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The Daily News Mar 13, 1906

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Increase of Revenue Is In Sight For the Royal City
drizzling rain, ALD. JARDINE MAKES BOLD STRIKE mD���?���*Z _
AND BITTER COLD Gives Notice.of Amendment to Trades License By-Law IN FIERCE BATTLE
H Which If Carried Will Mean Much Heavier Cord
tributions to City Treasury From Telephone and
Electric Railway Companies. _^^__________________
Reports From the South and East  Tell   of   Suffering   in
Severe Weather of Yesterday and Today-
Blizzard  Rages  in
Deputy Gilstrap and His Men Retreat   to   Shelter   From
The   Bullets   of   the  Wycliffes
In the Cherokee
Sail Lake City, Utah, March 18.���
From midnight Sunday night till to-
day, Salt Lake was in the grasp ot
the worst storm in years. Beginning
with a drizzling rain, a wind, which
attained at one time a velocity of Go
miles  on  hour,  soon   followed.
Signs were wrenched from theti
fastenings, chimneys were in many
places shattered, electric wires broken and in some Instances mofs carried away, new buildings throughout
the city were rendered wrecks and
ib" loss to uncompleted structures
will be heavy.
The warm Bprlngs bath house, just
northwest of the city, was damaged to
the extent of thousands of dollars.
The telegraph wires were paralyzed,
bul one out of Salt Lake being left
The wind was followed by one of
Lhe fiercest blizzards ever seen here,
Streel ear traffic is delayed and Street
navel ibis morning is almost impossible!
Montana Blizzard.
Butte, Mont., March 13.���Butte and
Moniana generally were in the throes
last night of one of the worst blizzards of the winter, in this case the
thermometer ranged from 12 to 20 degrees below zero. On the mountain
sides ii was siiii colder. Street car
service was demoralized and the wire
service was crippled south and west,
lies Moines, March 13, A heavy
snow Btorm struck Das Moines early
today  .inui  is increasing  in  severity.
Street    railway   traffic   is   badly   ini-
peded.      Snow  Is general   ovei'   the
At the meeting of the council last
night Alderman Jardine aimed a
severe blow at the Hrliisli Columbia
Electric Railway company ami the
British Columbia Telephone company
In the form of a notice to amend sec-
C-rder to accommodate the citizens of  tlon  of au  lip-to-dule  road.  This  sub-
Police   and   Firemen.
police committee   made
Licence   lly  ,
ipiesi that the city clerk be Instructed to order a complete outfit of cloth'
Ing for the members   of the   depart-
report   was adopted,    and
to tin
N.   Sato   Explains  the   Cause   of   the
Famine and Recognizes Foreign   Relief.
Chicago,   March   13.���N.   Sato,   llrst
secretary of the Japanese legation at
St.  Petersburg,  stopped    til     Chicago
yesterday on ���i-s way to Russia, where
be will assume his official duties.
Mr. Sato said  that the famine oon-
ditbuis in Japan  are  being relieved
liijddly villi ihe help received from
other nations.
"The cause of the famine," said Mr.
Sato, "was the enormous quantity of
rain which t'11 last season in tbe islands of Japan. The resulting floods
mined the rice crop and the people
In many parts of the empire have died
in large numbers from lack of food. An
unusual snowfall has been recorded
this winter, and we expect a good
���Crop  of  rice  next   year  for  the water
will be stored in the mountains to be
ultimately used for the Irrigation of
I lie rice fields. We are hopeful that
Ihe great snowfall will be laHowWI
by a dry season."
Firemen    Extinguish    a   Smalt    BJa-e
an .the   Roof  of the
Victoria, March 13.���Cold
weather continues to prevail
throughout tbe entire western
portion of lhe continent from
the Pacific lo the Oreal Lakes,
nnd the valley of the Mississippi. The baromoterlr pressure
Is lowest ou the Oregon coast,
and extends Inland to Utah.
Temperatures have fallen to
111 below zero al liarkervllie,
aud G below at linker City. Ote-
T goo, mid in the Northwest pro-
x vLnees there is a decided cold
J wave in every section reaciilug
T 30 below at Prince Albert,
J Snow is Calling on the Oregon
J coast and In Colorado, dall,
T Dakota, .Nebraska anil Illinois.
5 Forecast for B6 hours ending
^ ."' p. lu��� Wednesday.
J     Lower,    Mainland   Northerly
J and   easterly    winds,   generally
2 fair aud cold.
w Now    Westminster    bempera-
w ture at 5 a.m., 36 above zero,     ���
Catholic  Clergymen   Arrive  at   Manila
IFrom Scene of Minimi
22   of   lhe   Trad   ^^^^^^
which  provides  tor a  licence of ,],,, appearani I    ihe members    ol
;:2.~.  semi-annually  and  which  if ihe that worthy body in bran now attire
i iii. in.mi's proposed motion is carried Pl;'> '"' looked f'"' |U "" ,'i"1> ''���"''
,   ,,                              . ,,              ,,.    The reporl  of   the tire committee
i.i   the  next   meeting of the  council
Was  lo   the   effect   that   ihe   vacancies
will be raised to $200 semi-annually, in ���,��� ,,������.���.���,���,���, ,������,���,, ,���. ���,��� ,,,
or {400 per annum in each case. Bignation of F. fflastman ami w. Lyle
liming an examination of the trea- had been filled by ihe appointment of
sin,'is ].thi,Is las!   wtI, il  was found George Qrlmston and William  Haines.
ihat the revenue coining to the city al The report  was adopted.
pi,.sen, was ������. sufficient to meet ail Rush ,mpor(ant Work.
demands upon ii. hence the proposed tm
niise   in   lhe   licence   fee   of   the   big The wa,"r Committee reported  that   future  while   a.   Ottawa.
cornoratlons ""' construction  work on  the Fourth  was received and tiled.
According to lhe records of Ihe city !iln"''   BeWM   W0Uld   '"'  '""""n"'1'   "'"'       R.   -1.   McDonald   asked
assessor   lhe   telephone     company   is "K"   th��  wo,k  w""1'1  '"' ,l""" ''>' ''">'   <"   Pile   building   material
only  paying $2u  per annum  taxes,  so
Vlnlia, Kas., March Li.���One bun
died armed men have gone Into the
Cherokee country in pursuit of the
Wlckllffe band of Indian outlaws, who
mi Sunday afternoon, :'.t miles east of
Vlnlia, ambushed a United Btatea marshal  posse of six men, killing Deputj
Ject   was  an   old   one   lo     the   council
anil is quite well known to the citizens of  New  Westminster,  ami  eon
tequentty   the   communication     ��
filed without comment
.lohn  Simpson  applied  for  lhe  posl
of   assistant   gurdii'T   al   IJiiiiii's _^^^^^_^_______________m
Park,    and   on   motion     of   Able! nun   Marshal   1.   L.  llilsirap   and   wounding   number, took n-I'mr i��� tii,   ,;n Ii���t,ml
(buret! seconded by Alderman Davies Dies Terry, a posse man. Joptt^    'i'"      Th"   deputies   threw
ihe communication   was  turned over     Reports of the fight    which    took themselves  upon  the ground ami   a
pink committee whh power to place In Hie settlement of the Night- hot fight began which lasted an hour.
haws  bond of Cherokee Indians, full Deputy Gilstrap was shol through the
Tetnpleman'6  Assistance. bloods    who   refuse   land   allotments, headJat tlie first exchange of Bhots
letter was read from the Hon-1 are    conflicting.     The    first    report,   Th�� deputies were driven gradually
ii. Thompson, who arrived last
night from the scene nf ihe (ighl at
s.-ilin creek with the bodj of Deputy
Gilstrap, sail that the posse, after
trailing Hi" Wlckliffee nil tiaj with
blood honnds, came upon them in iho
afternoon.     The   IndlanB,  eleven  in
orable William Templeman    express- broughl in by a surviving posse man back to the head of a ravine   Terry
ing thanks to the council for their up was tha,   three of his comrades  we,"   had  I n  WOUUded ami he Mid   I mile
,.,,���,                ,,       ..��� ,,,,���,        ,i,���,   ������iv   three   Wickliffes became   separated   from   the   res!   of
I reolallon ol his efforts regarding the killed   and   lli.u   only   uirw    \>n,,"" 	
,     �����   ,                        , .               ������.,���.,Q,i  nn  fhe oilier  side 'he parly.    Finally the ili'iinli.'s form-
water  lots,  and  offering    any   assist- were engaged  on  me oinei   sine. |        i                  aaaaaM
ance  which  he might   render  In    the
A later report Is that eleven Indians led a breast work ami lite Indians, do
The   letter  resisted  the posse. Ispalrlng of reahcing them, withdrew.
Installation  of the system   is  tbe  >>' cleaned OUt. The report  was adopt-  his  efforts    were, unsuccessful    Inns
that the Increase in their licence Is
considered only fair and just, as the
total contribution to the city fund Including the increase in licence fee will
then only be $420 per annum. The
company spend very liitle money in
the city, as their only expense after
l In 	
weekly payroll, which Is said to be
slight, Inasmuch as it constitutes only
the payment of the local mnnagcT.
the foreman or superintendent, and a
lew low salaried girl operators.
Nevertheless It is expected that lhe
measure will be fought to a tlnisb by
the company before It becomes a law.
The ltrilish Columbia Electric
Railway company on the other band
although paying the very small
licence of $2.'i semi-annually or $50
annually, contributes extensively to
the city treasury   in   the   shape   of
taxes. Their presi'Til contribution to
the city consists of $7X7 taxes, $7a
lease of city lots, and |50 licence
fee, malting a total of $.Sfi2 per annum, which will be raised lo $1,2117
ihoiild lhe proposed niensiire be
adopted. The British Columbia F.lec-
tric company also have a large payroll in tbe city, but even then It Is
contended their contribution in the
way of taxes and Increased licence
will wit lie exorbitant.
Burnaby  Road.
Another   item    of  Interest     to   the
Cltlaens ra   the   wi'Iih!    report     of
      on   Carnar
labor under the supervision, of the von street, while building the resi-
Buperlntendent of works, The works dence of Dr. Hall. Permission grant-
on  the  sub-reservoir  will   be  handled  ed.
In the sumo manner. The embank- Mayor Keary stated that on his
ment on the old reservoir is to be own responsibility he hud endeavored
raised, and Immediately upon the t,, Induce H. R. H. Prince Arthur of
completion of the new reservoir lhe Connaught to visit New Westminster
old one Is to be emptied  nnd  thorough- ,n his tour of Canada, but stated that
Union   Men   Return   to   "Open   Shop"
Conditions In the  Edison
City Attorney Says Too Much Money
Is  Paid for  Broken Arms
and  Legs.
Lumber   Prices   Raised.
ln   the  matter  of  communications
the most Important to lhe city financially was a loiter each from the
llrunelte Saw Mill company, and the
the   I.   C,   Mills  Timber and  Trading
company, announcing a raise in the
prices of lumber. The following scale
Was presented lo the council: Side
walk  plank  dressed  on  one side,  per
thousand, $it;    rough   merchantable
Chicago, March lit.���Fan plovers
scored the first "open shop" victory
of the year againsl a labor union yesterday, when Kit) strikers returned
lo work for the Chicago Kdison com'
puny. The men who were employed
on outside line work, walked out early
in December, when the company refused to agree to employ only union
_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jelect rlclnns.
New   Sidewalks. ���,-  K(1|Mon  company  for years has
An expenditure   of $234    for new employed union  and  non-union  men
side walks was recommended by Aid-   Indiscriminately.      The   union   In   an
erman     Henley,     chairman     of     lhe  attempt   lo   force   "closed   shop"   con
much as ills Royal Highness' arrangements for lhe entire trip were
already planned. His Worship asked
for the approval or disapproval of
his colleagues as to his action in Inking this mutter In his own hands. His
actions met with unanimous approval
from the council.
lumber stringers, per thousand, $n.��0  board   of    works.    'I'be     report     was  dill
and  drain  covering rough  merchantable cut   to  short   lengths  as desired,
$14.60   delivered   ln   the  city     less   a
per  cent.    Communication   filed
s In all deportments of the big
Electric Raulway Scheme.
A communication from Messrs. Mc-
I'hilllps. Tiffin and Laursen, stated
that formal application for a charter
had been made by their clients, the
Vancouver Frasor Valley ami Southern Railway company, to parllamenl for permission to build and operate steam, gasoline or electric roads
in the vicinity of New 'Westminster.
The  route  of tbe  proposes    road  Is
adopted, ami work will be started im- concern,   called   strikes   In   all   build-
I'.eiliately.    The  streets  affected  are; ings where non-union men were work
Eleventh  street    mi  the    east   side ing,   interfering   seriously     witli     the
from   Queen   to   Fifth   avenues,  a   six completion of large bull.ling contracts
foot walk. in  the down  town  district.
Mnelh street, east  side from Third ��� O	
to Fifth avenues, a four fool  walk. Foreman  III.
On Royal avenue, north side, to W. Kills Morrison, foreman of lhe
Tenth street, and thence west 2 M T��nilv News composing room, Is eon-
chains, an eighth fool walk. fined to 1.1s home  with an attack of
On Twelfth street from the Orphan? s,"'p throat
age  to Ihe    city  limits,  a   four    foot  ��
Elliott   slreet,   both   sides   an   eight
foot walk-
Chicago, 111.. March 12,���"Ambulance chasers" and adjustment so-
cleties are flayed In lhe annual re>
porl of City Attorney John P. Bmulskl
which will go to the city council tonight. Three years of experience in
defending the city In personal flam
..Inge suits have led Mr. Hnnilskl id
Ihe conclusion Ihat the greater number of Ihe claims are "graft pure anil
simple,' and in vigorous language he
protests against lhe mulcting of the
1 uhlic treasury by "professional
The present Btreel car iiiniiianb S,
he says, pay about $2,1100,000 yearly
In settling injury cases, and they BVTB
experts in the art of selH-de-fenco  ill
the COUrtB,
The document Informs the council1
that Chicago paid nut $:W0,000 last
year for broken legs untl arms and
for other Injuries. It sttys that if the-
City inspector were up to the murk
end attended to business lhe side
walks and street holes.
���o��� /
���Overheated stoves, chimney BJ_r_J
and .high winds continue to cause
iniiiiy small tires, and last tiighl, much
io their dlsgusl at being obliged io
leave win in and comfortable beds the
boys froii! No. i responded to an alarm
from the Armory at 11:80. A toy
passing the Armory noticed sjrarks
from the chimney and anticipating
trouble he waited for a few minutes,
iiln-n the roof look flre, whereupon he
turned In the alarm, to which a quick
response was made by the flre hoys,
who succeeded in subduing the flames
In a very Short   time.
The damage was very slight, as the
hole burned  in  the roof wns so small
that ii can be repaired al little or no
Manila, March 13.���Two Catholic
'Clergymen have arrived fncini China
with parts of the bodies of the priests
w.bo wen- murdered In the recent massacres there. They are en l'oiite lo
Barcelona, where the remains wttll be
Three  small   sealed   caskets  contain
jaartbana ot the bodies and ashes. One
containing the trinkets of tiw Bead
jirJeK'.s is addressed  to the pop*!.
tSlover   Sells   Residence.
Manager F. it. Ctover, of the R. C
Electric Railway Co., reports the sale
of hin handsome residence on Si. Pai
rick utreet to Q. 8 MurClowan, ��c
eonnlant for George Adams. The sale
was made  through  Hart & Co.
Alderman Garrett -who stated fhat he 8n|,i to be from Vancouver to Blaine
hail   osniYerrefl  with   the   citizens     of
Burnahy who asked    that    the
George   C.   Watts   Wants   Good   Care
Taken  of  His  Dog,
Lain   island   Work.
      Forman Furness, who has charge of
Wn., via New Westminster, and from the work at Lulu Island, wns pro
now a point south of the Fraser river In moted tu Ihe position of supervisor
wagon road to the city he staked out nn easterly direction to Chllllwack, of civic work mirter the supervision
us early a* possible In order Ihat the an(] from another point on the river of Ihe board. This report, together
lesblciits of the district iiiltfht be en- |n a westerly direction to a point at with Ihe recommendation of Unaided to start work before the rush 0r near the municipality of Delta. The board as to the promotion of Mr.
of spring work  came upon them.,The company also asks for a charter    to  Furness was then adopted. .
hii|ierh(t,endein   of -works Will   be    In-  construct   srul   ennb,   Wl_nhm,_   �����.i      The  council     Chen   adjourned,    anil   ""'  wi"   "f  Q��>rge  C.   Watts,  a   con
     Into   com
1o the    thorough     rumple    niitlee  in  chambers.
Construct   and   equip   telephone   and	
strtictefl   to  use all   possible  haste  in  telegraph  Hires, anil  other incidentals  the   members   then   went
staking the line of the new road In necessary
People   of   Small   Town  Lose  All   Before   Help  Can   Reach
Santa Rosa, March 1.1.���At  l:2FithiB
to a Chicago despatch to the Tribune, I ��"��"l��g B telephone message was  received from Oiirnevllle appealing   for
New  York,  March    18
Railway Company Agrees
Telephone Director Silent
Considerable    roxrimaetrl
tractor  anil   board   of  trade  operator,
died for probate yesterday, makes a
bequest of $211,11110 to provide for a
home for his pel fox terrier, Mill, and
$:ill to take care of his riding horse,
After providing for his dog anil
horse, the testator makes a codicil
giving an Income to $r>0 a month to
his hrother-lnlaw, .lohn T. Spufford,
and $8,000 a year to Wm. K. Itoi",
who Is Hindu ttecUtOt to carry out the
provisions of the will.    Tim Watts es-
General Wood Reports
On Slaughter of Moros
Manila,   March   l.'l.���Major   General
Wood, who has arrived, has announced
that he assumes all responsibility tor
the light against the Moros at Dajo
Hill,  near .lolo.     He  said   that   there
was no wanton destruction of women
nut children in the light, though many
of them were killed by force of lie
cesslty, because the Moros used many
of them as shields in the hand lo-
liand lighting.
Major General Wood declared that
many of the women were in male at-
tire and their sex could not be distinguished,    Anotb'-r confusing muse
was the desperation with which the
women foughl the priests having work
ed all of the Moros Into a religious
I'n ti.;y. Many of Ilie Moros feigned
death ainl butchered the American
hospital   men   who  weri'   relieving   Ilie
General Wood says.      'Neither in
this nor am oilier llglu has an Aim
oilcan Soldier killed a woman or child
except   In a  close action  when  11  was
Impossible to distinguish sex."
Secretary of War Taft  cabled for a
full explanation of the deaths of the
women ami children, ami General
Wood has sent a lengthy reply of
which the foregoing Is the substance.
har   beenIreasonable in the demand tor an ln-[deollned to make any statement for tats is valued al $100,000,
caused over the proposed BCtlOB of the]crease In our license, as they can af-  publication  until  such   time    as    the ______________
mend]   regarding lhe Increase   In   11-  fond  to  lie, owing to the  present  de-  board   of  directors  Should   meet,  and
oeui'.os   which.   If  carried,   will   very maaid upon the treasury, wliio. Is nb-' express their opinion  as to the mat-
materially Increase the revenue *,f lhe, solmtely   necessary   In   order   to   meet
city,    and    correspond I ngly    decrease the growing wants of (he community.
the allvldendS of the  B. C.   Electric 11 do siot anticipate that our company
BaOemy company and the B. c. Ttele-lwill consider the Increase unreason-
phone company. able tor the reason previously iiien-
The   scleral   opinion   on   the   Street   ""n,M''  ���lIlll",l*:,l  "H "   """"'r  "r *Mt.
seems to be that the proposed increase w" 8i'"n'1 '" tlillilri"s in ��<""��� West-
in licences is only fair and Just, pnrtj '"'"ster, more than double the amount
cnlarly *. In the case of tha Tele wl,loh wt* "l"" hwe fm"' ,he oombln-
phone company.   It Is also the opinion  'vl  Passenger ami  freight  raffle.
that  the license of the II. C. Electric      "Our  position    Is    vastly  different
Railway   company   should   have   been  ,,.,������   ,,,.,,   of  ,IMy  o|hpi.  ,.()m|mnv  ar.
Increased  long ago, although the com-  ,.,,.,       . ,   ,   .    ,
fected   by  the change,  but   I   do  not
assistance and announcing Unit a disastrous flre was raging there, which
threatened to wipe out the town.    At
lhe time lhe message came, Ihe (iriind
Central hotel bad been oonnumed, and
practically all of the buildings on that
side of the street, which is the main
ihorottghfare, were thought to be
doomed. Arrangements wme immediately made here lo semi an engine
to (Itirnevllle jay  special  train,  but  a
second telephone message oame at l
o'clock this morning countermanding
the request for apparatus, saying that
It would lie useless to send an engine
as everything  was then hopeless.
ter. Mr. Armstrong as was supposed
by several, Intimated several pretty
hot things about lhe proposition, bill
declined absolutely to make any positive  assertions   for   publication.
