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 iK��l i
VOLUME l. M Mi'.l.i; 2.
Takes Action on Source of Bad Odor,
Ancient Trees and Unsafe
lapune o, and one In the- same vlclntl)
ai present occupied by I bin	
Old Tree  Nuisance.
lami <  w I ���.  i in ed  anothei   qum
ilon which was productive d! some In
li resl mi'  ill in    iei,  , n  publli   beaith
The city council luiH appointed Tuesday, April 10 as the
date fin the annual courl ol ro
vision.   The conn win convene
In the eltj  hall al  In a. in , and
all ratepuj et i who have any objection to the las levj on their
properties will be heard,
��� ���
��� i
i ���
'! Reports of Military Preparation Cause Much
See Little Hope of Peace Unless He j ������ ""t<:��
Takes a Hand in the
Aid. Henley Report* Encour-  "'          '" �� '"
till   in Ihe council, he conipUhe-l ol  a
Kgement on Port Moody
belag the
Official    Relation*   With   the   Boreijn
Minister*   Become   More
Tram Extension
 iia!   in     ��� ' ���
1111 apti i  ih I   n   si
uf the chata-i i in    ol     b��
i,   : i        rorkn and ihe riiali man of     M i   Hi nl
i u iplfl uf old iiiihi eu Roj al t ���!	
ih" lettvi    (i "in which, h�� mild, blocs
ed   the   I'uiiei   and   caused   mud   mid
��� 11 ' n nil propeity     v�� tin.
ree�� won no longer oi nameital si
���, " i        ipli     ��bo    SUW
' .in. ��     in      ill     i hliu'i.     ancient      Ik
on.'hi   tq  I   ��� pill   dew n
movod thil ii"' re i'i -:
i ei mini lit ii    '      ���   ��� - '"'i i" lie referred to Obi   ' ourd of v, n k> \ |th
��� i   iii   nuii mi ������ v tiii h '"i i owi    le
iAi      B"foi Ih ��� in
.   nili ���    Into ���       ������     iHphere i   m,   v  I   Hon aj   �� inl id boi
a '    an I   ��������� It i 6  wo i al mi ������ that  the I mid not I
         isln   "���    ""��� -d nnli     It ws    ���    nd ttfai lie;
���"    ill      wo    la       Ho I
��� he irt  ol 'ho   round      h   ild    em rnraa ���   u ���
��� . i, ' ��� ��� ' " igh mi  ii. ��� ���   ���
��� h commit t In this en      i!
decided mi his opinion thai worl     soul i   ���  i rtaii wht'        'hi i
hoi Id   i ������  done    to    the   '   LM -<
a odor, white mi  Henley, a Hi n with Ihe   i ���
worl       wa     there Aged   Onto   Are   Rude.
uf Cunningham a.
��� l, wa   ui' epted, _
A i opj oi a reiolutlon passed nl ��
me . in sting In Victoria wai reoeli      lv,>1"-  *'""'' '    Tl'*'  ��rtnclP��  '"
ed    rh   ri  ',h Ion ih ill ��nh the "   i1'1' '" 'hi CWawi sresi relate! to the
fur Improvement    to the   Ife'(reports coming from America tha
nvlni    <   ��� in "ii   ��� ���   we i  noi I  ol  i ,,,,,.,. gtati i I   maklni comph rt ire
v'" ' '' ' ' ""' ,,.������'���      '   end  ' nrllH      expi     -
i' nlon  ni ,'  ��� i   ��It
la  China,       ! ho  sew     ��� ���  ���
...lid",! by AW o, 11 wm pmn.    '���      :';|  " :"' " maih ',,:"" "' '"'
.   i lllllliclllll.     poll,  ��� ,
.   ' in i lift i' i ii."     The import! of  New  Chwani  for
'    i'ii ����� the   inincll to the Mod ol      ,.     . v.        ..  ,,.   ���,.    , i
on t < ,     , ,  ,    ,,,,        . .
in        -      i       i h       'i
ll  h,   elld   "
was  $'.��.' "   goM,  "    wlilcb   (22,
and   presents   fiiavi'   difficulties.     Wl
aik for recognition of the legitimate
Interesti of Prance and our special
Interest! in ihe maintenance of order
in Morocco."
M. Itsvoils ipeioh Hlso nave Kiatnies
His Majesty May Go to San Bnl exaol plan for tbs police, ihow
Sebastian   to   See
Alfonso   of
ii 'u ai 'i heme to abate Ihe
lie   Raid   ih.tt   162 10  worth
i'W����    iii ml   |15.40
or, making a total cosl of
: i la inn abom the det ired
Puddings  SusptcUd.
..  chit t of the tire bri
ne i thai there
from  I le- in" in ii - le   was   accepted,
Abb   llelll
�� '    "     levnnci     He    il    ih - -��������� irt   .,, , ,,,,. effect  \piii i
worth   of  from the en.'.lain, of Mr, \\ In   thi  e
��� "     in   tu i old age, he i beg in b j
'Uiow up their mots and tear up shb
walks and dt oln
Mayor Ken     >   i he o iei ved whllt
in  London, nut., recent)}    thai    thi
"I    lO    i.S'lW i  \, e, I    !,,
��� 100       me  fioni  Ani-ie  I,  JV    ���
il  Md   i' . ��� on i  imn u
��� ed hi ��� i  �� ovei ami nl is gremtlj
.-    .     .        i' perturbed  hj    he rejortt   ol  Bntl oi
mi ip - printed In the Amei I-
���   mti to lay a i    ind European pi ei   an l partlcu-
on   he  ��i  I     b  -   Blackle   treet    larlj   b;    the  despatches   announcing
iin "he recammendntlon   of   Chief  \in, ���   i attoni fot a mllltai
Wat "ii.  the resignation of \V.  Lyle expedition in case ol med,
Interested  the eeunefl  In ''" Hi ��8partmem tnadi   i praetice ol
In !"���, ling .,. ��� i i - and condemlni
.un,' of them ,in tp,. ground thai theli
"    improvement!   or   the
.��� i ' t the comrounily,    rV
" il  a numbe:   of build
ixiitnnce wai a lource ol   laager to
New  By-laws.
A by-law to authorize the council
o en'' '' ain : ' belonging to
he iii- poratlon on Lulu Island to the
'tovHicial government was Introduoed,
md by suspension ol rules, wai pui
hrcogh ih* oniinaiv isrlei ol read
Inge aud pasted
Ud, Howl) iitrodueed au irder of
' lute by-law, nbieii will come up
and Bapperton which """ i""'lir h""uh'   ^ondoi wa* �� city  Un f,u,lj#, cOMlderatlol ,ex1 tiondaj
i>d were unsafe, and be ask
cemmlt f the council bo
��� gel with him i�� making
�� uii a view to deciding the
��� a I a' > tinder suspicion
On motion the renueil ut
nted and Ihe mayor
Md, Hi ni'"  and Jardlne to
of beautiful trees, and the removal ol
"ii" from a low sometime! ��|niiit-,i the
beauty effect, bul nevertheless the nld
er osiei were cootlnuallj being <if
Abb Henlej ���  motion was i-arrmi.
Contract  Awa*ded.
Tender! for a luppli ��f water pipei
These reports it is alleged, tend to
embarrass the toretgn minister! and
create trained relation- ��� tween them
and the official ��� here.
CKreotort   o<   Now   WMfrnin-ster   Corn-
pany  Will   Hold  An  Important
Mgei Icn i, M neb r,    Thi   e
-   i ���    i befora th nf >\	
i,     V"m Psancoib un.m di ulloi I   Ii
cull     j,   i inje in open '
It  wai   bit in" the pi Ivati
���  ul   views,    The  text   ol   the
-I" ." h "f Hart Vi|i I;., low II -   1." id Ol
I,. fl -una!; deloga'.icsu at yesti i
n ���,,' the i onferem e, as given oul
, oncluded .1 - Wlows:
��� The |io��ei> being equally h 1
1   the  puttee  organization,   ihe>
should ��� nil il'j participate In II   Ft it*
. 1 ifli ,        eojlned equltj  In Ih,
satloo   if the poMce claiming thai
11   is  a   im' ;'     1    ������    to    undermine
Prance's legitlmste special position In
following is the text of the i| ch
"t M. Revotl, 1 b>et ul the Prench mission:
"The Intwrnationallzatlon of tit" police would nivi- no guarani 1 order
Ing that  the rank and tile should ion
i.i    ol   B,000   Moroccans,   under   nW
'������en Prench and Spanish officers Qe#
. chief objection  Is thai  mill
i i   bodies officered  bj   frenchmen
������ mild i"' ��� fatloned al lout ol the great
kloroci an porti on the Ail mmIc cos i
giving Prance s domlnat nf
dtience on the Atlsntl  I
The   poiittoni   of   France   and   Qet
��� an',   are  mi  diametrically   oppo ��� I
���,,,'  the delegates see Irttle ho] f
: i ai, lling them unless Emperor Wii-
 lall)  Intervenes.
Victoria, Manh 6. Prom the
hour or opening the poll this
morning keen Interesl in the
by-election which is to decide
whether Victoria Ii to have cabinet 1'ptc ,, iiatlon in the Do
in i ii ii >n bouse was manifested, A
large vote Is being polled and
there seems to be
sir, Templeman,
candidate, win i,<
large majority,
no doubt but
the   Liberal
I   bj   a
King  Departs.
March t,   King Edwan
impanled to the railroad stat ion by
Premier Rouvbjr and representativeB
"i President Pallllerei here al noon to
day for Biarritz, whence be may go to
>in  Bebastlan  to participate  in  the
a alltles of Kiui; Alfonso's betrothal.
The crowd cheered his majestj as
he departed, The king will stay aev-
,-i al weeks al Biarritz,
Whltelaw  Reld, the American am-
e|"i- to the court of St. .lames, is
ipendlng his vacation ai Biarritz,
Younij Peterson  Fits Up  Unique Craft   r^ountil Decide
for  Cro��ing   Fraser on
i That It Shall Be Done
Day   Labor
Many    Have    Narrow    Escapes   With
Their Lives at Winter
Mobile, Ala., M in h 8. E Ira today
de itro ed Ih i BpiInghlll hoti'. a win-
tei iesoit ���".' a nlles wei I ol Mol lie,
The  hotel   was  Hlle 1   '.vpii  guei ta
lean nortbei��ii citleB and many had
narrow   escapes,     Nearly  all  ol   them
lost their effects Including Jewelrj and
diamonds, The damage in estimated
at $60,000.
��� Denounced  by Gapon.
St. Petersburg, starch 6.���Father
Gapon, in an open letter today, denounces father Gregorl Petroff as a
traitor and a tool of the social democrats who, be says, are lighting against
the irue interests of the worklngmea.
Father Gapon also proposes a plan for
complete Investigation of his organization by sepresentatlves *>r the varies.! parties,
Renorts   Encouragement.
mi Henley reported than tw i��y
Interjrlewed the rwv ol Burnaby
municipality witk the objest of soil-
ctttni supporl  for the    Porl    Moody  Pttckln��  compan}   will  he  held   u-.v
nam  extension  Bcheme, and thai  he  ""'"���"���    The  business  of  this  enter-
had   i Ived   satlsfactorj   encourage   prising tiim is growing to Buch pro-
An Important mcmiii* si the directors of the  New  \\ e Unlnstei   Fruli
Cninese Population D
The   ' to be inspected were received as follows:    Hardman ment.    He had yel  to Interview the portions thai Ii Is considered absolute-
a 11      ... |i   ol far * Bryson, 1626.50; J,  v. Cunningham, reeve of Coqultlam on the same ques- ly  necessary  to enlarge and  extend
ii    tri       betvi ��� i    Elliott    ami �� t��. fr.^j.1"; H. T. Kirk, 1624.75; T. tlon, ami asked for further time. The their alreadj  large premises.    Prunes
���i e a couple on Columbia street, J  Trapp & Co., *:^r,; Vanstone Heal   roporl wa   n Ived and further time and apples that were dried as ., am
ton, latelj occupied   by   some Ing *:��� Plumbing Co., 1529.   TJie lender was granted. ��� xperlmenl tor U. C, have turned oul
. , , ,  itssl   class  and  an  extensive  business
will be done in that line tiiis season.
Another most Important branch ol tin-
company's work win be that of can-
t Ing potatoes. When 'he matter was
spoken of last year people were skeptical  about  it  as    Herman    funis    are
supposed to have exclusive knowledge
of the process.   Manager Halgh, bow-
ever,  maintained thai  he could  produce  a  brand  fully  equal  to  any  on
the market, and he has ably demonstrated thai he was correct.    Samples
'"���'' '"' n"' ''""��� dried during the past season are per-
feci ami when soaked and cookeii cannot  be told from the fresh potatoes.
8ard���d as a miscarriage of Justice. The  K mnn is nmv ,,,,V(.���inK through the
case was dismissed on account of the Yul.on terrUorj hl ,,���. nrni-s j,,,,.,-,.^
boys, who acknowledged having pur- ,vi,h ���������,,���., ,������, wiU doubtless come
chased liquor, not being able to Identl-  ,,ollu, vUlh s!u,IVl.s ,������ ordera fmnnhat
f,  the bartender who sold them the aistrlct, where the suoculenl Bpud and
liquor.   The association claim thai it  n.���ils (,.mn���,  ,,��� ,���,���������.,���,  . This towns the house and noi the employees dU8try win ,���, ���f value tt) ,his (,i;v^ aB
thai should be held responsible. While ,ho  potat(J DUalneg8 ,-,,���  ,���,  manjpu.
no detnlte pin,is have been formula--  ,.���,.���,  aurlng ,,���, ���.,,���,,,. month8i anil
e,i  it  is understood  that  the matter give employmem to a number of men
Will be looked into and revived If con-  ,,,���, ,-,������,.��� w)���, v,���ll(1 probably Other-
stdered advisable. w-is,-. )|P j,^,..
John Powers, census taker for the city, who has
been enumerating in the Chinese section fur the past
few days, and who has counted all but about two
dozen of the celestials says that the Oriental population is considerably smaller than it was last year.
He estimates that thera are now only about nine
hundred Chinese in the city.
Mr. Powers started in this morning on the work   j
of counting the white population and he hgures that
he will have many more to Jcount than were phowii
on the census report for 1905.
Discuss   Liquor   Case   That   Was   Dismissed  By   Magistrate  Cor-
bctuld   Yesterday.
At the VinisHSiul association meeting yes enlay. the decision nf the local
magistrate in
tral hotel Bel'tng liquor to minors, was
S'.niewbat   severely   criticized   and   re
nin- of the most uniime affairs seen
in local marine circles for some time,
i> a baud power "slde-whaeler," built
and operate,i by thirteen year-old
liin Peterson, son of Charles Henrj
Peterson, Of the B. C electric car
The youthful inventor, thinking I hut
progress in ,n ordinary row boal was
too slow   for his blood, conceived  the
brilliant Idea of making a vessel of
his own. The affair is an ordinal'.
row boat, filled with side wheels which
are operated from the interior of the
boat, by means of a crank. TV." entire outfit was made and installed by
��� the entesprUlna, juvenile, and has
been in operation for a ireriod of four
weeks, much to Hie amusement of
local steamboat men.
