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 egis \tive .
APR 7 .1906
^oria.b0;. '
Commissioners Propose to Increase
Resolution Is Passed Recommending That City Council
Double the Fees Now Charged for Privilege of Selling Liquor���Commissioners Venables and Jaggers
Move for More Time and Are Voted Down.
. 1   I
t!    Ol    ll"     lie
.  bu    non I to be
1   bi en   I
.....      if the
News  Cautcs   Stir.
'he-  nev
ihai     the
in iiini-
ind  add
;,>.       loon     there   wai
. o i     hose dlr-
���   I
:��� ��� . idui i
Sn Ith,   sec inded    by
t   i  .  ti as.-
of I t   $200  per
.   .-ii. an i ol sal
00 iii $600, tne fee tor
houses   remaining  as   bits With Opposition,
e met  with the opposi-
��� nei b  Venables and
i     nl iim d   ihat   since
11  adopted, couldn't go
on  the flrsl of the year
was plenty of time to con-
��� i. and accordlnglj I hej
resolut lon i e laid em
ntil the next  regular mei I
objected to bj  tbe movi i
solution, who held ihai taction was nece I Tir,'.. and ac-
II;    \\'e.i ship   Mayor Ki are
tlr, i.ni iiu- motion,
expected,   a   dea
: ii im..
Tods      here 1
cusslon  i nd  ei
i le as to wl
ery tc Ver.
No :
ner   Vena
the action i      '
in Bald:
��� The v, hole  affair  is a  mj Bter;
I can no   sei    Se o
llroadlng   n   me i im e  like   thai.
if   due   com i lei atlon,   I lo\
w ei e In i hi   n Inorltj. and coi
��� I ���   action last
are nol eni If le i to any enllghl
I   un   il: ���   -ni |ect.   !        ��� ���    ���
��� .      : he   resolution   be   l dd   on   I hi
uni il the ne a   rei dai   meet Ing
��� ���-. and II thli wi re done, we
would   .Til   have   Bix  months  li
i   to  consider   the   proposed   In-
��� in lie -in-. ��� fei . However the
deed 1 do I it I n w up u. the
��� ounctl -.i defeat or i uppoi t thi
sure'  us   il   Bl as   lit."
Aged   Limit   Increased.
\ clause Is also Inserted, raisli
age limit ot minors from the Bixteen
j ears to ell! u -��� This portion
nf the resolution met with universal
favor,  ii   being   even   tell   in  certain
quarters thai the a) i :'i would nol
be ie... far advanced aa a boundary to
ibis feature "I the license act. In
many municipalities, and corporations '".'li hero and in the United
Si.nes. the law forbids the entrance
in a bar nf s jotith under the age- of
21, and as a result, ii is said, very
tew young men find (heir way to
these places even after they have'
I .. ed the age limit, than is the case
lu e iiie-i- whe' - ,i youth of Bixteen was
,i bar,
. .
Means $'
i    thai 17.
u  effect   ln
i   .     of
two  are  aaloon   licences.
The   hotel   licences   being   doubled,
al   an  Increase of 5200,  will give an
-   ��� un, and the
$100 each
will increase the additional revenue
-..   he clt;   to th   - of $2   10, Tim
ii will be si en thai tue proposition .
a   paying  one  to  the   city,  althi
the burden wlll bear rather heavy on
i he  hoteln ,
Hotelmen Are Guarded.
There is  much  discussion on    the
eet, and In the various hotels i nd
saloons,  as  to  whether  the  me
wlll pass ile- council, and the general
opinion Beema to be thai  ll will.   \i
though   ihen   la  much  dissatisfaction
.- liquor men en' the
city, i he;  are somewhat careful
just how they main' their complaints,
for fear of the wrath to come, should
any  of  the commissioners  wish    to
make  things  Interesting   for them.
Wait and Hope.
Among iiu liquor men the Impression si-.nis iii be that should the n
sniuiiiiii pass iu open council, thej
will be- up againsl ii pretty hard, and
ii is sabi that the Increased licence
will prove prohibitive In certain hotels. As ii is, the hotel men have no
other choice than to awall  with ih>-
best   patience  possible  the niltcnme of
the proposition In the hope that matters In the end will nol be' as bad for
till-in as thej appear to be ai iln' presenl   lima
Grand Trunk Company Expects to Carry Share   of
Western Harvest Next Year.
London, April .r>. The shareholders of the Grand
Trunk Railway of Canada; at their half yearly meet-
iilg this afternoon, with Sir Charles Rivers Wilson,
the president, in the chair>#adopted the report of the
directors and congratulated the Company on its
The Board fully   anticipated   that the Grand
Trunk's  ed -    Paci ic road from Winnipeg to
iperibr,  incl he Government portion,
d be co     - ne to carry the harvest of
e cable di uncing the decision of
United State        tiding the
Michigan Tax  Law. b he taxation of the
roi I [ bl , < aus ;d unfavorable
commen .
The reporl meed    hat much
had been ace reconstruction and re-
ent of th much remained to be
done, especially es and cars.
License Fees
Colonial Police Rescue Women and Children At  Keate's
Drift and Suffer Losses in Rapid Retreat to
Their Stronghold���Zulus Grow
rhe col-l
i :��� ���    own,
it of the G
:  after hea .
Ore town.
Running   Fight  for
Ion of the I
D - l
rning was a
- .  foi   six    i    -  thi
the   pursuit   until   .
a mile of Greytown. Three of the colonial   poll. ���   were   killed  and  sever il
Rebels   Flu
artiller; .
R e i -i'
52 LIVES CRUSHED OUT Vesuvius Sprinkles
Naples  With Cinders
Hotel Building Collapses WTiile Large Number of Guests
Are  At Luncheon.
Nagold, Black Forest, South Germany, April 5.��� The
Hotel Zum Hirschen (the Stage Hotel) collapsed to-day
while the guests were at luncheon.
The bodies of several persons have been brought out,
and many other victims are supposed to be in the ruins.
Fifty-two persons lost their lives and seventy were
dangerously injured by the collapse of the hotel.
Winl. ., April ". The i ruptlon of
Mount Vesuvius Is assuming alarm-
lug proportions. Five streams of
' irnlng ' iva are descending the mountain thn atenlng everj thing below.
Roaring explosions are heard for
twenty  miles around.
The Inhabitants of the small villa-
I i - near the crate r are escaping
while processions ot villagers, carry-
ying Images of Balnts and madonnas
are praying  tor a  cessation    of the
e ruptii a, and .    the
neighboring  tow
The ied
so  far  thai   .ill   Naph      . led
wiili cinder i.
The Nepolitana are nol alarmed, ln
tact they are rather glad, su i  . thai
lhe  new  eruption  ol   '-���.- is in
' reparation  tor the   arrival  ol    King
ard,  who lefl   M trsi :..
on   lhe   Rural   Yacht   Vli A"
p    led   bj   Quei n   ih xan-
dria, and who is expei ted hen    o lay,
Stitches Together Spinal Cord That Was Severed By Bullet Sensation Occurs   in   the   German   Reichstag While   the
And Brings His Patient Through Alive, With
Prospects of Complete
Socialist Leader Is Replying to the Government
On the Moroccan Question and
Doctors Get Busy.
Anthracite Mine Owners
Are Determined On War
I-..,   \|,:ii  ���    John Mit      New   vmi..    April  ���'..   ai    today's and  the  conditions  throughout    the
���ii coal operator of conference Ihe miners proposed that Pittsburg district  were much Improv-
i ii,- difficulties between thorn and the ed.  Officials  of  the   Pittsburg    Coal
operators be submitted to arbitration, companj  reported 7(1 per cent of the
bj  the presenl  boar.i of conciliation, mines  now   iu  operation    and  more
miners al  work,
will   refuse  all  of  the The Independenl operators are tak-
Plttsburg,  Pa., April ���'..   Work wus Ing advantage of the Idleness at their
v' . ..... rates  wn iherles In
intj.  �� is Informed    bj
-   '."lav   It.iii,   New   Yurie  city
that  the   anthracite
ti     i :,. wa    .1.1. i ied to
New Veeik. April ... A Philadelphia
despatch to the Herald saj-B: The
question whether the spinal cord, once
Beveretl can be restdred, seems to
Lave- been solved by a young physician nf this city.
Five years ago Miss Clara Nichols
i-i South Fifth streel was shot In the
back, a diagnosis al fhe- time resulted
in the announcement that the spinal
cord had be-e-ii severed by the bullet
The physician, then Just out of college, decided to tesl his theory thai
the severing of the spinal cord is not
necessarily ratal. H��' Becured the
broken cord and with three stitches
united  the severed  pans.
For three en- tour months the pat
lent lay on her back in the hospital
and her death was daily awaited, Her
body be-low where the slim had entered had been cninplelely paralyzed.
She did not even experience any sensation when taking food or water.
For two years she was kepi In the lues
plial where a daily nisasnge was given her and where iii iU' by little hi r
powers of Bensatton returned.
At flrsl sin- could merely ie-11 when
sue was touched, but this year for the
Oral time, she was able in distinguish
when blindfolded the locality of the
Bensatton. Within the last month she
has walked with the aid of her
crutches nbout the little parlor ot her
Berlin, April B.Chancellor Von Bue-i
low while attending the debate In the
rtelchstag today, fainted and was carried from iln- chamber.
The chancellor made a speech on
the subject of Morocco and was lis-
tenlng to the reply of iii-ri- Bebel, the
Socialist baiii i- when be was taken ill.
The vice presldenl of the house, Dr.
ennui v.en Stolberg Wernigerede, adjourned the silting for a quarter of
an hour during which deep Bilenci
prevailed throughout  the house'.
in-. Mugdan uul in-. Belker had In
��� lit- meantime gone to the assistance
of the chancellor who appeared to he
conversing with them and with iho
members who carried him from the
e bomber Into the committee room.
Prof, item, r head eef the Moablte
hospital reached the room sometime
later and, after examining the chattel lieu-. Bald in- was Buffering from a
severe fainting Bpell and thai there
were no Indications ol paralysis which
was at  first  feared,
Only  Princess Vou Hiie-lnw who hnd
joined her huBband remained wtth
him. Emperor William came to the
door later bul was nol permitted to
enter as the chancellor was steeping.
The empress al io called to Inquire
aboul   ih" chancellor's health.
:, strike. '       resumed al  Beven more mines today mines to make- repairs and clean up,
1 Hi  and Warm. Smokers   Help   Country   Out.
Vprll  5.   Tin'    barometer st. Petersburg, April 5.   The extra
. over the western pon financial burden  caused  by  the war
1,1 "' lhe i mnhii'Mi in,,) nn,.   warm with Japan win be borne In pari by
continues    throughout     the tobacco consumers,  A  project  to In-
t>o with moderate winds on crease the Internal revenue fax on an
rrom   ibis    n>  California, average of 30 per cent, has been ap-
lhe enrlj hours are still proved for submission to the approach-
:"���"> lh" Rockies eastward to ,     ���alioM1,, par,iament.
wise Sup, li(ll.
The' Increase falls heavier on   the
"  the   Lower Mainland: oholce ul'"'"s "v tobacco '"" "ven ""'
moderate  winds,  fair    and cheap "mahotikn" smoked by the peasants will be raised over eleven iwlnts,
I..i' :i('i lum
Workmen Are Wanted
Along The Waterfront
"long the waterfronl yes-1 waterfronl for Bhorl term jobs is 41!
' *"s "Where can we gel men." cents nn I '. and even at thai rat*
������,,, cannol begot. Unloss some of tbe
work ihat  should have .     . .      ���������
: int, ,,. i. j immigration trom the obi land In Bome
,.;' mt   ��,1","��""' r"H, su,-,. meets thi I.    the 1 ��
*., ^"n hat every available _ueg  w,���  ,������������,������������,  ,���. ��� set-
" wlll|ng to work had all ,,,���,.  >,���,,.,, this summer, es, tally
in t) ��  ""M hniidle, The wane's paid  i��� view of the i^>'r amounl of build*
mnjorlty ot oases along   tlie Ing thai is already In sight.
Crew of  Bo.it Refuses to��JJnload Coal
and   Others   Are   Also
The captain of the s. s. Otter is
having troubles of his own today ii
reports are correct .1 Ie arrived In
porl yesterday with ajarge consignment of coal.
The usual gang according to the
reporl of one ot their number presented themselves al the wharf to unload the coal and wen' Informed ihat
the crew of the boat would perform
Ihe duty. The crew however did not
1 full Iii line wit-i the piopositlon and
refused to act, nnd were promptly In-
vlle'd   In  gel   OUl   which   they  did.
Then came the difficulty nf unloading the cargo as the regular gang refused in undertake the job In view of
the situation. As a lasi resorl a gang
of   eiillianien   were   secureil   v.hn   are
now perspiring likt gladiators In their
. efforts to mi lhe WH.
Paul   Nocquet  Drops  Dead  After  Safely Landing From a Perilous
.WW Vnik, April "i. A coron��r's In-
vestlgatlon Into lha tragic <i>-;it ii of
Paul   Necquet,  the  young  balloonist,
who   expired   in   :i    Long   island   sail
marsh Tuesday nlghl after he had
safely landed from a perilous ascension will be made tomorrow and to
determine the exacl cause of his death
an autopsy will  be he-Id.
II Is believed thai  Nocquet elb'el fruiii
| heart failure following complete phy-
' steal exhaustion and the mental an
i gulsh lu' nuisi have tell when he be'
| lie've'd lie was being carried to sea by
Crew of Missing Coal Carrier Are Safe
on   Board    the   Steamer
the big balloon.    �����
General Blanco's Funeral.
Madrid, April ���'.. The funeral of
i General Blanco, tha former captain
general of Cuba, who died here yesterday, was held today with the highest military honors, The royal family and the diplomat!* corps were1 re
presented. The body wrapped in the
mantle of ihe ordtr nf iho Holy
Sepulchre, was taken to Barcelona,
there to Im Interred in the Bantheon,
Lizard, April 5.���The German Bteamer   Assyria,   bouuel   from   St,   Thnnias
tor Hamburg, In passing here today
signalled that  Bhe had on  board all
hands  from  the missing  Nova  Scotia
schooner Carrie Easier .
The Carrie Easier, coal laden, sailed
from Canso, \. s.. tor Halifax about
March  S.
Until today nothing had been heard
from ���either the vessel or crew and
both were generally believed to have-
been lost.
Strikers  Become Violent.
Abbeville,    France,    April   5,   The
Btrlklng Ini-ksinlllis nf l-'resseuvllle
yesterday   sucked   the   residences     ol
employers nmi foremen, set tire to tho
furniture, prevented the firemen from
extinguishing the Barnes and smashed
I he machinery and the factory windows
Reinforcements hnve been ordered to
Judge Morrison Accepts $200 Security
for His Appearance.
N, Brown, committed ror u-tui een
ihe- charge of forging a note, by Magistrate Corbould yesterday morning,
wns released by Justice Morrison In
Vancouver on a cash bail ot $2110, for
bis appearance when called upon by
the court,
isrown was taken over to Vancouver yesterdiity afternoon by Detective Bradshaw, where he appeared
before His Lordphip who speedily
iixed the amounl of ball required,
which amounl was Immediately pm
up by two personal friends of Brown.
Licks   Up  S800.0CO Worth   of   Lumber
and  Plant in  Denver, Lclo.
Denver, Colorado, April 5.- Flre to-
eliiy completely destroyed the plant of
the Hallack Lumber A supply company here entailing a loss of $800,000.
The plant covered an area of twenty acres anil was swept clean Of millions  nl   feel   "I   lumber   and   several
Huda Pest, April 5.���The leaders ot
the coalition  party held  a conference
ihis morning under the presidency of
Francis Kossuth. They will meet again
ihis afternoon, li is Intimated that the
prospects tor peace are improvinge
Imprisoned Whalers
��� Are Well Cared For
San   1-Tnuciseo,   Cal..   April   5.-   The'      The   men   are   In   good   health  and
in-st  advices trom  the whaling fleet though it is an extremely hard winter,
Imprisoned In the loe al Bailey's fri no greal hardships havo been record-
hiiul,  were  received  In  lhis city yes-  ed.
teraay Bailey's Island Is about 880 miles in
rhe   tleot   consists   of the .steamers  the eastward of Herschel   Island. Tho
Beluga,  Herman,  Narwhal, and Bel- letters are dated October 5. totBw
vldere    a is all   but   the  llelvldero, ...all  was  brought oul   by  n relief d*
were to Wi! ' this season In the Al*   lachment   of   the   Canadian    Mounted
Ile   there   Is  no danger  Of murvnlhin.j Police.
- ��
'���T.     *.*"'$
THURSDAY,   APR|'_  ��
Conscientious      :ruples     of   Winnipeg
Public Sc1'   .1 Teach'rr Causes
Hs.   Dismissal.
Beca i i    ild uot conscientious
lUCt  relit-   uis    exe'icises  in  hei
In  ll      pul.He school,  .\Iis>
T. E McColl, i Winnipeg, is to i��-
-ilnaiinn. (lies McColl h - been on the teaching staff iei
Winnipeg fnr about eighteen months
nnd has never conducted religions ex-
erclses in her class room because she
tound that ll waa not in keeping with
hei views Though she received her
primal> education in a Winnipeg public srluKil sin never had any religious
exercises tn pn through.
