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The Daily News Dec 20, 1906

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jnjME I, NUMBER 244
'��� h
^v12 Pages
'������-       -'
president, In a Message to Congress, Gives Hi
For Ordering the Regiment Out of Servia
Says Color of Men Made No    /
Difference. /
., 19.��� -"resident
.. : wiih the re-
,.... . nsmitting to
.,.   testimony
ted with the dls-
.: aegro troops
charge oi  nearly
C impaaies B. C.
. Infantry by
,  , ��� i,,;. executive
nee ol what, afti
... I  to be mj
id to avail my-
. ,   , afforded   Ij?
lav   before   the
been ^nadi In
Referring   to . In
ii; on the   peoi ���
teen or twei       i i ��� .
took part in it.    Hi       :. ii
"A blai   ....
annal   of
plemented       anotln
I   resi at
any   i (Ion   to   draw ...
them  based u
any othei ������ of th.
S il Ilei
starl  iu  iii., ���   .
i'i :  won en and cl
Mr. Herron of Alberta has given notice that he
��� ��� he following resolution in the House:        !
' fhat it is important to the success and rapid j
! an(J prosperous settlement in the provinces of Mani- J
eason   j toba and Alberta and Saskatchewan that  lumber !
| should be supplied to the settlers at as low a price as '}
able consistent with a reasonable profit to the !
manufacturers of lumber; that the prices charged j
���er in the said province are regarded by set- j
i tiers as unreasonable and   excessive:    that   it   is
;      rged and claimed on behalf of thc said settlers
j '    ' an unlawful combination exists among and bet-
| \Veen the manufacturers of and dealers in lumber for
| the purpose of unduly enhancing the price to the
! consumer;  thai  a select committee of nine be ap-
i pointed for the purpose of enquiring into the mat-
j ters aforesaid with power to send for persons, papers
i and records and to examine witnesses on oath."
Hotel   Bars   Will   Remain   Closed   For   One   Week
Pending Decirion of Next Meeting of Licensing
Board���Royal City Case Was Not
icensi    .  ..-, cii,.i
k rarily.
:.      ..    .
.       ':..     hotel   ... :..-( -     i the cii.
���  . toi  :...  yea
rhi   above   la   in brief   ::.��� i :
.   . :.-'      .        ..   -      :.-    - mc*    I s
he rea_              .,- ��� he Mi
, . ' . ���        .> . : ���
I. :,. .   suspe :...���  Ill                    ���       ��� i      ... .......
. i .. i       .._;.,. - ������    -     ..
KM         ��� I    ..
��� .       . ���
. ��� .. ...     .,-..:
Mi     1 a .' :	
last evening, when the applications 01 �� ������ - Uu I  : i   i fcl I   I
as to the
... facts
ertain members
Ne*   L.T.ter M'll.
Au    Immi :. -      ��� ���. .:..
���..  be ere.ti I    I   M     ett H
the   north   end  ol  Grahan    i
I teetion and as toi the Queen Charlotte group,        he B
l,. ch many of the   P. Grahame Lum ���    com m
,:        til    these    companies   dred of firsl
from   justice  to   limit -   have
I      . . aited     States   < om| an eople, an.
I structlon ol -   mi        to b
...  [b,   same action   would   menced In thi ���-     Thei       any     rodua   ��� lei from a medical
the President,   expecte   to  ex ei $50' in   ���    n ol ihi   city, and with the excep-
.    ...     een   white���indeed,   Installing Its plai .���'       qi ., acclileni 01 emergencj  cases.
���   -   *<        probably  have I Ii ml u     .     ... e admitted to that inatl-
 ��������� ���
��� iti in  wltho u   lhi   stipulated    order.
Thus   leel led  lhe  board  of directors
��� ��� a   hoti      ::.' i.   f(      I:.'      ��� I ���
111 eases were dealt ��Ith
....     ation. ii '���; i  gi ante.. ������
    disi ussion,  but   in   the   f< ��
cases   when   the   commissioners   had
a   ask   ui   Llquo:   1... ���
Ins] 11 ioi .i   w   an Intosh  things
(     bim   foi   ; ',i   . onlfaco . onc i   n< ..
When :ia  '......a ol  \   Swanson   ,
a ior of the Prasi i  hi .i     s as     i
. ' law. nn?. ���������
DU    tl ������      r- ���"      ..!'���'
- '������ he OUltod or. business, an.l tn,
reai -...-.     : ���     .... ���.   .   .
-; ���..   him  :,     _ a>   '.... a   ,   ". ... : p( :
���' bon   ���.   cran;  a  license.
...  ssiosi     . .isi.1 >  though! i lv..
.    v. oul :   '���������   .. . a a.   .i.;a>. Ic*    I mu
Pa . h'_   license     uniil the
���t   af    . I    :'m"    hoard He
Future    Med.cal    Men   Must   Sign    Inaugurate  a   Number   of   Changes
Apphcat'on   Before   Patients
Enter   Hospital.
In future    all  path nts   admitted lo
Royal i ...:.   hospital    musi
System   of  Church
fee v E'!Atry   Has   Envelopes   Dcrnin on Gove'-n-'-e'-.t Proposes to Ex-
rirtec C_    rig  Attention  to
'.�����<. Westminster.
ercise   Contrci   in   Case  cf
Strikes in Future.
-i.n. of  the.  brew-
tising his city as
���   is fall) den. i
. ��� .   inter. _tln_
printed on eon i
ipes, and in
���  .   suggestion
��� _ -
ated    :
.1 ���   Rivi :    th
ui.  the 1'.'
:.     .1: "    '
lig-Otte . :. ���  Edu
Lhl   ������:.'���   ��� '
Finesa    .'.,: ::..:.-���
���   the    Mi
_ ���
��� ������.-':..   -'���
n the  ba   i
��� "'...:.   '��� '   3J
1   wi       m
a    ���
'   ���    : ���
It..:,   Ml    !.
i 0f c u
io      ���
the <
n  .-'    ��� '
b Mon lay, a    I)
ng  laboi   '���
��� In '   a- ���
��� a ' ������.'��� nd-
rii ������    of   a
nl    '
ered ii
:      :���    : ���
Ri ..... i ��� lumbian hospital yes-
". rnoon   In   Mayoi     Keary's
ffi ���     ml in     a ted lbe secretar)  to
1,,..  "..   ' ���    ���-.... oi der tortus printed,    in :. ���   past, ii li..- been custom'
���'.���������! a al man lo send i a
I  till       ...:.'   w ItllOUl   .III or,Irl
kind      .' .������  lhis practice tl .
v. Ii ���;  tin     approval   of th i
. and :- nol  followed In an.   ol
a      ... BS,   it   \\ as   llailll'.li:   ii
ii to upon sinned order I
��� .   ii
for Ihe month ol  N'o
 a      ed, .nni also lhe sal-
uthi ��� I November and
;..   . ������   ,.���        ||    ,..,-    lii'i'iih'il   thai   lhe
be I'lirn ul   month would
tm   net "imi     of    the
. i . . a : .. - 111 ill a   .     lit J
nurses, In rccog
��� ���I mj    ui d i" i'      iln:i"a
��� ill\   executed,
. ii.   Hi nkin      Vlex
I    ', ,a ii'K    made   I"
Those pre
. : _i   ineeilni   were, James fun
In ".    .'.���'!       \   i   lllll.
li..it< .      ' hi,   i'ii I
The annual election ol officers took
place In the Olivet Baptisl church
lasi evening and the retiring advisory
board brought in a scries ol recom
mendatlona which wlll practical^
change the system of management of
the church. The recommendations of
ihe board were adopted In full. They
called for the abolition of ihe advisor}
board which has hitherto heen the
managing force of the church Thej
also reduced the number ol deacons,
from seven to five, and did awaj with
the .leacoiiesses  board,     Thev   nppotn-
tloned, and the Inspector's repon .>.- uhoug]      hai   the   | osec  againsl
read  Commissionei Thornbei inq  lrod him, '.....nc   to   prox rle   ���������   ��� ������
whethei   there ��as a  dining room * vie* of his bar-room .in:::..   ,"..:,;. lee
lhe hniia. ami if ,s(>. whethei   H was hour*   had  beea entered  i "   too
used by outsiders     The Inspector re soon      There wa* new  a olesai   ii"
plied thai   Ihere ��.is a  dining  rex ol the '.������������: -Rmd the eawttMe
upstairs,   and   lhal   tables   were   set       rtii   ...arise InspesctXH  ^u> .'r.   o
ihere   whenever   he  had   visited   the led upon for his version o   ihe *ff. .���
place.    He could nol saj whethei the and detailejd tte U-CWemts ��hi.-h lea.;
diiiiiij;   room  wms nseM   bj    nia.ii>   en; tc  Mr   >"V.:.-   ���i',.i>csranoe  in  lhe  po
'. ..   i-   hui the sinff of lhe hole! ten       Ice court     WfceM Ite had called at the
Royal t .;> hoiei on hi* firs, visits, ir
a,       : :. :������    , lie   ai     i ... i        bJfl   lhe
windows   would   hax-e   tea   '������'    ��� '��� i��W ���
Mr  V"^fllc*h being the-,, a.s. .        He fea4
i'tver.:l>   been  i     w     "    '   I M_M<
iheli  meals (here, and he had nol ci
tickets ui the bai room, calling attesi
lion to the facl thai ma. a .��� ... i be
.   ..i.ned upstairs for the  ,  Ice   ol
vin-   commissioners    were    satlsfli
with the explanation, and the license {.,,<���        lit.  i   s<
��.,. granted  without anj   furthei  dii       M;i>.'   Rear;    in ccvmentlng on ihr
Acuity. ...ss'     'ill.;. . ke..    ,1,;..   he     n...  ..   '.Vr  .'I.
rhe reading of the inspector's report lhe unendnMe I   :..-..  ��.'...   OU  j
;n .ounc, non with the Holbrook he te The mi   I Peea) a'.', st it U ihis
ted a board of managers to be known   broughl   oul   tha   ted   tte.     several eonunwefd Hit Wonshlp, "U ws  .
t'I'lnphiiiit-    had    been    Investigated :.. i<    license*  ��i- oxikvi the RoM_MM
againsl the Holbrook deirlng ihe >ia ie    i asonal '���    -on  ihe hei:.��  un-
and  ended   wllh   the   words.     1  nv.i.i: which  the'   . . I  \, i       In  nn   r.r:S.  Ofljp
mi    .! lhal the liocnsc 'rr not  grant) ...  .'   as '....o.     o:  Ihc cit\  and iioonsc
i       id ��� ami: .1  Cartel -tniiih moi ....      .--..I     :   have   ...   optksa   -n
c,i  thai  lhi   license be nol    g a. ed .^'pi  to vote    ���     .'���������    '
iii.  i   had boen aloi ol litiul e witl otherwise   i   ".    ���   be   ��������� ���������   ��4 ��� i ���
ihei   place during   the     pa*l    twelve lhe   bj ������"   ������"    '   *:-    i !   ���'���
i mths   anel  he thought  ll   would hi .   ���   ..-.,.;.        i    Mnk  we   I
- ��� I
as the tinance committee wilh a mem
lt>rshlp of five, which Included the
church treaaurer and financial secre
tary, Instead of business meetings
in: held quarterly, Ihej will hon
:���' :  he held mon thi) al ihe close ol
i a    pi a;, e;    inei'lin:'.  on   the   111 sl   \\ <   I
iii sd.i���.  evenlug of the month
The officers wore elei leel n   fo    i'
Church clerk   r   I . w ehhc . treas
���     \\ nller  laiueisoii.   iiu,i:ii lal sei
rotary, VV, K. Uanton;  Sun.la'  soltoed
: . ; Intendent,  lefl    ovei.    doai i
H;    II    lien!   and    \    \S     Hi uaa;,    . mi
: her yonr to run i. re elei tod,   \   V\
S lllgalor,      !���'     lav. 1 .    el,', lo I,    I'     I.
Weal   a
Hoard of mniiingemenl. i.   li   l.usb).
in   Hacking, f)   li   Boni, VV   i:   IVm
ian.   \\     I'luierson
Vi'i.'.ic committee; Mrs   \   i Hill, Dr,
lla.Kiua.   Mia  la     .    I'o'.llll
Viiilltnr, Hei    llobi 11   I .mnle., u i<
���    -
r , hn ond Nomlnatsi
.        .    "    mi   el    dele
lllll        ' ���       Ull     H'.li'llCl    ot
, \   11 eo u v e i
l'n   thr   Pi..iiira,   tha   Or.1)   Bnov.    HSI
I'm. rn   tlir   Hiiinuy   Wnl> rt,  tn
Alt ll k   Mr".
a   .. in  ...   io   lu rin elves snd ii
,    ���:   :. i nm   :..        * If they pern
li -i in     |a,'. : l.        ������    Ol
a' t��ln  ..  Ilcensi
���   ain |    .i     'a.    ,   i       -.hen.:.,
ia'   || ii.e pi est ui  tenant.  '.'   Mce a
, mild find a  unliable mar.  ;.'   ���
, la, c   hlm   I"''.,'; e   ihc  cu.l   ,-i   (hi    ) l .
iiu- iu ense mlghl "". i <��� granted   H��
' . fa veil' i . a,..;-     he   lice
mini  the  nexl   meeting  ol   thi   ��� ���-;���.
di in ri       ll.   ciTo', c.l ;,' ���'<-, .'n.l -.h,
toil  an   Ihc  c   . .'million.
i o mir ai.'iii a   San. ||   a   a.     .
iiii civn ll lon   li ���   iiu  pie ��� ��� ���    . " i.
VI      ii     McCasklll    &      \i.   	
vm    i'     lie!     I 1 am, a '   , .    a .      Ill    i
,....�� M      :    ���' '���
:  : ad   " 1*3 ���      ' ���   W 1  "'  ' ���
.iOjMt.Od     . ��� ' ���	
lr, mj opiin."���    v,    pale I   I.   ���
, , ,       . .    an;    ;o   be?   fc.;a.���������
,, .-,--.   ii h ' figh' ;h<* ���   !
ofl --cum    llth   ..'- anioalii.)
M   thli      ���     ���   6W ���*'     ������'   ' v
I    I Fire,
5   Raise   Row���Dsntrs
'     C : asp y
-   .:
a and
i ie i
on with th.
:.   -  :, f...r.,"i   the   Third
a    -. ���,     ���'                        ���'   ''!   '"   ''   ^'^
���.- :. .           . '������'������   ''''''',;' ;
There waggons .-.    Rlcbai ;  ���  ���              -:'   l!l"  '"' ,:
lay bonne     It          ' ""!' ;":iil '''""
..   rn'.   who
| | I'll'
, .    ,    a      II   II    '      :     I    '
or high i��
ii  in .I-1    ei iiin !"'���
:   ,     ii, i.  .     a       '      Ul
id I llil la III I
,,.,,,:    nn     .1 htn  H    "��n
��� mil    I ���
, ,   .    . i, i
iploti i h  bih
, ������
'(,,��� ,���| .        . Ill     HII'- ,'t
I'a.ll ''    ''      ' '   '' "  I    ��� ' '"'
.,    in ,,aa.   ' rsatei a im or
.  .I,
linin..      w ih
 ii    it,,11.���     .lan.". in.i       ilil'
lu      lhe    mar I    "I    llll
i 'am   I lie,    ��ei i    .    .      i, a    ,��� a  ' .i .
lm    I" fi i. Mini I'      I lm   Hi i-i    111  .'
HOW    im   lo.   ..I   I.i:    w n'i.'     ha VC   I"    II
mining ihi    ' i       i In    a.i.'
,illi  I  nil I In ami   nl'.n lo   I    I'Vl'I'ill peril' Vlli|l|ill|i;     Mill I I        ll a        1'HI oi|  I
' I'Uiuli " i md i iin,iiu iii Hin i ii
,  . uld nil nlghl  wii.i i' Im   U
i nui i'i      lli   w n   i.  .ai . i hj  ii in ii In i
ivi      '.nil   i li.    iui,-1,   11 Iplng   ai null I
i '��� iii ,   Veil own h .in i lun i i i "
���     nib. ��   noi |||   ol   I he   i hei ,  nn I   ,
a. nu hi   ihe fleotnass ,>i m
,   "'   h lie iiii'o'i in Iiii fU-loti
'      ;..,   I      lUVIll
��� the i  tbe  leading    ���
, ������  | . its)
���  , V.'l,ll;im    I.!'-. '      ��� ���'   I' '
a nod rmd,
llluo.i .I,.    M,,���i     |i,,,.    |U      '|'|H, B|,p|.
..ilon. m i.n"'iie ti.iuiii'.u, ..^oii p. ati'l
vi,,n, i|,.ii,",��� aged 12, were fouml
���.ci'ida)   in   a   small   coulee   aoross
' ';���".. ���   S.:"Si..'S  .     .,...,.,.,,,,,..:
......HU, iiioim   il.."o���,:.    ". il"'* �� I'1"'"' '""'", B'"'11
,  ���,,,���.      a,,i.i  be fl  imKi-a.i ,,i,���..ii n,e Canadian line, north of Iltiisdal..
Igner- u     i an '     ..n-'"'1  Irtrtll. Jsti'l    "Ths) 1 The children wandered from home and
.,       j,,,,,'   |,   ,   I,,,.       . .. '   '"     '""��  dm ally   froze   to   death.       Al    :1m
���'      "    "'-'       '   "                         "      ,       ,      m,   ,      "���'  A"   II.. fll.il "The 'one   ,,f   llieir  ,lisii,,,,earanco,   Nov.   C,
,i   iioonii," I, ,, ...it," lo which theg'iH' I    ,. all the inhabitants helped In a
'             .   ""   *<Ui Ortfll         i fm                                 )ti|  .    |(ir   lmmrPni      ;���. earcn     The disappearance    was   a
"*'   -    !���'    '^"      ' ,,,,,��� ���,���    wih be ti-'M ��< "��""    '        i    II being thoughl nl the
' ���     "                               ���'���"          ""                 ���    ���,���������   ,,���,,,,���     Hili.i. ���'-������   lhal  the            '   i la mi ai,:l���,;,'l.
I      M   lllll       .111.I     Vli       VlSl'l     '      ' Oil'       ���
i : , '. i' ���      II ll ' .   ,  ���  ,
: le    I ..'���...,' .
Ill'.V   Ullgl .���;���,.  i'i	
i 111       :, ".nr Mi      M, ,
tt'iniM    ��� ���   "an,, ml   �� mild   La  ni   , ,
ll     lU    . II 111 I 1 hi '    illll   ll.",    �� ���
have li     ��� ��� '   ni) tenant, h��\ ins hn
II  llllll    �� iill     lip      ll,   ;,   1    1)1       |l
���������'���'     lllld   iw   '    ill ll i mine,I    li
m,   mm,-   n.m   , ||  ,
Vill    i"     Iw a    \     | ..Im.al    ot| '
llll'linge'lllt'lll     I"    >  . ,  a     Vli 'I  ,
mid   Vli    \i. i i kin   would   h iw   i. ���
I lllllg      I"     a"     �� llll     ll IHI   ��� '     I
liill    lilt'J    innl I    bl'   ' III e   lhal     i     ,   .
Would   Ilei    I"     gl lllll.al   e\, i'|.|    I,,   ,,   '   ia
llhl"     lllllll l'| '    I     III.'     lll.ill,ill     li.ln,
|llll   ll   wan  llll.lllllla.il   ' ,   ������  i, e |   i|| ||  il,
I lull" ""It   Iml.'I   II, , ii  ,.   .,|i,ni',,i   ;,,
i" iiiii d iiom ���ini���   nnd that Uii
"i   i'liiiilliir   n   li, . ||   ..   ,,,   anoilm,    t, a
iiiii   would   he   i , ,   i   up  a.   it,,. ,,. ��� i
' "������    "I     Hie    ��� a, 1 ,   ,,,   ��� ���  ��� ,,.,  ���,|j���,,      (hm
wfl ��� Axed tor Dee lit .,, ,���,,.,r  ,,,,
.     , ��� a '  .     '   a       '  .
. S��   the      ... ���    ���
K, .,   .      .     .' . .     ;c    i,l.ow
,..,...       ��    .    . .     gl
WAS       S '*���  a '
r.    '       .,.,,
1    W   .'     . . .     .      '       .
'���..,'....,      .        . \     .    . .   \.     :
. '    	
,    '   ...     .        , . '    ,1"    fid     lh      .
. ,11   , ,",w   .    .
\ ���,,
... ...
