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The Daily News May 4, 1906

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ItOTincIal library
Hostile Natives of South Africa !Fire a Volley Into Magistrate Stainbank's Party and Mortally Wound Two of
Them���Cry From Etheopian Church of "Africa for the
Africans" Causes British Government Anxiety.
and   Safety   Deposit   Company of   This   City
Makes   Handsome   Returns   to   Its
i . .'.a:,.. i Itzburg, Natal, May 4.
. outrage whieh may have sei iou I
; , quences has occurred in Zulu-
nd. Mr. Stalnbank, the British mag
���:,,ie al Mahalabillnl, Zululand. has
, ,u killed by Zulus while collecting
ii- ar that place.
'!    Stalnbank and a party Including
Stalnbank, the maglslrate's wife.
i   companion, nnd some mounted
',.. re caught In an   ambush   by
. tile   Datives   who  fired   a   volley   a:
, a,.   The magistrate and one of the
i, ,  were mortally  wounded.
Mr. Stalnbank and the two ladles
i' i nage I to reach Mahlabltlnl w here
the magistrate died ol his wounds.
Mahlabltlnl lies to th, westward of
'i " loi'.M where Bambaata the Insur-
genl chief, foi merlj the regenl of the
(in ytown   district,   Natal,   who   h >
b, "a in anus against the local authorities for a month pa it, Ins been In
ti ding, and Ii is ass,'ne,I here thai
��� hi re seems to be no doubl he bus sue-
, ���' dcd in Inducing another tribe of
Zulus lo join in the revolt.
The disturbances in Natal have been
," using considerable uneasiness in
Oreal Britain,     Th,    movement    was
'  an.. I  by    whal    Is    known    a-    lhe
Etl pi.,,, church and according ;,. ad
��� i,,    from Natal and   elsewhere,   appears   lo   have   spread   through   large
���    -,'  South   Africa,     in brief ihe
. ��� a     ai"     agitating     in     favor  of
"Allien tor the Africans."
I'i. mier Smythe, ,,i Natal, aboul two
n,,,nih.. .t,,. denounce l Ethoplanlsm as
' hi primary cause of the pres, nl dls-
sail,',',ion of the natives, said ii was
cal, ulated to destroy European rule
a'e' appeal, d f,,r public support to
n.aI..��� a el,'an sweep or the disaffection, e..'ii though bloodshed musi follow
New Russian Cabinet
Has Good Intentions
������    Petersburg, M ,y l.    M. Sel,wan..- n'ly. in the following officii,1 note, that   parliament.    Naturally unforeseen olr-
ttiei    minister   of   agriculture, lhe   new   ministry   does   nol   mean   re-   cumstancea  may arise, as,in any gov-
;   controller  of   the  empire   in   tin- nctlon:                                                            ernmeni   which   niighi   fore,-  such   an
... cabinet, who is t'remler Goremy- 'His   Mamjesty,   the   emperor,   and   unhappy even;, bul  we do nol antic.
n'a chief   lieutenant, sen,    for the the premier, M. Qoremykln, have ibe  il;"'' such misfortune, as ihe majority
-,,. I,,;.,|  Press corrospondenl  today full   honorable   Intention   of  carrying
���:   requested  in   behalf  of ihe  new through  tin-   ide,   of   national   repr,
��� a,nr  lhal  ll   be  announced  to  the seniallon with all i; implies.
At the second annual meeting of the New Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Company, Ltd., it
was decided to extend the operations of the company
to Vancouver and Chilliwack, where safe deposit
boxes will be installed and loan business carried on.
The company will also act its trustees and executors
of estates.
The report of business for the past year was
most satisfactory to the shareholders, and it was accompanied by the declaration of a handsome dividend.
This company which is entirely composed of New
Westminster men and has officials of the standing
and calibre that inspire the investor with faith, gives
promise of becoming one of the most important financial organizations in the province. The shareholders have unlimited confidence in it, and as a demonstration of this, those present last evening took up a
large portion of the unsubscribed stock. What remains will be offered to the public at par value for a
few days, after which it will be sold at a premium.
A full board of directors was elected for the ensuing year as follows : President, T. J. Trapp ; Vice-
president, T. S, Annandale ; Managing Director, P.
J. Hart; Secretary-Treas., Edward Chapman ; L. A.
Lewis, W. J. Mathers, H. Ryall.
Several applications for loans were presented
and passed upon.
Navigation Committee Will Forward Memorandum  to
tawa re Deepening  of   River  Channels���Mr.
Thrift Complains of G. N. R. Freight
and  Mail   Service.
\ special   general meeting   ���f ihe" Thai th, navigation c nlttee be in-
board   of trade was held   yesterday  structed to .rati ;, communication to
the departmenl ,.( public �����
>),',l>- in ihis
....   ,,  D.  S.  Curtis,   presldenl   ""i""r,i""' '"i of such communloa-
.,. ore8   tl0��" '"   ' ""WW 'o lh,  ,. Idem
' .      ..   "!l-">". and lo J  I, Kenn ,lj
evening  at   8   o'clock   in   III.    board   of
being  In  the  chair.    The,
enl   I. Reichenbach, .1. Crean. Dr. E
1, Saw,,.,, L. II. Lusby, Jam And, i
son. ii. T. Thrill. A. .1. Holmes, W
It   Vanstone,  L.  A.  Lewis,  It  11,   Lyle
ii. Schaake, George Small, E. ll. Buck
Iln, .1. A. i  .1. H. Taylor, and E. A
The question of river Improvements  were '"'"" *��"��'*] In verj bad shape
then came up before the meeting in    fcau " leek of accomm, la	
connection with the lumber shipping
thai Is now carried on al this port,
: nd Other foreign trade thai was
promised for the fin ure was considered.
li wa.s reported thai on the recent
trip which mejnbers of the board ol
trade and other citizens look on the  "'''" ''"' "':;' stations, bul the freight
snag boa,  Sampson to test the main   rt:'~ ' ll,'ilil"1'   >n the ease
channel, ll was found thai the water
was now sufficiently deep for ordinary
lumber ships, but that the larger class
ot lumber steamers and deep draft
vessels handling other traffic in .sight
ly, ai. P."
Mr. Thrift Con.,.
Tnrlft had   ., com, ���  to
make ','""'1   the waj  In    which the
trelghl m   handled betwen lhis point
'""' ""' boundarj line bj    ,;,-, ,,
Northern Railway, He said thai goods
alonB ;!" "ne. b. bad weather the
lV"iL;h' *���� ;'" "posed along the
l!""' "" "��������� iHlatevei I lng pro.
"i"1''1'    Mr- Thrift mention, I specific
ins,ance,  thai   had  come   re  his
not1' ' "'���, .. ., ., :,.., u,,| to
be  late,  passengers would  be picked
"r  markel    produce, this mann, r of
ban,nine goods often resulted in cases
of eggs Bnallj   ,-:.. lagea
J. A. L," ,,is��� spoke upon th.U mat-
for this p���r, required a greater depth   Cer'   '""'   '"""'"""I  thai   In   had  received    Beveral complaints of   goods
shipped by his lirm arriving in a bad
Mail  Unsatisfactory.
The manner of handling the mi    on
nlted States and to the world gener-     "There is nu Intention of dissolving
ol the members of parliament are
lovers of their country and we do not
believe thai thej a:,, deslrotus of forcing a conflict. Ti,e government's purpose will be to work with parliament."
Sir Thomas Creates
Some Stir in London
Montreal,    May 3.���A  special cable, dlan  Atlantic  steamers,  h,
fioiii London to the Star says thai on   he was not. satisfied, and would not h
the  principle thai  half a loaf is bet-
than no bread. Sir Thomas Shaugh-
('.inadian  Pacific  Rail-
satisfied   until   passage   from   land   to
hnd was made by Canadian steamers
oi water.
Board  Backs  Mill  Companies.
Q. A. Reefer, resident engineer, who
is now al Ottawa, has been written to'
by various milling companies, setting
forth their requirements and ii was the same line also came in for some
thought desirable that the board should scathing criticism from Mr. Thrift,
forward a memorandum to the de- The morning mall was carried oul aa
partment, backing up the conimuiiica-; far as Blaine, an,I returned to the
.ions of lhe mill companies. different     points   ,.���   the    afternoon
Copies of these letters from the: train
mills to Mr. Keel'er, were read by the Both thes, matters were referred to
secretary. These Included letters from' the commiHee on transportation and
the following: Fraser River Sawmill postal facilities, Air. Thrift being re-
Co., Ltd., Brunette Sawmill Co., Ltd., j quested to confer with them on the
said  that | 1).   C.   Mill,  T.   T.   Co.,   and   Small   ii; matter.
Buckley Lumber company. The meeting adjourned shortlj after
After    discussion  ii   was    resolved1tf o'clock.
Inside of four days.
ie,s  Lose  Hope  of  Peaceabl  S ttle-'Anglo Peruvian  Founders and Crew Is   cen.   Greely   Wires   Washington   that
ment of Dispute With Antrim- Picked   up   Later   by   the Enormous Suffering Cannot Be
cite Operators. Mohawk. Avoided.
S    inton, Pa., .May i.���There seems
: in  hope for a peaceful settle-
ni ot the controversy in the anihra-
���   ,oai fields,    A large number ol
delegates to the    United    Mine
convention express the opln-
thai a Btrlke is their only alterna-
.,.   A decision la looked for today
;,.mo,tow   at   the    latest,    Presl-
Mitchell   is  endeavoring   to   find
way of obviating extreme measures
I all hough he Is ret i,'en, con,', ruing
: thai  the final decision be
ii I" by referendum  vote, It   is said
delegates are seriously considering
��� isure,
London, May l.���The British Bteamer Anglo Peruvian, Capt. Curtis, Iron,
Shelds April 11, for Philadelphia,
foundered recently in the Atlantic as
the resull of a collision will, an Iceberg.
All   the  members  of  her crew  were
picked up by the British steamer Mo-
hawk, Captain White, from New York.
April 20, for Antwerp, which passed
Pawle Point this morning and slgnal-
1, ,1   the  news.
Recent arrivals at British ports
have reported icebergs dangerous to
navigation In the track followed by
Atlantic liners.
Fire Threatens Hospital.
S a Francisco, May 3.���A lire which
��� i lhe destruction of the gen-
hospital ul  the Presidio in which
re more than 700 patients, broke out
1:15 o'clock ibis morning in the hos-
1  laundry.      A  general  alarm  was
li !  and  besides  ihe  regular  pos,
anlzaUon  hundreds of soldiers
. I ;,, flghl the fire,   The laun-
mlldlug and contents were totally
��� I,  bul   bj   ,,,',,, Ions efforts
, ..nline,I in thai building
ich the hospitals build-
,\v yards away.
Cotton Mill Closes.
Montreal, Ala,' 3.���The Hoehelaga
Mill ,,f the Dominion Cotton Company
of this city, closed down today and
1,100 co,ton operatora are Idle as a result. The strike Of eanl-rooni employees   nnd   weavers   caused   the   closing
down of the entire mill.   An early set
tlement   is expected.
Everett  Lumber  Shipments.
���   ���   '.     May     :',.   -The     lumbering
of thla city during April shipped
""' I  e,  of lumber by cargo and
hlle ihis shipment  doesn'l  estab-
n  record, nevertheless   it    does
thai  the lumbering Industry Is
'ban  I,olding  its own.
Child Drinks Carbolic.
Sintaluta Assn.. Maj 3.���On Monday
the daught r of Qeorge Pollock pick-
. I up a c ,   lolic acid bo,He and drank
u port! .'.: of the contents.   She died
j. i lerday in great agony.
Clarke Not a Candidate.
Butte, Mont, May 3.���In the Butte
Miner, his own newspaper. Senator W.
A. Clarke of Montana today announces officially that he is nol a candidate
,',,,��� reeleotlon to the United States senate, lie says he will re,urn to Montana to operate his Interests at the
close of his present  ler,,,.
Washington, D. C, May 4.���The
question of caring for the destitute in
San Francisco is causing the officials
there greal anxiety as shown by the
following telegram from Gen. Greely,
dated yesterday, ami received at the
war department over night:
"The number of destitute is enormous. Today there are reported 191,-
U:!7 in San Francisco, while an apparently conservative estimate places
the desUtUte refuges al 40,000 at Oakland aud Berkeley. How these terrible conditions are to be met is a subject of most earnest consideration.
While the exertions of the army to
reduce aid to the smallest pos-
slble Umil has effected Important
changes, yet a soiuUon of the situation without enormous suffering appears impossible. While hoping for a
greal decrease In the number of destitute 1 an, nol confident. The far-
reaching extenl of ibis dlsast, r cannol be appreciated without personal
Will Provide Lectures on Tuberculosis
for Pupils���Celebration of May
Ai a special meeting of the school
hoard, held last night, it was agreed
to fall In line with Dr. Pagan's suggestion of introducing into the public
schools a course of lectures on the
subject of tuberculosis.
A letter was adopted in reply to the
ex-Chairman Cunningham
which appeared in the Columbian ,,,,
the  27th  inst,,,,,.
A letter from ihe superintendent of
education,  granting  n   holiday   lo  the
San Pranclsco, Cal., May I.���The
United Suios mi,,, which is now being
used ns lhe general clearing house
for Ihe banks, has paid om be;ween
sev, n and ��� Ighl million dollars to de-
1 , Sitors since il opened Tne .day last.
The savings bunks will no, open for
two   weeks.
The local syndic;,,,' which owns the
i.i, k House site on Montgomery street,
between Post and Summer, has been
offered $750,000 more than Ihey paid
fi������" the l���,s and bote building about
two years ago, and have declined to'
in -sv   and   ,h>
way Company, welcome the announce-
i;iem of the colonial secretary that
the Canadian Pacific Empress sub-
si,,> from the British treasury will be
e, iiinued for two years. Sir Thomas
Sl.aughnessy. in his speech, which wus
too late to he reported, created some
stir by the outspoken way in which,
in lhe presence of the colonial secretary, he commented on the neglect
of British ministers and prominent officials to visit and become acquainted
villi the actual conditions of the empire they were charged to govern: re-
l. r, ing especially ,o the permanent
bead of the Canadian department of
the colonial office, who was present.
Si.' Thomas Shaughnessy expressed astonishment that he had never been in
Canada, and this should be Incumbent (||i, |ru||1
on him. A man holding such a position should spend at leas, three
months in Canada every year. (General cheers.) II was recently stated
in the Canadian senate that no British minister had ever visited Canada, .schools for May Hay was read.
This., were conditions requiring alien- . Principal Coatham whole with res-
tion Sir Thomas proceeded as f,,i- peel to the programme tor the May
lows: A few years ago. wlum trade Hay celebration nnd called intention
questions were discussed between Can- i��� the need of some one to drill the
;,,!;, and the United Stales, we were scholars In patriotic songs. The chair-
treated with so,ntilling in the nature man und secretary were authorized
of contempt A,'.' we going to permit to secure a competent person to take
the  Rockefellers, Camegles,  Hills nnd   hold of the work nnd carry i, through
olher , ,. who Influence the  United  to u successful issue.
S 18, ,,, force upon Canada  Had.- rft.       Trustee   Peebles   reported   progress
l;.:,,,���s thai may bad lo mosi compll- along the line of securing plans and
cated results in the future? Are weIspecifications for the new wing, and
,', sii supinely by and let them deter- Iii company with Trustee Peck was
m.'ne whal shall be Canada's future requested to complete them,
career? I do not know hy what means! In the celebration of May Hay it was
we can prevent them carrying their| decided io enlist the co-operation of
objects Into practice, but whether by the Sons of England and the Sons of
fi.,  trade or fair trade, or a comblna- Scotland,
lion   of free  trade and   fair  trade,  we      A communication was received from
mus,   attempt   to  do|t,"' Miss   A.   Anderson   of   Aleilakaila,   B.
Lord Slratheona. in his speech, wns   ('.,   applying   for   a    position   on   Hie
equally   frank.     As  regards  the Can;,-   leaching staff.
Demands Prompt Withdrawal of Troops From Fy>f:,tian
Territory and Prepares to Follow Up With
Demonstration By Mediter-
rean Fleet.
London,    May -1,���The    British Am-
stratum, It is anticipated, will quickly
evacuation ���f the Ta
bling about the
bah   territory.
The  sultan  was given leu  days  in
ealthy Man Arrested
on Land Fraud Charges
OshkoBh, Wis., May  l���A quartette  Bray. Benjamin Doughty ami Thomas haa been returned by ihe present fed-
Duly      Each was placed ������d,r bonds ei a! grand Jury, charges that under the
mbermen and bankers   represent-[_,.��� nnB I--m�� 0f the Oshkosh   Lumber   Com-
New York Men Corner
Electricity in Oregon
bassador at Constantinople, Sir Nicholas R. O'Connor, yesterday presented
a note to Turkey demanding the
prompt withdrawal of Ihe Turkish which to comply with lhe British de-
iloops from Egyptian territory. The mand for the withdrawal of his troops
note is practically an ultimatum and from Tabah and other poiuts on the
constitutes Great Britain's last word Sinasi peninsula pending the dellmlta-
o/i the encroachment of Turkey on the Hon of U,e frontier '.,) a commission.
Shaitic peninsula. The French nnd; A cabinet council was In Id late this
Russian ambassadors at Constant!- afternoon to discuss th, even! unities
nople are supporting the British con-; which possibly may arise as a result
tuitions. jot the ultimatum.   A despatch  in a
Should the ultimatum not have the news agency from Malta says Unit
,1. sir.-,! effect the British Alediier- sudden orders have been received for
i.in. an llee, will lake measures so the whole British Mediterranean fleet
often employed by the powers in re- lo proceed to st, 'Ins evening. The
(,���,., y.ars, as the resull of disputes destination of lhe warships was nol,
villi   lhe  sultan,  and   a  naval   demon-   ieevabd.
Dr. E. D. Sawyer Shows $563 Desposited in Royal Bank of
Canada, For Relief of Sufferers in San Francisco���Auditors Report.
At a special meeting of the Citizens'  leaving the total reclpts lo date 1563-
the  accused   ;,c,|,,irod     100,000
of $2,000. i nam,
'8 an aggregate wealth In excess   of     |M addition to ihe   Oshkosh,   Wis., pany,
 I  were arrested  yesterday  by   capitalists   who   either   have   been   or  an es of land  ln Klamath    and    Lake
'"'''al officers on ihe charge of con-j wlll he arrested in connection With the counties by inducing residents of Ashley to defraud the governmenl by I ����vernment land   frauds   in   Orego-.jlsnd and  Modfort, Or., to file upon
:l'�� of alleged  land  frauds In  Ore-
men are L.   Choate,   Jas.
Bummer  K.  Parker, of Ashland, Ore..! the land upon the understanding that
bus also been arrested under the snnie| II was lo be transferred (o the Wlscon-
Indlotment,     This Indlotment,   which j sin .men as soon ns final papers should
M. i was one of Ihe mosl Important    thai  be secured.
Pori land. Ore., May L���The Orego-
r.lan today says that hy a deal Involving a consideration of $40,000000
every light, power and traction company In the Lower Willinmeile Valley, including Portland, using electrical energy was consolidated yesterday.
Telegrams   confirming   the   merger
were received from New York by the
heads of the local cojnpanies.
The purchasers are. E. W. Clark, K.
and W. Sclllgnian & Co., and Pratt &
Co., of New York.
The various companies absorbed
nm! the estimated value of ouch, are
Portland General Electric Co., $10
000.00; Portland Railway Co., $12,000,
000: Oregon Water Power & Ruilway
Co.. $5,000,000; Carsons Light & Traction Co., of Salem, Or., $5,000,000;
Vancouver Light & Power Co., of Vancouver, Wash.. $200,000; and the
I'nlon Light & Power Co., of Silver-
ton, Wood bum and Mount Angel, Or.,
whicb is deposited In the Royal Bank
of Canada.
"W.   E.   BROWN,
"Finance Committee."
Chicago City Hall Condemned.
Chicago. May 3���The ciiy hall was
ht,,a     o N.  11, Mc-|ccndemned yesterday as dangerous to
The auditor's I the lu-.ilth of its occipanls. and\CMel
Sanitary Inspector Hedrick mid thnt
Relief committee last evening, Dr. E.
1). Sawyer, editor and manager of the
Dally .News, presented the audited account of funds collected by him for
I the San Francisco sufferers. The net
amount nt present In the Royal Bank
of Canada was $568 and after the
reading of the finance committee's report. Dr. Sawyer was instructed to
hand over tha
Qua ride, city treasurer
report is as follows;
"We, ,ho undersigned officer, of the, U ���> .vacated J.J*   ^
,ancc    committee,    hereby     certify     Severw ^ ^ ^
at we have audited the accounts of us vv   ch .J * ^
 p.,.,r aide was lorn down lo per
the San Francisco Relief ����*��������� ��j��* �� "ow  ^'^ ^   ""
ed by Dr. B. D. Sawyer.   W�� Hi* that  p^"�� ������ ���, (ll(, e���v han
the to.,,. ^r^fS7w^'hcTe#e��led several inches and much
Z ZTSpui ^.���  unpaid,  or the plumbing has become diluted.
i   .
