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The Daily News Nov 22, 1906

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���^legislative As^
NOV 231906
rchitect Sait Presents Sketch Showing All Rooms and
Wards  In  the New  Building���Work  to  Be
Commenced in  May.
rh la Maj of nexl year, the con- . quarters will be opposite.   At the back
���oction work on the new Koyal Co-J of the lecture room will bi found tho
[blan hospital will be commenced, children's ward.   A number ol private
for eighteen months the clang of rooms and a pantry will be between
ammei   ia  buzz of the saw. and the children's ward and tlie women'.
,,.,:, oi tbe painl  brush will be ward, which will be at thi  rear of the
thai   good Samaritan's building, terminating In a piazza, The
wbere so man. sick and injured men's wani will be ol the same de
,.   annually.    Tbe   new| sign and size, and will be divided from
Idlng wil cost in the neighborhood the  women's   quarters   >...  an   open
..         ... ceni of whicli is ex- court    Al the he.nl of the men's ward
I ;,, a.   subscribed   before   the will be a number of private   room-.
...   .    commenced.    This   Hum with suitable quarters for the nurse In
.... the cost of the new build- charge,   The nexl wai I -.-. II be reserved does nol include the furnish- ed lor serai-private patients, while al
I othei expenses in connection the head of this will be two private
!���. undertaking. rooms.   Beyond this again the house
ie plans of the building,  which surgeon will have his quarters, off tbe
���i, prepared liy G. W. Sait, ar- corridor near the entrance, thus man-
, ���;. of this city,  were .submitted ing a  complete  tour  of  the  ground
ol directors of the Royal floor.
ul. an   hospital    yesterday   aft>-r-      On the second floor will be the lady '
and closelj   examined   by that superintendent's bedroom and sitting I
There are  likely  to  Ik.- some room,  divided   by  the  corridor  from'
ial  alterations   in   tbe  plan  b��- the general  dining bai.    Back of the
the building is commenced,   as dining hall is a private ward, and just
in Improvements will have to l.e off this will be the maternity  ward,
, but the plan submitted gives a the furnishing of which will be left inj
good idea of what the new build- the hands of the women's auxiliary of
will look like. the hospital.    Next to ibis, and above
new   structure   will    be  three the women's ward of the ground floor,!
s in height, and only the best will be the anaesthetic room, the ster-
I ain!
London*, Nov. 21.���An interesting rumor was
current in the lobby of the House of Commons tonight, to the effect that James Bryce, the author of
"The American Commonwealth," and   now Chief
Secretary for Ireland, is likely to fill the vacant am-
| bassadorship at Washington.   No confirmation of
| this rumor can be obtained, and it is believed that
j the government has not even decided the matter, but
j this suggestion falls in with the growing feeling in
} high quarters here that the  Washington embassy
should be filled by a man of exceptional weight, who
possesses, in addition to political influence, a sympathetic understanding of the American people and
American affairs, such a man as the United States
has sent to fill the post of ambassador in London.  It
i.s felt that Mr. Bryce, as a statesman and literateur
of high distinction, is eminently fitted to meet those
Police Commissioners Will Be Told Some Straight Facts
This Afternoon Concerning Evils of This City
���Reporters May Be Present
There Is a probability thai the meeting of the police commissioners which
is to take place this afternoon in the
committee room of the city hall may
be open to the press, although thla ';
still in doubt. The most important
business to come before the meeting
will be the presentation of the me-
mortal from the Ministerial association, whicb was drafted aboul a week
ago,  bul   the contents of  which  have
been  kepi  private  by the ministers, U was a mlnteter
who decided that they would remain I 	
cial ion appointed a special committee
to investigate the moral condition of
this city. Some members of that committee have been busy ever since, accumulating evidence. They have been
satisfied with nothing hearsay, and,
if all professions of ignorance are
true, then the committee knows a
good deal more ahout things in the
city than those whose business lt is
to know. Vou can take my word for
i that, and I was a barrister long before
Several  Young  Graduates  Pass  Their   Two   Big   Liners  Crash Together
Final   Exams in   Me.ical and tailing Serious Loss of Life
Surgical   Nursing. Among  Sailers.
Important   business was  transacted Cherbourg, Xov. 21.���A despatch re-
| at the monthly meeting of the board ceived  here   reports that
of control of the Koval Columbian ho. German    Lloyd   steamer   Kaiser  Wil-; <),��� <imp   a�� if it  i_ar.am_.nni.iia ,.,.,,.    .,.t..,n>.   .,,,,,i   ...   i,,..i.      .    .i,���            .
r._!s will be used in the construe-   ilizlng room, the operating room   the' .        time, as n it became public prop-   votedly   fond of both   of   them,  and
The plan of the Vancouver gen-   minor operating room und a room re I plta1, !u'1,i in ,he ma>'or's office aI lh'" helm der Grosse. which left Southamp-  erty   it   would   defea t its  own ends.' while   the  family   is  rejoiced  at  the
silent   until  the   document had   bee.. | A  Very Sad story.
submitted   to   the   police  commission-:     M,S8 Fo]]i,_ who hag beeQ ���, jn (h(,
^    ers.   Apart from this memorial, there Royal Columbian hospital for several
is no business of any great importance  months, has now   so   nearly become
to be transacted. i convalescent  that   she   will   soon   be
Questioned yesterday   afternoon   as; able to leave the hospital and return
to whether the meeting would be pri-j to her home.   The case is one of the
vate,  as is usually  the  case.  Mayor I saddest  which has ever happened in
Keary replied that that was a question, the city.    When the young lady was
for ihe commissioners to decide.    If! taken sick, her father, the late .lames
En.   they wished to have the meeting open   Follis,    was   suddenly    killed    while
to the press, he would raise no objee-j working   in   the   exhibition   grounds,
j tions, but he hardly thought that the  and not long after, her uncle was acci-
: other commissioners   would   care   to | dentally killed in the Schaake Machine
have an open meeting.   In many cases  shops.   Both tragedies have been kept
'lusiness was transacted at the meet-1 from  the young girl, as the informa-
v(l..',, I ngs of the Police commissioners that | tion would have led to a fatal termin-
could not very well be made public at i ation to her own illness.   She was d<-
bospital bas been followed to a served for storing surgical instru-
It extent, tlie architect, accompa 1- ments. Across from these will be an-
I':;, some of the members of th��_ other men's ward, 29 by a.. Several
Id of control, having made several' semi-private wards will be at the head
ov.r tu Vancouver for  the  pur-   of   this,  while   a   mm,ler   of   private
-city   hall,  yesterday   afternoon.    The  ton  and   Cherbourg  to-day   for   New There was no hard and fast rule os   prospect   of  her  soon   being able to
.plans for the new building were sub-   Vorli-  has been in collision with the regards the holding of the meetings,. leave the hospital, they look forward
....      ..    ,       , ,     ..     . [royal mail steamer Orinoco.   Both ves- >>  being left to the commissioners to j with dread to having to break the sad
nutted to the boaru lor the first time, __.i_.     _ n ... ,, ,       , ' .-,, .   ,
sels were severely damaged.   It is de- decide whether outsiders would Le ad-   lidings of the doub e death.   Miss Fol-
and discussed
length.    The board
clared that four members of the crew  mitted or excluded.
lis has frequently asked why her fa-
of studying  the construction  of  rooms will till up the rest oi this side WaS sur,)rist-d '�� fiD'J the p,an-s so far  of  the   Kaiser Wilhelm   were  killed.      Owing to the public interest aroused; ther and   uncle do  not visit  her a.s
of the building.   A library and sitting  advanced, ami pored over the details  while 12 were injured.   Five members  by the publication of certain articles, they used to, and the question has of
p-to-date   hospital   at   first  hand.
result is  that   there   will  be  a
.deal uf similarity in the two hos-
although   they   will   differ  ma-
:��� as to details.
He ground  floor,  on  the  right
side after   entering   the  porch,
lie found  ihe  matron's  quarters.
corridor will be one of tbe ���' wards.    There  wi
room completes the list of the second   for a long time.   Business attended to
floor apartments, included   the   passing  of  monthly   ac-
The third floor will be reserved for  counts, and salaries for payment.
kitchens,   store  room    and   servants'
quarters.    Ninety-six patients can
cared for at the Bame time in the new
building, against fifty in the
letailed in the lady superintendent's
It was reported at the meeting that
a'M'Ss Pattinson  has been  temporarily
appointed bead surgical nurste, while
present ' seVera] other changes in the staff were
tui.it will  be a large waiting  building,  and   there   will   be   twenty
the use of visitors.    At the   private      aud      twentv    semi-nrlvate
" "'' '    ���" v  report, which wa. as follows:
of the crew of tbe Orinoco are miss-  concerning   gambling   in   the   Daily j necessity been evaded.    The greatest
ing and are supposed to  have   been   News, it is to be hoped that, the com- j sympathy is felt both  for the young
drowned.   The Orinoco left Southamii-  missioned will see their way to al-:lady and her friends,
ton to-day for West Indian ports and   mining    the   representatives   of   the ��������� ���
New York.
be  no rush work   Tll !l](   preslde__
(���levators which will be Installed | in the construction ol the hospital, be-
lding, the other being at the   cause, iu ihe opinion of the architect,
surgeon's consulting room will   il
1        '   thy   matron's   quarters,   would be Increased b. at least ten uer
llltl   -
and Board of Managers,  Royal Columbian Hospital:
Ladies  and  Gentlemen,���Last   week
nurses, Miss Pattin-
' ! ;,:i    : ' ���   'he cost   S0Di MlM Mccrimmon and Miss Som-
merville,  had their  final   written  ex-
Masons Visit Local Lodge.
A carload of Masons struck the city-
last night and took it by storm. They
represented Mount Hermon lodge, A.F.
and A.M., of Vancouver.    There were
the same corridor. The   the work would not only be necessar-] the three wnjo
i further down ihe corri-1 cent., and for these reasons the board
be ;i spacious lecture room of control have decided to allow the
irses, while the apothecary's| contractors all the time tbey need.
about a hundred men of mystery in th
party, and they were met at the tram  in charge, said:
depot by members of Union lodge. No.      "Whatever   action   the   association
9, of  this  city, and  escorted  to   the  may take, 11 will do nothing hastily.  P
lodge room, where the master mason's- ia Riving careful attention to the legal
press to the meeting, so that the peo- j Living on Our Capital.
pie of New Westminster may be in-1 Vancouver, B.C., Nov. 21.���Another
formed of what the commissioners in- 1200,000 was added to the provincial
tend to do in the matter. | government   treasury   to-day   by the
Interviewed as to tbe action of the, auction sale of government lands at
Ministerial association, Rev. Dr. Tay-f North Vancouver, across Burrard inlo;-, who is secretary of the committee [let, and in district lot 540, between
having the matter more immediately i the Metropolis and the Point Grey le-
serve.   The bidding was keen and good
prices were obtained.
rtwo    Ceiestia!s     Detained
favesend  Because They   Lack
Means of  Support.
Rebuilding  the  Wharf.
The Mayne island wharf, which col
lapsed some weeks ago, bas been re- duties,
placed by a new one. which is almost : Miss McCrimmon is nursing a sur-
ready for us.    The new structure is of gical  case   at   Ladner.   Miss   Sonimer-
a   most   substantia:  character,  and   Is ville has lefl to take a position on ths
considerably larger than the old one. stuff of Vernon hospital,  where Miss
The residents on the island, as well as McKillop, a  .mme,   graduate, is ma-
aminations in medical, surgical and degree work was put on by W. M.
o stetrical nursing. They passed a Stark, of Hermon lodge. After bti.i-
creditable examination, taking over 90 ness had been dispensed with, the
ier ceni. During their three years of (members of the local lodge escorted
training they were very satisfactory their guests to Ihe banquet hall,
nurses, not missing a day from  their   where  refreshments were served, and
The preliminary movements of the
side of every question, Gambling in legal machinery, looking to the trial
fair week Is only a recent question.' of Thaw for the murder of Stanford
More than six months ago, the asso-'White, are going on in New York.
the  captains   of   the   vessels   wblch  iron,
|ll   a, .���
Ion' x'������   -'    Thi firs; attemrt
' '��� ���''������������    from   Ian ling   m
���'.   occupying   the
imigrntion   board,
him uu n    from      Hong
- I ..i Gravesend Moa-
Liverpool, were  re-
11  lo   land,   the   J mini
1  lng   their  refusal
Inamen lacking
ihemselvea.    The
tbe Immigration
n 'deration, decline chairman of
"���ii ihai this wns
���     thi
touch at the island, will be very tbain.-i temporarily, sir .'eel to the approval Of
fui  when the new wharf is complete   *'H' board.
and   ready   for   business.    They   have;     Since tbe lasi meeting of the board
bad to land all their supplies by boat,
and owing to the very stormy and un- been  accepted   as  pupil-nurses,  Miss
certain character of the weather dur- Wilson,   from   Coquitlam,   and   Miss
the pasl few weeks, the task has Claxton, from  Langley, and a  proba-
Hoists the Old Flag. Alliance Meeting To-night. |
Otiawa, Nov.   21 ���The   marine de- j    A mass meeting will be held in the
partment  has received a report  from j Baptist church this evening, under the
the Arctic, under the command of Cap- auspices of the local branch of the
] tain  Bernier, saying the vessel went   Lord's Day alliance.   The chief speak-
as far north ns Lancaster sound, vis- er of the evening will be Rev. W. M.
   . | Ited a spot where relics of Franklin's "Rochester, who was for a number of
Rubbish. expedition were found, and took some  years  pastor  of the  Kenora Presby-
Accompanied by  Superlntendenl   of on board.   The Arctic is wintering at. rerian church.   Prior to going to Reworks Furness and Health Inspector!Pond's inlet, Baffin's Bay.   Capt. Ber-|nora, he was pastor of the Cowan ave-
I'earce   Mayor Keary paid a  visit  :o  niel' t00,i possession of some islands  nue Presbyterian church, Toronto, and
of  managers,  two probationers have  the rubbish dump on Lulu Island, and   UP0D whlch he niist'(l tIie Union Jack, before that again he was at the head
where an impromptu programme was
given. A most enjoyable time was
spent, and the visitors returned to
Vancouver on their special car at 12
Miss Pattinson; is still here
fa, -
been no child's play.    On several oc-
i ai ions the vessels were i ompelled to
pass on withoul landing the suj
billed to the district.
