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g        ���   Shocks   Have   Ceased   And   People  Are   Re.    n-
ing   to  Their  Homes    Rain  Causes  Damage
Littl ���  injury  io  Foreign
��� I   !
. ti :ia risit to Chillh      .   .: ��� ���      ' '         ��� !
!       le tovvn i ming a     tha          ��� m- 1
!                  i I to tht          'most.   No j
j         ��� ���' ,,; ��� - !
;   ;    ��� I: construction.   Tl .'��� a of !
I ively i lit tput j
Passengers   irom    Cuba    Say  That  The  Insurrection   Is
re Formidable Than ac First  Supposed
Rebels Have Plenty of
���     ��� ���     ��� targ ist o ;
I the   pi
eration o
on fli
I. but then
���     '    ' ��� ! ���.....-
:   .
.   :     ��� i ictun ���     ���' ,
a    a ll I       .   . .
..... ,        ,     . , .      | .
lie town ha 	
,. a! appi dai
nd     Victo
coupled   pri
V m e i . :.      G i
...        ..
���    .   ���   '
��� ie I  .
; ���                 ... i I the ui          . ���   .    is i :hi! i- ,
tion ... ei     gi d a nu    ���     f ���           ;
���              ��� ��� re   iving their enti             /���    to
j the        : of pi ing the fruit for export.                    !
��� ��� ' illiwa ���    bop live j
ackers, he Horst Ho
at tin ...��� a t       and In
in      - ;   ��� er                 'is i               vv :
Fire   Brigade   Acci-'erts.
'     ��� ��� ���          ;���   i ellent demand and            ice j
I   ���         '���' ' '   '-���
!        About     ��� 3 are camps   a   -              and {
I will arrive hei iti ne  o-d             .���    he already I
!     ��� -        . ' "������'    . lians -     u     ���   al    .                r j
!    ' -  ���    Che B      ��� .; 1! mal ei      ecial tri       .     .s- J
iz, :.'       ���"- . ity, ' ; the pi rpose of taking a     id j
lians 1   w irk :;      i hi p . a   ens at t   a place. ���
i i
���   extended
i requin
in'.. I '.-.'.
���   .. i len
ml   li a ;    hi a . .. a
ave not  the
sage to t  ���
Shed elng consti .
...       -i i...  di   '
..  ���.        ���   .   ��� ���  .
fron Ihei
...  ��� ..,.., .... | ,, comi
In making
a ol   the
e vehicles      nd
.... i
I acci-Ji - :
lockadi        the outfl iass
i electric
Irivi      ��� ii II       ������       i
a     ' e borsi
thi     ' ���     .       nas so
��� ��� hat it had
��� .   ,    it,
Goverror-Gcnersl's  Tour.
g.    24.-
Via '        eived a ti
D   11   Mann, statlni
...      ��� e Alberl     i
viLi  .; ith, aa i a   I be I ty f
;   to  b   ii   ���
Citizen's  Coram it tee
Passes Money Votes
Says  an   Unconfirmed    Runrcr    Wired   Creditors of   Ruined  Bank   Make   Mad
From   Victoria   to   a   Puget Rush   to   Secure  the
Sound   Paper. Dividend.
','   s    ���    . . lean  of  j estei l iy
: imn   Victoria   which
i.   \   McDonald, the pres-
..   Liberals   In     the
Ilkelj   'ii   be   appointed
,  ���    .   i oui i  bench, in room
��� Duff,   in  in- transferred to
....        ��� ii ;    i ;    (',   and
u     VicDonal l   will  probablj   he  buc-
��� .   a    be lea lershlp of the pro-
1  Liberals   by   Ralph  Smith,  M.
.; ia ".���:��� .���: n column of
n   i ��� ix] lunations is adde i to
��� in nl     ���   facts oi   fancies as
bin   ii"   authority    is
I In     ippi it  ..I  ihe rumor,
Su!_\1r   si-np   stranded,
ii, I.  c . Aug  24,   The sti am
���a OUnd   from   .lava   to
��� a    '��� i    '..ti      Dl    ti ' '.'
'    II   i'.   i eflnery,  struck     la il
' i San Juan Island,   iffcf get-
.. ,   iiii ol health al Willi ims'
Tw Ickenham     w is     In
���   ei  ii   Vancouver    plloi     '' he
��� ���      .   two    nlles   i outh   ol
' ie kiln.    Pour feel of waier Is
ted   in   the   rorward   hold.    The
lng steamer Maude has lefi to
Hie Twickenham,   Smoke from
���   i  fires   Is  believed    lo  have
'���'''''tl   Ilie   an b|. Dt,
Chicag \ Fi i lay. A ig. 24.- Sixty policemen wi '.��� overwhelmi .1 todaj bj
. mad rush of nan and women whn
were determim I lo ������,��� I lhe flrsl
money pnid oul ol the va ilts i ' the
rained Mllwauki e Vvenui State bank
Rei elver Fetzer ba I ma le arrangi ���
ments to paj 20 per ci nt. to 5,000
of the 22, leposltors and everybody was anxious to be among the A
,\t   daj bn ak   the  crowds   swam e l
.. ,, in.i the hank and by 8 o'clock the
bank was sur:    nub  I '������   15,1  | pie
pixi.  [)oIlcem< a ha I I een -1 nl lo the
��� ,        ��� ihi     .'. '.���  mable to handle
���,   , reater pari of which
was unable lo spiak lhe Engll h
language, Fortj more offlcerf were
enl to the bank and order
v, ua evi n I hen restored with difficult ���
ll , eme I Impoi iible lo make I '
depositors < omprehend thai  althi ;
,,,i].\  :,.  were to be paid tod iy, lhe
others would be paid jusl as much
wit bin the nexi few days, ai one
ii,m. ihe new.I threatening to fairly
. toi ni the bank. as. waving their pasi
hooks in ihe air, they rushed for the
door, shouting In Bohemian, PoIIbIi,
Norwegian and Italian, The receiver
was all day paying the 5,000 and will
i ny as many more tonirrow.
Russian Nobility
Supports Government
... evi nl .a. the
....        .i i   ��� .
. i i  thi       ��� ������   a
.     '     . 1,1   gran      the
'   ���    - .1"    il   $2; '.
.��� ... ask I rther
I ci mmittee's In-
enti ������...     ial lng     ���   -    at, or
a he I men     shelve the
��� -' ii     ..���       ', be mal
was led     n  two
- qi : roti ��� a. it eacl
i was re-o] ened by
I e thn   ...
lecjded upon i
; ..        a the
mt asked ���. granted,
��� i-r ���       . ... ange
nn ii            -                      the O. \. R.
���  e    innin i lon
the E line .ai I
Belling]   ��� all ti ams.
The ' element was re] resented i ��� ���!. Ryall, chairman of the base-
���an.i t< e, .1. II. Smith, captain
ol the Xew Westminster baseball
:, , and W. A Sinclair. During the
temporary absence of Mr, Ryall, Mr,
Sinclaii   . -. ������.!   that   a   granl   of  $250
��� ..    le by the board of i ontrol, and
i. :!..   o i..i:e 1   the  intention of  the
basi ball   ��� la.-..       i'   b    ...  : ,i   to  tbe
games    i   ���   played d irlng i xhlbltiou,
i   ere   .'-iii   be  a   tournament,  teams
: nm   BelllngliH n   an i   Blaine  having
, . ii    conn   11 satisfactory ar-
. ingemi nts   i an   I e   ma le.      Three
. mi s In all will be        ed, and with-
.......    greal   draw
for  thi     \ a,.   Ic in   peoph
Aftei . tislib ra ile ��� i mg, \V ll.
Ki ������ t  .      n . the es
Mi      i    Inquired    ivhi    er.   ln     ihe
opinion       ���  -      ��� , a I all  game
I  he a good        ... tlon     In   rebel e In ��� vei been 500
1. .     n auy i xcui lon   from
and Bi lllngham combined, and
It  would   l     ���    'bis   number   tn   bring
bi       li   ��� ffi rs Of the exhibition
Iho  $50 '   isked  foi   by   the   i asehall
i nmmil ��� e
Baseball Captain Smith was of the
i pinion thai the I aseball game would
I rove to be a greal draw for the
\iiieri������ hi i ��� ople. He suggested that
the game with tin Belllngham club
would be played on American Day,
and thai the Blaine .name should come
off a i ouple of days later.
Alter   smiie   further   talk   by   several
of the members of the committees
ii was finally decided 'that the appropriation asked for would be
granted, subject to the conditions
mentioned above,
.lames  Leamy, on  behall    of   the
time.    .I,  Rei i. i h
,1 ��� ee, stat
ed t ���      .-   a repared to
i appropi   tion.   ile Btat-
ii I teams     imj ete I
��� .. ,a.   requfred        ild   be about
3 than If I    '-   '.-. ided   l i
earn       m tl e East  to play
Ke tho ighl   'in '   tbe  New
nster  ] - Id  be  al ���
to hi   .    heii        i against    a eas em
��� ngi mi nts
las in     Ind    Id nol ni itei Ial-
An   no  time  w   ild  bi      -'   in  com-
a ml . ting  ��Ith an easti   n team,
The    :��� .-ena..   il children at the ex-
���ii   \\ hi ri   hi rse   races    are    In
ogress   >\a    unfavorably commente i
.   ij   I. Rei I    nd T. J. At :��� Bl ong,
-a | upon the moth a of the latter, i'
v ��� i.i le I that there w mil e Uu
children's Bports held this year. This
will not lntei fere ��ith I ber a: range-
ments usually made foi the entertainment of the children,
a   -i eclal   committee  composed  of
li.   W.  Gilchrist,  chairman,   II    Ryall
and ib.aire Adams was named to colled   nancy   frnm   the   Vancouver  merchants,    Unless the Vancouver whole-
. s a,.- .. -.,i ii ;. '��� a contribution  for   the exhibition,  very  few  of
them i "tne forwai I to offer it. There
arc one or  two exceptions,  bul   the
:, ajoi Itj   of  'be   merchants  have  rn
i c cam assed   fi i    onti Ibutionf.  The
esi   n suits   ba."  been  obtained   In
���   years  bj   sen linn    local       i  -
.ban;:., in Interview    wholesalers    In
their different  lines of business
The two othei  committees who re-
.' i al Ihe t leetlng wi re:
Special ittractl ui - Itee T
J, Vrmsl oug, : ill man, lames
la amy, Chief J, w, tsi n, W. E V a-
Baseball committee I Ryall, chair-
���a a.  v   Cunningham, J, ll. Smith,
��� -o	
Russian   Finance.
Paris, \ug. 24,���Referring to the
.; lestion of i hangea In the Russian
Rtate banl.. the correspondent of tho
Temps at st. Petersburg asserts thai
Mr, Rockefeller, .it Ihe beginning of
the year, offered Counl Witte to advance Russia $100,000,000 In gold/in
return for a concession to build the
Baltic-Black sea canal. The Russian
financiers refused to accept the offer
and ( niini Witte then planned B trans
formation   Of  the   Russian  Stale  bank
Into  a   private  Institution,  the  gov-
i rnmenl taking over the present de-
j posits  ol   600,000,000  roubles  In  gold
which   would   be  replaced   by    sub-
-   .   .-       |e  M        . .-.  Cuba, Aug.
., -       ��� ���..   .    ii       -a    :
il Insurgents
Pino i luerr: .
he   con
... iblic.    At
��� k-ening  the  11    ip
Bacallao an
���   -    ' ['.liar   del
theil   coi   ng      i
...      bi  irs, and
it of -Guerre        men
ii      em      11    thi
i he  gov-
here i re 250
recruits.   They i i
��� -   . nd  oth ir
'��� ��� 's      ...      . -     arger   than
sed.   He has pr	
2,1.11.10  ;        ���' el   equi    ed   with  arms
1       ,,, mil ion ..a 1   ill well supplied
a :
i; ���       -       .  ,.-:,.- :.      '.���.-! ward   is
. nor is it  wiib the pur-
lng Guanez.   Thai town
i      ;. eadj   prai ticallj   oci u-
��� ni insurgents Guei
��� ..;;'��� a ;   a   i   ic ion  ��ith
I hun ire i   Insurgents   .\ ho
.   : i from Guanez.
i;   rana, \ ig   21.���Unoffii lal ad .: es
I from the western part of the
Pinar   del   Uio,   are   to
t thai   the  Insurgenl   forces
I   wesl   of San  Juan
M ��� a ire formidable
used and are also
..��� .     ��� i     led for < ampaign, and  a
'. ng      a- algn   is  looked   for.
\      .    ln< nl   resldenl    of  Havana.
lays   in   the   vicinity   of
s. n i   le M irtlnez and San Luis,
-i.i i   that   Pino   Guerrera's   following
It 1  Rio  It   from  1,500 to 2,-
... "  men.    : 1" has sufficient ammunition . nd Is a mndantly supplied with
possible  :.-   essity       The    be-
- exci llent.
All thi ations  own.. I
\i.aa lean      a !    ...    American
in-     ��� he    American
flag and are n ���    ed     He
��� a itloi -in   mules
i      ��� i   -.-. iii md were re
cciv'ng      ��� upplii 3     from     unknown
Fullj   100 bi      have de-
.   ti !   and     joined     the    Insurgents
a.,.,   began    and     all
C     .a-  In  western Cuba  are Bympa-
'.������ movement.    Word has
��� . eive i   ; 'cm     Santiago    th it
Aib  A i  veterans    will
to   V'i' Ita   Abaje  and   pul   down
ectii a
Fli  .   '. Ig. 2 I.���The steam"!'
i   issle arrived  here today  from   llav-
to full capacity with to-
sing  rushed  out of
the island ��� rters.    Information
eived fi -������ ngers by this boat,
state  that   Pi      li nl   Palma    is    virtually     prlsone    in   the    palace    at
Havana   and   thai   ho  has  not left   il
for a week,    [ndicatii ns are that ihe
Ituation on the Island is much worse
than  Is  known  to the outside world.
Hav; na, Aug. 24.���All eyes in Cuba
are turned toward the provincial capital  of   Pinar  Del   Rio,  for upon  the
��� dlity  of   Pino Guerrera  to capture
thai   city   de; end    the   probable  outcome   of   the   insurrection.    The   oc-
mcy   by   the   Insurgents,   of   the
'..wus  wesl  of the  Plnar  Del Rio is
considered  to  be onlj   |irelir.iinai>   to
a  movement  i :i  Pinar  Del  Rio.
A serious question is whether the
population of the captured towns and
that of the thickly settled and niar-
vi louslj rich Vuelta Abajo tobacco
. lon ��� irrounding ihem will join
Guerrera's forces. If they do ihe insurgenl leader will approach Pinar
Del  Rio In overwhelming force.
Jacan's Pacific Soirit.
. shington, Aug. 24.���Through the
Jirpanesi embassy here, the Japanese
governmenl Is making an Investigation into details of the affair which
resulted ::i the killing of several Japanese poachers on St. Paul island of
��� ie Prlbylofi group. No disposition
is manifested on me part of the .lap-
i. ��� - government to make trouble
over the Incident, bul ii desires to
obtain all the facts.
Manchuria's Dangerous Position.
li lulu,   Aug.   21-   Tin'   condition
���   the  Bteamer  Manchuria   Is  some.
v hal   ���   rse todaj;  owing to heavier
weathi .   -'.������ Is pounding astern and
tei  .    ��� md In hold No, 2    Trans
��� aitni for Manila todaj.
