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The Daily News Jul 10, 1906

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V'OLCME 1.   ^.iBER
sn u \ii'i;\iN(,..i! 1.1 u\ \ua
[Mr.   Trapp   Turns   Loose   on   Mr.   Cunningham   and   Mr.
Cunningham   T-^onds    His   Worship   and
Mr.    C.eighton    Have   a    Feu-
Words    No Results.
���   - ���   i
Mi.  T .       E    ���
:.- ��� ���
���   .   ��� ��������..���   .-..:
sret her like shi
Lhe west
:     .
" -.: ���   Takes   Exc
ipon thi
pver, for ths
ling of tl
I       -  airsad)
I ct  was ll :*���
. W. Cn ���   ������   -     ���   :
m     o   exprs
I '    '
.   - .
i. - I
Trapp Defends Board.
,    .
; ���   . .....
:.ad ha i brought  the estimates d iwn
In   the   lowest ���   nots h.    Per-
id no two s
|- ��������� ���   the ei dldlng, bui
i the opini m Ity ol  the
���list.-   . the .... Central
be  consti     ���l      Mayor
���    . .      ���    . he citj   was well   scheme?
, i f0r bj th , ,     a al      Mr.  Crelghton���Yes.    II
ie prercnl   Ime compare i with th. ' ��� s the ctwrn 11  and  nol
entral portl n erf :i.-' tlttf.   flWT'i hastsjsJS; In  -   t.   of whin
I a: school musi be attensisjd to Brst. Mr. ( unningham may like to say.
'��� was very easy for .. straw man to You proposed the scheme ihat has
ake oul an injunction againsl the now b����n declared illegal by Mr. Mar-
building of the addition, but who was tin, and we should noi be held up to
tbis.man who threatened the lnjunc- blame for it. I do Bol doubl that you
ion?   Why was lie nol named.'   .Many ; acted in good faith. ^B
Hi   .      ���     ��� - were rumored on the
street,  but   the  trustees    were    still
��� ��� i
\1   - :
M .
, but, M ��� oa.
Mr, . !i eighton   -It was you
from and
Keary���Did mj
quite  in  the   lark.    The  school   hoard
bad worked Its ha to bring a iou
;n erection of the new wing, and
e did nol think thai ll should lose
bis . pportunity. The ad lltlon was a
urnlng necessity.
Brain Monopoly Cirouted.
"] do mn thank Mr. Cunningham,
added   Ml
Threatened    Injunction,
s , Isfie l with  this - xplanatlon, the
ii   procsje led to rev lew I he ti ana
lm ���    the   trustees   flrsl   presented l beii estimates.    He said thai
If the new wing had  been  bulll this
ys ar, ���'. mills would have I ��� added
!������ i .: ������:.    rate of taxation, and
��� I   ,���: ade    this    the   alternative   of
p . ading the building of the addition
rrapp  "for tne remark he j over ,wo ���v>'als WM proposed.    When
made at the lasi paeetlng of the coun-
this    became   known, two gentlemen
Ci! and the trustees when be said he Who have children came to lhe ma;,-
hoped thai this would b�� a lesson to "''"s olli^' ���""l Informed him that if a
us to  be  more careful  in  the  future.   new st:h��o1  waa 1H"  ll,liU  '" ,1"' we8t
Surely the real of the trustees have
as in ii si brains as .Mr. Cunningham,
even   If  Mr, Cunningham    may    not
think so -"
"I  would request   you,  Mr, Trapp,"
broke  in   Mr,  Cunningham,  "to con
end they would bring oul an lnjunc
timi against the addition to the Central school. Ai the time he double.i
tbelr ability to do so but consulted
.Mr. Martin, with the resull thai they
ail knew.    He wished them to under-
inue   your  remarks    on     the    school Stand that, contra,,  to whal  had heen
luestion,   You did nol come here to said,  he bad had-i.e copies ol the
lellver    a    peroration  on   my   many letter   made,   and   these   mighl   have
hortcomings  or  to  criticise my  ac '"";1 "*n al the city hall al any tl	
Ions,    Kindly confine yoursell to tin
- hool question,"
Resuminj ,  Mr, T 'app    was    again
treading   on   dangerous   ground,  and
i'i ntured  to say  that  If this taughl
1 ���   i rustees a lesson, when Mr. Cunningham broke In with an emph
\liil   so  il   will."
After another  passage at  arms be
i in no one had applie l to see I hem.
Accuses   Columbian.
Mr, I !r< Ighton ��:.- ie i the council to
ui..i. . stand    thai    In    i be    Intei . I
which    he   had    with   a   Co am il a
k poi ter   he   had   been   gro   Ij
n presented.     He   had    be.-n   repre
sente I as Baj Ing thai : he council had
been attempting to Dim-flam the trus
ween the trustees, Mr. Trapp finished i t8e��| while what he llil(1 BaW was ,,,.,,
��� - remarks by saying thai he felt they W(.n, .,,,���.,,,,���,,,, burking nn In-
hurt at the way the trustees had been qulry 1I(, dil| Q01 uni|,,1.s,,l,���, ,���,.
treated, and he had ye: to And that meanlng ���,- tha'expression flim-flam,
the school board had not acted in the k,,, thought thai probably the word
|,r��Per "lanner. burking was too high class  for the
P. Peebles said thai he remembered   Colllrabian t0 use.
the first meeting held with the eouneil      The membera of 1hp vonm.u were
and regretted that the matter was not U^ calle(i upon t(( Kivt, tnelr vittW3
settled at the time.   He was sorry that   on   lne  matter.    Ahl  8nHeBi  Jarsjlttfi,
the legal opinion was not secured al   Henley an(! How:iy   spokP>   ,..���.,,    ���,
the time, and believed that the coun
eil was in earnest when the letter
was written.
Mr. Cunningham Talks Back.
.lames Cunningham, being called
ipon for a few remarks declared that
he did not think he had anything to
say on the matter, and then proceeded to explain everything. He said he
was  Kind   that  the  mayor had  asked
them being sorry for the turn affairs
had taken and, saying that the council had acted in good faitii at the
time the arrangement was made.
 o ���-���
Money  for  Missions.
Grimsby   Park.  Out.,  duly  9.���Ovtr
eight thousand dollars were taken in
In cash and subscriptions ai a meet-
  lng of the Christian mission here yes
the opinion of one of the most learned \ terday  afternoon.    It  followed an ad
men in the province, and he again
slated Ihat lhe trustees would be more
careful in the future and ascertain the
legality   of  any   move  they  intended
dress by Rev. A. B. Simpson of New
York, who appealed for funds to carry
or. the work of missions. Thii is the
largest  sum collected  by any  Ainad-
At ;-. ms el '-   if < ants, held       th<
a   I ist night, th�� a I a tt j -   and
lisadvantages  I Wedrwjday half-hol laj  were
threshed out from almost every point 'E view. The
majority f opinion was that the half-holiday was a
detriment to the business interests of tlie city, but
many who held this view we're also of the opinion
tha: since tlie agreement te elose their stores on
Wednesday afternoons had oeen signed it should be
observed tor the remainder or the season.
lt was finally decided that the meeting was not
sufficiently representative to take any action in tho
matter, and a motion that a general meeting of merchants and their clerks be held next Monday night,
the purpose of taking some definite action on the
question -. tether the weekly half lv idays should
1, was carried isly.
Ti: i quesi orgai     I   a Men hants' lv< I
:. ���   '"i  was dis .  hut t.
��� i'   altogether toolar       r one se       ,and
ided to take it up again al a special me
to       tiled for thi      I   of July E.
D. Ar Curtis was in the chair and  M.   Phillips
as secretary.    Others present were: C. S.
Richmond, J. J. Mackay, J, Reichenbach, 11.  Ryall,
D. Grossman, M. Sinclair, J, D. Taylor, J. K. Bryson,
D. Eh-,. Y.   Dean, P. Walker. T. 11. Smith, 11. T.
Kirk. W. R. Gilley, W. E. Sinclair, C. A. Welsh. .1.
A. Lee. 11. 1, DeBeck. -I. H. Todd.
Garbage Ground is too Close   to   the Nostrils of Citir.    ^
���Civic   Works   Progress Slowly on Account
of Scarcity   of   Men -Menace
to be Removes!.
V, , l\. ���-
and   \.. a :��� street*      \ A   Shib ��� iv.m
the   dans
. ...
dlOUld   be   BtO
\ i .  ii  had  ���
the cits
SO   pointed   out
Veteran   Politician   Finds  Justification    Eones   of   Prehistoric.    Race   Are   Un-
fcr   a   Man   Who   Changes earthed in  State of  New
His Opinion. York.
Ingham,  Jul)   9,    T .-   ��� ���
tlon in honor a   Jose] h (   inn        ilu'a
al tainmenl of "0 years was - ont Inue I
ti night,   \\ lieu   10,00 ���   p. ��� -.T .   ,
bled  In   Bingley  ha I to wltne
presentation ol   120     klresses of ap
prestation ol  Mr. Cha olltl
cal services.
8yra   i e, \��   V . Jul)  B     \ specie
���   Posl Standai I from Watei tows
"la the vicinity of Redman, In thla
. tint}. I he i are digging up the re
mains of a prehistoi Ic people. With
In n few days eighteen skeletons have
Tho   addresses  came   from   various been unearthed on the farm of Homer
parts of the United Kingdom, J.   Heath.    H.   ll.   Harrington   Field
Replying"   to    the    sp         Wr, archeolog! I I     the Peabpdy museum
Chamberlain entered on a political ce of  Harvard  university,  has  l i  dl
trospect   Alluding to the chargi  thai rectlng  the examination   worn  In  e
hi   had  often  changed  his opinions, huuide pasture,    The bones will be
Mr.  Chamberlain  quoted   William   !���:. placed In a museum."
Gladstone, who once said    thai    the | ���o���
change was a -ign of llfe
, ::       the    dead -    ���
an I  i:   was
The  Matjotj  Strike.'-.
M igog, Que., July  9.   TherV
Fraternal  Insurance.
Ti ��� onto, July 9. Phe i lomlnlon In-
,-ni,.nc��� commission resumed Its set
slim this morning In Toronto and
ii.nie Its Hi -si Inquiry Into fraternal
insurance.       The     Ancient   Order   of
change In the Btrlke situation in the Foresters was selected as ihe Brsl so-
works oi  Ihe Dominion Textile Con) , ,.|V ,,, ,���,.*,.���. ,i���. ,ietalls �� Its his
:   U)   here.     Uxiut ilon   ire out In all, imy to the comniissioii.    WllUttin Wil
'   Including   the   hands   employed , ;..   I1K|  ,���.,������,;,,���.���,    ,,  ^       ,,. ���v,
In  the  prim   WOI ,1,.,,,,,   which       i i   getji i..!l-    Itileresl
The   men   are  now   a   iln ;   an   In- ..,���        throwlni; ilg^j mu the method i
���   ���   ' :  20 pei  een     I i  wages, and :; rrutern  I a   .,  .nee. \ ,\ thei	
providing further thai   no bead of a .     ;                  ,,-   i.,,     ,           ,,,, ,
I "        than o loi ,      ,   .  ,     ,   .     m(s ;,, ,., .   ,
nd   no children   b ss  than  Bftj   ;, ,v ,��� . ��� ,,��� ,],,. gtl  i/lp,  _itl
cents per day; also thai all employe..-. pan|egi
:,.   reinstated.   They do nol ask the ... o������	
company   to  recognize   the  union  In
,,,   ,   ,,,;    ;���  j,,    i|;mi;,   |]������.;-,;,���   ,,[ ^j^cri  Wom��n  Dies.
anyone Joining II should the;  see ".;.      London   Ont., .inly  D.- -Mrs,   Ul ������
, o , Hoyt, of Westminster township, died
��� ��� t.-iday in Victoria hospital from In-
Congressman   Dies. | jnl.|(>K  Kils,,,,���,,,,   in   ���   n,���,uv,lv   Batlir
Chicago, July 9.- Congressman 0. day afternaon, her horse having I >u
II. Adams, of Wisconsin, died here en frighl In passing another rig and
today in ihe Auditorium hotel. He ..Tuning awny, overturning the vehicle
had  been  111  tor several  weeks, nd occupant into ths- ditch.
to  make.    That   was  what  he   meant j Ian alliance.
