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The Daily News Feb 15, 1908

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I'hite, Shiles & Co.
White. Shiles & Co
FEB IT 1908
.(50 UikiwKu _.
Pn��if S>
insulting Engineer J. Francis Le Baron Submits His Report to Committee ��� Advocates Building Two Parallel Jetties, Five Miles in
Length, at Mouth of River, and Building Wing Dams and
Groynes ��� Work Will Take Three Years.
-- \ - ���.
l"n :v.'.y Bi!i Pi-Oii.^v-:!
P rokes Unkind Comment
on   -lumbian Collie.
���get.:-. confidently say that
; experience In the oon- ��� ernmeni   md that now   being    dom .- Imp     ible to sluk mats during
October,   Novembei    and   Decemtwr,
iving to th<   ough weather and heavy
-��� is, and on account ot the multitude
ilmon nets and fishing vessels the
������������        . greatl) binder. | In the
Bummer months.    Por ties,, reasons,
and ahso on account < I tbe frequent;]
tu-y ol  works of this   which w .    serve  for  foundations    lu
the new  work.    The north Jetty will
.    .       ... .have  a  length  ol   25,700  teet   to  the
no  doubt  whatever    of1,.      , ,, ...
|i\e fathom curve iu thv gulf, aud the
ping a channel 25 feet deep   at south jettj   29,500 feet.    * �� *    Thi
heater from the gulf to New West-   rollers  coming  In  from tbe rea,  will
...   works   are    carried  also expand themselves sides
.- do nntri.'i expert-  of the channel, Instead of rolling up   foga and freshets, and because with a
____���'- score rivers are now  the ...       length.   It   is planned   to  railroad, ��  rh  Buch as dumping  rip-
_cor��i whosi entrance sands have   build these jetties on the sand heads   i ip rock, can he done night as well
ed  and  where    currents  In order to save expense.   These sand  as day during storms and high wind.��
'���    so guided    by   Jetties   or   heads are,   from   three   to   four fee;   l  stronglj  advise building a railroad;
Br.        3 as today afforded safe above low water dataum.   ��� * ���   The   for the construction of   each    |etty,
<���        ���������       highways   for   Che  north jetty, starting from just above   more especially as it |g of vita]   lm-
|st si ps, where before a fisher-j the high  water line at  Poini   Garry,   rortau e  I -   push   work of  this   kind
. ;. could enter with dlffl-  will  consist of  a  single  sheet-piling
Fraser river presents j bulkhea I, built or piles and dBH-slaba
jus ial       Utlons; but on the con-1 and capped with a longitudinal timber
rything is favorable; 8 by . inches. The length of fhia bul.;-
Bccess." , head to be 3100    feet    This   single
with all possible Bpeed, so as to pre
venl cutting out and undermining
while the work is In an unfinishi d con-
tlon. Moreover, occasions will al-
ways occur where prompl action on
a watchful engineer will
;; .inner and  filled  between  witli  four   able damage and with a railroad, rock,
feet in depth of brush fascines, cover-   logs or brush can be rushed onto the I ^    ,
ed witu one and a half feet of coarse   work quickei  than In any other way.'
gravel anrl shingle or quarry    cnlptf.      The work required In the river  be-
This double bulkhead to haw a length  tween New  Westminster and    Polnl
of 3MJU feet and a width of five feet Telly is of small amount.    Commenc-
Jh words, contained in the report ] bulkhead to be then succeed.' i by n   Lhe part
L  .-    J. Francis Le Baron sub- j double   ' riikhearl,   built   in   the same   prevent   .real  loss and often  Irrepar
[flt    the  Fraser river    improve-
committee yesterday  afternoon,
.��� -lit  that  leaves  no  room
p... pessimism, as   to   the
transforming New Wes;-
(ttr into one of the finest  fresh-
In the world.   The report
���celvr    bj   the  press    yesterday
I exel     ."iy with the methods to
Bopti    ��� i open up a ship channel,
|_l -   feel in depth, from the deep
In the gulf to this city, by the
\ second report, that has
I' ���    ��� ��� D made  public, covers t'ne
il the expense which such a
^noth undertaking will incur; it is
��� I
\ I '
. a ���
vr I-
an j
; Ing !���
J UttlvS
; In  ihr
', liki
j thi?
..  Pal    -. ���      -....-...    I
^ .is   oa net]
woi k   orach progn >-
ru i la conai ction with thr
... :        \   '. im   I V  Bl   Othr I
i ported . omi Ir is, tv-
be ac  n-.-.r nded  io >c .
- and works it>���-....tmeats
Un  dlacuaalon  i:   the  uot
11, and in BUSH r r _| .-   <   ill
ffi cl that tin- section     o\
��� Incorporate I oollegi i afti
not* Ithstandlng such affl  �����
power t i confr
d the candidates for i ue i dc
... lusted   iu   arts of  the    1 u
British Columbia or some
���. cognise i     im;% i rait).     Dr
declared   thai   the  Colum
alwaj s came into opposition to
.. atlonai Bchome Introduoi d I i
ruse,   Thr- leader of the oppo I
��� tiled ill's. su> Ing thai  Colum
ollege would doubtless br' will'
give up Its affiliation with tv
md joint iii.' British   Columbia
slty.    lir- did not thin,   i  was
public interesl to put barriers
lis ill tile waj.    riie debati   u I
i ijecl   was  linally  stood OV
J. 5. HtMU.erson   Clnssitics   1 crni   ...    "Not   tluti��.\'
Advocates Compelling Asiatics to Live I'p to
White  Man's Standard.
When ths lethargic orient. ��uU ll.  was '...-<������������
seven   hundred   utUUn   ������ |r*t*��_ ;->-���
M'.-.'.t.  gWOkSe  Irr Ml  audi������-��� |  .-,   t >ld   .���-
Its might and -.v,...-. the i -. .���-'������-'   waleh ��v. ������
Uneots open h Immigration BeM* be
fort H  prepare youreelvee toi iu
I ��� . ���-  .".i the m:>p ol tills Old  ��."  .1
. :   QUI I Kc\    J    S   Hi ndr". ������'Mi
I  .,'.'.'.'..''.r.'..~".iii-nt   that   (V.r   K> \    I
S  Henderson, pastor ot Bt,  -ttdrow ������
\ te ian church, was to add
��� mber. .if the New Wwttnihn   i
Ultttlr    I'vcliisloii   loagU.   In   SI     I't
!. ill  \vstr'i\ia\   evening   ,
tigni ���  stToag   enough   u<   di n\i
thither sornn tw-r> bund red man ol
< ISSI .r "���     all     StitlOU'-       til.     lllir.'l      .
uir'ut predominating.    U\vnys o ton,t''
. akl i    Mr.   Ilen.i< ' SOU SUStBltl       i-> : mlttiHl
1  ��� well earned reiratatton rr-uid >   ,\,w If *,i
tl   .       Ugh  ll.'llullcilppi'd   bj   :l   '.r'\.l.' colli
thnt must have made thr' effort to lie
'..'   '.::\\ C    A   na>l<s   (M '���������
i':;r,.;d��� ,,'.���...'. ii.-n  at
:\:\,\   . tr.v��'    .-.;<���   . ���.���.'���������w.
!  , .'!��� .   '      ..    :':.        ,y.:.';*
W   I'Cr   (w: ll.,-   , .'.'���.r.:',l'on.   a\\.\   U   n a--
not lOO !�����*>".! :e '.e'.r,.'\ I- thv ..v.. .''.tin.
Ot   ItV.Hltf.l .'I'.i.'ll   tlMIU  lllr'   lli*H.'.fi   .'(   C'l
j','! :  U_| . .".',! ::0'.   ' I ri'.d        '"'. lol   ��� '���
Ni-i..viiin'. (0 III   ��� l��*d  WUSl  *'������ Bltt'r?
i.i understand thsi there -fts laws tu
w'.i'.. h   U'.r-\    i��or.i   lUhHtil     M'S'.'.J'Kloii'J
which  Ih.r   HIUSI   n���������-,���� . r  and U,\- ��� .
��'hteh r-.-iiiu.'i i'i- .ii-.-.t'> .usir'd
tu- tniiv appreciated the difficulties
with wiii'ti tiu' powers thai be at Vie
torla gad Ottawa bad te eofitettd In
lis   '.'i.i! :xm        I'll!.,   ;.U'l'leiu   n a- a   li\.'
lasu. iii tiiin.iu. where orientals ��r-r,'
lo    live   :oi   no    white   '"a",
.,' desired, would be pel
�� imi   he
un..ed i.r the Ruthorttlea te
\ iu i   dei Inlititug  against
ol I.l,
H.lWt ho' II
li'lii'.tjiv      adili (';���������      fftl     M.'in
i'li HI .lilt
Introduced io the mMting bj Chali
niOlliaa  Tiiinbnll  lu   :i   ti ��   ,-,"}:
..-.,������ ������    imi .i'i.    Mi     Hand 'i sou
plain " i   .il   once   Into   tin-   lubjfl'l     ill
I Asiatic   luimlgratlon   and   ��'xclusuui,
llnl'.h   ,1
C. to C. and to be capped with longi- extend  direct  to  the gulf, creasing "ii
tudlnal stringers of  10 by 11 Inches, nand   island   4300   feet   across.    This
An apron of log mats covered with tiart Includes betweenithe Jetties, the
one foot of stom- evenly distributed small channel about 300 fer-t In width
to be  laid  on each  side of this  bulk- Which   will  le  a   material  Bid   In   tin-
head as it progresses.    The width of cutting out of a new ship channel on
which  are much    more
. taking ,i hand In shaping - ������ '     ' ih ths problem In
Dactory legislation.   k% th ���'"' pompri'liewlvi moaner, bi'tngluit '"* iho goltleu
bin   i in.is it is doubtful that its pro oui Ibo morn sullenl facti In ten ��� an i
vis  in apply to laundries,   uni   the rtgoroui language thai could nol una
iheniber for Nanaimo is moving   an ��lblj in- tulwoonstrued   or   mtiunder
ann a.inn'ut to the effocl that work   In stood,
|ii:iii'd      peitUUI   polnli'i. '   Mi     llilld'-l
sun oxpressrd bliniell stiongl) on the
.eh iiablllt) i'i bringing the .>> i��-��.i*\i��j
now residing in (\mndn up te a st��nd
:ilil    ol   HllllH   oil    it    pai     wllll    Hull    nl
Ihr    while      nir-.'
V-.|:lll,'i.     III.'    white
helping (iiiMiirri'hr��.
ii\    helping   the
llli'll       WOUld       '"'
and   lliiin SAauliii
j lanii.iilea where women
i shall not  in'Kin before
j tlnuc after 5 p.m.    Ho
f<n  motions with respocl to tha   ob
seriiinco of the coal mines regulation
engaged |      l.radln
this apron starting from lhe shore to these   line*
be 2.". feet on both Bides, that on thv dlrecl than    the    presenl    circuitous
river side  gradually  increasing  to  75 Ing at     Annieville     liar,    two    more
feet  in width .and   t'ne outside  to  50 groynes should  be built, out' on   \n-
bro.able that the estimated cost   feet in width.    At places where dan- nacls island 600 feet long, about one-.
be known until the full re|Kirt has  geroufl scour commences, the width of quarter below the one lately built by
iced    bi fore     the    Ottawa  the apron should be Increased to I"" the Dominion government, and one on
I Ms, for   which    purpose   Mayor or 12a feet.   If, in the opinion of the opposite Bide of survey station No. 511,
y has been deputed to visit the chief engineer, no scour wlll be   is :;i111 feet in length.   * ��� *   The   next-
ni perlenced for the flrsl 2000 feet back plan' is Qravesend Reach, where two
Ibricf, after spending seven days   of the   Polnl   Hair,   revetment,    t'.i ��� groynes 500 teel long, measuring from
Of the river   and   its   apron can, with propriety, lie omitted
Jcterlstics,   Mr,   Le   Baron   has   tor thai distance, but the full lengt'a
to ile conclusion that at com-   lias been Included In the estimates.
Ivel        -unable expenditure, the]    From   the end  of the double bulk-
r an  be  confined   between    two   head just described, a log-mat apron,
I1 ���      allel jetties, each approxi-j 190 feet wide, covered with not less jefl side of the slough, the upper one
1   I       miles   in   length,   from1 that, one foot of riprap rock, will flrsi 300 feel long and the middle 700 feel
ind Pelly Point respec-   be laid on the Hue projected the en- long. ��� * ���   The caving bank of West
"im in the gulf where the   tire length to tho Ave fathom curve bam  island should  be   graded    back
ter  is   thirty  feet.    The' In  the gulf.    Ou top of this, will  be with the dredge to a Slope of 46 tie
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    IT  wlib ti  lament   l'i mi  H
a.m, or con   question of Vslatlc Immigration   had
s also down | too long boeu made ft political football
by    loth    p.ijih'H,    the    ipOftkor    lll'ttr��i|
members  Of   I lie  OPPOlIng   fgCtlOUS    1.0
Imperial get together In an gfforl to dwl with
thi' mutter In .1 bUSluna like il tn I  iiyn
tc-Tiintlc way.   Wuollng (Vlturo*, ho d"
i im >i thai iu 1900 316,000 Immlfrsnt.
had   .uiii imI   I'aiiinlu.   while   Iiifi(   year
inn.nun had been permitted to land <> i
the shores of Iho Dominion,   Mr, Hen
derson did nol specify tbe perc intng ���
of   AhIiiIIch   Wild   llcuii'il      iiuiniiK    tlll��
tl. t
the dyke or levee, on right sidi
i.i   built, distance between
eurves 8800 teet.
At Woodward's slough,   three   deflecting wing dams should I*- built on
net  and  his  appeal   to li"
j go\' rnmeiii respecting the   Immigra-
tioi, question should comn up today,
Mr. Oliver Ib endeavoring to secure
i for the municipalities the righi to ool
i lect tin' persona] property lax which
at present goes to the gOVOrnihent, Me
lakes t'ne ground Unit uh thr- govern
ment Ik throwing it*-   burdeni   more
and more on the municipalities, which large i ber, oontentlng himself wiih
have now to contribute heavily in He- laying thai a large n b�� ol ib"-"-
BChOOlg   and    In    ma III la III    Ih"     trunk    ���,.w, ,,.   ���,.,,,   ,���, ���   ,,r   ���|p. ,   ,,,,.,:..
roads passing through them, li should   ii.- condemned   the   segregating   uf
surrender part rif Its Income rrom  the   | mtt]l rnn Ign colonies In ni'ail   e.  I pm
p      is formed would be half a! laid a second coursi',  10 feet wide, of
1]l   ftidth   and   with   a  depth, at   the   same   construction.     Where   this
,v ���'���    i; 25 feet,    although    tor  work is laid on top of the sand heads,
16 time the depth would, the top Of this second course will    be
teet.    Tlie remainder of! nine  teet  above  low  water datum  or
1 ���   'I"-    minimum    re- one and a half a foot above half tide
���;1 all  but three placs3 of springs, which* allowing one and a
parts has as much   as  half  teel   tor compacting, settlemenl   used on the Mississippi river, should
''ani  wave  work  will  bring the work   be sunk in this place and loaded with
to hair    tide.    The    estimates    have  stone on.the bottom and top.
been made to three-quarter mean tid?      From long experience in t in-   run
~;ies ami wr-ii revetted with brush
mattress and Btone. II H-ia work
should prove Impossible mi account of
the tank undermining while being
graded, large flexible blanket matrasses made of brush aud wire without up and down binders, such as are
Winnipeg, Feb. L. Sixty-five or
those reported for breach rd tlie
Lord's Day act were before the pollc*
court yesterday, and In many cose*
convictions and penalties   weir.   Im
���   '-I.    When tin- Cases Were taken up
Mr. Bonnar, for the defence, sUgge*!
ed that the court mak'  arrangement
whereby the cases   could    be    more
Lions "', the Dominion, declnrlng thai
by thin moans the unity ol uii tbfl
peoples who claimed Canatln as thelt
,i "ill and future lionn' r'niild m>vi'i
be roiiMUiiuiled.    Tlur npi'lilii'i  clled In
stances where the material develop
men! rif provinces had been retarded
by the presence mi tome rd the ii"��i
land  nf bodies of men who absolutely oonu&itragl which wan, mi motion, or
declined t n co operate with their fel   -<ff��d -iibftoded
lows in the work   of progress whlc'i, ..-._.....
was ���.-.!",.,..', in thaes newei Isnus. otidtp ctUiniK
'if the Japanese,   single   banded, rtillll Ol/inlil .11 HIIIII.1
could defeat on. of tbe greatest Kuro
A In .Illy lulu ul IhatlKl Wil" imiiui'il
In Mi I 'I'luli-i linn |nr hln liid'i mil in |
llilili'li'i.   In   wlllill   he   peplted   In   mill
aide terms,
a lew committee, wore culled .poi
14 report, bul lhe pssull wan tfti
from    niiiiui'iii'idi v    r.    lUshardion
chilli lil.aii of lhe liniliP Ipal  eonniill lne
eoiliplilllK'd  llliil   lm did  lint   know   wlin
bin follow members weroi a_d n>.>i nn
IIK'ellllKX   hll'l    beefl   held        I'lm      nun
mlttee war. disbanded
v. .loinniiii. on behalf ��>r the t��� ��� ��� >
vini'iiii oommlttee, mads �� repori in
the effect ihui be w_i elseely fallow
lOg   lhe     il��'hiilim    In     lie.     pi BVlhlflfll
lloiine  lllnl   hIoiIiik up   inf.11 null km   Tm
future mg   Granted (ufthsi Ume
Hum   i'ihIk.  Dominion   oomffilttee
VOioed   B   irrlllphlllll    Unit    ll   I'bin un iu
hurl been employed ftl  tho B-hOrleii
llllllirllllF. Ill'    lllld     Willi' II       In    I       II
Kennedy, m, iv, en tbe lutjjwt,   ,vir
I'ruin   WIIH Informed   by   llm  I'lialrmnrl
lh.nl  tho OhlnftlUttn ln��'1  b��*,n Wrwl  by
II rruil   dOglSl    Iii ��� li-in   up   after   aonio
rind iinii linen delivered ai the b-tid
iiius. imd thai iii" ii-.br i v officials ba_
nollilii.  tO do wiih II
Aid. (HjTotl reported notbts^ doing
III l r,|||i(.(dl<i|i    Willi    lim    <i._lliil'/'ll ".
