three for ...,50c
handkerchiefs, three for    25c
Lace edge handkerchiefs, ten,dozen at, etch   5c
md black  leather belts,  toi ired and black, silk belts, fancy
with elastic band, perf   fitting  fancy  belts  with  real
ml    mounting,   10c, 25c. 35c,  .Oc. $1.00 in $3.50	
Size ��� ;   egular $2 00, for $1.50
Si-'i  - 1. regul n   $2 25, for   $1.85
1   ������ $2.50, for  $2.00
eland, Japan and  Mexi  ... are delightful.     That's about   the
��*a; to express lt    So nea      ad atl   icth    an   the patterns that
admiring tbem   ind the qualities     e   i youd question
we've   ever   shown.      A    lersonal   visil   to the  linen   section
��� ���si to you as well as to us.    Fringed linen doilies and
i  titche 1 Damask tea  covers,  (raj   cl iths,  doilies and run-
drawn table clo hs, ildeboard scarves, bureau scarves,
'"inre pieces, etc. Battenburg   table covers,  tray  cloths
Small, medium and  large napkins      Narrow,    medium
���   Damasks, bleach ��� i  aud  unblciu   ���
' ::is 75c   to  $4.50  doz.
'"���'������        45c  to   $1.50   yard.
2(37 Columbia St.
? New Westminster
Best to Sell
Best to Buy
Best to
Styles to cover every need I
from fine city wear to lum- j
bermen's or  miner's  foot- ���
They are all just as honest as
the emblem signifies.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER, -   - B.C.    j
only in New Westminster by W. I
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
T,1e Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
all ;..ii 1.    ...
'���   Ti ij s, phone a: .1. __f
���   Ro'jert Dunsmui
'   *"��nh   yesterdaj   with     .    large'
'""""   of  logs   for  the   Fraser  ';
T1     ''���   C   General   Contraci com-
ig   Magnel   came  into port
" '���   laj   and is   undergoing  ., gen-
' lean up.
J.   )'-.   Eagles,  claim.- to  h ive shot
easani seen around these
for a   long time.      The     ,:. i
ired 56 inche.   rrom tip to tip of
its outi  retched wings.
'���'��� 3. Lynch started clearin ��� the lol
he recently   acquired    on    Clarkson
terday  afternoon    in |   Vl\\
commence bull ling his new
�� thin a  shorl  timi
A la     ��� suppl; of bed
eived  here yesterda    -
ri      ;ooil ���   re
ed fron   the c     ir    ft.    frelghl
the ho:e    lm
Read the        - .
ol J ihi ,-.'.- .: - i House. It's
Itnpoi'.,:. 238-3
���    ip   i-
'   - Inding machln
his store.   Tin are
f the  ni       mod    n design an.1 1 _-o
pounds ol    iffee   e :. mi        can
be ground,
Thi  '1'    ...... | |g]   | .... port
: esterdaj after having been up the
Pitt : ' the past ten daj s. The vessel
wa ��� lal trip after h iving been'
emo lelle i  and   has   acqultte I   itself
in a mosl  satisfact iry  manner.
The citj council did not held a com-;
mire,,  meeting last evening, as only
Aid. Adams, Shiles and  Howay put in
in ippearance at the city hall.    There'
. aiiMiii. the three aldermen
adjourned after spending a few minutes talking about interesting real es-1
ta^e matters.
Gran I Sti re tii on Entertainment
to-night, a- St. Patrick's Hall. Pon-
ular prii es, 15 an 1 25 cents 237-1
T a      ;:.������ Miles  Mi El ���'��� "'. who
had been a patient at Dr Doherty's
sanitarium for some time past, and I
���,vii(i lie : ��� ere Fcid i; morning, will I
take place in the Douglas street ceme-j
tery this afternoon. The diseased j
was a mi . Ile age I man, and ia rei i-
��� ives  resi ling i:i  Vancouver.
Tlie sec 'ii 1 prosecution in conn sc-
tion with th ��� new liq ior lice:.-a bylaw is reported to be aboul to take
,;.:< a as one of the hotel ke ipers has
een In the habll of 11 ising up his
I an io night   with i il   leaving  a
light burning or a clear view of the
Inside  of his  premis is
The B C. E. R. car [.angle. * ���-
again placed on thc interurban run
: ester laj afternoon, afti r having
been repaired and flxe 1 up al the car
.Imps. The car has gr latlj improved
bj lis sojourn at the repairing sheds,
,,,i I bul fof the ' I I familiar name,
mlghl ei .11; e I iken f< r an entlr ly
pert    ar,
Silver, Gold nd Pearl Mounted Umbrellas,   $2.50,   $3.50,   .5.00   to  $11.50.
S  a     !.'���    I   ' ill    S    I  "
Workn       yes.    la    i tarte I     ipon
:'     inverting    the    gentl s-
n   ..'       iltlng :   ���     ii   the C.  P. !'
.- ation   into  a  private  offl   ���  for th
use  of  station   agent   G ml it.
.lour   i ..-    ,    I iwn    ������ erday and 11
;,. | oul    .-Ith   a  wlcke.     desk.    Th.
room will be all read;   (ir occup tne;
early  nexl  week.
\\ hile   n-orl li -: ':        I "'-'"'*  "���>!'���:'
a'jou   : welve miles from the cltj ye
terdaj    afternoon,  a    logg ir    i..rr" i
Male  was unfortunate  i n mgh to g
in the way of a falling tree and sustained a  serious  trad ire of thc left
leg.    lie was broughl to the cltj
admitted to the Royal Columbian h is
piial, where the fracture was reduce I,
and  everything  possible  for the  patient's comfort done.
Au Australian sun lish was captur-
,. i yesterday In the Fraser river hj
one of the local fishermen, Willlan)
Brasch, who is better known along the
waterfronl as "Cariboo Bill." This
Ash has never before been known to
come lip the Fraser river, although
it has occasionally been caught
around Cape Flattery, though not of
recent years. The specimen captur-
,, i by Mr. Brasch, was eighteen Inch is
In length, and weighed about thr ��
N ., ���.. rram reached the city police
tcrd '�������*   ;!,;it   ;i   man  an'
swerin    lo  the dcscrlptipn  of   Alan
(    , ��� as bfteu missing from
.,", n . . ,-er :: week, ha i ben
',',',.,    .... r    Porl    Haney.      George
c       . '���     on   ���f   the   missing   man,
Iwill leave tor that  place  this mcrn-
: -   in ui ler to find oul  whether the
-   "on  ntloned  In the telegram is
his  father.    Beyond stating the  fai
that  an old man  answering ihe de;
cription of   Mr.   Campbell   had   been
living in a deserte I shack tor the pasl
few   days, no   particulars   were   given
in the message received by the police.
Good wholesome pastry cannot result from inferior lard any more than
can good bread from inferior flour, perhaps its the lard that i.s handicapping
your efforts. .lust try Reichenbach
Co. Ltd., it is as white as snow and as
pure as gold. _:;7
The steam tug Clive came into port
yesterday after hav ing taken a hurried trip to and from one of the northern logging camps, for the purpose
of bringing home (', Marquett, whose
Infant child died In Vancouver a few
���I i. - ago, simultane insi, with his
brother's baby. The trip was a rapid
��� me and tbe father was presenl at
the funeral of the two children. The
case Is said to be one of mere sad c >��� ���
incidence. Mrs George Marquette's!
child took convulsions, and died, and
while Mrs. Ben Marquel e . as ab
to issist the Mrs; sufferer, her own
little one was seized In the same man-
m ��� and when the mother returned
was   i a !.
The readers of : iie Daily News are
requested to read carefully the prices
as mi ntioned in the advertisement of
Johnston's Big Shoe House today.238-3
Pile  driving  operations In   connection  with the il.  X. R   spur to Mill-
side have once more been suspended,
and the contract will not, as was anti-1.
cipated, be completed   this    evening.
The difficulty arises from the manner'
in which the plans call for 'he driving of  the  piles across the  Brunette
Creek.     The  creek   will   need   to   be '
crossed by a span of "7 feet six inches,
and the piles according to the plans, \
are to be driven at an angle of about
30  degrees  across   tiie  stream.     The
mill   people  consider   -hat   the   piles j
being   driven   in   that    manner    will
spoil the general utility of the stream.
The matter is being discussed between
the people concerned and the pile driver is lying idle in the meantime,
-      ���*^-               -=	
5 .
- New   Glassware -
Just Arrived
4 For >-
���Christmas Trade
We will be pleased to have
82 acres of first-class land, about 30 acres improved; excellent
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruit ���Peach, Apple, Pear, Plums,
Prunes, Walnuts; good dwelling house and outbuildings; centrally situated; good roads; store, telephone, post office, school, church, all convenient; excellent transportation facilities.
Price  $5,200,  quarter cash, balance ii per cent.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
*-W'**BM**''MWgaBM^ S
I Finest Beyond Compare !
At the Store that stands between you and high prices
Practical, Luxurious, Sensible Gifts.
Smoking Jackets,  Dressing Gowns and
Fancy Vests.
Rich, elegant effects, and not expensive suggestions.
We can't begin to tell you all the suggestions we have here for
acceptable gifts for men; it would take pages. We want the
ladies and gentlemen who have not already been in our store, to
come in to-day and next week. You'll get exactly what will
please him and delight you.
See the pretty color effects in the
(Mew  Neckwear.
Make this Store your store and let us show you what's new.
GET THE HABIT, and go to
The Wardrobe Clothier
ew Westminster
EE tSBSHEm ZEs*.,.. ' 5     ' 9 ���'���^HSHMHa ���������������������� '-   THE DAILY KEWS
II       I
The Dominion Trust Company
The following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
The Finest Selection of VACANT LOTS
in the City of New Westminster
The  Ctliion  Foe
In an air lock it is common practice
to Di.te that while unloeklug���that is.
coming through the lock, and as the
pressure Is being reduced by opening
tlie discbarge valve���a fog accumulates,
becoming thick as tbe temperatures and
pressure are lowered The writer at
one time was attacked by the bends, or
the eaissou disease, after coming out
of the old Hudson river tunnel. He
wus promptly taken into the "hospital,"
whieh was nothing but s borisonta)
tank alxuit the size of u common locomotive boiler. The pressure, amounting at that time to some thirty pounds,
was admitted, and it acted instantly to
relieve pain and to produce normal conditions. He was told to open the throttle valve and let tbe pressure out so
tbat he might open tlie door As he did
this he noticed that the temperature
was gradually lowered, und at a certain point. Known as the dew point, be
was enveloped in fog. The pain returned about this time, so tbat he shut off
the discbarge valve and opened tlie
cock, admitting compressed air. Tbe
fog Immdiately disappeared, the temperature was slightly increased and the
pain stopped. This condition was repeated several times, mi tli.it here is a
means by which artificial fui-' may tie
produced at will. The same physical
laws apply in the production of fog as
in the condensation of moisture "ii the
exterior of an ice pitcher or mi a window pane in winter time.���-Compressed
Air Magazine.
2o_ III .- east side of Scotl mile distant; house fairlj comfort-
road; . miles from New West- able; ther buildings of nominal val-
minster.    Pri ���  $2,200. ie.     Price $4,000;   terms can   tie ar-
��� ..n,_- r.
20. - -t .. in South Westminste ���
about 3 acres have heen logged and .01���Business and property for
- irned; I ami oi house worth about sale; six acres of land: house, six
$200; aboul 2 miles from New West- rooms; barn, 15x25 feet; sheds, chick-
minster. Price $600; & cash, balance en liir,>ir with covered run; land all
in term, to suit purchaser. cleared: part orchard and part garden.     Price,   for   land   and    building,
209���Surrey;   690   acres:   very   fair $2,500.     Fairly good  stock of genera:
soil;   divided  into 10 acres lots;  two merchandise can  be purchased if dent the lots front on Scott  road;  will sired,
make excellent fruit or poultry farm:
: i.
miles   from   city.
S02���110 acres;  house and  barn on
easy     terms     to   high land.
Price $2,200.
near Clover  Valle'.
ti- ar   markel
Pric  $15  per acre:
pai ties improving.
806���-_u acres;
212���160 acre.- in Surrey;  this land   post  office,
trout.-- on  the  Scott  road and   is  five
miles from S. Westminster; there are 807���SO acres; Nicome".) river runs
some lo acres of fairly good land on through this property; 1'_ miles from
east end of lot; while the pile timber Surrey Centre post office; no improve-
is valuable on the balance, and ls not   ments.     Offer wanted.
subject to royalty for stumpage, this
being one of the old C.G.'s. Reasonable terms.