Ing  as  passengers  General  das
K   - governor  -��� neral  ol
the  P bi  , and J. G. Gilbert ol
the      nt ..' flrsl Instance In Manila
Russian  Cabinet Decides to Continue
Rigorous Course  Against
St Pi rsburg, Aug. 24.���At a BeS'
sli a . : the cabinet tonighl which last-
i i several hours, the conclusion was
reached thai in view of the existing
conditions, any relaxation ln the rigor
. f the government's policy is utterly
OUt   of   the   question,   and   that    il    Is
a .cessary to contiue the battle against
���lip. revolutionary forces with all the
p.cans at  comman I
Exhibition   at   Brandon.
Brandon,   Man.  Aug   24,   The  annual exhll Ition of the Brandon Hortl-
.     1 an I  Fori Sl PJ   BOclety was held
a re Thui a la ��� an I '"day.        <
Preference Is Given
Local and Indian Bands
Petersburg,  Aug, 24.���The    or
''''"''���alien ol the nobility through thi
"'"Ae committee has formally de
;" '   lo  actively   siippnil   Ihe   govern
bailors  spoils  committee,  asked   for I scribed  capital,
Pelyed,  and  ll   expects  to  add  to  it   an  appropriation of $nr>(>,  the sports  o	
lhe free landed Interests opposed to , . include fishermen's races, canoe Washington, Auk. 84.���The V. S.
Die policy of the rorced expropria- races and acq,mile sports. The ani*|navy department has been Informed
lion oi land,
The defeal of the con-   ounl   was granted after a  short <ll��-
bj  cable thai  lbe floating dock  Dewey
was     Utilised    at   Olongapo,     Manila
Hay,   for   ihe   flrsl   time,   when   the
stltutlonal  democrats  everywhere  at cusslon.
"' In the wai upon lhe revolution'   the Zemstvo elections   bows the atti- Another lom; drawn oul dlflotisslon
This Is the first lender of open   Hide of landed  Interests,  which are with reference to the   appropriation I armj   transport   Meade was    docked
 ri which the governmenl has re-  n domlnanl factor In these elections, for the lacrosse committee filled lnjthere yesterday,
v meeting of the music committee
in connection with the exhibition
celebration was held In the mayor's
. fflce on Thursday afternoon, and the
bands which will discourse music during fair time Belected, The reporl of
the committee, which was read al
insl night's meeting of the celebration
committees In the board of trad"
room   Is  as   follows.
Present, R. .1. Rickman, in the chair,
Dr. Doherty, C. A- Welsh, and R. C.
McDonald. Letters were read from
lhe Rev. A. Silva White, Bandmaster
Pl'erdner, Filth Regiment Band, Vieloria: S. A. Shatford, manager V*. P.
p. Band, Vernon; ,l. Iowdon. jr., secretary of the Nanaimo silver Cornet
Hand and C. D. Peele, secrelary-treas-
urer of the New Westminster City
Band, all asking for engagements dur
lng the period of the exhibition.
After n general discussion on the
ti i. i; was moved by Dr. Doherty
an I Bet onded bj C, A. Welsh that
the sum of $1,000 ! e asked for from
the board of control, to be appropriated as follows:
Clt; ban I, four days and evenings,
���A .'���' ; Indian band, three days, $236
Balance  for excursions.
The seoretary was requested to
write to S. A. Shatford and ask him
whal arrangements would be required
for one day's music, If they cared to
accepl that at the exhibition, as the
finances would nol permit any further
expenditure, as there wore so many
applications tor engagements,
The secretary was also instructed
to write io Joseph Lowdon, jr., as
well as to lbe Rev. A. Silva White,
aud to reply to Emil I'ferdnor, Band-
ma-:"! Fifth Regiment band, Victoria, thai their services cannot he
engaged  this year.
' - :i
'.t ������
* '���
! n
:,-.   '
* ft
. 'ii.
;> A    i
��� -..  .
}���'���.' 1
V        -E: ���
: |
���    I: :
-' h|j :
If i
.���~\t'   ���'.:��
:'���*"���*  ;
.'*';'ii,, i
5 -I :?���;' )-J
Clean, dry crystals ��� that are
absolutely pure���that will not cake
SALT.    The beit for table use.
Ottawa  Cabinet   Meets     Next     Week.
Presumably  to  Consider   International   Matters.
Ottawa, Out.. Aug. '.'1.���The call has
gone out for an argent meeting of
the cabinet hei" nexl week, and a
number of ministers who were out
of town have been recalled from tteir
vacation, Speculation associates the
meeting with the present visit of Sir
Mortimer Durand to Quebec, where
he me: Karl Grey and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier It is known thai the British
government and Sir Mortimer Durand
himself are anxious to settle all
questii as upon which differences are
likely to arise between Canada an I
ihe United Stales, and it is con-
je<: ire I thai the ambassador m iy
hai���- . imbitted to tlie government an.!
Earl Grey a proposition for ihe amicable settlemenl of outstanding questions on the lines of the joint high
commission of IS9S. it looks j.s
though pressure wa - I eing i mg i!
in bear nn tbe Canadian authorities
by the British mini.-'"" a; Washington and that the cabinet council i.-
called to considei the attitude the
Canadian government should assume
in regard thereto.
- ���o '
Fred   I��   Utah,   hut   So   Aro   Milk   nnd
Keep the cow up in flesh, up in spirit.
up fu production. Feed is high, but so
are milk and butter. Hay Is not high
In price now, neither is the earn st-iver,
anil the silage is in the silo at prime
eosi. Good silage, good clover or mixed hay, comfortable quarters, i lean water and generous, particular care are
starting factors iu ib ��� balanced ration.
These are general';.- capable of being
profitably re-enforced by good commercial feeds In reasonable quantities, bnt
the former are the elements that determine profit.
It is not wise feeding, of course, to
make n cow f.,', nor if she be a good
dairy cow with enough protein in her
feed is It easy : > do It i.s certainly
tho greatest unwisdom in feeding to
allow the cow to grow poor, so that her
vitality Is lowered and b--r production
Good condition of flesh, the best indication of ability to do profitable
work, can usually, wiili proper attention being given it, be secured by thp
Intelligent feeding of the rough prod
nets of tho farm. These should of
course bo carefully I arvosted and housed and fed iu tlie most appealing condition. How much vitality one cow
more than another pals imo her milk |
I don't know, but 1 do know ihat out
of her vitality cere's her milk. Keep
up ber supply.���W. F. McSparran in
Home nnd Farm,
An  E\am;ii"   01   ...inui:.
During the h ittesl lighting In tht
Shlpka pass ti... leading battalion of
the Russian General Dragomlroff's dl
Vision recoiled before a hailstorm or
Turkish bullets. Tbe general was a
very stout person and had the appearance of a peaceful German professor. But when he saw his men recoil he dismounted nnd walked slowly to and fr" along a ridge swept by
the enemy's bullets, flc was a hundred yards In advani f tbe men, oc
cupying tbe position they bad aband in
ed, After staym r th ac for awhile
wlthoul being touched be shouted back
to the battalion; "Wbnt are you doing,
you geese? Did you tblul there was
danger bore? 1 don't Und any!" Tho
men responded with a roar of cheers,
doub -I up to him and charged so
flercelj thai the Turks were for ed to
Wli>   IIkikIn   Help  Marching,
All men who bu e any appreciation
of music feel prompt"'! to iti p In I ie
to a march tune, aud music on I ������
march therefore substitutes a now aud
pleosanter stimulus to exertion for the
nionot uious and om iw bai drc -
of keeping place i.i the ranks, Ii is
well know i) that weariness Is, as n rule,
more n matter of tulud than of boilj
nnd that tbe muscli i of the body do
nm tire half so so m as the uen a ��� u
lers   which   move   them,    Music,   by
bringing a fresh nervi uter Into play,
will ofi ii banish all senno of wcai in ��� s
and -a .11 even someth i is off n'd osl to
the in uni uerve ci nter, .'i.n when
tip. music c 'nses the soldier fe .o fr isb
er Uian bel'are it began.
Hit    lat.   all   in.
"So   little   Plutlerby    married    thc   ffijj
strongmlnded  Miss  Dnirlng.    I  nev r   *M
supposed he bad any Intentions in that
direction." ||
"fl" L du'': ih" Intention originated
with ler."   i Ihlcaco Tribune,
The   Ti'si.
We novel know whal wo "an do or*
til we are put to lb" tl .-'t  by siitii" :' '  ..}
'iii!.-��� .,ry nr troi       '���. i - respon
ly. Vp 1.. a we feel lil.'ll " a ai'" i������" '
from 1.1.: Ide ro oui ��� i nnd I isi de.
pi... I nh   lutely ti] m our iclve
ith nil the S ��� ...   >t dospni ition.
S>"   ��� '...:.���
Great Shoe Sale
Our  Prices Will Put a Smile on Your Face
pecSals   !20   ^Pec'a^s
For To-Day   Saturday)
No. 1
Men's "Geo. A. Slater's" Chocolate Kid Oxfords, made witli large
eyelets and Military Heels, our $4.50 Shoe for $3.25.
No. 2
Men's "Geo. A. Slater's." Russia Calf Bills, splendid wearers; our
$-5.50 Shoes for $3.50.
No. 3
Men's "Packard" Shoes, in Chocolate, Kid,  arid Russia Calf; a
$5.00 American Shoe for $3.25.
No. 4
Men'.s, "Frank Slater's" Strider Shoes, in Prussian Calf; a $5.00
Boot for $3.50.
No. 5
Men's "Keen Kut" Shoe, a $4.50 Chocolate Kid, Blucher Cut Boot
for $3.5u.
No. 6
Men's "Keen  Kut" Dongola Kid, Duck Lined Boots; a regular
$4.00 line for $3.00.
No. 7
Men's, "Keen Kut" Box Calf, Heavy Sole Boot; always sold for
$4.50.    Now $3.50.
No. 8
Men's Geo. A. Slater's $4.00 Black Vici Kid Oxfords, for $2.5o.
No. 9
120 pair Ladies  Do a ola Oxfords, light and heavy .soles ; regular
$1.75 and $2.25 goods, for $1.00.
No. IO
Ladies' Geo. A. Slater's Black G. W. Oxfords, our $4.oo Shoes for
No.  1 1
Ladies' John McPherson Chocolate Kid $3.00 Oxfords, a nice I    .
>o!e shoe, fir $1.95.
No. 12
Ladies' Geo. Slater's (Hive Kid Oxfords, a $4.00 Shoe for $2.25.
No.  13
Ladies' Black Kid Oxfords, our regular $2.50 Shoes for $1.75.
No.  14
Ladies' Tan Russia Calf Heavy Sole Bouts, a $4.50 lino for $2
No.  15
Ladies' Kid Button Boots. Latent Tips, a $2.75 Boot for $1.75.
No.  16
Ladies' Kid Lace Boots in Box Calf and Kid, $3.00 lines for $2   !
No.   1 7
Misses' Chocolate Kid Lace Boots, heavy soles, $2.2" line f> r $l. to
No. 18
Children's Black Slippers, sizes3 to 7 1-2. our 95c Shoes lor 50c.
No. I��
Children's Black and Tan Slippers and Oxfords, sizes 8 to lo 1-2,
regular $1.25 goods, for 75c.
No. 20
Children's White Canvas Shoes, any size in the store I'm' 50c.
These Prices Ought to Make the Shoes Go!
Here's a golden opportunity to save money.
NOTE���The above lines have been greatly
reduced in price for To-Day's and Saturday's
trade. The sooner you come the better you'll
fare in regard to sizes and assortment.
�����-��:>     $
lOnBIStoll 3 ��1111 litltMl HOI
m.        te �� i WWm if* 385
fill   '*& M^MW x
.,:*>���.'* IH m 'xk '$kE*w *$M
B <6 \t�� 'w tif       $3 '-:J 'V*.>�� &8 9 " a a U ��3�� ��&VL> 0 v     "San? sa    \& k
m^i^zsm zm&3^:$ (iMi^i^-j& -iMEM^^i^m m-yssmmQ �� msmmm c&EZEzm wm Emz& <es^es&l?-:: i i
HAT    ���       2e is tl ���     atfc . ��� ith this bread ?    1
:h1 :.     she ha   tin   r si
nother bakes with  RISING SUN, and i      .  grocer sends
iy more oi thai st ufl  In  sent last 1*11 certainly send it back.   You get m<   RISING SUN FLOUR
iust asg<    . 5 v >ur tr iti    ���    er m; de.
I     G.  DAWSON.  A.jjent. 145 Hasting    Si   cct. West, Vancouver.
'        ������.'   v-     ��� '
'   . .'     -���    * p.      ..... .        *���    .����'
Westminster Iron Works
AT 1 "i    HOTELS
1     /"\ V      HP T"'
./ Oi-   It
m Don   i i on Ls
:f Britls      :    ..
.'   . --��� a and New  Bi. law . ���.
H     est 'v., antage ������<   n
��� ::r      T , .-        |   - -. (     \  r-.:
We ..������������        i     '     c beaul      ly and to
��� ial of the bi si -��� t of teeth you ever saw
".- ic ��� as m ich.    (h t' n e ihanical experts
en of long i   p  ���'��� ice (we em]    y no    triers)
id their work is I he bi st   know n  I      : ���  : ( mtal
'��� ssion.
B. C. Monumental Works
.' MMES   M :K i\N     Propria ir,
In      '���      ���;:-.'.
,v*u& S^
prices worth coming miles to i rofit hv
:    . ��� ���  .
' .   i
.      ���
.   ...    .
Marble and Granite Honumenls
Tablets, Tombstones Re
Write for prices.
Ntw  Westminster.   B.   C.
\      \ a        . ������        \
���. P. A
(}. S i i v 1      M
M    ���    I,   . an.a       \ .
T     S     l '.-��� . ���      \ ... \\
111;  It   C. Stron
\ i,   Yum    iver;    w     Ch
\ ���    '1  .       V. \        *   [OBI    a \   aM.   ���      T
... \ \i
;i      -    Mi     \;      .   Si .    ������
I. Ma       .1 ��� i.
II    H.i\ I'lh,  \ ano  -i
wa        'I      Rogl .     ,] |on       I'      ,1      '
I .1,,T
tan���F   .1    Collins,   Burn
\\ .      MOI " i  IOU       I al'lillpT  . \'i  \
Hoy.  C i'    Evans,   P    len
. -i    Vancouvei
. .     ���
.. i      fo      w ee -
.    ,      -.l;|... .
a           .    .
.    p. . . .
.          S1-
���-.  .    -������        ;
ton, $i.
i       81    .lolin   $1
.   . .,
.. i    i ondon   ��"''.
Victoria,  ?:i'[ '"'.
....... iii   -an       \-4
.. .,. I   p),.|.   \ a-i.ia   help
r. tt       ��� ,   .        ... ,  n      . CARNIVAL.
flirrc H  ���>���Hrl>nlr|pp|i   lll|-�� n',,1   flrnla.