: water.   These thre. places
proposed to deepen bj�� tiw con-
roynea   ami   deflecting
in    every    instance    the
ame, to moke   the
lhe work by forcing it
���'��� ��� channel by confining
'be current being surticl-
to scour out the  Ugln
��� the bottom is formed.
points out that the chan-
haa laid out, and which
--in time in places is pro��-
il  low tide, was once
the stream and far from
' "���'���������   ���'������������   laws  of  nature,
1 ��aed would aid the river
1 '"' rta to return to th.
Th    present ship  en-
��� the   sand heads" will
'" ;!" river by t'ne construc-
" ',; '������>���, a task of vast
'Cb will take three years
The description of this-,
can perhaps be best
'-''���������'- of the report:
contemplates the constmc-
P&rallel jetties Btartlng
���������"���' at Garry and Pelly
nd . In a general
the sand heads
- '��� In tbe Oulf
'������ a mile apart.
' built on gentle
���  of th-   distance, I
-    In   order  to con-'
' wi-le with   the
Ho to take *i-
:    by the gov-
ipiickl) disposed of,   Hi recommended peon nations, the allied force ol Japan, i
of tbe lilglier stands, in order to allow for wave wash and settlement it
win probably not be necessarj to
carry them any higher than halt tide
and it is not desirable, if it can be
avoided, as they should be left at thi.
trade to allow the free entrance   of
lant the rn ,'���. he , i���i.-...ili'-d and nm- o.
��� ���"���ii class be mkr n up, as b st c i ���
Magistrate Dal) replied that there was
no need for tesl Mie u the l-iw
clearly laid ont the definition of
i,roach*.-- of the act The canr-n wr-r"
taken up ,,h they appeared on the
dock*t. The cases agalnsl the Tri
��� iii<- Printing oompanj were dlsmies
ed fr��r lack of evidence   The cases ol
the i'l'-e Press and T1 i gran Pr nting favor
i ompany were remanded un Pebru i
-'ruction and study of works rif this
character, I ran confidently say thai
tl ere can be no doubt whatevei of
��� btaining a channel  25 feel deep si
I '���-.- wati-i from the gulf to New We.-t-
minster if these works are carried out.
T!:i'i��-  I  now a  2.*.  foot c.riannel  for
the Mood tide over them In grde.r thai two-thirds of the distance through the
the tidal compartment maj   be fully ��� .nd beode and it only requires g   re
tilled and so provide abundant water latlvelj very small conservation of tbu
for scour on the ebb. river forces to secure the other one-
Ttir.'   height  of   the  Jetty,    .-taring third.     I'nfortunately,    however,    the
from   the   Shore,   Should   be   two  feet ex;,osur_  of  the site and   the  alwsiyn
above high water to prevent their be- instable character of such foundation
in. overtopped by floods   and save* materia! requires work as massive a��
during   high   winds,   falling   gradually if greater   results   were sought   after
down  to half tide In   a distance   ot The rule given by U J. Le Conte, M.
three-quarters of a mile. Am. Soc. C   E.  that the depth  be.
In  regard to the tidal comp rl tween high water bar jettie. can  U<-
of the  river,  their1 are no lesi  the* nmie one-haif  the   fleepeet well    rl1"
ileven channels or sloughs,    y whxii Rnej   -annel inside the 't.ar, but wlll
ihis can   be filled  above and   bee ;- never exceed it, saggesu in this <ii**
���br- main  channel.    It will, therefore, ade;.-.''      to ft feet. If jettie* were   p'ro, Dot bOOfttllO Of Hrllmlii's need, bet
not be necessary to leave any Uti carried up to high water.   Thi?. is nn
openings  in the jettl��s for that p'-r .-.-..*���:   -v.-                Over  four '������'���'���''
1)0se - rs are now on record  wh/i.<    n
The iKiuth jetty will be built In -be - tads have ti��f;n controlled and!
same manner as the north, but   the -yne.c-irrenta have been so gelded   In "'<���< iwintry by the riots In Van
single bulkhead will be but -���'      ''--" I '    * ,)r  bat-l-t  tells as Iwlny
In  length,  running to a polnl   "-  ' s�� ��d safe and commodious hlgh-
;ivr-r   south rif  thr1 strip"-  buoy  or- ways for the ttrgest ships. wheTe he-
poSlte Steveston.  ���  ��� *    The   t   . - '..'-._ fiiliermin'.i shjallon croiild enter
jet-y will crbsa the main shl   chan- s A -MBosMy.
���������'   pareDel with the nortl  . M    ���-' The Fra.er river vn*nfo n.irfl!
channel and will .= .���--.'- ������:���- ��������� ~"
tar.ee. ��� ��� ���   V. h_". been -a"    " :
Indian anrl China can beat tbe world,"
remarked Mi   Henderson
For bis pifrt be wn* opposed to the
-<,:"I  "K*r lienon,"  the iu|i'"�� Ofl   W��l
not  lirit.iiih in its meaning, on i was
contrary to tbe ipirti <<? tbe   LtaMM
vVniid b��: woui'i not advocaUi tb< > ���"--���
InK  of  the  r|/)/)fii  of  entry,    b*   -was
Bombay, P"eb,   H    Br > <   i loting
rer'irrxl   her"   IgSl   niuhl   dinhm     Ihi'
'.oi/sn   or   iii��   "' Iflbratlons   or   the
Mnharraa, the flrsl month <>t the Vfo
Immmed.in year, arising from disputes
r-.i.rnnKiy in favor of e.totwly gnfirdttig I between the Sunnltes iri lodox see
the Mflse    >'���'   would   ce -. na\   tlon  and l.h�� Bhtal      h<  second gr��u
the ��...     ttxt  m tm
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^   "f     fhe division  of   Molnim nr  l.iinsm.
'������i'-ri'-w,     wHevffli    Unit    twms-le, TlMr y-Kee arrsvteif several Sunnltes
vrientlsts.   I-,,:.            ���!,",.-   <.    mt" and  'he rrKrh flemshded their release,
ri.��fit.s, eff.. ebonU be Meante-  ,' vhirt   ��ns refused,    fhe mob there*
rlJfh's  of  lf(t����'I.  bttl  be  al.-ro    ,e|ii"'"I BpOB   slmnd   tl                            tiring   IwD
lh��i. lb* limn ba/l  arrttsr.  when    if of fhem.
"This Is My 55th Birthday''      |
Toronto,tfeb, it    Ipeaking n   -
Kiriplre chili yeRteidn..  Hi   U   It   Pill
kin wild the time    win   irini"   when
Canadian win give freely their share
inwards  the cost  protecting  the em
imcauso pMipie will br' ashamed   to
enjoy   lirlllsh proteetlon  wlthotll  pay
Ing their ahai-e for It.
Ile said n lesson whs recently given
(Contiaaed on Page Tour.)
Kodmond P. Roblin.
ftodmoTid (Wen ft',,   a   premier, giicufture add immi
'���     Sad  forrim ssioricr  _f      ovimii.   lanjiB  Of  Manitoba,  was    -
tfkm of finr.iri... I,   lU1   Outarjlo
"���r.i he is one of ri;,' pioneers of thi i median west and tor
"- has guided the political fortunes of the great pbeeihee
",' Manitoba. Aftei completing Ms education at Ali.ert criiie-e, (iM-
tarla, Mr. Hobiln went west In 1886 and began r.-mning on a h-rfc.
scale at Ciirniiin. His affairs iirospered, and he e4-t-lf_hed u grain
business which afterwards developed Into one of Ihe largest concerns
of its kind In the country. His entry into public life began with his
election as a school trustee. After filling one or two other minor
offices lie was finally elected to the provinclml lof-iBlatnre in 1888.   At
under the guns of British warshlps.jg H ** ��� i^;;H.lr,l wdth the Liberal party, Imt becoming dlssatls-
^^ * 3g lled, took the other side,   in 1899, when the   Greenway   government
I was defeated, Mr. Roblin was given a place In the oabbaet of Hugh,/.
.:; Macdopald, and succeeded to the leadership of the party on Mr. Mo* .
y rlonafffs retirement the next yv'ar.
couver. When British subjec-s were g
victims of lints in China the sui jet |
was discussed by Chinese and British  f.
anrl if Canada, was left to herself tlie
Vancouver riots would have been dis-
cusasd, under the gnins <f Jip n se
men of-war.
r': ffWirf t i
W i'
'�� ���?���"�����'������ ���]
���C.t'r  .,     -.
i ' J*Zkt
*_''f'"'. ��� ���'.'_���-'���       *
X ���'" \
- w - .
���'..-���������:     i
P'-' '',     '
. -.*������>,'..,
i ��� , m ::
<   "   ���-....-v.<���>������,   _
rvXT'S.' ���$>������   1
'Kfrn-t**'. i
Vt\ ,V,'hT.; f,i '���*!.:���<
' ^i.tt'A^'-y^T*''
i*-'RJ��.'���*.Aw. '*.^
���VMM. IWW* ,'���
wyi - . ���
��. r    . ._��� *
������������:��� .;>:.
i a ��� ���
p a->*}��*'     S
���"  ����� ���   ;-'.i   '''
��� -,'���''������'
l*r,.'        V' *;���
-   �����  ,   .- i1
^'i**^"^: -
%w*i * > -' ;���������
-��� fr *_ ft_Iv
- ,#Tfe-'j. v-'-'.r,
'���.*, i b '.��:-,
i J �� *. rillf/i " J
, -  -<i ���!���.,��� ���' ��� ; -
��� ''   ������". *'.-���- __>   *��'
���"   '.��� ij*J ��!<"dlljel '
V*' .Mr  a     i1'(,_,,
���; ���<���" ��� Tiv;' ���"���
vi �����.|:.k4.|r
t  ,. ���  i.t I.- ,"'��� ���   -���.-';.
; ���__"'���   'V.U*  ���>>
r-fir-l!,,.-"'��*|a*4M .�� .   in.1
���,' '���^r^<CT*^*^l__��,ailil
::t '��� ip,;�� uW
il    I i'P.ilt"""-'.'*' "..
_? J"!"1   *    ill*'-'   *
M^vj,/ .it
,-lliM   v
If*    '.U'if'.^
...     . ���**���;,"'i.;,l "���
i        :'V^'':,fe      !.
r ig-        , Ml'>J i�� _.'
i  .*,*   vif'r'i _'___M
8ATURDA     rEB, ,
-<- t90_
��� e e ���
i ;.���    m ���  '��� rdav ��->   r tther
��� -       oth  in the   quantity   off r  l
In the attendance.    All lines   o_
."." short ' xcej I ,.ork, of �� ��� ch
v....   a a- sufficient to mi et   i li   de-
\    ���-     .:���   wis  Ih'    ��� vldi nci
shown towards t���e close of the market that   hi    irlce oi eggs would  be.
likely  to take >a sudden drop in thej
ii. -1:   future.    Portj  rent,  retail   and |
thirty-five cents  wholesale has  been
the   price  for nearly   all   winter,   but
th_ 'lens a:e now laying well and th-
snpply on   the  market   is   more than
equal to the demand at the price.   So !
it came about that while large quantities sold al   lf|c during the early par'. J
of  the  morning, as  buying slackened;
the   price showed  signs  of breaking
and   .some Bold  as  low   as  -',"c  wh< .
In   fish an   absence of  halibut   was
noticed,   no   boat  having   reached  the
i  i    from the grounds for over a
now. th'1 probability being that sti
weather on the gulf   has   intei
with the fishing.   Fresh silmon,
heads from   salt water, were  noticed
selling at  15c.
As previously mentioned, meat was
. ���. yet the prices were not bl|
than  usual.    Hind quarters rif    beef
commanded 8< in 9c and tore quart rs
6c to 61.C, although some extra choice
cuts sold as high as I2%c.   Th" supply was fair and all sol I at quotati ins.
The demand for mutton was large, but
the supply was short, the  price aver-,
,i.-.;._   i^i.it   l.'.c anrl   lamb  14c.    A
medium 'supply of veal     was offered
and  ail was eagerly taken at lie for
medium and  7c to Se for large.    Park
was   plentiful and sold on  quotations
at S'-jC to9c !
Quite a large quantity of fowls were ,
offered and sold readilly    at   $0 per 1
dosen, chickens fetching $6.50 to $7."0
fi     good birds.   No geese und but few
locks were offered, rhe latter selling
: -. (10 per dozen.
There was more than sufficient, sup-'
: ry for apples, and only the best
found a sale, the highest price paid
being $1.25 per lox, while others sold
at $1, Potatoes were well in evidence,
but few were sold, the price remaining the same as heretofore, $18 per
An excellent auction sale balanced
to some extent the poorness of the
produce market. Many fine cattle and
horses   were    sold   at    good   prices.
Winter Sports and "Bovril"
The pleasure of all outdoor sports is
increased by a good cup of hot "BOVRIL*'
taken before starting. "BOVRIL" comprises the whole of the valuable properties
of beef and it is very quickly assimilated.
It therefore prevents over - fatigue. It
spreads a genial warmth throughout the
whole system -and enables you to enjoy the
exercise thoroughly.
Fresh_Pork'Sausages Daily
Best of Farmer's Pork
Pacific Meat Market
Phone 192
Among the former wei
owned by F. P. Masson
which realized as much
one fine animal fetching
son is going -out of th<-
ness and expects short]
his cattle with a herd of
Ayrshire., in t'ne search
will give a great deal of
e  r.ine    head
of Mats pil,
as $36 each,,
$57. Mr. Mas-'
farming busi- j
ly  to   replace j
thoroughbred '
Of which he
his time this
Medicine Hat, Feb. 14.���A moving
picture machine in the "Idle Hour"
theatre blew up last night, when the
place was densely crowded. Fire broke
out and a panic ensued. Coats and
hats were lost in t'ne wild rush for
the door -ind several of the audience
wr-re trampled upon, but all escaped
serious Injury with the exception of
Hi" lessee, Charles Ness, whose hands
were horribly burned, and who is at
present in the hospital. The theatre
was gutted by t'he flames.