The trouble nrose   over    the    ihird
se-iui annual  reporl  made    b\    her   in
whieh. in the place Intended for such
declaration, she stated thiil she had
conducted nn religious exercises. Shi'
had nn two previous occasions made
similar declaration! without any consequences   and   when   her   attention
was called to lt she slated ihat She
dill nol feel qualified to conduct
them Tii ��� result was thai tin- folow-
lng letter wns addressed to her bj
the se-. retai i of th-- public school
board: "A1 a regular meeting oi
tit*- school management committee,
held on Man b 8, I was Instruct*
wrlti and inform you thai owing to
your ability to cany oul the require
ments of the by-laws of the school
boa d In n gard to religious exercises,
the eon,ti.it tee regrets that ii cannot
recommend the renewal of your engagement which expired In December
last. The committee, however, decided
to retain ynu in your present, position
ns an occasional teacher until April
I. 1906."
Miss McColl is of the Hnpiist faith,
and believes in the em ire separation
nl school and church, the liberty of
the subject anil relegating pf religious
exercises to places where they would
lie more lilting and dignified than a
school room full of children, She
Bays that she might go through the
prescribed Hible, reading nnd recitation of the Lord's prayer as a matter
nf i Hi in. but she cannol do ihis. us
.she considers it would bi
Depth   of   Snow   and     Strong     Winds
Block  the  Way  of  Relief
A   correi ol   the   Winn
Premier   of   Saskatchewan Delivers   a
Telling   Speech   in the
ina, April   1.���Hon. Mr.    Scotl
Free Pri es from the St.Paul's continued his speech In the debate on
Pro      .-in    mission,   Fort   Chlppewy-  the address  In  reply today,    and en-
aii, Alberta as follows
Fort t'liii.pi v,-. ,ni. Aba.. March 20.���
M..... ��� have been scaroe this year, but
the last week or >u some have been
killed. Tie- Indians are In sore Btralts
ai Fort Fond elu Lac; some hundreds
are. Btarving, and many dogs are
dead. A relief party started from
Port ('hippewyan. but owing to the
depth of the- Bnow the dogs got played out, and pan of the flour had to be
left on the trail.
I'i Hid '111  Lac ha
in mitigate the suffering, bul all
travelling is very bad. and the cold has
been Intense, with strong win Is.
Another north pole expedition is
contemplated nexl year, and u Is
thought a visit will be paid to Chip-
pewyan    by    the   explorers mi their
way, nr Ihat thej  will pass near by.
...   I thi   proi. edlngs with  an  explanation   nf   why   former   Premier
.:n   was   passed  over  by   Lieut-
Redmond and His Followers Condemn
the  Action    of  Secretary
for  Ireland.
London. April i Trouble I is
n oui betwi ��� a Mr. Bryce, chiei
secretary for Ireland, .mei the Nationalist party. Thi- latter wauled the
dismissal uf 'J7 temporary assistant
land commission, i s, appointed in
1903, for a term ol three years .which
Governor i-'orget in summoning has just expired.   Thej   were almosl
all obnoxious to the Nationalists, because of belonging to the landowning class, and the Nationalists hoped
Mr. Bryce wouhl replace them with
Commissioners     more     to     the   Irish
taste in th.' administration of the
Land aci.   Mr. ur.M-e'. however, only
Mr.  Scott in form a government, lt
happened  at   Woodstock, Om..  when
Mr.  Haultaln made his famous speech
in   'he Oxford  by-eleciion,    lu  which
In-  Issued threats against  the Ottawa
government   and   threatened    to  tear
i in- constitution lo pieces. The Prince
Albert  election  wus   also ventilated,
amidst an acrimonious debate in the these
Mr. Karris, ai Fort cour.-e- nf which Mr. Scott challenged other
een doing bis besl   his opponent to produce evidence   of     Mr.  Redmond presided    at a meel
th.- charge thai members of ihe gov- bag nf bo members   ol his party to
night, which adopted resolution
eccepted the resignations nf eight of 4* ]iw ia��a,
men,    anil    re-appointed    the
ernmenl  were associated with crooks
an.! h" would immediately resign.
Something More Important.
"The Animal's Friend" says
"England Imports   between   I ������-   -
rive and thirty million birds a year,
on .March 1 a little Indian girl, aged '"���'���>��� London dealer received trom the
7, nr ii, was brought "i st I'.mi's Easl Indies alone four hundred thou-
Protestant ml slon to be, surglcallj sand humming birds, six thousand
ireated, having been terribly mauled birds nf paradise, and four hundred
by a savage dog. Tin- little one's thousand miscellaneous birds. Al-
rlghl ear was more than half bitten together if is estimated that between
off. and the remaining piece lacerated, two hundred million and three hun-
her rlghl thigh was also mauled mid - ��� ' million birds perish each year to <'
bruised, ami nn oilier par's nf tin' trim the hais of ih'- wi.in.-n of the
body cms.      Mrs.  Roberts,    the mis-   world.''
This Bounds very   pathetic   Indeed,
inn    1    wonder    whether   "Animals'
Friend" has gathered   any   statistics
on child  labor throughout the world.
On the traffic of rum and  tho tears  the tariff limit, and selling abroad at
wives and  children  shed and  on the
"white     slaves."     degenerates
sionary's wife', attended lo the Hub'
.sufferer, who bore the cauterizing and
bandaging with the courage of a
Spartan, She Is lining well. Tho
dog was shni bj Constable Wakefield.
A balfbreed hunter frnm Fort Fond
iln Lac arrived at    the    mission    on
condemning Mr. Hry - action, and calling for the ri-iuei. ii ot the objectionable  commissioner?.
-!': n .. Spiingfii Id Republican.)
Ex-Congressman Robert Baker of
Brool Ij n, glvi s n highly Interesting
example of how the tariff ls made to
work in connection with combinations
of protected producers. He te-lls of
;i man in New York City Who is doing   >  lain.- business iu selling Ameii-
in the American
market at much lower prices than the
makers offer them. It is a simple
ma let. Following a general practice
among the tariff-protected Combinations, American watch manufacturers an- keeping prices al home up to
A   Sprelal  fomplfi   -��l��.|-lianl��m   Em- I
blr> l�� <e>  ��o  It,
We ar- se> ncciisi..iued t.e standing
upright as a natural attitude that few
of us think what u special complex
mechanism is required for this pur-
pose A moment's consideration will
si ,-,i that the ordinary explanation of
the erect p.esitieen (the center of gravity to I-.- directly above n..- feet) is Insufficient, When a man is suddenly
shot, whether trom tie' front or behind,
he drops on his face, for the truth Is
that tlu-re is much more weight In the
front of the spiual column than behind it.
The fact Is that when we are' stand
ing a large number of powerful muscles (both front and buck) nre simultaneously at work, the effects of their
action being to neutralise each other.
Thus tlie legs would full forward were
it not that they are kept vertical ou
the feet by the strong tendon (thc
"Achillea") nt the back >ef the- heel.
time the muscles of the
thigh tire tightened so ns to prevent us
taking n sitting position, and the- muscles .'f the beck are- pulb-el tense so that
the trunk does ne>t stoop forward. The
head ls prevented from dropping on the
chest by the llgnments ln the nape of
the neck.
That tlie upright Is not Its normal
position ls en9lly shown by the fact
that a man nods us he ls fulling asleep,
for as soon as the controlling nervous
forco Is diMieleued the head drops for-
wapl by Its own weight, only to be
pulled back Into position again with
a Jerk when the brain becomes suel
(lcnly aware of nn unusual attitude.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the Family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Feb. 26 suffering wilh    a    punctured  haunt life's dark by-ways of sin?" How
eyeball. He received 'he injury while
travelling by night, having been
struck by a willow while passing
along with his dog train.. The sigln
is or course destroyed, During liis
two day's siay ai Fori Chlppewyan
hollow everything possible was done for him.
'I'lu  eye was bound up and dressed.
ace, wi' shall have to     S - ��� ' , , . ���     , , {
,any... n,e supersti. I Having made arrangements to enter another line ot business we have
noltnnn      e.h"iiipi.      in       _H 1
decided to close out our immense stock of
"Some teachers conduct them once
in iwk-i :i year, and sign the declaration that thej have complied with the
requirements nf iln' bylaws, do they
not?' asked a reporter of Miss Mc
"l could im' dn ihat," si,.- answered.
"Some have signed the declaration
wlthoul holding Bervlces al all, It is
said," suggested the reporter.
"I made nm my statements truthfully," said Miss McColl, "and as I
nevei i arrled them nn, I said so."
in educational circles the mutter is
being discussed, and much differences
ni opinion are being expressed, li is
claimed iimt persons whose belief provides 'lee.   BO  \ ellel ill inn  (if till' Christ
inn faith, ar" employed as teachers,
land the case nf Miss McColl, who Is
really conscientious, and admitted to
lie an excellent teacher, is considered
somewhat unique.
(From the London, Eng., Tribune.)
i'i we .re   i" pul  our country,    In
iIn- words nl thc Prime Minister    recalled  bj   Mi. Courtney, at Hie head
of a league of pe;
di-siie"- .,  good IU
tiuns ii:,- make   nations   Btrange   tn
each other.    One of them is tho hal
ii. which Mr. Courtney deplored, ofn
gardlng all ihc nations ns so many pn
datory  IribeS living    by    appetite   o
hale-, and spending   their   lives   ami
their energies In devising conspiracies
againsl  the happiness of their neigh-]
I'drs.       f..is  view    is    fundamentally!
false.      The    obscure    and    nameless1
thousands    who    are    buried    in    flu-,
plains ni Manchuria avenged not sihih-
quarrels ol their own, bul lhe siigbi
eai   nmb   li u    nr  the  defeated  dlplo
niae-v   ,ii   their    rulers,    Tin-  tragedy
<u our '  ��� Itzation is just  ibis,   thai
millions ol nii'-.i living a llfe of hard
und coml      ess f"ii    too   Intenl    nn
iin-ii . . . ���  Btruggle tor Hu- fragments
nl ,i  In     ���   i.l In can- iii know    how
ni hei  >      ins live nr acl. an-   at   tho
mercj  ���    the  ambition or Hu- Imprudence . i a ruler nr u minister,     Nobody  .......'!  the  people nf  Europe
warllki . IM- moment, Those countries    ... hi .'    the    people    have' the
:.'.ieealcs!   power���France and Italy-  an-
passionately anxious leer peace. The
pool of (;��� rmany and Russia hate and
idread w,.: \ traveller ln RusBla during thi wi . wllh Japan described how
the  entiri     village    used    tn    follow
mourning when a conscript or reserv-'
isi  ten  I     the front.    It    is   signit'i
cam that at the Socialist congress last
week   ��� icls the Socialists of all
countries discussed what means were
available   to make war impossible    in
pi ie i ie : he i.abnr party   In   Eng
land, ��li ��� ��� as ii differs In many re
spects fi ni labor parties'elsewhere is
as wboli hearted as Lhe Socialists of���
France oi Germany In its love of
peace Peace is at bottom the chusu
nl demo racy, li Is the condition o'f
lis grew 11  and piiwt r.
Big Deal in Coal Lands.
Los ingeles, Cal., April 5.���Thej
rimes todaj Bays; Immense new coal
fields coi . rising 500,000 acres in Colfax county, N.-w Mexico, have been
bought bj the St, Louis Rocky Mountain it I'll. Ific Railroad company from
the Hn'e - syndicate which owns the
Old   Mi.x'v. ::   kind   grant   of   1,570,000
acres in ( ol :>\ county. The price is
sold i , ! ..    been 116,000,01)0, I
Woman With Record.
Probably the most familiar figure in
ib'- police court, Charlotte Glover, ln.-t
nlghl celebrated her 116 arrest, says
ile- Winnipeg Free Press of last Saturday. She had as usual been looking
mi Hu- wine when ii  wns red and    it
many unfed lie down on the public
highway to sleep? How many aged
are homeless?   These bti nsgeramiff
are homeless? These things ure of
more human Importance than the
slaughter  of  cigarettes.���Exchange.
Gives Assurance to  President  of  Winnipeg  Board of Trade.
Winnipeg,    April     I.-Mr.    Andrew
Si rung,   president    of the    board    Of
trade, and an old personal friend of watch manufacturers.
Presldenl  Hill of the Greal  Northern lection for the benef
railway, bas received   a   letter   frnm
suited In her being the bu" of jokes that gentleman, explicitly staling the
whatever they can get tor the product
who which cannot be sold here. Their foreign prices are said to be frnm 27, to
7,ii per cent, below what are charged
buyers of watches under the beneficl-
ent shelter of the tariff, and this New
York denier Is able to maintain
agents abroad to buy up American
watches sold then-, bring them back
here and ihe-u offer them, al a profit
in himself, at lower prices than the
manufacturers will make' for ibis market. The same trick could be worked
to the discomfiture of most other pro-
lec'e-.i combinations were their product as valuable in proportion to
weighl and bulklness as is thai of the
This is proof foreigners,
nol Americans.
llilil.li (nntrnntn.
Their wealth, their luxury, their cultivation of arts which we have not yet
had time to seriously contemplate, their
civilisation, their Btrange class distinctions, but above all ibe great wealth
ami the gre'at poverty of their people,
stir our wondering faculties more than
any other things can ever iln. When
we bell.,I.l their wealth we- are' as pool
children brought suddenly into u rie-h
child's nursery and lost in astonish
ment at the number aud profusion "f
toys strange to us. When we sec their
poverty we are Pharisees who thank
God that we are not as these others.
But lu either case are wc beset with a
great amazement���From "An Outland-
er lu England."
nu Exc-nar.
A Scottish parish minister met thc
laird's gamekeeper one day and snld
to him, "I say, Davidson, why Is it 1
never flee you ln church V
"Well, sir," replied Davidson, "1
don't want to hurt the attendance."
"Hurt tbe attendance I What do you
mean?" nsked the minister in surprise.
"Well, sir, you see," replied the game
keeper, "there nre about n dozen meu
In ihe parish that go tu church when
I'm not there, and they would go
pom hlug if 1 went to church."
b.-. a lot nf drunken hoodlums near
-.in- Imperial hotel mi Main street.
Tin- police Interfered ami conducted
Charlotte in the police station where
in   Hi"   leu   days  she   will   spend   with
them Bhe will make the floors and
eu'sks as clean as possible.
Intention eif ins company tn enter the
Canadian west. The great railroad
magnate will visit, this city immediately after liis return frnm the oust about
Thieves  Loot  Monastery.
RostOtf,   Province  nf   Yaroslav,  Russia. April 5.���A gang nf thieves looted
ill" Trniize Warnitski  Monastery dur-
May, in Inaugurate the work of con- ing the nlghl nf April " and got away
Btruction nf Canada's fourth greal with (23,000 and a quantity nf valii-
trunk line. able articles.
An   1 .i iilieiiiel Inn.
"Why is it," said, the young man with
long hair,  "that  the  average
would    rather    marry    money
brains?"      ���
"She takes less chance," answered
Miss Cayenne. "The average woman '.��
a better Judge of money than she is of
brains."- Washington Star.
Wallpaper, Burlaps, Room Mouldings,
Varnise Stains, etc.
Cost for Ca
Very neat 5c to 7 l-2c bedroom papers for roll 4c
i) in. borders to match, per yd - - 1 l-2c
Many very handsome stripes and floral designs in
all colors, regular prices 7 l-8c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
Sale prices, per roll - 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c
Nine-inch Border to match for   -   -   -   2c a yard
Embossed Gilts
Regular prices - - 25c to 40c
Sale prices - - 12 1-2c to 20c
18-in. Freizes to match, per yd     -     12 1-2 to 20c
Sale prices, per yard - 6c and 10c
Pressed  Goods
A  beautiful  line   of  American  pressed  goods;
regular $1.50 a roll: Sale price      -     75c a roll
18-in.   Frieze to match;    regular 35c per yard
For - - - 20c a yard
A visit to our store will convince everybody that we
have the largest stock of Wallpaper in British Columbia and it has all got to go and go quickly. We
have just opened a fine line of German goods which
v ill be sold at cost.   Our
Varnished Goods for
Kitchen and Bath
40c a role everywhere, while they last 30c and so on.
Remember this is a genuine sale, no removal
sale or side show of any kind, but a real, genuine
get-out-of-the-wallpaper-business-quick sale. We
have a good staff of paperhangers and will hang all
paper we can for those who want work done, but of
course we will not be able to hang it all.
First Come, First Served.
Samples Sent to Out of Town Customers.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy"_ Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
[Great Wallpaper Sale !|
Do you need a Set
�� nr*      .1   O We guarantee to fit you
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Read   Our   Prices
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A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.    Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver
^�� ��� ��asawossE�� <srafw_3?si wEsmaaa
808 Pender St., Vancouver I     ^^ \\[ H|g (feWS
Opp. People's Theatre.
Same Prices Apply to Mail Orders THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1.0&
Arc You a Subscriber
��� ������to the...
It is a Clean, Bright and Newsy Sheet, Free From All
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nts Per Week
i'   ������ ��� in in mi m mi
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to the Business Office
The Daily News
k j
A l.nt.K,  Hard  I'ntli  to llMirh  n   Hood
Fee  Hefore   111,.  Supreme Court.
The lawyer who works liis way up
from a live ilollur fee In a milt before a
Justice of the peace to a 18,000 fee before the supreme court of his state has
a long ami lianl path tu climb. Lincoln
Climbed this path for twenty-live years,
with industry, perseverance, patience-
above all. with that self control nnd
keen sense of right  and  wrong  wblch
always clearly traced the dividing line
between bis duty to bis client and his
duty to society and truth. Ills perfect
frankness ot statement assured hlm the
confidence of Judge and Jury In every
argument ills habit of fully admitting
the weak points In bis case gained hlm
their close attention to his strong ones,
and when clients brought bim question.
abb- cases bis advice was always not
to bring sub.
"Yes." he 0UC0 said to a man who offered bim such a rase; "there is no reasonable doubt thai I can gain your case
for you.   I cau set a  whole neighbor
hood at loggerheads; 1 can distress a
widowed mother and her six fatherless
children and thereby gam for you $(KKi,
which rightfully balongS, It appears to
me. as much to them mm lt does to you.
I shall not take your caRe, but I will
give   you   a   little   advice   for   nothing
You seem a sprightly, energetic man. I
would advise you to try your hand at
making $600 In some other way."
He would nave nothing to do with tlie
"tricks" of the profession, though be
met these readily enough when practiced by others    ile never knowingly
undertook a case In which Justice was
on the side of bis opponent. That same
inconvenient honesty which prompted
hlm In his storekeeplng days to close
the shop and go In search of a woman
he bad Innocently defrauded of n few
ounces of tea while weighing out her
groceries made lt impossible for him tc
do Ins best with a poor case "Swett,"
be once exclaimed, turning suddenly tc
his associate, "tlie man is guilty. You
defend bim; \ can't." and gave up his
share of a large foe.-Helen Nlcolay ln
St. Nicholas.
The theater Is the chastener of life.���
An actor ls a public instructor.���
The theater is the mirror of life.���
A dors ar? tho only honest hypocrites.   Hazlitt.
Tbe theati r ls the devil's own territory.-Edward Allyn.
The stage represents fiction as If it
were fact���Betterton.