Another   of   the   Portable   Kind   Goes
to Chllllwack District.
Coal Mine Operators
Hand Out Statement
New   York,   Marc
ing statemenl on
li  13.���The  follow-,ness   prosperity   which  characterised
beh'lf  of   the   An-  the   Inst   three   years   will   continue.
ihraclie operators committee of seveniTher0 ls no certainty of this   as any
I, .,,..., .,,.     ��� i time   within   the  next   three   years  a
Is   published   today: Mr.   Finer   re-!, .    , ,  ,       .  ������
depression in business may lake place
ceived   yesterday   Mr.   Mitchell's   ack-
whlch  may  lessen    the
piiliv   contributes   largely   to   the  city , ������^������������������������������������������������������������������,
. ,, .   ,���.������ ������.  think  that  the B.  0. Electric Co, wlll
treasury at present through taxes, and
to  the  merchants of the city  In the OOmplaJn to any great extent over tbe
form of an extensive payroll. proposed change, as we recognize the
local einiaiion. and are always willing
When seen today regarding the pro-        ���,,    Im|t|prH ��� __h M wfi __,
posed change, Manager F.  R. Olover.     }   c   Armstrong,  resident  director
of  the   B.   C   Electric  Railway   com- L ^ 1>iephoIU, compmy, had heard
pany, said: J nothing of the proposed change until
"I   believe that  the council  are ns seen by The Xews, und consequently
letnand  for
laced at
flio   presl-
t).   K.   Stevenson,  representing  ^l^wlWwa-t  to the answer  by the;coke,  and   In  carrying OUl   thin
operators   committee   to   the   proposl-  tract, the operators may he nine
Royal City mills was a passenger to Uon rmule l)y lhe commlUee ()f the an.ja  ger|oug   (,ls)a(lvlintnKe,       	
Chllllwack on the Humona this morn-1 thrnclle workers with advice that the' dents of the anthracite ooaJ carrying
Ing.     On  board  was another of  the , same would be submitted to the rain-' companies  will  meet this afternoon,
portable  houses  made  by  the  Royal jelB'  committee  as  soon  as  possible.' Mr. Baer will preside."
City mills, the erection of which Mr.'The 0l'enilors tnlnk thnt tW>' are lak'j    Coal dealers who were seen yester-
Ing long chances In even offering to' day said that there was au uncertain-
Stevenson will superintend. j continue the  present    conditions  for ! ty in their minds ae to whether there
This will be the third house of the. three  yenrs  longer.     The  offer  was! will be an anthracite strike.    A  hard
kind placed In tbe Chllllwack district.|based on the possibility thnt the bust- coal strike looked more likely. THE DAILY NEWS
������������������������    ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Oataloguee i id prise lists of the villi the Canadian Pacific railway,
Spring Stallio. show and first an- v. Iiicli enables those wishing to attend
mini sale of i ire bred cattle, sheep, the sale on March 21 anil 22, 1906, to
anil swine io bo held at Queen's Park purchase return tickets to New West-
Oil March 21 and 22 under the aim- minster, II. C, at single firm class
pices of  the   British  Columbia  Stock rates.
Breeders'  Association  are  now  being No standard certificates are requir-
Circulated,  and  give  in  detail   all  the ea.     Station   agents   will   receive    in-
ilifonnation   required. st ructions to this effect.  Other trans-
This show   will  give owners of stal- portation   companies   will   make   slnii
lions    an    excellent      opporlunity    of lar concessions.
Showing  Iheii   animals,  as  there  will Facts to   Remember.
be a large number from different parts'    stallions must   be on the grounds
of the  province  attending  th"  H_h>.
The conditions governing Hie allow
Bre  as  follows:
The entries must be made out on
lhe regular form, which may be obtained by applying lo the secretary,
and accompanied bj an entrance fee
of $2.r,n for each animal entered
That Ian ties win be received up to
March   17
Thai   stallions    must    tie on    the
grounds   ::l   I'   o'clock,   March   21.   ami
remain until  1 p. m., March 22,
Thai   il   veterinary   surgeon   will   1"'
on   ihe  grounds,  and   will   have    the
power oi rejecting any animal, show
in: clinical  symptoms nf glanders,
If   anj   are   rejected   thi    entran
ie" will I    returned to exhfbttoi.
Judging will begin at 2 o'clock,
Wiircb  21st.
Prizes offered for B tall Ion show, for
registered  stock only.
Hist  stallion,    Clyde    oi    Shi e,
years  ami   over,   1st,   $-".:   2nd,  $15.;
3rd, $i".   ith, $5.
Best Percheron stallion. u years
and over.  1st, $15;  2nd, $10;  3rd, $:<.
Host    Suffolk    Punch    stallion.      :
�� ::ii
and   over,   1st,   $16;   2nd,   $10;
nl   b o'clock,  March  21.
Cattle must bo on the grounds noi
biter than  1  o'clock,  March  21.
Judging  of stallions  begins at
1.1.. Wednesday, March 21st
Soiling of live slock   begin I at
o'cloek a. in., March 22.
Entrle 1 close March   IT,  1906.
For   entry     forms,   catalogues,     or
1 ther   particulars,   applj    to   K    M.
Logan.    Secretarj Tre isut ������!..    Parlia
meat  Buildings, Victoria, it. C.
The  Officers.
Tii" officers of ihe Association are;
1 lonoi try president i Ion. R. G,
'l itlow, Minister of Agi li ulturi . Vic
Pre ildenl A. D. P iti 1 on, Ladm . 1
1'. c.
Vice-president���H. M. Vasey, Delia
B. C.
E. S. A.. Department of
Ex-Ofli io Director!���J.
son. Deputy Minister of Agriculture,
Victoria. P. W. Hodson, Lhe Stock
Commissioner,  Ottawa.
Directors���A. C. Wells. Chilliwack;
H. N. Rich, Ladner.-; T. .1. Trapp,
New Westminster; G, 11. Had wen,
Duncans;  s.  11. Shannon, Cloverdale,
Auditors���G. D. Brymner, Manager
Bank of Montreal, New Westminster.
John   Power,  New  Westminster.
M.    Logan,
Agi iculture,
ll.    Ander-
���Io���1 n Pflmoni French \<l-nr��tc Won
a  llnpeleHB  Mnnler DUO,
Maitre I.achiind, the fatuous advo
cute, was perhaps the greatest  master
of comedy in Prance, and not a few
eminent actors envied him bis marvel
ous powers of mimicry.   He was onci
employed   to   defend   a    murderer,
against whom the facts were hopelessly clear.
When his pathetic appeals nnd his
tenrs which were always at call when
he pleaded before a country Jury-failed to touch his stolid audience, ho re- j
sorted to the moMt Impudent piece of
trickery.     Thrusting    Ills     moistened
white handkerchief Into bis pocket, be
demanded if tlie Jurors were men, if
they had humiiu hearts, If they could
bring themselves to condemn a fellow
man like the accused, whom be bud
credited with all sorts of chivalrous If
not saintly merits.
Ills eloquence was not merely fruit-
less, but the jury responded to It nt
flTst with uneasy shuffling, then with
biting lips, and finally wllh  loud and
uncontrolled bursts of  laughter.   La-
chond, while flinging about Ills bands,
had Intentionally dipped bis lingers Into
the great Inkpot In front of him, and
ns he drew his right hand across Ills
forehead, as If In agony of despair at i
the certain fate of the accused, be left.
upon his brow nn enormous black
in.11k like a crescent moon and drew
two oilier black traces down his cheeks
ns be put his lingers to bis eyes to dash
away the tears.
Feigning high moral Indignation at
their conduct, he continued: "You are'
about to decide whether one of your fellow men shall be thrust by you out of
the ranks of the living, and you choose
such a moment for indulging in cruel
and thoughtless laughter. Is this ex-'
truvagant mirth n fitting mood in
which to decide whether a man sbnll
or shall not die?"
The argument actually told upon the
1 urrl.-M   an   t'mlirclla   nnd   Has   a
Fighting; Tall.
The frilled lizard Is found in Australian woods, being tolerably abundant
ln north Queenslan 1 and tlie Klmber
ley district of western Australia. It
lives on beetles such n* are found on
tbe tree hurt;*. It is about 'bice feel
long, measured from head to tall point.
What makes it remarkable consists of
two things  its hurried walk and its
fighting anger.
It carries 11 sort of natural umbrella
top about Its neck, which It elewatea
suddenly with an alarming effect even
to ordinary lizard killing dogs, scaring
them as an umbrella Opened In the face
of a charging bull; hence It is called
the frilled lizard. Its tooth me not ol
much use 11s a defense against a vigor |
ous aiviinal, but when It fights it use* I
Its king, lithe tall In a way to brlns
long bruises on one's bunds���In fact,
could It be properly trained, It might
serve as an automatic switch, which
like tbe ninglc rub-a-dub-dub stick
would at the word administer a thrash !
ing to tbe disobedient child,
From the scientific point of view thi
creature's peculiar method of ambulation ls most Interesting, because It pre
scuts nn absurdly grotesque appear
once al such times, more especially
from the rear. It walks bipedully or or
two feet, like a bird, and so much d06l
it resemble a bird In lis walk that 11
seems to lie the connecting link be
tween the ancestors of birds und tin
lizards of today,
Doomed Man Sung "I Want to lie at
Anicel"   Willi   the   Crowd.
"In    the   early   days   of   Wyoming
when  there were but a  few  Churchel
ami many Infractions of law, a mar
of  the  name of  BOTStOW,   who novel
knew fear and was a devout Christian
The   Snldlmr   ll.-aull,-.   nf   (he   <!run<J
Canyon   "I   Al'lr-OIIH.
This terrific gash Is inure than 200
miles lung mill nnue than a mile deep,
and Its area exceeds 2,000 square miles
Fruin the l'.i Tornr rim! on which 1
stand, to the gleaming, suow veined
crags on the opposite side of this stn
pendous cleft the distance is thirteen
miles. Human vision cannot lake lu
the full extent of this wide pageant of
terror and glory nor Is It Within Hie capacity of words to set forth Its overwhelming splendor. The plain on which
I stand Is nearly S.IIIHI feet above sea
level, and here, 111 n prodigious fissure
���gaunt, abrupt, frightful and wonderful���are assembled mountains, valleys,
enormous rocks, precipitous crags, rn-
vines of mystery Mid forests of gloom,
tlironph which the black waters of the
Colorado rush onward in their resist-
lesB flow aud ever which the dauntless
eagle wings its upward flight to meet
the sun. All the forms are here thnt
Imagingtlen could construct, and nil the
colors an' here that glow ln sunset
skies. Far down In the subterranean
vista the forests show like green lawns
Not less than seven geologic periods Id
the physical history of the planet are
displayed In the layers of tinted rock���
black,   green,  gray,  red,  brown,   blue,
pink, orange and alabaster, with many
other mingled hues - that constitute the
walls of Oils colossal gorge; walls that
seem continuous and unbroken, yet
everywhere are rifted with lateral fis
sures, the beds of mountain stream".
that swell the flood of the great Colorado  river.    Tbe  American  continent
has nowhere else a spectacle to show
commensurate with this in beauty,
grandeur and awe.���William Winter Ir.
Pacific Monthly.
10 Acres of Rich,
Black Loam Land
within one mile of
New Westminster, all
under drained and under a good state of
This is an ideal place for
chicken or fruit anil Intending
investors will do well to look
into  this before buying   else-
PRICE $1500
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms   1   and  2,  Duoont  Dlk.
Telephone    170.
was  elected  to the office of  sheriff.'
jury." Tlre'maii was'ac,iuitted!-Par|S! saia   a   ^tteen   of  tlmt  sla,(>'    "Soot
julirtial ; after Barstow entered upon tbe dutiei
 | of bis office a man was convicted fo
a capita] crime.
"The fact that there was no mluistc
An,I.nl   Hi-.-....   Still   Worn.
Iu tlie little town of Munsledel, tn
Bavaria, there exists one of the most!  within reach preyed upon the mind 0
3rd, $5.
Best Standard bred or thorough1
bred stallion, 2 years and over. 1st,
SU;   2nd,  $10;   ^rd,  $5.
Rest Hackney stallion, 2 years and
over.  1st, $15;   2nd, $10;   3rd, $5.
Grand Champion, any of above
bleeds, Diploma.
Auction   Said.
Up to date of issue of the catalogue,
March 9, over GO entries for the sale
had been received; as the time for
receiving entries has been extended
to March 17. it Is: expected thai quite
an additional number will be received.
There are among these, animals of
excellent type and breeding, so anyone wishing to purchase purebred
block should be at the sale. It you
are using scrub stock you ore not
progressing.    'Phis is an opportunity
to star!  right.
The 11 anagemeiil will be under the
control of the executive of the British
Columbia Stock Breeders' Association.
The management undertakes to provide suitable accommodation for .stock
entered, and to make al! necessary
arrangements in connection with
holding the sale.
��� Prizes.
From   the   grant  given   by   the   Do- Ward II
minion    Live    Stock department, Ot-JMonkman  road   	
tawa,  and   a   contribution    ol   $60,08  Morley-Matheson   road         1,0AO
from P.  Hums i. co., Vancouver, the Imperial road        2,00U
association      offers      the      following  |ta|,,   roart   	
prizes. i Point  Roberts  road
To the seller   of the two   raiib- of Cemetery road
any one of the beef breed*  realizing  Farrell  road   	
The   following     is   a   detailed   est!
mate of the   amounl    of money   re
quired to put the roads In Delta mun
icipulity in good condition:
Ward   I.
Trunk  roads   	
Cannery road  	
Kit bland road 	
School   road    	
Pedon  road   	
Prew  road   	
London toad  	
Bridge,  Loudon road   ....
Tambollne road   	
Wharf, West ham Island  .
(i.   B.   Main   road   	
Matheson road 	
( anoe Pass road 	
Swensen road 	
Ms -ion road 	
Mason cross road   	
(hillside School  road   ....
Monkmns   road   	
Port   Guichon  streets   ....
curious charitable foundations in the
world. One of the burghers, Christopher Wanuer, died in 14e4 and left his
fortune for tbe establishment of a
home for aged poor. lie attached, however, the condition that every old man
who wns taken In should wear his
beard and the same cut of clothes nnd
cap as be himself used to wear; eon-
seiiiiently the ancient pensioners are
' still to be seen wandering about tbe
1 streets of Munsledel in the costumes of
the fifteenth century.
Character Rhwrra  In  Work.
A foolish person builds foolishly, and
a  wise  one  sensibly,   a  virtuous  o_e
beautifully  anil   a   vicious  one   badly.
If  stonework   is  well   put   together  it
means Unit  a  thoughtful mun cut it
and  au honest  man cemented  it.    If
it bus too much ormimcin it moans that
Its carver was too greedy of pleasure,
If  too  little  that   hi'  was  rude  or  In-
1,304   sensitive or stupid or the like.   A mnu
.~n,i   may bide himself from you or mlsrepro-
300   B 11.  himself to you every other way.
-Iln   but he cannot In his work.    There be
1 'su"   s"'v -v"" hive him to the utmost, all
'    "   thai li" likes, nil that be s��es. nil that
"' "   he can do���his  Imagination, his affection, his perserverance, bis Impatience.
clumsiness, cleverness, everything Is
there. If the work Is a. cobweb you
know it was made by a spider, If a
honeycomb by n bee. a wormcast is
1 thrown up by n worm and a nest
I wreathed by a bird, and n house is
built by a man worthily If be Is worthy
and ignobly if he ts Ignoble. And always, from the least to tbe greatest,
ns a thing made fs good or bad so is
the maker of It.
the sheriff, who undertook to supplj
Uie lack by holding an hour's Biblf
reading ill the condemned man's eel
anil praying with him. As the tlmi
for the hanging approached Harstow
became possessed with lhe fear that
he bad not acquitted himself of tin
spiritual responsibility devolving upot
him and devised n programme that
was new and unique. After the victim
of the law's mandate was placed upoi
the platform and everything was It
readiness the sheriff prayed long anc
fervently. Then he called for some oni
to start a hymn, and a man near thi
platform began the only one he know
i Want to He au Angel,' in which thi
prisoner Joined.
"As tbe last verse was sung tbe sber
iff busied himself adjusting tbe noose
and Immediately upon its eonclnsior
the trap was sprung."
Frunl. Iln'a   Smvilust   I'tnlil inu.
Franklin believed in (air competition,
hi freedom for others us well as himself ami cored more for his pewonal
independence In tbe conduct of bis
business than for the business Itself,
The story of the sawdust pudding
Should be known in every newspaper
office in tlie country. When be first
started the Gazette lie made some free
comments on certain public oiliciuls,
and some of lhe Influential patrons of
the paper resented It and tried to stop
It. lie invited them to dinner. When
they came they found nothing ihi the
table but a pudding made ef course
meal and a jug uf water. They s:rt
down. Franklin tilled their plates and
than bis own and proceeded to eat
heartily, but bis guests could not swallow the stuff. After a few moments
Franklin rose und, looking at them,
said quietly: "My friends, any man
who can subsist on sawdust pudding,
as I can, needs 110 man's patronage."-
American Illustrated Magazine.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   of   parllamenl
CAPITAL (All paid upj.. ,*i l.UUu.U 10
lit. Hon. Lord Strathcons and .Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,. ..Hon President
lion, sir t;. A. Drummond, President
E.   S.   ('Illusion,   Vice   President   and
General Manager.
AnlmnlN*  I'lnj   In  ICxerelnv.
The  relaxed  rhythmical  movements
so common among animals nt play, the
gamboling of lambs, the play of kittens
200| anf' many similar aiilm. I activities, are
500   Imitated    by    man   in    the   primitive
the highest  price at lhe sab-
Sect ton  A���Highest,    $lfi.;
Parmtter road         1,(100]
dances Which  form so large a part lu
Geography   Set   to   Mualr.
"I don't know," said a Bangor mnu
the other day, "what their methods ol
teaching are In the schools these days
but I w*s surprised uot long ago Whet
talking to a youngster to find that Iii
couldn't tell how many counties then
were in the state of Maine, nor could
be name them all without looking uj
tbe information in his geography. Hi
was a bright boy. too. aud I wondered.
When I went to school we learned tbt
names of the sixteen counties to thi
time of 'Yankee Doodle,' and to thli
day I have never forgotten how tha
class sounded singing the useful Tittle
Jingle.   It went this way:
"Sixteen counties In the state���
Cumberland and Franklin,
Piscataquis and Somerset,
Aroostook, Androscoggin,
Suaadaboc and Kennebec,
Lincoln. Knox and Hancock.
Waldo, Washington and York,
Oxford and Penobscot."
���Lewlston Journal:
A   Scheme  unil  n  Luncheon,
Oue of Balzac's wild schemes was a
plan to combine Paris theaters. One
morning iu September, 1830���on early
day to talk of monopoly���ten literary
friends of tlie great novelist met by invitation at his bouse. Before luncheon
Balzac told them of bis scheme, 11 is
Idea was to form a trust to buy up nil
the theaters as u seipiel to u smaller
preliminary trust for the supply of
plays to every theater in Purls. The
ten guests   were to supply  them.     He
estimated the profits of the first year nt
��120,000, and each year would, be
thought, bring in more money. He expounded bis scheme at length for over
an hour, ami finally one of the guests
suggested that he might go ou at table. Tbe navetist started. "I forgot
all about ordering: anything to eat:" he
cried, and late lu the afternoon tlie
memliers ot the shadowy trust made a
shadowy meat of bread and cheose and
sour wine In a tuull country restaurant.
General    banking    business    nans- 1
Branches in all the principal cities '
in   Canada,    In    London,   Fng.,    New-
York,  Chicago,  and   St.  .loan,  Mid..
and correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.   Brymer,  Manager.
Martin, wbabt a mcquarrie
"*     barristers,  BOllcltOI I, stc,        Of'
Dees:    -New Westminster, Trapp mi
corner   Clark. 01,   and    Lorne   Bl
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 116
ville street.    .1 iseph Martin. {��. _
W.  Weait, W. (I.  McQuarrie,  11    \
fi, urne    Mr. Martin wlD  be lu
Wl.h'iniiis,ei  offices every Friday at-
ti'I'lllK,.'' '
Howay, RB1D & BOWES, Barristers, Ho>'Hoi's, etc., 42 i,,,,,,,.
street, opposite Court Rouse, New
Westminster. S. M- Howes, p. o. ij,/X
WHITESIDE  &   BDMON-IS,   Harris-
lors and solicitors, llhuikie Bit.,
1 Columbia   streel,   New   Westin.'iiBter.
1 w. .1. wiutestde, 11. L Edmonds.