I)l��*na-lnic a Tempter.
A pompous Chicago merehant, arro
gantiy carrying the signs of his pros
perily abiut him, accosted an acquaint
ance of his who conducts a sueeessfu
rescue mission and said:
'���James, I'd like to attend one of yom
"Certainly." rejoined the minister
"but leave your watch and diamond?
with the hotel elerk."
"What?" asked the merchant in as
tonishtnent. "Are not the men of you
mission r'otiverted thieves'.1"
"True." answered the miss: m leader
softly, "but George, you look so eas;
and wholesome. Really, I don't want
my men to regret that they promised
ms never to steal again."
HUtorlc Phar-alia.
It was on his way to the battlefield
of Phar��alia that Caesar uttered the
famoKF saying to the fishermen. H��
had cjme down to Brindlol to cross tr
Dyr.-aehlnm and, finding no galley
eommanded the owner of a small sail
ing boat to put him across the Adrl
atie. On the voyage a violent storm
Occurred, and even the experienced
mariners were terrified. But the great
captain fraid: "nave no fear. You car
rv Caesar and his tort-nan.''
The Road to Success
I  in ew
In All Business Enterprises
Is Opened Through
The Advertising Columns of
The Morning Paper
The morning daily paper is first in the field for
sales; the information in the -advertising columns
rule the purchases for the day. The thrifty housewife examines the morning paper carefully before
telephoning he1, orders, and reads the advertisements
carefully before purchasing home necessities.   ���
So That You
Mr Fusinessman should take advantage of, and advertise in the Morning Daily News, and secure the
orders that the heavy purchasers of stock make imperative to large profits and quick returns.
Here Are a F
of Our Offering
Where Can You
Invest to Better
or to Such Good
Advantage ?
" Bargain Table Number One "
����.>����.��*����+��+�������*������������<<.<*��-:'-      Xreeee.eeee^eeeeevo*'********
is  pair  Men's  Brown  W nt r Call
$6.00 Invictus Boots foi ������ .J4.25
36   pair  Men's   Invictus    Duk   Bak
\\ aterproof Bo dg for   $4.25
Seven-eon  pairs  George  A. Slater's
Invictus   $6.00   Patents     u   Men.
at     *4.C0
Twenty-eight,   pairs    Men's    Mars
High  Meril   Boots, made of Pal
ent   Colt       $4.00   a   pa r      *
\2  pairs   "Packan
'Hoot.-,  tor   ....
Men's    $5 . %
 $4.oo    e
" Bargain Table Number Two "
$4.50 liox Calf .md Kid Boots : T
  $3 co    e
'���'," ; air<  l.ades' American llun  M -t-
al Bluchers, our $4.60 line for $3.00
ls pairs odd sizes in Wi men[s $4.50
and $5.00 Bcots for   $3.C0
52  d lir.   Women's   Goo lyi ar w ���
Women's $���"."" Cloth Top BooU
(July  a  few   pairs left.
$3.��G     I
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeo*'? <>����������_ <��� eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
" Bargain Table Number Three "
100 pairs Women's $3.00 to $4.00 Tan and   Black   Oxfords���mostly   sizi -
:'.. to 3% -for  $1--0
��� 100 :.i.:-- Women's J3.00 to S4.00 Tan and   Black   Oxfords- mostly    Blzi - J
3. pairs Women's Tan  Kid $4.50 American Oxfords  for      $2.50       a
*. ceo te eo oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoc �� eeeeeees* eeeeeeeeeeeeee �����������������*����:>
" Bargain Table Number Four "
- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteos^eeeeeeeeeee* ev ��������#eeweeeeeeeee**^
e �����
e       Men's $4.50 and $5--00 Bout-, in Kid and  Box Calf���all  ti".v.  up-to-date ���
��� lasts    for,  a  par   $3.5:       ���
���������ee��eoeee����eeeee<^ ���<*���.'
30  pairs  Men'a $4.00 and $1.50 Kid  Bluchers      $3X0      ���
" Bargain Table Number Five "
��� A
e ���
e       n-.is table contains a  variety of B-'vs   Boots.    Some   of   the    regular
*> prices on     me were $2.50 to $3.00.    .Now $1.50 a psir       ���
* e
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee **<. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet o.
" Bargain Table Number Six "
-������������eeeeeee.eeeeeeeeoeee^yi.. .���#*������ee���eeeeeeee���������e���>>'^^t*o��e^_
i ���
Men's Working Boots occupy this table,   ".", pairs Men's $3.00 to $4.00
Btrong,  Bervloea le   Working  Boots, tor   $2.50 a pair      ���
���eeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-c*eeee.oeeeeeeee*eee ���
x- rf..,.. the Baskets In the store tor   25c aud 50c- odds and onl-.    s
Do Not Fail To Ccme
This Week
We Can Save You
Sign of Big Electric Boot. Look for Big Yellow Sign. New Westminstor, B.-. nnt
4 fa
��   - - ���'       ������ -^
'-.:/}; * .AV* "��� >,
*: �����!*<
.'���l*t%*i    *i'hlltt    ..<   .'''/l"��    ���.-   },f    A /,/>**��.*Ur*f4
."'.""   S""=.E_T. S..��   Vits;-  -j-.;- -t ....
\   The Arrow Pre**   $ I
VV., >.���>.>.�����;>.-.. ���*������<. vv*-vvvvvn >.-,,-��'..-��,.,
'- Or    : I ���:    i - :     . ; .    ;i      .- ...     | >
I  .-J.     :-.������       .;     4    ,,,,    ,-. s,���     , ....
-r-'������' ra ������:    :;:���(:��    : ���.-    >.. .-,.-    ,,      ���
R.    H.   CLIBURN
.:-���:- .���     .-     :V.v
t-   11-JflJ If '��*V�� fkttfi    1 |||y
Trains i">iiii%
���.-.���������.   an '-. :-f.- m
Elocti .    ..  i*��_ train     I .-�� Ratei
vjV. . s   limi . t \.'; ir--;   S.-'.\ ���.,������<���
New York. Chk\_gv��,
Toronto. St.  Paul
a\,' a; l  POINTS BAST
S.<   U tickets    .-a    ss',1'     ie    i
:���' irofH su . otnts
Kpsetal     K-<...-r.l     li.ir.-��     It.una     1 rl
Ratrs    tf)    Sci'.'-r1 n    C-IKftmi.
or full     fo  nal Ion i all u ��� ��������� ��I IM
C  I'. 1 ANi;. lii'iii'i-:;' Ak.'-hI.
ISO ll.isr.ni'S St  .   Y:��nr'-..\ er.  li    i"
a d i'm mm row,
Portland  Ore.
Mail Service
."111        /.|i>lu>        |_���
-. _>.#..'
��,-.     ,',.,,).!,      ,1..
/I.r,;    _B.        '.'l'i    ;,./.��   ">.,..l,l,  .,     ���,���    ,.,,>.,..,������    ���     K ,_,.,
' r=.y. .-.'was _-���_.   ������..;.    ���.v.*o.VYV
co ro.' /\w_._?_��
^���^   \ ��'V." ^Mi-���.----���--.���-.
'.":.':* N ':Y':'.S;S..7\  . : ���..::.������ ���..-..    :v. -
>���'    ������������������   ������'���������    ..-..'-.--���.���.- ...        ...     .-. . ri
:vv>;:;:-'V \ .���::::��� , '   v:.-, i \ :;.v^;
������^    ;   -.   :���     ...... ...,--..-   ,-.-.      .... ���.       .
::\\\   \      :;>.   V  0      \  ���������������-: |AJ '^
#t ART MlVv___^___HeAV.
,, .-. i -. $m ��������� .
! '     : '.      .-I-.,.
.     ���   I   . ....     ���.
���       ������ ���       ���     ������ ���   	
      ' "���   ���������������.;       ��������� ���
 "        '������'���-     ' '-���     -	
'  '' ���       -���'     '��������
���'��������� '���     ������ I	
 ���     '      - ���-    _.
,:������������. ,..��� .  , ,,    (.
\-.��   W -.-.- v  N-- ���      :: . ,v
t.   tt   IVL��.    Mgt-.
randI��^i!F. CRAKE
|c���!!ent Train Service Between
icago, London,
>ntreal, Quebec,
Dlapntched bj C  P  R   ireui ai S;.a'
a    ni .   Blow   S  ii   in
Siiinas ami   Seattle    \lu   lliiiitlu.il 'ii
MlllSlde   No,    t.   dally    evi.'i.l   Bun
day; Bapperlon Nn. t. did* ege.pi
suiid.ii Man ; Received -I '��� "��� B '"
Dtipati-iieri by B, C  Bllsoino rallwa
Co., 7:'l'i a   ni
\'ani'iiiin'r,   N'u.    I.   dallwxi e|il Sun
��� i. ii      it. imU mall rooi Ivoil 10 ti ni
Dispatched by 0 N._t train, B 46 b bi
Cloverdale,    Nloomukl,  Porl   Kelli
Hn.olmo.e,    t-lnll'n    Prairie,    Bonai
cord, Blnlno und Bekttla (all  polntir
in  Washington nnd  ��oiilh,   alio  oil
|,ei.it .  in enstin n  utile 11,    dnll)   i -
ri,i Sunday     Uriiiin net I. rposlvi?,!
01     .'l..'!il     |i in      lliiiuir-iii d   VVudtJPS In
and   Salunla
Clayton, Tueidgyi ami Thundgyo i
I Tynehoad,    Wodnoadayi and   Bft'ii'  i
���rliiyH.     Ilrdiiin   mini   n'ci'lvr'd   Mniid'ivc : ._
| nml  I'Vldaya.
..v     .    -
" ': '<���	
'   ���- ��� ��� -  '	
     .   . ,    .
���   ���   '        ���������      ��� ��
- -	
.  . .        .,.-.-
���       " " - - ���     ��� ���- ������     ���      '-  ��� ���
.       . ���-.....
4    A   ������	
.      -.,.,,       -.   ft
...,-.>���. ,     ,   ...     .
.... .   ���--,.,   ..-.
. ....   .:.   .-....���.   .       .....-,.      ���
-��� ���������    - ' ��� ��� "
., . .......
-������-������������ ���         ���
...... ...
.....        .,..,.
Buys any artiel- or tht tafel_ _o,\?��ij*i{R| ,,{ a ItM g- van-tj     - - --���- ������  -
irU'hni.amlliUmiii.citn.-i^iuri.r.HiiMn; ��������� I ��!      >
.     . ��� ;--- ���������   >> I > >- mm '- ������ \
.,.���� (,�� .>i un .. ..���.iio .>i(. M ^,	
1      Ihn-rv    HU1T\   Hunv Ivi'oiv UlP b��-lt IR&BI ST-  lw!H "'  v " ;> ""'",
IMl-kl'.l   ll]'. ,S     i    ���..���;.!   ...,,    ,5,.,,    ,.,    ,.���,..���      ,,     ..
���-   ���������''"   "���",   >���'���'< h!i - -  te. ���
���    r'"'-     '���'   Hli    ' '""- ���
I      ������   '   "'"���   -���  I   '��������   rl.	
 I    VVhH** bi   "-"-i <��� "-, ..........i	
Plume 97. I n��m|��l  IMivPiv   n          ,,..,,.,      ,,,	
_.       ���, ���      ��� ��� .      palter, hli  '���' ->     U���|     ������'.������
_,.     ^ 1* if        I      ii"  is tt tefj  I., i.i	
The Canadian Bank ol Commerce
See Our Bargain Counter
f'nicl-up Cnpilnl, $10,000,000       Kr.Pivr I ui���l, $r,,000,000
ntaii  nrrn t.   tonnNin
���1      |r,      WA I  Kl'ill.    I'loaldonl
//���. />..f*  ... N.W...,
English Watchmaker ,.. ,wnim
Two   door*   from   Geo. Adam;  Croc.r   l'l��l'atilnMl   _)   II.   C,   ElOCtrtC   nrllw,-,
lOiSO li.  m
.j      .i _- i Ladies' Bold watohei from $12.75 up      Vancouver No   '���'.   Victoria, Na   1
Hamilton, loronto, f-'"^v��'�� silv(,r watchee, open ,,.���,,,,, Pwk ,lllilv ������.,.���, Hll|),|p. i
7 " -. race, $6.00 ,,  , ,     ,    . .,
' ,    ���,, ,,, .,      Il'-nirn mail ioi ulvt'd at .! ;, in
GentlemenH Hllver   V.-trlien.    _oiib]��>   , ,
cage, $7.50 _p. Dlepatcl ��� darner, . 1. ., m
D  _j.1      J   D -.gent fr,r the celebrated Smith BendJ    Baei Bnrnahy, dally exnepi luodsj
1 OrtlanCi, Boston. ��� VVa,-rMt'H' s"Pi'lle,:i  ,0   :h"   ���Vellm8B|fl��turn nalli received ����� 1 Ifi p m
' '   Arrtle  K.tifirlltlon      Ml   wa riant orl.
uiHpntohfiri by caniei   12 "'> ttoofll
'i Imberlaml, Btrae erry inn   'i n
day* anrl Krldayn.   H'-uiru   mnlls   r<    Aa
i���ii _______________________________   1Arctic  Expedition      Ml  warranted
^i?SK____",M"Lar """"^ """s"* -���
BUFFALO, NEW YORK and   ���" ���jcefred Tueaday* nnd Krldiiy*
LAi'KLi'HlA, via Niagara Falls.  IT| KNTIP   C1TIIHCUIPC Oi*P-t<*ed by C P a   .oai 1 M p,��,
for Tim- Tables, etc.. ad_ress * I LAU I lb   OICHIflOnirO ���,,,.   ,,���,,,.,   ,,;ii)i   ;i,   ,Ul.   Wffl
geo. w. va.x. OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RY        ,,.,���. ,.���-4,r/ v,���lll;. .���.���,,,,
-^FINEST  AND   FASTEST^        L;i,Uil.:     ,,(.,,fjru���    ,.,,,������     ,.,
'O �� I    f;tdebon,   Bteteeton, dall
ty     J    BxeMi Beadey    Beters n,.iiiii rue*).
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Depoiltn rt f 1 and upwards reeelvid   [nterest Bll��Hfed Bl b_f_8BI pates ��������������  < <<   ��� ������  ^.1H i .1   i ������������
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NICVV   WliiR'I'MIWlTinil   IIIIANI'II     II    II    li.WllrauU    Mr>ir��e��. IQIn     BlHlll fl    ���".      	
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nml   lir,.   Inlll-ICll
Ryall's Drugstore
ffftTMINfl f   I f'/- f  hi '.'.K
������ ��m*w**w*%m*%w*v*wmk*%m*\wt*wm*Wk*\\m%%\mm 1
f..WtlM  Mln��t-r-nth Century.
__j_Mr-_(       Pr>>r.       M _[r       |t:me.
t.1..-. ,.,f.a r..,.,rr|er nrt'l prrjptl.tei. W
""��� """'-"" ' -���' ��������� died today.
Mf�� il>>_* hOTfr Ifl 1S31.
' '1  I'assen-.r and Ticket
[ent, L3B Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
rams & Steamers jm_?
Mew Westminster 8:::.',, 11:85,
:  -", 18:40.
Sew    Weetmlnater    10:25.
^^     C L-LPHf.-i  OK   HKITAI"' , I4^0u    , 	
h. Fewer r-B-PKEM OF IBJBUMOI    fo����      Iroodwiwi, Hreds����-ay end Bal-i
d.��,    firr- n_ Bi_il -.a tVedoA-dari ;,/. I
ORHU-T    RBDUCTIOX-    LN    f'ARE.H    . .���...;..,,
TO THE OLD C01 NTRT- :.���... ���.     |    :,-. |    s-..   .   .
