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The Daily News Mar 23, 1906

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NEW WESTMINSTER, 15. ('.. FRIDAY. MARCH 2:!. 1906.
Shady Deals of Canadian Life Insurance Men Exposed
��� (k
Canadian  Life Insurance   Companies
Have a Record in  Frenzied
Illegal   Investments     Are   Made     and
Manufacturers   Comp.-.iy
, Gets  Nipped.
1    BtOCB
t.ff     the
'    ,1
Ottawa, March 23. The life Insurance Inquiry bus reached a Btage
where things begin to look Interesting and disclosures al yesterday af
teinuon's sitting appear, prima facie,
Strikingly Buggestlve of the methods
exposed in the American Investtga
i in- Manufacturers Life wenl
through the Bre and certain transactions were broughl to lighl by Superintendent CVtzgerald and Actuary
Blackadar, which will, to say the least,
require  a   good   deal   of  explanation.
Values Inflated.
According to theBe officials the company made an unauthorized Invest-
meu! to extent of $386,000, the market
values of certain stocks were inflated
in the returns of call loans and slock
Investments for which no authority
exists are alleged to have been suppressed from reports while Mackenzie and Mann, the superintendent
. charges, occupied dual capacities as
lenders and borrowers, ll is claimed
.us directors of the company they lenl
money to themselves wlthoul ade-
hoate   securities.
It nlso was testified lhal the com-
p;eu> wns nipped In certain Invest-
_oenis and the directors agreed to
aiako good the detieii and establish a
.security   company   to   take  the  unaii-
Calls It Juggling.
Dealings with affairs of the Manufacturer's constitute the most Interesting piece of financing that the commission has yet run up againsl. Shep-
ley calls ii "Juggling."
li was al an Inspection of inn:! that
Mr. Blackadar found two large call
loans to Mackenzie and Munn on securities upon which the company
could noi make loans. There were al-
bo  illegal  Investments    In  Dominion
and   Crow's   Xesi   coal.
Bogus Pledge.
A transaction with Pellatl and Pel-
lull was nexl none Into. Tills firm
were brokers for the company. They
bought for ii 1,000 Bhares of C. P. li.
Afterwards Pellatt and Pellatl for
[themselves hypothecated the stock
I and when the time came for delivery
j to the Manufacturers Life they could
nol make good aud payment of $100,-
i unn was necessary lo release the
slock. The company paid this and also another amount of $_r,,nil0 to release a lien cm Pellatt's stock In the
Manufacturers Life which he was going to offer as secuiily. Mr. Pellatt
gave the company a mortgage of $126,-
000 on the property of which the value- of the real estate' was $46,300.
There was other collateral, however,
in stocks. That gentleman was a director of the company. Mr, Shepley
summarised this, toy saying that the
company ".-st of ail bought stock they
had no rMit to in veal In; that the
I.roker had pledged something _e
eoul.I noi deliver when wanted; thai
Un- company had to advance money
io raise tills lien and thai it had (alien a mortgage from u broker, who
wns one of the directors, to cover it-
-self. Hon, Mr. Fitzgerald asqulesed
in ibis statement.
Victoria, March 23 The pros,
sine is decreasing on ih" Pacific Slope und an ocean dis
turbance is approaching tht
Washington coast. Rainfall has
been general from Cassiar to >;
Lower    Oregon.    Temperature
are mild on lhe coasl  but  frosts  ,���.
have occurred     Inland    on    the  ,���,
higher levels. Bast of the Rock-  ,���,
les a vast area of high pressure >J
is  central  ovei'  Manitoba    and  J'
the Lakes region and fair cold  S
weather prevails In all sections. �����,<
Forecast   for  36  hours  ending   ;��;
"i  p. in.    on    Saturday,    Lower !��'
Mainland:    Moderate    to fresh '<
e isterly  winds,    unsettled    and :���:
mild  witli occasional  rain.
Principal  of  West  End   School   Reaches the  End  of  Mortal
Promises   That     Shamrock   III     Will   St.   Petersburg   Newspaper   Man  Goes
Compete in Race for King's to Spend a Year in a
New York, March 2!!.���The 'nines
lays: After the meeting of the New
' 5'ork Yacht club last night, Oliver K.
'.Cromwell, chairman of the regatta
Isommittee of the club made ihe In-
Ituresting statement Ihat be *ns ohl-
���ccially Informed that Sir Thomas Lip-
Ston would be a competitor wilh the
Ifiliaiurock 111 in the race off New-
Kurt in August for the cup offered by
�� King  Edwurd.
The entry of the Shamrock lu the
I race will give the contest an International flavor and an Interest even !�����-
> blind thai which it promised in any
\ case to evoke', ii would necessitate
the starting of either the Columbia
or Constitution to defend Americas
laurels. Shamrock III would rale well
under the new rule paying no penally
for her excessive draught  as she was
launched prior to January, 1905, and
would   have   an   excellent   chance   ul
lifting the cup.
Postponement at Algeciras.
Algeolras, Maroh 2;'.. -The n.-xi
meeting of the Moroccan conference
wns today postponed from Saturday
mi t i l Monday next, owing to the continued Indisposition of Herr Von
itiidowii/., chief of the German mission and the fact that the oilier (ler-
mail delegates are nol ready to proceed.
St. Petersburg, March 8$.���Alex
Evltch Seuvourin, editor of the Rmss,
was arrested last night as the result
of lhe rejection by Emperor Nicholas
of his appeal against the sentence of
one year's Imprisonment in a fortress,
imposed upon him January 20 last,
for publishing a seditious proclamation Including the manifesto of the
workmen's council, announcing llat
the governmenl hud declared civil
war On the proletariat and laying
that  the challenge must  be accepted.
After a short illness in the Royal
Columbian hospital, R. .1. Hall, well
known throughout the city as the
principal of ihe West End school, in
which position he wns exceedingly
popular, died last nlghl al the hospital.
Mr. and Mrs Hall were both taken
ill With typhoid fever some two weeks
ago, and after Mr. Hall's removal to
the hospital ii was found that another,
and more serious trouble had set in,
which  ultimately caused  his death.
Mrs. Hall Is slil.1 in the hospital,
and was informed by the physician
in charge a few days ago that there
was no hope for her husband's recovery, so that the news of his death did
not come as a shock to her, although
slie is said to be In u pitiful condition of grief and  sorrow.
Today, several Hags about ihe city I
are lowered at half mast in token of
respect for the departed, and many
expressions of sorrow and sympathy
for Mrs. Hull were heard on the street
during the day.
The funeral arrangements are in
tlie hand* ol D. Murchle. The funeral
will take place at 2:!!0 tomorrow afternoon from the Oddfellows' hall to
the Methodist church, and from there
to the Oddfdllows' cemetery for interment.. The service will be conduced by Rev. w. H. Barraclougb.
Safe Crackers   Shoot   When
Disturbed At  Their
Desperadoes     Leave     Tools     Behind
Them,  But  Carry Away a
Little Money.
Rochester. N. Y.. March 2.',. ��� Ed-
warei Pullman, a constable und ninhi
watchman at Siidus, was murdered
early today by burglars who were discovered by him while In the act of
rilling lhe Knapp Dank of thai village. The burglars lirst visited the
Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg railway depot where thej blew open the
large safe, stole s small safe and ransacked the express packages, They
secured only a small amount of
They then went to the Knapp Bank.
They were engaged In drilling a hole
in the safe when discovered by Pullman, Although live men were engaged
in the job Constable Pullman fearlessly entered the building und gave
Bullet Perforates Lung.
A fusllade of shois followed timing
which the constable was instantly
killed by a bullet passing through his
right lung.
After the shooting the robbers fled,
leaving the drill  in  the safe.
Previous to the crime they had
stolen a horse and cutter from the
barn of William Wellhurn, who lives
;.i the extreme eml of Wesl street
and another horse from the bain ol
Millar   F.   Boyd   on   Smith   street.
Guests at the Snider House heard
the shots shortly after 3 o'clock and
saw five men go wesi on Main streel
directly afterward but supposed thej
were boys and thai they hail been
firing  blank  cartridges.
Pursuit Commences.
When Constable Pullman did not
reach home at the usual time this
morning the family became alarmed
and a search was made, bul ii was
not until two hours later thai Charles
C. Field, a bank employee, found the
The coroner was immediately gammoned and officers were sent on lhe
trail of the  murderers.
Constable Pullman leaves a widow
ami three children.
Disastrous Accident Occurs As  Men ^^o',,,^,,,^
Are on Their Way to Sur- 1 p.ratE8 s_,zE launch. t:
face of Works. ll
j,"      Hong   Kong,   March   ..    -_.  .
>}j   launch owned bj  the Standard !jt
A     .mi      _\
Several   Dead  and   Dying Are   Brought
Out and  Search Continues.
give no details of tbe explosion, say- j3 Oil  companj  was seized    and j��
Ing Unit  thej   were on their way to 8  looted  bj   ������- ,���.,,  canton ��
the  surface  when  the explosion oc- ;���! yesterday, !���]
curled  behind them.  A  second expedi '*> i*i
... .... .  .    . _* 'Pile    i.ii ���.,..    da. .-.,        .  _. U
The plratei sei ured a number ;�����-
of Win. hester rifles , nd a thou- 'J1
sand  rounds ol ammunitk o,      '���<
The United   States   gunboat ��!
Ing,    and    twenty    injured    men   were   .Tc   _ ���
,   , ,���,  Callao   is   proceed!���,
making   their   way   towards  the  hot   ��
tlon exploded a main beading, which ��c
uus    found   to   lie.   uninjured,   except   .���.
thai    the   brattices   were'   blown   out.   ;���!
Four bodies  were found  in ibis head-   V
torn of the shaft, and were brought to  $   "0"T"' ��"  ""'  ";'��>
Fairmont, W. Va., March 2;. \t
explosion of gas in thi mine of th.
Century Coal company, al Century, s
the g
i anton,  In vlclnltj  11   winch  _t
> i
the launch was attacked, near _i
the  mouth ol  the  Wesl
the  surface.
This Morning's Count.
It is believed this morning that the
��� 5 town, 50 miles south of number of dead us a resull of the ex , ;���.   iU n���. province ol Kwang Tung >J<
here em the Philippl and Buckhannon P'oslon yesterday will not exceed ten. ;���;   ,_ |h
branch of the Baltimore and Ohio/ai  otJh}B number six were foreigners-.    |   ^^
i  o'clock  yesterday    afternoon,    en.
greal Be  ol Southi rn y
No!   over   seven! v-tivo   men   were   in , u
tombed  al   least   150  miners.
the mine at the lime of the explosion.*
At G o'clock lasi night, 15 men were '"lil the latest reports from the scene
taken  from  the  mine.  live  of  whom  of  ihe disaster state    that    all    but
���>:>::Co:>::o::o:��::c��> .��.��.���>:��..-���;��� ��� .-.���:ojl
were dead anil the rest terribly injured.
At  11  o'clock 27 men had been taken out of the Century mine, nine dead
and the others horribly Injured,
Might  Have  Been Worse.
The mine is owned by Shaw liio-
ihers, of Baltimore, and Is one of lhe
largest in Northern West Virginia.
Over 2ii0 men are employed daily In
the shaft, and had Ihe explosion been
an hour earlier, the loss of life would
have been appaling. As ii was. there
were but a few remaining in Ihe shaft,
the main body of miners having cpilt
for the day. The.- giant fan which furnishes tlie air for the shaft, was partially wrecked by the explosion, bul
wus repaired within nil hunt' after the
accident. Superintendent Ward having a relief gang in the mine at that
Work  of   Rescue.
The   relief   party   lirst   brought   out,
ten men, five dead and live badly injured. They were found near the bottom   of   the   shaft.   The   living   could
I evel v
Another   Estimate.
Wheeling, W. Va., March 2!!.���A repent this morning from the Century;
mine, where an explosion buried many
yesterday, slates that nine dead men;
have been recovered. There now re-
main In the mine twelve men whose
fate is unknown.
Ten Still  Missing.
drafton, W. Va., March 2!!���Twenty-
one miners are believed to have lost,
their lives In yesterday's mine explosion ut  Century, W, Va
One  of the  Victims ol  Gibriel Pierre
Is Now in Critical Condition.
Chief Constable Spain received    a
wire this morning    from    H. Fooks,
reeve  of  the  municipality    of  Kent,
stating   that   the  victims  ol Gabriel
Pierre the muian who is now in the
Eleven  bodies  had  been recovered provincial  jail    here, could    Dot  bo
lodaj and ten more are siili missing, moved    to Agassis   for   preliminary
Those   not   y.-i   accounted     for    an   hearing tomorrow ns wae flrsl    .tend.
though!  to be dead in the tiine. Mflsi;"'1-
pf the dead are foreigners. Edmonds, one ol the victim. . r tho
 0                    j knifing affair, is said to be a i c isump-
!tive, and in such a critical condition
Josef  Is  Quite   Well. {rom  ^  ^^ M ���,���  M  ���, ���  ������.
Vienna, March 23.- li was again an-1 effect8 of tne muraerous assault on
nounced here today thai the grave I yjg part ot pjerrei that he may die at
reports published m Europe regard- L moment's notice. Constable Spain
Ing the health of Emperor Francis Ltated that it was almost beyond com-
Josef are unfounded. | prehension     the     fearful     manner
 __________���__���--������-������ [n   which   piej-re wedded his knife,
as his victims, particularly Edmonds
were, practically cut into strips.
As yet the knife with which Pierre
is said  to have committed  the deed
has  not   been  found,  and  the  Indian
Fire   Breaks  Out  in   Ballard   Industry   Recent   Blaze   on   Borders   on   Delta' refuses  absolutely to give nay  infor-
and  Results Prove Disas- and Surrey Causes Consid- ' nmtlon leading to lis recovery.
_,    , ___ The case promises many Interesting
trous. eraole Loss. ^.     . .  ,. ���
; features,  and   It  Is  the  hope  of  the
  i police that the victims of tlio assault
Ruined by Fire.
Boston, Mass., March 33.���The sales
room and storehouse of Warren W.
Rawson & company, seed men and
dealers in olher agricultural supplies,
were ruined by lire early today.. The
loss Is estimated at $100,0011.
Seattle, Wash., March 23.���Fire The recent fire on the borders of wni Improve at an early date In order
breaking out tn ihe engine room of Delta and Surrey municipalities did that the preliminary hearing and evl-
.1. L. Batley's shingle mill at Uallard  ��"  UMXpeoted amount of damage to dence may be fully prepare, for the
shingle bolls which were all ready for trial at the coming assize.
aboul   2  o'clock   yesterday   afternoon  shlpI)|ng ollt. w. Bent, of this city, is j  o	
.caused  the  boiler  to explode,  totally  om, ()f the largest losers. ' DCimCDC    HinfllPIlT
'wrecking the engine    room and  sur-'    The Kennedy house was in danger  HtNUtKu   JuUllMtNl
rounding parts of the mill.    Parts of of destruction, but was saved by the
._ ��� ,, i_        .   .i .  prompt action of some of tho near by
the  engine   were   blown   through   the   i"l""i"
..   L   ' residents,
roof into the bay.    Fortunately all tlie
employes  escaped   injury.    The    fire
was   brought
under   control   at   3
The people of the district are trying bard to locate the person who
siarted the flre. Wheu they find him
ihere will be something doing.
Men Ties Dynamite to Neck and Uses
Himdloii. I'a.. March '-���'������ Herman
Reekllng ol Wesl Hozelton, committed suicide today In a horrible manner.
lie lied ii slick of dynamite about
bis neck ami exploded li with a ham
UM r.
His bead  was blown  lo atoms.
Another :New  Sawmill.
I'uyallup,   Munch   L'L'.-- The    machin
ery of another  sawmill    was sel     in
motion tills week, with u capaolty of
20,000 feel  per day. Charles and .lohn
Sleveslon  are lhe  proprietors,    -They
have extensive contracts for railway
bridge  Umbers,  ties, ute.
Engineer's  Helper Meets With an Accident While at Work at
.1.   Mal.hesiin.   who   Is   employed   M
engineer's helper al the Fraser Rivei
Mills, ine'l  wllli a serious aceldcnl last
ninhi nnd is now in the Royal Col-
unilihin   hospital
Mnthtsun was up on u ladder oiling one of the pulleys and fell lo the
HOOT  wllh  such  force afl  tO break  Ills
leg jusi above the ankle,
He was broughl in to the hospital
on a Stretcher this forenoon ami has
hail the Injured limb properly cared
Roy   Shanks   Put   a  Tragic   End   lo a
Hopeless  Love
Useless Men ot Chicago
May Be Sent to Canada
Advances  U.  6.    Senator   Piles'     Bill
for a $200,000 Tug on Puget
Mansfield, Ohio, March 88.���Mlai
Grace Zellner, aged 28, daughter of
George w. Zellner, miiediuni of this
city, was shot  and killed  today    by
Hoy   Shanks,   formerly     of     Ashland,
Ohio, who then committed suicide.
The' tragedy took place in Shanks"
room  at   Ills  hoareling  house.
Miss   Zellner   was   well   known     In
society circle's here and was b leader
in church work. She and Shanks had
been    sweethearts   for   some   time
against the wishes of her parents,
Dies Suddenly.
  New   York,   March   2!!.���Warren   F.
Policeman Charges Mrs. Hoffard With   Mi-slier,  secretary    of    Ihe    Catholic
Driving   Over  Sidewalk.
Mrs. iioffar.i, proprietress   of   tin-
summer school of America and one ot
the best known Calholic laymen in the
United   States,   died   suddenly   yester-
Justice  Morrison Quashes  Conviction
for Want of Jurisdiction In
Sockeye'   grocery     on   Hegble     streel,   Qay  f,-,,,,, hear!  disease.
charged by Officer Johnston wiib driving a team over lhe sidewalk ill the
Vicinity of ber place of bUSlnen, appeared before Magistrate Corbould in
the police court this morning and was
assessed $1.00 and costs, which she
paid, although nol without throwing
a generous measure of abuse toward
the   pollcce     In   general     and     Officer
Johnson in particular,
Kcodnck   Tells   His  Story  and   Backs
Up to Pen for Three
Chicago, Ills., March 28.���The Antl-
'. Age Limit league believes thai it lias
| solved  the  problem  of  the  mon   who
[ore unable to obtain  employmetil   In
Chicago because they have passed the
;ige limit. If plans now under way are
Successful, such  men are to bo Hunt
[ In great  numbers to colonies In  Cun-
i nelij nml  FloMdfl  where they wlll  be
come ministers, school teachers, or
the business men of the newly created
towns. Negotiations   are now   being
carried cm by James B\ Downey, president of the league with the managers
of the colonization projects', one of
Which owns land In Northwestern'
Canada; another a tract three and ll
half miles from Tampa, Fla., and n
Iblnl n tract on the roust Of Florida,
Washington. D, C, March 1'2��� Senator Plies was today authorized by the
commerce committee to favorably report his bin authorizing the cooatruo-
Hon of n life Having lug to cost $200,-
000 for duty on Puget Sound and
along the North l'aelfic const, and also
authorizing the establishment of a
life-saving station nt  Ncnh bay.