215���10 acres; unimproved;  V2 mile
mis���ico acres;   this is a must  desirable  property;   Port   Kells   station,
Great Northern Railway, is on adjoining   lot;   steamboat     landing,  school,
back Irom Scott road; good soil; will  church, store, post office, convenient;
Sweet   SiB-pl-city.
In the i.hi days there was a professor
of psychology at Dartmouth who was
so abstruse that it is doubtful if at
times he fully understood himself. One
day he wns profounder than usual. II"
lectured for nearly an hour nu topics
away over in the back of the book.
The class was dazed. It was far above
their heads, and tbey did not understand even the edges of it. When be
had finlsked, the old man took out his
watch nnd said genially: "Now, tliere
are ten minutes of tbe hour remaining.
If any student desires to ask me a
question, I shall be glad to answer it
to the best of my ability." Tlie class
sat in a stupor. Tlie professor waited
for a time and then said: "Is there tn
one wlio has a question to ask'- Tliere
tire remaining several minutes tbat
could be profitably employed." Finally
one student put up a reluctant hand.
"Ah." said tlie professor, "you have a
question. What is it'-" "What time is
It'.'" stammered the student.-Saturday
Evening Post.
a good cheap home for the right
in. :.      Price$10 per acre.
ii',_ miles from city of New Westminster; several acres cleared; house,
sheds, etc.; as this property lies so
conveniently to market, it is very
suitable for poultry farms; good soil.
Price $2,000.
U1��;���,",04 acres; Surrey; eight miles
I mm town; there is a commodious
dwelling house and barn on this property; some 15 or 20 acres have been
improved; orchard, etc.; splendidly' S12���160 acres; 1 mile from Clover-
located; several fine springs of water dale; log house; some lu acres clear-
How across the land; the Serpentine t.,| al)1) under cultivation; some fenc-
river is immediately adjoining; the \n.ri- corner lot; good roads; bome ce-
wbole tract constitutes the making ,jar allj fl- uintjer. Price $1,250;
of one of the finest stock and dairy ;ca.sh $1,000, balance terms to suit.
farms in the province;  nearly all le
vel bottom land and readily brought
into cultivation; easily cleared, and
when   reclaimed   would   sell     readily
_14���150 acres; tin's is a fine farm,
well improved, in good neighborhood;
lie  acres improved;   dwelling,  barn;
for $100 per acre.    Price as it  stands   sheds, hog pens, root house;  land all
$40   per   acre;   immediate  possession,   laid   down  to   grass;   Cloverdale   sta-
300���160 acres: no improvements;
situated aboui five miles from New
Westminster and 1 >_ miles from Mud
Hay.     $10 ner acre,
400���160 acres.     $1,600.  on   reason-
aide   terms;   practically  no   improve-j
ments:    new    railroad   runs   close    to
this property,
Inl'���140 acres; l'_ miles from New
Westminster.     Offer wanted.
104���160 acres; all under cultivation; new house and barn; everything in Brsl class condition. Price
$125  per acre.
405���100 ..ere.-; 5 miles from New
Westmlnstei and P_ miles from Mud
Pay. . Offers Wanted.
lion, G. N. K., on property; 11 miles
from New Westminster; good road.,
school, churches, mills. Price $14,000;
terms $5,000 cash, balance $1,000 i^y
year,  interest   .   per  cent.
'lh���Surrey Centre; 80 acres; this
i.< a piece of land, excellently situated, n large portion of whicli is good
soi] and easily cleared; the other jior-
ti'in i.- lighter soil, but has a huge
portion of valuable timbei' worth
$1,500, which is now being haulea io
ihe sawmill; there is a tine new 7-
rcomed house; also sheds; good well;
.-mail clearing. Price $2,003; 'terms on
\a*v Jewelry.
I suppose that in live years' time
anybody who doesn't wear spectacles
will be liable to arrest and imprisonment with or without tlie option of a
flue. I cannot believe that all people
who wear spectacles suffer from defective vision. I think that tlie great bulk
of the people who overdress their faces
witli pieces iif gold mounted glass do
so out nf vanity. They consider that
lt Improves their appearance and tends
to make tbem look more Intellectual.
Vou will notice that no pretty woman
or handsome man ever goes about w. tb
a gold nose Improver. It would, indeed, be au extraordinary thing if our
oculists were to tell us that beautiful
people never had defective eyesight-
Pall Mall Gazette.
820���80 acres;   ihis i.- a  splendid location;   corner;   lirst-class  soil:;   practically   -0   acres   cleared   ami   under
01���40 acres;  this land is situated  cultivation;    good   house,   buildings;
Poinl   Roberts in  Delta  munici- good  water;   10*4   miles  from
pallty; unimproved: good soil; timber
land; good road; I'_ miles from Ladner's Landing; will make nice place
whi n Improved. Price $10 per acre
'., cash, hi lam e can he arranged to
suii. interesl 6  per cent.
Tla Kensingt m Prairie; 160 acres;
this plai ������ ""iiis on the Clover Valley re ���. a . | soil, easy broughl in:
very little improvement, imt land is
rei opi n; good pusl ure; this is a
��� . I lnv< ' "!.��� for a pi actlcal man.
l'i a $30 per acre: tei ms to suit
i . ���   .
72(J    '.        . Prairie; 7a haa
this i    u most  i xi ellenl   propo Iti in;
I   i . deej)   \  getuhle  de
good    .. ater;    I11   acres    in
-on I      iltivution      lalam e   very   i iilr
ptistut e; feni ed :   school  on  i or-
ner of lol : illdings conslsi of dwelling 24x.-0, I;- storey, 0 rooms, In
goo I :' ; in .'��� bin a 66x70, well
and lltted; i oull ry houses, cab-
Immediate    possession.
good roads; ) mile from Cloverdale
village; churches, school, municipal
hall, stores, post offlce, all adjoining;
G.N.R. 1 mile, etc. Price $4.50C; ti i ms
S22���160    acres;     lighl    soil, when
cleared will make a good sheep farm;
scho d,  church,  post   offlce and  store
Natural Vari.t_.heii,
Fluid resins or oils from several different trees are extensively used in the
Philippines as varnishes. Oue of tbem,
called oil of supa. is u pale yellow
liquid when fresh, but it becomes dark
and viscous after contact with tbe
air. Spread in a thin layer it dries
slowly and forms a bard varnish. It
is also capable of being burned in a
lamp. Another natural varnish is ha-
lao, also called oil of apltong. It is
while when fresh, but darkens after
exposure and makes a very tough
varnish. Oil of panao is a third variety, inferior to the others in its drying
properties. Chemical analysis has
shown that all these wood nils consist
entirely of hydrocarbons known as sesquiterpenes
convi nienl:   Poi t   Kells
each three mill.- away.
.21    I
good   soil
per acre.
. iim
and   Clayton
Price $10 per
:: om city;
Price   $10
Price $65 ner acre; cash preferred, bin
ii i nia can    ���   ... aimed  ior pa rt,
��� -������    IG<     .  .' -:   ':.!:���   vei till
land, well situated and practlt all) th
neare I good agricultural laud, en   he
S irn ,   side   to the city; it is di I  nl
elghl  tulle  :   .ond  ro.el:   unimproved;
v. ill   a, i a.    a     ; a-   ' a.    '      irms   in
Icl ;   all   am Lom   land.     Price
$-10 per acre.
Tnrtleii n_ Gardener*.
'I'he peddlers witb earls who supply
tbe occupants of villas in the environs
of Paris with cherries and other small
fruits frequently carry for sale a few-
small turtles They are purchased by
the inhabitants of the villas in be placed in their gardens, where they are be
tiered to s"i ve a. very effective aids
to the gurdener by preventing the rav
nges ef the Insects nnd other small
creatures which are aeeui turned in do
much daiiiiiRo te the Bower beds ami
borders.   Youth's <'ompnnlon.
72 I     ICO acn   :   soil  en  sum h ligl
well udapti I 'o sheep and  frail  rals   limber;    dwellin
ing: north -ide soil stronger, will pro-   rooms;   ham and
duce    clo ������       in    abuiidfinci
Clearing;    house   and    barn;   orchard,
etc.;   school,   church,   post   offlce and
store    i "a .��� nienl:    Greal    Northern
railway,  I lh v "dale.  _���'_  miles,   ir Ice
902-   150  acres  good   land;  .. acre,
cleared and in .nod cultivation; goi I
orchai d, selected fruits;   i��� mile . n a.
steamboat  landing;   -"i   mile from station, G.N.R.; Iar te quantity of valuable
house    24x24,    :!
stable,    woodshed;
small   poultry  house,  root   house.  Price 515
per acre;  terms  Vs  cash,  balance to
arrange 6 per ceni. interest.
( ail;, la   mi   Hi. I'll.-li.
William Black, the novelist, in his
remlnl -t'eiicci of i 'arlyle, reports him
ns snying: "There's that man DIsroeli.
'1 hey till ii,i. he is a good speaker.
Perhaps I do not know whal a good
speaker is. Put I road a speech of bis
that he delivered in Glasgow a year or
two a.n. and il appeared to me the
greate-i j, r.-.in of nonsense that ever
got lulu any poor creature's bead."
,;,:,, $1,00C
'.'���:1_j''jlfl;')'.                             SOO
���  !       '     i                                  hush;
' ' ",            ���                                              11IOVVI
I'." aire-: ahout .*itl acres
baliinci (iren land ihat ihe
can  ran over;   school  house  'j
903 90 acres; Langley municipality; ' i mile from river; this is a piece
of land well wo.-ih looking after, and
shoul I    ne    readily   lakdl   Up;    will    lie
sold cheap and on easy terms.    Price
$12.50 per acre.
A I'n'-l of Mature.
A  tree  th.it   is a   freak  of nature  Is
the Asiatic Mar tree.     It   grows sixty
1 to eighty feel la||, and for a height of
nbout fnriy feel lhe trunk is wholly
bare. From thai point there spring a
number nf (angled limbs,  which shoot
: out clusters of long pointed leaves, and
these grouped together, emit at night
n phosphorescent light,
Can .lotm,
���lacks      Townley is au exceedingly
cautious man. don't ymi think!   .lohn.
���Cautious!    Why.  be  wouldn't pay u
compliment  wlthoul getting u receipt
| for it.
The song tbat we bear with our ears
i is only tbe sum: that is snng In our
Columbia Street, fMexl Bank of Commerce hearts, ouida.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach Com'
Prize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
j Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; thf
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate,
IMPORTANT-All holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   ���X��Jm%
DEC. 15
Holj Trinity cathedral ��� Rev. A.
Shildrick, rector. Holy Communion, 8
Ma:ins sermon Holj Communion 11;
Sundaj Bchool, St. George's ball, 2.30
p.m.: Catechism last Sunday in the
month in the churcl Evensong and
sermon by the rectoi. T a.m.: dall.
Ber vice at 9.30 a.m. and '< p.m. >"V, .���;,!,
mi Friday, when Evensong ;- :-.ihi at
7.tbi. Holy Communion every Thursday ami saint's day at 8 a.m. Choir
practice.on Friday after Evens.m_.
St. Barnabas���Rev. C.W. Houghton,
rector. Morning Prayer and Holj
Communion, ll a.m.;  Evening Prayer,
rector.      .Morning    rrayer   ami    tioiy
���E can find _ a buyer for your property, no matter whether it is worth $100 or $50,000.   We '"i.1.1 ��i TE VS
pay precisely the same attention to the sale of a small vacant lot as we do to exploiting S,-Si-S��T��S.K2
a brick building    Our unequalled facilities enable us to cash in your property with a de- R ' " "*���* '"
fee of despatch which is pretty sure to be satisfactory to anybody furnishing us with a fair ir.mJ'r.
I   i-   fiAll Divine   worship  Sunday,   11   a.m.   and
llOtflUOil- - pm.  Sunday school, J
1 i    "I    i 'j er meeting, Thursday,
We have vacant lots, city acreage, cottages, farms, and brick blocks on our selling list which are f,,"liilll>lnvlted'
|vers every nook and corner of the City und District
i p.m.; Sunday school, 2.30 p.m.; prayer  meeting, Thursdaj. 7:30 p.m..    All
h���Rev.  M.   I-.
Kugg,   D.D.,   pastor.      Prea hlng  on
Sunday al  11 a.m.. and r p.m.
Siih.jeci   of  morning sermon,  "The
. , -I , Sunday al n a.m.. and r p.m.