;. Bonn Anii'i li an moi..." ��� beard that
their  young   Jli "        ..   Waldos   or   Blaine,  Waeh.,   Auguel  Mth  to 26th,
���. necp bad to pcrfo *iti iho services
In  their I'i'U nie  sel    il    thai      iglisb
bo\ - have i" .1" lu slmllur In i : a   .���. ���       , >,i    \  .
���   .11
hi . there would !"��� plt,i  and lu    :��������� it  n
.  |,,-.  | ��� ���    , ,.    ren   pltj for the youth   nnd   iiil.'u   i   m
mill io  istii im isivi
Gold Filling . .
. . $1.00
Gold Crowns .  .
. . $5.00
I Platina Filling  .
. . S1.G0
Bridge Work <,(r
:e $5.oo
j Silver Filling .  .
.     50c
Set of Teeth   .
. . $5.00
Hi., lun 1 iii art I'd master    Hut
,., .....     torn  doi  n't  seen,  to hun ' '        '    '      "  ii!'h"'    ����1   ;
"'��� '      "    ,:,:   Brltlshera.     Vt  n  sel u  H turn i   and one-third I  n   f.    tin
where boys receive iln Urst lir.lf.     uh p, $l..'l      Chlldn n flvi     ears
I'll glllatloili      ,n.:'"'    i\ a    h    .i     ,   ,,,���,,.   i���,,,.,,i,,,,   ,,.,���,   ,-,,.,,,-,.   ,��� .. , , ,
Ol    un li     li'.ll Illl'U    i \ rn    l ill in .     1 a . .        ,        a ��� .      .   . i     :i mlpi     l \\ i I \
license  will  be li   led,   a    ���        nted   are tnuiiht to sew on their buttous and   , ,,.   .,v       ,..
a i tend and enveli e, i iy Is dnrn their hose nud rents In their uu
,., ��� ined nl Ih Depni ir.ent or a lha derclothtng Only their miter (tarmeutt
0ffice   ,,-   (he   Crown   Tlmliei     \',.'r.'   ore seut to the tnllor    Anv
the lusUs brings tlie sumo punl bun nl
ii   ..'    ���   . '.   iiade    and    di)
.:    and  hard line ���    are   es
.   i ||        live   while retail  (rade i,;
���, riding 'ii" finishing
.. I'll., daii j i.n ade
���, ..���   md . spoi'l demand biiBk, al
1 . illel" in
General   trade  Is
ll ' |fi| in i luiiir
(he i being dam      '
,   ... .,     a,.   .   fail   i.i    ... i
ai  i'.n,.ni..    iiii. a a heal affects ti a le
In  the  n'i" thwesl   bul  w Innlpeg re
��� oi i     (hal   damage   lo   wheal   froifi
this . nuse  Is  nol   llkelj   lo  be  greAt,
Prade Is i   live In B   C      i ilmon
:. . in  I     :r  V. al .!'���
Rei all good until Vugusl UCth,      Failures  foi   lhe  wei i   numbi
il. ... HI liltlBI    IS  lasi   "''"ip  mnI   14 In
   i eeli .i yeai ago
il,   lie Un   I Northern Ual way <   ni
;. -i.    ��   '   ue!    i mind   ti
Consultation and Lxamination Free of^Charge.
Al! Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
e Boston Dentists, i
Hou j 9 a. ni. to 8 p. m.    Remember the F'lnce
407  Hitstinfcjs St. VV., Vancouver
.,-, i   ��>al   Ul  prepared   Inwnia   would     On   Foinul    ,., . ,,������ , , Q       v
ri'finiii dnvs iln' small boyi ure luuglil        ,      . ...
cliari    ., ,,....'........,��� , ii       i1'   Customs     \   m   Matheson
i   Ni v.   Westmln tor,  B, C
Eai I) K nder nrtist 1-e
*   ���""   nrepti          e;pi.               i nan |)l(% rU(i|nu,���tM 0f eoolilng uud la.i In - n
��� !       ':    n fnvoi     puty ol (M|,|,.. niid nl all times Ihey must kee;
ii   Minister ol  the  In erli     roi   Ihe their rooms In order    li Is Irm smue
mm   . ' ' .���   ijonu    which Ihe nppll parents objeel  lo Ibis, bul  thc,\ musi
inb nm,, ii,,, va "...   Rbout eighteen years of age, at Prull                        ��    The entrance i
Wanted    Vctlve,    Intelligent     lads
Onening of Public Sctiools.
. publii    u hool - win  reopen on
prepared tu pay for a lloenai
��� ii  eel]
N'o ten ler
. ���     .. i
Seci  ���..��� ���
. ent  uf the  Interior,
i il ��� nwn   lull  . . '     I Kill
majority of fathers believe the plau a   Cannery, Fronl street
Wlae oue    New York Press,
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturer* and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Tel?phone 12. "'       "'    '        *
Two or >iii. Habits
"Two iliin^i the average mnn does al
<<\i'i',\ opportunity from mere force of
habit,"   said   Ibo   olwen Ing   woman
"i nn- |a in sel in-, watch ������ ��� el) I line in-
pn .���' .a Nlnndnrd Ilinepleee, and lhe
oilier H Isn'l very del cnte, bul II n
f p. i io i-\ pi etorale i \ m'T i line hi
pa ii ea :i public puspldoi > mi wnb li n
iii,-iii iiiiiiiviTii'inii pass n unn i' ��� ���
ii.. ni-..nya cnb boa hlmi elf In lime
>;.ii.^ bade, compares his watch, ami
leu minutes Inter you'll see hlm lib lenl
ly iiniiiK tlie muii>.  thing fnrthci' down
li iti .   ami   roll ���  ol   in.nor   will  be
���  enti i !.. ihi   successful pui
M      Ro ei ;   i ""ni nt 2:30 p   m   tn I
u    " ' '      ''"'"'������l'    I "   lu   Mi   Coatham's  room  at   I   ,   m
I       ees, p irenl i   md   ill  other* lh-
 i     re  cordln ��� I
. a I
In     - mall  i.iiniii      \|.pi
Ml !.'"������a       Pa-i.   Kow,     Ni ��
\\..      luster,
( ��-
New Weatminater.
Steamboat Inspection  Serv.c.c.
'i h ul . n ni   i mdldnten
���.���iiu have npplli i  for the po IIlon ol
!l|1! i""1  Enulpmenl  of   ���'���. .���,,.,.,.   t,, prove the other facl yon
"��� ' '���   will  take  place   nl    Iho   neP,i ,,���iv  aland  Ove minutes  within
Snail.ii.i. .���  la ; OHlce, Victoria,   alghl "f n cuspidor In one of the big
r. (���.. on  \ni'i ' Hind, IHOG, rnllwiiy stations nnd watch man nflei
r. OOtlHUEAU       '"""   nbaoiitiiilndedlj   expectorate   In
Deputy Minister   of    Marina   nnd   pnsslng. merely In response to the stig
n he ��� P'M" ,r """'""i"111"
"Theso two iiiiiN.'iilini. In,I.iiu  nl. iii
ri|iinii/,i' ii womnti's Inveterate hnbll of
glnnclng ni over) mirror she passes,"���
l'!iiiiiili'l|iliin Bulletin
Notice in iiiT.-a. given lhal ,;" <* ��� 2	
ftei  .ini" I Intend  to make appllca �� �����,., ���, il,.n,.nt,,
lion to Hi" Honorable lhe Chief Com Bome one laid of the Welsh in ths
missloner of  Lancia and   Worka,  foi ilghteenth century  every old  womfth
��� ���'ial i.i.mi"" in oul nml carry away ,V,,M " h*6nenloglit  This is still ime,
��� i   ! mi,   lhe  following   lorlbed f'"'"'"'��'���"'�� <���'��'���>��� t.. type, m.,n< reten
tive nr  initliiiisl  rliarneterlsties.���Lon
Ion Outlook,
lands, situated   Easl  of lha hoad  of
rut". \. w. Dlstricl: Commenc
Ing ni n atnke planted on the North ruvImh n i��....i<
Karl corner of the EO, O,  Patterson Here's a conversation i overheard
old claim No. 1003, thence Northerly between two women ln a bookatopf))
30 chains, thenco Weil   80   ohalns, IliSj!11 t?Jt�� *JtB*^ toofkJ"
Ihence South B0 ehaine, thenoe Baal     ���, BMr.,|L ��������        ,, ,���    .,  iM
I   am sure  Elln   would  like  that."
"i i haii.: n. poinl or commencement    11l(,n to (be (,,e,,k ..,-��� ,.,,.,, tbls book ���
gjtaked   \uguil   18th,   1806, As the clerk was wrapping it up sh*
.IAMEM HllAltl'E       ndded: "Wmt Is It. by ib* wayT    ��
New  Wcstinln.'lci', IJ. 0, . fltdn't look."-Bos(oii Uecurd
. ���
., ���;  v-
Plus   Chewing
10c per cut
* ���
��� <
. /
" . "��
.   . -.
��      - H- ."
"i:'".' ���:
* ���
"' A;.''4'".
"Wl :
m i   .
���     in
<W..-��,���i.^i| THE DAILY NEWS
T 25
THE DAILY NEWS enforcement  had  not.  beeu  provided,
and  only  at   tbe lust   session of the
Published by The Daily News Pub- . .,, .,���,���,.���   .,,���-      ���    ,    ���-���M���� i,���.
isbing   Company,   Limited,  at   their legislature, 1905. was an effective lav.
ifflces   corner   of   Sixth   an.l   Front [ Put   "I'on   the  Statute   Book,    under
Streets, New Westniiuster, B. C. Ills   law   there  Is  an  efficient   force
������  nl'   Fire   Wardens   who   patrol   those
MANAGING DIRECTORS. parts of the Stale In which fires are
J.  C.   Brown R.  J.   3urde likely   to   occur  during   the   dry   sea-
  son, anil although tbey have only one
ADVERTISING RATES.              J ful1 seas"''A experience, it is already
evident that they are able to accom-
Transient    display   advertising,    10 ���sh                 d    ,    f        d            a
c.'nts per line fnonpartel) 12 lines to "                 ,    7    .,
tbe  inch.      Five  cents  per  line   for :" prevent a -real deal oi harm. They
subsequent Insertions. are   often   able   to   put    out    small
Rea.ling notices, boil face type, 20 smouldering   fires,   which   would     he
conts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 certain  to  become  dangerous  if  al-
ecnts per line. ,owe(,   tQ  b         |)ut  which arfl  easU
Poi    time   contracts,   special    posi- .,.,,.,                                . ,   '
turns, apply to advertising manager. extinguished it proper steps are taken
Notices   of   births,   marriages   or "'ior.'   they   have   gained     headway,
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lust oi Under the law the deputy Fire War-
t<mnd, rooms to let, etc., one cent per (!(>n.   issm,  permits   ,-,���.  iand-clearing
word.      No advertisement  taken  fcr
1��8j than 25 cents. fil'es' aml must ascertain by personal
.~^,~.-^.--.~--~-~----~-~~- ...^.-.-~~-~- Inspection if necessary, before Issuing
TELEPHONES. the permit, that the fire can be safely
_                                                           ���, used.    If in their opinion anv danger
Business office     22 .
_���.    .  ,     ���.                                          ., would   resull   trom   it,   Ann   may   re-
Editorial   office        17 ,
.,           .         ..                                 ���,, fuse ihc permit or the\   ma     ippolnl
Manager s   residence    277
a competent  person to  supervise the
                                   " operation   and   see   that    the   :'ii'e   is
. ,  .,4.'-. t.-i nol allowed to spread.    Mr. Welty In
' liis address emphasized the  langer of
allowing   the   chilis   and   rubbish   lefl
SATURDAY, AUGUST 25. 1906. .,       ,       ,
' after  logging operations,  to    remain
~~      '    "" undestroyed,  and  cited   cases  where
CONSERVE THE TIMBER. fi,.es getting into these ru ibish heaps
The West ('nasi Lumberman, a mag- had  smouldered and  crept   along  for
azine published at Tacoma, in the in- days,   and   even   for   weeks    i.   -  :.
terests of the lumber industry of the , .ses.   until   reaching   heavier    fuel,
Pacific Northwest, In its number for they   gained   strength   and       ce   to
August   has.  amongsl   other  articles, attack the green standing timber. One
an address delivered before the Lum- important duty imposed upon the Fin
bermen's  Association,  in  Seattle,  by wardens is the posting ot  large  n i-
.I    R.   Welty,   the   Washington   Slate tices   printed   on   cloth,   these   being
Fire  Warden,   in   which he  gives  n liberally   distributed   throughout   tbe
summarized   history   of   the   destruc- districts where fires   ire likel;    i   i
tion  of forests  in  that  State in  the cur.    These notices  contain extracts
early   days,   pointing out how  thous- from the law selling forth iii" duties
ands of acres of valuable timber were and  penalties, and they  also contain
burned   by   settlers    in  land-clearing an appeal  lo good citizens  ' i aid iu
operations and by limners and camp- suppressing and  preventing  tires.
ers   starting  firgs  and   leaving   them Our  Provincial  governmenl     mighl
burning, and  by  people who set  fire follow the example set   -    Washington
to   the   woods   in   mere   wantonness In  ihis  matter,  with  very  greal    ad-
jusl   u> see  ihem   burn, as  a citizen rantage  to the Province.    Il  ma,   be
oi  the -real  republic is said to have rgui i   that   such        service   would
shol   an  Indian  at   Esquimau  in  the cost  a good deal ol  mom   .    nd also
early days of the history ol this Pro- thai   il   would not   be  a   certain   pre'-
vince  "jusl   to   see  him  kick."    The ventlve   of   fires     Both   these   state-
burni  area  in  seven counties of the ments are true of course, but exactly
Slate  of  aggregates   the the   same   argument     "A;    ���������   used
enormous total of .3500 square miles. insi   anj   clt;    fin      rigade,   and
A law was passed in 1903, by the*Leg- there is  this   lifferen e  between city
islature  of   the   State,  the   intention .        rt      and   -I nding             i    one
"��� which was to conserve the forests, cau insure city property,   md ::  It  Is
and   preveni   the  occurence  of  these destroyed it can hi   replaced in a few
fore      fires,   bul   this   law,   like   too weeks,   or   month-,   bul     when     the
many others, was not enforced, partly itanding   timber A   destroyed   a   life-
I ecu is.   the pro] er ... u hlni ry for Its time         Id be re            I         la< e it.
Complaint Is made that full advan-
, tage is not taken of Ilie provision
1 made tor the guidance and information of tourists and other visitors to
New Westminster. At I good deal of
1 trouble and expense, a most creditable equipment was placed in the
city hall, and a good sign put outside to Inform the passing stranger
where to go; bul the sign has heen
removed and placed inside the building, and we are told that some of
the chairs provided for the comfort
nl' visitors, have made their way into
adjoining rooms. Even as it. is. the
register shows iimt quite a number
of people find their way into the
offlce; but the idea is i > arrange
matters so that all may b ive a chance
to become aware of its existence, and
this i- the time Of ..ear when the
offlce can be most useful. We commend the matter to the attention of
the  tourist   association.