Mil. .1.  P.  HAMPTON  llOLK, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
1 Canadian   Hank   of   Commerce   building,   Columbia   street,   opposite   post-
office, New  Westminster.    M mey to
GEORGE K- MARTIN, Barrister and
Bolicltor, Guichon block. Colum
Ida and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, 11. C.
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437.1152
Total  Assets *3b,JM.'j/b.
Brant and   1 on is] undents   In
all   the  princip.il   cities ot the world.
General  banking  business transacted.
j opens an ai count.   Interest added
C11 f yearly.
Collections m ido al lowesl rati
)pen    Saturday    nights   trom a to  9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
W. CURRIE,  Manager.
Carriage rtopalring, Shoeing
and General Bliiitailthing.
Logging Camp and Structural Iron
Work Specialty.
Hcgbic Street.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ *+��>������������������������������������������������������������������
C��in Arrange ���
Terms tor You.   ���
823���One hundred and six! y acres.beaiitlliilly BKuated on the
southern slope 01 the serpentine Valley; first-class land, Fronting on
the Clover Valley Road: near t h" railroad and river; good road;
land is very productive; about 60 acres in first-class condition
flood and convenient tiuiidings. All necessary Implements and stock.
This is well worth Investigation.    Price. $90 per acre.
1027 An unusually good buy. one hundred and sixty acres; SO
to 75 acres under nrst-ciass cul tivation; ;t acres under imps, ail in
good shape; lu-roomed dwelling in good condition, nam buxiuu; nop
kiln and baling room in good condition; the buildings on the place
are worth at least f.1,01111. Hert and Creek runs through the property.
Tills is u most desirable farm; from $2,500 to $;s,.ibu per year can
be taken off it.    Knee, ��/,300 c ash.
tenons Dooley Farm road       2,ooo
i r ..:,'..���; Bay road to Winer's
Pound���ry Hay nmd hum Willi r's cot ie 1 to t he camping
Grimsby   Townsite���
'    1 BtP     ' 	
highest.   $10;   third  highest,  ��o
Section B.���Two cattle of on" ol
the Dairy breeds, etc, etc., Bamt
prizes as In  Section  A.
Section  C��� To the  seller  of thr*
Hwine    of  any  one  breed,    res
highest   price,   $10.',     second   highest
JbV,   third  highest, ��4.
Section D.���To seiiei of three sheep
etc., same prizes as in Section <
Rates  and   Shipping
Registered live slock are carried b)
Canadian railway al onehall 'be otdiii
ury rates,  provided    thai  a rea
tlon   certificate   Is   presented   whei    ���
shipping bill  is asked  for. Owing    I
the fad  thai only registered stocl ���       to B >ad
to be soi.i. the general fret ihi .'ment
<il   the  ('    P.   it.  has  c���"'.' "bed   I
Htrlclion upon stock being shipped to
this sab
Two or  more 1 onl 1 Ibutoi -    an   al
Ward  III.
the social and religious life of all aboriginal peoples, Tbe��e motions of leaping, swinging, swaying and twisting of
the body have, nil of them, a most inti-
niiile and powerful Influence upon lhe1
body's activities, organic and mttscn;'
lar.     Rolling   Is   11   form   of   exercise I
which Is a favorite with ninny animals
I and Is especially practiced for the pur- ;
pose Of  relieving   fatigue.     Rolling Is1
peculiarly   enjoyable   and   grateful   to
"���'"   the 1 niitial because It provides not only
.    2,000! relief for the tensed muscles, the depleted ni'gniis mid the slow moving clr-
$20,000  ciiiiiiiiin.  but   because as  the animal
I rolls   the  linn   pressure of tlie  ground
UpOII   his  body   const Mutes  11   most  cf-
leei've ami agreeable massage,
, nod
��� ��� ��� ���
,'��� 1 os .
road, south   .
'.I Me
'���'   ���
:. T 1    oad,   M tchell 1  to  Lad
lowed  i ��� cooperate In shipping theli 1     Island  mad
live stock and U��ub obtain carload
rates. The rate from Victoria to New
Westminster on carload lots wlll Ix
?2.00 pei  bead,
The association agrees    to deliver
stook  purchased,    al   the purcha :
nearest  railway station, between New
Westminster and Kamloops, on the C. i
V.   R.   line,   nt   ��,:;.iiii   per   bead:   trom   s,.,,, |
Kamloops easl  as far    as Okan
Landing al  $4.00 per head. Qowdy   road
The association also agrees to de- rjowd;   cross road
liver any  stock purchased at the pur- Farrell road
Ward IV.
chaser's   nearest   rallwaj    station     on
Vancouver island at $2.50 per head.
Special  rates  will  be obtained  on
the  Frasi r   river   boats,   and   II   is  ex-
pecteil thai reduced rates will also be
obtained   from   tho   Great   Northern
Purchasers are expected   to render
every assistance    Ln caring    for    the
stock  und  loading them  for shipini"
lifter the sale is over, and If they are
to be delivered to them by rail, will
be expected 10 take charge of stock
ns soon as the Association car reach
es ihe destination ol such animals,
Passenger. Ratu3.
Am ���        .   "...    hsve       been     niiiii
mm  Benson road    2,100
lli-nrm       \fli-r   Micht.
2 ���       'Here   is   one   kind   of   vehicle   thnt
300   neither the oldest nor the youngest in-
haiii' ml has seen on the rtrecl Rl night.
1 .,,,. or, If ho has seen it at nil, only Infre-
v inn   quontly. Tlmi Is a hearse.  Every other
kind nf conveyance used by modern
'���"''" m:. 11 is driven about the streets freely
1,200  af,,.r nightfall   the hoarse alone comes
under the curfew law, Early hours
3,800   seem to bo Imposed upon that somber
carriage by common consent, The pub-
I 1 Tlll, lie doesn't like to See, il after dark, anil
coachmen don't like to drive it. No
doubt there are hearses thai   are I'lini
polled by the exigencies of funeral arrangements to conie inline at unseasonable hours, but when forced to mi Infringement of the unwritten law they
proceed through quiet streets where
they Will be least likely to wound the j
sensibilities of tho superstitious.���New 1
York Herald.
niml-ative Aotceo.
The feminine direct descendants oi
the famous Astecs are tiny creaturea
exquisitely formed nnd refined ln feature. They carry the head with the upbearing grace of the hill blooded In
dian; their skins are not red, but a
clear, smooth ��opper color that shines
like gold ln the sun; their balr Is
coarse and Mack ns ebony, and the;
nre decorated with bright feathers and
gay ornaments. These women make
tho most wonderful pottery that comes
to us from Mexico, for they have kepi
tbe old Aztec forms and decorations In
tlielr art, and they also weave wonder
fill baskets and do exquisite pm broidery. 	
Order Is a lovely nymph, the child ol
beauty   and   wisdom;   her   attendant!
tare comfort, neatness and activity, bei
abode Is Hie valley of happiness; shf
la always to lie found when sought for,
ti 1111 never appears so lovely as when
Compared with tier opponent, disorder,
-to W o-e Ilie Robe.
A story Is told of the late Dr. Peddle,
a Scotch minister, to whom his congregation hod presented n pulpit robe. He
had never worn a robe, and. after acknowledging the gift, be said be would
wait In the vestry flre minutes nfter
sendee to' Bear any objectors to the Innovation, Nobody appeared hut one
old lady, who, on being asked what
her objections were, answered that she
had read tbe epistles of St. Paul and
could not find ii'.y reference to the
apostle wearing 11 gOWp, "What epistle did yon read." asked the doctor.
"From Romans to Hebrews," answered the old lad} "Well. Janet," said
her minister; "I have read from Ho-
mans to Hebrew also, and 1 could
never find any reference to the apostle
wearing the breeks. What would you
think if you saw me going Into the
pul]*t without breeksV" Needless to
say, the old laijy departed satislied
with the explanation.
Parmlter road
Ward V.
Scott   road   	
Oliver road  	
Henderson road 	
Kmbi'i"'   road   	
Kittson   road    	
Peck   road   	
I lolmes   road   	
Mathews  road   	
Annacls Island  road   . . .
l.'iver  road   	
Highland   roads   	
"l>i-i��    Pond*."
Among the most singular uriiiucolog
leal remains found in Great Britain are
the ancient "dew ponds," the construe  '
lion of which Is ascribed tu people of :
the   Neolithic   age.     The   purpose   of |
these  ponds   wnJ  to  furnish   drinking
water for cattle.    An exposed position,
where   nprlngs   were   absent,   was   se-
leeleil, and 11 broad, hollowed surface
was  formed   nnd  covered  over  with
.straw   or   some   other   nonconducting
material,    Above  was spread a  thick
layer of clay strewn with stones.    Dur- ;
ing lhe  night  the cold surface of the
tiny caused an abundance of moisture
to condi use from the  lower layers of
tho alf.    Some  of  these  ancient dew
'rriirhliiir  (In-   Tciii-ticr.
Mother (whose children have bud nn
education superior lo her own, lo bet
Riuull daughter, wbom she is In, the act
of smacking)���I'll learn you not to eon-
trtnliel   me!   Small  Daughter (between
her    Bobs)���Teach,    mother,    teach..���
Itrlnllnnn  Became   Klralnrd.
Mrs. Ainhlsb -I often tell my hu��
band I wish he bad mon' "get up and
get" about him, Mrs. JelleVs���indeed'
I've often heard Ihat he gets up anil
jets his own breakfast.��� Chlcugo Trlb-
ItTOlullon   tit   lh��-   Srnllp.
Sewing needles of bone, stuiie, glass
and bronze antedate all historic records, but those of Iron, brass and steel
nre comparatively modern. Hone and
glass needles havo been found in Egyptian tombs that, nro known to be over
4,0o.i yearn old, and similar domestic
instruments of bronze and copper have
been found  ill Iho mounds unit  burial
caves of Europe and America which
are believe- to be much older than
Uiose found with the Nile mummies.
The needle tirst appeared In Its prOSCUt
form bi European countries in tho
year 1 III!, but the art of making them
was kept a secret for upward of 150
years after the dale last given. In the
year 1'iSO they were first made In the
American colonics, but nt wimt point
is a mooted question among the historians.
'Phone IOI
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For your next order of meat.
Columbia Street
y.  ���i
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
A luzy man ls as useless ns n dead
man aud takes up more room.-Flub-
*-��� Oran hit'lc.
"How do ytn. Ska being civllbied'T"
asked the phlhinthroplNt
"Well," answered tbe slmplo "blld of
anture, "civilisation Is great fot ."������
mind, but It Is mighty bard on the ill-
jest Ion."���Washington Star.
jj_'i,snn   ponds nm still hp wvrklnjj order.
Ability doth hit Ihe mark whet" pre
sumption iivershiulelli innl dlfudenCO
fnili'tli abort,���CU'tt,
Heroine,   Old   and   \,-��*.
Must modern heroines ate marrleil
women, whereas the nice ones tn
Shakespeare and In novels before 18fK>
were almost always nnwetbled maids.
You like Beatrice, and Portia nnd.
above all things, Uosallnd. Ynu do not
lose your heart to Lady Macbeth
I though n due figure of a woman), and
you  do  not  desire   t impete  wllh
Othello In tlie iiffcclliiiis of Ilestlemoiia.
This may be n too nice morality, but to
Victorian taste oven widows, lu novels
at least, come under the ban of the
elder Mr. YYellor. Nobody but Colonel
Esmond over cared for l.ady t.'astle-
wood, and Dubbin Is alone In Ids passion for Amelia.���Andrew Lang In London I'ost.
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Royal City Fish Co.
Whol<>��iale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(same In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
,   �� TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 1906
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Just Arrived
Large shipment ol
Rev.  A.  J.  Brace  says   Men   Must   Rid   New  Overseer  of Zion  Condemns  Ad-
Themselves  of Questionable ministrative   Abuses   of   His
Encumbrances. Predecessor.
Organizer  Gets   In   His   Work   Among
the   Employees   of   Billiard
Call and look out the stock Pel	
purchasing elsewhere.
Columbia  St.        Sign,  Man  on  Wheel.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Do you need a Set
of Teeth ?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, raU\s, etc., rail on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
In   West    End
Sunday    evening        	
1 ��� ���hed mi Hu- Bubjecl "The Heart-
cry nf humanltj," basing bis ri a
mi the Btory uf blind Bartlmeu and
bis cry "Lord thai I might recelvi
my sight." First, the Intense earnest-
n.ess born of dire need was emphasis ated in the managemenl
'������I   and     paralleled    todaj     bj   the and lis Industries.
deep  n i    nf    men    ot    Christ   th
bealer nf spiritual blindness,
would demonstrate the same enthusiasm   for Christ  today  as  they  do  for
March    12.   The
Btriki   uoti   bi     ������   n          in   the
t .      md thi   owners
Methodlsl    church     Chicago, 111., Match 12.���Wilbur G
Ri       I    .1.   Brace  Vollva, the new deputj   'en-mi over
; eer  of  Zlon   City,  speaking   bi
1,500 Chicago members of the church of tht   fifteen nulls are earnestlj
on tbe Btorj   of blind  Bartlmeua and    .- terday, announced    Beveral    Btrll    cu be ���ea phase In their Indus'
cry   "Lord   that   1   might   receive  mn  departures  from  tbe    pollc)    ol  ' il waiting (or something
John Alexander Dowle to be Inaugur   to il from the
ni' Zlon City
he del and tli-s
expect in i ���  made ot them for an In.
e"    .   in   ,���.,,.,     inej   look   for  nno
The overseer spoke reverentially of that will seek to compel them to main-
if men Dowle at the founder of the church, tain it closed ahop,
bul    condemned    the   administrative     Todaj the head of the International
r.buses which are .said in have exist   Shingle   Weavers'   union,   President
_ cd under his government. Boulger, appeared on  the Scene and
business, pleasure ami politics there Among the reforms which are prom Immediately rumors ot every desorip*
would be nnue leal practical religious ,s,.,| .,,.,. tin abolition of female labor Hon affecting the issue of a strike
communities, In the second place \B ii,,. lace factory and other shops, were iei afloat it Is established that
the blind man braved the fierce op- n,,, establishment ot an agricultural Boulger'a presence, primarily, ls to en-
position of the crowd uniil his crj communltj In connection with Zlon list everj Bhtngle weaver under tho
reached the ear of Christ, Men U> city, courteous treatment of news- union flag before the baud of tho
day require true courage and stand paper correspondents, the toleration union will be Bhown In tha demands
to conviction In'face   of   any oppos- ol other religious creeds and a rele> upon the operators    The local union
Ition.   There are t nany wobblers gatlon of all sensation and emotional has been In exUtence here for sev-
todaj  who chameleon-like assume the  lellgion. eral   yeai     bul   it   has  been   but   a
complexion   of   any   company   they're      The new overseer led  his  hearers  meagre  representation   ol   the   large
fori f Bktlled workmen engaged at
ui   life.    Paul's  experience  was  den"
i iie.      "I   know   in   whom   I   have  be-
Only a man with a definite aim in believe that  Dowle had I n per
accomplish things in any sphere manently  deposed.    "Concerning ihe
i' neral overseer, we will attend    in
tba4  at  the proper time," said Vollva.
li' veil   and   nm   persuaded   thai   hi-   is
nil'' in keep that which I've committed against   that  great   day."
Thirdly; wonder of wonders, Jesus
stood still���he heard the cry of ib"
heart   sore  and   weary   blind  ii'.an  and
bade the vast multitude "Halt" while
lie catered to the needy nne. Inspiring thought that In spite of tin- tumult and clamor and abo\ i 'be babble
nf the noisy multitude Christ today
hears the plaintive cry of his weakest child and will stoop to hear and
answer  the    penitential
��� Muses led Hie children uf Israel out
o.' Egypt and afterward, for good rea
son,   the   Lord   set    Moses   aside.    I in
some   thinking.   Head   between   the
patience tin' race thai  is set befon
Then  when  Christ,  healed  lhe man
he     showed     his      appreciation     and
ihanks by "following Him in lhe way."
The must substantial thanks is follow-
heart-cry of lug .Jesus in heart and life.    "Not  he
Battle in Church.
the lowest and most sinful. that   says  Lord,   Lord,  shall  enter  in
Fourthly:     When   called   by   Jesus the  kingdom  bul   he  that  doeth  the
he "cast his garment from him and will of my Heavenly Father."
! fled to Jesus." The demand of love Then lastly It was the blind man's
lis unqualified obedience and repen- ��nly chance, Jesus passed that way
itence by the shortest direct route. but once. Well fur him he persever-
Muody well calls "Repent" a mlli- ed. Today is the favorable oppor-
|tary term meaning "right about turn,
quick  march."     The blind  man cast
away    every    encumbrance    that he
might   the  more  easily  fly  to  Jesus.
This  Is  the  need  of  the  hour.    Men
' ufust   rid   themselves  of  questionable
encumbrances  such   as  drinking  and
smoking,    and    questionable    amusements before spiritual blessing of the
lasting  kind  can    accrue.      'Tis  unreasonable   to   be   dogmatic   and   lay
down a course of being as obligatory,
but   ihe  stand  of  Miss  Jennie  Lynd
is  a   good   criterion.    When   she  left
Hie   | I,|l|..
The proprietors uf the various mills
bai" malntalm d ., -11 >> t impartiality
in i l.e m.ii iei- ,,r employing labor,
union and non-union being taken nu
Indiscriminately, a virtual open simp
policy being observed.
Chicago Organization Votes Money for
Unique Cemetery.
Chicago, III. March 12.���11 soon will
l.e possible in Chicago fur union men
to die and be burled under "thoroughly union" conditions, The hist chapter
in the iiniiiii bonk of life is a "tiuloo.
Under an Impulse given by ihe
joint cigarmakers' unions of the city,
the movement took practical shape
yesterday ami within a month or two
a plot of ground large enough for
5,000 graves will have been acquired.
The burying ground will be reserved
strictly for unionists. No nther person may be buried there.
The cigarmakers have appropriated $150,000 from their treasury to
the voyage of their life i carry out the scheme. They do not.
in      shallowness    and | Intend  to  keep  the cemetery  for the
I'd.     Today   is   the   favorable
tunlty for personal decision for Christ.
Shakespeare well says:
"There is a side In the affairs of men
Which  taken  at  flood  leads  on  to
fort tine;
Omitted; a
Is    lioiin
speaks   truly.
Once  to  every    man    and     nation
conies the moment to decide
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Cllard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
  the stage with its promise of wealth In  the strife of  truth  with  falsehood
Warsaw.   March   12.���Five   persons and   popularity   she   replied   with   her ''"' the good or evil side;
were Wiled  and  15 Injured In a fighi   ban<3 "I"1" ""' B,bl�� "Because it made Some great  cause God's new  Messiah
_,    ,   _                             ���  _.,  ,,   _ line forget this."   Anything that comes offering each the bloom or blight:
ai   Strykoff. government  of Pitrlkoff, , ���   ,    ,. ..    , ..   _    .
between  self  and  Cod   is  derogatory. Parts  the   goats  upon   Ihe  left   hand
yesterday,  betw   Roman  Catholics pau]    Bald!i    ..LavinR    asiliP   every        ilI1(1 the 8heep upon ������, right.
and Sectarians, who occupied in force   w,.jKht   iin,l   the   sin   which   doth   so And the choice goes by forever twlxt
a Roman Catholic church.                       easily  beset    us,    let    ns  run   with that  darkness and that light."
benefit of members of their own
trade only, but will throw open the
gates of the burying ground to other
unions of Chicago. It is expected that,
the rest of the 7u0 labor organise*
tlons of the city will join heartily in
the plan.
Finds a Governor.
Washington.   March   I'J.*-President.
Roosevelt  today  sent   to  the  senate
the nomination of Wilford P. Hoggatt,
to be governor of Alaska.
The Paper for New" Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Pay Evening for
10 Cents Per Week
To the Route Boy Securing the Most New Subscribers During the Month of March
A n Eegant Raincoat and Cap will be Presented.
To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers���Daily News���a Similar Present will be Given. THE DAILY NEWS
THE  DAILY  NEWS flrsfcclass   tourist   hotel.     There     Is
Published bj The Dally News Pub- "'" only an ��PenlnS for this but an
lishlng Company. Limited, at their i urgent need. A creamery, a malt-
offlces   eon   r   of   Sixth   ami    Front
Btreets,  Now   Westminster, B. C. '"K h""st'' "    n"ur    mil1' a cold sl<)r'
ball,  lacrosse,  lawn  tennis and  base>
age    plant,    and    a   canning    factory
Advertising Rates. could all bo sure of business. A foun-
Transient    display    advertising,    10  ''""J' "id    a repair shop ls needeil and
<-.|,.s per line(nonparlel >   12 lines to   UleSL. thil       ar0 ������, rl Qt th��� ������,.
the  inch.       I ive  cents  per   line  for
Editor   and   Mgr    Edward   D.   Sawyer
subsequent Insertions.