��� point is, that we ^keep everlastingly at it in order to be prepared to meet every want, M"S"tlm^ecu���'in'TtS:
'i* its size.   Satisfaction is a liviner issue in our nflfipp evenlns H,v Mr'L,tch'pastor,,: the
,-,        -"v, vyi.ii   vjniv-v,. Fi,..,    Churcn    0f    Vancouver,    will
1-mvp not alone the enninmpnt tl-m ovn^mnno nj 4-1,0 "i���,^... Uo__ �� U-,+ u>~ j: ;*; '.:""'h- Sunday ,ch.001 aad BIble
We have not alone the equipment, the experience and the "know-how," but the disposition
ido everything possible for every patron, large or small.
;ity Acreage
Lree aruj one half acres in the
Lt End, Cose to and commanding
new of the Fraser.  .Price $500.00
ten acres in West End. two
jeldfrom car line.   .$4,500.00.
Sixteen acres in East End. first
Li for subdividing, land suitable for
It growing.    Price $3,200.00
fij'-t acres    on     Seventh     avenue.
Queen's   Par*,   g.cd   soil.    Price
Iir and ore half acres on Fir::
ket. cose to Park.    Pr.ce $2,000.0C.
po acres in West End. close to
it".- street.     Pr ce   $2,600.00.
WtveDroper.y well __v_ted for s__
Ilit". owing to its excellent o
lie. All   money  r--__ers.
Vacant Lots
its   on   car   Ime.
.    ��� ich.
���Twofine lots on Eighth street, over-
p. North Arn   and Gulf cf Geor-
Ithe twe for $5.0.00.
|f"i" lots  ,,-  West   End.   one   block
fa'Ime.     Price '.800.J0.
Mlotj on   Eighth  street,  fronting
��� ; rai_, excellent  view:    i
pi at $'.000.00.
I "' lots near  Queen's avenue  and
iriJ street, a I c eared, $350.00 each.
���'is com,       ..   .  05c   t0  car   | ,,.,
"��t End. $350.00.
I "�� West   End   lets   in   good   lo-
��". with fine view. $800.00.
|T....  .,
oapoerton    lots   all    cleared
'eady tc be built upon;  close Ini
"���0 each.
From the Daily  News cf Friday, Dec.   14.
Mayor   Keary   Makes  Proposition  to  Railway  Official-
Suggests Giving Site for Car Shops on Lulu Island
In Exchange for New Bridge.
Following ii|i the suggestion made by
the 1 N'ews  a  few day.   ag i, a
���    a ��� Is about to be put forth
. ice the G. X. R. to build their
car shops In this city, and with this
en I in view. Mayor Kearj stated . ���������-
ij th it he waa prepare I to re   iru
:: end to the council that u by-law b.
.- ; imitte 1  to the  ratepayers ln order
to have their views on the question of
granting to the (1. N   R. company tl'.e
��� of lan 1 al ; re enl owned hy the
.���  the - i ith en I of the Lulu Is-
I md  bridge, on   condition  that   they
:  their    worksho] -    tliere.    The
of lan I  in que iti _ is   ibout 50
icrca in extent, an 1 has water frontage  of  2,0 0 feet,   an I   adjoins  the
...   .'.   propei ',���      In  return
this i  :. ession, the railroad corn-
\ i : , ,,_;���������" to build a substan-
, ross   ' i the  Island,  re-
resent  structure and  to
In ]   .;' tual repair,    Il is un-
tood that the  company would  be
ng :r yiii  up a  $75  bridge If
mil    - grante 1 to theni.
Ma; or Kearj state 1 that he had re-
c ntlj  h i i an Interview with a prom-
.:. nl  G. X.  R. official, and that  this
gentleman had been favorably Impres-
se 1   with   the   site offered,  an I   thai
there was  every  possibility   thai  the
iffli lals could  accept  the "ff>"'.
if it should be made by the city coun-
;.    in the i vent of the --rant being
the i ompanj   would    erecl    t
station    'h"!'''.   and
i    il least 300 men  ill the
��� .   ��� mnd.    The Importance of such
an   undertaking is   one thai   will   be
. a in    ;��� |er tood by the citizens, an I
bis w irshlp does n d believe that any
j ,rl ms opposition  would be ma le ' >
��� ...   ;ranl      \   bj law would have I i
be  su mltted   to   the   ratepayers   be
fore any definite Understanding could
be arrive.] at with the G. X. R., but
the mayor has no doubt that the verdict of ih" people would be entirely
in favor of the grant being made.
The building of a substantial bridge
and its maintenance by the railway
company would save at least $4,000 a
year to the city of Xew Westminster,
and the company is in a position to
put up a much hetler bridge than the
city. There wTttld be a clause Inserted In the contract that the bridge
must he open for traffic at any time.
and therefore the public would not be
inconvenienced  in  the  least.
The building of the car shops on
Ihe island would mean a substantial
rease in the price of the propertj
re enl Ij place': on the market by
.lex Ewen, and ll would also mean
a substantial increase in the population of this city, Mayor Keary thinks
that this Is an opportune time to make
the proposition to the represeutati. ���-
. ���' J, .1. Hill, as Vancouver is bucking
the G.  X. R  strongly al  the present
ue, an 1 thai citj is not in a position to offer any such advantageous
location for car shops as the proposed
site on l.ulu Island.
Another gentleman who is in close
touch with the (I. X. R. affairs was
spok 'ii t i las' evening about the proposition, ami while he declined to say
thai he knew anything officially, he
quite agreed with the mayor's statement with respeel to the desirable
location of the land across the bridge.
lie said that If J, J. Hill locale.I his
car shops in lhis city, it would lie a
mailer of much greater Importance to
New  Westminster than the people re
allze !. ' tutse oui o the railway mag
n ite bee,nue Interested  In  anv town,
li practically meant thai the future of
' that plac ��� was  i <sut ed
Seven roomed house on Queen's
avenue, good  location. $1,600.00
Modern house near Queen's Park;
furnace  and  conservatory,  $2,500.00.
Carner lot and fine dwelling on
Queen's avenue, $3,700.00.
Two cottages on Seventh street, in
good location, $800.00 each. .Easy
Seven room - _ hous.1 on Carnarvon
street, good   location, ;1,3:0.00.
Nine roomed modern house one
block from  Columbia street, $2,000.00.
Two new cottages In splendid location and modern in every particular, $1,750.00 each.    Easy Terms.
Modern house in West End, almost
new and in good location, $2,750.00.
Fins modern residence on Queen's
avenue, in East End; furnace and everything complete, $4,000.00.
Bungalo, almost new and modern
in   fine   central   situation,   $1,750.00.
Business Property
Good   corner   on     Columbia     street
with   buildings all   rented.  $15,500.00.
Columbia street brick block In splendid corner, $32,500.00.
Well   rented   property   en   Columbia
street,  large   lot,  $12,000.00.
Thrae   lots     with     larcie     building,
Half   lot   on   Columbia   street   with
two  buildings.   Price  $5,000.00.
$1,500.00   buys   a   splendid   centrally
situated  business lot.
Well rented corner brick block, $31,-
000.00.    A  splendid  buy.
24x66  feet  in  good   location;   a  money  maker at $3,000.00.
66x132 feet   on   Columbia   street;   i
good buy  at $15,000.00.
iiss ai the close of the morning service at 12:15, 5Toung people's meeting "ii Monday at 8 p.m Al the
close of the mid-week prayer meeting
on Wednesday evening the annual election ol' officers will  take place.
Queen's avenue Methodist���Rev. \V.
II. Barraclough, B.A., pastor. Services
al 11 am. and 7 p.m.; Sin lay school
and Sible classes, 2.30 p.m.; mid-week
prayer meeting, Wednesday, s p.m.;
Epworth league. Monday. 8 p.m.
\\'e..i End Methodlsl ��� Sunday services, li a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school,  _.:)() p.m.    The pulpit will be
occupied by the Rev. Mr. Ewinir of
Columbian College at both services.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Kev. J.
S. Henderson, pastor. Sunday services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Christian
Endeavor, Monday, s p.m.; subject,
morning, "The Touch of Faith;" Evening, -'Smoked  Bottles."
West Presbyterian���Rev. T. Ward-
law Taylor, M.A.. PhD., minister.
Services ll a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.;
prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Sunday morning subject, "Th i Fulness ol the Time;" Evening, "The
growth of the Kingdom."
Knox church, Sapperton���Rev. D.
] McKenzie,  B.A.,  pastor.    Services,   11
a.m. and  7 p.m..   Sunday school and
Bible class, 2.MO p.m.; meeting of Y.P.
I S.C.E.   immediately   after the  evening
service. Sunday morning "Scripture
j idea of the Home;" Evening "The call
of Abraham."
Gospel hall, corner Sixth avenue and
Ninth street���lire.iking of brea i every
! Sunday ;U 11 a.m.; Sunday school and
Bible class, ;i p.m.; gospel address, 7
p.m.;   prayer   meeting, Wednesday. S
i p.m.
St. Peter's cathedral (1 man Catholic)���Vespers and  Bern Uctlo::, 7 p.m.
. Sunday .Mass at S and 1   30 a.m.; Cat-
I echism al 2.35 p.m.; Frid y devotions,
7:30 p.m, At the Sunday evening service, the Rev. F Lardon, O.M.I.. will
preach on  "Hidden  Life    of    Jesus,'
; The following music will be ren.: ire i.
Duct, "O Salutaris," Hi mma, Messrs.
M. Cowan and 15 .1. Gernaey; Solo
"Ave Maria." Dana, Miss Margaret
Help Xew Westminster progress.
Seal your eastern frien.Is a boo'-, of
Xew Westminster views or B. C. Review, containing Interesting article-,
en Xew Westminster clt; ai 1 district,
Fraser river fisheries, agricultural resources, ate, Cops ready tor mailing
given with every oue dollar prepaid
subscription to the World through E.
ll. Saiuis. N'ew Westminster agent.
Mr.   Manufacturer:
The Transient Throng
Guichon���S. It. Hill. Seattle; A. 0.
Shallenherger, Ashland; il. Sprlngate,
Windsor���A.   W.   Lundblom,  Surrey
Lose mi time in INVESTIGATING this opportunity we offer you to secure a first-class manufacturing site with city water, electric power, com,.. ���  ,_���,
'and teleph me facilities, at a nominal price.
Deep Water Frontage
ith,. IV .... ;...   ,.     ���   ���   . -    limits of the citv of New Westminster.   No toredos to destroy your piles, no storms to endanger your booms, etc.
Ny several imporTant m I fstries are operating successfully on adjoining sites, and with railway facilities no better locations can be found in
Pr��vince nf liritish Columbia.
Maps and Prices on application to
& CO. Ltd.
Columbia Street,    -    New Westminster
e, Matsqui; Charles
Wagner, Revelstoke; H. 1). Brown.
Blain; .1. Evans, .lac'.. . n Baj ; .1. O.
Manzer, Sllverdals; i:. .1, Cruckman,
G, Webster, Haney.
Colonial���.1. P. Thorn] . .. Vancouver; E, R. Cordon. II tmmond; C. G,
Sexsmith, Alluvia: Frank W. Klle3,
1.. M. Evans, George v.. '. . ker, Vancouver.
Good wholesome pastry cannol result from inJ'erior lard any more than
can good bread from Inferior flour, perhaps its the lard that is handicapping
your efforts, .lust try Reichenbach
Co. Ltd., it is as while as Bnow and as
pure a.s gold, 887
The bod of Jan 's ' I '. is, who
died at the Provincial Asylum on
Thursday afternoon, .vas shipped to
bt3 old home in Victoria yesterday
morning by W. 10. Pales, The funeral was to take place   is.-   tte moon.
II    i.
'   i '   -
i ,  '���  i
i    f J    ; *';'.
hi l_!:
i      .!
New Dinner Ware,    New Toilet Sets.       Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it
��,-..��� int_rd.d for this column  -hould b. ��<_-
d_-e-Ui:     -       I Editor. Daily   New. P.O.;
j' ,    .   sen Veamitatet
0.   D.   Brymner,   manager   of    the
Ban . of Montreal, went up to Chilli-
vest.: laj
Your Xmas Dinner
Call and See Our Lovely Display
MCI R FY'S Columbia St.
ifj V_yi Vi-__/  1      bsj       New Westminster
Mr. and Mr-. A. Malins leave today
: : Seattle where they will spend 'hei
. ��� .-.. ..:. .
John Crean arrived home yesterday
from Seattle.