The stage Is the field for the orator
as well as tlio comedian.���Roseius.
A passion for dramatic art is inherent in the nature of man.���Edwin Eor-
The drama Is the most refined picas
ure of a polished people.���Dion Bouei
It is in drama where poetry attains
Its loftiest flight���Don Luis I. of Portugal.
The stage Is. more powerful than thc
platform, the press or the pulpit-
Anna Dickinson.
A comedy is like a cigar: if good, every one wants a box; if bad, no amount
of pulling will make it draw.���Henry
James Byron.
Haw  It   Feel,   to  Be  on   the   Kd_.  at
thc   Ureal   Whirlpool.
Off the const of Norway, between
two Islands of the Lofodoti group. In
the largest whirlpool in the world. IU
name, Maelstrom, means "whirling
Stream," and the title is well earned.
The great Maelstrom Is no longer
held ln superstitious fear, and maritime cbarts have taught the sailors of
the world where flic danger lies and
bow tu avoid It, so Unit accidents rarely occur never except through Ignorance or a previous disaster thut has
render.-d a vessel unmanageable.
Several years ago tlie captain of a
sailing   vessel,   desirous of  seeing  the
famous  whirlpool  at  dose  quarters,
was assured by bis Norwegian pilot
that he might venture near enough for
examination Without danger. And here
ls what tlie captain saw:
"I went on tbe main topsail yard
with a good glass. I had been seated
but a few minutes when my ship eu-
te'red tlie dish of (lie whirlpool. The
velocity of the water altered her
course three points toward the center
Tlds alarmed mr extremely for a mo
ment. 1 thought destruction was Inevitable. Hut she answered her helm
nobly, and we ran along the edge, the
waters foaming round us In every
"The sensations  l experienced are
difficult to describe. Imagine nn Immense circle running round of a diameter of one and a ball' miles, the velocity Increasing as It approximated the
center and gradually changing Its dark
blue color to white, foaming, tumbling.
rushing to Its vortex, very much con
cave���as much so as the water In a
funnel when half run out. The noise,
too, hissing, roaring, dashing, all pressing on the mind at once, presented the
most awful, grand and solemn sight I
ever beheld. We were near It about
eighteen minutes and in sight of It two
hours, it Is evidently o subterranean
passage, From its magnitude 1 should
not doubt that instant destruction
would be the fate of a dozen of our
largest ships were they drawn lu at
the same moment. The pilot says thai
several vessels thnt had become unmanageable have been sucked down
und that whales have also been destroyed."
some ihht Oysters.
The usual size of the shell of an oyster ls three to five inches, but away
back in tertiary times there were oysters In California thut had shells thirteen inches long and seven or eight
Inches wide. Tbe animal and shell
doubtless weighed fifteen or twenty
pounds, since the shells were live Inches thick. These oysters have long been
extinct, but their fossil shells nre nbun
dant. If the oyster farmer could produce individuals of such enormous size
now aud the flavor were good In proportion to Its size we would be most
fortunate. Iu that case a single oyster
would he enough for one stew at tlie
church festival.���St. Nicholas.
Tho   I'lmt   Skatel.
As late as the sixteenth century
skates In England were very primitive,
for we learn that the London apprentices used to tie bones to their feet and
under their heels. Writing In 11381,
Evelyn speaks of "lhe strange and
wonderful dexterity of the sliders" in
St. James' park, "performed before
their majesties by divers gentlemen
and others with scheets, after the manner of tlie Hollanders, with what swift-
nesse they pass, how suddalnly they
stop in full carriage upon the Ice."
Dou't neglect tbe upper part of tin
Don't stick to one style of trimming.
Branch out.
Don't skimp on elbow grease in clean
Ing the glass.
Don't wait till a trim is fly specked
before changing It.
Don't overlook the utility of a certain number of fixtures.
Don't be afraid to try something new
iu the way of n display.
Don't lill a sunny window with goods
that the sun will discolor.
Dou't let the window stand too long.
A week is about the limit.
Don't be afraid lo spend B little money on tile trim.    It will come back.
Don't fail to call the local newspaper's attention to each nice trim that
you make.
Don't prolong the trimming unnecessarily. A quick change will Impress
the public more.
Don't copy. But you can elaborate or
Change some one else's ideas without
being open to the criticism of copying.
- Exchange,
A Wonderful Facility of (he Triton.
The triton. a spotted, lizardlike reptile found In almost every state iu the
Union, has a most wonderful power of
reproducing amputated parts. Bou-
not, the great French naturalist, experimented on the little creatures by
amputating tl "ir legs and tails and
by so doing found that their powers
of reproduction were almost unlimited.
In one instance an amputated leg was
reproduced twelve times In three
years, and In another an eye was
gouged out and reproduced In less
tlinn twelve months. The loss of n tail
does not appear to discommode a triton except to give him a sort of unbalanced gait. Tails clipped from the
specimens Bounot kept to experiment
ou were Invariably reproduced In from
five to nine weeks.
Bank of
Royal Bank    B. C. Monumental Works | Dress in Reason
of Canada
An Eaklino Dainty.
Ttie greatest treat known to tlie Eskimo boy or girl Is a lump of sugar.
Perhaps you think there is nothing
very strange in that. The strange pnrt
ls the very funny wuy they huve of
eating the sugar. They roll the sweet
morsel In a piece of tobacco leaf. This
they place In their cheek and, smnck-
Ing their lips delightedly, hold lt there
until it ls dissolved. This dainty ls
called "laloop" and Is Uie choicest morsel known to the little Eskimo stomach.
Tile Donjon.
The donjon, or keep, of the cnstle
was a tower within, much stronger
than the rest of the structure and designed as a last resort for the garrison
when the walls and other portions of
the fortification had fallen into the
hands of the enemy. The donjon was
generally provided with a secret exit,
a tunnel being constructed, often many
hundreds of yards in length, leading to
some concealed outlet through which
the besieged could receive succor or, in
time of necessity, escape.
Rather Mixed.
"Sny, Jack, what have you that string
tied around your linger for?"
"Oh, that Is to remind nie that I forgot something my wife told me to be
sure to remember."���Baltimore American.
'corporate!]   by   act   of   parliament
A1'ITAI- (All paid up)...XH,lMH),00() !
 1,111,000,000 i
in. ll
'on. Lord Slralhcona and Mount
"f.^- Q-C.M.Q,...Hon President
��� s" u, a. Drummond, President
"��� ' louston, Vice President and
General Manager.
actedeml   1':uik,nK    business   trans-'
i,,"'/,""'"'* In all tho principal cities
York'",''',, '   '"   London, H_g���   New
and cor    "'K<l- !l"(l  St- Jonn,. Nt'ld., |
,)rlil   respondents In aft parts of the
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets *io:i/S,s/t>.
Branches   and   correspondents   In
all  thc  principal  cities of tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
U opens nn account.   IntcreRt added
Inlf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nlgnts   trom u to 9
F. B.  Lyle, Manaoer.
wiirhi       '"'""'"'s m all parts ot tho   __       _ ft.      _pj
SavingsBankDcpt   gg|yea $r tO.
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Wrlto for prices.
New Westminster,  B.  C.
1 Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
The latest Mitchell's tasiium plates
; have arrived.
So have our spring stock ot high-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sartorial wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Columbia Street.
Different  Service.
"Yes, sir," said tlie soldierly looking
man, "I have spent fifteen years of
my life In the service of my country."
"So have I," volunteered the low
browed Individual, offering his hand,
"What wsre you In for?'���Houston
A  Sure  Sinn.
The honeymoon may very properly
he said to be over when the wife suggests to her husband that ke'd better
nave his trousers pressed hy a tailor.���
Detroit Free Tress.
��� u- Brymner,  Manager.
M*S. R. G. HILL,
Teacher of the German \
o Language   and   Piano.
,      Conservatory Method.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling our Specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lal).
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   Work,   including
Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In-
| vited.
Full line of English, Bcotcn nnd Irish j JOHN   RE ID.
tweeds and worsteds always In stock | -���! *
Spring stock now ln.    Make your j BfcJBiit. BiK-iuir.
selection. I New Westminster. f. O. 474.1
The War of It.
Tho Missus-Mary Ann. please explain to me how It Is that I saw you
kissing a young man lu the kitchen last
night. The Maid���Sure, 1 duiino how It
Is. ma'am, onless yez were looklu'
through the keyhole���Cleveland Leader.
In Methnnelah'a Time.
Kind Old Lndy-What alls the baby?
He looks healthy, I'm sure. The Nurse
-Oh, be is, the little dear! But he's
peevish today on account of cutting his
Merchant Tailor
Columbia Street.
Oilil  Mnrrlftflce Ceremony.
Polynesia ls probably the only place
tn tbe world where the marriage feast
takes place without tbe presence of the
bridegroom. For some unexplained
reason tlie young man ls "sent into the
bush" when negotiations are opened
with tlie family of his bride, ami he remains there during the subsequent festivities. It is only when tlie guests
have departed and the girl Is left alone
with his parents that messengers arr ;
dispatched for him. |
A small tenspoouful of powdered gum
arable, with the sunie amount of glyc-
srln, stirred Into a tumblerful of cold
water irnd drunk slowly, will often
work wonders ln quenching thirst.
Love-* uran-tf.
"I wish I dared to ask you something, Miss Helen," said Tercy, with
trembling voice and wabbling chin.
"Why don't you dare to ask It?" the
maiden said demurely.
"Because I can see 'No' in your
"Ln both of them?"
"Well,  don't  you���don't you  knowj
two negatives are equivslent to an-
HOW dare you, sir?  Take yonr arm |
from around my waist Instantly 1"
But ha didn't
Stor- of ii,. Long _���_ Bitter Knmlt-
B.-I��eei, ( ra��,   V.���|f _lld L������, ���,..,
The l-eldeat Thai Paved the Wa-
lo  I'eare.
Crazy Well was a warrior of the
Sioux ii.,; oh who held to all the savage traditions of Ins rae ��� for years
be refused to receive rations from ibe
hands of ibe whites, and tin-, marked
him singular among all ibe s s   Fill
deadly eaenij wu i,u ������ Bear n ho hnd
made lasting peace lu his bean with
the whites and who bad yielded little
by little to the allurements of civilized
The enmity of Crazy W���ir and Little
Sear dated from the daj of the great
baffle With the Pawnees.
When the remnant of the stricken
Pawnees bad turned to By Crasy Wolf
and l.ittle Bear quarreled over the
right to take a scalp, and a hand-to-
hand combat ensued. The chiefs parted them and said that neither must
die, for the nation find need of all Its
men.    Though the  bands ot <'rnzy
Wolf and l.ittle Scar were stayed by
the   chieftains,   haired   slill   lived   In
their hearts.
It was teu years after the bailie with
tlie Pawnees and st the Pine Ridge
agency, where a portion Of file SiollX
had been gathered, the governmenl
erected a Bchoolhouse for the Indian
children.    Instantly a dlvlsio nr
red between the fathers ol tlio tribe.
One half of the warriers wished to
send llieir little ones to the achool. Tba
other half declared that the teaching
of the whites Bhould net er hni i place
iu tin- minds of their i hlldren. The
children of Little Bear wenl to the
s.ii.poi. The children of Crazy Woll
were kepi in Uie wlgv
Runners came to Pine lb I; ��� from
Standing Rock and the Kosebud, They
toht of tl Ing of the Messiah, thai
tbe buffalo were returnlnp and that if
the southern Sioux would bul put theli
ears to the ground thej would hear flic
thunder of the hoofs of the oncoming
One-half  of   the   warriors  at   Pine
Ridge were seized Willi the Messiah
craze. Tbey danced the ghost dance
and put on lhe ghost shirts. The one-
hall' stampeded from Uie agency, and
with it went Crazy Wolf, as savage In
heart as be was when be fought the
Pawnees on the frontier of Nebraska
Little Sear stayed at the agency.
One day after the battle nf Wounded
Knee bad been fought a hand of twenty SlOUX braves broke away from the
main body for the sole purpose of raiding Pine Ridge agency and killing Ilie
children who were gathered in tlie
Bcnoolhouse���the children of their brothers who had BUCCUmbed to the white
man's ways. In Uie band was Crazy
Wolf, his heart full of lhe lust of killing.
Tbe warriors came within sight of
tbe schoolhouse. lt steed on a bluff
and on one side was absolutely unprotected. Crazy Wolf knew die location
of the room in which Uie little one
gathered daily nt their lessons. TV
mounted  warriors  made a  headlong
rush down the valley skif,ing tlie ridge,
aud as t'.iey whirled by Uie school they
pourei volley after volley Into the
room where the children of the friendly
Sioux daily were assembled.
It was not the fault of Crazy Wolf
tlint on that day there was not a
slaughter of the Innocents. A teacher
had seen the feathered heads showing
among the willows by White Clay
creek and, taking the alarm, had hurried the children to the cellar.
The raiding band went northward.
There was cavalry al the post to take
up the pursuit, and the fugitives succeeded in reaching Uie main body of
Indians, Who by this time were surrounded by the troops of General Miles
and were being gradually forced Into
the agency.
Crazy Wolf, when lie saw the surrender  of  Ids   brethren  was  coming.
I mounted his pony and made for the
Bad Lands. He foresaw the end Of the
uprising nnd the complete subjugation
, of his people, and he laid it at the doors
of the tepees of the Sioux who had re-
\ fused to join the braves on the warpath.
Crazy Wolf made up his mind to kill
Little Sear. Ile nearly Starved in Uie
Bad Lands, and his pony was dead.   A
1 week after the surrender he started for
the agency on foot. His ammunition
was gone, and he had nothing but his
knife.    lie lite willow hark and roots.
, Hunger took bis bodily strength, but
his heart purpose was unwvakeneiT.
Crazy Wolf, starving, lay on the bank
of the White Clay crick. The tepee of
Little Scar was only SOO yards away.
Crazy Wolf was famished, bul lie lay
there in the bushes waiting for night
nnd vengeance. He looked down to the
water's edge, and there he saw a little
girl with n willow basket full of food.
The little one looked up and saw the
famished eyes of the warrior. She
smiled at hlm and held out her basket.
Crazy Wolf kuew bis strength was going fast,   it might not last hlm till Uie
1 hour of revenge,   lie ate the proffered
' food. Thc child was molding clay.
Suddenly she turned and offered Crazy
Wolf tho model of a peace pipe.   "You<
i have eaten," she said; "now smoke."
j    Crazy Wolf took the pipe and blew
��� an  Imaginary  cloud of smoke away
1 from his lips.   The little one smiled at
; hlm again.
i    "Whose child are you?" asked Crazy
' Wolf.
| "The child of the great warrior Little-
Scar," wiib the answer.
; Crazy Wolf had eaten the breed of
Little Scar aud had smoked the pipe
of pence.   He hnd never broken a trn-
; dltlou of thc Sioux race.
i Crazy Wolf walked Into the agency.
and a little child was lending hlm.���B.
j B. C. In Chicago Post.
Jack-Hello, Fred I Hail your hafr
cut? Fred-Yes, old fellow. 1 found a
nlace where they cut your hah- while
! Sou wait Jack-Tbst's good. A bar-
tier's shop Is usually a place where
I they ��rt some other man's hair while
'you wait
A witty Frenchman said, "Only death
U sn excuse for not keeping a dinner-
engagement, and even then a poUt*
man would send the undertaker tw
apologize for tata*"  ���	
Thursday, aprh. 5
P :    'i'i     Daily New    p i
I Limited,   at   their
sixth   and   Front
w \   istmlnster, B. C
Ed'.,     and   Mt,-.. Edward   D.   Sawyer
. Sr    .'mg Rates.
..>'    advertising,   it
. ; iriel) 12 lines to
cents  i"-r  line  tor
Ri c   . bold face type, '-"
lei or nonparlel, 10
acts,    special
i . irtislng man gei.
Ni oi   binhs    marriages   or
Seat . Want -. tor sales, lost or
one c t,   : ��� :
vm ement  ti ken I nr
i   .   nts.
p -,: y medicine ad-
-, i      ,    ;r    rate   ol   7,0
ie (display) or If
��� . ents per liiv  pei
lon from this rate tor
li .   acts.
Mai   ��� lenca ....
rn   i
I,    .
ie di
artl ^.i 111    a
gait,-   il
in      :
a   Wm.   Gladstone,    a
-    ,.i   kindred   orators
ie  them    as
I   , ���
, ,     ilogue
I 15 per wi
, on his
he ncc It
L id people ol  New
1   l
llnga   Alv,-a>M   Sure  of  llenilr   Market
nl   a   l-'ulr   I'rii-i-.
Ib, erytl li g In ii.--  ���   ipe of a  hoi
from 600 :     ind stags, or roughs, dowi
to the fifty i- iund shipper is readily ab-
ts full market ��alu".    A re
go mar
��� ���- greal
Of   tilt
Prices ha ������ maintained
i el, nol ha\ lug been suii
Ject to i Qui  iiaf  ms n - wen
;  :::  iin- markets for cattle and
- nicer of markel  bog
i.s always sure of a ready market at 0
fair price.   1 his tact tog iti er w Ith thi
l to  re
turn a inaxli urn yield of meat for te tl
consul -    the    production   of
��� Bwlne for meat purposes thi
Mir. st   ind  most profitable feature o1
the llvi  titock bus   ���
in our w Ide i xti nl of territory, wltl
... OUS   Of   sod   and   cli
mate, resulting In a wide range ol
crop p  n we naturally tlmi u
h ide differs . ���   In  tin- character and
quality of the hogs produ i In differ
ent se.-tiou..   Tl are largi j
the resull of local conditions, Uie "lard
li ig" of the ������ ���. ii bell being the "sur
rival of tlie fittest" end the result ol
the special conditions found In tin
��� i orn producing Bt  I
Introducing  Ha*   Type  Blood.
In l itarj  I ��� Bt. Pan
lely trom those li
Uie c -i';i belt.   ' orn Is produ I only ti
let; wheat,  pi
or   muscle   f<
���_���' iwn abundantly.    Wo di
the ar      ������
for i thi lied extri me ba
i know it wlll pnj
tin- Btocl M nnes       I - grade ui
U elr pi >ara of good
il ��� be ' ���' in bre. li Over thr
corn belt states many tarn ers are us
Ing bo irs of Uie bac a ', i breeds lr
order to Introduce more vigor and bon(
Into their herds, which have 1 e
wei kened froi cot      led feed ln(
of eve; ����� ��� rati ins, Strength ol
constitution Is I pro 'd and prollficacj
Increased b iductlon of bl x>6
from the bacon type .1. .1. Ferguson
Before Minnesota Live Slock Breeders
Almoni  Ilendj- Hade.