��� o	
Whisky, using the word In Its wide
bt-nse   to  denote   all   Intoxicants,    is
blamed   for   the   bulk   of   the   violent.
trouble  which  disturbs  trom  time  to
i he     ��� ice of  soi let}:   bul   the
.recent  experience  of the  capital  of
the Province  would seem bo call  for
some   revision   of   thai   verdli t.      \
beat.. I, at times one might  -ij  a violent,  controversj   has  been  going  on
there for months, and still shows uo
sign   of       .'.....!. .   ��hich   has   li s
origin  in  cold  water.    It   Is  not   for
ar    mtsid r  to  interfere  in  domestic
.. :. .a:. -    I ul  there ��� an be no harm
in expressing the hope that  such an
matter  ��� - the water supply
the  a   .;.,,    Rj   will   be  speedily
��� ������ li l, and   settled  in  thi   rigl .   wa; .
I system recently put in by   a private
' company.   The council has t\u>. right
to  buy  If it  wishes,  provided  it  does
! so  within  a  certain limited   time,     li
ia  rather a remarkable thing thai  so
: many   places shouhl have water ques- _
��� lions   on    Iheir    hands   al    the   sam"
time.    Victoria,  Vancouver,    Seattle,
Calgary, Hamilton, occur to us al the
i moment.
We have been shown a circular of
the "19th Royal Hungarian Lottery"
received here by mail the oilier day.
; Tlie lottery is said to be, and probably ;
is,  under the patronage and direction
ot the government, and the sanction
of law;   but  it  ls a  gambling concern
'��� just the same. We are under the im-
pression that gambling does not have
the sanction of Canadian law, and
that the Canadian mall service cannol legally be used for the dissemlna-,
tion of circulars intended to promote
gambling. The attention of the postmaster-general is invite;.).
W. R. Gilley, 'Hhone l-ii-Ii.
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock,
Also agents It. U. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cer.ient Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near, C.P.R.. Depot f
'Phone 18
The Vancouver Province lasi nlghl
i Anted a dispatch irom a special correspondent who had Interviewi I one
ol the G. T. P lirectors. The gi-t
of  the dispatch  is  thai   I he   ��� ork  of
lldlng the line In the wesl is now
going on ..a fasl as possible, and will
be    vigorously    pushed;    and    that    it
i-   the  Intention  of  the  directoia   I i
! a connecting line to Vancouver,
an I quite possibly to hav.- It i on plel -
ed as soon as lhe through line.
berta,   has   moved   eastward   to   S.jL-
katchewan and fair weather with hlgfc-   ?��"���*** ""a f\8e ��** no""   '
,     follow.'.] the Interestli ���; ...        ..,,,, ,,.
er temperatures has prevailed th gh    asll,���twivi���1)(���r.   ,,���,,;,,A   �����
out;   al   Port   Arthur   light   Bhowers   tain   Italian   town   I   was   Iiu itually
have  fallen served   by   n   waiter   vill,   ti..-  I tie   .(
I'.���     as   , Satu   laj    Lower    main-   count and a nam., famsus la Vene   i
I,ni    Lighl    ���"  moderate  wind-,  gen    history.  Ami I am personally  i
��� rail'. and   Mondaj   with   ed wltha. lord of ancient Un
titl" descended from a . ither        _  |
In ih" vocation ..f it i
geueral   thi   aristocracy
not much change in temperatun
��� am ial cl ise time for
in a; 6 o'clock this tn irning   Until Sept. 15, no net having a mesh of
less than 7 inches extension measure
nt    an  be  legallj   used,    There  Is
.   : um i    that   the   traps   intend     to
��� '      "ir   fishing,   their   owni rs   cm-
ending that the    lose s    son   regula-
tii i.   does   nol   appl     to   them   aa   II
thing a tra  -"    If thej
n thai a    rind
themselves in   i ti        The regulation
"no  net"  m i ised   i excepi
a.s a ov" a..'" 11 ai i  i trap is a "nei
!'  'a -.   fish, thi     fore, il  will be the
'  the ir - ���      ir 1    ������ ither ihen,
The Chilllvi ack P ogress Is asking
tlie   Muni Ipal   ci   i    ,    i    thai   A ice
. lo ik cai efull ��� Into thi   q les I lon of
A-   le : a erwis     of   ac-
pui  h ise  ' ii"  waterworks
After Standard Oil.
��� ... stow n,   N    V .   Aug    _ I.     I
N.   V.  C   R   R.   Co   a a ���   in licti
I .   v..    .    . ... V. gran . this af
tei noon on a i    irg   i n rim
li ating and unlawful freighi
shipments of oil  bj   tl ������ Si  udai . 11
, and      uula [il
Thf wily Wij,   ,f Donu
Tii" well known  Paris theater manager   I' iligny    n I iti i   In   ' is   ren I
olse. . ��� .s  a ,   em nco ha-1
with the . Ider l Urn  is wl  ch f irnisla ���
.in illustr itj ni   of   ilie   novelist's
:,.. -   Dollgny produ     I Duma
"Ki in," "���    i the I   I b. r [ktuI ir si
nfatioii thai  the antl) >r sh .t.i.! reec '.
miserably poor'
Bpart  In   >l.,ri> p.
"There are few   pn .times i.i,
the people of Mor . ���   . ��� nut con
nected with rellgl �� '  ���
"i hililrcn plaj  fo itlmll   >i
leapfrog,  and   pr i'ci ..-,��� . _.  .
fencing. Thej also pursue
curved stick - and thr -
;���  '' I '���     ''en   traordhinry   skill,    Son
to be able to 1
tl ie Ic �� .
gnini' of the udult   Moor is
bi ������   . . or ���. iwder plaj     I'I
a.    a    .       ,.
s   wit
lerstati     c iiuiiii i ��� e
- -1 a       al
Washingti i
The Stan lard O    C
ted on
p.������.'. I :l an I di ��� rate
on  shipments ol  "il over the Pensyl-
:,:.   N.   V ''   an I    the    V. rmont
I  R. R Co.
V: I   rla,  B. i'..   v.-    .;      -    .   sis:
The   bai omete    contin
Ri itish    Co V .���
. .    nd 11      . ��� ��� -: ���
Roi    ies ... ,.,1,|
nne wh     warme i
���..'������ tl      .-  .        enl i.      Ii      the
irth wesl     rovinci
rea, rei     il  in     Al-
these . .. eeded ;'..��� ���    : ��� ���      and u ub
lng at all If they fell  below thai   : :
ure.    Dumas,   h ho  was  always  I
up, came late oue ei enlng t i get  hi ���
"I.a. k Is againsl you again," snld
the manager. "You don'l get anythi in
tonight.   1 li ro i i the account."
Dumas glanced at It and went au:...
ln a few minutes he came back and    horses up on h t
snld: Bighl tb .: ���.   .
"Jusl   look  over   the  account   nga'.r,    by those  wliu   I
:.:!'!        .   pay   ine  1,000  f    lies     Tb      neuvers   Iu   I
ticket that 1       t bought for :i    ���?.<.        proud of th dr :
. ��� i up i ' f.,00 i francs i u I    rem in.'
Is taki :.  on   b ii u  , u
bodj' of M    "    ib
at   iln- ebnrgv  n
iheir heads    i u :: ������ ���
(ire their weap.
Til!,-.,   la   It::l...
a .   ,     "    . ��� ���.:..:
lll'-'l'   '"    l".\    I'lllllll ii     ':
:.  .in ���     ���       . unit I'or ii     tit
t n represents
;'a rly well tl cut    f the
ecu    In  that  ��� mm j   I
ernl fe ding to the titled
rai y is of utter i   lifferen 'e,   iln     -   ������
sort ol   i.ia -  are  regard 'd  a i
valueless e\ en I ..  their po   r .    "I
lii).vi.k'j..uii," '..'���..- ���'   writer In the Lou
Ills    \\ ��� 11 Ii i ii is   f lo t li rn
Lord   Ellen   i   a.. It  i
.aiy ������;���   for  i -   '
h - usual I ���
t o a p
bounden dutj I i
y..ur nppean i
Cl "a,--   to   tl
'I'i   ������'.ery bit a i
! -, "   "Ho
,..      - ,ed   tin .'
"Well, It's   list tb
your  workh sr cl th -
: ...
mmMmmMmmmm^m�� & \.:'   .v__g3Mgg^^
���:^^ifc4?j___Pr'-^rf_:^ t
Vz?sss" :. su
��&*< W'~   *v"-ij nt.'7
������,���:.  j    .   .,.,-.  . .. tsffs&gfrvi^,',;;���- rw3rr-!^r��T!atrai''r^f^_^*^ : :     " jjasKviTssro^.r^cESH:^^ ��� '' ���
'iy-. .v..
w^PitfyS?4""*%*%:".. <e"\Irt? ��� ���'    ' -e       ���;    ^">. ffi'^vii_n_ cx -'-^'mm/
ii i.fefc^i iEZ>.i i%J ci Jk v.    \^"Um I S|Jl���*fi &y^
:'.;���;_ -��������� ���'
W  %fm-    he)    ��$< Mm
m  *
iiSV   .._      > c��_B  JUBB
sohst: MW.
M        i
Competition Closes Satisrday, September
ad*     - ���    '
Jt'Jli   f^
rst Frize $50 m Gold,       Second Prize $25 in Gold j
teen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing tiie amount of their purcha: 3.   Our we kl;
and monthly customers wil] also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of chucks present them at our office and get a coupon.   The coupons are all num
bered in duplicate.   One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.   The first numl.t'i  |
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
^tmM^\JmWm^ Mxrxn
Columbia Streei
New Westminstei
��...*: riSiEs SATO��0��''. AUGUST 25, IXW.
Local News Briefly Told
P. nan
Superintendent   .1 | the   ioat while in the gull and mouth     '
Sp   "  lei   yester 11\
for Vicl irla and   of rh" river the catch run as high as
a. iii   :: )'   i' rn   til!   V
'p.n I ....
Miss   L.   !>..   Turnbull   Is
��� ike   i hai ge   of   tb ���     Monte
school near Kapiloojis.
going   to
100 to the boat, and equally good reports were anticipated for thin morn-
Ing. For once the coveted sockeyes
showed very poor judgment. Had
they waited a couple oi days longer
would  have  hud  smooth  sailing
J.   !!.   Kennedy.   M.-P.,   and   Mrs*. I-
Kenned     were   il   Vernon  on  Thurs-   I " :-" ?pper waters of the riv^ a"''
lay, visiting their son Clarence. They   the   pun.'.ig brooks where the flitting
ii" expected to arrive bome today.      female   tish r'ri'^'1 ll,v" deP��slted her
.���-rs in  ,neace-
I. Wintemute b is been appointed as
icting registrar of the supreme court      The halibut -'";i'"": Squid returned
luring     he    ibsence   ol   J.   J.   Cam-   yesterday  from   l;"' northern halibut
nidge grounds.   The ten'da>'8' trip resulted
::, the capture of 75,i?W pounds of first .. 	
class   fish.    The  captain   stated   that    ������_  -*���������-     __.
In spite of the fact thai  Id the gulf,  ^���"���>'*'*"->'*****���^^
the   roughest    kind   of   weather   bad   j��;
leen experienced,  away  north.  Dame  ��J
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size       - ���   ��2.00
See them.   They will delight vour eves, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
j    Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.
�����������������������.   ���   i ���.  i
Dupont Block. Telephone 73.
Magistra e C irboul I an i his - in
���:. ���'��� Coi iou! I left j esterday afternoon foi   Boundary Bay to join their
'��� , lng ; art..   : ir a   -hon  time.
Reduced Pricesl
The new G. N. it. freight sh", wa -
roughi   Into      tlve   sei vli ������  for    the
Natu .- handed out her choices! brand   $
ol goods.   The sea was calm and the
Th"  crew  < iptured  !���!
a -���  ���:��� a- yester i ij  when a car lo i I '���'::; ���   : ,v,,: '  :"
r fun      re was  stowed there await- no wild beasts of fearful flsh this tri
...:  it           ...  | i     on    ol   the       al '"���'���  I '-'  attended to the business of  %
. ng  the   festive  hi Ibut.                -J
...   co   Ing  in  a.,  fast this we.     that we'i                     ;
'   ; '   -���"   thi  a   ���         ��� ,-���      the   S tits                      -... irt,
he  ve        ������      . .... ...;'.         ,    . ..,.  the
' '  . i and bj                        ash   (the
if a cash sto ,           eg   mslde
're calli
Within  the  ��eel   ������������ ������ put  ti �� ,-enty-five
hei   :.. ���   '
i :   ,, : .
has i.i       ''���    ���'������ til  ho ise ana a  shack on tho  J
��� he Alice he citj      in     impletely  $
A. .wl .... M       IS       ed b;   fire  yester laj   morning, $
Mom      aril i      i.  Ch I being m ide   o savi   thi       iy J
now  tug      me  from Vai ��� I   ': -'" ;i . nearest   It- V.
will be used ish. ;-'   *'as too far for even   .il '���*
the av dl ible  I ose in the city  to be *
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits 1
:   '"       '    able to reach  the  -   ne   .   the fire.
The   White House
A. J. BIRTCH. 275 Columbia St.
coal     those  long   .
Ken sington," "Pa i lingl m.'
;.,-.-     ,.,;     aggrega
��� !-. Incl idlng -..tin  cloi
; -��� res,   hopsa ikings,   ���
. ;      . :    nd   nlm
i ,        hundred ive ���
\. ���. e 11 e s
i :. Iei wear.
Most . Irect f i
to In     he i ��� ,
n   Dress   Gcods
In     r<
suits,    a
'  '   - oil
lutterwo ,'les- sixty
i hun      i
,. ��� :  .     aa ....
. .I   '  ffetas I   Bedfoi 1
ting   ten
��� Silks,
Elastic,   1 iosiery
--   .,  Scot Ian i.  from  a   fii m
���   and i avj',
 25c and 35c
,'i...   ..-.    .
almos    . isin        igain.   . ,.., M wh, .-.,.
owners, Messrs. Gilli ave ...   gecond   *SMV:<<<<ittK<<<C+Z<W
Ua.t  It thoroughly  ove
.... i," use I foi  '
the propert;   ol .Ian,��� An
lerson.   a     lacksmitl        ii    .t -
nte :   althouj     stoi ke I  si'lth      i -
Tin   A     ini      '���....   ci  .  ..       has     '      other  materials   whi I le-
,- and revised tari       '    ' "'     The  shaek   v'''     ::   Second
..     , ��������� nd fi mi this city.      hi      rre' '��� an      :'"  "'' ''     '
..      :- .      nation   , iluabl      '' ';''   ���   was   ":,i,'; ''    enveloped     in
ind  Is obtainabl     it  the
��� a.-- .      Ar.     ila  '.     a - ���'.���    in   to
the  fire depai I m mt, i    after    the
chief had driven out I thi   - ene, he
decide ; that ir was no i           lng out
Light and   Dark   Herringbone TAveeds
Hopsackings     il
ed      .      maro m,  n ,,
.-   ���   special,   . .      	
Blue  Serges    Th       ne ��� I   :.
...       ::���'������'     hail i       .       '
to    ll    ::.. ' .
arat.        irts    and
-','   gray,
xcept    l
ll   !        Ai"-.
5c, 5Cc 60c. 75c and 90c
iinK  Vicuna -
illsses   Co :
: inch 	
/ ,-ind   Black  Worst;:,.!   Serr.r;
'..ither   Mixed  Tweeds    G
I ,r   Tweeds     A
ime   Lengt it   of  Fine  Tweed?
rd  len'.tes      I    ���
I   . .'��� .   ... al     .   .   'I'        .
