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 ..' '
Steamer Princess   Springs   a   Leak   and   In   Its   Helpless
Cordition Is Torn to Pieces by Fierce Winds
and  Waves    Survivors Are
re   Strong   In   Three   Provinces   And   Are
ing Their Influence Further    People of
Havana Are Nervous and Demand
More Decisive Action.
��� MaD '   * :"'   "''    x"'":    '""!":' ed  to gel ���       ufe   boat
��� '.his afterni on ol a -In;.-   ' "���'   sonn ��� ��� ,jn  wouia
. on Lake Winnipeg  The
a. -.- on  Sunday last, nf
with   tin-  elements
a'uiu   and   tbe   ' :
and   five   others   found
lies  follow-
Swept   Away.
-���   -' thi ,:-���<     a id
��� ���'   ' : !      ' i when  the
lir"    "      " ' ' oft   pvith ten : pie in
* '    "    '   *��� * -     ��� ' ���'������ use was in
.  ' he  occui ren e  read   two
���   lac le I om  'ae an-      W seen thi n and the
an tragedies,    Besides  lhe   '���' '       een sti nding
....      .  .....
i Old sea cap-
y est  to   the
In ���.
'    -  the first
���    ��� n - tealing
'   ���       .-   an  ry wati       a out   twelve
Babine River Indians Defy Authority
And Threaten to Commit Murder
at Headwaters of
,   ol hi rs    .'.���������    drowni d,
..  M  i tonal I     md    Yoba
Sel  i   ;, both sti ���'���.
on,   "i   Poplai     r Int,
. , ,: aiiseii   ,,     3elki
.   t   of Gllol.
Pi Iui ess  left    Poplai
,  |<   situated    about    200
���    i ���'.  ai   i:30 la ���  Sat
She   ���������   -    ound  for
:������ 1  a  i irgo - '   fl h,
-���..    ��� .   was   plying
���    ..   and Swampy Islands. '   '        '   '  '  ' ' Aone con
Lan^i  on   island.
Vfter about three   io    -      iill
Swamp-,   Is
Springs   a   Leak.
.. Geoi g<   Island I he sea
and   shortly   after-
ilp  -  : p:.-   a  leak.    All
��� : hard to keep the watei
���   mosl  i trenuout  ��� (forts
\'   abi it   :;  o'clock  In
lling   tlie    file;;., n   and    engl-
 mpelled to abandon tli��
The  water  by thi.s time
il   ip in i!u i:   necks and they
Bg tO    hi ii   post* with the
���  :. luatlon of men who were
theli na. n lives and those
���   crew  .md  passengers.
Trouble Arises Over an Attempt   to   Destroy   the   Barricade.- Which Sivashes Erected In Order
to Catch Winter Supply
of Fish.
taming ten o     and the i ther six,
lande I on S ..a a -��� Island,   Thej Bl  ri
ed a flre and    pent S mdaj  there,
���    ce chest o  Princesvs float-
'     :   hore  and   fori unatel)   contained
ahout ten pounds of roast beef and a
f< w pickles    'I'h  with the flsh thait
���' a-   a i   ied i shore        he  w reck,
const tuted    he bill i    :... ���
Search  for  Bodies.
Mon ..     morning   as   thi    sea   bad
some,   thi    -..::-     rowed
over   to   Cox's   lighthouse.     Some  of
thi   t ew  wenl   ba     t<   Swampy  is-
i    oi .   for  the  bodb s   of  the
were only aide  lo find
��� ol loseph Arenson, a shore
hand   from   Poplar   Point.     He   was
found  entangled  In  some    wreckage
which  he  '��������� I li ai      i a ighl   after the
Survivors Picked Up.
N'o   a ii | asse I   inti] ahout 5 o'clock
'dun.i.e.   ��� ., ning   ��hi a   the   City   of
��� 'i' ready to cast away from   Selkirk   came  alonB'    on   her    south
ai   ,,   !a.-i   resort, ound trip,   A boal wenl out bearing
Lboul   1:1.".  th" steamer the sad news but  when tlie captain
���i   .meai   lurch,    uml    towering   saw ihe crowd i n the reef he knew
���nn   her,   breaking   her   nl
At  Mercy   of   Waves.
'lie flre room was abandoned
-"en   smothered   the   flre
i aglnes   stopped     and    ihe
* a- lefl .ii the iii'-i'e..  of the
a: juncture the    boats
' ! ai. I  Lhe i lew and  pas-
ii   two,  aud   the   Bmoke  stack
low ii im ough bhe  bottom of the
Hull  Breaks  in Two.
lirsi   lurch   was   followed   by
equallj    awe   inspiring,   and
ro ,e   in   i wti   and   the   deck
led off on the heavy sea.
ai this juncture that Loftus
 und Charles Greyeyes mei
death,   going   down   wiili   ihe
Then followed a thrilling
the  crew   and   passengers  on
big   I"   reach   the   lifeboats,
Throws Children Into Boat.
���   li Sinclair  had two small
i In her arms, ai 1 the mate,
ice, at once went to her as-
Mrs.   Sinclair  threw  nne  Of
il ' ii Into Che boat.   The mate
hold   of   the   woman   am
���   other  child   into  the
time  the
ii thc  led .
followed    a
���   boats,
', I  boal
Yawl   boat
mad     rush
whal had happened I a: lain Thur-
burn, of ihe City of Selkirk, lowered
a boat and the survivi rs were brought
on hoard.
Passengers and Crew.
The crew of the Princess consisted
of Captain .lohn Haiwes; Alex. Joyce,
mate; Vrthur Pooley, chief engineer;
William Booth ami George Freeman,
firemen; John Bird and Joseph Star,
wheelsmen: William Hope nml Chas.
Greyeyes, deckhands; Flora, McDonal I
and Voh.i Johnson, stewardesses. The
passengers     were:    Joseph     Arenson.
I.oi'tus Cudmanson, Jacob Goodman-
son, John Johannsson, Pi te Gurlasspn,
Joseph Sinclair, Mrs. Sinelaii and two
childr' n.
An   Old   Timer.
Captain John Howes was    formerly
in   the   Hudson's   Bay   trade   between
sin'   Liverpool   and   Port    Churchill.     He
hi":   vm de llis first  nip nn  Lake Winnipeg
-, ven years ago on the Princess ani
was   has   heen   sailing   on   the     lake     ever
since.   The storm which engulfed the
for Bteamer Princess ami which was the
All   who   were   not   in A ause  of  the  disaster  is  said   I"  have
wiih the exception of been one of the  worst  evei   expert-
' ei  md iim two stewardesses enced on ihe lake
Sl. Petersburg-, Aug. 29.-Official statistics of the
terrorism of last week show that 101 officials, gendarmes, police, etc., were killed ; 92 were wounded.
Two hundred and ninety-one private persons were
killed or wounded.
Thirty-four street shops were plundered.
Private and individual institutions were robbed of
$180,815 and state institutions of $84,981.      \
There were over one hundred and fifty armed
attempts to rob banks, houses, etc.
t*���-������ ���.    .      ,        ,..-.-������������������������.��������������������������
Aa ex ��� . n of the Vancouver
Province lasi evening contained Iho
folli -a in^:
'I'll" Babine rivei    Indian*,    whose
i ::.���- are near the headwab is ef
the Skeena river have revolted, ani
���In rising is of such a serious nature
as m have com ��� lied a call for the
Tlie    aa'lioA'ip        ���:!      the      SI ��� ��� :.
.'.. are declared tu be utterly unable to copi with the situation, and
i' is staled that unless a force of
militia is rushed north with ail possible dispatch there is grave danger
mat  murder may  lie done.
News ..I' the outbreak among the
Indians was received here by the
Fraser Hive:- Canners' association late
this afternoon.
lt is declared that a force of not
'e>s than a hundre 1 militiamen is ab-
solutelj essential to the preservation
of peace on lhe Babine, and no sumile:'
!��.dy of men will la- able to i (feci
ihe arrest of the Indians, whn have
become terribly excited.
The iaihire of the police author!
ties to capture the Indian who re-
cenily murdered two men in the vicinity of Hazelton is ascribed as tlie reason !'":��� ihe spirit now shown liy the
Siwashes in their stand against the
The trouble all an se over an attempt on the i art ol ihe Dominion
government fisheries officers to destroy barricades which the Babine Indi,ms had erected across ihe Babine
ami other streams leading to the
spawning-grounds of the Bockeye salmon, li is presumed in this city that
Hans Helgesen is in charge of the
officers who attempted to destroy the
Immediately en receipt of 'he news
,.:' ihe outbreak the Fraser River Can-
in ;-' association wire.! Ottawa giving
;,i a. counl  nf the affair.
When the fisheries officers started
to break down the barricades in or-
dei thai the salmon might have opportunity of reaching the upper
Bpawning-grotmds, the Indians resist-
n i   their efforts.
The statemenl is wired down that
the fisheries guardians were assaulted by the Indians, and from this it
is inferred that a pitched battle was
Canners on tlie Skeena are urgent
in iheir request that the provincial
and Dominion authorities should he
instantly stirred to lake action. Be-
i.nise of this feeling' on the Skeena,
where full details of the outbreak are
known, it is believed here in Vancouver 'hat  the situation is very serious.
Last summer all the barricades on
the Babine and other rivers at the
headwaters of the Skeena were destroyed liy federal officials. The Indian
claim the right to erect the barricades in order that they may secure
flsh  for their winter's food.
Unless the authorities in the North
had every reason to believe that the
Indians would maintain the upper
baud, they certainly would never hav.'
, -  "1   fi )   the   sending  of  a force  of
soldiery   north   from  Vancouvei-.
In all probability the Indians have
encamped beside their barricades and
they are determined Hi defend them
with their lives even if they do not
a sume the offensive and kill off some
of tin.' fishery officers.
Havana. Aug 29.���The surrender of
some ol the more vigorous Insurgent
ler- in Uie provinces of Matanzas
and Santa Clara with the coming in
oi a scattering few in res onse t i
tae government's proffer ef amnesty,
is vastly aai.e than offset by ihe in-
surgents  looming up stronger in the
,::-���!���;������ districts of the provinces of
Havana, Pinar del Rio ani Santa
Clara  .md  which now  is  reported  to
��� gaining headway in Santiago, from
which province, however, there are as
yet no ��� orts of the resistance of
ii ganized hands.
People  Restless.
The testimony of the persons arriving here from the country is to the
effect  thai the ; eo] Ie are r< stless.
There n grave doubts of the loyalty of the recruits especially of recruits who are suspected of a willingness to join the other side with
v- hich many of their people are identi-
���'��� :.
Doubt   Increases.
The undeniable evidence of the
growth of the insurrectionists sentiment is causing increasing doubt as
to whether the government after all
will be able to cope ph mi.tly aad
successfully with lhe n: ive.nent.
Many feel that their patriotism demands that some united effort be
made  tn end  tlie  war.  ani  even 'he
; ossibillty of Intervention by the
i'nited States. A rapid fire artillery,
officers, ammunition, and guns are being packed.
Spreads North.
The Insurrection In the province of
! inar del Rio, ha I spread io the
north coasl and (.'ananas Is DOW in
the hands of the Insurgents who are
ri ported also to have gone in the direction   of   Balali   Honda.
Col. Avaloi's command lefl the city
o    Pinar del  Rio today.
Tlie government telegraph lines are
Voluntary Surrender.
Tl." governor of Matanzas telegraphed ths afternoon that Gen.
Garica had arrived at San Pedro de
Mayabon with Col. Leizca and Major
Almeida, the two chief lieutenants of
tie forces of ex-congressman Carlos,
of Matanzas, who voluntarily sur-ren-
ieied to Garcia with their arms, ammunition and horses. This is considered to he a serious blow to the insurgents in Santa Clara. The escort
of General Betancourt, consisting of
��� .--elve men, while encamped at Batil-
lo. province o:' Matanzas, where Betancourt A operating was, owing to a
mistake, attacked by a detachment of
- ral guards yesterday. The comman-
fiei of the escort and a sergeant were
killed and three men were wounded.
The Province report was confirmed
lasi night by lhe Associated Press
correspondent at Vancouver and by
private   dispatches   received   in   New
��� Westminster,
Late last night Col. Whyte, officer
commanding tlie Sixth regiment, said
lie had r< celved no official instructions
in regard to the reported trouble and
call for military help.
It has been generally supposed th it
| the day of possible trouble with the
Indians in British Columbia had passed; bui Ihere is a very sure feeling
among them on account of the restrictions placed upon iheir old prac-
' tices in the matter of catching salmon.
I by the regulations which are aow
enforced   for the  preservation of the
Old Indian methods were wasteful
and destructive, and if these were
allowed to continue, now that fish are
taken by the whites in lurge numbers,
the dav  would soon come when ihere
��� would he no fish tor either whi'e- or
The government allows the in nan
very cou^jjiwalde latitude, but it does
not jfTTbw him to employ lhe old .!'-'-
Structive methods; and as those
methods were much less troublesome
than the white man's there Is friction.
Last year there was trouble with
these Babine Indians, whicli the Inspector overcame by sending a small
ii i '��� of uniformed men to overawe
the i di mi ats. The whole matter
bos explained U them and they were
given ue s and told that ihey cmil I
��� ell the flsh they nee led for their
winter suppl) of food ror themselves
and   i heir  dogs,   bill   nol   for   sale.
Thai prohibition is sail to I e the
root  of the  trouble.
The Indians have been in the habit
Of catching fish to dry them and sell
them In the Interior, it is said that
a dried salmon used to be legal lender
for five cents.
As there are twelve or fourteen
tribes of Indians and some 800. fishing boats at the mouth of the river,
it is evident that the extra strain of
an unlimited catch to be used as
"currency" would soon exhaust the
river, more particularly as the settlement of the country has increased the
Interior demand  for dried  fish.
So long aa the Indian adheres to
legitimate methods of catching the
flsh, there is no warrant, for interlining with him; but when It comes
to blocking the whole river and so
"killing the goose thai lays lhe golden
eggs." ii is another matter. In the
interests of the Indians themselves,
(Continued ou Page Eight.)
Mayor   Keary   Announces   Scheme   of   Municipalities   to
Defeat the Present Monoply- Aldermen Units In
Condemming  Service.
A meeting will be held in Vancou- the following communication which
ver in ihe near future to discuss the came from F. G. Roach, tlie local man-
installation of a telephone system by ager of the telephone company:
the municipalities of Vancouver, New To Mayor W. H. Keary,
Westminster, South Vancouver and Dear Sir: I have made enquiries
Burnaby, was the announcement made about the rental and connection of
by His Worship Mayor Keary at a telephones for the park during the
committee meeting of tlie city coun- exhi iltlon, and I herewith quote lhe
cii  las',  evening. reply from the head office at Vancou-
II  the plan materializes, it  will en- ver,   in   which   ihey  authorize   me  ta
aide citizens to have the use of tele- quote the price for one telephone on
phones In their houses at the small an individual line during tlie exhibi-
cost   of  $1   per month,  and  business tion  for not  more  than a  month, at
telephones at $2. $15.    As  we  have  to  build  lines to
The idea has been simmering in the instill them  we will have to make a
minds of a number of the citizens of charge of $25 for each individual line
Vancouver for some lime and has als.i it is necessary for us to build, and $1,1
been looked into by a number of loeai for each instrument, on a private line.
men.   and   the   idea  has   been   spoken
of  as  feasible.
