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The Daily News Apr 9, 1906

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v- f
Followers of Red Flag Resist Authority and Viciously
Assail Police Officers���Hurl Bricks and Old Iron
Through the Air and Injure a Number of Non-
Combatants In a Street Car.
Forces of the United States
Party   From   Washington   Looks   Over   Pitt
Mesclows With View to Settlement.
San Francisco, Cal.,    April B.- The
,. :  rlol Sun  Francisco has   wit-
.     . i in a generation  wns a Bequel
,  , ning to n meeting of Socialists
: Woodwards Pavilion as an ex-
Ion   of sympathy   for President
.Meier and Secretary Haywood of the
;n Federation   of Miners    who
prisoned in Idaho on the accu-
::  thai   thej   were  Implicated  In
: Blnatlon of former Governor
en berg.
Violent Threats.
Ai thi mei Ung some violent Socialistic speeches were made In which il
leclared thai Moyer and Haywood were Innocent and that If convicted thej would not be hanged un-
R the entire Dnlted Slates army
was broughl  in to assist their axecu-
Plant   Red   Banner.
Al  the conclusion    of the speech-
.i  procession    was organized
and tin- participants   tn the   assem-
mar< bed do*n    Markel  street.
��� I  bj   a  band.  At   the corner of i
ii .  and  Market    streets a halt
made and one   of the paraders
who  e.ni ie,]   a   red   banner     climbed'
fountain and affixed    the emblem to i In   topmost  lamps. The ban-
n    the  inscription:   "The  con-
en  be dammed, so say the cor-
Police   Break   In.
ll  was decided by the   leaders to
hold au outdoor meeting nnd A. 0, Mc-.
liinscy was selected to address the
crowd. So great was the throng however thai he could nol  make himself
beard  and  George  S.   Holmes a  metal
worker  with a  powerful   voice    was
lib! 'ii Uted as speaker.    He was in the
midst of liis talk when Policemen J.
Stelzner and W. J. Cavanagh and De-
lectlve Ryan made their way through'
the crowd. Ryan tore down the flag
and passed tt lo Stelzner, He then ordered Holmes to deslsl bul was mei
with a refusal and the detective pulled Holmes down to the pavement.
Vicious Assault.
In  a   moment  a  rlol   was  precipitated. Stelzner was knocked down    and
kicked in .1 vicious hand to band fight
and   the   Bag     lorn   fro...     his  grasp.
Ryan, who had held Holmes all the
time, s.ailed to take his prisoner
through the crowd, beating a path
with his club to a passing ear, which
in- boarded wllh his prisoner while the
other officers kepi the crowd buck.
Passengers    Injured.
Near the fountain a new building is
being erected and the streel was full
of debris. Almosl Instant'y there was
a shower of scrap iron, bricks and
blocks of wood upon ih" car and the
missiles crashed through the windows
injuring r. number of passengers.
Runs  Human  Blockade.
The motorman was made a target
but he slowly forced bis ear through
the human blockade and gaining speed.
left the crowd behind. In the meantime  alarm     calls   bad   been   sent     to
neighboring police stations and patrolmen came hurrying to the seem-.
Bricks  Fly  Furiously.
They found themselves confronted
by a maddened crowd armed with
sticks and stones an I for half an hour
a lively battle was In progress, Then
the police ii.-.-d their clubs with telling ��� ffeel and the crowd retaliated
viciously. Several policemen were
si ruck by flying bricks. Policeman
Seguins was knocked down and kicked and seriously Injured. Seventeen of
the rioters were arrested. Holmes, lhe
orator,  was  charged   with  disturbing
the    peace.
��� o	
Weather  Outlook.
Vieioiia, April 9.���During yesterday
an ocean storm area crossed this province and is now centered in Alberta.
lt caused a strong southeasterly gale
on the coast and strong winds on the'
si raits and sound, and a general rain
extending inland to Kootenay and
southward to California. Showers will
occur in the prairie provinces today.
Forecasts for 36 hours ending d p.
in. Tuesday on the Lower .Mainland:
Fresh westerly to southerly winds,
unsettled   with   occasional   rains.
A large party of American landseekers corn-
posed of the following gentlemen registered at the
Guichon hotel Saturday night: H. T. Conner, John
W. Reef, J. G. Hangbery, A. Hunsror, Guy W. Conner, F. G. Olson, R. Ley Bradley, R. H. Lien, 0. W.
Kdander and Andrew Brady.
The members of the party are all from the state
of Washington, and yesterday they journeyed to the
head of Pitt Lake, where they examined a large tract
of land that was recently purchased for colonization
purposes and returned in the evening. They all expressed entire satisfaction with the district.
The party left at an early hour this morning for
Vancouver, but expect to be back in New Westminster shortly, at which time the subject of land in this
district will be gone into more fully.
The nature of the country in the vicinity of Pitt
Lake was something of a revelation to the visitors
who expressed surprise at the condition of the district as they found it, and although no statement has
been offered by any individual member of the company, it is known that a big deal is pending which
will soon give to the Pitt Meadows district a material
increase in industrial population.
Deceived By a Slow Fuse Arthur McWhinney Meets Instant Death While Engaged in Clearing
His Property Near Port
A  young man named   Richard  Mc-   his injuries were attended ti.
Gregor employed In the Fraser River
had   the   ini.-foriune     to   fall
Comptroller   Issues   Call.
Washington, I). ('.. April 9.���The
comptroller of the currency today issued a call for the condition of the
national banks al the close of business
Friday. April C, 1906.
It is expected that tb? arm Wiil bi
saved as the injury does not appear
to be serious enough to call for ampu
against one of thi  circular saws this1
afternoon and as a result one of his   tlltj0]
arms  is  pretty  badly  torn. Th(, young ,���.,���    ,_  ., residen,    ot
He was taken as soon as possible to   Sapperton where he makes his home
the Royal  Columbian  hospital where   with his parents.
While blasting a stump on his ranch,
about  two and a half miles out  from
Port   Haney   Arthur   .McWhinney   was
suddenly  and  accidentally  killed  yes,
terday   afternoon.   He  was   alone,    at,
the time and nothing was  known ol i
the tragedy  till  one  of his children
went  out  to look  for him  and found
him  stretched  upon the ground. The
child  ran  to the house and  informed j
its mother.
Mr, McWhinney had gone out to his
work alone and was not in view ol Inhume when the fatal explosion occurred. No one seems to have witnessed
the  accident,  and  the exact  manner!
in which it occurred is not known.
Went Back >oo Soon.
It  was  found  that  the head of the;
victim had  been crushed  by  a heavy
blow which must havfi caused instant
death.  The  neighbors  who  soon  ap-
peared on the scene of the accident
are  inclined  to  thing  that   deceased!
placed the charge, in  the stump,  Ignited  the  fuse and retired.  Then as.
the expected explosion did not follow
he  went  back  and  drew  the charge
which promptly exploded. The theory
seemed to be reasonable as lhe victim  was close to the stump he had,
been blasting.
Respected Resident.
The  deceased   had   been   for  thr<e
years a  resident  cf the Port Haney
district   and  was  much   respected   by
I all in the community. Prior to taking
up  his  residence  in  ihat   district he
had been a resident of the Terminal
I City   where   a   brother   still   resides
and   who   has been i ihe
t agedy,    Decei ii oul   -15
years of age and leavi - .   :>. don and
tight little on.
J. O. Manzer Calls Attention tc Inaccuracies in Attack.
J. O. M. nzer, 11 Sib erdali. was a
visiti r in the cltj oi, s -nd.i .is ho
���aa-' one of the Liberal Executive who
acted in connection with the dismis-
i : Fred Hughes, ii lire warden
for the Mission district. A representative of the Daily New- waited on
him to ascertain how much .ruth
there was in an attack made in the
Weekly Columbian on .1. B. Kennedy,
M. P., and J. C. Brown.
In the first place Mr. Manzer stated
that the report tha' Mi. Brown was at
the meeting was a pure fabrication,
Mr. Brown was not in attendance. Mr.
Kennedy also was very much misrepresented Inasmuch as the dismissal
of Mr. Hughes was not at his instigation at all, but was unanimously demanded by the executive committee.
Mr. Manzer furthei stated that Mr.
Kennedy might h a "back bencher"
when it came to talking, hut that the
Fraser river fishermen and ranch' rs
along the river were already feeling
the benefit of Mr. Kennedy's work in
their behalf. He personally wished
that there were more "back benchers"
if thy would all be as good en the
work question as Mr. Kennedy hnd
proved himself to be
Says Dowie  Will Weep
And People Will Fall
Chicago, ills.. April 9.���While the
meeting at Shlloh Tabernacle
was in progress yesterday, more than
1,500 Chicago members of the Christian Catholic church gathered in the
central tabernacle al 1625 Michigan
avenue and heard Overseer Piper de-
1 ���'"   a Btern arraignment of the   de-
' '1  leader  and   bis   family.
bi response to a request for ui.Yx-
presslon of opinion the audience al-
tnosl unanimously voted to stand by
Overseer Vollva and his cabinet.
bi ilie address Overseer Piper accused Hi-, Howie of teaching polygamy.
Through it all  there was a note of sor
row for the shame of the old leader but
paramount in the sermon was a
challenge to Dowle to do his worst.
"YoU will nol find tbe people of
Zlon City standing behind tlie lace
factory   when   Dr.   Dowie   gets   back."
said the speaker, "What he will do I
do not know." He may find some
judge foolish enough to grant hlm an
injunction or some court silly enough
io pm him back in control, .but I do
not believe so, if be gels back into
power, those of you who have invested money may as well say good-bye to
It. He is a master at weeping and all
he will need to do is to weep and some
of vou  will  fall on  your knees,"
Viceroy of Chi Li Gives Him Work to   Willie   Hughes   Is Given   a  Chance to
Do in    America    and Become More of a Credit to
England. His  Mother.
Represents Capital and Wants to Put
It   Into  New  Westminster
Real  Estate.
���i" ui Easterner who is in the
'��� ���" presenl has spent a greal deal
"""' ;" the city hull lately, exam-
"ll"1' lhe map showing the lots to be
""l  ">'   'be  market   al   the  coining
''   ale '  held by the city aboul
'" l"il1'11',' of .May. He bus made
"jany enquiries at the city offices, and
*ates lhal he Is acting for colleagues
"  Wln g,  and   London,  Ont.,  who
:   "::;"' Interested In the city, and
lu" nave authorized him toHnvestl-
""'  'Ota  on   the   market   at  the
'"""":' sale, with Instructions to buy
'' j' '"""'"I- of the besl obtainable.
���; '"'' '��' these eastern  people are
*   !      "H'T'-sied In this country and
"' I'tomlnence which lhe west  ls
receiving in the east at the present
time. Now Westminster plays no small
part, as is evidenced by several deals
which have been put through recently
in the city. A number of these people Intend BetUIng In the city, and
anion.; the number arc many who may
later   be   Induced   lo   invest   no   small
amount of capital ln the formation of
new Industries.
The   boosting     policy     adopted     by
many of the British Columbia towns
uml  cities, is already  bearing fruit,
and   within   Ihc  pasl   few   weeks,  men
trom the east, and the United states
have   visited   the  ciiy,     all   Of  whom
unite in saying thai they find the local
situation to be jnsi  as represented,
nnd   who  have  left   for  llieir  various j
homes, with nothing bul the most:
favorable reports concerning the dls-.
irirt   in   general   and   New   Westmln-
ster iii particular.
Winnipeg. Man., April -.���By permission of Queen Alexandra the new
Canadian Pacific hotel here wlll be
named "The Royal Alexandra." ll wlll
he opened In .lime.
Pekin, April 8���Yuan Shi Hal, viceroy of t'lii Li province, who was forced by the pressure of the anti-foreign
faction to accept the resignation of
Prof. C. D. Tenney, foreign director
of education, on February 5 last, has
now given Tenney an important mis-'
slou abroad. For the next four years
he will act as superintendent of all
Chinese students in America and
England, numbering just now about
400. Prof. Tenney will start for America with sixty students who will enter eastern colleges.
Another American, named C. D.
Bameson, an engineer, has been given
charge of the construction work on
all buildings erected by foreigners and
other Important foreign works.
Prof. Tenney when he resigned
was president of the Imperial university at Tien Tsiu and wan recognized
as one ol' the' best educalors 111 China
where he has resided for 21 years.
Fair Wage Investigation.
Winnipeg, Man., April 8.���D, J.
O'Oonahue, Dominion full' wage officer of Ottawa, was here Saturday on
bis way to British Columbia, where
he will look into tlie payment of wages:
lo men employed on the construction
of a section of railway from Golden,
II.  ('..  lo  lhe  I'nited  States border.
William Hughes, the 12 year old
sou of lhe late Harry Hughes was arrested Saturday evening upon complaint of the lad's mother, who alleges that he is absolutely incorrigible
and who requested the police to take
some aci ion in the affair with a view
to reforming the boy. As a result the
lad was tried in chambers before Magistrate Corbould this morning, and
sentenced to three years In the Reform   school.
Young Hughes has been almost Incorrigible for the past few years, and
frequently ran away from home, only
to return at Intervals, at which times
he committed all manner of disturbances, and petty misdemeanors. Acting therefore upon ihe request of the
boy's mother the police arrested the
youth, with the above mentioned result.
Go Afishing.
()v< r 2r.ii enthusiastic fishermen were
in be found strung out along the
bunks of Coquitlam lake yesterday,
there being two full carloads of
sportsmen from Vancouver who visited the river, via the C. P.  It.
No large Individual catches were reported, but several pretty big members of the finny tribe were landed.
Crater Hurls Forth
Awful Destruction
People of Portage la Prairie Find His
Royal  Highness a  Late
Winnipeg; Man., April 8.���A dull
sky and damp streets greeted Prince
Arthur here at noon. It did not rain
this morning but the condition of the
streets marred the enjoyment to some
Prince Arthur arrived shortly before
noon. He was welcomed by officials, a
committee und thousands of people. A
squadron of troops escorted the Prince
to the city hall where he was presented with a civic address.
The Prince was not out of his bed
when passing Portage la Prairie at 9
o'clock and the people there were disappointed.
Charge Against Chinaman.
Ah Lee was arrested yesterday noon
by Chief of Police Mcintosh, and Detective Bradshaw, charged with attempting a criminal assault upon a
young boy, aged 16, and when arraigned before Magistrate Corbould lhis
morning he was committed for trial
at the coming assize. The accused
made no effort at defence, and the testimony of the prosecution was '.endamaging.
Rome, April 9���The Giornale D'ltnl
ia, ihis afternoon published a despatch from Naples giving an interview with Lieut. Ciarroschj, com--
manding the detachment of troops
who witnessed the destruction of
Bosco Reale as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
The Lieutenant is quoted as fellows: "All was quiet in the town just
before the destruction, the people believing that they were safe from the
stream of lava, but after midnight
terrific  rumblings  were  heard  follow
ed by violent earth shocks which shattered the windows and cracked the
walls. The lava then began flowing
fresh fissure opened a few days ago.
A wild panic ensued, the people rushing about in the streets shrieking
with terror. The Uirainella crater
was by that time hurling forth masses of rock and a current of flre was
sweeping down the mountain with
terrific speed flowing in two streams.
One of them two hundred yards broad
was moving toward the centre of the
town. The population fled in terror to
Terre Dell Annunziata while the soldiers visited the houses in order to
see that all the inhabitants escaped.
Moscow Democratic.
Moscow, April 9.���The city of Moscow   has   returned   160  electors,    all
Constitutional   Democrats.
Season's Preparations
Rush Local Industries
Funeral of William Campbell.
The funeral of the late William
Campbell who was killed al Porti
Moody Saturday morning, took place
from Porl Moody this afternoon to
.New Westminster, where the remains.
were interred in the Oddfellows' cemetery. The funeral arrangements were
in ihe hands of W. ID. Fales & Co.
Delivery Horse Runs Away.
A runaway occurred on Columbia
si reel al noon today. The horse was
attached to the delivery rig of Anderson & Lusby, and started to run at
the upper end of Columbia, tearing
down the street at a terrific pace,
without damage to anyone however.
The horse was stopped at the corner
of Seventh and Columbia streets, it
being somewhat played out hy that!
lime, and travelling considerably
slower than at the start.
Gets   Rid of Its  Rider and   Makes    a
Dash for the Liverpool
Montreal Arrives.
Montreal,   April   8.���The   C.   P.   R.
steamship .Montreal from Antwerp, arrived at St. John, N. B��� on Saturday
with 1,170 passengers.
A. .1. Thomas of the Pacific Meat
Market bad rather a narrow escape
on Saturday afternoon, from being
mixed up In a bad runaway. He was
riding a newly purchased horse down
Sixth street when the saddle cinches
broke. The horse became badly frightened and Mr. Thomas jumped from
Its back landing safely on the ground.
The animal soon worked up a some
what startling pace and rushed around
the corner of Sixth and Columbia
streets, causing those on the street at
the time quite a sensation. Th animal
headed into the Loverpool Arms for
refuge, but was stopped by Aid. Henley. The horse was not hurt save for
ii few scratches.