Pew peopls f.-alize what excellent
boxes for handling fruit and vegetables
on tbe farm or fur shipping eggs are to
be found almost ready made in the or-
ange boxes that nre shipped east bj
tens of thousands
'; ���
nt i
Ing .
oul  i    <
that -  ���    >���
in !.-;
; It ���   i
��� I  Bome
from California'
every summei
and fall, remarks
I' n r m Journal.
Heiuiii the sides
and bottom foi
Btrength and cut
two rounded silts In each end to lit tlie
bands, and you have the box shown In
tie- cut, hoi I ��� - about a bushel, strong.
yet very light, and to be had In most
village-, for the asking.
continue    to
In ibis town. We
iu in i hen
we w 111 everlastlnglj
How who endeavort
awa)   I nan our own
men I e perfectlj  sat-
ij.fi,.,; tl       hie Is lhe kind of knocking
we  ..; for, and  have the
guppoi busin       man toi  our
zeal ;. ..   the stand v. ��� do, Boost
i  business   man,   lie's
. Cal il igu
,   ii]  wi   i        Let  him at-
sine ���   in    roronto,   oi
.    er old town,   bul
i .  ���  dnster
the We
all ri--'".
li ���.
w.    .
���  .
than ;-
LilteM  Onion   Culture,
Here are Instructions from an experienced gardener for obtaining a good
crop of onions with the least possible
labor: Sow early In March In cold
frames, Good varieties are Adriatic,
Barletta White, Prizetaker, Southport
Wbiie Globe and Red Wethersfield.
Seed can be sown In shallow drills
four im lies apart. The seed must be
well covered and the soil pressed Arm-
ly with a board. Keep the frames closed till the young onions appear and
then give an abundance of air on all
favorable occasions, bearing ln mind
that the cooler they are kept the sturdier the growth.
Kc.p the surface soil constantly stir
red about the young plants and at
weeds removed, Water thoroughly
when needed.
ol  oui ielvi
iuld    like   to   si
m  but ���;  Bill
i      city    closi
Doclora  an  Empire  tlullilera.
Tb ; -: indie compnny In their at-
temp!, ��� - make beadwuj In India were
Signal ' T'l In v irlous st iges or
their progress lo bu      e prnctlf  - ��� i
In medlci ������    If ��� '        ���   nee of
. n Itedaughter
of ..t, - Ui gul    npi  oi - lhal they
v i i a tooting in Ben
ge 1.
I,,,i. ��� be ye     1715, a mi I-
leal n i      ��� i, as a reward
for ' ii poror of an
for  tlie  compnny   n
. ���   nr Madras, n
un : . -   thlrtj   ���   ���
li ngal and tho privilege
mveylng   tlieir
tn ' i euttit   through
i . . ���.      ithout duly or search.
The footing thus gained and the nc
compnnj In .   iatr mage and encourage
ment -   tl ed lhe Ensl India company
to nn.. ��� -in I. progress as to cut out all
So E   [land,  through
I r idually obtained full
��� ondon Mail.
W.  R. Gilley, 'Phone !���_���_.
J. R. Gflley.   Phone 1-4-*
Gilley Br
i I       -rs in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
-    i      ints B. c. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents vancou\ r fo island Cement
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone l-b
r*-: :^ :^n-��-:7-��7 t*c i*;;-*: :^7t-��;;^:;*.: ;������;;������: :��>~-����:i-��: 77*ij��ci��'. l-*-: i^^ i-��-ij��; i-*ri j*__7*-7 r-��: :-*7 ;*77-��:r-��;'-*:t-*r'-��: :������: i-*; i-*; ;-��i;-��k ;�����; .*7 7*-; :-���; .���ci-*: ,j��;i-*ci^. 7.-��ci^7j*-r
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
���    ���    I tri es and shrub
en ire.   ��� to i  ������        R
; . -   I   T
D. M. Robert
>i    Tynehead   Nurseries.
let:   ���
I ' .
Carnarvon St., between Kith anil Mtlnnis.
'      3!   Meal- at
: i and Chinese  ��
From 1 5c. up,
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Business Institute
K. .i. ,    B.A., Princ pal,
II. A. SI RIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
Rale* For  llunitluK Incubator-,
Study your incubator.
Acquaint yourself with all its parts.
Read the manufacturer's directions
for setting it up.
Set il ui. carefully and according tc
Never try fo run an incubator in a
draliy place or near a stove or where
the sun shines upon it.
Set fertile eggs only. Waste no effort upon Uioi e that are doubtful.
Learn how to trim and clean a lamp
- Dr, Richard Wood.
Mortem Greek  l-'lre.
"Ma hi -" arc tho direct tie
-. eeh lire of lhe ancients, tl h ���'��� ��� modern torch i used
tor  d ber than  often e  and
pri ren of n fleet ihrougl
the   ' iroach ol  in i nemy.
It coi i .'��� Under
used as i proji tile. Ou being Bre I
r,.,,,,, ., . ��� i-odll es ii i rcsnb until
U falls nto Uie sea. In Its Interior it
contains stores of calcium phosphide
nnd calcium carbide. The former pro
flUC - ' ������   ���'''" "" ''"'���'
t:,et with ������' ter, which Ignites spontaneously and also Ignites the acetylene
gas liberated from the carbide through
the acinn   t the water.  Enough of tho
chorale il fal t lo lasi  for ten
hours,   and "   ol   these  torchei
thrown I - ol  the compn -
from wbl . clt ll Ighl  1"' expected
would ic.i   ��� i     ��� In obscurity,
while not i ��� the enemy t i np
���. j  for the early
B ��� :,  the '-oV ni of    pi Ins
I ..ti .   i laten i ting u
. garden,   The annuals
have  : i lie sown  und ib>> ball' hardy
plan e to in- planted before thi.,
can joyed
icr has nol experimented
with 1 ill i as to know to what
1- rtillz        I lei  -aits  il   really  needs hi
mu t t to inula, aud one carrying
3 lo ;;' ��� per cent nitrogen, Q to t
per ci ul available phosphoric acid uml
���l to .'. per cent potash will usually lu
found :���   profitable as any.
Sow Prizetaker onions indoors, to b(
transplanted to Uie garden In -lay.
If seeds are planted lu dry soil or In
soil thnt is less moist than the seeds the
drier soil will extract the raolstun
iron: the seed nnd retard development.
The radish is one of the favorite oar
ly Bpring vegetables, and It is one ot
easy  cultivation.    We naturally  look
forwm I ' ' tbi - as th ie very early.
ir uot the first, that we arc to grow tc
maturity, cither in the frame ?r OUAslflt
;    ' ���   I
for success with parsnips use fresh
seed, plant very early and quite thick
and thin n.it the seedlings to six to
te\en inches apart
n:s Lack.
Friend of the Family You arc very
lucky, my boy, to be tho seventh son.
It v,tb bring you everlasting fortune.
Son \o. 7- if hasn't so far. All It's
broright yet is the old clothes of my six
brothers.   Illustrated Hits.
Nothing >>��< Praise.
"I have nothing but praise {oi
new minister."
"So  I. nol iced   when  the  plate
round."-Chicago Journal.
An Example  Iu Pennsylvania���A Fifteen  Acre  Uuiry   luriu.
By W. J. SPIELMAN   del t of u\s
The method of t in nt ou a fif
teen acre farm that raises all tbe
roughage for thirty head of stock, nev
-,.;. en of which are cows In milk,
cannot fall to be of lutere t to I
r ���   In  all  pari.,  of 11 miry.     Thr
fan In question Is Bituut d In southeastern Pennsylvania, near a
city, About thirteen acres are In cul
tlvatlon, tbe remaining tv i acres be
Ing occupied by farm buildings, yard
etc. This farm came into ll-'' posses
biou of the present owner (Rev. J. D,
Detrick, a minister with no previous
experience in farming), iu 1881, with a
��� . .: ��� ;age of $7,200 a\ on it. For thi
first ..-ar the farm lacked .-i'. of pay 336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
lag  expenses.    During  the   next  sin    , . , ,. ...
years the mortgage was paid. Commercial. Pitman 1 1       Short
hand,       relegraphy  and   Engineering
By.tematlo Management. (l      I, Marine and 5 I Cours.
The  writer  has  never  seen  anothci   vill-.  , BES1   of
farm on which system is so pronounced  tea ht)    ind   the    BEST   of
t feature.    Without referring to note-   .-.alar
of any  kind,   tbe owner detailed  thi
- growing 011 each small subdlvl
the crops that bad been grown 01
each for two lo three years past and
e that   would  be grown for as lon;.
in the future.   In most cases the date.
of seeding and harvesting were given
A peculiar feature of the management
is thai each of ihe principal operation!
is performed on a fixed day each sin-
feeding year or as near to it as the
weather will permit. Not a pound ol
solid or liquid manure goes to waste
ou this funn, and thc soil is in suet
condition thai it is more nearly Independent "f weather condltl ms than any
Other soil the writer lias ever seen
Torrential rains are soaked up in a
very short time, so thai the soil nun
he bandied after a rain much soonei
iban that of adjacent farms, it I.-
therefore not difficult to adhere ap
proximately to a prearranged programme.    For Instance, ear
.-���oiling is planted May 8; lal im foi
Silage, June 22; grass seed, about Aug
22, and bo on.
Proline!,,    Solll.
The farm is strictly n dairy farm,
the only products regularly sold being
milk and a fow bead of young cattle
BOCb year. The cows arc all register
ed Jerseys, except one or two picked
up at sales on neighboring farms. They
are not only pure bred, but tbey ar
well bred. There Is nol a star boardei
In tin- herd.    Male calves, if worthy ol
it,   are   reared   for  bl ding   purposes,
but none is ever vealed. If a male
calf is nol iii to ral -������ for n breeder ll
i.s killed nt birth. "If doesn't pay to
feed $18 worth of milk to a calf that
will sell for $8," said lbe owner. Tin
young cattle sold from ibis farm bring
on on average $100 apiece, and about
five are sold each year.
The milk Is Bold  al  'Jo cents :l
Ilie year around   to a  -Inlo in I
ted 1 wo tn.ic. di lam In n nelghb >r
Ing suburb,    it   te is on th	
: 8 ; or cent.    It  w ill be seen that this
very moderate price, considering
tin- quality.
'I he amount of milk produced Is
nearly the -nine at all seasons and
averages about twentj l.x gallons a
day, or 4,800 pounds u j car tor each
of tin- seventeen cows kepi -not nn
enormous yield, bul a good one. Th 1
gives an Income from milk of nboul
$2,400 a year, The outlay tor concentrated feeding stuff is abntil .���>b27i a
Olira Cillliiri-.
Okra can be produced on any good
mil, and the crop requires no special
attention oilier than that which would
ordinarily be given a crop of corn or
Plant early In the spring or as soon
as all danger of frost hns passed.
Kci i> the pods well picked In order
that   the   plants   may   not   become  es-
hausicii by the maturing of the seel.
and  the pods will continue to be pro
dueed until late in ibe fall,
Im nol cook the pods In plain Iron
cooking utensils or In copper or brass.
Remember that tho taste for tho okrn
flavor bas to be acquired by some persons.
Tin- varieties of okra best adapted to
general use are the dwarf green, long
pod and the lady finger (White Louisiana) typos.-'YV. It. Beattle,
Knowledge will not be acquired without pains and application, it Is troublesome and deep digging for pure waters,  but when once you come to tiie
spring they rise up and meel you,
Xirii ���- is hereby given ' hat atti r the
spil ' lon of sixty days Irom the date
hi :��� of, v. ������ Intend to apply to the
Lieutenant Governor ln Council tor a
lease of the following described land
or foreshore of the Frasi r river, name-
I     ot   Lot   7.   Block   8,   Sub-division  of
New  SVestmlnster City and of Lot  16,
corn for    ;n,ni, 1, in the District of New Westminster, nnue particularly known and
m   Cl Ibed   as   follows:
Co umencing al the Bouth west corner uf Lot 7. Block 8, Subdivision of
New Westminster City thence S. 6-
1717. for a instance of :!17, feet thence
X. 68-57 B. for a distance of 2015 feel
more or le to a polni true South of
lhe S. E. corner of that of Lot 16,'
Group I. N.W. 1). now owned by the
Brunette Saw Mill Co., Ltd, Thence
X01 ��� ii for a distance of 1 50 feel more
0 thi .-'. 17. coi ner nl' that part
oi 1 ol 16, 1;. I. X. W. D. now owned
by  ihe ni        :'���       Mill  Co.,   Ltd.
ti rly  tollov, Ing  the North
Fra       Ftlvei   for n dls-
of 2011 1 mon    >r h '
1,     of ' omm . -        '      containing
11.37 i more or li
���V  Westn ;'   ler,  r..  '
VI   ' Ci     Ltd.
',   LEWIS,   1. '���
lllll,-l-,-:i-r   mill   Ills! I liclnm.
Most peoplo arc afraid lo be different.    Sonic 1 |i|e tin- diiTnrctit for the
express purpose of showing thai tbey
are not afraid. And then Ihere are a
few who nre big enough not to care
'whether tbey arc different or not They
are   the   one;   Hint   win   out,   bul   nine
times out of ten '.'icy do things in the
ordinary way.   Judge.
lu Her Ovrn Cnln.
Mamma   Von  naughty  boy!    What
do ynu mean by Baying "Don't bother
me now" wbeu 1 asked you bow you
got your clothes soiled'.' Tommy That
Is whal ynu always say when 1 ask you
Something you don't know Iiow to answer.
11 lulit   In   I.Inc.
"IT there Is anything I like." said lie
to his wife, "It. is a woman who Imown
enough to be a good listener." whereat
ill" servant girl at the keyhole could
not repress a smile of satisfaction,
Seedmrn (,.  Royal Warrant to llis Majesty Kin, F.Ju.JrJ VII.
Sutton's Seeds
it requires as  much reflection nnd
wisdom to know what Is not to be put
Into a sermon ns what Is.- Cecil.
"This is Indeed the age of commercialism," naiii the man of sentiments,
"What makes you think 10?"
"Some if 11,it- statesmen never mention the Ainei-ican eagle any more nnd
nre continually applauding the work
of tne  American ben." ��� Washington
Ready for
Sutton's Kaiiicst  marrow.
S it ��� m s Bountiful.
Sutton's Improved   Ringleader,
m's Selected      Ami rican
Karllest  Blue.
Sutton' - Melbourne 1 avonte.
Sat mus Dwarl Marrow.
Suiton's Plentiful,
Sutton's St 1:   "1    \Uslfalla.
Button's i'i 'bin Marrow.
Sutton's  Abundance.
Sui on ������ Improved tt in
m't  Green Windsor.
Sutton's  Proline   Lung; >> :.
Button's Favorite scat let,
Suiton's i ilanl \\ nne.
GAKUtN   bttl
Sutton - Snlnacn  Beet, or  Per-
.-   .
'3 Extra I 'm le 1 bcotch.
1 .    ���   ning.
s 1 ton's  Exhibition.
.  . ton b Matcm
GAKUtN   GABbAGt.   .
n's Earliest.
Sutton's Imperial.
.- ;' ton .-  M.nnc rop.
Sutton's Ited Picl  11 g.
i ������������������ art   tin en   Curled
s    im s i.-i'e nn;:. no nt savoy.
Sutton's Chine ie 1
'-;  Mixed  capsicum.
in's Mixed Chill.
n's Ivory White. (
.  .    ��� i's i'.-ii.n:lon Pin!
��� n's s l- ( ted PI
led C
irly Short Horn.
Sutton's Favo ite.
Ri ii inti ran di ite
Scarlet   Intermediate.
Sutton's tarty Walcheren.
Suiton's li.uly London.
.   s Autumn Mammoth.
Sutton's Late Giant
Sutton's  Prolific  Iti luc
on's Extra Gre in Curled,
S'li ion's   Mixed.
I liibbard's Sqush.
Button's Improved Musselburgh
Sutton'., Selected White.
Sutton's Selected   llr.iwn.
Marjoram, Pot
Savory, Summer.
Th} me, Common.
Sutton's Imperial ' ;urled,
Sui ion's All Heart.
Su: ion's Giant   Whi'.o.
Sutton's  Black Beeded Bath.
Sul '1 m's At.
Sutton's Al 1 1 ii'--'N e ;.- Round.
Sutton      '.':..
Sul on's 11 illow Cr >\, a.
Button's     Matchle is     3i 11 lei ���
Sutton's   Water   Melon,   mixed
Sutlo 1       Presei vlng,     ir    Pie
Melon. *
,   I .mr: c
1 in     Greal.
. Whl a .:
Sution's Finest  Mis ��� I.
Sutton's Improved Reading.
Li it. keeplo :,
Sul ton's Glnnt R01 cu,
m ��� Silvei  Bkln,
\. in e Spaulsh.
ii i.wn Spanish.
Brown Globe,
Suii'iii's Early Scari il Turnip.
Sun..n's  Early  White Turnip,
Sn1.no's Mixed Turnip.
s n inn's French Bra ikfaat,
Sutton's Mixed 1 lv il or Olive.
Sutton's Long Bcarl it.
SUttOn'S    I.nllg    Un::;'.
Sutton'B Snallots.
Sutton's Early Dwarf.
Button's Selected  tt'iund.
s itton's Belected Prl iklv,
Button's 1'ienuor.
Button's In vincible.
Button's Vellow.
Button's Early Snowball.
Suiton's Improved ��� Irange Jelly
Button's All the Ye ir-ftound,
Sutton's while Btone,
Green-top While.
Sn:ion's Garden Swede,
Your Selection:
'      oil's
W'nii I.
\      .  Sutton's Dwarf  B dder,
.   tl 'n's Dwarf B
i S  tton'    Dwarl   Be   lei
\ ��� on a i "���: - 1 Bedder,
\        , SU ton's Conn 1. Mixed.
Aster, Sutton's Giant  French, Mixed,
g itton's Tall, Mixed.