Railway Smash.
Ala.,  Nov. 21.���A
tionei  Is expected to day, Miss Cathcart, from Victoria.
>'���  u.   respe I   illy.
The   :    ���   supi   Intendi nl  a.so sub-
mitti i .  sl tern at ol patients In th
;     for tbe month of Oc ober, as
after carefully looking into every detail, it has been decided to build a
road leading to tbe site of the future
dumping ground, which, it is thought,
will be far enough removed from any
habitation for the bad smells arising
from the decaying beai' to be lost on
the desert air bi fore . ian foi ���
iheir way within the i< ling radius
rn' anv   human   nose     "  ���    rul bli
Nexl   spring the  Arctic will   push  as   Of the Erskine church, Montreal.   Mr.
far north as it is possible to go along  Rochester is  a man in the  prime of
the west coast of Greenland.
I '
11 I   v,.
aliens   ad
one of greal
Mobile, Ala., Nov. 21.���a  fasl  mail   follows:  Number ol patients in hospi-  which had  been deposit) I al  the old
train, northbound, on   the  Mobile  .-.-
Ohio  railway,  while  on  a  siding  al
Dwight, Ala., fifty miles north oi Mobile, lasi  night, was run  Into by the   treated during October, SS; number of nol  looked   upon   witb   favor  by his
lospital  days,   1,136;   number of ma- worship, who thinks that it would be  New York cit5
ternity  cases treated  In  cottage, 11;   h  very expensive proposition for the
received from paying patients, $979.05;   city to undertake.
wreck is said to have been   numbei   ol   patients in  hospital Nov. 	
the mistake of a flagman,    21, 38.
 1 " i     There were four applications for the
Strike  Threatened.
Greenwood, B.C., Nov. 21.���The employes of lhe British Columbia Copper
Co., wbo are demanding an increase
In fifteen classes of labor at the smeller here, involving eighl hundred dol-
life, and has the reputation of being
an eloquent speaker, His headquarters are in Winnipeg
Post.il Reform.
.Mon:real, Nov. ^o.���Speaking in St.
Anne's   election   contest    last    nigh:,
Postmaster-General Lemieux announc-
southbound fasl   mail.    Both engim s
  j and     trains     were     badly     damaged.
'"i': ������ ''" nr  Boni's credi-1 Twenty-five    persons  were    slightly
L*  their claims in the ' hurl.   Thi
i caused  by
Increase in I ie monthly payroll, ed that it was his Intention to utilize
��� ' "'��� '��� :;,:; discharg. I, 54;   lii I, I;   dump will ai. ,rtl   b�� I irm i up by the  h .,, su] mltte(] ajJ ultimatum demand- the surplus shown In the post office
admitted during October, 52; remain- board oi  works  men.   Aid. Garrett's  ,ng  i)l(,   |ncrease   liV   to-night    The finances last year to the improvement
���.���������'���     ���"������:    s' local officials of the company have re of the service.   He also intended giv-
ferred the matter to the head office in ing protection to the Canadian press
If the bead office sub- against the "yellow"   press   from the
mits, the strike will te averted, other- l'nited States, and to give British peri-
wise the men  will   be called  out  this   odicals   and
evening. , ence.
newspapers   the prefer-
lQle Sam Requires
Much Stronger Navy
Stephens vs. Schenck.
["he case   of  Stephens vs.  Schenck
| position of day orderly.    No appoint-   wus setIk,(1 yesterday without the aid
i neni was made, the selection of a suit- Q{ Judge Henderson.   The plaintiff inj
..   a  person being left with James Can-   llu, cafie js ,,)L, owner of 80 acres ofl
jningham and VV. II. Keary.   The visit-  ,a]]il .,, Hazlemere.   He -'tt a contract'
lng committee for the ensuing montb  for cuttjng 1,000 ties on the property
will   be  Mrs.   .1.   1!.   Kennedy,  James   (()  p,iu]   Slel)])ens>  who   proceeded   to
I Johnston  and   the   secretary,    '���"h"1*"; (,m ,iov.n the timber.   Crown Timber'
Labor Men Assist
Porto Rico People
[Vill le,
\�� urg,
11:1 v;,
'   H.  I
������ 21.���A meet ing of
; "   was beld ibis after-
11 improvement iu the
nava'  reserve, und a
1 the United
"i tin
""   oi the maritime
,���.���:,'"  halrman, 1  the prin-
Bsl0   '    '���'-   former  Police
E   ,.       '' Vll'��    and    General
id Commissioner ��*...
' ; ��� .
i present at tbe  meeting  were James., A) L(l.,!1|V appeared on the scene
declared thai the country was on Cunnlngham (in the chair), Mrs. A. J
firing line betweei
Asia and 1 hi*
new world, and that 11 was absolutely
necessary to have 11 large navy to pro-
Hill, Mrs. S. J. Pearce, Mrs. H. L. Do
Heck, James Johnston, 11. T. Kirk alll
VV. H. Keary, secretary.
tect the  I'nited  Slates' Philippine in
teresls.    The   Japanese,   the   leading
power of Asia,  would sooner or later,
reach the Philippines. Under the Mon-     Tifli
r loctrlne,   be   said,   the   United off, ex-governor 1
States  bas  ir,.   miles  of  coast to  mortally wounded here to-day by an
protect, which could mi be done with unknown man, who stn leeded in ...
1    ibe navy, hull' a navy.
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 21.���Presi-] A resolution demanding that cou-
and put a slop on operations, on the j dent Gompers, of the American Fed-; gross recognize the people of Porto
ground thai the timber on the land j era tion of Labor, was to-day instruct- Rico as American citizens, and that
was reserved. Tbe ties were seized ! ed to send a telegram in the name of they be vested with all rights as such,
at the instance of the B. C. Timber A.   the federation to President Roosevelt,   was also passed.
I Trading Co., which carries a license at Porto Rico, asking him to invest!- ���	
Another Murder. on the lands,   Mr. Stephens then pro- gate conditions on the island, with a Homeward Bound.
Nov. 21.���Geo. Goleerechtkap-  ceeded   to   Ming   an   action   againsl ' view of giving the islanders self-gov-1     St. George's  Bay, Nlld.,  Nov. 21.���
if Yellsabatpol, was| Schenck   to   recover   damages.   The [eminent,  and to  bettering the labor The Peary Arctic steamer Roosevelt
agreement  arrived  al   was  thai   Mr. I conditions in 1 bat country.   Mr. Gom- nailed at  0 o'clock to-night for Pott
Schenck should settle with Stephens, pers dictated a telegram to that effect au Basque, where she will coal and
while Stephens pays the mill company, and Ben! it forthwith, | proceed to Sydney, N.S.
t ! I h
B ' ]
*������ j
Repo-t that Great  Srtan  Will   lnsi��t
on   Reform   in   LeoDOld's Af-
r can Do-iain.
I n,   Nov.   18.���A   cloud   much
than a man's hand is '.ise'.;.  ta
f,.rhi|��    thr   Mom    V.itable   ������B.��:r!��'     I
llarlKir   In   ih.    Worl.1 ���
Perhap*  the most   ratable  "bottle     I
ba_!>or   ia   the  world   is   that  at   ;vi.     (
Francisco.   H .re  is  a   vast  reach  . ; . i
wtter fifty-five miles long and in torn     i_
par...  twelve in width.   luto this ba;
the tides of the Pacific Cow thro'j_
tbe   famous Golden  Gate.   This  is
strait about a mile ia width tn its u.i
rowest part nnd very deep.   The pr-:
California.,-  look out over this ser
expanse aad tell you that her.  is a
- Farms For
appear on the   international   horizon _��.-___ _..    _,
*" ,     TV|_.   chorage   for  the   combined   navies
before many days have passed.
scandalous conditions  in   the   Cong
which are a disgrace to the world's
civilization and a menace to tbe de-
the w.rld. which indeed seems a ver:
mild statement' of th* case. As'tU.
from thi. immensity of this harbor _ .
clllty   It is  iateresti-a? to notice  tha'
vek)p_uent of the whole of Africa, will   California's two big rivers after trav
no longer he tolerated by the Br:'..'-,
Next   Tuesday,   Sir   Edward    Grey,
foreign minister, will receive an influ-
er.lng the great interior valley
Into this bay. Thus nature has :'���:
nish-M two serviceable water r. ,\ .
leading from a most notable iuuu.
harbor into the very heart of a r.
Investors,   Investigate
20 acres water front, 660
ft. on Fraser River. 800 ft.
on Brunette, just above the
can factory. Sapperton.
Price $ 10,000,$2000cash,
bai. at 7 per cent. The only water front on the market this side of the river
within the city limits.
ential deputation at the foreign office,   farming, mining and lumbering regi * I
and he intends to make even stronger   These rivers, the Sacramento and Sa:
reference to the necessity of complete
reform of the Congo system of governmen- than were contained ln Loi I
Rlpon's speech la_.t week.
Joaquin, are of tbe same commerci
significance to California that the li'.:.'.
son is to Sew York.
Tho hart'or at Sin  Pranclsco is tb
more noteworthy because it is the ou
There is good reason to believe tha- one ot- nrst magnitude south of V ���-
the   British   foreign    minister   knows sound.   Between the-., points Callfo:
that whatevei a--   - Bri    :. maj take aia presents to the orient an ii
in   this  direction,   it    will   have   th
moral support of the I rnite I Stati s.
N i  dou ���   Greal   Britain   an 1    th
Unite i  States  fav ir an  Intei national
C mg i a nferen
Ther.- is still I ss do ibi thai King
Le ipol I will st: ������:. i ''laiy ibject .0
bavin-' his private Afrii in domain
- .   "C-tei to such process
table cl H coast only occasionally
I   1 by a lit'.;-- beach or min ��r
Little   coasting   steamers   mui..1   I
ings. it is true, at several points ai
this arim from, but it ls a inatl
considerable hazard.   In  - in ���
along this ������ >ast great cranes fixed
on  thc cliff hoist people and  fre
ashore In baskets.   And the darim. .
tie skipper must even thi 0 ke ip
eye to windward lest a crashing sl ���::..
drive In  upon him and forever tern.:
nate his service on tbe sea.   Thus It [..
that the two great harbors mentiouc:
must for all time share a mouop ily
the Pacific ocean commerce.   One f
miliar with the Atlantic scab .ard i
parallel the situation by blotting out in
his mind's eye all the ports between
James In'.e:. three square miles, at
$6.00. half cash, balance easy.
ISO acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
29  -.:. i 32, Township :*. one-half prairie, resl  brush and some small trees.
. ������-    Section    _. $45 pel   acre;  Sec-
tlon 29, $53 . er ai re; Se ition 28, $55
tcre,    Ti I.   b ine  at    Hammon I.
t< legra ih   sl iti a,   Pit!   River  Bri Ige.
Terms, b ill c ��� ih, bai m e one an l ta 1
t at 7 enl    Ex I ishe agen :.
67 acres, Hon       Ran b, Nick":
 ��� J_      1 wl , 20 a    ��� -
:. .   $3,0.0. half cash
balance easy.
I    n*** acres. Burnaby Lake. $'30 per
20 acre blocks, fruit lauds, near
Junction, $20 per acre.
80 acres, one mile from Ab lotfiford,
10 acres cleared, gool soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, halt" cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
in'eres-.   Apply to D. Fraser, Abbots-'
ford. V
10 acres near above, $7 per acre;
see us for full >r p irtlcul irs
150 acres improve! land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverda! i;
all under cultivation. $15,000. !:' you
can   hanlle   this,  don''   lelay;   It's  a
irgain; terms can be arranged.
1 18 aeres. 100  IC es pr lil I -.    -   1    ���- ���
high   land,   four 10 ime !   h iu se,  ba n
ken house,  il   fern    :. ne ct to the
H im    m dair;   fa .' _ ��� ' -- -
Hammon I, $40 per       e    Don'l  miss
16 ' a ires, township ..  '.'���.
����� 1 miles fr im !���' >rl Lan .le  ; 5  icre
3! ish ��� l. 51.000,   me-thl
Very Special
160 acres, Westminster
district, 40 ac. under cultivation, 10 ac. orchard, 3-4
ac. strawberries planted
this year, alder Wtom
land.running spring, house
18x22, frame barn 30x32,
14 post frame house and
cow stables, 3 in all, stable
8 cows and 2 span horses,
near Mission station,
schools, churches near at
hand, steamer lands twice
a day. about 100 ac. timber,
Mr antl cedar, never been
logged. $2000 refused for
standing timber, carriage
house 16x21, hen house
made of hewed timber laid
in mortar. 12x30, a chance
of a lifetime, $8,000. $4000
cash. bai. at 6 per cent.
ready for cultivation 2^
water,   haif-n8e W
school, all reath-1 J
vation, at Chilliwack tie
per acre. *'5I
80 aCrM "" *'" ' < BtthM__J
mill, in Surre . good bouge _!j
cleared; only $1,oco. .
135 acre.., one mile frnm u,,_.i
drained and tenci .   bouse an_ _>
<���t*2,500; *���"'������   ������ HongooeS
priee $50 per ii,
'" *"' Purchase ,,.,,.  jl
son tor selling, i
bad health, , .    J
li  Fr
'    il  A
Indian   Affairs.
Winnipeg, Nov. 21.���Frank Pedley,
le; itj - ii erlnti n lent-general of Indian affairs, spent yesterdaj in the
city,  having  arrive!    from   the  wes'.
where   he   has   been  overlooking  the 	
work of his department. He visited a . Savannah nnd Portland save only Ne
number of the reserves in British Co- York and between these in place of t
lumbla on which there are over 25,000 numerous hospitable Inlets substitute
Indians. The northwest provinces, including   .Manitoba,    have   24,000;   On-
lario, about  21, ;   Quebec, 10,000 to
12,000;   and   the  maritime   provinces,
3,000  to   I, I.    There  are   10,000  to
12,000 outside the treaty limits. Tha
Indians are gradually emerging into
civilization and adopting the ways of
the white man. Some of .'he best
farmers in certain parts of the west
are Indians. Mr. Pedley instanced
'bose in the Qu'Appelle district, where
they raise:! from 35,000 to 50,000 bushels of grain, being possessors, too, of
good houses and farm buildings, together with machinery.