Castle I-'. Moss, C.E., has bought hi
., .-��� on Agnes street owned and occupies by Mr. Bowler and will move
his family here In the .spring.
John    Si]    el
Ask anv who have seen our stock of
and they will convince you a more dainty
display was never shown before in the city.
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
John J. Mitchell Co.. Fifth avenue,
Nev, Ve:. . reports a big success fn m
his can vi ss  ������ sterday In Vancouver.
Prank ii..; of Kelowna, was a vi-i
toi Sr -Sir  citj 'i:. irs lay.
Aftei a ebon risit with friends in
this city, Mr. and Mrs Charles \\
lefl on Thursday for the Okanagan
Galley, where they have Investi _
each i rcbard near Penticton. Mr.
and Mrs U'aite formerly lived in Cart-
��� : -. Man
W. MaA : ....   is ex] ecte I to n
todaj   from   a   short   visit  to  friends
at Xanain
II. T. Thrift intends going over :o
Hazlemere this afternoon for the | .-
isi ol spending the week end at his
Thomas Da!., who was in charge
of Edmonton's exhibit at the Provincial exhibition held here in October,
was elected i-.n alderman of that city
last Mud lay. Mr. Daly figured fourth
on the list of fourteen candidates, Ove
oi whom were elected.
FAR SUPERIOR to any "ther
roaster made. Not an ounce of
su'ostance lost : ether roasters waste
10 to 20 per cent. Needs no water.
grease er attention of any kind. It
simply asks to be let alone. Retains
all juices and flavors: renew- the
youth of the toughest fowl.
No corners or seams to become filled
with Imrned grease.
Special Xmas Offer !
IS   Suits for    $18.00
$22.00 Suits for  $20X0
$25.00  Suits for    $22.00
$. 00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 644
139 Columbia St.       New Westminster
I.  Dean will leave today on  a  vlsi!
to friends at Halifax. X. S.
.Mi_- Thornber will leave today for
Penticton. She expects to be absent
abou;  a month.
T. Havelock, who has been in lbe
Cloverdale Hospital for several weeks,
was brought into the city yesterday
and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs Thornber. The young man recently sustained fhe loss of a foot as a result
of blood poisoning which followed au
axe wound.
The  Halcyon  Whist  club will  hold
Its next regular meeting at the bome
of Mr.   and  Mrs.   A, Wells Gray,   on
Monday  evening.
H. E. Cochrane yesterday severed
: his connection with the C. P. Navlga-
I tion company, and his successor, ..!-.
I Arnold, is now In charge of the wharf.
Dr. Sipprell, member of the educational board of the Dominion, left on
Thut sday, ��� _���. the C P R., for Ton ot i
6-room cottage, West End.
modern conveniences; $9 per
6-room. 1 1-2 storey cottage, on
Canarvon St., opposite Presbyterian
manse; hot and cold water; all conveniences; $13 per month.
Both houses can be had at any time
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
Manufacturer of
We are now ready for the rush���
Evtra Help
Extra Stock
Extra Values
Now await  those who visit our store
in search of holiday footwear.
You may have seen as good but never a
better selection of
Men's, Women's, Misses and Children's
Felt, Carpet or Kid Slippers.
Endless Colors j
Endless Varieties !
Endless Shapes
Come and select your pair while the
assortment is large.
American Sympathy.
Rome, Di . 14.���The pope was ex-
'������:..��� j ��� mched today on receiving a
cablegram from archbishop Farley ol
Xew York, expressing the warmest
- ���: ath. in the church's present trials. He said: "It is the heart of America tbat consoles us: the largest ci n-
tn oi Catholicism is in the United
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street.
Canadian Pacific
Refuse Part of Increase.
Washington Dec. 14.���Hy a vi ��� ��� '
tOtJ in 1v- -.,��� house of represi v..
tives today refuse I to increase fi im
���������"���  to $7,500, the salaries of Senators, Ri iri ������'. tives and Territi rial
Delegi ������ , i by an ovei whi Iming
vote Incn . ��� I the s ilary of thi vice-
Presi lent I e s.a a er of the Ho i ���
and Cabim    i ��� ml ��� r- to $12,00 i ��� ach
Liberal   Convention.
The Dail
��� - bei ;i requi
to ann ��� in -e tl n    i.i er il Con vei
will   bi   held  al   Ch vi   lale,   Dei    . '
The I oui ���   ���  state I, but  pa tl
e furnished later.
Musical   Production.
Gan 't   'Ruth" will be sung ai  the
Queei ������    Mi ihodlsl    Church    on
Dec. 20, al   fi p.  m.    Spei Ial sololsi .
Admlsison 25 -1 nts 239-6
To local point.-. Tickets will be issued
at -ingle fare and one-third for the
round trip. Dates of sale, Dee. 21st to
25th, inclusive, and Dec, 2Mb to -Ian.
1st; good to return Jan. .'"rd.
For further particulars apply to
���'. P. It. Agent,
New Westmln tei
E,   J.   COYLE,
Assistant    General    Passenger    Agent,
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
The Reliable Shoe Store
on improved farm lands at moderate rates of interest and special
terms of re-payment. Likewise,
we will assist you to build, by
advancing the necessary funds,
re-payable   on   very  easy   terms.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
So many articles that are suitable
for Christmas gifts meet the view
of the Xmas shopper at our store
that making a proper selection will
be found easy here. Our showing
was never as large before.
We mention here a lew lines Hhlcfi havi; been made.
plete by net. arrivals this utt.
New Silk Blouses
Just arrived perexpn ,.|
in time f< i   '
Si mi     are    nh ���
'-.   ���   Insertion an I   ��� ���,.I
��� .���.',-   others with 1: itIA
A large i angc . ���, ��������� |
all sizes to select froi
EACH      $2.75 to $.0.001
In such tnatei lala as N n'i V*e.ltng
��� ashmere, Luster, etc., a an . ��� re
eived  this   wee     n a tin.    .- selec- I
tl ���   full again   Pi li ���
E ICH   - . .  $1.25. $1.50. $2.00 (:.'._,.]
VI   le of Fine Knlt'i I Wool
colors  and   fane ui sii��|
:��� r Misses or I.
EACH  .... $l.7j to i'
New Plaid Ribbons    ! New Embroidered
New lot of Beautiful Plaid Ribbons in wide widths, per yard
45c, 50c and 65c
All the New Baby Ribbons
in all the desirable widths  from  the
narrowest to the widest.    I'riaes,
2 yds for 5c, .'* yds for 10c, 6 yds for
25c, 5c and fie.  Special j rices by the
N'ew designs arrived this vreeK |
in  Embroidered Cashmere Hose,
I'er pair
60c, 65c, 75c and Jl [
Fancy Hose Supporters
Done up in individual boxes and I
most  appropriate  v.:   _:_..'-|
embroidered hose.     Per pair ...
50c, TV. Sl and $1.6(1
Good Kid Gloves for
Particular Women
And what woman dues nut
know a pic. 1 pair of Kid Gloves
when she sees them. She will
appreciate such gloves as Reynier's,    the   Rest   Kid   Glove
made.   All desirable styles here.     Every pair guaranti e I, and any person may change after Christmas for any other size of the same kind.
Probably the most appreciated Glove you could give on th. long
12-button Suede, in black and white, per pair -- 25and2.75
ii!         --:5
VS and 16-butt in Glace, black, white and colors, | ��� r pair
2.50, 2.75 and 3.60
Short length Glace an 1 Suede, all shades, per pair
.  1.76
Reynier's Hand-sewn Suede, black and colors
Silk lined M"cha, tan only, per pair     	
I'lain Mocha, tans and black, per pair
N'ew styles in all shades of Woul Gloves shown all
w. s.
Collister & Co.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,  Doofs,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Drain  .
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westniin5ter
1 hl.D*V.
Wha ' Z t v �� I'flaU- ' ' 1,ouses or Lot sand we can
sUPPlV.V L��� PTrtf Pe being placed in our hands every
(lay. It costs you nothing to investigate this. Buy, buy now while
pnces remain low. Who would have thought a few years ago that
property m Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver would be
selling at^such commanding prices. New Westminster's turn
at such commanding
The coming manufacturing centre  on  the  Pacific
Mark our words the time WILL conic.
[e Greatest Snap, bar
none, in the city.
ioiise 7 rooms ; store
l,nt;l o-l acres. $1,350
-the whole lot.
on i
. n
i    trei'
acre    and
ized lot.   $20,000.
ut 88 1-2 x %.
le of
On the corner of LOth
Ave. and llth St. Lots No.
79 and 80 can now be purchased for $125. This price
will remain for one week
only and is exclusively for
sale by us. Also the same
applies to the comer lol at
5th Ave. and 12th St.;
$550; lot 66x132.
House on Brantford Si
$15 per month. Will
- ���" cash, bai. easy.
1   a     Rl         .        ...
.   ���
'      '
,1   ���
��� Com mur
a ������
per   acre
.1 ,!!..:
Double tenemeni  I.   ise, C
each housi'. water, light, full
between    Flrsl   and   Second
Fourth avenue   on n< rth    Idi     Pi a
$1,500, half rash, balance In om
at 0 jier cent,
) acres in S irrey, ", aeres cleared
lii on road Idi $1,800, half cash,
L ':. me al G per cent . su l-
I: salt  il
BO acres, one mile from -bbotsl :
lo acres cleared, goi <i soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, ball i a h, I a am ���
in three equal paymeni   al rei sona li
. :���        '���   . i   ,
 ���        Sevent]        , <
$2,000.       i    .
.lames Inli e miles, al
IS    I     Ma   i  K dgi    Sectioi
nil        rownsl      ���   nne-ha     prai-
: ' a' e sma    tree:
$'':    ,i      .,.'       Sis
���   $60   '    acn    Sei ii   $55
elephom   ...   Hammond;
telegraph  i I  :    i; a     Brldgi
Terms, ball easl   balance om  and two
at 7 pi      Cei '   '. .    ; -ri-nr'. .
Read !    Mark !    Learn !
l(-!0 acres, on which is a
house 20x30, frame stable
20x24, chicken house 12x
14; good well; 8 ac.cleared
on fronl and 12 aeon back.
All these acres cultivated.
Can be bought on easy
terms. Enquire immediately from us, the exclusive agents.
Mm Av��rmjr�� M��b.
"Th* nverap.- nmii ���when be Is >
toy.' ii trifle Involved!; ruminated the
old ���<tk.,.r "do.-ldi". t lm t when be
grow. ii| de vill he h dniin major or n
bandit, triumphantly survive buttle*
shipwrecks and holocausts and gal
lanflj protect Innocence and beauty In
dlstrw- Kut tlie average hoy when be
become, ii man find, himself no busy
satisfying (he appetite of the always
hungry mortgage, endeavoring to
achieve bul never attaining the eminence of being the head of hi* own
household, chasing nt the earnest bo
Ucltation of hla many friend, the po
I It leal prominence which forever eludes
liiin. selecting the particular brand of
heiilili fodder that will Injure him the
lenit running after or iiwuy from
something or other, getting off a few
' well chosen words, trying tn eollevt or
evade thnt which Ih justly coming to
liiin. placating hit wife's relatives, accumulating baldness, pointing with
pride or viewing with alarm, and hu on
and bo forth, that before he has time to
be anything more protuberant than
oni ol the cipher'- of the millions that
Inhabit this land of the free hin men
friends are walking alow behind Ii ii
nnd saying thai mil wns a pretty good
feller, but and his women friends arc
cba.tenedly wondering how .oon the
widow will marry again That's i
then is to ili��' average man "   Puck
(^nristmas    Presents
means of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelery to all
parts of the world.
It is strongly recommended that ship-
menti be sent so as to arrive at destination some days in advance, thus avoid
ing th��- rush and ensuring most careful
handling. Arrangements can be made
for dehverj the day before Christmas
when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
foi Great Briuain and Europe.
For further information apply to
Companv's office ai C. P. R. station.
Phono 91.
.1. W. M.iinuiii Af|Rnt.
Iree full-si ������ 1    lots,  cleared    and
a good specula-
fivi minute        m  post   office;
easj ti . a
l'n acres Improved land,  I . I lln.a i
and shcils complete, near r; ia!e;
all   under cultivation,  $15,000.    If yon
can   handle  this, don'l   delay;   It's a
No  '"   full   size,   on   Agnes bargain; terms can be arranged,
ad fenced, ready j
I il good speculation
good   repair;   a   Bnap   ai   $3,000,   hi
lose and x 100, 1%-storey,  caah.
near Queen's avenue. $1,150. j _ 	
lip to ycu to stop paying rent.