Both projects were recommended by
the Valencia commission, which sat
In  Seattle.
Toronto, March 22.���Charles .1.
Kemlrlck, lour times married, am!
with three living wives, wan sentenced to three years ln the Kingston
penitentiary by the police magistrate
this morning. One of the women urged ln court thai the aentenoe was too
Kendrlck's defence was that every
woman he met wunled to marry him.
The  magistrate  told  hlm  he  was  too
dangerous to be al large.
Eighty-five    Human    Beings   Lost   Off
New  England Coast  Last
Power  House  Destroyed.
Philadelphia,  Pa.,    March 2:!.���The
power house e.f 1 in- Philadelphia Rapid
Transit company at Second and 01-
nev si reels, was destroyed by flrn today. The loss Is estimated at $816,000,
partly Insured,
Strike Breaking  Up.
I.enz.      France,      March    2.'i.--Tho
miners'   strike   Is   breaking  up.     The
strikers   ure   returning   to   work,   and
an early termination of the trouble is
Justice Morrison handed clown his
decision in lhe' Manier case of Mission, today, which reads as follows:
���I would cpuish the conviction herein, ror wani "f i iris.iicti. n in tha
Manser was convicted of illegally
bidding ii seat ill tbe council of Mission, on a property disqualification,
and fined the sum of $.re0, which is
Specified by law, for every utttlng lu
Die council of a disqualified member.
The case was appealed from the decision of tbe local magistrate, and ap-
peiued before Mr. Justice Morrison,
who   reserved   judgment     which   was
handed down   today   as   mentioned
Make Final Attempt
To Break Deadlock
Huston, Ma.ss., March 88.���A toll of
Mr. lives, n-l ships, and property aggregating hundreds of thousands of
dollars in value, was exacted by the
storm king along the coast of New
England and the maritime provinces:
during the Inst  winter.
While the season up to the present
month  was comparatively    mild   on 1
shore, al  sen lt  was one of extreme
severity,  particularly    tn  waters    off
the provinces.
Indianapolis, Ind., March 23.���Tho
join! scale committee of the joint conferences of the coal operators and
miners of the central competitive
district nnd the southwestern district went Into executive session today In 11 final effort to break tho deadlock  that  has existed since the con
ferences on tho wage scale began.
Chicago, Ills., March 23.���Soft coal
prices are advanced dully In Chicago
owing to tho growing feeling that a
strike is unavoidable in tho bituminous field. Thore was little western soft
coal to be had In Chicago yesterday.
The price was advanced from $1.10 to
$1.(10 a ton within the lust few days. THE DAILY NEWS
FRIDAY,   MARCH   23,   |<
We give Special Attention to Our Lines of Workingmen's Shoes and Pride Ourselves on Having the Best Money Can buy.
We will put on sale the Greatest Assortment of Working Boots Ever Shown it the City.    Our prices on some
 _ 0f the Lines Read as Follows ���
Men's 10 inch top, Scotch grain boots, per pair
Men's Kangaroo grain, heavy blucher cut boots,
������������������ ������������^^���������������^^���������^ ������������������������������������������������������������������ I
Men's heavy box calf, double sole boots, great wearer. I
$2.75 ���
Heavy Boston calf boots, double soles, Ci!C1<
Made with steel
.lettes  in  the soles,.
We are Headquarters for the Celebrated "King of the River" Logging Boots-Prices from $3.50 to $7.00.
We Look for the Workingmen's Trade--We Certainly Have the Goods for Them.
Stock Breeders Tell
Of Thriving Ranches
In Their Districts
His Majesty King Edward
kinson   has   traveled   the
more  than   once  and   his
.1. T. Wil-
,v..t i.i over
int.'lest   in
Men Who Attended  Sale  At  Queen's  Park  Represent
Solidity and Prosperity in Various Parts of Province���Mixed Farming Flourishes-
Additional Sales  of
live stock has led him lo all the
greatest  exhibitions  of recent   years,
Any time .1. T. sees the real goods
In a pen or stall he just simply planks
down the price and carries them away
for   liis   farm   in   British  Columbia.
Aristocratic horses are also a hobby
of Mr. Wilkinson's and s.,nn��� of the
finest and fastest In Canada have
been  bred  by  him.
Possibilities of Lytton.
From the fertile fields of Lytton
came A. I.ochore. He states thai up
among liis mountain ranges settlers
me' scarce, bul thai it Is the garden
of British Columbia. Lytton is a land
of specialties. In the Brsl place bean
growing is s recognized in.lustre und
sparsely as the district Is settled, Issl
season ten curs of beans were shipped
private agricultural enterprises is the
R. P. Itithel & Co. stock farm which
is located Immediately west of Porl
Guichon. .lohn Richardson, ihe manager, is a canny Scot and keeps on
liis business the careful eye thai
means large profits. The Rlthel farm
embraces 600 acres of arahle land
which slopes down to the gulf of
Georgia. Three hundred head ol
choice grade and pure bred shorthorns
Mud pasturage there and keep elghl
nun employed all the year round In
looking after their welfare. Each
year they export about i_n head of
stock, and the dalrj workers are kepi
busj looking after 50 cows. About a
hundred Yorkshire pigs are kept and
also a large Bock of pun- hied Bheep
among which maj be found Oxford
downs, Cotswolds, Hampshire's and
Suffolks. In ad.Hi!..n to these the
ranch maintains a hand of aboul :'.i'
Clydesdale horses.
The ol pure  .red fat stock  dltion to feeding between 2011 and ion
held ui lei the auspices ol the British head of choice pure bred and grade
Columbia Stock Breeders' association, Shorthorn stock 18,000 sacks of grain
was broughl to a close shortly after were reaped and 900 tons of hay were
i o'clock yesterady afternoon and the cut, It has been the general idea
managers tit on the whe.:.', fairly thai this district could not produce
well satisfied with the results of their hard wheat. A lest made last season
primary efforts, Their object, namelj with Manitoba Red Fyfe wheal Im-
thai ol bringing buyers and purchasers   ported for the purpose was most sue-
ot stock together has 1 a iccompllsh-l cessful.   The product was well up to
ci ond ihey fully expect thai next the standard of the sample, and the
yeai the Institution will meel with yield was abundant, The Inverholme
si... gi later patronage and approval stuck are noted prize winners and ear-
on the par! of all British Columbia rled off honors in Beveral of the lead-
slocle I t lers who desire to Improve Ing fairs lasi year.
the standard uf sioc'.   throughout  the
What  It  Represents.
li is very si Idom th ii ,i ��� j one
time bo many Important stock i il ei
representing such a varletj ol districts ami so much material wealth
have assembled togothei In the Royal
City as have been In evidence during
the past two days. When slock rals
Ing is spoke:i of, the mind naturallj
revet is ie the piiiii lei ot tb i North
west, wi* a their aim isi i ountleas
herds of cattle feeding on
the rolling plains thai streti li from
horizon I ��� horizon, lu numbers, Brli
ish Columbia, owing to Its geological
formation, may noi be able lo com
pete, and mixed farming i.-. more gen
era)   than   the   one-Idea   ranch,   In
quality Of cattle llrili.sh Columbia is
well ii| :., the front und h.-i cream
cries are firmly rooted und swlftlj
growing Farmers are adding to their
milking   stuck   and   almosl   to  a   man
patronise the creamery, New cream
erles are springing up In everj new
dlstricl and all thrive, because, unlike the creameries of the prairie provinces, they can he operated, on ac
count of superior climatic conditions,
twelve months iu the year.
Interviews wilh a number   of the
prominent  farmers    presenl    brought olded
out many Interesting facts about  the1 shire
development of agricultural and stock
raising :"���   various pari.- of the province.
Cowichan Specialties.
(I. 'I'. Corfield, ol Cowichan, makes
a Bpeclaltj   of Holsteins and Jerseys
and em llis range he always keeps
tii...ut a hundred head running.   Cow
iel'.atl   is   an   ideal   .-I... 1,   . c,111111'> ,   and
lies ai the head of Cowichan bay, Vancouver Island. The vallev lands ate
I di ui succulenl eras and all the
Cowichan cattle are sleek and wonder-
fullj nee from .ii ' i ' common i..
cattle.    \ crea i. I ��� mill
li     ' lllll      Ul      'lie     i'i
Iii lers on lhe mainland and maintains a herd ol aboul on pure bred
Shorthorns all ihe time. He also
makes a specially of pure bred pigs
oi  various breeds.
Herds of Nicola.
K. W. Jackson, of Quilchena, is mn-
nected with ihe it. c. Cattle company.
The Douglas Lake Cattle company
nlso has iis home in the same district
anil llieir large herds of grade stock
line! abundant pasturage in the Nicola
valley. The Douglas I.acey company's
ranch embraces some 100,000 acres in
I'xieni and i.s destined to grow io
enormous proportions in ihe not dis-
iiiit fin ure. .Mining is booming In the
Nicola    .country       and      new     mines,
wealthy in bituminous coal have been
recently located and will soon he pm
in working order bj the companies
formed for tin- purpose.
in the Kootedays. The fanners
Lytton also make a specialty of alfalfa growing ami each .'ear they export Immense quantities of alfalfa am!
alfalfa seed. Their grapes, peaches
and apples tire unsurpassed and the
only thing Hint holds the fruit industry hack is the exorbitant freight
rales. Lytton i.s in lhe dry bell and
thousands of acre's of land, capable of
greal things, are lying idle because
of the lack of Irrigation facilities.
From Miyne Island.
Jacob Heck ci.ines from beautiful
Mayne Island, one of the gems of tlie
Pacific coast. Mayne Island is only
n short distance from Vancouver island and  is al.e.'it  eight  miles long bj
four  miles  broad,    nearest   neighboi
'.. Pender Island. There ure only
si.me elghl families resident upon the
island and between them they handle
aboul 600 head ..: caul.' and a considerable number of sheep. Mr. Heel
makes a spoclaltj  of Red Poll cattle.
of 'l'he foregoing simply represent a
few of ihc cieat number of progressive agriculturists whose ambition it
is to bring llieir experience and Intelligence io hear upon British Columbia
and help lo make it the banner mixed
agricultural province in Canada.
Additional Cattle Sales.
Added  to Hie lis!  of cattle weld.
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT," write for quotations.
We have the LARCKSTand BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       :       :       :
"Canada" Heaters  and   Separators
Cochrane  Patent-
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
Ilanam  Pal i I
"Canada" Water Tube  Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland    :   :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
District  of  Homes.
John Evans is al o a Cov Ichan re I-
dent, ll.- says thai Cowichan I a
district of in.me rathei than Industries. Th" climate i.- the mosl perteel
in ihe world, and speclallj favorable
io siock    raising.    Experiments con
tlnue lo he made in the ��� lock liii". bill
siun iiiiii ns siin si'eiii in be 'it'' favor'
lie breed,
Flourishing District.
A. D. Peterson, manager of tho
[nverholm* stock farm, owned by f.
\v. Peterson of Victoria, spoke of the
Victoria dlstricl as the leading agricultural dlStrlOl of British Columbia.
The Inverholme Stock  farm  is a very
extenslvi    one',   embraotng   over BOO
acres of cb'dee laud.    Last year In ad
Hawden's  Favorite.
ii. ll. Iladwen, one of the directors
Of   Ilie;   Pllle-   llreil   Live   Stuck   SBBOI I
ai lon. lives ai Duncans un Vancouver
Island.    Mt. Hadwen Is a close student
uf cattle an.l nothing bul the besl can
Hnd favor on Ids fertile ranch, lu
cattle he favors tiie   Shorthorn and
lhe (iin-rnsey.    In    beep he has a de-
leaning   towards   the   Shrop-
Ills Shorthorns in moBl cases
are    Imported    trom    Hon.   Bydney
Flsher's famous breed ami won
prizes at Winnipeg and elsewhere last
vear.     The   creamery   at    Duncans,   m
which  .Mr.  Hadwen is a patron, lasi
year handled 140,000 lbs. i.l bUttor
nnd lis outptll Is Increasing annually
at  a  rale of  120,000 pounds per year
Ladner's  Representative.
W.   Ladner.   who   is   praetle allv    the
founder of the village of thai name,
is nne' of the leading pure bred cattle
Wealth  of Chilliwack.
il.   Webb  halls    it..m    Hie    fertile
plains of pastoral    chilliwack when'
ill"  houses nestle  lienealli  lhe shadow
.a  the  rugged   mountains nm!  oattle
-till    feed       Upon       the       peaceful,       level
prairies, Mr. We'd, goes iu for mixed,
farming and handles, in the Bheep
line, Oxfords, Southdowns, Lelcesters,
SuffOlks anil Shropshire's, each I.reed
being kepi true to Its own class, in
his dalrj department Mr. Webb makes
a specially oi Jerseys. There are two
creameries in operation In the dls
trici which turn oui in the neighborhood cif _iin,ooii pounds of butter per
Jos, Thompson, also of Chllllwack,
handles a big bunch of sheep and cattle Inn makes moil' of a specially of
' Yorkshire pigs, Hi' slated lhal the
export of pics was Increasing phenomenally wiili Hie years.
A. c. Wells and Son are probably
Iho cattle kings of the Chllllwack ills-
trlct, They farm 300 acres of land,
ail ui which is under cultivation.   The
grazing lands for llieir flocks and
herds being changed as policy may demand, They keep up a herd of al.uiil
I2T.   entile   in    which     Ihi'   Ayrshire's
predominate, a large number being
pedigreed animals, Their sheep are
the famous Llncolns, and of selecl
,i. T, ami ,i. ii. Wilkinson, the Chll
11 wack brothers, have among their
siu.f, sheep thai are direct descend
ants ot  no less    Important    families
llinii   thOBC   which   are  lhe  chuice     cf
Lancjley's Claim.
The people of Langley claim thai
they have the garden of British Columbia. -I. D. McAdam, of Langley,
considered thai  Langley was doing a
linle   heller   than   Ije.-plng   pace   wilh
other districts uf ihe province in all
round agricultural development. Mr.
McAdam, while nol s very large
farmer, aims in have tlie besl possible
un Ids ranges,   He milks about fifteen
cows   nil   Hie   lime   and   also   keeps   a
large  siock   of  breeding    Shropshire
One  of   lhe   leading   fanners   lu   lhe
Langley district is T. Muftord, who
bus from 7". lo Ml cows milking all
Ihe time and keeps in the neighborhood of 121) head running in his pas-i
lure fields, C. Mufford, who has been
living In tin' Brownsville dlstricl for
several months, lasi week bought a
good sized farm in the Langlej dls-
trlot which in- considered a bargain
ui (90.00 an net". Tlie Porl Hammond'
creamery, which handles the bulk of
i hi' Langley dairy products, is one- of
ihe mosl enterprising organizations
in tin' country ami handles milk ami
cream   which  can   lie shipped   fresh  lo
Vancouver there io he retailed.   Tlie
creamery people are also Installing an
, up-to-date ice cream freezing plant
:11ml  wlll  ship Ice cream  all  ready  for
use to Vancouver and New Westmln
sler.     A   cheese   facility,      which   has
lone I u talked of by Langley farm
ers. is now in course of construction
and   wlll   be III   operation   tin       "astm.
The  Rlthct Farm.
nne of the largest of i!i" mainland's
published in yesterday i
News  are  Ihe   following:
Aberdeen    Angus College   Knight,
contributed by <;. Songster, Sidney,
purchased by Mr- Bonthorne for $iu.
w. Ladner's famous shorthorn bull,
Sipiiro Wimple, was offered for sale
I with a reserve price of $i""i placed upon him. Bidding did mn come up tn
the required standard and Squire
Wimple win return lo his na'tive pas-
i llltl'S.
Ayrshire's,   offered   by   A.   C,   Wells
& Sun, of Chllllwack:   Queen's Duke,
sold   lo   M.   P.   Williams,   Vernun,   for
���SI.".:   Newlona   Fourth's  Pride,  solel  lo
,i. H. Keith, Sunias, for $45; Queen of
Scot's Third; sold to .Mr. Bonthorne,
Okanagan, for $67.60.
Guernseys,    contributed    by O.  H.
Hadwen,   Duncans:     Amldecole   Pride,
nol   sold;  Coiinless nf Lulu, purchased
bj .1. T. Burdolph, Vernon, fur $.;.;..">u.
Th.-   Ited   Pull     hull,     owned   by   .1.
Heck,  Mayne Island,  was mil  sui.I.
,1. M, Steves. Sleveslon. Offered his
Suffolk Punch Btalllon, King of Lulu,
for sale. .1. dinner, of Eburne, was
the purchaser fur $800.
T. Tamboltne's Clyde stallion, BJthl-i
ope-, was offered for sale, Im! as the
highest offer was $820 the owner
would not let hlm en.
There were only I wn contributors
III lhe shep line' and all eiilrles were
.1. Heck, Mayne [aland, offered C. E.
S.   Ram   Nn.   -.   which   was  sold   lo  .1.
Richardson, Ladner, tor $10.
Tin- balance of the sheep were uf
fered by 0, H, Hadwen, Duncan::.
Fisher's 96, a Iwo year old rain, sold
for $10, .1. Klchurdsun, Ladner being
i lu- purchaser;  Turner's .on fetched
lhe highest price uf Hie day in Ihe
Sheep class, and was knocked down at
$36 to T. A. Norris, of Liinihy, who
also purchased Kipp's 112 a! lhe price
of $10; Kipp's 112, an ewe wllh Iwo
lambs, wus bough! by ll. Webb, of
Sardts, fur $16; O. II. Hadwen. an
oilier   ewe.   will'      two     land':.,     and
Hethorbell, we.re also sold to Mr.
v> abb tor $-s each.   Two ewes   with
For Sale!
Entire Stock and
Fixtures of the
Toronto Candy Co.
Including all dandies. Soda Fountain,
Show Cases, Cash Register (Cost $150)
Tables,   Chairs,   Counters.   Shelving.
Must be Sold by April 1, 1906
Apply Mrs. Ketas,
165 Columbia St., New Westminster.
I heir lambs were
nn account of the
put  up Iml  nol  sold
lownesH of lhe hfels.
were   knocked   down
F,.   II.  SIiiu'li
combe ai  $iu each.
ui  other '���"
tries were not  sold.