, ���   a ' ���     ���
..     ,
['Olllllll        i'IIi        ',  .  ���
ii,e; ien I   , , ,
\ .
i.'ll. I    ,. . a .
\\   |) . 1. .    , . ���.
Invor of the
lv\       Ml        I'll"   h   .      ll     '   "
air il   i he ie \     ia      mu
Vll.'i   nil   ih.
read   loseph v\ i ���. ol the Pcpoi ho ���
aim."in,. ,1 (hm i a .-aril gome m i
hu  ni'i'iii alien  ind nol  reached the
, ii j  ei. 11,      rim reporl of Hi
In i.. I... hi Ini   ' i i able, ami rei om
a    be
"mini   aloud-      imam
aii wenl nienl aa a mania.,   bell numb1.  agreed to granl  Mn Wis,- his
im a r.nv iniiiiii.ig, and licenses vrere license on condition thai he broughl
being granted In    raj,id    sucee. s|."i. down a formal application Eo the
when   another   halt     was  called,    I'd hall  this  morning,  so thai   ll   ma.   be
I'aich, proprietor of the  Royal Clt. , placed on file with the others.
hotel, applied  for a  renewal of his The commissioners then adjourn  I
license.    Commissioner daggers mov to meet again this day week, when the
ed that ihe license  hi    a.i anted.     The Suspended licenses will  be dealt   with
calm which is always supposed to pre ! _
cede a storm followed this, being 11 Appointed.
nally broken  by I'limmlslsonor Thorn Ottawa,   Ont.   Doe,   IB, Lieutenant
ler,  who  moved   an  amendment   thai ("ol. Plset, of the Army Medical I'mi'
the   license   be   suspended   until   the haa   been offered   and   accepted   the
next   meeting  of   Ihe onmniissloner.. position of deputy minister of mllliia.
commissioner    Smith    seconded    Ihe He is one of the South  African  Vet
at. ei an... ;. ���  f
I     $
The Great Slipper Store
Open Every Night This Week
Tins   is    tlie   Xmas   Slipper   store  !
.    ���    .       .    "    .        *dy!    <:/J
^'   ���    . .  -.
-     >     .--.-.���
* ' . 2 ������/
.'.-::.<.���: certainly, the handsomest clippers that are made,
and     -'��� are showing many styles youll not be able to find
r:.'/;wr.'':; ;:.
.A/sf fo give you an idea of a hat ue have:
-- j * '.*.".--. rta&te ��  ' >er " ;  -
���// /
$1.00 aj ur
��� .- ���������-.       -          ---I i $1.00
���   - " - -���*. .-'--*.."...:'-:"   black and marrx��r 51.50
'��� -    ..--���:..'-'*' make .75
"-:���*,: a fai lined house slipper with leather soles .75
���:.:-. ���.**���. .>.:.���-. >,-:. toturn  a]  colon  black, red, white, blue,etc, 35and.60
--: Dongola - _   v..-: sizes 1 y. 5 1.00
. .','/:.*   somethinj. new, frizes I too 1.00
' ���'' ������'���       '/'.'"���': '���*-   S.',''r..'.'���'   f/:yf:
.   r --ii-r
-5 uppers
For Christmas
Johnston's  Big Shoe House,
Columbia   St.      New  Westminster
i .i
'fi ''ii':'::
j .!���'; is
Oi.tma. Presents | B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
a   ,    a I     ri
. -..: ..fl ��� ��� ami li I;. Uake . ���:
ii .' r.| |i mi a- ... inlclpal
i Ion
... a I     .
.   '      a,.a
i    ���   ' ,i Need  More  Ships.
'I ii"       Vli ' ii lu, l)i'    l'i    In addition  to a      ,   . ,
It is stn nol   recommi nded thai   nip
"���I ��*>��*'��� '���'��� '    '" *   I ; ;""      ""������"  ""��� '��� I m   ,,,,,���   ,.,.   ,.,.,   ,,.���   to arrive al 'I- I n
h   i in'/'iiii" lhe Prince     Victoria, a nov   l.oai foi   ation  ome days in advance, thu   avoid
, ,.,,,.     ... ������   ��� "... l, a now tug P.,  lowli ���   inj? the rush and ensuring-mosl careful
means "f forwarding ; ackage  of n
chandi e, valuables and jeweler) to all
pari   of 11," world.
Spokane WJs&ftatWf
Nelson iEL -heppardft.fi
Red V-iunUin R\.Co.
i -
  ,.        handling.   Arrangemenl   can be made
'   "'   ' '��� ���'���*'���"��� '" >���"   i ..ni. i.i-i'"i. . ,'in.i.i ie u   ,���. .,   ,,.   c.l   R   for deifvery the day before Chriatma
���   ��� rn . io .;  ., ��� iii; ., ��*"l -1111 further Increase li    Reel   ���    when desired.
Thn   riollrx  ni     i  ... i :   | , 10  roi-   ljulwl"��   ;i   ll,;'"  rrefghtoi   along
.."-���I   .!,���.- i.   ��� and thai the   K��norul l:""   of the '"" '   ";'     """'
I..,.,,  .,., ii,    hu i     iuild ihi.li loan    ;"""' l;"'��'!r-
ht 11.0.00  wllh  B   m.i "n\  Interns),      Th" ""w  ���,"'"""'' *v>�� have a lh ,,
..   , iimi Hm ll do na. '���.'���'������ii.i'i been   :"""'   """  carrying    cai.aclty,     She
,���,i.i ..ii. with I,,'.-,- ��� ������ lain ���'���',,i !l" designed primarily to i
ih"   congestion    |���    getting     Vukon
I in     ,'i.a .|   .,'    .'. i ,      repoi ind   rr
10      Hie      Ml  I.I       III      roil  I,     l.'l.'.'.l
hou in   i.il,   nn I    I',lm    'in   i '.a l,   nn I
r.olghi forward al rush lime . hul wlll
also ho ii .etui  for general frolghtln ���
l/'l .ilie.i.'i
1 ���' i, 11   ,11 i ���.
��� :      i    Coi m ll    a i     iippolntod   lo
a  iill    iie    municipal   hooka   and   lhe I'nlciss something Im done lo preveni
ichool  ace.mn I , pedestrians taking  shorl   cuts acroa
Tim reewi and councillors Indemnll. "'" C'anioglo Mhrarj grounds, lho ll
��� a   ordered paid   o dale. brurj   commllloo  will   Boon   lind  thai
rii'ee.'i   dollars   .va .   ci,iiiiiai   io " will Ui nocossarj to have sonio dig
...ml'   the cosl ..i .. ditch in .linin tho ;l"j' ''one and grass seed ptircha ed.
a le. il   leiiii.e   in,'ri,   and   Messrs    At- "wing Lho pasl Hiinimor ihere was an
Special attention given to hipments
foi' Great Briuain nnd Europe.
Por further information apply to
Company's office at C. P. It. station,
Phrne 91,
j. w. Mcdonald, Agent.
=>;$20 ANO UP=
Manufacturers  and Dealers  in  All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     I urned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
\* ��� .::
���.   '.    '
���    Pa
J       I   (Tei
J       Effective
J i '.OL
J Leave
{ 5,20 a in   ���
j 12.25 p.m.  .
0,40 a 111.
'.    -   :'��� "
I!. A.
... mi
New Westminster
Cut and Made on the Premises
247Front Strati New Westminster,
BISHI BS ll��'
I,,. i..||i'iiiii'.i, uiu  |i 1    ip.. n< ii vi it mm li as though lho _ irk ... ���
'the (Info "i  lho   lai.'ial  rnlcpnyors' ' '   c'nsto I
IIKIOlJtlg,   In   ll"   ll' 1 I    III   I lie   hull.    ". a
I   od   im   l.ucomhci     .. ul   1   p.m,    ll      Leave four order al Koch
1    hoped nun v:   holding thn nieoilng for a : .mi lurlioj or goose,   Tho,v cm
lr 1 lie .'.Menl.. 111. ''   a,ei , liiin.: IIII .' io your satisfaction.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
 - i��E MOANING PAPER is the best i Plumbing and Contracting
;, 16 11.   ,]
\v , Van
rs an
l'l; m'l
.    Bookkeepln    ' "a,iH��l
{    Shorthand
J   glneerlng.
1 Teacher*
PAPER FOR ADVERTISERS.   11     p. o. box 248     ���^-    telephone 302 C
J Forty-Five TyP^
Students Am
-_t..r DEC,  20, 1906.
pictures for xmas
See our window display of Beautiful Pictures
A large importation of
Prints, Engravings, Sepias, Carbons, etc., etc.
See our line of 25c and 30c Pictures
Regular 50c and 60c .alue .
Large   Oleographs   for   $1.95
Good value at $2.50.   Large 4-inch gilt frames.
I: will pay you to drop around and see the g Is.   None better evei
���rtfered, and a good selection.
Masl-SI    M.-n..   la   Hlilrh   l'r,.r.>_li
"I    "-.rl��_.        . I.     Mud..
if' an  uld   custom  prevailing
. .   regarding propos-
sl* . marriage l*he first time s young
nasi, , ... . aa avowed lover he
��� ��� :, in n l>o(ll��' of wlnee, of
which he pours oul n glass and prp
���ents .i I.-   I.   ibje. i ol bit desiree
if she accept! It the whole affair li
settlcd Verj often Ibe girl bat not yet
made up bei mind, and tticn sho will
take  refugi   In  excuses so nn not  to
   lbe   ���   .    and yel not refuse It
poinl blank, for that I. considered a
gross Insult, proving thai kIic has been
morel, h Hlng with thc affei tlons oJ
bei '." ei
she w ,ii, ia ...,e_. maintain that
tbe " Ine "looks sour" or ttuit wine <Mm-
agrecs �� Ih ber oi Ibat she ls afraid of
gi ia, ||] si or ti, ni the priesl lum for
bidden her t.. take any In fact, she
makes use ol any subterfuge that pro
sents Itself m thai moment
The purport  of these e_.il.es l�� that
bl.e hns imi come tn ii decision and thnt
tin- �� ni- offei Ing i.- premature
This strange custom, dating ver. fai
back   according to one Buecoun!   II wai
ki..n\ n :��������� ��� ii ly ���...   i lie ninth ccnturj
is called  ' i i In? In    lho " Ine" and ie
bj ia,i.v mou. with lb. acl o( prop >--n.^
Hli.i    lovers,   li.nlli   li   make   sure   ct
then ense beforehand, find II a very
happy Institution. Sol i word need 1.1
spoken, aiiil the girl Is s| ared tl"' pa a
fill   "Nn   "1  . ,i .li. ntion.
ii any of the w Ine Is s] lied or tin
glass or bottle broken it is considered
a most unhappy mi.en In fact, then' Is
n peasant _ sn_ lng for nn unhai p;
marriage, "Thej Inue spilled thc wine
between t hen.
Another car of Xmas Furniture arrived yesterday.   Beautiful Cabinets.
��.uffets, Sideboards, Bedroom Furniture, etc.
Make this your headquarters when shopping.    We bave numbers of
|hairs and a parlor fitted up for your pleasure.
Open   every   evening   this   week    until   f)    p.   m.
{Saturday and Monday later.    Come at once, get first choice.
inadian Pacific When You Buy Cookies or Too
RAILWAY COMPANY     == ~"~" " = =
Biscuits Why Not Gel the Best
ill and see our special offer.
We have twenty-one varieties pul up by the celebrated
Jacob & Sir..-. Dublin, which we are offering al
15c per package or two for 25c.
Don't gamble with your custom.   Take no chances, il will
pay you to tlcal with
Tlie    I niiii.ii.   Shrine   untl   eli��-   "!.__. ���
rin Ih"   In    I'�� �� l'l ���
The crocodile, one ef the mosl sacred
iiiiiinals uf the ensi. hns given its name
to several ancient sites. Of the various
cities of crocodiles the names ..f which
have been hdnded down lo us l.v lis
rodotus, Pliny nnd Strabi perhaps the
mosl strikiin. uns the "Crjcodllopolis*
of the anclenl Egyptian province of
Fayum, which, according to tradition,
wns innii by thai pharaoh who "mad.
the lives ef the children of Israel lit
ter with hard Bervlce." This proe ne_
lies within nn almosl coinplete circle of
bills- n  Utile inisls In the mills! of tilt
desert, where ruses mul grapes mingle
with Uks nml olives iiiiii luxuriant palm
trees grow almost Into (uresis, its rn).
mil is Meiliiiet, iiiiii n little iii tie north
of the city nro a nunibct ul Irn   ularlj
shaped mound.    Beneath nw c nre thi
ruins nf the pbarnoli built "Croc idllo
elis.''  the "City  of  i i ������ idlle .'   latei
cnllod  Ai iti.ie and  the shrluc of tl"
s.'iereii   crocodile   of   the   uel hborln
Lake Moerls, which was tlien 150 mile
In . iiviiniii: en. e    Thi ��� bike held te-
sneri'.l i rocodilos, nml ie- ei,. h died I
turn it �� n - bin led In one ol Ihe I 11
uinier "rami I  ��� ppulcbers of t he woi i
famed "labyrinth" al band, . de b. p   ���
wiih the embalmed I  ��� ol   succi
si\ e phar&ohs
*�����    Hnbtl    nl    ��_LI_|     -���<-��������.    WIB
N.larei    An.     Man*   < an. ��r.
Good ��>m-ii.��>s bave kept bark iiukm
a nj. a from realising a prosperons ea
recr Once you H<'l the exrii.e making
bill 11 formed eun mighl ns well have n
ball inui chain attached to your ne. r.
so fur as inui prospects lor rising i
tlie top -tp concerned.
There nre two kin.is of excuses which
keep n clerk In the business world ���
copying n clerk's position when hi
capable dins it in him) to be sometl i
better If be only would.    The first i la. v
Of  I"., uses  are  the  inieK be   make.    '
himself.    These are often as enervai
lng, subtle and death .lealing as ti.
Haute  clgiire��ttr.
A clerk sees n piece ..( work which
he knows onghl to he done today,   lii
knew-,  that   Ihe best  Interests of  Hi
: ns ness require thai this work shea
not i e pul ofl until tomorrow    Bul
hn^ not j .1 ren. bed a point where
realizes thai   his employer's  Inten
nn   Identical  with  his oun, and   :
haps in   uns ..ui  late insi nlghl i
feels n lack of ambition todaj    8 ���
excuses himself from doing the w
..ii the ground thai  "thc boss" did
tell  lala  tu do  it  toda.      At ler su.il li
bis conscience with this specious n ���
tnl dope he puts iii llis spare tim< re
lug aboul the way Blohett ki. >. k< I ���
I Casej   in  twenty-one rounds    Si .���<
la> .    Inter   w Ina   I he   ne a ie. ted    W  ���
comes under the ej e ol   'the boss'   .
clerk  N asked whj   he did  not do
.���nni  he  then  repeats  his  stcreotypi
excuse tbnt he wasn't "told" to do
I'..I  sn. h a one the gateway M BUCCi
is always hni red
Tins brings ns to tbe second kiml o.
excuse, thai made to one's employe!
nl the two this hitter kind of excuse
the less Injurious to the clerk _ i ba
of   advancement,    when   be   excusi
biiiiseit   from  doing  obviously   Impoi
timi   work   he   instills   Into   his  o -.
nilinl a sniitie mental poison, a don't
' rare n hang essohce that breeds lack i
backbone, lack of concentration, lack i
continuity nnd application.   He wi .'.
.ns iiiiii Incapacitates himself farmort
when he im uses himself to himself be
cause he will tV.en often allow his mind
to dwell "a excuses sn weak that h,
would ne\fi ili.'ain of >:i\iii(; the:,.
verbal utterance In the presence of his
A ml when he has once sel  tbe men
till  habit   of excusing  himself  he j. '��� ������
nn and (iii binding the tetters which
will forevel   hold  him back from r.nj
rise.     It   Is   new    only   a   short   stt'|    I
finding   good   excuses   for   not   ��� !   n.
, whal   he  hns been  told  to do    'I lie I i-
little further along on the same line It
will   be   Strange  Indeed   If   he   iim-
land hiinsiif on the boot toe thai i ���
vntes   the   Incompetenl   nnd   depo.it1
Ihem outside In thc cold world,
Rlinn .toii..i      Enirn MnrnentS
Just arrived and including
Diamond Rings
Beautiful Gift
Jewel Cases
of all kinds
Prices Right.   No trouble to
show goods.
THE JEWELER      r.nliinihla St.
Fool of|4th Ave.   Cor. 16th   Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street. New
Westminster, B.C.
���i   will    e issued
���  . De-third   f ir the
: sale. Dec. 21 I I
I   l '���-.. 28th to Jan.
- i  3rd.
��� irs appiy to
I'. Ii   Agent,
Sew Westmln ��� ������:
E.  J.   COYLE.
t  Gen. P^sse-^..     A-ent.
: ouver.
pansfer Co.
''im   t>._,;..
���"'OH   Set.
F and Heavy Ikoling
���(aire   .��_,.��:.<.  1 n
The wonderful r^of .��������-.' '.f Csti.iiln ii illustrated bj (hs <��>< thai die
t:,r-x Cocoa in the world i�� iiimio there,
In Om [���������������' '   .      ' - I ���  '    '"' i'i '",;t becoming Ihe bereragt
(oi old and youti ���
THE ( OWAN ' O., Ltd.,  I ORON i O
E  NO.
FB��MAN,  .  p,oorl��t-r
We ,   h tocan ,h(, attention oi the (Brick
i |ng) public i" our now nnd
varied stock ol
From the Vancouver Flre Clay Co., at
i hyliiirn, B. C.
Ilol)   '.iiiniaiii   in   Katilea.
Niiplc ���  ��� i lei ". :. -  111 :i ��� in wns  ii.   ���
i.i r 1 ev i - iiii il"' ''inl of Pn ��� li n tveeV
Unpen   nre   atretrheil   I roai   I ouac   '
limiM' :n'ii.a. ii.i' 111.'ai. 'ii t'.i' nm lei
ili'-it-ii ti i.n  lhe 'lm   uf  the eni nie   I
nml doll,  uai.ii' of rnvta,  wenring thi
traditional Neapolitan i o Inuie nnJ enr
rylng  n  ili'-tufr and bobbin,  are  . n-'
peudeil front these rnpea     \t the f'-"'
nf tin' aplnncr Is ntlnclied an ornnf,-"
contnlning seven feathers, correspon.
ini- t" On' seven tveeka of Lenl    Eac.
week om' fenther la plucked, ao t lm *
onlj   one rouiulna ��i  Holy Saturday
Then, n< aoon in 1Ih> cannon of Port
si I'liinn mui the church i��'H^ nnnounc*
the noon hour nnd the resurrection oi
('iiri^t.  Ur." in. kera, evhii li bftve beet
tirii in imiu stiinijii to the orange nt
dn.  dolls'   f."'i   ni"   lighted,   and   th.
(jnnii ��� iinn  flgurp explodes  amid  Ht
i i ii". of Ihe crowd, wherein pious fo*
inula, mui profane phrases alternate
���"iin' mure iln' ii'i'ii in'" Nol so
One hand Is enough 111 n purse. "Nolli
ina inui ������ tin' "Ihiiiih ii iuuu' tiiim sur
felting Ves, lm li of nienl "Nolhlnj
bul whnl litis nu end." Nol ��... A iiu_
lm" lump, fm ii i. ...inui "Monpy Is n
i.u ii . linin.i " Nui v.in.n ii brings ii
lh .I In ii-. i itin . ������ I li" iv..1 lil 1" n
|i - i"in uej " ������' ��� ���" I li" mui goe.
over ll I'i'i'i'.v dny    "It Is n grenl  mn
In il"   li iti    Hit; ��� ���    "     '-.' I ".     ll
i iiiii a ' ... i l friend besl
f,in..'I in mlversltj il sn    I "i Ihni
ii,. i,   ;���   i    ie to bc fn    -1       I li" i" 111
Ilf     I'"'     '1       I  ���   -      'I"       Mail      i'i'     tin
|IOI  '   "      '."I       ���        I I ���    1 il. a   (if   Hi"   pool
nr ....a ii." pi ide "i ii". i" h
���  "til  lilii.iil..i Opinion
i'i i" u ii  inmi  I" ii ���������  his  nej." tr
nail l.i-.i Hi" i -,i,i,-. ' ha (Jtld I '"it " li"
Ills ti lend ' 'ii" "
\. ���   mi   i .a "i Mi- i iusIIii Bin _,   II
Is n " Is 0 ii ml lon    u lieu n lunn
lo . i.i - fni'inun li" .-'ii'.'-. lhe time he
���cm1 i.i spend slinking hnnds and lis
'i'ii"" to ii""i ini'k stories and w]�� o
    lu   iiiaiii'  iiiioiii.'i-"   Washing.
tou Blnr.
i mi.- Pltetien,
\\ ill!"   l'n.1" .In. k. illil you choke on
tbnt fiUe baiter nm made yesterday.