'..  ch inn..ni, Sun.m's Single R ,
igeratum, Sutton's Dwarf, Blue.
'.I in- 'omnia   C iron.n in.   Sutton's   Scot.  I    Mixed,
im, Sutton's Swei t, w
V S :'..���.' ,   B| |ll|ant,   Mixed.
Tall,   Mixed.
Antirrhinum,  Sutton's  Dwarf,  Mixed.
\    . Si Ii  ded.
.    -   line.
.   Mixed.
Ilni D M Ixed,
!  Miniature
t ered.
Canary I
Canterbury   B Large
' !
' ' L
' i
1 It
... ,.  .
C       la, S      m's White.
: '    Ll il.
.     IVlllUS,     SUl lull's      Ml '
I . il  An-
Mixi d  Pi r-
C VulllS    SU rf.
comb, Sul ton's Ci Im on,
��� n's Dwarf ���''inisiin.
,     ,   , Sn' ton      ' -,, I v.,l
1' 1. ���    ..- er, s .
Mixed  17
Blplnnata, Sutton'    Mixed.
ton's  Single,   Mixed.
it     .      Doul le, M xed.
11-1 ible,  M . cod.
1'. Iphii lum,   Su' ton's   i.t   ��� fiov
n's   Brlllla-il   Double,
Ml  ���
���    -    ton1    Sin -1" Yellow
choltzia Si -       '. Mixed,
on's Mixed English.
Lai     red,
1, Mlxi d.
Qoldei   t     ier   Sutton'a Selected.
1 lelichi, 1 urn, Sul ton'i   Gl ml.  Mixed,
Hellotro] e,   Sutton'a    Lai  ���   owered,
'   'mi I .  .-'if  1 D01    le,   Mixed.
T   1,  Ml .cd.
: . Sutton's 1. " ' iwered,
.1.1..        .- Double, Mixi  I
1. ' tna lb. in id,1. Sutton's Finest,
1." i    mr, :;   ton's Dwarf, Mixed.
Larkspur, Sution's Tall, Mixed.
l.a vender, S it ton' ��� Swei
7.11111111, (FI ix), Sut ton's Crimson.
Lobelia, Sutton's 1 lotupact, Blui.
Lobelia, Sutton's Compact, White.
Lobelia. Sutton' > Spreadl ig, Blue,
lac. lies bb,slim:. Sution's Red flowered,
Lupin, Sutton's Annual,  Mixed.
Lupin, Sutton's Perennial, Mixed.
Maize, Sutton'a Striped..
Mallow, Sutton's Large Pink,
Marvel of Peru, Sutton's Brint-flow-
ered, Mixed.
Michaelmas Daisy, Sutton'a Hybrid,
.Marigold,  Sution's   Minii'i'iie   French.
Mignonette, Sutton's Giant,
Mignonette,  Sutton's Sweet-scented.
M Ignonette, Sutton's Cloth of Gold.
Mignonette, Sutton's Spiral,
Miiinilus, Suiton's Giant   Mixed.
Musi;, Sutton's Selected.
Myosotis, Su:inn's Perfection.
Myosotis, Sutton's Bedding.
Nn st urtium,
Naa urtlum,
Suunn's   Kiurf
t.i ton' 1  Dwarf
m's Dwarf,
Sutton's    Tall,     Fairy
Brackman liei
if   Tom
Sutton's Tall < rlmson.
But ton's Tall Mixed,
Neiiie ia, Strumosa, Stuuon's Mixed.
Nemesla,  Strumosa,   Sutton's  Dwarf,
Mlxi d,
Notnophlia,    Sutton's  Largo-flowered,
...    .... Sutton's Selected.
Double  Dwarf,
i' 1 Giant, While.
Pansy, I Giant,   Yellow.
!��� :       Button's Perfi 1 tlon, Mix  1.
To:     Be ding. Mixed.
1 n  Flower, Sul ton' 1 Blue,
Pn ��� Ion Flower, Sul ton'   Scarlet.
I'erllln. Sutton's Selected, Bronze.
Petunia, Sutton's Blngle, Mixed.
1 hlox, 1 ir uu., Bul ton'   i.t . '��� :i"v, '.id
Bcai let.
Phlox Drum., Button's Lar^c-flowored
Polyanthus, Sutton's Glnnt, Mixed.
Polyanthus, ButtotrIB Giant, While.
Portulaca,    Sutton's    Large-tlow
Po ;t Sutton'' Double Gl int, Mixed.
Poppy, Sutton's Belected  Shirley.
Poppy, Sutton'a 'celand, Mixed.
Primro ie, Sutton s Brilliant, Mixed.
R inuni ulus, Sutton'sOlant  Freuch.
i.ii uian '. ".   Sutton'a   Largo flowered,
Rlcinus   (Castpr ill   Plant),   Suiton's
ROI I.el.    Sul tOn'S   E we":    1 '"lied.
Rudbockl 1, SiTtton's Golden Sunset,
��� i     lo   I   Sut ton's 1 Hani.  Mixed.
S Iviri,  Sut Ion's  Scarlet,
Sc ihlott    (G01:  Sul ton v    I >ai go
:  rod, Mixed.
:' m   1 to i'lai.i.Siuton's Sel icted.
Stock, T in-week, Sut ton's Giant Perfection.
siock. Button's Gland English Bromp-
ton, Mixed.
Silene.Sutton's Pink.
Sunflower, Sutton's Giant  Single.
And at vnr'otts sub-agencies.
B. K. M8
Please cut (/n's out fur rc.r
MARTIN, Wi.akt
on:,;.:.:   .   ,,,;;,
rices:   New v.,-������'.
corner Clarkson  t
Vancouvi 1. room 1 ..
ville Btreet   .1 is< pi
w.  Weait, W. G.  U
Bourne.    Mr. Marti,,
ternoon "'
UoWAV.   REID   ,
**     lers,    solicltoi 1,
-    "in	
Westminster.   .1. 11. Bi
Whiteside & bdmo
'�� ters and : 1 toi
Columbia street, New
tt. .1. V, luteslde, 11. 1.,
MR. ���'��� P. HAMPTON BO
1,1   tor ol the supn me courl
Canadian   Bank  of  Comm
Ing,  Columbia   Btreet,  opp
Ofl ��� ���'.    New     Wl       :
Solicitor, Guli
: 1.1 and Mi Kens le stn
minster, B, C.
" 1 ���    T' :
tend.       Dr.  W.   '..
king solomon lt
!'.,'.    t    ;
1 lon
. ��� .-  .   ',   -
O       I
111 attend.   D. w. 01
lt.   B.   K.   of   I..   1.
ourth F of 1
p.   it.   In   O    ���
Royal and ���'
: ning  Sir   Knlgl
i'i T
P.;    17.  E.  Matt] I
Meets in O
third  '���
m.    Vislti
i 11 vir d to
W. M.; .1. Hum   I
O. O.  F.���AMITY  LODGE.  '
diallv   ll '.:  ���   1   '  .  ;.'
N. G.;   W. C. Co;. !
A.  O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCG". No. 3
Mi   Ling - the Bi
day   in    each    month.       I
brethren cordially Invl
room,   V. O. 1    -. Odd
.:. Co . I    ". T" ordi r;   Li
masti r v.01 '..nan.
Red Rot " I legree mi i 9
Fourth w.'dn -day of each i
in K. of P. II.ill. Columbia .-
s p. in.. White Rose Di ree, ';���'
Wednesday in each montl
lime and place. V'I
cordially Invited. E, B
comb, , Pres., II   lb ie      s
it., .11
���Me its the Fourth  Fri I
month  al   B o'clock,  In  the
hall.   Oddfellows'    block.      \
brethren are 1 ordlnllj Invlti d
lend.   .1. it. Rushton, C. 1:
Maxwell, K. S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetli
this l.ndge nre held on tl
and Fourth Tuesd ���     ol
at x p. in. In the Odd
VI inn::   Brethren  are  1 ���
vited i" attend.    E. C. Firtl , C. R
1'. P, Maxwell, Sec.
PERANc:: meel   everj  v
ui  x o'clock  p.  in.,  iu Od
Hall,   Columl 11    sr.'''
Brethren are cordially Invl
lend.   .1. S. Bryson, S. C
Campbell, Sec.
CAMP, 191.���M
Third Tm ol  ���   ���
K.      Of      P,    I:  ill.
Chief; J. J. I',  '���  ,
��� .   ;; 1   ���; ol  1
ir. ird Room, City n ill.
Seen,,   Weill
Quaric.lv   nieei in
Wednesda:     ot     Fi
Aug 1 1  and  Novent
An I  meetings    on
Wednesday    of     Fi
members   may   be   pro]
elected   ill   HIIV   111. .Ill ill.''    "'
meeting.   A. K. White, Sec      ,
When you want e good   '
... rn"
ti sk for a���
Manufactured  by  tl"'  "��� ('     ...
, Till.     "��?'
Factory,  who  also   make   m��
lantes" (in three Blzes.)
Factory and Offlce,
PaintQuaiity-��Whatisit?iocai News Briefly Told
\l/'l,-.i   ic Paint Onalitv''        Painl     nnolifir    ie    tkr, rllcfi'v, w
What is Paint Quality?    Paint  quality is the distiii
[ng mark of good paint over all other paint,     li is in
I.   iaint itself, the material used, the conditions of manu-
.'.     re and the skill of the paint-maker. Sherwin-Williams
Paint, prepared, is painl quality through and through,   lt
esl   Linseed Oil and manufactured with
10 years of the best  paint-making.    Paint
y and S.W.P. are the same.    Each stands for the
li you are about to paint your house these facts
toi   erestyou.   You can obtain furtherinforma-
i .typewriters...
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���visible Writing
ellers. Stationers, Etc.
235 Columbia Street.
��� '���'
Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. ;���;
.     , carpet.   We ha\ i th    greatesl   ran/" oi
, | ,,,., .. laronl and  give you  better satis-
than you can gel i   an   ot]        ace.     For instance, a tr I
. is, paper for  u and laid for one dollar a yard up.
or ten  cents  a  yard.    We
-. , a  rooms and the  Rm
nd see us.   It wi to si       ir stock befon |   your
: imbia St. R    i Extension, Front
,.,. tz*z<<K*>>X<&iXM
Manufacturer of Harnessand Sadd.ery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
So Are
J' �� Sa
March was OurBanner Month. Nothing
like Good Fresh Goods at Right
Prices to bring Customers.        :        :
The City Grocery,
Telephone ?>7.       -       -      -       -        ADAMS & DEANS.
in i.
in th ' e-.ri,    'ring is recommended by lead-
rinaries. ( li nproves the health of a horse,
M iv i b tter,    "       ;   ir and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
'  tie more the old fashioned two hand
;-  i, ,     ;,,���   ..     .     We also keep in
��� Stewarl I atenl newl904Model
,   They      a  clean, saving 1 to
.,',,,      0        |ee(.ei
T.  i Chill '   me In    :"
'. on the Ramona yi    erd     on
Dr. Drew,  V;  .  Di   ��  and  daugh er
��� ��� "   in   on   the   Ri mona erday
.   Benson's  Landif
M. .McLean late pur i r on  'he Fav-
���   c mn- in  front    lbs    ranch    at
Mounl   Lehman yesterda;   and  returned  today,
Rev, Gordon Tanner, of Porl   Ham
iiiiiinl, is th. :   Ret. and  M i.-.
ice  at   the   Wesl   Side    Methodist
The   Brunette   Mills    this   morning
hipped a large BUpply of banana boxes tu .1. stew,ni & I'"., Banana Packers  of  Victoria.
The inn Feai lei went oul ibis
morning towing the Q. N. K. barge,
the Sidney, to Porl Sidney. Tbe barge
i in rieii :i inn load of freight cars.
The t'lisi i wo 'l ol a bine ha 11
111 oul the chei. ��� blossoms and
thorc li  an excel iw fo
Mrs. J run        of B
- mg iini" is
and   will
A.  \ i, pro
in Porl Ham
with him ;i
Mrs. Sands, who hi a l n spi ading
r Mrs.
1    hodlst
���     - . of her
��� on  11. San
17. Walker of the i'i      - River Mills
nd H. Gllli ;��� of the National
Lumber  com iany'     p on   Durrani
Inlel   returned   ibis  morning   from  a
business trip to Victoria.
M. Monk erday a  very
ne ' .linen:  ot mink si.ins from
the Stave river dl trlct. He also received a large number of musk rat
Two cars of machinery arrived here
obiy  tor  the Fi      .   River  Milling i ompany, Thi   i i mtain a com-
��� band saw outfit and an automatic  saw liliiiL
\v. Brodley, of Ladi er, was a pass-
nger   on   the   " R imona   ibis
morning to Gli un Vi lie; where he
;. Ill visit f. a ��� liiii'i time, and
; hen resum i Edmonton,
up ranching.
Mr. ('.. T. ... wife of Del
tlve B vent a somewhat
���  day in the
iiiini  in  Vancouver.  Mrs.  Brad-
-haw   is   progressing   favorably.
The following passengers came in
..,i the steamer Transfer this morning: .Miss Kirkland, Miss Simpson,
\v. Livlnj : ton, i'.. Keegan, .Mrs. White,
Mrs. D. Grand, Ladner; .1. McLeod,
Lulu Island.
I'p tn date Fri neb cleaning machines just 'imported. Ladies' and
gent's clothing cleaned and repaired.
Dry cleaning a specially. Clothing
warranted nol to shrink or colors to
run. Windsor Block
Sheriff Armstrong has posted notice"
io the effect thai n> will meet the
Istrar and others al the court house
on April 10, for the purpose of drafting a panel of grand and petit jurors
for the spring assize, starting -May l.
Alderman Shiles who has been ill
for Beveral weeks, and who is now
ai the Royal Columbian hospital Is
reported to be Improving very rapidly, and his manj friends expect to see
bim out  within ii short time.
The Ramona took with her up the
river ihis morning a verj   heavy miscellaneous cargo. Among 11 was a car
ol nails which came In over the G, N.
R. They also took a carload of fine
looking  buggies  consigned  to  Chilli-
The following are registered at the
Guichon  hotel:   A,   R,  Jackson,  Saginaw,   Mich.;   (i.   V.   Spring,    Seattle,
' i. :,.   Gilll .   Toronto,   Ont;
Stanley   Wharton,   Montreal;   It.   U
i     ry, Vli loria;   Alex,    Cruli kshank,
t - -v   Pligin    Montreal;   Job.
VI i
Hon ���
 'Itlsh   Columbia
whu b was b-'-i'l in  V ncouver  .
da:.  ���'       ..:;���.. lastoi  ot
ih"  Firs!   Baptlil   c] Vani o
'I his position ��� i :��� '.ii ���  ol
the        oi.  Rev.  lb  Lennie,  If. D., of
this citj.  was  uiT
io ib" vacant offlci ���
Pcliceman    Removes     Ml rdock
From   Within   Reach   of
Flowing  Bowl.      N
17. S. Chase, one of the party   ot
homes lekors   which   reeentlj    pa
through this city   foi   \... rta, returned trom thai  provlni e yesterday. Mr.
1        ii    uot a] ���   en tlcular-
v,   .
i , I,       11:15 thi
having found bin   In an In
a ui the vicinity of the Merchants
hotel, where he is said to have been
ib Inking i onsiderable ot late, Thi
 i   has  been   on   something  of    a
r.,r over a  wi ek, and although
��� raptured with the Alberta country ami prefers the west coast. During
bis Btaj in I he city he w ill I e ; he
gui   ���  ol  .1.  It. Gilley.
never harmful, he was al times con-
ile   of   ���������   nuisance,   and   consequent!)  he had to be taken In.
He objected  si tenuously to the arrest, and Btated that  hi   wasn't
Oollchans   have   tai        '"run   In ,,,l!;,v,  lmp....    ;,  i,:���.k  Was    called.:'
considerable numbes and local deal- Nevertheless  the carriage    ride  was
receiving the first  shipments omitted as being an unnecessary for-
oi   the  reason.   The  gulls   have also  l:l;iiit>���. and as a resull  the man was
awoke to the fact  tl ii oollchans arc ma_e ,,, |10,,f it to the police station
in Bight and are loi    ��� i iii large mim- :illlillM manj ,,,,���,.sls, j,Wch however
"������   had in. .  ipi  ��� ..   , Beet on the guard-
" 1|"'  Ian of the law,
Ro     i    ii'-i'i for appearance be!	
The otter  which  Is now   dl charg- M Co   "':,i  tomorsow  morning  a   load  o i   here  will   in  all  'n�� ;"  :,:;"-
illlt)   pass   down   the   river  to- o      	
nd will       '   with her 2,100
bricks    from  the    New   Wi
and tlty of
i  GH iiiuti-
. id  Dawson who
cinner',   al   Lhe mouth of the S
You will "v.iaia   with Hi 11
lyingaround for; to pick up���but ...
Tod.   Vou will find articles at prices thai
��� ard ea: lied :���:���   I.     Think of it!
Those $17.50 Sideboards wc are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers end Stands for $12.50
. lolden Finish, Best rs in D
Carpets   a beautiful line.    Hygenic Carpet, Und. , ;,.  pa(_,_
Kelt   . - mi 11 .' .    ew i t yet,
238 to i?42 Columbia and 229 t o  241   Front   Streets,  Uupont   Block    I
bers on  tin
:    Bsh
.   iii'i'.
Lace Curtains
n   . arently  dy
ing out. Wl o stur-
��� ���T"  numi ro      and   ran   i
1,200 and 1,400 poun Is In weight, only
a   few small  lish
1 I'll ���' of . :;,
Makes Application for Lease of Addi-
tier,.-!   Property   On   the
| House cleaning time will make yen think of re- P,
$ newing" some of your aartains and this is the store 1
| to buy them at.   We always show the ne1 '.