.1.   II.  Vasey,    of    Ladner,   was  Hie
largest   seller  in  ihe    pin class and
parted wiili the following Yorkshires:
Cresceni   Prime,  a   yearling,  Bold  to
W. Ilendershy. Delta, fnr $111: Rlver-
si.le Lad, also a yearling, knocked
down In II. Webb, Snrills. fnr $6;
Riverside  Maid,  bought   by   A.   II.   At
kinson, Btevoston,   fnr   $s,r.o;  Daisy Railway company has appare
Olded   In   buy   lhe   whole  dlstricl
tween   Eastern     nvoniie    ami
street from Trinity streel to Don, i"r
yards,     freight     sheds,-   round hotl "
British Columbia King. ;' Berliiblr"
ibonr, listed  by  ii.  Webb, .'f Sardls,
I was not  presenl.
Will   Buy   Whole   District.
Toronto, March 22.-   The .1, ���'��� BM'
rently d*
Queen, bought by li. Webb, Sardls, al
the price of $7.
oak  Lodge Cambridge,
liy  .1.  Thompson,  Sardls,
lleii.iersliy, Delia, for $10
went   lo  W.
Two York
shire boars by the same contributor, etc, FRIDAY,  MARCH  23,  1906.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
|    Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way'* Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
[ |[Fur .1.-tailed information, rate's, etc., call on or address a ___!___
F. C GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in AU Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,   Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for^Fencing and Draining.
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WM.  H KIN NIE CO., Ltd., Dept. N., 66 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
S. B. Buchanan   Induces Men With Money to   Take   Up
Land in Vicinity of Millside���New
Saw Mill to Be
The Burrard Sanitarium, lu.
And Second Report of the Institution
UPWARDS of one hundred surgical operations were performed, all
wiih complete success, mid only cine death out of Over two hundred patients treated. Seven patients were in tho Sanitarium at the opening e>f
the year, 205 were admitted during tthe year, making a total of 212 treat-
eel. Of these 99 were males and 113 females. 112 were surgical, 91 meeli-
eal ami 19 obstetrical.    12 patients remained in at the close of the year.
The total days treatment were 3,190, an average of 19.48 days per pa-
Out of the 212 patients treated only one death occurred, being less
than 1-2 per cent. This one death was due to suppurative pyelitis, complicated  with  hear!  diseaRe.
Patients were admitted  from  the following localities:
Vancouver 148
Van Anda Day..   ..
Van Gand	
Washington  State..
North   Vancouver..
Central Park	
Rock  Day   	
New  Westminster.
Weslham   Island..
Rock Ray	
Salmon  Arm	
Port  Hammond...
Mt.  Lehman   	
Didsbury, Alta..   .
Miami, Man  ...   .
White  Horse...   .
Tin- Baths and Massage' Department have been eminently successful
under the management ol Miss MJlllngton. During the year, 954 treatments were given, and :m lhe patronage' lias gradually Increased, it has be-
ci.nii' necessary t.. engage an assistant. Eearly in ihe year a souvenir
prospect us was published and copies mailed to the many friends of the
The offices, reception rooms, and must of the private wai.Is have heen
newly painted and decorated,   adding greatly to their appearance.
Port Haney.. . .
Aldergrove..   ..
Maudow, Man..
Harriott Bay ...
Sent lie.  Wash..
Leduc, Alia.. ..
Re'velstoke., ..
Keefer Station..
Senilis. Man . ..
Nans River. . . .
Animal     Disappears     Through   .Pavement   in  City   of   Winnipeg.
A peculiar accident occurred een
Sargenl avenue In Winnipeg lasi Saturday afternoon. A heavily loaded
dray was being driven along the avenue and when making o turn the pave-
ment suddenly gave. way, and one
horse disappeared Into a deep hole.
The astonished driver at once Investigated, and found thai the water main
for flushing ihe sewer had bltrsted,
and the water had washed out a largo
excavation. The horse, which was a
big, heavy animal, was almost out of
sight in the mud and water, and it
was a heavy contract to release hlm.
After Immense labor and In very bad
shape, the horse was gotten out, all
covered with ice. The authorities
were notified, and men were at work
for a long time during the night repairing the bursted main.
oi the bl| ge:; realtj deals
handled In this vdcinltj i.t.'inly was
the sale of 50 acres c.r land just below
Millsi.l..' in a large mill companj
whose  iei' mil;,   i -  conceali d  tor  the
 t.    The  Belief   In   ihis  deal  is
S. H. Iim hanan, of Chatham, Onl ,
who while al the Dominion Fair l
year was attracted by what he considered the commercial possibilities
ui the district, to the extent that he
purchased a block of land In the locality above mentioned consisting of
1.050 acres.
He has sold id, ��� , n tracts since thai
date, and hopes to be able to colonize
ih" entire block within a verj short
ilme, with white settlers from Eastern
Canada and the old Country, li is
liis desire to bring in only the besl
class of white Battlers, and he slates
that  up to the present  tl  he lias
succeeded In carrying oul his determination, without 'he' slightest effort,
KB   lie   is   iu   receipt   almosl   dully   of
enquiries from reputable farmers as
to the adaptability of iliis country to
their requirements.
The mill company which has pur-
chased the fifty acre lot trom Mr.
Buchanan expects to Btarl structural
work at an early date, and when the
mill is completed the company will
employ only white labor. Later, as
operations increase, the company will
build a number of cottages for its
workmen,  with   a   view  to  mailing  it
I, Mr.   fin-
chan   ' ritish Co'-
Iumu ' " .; itelj   ...
"iv-'  ��� t '.  b   hint   en ||   ,        f0-
Lhe .a' si di ,i. least.
Speakin    of hi >n.   n���.
chanan slated tho .        early
::" -'"'���'��� foi ' ill ' rowing, and that
1"1'"1 i' ���' " ii * being made in
clearing thi land, He is cutting bis
land !nti m.,11 blocks with the Idea
or furtti. 1 assisting the Battlers in the
" '" ��>���   lo make the dlstricl if
small farms and comfortable homes,
rathei than to sell the entire block to
a  few   largi   ranchers or speculators.
One ol Mi. Buchanan's settlers is a
Winnipeg man who IntendB to go in
extensively for small fruits  1 poultry, and Mr, Buchanan states thai ho
think - this a verj good line, peculiar
to conditions In this district, and is
confident that this particular settler
will  meet   with  sine. 88,
Thy dlstricl was known as "Bel-
graria" previous to being purchased
by Mr. Buchanan, and a yeai ago
there was nm a solitary settler In tho
entire community, while today there
are 11 different ranches within iis
' bounds. Mr. Buchanan is very well
satisfied with his purchase, and expresses unlimited confidence in this
district, and states that it is destined
to become one ol the greatest of iis
kind  in tbe province.
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
- GO Egg Incubators Costs $14,       120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $11.00  TO   $13.00
MOS. ELLIOTT, Manager,
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
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Fights With    an    Ugly    Monster    In   Father,   Mother   and  Two   Daughters
Hood's Canal and Finally Show Enterprise in Saakat-
Lands It. chewan Settlement.
May  Roll  Cigarettes.
Lincoln, Neb., March 22.���The Nebraska  supreme  court   today  gave a
] decision  on  Nebraska's anti-cigarette
I law, which was tested  in the courts
by a young    man    arrested    on  the
charge of rolling a cigarette.     The
effect of the decision is to sustain I la-
law in general concerning the sale and
manufacture of cigarettes,) hut the
rolling of cigarettes by individuals
for their own use i.s not called "manufacturing."
A few lines have ben paid and sentences served under that pari of I Inlaw which Is now declared unconstitutional,
Seattle, Wash., March 22.���A wolf
flsh, one of the rarest specie of sea
monster found on the Sound, was captured by Captain Tom Miller, of the
launch San Juan, owned by the San
Juan Fish company, while Miller was
fishing in Hood's Canal during the
fore part  of this week.
Miller foughii the animal for fully
nn hour before he coulel bring ihe
l,i-asi to his boat's side. Several of
the beast's teeth are missing as a result of lis snapping an oar. When
hauling the animal into his boat M11-
ler allowed ii to grasp one of his oars.
The teeth of the animal sank in the
hard oak wood until they were buried.
Captain Miller booked the animal
with an ordinary line, and il was only
wilh the greatest difficulty he succeeded In securing lhe monster. This
is the largest woi/ fish ever captured
here. But few are over secured. One
was placed on exhibition at the Lewis
and Clark fair last summer, which
was among the  first  secured here.
The beast appears more like a sea
serpent than anything else, although
its head In a way resembles thai of a
wolf. When stretched at full length
the beast measures (i feet 2 inches,
and weighs twenty-five pounds.
Avoids Old Age.
Toronto, March 22.���Worrying because she feared that old age was,
coming upon her, Mrs. Bridget Murray, a laborer, committed suicide yesterday  by drinking carbolic acid.
Winnipeg, March 22.���The town of
Chamberlain, Sask., is a remarkable
evidence of what enterprise may do
when advantages are waiting. The
(own is located on lhe 0. P. R. Prince
Albert branch, and contains a gen. ral
siore, pdBtofflce, boarding hemse,
school, lumber yard and static .. ...nil
is run entirely by one family, n imed
Blkerton. The fnther Is c. P. R agent
and telegraph Operator; his wile mus
the boarding-house and poBtoffico; a
daughter, aged IS, teaches the chool
and another daughter has full charge
of the mercantile end of the combine,
and is doing a roaring business, Mr.
Blkerton also has a large farm on
the border or the town, which he
superintends, and raises large crops.
Pioneer Dead.
Winnipeg, March 22��� James Murray, who died at Halcyon Hot Springs,
B. C, today, was oae of tho pioneers
and best-known railroaders of the
west. He came to this country on construction   ot  the  C,   P,   U.  with   Van
Dryden Appointed.
Toronto, March 22.���John tlryilen,
minister of agriculture In the lato
Ontario government, lias been appointed by the British government a member of the royal commission to enquire
into the condition of agriculture in
The Past Two Days have been hummers, and we still have over one half of GEORGE
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Men's and Boys' Suits
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Salesmen to Attend to Your Wants.     \
WL3   i    Wlll^S ^5   1    ILIm    ^_-_L_.V_*J   ���    I    lll^-VJI    ^_~.V_-J��$    Next Royal Bank of Canada, Columbia Str��<
Published by
1   liiug   Compan
offices   corner
B reets, New W
Editor  and   Mgr
he Daily News Puli-
. Limited, at their
t Sixth aud Pro it
st minster,  B. C.
Edward   D.   Sawyer
ty advertising, 10
apart el) 12 lines to
cents per line for
bold face type. 20
ler or nonparlel, 10
��� ng Rates
Transient    dis;.:
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the  inch       Five
hubsogueut Insert!
Reading notices
cents per line, bre
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Kor time contracts, special posit-as. apply to advertising manager.
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f-mnd, rooms to let. etc.. one cent
uor.l.      No advertisement taken
loss than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary mediciue ml
Tsrtisements inserted at rate of 50
cents per inch per issue (display) or if
reading notices. 25 cents per line per
! .sue. No deviation from this rate for
t"tm contracts.
business office  22
Manager's .residence   251
A11 on I  In  i.   ' "IT. ii.
There is a queer story of a Dutch
castaway. In the days when the is-
land of St. Helena was nn unpeopled
wi.st.'. long before the coming of the
great exile who made its name famous,
n Dutch vessel, returning from tht
W.-sl Indies, cast anchor off Its coast.
In a short while a boat was lowered.
The occupants, besides tbe crew, were
a dead ofliccr in a coffin and a down-
c.i.st seaman in irons. This seaman for
gome nITense against discipline had
been condemned to death by the captain, bin in consequence of an appeal
for merry signed by his messmates he
was ordered to be marooned on this
desolate island Instead of being hung
up to the yardnrm. It is probable that
per i even this grace would have been ds-
far | nled bim but for the dead officer, foi
whew" burial the ship put Into harbor,
Tb* grave was dug. the officer buried.
The crew departed and the ship weighed anchor. The Dutchman, on his side,
lost no time. He opened the new mads
grave, dragged out the coffin, tumbled
his dead superior out of lt and carried
lt down to the shore, where, having
launched ' his extemporized boat, he
Jumped in In a trie p. and, using the lid
as a paddle, quickly - thanks to a calm
���overtook the departing ship. He was
taken oa board and pardoned in consid
aratiiti of bis pluck.
FRII3AY,  MARCH  23,  1906
According to the report of the Geological   Survey   Department,    Ottawa
there were but three of the mineral
Industries   of   Canada  which   showed
decreases in the year 1905. These de
creases were iu the gold production ol
the Yukon, which dropped to the extent of about  Iwo million dollar.--,  p.'
troleunij  about    oiglily-six   thousand
dollars,   and   natural   cement,   in   the
neighborhood   ot  thirty-five  thousan i
dollars,  Wl  the other metallic
tries of the country showed very >i<
isfactory increases, tbe principal augmentation   being  iu   copper,  with  an
increase in excess of two million do',
lars;   pig  iron   (from  Canadian  orei
forty   thousand  dollars   (an   lndustrj
confined to British Columbial; nie!."'
nearly three and a half millions;  silver, aboul a million and a half of do'
lars (also confined principally to Br.
i Ish Columbia);  coal  (ot which thi.,
province is also an important produc-
ir), over  a  million dollars;   Portland
cement  (in  which  this  province has
also  become  an   increasingly   Import-]
an!   factor),   between   six  and   Bftven
hundred thousand  dollars,  the whole1
showing     uel Increase, to which British Columbia contributes the targes
share, of near]'- eleven millions ol d
i:n.. The re! u is on the whole are In
the highest degre ��� .- il Isfactorj
ing lhal the i. in I irful prospei I
be country  Is uol  altogether du
the b ���-' ��� Industi    of  igi Iculture   iu
that  ;      ly all th ��� oatui .1 roof  ih.      ' ��� ..nlniou     .'       i.iiiii ib
agents      factors. The Geological Sui
yo\   11 |i irtmenl    v. bleb  coiled
iti    .    tron   whl li we have quo id
eeiii       ���   i ''.I under the control ���
new i i . artmenl   il Mines  whicl   I
expecte    win be created during
i       isBion ol   Parliament, to be
presided over bj  the Minister p!    i
land R< venue. H  is eminent!)   :   .,
lhal   tl s department   should  I      li
chin t     i   the Western represenl
a the i   blnet, is the Wesl is I,   fa
the I ��� gesl   producei   ol   mlnei a -
A Homemade  laland,
Whal�� Island, the large gunnery establishment for training seamen of the
British royal navy, is not a natural
Island. Years ago it was only a mud
baqk which was uncovered by water
at low tide. When the authorities commenced to make tiie docks in Portsmouth, the earth from the excavations
was deposited from barges upon this
mftd bank, until a small island was
formed, shoyvlng at high water about
the size of a whale's back; hence its
name As the work proceeded tbe island grew rapidly, and a few years
later a railway was constructed on
piles from the dockyard works to the
island, and the earth was. deposited
much more quickly than -when barges
I w<��re used. In 18CO this Island had
Ihdus-  (j^n mg(je R0 iargC that the admiralty
' decided to lay it out as a drill ground.
A small pier was erected and a house
| was built for a warrant officer to live
in and act as caretaker of the Island.
1 At the present time the island is about
' thirty-seven acres in area and provides
i accommodation for over 1.800 men.���
London Graphic
Wonderful  Work  of n Watch.
Io perfect running order the balance
wheel of a timepiece makes 18,000 vi-
' bratlons per hour. The number of
miles a year tlie movement of a correctly adjusted balance wheel will
equal is 8,558. To make this run less
than one-tenth of a drop of oil ls con
���nimoi In order to keep a watch in
proper e.iiidition it is advisable to have
the timepiece thoroughly overhauled
semiannually. The life of a watch is
lengthened by having it "house clean-
1 ed" every six months.
' He'te-:" roared tlie old lawyer to his
son. studying law with him. "Yon told
nie you uad read this work on evidence,
anil yet tho leaves are not cut."
"Used X rays," yawned the versatile
sin, and the father chuckled with do
light is he thought what a lawyer the
boy would make.���London Punch.
The   lire ,-i It nlnr.a  of Par.
It letracts somewhat from one's feel-
log uf pride in a handsome fur garment
to know that after the furrier, chemist and dyer have got through with the
rabbit skin It may be a "sealskin." a
"sable," an "otter." a "Siberian so.uir-
rel." a "mink," a "marten," a "beaver"
er any other fashionable fur. Th��
transformation takes place in ibe shops
win. a sell felt to hiitmakers, carpet
weavers and felt manufacturers, and
Paris and London arc the principal
centers for this iudustry. In those
cities million* of rabbit -kins are dressed aa 1 treated, and bogus furs are sent
out to robe men and women of all
part* of the world. The skins are purchased soon after they have been stripped from bunny's back and are stiff
and bar* when they are unpacked la
the sorting room. Experts examine
each -li.:.. and those which come up to
the Mtabliihed standard are sent to
the turrter*. but tbe torn, undersized
ami punctured pelts are turned over to
Uie mati aod women who strip the hide
���f  Its hair  for  tb* felt maker.���Ex-
l.ssslj Jaae Grey.
1.-1.7 -l*A* Grey was the most learned child of which history has any record. Befose she was nine years old
she wroto a beautiful hand and was
able t) play on many different Instruments; She could speak several languages both ancient and modem, besides, being well groundod in philosophy. When other children were playing she would amuse herself by reading writings of the philosopher I'lato in
th�� original Greek. Perhaps it was bemoans* ih* bad led a very lonely lift
whoa she was a child, as her mother
and father were often away at court,
leaving her to the care of her govern-
esi in 1 her schoolmasters at th*
gloomy family place called Bradgate.
Th* big square house was built on the
edg? of a great forest surrounded by
acres ot unlnhabiti-el land. Tin-re were
���very few books and uot auy newspapers at the castle, and I.ady Jane Grey
had no r lay mates, as her governess
would not allow her to play wilh the
servants' children, and there were no
otben suitable for her companions
within miles.
W. R. Gilley. 'Hnone it-i-
J.  R. Gilley, 'Hnone 1-4-9
Gilley Bros,
Healers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also anents B. C. Pottery C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents vancouvei' Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-0
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
evergreen ani gold-
Ornamental trees ami shrubs in great varli
en from :: to :"> feet.   Roses, paeonles,  rhododendrons,
green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Tynehead   Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B. C. '���'
The   Orliiin   of   V in.lfi.ll.