The  letter  was  somewhat   severely
criticized  and  the aldermen  regarded
The   11.   C.   Telephone   company   is   it as a  plan' to get  back at  the city
charging, at  the present  time $;! to  foi   the Imposition of an    additional
$i  a  month  '.ni' house  phones
for business connections.
The   new   scheme   was   free!
Old  $1    lb ense  upon   the  telephone  company.
The   revenue   the   companj    receives
and   annually   from   the   city   alone  is in
favorably discussed by the aldermen,  the neighborhood of $4un exclusive ot
As thi   letter was In    reality   addressed i ' his worship as manager of
could   the exhibition board the matter will
be In all probal Uttj   -1ill further dis-
esse I   by  that   body.
Aid. Henley in speaking of the pres-
i in sj stem Bold thai he could run
tWO   blocks   to   a    file   alarm   box   ill
case  nf   tire,  quicker  than
na:   in   a   telephone   a essage.
Another cause ef dissatisfaction was
Maple Leafs Shut Out
The Vancouver Twelve
The Maple Leafs won their first
���lacrosse match ihis season yesterday
afternoon when they defeated their
old enemies, the Vancouvers, by a
score of five lo nothing. Resides being their first victory, the Leafs have
the honor of securing the first shut
out game this season, a showing of
which Ihey may well be proud. LTn-
llke their previous games, in which
they usually got. ahead, and when
they had victory in their grasp, ul
lowe l their opponents to beat them
in tlie final quarter, the Leafs yes-
tetilay put. up a strong fight throughout, and after they had scored their
five goals,  played  a  strong defensive
game. Tlie rejoicing among the supporters i-f tiie Leafs cannot be overestimated, and their first victory was
duly Celebrated in tlie Terminal City
hist evening. The match was the
protested Vancouver-Maple Leaf contest, in which the Leafs were defeated
by one goal only, titter having to play
extra   lime   to   decide  the   winners.
Burned to Death.
Fort William. Out., Aug. 21).���Joseph
Smith an Austrian laborer was burned to death in the flre which destroyed
J. C. Ritelll and Son's store at Kaka-
btku Falls, Tuesday night.
."*' ���
"���      p��
' "     . ���
v       ���   .'
Ey  Charles   Frccmn
i' i] Fright,   1 ���-���:.   by   Baby   Di  igl ia
Humor end Philosophy
"Xo one has been in your
meut since  the  money  came   in.   has
there' demanded Robert Cable.
"No cue." admitted Jack Niido. "but,
and   as   he   turned  over   the   hills  lie   f-
glanced at her.
"Forty fifties," he laughed.   "Do you
make it tlie same?" Nettle nodded, ami,
he turned to Ihe rest ul' the money.    Silently she checked  tl ther items on
ilie deposit slip, and as the boy turned
away from the window she picked up
one of the hills.
"What is that?" she demanded, point-      ^""'   every   French   cook   took   the
ing io some glistening particles. trouble to he born ia Prance.
Nildo laughed. ���
"That's   from   the  foundry,"  he  ex-      Genius   is  the ability  to  work the
plained.     "Gregson   has   heen   buying   ether fellow.
some Steel." ���
"How do you know'.-" she asked.
ou the other han.I. I have handled no      "Gregson is peculiar.   He pays cash
money from ihat drawer." j f��r  everything  he  gets.    The  foundry
"Therefore it must have been a mis- ' sends him stuff for the houses he is
take in your addition. I am sorry, building in the new section, and as lhe
Jack, but we shall lane la look to you i 1;ist load is dumped he semis ever to
to repay the lass." i pay for it.    lie will not use a hank, hut
"Hut this is lhe third time this week PUys in cash, and he never lets a hill
that ihis has happened," pleaded Nlblo,   vu" overni lit."
"All tho more reason why you should      "Does la- buy much?" she asked as
be   more  careful,"   said   the  president    s1"' li: sered ���'" bill.
shortly.    "It is inexcusable thai  a  re- ;     "They deposit cash about three times
ceiving teller should make three mis    a week."
takes  |n a single week.    If there i.s a       "And always with lies thing mi?"
repetition of this trouble I am afraid      ""'������  -'",]  filings," explained  Nlblo,
that I shall have to replace ymi." "They are everywhere over at the foun-   j.',!
Nibio bowed and i-ft ihe private uf-   dry." HesIIpped Hie bills ia the drawer   "
lice.   It see:: e,l pretty hard I" bim Ihat ;11"' Stuck Ihe slip .ni tb,, spin,ile.
he sh iuld be required to make good a      "Jack," she said suddenly, "c mat the
$200  shortage  ia  a  single  week,  hut money again."
three times when he had come to hal        "I Just did," he said, :a surprise, as
ance hi- accounts he ba I found thnt he he .,.,.;. d the drawer.    I    ���  ither bills
was short.    Once it had been a  bun had beeu handed, and it was an ensj
dred dollar MU that was missing, and matter to get only tlie foundry .! posit
twice his sheet showed a fifty dollar Ho  ran  the   bills  over  rapidly,   thon
shortage turned to��her with a puzzled espro
He h id  tb" money   with  which  to sl m.
It would really ne a calamity to dls-
"'. .���.��� tin- n irth iiu'e.   So many search-
I'm'  it   would   be  thrown out of a
The  man  with   three corns  mi  each
fool   thinks   il Mior  is about   right
who has it figured that the country is
going   lo   the   bow u ows.
I loa't he discouraged if you find the
sweel girl graduate of a month or so
ago in the kitchen,    a couple ui' scans there will not hurt her.
mak up the 1 iss, I'..i- in' In d been sav
in-.' up ever since Nettle Cable promised to marry him. At this rate the
savings would soon vanish, yet if he
was forced to gli e up i.i- position because he was unr liable his savings
would I"' gone be;' ire be c uld obtain
anothei- position without a recommendation fr im the ' ank.
Il was wiili a heavy he irt that he
'.��� ent i" meet her. They ivere to go tn
a concert that evi A:. The girl's
quick "yes perci ' ��� I his de ;��� ndi
:i:i'l a - they \\ nlke I along she drew thc
story fr un him.
"Who 'a, you think 11 Is?" die :<���.: ed.
"Tii: fs t! ��� a i.r-i uf It." 1: ��� declare 1.
"I have ii., grounds fi r suspecting   i
one.   When 1 come I   ���    from lu ich tc
'VM.at do you n..-ike ii'.-" he ask,-d. ,    .    , , .���   ,
"Thirty-nine."   she  declared   as   she      "   s bal'dly '"'"' "":"!l!'"! :lt lf �� >"   .
picked  up  tha Pl .. of   .ilia  and  !,   I   ";eatllor Prophet  Is  without honor ia   \
them    ..a. !n tbe drawer.    "Don'   I    .   bis ��wn C0UIltI7.
the other even if ymi c in.   J is) v    . .
As so n as van ai i:t  i.:' ; bo bank
comi r to i ie irge < 'astle's."
All thr iu A the rest of the afterno m
he  w mdere 1  as   be  v, enl   about   bis
work.     Ther i   was   trouble   over   the
Xow that il.e world is once more it
peace let ns hap,, thai it will be a long
time between wars.
Indian summer was not invented by
the Indians, though possibly they were
the ones v ii ,   -iv.  it first.
' .    % E
A    fJirJ&yi  :
A A     i   a ���'.     ' "
AA   '-.TvA'
���'��� /J if/ m? ;;:V    -
EE,:Le :s ;j
-'.. irt      -. aud Nibl i lei; Hie bank wi;!,
Q "   a th it the next mistake would
be bis last. '
He    V fill     T".a i: 'it    aa.' ISS    lli"    stl'eet
io   tb ���   dental   offlce  in   tbe   posto
building, where Nettie had told him 11
meai   ber,  . . '.   In   the   i trkni ss   th
watel ed tb.- Intcri " of tbe i.   d
At lasi Benson ci m    I i! i tbe i  i
' in-   teller's  pi  i  ��� :.',   fui ible I'i     e :
in iment.  Witb n littl ���.-.- Netrii iv.i Invention of in i
her  ..'   :    '  :   went  to the  i-:���   b ne
Half an hour later Nettie, ber I
and Nlblo c infr mte i B a - ���:,. st ,l ;
Ing ot ���:��� bis !    ,,   .
In Iii- pocl et wa 5 a l.i.i I i " ':  A :
steel iiii:.as still clung, and N    rle le
tha way ; , S'iblo's c : ip irtn ��� ���:, Pull
: in-- nut t1" ���: tt er, sl ������ fui ibled be
I neath   for a  . ec :id  and  >." w  i '::   a
heavy magnet.
"I ii .: ce 1 thai tbe filings v er >. \i.<<'.' I
mi   the   bills."   she   espial ed.     "The
treasur ���;��� a'  the  foundry is Mr.  Ben
son's cousin.   They arranged thai de
posits should be iaade ia the at'i irnoou,
when th,' drawer wa: already full aa !
tbe bills would reach high.    One bill i
would stick tu the magnet mi accounl
of the filings. Tbe drawer is not locked
after  the money  is taken  "in. and  it
was .. ,-y v hen 'la- '-,   ���'!... an was in
another part of the I mi; to slip fn and
take it  off.    If I A  i :, pt tried to pick
a speck off the bill jack sh iwed i e a i
one would ever have guessed it.    lie
gained bis end an I the in mey as well."
A little 1  ! ���:��� Jack loft  Net lo ai  the
gate.    "With '.he salary that goes witli
the cashier's j A I guess I can afford
to get marri id u iw," he said.
"For what ei- ��� a..]   [ fool B
''r.ita- rr mm.   "dotoc   asked Nettie ns fhe rah-ed her lips for
tt..;.  i'i ���:: ������ IMI  r" a   k!   :.     "!   : .' i  .     :   I'd  do  it,  and   I
relieve A lu money is right to n    i:l"
penny.    I'be Ue    i     mi    ike or wh it-
ever It is i ''�� ' ��� A'"   '    ,;   ' '      '���
r-  Pn ''   ill   II
possil comes into :���   '-    trioi tlons
an i  civ I ized n
there all th ��� al       urn  vilizi II p
It is ib.lib' less i great n lief to -i
big imist i ' :-��� d si ������ ered, f ir the suspense must be something awful.
The   simple   life   dues   n it   appeal'   tn
" - who through force of eireum
si mces  must  lead  i*   as  tha greatest
Nonsense Song.
Said tii" : Ivi r to l I
"I would a ,    a aa   . a  r
And would I a    ��� m.   to 1  a row
If y.-i'.i have a ���
Bald the I i rvici
Ana     trunks, I oft 1 Id
When you go upon
May I lie   ip in
Said the rii ��������� ��� rr;
But my si r ��� I of whack,
[alii..'- t"  -   ' ones
Jusl aa -   -a a    !    om   back.
As it i-. .... :     -     ome to it,
I I think 'l       Id be a lar'n
���     . t.   i . 1-a,-  you
If you'd bi ire thi -a     II     . i ir I.ark."
Said I T       ���      ���[ must travel
As b--i omes my wealth and rank,
And sho ild I i   ti out of money
[can i    iw upon mj  b ink."
Sai.I ila- foresl: "Thai I- proper;
V.ei musi tak.. ih-- tr|p first class.
if my la-.., - are in I he 1. imor,
They will rustle you a pass."
Saiil ile riven "1 hat Is lovely.
Ii is nice to travel fn i
Por na   m   ds      d amull expi a ses
I can a��������� m;  i irrent.   See?"
Aa,I l.is mouth began i ��� water,
Think   a ��� ���: ivhal i.-   wo ild get,
So he started on bis j lurney,
And 1 la ir he's going y< t.
"B\ll   .'-    : ''''-'      '-'*���'-        '���',.���  t'ied   !"  ''
,..i   (be i    a."       ��� .....    '1  ..'.   H    unn nrriwl,  :
.  .
er longevity
tb"  sev ...���'. ���     ���
pe:-. ins oil      i]  ������        ebi     ll .��� .a  a
th .a
"A nd  Mr.  Hi il   reach  over,
"The the drawer.   1 i i
I :.       ��� . that first."
"Have you loo I  ihe drawer?" she     ..   : ' 'Torhaps it
.A 11 ll
"II    11 bc explained,
"and 1 lit."
��� .'. i. '    '"��� asked
1   tbe
"ll     . It
T ' "
oiitn ;
he does it '. .
pn        .        i ; '   :   ���       ..-   :'
all  tbe 1
"Is 11
'1'. ���'���..,
be de lured, "but tb> i ...    hundred yeni    uml not i
with n time loci      Be mer ly , ;!i"'  of ;    '���   ;   " ��� "' "'
tlie    mail ���
"I  .1... '.   like Mi'   '���   i'-o i,"
.',��� Idi  I'. .     ".'..:'   i'   ...   -   to   in!":'
fere, bui  I know t!   I   '.;���.;'   . .,:i ha i
tried to       hlm to ....    iy i   d
take h ��� - i
"Tou  -' i i'i   ���' pa ' would    teal
my in        . do ; i I?" 1 ��� . 'a I Jack.
"i'.i iiii.,;. anj Ibh " he t ild posi
lively, " '. on n . i . :. i, if j mi ���,-.- i' t
to, ba! , i '.a i I,,.' th M he wants
to get yo   o':l i.i' ib" ���.-. ay."
"For ���.���.:, -.] i-1 I ir    a    ��� I," be said,
laughln      "We'll I...! hl-.i \ 'i, or, rath
er. you     ill.   I don'l think I'm i lever
enougl "
"I think I'm as '���'. . ��� ��������� as Mr. Ren-
son," sl." ... i; oui) - d, " in.I I'm going
lo fo. ] 1 im, :  if I don't."
Tin.;, i i aid i .... iln- concert hall,
next lbe baa' , and I i the music Jack
forgot I ll ' :'.; 'aft
He did   n -I  even  I ail it  a   few   i! .;, a
later \\ ben Neitl ��� e-.tno ia'" the b ink
and. a I :t- a '-hal with !:���;��� father, made
her \\..." i i \ibi"'a .��� : partment.    I le
gpru i ''''   , , the ' itfleo d iof for
Worn     have - '   .
of   life '   fi ft let I
year  than   i bul imbl
ono after                  d                 .; "He wns given up by the doctors.'
,,;   :  arrie.l   |       ins   tu          le  a "And be look a patenl luedieiue?'
as ','" to I.l         1'ei             irn    . "Yes."
have a i.t          ust i                   ' "And ii cured bim?"
il, ise born at other                               I "No; it hastened the end."
rid over  ������
fi  iplently   nt   night  than   in  Ihi Their Besl Friend.
lime "He is  the  father of  thirteen chll   3
Tb "������ a;.      I |               :''.      ���"   " ��� droii."                                                                    iJ
spoken : .  ".   .   . '���                 , "And he -nd has to work?"
whose r                                           ib"! I    "\'es."
"Thai Is base Ingratlrud i the pari    (j
���i..    ; a,   o .: :
fnlth of iln- shoe       i ������     They should retire
'bl i I     i of life Is t bim mi an old age pension."
tiin e ji ' ��� the p
tlon "f i ."       ', Iii     .      ���
Tb.-  H.i.i   I'ncfnl   *.'l~!..