The lad does not ro to school, and
lives across the river with a Usher
man named Matteo Cordelia, whose
boat the boy has fitted.
Tile youngster says that he has
crossed the river In four minutes, so
that an idea of the speed of the boat
may be formed from this statement.
if given the opportunity, the hoy will
undoubtedly develop his mechanical
tendencies to a  still  greater extent,
.   Liquor  LeyisVation.
Work on the much talked of Fourth|     Toronto,      March      5.- ComplrolVr
street  ��ewer is to be commenced s* Hubbard  said  UUs  ojorntoj tfcat   Sc
once.    The work will be done by day bad   information   point ins  to  govern-
lahor,  under  tl*  Btpervislon ol the ment legislation to be Introdueed In a
board ol works and sewerage commit
This decision was arrived at last
night at a session ol the council in
chambers. At one time tenders were
called for and received for this work.
but the proposition received so much
opposition that the council deemed it
advisable to have the work done by
month which would be practically a
revolution In the iwiuor licence situation in Toronto. The fees will be immensely Increased.
Pope deceives Bishop.
Rome, March 6.���The pope today received  In  private audience the  Hinht.
the day under thu supervision of the  Rev,  Joseph  M  Emard,    bishop    of
city officials.
Valleytield, Canada.
Sentenced for  Perjury.
Now York, March 5.���Joseph Jordan, the Patrick witness, who pleaded
wnilty to perjury, was today sentenced
to one year and six months imprisonment.
.Ionian al the hearing here on a
motion  for a  new  trial  for  Albert  T.
Patrick, said he had not .been in prison
Freight Train  Wrecked.
Sacramento, Cnl., March 5.���At f!.5f>
o'clock last evening twelve cars of
wesibound freight train No. 219 left
the tra'ck a mile and a half west of
New England Mills, between Auburn
and Colfax, and piled up In a ditch.
An unknown  tramp riding between
Texas and afterward admitted this  twi, |)f lht, (,.u.s WM kilu,,, .������, another
statement  to be untrue.
Theater Sold.
Portland, Ore., March 6.���The Belas-
," theater, owned by Belasco Mayer &
Blightly Injured,   None ol the train's
crew was hurt.
The cars  were badly  wrecked  anil
Ihe track was blocked.
Member   of   Theatrical   Company and   Companion   Shot
Dead By Hotel Keeper���Jury Finds the
Prisoner Guilty.
Raleigh, N. C March 6.- The jury
iii tin'' Hasty ease al CaflTey, B. C, re
turned a verdict of guilty today. The
prisoner  was recommended    to    the
mercy of the court.
Hasty   was tried   for Ihe mUfder of
Milan Bennett ami Abbey Davidson,
members of the "Nothing bul Money"
company. Hasty was sentenced to
the penitentiary lor life, bul it was
announced that counsel would appeal
io the supreme court.
Bennett and Davidson were killed
by Hasty because they resented his
insult offered to a woman member of
the I heat ileal Company. The "Nothing but Money" trOUB hud a performance in (laffncy and stopped at au ton
conducted by Hasty brothers. The
next morning one of the actresses told
Davidson aHd Bennett thai George
Hasty had tried to get into her room
the night before. Bennett went to
Hasty and demanded an apology.
Hasty denied that he was guilty and
���avidson struck him. Hasty then shot
Davidson and Bennett.   Davldsen was
star and part owner of the "Nothing
Hut Money" company, and Bennett was
the musical director.
The  report   of   Medical   Health  Offl-
cei  lor. w. A. DeWolf-Smith, tor the
month of February, as read at the
council meeting last night, is as follows:
Scarletlna, ftwm last month, J; new-
cases, 1; total 2. Recovered, 1; remaining, 1.
Tuberculosis: New cases, 2; from
last month, 2; remaining, 4.
Typhoid, from last month, 12; new
cases, ft; total, IS. lsVcovered, f>; remaining, 13.
Varocele: Nev( case*, 2; total, U;
remaining, 2.
Total last month, 5| new, 11; total,
2C.   Recovered, 6; remaining, 20.
Of Ihe thirteen cases of typhoid reported as remaking, 1 have recovered,
although no official notice hw as yet
been given te the officer.
Annual   Meeting  and   Election   of  Officers  Soon  to  Bo  Held.
lnteresi is centering over the coming annual meet ing of ihe Westminster Lacrosse club, on Ihe evening of
March   20,  the   third   Tuesday  In  the
month.    At  the coming meeting the
pinna! election Of officers wdll take
place .after which arrangements will
he made for the coming season, when
ii is anticipated that the sport will
meet with even stronger support than
ever before, despite the dire threat of
the Victoria team to withdraw from
the league. /
Many of the "old timers" Have
threatened to Withdraw from , the
game, but it Is to he hoped that they
will not all go on strike, as the
youngsters who are coining to the
! frout lately will undoubtedly be bene-'
filed wdlh at least another season with
the older players. However, if the
city does put out a "kid" team this
season, the athletes of the neighboring cities will have to look after them,
and watch them just as closely as they
have been obliged to respect the "old
Tartar   Leaves Yokohama.
Yokohama,  March 6���Tste    steamship Tartar sailed for Vancouver Saturday afternoon.
Presents Vancouver's Case Agai'st C.
P.   R.  to   Railway  Commission.
Ottawa, March B.���Joseph Martin.
K. ('.. is here ready to go on with Vancouver's case against the C P. R. for
discriminating In rates against Vancouver In favor of Winnipeg, for goods
to Calgary. At the same time the
Canadian Manufacturers' association
wil go on with the charge of discrimination in favor of 1'nited States imports as against Canadian goods. The
case will last all day. Mr. Blair will
I appear for the Canadian Pacific, with
! his first case before the railway commission, of which ho was chairman.
A committee has been appointed
here to collect funds to send assistance to the starving Japanese.
The cabinet was to session all day
Saturday and before adjournment
completed the estimates to be laid before parliament at the coming session.
Raid  Bomb Factory.
St. Petersburg, March 6.���A wholesale bomb factory was captured by
the police today at the lodgings of a
druggist and 120 loaded bombs were
seized. The apartments have been the
rendeavous of students and revolutionists, some of whom were captured.
Another,terrorist who was arrested
i in the street had a bomb In his pocket.
and  the  citizens  may  expect   to  hear  Co.,  of  San   Francisco,  was sold  yes
still more of the enterprising juvenile   terday to B  New York Theatrical syn-
and his adventures.    It Is well worth  dicate,   which   will   re-open   it   in   the
the time of any one to visit  the fool- near   future.       The   consideration   is
of  Sixth  street   some  morning  to  see  H10,000,
ibis  exceptional  marine oddity. ___________________
The boy lives, when at home, at
the comer of PourtU and Eighth
b treats.
Seattle People Give Yukon Member An
Automobile  Ride.
Seattle, March 6. ��� Dr. Alfred
Thompson, member of the Canadian
parliament from the Yukon district nr- ;
livwl in Seattle last nlghl "n route to,
Ottawa, where lie goes to confe with
Gov. Midlines of the northern territory. While In t-ho city he is the
guest of the Alaska Club. He leaves
tonight, eastbound.
At noon today prominent members
of the club In question took Dr.
Thompson for an extended automobile
ride around the city. All Mie surrounding hills were mounted and th'e
various points of Interest shown the
distinguished Alaskan. At. 1:80 Mr.
.1. C. Marmadnke and Mayor Bellinger
entertained at lunch at the Rainier
Club In his honor, and tonight a big
public reception wil be held for htm
at the Alaska Club.
When seen at the Butler Hotel this
morning, Dr. Thompson said:
"Seattle deserves the very best, at ���
the Wamls of Alaska. This city Is the
best friend the great north has, and
Alaska realizes that fact. 1 am glad
you are going to have an Alaska exposition. The count 17 needs just such
a show. You may depend upon us
doing our shtare."   >
Smallpox  In Winnipeg.
Winnipeg,    March    a.���Four    more
cases of smallpox, all of mil.I type, develop,',I  here last  evening.
Bertha Claiche Admits Charge of Manslaughter  in   First
Degree   and  Creates   Scene  of  Excitement in Court Room.
New      York,      March      6.���Bertha
Claiche, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree at the resumption of her trial for murder in the
supreme court this afternoon.
There was an intensely exciting
scene in the court room when the
girl pleaded guilty to the manslaughter
charge. Scarcely had she uttered the
words, "Guilty," when she fell Back In
n faint and when the attendants revived her she became hysterical, and
her screams could be heard through
out the corridors of the building. All
efforts to quiet her were to vain, and
finally she was carried from the court
room and across the bridge of sighs
to the Tombs prison.
Back In the Tombs physicians were
called to attend her. As soon a�� the
young woman had been taken from
the court room Justice Davis discharged the jury.
Justice Davis announced that sentence will be pronounced on March 20,
and  Wertha Claiche was remanded to
prison  until  that  date.
Victoria, March 6.���The pressure fs
low over Alberta, the YukonVand the
northern part of the province, but a
vast area of high barometric pressure
occupies the entire region between,
the Pacific and the Great Lakes, and
extends far southward to the Gulf
slates. Light rain has falleti on the
British Columbian and Washington
coasts, but west of the Rockies the
weather is generally fair and mild. In
the Northwest proviuces the weather
i.j also fair and moderately cold, but
in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas it
Is colder with light snowfall,
Forecasts���For 36 hours ending 5
p. m., Wednesday: Lower mainland-���
Light easterly winds, chiefly cloudy
and mild, with occasional showers tonight or Wednesday.
Temperature, 5 a. ��n.���Nfew Westminster, 49. 1
TUESDAY.   MARCH  6.  1906
He: .  Mr. Tatlow Talks of the Future
Prosperity  of  Britisn
!���' lowing  is a  more complete re-
i 01     ��� the i udgei sp b delivered by
Flni "��� Minister Tatlow In the pro-
vlnc il legislature on Baturday:
'!' ��� finance minister commented
that^Ji w:'s the third occasion upon
wh cti he had risen in the legislature
to i sent the formal motion for supply. On the flrsl presentation of the
budget h - b "l been reluctantlj ohllged
in offer wiial was iittle better than a
tale i i woe. On the ye tr following
be had I en able to refi r to condU lor .
thai were sllghtlj better; and now, in
oftei In . I is third budget, he was able
to coj tulale the house and th i pro-
rtn .'a   on lltlons thai were satis-
l.i to ��� id em ouraglng to all Inter-
e ��� i in the prospoi Itj and future of
i' ��� i rovlni e. He had noi thoui hi
th it ii. this ye u 's i ivlew ol the tinan
i-i t] ��� ondltlonf ol ihe proi Ince ii
v mid i e in- ������" sarj i r hire to deal al
all v. it i   ii" '   idltlons of ib"
pn it, 1!" bad hoped to e onflne him'
Bolt to th" moi ������ cl ������ it Ing condlt Ions
(.' : res ml and the : el more pleas'
i:.". i : i ipei ts ni ib" future,
"I   am  gl ul, '  .'-..ill   the  minister,  "til
as ounce thn we h ve noi only been
a' le to live within our Income during
the past : e ir, but also to bring forward i substantial surplus of revenue
in ir expenditure, a surplus in round
ftp.ures of $268,265. in considering
th'.s sun-pins, the flrsl question thai
<: .i-iiiy presents Itself U as to how
ii has been arrived at. Ami I am
doubly happy to bo In a position to
show thai ii has le mi almosl entirely
due to Improved Industrial conditions
and a very healthy expansion; the Increased amounts we have been able to
realize upon actual increases In production In th" industries of the province. You will remember thai In
framing our estimates for the last
fiscal year we exercised the greatesl
possible caution and economy, so thai
ii was hardly possible to curtail the
expenditure i rovlded agatnjt.
As a matter of fact, the actual ex-
pen llture for the ye ir was $2,652,196,
whereas the estimate of expenditure
had been $2,638,285, showing the small
ex: 'S3 ol $13,911. On the other hand
t'u i actual revenue w is $2,920,461, our
estinnte having been $2,522,076 the
excess being in this case $398,385,
principally due to the growth and im-
provad conditions In timber revenue,
laud revenue, revei ue from, land sales,
and . ��� ilpta i,n ler the Chinese rstric-
tion ... our surplus is therefore
found ..I.; to result from any curtailment ' i" " .; y expenditure I slow
the     ' .   '!������ in that behalf, bul In ox-
panslon of receipts through gratifying
..no inclal industrl il growth, The
amount received under the bead dI re
fund of proportionate collections
under tho Chinese resl riction acl now
ii in ; raclIcallj   for the last time
'ib" 11" ent acl has i sen found to
" ot k a virtual exclusli f the Chinese, mid we cannoi expect to see ibis
Item of i avenue api e ir again -al leasl
for a long time.   The collections for
  last ye ir amounted to bul $1,000.
in 1904, ii maj be remembered, we re
celved $258,000 under ibis bead. In
1905, as l have said, the amounl  wai
(225, I, and iii all we have received
as our share ot this tax $955,000, and
as that lai ge soun e ol revenue has
now disappeared, it will be well loins in remember that such a BUrplus
.'S we show Ibis year can hardly be
The honorable gentleman proceeded
to show thai the Increased revenue
was due to an Improvement in Industrial conditions, the expansion and
;:"\ ilopment of all par's ol the pro
. Inco. The ri". enue In six yeai i bad
Increased $1,376,353, due to timber
; le slij. land s.ii" . bind revenu ���. per
capita grunt, taxation on red and
11 rsonal proper! . revenue tax and
C ilnose b "id lax. tin the other hand,
there h id i sn a < orresyomiing In-
��� i is" ii! expenditure, The net debt
i f the Ian. Ince Ib $11,21! ,298, or
?1C4,4S8 lesa than when he presented
in ��� financial statemenl last year. The
iei amount of con to the govi ra
.: ent'a credit is $350,051.
"A comparison of the half yearly
statemenl of revenue to the 31sl of
December, 1905, with thai of 1904,
shows: To Hi" ember. 31, 1904, $1,-
235, 463, and to December 31 of last
yen-, $1,188,505, a decrease of $46,-
958. Bui as the 1904 statement Includes the $225,000 broughl to the
treasury under the Chinese restriction act, we can regard the showing
as satisfactory, indicating an Increase
of tieveaue for the half year of over
Today's estimate or expenditure for
the fiscal year ending June 30 next
is estimated at $2,647,976, or $ss,000
more than foi the presenl .'car. Civil
government salaries show a nominal
increase of $19,000, necessary by the
appointment of log scalers, assessors
and hi her officials for the collection of
revenue. Speaking of the public
works expenditure, the minister sirld;
"The principal Item of increase, 1 am
happy to say, is In the direction of
public works, to which we are able to
devote $236,150 more than last year,
an amounl practically equal to our
surplus on the 30th of June last, thus
bearing out the promise made In the
speech ai ill commenccint ot the ses-
speech at the commencement of the
session of inure liberal appropriations
for public works. In speaking of the
excess   of   aci mil     over    estimated
revenue,    I    ;il I I 1..I1'    I    'bis    im ! .   i    ���     to
the Improved condition of our industries, notablj lumbering. This appears in be owing in thvincreased demand for our lumber in the northwest, owing lo the tact  thai  trade in
the United States has been sufficient
to absorb their own production, and
im the time being to relieve us of
their competition in our legitimate
market. Bul this condition ol affairs
maj i bam ���' ;,i anj moment, and
makes ii noue the less necessarj tor
us to press tor the protection ot the
Industry  in ibis province.