The committee in charge of the preparations for
the Citizens' picnic, to be held on July 18, reports
that the proposition to make the day a general holiday, by the closing of all stores, has* met with approval at every turn. Mention of this was made at
the merchants' meeting last night, and the meeting
unanimously endorsed the movement.
scks there was
ere C .
,\,  ,
��������� ���   . |i       wit!
He thought thai
��� - .  .       to   have   thi ���������
Aid. Adams  Explains.
U tl ���   i    Ub ii ��� ro ie up
���  i thai I'hiii.iv.i.m wo..     ,.,
on I i e '.'i  the   condition -   thai
j prevailed   al   the cornei   ot   Mctnn i ���
,-n; l Agm        eel      ut thai  this apol
. ��� i  bj   ia.   men hants ol   the
a ��� a dumplu : ground     He was
as   much   an   often,lev   a -   am one   .���
it was the .miv place thftt the
i i ban . ould dl ipose ol their rub
blsh and thej had to use ll tt ha i
��� ��� ���, ,, ,,.,| f0| the las) t��.. j ears an I
been ured toi the lasi two years, it'
the city objected to the use of thai
lot, a crematory toi the burning of
; ubblsh should be pi o\ Ided.
\bi. Howaj again spoke al some
li u"! h on the t" tttei. sa) Ing thai he
v ould i- "d ter a ver) Milium vote in
fevoi ol hav Ing the place cleared up,
ii. waa sorr) to heai thai the clt)
icavengei was one ol i he worsl of-
fi n |i
A   Few   Snr< iniens
\bi. Shiles then detailed a i.-w of
i he ipectmens t hal uia) be viewed
there any day, Amoug others men
t lone i w .a e rotten fish, dead quick-
ens, decayed fi uit, pul i td meat, addled
��� ami   many   oiher   deteriorated
The mayor suggested the appoint
menl of a special committee to deal
with tin- matter and Aid, Davli
ivove.i, and Aid. Jardine seconded,
finii a eoni I'ttee composed of Ud
ib.way. Shiles and Qarretl be forrnssd,
and   thai   'bey   be   given   power   to  art
in the matter
Foi    the   water   committee,    \ii
\. an     rs portal thai  the watei   waa
II      rising  in   the   reservoir,   In
spite .a' the hoi weather,
Scarcity  of   Mon,
Ai,,   Howay Inquired what  was bain    doiu   tO�� al ds ibe linprovcmenl of
glxth  ivi nue bo as lo make it 111 ,f5r
:,        Vld    Hi ile.v   replle I   th��>   ii
. ,.,. io      '-     i obtain men tr, ��� ,
,   ...       ai] thi   board oi work
i were al presen   engaged on   ���
a   construction, adding thai   If the)
look the men off tt sewer con rtrus
Hon the sewer work  would have to
slop,  and   no one   iras  wishing  to;
such   a   thins   to   una;'   a:   this   time.
Men were quitting every day, ami it
was Impossible  to  keep ihem  al   their
wink at the prii' s   'ai  weru paid.
Mayo,-   Keary   rem  rked     thftl     the
superintendent of wo ts Bad told him
that it might be advisable to close
down the dli'fi'.ent wcrk that was now
going on, owing to the  shortness of
Bridgekeeper Abused.
Aid. Henley had a grievance againsl
Capt. Richard Jones of the Dunsmuir,
who had abused the bridgekeeper yesterday morning, because he did not
think that the latter had been quick
enough ln opening the bridge for him.
He asked the council to protect the
bridgekeeper from abuses of this kind.
He could not be on the bridge all the
time.   While the captain was devoting
���    ��� ��� ���         ���    .-���:���������- (  : n.isre
'���'"<'                 ' . ump
.    .. ���    ,
"ine.  a��d ,.  n4^
ll    Was   .to,-;,,,
Should   he   ,%,,.,
and   thas    the   ma  ���
mil   ���
Oil   Build.ng   a   Me -   .
that no
-    ���
���  ���   ��� .....
,   . ,   i   |
v ���      . .   did  nol
. i.   ,, - .,       ,    ....
���   i        ,
*  :      '
p.... with I
med hlm i
red ..... ag te
fi    o the Small .v   Bui kiln and
the Royal Clt)  milk ll ��lon
too v   .      ,,���,,>
it:,-     (I     i] .    ot)    the   in ���    ie
,..i to the p. i!| ��������� . i " il n
llll   pi wei   tl!   a, ���
Appl rations.
���i h Benson, il the Pacific Pish
Compa ly, wrote sklng pei ml islon to*
It a .- watei loi 83 foi Industrial pur*
poses, i'be matter was rt fei red '"
the finance committee, with powei to
i; ii. inno j applied to havi : he - It)
watei Hue - stended ti om Elghl h a i e
nne in ihe eiii  !imlt<. nu Sixth Bl feel
a. he desired te use the �� iter for
domestic purposes,    Referred  to    b
�� ... i commiitee lo report.
Opium    Li. ense.
\n   appeal    (Of   a   in.hi, tlOl     Ol    thi
opium   ii- ense    was   rei bIvb I    Pi om
Kwong  Man Taj j  Cti.    ������'���>. tha
i he) would like to take oui a Hi i a ss
i ui thai the presenl fee of $600 was
tOO   biuli   foi    a   eity   of   thifl   BiSO,  and
asking thai ll be reduced to |300.
The) Eurther stated thai Kwong On
Wo was nm taking oui a license this
���.���ai .ni a, oufll ol 'it" excessl���>���
pi i... of the same, op motion I he
clerk   wus   Instructed   to   write   cd
Kwong   Man   Till   &.  Co.   to   the   "v-
thai   the bylaw  axing the  price
|l ou i nm be i hanged.   The -
oral Opinion was that Ihe license WB*
not  too hiiih  I'm  such a traffic.
Electrolysis  Question.
A communication was also received
i'i. in Mr   Stan wbii reference to I he
electrolysis   question   raised   al   the
last meeting of the ojuncll.   I
ii al  he 'i "t    -   u on thi   lo il ml
elect nl;-. sis .-ver since  IS98, and  that
wil i   he ��� - ���    lon ��u* Sapperton and
gome of the
there  W8S  not   Very   mueh  68      ol
the Buid ai the presenl time. The
only dangtW to the water mains was
n ails were of the light
,i;t Instructed tb
write to the c! - rh-ian instructing liiin to : lecessarj steps
ii, asci rtain   - he  a    >uni   of dan
ib  and also :o purchase the as   i
s.t nts to make Jhe tests.
Grain   Handlers  Strike.
Chicago, duly .������The grain elevator
business in t'o.i.h Chicago was
brought b�� a s.aini-ti'i today when
150 employees of the elevators there
went on striker; demanding an increase
of wages to U6 cents an hour from
the present seyle of 27 to 32 oemfs.
Six firms are affvcted by the strike.
Broker Suicidts.
New York, July 9.���Norman G. Leopold, a young broker, killed himself
by shooting in his room in the Waldorf Astoria hotel some time today.
Financial troubles- ar* supposed to
have caused bini to commit suicide.
An uncle of the dead man, James M.
Leopold, Is a meml r of the New
York Stock Exchange.
A regular meeting of I he municipal
council of the township of Chilliwack
was held in the courthouse on Satur-
���  Tii daj   of -lal; ,  1906.
Presi . the i ��� ���. ������ and all I... councillors.
Communications were received from
the foi \ing ,,;,,! ,,, all ��i:!i as follows:
l. Bailey, re clearing oul ihe Bailey
Wiisoa-i-.vaiis: Thai the board of
v. orks lei the contracl for repairing
the Bailey drain on Monday, duly It!,
at 7:30 p. m. Same to be let at
Mclntyre'a corner.    Carried.
ti. A. Calbick, constable, re awnings.
Reeves-Evans: Thai the communication nf ilie constable be received
ami Bled ami the oonstable be ills' in, t. | tn have -aid nuisances abated.    Carried.
Tin' Canadian Municipal Journal.
Ri   ,   red and  liled.
<;.  -,������'. i lhadse), for :     Increase oi
i    ���.     Evan's:    Tl        ie i   n muni-
catl in ���    the colle d and
: . i       :  $25 added   to    his    salary.
. :.
J. J.       abridge, ai
ceipi        bylaws.    Receive I and    '��� I.
D.   Gi e;.-.;.  for  a    ci on
1, Vshwell:     Tl reeve
an ! i plans
i;' bi , ii '-i 6 ��� of the Ian I .   jislry acl
hi ��     i ed with, and thai the
communication be rec dved and Bled.
Carrie I.
Hope Gravel) .c C. ., he Bellrose
Barrow-Ashwell: That the communication Of Hope .t CO. be received
and Bled, and ihe clerk notify Messrs.
Hope & Co. that steps are being taken to remedy the trouble complained
of.    Carried.
William Hunt, re his contract on
P. C. road.    Received and filed.
James McConnell, re noxious weeds
en land adjacent to his lot. Received and filed and constable to see that
weeds are cut.
,1. E. Thompson, re Hall road. Received and filed and left in the hands
of Coun. Evans to report at next
John Peacock, re work on ditch.
Received and filed and board of
works to examine work.
R. Roberts (2), re Paul road an.l
re Bell Slough bridge. Received and
h. X. Smith, re drainage scheme.
Ash well-Barrow: That the cotnmu-
Lication of H. X. Smith be received
and filed and the clerk write him to
be good enough to have his report in
by the next regular meeting of the
council.    Carried.
John Scott, re assessment roll.
Received and left in tiie hands of the
A. M. V, There:  received and filed.
Pe'.itin:.'-   were   ri "i>:n   S.   A.
Caw!- .    ���; i others re Pi - irle Central
Wilson-Slade:    Tr I etition oi
S   A. i 'av ley an I oth reci  ved
ar.d filed and thai a:.
$300  . ���   granted    '��� :il,
idii              letitioners ibscrlbe    he
..    $200           I pit
C irrie 1.
W. J.  Laugh :. . uctions
1 lope Sio igh.
Reeves Evans:    Tha   the petition of
W. J.  !.��� ughlin and  33 others   be  re
celved    ind   filed   and   thai   the   con-
o hav    obstructed o ived.      (';..-
T. Ii. Henderson an 1 others, re
i ommul ition of stai       labor,
Reeves-Evans:     Th . . etition
of T. H. Henderson be re
ceive Carrie
Wil . ...
able        Instructed  to  i      iver the
'    Das ! - wiili
thre ��� i... h plank.   Cai rl
Ri ev. s-Evans:    Tha      i    i lin -
Hope  Slough   near John   M.   -   .
be let  b)  auction on Saturd i)    I Ith,
at 5 p. m��� and al  Den   ...     it 4:30
p. m.   Cai rled.
W I a in Evans: 'I hal P ithm - i .
Charlton be granted .fl" to expend on
Ids bea to complete the gra ling
which ha - been done by Btatute laboi.
Reeves-Evans: Thai s. L. Hodges
he app ilnted ; athiua iter In lieu of
Thomas Body, relieve i.   Carried.
Wilson-Barrow: Thai the fire committee consisl of the reeve, ('nuns.
Reeves and Ashwell.    Carried.
Reeves-Evans: Thai W. A. Rose,
C. Gr issman, A, c Henderson, .1.
Pelly and B. T. Malcolm he given permission I place building material on
the in ee a under the usual conditions,    < al.ind.
Eoard   of  Works   Reports.
The reeve reported thai he had ex-
amined the Blk Creek bridge on Ban-
ford road let to J. Ford and found
the ���' i.i,e done according to specifications and recommended payment.
Coun. Barlow reported thai  ha
examined the grading let to (!. Marrs
on the  McConnell  road  : ir $26  an .
recommended  paj ment.
i n'.n. Barrovs  reporte i thai he
le   a Job of .-lumping and giading  in
the Parry mad to C. Gill for $19, .   is
ks of powder.
Coun. Barrow reported thai he ha I
examined the job yel to Chas. Gill for
stumping and grading o .....
ami found same done aci o ling to
agreement and recommended payment.
The reeve and Coun. Barrow reported thai they had examined the bridge
ai Rosedale bull! b) B. Bartletl and
found same well dote- and recommended payment,
Coun;-. Stade and Ashwel
thai tbey had let the following contracts: Gravelling Banford road to
C. Banford for 60c; Chilliwack Central to Banford mad to Woodworth
for 38c; Gibson mad to big ditch to
.1. Ford for 60c; Ford road to J. Ford
'     55C.