Rich Old uncle Uiioii heavens, no,
child! Wltat put such an extraordinary
��� id"., inti your In....'.'' Willie���Why, I
heard pa tell mn he made you cough
up the floUgh.���Baltimore American.
is fully stocked with all kinds of
Special!)   Imported  for lie!
��.    <.��>r.��.e. t..
Tlilie  Wa.  Where They  Clrow.
.Mrs. Newly Klcb (shopping in Paris)
���Show   us  s mu'  wraps���Imported,   of
' course.    French Saleswoman���Import- ,
, ed,   iniidiiiii"'.'    From  where,  s'il  vous
' plait?
The  most   Insignificant  people  are
lbe most apt to sneer at others.���Has-
it a,
Ladies' finecoloi*ed Felt Slippers, in fell and leather
soles,  frnm   50c to $1.25
Ladies'   Fine   Evening  Slippcre, in   fine  Dongola
Kid 1.76 to 2,75
Gents'Fine Dongola Slippers,  a special lino, worth
2,00; ("v 1.50
Special Warm Lifted Gentlemen's Slippers, for solid
comfort 90c', 1.00 and 1.25
The Dick damp-proof Boot for Gentlemen, in Dongola and Box Calf, at  4.00
When once worn is always worn, and
requires no rubbers.
The Dick Boot for boys means dry feet and iron wear
The Old Country Boot Store
Columbia St. J. STEWART, Prop.  1 1
I      fl
Iuu   farewell  to   life,   farewell to  all
bold tli.iin.lits:    . . . Die here?   Here
Published by ���!.��� n.'        -'      'ub-   [mongg|   ,h���  BWamp8i  l:���,  ,-.���. ;n,,y
nun the life of men, to die only be-
'"������������   '     ' '���"        :   '   '"'���'    ause 'into are no means of battling
vitii death?   Why did we iiot die yon-
iblished by the Daify News
lishing Company   Limited,   at   their
streets, New Westmlna
Managing Director.
der at bome with yen. on the fi.'i.l of
.J. C. Brown    battle?"
(Roscian 0p< ra Co.) Comedian
Miss Hazel Davenport
(Roscian Opera Oo.) Soprano
In "Tlie Governor's Wife"
'rho  Daily  News acknowledges re-
,.   ,,,    ��� i���_,-����.e���_.    -���(. ceipl of the first number of the Van-
rranslen.   display    advertising,   -<j '
t-.'nr. per   me   nonpariel) 12 lines to couver Daily Guardian.    It   is a  very  ^ncj   a   ($|G   CHORUS
tij.-- inch.     Five  cents per iine tor well, printed, well-appearing paper, has
put sequent Insertions. ., ,-uil. showing of live local advertise-
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 ments, for a first issue, and ls up-to-
.���ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 ��                                   McH R jg fln.
o. .its per line.       .   , ���
, derstood that il will be indelfendent���
JS^tSSSUTZj^ ���- to hit a  head where it seas it, SatU^ Night, DeC.22d
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or quite  without   regard  to the  color orl                       *         *****
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or shape of the hat.                                                               	
found, rooms to let etc., one cent per _  Show In Town
word.      No advertisement taken for
i��K_ than 25 cents.
Prices,   $1.00,   75c  and 50c;   gallery
^ ^_ Political  Rumour,
The rumor thai the election Is sel
for Jan. 15, Is again revived, with the
Day Office  A22 addendum thai the legislature fs to be     geata on Baie Thursday morning a
Night Office   B22  dissolved  today.     There Is no doubl  Ryall's Drug Store.
   that   that  was  the  programme   (substantially) some v.i.'ks ago;  whether
it has been change I or not, we shall
______   soon know.
z*~: v
Perfumes Galo
Horace Dorer
Royal Columbian Hospital
Next Tram Office.
Tenders will be received bj the un
dersigned, and   marked  "Tendei
Chicago   Supplies," up to l p.m., Saturday, De-
THURSDAY,   DEC.  20,   1906.
 ��� Off vhe Track.
BETTER TERMS. Hutchinson, Kas., Dec. lfi
The Colonlsl Is suffering from ano- Rock Island and    Pacific    passenger cember 29th, 190G, for supplying
ther  spasm.     Writing of  the official train No. 30, was derailed at Cullinson, hospital   from   1st   January,   1907,
report of ihe conference il says thai south of Hutchinson, early today  The "1st   December,  1907, with the follow-
the document "disposes completely of whole train left the track and all but ing  articles;
lhe preposterous  claim  advanced   by the  engine   turned   over  .  Al     leasi Bread,   white    nd    irown.
the Opposition press that Mr. McBrdde twelve persons were Injured, some of Beef;
refused the additional subsidies whicli them seriously.    The wreck is bellev- Mutton;
all the provinces aro to share in coin- ed to have been caused by the spread- Milk;
ition."                                                     ��� ing of rails.  Thr Injured wero brought Drugs;
As a matter of fact, the News- Ad- '" a hospital here. Groceries;
vertiser and the Columbian, in prim-   '     Wood, slabs, per cord;
ing the official accouni of the confer- Coal, washed nut;
ence, omitted  a paragraph  and  thus Leave your order at Rechinbach Co. Flsh;
made it appear that Mr. McBride had for a g"("' turkey '"' soose-   The-V can Funerals;
refused   to  assent   to  the   resolution '*" it; l0 your satisfaction. Detailed  lists   of   drugs,   groceries,
asking for these subsidies which the  '''*��� mutton, and fish can be obtain-
Provinces are to "share in common," ...                     .         . . e' al  :i'"-' hospital.
BRUSH and COMB fid
Agood supply at
W. IN. Drapc
B- C. Land
C.l lard  Block.   .,
""" W;.t
and Mr. McBrlde himself, speaking in
.New Westminster, Friday, Nov. 23,1
said, "If the agreement had gone
through as arranged in the Quebec
conference, Prince Edward Island
would have gone  back $70,000 ahead
Two booze artists, picked up by tho
city police late lasi evening, will figure in the police court dock this
morning. Both are well known to
the police, and their names Bave been
entered on the charge sheet many,
many times already.
Neither the lowest, or any tender
necessarily accepted.
Samples of the groceries and ail information  obtainable  on application
to   the   Lady  Superintendent at     the
W.   II.   KEARY.
Secretary, R, C. if.
WANTED���Boys,   immediately;   good
wages.    Apply B. C. Cigar Factory.
o   the same *   *   *    Under thc resolution  which     he   could   not    accept,
British  Columbians  would  have    got Xmas Umbrellas, .Men's 75c to $6.50.   x<?w Westminster, B. r;��� De-c 20, 1906,
?115,000 more.     Though    165    times Ladies' 50c to $11.50.   Children's 50c
larger ihan P, K. [., it would have re- t0 $1-25.    Smith's Cash Store,
celved only $45,000 more than it." 	
The quotation is from the report in FURNISHED   ROOMS  to let.    Apply
the Columbian, Mr McBride's own or- 315  Carnarvon street.                241-6
gan.    We have cited it before and Its "���~~	
accuracy  has  not  been denied. LOST on Thursday, black sow. Finder
The  Daily  Xews has  been al   pains please notify A. F. Lucas, City  P.O.
to show that Mr. McBride did accept ~                "
the "share in common" subsidies; but WANTED ��� Bo-v *��* jewellery more.
the McBride papers aud the Premier Apply Horace Dorer, Columbia st.
himself, have, as we have shown, labored to prove that he did not.
The Colonist .shouts that the Opposi
"on  papers will not  "venture" to do WANTED���One    or    two    furnished
certain   things.     will   il   venture   to rooms, close in or on car line. Write
tell the truth aboui this matter?    We (;., care of Dailv News.
have   given   it   certain   fans���it   can    ������	
easily verify them; \.in p print them? Wanted���Strong boy to drive rig and
 ,  '    make himself generally useful. Apply \V. E, Fales' Furniture store.
We shudder as we read of the out- MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will re-
rages  perpetuated  by  Russian  terror- ceive pupils.    Lessons in the art of
ists, but we hear little of the outrages singing and  voice  production.    s,2l
for whicli the Russian .government is Columbia Street,
responsible. To what extremes will noi
men go whose relatives and comrades, WANTED���Maui.-I couple desire fui-
for  "political"  offences���that  Is    for nished rooms for light housekeeping
disagreeing with the government���are or l"':"'', ulH rooms '" Prlvate :'' "
condemned to such a fate as that des- ii;"    Ai>1'ly "��� this "llir"'
cribed by a correspondent of the Man-
i hester Guardian,    ll" writes of men
��� a I  women exiled to Narym, a  cold,
desolate   region   alon-  the   banks   of
the  iv i.    Insufficiently  clad,  insufficient!}    fed,   ihey  are   lefl   to  lace  the    . .	
:iL;"'  "! '"' almosl arctlc winter, not LOST- Between   Fraser River Meal
"""���'   '��� ,H  shelte''  be'ns provided. mark���l   and   A,   M,   Herring's .  .-i-
II efforts are made from  without  to dence, Sixth street, purse containing
""���"'  V"U"' '*' "," sufferers ihey are .,,��� sum ,������ $10-    ,,,',���,���,. wll, 1)e ,,..
a.fi """" :,s ""'  fr"s"*ated by the au- wal-ded  on  returning  same  to  this
thOTities.   A theatrical troupe propos- oSRce.                                          243-1                    	
e i !" gli '��� a perfoi mance In Tomsk In
aid ol the Narym exiles,   The author!- Printing cf every description���li' , n
'"'���       once forbade the performance wish to  reach  your clients  leave  us A, PleaSUrC tOShoW
���":i1  threatened the manager hlmsell your order for type-written circulars.
B"l" exile,   ll Is as though governors We can print  them to your satlsf.                      _^
and police were doing their utmosl to tlon as we have the type face- for this                  Goods at
Intensify the terrible feeling of isola- class of work,    your order will be a;>-
11,11   thai    weighs   upon   the   exiles, predated.    Mrs. Dominy, proprietress,
Newspapers senl to them are delayed Arrow Press, Daily New.. Block,
'������i  even  confiscated,    Correspondence
��iili friends at  home is rendered al- LOST���Between Asylum and Douglas
most Impossible through the constant street  cemeterw and  Columbia  st
-"������','*",'''m'" '"' officials,   And all this watch guard, black grograln ribbon,
musi be borne by men and women gold buckle und diamond-set locket
who only a few months ago were living In the glow of joyful anticipation
of the Immediate ndveftl of a new
era, many of whom. Indeed, believed
with an thei,- soul that the eun of a
In addition to the above we have fine lines oil
Xuxedo and Dress Suits, Fancy Suspenders, i
Steamboat Wraps, Suit Cases, Cluo and
Gladstone Bags, Initial Handkerchiefs. Silt
Handkerchiefs with fancy border.   The latest
and nnest creations in Xmas   1 les   we  nave  ever orrered
to tne public.     Don t rail to see our Xmas ��oods.
LOST���yesterday morning;, G-real
Dane Bitch, eighl months old, Lame
in one of the hind legs. Finder
please communicate at once with
S. A. Paige, co. Daily New.-- Office.
Opposite: post Office, Near Wi
Ebony   Goods
Etc., Etc.
republic  of justice  and  brotherhood QtV ElectHc Works
v.as already rising  over   the   gloomy * ~-��-e_.
with photo Inside.     Finder will  be
hf ft ���***���'
bills of darkness.    Again they are living   within the  shadow  of death,
One   exile   writes:     "We    all    walk
wiili  bowed  heads, as  ihough  every
Opposite Tram Office
.8,000 I EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,603
If you are sending for friends from
ror electric signs, dynamos, motors,
minute awaiting the blow which will ''"'���''��� 'idiotic fixtures, shades, bells, bat-
strike   us   io   the   earth.    The   blow   terles,  wire and  cables of all   kinds ( the   Old   Country,  buy   tickets     now
while the die t'i es are on. Vou
can gel better accommodation an l
che.i: er rate bj appl; ing to
A Carload to Choose From at Prices
Within the Reach of all.
draws nearer and nearer, and In  the nnd sizes.    House wiring.    .Motor in
presence of this unceasing dread llfe falling a specialty.   All kinds of re
becomes intolerably oppressive.    The ,              ,,     ,,     .   . ,
,, pairs promptly attended to.
terrible cold winter Is drawing nigh.
and  lo hunger and sickness will soon
Le added the fierce pangs of cold, and
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
ED    !OUL' T.
.'.,    '     .    ���   '.
Rechinbach C
Y, DEC  20,  1906.
Clearance sale
Wrappers, 95c
The Last Week for
Come a.s early in the week as you can.
There are hundreds of choice things today and will be to-morrow, but as the
week rolls on and hundreds of happy gift
seekers make purchases here���you can
ladily understand that the assortment will not be as large as the end of
Je week as now. Lots of bargains to-day for the thrifty���each depart-
lent having its quota of specials���saving one-half on your purchases here.
To Mien Shopping For Furs
The evening      I      time w hi i. ��.<   e .
��� brough ' he  I ij
A   in in   ���'��� ho   -a   -    ' i Know  littl thing
. ::..r. in   we have 1   put a en       an 1 in
if qualit; .
ind 01 ier workers  who are detained by their duties
il    .     Qnds this just, '.he place to shop because all the in-
-.   stock be has good opportunities for comparison and study
lr;  85*
.^   clearance   of   Chi I
Fui .-. regular $1.25 fo
.  : en's  \\ hite Furs  .
��� 'olor
. -51.'
50 an I   S'-.O:
$1.75.  $3.50. $6.50.
."ader's   Long   Marinot    Throw-overs,
extra long lengths, Satin lined 	
Ladies' Sable, Pox. Marten, Mink ami
ither Furs, In all shapes and lengths
some with muffs to match: $12.50,
$16.50.  $20.00,  $30.00.  $40.00,  $50.00.
Women's Neckwear  in   Rich  Variety
V. en  ver had i  ��� ater display o ' ex piisii    -       3       ..Fan      Stoi ks
'i'ii  Dres'en  Ties, fluff.   Chiffon edg Ings,   I     ffon   -to    -   with   cut   steel
mining -. bea itifu in the extreme.
Fancy lace Col irs, Embroidered   Muslin        (on    i              Vboul    ten
..������a to choose ' north 35 and   |i     V'om -    dee  25c
Other lii," Cd -   Ties al 35c. 50c. 75c. $1.00, $1.50. $2.00. $2.50, $3.50
' ��� $5.50.
Reai Linen Handkerchiefs and Gloves Real Kid
.  - some oi'   he -
���   famous Trefous
lllar price  . .$1.50
nn   length   Olov      i
��� n Manufacture
vorth 25c  for 16 2-3c.
��� a I fancy ones a ��� 5c
useful    'an.-,   ii me     .;     ������ . a d izen,
. ove, which i- known in all the best sto   -
ir a  ���   ire
::,   \a erica and France,
75c. $1.C0, $1.25. an I long
'   mds and S tun 1 '_ of Lai
a-  $2.75 to $3.75.
.. and embroi lered      Muslin    an 1     Lawn
10c. 15c. 25c. SOc. 60c. 75c, $1.00.
That!Delayed Shipment of Long
Coats Has Arrived
A score or more smart, dressy, warm
jd   Plaids, well tailored and
Caat., in Plain Coverts,
Shadow Checks, Shepherd Checks anc
neatly trimmed with suitable trimmings, as velvets, stitching, etc.
Who wouldn't be pleased with the gift of one of these garments?    The prices are $10.00 to $25.00.
an 1 . S.Ti
S a.i.
Be if Ch
Olll        ���'!   '
h Coats :
a lng tlii
' a.,   silk
ill -
have   Ca.e.
��� ,.;. Cheviot, etc. ti s
La lie
lis week
..CO. $10.00
Silk Blouses In Wli
it $2.00.
in   Wool, Silk, I--" '
ite and   e<
Set, eti
ilors;  'H"1'   "i"'1'
Ial  Iin
Golf Bloui
. in stock.
es, Jerseys
-:   Sn pies, Japanesi
. .'' . M      -    1     -
or Pi
F* Metal L--
F* Panev
Local News Briefly Told
li is rumoured that one of the larg-   life left in him to justify a medical
| est of the Port  Moodj  Lumber mills  man being called to exert his craft up-
I changed han is yesterday.
Whooping cough is sai.l to be growing in tlie city homes.   From a numberi
of hollies,  the   mournful    whoop    fsl
I beard.
Don't fail to see the grand display'
as exhibited in the windows of Johnston's Big Shoe House. Stilt' you want something extra for
your Christmas dinner, buy your Turkeys and Geese at the Pacific Meat!
Market, opposite tram offlce    ..  243-4
A a iim; rn'all who are Interested
in the Coquitlam dykes, i.s to be held
Ir the hall at Xew Westminster Junction on Saturday next, Dec. 22, ai l
p.in. The maintenance report will be
presented by the secretary, VV. it. Aus-
tin, and duly considei e I
Mali Too Tung wheeled a truck on
the sidewalk a couple of days ago,
and this being against the provisions
of a certain by-law, the police instructed Mali io appear in the poiiee court
yesterday morning, where the magis-'
inue lined him -.1 and costs.
Turkeys, geese, poultry of all kinds
ai Rechinbach Co.
Mayor Keary was keeping late hours
at the offlce last evening, being compelled to sii up late in order to sign
over 150 chorines and vouchers, this
little detail being necessary in order
t;> guarantee the civic employes getting their pay on Saturday  next.
Two drunks who were paraded before the police magistrate yesterday
morning were allowed to depart without the payment of a fine on promising to avoid the flowing cup in the
future. \V. Vianna. who also put in
an appearance, was lined the usual
$2.50 and  costs.
on the dope fiend. After the .i.-ctor
bad exhausted bis skill, Lun wae a
very sick man, but had enough life
left in him to warrant bis removal to
the hospital, and later in ihe day to
the police station, where he will remain pending further developments.
It has not yet been decided whether
Lun will lie charged with attempting
self destruction, but a police court
case will most likely lie the outcome
of bis abortive dallying wifh death.
Royal Columbian1 Hospital.
To the President, and Board ot Managers, Royal Coliiiuliia.il Hospital.
1 beg to submil herewith, statement
Of patients, Royal Columbia-. Hospital, for the month of November, 1906.
Number of patients In Hospital, Nov.
1st     34
Discharged    17
Died     2
Admitted during November    ."il
Remaining Nov, 30th    38
No. of patients treated during month
of Nov  85
No. of Hospital days  1030
No. of Maternity cases treated in cottage     12
Received from paying patients. *rT53.00
No. of patients in Hospital today, Dec.
19th  "...   ci
Lady Superintendent.
Liquor Dealers  Whose Licenses, were
Cancelled  explain  their position���Surprise to them.
Johnston's B:
talnly be calle
store, judging 1
making in the
women and children
'. e I. use can cer-
thu i /eat slipper
tne display ihey are
any Lues for men,
Dan MeCaskill, seen last evening
by a Daily Xews reporl er, after he bad
! heen informed that his license- had
heen suspended, remarked that he supposed that the Holbrook hotel had
been conducted in a rather loose manner. He .Ud not think tbat the commissioners bad anything against him
The sailing vessel Cheamsford, personally. He stated that he intend-
which was due to arrive at tlu. port ed to sell out bis hotel, and would
a month ago, is now at Port Towns- remove across the river to the Surrey
end. River Pilot Rogers expects that I hotel, whicb wa.s at present 1 eing
his services will lie required to bring managed by his wife. The Holbrook
the vessel up river as far a.s Millside would be sold within a day or two, and
about the end of this week. A full a! the present time he had three pros-
Cargo of lumber will be taken aboard. - pective clients, all of whom were anxious to buy. The suspension of his
license had rather upset his calculation, but he was not going to worry
unduly over that.