"Coming now to the matter ot our
mineral   production,  we  ttnd   that  a
amounted to $21,4u3,t  lasi year, this
grand total being divided as follows:
Gold, $6,960,500; silver, $2,007,700;
copper, $5,4S0,000; bad, $2,330,000, and
sine, $182,800, a total in metalliferous
minerals   Ol   ) L5,9ul,U0 .        IO     these
have to be added tor coal, $3,33u,Ouu;
i  $1,212,'". and building ma ��� 11
'als, $900,000, making a grand total ol
jji, in..,""..     Ami i nis w iuld have been
'.ul   [i r   tbe   laihng  oil   ,n   th
produci. ui oi ' i .ii "i a u.uu I  i  oi u
million oi Lou i, due to t he si i ikb,   . \e
nil ad vain ��� i le In I hi  pasi  rea -
h i..i mors gratifying foi ii reii on
thai n in in.i alone due to t be lui . i .
ed price of the various '����� ' ���' ��� more
particularly copper, ul all o i i the in-
c reuse i tonnage mlued ovei 20,000,-
000 pounds of lead and ball a million
pounds of copper. There is one Item
in ibis connection worth} of Bpecial
reference as pointing to i11 - creation
of what is practically a new Industrj
for this province���thart Is .due. the Increasing quantity of which mined,
some 13,000 ions, developed In connection wiib the operation of the lead
I mines In the Ivootenay country, was
foi a time the most serious problem
confronting ihe mine owners."
All the smellers are now working
and new plants are being established
Speaking of agricultural develop
iiient, Hon. Capt, Tatlow remarked on
the active demand for lands for fruil
raising and the lnvestmenl of monies
by ihe people of Manitoba and the
Northwest in provincial lands. lie
claimed that there was room tor great
expansion in the home mark"'. "In
1905 we imported from foreign countries $1,838,568 worth, of products
under this head, and from other provinces of Canada $4,821,170, paying
duties thereon of $343,908, making the
total expenditure In this connection
$7,003,646. In 1904 the imports from
foreign countries bud totalled $1,500,-
817; from mher provinces $5,69S,621,
making a total valuation of $7,199,438,
wiib duties paid of $291,926���bringing
the total for thai year to $7,491,364,
: bowing an Improvemenl ot $|st,T1v
less sent out of the province than In
previous years, which may be attributed almosl entirely to Increased local
: r idu< tlon. But as the amounl of
produce bundled or marketed is over
112,000,00'. i n.i the local  production
..  mm r $5,000,  ii Is plain then
is Btill a greal opening tor tho ie will
o ei gage In this Indusi i
The governmenl i- In correspond
i me wiib the department al Ottawa
io: the formation ol a live stock as-
oi latlon. Hi" it prog s has be u
made In horticulture and reference
was made   'O the great Biici ess of the
��� ovlnce al the exhl iltiou ol coli i
in  England,  win  i   Bi Itl h CO'
i i '., gained the g i'.d and allvei
medals   and   bad     been   ftd rertisi d
. lughoul the world a a province
v , " inn in ull ural : ' I Hi les ex-
i eede i all ol her c i ml i led.
i be action ol the gi vernment in
suppressing Insect ; laguea and In
stamping out diseases i mong animals
\.us commended, and the steadj In
, rea e In dalrj Ing was referred to. In
I .���',", these ci i amei les produced ovei
;.i .".nun  pounds,    ' oui   Ii50,00u
,..i..mis mure than In 1904; and dts-
irlDuted over $311,000 among theli
patrons, or $51,000 In i ;< i sa ol the
distribution oi  LHO1,    In addli Ion ii la
Imaie I   thai    then     wi re   100,	
pounds of    private    i. ������ ifai ture, In
re isln. the total prouuci lun to i une
.. 90,000   pounds,   valued   al   $|sii.	
\. to quality, I maj aa) thai Mr. \V,
a. Wilson, wuo Judgt I ^i" d.iii.'  pro-
.ii the I ii minion exhibition paid
1 , b i ompll :   ul    ��� .. Coluuibl
butter both In Its quality an 1 H unl
"Summing up the pi eseni Btal ol
British Columbia's conditions and
prosp ���; ts, 1 do noi think i could do
hotter than refer to whai was said by
Mr. Walker, the goneral manager ol
the Canadian Bank of Commerce, In
addressing bin shareholders al th i an
mini meeting,   Mr. Walker said:
'While the Nortbwesl provinces
have had mole attention from eastern
Canada and from the outside world
during the past year, no province In
Canada has had greater prosperitj
relatively to Its Immediate possibilities
than British Columbia. This huge
province, destined probably some daj
'to outstrip ail others In wealth, with
���������..!.,eves that require literally millions of people for tb.'ir development,
has at present but a handful, sa i1
were, of people. Il is so rich In prouuci s of both -sea and rlvor, vallej
and mountain���fish, fruit, grain, cattle,
timber, coal, and almosl al! minerals;
il is so lovely a COUUtrj for man to
live in; and ii can eventually I e so
largely self-supporting because of '������-
.' islollltles in producing varletle ol
food and varieties of manufactures
thai no one can doubt as to the character of its Industrial future. But the
physical and financial problem of
British Columbia is bj far the most
difficult of thai of any of the i ro-
\lnces, and i: Beema de ilral le thai the
poo 'ie of other parts of Canada should
;, , reel"���" wlial th ��� British Columbians have io do.   This small body Is
.;,',:, i i ] m ,o i iake the Initial i s
peuditures necessarj to render even
the earliest conditions of settlement
possible, and these Initial expenditures
mean roads built In one ol the mosi
llficult of countries, bridges ai ro
. teat rivers, e ��� indee I at everj
most ci
ociallj n ���    ed .��Ith th n  of
i he pralrh proi Im ���      And when com
mil   ���   .',  , the   Individual
-.ni i. i mi unusu d labor anil
monej  befon   be cai   gel anj  return.
h    ultli     ���     result of i uch  Initial
expenditi  o, II   ���     ���..���  uidue, is i,
matter i I   dou   .  bul   the difficulties
Coll lo grows
m ��� ' Blow lj in po; nil ".on than we all
might  wl :.
"The quest! m i iuld not be summe 1
'in better," nald   Hon.  Mr. Tatlow   In
��� i in lusi'iii. "than it  has been bj   Mi
Walker to ins  sh irein I b' ���
Ii Is Burns �� ho says tha ; eal
est gift la the a! lilt;  to i  ourselves
is others Bee us. and In this address
to the manager of the Canadian Bank
ot Commerc i we b ive a vei s clear
and valuable outsl le opinion. \nd if
this st tten enl of out i ondli Ion bi
11 ue then  lure!) a great        on ilbllll :���
resis upon ; nee for I hi  p i
I m lling  and  devi lopnieni    ol  i he ���
���   ��� gifts wiih which nature lis
generous',) endows I u ���"
Mi    ir moved 'it" ud    itnmi i
of the debate, whh I   �� ���    i to.
The B. C. Cigar Factors Is the only
factory In B. C. manufacturing a blgh
gra le   clear   Havana  cigar,   the  "Bril-
lantes" made in three sizes, For
qualtt) and excellence tbey are un
Idea! smoke and equal to the besl lm-
"U" naturally follows"!    What???
Satisfaction, ot course, to every man
who smokes the
B. (. and Old Sport Cigars
Manufai tun d   '������������   th    B.  C.  Cigar
Factory, Sew V> estmliisl ir, B. C.    Ml
handle thesi  brands.
MARTIN, WEART &  Meqi y..,,.'
barristers,   olicitot
(Ices:   New Westminster,
co ner  Clarkson   and   Lo
\ ancouver, rooms :m to 'n
rllle Btreet.   .1 .si ph M u |     ,
W,  Weatt,  W. ii.  McQi
Bourne.    Mr. Martin wi'JI   ,,
Westminster offices ever)
UOW \Y,   REID  &   BOW1
**   lers,   solicitors,   eti
street,   opposite   Couri   ::
Westminster.   J. il. Bowi
Whiteside a edmo:
"    lers and Bolli Itoi . BI ��� , i
Columbia   a root,    s'ew  Wi
W. .1. Whiteside, il. I,. Ednn
"l   : i the supn me louri  i ii
Canadian Bank ot Commerce
Ing, Columbia Bl reet, opposlti
office, New  Wostmiti ler.    M ....
GEORGE E. M Mi'l'i ���   '     '     .     mi]
Solicitor, I iuli h
Ida and McKenzie Btreet      Cew Wesl
minster, It. C.
waaasma ���a���
H. M0REY & CO.
217-219 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
W. CURRIE, Mensg r.
Carriage Repairing, Shooing
anil General Blacksmlthlng.
Logging Camp and Structural in i
Work Specialty.
Regble Street.
50 Acres of Choice
Land close to School,
Church, Post Office
and store. 12 acres
under cultivation.
Balance easily cleared.    Price
TERMS-$600 CASH, Balance in
Two Year- at 6 Per Cent,
[tones & Kerr
Real Estate Brokers,
Upstairs Dupont Block,
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Ri i ma 1 and 2.
, i
i Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacture] b i if
j Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures I
i i
;  The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Oealcrs In
Tresh an<d Frozen Tish
Game In Season
Wis deliver to all par's of the City.     Telephone 4C.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Aext Daily A'erca. New W,.-s(mins/er, B. C.
WvirMA.T! la Atv. ���Mm-vtrrir.rwv? tMMMm jr��ervnnu.Taa'.r��-ji��nw,*'/i '.-i warn an I ��������������
e are inviting everybody to our store  this week for the purpose of seeing our
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er i
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I   APlIF^l' ^ace or ^u^on snoes> high or low cut,
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2 S c
Wm. Johnston
ig Shoe House
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Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd.,
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Spring  Goods
Arriving Daily
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Royafi Bank   Westminster Iron Works "MEN prophesy
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets J3tJ,3/3,b/b.
Branches   and   correspondents   in
all  the principal   cities ot  tne  world.
General banking   business transacted.
$1 u] ens an account,   Interest added
hall yearly.
Collections  - l I dm    I   rates
Open   Saturday    nights   from  a to 9
F. B.   Lyle, Manager.
sill!' SMI'J him.. Himii.i-. and
Ornamental   iron   WorK,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence in
BEOB1E B'l iti-.r. t.
New Westminster. f. u. 474.
Transfer Co.
Meeting  in  New York  Roasts  England
and Irish Parliamentary
Still Doing Business a*.'he uid Stand
I Merchant Tailor j
Columbia Street.
Full line of !���;���.-     ���. Siotcn and nisti
������ e  I   and wo in stock
spring stock   now in.    m iKe your
-'���!��� ctlon.
Sank of
Incorporated    I s   act   oi   parliament
CAPITAL i aii pal i up).. .*j t.uuo,	
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Bo; ;il. G.C.M.G....Ho :   Presldi ni
I [on. Sir G. A.  Urummond,  President
L\  S. Clouston,   Vice  Presldenl   and
General Manager.
General banking l usini ��� - trans-
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Br nches In i ������ ��� ��� ; ncipal ellles
In   Canada,    In    London,   Eng.,   N'ew
York, Chicago,  and St.  jonn, Ntld.,
and correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dcpt.
G.  D.   Brymer, Manager.
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Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
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Light and Heavy Hauling
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The latest Miti hell b tasnion plates
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B. C. Monumental Works
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New  Westminster,  B.  C.
New York, March B.���There was de
uunciation of England last nisi" al
the Majestic theatre, where Clan-na-
Gael, of New York city, gathered to
cell brate the one hundred and twenty-
Klr.n anniversary of the birth of
Robert Emmet. A bursl of applause
hailed O'Nell  Ryan, of St   Louis, the
iratoi ui the evening, when al the
climax ui an impassioned speech lie
al !
"God's curse upon England, and give
ns strength to Btrlke her dow n."
Resolutions wen; enthusiastically
adopted which said thai no concession
lias ever been granted to Ireland by
England except through force; thai
Irish freedom can be gained only by
physical force; thai England is now
down to a low point of weakness, her
arm. being unfit and her navy in decay; thai Ireland 1ms 20,000,  of iis
people scattered over r h*- earth who
coi and a great deal of moral, Intellectual ind physical resources, and
that the present Irish parllamentar;
party i i and' en ing of confid mce or
Telegrama were r> ad from similar
meetings In Buffalo, Boston, Washington,   St.   Louis,  Chicago  'and    othei
places,   which   seel I   BO   far   as   COUld
be gathered rrom the brief despatches
in some cases to voice practically the
same sentiment.
William Temple Emmet, a great
in-;.lew of the Irish patriot, presided
ovei   the meeting.
The resolutions adopted prophesied
Lhal an Irish republic would soon be
realized and Judge Ryan voiced the
Rami prophesy. He concluded his oration by bitterly complaining of l he i<
tion of John Redmond in what he
termed handing over to the Liberal
i.any in the recent F.nulish etociions
Hi" Irish influence, without exacting
pledges for Irish lama' rule.
Buffalo    Physician    Commits    Murder
and Their Suicides.
Buffalo, V Y., M .r-h ' Henry I..
Whitl eck, a physicl; j ; ,. i di ntlst,
i [lie l bis wife with a hammer yi
i and ' I en blew hi i brain i out w ith
a rifle .
Whitbeck walked up behind his
wife as she was Bitting in a rocking
chair and struck her a terrific ' low
on either temple with a hammer.
Then he left* the hammer on a table
an 1 walked into the next room, wheie
he took up a rifle. Resting the butt
end on the floor, he leaned his forehead against the mouth of the barrel
and pulled the trigger. The top of
his head was blown off.
.Mrs. Whitbeck had been an invalid
many years.   She was about the    imi
age as her husband, forty-five
Whltbeck recently had been a pi
in   a   Banitarium.    The   woman   was
taken to a hospital, where sin- soon
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - -  B. C.
J. H. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and  Hecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia street.
rv.P   nr  write  for nriees.
Socker in Seattle.
Since President  Roosevelt denounced   football   as   played   by   the   hoys
across the line as being   extremely
rough and brutal, Interest has turned
to the more genteel game of Association football, and In Seattle in particular the sports are very favorable
to   the   new   game.     Roosevelt   Junior
engaged in a terrific game at Harvard
last fall in which he was pretty badly
injured,     and      promptly     Roosevelt
Senior denounced  the game as being
; fit  for wild men and savages rather
than for promising youth of the land
Of freedom.    Since that  time football
has  been  tabooed    in    the principal
I American colleges, and the athletic, organizations    have   consequently been
| compelled  to satisfy their desire for
j sport In a milder form.