, F
..    Duncan
Is    Elected
Mrs. McNaughton, 1987 Barclay street
. .. n e 1 ehal. Rev.   A.   W.   It.  Wh ' '
...        .' ,. 1'.. t  'I'll,,:, as  Al������.'���     ...   i
b m        -    Oi 0 i I,. .. Ur. McGUUvary .u Cumbi
: >r lionie missions and Among those of the clt)   whi
'   provide!   ;,,ten.lance al the Synod are R' V. A. J.
. -  v      I be required
'!',;,     ,-
bj      'be
it. v. .1. A.   Logan.  I'   "'"an Church; R, r. Ge i   I
ib      1',. a     ���      ' .     ;��� , Mounl  I'b.,   mt; Rev. .1. Knox w
. D  'd       I
Church   af  Hntisi  Columbia   and    ' .  : synod,
b, na was opened    iu    St.    Andrew fl      five    union schools.    These
���   ucouvt    on. Wednesdaj    v, ,1s co ited  $6,086 during the
, : -     , ie ses    ... was I-;,:    i    , ord, .  ol ,730  went   for the
I'd,,,  ir. Rev. j. A. Logan, ch. Th, committee
M   A., of Eburne. commended  thai   a Held    secretary
A large number of   delegate     �� I iool work should be ap-
present and answered to their nam..-, icint,     i comm    ee should
when the session opened,    and  with
those who came yesterday iiii.-. Bess on
is    one    of    ,    ���    besl    attended    ..:
nn,' yel  held.    Many  Interesting    and
Important  questions are to come i,
I, n    the   assembly   for   discussion  and
a. T,,n, an.l reports of committees will
)������ given of the work none.
In calling the meeting to order Re,.
Mr. Logan gave the Customary annual
.- rmon.   He t ...k for   ,1,,'   text   Acl
\wi.. 19,   "I was noi dlsobe I, nt unto
���lily    vision."    Tbe   disc,,hit
, a, uriei���!.. effort, and was llstei
cl to bj  'b    large congn gation w I
,:,,���< I, Interest
Mr.   1 ,"��.,���   declared     thai     il     wa I
Nuliiri-'-   I'rnrUli.ii   I 'nr   th��   ItilW'f  "I
Ilie ��.r >-.< i..u   Plant.
Tbe practical cultivator understands
ib.;i nature male, - | ��� for gettlu i
rid of the l.ark of trees as the trunk lu
creases In size. ,,,, tbe grow th of th,
post season may be Been small olli
spots, These are formations of cork
l'r..m year to .vear. in subsequent dfl
-elopment, these little patches spread,
reilly eating their way through the
V, .1. D. Glllam bark. This is tbe prevision whieh US
lure makes for Dually rifting the bark
In each  s| les  of  plant     These cork
Wanted I
$6      i  McGI llvary, St  John's Church
R, .,. Wilson of St An li
R, v. Dr. 11. W. Fraser of 1 Presbj
ot N ,;ih Vancouver, and Rev. T. W,
T...' . md Rev, J. S. Henderson of
New Westminster.
.,... els with  literature
and h) am books.
The   reporl  of the
les  and   Bn
. Rev. .1. Knox Wright.   1, show
. i|  the sum of $12,899
, home missions dm lng the
an Increase ol ;; il iver tho
ius year,    T
���    | were $178,11 i si  In-
.    ���   >
n a synod
alld    a
\\ b, D   ;��� ou   hav.-   jus,   missed
���rain  al   an  Important  Junction,
lind   an   hour   musi   elapse  before
commute,   on   I urney  can be continued, hav
was   presented  evei   been  Interested  in the language
of the line   used  by the railway officials?
Almosl '���'��� ' ���   ilon lias its own
.   .. and    the  rail-
, .    ainiy  no exception to 1
arm wnlstle is hi 11 I
iter, i" the
inlmeni    ol   cr, aking   wheels
cells have their own special lines of de
veiopment. and this i- ii"' reason whj
each kind of tree has Ita own partlculai
bark. Tho charact, rlstl,. are so prominent that clever ��� wrvers can select
different kinds of trees by their burl-
even at midnight As it is the evident
Intention of nature to get rid of old
bark. It Is a great help I" the tree to as
Slst   nature   in   this   res] I.   and   any
wash   or   treatment   whieh   nhls   the
plant  In gelling rid of it is s prac
. tied advantage.   Soupy water wash ot
lie wal.T Is useful, and even scraping
lias been  found nf great  advantage,
In a rough sort of way  lime wash Is
frequently used, the ni ly objection 1"'
Ing the white and glar i g color,   It la,
however, the cheapest i ad the best of colun
al) bark treatment
Cents' Prefcrcel
Bring your old bicycle and get It
mad, as good as new. AYo are experts
on all kin.Is of repairing. We hnve been
constantly at the repairing business
for 11 years BO we know i, Iron, a to I.
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
*,yiu,"i,l>> ���
it will afford -  eeter happiness in
lie hour of death I , have wiped one
tear from the cl f ' irrow than to
:   :    R whose   arm 'a;lv,.   n,p. i   ttu   empire,   to   have   con
I,.    jjCL on lai '- qnei   I millions or lu have enslaved ths
.v.;-:;.   Woman's i fc
fulr audi, '���-' '""���-��� sna
a idresses  by Rev. D     H      I   in, up   dead
a   St.
N,w av. Btmlnsti
Do you need a Set
Ol    I CClll ���  or Refund Your Money
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mtlnnis.
"visi,.,," of church BUtesmen in past and  ,,
thai had prepared for the mar- !     Rey   ,,,                              ,_   .,                 earing 1                          Is on
v< I "'-    ��� I ;�� ' west.   He can a                                            1m( her.��
full   reviewed the remarkable progress      |p     n ,n.     An engine rushes through on a her
tai  ,   -   during the pasl U nl ,                                           .            ind u you  ,:,   ;l ,,,;, , ��� :. .
y,   rs.   He  stated   that   in   1885,   tl ,                                      , ;m  ��� ���,,  priCK  Up you,   ears when
1 ,r>   "'   Odumbta   �����   tormed         .       .. o iys   thai   "No.   373
with nine members some ot whom be  ^   ...         (    __     _                   .,                  ���   Bul ibis has
b.r    i to eastern points.   The pr, ienl ,_    .^    ., . Peterenci     ,   ,      Dpuiar game.   II
Syi ,d of British Columbia and Alberta ,nce     ,,                 ,   .[U .,,.,,  . an pi)   indie,,:,- thai  the locomotive
covers less territory,   bul    has   nln, ;_;                                                                 inning backwards," so to speak.
Presby-terles, and the long roll ot mln-lhurc]i wofk   He ;    ; . ,ng M ,     T, who look after the
later*' names called and respond.., to,I ^  company's   Interesl
was an   doquenl testimony of the am- ; ,                                                                ���g Bl  the carriage door and de-
using  ,.   .gross of  the church  durir, ,,    . _Qa    Daing    "All   tickets,    ,
the last  decade,    He also referred m ,,                                                                    !nated by th
., very earnest way to the necessltj of
ii,,. pa ents having a vision of future
u- ��� fulness tor their children, and de-
1 red  thai   without  vision  the  peon
The New Moderator.
Rev,   Air.   Logan  concluded   his   se
mon, ami called attention   of   those
presenl    hal  ll  was time to -- i
,.. w moderator for the Synod. Rev.
Dun .. Campbell, B, A., ,,f Armstrong,
E. C, was nominated and unanimous-
. lected,
Rev. Mr. Campbell was bom in the
County of Huron, Ont., and received
hi., college '.raining in the Universities
ot Toronto and Manitoba. He was
graduated from the Theological Hall
In Winnipeg In lM<r>. Soon after he
wenl ' ' Edii 'gh, Scotland, whe:,' he
look post-graduate work. On his return he devoted three years to arduous
mission   work   in   the  fa riboo
Held. He was minister In Greenwood,
E C, tor a Bhort time, and tour years
ago assumed the pastorate ot the
Spallumcheen congregation, wh
ha. had a conspicuously successful ca
re.-r. His election to the high office of
moderator of the Synod is a tribute to
his worth and to his zealous In resl
In lum..   mission work.
Yesterday morning's   session    com
mnienced at 10 o'clock, and the
er por Ion ot the time was given
devotional exercises.    After th,   mi
lng i' ��� members of the vario   i con
n itte ���-  repaired  to different    rooms,
where thej   pr | ired  the repoi
:; ,   -ben, in shape to be presented at
thc    isslon In the afternoon.
F.eports   Presented.
d i    aflernon session was .
,.     r al 2:30 o'clock, and the tl
he    committees.    Interesting    re-
,-:.    read   ou   the   foreign   mis-
, home missions, Sabbath   i h ol
, t ition.
The    ���   ,rl on foreign ml
ated by the Rev. Dr. Campbell of
V . . rla,  who .poke of  work
tbe   Chinese   and   Indians   in   I
,   luml   ; and  Al �� 1 i.    The c
teu  s id     ihat   native     Chin, ie
rellsta should be situated al N, I-
on,  R.-v. Istoke, Calgarj   ami  Kel ��� ���.���.
... ;  th .i   Presbj terles ... ek to Interesl
Tide Table   Fraser River
For Week I
First Class Meals at all 11. UTS,
English, Japanese and Chinese Stj le
From 1 5c. up.
i     lay...
i ���    la:
enl  Ib nol money bui men. II"  Bcud"  or  "the  Bnal,t)e'
tha    thi   time   had
for    theological    'raining    wiih
,-;. nod.
R, v.   Pr.   .McLaren   urged   Inci
.... of 'in' Wi
��� ���.'. n    m   of  church   work,    H,
��� i     ,,',���   nn   a   colored     man   ' h,
tlons   ol :b" countrj   i
from Europe. II Is ���
his   yeai   'be  Immigration  will
. ,0,000, ..ml iln- greal  problem
Canadianize the mass of pe ,pl,.
; . ,ple.
R, l> ugl ��� Fraser, D. D., ol Toronto, pointed out how Sunday school
work can be improved.    One of th,   ���
: ll lis fur a successful .Sunday school
Is :   good  ,. a,-her.    Dr.  Fraser  r i
:,'. nded     Sunday   school     teach, I
,;,ke ihe training course laid down by
is   mbly.
Las'   year  I,., sal l  200,00 i  children
led  $31,000 to . ch, ll ���
::.      hi    iddress   wa     istcn
.. ��� :   cl Te attention,
Delegates  in  Attendance.
Following are the clergymen in at-
wiili a list   of   their   resl-
3  '
Sui laj
,:      Robert B ,yl,. L . with
fev,  . 1051 Comox street,
'    r, W. G. Brown, .X, w Denver, wiih
..1   . W. W. bollows, 929 Ninth ave,,,,".
...   Wm.   Burton,  Stev, ston,   with
'���I:   .   ',, ;    :   < hnle      I 199     higui
.. Dr. J. C.   Camp ell,    VI,   u'ta,
���i. .1.  Banfield, 644  Bute.
.   Duncan Campbell,   Ann-
'.   .;. Stewa    997 D, nman .
W. c. Cal er and  s, If,    R, \
.   .1      Luwson,  1023  I'
a up ;,. the 1,ea, ing of the reports
IV. L. Cl      V ctorla, with Wm.
1 t.  1320  P, . Irell  sl
Ri .    Mr, Collin, with    I..    .Ml.
K. .1. Douglas, Trd], with Mi  .
i ' ���'.    Dm i,  Whonnock,   with
ll  av, line.
1'  .        .   V "ll    ll
1    lei
Pi, .. T. R, Fori     . Sio, in, wltl     I
I     ' 1102  I     hth at   Ti".
.   ..  Alex.  F i, bos,  Foi i   Saska
Tin,!- laj
.     D
iii to the p issenj
. il   with    luggage - ln  thi     hope,  of
a, ol  the usual "tip"
".   th,    >��� nie..   ,,s  "wheezing"
I ng," or "making
your  attention   is  divert, l   by   the
>��� ��� Ival ,,f a local  train,    1
.      r calls out to a ,
irelgn  horse-box" i  i ne ofl
..  shunted  Into  the  "bay."    Inquiry elicits ih" inf,,: . ,: the
term    "foreign"    is  applied   to    anj
\. htcle    belonging    to anotl e
prny, while "bay" Is the . i
, ... cul de  .!.��� siding.
At last the all-lmportanl train runs
In,    Amid  much unintelligibl,   c
of stations, you setle down com
fortably in the corner of a "smoker."
. Ignal standing up gauni in fronl  -
an l suddenly changes il a mind
-:���-. n.      Slowly    ill"    Main    mn, ea
.-.  from the busy junction, bul nol
!ou  have heard the guard  remark to the Inspector thai "Lockhart's
Is not up to schedule tonight," which,
' . .   all,   is   only   railway   vernacular
foi   "dining train behind time."
10. ''i
"", 1.".
High Water Low Water
Tim.   light Time Tight
7.54      9.8
23.56     U.6
8.51      '.'.1
!   .       . , .     .
Wednesday   .    0.46
Tin,'.'-day   ...;    1.31
I 15.10 i
1.24 '.'.'J
15.51 3.4
5.50 9.0
16.49 3.8
7.02 8.4
17.54 I.l
7.:," 7.6
18.58 i.i
i' ::
12.4      '.'.11     5.0
l".r,    20.59    5.0
3.20     1-'.''.
16.09 I 11.4
ITST-BCi -k-C'T^' _J_? '.   ' '���rTSS_��K'W
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Croquet Sets
From  $1.50  up at
Full Line of
Sporting Goods
J. li. Todd
Sewing Machines
Singer and
Wheeler & Wilson
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J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia  Street.
Westminster Iron Works
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22U.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. i
407 Hastings St.
i.    Remember the Place
West, Vancouver.
. gallons     in   foreign     mission  ���   '
ind    thai  the joint    en:,v. u ,rs  enti
��� v. ("Hive committee hav.. i barge     R
.'    ,   Mrs.  Page,  798  N'lnth  av
ii.  D. Praser,  D,
ti   'uncouver Hotel.
Rev. Dr. ,1, C.    " ��� Iman,   Cal ��� n
v Ith  il.   ...  Fraser, 981  Ntcolu street.
Rev. .1.    A.    Logan,    E mr,,,..    with
Colonel White.
Rev. .!. s. Miller, Shuswap, with A.
!���'.  Sutherland,  1213  Barclay  street.
Rev. .1.  11. Mller, Field,    with    Jas.
of the  Indian.,  and Chinese;  thai   the
1 Ian ��� i  the administration of Indian
.....   ; .   Manitoba,  be established  in
regard  to  tho  foreign   mission   work
.   nod and thai a representative
. epartment  sli  on the a
!'. iv,    Dr.  E.  Robs,,,,,    the  pi meer
Methodlsl    missionary, save    a .short Stark, 1205 Harwood street.
���- on  work  in the early days in      Rev,  John    Miller,    Nanaimo.    with
15,'dish Columbia, Vancouver Hotel.
The reporl on home missions was Rev. C. A. Mitchell and wife. Carl
prei 'in-d bj the Rev. W. I.. Clay ot hoo, with Mrs. Sharp, Burrard street.
Y:< ���ia. || showed thai Ihere were Rev. Jos. .McCoy, Vieloria. will, .1.
203 congregations In the synod, 106 M K. Letson, 1516 Burnaby street,
in alberta and 97 in British Colum- Rev. Dr. K. 1). McLaren, Tor,.,,,,,,
bin. The total increase in coniribu- <vlth Mrs. Geo. A. Wilson, 1220 Beach
tlons  for  last   s.-ai'   was  $460.    The avenue,
committee     recommended   that    the     Rev, Mr. McPhall,   PIncher   Creek,
thentos of the synod be expressed to with A. F. Sutherland,   1213   Barclay
tin    Woman's   Home   .Missionary   So-  Street,
eifcty  for their noble assistance:  and     Rev,   II.   McKellar,  Foothills,    wiih
also  thai   ministers  he requested  to
,-,< "k on,   local  men as students and
<:   ..'hisls.
Dr.   Herd ma n   reported
were twenty-five minister
',e Windsor lions,., Hastings street.
Rev.  Ur.   Mellae and  wife, Victoria
wiih ibe Badmlngton.
thai   there.    Rev, W. L. McRae, Golden, with Mis
evangelists   I'allnw. Hint Ninth ave,,,,".
in     Manitoba   college    and   six     the-
olosioal students.
Dr.    Herdman    also  presented    the
nm ' tentation    reporl    showing   thai
there were now twentq-six augmented
,,,',..���. ������   ;,ions  in  lhe synod, and rec-
''::'���    .,k ihai  more   congregations
Rev. .1. II. Robertson, Revelstoke,
will, .Mrs. DesBrlsay.
Itev. K. .1. Thompson, Blacl fi Id .
wilh   .Mrs.   Helium,.,   I'eiidre!!  sir.
Rev.  .1.  Short, lie  Wlnto,  With .1.  A.
Thompson, 1238 Cardero,
Rev. W. A. Wylie.   Kamloops,   wiih
The question of preserving the for
, -T. of Canada from destruction is '���:.������
which Is pressing lor more Imaned
solution in ib" eastern provinc, - :!,:.::
in   British  Columbia.  I,   is  true
the sooner wis- and far.-, eing law
.   i i.,r Uie benefll of the : i
In ibis pr ,\ Ince the better, bul   i
ai   time  we  ar..  noi   confront, l
v. Ui, the .-, rlous outlook thai exi
the  East.    1'   appears  ilia:   ti-.  i
��� id-'.- , :.-i ige ! in lb- Ian bi r Ind
In Quebec and Eastern Ontai "> ������
. i with much emphi       thi   e
h    destruction  of   ihe   ��
Is due principally to th,   I
Unit, d  States.
... ��� .  .     Imai Ine, will he sl
. ���. ements of mi n
...... ; I   In  T,
th,   American markel  and  who  .
'..'��� urall   obj, c  to I h,  prev
roi    thi in  ol   Lb lr  n nd
,    therefore    -'..���:    '
: ri sldenl of the Que .ee Lin
\     "T    m,  In , ...i ting  th,   s
',,'���!, '.hat tl .    elng   laugh-
tered   for the United  States   mi
Ur!   .   .    the destruction chiefly to
the planting of se 11 m, al . sve n i ui
ill}   look  to discover  the  amo .
s, ttlemenl  in thai  province  In  rec, nl
yi ars.    The governmenl   .- tai Istlcs ..'
once give an am wer to such an ;,...���-
gation,   bn-  we  find  thai   in  the lasi
ten years Quebec has hardly made an
advance   in   its  rural   population   and
lhal all of the new settlements which
have sprung into being are the clusters
of shinnies which shelter the lumber-
in n.    Canada  supplies  over  25   per
cent,  of  the  timber  consumption   of
lh,- United States, and in addition to
this she furnishes an Immense quantity of pulpwood for the mills to the
south of the boundary.    This  percent-!
ago,   too,   Will   continue   to   increase,
as  the  forests  of  the   United   States
are  gradually exhausted,    Under tho
circumstances is it nol time thai we
look   care  of  our  fores,   wealth   and
employed ii  in building up Industries
in Canada?   li is the same in timber
ns   in   minerals;   we   possess   tl,"   re-
Bources,    Why    should  we    nol  also ___%
have ihe mills and refineries? ��� m(
Chnryjci  With  Murdrr,
Wlnni] ."i.   M ,y  ::.    Salva '        '    .���
: .day  con,milled  for trial for the
murder of n. Romantll.
Maple Leaf
A.M)   I.Mil.N'K
. There are running shoes,
�� and running shoes, Imt
���;' none to equal those with
I the Maple Leaf Brand
I on the sole. They come
I in both Tennis and Ox-
( ford styles for Ladies or
S Gentlemen, Girls or Bi��; v.
I and the soles of all are
I made from pure para
gum rubber.
lacrosse, Tennis
or Running Shoes
Look well, fit well, wear
well and are stylish, neat
and durable.
For sale by all good shot
dealers.    Ask for them.
Selling Agents,
SUli' SMITH1NU, UH1DU-1 and
Ornamental Iron worn, including
Fences, Gates, Fire biscapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
BEQ311- BM lth.r.1.
New Westminster. p. u. 474.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Streel W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shoi'i
hand.     Telegraphy   and   Engin, >
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Cours,  .
THE BEST of curses,  the   BEST of
teachers   (eight)   and   the   BEST  of
R. J. SPROTT, H.A., Principal,
II. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia  St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of tho city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone IS.",.       barn  1'none 137
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
vernse sn tne i
for Sweets
Ice Cream and G.  B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candies, Fruit &
Do your own  Silver  Plating at
home���a  wonderful  preparation
made l.y Meyer & Allen  of   New
York       :       :       :       :       :      .
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purdy,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and ��>ral
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westm^ IAY s, 19CS.
I h
Thousands have visited our store during the past week and secured a portion of the great bargains we are offering.   They ha
gone home and told their neighbors what was going on and they have come to swell the crowd.    It has been a record
breaking sale in this city and for the next week we will endeavor to make it still more interesting with
Our Suit piles are going Down! Down ! Down !   They were quite large and there is still a very good range left. Come and see them.
It costs nothing to look and we are always willing to show, whether you buy or not.