The origin of the expression "windfall," which is used when one wishes
to refer to a streak of good luck, dates
bak to the time ..r William the Con-
qu"ror. At that time It was a criminal
offense to cut timber in the British forests without royal consent. All that
could be gathered for fuel or other
purposes was such limbs as Uie wipd
should happen to break and cast to the
ground On this account the peasants
hailed a great windstorm as a blessing, because it was apt to cast enough
ef "windfalls" for winter firewood.
From this old time forestry custom
come3 the modern application of the
expression. At one time it was decreed
that only such limbs and whole trees
as should fall during the three summer
months could be used as firewood, but
the unjustness of the act was so plainly appareht that no attempt was ever
mil* to enforce it.
the eye or sneez*. ff there happens to
be a Cleopatra in Muscat she will never fascinate any Antony by the beauty
of her well shaped nose, for It is kept
In a specially made, ugly case, In which
lt ls impoaslbls to tell its shape. But
with all its faults this is a far better
system than that of cutting off tho nose,
as men in tbe Cangra district in India
are wont to do when any of their
speuaes bare proved too fascinatlng.-
SprnUlna  Their  Mladi.
The queer thing about the people
who boast of always speaking thelr
minds is that they nearly always have
such disagreeable minds to speak. Did
you ever bear any one preface a compliment, a commendation or anythioi
gracious or pleasant by saying, "I
ways must
uu's Life.
speak my  mind?'
Tlie- W��rrylnit  liable.
I asked a physician what cure he
would suggest for the worrying habit
'I would prescribe common sense," bo
said. "And if a man or woman hasn't
got a stock on hand and can't cultivate
one no doctor cau g.ve it to him or
her. This worrying nonsense grows.
The best means to cure it lies ln tlio
hands of the woman herself. If she
will Just call a little common sense to
her aid, resolve not to borrow trouble,
to be cheerful and think upon the best
side of things, she will live longer am!
retain her beauty longer. Every woman wants to keep beautiful to the last.
Why does she taku the course which la
sura to make her yellow skiuued, dull
eyed and thoroughly unlovely?"
Why, Indeed?
On  the Common 11l*_w-y.
We are learning that a standard of
social ethics is not attained by traveling a sequestered pathway, but by
walking on the thronged and common
road where all must turn out for one
another, nnd at least see tlie size of one
another's burdens.���Jane Ad.lams.
A I'ily Indeed,
Bnipklns Oust returned from Italy.���
And so, you see, I did not "see Naples
and die." Miss Awtly Bored (absently)
���What a pity.
Until comparatively recent times the
��nly barrow was a large pile of brush
or tree branches, draggeel acro-i t_��
field i.y a team of oxeu.
N.ziled  Women  of Mnac-at.
Women of the better class in Muscat
a!! w^ar muzzles, which barely allow
then_ to. open tlie mouth pr see with
By six causes a fool may be known:
Anger without cause; speech without
profit; change without motive; Inquiry
without an object; putting trust lu a
Stranger, and wanting capacity to distinguish between friend and foe.
lie MUnnderatood.
Mr. Simpson���Sam. Is It true thai you
confiscate your neighbors' chickens!
Sam- No, sab; I fricazecs 'em.
Be sure no man was ever discontented with tlie world who did his duty in
real Wallpaper Sale!
A  Polish   Sport.
One >t Uie favorite sports of a I
country gentleman is to capture a
;alive, and ns Ins mod* of doiug II   i.s
probably aew to many Dbgllshm -n I
���will briuBy describe it A wolf being
driven iulo tlie open, the well mounted
horsen n pursues it, armed onlj wit!
a loir; "':ip and some rope. Tin- wolf
efte't . in* trie,, to i ike rest, beit the
rider forces ll on with hu whip tilt,
after repeated attempts nt rest, ll sinks
exhausted. Tbe rider then springs
fii.ui ta ��� hors���  i'liup. astrld I Hi" ��� ol
nnd. holding ii liv i: i ,,  ������ ,        ||
with uit- rop" Mosl ai.mi require the
assistance of n mounted companion
who ties tbe wolf while the other li ild <
lu ears ".villi both bands, and in this
way tin. .��� ij��� tiii.- i- mill' irativelj ��� i ���
but to do il siugl ��� hand 'd Is i el IB u
feat. Nasty bites and even dangerous
Wounfis result should He hunter bavo
Odscab'iinied tin- strength of th" ani-
fiiiei. No one, however, ls considered i
perfect sportsman un he has done this
yet many never succeed, of tlie largo
party assembled only our bolt, two of
Bis stalwart brothers and one other
Suaa in.I obtained this blue ribbon o.'
PeiitU sport
Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
I Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc.
At Cost for Cash i
C��-t*rr ��., I ll.-, nnlnlr Pupil.
4n Old pupil of Couture tells how the
Master cinne [_to  Ins  s.'hoolro.iin  oue
duv when (lie model was in exceptionally good condition, the light especl illy
.tine and the circumstances of tho  ic
j so.es altogether auspicious,    As li" en
| terett on>- of tbe students got up and
j Went to the tub of water ln tho C ii'ti-i
lesvlat- all tin- rssl   burled  in  iii.-u
��� work. "What lire you going to dot"
asked Couture roughly, Tlie slmle'iit
Hhowt-d his hands, which had some
paint on them, iinel replied that he was
going to wash Hi.-in. Couture dabbed
his niBib In sain - paint ou the paletl '
Of tht nearest Student and mad - ..
sm.-iir on the dainty pupil's forehead
''Vend belter wash your face, too."
In- sB.d, Tlie face washing was the
l"-t i ��� t of the Students when they Iii '���
flnlabf-d their work for tlie day. The
daint]  pupil took the hint to heart, i
(polOflMq and as! down at his Oasel '
Iviihout Visiting tha lull. If he hud |
not dOBC so he would never bftVfl en '
tored the school na tin
\ cry neat 5c to 7 L-2c m papers for roll 4c
9 in. borders to match, per yd -      1 l-2c
Manj very handsome tri es and floral designs in
all colors, regular ri - " L-2c, LOc, 12 l-2c, 10c
Sale prices, per rol 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to m    .. ;' r   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices
Sale prices
L8-in. Freizes to match, per yd
Sale prices, per yar I
25c to 40c
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 20c
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful  line of  American  pressed  goods;
regular$1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
L8-in.    Frieze to match;    regular 35c pvr yard
20c a yard
i or
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all pot to go and go quickly. We
have just opened a fine line of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.   Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good stall' of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
808 Pender St., Vancouver
Opp. People's Theatre.     :        Same Prices Apply to'Mail Orders
K&tMtt*   '  '-' .'i._-:, ���;_."' ���"'�� tWfflSWmb I
den fi
Publication Begins
April 3rd, 1906
A Clean, Newsy,
Reliable Paper
Just the Paper for the Farmer
and Rancher
Market Report, the
Market Prices, Mining
News, Lumber News,
Poultry and Stock Reports
and a Query Column, edited by a Reliable Veterinarian.
The City News will also be briefly and correctly
We will have correspondents in all nearby
towns and will cater to
your wants in every manner possible.
The Weeky News Costs
Per Year
The Daily News
Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sixthjand Front Streets,
New Westminster, B. C. p
FRIDA./,   MARCH   23,   1906.
I Will You Use Paint? Local News Briefly Told
If no, vou will want the besl Painl there is and that I.s
Sherwin-Williams Prepared Paints, and for ihat reason, it
it will be the bes   Painl tor, you to use.
K. W. V. i- r. n.' of ihe parent materia! aiul Wisll till)
greatest care In manufacturing, li gives the longest wear
and satisfaction always. Behind ii in years of honest paint-
making. We bai ��� a strong proposition tor you. You will
find it worth youi while to paint your house with S. W. P.,
Do you wan! ,1 . know why'.'    Then call ui
Kirk's Hardware.
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���Visible Writing
Booksellers, Stationers, Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
I Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. ��
Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,     |
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. >;
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. ;���;
Picture Framing. !*i
Columbia Street.     -    Telephone 176. |
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Is a*nne, tough quick
prying, durable varnish
for new and old, hard and
and soft wood floors and
Wood work. Comes in
natural and twelve colors
Our line of Paints, Var-
hislv..-. Oils, etc.. is un-
���ually complete and include'-' the best known
brand.-. Nothing chean but the price.
Tn .   ���" it time you need anything
-B our . ne. Try a can of Jap a Lac.
T.J. Trapp & Co,^
Largest  Stock   in  the  City.
Mounted     In   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come  and   Inspect  Them.
-^r������srr, W. C. Chamberlin
DIAMONDS I    The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
-The City Grocery-
Good Potatoes $1.00 per sack
Fresh stock of flower and garden
seeds just arrived.
, Telephone 97.
M. Kusha was a passenger to Armour'.-, Landing on tho Beaver this
G. A. Boyle returned home to Matf'l
shal I  handing near  Mt.   Lehman  on
the Beaver this morning.
Gilley Bros.' steamer Flyer Is expected in from Ladysmlth today with
a scow of coal for her owners.
11. Webb, of Sardls, returned home
i this moraine after attending the stock
: sale of the past two days.
A car loud of bides  were received
' here from Kamloops today, hilled to
II. Rosen, New Westminster.
Owing to the death of the late K. .1.
Hull, there will be no Industrial
school tomorrow.
George Adams tills morning unloaded a car of augur which he received
from the B. C. Sugar refinery at Vancouver.
X. McDonald returned home to .Nit-omen Island today, and took with him
a Shorthorn hull purchased al the recent stock sale,
.1. McGillvray   returned    home    to
Clinton today taking with him seven
pun- bred bulls purchased al yesterday's siock sale.
Mrs. Smith of Jubilee, returned from
a visit to Ladner today, a passenger
on tlie Transfer.
Two of the Steinbek's crew are
sirk in the hospital and will not be
able to accompany their vessel on lis
homeward  bound  trip.
Al the C. P. It. frelghi sheds today
a car of corn was received from Shore-
ham, Miss., and two cats of coin from
Calgary. The coin will be sent on to
A ladies' watch which was found
on the street a few clays ago will be
returned to its rightful owner, If the
latter will call at the city treasurer's
office, and  prove property,
The sailors on board the Steinbek
were busy this morning overhauling
the vessel's sails and putting things
ln readiness for sea. The Steinbek
may get away tomorrow.
The steamer Butte, is tied up at I
Gilley Bros" wharf anil is unloading
a cargo of cement, from the Vancouver Portland Cement works at Todd
W, Mawhlnney of Portage la Prairie
was a visitor in the city today ou his
return  east.   He  may   eventually  re-!
turn lo the west with his family and
make his home here.
A. C. Wells ane! son, returned home
to Chilliwack on the Beaver this
morning. They look with them an
Ayrshire cow purchased at yesterday's
slock  sale.
Mrs. Moffat t of Chilliwack returned
from Ladner Inlay after spending a
short time with friends at that place.
She will continue her journey homewards tomorrow morning.
.1.   Weill won h  Hill  has  arrived  ini
ibis ciiv with a car load of household
effects  from  Ontario  und   will   make
liis  home  in   the  New   Westminster
is also president of the Farmer's Cooperative  society.  In  Chilliwack  they
lave a grocery store in working order
and also handle flour and feed in such
u manner Hiat the farmers ol the district rea,'. considerable benefit therefrom. The store has been running for
about nine months and although there
has been considerable up hill work in
Connection with it, its promoters are
satisfied that it has come to stay. Mr.
McQueen Is also president of the Chllllwack Liberal association, and states
that the association is doing gooel
The electrical properties ot amber
were known to the Greeks before the
Christian era. Electricity takes Its
name from tbe Greek word for amber.
Gilbert ln 1(100 was the first to employ
th* terms "electric force" and "electric
attractions." Iu 1748 Franklin's electrical researches hud progressed so far
that he killed a turkey by the electric
spark and roasted it by a a electric
Jack before a fire kindled by the electric bottle, and in 1752 by means of the
kite experiment he demonstrated the
Identity of electricity ami lightning.
The first magneto-electric machine waa
made at Paris by Pixii In IS.".; the
first telegraph line in the United
States was set up between Washington
and Baltimore in 1844; the first submarine cable was laid between England und France in 187>e>. As early as
1802 Sir Humphry Davy proeluced an
electric light with carbon points ou almost the same principle us that now
employed. The first electric railway
on the continent of Europe was built
by Siemens at Berlin In 1881, tbe first
in England was constructed in 188-'.
and in America tbe first electric line
was built in 1885.
lt.o,al Read*.
People will dlscovei ut last that royal roads to anything can no more be
laid in irpu than they can in dust; that
there are, In fact, no royal roads to
anywhere worth going to; that if there
were it would that Instant cease to be
worth going to���I mean so far us the
things to be obtained ure in any way
estimable iu terms of price, for there
are two classes of precious things in
the world���those that Uod gives us for
nothing���sun, air and life, both mortal
life and immortal, and the secondarily
precious things'which he gives us for
a price. These secondarily previous
things, worldly wine und milk, can
only be bought for definite money.
They never cau be cheapened. No
cheating nor bargaining will ever get
a single tiling out of nature's establishment ut half price. Do we wuut to be
strong'.' We must work. To be hungry? We must sturve. To be happy?
We must be kind, To be wise? We
must look and think.���Buskin.
Boys  of   No.  2   Hall   Present   William'
Lyle With Chain and
Locket. ,
This morning the boys of No. _ flre
hall, called their forces together in
honor of William Lyle who recently
severed his connection with the bri-
gade. By previous arrangement, Mr.
Lyle was on hand and was asked to
face Captain Reld. The bold captain,
who shines as an orator as well as a
fire tighter, maele kind reference to
Mr. Lyle's four and a half years service among them, nnd testified |io
his efficiency as a man and his value
as a friend and companion. Mr. Lyle
was then presented with a handsome
gold chain and locket, on the latter'
Of which Mr. Lyle's initials were'
tastefully engraved.
Mr. Lyle recently bought out the
Fashion Livery stable and through
Captain Reld. his companions took
this method of formally bidding him'
g.....I bye and wishing him good luck
in his latesl venture.
a i-nir or codfflimr,
A man with a curious fondness for
Skullcaps wus the Abbe de St. Martin,
Who, In the seventeenth century, made
himself ridiculous by his vagaries. He
always wore nine of these articles to '
keep off Uie cold anil, furthermore, nine
pairs of stockings. His mode of passing the night was more remarkable
still. He caused to be constructed for
himself a bed of ricks, benenth which
was a furnace, so arranged that he
could regulate it to the degree of
warmth he might require, and his bed
was fitted with only a very small opening, through which the abbe used to
creep when be retireel to rest at night.
Even more ludicrous was the con-
trtvance which the great French mathematician, Fourier, designed and used
for the protection of his health. He incased himself In a species of box, the
Ulterior of which, by some mechanical
means, was kept at the only temperature at which he felt be could live without Inconvenience. While enveloped In
this clumsy affair he was necessarily
confined to one spot, but he provided
means for the freedom of his head and
hands. Even the ills of asthma and
rheumatism, one would have thought,
were preferable to existence under such
circumstances as tills, but the French
mathematician, we must believe, was
of a different opinion.���London Stand-
How About tiiat Sideboard ?
Our line is complete.    We have a splendid <_"| r
��ine   Al   Large  Elm  Board   from,   each, ��M��> Up |
We have two or three splendid large Intension '
Tables, regular $17.50 and &.00 line^ we a��K [
ing out at $12.50.
You may need one.    Don't miss this opportunity
We sell Liquid Veneer makes old furniture look
new���10c. and 50c per bottle.
234 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Frort   Street,.  Uupont   Block,
Headquarters for
Fruits and Vegetables
You can always depend on gettiig Uie a,1Pgt quaiity o(
Fruit at the lowest prices here. Finest. Naval Oranges, 25c per
doeen; Washington Apples anil Coldstream ldach Apples. Co-
coanuts, 10c each.
Vegetables ��� Freshest ami best Asparagus, J n.s. for 25c:
Radishes, 5c per bunch; celery, 15c per head; iweel Potatoes
5c per lb;  Rhubarb, 1 lbs. for 25c.
ROOMS TO LET���Apply to 315 Carnarvon  street, near Sixth street.
WANTED���Second hand Chatham Incubator and brooder.    Box 5.r>7,Ctty.
To Let���Furnished rooms with board
if desired, Apply Mrs. 1). D. Taylor,
corner Carnavon and 8th street, city
B ,  property on the Porl Moody Road, li  will double in prico
m soi ii aa the B, 0. K. Rallwaj Is const met ed.
7 acres, B cultivated and fenced;  soil black   loam,   ti roomed
hoi i. pantry, barn, stable, chlekenhouse,    126 trull    trees,   E
mi''   In gooseberries, black and red currants, strawberries, black-
lll'l l ' B    I lc.  guild  will.
l_   miles   from   It.   C.   hospital, in.nicy can be made off this pro-
��� pell .. 13,160, hall' cash.
' ma     l, |      *���        1       O      O Real F'slate,   Fire (II fife  'nstiranee
JmcLeod, Mark & Lo.,   ret.273.   *..,-7���,-ow*.
Gllle.     Bros.'   little   steam     launch
Hobs   has   '.ecu   moved   Into  the  slip I
at the Gilley wharf, in readiness   to
launch at five o'clock when it will be I
Hood tide.
W.  Ladner.    of    Ladner.    relumed'
home   today   on   board   Ilie-   Transfer.'
Mr.  Ladner's famous Shorthorn  bull,
Squire  Wimple, sir.'    of the Ladner
herd also went home on the Transfer. I
Guests registered al the Guichon
hole! are: B, I!. Cale, Si rat t'onl: 11. F,
Chantrell,    Douglass;      W.    A.   Toyer,
ena...nes; w. E. Barrett, Chicago; K.
P. Sternberg, Toronto; G. W. Brewster, Ladner.
Tlie Brunette Mills shipped a scow
load of luxl- limber to Sleveslon today to i.e used in the cms;ruction of
the n.w Cousin's cannery. The same
companj also shipped several car
loads of heavy timber Lo the North-
wesi  Territories today.
On account of the death of ibe late'
!!.   .1.   Hall   the   bouse  warming  social
which was to have been held In connection with the newly erected parsonage   ol   the   Wesl    Km!   Me'ihoellsl
church,  lias    been   postponed    until
Monday  night,
.1. Thompson, who nl his ranche al
Chllllwack,  makes    a    specialty    of
Yorkshire, and ('hosier white pigs, re-J
turned home on the Beaver today,
inking with lit tn three pure bred Ayrshire cows, purchased al yesterday's
stock sale,
A largo consignment Of wooden
pipes   were   taken   to  Chllllwack   thla
morning on the Beaver, They came
over   by   the   electric   railway     from
Vancouvei' yesterday, and will be used
for the extension of the Chllltwaokl
j water mains.