In Seattle Sunday, no less than four
separate and distinct games of Association football were played.    The principal game was between Seattle and
iTacoma in which the former won by
the handy score of fi to 2.   The Seattle
team  has  not   been    defeated  as  yet
I this  season  and  is almost  certain  to
j capture  the  cup  which  Is  offered  to
the winners of the pennant.
Philippine Blaze.
Manila.    March    5.���Tacloban,    the
capital of the island of Leyte, has i n
destroyed by tire, The financial less
is reported to lie SGOO.noO. Tacloban
was the fifth city of the islands and
was situated in an important hemp'
district. Governmenl ; ' ince will
be rushed.
Compel   Others  to  Join   Them   In   Observance of Sunday  Law.
Walla      Walla,      March     5.���Albert
S'ei ergall, secretary    of   the Walla
Walla Liquor Dealers' asoclation, com-
enced swearing out warrants this
morning for the arrest of many pro
; rtetors of cigar and confectionery
stores who kepi their places of business open yesterday, violating the
Sunday closing law, Warrants will
also be issued for J. B. Catron, manager of the Keytar Grand Theatre, for
permitting the Mack Swain companj
to give a performance in the theatre
last night.
In the justice court this morning
ihe proprietors of the Rogers-Hoswell
I >n pany, who kept their place open
Sunday, made no defense and for-
tel ed their $2o bonds. The saloon
mi n, who were recently compelled to
Btrlctly observe the Sunday law, announced this morning that they would
give the Walla Walla people enough
Sundaj closing to prevent hacks, express wagons and mi'k wagons from
being run on Sundays. Every cigar
tore In town except one kept open
Terror at  Wrestling.
Ritzville. March 5.���Joe Heinrich
won his third wrestling match iier<
Saturday night in Tinnell's bill. In
the several matches he has partlcipat
ed in during the season, Heinrich has
not met his equal, as shown by the
time required to get the first fall,
Cieorge Hallett proved to be the
fiercest foe that has yet questioned
Heinrich's wrestling honors,. Hallett
was not in training and found himself gasping for breath on the hard
end of the game. But Heinrich's demeanor at the crucial moment showed
that he was taking his man Seriously,
and it would have been a bad time for
the champion's honors had his opponent been in training.
Heinrich was to throw Hallett twdce
Ir. 60 minutes of actual wrestling time,
and he made good the terms when
Hallett  lost the second  fall  in  12-.r,.a
Johnny Doran kept time and Spence
Irby  refereed.    A  good crowd  was In
attendance.   A $afl. purse and the gate
I a went to the winner.
"Blub" Irby offered to break even
with Heinrich. The challenge was ;ir
rente, 1, and the man who gets three
throws out of five to a finish next
Friday evening will be tW�� champion.
Mothers of Lovers Are Unfriendly ;r i
Cariists  Promise to  Make
Things   Lively.
Irid,       March
King  Ufoi    i te Princi     Ena are
Ideal lover.,, the   elation the
mothers of the d voted pail  are . i
thing but Ideal.   Ind 1. II would not
be  undlplom <��� Ic to Ih
: I led.
It Is ��� n linen of    fl
and   Involves  ma
The Princess Henry ol Battenburi
Pi    .si.mi   ,, thi bom    tl     |ueon
mother Is an ou       out t    I     i    om
i-  esentlally   English,  tl her  un-
compi omi Ingl;     \     rlan       Between
hi i, thi a. i! ���.' ill   i   un    : itood
hi re is noi
The que m mother Is pnssionatolj
ton l ol het  son lous of her
iirospective    d ittgl la v.      Moro-
, she consldei    ; ���     on'   mat Ini
3i mething of a mes illiani e.
Then ���     royal son
have no! bei n hap y late.
Phe qn  mother h . torn-
el to  i tile I in ���  Alfort a with a
rod of iron, '.lit  th" you'll' | monai i li
broke away from I  le  Hi
i at'o. and ni w thai he i- on the
��� ve of being a mm rietl man he I less
than  ever    menabli '  dis-
So �� hile It Is that the V Ing
��� !   n       qo     ' fri ������.'
fiom a regime of mothi i In I i the
princess-bride will escape an> such experience, for ewen now the quei n regent  is making pre laratlons to leave
t!l"    COM-'.   '
She has untie in ������ I her Intention
nol to run the rl      of   elng consider-
d     'otll   Of   place,"   and   as   300H   as   I lie
it | ief (3 Insl died al the palace the
queetl mother will move lo Austria,
the fend of her birth, where she will
i . .:cV ��� ror I hi   rest ol her days,
Tjie marrl n le King to a Protestant princi ss ha arouse I the fanatic clerical? In II e eat ip i the Car-
lists, and thev are denouncing H's
M i |esty roundly In < 'atalonl I the
Carlists are so angry thai the most
radical of them are l il   - | ro
vokitur an Uprising to show their dislike of the new alliance, A Ctrliet official has -one down from Madrid to
soothe the rabid Cataloniana and to
assure <.>em thai Hon Caries is opposed to anv such demonstration.
The youthful king Is showering  t-
lv presents upon his English fiancee.
He has given her a long rone of diamonds of unusual size. The rope Is
so Ions thai it can be wound around
her neck and. dropping to her waist,
can  be wound about  it.
��� o	
Conflagration in Indian Territory Continues with Unabated Fury.
Caney, Kansas, March 5.���The groat,
gas well five miles west of here, in
Indian Territory, which has been
burning since February f>, continued
to roar today with unabated fury.
The flames, forced 160 feel into the
air, were visible forty miles away last
The f're probably is one of the?
worst of its kind gas men have ever
had to combat. An attempt to extinguish the (lames with steam having
failed, an effort to drop an Immense
iron cap over the well was made, but
wit bout success. This cap, weighing
3,000 pounds, was turned to a whin
heat when within twenty feel of tit'
well. Another attempt will be made
to cap the well.
The Paper for New Westminster, First, Last and All the Time.
All the News Both Local and Abroad.
Delivered to Your Home Every Week Day Evening for
To the Route Boy Securing the Most New Subscribers During the Month of March
An Elegant Raincoat and Cap will be Presented.
To the News Boy Selling the Most Papers���Daily News���a Similar Present will be Given.
T ,    Dallj   Xews Pub-
Company,   Limited,   al   their
11'   os   coi !!���������    ol   Sixth   a; d   From
St. "ts. New Westminster, B. C.
Ed .01   and   Mgr...EduTrd   D.   Sawyer
Advertising Rates.
'. iiisi.'in disiila; advertising, 10
. per line d onparlel l 12 lines to
inch. Fiv a i s pi . line foi
"lnent Insertions.
lading notices, bold face type, 20
.5 per line, brevier or nonpariel, in
< on s per line.
For time contracts, Special positions, apply to advertising manage!.
Notices of births, marriage or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
less than 25 cents.
Patent or proprietary medicine advertisements inserted nl rate of 50
cents per inch per issue (display i or if
reading notices, 2ii cents per line per
issue. No deviation from this rate foi
letni contracts.
1    slm <s office    '���-
flanager's residence   251
W.  R. Uilley, '^none   \-<L��.
J.  ft. Goley, Vivone 14.5
Just ArrivedMalini ,  ^.ia       D
Couithard&Coi <j����iiey t>ros.
Healers in
Perfect        REAL ESTATE and j   Coal, lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
r^i 1 cli imTO��� k ���nr      I Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Bicycles INSURANCE      : Crushed Rock.
Call and look over the BtocK before
purchasing  elsewhere.
Columbia St.        Sign. Man on Wheel.
New   Westminster, i L
Also agents B. C. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cemunl Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
<3,ji^ji-   '
The first issue of the Daily News,
like most first issues of good newspapers, was a triffle late in making its
appearance yesterday afternoon, but
the epger anticipation of the public
were maintained for a couple of hours
extra, and at the end of that time they
wore, to say the least, realized to the
Taking into consideration the numerous unforseen obstacles that will present themselves to the people engaged
in launching a daily newspaper, the
people who were supplied with the
News last evening had every cause to
be agreeably surprised at the excellence
of the production. Such is the verdict
that has- been handed to us from hundreds of sources since the News got into the hands of its thousands of readers yesterday.
Il is not boastful to say that the issue yesterday even,with its many im-
perfeetii ns was something new in local
newspaper enterprise and established a
higher standard than hitherto on record.
3,500 copies of the News were printed and circulated yesterday, and today
there is not an extra copy in Ibis office.
Many who failed to secure a copy last
evening have calk"! on us today only to
be disappointed on being told that the
larga supply had been exhausted.
As we said yesterday it i - our aim to
pub,; ih a newspaper that will be a
credit ~.o the city of Mew Westminster,
and while the general verdict is that
we made good on our first issue, still
we ar I tur from being satis! e,', having
a higher mar',: to aim at than that
which wc hit squarely in the center
Lend us your mora] and practical encouragement ami we will deliver you
the purest and best goods in ihe news
line, and in quantitii s thai will plci.se
the purchaser.
Other Cities  Have
Grown,Why not We?
Patronize the   merchants ot
the ROYAL CITY  ...    .
Keep Our
At Home
Superintendent of C. P.  R. Telegraph:
on  Inspection Trip.
Winnipeg, March .".���.lames Kent,
general superintendent of the Canadian Pacific telegraphs, arrived in the
<-ity from the east, and in company
with it. S, ,1'ukins. wetern manager,
left for the we.-, today, on a (rip of
inspect ion. The arrival of Mr. Kent Is
understood to foreshadow much n<-
t.iviiy in the construction ol new lines
Of Canadian  Pacific telegraphs during
the season of  1906.    On his last   visit
to the west he spoke of the large extension work planned tor this year.
and it is expected llial the early opening of Bprlng will greatly facilitate
the woti..   During his stay Mr. Kent
will pcrsoii"\iy \lsit various parts of
th" country and will decide on what
iin"s of construction will begin firs'.
A   large  number  of  telegraph   poles
have 1 a taken oul for the companj
both In the west and In the east, during the winter, and an adequate s.ip-
.ply is now on hand.
Railways for Philippines.
Hartford, Conn., March 6.���The
Philippine Railroad company, of Hartford, has liiu'i a certificate of Incorporation wilh the state secretary. The
authorized capital stack Is $5,000,1	
Arthur L, Shlpman, Charles W. Gross
and   Alvin   W.   Hyde,   all   of  this   city,
are the Incorporators,   The company
proposes to own and operate steam
and electric roads in the Philippine
islands  and  elsewhere.
Will Print No Lies.
Chtoago,   Ills.,   March   ti.���Chicago
lithographers are going to take up the
pure   food   crusade.    Unless   certain
manufacturers order labels for their
food products which tell the truth, it
ds said that the lithographers will not
���print them. Thiiuwaa promised by a
committee from the federation of la-'
bor' which called -ut'tTle office of the
.Illinois Pure Food commission. The
-commission was heluTed hy Charles D.
Don't Knock!
Read    Our    Prices
Wky  Pay  y
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
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Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
We Guarantee to
Fit You or Refund
Your Money ~
We are making a special effort to
introduce our world-famous all-
porcelain plate. This plate is the
most natural in appearance of all
sets of teeth and is unbreakable.
If any of them break we make an
entire new one FREE OF CHARGE
Lost TEETH Restored by
Artificial  Substitutes
The Loss
of a single tooth impairs
digestion, alters the contour of the
face and forces the stomach to
over work. Examine your own
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you need any teeth replaced. If
so, now is the time. Do not put it
off. We can restore your mouth
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Bridge work is the
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Crowns are the
There can be no Better
and Ex
tome ana Lxamme damp*
All our work guaranteed
10years with a protective
Remember the Place Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
407 Hastings st, West, Vancouver TUESDAY.   MARCH  6,  1906
Cut Prices...      Local News Briefly Told
To Introduce
Stransky's Agateware
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trip ti
Milkmaid     look
1'ii  Lake today.
a    business
We Will Reduce
the Prices ....
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Kirk's Hardware.
! Books, Stationery, Fancy !
j Goods, Small Wares, Etc. i
��� ���
��� Thousands of writing pads   in   stock.      Over   50  kinds to  select J
{ from. 1
j Hundreds of papeteries. dozens of  kinds.                           ��� J
I We raise the quality of our   stock.     We   hold  the  prices  down. I
! J. J. MACKAY & CO.,
t t
j Wholesale and retail.                                                  23b   Coiumota   street. I
1  W. E. FALES  !
*        . 1
:jj Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, Etc. |
Wall Paper,       Linoleum,       Oilcoths,       Carpets, $
Perambulators, Etc., Carpets Sewn and Laid. $
Undertaking in all its branches promptly attended to. |
Picture Framing. !���!
\ Columbia Street.     -     Telephone 176. ��
Li^sas^syssssMss���sMs^s���siswsM���siwsi^biismii      n���ail���wwmm���
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all description;,
:���: ;���;
T. J. Trapp & Co, ^ |
Headquarters for
Farming Implements
and Machinery	
>J Complete line of Carriages and Farm Wagons.
���*', Hardware, Stoves and Ranges,
'���; Auction Sale every Friday   at  the Market Square.
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd.,
NEW  WESTMINSTER,  B.  C.    ffl
The Leading Jeweler
Everything In the Jewelery Line
Watches, Diamonds, Rings, Etc.
Cut Glass and Ebony Goods
Suitable tor all  occasions.
Columbia   Street.
Mutual  Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now in force exceeds |44,ui>u,uuo,00
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds SS,OUU,UUO.O0
This is a company ot policy-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OCR MO'llO:     i he largest amount of Assurance for ihe Least
Possible outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster. B. C. 'Phone 85.
McLeod, Mark & Company
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Columbia St  - New Westminster
il. Fi rguson was a passenger on the
Etamona 'his morning to Port Honey.
Mrs. Blair of Woodwards came in
on the Transfer this afternoon.
A. J, Ferguson and T. A. Hyde returned home from Laduors on the
Transfer this morning.
I!. W. Brewster, ol Ladner arrived
in the city on this morning's Transfer.
c. Albertson arrived here from bis
home In Westham island this morning,
aboard  the Transfer.
Frank Gitchell, of Vancouver, comptroller for the is. C. B. R. Co., .was ill
the city last  ni^hl.
Mrs. Stratton and Miss McLellan, of
Ladner, were among the Transfer passengers this morning.
The C. P. R, section gang is raising
and repairing the track bed on Front
Aid. George a,lams leaves tor Port
Moody   and   the   inlet   tomorrow   on   a
business trip.
E. Townsley, of Vancouver, paid a
business visit to Chllllwack tcis morning on the S. S. Ramona.
W. J. Kerr, of the Arm of Mclnnes
�� Kerr, and G. W. Mines, were pas-
sengers to the Junction this morning.