There is no treaty in British Columbia, nevertheless the department
had agon's there and supplied the Indians wiih medical attendance, schools
and relief to the destitute, old and infirm. The deputy superintendent-general also stated that he had visited
File Hills. He summed up the result
of his trip by saying that he found
lhal the Indian interests were being!
administered satisfactorily by the government's agents.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,, tion;  house, barn, sheds,   ite. all in      i inch   $7 per acre; good
gool   repair;   a   snap   tl   $3,000.  half   terms     fruit lands;        us  for   par-
ibout   " j miles :': im rivei. near S
road, $12 per acre: a real good buy.
climate.    A..
il -��� n I
160 .
ship 10 '.
aci - cleare
Price $1,503.
il 7 pei i ent.
168 ai es, i
(���!.  i:"ir  .'::    \i%
I 10 a Surrey, i
es fro $10 per acn
160 acn
_'j  mile    ���
al Iei   ion   i   $1,20
ied |;
Houses For Sale
scarcely broken sea cliff.   He will ll
bave the conditions before him wblc!
give to San Francisco its pre-eminftn
���Walter .1. Kenyon in St. Nicholas
The Favorite English Comedian,
Direction   J.  J.   COLEMAN,
A continuous laugh, a spasm of laughter���FL'N,  charming,  pur -.
wholesome FUN.
20 lots on 6th Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
lV6-storey house, corner of Sixth
street and Eighth avenue, 6 rooms.
brick chimney, all papered inside an 1
painted, full size lot, 6. s 132, floors
covered with new oilcloth.   Price $950.
House on Brant.or._ street, rents $15
I per month. Will sell for $1,500. Terms
! $75.  cash, balance easy.
Oae and a half lots, Sapperton, just
: off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to be arrange.1.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
i near Seventh street, eight rooms, all
I modern, s'able and chicken house, full
size!  lot,  two   storeys,  $1,000  cash,
House. 10 rooms, 1% lots, near;
Fourth avenue and Seventh street, I
$2,C00.   Terms can be arranged.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132, all in lawn, laid
out with shrubs and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Two-storey bouse, si ibi ��� chicken
house, two full sized I i! all modern
improvement-, Thirl street, between
Fourth and Fifth avenues, $2,250.
$1,500 ca ... -; i > l snap
House on Royal ind Eighth sl '.
two storeys, - iven i - ens. full size i
lot,  $2,000.
Don't Miss
8-roomed House,all modern improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes, $5000, one-
j half cash.    A comfortable
I home and good family res-
! idence.
:���; '.     and full size l lot, 6 rooms,
oa Prim  street, near Sixth avenue,
good :  a, fruit trees, only $950.
F':_'.- roomed     bouse ,  all    modern
COn\ mieil I -.   in Carnarvon str  and
Sixth     re it, ��� ivo Btoreys, $3,750.
1 i mse  m 1 I il on Ame-.- sl i eet, two
tore        ������ .������::  r i ms;  a real snap a;
C irn       if Sixth   iti   and  Fourth
aven ie, 1      e an I -even bus. orchard.
������'   . $3,100, half cash.
A Snap
2-storied house, 7 roo
bath,   sewer connection!
all modern improvement!
splendid locality, $280.]
Terms arranged.
House, corne
Sixth si ree-. one 1      two sl ired
��� ims, $2,500. I
Bo il ling bi  ise, 2        :_������>, oat
s'ree-.  one  bio i I
\ rents at . 10 ; i i or to
Seven i i ime I Seventh c|
ne i"  Fifth avei fo si ireji
sized lot, $1,600.
Ho ise an If : I
Twelfth   -' mrth av*|
$800, l'j  storeys
House, elghl i on St W
street,   corner   F      b   S2.5C0:
The Weather.
Victoria, B.C.,  Nov.  21.���The   pressure is highest on the British Columbia  coast   und   comparatively   low in
Utah.    West of the Rockies the weather  lias  been  chiefly  fair  and  cold j
from the Yukon to the Columbia river,
with rain on the coast of Oregon and
California,   and    light snow   at   Salti
Lake  City   and   Baker   ciiy.    in   the
Canadian   middle   west   provinces,   i
has been cold and generally fair with j
lighl   -now   at    Qu'Appelle.    Further
east a depression is centra] over ths
greal  lakes.    Temi eratures:
Min.    Max.
Vii toria     36 -IT
\ ancouver     32 ...
N'i fi   Westmins e     32 12
Kamloops     32 ';C!
Prices, $1.00, 75c and 50c:
Sale begins on Tuesday a
Drug Store.
R   ll
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pion.ir  Limited"  St.  Paul  to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad  in  the   world  that  equal   in
equipment  that  of  the  Chicago.   Milwaukee   &  St.   Paul   Railway.     Tll y
own  and operate their own sleeping!
and dining cars on alll their trains and :
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service  not obtainable  elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Broker)
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
��� I    Shingle and Saw
XMAS CARDS j   Mill  Machinery
A���_ I.-.-., J .._       TL -R--.._-���-. I w
a 2
fi om 5 a.m.
:.. b   o
ill3   fail   aa!
P irl  Sim ii ni ..   .
1 lawson	
VVinni) i	
Portlan l	
S in Francisco .. .
F in easl   for 24
Thin a laj:   I.r.. ���
moderate   win I -.
. Ol :.
Guichon���C. H.
Bridge; Ii. Spilsb
ver; M. YV. Moore,
David, Victoria;  S
Win Isor���A. Mc
Spence's Bridge; .
O. Foi i, Vancouve
ingh im : G. .1. Die
E. Buckhill, Calgi
liwack; \V. McNei
\er: J. E. Howard
Colonial���E. W. Cole, Vancouver; l���
Monte, Oregon; D. M. Ellis, Ladner;
.lohn Hammond, Porl Hammond; T.
li. Miles. Toronto.
Are being opened up.     They are Beauties
our XMAS STOCK, n��� Ops** j
|^^^| \\ ill be Larder and Better than ever. J
! J. J. MACKAY y CO. |
Manufacturer of
> tationers
; Newsdealer^
New Westminster, B. C.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty,
Tel.  113. Office, Eighth  Street.
Levers, Spence'a
iry,  North  Vancou-
Seattle; Lester \Y.
B. Buchanan, city.
Lean, John Paton,
I. E, Buchanan, (..
r; Irwin Cole, Belies ni. Granite Fall i;
I, G. Cross, Vancou-   Baggage delivered    promptly  to  iny
F. \Y. Smith, Seat-'
Purchase Notice ^7?
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia bt.
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
''flee 'Phone IMS.       Hurn '."none 137
.'. i    e is here! .  gl.   -. th il 60 days
al er date   I  In en l   appl; Ing  to  the
1 hief   C immissioner   <���;���   Liands   ami
'.'.' irks for permission to purchase the
. ��� lng describe 1  land, situate 1 at
thi mouth of the Kildala rive:-, Coasl
district: Commencing at a post marked  \Y.   M.'s   N*.  E   Corner  pi inted   on
the 3outh  'nan!-: of the  Kildala   river
a: the mouth, running as follows:   10
chains   south,    .')   chains   west,    io
chains north to the shore line, thence
II lying shi re line to place of com-
em mt, i ontaining 16 ai re \ n ore
o ���  le. 3.
Aug. 27, 1906.
Locator. W   MOODY,
0 -. 24,  1906.
lhe Royal Bcnk of Canal
���:: *1
MIS' mm
:. i      i will never regret it.    People do harder things ever;
nothing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account, Put it In your p icket,
ably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited ever '���'������ '
ten years amounl to $804.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
A   lighthouse   Is  to   be   erected
Lucy  Point, on Vancouver Island,   G.
II. McNeill is the contractor in chargi
of the Job, anil he is being assisted b
Ave carpenters.    The work is    i be
completed as soon as possible.
ihe Fraser River Tannery
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to   apply   at   the   n.xt  sitting,   of  th_
MP'RC'"S'       HORSES!   -icensin3   Board for the   Municipality
of Lanciley for a renewal of license to
s��li liquors by retail on the premises
'<nown as the Langley Hotel, situated
at Langley, in the said Municipality jf
Langley. Nov. 21, 1906.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny-
Manufacturers of
Dr,  !'. D.       iwn, V.S , a graduate
Ontario Veterinary School, will
he In New Westminster every Friday
in i S itu day, and' will examine your
free ol charge.
OR.  H.  0.  BROWN, V.".
j Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar
! The Carruthers Manufacturing
VANCOU "^���"Jf-
aY. NOV. 22. 1906.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach Con^y
Prize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
__��_��� ��� _>*��_i_l
A printed check will be given to each cash cus-
Itomer showing the amount of their purchase.   Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
I same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
I at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
(through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
[must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
NQ'esale and Retail Butchers   ^wTktmS
Maple   Leal   Rubbers  arc  madi-   Irom   I'm.    Para
Rubber, over all stylos and sires ol footfonn lasts.
They Look Well; FII Well and Wear Well;
Are it.Tliih, Kit u_ dort.lc.
Kor sale by all good slue dealers.
}. LECKIE CO., Ltd.
Vancouver,       -        -       B. C.
The   Journal    Has   Something   to   Say
About the  Attractions  of the
Western Country.
R. C. Purdy, The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing' on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
I carry a full line of G. B. and Lovney's Chocolates.
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced with 1
Cowan's       I
Ca&e Icing
Chocolate. PinR. White. Lemon. Orange,
Almond,   Maple   and  Coconut Cream.
The Edmonton Journal has a good
word fur both tin- prairie and tti"
coast, as follows:
"Tin1 railway traffic tn Iho coasl
still continues to be verj heavy.
There is quite a rush of people from
.Manitoba and the Northwest, who
intend to put in the winter ln the mild
i limato of Vancouver anil Victoria
and other Pacific resorts. Tho number of residents in the prairie prov-
Inces who mai,.' r. practice of wintering at iln- coasl Is Increasing every
year. Tho facl s]>ai,< woll for tho ai
tractlvenesa ol the balm) climate of
western British Columbia, bm in reality its mosi significant feature is tho
prosperity which i: Indicates People
who eun afford io travel Beveral hun
'in-.l mill's to spend ih_��� ..Intei awa)
from homo musi be pretty well on velvet .is far as ihis world's goods are
i '"ic -nil ,1 "
To-morrow Night.
'Iho Woman Hater," In which
Harry Ben sford will appear ai tho
opera housi' to-morrow, is primarily a
comedy of situation, AI tho same
time, it is full of laughable lines which
aro excruciatingly funny when hoard
in the play.   Hero are a few samples:
"Nover contradict a lady, (live her
time and she'll contradict herself."
"How io ten a bad egg,   Break 't
1 The n an wli dales usually gets
I l.e widow."
I    sup; use I   I   OUghl     to    take   her
h ml.   A man always takes a woman's
bPfOre he asks for it."
"It's n mighty curious woman who
Isn't Inquisitive."
"A man is judged by the company
he keeps and llie cigars lie gives
away "
"Never pul off until to-morrow whal
you can mm somebody else to do for
you  lo i: iv."
tern and solicitors, Blackie Rlli..
Columbia street, New Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Grand Trunk in Court.
Toronto,  Nov. Ll.���C.  M.  Hays ap-
1 eared in the police court before Magistrate  Denison  this morning   on   a
charge of contravention of the railway
ROYAL CITY PRECEPTORY, No. ���.���59 act ll>*  no1   providing two-cent-a-mile
R.   B.   K.   of   1.,   meets  second   and   fares and  second-class coaches.    Wai-
fourth Friday of each month, at 8  |ace  Neshiii, K.C., for  Mr. Hays, do
ni.,   in   Orange   hal],   corner   of
MR. .1. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solid-
'or of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce build-
ing, Columbia street, opposite post-
ofiice, New Westminster. Money to
I', m., in Orange hall, corner
Royal avenue nnd John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to aitend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E.  E.  Matthias, Reg.
��� Meels in Orange hall first and
third Friday in each mouth at 8 p.
tn. visiting brelhren are cordially
invited to intend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lorne streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 44a Gran-
.Hie street. Joseph Martin. K. C, .-.
W. Weait. W. G. McQuarrie, II. A
Bourne. Mr. Martin will be In ths
Westminster offices every Friday af
nied the jurisdiction of the court, alleging Ihat Ihe railway board had
been given special orders to deal with
"The ordinary law is nol enforced
as ii applies to railways,"decided Magistrate Denison, He also claimed
lhal the cues should have been
brought, noi under ihe Criminal Code,
bui under section .114 of the Railway
Act. .Mr. .1 W. Curry held that this
seel ion was intended for civil damages, and il was not intended thai il
should    apply    in    cases    of    public
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27
The regular meetings of this lodge   wronB"S.
aie held In Oddfellows' hall, Colum-       (Particulars of lhe bringing of this
hla street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock.    Visiting brelhren cor-
action againsl  the Grand Trunk were
dlally invited to attend.   ,\. P. Halla-
day. \*.i;.;  W. C. Coatham, Rec. Kee.
printed in the Daily News a few das
ago. i
Hi. WAV, REID & BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc.. 4- I_orue
street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. A. Whealler, P.O. He;:
Moving the Crops.
t.. V. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. . Winnipeg, Nov. 21. ���The Canadian
-Meetings the first and third Tu.-s- Paciflc graln ���,,������.,, fl)1. yesterday
:  '      ''     ':'"     ';,""'!' v���'��""��   show   109,000   bushels   of   wheat   and
11,01 0 bushels of other grains, as corn-
brethren cordially Invited to atfrend,
Lodge room, A. O. U. W. hall, Odd
fellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S, Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman,
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister arid
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
.la and McKenzie Btreets, New West-
���ainslei, B. C.
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solleiti r
and Notary Public, In practice sin e
1891 .i New Westminster, D C.   Ol
flees ri move 1 |o Cm','.. Bio  : . ' ll
son   street, opposite   Couri  Ho   ���
I'.n   lle\   109.    Telephone C.l.
-joard OF TRADE.���New  Westminster  Board of Trade meels in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
.ie,'on,i Wednesday of each month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday     of     February.     -May,
\ugust and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings   on   the   second ;
Wednesday    of    February.     New
members    may    he    proposed    and |
elected at any monthly or quarterly ;
meeting.    A. E. Wh'*o, Sec.
115. SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red   ROSO  Degree meets Second and
Foui iii Wednesday of each month,
��� In '���:. of P. Hall, Columbia St.. nl
i p, ���".. White Rose Degree, Fourih
"A Film? '! i.v In eni h month, Barm
Ume nd place. Visiting Bret! ������ <
ordi; lly Invited. E. B. Stineh
���on   ���]'".."   Dl    ey, Secret a i
_OURT BRUNETTE, No, 4099, I.O.F.
Mi . the Fourih Friday In the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hun, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend, J. B. Rushton, C. It.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
pared with 386,000 bushels and 17.00(1
bushels on thi corresponding dale of
last year. Up to dale this season
there has been marketed 34,772,000
bushels of wheat ami 2,821,000 bushels
of other grains, and up lo the corres-
pon ling date of last yeai' there was
rei eivi , 35,340,000 bushels and 1,744,-
a -u i ushels respectively.
On  lhe Canadian  Northern yester-
li     12,0 0    isho    ol wheal and 9,000
��� ; ithei    rains wer,. market-
��� i. ��� ��� an's   were   loaded
oing ' '   . a  I ���
A. O. F.���The regulnr meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
a* ""��� p. in. in ihe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brelhren are cordialv invited lo aitend., i-1. C. Firth, C, R.;
.\ P. Maxwell, Sec,
'  ""^i'tf^st
NION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. A. A. M.
���The   regular   meeting   of   this i
Is held on the First Wednesday Ir.
���ach  month, at S o'clock  p,  in., in I
iho   Masonic   Temple.     Sojourning \
arethreii are cordially Invited to at
tend.       Dr.   W.  A.   DeWolf  Smith,
F. & A. M. Regular communications of this lodge are held on I lie
seeond Tuesday in ea.". month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 (.. in. Visit-
Iner brethren nre .���ordially Invited
to attend,   D. VV. Gilchrist, Sec.
PERANCE meet every Wednesday
at. 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
Multimillionaire   Dead.
ia, Ai .. N iv 21. News waa
eci .ed 'nr;-r to-day from Watldns
Gli n, ny.. ��� ia [eath there last
lighl of ,, .a Kountze, the multi-
million lire pre Ident i C the Firsl N i-
tional bank ofj Omaha, He had gone
' V\ atl In ' i , for I i ��� benefit of his
! i s.s.\. Mr. Kovtntze has been a prominent (iu , ��� in financial circles nf the
United S1 for many years.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of P. Hall. John McNlven
Chief: J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Gruesome Finii.
Ni . rk, Nov, 21.- Two pairs i f
human hands, one pair believed to be
tho e of a woman, and the other those
Of a man, were found In an ash barrel
in the Williamsburg distrlcl of Brooklyn to-day. The coroner and the police immediately began an investigation,
Mat Grantholme, a frequent visitor
at the police station, is again in the
toils on the old familiar charge ot
drunkenness, and will take his place
in the dock this morning. 4
Published by The Daily  News Pub-
!_hing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
>fflee_   corner   of   Sixth    and    Front
ri' reefs.  New   Westminster.  B.  C.
Managing Director.
.J. C. Brown
won't cake. It is PURE���dean,
dry crystals that disolve instantly.
Perfect (or the table.
City Elections.
9eeetao&0^^ .X.y,-,,^.
under lease for speculative purposes. ;
The October output of lumber was the I
largest   on   record,    and   the   govern-
men; officers scaled :;.,o4\4.5 feet.au
Translen     display    advertising, 10
cents per ifo nonpariel) 12 lines to
the in-"!) Five cents per line toi
.utsev.'cnt Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20  increase of over two million on that
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10   ,-,,- October of last  year.    At the pres-
ccnts per line. en(   time  [hei.e is a (ian!,er 0f a  iog
Foi   time   contracts,   special   posi- famine,  attributable   to  bad   weather
tens, apply to advertising manager.
Notices   of   births,   marriages   or and a shortage of labor, and logs have
deaths, S"c.    Wants, for sales, lost or gone up in price in consequence.    Fir
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per logs  are   now  seliin^ from  $10.50 to
H,a ���       m, .���a!'.er:a-..,ment taken for ,,., _.,,. Bpruce f).()m $li|.��� . ( $].,_ an ,
-^v~~~~~~~.   cedar from   .7 to $'���'. the ������ ; ������::;-: not
TELEPHONES. much  demand   al   present    for cedar
�������� logs.   There are al present no fii logs
Day  Office    A22   .       , , ,, ,
' in the water, and practically :i me be-
Niflht  Office    B22
Notice Is here >.��� given to the Electors of the Citj ol New Westminster,
that I require the presence of the said
Ele ' irs  it the City Hall, on
Monday, the 3rd day of Dcc.,19061
;��s. than l'i cents.
in.: towed.
-;.�� on
Efc '���<���:-
at ll o'clock a.m., for the purpose of
electing a Mayor and three School
Trustees for the year 1907, and at 12
o'clock noon of the same day. for the
purpose of electing seven  persons aii��
THURSDAY.  NOV. 22.  1306.
The . immarj repoi I ol the al
.- eeches of Messrs. Macdonald and
Oliver, which we printed yesterdaj
morning, .-hould haw- the effeel oi
arousing i he ele itoi - to lo ik move
i losel; into the political quesi i ms oi
the day. As Mr. Oliver said, il Is n i
a i much a party q lestion���certainly
not a question of 'he triumph of th:,;
side or that as a question of the
prosper!., of the Province and I h ���
well-being of the people. The choice
which the electors will be called upon
to make at the polls, i i a choice between, on ih" one hand, the exploitation of the natural wealth of the Province for the making of a few rapid
fori lines, and, on the other, the proper
administration of thai natural wealth
for the good of all th" people ��� the
steady and sure advancement of tho
prosperity of tlie country.
Some of the facts and figures given
by both the speakers are certainty
enough to set men thinking. Great
corporations are allowed to go on pocketing the money which they should
pay in taxes, and openly and defiantly
.ii England   10 Per < enl I . tli<- l\ee-
ognlsed   Reward.
'If you lost a watch worth $100 what
jo ward would you give the finder for
rts return?"
"i lh, ten er twelve doll irs "
"Ten per c ait. eh? Well, that la
aboul right," said the detective. "It
ls more, though, than the average person would -A'- Here In America In
lost and foit_?_. e,,se- tb ire Is no recognized percentage ��� f r ���". ard. but in
England there Is such a percentage,
namely, half a crown to a pound; that
is i., Bay, about l'i per cant. Ten per
cent is what the finder must be paid
In England provided be takes his find
to a poiiee station or to Scotland Yard,
ne always does so, as otherwise the
owner is apt to give bim less than the
legal   l'i pei ii.    I   lost  in a   London
cab a kit bug worth $20, The kit bag
was returned by the cabby to Scotland
Yard and I left there for him gladly a
reward of ..'.'. If the bag had been
worth $2,000 I'd have been charier of
handing out $2D0, but that Is what I'd
have to do before the Scotland Yard
: folks would have given me my prop-
I erty. When you lose anything lie prepared to give at least 10 per cent to
the finder. Ten per cent Is the recognized reward In lost and found cases
abroad, and It should lie the recognized
reward here. To my mind It ls little
enough, and th.y who give less are to
Aldermen for the said year of 1907.
The mode of nomination shall be as
��� , iws: Kadi candidate shall be nominated in writing: tie- writing shall be
subscribed  by  two  persons as propo-
��� ���. ,'i i s< con ler, who shall be duly
I . ill fled electors and residents in the
city; and such nomination paper shall
, ,:r.iin a st ttemenl sign 11 bj the per-
- m nominal ��� i. that he consents I i
such nomination    The nomination pa-
��� ���: - ai: ill ',.��� .;.;. .ered   o 1 he It," . i,
lng Office!   ai   m - *tween tn ���
late of iiii.. notii e an .
if thi       : er, or (in
case of Aid
.   .      -    - i .
In -lie �� \.-:y  ���..   a -   ni
111 ��� he ea.-,' 'ii    W
all 1   Sl -     .-������"���- I    1 .'    ,    a ���
ich II     ��� o ene I 01
ith   da,   of   Decern er,    1906, al    9
, ��� ',.      a I   will  remain       pu
'  ���. a.    '   ���.." s ime da     al   i lie
follov   ig      ices:   The C luncil  Chanter, i Ii    Hall    the Fire Hall, Sa   -
:.>n :  ai, I  al   '...   Lighl   Sl al lon, Tenth
���     IS
It's the face of a Woman ;.i. I thi      the...
Man that attract attention on
To-day, a Man's Overcoat add
to his personality a.s does his Suit.
The ultra-fashionable ('ha-., ...        !jj
Overcoat that will make people t .V" ;i
he passes hy and wonder 'i.
" Who That Swell Fellow Is < "
Our Overcoats are cut and tailored
anil to hold their shape as long a   ������
We stand lirst, last and all the I
periortty oi fabric, style and worki
ong !jj
���"*' II
ind y.-.ij 141
may  rest  a.Hiire.1  that  the Over,    ,       ibuvk*���   ',1
will be satisfactory in every way
:. bere
$12, $15, $18, $20 lo Sli
We have Cravenette Coals at all price, ap .o $22
Satisfaction is thi.. Sl  re'
I : sal
i if  which   ivei     person  is   require 1
to take noti e and - ivei a himsell a
(liven under my hand at tiie City
Hall. N'ew Westminster, the 22nd day
er N'ovember, 1906,
Returning I ifflce'.
Opposite   Post   Office
'.*:*:.*.:s:.*s.*:.r'.*s.*:^ ... �����_,
$20 AND  UP
Cut and Made on the Premises
MRS. DOMINY, proprietress ������:' the
Arrow '.': ������-- Job Print i ha ���.:. -.
eng ige 1 a practical printei. begs to
thank 'he public for their kind patronage, which .-he h >,,.���-. v. yy. be continue 1.
LOST���i ia   Sunday  evening,  between
���the Methodist and R. C. churches, a
siring of gold heals. Finder rewarded on returning -hem to ills: ickwood  street. 213-6
breaking their bargains with the Prov-   my mind dishonest"���Philadelphia Bul-
ince, hm  the Government, instead of   letln.
calling them to account, not only con-, "' '"  '
i1one_, their lapses, but loads them
with fresh gifts���and taxes the fanners' calves and chickens to make up
ihe shortage of tlie revenue These;
are, in Mr. Macdonald's n-oids, the
heaven-born financiers whom we are
all requested to admire.
Everybody admires generosity;   but
for the spendthrift  who allow,   a rich
inheritance to slip  through  his nerveless  fingers,   who   i.,..   anything   im'
\247 Front Street
New Westminster
��� Be: ween Leopol 1 place an
b  avenue and   Eighth   street
Fine*.   Menial I)rlUmnxter the World  j
Hn*   liver   Known.
When  tbe  Romans  placed over  the
door of the temple of Janus "Ex Orl- j
e.ito Lux et  Laidus Scacch.runi" (Oul ;
of the East <'anie Light and the Game |
of Cness) they spoke of the two great
est bequests that the storied east bad
ever made to the young ami aggressive
west���the light of religion and the
greatest mental achievement of mai.
contempt?    Yet  to ihis pass has Brit-! since he came through  Eden's frown
ish Columbia been brought by hal administration of its affairs, that it is
advertised all over the Dominion as
ihe spendthrift Province, Thki reputation may, ii is true, prove an attraction io certain aggressive corporations, There are not wanting signs
'fun! tokens that the McBride Government, in the coming election, will
have the favor and support  of corpor-
ing portals.
In the middle ag a, v.-!. m ilia m mk
and abbots watched from afar the brutal soldiery of < 'hrlsten i -ai     .o    ing
down  like a  pestilence on  thp  sunny
plains ef iln- -mill,  they  i banted  "A
; furore Norman n'u; i libera -,, >-. i> Dom-
' lue"   (From   thu   fury   of   tbe   Northmen deliver us, <> God) and returned
1 to chess   all that was left a uoblo soul
In a  vain and.  turbulent   world.
Chess is the finest mental drilluiastei
a. ions and  Others  who are looking to ^ ^j h;,  .,.���. ,.,,.,���     As a ,,,;.���,
make  money  rapidly   out   of the  ex- tritin���r r rauks above Greek and dia-
.ploilalion for llieir own benefii  -if 'iie levies,
resources of ihe country.   In the eyi - But, above all, it is the science of bat
of  more   desirable   ail:-; ns   to  our tla: it is war without bloodshed; it is |
population,   however,    ���   spendthrift strife  on  equal   term     whieh  all   the
reputation   will   havi.'   a   verv  differ.
appearance.   To   them���to   the   man
who   would   come   I >   a.ai ������  ai -   lai: ie
iia;e that reputation Is deterrent.  T i
such   men,  the   spendthrift   policy  i f
i ae i resenl Governu_enl means, as
Globe pm ii the other day,   ., b irden-
some legacy of alienated 'i:..: er. -eii.
ated    minerals   an i    alienated   fa n
These undoubted  fai te appeal mo-'
sirongly to eve;,   patriolie min |,   We
are proud of our "glorious Provini ���
Shall we allow ii i,i l.e despoiled
heritage of our , hii Iren  wasted
race loves and tn which from the cradle
to tlie grave all mortality Is subject. - |
Charleston News and Courier,
IN  THE  SUPREME ''Ol Rl   I i *
In the  matter of the    Q lieting
Vi t" and
In the  matter cf the    It'e ' i Cii
No. 1. in (,;'..   Bio ���'. No.  I"   in i he ;
City  of  N'-w  Wesl mlnste;,  P
ince of Brltl sh I' ilumbl i.