Heading no ices, bold fsce type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line.
A public meeting will be called
shortly when It Is hoped everyone interested    in tho fuluro    of Kamloops
For   time   contracts,   special   |R>.si-1 will  be present,
tiens, apply to advertising manager. The ,���_���(,��� 0,ul) w,u hB no(. on)y ._
Notices    of    birllis,    marriages    or I,     :   '
deaths, 511c.    Wants, for sales, lost or : "iislness men but every man, woman
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent perjlln<l c],n,i f-    _a   ,.|tT should become
word       No advertisement  taken  for . moml)���rs anQ ���_  Ul(.ir    be8l  t
less than 25 ceuts.
Patent  or proprietary medicine ad- ]mote 1,s lnt��r����t8'
vertisementa  inserted   at   rate  of  60      As a starter we have briefly para-
cents per inch per Issue (display! or If  graphed the present status of the city
reading notices, -25 cents per line per  ;ls   [0]iowgi
lBSiie.    No deviation from this rate for
leiin contracts.
Business office 	
Manager's .residence 	
'.i^l'Iki ���
Kambiopii.    known    throughout   Kri- i
lish Columbia as the "Inland Capital,"
ls situate on (ho Thompson river at
"   the junction of two rivers, lhe North
jg,. J Thompson   Mowing  from   its  source  In.
the north through a fertile and well
wooded   valley  and   the  South   Thunin
sun   which drains  the Great   Shuswap
System   of   lakes.     Both   Uiese   river.,
-   lire  navigable fur ligln   draft   snails it
im' long distances.
The eiiy lies about  1,200 feei above
sea   level, ami  owing  to its altitude
mil the fact ihat  ii  i. ihe centre ui
i." famous "Do  Bell    has a i limine
���    trpassed   in   an.'     olliei   pail     nl'
c mada:  dry and  brai Ing ami  m rei
' xtrome,
The city has net  .   expei lenci ���!  a
boom" but  has grown steadily ever
.since   it   was   incut; 01 ftl 6d.     The  assessment  mil of tin- munlclpalltj  i.s a
ie Meets  great    credit     upon   yourself ;.,������,    witnega    ,,,    ,,���.  steadiness uf
ind associates, as well as upon  yourUhis growth.   The roll for the present
city  thai   makes Its  publication   pos- year totals at  $1,068,505, gross $671,-
sible.    II   should  find a SUbscrfbe'f ami    l95-   l"'1'  ����   Increase   in   ihe  last   live
years of 50 per cent.,  and  ill  the lasi
supporter in everyone who is deslrouB
ten years of 1 (5 per cent,
of keeping in  touch  with  the  dall)      Tll��� popuiatlo- is abou1 2,600.
news  and   topics.    I  have  no  doubt :    Kamloops    is    the    administrative
it your prospective subscriber., are us   i cut re   of  a   large   and   populous   dls-
much alive to their own interests as flct.  The unices of the  governmenl
_ . ,    i��� agenl,  gold  commissioner,  registrars
vou  have  demonstrated   you   are   m
of  the  supreme   and   county   courts
the  welfare  of  the    communis    yon  Rnd   c ^^  &_
TUESDAY.    MARCH     13,   1906
Edw.   D.   Sawyer
Editor Dally News,
New Westminster, u  C
Dear Sir: ���
A   colli    of   your     very
paper came to band.
Such a  newsy and up-to-date paper
iu  the  Law
mil     want    for    support      Bend I Court   building.  The  land   registry  of-
along your paper.
Yours truly,
A.   McK.   JORDAN
",:'.!  Hustings Street, Vancouver
F.-i-,h��|iinl��e�� <-�� Take I'la-r Only on
l.l��l��K   lllobc-a.
A iiiiii,ii'|iiiik<- is now unthinkable,
because the moon Is as dead as a door-
nail. Our satellite Is "ever foreshadowing our own Ultimate doom, like th��
mummy nt Egyptian banquets," but In
Uie meantime, if the Edinburgh Review
has correctly conceived the tenchinga
of seismology, the Inhabitants of earth
may console themselves for tlie havoc
wrought through earthquakes by reflecting thnt they demonstrate the vitality of our planet. In that distant
past wbeu the moon actually quaked
there may ��� some scientists declnra
there must���have been forms of animation upon Its surface. "Though till
moon, by reason of Its smaller size,
was bound to lose Its atmosphere. It
must have taken millions of years to
do so, and there niny have been tlroa
for the cycle of life, from tlie primeval
germ up to sentient beings nnd down
again to the hardiest lingering plant
Ctlls, to run Its full circle." The writci
in the Edinburgh Rev lew continues to
develop his line of thought:
"Earthquakes are a sign of planetary
vitality. They would seem to be char
acterlstic of the terrestrial phase of development. Effete glebes like the moon
can scarcely be subject to the stress to
whieh  they  are due.  nor can they br
very suitably constituted for the propagation  of elastic  waves,    Incnoatt
worlds, such as Jupiter and Saturn
are still less likely to be the scenes of
reverberating concussions. Their materials have nut yet acquired the necessarj cohesion. They nre pasty or fluid,
If not partially vaporous. On the earth
the seismic epoch presumably opened
when, exterior solidification having
commenced, the geological ages began
to nm. It will last so lung as peaks
crumble and rivers carry sediment, so
long as the nrenl distribution of loads
fluctuates and strains evoke forces adequate for their catastrophic relief.
"Our globe I.s by Its elasticity kept
habitable. The separation of sea from
dry land is thus and not othcmisn
maintained. The alternations of elevation and subsldance manifest the con
tiniial activity of this reserve of en-
orgy. The dimensions of the globe we
inhabit depend upon the balance of
pressure nnd expanslveness, Relaxation or enhancement of either Instantly occasions a bending Inward or an
arching outward of the crust. Just by
these sensitive reactions tho planet Itself shows Itself to be alive, und seismic thrllllngs nre the breaths It
draws."���Current Literature.
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone l---_.
J.  R. Gflley, 'Pnone  1-4-9
Gilley Bros.
Healers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents 11. 0. l'ottory C o. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phon^ lb
The Daily News, Westminster's
new dally, made its appearance here
on Tuesday last. The News is a
rice,     newsy,       eight-page,     T-coluinn
dee for Yale is also here, and in the
Dominion Departmental building   are
post   office,   customs   and   inland   rev-1
i nne offices. The provincial home for
pioneers and the provincial gaol are
located   here,   li   is  a  divisional  point j
ci   the  Canadian   Pacific  railway,  has i
telegraph   and   express   offices.    The'
Canadian Bank of Commerce and the
Bank of Hamilton have branches in
lhe city. Two newspapers which circulate largely    throughout    the    sur
daily    evening    sheet    which  is. ap-jioundlng country,    are  published    in
pai'cntly,   taking  well   in   Ibis   portion  ""' H,v-
,,.   , ., ,,,     The city has its own electric light
nl       Westminster     district. Delta
and waterworks systems, a new power
Times. ~^       UtJuse hdvhfg been recOntlj completed
  a' a cost of some $80,000.
The man who, clad In s bug ��� coon-      There  is also a   modern  and   well !
skin omi. ai ared on Columbia street  conducted hospital with a norm	
commodation   fur    13   patients,   Ave
yesterday, should have had more consideration   for  us.    Tbe average inui-;
nurses and  the medical  staff.
i 1 0	
The district   surrounding    the city
ginatiun  needed no such  assistance to | Is  rich   In  all  the    resources    which j
make the body feel cold. |make  for  the  up-building of a   pros
11 I'i'ous  community.  Mining as yet   in '
il'< early singes promises well for the
A    glimpse    at    British    Columbia s' ,.���,���,..   ,,���������   |;,isinl,   h;,s   ,������.   ,���.,.��� ������
pan   in   the Dominion  estimates  for ;,,,  established  business,    the bunch.'
the   nine   months   ending   March   81,  grass  ranges  affording  pasturage  for
1907,  suggests that   New  Westminster   'nrge  herds.  Mixed   farming  is a   site-
is not   as  far away  in  mind  fro..,  Ot-  <'"Ssf"1  V""""" and  marketa i,ss"1"'1
���,   .     , I'I nil    growing   will,   in   ,i   few   veins, i
tawa   is  it   is from  Victoria. : .,������      ,,      , ',    ,
become   the   largest    agricultural    in
 0  iniistry.   the  soil     ami   climate    being1
j, particularly adapted to this branch of
husbandry,    Lumbering   will flourish
for  .veins,  the    two  rivers    offering
against   dangerous   patent   medicines, overy   ll(.Hi,x    ,.���.   profltaWe   ,tl.ivjn..
only to be thrown down on tbe eve of and the Immense forests of spruce
success by a frightened governmenl "" "ie higher reaches of the North
in n pitiable retreat from the glare of ri��ompson offer opportunities for pulp
making which in the near future will
be aii established industry or the dis
Knrl, and l.iilr Enntern.
Easter Sunday cannot happen earlier
than March '-"- or later than April 25,
but between these two dates It has a
range of thirty-five days. At the time
of the council of Nice, rj2n A. D., II
was agreed by the representatives present that from that time f irward Easter
should fall on the first Sunday after
the full moon occurring on or next
after March 21, or. In other words, "on
the Srst Sunday after the first full
moon after the sun crosses the line."
Since the above arrangement was
adopted by the great ecclesiastical
council referred to Easter has fallen
on March -2 ami on every date between that and April '-���"'. but It Is only
after long Intervals of time that ll occurs on Its extreme dates. In 1880
Easter fell on April 25, its latest possible date, an event which will not
again occur until the spring of 1043,
The last time Easter fell on its earliest
date was in 1S1S. This will not happen
again until after this century.
We have listed with
us for quick sale, one
good paying hotel, showing a profit of from $6,-
000 to $8,000 per year;
likewise a blacksmith
business, restaurant and
general store  business.
We can demonstrate
to you that there is
money being made in
each business.
Farms to Rent
We have two good farms
to rent. One on the
Delta, the other in Surrey. Particulars at our
f. 1. Hart & Co., ltd.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tire-
Hacks and Rigs.
ty.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. nth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone -a".
Westminster Iron Works
\\ tniiv
ship smiiiiim;. bkiuuhj and
.Ornamental   iron   Work,   including   f\4-|���k ,���*-*, f     Hi/ap I I ���- ���*   r/^
Ponces, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc. 1      IT Pi f^F 1 1F* S MrH/P
Mail  orders and correspondence in-    V /  Ll    IV���'1 X*_^l llV/wJ 1    1\_JL   V   V_^
' Grown, Why not We?
BE031E s i Kt'.i'. i
New West minster.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage  delivered    promptly   to  any
part of ihe city.
For Sale
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at ,H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Light and Heavy Hauling patronize   ^    merchants   ot
Office 'Phone 185.       Karn   l'lione 137
J. M. Todd *h* ROYAL CITY  ....
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and  Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia street.
Hull   r.r   write   fnr   nrleos.
We sympathize with the Vancouver
World, which put up such a good Bghl
"Very frequently," says ii New York
lawyer, "tnpre is an element of unconscious humor In the findings of a Jury.
To my mind, the best 1 ever beard 111
this connection was the verdict brought
In by a coroner's Jury in Michigan,
who were called upon to pass upon the
case nf lhe sudden death of a merchant
In Lansing.
"The finding was as follows: 'We,
the jury, find from the physician's
statement -that the deceased came to
bis death from heart failure, superinduced hy business failure, which was
caused by speculation failure, which
was tlie result of failure to see far
enough ahead.'"   Harper's Weekly.
Dress in Reason   1�� A5RES
The latest Mitchell's tasinon plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock ot high-
class soil ings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia  street.
Good Land
A.LWHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Keep Our
At Home
the  public  searchlight.
The established Industries comprise
two saw-mills wiib a Combined can
acily of 76,000 per day, a sash and
door factory, two furniture factories,
two harness and Baddlerj manufactories, a brewry and mineral water
works, two printing establishments,
gunmaker and  repair  Bhop,
To provide for the social and re
creative requirements of the residents there are: a Boclal club, a mn*
" il and athletic b Boclal Ion owning
Its own hall    and    gymnasium,    the
evel   floating    in    British    Columbia  ,���,,���.,.,....,,,,���,   ���i,,i   ...m �� ., u,
-onservative   eiub with   comfortable
""""���i r  have  found   rool   In   the  quarters fur lis members, Polo, tool
minds ol tho moat progressive people  |,:l"  clubs, a  rifle association and  a
The ground having been  made hard
by   a   sliulu   lunch   of   frost   yesterday.
und mud being a noticeable scarcity,
lhe Aged and Inliriu fell back upon lhe
scissors and paste for editorial "fillers" ami a discourse on the finances
of Jan.hi. was mn only punishment.
A lew u. i   ��� boom germ i tha   are
The Thermometer   llnhll.
Tlie clinical thermometer habit has
taken such a bold mi ninny persons
that oue physician has forbiiluen bis
patients to have them on pain of refusing to treat them if tliey disobey.
The eiinicul thermometer Bend is a person   who   keeps  one  of   these   medical
registers In the house ami the Instant
that   he.  inure often  she,   has  a   head
ache,  real or Imaginary,  thrusts the
lube under  l.er tongue  and   takes ber
temperature, finding it varying one
millionth part of a degree from normal,
sin.' thinks she l< about to have some
deadly IIIn.--, packs nil' lo bed and
Sends for the doctor.
fin  club.
'i'be headquarters of No. :: Company
nf the Rocky Mountain Rangers is v
'lie dl id hall and application has I ���
Kamloops   Standard,   which   merrily  mad
id Kamloops and are doing sum. ai
tvi' wnii.. ti,.. blossoms ui He- fruit
are Been in the   latesl  Issu     uf the
(i,,,���i Temper.
Oood temper is the most contented,
ihe ni isi comfortable, state nf the soul;
llu' greatest happiness both for those
win, possess It and fur thoso who
feel Its Influence. With gentleness In
his own character, comfort in bis bome
ami good temper in bis wife ihe earthly felicity of man Is complete,    Anon.
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   for   PACIFIC   Coast '
GROWN   Garden,   Field   ami    Flower
Seeds.    New crop now In stock ready
i for distribution;   ask your merchant
tor tinm in Milled rack-eta.    k| lhe
does not handle them we will prepay
���u wnir nenresi postofflce, fifty ���><���
lackets, our selection of good varieties, fin' $1.00 tu Introduce them.
Large slock uf HOM13 GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma
'uie.I tut  ilie soring trade.
No expense, loss or delay uf fumigation ni- Inspection.
Let me price your list before placing* your order.    Greenhouse  I'lanis.
Floral      Work,     Bee    Supplies,    Frill!
Packages, Fertilizers, etc.    Catalogue
nolo Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.   C.
shout* as follows:
Nelson ami Vancouver will not ban'
the boosting business ill their own
way. The Kaotena) <-aiiii.il Is oul
with   Its  20,000 dub    and     will   si rain
everj nei va in bring   tie    population
to the department looking to
iim formation uf a mounted Infantr;
corps which will also have he i i
quarters  here.
The educational facllltlos uf lhe
city comprise a blub school, publlt
school, a private school fnr hoardlnp
unl   day   pupils   and   a   kindergarten
Ti,,- Answer,
"Why should we east our bread on
tin' waters?" asked the Sabbath school
��� Be us dey'ii arrest youso fer t'row-
ln' scraps in de streel," was tbe knowing response of little Mlckoy Flynn.
Louts <iiic Courier-Journal.
Oi the city to 20,000 before    1910 and  ���;',,,ll,l.   all   in   a   high   state   of   offl
Vancouver has placed 100,000 as their ''''"'
attainable figure in the same time.
The   inland   Capital will   have it's
Tn those who are in search uf
ipui'i with lull and gun, ihe di. 11 lei
nf which Kamloops is ihe ,. ,,,,,
iiandai'.i se. a( 10,000 ii Alderman G. holds oul many attractions. Caribou
b. Brown ami those who are work- '"""'��� black ami grizzly, il",.,-, niuiin-
ing enlhuslnBtlcnllj with him in en- l;li" "'"'''I1' and mountain goal can !�����
fieavoring to swing   the project of a ","i""1"1  :"   'I"T",","   ,,l"',s  ""'""-1"
.        ,. ,,,,., "",   ,hl' district, (leese and  ducks  an
boosting club   or Kamloops. ,, ,, ,.,-,,, ,, ,       ,,   ,
plentiful  as are  the  various  kinds  of
There are openin     here   now    toriprouse,    willow grouse   ami    prairie
several  lines of Industrj   ami   every chicken can all be bagged within an
bttsiiie... :,|,.;   i,,       on the ob- l""lr'K drive from  the city.  Fur the
" '"'nn;,M  ","r" ������"���'   "'""'   l"  Ploni
in ihe Thiiini'snii  river and Ihe till'
'" l;"       '     "' '  '     '' '   'l""110*" titary streams, as wall as In severe'
nov' v '      ���     - ������';o'-'    i art  w:;h a  mountain la!:-m near Kamloops,
Principle of the iiIiiht,
Thi' principle of the hinge Is seen In
almost every Joint  bi the animal kingdom.    No animal is without a hinge
joint somewhere or other in its unnt
Unfamiliar With the lien����.
"Yes,"   remarked   iho   professor,  "I
rather pride myself on the ilucovery of
another hypothesis."
"Indeed,'' replied Mrs. Cuinrox. a little doubtfully. "I had an bleu they
were ipiito extinct."   Washington Star.
very Different Trials,
Toss   Aren't   you  going  to  choir  ro-
hearsal   tonigut?    Jess   No.    Tesi
you'd better.    We're going to give thnt
new hymn n trial,   Jess   Can't,   I am
el'"''* ��� .7';'" " new hbn ft trial mj'-
Burnaby Municipality
During   the   time   of    na bn:   Iho
assessment  the office  will  be closed
each Til.tsilay, Thitrs bn end Fl'I'lbJ",
I'l.iin Feb. I'll tn Mii'e i JJ, " il.i in-
1!. (!. WALKER,   3   M. C.
Burnaby Municipality.
Tenders    are    called    fur   "tin  cubic
yards uf broken  rook    fur  Hastings
road,  near  Royal  Dak  road.
Also for widening Hastings road on
lhe north side nf Johnson road, In
two sections of in chains each.
Specifications nf the   above works
ini be seen al Alt'. Chat lis F. Sproll's
house, Hurnaby Lake and at Ilie
.Municipal   hall.
Tenders to bo In by March 17th by
ll. (I. WALKER, C. .M, C,
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
All Selected & Tested
Last yiiar tin; Finest Crops in I).
C. wiiri! |ii-inliii:i!il frniii nm1 st'.iiil
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
II. K.   Salt
Don't Knock
��� TUESDAY,  MARCH   13,  1906
SKATING NOW ONF,LLS many orders      discarded lover        will transfer fry
Schaake  Company  Turns  Out  Big  En-   John   Peter jo',   Smashes   Rival's   Door
gine   for   New   Shingle * and   Is  Taken  to   City
Mill   Today. Lockup.
Steamer   Georgia    W'".    Take   Young
Sockeye.  From  Bon  Accord
Hockey Sticks
Skate Straps
iO  von  M,laii proportion nf ihe residents of the Royal CitJ  to say nothing
if the outside world know what a van!
amount of  work It! turned out  by Ihe
'Schaake  Machine  Works  company  at
i'ati/'liuan Johnson arrested ,!o)��iV Tho govoi litnent fisheries steatblxia!
Peterson last night charging him with (f&VgUt Will leave tonight for the Hon
malicious destruction ot property, In-1 Accord hatcheries ami if Ihc Weather
asmuch as I'eterson kicked In the door )H favorable will leave tomorrow for
uf a shack belonging io Duncan Web- Nanaimo with fifty or sixty thousand
ber on Royal avenue near tho edge Of sockeye fry.    This Is tho fourth vea.
Kirk's Hardware.
the shops on Front street, and a visit  the swamp.    Magistrate Corbould de-,thls has been done and the fisheries
to these works may be mli't'' both ln-  elded thai the house-breaking was theidepartment Is watching with much !���
torest lo see If Its contentions are
correct and tho flsh fry of four years
ago come back this season to their
old home water to spawn for the flrsl
Books, Stationery, Fancy
Goods, Small Wares, Etc.
Thousands of writing  pads   in   stock.       Over   50   kinds  to   select
Hundreds  of papetcries,  dozens of  kinds.
We raise the quality of our   stock.     We   hold  the  prices  down.
Wholesale and retail
_Jb   ColumDia   btreet.
>'���]'���>"���>>>>;>>>"���:>>:>>>:;���;>'���"���;>>;;��>s "���'���''���"���''���]> "���:>;���:>:>]>"���:>]��:>;>;������;*>!