The s.  s.  Firefly caue d>.vn  the
river yesterday afternoon tow y <
large boom of logs far the i,i,,l t'.ty
Capt. Fenton, of St. Mungo Cannery
Co., took the company's boat Cloutha
on her first trip of (he season today
In search of fish.
.1. Kendall, special auditor of the B.
C. Electric Railwu.: Co., was in the
city yesterday. Mr. Kendall returned
lo Vancouver this morning.
.1. Reihconbach arrived home loday
from a cattle buying trip, and brought
wiih hiru two carlo? is of prime beef
'slock for lw-al and export trade.
The government dredge, the King
Edward, is still operating at the Roval
City mills wharf. Some 1500 feet of
river bottom must be removed before the work is completed.
Peace and quietness prevailed in police court circles this morning. There
were no arrests yesterday or last night
md ihe usual police conn session was
dispensed with this morning.
The f^ernn'.ent s.iag boat Samson went, up river at seven o'clock
'bis inornh.g, and will remove some
instruct ions in t'-e vicinity of Lang-
The P.. C Packers have signed a
contract With the S. S. Squid of
Vancouver to fish halibut for them
through the aproaching season. Two
schooners will also be fagaged by
them for the same purpose.
A small si earn tug the Wellington,
is being remodelled and thoroughly
overhauled by the B. C. Packers,
Liiid will eolieel salmon for thai company on the Fraser during the coming
Al the meeting of the police commissioners yesti rday afternoon, the
applications for vo-.-Uon of patrolman were filer for future reference.
The matter will be taken up again
it an early date.
T. F. Patterson, manager of the
Port Moody Lumber Co., was In the
city today in the Interests of his company. Mr. Patterson Is a resident of
Vancouver, but gets over to the Royal
City quite frequently.
On Friday eventig next there wil.
be a conference in ih? to 11-1 c1 amber, between the uldermanic board and
the school board fo* '.i1 i'io;i'-o ~>i
considering the BO Mil estont'e-; {��� r
(he ensuing year.
A. L. Bates, returned this morning
On the Ramona to his home al Mat-
sqiti Prairies. He speaks highly of
the Matsqul district and considers it
to he a very promising agricultural
The  Sapperlim  genera''    store    has
ihanged hands.   Mr. Woodward's lease
: has run out and as he has noi renewed
It, Mr. Johnson, the proprietor ol the
block,   will   continue   to   conduct   the
Mr. E. R. I'.icketts. manager of the
Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster opera houses, was a guest al
the Gulchon hotel lust night. He reports everything favorable to some
good shows for New Westminster in
the near future.
An ancient quadruped, which it is
' supposed was once u horse, is furnishing free transportation to the
youths of the city. His owner has evidently cut him adrift In order to save
the expense of hauling him to the
nuisance ground.
The Baptist Young People's union
last evening, at a business meeting, regretfully acceptod the resignation of
Its president, R. C. Crowe, who has
gone to Vancouver to reside. A. W.
Dymock was unanimously elected to
the vacant position.
Grahame Jardlne,  who will  bo remembered as acting manager of tbe
Royal Bank of Canada hero during F.
B. Lyle's absence, has been appoint-.
ed regular manager of the Royal Bank {
of Canada In tho Granville street bank j
Id Vancouver. I
which is to I
Councils   of"  New    Westminster   and
Eurnaby Will Assemble.
The mi mbers of the city council will
go to tie ri servolr tomorrow forenoon,
where the) will meet the council of
Buinaby with n ference to creating an
opening on Cumberland road to Eighth
stroat. At present the citizens of Bur-
n ' and lb" residents of .be district
at 0 illgfed to come around by way of
to  New  West-
W. A. Glley's I" -it the Mable arrived here last night with a good
Bized boom of piles from Stave river,
Today the boom will be taken to
Steveston, and followed by the pile
driver. Hustler. There they will be
driven for the foundation of Messrs,
Alexander & Cousins    new      cannery   six,h   ,,���.,,,,,   ,.���   ,.,���,���,
,dy for operation this   ���lills���.r   ;ulcl  p   ,g  ,,���,���,.���,   ,h;lt a ���ew
road   permitting    an     entrance   on
1).   Smith,   from   Odls,   Alberta,   ar-   Eighth   street   will   materially   benefit
rived in the city todaj  with a carload   the residents of thai  district.
Of   slock   and   farm   equipments.     He     	
has purchased land in Cloverdale and
will  make  his  home  in   thai   district.
Mr.  Smith  looked over  the  terrltorj
some time ago, and decided thai 'he;
west   was   ,ne  piace  tor  him.
A. .1. Juller, a recent arrival from
England, now connected with the flrn
of Melrose &  Co.,  whole .'" mercfc
OntB   of   Victoria,   was   a    passenger   to
Chllllwack ibis morning on the Ra
mona. This was Mr Juller's first
business trip on this Bide of the Atlantic, and he is now In Canada for
the first lime. Like most Englishmen,
his preconceived Ideas of the far west
were Bomewhal Ira? and to use his
own words he found it "a perpetual
WANTED    a   FIRST  i'I.ASS  BOOKKEEPER and  office  man.    None
i" '   exp- ���; need   men   need   apply.
Call I'i'fo,    in n. in., Manager Dailj
Department of Militia and Defence.
New  Westminster.   B.  C,   Rifle  Range.
SEALED TENDERS, marked on the
envelope "Tender for Construction of
Rifle   Range.   New    Westminster,"   addressed to the secretary of the Militia
Saiter-Bracken. Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will be
A quiet but  pretty    wedding   tool, received  until   noon,  the  16th   April
place in St. Paul's Episcopal Reform-  proximo,   tor   the   construction   of   a
ed church  at   7 o'clock   this  morning,  rifle range at  New Westminster, 13. C.
the  rector,  Rev.  a.  .1.  Seymour officiating.    The contracting n.rtio. �����,=      plans and specifications may be seen
parties were
Miss Beatrice M. Bracken and Mr.
Charles E. Salter, both of the asylum
staff.    Mr. Salter was for some years
and full informal ion obtained at the
offices of the district officer commanding,  Victoria;   Lieut-Col.  .1.  C.   Whyte,
prior to his becoming Identified  with
New  Westminster, B. C. and  the di-
i i'o     M,  ::,��� service lr, I.i-irector of enBineer    sprvif<'s'    militia
dia. The contracting parties are both i neart(iuar.ters .Ottawa,
highly esteemed by their fellow em- Tenders must'be made on a form
ployees, who were lavish in their gifts supplied by the department and acta honor of the event. The bride was companled by au accepted cheque on
becomingly attired in a blue travel- a Canadian chartered bank for 10 per
ling costume, trtmu-ed with cream cenl of the amount of the tender, pay-
lace, and wore a hat tu -natch. After able to the order of the Honorable the
a ehort honeymoon vacation, Mr. and Minister of Militia and Defence.
Mrs.   Salter  will  enter    upon    the
housekeeping experiences on Third
avenue, where the bridegroom has all
in readiness for his bride. Mr. Salter
will then resume his duties at the
Start Work Immediately.
At a committee meeting of the conn
cil last night it was decided to start
work on ihe sub-reservoir Immediate
ly. The work will be conducted by
city employees, under the direction of
Superintendent ij'ni, Stott, of the
water works.
Tke department does not bind itself
to accept tho lowest ��r any tender.
L.  F.  P1NAULT,  Colonel.
Deputy  Minister of Militia and  De-j
Department or1 M lltla and Violence, I
Ottawa, February 14, 1308.
W. IN. Draper
Land Surveyor
Ell lard Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
For Good Value*
We endeavor to
100    cents    worth
always give
tor    every
Our $15 dressers and stands
and our $15 sideboards are excellent value and we Know if
none better In the trade.
See our line
iron beds.    Call
of    brasf  and
and see us.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front   Streets,   Uupont   Block,
New Westminster.
Never put off till tomorrow,
What  you can  .10 today.
Other people are taking advantage Of this sale: why not
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
For youryiext order of meat.
Columbia Street
Setdm.n b>   gey*! Warrant to Hi. Majt.ty Kins 4VW/ Vll.
Sutton's Seeds
Uter  Sutton's  iiw.irf BedT&r
\\ hue.
\ ite
,e(     8utton'8  ''��"<  Bedde* Scar
Ready for Your Selection:
Button's   i:.-i:liest   .Marrow.
Sutton's Bountiful,
Sutton's improved    Kingieader.
Sutton's   Selected      American
Sutton s Earliest Blue.
Button - Melbourne :��� ivonte.
Sutton's Dwarf narrow,
Sutton's PlentilUL
Sutton's Star ot Australia.
Sutton's Prolific Marrow.
Sutton s  Abundance.
GAKUfc-N   btANS
Sutton's Improved  u in,is ,r
Sutton's Creeii Windsor.
Sutton's Proline Longpoa.
Sutton's Favorite Scan,'!.
Sutton's Ulant \\ line.
Sutton's    selected      t anadian
Sutton's Negro.
Sutton's Perfection.
GAHUtN   bttl
Sutton's Bipod Ri d.
Sutton's Hi,,1".
���Sutton's  Market   Favorite.
Sutton's   Silver,    or    Sea   Kale
Sutton's Spinach beet, or Per-
petual Spinaclu
Sutton's Extra Curled Scotch.
Sutton's Improved urancning.
Sutton's Exhibition.
Sutton's Matchless.
Sutton's Earliest.
Sutton's Imperial.
Sutton's Favorite.
Sutton's .viaincrop.
Sutton's lied Pickling.
Simon's Dwarf    Green   Curled
Sutton's hate Drup-neaa Savoy.
Sutton's Chinese ' antiage.
Sutton's  Mixed  Capsicum.
Sutton's Mixed Chili.
Sutton's Ivory White.
Sutton's Perfection Plnli.
Sutton's Selected  Plain.
Suttoa's Selected Curled.
Sutton's  htatly Gem.
Boston's Early Shurt  Horn.
Sutton's Favorite.
Sutton's New Red Inlermedir'e ,
Button's Scarlet  Intermediate.   !
Sutton's Early Walcheren.
Sutton's Early London.
Sutton s Autumn  Mammoth.
Suttou's Late Giant.
Sutton's Telegraph.
Sutton's Market.
Sutton's  Proline  RI lge.
Sutton's Extra Crem Curled.
Sutton's Mixed.
Hubbard's Squall.
Sutton's Improved Musselburgh
Sutton's Selected White.
Sutton's Selected Brown.
Marjoram, Pot.
Savory, Bummer,
Thyme, Common.
Sutton's Imperial    ,'urled.
Sutton's All Heart.
Sutton's Giant White.
Sutton's  Black-seeded  Bath.
Sutton's Al.
Sutton's  Al'-the-Ye if Round.       j
Sutton's Student.
Sutton s  Hollow Cr'iwU.
Sutton's      MatChleiS      3carlet-
Sutton's   Water   Melon,   mixed
Sutton's    Preserving,     ir    Pie
Suiton's Long Cream.
Si tton's Long Gree 1.
Sutton's While Bush.
Sutton's Finest MixM.
Sut'.on'3 improved Reading.
Sutton's Long-keeping.
Sutton's Giant Rocci.
Sutton's Silvei  Skin.
V, bile Spanish.
Brown Spanish.
Brown Globe,
Simon's Early Scan (t Turnip.
Sutton's   Early  White  Turnip.
Sutton's Mixed Turnip.
S.ntou's French Breakfast,
Suttou's Mixed Oval or Olive.
Sutton's Long Seni'lr..'
Sutton's  Long  Rose.
Sutiou s Snallots.
Suttom's Early Dwarf.
Sutton's Selected Round.
Satton's Selected Pri-klv.
Sutton's Premier.
Sutton's Invincible.
Sutton's  Yellow.
Sutton's Early Snowball.
Sutton's Improved Orango Jelly
Sutton's AU-the-Yeir-Ro'ind.
Sutton's White Stone.
Green-top White.
Sutton's Garden Swede. ,
ton's  Sen's Sweet, Wlip,..
Mixed   An-
-. SBjced.
' omet, Mixed
Sutton s Giant  French   Mixe,i
^ter Sutton's Tall, Mix,.,,    ' M'Xul
A' roclinium, Sutton's single Ros*
���fera urn, Sutton's Dwarf Blue
��tsmma Coronarla, Suti
it' tea, Mixed.
Hyssum, Sutter
\-';n.,,���e. Simon's 'Mill   ,   Mix���d
Antirrhinum,  Sutton's Tall   \ x  ,
.'ntrrhnura. Button's Dwarf  Mtaka
Asulfgla,  Button's Selected
Arabia  Sutton's White  Vlnlno
^['^a' s����oa's Border,'Mixed
Basam, Button's Double, Mix,.,
Balsam Button's Improved Miniature
���,, ,,',;     Smtons     Plbrous-rooted!
Calandrinia, Sutton's Urge-flowered
��� alendula Pluvialis              lowered.
Calendula, Button's Double Oranse
,a"",r> Creeper, Sutton's   ;���,,,
,a,;""ri"7    Bells,    Buttons    U	
flowered, Mixed.
Canna, Button's Urge-floworlng
' andytuft, Sutton's Crimsjn
Cantdytuft, Sutton's While
( andytuft, Buttons Mixed '
Carnation.   Sutton's   Doubii
Chrysanthemum, Sutton's Mixed Per
Clarkia, Sutton's Pink.
Clorkia, Sutton's White.
Clarkia. Sutton's Mixed
Clematis Flammula,
Convolvulus,   Sutton's   Mii>|   Climbing.
Colvolvulus.  Sutton's  Dwarf   MiXc^
k'ockscomb, Button's Criimon
Coreopsis, Sutton's Dwarf Ori'msos
Coreopsis, Sutton's Dwarf, Mixed
Cornflower, Satton's Blue.
Cowslip, Sutton's Mixed  English
Corin.M  nijii-nnata. Sutron':  Mixed
Dahlia,   Sutton's  Single,  Mixed.
Dahlia, Sutton s Double, Mixed
Daisy, Sutton's Double, Mised.
Delphinium,   Sutton's   Ear;--iiowered
Dlanthus,    Sutton's    Brillin it    Single,
Dianthus,   Sutton's   Brillla.it   Double
Eschscholtzta, Siittnn's Single Yellow
Eschscholtzla  Sutton's Single, Mixed
Foxglove, Sutton's Mixed  English.
Galllardla,    Sutton's   Large-flowered,
Single, Mixed.
Godetla, Sutton's Scarlet jueen.
Golden Feather. Sutton's Selected.
Hellchrysum, Sutton s Giant, Mixed,
Heliotrope,   Sutton's   Large-fowered
Hollyhock, Sutton's Double, Mixed.
Hollyhock, Sutton'B Single, Mixed.
Honest;',     Sutton's     Large-flow u.ed
Jacobaa, Sutton's Double, Mixed.
Lantana    Hybrids,    Sutton's   Finest,
Larkspur, Sutton's Dwarf, Mixed.
Larkspur. Button's Tall, Mixed.