Coun. s ade reported thai he ha I
examine 1 the gravelling Ford
on the Ford road and foun 1 a
job and recoi i   ended
Coun.  Stade  repo   ���
mtracl   to  pul   ii
i i replauk
ception diti
I ���  Mr.  H ml   foi   $7.50.
Coun.   Stade   reported       il ;
let Ihe i" ' for giavelling   ������  ���'. .  '��� u
In.   30c a ) ard on the I'.ie"   Mill     ���
pathmaster to tai) gravel,
Coun.  Sta i"  i.t.a- .' I  tha    I
examined   the  work    done    on    the
bridge on  Mill  road  and  found  work
done according  to specifications and
recommended payment for the
Coun. Evans reported that he had
examined the contract awarded to J.
H. Toop on Sumas Prairie road and
found same completed and recommended payment for the same.
Coun.   Evans  reported   ihat  lie  had
examined gravelling on Sumas I	
ing, Sumas church and Sumas trunk
roads and found s>me completed and
recommended payment for the same.
Coun. Wilson reported that he had
examined the work done by Path-
master Jlnkerson on Mountain road,
found the same well done and recommended payment of the amount of
Coun. Reeves reported having examined work done on Paul road by R.
Roberts. Same is well done, and
would  recommend   payment,  of  $25.
Coun. Reeves reported having examined bridge built by R. Roberts
near Bell Slough. Same is completed   and would recommend payment.
All of which reports were, on mo-
ticn, received and adopted.
Wilson-Evans: Tha' the Chilliwack
rate bylaw, 19o6, be reconsidered,
finally passed, signed and sealed.
Barrow-Stade;      Thai    Pathma
Win. Braithwaite be ...:..       ���        x
l owder for blowing i iut  -' imps   in his
beat    Carried.
i; irrow-St i le:    Th it I    is, Gill  be
granted 20 sticks of pow b    :' ���.
road  with  fuse and  cap.-.    Ca    led.
Finance  Committee's   Report.
V'.v.  the  undersigi    . -    of
the  Bnanci
the following   ..il   co       '. and
. mae:
f'   A... . $60;    A.    A.    -
shanks, $61.71; E. E. Reei e $109.46;
' W. Sutherland, $3.75; W. H int,
-,"." ��� s. Ii. T .... $56.10; G.
M in -. $25; Chas. Gi   , $19; Jas. Fo
:���'��� I;   !a     l-'.i, I, J  ' : .  D ...
$12.37; E. II. B :  C. W. Chad
sey, $16.7c :  J. Pi     . $75;   Ii. Bartlel
.1.   McC iti      in,     1.16:   W.   T.
.:.. $87; Ban ,i L20;
S,  D. Thotheway,  |
;' I    John   Sni li ..  $1    J.   McLeod,
$145; J, li r< i, ;" i . Collin
son, $135.98. 77.66
Evai   S    le:  That th   I
mill'-.'- report,       mi     if     i $147' .66,
,���  pec.   ���' I   ind  a lopfce I.    Carried.
On  tlon th    council     Ijou aed.
Grand Trunk Ry.
aaiwHM ***'���
rm*iMW*rr.f-wmtTrir-'tmmm^mKwmemrxTSMUMmmMsts.'mMmrema\7 7ir<ft^r"'~^ ������:.'���:������ v��*l-*cs�����:.������ ;*-j��kj��mm.*sa*v
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fc $M
1. ��JP
Columbia Street, Next Royal Bank of Canada, New Westminster
4.,,-v J
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l  Pas ��� nger anil Ticket
Agent, 135 Adam- St., Chicago, EL
hingle and Saw
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
On the Famous
| "Oriental I
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
'-. 1... i�����.
Tickets on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sep!. 8,10 fl
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^B8$3$lp^  r ���v-n'T"' -v   -'
^a&u.-- *��B5g$tj2s'.4...- \,:^E ������������ g ��� TUESDAY.  JULY  tO,  1906.    ��"
| Things Happen In
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
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s ,     n<iiiTiiiuirini ihni
Syr.cps.s ci  Regulations toi Disposal
of  Mir.fr a.s on Dominion Lands ir,
Maawtosba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COA1     ....       . -  ���-   .    | -
t $w r soft cos
>-���."  for i .       Not ��
.���'.ART.7-":;-    --       :     eighteen
J (:������:<   and   .'".(;   .   ���. -:   StOCk   com
- g        mins;      .-.-  . '-.-aii -
maj . bta a entrj   roi  .;. n ning '.. .
���.   ��� . ''-.-. r      .-.
.    . . ���>
-    st  1
-.<,.-��� ��� -en's   C
���   ,- -
-   :
-  free mix ���
. System.
,   ...    ...... ,    . -     -    -     V: .
...    ...      .- . . ������ ��� notices        I
���  ���:  *XX    . ..c ..        .
Pel ' ......
���"' '    n    and*   ���."..--.:. lis. thr N.   tl -  .- -	
-:       rttoriei and w rt i ths y. afe a .... \
yc-. -..  pto*p��i r.�� :.-
the minister may re- ...
g     schinery on the land tc be " '                                     	
A free .. nei i csjrt incite is granted  prospected, an area of iox> acres rot ..  ���            aausttsosal
for onr or m re years, not exceed us  such   it    I as he  ��������� x   ,:,,   .-   th�� ste* and li an ao.-ompiish.>.i
6ve, ur>-n paj   i  i     .-...,. . | <- 50 len^h of which shall not sjwsjsfd thrsw ....   , aylng three   differ*
per annum ior sn individual, ami from  ������,.���{. the breadth     <hou\s thp nro* , ,
��_ .    c - umes  ...c  urea r,< ..,, i,.r  i .. ,,,
��   -   5too per annnm fos ss     panj    pectot   discover oil  sn  paying  quae   ,
���� to cai tai .,-,,. ,      , Publish such ' " ' e **"
A   free   miner,   having   dbcovers        . ire, ,,,,  ceding f,,���     ' ol view, she
���.:���:���;-..      :-.   |   . -     j        . ,;r   a   , , (     -, ���.-     ��� .;;   >,r XO   lettl   CO��*,   a
1500x1500  itet   by   marking   out   thr   . ;,; t0 the pi   spectoi  st thr ratsj ol
same      -    - I j   sts,  b�� 1  s��  ��-. ...,   . ,   ind the rem* ndei ��l the
n v :   ���-.    ne st  each end ol   traci   ��� served    namely,   1*80  acres,  ;.,.,.., ��.   .
e of ths w;il Im -. Id :\ thr rat* ol $j sn as
rhe cla m - ecorded 1 i sul     t 1       yalty al such rate si maj
. )  ���    |<u in Com
\\   \v COR.1
V nistei       the
Drpi   Ir '���.
md ol
T... , ,. ....
Trains & Steamers
'   .'   R   M \',\ LINE
I eave Ni a  v, I Jly.
Leave N;\�� Westminstsir 17.20 dall}
\- - va \, ��   v. .   er 10.31   dall
\    ,,. Ni ����� Westminster 19.10 dallj
:.'.  \t Seattle 16.60.
18.80;   Ar. N w. 80.80.
��� ' -.   IT.80,   19.86.
9.15,  10.80, 19.10, 80.80.
(V P. R
N    \V.
N,   W,
C, P. R   Mil LStDE SPEC! VL,
: - : n ten miles
f a g : er's ���   ons
y  allowed   I very  i '
Fee for ding j - $j
Vt least J t be
claim  s     is d to tl
lieu then      V.
?! been ej d, I
may, upon
'.        .
Perm ' ted by tl
claims cont 1
r, in the Yukon T. ol an ��� , p .
rio! es   ���
The   patent   I r  .1  min 1     location   l.v. n. w,
-'- II 1    vide for  thi   paj menl     ���       Lv, Seattle
R  -. alty of a] ol th    sales
pt   ducts of the  '  cati n i.-.
P] u'i'K MINING    Manil ba and  Ar
tho N. W,   1'. excepting the  Yukon
rerritory: Placer mining claims gen
erally .;:c 100 feet  square, entry  is 1
$5, renewable yearly. t>\\ thr North !-''��� New Weatmlnatsjr 6.30 n. tn,
Saskatchewan River claim? arc c.thci (;,.,.:A-|- NORTHERN HM1.W \Y
bar or bench, thr former being ioo
feel long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes h.ir diggings, bul extends back
to the base oi the hill or hank, nol
exceeding 1000 fret. Where steam
power if used claims SOO feet wide
may he obtained,
Dredging in the River? of Manitoba
and the  N, W   T. r-i.-eptiiiK the  Yu
kon Territory    A free miner m.i>  ob
tain only two leases of five miles each
for   a   term   of   twenty   years,   renew
ahle in the discretion of the Ministei
of  the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent   year,     Royalty  same   as
icei mining.
Placer mining in the  Yukon Ter-  after till'11 p, a
ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
claims  Bhall not  exceed  aSo  feet  in
length, measured on the base hue 01   sa,lu' li"1"'*-
general   direction  of  the    creek    or j
gulch, the width being from tooo to     Fraser River and Gulf
..���000  feet.     All   other   placer  claims
shall be 250 feet square, DP iiivnu.
Claims   are  marked   by   two   legal   Boavof
posts, one at each end, bearing no       From N, \v. Mon. Wed. Prld, 8 n.m
l.v. N. \Y. 9 80 nm.; nr. Seattle -l r 111 I
l.v. n. yv. i SB p.m.; ar, Beattle 10 p.m.
i.v. Beattle 8.30 a.m., nr. x. \Y, a p.111.
l.v. Seattle.  I :M p. 111.. ar. N. \Y. 9.86,
Lv, N. W, :'��� p.in. nnd '.'.:'.."> p.m.
i.v. Vancouver 8.36 n.m.. :md 4 p.m,
Q. N. It.
i'.i;0   n.m.;   nr.   C uleli.-i
Lv.   N.   \Y
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon  8.40  p.OJ ;   nr.   N.  \V
9.S.ri p.m.
Monday! only.
l.v.   Now
.md S n. 111.
Westmlnater 6.60, 6.60, I
nnd every halt hour (line-
Lv, Vancouver for Westminster at
tices.    Entry must be obtained within
ten   days   if   the   claim   is   within   ten
miles  of  the mining  recorder's ofiice.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tion.il ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim mUSl hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of IOOO feet in
IciiRth,  aand  if the  party  consists  of
two, 1500 feet altogether, 011 the output on which no royalty shall be
Charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10,    Royalty st the rat--
of two and one half    per cent. 00 the
value "f the K"h! shipped from the
|es-t  to  the rights of all  persons who
have, or who may receive entries f..i
bar  diKjjiilts  or   bench   claims, except
ou   the   Saskatchewan   Rivet,   where
the I. isee can di edge to high wati t
mark on each altematrve leasehold
The lessee thai] have  1 dcerfgi    n
operation within on- season Irom i!.c
date of the lease for lach live mile?
bu|   where  n  person   or   company   hi
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or frac
tion thereof is sufficient, Rental, $10
per Bflntim for each mile of river
leased. Royally al the rale of two
and a half per cent, collected mi the
output  after  it  exceeds  $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leases of five  miles each  may  be ,
granted to a free miner for 1 term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's rifrht is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
i below   low   water   mark, that boun-
I dary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The  lessee  shall  have  one  dredge
1 in  operation  within  two  years   from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
I for  each   five  miles  within  six  years
1 from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
Yukon  Territory  to  be  paid  to  the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of   more   than   one   mining  claim   on
[each   separate  river,  creek  or  gulch,
I but  the   same  miner   may   hold   any
number  of claims  by  purchase,  and
free  miners   may   work   their   claims
Tu., Tii., Bat, 7 11.111
Prom i'h
Prom N. \Y. Tu.. Th., Sut. 8 n 111.
Prom Chwk. Sun.. Wed., Kid., T n.m.
Kriini N. Wi dally, ex. Sal. and Hun..
:! p. in.; Saturday 2 p. m,
Add. 1 iip. Monday, 6 n.m.
Prom Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 0 a.m>j
Add. trip Saturday, b p.m.