Housesmith's Union
Will Force a Crisis
... ,,m V'"U' A"ril ��������The Time:-, tt .
"fflcera or ti,., u	
the open shop declaration against the
"lll<',,|'s "r tbe Housesmiths'"union! BousesmlthS' union    be  recalled    by
tho Allied Iron associations and strike
ir it is not.
make a s
yesterday   that they   will
of supreme eftoM to bring iholr
''"'  ""ion' against   the open
of ih
" ""'  l'''isls  (���,   Ad.,,    |,   ���.,���.���
Th,,"* s' 'Ls"�� IS supposed to begin
i.'    ' ''  thai   the other building
N will then demand that
lt;"l"�� union
Toklo, April 9.---The Japanese arm-j
oured  cruiser Alkonia of l.l.TBO tons!
was successfully launched at Kure today. J
Commercial   New Westminster   is
now getting busy for the coining season which promises io be one of the
best, If nol the greatest In the history
of the city. The box factory Is taxed
to iis fullest oapaolay to turn oul a
sufficiently large number of boxes to
accommodate the fishing trade, and already the ranchers nre placing advance orders for fruit cases, and with
presenl orders to fulfill the factory
Will be kept running for an exceedingly long time,
Shipping Flsh.
The  St.  Mungo  Canning company,
and  the Columbia Packing company,
aro  now  making steady  and  regular
shipments of spring salmon to the
eastern markets, particularly to Montreal, Chicago, and New York. The
spring run Is very large and prices are
ruling  very high, and as yet the sup-,
ply of fishermen is Inadequate, although a surprisingly large number of
men  are out  at   rhe present   time,
Scarcity of Workers.
The farmers are In town looking fori
men for spring work, tht city wants
men, and nearly every other Industry
In the city reports the fpame cemdi-
tlon. There is work for nil. and thisre
nre not nearly enough men fo till the
different positions.
The railroads report a brisk traffic,
new people are coming into the district with surprising rapidity, ajidi
conditions In every branch of trade
and Industry are such as to make the
pessimist bide his face in shame. Today is the day of tho optimist, and
booster, and all their ita enients as
to the remarkable prosperity, and future outlook for the city and vicinity
appear to be Just'.Ptd In every particular.
Retail merchants report a very satisfactory trade, and altogether the
outlook ls quite the most satlsfailory
for years, and as a result everybody
is   Jubilant,���and   boosting.
Labor Reformers Arise
To Save United States
Chicago, Ills., April 9.���With the declaration that widespread graft in
civic life and the domination of poll-
i tlcal bosses have produced a condition
' more dangerous to the republic than
that which led to the civil war representatives of sixty-three labor and reform organizations met yesterday in
convention and launched a new poll-
I tlcal party. A permanent organization
has been formed and officers have
been elected.
The new party ls to be known as the
Chicago Progressive Alliance and. lt
plans to capture the primaries and
nominate men to offlce who wlll be
free trom the Influence of any ot the
old political  party  machines.
season when everybody discards the old winter shoe and blossoms out with something fresh and new
season of the year at this shoe store.   Good dressers come to us, showing that the swellest shoes are
. Easter is the
to be had heie.
POR MEN    We ha-
Patent and Vici Shoes.
tion to the fact that
shown such a variety
Tan Shoes are here
will be welcomed by
all the new Spring Style Canadian and An   i ican Shoes, while we tarry an immense assortment of the newesi
We would call atten-
never before have we
of Tan Shoes. Cool
again in full force and
our many patrons who
want summer foot comfort.    We have them in Oxfords and Bals and made mostly in the dark shades, so that  the man looking for his
summer foot comfort will do well to turn his steps toward this store.
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tending to the dark shoes.    See our new styles of Patent Oxfords of the newest American Styles.
For Your Easter Shoes Come to Us.
hoe rioiise
erintendent of Methodist Church in Canada, on His
Way to Japan, Preaches in Queen's Avenue Edifice
���Rev. A. J. Brace Discourses on the Chief Priests
And Pharisees���Rev. Dr. Rugg Explains the Value
Of a Man.
ossi '  G
Second���Brtngii '   ���'���
The    threi i   i
. . . .
Third���Give ye
:���   |.... chu'n !:    t God  and  the  In-
���    n ��� the
of God
���   msiblll
solen      ��� ��������� ��� bean
We are sowed to si nd we
-  Chi Istl. :.-  tod      to    e  soul-loving
I   ct was
, i   icl   In bei  navj  as
of  Men who, to a great extent,
ichlngs    of  the
���.   The Bp.   ��� ���     hei  announi ed
next  Sund i   -   era .n would be
Physical    Ri ���  lon of
Rev.   A.
foi  thirty
church   in
Queen -
Carman,  Ij. It   i    I'd foun ed on the   Iberty of thi a  n in's  powei  of choice
., ,., ..... :      " : ���"���'������  ���K: ���' ���' magnificent dignil
bishop  of the    M
Canada,   pre ichi i   In   the
anue    Method!
faithl cord of I put!  hlm on hi- honor an I
Itutional fund  mentals. him    ! ������  :  of all 1
ini        realed -��� \ irning powei  .   A mai
���. mal
not overst. i   irk, bul
rdaj   morning  and   wa .     . ,,lVIJ    ,���  ,,���.���   before  thi I  a   alas!    The  greal   i .   I i
by i   congregation which crowded th.     . imong th  are, holj   matri    ca   101      land       osperltj     and    Ioe
building to Its lull capacl beads ovi    temporary
He  is    an  eloquenl   anil
Speaker, nnd though  well adval I  iii    ,,
vein.-   spoke with   ill 'li" en u j    and
Ore oi youth.
He   look   for   Iii.-   lexl   Gene lis   1   '.
The incident  ol  the Initial    ac II
of Cain and Abel, the former of which
wns pleasing  to God und the latter
The  speaker  opened  bis  discourse
by Haying:
"With gratitude to God ind - .un
dun. joy of hearl I uni with you to
day to preach as I understand II he
Word of God. I have been here be-
force and the memories of the pasl
make me feel that In coming to New ,
Westmlnstei I am coming bome
"I am on my way to .Inpan The
honored and beloved General Secre
tary of Missions, Dr. Sutherland, has
just arrived in .lapan, and I go to
join him there, to consider with him
some important church questions in
thai opening bind. The questions of
the union of the church, education,
property, etc.. I go with a business
thought, ��� �� * �� but my chief thought
Ib: Bhall our visit he made a tltr.3 of
Lhe revival of religion" Shall il be
made a time for the Btrenthenlng of
the brethren, and the saving of the
men and women of Japan' I am
praying tl al 11 may be like th ��� stpos
ties vli Ite oi  old to the churche   ol
Asia Minor."
Returning to the texl he said:
This Is one of over 500 passages in
the  Old   Testament,  recognized   and
endorsed In the New Testament. This,
lite oti.ei passages, binds with bands
0f .tee h two bunks into one Tlie;.
are like living cords uniting to
gothei    he greal economies of God.
Bless God for the groal economies.
They  have  been   full  of  the  gi '
���m . .      and    Ind
. Ing up this  world to God's  .
ol these and you would straighten up
the i      ii atra) -���'������'.
1 ������ ���:   to  fundamei tal   rights,
do�� n to common   i i.
"Why did God accepl one offering
and a"'  Hie othei :    Because Cain In
I.i.- offering   made  no  recognition  of
in, be bad no thought of propitiation
before n Cod who       ������������    hi   I    id.
fled     11"  is  a   type of the  man   who
bring    hi-  beautiful architecture, the
i..     ol bis worship, his culture,
etc., as, an offering to God, and God
have  nothing ol  It    Bul   Abel
canu with the blood.
"Cain's offering made no recogni-
:Ion of sin, of man's iuin and full. Ii
had no though! of an atonemenl for
sin. no though! of God's broken law.
sin had gol In and Cain never noticed
' Siune are aaying, 'God will take
my artificial life nnd lei me through;
my    superficial   service and    lei   me
th gh.'     Not   for  a   second.
Hi  '   i a  man with n sacrifice ror
-in.    Nothing    wlll    touch  the    con-
clence like the blood of Christ.
"Abel confessed his sin. und Cain
made no confession of his sin.
Here we find the New Testamenl
in the brighter economy, In harmony
with Hi" teaching of the old. Tbey
both Bho�� how the saints of the old
ilni". i],',e been able to serve, to con-
i       ai     to    reva!   ovei   all.
"Lei it move on and hold to thc
fundamentals, and we Bhall meel
them ia the greal congregation."
i Rev, A. .1. Brace, Pastor.)
'.' ordly thingB.   The Jews In tin
-i-i->   forgot their Hod
Insulted aud  men   ed God. The
:      thought  emphasised  is
The  Claim  of Christ.
He   Is   nol   slow   to  affirm   to
Jews his ' ni" position and funi I io
lhe    revealer  of God.    The-     claim
mi as their father, bul  He affirm-
��� d "before Abram was I am."
\gain in the parable very evldenl Is
God's Last Appeal
I   will    send  my  son,"   Ke  had  expostulated  with his chosen  people In
many  ways, bul to no avail
prophets brave and courageous, bul
ihey were "stoned, afflicted, torn
asunder," and at las' as a final argument He sent llis son. This was the
las! arrow In lhe quiver. After this
Ihe patience of God must be exhausted; ihe overtures of mercy are
In vain.
Suggestively pathetic are
The   Vain   Calculations   of   the   Husbandmen.
I  uMom    of    ,1 ii|>n n ���-'.��.    1'rlor
tO    1 ear   048    \.   U.
Prior to the year 640 A. D. the Jap -
ni   ���   bad   one  of   the   most   horrible
��� ad God us with a   burial customs that can be Imag n. I
curse If we fall       practice what we  that  of  burying all   the   immediate
.   . friends  and  retainers of a  prince or
ether person of note in a standing posit! . aro . otate's gr ive and
li Ing them .the earth up to their
Decks to perish of thirst and hunger.
The custom cannot be -a d t i have
been general as late as the date given,
for thc Japanese records pro'.-.' thai
the time of tho Emperor Sulnln (97-30
!'.. C.J the burial rites of royal person
ages were se modified as to partially
i ioII h former cruelties. Speaking of
a 3'oung brother of Kuiiiin. who died
and bud bis retinue buried stand.ng
around bis grave, the old record
says: "For ninny days they died nit.
but wept and cried aloud. At last they
died. lie-- and crows assembled and
ate off their bends. The emperor's
compassion was aroused, and he desired to change the manner of burial.
When the empress died, soon after, the
mikado inquired of hi3 officers If something In the way of a change could Itot
be suggested, nnd one proposed to
make clay figures of men and bury
them as substitutes."
Thut this did not entirely do awiy
with the former custom ls proved by
��� an edict Issued In the year (540 A. D ,
tlie date glv^ti first above, which forbid
tlie burial of living persons uud provided a penalty for further adh. rence
to tbe awful rite-St. I.ouis Hep..Idle.
i    the belc come lei us
him   thai     the  Inheritance   maj     be
The ruling class of the Jews clung
heli   privileges  und   forgol   their
on tblllt.li        They   did   not   want
to  be  reminded of  ilu-ir debt    Men
do mn   today, bul  the accusing voice
ol  conscience cannol   be stilled.    "A
com clence needs no accuser."
M ai are man.',  today who thinl
��� \le\ Ing    the Bible ihey    can   in
��� Ives escape  responsibility, but
o.    The works of God cannot be
oyed.    "Hoaven  and  earth    hall
away,  bul   my   words  shall  nol
Ai   thi   Dlh   - last  evei :n-
. ���       ���     .in. from Matt. 12, 11,
:_. ��� 10k for his theme: "The Value of
i    ��� -    ��� ol the Pharl-
I to I    ��� question:    ' How much
:, be  ���    I h tn     sheep."
...   ��� h.   earlj .  I hi
sees    had    i u . lain) tl    of    I he
rea ;l  ���-��� ol     eir I radlttons   -   lecting
he S - il ith day, by the disciples.
Chrl     had answere 1 them by showing thai  man was of more value than
,-ish .     ��� rvance ol a day. Later
in  ihe day    'hey received a    month-
stopping   answer,    illustrated    by the
:������ peirormed upon the man with
a withered hand.
The Master taught thai man was
the mosl valuable of all created
things, bj comparing man and beast
The speaker denounced In strong
term men who would email hardship
ll,. jeui and Buffering upon any beast, unnecessarily. Such men were worse than!
And while he admired self-sacrificing efforts to better the condition of
animals such as asylums for lost
cats, etc., he wished the same efforts
had been devoted to the betterment of
most   value, namely, "Men."
The making of men should bo the'
chl if concern of man, and the way to
make men was to begin with character.
The     world   at   large     had   a     very
������'���long idea of what constituted a num.
To a greal extent the Impression was
���l road thai the possession of bo much
cash or land or stock was the measure
ol a man.
The measure of some ol the world's
o-i tiled successful men was the size
of the hole they crawled through to do
'.ni" mean 11 Ick to make a dollar.
And the lawyer thai refuse I to ac-
i epi a f. e to .how them how to cheat
according to law had attained a large
degree ol m i ess even if he was wlthoul a i em, because he had character.
Wealth,    education,     position,   all
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Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
ColurnbiaJStreet, New Westminster.
C-rlrlr'n   niiuttnriii,.
Thomas Cariyle once took Lord
Houghton (Richard Milnes) to ti��k In
regard to tbe proposed pension for
Lord Tennyson. "Richard MilneR,"'
*ald t'arlyle, taking his pipe out Of his
mouth, "when are ye gaun to get that
pension for Alfred Tennyson?" Mimes
tried to explain that there were dim- '
culties In the way and thai possibly
his constituents, who kuew nothing
about Tennyson, would accuse hlm of
being concerned In a job were he to
succeed In getting the desired pension
for the poet. "Klchard Milnes," replied
the sage, "on the day of judgment,
when the Lord asks ye why ye didna
get that pension ror Alfred Tennyson,
it'll no do to lay the blame on your
constituents. It's you that'll be
God suited to the needs of men. There       *nd    when the chlel    prlesi      nd
en  abundant   grace  tor   I '" '"': and heard Hi- parable thej
������ i .-ived    thai  He  spoke ot    thorn
has alwa
'       lalvation   of   men.     In   every   ag".
an;   man who lived up. to. the Ughl of Matt. 21:4-5.
bis dispens,lion could find God, could      The  able mentioned is thc i|na
come to  the knowledge of God.    No We Illustration ol the wicked husband
one age Its had all ihe knowledge of ���""" *>*"> abused their stewardship It
Ood    Knowledge ot God is, after all, murdering their master's servants and
:,   mattei   oi   degree.     Christ   at     one unallj      murdered   the   son   and     heir
time said  to his disciples:    'I  have with the hope of gaining the vineyard
many things to. say unto you, but ye
cannol  beat  them now.'    And bo we
will continue for ages before wo .shall
i, m . n thai we may know of God.
.Men have tlinir queried about the
Old  Testamenl,    but  I  always    ask. i
���How v.ould Christ have iti'    I would
rather    take    Christ's    endorsement
than that of all the critics.
"We presume this and presume that,
Ihey say. I assume nothing. I take
the books, nnd out of Ihe books prove
their fidelity and the truths they un-
dertaki to teach. There arc sixty-six
books and forty writers, but it. is all; ble    conveys  the  direct
for themselves.
Tin parable is poignant with truth
and replete with local coloring and
- uggestlve inference.
Plainly has Chrisi reference fo
Israel's   rejection   of  the   Messiah   nnd
lhe din- calamltj thai musi be Ihe
Inevitable result of such a course ot
ac ion. The truths clothed in parabolic
teaching are aimed al the self righteous seif-coniaineii Pharisees who Bee
the inference nnd writhe under iis
searching severity,
The general teaching of ibe para-
world  and
The expulsion of the wicked bus-
..���ii wa.- speedy and final, The
Jews were scattered to the four winds
ol heaven,
iv.'-n tie. churches founded by the
mighty     apostles  dwindled   and     died
when ihey became self-centered.
Allien   is called  lbe dark  continent
Vei the time was when the greatesl
Christian churches were there and the
mosi brilliant of church fathers, lived,
tsughl and preached within her borders. Allien was lbe home ol Angus
tine, Cyprian, Tertullian, clement and
oihers who are Immortal in the annals
of Christianity,
They     wen
A Careful  I'mi.-ni.
A woman whose throat had troubled
her for a long time, says a writer in
the Philadelphia Ledger, grew impatient at the slow- progress she was
making and made complaint to her
doctor, who said:
"Madam, I can never cur-you of this
throat trouble unless you stop talk-
lug und give your throat a complete
"But, doctor," objected bis patlei t
"I'm very careful what I say. 1 never
use harsh language or anything of that
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
were to be soughl after could thej be
gotten     honestly,   "hut   with   all     thy
getting, gel  aharacter," for after all
the sum and substance of all which
man could take away with him from
this earth was character. Character
was the man.