Tl:" cod i ��� tbe mo '  ���:   iful  ii-h hi the
world.   As ::n  arl i '1 ��� of food,  whole
some a   i  -    stuuti.il, c tiler fresh or
salted  a1 I dried, i:   f i ins a  ��� alunblc
nildll   n to tbe fo .1  res inrce i  of lhe
world, and in iiii-. an I other wa;. -��� few
n embers  of lbe nnh ial   ib   ��� Ion     i��� ���
more  unlversnlly   ri 'vl ea i ���  to  mankind.   I'.n irnioii ily prolific I  u i li ih pr >���
due : ���: 0,000,0 ill egg     and   '.1 lely dis
trlbuted, Its' n   ��� uine h    i   ippreeiul -1
nl    . : ev   '     ��� ere.  'lb" i .     ie Is con
i Id ''   i ii ��� Iei ' .    .:.. ���",   .   dug 'i!-"i
der  fun lulu     I   ngla   i  nq ml   i i  thill
g a from tl       urg . m, a bl "   'o I live
nil hns  a   >  i; I :.'. Ide  ro; i ' ition  ns n
a edli Ine an I  food  In  pulmonary am!
other wasting diseases, where its blgl
ly   nutritive  pr ipertles   give   it   gre il
value.    Tiie    \ irweglana    give    cods'
S'lbcr Moment.
1 llmo to laugh, hi le, hi I".
'I 111 'a ii I a ,  li  blue an.I black.
li -   nol   " h. i    j .ur   wealthy   uni in
i hough,
Sltlcth bun down on a luck. ���
"Things mighl have been different if V.
IA. e  bad   l.eell  il   lllallel'tl   woman." vj
"She would hai b taken her hairpin
nud worked her way back into the
Lilerjry Life.
"He Is dabbling in lighl literature,"
"Whal   is he doing'.-"
".Making   out   gas   bills."
"Well, there Is some plot to that
iin., "itrn of rain lhal never falls
Is thla: iin off i wn
Ami leave your umbrella homo;
The tlon.is will Hun i ome down.
Too Good.
li ��� ids,   mixed  �� Ith   mar nu  plant i,  to |
their  cows   to  Incrensc   Ihc   yield   o        "Her little son never told n lie,"
milk.   Tbe  Icelanders  give the bones      "I though! you snid she had Interest
lo H elr cattl     ml In  ICnmcbntkn 11 g chlldreu."
tloga nre I'- I on i1 em, while in thc Icy
ber a ui  returni I I i   'oui ting 11 n p '������   '-'.;' :  ;- ���''     '  ''' of it s, Ihey are fre- So Startling.
of bills In front of him. nuently dr'n : and used :,j fuel.   Lon-1    "He Is trying the Knelpp curs."
Sho leaned on the ejimler besldo him,   'lon Ansv   ��� I    "Dew teill"
Things Happen
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
������WHBHW*^. ;a^
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
The morning- is the time to (ell the, purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
M^���tf* HURSDAV. AUG. 30,  1906.
WHAT the deuce is the matter with this bread ? I was at mothers last night and she had the most
lovely bread. Well, no wonder, your mother bakes with RISING SUN. and if the grocer sends
j any more of that stuff he sent last I'll certainly send it back. You get me RISING SUN FLOUR and I'll
* make just as good bread as youi' mother ev-jr made.
F.   G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West. Vancouver
We guarantee them to til  beautifully and to
the equal of the best sel of ee : you ever saw
ing twice as much.     Our mechanical experts
men of long experii nee (we employ no others)
I their work is the best known to the Dental
Pr fession.
^s4J<,   ' '���' "<���*
:-   " ������
Ee   '
Other prices worth coming miles to profit by :
Gold Filling .
Platina Filling
Silver Filling .
Gold Crowns .... $5.00
Bridge Work I,-'J $5.00
Set of Teeth   .   . . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of^Charge.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
Take  no [ilicati in     has
��� :     ,: -      ter i:. M. Carncro
the ownei  In Fi e Sli    le    imler a
1 ax Sale Dei M rom   hi  i a ion of
��� Tow nship ' t ot S irrey to
.  ihn i Am it-A; md          ng <1      the 9th
.   '.:    I ine,  A.   D.,   1905, ot all  ami
��� ;ular thai   ei . tain    an el  oi   ti iei
a i     ���       remises   situ ite,   :.. lng
:-ii,l   '"iuu  in  the   District    of    New
minster, in the Provini e ol  Brit-
;  i re p   tlcularly known
described as���Li ts 6, A 8, 9,  17
���   Bloc    25,  Li '    15, IC,  17,  18,
10   ��� ol South Wesl
ter ot Section C, Township 7. also
Li '    i. :. ::. I. 5, Bid '.  10 being parts
South   v.. Section    ('.,
Township   7.   \'i -.. inster   Dis-
Vmi and eai h of      i are required
atesl  : be cl iim of the tax  purchase]  within fort\ five days from the
���   i f tl ��� iblii ation  of this
'. I   In   (ll a   ll   'iive.it   or
-   tifl a'.- of lis  : en l< -is :. lng  filed
hin   such  pi rio I,  or  In  default of
li ���   .' lon       efore     n glstratlon,    1
���.-���-:    ii    M.   I';, across,   as
i  direct  that
-   im        i this notice for one
nth    i a dall    news]    ��� i : ublished
i'i   Nev.   wesl mini ter   will   I e   good
a 1 sufflcienl  sen l< e h E
.'.. .. i al  thi   I. in i  Registry Offlce,
, .    a inst       i''."-Ince  of  British I lolumbia. th    24th  ln> of August
\   A ,  1906.
C.   S   KEITH,
1 lisi rict Registi ar
To  H    Vli   Daniel    J,    Munn.
i.' irge I-'. Risti en an lam Thlba-
All   persons   served   with   this   noli ...  and   thosi    'la    Ing  through or
un li r them, an 1 n    persons claiming
Amy Interest In the said land by virtue
ol   anj   unregistered   Instrument,  and
all  persons claiming any interest   in
the said land by descent, whose title
is not registered under the provisions
of the "Land  Registry Act," shall lie
:- ri rer estopped  and   debarred   from
si ��� ��� Ing up any claim t i or In respect
, or the sai.I Ian 1 so sold for taxes as
provided by the ' Lan 1 Registry \-i."
Dentists, i
Hon i 9 a. n:. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
107   Hastings   St. VV.,   Vancouver
Westminster Iron Works
GENERAL M.V'IH.ni-. ,\.\:> i..s(jixi;
-    ::��� a" ilITHI." ti, ii.pii'i.'. and
STR1      fl R '      .ii' LN       -     ..a.
���    ',''.'.   Iron   '���'. I"1",   ta-   idlng
!'���     ���-. i late '. Fire I       pes, etc.
���I    i oi A:1*   "t: I ci denre to
.���:.- i.
New Westminster. r. u. 174.
Canadian Pacific
Royal fVsail Steamship
Ne:     i.   ��� re  -  sails   S pt.   7  i   and
21sl     N   .   Ls  the   time     ���  make ar-
���,       for   1 ed   trip
across I   e   '    intic an 1 you n Ight as
wi'.! travel ln  -';��� le and i   mfort and
monej. Foi   rate - and par-
.1 ' -   ipplj   to
C.   P.   R.   AGENT.
Representatives    of     Sixth     Regiment
Come   Next  to   Ha!'fax   Men   in
Borden    Match.
8. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in  All Kinds  of
Umber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
dumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
Notice is in rea., gi,en that 30 daya
"ey date I iuu n i to 'liai e application in the Honoi al li   the Chief Com-
it ,   inner  of   Lan '    .a I   Worl   .   for
- ..-. lal Licence 1    cut      I carr} away
er from 1       I esi I
nils, s : ead ol
!'."   Lake, X. VS. I Commeni
ing at a stake I       the North
a. i ol Ihe I O, I ':��� ��� ion
.-iii i Inlni N'o 10 13, thenc,e Mi rtherly
5d ,..;, .,     ...  ..  \vr.���    so    cha
thence So il h  80 i hains, th :e  E ial
SO chains I < i olnl ol commencement
Staked   Augusl   13th, 1900,
i Wilis SHARPE.
New Westminster, B. C,
Telephone A184 or address 'ith Avenue nml 1 Ot li Street.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer nnd manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones ftc.
Write for prices.
New Westminster, B. C.
Ottawa, Aug. 29���The weather oon-
ditii ns in the Dominion Rifle ass i-
i ial lon ;::.:'elies at the Roi kcliffe
ranges tlii- morning were somewhal
unfavorable for shoi ting as far i.s the
men were concerned although they
Mere pleasant enougn for tlu' apecta
tors of which there -.vere many present
The Harofld L. Borden match wns
shut with .i poor light and a wind varying trom rlghl to left which caused the
scoring to be much below thai of last
>ear.    Tin- Halifax men ear: iei off lhe
tiisi prize by a small margin but the
second prize went to the Sixth regi-
menl  ti am of British Columbia.
\i the special nue, n.g of the Coun-
i i. of I he Dominion Rifle assi elation
this morning there was a long discus-
-i,in on ' ionspi ���: ition rates for rifle-
a a Min> of the western inui ks
men presenl voiced In iron terms
i.iiiesi.. gainst ihi high transportation ch irgi w hli h iln". were forced to
i ay in ai lending .ither al Roekellffe
in Bisley. Capt. \V. Harl McHarg f
iln Sixth regiment, Vancouver, point
e.l .an iii particular the hardship to
Hi iti -li Colum Ai i Iflenn a �� ho ha I
in pay iheir way ail the way icross
the continent t" Montreal before se
curing the special Bteamer rate to
Bisley. Col, Tiiiiin. president of the
council, promised thai action would
bo taken by Hie council looking toward the reduction of the present
rales by  half.
Will  Lecture This Evening.
Commissioner itaiitoti of iho Solvation Army is announced to lecture In
st. Paul's Reformed Episcopal church
this  evening  al   8  o'clock    on  the
j theme, "Japan after the War." Commissioner Railton is considered to be
lone of tin- most experienced men In
Christian   work  it   has  ever been the
I privlege "f the    New    Westminster
I people <tO  welcome      Nearly   40   yoirs.
I ego, in England, two men felt led to
organize a military religions body,
They sat one day. framing a name
for tlie organization. One of the
men was William Boothe, The other
who was named Qeorge RaiHon wrote
"G id's   Ai my."     Boothe   loi Iced   ovi :
hi il ���       nd     .'      "Salv ���
vould   be  bette ," and  sn
-.  1   'I ii'- two men have work-
��� ...      . inne 1   togethi r evei   since,
1   knows, great  sur-
Con nisi ioner   Railton,   Salva-
nists  feel, i- Gem ral Boothe's besl
..    He has pioneered th ��� work in
eric:    ;     nee, i le many ami Japan.
seven  diffi renl languages,
i'i   ������   ���   -,   fa ian a   ihe time "i lh -
wiili   Russia.
He is now on his way from England
to .'a ian in the interests of th<
;..   there.
The ��� h iii   this evening will  be oc-
c ipie I by  Rev. J. S.  Hendei son, and
a   sidvei      IP - tion   will  I e  taken  ait
! ���
i   ;i thon���J.  IA  Walsh, Toronl i;  ,T.
er,   ; ��� . dney;   R.   L,     Bea iblen,
ouver;   F   ''���. Swanton and  ��Ife,
:-1: :. ; .1. M. Woodruff and wife,
Pi rtlan i:   A.   ii.   Camptw 11,   i Ihicago;
i :'    . Edison: Henrj Gay, Mo int
v-   non    ei;   Bow den, Kelow na :   W.
Peai - a.   Chilliwack;   11.   T.     Logan,
tl   irne;   N.  Lavln,  Stanley.
Colonial���E. ll. Taylor, Toronto; S.
��� -  a.    S irnia,    Ontario;     James
Shai p,   Ki nora,   Out.;   A.   IA   Darron,
Mounl   Vernon;   Miss Simpson, Phila-
���    iii.i.
Windsor���D. 11. McEachern, \v. il.
Johnson, V incouver; E. M. Curtis,
S imas; B. Nelson, C. it. Crist, Mat-
.-pi: .1. Ibbotsson, and wife, Vancouver; H. ������;. Smith, Seattle E. Valleur,
ll. /a A.e". :   Roberi   Braden jr.,  llatu-
���  II   !1 I
C  miopolitan���W.    II.      Nasmette,
'I    grove;   Peter  Lovelady, Vancouver;   P.   Smith.   .1.   Pearson,    Chilli-
T. Way, Sumas;   i)   a. Johnston, Vancouver;   A.  I., inglis,  Elgin.
Killed   on   Construction.
I'm: William. Aug. 29.���S. Peterson.
foreman for Foley Bros., the ll. T. P.
contractors, ami an Italian, name unknown, were instantly killed yesterday ai Kaministiqula by a premature explosion. The men were
: lasting in a rock cut, ami the fn.se of
: .- toi pedo had been lighted, nri.."'
si ', ei il men nearby could be warned,
ta, explosion occurred Peti rsi a wa
ii .rally blown to pieces, and three
. tl ��� i   I    orers were Injure i. bul  ti"t
Winnipeg   Man   Laments   That   Bettei
Transpo'tation   Facilities  Are
Not   Afforded.
"The fruit is -imply rotting on the
��� round far want of the facilities for
marketing it " So George E. Davis of
Winnipeg describes the fruitgrowing
industry of the Chilliwack Valley ae
cording to the Vancouver Province.
Mr. Davis is a member of Uie firm
of Munson, All.in. Laird fc Davis of
Winnipeg, ami after an attack of
typhoid At been convalescing in the
mountaii s. He is now mi liis way
' Th ��� fruitgrowers in the Chilliwack Valley," he says, "are scarcely
ki ing any o iheir produce. After
crating an.l shipping it in by the
inn- roundabout rail route there is
m. money in it for them. DeaJers
wini are willing to pay freight charges
will only give the growers twenty
i ems a box for crated stuff. The
ranchers refuse to orate it at tha;
price. It seems a shame to see thou-
s.mis of bushels of fruit going to
waste every year when tho building
of un electric line would imt ihe
ap iles atnl plums and peaches nml
11 ars mi ii level witli tlie produce of
the other and mon.' accessible valleys.
Some of these days there will he a
II ������ from Westminster, nml the result
will he that the ranchers in Chilli-
waek will commence to make money."
 o       ,.,..,
Large   Booms   of   Logs. '
The liritish Columbia Mills Timber
ami Trading company's large tow
boat th" Active came into port test
evening, ami with the assistance of
tin- Hell,' ami the Firefly, which are
owned by ih" same company towed
m  three  large  booms of logs.    The
boo ns were brought in fro:'.: th !
north by the Active and for tlie sake
of making time tlie Belle and ihe
I'ite.l. were sent down to the mouth
of the river to assist in hurrying
Mu- i ooms io their destination. Immediate! . - a reai hlng port 'he captain ordered the Active in be releas-
.   ;    a:i 1    tile   ve-se!'s   lienl    was    '11111-
' ;   down   stream   in   order   'hat   it
it   _���:   A,.ii igh   the   sand   heads
witli  a   favorable tide.