The Transfer came In  al   the usual
early market day hour and hnd a large
list of passengers, Among them were
Ti iiaiidi'iiiii. A, Coleman, W. Brew.
sti'i, Mrs. Kcegan. l.udiu'i ; Miss
(ini.lion, Port Guichon; Mrs. Held, If.
Kerr, II. Kreach, Mrs. Whitwnrlh.
Ladner; Miss Glllaiiih'r, Sunberiy: P,
Swanson, (!, Q under Son, 11. ('. Cannery.
A, C. MoQUOen was one of Ilie
Heaver's up river passengers tills
in.lining. Mr. McQueen's home Is In
Ilie Chilliwack district  where lie runs
n well equipped ranoh.   Mr. McQueen
Thr Tip -f thr  Allium,.r< Tall.
A great delicacy in Florida, according to the Cleveland Lender, is tlie tip
of an alligator's tail. It tastes like
frogs' legs, though a bit more gamy.
Alligator tails are best just after the
riceblrd season. The big alligators
float In the water with only their eyes
showing. When they see a flock of
these fat, juicy little birds they dive
to the bottom. Their loug, wide snout
scoops up some of the loam, and they
tlont to the surface ngain with just the
rich soil showing. The birds think it
is an island. They alight upon it.
When the whole family is there the Uig
reptile turns suddenly. Just as the
hlrds scramble off he opens his mouth
once. Tbey are gone. The birds are neat
little feeders, and the alligator is an
epicure at this time of the year. Tbe
riceblrd diet makes the tip of his tail,
of which he ls most vain, tender and
Vitality of a FroK'a Heart.
There is no living creature, according
to a Philadelphia surgeon, that has a
heart with so much vitality as a frog,
especially the species commonly known
as the water frog. It Is generally
known that the aepiatic frog will survive for months after the hind legs
have been removed. Of course he cannot hop about as he could before losing
his principal means of transit, but hi.
fore legs help him to crawl wherever
he desires to go. When I began to learn
surgery I made a special dissection of
a frog one day. I laid the various part*
of the body on a table and discovered
that life was extinct within a few
bonrg in every organ except the heart.
The heart showed valvular motion for
a day after it had been severed entirely
from the body. I am not aware that
any other creature's heart Is possesses!
of  such  vitality.
For Sale���Old papers suitable for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
LOST���Monday, a small, long-haired
poodle; answers to the name of
Dodo; anyone returning it to Mrs.
(!. Muuday at. Sapperton, will be
suitably rewarded.
For  Sale���Two fine Jersey cows, and j
one  Shorthorn, fresh  milking. One
two  year old  heifer,    and  one six
months. Apply W. H. Madill, Douglas  Road, or Daily News office.
Lost���On Third avenue between 1 tit ll
and Oth street a pair of gold rimmed glasses, with double lens. Finder please return to Mrs. D. Welsh,
US Mowette sireet.
Take notice thai the Great West'
Packing Company Limited have deposited plans an.l application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, British Columbia, on tlie foreshore^ of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 13, Block :'.. North Range 7.
Dated al New Westminster, B. C,
ibis 15th  March. 1906.
A Fneueeu. Dvrarf.
Geoffrey Hudson, the famous dwarf
of Charles I., wns Introduced at court
during tlie festivities attending the
coronation, By an odd conceit he waa
concealed In a cold pie, the crust of
which being removed disclosed the
dwarf fully dressed and making his
bow to the king and queen. At the
age of twenty be was eighteen inches
high, but before attaining the age of
thirty lie grew several Inches additional. Geoffrey, like most dwarfs, was
of limited Intelligence, but of intense
vanity and large self conceit. It is as-
scrte.l by many scientific authorities
that this is a characteristic of dwarfs.
Tin-   Th<-nt,-r   of   Dlony.tiM.
What was probably one of the earliest theaters built was the theater of Dionysus, which was begun live centuries
before Christ. The seining capacity of
this remarkable building is saiei to have
ben 80,000,   The theater of Dionysus
was erect.-il when Greek art ami literature were in their prime.    Here were
presented  to appreciative  spectators
the   wonderful   works   of   Aeschylus,
Sophocles and Kuripile's.
The Earth', s.vln   M-.Ho.
Everybody knows that the earth
makes one complete revolution on its
axis once In each twenty-four hours,
but few, however, have any idea of the
high rate of speed ot which such an Immense ball must turn in order to accomplish the feut of making ono revolution iu a day and a night. A graphic
idea of the terrific pace which the old
earth keeps up year after year may be
bail by comparing its speed to that of
n cannon ball tired trom a modern high
pressure gun. The highest velocity ever
attained by such a missile has been estimated at 1,628 feet per second, which
Is equal to n mile In 3 2-10 seconds.
The earth in making one complete
revolution In the short space of twenty-four hours must turn with a velocity
almost exactly eiiuul to that of the
cannon ball, ln short. Its rnto of speed
at the equator is exactly 1,B07 feet per
second, This Is equal to 17 miles a
The Westminster Lacrosse Club
Will Be Held in the
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last year the Finest Crops io B.
C. were produced from our seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
B.-K. S50
CITY    HALL,      Burnaby Municipality
Friday, March 23rd,' 06
At 8 P.M..
During the time of mai:.iu' (he
issessnient the office will be closed
iaon  Tuesday,  Thins '.n   and  Friday.
.       _ ~ from Feb. 2') to M'.i'-c'i .91, bota in-
Everybody   Come. c'ualve
Mn.'.Hirnttlntf   III....
Mr. I'aliitari   Miss Brightly, I���aw���
that  Is-Mabel.   1   er   desire  to-aw���
really���  Miss Brightly���Keep right on,
Mr. Fainturl; I'll consider your proposal und have my answer ready by tho
time you have got It out of your system.
The   ll���r_l..r'w   (ira.p.
"Did It ever strike you that a burglar of all men Is most sensitive to tbe
Illness of thingsV"
"Can't Bay It ever did. How do you
make lt out';"
"He always throws light on bis shady
transactions   With   a  dark   lantern."
On oih.-r Mulct..
Mr. Qoodthlng - How does your sister like the engagement ring I gave
her, Bobby? Her Young Brother-
Well, it's a little too small. She has
au awful hard time getting it off when
the oilier fellows cull.
I'rrfnmr of Flnwera.
It  Is  Claimed   that  the  perfume of
flowers   disappears   as   soon   as   the
���torch in the petals ls exhausted, nnd
It may, It Is said, be restored by placing the Bowers in �� solution of sugar,
when the formation of starch and the
emission of fragrance will be at once
Some ll��-,lii��'ll.����.
"Then the doctor didn't succeed In
reducing your weight'.'"
"Why, not very much, but he left
me with quite an attenuated pocket-
Venlrllaqnlnltl  In Ilie   nn.w.
Ventriloquism, which is described ��s
"speaking from tlie belly," has Its first
historio mention, as far OS wo are
aware, In Isninh xxi-t, 4, "And thou
shalt be brought down and shall speak
out of tho ground, and thy speech shall
be low out of the dust, and thy voice
shall be ns one that hath a fiimillnr
spirit, out of the ground, nnd thy
speech shall WhWpor out of tlio dust."
White Wyandottee���Dustonstran that
are while and good layers. Eggs
12.00 per sitting. Utility siock.
Lawrence' A. .b.'insi.n. 1027 Queen's
BI Si\ili stra. ���
Wanted���A  brlglll  be !   to We   ll In office. Apply Dolly News,
Tooke's Chamberlain (a double collar), in 1 1-2,
1 3-4 and 2 inches in height.
Sparta���a new turn-down collar with extra
long points.
Varsity -a new turn down collar with short
round points.
Any of the Above Collars 15c Single. 2 for 25c.
WANTED���QOOll bbj for office and
store work, flood wages to right
boy. Apply Dally  News office.
"    150J.
Sporting News f
and Comment.
I       and Comment.       ���
��� ���
Football   Decisions   Tomorrow.
The Columbian College eleven, of
New Westminster and the Shamrock
Intermediates eel' Vancouver will meet
tomorrow in the Una! inaicli for the I
championship "i Mi.' Mainland. The
winning team will represent the Main
land association in Uie matches fori
the Provincial championship, which
will be played at Victoria nexi month.
The final association football Championship "match of the season will be
play.d tomorrow afternoon ai lirock-
lon Point, the contesting teams being
ihe- Celtics, champions of tbe- Mainland assoclalton nnd the Bhamrocks.
The ball will be kicked uff al .: o'clock
The Celtics will line up as follows:
(iciiU, Hose; full-backs, Me.rib an.l
Scon; half-backs, .layit���������, Sawyer ami
Risk; forwards, Stewart, MoCollum,
Crawford, Anderson and Robertson;
reserves, Lane and Loutet; linesman,
Nolan   Bars   Gans
New York. March 22.���"As long as 1
am managW of Hauling Nelson,' said
Hilly Nolan, "he will neveir flghl .hie-
Gans. If he does, .Nelson and 1 will
part  forever,"
This was an answer which Nolan
gave lo the question put io him regarding Whether .Nelson would light
Gans for a (25,000 purse which iho
Tuxedo Athletic club of Bssengton,
Pa., has offered for a bout between
these i wo fighters.
"Is Nelson to engage in any three-
round bouts tn this ciiy'.'" Nolan ��.-_��
"If there's money in ii for Nelson
he will, but as 1 would demand that
the Dane get as much money for twix-
ing three rounds as he would for taking part In a twenty-round battle, 1
suppose there is no chance of any
club's match-maker offering Ne.lson
$15,000 to bax"' replied Nolan.
"What -was thi
son received  for    ^^^^^^^^^^
Govern ?"
"If you really want to know, Kelson's share of the receipts was $11,-
77V xeifltea ."Nolun.
"How about a match between Tammy Mur nny and Nelson?"
"If Murphy heats At tell, we will
consider him, but until then Murphy
has no chance of geiting a bout with
Nelsan," naid   Nolan.
vs.   Rae   was   droppeiV   Mr.   Brydi.ne
.lack attacked the action of the municipality, as irregular, but His Lord-
ship ruled Uia1 the writ, as i; stood,
was valid.
Reporter's Theft Case.
Toronto, March 22.���It hi    t
t.i traverse to the nc-st
'       ol A. Me-  of permanence of type
i. Fisher, report, r,      o&    >
B    '  .
ol   i
��� lltor    of    tha
In c
confide ���   ;;       , the
of  .ho Ontario ^overtime...
G?tE $15,000'-Damages,
le,    .'     "..,    Mwch    22
:.        ..',.'. In the
emploj   o    tb   i ire     Northern  Rail-
.-..��� g   i warded   $15,0 10  dai
; - ��� of,   the
i   .        .   thla i ornlng as the re
It t      ��� broui hi bj him to n
n  elved  while al
t>rm'.rni> ,,
Cormorants are fa-.- tlio largest and
, most striking iu appearance of our common English sea fowl A male cormorant is a yard, long and very strong
and heavy, and. though in..re quaint
than beautiful, whether flying, diving
or sitting on tbe rocks or buoys, it is
a far more Interesting creature than
the sea gull���a wonderful Instance of
court   adaptation of form to special needs and
enduring from
remote ages, for the fossil cormorant
hardly differs from those which are
now fishing from the cliffs In which
their petrified ancestors are Imbedded,
Our common "great l.la.k cormorant"
is not only the most representative type
of bis family, but a link with the Inhabitants of the shallow Beas of both
the old and new worlds. He is found
throughout Europe, in north Africa,
Egypt and the greater pari of Asia, |_
eastern North America and, a little
changed by distance, in New Zealand
and Australia. 'Lastly lie is the only
bird except the hawks and falcons
Which i.s trained to assisl man in the
capture c.r living prey, and In this vocation he is of ail birds, by sense,
in.leery and affection, Incomparably
the best.���London Spectator.
Territory, ire open to prospecting for   p*-
petroleum,  and  the  minister  may  re-
  1 serve   for   an   individm!   "r   company
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal having machinery on the land to be
-i ��.: 1_ nnn:ninn lands in prospected, an area oi  iojo acres ie.r
mch  period  ss  he   i le,  the
length i >i which I three
m��i    r~   , ,   j i      ������r times tlie breadth
COAL��� Coal   aimls  may    be    pur-
... , '    ���  ,, pect r  disc      i paying   quaii-
. based at Sto pi r soft coal ' ....
, v   V ��� \- .      ... tun'-, and -a such
ainl   >_'o   tor  a        ��� ite.      Not   more
discovery, an  area  not  exceeding    no
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
Poisoned   Ey   Candy.
Barltngton,    Vt���    March   22.    Pour
cases ..:   poisoning apparentlj   due to
" candy, are being Investig ite 1
he autho i;le    In   Northern   Ver
Threi   deaths    have ... curred,
am! one case' of severe lllm ss,  sup
posi ! to be due to poisoning ol iliis
se..-'.   is repotted.
Hoggatt For Alaska.
Washington, March 21.���The nomination  of  Wilford   B.   Hoggatl   io  be
governor of Alaska was confirmed by
the sen: t. i.i.lay without opposition.
The secretary of the im trior has received a telegram from Mr. Iloggatt,
saying thai he will arrive here March
Kraut's Chances.
Harry Kranl will flghl George Herberts at   Vallejo,  Cal.,  m-xt   Monday
night at  142 pounds.    This will be the
eWbnnU Mile- Fixed Hatal Prlcaa.
Before, during and for a time after
the Revolutionary war the courts of
the commonwealth used to fix the
prices of tavern board and liquor, so
when lhe sojourning stranger from
afar struck UlcUmond he could pretty
nearly know what "horse feed and
amount which Nel- breakfast" cost. There was also an
the bout with Me- assize of bread as well as of drink.
The price of bread was regulated by
the price of wheat. A fourpeuny white
loaf, a twopenny white loaf, a four-
penny brick loaf aud a fourpeuny
brown loaf had each to weigh so much,
according as tbey had other ingredients mixed with flour, ln those days
a "Boston biscuit" costing 1 cent bill
to weigh six ounces and two drams
and- so on. The connection between a
loaf of bread aud sixty pounds of
wheat at so much per bushel hu*.
grown beyond tlie grasp of the modern
mind. However, in the old lime in
Virginia the custom of regulating the
price, or, rather, the weight, of a loaf
of bread by the price of the wheat of
which it was made was universal.   So
The  WllCS <>f llC'.'lNlM   of  rn-y.
Tin- panther cm the plains ot Patagonia gets as near a herd Of guanacs
. as it can. then lies ei..�� n behind a bush
on its l.a.k. li i tits ..nc paw up In 1 lie
air, then another, ihen the third nnd
fourth au.i after a bit all tour al once.
That seems carious to the guanacosi
and tbey come close to Investigate. 1'p
jumps the panther und lights on the
nearest one's back ami lireaks its ne.-k.
A fox up in Neva Scotia conies down
to the bay of I'midy and goes jumping
along tlie beach a collide of rods and
back again, rising on Its liiud legs at
each about face and waving its big
tail in the uir. The little flock of four
or five Canada geese out ou tlie water
begin to wonder what can lie Ihe mutter with the fox. They swim up into
tbe shallow water to investigate, when
iu dashes the fox and grabs one by
the neck. The men have taken advantage of this trick and have trained dogs
to do as the fox does. For lack of a
dog men themselves have ambled about
ou their hands and knees to attract the
than po acres can I e acquired bj one
I.i lividual  or  c u      nj
the rate ot ten cents per ton of
pounds shall be.
QUARTZ���.Perse ns     of     eigl
years and ..ver and .-��� int stock com-
I        . holding free miners' certi
maj   obtain entry  for a mining
A free miner'-      "
for one or more '      cdmfi
live, upon payment in advance oi $7 .->'
per annum for an individual, am
$50 to $ioo per am um for .  - -
according to capital.
\   free   miner,   having   di
mineral in place, may locate ���> dte'ni
[500X1500   feet   by   marking   OUt   the
same  with  two  legal  posts,  1"
location notices, 1 ne at each cue! 01
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days ii ocated within ten mi es
of a mining recoi ler's office, one ad
ditional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction, lhe
fee for recording a 1 bum is $5-
\t least it-ioo must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator   may,  upon   having  a  survey
acres. :,  will be
sold i" the 1 n -; ei tor at  the rate of
Si an acre, and the remainder of the
reserved,   namely,   1280
will I- ...
subject t" royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
\V. W. CORY,
e  Minister ��� ;  thi   In
11. pi   li".-
Kid's tougliest .fight, for Herberts is a  far as liquor wns concerned, the courts
lot   used to ti.x not only the price of a siu-
,],,.  gle drink, a quart or a gallon of  the
stuff, but also "a gorum of punch."
'lie,    li
stiff puncher, and he knows
aboul ihe game. If Kranl wins In de-
decisive fashion his slock will go
soaring and there is some talk ol
matching him with Willie Fitzgerald,
the light to take place at Pleasanl
Beach some time nexl month. Kranl
has a host of friends In Seattle, his
liome ciiy.
Beats  Mexican  Kid.
Percj Cove knocked mn the Mexican Kid at Everett Wednesday nlghl
in the lenlh round. The Mexican Kid
hail it on Percy for weight ami
strength, but the human lath was
there With the know how. The Kirby
Kiel was referee, and after counting
out  the Mexican    Kid he challenged
Cove.     Percy   shoulil   heal   lhe   Kirl.y
Kiel any lime he wants to.
Nelson  and  Herrera.
Hauling   Nelson   and     Au
1. ra   have  been   matched   ti
rounds  at   Los   AngeleB  during    the
Fiesta   week   in   May.   The   boys   will
weigh In al   3 o'cloc ; al  133 pounds,
Fiesta   week   is     .May   7lli   lo   12th,
when ih" Shrlners ot the United
States will be at Lob Angeles, Hi in
and Kid Herman have a date early
In  the  week  and  lhe  Nelson Hoi n
battle will 1'   .   1 i aboul Muj  12th.
They   wlll   bogln   ti  Inlng   nol   h	
than April 20tB
Bill on  Masters and Mates Certificates
Passes   Second   Reading.
Ottawa, March 22.- Mr. Lancaster
secured the second reading of a hill
today, which provides that Masters
and Mates' certificates ill Canada lie
only granted the Canadians, the same
as in the United States.
Want Experimental Farm.
Ai a meeting of ihe Okanogan board
of trade held em Friday of last week
there was a si rung resolution Introduced and passed respectfully urging
the Federal governmenl to take such
steps as shall lead to the Immediate
establishment of a Dominion experimental fruit farm In lhe Okunugun.
Writ  Holds Good.
Judgment was handed down by Mr.
Justice Morrison In Vancouver yesterday em the application Of a. c.
Brydone-Jack,   on  behalf   of Oeorge
Rae, lo sel aside the action of the
Municipality   of  South   Vancouver   vs.