!  W. E. FALES   I
I . 9
| Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. jjj
| . |
��Jj Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets,     >;
�� Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid.          $
!���! Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. |
>* Picture Framing.                                   A
;jj Columbia Street.     -     Telephone 176. |
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
IT. J. Trapp & Co, kli- j
Headquarters for
I      Farming ImplemiM
and Machinery	
Complete line or Carriages   and Kami Wagons.
Hardware. Sieves and   Ranges.
;���; And inn Sale every Friday   al the Market Square.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.,
phe Leading Jeweler
Everything in the Jcwelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable tor all  occasions.
Columbia   Street.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of i'oiicics now in force exceeds |44,ui>u,uu0.00
Amount of Assets, legitimate an.i solid, now exceeds ��� ja.ouu.uuo.oo
This Is a company or polioy-holders, by policy-holders, lor policyholders.
(Hit  MtlJ in:     Hie largest  amount   Of  Assurance  for the  Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 8d.
We Have Listed With Us Two Fine Ranches.
Could I"' rented with privilege of buying.
Near the best shipping port In the country.
No. 1    180 acres, 86 acres seeded: 6 room house,  barn 84x84 stable,
line Well and creek, I mile from school, lets of Irint. Could be
bought for (2800, $600, balance arranged, or would rent $51) and
taxes fur the first year.
INo. 2 -15 acres. Ill acres cultivated, best soil, 1 room house, large
barn 62x84 1-2 mile from Station, good orchard, woodshed,
stable with 8 Stalls. $8,000, |600 cash, balance arranged, or
WOUld rent for |200 With the use of 2 cows, horse and buggy.
McLEOD, MARK & CO., Real Estate and Insurance, 9____j_
'.-resting  and  educational.       All  day r,>s,llt of a row between the two men.
, ,, , and  after  administering  a  severe  re.
long   the   steady   ramble   eif   Iho   nie-  ���   ..
prlmand,  he allowed  the  man  lo Ro.
<hln��ry   is   hoard,   and   every   raft.'o.      Th(.   mw   gtart0a   ,,ver   an   Indian
every  blow that resounds  means that j<v.i!iian who had been living with Pet- time.   Prom Nanaimo the I'm    ;-
another  step  has  I n   taken   toward  fii'so.n   for  some time,  and   who after-  some two miles overland to Nanaimo
bringing the name    of  New   West- u'/u'w Ae��ert*i lllm f,jr ""' stronger lake, which  connects with  the salt
mlBSterv before the world  as a  main!- ��lt90H\OU Of P��e worthy Webber.    Pel- water   by   means   of  a   small   stream,
facturing centre. ereon became enraged k: the Ill-treat- through which the young sockeye es-
Today a complete 16 20 engine was ""'nl fn,i" his former love, determln- .apes ff_ni fresh water as soon as he
shipped  lo ihe i'laser   river lumber |~ to create 8 ">*>ani promptly start.lis big though to fight for htmsnlf,
iii out  fnr tbe shack wiib blood in his!     The Sockeye Is one nl  "ie ni.i^t   in-
e.ve.   He ruiinn the p.di iii the bull* terestlng of the salmon trite an
Ing. nnd Immedlatelj  btarted to kick sents many dlstiueilv. po'nu if dif.
in   the door,   w-ereupon   the   valiant ference to other salmon,   In the flrsl
i    made   a   bast}   ev.t   from   the   place  human   fund   has   nn  all i���actions
n it in learcb ol an office leaving foi him, and In all cannr e\perteiic<
the woman to the tendet ercj of tie has never been bum." i.. taki a
th   em   ���   I Peterson.   Tlie door, Imw- spoon bait,
The Columbia river ,i itch rlw
years  ago,  branded   ntiit������  a   numbei
��� :    "in i salmon by oum lib ���
��� ii  the fin. and last  yeai   qtrlie
"i 'ii.  i  were caught in the
.   ,   pmv
'  urn
100  pieces, of Carpeti juw   rp
oeJved ex   bim   PunnW   Hnor
Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton and
Axmlnster.    Come and
A   splendid  line
suit ment.
get first
of good  as-
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front   Streets,
Uupont   mock,
mill and will be installed loi -row as
.pan of that Institution's shingle mill
equipment. The Schaake com pan j were
:i��.i.'ii.ii the iompli it contract for
the ma.-'hiiien and buildings of ibis
large Industrj and expect to complete their contract and have ever]
thing in running ordi r bj the first
of April
one of the newest of the companj 's
��� I1'': ei li es is the i mfacture of the
Johnson-Schaake shin tie machine,
which presents many Improvements
on the old style shingle machine.
One feature is the construction of the
carriage In relation to the s:iw.
which enables the operator to get
mule shingles from the block than
with the old style mi chine.
A lame shipment ol shingle ma-
i binery is almost read] for the Lady-
-iinih Lumber company, embracing a
large log jack, drag saw. knee bolter,
uutomatlc sapper, lug grip and hoist,
all ��� . latest designs.
Machl -y fnr a complete new saw
mill with a capacitj of ten thousand
feel fin- the Xicnnien Lumber company will be ready for shipment In
ten days, ami a large shipment of
mill machinery Is nearly ready for the
Emerson Lumber company, at Port
in  two  weeks    machinery    for    a
16,  capacity  mill  tor the  Lillooei
Lumber company, will be ready for
A considerable order Is on hand
for the lle.lley Lumber company,
which is in operation al  Hedley.
The Arrowhead   Lumber   company
also placed a large order with the
.'���haake company, to be filled as sunn
as possible.
Shingle machine orders are nn hand
from the Cloverdale shingle mill operated by D. and .1. lladdon.
A considerable amount of work litis
still to be dune at the Small and
Buoklln mills In the line of Installing
machinery, and other local mills make
frequent demands upon the resources
of the company.
A   large  new   pump  is   in   course  of
construction tor the government
dredge, the King Edward, and will be
ready tor Installation In about a
There are a greal many orders on
band for supplies for canneries in the
manufacture of which the firm has
an established reputation not con-
fined in the canneries in Ibis Immediate vicinity. A large number of dies
for Cliff's can factory are being
mail.'. as well as for the A. M. Forbes
can factory which recently started Up
ii. Vancouver and to whom they will
soon have furnished a complete outfit.
ll lias been found necessary within
lhe past month, in order to meet the
demands of the business to erect  a
new   building  al   the  east   end   of  the
present structure measuring 10x60,
mid the ground formerly occupied by
the coopering   establishment    which
was   burned   iluwii   last   yeai'.   will   be
occupied   in   the near   future.      The
company's   premises   at    present   take
up a frontage of 266 feet and buildings at either end have been rented
and broughl Into general use. Three
water front lots have been secured
which will next fall be fitted up with
wharves  and   buildings   to  be  user,   ,.
I oiler sines.
The Schaake Machine Works com
raenced   to do business  In   the year
"-'ci  iii  a   wry  small  way.    Only  live
ur six men were employed and those
noi permanently, ami from thai
ni.idest beginning has grown lhe pre
eent upvto-date establishment with Us
sixty live workmen and apprentices
in cotfstanl operation, The managers
are enterprising citizens and are fully
prepared to add to the business as
necessity may demand.
lo. md   Pe
sun    had    not    gained    i.ih. h    bead wai
�� hen i lie officer ai rii ed, although he
bad manai ed to knock in nne of tht1
panel    i nd b id his hand through thela number
to   unfa-
For the Week...
Taylor's Toilet Soaps
a large shipment just
opened out    Bee our window dlsplaj
Note These Prices
Pearl Tollel  Snap
ratal Toilet Soap
While Carnation, June Ro
La Pram e Ro -   Carnation r
5c   per   Box
10c  per   Box
15c  per  Box    Si'i.ii   Vinl.t.
25c  per   Box    V.ill.'i   Viulet
Clover, Oatmeal, Vesta Violet, et.
25c per dozen    Old  Itruwn  Windsor.
opening   In   an   endeavor  to  unfasten  fjolui ., river in  the  . iln
the door from the inside. .    ;,:.iV(jh' ,,..,,   ,. ,;
The officer took him In, and this -,, the home watei -
morning the culprit appeared baton
ln's worship wiib a, lung tale of woe,
relating ai considerable length his
trials and tribulations with the dusky
maiden. In his address to the prisoner his worship Intimated that since
the man had been in difficulty before,
and had once served a term ill the
provincial jail, that it would be wi ll
for him to exercise more caul inn in
the future. After promising to be
good iii the future PeterBon was permitted  to go.
No other cases appeared in the police court  this morning.
The St,   Mungo   Canning   company
lasi season found a well grown steel
head  branded  right   behind  tin   gills.
figures half an Inch long l ;
and froze and preserved il as a curiosity,   They have no idea where ii came
from, as nu such Bystem of marking
Is in use on Ibis side nf the Hue.
Onllnarllr < hrrrful. II  11,1,1 n  Strain
nt   Deep   >li-lnn,'li���l> .
Hopeful and cheerful a- he ordinarily
seemed, there was lu Mr. Lincoln's disposition a strain of deep melancholy.
This was nut peculiar to him alone, for
tlie pioneers as a race were somber
rather than gay. Their lives bad been
passed fur generations under the must
trying physical conditions, near malaria
Infested streams and where they breathed the poison of decaying vegetation.
Insufficient shelter, storms, me cold nt
winter, savage enemies and tbe cruel
labor Unit killed olT all but tbe hardiest
of them bud nt tlie same time killed tin
happy-go-lucky gayerylof an easlei
form of life. They were thoughtful,
watchful, wary; capable, indeed, of
wild merriment, but it has been said
that although a pioneer might laugh he
could nut easily be made tu smile.
Lincoln's mind was unusually sound
and Bane ami normal. lie had ii cheat
fill. Wholesome, sunny nature, yet hi
bad inherited the strongest traits of the
pioneers, and there was in him, moreover, much Of the poet, will! a poet's
capacity for joy and luiln. It Is not
strange thnt ns he developed Into man
hood, especially when hi-! deeper nature
began to feel the stirrings of ambition
and of love, that these seasons of depression and gin.mi came upon him
with overwhelming force.-- Helen Nico-
luy In SI. M.h.ilas.
���/.tare's Provision For Ilie rXollof ol
lhe Growing Plant,
The practical cultivator understands
that nature makes provision for getting
rid of the bark of Ires as the trunk increases in size. On the growth of the
past Benson may be seen small olive
spots. These are formations of cork
From year to year, in subsequent development, these little patches spread,
really eating their way, through the
bark. This Is lhe provision which nature makes for finally rifting Ihe bark
in eaeb species uf plant These cork t
cells have their own special bins of de-!
vi'inpini'iit. and this is tbe reason whj
each kind of tree has its own partldtl tl
bark,   The characteristics are so prominent that clever observers enn select'
different kinds of ti s by their bark '
even al midnight.   As it is the evident
Intention of nature t" get rid uf ui I
Mrs.    Snyder   Dead.
Death yesterday morning visited
Roslyn, the home of Oeorge Small of
the firm of Small & iiuckiin. and removed Mrs. Small's mother, Mrs.
Snyder, a lady who had reached the
advanced age of 86 years. The deceased lady came from llhaca. New
York stale. Willi the family last fall
and bad been failing' In health tor
smile time:
Leaves for  Home.
il. \v. BoUtelier will leave tomorrow
for his home at Halifax. N'.S. Mr.
llouiilier is a young man about seven-
teen years of age and was recently
employed al the Small & Bucklln
mills, lie strained himself in Bome
wai while lil'ling on heavy timber
resulting In a partial paralysis of the
muscles of the  rlghl  arm and  side.
He roes Inline by way of the Stales
to receive  treatment   for his trouble.
have  nice
We aim to keep our stock   Fresh never buying more than ��,. re
quire for Immediate sale.
Evaporated Prunes
Evaporated Apricots
Try a pound of our Fri
Try a  pound of Murave
:!5c or ;i lb��. for $1.00
Evaporated Apples
Evaporated Peaches
Ground Coffee at 10c lb.
Tea at 4oe lb., or nur Special Tea :ii
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.
Out of Hie Ordinal)
Our Lines of.
llrnwtnjr   Wilier  l-llii-n  From  9ee4.
Many of the choicest water lilies,
even   the  magnificent   Victoria  regis,
may be grown from seed. For many
years tlie seed of this lily, when
brought to this country, failed to germinate.
It was finally found Unit by bottllui!
the seeds ill the water of the river in
which they grew they could be transported safely fruni the waters of tin?
Amazon to the far west. Here thi' \.\\-
ts usually grown with bottom beat, us
It Is very tender. .Seeds started in pots
In a temperature of00 degrees wlll germinate in about two weeks and may in'
planted out in the open air when tbe
nights have become warm usualtv
about tlie 1st of .1 mm���iiml will bloom
the same summer, but cannot bo curried through the winter, bul must be
started afresh each season, either by
the purchase of plants or the sowing of
seed, the latter being, of course, much
mure economical, as seeds may be purchased for a few nickels apiece, tha
plants costing as many dollars.���American Homes and (laid.'lis.
Soft Pelt
Are out of the Ordinary.
New Colors and New Shapes.   All the Best Makers.
A Specialty of Young Men's Shapes.
PRICES��$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00
The Cash Clothier
1 .,-   lop lll.l  SI ��.
Janitors collect tbe shoes east away
by tenants ami send thorn to auction
renins, where they are sorted Into pilet
marked "Men'" "Women," "Children."
Several poor people made fair bids,
but the auctioneer did not seem anz
inns to sell. Finally a man pushed bis
way through the crowd ami offered it
cents apiece for the whole loi. His bid
was successful.
"1 was killing lime with talk Watting  Crosby
said  Hi" auctioneer
Veteran   Missionary  Tells  of  His  Experiences   and   Observations.
Rev,   Charles     Crosby,   the   veleraii
Indian  missionary, delivered his lee-
"The Indians
in Sapperton
evening  to a
of British Coiuitt-
Mi-iliodlst   church
very   appreciative
Condemned Murderer Is Given
other Chance for Life.
Albany. N. .., March 18,
eriior lllgglns today Issued a Further
reprieve until May 18 In the case of
Albert t. Patrick, under sentence ot
death   for   the  inunler  of   Wllliani   M.
Rice, The governor* had already tie-
bark, li Is n greal help to the tree to ns
slst   nature  in   Ihi-i  respect,   and   any for  Hint   fellow
wash   or   treatment   which   aids   tbe afterward.  "He always pays high fm
plant  in getting rid of ii I* a pi'uo ' these shoes, nntt be does not want them
Ileal advantage,    Soupy water wu-h or I
lye wilier Is useful, and even scraping
has  been  found of area!   advantage
one hour ami a half
in a graphic manner
For about
thrilling experiences   through
he had passed during a life
wants to beat service among the aborigines
province, ben
laved the exeoutlon
In   March   Ih.
The respite is at
from January L'2
the joint   rOQUest
iii a rough sort of way lime wash is
frequently used, tho only objection be !
Ing (lie white nnd glaring color.    It Is,
however, the cheapest nnd tho bed of
nl. barb treatment
V..il  Take a  Wife.
A.   Hal. row, nne uf  lhe  well   known
Fraser river fishermen, will Forsake
ihe milks of the bachelors and tomorrow   will   become  Identified   with
I lie   < e|ie iiels.      The   pr.ispecl i 1. e   lu id"
Id ii Vancouver ladj and In that olty
the Interesting event will take place,
Mr. Halcrow has prepared a home on
Molnnla streel to which he hopes to
escort  his blushing bride.
Lonrj   Hours   In    Bank.
Chicago,    Match    13.���Chicago    Is
mon to have a bank that will hi' kept
open fur business day and night. The
only     exception     will     be     Sundays,
Christmas ami New Tears .lav. The
capital Btook will be !250,000. Th i
���i.w concern win open fur business oi
\pril   I.
A   Itl-llllll'Uillile   llrillRP.
Among tiie many odd nooks and em-.
tiers nnd crannies uf the auid Brnoi    I
Isle   IB   Ciirrick n rede.   OU   the   On .tl
Northern ralli 1 of Ireland,   li i ��� an
i. i] ited rock, separated from tl aln-
laud by a chasm slxtj  feel wide and
. more than eighty fet t deep, ami it Is
at  .lii-. place that Hie saliniin are Inter
ccpted in their retreat to tho rivers, A
rude bridge of ropes la thrown aero ���
which remains during Ihe fishing
I in. and Ibis bridge, which Is pi te I
by a single it,,.' rail, swing, nbo :t In
tiie most uncomfortably manner, oftc i
rendering it a dangerous teat in stormy
weather save t > tho natives, wb > or < 11
it with the iitino.it Indifference.
name   Is   derived   from   "Carrig-a-rai.i
hanh" (the rock in the road) on aci ou it
of tbe Intercepting of the sub i. Noai
by on lhe west side of the Island i, ..
e'lvei'.i  ill which hove been  toun I    ll
bones ot horse, o.. deer, sheep, n i i,
ba far, otter, water rat and of jevt al
kinds of birds.
for wearing, either.  He
""''�� "'" for tbe leather In them.   Hi provu,cei here and there he drew up-
Sots whot material there is, puts it
through a process anil makes stamped "'>   blstory  und  tradition, which  when
imitation leather novelties, such as pic- coupled with the missionary's own ex-
mr.. frames, bag., pocketbooks, pen ,���,,.,,,��������� ),.lvi, ., v���,.v ,,,���, ������,, ,,,������.
klllfe holders and erru chair I ks ami
seats,  lb' finds ii ready sale f,���- these i'1'1" history of the British Columbia
novelties and  gota a good price r.n Indians from the time when tbe white
ih" nt  District  Attorney Jerome and the
which  attorneys for Patrick, In order to al-
llie   of
>f this;
I iw time to continue the proceedings
on   the   mot Inn   For  a  new  trial   now
pending  In   New  York city.
Ihoiu."���SI  Retailer
!!,,�����   She   Knew.
Mr. McSosh What was il thai mud������
yuii think I'd been drinking' last night?
Mrs. McSosh- Oh, I don't know     I sup
pose the fad thai you were tearfully
drunk had as much to do with It as
anything.���Cleveland Leader.
"is your daughter golug to make her
debut this Benson. Mrs, Poryenue?"
"No. indeed! fMnie. I'nkln attends
to all that. We don't have to do our
own   sewing    no   more." ��� Baltimore
mail flrsl discovered them.
The  lot ini"  was amply    Illustrated
by views painted by an Indian, which,
though   crude,     showed     lunch   talent
and  ability,  and  left   an  Impression!
which could noi  have been obtained
from Hu.! wink uf a while; us III.
audl'iicr were ('.impelled tn see things
mil as they were observed by a while
man bul  From the Indian viewpoint,
Tills DOVel feature enhanced the lecture very  much,
Tho marvelous results obtained by
missionary effort, the evils of the pot-
lach, lhe true meaning of lhe "totem
pule,"   and   Intertribal   wars   were  all
Notice of Meeting
To  W.   II.   K.'iry,  Esq.,  mayor:
We, the undersigned citizens of New
Westminster, hereby request that you
will call a public meeting for Ihe purpose nf considering the advisability
of forming science classes In connection with the hoard of education,
South Kensington, England.
Walter It. Cllley. T. S. Annandale.
.1. W. freight.ill.
P.  Bowler.
j John  Peck.
f\ VV.  Ilnway.
W.  L. Johnson,
Henry  Schaake.
John C. Olgby.
Peter Gray.
J,  S.  Henderson
She E*G>V*  n  Si'ft~l Then.
Minnie��� I  never noticed  before that woven  Into a narrative which  proved
this mirror had a wrinkle ln It.    Mn In be entertaining, Instructive and ln-
tnlo-1  thought  you  were able to see spiring,
wrinkles In any mirror you looked into.     ��jr_ oosby wjh deliver the same
lecture in West Side Methodist church
this evening,     A  good  house should
.1.   Trapp.
0.  Patterson.
H. Watson.
.S. Curtis.
E.  Brown.
Salt Is like good humo''-almost
erything Is bettor for n pinch of It.
welcome hlin.
In accordance with the above requisition, I hereby call u meeting of th9
ratepayers for the purpose stated;
said meeting to be held ln the council
chamber on Tuesday, the 13th Inst.,
'at 8 p. m.
W. H. KEARY, Mayor,
City hall, March 8, 1906. THE DAILY NEWS
Sporting News
< ���
Il       and Comment.
< >
Under the beading "Big Championship is Their Coal" lhe .Seattle Pnst-
Intelligencer nf Sunday publishes it
lu.. Btring uf fairy labs from Us
Nev. Westminster correspondent to
me effect iba! lacrosse in British Columbia is becoming professionalised,
and  that   the  New   Westminster  lean:'.
is among the leaders in the movement. The reason advanced by ibis
remarkable correspond.jv fur proles-
Btonalism   in lacrosse   is   that    the
Western   boys  are  after  I be  scalps nf
the Eastern champions, ami that the
only way 10 accomplish anything uf
this kind  is to Import  ihe players.