  Lefce    -. ���'-<   .���  I   :    .. -.     :.,..,.    . i
;u, i_:2;   lS-'S "I     Thr--..- cheap /ate. Bill oolj  laat ' ���' ��� :-,    ��� .  maf|_   r��'<e   r .
frland    express    a'rrivea     1245   ���  ''���'"''   :'"'"     f:""'
:15. "     TbAokfng now, ' -:'- ���'������'������ '���������     '*"���      ;������".'..���.���.    wv��;i    �����
NORTHERN   RAILWAY Nt'xt WUIllg dtie  ..... ���---''-  <     |   --
-. *�����.: ����� Seattle 4 p.'ta       BM other dat��  eed  p-rtJcetere,     "j****" ^ *�� p^- �� ��  ���
���-���i p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m . ���'-  Wtmmer*    pfttKt*.,    rt.fj7  .-,.�����
'�� yu   ,r,;--.- Sb._a.j-.    ftAT.i-.."_ maii  ::  p   <-rt.
���\&   V.-VANCOUVKR '       .'���   p.JLA-e-B.   D'' ���''"*"'' ';":   '"'   '" ? ft    ",frt   ,:'   1   ' '
I ilwee M 2 ":'. i -,-,
CaBg-fS   i.-.d ''���>-.-.���.-. �����-.  -I.-,   w i-f,
?     ..    *Jl.l-..    ��.>i-|-.nd    .'..;,;! i      ff^tr, ,.f,    iV.,
tee. ��� -: \   I   |   ���
fltogv-trtan   R.   :. WW1-M-, ��>.   I
.m;-n. ,.i,ii.   ta;.,'   .xcftp. SrlWrJ\_J     (fa
tnim mail r��ei. 19.   1.- r   .   m
��� 5 P. m. and 8:55 p. m.
-" '���'���'��� a.m.. and 4 p.m.
'"���      ���   ��� ...-.-���er . ;���') p.m.,
���"-on t p at.
5��� Aiyl-jui.
ft���Rrjyal Cftj  M    -
V-'   (���   f)l
i��. 1   122      f 1 it; ��� _    f 1
S    fi    ';���   ft,    Tfii     Hi
Gilley Bros., Ltd,
WiiQLBSAm ktit) It&fAit   &fe/ri_Sr*S "^
W��llif,_��>.r,   f,f..l.    ./��n    p.,f'l... I  '..����i+,   ft_��_|r.nK   -TTTT-1,   8.    _.   l��0t-
��#^y Vi��r.ii��-i I'-r... Dfllfl ri-. r..-, &$��-y ��-���> Ciuybt.rn Pf.s.ei,
M.n!��.i, .mi r r. hri.if, r .* .i/,y, ..rter*^ Fire Brick' Liverpool
���iff   fr.rge Co.!, Ctjrtirn.rr Br:-|rr   S.n.    _r���vr��l nn. ��rwWi-d Rock
-.������:���-<: New I  ____________________________________���
7���Caraaj ro_ ea .  ��� -��� ���
am- .-Royal aven.ie tad Ei ��hr.h
u_J Frtday. fc^m ���������,. ���d --'^
---^-.TRic-VANCOUVirH. 12_Sf..   Mar.'*  HoMW
wt___Mte_ UI   ...... 1 it  mm., ntd Part �������
������-erefy h-Hfetv -wre- : 1 __-���...--.-... *_d Defcrte
-j.   ' 15���Sappurtio.
.'","-'""'  :"'''"  w*^-��J"'^r at- n -it-van:i w*i\* t-'   3 ;"-1-
___| .��  ���_   _T.aiW   1.1''   ?.*'.''-r(.
2i���Pffth *v*����ni anrf  Pnurth,
2�����Flft-   *v.��rj. sail �����?:-. -1-
2T���Tfiffi. *t*.;m   1-.'. T��t��.
-1.���Asa** _ad 31-t-,
 ��f���S.-r.,i..>i,>  Wa.-i-.-art ^H
1-v���rr,i.-,.,Ti-i.l ..arl WcK��-l��.
���'>   KAMI HBLP. M-C?.!. ftat-M.  T
Bank of Montreal
f>ti.��     Wnr     Thin     n����nii��lf.il     Fnr     I.
Bronirhl   In   Perfection.
ff �� lady''; nenisiitn Incket ire com
IWrrv^ with the course, hard or dry-
unltcd <rc.ln.in as Importod. or, stlf.
N��tt<��r. n-lth the coi't ot the living- fnr
ncnN, one tt ("trncV- -,vtth the vast fllf-
fr��renc<> between  them,
Panslnir our flnjrers among the halrf
���vf tho ent or datf. u-e may notice fine
short hairs nt tho rootR of tbe longer,
.baru.r general foverlneef the nnlmol
TbK le eo ca le I under fnr Hut In th*
greater number rif these animals the
short hnirs are so few nnd often so fine
ns to he. comparatively en-aklnf, lost
stjrlit of among -.hat to our eyes constitutes the coat
The operation  which the skin under-r
goes to brins out, eo fo say, the fur,
may be briefly described as follows:
The sltln. iit'ter being washed to rid If
of grouse and so forth. Ls laid flat on
the etretcb, flesh side up. A flat knife
ls then passod .".1 rose the flesh substance, thinning it to a very considerable extent. In dolnjr this, the biadu
covers  the  roots  of  tbe hNMI strong'
.. ,-^^^^^^^^^^^^V.   .   .914,400,0.0.0"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B RESERVE       111,000,000.00        I	
-reaches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, and   in   London,   England I _ovcr!'   u"'  rl"'ln   '"   ""-'  "����� �����-__
r-'w w'"��"��   I'Vlv �� Now  York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.   .A   len- I zLltn,A"b}?i PT*!f�� '.* 8k,n deeper
-,t 1.. annul ivdoiinis,^  ,,**& M eral Banking Bualneaa Traneacted. ' | Jj1^0 ^ ;��^' deh'^te ��n^mAet
Ken��  Crfiw    ireb. 28  Letterr of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parte of the rid of while the fnr retains IU _-U_��
jrea.ni City   Mar.   t\ WerW. A  rarlety of sub-Mien- ^^^M
\ Royal Slave  March 211 Savings/Bank Department.    Deposits received Id sums of $1 sad upwards, **<����. 'n ��'hw* the pelt la ipllwttee4
-In in Haw York  April 1 j and Interest allowed at 3 per cent per annum (present rate) added preserved, are next g^
Che  Burs-nuMttar    April 8 j four times a year. tfren the fur ���*
..nn PranclHco Opero Co April 2:t! Total Assets over $168,000,000.00. _��_��_t Tj
v Collng.  Uoy .May 27      _    NHTW W_��TMINST-!R BBANC H.   \    0. D. BBTttN-OI. HUlgli. "*"' UUt   j^^^
''.*m-b' t
,��; - ��� ��� ��� .'
���: v
���'Jt^'M ���
���    fr#
;r      ���*', S'-^'.
i* _jt/i-fr"L.
���,-'   ' -5'(;'
Via '* 1 ��;* ;', -
' h.l 'l:-�����r
vWi*M*m ���
���ifif" .J*5fi1 ��
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���   / v 5'�� ?>e*r.'
/ _��� y..>._!' (rl
-I',',   Ti,.,- _��� ; .,-,    r^t ...
''���,,; i% I::'
���'i���"T^I^*���''*T;, ���������']
ii \>t .", ������        -���  ��*_
'*"    ���'        ���' i'! Vi',1
'.. ,<-ii ���'��� *-*jf-I   :3a
' ii^'��._.^",'*��_7 .,C: '.j
��� iSi��*__
;i'M_ Sf
���, ��� ��� j ���
��� *__* , tt; n2
I      .
I   ��� -r .
V':''' r VM
.,*��� ��� - ������������*?������ *
I    .P^H'
' '_^.w
" . .   ;.*'__i.r   ,
"  ���.   ' .V i' .���   il,'"
.,    .-- -*  ti/ili'W
M*   ^*r.V.Va'4l��
ii"_'' .
._,-'-��� J_/  -'liilP.,  ���������
���������        ,^( ���'  ' ' *K��
,  .-,   ^i_-irMit'Vi ��� ;-i��
>-.  -.; ** *.:*<!',* *.'*'���
>   *   ;���,  ���&  lJ��-'_u|
���.'. '.���-.��� f"
A .a gift
******* 4--if |Sk *'
'__' ..lift
,;.-;^-;v,>h-i '
r     ��������   ��� ���*    ..   "�����"i. -.
"' .Li'...:J
ft:   i '-
ror Men
Our stock is all freah. It contains
all that is newest and beet in sprin?
and summer woollens for men.
The latest shades are Brown, Elephant's Breath, and  Fancy Worsteds.
Popuiar prices prevail
... 1  from  Page One.)
Opposite the P ist Office.
B. C.
Piildi.shed by the Daily News  Pu
i Company,   Limited,   at  their
offices,  corner of   Sixth   and   Front
Mew Westminster,  B. C.
E.  A.   Paige Managing   Director
_ v* w.- 35
SATURDAY, FEB.  15, 1908.
On another page we are enabled to
publish  a synopsis of  the  report of
Mr. Le Baron, the consulting engineer,
called In by thr- citizen's committee for
the purposes of giving an exhaustive
report on the possibilities of thd
Fraser River and the Improvements
necessary to make it a permanent
highway lor tlie large.it ships afloat.
The report is entirely optimistic,
and clearly proves what we all have
thought that in the Fraser River the
Royal City has one of the greatest
natural freshwater highways in the
We trust taut the time is not far
dlsl mt when Ni w Westminster will
he able to take its proper place, as
the leading port on thr' Pacific Coast.
On the Northern Pacific it has been
one long cry that there were no freshwater harbors of any considerable
magnitude, and the development of
the Fra.-i r would more than wipe this
Towns in this great Dominion of
ours have sprung up so rapidly dm InU
the last decade t'nat with the ever increasing imports and exports, the
future of Xew Westminster as the
great haven of the Pacific Coast is
by no means an imaginary dream.
A   freshwater hii.bor,   when  attain-'
al I".   has  advantages  over  saltwater,
so  great that  the shipping   which  up
to  the  present has practically    been
confined   to saltwater  will be largely
tsual oon i;"i.jns, but on the contrary.
air,. -��� everything is favorable to sue-,
cess. T.iis river, with its delta, present-- - .:���- characteristics of the MUsj
-i- :. its caving banks and high
floods Its mouth resembres nitre
i,*.- mo . bs Of scores of other riTers
with which 1 am also conversant, such
as the St. John's of Florida, tae Savannah, the Ashley and Cooper, the
Merrimack, the Pataca of Honduras
and the Prlnzapolca and San Juan of
Ir is confidently believed that the
prices quoted in the estimates car.
ier.. materiallj reduced when tne time
comes for letting contracts, as many
of them are higher than similar n
.as cost, don" by thr. government engineers here, but it w-as though! to be
el ter I r on the safe side, it at all.
All the material can be eaall; o_-
tained bere except steel and iron,!
which can be brought our from England in ships at a low freight rate.
.-i.i the timber used excepi ti piles
and railroad trestle timber, is of
a c!a>s unsuitable for commercial lumber and with the brush and poles can
la- cut on the North Arm, costing ��� :;'
the cutting and hauling. Indeed, man;
persons would be willing to pi.
have them cleared off their ian i. Ln
view- of the fact that all material is
so accessible and thai the government already has a good plant of
dredges, snag-boat, etc, here, anrl
that with the help of the railway,
work can be prosecuted uninterruptedly. I estimate that the work can be
completed in three years., if the money
is all made available as needed.
I desire to express my appreciation
of the many facilities afforded me and
courtesies extended by the resident
engineer of the department of public
works, .Mr. G. A. Reefer, and his assistant engineers, his worship. Mayor,
Keary, the officers of the Vancouvei
Power companj and the officers of the
New Westminster board of trade.
Respectfully submitted,
Consulting Engineer
Lisbon. Feb. 14���It has been learn-d
that a bomb was found under the landing stage where King Carlos landed
on tae day of the assassination. It
had failed-to explode because of a ���!
feet in the fuse.
A number of persons have called -i'
the late home of Buica, on. of the
dead assassins, to give money to his
mother-in-law for the support of his
children. The-proprietor of a department store has opened a subscript:":;
for them with $1000. also giving them
free.use of their house. A curous fact
(hat has come to light is that short':'
before the crime, Buica had cjmp ted
with the king in a shooting match,
beating his majesty by several poin,t-.
Perils of the  Sea.
Liverpool,    Feb.    it.���The    Bri'isb
i...r    Mercedes-de-La:. i.gi.    ;.   ;u
G \1\  st on. arrived here
Ottawa, Feb. 14���The Dominion government has disallowed the Immigration act which assent was given on
Tuesday at Victoria. The first intention of the government, as stated in
this correspondence, was to allow the
measure to stand, but the eliininatinn
of the clause limiting its operation to
immigrants with respect to whom no
Dominion legislation had been past
brought it into direct conflict with existing Dominion laws, thus rendering
it ultra vires.
Captain Edward Lacey and '..:e crew ,
c: the American four-masted schooner I
Edward  .1.  Berwind,    having    picked
up in the Atlantic on Jar.
30.    Tiie    Berwind  left  N w Oi
January 12 for Philadelphia, and    encountered heavy weather In which die
. ing a lead. Her lift..oats were
carried away, leaving the crew help-
less. The Mercedes-de Larringa hove
in sight January 30, and made prei ara-
ttlons to take off the imperilled men.
She lowered a boat ^nd sent it in close
��� ' the schooner, but the seas were so
: -a that the men from the Berwind
had to be swung Into the rescuing
-   by  means  of    tbe    schooner's
anker lioom and the running line.
On and after
MARCH 2, 1908,
Credit will be given.
Goods sold
Chas. S. Richmond
dence in city, fine grounds, tennis court, best locality, corner lots.
For particulars write -Owner," p. o.
Box 245, Xew Westminster, B. C.
house, excellent grounds, orchard, etc. Apply -Owner," P. O.
Box 245, New Westmlnst r, B. C.
table gentleman, room ai: I
'ward with private family. State
terms.   W. E. J., Daily Ni ws office.
market on Friday  by auction    :
Februarv 14.
and door business, etc.   Small capll ri
required.    Box C. C. Daily News.
divided, and perhaps the time is not
far distant when ocean liners, as well
i- merchant vessels, will own New
ir as their western  Pacific
County Court Case*.
Decisions were rendered yesterday
"ir a number of cases hy Justice
How-ay in county court chambers.
I'le- most Important of these were the1
lases of Watts vs. Williams, and
O'Flynn is. Plommer. The forme'
was a claim arising fram the sale of
e i in ol horses to thi  defendant toi
-��� ""    1 ii ��� latter In payment tendere i
,-i promissory note, bui when it came
due ��...- unable to meel  It.   He th re
tore ir turned the t'- im and an order
on a thlr I part) for $60, which this de-
Cendanl i tated was In full settlement
an_ luclu led the use ol the team. The
r.'.alntii't claimed thai the order was on
iccouni  only, and sued  for    tha balance.   Judgment was given for the de*
fendanl   with costs.    H. L.  Edmonds]
acti I for the plaintiff and W. G. Mc- i
Quarrie for the defendant.
The case of O'Flynn vs. Plommer is
an application to set aside a mechanic's Hen Bled against the property of lhe defendant. It transpired
that the property did not belong to
Plommer, but to his wife. The lien
was sei aside, but the original action,
for wages re the removal of a house,
was continued, judgment being given
for the plaintiff with costs. S. L. Hunt
appeared for the plalntitff. E. II.
Savage tor tSte defendant.
Ottawa, Feb, 11.���Canada's I I r.
trade for the twelve months en iing
January, was $653,840,681. This 13 an
increase of $45,80y,877 over the previous year. The increase in Imp rts
was $42,048,067, and In exports $5,847,-
810. The Increase in Imports from
Britain was $17,448,814; -vom the
United States $19,121,986; from France
$1,2.1,508; and Oermany $084,88(5. Our
exports to Britain decreased $8,713,-
S4a, and the exports to the United
States increased by $10,149,547. There
was a slight decrease with France
and an increase with (Jeraiany.