Rae, Action was flrsl taken against
Mr. iim', when reeve of the municipality, by a ratepayer, Abraham Joyce
who alleged thai he had taken money
wrongfully from the municipality. Afterwards Un' council look the matter
|tp,  and   the  original   action  of  Joyce
When Friend. Vr<- Enemies,
"One ot our greatest trcubles is to
prevent patients from bejng killed by
kindness," said a trained nurse in oue
of the public hospitals, "(in visiting
days, when relations or friends are ud-
mltted, we have in many cases to exercise extreme vigilance. The amount of
Improper, even dangerous, food which
one able!...died relative can smuggle in
under cover of a satchel or a voluml
nous cloak is almost Incredible,
"Duly a few weeks ag.. I captured
and curried away from the bed of a
convalescent typhoid case a pasteboard
box containing two big green pickles
and a piece of exceptionally rich cocoa-
nut cake, li was the boy's mother
who brought the dainties, and presumably She did not wish to shorten her
son's days in Ilie land.
"This sort cf tiling i.s of frequent occurrence in a hospital, it is strangely
Illustrative e.f how little the average
man or woman understands the dedicate iiH'chanisni of the stomach aud
stomachic disease."
lb*-  Wonder* of Trunw����*��ltl(,a.
Tlie word "time" admits of a very
peculiar   arrangement   of   its   letters.
The four letters of the word transposed
; and read backward and forward and
up and down give four perfect English
and Latin words.   It Is said to be the
only word ln our language that will ad-
, mit of to many transpositions and ar-
. rangementa.    Note tbe oddity of tbe
square below:
The above words In English as well
as in Latin are all complete, and tbe
curious part of it is that reading them
backward and forward and up and
down gives the same result that transposing tbe letters in tbe original word
does. Their signification as Latin words
is as follows: Time, fear thou; item,
likewise; tueti, to be measured; emit,
be buys.
Carl... JPartH Abont tlie  K-a.
A very curious fact is the impossibility of moving your eye while examining tlie reflection of that organ In a
mirror. It is really the most movable
part of the face. Yet if you hold your
1 bead fixed aud try' to move your eye
while watching it yon cannot do it-
even tbe one-thousandth of au inch. Of
course if you look at the reflection of
the nose or any other part of your face
your eye must move to see it But the
strange tiling is that the moment you
endeavor to perceive tlie motion the
eye is fixed. This is one of the reasons
why a person's expression as seen by
himself in a glass is quite different
from what it is when seen by others.
$1.00 an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2'/2 per cent, of the sales
of the products  of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally arc 100 feet square, entry fee
$5, renewable yearly.
Saskatchewan River claims are ei
bar  or bench,  the  form      *   '
������ r Mr? *��^
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
Any even numbered section of Do
minion Lands in .Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting ' and
26, not reserved, may be bomesti led
by any person who is the sole head '
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter
51 ction of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the local land ofiice for the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, lie may, on application to the Minister nf the Interior,   Ottawa,    the    Commissioner    of
he  local
tie one
to make entry for him
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) nf the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the fa-
On the North  ther or mother.
 (her      (3) H the settler
er  being  100 residence  upon   farming  land  owned
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Dally SEW Daily
Leave WESTMINSTER  Arrlv ���
:���.^11 .un lib'ine.  1. "'. pm
���1 "'. pm ham,     Burling 9:20 pm
ton,   M'.   Vernon,     Evi
Seattle        aud
1   15 pi   Spoki ne,      St. 1:00 pm
Paul     md   all
points Blast.
9.20 am \nacortes, I 00 pm
Woolley,     ami'
Roe i.
3:00 pm Vance.uver
', Canadian Pacific Railway Co,
British  Columbia  Coast Line
(Subject to change without   notice,)
VICTORIA sk vi 1 1.1.  kui 11.
Princess Beoti Ice D
Leaves Port Townsena  u
I       v.- I VlctOl a 9 I   in.
Arrive Seal He .", ; . 11.
Leave Beattle U.3U a m.
Arrive Porl Towsend  is   1
I     re Victoria _t._tu p.m.
s. s. i'i Ince
Lea-. B   Vane.hu   r   1   p.  in.
Leave Victoria 1 a. m.
9 20 pm
9:20 am
1:36 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, st. Paul, Minneapolis
\\ innipeg, Duluth, Chicago, Si.
Louis and all points Blast.
For complete information,
raies. berth re et.. tlon, etc.,
call mi or address,
l'.   C.   GRIFFIN,   Age-ill.
Bank ot Commerce Building,
New   Westminster, 11. C
S. a. YERKBS,  \. 0. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seat'.!.', Wash.
a. in.,
made and upon complying with other ]mmi(,r.ui,,n   Winnipeg or tin
requirements,   purchase   the   hind   at   .1^,(.nt..Tecc.;ve authority for son
ng between high  by h'm in  the vicinity of his home
The latter in-  stead, the requirements as to residence
feet long and extending
and low water mark.    _
eludes bar diggings, but extends back  may
to the base of the hill
exceeding   1000   feet.      Where   steam
power  is  used  claims  200  feet  wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T.. excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
as his permanent and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world.     The   equipment   consists   of
be "satisfied  by  residence   upon private   compartm
ent   cars,
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       standard1
or bank, not  the said land. 16 section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining
Six months' notice in writing should  cir. reclining chair cars (seats free),
be given to the Commissioner of Do-  modern  day   coaches   and  buffet,   li-
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
VICTORIA-NEW   WliS 1 11 ,
ROI  1 1..
STlt.  ('IIAK  11 h
Li    ea Victoria, 1 a. m
and Prlda!  .
1 ���    63 New Westmn
Wi   Ine and S ll '11 d ���
Calling at Maynean a
B.8. Joan leaves Nan m
1 .-I .  Baturday and Bun 1
Baturdaj   i 0, tn,
Leaves    Vancouver
Saturday and Sundi 1   al 1.311
Baturday 2.80 p. m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria 11   p. in ..
ami ^cih of each month  .
and way points.
Leave Victoria 10th of '  1
fur Quatslno and way  polni
Leave Victoria 20th of 1
fin   Cope Sell  ami  wa;.
Iiik Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New     WOBtmln   1
Additional trip leaves New Wat
minster 6 a. in. Sunday.
Leaves   sievcsion   Monday, Tin*
day, Wednesday, Thursdaj  and Sat-
urday 7 a, m.    Friday 6 .   no,  At
ditional trip Sa urday 5 p. in.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave    New    Wesl II,i nsi 1 r   8   a,  c,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridayt
Leave Chllllwack 7 a. m. 1
Thursdays and  Batrdays, calling i
landing   between   New   Westmkiitt
and Chilliwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver  at 2 p. ra. 2$
Railway Company-
brarn and smoking cars.
For Time  Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information  call on  or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Atlantic Express  leaves   daily
---        , 15.40; has   first-class   sleepers
Placer  mining  in  the  Yukon Ter-   miners.
Tourists cars    Tor   Toronto    every
Monday and    Friday;    tor    .Montreal
AdVlcr From  Her Lnwye-r.
Timothy Coflin, who was prominent
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulch, the width being from looo to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims arc marked by two legal
posts, one at each end. bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, t.soo feet altogether, on the output on  which  no royalty    shall    be
every Wednesday and Saturday.
Seattle train leaves daily at s.'M.
For further particulars apply to
ED. coi i.k 1,
c. i'. u. Agent.
New  Westminster.
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
at'the Bristol county bar in the last   charged the rest of the party ord.n-
century, roee secured tbe acquittal of
an old Irishwoman accused of stealing
a piece of pork. As she was leaving
tbe courtroom she put her band to her
mouth und in an audible whisper said:
"Mr. Coffin, wha'll I do with the
Quickly came (he retort: "Eat It, you
fool. Tbe judge says you didn't steal
ary claims only. _
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
..f two and nne-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
iect to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrbns an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
j Northern Pacific j
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Khro-
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call On or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. ('.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P, A.
bar diggings or bench claims, except  higher and wider than in similar cars
Hammers ore represented on the
monuments of Egypt twenty centuries
before our era, Tbey greatly resembled the hammers now In use, save that
there were no .-laws on the bock for
tbe extraction of nails. The lirst hammer was undoubtedly a stone held in
the hand, claw hammers were Invented some time durlug the middle aces.
Illuminated manuscripts of tl lev-
enih century represent carpenters with
claw hammers. Hammers are e,f all
n/.i's.   from   the   dainty   Instruments
used by the jeweler.  Which  welch less
than half on ounce, to the gigantic
hammer ..f shipbuilding establishments,
some of which welgb as much as llfty
tons am! have a falling force of from
!��) to 100.   Every trade has iis own
hammer and its own way of using It.
Oil I rim, il,,- Trembled Wntc-r,..
Lady���A!1 your marine pictures represent  tlie  sea  us  calm,    Why  don't
you   paint   a   sturm   once   in   awhile?
Artist���We painters in oi'. can't paint
a   storm.     1   have  often   outll 1   a
St..1111 on tlie canvas, but as so..11 as  I
begin to spread em fhe oil colors tlie
Waves subside' nnd Hie Rea  I .nies as
calm as a duck pond,    Punch.
Wholly   1 nn ���nr,',
"Veil il'.n'l "MMi knew  how  to m ike
a lemon tart," remarked Mn- i king
School girl, with tin.- scorn.
"it isn't 11.cessary to make a lemon
tart," replied tlie oilier. All tho lemons I've ever seen were pretty larl hI-
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
dale ..i" tlie lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles nr frac-
tion thereof i- sufficient, Rental, $10
per annum f"r each mile e.i rivet
' I Royalty at the rate of two
ni'l a half per cent ciillected on the
output after ii exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yuk..n Territory
^ix leases "f live miles each may be
nti '! to   1  ire'.- miller  for a term
.'i. var-; al-.. renewable,
The lessee's right i
on   any   other   line.      They   protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection   made   with   all   transcontinental lines in Union Depots,
. II, S. ROW.E. General Agent.
134 Third St., cor Aider. Portland, Or.
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   for   PACIFIC   Coasl
i  CROWN   Card.-ii.    Field   and    Flowei
S Is.    New  crop now  iu  slock  ready
onfined to tlie for distribution;   ask your merchant
Legend of |am_nr Lake.
One of the features ..r Jeypore, in India, is Hu- wonderful Sambur salt lake,
concerning which there is a curious
legend.     The  slory   runs   Unit   an  old
fakir long ago told 01 ! the rajahs
that if be wonted to be rich he should
ride a horse as for as lie could go without once- looking back, nnd lhe land as
far as he could travel would I nne- a
Held of silver, always provided he eliel
mil turn. He rode for thirty miles,
and Ihen. curiosity overcoming him, be
looked  back,  wilh  Ilie result that In-
���tend of ihe promised Deld of silver ho
funnel a lake of salt.
A Dodsrer.
"What   started   old   I'in'lia|ienny
BtUdylUg OCCUlt science'.-"
"lie wants tO cult vale a new se-nse
so he can see a bill collector through 11
brl.'k  wall."
for I in Hi in sealed packeet-. If lie-
does not lian.il.- them we will prepay
lo your nearest postofQce, fifty r..-
paokets, mir selection of good varle-
itlos, for $i.n(�� io Introduce them,
Large   siock   m   home   GROWN
10 iii-i 11.
Is all   I  crave'." said
young   man   lo   the
"A simple look
lhe sciitiiiieiilal
"Then you'd better consult your mirror," she replied tartly.
ubmerged bar or bar- in ihe river
below low v ater mark, that boundary t.. be fixed by it-- position on the
i-l day nf August ill the year of the
date of  the  lease.
Th,.  lessee  shall have  one dredge
m   ..p.'rati.ni   within   t\\"   years   from 	
ihc date of the lease, and one dredge Fruil  ami  Ornamental Trees now  ma
for  each   five   miles  within   six  years tured for Uie spring trade,
from such date.    Rental $100 per mile     No eX|)cnse, loss or delay e,r tuml-
Yukon    I.inleery   In   be   paid   to   the       tlo_   0_   ,������,���,,.���������.
"iiiplr..Her. .   . ��� .   .   .
������������ . I     Let   1111.  price your lisl   before  plac
ing   your   order.      Oreeiiliouse   Plants,
Floral     Work,     Bee    Supplies,    Erull
Ti,*- {father ����i *Hrn<.r.
Hippocrates Is looked upon by anatomists   ns   the   father   Of   lhe   science.
lie died In !'T7 It. 0,   Tbe modern science begun  In  Italy  In  tlie thirteenth
century,   Th.' flrsl anal leal plates,
designed to show the slr.e and relative
The hatred of the vicious will do yon
ass barm  than their conversation.���
No free miner shall receive a grant
"f mure than om- mining claim 1.11
each   separate   river,   creek   or   gulch,|  	
bin  the  jarne  miner  may  hold  any I Packages, Fertilisers, etc.    Catalogue
Fur Cold  In  111"  M I.
Cold lu the head  Is not only annoying, but likely to develop Into catarrh.
ouo teaspoonful of mustard dissolved
In n tumblerful of cold water and used
as 11 gargle three times 11 day wlll often
effect   0   speedy   cure.     Ill   more   ob-
position of lhe bodily organs, were pre- I ",1"",n CMOS equal parts of loaf sugar
pared  and  colored  by  Titian,    All  Ihe   "'''    pulverized  alum  used  as 0 snuff
greal point, it and Bculptors have 1 n I wl�� "lvo 1,,8,a"t wll9f'
careful studeutfl ed' analomy.   Michael
Angelo, Uapbael and Leonardo do Vinci wore iinied for their anatomical ro-
'l'lie Sf-rliiltirnl Fathom.
The Scriptural fathom was four cu��
j bits, or about seven feet Hire* Inches,
^^^ same miner g
number of claims by purchase, ami
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same creek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and  paying a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year tu tlie value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
not, the claim  shall be deemed tn be
abondoned, onad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundorlet of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
mode   and   publishing   notices   in   the
Velum Officio! Gazette.
Petroleum All unappro'piated Dominion Lauds in Manitoba, the North'-
well Territories and within the Yukon
3010 Westminster   Hone],
Vancouver,  B. C
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter   Warren.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Ami all Un- principal business centers of
.Ms., t.. BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,   Ta   Niagara  Falls.
For Time Tal.l.,-. etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAUX,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger ami Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points cast, west and south to Uoss-
land, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane wilh the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
i& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian  Pacific  Railway for  Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at     Meyers     Falls    with
stage daily  for   Republic.
and lOih of each month calling jl
Skldegate on first trip and fWla Coo-
la on seennd trip.
Times on arrivals and departnrl
are approximate.
For Tickets, reservations and la
formation call on or address:
,i. \v. Tuorp,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
B.  J. f'OYl.E,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept,
New Wesiralnster.
Agent, New Westminster,
Trains & Steamers
Leave  New  Westminster  1!
! Arrive New Westminster
Lv. New West. . 8.30; ar. Si il ��� j
Lv.  Seattle 10;   ar.   New   (Vi  '   ll*
Lv. New West. 10.36 and 11
Ar .New  Wesl. 9.36  and  16.40.
Lv. New Westmln 'er 6.30 a iu.  _
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Beattle IP*
Lv. N. W. 4.36 pan.; ar. Seattli
l.v. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N  W   ;'.  .
l.v. Seattle 4.20 p.m.; ar. N.W. >
V.. W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and 9.36 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.in., and
(',. N, K. - POUT GUICHON'
Lv.   N.   W.  '.'.2H   a.m.;
2.2b p.m.
l.v. Guichon 2.10 p.in.
9.3a p.m.
Mondays only.
l.v.   New   West,
and  hourly  nut
hourly  between
ar. Guleboi|
ar. N- *
service   on   trains
and Nelson.
9.20 a.m. -
\2.2-, p.m. ,
9.40 a.m.  .
Sunday,   November
Day Train
. Spokane
. .Nelson .,
��� 715 p.m.
.4.10 p.m.
6.45 I'm
General Passenger Agent
5.50  a.a... 6.50 '
1!     p.e.l.      Wltll   W
12.30  and   6.30 PJ
Saturday  half-hourly  110011 to HP* I
Sun.lav  hourly    8    a.m. to UP*
with h'alf-honrlv hot. noun and i i";
l.v.  Vancouver same time 'lire*'I
Fraser River and.Gulf
Heaver ���
From N. W. Mon. Wed. !
From  Chwk.   Tu..  Th., Si
Ramona ���
From  N. W. Tu.. TI... S '
From Chwk. Sun.. Wed , Fri.,
Favorite -
From n. w. daily, ex. s ���:
From Mi. Lehman, 7 n.m,
From N. W, dally, ex, B
Add. trip, Monday, ������ a.n
From Steveston, 7 a.m, (Fri.(i
Add. trip Saturday,  a,
City ot Nanaimo���
From N. w. Sunday 7 o.m.
Prom Victoria Saturday 7 W-
Mail Service
Close. R��6lveJ
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m. ,;|.''t.
sap'n & Mllislde...l0.00p.m. ';-;'\t,.
Vancouver 10.00p.m.  9-ou"' I
Cloverdale, Blalpe,
Sea! lie, etc..   ..   Salfi n tn.    "
Van. n. Cent Park...l0.80 a.m
op.' ,
Fast Burnaby., .
Sleveslon, elc. ..
Fast, via C.F.R..
Sap., Mill, Coeftn.
Van. & Burnaby.
1IU0 n.m.
i. ir, iuu.
1,80 p.m.
;;.iin p.m.
:t.oo p.m.
:uo p.m.
10.00 a* I
1.16 P-Hl
12.00 m
6.0011'* |
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains v-M
Sunday)   carrying, passengef'j   ^U
express'  and    freight    conn'''    r.,,l
singes at CarcrOiS and W'"    .irVi,'(.|
maintaining a through wind'
For Information apply '"        .,���
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic M��n��l
Mackinnon Bldg-i   .
Vancouver, !>��� ���FRIDAY,   MARCH   23,   1906.
. _ ���
barristers, solicitors, eti        Of-
m New  We tmln ten   Ti i ip Blk.,
fccirner Clarkson and Lome Streets.
Wan.ouv.r, rooms 21 to 2 1. 446 Gran-
'.Ti:le Btree t.   J iseph Marl In, K. I ., .'.
���V     U' aC.   v..   i;.   McQu 11 lie-.   Ii.   A.
iBoiii i." Mr. Mail in wiln le- in tii .
jv\'.'.-.i ii.iii.-.;.'. . ...';. every Friday af-
jtt> noon
HOWAY, REIT) & BOWES, Barristers,   solicitors,   etc,   42   Lome
Btree-t. opposite Court House, New
Westminster. J. H. Howes, P 0. Ilox
WHITFS1DF �� EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Hlackie Blk.,
Columbia streel, New Westminster.
iff. J. Whiteside. II. !.. F.lmonds.