!;! sijri- and our prices art i ight. ;t;
The   Brune
italnable. The nas P��stl
in- Fraser rl\
e   Saw   Mill   Co.,
licatlon for a le: -
oi a portion of the forei hoi e adjoin
���is it is ob'-n calli I, : rapidly rifting '"- lhelr lni:l Property al Sapperton.
ii, consequence. The sturgeon that are The land tor which a base is re
now coming in are mostly trom   iho quired consists of lot 7. Mock 8, with
in the city limits, and a portion of
lot 16, group 1, New Westminster district. The purpose for which the land
is desired Is not stated, bul ii is said
that it Is merely required for ordln-
arj purposes, the present tract nol
being large enough for iho accommo-
datlon of the large supply of lumber
handled by thla < ompany.
jg A full stock of Frilled Mu                            .
| Madras Muslins, Art Sateens, Art M               Bur- $
5: laps for covering Cosy ( orner Seats, The i/i,-- h__\   *���
I "|
I   Price 35c a Yard   I
bin   Lake   district.
The Beaver waa vi r; late. In getting In to port ��� terday afternoon
on account of the large amount of
. she had to handle, she also
broughl in a large number of passengers. Among ihem were: A. -I. Canip-
' 11, A. Thompson, Mount Lehman;
J, Patterson and ll. Chapman, from
.Marsh's Landing; Mrs. Oliver, W'hon-
nock; 11. Voudnl. Mrs. Warrell, L
ley; D, .Munn. M. Sparrow, l'ort
Haney; M. Rehburger, .Maple ib.
.1. \V. Storey, Hammond.
:���: _
Eastbound   Train   en   the    Burlington
Route Goes Off the
Omaha, Neb., f\prll ���",.- A special
from Grand Island, Nebraska, says
that eleven cars of aii eastbound passenger train on Hie Burlington have
been wrecked near St. Michaels. Five
doctors have left tor the scene of the
wreck. No details obtainable at ihis
Washington, D. C, April 5.- Mon
I ��� is report i irom San Domingo in a cablegram received at the
navy department today from Commander Sutherland of the Yankee al
Santo Domingo. He says: "A revolution has broken out at Samama. The
Paducah is there. American Inti
are   not   involved.''
Mr. .loul,en the Dominican minister
called at the state department todaj
to see Secretary Root, but had no Information of liis own respecting new
uprlsln ���
passes 1rom�� trials
in northern wilds
Ave you satisfied with the quality of Tea you
are getting for the price you are paying?
If not we would ask you to try our
We are confident that this Tea will give
you entire satisfaction.
35 cents per lb. or 3 lbs. for $1.00
Wife of  Bishop   Reeves Dies After 35
Years of Missionary Hardships.
Chicago, Ills.. April ."..--Officials of
the Burlington road iii Chicago say
that the accident occurred four miles
wesi of St. Michaels, Neb., and that
tt wns nothing more than a derailment   of  the  trucks of  the  baggage
and mail cars. Two passengers and
ihe baggage man were slightly bruised.
Lock   Him    Up   in   Dark   Room
Hold      Him      ss
Toulon.  France. April  5,    Will u the
i hlel   of   police  of  Ibis   city   visited   a
meeting of Btrlkers last night, tor th
..ni eose of bringing about a reconcil-
, he wa       ize I and locked up
in ii dark r oi
The     rtk ;    then  announced
��� ��� . .       as o hesi-
'' he   prevo I   flnallj   Intervened
and  so.aii ed  1      role u e,
T. J. Trapp & Co, Ltd. I If You Can't Boost I
-��� ��� ;t; !:
Winnipeg, Man., April 5.���A letter
from Athabasca Landing gives an account of the death of Mrs. Reeves,
wife of Bishop Reeves, who died on
March 8. She had not been well for
some time and Doctors Wilson and
May Of Edmonton were called to at-
i' nd her. She seemed to be Improving
and no one anticipated that he end
v,as so near, she leaves besides her
husband, seven children to mourn her
loss. The eldest, a son in Soul li Africa, the youngest a daughter al
home, two daughters and three sons
In England,
li will be thirty-seven years nexl
month since the Bishop and Mrs.
Reeves sailed trom England to Canada. Thirty-five years they spent in
missions In the far north on the
Mackenzie river, where they were
to ; to all the hardships of
i ioiiee" life tar from civilization and
[or s iveral months at a time during
the in -' ten : ears they did not have
ample roi Islona and of en did nol
ihai   hav. nece  tarles ol Ufa    During
I i rials   Mr I,   Reet is   proved    a
d.   she  made  no  dls
tinclloil,  file   Indians  found  In   her    a.
mid  no one ��ho came to her
i l.ii"   .   of   wani.   was
i aw t. ��b"ii ii ��.i   in her pou
er i" aid,
Friday, April 6th '06
Public   Holiday
Monster Parade, 3 p. m.
Vancouver,    Past.   Present   and   Prospective.
Mass Meeting in the Evening
Speeches.   Songs  and   Music.
Special Rates on AIJ Lines.
1 00,000 CLUB
Lnrgest  Stock   in  the City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
On  i^oi-l Moody
run through this place,
$30 per acre,
Al " will give lease of a good Chicken Bsncl
houses, 20 acre, cultivated, tor I m
of tl   ��� above land.
Road.    The tram Is expected to
ii will then double in value,
$1000  cash.
lot   oi' chtcki "
in.e to purcha ' I'
We are boosting just now R. & K. Canadian
Flukes. Why? Because they are a home
product and are imt only as good but arc
far superior to anything on the market.
A nice piece of Crockery in each package.
Price 35  cents per package.
For Sale��� Modern 7-roomed house on
i'ni" corner In West  iiinl;  iwo lots.
Tie and I't'iiit trees. Cheap, \ppiy
X, :ais offloe.
Pound���Pair Gentleman's Kid Oloves
.���mi a black silt' handkerchief, owner may have by applying to The
Wesl ulnster Clothing House.
Eggs    for     Hatching���llaricd     Rool
Rlnglel  Cockerel,   s. C.  w.    Lei
horns, Wyckofll strain. Large
runs. Fertility guaranteed    i i
tings replaced. )2  per  13.     1521  6th
avenue or  Hex 7���",7.
For Sale���Young
bred, ready for
tin,   Sappcnoii.
Ayrshire Hulls puri
: ervli e.   W.   11.  Alls
Eggs  for   Setting ���
I' per Betting.
i "rl on.
'ure   Barred   Hock
.1. \v. Austin, Sap-
Wanted 2000 Cords oi Hemlock Bark
at the Fraser River Tannery, Ltd..
taken In lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or P, 0. box L87, New
Westmlni ter,
For Sale���Two fine Jersey cows, and
one Shorthorn, fresh milking. One
two year Old heifer, anil one six
munibs. Apply \V. II. Ma.lill, DOUR-
las  Road, Or  Dally  News oince.
Mr.1 ~    1    Til     1     O    V        Rial EttaU, Fin & Lift ln����"
cieod, Mark & Co.,   r��f. 273.  n.~ rram om*
BOple's Grocer
Lost���Small purse Willi small sum of
money ai toot of Cemetery street
Sapperton, Return to Mrs. Cigonler,
Iri ml   si rec:.  or   Daily   News.
Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Competent and Willing to teach. Slate
experience and salary expected. D.
L, Allen Scott, P. o. Box 1120, Calgary, Alberta.
Wanted at Once���Men and boys who
are willing I" work, Hirla also required. Apply per:.'.icily at the
Western Canadian Can Factory.
I Burnaby, and of City Cur.
For   Sale���Old   papers   suitable  for
wrapping up parcels, etc.   Apply News
To Contractors.
Tenders will be received up to noon
Wednesday, April uh, al the office of
Messi's.  Malins and Coullliai'd   (where
plans and specillcal Ions may he Been)
tor the erection of a brick block on
the cornet- of Columbia.    Sixth    and
Proi I streets, New Westminster, B. C.
|p   ' o    ',  Iii,   and    13 of l.of   18 of
Suburb ti   Block   10,    Map 200,  New
Wl, ires   | roof ot the loss ol Certl-
ij,.;lle of   TlUe Number i��7i a,
Issued   In   the   name  of  .lane   Howay
ai Hied Iii this office,
, Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
ni the expiration of one month trom
D| the Brsl publication hereof, i. sac ;i duplicate of the said Certificate, unl ^s iii the meantime valid
ictlon be made to me in writing.
C.  S.   KK1T1I.
Dlstricl  Registrar ol TlUes,
Land  Registry Ofiice,
Xew Westminster, li. C, April I, 1908,
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be recelMkll by the uu-
derslgned up to Friday", the 6th ot
April, al I p. in., tor die construction
of a wooden tresllo bridge over ravine
on Carnarvon street.
plans and specifications can bo seen
ai thy office.
i no lowest or any tender not neces-
sai'lly accepted.
city Clerk.
City Hall, March 31, 1908,
DUNCANS, B. C, Mar. 30th, 1906.
3.30 P. M.
(Conductor RoyaJ Earing Car.)
Sporting News
and Comment.
Cog   Exhibitions  to   Be   Held   in   Vancouver and Other Cities.
$25.    Prize |80 to handlers In    B.    C. -ANrJ   Rf-GISTRY  ACT.
Second prize S20. Flrsl prize, $10, Re part ol Lot 280 Group 1. New
Second prise. Westminster  District Whereas proof
The       bench       show      committee I of the loss  of Certufioate of Title
are working hard and consist of thai number __S4A, issu��4 in the name of
following well known nenUenren: .lohn Unnlel CaBaghan his been filed in this
.1. Tuck, Colin F. .Jackson, E. R. Hick- offlce.
etta, Uie energetic secretary, Geonge Notic* is hereby given that 1 shall,
��� .r. Dyke, H, S. Rolston, lb G, Stanley at the explratlos of one month from
Anthony, J. G. 1- Abbott, ll. .1. 1*.| the d��e of the first publication here-
Leaty, T, M. McAulltte, F. W. W*3lsh, of, Issue a duplicate of the said Cer-
Robt. Large, T. tt Taylor, Walter H. tlficate, unless in the meantime valid
n.   '
M. objection be made to me ln wrltin
Cottingham, ami _ G. Rolston    The c. S. KEITH
superintendent of show  is Mr   Chas. District Registrar of Titles.
Barker. j...,,n(i Registry Office.
N'.w Westminster, B. C.
March 30, 1906.
. m
The annua] open bench shows on ihe vvalton, ii. Clayton   Leonard
coast   will   commence Iri May, beginning wilh  Vancouver, nnd  ending ai
San Francisco.    This circuit    is     ar-( j,
lunged by ihe Pacific Advisory Hoard.
and the dates ior these yearly events' Vancouve-    Ciu'c.
are as follows.-                                         -rite Vancouver   Kennel   Club   has
Vancouver, May 0 to 12. ,    i, organized    for   lhe    purpose    of
Victoria, May 16 to 19. stimulating the citteens of Vancouver
Seattle. May-23 to 20.                           . to breed aud rear thoroughbred dogs;
Portland. May 30 to June 2. to inculcate among the people, espec-
San Francisco, June 6 to (J. lally the children, a love of man's best I
The coaxi clubs are second to none friend; to u.se bs Influence to prevent
anywhere..    Therr officers who are ex- diseased aid unruly dogs from running
peiienced and enthusiastic   dog   fan- ibe Btreets, endangering    the    people
clers, ar<  doing their best to   sUnm- and ihe well-being of all    good    can-
late tie    breeding    of    thoroughbred ines.
cannles and are. contented only when This dub was re-organized in June
ihe best -of judges are engaged Tor i;...;;. and held a very successful dor:
rbeir bench shows. The judges are show on the 27th day of June, I'.n.:;.
procured at great expense and the foi- sine- then ili< club has joined the Pali wing well known judges, some of clflc Coasl Kennel Club League, and
whom have before visited   the   coast, held a show under   lis   auspices   onl
will officiate this year; March   ;;].   and   April 1 and 2, 1904. ^"Department until noon on Wed-
Vancouver, B. C, Major J. M. Tay- Dogs were   exhibited   from   Victoria,      o       lhe ���ml day 0j May, 1906, for
lor, of Rutherford, N. .1. New Westminster and Nanaimo, B.C.;
Victoria.  B.  C,  James Payne,  l-7sq., San Frauciseo, Cab;    Portland,    Ore.?
of San 'Francisco, Cal. Tacoma. Spokane, Seattle and    other
Seattle, Wash., James Cole. Esq,., of eitios in  Washington.
Kiavsas. The flrsl  show of    the    Vancouver
?oi'tlaivd, Ore., Major .1, M. Taylor. Kennel club was th.' largesl upon the
San   Francisco,  Cab,  George   Raper coast,   making  rhe  Vancouver  Kennel
Esq., England. Club one of ibe  mosl  useful, strong-
Tl<(. Vancouver club is fortunate in , ,i an_ best
having enthusiastic    officers    at    its      The ,,.(. tot  membership is two dol-
head,    and    the    following   are well |ars a year for gentlemen and one dol-
'"'.Vi Y\r> -'.   - . ��� T '   'i. ^
W��& - iM      ���
Viiy'o ';>.: ** Wi-  i >'\
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber
on Domonion Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS    addressed    to
lhe  Timber   and  Mines   Branch,  Department of the Interior, and marked
, on the envelope "Tender for Timber
Berth No.  471,''  will  lie received
known  nnd experienced  breeders    of |ar jor ladies, the
thoroughbred dogs: June.
Hon.     Presidents���Hon.   I..   Edwin 	
Dudley, U. S. Consul; lt_ fi, Mac-
pierson, Esq., M. P.; Frederick Bus-
combe,  kst|.. Mayor of  Vancouver;   II.       Th'-  Regina   lacross
ending    in
Rsginas Meet.
club  held
oiial rooms of Hie Columbian, a: which forms of tender and envelope, may be
time the election of officers was .'.;- obtained at this Department or at the
principal business before ihe meet- office of the Crown Timber Agent at
ing. Th. club also pointed a commit- New Westminster, B. C.
tee on arrangements tor the annual Each tender must be accompanied j
T.ll ..I tie club, which il is thought by an accepted cheque on n chartered
vill be a greater success ibis year, bank in favor of the Depuiy of the
ia.hi an. pasl .veins of ;i similar na- Minister of the Interior, for the
nne in ib,   history of the club. . amount of the bonus which the appll-i
The following constitutes  the list   cunt is prepared to pay for a licence.;
..I officer!  tor the ensuing year: No tender by telegraph will tie en-j
Patron, Rev, .!. S. Hend rson;  hon- tertalned.
orary   president,  Thomas  Gifford,   M. PBRLEY G. KEYES,
1..  A.:   president,  A.   W.  Cray;     flrsl
vie.   president, R, WIntemute; Becond
: vice president John Payne;  secretarj
Q.���Minto treasurer, C. A. Bourne; auditor, .1. I.
Kenry; executive committee, Arthur
Smith,    I. WIntemute,   c. D.  Peeli .
league  delegates,   A.   W.   Gray   and   C.
I'. Peele; manager., C. D, Peele;  team "The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
17.   Macdonell,   Esq.,   and   Miss   Leigh  annual meeting lasi  night  ill Ih" o Iii
President���John J. Tuck.
First Vice President���Colin F. Jack
Second Vice President���E. R. Rick
Veterinary Surgeons - I Irs
Hart, J. W. Franks, rind Keiur
Executive Board���Messrs
Rolston, E. Philip Gllman,
Welsh, G. Clayton Leonard. .1
Abbott and Chas. E. At/.el.
Cups, Trophies, Etc.
Over sixty cups have been donated
and amongst the donors are:
Ear!   of   Minlo,   K.   C.   M
Sir Henri .loll. Cup.
ilon. Johann Wulffsohn, cup.
Mayor  Buscoinbe, cup.
Hon   I.. Edwin Dudley, cup.
James F. Garden, cup.
H. (',. Macphersou, two cups.
11 It. Rlcketts, cup.
Colin F. Jackson, cup.
Seattle Brewing Co., cup.
Five Vancouver i lemhers
legislature, cup.
The Stock-keeper    Fug..   Challengi
President's cup.
Six handsome medals donated by thc
Canadian Kennel club.
Harry   Abbott,  cup.
Tbe Vancouver Breweries' cup.
Hudson's Bay Co., cup.
I'.riicliiuan-K.-r Co., cup.
Robert Keiiy, cup.
GaribnirJohnslone, cup. M | m   , ,,���, ,,v ,. ,
II.Tbbs these  handsome cups there
are over stventy trophies and   special,     S:ln ''''ancisci... Cab, April &,���Al  the
awards   contributed   by   Vancouver's]1 ar tournament  lasi  night   L.J.
citizens, all of which have been allot- ^afranler, of Chicago, was given the
ted to the Afferent breeds, making a decision over One Mulligan. Brooklyu
total of over one hundred and twenty- Athletic  club,   [136  pounds)   after  n
five prizes oad awards. minute   and   a   hall   fighting.   Mulligan
The premium list Is now ready and  w:,s   hopelessly  outclassed.     He  was
has   been  sent   to all    purls    in    the   " '','1   twice   '��   the   short   spell     of
states, the   Dominion   and   also   to fighting.
many   parts   or   England.      Nearly  o	
three hundred classes are provided for
nil  breeds, and  a  Held 1 Hal class    for 0ld   Timer   Eni��ys   Life-
sellers   and   pointers is  also Included. Beattle,     Wash.,     April     4.--A.     M.
There  Is 11 possibility    of    holding Green, a wealthy    Montana    man,    is
the coming show in the Drill Hull, the making  a   lour  of  the  Coasl   at     the
'only   building  available  for  such  pur- age  of 99  years.     He  is  a   guesl     at
poses.    The time will come no doubt, Hie Illller hotel and    is    accompanied
WhOQ  Vancouver will    have    11    largo by his grandson,    David  R. McGlnnls,
building suitable for   such   exhibition and bis grand   daughter   and   great-
a licence to cut timber on Berth No.
171, situate iu ihe Railway Belt in
the Province of British Columbia,
commencing at the southeast corner
of Section 14, Township 7,. Range 27,
West of the 6th Meridian; thence
North 44 chains: 1 hence West SO
chains; thence South 20 chains;
ihence "West 20 chains; thence South
24 chains more or less to the North
boundary of Section 10; thence East
along lhe North boundary of Sections:
10 and 11, 100 chains more or less, to
the point of commencement, contain-,
ing an area of 400 acres more or less.
The regulations under which 11
licence will be issued,    also printed.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, 1906.