Black  "Plrite   Finish."   .   itln   C I
.i    Cloth an |  VI   itross .. .,
1 75c   jj
���    .     e i  ,". -11
 $1.25  and  $1.50
   75c and 80c
... i i
i ini hes wide.
$1.00  gi
Mi ���������   Ell P ingh    ������.        a .' 1
���' iend a iuncheoi i      ���  ,. brigade, as   iv, ine to tl     I ication
, St. Pat strei t,   n 1      s-   of  "a-  h ��� ises,  the;   wot '     not havi
: ..     the    ���_ .  - -      .   .    ��� . ',. inythln:     to   save
..      A   '.       I he i.
....  -   Ken lali,   Ottawa;   Mis     Boggs,
\   ucouver, and Mrs   D. .1. McQuarrl '   lD   nam( '   '      iQ0    who
v. 'ii...   '..    lei chai -i"
;'l       ���   ��� ���      A.   a. -    ,        frien |,an I  li" I  at C.  P.  K.
���  '���    ���    '���   by   the   ......   |ast   Decern ier, ted   yes-
polici     ..  .���.  , ia rge . dying tl e   tei i ij    to   th     cl lei      i  sl        -   de
li lians   with   whis        was . -.-        ���   the  mi oal   was
II      ���'        ; - ��� .....   him a few   ... - ago eight
'       ���     olici      . is; , .; ,lV  the  citj      S   ������   -    n ing
��� ���:        id iwn rivei- fislv      an, who,
eil :        ���-1  a^  '      ov   hi   " 'i "
In   . ssession of thi   craft, s   t-
���   hi ��� ting ii
rivei    ni        '       sc iw  I
Ile    il    md held ii  in antii I-
- m ���     e     iming A ing an 1
i ������     He gave u
It   ml       ���   irmu     ind  the    riginal
- ner  I els   as      iu jb     i      ne had
It Swi mrse ���   ��� ade him a present.   The -      osltion
Victor! Geoi      Roberi    Is that the- boal either bj  fair means
ne   untied    .ring     the
��� : ..' into the stream
'..':.    :
the Schaak.    Ma-
���,:       The Hui
. -   adding i'i
lant . es to have
1  in  a  the
School Suits
Almost At Your Own Price.
$2.50 and $3.00 Suits, yours for -
S3.00 and S3.50 Sails, vours for -
S3.75 and S4.50 Suits, yours for -
$1.50 !
ASJ  above  fitting boys from
7 to 10 years of eige.
!  &.
u 1 blue
50c snd 65c
:   I'.iii-
OSc. 75c. 85c and $1.25
: ... ..
:      tl "  :::. ;���   ���
:.   ���   I   .; -      wit-
.     ���     .
aptui       ;t   the
rl .
: imp irar;
y ��� complete tl       :  ; >n of Sui 3 and Coats \
' ill ���,'.' in a i tuple of days.    In the meantime
1 ome and see them- they're going fast.
\\ llliam Ji -- .        ' i   ���'
ice  magis
,.,-. ,   - a     .      .   -"    ...
cai ' i
besides the '������ bis he ca
i - a considei
,    i a       ... ���        '��� e
i the scene, as hi       n lition   <l
i ,::.!;.   te   Ified
:E | artii s indebted t   tl =
. ���  ."    -.  are reques   .:
to      let leira    unt
How nicely and easily a Caks can bs iced vrith
e icing
���   *    ����� f..M     f -        '
i     ��        JSi     ilSfeC
tclumbia St., Nev/ Westminster, B. *,.
4- ''I'iiiTOiiBisasaHcsBflHca&xiiiBBMaaa ���""
n    lis
K.   U Reid o if H "' ���  .
.   ���   ,.     lowi nd Indli  ���   V.gen1   R.
j   ;. .   :     for Blaine   Wanted  at  Once���Quick,  active,  en-
: -��� connectioi   with      ergetic I ." s    From 15 to 20 j a irs
���   '     :   >������   : '   "' '���'������'>'���  '''!      of age    Applj  personally, Western
Indi in  re ���.   ves. M i      Mi Donal I  ac-       .,..,.            _, .,
"���'""" ,..      C ina li..:; i in I ai ton , Sis   is
. .. .    n       Mi '1  l> mal 1    and    will
eud   I        .t . '  ���            "         !    '
.    ���  .       nl\   I
Chocolate, PlnK, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple   and   Coconut   Cream.
i    ,
ifB!K'W��E!i7aami3K3IIKig UC��S5BEaC5
Till';  RIGHT  KIND 0    :   KIBBLERS,
For  Sale    3 i md   An. 1    ��� iggy,  road
���1   in       ,- a    w.  li.    Madill,
care   ���   Speck, Columbia
VAmt" i ���Active,    Intelllgenl     lads
,   mi eighteen years of age, al Fruit
.  ne ��� al street,
Advertis   in   The    News
�����       ���; ...     ,,,.;���.., ent 1        tnd       ler In-
I , ,    Mr,   .1.   Johnson    ma
J igh overh mllii \   i      ���      Beavei
J     , nu mlng   an I      i  nounced
i ...i,,,..       a everj
I     urtlci   ,���   Cai  enters wi re also bu
repl he    io   ol   he wl I house
;    .      a was i.n   iked ofl       I  Saturda  , ������ ���  s
i   when the ressel collided with the end   ? .,... ..^v.^^^,<r ^^��������������������������������������������������������������**o****<'*>��*��*��****��*��***********************l
We have not only the largest
and best stock of WATCHES
in the city, but also havo tho
sole  agency for the HAMILTON WATCHES which for accurate time keepftig
^������I CXI
cannot bc
W. C. CHAMBER!    Ihe Jeweler, Columbia St.
**��aBCCCeOKGfifii���*.:������:��::���-..-:"������"..���.> ���a^A*:*:******^**^****'*^**^^'**.*;
. ; , vlnglng sei tlon of the bridge,
. [u \. sel Ud no I rl i a it.-- reg-
���:. r        run    ntil 2 p.  n .,
I     Ol a.     ''
After Invi stlgatlng the comi lalnl
recently made thai | asBengers to
Vancouver had some dlfflcultj ln ob
��� lining tran ifers to SI inlej Park
or English Bay on the .lay.- when
the B. C. lv It. Co. makes a reduc
tlon In the usual rates to BQc. L ical
Manager McQuarrl" announced yesl >r-
day thai th" people who have been
complaining aro In the habll of buying their tickets on the tram, and
that In thai <'a*" they are nol entitled to receive a transfer, and ac
also compelled to pay the full rate
of 60c  return  te  Vancouver,
!*!. The Bockeye Beason closed at 6
!���; o'clock nils morning and fishermen
J think It hard luck as there was n
;*! iiu!,. spun iui and fish were running
A .,,,! Ou Thursday nlghl and yes- I
ti   : i.   the fish ran  . ��� ulgb as 50 to I
Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump every day,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance
Onc Whole Week of Tun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British   Columbia   Day
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'i ��� I ���
a   ,'{:,
! A",
'���ii '    j   .. ;'    :
' f.E (,
'.���   a-A
��� ������-'-.'...'   ...   ;
������it.: -A'F
:���:��������" :f ;
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1 '*,; i i
iEh ��
II '������* SSMSSSS ���
stmmimiammBss THE DAILY NEWS
I)ut-llp�� n�� II  XVmn In  Frances Ib t'n.
Time ft Rlcbelleo.
Tl."  ;���;'���     in   :   :'  iA    .: g,   wbi. b   had
cost       ���' I   was     :A!V   between
7,00 fnd S.000 1 es dm ��� ������: thi tn entj
y. f Hi     ;   I V.'s r or;.   >��� as at its
hi   ��bl    '���  ���    '    a.,   to   lh*
throne.    ��� . ��� I oi   I rent   In I54i
'.:..,;      .- , ....rjiK-.l iii" practice
Of      iugll    ' OU .....:<        .    ::a .'   I
Ing |        pais,       ���        and  -;    'taton
X i. ��� j  ol ���      ... i' ' on.  in
ir, ._��� ai  , .at of li :.vy pn ii ���   iced till
���a.   .        ������     . ���       of  ���' icling   .
ii-i,. ption of the een
turj    to be tbe i a ui e of ra many pite
.. ��� :id      , to the i strei ������  n gr i
a ..    re   ;' tl i  king an I 1 . tin
...       . ..;  ilie state, "1 S .:
v ��� . ild ouul rse! ���'��� - unwor I j
ta hold the -<���< pter If we delayed t.
i  press ii.,. ,...   ��� , r this crime."
A v.:.. ���diets followed 1
i easier 1
. o edict r u to c for e th. u.
;..-. ���   uflsca
, ��� ��� :j    '��� ��� -
: ������-
��� of il." laws againsl
f,   and   si aetice   1 re
.   . .  :; . : a       ied a
of .    hii .'  in    . I     flrsl
. i longer i     ...;...
,.,.. y of 1 .- : - propi rty  was t.
:���   . . ed,  and  tl," ju !-���-   were
pi ��� -,.  :..,-.... ..   .   . xtenuul t.g .ar
ia...   tan. ������-..
mths   later tbe Coi  to di
Bouto      ��� ���    '     t tit to test the m
j ter     patience
i laee E!oj ale bad
.I:.,.,   g   ���    . ud,   aud   I '������    II .
traveled   fron    Brussels Bsrhi
twenty-*      :.....     :
of ;��� di    ��� ������ .   ���.;' i.
i....: : -    HOI
������-.:     a  '-.. llcil -
va s,   the  .        :    .   ; :   ...;.. :,. -  second
o the ���:���;:..;������
en a  .-  :'. ...      ��� :
of dm Is may be i .    . either tc
the i fri tiling  thi
ir 1 . 'able   ri soluti in
'..-..��� i it was i ...'.... d ���Macmll-
Inn's .'.: -
Special Summer Courses EMERSON'S DRY DOCK Grand Trunk Ry.
For Tei^hers  in the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
R.   J.   SROTT.   B..A..   Principal.
H.  A.  SCRIVEN,  B. A..  Vice-Prin.
A Gift For Our Customers.
AmsiPtlJ    v3@��?     '-     "'     "'.'-���
?w-4- "-������' m
In Every Package of Colgate's Denial Powder
We Give s Present!
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
' I,: E, (Guest Rocrn Size) FREE
A Wonderful Bargain.
l;.::i. ���,  i- the last i i' trades.
���   ��� ating, ;. i tra ling.
;. ������.;. :' is pra   ��� - his own tall.
A debt i - adorned I y paj ment
A good beginning is hair the work.
Every little frog Is great iu his own
I   g.
Trust in God, but do not stumble
(iv after two wolves and ynu will not
catch even oni'.
Il God doesn't forsake us, tii" pigs
will nol tak" us.
TL..- deeper you hide anything the
ko..ner you And it.
Be praised nut for your ancestors,
bul for your virtues.
.Si n.l n jiis to dinner and he will pul
tra feet oo the table,
Tlio fhosen.
"isomn men." remarked tbe assump-
tlve . iiizeu. "are bum to lead."
"Ves." answered the cautious person, "but tire trouble is thnt every
man who feels a disinclination to do
actual work takes it for granted that
he is one of those men."���Washington
"This 1? indeed the age nf commercialism," Bald tb.- man of Benttments.
"What faakea you think so?"
"Si in" rii our stab snu n never i ten-
tlon the Amerii i, i agle :.\.y more and
are continually applauding the work
of  the   American  hen." ��� Washington
m? American  Chameleon.
The American chameleon, a small lizard [Anolis carollnensis), Inhabits various parts of the southern United States.
The little animal has the remarkable
babit of quickly and completely changing its colors, varying from brown to
yellow or pale green. Its food consists
of insects. The little animal is perfect
ly harmless to higher forms of life, is
often kepi as a pel and bus been worn
attached to a chain ;.- an ornament
The toes nre provided with adhesive
pads, whicb enable the lizard to run
upon smooth vertical surfaces. ���St
Open ror Business ���
|   July A, 1SCc
Romance ol a Sons,
"1 ������-. : . i do Is i last" lias u romantic i I t .���:>. ii. was written by colonel
Paul Festol of tii" Russian army, who,
���. ers, conspire I against the Rub-
bin:, go1 ernmenl In 1820, Tbe plol was
di . ivered, be was arrested. Imprisoned, tried and ot July ll, 1826, was
banged During tip" Interval between
bis trial and execution be composed
the words and music ofvthis song and
with a bit of Iron scratched them on
the wall of bis cell,  where the snug
Waa found some years after liis death
Bear! nnd Lnngs,
Tb" action of iii" heart, lungs and digestive system is Involuntary, for tho
reason that it Is Indispensable to llfe
and must bo carried on under all circumstances, If a man bad to think ol
his heart or bad to remember that he
must lirentlio or that. Ids fund must di
gest be would have no time to do anything else, and if by chance he should
forget to keep Ids heart going or bis
lungs in operation he would full dead
on the spot.
The annual general meeting of the shareholders of
the New Westminster Southern Railway Company will
be held at the offices of the
V. W. & Y. in Vancouver at
10 o'clock A. M. on Wednesday, the 5th day of September, 1900.
For Sale
Well-s saso ed i .' ie Cord-
wood; could deliver on scow.
Particulars Box 39, Purl
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.
"Emily. If William today asks you to   ^^       ^^.       ���_._,v^./
marry him you musi tell him to speak  J^#    Cj��      |  ID  |T m,
tome." '
"Ves, mamma. Hut If he does not?"
'Then  tell him  I   wnnt to speak  tc
hlm."���Fliegendo Blatter.
Font of 4th Ave.   Cor. liith  ��
New Westminster, I!. C.
Excellent Train Service between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centersof
Alsi   to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For I in ������ Table . i tc, address
  GEO.   VV.   VAjX,
iiT'l Uf*! 1 91   Assistant  Gen'l  Passenger an.l Tickel
ihc Milwaukee    A":it'l35Adafsst"chicago'I1L
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St.. New Westminster, B.C.
"The   Pion'rr  Limited"   St.  Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
X ���   ti. in;   in   th. n   anj
railr >ad   in   th.
.:���:���    nt   :'   .:   of   the   ' .   '
ee   A   St.   P ul   R     '
. . ...
���   -
II. .-
tti Third St   coi  '   ' -   J	
Canadian Pacific
Royal MailjSteamship
II end :        r f an
' ��� \        | . ���
��� ,.-.._��� | ��� , . r rates ai
C.   P.   R.   AGENT.
r AG! NT
T< > SEND Vi IU ��� A
I   ght Train.;  Evi I y I lay in the ')'������ r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
THE TRAIN  i >F   i'A'
thi | best
I UXURY.     It  is  lighted   .vitl
... I   gas;   the
train   in   I
> -I   n   slei ���   ���  .
. -. reclin
buffet,  li
- "i mi lers, oi
a ;; '���
". ������        ��� . ':.
Berth No. 494," will be received at I
this Departmenl until noon on Wednesday, the vtli day of August, 1906,
fi . a licensi to cut timber on li' rtl
No. ::<1, comj ris ng the Wesl half of
Sei tion 26, T iwm bip 5, Range 7,
\\ ��� -   of ' a   :      II. n.   ontaining
an area ol   103 acre i i  less.