Masquerade BALL
���AT  THE���
Eagles' Hall
��� ON ���
FRIDAY, February 28
N T E I)
organs    tuned
rei airing. Pianos and
and    polished.     Hum
Carnarvon   street,  near    City
on   Sixth   street,    black     patent,
leather purse, containing sum of mon-;
ey and ticket for conversazibne; own-!
er's address inside.    Finder pleas.- re-
furn to News office.
Another Intcrnat onal Alliance.
New York, Feb. 14.���All arrangements have been perfected for the
wedding tomorrow of .Miss Theodora
Shonts and the Due de Chaulnes. The
ceremony is to be performed at noon
at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P Shonta
The event will be mai'Ked i a< ��� ��� ol
gorgeous or  spectacular    efl cts
��� characterized the recent Vander-
bilt wedding.    The guest list  will
confined   to   the   relatives   a i        >
friends of the two familli.-.
dal party  wil be small and th
mony  will  be followed   i>>   a sii
wedding breakfast.    The French am-
assador   and   Mine.   Jusserand   will
among those present.   The Due d
Chaulnes   and  his bride     will   -    n I
their honeymoon In Florl I l, ai
couple will go abroad in May,
Tested Stock Seeds,
Trees, Plants
For the  Farm. Garden,  Lawn or Con-i
Reliable varieties at reasonable
prices. No borers; no scale; no fumigation to damage stock. No windy
agents to annoy you. Buy direct ani
get trees and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Bpray
Pumps, Spraying Materials Cur
Flowers, etc. Oldest esta' Ushi J nurseries on the mainland of B. C. Catalogue free.
IYI. J. Henry's  Nurseries
Greenhouses  and   Seed   Houses.
3010  Westminster   Road.
18C  Per iba
Men's Furnishings and
Jackson. Morris
PRACTICA.       =.ntERs
Daily   News Block
NEW   '
They've Arrived!
J. \ AITCHISON    Columbia Street
The Oriental Contract Co.:
of Vancouver,
Japanese Laboi   Jontractwi
New We
!.���  I
- P, o!
faeial. si alp, or .
In your own hon
For engagemi
'B   Hi.I
ACRES,    Four acres cleared.   Between
this city and Burnaby hike.   SplenS
fruit lard.    Adjoining lar I is held all
$400.       PRICE   $200   PER  ACRE
Very easy terms to parties who' will improve.
Spraying.    Orders left at West |
Side  Grocery.    Charges    reasonable.
Satisfaction guarant -ed.
�� "        ronlrai
J���TREK   PRUNING    8-
contract.    E. .1. Fisher, garden-
Beaford House, or phone 39.
Dally News.
-STOKE    16   or
R.     A.
OR    SALE���BEST    Fill    CORD-
wood, $5.00 a cord _-Wh"Jred    T.
H. Foster,
260 Columhia street. Phone
Admissvjn $1.00
Tickets to  be had at
Ladies Free.;
_tyal  - Drug
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and    Fifth Avenue
PHONE 3>0.
BOWELl. t\ ODDY, Proprietors.
R. MILES & CO.    |
Plumbers, Gas and Hot Water fitters. Etc.
Repairs of all kind3 given special at-1
tention. Sewer connections made.
Moderate Charges. Phone   A 377 i
Front St. New Westminster
= '������   ���+_<������#�����#������#������#��������������#���  >���������,���*    ������   ������   ������  ���������"I
We are showing the newest in Men's
and   Boys'   Sweaters  and  Jackets.
| J. Eugene Brown & Co
P. S. -1-4 Size Collars
����� ������ +*' ��-::>��.����;;-�����
.i- ���>���* o*
Ave. anil Rih street. All conveniences.
Our Mutual Interests
The Interest, of (hi anb axe ld_ir__sal with those of every re-
spon-tble ..uslness man and farmer in Western Canada. Our funds
<ire yours ami every dollar deposited with us Is Invested to your ad-
��� mtage   In ihe West for the West.
Highest Interest paid and compoun-e- quarterly.
Capital  Paid  Up, $1,200,000.
Rest and   Undivided  Profits, $116,000
The Maine Remembered.
Havana, Peh. 15.���The tenth annl
vei.nry of the destruction of the
battleship Maine In Havana harbor
was observed today with memorial
services attended by public officials
and leading members of t'ne American
eolony. The graves Of the victims who
wer. burled i�� the l >eal oemetery
were d.coruted with Rag- and wreaths.
J. E. ALLEN, Local Manager, New Westminster, B.C.
��� �������������������������������������������
Roof of your house or
barn gone back on you?
No wonder after tbe hard winter.
Few can stand il.
Put on. a new one of Ruberoid
Rixilinti.    Ni�� trouble then.
Kuheeoid is an etattio roofing and
will stand all _in_a of weather���
heat, cold, sun, rain, wind; makes
no difference to Ruberoid.
It i_ weather-proof and fire-re*
Will not meh, sraok or rot.
Most easily applied and requires
no painting.
Call or write for full particulars,
samples and price*.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 0> >.>��������������������������������������������������������������
\FOR SALE.....
Dry Fir Wood in 4 ft. lengths, which we will
deliver to any part of the city.
Eighth ave. and Second St. 'Phone 333
���./��������';���������������������*��������>���, ^������*.���� ��������������<%���<������������������������<������������*_<,*_**
| A Special Lined]
I Good Things
r >
r >
r i
< r
Beef Tenderloins,
Pork Tenderloins,
Pork Spare Ribs,
A Choice Selection of Prime Meats
Poultry cfall kinds.
Reichenbachy Co. Ltd*
Telephone 101
New Westminster
ADVERTISE IN THE NE$ _   ._.,. feb. tt, 1308.
. A.
The Cash
..-.- -.... ..-..--��� -
���   .:-:-..-.. .
^^H***********"*****44**^ �����������������������������'������������������������<
Week End
,^I^H-s_N_-l       _B_i^--------s--ifl-Hr_B HlrTMB
Prices pounded down to save
you money on each and
every purchase.
Save on Spring Coats Too
luarter,  or ."). inch light Sprln   i  ��� ts, three styles of indefln-
itrlpe, homespun, cut in newest spring styles,  semi    .md loos
tyles, one has back made   with   yoke,    all   have  stitched  or
ibli   cuffs and notehed collars, quantlt;   Is limited, one reason you
ild get here quickly, all sizes 32 to 12; price  $6.75
A Rush for Skirts, at $ 1.95
and $2.75
v len we make a special Skirt offer our customers Knew the bargains are worth an extra effort. This chance i.s particularly Inviting, ent you must come early. Skirts of newest styles In spring
Tweeds and Navy Cheviot, pirated and finished with self-stnapplng,
having all the appearance of a $10.00 garment. On sale as a leader
at    $1.95   and  $2.75
1200 Linen Huck Towels
at 12 l-2c.
Two styles, plaiu white and red borders, splendid hotel size, and excellent quality, for much laundrying; special, pair    25c
l1"1 yards only, half-bleach Satin Damask Table Linen, 60 Inches,
elaborate designs,  regular 50c value, Friday and Saturday only 37J��c
$3.50 Winter Waists,
at 95c.
Furred out _y the daily arrivals of new spring stork; that's our
r'xc use in making this ridiculous otter to clear out the 'balance of
these elaborate Waists. Different styles of embroidered Panamas,
Lustres, Velvets, Poplins, and fancy wool materials. Many blacks,
but a good assortment of staple colors, as navy, Brown, myrtle, green
A. few pretty stripes and shepherd checks. All sizes well repre-
rented up to 42. Valuee up to $2.50, $3.60 and $4.60 in the offer-
I ag, and all at the low price   95c
a :���'-
.;.   . i, >
WINDSOR r\tu> sai r.
l<    ��� 5
: rill ::��� >     CTttl-W
���   rh       ..-.- -  en   ������:    .-.  ha   -
'   -       il days, left y< sti   . tj  ..'���'��� ���
Vict iria.
- ....
-    -
Aut '
.  '-.nlui
(   '-'. i.'   ..      I s. Malcolmson lefi
thi ���        ester I ij ij launch
'���:.     ihootlng trip to Pitt lake.   They
a bi ut until S in la)  aighi
D:   '   H  Levey, D ntlst, has moved
Into    - new Dominion T-.--.isi bulldlnj,
���      the post office, *���
- ��� - .-.
.. ��
. ..   .:- ig n
fights, i    I - M
i ��� wta tad
i       n ot ii    - is   aki n
\ ���
-   the  aua  .,  -  o(    the    I
'��� I .octet]   it  Un   \   Pi rj u ��� -
I  .l\ r>oue
���   -
. .      r ���    . -.     ; \'.
'.-,-.. :v    v.   _'.-..'
-  .������ .-.���.-.��     .   ���.'.���. ..-
rut  the _ -.-. ��� .-.   . '.-..-.. til
���     . ,  - . vv      riM��
������....     IgO     A'.l.l
.' '*   , ��� -���;���
K ������      '���. ta    i
CV<_-K> I
. .'  ���.���.     ���!; ���'.      <    V-.- '���    -��
- |..    ���       ��� .   ���    ��� ���   ' . ���. ..
v      .'��� .-      .        V -,
.-    .1
-���..v. -.-..,���:.   .> > .  . |
���    . ������. .
Q����  n;   _lt   C'f   f-ii-i'
:   .'-.'.    VvV    '. s      '.;       -.
.'- WW t| * I A"-.'���'���>"���  -'���   R*   ' w
Me   ���;.���.   tw-i.tU    ������,",-<�����. -.���.���._     .-.���.       :-..-
i *    -. ���   tfajfo  tn   I .---..'.on
In ���
ise of l! ���
���    D
.. tion
for    standi
si     Re
C ' i-ltlam
out of
��� cent
��� 'tions.  bi
��� as
1   . esterd ij   bj
for the
*' iu ���'.-. Jai      i .    > ol No
Ma      ���.;      tears an I re
idsi ���'���'. ' '.-���������' ���������: the    Rl .
t��l    valuable    .'-v .-.    . r-'.o tl
:\ ll .    >\.������ i \ e.'.     ��
....-   �� ts       IS  CO lh��
\l    M
Chapma - Illiard and ; ool room
now opi n, wiil, eight poo] tables and
two English 'illiard cables. Dominion
Trust    lock. *���
An a lication �� is posted In the
recordei - iffloe yesterda> by Marcu*
Cox, ol N'ew Westminster, for a re
cord of six inches of water to b"
taken from' Walker creek, and to be
II used for agricultural and domestic
1 '.:,-     ,:w, it.ii .:     II     IV     ��� .���.    '.
.-'..< :'.e   lasl    SVttUlRg,      llli'
I Of ��� ;> (tie ���,':���>���������>���
:-,':-..\- ui  ths -.'ii-.'   ituden ���       Lla
lell Ptokwtek     Breach   oi
tcene,    ��M    verj    intra   ���
tumor oi tbe  (.>���...��� ��a .  ,'���.-.' -..-
the   fore   lu   ���   trill)   .Ivalna'. .
���   ihe actor*,  and   he  .a it ���
,,      attended   ���'ll' ,','<'n 1:i1m'11- "ol oalj In reli a
Ot   d:l\s,      V |     s   (ti,-
��� of ll  all
\   i A-i- left yes        ���   .    Vic ���
>   pro    bi - li . num
prominent \ Ictorta people
' ttlon  ���     etter sti        -.u s.
' : w een the tvt 0 elites
it)    !i\.'
Tiii-stltiv. February 18, il)i)8
AA,\    hi
Loo Wiilnrd
... ntlne   social     Iven   b)    the  '���''   rt��_dnriBi ol Hie trial
: Christian Endea\ u  toclet) ai   rauitng -,n- Uw leitlni ol iu<-
home oi   M
in I  Mrs    .ndci'i
A : ivorlti
"Brlllian  i"
of tli.
etiir Bmokers, the
See   Allium   _   iii ,,.
. Ki ar)  Bti eet, S tppc
��� i aw,\ fenced
that le.i
ton ;   all  ell a
��   . ,��� su. ti  ns  to  el I'll   lav III all'���
lltenl    trOttl   Ihr'   aii'ilenre       {'..-
. lies Of Ihr' ladles ,  ���I'lV.a'iir   ������'    ��  II
lt��r  character Oi the drea��    of   the
, i k>d to the minutest detail      rhe
ri'iiderlna was large!)  uttendrHi
In  Iti,-  i|l?ltBlttiMI  an.l  u'ft    ��� -."���-���-.    I   I
i-a-tiiei>r'.i Corned)
The Country
lYii fo
a lunch basket, containing plates,
knives and other articles, was found
about i week ago outside t. j, Trapp.
store. Nn claimant having arrived
the basket was yesterday turned over
to the police, where it oan be had by
tli" ovs ner.
For cut  flowers, Douquel
era!   designs   telephone  T
Son, B. 208.
i   or tun-
Da vies   *.
Edward Ba) Qel I. K, C . of Prince
Edward island, accompanied by -Mrs
Bayfield  and   Miss  Bayfield,  are  the
-nests    of     Mr. .-mil     Mrs.   W.   (J.   Mr-
Quarrle for a few days    Mr. Bayfield
Is greatly Impressed with Now West   trlct
minster as a ri sidi nihil clt).
\ reward <'f fifty dollars Is ottered
for Information thai wlll lead to the
' oitvlction of the ; art) or parties re
,'kusi.>;.��� for the breaking of thta
is In tire alarm box 9, Fifth avenue
.md 'I'weirtii Btrci' Tampering with
lire alarm boxes is an offence punish
able b) a heav) line or Imprisonment,
\ lecture will be given In the Blue
Mountain school, North road, on Tuot.
day evening, i si h inst, at B o'clock,
j Rev. B, ll. West, ol Vanoohver
Mr. West wlll lecture on the lite of
st, Paul, a collection will be I ikon
in help purchase hooks for a library
fnr  the  Sunday  school   of     thai   ills-
, ,'tv. tMV .  ���
11,m\   on   tullr
_n,l i\ rill
�� �����������������������������������������������#������������#���'.   I.................AAA.... AAA A
J. II. Hrownlee. ('. K���
a rugby game will   be   played   on
Dominion un i  Moody square this afternoon between
1000 yards Embroidery, fine edges,  and   wide  qualifies at  one-third
I -; than regular   4c  and 9:
- - _:��_ ��_!__ j__ H____-v.
^���������������������������aaaeaaaea t^**^^**^** ���+���?
51 Acres at
Coquitlam Junction
Price, .$50 an acre on easy terms.    Adjoining land
is sold for $100 an acre.
Investigate this.
11. ('. land surveyor, has opened an ol
flee in the Guichon block. Phone 33S. ���
A meeting of the river Improvement
committee was held yesterday afternoon wnen the expert engineer, J,
Francis U> Baron, engaged to report
on the best scheme for deepening the
channel to the gulf, presented his report. The document, a book of some
twenty-six typewritten pages of foolscap, was discussed with the engineer,
and a number of questions propounded finest In western Canada. Imported
by the members  of   the   oommitttee  cigars, cigarette* and tobaoco.   l>>m-
were answered by him. lnlon Trust, block. ������
Fine modern residence, on cornor Circulars huvc been received by the
lot, close in. for sale ut a bargain;,,u��ers of telephones In the city fromi
four rooms, parity, etc., down stairs, Q. H- Halse, wcretary-treaeurer of
five bedrooms, etc., up stairs; posses- the 6. C. Telephone company, an :
sion by May 10. Look this up without flouncing the Inauguration of a direct I
delay.   Abbott & Hyde. ��� *��� service between this city, Vancouver,
victoria and North Vancouver, 'He-
central should be asked for "long dl* ,
tance" and the rip' rator should ba In
Conned r;t thr- number dwirad, vfhen
It will be given direct without calling
the central In the city called 'i br:
result is thai a muc i Ca iter aervlcs If
being given, del i. - na urrlng only
when the line Is occui i id,
it bad bei ii axpected thai I it Hapl
-;. i ..    oi, ei   ii- .M  would  have m��
Che We itmlnster oh ven oa the   fool
ball ground th) i afternoon, but ��� < ��
munlcatlon  i ��� > tbe aecretary recr
last s     l   itati ��� thai thay ira ufl
lo   roliH-       TlH'1''    Wlll   he      II      l.ri.i  '
in uauii', however, In anv event and 11
h   all i robabllity ll wlll be wiim a ti I a
from the dipper   dredge,    who bar*
promised to play   Tha game w II ha
g   on   Moody   '������ in io-  and   will   r-oiiin,' ii
at :: o'cloflk    'I he Weal tilnator < Itt^
Come to the Big Furniture Store
For Estimates On
Price* to Bull ifour Pocket Booh    Call and Inauwl
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
TEL.    /I
OUI'ilN 1   Ml Ot.K
COl.UMniA    H1lll.lt.       Nl W   Wl.til MINnl rtl.   H    I
the Westminster leant and a Bewitch
team rrom Vancouver,   The game wlll
commence al it o'clock,   The following
be tlie line-up for the locals;   Watson |
full back;  Russell, Sutherland, Houll !
three-quarters;  Davis   ami    Fletohsi', |
iive-oighths; Stewart,   half;    Morrl* I
wing   forward;    Motherwell,    Peela j
Leamy,  Harrison, Lambert,  Bll-dwu|i��
ami Hanisay, forward*.