To prove lhe utter absurdity of Ibis
BtateDWBt tt -will be well lo refer in
the   following     list   of   players     who
journeyed east in 1900, when they
won U games straight running from
the eastern crucks. The list includes
the following'. Hub Cheyno, Fred
Lynch. Alex Tutnbull. Harry Latham,
"BarlOW" Qalbraltb, Tummy and Billy
Oiffoib, C. II. and Stanbx Peele.
Wells Gray, Charlie Sin 11. George
Oddy and H. Ryall. of ibis number
all but Oddy, Bnell, Cheyne, and
Stanley Peele played lasi Beason,
and will probably play again this
year. H. Ryall has retired from the
$rwn*o, and is now the secretary of
the club.
Now as to substitutes tor these retiring     players     the     following     men
might   be  mentioned  as  having played at least one season'.   Sandy Cray.
George   Rennie.   lSryson,   and   FVcnie.
This number fills thp vacancies caused by tlie retirement ot the old players,   and   all   of   ihe   substitutes   are
boys    who  have    grown  up    in  the
lown.    In the past    ten  years    these
men have    represented    the lacrosse
clement   in  New  Westminster, and  in
lhe face of these facts the wise correspondent  of the P. I. makes the glaring misstatement that only two years
ago  New 'Westminster  imported  two
eastern experts, under   whose    management  the er.'ire learn was placed.
The lacrosse  players ami   supporters
of  New Westminster    would  like    to
ask this would-be sporting   authority
just   who   those   eastern   experts   are,
and where they came from. Here in
New ���Westminster ihe Statements    of
this particular  writer for the  American   papers,   are  not   taken   seriously,
but it  is annoying tn have such statu-
moots scattered abroad    through tbe
columns of the American dailies when
there is not the least  possible shadow
of  truth    in   tin'    spuriing    writings
emanating from the distorted mind of
the local correspondent.
Nelson is another town whose team
has fallen under the ban of professionalism according In the imaginative bruin of this spuriing correspondent. The Nelson buys have now,
und always have had a particularly
strong team, and b is only necessary
to refer to a few old timers who have
played the game In ihe little mountain city for years, to prove the utter
foolishness of the statements contained in the Seattle paper. Such
men as Joe Thompson, Al. and Charlie Jeffs, Dudley Blackwood. Jack
Fox, Jimmy Hawkins, Barney Archibald, and a host of younger players
who have grown up in The town, are
among the list of boys who have com-
1 oued the Nelson fe'arii for yean.
Some of these players like a few uf
our own have retired, or will do su
this yeai', inn in every Instance they
hive been and will be replaced witli
locai nt.    The  .Nelson  team is  by
far tbe most  sclentitic team In the interior, and  it   is only
following officers wure elected for the.
ensuing year:
Hon.  President���Win.  Murray.
President���Campbell  Sweeny.
Vice Presidents���H. W. Kent, 0. B.
Harris, Geo, W. Seymour, R It. M.l>
Captain���N\ C. Bawwrs (re-elected.)
Vic Captains- E. H, Qrubbe, J,
It fe-Smlth.
Bec-Treas,   Atwell   !>. King   ,(r��
Executive Committee���Messrs. R.
P. Woodward, ll. W. Robertson, A. B.
Fraser, Dr, .Minugne, B, S. C'awford,
r. De Miit>. O, A. Boult, F ed Godfrey, it. C, Spinks, I. J. Wail.
The vie. presidents signified their
Intention ol again donatlni trophies
for competition among the members
at the club regattas this summer-.
President   Regrets  That  Amendments
to  Game   Act   Were   Neglected���Officers.
The   annual   meeting     of   tbe   New
Wei tmlnster Gun club took place in
iii, Board uf Trade rooms in the city
hall lasi night.
Ai s o'clock ihe president, the
lion. W. Norman Bole, took the chair,
and the minutes of the last meeting
were read by tha Becretarj. Dr. P. C.
Smith,   anil   dulj   passed.
The president then made a slum
speech and while regretting that tbe
exhibition   last    year   had   interferied
bo much w'nh ib.- final shooting, congratulated ihe members on ihe condition ol the club, lie also regretted
that   while   his   Intentions   to   be   un
active member were uf tbe very best,
lie had .inly tired 84 shots, but that
be hoped ihat  the coming year would
i,- a record year. He was sorry that
the game act   and  Hie gun  license act
WOUld   nut   be   passed   this   year,   and
Annual   ReQatta  at  Nelson. ttlsti   thai    the   Indians   were   allowed
The annuiinooinoiit was inr.de in  the   unlimited   freedom    In   Hi.'   Slaughter-
annual meeting ot the Vancouver Row- ln8 of game In disorganized districts
ing   club   last   night   ihat   Hie   annual   '""1 were disposing
made   aml publishing notices in
Vuk ���, i im, i.d Gazette.
Petroleum    Ml  unappropiated  1
Synopsis o?Regulations for Disposal " union Lands in Manitoba, tin- Norl
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in   west Territories and within the Yukon
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories (Territory, an- open t" prospecting
and the Yukon Territory. petroleum, and  the minister ma)   ���
serve  fur  an  individual  or company
COAI.-Coal   lands   may     be     pur     havinB   mncninerv   ,���,   [lie   land   to  be
mi' so It  i
N nt   n
Football  Fixtures.
Intermediate   Shamrocks   of
VanCOSaWer will play King's college
Saturday, Tbe winning team will, on
lhe bill.iwing Saturday pity the Columbian college eleven, and lhe victorious team will go to Victoria to
play   the   Island   chain pious.
regatta uf the North Pacific Association of Amateur Ooarsriien will be
held  :u   Nels.in this summer.
Valuable Stallion Dead.
San  Francisco. March 12,���Thfi well
known Stallion Seymour Wilkes died
yesterday from the injuries rec.'ived
ti fortnight ago when be was run into
by a fractious cult. Seymour Wilkes
was a well known pacer on the Cal-
Ifornla circuit und took a record ot
jus 1-". He beat lhe famous Silk-
wood at Agricultural Park, Los
Angeles, in the tree fur all pace. Seymour Wilkes was nne uf the fastest
i.ons of Guy Wilkes ami bad lately
sired a number of promising light
harness horses. He was owned by G.
W, Gregory of the SL George stable
of this    city,    who    valued    him    at
James Britfs  Next
Jimmy Britt, who has   been doing
the "busy dodger" stunt with Joe
Krone, alleging as his excuse that he
"drew the color line" has finally been
matched to fight with Kid Herman
within the next six weeks. It is so
king since Britt has had a match
with anyone that his coming go with
Herman will create considerable interest in fighting circles. The match
from Herman's point of view is a
very desirable one, but just why Britt
should wani a match with Herman is
something of a mystery. Herman is
undoubtedly clever, and holds a good
place   among   the   top   notcbers,   but
though   be   is   rapidly  climbing  their
Brltt'a reason probabl; is that If he
whips Herman that he will be entitled tn ask Nelson fur another go,
although there is a little financial
difficulty between the pair which
must be settled before I hey get together again.
At  any rate the mill will  lie a good
The treasurer,
r it in buyers in
1!.   l.usbv.     then
chased at $io per acre
and  $20  fur  anthracite
than 320 acres can In- acqui-.ed by one
individual  or  company.      Royalty   al
ihc rate "f ten cents l" r t"ti "i  2000
pounds sba.il be collected on tin- gross
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
years  'and over   and  joint   stock  com
panic- holding fr.e miners
may obtain entry for a mining
A free miner's certificate i> grant''!
for one or more year-, nm exceeding
five, upon payment in advance ol $7-5��
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 t" Stun pet ..iiiiuiii i"i' a company,
according tu capital.
A free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
[500x1500  feet  by   marking  out   the
same   with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
location notices, one at each end ol
the line uf the lode, or win.
The claim -hall be recorded within
fifteen day- it ocated within ten miles
uf a nulling recorder's office, one ad
ditional day allowed for every ad
ditional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim  each  year  rn-  paid  to the
having machinery mi
prospected,  an  area  of   lu.'ii aeri     '   '
-mil  period  a-  lu- may  decide,  tin'
length of which shall not exct ed 1
i mi    ih,- breadth,     Should tin- |
pector  discover  oil  in  paying quan
tine-, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area nut exceeding 640
acres, including the "il well, will be
sold t" tin- prospector at the rate ol
certificates Si an acre, and the remainder "i the
'oca    tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acre-,
will he -"'.I at the rate of $.t an acre,
subjeel rn royalty at such rate a- may
I,,,   pi cified by < Irdi c in Council.
I leputj ol the Minister "i the  I"
Dept, Interior.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
presented bis report, which showed mining recorder iii lieu thereof. When
the club in a good financial position. $500 has been expended "r paid, the
Balance in band at beginning of year.
$C8.in. Receipts 8144.80. Expenditure, $17b.:'.^. Balance in hand, 833.63.
The captain, ti. Cunningham, then
reported on the shooting. There were
i'.l 17  mlay   pigeons shot   at  ami 3,768
broken, showing a percentage or 61.3,
The secretary. Dr. P. C. Smith, followed and stated that th" membership of the club now amounted   to
locator may, upon having a survej
made and upon complying wiib other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may !"��� granted by the
Minister ol tlie Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, al-"
copper, in tin- Yukon Territory, ol an
area  not  exceeding   100 acres.
i'be patent for a mining location
Synopsis   of  Canadian  Northwest
Any even numbered section uf pn
minion Land- in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
jo, nut reserved, may be homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over iS years
nf   age,   tn   the   .'Stent   uf  nne quarter
section ni 160 acres more or less,
Entry may be made personally at
the local land office for tlie district
in which tin' land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, lie may, mi application tn tin- Minister nf the Interior, 1 Ittawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the  local
agent  receive authority fur some  "lie
tii make entry f"r him,
The homesteader i�� required tn per-
Dail, NKW Dally
Leave  WESTMINSTER   Arrive
9 20 am Blaine, Belling 3760 pm
1:25 pm h im,    Burling 9:20pm
ton,   Mt.   V 1
Till. I'.'.'      '   11
ii ���        and
4:35 pin Spokane,      St, 3:00 pm
Paul    md    all
points East,
li.L'ii am Vi'.iemi.T. 13 :00 pin
Wuniie .     and
:: I'll pm Vancouver 8:20 am
'.. 20pm] 4:3o pm
Route of iim famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, Bt, P .ul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis ami all points East
For    complete    Information,
raies.   berth   reservation,  etc,
call on or address,
K.  C. CUll'i'TN.   Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B, C
S   C.  YI'.ltKKS, A. G.  P.   V.
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St, Beattle, Wash.
1 i-.ii
provide  for  the  payment  of a f,,rm the conditions connected ther
about   10 members, that the grounds Royalty of %lA per cent, ol the sales with under one of the following plans
and  traps were    in good    condition, of the products of the location. 01 At  least  six months'  residence
and   the   club   was   progressing   lav-      PLACER MINING   Manitoba and upon  and cultivation of the land  in
orably. the  N.  W. T., excepting the Yukon each year for_ three years
The meeting then proceeded to the Territory.  Placer mining claims
election  of officers    for  tbe coming erally arc 100 f<
year,    with    the   result   as    follows:
Hon. President, C. G. Major;
president, Hon. W. Norman Bole; vice
president, H. Vidal; treasurer. Dr.
Hacking; secretary, M. Johnson;
captain, (',. Cunningham, who required a great deal of persuasion before he would aecept office again;
solicitor,   P.   Bole.
The executive are: F. C. Smith, 1���
A. Lewis, C. McLean, H. McMarlin,
F. Trapp, L. 11. Lushy. Alderman
Henley  and  I.  Price.
As the shooting for the cup offered
by the vice president last year was
not completed, It. was decided to shoot
for It again this year, and a committee of two were appointed to
range the conditions.
CO If the father (or mother, if the
t square, entry fee father is deceased) of the homesteader
ncwable yearly. On the North resides upon a farm in the vicinity
Saskatchewan River claims arc cither of the land entered for the require-
bar or bench, the former being ioo ments as to residence may be satisfied
feet long and extending between high by such person residing with the fa-
and low  water mark.     The latter in-   ther  nr  mother.
eludes liar diggings, but extends back (3) If the settler lias his permanent
to the base of the hill or bank, not residence upon farming laud owned
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam by him in the vicinity of his home
power is used claims 200 feet wide stead, the requirements as to residence
may be obtained. may  be   satisfied  by  resilience  upon
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba   the said land
and the N. W, T.. excepting the Yu-      Six m
kon Terrltory-A free miner may ob- be given to the Commissioner ol Do
Vain only two leases of five miles each  minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
fur   a   term   of   twenty  years,   renewable in the discretion of the Minister
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between^
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,   via   Niagara  Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gcn'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 136 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
nntlis' notice in writing should        WHEN    GOING   EAST
of the Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds  nr bar    nf  the  river
tr-   below any low water mark, and subject to the rights of all persons who
to applv fur patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior,
A communication was read from II.  have, or who may receive entries
W. Maynard, manager for B. C, nf thi
Battling   .Nelson   and   Joe  Gans  Dominion  Cartridge   company,    offer-
ahead   of   him   at   present,     al-  [ng a Kjivor medal, to be shot for by
bar  diggings or bench claims, except
on   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
the   lessee  can   dredge  to  high-water
mark On  each  alternative  leasehold.
The  lessee  shall  have   a  dredge
operation within one season from the
date  of the lease for each  live  miles
biit   where  a  person or  company has
obtained   mure   than   one   lease   oncx
dr.-dge for each fifteen miles or frac- Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will be
biting to the Importation of foreign tion thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10 received until noon, the I."Hi April
game birds, but the discussion was per annum fnr each mile nf river proximo, tor the construction of a
postponed  to  the next   meeting. leased.     Royalty at  the  rate  of two rifle range at New Westminster, It. C.
lb" next   shoot   of the   club   will and a half [kt cent, collected nn the     Plans and specifications may be seen
antl full Information obtained at  the
the members of the club���the winner
to shoot against winners of a corres-
ponding medal, offered to all other
clubs in British Columbia, for a silver
II.   Vidal   read  a communication  re-
Department of Militia and Defence.
New Westminster,  B. C,  Rifle  Range.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Tender for Construction of
Rifle Range, New Westminster." addressed to ih" secretary of the Militia
and the worthy James will need  take place on Good Friday, for which  0UtPu* a/ter '* "c��*ls $iaoo��
to  look   carefully  to
the pugilistic world
new Idol, and the veteran James will
lie relegated to the ranks of the
his honors, else occasion the president and vice prosi-
vill gaze upon a  dent  each offered 11 silver spoon, and
was  deputed  to  collect
1  commit tee
Tbe I hi���.-��.- Slor> of lhe KIkIU Primitive iu,Me,, Sounds.
The Chinese have some extraordinary
superstitions relating to music. According to their queer notions, the Creator of the universe hid eight sounds In
the  earth   for  the  express  purpose  of
compelling man to find them out   On
the same principle, ll is presumed, .lu-
few years ago   piter, a.'curding to Virgil, bides lire in
that    they    met
Montreal whom
one  score  uf 6-1
the   Shamrocks
they   held     dnwn
, and another of
and yet they did not find it necessarj
tc   Import   men.   They   have   also   tn"t
ical team on several occasions
and have always made a creditable
Victoria has been admittedly professional, and  has found    il   to  be    a
failure. Their object, however, was
im! the championship of the Dominion, bul rath.'i' an effort In get to
gether a team that could whip New
As    to    Vaiicoiivcritcs      they    have
played   a large number   ol different
men in years gone by, untl may possibly mabe still further changes this
coming sens.in. but they have never
eaine.i the title of professionals, al-
iliough they have been accused ol the
offence bj several just such iii.s
1 onslbles as the writer lo the l'usl-
On the other Bide all spoils are
more or less professionalized, and
such proceedings meet with general
favor, as the American sportsiiian    is
almost Invariably In favor ot victory
even If money and Importations are
necessary to accomplish results, They
do not deny this, and lei us admire
iheni fur saying where they stand,
Il  is In lie hoped however, that  such
conditions will never exist in Canada,
bill  that  the revel!..'  will  he the case,
i.s we will ih. n be able tp point with
pride to "our own boys," without having the stigma   nr "professionalism"
nnd  "importations" cast   upon  iis.
Rowing  Club   Elects  Officers.
Al   the annus,  meeting of the  Vancouver   Rowing   club   last   night    the
Hint  and   honey   in   trees  in  order
whet the ardor of man's Industry to
persevere In bis efforts to rediscover
the hidden treasures.
According to the Celestial idea, the
eight primitive sunn.Is  are bidden  iii
Btones, silks, w is uf various kinds,
ihe  bamboo plant,  pumpkins,  in  the
skins of animals, in certain earths and
iu the air Itself. Any nne who has ever
had  the pleasure I'll of seeing and  lis
tcniiig to a Chinese orchestra will re
member that their musical Instruments   buy  It and
were made of ail these materials except tbe last und that tbe combined ef
forts of the olber seven seemed better
calculated to drive the ethereal sound
away  than  to  coax   It   from   th    air,
which is really th�� object nf ail Chinese musical efforts,    When the bands
play, ihe naive credulity of ihe people,
belli "Id and young, hears ln the thuds
of the guiigs ami the whistling of the
pipes  Ihe  tunes of lhe eternal  siiiiiiiIn
of nature that were originally deposited  In   tbe  various  tiliimiite  and   Inani
HU    Urn-dent    Tim I.     Ill    to    < ntel,    the
tenner nf thr   I'nliltc.
The small Inventor Is an Important
factor in the mechanical toy business,
nnd be earns all of the living lie gets
In thinking up devices. He Is most concerned with the small mechanical toys,
and, ln addition to tbe prime requisite   from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
of putting forth something novel, ho   for first year and fioper mile for each
must get. something whieh costs as lit-   subsequent  year.     Royalty
tie as possible and whieh catches the   placer mining,
fumy of the multitude. This last point
Dredging in the Yukon Territory��� offices of the district officer command-
Six leases of five miles each may be jng( victoria; Ueut-Col, J, C, Whyto,
granted to a free miner fnr a term of Now -Westminster, II. C, and the dl-
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined tn the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below    low    water    mark, that boun-
dary to be fixed by its position on the supplied  by  the department and
1st day of August in the year of the companled by an accepted cheque on
date of the lease. a Canadian chartered bank for 10 per
The lessee shall have on.- dredge cent of the amount of the tender, pay-
in operation  within two  years  from able to the order of the Honorable the
the dale of the lease, and one dredge Minister of Militia  and  Defence.
fnr  each   five  miles  within   six  year- -pi,,, department dues not bind itself
rector  of engineer    services,    militia
headquarters .Ottawa.
Tenders  must  be  made on  a  form
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year ���
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest aand best ideas
and LUXURY. It 1- light..! with
both electricity and gas; the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists ol
private compartment car-, standard
16 section sleeper-, In Mini, IUS dining
car, reclining chair car- (-eat- free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library  and   -innkiiig  ears.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information   call   nn  or   write
ci.NIK \l. VGENT,
730 Second Avenue. Seattle, \Y.i-!i
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
British Columbia Coast Line
(Subject tu .ti.mi'" without   ,, ���     ,
VICTORIA ska 1 1 L_  kui 1 1.
Princi is Beati Ice 11
I."a\'-. Port   1 '���" 1;   mt 1
Liaves Victoria 'a p.m.
Arriv I Seattl     - a.in.
Leave Stiii!" u.au a ���
Arrive Port Towsend  1
Ai 1 r,"  Vli in, ,1   .: ; 1
VANCOUVER VI ;i \    ,;,,, ,.,
B. S. Prlncei    Vi- lo
li.nl .
l."'l\ "    Vani "IT 'I'    I    p.    111.
la ".'��� Venn la  1 a. m.
VICTORIA-NEW   \\ __'.��ii.\_'i
itoi 1 ��� .
HI It.   I'll \lt.\ll-.K.
Leaves victoria, 1 a, m
and  Fiblays.
Leaves   New    Wl Tt limisl.'!-.
Wednesday b and Baturdaj
Calling ill Mayuean .1 Hti ret t,,���
s.s. Joan leaves Nanaimo ���
(opt   Saturday  and  Sunday, at
Sal urday  H  a.  111.