Prom  N.W., Wed. and Mon . 7 a.m.
Prom Vietorln Tues. and Sa'. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.      fteeelvnd
Seattle, vin Bumai.10 pm.     n.an p.m.
.   T
,..- ��� ...
Wo ms
.,,,.,   ....
. . ...  ��
... s. Broa       \
���1    ted
.    itt. ;   -.-..
Vol!  ,      -..on    ��ho   :���
\.   1 a vie vi   .- ��� iii ns
.. ,
i  ,     ,., ,- Council ���������  Women
  - ��� vis
1 ;, matrimonial
... an   ���. shed
joung tt.vi an      ild 1 emafn
Ww   w u��k' 1 as er for ol
Ko'.n Ine n dns ��� # ��� so ' 1 :'"������
acted at the meeting, the mayoi re
porting for the hospital boai I thai a
debi of $8,848 ts had been paid off
during the year, and thai al the orea
enl time there were no debts upon
thai institution al all Of the amounl
.���ni.) .'..' J7I111 ha 1 been sub -��� 1 Ibed by
lhe G unoll of Women Between
s..s.'n nn.i |900 had been spenl latelj
11 h ipi'.iv.'iiu'tii'T J'!"1 had also been
Biss-ul for suppltee latelj. '��� ul theae
ttiuii., be suitable foi the uevi hospl
:,ii 11,600 was .mins from patienti
��ii.. had been treats al the hospital,
The total expenses during the year
h 1 been 611,000, The regular month'
I; reporl ��ould be oul bj 1 he end of
thi ��� month
Fifteen 1110111* ind dollars '���'- id   I t)
promised towards tht ne�� hospital
i.v the provincial governmi ������ , .'���'|
*S,000 had nlso been promised for tae
children's homo. The tm
of the surrounding districts had also
offered to contribute 85,000 foi the
hospital, and "i" sl|m wi" he al the
dl p0 .1 of the hospital board whenever they are prepared feo n .-t" the
. ��� mey.
11  was decided to have a domestic
science teacher in lhe woman's bull!
lng in  the forthcoming exhll Ition, If
n competent demonstrator and < IS
could   be   secured.    Il   anpi    1    '
Miss Berry, of Vancouver, will nol bs*
able to rums'   . ��d b . ommlttee 1 on
slating of Mrs. Thornbur, Mrs. SievB-
wrlghl and Mfrs. Sands was nppolntstd
to  secure  the services    of    another
ti 1. her,
Brick   Disappear-.
Toronto,  July  S>.���Harry  YV.  i'.riek
.1 working chemi,��i In f ���? employs   of
"��� d y  K,  Wampoli   & 0o���       pei-l
has disappeared with .' "alcatlona ���-���'i'i
��� ��� amounl to : el ween 1. M1   and fifty
Bap'n tft Mllliide. .lo.oo p.m. 111.10 a.m,  thousand dollars,   Brich rmerly
Vancouver 10.00 p.tn    9 oo a,m
.-vm" le, e   ..       M6 iuii.    1I.80 pou
Van. <v Cent, Poi      " 80 n.iii.   ;��� p.m
Victoria i"  '111...I. 10.00 a m
East Burnaby  1.15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, '���*<���.... i.dOp.m, 10.80a.m
Blast, via C. P. It...4.45 pm. 7.10 p.m.
East, via ft P. K. In no p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Ooq'm..4.46 p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. & burnaby..3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
Tinilicrlnnil, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.   12.00 aa.
���   hi. bul upon the removal
i .
latti oe   hie
��� ' ronto on Sat-
1 mi - -      Monday,
July -, I ir an   mki     n ds    i'i iti in.
H. J. Tweedie Dead.
Chicago, July 9. H, J. Tweedie, one
of the besl known golfers in the wsiBt,
dis'd here today.
Tht JiapU leaf ForeVtr"
We have taken the Maple Leaf for our trade mark, because it is Canadian.
(Maplss Leaf
Published by The Daily News Puh-
u].on him, plainly his ro. eagues must
I.,   held guiltless,   it is a little cool,
lom . ver,   to  accuse    d< i   who   aa n
Ishing   Company,   L.niiied.   at   their
jffices   corner   of   Sixth   and   From lefended   themselves   :
streets, New West minster, B. C.        | furious charges of their poli leal  op-
;.....' .. b,  of  Insulting a   dead   man's
mi     ':'.���   and  using "the       Is ol  the
J.   C.   Brown R.  J.   Burde
Transient display advertising, 10
c-.'nts per line i nonpariel I 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, hold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices   of   births,   marriages   or
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word.       No advertisement taken for [
lesj than 2,"< cents.
Manager's   residence   	
The   t'oronto   .News   (independent)
thinks  that   the  Balaries of  the   I
minion   Ministers   shoul |   be   raised
to ten or twelve thousand a year, and
that   there   should   he   a   correspond-!
ing  increase  in   the   pay   of   provin-
dal   Ministers.     There   should   also,
ft  believes,  he  some  sort  of  a  pen- j
sion system.   The people, it says, by j
way of enforcing its contention, will
get the service they pay for.    It may j
hi- doubted, however, whether the argument   is   sound   as   things   stand. ,
When   the  electors   have   learned   to-
choose their  representatives as  they j
choose  their agents  and  advisers  in
matters more directly affecting their
Individual  pockets,  the  argument of (
the  News  will   be  of  much  greater
This will be the greatest of all seasons for the ever popular Canvas Shoe    they
are certainly the pink of perfection in cool, neat looking footwear for hot days
Defea i .I in iis attempl I i
capital oul of the Ollvi r land pur-
1 hase, the Columbian revives an ol 1
yarn aboul a purchase oi land bj Mr.
Patterson, ,\1. P. P., and puts the
iuai ter In such a way ss i i create
the impression thai there was something ' rooked aboul  It.    Here is the
t' - ���. i,. -11  :
"Mr. Patterson, a Liberal member
of the local House and a non-resident,
lias become the possessor for a very
small consideration, of fifty acres of
land in Westminster District, taken
from the Herrings after ihey had held
possession for forty years.'
Of course the inference sought to
be conveyed is that tlie present governmenl ejected the Herrings 'and
then gave the land at a small price
to Mr. Patterson, and that this was
done because the latter was a Liberal politician.
Now tbe fact is that the Herrings
were leaseholders in old days under
the local government, and that in
1885, the late Mrs. Herring sought
to get tiie land from the then government of the Don inion. The case
was reported on by the late Sir J.
W. Truteh and H. B. \Y. Aikman,
and came before Hon. E. Dewdney
when Minister and also before Hon.
T. M. Daly, and the application of
.Mrs. Herring was refused and eject-
n.ein ordered. The land then waa
lying vacant and was ordered to be
sold by auction. Through the good
Offices Of certain officials of the presenl government, the decision of the
late Conservative government was go
far se: asi le I ai th repn sentative
ol the He . Ing faml , .-. ��� allowe I
to purchase for to pei acre, the f iw
acres on which tne improvements
v ere; an ! he remain le ol the land
K is   pui   up   at   pu ilii :,.     A1
thai   a ,      n,   in   open   . impetitlon,
Mr,   Patterson    o ighi Had   the
editor of I he I i $5 more
than   Mr.   Pa tei s ...   w   -    ��tiling    I i
give,   i;   would   ha. i knocked
down     'I,...- i are  the  plain,
i.:.\ ai nl lied  fac oi Una i j
man  will  cerl acuity in
si eing    ���. here fo        . ion  for   a
i hargi     gai ��� govern
men: can I e found 'in the
The editor of an agricultural con-
' niporarj has had to take to the
tall timber. This is how i: happen- |
ed: lie .'���(���' Ived an enquiry from i
subscriber who was the proud father
of twins, as to the care of the little
darlings during the process ol teething; and one from another subscriber, asking "how to rid an orchard
of grasshoppers?" He wrote the replies all right, bul they got mixed In
the "make-up," and this Is what the
proud fill her read: "If you are unfortunate enough to be plagued by
these little pests the quickest way
o? settling them is to cover them with
straw and set the straw on fire."
Men's white Canvas Oxfords, leather or rubber soles
$1 to $2.50 a Pair
Men's Cool Everyday Canvas Boots
Interior papers are giving currency
: to a report  that the Midway & Ver-
non charter has been sold to one of
[ the big corporations;  but whether to
the ('. P. R. or the G. N. R��� they
. say   they   do   not   know.     Both   are
supposed to want it. and there ap-
! pears to be good   reason   why   they
President Roosevelt is sticking to
bis determination not to run again.
'You will have to vote for some
oilier Republican next Mine." is the
way he expresses ll to enquiring
sW;�� Jf-ttL' dA ...^i S; a&��
I hi   Mi :.   ��� al Star, wl     i I    ...
... pen t er wl     ad      led
for I..:., mering th     Lib.
cusln .    11      I lonsei vatl t/i .-,   ha
following . dltorlal paraj   anh:
"When the late Hon. Raj uohd Pre-
fontalni ��� -  ite, ll
was ..   .���        .. -       in   .. . I
i.iogn ssivi     .   - :    .���
awa; ie mi tak.
: " . ,     '     ,, '  . '   i.       ll.
M ... ���   I'..-   . Itizens turned
oul  to do him honef, an i altogel bei
the   trl   .'       pa l  vei
[t  the     ire, seen
.;.. itlonable  i me ol   ....
a tl itj   of
def.    ling his memor;.   Thet
dicate leslre on the pan of his
one Itical oppon
the de;        an il       icor I.
i      - .
is depart
To   - ire, I i ���
a   h Ceni i   cum
stance , 1    o'ci one, The
garm  ol lould I
of a gra .
Thle of com se thai anj een-
jure v. ... on i the
.   ol .-'.   ' lals"   con-
i   he Marine and Fl
di-,, .     ���        nusl   fall  entin in
subordinat     officials,    The   ; ��� i    Mr.
Prel intain    was Minis  ol  I ia   de-
partmen .  and  li   then   waa  no hing
lr.  tin   charges   which   i ml i   . ���   eel
Maple Lea
There are running'shoes,
and running shoes, but
none to equal those with
the Maple Leaf Brand
on the sole. They come
in both Tennis and Oxford styles for Lathes or
wentlemen, Girls or Boys,
and the soles of all are
made from pure para
gum rubber.
Maple M
I   Lacrosse, Tennis
" or Running Shoes
Look well, fit well, wear
well and are stylish, i
and durable.
For sale by all good shoe
dealers.    Ash for   hem.
j. LECKIE CO., Ltd.
Selling Agents,
$1.25 a Pair
Men's Canvas Oxfords with Solid Leather Soles
$1.00 a Pair
As to the prefix "L'beral" which
our Conservative friends put to the
name of their party, i: is suggeste I
by the Toronto Star that the common
ancestor was a Liberal dissatisfied
with his condition. Had he been a
Conservative, it says, we should still
be swinging from trees by our tails.
Now this, besides being rude, is illogical, because the tales of the Conservatives are too thin to support a
swinging body of any weigh*.
For good, solid summer foot comfort, try a pair of our   CANVAS SHOES
:    BIG SHOE HOUSE    :
Notice to
W. R. Gilley, 'Phone \����.
J. R. Gflley, 'Hnone 1-4-i
the Public   GILLEY BROS.
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents M. 0. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
t Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
{  Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
I 'Phone 1-b
Columbia St
i    QJYE US AN   J
Xew Westminster,    w
To Figure on Your Plumbing Requirements.
We have a full Line of
Lavatories, Sinks, Baths, etc., to select from.
Have you seen our one piece enamelled sink ?
' "-���: :���;:-�����: z-*: ;-���: r*: :������; :������; ;������; :���; :���: :�����: :-���; !���; :������; !���������; :������; !���; :���<>���: :���: :���; ;������- ^*: i-*^ :���; :������! '-���: :���:;-��; :���>: .-^: ;���: :*���; ;���; ;���; ;���: ;i*; ;���; ;^r ;���; ;���_ ;���; ^; :���; ;^.- %���; ;^ ;*j ;*.; %��.; ;^.j ;^
' Come in and see our asso '
jL/i'Uj2'     ?5tOrC ')   i     ment of the famous
Wpsffpi?1^ \mn. Worts
.      I1NJS   AMI   l'..Mil.\i.