The teaching of Christ was to the
eft'eel  that   the days wero to be used
by man In such n way as to develop w,,u' "��*h Dla"
charade,-.    The  Sabbath  had   Us par,      ���'*��� ���*"   to f'f  "f, "  '"^TJStZ
.   ., .     , Unit he once declared in an address
to play In thai development,   n was   to the _ougai ��Ag Daniel Webster says
necessary for man to take time to re-   |n hU dictionary."
fled  in order to raise the standard of       "it   was   Noah   who   wrote   tbe   die-
Ids  Ideals,  and   receive Inspiration  as   Uoruiry,"   whispered   a   colleague   who
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
well ns acquire rest. For thnt pur-'
greal beacon lights pose God gave to man the git'i of the'
still    shine although   Sabbath.
thai  Cod's  vineyard is the
the husbandmen or stewards
one book to me.
"I like, to consider this book In re-l "ion alc
buion to the constitution of things. | who musi some day give an accounl
I am a oon-tltuttonalist, if you like a of their stewardship. The very fact
British constitutionalist. I thank God" of Ihe Father having made the vine-
ror thc British constitution, it Isj yard and placed men to occupy II for
fundamental to thai of Canada or the a season suggests the opportunity for
United States II tests on the funda-i service and shows the scope lor In-
mental    relations   of    things.    It    is| dividual activity.   Cod has respect to
whose     lights
their churches are blotted out    Tbey       When     the   world    generally  bad   a
are nol because ihey stood Idly by, proper idea of the value or man and
congratulating themselves on their the needs of the development nece��
own blessings nnd did nothing to sary to produce men of character, 11
spread the gospel, They argued such would not place so much value on the
questions us "How many souls can mere power to control commerce, nor
Stand on the polni of B needle?" would our cities use the soul-deslroy-
whlle they allowed their fallacies to
stand In the way of death und hell.
No wonder ihe Lord removed their
candlestick out of lis place, and they
are today nothing but my enemies.
The practical application is simple.
If the church of today fulls In her
stewardship Qod will blighi her and
she deserves it.
int ut the next desk.
"Noah nothing,"  replied tbe speaker.
"Noah built the ark."
Ing agencies that existed ns a means
or fining their treasuries,
II would have In learn Hint the only
agency thai had power to uplirt mankind was the gospel taught and applied.    Tbe famous .lames    Chalmeif,
who for twenty-one years lived in
close contact with the cannibals of
Ynlneu gave clear evidence and proof
"Apparently you don't admire Miss
"No.    I dou't like her airs."
"What airs?"
"Those she sings and those tiy
wears."- Exchange.
Gaggs-1 don't see why everybody
calls Miss Keen clever. I think slu
ls verj- dull. WaggS���That Is ver;
strange, for I heard she cut you j-.-_
terday In tho street
Fortune Is ever seen accompanying
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I'v-lu i ii    uf   thi-    Maciiityrt-M   and   the
Woody  iliiud  Legend*
My father, says a writer in  Black-
1 wood's Magazine, bad no end of anec-
| dotes shout our ancestors, pans of
which I remember, though I wus only a
schoolroom child of under fourteen
when  I  beard  bim  relating  them.   I
, wns, however, old enough tu feel keenly Interested In them. Oue story that
Impressed me very much was related
to account for the origin of the Chin
| Siaclntyre,   A party of Macdonells ou
: one occasion were out in n boat when
a knot of wood sprang out, causing a
! serious leak, whereupon one of the party stuck  in bis linger to UU  the hole
j and then cut It off with his dirk, thus
j saving the life of the whole party.
From this circumstance his descend'
j nuts  were called  the  Msciutyres,  or
! sons of the carpenter.
Another story which I heard my (a-
j ther tell relates to the bloody band
which appears lu our cout of arms. A
doubt having arisen as to which of two
- brothers a certain estate belonged, it
i was agreed that be whose desh and
blood should llrsi touch the property
was to be regarded ..s the rigid fill own
er. Accordingly the two young men
started in two boats for the land In
question. One of them, seeing that he
was losing the race, when near tin
shore pulled out his dirk, cut off bla
hand and threw it on land, thus establishing his right to the property, ns bis
flesh uud blood had touched it first.
d-eer ll.-iiiir.ls and Reminder* Ttx-(
Come  lo the KlderN.
no mention was male or vuican uie
teacher asked the class who built the
houses  for the gods of Mount Olympus.    For awhile the children seemed
to be lost to deep thought, when sud-.    0m, of tlu, p.eate8t 0f living jockeys
dculy  a   gleam  of  Intelligence  Ilium!-1 hus  u  moet  remarkable collection  ot
nated the face of one little girl, and i ______ rrom admirers, unknown and
she replied: | otherwise.     It  contains,   among  oilier
"I can't think of his first name, but
his last name Is Smith."���Magazine of
Seven Days ln a Year.
At the examination of pupils ln a
primary school the inspector put questions at random to the scholars. Among
the latter was a towheuded lad who on
being asked how many dnys there are
lu a year answered, "Seven." When the
tittering of the rest of the class subsided the Inspector remarked: "I said
a year, not a week. Now, try again.
Iiow many days are there In a year?"
Tbe lad appeared nonplused and vexed for a moment, then ejaculated:
"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; Just
seven. If there's others I never beard
of 'em."���London Mail.
strange things, pawn tickets, writs and
summonses contributed hy unsuccessful hackers of his mounts, talismans
of all kinds to bring him luck in hia
races, sermons aud tracts for bis spiritual welfare, recipes for all kinds of
ailments, from coughs to a tendency
to corpulence, forms for insuring
against accidents, offers of marriage,
accompanied by bundles of photographs of would be wives, welshers'
tickets aud a pair of woruout boots
with the legend: "All that ls left of
them utter walking from York to IjOU- I
don.    Racked all your uiouuts.'
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In   1772 lt  nun   I'll nl  the t'ourta  Declared   It   to   lie  llle-'iil.
Ill  1772 slavery  was declared by the
judges   to   he  contrary   to   the   law  Ol
England. But during the years immediately preceding this date slaves
were commonly sold in England,   in
the previous year a liiriniughiiin paper
advertisitl for sale "a ucgro boy,
sound, healthy and of mild disposition," while In the same year another
paper records (and condemns) the sale
u short lime previously at Richmond
of a negro l.o.v for ��:!'_. This Is believed to have been the lust actual snle
of u slave that look place in England,
White slavery was very common iu
the English colonies lu lhe seventeenth
century, Cromwell seized Irian hoys.
gills and women "by tbe thousand"
and  "sold Ihem  In the slave markets
of Barbados," as may be seen in numberless places In the state papers of tin
period. Ho treated sntne of his ruyallsl
opponents In England und Scotland In
tlie same way. A similar fate befell
many of the supporters of Monmouth's
rebellion In the west of England, In
the latter case, us Macaulay tells us,
the ladles of the court, Including the
queen, ninrie large profits on the sales.
���London Standard.
Mexican   Coartaulp.
A Mexican girl is courted by a
unique process. Her would be lover
walks up aud down tlie street on the
opposite side and stares at her window by the hour. If his appearance
Is agn cable she appears at tbe window
after a few days of this performance.
When the acquaintance develops he is
Introduced to ber papa, and after the
necessary marriage arrangements have
been made he ls Introduced to her. Thc
preliminary tramping and staring are
culled "doing the bear."
Figures of a  Week fcr the Yale-Koct-
enay  Properties���McMillan
at Rossland.
Nelson, April 7.���Shipments for the
week from the Yale-Kootenay mines
amounted to .'!l).ll"0 tons, and for the
year to date, to 400.01S tons. The shipments from the Boundary mines were
_:1,12:5 tons���from Un Granby, Mother
l.ode, Rawhide, Emma, Sunset, Brook
| lyn. Skylark and Strathinore, lhe last-
named a new mine. From Rossland
A few years ago, after his horse had the shipments were 7,MO tons���from
lost an important race, a well knowu ' the Le Roi, Le Roi No. 2 and Centre
turfman weut up to the Jockey and Star-Wur Ragle. From Slocan-Koote-
made him a formal aud public pres- nay tn(, shipments were 2,216 tons, a
eutation of a silver snuffbox, saying |Vl.���n] f()1. ������, yeai>���from the St. Eu-
thut If he would look Inside he would .  ___,���__ u plat(l| ^.eka. Hunt-
see the kind of horse he ought to rtdt ���    ,,, _ ,        _      ,_.���_,   n��*���
,    . . .-,    ,   , _   .    .      i er V.. liluck Prime, Broadview, otta-
in future.    The Jockey opeued the box '
and found in 11 half a dozen fat snails. !��-��� Lone Bachelor, Queen, Kootenay
It was tbe same satirical owner who Ut>llt'. Sally, Second Relict. North Star,
ou another occasion presented his jock- i Whitewater, Ruth, Emerald, Majestic,
ey with a sumptuous casket, which on Aurora, Silena ami Queen Dominion,
being opeued disclosed ii wooden spoon, the last three being new shippers.
and lo a third jockey who bad failed: 'pi,,, ore receipts at tii" Btnelters
to win an Important race he banded were. (jranby 14,0(18 tons; Dominion
a pair of crutches bought from a beg-;,_.,,.    4 :!7.'.   ,.   ,���   ,���������,��.,,  4,564;
gar on me course Trail, 0,770; Hall Mines, 761    Marys-
When Johu Singleton, a clever Jock-
a clever Jockey of nearly two centuries ago, first
won a race In Yorkshire tbe farmer
whose horse be bad ridden to victory
500 tons.
McMillan .it Rossland,
Rossland* April 7.���Mr. A. J  McMll-
was so delighted with his achievement ,_  ���lalla.,;���e. director of Ihe Le Hot.
 ,     the band-' *���� '"' ?��d? Wm ��� P"Wj ��* �� �����* ilrr|Ved here last  nighl  from   London.
somest man of Europe."   He was a lit-[ ��*����� "tl��l'ri��K *oun mustered a round ,   ���          rk ^ ,���  , uumlh
tie over six feet in height, but so well1 �������*'����� ""''  "_"? s""twl 1Up ��*�����> . ...   .. , ��_, ... -.   ��� ������  ,
Goethe was  pronounced
proportioned (bat be did not seem tall.
His features were of tlie !toinan,type.,
his  hair  rather  light  than  dark,  his |
whole appearance commanding.    Even I
to extreme old ago he retained a lnrge
share of the personal good looks that
earlier In  life had  made hlin  so nt-1
Women Hut Weep.
"Tou look discouraged."
"I am," answered the newly married
man. "I have done all In nsy power to
make my wife happy. Sho can't find
anything at home to cry about, so she
goes downtown and weeps over the:
heroine at the matinee."���Washington j
herd lad ou bis career as a Jockey.
Singleton was very proud of und grate
ful for his singular fee.
In this respect he furnished a great
contrast to a well known Jockey who
when a cheek for $1,600 was banded to
blni by the owuer of n horse on which
he had won a race crumpled It up con
teinptiiousiy, with the remark that be
hnd "often received more for riding a
two-year-old."���Chicago News.
Even tbe lion hns to defend himself
against files.���German Proverb.
Illdu'l  Need To.
"Ifs too bud," said tlie judge caustically, "that the defendant should have,
chosen you for counsel. You know
nothing about law.'
Milton'.  Work..
Milton regarded tbe "Paradise Regained" ns infinitely superior to the
"1'aradlsc Lost" nnd once expressed
great surprise that any one should entertain a contrary opinion. He snld
that of all Ills works the poem "On the
Morning of Christ's Nativity" was his
best. It was his earliest, being written
In 1020, when he was twenty one years
of age.
since, bul stopped off at SI I .ml and
other places while en route He has
been in  England    tor   about    eight.
month", and now Uud lie Is here is SO
very busy that lie is not yet ready to
say anything concerning the untie, until he lias had an opportunity of looking it over.
The shipments for the Week ending
this evening were as follows
Centre Star    3,000
Le Roi   2,400
Le Roi No. 2      540
Le Hoi No. 2 (milled)     1.200
Total for the year
. 84,005
General  Booth Seventy-seven.
I��ndon.  April  7��� From    20,000 to
.10,000    members   of   the    Salvation
Army    celebrated tten.  Booth's    77th
Smith n Greek God.
In the grammar department of one. of
our public schools the teacher, nfter
talking with ber class on the subject
of mythology, read to them as follows:
"Vulcan, smith, architect nud chariot
builder for the gods of Mount Olympus, built their bouses, constructed
their furniture," etc. The following
day the subject of tbe preceding day
was given as a language lesion, and as I
Mabel���But,  pnpa,  I  know that  he
must have money. He doesn't attempt
WeH,"your honor." replied tbe young  to conceal It. Tapn-Tbat settles lt H�� j ^r^day ^7 the "crystal Palate this
lawyer, "I don't need to ln this court."   hasn't nny.  I afternoon    The general was In splen-
-Phlladelphla Press. tmmAU. | did health and Is arranging to start
The  fellow  who "borrows trouble"  0n a tour of Japan by way of Siberia
always has on band enough to start a  ,n October.   He addressed hie enthu-
....   *._ g|Mt|(j f0liowerB an<| amtaouncod that
the collections  In  tho  United  Kingdom, ns the result of thc Salvation
Her  Contribution.
VUltlng  Philanthropist-Good  morn-     .- ,   d,       ���
tag, madam.    I nm collecting for th*   __*__ Ittcxorr-     1T*
Drunkards'    home.    Mrs.    McQuIre���
Shure I'm glad of It sor.   If ye come
Patience Is the support of weakneeaj
uround tonight yez can take my bn* .u-Mjj^g n, the ruin of atrength.���
band.���Harper's Weekly. Colton.
Army's self-denial  work,  had  almost
reached the total of $500,000.
- fit;;'
���: ' ���(
MONDAY,  April 5
Pub!;,bed b]  The Daily News Publishing   Compel   .   Limited,   at   their
.S'lo't-'   ���
Pulled Out of the
by   Har-.      a -   Ma
er   inflamed
bt:..-   -
cor i. -i
New V
Sixth   and
-er,  B.
Editor   ard   r.^i     Eaward   D.
Advert ..ng Rates.
Tl* advertising.    10
ceni ���pj.rieii 12 lines - i
tbe  ii. Ki.-   -tots  per  line  for
. - insert  ms
Re n        -���    _�����: !   f i'- ���  '
: -  :������  -ier or nonpariel, 10
cent.,      - line
For time < attracts si>ccii! post-
(Jons, ��� ���    Ivertislng man -��� ���-
N't o tilths marriages or
death-. 50c Wants, for sales, lost or
f'iun'.. rooms ��� let, etc one cent pet
word.       N . -n.ent taken for
less th     S6 cents,
Pa'ec. or  proprietary  medicine
vertisernenus  inserted  at  rate  of
cents per inch per issue (display ��� or if,
reading notices  '." cents ixr lie
issue     No d< ri itkm from this rate for
leim i   ..'ra'' a
-.- dead
:..iserable consumptive
face and cheeks.
in the sockets, or pilling to the merits of
cd to this
given   the
. ���ase.    The vile-
���   describing the
-gviilant little  Wales" it would rorm
t pUs more than 120 miles h -
is ice enough tn Gree:.  U     I       ��7 the
entire  area  of  the  felted   BtatM   a
mile deep.-Lo:
tt.   E��*r  f �����n��ln��   M��..  _��4   Why  It H '�����" With - Bn.r Like T-��t of ���
FI--.   rrom   tb.   Sa>. til_J-t   W.trrt-IL
The uil of a comet is not formed ot      People  who have nerer  ��� -B *
th- same particles which composed it Jungle  talk  of  the
-iay or e-. en an hour or a moment talks of the hor:.
ign   It   -     ostanUy being renewed at of the offlng-a-   - <Aoted
��� ���   A- the long ' ���   it you only n
.   if bur. -moke from the neigh- But in the {angle :   - ���
\r>~..2. factory or mill is being continu- sky���at least y..u o -     -
newed by fresh           lea   ���' ear- 13 patches of it oi-                  Wh the
-use.! by ilie combustion going owning* in the tir;;-                 -    Net-
on in the furnace below, so is the won- ther do yon feel the ������     ��� '��� >."g, nor   pa;nt���i - ���.;..., |   \     v,'!.��� n  I
derful tnminoos train of cometary bod- get burned or dual--'. I;- vhe sun, nor   ___ .       t of asking to
��� -��� replen tbed   by even see that lumi:        ���    .; ��� hy mo    [pav __    .      ���_.���,;.   -' rl he
.- rrom or rather driven uiemary glimpses about midday, from    i.^^y at first t., open the box
quarter of
A Doxrr on   lppro.nl
A   cur: ��� .-        rtom   1
Boumaniai.     ���   -
ail biT u-v..- -
tally won     spun      It
ber mother ul.1 beraeU   - ;
Gilley Bros.
i, totally unfit to be   tza          ���.   ���   - t.y the intense heat of which tt follow* that a Jungle man does
the not usually pretend to be weatherwlse
.-   .            infln tely small nnd If he does he ls even a greater bum-
how Intensely inn Ino-s mu-'t these par- bug than the rest of th.   ���'������ it! er pr.:'..