Leaves   Vancouver   dally,
Saturday and  Sunday, at   1.38 |
Sal unlay 2.30  p.  m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave   Victoria   11   p.   111    ;  ���
and 20tb of eat b month for A
and way points
Leave Victoria  10th of 1
fur Quatslno ami way point
Leave Vlotoi I    20th ot
fur cape Sunn and way polni
lug Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New     Westmln  ti
Additional   trip  leave-  \.
minster 5 a. m. Bund -
I.eaV'S      Sieves,nil      Miillila' ,     Ti;,.,.
day, Wednesday,  Thui da
urday 7 a. m.    Friday 6 B
ditional trip Ba'.urd     5 p. m,
UPPER fit \.;i-:i: RIVER ROUTE
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave  New   Westminster  v a   ���
Mun.lavs, Wi dm   tl is and  1   .
Leave  ("niihVTiT   ",   .1.   ,1,.    I
Thursdays and  Satrdays, . ���,
landing   bet v. een    -New    Wi
and Chllllwack
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver at - p, m, tsl
and 16th uf each month calling ��l
Skidegate on Drst n lp and Bella Coo
la mi Becond trip.
Times   on   at rivals   and   .;  ,
are approxin n
Fur  Tickets,  reservations  and x
format ion call on or addles-:
.1. W. TROUP,
General Buperlntt n.b in. VI
E. .1. COYLE,
Asst. (bn. Pass   Agent. Vancouver,
ecu. Agent, Freight Dept,
N.-w Westmln tt 1
ED,  COI'l.LT.
Agent, New Westmlnstei
same   as
Is nne which ls must difficult to cover.
No student nf the subject lias ever yet
been able to discover .u- deduce tbe
cycle lu wlii.h tlie public lasti ivcs,
and il i- Still hit nr miss as h> whether
11 figure which walks on its hands, an
air-hip with wings or an acrobat who
Works by gravity  wlll be the best sell-
er. 'tii.-ti. when the Invention bus been
achieved,   tbe  Inventor  has still  tbe
problem of finding tho maker who will
pay a  fair prli
to accept   the lowest  nr any  tender.
L. ]���'. I'lNAi'i.T. Colonel,
Deputy  Minister of Militia and  De
Department of Militia and Defence
Ottawa, February 11, 1906.
The In
veiitur and maker arc in uiinb the
same position its the writer and pub
Usher; both go through the same men.
tai turmoil iis to the timeliness uf the
output and both lake the same risks.
The Inventor who has been in the
business lung learns at lust the best
places at whieh to offer bis wares nnd
bus mure or less of nn Idea of what lengtl
they ought to bring htm, and once be
has acquired this knowledge bis entire
energy is devoted to keeping up with
tbe demand for newness,   Something
mule objects by the all wise father.���   absolutely different from anything else
Wlmt   "llmnlr"   Meant.
Tinnigh the Scottish guard of France
bud lung lost its natural character, it
Jealously retained until tbe crash of
lTH'j  uil   its  curious  oki   privileges,
which, though they led to constant
wrangles with other regiments, had
been duly allowed by I.nuls XIV. He
was actually obliged to Intervene at
Ids own wedding to c.impose a dispute
ns to the pieced.'iiee of the Scuts
guards   and   the   Cent   genlllsbommes.
"Proud as a Scotchman" was nn old
proverb in Franco, and their successors
In lhe bodyguard did their best to Justify il. Ilni the must ciirinus survival,
long nfler n word of Scotch bad been
beard In the corps, wns the practice of
answering "hainlr" ta .'.irruptInn for "I
am here"! when the roll was called,
which wns religiously maintained, nt
all events, down tn the revolution.-
Mncmlllnn's Magazine
previously offered  Is in general  better
than an Improvement of an old idea,
and Ihat ls why In mechanical toys the
same device Is seldom seen tWO seasons
In succession.   I'lidndclplila Record.
Hurrah, or htiKznh, is ihe oldest nnd
most common exclamation iii all Ian-
Belyea & Co.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and lull
claim- -ball not exceed -So feet in
length, measured mi the base line nr
general direction nf the creek or
gulch,   the   width   being   from   inoo  In
..���nun feet. All other placer claims
-ball be j'n feet square.
Claims   arc   marked   by   two   legal   "The   Pionee
posts,   "tie   at   each   cud,   bearing   ii"
tic.-.    Entry must be obtained within
len   day-   if   lhe   claim   is   within   ten
mile- nf the mining recorder's "hi. e
1 ine extra day allowed fnr each additional ten mile- nr fraction.
ihe person or company staking a
claim must hold a free tinner's certificate
The   discoverer   uf   a   new   mine   is
entitled   to   a   claim   "f   I0O0   feet   in
land   if  the   party   consists  "i
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out-  .
tun mi winch im royalty   shall   be  "
charged the rest of the parly ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
uf tw id nne half   per ceiil   mi the
value of the gold shipped from tlie
Yukon Territory to be paid t.. the
Nn free miner shall  receive a grant
nf more than .me mining claim nu
each  separate river, creek nr  gulch,
but   lhe   same   miner   may   hold   any
number of claims by  purchase, and
free   miners   may   wnrk   llieir   claims
in   partnership  by  filing  notice  and
paying   fee   uf  $j.     A   claim   may   be
abandoned  a.,,1 another obtained on for CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATLIN
"The Milwaukee"
Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "Smith West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
No train- ip the service on any
railroad in the world that equal In
equipment thai uf the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and .lining cars on 0.111 their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers .arc lunger,
nil wider than in similar ears
un any other line. They protect
their trains by the  Block  System
Connection   made  with   all   transcontinental lines in Union Depots,
II  S ROWJE, General Agenl
Ml Third St., cur Aid.i, Portland, <)r,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail  route between all
points  east,  we-t   and   smith   tn   Rn--
land. Nelson and intermediate point .
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and t). R,
& N. Co.
Connecti at Rossland with the Canadian   Pacific  Railway fnr  Boundary
Creek  points,
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage daily for Republic
Buffet -erv ice on train- In tween
Spokane and  Nelson,
Effective Sunday. November 10,
Leave 1 lay Train Arrive
9 .in a.m  Spokane ..   715 p.m.
12.35 p tn Rossland ...   imp in.
940 a ii! Nelson ...   . n 15 p.m.
II   A .1 vCKSON
General Passenger Agent
General Hauling and  Uellvi
Heavy  Hauling liur
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone IbU,
by WHITE   HORSE,   DAWSON   and
FAIRBANKS,     Dally   trains   (except
"   Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   mail,
express     and     freight
the   same   creek,   gulch   Or
giving notice and  paying  1
Work   must   be   done   mi   a
each year to the value of at least $300.1 express   and   freight   connect   with
A certificate that wrk has been slages at Careruss and White llnrsc,
done iiui-t be obtained each year; if | maintaining a through winter service,
not, the claim shall be deemed to be      ,.,>r |nformatl0rl apply t0
J   ll. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
abandoned, ansd
and entry by a fre
pen   tu
' miner.
The boundaries nf a claim may be!
'defined absolutely by having a survey
Mackinnon Bldgn
Vancouver, B. C.
Northern Pacific j
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Hates.
Quirk Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Sieamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates  to   Southern   California.
Fur full informfion call on or write
C, 10. LANG, General Atrcnt,
430 Hustings St., Vancouver, B, C.
Portland, Ore. a. g. l\ A.
Railway Compan)
Atlantic Express  leaves   oai
15.40; has   first-class   Bloopers    '-'���
Tourists cars tor Toronto evei
Monday and r/rldaj; ror Montre
every Wednesday and Baturaay.
Seattle tram  leaves (tat '     '   v  10.
For further particulars apply 10
c r. u. Agent
New Wi  tminsta
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agef.
Trains & Steamers |
Leave New Westminster 15.4
Arrive New Westminster 11.35 dsBj
C. P. it. mission BRANCH.
l.v. New West. . 8.30; ar. Seattle K''
Lv. Seattle 10; ar. New West. 18.4*
c. P. It. Wi'.si'it. JUNCTION.
Lv.  New  West.   10.86 and  IT. 15.
Ar .New  West. 8.36 and  16.40.
l.v. New Westminster 8.30 ��. m
Lv. N. W. 8.20 a.m.; ar. S. al
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.in., ai. Seatflt '' ;::
l.v. Beattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N. W,:; 1 ��������
l.v. Seattle 1.20 p,m.; ar. N. W. ���''
v., Wi & y.���VANCOUVER.
l.v. n. w, :; p.m. and B.35 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m., ami 1 1
Lv.   N.   W.   8.20   a.m.:   al    '
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Qulchon  IMU p.m.;
8.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
I.V.    New    West.    .'...".11    .'in
and hourly uniii  11  p.m., ��
hourly  between   U'..;:n and 0 " M
Saturday ball-hourly noon to n i*
Sunday 1 ly    8   a.m. to IIP*
wiih half-hourly bet, noon and " f*
Lv. Vancouver same time 'i'" '
I out.
Fraser River andiGulf
Prom N. W. Mon. Wed. Ki'''   '**
From Chwk, Tu., Th., Sat.. < '*
Prom N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 .i'��
Prom Chwk. Hun., Wed., Prh, ' ''*
Favorite��� . ���
Prom N. W. dally, ex. Sun., '-'���'���' I'
Prom mi. Lehman, 7 a.m.
Transfer��� ,   ��
From N. W. dully, ex. Sun , - I
Add. trip, Monday, 6 a.m.      ,   nl.
Prom Steveston, 7 a.m, (Fri''J
Add. trip Saturday, '< p-111-
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 nm-
From victoria Saturday 7 u '"���
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas 10,
Snp'n &  Mlllshle...l(l.
Vancouver LO,
Cloverdale,  lllalne,
Beattle, etc.. .. ��
Van. & Cent.  Park..,
toast Burnaby,. ,
Steveston, etc. ..
East, via C.l'.ll..
Sap., Mill, Coq'm,
Van. & Uui'iiuby..
(HI p.Ill
till p.m.
till p.m.
���Iii n.m.
10.80 a
80 a.m.
16 p.m.
80 p.in
,00 p.i"
,00 ii.m
.110 p.m.
1.46 pM
30 |i.K I
30 ��*|
(10 n
00 in
001'* TUESDAY.  MARCH   13,  1906
reat Wai.paper
This is no Bunco Game with Us
But a Genuine  Going-out-of-l
Having made arrangements to enter another line of business we have decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings, Varnish Stains, etc.
���At Cost for Cash���=
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we have the largest stock of wallpaper in British Columbia and it has a
got to go and go quickly.
We have just opened a fine line of German goods which will be sold* at cost, from 15c to 40c a roll
Our Varnished goods for kitchen and bath, 40c a roll everywhere, while they last 30c a roll and so on.
Very neat 5c to|7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
2c borders to match, per yd -      l i-2c
.Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, 10c, 12 l-2e, 15c
Sale prices, per roll -       5c, 6c,  7c, 8c, 9c
3c and 4c nine-inch Border to match for   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
7 l-2c to 40c
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 15c
eguiar prices
Sale prices
18-in. rreizes to match, per yd
Sale prices, per yard
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A   beautiful   line   of   American   pressed   ,eoods;
regular$1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.    Frieze to  match;    regular 35c per yard
For - - - ISesvard
The old reliable Ingrains, regular 15c a roll
Sale price - - - 9c a Roll
18-inch Friezes to match, regular 15c a yard
Sale price - - - 10c a yard
Ingrain Ceilings, regular 30c to 40c a roll
Sale price - - 17 l-2c a Roll
Room Mouldings, reg. price 5c per ft. now   3 I-2c
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine get-out-of-the-wallpaper-busi-
ness-quick sale. We have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.   First come first served.
BISHOP 2^SS2^. 801 Pender st., Vancouver
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. _ A. M.
-She regular meeting of this
ls,piel(l on the First Wednesday ln
��uh month, at S o'clock p. m��� ln j
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning .
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesdav of every month >n
K. of P. Hall. .lohn McNiven,
Chief;  J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
F.' & A. M.���Regular ronimunlca-
tlens of this lodge uie held on the
eefcond Tuesday In each month in
l��ison1c Temple, at S p. m. Visiting brethren are cordially Invited
tiTattend.    I). \V. Gilchrist, Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets In the
Hoard Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month
Quarterly meeting* on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August anc) November, at H p. ni.
Any sui meetings mi the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
K.   of   [.,   meets   second   und
Friday  of  ouch  month, ul   S
,   In   Orange   ball,   corner   of
avenue and .lohn street.    Suing  Sir  Knights   cordially   Into attend.    W. E.  Dunlop, W.
:. e. Matthias, Reg.
���T*AL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
������Meets   lu   Orange   hall   lirst   and
tljlrd   Friday In each  month al  s  p.
;.m}     Vlsinng  brelhreii   are cordially
.  |BVl'"d   Io   all.'lid.     K.   K.   Matthias,
ikVi M-;  ���!   lliimplirle.-,, Rec. See.
I. \\ O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE, No. 27���
Ho regular meetings ol this lodge
'(He held  lu Oddfellows' ball, Odium-
.   blh   iireel,   ever'    Monday   eveiiltlg,
__\k o'clock.   Visiting brethren cor-
Hiliv Invited to attend,   s. J, May,
"��� mWv.      W. C. Coat ham, Rec-Sec.
"it" naturally follows!!!   what???
Satisfaction, of course, to every man
who smokes the
w V w-1'iR*SEIR lPmg" tu;.'   B. C. and Old Sport (igars
li::��� ���Me. 'tie's    he   ii .1   .md  llunl   1U6B r O
the lirst and third Tues
B   in  "each    monih.      Visiting
Hellii'-n eordl'illv Invited to alleiid.
Hii'" room. a. 0, r. w. hall, Odd-
Hb"'. V block, Clarlisiin Street, C,
I; Coi ib..in. recorder; Louis Witt,
atp ii i workman.
116, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red   l; , e  Degree ii i.i Second and
'fini ih w.'iin '-.'tn ot each month,
;:|(| |< of P. Hall, Columbia St.. at
Hp. in.. While Rose Degree. Fourlh
HK.i'i.'Tia. In each month, name
���he .md place. Vlsll lug Brethren
���rdi.illv Invited. E, B, Sltnch-
ib,,  I'res.,  II. Disney, Secretary.
Manufaclured by lhe II. C. Cigar
rectory, New Westminster, B, C, All
first class dealers handle these brands,
Still Doing Business At the onl Stand.
Merchant Tailor
IRT BRUNETTE, No. 4099, I.O.F.
lWoets the Fourlh Fridav In the
Jnth nt S o'clock, In the small
Bl. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
( Klhii'ii are cordially Invited to at-
Hi. ,1. B. Rushton, C. R-; F. P.
Kxwll, R. S.
8.45 P-��
6,45 D*
3.80 Pffl.
..n.   \f_\
pi.t I
12.00 ��
'  i" 0<>l0 m
���   J,0Q1'��
Mo. F.���The regular meetings of
He Ixidge are held on the Second
H] Fourth Tuesdays of each month
Til p. m. In the Oddfellows' Hall.
���King Brethren nre rordlalv in-
>d to attend. ED. C. Firth, C. R.;
Maxwell, Sec.
IRANCE meet every Wednesday
18 o'clock p. m., 1n Oddfellows'
ll. Columbia Htreet. VlRltlng
Jthren nre cordially Invited to nt-
J. S. Dryson.S. 0.| N. R.
Iwn, Rec. Sec.
Columbia Street.
Full line of Kngllsh, Scotcn and Irish
i weeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring stock  now  In.    Make your
217-219 Colunnlila Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
(Delia   Times,   March   10.)
I). McGregor, wife and family co-
turned home on Thursday.
Mrs. Stratlon relumed home ou
Tuesday evening  last.
Mm.    W.  J.  Lnnning    visited    Ihe
I Royal City  this week.
John Richardson visited  New West-
; minster this week.
Mrs, (Canon) Hilton paid u short
visit  to the Royal City on  Monday.
Miss K. Plewea arrived here last
evening ou a visit to her aunt. Mrs.
_,  T.  Calvert.
UrackmamKcr Co., Ltd.. are busy
putting In a weigh scale alongside
their  new  granary.
H. D, Benson returued to Everett,
Wash., ou Wednesday, after a short
business visit here.
West Mclntyre, wife and family
loft on Wednesday evening for their
new home In Chllllwack.
II. C. Alexander returned to Vancouver on Thursday after spending n
few  days on  business  here.
Mrs. VV. Mcllae and son. Ace. lefl
lasi week for I'olnt Roberts, where
they  will  reside  in  future.
Mark Rawlins has got an elegant
smile Ihnl wlll mil weur off for some
lime A son and hell' arrived last
Mrs. .lames .McCallan went down
hi Vieloria Ibis week to attend her
bUSband   who  Is  slid     very     III     with
It.  It.  Web' and daUgl '.  Mrs,  Bob
ertson, ol Ortlla,  nm., spent   a  few
days last  week guests of Mr. and  Mrs.
T, W. Kerr.
Rev, .'. F. liens weni over to Vancouver on Wednesday morning on a
shori visit   to   his   nephew   who   Is
about   tO  return   to the east.
Miss  Flossie ThlrklS returned  home
in Wednesday, accompanied by her
cousin, George Thlrkle, after  spend
ing a few days visiting friends In
I ( wack.
All'.    Coleman    Is    building    a nice
large barn and stable on his properly
ion the Slough road.
A case of scarlet fever has developed  In  the  Kasl   End,  which  has  been
quaranteed by the .vi. fi. 0.
II. Falls. 0, 11. Morgan and T. Yeoman have moved Into new and commodious quarters   at   Trenanl  Park,
and 1). M. Kilts has been presented
with new ituarters on .1. McCallnn's
farm, Trunk  road.
The entertainment In tho Town
ball, hist evening was a groat success.
The hall waa well tilled and tho following programme was well render-
ill:    Song,   "Heroes   nnd   Gentlemen,"
Dr. Woodlej ; "Our Italian Guide,"
Rev, H. W. I'lercy: soiil', "Daddy."
Mrs. Lannlng; "Sam's Letter," Rev.
II. \V. I'lercy; song. "Out Where the
Breakers   Roar,"   Dr.   Woodley;    "Pig1
maleon and   Galatea,"   Rev.    H. W.
I'lercy: song, "Two's Company, Three
Ih None." Mrs. Lannlng: "Scene from
Handel." Rev. H. W. I'lercy; song,
"Beauty's Eyes," Or. Woodley: "A
Week Away From Home," Rev. H. W.
The  hall  hud  a much  more nitrite-
'live appearance    last  night    than    It
usually has.
������ -o	
Serious Blaze Happens In Small Town
In Oregon.
Portland,    Ore.,      March    12.���Flre
caused, It  Is believed, from cigarettes
in the hands of small hoys, destroyed
j a square of buildings in lhe heart of
St, Johns    last    night,    doing    about
58,000 damage, and threatening for a
tune to wipe oul    the largo lumber
mills   located   I here.
The town Is without lire apparatus
and frantic appeals over the tele-
phono were sent lo this city for aid.
ii being added, presumably for
emphasis,  thai   the whole town was
on  lire.
Apparatus from  Portland  was Iuu-
lied on to an eleciiic car and stalled
for the place, bin the power gave (Hit
KB ii two miles from the scene and
the car  got   no  further.
B> aimosi Herculean efforts hundreds of residents with buckets and
other primitive means, prevented the
flames from spreading until the flre
boa! from ibis otty reached tbe place,
after which the tire was soon under
G. T.  P. Tenders  Received.
Ottawa. March 12.���The time for ro-
celvlng   tenders   for   the  construction
of 945 miles of the Transcontinental
railway eastward from Winnipeg, 150
miles westward from Quebec, and a
steol viaduct, ",000 feet long, at Cape
Rouge valley, was up al 12 o'clock todaj. Twelve tenders In all wore received.
Argue   In   Supreme   Court.
Ottawa, March 12��� Tho appeal ln
Milne vs. the Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities corporation was argued in
the supreme court today    Judgment
was entered In Iho first courl In favor
of the plaintiff for $1,600. This wnn
reversed on appeal to the supreme
court of British Columbia.
Dominion   Government   Presents   Estimates to the House of
Com mans.
Ottawa. March 12.���The debate on
the speech from  tho throne was  pro-
iceeded with yesterday. Mr. Knowlea,
West Asslnlbola, moved the address
in reply to the speech, ami Mi Chls-
bolm, of Antlgonlsh, seconded It.    The
' former dealt principally with the recent western electlous: nnd other mat
Jters arising out of the autonomy bill.
Mr, Borden and Sir Wilfrid Laurler
followed. They agreed Ihat outside
of the Indemnity to members the legislation of last session known as the
"salary grab," was su-ijoct to review.
] Mr. Foster and Hon. Mr. Fraser followed, and several others participated
in lhe debate, which was closed at 1
o'clock by the address being adopted.
Tho estimates were presented to
parliament last night for the nine
months ending March Bl, 1907, and
total $t'i7,!i:!6,r>l7. Rome British Columbia items are-:
Ferule  public   building,   $lf��.000.
Lud.i smith   public   building,   $2,000.