Chapman's   billiard  and   i*xil room;
r >
|| Public Supply Stores ;
Geo. Adams, Proprietor
Columbia   8tr-nt.
Nltvw    Wnalnilnalni',   H    ''���
PhoriB   qj
Owing to thr' Indisposition or   the
Rev.   A   ShildrlCk,  Of    Holy    Trinity
Increase Your Appetite
A   ��oorl  ippetlli'   1(1  It  hrdin   lirrl. to lm il��ap|n��rl, Imi  If your p.Idle rr>
qulrW a little humoring try a bottia of ollvoa   Ihould r_u __f-a_y
im acquainted with iiiiw appetising dellwoy out atook of   -Uvsi   in
r-iiiiiiiirrtc ami wotiVi wnt.lufy t,h�� inoBt MsaoUna,
Wri IwiVH Jiml rnef'lvnil a larnir ImportMllrrri of ttM rdinleoBl nelneled
Queen Olives and In order to liilrorliien IMs hrnttrl Iri Ih- prrlilii we
an- 'ifl'.-11u�� ili��in nt. firle��m tlmt. will n.pi����>al '��> nil BOOflflfflliefs
PROM 1 5c per bottle, and upwards
according to ��*���*����
���   Haa   Brushes.
tave ��pl< iriid ���-.' ���'���    d       'i
Prei''. Bt urhe . rangin.
es fr ..-I. 35 cent* tr, 14.0') e
The    are on display in om  show
win .. ������     We hava   anothei
rock ordered aud are -nx ous W ,   .   , . ,    .      ���
triiim win ba aalected rroni (Oa foil ���*
g our present stock,   li--    '���   ^  _______���
Hair Brushes w. havr- an ��� Tea* for VUna! Anrfwiea*.
variety of T'xith, Hand,    C - ���>���
_ather and    Rata Brush'-*,    all
g ��� : relnei    New Bet dn nr
S���M*'<f-r^.������t.'^���������- M**mf**At*m***1imAmj*f]
m*A...-��...������ .. .... �����-��� ,^��� -..., ���' .���������� -. ����. '��� ��������� -~
**��. ���,1 .. ���.....,   ^...^.1       , .. ..... ...��M ^ ������< .���'. .' '*"��� *���>��� *_��
.....       |> ..������������.'* ���' **_
. ^ >.,.,   '..... I
270 c��l>��m-ia St.      NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone 307
���HI-      *km* 4mn
*>������*���"  ��-4  MOM ttkt "-��l*M     ~ *\*n H M ********  *���  ����'*  ���"�����  **
******* ****** tmikm lo-msl*��wtl*iH-H�� *****  If ��M *<**>���-���*   <<�� . ***���**$*���
m**���*>.f ..���.. *****-> ������ a naa-a-wg pm **t -e **-**** ���* <****%
W.  QIFFORD. Optician. Columbia  %\.
| Websdale & Hardwick
Builders and
All kinds of carpenters work. General repairs and altera; ions. Estimates free for all kinds of frame
buildings. Shacks built on the short-
6st notice
r.W.M-����h,r��.efOtt����a.lncharQ*|_    Q    _^  ^    office   St.  Andraws
Street, between 3th snd 9th St.
Drag, Spectacle I Seed Store
IF i"JU SHOULD DIE JC^f ������-���
"Pr>       1
^V   1
#M;. 1
* ��vj��.T��r f
if' _r_T '    ��� ��� 3
V fr?*-;*M 1
* i  ���_ '��     41
ti t,��_ ���  '      < ������ ���   ���������
:   rV,fc   :*;\";
*, Wt r_r1'��mS^- * i"'
r . __W  ,.       *'   **���  ������ tfi
'_��^W_VfB' 1
;. "''v*'_ m,
U . ,t   �� fr*"h
J:   ��,l,   .f I''*:,
F'   .TL'.'Milii-. "���"*' ��� ' ' '
& rS.
. ,'���
' i''^*VM*1f^i*
V A_T3l�� i
of ths Optical Pap-ftjpftnt. ��'V . ,)���
���: IT-
i �� i .    ,w ii   * M
-     ���       . ' .       ,
��l > i '   i  ".,
.  -l�� .. '     It I
-<������..- t
I ���"��#�����*,; ������
r   ll
.    ���>
"'   *_
''.,������'"��� -,"-" i't\V> '
��� ���?'   -   Vwl'ii
���{;**& jfe**.
' '^L'��^jK( '
' '     ��      ��� , i*  i>      '   '
��� " .-'���%'���������'��� m- _���������
^   ;%_-�����%��� ill!
'"   l*V'*��Ni
���v,   ��������'/' v_-i_p
.M: ���;" :��..Wr,
J ."��� i .�����*. r''<t.'
-, ������ ���('-'.v.*i;^ii'';,
_ "    .   J. '  -  .tl'"  ��,: - i';i,l>
��-s    ���     -^    la*1.1
,ri**|N'i*',,'.V ����'.�����
i.T *���������$___& '^V^ffjl,
�����%ar.5"ijr. <jj
i:'--:'S_",'ii 4
; ;��� S*Hr '"K-'k
%   . t��_   '     ' : - if":-'i
'<��� ���.��*, Ay    *,.   ���
J**1,-!   JV   l��_t
���i '!   *
������"I ���>-:1"' S'!1''"-.
t ^f��t.��
���H*.-.. ��� 'ST'-::*���'_��� "*�����_)
-���,..' ^i%,t<\*>,!*i*
;k ^.**  i_ -Hfr' ������������',
'��� u-i . *���% -, ij rfftl*'
a_it.'. "i' ��� *'r .*��i.
���     ��� ' ^S%1"*__. '���':
���    ��T'^ ^fUR   i
Saloons   Close
By Order at
Seattle, Feb. 14.���A special cable to
the Post-Intelligencer from Fair. auks.
Alaska, says: Marshal Perry yr-ster-
daj received the following fixmi the
department of justice: "Military fore i
��rdere<l to Fairbanks. Meantime you1
duty is to protect law-abiding citizens
without tenderness to law-breakers.
Department expects you to use all
necessary energy to preserve order
and arrest leaders in any attempt at
intimidation. Those molesting Russians must be arrested, using suc'i
force as necessary to accomplish purpose.
(Signed) BONAPARTE."
Everything was quiet yesterday.
Special deputies were organized into
bands of ten under captains. Saloons
.are still closed, but may he allowed to
re-open today if good order continues.
Men arriving yesterday report no mo-
lestatiin on the trail. The chamber
of commerce and the Arctic Brotherhood have officially expressed approval of the president's action in ordering troops to Tanana.
Until Saturday (15th), only, a reduction
��� of 10 per cent, on all our new
The White House
275 Columbia Street
McQUARRIE   &   coj
Real Estate Brokers Insurance Agents    Financial Agent,
PROMT ST.    Phone 333 FRONT ST.    Phone 333 FRONT ST.
Phone jl
160 acres  lest 3i_ frrr new railway,      Full Blzed i.
NINE  LOTS 011   Brun-    Township I, Sec. ll; all bottom land,; of Regina i
ette and Distillery streets, : ^" ^ass,        '���< ^ ���*l farm^
���   .'.
avenues, west  <
40  ftcreH ander-dralned,    ditched all   $400;  half
bappettOn,     $lbU>U J      nail     round and ., U(,.,i around and through
cash, balance terms. ������ '-'������" ^u^>   b:irn 40x7
18t Prial
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
centre;    5 room house;
sufficient fei i for about 3D0 head of
Lots 2, ::, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, ii, i-y  stoci;.   Price $8000; terms one-third
16, 17, is, 19, 20, 2S, 66, 71, 72. 7;i, 7-1  cagjj  ,,.,.  ,,,    ,    purchaser.   One mile
aud 77 of subdivision 3, in suburban Lrom' gtation on new car Hue.
block  14, Sapperton;   prices  ranging
from $125 to $200.
4   Lots
13th street.   |u
Sapperton; 5 n .
a Greal Jumper l�� Thin Strange  Lll-
lle gnotted .luvfsle Cat.        '
One of tho most Interesting anlmali
of the new wurld and yet one of which
little seems to be written, even by
sportsmen who have spent much time
lu Mexico aud the Central American
States, is tiui o.elot, the strange little
spotted pat of the dense jungles of
tropical parts of the two Americas.
They are not nearly so heavy as the
average lynx of the eastern woods and
are infinitely lighter on their feet
They run with the greatest agilily up
ami down the almost perpendicular
trunk.'* of tries and follow a crippled
bird out ou limbs too Blender, it would
seem, to bear the weight of the parrot, let alone the cat. Parrots are tin
ocelot's principal food, anil their hunt
lug Is done almost altogether by day.
Though, like nil the cat tribe, they are
thoroughly at borne iu the blackest
The parrots which they hunt fro
qui n( the thickest of forests, coining
to the ground only in the rare opea
spaces .".nil along the banks of the
many small streams where they drint.
In order to follow I hem it is necessary
that the ocelots be great jumpers, nnd
so tbgy are. When 1 was following
the bounds through the southern Call
fornia hills after wildcats und an oc-
easlonal mountain lion I was wont t.
say that the latter was the greatest
Jumper on earth, The ocelot has an;
mountain lion lhat ever walked beaten
a block, length for length and weigh*
for weight.���Forest anil Stream.
Manufacturer* and Dealer* in All Kind* ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
ri roiiin house on Hamilton street,
all modern improvements- One lot
from car line; lot 00x132- P:-��k#400,
1 Lot 22, block 13, between Mrs.
Hoffards an.l Thomson house, Carnarvon street; full size $1600.
shr-d and   I  i,���
shed.    $1000 each,
ance easy.
' be.
ca>li, tal
77.58  ACHlOrf,
Ploughed and
' laKi3|
��� .'nd dvkpi. .. I
160 ACRES about two  miles  from & 14 gect_ B_   |7g . :��� |
$600   cash, balance   in   numth^ pay-   Aldergrovj; station,   30   acres   cleared (cash, one-third :: ;,, .
and partly  fenced,  good  house,  ham ! months. I
and stable.   Price $16 per acre; $1760
cash, balance to be arranged. ^UIf- u"xB2. '     -     -'i Avenu_I
, 4   lots   cleared,     : .,,���, _    .    s
l%ACRBS,Block9,Lot.N'o.2,Dis,.. ^^^
Lot 8; south side of the river, near  __,M Mnn  ,  -'��chi.,,|
S room house, all modern improve
ments, full sized lot, Sherwood street
Sapperton. Price $2700. $1000 casb
balance on time.
:;>2  acres land next to Royal Oak | bridge.    $300;   half cash.
h itel, has been cultivated, not a
stump on it, now in grass, 28 bearing fruit trees, all kinds, sufficient
lumber to build good large barn, a-
room bouse and barn and large chicken house for about 250 chickens;
good well; near to school and tram;
all fenced. Price $3500-. Terms $1500
ash, $1000 in April and $1000 April
following, or $3400 cash.
1 Lot 66xM2 ft., S. V4 'of 8, lane at
back, 3rd and Queen's avenue. Price
$1250; half cash. bal. 6 months.
Block corner of Fourth avenue and
Thirteenth street 88x132 only $800, a
splendid investment.
Lot   20,   block    U   facing    English [S
church, next lot to brid_e, Carnarvon 1%,
street;  price $050.
100 acres less right of way about 8
acres for railway; 25 acres stum; 1 I
16 acres roughly cleared and fenced;
1 1-2 story house 18x28, lean too 1 1x28
2   LOTS.   '132x132,  N -W
10th Street   and    St. Andrews
$1050; half cash.
price $1500, $1	
C ACRES good li
rDP,-i^Lot iU'eom;,!::.;^;;.^
and  Brunette  road,   so.th -. ,   ,
Roomed   house;   pari r, dining rooa
2 lots on Sth St. between    5th and ' kitchen and thr., .       . .'.,"'
6th Ave. on east side; full sized, Gtlxied; conservator-'. 30 or to teet to
132; Nos. 9 and 12. Price $1000 for heated by pipes; we Stable;^
both, half cash, balance easy. 15   bearing fruit   ti        consldentUil
, ��� ,,���������.������ J stock ready to planl out; 2 skepbea;
J 6 acres cleared, ligl ���  timber on.!
::   malning acre;    all (ei    i;   :, Z
: j from school.   Price $3000; hall e_i
bal, in 0 months al  ,' ; er cent.
Block, corner of Auckland _ I Hli Si. and Royal Ave., almost an acre.
1  Lot 8SxlC2, 4th a. qui
' $800  cash.
1 Sti
and  lean  too  10x22
lean  too
barn 30x3
100 acres, 2 miles from city.
JtO per acre
Two lota on ISth street, between  7th and  Sth avenues.
houses  corner of
3 LOTS, 5, 6 & ;. full sited ii||
cleared, upper side of 5th Avenue,1>e.
tween 1st and 2n '. Streets, Price 1500
-I LOTS. 2 lots from 1st Street _|l|
j Oth Avenue on south side, No, oJ,S|
'37 & 38, full size. Price $1100 for tin I
four, or $300 each; half casb.
Double tenement house, 4th Ave,
1st atul 2nd St.; 1 I P ��� $1,700;
cash half and half in 6 months at!i
New Wellington
Merrival    and
xl-l;   granary   10x16;  .twolAgnes;   full sized lot;    city block 81,
,    ,��� ,��� lol   11:    oue bouse rents for $25, the
chicken houses, each    10x12;    wagon  o!hpr '$1(J.   ������.,,   .u,s(,.i  an,,   ai, con.
shed 20x30;  small milk house, small n{.cted    wjtn    sewers.      Price $3,500. Rents tor"$10 eacb te
orchard, all kinds of fruit   65 bearing Cash $2,000,    balance in 6, 12 and 18
fruit trees; natural spring well. Price months at 7 %. ;    40 acres '._ section 11, M. M, olUI
_������.���    _���. .... of 1 n. 2, about 3 miles no;. .nd.eol I
$0000;   $2000 cash, balance easily ar- |     Lots  14   and   15 or  1  of 0    of    ,��1   Haworth road, Surrey;   house 18_U
Kanged at 7 per cent. 1 (cleared.)   Price $500; for the two, 1-2  li_ storey house, 3 rooms finished,��|
Full sized lot on Third street, be-  cash, balance 6 months at 7 per cent. ��j.her 3 can be added upstairs; sod
_, , __. n .._���..! shack;   l'_   acres  clr-irej auj seeded I
Lot 11 on Sberhrook street of 11 of  w.th clover, red; fairly easily cleueffl
One   mile  from  shingle mill.   PriJi
$1.200;.   terms  half I
months at 7 %.
tween Royal and Queens avenue east
side, new house;  $1400.
Two lots, block 34, lot 9, $1000 each.
j 3, cleared.   Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, 6 mouths at 7 per cent.