"The Milwaukee"
captain, 1.   WIntemute
The following committee was appointed I" arrangi bu- the annual ball.
announcements cone, rnlng which will
, he   made   laii-r:
C. D. Peele, C. A. Bourne, J. 1.
r local Keary, I. WIntemute, Thomas Gifford,
and ll. A. it. Macdonald.
mb.a bu in" ib of a routine nature
was transacted, an.'r whli b Hie meet
ing adjourn, d
Jockey  Club  Meeting.
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in thc service 011 any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil-
! waukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining car.^ on alll their train , and
give their patrons an excellence ..f
service not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers arc longer,
higher and wider than in similar car--
on any other line, They protect
their trains by the Block System.
Connection   made   with   all   trans-
Vancouvet Jockej . bib will hold
ennuai meeting lr '   ��� '��� '
trade rooms tonight.
II   S  KOW.F.. General Agent.
134 Third St, ror Alder, Portland, Or.
A   feature  of   Ibis   year's   awards  Is
granddaughter, Mrs. 17. s. Clark   and
daughter,    Both of ihe grandchildren
tbe large handlers prizes, thus itlmu- are along in years, bul there is   no
lining  handler.  Of dogs from  distant   one In lbe party who appears younger
points to enter into competition    by
having the largest "string"    of   dogs.
J. H. Todd
Dealer In
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and Records,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Btreet,
f^-il!   r\r   wpIIm  for   nrlCRH.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
or  Who  is enjoying    Hi"    lour    more
than the aged man himself. The
Tho following prizes nre offered: party spenl yesterday in seeing Seat
Fiist prize of $7',   to   be   given   to tlo In a large automobile and at the
handlers,  having    largest    string     of   dose of   he day expressed  IhemBelves Trl.  113- Office,  Eighth  Street,
dogs  outside of B. c  Second   prlzoI ,:s well nleased with their cutii.s',       j     new Westminster, b. c.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Synapsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal  lam'.s may    be    purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and   $jo  fur   anthracite.     Not   more
than 3.10 acres can be acquired by one
individual  or  company.     Royalty  at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gi
QUARTZ���Persons nf eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner's certificate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
S50 to Sioo per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is ?5-
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of, the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for thc payment of a
Royalty of 2j4 per cent, of the sales
of  the  products  of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the  N.  W.  T..  excepting  the   Yukon
Territory:  Placer mining claims  generally  are   100  feet  square,  entry  fee
$5, renewable yearly.     On the North,
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar  or bench,  the  former being  100 ���
feet long and extending between high'
and low water mark.    The latter in-1
eludes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base  of tlie hill or bank, not
exceeding   1000   feet.      Where   steam
power is  used  claims  200  feet  wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
anil thc N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  tlie  Interior.
Thc lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for lirst year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of tlie creek or
giililijjlu- width being from 1000 to
2000 leet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims arc marked by two ll gal
posts, om- at each end, bearing no
tic.-. Entry must be obtained within
ten clays if the claim is within ten
miles of the milling recorder's ofiice,
line extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
Thc person or company staking a
claim must hold a free 'miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claiir, of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged tlie rest of the party ordinary claims only,
F.ntry fee $10. Royalty at thc rate
of two and one-half per cent, on thc
value of tlie gold shipped from the
jeet to tbe rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee ran dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
Output  after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in tbe Yukon Territory-
Six leases nf live miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below   low    water   mark, that boun
dary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental Sioo per mile'
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
tree miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the -anie creek, gulch or river, by
giving  notice  and  paying a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
not. the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, anad open tn occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
we-t Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re
serve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
ng the oil well, will be
-. '1 !" the prospector at tlie rate "i
Si an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 12S0 acres,
will be sold at tbe rate oi J,? an acre.
subject 1" royalty at such rate a- may
bi I by 1 frder in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the Inter!  r
Dept. Interior.
Synopsis   of   Canadian  Northwest
Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and
26, not reserved, may be homesteaded
by any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 years
of age, to thc extent of one-quarter
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry may be made personally at
the local land ofiice for the district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, tbe Commissioner of
Immigration, Winnipeg or the local
agent receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(t) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2I If the father for mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
(31 If the settler bas bis permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by bim in tbe vicinity of his homestead, tbe requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Mini-ter  of the   Interior.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
~! i Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line    1-
Dnlh NEW j   Dally
Leave' WESTMINSTER] Arrive
fi; 20 aml&lalne, Belling-'" i 00 pm
4:35 pm hum      Burling- 6:36pm
(ton,   Mt   Ver-
jnon,     Eve, ett.
Beattle       uud
4:.::. pm Spokane,       St 71:0(1 pm
Paul     and     all
points   Fast.
9.20 amAn.ic.iries, 13:00 pm
IWoolley,     and
3:00 pm Vancouver |9:20 am
;.;;:, pm |4:85 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane. St. Paul. Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis  an.l  all   points   F.asl.
For     complete     Information.
rai.-s.  berth   reservation,  etc.,
call on or address,
F. ('. GRIFFIN, Agent.
Hank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, II. C
S. G. YKIIKF.S, A. 0. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St.. Seattle, Wash.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year   minster I
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
an.l LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. Thc equipment consi-l- of
private compartment cars, standard
16  section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining
(Subject to change without   nutiee)
Princess Beatrice Dally
Leaves Port M'ownsenrt la p. m.
Leaves Victoria !l p.m.
Arrive Sent Ile 5 n.m.
I>eave Seattle B.80 a.m.
Arrive Port Towsend   l_.3u noon.
Arrive Victoria 8.30 p.m.
S. S. Princess Vieloria.
Leave Vancouver 1 p. m.
Leave victoria 1 a. in.
Leaves Victoria,  1  a. in., Tuesdayi
and  Fridays.
Leaves New Westminster, , a. m
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Calling at Maynean d Steveston,
S.S. Joan leaves Nnnalmo dally, ex-
cept   Baturday und  Sunday, at 7 an.
Saturday 8 a. m.
leaves    Vancouver    dally,    except
Saturday and Sunday, at  1.7,0 p.m.
Saturday 2.30 p. m.
S. S. Queen City.
Leave   Victoria   11   p.   m.   1st,   LOth
anil 20th of each month for Ale
nnd way points,
Leave Victoria 10th of each 1   1 h
for Quatslno and v. ay point
Leave   Victoria   -''111   of  ���
for Capo Seo'i  and way  ,   :
lug Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves    New
Additional   Inn   leave
a. in. Sundi ���
>������'..  ���'���:!   '.;. ���
da; ���  Wodm idaj.  Thui and Sat-
urday  7  a.  la.     Fridi
ditional trip Sa urday 5 p. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave   New   \Y. itminst. rn.
Mondays,   Welti'     ; i
Leave Chilllwacl   7 a. i,
Thursdays   and   Satrdayi .
landing   l.e'we. n    New    W<
and Chil'iwaek.
NORTHERN  B.  C.  RiU'Tr;.
S.   S.   Tees.
Leaves Vancouver at  2  :   m. 2nd
ami   16th "f each  month calling K
Ski.legate on first nip and Bella Coo-
Westmli  ter   everj
'���' ���.
car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),   la^on second trip
modern   day   coaches   and  buffet,   li-,
brarv and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further  information  call  on  or  write
Times  on   arrivals  an.l  d<;   " ;re
an- ap; roxiroate.
Fur  Tickets,  reservatli 1 9 and Information call on or address:
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Asst. Gen. Pass   Agi at, Van.
 ! w. H. GARDINER,
Gen. Agent, Freight  Dept
������JJ.J��_.��_.��_�����._ ....... New Westminster.
ED, QOUL1 r,
Agent, New Wea ���
i Northern Pacific!
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters   tor   pacific   Coael
GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds.    New crop now in stock ready
tor distribution;   ask your merchant
for   III. m   in   waled   ] a< k-ets.     If lie
does not handle tinm we will prepay
to your nearest postoffice, fifty 6c
packets, our selection ol good varieties, for 11.00 to Introduce them.
Large    slock    ol    HOME    GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma
tured for Iho spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or Inspection,
Lei me price your list before placing your order.    Greenhouse Plains,
Floral Work, lice Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, ele. Catalogue
30in Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C.
Railway Company
Easter  Holiday
Round trip tickets to all
local points at a fare and one-
third.   Sold on April 11th to
April Kith.   Good to return
! up to April 17th.
For further particulars apply to
C. V. K. Agent.
New  Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
4.10 Hastings St., Vancouver, I!. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
Al." to BUFFALO,  NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Palls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Atfent, lofi Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 15 10 daily-
Arrive New Westminster 11.36 daily.
l.v. New West. . 8.30; ar. Si
Lv. Seattle 10;  ar. New West. 18.40.
Lv. New West. 10.35 and   '���    .
Ar .New WobL 9.35 and H ���"���
c. P. R. mili.sun: SPECLAL.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
l.v. \. w. a.'j.i a.m.; ar, Seattle
Lv. N. W. 1.36 p.m.; ar. Si al   - 10
l.v. Senile 8.30 a.ui.; ar. N. W.  -
Lv. Seattle (.20 p.m.;  ar. N. W,
V., W. Sc Y.���VANCOUVl ft
Lv. N. W. :: p.m. and 9.35 | n
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 .mm., and t p.m.
G. N. R.- l'ORT Gl'KTitlN.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.;  ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Gulchiui 2.40 p.m.;     '��� M. �����
9.86 p.m.
Mondays only.
l.v.   New   Wesl.   5.60   a D      6.50,
and   hourly  until   11   p.m.,  with  halt
hourly   between   12.30   and   6   0   I'."1-
Saturday half-hourly noon to ll i,m-
Sunday  hourly    S    a.m.  to  11   l1"1-''
with half-hourly bet. noon and " i""-
Lv.  Vancouver same timi   through
Fraser River andtGulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed   It.!, i :' ">���
Tb..   .-'. I
Th.. Sat
ov   S  11       -
E . ni-
15 p.m.
: |..n-
a ,i in.)
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
' Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
stage daily for  Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    in,
0.20 a.m.
12.2S p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
.. Spokane
.. .Rossland
...Nelson ..
715 pm.
.4.10 p.m.
6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
From  Chwk.
Prom n. W. Tn..
From Chwk. Sun
Favorite ���
From N. W. dally
From Mi. Lehman, 7 n m.
Prom n. w. daily, ex, 8
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Sleveslon, 7 a.m. CFrl
Add. trip Saturday, 6 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 _.in-
Mail Service
Close.    Received
Seattle, via Stinuis 10,00 p.m
Sap'n  & Millside...lii.uu pan
Vancouver io.no p.m
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, ete 8.45 a.m.
Van. & Cont. Pui'k...l0.30;un
JUS p-m
,. 161'."1-
'...CO ii.nl.
East Burnaby.. .
Steveston, etc.,
Blast, viu C.P.R..
Sap., Mill, Coq'm
Van. & Burnaby.
1.30 p.i��
2 I'll
'.10.30 a.m. 10.09 a.m.
1.17, p.m.    1.15 P-m
1.30 p.m.
3.00 p.m.
7,.on p.m.
;:.;:() p.m.
10.30 ii.tn-
12.no m
12.00 m
0.00 p."!-
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains  (eXOT-
Stinday)   carrying   passengers,   ffl��
express    and    freight   connect   w
stages at Carcross an.l White H0W1
maintaining a through winter -'r
For information apply to
J.  H.   ROGERS,  Traffic   M""��Bcf'
Mackiiinon Bldfri
Vancouver, B- L. THURSDAY, APRIL  5,  1906.
Our Big Sale of Geo. A. Collard's Stock of up-to-date Clothing and Gent's Furnishings continues for two weeks longer and to
fully place our prices before you, we mark all our goods in plain figures.
You divide by two and get any article in the entire place for HALF PRICE.     .
Men s Suits
All of CoUard's $25.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price..  .. $1250
All of Collard's ��20.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price '. .' " ]] \[ ] $1000
All of Collard's $10.00 Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price \ .'  6 00
All of Collard's   $li.nu Suits; Westminster Clothing Co.'s  Price [  ,.   \[   ''  \\  \\ ,..t4M
Look at   This for Overcoats
All of Collard's $18.00 Overcoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $9.oo
All of Collard's $16.00 Overcoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price \ ..$7.50
All of Collard's   $7.7,0 Overcoats Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.00
Men s ^Vaterproofs
All of Collard's $la.00 Waterproofs;   Westminster Clothing  Co.'s Price $7.50
All of Collard's $10.00 Waterproofs;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $5.00
All  of Collard's    $7,.00 Waterproofs;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $2.50
Mens T
AU of Collard's $G.0O Trousers;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $3.00
All of Collard's $",.00 Trousers;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s Priee $2.50
All of Collard's $4.00 Trousers; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $2.00
All of Collard's $2.00 Trousers; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price $1.00
We have an Immense line of these Trousers in all sizes and patterns.      Only    one    pair    of    these
Trousers sold to each Customer
Mothers Look   at These Boy s Suits
All of Collard's $7.7,n Suits for Roys; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price..
All of Collard's $6,00 Suits for Boys; Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price..
All of Collard's $3.50 Suits for Boys;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s Price..
Gent s   Furnishings
This line was the Bpeolal   avorite of Mr. Coltard and was selected In the easl with the -���. latest care,
We wlll make the biggest  cuts here ever heard of.
Men's White  Cambric   Nightshirts,  Collard's  prices $1.25;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s  price    55c
Men's Mole Skin (all sizesl  Shirts, Collard's  price 75c;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    35c
Men's Black Satlne Shirts (best value), Collard's price $1.00;  Westminster  Clothing Co.'s  price 50c
Men's Negligee (English flannel), Shirts, Collard's price $1.00; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price  ..   ..   50c
Men's Galeta  British  Staudard Shirts, Collard's prke $1.00;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Heavy Woollen Top Shirts, Collard's price $1.75;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 75c
Men's latest  style  Over  Shirts  Collard's price $1.25;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 50c
Men's Heavy  Wool   Underwear  Collard's price $2.50;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s priee $1.25
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, Collard's price $2-50;   Westminster Clothing Co.'s price $1.50
.Men's Odd Shins, Collard's price $1.00;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 45c
Men's Cotton Hose, Collard's price 15c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price     7c
Men's Wool Sox, Collard's price 25c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price 2 pairs for 25c
Men's Suspenders, Collard's price 50c;  Westminster Clothing Co.'s piice 25c
Men's Suspenders, Collard's price 35e; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    15c
Men's Neckwear   (Ties),  Collard's priee 35c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price    15c
Men's 4-ply Linen Collars, Collard's price 20c; Westminster Clothing Co.'s price ..'    10c
Flannelette Blankets, regular $1.25 for    75c
Blankets. 5-lb. gray, regular $3.50, for $1.65
Men's   Cambric   Handkerchiefs, regular 10c; for      5C
Men's Coat Springs, regular 15c; for     5,.
Columbia Street, Next Royal Bank of Canada.
Mail Orders at same Prices.   Mention Daily News and we pay Expressage.
New Westminster, B. C
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O. Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
I Electric   Plants!
There  is  a  new lot of
Mills and Factories
����*��������+***��4��4����+����+���������� *���������������������������������������������������������������������������
Can Arrange
Terms For You.
823���One hundred and slxt y acres.beautlfully situated on the
southern slope ot the aerpenttn o Valley; first-class land, fronting on
the Clover Vallev Hoad; near t lie railroad and rtver; good road;
land Is very productive; about CO acres ln flr&t-class condition,
Good and convenient buildings. All necessary Implements and stock.
This is well worth Investigation.    Price, $90 per acre.
\ 1027���An unusually good buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; 60
��� te 75 acres under itti-i-ciass cut tlvation; 9 acres under hops, all In
T good Shape; lU-roomed dwelling In good condition, barn iitixlUl); :iop
w kiln and baling room 111 good condition; the buildings on the place
_ are worth at least JS.UOU, licit and Creek runs through the property.
X rhla Is a  most  desirable  farm;   from  $2,5(10  to $3,500  per  year  can
��� be taken off It.    Knee, v.aOO c ash.
j '
j Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
I Manufacturer! ol
i Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. ��
Incandescent and Arc Lamps. |
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant, �� New Westminster, B. C
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried ;���!
at Vancouver and Rossland. '��
Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. 1
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
1     . ��� i ��� ��� ���
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
EverylDaylin the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'' The Comfortable Way'' Route of the Famous O riental Limited
IFor detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
AU kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia St.
PJnggnge delivered    promptly to any
| part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1X5.      Uarn  paono 187
New York has passed a hill which
prohibits the "docking" of horses'
tails or the Importation of docked
horses from other states.
The Montreal residence Lord Strath-
cona has given the city Tor an art
museum, located on Dorchester street,
is a modern granite and sandstone
building of handsome design and finished interior. When the Prince and
Princess of Wales visited Canada they
made il their home. The grounds
are extensive and well laid out by an
English landscape gardener. The
property Is worth not less than $200,-
Oiio, a princely gift.
An Indiana woman swallowed a
supposed headache powder that had
been thrown on her porch as an advertising sample. It proved to be
poison and the woman died in a few
Calgary has a church hand-shaking
society. The rules read: (It At
church, on Sunday or week day, I
promise U) shake bauds with one or
more Bitting m-xt to me, (2) l
promise also to shake hands with as
many Others as possible. (8) I promise In make special efforts In shake
bands with any strangers I may meet,
iti   i promise to let the pastor know
nf  any   strangers  or  special  cases     I
mas  learn of.    A large congregation
heartily endorsed   ihe   nefl   issocla-
Tills "Correction" appeared In an
Illinois newspaper;
Tbe son reported bom lo Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Foster recently is a gill."
Chatham  Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,      120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubators $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $11.00  TO   $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
Write for Circular and Mention the Daily News.
In   New Westminster
son, Waldorf, who is to marry Mrs.
Nannie Shaw, his Cliveiion estate,
and $100,000 a year, besides $r>0,000 as
a wedding gift.
Ten thousand women were Sweated in New York for drunkenness last
year. An Episcopal clergyman, preaching lately, said that "the French suy
that the cocktail habit In the United
Stales Is breeding a race of degenerates. Tlio effect of alcohol on a woman's will power and sense of mora]
responsibility Is so well known that
li Is universally conceded there is
special danger to the woman who
ilrinks. Tbe moral Interests of society are ln women's hands, and If
I hoy load ln the right direction the
progress of the race ttpwurd ls ussur-
: ed."