Bl    P   IMITH1NU, BK1UUI!) and
. "'  il RAL IRON    WORK.
Ornatn. atal   Iron   \\ on.   including
Fire iusenpes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In
.-   ','. ��� tmlni ter, f. u. 474.
I \l>
which arrived a short time ago,     .' ,- \ /      ir
It is swell. ".' ! 'J\ J
J. J. IHACKAY & CO., %
,   cop����w
Fhone   157.
WANTED- Boy,   ���
who   can   mill.,
horses:   good   w,   ���
Wise. Brownsville.
Wanted���Go ��� !   .  .
li. Qrossman.
For Sale���1 no good new
sale, suitable for campe
duo. dean, Guichon Hotel,
Wanted���Men   Over   21���m.     0(   ,
largest  (inancial Instil itloi
continent  desires    a re
in New Wwtmlnater.   r,, ,
great opportunities  are open,    y.
dress "Opportunity," ibis office
VV. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Foot of li!. Av.. Cor.
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, u.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Spwialty.
Ellard Block,
I    New Westminster.
Eaton-Hurlbut    I
4 k i
Royal Bank
of Canada
U��:/ltal $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets  $ii>,i/i.o/t>.
Branchsjs   and   correspondeni ���   In
all  the  principal   cities  of tne world.
General  banking business transacted.
S/A INGS DfcHAK l Mtrv i.
'���  .".-pens an account.   Inter.  ' I
tnlf j early.
Collections made at lowesl i it -
)pen    Saturday   nights   from  a  tc 9
F.  B.  Lvle,  Manaaer.
Bank of
fncorp .rates]          act   or   parn u
CAPH M- (All paid up>...*i4,UUU   ifl
Rt, li..';. Loid Strathcona and R
Ro al, O.C.M.G,.,  Hon   President
lion. Sir O. A. Drummono, '���"������
i-���  S,  CloiiBton,   Vice  Presld. ol   and
General    hanlctng    businessa   trans-
te I
Branches In all hip principal citlei
Canada, In London, Eng., New
ork, Chicago, an i Bt. Jonn Nfld-i
id correspondents in all parts ol '���������-
iavings Bank Dent.
G.  D.   Brymner,  Manager.
p V
icu buy   V, %..
or "Old Sport" Cigars
Yon    In   lh��   v ��� "
!! ivor wlll   iui ll    'A in ���.. .'1:|M'
' ula. lured by���
Factory and Offlce  Brine Block,
���vfw TUESDAY, JULY 10. 1906.
-��������������: ������-��.
In Muslins, Prints, Ginghams,
Chambrays. Unusual chances to
save on these lines, also on Wash
Suits, Blouses, Skirts, etc. this week.
July is the month of outings;
outings call for washable gowns;
buy your gowns here and save on
every dollar you spend.
1 Oc yard
and navy,
-'.'      ' -���'���
25c yard
... ���      :    ' .     ��� ���
���   ^ . .   '' .     t  Lawns,
7\a yard
Is    lie price a: which we're selling   .-.   fess       ee. ie Gil --ham
and Cbambrj i ���   blue', oxford and ��orl b 10c I -
$2.50 and $2.75
An   the clearan io a Washable  S     3 of  fancy   per
cale, in light colors: thej :.      -       -       g  tten ...   and neatly finish.-.!
$3.75 and $4.25
Are   the   prices  at   which   we  a:.-   se ling   S     s of    F :,...     Muslins,
trimmed with insertion, and Cotl >:: Panas is, trimmed with fagoting.
$1.50 and $2.95
Ars   ...  prices .' nrhissh we're sla ighterlng om   Summer  Hats:   nice
trimmed one.- they are thai sol I   t $3.50 to $6.00,
With Girdle and Silks
for Working
This   Week
Only   .    .   .
The White House
275 Columbia St.
Local News Briefly Told
Mary Roy, i
l     D.   Ro; .    '���,-!;   street,   I with
T. A. .Muir returned
noon  from   Hs   ison   Ho   Springs.
Fran:  Johnston and family have returned from a visil to the ei
A meeting ol be San Francisco re-
le committee will be held in the
Board of Trade rooms, city hall, this
evening tor the purpose of winding
up affairs. The meeting is called for
3 o'clock.
Mrs. TA'. .1. Watson, of had/smith,
was in the city on Saturday, on her
waj to Ladner, on a visit to her
father, the veteran reeve of the Delta.
She returned yesterda: . and is at pres
cut visiting her sister, Mrs. p. W.
i loway.
11      -    wo Indian ed oi  8 u
t offlc      B ". I .-���   tor
fined ���
nail fii
..i-  bit    rife fo        perlo
ise *
was in th.    hab
at i ' I :
before on account of his
One .     be i nplo; ees of I '���<������ F
River mills named Walker bad a narrow ess a -.    esterda    iftern ion
;aged in working        ...
ime  means  he   got ja
tween a wagon and a rale of lm
tchi      .-' . -.   he
.  :  . \. Icate  bimsell       Be ond    a
plentiful application of sticking  plas
te      n.i    medical  assistance  was
A  leakage of the air in  the  pipes
..<���   lire   alarm  al   the car  shops
f-ai.seii the alarm to be rung tor about
ten minutes on Sundaj  night.   Chief
Mcintosh, who livess almosl oppoa
heard the alam and telephoned to
fie halls.    Upon the watchman al  the
shops  being  called,  he  invi - ..
found out  the  cause  of  the  trouble,
and  telephoned  hark  thai  there  v. is
no necessity tor the brigade to turn
Mi>s  Lilian   Johnston,   of  l. mdon,
England, Is al present In the citj-, the
guest  of Mrs. F. \V. How.,   .  Elev.
street    Mis-- Johnston Is a   -
si; Harrj Johnston, the - -
African explorer, who was toi   -    ���
years BrII il comml -
Uganda, and whose lati - I   ���
ia Proti ctoi ite,   '.���
about, tiitpe j eai s ago
of the hour, and ni   le        e a
'        T 1,1"
'   .��� home Roberi Ste
ine  Cor-
..     B unswick,   Ont.     As   the
(���(iui.!.    Btepped   from   the   train
greeted   �� '��� sJHowe    of  rice
....    in- assemble*  ������ owd.   The bride
promptly   mad.'  toi   the  shelter -.   a
hack,    bin    the    groom  ' r.-ceived    the
full benefll oi the congratulation
his friends while engaged in removing bis grips from the train. Mr.
Stephenson left a few days ago to
meet his bride at Mission, and the
hi-v.-^ ihai. he was to return a married
man soon spread among his friends.
The ceremony took plaoe at Sumas
yesterday. Last, evening a wedding
supper was served ai the groom's
residence on Oxford street.
Ho For The Camps!
You will require some necessaries.
We have wire cots, well sup ported     $2.25
Canvas Cots, ijooo quajity    1.50
Military   Foldincj   Cots    3,50
Do up in a small parcel.
Camp stools with black, hard wood finished and strong 50
Mattresses   and   pillows.
Dtutpont Block. Telephone 7 3.
tarr,! .tttWACTUUBUSV
ehui 1 li   ��
Largest  Stock   in  the  City,
ited     in   any   Style     you   Desire.
^  ~ ���C* ' _
M ��� ������   We C. Chamberlin
DIAMONDS Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
Sixth  street,  splendid  corner, two lots, $450.
Sapperton.   near   Columbia   Hospital, two lots, $175.
Sapperton,   Brunette  street,  two  lots, $350.
Seventh street, two good lots,   $425.
Tenth street, near Sixth avenue.   $110.
West   End,  three  splendid  cleared lots on corner, $350.
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate,  Fire & Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Office
i be he!      into (\Yi
11,    Cars   will    tt,      i'
ti, 1     imbi for S
-. 111..
.1! Sixth avenue a tew later.
Tts 1 cars ha - ���     een ei    1 1 thai
,        ���
! 1     I that as mai
11   .... :!.,��� :- con-
renter   will Join the excursion.
-|'h,. polli.   . ourl and poiiee Btntion
un.- treate I lo   1   lew coat of whi
�� i.-i:   esti        .   everal o( the pi
era  detained   at   the    lockup    being
,.��� ,   -."i    int..    gen Ice    1 . ��leld  ' hs
bi 'i ih.    Al  Hi"    tine timi      ���   "
were scrub 1,  and   the  (Jew
p. nrance of the place mm li Improved
a; a result, The men w.-re paid to
ibe hour  tor doing the    work,    and
... 1.1   to   rather   like   the   idea   of
earning a little monej   �� hile \- -;
1 .   be   bailed   OUt,   Or   Until   ". 'ii '.    Rl
rived to paj   theli   Ru he ca
nighl  be, ���,
( bai es Pn 0 old n
tnily hi        ��� from hin
.   ti
im 1
'. ,  1 . ...
���   ,       ���  ' .   il
���   '
.-,  i   li
.; ���   1 .  iv  1
1 .       ...      -t thai his
k   1  , een
-  1   -
.-���  tai ���.    1 :        -
..��� ; ���       ial        letter.
, the young   as so ta 1 - the
teis gram/    bsJoAuM    young    Pr<
.   .    im th i'  h" wo..id nol  be in.me
[   :   , ;..,' hei   I '������   '   "   '"'��� I   '���>''   ''''���'
A deputation of Influential eltl ens
:    he < ��� Pi H. station last ���
Says  He Can   f-'loat  Her.
11. JtHj      '���      W'l ���
1 his eil j   ha    "������	
the co 0 oal  the Allan si
which  It
11 ow Qui bee    Hi
i:-~': the
Bryan  Visits  Premier.
Loi Bryan to
al   his  official  residence in   DoV
and     -en      ���      vith   him   an
hour.   C. A. Pearson, thi   well known
publisher,  will   give a dinner to   Mr.
Mrs   Bryan  today.
��� 0 ���	
Tent Meetings.
Held by the Church of Christ en
Moody Park. Meetings each night
during the week except Saturday, at
S p. m. and Sunday at 11 a. m. and
7 p. m. A cordial invitation is given
to all to come and investigate the
scriptures with us. Preaching hy L.
J. Keffer. *
WANTED���Al once. chambermaid
and waitress- good wages. Apply
Hotel   Colonial.
WANTED���Young girl to lake care of
baby. Apply Mrs. A. M. Malins,
corner Second street and Fifth
Eight Trains Every Dav in the Yen
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
1 il dies the new esi and best i le 1 -
and 1 UXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and ga<: the mosl
brilliantly illuminated train in- the
v rid. Thc equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
in section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),
modern daj coaches ami buffet, li-
htarv  and   smoking  cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any ' |
furtli.-r information call on or write
"��jo Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Not so Hot as
������������������is^mmsktmammssts��������������������� mmmUUikms
it was,  is it ?
. .j
' ���:'!
Here is a line that is
fine at any time, whether it   is hot or  cold:
Pineapples |
First of the Season.
Nice   large    ones.
! Bananas
\s��   l\���
The People's Grocer
P. S. Leave your order with us for Apricots. They will be along soon. The crop is
reported short, so don't delay.
First Class Fruit Land
City Limits
S^^vj^'i'ijies ,2'vown on this land unexcelled; Good Water;
Convenient to tram and City Market; Pleasant surr'onnd-
inirs; Magnificent Outlook; Easily Cleared.
��� $90> $100 and $110 per acre, Easy Terms
For Sale in One and Five Acre Blocks.
L.   C5
m   m ?! B����� SL-,, wZ-P
260 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C.    Phone 85.
jj ���* *.**��* >**���������������.�����*������������������� mmm*<t*mmmmmmmmm��m*<i��*������* m*mom*m***mmmmmmmmm*mm*mmt 6
10  1906.
Council met in the town hall, Surrey Centre, Saturday duly 7, the .
and at) members being present. Minutes ol previous meeting were read
and confirmed. Communications were
ri  eivi :   .- follows:
From James Gaudin, agenl department marine and Bsheris s, re Johnston road bridge, saying as year of
grace had expired he would be pleased io he advised when the contract
was let and also to receive a plan
of ihe bridge for the information of
the department.   Received.
From A. Campbell Reddle, deputy
provincial secretary, saying: "I am
directed to state for the information
of the reeve and council that under
the powers conferred upon the lieutenant governor in council by section
16a of the Benevolent Societies act
as enacted by section 4 of chapter 3
of the statutes of 1905, the incorporation of the society known as the
Cloverdale Club has been revoked and
the association dissolved from the
25th day of June, 1906."   Received.