. ���    tt go to       -��������� up the tail of a et.��.    On the after-ncri about wi.
comet ght Is sngg ited by ar.- speaking I remember letting ' rtb
tb   ���    ���   :.-t it has been proved tint in on my walk In the ar-Ul glow of tba
;- of comets wblch tropical calm and Tendering rather at
ar- only a few hundred miles in dlame- the intense stillness of the surroundiu
i   .-.: 0-9    ���
Has -     i.i ��� ....
MONDAY, i��PP.;t 3. 1906.
': pie of B
, | provii
effo    to s ii     them   ��� ���
���       T .,-
dall; ad the masa
, ���    :   ��� with s
iboiisl It is no
:. ���. .
i    ..   .
: we do as
il .
I ���
Th.      in i: . i .-, .��� _. the I v
��� ���  ������ i     ���   i   ���
care'-        :   ,    .
i he alo
in any man's family where young
-   budding into man-
->d,    and    ;
I ed and as much
id- -' ��� '������ ���
ah    the  mails,  and  the    credit
-   I  :
.   action '.'
���:on we hope
I thi
I publishing
nflt fo 	
���   I   ..
.    ini
''        f N
ibtaii mi    ii
srithii   ���
Icine and the condition ol ed froi
patiei celvi    i late i the I"
and   d i -nflt   na-':: ���
rrthi     -   tea
to the
��� he in ���
in |     son   md wil ��� , .    ,,,.    bis lai
forest Then the sir grew cooler and
the green of the fo;. ge I front seemed
to deepen, and presently there was a
sound as of a giant waterfall In the
distance Waterfalls do not. however,
grow louder every s- .-d. wh*res<t the
noise in front did so Th ' >ere was
a  loud,  angry  pro i of a
lions.    A minute i. ad the whole
jungle began to roar ".'��� squad
ron, of heavy caval re coming up
at a cull"!'.   Then I   not ra.c
and n peal of tho -     ��� sd t:
i the
Then   tl.e   st irm     egai      Tl ������   skj
n ':
the I     sb      .! I..- -i-l and bow
ed ll   df.     ������.
ted,    it tbe nan Down  M
1 for refug
- - i   I sand with ���-- I
of dull thuds, d   hing furi usl;
- ���  e leaves as if I rere a
������: Is, si
with  iiiini- ���      le perpei
and bnrlli - Itself down
of bnlli ta
'.    such a down] '    - well
I -���'������
wet,    I know
���  to walk to.   The
bus systei     presu]     les the 1
the wagon wheels and bullock tr
can be set
c-nrt tn '-: :- no long
turned to rnsl    -- -  I
cannot be t
a pocket coi       j you i
11 ���-���  to fly as to get 1       to when
yon '   me  frotn.    When one i     Is    if
se -'��� - m< n gild 1 ���    tei tl tr    elei i losl i thej
In Green t!       Cac a  always sti er by the -
11 ha* ions  tanlike  n Lt
���tret '  ��� . - -;.   ��� ���>��� f.,r a dlstac
excei : :.v- 200, ��� ��>��� ������ miles and baring
a bu.k ex. -���     .
more than 10,00 -'   Pro-easoi   E
B. Barnard beam    I :   Ulu-tr ��������� - tl
format:'in of a comet's tad by "a .
!ng" ��� B -   tba'
., ��� is . imposed ol
- heat of th.
ie as to ra]   11]
globe exposed 1
ire   -
ch to ��� ert it Ini
I _ ��� -
-  ��� ��� ���
��� ���
.   tbe . i  wlll
nucleus s nol
i no Is th
- aw iy froi
el    ted at by the
ted i    lily ex
pit ...-   - by ...       t's 1
���    . ent types
f -������'. - '
j gravity ol
.    _        - g the i
... gag and     third
ng all 1 ��� ���   - of an
-   tl nre    ���   I ydr g a snd  Iron
.    -
;s always placed tly al
...r  .->  I.'.-: ��� .
quality   '           .wry be maki - s I r
mal spi                 r the girTs half, on tbe contrary, the trousseau     ��� ���
:. it please bim, he is quite at liberty to
Hers* ot ��� Slow��-ir
The capt��:n of & Mediterranean
was tai-.r.g a    nl rtowawa: -
"Most  of   thosa  fell iws," mid
"ba... u ax aaslTS inantlty of ch
of brass    Once we discovered a Btow
awi.r .-. few   '..'.ys out from New York
and put bim  t" work in tiie ga ��� y
A lady in a tour of ::.-:     " >-'
j,- __ now-way '���-' !" ��� *- I^e-f'-^S potatoes.
"���How s   n do y 'U th.:..< we'll reach
Sspies"' siie said t ��� I.
"���Wei:, mad.un,' he replied, 'I'm do
tag all I can 1    get hi :���   I see
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also ---ems B. C. lottery Co. sewer pipe. etc.
Local agents vancotiTer t'ortland Cement Co,
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone l-b
Apples,  Pears,  Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds I
i and shrubs li J
Roses, *
D. M. Robertson & Sons   j
The Lucky
yr.ehead  Nurseriea
NEW    WE:
b-��-��-v��>"��>>>7��>>.�� ���'.���"���:���>������.��� ���.���.< ���'���:'�������:���������:���>:���.���.������.��� ���.������������..
'��� ': ���       Th ��� ':    '
nd j ell .-v.
.'. - ���������-, red.
In   India the  women  of thn     : g
t lack.
Bor:    .   .     e   d] e the hair in I
**���pit     - id -
A Hindoo bri le .- an I   ed froi   be   :
to foot with gn nd i  Iron.
In New Hoi] in Is  u- i    le eai
with sheila I inn e'.nliorat" patterns ".i
lies' faces
In .some S >uth  Amerii an  tribes the
women dr';-   the 1 esteei   ng
a-    :    ir "   th -  black  gap   I   i
very badly   bul  ��� no sun
Wl   '   re ; on to do?���S       P
ii.si        -oi.     This is a
nd entirely dlfl     i       medii
,e ijh< 6  in e   h  pai ticnlai   Insi ���
n thai an      ... e having   i
ceived froi I Sers
In New G           ' :-id:,K-- ��"iir n m
rings, pier     g the n ��e In the same
fli:. : -:.   -. ij hat .     . '���-:    women
pie      the ea Phi li      ... Bulletin
Tor Ir*- of Greenl-n-.
The largest mass
:- probably tbe one b fills up ��� t
-'.!: le ..f the tei it of Greenland, where it ba ��� I ' since
��� ��� - the dawn of history. It 1- believed t i i; iw form u block aboal 800,-
���i""' s ra re miles m an ������ an I averaging a mile and a bnlf In thi tkness. According to these ��tal ii s, the lump of
Ice Is larger in volume ;!..i:i the whole
body of water ln the Mediterranean.
and there Ls enougii of lt to cover the
whole of the United Kingdom of t;rvat
Britain and Ir-dand with '. layer u'lotrt
even       ������-  thick.   If it wer it iota
two   convenient   slabs   and   built,   up
eouallr   aooo  the  entire  aorfaci   oi
Is aLuckynumber wh n
it represents an ine
of 13 per cent on yo ir
The owner of a Royal
Avenue property has ordered aquicksc.lt-. which
means  that   we    m
move, andrhove quickly.
This is a rentingprop-
osition and its net income exceeds thirteen
per cent on price asked.
Only $500 cash required.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  - - -  B. C.
There  is  a  new  lot o*
H. M0REY & CO.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
��������� | a tl rough  know'- .
business in England with 1" y<    ��� ex-
:  -   ���        L*ti ' was 7 year   i
Take u"j Ice that I aal   Wesl
l     ..in [Con     ���      Lin   ed  have  de-
posited plai       I        ipllcation for the ,,-- tj-,,. watch  repairinsr depari
ol    ���   wharf    on  the  Fraser Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,     "���
British Columbia, oa the fore- Henry Birk's business manac
Of  Section   12     and   Fractional the time.
,.   .:.   North  Ran_e  7
'.'     '
li ite I   ;���'   Ni W   '-'��� 'Ttminster.   H.   C
5th March, '
English, Swiss, Americai
. ::.;, licati ���! watches cleaned
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Aden
if  tl
decidi     . to - ��� ���      ��� if treati
, ii,    ... used   i   he  md be onl;
IIU    VI or_-JUt    I lnllir��.
Lor I  EUlenboi ingh onci   repnn ��� I
bricklayer for coming to be sworu
ol    August,   .. ��� i,    was
,"'1   ���' m ordei j      mualhabiliments.  "Whenyonha^
1905, In   o far as 1 to   ippear before this court it Is your
-    ��� .!���   ol   making  the  propei   dlag a\ilable portion of the tract ii bounden duty to be clean and decent in
nosi'    ,uid  thousands  of cases i tion    with  whi. ��� your ippearance." "Coon my life. If It
, ,���    ���, . ,   to that"   said tbe  bricklayer.
. ,-,..    ...   v,���   v-   . Tm every bit as well dressed as your
���- -    '      eonts  '    With   various '    ' .     .       .-    -HOW  do  vou  mean,   sir:"
.er,  in  Januarv,  1906   ad-        ���        ,   .,       k- ,   ,   .��� -,
,,������ ., , ... hire  the oronei  oersoi excla med   the  chief   Justice  angrily.
1 ,h ''��� "���''���' ", ���'        '    ninlster of the interior thai "Well, ifs just this. Ton come here in
prescribi   foi   the  sick   and   ami ,,  withdrawn theii  consent to yonr working clothes, snd I come in
W nol sa;    hot   ��� thi    withdrawal   from  sab-  of timber mine."
n.1H ���      .. wi...,| from the ���  afo urroundlng Coquitlam      It  was  very  -'-Mom. however, that
pateni    ledlcines, bul we do    ���
shiei.   ..   more barm bas rathei been
the  resul    ol   theli   com tai	
he  ; atepa ei     i I
ve:    of the opinion thai th.   n    oi
timber nnd the operation   n. .
in connection Uni. with would
paniai   relief   bas   been   Been red  on  ha\    the effect of contaminating and
-ariout   -���' i -; ni     ' ' pi ,:' ibl    ; ' '   '" '''"' B watei '��� "r"^
anybody got thc better of Lord Ellen-
borough. A witness dresssrsl in a fan-
tastical manner and who had given discreditable evidence was asked in .toss
examination what he wns. "I employ
myself," he said, "ns a snrtreon." "But
does any o:.'- else." Inquired the ihlef
,   .       ..,,,                            thai                     on this   Justice, "employ yon as a surgeon?"
sain withdrawn from sale. 	
i-ni'      :   a.
, .<��� ���  pi it -n Hme and time
.... ..   ...  .;.   Instai - e  whei
patent    medicines   have   been
, , ong tre. ment by tbe I -
mi   hi    pa lence
is cured.   9
,, I, lend ol i."'.'- bad you   10I
tl,. .     loi ' ��� '    ;i:
,    irei      '     .'    P' '
low hr.  oul  their  physician'    li
tlon     How   then -   ' ���   '    be .
the su
tonl.       at  cured      .     Bn
.  , .:.      .... ���    In Oel   ai.
, |      atelj   bei .m i   "  11     In  en
. instance ol  thla kin I ihe good
.-'    ���   d.
bc    : Is  bi in. ������ i
no ���-    d" and  Lhe further aa a     ���
made    bai   ail  doctors  are jusl   the
hli   I   ;i il onlj  an Injui tl.
to th.   doctoi   bul   Is  posttivel)   and
abso       ���   ��� ruel     1 be doctor ta nol
Infalll   ���. neitbei  i in be i ure eve
ailment undei th ���    in, bul he can
doi :i.oi.   -��� ... i ::    m ��� Blngle da ,
than .     the (ombln   I efforts of the
1 '    minister recomm md
i . met!  dated  8th ol  Novem-
i0 . be rescinded and thai  the
be land      n rounding Co
e, which ii.....   ... en sold to
of New   >     ���) be
ed froi
Tl      ���   : imti I ee ih.       ���
' Clerk of the Privy Council."
.... ,.:   I hem,   Accord 1. a   l<   o   Medical  Unn.  Are  llnUiol  Il.-nio..
\b ,ii-:   boup from tbe dinner table,
es. iew l 'a aud coffee, pass thc baked
beans with illenl contempt, beware the
���,.���  ;, in. ale .   b.   ��� oi   lured   Into
.i ir   to  youi     : tnach   by
Amen, a'a common enemy, pic; be tran
jini .md cheerful al mealtimes, even if
vou are nursing a chronic grouch the
resi of the time, and never, never ito to
be 1 wiib your Btomacb filled.
These are scattering fri gments of a
hlrty-two Inch shell of advice fired before tbe Chicago Medical society by Pr.
Edwin   B,   Tuteur,   who  lectured  on
When to Eat, What l I Eat and How
to Eat."
"H iup," declared  the doctor,   "is su-
perBuoua In a substantial dinner menu
He Stooped to Conquer.
English newspapers tell of a young
tbman Ln Birmingham who by h;s re-
semblance to her dead son attracted tho
tan / of a wealthy old woman. Sh ��� belied him a  fortune on condition
. ,i educated gentleman.
.: ��� ��� . iman Btn lied the classic- enough
I ...:' for Oxford or Cambridge,
' nt '! lubted i hethi r be knew en mgb
t the i    nnera of young gentlemen to
bin -��� If properly In their �� ��
' ���    go pul' i - pride In bis pocket, be
Ined a place aa "scout," or servant,
��� of those seats of learning and
ifited so mu h by wbat bo aavi -md
��� ��� ��� d .;i ths humble posl ' .-   thai
T   pro. 11
,��� .   er        is n     udi nt ho v.is
to p    . creditably,
Having; made arrangements to enter another line of business we have
decided to close out our immense stock of
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varoise Stains, etc.
< ii ���.!  Iron.
Cast iron Is extended the five thou-
.-iind five hundredth pan of its length
for every ton of dlreci strain per Bijuare
inch of iis section. Its elasticity Is fully
excited when extended the one-tbou-
sandth pari, and the limit of its elasticity Is estimated to be found a* the
time when lt Is extended the one thou-
ind two hundredth part of its length.
The tensile strength of the longest piece
of cast iron ever tested was t'.'.iTI
pounds to the square Inch.
Very neat 5c to T l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
9 in. borders to match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral deyi
all colors, regular prices 7 l-2c, LOc, L2 L-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roUi - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices
Sale prices
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd
Sale prices, per yard
Bo la tea and so Is coffee and, In fact,
patent nedlclne does In a year, and to any moisture except that which is nat-
hi,,,   and    his  efforts  ever*    praise orally contained in the foods.   Soup in
tbe form of beef broth, without eggs
Should      '   io ' Hu.wired-  ami      ^.^^      ..   ..���l,���.;,,,;0S] w,,,lM  st;.:vo a
11 bi   i i ol  dll 'I-:   i i.-e-  are  mc-  dog to death in ten day-.    Beef tea
ti    ind  cured  by him   made from the solid extract sold for
the use of Invalids Is a mere stimulant.
.' ' week thai no i Blngle word i . nmi.mUiitions, queer tasting temper-
ever breathed iboul noi doe- be pi j mice drink. Tea and coffee are not
,���i, wn self to mention the fan either,   '"><�������� but stimulants,  Tbe,- retard dl-
cost ion nnd often cause gastric catarrh,
iuu   le   an  Infernal  patent  medicine   _erV0UgneM ___ insomnia.
en.o-.    -i  corn  oi   ease  up a  Head      "Beans, the dried and baked variety,
cooked   wllh   salt   pork,  are  banefuL
Teamsters, soldiers and Boston intel-
���wiili in-  be i through the column   ol   [equals subsist upon them to soi is-
various newspapers, under the Bartngl tent.   Pass them by ."-Chicago Record-
i.    .
llrcnUlnur   Her   Ir.
Husband (newly married) Don't you
think, love, \i I were to smoke It would
spoil the curtains? Wife- Ah. yon are.
really the most unselfish and thoughtful husband to be found anywhere.
Certainly It would. Husband "Well,
then, take the curtains down.
iche, . id half the �� ��rl I Is acqual il   I
An   Affldo-vlt.
The suggestion of an English barrister that a certain matter was a propel
subject for oral  examination,  not for
affidavit,  agreed  with   the emphatic
opinion Of an English justice recently
retired. He was once trying a ease at
the Manchester assizes In which a man
bad been cross examined upon an alii-
davit Summing up tbe evidence to the
jury, the judge Bald, "Gentlemen, of all
the '.veapons in the whole armory of iniquity there is nothing to equal tin nf-
.!t    oi t...    ., ng thc truth."
25c to : le
12 l-2c to 20c
12 1-2 to 20c.