Mrs, Roswell Hitchcock, lhe authoress, lecturer and traveller, is
lining out an expedition at New York
to go to Cocoo Island in search of
treasure. Mrs. Hitchcock is the
widow of Capt. Hitchcock, formerly of
the United States navy, and ls a
cultured and refined American lady, a
southerner by birth, having been bom
iu Virginia. She spent a season at
Dawson and two at Atlin, where she
acquired many claims. This was at
the time when foreigners were not
permitted to hold mining property lu
Uiitish Columbia; so Mrs. Hitchcock
took out naturalization papers and
swore allegiance to file Queen. She
is the author of "Two Women in the
The North Dakota Federation Is
raising a fund lo erect a niounment to
Sacajewea, tbe Indian girl who ac-
u mp'anied ilie Lewis and Clark expedition, aci ing as guide to tbe explorers. This niounment, a bronze
statue, win in- erected al Bismarck,
the spot where the Indian girl Joined
the expedition.
li is announced by the management
of the Queen's unemployed fund that a
large number of Individual applications have beet) received from persons
desire tl of participating In Lady
Strati. Tina's emigration fund. The
I present Intention of the committee ls
to allocate I lu- fund to approved emigration societies for disbursement,
subject to the final approval of the
The following unique Ad. appeared
I in :i Dakota newspaper. Wanted���
I The lilih'S ut mink fox, skunk, uiusUrat
I and of the Individual who stole six
tra|is 'from Deer Creek by the "Cen-
��� I my Oak." W H .
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room'
mouldings and plate rails.
Home Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block'
In Wales there is a strong movement among the women for the wearing of the ancient Welsh dress on
public occasions. While tho Welsh
national costume does not claim any
great bounty. It ls one of the most distinct In the world. One of Iho leaders in the movement is miss n. wn-:
liainl.  a  gentlewoman  of St.  Doimt's
castle, Olsnioiganshoro, Wales.
William Waldorf Astor wlll give his;
IVIml   Kiltll"   V4'ii��  llenilliiK.
A New Kngluuil father who believes
that children should be nourished ou
good literature as well as on good food
has always rend tho English dossil's
aloud to hla only son, Eddie, now six
, years old.
A iriend of the family, knowing of
this practice, recently asked Eddie
what he was reading.
"A Wavering novel," wus his reply.
B��r Rwnl,
Marjorte had been given some nan!
peppermint candles, nnd after holding
pne in her month for a few mlnntes she
ran to her mother and cried, "Oh.
mother, I swallowed that candy!"
"Never mind," said her mother; "lt
will not hurt you."
"ten, I know," snld Mnrjorle, "but I
lost thc use of ft."���Tenth's Companion.
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
Known Proprietor of Oyster Bay
Restaurant Is Cameo Off
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Firemen   Conduct   Ui' que   Procession
From   No.   1   Will   to  the
New Zoo.
time  occurred    this    mon
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
en appointed        ��� ��� e Union /      ranee Socii
ndon, England, which has bet
li.. and   which .nd accumulated   fund.-
i.l! A
The National Life Assurance ( ��� la,      -ranee re
t      list, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in for t " 10, I       Prei ��� 2,954.60
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,500, Premiums $ 62,1
I'.kiJ           ������          ������           2,654,904 " 92,029.30
1902          "          "                    397, " 126,1
1908          "          "            ',."-��� " 150,644.68
1904           "          "            4,509,754. " 166,384.20
Columbia   Street, NEW
Peal   Estate   Probers
and Contractors
After a short 111
the well known  ��� the
i lock.
The  end  was  quite uni               he trom No. 1 fire hall
,K,V:: .. ,  Fir.- Chiel Watson followed by a t
: '   ' een ln a ser- ih.                 ectaU)]          . .,.. ,
lous condition at tl a weeh   choice collection ol �� Id anil
so Mr. Hughes i I     '.<
. nd alt! to   go  '-'w Waiters .
S ���_.
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete  line of Gra ���        nd Tin^
ish' Plumbing ^
Colum' la  Strei I 523 Gr invil!    Streel
Sole      ���:.       . R ng< -.
i est for a f< w daj b, he at-
wlth liis work at the
T k
when he was compelled to go to beil.
and   was   Immediatel]   plact I   undei
the i        of Dr. Hall.
His illness continued to grow    on
him, last nig!     I t   . assed awaj
mi. i to his home onlj
Mi   Hughes wai 55       rs ol ..
oatlvi oo n.d It
' I
���   New
Is to whoi      hi
news of hi      i end came as a
������  Bhock.
, ���   ,,
Mutual1   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount nt Policies no-.' lo exceeds ?*4,UUU, 1.00
Amount of -Assets, ',������:-..���. olid, now exceeds.... j��,i ,b
a company M poli< v pi ;. :y-holdi rs, tor policy-
This is
OUH   Mill in
Possible Om lay.
of A     n ance for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone  Bo.
Iir   In
a iviii
Silence��� ami
In  i,
irk ii-
1,1 nil,;.
���a j!
1   anil:
that Is
ti   ay, thc
, an
.   _.'    .    ,.,
td   In
. . ���    >
tiger is ureal as a stalker, tils fi I
seem to Ix* "shod with s lencp." II. I!
Elliot, for many yean n n- lent of
India, cited an expeTlpi i i  -
neighbors illustrative of rh ��� p   ul
lie had lirt-u much ai boj t d it
hii<l ai last tied a bullock onl iu u i li ui
Ing and took up his "M i    ���      '��� Im ���
tree to wait till the tiger shou) I t
after the bait    The ground  was ��� ���
ered with dried   leares,  which tn hot
weather an-  so  brittle that  even  t! ������
walking of a  bird on ���  " ���      - an  be
heard for a good distance.
In  no very  long time i   i���������-��� ������  I - i
slipped "tit of  the foresl   nu I
edged toward the bultoca.       ��� -
was so elaborate nnd careful thai the
man who Bnw it used t i declare ihat
It would have been worth LflO	
to nny young sportsman to have wil
nessed IL
So carefully >1M be put down each
paw anil so k'railually did he crush lite
leaves under it thai nol a Bound was
1" I..- beard. Between him and the bullock was n stump about four feel high,
with long projecting surface roots.
This, plainly, the User looked upon as
a godsend,
He gol upon "ue of tbe roots, bai
:u,, .-il himself carefully and so was
able to walk quickly and silently as
far as tin- slump. He approached so
gradually and noiselessly,jmd bis color against the brown leVves wo
Invisible that be was close upon
bollock before be was perceived.
Then Instantly the bullock charged
Tbe tiger eluded him and In a moment
more bad his paws on the bullock's
neck ready t" drag bim down. Then,
Ilka a flash, he caught sight of the
rope  by   Which   tbe  Pollock   was   tied
and turned and sprang Into the forest.
all so quickly that tbe man in the tree
bad no opportunity to flre.
���be obtaiheil. perforated In alt directions by little tubes filled with bottle
green gla"�� formed from the fused
"Some   wonderful   fulgarltes   were
found by Humboldt on tbe high St
de Toluca, In Mexico.    Masses of the
rock were covered with a thin layer ��� I
green glass.    It* i uliar shimmer In
un  led  Humboldt to ascend  the
precipll iue peak al the risk of bis .
the I- indllng of th< -    ,tii:>   ���. - ...
but pi t UtUe 'lit! ,
������-..��� :
aese ,, .
Tl ���   ' ''I'^r*    were  unceremonl
I nii'l'"'..!  Into  a wagt n,   wh  ���   t
Ma jdonald  leading  one ol
.it the t.ui of a chain,    gave a
good Imitation of thi ��� ��� ani-
handling       obstri
I ruts   A tout  ths i hap-
tht  !��� I
on the sidewalk st I
unlo iked for stt
:.;   il    ' :.
.  in   maldni ' wing
'.    Get
ho l down
be dog ti
:: . 2 co
I al    ���
chars tm   0
Prise E
'..-..' ot . remei
Get courst
������   .
kind I would t he Z
: : In the
Mining  Men  Go  Up  River.
\ ol    v.,
trch i nsive mining
��� '.   cl Ims  In tht   PI I
- mo Si tall <?.:
him with Bucklin  gasoline launch  Bo  ���  li. Thr
cons!   -'I    ol   ti.  A.   Morrison,
��� ��� I   - P.  Boyce,  S ohomish;     W.
1 I  SI    ens, VV. H. K. M ���������  . St
��� il  w . .    In- ook  with
nndant  supply of food i'i.
consider my |            mt Hate  stt ps  towards
would  do ii. ������ ing  up thi lr molj  denum mines,  For
-    tn     any                      tlon t              ninltiated  ii
in me.   Would    al- n       lie said that i Is   a
���     -                                         itlei                            ent   of the  chromium
.                                             to                                   iced by flre ir- a
���     ot very 1                             I t  al  which  is
ill   to  melt II   i> rare and
houia Influt ace
.ram.  o ���
Now is,'_(, Season to Buy
; incl
Woodyatt, Brock* and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
______] SNAPS.
St. A
Tor $500
nth St.
$275 and S-300
l i-i
Only  $225
m t as temptii
... Ci
Matins, Coulthard & Co.
Final      , in�� c  Ri al Estate
Tt :. 106.        Columbia St.
Is This What
You Want?     .
3 Lots :ii: cli an d; I Ho    ���
and run; 6 n omt d dwell
bathn om, pantry and
We don't care where the next best  millinery is   we have
In not] ��� tman'a tasteso distinctly arbitrary,
Oui of :��� ie miUini
, e comparison the more yo i will i
We're making a -i > rial feature of Trimmed Hat:
ityles ming al!
��n and on display.   The r< ady to wear
al to 1
You will
���  i :
in ii" City.    1 ..
Bra      .-
Pacific i
I am
ii .- mi I
: judge   i
4. E. WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
From  Fort  MacPherson.
son,    Y.T..
ll   Won   For Siirdou.
I- Is ;i singular fact flint the famous
French dramatist Sardou owed 1
Buccess "ti tb" boards to bis excelleul
handwriting II" bad -��� ut in his often
rejected play. "La Taverue des Etudi-
ants," i" the Odeon mnnngemenl f'>r
consideration, and the manuscript was
thrown, with sunn- others, upon a table
di," day at rehearsal tbe charming actress Mil". Berengere was attracted by
the handwriting and took up the manuscript, crying, "Oh, whal an exquisite
hand!" Bbe read the play and r".-"in-
mended ll bo strongly t" the directors
thnt they were Induced p> read it and
then accept it. At the time Sardou wns
starving. He had gone through seven
lour; years of terrible hardship and privation.
:������ bwesl  Mount-
��� I  l ollce expi   ition which lefl     here
Decembt F      Mat Ph     on.at
i   '. mth    : ! .. ki azle    river,
��� i  !��� iminlon trom
I'      on, b i        ind will be here I omor-
row    The    econr]  half of tht    ���
Won is coi a days latt       with
mall  from   Hei    I   .   Int I . Ung  letters
t the wh It
Didn't  Know Papa.
ui"   of the well    known    bu ii
-   iting   along  the  waterfronl
terdaj that he would
look   i ��� tter    minus    the    luxuriant
 ti for the past
eighteen years. He therefore allowed
irber to remove it. On arriving
near home In the evening, his little
sun though! he recognized the old
familiar gray suit, and ran oul to
meel  thi   wearer,   \> he gol closer he
Here i
happened   to  look   up,  slopped   short,
'-��� and then  with  a don't-know-you kind
ok 1 nil' 1  tail  and  siiii"  I   for
as fast  as lie could run.
Hop. in England,
The English were taught tbe uses of
hops by a native Artols, who Introduced them Into England in 1324. They
met with soni" hostility, for physicians
represented Hi" n as unwholesome, nnd
parllamenl was petitioned against them
as ��� "wicked weed." In 1528 their use
was prohibited under Bevere penalties.
Henry Vill appears to have been pre]-
ii'ii I ir.- in >  bops,  tor in a  manu
script, dated Eltham, January, 1530, occurs an Injunction to his brewer "not to
put Imps or brimstone" into the ale.
rees below zero, bul had no mishaps,
Bettei  'ini" than was exiieo-il was |i(|1||
ladt.     For    100    miles   the    police
broke a  trail  through  the  snow,  going and coming.     Dog ������ ams dragged
mi tobog ' n
���-.-: ���   man Is in the besl of health,
'i be expedition took a new routi via
Mayo and  the pass over the   Rockj
mountains to the northwest.
The purpose ni' the expi dll lon was
o ' tabllsh   an   all-Canadian    winter
routi   between  Dawson and  MacPher-
Winnipecj  Wealth.
Winnipeg,   Man.,     April     5.    Haul;
clt arlng t [or the week ending   todaj
uni iunt( I  to $\ ,9711;   1905,  $a,D18i-
"'.     1904,  $3,944,115.
Demand for Potatoes.
A local Jobber ,who has bet n deal-
In ��� ��� ctenslvi ly in produce In his
dlsti lei latel;. states that during the
past thirty daya that he has purchased over 90 mus of potatoes in the vicinity of chilliwack for shipment to
Vancouver. At presenl the prices rule
rather low, bul before the new pota-
are In the ground, it is expected
thai prices for lasi year's product will
move upward . The demand for Chllllwack potatoi i has been very marked of late, and it is expected tht I ll
will h" even more sn from now on, as
evidenced bj the Increasing Bales
trom time i" time.
is a
Home for
Small Money
15 acres rich, black,
loam land, three acres
cleared and cultivated.
Fruit trees and strawberries. Four roomed
house. Large bam.
All for only
Terms Very Easy.
Teed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th an I Cat       on Sts. Phom
TIm-   1.Win-
Si*   w ni did yon throw
nation,   Ernestl    Hrnth"i
nm goini; to  gel  marrle
what will you live tm   li
up your sit-
Because  I
1.    sis   But
ve?   llrothet-
<.poIokI.1i   Have a  Sr.l-in   ��>'   Wlilt-b
Stu-h   >li-ii��ur��.��  Art-  Taken.
"Did you ever see the diameter of n
lightning flash measured?" asked a
geologist "Well, here Is the case which
once Inclosed a Hash of lightning, fitted
It exactly, so that you can see bow big
it was. This is called B 'fulgurite,' or
���lightning bole,' and the material it is
made.of ls glass.
'������When a bolt of lightning strikes a
bed of siiiui ii plunges downward into
the simil for a distance less or greater,
transforming simultaneously Into glass
tlie silica in the material through which
it  passes.    Thus  by  Its  great beat  It
forms a glass tube of precisely its own
"Now nnd then such a tube, known
.ns n fulgurite, Is found and dug up.
Fulgarltes have been followed Into tbe
sand by excavations for nearly thirty
feet. They vary In interior diameter
from tb" size of u quill to three Inches
or more, according to the 'bore' of the
flash. But fulgarltes are not produced
alone In sand, Tbey are found also In
solid rock, though very naturally of
slight depth, and frequently existing as
n thin, glassy covering on the surface.
"Such fulgurites occur In astonishing
abundance on the summit "f Little Ararat, In Armenia, The rock ls so soft
-���'���' porous Unit, blocks u foot long can
���Oh. no!   We are going to live on my
love's father.
la   llanirrr,
(iri-gson fin ulanin Great Scott. I've
left my I'oi-ketbuok under my pillow!
Fisher Oh, well, your servant Is hon
est, Isn't she? lirnffsoii -That's just It
She'll take lt to my wife.
What we rail despair Is often only the
painful eagerness of unfed hope.���
George I'.llot.
snit Water Falls,
There an- n good many salt cataracts
lu existence. They may be found hi
Norway, southern chile and Itrltisb <.'o-
lumbla, where narrow fiords, or iirmp
tif the sea, arc obstructed by barriers
ul' rock, Theorising tide Hows over and
filters through such reefs Into the great
natural reservoirs beyond, but tbe water is held buck at the ci>i> until it
breaks over the obstruction In an trre-
slstihl" torrent   Most curious of all Is
the waterfall at Oanoe passage, where
tbe Island <>f Vancouver approaches the
ltrillsh Columbia mainland.    Here thc
ficiini tide from the gulf of Georgia, to
tho southward, is dammed back nt s
narrow cleft between two islands until
It pours over In a boiling cascade eighteen feel blirb. with perhaps double the
volume of the Rhine, Al the turn of
the tide, however, tho waters rrom the
nnrth rich back Into the gulf, producing n cascade of equal height nml volume, This salt water full actuiilly flows
radii mien.
Knocks ut your door, nol only our", bul every lime you read our advertisement.
property is coming to the front, and ir, our opinion prices of land fronting
mi the hike will shortly lake a Jump ���It will pay you to see us at. once on
Ibis matter. We can  pul   you   wis;".
All cleared, fenced and underdralned, magnificent strawberry land, aboul I
miles front New Westminster on good mad. Telephone, electric light, and
power facilities.
fronting on Burnaby Lake, and Hasting Road, all slashed and Beaded down
to grass, ditched on both  sides.
The Farm Land Specialists.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms  1   and  2,  Dupont   Blk,
Telephone    170.
(hi modern lines even in backward old
China. We have heard thai the Recycle Bicycle has been seen on the Btreets
of Shanghai. We handle the Recycle
and Perfect Bicycles, the two best
bicycles made in Canada or the United
Stiins, Whatever wheel you buy here
it is value for your money. We alsodo
all kinds of bicycle and "ther repairing.
Bring your lawn mower t<> iret sharpened und put In shape, Dun't mistake
the place,
Alex. Speck,
Speck Bloc
Sign���Man on Wheel.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
business in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and ��� all
Complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo, Adams Grocery i
Take notice thai the Greal West
Packing Company Limited have de-
posited plans and application tor the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River, iiiiiish Columbia, on the foreshore of Section  12   and  Fractional
Section   i:i,   Block  It,  North   Itungo  7,
Dated at  New Wesl minster, D. C,
this l'd.h March, 1906,
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, i^ed
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyhe
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
Barley, 6-Rowed
List year tin: Hntist Irnjis in B.
C, were produced frnm our seed
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
d.k. ���''
New Westminster,
B. C.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster B.C.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������***,
1 Electric Railway Service j
Vancouver's Birthday.
FRIDAY, APRIL 6th, 1 906.
Monster Parade at 3  p.m.
Vancouver, Past, Present and Prospective.
50 cents RETURN.
| British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., l^ \


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