The sui ve;   ol  this  bi rth  '    to  be
.   le within ono year of n c< ijit of
The        ���   '   '     under which a  11-
. ���  ..  will   be I a ied,    also    pi Inte I
,. r an I envelope, may be
it th!   Depai tmenl i r al the
office of tii" Crown Timber Agenl al
New Westmln ter, l'.. C.
Ea b tender mus!  be accompanied
���   l ch   ; .'��� on a charti  i
���   :   .      . :  the i leputj   of the
Minister   of   the   Interior,
t of the bonus whicli the applicant ' i to pay f. r thi
X i tei   . ' ��� '   rraph will    e ei
'     . a     !
Seen tai   ,
Di   irtmenl      11 ���   :-
June 23   191 A
Canadian Pacific Railway Co,   drains  &  Steamei
Can it be true, ns is no constantly affirmed, that there Is no sex In souls? I
doubt it exceedingly --Coleridge.
Telephone A184 or address ith Ave
nue and 10th Street.
British  Columbia Coast  Line
(Subject to cbange wimout   notice.
P   i   ess Beati Ice Ii   fes Van
'.  - ist  6th.
Princess May leaves '.' n ivei
A ig ist  12th,
Prin :ess Beatrice        ������    Van
:i .   18th.
Prin ess    May    li ....       V :.     . ,-
.\ .-���.-��� 22n I,
P In ess ii-        e Ii   ������    V n
Augusl .: th,
Princess Victoria.
L    .- -   Van i ivi r    ...   at   I   p. m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Wi itminster at 7 a. m.
on Wednesday and Mondays,
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily except Saturday and S inday at l :30 p, in. Satin ..'  2:30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City
Leai ��� Victoria at 11 p. in. ou 1st,
Tth, 19th and 21 th oi i a a month foi ���- ' and wa.. points; leaves Vic-
a on the 7, ar.d 1". for Quatslno and
way ; Ints. A avi VI toria on 20th
of each month for Caj Si ott and way
points in clu Iii c Q latsino.
Stenmiir Transf'rr
Li ..v. - New  Westminster on  Mon
' t.   T lesday,   Wi lm   lay,  Thn   da>
and  Fi 'l y  at  3  p,  m. ai .  .-' turda>
at 2 p. m. witl tlonal ti Ip on Mon
..     5   a.   Hi
Leaves Sti ������ ion Monday, Tuesday,
Wi dm Bdi   . 'I h and Saturday al
7 a. m.;  I' al G a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p, m.
S. S. Denver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a, m.
Mondaj , Wedni  i        and Fridays,
Li ve Chilliwack 7 a, m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.--, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack,
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p, m., 2nd
and 16th of each month, oalllng ut
Skidegate on flrsl trip and Bella Coola
on second trip, Time on arrival nnd
departure are approximate,
For reservations and information
cal] or address
Agent, Xfw Westminster.
E. ,1. f'OYl.R,
ABst. Oen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
.7. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dppt.,
A', u  Wj.rtminster.
C. P, R.  MAIN  I.IN  '
>e New Vi     '...'      ; _".
Li..... New \. ���     17.20 dally.
Arrive X. w  Westminsti r  10.30 d il ������.
Ar::-... x. w  Westminster  19.10   I
Lv. X. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.30;  .-\r. X W. 20.20.
Lv.   X.   \V.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   X.   W.  9.15,  10.30,  19.10,  20.20,
C. I'. R. MIL   3IDE Si E   I VL.
Lv. X iw Wi
J Lv- ���-'��� W. 9.2
Lv, N. VV, 4.35 p.m.; ar, Seattle 10 p.m
: L;'- S( ittle,  1.34 p. rn.. ar. X. YV. 9.35.
': p.m.
V.. VS. &  y.���VANCOUVER
, Lv, X. \v. :; p, m    nd 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver -. 15 a.m., and 1 p.m,
Lv.  X.  VV. 9: 15 a m,:   nr.  <;���,.. hon
! 2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon,  .'   10   a.   .a.  :     ,    X.   \\\
8:43   ' in. and 6 p, ui
Mondays only.
Lv. New  Westminster 5.60, 6.50, i
and 8 a, in., and every half hour there-
I after til! ll p, m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
saure hours.
Iw���     fasl      ���     :
with dinin
and   lirst-i-las
\" tntic Expre
Imperial Limited,   . .
'... ���-/p >'r^iA'.-^C
���      ���  .   -.'      .-t,:-     -i\'lvi��^
i i   '.#m
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
table Doml     n Lai
la, i ...
n wl
or any male i        i
the  "��� ��� ��� e-quarl
ir.ore or less,
Fraser River and Gulf
From X. \\\ Mon. Wed. Frid. S a.m
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m
From x. vv. Tu., Th., Sat, 8 a.m,
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m. .
Tran ifer���
From X. VV. dally, ex, <.r. an I Sun..
.'! Io in.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, G a.m.
From Steveston 7 R.m. (Fri. G a m.i
Add. trip Saturday,  . p m.
From  X.W.,  Wed. and Mon..  7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. ami Sat. 4 a.m,
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm,
Sap'n it Millside. .10.00 p.m
Vancouver 10.00 p.m
Cloverdale, lilalne,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45 a.m
Van. & Com. Park...l0.30a
Vieloria 10,30 a.m.
East Burnaby  1,15
Steveston, etc.... 1.30 p.m.
East, via C. P. It.. ,4.46 pm.
East, via C. P. P,.10.00 p.m,
Sap., Mill, Coij'm..4.4,r.
Van. & Burnahy. .3.30 p.m.
Tlmliorland, Tues.,
Friday  1LA00 m.
8.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m.
'.'.00 n.m
8.30 p.m
m.   2 p.m,
10.00 a.m
1.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
6.00 p.m.
12.00 m.
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and  Return.
Sept. 8,9, & 10 ,|5
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P, R, .'..,
Assistant   General   Passeni
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
sealed TENDERS, addressed to
tha Timber and  Mines  Branch,  Department or the Interior, and marked
on the envelope. "Tender for Timber
whi ���. '      land is sil lati.
'! ' teadei      ri        ed I
��� nditions connected t
f the I ��� -��� |
t least      .  months'  n   i li n
tion of the Ian '
each j     r for three years.
father (oi  mi ther,   I tl
fathei        eci    ed) of the homes!
: ipon  a  farm in the  \
red  i  r the  ri
��� . nee may bi
bj  sui!: pi rs in residing with ti..'
ther oi   ���    ther.
.      If the si ttler has his perm nent
:; . n   f irming  land   i ������������ i ���
by him  in  ih"  \ icinity oi I. -  homi
t��   '.. the :' quin n ents
may  be   satis fii i   by   residenci     ���   i
id land
S v mi-'.'    'noti     in writing   I
be j    ' n t    thi   I    n missionei    I    i
mini, n  Land; at Ottawa of intent    n
to       ly I     ; ..tent.
W. W, ��� ORY.
I ��� put)   Minister of tlie  Interior.
X.   li.- -Un: uthorlzi .1  publication  of
this  advi rtl . a ��� :.:   Vi ill  ii"'   be
S" ile l tenders   addressi I   to
undersigned, marked on the i nvelope
"Tender for Tl is, 1906," will   be   ce
i ��� ved a: the office of   tbe   Commls
sloners of the Tran ni ntal Ra
way al i Ittawa, until I e o'clock
noon, of tii" 12th daj   i .   1906
for five h mill".I and thli ly-fii I hou
ba:, ! (53; ,000) Railw; j Tii in accordance with the spei Ifl of
ih" Commissioners,
Sealed Tenders add. esse I I i fhe
undersigned, marked on the envel ipe
"Tender for Ties, 1907," will also bi
received as above until twelve o'clock
noon, of ih" iih day of September
191 6, (or one million and ten thousand 11,010, i Railway Ties, in accordance with iiu- i pecifications of
ih" ilommissloners,
Tenders must   be   mad"   on    the
form   supplied by the Ci mmii ilo ���
������' well as tho   i peclficatlon .
ma. ' obtained un application to
Hugh D. LumBdon, Chief Engineer
Ottawa, Onl . to A. E, Doucet, l>A
trli ��� Eni lm ei, Q iebec, P, Q., or t i
A, i:. Hodgins, District Engineer,
Kenora, Ont.
Full Information In regard to dAlv
eries ri quired Is given on r.i-m or
Each tender musi be Bigned an I
Bealed by all the parties to the tender
and witnessed,
The successful tenderers   will    be
required to sign a oontracl   In   form
satisfactory to   the   Commissioners !
and to furnish an accepted cheque on
n  chartered  haul: or Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway Tor a sum equal
lo t<��n per cent (10 per cent I or Ilie
amount or the lender, as security for
tho due and faithful performance of
the contract.
���\o tender for less than rive thousand ties will be considered.
The right Is reserved to reject, any
or all tenders.
By Order,
P.  E.  RYAN,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, June L'filh, iooo
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. ry
!   ���   ��� i
s.    Hi
. i
"       - ���
T    ',      -
���    .    ���    .
Ri    ti   ' '
2��� D.Tily Over   ind  Tl     -
ne, Sl   "
Wini    eg, 1 i
Loul    . ��� : .     poinl s :
For    compl	
rates,   berth   n ,   ���
cali on or ad In
V   ('.  MiA ERS,   *  ���
Bank of Comn
Ni w  '.'...
S. G. YERKES,  V. G   P
Ci ' ��� ii I
lumbia Sl . Si ai le. v,
i Northern Pacific:
��� i
k~~~~~~~~~ .
Trains, Dail>
Travi I "ii i he Fai
Ei. r: ric- lighti d trail .Low
Quii i. 'I .'a  . i ���.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets i n Bale to     Eui
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California,
For full informti. n call on or writi
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouvi r, B, C
Portland, Ore. A. G.   A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
f..r CONK A |), CARCRi >SS,  \ I
FAIRB W'KS.    Daily trs
Sunday i   carrying   pa   11
exprei      and   freight   o
ttagi    at Carcross and VVhiti  I
maintaining a through winti i
For information apply to
J.  II.  ROGERS, Traffic  M"
Vancouver.  "��� '
set? pi
.   .
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all  rail route  between all
points cast, west and south to R,1'
land, Nelson and intermediate      ::
connecting at Spokane with t'1'' l,1'|1
Northern, Northern Pacific and V. �����
& N. Co. ,     .
Connects at Rossland with the �� ������
adian   Pacific   Railway   for   I
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Fl
stage (''iily for Republic.
Buffet    service   On   traini
Spokane  and   Nelson,
Effective    Sunday,   November   '���
Day Train *��
.  Spokane  .���7-'St-%
..Rossland ....-t'" l'   '
..Nelson    ""���S',,H-
Is   with
9.20 a.m,
12.25 p.m.
g.40 a.m. ^TUR^ V    AUGUST  25'
Ul  i.VDS   .
Blackii   Bl]
��� iv
le   H   L   Edm ind i.
��� i. s I	
Jy;" he i up ' '��"    ' Iffli '���
a    a    i   imi u
opposl "   I
v s   ru ��� Mone
On the Famous
i .   :���"..   i:T   At  McQUAl
���-..���iii.i. ei   " rap]   Blk.,
son ai Lorni
. .a     : 24, 445 Grai
.' . ������;."   I   . tin,  I.
V, .   11.   M . ���
.:.-. -. .?   be in    i,
i ���    ail i   < Friday al
���. :
: "
' U
"Oriental Limited"
tow    rxci RSIOV    RATES
H, EID   fi   ..   '���   ii'     B
. , |C    a "K ..     ��� !. ."I
...      I   OUI
I. H. Bowe
i. m un
Solicitor, Ol
... ;...,������ .-.   ������ ev
Tickets on Safe July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
For   particulars  cal:   on   or   address
P C. MEYE.RS, New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
M^-nu factoring Jeweler.
nd with 10  year    ex
ears i anager
.    i
. man   t ' "
" anage   pi
ti-." tu
eomp ' ',,r'"''
and ad
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo   ' rocei
I   : ;e   n :   '   a. f. i A  M
!   I
mic   1
mgie ano. Saw
\V.   .      D       ilf ��
The Schaake Machine Works.  Lid., x;';:."'��� n
il Doing Busiiess at the Old Stand. ;
: Merchant Tailor!
Columbia  Street.
ne ot Eni      a   '���    ������������<��� and Irish  fi rid w< ���  ��� ���-:,������
ow ir,.    m ike  vour
New Westminster. B. C.
MON LODGE. f<        ?     .
..... ilea
G     hi       ��
of  i :   .v
and J  bn sti So
a   E -   Kn .   v   in-
ttend Dunlop, W.
P     .    :.. Matthl is,  Reg
3YAL   ORANGE   LODGE. NO.   1150
nge  1 '    '   .'.nd
Friday in i it 8 p.
. ing bn ' I   en .
��� ��� atten I.    E M   thias,
: - - -   i. Se
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny; |
J Manufacturers ot
j Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
i _
; The  Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
! VANCOL                   C.
Carnarvon St., between TiKfi and Mclnnis.
C    '    F.���AMITY   LODGE.  No. 27���
ir meetii        : I        . Ige
'.I.T "-
.   ��� ' ���       tend    S. J    .la;
x \v. c. Co .:...:... ;; N  Si s.
Bank of
; STAB1 19 IED 1X\,
ted ict   ot
RES! R\   :   FUND lr-. 1)0,000
A 0   U   W._FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
���-���������!���     and third 1 ���������-
���.. h VU ' '���
ren cord tail;    n     ed ti   ittend
n   :n. A. ' I. I'. \V. hall, Odd
������   .  ��� n sti eet, 0,
in, ri '".'.I' ��� .   Louis Witt,
'   WOI   a    ���:.
.:��� I. -  - i  ;ir,.1   M   Un1
..     il, G .'.'.! O,  . .Hon  Presl lei I
Hon. Sli ii. a. p ���    .       ��� id., r: ei idi al
!���:.  S      ...   on,  Vii e  Presi h al   and
.   M u  .   ���
<i. .     . inking :���   .-    trans
... ���-
priii ipai    '  ��i
In   Cai ai...   i.i    ;  n I ...   I s'e^
Yoi                          .:-.i.,     '.'.i.
and co       i    . I          ,.    -   ' th��
Royal Bank
of Canada
Ua ilta! $3,000,000.    Reserve $3 137 '62
Total   Assets Jilb.a^.a.'b.
Branches   an.l    correspondents
all  t^e  principal   citifs  of  t*e  world.
General  hanging  business transacted.
$1 ,i ens an a      int.    Interesl   idded
half : earl .
���' illection i made at lowest i  i
Gpen   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
F.  B.  Lyle.   Manager.
:    ���. , llass Mea 5 a   a    I ���   rs,,
English, Japanesi   i    I ��� ���'���; les.
From 1 5c. up.
GIVE US \ TR1 \1 .
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
, r -., ��� .     - MrjH
'. .   OF   LNO^^Nf.   H.   S.���
Hose D '. ond and
i Wed! of < iriontl
of P. Hull. Coin ni    i SL,  al
in., \\   .     :.        irth   ���  -
lay     n    each month, sum"    .      . l   c I  I        J
and place.    Visiting Brethren   JufiK    aild   5eCOn(l-liand
Invited       E   B.  Stlnch-
��� . Pres., H. :> - ti ������. Secretary
Savings Bank Dept. J# HEINLEY
Manufacturer of
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
the  Fourth     ���:...,.   In  the
in   -,  ,,', loi k,   In   the  small
Ifi Hows     i '     ���       Visiting
. n  ai .��� i ..:-.;i ��� Ij   ln\ Ited to .'it.