Pursuant  to  the  I I   le I     '.
oi ible Mr. Justice MorrUon
thai   oi' -lie .���.n,m eme  i lourt  of  it: li i   .
a few may turn Its riches to their own   lumbia, dated the i it i da    i   N  ������-��� u
aggrandisement, and   put   themselves   ber, 1906,
iu a position to deal with us as the Notice is hereby given thai an. -"-
money lords of the greal republic son having or pretending to have any
have dealt wiih he.- people? liy jusl title to or Interesl In the above-men-
such policy as that which has marked tioned lands is required to file a sl Co-
the career of the McBride admlnistra- menl of his or ber claim, properly
tion, were those monopolistic and phi- j verified, with the Dlstricl Registrar of]
tocratic forces created which nave lhe Supreme Cour' of British Colum-i
.wrought such evil In the United bla, al New Westminster, B.C., on or
States   against  which   the people  of  before  10.30 o'clock   in   the   forenoon
on  Sal urday,  the  22nd  day of  Dei e   .
the United States find themselves to
day oblige] to bailie as a man battle
I'or his lil".
Ottawa is to havi.' a church census,
as they call il there, next .Monday,
thus following the example
New Westminster,
ber, limn, and in default of any sucli
claims being made and filed as aforesaid, The liritish Columbia Land and
Investment Agency, Limit id, the Petitioner, may apply to the Judge for a
set byj Declaration under the "Quieting Tltle3
Act" thai  he is the legal and  benefi-
���  ( Cial owner in fee simple, subject  to -i
Already! Lease  for 99 years, as set  out   in th i
Il is reported thai the demand for Petition, and subject to the reserva-
standing timber is greater than the "'��'�� mentioned in Section 23 of tha
available supply, and a large number said Act, but free from all other rigb'.-,,
pf orders which have bee;, sent in I interests, claims and demands what-
from the  Eastern States, even thougn   soever.
prices offered  were of an advantage-     Dated  at   New   Westminster,   B.C.,
ous character, cannol  be filled.   The  'Ids 22nd day of November, i.m;.
alleged reason for the situation is that   MARTIN,  WEART ...-  McQUARRIE,
Such  a   large  quantity   is   being   held Solicitors  for the  Petitl   ne
Right This Way,
Everybody, For
The Best Shoes
We want you to make this your family
headquarters for Shoes   the place you'll
be sure to think of first when Fall and
Winter Shoes are needed.
This requires, on our part, better Shoes
and better values for the money than
you are apt to get at other stores.
We Believe We Have   1 hem
Come and see now well we
fumll our assertion
Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
W. R. Gilley,   Knor��e  .;.-_..
large amethyst brooch with diamond setting tn center. Finder will
be rewarded. Apply E3, Goulet, C.
P. R. station.
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. C. fottery Co. sewer pt] e, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R.
'Phane IB
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be  Obtained   at    All    Hours   at
Kenny s    Restaurant   ana   Cajj
Late Suppers After the  Theatre a
Specialty.        Oysters    and
Growing Appreciation
== Sugar Cured
Breakfast Be con and Hafli|
These Are
.,   1 every H *>
Fine, almosl new, well built house, bath, I
Improvement;   Brat-class situation;   two lots; neat-
possession.    Trice low; terms easy; enquire.
8 I-.'; acres in Burnaby, r. minute3 from tram; n
sitlon  i'or anyone contemplating markel gardenia
Easily cleared.    Only $1,300.
pn "
THOS. R. PEARSCN, Mar.nzcr
Cofumbia Street, next Bank of Conim����'c8 ksDAV'
nov. a
��� ���
Distinctive, Refined
f 1 TkT W%     ���      |*1 IXI      1   1     WKM*M**_K��i********i^^
Local News Bnefly Told | fay | I.K,-i,i>.H [fe Tte: I
������ ���"   ;" rs,   court, liaving been warned on ruesdaj      ��������� V
....   ���
-* e Royal i
court, having ieen warned on l'uesd .>
. bai :: be ���-. I i leave the
cltj within a fe* hour- be would be
placed in safe keeping foi ninetj days
He failed to hike, an I th po Ice mac
Isti ue ke il his wor
One of the strong features which have during
pas| few 'lays gained for our varied displays the
I',..*; ied approval of dozens of visitors and custom-
jisl    element of distinction connected with our
nuses. They are pretty, well madi- and have an air
Refinement which appeals to persons of taste.
Some are of Fancy Delaine. Flannel, Embroid-
|Cashmere and French Novelty Goods; in all the
bular colors, at 75c, $1, $1.50, $2.25, $3.50 to $5.
Bogus cheques have been  accepted
luring ihe past  :��� ��  daj s bj   tour nf
Our lard is I      extra     of ' :- '���'���"v   ''���'' cheques were
is as       eas       i�� ;      drawn on! In favor of T   K  Mann and
; 4 ,  . bore   the   forged   signature of   1-*.   II,
Heaps \- Co.    The cheques were I
A '     - -'       it of 173 ba 11 thi    imo ints  of  $!���; 50,  $16.70, $17.11 I
es was        ..-I i,i   and $24.50.   The man who passed thc
ied to  the   -"heques answers to the description of
the man �� ho vli tltuize I Mi   Gr is. man .
'.��� a tly.
ilachin     Wo
irloa O      lard Is I        xtra n    ho:
luntiii!   l.un       Co.   ��� '���     It is as pun  as II Is white,   Trj
of Vancouvi i. .. henbai li \ Co.
WANTED     Smart   Boy.    ix'*";o: w  "���""��� :;m;1i-": 0|
\      i     11 ,��� ., '      fraser  Rivi i * lew
Applj Beaver(igar Factory. ... :. -.   .  N
entai Monda     stated tha   after
a careful estimate ol
Hindu.- us laborers, he bad 11 nne to
the mi luslon thai one ��bite man
could lo as iu ��� h n u a - anj ��� wo
I llndus, He woul 1 n it have any
In ; is In Iiia employ at all If he could
suffl .r-.\- ,\ bite '. ii ir, Immigration con
a   Van
Mr.   Si In  len m :... ol   Millside
lisses' and Girls' Coats
 n left undone to make our greal  assortmenl
\ for  misses and girls more emphatically than ever the
if thei     inl from every viewpoint ol the customer.
��� a. [to values   we off i   the   following  splendid   models  aa
lesentai iui  eft irts in   pi ulucing se                  sight!       nd
iats it   prici s  "-ithin  the   n                the   moi     i        mica!
i: vicinity.
U'i fi reduced the price of them, that's a fact, bi:   we did it be-
Be we bought far too many���so  this   makes  the opportunity  all
etti   ��� : you.
|>.. ' tnone; by spen'ing here. Children's winter coats,
1 $1.95. Coats of Kers ���.-. Cheviots, Tweeds, etc., $2.25. Big
...ts of Meltons, Cheviot.   Kerseys and Homespuns, $3.50, $5.50
���   ��� >
1 ...
ria      . C.P.R., v\
.ii ;
e rai  ro*1     '*':";   serious   i"-"i:-'   :,:   tha
ict is anxio     -       M:   *i'1" st" ; ,,: ',;:  Tuesdaj   rs,.m..
bj   slipping as he was alighting from
Mr. J. R. Coon              .  .           ieen the C.P.R. trn,n eomiug from the citv.
with  Mr.  D. Walker foi   the pasl six !!l"  for ,ll<' presence of mind of the
and a half years, will   el   md   it the ,,;ik,'!��'"1'    who    ba.tilj    pulled   Mr.
Windsor    barber   sho .   and   will  be ScbeUenberg frorn the dangerous post-
pleased to meet all         rii ids there. .''""  '"  ullil'h ;"'  had  fallen, ihe re
21Sd6w s""   m'S'11   have been  serious,    As  i
[s vour Winter Overcoat still unboujrht?   Why
:���; (io vou wait .
that vou haven't seen just what
Happened, theonij  injury received: �����< you fancy ? That would mean, clearly, that you ha ve
was   i   sprained   leg   an i   a slightly
twisted   foot, which  will be all right
The Clansni in :  ���   I      lischarged
a cargo of 123 tons of salte i dog sal-
in in al the G.N 1;   �� iar     The salmon   again In the course of a day or so.
is done up In I n ge, li iavj. Iron bound !   ij
��� ���.  -.  ,-. : ;_ ��� i be re-shipped via S.i''    Prospects for the construction of a     >;
U.a._t. to Seattle, thence to Japan.        ;::'''   ":   railway   from   this   city   lo
I Blaine,    passing    through   Delia,    are
The Nanaimo Free Press says: "The
practice of reading dime novels of the
"Dai e 11 . il Dick" variety is having its
effeci on I he I ical youth of the cltj.
It Is a known fact that several of them
a;e carrying revolvers. The matter
Is well worth the attention of the
polli e."
bright, according to the reporl of Mr.
Campbell, Of tho firm Of .Messrs. Ironsides. Ronnie & Campbell, contractors,
who was In the city yesterday, Tho
proposed line will form part of the
G.N.R. system, and construction will
In all probability, be commenced right
away.     The   contractors  arc   bringing
;J; not seen our showing of
This brand is head and shoulders above all othe
I iii  it carloads of construction equip-
Pour tram cars of the newesi   and ment   trom    Spence's   Bridge,  where
most approved   style  will shortlj   be thej  have been working, and In addled  from  the local car ehop3 to tion  (6 the Westminster-Blaine spur,
Victoria,   where   Ihey   will   be   pul    on will   till   a  sub-con: rae:   on  the  Olover-
service ou the new Douglas streel ex- dale extension  under  the  B.  ('. Con-
m.    The B.C.E.R. Co. Intends to tract Co,
expend about $20,000 In improving the
ru     - stock In the capital city during     The Queen City lefl pun yesterday
$ ready-to-wear clothing  made  in  Canada and  is a
;���! equalled onlv bv the high-class custom-work of the 3
$ big cities.    Buy a 20th Century Overcoat and you Sj
3 rank at once with the verv best dressers. !���!
V                                               ' v
'4         Come in and see these verv line high-grade over- >!
3 coats. Trysome of them on. You'll appreciate better, fi
X then, their worth, and the truth of what we sav. >;
'Pi I
:���; d*:+��__. 4V_n_r*�� ci ^ f-_m *l.e>h !:
. mg  .' ear.
A  inusicale is to he given bj   the
of St.  Ann's academy  in  their
intertainmeni   is io celebrate th ��� an-
^_.-;_....::. -_i,_.__'fl>_3!i&^ ._.���.; _.___,-.-..___<
with  a   full  cargo  of  hay,  straw  and | ��J
oats for  Vancouver  Island.    There  Is
said to be a great sh irtage of cattle !���!
fodder on  ihe Island,  and the  boats jS
1    ' '  i ardly  ge-   the stuff across  thc !���!
| Suits from $1 3 to $28 J
| Overcoats, $15 to $27 I
ii m
,:ulf fasl enough to me il 'he demand.
nlversar..   of  St.  Cecilia,   which   hap- The hav ,.,������,,������ the |s|and waa rery
An attractive programme  ]jv���|   K|V   >,.,,.,;l.   and   lJw   ranchers!   '
has been prepared by the young peo
pie, and all enjoynble evening is as
sured to all who may care to attend,
jushion Tops
IJVe have them in variety,-SILK, SATIN.
PLUSH, TAPESTRY, etc. all new designs.
T!^' Very Thing for an Xmas Gift.
R.  W.   Hani.-, of  S   Uh \ ine mver, |
i _ ��� -����� - a. i ��� t - ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� i   lias applied I i the wa'.ei eonimlssioni
fo,  two Inch ' wai ���: from a small!"1-1'   greater than ever
were not aide -,o put up nearlj enough
lor their own consumption     The niini-
I her of cattle on the Island Is largely j   $
| on the Increase, and the demand for    ���������
feed of all descripl Ions Is corresjiou I
unnamed  stream   which   ran    north i ''"" "' ":,-v is 4"i,u: !l;'- in 8>*mpathj     ft
ward through ill   i    I     ' 540, group I.i''i:h ""' tle"'a��'') :l">1 i'"*1"-"1 ^ W      3
\'an< om er disti I I, and ci o. ses Fourtn
a\enue,  Vain ouver     The v\ater Is io '
,ing $12, aa tin
now havi
did  lasi   wee
ill pe     n
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agent 20th Century for
New Westminster City and District
...  used   for  ordili i
g. : ilening  pin po " -
domestic   anil
l BIRTCH, 275 Colum-
���bia Street	
now dissolved partnership, the businrsr, will he
carried on as heretofore by BR YSON &  SONS
Letter of Importance.
"J*   r..-;E\DS   IN   PARTICULAR:
���y Wc ' n constantly asked  if we  are selling  out, cr moving
Premies     These enquiries   have   no   doubt   been   created   by thc
FPments **f furniture leaving   c I'   -.ores and warehouses daily.
* ai*e not leaving our present .. ia, but we cert.iinly are selling
me),    m
it h o tl
lot with any catchpenny  re
ductions, but a genuine  leglti
of trading which we have made successful by always marking
l0'*-c' than  the  lowest   of   other  furniture  houses   in   British   Cj
,.   T'S L'p T0 YOU whether  you want old  and out of date goods
J    pnce' or the very latest and  newest  goods tha* money and ex-
lcan buy.
Our lard is the exl rae I       , ure h ig
fai      It  is OS  pure aa ||     .  u ilte.    Try
ii i:  la. I is the exl -in ' of a ire ::���>; I ''���   Reichenbach & C i,
fai     iii- as pure as .:    i wi     ���    Ti i
,..,,,,. 'I be (1 \.l!. aiitoni i I ��� alarm  which
;;.   I. a lien mi h .y < o,
ins been Installed al  ihe crossing nf
The  funeral sei                 lh         I; ithe   Porl   Mnodj   road   Rtlll   falls   to
of  Wo Tam,  whose corpse  Iia    been a irm worth a com,   i o ��������� il Is ah i
ipying   space In  Murolile's   undei getlier too alarming     Boineilmea tho
a ,in".   parlors   foi   nen        i   month in*   ivlll lake a uollon and ring con
past,   will   take   pine lhl    n    imnon, ilnuously,  and  the   rancher   waits  lu
commonclns  at   i  o'clock     The local anxletj   al   n  Hafe distance  from  the
Chinese Intend to ma  i   i      i demon ack, awaiting the  traiu  which doe
tratlon   when   the   procession   passes nol   Ieen In _!ghl      \:   :,..���. |n  .sheet    WJ         I                       n                          C_i                     T"
,,u Chinatown, .    iti.m. ihe driver ui,,;,., Up his Hardware, Kanges, Stoves,   tinware,
,i  a   an i   hustles   a,   iss   I he  i rack.