From Walter J, Walker, chartered
accountant, saying he had struck tin-
dyking rales as follows: General,
interest 8.10 mills; sinking fund 5.10
mills. Local, interest, 6 mills: (sinking fund, 3% mils,    Received.
From Joseph Shannon, saying In-
had completed his contracl of deepening the Milton ditch: thai 11 was
being damaged by Armstrong's cattle
tramping It, and - igges ting hat a
couple of culverts  be iss it.
The clerk was Insl ; :fed to write
to G. Kaisei thai the council will pay
hlm $30 for cl ig . - ��� lng his
It nre for road lines; also to wrl e to
J, Tambi line to have the Canadian
thistle.- on hi- land cul at once.
Tin- following ti iders were accepted:
Ward 1���Hauling hardpan on C. M.
road, at 75 cents per ..ard, and fixing hill for $61.50, to K. F. Trousdell.
Ward 3���Draw, Johnston road
bridge, to w. Wiliams and T. W.
Hai ly for $1,000.
Ward 1���Town Hue road fixing approaches, $18; hauling gravel and
rock, 90 cents per yard, to W. C.
Ward 5���Stevenson road, cutting
brush and removing logs, 70 cents per
rod. to W. Williams; C. .\1. road, gravelling 100 yards, at 80 cents per yard
and grading and removing stones on
hill, 20 rods, at $T per rod, to J.
The following appropriations were
Ward 1���$25 for Hjorth road for
Ward 5���$25 for gravelling south
end C. M. road to be done hy day's
work; also tenders to he in at next
meeting for gravelling new grade on
north end  H.  P. road.
Coun, Lawrence was . mpowered to
furnish powdei and a man in lhe pit
foi assistance t>. gratuitous labor on
C K. road, Ward ���". and also in have
a' .nl 20 rods ol gra ling done on the
same road.
The follow Ing  S ���:������ .:.-.-.. !
and . he ''���     -sued:
,i. I). Cameron, construction Serpentine bridge, Ward  I, $6"".
.1. .1. Mackay & (... stationery, etc.,
The Columbian Company, advertls-
li g, $2.S0,
W. X. Draper, survey tor roads
Ward  5,  $21.80.
Anderson A; Lusby, powder, fuse
and caps, Ward 5. $RS.70.
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choic��2St tean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty,  not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL,  Canada
the  extent of one-quarter  section  of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
whicli the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans,
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
(;,) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to re-idence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply ior patent.
Deputv Minister  of the  Interior.
N, b.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not he paid
Railway Company
Two   fast   transcontinental     ,;n5
with dining cars and throu
and   first-class  sleepers daily,
Atlantic Express leaves al
Imp.rial   Limited,   leave    al   17-i(j
Excursion   rate  tickets  sold  t,, jj]
Eastern  points on  June  2::,  25, ,l,,:v
2, ::, Aug. 7, 8 and ft.
For full particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent,
New West in ;
Assistant   General   Passenger   Accent
Great Northern Ry.
w. .1. Walker, striking dyking rates,
Vi'. h\ Laking, plank, Wards 2 and
;.  $29.45.
Bank of Montreal, Interest on dyking -I.- entures, $7".n.
D. ii. McCallum, fill and building
two bridges, Newton mad, Ward 2.
���J. H. Thompson, repairs to Yale
road, Ward 2   $25.
.1. E. Murphy, gravelling Scott road
Ward 2. $100.
Geo. W. Atchison, work on Yale
and C. M. roads. Ward 1, $45.
���I. D. Cameron, work on town line
road, Ward 1. $1.
E. F.  Tousdell,  ditto,  Ward  1    $10.
W. Bothwell, ditto, and C. M. roads,
Ward  1, $l!i.
.1. I!. Loney, gravelling Johnston
road, Ward 3   $50.
.1. A. Wilson, gravelling McLellan
road. Ward li, $25.
.1. A. McCallum, work Newton road,
Ward 2, $;1.50.
d. B. Loney, hauling lumber, Johnston road, Ward 2. $:i.
Geo. W. Atchison, gravelling Yak-
road, Ward 2, $25.
E. M. Carncross, order McBride,
-ravelling McBride road, Ward 3,
W. C. Jones, grading H. P. road,
north end, ward 5, $90.
A. .1. Peschke, gravelling C. it. road,
$48.90 and south end of II. P. road,
J15s;  total, $206.90.
Gus Johnson, work on boundary
line   read,  Ward  5,   $6.
\V. Lawi ns e, shoveling ; ravel,
Ward, 5, $23.
John Armstrong, gravelling II. P.
ro id,  Ward 4   $125.
Jos. Shannon, deepening Milton
ditch, Ward 4, $8.
Geo. Redmond, repairing culverts,
Va e   road,  Ward  4.  $6.50.
.1. Churchland, repairs to Rose road,
Ward 4, $10.
E. M. Carncross order Atchison,
gravelling Yale and  repairs to C. V.
roads,  Ward 4, $:!1.
Geo, W. Atchison, balance ditto,
Ward,  4,  $33.10.
Kwong Yick, balance ditching H, P.
road,  Ward 4, $14.
Angus Mclnnis, work Johnston road,
Ward 3   $66.
John   Levis, ditto, $7.50.
James Johnston, ditio. $75.
Thos. J. Sullivan, powder for ditto,
Ward 3, and work Yard 2, $197.76;
total, $205.26,
J. Drinkwater, act. commission,
H. G. Lawrence act. indemnity,
1. S. Johnston, ditto, $25.
W. M. Loucks, ditto, $25.
H. Bose, ditto, $50.
Mrs. Frances Lepper, $10.
Mrs. Wm. Roebuck, $10.
Council then adjourned, to
again on Saturday. August 4
o'clock p. 111.
at   1
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Ri ss-
land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
N irthern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway : r Boon, ry
Creek point-.
Connects at .Meyers Fails with
stage i]'iily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.20 a.m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m Rossland   4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
{Northern Pacific
sv ���
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver.  B. C.
Synopsis   of   Canadian   [Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within tbe Railway Belt in British Colum-
l'ia, may lie homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
V   _
Se ile 1 tenders   addresse I   to
undersigned, marke I on the    1   ���
���Tender fo    1 le . 1906," will   be   received ai the office of   the   Co
e Trai nl R
way  a    Ol   iwa,  until   I I
'i.i.iii, of Mi"  12th ol July,  19
for five hunstred and tiirty-l
sand  1535,000)   R ill .    In
cordance  with    he
tlie C un       ��� ners.
Se led Ti ndi        tddn sse ;     0
undersigned, marked on the envelops?
"Ten ler for Ties. L907," will also    ���
'���' -'; ,.'d as above until twelve n'i
noon, of the 1th day   of   Septeq   ���
1906, tor one million nnd    ten    thousand 11,010,1  Railway Ties, in   accordant e with the    specifications   ol
the Commissioners.
Tenders must he ma le 1 ��� the
forms supplied by the Commissione'"
which, as well as the specification?,
may be obtained on application to
Hugh D. Lumsden, Chief Kngineer.
Ottawa, Ont, to A. B. Doucet, District Engineer, Quebec, P, Q.. or n
A, K. Ilodgins, District Engineer
Kenora, Ont.
Full Information in regard to deliv
eries required is given on form of
Bach tender must he signed and
sealed by all the parties to the tender
and witnessed.
The successful tenderers will be
required to sign a contract in form
satisfactory to the Commissioners
and to furnish an accepted cheque on
a chartered bank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per cent.) of the
amounl of the tender, as security for
the due and faithful performance of
the contract.
No tender for less than five thousand ties will be consider! I,
The right is reserved t ,'���-? any
or all lenders.
By Order,
The Commissioners of the
'1'ran scon linen lal Bail way,
Bated at Ottawa, June 26th, 1906
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Daily I' NEW Dally
9T20 iu ' Blaine,  Belling
1:35   m bam      Burling 9:5E
ton,    Mt.    V
ni n,     Evei ett,
Seattle        and
Poi l  D I,
1:35 pi ne,       Sl
Paul    and    all
point-:   I-:
B.20 am] Vnacortes,
Woolley,     and'
S: 'ai pm Vancouver        |9: -:���
9:55 pm I
Route of tl'.." Famous
2���D^ily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Mlnm 11
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St,
Louis  and  all   points  Bast.
For    complete    inforn
rat'-s,   berth    reservati.it',   .
call on or address,
F. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank <.f Commerce Building,
New Westminster, R C
S. G. JTERKES, A. G. P. A���
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle. Wash.
Department of Public Works, Canadi.
Tenders for Coal
Tenders will be received at thi
fice of tbe undo, signed up to no. :
Tuesday, 10th July, 1906, for the supply, during the fiscal year ending   '���'
March, 1907, of about    2,000   ton
best lump coal for the use of the D
monion Governmenl dredge "KIni
ward" and Snag Boat "Sampson.'   I
coal ls to be delivered at the Di
ion Government Wharf,    New    v
minster, In lots of from   200   to   1
tons, as required, on scows provided
by the Department of Public Works.
Tenders    to    he    scaled and mark  1
"Tender for Conl."
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarily accepted.
Resident Engineer.
Resident Fngineei's Office,
New Westminster, B. C,
2<th June, 1901.
Hi asm
CANVAS SHOES are the coolest footwear you can wear.   Our
stock is now complete, we having them in all sizes and prices.
TAN SHOES are next to canvas when it comes to coolness.   We
are offering our entire stock at Manufacturer's Prices.
126 pairs of Mens Chocolate Boots . . regular price $4.50, Sale Price $3.00
86 pairs Women's Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $5.00, Sale Price $3.75
68 pairs Women's Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $4.50, Sale Price $3.25
149 pairs Women's Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $4.00, Sale Price $2.75
82 pairs Women's Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $2.75, Sale Price $1.90
W. E. SINCLAIR [ The leading Shoe Store
BEWT2SB2 TUESDAY, JULY   10.  1906.
rt-fst/ DAILY NEWS
te     and solicitors, li,.
Colum  la   stn i ���   ���    ,,Tter.
W. J   \ de, H. L. Bdmonds.
MR. .1.  P.  HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor ol the sup ii    Offi   is
Canadian   Painl,   of  Commerce  b
lag   c.,1.io.i.ia   street, opposite  pos.
office, New Westminster.   Money to
barristers, solicitors, et.. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lorne strei I
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Granville street. Jjseph Martin, K. C, .,.
vv. Wean. W. G. McQuarrie, H. A
Bourne. Mr. Martin wljl be in the
Westminster offices every Friday af
HOWAY, REID �� BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne
s.treet, opposite Court House, New
Westminster.   J. H. Bowes, P, O. Box
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzle st i , New Westminster, fl. C.
UNION  LODGE. NO. S, A. F, & A, M.
���The    regul of    this
...   |,      ,     ���;       hi Hi
loci    p,  m..  in
tlie   Masonli   Temple     Sojourning
hren i Invl
tend.      Dr.  V..  A. Di I        i   i   h,
Sei ri ar:.
I'. & \. M.���Regular communica
tions of thi lodgi a e held on the
second  T i   cl    n  mth   in
Masonic Temple, ai 8 p. m.    VI
.   brethren  are cordially  Invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
r. B. K. of 1., meets Becond and
fourih Friday of each month, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially Invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E.  E.  Matthias.  Reg.
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
rn. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. R. E, Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec-Sec.
I. O. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Mond: evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. G.:   W. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE No. 3
��� Me. tings Hie first and third Tues-
d;.'     in     each     month.        Visiting
bi'-thren cordially invited to attend
L--    - A. O  U. W. hall, Odd-
f, bloi k, Clarkson street, C.
S      irrigan, recorder;   Louis Witt,
n     er workman.
1   SON'S OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
r ��� ��� Ri !"-������   meets Second
F ���   ' mon
I, '    ;        Columbia st. m
s p. i. .  V- Rose Di          : ourth
\\ ��� In   eacl   month, same
time   md pi          \ Isiting Bi ethren
cordlallj Invited       E.  B,   Stinch-
comb.    P i... il   Disnej. S. - retary.