,      '������
fl   .
mm m   :
,JtV>pf\,'W>     ���     ������������    'S    ..   'V. -Vi
J^.. i2d^ I M:2^:ttE.J
Plug   Chewing
10c per cut
k �����.�����������' a ��� ��� ��������>
a i
mi mini
Published by The Daily News Pub
.'sbing Company, Limited, at theii
ifflces corner of Sixth and Front
ritreets.  New Westminster, B. C,
J.   C.   Brown R. J.   Burde
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonparlel) 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
Subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Foi riii:e contracts, special posi
tons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths. 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent, pet-
word. N i advertisement taken fn
Iqsj than L'o cents.
Business office      22
Editorial   office       17
Manager's   residence    277
won't cake. It is PURE���clean,
dry crystals that disolve instantly.
Perfect for the table.
Small & Bucklin Find That They Need
More   Space   and   Equipment.
Then   Loses.
THURSDAY,   AUG.   30.   1906.
The Small & Bucklin company will
  ! shortly commence  the erection  of a
new planing mill at a point  between
tyew   Westminster   Nine   Leads   Up   the saw mill and the offices.   Improve-
Till the Sixth Innings anH ments of a  necessary character are
being continually a Ided to the mill's
equipment. At, the present time W.
A Cilloy has a pile driver and crew
Uy a score of eight to seven, the ; busy driving piles for the foundation
Blaine ball team defeated ihe New ol a large new boiler which the com
Westminster team yesterday after- i any has found to be nece-ssairy in
mon in one ol' the finest games of order to provide the necessary power
lull played hero ihis season. 'I'he for tlie increasing supply of machin-
lilaine men did their winning work ery. A large tank is also to be
during Uie sixth innings, when they erected and a .system of tiro proteose Hied six runs, and when finally non inaugurated such as will enable
caiight out had two men on bases, the company, in case of tiro, to flood
tA to this time their work  had  not   the roofs of the 1.nil.lings wiih watet.
eon  particularly   brilliant,  and   New  o	
v estmimster had  had  ihe  ie.nl.
in  the  seventh   linings,    the    Xew
Westminster  men  did  some
Modern Woman
Won*. n Who Helped Vindicate
Dreyfujr-- La Fronde, the Woman's Daily Newspaper of Pans,
Championed H'i Cause   ::    ::   ::
W. B. Gl."ey- '���'"one \-V*.
Steamer Breai's Canal Gates.
Montreal, Aug. 29 ���Fifteen vessels,
rilliant   lighters and  tugs are tide up ar,  La-
 ___ the best of all being      leautiful   , IjIm. and  ,,-!���,;���  ;T,,,^ owing  t0 an
strike by Canfield to the outfield, on  accident I 1 the locks on the Lachine
AN  IMPERIAL MINISTER. which he scored a home run, the only   canal   al   Cote   st    Paul    yesterday,
Noting the facl that ihe third read- one recorded during the game, Four *vhen the steamei Dundurn crashed
lng of the Education Hill was carried runs wore made by the home team into the upper gates.
in the Imperial commons by a ma- daring this innings, bul il had a \s a result a I A of water four
jority of 192, ono Liberal and three sorry finish, fur with the bases full, :: y.-s in length a hundred and twen-
Labor members voting against it, the Neilson allowed himself to be caught ly.five feet in vidth and fifteen feet
British  Weekly, ii non-partizan paper   oul al first on a poor hit    A good hit   ,],,,.., was partly set  free and quickly
e. vered the sun     a ling  ������> harves.
which may be called.the non-comforist would have brought home one or
i 1 ynu for England, says: "Our chief perhaps iwo men. bul he didn'l do :;.
reflection  over  the  event   turns    on   Neilson is a good pitcher, im'. a poor   rhi   canal   bank   were  flooded.
ll   mai "tui'ing  fii ms   a    :. .
ihe    merits    of  .My.   Birrell.     When   raan to have at  the bai at a critical
Mr. Birrell was appointed to his present position, we promised him a fair
and gen- rous consideration, though we
Smith wiis also responsible for three
men   walking   back   from   tiie   bases
damage amounts it several thousand
[1 . 1 's. Several d 1; - "ill b ��� requir ��� 1
10 make the necessary repairs.
could  not   forgel    iccasions  which  we during 'la- fourth innings   when witli
have had to oppose him.    li gives 11s a"    asi " ' '". he iiii 11 fly, which was
the greatest pleasure  to say tha:   be caught   by   the   shorl   stop.    All   0111.
has nnue than fulfilled all hopes, and Jlnvrnj   Lewis    wa.-    respon i ie    for
ihai   he  has dispelled  all   fours.    We three errors,  each  ot   which   secured
do not  know that  for  manv  years  a
ran   for   Blaine.     Malcolmson   was
higher Eeal of parlianientarj work i"erj poor at the bat, and was called
has been carried through than his "ul on strikes more than once. Sin-
conduct of the Education Bill. From ' 'air gol in a couple of clever steals,
firsl io last be has been almosl with bm managed 10 get in the way of a
oul reproach, same, kind, wise, patient, Blaine runner more than once. Cae-
with a perfect grasp of details, and well on .1 rush for the third pillow,
:i complete loyalty to principle. Mr. which Sinclair was guarding, ran
Asquith's  tribute  to  his  enduring  pa- !";'' "f him  during the eight  innings,
Americars   Get   Benefit.
Washington,     Aug.     29.���American
.oils in Spai . el mses, are '1
ive : he em I 1 lie favored na-
1 lon tariff treal 1 I lilch will go
into eff< ct hi en S ain an I I he
L'nited States n S . I. The sun ���
department rei ei. id a dispatch to lay
.. ra the American minister at Madrid  announcing  this   facl
Nelson  Court   House.
Victoria, Aug  29     '1 ��� bitei I Ral ten
tience, unfailing tact, wide sympathy,  :'"l grabbed him by the neck, throw-   bury  has  received   In tractions   from
and pacifying, reconciling humor has   n-   him   some  distance.    An  appeal   Won. R. F. Green, 1 tiie! Commissioner
been iuuu.' than justified. Mr. Birrell
h . I the mosl difficult of all difficult
tasks to go through, and he wns prac-
to   tbe   umpire   was     made,     Blaine   of   Lands and   Works, to  proceed   to
claiming Ihat  Sinclair goi  in the  way    gel - >���   ifl  atl   :.-    for   plans   of
purposely, and il  took a  whole loi  of   the Nelson court      mse  filed  by  him
thye,-   years   ag i      rhe   cosl   of   this
ing will be al oul $65,000.
ticallj  unsupported.    His subordinate, :'""   talk   to  repair  Sinclair'.-  action.
Mr. Thomas Lough, wa.s simply a dan- Some of the Blaine men even threat-
'-���.1 rous nuisance, where he was not a !'-''' d '" 'P'ii the game, but Dr. Doherio
complete nullity.     it   is  the highest managed  to gel   things    straightened
piaise of  Mr. Birrell  to say that  he ln"   again.     The  visitors  condemned
did   nol   lose   his  temper   even   with Sinclair's  action   with   no    uncertain
Mi.   Lough, a  111.1:1   who   mlghl   pro- voice, and it looked like trouble around
perly have laken the boy's advice to third base for a few minutes,
the Mayor of Ipswich  in  "Pickwick," At   ;1"'   beginning   . :'  the     ��� iventh
and   "stuck   to  the   nails    and     iho innings, ihe  Blaine men put  in their
snrcepan   business,   as   he   made   his whirlwind pitcher, Lewi.-, but he was
mone,   A   it."   Ministers did little for !'"'   '"  his besl  form, and the  locals
Mr.   Birrell,  and    even    Mr.    Lloyd- nianaged  to find  the strikes    nearly
, -   ge hindered him much more than every time.
1    helped him,   Bui Mr, Birrell went 0	
Ol    with   quiet,  unwearying   patience,. Dancing Classes to Open,
with  perfect  temper,  with a  full  un- Prof.   William    Judges,    orchestra
I mding of his measure, and with lea li 1   and   teacher of dancing,  will
a   courtesy   which  al   lasi     dlsari 1 open   his   regular   season   classes   in
everyone, and changed  the whole at- this   cit.\   on   Wednesday,   Sept.     L2.
raosphere  of the house." liver,,   Saturday   evening   after    the
But the paper Is not altogether In opening he will hold public dancing
igreemem  with the minister.   Highly classes from X to 9 o'clock, and from
Hill Cuts Wheat Rates.
Por land, Or., Aug. 29.���The Evening
t legram todaj   saj - I hal   word  was
receive 1 tn the citj  today thai James
J    iiiii   i. a-   I cl le 1   tu    reduce    the
freight   rate  on   wheal   from   the  Pa-
co  it to oi lental , orts fi om $ 1.50
a ;: i pei ton.
_ 0 ������
Coming West.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 29.���Sir
Thomas Barlow, physician to King
Edward, Sir William Broadhi nt and
portj 01 oithei distinguished Englishmen pass i through here today en
route to the Pacific Coast
"Tay Pay."
There is no 1 lore 2rencr.1l favorite
n    It  eulogizes  the   "feat, of  parlia- 9 till midnlghi he will give a general   in the hoi
tary work," It is not  a more flat-   dance.     Prof,   Judges  also    has
ommons 1 lian T, !'.
his   O'Connor, who, although severe in
'Inone point, and it   orchestra   In   readiness   for   I'm     ea-   public   speech,   is   essentially   good
son and  will be in .-. position to sup-
lily   music   for  dancing   parties     md
oilier social events.   Pre:'. Judges' rep-
I- a very Import ml point, we differ,
and shall continiii to differ, from Mr.
Birrell He atl u lie : he very high-
esi Importance to I teaching of
Christianity in thc schools of the who have
country.    We hope we do nol  weld to   his  line.
Iiii    In  oar deep conviction  Ihat   re- ��� o -
ligious teaching Is the mo    Important Good Ye.ir for Halibut.
pari   of  all   education       Where    we      A   man   who  has  been  engaged   in
nation   shouhl   commend   him   to  all
my desire for anything In
nal un.' and frii mlly in private life.
"T. I'." is 0 f .miliar with lhe Troy
i.;   ���    : ivith th   reprosental 1. e
of labor.    H- chats with Mr. Balfour  :: nl   he   li' ks   arm i w ith   thc
pri  ... :       ler.    In  fin 1  he is on
Isliip ami    nti
iiber of  tl  ���
...    Joseph   Ch ���
 1 .��� ilon ' iii'.' i
i . .     irently rtl
I   til"   Ir     lllllC   all.'l'-    l'l
iih .-'1'    11 logislati in.
.  ���
with   '".
ho       ' .
bi    . ii. ���. !n
1:- d
ll       '.  ' '���' y   ���
connc .
Klim*. of I'lrcciiiiH Groirfli.
Before people studio 1 nature 1 1 learn
from bim Is In  hli   belief thai the halibul  Industrj   for the pasl   en
���>���'   ���-    this    rellglou      leaching    la or eleven years along the coast stated
ran eed  b;   11  government, and  Is last nighl  thai  this year bade fair to
made  compulsory, li   will    fall,    We In   one of the mosl successful In the
have fai   more faith  In  the Christian history of halibul   fishing.    Yeai   a
church  lhan to believe  that.    Bui   ii lei   year   pessimists  has  stated   that
is   emphatically   rlghl   thai!   from   a the   fishing   grounds    whicli    extend   tho truth nnd when they delighted in
Nonconformist quarter, nol prejudiced along bhe coast for a distance of some   all sorts of fancies II wns claimed thnt
A  any  means in Mr.  BIrrell's favor, 200   miles   were   being  depleted,   but   rings of fungous growths were caused
there should come such a whole-heart- each  yea,-  who,,  the  boats  returned, ''    '    '        '   ' ' :'"    '���   :l  "' :"
'���d tribute as we desire to render to there were just  as many  fish as be-
the wisdom, bhe Christianity, the abili- fore,   One of the large halibut steam-
ty,  with   which  he bas  done his  part, ers has been fishing off Banks island
We have had no educational minister for the  pasl   ihree years, and  ihere,
within  living  memory   with  anything each  year,  the  cry   was   raised   that
like his qualifications  for the   position." L S
.i I
So!:." ol the provincial pa).or- are
following iii" example of the Daily
Xews In ihe matter of calling attention io ilie Importance of foresl con-
Borvancy. Keep || before the public,
gentlemen. There Is no more Important mailer in the whole range of current  provincial topics,
���Jtlf[      'p,)|1!ll!IU.I.I|X.)   BUM    lii'|!|i!l|    .'i|l
lng ihe three years, eai li year had
been better than ill" last, an 1 this
,- ear the oatch with the same crew
from the same groun Is n ill be double
that   Of   lasi   vear.
dorboll entering lhe ground or by the
work of moles. Various oilier equally
absurd explanations have been given.
Now we know thai the first fungous
plant growing from 0 spore takes trom
the soil miller and car It all or most
of the special food thai Ihe plant requires.   Only the spores from this plant
thai fall jusi outside tl xhausted soil
Will lind g I fungous fond, nnd so the
circle ul' successive growths widens
because only tiie spores outside of tho
ring can find food.   St. Nicholas.
DR. B. TSl'J!
1  Lute of Manchurian Japanese Army
Office, 300 Westminster Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
Residence Phone 60.        Office Hours:
Should    the    governor-general    bi
favored with tine weather during his  offlie'Phon
contemplated cruise in our coasl wa- 	
leys, he Is certain to come back from      Wanted- -Active,    Intelligent
ii wiih the conviction thai  there are   a! out eighteen years of age, al Fruit
no limy yachting waters In the world. 1 Cannery, Front street.
City and Country Women.