6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A  beautiful  line  of  American  pressed  goods;
regular $1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.   Frieze to match;    regular 35c per yard
For - - - 20c a yard
A visit to our store will convince everybody that
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly.   V\ e
have just opened a fine line of German goods wl
v ill be sold at cost.   Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so en.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. vv e
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but "I
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
* C S08 Pender jfc. Vancouver
0pp. People's Theatre.      : :     Same Prices Apply to Mail Orders
tr r~f,v *rp-:r .::,v. 1CNDAY, APRIL 9, 1906.
Paint Quality.-What Is it? Local flews Briefly Told
_-_ What is Paint Onalitv?       Puini    miolifti ia tV>�� W
What is Paint Quality?     Paint quality is the
distinguishing mark of good paint over all other
��int.     It is m the paint itself,  the material
due, the conditions of manufacture and the skill
of the paint-maker.     Sherwin-Williams Paint,
prepared, is paint quality through and through.
It is made oi the best   Linseed Oil and manufactured with the skill of 40 years of the best
-making.     Paint quality and S.W.P.  are the same.
_)_(*_ stands for the other.   If y.iu are about to paint your
house these  facts ought to interest you.    You can obtain
furl er information at
M. Mi-I.i-iin was a passenger to bis of ill f.itii". All pleaded guilty
home at Mt. Lehman on the Beaver wire Bned $15 and cost-- each,
tins morning.
I till
| Typewriters...
Underwood���V lsible Writing
Empire���Visible Writing
. i M.ii-r-. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
Saturday INight Special
���    ill deliver on Monday all orders Placed Tonight for
Oc N��-! p��tatoe$ at 90c
The City Grocery,
Tricphone 97.
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring.
House Cleaning Time
ou may possiblj need a carpet. We have the greatest range of
and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satis-
han you can get in any other place, l-'or instance, a good bodj
paper for undi rnea I and laid for one dollai a yard up.
arpets taken up, cleaned and relayed  for ten cents a yard.   We
thi largest stock and the finest inow rooms and the finest  prices.
rd Bee us,   lt will pay you ; i see our stock before placing your
��� i lewhere.
a I 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
i ��.��>:>"���"���:>>;��������:��"���>��: ���y>'>"��"��>>>"cc��>:>>>>>������".
Lar'jc-t   Stock   in  the  City.
fy'.cunt. d     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come nnd  Inspect Them.
yj^.��� - HC\ W. C. Chamberlin
^ DIAMONDS 1   The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
Do   It   Now!
3top paying rent, live in your own house.
Jei'b cash, 7 roomed house on Queen's Avenue   $1,300
S 0   cash, G roomed house and 3 lots cleared  $1,250
������a li. cottai ������ :, rooms, 2 I i s In trull trees   Jl,080
Mi      li.l       1       0     f Hual Estate,  Fire <fi Life Insurance
:_,eO(l,   Mark   &   CO.,        Tel. 273.       Near Tram Office
1 he Selkirk disastar, where with uie
assistance ot 'lie derrick   the crest
I iieceodeii  iu raisiug tho cargo of the
submerged resseh The hull is *uii in
the water an'l will be raited as swu
as possible.
It would appear thai Chinese mer-
chants are trying to ge a corner on
Chilliwack    potatoes.    Almost    ever]
M. J, Jones and wife were passengers to Ladner on the steamer Transfer this afternoon.
'I'lli 1 r >  cases of eggs came in on the
Ran a yesterday for reshipment tojwent (mln vancnm
to Vancouver. j car ,,���,.,,
Mrs. Parker of Bonson's island re-
Needle  Work  Guild.
Mrs. .1. C. White, the president ���f
the local branch of the Needle WorkJ
Guild of Canada, held a meeting of
yesterday brought in 600 sacks which
the electric
The Royal City  Mills is building    a
turned this morning to her home af- large residence neat* the mills and jusl
ter spending the Sunday in the city.loft Carnarvon streel in which will be
H.Clapton or Vancouver, spent housed the huge gang ot Japan-
Sunday with   friends   In the   Royal 6M employees.    The structur n-
Ci,v braces three storeys and a tic, and
will  be ready for occupancy in aboul
E. Jaundrlll was a passenger on the I.���. w,.,,|^
Q. N. it. this morning to Hazelmere     ���,,         , . ,
���  . ,        I In- transfer bad her usual b-ngthv
where   be   is   bulbing   a   house   tor  .1.   ,, .   ���,
(list   of  Monday   morning   passengers
I today.   Among   Ihem   were;     C.   Pal-
Thrlfl  of thai  place.
O. w. Killander returned to 1'adilla.
meiu'.r, T. Taylor, W. n. Ladner, Miss
Washington, via the   0. \. It.    this|Ma_ley,  T.  Martin.    G. London,    C.
Lord, Mrs. and Miss Trimm, Ladner;
Mis. ilni. hon, Port Guichon; II.
Hughes. Mrs. Dove. Mr Dove, Sun-
\ new boiler was broughl In by iln1
Robert Dunsmuir pestei trom Van
couver to be installed In the little
steamboat l.oia, owned by the St.
Mungo Canning company. The new
boiler will be Installs 1 as soon as the
l.m-1 Is released trom drj dock, which
will iii all probability be aboul
Wednesday next.
The n.-w pump i- . out readj tor
the governmenl dredge King Edward.
All  that   is  now  lacking  i
morning.   He was visiting friends in
the Royal city.
Twenty-four    head of    up country
were taken to Silverdale on the
Bt  iver this morning for Cooper Bros..
tbe butchers,
Indian  Agent   McDon lid  went   down
the river to Tt I Indian  re
serve  this afternoon  on  the  Bteamer
'i hi    nag bo wenl down
ihis morning with a beav;  scom
1 1 of lumber for th" government's
river stai Ion.
.       Trai   tei   took  to  Ladner this
afternoon a large eonsignmeni of tea  Bteel runner which has to be Import-
and wine billed to Chinese merchants   ed  from the other Bide, The wank of
al thai point.
the lai' Sai..; .' in Lenl many of the
churches 11 ��� ��� tl the city held
sped .! services, morning and evening.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Clarke of Vancou
ver v.ei.. passengeis on the Bi aver to
aek thla morning and propose
making their home In thai district.
Miss Bexsmith of the Columbian
college leaching .-laff will nol be at
home on Thursday next, She will receive mi the fourth Thursday in this
W. Turnbull, formerly with the
Dominion Express company In ihis
city, ha- accepted a position with the
ii i ompany as l ill clerk in Vancouver. His position in the Royal City
will be filled by C. ll. Tupper.
The Beaver this morning too* a
portable tank to Langley where
it will be used ln the now- cheese factory now nearlj completed, The Vancouver Plumbing company wen- the
A low box making machine was received al the electric cur shed this
morning for the Echerl box factory.
The ponderous machine was taken
over today and will soon be in readiness  for service.
Alex Lousier, manager of tin" Me-
Murray cannery, on Westham Island,
returned down river this afternoon,
on the Transfer, to resume his duties
after spending the week end with his
family in the city.
The following  wore    passengers on
the   steamer  Transfer  to  down  river
loints this afternoon;  C
Hams.   Westham     Island;
Richardson's   Landing:  F
Captain J. C. Sainsbury
ration Army of this city went to
Clayton this morning on the ti. N. H.
to attend a meeting this evening. A
large number of the local army are
following in a rig this evening.
If you are going to the Old Country
boat thai comes from up river has a  lllat ��<"iei> al  her home last  Friday
consignment of spuds and the Ramona  "ml during the entire afternoon her
large dining room was a scene of life
and animal ion as a bevy of ladies who
had   plied   n lies  and   scissors   In    a
mosl effective manner during the past
six months offered the product of
their handiwork for sale. There were
lift  pieces In all  and  the  sum  of (26
was received from the goods disposed
of. To the Royal Columbian hospital
was sent; :;:, pillow cases, 2ft townTR.
10 men's night shirts, ." ladies' night
dresses, 12 nay cloths, i Bheets, nine
bureau scarfs, r, clothes bags, 1 boy's
robe, 1 pair bed room slippers, I pair
of men's socks, 1 table cover. To St.
Mary's hospital was sent : 7 towvls, s
pillow cases. :: tray cloths, 2 stand
covers,   1   man's  night   shirt.   1   child's
nignt gown. To the Benevolent so-
clt ty: 2 child's skirts, 6 chili's aprons,
1 child's nlghl gown, t ladies' aprons,
'_' child's dresses, 2 child's under vests,
2 pairs holies' drawers, 2 pairs child's
drawers,   -J   pairs   ladies'   stockings,   2
pairs child's stockings.
The cash wil be kepi In reserve for
eases of emergency, The guild wl ih
es to thank all those who so cheerfully responded with gifts and who
assisted In making the work of the
guild   so   successful.   The   next   half
yearly n ting  will be held October
1   30, 1906.
St. Barnabas Services.
Where will be services held in St,
Barnabas  church  every  evening this
week except Saturday, commencing al
You will exclaim with the early seekers after gold. No wo have no gold
lying around for you to pick up���hut you will nnd lometh-M just as
good. You will tind articles at prices that will save vou some of vour
hard earned cash.    Think of it!
Those $17.50 Sideboards we are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers and Stands for $12.50
Elm Golden Finish, Host Mirror. 1! Drawers in Dresser
Carpets-a beautiful line.    Hygenic Carpet. Underlay and Stair Pads���
Kelt���something new and the best yet
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front   Streets,  Uupont   Block,
,���,  " "'}
|      A Matter Of Great Importance      3
~t _s*
Your        I
|    Easter Hat   I
�� B
>Ji   A visit to our show rooms will   repay   you.     Beautiful   Jis-   ft
-,- play of Trimmed Hats, made by our -killed >J
J Milliner. Miss Taylor.
installing the new equipmem will take
i'i    erdaj   being   Palm  Sunday, and   about   a   month.  Tho  presenl   machin
ery is in had shape and 11  takes the
pump all i's time to force   the Band
!���! By Express Lo-day, Latest in
| Ready to Wear Hats
i< Prices to Suit Any Purse.  >J<
ihe distance II requires to be thrownl    <���, Tuesday, a ConBrmation service
iu the dredging opera'ions.
On Tuesdaj  and Wednesday, April
IT and 18, the v. M. C. A. workers of      0n   Wednesday,   the   preacher   will
Vancouver will have the pleasure of  be ,h(, venerable    Archdeacon    Pen-
will  he held  by the Lord  Bishop of
the Diocese,
On   Wednesday,   the   pn icher
listening to addresses bj   Rev. W, E.
Marshall,   of  Australia,   and   Mr.   Par-
treath,  D.D., of Vancouver.
N'i'Xt    Friday   being     Hood
!    GORDONS   I
...ns,  field  secretary  for Canada and there will  be the usual  service held'
the  United  States.    Quite a  number al  u  .,, ln, wItn .,��� adQreg8.
of the citizens who are Interested in      0n  i.;asUM. Sunday there will be a
V. M. C. a. work propose taking in celebration of Holy Communion al 8
the meetings, as both gentlemen have ;|   m  Mornlng prayer anil Holy ,.���.���.
the  reputation  of  being  particularly m���llil)n a1 n a. m. children's Bervice
able speakers and  well Informed on .,, 3:15 p 1IL alul evening prayer at 7
all matters pertaining to the work of p m Bpecja] hymns and anthems will
the association under whose auspices ,,,,  B���ng  0_   __e festlvai  occasion.
are  working.
A  confirmation service will be held
in   St.  Barnabas  church  on   Tuesday,
April 10, al 7:.0 p. m. by the Rigid '
Reverend   the   Bishop   of   New   West-
Play   Makes  a   Hit  at  the  Vancouver   mjnstor.
Theater. The   Venerable     Archdeacon     Pen-
A clean-cut little comedy ot delicate treath. D.D., will preach at St. Bar-
charm and native humor. Such In a nabas church on Wednesday evening.
nutshell is an appropriate description   Service at 7:30 p, m.
of the nlav, "Cousin Kate," presented ������ o	
at ihe Vancouver opera house Satur- Wanders Into Trouble,
day night by Alberta Gallatin and com-. Edwin Lavina, a harness maker oi
pans'. Ami after the many so-called Vancouver, who Journeyed to the
"musical   plays"     and    extravaganzas   Royal City Saturday night, with    the
such a performi  as Cousin Kate"
came as a welcome relief.���News Advertiser.
Women Meet.
evident object of having a good lime,
came      to     grief      about     midnight
when    he    ran foul of   Officers Pat-1
terson and Johnson, he being decidedly under the Influence of liquor as a'
Save  Your  Money
Look after the cents and the dollars will look after themselves, is an old saying, bill true nevertheless, and yon ran save the
cents  by  dealing  with  us.
Our business ts increasing every day, and no wonder, our patrons are so pleased with the way we do business, that they can't,
help recommending their friends to deal at the Public Supply Store,
and get the Best Goods.
As it is our belief that ls Is quality  not   altogether quantity  thai
public    wants,    we sell that quality at the lowest possible price.
We  want   your  patronage, because we can give you satisfaction.
N.  MoWll
The   local  branch  of the  National  result of which he was lodged in the
Council of Women met this afternoon   city Jail over  Sunday.
and transacted considerable business.      This morning    he appeared before
F.   Trapp.   The holies will endeavor to secure the   Magistrate    Corbould,    and    pleading
Berry-eld,   council   chamber   for   lhe   balance  ��f   guilty  to the  charge of being drunk I
I their   lecture    course.     Dr.    DeWolfe   and  incapable    was fined    $2.00    and
of the Sal-  Smith  will he the next  lecturer and   costs. He explained that his home was
his theme will be Sanitary Conditiow  lu Fair-lew, imt that he had friends
in the Home. in "10 clt>'' uI>on whom he made    a
 0 : social call, and upon his inability to
pay the fine imposed, one of these
friends came to the rescue, and accordingly the man was released.
Arrives With  Tin.
The steamer Robert Dunsmuir took
one of Its flying trips to this port yes-
friends    and   desire: terday and left quite a large cargo be- ���
comfort, travel via C. P. Ry. Atlantic 'bind. Among the items was a large N��w   ADVERTISEMENTS
Lake   Erie   West   SC   .lohn.   April   28.   quantity of tin to bc used in local can-
2 magnificent new Empresses will sail  neries; and rails tor the Fraser River
in  May.  For particulars apply  to Ed.  Mills. On its way down it took a large
Goulet   C   P. H. Agent.                          1 number of cases or canned salmon on
Enna Und,   Ruth Evans,   Sappho board for Vancouver^
Smith, and Annie Clark, four women,
of the town, wore summoned   before
Wanted���Fresh milch cow. Apply P. O.
Dox 332 or Daily News Office. City.
For Sale���50 Egg Chatham Incubator.
Cheap. Only used once. Apply 1991
Sixth avenue or P. 0. Box 602, City.
Cargo  Saved.
Should a Horse be Clipped ?
Clipping in the early spring is recommended by leading veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand
clipper, but does 100 times the work. We also keep in
stock 1902 Clipper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine. They shear clean, saving 1 to
1-2 pounds of wool to a fleece.
T. J. Trapp & Co, Ltd.
Advertise in The News
���taia ��� '������*^mtirmmwitmm^'>U'*im
The Big
Prices for Blouses,
50c, 60c, 85c and $1.00
Russian Styles
Just Received New Spring Blouse and Boys Wash Suits
Thc Cash Clothier,
Columbia Street
$1.00, $1.50 and $1.75
New Westminster THE DAILY NEWS
MONDAY. April |
��� ���
���  _-> _.��� __| _ .       _   ���
:Sporting News;
and Comment.
-  i
Moa : i
��� ���������������������������������-�����
Lacrosse Talk.
reports will
ag which wil
playing    in  -       .    -
'.' .11 ������:.      :
I ...,-..
.:.���  .
'earns  si:.
" -am.
rear.    Aj
.. ��� .
���   ���      o talk i
an effon to blufl .-.nd ln
i liberal <: o of hot
air.    0n<
'���.::---.     ~ta-�� Tie.
' ���
-     I -
- ���     Bcorcs
a on S '
������      Tl
.-     ������
.-     ������
.  .'    .-
.'���    .'
.-     -"
M    24
ti     -
:���   ������
-    --
'   ���
.1    .-
O-rw-ren   L -roer  Up.
Of courset
I i
than  Ui'fc  men  have  iddl :
aed Jimmy Brit-, who i
;. . ed McGovern.
Hemra      -   -
man and
Hen    .
In the I
i I
-���..lie    saloon    that    hi-     *
i run an si
4 tt .-. ���   | '.-
to   f::.
b  '  ��� ��� horse.
pie '���_-��. His
- '
He  has
i i s rii
'    the ������':.    Meridian:    thence dary 1
a  ch-lni
chains;    thence    South    I
thence West 20 cl tins;  thence South'    T
M chains m
boundary of Sect]
-  -he North - of S
M-ii-   -he  poin-   of COBS of 4
regtilitior. which    a
���������  will  be  :
-   -
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Csatt L m
( tender ai
1 at this I f ol
New V.