Rov_,l Citv rish Co"! H. MOREY & CO.. Bowser Shows
Royal C.ty F.sh Co.       Booksell_        Hjs A
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lit
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the Cifr,     Telephone 40.     P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. C.
|R. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supremo court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
Office, New WestmiiisuT. Money to
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle streets, New Westminster, It. C.
UNION LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. 4 A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
ts held on tlie First Wednesday in
each month, nt S o'clock p. in.. In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
823���One hundred and sixty acres.lieautiiuiiy situated on the
southern slope oi tne Serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting; on
Hie Clover Valley Road; near the railroad and river; goon road;
land is very productive; about 60 acres in first-class condition'.
Good and convenient nuildlngs. All JlccMsnrv Implements and stock,
This is well worth Investigation.   Price, UK) per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy. One hundred nnd sixty acres; 60
to 76 acres under tim-ciass cultivation; 9 acres under hops, aii in
good shape; lu-roomed dwelling in gooel condition, team tiiixmo; nop
kiln and baling room ln good condition; the buildings on the place
are worth at least $:i,uuo. Hertand Creek runs through the property.
This ls a most desirable farm; from $2,alio to $3,500 per year can
lie t.'iken ot't 11.    Knee, v,b00 cash.
:��?l ationers,
Wholesale and retail
217-219 ColamiV Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
In   New Weestmin��ter
He    Undertakes    to    Make    liis
Neighbors Clc-an the Snow
Off Their Walks.
Overpowered at Last by the Denizen*
at the Suburb and Dumped
/ Into a Snowdrift.
Blunt, mi ne .luiu i snow- niii.li else
���bout then ii was Mrs. Want who
answered I. - r ng.
"Madam, is your husband home?"
was asked,
""'Inn'-, ii  ii i , you?" was (be reply.
"I bavi    i . ere to collect a bill,
"i"i i am i, i a detective looking i.i
arresl him."
"And .lo you mi an to Insult us?" she
,! id as she looked around for a
"By no means. | simply wanted lo
ask your husband when he was going
to clean tlie snow ..(T his sidewalk."
"Oh, 1 see. An.| is (hat any ef vour
business? Ho you think that we' nre
Idiots or children that we can't attend
to our own affair-.?    If  my  husband
was I ie he'd give you a lift into the
Sportsman  Wa.its to  Se-
���Vloving    Picture  of
G,'izjly   Hunt.
i;"v"      March  21.-C. Deutsch-
""'"' O'scoverer of the mammoth
,':u"s i!l ,l'i' Iclnlty, returned las.
B,-W f"���� Wa nil, to New York and
Boston where he went to assist the
P. R. in their exhibit and supply of
",""l",;ui""   "<>t��re   the   Sportsmen's
fb ;'.'  ,Mi "Mual   exi, um at
If your husband WM home I'd tell   New York m\ Boston,   He sue, _ed
I carry the most complete,
stock in the City.    Spring
designs arriving daily.
mouldings and plate rails.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian  Block
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in each month In
Masonic Temple, at X p. in. Visiting brethren are cordially invited
to alien.I.    11.  W. Gilchrist, Sec.
j Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
[Copyright, MO',, hy Mrc'lure, PlulliPB & Co.)
�� T had been snowing all day long,
v and when Mr. Bowser reached
I lionie at ti o'clock In the evening
M     -;lhe beautiful" was nearly a foot
Also complete line of room deep on ��""'t ana sidewalk.
"WcXll, v'liK 'lus been n storm," said
Mrs. Bowse.r by H'ay of salutation.
"Yi*i, I am K,lu' Of It. I have been
Waiting' for Jim ��urh Rn opportunity."
"How do ydU a can?"
"There   Isn't  n   nJ'b'walk  cleared   be
twist ttii�� .'.".use and lh" 'ner. There
won't ho for two duy*. It w"s so all
la.t winter. As soon an 1 c-"1 "wallow
my dinner I shall clear our Own walk,
and then I will try to find om' whether
WO have laws auvl ordinances '" this
town. 1 think I'll astonish some folk*
Within the nest two hours."
"If you  will  leave the walk  nnfl,'
morning I'll bice a couple ..( boys to '
cleau it off.   If you go out  there and
work for an hour you'll be all bunged
"The walk  will  be cleaned  tonight."
said   Mr.  Bowser  In  aggressive ton����s.
Dress in Reason
The laics!  Mitchells fashion plates
have arrive
So have our spring stock  OI high-
Class   sail lugs.
Also   worsteds,  serges,   Broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
R. B. K. of I., nieels second and
fourth Kilday of each month, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and .lohn si reel. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited in attend. W. E. Dunlop, \V.
P.;    E.  E.  Manillas,  Reg.
���Meels In Orange- hall first and
third Friday In each month at 8 p.
ill. Visiting brethren are cordially
'\nvlted to attend. E. E. Manillas,
W. M.; .1. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
I. O. O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge'
i are held In Oddfellows' hall. Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at R o'clock. Visiting brethren ror-
diallv invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. G.:   \V. C. Coal ham, Rec-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
���Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visit ing
brethren con!I illv lnviir-d lo attend.
Lodge I'oeuii. A. (). I'. \Y. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson sheet, C.
S. Corri-an, recorder; Louis Wilt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
ln K. of p. Hall. Columbia St.. at
8 p. m.. While Rose Degree. Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. E. R Stlnch-
combe. Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.
'Phone 101
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage  delivered
part of the city.
promptly  to  any
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone lb5.
Barn  pnone 137
���Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at X o'clock, in the small
hall, oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. I. II. Rnshton, C. R-; P. P.
Maxwll. K. S.
Bassk of NOVELTY
W. CURRIE, Manager.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Four'h Tiiesdavs of each month
at 8 p. m. In ihe oddfellows' Hall.
VlsltliT- Brethren are corellalv invited lo attend. !���:. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, See.
Incorporated   by   act   ol   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid upj...si4,uuu,U06
RESERVE  FUND $10,000,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal,   G.C.M.G.. ..Hon   President
lion. Sir Q, a. Drummond, president
E.   S.   Clouston,   Vice  President   and
General Manager.
THE-ROYAL TEMPLARS OF TEMPERANCE   nieel    every   Wednesday
at   8    o'e!.,.-',     p.    111.,    ill    Oil,'.fellows'
v Hall. Ce. ."(' I i ���:���'.���!. Visiting
'. Brethi- ������ ' "Mli ill' in v i'��������! '" at-
-..tend, i .-. iir: a.n. s. c . .i. Men.
SCamp'" ;   s...
CAMP. 101.- -M ������: i on ll'.e Fir.a and
Third 'I'"' ���' ������' of evrv nninlh !n
K.    .d     P.   ll ill.       ���!' im     McNiv.'ii.
j Chief.   .1.  .1.  Forrester,  Rec  Sec
BOARD OF TRADE.���New    Westmln-
ater p. . -���-��� i ...   r, ...i.- m.-eis in the
Board it.."   . lv.   Fall, as follows
Seem.     '���'.'���  !i. '   I.i'   of  eaidi   nionlli.
QUnrie.ly    -tings  een   tin-  seconil
Wedne".lay ,,|' February. May,
August and November, al 8 p. ni.
Annual in, elia.'.s ..ll the second
Wedni'hdav of February. New
membi'i's may be prupiised and
elected at an.\ monthly or quarterly
meeting,   a. io. white, Sen-.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in a!; the principal cities
In Canada, in [.on.lon, Eng., New-
York, Chicago, and St. Jonn, Mid.,
and Correspondents In all parts ot the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymer,  Manager.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $Sb,sti,oiv.
Branches and correspondents tn
all the principal cities ot tne world.
General  banking  business transacted.
U open! an account.    Interest acleled
la if yearly.
Collecl ions made at. lowest rates.
)pe-n    Saturday    nights   trom tl to 9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
Carriage Repairing, Shoeing
and General Blacksmithlng.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Begble Street.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy  Hauling our spccallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone iou.
Still Doing Eusincss at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Scotch nnd Irish
I weeds and worsteds always tn stock
Siirlng stock  now  In.    Make your
���k for
i   want   n   '-'noil   smoke' you
.  "JLC." Uii ' OLD SPORT"
[j,,     'JbUkllf.ee   i    ,,'"1       I".        I 1U'       B.      ���'���      <'W''l'
�����''W��*tory.   v.'.i    make   The   "Bril-
... t
V IMh" i :,i ���./..'...i
lltBEPr * WOLZ, Props.,
''ffpOrv ,    ���        I'.le .ek.
,,   \   .1 ESTMINSTER, n. C.
Feint, of It Ii Ave.   Cor. 18th   Street
New Westminster, ii. c.
All kinrls of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Hnhtn St.. New WestDHhster. B.C.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer  and  manufacturer  of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street VV., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman anil Gregg Sheirt-
hand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil. Marine and Stationary! Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the' BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
W. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. Sth and Carnarvon Sts.'Phone _,ri().
By  First Class Man   1-1 Year.; Experience-London,, England, Australia and Canada.
Late of Trorey's.
Columbia Street,        Next Tram Office
Write for prices.
Westminster, B.  C.
Teacher of the German
Language   and   Piano.
Conservatory Method.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental Iron Worn, including
Fences, Gales, Flre hiscapos, etc.
Mall orders nnd conespondeucu Invited.
"not only our walk, but those ot our
neighbors. I haven't got so superannuated that I can't do half au hour's work
with a snow shovel without iis bunging
ine up."
Mrs. Bowser said no more until they
were half through dinner. Then she observed:
".No one begins cleaniug off his walk
until it stops snowing."
"It was beginning to let up when I
came In," replied Mr. Bowser.
"Aren't you afraid that working with
the snow shovel will give you a lame
"Look here, woman, can't you let a
matter rest? I told you when I first
came In that I was going to clean our
walk. When our walk Is cleaned I am
going to make it my business to find
out why other folks don't clean theirs.
Nothing you can say or do will prevent
"But how can you boss other folks
"Wait and see. There is an ordinance
that says the walks shall be kept clear
of snow. I obey it. I will see that others obey it."
"And raise a row and have your
name in the paper* again."
"I don't care 2 cents for all the papers In tlie United States. If I have to
obey the snow ordinance, other folks
shan't escape. Last winter, when hardly n walk around us was cleared, a
great big fat policeman came along and
threatened to have mo In court because
about n shovelful of snow remained on
ours. Let the discussion end right
It did. He went upstairs nnd got on
nn old suit and then armed himself
With the snow shovel nnd began work.
The storm hod about ceased, and three
or four householders on the other side
of the street were also seizing Ihe opportunity. Mr. Bowser wns a hustler
with the snow shovel, and at the end of
three-quarters of an hour be struck
hard pan all along the walk. He was
complimented on his enterprise hy the
few pedestrians abroad, but he was
grimly silent. When his labors were
finished he stuck his shovel Into the
snow and walked through the gate of
the next house on his right and Dp the
Steps, It wns a new family, nnd he
didn't even know the name. Ills ring
nt the bell wns answered by n little
mini of peppery look, who saluted I
"Well, sir, what Is It?"
"Ton have a sidewalk ont here," replied Mr. Rowser.
"And what of It?"
"It Is covered with a font of snow."
"Any fool can see thai."
"Tho ordinance says you shnll clenh
It off."
"The ordinance be hanged! Who nre
you, sir, thnt you come here nnd tel!
nm what I must do?"
"My name Is Bowser, mil I live next
door. I have just cleaned my walk,
nnd dog my cats If I'm going to wade
tlij��*i;li your suow because you are too
Inay to clean It off. Tou cither get out
here with a shovel nnd hump yourself
or I'll have you In court tomorrow."
"What? What's that?" shouted the
peppery little man ns he danced around.
'Tou dare to come here nnd threaten
mo? Off my steps and ont of my yard,
you old guy, or I'll give you the boot!"
Mr. Bowser went, lie knew that he
could chew tho little man up In two
minutes, but he also realised thnt n
row so near home would bring out
Mrs. Bowser nnd the cat. He left the
yard nnd entered thnt of the people on
him a tiling or two," said Mr Bowser,
"The Idea that"���
But the Idea didn't pan out. Tlie door
wns slammed againiit his toes, nnd h��
hud to turn anil descend the steps. He
knew the Becond house on his left to be
occupied by a family named Holt The
husband was cross eyed and the wife
re-el   bended,   hut   Mr.   Bowser  did  not
take these things into consideration,
Mrs. Bowser and the est appeared at
Ills own door, and Mrs. Bowser e-ulled
to hlm IfTnt she smelted smoke in tb*
house and wanted hlm to come home
and look around for Bre, but be waved
her nwny and proceeded to make his
third call. The man and his wife had
Just been having a hot dispute as to
whether the earth was round or flat,
���md they both answered the door lu
hopes that It was a tramp whom they
could kkk.
"Well?" queried the Holt family as
Mr Bowser entered the hull.
"Did   you   know   thnt  It  had  been
snow Ing all day?'' he usked In reply.
"And t.'iat there is a foot of snow on
your walk i"
"Sure, Mike."
"And thnt It Is your duty under the
ordinance to clear lt off?"
"Not by a durned sight! If our snow
bothers you clear it off yourself."
"Llo you mean to say that you Wlll
let lt lie there for the neit three or
four days?"
"We do. It can lie there for the nert
three or four years."
"By thunder, but it won't!" ���-claimed Mr. Bowser ns he turned away.
"You either get out with your shovel
within fifteen minutes or I'll bnve yon
hauled Into court and smartly fined."
He was told to .jro to that land vhere
snow melts ns fast as lt falls, and he
waded down tlie steps and out of the
yard. Mrs. Bowser made another effort. She said she thought the gas meter was out of order and all the water
pipes busted and Unit if he didn't attend to things right away there would
be an awful tragedy, hut Mr. Bowser
Couldn't be turned from the path tt
He was standing at his own gate aud
drawing a long breath for another call
when the peppery little man and his '
wife rushed out from one side and the
cross eyed man and his red headed wife
from the other, and at the same time
two men pedestrians came along. It
wasn't a conspiracy nor a put up Job,
but all jumped on Mr. Bowser at once.
He fought gamely, but he was over-
powered. He was lifted up and driven
head first into a snowdrift, nnd one of
ths men seized tlie shovel and ndded
more snow, while the others packed It ]
ill interesting  many  Alpine climbers
and expects a big ,'UBh ot l)00l,le t0
leosoa.      Amongst
visit  ihis section Is
manager of the Sports-
dead anxious to
for   that
the Sports-
I'lley   had
Parts, anl-
Sevelstoks   iiii���
others  who will
v   ]���:. Pollett,
men's  show.  �����)���, JR
sel a moving picture of a g
""' "'"l w'�� ���mc to ,ake a hunting
trip with Mr. Deutschman
Mr.  Deutschman says
men's ehon �� ,. up|e_atd
sportsmen there from all
"naV"'1:"" " """-a trained
buffalo whlch thej  uged tQ ttwciw
dally, Esquimaux dog , etc, Men came
"���'"" Mexico to tell of the big iisl, to
'"' caughl """ Ca I Dick Cain,.
U:|S ""'IV ' ""' 'be v���i,������ wi,,, hl8
'lories of Esquimaux life and hunting
,,X|"'ri'''"'''s  "'  the    far ,,���, ,
above all Intense Interesl was show,,
1 '     " Columbia, and particularly
""' tockj taountalns ad-
main line of the c. p. it,
Tl"' ''��� p' l{- P��l "i' a Bplend v
hlblt, und among other things show,,!
large colored pictures of the lieutsch-
",i,n c;lv'" T'" "��� and the map of
the Big Bend and Arrow lake country
';"!n Iii by the Revel itoke Tourisl association, attracted much atteatlon.
The club's shows B Boston and New
York lasted L"> days .it ea0h city.
Mr. Deutschman tears the main
difficulty in handling ihe tourist traffic he expects will be to net enough
pack horses. To make the season a
success ii is Important these should
be pro-Tided at reasonable
JL.'.H a day.
the Selkirk
lacenl to the
rates, say
Leaves Money to Churches.
Toronto, March 22.���Rev. Canon
Richard W. Norman, whose (tenth occurred recently in Toronto, left an
estate of $41,745. By this will, SI.
James' church. Mom real, Christ
Church Cathedral and St. Manilas'
church, are given $100 each; Flnlay
Asylum, Quebec, $600; Male Orphanage, Quebec, boys and girls' schools
of Montreal and Quebec (4), $150
each, and oilier local charitii's in Quebec, iu all $8,800. The rest of the
property is divided between nephews
ami  nieces.
down.   It was ten minutes after tbey
disappeared before the burled man res- ! Victor  Norby
urrected himself and entered his own [earth   and   Its
"Well, whnt about the ordinance?"
asked Mrs. Bowser.
"Not a word from you���not a single
word!" he whispered ns he pointed tt'    He declares thai  he
finger at her.  "I see your flue Italian I
hand In this, and I know my remedy. |
Tomorrow morning, woman-tomorrow
morning we consult our respective Inw- \
yers and you go home to your mother!"
He���Can't you give mo just a little
She���Why, yes. A girl friend of mine
told ine the other day that she'll mnrry
any old tiling.   St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Thinks   He  Owns   Earth.
Portland. Or..    March 22.���Because
thinks    lie    owns the
fulness   thereof  lie  ls
j confineii   In   the  county     jail  on  the
i charge of being insane anil unsafe to
I be at large.
is king of the
club hal owns the earth, the hills,
the valleys and the fullness thereof,
and that because of his ownership he
will never have to work. Friends say
thai Norby declares thai Ids wife did
not belong to the club so she had to
get out and work while he stayed at
home and played the accordion.
 O '
Fireman Breaks Neck.
Webster City, Iowa. March 22.���
Going at the rate of nearly sixty miles
On hour, the fast Omaha passenger
train on the Illinois Central, No, 1,
crashed inlo a freighl one mile west
of Duncombe at 2 o'clock this morning. Tlie fireman on the- passenger,
Walter E. Cutting, ot Waterloo, jumped just as the crash came, and Ills
neck was broken. The engineer, O.
M. Bryn, of Waterloo, was thrown
againsi a wire fence irhen his engine
was dueled, and slightly bruised.
The passengers escaped injury. Four
, are on the fi ilgl "    were   de
An   lirtiicrnl.
"Do you really menu to say that your
Judgment Is never In error?"
"No," answered the cznr. "I don't
menu to say It, bnt I regard It as necessary to discipline that everybody
shall pretend to tblnk It."���New York
Jnniea I.I.-Ic'm Teat.