J.  it. Rushton, C. R.;  P. P.
. u. s.
A.   O.   F.-'I'h..   regular  1    -   mrs  of
Lodge ni" hei I ot   the Second
...nh Tuesd ���   i of each month
���    '   i, in. in the ' i Idfellows' Hall.
Vlsj      ���   Brethren   nn'  cordlaly   Inlo attend.   E. C. Firth, C. R.;
l'  P  Maxwell, Sec.
i:    , ��� : |     i "ri.n.i hand
g U .   : ink,   bottles,  ru    i
coppi t ol 1  ihoes and all metals; al -1
old cl t a is, etc.   v.: Ite oi i il
Fronl  st:-"!. New Westmln '���
Oi p ig '" Brackman Ker Wharf.
Phone  212.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
T>l.   113. Office,   Eighth  Street,
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
COAL���Coal  lands may    be    pur-'
chased  at Sio per acre  for soft coal
and   $-'o   for   anthracite.      Not   more
than 320 acn s ."in he acquired by one j
[individual   or   company.      Royalty   at
the rate of ten ents per ton of 2000;
poun la shall be collected on the gross j
QUARTZ���PersonB     of     eighteen i
years an.l over  an.l joint  stock com
panle�� holding free miners' certificates
may obtain  entry for  a  mining  location.
A free miners certincate ii granted
for one or more years, nol exceeding
i\. . up in payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, ami from
$50 t.i $100 pi ' annum for a company.
rding to 1 ipital.
A free miner. Having disi 1 ei ���'
mineral m place, may 1 cate �� claim
1500x1500 feel by marking out the
j same with two legal posts, bearing
loi ition notices, one at each end oi
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
���rt. en days i    11 ated within ten miles
if a mining recorder's office, one ad
ditional   day   allowed   for   everj   ad
ditional  ten  miles or  fraction.     The
fee for recording a claim is $5
At leasi $100 must be expended on
perance ii,.-.'   everj   Wednesday
o'clock  p.  in., In Oddfellows'
Columbia        reet,      Visiting
en :n" cordlall ������ Invited i" at-
1. S. Bryson, S. C; J. McD,
��� ���ii. Sec.
sr)"        IF   SCOTLAND   BENEFIT AS-
>. 191.���Mi ������ ��� on ti." Flrsl ai d
'i i.   rlav  ol   ��� '.������ ���   month   in
��� '    P, Hall      John    McNlven,
J. J, Foi     ��� ��� t Rec, Bei.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   Westi  I
Hoard of T nde    i In  tl
.:-. ..... c.II .    folio'
v.. In     ; ch  !���
1 ���   ���:,...���   ..      on 1 ��������� ���
ne   la      .,       Fi  ���
��� '   and  Novi   .
i  rn. n . 1    ..11
lay    nf      F .      N"
:    1        I ||   ...      1        I
il anj monl hly 01 rpi
������    \. !���:. Wl Ite, 8 ic.
���   fct?S    v*J
ifi/ \^E\'<^si
rffi ���'��������*���������/ .r--'*1
rransfcr Co.
Office���Ti.nm   Depot
Colu.nSia   Bt.
; ��� ���
��� city.
btand Heavy Ha
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In thc preparati mi of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being thc Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and thc consuming population so small that the best parts
of die beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England, and MONTREAL, Oanada
Evzmus..,. ������ :. .A%^.rw.'^
m eacl ���        to  the
mining recorder in lieu tl ���
li ten expei
.   .     up ������
Up ||
���   .        t.
���mg iron
area 1
mining 1
sha     p .....
Roy pe tl ���
of  tl ' '       loi    " ll
PLAI ' ���'-' MINING    M  ti
the  N ex    p ing the  V
:���    .        .......
erally   an   "ro   feel   -��� u      .  ei
$5, rem      '      ��� ���     '���       1 in the x
^Saskat. hewan 1 are eithi
ba>-  or b     ' be 1      'nr<
feet .'onK and ��� -       ' ��� .   betweei
and  lovv The latter in-
. :..'      : ���.
to the  ba*t ban!
og   rovo
poviri ���
may br  obtained
Dredging in the F 1
and the \. W. T.. - ng the '
Icon '   rrit n"    \ f .,������.'
i.'.r   a   term   of     vei        ��� ���   '
able in  "be disci ���
Th.       ���'��� right is . tc the 1
: ���	
t year an.   ' '"ich
it   year.       !    1;      -        me   as
Pli ��� ��� minii g '- the Vol ��� Territory- 1 Ireek, gulcl hill
claim=   shall   r       ex.             jo   feet   in
���   ��� '     I     ���     ne 1
general   din thi        eel
:      '     ���' ������ width  bi XX   '
:;ooo   feel       All   ol:'- claims
shall A squar
Claims   are   m; rked   ; ���    twe
-    op.-  at  ���' ch  e g   no-
try must be ol v ithin
ten   day-   if the  claii ���   1-   within   ten
I    li ���   of the rr        [ office,
One extra day allowed for ea
tional ten mile? or fraction.
The person or compan; king a
claim must hold a free ������: - certifi.'rite.
The   discoverer   of   a   nev   m ne   is
ent tied   to   a   claim   of  iooo   feet  in.
length, aai the party 1 - of
rr'      1300   eel  altogether, or  :'-   output  on   which  no   re;   Ity    sha       be
charged  the   ren  of  tire   party   ."din-.
ury claims 1
'Entry fee $10.     Royalt;   ll tl     rate,
of two and 01 r cent, on the I
value of the gold shipped from the
jeel to the rig ts ol ��� persons who;
:- -.. or " he 1 1; rece ve enti es for
bar .irarir1 ns- or bench claims, excepi
>n the Sasl 1! ' ev an B iver, where
the lessee carr dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company ha?
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fi u
tion thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
pei annum for each mile of river
1 ��� I. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
0  . uu  after it exceeds $10,000
I >-, dging iu the  Yukon Terril   -
Six Ie ���       ���     "\ - miles ������ n h may be
grant-.! to .1  free miner for a term  of
20 .���!���;; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confine.! to the
submerged bar or bars in tlie river
below low water mark, that boun
dary to be fixed by its position on the
ist .lay of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the .late of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within Ax \ rars
from such date. Rental ?ioo per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
"f more than one mining claim on
��� ich separati river, creek 01 gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of cl lims by pui rha ���. and
Ei ��� - miners maj v ork thcit claii
in   p irtnei ship   by   filinc;   n il n I
: i I  I  $2      \ claim     '
'.ban loned and another obtain d on
the same > reek, gulch or river, by
giving notii e and  paying  a fee
W orl        b     d  "     on ! iim
each 1   ir to the value of al le -1 r ioo
A   certificate   that   work   bas   been
ib md uu d,   in d  open  to   1   upation
and enl 1 y by  1 free miner.
1   ��� ���'      n their sli ep 119 ��������� - I mger,
 I ��Ider than in similai
11 "!������ other line. They i" tec!
��� '..'..  ti tins by the Bio :k S) sl un
I hi    b   '"' I " ie>    ol   ::   Cl iim   mav   be
'. fin ��� I tbs ilutely bj hai i������ i�� a survey
mad     ind   publi h ������ ���   n >lii   -   in   the
vui " on   ii g	
Peti ' ������������' '.'! "" ippropiated I' 1
mini " I 11 :   A M mil  1.    th ��� '���' ,rth-
t Territci ies and within the ': ul
1     ��� itory, -'re open I    pi 1 p    ling f 11
petrol  I  the mini	
'Ti' f 11 an I't.lAi Iuai or comi
having machinery on the laud to be
prospectedj an area of lo-to acres for
such as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
������������ ; the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, nn area not exceeding 640
acres, including tlie oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, t-\So acres,
will bc sold nt the rate of $3 an acre,
subject fo royalty at such rate as mav
be  - A by Order in Council.
\V. W. CORY.
1  the Minister of tlie In
Dent, Interior.
Hi/av   tlie   H.-irl.   I��  <;��)!,,-i-.-tI   ���,::,!   Pre-
���>mI   I'ar   I -..-.
���      .    1
of from ti
71 . ..   .j^vt,
... ��� . ���
... .   ._��� . ....     , :
V: ' -    Thi    f '  '    -
'     '���'  ' ' I   '   ��� '  OV!l.
ft Is, howi ���    ���   tl
moi tl liable.  The
Bnesi con Ceylon
mon harvest.   The I
In April am a v
��� a;;;.-   Bcniped Tl ���������    ���' .
Is   rlppiH] a   1.
���  ��� and ���������   thej drj
up Ii , he 1 "i thing ;-
��� -I   . ..���.-.
" I   ISe  va, ������ ...
1 -,
taste lira!  ��������� ��� :.���   : ;h
on their mo
As  111" ...
larger, nn.i th.  whol. eu tic
pounds ������
In 11, the 0
irepared b   gr
pieces  of  b srk,  son
.. ... .....   ��� ,.��� two or
i  ���������! distil
Odd   Bpltnptjo.
Ac   " ������ ��� iondi '' 'ag 1 Ri ������
Or     '..,,,...    .      ���    ,..���   :,    .;.....    ...  I   .. ,;.
��� .��� :.���.    .' .ries in vi rt. is p irts
The   f ill .". ii g   la
' ���. * ������  '   ��� me in a c-emetery at
I   bough t: .   fa ���    j
ription, it would
app.- ��� subject  was a  scaler
ker 0 somi thing to do witb
we gb   .:'--���   aes
H a -.-.'-= - ��� ' pi. a iai ���- ��� ��� ���
In all lif.
H" strui '���,   1 "       the world,
Ar.d then he kicked 1      bi am
In the cemeterj at Cop 'sH ii. U i
ts found th" follov
Ba. ���     '        . ������ ot
Belove ' v.'..'   ��� r :-. ���' ���'  rii ic
She s Ipp. i '
After doing a w. il  ng
Tin'  Tliri'p  Heavient  >Ien.
The tin'"" beai iesl mi-u of whom any
mention is mail" in history were M les
Darden of Tennessee, Lewis C irnellus
of Pennsylvania and Daniel Lambert
I of England.    Darden   died   in    1857.
; Winn in health he was seven feel s t
Inches In height and weighed ovpi- 1,000
pounds. There Is no record of the date
of the deaiii of Cornelius, whicb oc-
curred In Pike county, Pa., but the no-
count sny? that he was born In 1794.
tVhen in his prime he measured "icirt
feet two Inches around the waist, waa
six feet tall nnd Weighed oi.'.'a poun.Is.
Panlel Lambert was an English freak
of the early part of the century and
dieil In June, 1809, Tie wns of average
height, but weighed To') pound*
Ov.-r tlio  Transom.
Two well known Portland (Me.) men,
I..  ,T.  Carney  an.l   rhonms   !,.   King,
i '��� i togi  ' er nl the I'reble House,
In thai city.   One evening Mr. Carney
retired before Mr, King, and the la ���
ter, on an h :':'-.' rather late al th 1 roi   1
��� found the door locked, the key on th*
Inside and his frlendsuoring loudly. Aft
I er repeatedly ponndlng on the do >r an
j awakening  the otbi r   guests  he  s
ceeded In arousing his roommate.   ".
Carney jump."! out  of bed and  rif ���
climbing on to a chair managed after
j considerable trouble to force open tln>
I transom.   Then he passed the key out
to King, but sleepily Bald he wns aw-
i fully sorry for loi '.ring htm out.    But
��� King felt more than satisfied, ns be
roared al the ridiculous performance of
, bis half awake roommate.���Chicago inter Ocean.
\   l"��rlnn��i   Fnrt.
A  man   who hni   d rmlned  to till
himself wenl down t.i the river to com
niit suicide, and when he began to
write n final message to bis wife ln��
could think "f nothing to say except
thai sum.' butter which he bn 1 ordered
would be found at a certain grocery.
\w< message bears ."it a c rtain faot
discovered by realists thai in the supreme and *"til terrifying momenta of
lif" ilie moat ridiculous aud trivial
things often come uppermost in tbe
tlinerrn*i��  nml   nisrlnrlinii,
Moi I pi ��� an    d to be differ-
Some people nre different fdV tl -
"��� 1 1 purpose of showing thai thi y
aro nol afraid,    ind then there are a
������, bo nr" big enough n it to care
whether they ure different or n"t   They
are the  ones that   win out, bul  nine
tin: ::i of ten thi ���  .! 1 things in tbe
ordinary way.���Judge
In  Tier Ou 11  Cnln.
Mamma- Vmi naughty boy! What
do you menu by saying "Don't bother
nie now" when I asked you how you
pm your clothes soiled? Tommy���That
is whnl you always say when I ask you
something you don't know how to nn-
UlKliI In Line.
"If there is anything 1 like." snid he
to his wife, ' it is a woman who knows
enough to be a good listener." whereat
the servant girl at th" keyhole could
not represa a smile of satisfaction.
It requires as much reflection and
wisdom to know what is not to be put
luto u sermon us what Is.���Cecil.
r ���'
'��� rl* i
'. &*
���' 1
���" s't Ev
..-1.,,   ���]Ai
:��� j.> -I*'-.
I'm: . -i'
I'iia \"t
> li A '
��� 4.1:��   '
E.s ;,|
Ud I
.-' >s  ig
i ,
vy:*-..p.a ittsss THE DAILY   NEWS
1. We can ���. ive ;. >    entire satisfaction.
ur  1 r
2. We have the most complete stock i f Fancy
iceries on the coast.
md Staple
3, W�� beli  ��� ��� in Qualitj    ��� I r   Quantity.
.:    ...  sell .  .. goods al the LOWEST POSSIBLE PR!   AS.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch on)- Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and use intend to HA VE it.
.... CALL ON ....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
New Westminster.
thai the Beav< r'e life preserve��� whtti
not  new. are good, part ol  ihem ;'.!���������
le of "il". : nd  . i bough tber<j is.
aps,    ���'  pu II       ������ udlce Against
life presi   .-   -.  i lej   ar' ���. never-
ess,    : ��� ffli li   '  II e ��� ��� i si ��� . ���    .   i
... I    ;   th'- governp\ent.   In this
. ase  the ���'.!.!'
. ovei  "a lb)   wives which is, per-
.'���:  f'or in getting  I hi
. sel' en ent some o! them
ere torn   iver  I  ������  wires     T! nly
.   *        ml   regn I  ������'������    ���     ire       the
inci lenl     as the       il     aused
���   i
Sent   Up   for   Trial.
Von   XIarto,     ali is     Martin.
\b    e, thi    Austrian  loggi
���- .-;    n   iVi lm    ..       u  .      targe
;  vim: stolen a qnantll
��� hi   .' ail ress of the Windsoi  hotel,  was  ,   ese   i I       ore  the
��� . yesterda;      o id a!
te ��� hearing the evident e, he was -��� il
a  higher   cou I
The | . Isonei   sti
Insists   that   he   ha 1   no   conm        <
�� ith the i obbery.   The police I "ii. ������
iiini he is a  "prow I":'" who rei ��� nl
Ived   '   im     San     Pranclsci .      A
..���.   ..
s  and   board
igh 'ii"   liffi i' '. i
Iiii , es  hand ���
: ich .