100 acres, Langley, 23 under cultlva
tlon:   house,   barn,  shed i,  etc. all  in
Mowai street, $225.
'lots on 6th Avenue-
only .< 1,1 UO cash.
|t they can be bought
lun for $1,350. This
pemost perfectillustra-
pof how it pays to inst in real estate.
Ii:'   '' '  -  Scotl roa I, 15 acres
" x -���.".   stables, ��� tc;
.   $20 ;��� .  ai .���    $1,000
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Does It Pay?
160 acres. 10 ac. cleared.
without a stump in tbem;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, peal's.
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable .'.Ox
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only SIO
per ac. and terms easy at
Two-sl ': le,   chicken
a. ise, two fu       . ��� a.; model n
improvements,   i eet, between
F a:, I    Flf b    ivenues,   $2,230.
.: "        i-i.       ������:   nai
:"': and   Sixth  avenue?,
���"'' ��� Ight rooms, ail,
"-��� ���������". '"'���"    iei   acrea - ������ nd in Del .1.
*   *���  *1.   cash,   ,      t 314 miles froi river  near Scotl
.:_ , ���" r ,-��� eai good buy.
ster  iiN-r;cr.  4''      160 acres, tow ���   tion   I'..
���          .   e-  , .    :,,, ...      5 acrea
���. .    . inning
��� a '       a
.-������  and   ci
-.;.���' COWS I
a -   on SI ii
at     han.I.
la mt li
- ai
1 2.
ance a- >',
ed, $1,000. oae-third rash
teres      od 1
id in Su   ���
��� ight na
:       <    rr re
......             a
���    eenl
��� I    acres  ln   P
���    onlj
I       ..    ....    Oni
rash,   a 1
. :���   .        ���:. :   i :_
(20 1
67 acre-.  Hi rnl I   Han   l<    \  . .am ..
hou ie cosl  . 1,1 00 when built, 20 acres
cleared    Prlci   onlj  $3,000. half cash,
, balance easy,
SO in res of land neai Sutht
mill, in Surre. .  good house, 6 aere..
ai'.ue i. only $1,000. eas.   ������ -ins
. looiiie 1 house, ail modi rn imp 1   ���
meal... lino io, rr aai   cornei   < ;   Fourth
ireei   an 1   -gi 1   .   $. .000.   cue   half
rash     v 1 omfo tahli   home an i   good
'    'iiiii     ���.!'������ iilen   ���
Rlghl 1 oomed    house .  a'l    nn ���'��� 1 n
conveniences, 01  C rnarvon   treet and '
Six. h Btreet. two storeys, $3,750.
House and l"i on   _gne_ bi < el   ;��1
a ej a. ROVCU I n in- . a 1 I'lll '-"ac I"
Large loi nal two rotl ai ��� ��������� on i 'o
lutnhla Blreel, Sapperton Both rent* I
a    .'I icli
Five i otlnges and Iwo lots on Flrsl
st���   uppnslti   Qui ��� n'e   pai li      Pi I i
lo   ncres   ue.i     cii  .   ." ien
-ee im fn,- ttillet   ;   rticular_
Dae ami a Iml' I"'- Pai pi I ton, |t!Rl
11rr Columbia Btreel aud Brunette only
$1,000.   Tei ne: lo hi   in inged
la i   || na   in  Bill ""��� .   neat   |tie�� n   _}
foul��� ii rii ne h, $7 per acre | oo I
tei ms. ii aii lands; si ��� I foi | n
tlcul it a
[60 at'"-:   ill   i " ' :   ���������'���'   foi
.,- |nn ....   |       a.i., I     ,    '        l���il. | '"
,.,I,   ,;i  read ���   foi   i iltli ";' "
Chilli '   ' 1'"'   : '
liir'4  acres   Burnaby Lake  $100 po:
,,,  i
135 acres, one mile from Huntingdon, B.C 70 ai "os in grass, 16 a< 'e_
drained ami fence.]; house anil hain
cost $2,500; pood road along one .ide;
Ci $50 per acre, half cash, balance
10 suit purchaser at fi per cent Rea-
son for selling, the owner's wife is in
!;nl health, ami has to go to a cold
160 acres. N.E. 'i section 19, township 10. Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued i~s(i.
Trice $1,500, one-third each, balance
at 7 per cr-n1.
ins acres, Coquitlam, 1" acres cleared, near Black's  ranch, $2,000.
S ainl 10 acre blocks In Surrey, three
miles from the river. $10 per acre.
160 acres, section 25, township tu,
2V_ miles from Abbotsford; 50 acres
alder bottom. $1,200. half cash.
Ten  aere-  in  1 .ot   4(1:',. one mile eas!
of Westminster JuncUon, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre.
Two storied house, 7 rooms, hath,
se\\< 1 connections, all modem ini
provemehts, splendid locality. $2,800.
Terms arranged.
li/_-store. house, six rooms, price
$1,500. easj terms; near car line; . ��� ���>
itally lm ated
House, corner of Fifth avenui and
- v b street, one lot, two Btoreys, v
rooms, $2,500. hall cash.
Boarding house. 2<> rooms, on Sixth
Btreet,   one   block  Irom   posi   ofl li ���
rents at $30 1 "i month, or for sale ai
Steven roomed house, Seventh streel
near Fifth avenue, two Btoreys, full
siw>d lot. $1,600.
HoiiBe, eight rooms, on P1 George
Btreet, corner Fourth, $2,500; easy
House, full sizeil lot. on Keary
-"���ei. Sapperton; rents lor $n> per
month,   oii'v $1,050.
Three acres, North Ann road, near
Mi ids, $-'25.
Just Look
teres in Mafs<
[ui Mu-
lily,   4-room
mi   house;    one   ac.
cleared; good well,
of a 1
Pank  of   Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. *The MilwaukeeM
Incorporated   by   art   of   parliament
;   ip)    $14,000,000
;-'H"l Strathcona an,1   Mount   Royal,    0.   C,   M*.
   Honorary President
���i.   A.   Drmnmond    President
i;,|in Vice President   and   General   Manager.
ll< '-. 'nisinesH transacted.
r- chk
���11 the prlnolpa! cities in Canada, in London, Eng., N'ew
���! St. John's Nfh-., and correspondents In all parts of 'he
^STEH BRANCH O. D. BRYMNfff, -\����>nf.
ExreOont Train Servire Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
Also to B   FFALO, NEW YORK and
I'll;:, \., \ rl HA. via Niagara Falls.
Por  rime Tables, etc., address
The Fione*r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
��� . trains in the service on any
raili ' in the world that equal in
|Ut| ������ nl thai of the Chicago, Mil-
-1 & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
���" 1 dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service  hot obtainable  elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
t,u Third St.. rnr Alder. Portland. Or.
r\~Tir<r- I1l.r        TI  ir X TT W/C   Assistant Gen'l Passenger_and Ticket
i\ IISF   IN   f HE   NtW^j A,?oni'm-yams     *��'
Dr. H. D. Drown, V.S., a graduate
of the Ontario Veterinary School, will
he In -New Westminster every Friday
and Saturday, and will examine your
horses free of charge.
DR.  H.  D.   BROWN,  V.S.
On.   Word'*,  Mi-nnlnioi.
English  Ib  a  mosl   remarkable
gnage   It has some peculiarities of a.,
extraordinarily   rich   vocabulary   nm.
others oi the poorest and iiiowt tun-re'i
tongue, separate words for minute dii
tinetions  and  Blngle words  that   have
man.   meanings,    Main   examples o:
iioth peculiarities can be found In the
Dialect  Dictionary, an English pubii
cation.  Every farmer's bo.  knows hot.
to use the words lamb, sheep, ewe and
rain, bul bftw many of them would l>o
able to define the words tag. tup-hog,
teaser, tvp-seg, tup-yeld nnd six tooiii
each of which fixes the age or the re:
of a sheep.   Por example, a rup-ho   ���
e young ram before the first Bhearln
On   thc   otl.er   hand,   take   the   wor,
rack.    As osed by people In one p;r
of England or another It may mean 1
neck  of mutton, the rfones of  .   dean
horse, a blow, a sharp pain, a kitehe;
fireplace, pari of a hand loom, a read
ln a river, 11 ford, a pathway   .   rut, D
gap In a tuidge, a flying cloud.to pour ofi
liquor, to '-tack.  These are the unnsuai
meanings, and there are others more
common.- Youth's 1 'ompanion.
V5.00 EACH.
Fo-.t o._4th Ave.   Cor. 16th   Street
New Westminster, B. G.
cQuarric & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
The   nimf.
That neat and lovable little coin, the
dime, has had a most useful h st 117".
As far a. wp are aware, it is unique
among the world's coins, having n.
nearer equivalent than the English sis
pence, which is worth 2 cents more. It
ls one of the handiest of coins, he 1
about as small as a silver piece em
conveniently be, l'eing less In R'.e and
weight than the nickel, which is worth
only half ns much, It is vastly more
convenient to keep and hoard, nnd 111:'.;
Is one reason why It Is becoming es
traordIi\ar!ly scarce In spite of the
fact thai more dimes nre now turned
oul of the minis than ever before in
the country's history. Ihere is n rage
for "dime banks.'' nnd some of these
mechanical contrivances nre so prettj
so ingenious nnd so alluring thnt they
force people to save dimes who have
no ea.tbly occasion to do so.���New
. .'ik Ma;l.
The   ��;rent   Lithe   < It 1e.��.
Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo,  Deti
and Milwaukee, with Duluth and Su
perior thrown  ln  at  the bend of tbe
greatest lake and many thriving ports
OU Lake Erie added, are 11  unique SO.
tlon of the urban life of America
Their rale of growth Is the hlglies'
maintained lu any group of cities
Thei ijeaiii rate is phenomenally low.
Their proportion of home owners Is
extraordinary. Their totals and gains
in savings bank deposits arc nhnost
unparalleled. They nre handsome cities
as :i group, full of enterprise and a; r.\
Ity. f'llrly eloqueui with the spirii ol
prosperity and progress. Cleveland
t.'eltttiK  I tft.efl   For   I'.lnrlnle.
Meetlug n uewsboj wliose race w.i.
Bcarted with scratches and looked like
a map of some meat railroad center, a
reporter asked the youngster whnl lhi
matter was. "Feller spoke dlsrespi t
lul ui in,, sister; Bald led bei she wn:1
croSH eyed, and  1  sailed  111."
!-���  vour      ler ci    .   eyed5" askel
the rep irter.
' 1' 'I  ���   I   - ler," wns ' ���
pl. || ���'        |..:.,  a,,,,, e        ,     .     ..
In t  1  gat 'ia      Plilhtdelp:
.. ., ii,  _mc-rl
Liter il
1 '"��� a ��� . olfli I as round slttln -
In \r< ��� hair, u Ith lh ��� telephone trans
mltter In Irs lap.
"Whal in 'he world are you doing ���
asked the b iss,
-\ fellow calle,I tip a little whlh
ng'n." reai , 1 the fui ire head of till
(Irm, "and told mo 1 1 hold the ph mi
lil) be called a n :t." - Llpplucott'i
lrii(le-_   Siiisllli encss.
German goods go where British
goods might, but do n it, Here Is u
case. The ifiissinn Joiner, not being a
meat eater, bas not much muscle and
.aniiot use u heavy hammer. So he
buys aud uses the Herman light hammer made for him, while ho has no
use for tlie heavier oue of English
make.���London Post.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New
Westminster. B.C.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron    work,   including
Fent-es, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
New Westminster. f. O.   .74.
"If 1 catch your dog eating auy of
my chickens I'll shoot him," said ths
old gentleman who keeps a henhouse
uugrlly to his neighbor.
"I don't cure," snid his neighbor. "I!
bs eats one of your chickens It won't
be uecessary for you to shoot him."
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS, Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
expre? r.nd freight connect with
-tnges at Carcross and White Horse,
���" dntaining a thtough winter service.
! oi information apply to
I    H    ROGERS,   Traffic   Manage:,
Vancouver. R. C.
Eight Trains Evety Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
.ar, reclining chair cars (seats free),
���tiodern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information call on or write
'20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
���MMM    : HMWM IO
ll   :
'��� S '
^  '.���    '���' -,i
I   .<:   "'    ss.