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
A  Sun   of  Grrnt   Size  That   In   ��*rv*t-
gllnj. For Elxlsieit.e,
For the greater part of the time the
Variable Mini, which has been known
to astronomers for 300 years, is altogether unnotlceable and Indeed Invisible, except with telescopes. It once
disappeared entirely for a period of
four years, but afterward attained extraordinary splendor, only to fad*
again to Invisibility. It is a sun of
great size, brighter than our sun when
H shines nt its brightest, but some
trouble,. some Rolar disease, seems to
be sapping its vitality, and It rest-m-
Mes a patient almost at the last gasp.
Once In about 331 days���but the period Is irregular���lt has a sudden accession of energy and flares up for a
little while with several hundredfold
brilliancy only to sink back into a
doll red point that nearly escapes tha
ken of the telescope. One Interesting
explanation that has been suggested
ls ih.-if the nrface of Mira periodically bursts into a vast flame of burning
hydrogen, so greal and powerful that
it ls visible across millions of milllobn
of miles of space. It Is a star for the
Imagination of a Dante, yet there is
reason to believe that the time Is
coming when every star In the Rkt
not excepting the sun, will have ta
confront a similar struggle for existence, Just iiR every mortal being must
some time see death. Garrett P, Ser-
vlss ln New Yonk American.
How It Sl-ark Tl.r.
"You seemed greatly Impressed."
the minister, "with my description of
how they brought the head of John the
Baptist before tbe king on a salver."
"Yes." sighed Mrs. fie Style; "I was
thinking how much better they train-
rd servants In those days. Now, mine,
when they bring me things, are forever
forgetting the salver."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
A    r��ur_    Wil-.
First   Author���Oh,   U>e   unutterable
monotony  of existence!    I  am  thor-
enghly disgusted with It all.    Would J
that I might completely disappear for i
awhile.    Second   Author���Then    why I
don't you marry a famous womanV-
II<-r Mnnrnlng.
Maud���Why   Is   that   lady   over  th*
WM always In black?    Is ahf mourn- ,
Wg for any oue:-    Bess- Yes, 8 bus I
baud   Maud���1 didn't know she'd been !
married.   BeBs���Nc\ bnt she's mourn-
fnir fo? n husband .11 the same, i
We  Rely Too  Much  on the  Protection
of Our Houses.
Houses were made for shelter, not
for confinement: f;>r freedom, not restraint. They were intended to enlarge
our sphere of activities, uot to diminish them.
They foster tbe family and make
progress possible, but we should not
abuse their protection. We have crawl
ed away into their still and comfortable recesses, slept In their dry. clean
chambers, toasted ourselves over their
Sheltered fires, read by their unflioker-
ing lights and eaten from their bountiful Iinards so long that we are grown
pale, timid, peevish and thankless
We have kept ourselves away from
the wind and the sun and the lashing
rain, from the feel of the earth underfoot ami the sense of rhe leaves and
stars overhead until w* no longer know
the keen and simple Joys of being
alive. We have set up barriers against
the Inclemency of nature and cowered
before her severe austgrlty until uow
we have forgotten how Indispensable
Is all her kindly nurture., how tonic her
rugged ways, how full of solace her
assuaging calm.
Houses were only guide to live In
when It Is too cold ox too hot or toe
wet to live out of doors Any other time
out of doors la best. X�� sleep out of
troors for a month ls better than a trip
to Europe. - Bliss Carman In Cram
The Koran says all flies shall perish
with the exception of one, the bee fly.
It Is regarded us a death warning In
Germany to hear u cricket's cry in the
The Taptiya Indians of South Amerl
ca assert Ihul the devil assumes the
shape of a fly.
The grasshoppers are said to forewarn people in Germany of the visits
of strange guests.
- ���.. ���,. ��� ..i��� r_.4 i:i it.. .,_;.,-_tll -.���,,
tury thought that spiders Indicated tbi
existence of gold wherever they were
In abundance.
Although a sacred Insect among th.
���gyptians, the beetle receives little notice In folklore. It Is unlucky In Eng
land to kill one.
The ancients believed that there was
a Close connection between bees anr*.
tin' soul. An old Welsh tradition Is
that bees came from paradise, leaving
the g.rtlon v.-lr-n man foil, but WltO
(lod'a blesalug. si that tlie wax |. �������
essary In t'.i��.c_:e' r.-ivi of the mass. ���
Why is "0" tlie noisiest of all the
; rowels ? Because you can't make a
! horrid, loud noise without it, while
! all the others are inaudible.
Why can you never expect a lish-
I monger to be generous? Because
j his business makes him sell fish.
Why would an owl be offended at
your calling him a pheasant? Because you would be making game 0'
What is that which is black
white and red all over, which shows
?ome people to be green and make;
others Jook black and blue? _
Wonderful  Forethought.
The habit of companies which in
sure  against,   accidents   tu  compel
i their patrons to resort to the courts
to recover in case of injury was the
occasion of this singular thought-
fulness, told by the president  of a
i large accident company: "Some
time ago," he said, "a large policy
holder in ray company was run over
by a trolley car and bis right leg
painfully crushed, lie remained
conscious after the shock for three
minutes, during which time he pulled out his watch and called the attention of the crowd to the fact
that it was just fifteen minutes ot'
12. His policy expired at noon, and
his foresight was rewarded by the
immediate payment of his weekly
indemnity without controversy or
Ancient Coffins.
The coffins of the ancient Rgyp-
tians .were made of marble and
stone. The Unmans used similar
receptacles for their dead, and Alexander the (Ireat is said to have
been buried in a coffin of solid go](j.
[n parts of England glass coffins
have been found. The Athenian
heroes were buried in coffins made
of cedar, owing to its aromatic and
incorruptible qualities, while the
first record of wooden coffins in
England dates back to the days of
King Arthur. Tbii monarch was
lupposed to have been buried in the
hollowed trunk of a gigantic nak
tree. Patent coffins were invented
in 17-0, und metallic air tigtit co/-
fin. were aJvertised at Birmingham
in J8T1.  ....  .
18, 24, 30 MONTHS, AT 6%.
Six lots, 50x130, outside city limits      Westerly 4_ n of 63| Sub. BlodtU
$60  each   lot.     Fuller   particulars on 132x132 corner 100 feet square; tn
enquiry. houses drawing $28 per monti. Priti
$5,000, half cash, balance in tl and 111
HOUSE and LOT months.
Centrally  located in a commmanding
160  S.E.   14 of Section 26, Distil
situation;   Third   avenue,  at   foot   ��t : 10 acres,jiartly cleared; Kanaka crM
I Fifth street.   Two and one half-storey   running through; good road; i>iif--li
I house.   Ton rooms (recently papered) -north   of   Webster's corner;   st*
1 Al,  modern  conveniences;     hot   and  "ufft ��5^0-?.��1
  cold   water,  bath,   flush   closet,  lava- 4  rnlies    from    Port    Haney.   Pri��
House and cottage on Columbia st��� 1 toI'-v-   ele('tric   "Snt:   "ice   ,awn;   10!  **W< terms $1,100 cash, ;;nance-
86x132, with lane In rear;  part of lot   ranged.
set out with fruit trees.   Price $2,750.,    Large lot and Iwa cottages on ft I
$1,500 cash, balance arranged. ! lumbia street, Sapperton.   Beth rent*!
house rents for $26, cottage for $12,;
$5,000, easy terms.
27% acres of the best soil, 10 acres
cleared, under cultivation; 200 young
fruit trees, just comencing to bear;
new house, 1% storey, 5 rooms; hen
houses, in good order; some acres
planted with wheat, oats and potatoes.
160 acres ou the Scott road, 15 acres | at 110 each,
cleared;   bam  50 x 30;   stables, etc.; j     -__ a_d one.half gtorey ttomjfl
splendid soil; only $30 per acre. $1,000 N-j,   8lze  ]ot>  gltuaU,(1 nortlj side ol
casn, balance easy. ; RoyJ_ ______ __d _ornt.r ���, McK||
Part of lot 369, Joins Lake Commur,  street;  9 rooms;  bath room, hot anS
Water from nearby spring.      Balance- j about   70   acres,   only   $25   per   acre
Half cash.    Jump.
cold  water, closet;  woodshed; .0
Price $1il
bearlg  fruit trees;   streets on tbw
of property easily cleared. Price
$4,700; $2500 cash, balance 6
and 12 months.
This property Is only v2 rnile from   4 lots cleared without a stump; small
tram  line.   Over two hundred chick-  house,  chicken    house,    175    choice and 3rd Ave., second lot from Que*1'
ens and ducks could be sold with the I chickens; horse and rig;  $1500 cash.  Ave.;    52x122 feet; all cleared: '.���'
7 lots Nos. SI to 86 and 95, 95 faces , "de8;   flne  v1ew
on 8th avenue, next to Gunns ranch,, c**n-
Lot facing 2nd St., between Queem
property at a snap.
1 1-2 acres, more or
less, in block, corner of llth Street and
Royal avenue, invaluable for industrial site,
$4,500. One half cash,
balance to be arranged.
Subdivision of lot 46, block 6, comprising some of the finest residential
sites in the city for sale exclusively
by us. This magnificent property ls
situated on the comers of Fourth avenue,    First    street    (facing   Queen's
Lots 16, 17 and 2d of 11 of 3. Price
$500 for three or $175 each; 1-2 cash
''alunce C months at 7 per cent.
Ful! sized lot on Royal avenue, between Fourth and Merrivale; all cleared. $1,200, |800 cash
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
of Gilley road. $225 iter acre. Acreage- is selling fast at this price.
No. 308.���8-roomed  House,   with  bath
room,  etc.;   Agnes  St.     $2,500;   1.
cash, balance 3 and 6 mos. at 7 %,
No.  306.���9-roomed  house,  with   batb
room, corner of Oth and Agnes St.
Price $4,000; terms V. cash, balance
3 and 6 months at 7 %.
No.   310.���9-roomed   House   and   hath
room,  Agnes   St.   $3,000;   1/2   cash, | at 7 per cent.
balance 3 and 6 months at 7 %,
alongside and  back.     Price  J*
half cash, balance easy al "  .
150 acres Improved land, bulldW
and sheds complete, near CloverdtW
all under cultivation, $15,000. Iff*
can handle this, don't delay; lt'"
bargain; terms can be arranged
BTFor the above tour propertlesi
special price will be mad.' to "'lf &
House 30x42, 4th Bt., betweea Jg
and 5th Ave.; 2 single and ' JouW
bedrooms upstairs, and bath r1HJ
down stairs; parlor, dining room,**
chen and pantry. Full sized W *
ning back to Ash St.   Price Vf
$1,500 cask, balance at $500 P-
park-   and  Emory  street, comprising No.   312.���8-roomed   House   and   bath
(in, all ten 33x120 foot lots facing on
Three ful sized lots on Fin- a'8".
First street at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing Fourth avenue and
First street, held at $1000); two lots
on Fourth avenue, 42 1-2x120, at $600
per lot; four lots, 52 1-2x85, $450;
five lots, $400. Call at our office on
Front street and Inspect plans.
House,   full   sized   lot,   on   Keary
north side between First and ^
room, Agnes St.     Price $2,500;   u   street8   N#   5_ 6 and 7.   ?^re
cash, balance 3 and 6 mos. at 7 %,  j each or |noo for tte three.
160 acres, Westminster district, 401 . djj
acres under cultivation, 10 acres er j    FuI1 Bized ,ot- norlh *      , mrf
chard,   %   acre   strawberries   planted IiIton street between Sixth .i"'1
this year; alder bottom land; running j Btr^<B; 1236-
spring; house IS x 22; frame barn 30
x 32;   14-post   frame house   and   co*
28  acres on
$160 an acre    FOR   A   FEW
Mara road, M
stables, three In all, stable S cows and , 0NLY_   0ne.quarter cash.   balan��
street. Sapperton;   rents for $10  per j "J?** h<�����es; near Mission Station; L-j 2 years at - %
...J    ��_?- .4ama I schools,    churches    near    at    hand; B0���tl
steamer lands twice a day; about 100      1 lot No. 24 on 13th. stres    "1
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been | side of 4th avenue.   PrWi- $2����
logged;  $2,000   refused  for   standing
month.   Only $1,05O.
10 acres In sec. 32. Timber, fir, cedar and alder. Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full particulars.
Lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th
street and 8th avenue; 2 corner lota
$250; 4 lnaide lots $200 each. Price
|$so. each.   Single lots at cash.   .
timber; carriage house 16 x 24;  hen UfgyJ- ^J^}^
house made of hewed timber laid in .cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 month!
mortar, 12 x 30.   A chance of a life-I        ' ' ���'  ,  .1 ]., H
time, $9,000; $4,000 cash, balance at �� |- * 1,,,B on Kifth -S-tree-~- -ih.����"
per ceat
I Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13.     $360 e,
caeh, balance �� aaoiths at T
\ URDAY, FEB. 15,
of    Canadian     North-West
Homestead   Regulations.
e en numbered, section of Do-|
In  Manitoba,  Saskatch- j
.'. ��� rta, excepting 8 and 26,
1. may be boniestr-aded by
i is the sole head of a
.,.,..   male over 18 years of
[tent of one-quarter sec-
I,       acre8, more or less.
for   entry     must .  ne '
on   bj   the  applicant at
bands Agency    or   s_b-
... district iu  which the
e,    Entry by proxy may, j
made at an agency on !
. ntlons by the father, moth- j
ighter, brother or sister of
teader is rejulred to per-
.estead duties under ono|month
owlng plM"' fed at. New Westminster will be good
v h ,.st six months' residenc. | anrt g_ffl-ient servU.��� thereof.
iltivatlon of the land in j     Dated at  the Land Registry offlc.
New   Westminster   Province  of  Brif-
Ish Columbia, .this 29th day of August,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.!
��� ritich Columbia Toast Lin*
B.  C.  Co3*t  Line Service.
S.S   Pr.ncess   May.
''���   J*    ttaj     leaves    Vani ouver
'���'���      - '       --'   .M-irch  I,  14  and  24  and
April I
S S    Princess   Victoria
TAKE ITICE that application has
been tnadr to register Margaret Don-
bi(-' as th :- [n Fee Simple, und r
a T;>. . ... ,i from S. A. Fletcher,,
to Mai-net Dobble, bearing date the
1st day of December, A. D. 1902, ol
all and singular that certain parcel or
tract of land and premises situate, lying and bei ig in the District of New
Westminste . In the Province oT British Colum '-i a,more particularly knows
and descrl .������: as Lots IS to 25, inclusive, Block i, being parts of south- Leaves Vacouver 1:30 p. m- daily;
west of Section 2, Township 16.        [arrive.  ,-. Victoria _-.;;o p. m. daily.
You  and each of you  are required      Leaves yictorla 1 a. m. daily;    arte contest the claim of the tax pur-   :v"s Vancouver 3 a. m.
chaser within forty-five days from the VICTORIA-SEATTLE   ROUTE,
date  of  the   first   publication  of this S.S.  Princess  Beatrice,
notice   upon   you.    otherwise   I  shall      Lea.-. Victoria 8:30 a. in. dally ex-
register Margaret   Dobbie   as  ownerU*Pt Monday;    arrives Seattle 2:30 p.
thereof in  fee.   And  1 hereby direct   ln   dall;   except Monday.
thai publication of this notice for one      L*avi    S tattle 11:30 p. m. daily ex-
a  daily newspaper publish-  eep'  Monday;  arlrves Victoria " a.n.
tally ex      I   Tuesday.
p Health
E.W.GILLETT ��.*�����#_
I  cultivation of the land  In i
>,,,:  for three years.