Ed. Patch replied in answer to the
reporter's question, that he did not
care to enter into any discussion as to
tbe merits or otherwise of the case,
but expressed himself as having been
greatly surprised when the motion
was made to suspend his license. He
turkeys   and   did  not   think   he had done  anything
Horace Dorer has just placed in
stock a demagnetising machine. He
has found that a great many of tbe
electric car men and others who work
around electrical machinery are having
a considerable amount of trouble on
arc.mnt of their watches becoming
charged with electricity, and he has
installed the malchine to meet the
A  carload   of  choice
geese   at  Itecliiubacli's for  tke Xmas
The first Christmas entertainment,
in be lialil in connection with the Blue
Mountain Union Sunday school, will
be held in the school house on Friday
evening, commencing at 7:.'in. A
Christmas tree will he one of the attractions  of the  evening,  and a first
that would warrant such a course b^-
Ing taken. Having liei.-n awa from
the city on account of his health
when the chief of police called at his
hotel, he bad been unable to atten l
to the necessary alterations any kooii-
er. He had appealed againsl the incision of the judge because he did not
think that the Imposition of a fiiu? was
class program has been prepared by Justifiable under the circumstances,
the children of the school for ihe oc- antl "n"1 tllL' aPPeal had been decided
caslon.     All  will   be   welcome.
Christmas buyers are reminded of
the magniflcenl showing of holiday
footwear as displayed ar Johnston's
llig Shoe House.
A fishing skiff came skimming
across the Fraser yesterday with a
novel sail. Instead of the usual while
duck arrangement, the mast sustained
j huge Christmas tree, which caught
ilie  lire ize  and  brought   th
lt could not lie said that he had beeu
convicted of any offense.
Concerning the report of tbe license
inspector. Mr. Falch stated that i*
could mil have been fairer. The chi if
of police bad lefl the matter entirely
ii the hauls of the commlsioners, and
had made no reeommen latl ti at all.
Asked whether the suspension if his
license was not a rather Important
matter, especially during the Christ-
I,,,;,,!  ias week, Mr. Falch replied thai be
ihis side iii double quirk time, The
large i re.e is io lie used in connection
with the Christinas entertainment In
the    Salvation   Army    barracks    on
( in isi mas Day.
Commencing yesterday morning, the
fare on the interurban line to Vancouver was reduced to 60c return, tickets
io   hold   good   until   Dec.   26.     These
cheap rate tickets are issued iu order
to accommodate the large number of
people  who travel   between the two
(ities,   during   the  Christmas  season,
and  on  account,  of .the  reduced  rate,
! the company expects to see a suhstan-
J linl increase in the traffic during ihe
! next   few days.
did not care so much aboul that, there
would    lie   several   others   who   woul.I
Buffer from the closing of his bar be
side himself, and he won! 1 Iia\ e an
opportunity to enjoy his Christmas
turkey in peace for once in his life.
Mr. Fab li wisely declined to discuss
the probable result of the nexl meeting of the commissioners, merely say-.
i ing  that  be   was    entirely     in  their
! hands at  the present  time.
Choice Goods for
Elcuses,  35r.  value
fnr 25c.
60 an^ 73c Flannels
for   50c
iir ir~WllKRw.-*.:af �����___**"
The Members of the Queen's Ave.
assisted  by  the  leading  local  talent,
Chinese  Morphine  Fiend. ' VJclUl S IV. \J   1   1~1 ,
1 .iiii Fie. a Chinese dope fiend, with ���ON���
.-, positive dislike for the kind of life THURSDAY, Dec. 20th, at 8 p.m.
he was leading, decided early yester- 	
day morning, that it was just about
time for him to shuffle off this mortal
(oil, and accordingly he took a large
sized overdose of the nerve quieter,
in the hope that he would pass peac
ably away Into the greal unknown.
The tragedy was planned In one of
the city lintels, but somehow tho plan
miscarried, ami Lun was found by
one of ihe hotel staff with enough
The following Soloi.ts
will be heard :
MISS  ELLA   WALKER,   Soprano,
as "Ruth."
Contralto, as "Naomi."
and   MR.
as "Boas."
Price of Tickets,
25 ci-nts
: I I
-"���*r II
fc*��i 3? THE DAILY NEWS
"Way, dec..
Carving Sets, in Nickle Silver
With Solid Silver Mountings
Rodgers9 and L X.L. Pocket
and Penknives
Gillette Safety Razors
No Honeing;  No Strap
The Best of all Useful Presents for a Gentleman
Desert and Table Knives; Forks
Electric-plated Serving Dishes
Carpet Sweepers
Save your wife some of the hard work
Hardware of'all descriptions
Varlon .       I rnditlo..      B*In��ln_r     t*
Tfc*_��.  Two  Ftami  t.l��nt��.
Vybo were Gog and Magog?   English
tradition says thai tbey were tlie last
of a race of plants wbo infested England   until   they   were   destroyed   by
1  some of the Trojans who went to tbe
��� British   isles   after   the  destruction   of
1 Tr.iy.    (Jog and Magog, it is snld. were
��� taken captive lo  London,   where tbey
��  were chained at the door of tbe palace
��� af the king.    When they died wooden
2 Images ef tlie two giants were put in
��� tbeir places.    In tbe course nf time tt
X   great tire destroyed these, but now, if
��� you go in London, you will see In the
��   great ball of one of the famous build-
��� Ings ���the   Guildhall ��� two    Immense
x   wooden effigies of men called Gog and
��� Magog.
J      Hut there are other traditions of the
��� two giants. One is to tbe effect Unit
when Alexander the Great overran
Asia be chased into lbe mountains of
tbe north an Impure, wicked and mau
eating people who were twenty two nations in number and who were shut up
witb a rampart in which were gates of
brass, one of these nations was Goth
an.l another Mug.'ill, from which we
readily get the names of tlie mythical
pinnts. It is supposed, however, that
the Turks were meant by (Jog nnd the
Mongol, were Hie children of Magog.
We shall lind mentlou made ..f Gog
ami Magog in many hooks, including
tbe Bible, I'Ut Ihere are the great wall
and the rampart of 'log uml Magog,
whatever may have been the facl that
gave lbe unities of the two giants to
that portion of the structure.
��� Columb ia St.
Columbia St
Fancy  Goods
A splendid lot of GOOD BOOKS
Discount to Schools and Churches
Tlw    TrrnMirj     Hit.     Mnn.'    Scheme*
Thnt   Swell   II*   Iikohii-
VTlien a young man determines to
become a barrister and enters !; :s name
Ot one of the inns ,,f court in London
or Dublin he has to pay to the government ii fee of ��25. And when be is a
full fledged English or Irish barrister
or a Sctch advocate he has to fork out
a further sum of ��50.
Should he desire to become a solicitor
he is lined even more heavily. When
ho becomes an apprentice bis fee to
tbe government is ��80, and bis yearly
duty when he begins to practice is. for
the first three years. ��.'! in tbe country
and ��4 ins. in London or Dublin and
after tbe third year ��ii and ��H respectively. Sn thai a solicitor practicing
forty years in London will have paid
the government over ��-Khi.
A law agent (Sentland, pays ��60 at
commencement of study and ��65 or ��85
ou beginning practice in the sheriff's
court or court of session.
If yon want to change your surname
of your own free will the government
charges you only tin. but if you do it
under the direction of some deceased
benefactor it costs ymi ��50,
Bishops pay ��30 for permission to be
elected and till' more for tbe royal assenl to their ele. tion, and lhe fees paid
on receiving letters patent are: Ky a
baronet, ��100; a baron, ��150; a viscount.
��200; nn earl. ��250; a marquis, ��3ou,
and .a duke, ��350.���London Express.
Bon-Bon Crackers
The Jolliest Time on Xmas Day i.s when, after dinner,
as well as children pull the crackers.
We have beauties, and to suit all purses.   Crackers
toys in them, Crackers with love messages, Crackers se
Crackers funny, Crackers with paper cap and aprons, Crackers
with everything.
Have   you   bought   those Sweets yetl\
Our fancy boxes of Ganong's celebrated \jjm |3�� '
lates are going fast.     Choose your box, and choose a pretty
one, quick.
PURDY makes his own Sweets,  and  they  are Al.     _ ��� \
can depend on the freshness and quality.
The   Store   with   thc
White   Front
Columbia St., Next Tram Office
*.- --.-��--��.
The Choicest ox Meats Cooked ln
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be Obtained   at    All    Hours    at
Kenny s    Restaurant   and   Care
Late Suppers Arter the Theatre a
Specialty.       Oysters    and    Game
-      in  Season.      -      -      -
Th*   liihii.  of lhe Ornd.
James Bussell Lowell ���was a grea
favorite in the literary circles of London. On one occasion at a large banquet the peculiarities uf American
speech were discussed with English
bluntness. Lord S. called to Mr. Lowell
loudly, m as to silence all other speakers:
"There is one new expression Invent.
*d by your countrymen so foolish and
vulgar as to l.e unpardonable, Tbey
talk of the 'ashes of the dead.' We
don't burn ."..r|.ses. Xo Englishman
would use a phrase so absurd."
"And yet." said Mr. Lowell gently,
"your poet Cray says, speaking of tlie
"E'er in our ashes live their wonted fires.
"And in the burial services of tbe
church of England it Is said, 'Dust to
dust  and  ushes   to  ashes.'     We  sin   ir
good company."   A cordial burst of ap.
plause greeted this prompt rejoinder.
,We Have
. �����������-����������������������������������<
! Electric Railway Service j
Int.r-urBan Line.
Cars for -Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from "an a. ns. to 11 p
:n. excepting at 7:30 and B...6
:i. m. Half hourly cars will
nm from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City  Limits Line    Service from
6.15 a.m. to 11 p in.
20 Minute Service���no transfer.
Between 1. and . and _ and 7.
during  re- Z
i roaster at ���
30   Minute   Service
mainder ot day.
Leopold 1'iace.
Sunday   Service   half hourly   bfi
tween g a.m. -inl  l'.    ,m ���
Sapperton Line. 1
1_   Mini/.-e  Service  from C.25 a. X
in   io  11   p.m., excepi   between
12   inui '.'!    and  a   and   7.   during
which hows tbe service wil   | <���
Sunday Service   hnir-nourty i^e-
������.'. j" n  S.30 a ni. and   I 1   p.m.
Thf ...�����> �����_<���*<  Tent,
I'he severest test of manhood is never
] found lu good limes, Put only in hard
times. II is not lhe nam who lias suc-
cess when others are doing well, imt
it is ihe man n iii Uei'p i up his eourag.
and struggles on v.iuu everybody else
is wavering ur going down who is the
hen. ill the . uht of < led ami men, It Is
an easy matter to make good tinu
ti lien I'lth v. iml and tide ar,. |rj one's
favor or w ien i.ue is uiovlng with tin
current, bill i requires character ami
Skill ami daring to make head in Bpltc
of opposing forces or to work success
fully agaiusl the current.   Exchange.
as usual, a nice assortment of
Dressing Cases
Hand Bags
Purses, the prettiest line ever
shown  in this city.
Collar and  Cuff Boxes
Smokers' Sets
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes,
and many novelties too numerous to  mention.
CURTIS' Drug Store
82 acres of first-class   land, about   SO  acn
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruit   Peai ���  !     ���'
Prunes, Walnuts;  gcod dwelling house and outb.     ngs; centrally
ated; good roads; .-tore, telephone, post offlce, irc'1' a"
venient; excellent transportation facilities.
Price   $5,200,   quarter cash,  balance ll t
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
t British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
.*���*�����������+������������������������������������������� ����.������������������������������������������������������ ���������������
Growing Appreciation
r Cured
llisl l7-K<f_]��_t��d_
"Visitor iin peajlentinry)- Who is that
distinguished boilug ieouvIct7 Ward,
en���lie is known peri- as No. 1117.
Visitor lie ueems to hull] himself aloof
from bis fellows. Warden -Ves; you
can hardly oxpccl bim to associate with
tho common herd, His trial oast the
state ,*201 i.i 111.
Tlie  OiiIt ffnr
A.person ..f Utile tact once remarked
to ihe octogenarian Auber, "What a
sad thing II i��. this old business!"
"Ves." agreed the old musician, "it
Is sad: "but." he added, with witty
philosophy, "up Io tbe present time no
Biinn- way lias V>en discovered to live
n long time."
  A   I natliiii.   Jlni-inrl.
"nearest,   with  you   by   my  side,  I
_~ m     _ __ -   __ would willingly give up ��ll I possess-
Dreakfast Bacon and Mams "'::,'���"' ,,,,si,(.""*       every-nm*.-
m-^m ^<��*"���*���*�������� �����'�������' *m-+*-v- m **i*%~   m  �����-�������� Bk_7      ��]  K||(1W   Qeorge, but in that case
m  .what   would  (hero  be 'eft tor TO0."���
Wllwaukee Sentinel.
*5.00 EACH.
It's  a  ijueer fact   that the higher a
mnn rises the less chance ho has of be-1
\W .iiJiov.' suspicion - I'uok
Westminster Iron Works
^ Ornamental   iron   Worn,   including
Ponces, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders an.'l correspondence in
��� inw Wc.imln.'.cr. v. o. 474.
Ask for and Insist on getting
Maple Leaf Rubbers ��� there
are no others just as good.
The lines jmade for durability
possess a remarkable degree
of style, while the stylish lines
are very durable.
You cannol manea
if theeuiblj
buying Rubbers
of  the  Dominion is
on them-yen*'nay if'"'
J. Leckie Co., LlJ
Agent, for t^
Sole Agent for New Westminster
W. E. SINCLAIR, The Leading Shoe
Si DEC.  20,  1906.
]S not needed to sell Westminster Real Estate. Prices speak for
themselves. Common sense only is necessary. Westminster property will become as valuable as in any other city of the Dominion.
Some of us will wake up, in 1910, and find that we are rich; and
simply because we bought some of the snaps offered by McQuarrie
& Co. in 1906.   Procrastination is the thief of time.
Exclusive Sale
Icres on 6th St., just
ity limits.    $1,100,
Iter::- Fine prop
er   subdivision   or
{gl gar [ening, chicken
or sn all fruit farm.
One acre back
Orphanage.   $800
For full particulars apply
at once.
I    ise on Brantford St.,
��" nts $15 per month. Will
ell for $1,500.   Tern
$750 cash. bai. easv
[Greatest Snap, bar
lone, in the city.
1350 yesterday, today $1,600
\ijiQ 7 rooms ; store
i; ! acres. $1,600
lie whole lot   	
Snap in Lots.
Sixth s      tt and F
$900. tern
Vacant li
the city, trom $25.00 I i $1,000.00.
on Roy a
: '
3 aeres on 6th Avenue.
$850, half cash, balance
Tho.,.    Tti.i    Frlvn    Orntts    For   tba
S��k*   ol   l'r..I. rliar,
Tln< habit of feigning death for tbe
-flkf "f protection can he observed
among man; of tbe  lower  animals
animals whicb iliffi'r widely ln family.
genua and spa lea. Indeed, tins habit
la tn ni' .   - rved In creatures micro-
scopic In -      and o.  es ��� Ilngly Ioti
organisation, as well ns In those as
Ngh in thi- scale nf niiiniiil life a.s man
himself, for even man does not hesl
tatf on occasions to avail himself of
this natural subterfuge when be thinks
It win aid In thp preservation of his
| life.
With tin- aii! .if the microscope on<
can observe and siiiilj- the natural bis
wry nf the minute animal world, whicl
otherwise would remain a closed am
unread  volume.    This instrument  bat
shown me beyond cavil that creature!
as low in the scale ns actinophryaus
very minute, microscopic animalcules
practice death feigning when surprise*.
by an enemy from whieh they cannol
otherwise escape.    Thus I have, ss.i -
a   naturalist,   repeatedly   seen   actln
pbryans  fold  their   delicate,   balrllk
legs or cilia and sink to the bottom .>'
their miniature lake (a drop of water
when   approached   by   a   water   louse
-   whicb preys npon them    They renin :
ti) all appearances absolutely  wilbmi
life until the water louse swims awr.j
wbeu   they   unfold   their cilia   and   g
Lark to  their feeding grounds���a   hit
..f water weed or moss   or   decaye
I      I0��i  a-
-. Hi na i    I ���
Hous    in. ...  |i
situate :   ne i    Queen .-. $1,1.0
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
-....,.-.    135 acrea, one mile from  Hum ���..
.   IS et,  ''"*'��� B.C., Tu ,n res in grass, 15 acres
���  r...    ���.:.       .    ; ... . 1 drained  and  fenced;   house and  barn
......    v  cost $2,500; good road along one side;
aria.. $50 per acre, half cash, bai in
to suit  purchaser at 6 per cen1    Reason for selling, the owner's wife is in
bad health, and has to 30 to a cold
Sectl ms 28,
-'  1       -   ': '' ie-ha
:. 1 . trees.
Price     Section   2, $45   ������    .- . -.  Sec-
Do .--,-. |C ��� tlon 29, $60 pi     1    r, Secti in 2S, $55
ach hou -������   ������'��� iter, lig . n0n I;
_   133,   back  of  between    Firsl        IS treet, 1 ion,  Pitt Ri       Bridge.
.-.ia  St.    Rent,   foui th avenue, on 1 Prii     fern . and two
nth     Fries   $1000, $'.500. half ca ....   ..-.    ::,
In   six   months.  a" '"' per ren'.
��� a higher per-     50 1 m    .. ���  ��� om   .bbo     ird
;.   than  11  per   10 acres     eared, good 220 fi
trees    rice $1,400,
- Lake Commur,   'n ':: "" " I ��� '��� l' :"���'���- ,;-1   -
... rt ���?-"   per  acn    ':' '*��� "'���
���" '
*. acres cleartd,   ln,i '     "   la!e;
I $1,800, half easl,.   ! -   ��� ' Ivation, $15,000,    If   on
,.  .���.,. (.,.nt   su_.  ean   handle   this, a
I- *
cle ired   an
se to 1   ��� . .. specula
: :. a     nst   office;    -'"" !
Two -���'-'.     . .tabli
irgait    '������:..-!. ra ige I.
160  .   ������-  Langh     23 undi   ���    tlva-
tlon;   , ���. - ��� eds    ite. all in
$3,000,   half
160 acres. N.E. '1  sa tl in  19, township  10,   [_angley;   small   house,   30
acres   cleared,    timber   valued   $750.
Price $1,500.  one-third  cash,  balance
:,- .  lgenCy.  ;lt " *1��*r cent-
168 acres, Coquitlam, 10 acres cleared, near Black's ranch, $2,000.
It  ray. 8 and 10 acre blocks In Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 per acre
160 acres, section 25, I iwnshlp 16,
_'_ miles from Abbotsford; 50 acres
abler bottom. $1,200, half cash.
Ten acres In Lot -Mi:;, one mile easl
of Westminster .Inaction, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre.
Two storied house. 7 rooms, bath,
sewer connect ions, all modern improvements, splendid locality, $2.soo.
Terms arranged.
1 i_-storey   house,   six   rooms,  price
160 acres, Mac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable 30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
V    '
size,   on   Agnes
ti i i'ii' ed, read
.��� i-i i si eculation
a   -��� ���eet, $225.
���-.   Hi
R in   i, N'I koniekl,
house, two full modern ��� ���.     i .     a bu      20 acres
::n.>: ivement -. ��� ' ���'
ire I    Prii     mlj  $3,000. half cash,
Pou th   and   !' i ies,   $2,250.
-' ���
160 acres id in Del
ad, 15 acre ���'    '. : '       ���*"'
-��� i iles, '��� ..        id. $12 per a
-:.-. $1,000       160 acre
Sixth   avenu -
ghl  ;  "���!.-, ell       60 acrea        :
en !      se, : I        a       ���     ���      ���'   '������   '
.   $1,000  ca3h,   onl
in one
64   i Pitt
ind near S    lerland's
. ��� . I   h - .- a 6 acres
:i .   $'.000. eas.\  terms
.  - : modei n Imp
$1,500, easj terms; near car line; cen
trail) located.
House, corner of Fit li avenue and
Sixth sireet. one lot, two storeys, S
rooms, $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, _i> rooms, on sixth
reet,   one   block from   pos:   office,
on, i irn r of Fo     li
rents at $30 per month, or for sale  il
��� :  itrlct,   I
...   10   a :es or
rles   , lante I
: I; running
-.  frame barn 30
ise  and  co��i
li   - cow . and
I       n SI  tlon
at    ban 1;
iboul 1""
Iar, ne rer been
��� i   for   standing
16 x 24;   hen
timbe   laid In
��� of a l '������
ilam e at 6
$ la
. im
ed at '���
20   acre   I
::    $20   :
160 acn
ranch. $7
terms land
���    il.
I I ty. $7
.      . ...
lalili   home  ind
, ise ,  all    i' .' -'   a
'        i , 'VOU    ':   '"��� I ll I
eet, two sl '���'', ���-. $3,750.
iod]      i real I nap al
e lot and iges on ('���>
...     -: ii     ii ith rented
ro lot   "ii Flrsl
q .-   -. Price
"     ...