"The city woi ... 1 who l: il \,' I ���
whal i- called tho middle e :onom ���
1 lass gel ��� more outdoor life and develops  better physically than  clow
tlie country brod woman of tho saim.-
financial condi! ion,"   aid Professor
Graham Ta} lor al  tho Institute ������''
Social Science. "Tho woman in thi
country lives much  moro time i'i
doors than is commonly suppose 1
���Chicaao Chronicle,
Men newspaper oiliu'i's. after the
custom "f iheir sot. luiv.e lauded to I
the skies the "two heroes/' Simile Zola 1
and Colonel Piequart, who fought bo
nobly to prove the Innocence of Captain Dreyfus of the French army
Great glory they get, ami Justly. So
does the press likewise glorify MathiA'.i
Dreyfus, brother of the foully wronged
man. for hi- devotlou to the captain,
but scarcely n word, mind you, hardly
a grudging mention, of the women,
without whan: tho vindication would
never have been made. The chief of
these was Mine. Dreyfus herself, who
never censed for one day her splondl I
effort 1 1 restore ber husband to his
rank In lhe urmy. Not for a moment
.lid she doubt hi 1 Innocence. I ler
faith and ibe knowledg ��� she wus work
lug to clear bim i. ... Dreyfns nlivo
four years on  Devil's     lun ;gh
torture that would have killed a Ravage Indian In it quarter of lhe time. It
was Mme, Dreyfus who Interested
Zola, also a Jew, In her husband's case
and Instigated him to write the fiery
document "J'Accuse," �� lilch reopei ��� I
the case. '/. ila w is dismissed 1 rom
Legi .ii of I.,.ia.a. only e n aped i.i |
"���a. enl f ir ulleg ��� 1 lil i 1 ,. ilig! 1 t .
li1   ��� :   I       lly   1!     !.   era',ill '.    a
suicide,   li .;   ii ..   one  ' mr did   M
Dreyfus c ai-e ber She gol       -
g.-iaf i;:-.  i'i.I  of   M me.   Zola  nfter  I
ile ith of Iho a ivell        M11      ','.
one of lho>'o pi ���   ill at the cer
a.id   ia : .v -      ������   " ��� |       f   the   ti
incut which   t lasi fr ���     '       fus fr   ..
all stain of t: 11   td pi   -    imed S
;    ��� v ors I wronged 11  in ol   I   1 go
Hun.    Nor wn     bai :      l-'roi   e.
the ','���.'     i'siI ��� of Paris
edited   b;    the  I      itifi:!   Mi        I
nler, 0 ml lined fro I 1  . 1  I
quent   articl ���-   in   I. ���   ;       '.    Imi
that   Is nlil
age of ir.'in's   -. -i. ���       ti    if 1   .
v  r
Alas for th.'
c   v
1 -aa'        '   . the fai it lire
fast  with  the r I  of y.>;i      <i
ailments.    !.' yo 1 "1       r slept u >
nil night," don't let 1
:���   v
When     a     ri trtit"' il  rl,      imp!    -
sea tula 1 la'    ��� to
..    . t the ]    ticipal   vli
no--, s are      10 no       ors."    i)h, j-i
The  neigh  0 I about  it,  ol
9.  v
Beggiua   1" -'  ' ��� for   som dl
i- nol praying  for it.    1' iltuly will
and trusl..     I.s far be ter.
v. v
Many women do noi even think th ���:���
think.   They simply li dieve what Ih
are told to.
m  v
Wasn't  that a brilliant Chicago wo
man v\ ho burned up si:,.oon in m,,
and sei uritl   ���   which    he ow noil In hei
ov ii name in order to compel her hus
baud by hi w io support her?   Tl	
killer appears  to have  been  skip]   1;
Chicago latelj
m r
Americfi Is pt obably tl e 011I3 cou
In the world where there are men win
��car   1!... ii ond   rings   and   pick   t . ��� .
teeth wiih a fork.
m r
Hero i ��� .1 - a; h . -1.: .. body send 1 ..
wlthoul   :: 1 ue   ir  di Ic  nl lachc 1
clever old m tid once said  it   ��,1- fi r
better  lo be  Iuu .died  ul   because you
were nol innrrle I than uot to bo nl .
to laugh be. rn:- ��� j ui were."   Whal d
you thli :,:
*���  tt
"Don't mnrry an old m in" is iho p .
thetlc ad\ Ic ��� to hey - ������> of an unfo ��� 11
mile girl w ho p t nitio I herself li   I
tied up in 11 1 . Id mummy lu �� hoi
sehl in-. I   r , 0   and   nil   Lh
sprluj - of r 'ill life It ul dried up.
Ing 0 Ij  do lr ��� for lh ��� more phj
com To .    of  th ��� iiuini il.    SI n
uos, "All ho eared 10 do   if e\ ������ .
wus ju-1   1 .  sil   In   au  armchair     1 I
smoke."   Wn -n't thnt 11 layout for d ���
llle.-l Ic linppin���'���
V   V,
Ther i Is 1 ml of bu tineas oppoi'l :
ulty for the In Ighl stenographer 111 0
know s l,...., lo spell and punctuate 1 1 .
hou io uml 0 le-y elf useful in ber
employer, 11110 j oun ; woman ". li ���
started ns a stenographer fbr n 1
ness firm now is traveling snleswo in
for lh.'in. with pay of $,S,j a weel;. ,\
other girl stenographer, w ho kepi h ;r
eyes open. s::w  the  iu\' I of 11   Imu-i coll
club for girls iii ii iIuvp ii town district
of New- Vork. She estllbll tllOll Sill h il
club and gets ten times the money he
received ns stenographer. Kale il
iiriswobl. editor and publisher ,,; Ihe
most successful advertising mngn :ie
In America, begnn life as a sleno ;r.i
A remarkable sentiment In favor nl
I the bnllol for n omen has for the Ur il
lime in the history of Franco develop ,|
among feminine circles  ihere.    Mme.
Isabel  Bogolot,  11   sweel   faced,  rofln ��� 1
woman,  who bus done much  for the
pony an i   linf il'tll llltc of  bey  own  -it
Iii Paris, Is ii i ��� of the leaders in lh -
new fomlulsl movement.   Nol longago
some Frenchi ui sai in the galleries
of tlie chnin'wr of deputies iu Paris
ami sentteroti suffrage leaflets down
over lhe li ��� ids of tho members.
J. R. Gntey,   hm
one i4|
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. c. rotu^fy Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents vancouvei   Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R.
'Phone I*
A Good Thing is Jure to be Appreciated
(Maple F.eaf
Is gaini.iij in favor every day.    Our output last )^ar wan doir
preccdL^; one.'    The most healthful ami nutritious of t*��v
- .
:   ! i MM     ,
i   !  I. ���
ih] U
Af     n    '    A��a*.T.-A-
tJ.-  ������ ���   ���   -, w'imy.,   . .
fei; -." ml       ���
y"   '""���   A:.   .-..
'    .A' k.\'V.' -  '-. ��� i
k :    .    '   E \:   e f    ��� a.
f    ."    :      ,Ee   ��� F%
t       .. .     'e^.:e: ���   L   -v
H /,- s -Aii,      i��fv       ������-    '*   *��'*��   ~y^*" "^r-
I I mk m ; . m    - ������'���   ���
/     .-������ ��� '<���'������ i . J% i~'JA V'���'���������-.AltA' ,   -,
��� ���-.������������>?�����.���������- '^ 'ME]   "    *" '"
. ;- ',wV-'**..   .<-,:
ii?-- E-'EE'
���*���'��������� '''���- s'r4#&A9 '   r - > '.
rs   ,'. ^.%.s     -^^^^WkEy
]    ���V.t.fo:  - i.
<���.: i
������ : ::  >��� ylsE"''.!'
'-���'* ...
His Partners "I really never heard a jettor ���.,,,. cii >n -i
wonderful flow of"���
He: "Great Scott! That icmin:!-. mc���I've left tha bathrt
full on!"
r~EMpn~.E??' ���-"r" ��� ���' :'-t..
���lAt: frX.'m1- '��� a ��� a'1'
*WmtrX'E��'  i.^siE.E^m,
Boss:    "What  makes you think  you'd m.ikn a first c'.-:.3 o!f.ca
Applicaatt   "Why, I can't whistle a note, mister."
V i
I- ��� '
<���*,_ ,/
On   tho  banks   of   tha   placid   Nile
Lived a beautiful crc.-.-iclilo,
And on  his U :?,
Will- tace and crace,
He wore a nine 'oat smile THURSDAY. AUG. 30, 1906.
Local News Briefly Told
of lime
who have wide Columbia river .'-tB,
lng boats are having them fitted up
with  gasoline  engines.
Roberi Dunsmuir came in from   the previous night.   Havin     riven bail
yesterday with a scow load   for his appearance,    John    did    not.
think it   worth  his  while to appear,
^*~ and  the  magistrate ordered  the hail
\     a.i ���- of enterprising ^��?'Pan,^    W be estreated!
The V. l' S, C. E. of St. Andrew's
lij'terlan church will hold a social in the lecture room of the church
The Flyer left yesterday for Lady- tomorrow evening. A programme or
iiiih and from that place will take vocal and Instrumental music, and
scow load of coal to the Point Rob- recitations will be rendered and followed by refreshments. A cordial In-
vii ition ts given to all the young peo-
; le of the church and congregation toj
: e present anil bring Uieir friends
with them.
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS $0 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size        - ���   $2.00
See them.   They will delight your eyes, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
Moulding in large varieties.   Framing a specialty.
erta cannery.
.Mrs. C. Rogers who has been very
iii lit her home on Park Row was
teported yesterday to be slightly bet-
I- :
Duponl Block. Telephone 73.
The newh  patented Cowie gasoline
, ���, 'ne  t   now  in  full  running   >r ler
ar(,    .A5    attracting    a    considerable
, .Jl( 0,   attention at  the hands of
Inerj   txpt.   "��� - - -     -
.;. II   ( ilUn-son    and   a    party   of.
:.;,���:. i.    ��m ���:.��� rh'ei on the Beaver "���"��� "���'������';" ���"1>':i"
-,���    ......     hoot.'lPB     xpeditlori.   '":' i:!l-   ""'  M
Provincial  Constable Wilkie  Is en-
g   his   annual   holiday.     He  has
��� t ten   himself   up  the  line  armed
with ;, little kit  of prospectors tools
and is looking Into some likely spots
fo:   minerals  whicli  he noticed   when
ag thro igh I he i ounti    hurriedly
.1. C. Dean is at-
-   ��� itles dur-
arsenal   ������' ���   his fl sence.
School Suits
., ',    OPENED AND  PUT
Man;   ol   the new ones
are      ��� othei      I eei   b    Urn
v ���  . an'l describe th in  a m       that'll  do   them
come and see foi
���   ���: . on of M
: ed, of Vancouver,
hin the  week  we  put  in   stock    -���
coal      tl ng
Ken slngton," "Pad Itngl
ol  are      ;oods, aggreg i
i . Including satin cloths, cl ������
now a coi   ieteni
��� A   .-. ith Dr  "1 ile Sti \   ���
��� .'.      :: -.     a
i :     admire    on
:      . irth" stj ii���sixty
��� ,    thous in l    four    hui li   I
Henriett i .
! istres,   ho i ai I Ings, nd   Bedford
five   hu?:.ly- i   .,,, ]   nine'
>      Ix hundred    irds, ove
. -   ind   v.'. i
��� a: fjnderwear.
"   ��� ��� ���   li rect f
e the 1        t expo
L'i,on   Dress   Goo'Je     In     red,     "
12 inch at     ...
Light and  Dark   Herringbone  T*e:d;
Hopsackings���in       iod    me
ired f A -.  ni     ion,  navy, i    rt!e,
Navy  Blue  Serges    Thi      1 1   H >
): ive different  sh idi
-  ' ���   : i  in ' v- at	
��� ���Ik vicuna    i nice fab rii iii
In  Mai oon,  Roj A  ."��� ow i.
.,   and  Black Worsted  Serge
foi   ' liloi ��� ! I ,   ...   e       	
- itlng  ten
Flannels,  Silks,
y. Braids,   I losiery
���    ui :i  firm
���   i, - ���-   Bril iin.
and navy,
 25c and 35c
Inch...  50c
...-.������        Irts   and
-. n   md light  gr iy,
'���    , ' we
���  i   all i
35c, 50c 60c, 73c and  90c
Misses' Co it -
12 Inch  75c
The provincial asylui    Is to be en-
1 h i   imnu .   ' .  A      : '��� -'"! in such .i manner as to accom-
hines .. .:.      . .        este  lay vi'/i i        '      ��� "   "��� :':''"' patients.   The added
:   s   I; .,..'' tion '.'ill ' e In the form ol an extra
.    or".-  ovi     ward   C     The   addition
Almost At Your Own Price.
itannia   mines   .' he e   I hej
'   . .   ,., '   al   ���..
are   tc
i ������ outcome ol    :e i ������ lent   \ isit of
H   ', Mr. Fulton.    The matter ol  the
ieo  of  the   am a   ints   also    re-j
-"   >'���-���'     '������ '    ������ I  --:-'  last  night.    .   ...     ,, -. utfon an I      raise of $2.50
'' "" C. P. R     ains mi ing ���- ime-    ...   ,,.,,,,,1,   jla.,   been        asit     them
"":"     '     ���-"  an i of S3 a' month iren en, after
, ���,   tran ��� 1 ontiaei ta fie
Miss ii'ia   :���   an I  Miss B. An b rs in
who  have   been   -, ending  ..   month's
1   in    ..��� town ol La I; - ,       have
ne i  home, and  I ring   ia< .<   -i  w-
ports of their visi
ifrs. McK       of Westminst
.   ::      . ' :.'     ,    -'.'..iy'    time   A    '
��� ster i ���     ind  "��� ent    a to i. idnei
ihe  Ti
--' lit. i.
an ,   boys   n i.    liscourse    tlie
.'.:���..      it1     ..':t
-. 1. ���   music    '   the    egula      weekly
i concert on thi      esc ml   his evening;   March  Mai ie;     v altz,    Wilhel-
1   ture, !���'. om  :���: ���. ��� ��� Wesl;
lo, selecte I, J. \V.  ii  shton;
a   : Ice, 1 i e  Wai-' e His Dog;
me lie).   Remick   Hits;   F Song,
eai  -  and   Flow ers; Old
rs;   march,  Whi God
'ii..  Kins.
I $2.50 and $3.00 Suits, yours for -
j $3.00 and $3.50 Suits, yours for -
j $3.75 and $4.50 Suits, yours for -
A!l  above fitting boys  from
7 i:o 10 years of agfe.
$1.50 I
$2.00 '
i.ither  Mixed  Tweeds    i
... -a  le
. --..���       el   .  ������'
heavy enough
. .  $1.25 and $1.50
h.    over-
75c .ind 80c
:tch   Tweeds
In i ���' o ' ne a
', I  Inches
e   Lengtis cf  Fine Tweedr
.   gr i; b v. ith green
,   engths, per yard.
rttes .....
anil      h k colo       .:
i good ���'
:':. I        '': ���' A   Fr    a   ..    ,'
���   all medium weight tabrl c .    for
[ripes, Oxford
- : i Ini hes wide,
���-1    '   '     M
Black   '-Pirite   Finish,"   Satin   Cii   h  an
ama Cloth, an 1 Al ial ross 	
.     T      '. .
and    separa   i
   50c and 65c
Broadi loth, R ixana Pan-
  65c, 75c, 85c and $1.25
       ...      utinue to
.   log  salmon    re   ielng  caug o	
-   -    :.   ible nui    ers      i     i mi   -
this is ,  ing to   ea   ig year Jap  Hurts  Himself'
... ��� irlie  'I i-iaai.  a fisher-
i   neai'..   ' . il e hi - :. esterda;
anad Lumbet    :oni-   afiernoon    tares ill of ;'   ing I i steal
ny wa     - su anted 50 im hes  a   11 le on  ri'.- G.   X   R   ;���   in   which
loon's i   eek   in   the   va.-  shunting  through  th'      irds  not
��� ie  vater  .'.ill   far from the Cleeve cannery.
The .lu]i boar led the i ;A' ose neai
��� he  freight   shi I and i     arentlj   gol
hold  of the Idea   that the train  was
- ilng clear thi ough the ci'v vi hen II
gol   - iin -   pi ;us'.    He   then   be-
, e   ilar ned    md     -  the  I ruin   was
..-sing ever the tressels : . the ivator
.. ge, he undertook to make  a jump
:   ��� he  bank.    He slippe 1   ind  rolled
��� .ei   the edge of  ihe  ty.-s'l  ,i.-ainsi
fields.     The   Beaver   was   also   vhii i  he bumped,  and  fell  down  to
i   with   Indians   toi   Chilliwack,  the water's edge.   His face struck the
..yi,..,] , a- . edge of ;i  piece of rock which
tuther   severe  gash  In  his lip.
,��� still al   the foot of the bank
a   few   seconds,  and   then   arose
somewhal   stlfflv,   and    wtlked    off.
' '   ���������'"��� taken P^08   v hen in.-'  a,a ���  he was mopping the
il iod   from  his  ii,-  and  er ( ring  his
loai near the Cleeve cannery
���   use    foi  In lusti 1.1 , urposes.
lunti naget     I   th     '���.. le
Ine   b is   In
.    i   .       ���-. :    bartered I
-'���......   I  -   i '.;��� I. ..   -,   ma   a    loom
b -s   .    ...   - te  N'icomekl   rivei   I .