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styles and patterns at
Greatly Reduced Prices
$1 and up
Cord Knickers 65c and 75c
Tweed 45c and 65c
for the
Fire Sign
Recommends  that   Congress  Acknowledge by Resolution Appreciation
of   Sympathy   Shown.
n ton, May :;.���A special mes-
.  senl   to Congress today  by
Roosevelt, in  which  he ex-
in.-.i    the attitude of his   govern-
;��� gardlng the offer of contrlbu-
lo ih.' San  Pranclsco flre and
iuai ������    sufferers    from   foreign
'   President  saj a thai  where the
,  ona were made to this gov-
be .lhl ii,,i feel warranted in
th,,,,. bul where they wer.'
o ���      ell Izens relief committee
a  It .:���''.   CO ll" ,,ll',ei.,l ne lon was,
���   ,.    alien In regard to them.
��� Indicates Lhal  the   gov-
enta i : the entire civilized world
ponded  In    messages   of
i hj and many of them with con-
n    or  ..ti. ,s ���f contributions.
vi of the message Is In pari
"Immediately after the disaster   of
Pranclsco many offers ��i assist-
1     In  the shape    of    contributions
' ' ������ tendered by foreign In,livid,,;,Is,
rporatlons, governments and munie-
Ules.   The Canadian    government
Ki'h an instant generosity peculiarly
��� 'an,  as a  proof of the close and
friendly ties which knit    us    t���    our
neighbors of the North, offered to pass
olutlon appropriating $100,000 for
:i lief of the sufferers   by   earthquake ,',���,i lire.
Mexico  Offered   Money.
With a  generosity equally marked
1   ! equally appreciated the republic of
Mexico, our nearest  neighbor to the
Si'"h. voted to appropriate $30,000 and
"'" Republic of Guatemala voted to appropriate $10,000 for the same purpose.
The Kin, reas of China, in addition
1 ending money to he used  for the
Chinese who suffered in San Francisco
' fr,'"''l  to send more than double as'
;. ich to be use I for the Inhabitants
"The Japanese governmenl lmmed-
I' tel} offer, d to send across the ocean
on, of their beautifully equipped hospital ships to be used in any way for
the sufferers and also offered 2,1 ,000
yen to the relief committee in addition
to more than l. ,000 yen sent by Jap-
am se subjects.
"The governmenl ,,f far-dtotanl New
Zealand voted $26,1  The government of Martinique voted 1,000 francs,
the municipality of Edmonton, Canada,
$, 000. Many municipalities, corporations nnd Individuals In England,
Prance, Oermany, Japan, Cuba and
other countries proffered aid.
"Where these offerings of aid are
,i _de to the private rellf committees
organized to deal wllh the distress in
s.ii Pranclsco, I I,me. of course, no
official action i" lake concerning them.
Where they were tendered to me In
in. official capacity I did nol feel
'. . "��� ,���;,��� I in accepting them.
Expresess His Appreciation.
' Hut l am certain I gave utterance
to the feelings of all our countrymen
when I express my very hearty appre-
i ..':i.���, of the warm-hearted generosity
and eagerness to help ���s In the lime
of our affliction shown i,y the governments, the municipalities, the corporations and Ihe individuals mentioned
above. We are deeply grateful to
them and we are deeply grateful for
the way In which Ihey showed in mich
practical fashion the growth of Ihe
spirit of brotherhood among ihe nation."
"The message here gives a list of almosl every country on the globe which
senl  offerings of sympathy.    II adds:
"Appropriate expressions of gratitude lo all those friends have
been returned by the state department
<������ by myself, hul ll seems to me thai
the real depth or grateful feeling
awakened In oar people by all these
evidences or genuine sympathy and
friendship should be expressed also by
toi mal action ��f the supreme legislative power of the nation,
"I recommend Ihe passage hy the
, ongress of an appropriate resolution
I-)  thai   end.
"THEODOnK H0O8EVELT.". ��� j
While the spectacle of a volcanic.
eruption is probably the most awe-
inspiring thai mortal gaze has ever
rested ,���,. yel ii has a fasclnati .,,
which  is perfectly  Irresistible,
This has been shown during the t
ceni eruptions of Vesuvius.    While the
ii habitants   of the   volcanic   region
have   shown    a    desire   to   .scape   as
ta.i as they could, the trains trom
Naples an.l other towns to the scene
of the outburst have been packed
with people bent on seeing the crup-
ttor  In full  blast.
Science  has BO  far advanced at the
presenl day thai 11 is now possible to
give timely warning of forthcoming
eruptions, so that in Europe, al any
rate, there is nol much likelihood of
such a terrible disaster aa that which
overlook ihe town of St, Pierre some
four years ago.
After sundry preliminary eml ,n
there suddenly belched forth from the
. Bier al the summit of Mounl Pelee
a stream of molten lava twenty feel
high and hair a mile wide. The flery
liquid rushed down the mountain side
and Into the sea. a distance "i Ave
miles, in lews Hum three minutes.
Then a perfect whirlwind of boiling
mud.   lire,     and   stones     wns   thrown
rioin the crater upon the town, accompanied  by a  ���������e than    thunderous
cannonading, which was heard 300
miles away. In the short space of
fifteen    .minutes    30,00(7 people    were
detsroyed by this fiery visitation.
A truly awful scene was the eruption
of Vesuvius which took place so early
as tin. year 7H. It was graphically described by the younger I'llny, who
lifllll.'d thai a dens,, column of
vapour was Mrs, seen rising from the
crater, II spread laterally, so lhal
il , upper portion resembled lhe head
and the lower the trunk or the pine
which characterizes Ihe Ilnlinn lnnrl-
s<,. pe.
Occasionally this black cloud wns
pierced by Hashes of lire as vivid ���s|
lightning, followed hy darkness more
profound than night. The ground)
rocked and lhe sea receded from the:
shores, so that mnny marine animals
were seen on lhe dry sand.   Ashes fell
even among the ships of the Ron,an
li. el at Mlsenum: and it may be m.'ii-
tloned that the elder Pliny, who commanded ih.in. lost his Iir.- by be,lng
.-.nil,.ca,ed by sulphurous vapours lu
his anxiety lo obtain a near view of
,!,,   terrible phenomena.
I,. 1869 there was a notable eruption of Mount Etna. After overwhelm^
Ing fourteen largely populated towns
and villages, the stream of lava flowed
onward lo the walls of Catania.
There ihe flery flood accumulated till
i' ruse lo the lop of Ihe rampart. 00
feel high, when it fell In a burning
cascade within and destroyed :i portion ..f the ciiy.
Bul   il   failed   lo   destro)   the   wall,
.which was discovered bum afterwards
when  excavations  were  made  In  lhe
j ,ock. The solid lava can even now
be seen curling over lhe lop ol' the
rumpari as if still in the acl of fall
ing. In the hope of diverting the
Btveam, a parly of fifty men, dr.-ssoil
in skins lo protect them from lhe
in at, broke. ..p.',, with iron cow   an i
l,<."I,-, one of the solid walls which
flanked the current,
This caused ii n> take the direction
���:' Paterno, bul Hi" Inhabitants of thai
town, becoming alarmed for their
safety, hastily look up arms and compelled ihe partj iron, Catania to pul
a si<?p to iheir operations. Wh, ��� i'
enti red the sea >i,e fiery liquid had
traversed a coarse of fifteen miles, and
was slill 600 yards broad and 10 feel
d, ep.
Worthy of mention is the volcanic
eruption of Jorullo, in Mexico, which
look place In the year 1759. In the
month of June hollow sounds of an
alarming nature were heard In Hie
ground, and for two months earthquakes succeed,';! each other in rapid
su, cession. Then, ln September,
(lames began to Issue from the earth
and huge fragments of burning rock were thrown to prodigious heights in the air. Hy a subsequent eruption ,,r Jorullo, In 1S19,
the city of dun,inxunlo, 140 miles
away, was covered wllh ashes to n
depth of 6 Inches.
But when Hocla was ln eruption ln
the year lS4.r., lhe dust from lt wns
ln ten hours lying thick on Orkney and
Shetland.   Indeed,   more   than   oner'    "Your Lordship, l Insisl    thai  ibis1
when lhis volcano has reached unusual   witness shall���'
activity  the ashes from II have been      ".Made by Demoss and Ingram, No.
carried by  the wind over ihe Tim or _7, Korsteen street, Seven Bisters Road
I SOI)  miles     which   lie    betwen   Hecla j cost 15s. Cd.. made lo measure, of the
and  Ben Nevis, in Scotland. best  leather and good enough  for a
Ten years before thai  then' was an Icing.      That's  all   I   know  about   It.
eiuptlon    of  Consequlnt,  the    ashes "Who���who is this man���what is hla
from which were borne on the wings occupation?" asked his worship, a
of the wind as far as the island of strange light dawning upon his hither-
Jamaica,   fully   71",   miles  away.   But to placid countenance.
a. a dial :e of thirty miles south of "Me, your worship���me?" answered
the  volcano the ground was  covered the  witness.   "I'm    John    Tolllngton
'wiih line dust, disseminated fr,,,,, the manager of the    Patent    Advertising
crrter by ihe eruption, to the almost Company, 386, High Street���"
Searches    Ladies at Brockvillc    and
Finds Many Smuggled Articles
in  Stockings.
incredible   depth   of   lb   fee,.      It    has
. ven been asserted thai the dust has.
In some Instance, travelled 1,600 miles.
The Old  Man Again.
Lawyer:  "Describe, as nearly as you
tm;. ii,,. assa,,fi ii,.. prisoner made on
Witness: "lie threw bis arm about
in.,  neck, which almosl satisfied me.
Then In- pulled off my overcoat, a
heavy, first-class garment made by
Ratchet and Haycroft, iiie,b Street,
Brixton, of ihe very last material and
"Never mind thai. Whal did he do
"lies,, overcoat I ever had, and cos'
in.   only���"
"Confine yourself lo th.' fads in Ilie
. a ., if you please."
"Yes, sir.   Cost j,,< l.v :111s.    C.,1.
Tbey're giving    len    per cent, off for
"Sand   down!
Horse Poisoner Sentenced.
New York, May ::.���The alleged bad
er .! ., gang lhal, il is charged, has
11 Isoned more than 1,000 horses in
Greater New York during lhe lasi !i\'-
wa.- sentencd yesterday to Berve a year
in the penitentiary, lie was Samuel
Oeller, 30 years old, of Brooklyn.
en.', was charged with having .".isoned Seven horses by trivlng Die .i ar-
IIa i.'.
When ihe case was closed Bupt.
ia irles ll. Hankison, of the s iclety
tor ibe Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told ihe court ihat ihe members
���r  the   gang   were  hired  out   lo   rival
business men uml by administering arsenic ,,, the horses of one of the other
reaped a rich harvest,
First Trip Up Columbia.
Revelstoke, May 3.���The s. s. Revel-
cash.    Then    he relieved    me    of    my I Stoke will make the lirst trip lhis sea-
' watch.   Ii    was   a gold   hunting-case s">' ��i> tll(; Columbia river on Satur-
1 timepiece, fully jeweled���" <l:i^     The officers lu charge of the Rev-
"You  needn't  describe  ih-  Watoh."I elgtoke  are tho same as    last    year,
"No, sir.    I got it of Bomshell and | namely, Capt. Forslund, Purser Swnn-
Co���  No.   344,    Pulsifer    Place.   Best; sou, and Chief Engineer Colheck.
watch 1    ever owned,    aud    cost me]^	
OEly���" C. P.  R.  Hotel  Openings,
"All this Is Immaterial.    I want only,    Announcement was made   yesterday
the  lads  pertaining to Ihe robbery.": hy E. J. Coyle assistant general pas
"Then he left me and ran off without
Erockvllle, May 3���This afternoon
Mrs. Kale Northway of Windsor, customs Inspector, met the steamer River-
Bid, from Ogdensburg, N, Y.. and Invited Blxty-elghl ladiea to her private^
apartinents, all ol whom were thoroughly Bearched and many articles eon-
fl.cated. on.' lady had a number of
small disli.s in h, I to, ������'>.- and
Suffers Agony for  Hours.
Glace Ha.. C. B   "       ���Alexandei
McQilltvray, a ma, tiinl   , went to an
 ., u.i     pari    of Dominion
Colliery on Honda; morning, to at-
ti'iid in bla duties, when some props
came down, and with them clay and
coal.    Thr  props  (ell  across  his legs,.
and the coal nearly burled him, his
bend and shoulders alone remaining
out. To extricate himself was Impossible. He was iii this positi.ni for
twenty-six hours before being rescind'.
He describes his experience as most
terrible, death hanging over him in the
unsupported stone of the roof. His
absence was not noticed until about
noon yesterday, when a. search party
was organized and he was extricated;
Has News Enough.
Helena. Mont.,  May  3.���Ray  Harris
the Salt Lake newspaper man who procured the arrest of seven i een residents
of Bannack on  the charge of iwsault.
^ , ,. . in the alleged ducking nnd painting he.
senger agent of the C. P. R., regarding I claims to have received for "Jumping"
the dates of the opening of the com-'the iownslte for n placer, has dropped
The hoi els at  fhe case, according to a special to the
taking my hat, which was an elegunt
one made by " I pony's mountain hotels.
"Sir  I don't���" (I'.'eicr  nnd   Field  nre  alread
"Made by Pomfret .nd Slack, corner) business, and the following howe
of nine street and Commercial Alley. I scheduled to open on   the   respective couia
half a  guinea,  basl   I  ever wore.    Hejdctes mentioned: Banff, Rm.rnld j lrK  for a newspajmr .slory  -..iring a
failed   also  to   gel   rnv  shoes,     which  Louise Chalet. June  16, and Emerald| mu _  ��___._ ....   , ��
wer0_.. ,l.;i,e Chalet, June 15.
ZaTZZ Recor^a Dillon, became he found
use, are public sentiment againsl  hin,  and he
spective could Identify none of Ihe party.   It
/Mav 15; Lake Is said Harris gave it oul he was look-
|lay-off, and he evidently for...
it. 4-
Published by '-'he Daily Xows Publishing Oompai . Limited, at their
offlcei corner f sixih ami Pro,,,
Street.-.  Xew  W   si minster,  13.  c.
Editor   and   Mgr    Edward   D.   Sawyer
when opened for customs InspectionIopened a contest at which .she win
a' Liverpool, are trequentlj foui ' o Bivi prize's to the moBl beautiful worn-
contain matches. Sue:, inflammabl, en ami the bandsomesl man. She hns
;,;..::.i as lov, letters are, however, received twentj photographs of men
in, io I,, Interfered wiih. to every one of a woman, Does nol
  ihni  i.dl ihe tale?
Advertising Rates.
Transient dlapl ,y advertising, 10
cents per line (n ipariel) 12 Uses io
tho inch. Five -ents per line for
lubsequent  insert: ms.
reins per line, brevier or nonpariei, io
ecu,8 per line.
Foi time contracts, Special positions, apply to advertising mnuager.
Notices of births, marriages o>
deaths, r.Oc. Wants, for sales, losi ni
found, rooms to lot, etc., one ceni pel'
word. No advertisement taken tor
lesj than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted at rate of 50
cents per Inch per issue (display! or If
reading notices, 25 cents per line per
Mark   Tivain   has   sen:    a   message
to Ellen Terry, preparationa for whose
..   jubilee ar,   being made, saying:
"Age bas inn  withered nor custom
staled   the admiration ami   affection
N'.w   York   is  grinning  over a  joke
on the too.   In ibe latest issue of the
"111,,.-   Hook."   whirl,    is   supposed   to
contain ihe names of aristocrats, appears thai of a certain negro Janitor
,    ,,, .   '""^     '   l��   "U'm   al   y"l['   h;"1";"1   and   bis   wife,   "Mr.   and   Mrs.  Joseph
notices   bold face type, 20  ,,.,.,  wj,j, the Btrength and freshness
,.:   theli   youth   upon   them  undiminished."
Cbapp, lie, No. -.11 Wesl One Hundred
and Twenty-third street!" The compile,' bus lake,, to the barn!
Knglnnd   to   revive   lhe   unci.',,'   sporl
of arch. ry. Old cluba are inking on
r, v. Uf.- und nev. clubs are being
Of all Bporta, anclenl or
archerj Is Uie mo I pic
and the attempt to give ll
popularity Is to be com-
Although al iis besl an out-
aoor spori, the meeting pictured was
held at Olympia, In Loudon. The
. ompetltors came from different parts
"; England, and man, of the on,
hundred clubs in the country wer,
r, presented,
tun Bque
r, ��� ��� ���' ed
,,,. nded,
Maxim  Qprky  broughl   With  him a
iloubiful "Mrs.  tl."  when  he cam.' to
.   visit    the   Americans.     lie   has   be.-n
A  man who ha ��� made a oounl Baj b
there ai , five widows to evefj  widow-
t      Women Lake belter care of them
selves   than   men,  and   live  longer
",    ia   unmarried   women! snubbed, and Mrs. G.'a standing as his
"wil."    questioned.    Now    Corky  is
Th,     Moniieur   dU   Commerce,   Mon    scratching   his    head    and    wondering
i:.ai. concludes a  report  of the lasi   what's wrong.    He basn'i   discovered
issue.   No deviation from this rate fo, ig  of  ihe   Licensed   Victuallers'  yet   thai   a   man   may  hav..  as many
teim contracts.
Business office	
Managers  residence   ....
wives us shoes in ,ho United Slaies.
inn he musi show them up one ai a
time!    The real story of Qorkj  and
FRIDAY,  May 4,  1906.
ociatlon aa follows: "We take ihis
iportunltj to call the attention ol
the association to the fact  that cer-
-2  tall  establishments for the retail sale his travelling companion is this:
261   ,,. liquor are .ihi.led Into two Bectlons Mme. Andrieva'a real name is Zhela
��� one for men and the other tor worn-, bushki, .-lie being the wife ot a Mob-
n  We a,.' Informed thai the woman's cov. engineer of thai nam.'. She is the
section  i> much patronized, especial- daughter of M. Murrlevskl, the regis
��� iv in the evenings.   Thai is an abuse trai of the imperial theatre, she early
��l,ieh. li .-iv,���s to us, the association developed      histrionic     talent,    and
 should nol tolerate." achieved   celebrity as nn   actress al
  M, scow.    Mme.   Amlrievn   applied   foi
NOTES AND COMMENT.                              .,.,,,,  ,|V  .,���  ,,,,,   ,,,���,���   0f niS g   (|jvom,  fmm   ,,,.,.  hllslian,|.  ,������   ,il%
A   London   Ir'.ng.l   newspaper  a.Iti-   h. : .          .,,.    pope   .,,,.:   when   he   was |ega]   bon(jg   unitlng  her   to   M.  Zhela-
ii..-.-  for    an    "experienced    business curate and parish priest, the only ex- bushki  have   nol   yel   been  dissolved.
woman    as manageress,   floor-walker, travagance  the pope  ever committed Mme.    Andrleva has two    children
sup< rvisor.    Not    necessarily    experl- in bla life was thai of wasting candles. iIvlng In St. Petersburg, a boy of 20,
i iii'.il   in   hair-dresslug,  but must he  int,    the  small  hours   he  burnt   the am| a .ru-\ ,,f i.\ yeara of age.
tactful, reliable and horn about Sept. lamp ot knowledge, tor which one day 	
22.1 the   world   was   ,,,   be   the   belter.���
  D, nahue's .Magazine.
A hard summing up "The emanelpa- 	
tion of woman is nothing but'woman's The Texas legislature prohibits
despair of herself as a woman. If par- civilians trom being addressed us
..���is would interest themselves to see "colonel," "major," or by other mill-
that their daughters are married, there lary title, and providing also thai
would be no woman question, Bui ihey lav...ers not holding judicial positions
me brought up for freedom, which -
means   flirtation���not    mania ue.    Dr,
The crest of ,he new Alpine cluh of
Canada is a beautiful design composed
Of the Urilish and Canadian Hags
crossed above a view of Mount Assini-
lioine. A number of western ladies
have enrolled their names as members.
The father of a schoolboy, ag ,d s
living at Chaux de Fonds, Swiiz.r
l.u d, sends to the Impartial the following problems as specimens of the
home work the youngsier bad recently i ,: s.t  ,,, work oul  ai the can-
ni.al Bchool: Multiply 5,101,520,035
bj 3,530,252,015,105, The boy obtain-:
.���I the following answer: 18,009 652,-
153,778,242,093,675. Divide 71,421,283,-
542,000,000 by 24,538,714,212. Aft, r
-'.me works the youngester obtained
as  answer  2,910,555,525,
Now,   if  ladies   assuming   their   hus-
bad's titles aa "Mrs. Dr. ," "Mrs.