I a ha Sn
I Unine   e, onl.
rerms to h 'ii-1' I.
I, read    for cu!
,.:.-  fi mi
��� ,.   cul'h ition,    it
i Seven roomed bouse. Seventh street,
ne.ii' Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
House, eighl rooms, pn SI George
street, corner Fourth, $2,500: easj
House, full sized lot, on Kear.t
slree:. sai'pei'inn; rents for $1" pei
month.   Onlj $1,050.
Tin ie ���" ; es, Xorth Ann roa I, ne tr
Meads, $-'25.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room housi1,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
IcQuarrie ���*& Co.9 Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Firo Assurance Co. of London.
Eiteouating CirrumsUneM.
First (.irl Aren't men tbe stupid
Second >: rl Ves, bul just think how
much more clever we'd have to be If
thev were smart!
A Fallow Feeling
Giddy Girl���Don't you Just love a
we., llngl
Moody Man- Can't say I do. I'm a
married mnn myself
Keep Hini Broke.
It's not th.   clothes that make the mas;
For what ... i  worth yon  take hlm.
But when It cornea to women's clothss
They  are the thlnfrs that break him.
Whatever That Is.
"Is he well educated?"
"Well, he seems to know how to eliminate hard work from the problem of
ni.ik.ii_: a living.''
"How do y.>u know that he is a good
"He confesses H himself"
Tide Table   Fraser River
The   Ren-ni,   They   Are   \ot   Mode   to
Huo   ..mm   ���   Week.
The French have a fashion of es
pressing an Indefinite lint short period
of time by the phrase "about ���-.-. :
days." Under similar conditions we
would say "about a weel." Tin
French method seems unnatural, ours
natural, for a week is :i distim Hy rec
ogulzed period. We believe there Is
only one way In whicli we us,' the
elghl day period, and that, i.s in maktng
Did It ever occur to you why we
have what Is called an eight day clock
nnd not one made to run exactly seven
days? There ls a good reason for It
A Clock that Is made to nm eight day*
Is pretty sure to be wound on a certain day of the week, for it would It*
almost Impossible for nny one to remember to wind It on every eighth day.
Therefore the Itrtei tl etween windings is seven i a, \v. riscty as the
maker desired  a i.l expected.
The reason is that a clock runs hct
ter when it is not allowed to ran down
or even nearly so. Tlie same plan Is
followed In making a watch; it will ma
for thirty hours, but ns nearly every
mnn wind, his watch at the same hour
every dny nr night, the spring is nevei
fully exhausted. Regularity In wind
Inp is one of the best means of keeping
n timepiece in order.
The   Opat,
lt was Sir Walter Soil! who helped
lu "Anne of i'eiersteiti." t.i arouse the
fears of Ihe superstitious concerning
the wearing of Ihat '.ery beantifu'
stone, the opal, and it w.i* a German
dealer In Rems who fostered that feat
very successfully foe other ends than
thost. of romance-. He nnue to England
years ago. we are told by a Jeweler, to
fill an order from one of the roi a: fata
llles In Germany a wwldlng order, If
I remember rightly. i';nils were then
high, lie had printed the story tba1
opals were naluckx and spread lho re
port diligently. In a short time tl.e
price wenl down, and ho wns enabled
to fill his ord r nn 1 make a handsoms
profit,    Wo. iter   iia:. . ,e.
^ r ___._.������_.     -.___..._...-,
���ank  of  Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. JNorthern Pacificj
imorporated   by   net.   or   parliament
Ett(ALL jiup)	
' ���'"'     ord Strathcona an .   M   ml   Royal,   '1    ''���   M-
,.    '���       Honorary Pres: !'���:���'-
F"J"' Sl1   G.  A.   Drummond    President
"S '''        ' Vice Presi lent   an I   Oenei il   '-
h!" ' ' lUBin
P'-'lio. |���
110,    9,(
f,8s transact" I.
'lie principal cities in Canada, In London   Eng   ���'"���'*
:    Sl .John's N'fld., ami correspondent! in  Jl I :"A ��'   '"'
savings bank  deartment
PW w
'ESTMi-.ster   BRANCH
��xceBtt*si Fraua Senice Between I hree
I ranti ouNiumii.iI
Chicago, London, Train* i>aiiy
li ai el mi i he Famous
Ham.ltnn  Toronto,     "nouth coast limited"
riailillLU....   iuiuuiu,     I;,,.,,,,, i,i;bi,',M,,,i,,.   Low Rates.
I.) in li run.' Excellenl 8ervioe,
Montreal, Quebec. New York, Chicago,
,      ,   D Toronto, St. Paul
����� r*:l,:in"i DO'Ston.      AND AI,,, r(���NTS RART
I,      ian a- un. hir'I'ieliets on sale to all Euro-1
'";    '; ...    md  ''.he MARI   Pean f"in,H' |
Xt.'ES. Special    Rnltuied   Pairs   Round   Trip ,
��� EW YORK and R',tes  ,0   8out,1*rn  California
a  Naurtira Fullu. ^^ j^j ir,f���rrntion call on or write
���i-i. "*'��������� ��������������� ,'. K. LANG, General Ajjent,
,,,   vA_X. 130 Hastinps St., Vancouver, B. C.    t
',,;,i(.,���rer anil Ticket I A.D.CHARLTON,
,,1,111 :���:���.. c'liicnifo, IH-     Fi.rJanil, Oie A. G,   A   ,
A   rilni��r  Cr��rt.
While it  Is i"irel,\   eieployed hy  Kure
poQUs as a method of irm el. even in
omarjrencles, the catamaran of the
Ma.Ims ti-be'iiti'ii ui' India is i.j ail
odds the most extraordinary of watei
vehicles. Ii consists simply of tliri
logs I., .bed together and Bush with tbi
Kill I'.n e Of the  water,    ibi these a  bit
eriiinii (sometimes two or more flsh-
nii ia '-iau.1. and w Ith a single oai p ai
dies iiiiie-eii' far oul to soo    A Ntadr.
Oshermnn >\ ��� 11 venture oul when bon
men  will  ii.'i   l.iuiH'h  tbeir craft, an,
even in weather whe,, boats cannot   ���
launched ho will go -brough lbe sui
and nut io siiip.. with letters, for Hi.
dellvi rj ni which he nets a few pen
In order lo catch tholr ships :> few t .
lalOll    Inn clefs   have   been    Known
trust t lii-m .i ���! \ f . un cat. una ran.      The.
are   milled   lu   lbe   '.l.ileuii'iil   thai     '.
I ale  nn   the   loiis   was   the   inosi    ne; \ ���
trying experience llioj had undorgoiu
lu a I.ind licit buhls a new  [brill lm 111,'
stranger al cvory turn    The sea nnd
nn occasional ducking hnve no terrors
fur  these natives,  nol   even   tl _
treiiii'l.y young, and In reality the cnta
uiar.'iii is not entirely to bo scorned, for
it in. >iftrr all. nonslnkablo
IViilfr   l'l|ii.��   nml   l''ri*#'alnv.
Housekeepers as a rule du nol under-
���taiiil   why   It.   is   lhe   Imt   waler   pips
If. the lirst to freeze In very cold wcilli
er. They think that It niinlit to i"' th i
other way around that hot w HtPI
ougbt to withstand tbe low tempers
turn longer than cold walei will Th it
does Heein reasonable, 'ml Q little In
restlgation .shows us that it is not. ftot
!  water freezes liiore  ipilekly  than e<;l i
! water for several reasons.   In the first
place, the boiling of water expels th.'
j nir from It, and water will not freeze
. until it litis parted with Its air.   In th_
I second place, there Is always a slight
j ngitatkm on the surface of hot watei.
! and this promotes congelation  by  sis
I slsting tbe crystals to change their po
\ sitlon until t'.cy assume that most favorable   to   solidification.    Then   tbe
particles In hot water divide Into smaller globules by reason of the heat, .ind
less .resistance Is therefore offered  lo
tll. cyld than lu cold water,
For the week ending Dec. 16, 19
High l.i��
Water.        Ws ...
For the week ending Dec _
Dec.   IT      8.05
1S.15 13 10
Dec    IS      S ���55
1-.0- 14.15
Dec.   13      9.45
__u>_ 1
Dee   M      10    I 4.40
Dec    21    IU
Pec. S2    11.55 : ""
.... 19.20
Dec.   __        O.i
High. Dow.
Time. Ht. Time Ht
Dec    17       :._:;    14.fi 12.40 9.3
17.33 12.5 	
Oct    Is      8.14    14.7 0.36 0.3
IS.27    11.8 18.48 9 1
Dec.   19      9.00    14.9 1.23 H.fi
1. 27    11 ii ."..'i; g.7
Dec   20    9.48    14 s 2.12 1.6
20.34 10.2 16.1: 8.0
Dec   21    10.32    14.4 2.9
21._2     9.5 17.18 :
Dec  22    11.14    14.0 ! 51 'i 4
23.27     9.2 ISIS ii.l
Dec  23   LUS4   18.4 4.:, i 5.7
  1   * . 5.5
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS Daily trains (except
Sunday"! carrying passengers, mad,
express and ircipl.t connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winte: servfi
For information  apply to
J.  II.  ROGERS, Trafl c   M   .agrr,
Vancouver, *R. C
Fight Trains Every D*y in thc Voir
Ul'TW 1 : \
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest ami best ideas
and 1 UXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas; the most
brilliantly illum.ti.ated train in the
world, The equipment consists o.
private   compartment   cur-,   standard
lb   Section   sleeper-,   luxurious   dining
I car. reclining chair cms  (scats  frce),
modem   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
hiiirv  and  smoking  ears
For Tinie Tabic-. Folders, Or any
, further information call on or write
ita Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
No   trains   in   thc   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   thai   equal   in
equipment that of the Chicago,  Mil-
I vvatikee   &  St.   Paul   Railway.      They
j own and operate their own  sleeping
I and dining cars on alll their trains anil
I give   their  patrons   an  excellence  of
iservk.  not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
iji Third St.. cot Alder. Portland, Or, 8
i ! ii
' ^DAY. DEc
For Christmas
Drawn   and   Undrawn
The only drawn birds in the city.   ORDER EARLY
M.airrliittiKiTdl.: th-.- ,a!_nin ���hould bead-
ir.wii.    Social Editor. Daily News, P.O.
Krx 4,'.'. New Westminster
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
MORFVS Columbia St.
lVM\SM\Mm4  M       kJ       New Westminster
��   I
ladiesXoirsand Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A.J.BIRTCH, 275 Columbia SL
We are now ready for the rush-
Miss Mignon Duke, the talented vocalist, who recently returned from a
successful tour of the central provin-
, ��� -. was it visitor in the city yesterday. While on her tour. Miss Duke
was taken ill at Calgary, and was ob-
liged to cancel some of her engagements. She intends taking a trip to
London. England, in the near future,
ami will then give concerts at the
places omitted from her recent itin- j
J   Scon,  of Westminster Junction,
was iii the city yesterday on busine6S;,
Mr. Scott is a son of Col. s.0tt, the
well known old tinier of por- Moody.
Though 'iii'-, ;> naturally a verj
busy season of the year for Santa
' ( .mis. be found time yesterday afti
noon tn preside over a Christina- tree
at the home Of Miss Helen and Mastei
Dick Fowler, where there ��*ere assembled a larger numbe:' of their
tb friends. Every girl presi nt was
made happy by the gift of a doll,
while the boys were equally pleased
with presents mon suited to members
o'' the sterner sex. Among those present were Miss Peggie Gordon, Misses
Mary and Clara Malins, Mi-. Hei' n
Duthie. Miss N��el Armstrong, Master
Jack and Miss Mary Walker, Miss
Katharine and Mis- Baby Grant, Miss
Peggie Coulthard, Miss Evelyn Mailns,
Miss Millet n: an I Master Ed'wi i I
Captain PfttendrJgh went up to Mis
sion yesterday.
Maii'iiim Nicholson of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce staff, Dawson,
was in town on Tuesday. He has
three months' leave of absence, ihe
greater part of which he intends to
spend in Vancouver, before returning
i i Dawson for another eighteen
Mr-. H. A. Eastman 'entertained al
afternoon tea yesterday. Among
those present were Mrs. Clover. Mrs.
Fletcher, Mis, George Wolfenden, Mrs.
Houghton, Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Hart and
Mr.-. Hetherington.
The Misses Alice and Violet Ladner,
are the guests of Mrs. T. J. Armstrong.
I). M. Robinson, manager of the
Tynehead Nursries, was in the city
yesterday on business, He will soon
re-open his stall at the market
.1. M. Young, accompanied by his
family, arrived in the city from the
East las: evening. He has accepted
a position in George Adam's grocerj
store. ,
Mrs. V. VV Davies, of Chilliwack. is
spending a few days In the city, with
her sister and brother Miss and Mr,
roa&eT made. Not an ounce of
s'_ ..stance lest; other roasters waste
10 to 2d per cent. Needs no water.
grease or attention of any kind, lt
simply asks to be let alone. Retains
all juices and flavor.-: renews the
youth of the toughest fowl.
No corners or seams to become filled
with burned grease.
Special Xmas Offer!
$20.00  Suits for    $18.00
$22.00  Suits  for   $20.00
$25.00  Suits for    $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 644
139 Columbia SL        New Westminster
against Fire
in Real Estate investments
20(1 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
The Transient Throng.
Guichon���John Griffith, C 11. Smith.
Mabel Standish, New Vork; \V. i'.
Angers, U A. Woodward, C. Hustor,
Vancouver;   Louis   Ceighorn, Toronto.
Windsor���M. Morris, Kamloops; J.
Stewart, Vancouver; .1. P, Caugh, Li ii
don, Ont.; G. Googhsn, Bellingham; A.
Tisdale, Barnet; H. W, Chatwin, Hammond; J. Loeison, M. A. McMillan,
Mission; A, ,1. Abie,., Sapperton; G.
Harding. Clint wood.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
IN THE MATT Kit ol the
Settled Estates Ad and
ami nding Acts.
���   AND���
title   tn   part   of   Llot   1,
Bio ���      '.   6U.bUl a..ii   land-.
New    Westminster   < v
whereof     John     Oswald
l'n ilthard   l_   tenant   for
.:���     in    pos ession    and
Earnest Barr Coulthard is
tenant in tall.
Purs i ml to the Order of the Honor-
i- ���������  Mr. Justice Moi rlson, sealed tenders addressed t.i J   J. Cambridge, District  Registrar - : the S ipremi   Court,
New  Westminster,  li.  c.  will   be  received by hiili up to Saturday tin- 19th
Nob. await  those who visit our store �����'*'���
in search of holiday footwear.
You nay have seen as good but never a
better selection of
Men's, Women's, Misses and Childr
Mt, Carpet or Kid Slippers.
Endless Colors
Endless Varieties
Endless Shapes
Come and select your pair while the
assortment is large.
daj of January, 1907, for the purchase
Colonial-John    Rosenfeld,     Chilli-   of pari of Lol  one (l),  Block  Three
'    '     :;'    ;        W. S. Clowes. G.    ,::,.   Suburban   lands.   New   Westmln-
Hornby,   Henry   ster City.    Tenders must be accompa.
nil I   by a   certified   cheque  r<u-   Five
y,  Edwin   '"''. per cent, of the amounl tendered.
It.  Chap- J. P. HAMPTON BOLE.
Turnbull,   city;   Mr
1 Ii irnby, Clovei lale
Cosmopolitan Sam Hui
A Wilson, Manftou, Wan
man,   Mourn Lehman;   A.   E.  Clarke,  Solicitor foi   Petitlonei  in uiu
ineh. are so many appropriate and serviceabl
articles suitable for Xmas prei ents which can 1
be purchased in our store, that it is hard to'
tell what to talk about first.
which a woman will welcome at any time'
Hand Bags and Pur
This year our Stock of Ladles'   Hand   ll.
from New Vork and Chicago,    rhe value
PURSES are gaining in favor,    \ new lot ju ���
iin. ai thesi.
��� fi      .
only,    Bome extra good qualities, each 50c to $3.00,
HANDBAGS���Many    novi     .      hown ii
time serviceable ideas.
KINK   LEATHER   LINED    BAGS    Each $3.00 to $8,50,
JAPANESE BAGS ln FancyGrained   Li
topped bj large bone and metal ��� a ib; each 1*5
Other lines more shown ihan these pn . ...      mentioned art
in   price,   but   for  values   they eclipse ai .    ave ahmri
ihe price.    All styles, each
to $3.00.
Blouse Length!
'I his is a Iim Ich ve 11
. ��� rer feat ire I vi
previous season ;:,J
-   popular iln.- yi ai ��� :._-.������ _j|
Blouse Leng
lais,   siuli   as  Lustre Delaines, CiJ
rrere,  Serges. French Flannel Ems.
der ed Goods and Silks of everdtst'l
Ynu wil lind ��� ihedooral
en  the flrsl  counti '-.     Ical
the   waist  lengl 50c to lil
Silk Handkerchiefs, Linen Handkerchiefs, Cambric HandkercimJ
Man>  customers have passed the remarl
lm of handkerchiefs Ihey have seen.     I:   ha 1 |
thus,     a look  through our selection will com     ���        of thli
See "in Bhowlng on centre table, second  fn .'I
: 1 "tn 5c  each  to $2.50.
HANDKERCHIEF   BOXES  with  6  handken    ��� -        tl
linen, with hems, per boi .1._.,$1.50. $2.00 and $2.50.
Men's Linen and Siik Handkerchiefs in large variety.
W. S.
Collister & GJ
Ws\^Fi i
- New   Glassware
Just Arrived-
A For >-
Firemen    Wanted.
Reduced Rates on Market Day.
Effective   Decerobei   28,   1906,  the  ���
Greal Northern Railway company will Application, to till two vacancies In
-"ll Aral class round trip tickets Port the Fire Departmenl will be received
Guichon ami Intermediate points to '������.- the undersigned up to Friday, the
New Westminster al $1.00 for the - '-:' Inst,
j round trip on Friday, Mairttet day. For particulars apply to Chief Wat-
QYl S   v,il1' ���'"""'" "" date of sale only. son, at No. i  Flre Hall.
Half rates will  be made  toi   child- w. a   DUNCAN,
ren five yeai-' ad under twelve year
"' '���'"''��� City Hall, Dec. in. 1906
We will be pleased to have
City i li
11-2   ACRE
The Reliable Shoe Store    i
$525.����  CasI
In the West End.     Handy to proposed new tt0
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turno
Malins, Coulthard & Co|
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents.
Columbia St., S . New Westminst i^dTscction
Pages 9-12
Nl'-^  W ESTM1XS1 RH B (
l>\\   MORNING, DECEMBER 20. 1906.
Centra   School   Building.   Royal   Avenue   New Westminster.     The Twste.s wish to complete the main bu
",. ti-ucting the West  Wing   (left  of picture).    T-e East  Wing  /.a. added some five years ano.
.  -      ���;);"-_.*
���i ; ny thli'.
:.'.-, ..--    hii     our
������ -���  to Chris mas
_   Jeweiln-y    Store
��� ���:'..   di. ida>   is  cu
i ar   mid almesi ��� ������ i al and ohoicei sti tasti
���    -.    a ittbries of 1 ox< f of i hoice
- :.������-��� - ioni i _ -   _hich an      n an -   to
. ��� .- ��� . - -      He also
can le.   font .1. f i xci  li nl     make,
attentl  a to ihe
.... : ii.-   in
.1     ..,-   -i ...--a    oi    the   year
���  ... :. -.   .;u make th ���
hi - ������   ��� ...erl      and Mi   Spei '. lias  a
:.- ���   :.-..   --..        .,   goo Is which he
prepared to ii .   anj  home on
-   .
tu ���   ..     ; would gladden
is one
i -.-..'-- hi ti_i rs, of
.��� '        v     .    ���       .     rgi   stock.
:a   might expect 1     Ind   iirices of t__iu line of goods     ti  n easj
steps   from   $1     to    $.        Mr.      ;���:.-
|_.. i .