Lavender, Sutton's Sweet,
Milium. (Flax), Sutton's Crimson.
Lobelia. Sutton's Compact, Blue.
Lobelia, Sutton's Compact, White.
Lobelia, Sutton's Sprendl lg, Blue.
Love-lies-bleeding.   Sutton's  Red-flowered.
Lupin, Sutton's Annual. Mixed.
Lupin, Sutton's Perennial, Mixed.
Maize, Sutton's Striped.
Mallow, SuCon's Large Pink.
Marvel  of  Peru.  Sutton's  Brint-flow-
ered. Mixed.
Michaelmas Daisy, Sutton's Hybrid.
Marigold,  Sutton's Mlnltaure French.
Mignonette. Sutton's Giant.
Mignonette,   Sutton's   Sweet-scented.
Mignonette, Sutton's Cloth of Gold.
Mignonette,  Sutton's Spiral.
Miniulus. Button's Giant Mixed.
Musk. Sutton s Seer-ted.
Myosotis, Sutton's Perfection.
Myosotis, Sutton's Bedding.
Nasturtium,   Sutton's   King   of   Tom
Nasturtium,  Sutton's  Djvarf Yellow.
Nasturtium, Sutton's Dwarf, Mixed.
Nas'.nrtiuni,    Satton's    Tall,    Fairy
Nasturtium, Sutton's Tall Crimson.
Nasturtium. Sutton's Tall Mixed.
Nemesio, Strumosa, Stuuon's Mixed.
Nemesis,   Strumosa,  Suttou's  Dwarf,
Nemopblia.    Button's  Large-flowered,
Nicotine, Afflnis. Sutton's Selected.
Nigella.   Sutton's  Double   Dwarf.
Pansy, Suttoa's Giant, White.
Pansy, Suit u's Giant, Yellow,
Pansy.  Button's  Perfection.  Mixed.
Pansy! jntton's Bedding. Mixed.
Passion Flower, Sutton's Blue.
Passion Flower. Sutton's Scarlet.
Perllla, Sutton's Selected, Bronze.
Petunia. Sutton's Single, Mixed.
1 hlox. Drum.. Sc.tton's Large-flowered
Phlox Drum.. Sutlos's Lar.ge-flowered
Polyanthus, Sutton's Giant, Mixed.
| Polyanthus, Sutton's Giant, White.
i Por'tulaca.    Sutton's    Large flowered,
I     Mixed.
1 Poppy. Sutton's Double Glint, Mixed.
Poppy,  Sutton's  Selected  Shirley.
Poppy, Sutton's Velan.l. Mixed.
Primrose. Suttou's Brilliant, Mixed.
Ranunculus, Sutton'sGlant French.
Hhodanthe,   Sutton's   Large-flowered,
Riclinis   (Castor-oil   Plant),   Sutton s
I Rocket, Sutton's Sweet-scented.
lludbeckla. Sutton's Golden Sunset.
Salplglossis.Sutton's Giant,  Mixed.
Salvia.  Sutton's Scarlet
Scabious (Germani, Sutton's    Large-
flowered. Mixed.
Sensitive Plant.Sutton's Selacted.
Stock, Ten-week, Sutton's Giant Perfection.
Stock. Sutton's Glint English Bromp-
ton, Mixed.
Stlene.Sutton's Pink.
Sunflower, Button's Giant Single.
At Brackman-Ker Milling Co., ltd.
And at omriiim tubafneit. Isssw ��^ tmt eart rar iarsra.es
'A K. 818
...�����....��...�����.�������������������������������� ���>���������� n< ����������������! THE DAILY NEWS
Mr.    Shackelford    Loucly    Denounces
the   Rjles  of the   United
States House.
Washington, March "���.���Representative. Longworth o( Ohio returned to
his duty in ihe house today. lie
brought wiih hiui to the capital and
presented to Speaker Cannon in his
room a Havana cigar a1 leasl eighteen
Inches long, a product of Havana.
The bouse today passed a bill Increasing from J.',".'i "i in $200,000 the
amount (or the purchase 61 metals for
pennies ami nickels and provldiig
that these coins Bhall be made In the
Denver and San Francisco. New Or-
leans an I Philadelphia mints Instead
of as row exclusively in the Philadelphia mini.
Pending the passage of a bill of
mi.ior importance the floor was given
in Mr. Shackelford, who tool; occasion
io denounce the rules of the house
and the "despotic and absolute power
u? the speaker." Mr. Shackelford ox-
piessed great persona! admiration for
Speaker Cannon, bul there was, be
sai'1 io man in Europe more absolute
in his jurisdiction.
He had read only th ' other day that
the speaker had "packed" the ways
and means committee with ten men
who would "stand pat" as men of
"tone against any and ever" attemnl
to amend the tariff. This. Mr.
Shnelo'lford necept"d ;>s true and complained bitterly. If the "standpatters"
would com" out in the otk'ii. he declared. If would he found they had not
a corporal's guard.
Another instance of the "absolutism" of the sneaker was in the passage of the lengthv Interview nur-
porting to be with Mr. Adams of Wisconsin, denouncing the rules.
One  Employee  Loses Life  and Others
Are   Injured.
New York, March .".-The Forty-
second Btreel car barns of the Metropolitan Si reel Rallwaj Company, ex-
tendlng from 651 West Forty-second
street to the Hudson river, were des-
troyed by fire last night. One man,
said to have been an employee of the
company, lost his life, and several
persons were Injured, a Bremen
seriously. Between thirty and forty-
cars were destroyed. The total damage is estimated ai  more than $2no,-
The fire was an exceptionally spectacular one, and at its height the
Barnes were leaping several hundred
feet in the air.
Several immense gas tanks of the
Consolidated Gas Company, located directly across the street, were seriously threatened by the fire, and a report
that they were about to explode sent
several thousand spectators in a wild
flight for safety. In the rush several
persons were hurt.
The up-town ferry station of tin-
West Shore railroad, at the foot of
Forty-second street, was also threatened. Later, when the fire In the car
barns was practically under control, a
piirtj of train passengers, being
escorted from the ferry station by a
squad of policemen, narrowly escaped
injurs- trow flying bricks when one of
the long walls of the burning structure gave way and cam* down with a
The fire originoti '. in one of Ih"
cars, which hud beeti run Into the
barn for storage duing the night. It
i- supposed io have started from a
short circuit.
Prosperous Parmer Causes a Scandal
in   Eellingham,   Wash.
Bellingham, Wash., March 5.���William Jacobs, oi' West S iund, a prosperous fanner weil known in this city,
passeJ several bad checks Saturday
night and it is believed he has eloped
with Mrs. Matlie F. Uranan, of this
city. On the strength of a good reputation Jacobs easily induced several
business acquaintances to accept his
check and then decamped, with another man's wife.
Jacobs was formerly manager of the
West Sound Mercantile company and
was well known in this city, where he
dealt extensively. They have traced
the couple to Seattle, but further than
that point they have not been located.
Many Vessels Come and Go But Leave
No Provisions.
Agana. Guam. .Ian. 25, via San Francisco, Monday, March '>.���The past
Hiree weeks have been marked by an
unusual number of vessels visiting
the harbor of Apra. Following the
army transport i/>gan on January 5,
came the transporl Lawton on January 11 and the Concord on January I I.
The transporl Sherman i' expected
tomorrow and the Lawton will return
from Manila during the following
"I'll" Japanese BChOOm rs Tori Muni
and Chomel Maru also arrived.   None
of   these   vessels     brought    ''iissengers
lor  (Plain   and   very   litil"   freight   "���
store.-.  In  consequence of  which  tbe
colony   feels  ;i   Shortage  in   I'l'o',;
in  fact  the rush of arm-. ness
th" Phill ipine ' i m le ;h" trans
portation of ��������� inOa foi I ind al-
i'i.i- t oul ol the ��� a"-' Ion, and i Ih ire
is no oilier 1 a���' of ' , aer i. It Ii I "
coming ���! serious question how to obtain the necessary food and material.
Ella tbi th vVhib D   'reea that Women's
Wear Shall  Be ChoE    -.
Chii ���   '. M ������    "     ' :������'. -
will   '���"  '-������"'     ��� -:.��� 'thi '���:  than
ev""   | "!" ������      :���:   '"'"   '.'���;..      r   Mm?
Elizabeth    \.   C    " hi r   '���'"���''   of
the Ii" -'������'" ��� ' ���������" 'IIve
i BS'iclatloii. who ��� ��� -!v ��� 1 ��� ��� ' hi -���
night '" ���.-������ u ' ��� ''.���' '������ ��� "' -a of
the as :������' "'"'i ii Vi h ���" ������ is Tues lay,
As '" i. 1 -��� Miss Whit ' si'd while
and grey will be stylish, bul the plain
black runabovi dresses, trlnrn ed with
white lace, will I' ''������' ""f ' ' thing"
for this season. Whit-' silk gloves
must be worn invariably.
Hard on Editor,
"-rcelona, March 5.���The editor of
-El Deluiye, a local dally paper, has
been sentenced to elefct years' Imprisonment for printing an insulting dispatch concerning King Alfonso.
New Westminster
During   the    past    two    years    New
Westmlnstei has conn; rapidly to the
front, as an Important manufacturing,
as well as a farming center. Among
the new industries are two large saw
mills, a distillery, tannery, cur manufacturing Shops, etc. Others are about
to locate here.
As a natural result, vacanl houses
are few, residential property, as well
ie, business blocks are moving al good
figures, and rents advancing. Nov. is
your time to get in on the ground floor
and  serine the best   values offering.
For the past fourteen years we have done business an 1 - ild
farm lands in the Fraser Valley from Steveston to Chllllwack,
on both sides of the river. If you desire Information regarding
farm Investments, we can post you. or will drive you through
the districts free of charge. You would be surprised to note the
rapid advancement, the surrounding agricultural sections have
made in ill" past  few years.
During  l ' ��� ".  ������'. i have i i one)
 :   - ' .. g in Vane
I . ,'  ie.
We Can Do the Same fcr You In 1906.
At   presenl   we o fi   In;
_ iod value- in lots ii
Fairview, Mt. Pleasant and t Iran
���  some choli  ��� ��� i      r inging  In
Ii ������ from $1500 to $1    ��� . and n mrly
all ' n e is;
Several    fine    bui Im --
I. i v.- : een i la    ! In esclu
sively, ) lei I! i i - id revenue, besides the aflvani In val
ue, �� hlch is sui    to o me.
j Write or call for a copy of our Handsomi
j        64 Pape Illustrated Pamphlet of New
j Westminster City and Farm Lands
Farms and Dwellings
For Rent
Personal Accident
Plate Glass Insurance
Health Insurance
Fidelity Bonds
Employers Liability Insurance
Marine Insurance
If the Reader
Will Take Note
of the lines of our Insurances stated in !
the margin, he will see that he carries j
or at least needs insurance in this or j
that line done by us.     A postcard will !
bring him rates and any information j
Insurance that insures
. J. MART & CO., Ltd.
Great Northern Ry. {
Time Table   I
V. W. & Y. RY.
;  ii NEW Dally
'��� 2fj am Blaine, Belling ifiio .u
; 25 pm hum.     But ling 8:20 pm
ton,   Mt.   Wi
noi:.     Everett,
B    ttle       and
1:35 pi! Si okane,      St, 3:00 pm
Paul    ind    all
points  East,
9.20 am ^nacortes, 13:00 pm
YVoolley,       ftnd
3:00 pm Vancouver 9:20 am
9: .'I pm i: "'"��� pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily  Overlnnd Trains���2
{    Spokane, St, P ul. Minneapolis,
J    Winnipeg,  Dul ith, Chicago, Si.
i    Louis and   ill  points  East.
j       For    complete    Ii formation
���    !��� i ':   '���".,'Ion,   etc.,
I    'i      n or  "''Ir iss,
!F. ���'. ORIFFIX, Agent,
Bank ���    <' mei  a Building.
Ni       Wi   lllliusti r.  II.  C
S. O.  TORRES,  V. G. P. A..
I    Corner Seeon 1 Avenue on I l '"���
I        Intnl.ia  St., S' ittle,  Wash.
F. & A. M. Regtil ir communications of this lodge i b ild on Ihe
Be '"iei Ti ������ ���! ��������� Ii ' ich month In
Masonic Ten ale, p, m.   VI
ing  brethren       lio
to attend.   D, W. Gilchrist, .See.
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of tins
is li.'"l on tbe Fit I Wednesday in
��� ii h moi , at. S o'clock p. in.. In
the Masonic Temple. Sojot I ilni
brethren are cordially inviti l to attend.       Dr.  \V.  A.  DeWolf Smith,
Si l ' "Mi >.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1150
Meeis  In  Orange hall  flrsl   and
third Friday In each month al 8 p.
in.    Visiting brethren are cordiallj
invited  to attend.    E,  E.  Mat b
.   W. M : J. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
Meets iii Orange hull first and third
Wednesdays of each month at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. Rev. A. .1. Seymour.  W.M.;   K.  \V.  Cook.  Rec-Sec
I. 0. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
aie held In Oddfellows' hall. Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cor
dlally Invited to attend. S. J. May,
N. o.;   W. t'. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
British   Columbia   Cos:t  L no
(Su   ��� ���    ' i Chang ��� �� .,,,,, }
Prim        Beatrice D
i.     ��� -  Porl   I'ownseu
l.e.i', ���
Arrive Si
l."'\.   B<
V.WrnlA SR-\ If I
B, S. Pi Inci
Leave Vancouver t  p   ���
Leave Victoria i a. tu,
BTR. t'ltA ;
Leaves Victoria, i a. i....       i,.
and Fridays.
Leaves New VVestmii
Wednesdays and Sal urd
Culling at Maynean d s
s.s an leaves Nan
cepl  Saturda;   an 1 Bui
Saturday 8 a. m.
leaves    Vancouver    ri -
11' i;    :' I Sunday,
Satin laj  2.30 p. m.
3. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria   il   p.  n
and 20t:. of i b h mi ni
am! way points.
i." .." Vlt toi la 10th "��� ���
for Quatslno and waj
Leave Victoria 20tb of i
for Cape Bi ol I and wa;
Ing Quatslno,
Steamer Trato''
Leaves    New    Wesl min   i
Additional   trip   leal   -   Ni '
minster 6 a, m. Bunda:.
Leaves   Stei eston    II u
day,  Wednesday, Tl   . da      nd  .-
urday   7  a.  in.     Friday   6  a.   ni.
ditlonal trip Su urdaj  u ; . m.
Steamer   Beaver.
Leave   Ni w   w estmin   ���
Mondays,  Wednei la>      nd   Frldu
Leave Chllllwack V ��� esd
Thursdays  and   Satrd i  Ing
landing   between   New   Wi
and Chllllwack.
S.   S.   Tees.
Leaves Vancouver al  2 p. m. 2nd
and   ICth of each  month i    Ilni  *'
Skidegate on lirst trip and Bella Coo
lu  on   second   trip,
Times on arrivals and departure
are approximate.