This Is told of .Tames Lick, the eccentric San Francisco millionaire, who
founded the famous observatory bearing bis name. When taking nny one
Into his service he always asked tho
person to plant a tree upside down���
the roots in the nir, the branches underground. If there were any protest
the man wns at once sent away, Lick
snylug that be Wanted only men who
would obey orders strictly.
I *
Tlie Tonrli.li.- Wnf,
Alpine Traveler���'Oils Is a very dangerous place, you say. And do the
poor pcoplo who IIvi on tlie mountain
havo to travel this way every day?
Guide���Oh, no! They are not such
fools! They go up by a much easier
road. We only bring the tourists round
this way.
Ye...    We'll'
II.    47.    I   lhe 'T't       lie feneW  (bill   til''
I .-.  :.;.!���.,.   ���      '
i     We cannot  see  the  motives of the
actions we cone'cin. we cannot know
the trials nnd I otntloiig or ciur broth-'
er's Inner lire; thomforo how Is
sll'le {or l|s to (-;"e!-e hj-.nctlons
Considers the Coroner.
Dayton, Ohio,  March  .2.���"To the
Coroner:   I am tired and want to rest.
There is no one to notify.''
After writing this note ffl. 0. Robin-
.on, aged 60, look morphine and was
found dead 111 Ids room al the Enter-
prise hotel today.
Robinson was brought here from
Ihe Pacific const by a local distilling
company a year ago but recently lost
his position. He leaves a family In
Ihe west.
 0 ���
Smallpox Spreads.
Cheyenne. \S'..o.. March 22.���Fifty-
seven cases of smallpox are repotred
iu the farming districts of Liinan and
Bridge, in Unite county, Wyoming,
tad the southern pari of thai county
iias been quarantined. The source of
tho epidemic. H is reported, was on
abandoned pest house in the mining
camp at Cumberland, which a ranchman appropriated, using some of the
partitions ill his own dwelling and
selling timbers to neighbors.
Buys Lumber Mill.
Everett, March 22.-The United
Slates Lumber company, of Soattle,
hns purchased the Pendleton & Gil-
, ey sawmill property a* Harrington
md a large tract, o." iimjer near that
,i,ice for u consideration said to be
'1 i  a
t -r.ii
If You Take
Any Stock..
���  ���
in huvft-g the best goods at the lowest iiossible  price served  to  you
in the best possible way, you will do your business with our stores.
Tfcis ls our boast, that we do a little better than our Competitors in this way. Give us a call and we wffl show you.
S- ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
���OUR GROCER. O. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Finish Your Walls
} Exceptional Values in Skirts.... j
V '���'
I Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City. ;���;
iow   blocks    io    city
One acre, five acre and ten
Farm  lands ot  an  Kind.',  and
miles of tlie city.
See us before going elsewhere.
than any other Real Estate lien lot
Send for list ct House-;, lot B find  farms
mil suburban  5!
Cattlemen and Horsemen of   R. A. & I.   Society   Have a
Little   Difference   of Opinion and Disputes
Are Left to Board of Control
2*^ For Settlement.
At the continued meeting of ihe and Hum under the circumstances, he
Royal Agricultural and Industrial so- favored the recommendation ol the
ciety lasi nighl. in the city hall, the co_-imittee, On motion which �� car-
unfinished   business   of   the   previous   !'""l   unanimouslj   it   was  deel i
.ling of iii" nighl before was com.-! alter clause No.
description*     located   within
We can sell us low if not lower
186  Columbia  Street,
B.  C.
!��>>>>:c��e����:������:cc*:������'>>>::'��:��J >m :c��"C<��>>>>::cccc*:<<'��>-��-��:<����>>-��.
>��M�������������* ������������������������������������������������������������������������4
Visitors to Stock Show*
Don't Forget lo Call and Inspect the
Monarch Range
Greatest Range of the A^e.    Prices Low Too.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of 'Policies now ln force exceeds S44,oou,ono.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds $U,u(MI,VOO.00
Tbis is a company ot policy-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OllK MOU iu:
Possible Outlay.
ine largest amount of Assurance for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
pieted. The business consisted almost
whollj   or the revision    of the prize
lists  for  the coining  exhibition  ibis
The committee reporting on divisions t; and ll recommended thai tb.-
prizes remain unchanged. Recommendation ad..pu-.l. Divisions Q, and II.
refer to vegetables and Held produce.
Cuts  Out  Money  Prize.
Probablj the mosl Important recommendation of the evening was
that of the committee on District
Agricultural exhibits, which recom
mended that the prize money offered:
last year be cut out, ami thai iii Its
Btead the shield offered by Sir Thomas
Dewar  be substituted  as flrsl   prize,
With   gold,   silver   and   bronze   medals,
nm! diplomas tor succeeding prizes.
As ii cash guarantee the management
offer as expense money In preparing
and shipping exhibits, the sum of
$300. to all points east of North Bend,
and cm the Island. To all other points
on the Mainland a cash bonus of
$250  will  lie granted.  The reason  for
ibis   actiou   was  Ihat   there  lias   I n
more than one financial dispute over
exhibits in the past, and shoulil the
new  measure lie adopted, exhibitors
would know exactly how much they
were going to get out of it win or
lose, Furthermore the shield is a very
handsome affair, and being given In
perpetuity would be a trophy well
worth compel ition. 'I'll.- members of
the society were in favor of this move.
and the recommendation of the committee was adopted unanimously.
Cattlemen's   Report.
The   next   report   was   that    of   the
buys 50 acres of rich black
loam land all ready for cultivation. House ami barn. 1 l-'J
miles from Postofflce, store
and school. $600 down, balance on easy terms-.
buys a (1 room cottage on
Agnes Street, fuli sized Int.
Easy terms.
a month rents a good furnished house on 7th Street, including piano. All modem
We have clients for houfef
and lots east of 6th Street and
south of 4th Avenue. Bring
your list of property wiLfc
prices and terms.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms 1 and 2, Dupont Blk
Telephone   170.
Buys a house and lot
near Moodv Square, on
Eighth St.
This won't go begging,
so if you want it let us
know at once.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Kstate
Agents.        Tel. 106. Columbia St.
I Now Is the Time
To get your Bicycles put in order.
We have received our Bike Sundries
and are prepared to make your
Bike almost as good as new. We
also have a good line of Recycle
and Perfect Bicycles. We have
just received our stock of Fishing
Tackle. Come and have a look over
our new Stock. We will be able
to give you just what  you  want.
lei  the  ce.ee.    givini     lie   most   "soli.Is."
Clause   No.   3.4      was   also   nit.-red
trom on entry ol I e or more head In
order to constitm .. herd of 'i or
more head. No othe- '-hanges were
made except tho e which will be made'
public shortlj bj be board of conrol.
Considerable argument ensued as
in the admission < I grade cattle, the
pure  bred entile  men  fighting against
their  admission,  and   Mr.   McCulloch
tor the small ran. hers lighting to have
them kepi on the list. The latter won.
und ihe list ii. this case will remain
Horse   Recommendaions.
The committe i  horses did  nol
have a written report completed, bul
gave an outline of the proposed
changes which were as follows: Tbe
revision of the list being based upon
the lisi of 1904, the committee recommend thai the roadster class remain unchanged except for fillies or
gelding; 2 year olds as per class 126,
be awarded prizes of $20., $15., and
$in, in harness as teams, and $15.,
$10., and $.". for single drivers in harness. Carried after considerable discussion.
in saddle horses a new class was
created for ponies 11 hands or under.
offering a flrsl  prize of $7.50 and $5.
Shetland ponies were also added tn
the list, a flrsl prize of $7.50 and a
second of $.". being offered.
Standard bred and thoroughbreds
remain the same as In 1904. Coach
horses the same as in 1904 except
that the third prize be cut out, Hackneys the same' as in 1906 except that
there l.e four classes wilh the third
prize' cut  out.
in   the   championship   competlUon
is In
Beautiful Shades
Sanitary finish
Complete Satisfaction
VV. N. Draper
B. C. Land
ln   our Skirl   I>. partinont
that is to be desired in tin
'    past >
'"'w":'   ���    noil I
The new arrivals
wee k have brought all
graceful   skirts. !
Styles have something new and pleasing aboul then  tl M I
you will And in our skirts that which    Is    sure     to    n. . .   ^ |
distinctiveness of style and perfection ol fit and workman        which j
Wj|l   give   g I   service  and   satisfaction lo whoever  m.i     bl ,   ,
enough to wear a Bkirl trom our . --���   tmi nt.
See Our New!
Plaited Skirts I
The height i.
for this sea |
Large range o     lors
navy, brown, .non,
grey, white, an  (.lack
Prices $8.50,,
$9.75, $13.50
tllard Block.   New Westminster. B.C.    A
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
A Special Line for Friday and Saturday
25  Skirls  bought   nl   a Special   bargain.  These  skin-      .
good  serviceable  materials, made plainer than their i     ���, ...
neighbors, bul they wlll make exceptional  selling    foi   Frldi
Baturday, al  each   <'     $3.71
Several Lite! of Ladies and Misses Coats al a Sacrifice |J4
All  size.- ed' Spring Coats in all sizes and colors. Three     ��� lal
for   I'll I.T   nnd   Saturday,    $1.50,   $3.75   and  ]  7-
your order early  for your new   Bpring  Hal
have ii filled when yon wonl  it.
8   ||
Columbia St.       Sign, Man on Wheel.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
committee on cattle, and read as follows:     Your    committee    recommend  the prizes will remain the Bam
that   all   prizes  in all  classes  be  the  1904.
same as in Ihe prize lisi of 1904, but In the Draught horse class the first
where any special prize Is offered by prize will be $30 and the second $20.
a Breeders' association the amouin of in the get and siallion the number
prizes to be equally distributed in all  was reduced from 5 to i, and ii  was
classes of that  br I." Carried  unaiii-   decided   thai   the   sire   need     not   be
mously. shown   with   the  offspring.   Prize'  $20
Later  owing  to  some  friction   with   nnd  $lii.
the horsemen present this reporl was      Qeneral purpose class same as 1906,
rescinded, inasmuch as the horsemen   and  open only  to teams, mares, and
had raised the prize monej   in  their geldings In harness of any age,
division,  and   the  cattlemen  thoughi      in the Agricultural class only a few
that   if the increase  was allowed  in  minor changes were made,
one division thai  it  should  be in an-      In   the   Championship   light   breed,
other.  On  motion  the  reporl   of  the  in classes 149-150 and 151, 1904, there
cattlemen    was    rescinded,    and    the  is no change.
MALT!       I
6 Acres good land, new 4 roomed
house, chicken house and yard. Beautiful situation, 2 minutes from tram.
Burnaby, JubI outside city.
A. I WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
matter  placed  In  the  bands    of  the
board of control.
Butter  Counts.
The cattle committee also recommended that the prize previously offered for the cow giving the most
milk be stricken out, and thai the
prize be given to the cow giving the
most  butter  fat.  This  raised  a  storm
Clydesdale,   same  conditions  as   to
entry, and $5 added to each prize.
Suffolk   Punch,   same  as   1904.
The   above     is   the   report     of   the
llorscniens' committee    as finally adopted.   Many   other changes were suggested  inn   tailed to materialize.
Mr.  Wells Objects.
Since the horsemen had been allow-
Executive   Committee   Meets  and
cides  on  an   Extensive
A well attended meeting of the executive committee of the Women's
Auxilliary of the Royal Columbian
hospital was held last evening at the
residence of Mrs. Pierce. The primary
object of the meeting was to arrange'
of protest on the part of the Holstein {'d lo odd new classes and  raise the
breeders who have always had a walk prize  money  in  others  A.  C.  Wells|{(ii   lhi,    ,m ;,   ���������, : ,���. .,,���   ,���.,,,
away In the competition. F. M. Logan started a big row by stating that he' ���ftry wnl(.n ,��� to take ���lace ou A||r���
was ihen called upon for his opinion 'height the cattlemen's report should   ]7(h   0���  lna|  ()CC.lslon th(J pre8ldent
in  view of the valuable advice which   be revised, but  as the hour was then
will   give  a  comprehensive   report   of
he had  given the meeting the night  very late the subject was referred to} the WQrk of the organlzaUon durlng
before, and he stated that solidity of  the  board of control  with  power    to |
milk and not  quantity was the desir-  act.
able feature, and said that personally !     President T. .1. Trapp then made a
he  would   feel  Inclined  to encourage i few    complimentary      remarks    after
the butter producing animals. A. C.
Wells also argued In favor of the butter producing animal, saying that the
monetary   value   was   In   the   butter,
which he suggested that an adjournment would be in order. Ills suggestion was acted upon, and the meeting
then adjourned.
New Westminster,
"ii carline in East End
modern; almost new;
handsomely finished
thro ighoutjpani lied hall
anil e.ak staircase,.", bedrooms, large lot, bath,
drawing room, dining
room, sitting room an.l
Today's  Market Report
J. M. Todd
Dealer ln
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia  Gramaphones and Records,
Zithers, etc.
J.5H. TODD, Burr Block
Columbia Street. .        |
���".all or write lor prices. ,Uj_M/_3i.
Hnlanc ��� Can Be
Arranged On Very
Easy Terms.
Today's market while nol so large-
Ij attended as some, was characterised by an unusually fine display of oul
nn.its. Carcasses were fewer In mini
ber than usual. There was a considerable display of poultry the majority
of which was purchased by P. Seilis
"i the Hastings streel fish market,
Dairy  products  were  plentiful
choice,  iiiiii.r and eggs were offered  Play "f ehrubs
by Mrs. Smith, Hon Accord: Mrs.
Taylor, Ladner; Mrs. it. W. Keagan,
Woodwards; Mrs. I. Whltworth, Lad
ner;   Mrs.  Black,  Langley.
Mrs. McOregor, of Abbotsford, In
addition to butter and eggs offered an
attractive line of evaporated apples,
Or eon Ings, and Northern Bpys. Mrs.
does the evaporating ber-
handles    large   quantities
tablet, k.  11. Stride, of Burnaby, of-
feii'd  choice  honey  for  sale.
in the poultry line, s. A, Kingston!
..I Mission, was one of the largest
,1.   Peschke eif Hall's  Prairies, hod a
considerable quantity of apples for
Bale which were snapped up by Vancouver  purchasers,
li.  M.  Robertson a  Suns
es will be given by His Worship
Mayor Keary and clergymen of the
city. Others interested in the work
will also be invited to speak and thus
bring before the public the alms and
objects of the auxilliary and the valuable work accomplished by that organization in providing for the sick
of New Westminster and the surrounding  district.
Reports will be given by the treasurer, Mrs. ii. Cordon, and tin- secretary, Mrs. E, coiilei. a committee has
been appointed to provide refreshments, which will be served on the
occasion.   A    large   attendance   of   all
public spiriieii citizens Is hoped for.
Our  Boys' clothing Department  is the birthplace ol nu
and beautiful styles. The sub.-, we pul forth this season are thi "
stylish, durable and the best   in .very   way   we   have  eve-r   Bold,
in the making, only the bes ..f wear resisting Cheviots, Wi
Serges and  Casslmeres have  be in   used.     The  coals  are'  close Iim
to the neck,  Willi  shapely  sliiiul lers,   seams     sewi-cl     with     I     ''
thread, while the pants are made  with  elbows    and   knees,     ���'
seams and reinforced Beats.
Our $4.50 Suit   is an  exceptional value' fen  the iiio!ie"> al
great wear resistor.
Our $6.50 Suit is our mosl   popular  Suli     on   account    i'
style,  and  fabric.
Our $7.50 Suit   is   a   Suit  III  for a  Young  Prince.
We've   many   other   grades but   our   display   inusl   be   Been    '
appreciated. Bring In the Young Man and  nee whal   we havi   '���
ill    Boys'   ('lollies.
Sale  of  City  Lots.
City   Treasurer   McQuarrle   Is   malting rapid  progress 111 the. preparation
i for the sale of the numerous city lots
of   the   purchased at lax sale In 1903 to which
I '
and Tyneheod Nurseries, had a vailed dls- a quieting title has been obtained,
and ires   for sale.;    He states thai ii will only be a very
Among the number were noticed, box, short  time until    he hi able   to an
Yews, holly, cypress, clematis, Scotch nounce a definite date for the sale of
self and
every year.
.1.  It.  Beux, Of llatzie  Pnilri
id   fruits,   pears
blackberries, etc
heather,   roses,  and   Porluna   laurels.
lv Coombs, of the Scotl road, offered a variety of pol plants for sale, as
well as panstes, tulips, and hyacinths
growing  in   boxes,
S. Urn), of the Seoll road, had for
;,ale a large quantity of home grown
Steele  Uriggs Extra  Early  peas.
riffer-      Today's market quotations were as
plums,   raspberries,   follows:
in   addition   io   90]     Beet, fore quarter, 6 to 6'/_c;  Beef,
dozen eggs
The   floral   display
the   usual   slandard.
and   a   large  supply     of   hind  quarter,  8  to 9c;   Mutton,  11   lo
\ 12c; Pork, 9 to 9^c; Veal, 10c; Pota-
was  well  up  to I toes, per ton, $14 to $16; Carrots, per
T.   Davles     the! ton, $S;   Turnips
per sack, 50c;   Par
Burnaby florist, offered violets, sweet I snips, per sack 75c; Beets 75c Man-
peas, Carnations, narcissus and tullpH, golds, suck, $8; Onions suck, $1.50;
(else, cabbage plants, rhubarb, radishes Hay, ton, $10; Eggs, per doz. 25c Hut-
and lettuce. Iter, per lb., 35cf Fowls, per do/.., $S
.1. Mulrhead had n nice display of 1 to $9; Chicks, per doz., $6 to $7;
mi   flowers, and early  vegetables. Ducks, per doz., $12;  Apples, per box
In   addition   to  flowers    and     voge- \ $1.25 lo $1.50.
the   property.   A   surprisingly    large
number Of enquiries are being received dally at the treasurer's office,
and every Indication points Iii a very
large sale of these lots.
Advertise in the News
Burnaby   Meeting.
Notices  are    out  slgneel    by   Peter
Byrne, reeve of tho municipality of
Burnaby announcing the election of
school  trustees for the year of 1908.
A discussion wlll also take place
pertaining to matters which may arise
affecting the schools of the dlstricl
now that the amended act hns come
Into force.
The meeting will be held in the
municipal hall on Saturday evening al
7 o'clock, and all Candida les for
nomination on the following Monday
are requested to be present and address the meeting.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltdj|
Late Car After Opera
at Vancouver,
Friday, MarcK 23rd
j j Play-"Beauty and the Beast


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