��� _
Mr  in
���-���..���I ��� :   |ewell< :;.   eto
Ol   ..'li-.-i-   ar-'      o      Ot
���   I 11-  ���.��� gam   glass t ase-
:.-��� .'   a'-i'iiJi I .thi -    "���
������   i'a m    tpppd      ��� .:��� ���
��� ���   Ol    :...���:���.'   l'i Bis ��a    '
a   i i .  a.-     of  G long's  G.B.,
McCormlck an i   Pi -.'    i ho    1: '���
'!'���,��� re aw    il to stocking well  fi le I
with article  for the liUii i ie in the
:.. me, :-��� -.i ���   nol liing m
i thi     _h rioesl   sllvi i   fen     od   orm ��� :���.  tai     easts   it irl le   va
: '         hi   a.'i-'..   ��� ::���   '    :��� ties
������   .. ; i   Is ib-- glltt. '
I "���'':,: ia  I-���! tire-
���   ring*,  icarf pins and
.-. si-    unsej        Tin ir
������������   v, i ���   ��� . ���    '    7"  ���
noteber i- ���; i;i..rv.
���ii-   ��� ti .s Itj     fa
t cue ' ������ ���    - "
- -   n bich wa  Id   : u
:   ���;!���   -a id.
.-   ���  .   >
��� signs      In i
* I-.U.-I    ;���. ���������   'r      ���    &. -.'
-..-  a   of    di
i'i a- ��� lan    shin n
��� ��� -
��� ������ lefl      lii   lion - ���   -   '
- ���   ol   je-weiiei
'        ���      .
u , ��� foui
-.   I""
'a:   . ���      ��� : a-:.
��� .���    i.i    ���
i.at Marke
Smith's Dry Goon's
A glai   _ .1        ,     Smith- - ��� :-
��������� : t vet    . .:.     nl Mi
out been in hu ini - -
a  .'...'        '        eai        fl 1'    ' a  la
g plai ; ���        aii I '.
In    i . -   select ioD   o!   w<.       ��� -
rii he I   fabi Ic.    uilali.    foi    inlii
' all agi    .    '    . ���   ,       u the wei
a :     :   . ' .!:.������
wi      i     tie ol     ��� ' .. ling lines
������ - Chrisi tan  pre enti md i qi
... case i onl iins a da. n              il
es   -a-:.- ���          ons iii -.        The
ells an                ill,   in en   madi   nl
v. v-ii  mei In  i-   are
��� ie  ragi   al   the   :������-���-���  linn   in
_��� ���  . i lai     ��� i ': es     The
��� -      . .a.'l   .   a a kill
li . i th man    i i <e: vation
. a 111S111 . a .
.. I    III  .' ll
������   - '        .      I'll 111
i. ! ��� fl       i    frien
������ i . ifi    :ent I
... .  :-       La  lei I    enti. ti
ll '   sel   ,   :, .:: I   I ���      ������'   .   .
These   m ���
'   '     I'M '    ,'  '
. ��� '.:        I ���  ���   a
lalnu Iiii        i
CuniTiings. The  Cloth.er.
Eii . if   . xe< lied   hini-
��� is on tlie a Imlrable
he lias placed on
sail      i im    ai - ���   ta   1.   :���- n feet  v. Ide
. covore i >i ith box
:Ion. Ing   end.
��� -     :,   silks  and
; he colors
���. -   . i asi ���:      .    rai ��� ���       i      usuallj
_ - .   ' -  .       neutral
��� ir.l - . ien   are also
.. i    ;     :   .  ��� ���    , t from
.-,.-:-. llll   _',ie
.    - i na_   liar
most modi
IV A    ;
-   .
���a I on
l> a
the  up
'i .'' ������::.
Austra    ���     M< ���
- ���  the a
*���*     -
���  purOt s Suggestions.
��� .   e ti   call
1 purol
��� ������    ��� h  a ni
'��� a gentleman   to  hi
��� : B it   ,.i. es '-: ail >   i
. -   tbem   '��� Ith  long
��� ' temi. tl and
-- ;��� h mouth| :��� ��� '���'
il" h is a  n im ���".   ol
I MM _< liaaai   plpefl,
.hich are  veil ca
lovei   ol   the
��� :      He   also    hai    the
, .
. ox      Oth
' ���" put ���
Star   C. t'ti.    . ,.   I
0.    ;.     lette   I ��� '      i
is % nd In 1
.... |
.������ me  at.   loose   am      l'n i
owe    and    i    el       Hi    I
li I  il    i;i-.   u ,;, |. mr  I
on   '. iiifii h.  '
:  iia id  rolled   : itnl elm
i'i'     . -in ii-
in    ilar wall Ing ���      .
��� ���   i i    .
��� ������   ii <i han lies Pei   it    N ���
idii     \ hn h are   v tie  up   In
I r        ".      - mil   V llll I'    ��� dl
soteib " ,'  "���     I rn I he children there
an    i    ���  '     Istnin      locli Ingi    nil* '
.-rh  io      nul    a. i ' mdles
',,,<-. I '..     '.l.n i.-ilitirc.
Aii.y   .-:,..- .     '    [ilnced in hi
ll    -,..       | : . .    ,,:   , irth .
:������     ' . la-.'        ���	
an i ' i   ii.    ��� ���p .    tri     tunon
'������ai. and  also ��� ���      * "M
��� ulted f'u prenen ���         ;'   I've
In ilifir own le  '       ' l'1-'   I""
he  has mo ith 1    i          -  '" (11/
��� "��� ���  to
; | ���   mo othoi  n '    ' llJisnta
l       -a   ���
Wi'   11
V\ I's    i '
Sttive lUw
' . ,   .
. - i -   a ..                               ���        I .     '
-,.-,-' a                               '                   N'i
������      '. I   :   ii,'      I.      .   ���
i:,,a i   until  we. t '
Vin- .    Ma a "      ' I     '     ���   ��� v     '
��� -na, iei  iad Vascoiivi *i*ueh
.. i.    point as me i Im ������ m       ���   "���> '������.
i      ivali ���   from   ':'' Stave
K]i       I  a pi Int   Immediately above
a.  i .      ibo li Bin miles from   the
of Hi"   river.    Tht'  said  water
diverted  by menus of n eoffer-
 md a Sluice ilnni at th-" enl rati'-''
iM ihc e_.��i branch ol the said river;
,, nf a ilum with a hnlkheni- and in-
.i works al the entrant* to the west
hranchi where the water will be conveyed In "'ee' pipes to the power-
I,,,,,.... mul relurned to the said river
,, ;, iirferenceofelevationol'100fei.t,'
v, iiere&s the Coaijiany commenced
. .        pai I  of  1906
hi . ��� a      .i    ited conl i -
:.���'.. the Corapan    haa obtained
.:/,'���,, .     for the comple
lon i .     on ol the undertaking
autho    .- . ..   i      he i-aid  certificate,
\H'!a   ��� . k has   Int in,a:
ed that angi    a the plans of the
'   .' .     In the said ci
..- a    p     .. .    ipon,   and
he  Clerk  of  the  Ex
Ihe purpo.i
.      .    Iflcate ai
. '    he ���>������ n
1. Tl ���   '       " e un
;.         . .         ed ha        t>n appi
the i
.  . i   ��� ���   ��� iwer
of Sei tloi
IH,  1      ��� of 1 he   ' '���'���
ilf ol  Sec
of iln- Coa
Meridian; 1 ���    and
by   win .    :-     ���     .
Lbe  |K)wi .......
lion Iiii" oi Tov a :        v ihcnci   i    -
12 and 9, in a westerl direct! n
lo thi v �� Westminster Trunk Roa ..
,,ii-i ;n!!,mini- thi Trunk Road ui ti
west ol the Pltl Rivei ; thence to
the Cities of New Westminster and
Vani ouver, or ti - n h ol her point a>
maj be found advisable. To use watei
liimi the said Stave River at a poinl
Immediatelj above the Kails, aboul m\
The said river to have a s!ui<v dam
al ih" entrance to the east branch of
the said river; also a dam, with a bulkhead and Inlet works, a: the entrance
to iln west branch, where the water
will be conveyed in steel pipes to the
power-house and returned to the said.
river at a difii '��� n�� i : elevallon i I
100 feet.
2. And this is further to certify that
the Companj proposes to ln'irin their
undertaking by the necessary excava
tion and the construction of a coffer-
dam across the mouth of the wesl
branch of ihe Slave River, in accordance with Hi" laaiis prepared by William Kennedy, Jr., Hydraulic Engin
"i:. and tiled with the Clerk of the
Executive Coum 11
3. And this ii- further to certify thai
iln- amounl of capital of ihe Companj
wliicb will be duly subscribed and paid
up before the said Companj commences construction of thai portion oi
ilieir undertaking in the preceding
paragraph mentioned or further exer
cises mr, ol the powers of the "Water
Clauses Consolidation Act, 1S97," Pari
IV.. in that bi half, ts herebj fixed at
the sum of $100,000, and Uie furthi r
amounl i f capital ti be subset Ibed an .
paid up above iiu cost of the fli
nn nt ioned poi I lon In respect of
remalndi i ol thi undei taking before
the sami Is con enc shall be .-' i
���t. And this > fn in ��� to certlfj tbat
lhi tlmi within which the said capital.
viz., $100,000, is to be subscribed, i-
flxed at dune i.t. un... and the time ill
which the said undertaking and works
are to be commenced is fixed al June
1st, 1907, and the dale bj which a por
on ei' said wn; \ shall be completed
se as actually  to furnish and deliver
i i-.:i Ical horse power, is lived
������i N'i i ' llll i Ist, 190. and the date
I j   ��lr, li all ihe said proposed ��.-
' .- In operation Is  fixed  a    Si
vembei  is;. i"i_.
I1; ted ' his  '1 sl daj of October, 190(1
i "i rii . ; ��� In- I*\. cuti w Pouni
\nilee    l-    'an., ,, a   lhal    llii' f
���' ��� ;   dati   I intend   ��� )
lhe Honorable,    the    Chii t    Con
- lonei   of Lauds   nnd   Work
I ��� clal  ���"���' i, ���   :���' ��� i    mil carry awa;
Umber  rrom  Ibe  following di ���>
land -:
No,   1.   < lOllinil ���''   "     a;   a   p.
. I  "ii   the Dominion   Boundai.   J ,1m .
. n Sinn pe's Creek, about half a i
''������asi  nt  pitt   Lake, thence North
���"   ehains. thence   W<       80   chain i,
- ," South 80 chains, thence Easl
d   , hains to poinl of commem emi ut
No 2  Commem Ing al a   posi plan;
- ��� the Dominion Boundai > I >Ine al
��� commencemenl of Claim No, i,
thence Bftsl so chains, thence North
SO chains, ilvence West SO ehains.
thence South so chains to point of
No ?,. Oommenoing at a post plant-!
ted 80 ehains North of post first described in Claims N'o. 1 and 2, thence
North SO chains, thence East 80
ehains thence South SO chains, thence
West 80 chains to point of commencement.
Secretary.    |
Staked. Nov. 29. 190G.
John P, Thompson.
The Dominion Trust Company
The following Valuable RESIDENTIAL
The Finest Selection of VACANT LOTS
in the City of New Westminster
144 acn      east side ol  Sei
,    i i-. miles from V ��  V\ es
Inster.     Price $2,200.
20S 24 acres in South Westminsti i
ml   3 ai a s  have  been  logged  and
. ned; frame of house worth alien;
$200; aboui S miles from New Wesl
minster. Price $600: .-.. cash, balance
i.n  terms  to suit   purchaser.
209 -Surrej ; 690 acres; very fair
divided Into 10 acres lets; wo
of the lots front on Scott road: will
un ke exci lleni fruit or poultry farm;
near market; 3% miles from city.
Price $15 per acre; easy terms to
1 parlies improving.
212���160 acres in Surrey; ihis land
fronts on the Scotl road and is five
miles I'liiiii S. Westminster; there a resi,me -in aeres of fairly good land on j
easl end of lot; while the pile timber
is valuable on the balance, and .s not
subject to royalty for stumpage, 'his
being one of the old C.G.'s. Reasonable terms
215 in acres; unimproved; *���_ mile
Sack from Scott road: good soil; will
make a good cheap home for ihe right
man.     Prlce$10 per acre.
216���504 acres. Surrey; eight m es
from town: ihere is a commodious
dwelling house and barn on this propertj ; some 15 or 2u acres have been
Improved; orchard, etc.: splendidlj
located; several line springs of watei
flow across the land: the Serpen:ine
river is immediately adjoining; ihe
whole tract constitutes the making
ul one of the finest stock and dairy
farms in the province; nearlj all le
vei bottom land and readily brought
into cultivation; easily cleared, and
v, hen reclaimed would sell readily
for ..iuu per acre. Price as it stands
$40  per  acre;   Immediate possession
300 100 acres; I10 improvements;
situated aboul five miles from New
Westminster and li._ miles from Mini
Bay.     $10 per acre.
-tun ioo acres. $1,600. on reason
able terms; practically no improve
ments; new railroad runs close to
this property,
402 140 aires; lii, miles from New
Westminster.     Offer wanted.
404 160 acres; all under cultivation; new house and barn; everything In lirsi class condition, Pi .������
$125  per acre.
405 160 ai res 5 miles fn m New
\\ ev; minstei and I'-_ miles frnm Mnd
Bay. Offers Wanted.
���'"'l 10 acres. this land is situated
ne.ii I'.ai. Ro ��� 6 iii Delta muntci
i ,, -. wa. i,.,,. -,,;.. timbei
land. good roa I; i1-. mi es from l. id
i an iin_. v, iii make nice i laci
when In roved Prici $10 per acre
1, i ash, balance can he arranged to
suit, Interesl 6 pei  ceni
719���Ki a  P 60 a. a
Ous .      onts on  the Cii ��� -     \
' ' I, easj  I'l'iuiuhi In.
i'i'     Httli     In VI It   land    is
very   opi Ms i
$30   per   acie;
���  ���
���     '.'��� r. r
this   Is   a   n,,v I   exci
iii si   , ., vegetable  di
posll     goo I   wati i  ai ���������    under
:. ood   eultl\ ation ;   batem e  verj
past ut e.   well  fenced    school  on corner of lot;  buildings consisl ol  dwel
ling   'ivi".   l1-      - '    rooms,  In
good repair; new barn 66x70, well
built and fitted. i oult i \ houses, cab-
Ins, Bheds; ati ������ ssion
Prii r $6r? per acre: cash preferred, imt
im ms can be ai rate, e i for pari
724 160 acn s; soil on south light
well adapted lo sheep and fruit vain-
lug: north side soil stronger, will pro
dure clover in abundance; small
clearing; house and barn; orchard,
etc.; school, church, post, offlce and
store convenient; Greal Northern
railway, Cloverdale, _i<, miles, price
800���1G0 acres; about BO acres
bush; balance open land thai the
mower can run over;  school house ',
mile   d
a -      othe
house fairly comfort-
other buildings of nominal val-
Prioe $4,G00;  terms can   be ar-
801���Business and propertj for
sale, six acres ol land; house, six
room.-; barn, 45x25 feet; sheds, chicken house with covered run; land all
��� ii;, ed part orchard and part garden. Price, for land and building.
$2,500. Fairly good stock of general
nn" liai; list can he purchased if de-
802���110 acres; house and barn on
high land,     i'rici $2,200.
806���320 acres; near Clove: Valle.
posi  office.
807���80 acres: Nicomekl river runs
through this property; l1/. miles from
Surrey Centre pest office; uo improve
ments      Offer w.nted.
808- 160 acres, this is a most desirable propertj . Port Kells station.
Great Northern Railway, is on adjoining lol: Bteamboat landing, school,
church, store, pest offlce. convenient;
'.''_ mile, from city of New Westminster; several acres cleared; house,
sheds, etc.; as this property lies so
conveniently to markel, it ig very
suitable for poultry farms; good soil.
Price $2,000.
812���160 acres: 1 mile from Cloverdale. log luiu.se; some 10 acres clear-
, ed and under cultivation: some fencing, corner lot; good roads: some cedar and fir limber. Priee $1,250;
cash $1,000, balance terms to suit.
814���150 acres; this is a fine farm.
well improved, in good neighborhood;
140 acres improved; dwelling, barns,
sheds, hog i'i ns rool house; bind all
laid down to grass; Cloverdale station, G, N. I... on property; 11 miles
from New Westminster; good roads
school, churches, mills. Price $14,000:
terms $5,000 cash, balance $1,uoo ]��?i
year,   interest   t.  per  cent.
slli���Surrey  Cen:re;   se  aires,   this
is  a   piece  Ol   land,   excellent!.,   situa-
ted, a  largi   portion  of which is good
sui] and easilj cleared:  the other portion  is  lighter  soil,  bul   lias a   large
portion    of    valuable    timber   worth
$1,500, which is new being hauled   o
the  sawmill:   there   is   a   tine   nev.   "
roomed house, also sheds; good we
small cleai Ing    Price $2,000: term   i i
s. . 80 a. a ���. l.-is is a splendid location rr'.r , Bi Bt class soil: : prac-
40 acres cleared and under
cull;-,;at ion. good house, buildings;
good vate: : 10^ miles from town;
good reals; i mile from Cloverdale
vlllagi I ��� : '���- school, municipal
hall, ston ioi offlci all adj lining;
G.N R. i mile, ���  c   Prlo  $4,500: te i
s        .      .    , i      ..ii  when
. a good sheep farm;
scho ' dice and i
. ,    ��� Im ".    and   Cla
Price $10 per
per ac-e.
" He    Prom cii i :
P lei     $10
S .' \'t a        .
I, wi    - 'actlcally the
neares   | iltural land, on
Sum y sidi , it i.s distant
elghl miles;  good road;  unimproved;
win make . m ol the finest  farms ln
the district; . bottom land. Price
$40 per acre.
902 150 ���'������ ��� good land: S acres
cleared and in good cultivation; good
orchai d, sell . Its; '���_ mile frnm
steamboa "i  mile from sta
tion, G.N.R.; large quantity of valuable
timber; dwelling house 24x24, 3
rooms: barn and stable, woodshed:
poultry house, root house. Price $15
per acre; terms "L> cash, balance to
arrange 6 per cent, interest.
90:!���90 acres; Langley municipality; U mile from river; this is �� piece
of land well worth looking after, and
should be readily taken up: will be
sold cheap and on easy terms. Pi ice
$12.50 per acre.
Columbia Street, Next Bank of Commerce IO
^     TVE   r,EL4J!>W
' W ���     ��� \ * �� ��
��.���.*�����.����-* ���'�����*���."*��"���."'
���.���; ���_�����_���. ���'���������������."���'�������������.
gi    .    :-���'���.:     '.'.-'        -
*.���-..- ' -      -
.V ��� ��� . . ' ���;"   '
�� ���      -
fc��     v . -    ,��� . - . -
_���_. a *    ��� - -  ���    ***
V-  '.�� ' ' -���������������.
,.-   . -   ���      a .-
r:-_* _.v   ; ���     ���      ' * ������. ���' ������    ���_���
< I ;      .'...'      I ���.      '  ' ��� -   ��� ���������  -
-..'���.     . ������-  ��� ���       ���     ���        ���'  -    .   .    '. i'      -;-    '     .
y, -.__.     ���_.-;''.---     '._:.;-���_���
���rut ��.������- 1 v. iv: :>���-.. 7 >?>���-. ..*>
I ..���- ���_*.; . mm fgfe !**����������� 1 ' -
I. ���-.>>��� ������-.'.'.'���-����� .--���'. tt tn te '..'..
._..  /    ��� -.-���.-    -   a -   1 -..,.   ���-.-��� - ���
�����_���> -.-..I'   (Me ��� ; ���   .'  i   '      J
ni '-���**���:. *>-.  ��� .���*���'. .   -. rt
^r-   ���   v 1.  ���..--���     ,-     ���     ���  ���..--. .....-'
;���-.-.'"_.'���>���-;���--:    ������'������    ��� ��� ��� .
��.'���;  v* EU  r.lr__H->.      .-'-���'.    I   ���
��� v.-.. -. -. ��� ���   (1 ����� v h*f ��� 1;     '. > ������ -       ' -  -
trx -      ' - ���      > ��� -   - ������   ' -.-.-.
1 -. .--������������-.-. ��� ���
_-���/-������.���-������ -   ���       . .������
M .-.���.������,���-
. _..-.     ���..������:���     ���     ��� . ��� ���    ���   ���������     :   ���  ���
'       ���      - ��� ..    I   '   -  ��� '/���-��.��
���-   - ���   ������ ���
V* .
��������..��� '       . ���
��� -... . -. ���, -.   - ���      (
r.     ������   ��� ' . ' ��������� .
of =
e vv
W estminster
>-   H
Headquarters    Of A IMO ^\   SoW 'm
fortheBest   I    lAnUJ Canada
Nordheimer       Morris       Dominion
New Scale Williams
/1��   '..*.�������'   i tsstrtm   it   is,,   t k.��- rt-.
. ��� . -������,'.'
'������.-: ���  . - -  - -.