Col,   ������,"   ".Mrs.   Prof. ,"   w.re
legislated upon, ii would settle a
much-needed point in etiquette In
  The greal  problem of how to find a
fi Chicago man has been granted a suitable life partner is being success-
divorce from his wife because he was inly solved by lhe girls of the Belgian
able  to  prove,  by  means of mark'-! village  of   Ecaussines.    Thes..  enter-
                               hills,   thai   she   was   stealing   money prising    damsels,  finding    that   there,
"The   post   ofiice  h:is   heen   moved  fii.m the pockets of his clothing while were  not   enough  young  men  in  the
Irom where lt was to where lt is now." he slept. village   and Its Immediate   neighbor-
This   notice   appeared   on   a   western   '.hood   to  go  round,  hit   on  the  ingeu-
wilds posl  office.                                             Men are more conceited than  woni- ions plan a year or so ago to organize
                               en.    Mrs. Ada  Bellin, who is holding a fete, ,,, which all eligible swains of
Th.    London,   Eng.,   post   offlce  of-  health   and   beauty   toilet  exhibitions the province of Hainaul were invited.
ficials   hi ve   called   attention   to  the a' Grafton galleries, London, says so, The affair wa.s a huge success, nnd
fact   thai   parcels  mailed  in   Canada, and she ought to know.   She has jus, resulted in  numerous engagements.
Changes   In   l'lainn ���������   'Hint   Are  Pol-
���Ung ��o lhe  Novice.
Most   every   one   in   America   Is   acquainted with the goldfinch, but many
people know the bird by the name of
lettuce bird, on account of lis bright
yellow color. Goldfinch is a very appropriate name, as the bright yellow of
Ihe male, when in breeding plumage, Is
like burnished gold    The female gold- |
finch is more modestly dressed than
her mate. The changes in pi,image of
the mule are very Interesting and to
the  novice   S'liiievvbal   puzzling,    Until
the stud,-nt becomes acquainted with
the bird be may wonder why be sees
no males during tb i' Inter, The truth
Is, at this sens..,, II ��� Ilo ks of supposed
fell,nie goldfinches are really of holh
sexes,   the   male  bud  baring  assumed
in the pre, i ,us tall, usuallj by the end
of , ictober, a plumage closely resem
bllng tliat of the female nnd young
I ird of the year. The male retains Hus
lncou iplcuous dress until late In February, when one can notice a gradual
change taking place In some of the
birds, Tills renewal of feathers ls actively continued through March and
April, and by the 1st of May our resplendent bird is with us again, The
song perlbd with the mule goldfinch,
continues as long ns he wears bis g.,1,1
und black livery, for it commences ns
early as the middle of March and ends
late lu August. GoldfincheB are very
cleanly In their habits and bathe fre
quently. Their nests are exquisite
pieces of bird architecture, the inside
being lined wilh the Boftest plant
down. The mother bird is the builder,
her handsome Consort during the nest
building time devoting in..si of his efforts to singing to .la. r bis industrious
mute.���Philadelphia Press,
they say you are the tauesi man in int
Dnlted States, but I don't believe you
are any taller than 1 am." Lincoln re
plied. "Come Up here ami let us measure." The coal beaver pressed bis way
through Hi" crowd and climbed on the
plan'..ini. where Lincoln an.l be ' '"'"'���
back lo hack. Turning to Colonel Ellsworth, Lincoln said. "Which Is the tall-
Colonel Ellsworth, being so much
shorter, could not tell, so he climbed on
the guard rail and, putting Ids hand
across the lop of the heads of tho two
men, said. "I believe they lire exactly
the same height" Then Lincoln nnd
the coal heaver turned around and
faced each oilier. The crowd shouted
loudly when Lincoln took lbe black,
sooty hand of the coal heaver In his nml
gave a hearly handshake I" lhe niau
who was his equal in height.-Thomas
II. Tibbies In Su. ss Magazine.
Th- Fiddler Crab In Winter <|nnrter.
In whiter, when the surface of the
ground In which lt Is accustomed, to
burrow may become fTOMD or covered
with Ice, the tiddler crab bores deep
Into the mud or sand und stays until
spring. Tho black or mud fiddler fairly
riddles the meadow banks along the
sail creeks, lt bores ln, usually horizontally, and It may be us far as six
or eight feet from the face of Ihe bank,
iin.l then down Inlo lbe mud at various
Mil,les until il gels belOW Iln' level of
the tide, which rises and falls through
the loose ininl, in lhe fiddler crab's
burrow.    There   nre   myriads   of   the
black tiddlers, uml tbey so honeycomb
lb.- bank that sometimes under the
added weight of lee gathered upon the
top of lt the bank breaks down. New-
York Tribune.
The cieiu of thr Collection.
Baron X. had been going over the
museum of ��� little country town, and
wheu about to leave he asked lhe curator if there was anything more to be
"Yes, baron," was the reply, "there
remains a little casket."
"No doubt used as a deposit for the
Jewelry  of  some eminent persona go?"
Inquired the baron,
"No. sir; Ihat Is where I put tlie tips
given to me by visitors to the museum."
���Paris Journal.
Lincoln's    I'lensum    l.ittle   Interview
with n Coul  Heaver,
When Lincoln was on bis way to assume lhe ofiice of president the train
wa.s delayed at Freed.un, Pa., by an
accident to a frelghi train that was a
little way ahead. Lincoln was accompanied by Major Sumner and Colonel
Elmer Ellsworth of the celebrated regi
ment of zouaves. Neither Major Sun,
ner nor Colonel Ellsworth was tall, and
as they stood beside Lincoln on the rent
platform while he made his address
they looked shorter than they really
were. At the close of Lincoln's short
cnoocb n coal heaver called out. "Abe.
Thr   Brnle!
"This hat of mine," stormed the wife,
"has been out of dale for teu .solid
"I Bhould certainly have thought," responded her shameless husband, "that
the styles would have swung back to it
at least once in that length of time."���
Louisville Courier-Journal.
A Saving System.
"I saved a big pile of money today,"
laid Mr. llar.lb.ad.
"That Is lovely! Iiow?" said his
"Instead of going to law with a man
for what he owed me 1 let him have
it"���London Tlt-Blts.
Ills  Speclnltr.
Mrs.   Kuicker   Is  your  husband  ar.
if ter dinner speaker.  Mrs. Bocker���No,
but he does a powerful lot of grin nil ling
during it.- Brooklyn Life.
W. Ft. Gilley,   Hnone !---_.
J.  R. Gflley, 'Hhone ,4| j
Dealers ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock. i
Also agents 11. (J. lottery Co. sewer pipe. 	
j Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
j Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phono 1-b
BreuktiiK the   Tiuil.
Winter In the mountains Is severe in
Its restrictions. Sledging and travel
over the snow banked trails nre limited to bare necessity. In the colder seasons the trails are kepi open by shoveling aud packing them down. When the
runners slug Intermittently In blgb,
thin voices, the teamster, with ,, belt
tlgbl iirouud bis overcoat and fiopp
Ins arms to keep warm, faces his greatest bar.! iblps, but when lhe bea\ j
sn..ms null rapid thaws of sprint' come
leainii". ���; battle uud a iouture
wllh   a   Bud leu   termination   bunging
Jusl ah >'���". Tb il Blinds of I" IS ol
snow up the in luntnlli sl lea hang
i.i a trigger thai c m be sprung by
Uie dgh "i a br 11 e or tl ������ r ,11 ng of
n pin.- cone, .. I in summer many a
barren slope uud pile of r >, I. and I In
her at ibe bottom tells a skelei _ tale
of Uie winter's nlgbt Floundering,
Bwenrlng ai d poi Boverlng ..pep tb,
trail :, little ruffed thread of white
from up above-, lur. a bard day's work
for a man.���Outing Magazine.
Ciiil.iiehs Hen  nml  Women*
There are pari- of the world where
girl babies  ire drowned like superfluous  kittens  and oilieis  iu   which  It   Is
not in,e,.n.I,,..:, for the daughters in the
large families of the poor to tvs sold by
iheir parents Into lives of prostitution,
On the other band, tbe pages of history
tre filled with examples of tbe dev ited
lives Of Childless men and -women who
have worked unselfishly tor the good
of their kind.   Bachelors and virgins
have been Ihe sail.Is of the world, am!
the childless are the philanthropists,
the founders of colleges, hospitals, art
collections and libraries,  the phlloso
pliers,   the   great   writers,   leaders   and
thinkers of the race. Plato, Joan of
An-. Savonarola   (leorgo  Washing) ,n
I,avid Hume, l ke, Spinoza, Thomas
Carlyle, Florence Nightingale, Ruskin
and Herbert Spencer are only a rew
of the great names In this class. An Interesting volume could be written on
the indebtedness of the world to childless men and women. New York Med
leal Journal.
Ilolv   Some    Vli,ten    MllPrj.
statistics complied by authorities �����,
the condition of tl"- deaf and dumb In
Pr0Be' '" sigmnita,
fact lu regard to tbe matrimonial at-
fairs of thai body of . Itlzens   || |g���[
vealed therein (hat whi) .,.
deprived of lhe  power ol    ;���.
1 u sought In marring,
the senses were unlnipalr, .1 i
Women   v\l    tongu, -
working  order   have   coils,
themselves to men wh ukl noi i��� .
what   was  being  said.   , juli
these revelations m itter I
tie diairibes pertaining tu iln
satlonal and listening pow, r
sexes.   Whether or nol ihese
observations contain an ���
the comparative   ������. j
willingness of men and
ry mutes Is a question, bul Uie fuel n-
A  Powerful Drag.
Cloves are simply  the dried [low,
buds   of   ii   beautiful   everj
grow ing naturally on the Spice
These   (lower  bud-   ,'il'e   g ith,   ,  ,   ,
they have i.e...me of o brlgl I
are Jusl on the point of openll :   1
name comes from the resen ,1
the prepared spice to small ,,
the French word clou, tor nail,
are \cry heavily charged with a pun
gent, acrid, volatile oil, ns much as _l
per  .-enl   sometimes  be ng exti   l
This oil  is valuable for fiat
scenting  purposes  and  has a limited
field In medicine, bul the Ltabll
ing doves," in whi.b young folks and
too often old ones Indulge, Is v,
rahenslble,  as  the oil is g powerful
drug, becoming in many cases un in
��� idioms poison.
The  Test.
We never know what we ran do ns
til we aro put to the test by some icrn\
emergency or tremendous rcspoostbtll
ty. When we feel that we are ont oj
from outside resources ami most 4,
pend absolutely upon ourselves we cu
fight with all tho fores ��f dcspeitttoo.
- Suecews Magazine.
"You must have money to beableto
offer  me so beautiful   an enRiigera-lt
"Must have had money. y..u uii'an."-
U'.uston Post.
It Will Pay You to
Advertise in the Daily News
a:_p_jra_E_J_E_i am ��}hui_5��i!eb_s'��biS_es.i_:-3WT?'^-':';^:
The Paper for Local Industries
We are about to commence one of the Greatest Booming and Boosting Series Ever Attempted
by a Newspaper in British Columbia.
We have secured about 50 Photo Engravings of the various industries and scenic effects that
we propose publishing and scattering broadcast.
Watch the Daily News for Startling Events.    All the news of the world.
Best Advertising Medium in the City
For Rates Apply Office, Cor. 6th and Front Sts.
\mw0^ FH
Why ? It's a Snap I 50c[ Local News Briefly Told
For   The   Man   With   Thc   Hose!
Snaps,        Saves Time,        Saves his hose.        Saves his temper,
Saves liis wife's temper. Also his wife's fingers ami skin, '
It's easily attached to ..Id couplings and hose,
ls warranted to make a tight joint at all limes,
Swivels;      Will not leak,       Will not wear out,
Cannot loose the washer,        Will not let the hose twist or kink,
Can have worn washers quickly replaced.
Will not wet him when uncoupling with waler flowing;,
I.s made tight by the water pressure acting on thin lip of washer.
H. T. Kirk,
Hardware  and  Tinsmithing.
Creamery   Butter
30   Cents  Per   Pound
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.
Hammocks, Croquet Sets
Tennis Balls and Racquets,
Lacrosse Sticks and Balls,
Base  Balls,  Mits,   Gloves, Masks,
Bats. Cricket Bats, Etc.
Booksellers,   Stationers,   News    Dealers.
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
Our Knowledge     j
Is Not for Sale       j
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every f
detail   of work,  workmanship and material. X
See us before you let your work. ���
Not on Top, But Still injhe Ring.
House Cleaning Time
And you may possibly need a carpet. We have the greatest range of
them and can guarantee to save you money and give you hotter satisfaction than you can |?et in any other place. For instance, a good body
Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed ami laid for one dollar a yard up.
"Id carpels taken up, .'leaned and relayed for ten cents a yard. We
have ih,, largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest prices.
1 "ine and see us. It will pay you to see our stockjbefore placing your
order elsewhere.
716 and 718 Colombia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street.
Largest  Stock   In  the City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
'   I     "-,"-- ���?���'���'���, .'JfMi>&i ���/ Co,rle  '1nd   Inspect  Them.
tftesS "" ���'������"l""" '
Phone 138 for Ice Cream. *
D. \v. chad.-.-, lefl on the Bteamer
Transfer ihis morning tor his home
al  Sumas.
The purest of Ice cream at the star
Candy Factory nexl to DeGrey". barber
shop, ���
The Ollley Bros, tug Flyer arrived
in porl lasi nlghl with a scow of coal
trom Ladysmlth.
Freshly made candy .very day at'
the Star Candy Factory next to De-|
Grey's barber shop, *
\v. Johnson lefl on the Greal Northern for Belllngham ihis morning after
u short business stay in the city.
Edgar Lancelot Webber, of ihis
city, is gazetted a notary public m
and for the province of British Columbia.
Ice Cream the purest al the Westminster Creamery. ���
Mrs. .1. DeC. Wetherell was taken I i
the Royal Col bian Hospital yesterday where she will undergo a Burglcal
L, ave your orders tor I,, Cream a
the Creamery. ���
The various commltte, tor the Maj
Daj celebration reporl al a pul,lie
meeting to be held In the l,oar.I ol
trade room, city hall tonight.
The Star Candy Factory nexl to De-
Grey'B barber shop manufactures
homemade candy and chocolate of all
kinds. ��
.1. Davis, who wan recently taken ,,,
the Royal Columbia hospital, has heen!
operated upon tor appendicitis and Is
progressing favorably.
II. C. Car:, r, manag ol tl ��� ,'. I'.,
N. wharf, lefl on the C. P. It., this
.,lie, noon, to spend a tew d_ys visiting his parents al  North Bend.
.1. Rankin left on the Transfer, this
morning for his home al Porl Kells
after spending a tew days in the
Royal City and  Vancouv. i.
The Junior baseball nine of the
Columbian college will leave tor Vancouver tomorrow morning for to play
a return match wilh the Vancouver
college Junior cadets of thai city.
Miss M. Crulckshanks lefl ihis
morning on the .steamer Transfer for
Chilliwack, where she will spend a
few weeks visiting her hrither, Alert
of that place.
Clauson Armstrong, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Armstrong, Fifth avenue,
has returned home from the Royal
Columbia hospital where he was con-
lined with an attack of typhoid fever.
W. H. Ladner's application tor permission to make use of an unnamed
stream <���> section 12. I. Delta municipality, which was to have been considered at ll o'clock this morning, has
heen remanded until May 11.
Mrs. I.ashman. wife of the night
rl.rk in the Guichon Hotel was seixed
with a fainting spell outside the hotel
Ihis morning ahout 10:HO. She was
Immediately carried inside and attended   to,   soon   recovering.
The steamer Transfer left the C. P.
X. wharf on time ihis morning for
Chilliwack and oilier way landings.
Among the cargo taken up was a large
shipment of strawberry crates from
lhe B. C. Box factory for B. Paken-
ham, of Hatzic.
Everett Kelly, a cripple with only
one leg, recently arrived here, and
soon got busy sollcitng alms from the
charitably disposed people of Ihe city.
Ile was soon lvpning quite a harvest,
bul this morning the police look hi,,,,
in charge and he will be presented ,o
the  magistrate  tomorrow  morning.
Josle Smith, a very much made up
young woman, was charged this
morning before stlpendary magistrate
Pittendrigh with being an inmate of
0 bawdy house. She pleaded guilty
an, was fined lhe usual amount of
fla.00 and costs.
Provincial Constable Wilkie is away
io Woodward's Landing ihis afternoon
,,, s.rve Ihc necessary papers In con-
nee, ion wilh the warrant .sworn out
by .lohn    Selberg  against    Georgeus
Besterachea, tor assault, ami fishing
out of Beason. 'I'I,.- case will be lend
before Captain Plttendrl a, s. \i.. ;,,
10:30 a. m. tomorrow. /
,'��� lie- evening of April ',", Ma-
tllda A. Wilcox, of Bristol, England,
was married :., William E. \. Oliver
of this ciiy. The ceremony was performed by Rev. M. L. Rugg, D. D.,
pasl or of the Baptlsl church al his
residence on Fifth avenue. The young
couple will make their home in Vieloria. where the best wishes of their
I'ri.nds and aoquainlaiir s will follow
I.as, evening the 0. X. R. carferry
Sidney   arrived   from   Port   Sidney   in
low of the urn Fearless aftei ., stormy
passage which caused her to be ]. -
lave I for nearly a week. A,none her
cargo was a cargo of copp, r from ,1,.-
Croftbn smelter, a car of horses trom
Vi. ia which was lefl ai Porl Guichon, a  car load of supplies for tin si
and   a   car  of   Portland   0 men,.
Tbe  ('.   P.  R.  st, ana      R    l'l;.
arrive |  in  ihe cltj  e irl ,ri
from  dow n   . Iver  poi ts  ivl :.   ..   .... .��� >
oi   farm   pi...la.-e [	
ami   Tie   following  pa    eng. Mi -.
K, ' ni. Mis. Gtlmore, \\ m. Mj nn. ,i.
Burr, .1. B. Elliott, Mrs. Guichon, .Mr.-.
Mc.Xeily. Mrs. Whltworth, Mrs. Read.
Mrs. Cairn, Mrs. M ininvollch, E.
Tyne, M . 'I a 'or, Mrs. Klrkl md. Mrs.
King, .1. Frew. Mrs, Martin, Mrs. .1. X.
Rich. E. Ellis, E. Brodl >. fr  Ladner:
lv McClu t . C. Cross. Mrs. Quaggan,
C. Richardson, and Mrs. Ellison, from
wlthoul upsetting any of them.
be a severe tesi  for most motoi
i ie in the competition the drlv, i nm
i ������ l backwards, I bus adding , nor-
mously io ihe difficulty of ihe ie.,t.
I' is. perhaps, needless i" say lhal the
dummies as a rule have a bad lime ot
i: un.l thai the course is often el rem n
wiih their fallen bodies.
In India son,.- wonderful exhibitions
of dexterltj ure ��Itnessed, in which a
driver, while travelling at twenty or
thirty miles an hour, will pick up t.-ni
|..gs al the point of his spear or, with
slashes of his sword, will cut off
Turks' heads. Equally surprising is
a feat which i- very popular on :!,.���
C, min. in, in which the motorist, while
travelling a, a high rate of speed
hurls a dart Into the bull's -eye of a
��� line: placed by iho side of the track.
Among other popular features of
these novel sports Is climbing and descending sie.p ||iKhts of stairs, a feat
requiring considerable nerve and grea,
command of tin- machine. It may be
remembered that sometime ago M.
Duray. the fan,,,,,- French record
breaker, drove his twenty-five horse
power Gobron-Brlllle car up the steps
Lading Irom the polo-ground at the
CryBtal Palace, and descended again
wlthoul   mishap.
I ���.
We have studied every detail I
of the Carpet Business
ihat is why we continue to grow   and expand.     Sun- 1 ,
..���lv ,���, knowing whal but how to buy.   Our abilit,    ,l" . Ms
ihat is why wa
n.., "lily on knowing what Hut how to buy.    ,,,,r  ui.ii.tv   _ZZ~
best at lowest prices enables us to give t.i ���,..,-, -.'.....'    ,
Here are a few of them: "''"   chances.
For bedrooms, halls, etc.. we have a fine line ef lute Car,       f
25c per yard, 36 in, wide.    Union and w  carpetf ;,,,,,   _J V��? , ?","
86 in. wide. Jute squares, 8x8, for $8.50 up, i- . ���,.,, , ."r ,'inl-
sels. Milton, Axminster, Square, at all price . We '.\,n "ertainlv "
you money on the goods.   Lace Curtains from $1.35 per yard 8&Ve
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,  Uupont   Block
Wonderful Tests of Skill
For al who love io .-.��������� featn of .skill
and nerve���and who does not?���motorcar sports, which are so popular on the
Continent, and which promises soon to
take rank amongsl th, favorite sporting figures in our own country, offer
exceptional opportunities of pleasure.
A v.ry difficult feat, which none but
tlv.; most experl drivers may hope to
accomplish, is that of balancing a car
on a plat for,,, arranged to swing like
n see-saw on a plvol at iis centre.
The car is driven al a fair speed up
Iho Bide of the platform which slopes
to the ground, and the object of the
driver is to bring It to a fall-stop at
iln poinl al which the car is exactly
balanced on the new horizontal platform. An inch beyond ihis poinl and
the balance la destroyed; the platform
tilts in the opposite direction and the
car, Impelled by gravity slides down
it. One need not he a motorist to see
how wonderful must be the Judgmenl
and control to stop a cur. travelling
at. perhaps, a dozen miles an hour, on
the exacl een,re of ihis delicately-balanced platform.