'������^���.-s*.'l- :
t ] !i      *
Humor ��? Philosophy
Br dix*.i m. strri
D��j ���
I--.       ��       "-4-_.-��
v.':-.-     oc team*
B - -.- ���-��*
A- : -.- -  ---...:
%..:..  loo-rtny h���tw��i<.
fTltli ;   .- rr_-.
e-.'a--.. ;.--..-  a.   BM_H pl*��t*r
Ot. n.�� (_�����
Aad .-..-.-.���:.-.��
A crutch KM a B__Ml
_*���-. .-,. *-.. -.-. . r^<��.
Tbe  -.-...*>.-
Ir. _ Ct:'. :i4-j_ >��T��.
T.-.i- �� dc -pedmca
_j '.hv. football ��[-_-._.
Ooec :-. ran dM .__~.h
Ar.. !���- T*i-�� ��ort_l
A r.-.i-. ��� ...'.
Te   -.'.--.   ���*::-.   :*.  t_H rtjhr   .;
��� i.'
A  ���   .   -   - "
<"...���: tell It -o ��_.'.4o.
Will   .- i .firing
a ���. . .  reply
; ��� ��� .-��� ��� -.-.."���
���?.'..   r.-C-.'-
T.r >.- en
And  '   ���  -������';-
a    .-    ' -- . ���''       rs
'      . .
And - ��� *
A . a - . -- -    .-
Ai      '   ��� ���   "   t proper
r ���
- ���    - -���
To pot or   i front
:-    .
;   -       it   ��� --  ii :���. nay
It ��rl.l t<
1      ." i -SI
��� 4
Santa Claus
Her. to St-/.
dent-erne.     .   -    parts       tbe cou.
tn re at!    Iting the j ���.-���:
v     -   .      ��� - . the best ....
-   ��� . ���.     --..--.   to ret
... :. ti -       ; "   rste ::.'.--    I - . -
&:  ...   :..;  ���. -    -   tbey remain to  1
Ir. these  ) ; - when fresh a.r :- -
posed ���     ire eretrth ng, -;_,*�����������-   : -
-..;������   tbe fresh ; . .:..: ma _   we
see  why  _:.;���     ...   should   object to
well  rent! i --. ��������� ..-:.
People   wl     ;���-���   thirteen   shock;   .
_.-..ante .n rlewlng these dainty    i
t.._..   be suse   forsooth, they are In
'nt r nUrS   aatrnjit
es .       i   *_>-<-
Is Visiting Our Emporium Daily
and Making Selections . . .
Don't be too late. Now is the time
Oak Rockers, cobbler seat, golden finish, a beautiful line from $3.00 up.
Dining Room Chairs in large variety���a splendid set of 6 chairs (5 Dine:
and 1 Arm) for $16.50.    Pad seat.
Rattan Rockers and Chairs from $5.00 each ..
Magnificent Davenport Beds. Red and Green Candaco.   Most durable and
beautiful furniture.
PICTURES ���We have just received a ver.* large line of beautiful goods.
FRAMES���We make a specialty of framing pictures and have an expert
framer at vork all the time.   Good work, moderate prices.
PARLOR TABLES���Always acceptable for presents���Oak and Mahogany,
for 52.00 each up.
Ladies' Princess Dressers. Dressing Tables, etc.   Elegant variety.
Rugs. Mats. Carpets. &c.   Large line just received.
LINOLEUMS-We have just received S2.000 worth of Inlaid Linole urn,
best values going at 00c. $1.00, 51.25 and $1.50 per sq. yard.
Lace Curtains and Poitiers. Tapestry and Chenille Table Covers. Curtain
Poles, Brass Extension Rods. Cottage Rods. &c.
Hall Chairs. Racks, Seats and Mirrors,   A swell line.
KITCHEN COMFORTS���Bins for flour, sugar, etc. and kneading boards.
Drawers for cutlery, a great convenience. Parlor Furniture, &c.  Come to-day.
tootles, ild   pause   tn   ":.'���..[  Lo
wtrrk   ..'  reform ng  tbe   world to se
���-��� I '���'- ��� - -    re - sembl in
tween tbem     . . tbe Turk  -.- bo th.:..
:��� ..  .::.:��� wert for a girl to show
fa .<.
Meanwhile let tbem not worry
���:.-  ; eel It fa   . >n dl  t ites i
!: sho ...    ���   ���������   rn tbe ; ... ���
drlre  t
'   ���
When You Buy Cookies orL
Biscuits Why Not Get the
Call and see our - -
We have twenty-one varieties i jt
Jacob �� Sons. Dublin, which we        Li* ^f
15c per package or two i  ���        ���"r'^at
Don't gamble with your custom.   Taki
pay you to deal vsE ""e"ll]
V/# A> YY LLJfl groceryI
Horse Clipping Madie
W/E have a line of light an I
bility. suitable for  small and
Our 20th century is cheap and . uv
clippers work easier, clip fastt take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, m
than anv other on the market.
great labor saver.     Call and   see   them at
T. J.  TRAPP & Cl
No To-.! "j Dye.
" Pa   - : :��� d ' j r. '  .. Mr. Bnookerj
a dred In tl    ���. ,,. I:-
"fe one   nd proud of it.'
"I '-</.. t see .-.'. ������  he    in be.    I   a-i
bltn   ���   -;.   . -  I at of.   i n 1 be b i
trio.", ba.r than a bllllai 1 1j_;1."
Ort.l   I llni.-it   Tim*   (Vai  \ot  a   I'an  ol
il.^   Clay.
Fraol   Gillmore, tbi   actor, tells tbe
following story about  .'.:- aunt,  "
Sarah Thome, who ������������ ��������� leading wot. .
at  tbe  Tbi   tre Royal,  h-iSSn.   tn
"Ml      ', .    -   ���: ren   a   pat
TL    Mi      ���:]..:. ��� .' tbe gecon '.
<t'.   '   i evening Mi    Glllm
.-  '        Ig ���:   !...   '..
Ore '       ��� ���... ttli .d tl   ��� there i
one   ' ene ... �� IjIi :,   I     .,-<!���
S   tl   t it con Id be li   . i ��� I   : . ���
fore go    ��� - .     SI    di  Idi d to
y- ������ . ��� and .   I     i I   ���   ;     ,���������   .;
"Whi i    ,      ���       .  '��� I   my   i
,-. . le   ..- .   ".    I     iiiii
v ell In the lirst   ���   m     In the
tri'lr-    i: .       ��� i   ,    t    ,.
Iklpped      tlie i
tin- r-onn     u wh        be li fl her '
but  It   n      not  then      I      11
���tage tnanat ���:.  re elvlni   no ,-���- ,
t i .'..-  repeute I  i   II -. ao ig I  I.
and pu lied     r on tbe   I ige,    '1
. ibe ������ us, before a large aud I en ������ -
out tbe ilIghtcBt Idi a ot what Bhe i  i
Kin>i)i>sn] to <io or nay    Tla- scene ���
a courtroom.    At a high desk sat the
;.r<v.id!n>- Judge, letter perfect In ' -
part, because be had it ready to read
from the papers In front of bim     A
trial    ..as   ti king   pl ce,    a id    M
Tho. nr-. to her I orror  '.:      ������-,.; t
'b':  was to ! " tbe   irii       I witne
on who-- ...    -.  rs I   ng I   �� entire p   i
of tbe play,    'i \'-       _���. ��� _���  ���
.pectacles, looked nt I part, and - I
n a deinn I :   e ������. tness .    I
state -'���. ��� a v the prlsoi i       <
*1j!s parti a ii   night'
"What   ��� he   to   a.   -.���   ���
���4. >:.'������ I aroni ���    |y    Sl.e I
tbe fail test ���    :.,        1   ....
tbe prisoner do in tl it j...-a ul ir 1  __.t
The critical tn ituent h id arrived;
one must ������! eak, but   be coul In't     I!
eye alighted on 0 - of the ��� ��� -
In   tbe  play   ������, ho   I wked   n- 11
reliable.   Fie looked like a per_   .     ' 1
could get one 01 t of any sort of
'������'��� ilty.    So, polntli % al  bim,  -' ���- ��� .
med In Imprest 1 1 <��� tones, 'Ask 1
"The ��� itii ������      ��� -��������� ned d
>y this remark     '. In y dl 1 :. ������   k
precisely  - '. ���     ighl  I - be - tid,  !   I
Instlncl    : i| :    them    someth  13
wrong.   Tbe judge, thinking he mi    1
bave mo le mi ������ ;..   ta  ������  tui ied 01 ������������
s couple ol po :������- ol  m musi rlj I at
baring c in     ced bin   elf  m tbi   ;   ' it.
iga n  idi ii-i-- ���"! the w tn My .  1
glanc rd nt 1 ������ ���,:.. tenl!
man and, ni other ide   ���    .���-',,
igaln i-������'. ;: wl, ' \ .: Ur.- 1. in!'    :
:oncentratl m   .' \ ��� Idle attcitlo
too much for li       and be   ne iki 1 o.T
ha  -ir   ������ feeble 'Kxi use 1   ���
If t rr   i. ,   ���       i   -a.  .     a|a
me, ,'''i I ih.' :. id to be 1 ,   ���
lown."   .- .
.... CALL ON ....
Prescription! a Specialty.
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of thi   Bi
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
Frum the Vancouver Fire Clay I ��.,
Clavburn. B. C.
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New We8t_--.ns.er.   - -   B. C-
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has done to ,h e men finer
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Fine residential lot. cor. 12th St. and 5th Ave., $550.1
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Si.< vcyor
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i   Ct
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"���I Timber Notices
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These form a v en neai
'ERS.     These are ven
$1.75 to $2.75
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feet dry for tha wet, wintry �� iathe
��� ���'ii  easily outwear tw ���  pairs of  any <
 ONLY   AT   	
��� yel
*' Old  Country BOOT  STORE
COLUMBIA ST. J. Stewart. Prop.
Purchase Notice
Noti e Is herebj given thai 60 days
a; ei date l "ran 1 applying to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land, situated at
the mouth of lhe Kll I il i river, Coasl
llsti icl. Commencing al a pus; mark-
i ,| \\*. M.'s N. B C irner plante 1 on
ihe south bank of the Kildala river
a' the mouth, running as follows: I1'
(hains south, 40 chains west, 40
, hain- north to the sh ire line, thence
following shore line to place of commencement, containing 16 acres more
or less
Aug   27, 1906
Locator, \V   MOODY,
Per l'i: VNK V VNDAL, Agent.
n ���   L'l,  1906.
| Alex. Speck's
ire >y given that. 30 days
late 1 intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands
: Works for a special license to cut
. nd carry away timber from the following described lands, situated on
Kildala Arm, Coast District, H.C.
No. 7���Commencing at a post plant-
ed about one mile from the head of
Kildala Arm. on the south bank of the
Arm, running as follows: 80 chains
.outh, 80 chains east, 8o chains north
to shore, then along shore to point of
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted about one mile up Fall creek, on
the east bank of creek, running as
follows: 80 chains east, 80 chains
..outh, 80 chains west, more or less, to
creek, then along creek to point of
No 9���Commencing at post planted
ahout one mile up Fall Creek, on east
bank of creek, joining No. g claim on
wesl line, running as follows: 160
'hains south, lo chains west, 160
chains north, 10 chains easl to point
of commencement.
No. 10���Commencing at posi planted
about i miles up Dala River trom Its
mouth, on the north bank of river,
then running as follows: 10 chains
west, so chains north, 120 chains east,
10 chains .-outh. more or less, to river,
then alon-- river to point of commencement,
N'o. tl���Commencing at post planted
al ' 6 miles up from the mouth, on
the north bank of Dala River, running
a.s follows: 10 chains north, 80 chains
east, m chains north and 80 chains
east, 40 chains south, more or less, to
river, then along river to point of commencement.
No, 12���Commencing at a post planted about, four miles up from the mouth
of the Dala River, on south hank,
running as follows: 40 chains east, 40
chains north, 120 chains east, 40
chains north, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commencement.
No. 13���Commencing at a post planted about one mile from thc head of
Kildala Arm, on south bank, running
as follows: 40 chains south, 40 chains
west, io chains south, 10 chains west,
40 chains north, 40 chains west, 40
chains north, more or less, to shore,
Ihen along shore to point of commencement.
No. II���Commencing ai a post planted about one-half mile from the head
of Kildala Arm, on the north bank,
running as follows; 40 chains north,
10 chains east, lo chains south, 120
chains east, 10 ehains soulh. 120
chains west, to shore, then along shore
to point of commencement.