I  . .    . .      .   1 .
������      ; .   . ���   -.
���   ' ' .  '���.:���������.
,,.,.,,,        ... .......
;_/���.. ���       ���. ��� -
. rl ���.'������:   .-.-       '    ���. ��� . --.    ���.>;.���
..-. 5. ������..--���      ��� -       -     .        -
.,.    ���_������,..���.'���.. ���      .    ���
' ���      ������: ���        ;-.������
'..';' . - ���' .     ; ���. ;���    I |    "      / ��� .���    . ���   . -���
f��      - '         . .' ��� .     a
*_. ������/���' .   .    ;. ��� ��� . .
br, ��� - ������ ..  ;   ���   .    . [
tUt ���-:.���.���        .-,���.��� ; ��� ���/,    -.
.���.���". > ��� '     ���.'.--     a- ���'���'..:<-"-,
m .-���..���;"...���,���-..���.
'r. .':.   ...    -   - ' 7.1--, ���   m ���/     '.   wsti
."���'���'. '���:.'���    v.,-.- -1-   tfe.   gttjl
toward  '.' ������   ���> ,       ���   . . ���;.;-..
* ���������:   /--;.     ' .     ..-.-:     -   - ���, ..���)   ���.-,���    /
tskura Mrri/j'titl) 1/
Hie Kw.       -- - '.a    aid
U '.a-    ;   tbi    y.a-   pla/ ,  r.   ',���
/.'-'-���      -'.-';    ���:.:���.,'    ".      ��� ���  ���    -.
.-,      a    ;a ���'������������ ��� :.    :���.    ���.-.'  .,���.>.:    '   .    - :
H iti ������. " '
The Edison Phonograph
Graph op hones. \ lolins.  Ajccoraions.  Xylopnonef. Nian-
dolins.  Concertinas.  Rutes,  W histles. Guitars.
Mouth   Organs.  Zithers.
Grand new select   n   : :  I    *-   Coll E   ���    t..     .'.-.
. *        - ;      .   month!-.'   ec .* I -.    -���'--��� -��� -. ti *. e. i m    *. ..
���   ..
isica] instrumei >   :    . ki       ke *      _t   k. Easy tei
ORGANS: Dominion ��� Doherty ��� Sherlock ��� Manning
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINES
V.' - - -
'��� il
V. I.. ,,    11,.     . ._ r 11.    'A _ I    i ���,p   11 In _ p, ^
'������ *': '  I   ':.'-   a  ;   '
;"��� . ���     ���  0
��� 1 ��� I/p ���   ' '-    ���       . -..' ,
'���''''..'                  I
'���:::;.     ���;.;.                              ...
tir foil' ��� .���' ���     ���      k fr<ii
��� a , -, .
),-���', 1
I ���,,...., ���     ���       . . .
���   ' '       .   .,'
��� :    .
Un    '-.." ��� .,-  ,
'    '  -   ���   '        '������������       ���      , it :.
' 1 ,. ���    . .
... ���
: ,    t.    '    i ������..        -.      ���
:���'.���:..:������     ' ,���������
l       P.   Jb  A. '     "I
��� tloos of I -   - -
������      _--_:"-
���   ren ���'   .,"
�� !���!      to atten I    D. W      Wft*
���-'���>.V��>>.V'^��.'��. ���>.'���."���.���.���.'���."���. ������>."���.���*���."���.'���-C��. ���*���"*���.'��� �������� ���������������������.���#������.��������� ������'���;������� ���>���.���:<���;�����������_���'���"���>.���'*
The Music House
Burr Block, Columbia St.
;���'-.'.' ���
-     ��� '
: ':'    '        1)   . ,
.'.       .< '. I ll
'���"���"���"��� '���"."���"���"���>"���>'��� *�������."���>������. ���"���������������� ��������"�����"�����>.��:
Selling Out $20,000 Stock ! |
'   -   -a     ���'    :'.....    a     Ij    ���    ���    '   ,
a     - .'
'. ..'''..��� ������.       .
��� ���    , ���. ;;-'
'   1 .    ���'       i ml
'���    I '
eh .'.ii. ���. aa
7 Ilf    V , 1  .   ���    I.;, ��� KM
1 /(���   ;,, ��� .,    ....   ;.. ,   1  ,
I ','  ' ���: ',".. ���   '-, ;���   |   aa tl  lur \l:.'
I  '..    ' ; I 1       11 '������ II - ��� till '
In ti..-   '   .���    . . ���       ���. ifi ol   |j
ri".i| :    .
II,"  pi ���    l|    1 '.a.
thu '-, - ���    .... -'.,'���- .  -    . ��� ���
1,,;.  .., -. ,     .       .,     .   , . Id   rail wa
!���'���'���..       '..:���''. -. .      .     ���      if tu :. ������        - '' a        ' I.m a '-''    i
I'" U11K ������������    1  ��� ��� ��� ' .ered I -,        . ... ....    .
I'    :. ���   ���   ���-'    tl    - ' In ..  r ......  ���
'I lr-    ��� , . ������:.���/. r  '.'..���  hi
fired   '      a,'      '   ���   ,    . .:������        -.'   ,1,   ,,-
;-','- .    '   '     ��� 1.   ���   the "' '
rhli 1 1 . 1  , -    -��� . .''''''' ;"   '������'   ��� ���
. n   0.1.1   \rtturnt nl ' ���' ' ' - -" I        an I    to   ���" rj . -
"'���'' ��� ���''  In ���   11    ��� '. ipanh     an I    - -
'"    Wr Hi . la , -..' ... , ,
ffi      I    "   ��� '   "1    ���     1,    ���!.- ...,,-,.. --,-..
', 1 r.l   -- ���   ',-,      ���) j,,. . ,   .
Every article or ] f furniture ii        est
a    .-; thout reserve.    First
the cash and    >u want tl        xi    *
*-tT?3    .'
r '���'
l iur l   -  ��� .
E ���' t  ion, F ront -   eel
'����������� >���,.'���.:���.����.'�������.'�����.'���"��� '���������.'.���: ��� '��� ���.���...��� '��..���>. ���.:��. �����������>.���>.
mini   "a 'i . ...  I   Uml   iln:   r.l|   a.n '   I a
lljfllli I     -        '    :   .   '  f i.|
llll-l,      Hii- |'||     Itlfl, - I ; ���   ., ���   ,
'    ��� a    ''   -
Ml 1
With   tla-   HI   ���    (J     fit   lllllt Oil   HUM'   1)1     ': ���''''  '     '''-      '���      I
l.i-.'i ��� r 1      ......  i-      11 in ,,.    |t,e    ���.. ,:. ,-     al, ;   . ...
'U'"' ���������'   Ml      r,      .,,.    y. .   || ���      ,,.,
1 ii,.-i.-,i 1 ���, ,i������ ;"'1 ',;''"'"'   ;ui')   "'":" ���'    ai I to con
When 11,,-'���a,,i'ia.'"..','.,"  , .) .-.., .   - '"'   ���'";" '" '���������'���'��� '������������"������' '���   othei   t:
ii.ii'i',!iai..,;.i';uiiii,,l|1ii,i, I,,;.,;,  ��� ranj.erfi��n_H   with   rallwa        leamhoii
tha din hull 11 atm , |>lu ru run] thu u ,, ��� '"' olhar wimpanlo . a ml ������> com 1
and won.-, ol lha m. 1,.,;,.,i, -, it 1    1,1 maintain and operat/j lha nn 1 ra   ��� 1
true tlmi Hm'ii' um I11.11IH1)  n.-opli! and hranclm    ������-i tho    -n   .->;",,,-,
tin- caplliil     l..,iii|���i, 1,.-,1, riol  pi  I up tolojihoni
iii-.i'i'.I'd aii iiiii imnl ihlna.   Uml i,a -. .,,
now dissolved partnership, the business vJt'll be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
UP-TO- DA TE  STOCKS   OF-      ___
Hardware, Ranges. Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
Great Northern Ry. j
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
R.   B.   K     '
1       four-:.  I"��� ' ���      ���-  ~\
p.   m..
Roy. '      "j
���      Joornli 5 Sir 1
rited *      tend    V. ~
P.;    E. E   U -
1 ���MeeU                ' :������ '���'';
��� Uilr���: Frid
\:-v.-               Daili    ��� r::'    v                          'I
������*������   ITMINSTE^  Arrive   } ��"fitad I                          ,
'.���:'������ I,    Bl lllll  - '
!     *'���''������ '   .- :r.j   -  55j -,.    J ���-
P ��� :    ,,::
��� ��� -  :. ��������
���    /. 0. O. F.���AM n L000�� ^*>|
{       The reg Iar 1
1       are held '   .
'       bla  street, i ":      , 1
'       at 8 1 I
N  ,     - ;*''
'-.... .- .
'���'���     ' ..-. !
. 2    .,,    j    A. O. U. W.-FRASERLOg
t        -,,   1       ���Mei
���     first and t*
'    I     ������������
������    '     Gu
'   ��� .... ���
dav    In ,���';
brethrei I
Lodge ���
'    from Gul bon,  !
!S. Con
master ���'���
l* ii   I
1 *"T
_ Bl I
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
Iii-'-ii inui ol  il     I.'iml an 1 11 null v fieri
and   electric   powei   lines
;" ro ih, alonjj or ujwn  itri el    ���,   his 1
Canadian Bank of Commerce
v'"'''    within anv miinlclpallt;, 1 .".Joci
'''  'i1"  regulation,   ol Hald   ni inli Ipa
'Iim I'rorcmior   Now,   ii|.|,..-x'.vm lum   ;i   .  and  to cro     navigable- rivi      0    	
'"''" ���''"'������l '  "'" nt wliii lij"     troaniH, and lo arrange for the urn. of i-.  .,
ISm ;z.;z::;,";:;;;:;'?.;:;;:':";'' rui��"��" -: -��" ����������� * - ������- Pa,d-up Capital* $io.ooo>000- Res^ve Fund, $4,500,000
Id.' 1.,   I.,,,  whnl would yon do?   Doc   ll"fl ,n,'jrfihanRfi traffic over other rail-1 HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO.
loc   Amputate IiIh iniiiiv i.oum   iimh    " *'    ��� ''""'   '"  purchuHc,   uikn   ove     B   B,  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
trilled lllls, loiwiJ! 1,1  otherwlHii  acrpilrn   the prop  ���.
^-:.e       ;:;,���::;:'"���;"::,:::;;;,:::' ;:;���',':     branches throughout canada and in the
"Wluii.loyou Hunk or my dauffhtott  Hnii or othorwlso dl .,���',','.',���   ',.',' UNITED  STATES AND  ENGLAND.
("ii'i'iiiinii nn tin. Dinno?" 1 _��� 11 1  -       .    ,1    an 	
'icrlalOng, or any purl thereof, and for
'    ����� (  I   V.l;n oui   r
ii m te of tbe J'.iiiiniis
. -n-'l.    Overland  Trains-���?        }
���*>-""-ai.--. at. Paul,  rflnneaiK.il. <
" li nlpi ���   ii il tth, Chicago, 81 !
Loula and all points Bast. j
Foi    complete    Information <
rate .   berth   reservation,   etc., I
call  - :i wr ,'."ld: OSS, I
1". C, MEYERS, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building,
New Westminster, li. C
j       8. C. YERKES, A. O, P. A.,
i   Comer Second Avenue and Co
j        lumbla St., Seattle. Wash.
I    FOSE   OF  C
��� 115,   SONS  OF  E -  -
Ho] Ri
i       Fourth v,
, t..OB
��N0, Bi
n   K    Of   P '' 1
II   K.   i ���
i p. m., v.
Wedne I Qrcf
time and i .. ,: .1
cordially    In      .  .'   SeClf
comb,. Pres,
���Meets the  I''
I  .;
month   Bt   S
hall,   Odd:'.      ' jnvl',,,
hrethren an   ��� '   r R.;
tend.    .1.  B,  Buihtmi- '���
Maxwell, H- S, _
A. O. F.-Th�� ri ���, S|
Eodgenreb I
_ fourth Tuesday "^    ,1
at 8 P. *% "IJJI! ��n,.e cordial
and Fi
i ompany or companies, and  to lea
i nil or othoi ivi.,!���  iii:,|���,,,.  ,,|   |n ,  ,in
"Good imme for ll, for -lie cerlalnlj .
'luen   murder   the   tlmo." - Baltimore '     ,       "0"J>,��'1'*y rights, power* and
.AiiiitIi'iiii. prlvllegos In thul behalf; and that all
"f tho above  works may ho declared
I"  Im ror  lho  general  riI van tage of L'l,* _lty._,.ffopd!d Farmers for   f'Slr banking t,,,,,,-.,.    s,,i,-.  n,,. ...
I laviiiK trouble with iln. wit?       ' '""'''
r.i     I i i     i      -.  t. ' ' /',l:"' *��� GRIFFIN,
tirt. damp and hardens? Tlim ,.     ,,     ,    ,,
iur tin'   \ppllcnnts
you  are not using WINDSOR     |    Dated al   Vancouver, this   1.5th day
lABLESALT.   It never cake..      t ol November, 1900.
Having bought out thu Blacksmith-j
lug business of ft. II. Benson, I  will
be pleased to see all his old customers, as well as new ones    Hors.shoe i
n-j _ specialty. j THE ROYAL TEMPLJJ ffcl|���f
DcmiurE meet   ' *'. ��� n__ii
Vlsitini;  Brethren/'   p,rth.CM
vited to attend,   '- ���
F. P. Maxwi 11. ���','','���
enshed   or  tjk.n   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL    Deposits   -. ,-        ,, -, ,      .    ,,, ,
' ma ic or withdrawn oi.y runil
'ini oi luwii accounts receive everj a lontlon
Eighth  Street.
PERANCE meei       u ()ll
at S o'clock P. o: 'euet,    M
li divil''1'!
Hall,   Columbia
Brethren ar
tend, Geo. Burr,
-,. cordlall?
S. (*-:
N. B'
Tlu Fraser River Tannery sons of Scotland
SOCIATION, LU^j   hi.r;;
camp, ini.-*'';-.",..,- I
Third Tuesday0' jje>
K.   of   I'- I ���;'"'. ,,.-  Rec ^l
Chief; J.J. 1"":':' LAY   DEC  20.  1906.
ij*.      TT
rHE DArr.v hews
^^V*******^  ���
Elegant  Gifts
For Men
Just a few more Q.'iys before Christmas, and think of all the
shopping that has to bt? done yet! Have you done vours? It's
time to look around and get hints now, and we strongly advise
all those ladies who have not yet bought their gifts for their
gentleman friends to look at the tremendous selection we have
The very things that would please men more than anything
are :
Ik Umbrellas,   Silk Sox,   Pretty Ties   in   Boxes,   Silk   Mufflers,   Beautiful  Silk  Initialled
Handkerchiefs.     Then there are  FANCY  VESTS for business, street and  evening wear.
!.;:xuriously comfortable, and what men long for in the evening,
with paper, or book, or cigar.
GLOVES also are most acceptable.     We have in stock a grand
selection of ''Dent's** world famous Gloves, for riding, driving
��� walking.
And  Don't Forget Your Boys
Fancy Suits,   Stylish Coats,   Handkerchiefs,   Mufflers,   Ties,  Hats and Caps.    Everything to
delight the heart of your boy.
Timber Notices
80 chain. Bouffc,  II .'min.. wesl
i1    .i ling   north,   .0 ch iin-   wesl  to
of   comment    nen        intaining
-    more nr le -
::. Commencing at a   posi   marked
: W. . i.'_ N E   ( ���'. net. pi inted .'.i thi
. the ia     tla aboui
: ve   and  a    ... .   ��� .    river
trom the mou         is foi - ��� -
10 i h iins aouth, ii."    hain -  west,  10
chains north, 160 i ann- eas  ��� i poinl
of    commencement,    containing   610
rom the head of  .,,..���, ,,..
Get the habft, and go to
he Wardrobe Clothier
. ��� ��� ���     given    .''    i da
i sped a       en -������ to en'
. ��� i im ' ���'   toi
���   ���       . .       ,a 1 ��� I i " 1    'in
Dl     Ict, B.C.
���   man .. Ing il  ��� post plant-
K   . i a Arm, on the south baa', of the,'
A.'in, running aa follows:   80 child-j
tth    ������     hain     -.  ', 80 rhalns north
'.i shore, then along shore to point of
N'o. i -Commencing at a po.' plant-
���. .bout on.: mile up Fall creek, on'
the ftaSt {lank of creek, running .���-_
follow- 80 chains east, SO chains
... 80 chain.. west, moro or les.. to
reek, ,h/>n .-ilon;* creek to point ot
No   9 - Commencing ai prist pian'eii *
mile up Kail Creek, on i a il
if i ;������������ , Joining N'o. 3 cl iim on
line,  running   aa   : illows;   160
 Ith,     1"    chain.-    uf.'.   1.0
chains north,  10 chalna easl to poinl
 ��� ncement.
I  Commencing   -.ii   a   post   marked
V>' Jl . NAV. Corner, planted on The
north h36k of tho Kildala river, about
Ave and a hal
Hr.iin.il ��    CmUaooai    rrrfnrmuM
In   I'rrvfnMig   Flood*.
Holland Is a country of wooden piles
and dikes, for lhe people nro perpetually fighting against the encroachment, nf water. One bu I ' ng In An>
_.tertian) rn ta fewer ti,.n 13,659
pile;, though the dikes around the
town, which have been erected at enormous expense, effectually prevent any
chance of a flood. The street! of the
Sourish ine port of Rotterdam even are
frerjuentlj- under water in the winter,
and ln ��ome parts of south Holland
toTtfopTc "WK compelled to do their
���hopping ln boats. ��ri
When  the  Znyder  Zee breaks on  to
miles up the river from   tt)e ]aild   thos(, wno wade up t0 ,nelr
the   mouth,   running  as  follows:   160   ^,ee9  along  the   streets  of  a   flooded
"bain.-   east,     .0   chains    south,    160' ffllag, ~TTrpp_J_lLn'''lnnPr of fish-   T*'''
chains   west, 40 chains north to point   Is explained by^ho fact'thatlKe"?uy
containing    640
of   romnieneonion:.
acres, more or lesa
per Prank Van tall, Agent.
Noti .' ..- herebj given   ma'   thfrt>
days after   date I Inten I to aj>plj  to
the Hm) Chief Commissi iner of Lftn i-
and   Work,    for a   license   to   cut   and
earn awa;    Imbi . from Uie followln .
described    latNts,    situated    in     the
N'o. 10   Commencing at posi planted   Skeena district, ��n Copper river, a ion
:     ���    I miles up Dala River from i      2 1-2 miles up from the mouth:
...  on   the   nonh   bank of  river,
w.���.���.������ ��� ������ ����� ���.���.���� ���.��..��� ������> ���>>������>.> ���>���>������ ��� ��� ��� ��� ���>_��� ��� ������..���,���;���,���:�����'������>���'>���;��� ���,��� ���.��� #:���;>:���:.���;������.���;:���.:���,.������..���.���!
ichase Notice
ng   to   the
���'   - ���
Ll :.
ta fo     vs    1
'-'    .:    iDY,
- L    '��� -
. that .   ' - " ng something thai i;
Seasonable- Acceptable and Reasonable in Price
 call  at ���
i Speck's
M Hand Store
MdCoantryBoot Store
90c   $1.75
$1.75 to$2.75
���-' '���"-and $1.75
A pair of tl
;'..   " ���' ltlll'1
iii      :'   u    other,
TA; Old Country BOOT STORE
COLUMBIA  ST J  Stewart. Prop
,_*?i_**m.-^��*i,-._**'_^ '���-- ���'"
W Hand Gocds of
'Ws   bought    and
{forca,h.     All Mail
PsPromptly attend-
|��    Kindty write or
I a.
"9n M��r  M wheel.
St V
��� ��� ������ v  vv -gtmlnst -
Shimie and Saw
New Westminster. B. C
to shore,
al  a  i
r  no
then r inning as   follow.-     10   i hain -
���   '   SO i hains nonh. 120 chain.- east,
I    ��� S iins south, moro or less, to rive,-.
- - river to point of commencement
N'o. i I    ���   ' a;,, lng a' post planted
' ���' 6 miles up from the mouth, on
the north 1 in . ol Dala River, running
aa follow - 1" chains north, 80 chains
east, 10 chains north and v'i chains
eas ; ' ch iins south, more or less, to
river, then along river to point of commencement.