For  Tickets,  reservations  and   Information call on oi address:
.1. \V. TROUP,
General Superlnti ndent, Victoria.
B.   I   COYLE,
Asst. Qen. I'ass  Agent. Vancouver,
Gen. Agent, Freight  De| I
New Westminster,
Agent, New Westminster.
A. O.  U.  W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
���Meetings the flrsl and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lodge room. A. 0, U, W, hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson Btrei t, C.
S. Com '���.. m, ri order; Louis Witt,
muster workman.
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S.���
Red Rose I). .""" meets Becond and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In K. of !'. Hull, Columbia St., at
8 p, m.. V\ bite Rose i legi ee, Fourth
Wedne idaj in ��� ich month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. I-'., it Stlnch-
combe, Pies.. II. Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at s o'clock, In the sin ill
hull, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordlall) invited to attend. .I. H. Rushton, O. R.; F. p.
Maxwell, It. s.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Founh Tuesdays of each month
al 8 p. m. In the oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordialy invited to attend.   E. C, Firth, C, R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
THE ROYAL TEMPLARS OF TEMPERANCE  meet    ever..   Wednesday
at 3 o'clock p. m.. In oddfellows'
Hall. Columbia Btreet, Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to al
tend. .1. S. Bryson, S. C; N. R.
Brown, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Hoard of Trade meets In the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second   Wednesday   of  each   month.
Quarterly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May.
August ami November, al s p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed an I
elected a! any monthly or quarterlj
meeting.   A. E. White, Sec.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the Kirs I
Third Tuesday of every month 'n
K. of I'. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief;  .!. .1. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
r ^a
Half Carload, No. 1 feed
or seed oats shipped from
Moosejaw. Samples to be
seen at this office or at H.
T. Kirk's Hardware Store.
Peter  Warren.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W. H. LYLE & CO.
Cor. Sth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
Railway Company
Atlantic Express  leaves
15.40;  bus   tlrst-clai -
Tourists curs   tor    i..'  ni
Moil.]',  and    Frldaj :    tor    uoni
<���',.���:'.   Wedne idaj  and ej i
Beattle train leave
For further par' Icuia to
ED. GUI i.t-.i.
U. i'. is. Agent.
New   v,
Assistant   General    Passenner   Agent.
Trains & Steamers
e. i>. k. MAIN LINE.
Leave  N> w  Westminster   15.40 d
Arrive n>w Westminster 11.35 dally.
rtv. New West. . 8.30; ar. Seattle 16 50
Lv. Seattle 10; ar, New West, 18,40.
Lv. New  West. 10.35 and  IT :'���.
Ar .New Wesi. 9.36 and  16.40.
c. P. It. MILLSIDE SPEC! ih.
Lv. New Westmlnstei 1.30 a. m.
Lv, N, W. 9.30 u.m.; ar. Seattle I p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.36 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.: ar, N. W. 3 p '"
Lv. Seattle 1.20 p.m.; ar, N. W,   9.35
V., W. & Y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N. W. I! p.m. and !'.::."i p.m.
Lv. Vancouver S.::.". a.m., and I p.m.
Lv.  N.  W.  9.20  a.m.'   ar.  G .lchon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Gulchon 2.40 p.m.;  ar. N. W
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv,   New  West.   6.60  a.m.,  0.50,
and   hourly   until   11   p.m.,   '��� Itll   h
hourly   betw i   12.30  and   8.30   |
Saturday hali'-h -ly noon to 11  i
Sunday hourly    8    a.m. to  n
with half-hourl; bet. noon and I
Lv. Vancouver same time through'
J Fraser River and Gulf
He I ,-ei
From N. W. Mon. Wi     Frtd
.'.   ii Chwk. Tu., VI:.. s: ������ 7 a.m.
From N, W. 'I'u., Th., Sat. 8
Fr  Chwk. Sun.. Wed., '���'' I,
From N. W, daily, ex. Sun., 2.
From Mt, Lehman, 7 a.m.
From n. w. dally, ex. S
Add. trip, Monday, a a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. 11'
Add. tri|i Saturday, 6 p.m
City of Nanalmo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m
From Victoria Saturday 7 6
7 a.
16 p.
Mail Service
Closn.      R'���
Seattle, via Sumas Ki.tiil |i.in.   6
Sap'n & Millslde...l0.00 p.m.   6.
Vancouver 10.011 p.m.    '.M
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..   ..  8.45 a.m.    3.30 |
Van. & Cent. Park...10.30 a.in.   2p'
Victoria 10.30 a.m. lO.Djj
East Burnahy..  ..   f.16 p.m.    LIB
Steveston, etc   1.30 p.m. 10.801
East, via C.P.R... 3.00p.m. 12.00)
Sap., Mill, COQ'm.. 3.00 p.m. 12.00 1.
Van. & Burnahy.. ;i.30p.m.   0.00 p t"
\rj��- ��^y TUESDAY.  MARCH   6,   1905
The Home of the
Our Line of Ladies' and Misses' Shoes
Embraces all the celebrated makes, including the
Ultra and Queen quality.    The prices of
these shoes never change.
For Men
We have just completed one of the greatest 30-day sales in the history of our store and
)nce you use a slater shoe, you will j now have ample room for the biggest display of up-to-date spring footwear on the market, which
use no other. . [s arriving daily.   Drop in and examine it.   All the latest eastern effects and styles.
We are the Exclusive Agents for the City
of New Westminster and vicinity. I T
 | ANNOUNCEMENT:   We are just advised by the Slater people that they are now
Another Line of shoes for Men that we re- j placing on the market a shoe f or women which they promise to give as great a name as that
commend is the j achieved by the SHOE for men.   We will handle a complete line of them and expect to an-
! nounce their arrival very shortly.
This Shoe has Stood the Test of Time and j
Has No Superior.
Columbia St.,
New Westminster
May  Taxe  en   Herman  Just   Now   :.:���'.'���
Attend to Others
;  Hi we .   ii    the     past
ii indie
��� ilarch  '������������ des-
���' u ing a match with
Britl or Nelson, has Anally
consented to consider a meeting with
Kid Herman, and 11 i resent plans are
curl ��� 1 out, ih" battle will I"-' Coughl
in Los in;" i, before the Pacific Athletic club, b inie time in March.
Ken in Is a good, game, clever
;';.."..'" . and mi loubtedly bus earned
a ,.-'.. ' ' i onsldere i as a toil
i "   :.. ii" i .in hardlj   be con
.-' . ���    ��� .  ;. -   ..i   a   < lllSS  With   Huns.     1'or
ih.it matter, however, neither can the
other llghtweif hi stars Nelson, Brltl
and r.'". ��� i ad it Is verj likely
; hal I ��� i man will make just as good
a Bhowing as any one of the trio.
The . nl- question is over the weight,
tiuii.- ��111 ii..." to make i33 pounds
ringside with Herman, and there is
room for doubt ilia! he can do this
figure and lie strong enough to whip
such u tough cu itomer us tlie little
���   : ..    Clans has di. lared, never
theless, lhai lie i an do It, and he ci .
tuii.l.  Know.-, whal he is talking about,
HI     liowln      In    his    affair with
Jin my   Brlti,    In    n lilt h he at first
claimi 'i i".i    ii" was . o �� eaken
making    lie  low   welghl   thai   1 ������ was
ni,i  .   io di   i Imi "ii   'i1'"     	
c ai  In iii" 111 hi ol I.,    rei i nl dis
, ;             be taken Into i onsldi i  I Ion
11..;.' ii, i "  Is said  to have mad ��� thi
renia It         tl)  nl er 111 u e il   >de thai
he could h    '     whi ipe IB
roum ��� I u so dlsi	
It ia it i-o ii i" thai if duu-1 .".in
up i: ���; man and one or two other good
(���in... i.. Nelson and Britt, despite
their unalterable stand, will find
Hi", [selves in ih" position oi either
being forced Into the ring with the
negro or driven oul of the business.
The Pacific coast Ugh! lovers are dls-
posi : lo overlook duns' past i eer,
i.inl. with their well knov u admiration
tor u 11. ' er fighter, will noi e I ���
to help    him    along,   providing    he
mak '- s I i�� the future,   Now dun
Joseph has Btated thai the brl : I ���
off with him, ii will be Inter atlng to
watch his future doings.
Nelson   and   McGovern.
The time for the eagerly anticipated tussle thai is to brng together Buttling Nelson mid Terry McGovern Is
drawing nigh, and dally reports from
tlielr respective training camps are
found on every well-regulated spoiling
page. Nelson, of course, la shaping
up ill his usual first-class condition
and will lie keyed up for a fast, bruising struggle when the time cotnos.
His training methods have been considerably altered from those he has
will be the
.....   Ii  ',���   In   ' he  '' mlng   battle
nd have woi ked from the first  with
��� ad alom   In  vb w.    Ii  is pretl
'   . ;.   towever, to ni sprinter oul
��� i llstan uni er, nd Nelson will
li . > '" toll im mi; . ' " pace
once Ti .'.   -"���' - v. a nn I u .
��� ���.'.   good   !      " ui   be
when the bell .    -    great, ab
sorbing qui      m ���    ���.    ling his
�� ui  '.\ishi  .-.    The reports from  Ins
ui. u | ii i - Indli ate l hal the famous
: "i roi' Is going through bis usual
Hunts woi I chopping, hill climbing
and a greal   deal ol  ro.nl work.    H��
: crel  ol di" tact  thai  he
Intends to carry the battle to the
j Dane from ihe drop of 'he hat���he '
lou'iini fighl otherwise if he tried, so
there's no harm in admitting ll���and
li" is especlallj confident that the c n-
test will not go the full si\ rounds,
As far us can be judged, McGovern
will come to the scratch In nearly us
good shape us he ever was In his life,
ind thai being the case, Nelson will
lave quite an evening's entertainment,
:m doubt,
Russell Out of It.
Fred Russell, formerly of Seattle,
might as well Join Jack Munroe and
tiptoe quietly to the exl r nue bai l;
: ii,\ and It quietl; down. His ye trs
of training and pre; arat'.on counted
for naught when a really clever man
ii is o'li'i. .i i "i him in !in  pet son of
Jack   Root, arid  to realize thai   n	
bulk and muscle are not all thai constitutes   "   siti' " isful   pugilist      B ot1,
��� s  w is  expei ted, did  pr 'tt    ne u    is
I    |     ,      :: .    '11    whenei er  the
,: ."''i'l    quit     cllnchl; ���    loni
lot ;h    o  let      layllght  in  bel\
������   ��� .    n hal It  w '      II
p -I 'ii    oi-  fellow   from tnkln
nnt,    ut hi    '    tics :u ill" I hii    . ���
Marvin  Hart Ericas Up
M  rviu  Hart   ii ema to be oni  of It
ntlrelv foi i        ntr.   The dl
II     mlo ' ���  I I   i   end
Ing of 1 ���   with Ton' ..'.   Bun ��
. I ������      . rush "i the big
ind  be is going sadly bai It to Ken
tuck>    'uu  lake  plentj    "'.'    time to
think II  over.
The ' rouble with M rvln and It '<
u wond ii nobody thought of i befori
"lit���seems to be Hi" in f lilt g Tommy Ryan's method of
fighting li" lost entirely his old style,
which, though awkward and not very
in 'i> to look at. still was good
enough to set through a cleverer
man's guard often enough to bring
home the money on many u well-re-
nembered occasion, Hurt entered the
ring last week as merely a half-fledged
��� iiuil of Ryan, and the clever Burns,
hard to hit and equally hard to dodge,
made M irvlh look like a tyro In con-
��� uience
Undoubtedly, however, we have not
Been the 1 is! of Mr. Hart. He will re-
lire tor o while, nerhans, bul he is
sure to bob up again and take another
Bout Next Friday.
Hugo Kelly and luck [Big Twin>
Sullivan meet  nt  l.os Angeles on Frl-
'uv next or   a   twenty-round affair.
This buttle should be a letuitv. with
the winner hard to pick, although Sullivan appears as having whatever
"shade" there is. Both men rely to a
great extent on their cleverness, and
lovers of a fight fought on scientific
lines will be greatly interested in the
Million  Dollar  Field.
New   Vol i..   Man '..  ���'.   -.'.     spacious
. ad splendl |ui]        al hletlc Held.
costing $1. -  ; ."I,-".I for Co-
lumtl;  1 nh ���  si     In i lans filed with
President  Bui li i by Hue < ommittee he
ago to take the
i   ui .     As   no  ground   near  the
universit;   I lilding  is available ii  is
ised to make the ground by filling In the sh illi w shi n  waters of the
Hudson  river us tar out   as the pier
headline,  between    116th    and  120th
- reets,
The consenl of the city being necessary to the plan II Is proposed to se-
cure this it possible by combining
public play grounds with the athletic
field and to furnish facilities tor the
sports of the Public School Athletic
i". li is also proposed to ereel
an ornamental water gate on the
grounds where distinguished visitors
may be received. The stands surrounding ��� ii- field will be built of steel
and concrete.
WiHi this field of unusual size Columbia universit) would be able to Inaugurate i's proposed new policy in
-.. gard to athletics by doing away with
ali charges for gate money and by in-
vltlng the representatives of other
institutions or those of the army and
navy, for instance, to use the grounds
as the university's guests, tickets of
, dmission being distributed to the
alumni and students instead of being
ottered or public sale. zz
The committee in charge of the undertaking consists of George L. Dives.
William Barclay Parsons and Daniel
Leroy Dresser, all alumni of Columbia.
Clothing House
Has Just Received a Complete Line of
New Spring Clothing, Hats,
Caps and Men's Furnishings
TJW* t
Brackman��Ker Milling Co., Ltd.  |
The   Front.   New   Westminster,   B.   C.
m- 'm I
m i'
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Routt of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F. C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
If \0{k
The 20th Century
Brand Clothing
W. G. & R. Shirts
John B. Stetson
IIWMW." ' VDW* T ��� M. 1 ������ HIMIIU ���
The Cash Clothier THE DAILY NEWS
\kTB mean to make this the most interesting corner in this paper.    You will
find it will pay you to study this corner every time.    We mean to demonstrate to you that ours are the best and cheapest stores in the city.   Just watch
our advertisements and we will prove it beyond a doubt.
Rev. J.  H. White,  D.  D.,  Prr
Queens Avenue  Meth
aches In   Regards L��rge Gathering of Reporters
*cU&t As  Sign  of Good
End   Grocery
D. W. Gilchrist, Msr.
'I'ii" Bpecial  siuvio
���    A.  HARMDAN <���,, J. 5. bKYSON   ���
Hardman & Bryson
s   -rfiv   still  continuing in  th.- U"ec ns 'Avvnm, _Ml.,u<>.
disi   church,   witli
crease in the ir
Rev.   .1.   H.   W
way. is ill.
Practical Sanitarians
Coniplete line ot Granite, Alum iniim anil Tinwares.
Estimate* lurnisiiea on all  Classes of Plumbing Work.