New   Westminster   public   building.
enlargement for accommodation of Indian  branch, $16,000.
Vancouver public building. $100,0110.
Construction of armories, f/87,600.
Experimental farms, new buildings
and renewals. Improvements, repairs
III connection with existing buildings,
fences,   17.600.
Columbia river Improvements, $:io,
Coqultlam river, removal of obstructions, 810,000.
Harbors, rivers and bridges, general  repairs and Improvements. $2.2511.
Nanaimo harbor, Improvements to
north channel, $2,r,oo.
North Thompson river, Improvements, $1,000.
Bkeena river, Improvements, $11,000.
Victoria  harbor,  dredging  and   re-
\ moval  of rocks, $20,000.
Williams Head quarantine, Improvements, $7,500.
Patent    Medicine     Kit   .atte)    Other
Measures Sacrificed: by Provincial Government.
] and on her left, by the corresponding
secretary, which post, owing to the
absence   of   Mrs.   Broad,     who   Is   Ihe
regular recording secretary,,  was filled by Mrs. Warwick.
The meeting opened with silent
piayer and after roll call of the offt
cera, and members present, the minutes of the last meeting were read. 	
The recording secretary then rem! victoria, ilnrch UJ--_he legislature
a report from the lecture rommltte��lwaa prorogued' by the nellMlinat s���v.
in which they stated that they werejC,rnor at lo o'clock list sight,
in negotiation with several people to1 Jllst beft,re ^to^ktto*) Mr. Mac-
give lectures and that Dr.. De Wolf dooald asked if. the government in-
Smith had consented to deliver a lee-1 tHnded to do anything In regard to
ture early In April dn "The Sanitary | th(J children's home InVawo-ver .Just
Condition of the House." burnt out.
A letter was    also read    from    the|    Hon.  Mr.   MtcBtlde replied that the
corresponding  secretary    of the  Cen-; government had" the matter under coi-
tr.il Executive asking for a delegate
to be sent to the meeting of that body
In the- Young Women's Christian association building in Ottawa on Friday,  April  5.
shteration   and'   had   resolved   to   appropriate $2',.000 (or the biifldlng tund
without  detoy,  and  make such other
provision as tt ctwtd.
The West Kmiteiiay Power * Ught
II   was proposed,  seconded and ear-:""1 Wi<s killed.    It reached the report
rled unanimously that Mrs. J, b. Ken- sta&e  'll3t  e-vennlg.  bnt  Mr.  Wright
nedy be asked to act, and that In the objected  to the third reading and  it
event of her not  accepting the post- could not go through,
lion, that some one attending the con-'     Mr- Henderson moved it vote of cen
sure on the government for falling to
tax the lands of the B. C. Southern
Railway company. The motion was
defeated by 20 to 12.
The Vancouver charter amendments passed third reading, without
Mr. F.vans again moved for local option 011 the report of the municipal
Mrs.  Warwick  replied In a few  well   acl,   but   was    defeated    by   15   to   12
terence should  be asked'. ,
Before the close of the meeting a
very Interesting ceremony look place
���lhe presentation of ii life membership certificate of the National Council of Women to Mrs. Warwick, on
the occasion of her retiring from the
presidency of the local branch.
chosen words.
The   Needle   Wi
allllaled     with   the
The act   passed   third  reading.
(11,11,1.  wh|(.���    |,      In   reply   to   Mr.   Oliver,   Hon.   Mr.
National  Council   Mrl,rl11" ",l1"  ,l,al  "  was m"  ""' in"
of  Women  was  spoken  for    by  Miss  t8ntlOT   "'   lh"   WVemmenl   lo   bring
on  the  patent   medicine bill  this session,  bul   II   would  lay  It  over  for  a
Before the open meeting the exeou
Mr. McNIven's tramway bill was defeated  on  second  reading.
Mr.   Manson's  steam  boiler  Inspec-
live liHd a meeting.
The members    who    were    present
were:    Mrs.   l.evar.     president:      Mrs.
McKam,    recording   secretary;     Mrs.  ,,������  bU]  |iass���(1 ���,,���, rea(I|nK nfter a
Bourse.  1st vice president, Mrs. Hugh  sk)rv   tllm,   |n   committee,   l*it   was
Cordon, 2nd vice president;  Mrs.    M. lum,n(1(,(| ,��� aw\y oniy to logging and
Sinclair,  llrd  vice  president;   Mrs.   K.   f,u.m t,nfi|I10s.
L.   Webber,   -lib   vice  president;   Mrs. i    The  ,)roI-OKIlt|()n  ceremonies passed
Barrowclough,    fifth    vice   president;   0ff  very  quietly.
Mrs. Warwick, Mrs. A. Ferguson, Mrs.  0	
A. J.  Hill,    Mrs.    S.  I.  Pearce,    Miss
Stevenson,    Mrs. Cherry,    Mrs.    Wy-1 T0��    FOND    OF   WOMEN.
man,   Mrs.  II.  fin vies.  Mrs. J.  Insley,:
Mrs.  Slevewrlghl.  Mrs.  Canfleld,  Mrs.  0ffi��r   of   Brit"h   Hu,Mr��   GoM   t0
Jail  for  Bigamy.
New  York, March 12.���Captain  Al-
Rowell, Mrs. J, Pack, Mrs. H. Schaltke
end  Mrs. Tupper.
 o ���'
Transact    Regular   Monthly   Business
of  Their   Local   Council.
Yesterday nflernoon the members
ol the local branch of the National
Council of Women held their regular
monthly mooting In the council chamber, city hall.
The president, Mrs. Levar, took the
chair, supported on her right lay Iho
recording   socrotary,   Mrs,   McKam,
bert P. Deanc Reld, who claims to be
an officer of the British Hussars, wns
Collins Gets  14 Years. sentenced today to not less than ono
San Francisco, March 12.���Oeorge year und four months, and not more
D. Collins, chnrged with perjury, was than two years and four months, in
on Saturday sentenced to fourteen; the state prison for bigamy,
years ln the penitentiary. He gave! Reld married Miss Sarah Ann De-
notlce of appeal. Co-HtiVJ1 "H88 '" fa-llano, on October 25 last. He was ar-
moup. He fought extradition for sav-[ t-sted on a charge of bigamy. *na ,lt
ernl months nt Victoria, B. C. His his trial it was proved that he had
wife, Clarice McCuidy, >ras robbed J another wife, who at that time was
thlS morning of a largo sum of money, living In Canada. ,     ,, ,
1. Finnan Haddie,  per i>oun_          We
2. Codflish, per pound  .. s     8 and 10c
5. Kippers, 3 for       25c
4. Mnckerel, No. 1, per kit           *2.00
6. Fresh Herring, 4-lb. tins for          25c
C. Ocean Haddie and  Kippered Herring, in large oval tins, 2 for....    25c
7. Two tins of the best Clams, for       25c
End   Grocery
D. W. Ciilchrist, Mgr.
Local News Briefly Told
.1.  Plester took  a business trip to held in the city hall  Fridyv  evening,
Ladners today. March   2:1.  at   8  o'clock.     A  full  at
v.   Kerst   reiurned   homo  to  Port tendance of members is requested.
Haney  on  ihe Ramona  this forenoon.      G.   Margraves,    the    night     bridge
.1.  lleiehenbach is detained at home  tender,  says  that   last  night   was i.ni
through  Ill-health  today.
*    A.  HARMDAN
J. 5. bHYSON   ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Granite, Aluminum and Tlnwares.
Estimates turnisned ou all  Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street
NEW W__>1M1.\S1_,K
Sole Agents
X2I! Granville Streel
Monarch Ranges.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT,' write for. quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       :       :      :
"Canada" Heaters  and  Separators i
Cochrane   Patents. |
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers   j
Haruim Patent j
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers     j
"Canada" Steam Pupms
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouiwr. B. C.
J Limited. < ���
Office Supply
Sole Dealers
Remington  Typewriter
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired
Adding Machines "Burrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
LoOflO-Leaf Ledgers
office Stationery
Elliott Addressing Machines
of the windiest he has experienced.
Watson, of Ladners. is a visit-     Dr. Drew took a hurried trip down
or in the city today. ��� ''���'''' al midday on the little steamer
W.   .Matheson,   of  this   city,   was   a   Milkmaid, to attend  Mrs.  Hanson.
passenger to  Ladners today, on the     The Hon. w. Norman Dole went to
Transfer Ashcroft ibis afternoon, to bold conn
Miss Hlggar was a passenger to the  ,here'    A "Wber of cases are listed
Indus!rial   cannery   on   the   Transfer   for  trial  at   that   place.
today The Cloutha,  the tug  running  for
W    Mends,  of  Vancouver,   went   to  lhl'   s<-   M,'��K'>   Canning     Co.,     look
Ladners   on   the   Transfer   this   after-  down half a ton of hay from the city
market  to the St, Mungo cannery Ibis
.  ., _    morning.
L.  J.   Beckett,  of  Vancouver,  came
,     ���.   ,,,., c.���,._,i,��� ,,,.     The steamer Lilly, which went  up
in  from   Langley  on  the  Favorite to '
to l'ltt  Meadows with a parly of land
. _    , prospectors In  the latter  part of  last
V   Hanson,  M.  Laverv, of Sunbury, ' . '
*..  luuaw, o       . week, returned lo town this morning.
came   In  on  the  Transfer  this  fore-
The following are registered at  the
_   , . .   ,,     ,  Guichon hotel:    C.  II.  Fraser, Winiii-
J. Jefferson and T. Johnson, both of
.���...,    peg;    F.   M.   Ixignn.   Victoria;    R.   E.
Ladners, came In on the Transfer this
' Beaulleu,     Vancouver;     Jack    Green.
morning. Vancouver;   Robert   0.   Phillips,   Spo-
About thirty pigs came In from Bun-  k(lm,.   Mr   an(,   Mrs   llrown   Beatue.
bury on the Transfer this morning for Q  w  CllTi���t ^ AnK,.los. A   ,   ,,,���..
a Chinese butcher. ,I,)I)   Vancouver;  .1. 11. Heard, Seattle.
J.   P.   Price,   of  Vancouver,   was   a       |n   ,l|)(m|   |nn,(1   weekg   _0   Vulcan
passenger   to   Chilliwack   on   tin'   Ra-   ,)(li|���r  W()r|.s  wl���   inslall  _  ,ih.  (1(|m
nioiia today. presslng*plant, which D. C. Patterson
T.    Lay,   one   of   Chllliwack's   nier-  the manager says will  be the  flrsl  of
Ichants,   returned  home  ibis  morning  ps  kind  In  the citj   and  will greatly
on  board  the Ramona. aid   in   the  work.     II   will   enable  the
E. Atcheson, of Maine, was a pas- linn to do a greater variety of work:
Bengi i  io chilliwack on the Ramona and to do ii more expeditiously than
this morning. heretofore.
Mr.-.. Lindsay,   of    Mount  Lehman,     At a meeting of the committee   of
Icame in  on  the  Favorite today  and arrangements for the coming   enter-
will spend a few days in the city the lainnioni    of the   si.  Patrick's    Day
guest   ol' Capt. and Mrs. Young. society It was decided to give the en-
Thls morning the Transfer brought  tertalnment   on   ihe   night   of   Friday,
in  as  passengers  W.  .1.  Lawrence, O.
Oleson,    I.   Kirkland   and   J.   Hall,
The Sidney Is still  tied  up at the
(I. N. R. wharf awaiting fair weather
! in order to make one of her periodical trips across the gulf to Sidney.
L. Lyall, who recently bought out
Devoy & Spiers' livery stable, came
1n from Steveston today with a likely
looking driver from Westham Island.
J, D. B. Macdonald, proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, who has been
a patient In the Royal Columbian hospital for three weeks with typhoid
fever, is Improving.
A construction gang of the B. C.
Electric Railway Co.'s arrived in the
city this morning from Vancouver,
and nre engaged in work on the transmission line on Tenth street.
A carload of oil cake was received
at the C. I'. R. freight sheds here yesterday from Calgary, and will be shipped today lo Hie Brackman & Ker
company at Victoria.
Freeman   Eddy,   who  has  been  SUf-
m���    ���+ <,�������� <
j A Correctly
\ Attired Woman
Polish Your Furniture
Willi Johnson's Prepared \\ ax. It preserves una brings out nuturiil beauty ol
tho wood, ll produce! a neb. arllMIc
Unlsli to wbieb dill and dust, wlll not
adhere, .lust try It and you will see bow
much better It is tban any other polisb.
Prepared Wax
ts"A Complete Finish and Polish tor All
Wood " Use It on jour Boors nnd woodwork, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax l��
tor ��!1 danclne floors.
You can get Johnson s Iree book. The
Proper Treatment tor Kloori. Woodwork
and Furniture" and tneae preparation! ot
Anderson & Lusby1
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Nothing  makes  a   woman  appear
lerfect-flttlng  Tailor-made  Suit
y0U  can  always  tell   a   well  made and
tee It   Such is the charming appearance
ies of our in w Spring Costumes.
W,, have the best  selected stock on th
moic correctly dressed than
Iressy suit when you
and   perfect-fitting
Three Special Values
At $16.50, $21.50, $25.
Large range
of Misses' Suits,   prices $9.00 to $12.75.
Special s
���lection of  LADIEB'   JACKBTB   In
prices   $6.75   to   $16.50.
new   fawn
������������������������������������� �������������������������������������
Overcoat Sale
-Our Entire Stock of-
feting from a mild attack of diphtheria at his home on Eighth street, Is
getting better und is able to sii up
for a short time each day.
At the meeting of King Solomon
lodge No. 17. A. F. & A. M., in the
Masonic temple this evening the lodge,
will be addressed by District Deputy
Grand  Matser  Logan, of Vancouver.
March   1.5,   Instead   of   on   the   seven-
0f  teenth, as    Saturday    is such  a  busy
day  with  the    merchants,    and    their
Capt. Sainsbury, of lhe local Salvation Army corps, went to Clayton
last evening accompanied by three of
the local soldiers, Jus. .1. Follls, Win.
Ciirnew and R. Noice, to attend an
Army meeting at that place. They
drove both ways and participated in
an interesting and Instructive meet-
Ing, reaching home about midnight.
A meeting of the South African cam- \
paigners will be held In Ihe Armory !
at Vancouver at 8:1a this evening, to
arrange for the reception to H. R. II,
Prince Arthur of Connaught. Other
business will also be conducted. Provincial Constable wilkio, who is a
South African veteran, will attend the
James Atkinson and Angus McAllister, the iwo men who drove so
recklessly across the bridge Sunday
night, will appear before Magistrate
Pittendrigh at 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning, to answer the charge of fast
To be Sold Before This Cold Snap Lets Up. \
We are determined to make them go if
50 to 25 Per Cent Off Regular Price.    THINK OF IT!
$8, $10, $12 and $15 Overcoats Actually
It won't pay you to go shivering for a single day when you can get stylish
Overcoats at such ridiculously low prices.
M. L.
driving. Papers were served on them
by Provincial Constable Wilkie in
Vancouver yesterday.
The executive committee of ihe
local Lord's Day alliance are arranging to held their annual meeting In
the Reformed Episcopal church, on
Tuesday, March .7, at 8 o'clock. The
address will be delivered by the Rev.
M.  L.  Rugg, i).  i).     n   is expected
Columbia Street
The Cash Clothier
Yesterday the Ramona took a trip
down   the  North   Arm  of  the  Fraser j that most of the pastors in the city
with  a  load  of feed  from the Brack-'will  take  pari.     An   Interesting  pro-
man & Ker warehouse, for the Terra . gramme of songs and  recitations has
been prepared.
I 625.Hastings Street
Vancouver, B. C.
+������������������������������������������������������������������������ �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
Nova  cannery.
VV. T. Jackinan, editor of the Chllllwack Progress, Is In the city. He
paid a visit to Ihe Dally News ofiice
today and expressed his admiration
of the plant and the real newsy appearance of the paper.
The high wind yesterday
too   many   for  the  Favorite's  smoke
Xo clalinani has as yet come forward for the bundle of men's wearing
apparel which was found by Detective Bradshaw on Columbia street on
February Li last. Unless the parcel
is claimed by Tuesday, March 12, It
was one|will be turned over to some eharit-
ible organization   for  distribution.  II
Everything Fresh and
Give Us a Trial.
The People's Grocer
Columbia Street.
New Westminster,
^^^w^x^s^x^x:*;*;****^**:***** >
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
icre, live acre and ten    acre blocks    In    city and  suburban
Farm   lands ol  an
miles of  the City,
See ns before going elsewhere,
than any other Heal Kstale Dealer.
Send for list ol  bouses, lot s  and  farms
Kinds  and     descriptions     located   wllbln
We can  sell  as low  if not   lower
186  Columbia  Street,
B.  C
Advertise in The News
slack, and broke It off about twelve
feet from the base. A new stack Is
In course of construction, and will be
Immediately placed in position.
W. Alexander and family, with all
their stock, household effects and
farm Implements, arrived on the Favorite today. They are going to Sun-
bury to live, Mr. Alexander having
purchased  land  at   that,  point,
The  following  were among  Ihe  Favorite's  down     river    passengers   today:    J.  Burgess,  Mi.  Lehman;    L.I
|Beckett, Langley; J. Parker, Ruskln;
It.   Ilryskey,  1'. Cloves,  I,. Small,   Mrs.
spiers, Langley,
The corporation of South Vancouver   has   applied   for   1,01)0   Inches   of
waier  from  Seymour creek  for  the
purpose of Installing a water works
system, by means of a dam and walet
pipe. The application wlll be heard
Thursday, March 16.
The small streams which run from
the  embankments  above  Front  streel
presented  a beautiful  appearance In
Hie sunshine today. The action of
the frost has almost walled In the
streams   wllh   festoons   of   Ice   which
glittered like diamonds,
The Schaake Machine works received a carload of coke from Fairfax.
Wash.,    yesterday,    over    the    Great
Northern.     The   Brackman   Ai   Ker
Milling Co.  also  received   two  cars  of
bran from Eastern Washington over
lhe  same  road.
The population of Chinatown was
today reduced by twenty. A dray load
of blankets and packages were shipped oul on today's electric freight car
to Vancouver. Their owners wlll ship
at Vancouver for the Skeeim river,
where they have been hired for Ihe
season's  canning.
The annual meeting ot the Now
Westminster   Lacrosse   club   will   be
Ie thought Ihat the bundle belongs to
some of the ranchers In Ihe district,
and that It fell from a wagon or
buggy while the rancher was homeward  bound.
Fire    Fighters    Have   a    Run   to   the
Royal  City  Mills.
Tlie hois from (Ire station No. I
made a quick run lo Royal avenue
and Eleventh si reel today noon, where
ll was found Ihat lhe sawdust road
near lhe Royal City mills had taken
lire from a slruy spark from lhe mills.
The lire was quickly extinguished.
Resident  of   North   Vancouver  Selects
John   Reld's Fencing.
John Reld sent out today a complete
fancy Iron fence and gates, which wlll
be Installed around one of the hand,
some residences on Lonsdale street,
North Vancouver.
a representative of the works went
along  lo superintend  the  erection.
Commander   of  the   Steinbek   Is   Too
III  to  Sail  Away.
Captain  B, Olertz, of ihe German
bark Steinbek, which Is loading lumber al Millside, Is seriously ill. and
will be unable to lake lhe ship to
As the bark ls nearly loaded ami
will be ready for sea In a few days,
the command  wlll  fall on  the mate.
Residence Buy
with 182 feet frontage on
Superb outlook and good soil for
garden.    Improvements
and all for
Only $1,600
If you want it, better speak quickly.
Matins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents. Tel. luti. Columhia St.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining-
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster,   i
WANTED Strong steady boy to learn
bollermakfng. Vulcnn Holler Wks.,
Front street.
For First Class  Repair   Work
Give Me a Trial.
Any make or design I can repair it and
make it good as new.
Horace Dorer,
Lute of Trorey's.
Columbia Street,       Next Tram Office
Advertise in the News
Electric Railway Service!
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations at b.DU ami B.bU n.m,.
and every hour thereafter between X a.m. nnd It  p.m.
Half-hour curs from mm, to ^
Curs leave Vancouver tor west-
minster at same nours.
Last, car Sut urday al  ii p.in.
City Limits Line���Service rrom
8.80 a.m. to tU.UU p.m.
20 Minute bervlce���NO transfer.
But ween 11! and 2 and b and 7.
30 Minute Service dining remainder ot (lay. Transfer s'
Leopold place.
Sunday Service hourly nct^"'11
S ii.iii. and III p.m.
City and sapperton.
Sapperton Line���la Minute
vice, excopt between  lil ilT"'
L', and 5 and V, during WalCD
hours    iho    sorvico   wl"
Sunday Service liair-nonriy I10'
twoen N n.m, anil iu p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,lii


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