The  lli:i111  P��'u,Ial   "   : ;     '   '    Me then  lool i bad    .gain and  _ a n
""'l ''' the clt; la 81'owlna largoi .,��� !h��� |.R,|waj |a ,,,.., 1:i||]| B,gh| ,|ip|
everyday, and the red tenemenl build t||| ,,��� ,,mi ;ill|l,,,,., rl���. Qex| (|a,
i,:j" '""'���  :l1" Vancouver r.i, line aro he ui:, liMl| ;lll ,|ui,��� ,,��� ap,)roachlng
lltera"y teemin8 wlt!l ri" "arl< Bl<ln tho crossing, ani just as he proceeds
ned strangers.   At everj  window thej   1(,  ,, ,   ,,,   ,,.,.  ,���,,���..   B,de|   |h���  t|..|jn
:il:|.   ''' a '���'���'��� J"v'*'1 i,! Bach """'��� ;"   rounds   the  curve   with   a   rush  aud  a
w-h,cl1 lh"'v i;* '"���"���''  '���'      ������'"'"'���������   "'I    cream.   The bell maintains a corpse :
hare fl   n'ami a few cooking iiton- 1|ke ,,,,,��� ���    T||��� .|(.;ilin n|. Ihi, ,||.i|.m
' !'"; | IS   ver.i     confusing    to   those    who   Ire  !
Karrj   Dominv  will   he a   toi il  ah   ,|,"':"  lil" r"''"1- ;""1  "" ���ll-ini1 :" <>"'.
,talner foi   the nexl three i itha nt  wou  v:'-*"l> preCerable lo the un '
,.. ���    He was sentenced to this term | roriflin outfll  which has been placed!
In   |aii ai    e terdaj   morning's police there to nil the bill
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia st.
ln and cay
y us a friendly visit; no one will bother you to buy.
'J(Mds  constantly   arriving.     Look   them   over,   and   if   you
'^'n-  BOOd, select   it.  and   we will  deliver any time or anywhere
e Will advise you in purchasing Morris Chairs, Morris Rockers.
?"s'on Tables, Pictures,  Sideboards, Buffets, etc.
f,!10^ Block      CoSumbia St.      Tc!ephone 73
P. O. Box 248
Holiday Silverware
In addition to the usual variety of standard lines, our
stock comprises many Silver Novelties prepared for the
approaching holiday season, which will be found unique
and at the same time as favorably priced as other
articles of lesser quality and merit.
Manufactured and guaranteed bv
F.   G.  DAWSON, Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West. Vancouver.
"Are you afraid I'll buat it, pop?"
"Er���no;  I'm afraid you won't!"
Eight Trains Every Day in the Ye.r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas} the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16.section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any-
further information call  on  or write
120 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W. VAjX,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 185 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. &Y.RY
Daily | NEW !l   Dailv
Leave| WESTMINSTER! Arrive
.   _(> am Blaine,  Belling-[37C0 pin
. :35pm|ham      Burling-!.:_.pm
Iton,   Mt.   Ver-I
jnon,     Everett,!
Seattle and!
Portland. !
4:35 pmlSpokane,      St. 13:00 pm
jPaul    and    all
points East.
9.20 am|Anacortes, 13:00pm
IWoolley,     and
3: (id pm Vancouver        19:20 am
9:55 pm 14:35 pm
Lv.    New    Westminster    for
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon
C   p.   m.,   .Monday,   Wednesday,
8:45 a. m. ar. from Guichon,
9:30 a. m.  i.v. for Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, Bt. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and  all   points Easl.
For complete information,
rai os, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
P. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, ii. C
S. G. YERKES, A. O. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Trains & Steamers
Leave N. \V. 15.40; air N. W. 11.35.
Leave N. W. S.30;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W. 18.40.
Leave N. W  8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. W. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
I 8:45 p m. and 6 p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th.,  Sat., 7 a.m
From N. W. Tu��� Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and 9un���
2 p.m.;  Saturday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. C a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W.i Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas 7.40 a.m. 6.40 p.m.
Sapperton and Mill- 1
side, No. 1   7. ..a a m.  11.35 a.m.
Vancouver, Nu. 1. 7.45 a.m. 9.00 a.m.
(1 N.R.   Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle.. 8.45a.m. 3.30p.m.
I Van. & Cen. Park.10.30 a.m.   2.00 p.m.
Victoria   10.30a.m.   9.00a.m,
East Burnaby .... 1.1:; pm. 1.15p.m.
Ladner, Steveston,
etc   1.30 p.m. 11."0 a.in
C.P.R east, Sappi r-
ton, Millside and
Coquitlam     3.00 p.m. 11.35 a m
V'an.  and  Burnaby 3.30 p.m.   6.00 p.m
G.N.R.  Flyi r      1.00 p.m   11.00 p.m
1. :  iei lan I,  T lea
and Friday .   .. ,12.00 m.    12.no m.
S.   S.  Tees,
1st,  7th,   14th  (: i ach   mi nth,
Claoquot and Mosquito Harbor;  :
tu Ahouset, Quatsino, Cape Scott
nay ports.
points east, west and south  to  Ross- i     Claims   are   marked by two
land, Nelson  and intermediate points \ posts,  one  at each end.'bearia
ay,  Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thursday  connecting at Spokane with the Great tices.    Entry must be obtainti
nd   Friday  at   2   p.m. and  Saturday   Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.   ten  days if the claim is witt
& N. Co.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves   New   Westminster   on   Mun
ano   i-riday  at  2   p.m, ami  Saturday
at 2 ji. m. with additional trip on Mon-1
day at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,;
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at:
7 a. m.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
and ICth of each month, calling at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
dejiarture  are  apjirnximate.
For reservations and information
cal] or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dest.,
New Westminster.
Canadian Pacific
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co. J^c^.      . ,
NelsonS ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.   .S i!;  !:    :
j general   direction of the   crcdj
gulch,  the width being from J
j 2000   feet.     All   other placer i
.   hall be 250 feet square,
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
rail   route   between   a'.l
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage  I'-nly for  Rejiublic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10.
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.20 am Spokane   ....715 p.m.
12.25  p.m Rossland   ....4.10 p.m.
940 a.m Nelson   6.45 p.m
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
miles of the mining recorder's!
One extra day allowed for ei:l|
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company sui
claim must hold a free mist.]
The   discoverer  of a new 1
entitled   to  a   claim  of iooo i
length,  aand if the party co_a|
two, 1500 feet altogether,
put   on  which  no royalty
charged  the  re-t of the party j
ary claims only.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty
of two and one-half  per cent ij
value   of  the  Raid  shipped
ject to the rights of al! pe.sojJ
have, or who may receive n_f
bar  diggings or bench claim:
on   the   Saskatchewan  Rivet, 1
the  lessee can dredge to hi|_|
mark on each alternative le.jeif
The  lessee  shall have a
operation within one season!:
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $_o for anthracite Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one j date 0f tne ]ea.e [
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross I
but where a person or cotrpn
obtained more than one
dredge for each fifteen miles0
tion thereof is sufficient. Rea!
per annum for each m:lt
leased. Royalty at the raid
and a half per cent, collected-)
The only railway running through
sleepers and tourist cars. Best equipment
Train Tor Seattle leaves at 8.30 a.m.
Eastern Express at 15.40.
For rales, reservations and Other
particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
E.   J.  COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Afent,
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miner.-.' certificates
may  obtain  entry  for a  mining loca- output after it exceeds {motel
tion. Dredging in the Yukon Tflj
A free miners certmcate is granted Six  leases of five miles tickf
for one or more years, not exceeding granted to a free miner for a:|
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50 20 years; also renewable,
per annum for an individual, and from The ]esi;ee'; right is confir.e'i
$50 to $100 per annum for a company, submerged  bar or bars in ti'|
according to  capital. below    low    water   mark, tr.itf
A   free   miner,   navmg   discovered ' dary to be fixed by its posiW
mineral in place, may locate  �� claim'ist day of August in tbe ye 1
1500x1500   ieet   by   marking   out   the date of the  lea-e.
same   with   two   legal   posts,   bearing T)1e   lessee   shal! have Pte"
location  notices,  one  at   each   end   of jn   operation  within two yeitil
the line of the lode, or vein. ,ile date oi the lense, and on |
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a milling recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional   ten   miles   or  fraction.     Thc
for  each  five miles within :II
from such date.    Rental $ioof|
Yukon   Territory  to be I
shall receive'.!
No free muier
of  more  than  1 ne mining ������*���
fee for recording a claim is 55.
At least :.ioo must be expended  on   ""���"-"   ''''���' I
the   claim   each   year   or   paid   to  the   but   the   same  miner m
.    . 1 ���       ,��� . .     tin ��,..��!._.     r..     .hums    DV   P
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
frce   miners   may   wot
k tl*'1'.
$500  has  been   expended  or  paid,  tin-
locator   may,   upon   having  a   survey  in   partnership  by .
paying fee of $2.    ���'* u - :���
'   mother ob.**
made and upon Complying with other
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
.1.00 an  acre.
Permission may be granted hy the
Minister   of    the    Interior    to    locate
abandoned  and a
lhe   same   .reek,  .
giving notice and paying
Work  must  be  done ��
���FINEST   AND    FASTEST=   claims containing iron und mica, also
ipper, iii the Yukon Territory, of an
W. IM. Draper
B. C.Land
Ellard Block.   New W. . trniniit.r,  3 C.
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J. II. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver. B.  C.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast  Line
B. C. Coast Line Service.
1.-' oner* to change withoul noti.ee),
Princess Beatrice leave.   Vancouver
Nov. 22, Dec. 9,  Hi c, 22, .Ian. 9,  1907;
Jan. 22.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1  p. m.
Steamer Queen  City.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
S. S. Joan
Lea vas Vancouver dally except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Saturday at 2:30 p. m.
. i
18,000 (EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,900
Travi l In I he Bame waj as your letters, li Is the quickest, safest and
mosi economical, Frnm St. John, Dec,
is: ami Dec. lath. For particulars
apply 10
area not exceeding  ido acres.
Thc   patent   for   a   mining   location
each year to the '���  ' ;'   :
A   certificate that *v"*k
abandoned, anad openjo
and e
The boundaries
ntry by a free miner.
of a claim"
shall   provide   for   the   payment   of  a
Royalty of 2j/_  per cent, of the  sales   Jefined absolutely by ^"L.
of the products of the location.        I made and  publishing no
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and  Y"k""  offil:"   '
the  N. W.  T.,  excepting  the  Yukon i     Petroleum
Ml unappr"P}|
Territory:  Placer mining claims  gen- j rnininn Lands in ManitoMi    r
erally are 100 feet square, entry fee west Territories and wit"1   J
$5, renewable yearly.    On the North |Territory, are open to pf��F j
C.  P.   R. AGENT.
Saskatchewan River claims are cither
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to  the base  of  the  hill  or bank,  not
Ayrshire Bulls and Chester "ceedi-8,0Off,(t Whe/e 8tT
J "   ������""    power   is   used   claims   200   feet   wide-
may be obtained,
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and Ihc N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term nf twenty year1;, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
White Hogs
Young breeding Btock
ning animals.    Come and
or telephone.
of prize-win-
see or write
ephone .1 17B,
petroleum, ana the min ist
serve  for  an  individual   ^
having machinery on 1
prospected, an area .<    *   -,
such   period  ns  he may    *
length of which shall nM|d J
times thc breadth,   j      .^i
pector discover oil !fvJM
titles, and satisfactorily^
discovery, an area not     ^
acres, including the �����   h,
sold to the Pro��P.e,et%ii*f]
$1 an acre, and the r" [0]
tract    reserved,   n8fflWj.ft||
will be sold at the rate   ^ji
subject to royalty at ��     ^ji.1
be specified by Order'��      ���
Deputy of die
Dept. Interior.
\Y. W.
_ .:'*
22   ��������*���
owdcd for Room
:. _- we are offering those beautiful
.- ieoe Toilet Sets this week at
$2.50 PER SET
I^     ALL     COME     BACK ���* ^^     FraSer ^^ "ENNV8��N"8 MOOOtf^ THE FRENCHMAN'S dinner
Coffee Palace
���      g     .:   . .,
' .lean
:       *   ag - a
���'       :'   -     ���
Merchants' Lunch
I ���   ST CLASS
: ..     .     ..:.. kj ......
121   - '        ' :   8 p.m.
I, C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
'���'aiufacturers  and Dealers in  AU Kinds  of
Imber.   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings.   Sash.   Doors,
Interior Finish,     1 urned Work.    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Imber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
��� id I a      r_ee. Stea       ir Spe   ilties
Shorl      .��� rs .,, i      v Served \   .
1 Pro]i etres.    N  '
. -:
X] ���        BSTMINTSBR.
: ��� ���-     . nding N��    18, _$<H>
High Lo*
\\ ater.
Ki ���          . 20
N.\     14          4.all
Noi     IS         5.15
i 6 05
��01     IJ          fi.2<*i
N.>       .'         7.16
Xo.     IS            8.10
Time. HI
I i _     :'��� 5
14 1T    12 5
14.50    *.. :
*    '
!  12
16.35    I
������   ..    13.1
17.56    '. - .
flfwer.f.l.   ���).,_.,   tn �� Mrh  .ttr
Rree.x-��M   >*\nj-   \ MtMi,
���>n   that
Bil   Heorj   RoiCO   .���� (riven  when  b��
Tin-��� Tb.-   former
VTatei    bad be. Intrude on the
.        pm -,went;..i  to accompany a
-     frien,i.  ���- Summers, who had a
" n.Me   ..:        -. action   from  Sir   1^-wix
f".40    Jdorr.N     The;     found   Teniy-flori    et
2M.2)">     lunch    Sh T.i ..;jr Jti te_ Ot tt    ^Teri
..��.     ny*on at nne.  anted me to sit liy him,
trh.lp Mr   Summers was held   n  eon
versa tlon at the other g*de o�� Ulf roo-m
0.85     bv l_a.l��r  Tennyson     The old min  oJ
11.23  fin wittTjI-e words. 'Your name haa
1 lil     been   before  me   a.   prpHy   fQ^fl,'   sl
which j expressed groat aatontiihrPient
. .-      not  thinking thai   he had ever hear.'
of me.