���Me ii the Fourth Fri la in the
month al i o'clock, ln tl e small
hall,   Oddfi '   block.     Visiting
Pre hren ai    coi Invited to at
tend.    J.  B.  Rush    ;. C. R.;   F. P.
Maxwell, R S.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this i edge are held oi ' Second
and K -.. th T u sd lya each month
at * p, i ���. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Vlsii in:: Brethn i e cordlaly invited to atti nd. E, C. Firth, C. R.:
V. P, Maxwi 11, Si ���
ai   B  o'i lock   p.  m.. in Od'dfellovi
Hall,   Columbia    street.     Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to attend,   J. S. Bryson, S. C; J. McD.
bampbell, Sec.
CAMP. 191.���Meets on the Flrsl and
Third Tn.-1: ��� ol every month In
K. of P Hall. John McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec See,
BOARD OF TRADE.���New  Westminster Board of Trade meets in the
Board R ,. Clt;   Hall, as follows:
Second   Wednesdaj   of each month
Quarts..ly meetings on the se 	
Wednesday of February,
August, and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meel lugs on the Becond
Wednesday of February. New
members may be- proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. B. White, Sec.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Sporting Goods!     Trading Company
\ i
MOREY'S Columbia St-
Special Summer Courses
Fo;   Teachers  in  the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Streel W., Vancouver
R.  J.   SROTT.  B..A.,   Principal.
H.  A.  SCRIVEN.  B  A.. Vice-Prin.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Bc.
Write for prices.
New   Westminster.  B.  C.
Open for Business
July  4.   1906.
\ 18!   ii     I Ires    Ph A-. I
��� ar.d irnh Street,
J. 11 EN LEY
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia ��t.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part, of the city.
Light aild Heavy I lauling        Charges Reasonable.
Officii 'Phone M6.      WBM   t'Jone 137 ;Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
I7"'-   I M        at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.   113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
r������������������- ���-������'���������'���������������<
Merchant Tailor j
 �� j
Columbia  Street.
Full line of English, Scotch and Irish
lweeds and  worsteds (ilwnyH ln stools
Spring slock  now  in.    Make your
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge "I' the
business in England with Hi years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of tho watch repairing department of
! Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk'a busine-s.s manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American anil all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new anil adjusted.
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Whole Family Goes to Jail.
I'.'v-msville. Tnd.   Jul.  9.��� Jonah Wil
-. bis wife, Minerva WHlfam*and
on   Wesley WiUia       rere sen-
��� prison for life
at Boon
iring.   Andrew Williams, another son, is sen I   sentence for
.1 pettj  crime, and two  imaller chii-
dren are In the reform .school.
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Passengers arriving on
last Empress of Britain
had a most pleasant and
comfortable trip across
the ocean. Next Empress
sails July 26th. Luggage
checked through to Liverpool. For rates and other
data  apply to
C.   P.   R.  AGENT.
Sensational Shooting in Seattle Makes
a   Murderer  of  Chester
Seattle,   July   6.���Wil grief-
stricken   wife   beside  hii     judge  ti.
Meade    Emory,    sho':     bj     Chester
Thompson on Sal     I-    night, passed
Monod h.>- 1:30
this   morning,     l evident
shortly before midnight  thai  the end
'v i    not   far away.    Al   12:30 he became unconscious, and  remaii
The murder of Judge Embr;
ter Thompson, son of Will H. Th.
il known
eity, formerlj  attorney for the
-   .ne  mosl
o   S
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,   | ���The Milwaukee��
Telephone 12
New Westminster.
iung Thomj
'Phone 101
ikicknbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have or. sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
*s mus
*      Dfffi.
,,   t-v     -v
Of  The  Highest  Order
umrsmv^my-rm^^^rtm rnmsmr<m.i'm*wTm'mimAiw
Our system of Gold Crown and Bridge
work is the best known to dentistry. We
defy contradiction. The bridge work
made by mir system has never been surpassed. Our In idge and crown expert is
the highest salaried dentist in the west:
We havo hundreds of testimonials to
prove these statements! Our prices are
about one half what you are accustomed
to pay.   They never change,   ;   .   .   .
Bridge Work, per tooth -  $5.00
Gold Crowns       -       - $5.00
A Full Set of Teeth      - $5.00
Gold Fillings       -       - $1.00
ostoii Dentists, i
Hou i 9 a. m. to^8 p. m.    Remember'the Place
407   Hastings   St. W.,   Vancouver
i..   love   with   I
daughtei    if 'i
of thi   abstract!
Whittli   ������       :���'...
On Saturday  nighl    1
Ji dge Emory's house,  where he sup-
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago
Xo trains in the service on any,
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail Thej ;;'"'''1 Mlsfl whi rtsiting,
own ar.d operate their own sleeping and asked to see her, When the
and dining car? on alll their train? and judge informed him that the girl did
give their patrons an excellence of not wish to see him, young Ttiomp-
service not obtainable elsewhere.         Bon   ,]l,.w   a   reyQlver
H. S, ROWE. General Agent,   i'"1"1' four times.
"Mj boj has been aim isi demented
foi nearlj two yea;? because of his
love for Charlotte Whittlesey," .said
Mr. Thompson, after Chester had surrendered. "He has been at home for
the greater part of the last two years,
and I have done everything possible
ro keep him in bounds. Night after
I I Vli      I At3l_t night he has been out, nnd the other
(Subject to change wnnout    uonce.i : night he stayed out till after 6 o'clock
ALASKA   ROUTE. in the morning, watching around Mr.
Princess   May,   leaves   Vancouver,  Whittlesey's  house
June 25th.
134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast  Line
fhe  act  is  too
terrible to talk aboul,"
Princess Beatrice, leaves Vancouver,
July 1st.
Princeer,   may,
July 7th.
leaves   Vancouver
The family of Will H. Thompson is
widely known and highly respected.
Mr. Thompson's poem of "High Tide
at Gettygburg." and the story of
"Alice of Old Vincennes," written by
Princess Beatrice, leaves Vancouver, his brother, Maurice Thompson, have
July 13th. giyen   the   famriy  a   national  reputa-
Princess   May.   leaves   Vancouver. I tion.   With two families of this prom-
July 17th. '. inence involved, the case has attract-
Princess Beatrice, leaves Vancouver,  ed interest from all parts of the Unit-
July 25th. ed States.    Judge Emory was one of
Princess   May,   leaves   Vancouver,  the best known members of the bar
Julv  31st. '  a,ifi was former superior judge.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1  p, m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves x.nv Westminster al 7 a. m
en Wednes laj  an I  M md i; a
S. S. Joan
!������ ives   V incouver daily except Sat
���,.,,,.      , _ _, . _      ance bill is so strong that inan<   be
urdaj   and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat
urday a   2:30 p. ni. ���'���''���'   ''"' senate will lay the matter
WEST COAST ROUTE '"  nex'   s' icularlj   in
S. s. Queen City n''u of the tad that the measure is
Leaves Victoria al  ll p. m. on 1st, u"'     ! take effecl  tin next Marck
i h. i:   i and 20th of each month foi      !"    :'    ���"''':,:" !!"' afternoon Sena"
Ashousll  and way points;  leaves Vic-  ,,i:'  Bostock  declared  it   was no use
toria on thi  ;. ... , ���-,. ��� r Quatsino and  ' '   ' Sundaj  law that could' not
waj   points.  Leaves Vh'toria on  20th        enforced,    it   was   one   thing  to
ch month for Cape Scotl and way     tl t\  measure of this kind  through
points including Quatsino. parllamenl   and  quite anothei-  to  en-
force   i:   against   the   wishes  of  the
I .'.ii.!.'.
In  1': Iti ih   Columbia   11    would   be
Believed   in   Ottawa  That.the   Senate
Will   Hold   It   Over   for
a  Year.
i ittawa, July 9.��� i ��� some
���'     .. ttures of the Sundaj obsen ���
Steamer Transfer
I- ives  Ni a   Westminster on  Mon
day.  Tuesday,  w.' In    I i      i hui   laj
' and  Frldaj   al  3 p. m. and  Saturday
al 2 p. in. with additional trip on .Mnn
day al  5 a. :n
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tu    I
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a, in.: Friday at 8 a. m. additional
trip Baturdaj 5 p. in,
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m
Mondays,  Wednesdays and   Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a, m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves  Vancouver at  2  p.  m.,  2nd
and   10th   of  each   month,   calling  at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
It to get a   in- .   to find a man
"     company    guilty of jsMolaiiiij
clause  which   f !rbitL|fcsff ���
or Sunday i aj
|.rinIncte  knew  b
tjlere '.;-'*;- objections to Sua-
daj  than    ' papsjfs,
��� o	
Guichon���J. L. Lowery, Lulu Island;
A. M. McSachern, Blaine; I'rank l���
Smith and friend, Vancouver.
Colonial���Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wilson) Vancouver; J. Powell, Vernon;
R. D. Douglas Vancouver; Norman
Sibley, Rossland; ,1. Alexander, Van-
couver;   R.   Scribner,  California.
Windsor���W. W, 0,'��ers, Vancouver; V. Martins. Granite Falls: F. D.
Roberts, Seattle;   L, Caslr.iy, Calgary.
Cosmopolitan���J. Fisher, Port. Sitnp-
on second trip. Time on arrival andis,m; M; R' Thelland, Tynehead; _Nor-
departure  are  approximate.
For   reservations   and   Information
call or address
Agent,  New Westminster.
Asst. Geu. Pass. Agent. Vancouver.
.1. W. TROUP,
General Sunsri'iitendent, Victoria.
Geu. Age.d, r'retght Do>t,
New Weotminstoi.
iii.in  Sibley,  RosslauiV;   Andrew  Suth-
. : land. North  Vancouver.
Depot���P.   S.   Firth    Birmingham,
England;     L.   Lagace,   Dewdney;   H.
McCormlck,   Ladner;   Andrew   Lewis,
Blaine;   A.   Manson,   Cloverdale;     D.
[Shaw, Union City.
Central���J.    Cardlvell,    Sumas;    J.
Millejuur,   Mud   Bay;   D.   McPherson.
j Cottonwood;   R.  F.  B.  McLean, Port
'���'���.ivy. C. W. Laley, Vancouver.
We i . ve made our an-increments for supply.   As usual you  will  be
able to secure the best th > market affords right here.
Some extra value i'.i New Zealand Jam in self-opening tins  at 50c���
the best yet.
Ripe Tomatoes, ',5c per lb.   Cabbage���splendid stock, only 5c per Ib.
Everything the best at the lowest prices.
Real Estate Brokers
and Auctioneers
Beg to announce that after
July 15th next they will be
prepared to conduct Sales ot
Property, Farm Siock- and
Household effects by
and while taking this opportunity of thanking- iheir numerous patrons' past and
present, would, by strict attention to their wishes, solicit a continuance of ��� that
support and confidence in
this new department.
Odd   l-'.pltnpti*.
A correspondent of the Chicago Record Herald contributes a few odd epitaphs froBxcemeteries in various parts
of this country. The following is
found on a tombstone in a cemetery nt
Trenton, X. J. Although the fact is
not stattHl in the inscription, it would
appear that the subject wafl a scale-
maker or had something to sio with
weighing machines:
His ways were ways of pleasantness
In all life's ntful dream;
Ho struck a balance with the world,
And then he kicked the beam.
In the cemetery at t 'opp's Hill, Mass.,
is found the following epitaph:
Sacred to the Memory of
Beloved wife of H'd llarllck.
She ullppe.l li i- wind
After doing a Wei k'S bakingf.
Although not yet in full swing, the ;
sockeye fishing is fairly commenced,
and the indications are that the pres-
ent will be, for an "oft' year," a ver;
good one. Ilie*general opinion among
those who are well informed ln such
matters is that the flsh are coming
in la ger qu untitles than ts the rule
a- this early date. The St. Mungo
we understand, pul up 300 cases lasi
i bich Is .'.arded us very good
for the first week in duly. A correspondent furnishes the subjoined particulars for yesterday:
Phoenix, six boats in, average, 30,
high, ."7; Imperial, two boats in, 51
and J"; Brunswick, six boats In, average 54, high, 138; Burrard, average,
Jo, high, 29; Ewen's, two boats in,
32 and 25; Vancouver, a few boats in,
one with 100, two with 30 each.