Another competition which requires
almost equal skill, and which causes
endless amusement to onlookers, is the
following. A couple of parallel planks
are placed across a stream, and over
tins,' narrow (racks the competitors
assaj to drive their cars. As each
plank is only just wide enough to take
the wheels, i, is easy to see lha,.unless, a driver has his car absolutely
straight and strikes the exact centre
of , ach track, he musi inevitably come
I i grief: and in many cases this is his
fate, much to his dlscomforture and to
the enjoyment of spectators,
1,: another competition wooden posis
are placed in a straight line in the
mi,Idle of lhe track, at Intervals equal
io ihe length of uie average motorcar, and the competitor's task Is io
Steer a zigzig course between tb.se
obstacles without touching or upsetting Ihem. In order to accomplish
this difficult feat he musi continually
turn his car within its own length, and
al the sa.me time be careful to clear
each post in turn with his hind wheels.
More difficult even than Ihis is Ihe
following. At Intervals along each side
of the irack dummy figures nre placed,
facing each other and at such a dls-
tnnce apart as to allow barely nn inch
:,,,' the car, If accural.-ly steered, to
pass. To steer be,ween these parallel
rows of dummies, I ravelling forwards,
Ait Old  Courtship I'm.,  Thai  Bill]
l'n-oii,'.  In   Poland.
A quaint old superstition Is lo thlt
day held in P.'land to the effe, i thai
two lighted candles set aii..at on the
river l,y two levrs will by their c ,n
duct foretell if ibe course of true lovi
will run smoolli or otherwise.
The "lovers' candles" are launch, I
at a very pre,l.v water fete lhal take-
place every summer on that part of tin
Vistula which runs through Poland. II
commences at sunset. The river is
thronged with n procession of little;
boats containing masked ladies aud
gentlemen. Each person carries twe
wreaths and two candles, the latter
representing (he person carrying them
and the object of his or her affections
They are lighted, fixed firmly In the-
center of the wreaths and lai,I side hy
side in the water. Should they float
down the river close together It ls a
sign that their lives should lie united.
Should they drift away from each oth
er it ls a sign thnt the lovers will he
parted, nud should they only drift
asunder for a little way aud farther on
come together again lt is a sign that
the loved ones will only be parted for
a time and all come right ln the cud.
There Is much method and order about
the arrangement of this procession
The boats glide along ln rows, so many
abreast, and after the first row have
proved their wreaths they move away
to the sides and the others come for
ward In succession. The river ls well
Illuminated, and a large concourse ol
people assembles to watch tho proceedings. The scone Is a charming one
nnd reminds oue more of fairyland
than of anything else.
...To Please Every Palate...
: : Heinz's : :
Chili Sauce,
Celery   Sauce,
Mandalay   Sauce.
California Home
Sweet Relish,
East India Relish.
Red Hot Relish.
Try a Bottle of Tomato Relish,
Do You Want To
Buy a Neat Home
On Tram Line. Comprising 8 City Lots,
6 Roomed Dwelling, Woodshed and fruit
Apply 5* ��� oOO on easy terms.
T. R. PEARSON.   {
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts af the City.    Telephone 40.   P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
Ordinarily Cheerful, II   II.Id a   strain
uf   l,..',i   Melancholy.
Hopeful and cheerful as he ordinarily
seemed, there was lu Mr. Lincoln's disposition a strain of deep melancholy.
This was not peculiar to hlm alone, for
the pioneers as a race were somber
rather than gay. Their lives had been
passed for generations under the most
trying physical conditions, near miliaria
Infested streams and where they breathed the poison of decaying vegetation.
Insufficient shelter, slorms, the cold ot
winter, savage enemies anil the cruel
labor that hilled off all but the hardiesl
of them had at the same time killed thc
happy-go-lucky gayely of an easier
form of life. They were thoughtful.
watchful, wary: capable, Indeed, ol
wild merriment, lull it has been said
that although a pioneer might laugh hf
could not easily lie made to smile.
Lincoln's mind was unusually sound
nnd saue and normal. He had a cheerful, wholesome, sunny nature, yet he
had inherited the strongest trails of the
pioneers, and there was In him, moreover, much of the poet, with n poet's
. capacity for joy and pain. It ls not
1 strange that ns lie developed Into man-
| hood, especially when his deeper nature
began to feel the stirrings of ami,11 Ion
nnd of love, that these seasons of depression nnd gloom came upon hlm
with overwhelming force.���Helen Nico-
lav In St. Nicholas.
�� I
���       >������
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
>*< '���'
;���; Ornamental trees and shrubs In great variety, evergreen nnd gold- gj
>J en from 2 to G feet.   Roses, paeoules,  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever- Gj
'���! green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.                          a
D. M. Robertson & Sons
;���'   Tynehead  Nurseries.
I Are You Particular 1
^mri W. C. Chamberlin
DIAMONDS     The Jeweler,     -      Columbia St.
About Your Butter
Lost���Mondav evening, ladies' silk
handkerchief, on or near Crescenl
and I)ttII.-rin sire.,. Kinder please
address "I'," lhis ofiice.
Fraternal Order of
We beg to notify our friends and the public generally that we
have engaged Mr. D. McFaddeii, who has been our iceman for the past
two years, to deliver Ice for us again this season. Unless the weather
is very unfavorable you may expect a call from -ini -bout the first
of the month, when any orders you have been pleased to place with
him you may rest assurred will he promptly carried out.
Tne B.C. Packers Association
Phone 156     New Westminster, B.C.
200 acres of Delta Land facing on water.    Will sell in blocks
of ten acres and upwards from
S45.00 AN ACRE.
To secure a portion of this vol, will have   to  move  quickly.
One Third Hush.
McLeod, Mark & Co., "SSS. "tt n
-i/V. Insurance
Tram Office
If you are you should come
to us for it. We have the
very best brands of Butter on
the market and our prices are
low.    Try vs for Butter ... V
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
P. S.- Fruits and Vegetables of all kinds���large assortment at Low Prices.
All   Eagles are  urgently  requested
to be at their hall at 2 o'clock Sunday,
I May 6, 1906, to all end Memorial service.
The   public   Is  cordially  invited  to
participate  in  this  memorial  service.
Worthy Presdenl.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Additional  Want Ads on  Page Seven,
Owners of cows, horses, and other
animals in Ihe city, are hereby notified that, it Is contrary to the provisions of the Pound By-Law to pasture
the said animals on streets or public
squares In the city, and Ihat It Is the
Intention of tho poundkeeper to enforce the By-Law In this respect.
By order
Poutidkecpor. I
Mutual   Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now ln for ee exceeds .ynnuuuOOO
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now eiceeds....�� ,     ���
This is a company of policy-holders, by po.lcy-nolders. for policy
holders. .    .��_.��
OUK Mono:     tee largest amount of Assurance for the Leas.
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone ��S.
I I-
��� ���
��� _S��.
: Sporting News!
and Comment.
Fast  M..I  for  Vancouver.
An   effori ng   n ...!������  to  have
u.s.   the   Australian
[a qow in Vancouver, and ESddle Han-
i   I    ;iicisco,  meet  in
round   contest  in  the  Terminal
month. I., if. Cohn, a   '
promoter has the arrangements
in hand.
Re Lot 9, in,   and '���''' "E
Wi stmlnster   City.
Wh, l of 'he loss cf Certi ]
Leaves for  Cranbrook.
Waldo Matheson,  who  played  wl
tii       Vancouver lacross.
a.  lefl   yesterday for Cran
where he Intends residing.
Lacrosse in   Reveistoke.
A  meeting of th,     lev, ���   Inter-
ii ��� dlate Lacrosse 11 ih  was   held   on
a lay last, when the clu , was ������
o   anized for I he -��� ason with
lowing oil'., ers:
President���D. K.  McKenzle.
Secj .-Treas.��� A.   A      .   .
, aptain    C. Ki
.Manage:���.1. Bell.
tificate    -
objection be i In writing.
,'. P.  KEITH,
Dlstri, IE of Titles
New Westi	
The first practice of the season was   at first Battle ot Bull Run
held  Monday  night,  the  boys  turning  ����
Some of the Quaint run!  .TliTlnal Application- For Parmend Tijnt Have
Bei-n  llnn.led lit   t.i  the Ili';ircM-n, ::-
ti* �����- nl   I ni-li- Bant.
If he     red to do bo the coi er
rf pensl ma al Wash ���
pile a g thi re
��� i-, ustons
that '��� 'i���"    , his , e of I
letters ' ��� the "to . good t   ke, p"
class, and they find their n i    oul into, T      .  _    ,
,!,.--  rid, i here they addi  g3od deal | Landjtegistry Offlc e
i . the hilarity of nations.   S   ne appli-
��� as mai      it  the most
ice regarding the moh-
��-, of ��� 'edui - necessary v hen apply-
. They seem to think
that all they have to do is to send an
ration i ' the pensl :. office and
i :. le Sam wl I forward a check by return mall.
Soon after tlie close of the civil war
there came to the pension office in
Washington the following uni.uie and
poetical api Itcatlon for a pension tliat
went  ��� Is of the newspapers
years ng ,:
Lo < of P, nslons Washington.
I've tried ln vain
an 1   ���    t pent]     to obi iln
i" .und re,     ���'��� .1 In Sixty one
barristers,  soli.','"' -- et, .        01
fiees:   New Westminster, '1 rapp B1K-,
    corner   Clarkson   and   Lorn?
Ocateof   ....... Title Number 1074 a   Vancouver, rooi     j I ;    -'��� *�� (':;"!
rill, ���'���     '''��� K',V' ;���
v.    W      t, W.  <i.  ������'��� '���'    ' ���'"   "'
en filed in j Bourne.'   Mr.  Martin  will   be iu th>
Notice i ! W,  'mn.>   :��� .       -    ������   '" Friday at
, '���  from   ternoon 	
Ion here-	
oi   issu, ��� e said Cer   [lOWAY, REID ft   BOWES. Barrls-
valid   **    ters,   solicitors,   etc..   42   Lorne
UNION LOCGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is heM on the First Wednesday In
each month, at I o', lock p. in., in
the   Masoi .--    iurnlng
bn th . Invited to at-
:.      Dr.  W.  A.  DeWo'f  S
street,   opposite   Court   House,   New
Westminster.   J. 11. Bowes, P. O. Box
F.  &.  A.  M.���Regular  communications ���f this lodge ;,,.' held on the
md Tu, in each month In
Masonic Tempi.', at v p. m. Visiting brethren are cordially invited
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
ters and i
EDMONDS, Barrls-
Blackle Blk.,
Columbia   street.   New   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H- '������ Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia I ,M'1' 1">'"
office, New W- M ',;' "'
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrlste- and
Solicitor, Guichon bio, ... ( mum-
bla and McKenzle me. is. New Westminster, B. C.
r, B. K. of I, meets Becond and
fourth Friday of each m..n, I,, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and .lohn Btreet Sojourning sir Knights cordially in-
ed to attend. W. E. Oui,loi,, W.
P.;    E.   E.  Manillas.   Reg,
���Me, 8 In , li. age hall first and
third Friday ,��� each month at 8 p,
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited t��� attend. B. !���:. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
out in good numbers
are bright for a fasl t,
stoke this season.
in    R, -
Britt and   McGovern.
San    Francisco,  -May  3.���James    E.
Biit!  said today that he had -
who went to 1     front the union to pave
The  pro .! ftght
a roi I i     . !.. It my eight
������ nt by takli r an 1
heroi In 1        ng by
.. of i      bon,
and la ft me ������
burning a blister of
irom the Jaw '        lo the Ear
but thanks to god
���     ��� .-        -   !
ii match for a ten-round conl
for to wrlght        read
,. rrj     M< Go, i . n a      Madison Sq lar ���
Garden on M ,y 26th.    B
X, w York on Monday.
I hope that with that Eye to sec the day
hen I Pay,
Mu '.    lore r,  ��� be letter sent
to the , by an
applic    " , had , I blood
. . the following remarkable ;
I got bl       i      in by belnge hit with a
1: na ��� g v.,:, 1 cam back from the frunt.
I  wen you Bend my
i- Deed  made sos my
wife c  :  t gi I i   : ���   of It   She throde the
eg.  She war a rebbel.
Equallj   appealing  and  remarkable
was another letter sent to the pension
offlce iu which the applicant set forth
his claims to a pension ln this wise:
_ The way  I  pot my War ingery was a
Ueraen     Hall,  by     the     newly-revived   ketchln of a hog.   The Hog war wanted
Twentieth      Century    Athletic    club    by our captain for forage. We waa chasm
n., .       ,      . the  hog   and  _he crawled  threw a  hole
were slow in the first rounds, hut   an I thot I wtro about the size of the hog
You Buy "B. C."     j
or "Old Spoil" Cigars
! You do the wise thing, Its tempting
flavor will sur,': v. in ; ui favor. Manufacture 1 by���
Factory and i iffi   ,,  Brli
Bank of
Incorporated by act ot parliament
CAPITAL (All paid i'.p)...514,uu".""'i
I. 0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 2'-
The regular meetings of ibis loo a
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every .v..ii.ia, evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. S. J. May.
N. C;   W. C. Coalham, Roc-Sec.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Tab!e
V. VV. & Y. RY.
Daily NEW Daily
Leave  WESTMINSTER  Arrh ���
I'lL'.'iam Blaine,   Helling :::"', em
1:35 piuham      Burling |9:35pm
Iton,   Mt,   Ver-I
non.       Ev,
Beattle        and
4:35 pm Spokane,      St 3:00 pm
jl'aul      ind    all
points  East.
B.20 am Anacortes,        18:00 pm
Wonlley,     and'
:: 00 pm Vancouver        9:20 am
'a 35 pm I 35 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, SL Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chi, ago, St.
Louis  and   all   point!   Fas'.
For    complete    Information
rates,   berth   reservation,   etc.,
call  OU Or add: -
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
i   alt of Co,,,,,ice.. Building.
New Westminster, B, C
S. G. YERKES, A. G, P, A ���
Corner Second Aveoue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway C
British  Col n , '
Service. "e
(Subject tocha,
Leaves  Porl
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and .Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,. ..Hon  Pr,
Hon. sir G. a. Urumm in :. fr,
E.  S.  clous,on.   Vice  President  aud
General Mana
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
��� Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend
Lodge room, \. 6. 1". W. hull. Odd
fellows' i.b.ik. Clarkson street, C
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
Marvin   Hart   Mixes.
New    York,  May  ::.���For    the firs
ttone  since  the  repeal  of  the   H
law   governing   boxing   bouts   in   this
stat, .  two    heavyweight
prominence met her.- tonight in a four-
round   contest.    The   principals
Marvin  Hart of Louisville  and Mike
Schrech of Chicago, and they
.,1   in  the  bout  which   wound  up the
first  series of exhibitions in  .Madison
��� 1
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated "Waters,
Canadian |
Railway Company
Wh, ��� popular up
; i
di   ; . ���.        -i     or
    ��� ,ai     dniing  H   :.:gh:.   We
;   trans-      jn""jrL" 0f p. Hall, Columbia St.. at   Lake you over the continent on through
Leaves Victoria ii p.m
\;. I..- Seatl le
Leave Beatt le
Arrive P, rl
Arrive  Vi, ���
S. B, Prim
Leave Vanco
Leave VI, toi
ft li   lr..
Loaves Victor! ,,,���,
and  I'll.la "" ' '     I
Leaves New W,  t, i   ter 7, .
Wednesday,  and ' ' a- a.
Calling  al   Ma   :
S.S. .loan Pr, [n!U_
cept Baturday ai
Baturdaj  - n
Leaves      Vai
Saturday and .' 11
Batui laj  2.30 ,   ,
S. S. Queen City.
Leave Victoria 11  ,          ....
and 30t_ of each -                      *
and waj  poll *"
Leave   Vlctoi   I '           I
for Qual   ll '   ��
Leave VI
at 7 a
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Branches in ail the principal cities
in Canada, in Loud, ���. Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John, Mid.,
and correspond, ats ln ail l arts of tht-
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner,  Manager.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
':   -  ': ree mpots Sec, ,
Fourth Wednesday of each  month
8 p. m., Whit ��� Ro e D. ��� ��� i   Fourth
Wednesday   In   e ich month,
time and  place.    Vli ll    ; B   Ihren
cordially    Invited.      E.   B.   Stinch-
combe, Pres., H. Disney, Secretary.
fought each other to a standstill in
the last three rounds. Neither Beem-
, ed to have trained for the conns',
und ihey simply slugged wildly without any show of science or judgment
Tim Hurst was referee, but his duties
were confined to making the men
break from clinches, as no decisons
ar.   rendered under the existing legal
and iri. -I to crawl threw, but I stuck im
ln tryln to wiggle out I thro.le the rales
off an on.- lt hit rae on my hetl and nocked
me senseless. I do not think the hog had
nothln to <!o with my Urie of duty, for I
did not ketch the hog. VVich she never
was cam, so pleze send along my pension.
One  aged  pensioner  hnd   evidently
made  a   serious   blunder   by   taking
unto himself a wife ln his old age, for   WOTK,
love of gain seems to have been the
motive of the woman who married him
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, IS, C.
nnru Royal Bank
of Canada
  Ship and [Scov
regulations.   Only club members were if the following letter stated the facts   a Specialty.
admitted.   The local fighters In one of In the case:
the preliminary  bouts were quietly ar-      Dear Mister Government, Pleze to fix up
rest,.,! after 1 cm vine ,he Hns   in ord, r :ny T'nshun papers so aa my wife cant
' draw  my   twelve dolors a munt when  I
that  a lest case may be madi
wa_ no police interference.
There   nn, ded.   she say she marryed me for lov
an to be a olo mans Darling but now I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no lt was for to git my penshun on her-
self by  being my  widower  so pleze  let
Opposed  to   Postponement. m>' Penshun end with me but pk-ze doant
let on to her that you got this from me
Honolulu,   May    .',.���The    Hawaiian   or 1 would have a hot time of it and times
is holter now than I can stand.   So when
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H      Total  Assets $3b,3/i,o.'b.
Branches    and    correspondents    lu
All   kinds   Of   Ship    repair   all the  principal  cities or tne world.
General   banking  business transacted.
il opens an account.    Interest added
lalf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom B  to 9
F.  B.  Lyle,  Manager.
��� Meels the Fourth Fri.lav in the
montli al 8 o'clock, ln tie small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invito,! to attend. .1. II. Rushton, C. It.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. 0. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
nt S p. in. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
, Visiiing Brethren are cordlaly invited to a,tend. It C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
lir.s,-.'. . r    and    magnificent
tourist   cars,   Transcontinental   train
leaves daily al  3: I" p. m.
For  further  particulars  apply  to
('. P, 11. Agent,
New Westminster,
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Estimates   promptly furnished.
at 8 o'clock p. m.. in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street Visiting
Brethren ar" cordially Invited to attend.    .1. S.  Bryson, S. ('.;  .1. McD,
Campbell, Sec.
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
lng Quatslnl _
LOWER I'll VSER !.  .
Steamer Transfer.
Le ive     N, . - ew_
Additional  ti ip  le,
mi,) ter  -   -. 1
day,  w 1 ,ln,
urday 7 a. m,    Fri
ditional trip B
Steamer _eavc.
Leave   .V W    V,       -
Moiid., ���   .   Vi ednesd
l.e IV.'   ChllllV       . :.
Thursdays and  S 1   ..- ii
landing   between   N,��   ft',
and Chilliwack.
S.   S.  Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al 2 p, in, led
and   I,;,!,  of  ea, ii  ,���   nth .��� 1:
Skid' '  '   Bi
la on second trip,
Times  on   arrivals  and -���
are api roximate,
For   Th kets,  r, -1 It
formation call on or ad
.1. W. TR '��� P
General Superint, nd,
E, .1  C0YEE,
Asst. Gen. Pass   \
w. h. cjah
Gen. Agent, Fre! al Dept.,
Xe'.V    ft',
ED. 00UL
Agent, New Westminster,
i'achl Ciub is apposed to a postpone
I of the yacht race from San Iran-
Cisco  to  Hawaii  on   the  grounds  thai ^s shut 1". w^ic^'' ���'?. !'"nr ,J"M
desserts for marryln for money an In
word that 1 am no moar then send
h, r lhis if you want to but not until the
the yachts Anemone    and    Taj
have alr.ady tai:. n the long
Honolulu to San Francisco to prepare
; i:   the race.
'I.;.- yacht club has receive 1 ..
trom Mr. Sinclair, owner of the
yacht   Lurline,   indicating   a   .1    .
race,  and   the  yacht cluh believes the
most of the yachts that have en
will participate in the contest.
:...ry spa-rut.
, me day there came to the pension
Ice a very old and subdued looking
man who could Bcarcely totter along
with the help of two canes. By his side
was a very robust and perfectly self
reliant young woman of perhaps thirty
years of age. When some one weut
forward to ask what was wanted the
joung woman said:
"Well, I'll just tell you. This is my
husband, and we ain't getting enough
pension���that's what we ain't We're
getting only $10 a month, and we know
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admirable background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
. . . . at . .- . .
Wall   Paper   Store
B. C. Monumental Works
J0.MES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer  ar.d manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New   Westminster,   B.  C.