No. 15���Commencing at a post planted about one mile up from the mouth
of the Dala River, on east. bank, running a.s follows: SO chains east, 40
chains north. 40 ehains east. 40 chains
north, 10 chains east. 10 chains north,
more or less, lo river, then along river
��� i point of commencement,
No. 16���Commencing at post planted
ai th
east, 80 chains south, 40 chains west,
It chains north, KO chains west to
poin* of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
1. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s N.E. Corner, planted on the
north ban . if the Kildala river, ahout
five and a half miles up the river
from the mouth, running as follows:
io chains south, 160 chains west, 40
chains north, 160 chains east to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres, more or less.
4. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s N.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
five and a half miles up the river from
the mouth, running as follows: 160
chains east, to chains south, 160
chains west, 10 chains north to point
or commencement, containing 640
acres, more or le3s.
per Frank Vandall, Agent.
There was a very good market yesterday from every standpoint. Tlie
weather was good, the crowd of sellers wa.s well up to the standard, an
ther,' were enough buyers to keep
things moving in first class style.
Seldom has there been such an excellent display of beef on the market.
The various river boats were well
loaded with market produce, and the
bulk of it was dressed meat. The
beef supply was all sold at quotations.
Veal was somewhat scarce, and the
price advanced half a cent per pound
The demand was good, and the prospects are that it will become still
Pork is coming in in larger quantities, but the demand is considerably
In excess of the supply. The stock
on hand found a ready market at prices quoted.
Eggs have now dropped to SOc per
dozen, and the supply Indicated that
the feathered denizens of the tarm
yard were commencing to gel good
and busy. A large number of cases
were received at the markel and
found ready purchasers among the
wholesale dealers at 40c per dozen.
The chicken marke; is on the wane,
' ail the spring birds having apparently
reached the fowl stage. The offering In that department was not so
largi as ll has been, while buyers
were falling over each other to get
the first chance at the incoming birds.
Ducks of several varieties were offered and were somewhat more numerous than usual. There was a fair
demand for them and all were sold.
Ranchers are apparently saving their
geese for the Christmas trade, and
none were offered yesterday. The
standard price for them remains the
������ same as last week. Turkeys were
aNo conspicuous by their absence,
The offering of apples is falling off
and some of the stock on the market
was far from being up to the standard.
Some good boxes were offered, but
the demand was somewhat weaker
ihan usual.
The vendors of general produce for
domestic use were all In their accustomed  places,   and   their wares  were
well up to the standard.    The butcher-  had  a   tine  variety of meats  for
sale, and the stalls all breathed of the
��� approach   of  the   festive   season.
Re Lot 484, Group 1 (except two parts      The supply of garden vegetables is
conveyed). New Westminster Dis-  getting scarce.    H. Davis had a large
trict. ! i)OX 0f young lettuce on  1 . hich
A   Certificate  of Indefeasible  Title   he succeeded in disposing
to the above property  will be issued      The  market   I'or    home    preserved
to  Rho.la  McKamey on  the  29th
of December, 1906
time a valid objection thereto be made
to me In writing by a person or jiersons claiming an estate or interest
therein, or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office, New Westminster, B.C., 21;-t  November, 1906.
Notice fs hereby given that thirty
days alter date l intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a license to cul and
carry away timber from the following
described lands, situated in the
Skeena district, on Copper river, about
2 1-2 miles up from the mouth:
No. I. Commencing al a post planted on the southeast corner on the
north bank of the river, running as
follows: 80 chains north, 120 chains
west, in chains south, more or less to
river, then along river to point of commencement,
No. 2.   Commencing at a post plant-'
ed 2 1-2 miles up from the mouth on
north bank of Copper river, running as
follows:     40 chains north, SO chains
east, 4o chains north, 40 chains east,'
80 chains south, more or less, to river,
then along river to point of commence-'
ment, containing 610 acres   more   or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
Land Registry Act
day' fruiis is apparently growing, an.l each
unless in the mean-   month witnesses a larger supply
S'.e Ib
H c   Tti.
The person or persons having In their
custody   or   possession   the   following
mouth ol Dala River, Coasl Dis- Title Deeds relating to the said prop-
le and Saw
��� v -<"j_HHHHHiH_a_|H_i_a_H_^-BH-HiBi
New Westminster. B. C.
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all hinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
trict, on west bank, running us follows: io chains west, 80 chains north,
120 chains east, 10 chains south, more
or b'ss, to river, then along river to
i oini of commencement.
N'o. 17���Commencing al a posi planted on the west bank of the Kittlmat
.rm, about twelve miles south of Kit-
tlmal Indian Village, opposite Goat
Island, nt mouth of Kildala Arm, running as follows: 10 chains norlh, 10
chains west. 10 chains norlh. 40 chains
easl, 10 chains north, 40 chains eas',
120 chains to point of commencement.
N'e IS Commencing at a post plan;
cl about 20 chains soulh of post of
claim No IT, running as follows: 40
, hains west, so chains south, 10 chains
. -:. SO chains south, 40 chains easl,
then along shore to point of commencement.
No 19   Commencing at a post plant-
i . al o ii itilv mile up from the mouth
Deei   Creek,  on   Devastation Chan
ill uated about  eighl   miles south
.    i\ I lala Arm, running as follows: 40
i hain- east, so chains norlh, 10 chains
.asi   ie < haluB norlh. 80 chains wo it,
120   chains    soulh,   to    point   of com
. nenl
Located Nov, *i. 1906.
Locator, WM. MOODY, D.D.S.,
Per  Frank Vandall.
No,   24, 1906,
rt M ������
erty are requested to deliver the
to the undersigned:
12lh December. 1895���Roberi
ville McKamey to Thomas Robe
Kamey, conveyance In fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc., New Westminster,  B.C,
ladli s   who sell  butter  and  eggs  are
gradually  adding  that  branch to    he
regular list of marketable articles.
Href, hind quarters. 7
Beef, forequarters, 4i-_
Veal, 10c to i'"_c lb,
Mutton,  12c to 13c lb.
Pork, 9c lb.
Dressed  fowl, -.'oc lb.
Pn'.noes, $12 to $14 ton.
Onions, $1.25 sack.
Eggs, SOc doz.
Butter, 30c to 35c lb.
Fowl, $7 to $8 dozen.
Chickens, ."��� per doz.
Dm Its, $10 to  .11  dozen
Geese, $1.25 each.
Apples. 75c to $1.10 !    ���
'e Royal Bank of Canada
'olumbln St,
Phone 27r��
Man on  Wheel.
New Westminster.
lepoaltoM,   start NOW to save your money
People do harder things every daj   in I have
10 s|
���count..    Put It in your poi ket, i
.I.Alt   depo Ited ever)  week with u
���ENINGS, 8 TO   9   O'CLOCK.
.: I proh
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
F0r electric Bigns, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
.ml sizes, House wiring. Motor totalling a specially. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to,
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
Notii a Is yrr-'r given thai 30 day.
after da e i inten I to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
V ' ' for a li' ense to cut and carr)
awa; timber from the following de-
Bcrl cd lands:
1, Commencing al a post marked
W. M.'s S.E, Corner, planted on the
norlh bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles up from the mouth, running as follows: 40 chains north, 1G0
chains west, 40 chains south, L60
chains east to point of commencement, containing 610 acres, more or
2. Commencing at a post marked
W. M's S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two miles Up from thfl mouth, running
as follows: 40 chains norlh, 120chains
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dnmlnlou Land- w Ith
in the Railway Hell lu liritish Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
tho local land office for lho district ln
which the land Is situate.
The homesteader is required to per-
l'ii ni the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans
(d. At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If thc father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in thc vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother,
(j) If thc settler has his permanent:
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. D.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. .. ' .'     '
Tide Table   Fraser River
For the week ending Dec. 16, 1906.
High Low
Water. Waler.
Dec.   10     0.36 6.45  -
13.15 20.50
Dec.    11      2.10 7.50
13.50 22. "0
Dec.    12        a-"' s ':;'
14.80 2
Dec.  r;     4.2a 9.26
Dec.   14     6.26 0.10
15.50 10.26
Dee.   16     11-20 0.60
16.35 11.10
Dee,   16     7.10 1.36
17,21 12.10
High Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
Dec.   10           ��� 6.34    f'-1'
12.S5    U'S 19.34    5.7
Doc.   11      1.32     9.6 6.43   0.S
13.12   13.0 20.17    It
Dee.   12       3.46    10.5 7.48    7.5
20 59   2.9
Dec.  18     3.46
8.46   S.l
21.40    1.6
Dec.   14      4.43
9.43   8.6
oi 22    0 5
Dec.   15     6.88
10.40   9.0
23.05   0.1
Dec.   Ill      6.8)
l i.l
U.3S   9.8
23.50   0.4
Experience is the beft teacher.
Housekeepers,  who   have   tried
them all, say WINDSOR TABLE
SALT is the perf
s<5t table
[I-i       1
u_ II
I: ��
SH      a i'i'
S'. '!'��� ''"V I',
ii   '   ij I  ri-i'
1 =1R
i   II':.:?i
'   ���
'ill. ���
4 ':   *
:;; .?*
Aa ArtU.  Ia Ku.en I* Tkla �������� atf
thr   Orlrat.
Iti all matters ot pentlment the
Arab's instinct is sure. If yon can
appeal to him on auy ground of hospitality or generosity, says the author
of 'In tbe Desert." you have a hold
on him.
It used to be the t>oa. t of Arab poetry in Its Irf-st days that it "never
praised a man except for what -was ia
h-tn," and the habit of judging directly _nd without regard to surroundings
Las always been an Instinct of the
race. All those evidences of worldly
prosperity and success which turn
the heart of the Anglo-Saxon to water
leave the Arab unmoved.
The Arab Is an artist in manners. I
remember a certain sheik, who was
once my traveling companion on the
Upper Nile, a tall, lean, keen faced
man. of a complexion almost black,
with a glitter on It like the sun polish
on desert stones, who walked among
the fellahs on the crowded deck like
a chief among his slaves.
With him I shared the same narrow-
con,er ' f the fleck He was strict in
Lis religious observances and at tte
appointed hours would spread his mat
on the de, k. turn In the supposed direction of Mecca and then kneel and
rise and kneel again, t-owing with
his fan-la- I ���" ; ��� _T"';.vl ;:��� the ':::���
posing attlt i les i :' Moslem prayer.
Quick at d tectlng the li ast sign 11
consider! I : or respect, If we stop
ped talking or moved to make room.
be would treasure up tbe courtesy and
when Ll- prayers were over turn and
acknowledge :t with a grave gesture
and a sm le th ��� seemed no conventional grin a ". but expressed the Intention of a deliberate friendliness.
Bhi.1   and   Crt������c    frouaar*.
Tfcote men wearing bt&rd- will hav*
th*m clipped torpedo fa_hion. ��� Order m
the BrH-ffc Naval Volunteer*.
"A torpedo beard," explained an
expert.,  "is  a beard clipped  to  a
Cint���a sort of stubby Vandyke
ard���and is the official beard o.
the navy. Just now the torpedo
beard is becoming more popular���in
fact, i: is the only beard that smart
people wear.
"The flowing beard is hopelessly
out of fashion and is usually worn
onlv bv people who have reached
that stage of life when they have
ceased to crease their trousers."���
London Mail.
Allied   In   Time   and   Type   to   Monni
HntytiU.  nnd   (npp   Blomldon.
The eon.; ete height ot the cliff was
much high ���.-. originally, for the glacier
that burled North America down to
this latitude eroded billions of tons
which went to the upbuilding of Long
Island, trap bowlders being common in
the .oil of Brooklyn, and I have found
on the top of the Palisades opposite
Spuyten Duyvil glacial groOvings and
pollsbings that have survived the pre
BUmptive 15,000 years since the glacier
melted. Hie outpour of this mass from
a volcano whose crater we cannot bc
much as guess In this day was tremendous, and it cut the Hudson and Hacker ack valleys asunder and pushed th .
harbor several miles to the southward,
while related activities thrust above
tlie surface, either as downpours or up
pours, the thousand miles of basaltic
hills that chain the Carolinas to tbe
Bay of Funi/y, so that our Palisades
are allied in form and time to Mount
Holyoke and Cape Blomldon.
To the mineralogist our Palisades do
not yield as much of interest as we
find ln the rotting trap of Paterson, a
few miles away, from which have been
taken the largest prebnltes in th.
world, sea green and wonderful; royal
amethysts, balls of silky pectolite and
quartz pseudomorphs that copy theni
but we find in these cliffs occasional
duplicates of tbe columns that make
the Giant's causeway and Fingal's
cave���geometric shapes of three, four
live, sii and more sides, not a result ol
crystallization, as was once imagined
for trap is a rock, not a mineral, but
of lateral shrinking when it. has coo!
ed.���Charles M, Skinner In Century.
of !