News from Bellingham says Pacific
American Fisheries got 1,200 sockeyes
Saturday. They are fishing the traps
today and expect to lift this evening. Reports from outside points tomorrow.
Tli��- Three Heavies*  Men.
Tlie three heavies! men of whom any
mention is made In history were .Miles
Darden of Tennessee, Lewis Cornelius
of Pennsylvania and Daniel Lambert
of England. Darden died iii 1S57
U'li.-ii in health lie was seven feel SlJ
Inches in height and weighed over l.OOC
pounds. There Is no record of the di tc
of tbe death of Corn.dins, which oc
.'urred in Dike county, I'a., but tlie account says that he wns born in 17IU.
U'lien in his prime he measured eight
feet two inches around tho waist, was
six feet tall and weighed .il.'.c. pounds.
Daniel Lambert was an English freak
of the early part of the century and
died in June, 1809. Die was of average
height, but weighed 73'J pounds.
Indians'  Story.
Panama, July <i.���The chiefs of the
Sau  Bias  Indians, John  Dase, of Rio
wyo aud Upilelo, of Playen county,
informed  Chief  Mador  thai   on  last
.Monday the captains of two English
sloops, anchored off the Isle of Pines,
had been taken prisoners by the Colombian gunboat  Gartige.    Following
this, the commander of the gunboat
i had a conference with Managuina, an
Indian chief, who since the independ-
��� ace  has givi n the  Panama authori-
much trouble.
����������������������������������������������� ,�����������������<*�� ���������������*���mmmmmmmmmmmm��� ��.y,   ^
I BIG     SALE     OP
I Summer Muslin
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
Over 100 pieces of Muslins, Ginghams,   Cotton,   Delaini
��� are being sold al greatly   educed   prices  ihis  week.    Our Bto
* these goods is heavy and we want   to  send   them  out   of the t
quick.   They will quickly find their way out al these greatlj
��� See   what   we    are   Offering:
1 st Lot at 1 Oc per yard
Look   Like   Rate  War.
Hamburg, July 9.���The reduction in
. . ant passage rates anno inced
tii"  North   German   Lloyd  Stean
lany is that company's ansts.-.
the   Hamburg American line's  c I
il:.' same amounl lasi week.   The sit-
. in   tegins to look like a rat.
iei > een the lines.
Auction -and   Estate  Offices.
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
June. 1906.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Uur specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telenhone lbo.
When   You   Sneeze.
The alarm signal nf a drafl is a
sneeze, which is a spasmodic effort of
nature to start up the circulation nnd
relieve tbs- congestion. A person may
be far gone toward contracting a cold
before he sneezes, but the moment he
gets this warning he should change ills
position, look around for tbe draft and
move out of it or protect himself
against it. A draft is something to be
sneezed at- aud to be avoided. Drafts
1'iiUMe m..re deaths than war, whisky,
football, consumption and yellow fever
put together. Almost everybody who
dies from disease dales his sickness
from taking cold. This is especially
true of elderly people. Yet it. is a matter in regard to which there are great
ignorance and Inattention.
Here Is Your Chance!
Eighty acres of first-class land, situated on a good gravel road,  H
;���. four miles from Westminster; 15 acres under cultivation;  7 acres .. :���:
:���; good bay, now almost readv for   harvest. ��
!��j Dwelling, ?, rooms, barn and stable and three new houses.    This ��
j i.s an extra good buy, !���!
Fire Destroys Mill.
Quebec, .Jul;. 9.���Samson <�� Re-
naud's sawmill at Petite Riviere, St.
Francois, has been destroyed by fire,
together with a large stock of lumber   and   other   output   of   the   mills
Since   last   fall.     Doss   about    $20, ,
wiili no insurance.
Steamer  Wrecked.
Halifax, N. S., July 0.���Th.'  Bri
j steamer Harlyn, from Trapani, bound
to Gloucester. Mass., with  a cargo of
salt,    wa.s    wrecked  at  Black   Po
si m.-, yesterday.   Capt, Simmi ns
and the .row of nineteen Ian led safely in tin- ship's boats.
Flour Mill Destroyed.
A. ���     .  .-.-: ,   : il; John   !.. e's
flour   mill   w is     iti llj    lestroyed
Bi . .. his h I   I   suppose I stai ed fi un
the engine  room,    The building an 1
onten s   ' ���  e valued a; ovi i $20,00 i.
The Insurance Is $8, i, In the Mille \ '
The WIIj- Way�� of Dnmax.
The well known Paris theater mating, i' Dollgny relates In his remi-
���.;-' .���:... s aii encounter be once had
wiili tin- elder Dumas which furnishes
an illustration of the novelist's wili-
n -ss, Dollgny pr...iii'.'.i Dumas' drai i i,
"Kean," with the rather peculiar stipulation that the autli -r should re.-.'ive
one-third of the gross receipts when
th.-se exceeded ���".|1<''1 francs and n ith-
lng at all if they fell below thai figure. Dumas, who was always rd
up. came late one evening I i gel bis
"Luck is againsl y iu again." said
the manager. "Yon don'l gel anything
tonight.    Here is the account."
Dumas glanced at it and went away.
In a few minutes be came back and
"Just look over the account agais
and then pay me 1,000 francs. Tbe
ticket that I just bought for 3 francs
brings the total up to .'i.OOO francs and
50 centimes."
Burnaby Homes
j! 1 have a number of small acreages adjoining New Westminster 'f>,
��   on easy terms.    This property is extra well situated. '���;
Killed by Electricity.
.Winnipeg July 9.���P. S. Scalankie-
witz, while engaged in repairing elec-
tric lights at Shea's brewery this afternoon, was instantly killed by the
Nine acres of good soil near town.
| Royal City Pish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
New Westminster, B. C.
Next Daily News.
I Electric Railway Service!
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
ran from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service trom
C.30 a. m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���no transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.
30 Minute Service during remainder of day. Transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday Service half-hourly between fc a.  m. and 10 p. m.
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���ta Minute Service, except between VZ and
2, and E and 7, miring which
hours the service win be
Sunday Service   tiair-nourly be- ���
tween 8 a. m. and 11 p. m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
������A AAA A A A A A AAA-AAAA.*..*.^.*.*.   ^   ^   A   At   A A A A A A A A A A A A A As. A *   *.  ^     .     .      .     .     . ���
Vou Cannot Afford lo Miss It
Our farm ** -
Pamphlet ,���",Wk'
" ft   ) it*i at loo  wit U
free on Applkdlion
It bristles with
interesting data on farming.
.. It's a mine���a
""*""~���~���������- p.ea( mjne 0f
useful information for people who
are thinking of investing in 1!. ('.
farm lands.
It contains 64 pages, likewise a
very comprehensive map of New
Westminster district, anil 32 views
showing fruit growing, haying,
dairying and mixed farming scenes.
It gives market prices of all
produce, wcather.'.statistics, amount
of crop raised to the acre, etc.
It will interest and entertain you.
F. J. HART X Gi.
The Farm Land
OoeNii't   I.ike   So   Move.
A most curious and (doggish creature
Is   tbe  tautawa,   a   nine   Inch    lizard
whose borne is ln New Zealand, This
little Imitation saurian 1ms the reputation of being the laziest creature ever
Created, lie is usually found clinging
to rocks or logs along the shores of rivers and lakes and bus been known to
remain in one position perfectly motionless for innny months. How tbe
creature manages to exist In a mystery.
Hla Own Chair.
"Beg pardon," said the garrulous
passenger, "but I think I beard you
addressed as professor. Might I inquire what chair you hold?"
"Tbe cbuir right next to the door,"
���nsweresl the professor. "I run a shop
of my own."
The  Proper Caper.
Tom���Here! You've started your
note to Porroughs "Dr. Sir." Don't
you know that Bort of abbreviation Is
very slovenly? Dick���No, sir. "Dr." Is
all right in this case. He owes me
money���Philadelphia Press.
��� This loi contains close on to 600 yards Of Fancy Colored li; ��
m .Muslin--, Ginghams, White Muslins, etc. and for good washing q f
X Ities and satisfaction of weal they cannot be beat. In the lo ���
T values from  V2l/iC to 30c pei   yard.     We   clear   these   now   10(    pei ���
��� yard. J
There  are   White   v. ��
I 2nd Lot at 1 5c per yard
���      Tins mi is maue up of qualities' ot no...is regula. values of whi b
X   fun from 20c to 35c per ..     I.    There   are   Foulards,   Colored   Sw:-s
Sand   Fancy   (limoains.     A   large selection ai  this pricss.
3rd Lot at 20c per yard.
0 This loi contains Plain and F ncj   Novelties   In   Qlnghams,   Bl
j    Grenadines, Cotton Delaines, Satin   Stripes,  etc.,  and  contain
t  ular values worth trom 25c to I yard.
1 4th Lot at 25c per yard.
this price, I il  good '���
4      There Is not as lai ge a   -
J represented in every pice- in I be  lot.
��� Colored  Organdies,  Fancy  Voiles, Applique  Muslin, etc.   We do i      T
��� cl t thai all l he pie i er yard, bul the v.. J
+ 30c ��� 50c . yard. Th ���
t yard. ���
: i
rhese oppoi ttmitles     i nol
2 ���
������^���������������������������������������������������������������1 *mm��mmmm+mmmmmmmmmmmm***++
I in. ,  In  Italy.
There is an uld Venetian adage which
says, "Conte che non conta non co&ta
niente" ("A count who doesn't count
[money) doesn't count for anything").
And this cynical proposition represents
fairly well the sentiment of the mod-
era Italian. In that country the f-'.'ii-
eral feeling toward the titled aristocracy is of utter indifference. The lesser
sort of titles are regarded as almost
valueless even by their possessors. "I
have known," says a writer In the I.om
don Mail, "a case of a noble lord who
followed the Interesting occupation of
a street scavenger. In n cafe iu a certain Italian town I was habitually
served by a waiter with the title of
count and a name famous In Venetian
history. And l am personally acquainted with a lord of ancient lineage whose
title descended from a father engaged
ln the vocal ion of railway porter. In
general the aristocracy Of Italy are
miserably poor."
SporS  In   Morocco.
"There are few pastimes known to
tbe people of Morocco that are not connected with religion," wriU's a traveler.
"Children pluy football of a kind, and
leapfrog, and practice wrestling antl
fencing. They also pursue rabbits with
curved sticks and throw these with extraordinary skill. Some few experts
claim to be able to kill partridges with
tin- same simple weapon. The great
game of the adult Moor is the label
barood, or powder play. This exercise
is taken on horseback, and to see a
l.ody of Moorish horsemen come down
at the charge with nuns high,above
their heads t.. a given spot, when- they
flre their weapons and then pull their
horses up on to their haunches, is *
sight that will never be forgottenjeve i
by those who bave seen cavalry maneuvers in Europe. Moors arc \ cry
proud of then- horsemanship and witli
Deering and Frost & Wood All Steel
and Steel, Self Dumping
Hay Rakes
3 1-2 to 6 feet.
MOWERS���Our Giant Frame .Mower  beats  them  all   for strength
and easy cutting.
Auction Sale at Market Every Friday.
jVof on Top, But Still in the Ring.
House Cleaning Time
And yeu may possibly need a carpet. We have the greatest range of
them and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satisfaction than you can get in any other place. For instance, a good body
Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up.
Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed   for   ten   cents   a  yard,    We
j*j   have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the  finest  prices.
y  Come and see us.    It will pay you to see our stock before  placing  your
'���; order elsewhere,
S 716 and 718 Columbia St
Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.
:��*:����-s>>>ror*r<orc��s>xc<c^^ >��rs>��>��>>;s��>>r��o>��"cco>>>>>-
1 V
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
We have been appointed agents for the Union Assurance Society
of London, England, which has been carrying on fire insurance business
since 1714 A. D., and which has a capital and accumulated funds of
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record:
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   Prem. $22,954.00
1900 Assurance in force $1,792,500. Premiums $ 62,605.96
'      1901 " " 2,554,904. " 82,029.80    g
1902 " " 3,425,897. " 126,695.21    1
1903 " " 4,086,112. " 150,644.68    sj
1904 " " 4,509,754. " 166,384.20    ��J.
r��S McQUARRIE & CO., "l^StST '
186 Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,  8. C.
Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMIN


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