Each  tender  mt
-   .
g  notice   and
;- may 1
by an accepted cheque on a char--
bank  in  favor of giving
Minister  of    the   Ir.-erior,    for
s  amount of the bor.
cant is prepared to pay for a ... b���n
No tender by telegraph will ... be deemed
Department of I      '     rlor.
Ottawa. Marc!.  201
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
; if.on
ar.d enl
m may be
I g noi        in  the
��� ���All   un- :   Do-
Lan '- in M rrtoba. tht
west Terrkorii
- ting
��� ���-   ��� .:-, and the i   i iter n
���   ���
jr.  area  ol  1030 acr   -  :   -
-   he   may  d
not exceed three
V. W. & Y. RY.
-  ���      XI
pm Van
(Subject to ehai i
Prir.' ���
Pen .
B. 8. Princi     Vi
��� am
5 pm
'ain.  and   '
will   doubtless   t<-   '������-   '
i -
ed, and  It seei
m   win   ni(*t   with   pi
proval tn the we '
twenty-four  men  arc  moving
C'*55 Fighters .-r. Country.
' -
of Minerals on Dominion Lands m
Manitoba, the Morthwest Territories
-nd the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal   la: Is  may    be
chased  at   ;       ; ��� -
and   $-���.   :'  r   ar.-:
-     ,    .     -
a  financial   -
pounds shall I
If any ol - " sold to thi ���   - I
... QUARTZ���Pen ns eight en $t -    I the
... .-���   '- and over ai     ioint stocl        ���"-&���   namely.   :_- i
pair-    holding free i tn ....
g . t to i       ty al       h ral        maj
tion. be specified by
A tree miner's :er1       te is  .-;.:ited 'RY.
- '''   ���' -    ���    or mr>re y not"i     eedinj ty of the Minister
five, upon payment in advance ��� I ;" '-
- -.- it  per annum for an in lividuit, and from      Dept. Intel    -
Route of thi
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
S        Be, St P lint
;.    nl    ���        go, 8t
Fi '
F". C. GRIPTtN    '
S. 0. V.' I. P. A.,
lumbla H      -       le, Wash.
-0 acres car
ral or  com; iny      Royalty  at  ,.,,,... and satisfact
ten r I - ry, an area not  exceedi   .
-   ��� rill be
-    sent  to  Hi
���  -.   fas! dip, . Saturday nlghl
ible for one n. a 'i line
on all the  players,  an
when a piece of dirty work, or a foui.
atentton th'- unfortunate
referee comes in for an unreasonable
amount     of  criticism,  and   no
share of unmerited abuse.
Th'-re has been a lot of talk, bu*
rer,   :."'.'-  action  regarding the matter of grounds for the coming
. nd  i   the opening Sau   '
��� -.,  is drawing ne i
the lacro   ���- peopli   to
R<     W. v.'. Bolton i   gi
lately  arranging  foi
of the intermediate 1.
Irom   Vn ���'   .
and New V. ���     :..::.  tl        Hi   ���
.   ���', call a ii.' ���..        irtly tor
the purpose of preparing
and for the election of officers.   It Is
the Inti ntlon of the league
a series of kw< Ive gas es, and il
gi mi    are all played d nil
son, th<- follower- Oi will be
treated to some rare exhl bitioi
Th" Ottawa Fre<- I':1
of   the   original   twelve
���   ��� ast  in 1900, tal Ing
ol everything in sight, thi
01  ihem  are to be in  the  gain'- this
Who   are   thi    "     [I    is
stood    of course thai  a  few  of   the
veterans   are   talking   of   reti::.
season, but  it. Is  scarcely  ii,..
there will be a wholesale desertion, on
the  part   of  the  old   standbys.
Free   Press   states   thai   the
Alex   Turnbull,  will   play   again  this
year, and  ln this thi J   arc right.    In
speaking of Turnhull. the Free Press
pays bim the highest eon;;
���Ible when it .states thai be I     pro ���
ably the greatest cent'-r 'he world has
evr-r produced." Thi- statemenl ongl
to  catch   Alex   right   where   be  lives,
and   certainly   he   ha-   made   a   record
of   which     any   man   might   well     h��
proud,     and   he   is   not   "all     In"   yet
B   Ol
.   Lavigne   the ona   |
weight ght    in
tbe end of,tl       ��� ttlng his wife    He wi -
day   in   Del the   third
������:   -��� ... ll ll .       . within the  past  'e��   :
���'' :���:   ���      nd  was  fined  in court.
:   which   ':.
.      ������ Bl    ll
agton <
ged to t
mei ---.-.
flgbti ��� ...
I bi  ���
for ct
gated  to  thi
Ind   of  fighters   who
Into the Brl
good   haul,   alth
ll   afford   to
-..:.��� tOWl
ond ratei   and me      Ickel    erfo
be allow-.!  to do so.    if
' :  thi owns want
to   -���-���   an  exhibition   of  the   manly
The �� to the propet   place,
��� for   local   bouts   :a ��� ween
ol the town    B il no, they
���'   blooded,  and   import   cheap
��� ��� the nexl day they Bpend
��� ���   . elves becau ie of their
| | j    : . Sioo per  . - a company,
- 'ling to ca; I
A free miner, rii c
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1300x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode.    - .
The claim shall be recorded -. I
fifteen days if ocate ! within ten miles
of a mining recordr- ��� - one additional day al! f r every additional ten miles - Taction. The
my Burns has evidently got a fee for recording a claim is $5.
V^     ���                                                          At least 5ioo mnst be expended on
������"   the   claim   each   year  or  paid   to  the
champion, but  mining recorder in lien thereof. When
r  which  I   S300 has  been  expended or paid,  the
: 1. . locator   may,  upon   haying  a^survey_
I first entered the ring, and  I accept  made and upon complying with other
���  ���    -.- ...-. t   with  th ���    oat I
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest
���   1 Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest    and best ideas
and   LUXURY.     It   is  lighted  with   and Chllllwack
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   n     ' NORTHERN  H.  C.  ROUTE.
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the g.  5, Tees.
world.      The   equipment   consists   oi       Leaves  Vancouver   al   -
private   compartment   cars,   standard   and   16th  of  each   month
ST!1   '
Leaves V .
and  Fi
I.- "��� ���    Ni m '���'
Calling al   '���'.
VANCOUVER-NAN UMt 1  1: -.��� .,:
B -'        ��� j-,
cept Satui nd Sui __
'���    ��� ' . .
Wl -
S. S. Queen C I
Leav  vi- ���.. la 11  p. 1
and 20th of 1 . "
Leave A
for Q
I.-    re VI
for C       - ���-.;'.
Ing Q
1.   .-���    ': '��� "
Steamer Transfe-.
Leaves    New    ' .'��� ���
I  ti
. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
'.���      ������    \' W    V. estl :-.
Leave Chilliwai      " i,
Thursdays and  Sal
landing   betwd n   New r
K- :.:.--:,ec Journal.
p. m. :r.d
Ing at
Any even numbered section of Do-  "16 ��ection  sleepers,  luxurious  dining   Skidegati   on first I
minion   Lands   in   Manitoba   or   the  c��r, reclining chair cars  I seats free),   1;
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and modern  day  coaches   and  buffet,   li-
26, not reserved, may bc homesteaded  brar�� and  imoking cars.
F r Time Tables,  Folders, or any-
further information  call  on or  write
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
with hard
itei and
ire In existence.
Iladelphia Telegram.
requirements,   put the   land   at
Sioo an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
���   the   Interior   to   locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
by a^y person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to the  extent of one-quarter
���   n ol 160 acres more or I
Entry may be made personally at
the local land office for the district
ich the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, the Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the
agent receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform  the  conditions connected  there
area not exceeding 160 acres
 "  The  patent   for  a  mining  location with un(Jer one 0f the following plan*
hall  provide  for   the   payment   of   a       ,-,) At  |eas,  s;x  months'  residence
Farmers   Interested. Royalty of 2'/2 per cent, of the  sales upo_   a_d   Cl::t:vati0n   0f  the  land   in
N-t-oii, April  7.���The    ���- of the  products  of  the  local:  - eacn year for three years.
meeting  of  the  K PLACER MINING���Manitoba and      (2) If the father for mother, if the
There was the  N.  W.  T.,  excepting the  Yukon  father is deceased) oi the homesteader QuickTime
attendance  a1   the 'hree Territory: Placer mining claims gen-  resides  upon  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
Northern Pacific:
Trains Daily
Travel en the Famous
Electric-righted train.   Low R -
l.v,' llent Service.
Times   on   arrivals   and
are ap;
For   Tit t ���-    : and In
formation call on ������
J, W. TR
General  Bu]
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, V n
W. H. GARDI1    ;.
Gen. Agent, Freight I
New Wi    . ��� ���
Agent,  New  Wi
-������--ions morning, afternoon and ��� ren-
Ing. Mr. J. R. Anderson, deputy
ter of agrtcnll ire, and Mr. R.
Thompson of Sr. Catherines. OnL,
wei e the principal   , ea
erally are 100 feet square, entry lee 0; the land entered for the require-
$5, renewable yearly. On the North rnents as to residence may be satisfied
Saskatchewan River claims are either by such person residing with the fa-
bar or bench,  the  former being   tool ther or mother.
feet long and extending between high1    (���<) If the settler has his permanent
and low water mark.    The latter in-1 residence   upon   farming  land   owned  pean tx-int.-.
elude- bar d gg "���'-. but extends backlby him  in  the vicinity of his home-
to the base  of tne hill or bank, not  stead, the requirements as to residence
 'ing   1000   feet.     Where   steam  may be   satisfied  by  residence  upon
power   is   used   claims  200  feet   wide   tj,e said land.
may be obtained. Six months' notice in writing should
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba be given to the Commissioner
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yu
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Ticket.- on sale to all Euro-
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
Prize   Fight   Gos6ip.
Nelson   and   Aurello
to the fir.-.t day of May next, for the     . ,
���      ,   ,p   .     ��� submerged  bed-   or  bars of  the river
Bteel  Twin  Screw ,  , , .    -,,,1,  ,���^ ������i,
below any low water mark, and  sub-
Hydrographlc    Ser- for first yeaf anf) $I0 per miIe for each
rice In  British Columbia waters. ...i, ,    ....,,   y(.rir.     Royalty   same   as
the      Specifications,   plans   ami   form.-   of pbici-r mining
B��btinj  magna-  ol Butte, has shown  tender can be seen at the ofiice of   the     p|acer  mining in  the  Yukon  Tef-
'���;������   '""'"���   ""���  ","""v    '���'--"���  ol   the  Department   of   Marine ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
In thc   ;,���,]   Fisheries  al   Victoria,   li.  O,  at claims  shall  not  exceed  230  feet  in
Ilieet     M _
Hill;.   Nolan
who formerly!
C .
bt In Los Angeles on the Screw Steamer,"
il May 9 in order to avoid a nm- ���., ��� ... <;.
filet  win, the Shriners' parade.    It la construction  of
probable thai Brltl and Herman    will steamer  for  thi
meel   M 1    9.
Cunningham   Traine.
interest  increases    in it"-   coming
wrestling match between Tommy enn
ningham and Dave Fisher, a    be dati ���  he took hold of Nelson.
set tor tbe boul draws near. Tbe boul a   Ich       Igned   by   Nelson   and   Ib-r-
win be pulled off a wee,  from tonight, rera there i-  no sign of a decline in
and already the devotee., of the mal Nolan'    gilded  procllvl   1       Being in
are counting the days until the men a  po Ition to dictate be has used all
t!    'i   together, Of course Tommy the wisdom of a corporation lawyer in
it   .   winner, according    to bis local drawing up the contract
ortei       oa.e Of whom have seen      Oui   ol  a   purse  of  $20,1    Nelson
both men In action, and afi Ing will receive $4,1 unconditionally, the
Tommy  In a  work out     be certainly remaining   $16.1   to  be  divided,  60
iretty good. per cent, to the winner and   I" per
The favored few who have seen Cun- ceni u, m,,. loser,   It was a hard hook
Bingham  In  his workouts  with .such to throw Into Hen-era bm he had to
performers as Esplen, Van Zant, Mc- stand tor It, or be passed up.
Arthur,   and     George   Macdonald,     all It    Is   au   awfully   hard   proposition
unite in expressions    of wonderment to dope    a  Hunt  In  which    Herrera
and  praise  for  the  really  clever   per takes par'.    He Is capable of whipping
tormances, as given by Tommy. There over a punch thai will pul oul a man
Is   plenty  of  other  wrestling   material    who should  whip him, and  then again
al the fire hall besides the above men- he will gel hammered by a man who,
Honed, bul they are nearly all lighter apparently, has no right to be in his
men, the majoritj ol whom area little class, Really, be is an unfathomable,
hit skittish aboul bumping into Tom- illogical, dangerous fighter, in a re-
my. Tom liket to take on the little ceni article the Philadelphia North
fellows every chance he gets for the   American said that  when Nelson met
1 of speed, and ceni.ral shiftiness
displayed on their part. Then when he
bas warmed up with a fast bont or
two, with  the lighter men. he turns
bis attention to the hlg fellows, most
of whom outweigh him from IU to ir,
pounds, with whom he delights to mix
In a good solid gruelling hout, for as
long a period aa any of them want to
Cunningham unfortunately   has   no
Opposition of hlfi own weight, but this/ number sixes
is  probably  counterbalanced    by  the; ten.
Herrera   landed   other Rwlpes lhal.
shook   Nelson,  but   Ihey  did  no good.
Kelson    came back every    time, and
was strong when  Herrera commenced
to tire.
Nelson  fell  those punches.    Afterwards he said that the Mexican was
under- kon Territory���A free miner may ob-
signed at Ottawa and marked op the win only two leases of five miles each
Tender   for   the   con,::., for a 'c'r��� ��* twenty years   renewable in the discretion 01 the Minister
of  the   interior.
The 1' --" '- right is confined to the
tion   of  a
con I
Hydrograpbic   Bteel   Twin
will be received up
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Minister of the  Interior.
Railway Company
Herrera oul in Butte, l- the fall of
1904, and they wenl twenty rounds,
with the verdict In favor of Nelson, it
was aboul the worst hour and twenty
minutes thai the Dane ever pul Iiu
Marly In the fight the Mexican cut
him down with a smack to the jaw
powerful enough to win three fights
No one hut Nelson could ever have
survived that wallop, hut the famous
punch blotter was aide lo find his
and heat the referee to
custom  House al  Vancouver, B,
and  al   the Department   here,
eh tender musi  be accompanied
by an accepted bapk cheque equal to
1"   per  cent.  Of  the   whole  amount   of
the tender, which will be torfelte I   I
the person sending *he accepti d ten-
declines to enter Into a contracl
with the Department Cheques accompanying tenders which are not accepted will be returned Immediately
after a decision has heen arrived at.
Newspapers copying this advertise-
11.'ni without authority from the De
partment will not  be paid.
Deputy   Minister   of   Marine   and
Department   of   Mai ine   and   Fish
Ottawa,   28th   March,   1906,
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
' tJae width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet Bquare.
Easter   Holiday
Round trip tickets to all An<1"" *��
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Apent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
principal business centers of
Trains & Steamers
C. P. It MAIN I.
Leave New Westminster 15.4
Arrive  New  Westmln    ���' tlailf.
l.v. New W(    . . ���   t . r  -
l.v. Seattle  10;  ar. New W< -'���
Lv. New West 10.36 an I
Ar .New West, 9.35 and 1C.40.
Lv. New Westminster 6 m.
l.v. N. W. '.).-<> a m.; ar. S 1 "" ' ;,m-
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m : ar, 81 attle 10 p.m.
Lv. Sea'"., g.3 I a.m.; ar. N W. 3 I'.na.
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.; ar- N.W. 9.35
Lv. N. W. 8 p.m. and 9.36 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 846 a.m.. and 4 it.m.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
l.v. Guichon 2.40 p.n .; r. N. w.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New West. 6.60 .. : , 6.60, ���
and hourlv until 11 p.m., with hall-
hourly between 12.30 and 6 10 r-f-
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 !'"-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 lim-;
with half-hourly bet noon and 7 pn-
Lv. Vancouver same time throughout,
Fraser River anfTGulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed   F
Th., Si
Th., Si'
. Wi
8 a m.
up to April 17th
For further particulars apply to
EIJ.  GOl Lr. 1,
C. P. K. Agent.
New  Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber
on Domonion Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
fad that he has both speed and
strength to oppose him. The speed he
wlll acquire from contact wllh the
little fellows, and the strength from
the big ones. With these t.Wo adniir-
aide qualities, combined with his clever
handwork, It looks pretty good, and
Fisher may he prepared for some prct-
SEALED LENDERS    addressed    to obtained
the  Timber  and  Mines   Branch,   De- ?.8���     r,
,,,,., ,    , ��� tion thereof is
partment of the Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Timber
Berth No. 471," will be received at
this Department, until noon on Wednesday, the 2nd day of May, 1006, for
a licence to cut timber on Berth No.