...   .-   .   .  .     Blaine
lefl   Tues li...   nighl.
led  with   :..  It ii   the   \-a--i���'.
.    il    all   hi   a        ,   ...  -
Wanted ���A girl for general "nouje
work in .t small family. Apply to
Miss E. Rogers, Park Row, New
Wanted at Once��� Quick, active, energetic boys. From 15 to 20 years
of age. Apply personally, Western
Canadian Can Factory, Sixth street.
All parties indebted to the
undersigned, are requested
to settle tneir accounts before
Sept. 1.
For Sale���Secoml hand buggy, ro.td
curt and harness. W. H. Madill.
care A. Speck, Columbia street.
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
A Gift For Our Customers.
���   sale ol   '       '.I    :.-   Baker an !
K   Vale   Mini.14   com any's    plant    and
in   Sheril:   Armsl r ing's   office   today
was  again   posi,  I,  and  wiii   take
on   Sept.   12
��� t complete dt sei iptiori
of Suits and Coats will
follow in a couple"of days.    In the me mtime
come and s ��� i them   they're going E   a
Murder   Mystery,
BInghampton, NT.Y.,Aug. 29���Eugene
��������� iengi ',   i Ight     fireman    al    the
..'  the  American   Bridge  com-
; any   al   Athens,   Pa .   was   murdered
nlghl ������'. hUe al work In the plant.
i Ii   was si:i ibe I v, Ith a stiletto.   Vb iui
the firm of Benson   ,,,;i.  weeils ago the superintendent of
i,   \ Iin    has     turn     from a visit to   the b I I ;e     imi m;   received  a  inue
his boylu '   - home b   Grand Manan,  saying  thai   he  I id   better dlschargs
Xi a  Brunswick.    He also paid a visit   him  if he ��a.:-.,  him  to live.    The
Daniel  Douall,     a I ol  having
drunk   an i   in a ��� ible   m   Tues-
,:, .   evening,   w is    Ine I    $2.50    an 1
:     the      ilici      iurt j esterdaj
Doua up and  prom
ise i to ��� e n    '��� tern erate In future
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C. |
���.es   i.       -: in and  much
two n Dnth's trip,
ollce are wort in    on thi   case.
second   nil
iiieKanKKUpUa. ;iuxa��.
ti i  crew   Is expei ted  to arrive he   ���
in ' he a few daj s.    \ con
i .      las   jusi    bi en   11 mpleted   for
Fcund    Blai '
- 1 .    C'    toi
i ii.i
.   Mu
In Every Package of Col-ate':-. Dental Powder
We Give a Preier.t of a cake of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
ri\EE, (Cue:! Room Si/c) FREE
A Wonderful Bargain,
���fin T,,r
VV inte;    Ictlve,    Intelligent     lads
shall  Smith  of  Uidner  who  has   ihoul eighteen years ol age,   it Fruit,
new wl
Cannery, Front street,
All kinds of Ship  repair-
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pione-r   Limited"   St.   Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad  in  the  world that  equal in
equipment  that  of the  Chicago.  Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own   and   operate  their  own   sleeping
and dining cars on alll tlicir trains and
give  their  patrons an  excellence  of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
i.I4 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
j. j. MACKAY & CO.
e It ::. tl tI Logging . onipunj
has -i ttled down to work again an .
once i re i inning logs into i be
v ate: The bunk an i cook ho ise
v ai, is were burned down In the re-
rent busi: fire have bean replaced,
. i  are In   lotlve use.
Arlka, the Japanese waiter who was
irreste 1 'lues laj on a charge of
stealing $40 from his employer,
Charlie Sato, was ;U\o.' ti nrellrninarj
i hearing In the poll* e court yester laj
] ' morning,   an 1   after   listening   to   the
"1      wr.i ivo'o nnt- p.nlv Iln' larcest   '���:
We have not only the largest
and host stock of WATCHES
in the city, but also havo the
)la  a gency for the HAMIL-
for accurate time keeping
s��WWraiKB!rjMH����3 "USX
cannot be beaten.
W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, Ilie Jeweler, Columbia Si
evidence, tho magistrate ordered the
.In: auese  to  I e  i I'tiin'.it loil   for trial.
A Chinaman, Ah Hong, who had
been an Inmate of the Chinese bos
I'itul for the pasl twelve months tlio I
there on Monday, and was buried In
the Chinese cemetery yesterday afternoon lo D. Murchie. A large
number of the deceased's friends followed the bodj to the grave, where
the usual Chinese ceremonies were
gone through.
'i'be name of .lohn Mongls was nailed during the police court proceedings
yesterday morning, as he was required to explain how he happened
be found In a drunken condition
r HERE's something about the Opening
of a New Season in this store that
starts a thrill of enthusiasm in every
one connected with it. So many new things
to be seen, display and admire. Men's,
Boys' and Children's Clothing right from the
hands of the World's Best Makers. The
Best Hatters* Best Hats-Toggery that's
choice, elegant, attractive and exclusive.
Nothing Wanting���Not a Thing!
Commencing to-morrow and continuing
through the week we shall give our special
attention to showing rather than selling.
We shall hold on these days a sort of
Informal Opening
Every Man, Woman and Child is earnestly
nvited and we want everybody to come.
Look now���see the new ideas while the
bloom is on���buv at some future time.
*  [
iti :
q -A
: :\i:>
tj. -m,
���������', ("
:E ���>.���
*!' .l-.-f..
���I 'i'i'!'"-]
if ��*��?'
sttmi ''M
Reichenbach  Company,  Limited
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 906
Firsf Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our weekly
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get 81 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon. The coupons are all numbered in duplicate. One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box. The first number
drawn wins the lirst prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORT A INT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906, g
Otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
$    LLC]
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 7.25 daily.
Leave NeW Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive New Westminster 10.iiu daily.
Arrive  Xew  Westminster 19.10 daily.
Lv. N. VA 7.25, Ar, Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.30;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv,   N.   VA   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   W.  9.15,   10.30,   19.10,   20.20.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
l.v. N, VA 9.20 a.in.; ar, Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. X. \V. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m,
Lv. Seattle, 4.34 p. m��� ar. N. W. 9.35.
V��� W. k Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. X. W. 3 ji. in. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., ami 4 p.in.
l.v. X. W. 9:35 am.; ar. Guichon
2.30 p.m.
\.v.  Guichon,  -: 10  p.  in.;   ay   N,  W.
���   15 p in. and 6 p. m,
Mom'a; a . i |y,
l.v. New Westminster 5.50 6.50, l
and 8 a. m., ami �����... rj half hour ttt<
��� '   -      ii ;.. m.
I.v. Vancouver for Westminst, r it
fame hours.
Fraser River and GuSf
);������ a ver���
From X. W. Mon. Wed. Prld, 8 a.m,
Prom Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat,, 7 a.m.
From X. W. Tm, Th., Sat. 8 a.m,
From Chwk. Sum, Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From X. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
3 p. m.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside. .10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   9.00 a.m.
Cloverdale, Llaine,
Seattle, etc,. .. 8.45 a.m. 3.30 p.m,
Van. & Cent. I'm A. ..10.30 a.m. 2 p.m.
V,. toria 10.39 ;i.,m 10.00 a.m.
East Burnaby  1.15 1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc.... i.i:1'p.m. 10.30a.m.
East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm. 7.10 p.m.
East, via C. P. P.,.10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'ni. .-1.4," p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. & Burnaby. .3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday  12.00 m. 12.00 m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Cc.
Brftlbh Columbia Coast  I-ine
:. : Iv
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & TL Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
Tlie only .ill mil route between all
points east, west and south to IA ss-
land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. K.
& X. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
i r< A: points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage  ''aly  for  Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,    November    io.
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.20 a.m Spokane ....715 p.m
12.'5 p.m Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
Q.40 a.m Nelson    6.45 pm
(.Subject ti   change  wjmout    notice.
Prim   --  Beatrice leavi -  Vai
August Oth.
Princess May leaves Van: mver
August  12th.
Princess Beatrice leaves v.im iuvei
May 18th.
Princess May leave.' Vancouvei
August 22nd.
i': In  ess  Beatrice  1' aves   V..IK 0UVI
August 29th.
Princess Victoria.
Li aves Vanco .'.or daily at  1   ;.. m.
S. S. Charmer.
S.   S.  Tees
I..-. . V incouver al '.' p. rn., 2nd
an 1 i'A: ef ey. ii month, calling at
S i- ������ ite '-:i fir. ' trip and Bella Coola
en second trip. Time on arrival ami
dei arture are .1;.; r< xlmate,
Far : ������-' rval 1 1. - and Infoi ra il I in
.-ii : ��� r : ddi ���
Agent,  Ni w  Wi sl ".inkier.
B. .1. COYLE,
'is.-:, .ien. Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
.1.  W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria
Gen. Agent, Fr< Ighl De^t.,
New  V,' istmluster.
Eight Trains  Every Day in the  Ye.tr
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest    and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car, reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information   call   on   or   write
���720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Leaves New   ,' ei  al  1   a ;i.
on Wedne and Mon A..
S. S. Joan
l.'.,i'.it v ...   ;.       ��� -, 1 1 ��� .-iai
urdaj  a.. I Sunda;   al   1:30 p. tn, Sal
iir,la,.  ,t j. ; 1 p, m,
3. S. Queen City
Leavi i Victoria at 11 p. m. 01, ).-.;.
7;h, 19th and . 'i. "i each month I'm
Ashousit :.:. I way points; leaves Victoria en ;iiu V. an,1 20, I'or Quatsino ami
way points, Leaves Victoria on 20tb
of each month for Cape Scott ami way
points including Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New   Westminster  on  Mod
day, Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thursday
ami Friday al  3 p. m. and Saturday
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Mon-
I day at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
; Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. rn.;  Friday  al 1! a.  m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leave-; New Westminster, N a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays ami  Fridays.
Leaves Chllllwack 1 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling   at
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands with-
li   thi   Rallwaj  Bell in British Colum-
1   i, may !," home te ided i.v anj  i"-;
am a,ie. ia the   "l.- li":ni of a family,
.'������   an.'-'  male over  1^  .wars of ago, to
the extent  of one-quarter  Bection  ol
160 acres, mine ny ..
Entry musi be n ide piri onally at
iii" local band office for the dlBtrid In
which the land : 1   Ituate,
The homesteader is required to p'er-
form thc conditions connected there
with iimler one of thc following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
I upon and cultivation of the land in
i each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father i.s deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
(3) If thc settler has his permanent
residence upon  farming land  owned
iby him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
1 be given to the Commissioner of Do-
j minion  Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister  of the  Interior,
N.  n.���Unauthorized  publication of
this advertisement will not he  paid
for. R'
Railway Company
Two   fast   transcontinental trains
with dining cars and through tourist
,.:. 1  first-class sleepers daily.
Atlantic   Express leaves at 7:2.r>.
Imperial  Limited,  leaves at  17:20.
.���    _.._0 .
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and  Return. &ni  4r
Sept. 8, 9, & 10   4>04.1 J
Good til! Nov. 30th.
C. P. It. Agei ',
New Westn Inster
Assistant   Gcnetr.l   Passenger   At ent,
j Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travi 1 on the Famou
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rales.
Quick 'I ime, Excellent Service,
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Specirl    deduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California,
For full informtion call on or write
t'. E, LANtl, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, II. (A
Portland, Ore. a. c.   a
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) .carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
Stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
I'or information apply to
J. II. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver.  B. C,
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Daily i NEW
9:20 am lilalne,  Belling   1 ��� ��� uni
4:35 ;.ti:'ham       B 11   n
Iton,    Mt.   v.-'
mon,     Evi . '
Seattle        and
iportlan I.
(..;.", j.111 Spokani .        Sl ' ,'���'
|Paul    and   till
points  Easl
9.20 ..rn \ii.n 01 Les, I
IWoolley,    andl
3:00 pm Vani inner
0:65 pm 4:35pn
l.v.    New    Wi    ml
i; ilchon 3:50 p. m   \r, G
f.   p,  in.,   Monday,  Wi Ini
8:46 a   m. ar. (roi
9 ::" a. in. i.v. tor V
Route of tha Pam m
2���Daily Overland Tl
Spokane, St. Paul,  A
Wiliiji; '���"     Dill    ttl    Cl
Lou        t| all  1   iu
For    rompli te    li
fales,    I , I "!     ,,.,,     .
call on or address,
]���'. C. MEYERS,  \
Bank of Commen a   :
New   West!   n   er, li.
S. il. i'ERKES, A G. P
Corni r Second Avi nue ai i
llimliia  St.,  Seal"',  Wl
Grand Trunk Ry-
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal busine
IELPHIA, via Niagara 1 ���"'������
Also  tO I!
For Time Tallies, etc.,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and nc <
Agent, 185 Adams St., < hicngo,' ��� HURSDAY, AUG.  30,  1906.
W3IDE  &   FDMOXDS.  !'
..-...-   Blackle I
.,.--,   New   Westmlui u i
... H. L. Edmonds.
v.    .
ii. C
N  LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
p..-. mei '
n the F    '   '���'���
��� ih, al :
I   i
.. ted to al
Dr.   W.   A.   DeV ��� it!
C LOMON   LODGE, NO.  17,   \
V.   M.���R e i
,    ���
���i.       e, at 8 p. i       ���     '
ren are i nvited
ad.    D.  ' ���    '��� .   .
I, 0. 0. F.���AMITY   LODCEi.  No.
N. ���'.
���   a eel if i        . .1 ������
Od ..��� Colin
ick.    VI       '  ' hret
red to attend.   8,  i   ���'
'.A C. Coatham, Re
A. 0.  La  W.���FRASER   LOCGt:   Nl
ngs the first am! third
eat        montl VI   tu
. ordlallv Invited I i
'       ���    . .:.,���.  K. I i   r. w. hall,
'. ick,  ��� lai I	
. del .    ia - - Witl
\. ,: kn . n.
IF   COLUMBIA    Ll   )(   :    Ni
SONS   OF   E ��� GL '   IC     "    S.���
11 - .la".
'      '
lay   in   each i
nd  place.    VI "
ted       i: :���.-'���   '
Pn    .  11    ! i         , :'������    -'   "
RT  BRUNET-C.   N a  I.O.F.
ts ii"   Foui i !,   Fi I
..'..' . .,.   In  the
Fellows'   hli '���
���    ire cordial I tn at-
���    Rl  -il'. 11,   C    R      i'.   1'.
II, R. S.
F.���The i r nn
., |   | Ihe Spi oml
. ��� i  Tiiesdn     of e a-'.
In  the i   ' Ifpllow
Brethrei n      ':'   ;:
lend     i:. < . Firth, C, It.:
������ ��� ;i. Sec.
' 'L   TEMPLARS   OF   TEMPERANCE ti i   . vet .   ''    lm    ! i;
���" loi;.  ;..  m.,  in  '  I
I loi imhln     :': .ei.     Visiting
cordl   ly Iin tot' tn nt
Burr, S c . v i:   Brown,
i, 191.���Meet ��� on the Fli t nnd
���  Ti ������. i ..   of e'-.")   month  'n
r    p.  Hall.     John    McNlven,
L .1. Forrester, Rec, Sec
D 0^ TRADE.���Xew  Westmln-
fl    rd  of Trade meets In the
���: oi i, Citj   Hall, as follows
Wednesdaj   ol  each moi tl
��� .ly  ii eetlngs  on  the i  - .-.