"And thereupon he p. .Vlne-eil a small
vial containing -..icvhann. <>n  (he oul
side   of  which  waa  an  advertisement
containing a few lines of some appre
elatory  remarks  respecting saccharin
which 1  bad made in a lecture at (he
Time   Ht   K(,3.nl   institute    This   notice   i   had
7.2S    5 fi   never seen, and on  __,_   return home I
20.54    5     wrote   to   the   proprietors   requesting
. . .,    ,,   them I.i stop issuing su.-li notices, as I
could nol Iihno my  mine n.iM  lor ad
vertising purposes, nnd this they did.
'������-I "in :. ta��   minutes, wlthoul  further
conversation, Tennyson rose and said
���Well,   1   must   bid  you  goodby,   for  i
22 42
1 i*
must no\.   lie down     I am going to
smoke a cigar and g.. lo sleep.'   Upon
n.uo    . i   which he walked oul of the nom, glv
" 7   lng a ilistani   nod to nu  disconsolate
i   .,,.   v     friend,  Will Summers, who had come
on purpose to interview the poet, bui
with who.;, be had nol exchanged a
0 i.     ���
12 .'" *
single word'
_ .
loyal City Branch, Columbia St.
lephone 12.
New Westminster
25 cents
i Northern Pacific! rhe ���nsrJXrrr ���
l J       Mr   Smoker, see to ii thai your t u
B��P.- J   -ind   < are   rr��.    Tn   tlie   V.ve-n.
���nj.  x. ike  Ti-��e  PmvttAmss.
The Frenchman, with all his petit*
ness nnd little n eeti.>s, is nol a cool
dressei H<> la nowhere near the elans
of the London than, nor can he equal
the Baltimore man v.;. i K^es thought
to his wardrobe. Ti s oi .-.mrne, ap-
p es to generalities. The-e are exceptions where the Frenchman is a
model Af tbe tailor's and haberdasher'?,
skill. s
As a rule, however, there are Otth.1'
things Ihat mean much more to him
than mere clothes. For instance, he
likes to dme Every Fren.hman, in
Jh. proper sense of Ibe word, dines
In thp erening. He prefers highly sea
soned food if he oftti fret tt and service
of a e.wespondinsr degree of exei>l
lertee But dine he ntusl and dine he
will If not a (rowi dinner, then a poor
one. He must havp his soup, his fish,
a roast, an entree, some sal-ad. dessert
sn.i a bli of cheese With this he hus
wine, the vintage regulated by the
size of bis hank roil His eolTee. In
the summer time, he niil take outside
with a cigarette or . Igar and his en
Joymeni is not complete unless he
hears the strains of an or< hestra
He is not, perhaps, so passionately
fond of music ris the German, Ivul still
he likes ., nnd will have it II he ��� m
afford it. He Is gay and happj in the
evenings, Is the Frenchman, and bis
eares, whatever Ihey are, he dismisses
tomporarll]     He  rises   hue,   and   he
dines late. Nine o'clock is about. 1he
proper hour for the Coffee, alter he has
paid his respects to the various
Courses Then lie is ready for the gay
life When London is going to bed
Farts Ib Jusi beginning to warm up.���
Letter in  Baltimore  News
Trains Daily
tank of Montreal
Incorporated    by   act   ot   parliament
|L (ALL paid up)    .14,000,000
It FUND $10,000,000
���Rt      ::. Lord Strathcona aa 1   Mount   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
G  Honorary President
I Hon.  Sir   G.   A.   Drunimond    President
E.8.Clouston Vice President   and   Genera!  Manager.
ranking business transacted.
iches In all the principal cities in Canada, in Loiiiion, Eng., New
eago, and St. John's Nfld., an! correspondents in all parts of tbe
*<fcw )%'���.
Synopsis   of   Canadia:-.    Home-
In the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may he homesteaded by any person who U the sole head of a family,
or any male over Is years of age, to
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, I
the loca! land office for the distrlcl in
whh li the land is situate.
Tiie I-, imesteader is required to per-
form the conditions connected t'nere-
with under ono of thc following plans.
(:��� At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(_) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader J
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the lan I entered for the requirements as to residence may he satisfied
by such person residing with the father or  mother.
3) If the settler has his permanent
lence  upon  farming   land   owned
by him  in  the vicinity  <>f lii-  homo
stead, tiie requirements as to residence
 may   be   satUtual   hy   r'-'iain-a   upon    *,
|P Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $4,500,000 ,,e sul 1";1; ,       .    ,,
1 ' ^m Six months notice in writing should
ele Samuel doosn'1 catch you sirikinn
a match on ono of lis mail boxes
lie ,1 surelj make xvrr.y,.. ..���,., \ ou if
he can pr.no thai a certain scratch on
the metal of oae of those gray bos ���
*************'''''''''''''���'������'''��� on \\ \
Travel on the Famous lllg ,:i��� ,,,, ,��� a luclfer acr08f, lt
"NORTH COAS1  LIMITED" That's about  whal  the mail carrier
Electric-lighted train.    Low Kates. told   the  fellow   who  is  handing   von
QuickTime.               Excellent Service. &&  advice,   tl   "as  given Jusl   after
tlie      adviser     had      stopped,      feeling
"smoky" after coming oul of an offlce
Toronto, St.  Paul   where the.   wouldn't lei him puff the
Stogie be had       ,     i      .et, to sera ti b
[a   match   H        ��� H     li-   <\aa
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-   rather surprise   ,< hou     ��� m ill carrier,
stead Regulations pean points. coming up to   . loch I   ��� bo.;, said:
Any available Dominion Lands with- 8Pec,al   Reduced   Ratss   Round   Trip     "Dou't do that!"
Rates   to   Southern   California. "W1,-T  uot?" ll''  'l'"'1'1"1     "''*"  b '
doing tl for years    li doosn'1 hurl tha
For full informtion call on or write box.   Other fellows aud  myself have
('. E. LANG, General Agent, scratched matches on the top of this
.1     .1,10 Hastings St..   Vancouver. B. C.        ln,,ii   h'">   fl"'' years,   and   Ihere  Is  only
the  extent   of  one-quarter   section  of A. p. CHARLTON, a   ���lttle  "'.""  pfttob  ''"  tho   metal  t0
160 acres, more or less. Portland. Ore, k. G.    A     "H?^  f.or '!    ,   ,,   ., .   .   .
Well,    fir   ahead    if   you    want    lo,
Entry must  he made  personally  at   ?  _...,.-.-r.t   sighed the mail carrier.   "Bul reuieni
!ber that, If the Inspector Rees you. up
you go on a charge of defacing govern
'Xf Ifl 1  ���_ \||   IVY     *     'U''"'   !"",'!,",','v      V'"' -v"" Un""   fhal   ir
|J|    llU I  I       vjI Irt f T     {     !l"' inspe'-tm- over nels you it's you for
i   scratching matches on the prison bars
ladian Bank of Commerce A
:::'.i> Hastings St, \V. Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and En
Seven  Teachers
Forty-Fivz   Typewriters
Students Always in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A.. Principal
for   a   day   or   so.
By by."   Detroit
[ALKER, General Manager.       ALEX, LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
he given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for p itent.
Ilipu-v   Milii-!"r   ri   t'.-.���'   le'eriiir.B	
N. B.-Unauthorl?.ed publti iti in of ��� 1)I���,lsi���| ,��� M,��� al) hi(; ���,, cugtQUl
this ndvertlaam-nl wlll nol be paid ers, as well as new ones Horseshoe
' r- ing _ specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Hot.  iii*�� ....ni  I-.-..i..iiii Hatches.
II    may   Interesl    you   to   Know    Hint
the greal penguin of the southern elide standing with its head as hiyii as
n man's waist, hatches its ragt m a pe
cullar manlier, These are noi laid
upon the ground and brooded ou after
tho manner of mosl birds' eggs I'he
female lay. iwo large eggs. The tlrsl;
she li inds o\ er to thu male bird, the
oilier she keeps. The egg is held on
the upper surface of the large Hal feet,
nud i. puslle I up under Hie v. alstcoal
of thick feathers, ll Is ihere held .lose
lo the body, whose warmth gradually
vitalizes lhe young bird So tenacious
are the pureul birds of this mip thai if
you knock one of them over ii will fall
������ on iis back  with  Its feel  stuck stiffly
Having boughl oul   the Blacksmith    out, still elul hlng the egg to Its body.
Ing business of li   !!. Benson,  I  will      Saturday  Review.
dy  afforded   Farmers  for   their  banking   busin.si.     Sales   Notes
fd ��r taken   for collection.
iwn a
!!'''  Mail   Deposits
be made or v, il h Ir i .vi
receive every a tention,
Westminster Iron Works
SUM' SMITH! NO, it'iii '-I', an I
R rill CTUIl VL  !'.:' IN     WUHK
Ornamental   Iron   won
Fences, Onles, Fire 1. h apes, et
Maii orden
1 con
When  you  can  get  filled   wiili
Absolutely Damp-proof Boots iii
n_o        a
BEGBIE ti i Li'.i. I.
Tumni]   nml   in. rein.
The   British   Roldii'i'   la   luoi'dluatelj
fond  of hi 3 ll lluinl  pel - and  lias  also
the ropul iti iti of i o\ ell ig lh ih i of hla
neighbors, particular^ dogs and mon
gooses    I'nri'ots bo simply mlores, and
ll   11 calculated  thai  th lr strength In
the service Is in  the prop irl Ion of al
leasi  sis birds n Tomuij     He Is sup
posed lo lum h ihem to be person il in
iheir language, bul _ i n imitti r of f h I
Tommy Is for some itiineeoiiutnlile ren
smi a v ery einol aunl mn ti, 1111 I his birds
i     ud Ine. I '*_____________________________________________________���    "'' i to
��� ' �����. the undersigned, as plumbers, tin    g0UU(] mugl( (| , lh���.,;, ,;,   ||yinUfl ,��� ���
imltha   and   general   hardware  me     Qg  ,,|'|,,M   laughl   ihem  ns   Hi imlo
Iiondence ln    ,1,,.,,.   |n      i Cn    of New  Westmln    gongs of the day.   Allalinbnd l'i r
.ier.   I!'',   undei     the    Brill    name   ol 	
na.du.au & Bryson, lias lhis day been T"** S:""" nl" "K"-
A   l>��'h<  of  (-ratitud-   I l��n��   ThU  liinn-
.r^     .Iwo*   tn   S|,nl��.
During the summer of 1776 Captain
John l.ea of M.irblehaad, cruising under a conn Ission Irom congress, having taken and senl home the valuable
prizes, entered the porl of Bilbao In
Spain. The captains of two of his
prizes and n pari of their crews were
on board. These officers Immediately
protested agaiusl their capture and bad
Captain Lee arrested on a charge of
piracy. The local authorities sent the
documents in the ease to Madrid, together with the commission granted
by this new and unknown power.
In the deoislon of the Spanish ministry depended not alone the fate of
Captain Lee, but whether some of the
most, important ports in Europe should
be opened or closed to American cruisers and privateers. The English minister tn Spain brought all bis influence
to hear against Captain Leo At fins
moment the Declaration of lha Fourth
of July reached Madrid. Tha , injpialnl
againsl Captain Lee was diynlssedi
supplies for his ship and aid In repair
IliU il were furnished, and public dee
larnlion was made that lu Spanish purls
the new flat. i��f America was as free
and as welcome as was the Haa of Eng
Spain,  like  France,  also helped the
United   Btates   with   1,000,000  francM
uml with cargoes of mil:'iry stores.
Boston Globe.
Tlio   "l.nmv."..   Ile��lilrr.l.*'
The poverty of ihe English language
Is exemplified by a circular which is
making the rounds of a suburb and in
vltes subscriptioni io a testimonial to
the Btatlon master li eon es from one
who styles himself "th > lob -t isl-
dent," the sail physical C.ici ! 'ing that
he is probably the "hon, -. although
In bulk and rotundity be makes i.p for
the Inches he la. i.s Ig height. Here is
a ease in which the very clumsiness Of
the Herman liihguagt* would be au Inestimable help, I'or then this gentleman
could quite correctly describe himself
"tho for-the-loUgest-tlme-herein residing" or o\ en perhaps "the for the
longest-time hereln-resldlngest" Individual. Those compound adjectives of the
Teutous may be awkward, but they
express whal Ihe user means and Insure accuracy.   London Standard,
motice or
Nol Ire Is hei i ij  given lhal I he pari
���  hip tierelofoi e    il    il lng bei ween
.��,���   Vc-tminiaor.
Foot of Ith Ave.  ior. 16th Str iei
New Westminster, li. C,
I dissolved by mutual consent, James S     , r"*' "",!l '""' y";''*: :'-" l!l' l'l,i"1"'
, , dl-.li wm used by Hie Greeks nnd Ro
Brvsoil    nu in.   liken   over   tho   said ,, ,      ,,    .   ,.
(J   ,,   474.1       . mans,     II   wns sii popular Unit  It was
' i '"'K1ii":,; used   for  a   table ornament,   |usl   as
Persons  having  anv  claim agaiusl n0ral pieces are used uow,   Pliny re-1
the said  linn mo hereby required lo lutes Ihat lhe tragic actor, /lilsopus, had
presenl the same ��iih full partlcula  i �� dish worth 1,000 sestei'clt,   No doubt j
to the   aii  I. S. Bryson, who has as- 'hen, ns at ihe present time, tlie actor
* Taste Ihni _i.e Withers,
According to a member of the candy
loving sex, there ii ni .��� ��� -."��� evidence
of age in a woman than bol ig able to
pass a boubon shop withoul being
templed by the wares. "When a
woman cau do this," she says, "she h
frankly middle aged During your
si hooi days chocolates are a recog-
til/.ed necessity of existence During
the early bud period of matinee hero
worship they are Indispensable to lhe
en.l lynieni of a performance When
your mouth does nol water al the mere
idea of a caramel or o marshmallow
begin i ' lenreh for the flrsl gray hair '
-New Vori. Press.
j'.':1;* B��ot for Men, from $4 up
uick Boot for Boys, at $2.75
"ick Boot for Youths $2.00
��� ' ,;!"   "���>' suitable for line and medium wear;   the boj ' are
. wear we specially recommend th ��� Glen lairn Brand ; they
100    *    !,i' wearii"��.    Waterproof qualities  for men
lnd ���!���-   Youth.' $2.00.   Boys' $2.75.
r 0ii Country BOOT-STORE
^^BIA ST. J. Stewart. Prop.