-   .     .      er ol  this craft
mimzrisj.viysrz'Kr.. w trv
J (Exci pi ii tti   .. '. Patterns and Spo. I Cot
*  AT  OUR _
���  '-l- ���
* 11   vm    NEED  HOUSEFURNISHi:
* : urchase your fall  tupplj at reductioi
* con e you gain for man
Reyinas Contradict.
'i     the S on lng Editor   iiai'.   News,'
;.  .    ing   to   the  write        ol
. . i     ,\   -i   end   lacros      -     ���     of
I       night   pu dished     i'i     last
t's i     imbi .ii. as se ol the
Regin    :. crossi   club II       ��� ������ ce in
ile   paper   to   explain
-i- .: Lion  from  the stan Ipoint  of the
 the er In Its ri    I
iefore  the  puolic.
:       |   ,] unbian  aci ;-��� -   A"  clubs
���a lng this m ; he
.  ch impionsl Ip tnd to
.    .. illged  to tak. i tion
with   an;      .       It}    ��� I    he
tentative  ol   the        ve  nu ntion-
any   othei ���������'.'<..���.
w.i> to . ��� S but  an
In     ���    ii   m luiries  last
ced   I "
I    re pi
I ���. - -n in town 	
indi        nd thi        ts ol   Eusiness Yes'rerday Was Satisfactory
In selecting your hard-
a ������ for your house, be
sure you get a go "I
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
give;' ' a he material and workmanship
musi be good, i lur line
co . prises the 1 st Canadian and
makes. ( all
ine our lines
��� Summer Goods Reduced in Price by One-third end One    i
���       ': r iei   Milliner}   ind Read Hat
A lerican
and exam-
W. S. COLLISTER & CO.    :
�������������������������������������,�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������<     ������$��*
umemF'xstxa%sssWiimm^miiSBK^0s\casassarr.Kwzammav ret.-.,  mkwm
The Paragon
 Family Washei	
1 am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such a.s Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing-.
All business promptly
attended to.
Sign  Man en  Wheel.
Columl ia
New Westminster.
A   Good   Company
Hartford Fire Co.
Has Paid $4,405,000 of San
Francisco Losses.
The .' ur ..' oi I'��� r    i r ��������� and G
mereii    Bullel   , of New  York, in its   issue of the Huh ir
������ . :   V.rr. 11. .-.-;.'���' :    "Up to Aug.
1st  the  Hi rtf. rd   Fire  Inst ran ;e I   .
i.      i Li.!  2,670  San Fran ���'-   i
covei ing an a t of $ 1,405,0 10.   The
���' mpam '       tlements i re prot ri - ing
..   AGENTS   ..
260 Col .'. bia St.   Phone 55
Will  Build  Memorial  Church.
An < I    timi   resident   of this city,
the R.6V, James Turner, was in town
��� ster li . . .'A. upon old friends,
and Incidentally soliciting financial
aid for i . hich is being built
; Epworth, ;���- . mi morial to the It"'.'.
Dr. Robson, the oldest Methodist minis ter now living In this province, Tho
: : ijecl A receiving hearty support
ti   ���.. thi   Mi thodi its   In   this city, as
....    om    ���   ... a. ii a   ol ' ii" Bame
. , ation In Van ouvi and other
pari ' ..   pi   -. i'i...-.    j;  Is  ..   ipi ., ,|
:         .������: intary subscrlp-
a I Mr, Turner is meeting with
. . Idi ih success In his Bolicita-
tii ns, '- rns ranging from $100 down-
. ��� ��� Ing Inscribed on his i t,
The Ri ,. Mr, Turner is a well
known Methodlsl pioneer in 'his province, having come here In 1859 when
there was I ul a Bmall settlement, and
sine" thai time having been a periodical visitor in this city, ll" has also
been active!} Interested in missionary
work  throughout  the  upper country,
where he Is very well known, il"
was also for several years a missionary in the.Klondike, and returned
from th" north only a short time ago
AI presenl he is superintendent of
Japanese missions for this province,
with headquarters in Vancouver,
When the project of building a
memorial church to Dr, Rohson was
finally endorsed by the Methodlsl
conference at Victoria las! Bpring,
Mr, Turner volunte'ered to collecl Ihe
necessary funds, and owing to his
large circle of friends In both cities,
as well as In ill" Interior of the province ,"""1^ ls especially well adapted
for the task
....    Thi   game lestio
....  iill  in  a ti    hi   city
liati   scheduli   which ha I ' een
Ited  '..   the   ::   i     sville  In Hans
-. ������ Reginas.    II      e reportei  can
not   enquire  full     en    -     into  these
ers it is ce not  the      tilt
:   the clubs.
-   i   ���;... insinu ition
��� i 1  would  like  " ��� '��� ive    ii    ��� x-
led  to  me  h   .���   : ���I ile  i i
. ��� ugh   a  season      i      some i ut
an ''i     gates
ing from 1 li     I     u
- al m   cosl  !-i .  e m i- tih rhood
of sixt;    lollara   not ti     ��� ation other
hi   i.  li i.    I:  ti:" sporting ��� III ���
thi   Columbian can tip ire out  an
- iggestion of  thi   -    ft sj stem  with
...   above   fig in -   h       ... isi
Ing  down   to  a   science.
'..   :     his     .   ntenti n    that     the
��� : ile   sho ild   be   played    >ut   an I
  :,,��� lonship   h   ided    efoi ��� any
��� jhibition gami s are la} I, 1 do
: ��� thinl that an over of lai rosse
objei' - to pa} ing ������ n .-��� nt - to see
....  - ich ��� icle of lacrosse
-   tl ������ Columbian    i        enti;   states
.... a'.-1 ��� a-    intermediate
On the 9th  inst.,  thi si   two teams
��� a ed  a   sche lule i w hich   way
acknowledged   by   thi se    presenl    to
. .���   been  a   Ln...;  exhl iltion ol   the
national   game.     In   the   Columbian's
��� .a rousl.'  allot-
. !   Ihree  lines   to  the   report   of  the
- :. e mi ntioning ....     the mere fact
��� lere had been a game played.
a lusion 1 ���'   ' 'ia ai tide
uncalle I   : ir  and   that   un-
ii.   vrlti ups ol  '!il- nature do
��� harm than  goo I  ti   laci "ss" In
genei il. Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours respectfully,
Secretary Regina Lacrosse Club.
August 24,  1906.
A Chinaman, Ah Hong, will l.e presi nted before the magistrate this
morning, charged with having supplied an Indian Kitsy Louis, with a
large Blzed bottle of sam Buey, a bev-
ei. ge which is desci ii ed as I elng
highly Intoxicating.    The Indian   wi'l
- ��� i." called upon to explain why
hi accepted th. ��� m suey from th-s
I"  a iman
tlnguished  before sitting
taking their ease.
heir for a couple of days before returning io Vancouver,
strength and  fitness for the work in
which it is engaged, the report  3a   i
Littie  Cl
in  Pi  -
well up
. .
M - . ij ing
'rices        neat an
I Ined        rise.
\ i sale was hi
ie close ol ���     id a nu
I ��� nd   horses   wer.
1  .     satisl    tory prices.
... is  a  good  su
. nd all sold.    M i ton, lamb and
suppl       nd i    A   li man i.
fair   i- tpi 1}   and    li a an I   s.    ��� w .
v eaker.    Eggs good supply an I  i
. man I.    V\ holi uyi       paid   ilo ���
��� r   :���..:.  ia     .    -   lots.    }���'���'��� .   .
i Ions. Chi
: ,; ,...    ind go        ���  .   nd 1
grown bl    ���     Du    -.    ut fev     I   'red,
and Potato.      plentiful   of-
...      , ' Ited P
- :       .   an .
man I.    Appl< an
:        I for firsl    lass stock.
i.l    '     ���'   ���.  T'_"  '..   - A
Beef,      ��� rter,   IHc to 5'a   pei
Mutton, 1"" to lie per pound.
Veal, :'.   pei   pound.
Pork, i'1-." to 10c per pound.
P   . toes, ?! i  ���-. S15 per ton.
Onion-.   $1.50   per   Bai k.
Eggs, per doz., 40c.
Butter, per pound, 25c to 30c,
Fowl, per doz . $6.50 to $8.00,
Chii ...-. pei  doz., $3.50 to $4.50,
Ducks, per doz., $6.50 to $8.00.
Apples,  per  box, 70c to 90c.
Plums, pi r r rate,   1"" to 50e.
'���    .i    :
!      I
\|. ���
.      ;
I,   A
-'.. .
The bush tiros In the Bl ie Mo intain
district seem to havi laken a new
le ise of life .   A fev      I   i flar stumps
hi ii   had   bei n    -a... ildering   have
��� "ii faned to a fierce heal by the
.in.I and the flying ie bavi sel
lire   to  th"   sui roun ling    bush.    Ac-
��� ling to reports n ceived yesterday
a number of the residents of the
district were coming to the conclusion
thai it was becoming high time to
gel busy, as the blaze was working
gradually nearer to their little home-
'"a Is.     The   people   of   the   districts
are being somewhat strongly criticized on account of their negligence in
not seeing that the fire was fully ex-
in the c   ru
to-mouth  .. n
yi ur mil
.-.   A i oor " hi nd-
m   ��� - is,    Make ip
a hi :��� -  NOW.
Do It Now,
was t    ;   iki   .   :
star! RIGHT.
cai ��� ii
���: an a
Do ![ Now.
is th.
all gifts to your fam-
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Seventh Street, near llaplis.t
Church.     Lot60xl32 . . ��r>1750
Very Easy Terms.
Capt. Troup's Report.
Capt, Troup superlntendenl of the
C. P, It. steamers on this coast has
presented his report to the recent
trouble on board the passenger Bteam-
ei Heaver. After recapitulating the
events which l".I up to the trouble,
which have already been published,
describing ihe formal ion of the ves-
Mr. Turner will remain ! sel  and  commenting favorably on  Its
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
F. i. HART & Co.
Paid   for   Their   Sprees.
A   long   string   of   law     b,-eakers
fai ed   Magisi r   I lorbould   ;��� i sterday
morning when he took his seat at
tbe police court, the majority of the
ac ��� ise I being i resent on accounl of
ilie severe inroads they had mad" on
the saloons during Ui" last couple of
days. Anion": Itios" who pleaded
guilty to having been found under the
influence of liquor w.-re: Mat Grant-
holme ami Joe Slmmie, a Nanaimo
Indian. The-, were both assessed $5
an I costs. W, Presl an.l Henry Ewen,
i wo half breed deck hands, were ordered to contribute $l!..a(i to the city's
funds. Billy Springer, who Is giving several of the other booze artists
a great run for the championship in
th" whisky stakes, was sent to the
in house for one month, For having a wicked looking gun concealed
ii his hip pocket, J. Manel was fined
$5 and costs, and had liis revolver
confiscated. John Sing, the Chinaman who has been supplying liquor
to the Indians, was discharged, on
account of suffering from an Injured
hand, ile promised thai he would no
longer supply the red men with booze.;.-,   a  .'klootl liinan    from    Llll 1,
was charged with having had whisky
in her possession, bul upon promising
to make a bee line for her home, sh"
was   allowed   to   depart.
Dealers  Are   Happy.
Winnipeg,   Man,   Aug,   24.���A   parly
ol Canadian and American main dealers and   bankers  returned  this morning from a tour over the grain growling sections, positively delighted with
crop prospects.    Scarcely Iwo of Ihem
shared the same opinion of probable
yield of wheat, estimates varying from
seventy to eighty four million bushels.
; Grade is good.
The Latesl   and  Greatest   Washer oi>        ��� ���>
The Paragon
Wi?! Wash:
���   ���
,    , .
{.    Up!
".   '
'��� '   .
ard ' ��� thod.
Tl ���   I ��� dutely l     ��� ���     and    i ei
Tl e Pai       n wil
��������� convinced like othi     ���.
Large Shipment ol Ihem Just Arrived Direct from Facton
Sl    \.. :<���.'.'    Pre       erlan    Rev. J,
S      '   . '. i'i -  ���!..    . . BtOl       Si : \ in a-     1 I     ,1.
I  7 Sabbi -    and
Bibb       ss, 2:30 p   m.;  V   1'. C. S. 1-:..
.  -   a.  a  ; meeting,
.������ .-. orning sul |ect,
i ouching '��� hi   King ;" e ^ening
Thi      ��� stimon,   i      Expert
ace."    Si ent ol    he  Lord'      ip
at thi ���     ervici
Kn   .   Chui ch,   Sap) Sen Ices
11   .. and   7   p.   :::     Rev.   I'   Me-
���   . ��� ��� ' \..      18   'ol Sal.a .' .i
ul and B   le it 10 a. in.
rVest. Pri n���Services at 11
. .   ; S   . li io! at
-   1.0 p. m.
: ii     i ���     bu    ���     Servici
1 1   a.   rn.   and   7   p,   m. .   school
a* 2:30.   The pastor Rev. M. L. Rugg,
H.  !i.  will   preach otl     ervici
Refi i ai" I Epls :o] al Ch u   li    Divine
��� i.l.)   : '    i 1   ....   :.:    and   7:30   p.   rn.
s' i.i la}       hool at 2.10   p,      .   Ri ctoi
...    \    i'i:   iiwen. All are welcome.
Gospi 1   Hall,   Sixt .   \ vi     Breaking
ot   Bread   11   a,   m.     Similar   school
and   Bible  class  al   3   p   m.    Gi spel
orvice 7 p. in.
��� ������'*���;���;���.;������>�����������������;���,���':�� ���>���:���. ���':��������������� ��'���������:��������'�������������� ��........
INew Goods and New Prit t's
A full carload jusl arrived.     As fl     g ���      as ever ei ���
fnspectioi   ������ ted.    By buyinj here you can   ave money am f it. >J
Give us a trial.    We have many things we are :������ i g  to  clear t. V
Monev saved is monev made. ���
Sec our S5.00 MiHIrcsscs ���
71i! and 7!S Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Hear Extensi -.. Fn nl Street, f
��;*:>^>:>:>;>;>:*>;:c��.:��.a����.>;.��..��..��>:>:��i *������:>:>:��::���:>;>��;>:>;>;> >:������:*>��.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
Neu   Westminster, B, C.
i m���x^. -��-��-vay Service:
���m ��
30 Minute Service during re- t
malnder ol day. Transfer nt J
Leopold Place.
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. rn. loll p.
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
n. m, Half hourly i-.irs will
run from Central Pari; to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service trom
Clio a. m. to 11 ji. m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer,
Between 12 and z and 5 and 7.
Sunday   Service   balf-hourly  be-X
tween   .^   a.   in.  and   1"  p. m' t
City and Sapperton. ��
Sapperton Line���lb Minute Ser- ��
vice, except between i- *
2, and 6 and 7, duru
hours     the    servic
ttiiii'ti J
win be t
Sunday  Service   Hair nomiy ':e' I
tween 8 a. in. und " !'��� |i:    t
I British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd ���
Eoarding House for Sale��� I_, rooms
completely furnished and at pres-
ent. all occupied. Apply Hox 501,
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room"
suitable for an offlce. Apply to
Chaa, G. Major.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B-C


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