Australia  Prosperous  Again.
Australia is in the flood tide of
prosperity. Her revenue is nearly
half a million sterling in excess of
the estimate, and for the corning
year the various states will receive
back from the commonwealth government more than ��.300.000 above
the minimum to which they are entitled. The distribution would be
larger still but for the very right
decision of the government to establish :������ nny postage at home and with
the rest i f the empire. Austral, tn
tra ���.' .- b lining, Exports excei ]
imports by nearly ��20,000,000.���
Lor. don Sat ir la   Review,
Tbe  Merry   Microbe.
The London Lancet has been
warning its readers against the table
implements at restaurant.-, the doo:
handles of public places and vehicles
and, above all. the coin of the realm.
The merry microbe thrives on these
unnutritious substance., it seems,
and takes a malevolent delight in
imparting all manner of diseases to
the unwary. Knowing from experience that tiie Lancet approves of
few things to eat aioj drink, a coc-
temportary suggests that the human
race live in balloons and subsist oa
bananas and sterilized milk.
nip   ��pun I _*h   .fiiln.
"What do you understand by the
Spanish main'-'" Such was the problem propounded at the club lunch table, and many and va. led were the answer*. In tin "Wreck of th'- Hesperus'' it was remetri^red that there
spake up "an old sail* who had sailed
the Spanish main." and It wa�� recalled
that in the "Ingolsby Legends" oae
says. "My father dear he Is not h -r> :
he seeks the Spanish main." There
was. howevi r. a certain vagueness
about the speakers' views as to what
particular thing was meant by the
word, some thinking one thing and
some thinking another, and only one
speaking with the authority of "an old
sailor who bad sailed tlie Spanish
main." Such a discussion tends to
show h iw satisfied most of us ar" to
half know q thing or to think that wo
I know without troubling about verification.���London i 'hronlcle.
Colombia wl-*"***!
" H L r-*'*"
U*. J.   ,.
e w
;. '     ;*k rf'coaii
' i tree)   ,
office, New
:o,'r!. rj
*rce |
t<*\    n_<_ ,
'���* ""taste., \\
Headquarters    QT A \\f^\ Q   Solcl in
for the Best   I   1/\1 M UJ Canada
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
solicitors, etc
Martin t ,ART 4 M
ITS    bar-. -
Bees:   Nen
corner  Clai aid LonaT_J
Vancou ve.-. i m   .: ������ ���,,..: J
ville R'-'*"' h M:.r"; H
^uri"*-    '���' M     n ti| .ei
Westminster offices evert fti*
ternoon *   :
V   **    te: -,   -      Itors,   etc., {I
The Edison Phonograph
Graphophones. Violins.  Accordions,  Xylophones, Mandolins,  Concertinas,   Flutes.  Whistles, Guitars,
Mouth  Organs.  Zithers.
Grand new selection of the celebrated Columbian and Edison Records,
ubscribe for our monthly records.    New selection each month.
Musical instruments of all kinds kept in stock. Easy terms on all instruments.
ORGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
Westni :.
''  Home,]
I )|
Solicitor, Ouli hon block
t ia and Mi Kei   i  -���:���   -, \.,|
minster, B. (.'.
V..MYERSGR-*. ���
1891 ;.-|
: ��� ��� ������ Curtis Block,
son Btreel i iti Court
P.O   Box 1G9    fell phone 61
Bter Board of Trade meets i
Board Ro I Hall, as foil
Second W'i ol each t
Quarte.ly meetings on the i
Wednesday    of     February,
August and November, at I
Annual meetings   on  the
Wednesday    Of    February.
members   may   be   proposed!
elected at anj monthly or qu
meeting.   A. *-". Whi'e. Sec.
The Music House
Burr Block, Columbia St.
UNION LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. il
���The regular meeting oil
Is hi-ld on the First Wedoesdf
each month, a: 8 o'clock p. I
the Masonic Temple So'otl
brethren are cordially Invited|
tend. Dr. W. A. DeWolI I
j*i>>>>>_!,C<<<<0>>>>>>>>>^ ft
_.. ffl>
No  Tixre  Gold   In   I.e.
"Gold wlr:, refined from all Impurities," said a jeweler, "and alloys of :.".
ferlor metals is denominated pure.
This means gold of twenty-four carats,
and this Is the standard recognized bj
the mint master and dealers in gold.
As a matter of fact, however, there i.
no gold so pure. Gold of twenty-two
carats is about as pure as it can be got
It has two parts of Bilver or one pari
of silver and one part of copper. The
copper darkens tbe color of gold, whi..
silver lighted, it in color. Twenl
three carat gold is occasionally seen
Which means n half caral of silver aio.
of copper. Ordinarily eighteen caral
gold is the best _ ild than can be bad.
Certainly ll Is the best for jewelry, fur
pure g ild. as it Is called, Is too soft and
will wear c mui b faster t ban thr
owners of it de
Puzzling enough to an American b
tbe English fashion of spelling a nam.
one way and pronouncing It in quit,
another, but the cities are even worst
than the individuals, since they deliber
ately adopt some alias. Tbe town ol
Hull, for Instance, Is Kingston-on-Hull
It has no official recognition as anything else, yet as Hull lt Is known t<
nine out of ten. who would wonder II
Kingston-on-Hull was near the town ol
Hull should they hear lt mentioned
Even supposedly respectable cathedra
towns are not above hiding Identity
and to call New Sururn "Salisbury" ii
to give lt Its alias. The royal town ol
Windsor ls really New Windsor, nm
the county of Hampshire, popular]}
shortened to Hants. Is In reality th(
county of Southampton. Bradford-by
tbe-Sea 1_ more correctly Moreoamb.
but rightly I'oulton le Snnde. whili
Bridlington, sometimes called Burling
ton, is more popularly Wakefield-by-the
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at.
actual cost without reserve. First come, lirst served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. This is a chance
of a lifetime.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
P.  &  A.  M��� Regular c.m_|
tlons of this lodge are held c
second Tuesday in eac*i moi
Masonic Ten.; le, Bt 8 p. c.
lng  brethren  are  .ordially
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, I
R. B. K. of I., me"ts se����1
fourth Friday i' each montl
p. m., In Orange hall, corn
Royal avenue and ,'ohn sir
Journlng Sir Knights cordlall
vited to attend. W. E, Dm_i|
P.-   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
��� ront ..treet.
and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension
They Don'l Speal-  Not.,
Miss Mugley- Did Mr. Knos sei n
surprised to hear that 1 was engaged'
Miss Cuttii g i di. a little bit. Mi -
Mugley Did l.e ask when it bappene
Miss Cutting N'o, not "when," b r
"how on earth."   London Express,
Mo . ea,
St r es wl a mei led tbe fire wen
hi use In i In ek ami [toman bouse
hold- The an leuta also employed
open tubes of metal or earthenware
and, In ndditlou, heated their roonu
with chare i il brazlei - Grates for tha
burning of coal were employed twe
centuries ago In Great Britain, Many
thousands of patents havo been taken
out upou stoves and ranges slnc.
Franklln nnd Count Rumford pointed
oul the wuste of fuel and of beat in
volved in open fireplaces,
The   Inn Lady Motor!..a.
Tb" two great motors wero pulled
up In fronl of one of the Id;, dry good-.
Stores, One lady ivas entering he!
machine; ilie other was getting out.
"Hello, Gladys!   Out for a spin?"
"Ves; gl.nl In see .Villi.''
".lust ran across your husband n
block above."
"You did? How can I ever tha_i_
you enough'.'"   .Wn- York Press.
"Yes," said the |    ' I.otl    d i,
ed on four h  lies       '.'..' .a.:."
"Huh! Vou musi in- a qultti r'
snorted the poker fraud. "I'd k-. i
ou raising all Uighl if 1 bad a hand liki
that."- Exchange.
Hazy In History,
"Wa- ll Hamlet wh i firsl sail. 'There
,'s something rotten In I lenmnrk':' "
"I bellev ��� so."
"What roused his suspicions?"
"I don'l know, Perhaps he was trying oul liis play in a distrlcl where they
raised storage eggs for the market."
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
Dailv I NEW Daily
Leave' WESTMINSTER! Arrive
a.20am lilalne, Belling- :i:00 pm
4:35 pm bam      Burling-|9:56pm
'ton,   Mt.    Ver-I
'non,     Everett
Seattle and
4:35 pm Spokane.       St.13 "U pm
Paul     and    all.
points   East.
8.20 am Anacortes, 13:00 pm
IWoolley,     and
'i.nii pm Vancouver [9:20am
. :,.;* pm: !4:35 pm
Lv. New Westminster for
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon
ti p. in., Munday, Wednes Iny,
.:4D a. ni ar. from Guichon,
'.i: 30 a. m, I.v. for Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth,  Chicago,  St.
Louis and all   puints  East.
For complete Information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
tall on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New  Westminster, Id. C
S. G. YEKKES, A. O. P. A.,
Corner Seeond Avenue nnd Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
���Meets  In  Orange hall fi.*sf
third Friday in each monthl
m.    Visiting I re breo ate (
Invited to attend.   B. B. m
W. M.; J. Humphries, Reo.-S-1
O. o. F.���AMITY LODGE, N|
The regular meetings of this
are held in Od Ifellows'hull
bla street, every Monday evi
at 8 o'clock.   Visiting bre:OT
dially Invite I '    "���:i!  A v
dav, N.G ; w, C.C   than
-Meetings the Brsl and tii.��l
dav   In    each    month.    v*
brethren cordially Invited����
Ixidge room. A. 0. TJ. �����'
fellows'   block. Clarkson sr��
3. Corrlg.m. recorder; L    \
master workn an.
115,   SONS  OF   ENGLAND. Bj
Red Rose Degree meets sew
' 'J
"l "I
!'.   H       Col '    ':
Fourth  Wi'dii
ln K. of P. Bu. a
8 p. m., White R if ,,'f
Wednesday   In   ���   ' '      \
time  ind ;' '���           {
cordially    Invl! , ..
combe, Pies- ii Dl :         '
���Meets the Fourth l\'   Hl
month at 8 o'clock,  n ����� A
hall.  Oddfellows   hlock-    |
brethren are rordlah) w R. ���
tend.    J.
I!. Ru
R. S.
Easier Than It Sounds.
"What are the duties of a congressional Investigating committee?"
"They are sent out to actively engage in not seeing nnd not bearing and
to report lengthily and wise on their
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000 l_ffInest'and"FASTEST ^
B. E.  WALKER,  General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
H I i.f-1 . t l        '    ':��� UHlTSO itii
t "i DAfinp
nn   rMvIrI(_>
The Effect.
"Mathllde, throw Hint poor beggar a
"Ah. yes, he looi.-, very unhappy."
"_\'(. t on that account, but the Meyer..
arc wate'ii:;:: us from their window op-
j'osite."���Wiener Salouwltzblatt.
Coin There.
"I don't know about meeting that fellow.    I   think  be  has hayseed  in  his
'    A. O. ft-Tha regular ^ ga
,     this Lodge are held 01 i    J
and Fourth Tuesday^olIMfl
at 8 p. m. I\tl,e ��if rdlfJi
Visiting Brethren ���','Fir,.,cl
vited to attend,   i- ^- |
F. P. Maxwell, See.
"Never mind about tha
any in bis pocketbook."
He hasn't
A house Is never perfectly furnished for enjoymenl unless there js u
chihl in it rising ihree years old oni. ��
jrnt.u w.pig ;,'v wpeks ��� Southej.
Needn't Bother Him.
"Can you direct me to Mr. Sullivan.
I am galling oh nil your patriotic citizens,"
"l'ou nsedn't w to bim; lie's the
wijrd boss.''
Every facility  afforded   Farmers for   their banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY  MAIL���Deposits   mav be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts receive every a 'emiun.
. I
���1.000  I EMPRESS OF  bill":   i i4,_: ;
Travel In the same way as your let-
ters, It is the quickest, safest 'ind
most economical. From St. .lohn, Dec.
i.i   and  Dec.   16th.    For   particulars
apply lo
C.  P.   R. AGENT.
PERANCE n !   "u     oi0
at 8 o'clock p, in., n v|si,
Hall, Columbia ttri _ t(
Brethren are cordlallj n r ...
tend, Ceo. Burr, S. Ui
CAMP, 191.-M".'sen      :,,;:t
Third Tuesday ol ever;  J|V,
K.   of   P. Hall
Chief; .1. J. F


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