CAMP, 191.���Meels on the Firs, and
Third Tuesday of every month In
K. of P. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief;  ,J. J, Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Trains & Steamers
('. P. I!. MAIN LINE.
^^^^^^^^^ Leave   N< w   We
M'lvY.     It   is   lighted   with   Arrive New   ��� ter 11.35 dal
tt    ty        I  gas;   the   most ''��� ''��� '<��� MISSION Bl
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   Westminster Board of Trade meets In the  i,r-,r�� alll] 5moking cars
Board Room. City Hall, as follows:
Second   Wednesday  of  each  month,
Quant.ly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
eleeied al anv monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
Embodies the newest    and b, -t ideas
and  LUXURY.
brilliantly" illuminated" U_in"ln"the ''v- ^"w West.. 8.30; ar. Seattle 1U
w.rld.   'Th,-  equipment   consists  ot l'v' ������������ \..'
private   compartment   .ar-,   standard , v, Xeu   ,
,6 section  Bleepers,  luxurious  dining Ar .New West. 9.35 and
car. reclining  chair cars   (seats  tree), ,'. p, u. MILLSII
modern   day  coaches   and   butTct,  li- Lv. New W,   tminster 6.30
For Time Tables,   Folders, nr any
further information call on  or write
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.i        . S    Help*
I.v, N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. S   I
l.v. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar, N. W.3pA
Lv. Seal He 4..'" p.m.;  -
V.,  W. & Y���VANCOUVER.
Sixth "Street.
F. CRAKE,   i
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of  the
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor
Cadets Expelled for Mutiny.
Roswell, N. M., -May 3.���Nine cadets (l man that wasn't In the war half ai
were expelled  from  the  New  Mexico long as my husband was and didn't ge'
Military  Academy  here  yesterday  as �� >-iir't in him and lie gits his $12 t
the result of a mutiny In which forty month, and we want our pension raised
,     , ... to that flgger or more."
ca, ���  - were Involved, and ,��� winch vl-     ,, ,,     , ���,,     .     ,     ,,
1 Ine applicant was willing to give the
.-.:. , against the faculty was threat- moBt palpable proof of the genuineness
er.ei tor a time. The academ; Is ., of his Injuries, for he wrote as follows:
territorial Institution and rigid military it you don't think 1 was shott in the
discipline  is  enforced,  a   governmenl   war I am wUling to come on there and
you or nev one else can lav th'-lr flng.-r
ictor being detailed tor the acid-   on the bullet Imbedded In my back which
t��iiV, pines me when I stoop or lay on lt and
' ' whi h  lt   has  brought on  prrinnont  dls-
Th    nan of tbe two lower classes  abllllry so  1 can't worli like 1 used to
ha,',    been    forbidden    to    leave    the   could I guess if you would speak to Pres-
Idenl   Maykinl   .- and  tell him  about  thi
gio,uids and   repeatedly   disobeyed   the   bullet he would -  ������  to Bend on the pen-
order, Forty boys involved were plac ''"'��� :',] :' medikei doctor would say business in England with 10 years ex-
"I under severe penalties for disobe- Z^m'iu' ! ' ' JeVw. nngei-". �� l"'n"'"'"' Later was 7 years manager
dienci    being ordered  to walk twentj   the bullet wich I am proud of as scars of  of the watch   repairing  department of 1
War where I fit a^d bled for my country   Savage    | vmiin    &    Co       Montreal,  SynODsi.    of    Canadian " Hnrrw
wlci, 11 i.i Annriia and I nlon lurc-ver. ,,,.,,,. ,  ^yiupsia    oi     _anaaian  , nome-
HenryBirk    busin,     manager part of ] stead Regulations
the time.
Columbia  Street.
Full line of English. Scotcn and Irish
1 w.e.is and  worsteds always ln stock
Spring  stock   now  In.
Make your
I Northern Pacific i
*  1
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time.
i - ,1 il .  lours and "1 apologize >,, the
ta, ul:;..   The entire forty r< volted an 1
it, m ,1 violence,   It was neces, ..
; . place all of th< m under arrest
1. iter in the day thirty-on,   a
to accept the p, nalty.   The 0 her nine
were ��� xpelled.   All ,,f the cad, I
e ptlon are from New M, 1
Seize Lottery Tickets.
-   .     Vm k,   May    ::.--  Seer, t   Be
ij  seized   more   than
 n ol lottery tickets and $2,600
New York Tribune
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
" Steamshir Tickets ,.��� sale to all European points.
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Lv. N. W. 3 p.m, and
 Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and I P-H
,;. x. K.    PORT GUICHON.
I.v.   N.   W.   9.20  a.m.;   ar.   !      ���
2.20 p.m .
l.v. Guichon  2.40 p.m.; ���������'��� N. �����
9.35 p.111.
Mondays only.
Lv. .New Wesl. 6.50 a.m - ' '
and hourlv umil 11 p.m., with m
hourly between 1?30 and 6.30 p*
Saturday half-hourlj aoon lo L p*
Sunday hourlv 8 a.m. to H_P*.
with half-hourly bet noon and , p-��
Lv.  Vanciner .-,.'t     -     '-    =*
Fraser River and Gulf
Heaver��� _ ,. ...
From N. W. Mon, Wed. Frio.'��
From Chwk. Tu��� Th., Sat, 1 a*
Ramona��� , ,���
Fr,,,,, X. W. Tu., Th, Sat 11��
Weil, Fri., , a'*
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
Excellent Service. , Also lo BUFFALO,  NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,  via;Niagara  Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B From Chwk. Sui
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket  Favorite
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, III.
.Not 11 Fair Division.
"If   11   hoi iiit.iiii.   six   bureau:
eleven  arm .ires, seven chiffoniers und   IT^'inT"" ,���   ���,���,,:,,,, .,,
, ',, , made like new and adjusted
lifty-thn-e ini-crilancnus drawers, how HH
many of 'em is the husband entitled to
nud how many Is the wife?" asked the
young clubman.
The se.-,rn.I clubman laughed harshly.
"You an- young and have much to
learn," he said. "You may as well un-
.lers,a,10 lirst as last that If there were
in your house a mile of bureaus, three
Any available Dominion Lands with
English,    Swiss,   American   arid   all   in the Railway  Belt  In  British Coliim-
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,  bia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round    Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
"The Milwaukee"
2 p-k
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery,,
Nurseries, Greenhouses
worth of engraved priming plates In a   acres of armolres and 17,000 drawers
in   this   city.    The   confix
1 ate I ild by the official
to  be the property  of the  Hondura
or any mule over IS years of age, to For full informtion call on or write
the ex,en,   of one-quarter section of C. E. LANG, General Agent,
1C0 acres, more or loss. 41111 Hastings St., Vancouver, li. C.
Entry   must   be   made   personally  at A. D. CHARLTON,
the local land offlce for the district in Portland, Ore.
which the land Is situate. |	
The homesteader is required to per-
From N. W. dally, ex, Sun,!
From Mt, Lehman, ' '""���
Transfer��� _
From N. W. dally, ex. Bun
Add. trip, Monday, 5 tun. (
From Sleveslon. . a.m. H'1"
Add. trip Saturday, SP.11.
City ,'r Nanaimo -
1 ���'���    1  "-'. W. Sunday I �����_<�����
From Victoria Saturday 1 �����"���
Mail Servic
and Seed Houses  form the conditions connected ther
Loiter. Company, of Puerto Cortze,
common] ��� ������ 11, A th, Louisiana Lottery. Th, aid th, r, woul 1
be an.- ���   In connection with th,
of tickets alleged to an ounl to $1, I,-
000 a month In the Cnlted suites.
things your shirts, underclothes and sc
on- In a newspaper and keep ihem un
der the bod."   New York Press,
A   *urt-   Blffll,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        The  honeymoon  may   \i'ry properly
Tl,. in", ry effects w, re traced here be said to be over when the wife Bug-
from   Wilmington,  Del., wher crei  t-'i'sls '" ber husband that he'd heller
service officers yesterday  raided   the have his trousers pressed by a tallor.-
Ilthograpblng plant of John M. Rog,
,. pently    a  candidal"  (or    mayor  of
thai   city.   In  j e iterdaj'    raid  there
vm'    secured   two   ions  of    partly
all these would slill be stuffed full of,
veils,   niching,   hatpins,   ribbons,   silk
stockings, petticoats, powder putts and     Headquarters   tor   PACIFIC   Coast
safety pins, and tbe best course tor you GROWN   Garden,   Fleld   and   Flower
to pursue would be to wrap your own   S is.    New cop now in slock ready
for distribution! ask your merchant
for then tt, eealed ]i,tk<'is.    If lhe
does nol handle Ihem wo will prepay
to your nearest postoffice, fifty r.c
pack,Ms, our selection of good varieties, for $1.1,0 to introduce them.
Large slock of HOME CROWN
Fruit, and Ornanu ntai Trees now matured for the Bpring trade.
No expense,  loss or delay of  fund-
I,droit Free Pr, ss.
In   M.-K,..-.. ,���<>.'���. Time.
Kind Old Lady-What nils the linby? |gation  or  Inspection
printed tickets, and the plates from
which nny had be, n struck off and
which could nol be found In Wilmington were traced to New York. The:"
I,:,,:   I.e.-,,   a   harried   shipment   of this
material to New fork, the secret ser
v.ce men charge,
ll.- looks healthy, I'm sure. The Nurse
-Oh. he is, the little dear! But he's
peevish i.day on account of cutting his
,vlil:-'l;e.'s.    Puck.
A small tenspoonful Of powdered gum
arable, with lhe same amount of glyc-
trln, stirred Into a tnmblerful of cold
water and drunk slowly, will often
j'orl,* wonders in nnpnotxlvtr tbii***.
Let me price your list before placing your order.    Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Vj'ork, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
.M. ,1, IIF.XRY,
soil) Westminster Itond,
with under one of the following plans.
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if thc
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the r
ments as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
(3) If thc settler hat his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
hy him in thc vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may bc satisfied by residence upon
thc said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner nf Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not he paid
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to R0S8-
'''"|." , laud, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway lor Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage (''lily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and   Nelson,
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in Ihc service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee   &  St.   Paul   Railway.     They
A. G. P. A.   own and operate their own  sleeping   .   - 1,1,111111,
and dining cars on alll their trains and   Bap'n & Millsah���.- ' -      ���   ���
  ,,    ��� .. .   Vancouver 1 ll.nu I'.'"'
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of   ,,      , V , V hi-Ine
service not obtainable elsewhere. SaatrJe etc     ..'s.45a.ni<
Berths on their sleepers arc longer,   v       ��   cent. Par*
1.15 p.iu.
Seattle, via Sumas lo.j" -
6.15 pJ
higher and wider than in similar cars victoria	
on    any    oilier    line.       They    protect j)a8l  Hurnaby. .   .
their trains by the Block System. Steveston,  etc...
Connection   made   with   all   trans- Kast,  via  C.P.R.'
continental lines in Union Depots. Sap., Mill, Coq'm.
H. S. ROW.E. General Agent. Van. & Burnaby.
134 Third St., cor Alder. Portland, Or. 	
3.30 p.*
10 30 a.m. ">'���"
W'M     ni.00B-��-
1.15 P*
,11. i:-l'��"
11.1)0 p.*
3.30 p.m.
g.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Sunday,    November
Vancouver,   B.  C.' for.
Day Train   1	
...  Spokane   7.15 p.m.
...Rossland  ....4.10 p.m,
 Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
The White Pass
and Yukon Jj"
FAIRBANKS., Daily   ��       ff
Sunday)   carrying  .;������>   ^ ^
^^____ ��� express    and    freight   W^ Ml
Arrive  Seven   hundred  miles   of   magnificent  stages at Carcross anu serV,��
river   trip.    Empress   of   Britain   sails   ���,���;���,:1;nin.ir a throng" ,tt ,���
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mali Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
from Montreal for Liverpool May lllth,
For other dates nnd rales apply to
<J. V. K. Agent.
New  WoHtmlnstor.
maintaining a
For information ��PP
J. H. ROGERS, 'r'
J Mackinnon BWfe c
liver, "
"'Jffic M��"��'
Vancoitv MA\
with  as  promptly as
Cf^--   ���..OT''>s^^*WE
In districts where the existence of
ere I and
Vet, rlnary  Director General.
Department ol  Agriculture,
Ottawa,  March. 1906.
Is suspected and especially
neighborhoods    where actual   out-
hh..  following  precautions  by  owners
L,   dorses and  others  interested  will
Lj i much to prevent  the spread of
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in .Man,tuba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
and lh.- establishment of fresh!
: of Infection,
We, the
��� r:i-.< trom 2 :o T |,
Territory, arc open to prospecting for   urday afternoon during I
May, .lane, July and Au|
ing  May   12,   1906,
T. .1. TRAPP .* CO. LTD I
11. T. KIRK.
���i. close
very Sat-
may decide, the
not exceed three
Should the pros-
,   '
. terior.
Dept. Interior.
of the Minister of thc  In-
petroleum, and  the  minister may  reserve   for  an   individual   or  company
having  machinery  on  the  land to be
" adoption of  Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal  prospected, an area of  ig_o acres for
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in  such   period   as   he
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length "f which sha!
and the Yukon Territory. times the breadth.
COAL���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-   pector  discover  oil   ,n   paying  rpian-
chased  at  $io  per acre  for soft coal   tities, and satisfactorily establish such
and   $_>o   for   anthracite.      Not   more   discovery, an area not  exceeding 640
d; than 320 acres can be acquired by one   acres,  including the  oil  well, will  be
, individual  or   company.      Royalty   at   sold to the prospector at the rate of
' the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000 $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
j pounds shall be collected on the gross  tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
output. will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen  subject to royalty at such rate as may
j years and over and joint stock com-  bc specified by Order in Council,
panics holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A frce miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
live, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
a. .   ..ling to  capital.
A frce miner, having discovered
mineral  in  place, may l",';,tc  a claim
[SOOXISOO   feet   1'V   marking   out   the
interior should be well gone over with , ,     , ,
,   ,,, ... Time   with   two   legal   posts,   bearing
 '��� "r boI1,n8 water' ;",,l,"�� "' location notices, one at each  end of
the latter al hast, one quart of crude ���](. ]ln,. nf tlu. ,.���,<._ or vein
, irbolic acid to each five gallons after -| |](. (.|:nm shai| i)C reCorded within
which the entire surface should be fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
thtcklj coaled with a hot solution of of a mining recorder's office, one ad-
f",-sh lime wash, to whieh crude car- ditional day allowed for every ad-
��� id has b.-en added in lhe above ditional ten miles or fraction. The
nt)onea   proportlon. fee for recording a claim is $_.
At least ��100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
he months of
ir G. 11.
discharge   or other suplclous    symp-
ItomB should not ho admitted to livery
[eed   stables  or  yards,   blacksmith
ips,   church or school    sheds, railway  slock  yards,  private  stables  or
ather   places   where   they   are   likely
,iiie Into direct or indirect    contact
,.:,l, animals of the equine species.
2, All stables, yards, or sheds
ised for the accommodation of horses
.j- mules should be regularly and fre-
uently cleansed and disinfected in
I        lanner prescribed below,
.   After   cleansing    the    premises
.   lily, and bur,,i���g all debris, the
Per J. A, Cunningham, Mgr.
Free Pasture.
Free pasture for 100 head of cattle
and BO horses.
Plenty of grass and water and well
Apply S. B. BUCHANAN, City.
Outbuildings, fence., and tying posts
rlth    which    Infected    animals    have
Iln in conlacl. should also, when pos-
I. ble, be thoroughly treated in a siml-
llar manner.
VII ordinary    harness   and   stables
tenslls, which hav.- been  In  contact
with infected animals or infected pre-
|:  Ises, should bo thoroughly soaked In
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase thc land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may bc granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
ie's Seeds
Price and Less
Conditions   on   Which   Payment   Will
Be Made at Close of Season.
1 >'   ;-.. ,.  M irch   15,   1906,
I       . menl ol  Vgi Icult m e, Dairy Commissioner's  Branch,  Ottawa,  March
1.,.    To Cr, t .. 1,, ,
I am directed by the Honorable
Minister of Agriculture to state that
Parliament will be asked to extend
the bonus of $l,,u on cold storage al
creameries to the year, 1906.
Condi, ions of Payment. ��� Pay-
men,   for   the   lull   amounl   of   the
i ecus   ��ill   be   made   al   the   close   of
the   buttermaking   seas,,,,,   upon   tul- "cylinder' system
BU nt   of  the   following conditions, application.
ll) An eflicieni cold storage musi
be bull! according to plans und specification suppli.-d. or approved, by the
Dairy Commissioner, Ottawa,
(21 A sufficiently low temperature
musi be maintained In the cold stor-
ago to protect the butter against injury for a reasonable length of time.
Creamer, owners desiring to take
advantage of ibis bonus will  be re
(11    To   make application    before
solution of crude carbolic acid copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 1C0 acres.
Thc   patent   for   a   mining
shall  provide   for  the  payment  of  a
|, : a Btrength of one part to twenty.
Materials which  might    be injured
the above treatment such as valu-  Koy;ilty 0r s 5 per cent. of the sales
ile harness, robes, cushions, etc.,L, the products of thc location.
Kvhlch have b.-en In contact, with in- PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
[f ction should he placed ln an air the N. W. T\, excepting the Yukon
Itlghl room and fumigated wilh For- Territory: Placer mining claims gen-
Imaldehyde after which they should be erally are 100 feet square, entry fee
|t: oro Thly  cleaned.
I. In stables when, outbreaks have
I. red or where diseased animals
ll Inadvertently or otherwise, been
���tabled, even temporarily, the cleans-
|i   ���  and  disinfection  should  be  espe- to the base of the hill nr bank, not
���tally thorough and In such cases it is exceeding   iooo  feet.     Where   steam
Is ���   ��� to remove and burn feed boxes power  is  used claims  200 fect  wide
fend mangers when    of wood;    Iron, mav bf .obtained.
,. , , '       .        ;       , Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
;��� can  be rendered harmless l,v        ,    , ",,,,,   -r- ,-   ��� ,u��� v���
,      .       and Hie N. W. T.. excepting the \u-
;       ng  ihem  through  lire or by lm-  kon T(rrritory-A free miner may ob-
li:i.    lng them for some time in boil-  tajn oniy two leases of five miles each
pater.   All   litter  from  suspected for  a  term  nf  twenty years,  renewable in lhe discretion of the Minister
of  the  interior.
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being too
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. Thc latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
animals should he burned or carefully f.nced until used.
5. Farmers and others should,
fehenever possible, avoid admitting
���trange horses or mules to the prem-
|i 1 i  occupied   by  their  own  animals
^specially of the same species. It. is a placer"m
good    plan    to    reserve   an    Isolated      Placer  mining  in  thc  Yukon  Ter-
llmiMing for outside horses or mules ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent  year.     Royalty  same   as
Flve-cenl Packages of any of the
following    Seeds    f,)I'      2I/_C
\ j   ragus, large    white,   ounce
20c, for  10c
ll.ans,  Rush,  yellow pod, green
nod or Lima, lb 35c for...18c
Beets, early round or long, blood
ounce 20c, for   10c
Cabbage first early, second .-arly
or main crop, ounce 30c, for 15c
Cauliflower,     standard,     ounce
11.60, for   75c
Carrots, large while, for siock,
% lh. 25c, for  15c
C, levy,  early     fall    or    winter,
ounce GOc, for    30c
Citron, preserving,   ounce   20c,
for  10c,
Corn, table, exlra early, medium
early or late, lb. 35c, for..18c
Corn, for pop].ing, lb. 30c, for15c
Cress (Peppergrass), ounce 20c,
for  10c
Cucumber,   pickling   or slicing,
ounce  2..C,  for    15c
Kale, curled, ounce 2,jc, for..15c
Lettuce,  Butterhead,  crlsphead,
cos    (upright),      ounce    25c
for  15c
L.-ek, largest, ounce 2.".c, for 15c
Mangel, largo red or yellow, lb.
35c  for 20c
Musk  Mellon,  green or salmon
flesh, ounce 30c,  for 15c
Onions,  early  red, large
or  while,  or  pickling,
30c, for	
pul where this Is Impossible they may  claims   shal
exceed   250   feet   in
ll," accommodated in cow stables, cat-
It'-- nol   being  subject to glanders In-
ectlon. Such horses and mules should
- watered  from  special  palls, which.
I    ether with all other stable utensils
used on or about    them,    should    be
���carefully cleansed and disinfected be-
[' big  us.-d    fnr  other    animals.
IS' lis occupied by strange horses   or
I Bhould   be  well   cleansed    and
|>i: Infected ami. if al all possible, lefl
ji-' iccui led  for some time.
6.   Where new horses or mules are
- I in or from districts where
exists,   they   should,    unless
fully tested with Malleln prior to
purchase, be stabled apart and closely
"lied   for   so,"o   time   before   being   Put
J'  ��� Ighl  in contact with other animals
I nine 1 pecle3.