- lay    of     Fei ruary,
and  Novemb ir, al  8 p.  m
i me itlngs   on    the   bi : ���
: i      of     February.
- ta iv    be   proposed   and
- ai   ,-,. monthly or quarterh
ig.   A. E. White, S.e.
: the t ���: '������ me  ��� iurt I ifl
Bank   of  Commerce  i .
treet    opposite   ;
. w  W<  tmin ter.   Money to
Or. the Famous
Isters, solit "T-. eti.       Of
.. -,,- Westmin ter, Trapp Blk.,
larkson   ami   Lorne  streets.
.,,. ro ims 111  to 24, 145 Gran
' .... ph  !   ..'ii.. K. C, ..
W.  >'������ McQuarrie, II.  A
Mr.  .Manin  v.ijl   he  in th?
aster offices every Friday af
HIT, RFIO &   BOWES   Barrle
b ,.., .Tit..   etc.,   42   L. a ne
...... Ite   C     '   H"!. ".   New
er.   J. ii. Bowes, P. 0. Boi
G, . i:. MARTIN, Barrl '
tor, Gulchoi i   ilui i
.;    )<.., lig   ; ���    ... .....
"Oriental Limited"
rickets on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
For   particulars  .-.all   on   or   add--?*5
F  C. MEYERS, New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
Manufactcring Jeweler.
Ai '" the
business in England with 10 years  experience,    Latei   ��� -.- 7 ..ears  mana;
of the watch,  repairing department of
Savage.   Lyman    &    Co.,    M i "  al
Henry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
Eng Swiss,   American   ar..l   all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
rs from Geo. Adams, Grocei
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake  Machine Works,  Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
81   1 Doing Business at the Old Stand.
, .,
! Merchant Tailor !
Columbia  Street.
a   ten. ami Irish
��� ������ ���   ���   an I woi '' ���  : - lu  -   -
rf|,"lfij   ��h D
;' voui
K.   ef   I., econd
:        of  i ;     llth,  ai
In   0
nue and '     ���
; Sir Knigtil     cord
ittend.    W   '���'   D mli p, W
P       .  li.  Matthia -   Rt ���
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
Mi ���   ���   In   Oran   ���   '.  II   fi   I
...  in .   iii mouth a
iii.   \ Isiting brethren are cordially
tti   id      E,   !     M ���"'
W  M.; J. Humphi les, Ri    Sec,
i Carruthers Manufacturing Corny. !
! Manufacturers ol *
��� Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures I
Carnarvon St.. between lOtfi and .Mclnnis.
J The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.   ���
Firsl i . .     "   . y-
English, A,; : . styli a
From 1 5c. up.
\3itk Of
Royal Bank
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
OSltreaJ      of Canada
:     ' v    in :      it    p
Vli paid upi..           ii
,:'.   '   FUND	
. i . :. i. ��� ' Si ���.'heona ami Moan*
;, G.C.M.G,...Hon  President
Hon.        G. A. J .  " '���    ���
K.  S.  Clo Vice   Pn in I
.   .'.'      ���    i
.   ...        inking      ���   ii   ���     ': ins
:��� i -..���   . :  ��� ties
i' ... i
ml   - i.  : inl..
a    ��� .   - if thi
Savings 6 a v .       pt.
NEW   '.'��� E 57 5TE     BRaMC H
G. 0.  Bi       ' ' i ���  ' j - r
o., /ital S3.000C09.    Resc-ve J3.437.162
Total   Assets  $iib.i,'.3.-/0
Branches   and    con e i] m lents   ln
ail   tne  principal   c:tt-s  ot  tne   world.
Cere-a'   banking   business  transacted.
?7 \ iNGS   DLHAH I IVlfcN I .
I open mnt,    Intei e i   id led
'.,:���     i made ai low eat ra ei
Open   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
N :". W   VV ESTM! NSTEK   ts M ��� -. MJ H
F, B. Lyle, Manager,
r of
Junk and Second-hand
..     .. . ..:. . i
...   I ;   ..:: I   ai    a.   Ta-:   a      I
Fi ' Sl ret, New Wi
i ��� ���  Brackm in Ke ��� Wharl
Phone 212.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a  Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be pur
chasad it Sio per acre for soft coal
nn I S.o for anthracite. Not more
' I |. i : t can be acquii ed by one
ind . a ial or < impany K ij alty at
the rate of ten cent - per 1 >n - f 20 \o
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
years and mer and joint stock com
piie..- h ilding free miners' cerl " a tt -
may obtain entry for a mining  lo
t in.
A fn e in   - ��� '. certincate 1- granted
��� or more years, not excee ling
.-   . upon p lymenl in  id\ ince of $7 50
pel   uu uni foi   in in li\   Iuai,  ind fi   m
$50 to $100 1 nui    : ir a coi
ng 1.       pital.
A   free   minei.   having   disc i\ei 1 I
m nei  I ;tt pi ice, may lot ite ��      ��� fi
500X1501   fi et   by   marking   0 il   thi
��� ,ira   v. ith   tw 0   legal   posts,   b   1 ti
���   ;    ices, one at e ich  end of
-I     ' nc ni tin' lode, nr \ 1 ii
laim sh ill I"- record   I within
1 days if ocatcd within ti     1
: . a mil in a lei     ol    e, 0
dil ������ n il   day   allowed   for   every   ad-
lil   nal  len  miles  or  fraction.     The
fee fi r re lording a claim is $5
At least J1"" must be expendi .1 on
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia Bt.
 re I    promptly to any
'   e   ,.||y,
Light and Heavy Hauling
a,    '    " Unri    :���:'.', ���  ', 11
k'E. \-  \t   -
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but thc choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being thc Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that thc best parts
of lhe beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
[LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
i -
^:.iiwwKi!SOEr,*~ -P. ���'��� ���' -'-    [i.^fe'-TOKip^ ���
thr   claim  each   year  or  paid  to  the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has  been  expelled  e.r  pui.i.  thr
:   -   may,   upon   having   ..   survey
le and upon complying with other
t :.a nt -.   pui. I ase   the   land   at
Sioo an acre.
P    n ssi ni may be granted by the
-   r   of   the   Interior   to   1  cate
ntaining iron and mici.
copper, in the Yukon  IA:;'.   ry, 1
area not exceeding ifx> acres,
The   patent   for   a  mining:   i     il    n
shall   pt   \;ie   for  thr   payment
Ri j ilty of 2'a per cent, of the sales
of  the   products   of  the   locnt.
PLACER MINING   Manitoba and
the   X.  W.   T.  1 \.:epting  the   Yukon
Territory:  Placer mining claims generally are  100 feet  square,  entry  fee
$5. renew.ible yearly.     On the North
Saskatchewan  River claims are either
bar   or bench,  the  former  being   100
��� feet long and extending between high
' an.l  low water mark.     The latter in-
., bul extends back
to the 1 the hill or bank, not
..   iooo   feet.      Where   si
power is  u ms   zoo  feet   ��
may be    bl line 1,
Dredi 1 - in the Rivers nf Manitoba
and the N W. T. excepting the Y-
kon Terr I >rj A fre�� miner may obtain only two leasi - ol five mil* - each
for a crm of twenty years, renew-
ble in the d : the Mini sti 1
:  the  I  :' rior,
The less   's right is 1 ml nc ', tc the
1 A '      r bars of the river
.bi-'''.w ,'itiy !.'.'.   w  let  mark, Snd sub-
:'  - first >'"-ir and $10 per mile for each
i |uent   year.      Ro) alt; ne   as
:��� mining.
���   mining in  the   Yukon  Ter-
ril   ���       Cn   A   gulch,   river |j
II   :���   '   exceed   ^50   ft ��� I   in
length, measured on the base line or
I   d rei ti n   of  the    creek
I gulch,  tht   v   Ith   being  from  iooo t0
tt,      All   other   placer   claii
shall be J=fl feet square,
���   :    :1,   1   by   two   legal
it each  end, bearing no
tices     Entry must he obtained w
''!���������   days   if  the   v.'n''n   's   within   tp-n
t miles of the mining Recorder's ol
1 ine extra .1 iy allowed I'-.r �� "'''
ti mal ten miles or fraction*.
The person or comi any 'taking a
claim musi hold a free mine's certificate.
The   dis    vei   1   1 ;   a   ne���-.   mine   is
entitled  to  a   claim   of   tooo   ; el   in ���
length, aand  it' the party con -:'i-
two, 1500 feel   iltogether, on the output   . n  which   no  royalty    shall    be
charged thc rest of the party ordinary claim ��� 1
Entry fee $10.     Royalty .it the rate
:' t,',' and ma half   pi r t ent, on the
value  of the  gold   -hipped  from  the
���  to the righl - of all persons who
hnve. or v, hu may receivi   entries for
bar  diggin :      r bench claims, except
"ii   tin    S   kai  ''."aan   K:\-i-r.   where
the   lessee cm  Bredge  to  high-v   I
marls on e 11 li altern itrve      1    ' old.
The i ssi - shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
bui where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for endi fifteen miles or fraction thereof i< sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
��� 1 Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
111 pui  .nt' - it   exceeds Jin.ooo.
Iging in the Yukon Territory-
Six  leases of five miles each may bc
granti d to 1 free miner for i term ol
20 ye irs; al io renewable,
ddie lessee's right is confined to the
ubmerged  bai   01   bars  m  the  river
I 1 li iw    low    h iter   mark, that boun-
d    y to b      -p i A. it ��� position on th
tsl day i^i August in the year of the
'.   of the lea se,
Tin-   lessee  shall  have  one   dredge
in  operation  within  two  years   from
��� h ' ite r.\ the lease, and oni dr< Igi
foi e ich 1 ve miles within six yi ir ���
from late Rental $100 per mile
^ ; 11 ["erritory to be paid to the
No free miner sh ill rect ive a gi  1
of  more  tl in   one  mining   claim  on
��� .   1  p   river,  creek   or  gulch,
but   the     in e   miner   mav   li  ' ]
  bei laims  bj   purcliase,  and
��� ., mini rs maj work theii cl iim -
������        tin    hip   by   filing   n  tici    ind
.....     : \ 1 may 1
:  an I   na.1!..,   0bi '-��� d  on
the creek,   milch   or   river,
giving  nol 1 ������ an 1  payin
Wo      '   ���      be   done     n   1   cl
r to the value of st 1     t $200
\    it-..     ,.,     thai    inp.K    :, |g    l... ,,
ab mdon   I,  ai id  open  to  0   up ition
1 entry by a free miner.
i'. 1 -li- on theit slecpei -  in   longer,
high' 1   ind �� ei. y t'i.in ni siniilai  1 11
on   any   other   line      They   proti   1
��� trains by the Block Si item,
the boun larii - ol .1 cl iim may be
li lined absolutely by having a survey
le   and   publishing  notices   in   the
vi ukon   1 IfTu ial   111 ette,
Peti 1I1 nm Ml unappropiated V<
minii "i I ands in M mitoba, the Noi th
'"���1 1 erritorie and within thc Yukon
territory, ire open to prospecting for
petroleum, nnd the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of iq.'o acres for
such period ns he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
limes the breadth, Should the prospector discover oil In paying quan-
litii"=. nnd satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
'$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, i_'8o acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
\V. \V. CORY.
Deputy of the  Minister of the  In
'��� lept. Interior.
Inflnonr.-   on    the    Min.l   of   Sltaltby,
Rnilpi-n   Old   1'iiriiilnrt1.
[ can'l of 11 ��� thi ul  a 1
uncomfortable    feci I
made by
cinatl   . ���-      . 1 i'i i' t ov ��� Her
parlor wa :
entered     '.'     -    Is of tl     upl      '-red
armchairs   wi re   ragg I un    >a
The sprinars of thn 1 v ore broki
here sticking up In ugly knobs, the-'
sinking 'ie,- 1;
chairs were 1)     1     the rugs and tabl!
ovei   wr ���  w orn, d      ���   ���-, id stained.
l-".v erj ih. ig   w as   so  1 ani   th 1
a one d    nl al  to sli  down
such a den. Th i furniture had :'" 1
costly in the Qi si plat . but II li I
nei er tieen repaired 01 renovated. The
horroi ol all wns that villainous old
upholstered furniture, or perhaps the
tumbled, dirt) rujrs and table 1
were worse 1 .1 m't kn >w The ��� eillug
ti- .      '      .   ������ ��� a tin walls - .
pensb    :   ' ���        was torn and sir iked
and pee       ��� 3 In sp    -    Costlj bi i> a
of  It   elii:
and rlckel 1 scattered i'i ���< lumble
1 back   ln( 1
the parloi
gn\ e .ii I a ���':
to gather up thai
and all       1 ���<��� It. then
���,> gel   the 1 -    '' if  the
wreti bed ��� eplace
Willi   - ,  '
give the din : le a li
dous house cl       -      \ :   v new, 1   ���
' 1 - -
.1   , ,,_���   . - ������.        iU| 1   .
purified, svi w couch
wiib a fresh 1 upon It,
T   -.a.,  1
v ith an ���  chair for In a> j
,., . . the fori >rn ro mi
bright ns 1 ������
���-.rl   '���
y . ���������
,.;��� pa can do mui li I 1
"--.-u that gel 1     '
ln�� furn" ��� '   ... put n
ni  oi'iloi      1:   ; - easy en uigii ��� .���,
sen ' 11 v i;ii a littl.. v
I'i:'   - ��� a   w -i.iati
is ut id    ���    [fui iii the
use ol Is I     t, however, to send
uph .;   ��� i   i   , ��� ��� . a   a ���! t 1 be re-
pal 'el   But jfpjod liouseki epers are now
fast ��� 5      vl'lli'e !.   i"-
K'tiit'iyt  fu ��� I ture of their grandmotli
o!^ ;.."l rep        . ii  vi tti articles lh I
are light  lu   wi    111  and   ia  little 1 .-
a. thai (Ii> .'��� can be thrown &\\ ay
wl.ei    l>  hi: out.
IA, ar\     we'll "I    .ait]    pa.nl    her    Up\'|
1,' ... a-..i 1 tides 80 li 1 -a-'A'a ch ilrs
can be painted white, green or red and
eiiiitn.'l-' 1 Niillifii: nial-ie-. a porch look
morn -��� ' ting tl an a large chair of soi e
. hei rful 1 olor. When a porch chair becomes ��� ��� ii" i iten -nine coats of
painl and enameling w ill <��� Rn ;
tht   .-.'in ' :��� here thereabout h ' :ht ri" !
ac active.
Outdoor  Repairing.
A aat,. off Its hlng ... a walk fringe I
with weeds or struggling grass, make
11 mosi forlorn, tumbledown Iui press I iu
"���1  tlie ���- Ind     So do un tven,  rott lng
'Va- . AA,#.