Columbia Street
NEW WKSl Ml.NS 1 ��K
Sole Agents
823 GranviHe direct
Monarch Ranges.
Twwwwvw* ww^ w^w www www wwv
The presence of an unusually large
number  of  reporters  at   the   council
ii'.   perceptible do- meeting  last   night   caused  comment
.ei",r4.    I.;,st night  the   from   Mayor   Keary   as   to   the   inade-
niio, l>. li., who, by the qu^te accommodations for the repre-
son of 'the Hist Methodist sentatives of the press.
*ho eve preached in British      A  brief summary  of bis  worship's
jla,   and   vim   h��ill    the   first .statement is to the effect that the at-
cfo In ibis ���city,  preached an  im-  tention received from the papers must
'''  es.siT��? serr.wi on ihe story told by  necessarily  be  the  advance  guard  of
Ofti'liis-I  of  tbe   two sons, one of whom   prosperity and   business progress. His
. it.
lefl "home uti'l  foolishly  spent  all in a  worship Stated that he was always tn-
; far country and wisely returned again clined  to  extend   courtesies   to   the
home,  while  the other  remained    at  scribes and suggested that the coun-
lAinie   and   showed   by   his   spirit   Ihe  ell  provide better  acommodations  for
lack   of  true  brotherly   feeling.    The them in the future in order that their
speaker  likened  the elder brother to presence  might   be  assured     at     all
the church of today, while the younger times.
one   represented   the   large   class   of      Later  a  motion   providing   for   the
wanderers,  whom the Father loved in  installation of another press desk was
spite of their wanderings,  and would  put  and carried unanimously.
welcome buck mgalu if they would re-  o	
turn bourn. object  to  Socia|i8m.
Spokane. Wash.. March 5.���Because
��� ���������4
I Our First Announcement!
In This Paper is of Move      :
Polish Your Furniture
Willi Johnson's I'rerarod Wax. Il preserve! and bring* oat miiural beamy uf
ibe wo.nl. II produces a rich, arlistlc
HnisU, w which din and dust will not
adhere. Just Iry ii and you will see how
much bellrr il is Uian auy other polish.
Prepared Wax
is "A Complete Finish nad Polish for All
Wood " use it on your floors ami woodwork, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax is
for nil diiaoimr floors.
You can jret Johnson s free book, The
Proiwr Treatment for Floors. Woodwork
and FurniUu*" und these preparations of  I
The Canadian General
Electric Co., Ltd.
Head Offices
Factories:     Toronu
and   Peterboro
! Electric Apparatus for all Purposes
Dynamos, Motors, Steam Turbines, Meters,
Transformers, Lamps, Wires, Etc.
Also the Canada Foundry Co.. Limited, "Canada" Air Compressors,
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers, "Canada" Rock Crushers, "Canada"' Return Tubular Boile rs, "Canada" Steam and Power
Head Offices for British Columbia:
527-529 Granville St., Vancouver,
Also Victoria, Rossland and Calgary.
Tonight   Ilev.   M.   1..   Rugg,   D.   D..
will   preach,    it   is altogether likely  Illf. m^n-str ���f members of Federal
that this will bo the last week of the   i-n|on  No.. "JK2 refused to accept  the
Anderson & Lusby
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Than Passing Interest        j
We have good news to give you from our ready-to-wear depart- *
ment.   This time we have to t ell  you ol  the arrival   ot   ,,..   ,���.w <
Suits. Jackets and  s,i;irts. ,
The tlrgl arrivals in Ladles'  Suits denote a newness i������< style 'hat J
cannot tail to please tnose loo king for an up-to-date gprlni c"o ,
Kvery sun tailor-made In Buch   materials  as  new   grey  tweeds,!
whip cords and vicunas.    Musi h trimmed with sen strapping braids ���
and buttons.    Prices 120.00, $22.00. $25.00, $30.00.
Misses'   Suits aro none tie' less interesting to hear about.   P: li ea '
from $ii.uo to ��i<!./:>.
Separate Skirts and Jackets to match;     sold together or
Spring Jackets, Laoies' ..nd   Misses',  m  all   tho  newest   ma
and in fashions' favorite   mta.
Special values in tne next nhades    of    grey  tweeds ami covi I
clotJis.    Prices from $3.75 to $20.00.
Ladies' Cravenette Coats;    thoroughly  riiltiproole.i;  tin quarlet
and full lengtni; just mo ji. ment for all kinds of weather, being
new and dressy, and BUltahle for nil kinds of wear. A large
and complete range to select from.   Pries $3.7b to nu.uu.
Watch tins space tor niiure announcements.
special services, the Ministerial association havinr decided that any union
effort   was   scarcely   possible,   just   at
, o	
J Limited. 4
Office Supply
Victim   of  Gabriel   Pierre's   Knife  Still
Unfit for  Court.
Chief Const aide Spain left for Agas-
siz today in eonnectlon with the stabbing affray which look place there
j some days ago, ami for which Gabriel
Pierre is now being held at the pro-
vinel il jail. On.' of the two men who
were fttjured in ihe drunken brawl is
in n critical condition, and is unable
10 be broughl down here to give evidence. This stale of affairs necessi-
tated  the trip of Ihe constable.
The case appeared in the district
court yesterday, but owing to tbe
condition of the victims it was re-
inandi'd   for  .'iglrt   days.
W. C. Gregory Dead.
William Cook Gregory, aged 45, and
fi well known oltiaen of New Westminster, died in th.' Hillside hospital
at Vancouver last night. Death wail
due to heart trouble, with which the
I deceased had been affected for several
I month* paw. Dr, T. P. Hall was in
attendance at the time of Mr. Gregory's death.
The   body   was  brought  over   from
Vancouver at  10:n0 this morning, and
jwtfn laker, charge of by W. .1.  Fnles.
j who prepared il. and later sent il to
ihe     faniiy     residence    on     Seventh
j street.     Definite   funeral   ainangemnts
' bar 1101  been made as yet.
doctrine (it socialism promulgated by
the Industrial Workers of the Wopld,
they have withdrawn from the organ!-
station and will continue in the labor
Beld without national affiliations. The
action was taken at a meeting of the
union held Saturday night by a vote
of about ''.'I to 11.
-, 0- v-
The Steamer Heaver, arrived on time
today with a large shipment .of potatoes  for  Victoria.
md   Mr
s.   Hitch
c of  Port
my, ai
.��� gHests in the
Mr. :
ml Mrs
I, of Chilliw
in tho
city on
the Beaver
.1.   1
here this atter-
B.  ('.,  on
J. M. Todd
Dealer in
Pianos, Organs,      i
Piano Players, j
Columbia   Gramaphories and  Kecords.    ]
Zithers, etc. J
J. H. TODD, Burr Block,  j
,,.-   writ*   f��r
Sole Dealers
I   Remington  Typewriter  \
Typewriter Supplies
Typewriters Repaired
Adding Machines "Burrough's"
Office Desks and Furniture
Loose-Leaf Ledgers
Office Stationery
Elliott Addressing Machines
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������)��
625 Hastings Street
Vancouver, B. C.
Clearing Land.
W. H. Aiisiin, of Hlue mountain, is
busy clearing the vacant lot just he-
low tlio bridge at the Brunette river.
The land looks promising, although
low. ami Mr. Austin proposes to make
a fair test as to ils value for agricultural purposes. He at first tried to
use a donkey stumping engine bul
found that en account of the soft, character of the ground, too much soil was
pulled up With the roots. The stumping machine is now operating on the
high lands with first class results, Ihe
only thing necessary is to have something solid 10 hitch the donkey to,
then somethnlg has 10 go. While pul-
ling itself along the Port Moody road
ivy means of a running tackle hitched
to a stump many of Ihe old landmarks
were   removed   as   Ihe   donkey   moved
the stump Instead of tho stump mov-
Ing the donkey. The contrivance has
aJready proved itself a great time and
labor saver and wHI doubtless long be
kepi busj in that section of the coun-
1 ry.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY.   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
Here is a Copy of Our^Policy,
��50* (Five Hundred Pounds) will be paid by the Empire
Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, Ltd., (hereinafter called the
Corporation), to the person whom the Corporation shall destde to
be the next-of-kin of any person over sixteen and under Blxtj 8 e
years of age who is killed by an accident to the passenger raMlwa;
train In which he is travelling as an ordinary ticket-bearing or
fare-paying passenger, or who shall have been fatally injured
thereby, should the accident,be the direct, primary and Bole cause
of dea*i  within seven days thereafter.
This coupon Insurance Tlckef is accepted by the undersigned
on the express understanding that no claim will be mad.' or be
valid as against, or will be entertained by the Corporation .if
each and every one of the following conditions is not fully com
plied with, and that compliance therewith is distinctly precedent
to any liability on the part of the Corporation and is of th." essence of ibis contract:
(1) That the person so killed or fatally injured Is the bona
fide owner of this Coupon.
(21 '���jhat prior lo the accident for which the claim is made
his utAiul signature and address and the date of purchase shall
have been written in ink tn the BpAces provided below,
(3) That written letlceof death or infjury he forwarded to
the Empire Guarantee and Insurance Corporation Ltd., 192 Hope
street, Glasgow, ate sikhi as possible bat within seven days of tb>'
date of the accident.
Ml Tbnt Medical Certificates and other information tefpetttor
with proof ��f the aatual eautee of the accidont be furnished by tl*'
person claiming nmn the reo.imst fry same by the Corporation,
(5) That ilii�� coupon insurance ticket must bo produced whwn
required by the Corponation.
(fli That this insurance enly applies to accidents happening In
Great Britain and Ireland on the continent of Europe or in the
British  colonics.
("I That the insurance Is only available for six calendar
months from the date of purlicase stated below, and expires In atiy
event on tliw 31st December, 1907;   and
(M That compensation will not he paid under more than one
Coupon Insurance Clckel in lespect of tbe death of any one Coupon owner.
In Fedora and
Stiff Shapes
The Very
Latest Styles
Every purchaser of these
Stylish Hats js given an
Insurance Policy, covering
his life for ��500 against
railway accident. Guaranteed by the* Empire Guarantee and Iaiurance Corporation of Glasgow.
Price Only
Sec Our
Corner Window
H. L. DeBECK The Cash clothier& Hatter
| The Vanstone Heating
and Plumbing Co., Ltd.:
Heating and Sanitary Engineers
Sole  Manufacturers of Vanston c's
Patent    Water Tube   Hot  Water
Everything Fresh and
Give Us a Trial.
The People's Grocer
$ Columbia Street. New Westminster. ;
!���! ]i
Guests at Guichon.
The following are registered at the
Guichon hotel. Mr. and Mrs. tl. II.
St. ins. Wkraipeg; W. Poster, Millslde;
.1. ii. Howie. Seattle; II. E. Coflllcutt,
Calgary; J. II. Htinter and wKe, Mt.
Vernon, Wash.; Eller Thomas and
wife, Seattle; .lames .11 Morrison, jr.,
York; I. Kendall, Vancouver: \.
Cruicksbank, Matsqui; .1. P, Watson.
Mulsqul; S. A. Morgan, .Matsiini; E.
H Rlckel b, Vancouver; P, Gltohell,
C.   A.   Welsh   Returns.
Charles  A. Welsh and  Mrs. Welsh.
returned home from the sunt h today.
\&t. Welsh has been enjoying himself
**��-���������������������������������#��������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������+�����
Machine Pipe Threading a n I Cutting Works.
Steam and Hoi Water Heating and Ventilating Installations.
Flumbing, Galvanized Iron  Cornice, Roofing, etc.
Works, Office and Show Rooms :    Clirkson Street.
New Westminster.
Vancouver. ���
Can Arr.iniv
Terms  For You.
Houses and Lots
In Every Section of the City.
in Southern California and gaining in
strength and weigh!  after his recetil
attack Of typhoid fey.a;. Mrs. Welsh
rejoined Mr. Welsh at Seattle and they
made the balance of the journey lo-
get her.
One aore, rivi. acre and ten
.list ricts.
Kami   lands  ot  all   Kind*  a nd     d
miles of  Hie Otty,
Bee us before going elsewhere,
lhan any other Heal Estate Healer.
Send  for list  of  Houses, lot s   and   farm
blocks    in    city and suburban
located   within  su
n  sell  as low  If not  lower   W
* ������<*!*��������������������<>���<> *>��������������������**��� ��������������*������*��*�������������������������������������������������
823 One hundred and sixty aeres.beautirullff Bttuatea on the
snutii.: a Blope ol cm' serpentina Vail1.'/; flrst-elass land, trontmg on
the Clover Valley itoa.i. near the railroad and river; good road;
land is very productive; aBoul 60 act's in first-class condition,
Good ami convenient Buildings. All necessary Implements and stock,
This is well worth  Investigation,    Price, ?au per acre.
1027-An unustiaUy good buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; cu
to 76 acres under tirst-Class cul Llvation; '.t acres under l#ips, all in
good shape; lil-rooni.'d ilweltn'g in good condition, bam bUXtUU; hop
kiln and baling room m good condition; ihe buildings ��n the place
are worth al  li|tsi  *3,UUU.    Uert and Creek runs through the properly.
���   This is a most desirable farm;   from W.BOO to $3,BU0 per rear can
J    be taken off it.   Knee, $r,wo cash.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufaeturera  and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining-
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster,    j
186  Columbia   Street.
B.  C.
Advertise in The News
Tuesday afternoon Her. .1. rt. Hen-
derson was called upon by A. E. Thomas anil .Miss Fannie P. AUtfe, both of
Seattle, Before they lefl Mr. Henderson joined their bauds together In the
bonds of matrimony. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas lefl in the evening for their
home across the line.
 r-O  >
Shcwab Moves.
Los Angeles, Qui., March 6.���Charles
M. Schwab, former president of the
United States Steel corporation, who
arrived here Saturday, left for the.
east last night..   . ^ . u_.- .
II Electric Railway Service |
Ideal Soda Biscuits
25c a tin
Try Them.
They are Good.
We have BOme splendid values lo offer you In 40 piece lea KetJa;
also tea cups and saucers by the dot. tr half doi., a large assortment.
The City Grocery,
Telephone 9,7 ADAMS & DEANS.
emei h��� ��������
Inter-urDan   Line.
Tars    for    Vancouver   and
stilt Ions at  I..ad and I
U a.m,.
y houii thereafter hell, ni. ami 11 p.m.
cars  troin   LKm.  to 7
and  eve
I Ween 8
Cars leave Vancouver tor West-
minster al same Hours.
Last car Saturday at, n p.m.
City Limits Une���Service rrom
B.:ill a.m. to 1U.BU p.m.
20 Mlnut. Service���.no transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and !> and 7.
30   Minute    Service    during  re
niainder oi day.   Transfer I'1
Leopold Place.
Sunday Service hourly between
8 a.m. and III p.m.
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton L*ie��� lit .Minute Service, except between t- '""'
2, and r> and v, during Which
hours the service Will "a
Sunday Service halt-Hourly between 8 a.m. and tu p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.
����+����+������������� ������������������


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