!     lull ll   be   I ..T.e   ill   mind   that
v dl charge,   or ulceration,
I'' lands, the presence of farcy
- mntable  swelling
nd :������ neral unthrlftlnes
: ������   ca 16 -   of   glanders,     the
I - exists In   many  animals  without, for the time being, any external
itlons   whatever,     the   only
. I detection in such cases be-
II ie Malleln i- it, and thai
length, mcp- ired on  the base line or
1   dire  lion   of   the     creek     or
gulchi'he width being from 1000 to
jni.ii * ��� All other placer claims
shall ' ������ 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one al each end, bearing notices. Entry musi be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must bold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two. 1500 feet altogether, on the out-
on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
value  of  thc  gold  shipped  from  the
jeel  to the rights of all persons who
of the have, or who may receive entries for
often  bar diggings or bench claims, excepl
Onion Sets, quart 35c, for.
Parsley,    curled,       ounce
Parsnips,  table,  ounce  15<
Pepper, scarlet, V4 ounce
Peas, early dwarf, second
or late marrowfat, 11,
Pumpkin, pie, ounce 20c, for 10c
Radish, early round, long or
winter, ounce 20c, fur  10c
Rhubarb, pie, ounce I'.r.c. for 20c
Salsify, oyster plain, ounce 25c.
for   15c
Squash, early marrow or winter,
ounce  20c,   for 10c
Spinach, tor greens, ounce 15c,
for    10c
Sugar Reel, large rose, for cat-
lie, lb. 35c,  for    20c
Tobacco, large leaf, ounce 50c,
for   30c
Tomato, .-xira early, large medium early, or small preserving,
ounce 35c,  for    20c
Turnips, while table, yellow or
table swede, ounce 15c for 10c
Turnip, large field Swede or
early feeding, lh 35c, for  ,25c
Watermelon, early large, ounce
20c, for    10c
Sage, broad leaf, ounce 25c, for
Summer Savory, ounce 25c,
for 15c
For    Lawns,    with    or   wilhout
Dutch Clover, lb, 35c, for..25c
Tall  Climbing, or Dwarf, ounce
20c,  for    10c
Five-Cent   Packages  of  any  of
the following varieties for 2t/2C
Alyssum, Sweet Larkspur
Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)
Asters, mixed  Lobelia, trailing
Asters, crimson    Marigold
Asters, white      Pansy
Salsnm Petunia
Balloon   Vine   (Cardiospcrmum)
Bachelor's Button  (Centurea)
Calliposis      Poppy
California Poppy (Eschscholzla)
Canterbury Bells (Campanula)
Candytuft      Portulara
Castor Oil  Bean  (Ririnus)
Canary Creeper Stocks, ten
Carnation      Swe.-' William
Coxcomb   (Celosial
Climbers, mixed Salvia
Chryanthemum  Scarlet  Runner
Cypress Vine  (Ipomoea)
Dlanthus Pinks (Slnglel
Dlanthus Pinks (double)
Evening  Primrose   (Oenothera)
Everlastings Verbena
Four o'clock  (Marvel of Peru)
Forget-Me-Not   (Myosotis)
Galllardla Zinnia
Godetla Wild Garden
Gourds Heliotrope
Heiianthus (Sunflower)
Ice Plant
Musk Plant   I Mimulus)
Morning Glory  , Convolvulus)
Phlox. Drummondl
Sensitive Plant (Mimosa)
Scablosa  (Mourning Bride)
Tassel   Flower   ,,'acalia,
100 sons mixed, ounce
on thc Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The   ll --..���   shall   have   a   dredge  in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease tor each five miles
these bui  where a  person or company has
ibtained   more   than   one  lease   one
fifteen miles or frac-
with order,
Name   ....
SORTS   WANTED, cut out this advertisement, send cash
and you will receive the   Seeds   promptly   free   by   Parcel
P. 0.
���""���'il, or lal 'ni cases are in   some re-
I mosl    dangerous   becauseIdredge for each fifteen miles or
ected.    our experience   shows tion thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $10
It,..., 1,  , ,, ,     , ,      , ._.     per  annum   for    each    mile     ul   rwer
l''i-'t u  Is possible for animals of this ,       ,,       ,, ,,      ..���,.���  ���t ,,������
cased.      Royalty  at   the   rale   01   two
and a half per '''-nt. collected on the
output  after  it  exceeds $in.ooo.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of live miles each may be
granted lo a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars ill the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1 in  operation   within  two  years   from
the date of the lease, and one dredge1
I1' ��� i" convey Infection to others
lv"' :"ii, themselves developing acute
jpymptoma, 11  is therefore plain that
ll-'i'.al   can,,',,,,   should   bo  exercised   ln
lliie purchase or  handling of strange
lJ)l: es or mules especially In   those
Klstrlcts    where    the     disease    has
I1" nne ,- itahllshed.
�����   The  carcases  of  animal-,  dying
|J'"iu 01,slaughtered  ns being axeotedl istday of August in the year of the
|*'lth glanders should, when  possible, date of thc lease.
I1'0 burned   or,   falling  Ihis.  buried  at:     The   lessee   shall  have   one   dredge
'lJ  ���      i1. reel beneath Ihe surface.
:'    Owners  of  premises  where  out-  f( p ,   ,,.,.   ���, ,,     ���,,,.,���    ,x   v���������
"���'l.s  have  been  dealt  with  Bhbuld from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
Pcar  In  mind   that  Inspectors  cannot   Yukon   Territory   to  bc   paid   to   thc
���recommend release    from quarantine comptroller,
���unless disinfection  has been carried     No free miner shall receive a grant
lout In a satisfactory manner and that of more than one mining claim on
-Compensation for animal, slaughtered' each   separate   river,  creek   or   gulch,
pnnot he paid until a certificate   of,1'"' ,""   8?m�� ."""7   *"*��?!*   "���?
ileanslmr .,n,i     !,,..���        vi number   of   claims   by   purchase,   and
C  W ��,     v ',  , ,  f  ,    ,    ^ee   miners   may   work   their   claims
J '^e,l  by  the   Minister  of  AgrlOUl- .���   partnership   by   filing   notice   and
paying  fee  01  $2.     A  claim  may  be
!0.   Horse  owners  should have  noj abandoned   and   another  obtained   on
jboaltation In reporting to this Depart-1 the   same  creek,  gulch   or   river,   by
P��l Or to lis Inspectors the existence! Bivi"ff "otirc al,ul  "'j1*'"* a  fce' .  .
Iof net,,.,! ,,_ ������        .   , .   ,     .       Work   must   he   done   on   a   claim
��     '"iuai or suspected cases of gland-        , ,    ,,        ,       r   , , ._, ��,������
lers   Tho ,,,��� , ,.       each year to thc value of at least $200.
I He disease has been spreading      A  Jertificate  that  work   has   been
j 'I'l'lly of late years and It Is a mat-Loti t|,e cl���jm ,hall bc deemed to be
1>r ��f public Interest. Ihat every fresh abandoned, anad open to occupation
Jfentre of Infection should be dlscov-|aiid entry by a free miner.
66 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
��� ���  ,. Ill 1 lined bj  this re-
pert  and   i'-
lns;, ctoi
Agriculture, Ottawa, n
1 to    xamlne the const! uctlon of the
cold   stprag ���   an I     1   make   teBts  ol
:��� inperature  al   any  1 inn, during
:       -   working hours.
The   temperature  of  the   butter  tn
any   packing   which   lias   l ���   three
.lays in the cold storage will be taken
a-   representing   ihe   average   temper.
ature of I he e"i.i . torage,
Revised    plans    and    specifications
for    creamery  cold   storage,    on   the
"air   circulation"    Bystem    and    1 h.-
will be furnished on
. the ,     ,.    ,
Some experiments in Insulation were
conducted by the Cold Storage Division last summer, and as a resull of
the information thus obtained we are
aid. to recommend a rather cheaper
fori i of construction than has hither-
! ' b, en considered advisable. The
plans   have   been   revised   accordingly.'
Tbe Inspector of Creamery Cold
Storage will visil on request, as fail's possible, all creameries applying
for the bonus, for the purpose of giving   assistance  in   the   planning  und
July 1st,  1906, ..11 forms provided for construction of the Cold s
1 '1 - purpose.
(2)    To send  in  a  daily  record of
1. inperature  mainl lined  In   the  cold
ige,    once       month    during ihe
The construction of the cold storage will hav-- to pass Inspection by
an officer of the department, or some
person designated to make a report
on   It.    The    efficiency ���f the    cold
The  necessary   forms   will   be  supplied.
All   mbj, cl   to  ratification  bj   Parliament,
Address all  communications to the
Dairy Commissioner, Ottawa, Ont.
Yours respectfully,
Dairy Commissioner.
 o ���
Wanted���Good strong b oy. Apply Fraser River Lumber Co.
For Sale���10 acres, 15 acres cleared
Good building. Apply Donald Mc-
Clure, Port Kells.
Wanted���2000 Cords ot Hemlock Bark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.,
taken in lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P. O. box 187, New
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed house on
line corner in West End; two lots
stable and fruit trees. Cheap. Appl.
X, this office.
For Sale���Half interest in a livery business near Seattle, Washington.
Chance of a life time. Apply Advertising Manager, Daily News.
Harrison   Hot   Springs.
Harrison Hot Springs. May 2.���Qui,,,
a number of settlers hav.- finely gone
in by this route to Pemberton Meadows. The steamer Beaver, Capt.
Vance, took them to the nead of the
lake.--. They appeared to be well
equipped with learns and machinery.
All the young salmon fry are now
cut of the Harrison Lake hatchery
and the staff is now reduced to three
men, Messrs. Granam, Bothwell ani
Possibly as a result of that remarkable analysis of the new springs there
Thrr Ar,. ,|lf ,:���,.���������������
American uud u,,.
There are ...
"  i.dUUueulsh
ed .hieilv trom it, - "    "
l.v i'���. si���, 1 , Prancongena
'    ,.     ' .wed across the
maxilla .
��� :    greater    ..- an,
,li"'k"rr������������;"������ =����.l th- ikisk noose
8eParl '   ��� ta giant stature, iu 	
row occiput   ,,r, . 1      ,
maud a Palate ::'"' '"'������|VJ
Expressed in external features as U,
ns,:':;""1 ! I adult male -alwayi
best Cor din renUatlng species)'
The Scandinavian elk is ��� Bmai| ������,,
animal with little palm
Bplkes on Its antlers
, ���'���"��� Cuadta i- , large ..:���.k .,���
mal with much palmatlon and alwayi
a separate brow bunch of spikes 1
have seen hundreds of Canadian moosi
:i"""rs' bui never a pair that did noi
sh..w ��� well developed separate grou
of pn.:,"- in front of each brow. '
have seen a Beore or more of Swedlsl
elk, hul never saw one thai did have ,
separate brow group of prongs, thougi
l confess 1 have seen figures ot such
The Alaskan Is a richly colored black
gray and brown giant, not only the lur
��'"-' deer aUve today, bm believed to b,
the largesl that ever did exist, sin,
fossil bas been found to equal 11
bulk    Its nutlers differ el
r,'"m """"' o' Hi" Canadian 1 se 1 m
Madison Grant claims thai they are
:iIs" '' ' ei and ha,,, in the
brow antlers 0 second palmatlon whieU
is srl  1 '  les to thai of th<
main palmatlon. In these pecullaritl ���<
he rinds "a startling resemblance It
shown to the extinct eervalces, a
moose-like deer of pleistocene times,
probably ancestral to the genus ulces.
"If ihis resemblance Indicates anj
close relationship, we have in the Alas
kan moose ��� survivor of die archaic
type from which the true in,...se ami
Scandinavian elk have somewhat de
generated."-Ernest Thompson Seton ir
While   <;ri;al   nrllain,  Fur  Innlance,
lint, Mnny I ,i,r,-r,-n, I.tinKliaRes.
It has been observed that the language spoken In lhe Dnlted States is
remarkably uniform.   True. Ihere nro
many dialects, but Great Britain, less
in niv:: than nny one of bait ��� dozen oi
our states, e ntains Bueh very different languages us English, Welsh nnd
the Gaelic of the Scottish highlands, t.:
say nothing of the provincial dialech,
of   Cornwall   and  Yorkshire  and   the
unique speech of tbe London cockney,
while lu this country, wilh Its vast expanse of  territory,  Its settlement by
Spanish,  French, Dutch nnd Swedish
claim to have had au enjoyable time, j colonists nud Its millions of immigrants
C.  Inkman has become  the  owner   drawn from nearly every country, large
of   a   gasoline   launch   and   is  having | and small, all over the world, there is
new     machinery     installed   and   will   far greater uniformity of speech than
is  quite a  crowd  of   visitors  at  the
St. Alice hotel,
A party of about fifty were over at
the hatchery last Monday helping the |
superintendent and Mrs. Robinson
celebrate    their silver  wedding,    and'
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
$1.0,1 per setting. J. W, Austin, Sapperton.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service, W. R. Aus
tin,   Sapperton.
Wanted���Smart boys to sell the Daily
News. Good pay guaranteed. Apply
Business offlce Daily News.
Wanted���Smart boy 15 or 16 for office���Apply Daily News business offlce.
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
Hogs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. R. Austin, Sapperton.
Found���l.adi.s'   Fur  Boa  at  Leopold.
Apply 504 Columbia street.
Wanted���Dining room girl. Good wages
paid. Cosmopolitan hotel.
Wanted���Ladies or gentlemen to act
as agem for high class publishing
house, A),ply .lohn Hutchinson, general agent. Colonial Hotel, ciiy.
sron have a first class excursion boat-!
With this new boat and the Beaver
he will be well able to handle the
business on the lake.
Another addition is to be made to
the lake fleet. Erin II., now below the'
rapids is expected up ln a few days,
or as soon as the depth of water will
mim it. She will be in charge of
Frank  Miller.
.Vol ices are out for a meeting of
the Royal Templars on Friday in the
school house. Grand Secretary .1. J,
Johnston, of New Westminster, and
other prominent members of the fra-,
lenity are expected to take part.
A Her the public meeting a local council will  be organized.
Movement  to   Reduce   Rates.
Chicago, Ills., May 4.���An Important
conference of the executive committee
of the American Shippers' association
will be held today. The result of this
meeting will be waited wilh interest
by railway men because 11 has heen
called to start a movement for a general reduction of freight rates through-
,",: th.- country. Ii is the first con-
cried movement of its kind of a na-
tlcnal  scope.
In any other laud of equal area aud
The cnuses can he readily seen. Thc
public schools have made us a nation
of readers, and the press has supplied
books and papers without limit Tress
associations have done their part to-
ward giving a uniform and fairly good
tone to the newspaper language of the
day. The telegraph, the telephone and
cheap postage have brought distant
parts of the country into quick and
easy communication, nnd so have aided iu teaching a common language.
The railroad hns penetrated every corner of the laud and mads us a uatlou
of travelers. Countless human shuttles thus nre thrown daily across the
land in every direction, currying with
tbem the threads of thought and speech
nnd doing their part to make one pattern of the whole. No doubt our maps,
which still present so many different
kinds of names, will In time lose the
Btrangeness and tl"' "foreign nir" that
are su noticeable now.-H. II. Klngery
iu St. Nicholas.
Shingle and Saw Mill
j Machinery
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
The Turkey.
Turkeys   are  great   wanderers.    A
mother will often lead her brood three
or four miles away from bome
thev lake up their habitation in the
frequented woods. The Instinct for solitude aud wild llfe is very strong after
centuries of domestication. But a kindred Instinct impels tbe mother to bring
her grown family back in the fall to
where she started out with them In the
spring. This Is not done, however,
Uie leaves are nil off the trees,
beechnuts have fallen and have been
eaten and the cold winds and sometimes tbe snow have made the sylvan
retreats Inhospitable
New Westminster, B. C.
Belyea & Co. j
General Hauling nnd Deltvery.
Heavy Hauling Our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbU.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
r.ll.ird Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public to call
and see  the candy made
Plants and Annuals  of all kinds,   cut.
Mowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone A184 nr address 4th Avenue !
and 10th Street.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years  experience in  the
candy  trade.
The proof of the pudding is in
the eating.
Next Door DeGrey's Barber Shop.
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT, write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada      :       :       :
"Canada" Heaters and  Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
Hanam Patent
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Mecca is a large city nnd �� principal
one of the east Tha temple of Mecca,
to which so many pUgrlmi annually
travel forms a Bpaclous square about
a quarter of a mile In each direction,
wiih a ouadrupls row of columns. A
number of steps lead down to Mohau-
mod's house, and within It la the (alack
stone said to hive heen brought by the
angel ilat.ri*! for its foundation.
A Generous .\olor.
Sir Henry Irving one day met a broken ,i..w��� aetor In the Strand. "I never sec vou at the theater uow, said
Sir Henry, The other murmured something about his ill luck and shabbiness.
"Ol, nonsense; you come tomorrow
and give your name at the box offlce!"
He went, to Hud two tickets awaiting
bim, with n fifty dollar uote.
A Domestic I]i����-n����lon.
Wife   William,  I  do think our boys
are the worst  I ever saw.
thev don't get it from me.
(suiippishlyl-Well,  they  don't  get  lt
from me.   Wife (reflectively)���Ho, William; you seem to hnve all yours
Vm sure
*' t
���     I
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
  I'He  Very Leanl.
"Ah!" he sighed.   "If youonly gave
me the least possible hope I"���
"Good  gracious.'"  retorted  the hard
: _earted  belle.    "I've been giving ?�����>
the least I ever gave to any num.
A Good BeBl--'"*'     ., . v__
;    Bmythtrtl intend mnj for the bar.
Smylho-indeed!     In   what?    Tomp-
kins-The Ten Commandments.
fe* &
Today's  Market   Report
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
9 ���'
| Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. 1
B We have been appointed aj.-er.ts for th.l'nion  Assurance  Society $
_j of London, England, which has been carrying on tire   insurance business >J
B since 1714 A. D., and  which  has  a  capital and accumulated  funds  of W
" $20;000,000. X
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: V
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   I'rem. $22,954.60 ,���,
1900 Assurance m force  $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,605.96 B
1901 "          "            2,554,904.                   "          92,029.80 V
"     '1902          "           "            3,425,897.                   "        _86,69_.a ,���,
ft "        1903 " " 4,08(1,112. " ir,���.,'.44.iW >$
1 "       1904 " " 4,509,754. "        168,384.20 V
V ���
!���;     money  M-fllTADDIE   8,  C(\    R'al E"a" Bnkm ��
I      TO LOAN.   "ICViU AKiViL     fit     LU., and Contractor, 1
(���! 186  Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER.   8.  C. K
Riding  Fowls of  Lice.
Eggs were scarce .il   lhe market t<
_aj   and only from twenty to thirty
cases were on hand. The demand was
b,i.-k and the supply available was
pretty well divided between the local
und Vancouver buyers. Everj week
witnesses a greater in-,,fusion oi spring
vegetables on the markel and the
l,c;,l gardeners were .-imply banked
in with Dame Nature's choicest products; Rhubarb, lettuce and spring
unions wenl away from the market in
large supplies and every lady, with
: l-ni few exception hauled a large
lunch   away   With   her   when   she  left
the mark,". The extra tine ��. ather
enticed an unusuallj larg, number of
Vancouver purchasers over.
There was a large BUpplj of v.-al
,������ the market and fanners rrom all
along the river contributed to the .sup-
is, ,.��� hand. Of beef there was a
fair supply, bul pork was a somewhat
scarce article, ,.,,!> one or two oar-
c_ses being offered, while the demand
was g.i.id. Mutton was also somewhat
About twenty pens of fowls and one
I i n  of pigeons  changed hands.    (1. '/,.
Snaps In
85 acres of good
Delta land, 20 acres in
crop, 20 in pasture.
Good house and outbuildings. Fine water.
Half mile from railroad, school, church,
postoffice  and  store.
Price Only $3,000
The best of terms.
This Is a No. 1 buy.
and will only be on the
market for a short
During the nearly six year, that  1  Smith and Chin I of Vacouver being
av,   devoted  my entire attention to
display of lilies of the valley, car,,.,
lion!., md roses, also spring vegetable! i .. honey ln the comb.
11. ridy, ,.i Tenth street, offered In
Bowers, roses, sweet pea--, and carnations; ,:, pots, maiden terns, asparagus plants, drac, nas, asphegistas. l���
boxes, asters verbenas, phlox, petunias, and pansies. In bedding plains,
geraniums, fuschlas, and heliotrope.
.1. Mulrhead of Seventh avenue offered roses and sweet l"iis. and the
swei peae were ..il snapped up In a
very few minutes. Plants���Asters,
phlox, verbenas. Ivy, geraniums, begonias, cinerarias, pelargoniums and
carnations. II. carried also a full
line of vegetable plains.
Mrs. Hurkoli of Burnaby also offer-
, .1 a nice variety ot poi plants,
I). M. Robinson and suns were there
tor the last Him Ihis season, as Ihey
consider lha, be season for doing any
v. ry rushing business in the tree and
shrub  line  is  pasl.
Mrs. Whilworili of Ladner was presenl after an absence of several weeks,
. ceasloned hy the illness of ( of her
children. She offered her 111 I sup-
plj   nf butter and eggs,
Will  Show  Fleece  Wool   From  Different Varities of Sheep ���News
of the Town.