471,  situate  in
the Province of British Columbia
commencing at the southeast
One extra day allowed for each
tiona] ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, artnd if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
jeet to the rights of all persons who
1 have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on thc Saskatchewan River, where
; the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
Thc lessee  shall have  a  dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of thc lease for each five miles  r:
but  when-  a  person or company
more   than   one   lease   one I
for each fifteen miles or frac- ow.n 1aml  nPcr:lte "'7���"  8!eepm5
ufficient.     Rental, $IoKnd d,nm�� c;lrS on il111 tlu,r tr;""s and
per annum  for    each    mile    of river  ���
leased.     Royalty  at  the  rate  of two j
and a half per cent, collected on the
output  after  it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
For Time Tables, etc.. address
Assistant Gcn'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
"The Milwaukee
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   thc   service   on   any
the  world  that  equal  in I Creek points.
Spokane Tails & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
equipment  that  of  the  Chicago,
aukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
Six leases of five miles each may be
tl'"   It Belt  Ini granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to thc
'""""   submerged   bar  or  bars   in   the  river
their   patrons   an   excellence
service  not  obtainable  elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection made with all transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls
stage daily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
F.ffective    Sunday,    November    10,
9.20 am.
12.25 P-m-
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
... Spokane
.. .Rossland
 Nelson ..
-7-15 P-m.
.4.10 p.m.
6.45 p.m.
:he toughest man be ever met. Since j of Section 14, Townsulp 6, Range 27,1 below   low   water   mark, that boun-
II. S. ROVV.E, Genera] Agent.
134 Third St, cor Alder, Portland, Or.1
General Passenger Agent
From Chwk. Tu..
From N. W. Tn.,
From Chwk. Sun.
From n. w. dally, ex. S
From Mt. Lehman, 7 ..
From  N. \V. dally, ex. S  D .
Add. trip, Monday, 6 am.
From Steveston, 7 a.m.   I r-
Add. trip Saturday, '��� p-m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 a.m.
;'. ; d-
2 P-lk
6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m.
Sap'n & Millside...10.  Il
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..   .. 8.45a.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.30a.m
6.46 p.m-
ii.liO ii.ffl'
3.3O p."1-
2 i>.m-
East Burnaby.. .
Steveston, etc...
East, via C.P.R..
Sap., Mill, Coq'm.
Van. & Burnahy.
,10.30 a.m.
1.15 pm-
1.30 p.m.
3.00 p.m.
o.OO p.m.
3.30 p.m.
1.15 P*
10.30 a.m-
6.00 p-f'
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trams (e��w
Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   IBJ
express    and    f refght   conn*t
stages at Carcross and W ""l       ict
maintaining a through winter
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Man��8��'
Mackinnon Bldgj
Vancouver, B. L. MONDAY, APRIL 9,  1906.
barristers, solicitors, etc Of-
fic.,.s- New Westminster, Trapp ink.,
corner clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, r ns 21 to 21, 445 Granville street. .1 iseph Martin, K. O, ,T.
w Weatt, W. G. McQuarrle, II. A.
Bo'urne. Mr. .Martin wild ho lu tho
tminster offices every Friday afternoon
Bank of
I       Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up J... 114,000,000
HOWAY, REID & HOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
,treet opposite Court House, New
Westminster.   J. H- Howes, P. O. Box
Whiteside & Edmonds, Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia Btreet, New Westminster.
TV  J. Whiteside, li. L- Edmonds.
lit. Hon. Lord Btrathcona and Mount
Royal, G.C.M.G,...Hon President
Hon. Sir Ci. A. Driiinmonil, President
E.  S.  Clouston,  Vice President and
General Manager.
MR   J.  P.  HAMPTON  BOLE, solicitor of Hie supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hank of Commerce build-
ing   Columbia  street, opposite  post-
., New  Westminster.    Money to
General banking business transacted.
Branches In all tne principal cities
ln Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, tmd St. Jonn, .Mid.,
and correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner.   Manager.
I EORGB B. MARTIN, Barrister and
I   Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
and McKenzie streets, New West-
, iter, B. C.
LNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
I'he regular meeting of this
hold on Hi" Plrsl Wednesday in
each  n Hi. at   8 o'clock   p.  m.,  In
.   Masonic   Temple.    Sojourning
, thren are cordially Inv ne I to at-
in.   W.  A-   DeWolf  Smith,
.   ,,.   \.   m.    Regular  communications ��f this lodg  held on the
ond Tuesday  in each month in
onic Temple, at 8 p. m.   Visit-
���   | ;, Much   are   cordially   invited
���lend.     D.   VV. Gilchrist, Sec.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New   Westminster,  B.  C.
Still Doing Business at the Uld Stand.
It    ii.   R.   of   I.,   i ta   second   and
foui ih   l-'.iday   of  each  month,  at  8
,,,..   in   Orange   hall,   corner   of
pal avenue and John street.   Sojourning Sir  Knights   cordially   in- j
I i.i attend.    W. E. Dunlop, W.
p      E.  E.  Matthias, Reg.
i Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street,
Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday in each montb at ti p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; .1. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
Full line nf English, Scotch and Irish
tweeds and  worsteds always in stock
Spring  stock  now  In.    Make  your
Belyea & Co.
C-eneral Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy  Hauling Our specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbu.
I. 0. o. F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27��� :
The regular meetings of 'Ids lodge
��� held In oddfellows' hall, Colum- !
i   Btreet,   every   .Monday   evening,
ai 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. B. J. May,
N. G.;   W. C. Coat ham, Rec-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
Meetings the first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. O, r. W. ball Odd-
fellows' block, Clarkson street. C.
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115. SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
in K. of P, Hall. Columbia St., at
S p. m., Wiiile Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. E. R Stlnch-
combe, Pres., 11   Disney, Secretary.	
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 409').  l.O.F.      I j""l |   C^ClCl
Meets the Fourth Friday In the [��* ��� ��� ������ ��� -*r~+m-*m
month at 8 o'clock. In the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchells rasnion plates
have  arrived.
So have our spring stock or high-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings. *
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Coi-nnBia btreet.
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on  the Second
ami Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at X p. m. In Ihe Oddfellows' Hall.
Vlsiling Brethren are cordials' invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. in., in Oddfellows' j
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. J. s. Bryson, S. C; ,1. McD.
Campbell, Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every montb in
K. of P, Hall, John McNlven,
Chief; .1. .1. Forrester, Kee. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westmln-
Star Bmrd of Trade meets In the
Boaid Room, City Hall, as follows;
Becond Wednesday of each month.
Quarttdy meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August   and   November,  at 8   p.  m,
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. 10. White, Sec.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
When you  want, a good smoke you
ask tor a���
Manufactured  by the n. C. Cigar
Factory,  who  also  make  The   "Brll-
lantes" (In three sizes.)
W"LBERG & WOLZ, Props.,
Factory and Office, Drine Block,
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
. Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
Wanted���Thirty able-bodied, men to
work tor ih" Corporation on the
Board of Works, For Information as
to wage- and employment apply to
Mr. Furness, Supt. of Works.
Capt. Ackerman Sees Many Interesting Things While   in
Company With the Kestrel Party on West
Coast   of   Vancouver
Can Arrange ���
Terms  for You.
823���One hundred and sixty acres.beautlfully situated on the
southern slope 01 the serpentine Valley; first-class land, ironting on
the Clover Valley Itoad; near t he railroad and river; good road;
land is very produclive; about CO acres In first-class condition,
(lood and convenient nuildings. All necessary Implements and stock.
This is well worth investigation.    Price, J90 per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy. One hundred and six" acres; t;o
to 75 acres under rirst-ciass cultivation; 9 acres under nips, oil in
good shape; 10-roomed dwelling In good condition, barn t>u_iutl; nop
kiln and lulling r n in good condition;   the  building!  on  tlie  place
are worth at least j;;,uuu.   Bert and Creek runs through the property,
This i.s a most  desirable farm;   from  $2,500  to  IS,60U  pel   .ear can
be taken oft lt.    Price, V,aO0 cash.
��� ���
For Sale���10 acres, l". acres cleared.
Good building. Apply Donald Mc-
ciure, porl  Kells.
Lost���on or near corner of Queen's
avenue   and   Btb   streel.   a   photo  ol
young gentleman with nan:" on back.
Finder   plea.se   icuirn   lo    his  office
       Capt. Ackerman, of the patrol boationly white iieople in the district  and
For Sale���Modern 7-roomed house onl Georgia, who accompanied the party Mrs, Irwin Informed me thai she had
tine cofner  In   West   End;   two lots ! on  the Kestrel on a trip to the west nol   seen  a   white  woman  since  last
Stable and trull  trees. Cheap. Apply   coast    of   Vancouver   Island   for   the August.    However she seemed  to he
X. mis office.                                      purpose of placing a large quantity of fairly contented and happy.   The In-
 L sockeye    try trom the    Bon Accord dians there number in the neighbor-
For Sale���Young Ayrshire  Bulls pure  hatchery in the sireatns gives the foi- hood Of 260 and do not seem i,, |,n .
bred. read.,  for service, w. it. ,\ns- lowing interesting account! of the trip: advanced much along civilized lines
tin,   Sapperton. We  left the    Bon Accord  hatchery   tl,r the pi      100  's
al   :i   a.   in.   on   March   27lh   and   the At  Quatslno   Sound.
Eggs  for   Setting���Pure   Barred   Keek   ���,.x,    ��������� njning   at    1:30   found   our-       Prom   there  we  proc [ed   '., Qnat-
$1.00 per setting. .1. W. Austin, Bap    wiVes   about   tour   miles   from   thej n���,    Sound, and the nexl    day  we
perton,                                                 Bcene of the Valencia dlaster,   There rounded    Cape Scotl  to   Uerl    Bay.
we   ran   Into  B   fog  bank    and     were Here     I   visited   Ward   DeBecl      and
compelled to Ile too until 9 o'clock, familj     Mr. DeBecl   I   Indian agenl
Wlen   ii   cleared   and   we   could   see a|   tfia.1   place     We  then
Lost���Small purse with small sum ol
mole-.,   al   f if Cemeter;   streel
Bapi on. Return to Mi -. Cigonier,
Fronl    treet, Dr  Daily  News,
��� Carruthers Manufacturing Corny. <
j Manufacturers ot j
' Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
Thc Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Wanted���Lady cl lat. dipper, Competent and wiilii it. ich. Btate
expei lenc i and Balarj expected, D.
I,. Allen S. ott, P. 0. Bo. 1120, Calgary, Alberta,
Ecjgs for Hatching���Bam I
fUnglel C eel, s. C, W, Leghorns, Wyckoff sirain. Large grasB
runs. Fertility guaranteed or settings replaced. $2 per 13. 1521 Bth
avenue or Box r,r,7.
commen. ed
��� 'ape    ileal.,    we    entered    Barclay   the return journey, having experienced
Bound,  wenl   to  Anderson   Lake and   fine   weathei   during  the entire
proceeded   up  the  Alberni  Canal   to  flays,  thus   winding  ui   0I   the
the little town of Alberni, where we
the fish slotted to thai  district
and   placd   thi in  iii  Sprot   Lake  seven  miles   distant,   conveying    ihem
them   there by team and wagon. We
.   met  ai  the Alberni cannery by
Mr.   Taylor,   the   Inspector  of  fisheries  for those waters, who acompan
led  us for the rest of the journey.
View of Sperm   Whale.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
.in   our   way   oul   the   nexl   day   we
visited     the     whaling     station    at
Wanted���2 1 Cords oi Hemlock Bark   Sechelt.    This  was  a   place  of  great
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd.. Interesl tons. They had just brought
taken ln lot9 from 25 cords up. For in a great sperm whale, the first one
particulars apply to the manager at ol Its kind ever caught on the sta-
Tannery or P. O. box 187, New tlon. He was captured 70 miles oh*
Westminster. shore,  and  when  towed   In  I  should
 .������.judge  he  was  about  sixty  feet long,
For   Sale���Old   papers  suitable  for   and  as  he  lay  on  the  plank incline   side tbe churchyard on the north of the
The Legend ���r the Chapel Over the
BlghoD'l   l.rn\e,
Th..  superstiti im  referring  to  par
ticuhir daya are very aumerons.   The
legend   of  St.  Swlthln  Is  an  example
that will occur to every nne:
St. Swlthln'a day, If then dost rain,
For forty daya it will remain;
Bt. Swlthln'a day. If thou be fair,
Fur forty .lays 'twill ruin naa malr.
St, Swlthln, bishop of Winchester, according to the author of "The Popular
Antiquities," was "a man equally noted for uprightness and humility, j So
far did he carry the latter virtue that
on Ids deathbed be requested to be
buried not within the church, but out-
wrapping up parcels, etc.
Re part  of  Lot  2S0 Group  1,  New
Westminster  District.  Whereas  proof
Apply News looked to he about ten feet high.
The foreman informed nie that h '
. would weigh aboul 100 tons, and that
they would get, something over a
hundred barrels of oil out of the
immense flsh. The entire whale is
made  use of, and  after the  blubber
of the loss of Certificate of....Title  ,g  take_  ()ff| ,|r,  ba|an(.e ,g re(Ulct,(l
number 2164A, issued in the name of
Daniel Callaghau has been filed in this
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
al   ih" expiration of one month from
snored building, where his corpse might
receive the eavesdropping! from the
roof and his grave be trodden by the
feet of pnssersby. His lowly request
was complied with, and in this neglected spot his remains reposed till about
100 years afterward, when a fit of
pious Indignation seised the clergy at
the fact that the body of so holy a
member of their order was allowed to
v ,���<
{Electric   Plants
Columbia   Gramaphones and Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia btreet.
Hull   nr writ a  fnr  nrlcea.
Mills and Factories
sale at  present, bul ll  Is expected to
find a good  market for them in the
near  future.  To  give  an  idea of the
the date of tbe first publication here-  welght   ()t-  thl.  wh.||(>   w_  s.nv   lh(.m
of, issue a duplicate of the said Cer-  ,���,.��� lt over ���n lh��� ,evel am| it took
tilicate, unless in the meantime valid   two   powerful   si earn   winches  to  ac-
ohjection be made to me in writing,  complish the task.    Even    then    the
C.   S.   KEITH
District Registrar of Titles,
Land Registry  Offlce.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
March 30, 190G.
Re Lot 9, 10, and 13 of Lot 16 of
Suburban Block 10, Map 200, New
Westminster   City.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1074 a, |
issued  in  the  name of Jane Howay
has been filed ln this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
id   guano   ami   the   bones   are   piled;
up like cordwood.   The hones have no, occupy such a position, and on an appointed day they all assembled to convey it with great pomp to the adjolu-
Ing  cathedral  of Winchester.    When
they were about to commence the ceremony a heavy niiu hurst forth and continued   without   Intermission   for   the
forty succeeding days.   The monks Interpreted  this  tempest as a waruiug
weight  of tho  carcass  broke  a  part1 from heaven of the blasphemous nature
of the iron snatch blocks where the! of their attempt to contravene the di-
Iron was 1   1-4 inches thick ' rectiou of St. Swlthln, and instead of
Visit to Banfield.. : ��***�� "/* ^ *J 5��j* _
chapel over bis grave.       Bt Sw iuiin IS
"We stopped  at Banfield cable Bta-   christening the apples" is the more potion   that   night,   and     were     shown   etical way ot describing St. Swithiu's
through the building, where we saw   rain,
all  the  wonderful  telegraphic  instru-'
ments which the manager courteous- Th" "o0"'" ph""-
i���   ���... i i     ,   . ^u , . The phases of the moon are caused
ly   explained   to   us.     The   ass slants   , lul p,   , ,.,     .��� ih�� �����nh ond
bv its relative position to tne eartn anu
tlie sun, so that when It Is full moon
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese   Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. _
Incandescent and Arc Lamps. ��
also   took  great  pains  to  make  our
visit as  pleasant   as  possible.    Espe-1 iu one part of __ earth It Is full moon
daily was Mr. Richmond's account of! jU a\\ parts of the earth, and so for all
their difficulties and experiences dur-l Us other phases.    The moon revolves
ing the time of the Valencia disaster! around the earth once in twenty-seven
, at the expiration of one month from  lnte,.estlng.   He was among those who i days, though on account of the earth's
the date ot the first publication here-. went om. (he tvM wl(h t(j0(] ._ ^J revolution around tbe sun the mean
of. Issue a duplicate of the said Cer-' survlvo���s.   The staHon at ____M ���   duration of the lunar month-that ls,
:,���:, r      ,: p       in the meantime validL Iarge aiding and puts one in mind
; of the C. P. R. hotels along the line;
of that company's railroad. There
are about twelve men on duty there,
and they have all modern conveniences in their dwellings, such as electric light, Water works, etc. We laid
over at this point until Friday on account   of   fog,  and   on   Saturday  pro-
objection he made to nie in writing.
District  Registrar  of Titles.
I Land  Registry Offlce,
New Westminster, B. C, April 4, 1906.
the time from new moon to new moon
-is twenty-nine days, twelve hours
aud forty four minutes. The "dark of
the moon" Is that half of the lunar
month during which tho moon shines
least at night
Teacher of the German : ceeded to Kennedy Lake In the Clao-
Language   and   Piano. ! cluet s��und, where we deposited the
.      , balance of our fry.