No. 12 Commencing at a p ist planted aboul lour miles tip from the mouth
of the Dala River, on south bank,
running as follows: 40 chains eas', _0
chains north, 120 chalna east, 40
chains north, more or less, to river,
thon along river to point of commencement.
N'o, 13 Commencing al a posi planted aboul one mile from the head ol
Kildala Ann. mi south bank, running
aa follows, lu chains south, 10 chains
west. 10 chains south. HI chains west,
i" chains nonh. 10 chains west, 40
chalna north, mon
then along shore
\o 11 -Commencing
_ I aboul one half mill
of  Kildala   Ann.   mi
running as follows:   10 chains north,
in chains east,   |i)  chains  south,  120
ch.iins    east.    In    ehains    south,    l_n
chain., wesi to shore, then along shore
i poini of commencement.
N'o. IS Commencing at a post planted aboui one mile up from the mouth
of the Dala Rlvor, on ea il hank, run
ning us follows: 80 chains east, in
. hains north, 10 chains east, to chains
north, I" chains east, io chains north,
more or less, to rivet. I hen along rivei
��� . poinl of commem emenl.
N'o 16   Commencing nl posi planted  eustodj
al ihe mouth "i Dala River, Coasl Dls   Title Di
nni. mi  wesl   bank,  running  us foi   orty are
low .    pi i lialns west, SO chains nort 'i,
I 'ii i tin.ii] - ea..:. io i hains bouIIi. more
,'i   lo is, to river,  then  along river to
I    1       .ll     , allllllll'lll'l'llli'll'
N'o   i."   Commencing al a ;"i;| plant
, i .hi ihe ��e ii  bank of the Kiiilniat
Vrm, aboul i vvolve tulles soul li of Kll
Indi ui    V'lllago,   opposite  Coal
ai. ai mouth ni' Kildala  Vrm, nri
n ;  a-, follow b:   10 chains  north,   10
. ' .nil -  west,   1" i'lla;a I |IO  I T   I" ' linln -
I.' chain i norl li,  10 i hain   po
Ins in poinl "i commoncenien
n.'   is   i'a uiiii'im lng a   ..   -I i plain
nl oul   _u i hiilu      "in li o    i"
,' ,   i N'n   17, t iiniilii     ii   follow       , I
I chill       outh, 10 rs ���- ���
KO olio In    ioui ii.  i"        a   east,
ala'i .      -'ea i-    I  .     ain     Ol     i -nn
N'o. i. Commencing il a post plant -
ed mi the southeast corner on the
north bank of the river, rnnnin:- a-
follows: 80 chain.-- north, 120 chains
west, io chains south, more or less to
river, then al mg rivei to poinl of com-
No, 2. Commencing at a post planted 2 1 _' miles up from the mouth on
nort ii bank of Copper river, running as
follows; in chains north. 80 chains;
/���ast, 40 chains north. 40 chains east,
SO chains south, more or less, to river.
:hen along river to point of commence-
contalnlng 640 acres   more   or
Locator, WM. MOODY
Per Agent, Frank Vandall
Land Registry Act
Ue Lot IM, Group 1 (excepi two parts
conveyed), New Westminster District.
A  Certificate of Indefeasible  Title
to  the  above   properly   will   be   issued
to Rhoda McKamej on the L'l'ih day
nf December, 1906, unless In the meantime a valid objection there!,) be made
to me iii writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or Interest
therein, or In any pari thereof.
in-';;. I Registrar of Titles.
Land   Reglstrj    Office,  New  Westminster, !!.(', 21st  November, 1906.
The person or persons having iii (heir
or  possession the  following
ids relating to I he sal-d prop-
requeste I l > leliver the Bame
in the underalgue I
12th December, 1895 Roberi Gran
vllle McKame. to Thorn ts Roberi M ���
I .aiiiei. convej ance in fee,
T ..   McQU
oi     el c , N
'\ Wes
���!'. B.C
v gent.
Mill   Machinery
'mui ' aii; it a posi planl
h\. ti lie 1111 I   i;��� i the ni"1! :i
i 'leivl,.   nn    DOI a  ll .' |OD   '   'l ia
i"'i al i elghl tnlli    i '^ h
|\     iln  Vi  i. t in in ���  is fo lows: 10
iln ��� im it, 80 i bain ; norl h, i ' chain i
10 i Iin In ��� noi ih, 80 ' hain -  ti e
il  ' h i ii ���    "in1 h,  i '   polni   o   i nm
-   'I.Mil
i oi <���" I Nov. .".. 191
i .a atoi   w VI, MOOD'S
Per -"rati!
\,.,     i   1900
li n .: .
The Royal Bank of Canada
r ' i
' 1; , i
' - ���       :' ��� ���
,- -... ,��� . ...:
wai     '   ��� i'
ti'kson   '
.*i. CLOW,
Ar      .-, '
hi ��� >  ��� mr m
."��r" in ���  i.id   : i
, , 'i. II would proti-
v ;h us will  in
. r' _.    .      . '���
MEW   HW -. -v   ���, . ; t-
F. B. LTLI, Manager.
\ai a ��� - hi -i'" .;ii en thai 30 days
iftei    i ��� ���   i  inli tid   '"  appl;   to Hi"
Chiel    i ������ oi '     Lauds  nnd
i license to cul and carry
IWS ' ':���'   following   de
,   ' " ' ii in;;   at   -i   po il   marked
,'.    M     -i IS   I'.v.ne;, pianie.i mi the
nonh bank of the KiHai:i river, aboul
,v, miles up I'oiii  l'n-  mouth, run
��� i . follOWS: 10 ehaltts north, 100
ehalas west, id chains south, 100
chains easl io point of commencement, < intaining 640 acre,-, more or
2. Com ncnclng at a posi marked
w. .vf'.; S.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, aboul
i'v ' mlli up fror tho mouth, running
as  oliows; 10 chains north, 120 chains' fcr.
Synopsis   of    Canadian
stcntl l<rj.nl.ilnin��
Am available Dominion Lauds within the Railway Dell In British Colum
bla, in.iv be homesteaded by any per
Bon whn in the sole head of a family,
or anv nuile over is veins of age, to
iin' extent of one-quarter section ot
180 acres, more or less.
lanii.v musi be made peison.'iiiv at
tii" local land offlce for the district tn
Whit h  the land U SltUatei
The homesteader Is required t" pet
form the conditions connected ihere
with under otic of the following plans
(t) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for thrre years.
(_) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the rci|tiire
merits as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother,
der Zoo, with Its mini bottom1.  Is flter"
ally crammed  with  finny  tribes; and
one authority  Mate's  that  If  It  Wfr*
well scraped of all  its flsh  one ftttfr;*
It w_m'ii be full acam tbe ocrJffc |
Tbe land Of Holland Is really of four
distinct levels, anfl from ren to twelve
feet between the highest and the lowest. .To make the land dry. the water
is piiilip��il from the lowest level to tbe
one Immediately above it. and so on,
until the waler lias been returned
npain to the sen. A large number of
engineers are specially engaged to look
after the dikes, anrl no less a sum than
$2,500,000 is expended every year lu
keeping these fortifications apalnst the
sua In prope; repair
Afti-r Shedding ihr \.>���  Shell* Hard-
on   With   I.rent   Hnpirlit. .
The supply nf sofl crabs for market
ls obtained by catching hard crabs and
keeping them until they shed their
shells. For this purpose large rectangular tin-its. made of laths and
planklne, are employed, and three oc
four times every day the slunk on bund*
is carefully Inspected, all tbe soft
crabs   being  picked   out   and   packed
without delay. They are put Into shallow boxes of moist seaweed, from ten
to thirty live dozen In a box, according
to the size of tbe animals. When thr
packing ls done carefully the occupants may be kept alive from sixty to
seventy hours after leaving the water
("���raits have been shipped all the way
from the Chesapeake to Canada, arriving nt their destination In good condition.   In sum mer. of course, ice Is used.
l.iit where sofl nraiis are concerned
it Is necessary that they shall reach
the markel quickly, because their new
shells   harden   with    great    rapidity.
At  the r"d  of twelve hours  the  sli-llu
are like parchment, and  In  ihree or
four days the crab is . ��� hard as ever
- hence nnfll for ns,' In the for; i most
highly approved by imi "' ��� - Now
Tort   lb ni Id.
Nnuii.Mil   __t.Qnette
They were on (heir honeymoon. Hi
had bonghl a catboal and had taken
her out W sl'otv Iier how well be could
handle a bout, putting ber to tend the
sheet. A puff of wind mime, and he
shouted in no uncertain tones, "Let _i
tbe sheet." No response. Then again.
"Lei go tbat sheet, quick " Still nc
movement, a few minutes after, -when
both were clinging to the bottom of thn
overturned bout, he said;
"Why didn't ymi let go thai sheet
when 1 told you to, dear?"
"1 WOUld bine," said the bride, "if
yon had nol been so rough about it.
Ton ought to *|>oak more k.ndly to youi
wife."���New York Tost.
Long nfi��i  shorl  Days,
At Hamburg, Germany, the longest
day occupies seventeen hours and the
shortest seven. At Stockholm, in Sweden, the longest bas eighteen and a
half hours and the shortesl five and a
half Ai St. Petersburg the longest has
nineteen an.I the shortesl five hours,
in Finland the longest has twenty-
one and a half hours, In the northernmost pans ni Norway the longest
dav fasts from May 21 to July 2, tho
sun nol sinking below the horizan during t'us period, 1 ul skimming along
verj close to II In tbe north, ai Spit
bergen the longest day lusts three
months ntiil a ball'.
Tiie Word "Privilege."
1 "Privilege," seen so oftvn r( lute in
the phrase "special p-iv [le _���-. has been
used commouly to signify a right, lm
mini ll >- iir li.'iii'lil iMijnv.'d bj i person
beyond the common advantages r(
other Individuals. Primarily, however.
the word signifies an ordinance In fs
vnr of an Individual, and this is In
keeping with Its derivation "prlvus,"
lines own, private, and "lex." law. It
Is lu this old sense that Chaucer uses
the word.
Iln��   tO     .rr11 *-.
Mnn bus to be humbugged If one
would command him, and he has no
use for the humble persou Tbe way
to get luto a publisher's or editor's office (01' Indeed any oilier with a maa
nt the bead Of In Is with a tremendous
show of bounce and swagger.���A
Spinster la M, a  iv
Dog Da) n mul  Rabies.
There is hoi the remotesl connee
tlon between dog dnys nnd rabies; In
(J) if the settler has llis permanent deedi tM(, records show thai tho fewest
residence upon farming land owned casea ���r rttD.M ,���.,.,������ m July and An-
by him in the vicinity of his home- gust T|���.n. .,,.,, morQ casea p, April,
stead, the requirements as to residence November and December than tu any
may be satisfied by residence upon 0(noi. months.���Springfield I'liion.
ihe said land. 	
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Do-!
minion Lands at Ottawa ot* intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
Ni.  O.���Unauthorized publication of
this  advertisement  will  not bo  pnld
A   Fine   Irt.
Zniisln���ifnw's this for a neat little
work of art.' It's worth over $10, but
I managed to gel it for .?i. Jabstn���
Where's the art In It? 7,:i!i..in-Iu getting It for $1, of course
What men prize most Is n privilege.
even If It be that of chief mourner at ���
f,:;.t rat,���Lowell. i   ' .
i   m
VI������r *
T**r�� 4^-  .er(*t-l  :~*wUxjs "ijsx
B*- r-*-* ���"��� ���'   - ii.-': '-j~.r.r: z. (hs
t^r��. :   ^i~- ��-��r___.   '..    -..���" .*;
v. . >-���  -. i- .   . '.        i&ded - ���-. ���;   :
!_#*_..�����  .   -  -    ' .  . - - -     ._._-���.---
__..-_-  ��� '���;    ..*_.;
.__ I   ;   ��� .'..-..     '  r-.- _��
��� . - - -        - ���-.;-
tea - . ' - tba I : e.
___        -    ���        . _      -       '        .���
~  ��� . ���    .    . -     -      '   -   ..-.   ;���   ��� -
���-.    .'   .-��� ";     ..'
. ... .   z
��� '  . .--.-   - .-���.
���    ������    ��� . ���  v.- ; .._" -
.--.-'        .   '  ;     .' .--'
��� .
-   -. .   ��� * . ���
��� - ���.      '  ���
��� ��� .   ......   . ���    ���
�����_.-.    .    ���   ��� - ._ ��� ���.  _���
. ��� .
The Right Hous
are the triple attractions at Richmond's, The Right House. Onlv
a fev." more-days left in which to make your Christmas selections.
Besrir. :o-c!av. and save the worry of the last few davs.
7 K-   I.r,     ��� ������     I '. . ��� ��� .-���
7 ������'.-���-
As ' ��� . ���
; ��� . J ��� .   -
I ��� ' . ��� -    .
This Store is fuD of Christmas gift suggestions. The deciding on just the appropriate
thing is made easy here. Never have we shown such magnificent assortments, and never
have the values been better. Come and see for yourself, then you'll know whv we are so
enthusiastic, then you'll know the "why" of the greatly increased business we are
;:- ���    -
-���. - ���
" "    "S��~
2*s rs. * " i ~
to   :..-    .���:...���
.*'-'   '        ���. "   -     .���������" ...'.'    .-
to Nj     fori    ��� .>       r and  t_��. .
ij^..-,..-  ���.' 'siCfZx . ���'���        '    ��� ���'������
erg?-  * .        '"-     ��� ��� ������"���:&*' ���
quarter    Tbe rertk fr.;. .- no better
ti. L   Ci .'*.*'"        '   '   .���-'-   $U
for i.  ;. ��;.' -        '-. '.  ���*���   Worl I
The Modern Clothiers      The Modern Clothiei
Columbia Street
f*. ',!�����'��� 11'j r,    1 ', r   Swlm-ELC r ���
"Cotton ... tbe < .,-.
ris.-.. "sh raid -- .-- I I all those wt_e
tnrim a it .--;������ ���..-. I tbeir lepth ; .
know ir.-. atten good nrtmmem of
that type drown don't i ������.'��� Their
'_.- ������ .-.��� _��� . .:..; ited to ' rami I il
700 irlll never :..-.': '..'.- of the drown
��- trith bis ear�� ittoffed with cotton
w.'.v'. ; .. tell jroo whj Be sitae .*.
in. I cramp that i.i'.-- these drownings J" .- :- perforation of tbe ear-
dm /.-. foil'.- ���' ed b 7 oncons ..-���.<���-
dry- to tbe pre*, ire of tbe . '- r
Cramp . :. ���  after al   tbe :���- ag
It ti  made crot to r/..    .'.' you  _���<-'.   .
cramp lr, roar .<-;.' while swimming It
_t ea*.   enough to roll over  tra j -.-
_*<���_: and float    Tbe cramp won't ..
joa.    But
dr-irr: It differenl It takes awaj
yo'.r senses and d''7-:. y< . go :._<��� e
log Bo always, .' you are going tc
do much swimming -��� T cotton 3
your <���*.���- " -;���'--'   . ork Press
bo ll*- I//-.; roose warmth ?-.... j
rtt_Uize* ::.- young bird Bo :._._'....
i_r��r u.<r parent birds o< this grtj tbat If
;..:.-_ rae of tbem tt It will fall
o_. Its beck witb IU feet -'.'it -*.:':.-
out still . il :...-;_ tbe 'vg to Its t/ody
Betnidsj   Review
1'iin^i   anil   Bti   P-t_.
lbe Brttlih toldier .- Inor Unate j
fond ol hii .:...-.... pets sod bas al*
tbe rej itation    '       eting those   f bil
L<- -���;.     ;-    ;   :'.   ...: J    . ..'     1;. 1   :_.'.:.
g��'--    Pamrti be -:-;;���   tdorti   snd
ii ;. calcutatfed tbnt tbeir  strength   n
_:.<- ien Ice i     _  tbe ; r ;-.". :.   .' al
,,_./.,.'.'"''.   ._!   ,7.     least sla       .- - Tonuoi     He .- -  :
porrcration  or toe < ..- - r
;   -- : ���   ���     :. tbem to    ��� personal .;.
tbeir lai .���. . ���      it - i ttet   f facl
".  mmj in for * ;..- .;   i     ints I le r. a
_ ;. .   erj ... tlonal ind big bird
_-  often  -.-.'.'. to iu  ..���..'  to
I   md mn      . ��� . . tion   :.;���:.--:.:
a-   ofter   taught   tl I .       -::..i
songi .: ���;.- ���: .      .'-. _ : Pioneer
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
lCanatscturen cf
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
M nnia tm er cf
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
���' i i-
:: .-: i Co��t|
.-���. lei
E    :    .*;.;������ lie Seil
l ... ;��.AR01T.|
5_b'i ���   '*���'���'-
ss j ���������'���
Family Tra.e a Special/.
Tti 113. Office, E g'
SE//    WESTMINSTER.   B.   C.
f j ) _ m',/i.i   v.ir,.    prijM.na.
Kh",  of ' a- gr*   '.-.',   '.: -       a 4U
;;.' nd ;.'. a-
where tl i : .      ��
r.rf    ,' IH . ...
high to pr      ' ���      ��� I ar     id I
walls I    a atrei ;-...���- uffii lent
to ; -i- ������- '   ��� i from  1
'1. ." ,-.-:    ��� '.'.--',     ���
.-   ��� ��� In tbe i I;
tbe  v..-" lo tin ion :-
oi '������ tbe i ���     ' i th     ';."
v    ������-    r friend        a .' -      e    nd :
tbem  .      '��� ".-;.'.     go to K
���   - tr -   ��� ���-������'���" ���
i- .��� mil to in .������ rrr'i- ���
per - . t there are
nevei u it ���,' the
three yean
Worl   -
Ho VI   11.,-   i.n
It    I
tl     g
.. .    .���
;. mi  .
r-ullar    ���
i the g
the i
iia    a.;..
otbi t     ���     ��� ���:
'���-'    ;
.'enRtji-i   I in t'li'-..
. ���   .' .
l b'-   -;i rm-   iilil   D.sb.
T-; ago tbe < bating
��� reel - and Bodo It wt popular that It
.   ' "... ���   ���     urt aa
: . ['lit    re
lates tha ..-        toi   .;.--.;,.    had
i di rtl     '��� '���;        No donl I
!..' . i at the present ! me the ��� tor
enjoyed his hot i . ghl mes . :...-:
with gi  '���:...;.-     ition of tbi   '..-.'
. n    I n_ filra I iiin.
"01   '.��������� :   ihi    ;.- '-   re< to:
'yon 1 ��� to reside   lo  a
.    .-
'Ob. ye        ��� ;   ;      ' |   . - a
.... I ���       ��� -    t be too < lose I i
the he ive      tiuts of the : ooi      Catbo
lie :'���-   -.    . .    , 'i imes.
.   ��� .-.���
.   Good   I. -. ;i tople.
Gem ������       ''a  .���-    I will  mi ke ;.T.'i  ������-
���        r    understan '
me  I ;-;..-: Ni phew -All
.'���   '-.- ��� .   The :.;  I
���:, ��� :    '   --
��� Id   ',:.
'  '.-    ,    ge :.  ' fi et,
rig .'
i:   ���
i.    ���
ill 1    Meggen
of yonr
and U pushed ���"-���   ?'" ' ,:*' , '  .'^"'-i ^ ^
of thli
fi     I j��i       !���
beld clow
". menl    R ;.
are made at the
Star Candy Store
Ojr Chocolate Creams and Fondants, fresh Made Daily,
are the talk of the town.
Customers are requested to leave their orders for Chocolate CreHms,
Fondants and oilier fancy   weets, and v.i; will maki: to order,
AWutelv   PURE
Easterbrook Milling Com'y
A lady should never forg6t to say
when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.1
Try It
Columbia   Streel Next to De Grey's Barber shop
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strung Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  Front St.
��� s    ~.-''f
--   '���"-���
;.    .-     '.-      ...
-    ..
S. S. Joan
Steamer _ueen
Steamer TriM*fl
Wi !' ��� -
7   *
M   l
...  ,M
5. S. ��f"'!r
.V,vV- 1
v.-     '   '.
Chilli"    ���
���  !
,s m
,     I    , a.ICH.
. turdafiJ
Si �����
S. S, Te��
, u     ��� '
-' - o7r:?tr>>
Skid'     " '* v
;, 1 trip.
Time i
on second ^
departare ar* 8PI
For   :'-"'V-"D3
call or address        (fi]
Agst Oen. I "��< | ^ tr(|
General Bnue^I
..  V.8-1
Dr. H. "       , ���
oftheOnta     ���    .   ,
be in N"rt  �� .     '1
*.' u


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