*******************************************s,���^      ���
(Chilliwack Progress May ~l
Another   enterprising   citizen with
,,,e     well':,,'.-   ut   our   valley     a,   hear.
banded  in  a  suggestion a  few  daya
;.e,, , udying the idea of Including
:'  wool Iron, diKerenl varieties ol
sheep in Chllllwack's dlstricl exhibit.
The suggestion was emu,ni,ideated
in Mr. .1. C. Henderson, president of
,i���   c. A.    B.    and    Mr.  Henderson
hear,ily    .nd,,,ses    lhe  idea,    .saying
lha;   ii   had   lie.n   planned   I,,   include
samples   of   wool   in   lasi   ye r'S   ex-;
I i_n I.in greai difficulty had been experienced in gelling such samples.
I'.i sheep rals.-rs lhe suggestion has
jusi come in lime in enable the s���rt-
Ing out of lhe choicest fleeces nnd if
a,,. InformaUon is desired as ti, lhe
p.. para,ion of a fleece r,,r exhibition
purposes an Inquiry mailed to our of-
lice  will  elicit   a  helpful  reply.
Capt.   John   Injured.
Dr.   Henderson   was   called   oul   on
Sundaj  afternoon  to Cultus Lake t"
High Class
is the one clear, undisputable and peculiar emphasis of th t
business, and when it comes to Millinery we insist that no \
store anywhere round here has a better showing, We've I
had encouragement enough already this season to It
we re on the right side or every comparison
hending ourselves to excel at every point.
If hats and trimmings could be magnificent, ou
ninccnt.     Come and sec what wc call  "style.
now that ���
���d   we re t
M are map- ���
************************** ****************..*****s^
80 acres, 10 acres
under first class cultivation, balance easily
cleared. Good stream
of water. Six roomed
house, fine stable,
chick-en houses and
Price $1,800
Easy Terms.
: j work and before I began my
proffesslonal Btudles, I directed a greal
u,... of attention t��� solving some of
the problems connected wiih poultry
culture. It recently occurred i.> nie
perhaps the results of some "I
these Investigations might be of value
: . the poultry fraternity ai lame. Perhaps ,,.. problem en::::- ct, -1 �� Ith poultry keeping bas attracted more attention, caused more in,aide and had
tn, re  v. i i'.-n aboul  ii  than lice.
I,, view ���f this fact, perhaps, it may
teem presumption on my part to sug-
;- ,, remedy, and I would not do so
if I could ���,., present something new
and which I know will do the work.
roughly divided according to bai,its in
to two classes.   First,   those   wMci, | cured on application,
spend   their  whole lifetime  upon  the
bird   Itself  and,   second,   those   which
spider louse, or "mite."
N,,w the hitler chns may be deall
with, with comparative ease, for such
a simple thing as kerosene aplied to
th, wood-work where they have taken
! their refuge will he fatal to the,,,.
principal buyers,
A number of young pigs were offer-l
ed ai $2.50 each by local Chinese
faimers and found ready purchasers,
The usual butchers were there and
0 ��� I ,1,.' usual full and attractive
lines i.f dressed it ats. M. M ink had
a varied line of fish, embracing
fresh herring, end, halibul and sal-
In the S I iuu veg, 'al-h line. VV.
Whiting, ile- Burnaby markel gardener, l'1 I he van and had a splendid
��� of rhubai b at i i nl - a Punch:
lei,ure al 30 cents a dozen; radishes
and onions at Hire.- bunches for 10
ceni 3.   .-' .eng the line of plants he ���f-
Butter and  eggs  were a.      offered  a:;.,id Capt, .lohn  wh��� bad mei   with
tered cabbage, cauliflour, savoy, kale.
_ be tomatoes and celery.   Anything mu in
sight,  Mr.  Whiting  said  could  I"'  se
I on application.
C. Coombs of the Scott road offered
in  boxes,  pansies,  strawberry  plains.
.        .     v. llke ,h��� tomatoes and  cabbages,    s. Gray of
the  same  district   offered  eggs and  a
considerable quantity of dried sage.
E. ami H. Stride nf '1,.- Vancouver
mad, in cm   Bowers had a  very nice
by Mrs. Crawford, Easl Delta, Mrs.
Taylor. Langley: Mrs. Keegan, Wood-
wards; Mrs. Reld, Ladner; and Mrs.
Smith nf Bon Accord. E, Anderson
of Langley was also on deck with a
supply of butter.
Capt,  E,  O.   McElhlnney's    chicken
teed was on sale and quite a quantity
of   i:   changed   bunds.
!'������ - f. hind quai       , I  to 9 c, :>:���-.
Beef, forequart, i. G to 6 l --<������
Lamb, 12 to 13 c nl b.
Mutton, l" to 11 t nts.
Pork, 8 to 8 l-2c.
Veal, 8 to 9c.
Potatoes, Sl l to .>'.-��� per ton.
Carrots, 50 cents per sack.
Beets, 75 cents ; ��� r sack.
Onions, $2.00 p, r sack.
Turnips, 50 cents per sack .
Eggs, 2'i cents per dozen.
Butter, 30 cents per pound.
Fowl. $7 to $7.50 per dozen.
Chickens, $5.50 to $('. per dozen.
Ducks.  $12  to  $1 I   per dozen.
Rhubarb, $1.25 per crate.
ed ln the construction work under the
direction of Mr. E. A. Klpp speaks
well for the early completion ol the
.    lltlon,
an accident through the upsetting of
a  v agon nver III.- rockj   bluff near Hie
little church, Reaching Capt. John's
home, he found a large number "i
In,I,a,is congregated about the place,
all lamenting the misfortune which
had befall.-il llieir old friend and
spiritual adviser. On examination
i, -. Henderson found Hie Injured .'nan
had      bee,,      badlj       bruised      about    strewing   tho ver   ih.
face       and       was     Buff, ring   berald of tho summer,
from a dislocated  sholdi r.    Owing to
the  muscular  frame  nf lhe  old  man.
wnli Whitman.
,,f the days win", Walt Whitman
wns a nurse In the hospitals "f the eivil
war a biographer nf lhe p .et says: "I le
would nf.,',, come ini.' the wards carrying wild flowers newly picked and
beds like a
Well   did    lie
know that they were messengers >.f lit'-'
U, the sick, words to the,,, from tbe
earth mother of men.   Ami then as be
Santa   Rosa  Loss.
Oakland, Cal., Maj   I   Qoi     -...,
ha    received a  di ipai
Rosa   staling thai   thi
caused by the r, 11 nl
amount to $3,000,000,   I
b --I $160,  ' u
considerable difficult) waa experienced I(.rt  ,,f ���  _(g_t  .lfl���r gplng  uig 1:ls,
In reducing the dislocation hul ll was ri>m���i ,,,,,! hissing many a young, pale,
;ed  amid  the greal  rejoicing  of bearde.1 face in fulfillment of bis own
.    embled   Indians written injunctions he would hear the
Half Holiday.
a movemenl having as Its object
tha Inauguration of a mid-week hall
holiday during the Bummer months Is
on f������t throughout the town and mer-
11 ants and cl, rkB seem Inclln, .1 it-
view  the  proposal   with  favor.    The
boys calling: 'Wall. Wait, Waltl Come
ugain, come again!'"
,,,I,,,,,,,   [.,1,1.
Several  weeks ago  I  was In an  In-
dlnn village nud peeped inside the chief
Hindoo temple.   To my  great surprise
l saw the portrait ,.f a famous London
beauty,  nicely  framed, calmly  looking
but  i!  is v.
However,  after  a  few  days  the oil  the fowls.
will evaporate and the crevices of the
wood will again become Infested with
these baleful pests.
Thus indicating thai something more
efficacious must be used if anything
like perfect relief is to be afforded
l,' n, the pest.
So the successful remedy for spider
lice mus, possess    two   qualifications.
The great value of this remedy lies
in lhe odor which arises frnm It, particularly when mixed with kerosene
Ii is furnish d in ihree strengths,
viz., 30 per con:. .".,, per cent, and 95
jer ceni. Any of which will do, al-
though ih,.ugh 1 have usually used tbe
50 per cent, and an order Is usually
Firsi, ii must kill al once all parasites flJiefl with tw_ Btreagth nn!,.ss (���h,.r
to use around nothing else should be mistake- for
From the time that you begin to
use this remedy you will enjoy complete relief from all kinds uf poultry
There are several points in its favor
above all other remedies that I hav,
��� ..-r used or seen.
First, it works like magic, quickly,
safely nnd surely.
Second, it  does nol  require an  ex-
idea if carried through will certainly  down nt the i,i���i beneath It. The lady.
enable   the   business   ci munlty   to  I am  sure, never dreamed that  she
last,    BOmewhat    more   freely   of   the   would   be   worshiped   In   this   wuy.-
ii.:   of living but a movemenl of ibis
nature is always looked at askance, for
reason    thai  the  greal    bulk of the
Lock-tow Letter to London MalL
40 acres of good
land, twelve acres of
it cultivated; large
orchard. New house
and good barn, two
chicken houses. Half
mile to school and
three quarters of a
mile to river.
Price $1,500
Half   cash,    balance
easy terms.
Agents for the Guardian   Fire
Assurance Company.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
278  Columbia  Street.
For ;
Nice house, ready
for occupation. Good
situation on Third
Ave and Tram Line.
Corner lot, house,
furniture, garden
und fruit trees, all
to be sold for $1600,
<m easy terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance .V; Real Estate
Agents. Tel, 106, Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
A. I WHITE, 260 Columbia SL
Telephone 85.
on and In the material to which ii is
| aplied, and. second, it must render
ihi - material untenable to them fnr a
reasonable time after being applied.
As for ,he body lice, they mus' be
mei on their own ground and killed or
driven away, which Is the same thing,
since rhey will not live for any great
length of time away from the fowl.
All of these conditions are successfully mei by the following simple remedy   when  properly  applied.
Take  of  crude  carbolic    acid    and
i. n.m,ni kerosene oil equal pans. The
��� llents will mix readily,    Apply ii
freely  to the r ittag  perch.    Ii  will
al once pul oul of commission all lice
<>'' whatever kind that may happen to
1 ������ there al the time, and nol only that,
bul will render the wood, so distasteful to lice ���f all kinds thai they wlll
nol even crawl over ii tor several
da.s. much less bre d upon lt, aa the
n        are in the habll of doing.
I" addition to this, you will reach
the body lice which are upon the fowl
al the time, for the tumes frnm the
mixture will rise through the feathers '���
hosl an I make ll bo unpleasant ���
ihai ihey will gel out, Whal becomes
of ilie,,, I do ���,,i know.
I   ie,-,   nine;,    iim,:,,    whether    the
turn,    are sum, lentlj poisonous to kill
the lice while upon the fowl, bul think
pi i a -      as  their  quarters  be
��� unpleasant  thej   leavi    he towl,
��� ..    unable to r, turn, die.
Ob lhal ... ll  may, the fuel  remalni
In .-  	
Irom Le   ho ij  oi the towl.
i he roosting perches Bhould be
sum, thing more man lhe round slick
��� - wo  ini In .-  in  i,..i.i. ���   ,-  which
...      HI 8,
I'm  e ioosi , a.���  nn, comfortable or
pvacti, ,,i anj   waj  and should  be dis-
A   strip  Of  Inch   hoard  ahout
���   Inches wide, with the edges
..'..,.      . ��� i.e.:  roosl thai
' have . ver b, Bn a le m find, and in
11 lon :., being comfortable to the
"'. Is .mu preventing callous plac s
upon the breast, 11 furnishes considerable surface tor the evaporation of
ihe fumes Into the feathers of the
I saj suii, a roosl Is best, bul Hns
mixture used upon anj roost wlll bring
i. ults more or less satisfactory. At
the same time li is aplied ,��� the roosts
ii Is an excellent plan to pour some
���; on the suroundlng woodwork.
I bale often used nn ordinary quart
bottle and sometimes ,, kerosene can.
Now, in buying your acid don'1 lel the
���: tigglsi sell you something else, saying ii is stronger and bettor,
Whal you wain is crude carbolic
.ii !, lhe crystal., the solution, or even
he c, r. carl olio acid i.i not only
.���orsc than  useless for this pun ose,
wise specified.   Of course, if :;o per
c. nl is used, less kerosene should be
used, and if the 95 per cent., more
sr-ould be used.
The per cent nf kerosene should
also varied according to the occasion. If ii is to be used for old fowls.
i* should be stronger of the acid than
In small chickens, in which case it
may he safely used, but some care
should   be   exercised,   for   if  chickens
pensive apparatus to apply.   Any old Chilliwack   and
bottl ��� can will do, and, third, 11 is  member of the
Iti-elf Inexpensive, It can be purchased  service and preached an eloquent and
trade does not as a rule appreciate
ihe merchant's need of recreation and
SO radical a departure as a mid-weeR
holiday is fraught wilh much danger
from  shock.
I,  O.O.  F.  Anniversary.
The l. O. i).  F. to the numb, i  ol
about thirty alien,led divine worship
last Sunday mi,ruing at Co..he's
church. Rev. Mr. Melvln of Easl
It.is.-ilale. who is a
order, conducted the
Wb,    Hi-   ��������   Klrrtril.
A manufacturer in the north of Ei>k
land expected t., be beaten ut the poll-
by bis own employees, with whom 1,<
was extremely unpopular. To his sui
prise be was returned. Ills puzzhi!
ngent sought for an explanation, "How
Is It." he asked one of the workmen
"you voted for your master when you
all have surh a bad opinion of bim?
"Well, you see, num. we voted for 'ir
so he eud put hbjself away In perils
men! In London. We don't wain 'In
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
This is the Beason to have
your doors and windows protected from ilies. our stock
i, complete and well assorted
tor about   7.'.  cents   per gallon  and   its
com ought  neve:  in exceed one dollar
helpful  sermon.
The occasion  was lhe sTil,
where the acid has heen liberally used,
the fumes may injure Ihem.
Always   admit  plenty of air    when
something else than ordered I do nol
know. Crude carbolic acid is a I.lack,
oily liquid  of quite strong cdor, and
per gallon. Thi-, of course, making sary of the organization of the order
two gallons when mixed with kerosene, and the clergyman showed thai while
Another point Is thai ihe fowls do no, the brotherhood had great cause for
hove to be handled to apply it, and thanksgiving for the prosperity at-
thai il does not injur, the fowls is tending i, history, they still must
attested by the fa-ot that often the egg needa see to 11 that as Individuals
yield will increase at once upon its they live up io the prln-
use. dples     upon     which     the     order
���o��� was founded.   He took as his texl the
question of Pilate, "What is Truth?"
and showed the absolute necessity,
In si, of their seeking truth tin..ugh
Jesus chrisi who declared Himself to
1,6 the "truth." Second, of their living
up tln-lr own convictions of truth
and proving themselves true men. a
number of friends of the order attended In addition to the usual congregation bo thai the church was well
filled, nearly every sea, being taken,
Will Build New Store.
Mr, Tims. Kilby, of liar,ism, River,
w ho was a heavy Ins.-r in the - ceni
ir.- al thai point, was in town on
Monday and from Mr, Kilby il was
learned thai lhe Ral Portage Lumber
Fj-i-   IMlolnisrnplm.
An Image Impressed upon the retina
of the eye remains there an appreclabl,
time. This Is the reason why a torch
swung rapidly seems lo be a circular
flame. The sensibility of the retina Is
Indifferent at different times ,.f tbe
day. Every one has noticed how on
waking in the morning and looking at
the bright window, then closing tbe
eyes, lie will observe an Impression or
phantom of the jvind-W taf -n appreciable time **:.-r bis eyes are closed.
Police Surprise Chinamen.
Th.- exciting game of fan tan claim-
using it as u safeguard, although in lhe cd another victim this morning when
four years il has been used ������ my lhe police suddenly dropped in and
place im particular care has been exer- spoiled ihe gam,- that was in progr, -
deed excepl wiih small chickens, and In a Chinese joint Lee Sing, the
w.. never had a single unpleasant re- dealer, was caught wiih lie- goods on
Bull. bim,  and   promptly  pul  up  $:;,,   ball.
Crude curl,,,lie acid may he obtained Whether Lee will appear in cur: Tier almost nny wholesale drug house, morrow is problematical, as his lime
.Ins,  why drug clerks delight In giving   is   very   valuable,   and  be  is  so   bus.
A   Hni-.-   nf  ,.,-,i.-n l.ml.,..
Some one said of the Welsh In tbe
eighteenth century every old woman
was a genealogist. Tins Is slill true.
for no race Is truer to type, more relen
live of national characteristics.���London Outlook.
....CALL ON..--
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,
dealing ,���,i   the chips thai  it  is
Bible h-' may nn, attend.
Electric  Light for Ladner,
N'otl, e wns received festerda
General Manag, r Sporting nf ihe B.
C, Eletcrlc Railway company, thai
:,e i.n,ni.m board "f dlrectora wa.-
beartlly in favor ���f the extension ol
Hie iigin ami power lines from Stevi
i"n in Ladner. li is understood that
with ihis approval Ia ni _l fall electric
lights ami motor* will he Installed in
would Boon commence operation i
ear "f an individual
Irom the
Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., Ld.
is Only $2.50.
Long Vaults
Long Boxes,
Long Hours.
T. .1. Traiu,. President; T. S. Annandale, Vice. President; V. .1. Hart,
Manager; Edward Chapman, Sec-
Treas,; I,. A. Lewis, W. ,1. Mathers,
H. Ryall.
Vault at Office of
Will Chase Outlaws.
Manila.  .May  :;. -Next   we l<  a  force
nt constabulary, acting in conjunction
wllh   (I,iv.  .limn   Schalek.  nl'  ihe   province of Cavite, will begin a movemenl
to capture Montajon and his hand of
'unlaws, now located BOUth of lhe Taal
The authorities predict Ihat ii will
h ��� Impossible for the bandits and their
leader u> escape o��� ihis occasion.
Looks   Bad  for  Chicago.
Chicago, ills., May 4.���All hope of
on  early    early    Bettlemenl    of  ihe
bridge   and    structural   inn,   workers'
strike came in an end yesterday after
a join, meel ing. L was decided under
���,, consideration  would an increase in
wages be grained.
Tartar at Hong Kong.
Montreal,     May  4.���The    sie
Tartar  arrived   al   Knag   Kong
from  Vancouver.
Ships  Non-Union Crew.
Buffalo, x. v.. May 4.���The steamer
in ihe erecing of a store i.. replace
ile.t destroyed .-nun- t, ��- weeks ago.
I' Is nol expected thai hotel accommodation will he pro, hied bul nn
dcubi .-..:,:������ enterprising splrll will
���''ignite tl,.- opportunity i��� this Un-
' ,1   "l"ii     lip     ome   manner    of  e,,n-
t nlence ror tbe traveling public,
Real  Estate Deal.
<,,,.' ,,i the largesl deals i,. real i a
tate  pul   through   tor s dime  past
wm- consummated .,,, Saturday lasi
v he,, Ah-. Henry Stade'a farm on the
Chllllwack   Central   mud,   en,is; ting
ul' 160 acres was sold hy F. .1. Harl
.' Co., Ltd., I,, .Mr. (I. II. Watklns late
of Ontario, Mr. WatkinB hud been
��� n the valley bul two days when lie
made his choice and COmlng frnm old
Outarlo    i,   s| lu mighty    well  for
Chilliwack.     Mr.   SLide   hnrvesls   lhis
season's crop which is nol Included in
lhe purchase price nf $11,500, and Mr.
Wllklns lak.-s possession in Ur- fall.
Oddfellows' Building.
Work i.s being rapidly pushed forward ,,��� the new addition to the Oddfellows' building covering the property
to the was, ,.r lhe present slruciure.
The building will be 20x60 nf two
slmies, will have Imitation .slone
WOTk front and large plate windows
:,,id    when    completed    will    add    very
materially to ihe substantial appear-
a.,,'.- ,,r ihe south side ���i' ,���ir business
Thc Comfortable Way
fifi   Beginning February 15, '06
0  Through
fe     Tourist
-   -   -  Every Day in the Year   "   -   -
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Route of the famous Or.ental Limited
F���r detailed Information*: ral<'��. etc., c.\W ono
Westminster, B. C
.1''  ���
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������***'* "     !
| Electric Railway Service
Northern  King lust  night   Bhlpped  a Btieet,
non-union    crew  and    sailed   for  Superior with a cargo of freight.
This enterprise ,,f this society  is
[commendable and the energy display-
Inter-urnan   Line.
Cars   lur Vancouver and   way
stall,ins   will   run   every   hillf-
hour from 5:60 a, in. to Hi p.
m. excepting al 7:80 and 8:80
a. in, Half hourly curs will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service trom
G.II0 a, ni. to 11 p, in.
20 Minute Service���ino transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 6 and 7.
30  Minute   Setvice
main,ler Of day
Leopold l'l ice.
Sunday   Service 1
tween  8  a-  "'���
linnsfcr a'
.,iMi���ni'i>' be-
,n,l 1" ���'' ffl'
Sapperton Line-11'^1"'., ���nd
axcept between
I 7, ,1""
hours the
Sunday Service  BBlMJ^ m.
be- ���
tween 8 a.
British Columbia Electric R>- C��^J


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