\ v \V\ '        . ' .-'������A."a'i,l''   Av-:
m we   ���rE.-~'
'"���^       l3       I _..a,      ���    -.V  _,
...   ���
r^i, 1 1 -au-fiT -i.A
I'llMlSil   I TIT.
steps md w . uh,, beati u fronl   I
Women  can   '. mend   11
gala  III :   "       ["Ul J   '-ill  always cul   .   B
grass and weed- along a wnlk.   A
tie   uianogemenl    \v 111   gen 'rallj    ���   I
broken steps mended.   Ii i- a libel 11 1
the feminine se\  In xiy  a  won an ���
not drive a n ill. she cau learn 1
��� 11 and thus can nail a loose board or
a puling on ihe yard fence win i.e. r
li comes hit. Doorknobs and gate
lulelii's oul of order are Hie sure signs
of a shll tless h"" ������   -���
Curtains  and   Draoerier.
Most houses conta 11 r ir too mu li
curtaining nud drnp ... either smi
Station or true artistic oil et. \ honso
i.s primarily something Cor use, the or
���lamentation being a secondary ���
siderntlon, For the ordinary eotiutry
home in summer dark green shades . 1
keep oul the sun glare, with thin, i .
niueuiaii'iy clean hull' curtains for the
living rooms and kitchen, .are the mair
suitable and to n right thinking mind
the prettiest as well. For bedro ras
nml tor a kitchen nothing can be more
Inviting than sash curtains of flowered
muslin. There is an atmosphere particularly taking about thla curtains
with pink roses and carnations prin;
ed over them Booh droparies would
themselves drive away the clamps, par
Ocularly if everything else In tlio
house w<mb shining clean and well
k. pt ui.: Rt'SAN PEPPER.
--*   ' i
:   .!. ���
* \-
'  * if'        m
i *
a.      -i
���      ; .y        J
:,"������',      t
* I
,   \i   1
if-   '
nm j
f k    ��
;' 1   ��� .7" TME DAILY   NEWS
THURSDAY, AUG. 30, i90e.
We Want War Trade
1. We can give you -entire, satisfactii n.
2. We have the mosl complete stuck of Fancy
Groceries on the coast.
;;. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
.1. Wesellour��oodsatthe LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
....CALL ON....
T. A. Mmr & Co,
Prescriptions a Specialty,
J.-nn   Ankers    Takes   a   Little     Jaunt
Without Permission���Civic Business   Transacted.
Ellard Block
New Westminster. -   - B. C.
Notice to
the Public
] am now open to buy
all kinds of SeconclHand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
Ail business promptly
attended to.
John Ankers 1ms I een e ispended
pending an Investigation Into Ids conduct for -t tm- time past, i ie will re-
i eive ii i"tti r [rom 'lie city clerk
today advising him. that because he
chose in pay a visit to Langley without firsl asking leave rn' absence, he
must etiivsiiKi himself under ti cloud
until lu- bas justified himself in the
���; es of Uie members of the city
Ankers i> popularly supposed to be
employed by the city of .New West-
minster to look after 'lie pipe line
from tin city to Coquitlam lul<e. but
certain facts brought oui nt a meeting
��� A u committee of the council last
evening places Mr. Ankers under suspicion ol seriously neglecting bis
duties, mid allowing the pipe line
ie be overgrown with weeds and brush
of every  description.
Mayo Keary was the firs; to in-
trodnci the name of Ankers to the
meeting, when he asked Mr. Stott,
who wa.s present in connection wiih
the electrolysis of the water mains,
whether Mr. Ankers had asked leave
li em him to go to Langley during the
day. Mr. Stott replied thai Mr
Ankers had told him that he was soli:::, but he had not asked bim fnr
pi rnrtssion. He was mu Ankers' boss,
nipil could not control his actions.
^ ! ei.iiio, waited upon the members of
thi council for the purpose of asking
permission to lease water front lot N'o.
.".'. where they intend to establish a
fish curing business. After discussion, i' was agreed thai the lot would
be leased to them, with the option of
buying the same within two years
I'm the sum of $500, the taxes to
be paid by the lessees in ihe meantime.
Se/jer Assessment.
John ���' c rs wns present with a
long lisi ol the signatures of property owners al ng the route of the
in irth   strei I   sewer   extension,   and
Iso maps of the -. stem.   He pointed
out thai  the total assessment  of the]
;..;..'.   interested  would  amount  to
5r.07,515, and as the sewer extension
"���ould  cost  a] pn ximately  $20,000 un
assessmenl could easily be struck. It
was  deci k- d  thai   an  assessment   I e
it ade, u    a - be pn pi rty, and the paj
menl     i   spread  over  twenty    years.
Aid.  Jardine  waa  added   to  the special committee composed of the mayor
. a !   Al I.  iiow.i.v, und  will  look after
the  finances  of  the  undertaking.
Earl  Will  Be  Here.
Mayor Keary  reported having .--een
Colonel  Hanbury   Williams lus:  week.
aIh-ii he was informed thai Karl Grey
would   i'e  ;,'ose:it   at   'be opening <���:'
be exhil Ition. HA Excellency wil!
arrive hi e on Monday evening, and
leave again at .". o'clock Tuesday afternoon. A guard cf honor will i.e
Ft rnished ft r His Excellency ut the
t vhibition. During the evening a
telegram arrived foi die mayor from
Colonel Williams, in reply to one
which lie bad sent i,i:n, in which he
slate I   'lai   tie-   onl.   point   decided
i ... - . far wa- liaii Earl Grey would
open he exhibition. An enquiry had
. een sent on a       in    ���; certain p pi
pu dishing an   improved  itenerary of
*,���������������*���������������������*��� >*** *����fftM(MM)t^
In selecting your hardware for your housi, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both tho material and workmanship
must be good. Our lino
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine oui' lines	
& Lusby
eK#*tpi'<��ii'"v"fc--- m
���   this  was cl  - ly   studied  bj   the
���    n.    After  some discussion,  it
..   -  di   Ided that  the city  electrician
���  ild   make certain  tests at   differ-
��� :.    -mints, an.l rej orl  to ilie council
...      eeting    n hen  H   would
lee  led   what   action   would     be
Sign  Man  on Wreel.
Columbia St. Xew
A new 2 story, 9 room Dwelling, centrally located, all
modern conveniences; two
fuU size lots, on car line.
Price $2,100
Terms easy.
260 Columbia
1'ho.ie Su
For Sale
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
wood: could deliver on scow.
Particular? Box 39, Port
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.
Special Summer Courses
For Teachers in the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R.  J.   SROTT,   B..A.,  Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN,  B. A��� Vice-Prin.
A  Serious   Matter.
Mayor Keary pointed om thai the
absence without leave of the pipe line
i:t-]it ctor at. this time of the year -was
a very serious tnciiti-r. and onc that
Westminster, called for very serious consideration,
Tht' city needed nl) ihe water works
- employees at tbe present time, and
could not allow any of them to lake
an occasional trip to Langley or else-
v.hep without asking permission, lie
thoughl that Ankers should lie sus-
; ended. He also wished to say that
lie was certainly nn: satisfied with
the condition of ibe pipe line as he
saw tt on ihe occasion of a trip to
Coquitlam lake some time ago. It
was not in the condition it should be,
and while ii did not affect tin- water
supply, it certainly did not look a.s
if Ankers were di dng i.i- ���'. ity, Personally, he did not wish to bring hardship upon anv of the civic employees,
iui ihis wa*; a grave matter, and if
anything had happened during Ankers'
absence, ihe council woul i have been
blamed for it.
Aid.   Garrett   Suggests.
Ahl. Garrett suggested that the matter of Ankers' suspension he broughl
io a bead nt the meeting, and remarked that this w;is a good time
io appoint a certain plumber, whom
thej bad had in mind for some lime,
i ���  replace Ankers.
The mayor objected to Aid. (!ar-
lett'a remarks about replacing Ankers,
and -aid ihai an Investigation would
have to ie in Id first. He also mentioned thai Mr, Sio" had I een work-
in-' .ot elghti en h ture .. lay for ibe
last four li.'.mil . Me i ! ni- lo
-how ihai iin cl i Bome employeei
v. lm had tie Inten ' .' ' ii" city ut
In art.
Neglect   of   Duty.
VI I. Howay also had i1 f.-w remarks
to  make about   the  condition  of die
pipe line,  aiiij   mi,|   that   he  could   not
see thai .\ir. ,\ni:er.s did anything else
than drive io aud fro us far a.s ibe
lake. He was doing bis work in a
careless, negligent  and  dilatory  way.
Mayor Keary remarked thai be had
information thai Ankers did not make
regular trips to tin- lake, and be
thoughl that his Information was reliable.
Ankers Asked to  Explain.
Alter some further discussion. All.
Adams, as chairman of the water committee, moved that Ankers he asked
to appear before the council, where
h/' will lie required io give an ex-
p! ana tion of his conduct. The clerk
wtis instructed to write to Mr. Ankers, notifying him thnt lie is su.s-
|it tided pending the result or the Investigation,   am.    Adams    promised
Ihi' another man should lie pkic/'d
op ihe patrol duty today,
Lease of Lot Granted.
A delegation ot  three, Messrs.    (i.
Mackay, A. .1.  Bntterford  and A.  Mo-
His   Excellency's   trip,   In    whicli    a   ;..
change in An- time ol liis arrival he
-   UOti  I Water for Distillery.
Other  Notables  Invited. g    .     ...,   Stott's report re the
The    mayor  also  reported    having   extern    n   il   he water service to the
ritten  to the  governor of Washing-   ii   C. Distiller;   ���   i  pan?  wu    read, in
ton,   thi   -   /ernoi     .-:    Oregon,    the   ��1 c sail that owing to the levi
lieutenant governors of British Colum        I        a- gi   ���-������ facl  ;.    al
.... id Saskatchewan, and thi present time, being only '.'I feel
H.e premiers ol Lhe same provinces,' : In hes Instead of 110 feet as re-
inviting them '���. attend the exhibition, quired, Mr, Morrow, manager of the
Ne replii - have yet been received distillery, suggested a.n elevated tank,
from them. He had received replies Into which water would be taken from
from the ministers i:i the easl to either Sherbrook street or Columbia
whom he bad sent invitations some stieet. The cost of the Sherbrook
time ago, and he regretted to say tha' street extension would be $1299, .and
none of them would be aide to come from Columbia street, $2239. As the
here owing to other engagements.
Addresses to Be Prepared.
Addresses are to be presented to
Hli Excellency the governor general,
and also to ihe lieutenant governi r
of British Columbia, who will pay his
firsl visil to New Westminster during ��� --.i.i Ition iv< ek. A commltti e
composi .! ..: Ud, Howay, Jardine and
Adams was appointed to look ai ���
the pn a of the a Idresses, and
ol ber    . i. wgements    In    connection
with : a   ,;A-  oi  the dignitaries.
Electricity   Does   Damage.
Watei Superintendent Stotl and
City Engine* r Bowler were present to
advise the council as to the extent
of the i image done to the ������������ ati r
mains ... the escaping electric cur-
renl from the B. C. K. I!. Co.'s rails,
and had samples of pipe showing the
damage done Some of the pipes,
which had been In service for H-n or
twelve   years,   were   found   to   bi
listllh       pie had not Btated what
. . irtion of the expense they were
a i ling to bi ar, Ii was decide I to laj
thi    ��� a the table until a later
 o ���
(Continued  from  Page on .)
it  is necessary to pui
ie- ���   iction iis ihai.
I: is to he hoped that, the authoril le=
wiii act promptly iu Hie matter. Such
action is all the more necessary as
' ��� ase, although the most serious,
i- ��� ������' a, anj means the only one.
Il pector Taylor very nearly came to
ie physical force argumenl lust year
.,1 Clayoquot, and some loud threats
were made us to what would he done
this .-.eai. Any hesitation, therefore,
in dealing witli the matter might
.,]; , magnify the difficulty,
eaten away, Mr. Bowler had pre- News flies fas: among the Indians,
pi red a chart showing how, hy a ���""' if " should go abroad ihat the
system ol binding, Hie electrolysis if Babine Indians were allowed to defy
the wait"- mains could he prevented, ''"' ,:l''v. ,!l(' Indians in half a dozen
  ���-���-���^ other places would he encouraged to
gjff SOif FORCE
in the conn ' I:
li.-tii..'Uh '
your mind to 1
'.   A poor " hand-
ever is.      Mal  a  .1)1
.  h, me XOW.
Do St Now.
was in , t  1,1.   ! :
travaganl   yo
sli.rt i.i.Ili'l.
:  careli i - ami
man  anil did
Do St Now.
is ll
o ' all gifts to
7 Roomed Mouse and
n Seventh .Street, near Baptisl
Ltitb'Ox 1112 .  . SI 750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
f. J. HART & Co.
take similar action.
Tide Table   Fraser River
I'or iiu- week ending Augusl  12, 1906,
Tuei laj
Wedne   laj
Thn; s lay
1 ii lay
Sept. lind.,
22.25    j
I I . L'O    |
0.20 J
������  "i      L.35 j
16.40 |
 J      2.45 |
17.20 j
..  ,.|     3.50 !
l s. (10 |
        4.50 |
18.30 j
'I line
11 .in
12. iill
Ilifj-h Water  Lo w Watt
. Monday .. ,
'Ales lay    . .
' Wednesday
Tim s lay    .
Friday   ..
1 Saturday   ..
Sunday  ..
^Time  H'ght Time    Ht.
..diMiidiMi r,.07[ ii.::
|22.43|12.0|17.09| SAI
...|13'.42|11.2|6.11| 2.8
|23.42|11.7|18.31| 9.0
-. I.Aiiu II.Hj 7.16| 2.3
| |20.02| 9.1
..: 0.56J11.4J 8.16| 1.9
|15.B8|12.6|21.14| 8.8
,.j 2.06jll.8| D.llj 1.(1
|16.41|13.0|22.18| S.2
..] 8.10|11.3|10.02| 1.7
|17.18|13.2|23.03| 7.4
,.| 4, ll|11.4|10.48| 2.1
|17.51|13.2|23.45| (1.8
Lasts tor This Week Onlv.
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The Paragon
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Tht' LciU'st   nnd   Circ-atest   W��ish��*r  on   the Market
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1. Anything withe, u
���   boiling; ila re i   i
'.I'   using ;������
ap and water.
2. - Anyth ng from
est lace curtains t" :i .��� hi
est   blanket-   and   ca
without the sligl test ii
even ihe most delicate
3. I '|i ���'.' .. ������: ' .
within 5 to - miri iti
ter- and  cii aner  I bai
hart h, slow and tin
i, ard method.
'.   '��� Paragon rum  absolutely no  eles   and so easily that a chil
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Fresh and Frozen Fish
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We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, P. t
: Electric Railway Service:
m Inter-urban   Line.
4, Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run evi ry hait-
bnur from 5:50 a. in. to 11 p,
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8All)
m      a. ni.    Half hourly  cars will
J run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line��� Service trmn
6.30 a. nt. to 11 p, m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 and n and i> and 7.
30 Minute Service during re ��
mainder or day. i ransrer at ���
Leopold Place. ���
Sunday   Service   lm
tween   ,S   a.   m.
half-hourly be J
and   10  p.  O" {
City and sapperton. ��
S.ippcrton Line���in Minute Ser- 4
Vice,  except   hei ween   I-  i"1'1 ���
2, and I", nnd '/. during ��i';i11 J
hours   the   .service  will  |:U ���
half-hourly, J
Sunday Service   baJMiouriy between H ii. iii. and 11  P. m-
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
Boarding House for Sale���iii rooms
completely furnished and al pros
ent all occupied, Apply Box BOI,
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
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Chas, G. Major.
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Ellard Block.   New Westminster, P. '


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