��� m^^aaataBXAssKUBBUDisr3iiixa *_!��_ iihi_s__hbmbm
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New
Westminster, B.C.
aunie I all li ibllities, and Intend . to
carry un lhe said business under the
Mnn nam ��� of Bryson .. Sons.
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   19th  No
rember, L906.
Witness: J. P. Hampton Hole. _.oii-
For Sale
enjoyed   his   hoi   mklulght   menl   tilled
wiib grateful appreclatlou of tbe chafing dish,
.n   InsplnHloti.
"iir  course,"  said   the   now   rector, |
"you   hope  event un lly   lo  reside   In  n
heavenly mansion where"
"nil. yes." interrupted Miss Dpplsch,
"nml I do hope it won't be too close to i
the heavenly huts of the poor."���Catholic Standard and Times.
Good I'or l''.vll.
There are some people wh > turn gray,
Imt do n it grow hoary; wh >se faces are
fUfrowed, bui nol wrinkled; whose
hearts are sore wounded In many
plaees, but are nol dead. There Is a
youth thai bids defiance to old nue, nud
there is a kindness which laughs at the
world's usage, These are ihey who
hnve returned goad for evil. Who-.n
the gods love die young, and Ihey die
yomii; hei aus" ihey never grow old.
a Good Example.
     Generous Uncle���I  will Bake you a
i./rtminr nim   c        \i ai j i monthly  allowance;   but,   understand
AYRSHIRE BULL, Four-Year-Old me, i wm,. y ,���, ,i ,s: Nephew-Au
right, uncle.    Neither will I.���Meggcn-
dorfer Blatter.
True   Itiluenlioil.
The lirst, lasi and closest trial question to any living creature is. "What
do you like?" and the entire object
of true education is to make people
not merely do th. right things, but
enjoy the right things.���John Ruskin.
For Sale or Trade
ORRSSON, Dewdney
Believe lh.it every longing of your
soul contains Its own prophecy of fai-
Perfectly  Safe.
Patient-Doctor. I'm horribly afraid
of being buried .-.live. Doctor���Don't
worry for an instant, my friend. I'll
see to that all right.
nie world's nn Inn and death tha
Journey's enil.���DrydM.
Public Supply Stores
New Dinner Ware,   |New Toilet Sets.        Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it
Telephone    ISO.
��� ��� ��� ��� wALL    \_JIl ��� a 4 ��
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
Wew Westminster.  - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Reported Discovery.
Tin hus been found within 100 miles
���of this city. Such is the announcement made by N. Gerhaut, who with
his partner has just returned from a
prospecting trip up the coast. Mr.
Gerhaut has been prospecting and timber cruising for many years. He has
made himself familiar with the formations of this section of the earth's
crust as well, perhaps, as any man
who makes a business of seeking for
mother earth's treasures. He himself
has in the past deprecated the suggestion that tin could be found in thi.
section of the world. He did not think-
that the standing government reward
for the discovery of tin would ever be
secured by a British Columbian. Non-
he is positive that it is within his
grasp. The discovery was made on
Desolation sound. Naturally Mr. Gerhaut is reticent about going too far
into details as to location until he and
his partner have] complied with all
les.al formalities.
Wood to Burn
Just  Opened
217-219 Columbia Street.
A Satisfied Settler
Gli :i  Valley, B.C.,
Nov. 13, 1906.
Dear Sirs,- Mr. A. called to-day and
received from me ono of the copies of
land agreements, signed  and witnessed  as requested, and  expressed  him-
Belf well satisfied with sumo,    i also
beg  to  acknowledge  receipt   of  your
cheque, which in Ihe meantime closes
all business between us,   I am obliged
to  you  for   iln-    satisfactory    way    In
which  tin-  business  has  been  carried i
through,  and   hope  to   be  able to  recommend  other  land seekers to \isit
you during the coming summer.
Vours faithfully,
(Signed.      ERNEST J, WARM:.;
Tho above letter is a sample of the
many (nol solicited) we receive from
our clientb. They speak for them-
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
A mole on the right side of a man's
forehead denotes wonderful luck; od
the left side of a woman's forehead
gifts from the dead.
On the left side of a man's forehead
a mole denotes a lung term in prison;
on the left side of a woman's forehead,
two husbands arid a life of exile.
A man with a mole In the middle ol
his forehead has a cruel mind.    A   wo
mnn with such a mme is foolish, idle I
and envious,
A mole on the neck in man or woman promises a king und happy lif.-.
wealth and fume.
A man with a mole on the left side
of the  upper lip rarely  marries,  and j
such a  mole in the case of a woman i
denotes suffering.
Matter inl.ud.d for this column . hou'.i! br _d-
drcs-.d Social Kdito., Daily New. P O.
1. ix 402   New W.-tmuist.r."
Mrs. F. W. Phillips is expected to
'return home to-day from Seattle,
' where she has It-en spending the past
. three weeks.
Mrs.  Lester W. David arrived home
yesterday    afternoon     from     Seattle.
' where she bad been visiting for some
time past.
M. \V. Moure, one of the G.N.R. pf-
.! ficials with headquarters   in   Seattle,
I arrived in the city yesterday and reg-
I istered at the Guichon hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Bodley, of this
! city, are at present in Victoria on a
I combined business and  pleasure trip.
H. Harvey will leave today for Vio-
' toria, where he will make his home
with two sisters who reside there. Mr.
Harvey has been in business in this
city for the past twenty years, acl
has won the universal respect of the
citizens. He w;ts one of the few fortunate merchants who escaped the big
fire which swept   the business section
of the city some vears ago.
Mrs. A. Lake and Mrs. Smith, both
of Winnipeg, who have been visiting
at tiie home of Mrs. Lawrence, of
Leopold place, left yesterday for Vancouver, where they will spend a shott
i time with friends before returning to
the Roval City.
H. E. Lacey, who is under treatment
for typhoid fever in the Royal Columbian hospital, is said to be in a very
..precarious condition. His attack Iuu
proved to be more serious than was
at first anticipated.
Thomas King, of Seattle, was in tho
city yesterday, looking around for in-
, vestments. He states that he was
born and bred on Canadian soil, and
although he has been on the American
side for the past twenty years, he still
looks upon the King's domains as
home. He may decide to sell out his
Seattle property and make his home
somewhere in British Columbia.
A.   Hardman  has  secured  the  con-
! tract  for  the plumbing  in  connection
with   the   large   new   hotel   which J.
Freeman is erecting at  Port  Moody.
: The contract for the building itself '��
I being   filled   by   Messrs.   Johndro,   of
j this city, who recently built the Premier hotel.
Mrs. F. Mcintosh, wife of F. Mcintosh, the popular steward uf the Heaver, yesterday presented her husband
with a daughter.
H.   E.  Cochrane,  sr.,   who  recently j
came west tu visit his son, H. E. Coch-.
rane.   of  the   C.P.N.,   has    purchased,
land in the Burnaby district.   He has
also  sold   some   of   bis   holdings    in
North   Vancouver.
argent's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen, lt saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can be
made from what might be wasted
if it were not for the Gem.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does not mash.
.squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food as you want it���fine, coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, self-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it
Special Xmas Offer !
$20.00  Suits  lor    $18.00
$22.00  Suits  for   $20.C/J
$25.00 Suits for   $22.00
$8.00 Pants for  $5-00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box 644
139 Columbia SL       New Westminster
E heard a lady say the other day that we ha
est and largest line of Ribbons in town,   "n   ,tf
her until you investigate personally. ��n * Mi
The following are good for Fancy Worh nr,A   ,
purposes: "��
selection for Xmas fancy work.  Prices 2 v.k f�� _
i j   * ior oo <���
10c, 50c doz., 5c per yd.    A Special Roll 10 yds for 15" I
FANCY BABY RIBBONS in Dresden patterns and h 11
signs-oOc doz., 5c per yd., 8c and 10c per yd.
PLAID RIBBONS, all widths from 1-2 in. to 8in A]
range of prices in these beautiful Ribbon novelties 1
15c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 50c to $1 per yd.
DRESDEN RIBBONS. In all the large fashion centerH
Dresden Ribbons are used almost exclusively for tJ
pose for which wide ribbons are used.   We show a.
range of these new Ribbons, all widths.   Prices 10c|
25c, 35c, 50c to $1 per yd.
A LEADER IN RIBBONS With Ls is Our Extra Value at 25c Pw
All  widths  from  -I   inches  to 6  inches,   in
colors,   at   this   popular   price,
P   ila
_���___�� r*p * * * �� .Vj
Broken Mast Means Trouble.
A fisherman named Brown, who has
been operating on the river all the
past summer, and a hoy who accompanied bim, had a narrow escape from
drowning on Sunday last. He Btarted
in his fishing boat for Nanaimo on
the strength of a report to the effecl
that herring had commenced to run
into the Nanaimo harbor in large
quantities. The Intention was to lake
on a load of herring and return home.
When they got out into the gulf they '
found that it was blowing a hurricane,
and when about three miles from Ga-
briola island, the mast was broken off
close to the deck. The little boat was
compelled to lie off the island, at the
mercy of the waves, and unable to
make a landing. After several hours
of this exjierienee, the wind somewhat
subsided. They made a landing and
secured a new mast, with the aid of
which they were enabled to complete
their trip without further mishap.
Selling Out $20,000 M
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the poods. This ia a chance
of a lifetime.
71C and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Sffl
W. Burley, formerly a lumber merchant of Neepawa, Man., has purchased an interest in the Cray, McLeod
Lumber Co., which is operating in the
Surrey district The company will
add to its manufacturing equipment,
ami expects to largely increase its output.
Mrs. I). McLean, of Pitt Meadows,
was a visitor in the city yesterday.
O. Mines has divided some of his
holdings in ihe Pitt Meadows district
into small parcels, a number of which
he has recently sold.
:-: About the Coming Elections :-; ;���:
 ,      I
  ��� ��� |
������ IS ASSURED ��� 1
 , ^^^^^^ ���;
Are YOU  Donating to a Landlord ? |
 ��� ��� ____    ;���;
6-roomed Cottage and Lot 99x d��i AAA $
132, near Bridge  -f 1,UUU %
7-roomed House,  Queen's Ave.,    1 HAA it-
East End     l,OUU        ;���:
8-roomed House, 4th Ave., near    o 1AA !���!
6th St., new and modern     _��,1UU p.
' :���:
7-roomed   House   on   Canarvon    i OAA ��;
Street  LoUU g
F. J. HART & CO., m \
7 :���:
A     Curloua     < nlcalatlun     From
Talmud   and   Uir   Bible.
Did you ever figure on the probable size and immense strength ot
Moses, basing your calculations ou the
dimensions of tbe tables of stone, as
given by the Talmmlie writers? In
the Talmud (folio 38, column 8) it is
said that the taldes of stone upon
which the commandments were written were six ells long, six ells broad
and three ells thick. In the Bible,
Exodus xxxil, 15, we are told that
"Moses went down from tbe mount,
and the two tables of the testimony
were in  bis hand."
"Hand," mind you, not hands, though
It must be admitted that It would bave
taken u strong pair of bands to perform the tusk of carrying them, even
on the level. Now, we will put the
Talmudlc and the Biblical accounts together and apply the mathematical
rule. The Hebrew ell or cubit was, ut
Its least estimate, a measure of eighteen  inches,   whicb  would  have  made
each ul' the tables a stone blurk nine
feet long, nine feet wide nnd four and
one-half feel thick. If common stone
weighed as much to the square foot
then as it does now the tables would
tip the beam al about twenty -eight
tons 1 Was Moses one of the giants
of those days or has some one made a
mistake In calculations or in the state-
mem of supposed facts?   Exchange.
..For Only $25 Per Acrj
50 acres of Meadow and 30 acres of Fine, High Land, i
some good Cedar and Spruce. Beautiful situation, and i
veniently distant from Westminster Junction and Pitt Rin
Exclusively For Sale by
Malins, Coulthard & Cl
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance AgenU,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster |
FURNISHED ROOMS, Suitable for Light HoixsthetpmsJ
Electric Railway Servia
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
Stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to Up
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a, in. Half hourly ears will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City   Limits Line    Sei I I e  trom
6.15 a m. to 11 p m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Hei ween 12 and . and _ and 7.
30 Minute Service during
mainder of day. ITansW
Leopold Mace.
Sunday   Service  "aalf-hourlf
tween 8 a.m. and 11
Sapperton Line.
15   Minute  Service fr
in   to  ll   ; .m . exi <:���
12 and -'. and
wlihli how
half hon:!,.
.   . 1
Sunday  Service   li:i
tween S 30
The  Nn.   They Arc Cooked  ami  Prepared   For Market.
Sardines are enught In nets, and after
bi Ing wed washed tlie bends are cut
oil' and the lish are sprinkled lightly
with salt. Alter lying for a few hours
tin y are placed on grids In rows almosl
perpendicular. The frames are thou
placed in pans containing boiling olive
oil. The oil Is changed as soon us it
becomes too black and dirty for continuing the cooking process.
As soon i.s the lish ure considered
sufficiently cooked, they are withdrawn
from the pans of oil und the grids are
placed on the tables covered with zinc,
the surface of the table Inclining toward n groove in the center. The oil
is thus carried to a vessel prepared to
receive it. Hound the table stand the
women whose business it ls to pack the
fish closely nml uniformly In boxes.
The boxes being full, the lish are covered With fresh oil nnd the lidH are Ihen
soldered down. Thus hermetically
sealed Ihey are placed In Iron baskets
and Immersed In boiling water. The
smaller boxes nre thus boiled for half
un hour and tho larger ones somewhat
longer, ln proportion to size of box.
The flsh nre theii ready for the market.
���Pearson'B Weekly.
British Columbia Electric Hy. Cd
���4>4. ������������������������������*���������������*
Horse CliDDii
T\7E have a line of light and compactly
bility, suitable: for small and large stabler
Our 20th century is cheap and good. uu
clippers work easier, clip faster and take
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear long
than any other on the market. We have tn
great labor saver.     Call and  see theffl^
T. J.  TRAPP & C<


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