German   Conservatory  Method
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant.
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried | I 'Yyjyj KARRMANN *''
at Vancouver and Rossland. | " tor
Historic Spot.
On Sunday  we    went    to    Noutka
Sound, and anchored in Friendly Cove
ich is probably one of the most his-
A Cold, Hard Snub.
"Excuse me, madam." be said, "but
-ah-you remember, in the restaurant
after the theater the other night you
were kind enough to notice me. I
hope I am not mistaken ln supposing
that your Interest was-ah���not altogether"���
"Oh, not at all. I remember now.
I thought for a moment that you were
the coachman my husband discharged
a  few weeks ago for trying to make
i Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the PES'l of
teachers (eight) and thc BEST of
R, J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Foot of -Ith Ave.   Cor. 16th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow  Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C. |
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in Alt Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy*Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
W. I\. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia bt.
The author had written one successful story, and he never srew tired talk-
lug of it.
"Don't you know," suid one of his
friends to another one day, "Uiter always reminds me of a pleased dog."
"That's odd.   How does he?"
"He's always wagging his tale."
Mistress (on the second day to nerr
cooki-Kathl. Just be,so good as to
lend me 5 murks. Cook (aslde)-Ha,
ha! 'Hint's why she said yesterday the
cook In her house waa treated as one
of the family!
Drpmoyj  to any
1c   spots   in   the   Province.     Those | ,oye tQ ^ CQoK an(1 , wondered how
familiar   with   British   Columbia  his-   you conia ]lITora- to eat in such an ex-
tory will remember that this place is   pensive  place."���Chicago Rocord-IIer-
where the four Spanish vessels took   aid.
possession  In  the  year  17S7,  remaining there three years,  building forts
and  striving  to make  the  place  impregnable.    They took possession    of
ihree   British   trading   vesfwls,   which
they  held   for  some  time,    and    for
which ihey eventually had lo pay very
heavy   damages.     There   has   beeu   a
iiiouumnt  erected  lately  on  one    of
the  high  bluffs of    rocks    recording
the event,   lt   is a square   granite
l structure, and bears the following in-
j scrlptton:     'Vancouver    and    Quadra
I met  here August,    17112,    under    the
; treaty between Spain and Great  Brlt-
; ftln  of  October,   1790.    Erected     by
I lhe Washington itniversltv, State His- ~ . "      ._   ���
! torical Society, August, 1908.' �� is only by  abqr Oat_*��**������
be made healthy, and only by thought
Scene of Massacre.                   ^&t )(lbor cau j,e made happy,'and the
"Here also ln about 1802 the crew' two canuot b�� separated with lmpm*
Oi the Hoslon were murdered with the i ty.-ltuskin.    	
exception of two men who were kept I __��_____-��
untie lhe C-ntrarj.
as slaves for three years before being; Togg_1 m.tttiuly was surprised to
rescued. The mime of one of vhe i hegr' tl)nt Maud was married. Jess-
men was Jewett. who, I believe, aft: yes it was rather unexpected. Tess-
erwards wrote a hook regarding his I ijer family's quite Incensed, I hear.
experiences. The name of the second Tbey sny her husband Is a man of annum was Thompson. Nine miles' solutely no family. Jess���That's all
west of this place is the spot where; wrong. He was a widower with four
lhe King David was wrecked a few chlldren.-rhlladclphla Tress.
,. ,     ���       | months ago.  the  crew  remaining on. tier of credit.
Stock   ill   the  City.       Spring  the beach until picked    up    by    the;    ���He   |s   _lrf_���   bragging   that he
Queen City. doe-n't owe anybody a dollar."
Alone Among Indiana. "Well," answered the man wt> oor-
"We met  Mr. Irwin the storekeep-l rows, "thank heaven my credit Is not
er at this place.    Mrs. Irwin is a sls-j that bad.-'-Bxchange.
ler  of  Mrs.  John  Reld,  and  also  ofj fcM ____ citvstr.
Mrs. R. WIntemute of New Westmln-!     j^j _ _,  Sawyer  a   clever doctor!
ster.    Mr. Reld showeil us around the; Ned_0hi TCry|   He can tell a woman
village and  introduced us to some of, p_tjent ���_e needsjo tase  beauty  et-
I the  Indian   residents.
(luggage delivered
part of tho city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Offlco 'Phone 1S5.
Harn 'f none 137
In   New Westminster
I carry the most complete
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Cdluinbtei) Block "win and t_�� e**m print ��re the YorkPr.
Mr. and  Mrs.   crclses without offending her. ��� Nsvr
MONDAY   APPIL a   ���
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you e*er saw.   $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OCR GROCER. D. \S . Gilchrist, Mgr.
Has Wcrx to Do fo- B. C. Eci  Fact:
and  Big Cor.trac: St  Vcunt
Return in Kind
To the Hypocrite
and the Sycophant  \
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
We have been appointed agi .....
of London. England. whicr.
1714 A. D.. and  which  r-as  a  ...
The National Life A
_  Dec Slat, 188. (6 months) --    - "   ���
I 1900 Assurance  n force .$1,792,50 i       '-        "   _
-    ���-���:
J ���      '
I         - -
; '-'��� 7; I
150.644    ���
:--   ���
B      money   M-AIT A DDIC   _>    CH     /?'o/ ��"<"* Bro*'r�� I
Ci       70  iGUJV.   mCVJU A1\R1L     Ot     \AJ.. and Contractor, \
* 186   Columbia   Street. NEW   WESTMINSTER.   B.   C. I
J.   S.   BR 'S
Hardman &Jfry^n
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line of Qi -        Uuminum ai
Estimate- ton " -' "���'���  :
Columbia Street �� Street
LP. *
no��n lum-
I;    he
- *!arge daunt on
- in
���  -- :
r;ip to
Lehman  where be has
  .ed in
; the coast and It
'.V.   N
It   1
.hi hiati ': ��� abil-
n and as a
work: t  -    will  employ
from    -
ve an up-to-
...     . ...
work be ne-
.   ��� ��� tl tug, thi
-A    S^c;p"3-t    a       everyt* -z   3:
-   re
"Far   Hypocrite   ..:-   see*   '.:   cheat
in  va.--.
Amount of Policies now in force ���
Mutual   Life   Assurance:
Co. of Canada i
York  County  Injunctions.
1    .    '     M K    '
: D. Scot
..    :..   have
n,     Lillian
..r    the
5. assigning
���   - - ���       -
way  dealing
I  .
of the  Toronto  Life Insurance
���  bon-
I the p
in   the   oi>era   he
Aged        and        Ir.r.r::i        :
ol    \- w
painful ho        r   .
front   of  the  co: nage-
��� .  .
The   ������*���
at an   indli
mem1 er ol --....
f the coi
..... im, ...-.    t ,
:rn  in  kind:     A
ng  man  vhriti '"���     of the
S'ews on Satm
mself I thor of
the all-flattering the con-
���   U
:-..  went  on to on the
��� :.-able inabili:-   of certain of the
lingers, whom m ������ '-. to   do
the - -. ��� -- thi
Large   Partj   :'   Strom    ��r-   *     'i
Eng   ihmer   fcrr -;s 3t F-3 - e
Ca? U
hive v. ���
millinery this
��� pax       ������.. ..   ..
\V, . tmreol   Tr.mmed Hats I
���  -.,me.
���    -
.:      .
��� -
.      TT
In aid ol
���   i'r.:rch  Army,  the- Qw   n  re-
���   ! -
::cona added to the .
<  . -
and    ��� I   various   kinds  have
eceiTi        - > antlcl
migration work
1 will I
the Intention being to land con.,
throng]   it th<   -���   -
Representative Talk��.
Q. Ban
-   ::.   thi    ���
-    -   :
d    of the ���
md completing
of bu he ar
te "~       rival of fu - ���
Local   Agent   Appointed.
.  - . .      - Church
Army  in  England  1:. ���
I.:���!, the Rl ���    H
church  of  -
cr.il agent ol
Mr. L-
Army work here.   Chaplain   ft
wlll  spend  a  few  weeks  Ln  th<   dl
ar.'! wlll then t turn to London.
10 acrea of rich   ai
loam soil, first ch
fruits and vegel
All under cultiv;
Pries $500.   Terms.
CUlt i Mi'    '
Price $50 an
Za acres,
ill under
Amount of Assets, legitimate a nd solid, now exceeds.   ..��:- 1
This is a company or : ���        ��� .:        [
OL'It moi n>:    ine largi ' for the Least   j
Possible outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster. B. C. 'Phone  85.
Canada's   Revenue.
Ottawa,   April 7.���The revenue   ol
la   for   the   nine   montl       if  thi
��� nt    fiscal   year  to  the    end  of
March total!) ' r_   "   '-.   in Increase
of  $.'.." ���::���:������.. -  '.ndine
;,eriod of tl I year.   The ex-
peniii' n       lated    fund ac-
counl   were   Ul.lOi   ������    m  increase
���   !. ��� ��� 015, arid  -he expenditure on
wa- V'-H'') 337, an in-
' ���  -.' $751
did not believe U nnd he of-
When asked if tl I " ol work
did no- make him sick he answered:
-O. It one has to
lo ���:���
Furthermore he is not Ihe only member of the staff of the Aged nnd Infirm
In   - - "   .
��� if  the  KYee  Press   Capl
Bamfo.-     ��        information   regarding
���irk of  the organization  which
������   - i.ts.
It Is commonl.��� ���       ��� ���   Bald,
"that the Church Army was organized
in the Church of England to do the
news  aper who has taken occasion to  work which the Salvation Army was
conflict with its hypocrisy.
In ccmtradlstlnction the  Sews reit-
whai   it  said*   about  lack    of
spirit  and  the  undue  lengthening  of
the  programme  by  halfhearted    en-
the committee of man-
dolng outside the church.   This .
the case.    The  Church   Army
its operations about Blxtj   rears ago,
long before   r,.-n.  Booth began    hln
_���:���   ���  work in his organisation.    The
head of the work of 'he Church Army
agement and the enti  tamers to 'ake  is thp Rev. Wilson Carlile,  ������!���������- ol
Don't Be
Are All The
This Summer
All the
Style and
The Leading Shoe Store
on Your
Slater Shoes
So Hard
To Beat
Just Arrived
by Express
They are
And right, here the Sews takes oc-
v. U h the Age I and Infirm on the question of a newspaper's
function in  - ich  :    --ers. Th-  News'
opinions  and  crttielsms of public en-
Battering    or
(fere i  to the   public.
I for thi    -pecial
.. le   who   dir-c-   01
such entertalnmei I
copbanl who dir-
��� an individual member of this  staff rather    than al   Ihi
self, it.  would be superfluous
hli -    -    his identity.   The
 armarks are unmistakable.
The Sews regrets bavin-' to i-ngage
In such distasteful work as this bul
when threatened with contact ai lis
doorstep by a swine that has wandered from Its own puddle in the hope
of wallowing to the disgust of its
enemies something out of the ordinary
bas to be done for health protection.
Gun Club  Prizes.
A commit'"- composed of J. H.
Vidal. Frank Trapp, and George Cun-
nlngham Jr., representing the Hun
club, are out today making a canvass
of the city for prizes to be given at
the annual shoot of the club, to take
place r,n <;<,.,il Friday, at Moody
Square. The committee reports remarkable success in its efforts, and it
i.s thought that sufficient prizes will
be obtained to create eight even:-.
with three prizes to each event.
and get particulars
Now is lhe Season to Buy
By gettinp ont- now you will have
the full season's use of it.   Our
stock includes the
Woodyatt, Brockville and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
Nice Quarter
160 acres, Langley, on a
main road, three miles
from Fraser River; 20
acres highly cultivated,
good dwelling, barns, etc.,
two horses, five cows, hogs,
poultry, implements, etc.,
and $20 per acre takes the
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
St.      Mary-at-Hills,    London,      under'
whose guidance the work of the      I
has  prospered  very  greatly,    Wilson
Carlile having really made 'he army
It now la
"Out  work  In  England
Into  tn i     ���:'-   thi   ��� i   and
ocial.     In   connection   with   our
social     work  we maintain   I .
bom..-,    an      .   ���       fai m    colt i
ifflcerg in each of the
labor homes, and a number of officers
on  the farms.    Om   policy  i-  to  send
the young  men from the city  to the
farms for s-vera! months before sending them to thi  colonies, In order that
they  ma     havi   -onu- practical knowledge  of  farm  operations.  ,A   special
feature of the work of the army Is the
maintenance of 'ravelling vans, which
are driven through the cities and large
towns,  services  being h��-ld   wherever
it  seems desirable   In addition to the
work from the vans, we have 160 missions, where religious work is carried
on with  regular officers in  charp".
Colonization Work.
"Our    colonization  work    has  been
carried on for many years.    We have      Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
sent   small   parties of   men   regularly  Agents.        Tel. It*!. Columbia St
to Montreal  and  Toronto.    This  year.   . .	
for   the   first   time,   the   parties   have
��� been made large, and  we are sending
them   direct   to   Winnipeg.     We  are-
sending no one to Canadian towns, all
our  people being  placed  directly  on
the land.
"The great strength of our work
arises from the fact that we are sustained directly by the Church of England, a body of almost unlimited
wealth. We are also In very close
touch with the church in Canada. All
the clergy in the wesl are co-operating
with us and are taking the oversight.
so far a< possible, of these  English
colonists who locate in their parishes.
The clergy In the country towns have
notified us how many of our people
can be provided with employment In
iheir districts and as many are Bent
out as are askeil for."
May   Have  Local   Depot.
"One    of    the    Important    matters
which is engaging our attention  here
in  Winnipeg ls the probability of es
Fine corner with stone wall;
fine view; 6 roomed house.
This is a property that will
grow into money quickly.
Rents for $15.00 per month.
tabllsblng  ;
people  can
local   depot
be  received.
On modern lines even in backward old
| China. We have heard that the Recycle Bicycle has been seen on the streets
of Shanghai. We handle the Recycle
and Perfect Bicycles, the two best
bicycles made in Canada or the United
States, Whatever wheel you buy here
it is value for your money, We also do
all kinds of bicycle and other repairing.
��� iwer to get shi
50   acres  of   !���  .  '.
level land.     K
ready for the pi    .
lalance small h-u
Close to school, cl
P.O., store ami :
depot,  all at  $2,500.
How is   this  ft
snap?    15 acre-
black loam land, thro
acres cleared ar
tivated.     Fruit I
and strawberries,
roomed house,
barn.     All f< r
S550, very easy term?
We have the ch icesl
selection of fan -
land to be had, and
cordially  invite
inspection of some ot
these properties.
Note our address.
Real   Estate   Broke'?.
Rooms  1   and  .*�� Dupont  E k.
Telephone   17C.
Is This What
You Want ?
3 Lots all cleared; Chit
and run; ti roomed dwell i ���
bathroom, pantry ai I
On car line.
4.1 WHITE, 260 Columbia SI
Telephone v".
the place.
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block.        Sign���Man on Wheel.
Bring vour lawn mi
men were entertained at th" Coffee ,.,i and'put in shape
house, which has proven very serviceable to us. we would like to establish
a depot nf our own, such as we have
in England, and this may he done.
At the present time we are in thi experimental stage in Immigration work
and are just feeliiiK our way. At a
later time we may undertake work on
a much larger scale .
"Although Identified with the
Church of England, our work is not
limited In any way.    All we ask from
tf?OC/\ OO ft lna"  'S 'hllt  '"' '"' ,1,'c'""1  "'"'  ''""-
*P%J\J\J��\J\J I form to the ordinary laws of life. We
have     all   classes  of     people  In     our
cash down secures new house ,v"':k :""' f ���nl{T,'�� hav6'  T-h"
majority of the colonists sent out
from England are from rural districts
ami much care Is exercised in their
selection. In many cases the young
men are recommended to us by the
rectors of parishes, who are Interested in their welfare. The colonists
are all comparatively young, ranging
in age from IX to 30 years, and about
twenty-five   per   cent,   of  them   have
1 (ft
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Office, Eighth Street,
Tef. 113.
Cash deposite secures this.
on Columbia Street near approach to the bridge.
Enquire at Once.
����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������+*���
��� Electric Railway Service *<
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations at b.DU and h.au a.m,.
and every hour Ihereafter between Si a.m. and n p.m.
Half-hour cars trom llim. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver ior west-
minster at same Hours.
Last car Saturday at it p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
6.30 a.m. to 10.3U p.m.
20 Minute Service���Mo transfer.
Between 12 and Z and b and 7.
Service   during f"
i ranster st
30   Minute
malnder ol day
Leopold fiace.
Sunday   Service  half-hour
tween S a. m.  and  '"
City and sapperton.
Wlll    llC
Sapperton Line���I
vice,  except   lift ween   1
2, and 5 and v, during
hours    tlie    service
Sunday Service   -ttll-nourly between 8 a.m. nnu tu P'm'
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., L"1


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