\        . steader may, if he so j
required   rosi-
i   by   living  on"   farming
olely   hy   him,   not less
130)   acres  In  extent,  in
j  of his homestead.   Joint I
,       ,   a land  will not meet this
li ���
father (or ntother, if the
i;i ea ed) of a homesteader |
ij. ;  residence on  farming1
!    oil ly  by  him,   uot less
'M   acres   In  extent,   in
fio of the homestead, or up-j
estead  eutered  for by him
A.  D,  1907.
C.   S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
To Benjamin Douglas, Esq.
ter and Solicitor. Chambers, Canadian Bank of Commerce
building \\,.v.- Westminster, P. C.
t3rs and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street,   New    Westminster.  P-!|>
\v. ,i.
hlteside, II. L. Edmonds,
licitor,   etc.,     42   Lome   Street,
��,      . .ity, such homesteader may j opposite Court House, New Westmin-
; .. 9 own residence duties by ! ster. ��� Phone 143.
v.. ii the father  (or mother).     I	
��� '. nn "vicinity" in the two
Mng paragraphs is defined as
ling not more than nine miles in
feet line, exclusive op the width
ia 1 ,t lowances crossed in the
fin   n< nt,
A   homesteader   Intending    to
residence   duties   in   ac-
anci  with the above while living
parents or on farming land own-
b elf must notify the agent
|fa       trlct of suclt Intention.
months' notice in writing must
liven to the Commissioner of Do-
0.1 I. nds at Ottawa, of intention
pi;  ;  :  patent.
\V.  VV.  CORY.
|ty uf the Minister of the Interior.
B.���Unauthorized  publication ut
advertisement  will   not  be  paid
SS   Tees
Leaves Victoria n p.m. 1st and 14th
ol each month for Clayoquot, Mosqul-
' / H irbo 'and way ports;   Tth of each
.'  mth   for  Quatsino and   way   ports;
20th of each month for Ahcuset, Quat-
jsino, Cape Scott and way ports.
S. 8. .loan
Leave.-. Vancouver i:30 p-m. daily,
except Sunday. Friday and Saturday
leaves ar. 1 p.m. Leaves Nanaimo at
7 a. m.
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed.. Frl.. 7 a.m
S. S. Transfer.
Steamer Transfer leaves New West-I
| minster Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
; Thursday,  Friday and  Saturday at 2
Additional trip Monday 5 a.m.
the ui
be :���
-ED TENDERS    .nidi, ssed    t i
ierslgned, marked on the    en-
Tender for Construction." will
red at the office of the Corn-
Leave    Westham    Island    Monday,
.Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday,  Sat-
ARTIN,  WEART  &  McQUARRIELrday a,  - J m     Fri(Jay ��� ., m    Addl.
Barrlstors, solicitors, etc. Offices, | tlonal trl_ S;U,u,,,av ,MVe Ladner at
New Westminster, Trapp Blk. corner
Clarckson and  Lome  strets. Vancou-]
ver, rooms 21, 24, 445 Granville street,,
roseph Martin, K. C, J. W. Weart, W
'..  McQuarrie,   H.  A.     Bourn,-.      Mr.
Martin  wil  be in    tlie    Westminster
offici - every Friday afternoon.
a p.m.
S.S.  Amur.
From Victoria Ll p.m., 1st and loth;
from    Vancouver    at    8    0- m.,  2nd
missioners of the Transcontinental
Railway, at Ottawa, until twelve
o'clock noon of Tuesday, the LOth lay
of M :i. 1908, for the work required
for the construction, In accordance
i with the plans, profiles and specifications of the Commissioners, of the following, sections of tlie Transcontinental R illway, viz ;
ll' District 'A.'���From a point design;* ���������! on the plans of the Cora-
mis-, m rs, about the 58th mile west
of Moncton, to the crossing of the In-
tercolonlal railway at ov about mile
97.7, a distance of about 39.7 miles.
(2) District 'A'���From a point designated ou the plans of the Com-
mlssioners, at or about the crossing
of the Intercolonial railway by the
Transcontinental railway at mile 97:7
west of Moncton to the Toblque river,
hall within ten daya after the a,- p   ..,rm .,,- ., ...
cePtai      thereof furnish such    addl- >"��-Ar__.rAr.Y VITALITY.
. security as may be :-���������    asarlb.aakea Can T_k* Plac- Only _m
fiulred  '.- thi Commissioners; sign'he
contra eciflcations,    and   other
documi nts  required to be signed  by
the said Commissioners; and, in any
case of ref sa] or failure on the part
Of tli,' party whose tender is accepted
to   complete   and    execute    the con-
tracl    with    the    said commissioners,
���ind    to furnish    the    additional    approved   sei irlty     within     ten   days
after   the   acceptance of the tend r,
the -said cheque shall be forfeited to
the Commissioners as-liquidated dam-
ages  tor  -ui-li  refusal or failure and
all contracts rights acquired by the acceptance of tin- tender shall be  for-.
felted.    The cheques    deposited    by
parties whose tenders   an-   accepted
will he deposited to the credit of the;
Receiver General of Canada as part of
the  security  for the due and   faithful]
performance of the contract according
tot its  terms.    Cheques deposited  by j
parties whose tender are rejected Willi
be returned within ten days after the
Signing rif the contract.
Attention Is called to the following
' lauses in the form of contract:
"All mechanics, laborers, or other
persons who perform labor for the purposes of the construction of the works
hereby contracted for. shall I e paid
such wages as ar*-generally accepted
as current for competent workmen In
thr- district In which the work is being performed, and if,tltcre is no current rate in such district, then~a fiir
and reasonable rate; and, in the event
of a dispute arising as to what is the
current or a fair and reasonable rate
it shall be determinedjjy the Commissioners, whose decision shall be final.''
Living1 i.li>!����*����.
A moon quake is now u_*!;itikabl-i
because the moon is as dead a^ a door-
nail. Our satellite is "erer forestU-.
owing our own ultimate .loom, like th*
mummy at Egyptian banquets," l.-ut In
the meantime. If the Edinburgh Review has correctly conceived the teachings of seismology. Ihe Inhabitants ol
earth may console themselves for tht
havoc wrought through earthquake!
by reflecting that they demonstrat*
the vitality of our planet. In that distant past when the moon actually
quaked there may- some scientists rl*
Clare ther* must���have been fiirins of
animation on Its Burface. "Though the
moon, by reason of its smaller size,
was bound to lose its atmosphere, i��
must have taken milliofrV of years t��
do so. and there may have been tirn��
for the cycle of life, from the primeval
germ uji to sentient beings and down
again to the hardiest lingering plant
cells, to run its full circle." The writ.!
In the Edinburgh Review continues t>j
develop tin- line of thousjtt:
"Ehrthquukes nre a sign of planetary
vitality.   They   would seem  to be char
aoteristk of the terrestrial phase of
development. Effete globes like, tha
moon can scarcely lip subject to tho
stress to which they are rltie, nor can
they be very suitably r-.instituted fof
tlie propagation of elastic waves. Inchoate worlds, such as Jupiter itB-
ftaturn, are still less likely to be th*
scenes of reverberating concussions
Their materials have not yet ftr-qulred
tlie necessary cohesion. They nre
pasty or Suld, If not partially vaporous On the earth the seismic epoch
pvsuuiablj op,-ne,x when, exterior s��
lldlfication having commenced, the gee
logical ages begasr to run. It will last
so long is peaks crumble and rivers
carry   sediment,  so long  ns  ihe  oreal
G,.uki-i. _. lUARi'i.N, Barrister ano ! ��n second trip
Solicitor,  Oulchon   block,  Coluiu
Mh rVu! McKenzie streets. N'ew West
nnnstoi. B. C
| ind   16th  of  each   month,   calling  at, _t ,���. a,)OUt _.,,_ 165 - ,esg ._. mi,e
| 3kidegate on first trip aud Bella Coola       ()
���u.uice of about 07 miles.
(til District 'A'���From   a   point de-; ���       , .   ,   , ,       ,
RIVERS INLET, VAN ANSA, LUND, i ..      ...        ,,       , . ._   ���        ,   ; Canada, provided the same-can be ob
'   Blgnated on the plans ot the Commls
"This agreement is subject   to the ! distribution   of   loads   fluctuates   and
regulations  now  in  force,  or  which  strains evoke forces adequate for" thell
mav  it anv    time    hereafter    be    in i i'0.,!,s,''on,->_? relief.
maj   at anj    time    nereaiur    ne    in.     ltQw     o|w ^ b_ (t_ e,agtlc���y  kel���
force during the construction of the habltable, The separation of sea from
works hereby contracted for, made un-: Ary lanJ ls tlius ���,���; lK): otherwise
der tlie .authority of the Department of maintained. The alternations of eleva-
Labor. and which are, or shall be, ap-' tlon anil subsidence manifest the eon-
pllcahle to such works." (The schedule i tlnttal activity of this reserve of ea-
of minimum wages determined upon j ergy. The dimensions of the globe wa
by said Department will form part ofl ,nnttbit *ePeml upon the balance of
,, , ��� . . pressure  and  expauslveness.   Relaxa-
the contract.) : :. , .    _    ...      .  ___' _
,,_. ,   ��� : tion or enhancement of either instant-
���The contractor shall in connection; ,_ 0(.c.lsiouH  a he_dIjR  luw(ird or aD
with the whel s of tthe said work, as ( ar,.uIn(I outward of tfte crust, .lust by
far as pr ctlcable, use only material, these sensitive reactions the planet Ifr
machinery, plahT, supplies and rolling i self shows itself to be alive, and sel��-
stock  manufactured  or  produced    In I talc    thrllllngs    are    the    breatiis    it
drawsL'"���Current Literature.
a. MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
and Notary Public, i> iractlce since
, _'J1 at New Westminsier nn. Of
flees removed to Curtis Block, Clark
sod street, opposite Court House.
P.O. Box 1G9.   Telephone 64.
\lr i.oi ice that an application has j
made   to register    M.   \V.  Min-S
lit-  aa   the  owner   in   fee  simple,:
Ir a tax sale deed from thy mayor1
It        ���   of the city of New West-
|ter, (o M. W. Minthorne, bearing.  ._
th day of February A.D.  80ARD c" trade
ol . il and singular that certain
: uf land and premlst s
Ite       ng   and   being   In   the  city
lev Westminster, in the province
p Columbia, more particularly
b |i .-'-rit-ied as:    Suhdlvisl in
v of the middle acre of
louth half of the south  half of
an block 12, map 566.
.- a of you,are required to
I' ��� 'aim of thi- tax purchaser
)        ty five day.  from  the date
11        ' publication of this notice, j
I1        I mail register M. W. Min-;
I An--r thereof In tee.   And [
II eel that publication of this
1 rty days in a daily news-
f        lished at New Westminster
ood   and   sufficient  service
F.  HANSFORD.    Barrister,
Solicitor, etc., Crescent block,
corner      Columbia     and     McKenzie
streets, New Westminster, R. C.
Ni w  Westmin-
Bter Hoard of Trade    meets in the ;
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
S -.)'.  Wednesday of each mouth,
mtartcr'y meetings on the second
\, ��� lu of     Fi iraary,     May,
Vugu and No' eml er, at 8 p. ra.
Annual meetings on tne second
Wednesday of February, New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
n;   itlng.    A. E. White, Sec.
S. S. Queen City.
From Victoria S p.m. every WedncS- f
day. from Vancouver    10   a.m. every
Thursday.   Returning arrives at Van- j
couver Sunday afternoon;  at Victoria
Monday morning, via Ladysmith.
S.S. City of Nanaimo.
Leaves Victoria Tuesday 7 a.m.; arrive. Nanaimo 4 p.m.
Leaves Nanaimo Saturday 2 p. in;
arrives Victoria 9 p. m.
sioners, at or near the Tobique river
For   reservations   and   Information
:ail or address
\.ent   Eew Westminster.
.��st��� Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
'letiernl   Sni.pr'ntendnnt   Victoria
"The Milwaukee" "the northwestern line"
 .and   Rj3gi3try   Offic:'.
ter, province of British
;   this 22nd day of
0. S. KEITH,
District Registrar.
It. Itavne.
���' i ved.Wft- this not ice.
lining through or under
> rsons claiming any bathe said  bind  by   virtue of
b red Instrument, and all
ling  any  interest in  the
descent, whoso title is
:   i under the provisions or
try Act," shall be tori
dl  and rlr barred from sef-
���';-"' to or in respect of
md so sold for taxes as pro-
���      land   Registry   Act."
dbn i-oute
���The Pionrtr Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited".
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
tquipment that ot the Chicago, Mil-
vauket & St. Paul Railway. They
jM, and operate their own sleeping
ind dining cars on all! their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. RO WE.-General Agent.
134 Third St.. err AHrr  Portland. Oi
Canadian Pacific
AMERICA, running thro a Bi I < 'a9s
sleepers, tourist and dlnln >, cai leaves
daily at 3:15; makes - ': a connec
tions for all Kootenay poi - an I I "
St. Paul, Chicago and of!,- r Un
States points.
Agent, Nr iv Westminster
or to E. J. COYLE,
Asst. (Irnl. Pass. Agt.', Vancouver.
l.ht Trains Every Dav in the Yeir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
-tnbodies the newest and best ideas
md LUXURY. It is lighted with
10th electricity and gas; the most
irilliantly illuminated train in the
vortd. The equipment consists of
u vale --oiiipartinetit cars, standard
I, lection sleeper-, luxurious dining
jr reclining chair oars (seats free),
':.,,,.-,-,-, day coaches and buffet, li-
,;.;iv  and  smoking cars.
,   Time Tables,  Folder . or any
urtlirr  information  call  on  or  write
. , ..-r(,-,,-|  Avenue. Seattle. W*'h
to a point shown on the    said plans
i ��� il  2%  miles west of the Town of.
Grand Falls, in the Province of New
Brunswick,  a  distance of about 31.5
It) District 'B'���From a point de
slgnated on the plans of the Commissioners, at or near the boundary line
'������tween the Provinces of Quebec and
N'ew Brunswick, westerly a distance
of about 52.-1 miles.
(5) District  'D'���From  a  point,  de-;
slgnated on the plans of the Conimis-
sjoners, about eight miles west of the
Abitibi   River   crossing,   in  the   Prov- i
Ince of  Ontario, westerly for  a  dis-
-.ince   of  a'out   1"0   miles.
(6) District 'E'���From a point de-;
signaled on the plans of the Commissioners, about 10V_ miles west of the
crossing of Mud River, near Lake
Neplgon, in the Province of Ontario,;
easterly for a distance of about 75
Plans,  profiles    and    specifications.
May be seen in the office of the Chief
Engineer of the Commissioners at Ot-1
i.wa:   also In the offices of the Dis-^
trict  Engineers   concerned,  viz:   Guy
C.  Dunn,  St. John, N. B.;   A. E. Dou-:
cet, Quebec,  P. Q.;  John Aylen, Act-;
Ing  District   Engineer,    North   Bay,
; Out.; and T, S. Armstrong, Neplgon.i
. Ont.
Persons ti ndering are notified that
tenders will not be considered tinless
S le in duplicate, and on the print-
'l   forms   supplied   i y   the   Commls
A Beparat i tender must be submitted tor each section,
Tenderers shall nol be in any way
entitled to rely upon the classification,
or any other information given by]
any person on behalf of the Oommls-
-ioiurs; and before submitting any.
tender, bidders should make a canl'il!
examination of the plains, profiles,
drawings and specifications, and read
tlie  forms to  be executed; and fully
tained as cheaply, and upon as good
terms, in Canada as elsewhere, having
regard to quality and price."
The contractor shall conform to th:1
fire regulations adopted hy the Commissioners, and also to the laws and
regulations respecting fires in the different provinces wherein the work is
being performed.
The right is reserved to reject any
or ail tenders.
By qrder,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway.
Ottawa. 1st February, 1908.
Vrnlnon Ou.e Cheaper Tna-  ;*orl_
Time was, along in the early forties
and the early fifties of the lust century,
that from tbe wilds of Morgau and
Brown counties hunters would bring
venison to market and sell 1* uiueb
lower than pork was sob. ;��� chat day,
pork being preferred by the lloosiet
then to the red deer of the woods, lt
was in that time that an entire -wilJ
turkey, full grown, would sell at s
price far below the present appraisement of a scrawny spring chicken, and
a dozen quail could be bought for lesa
money than it now takes to buy a
dozen links of sausage���neither was
the quail required to masquerade as
"short billed snipe." ��� Indianapolis
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it witn-
out authority from the Commissioners.
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
ire h9ld In Oddfellews' hall. Columbia street, every Monday evening
at 8 o'clock.
Loving Klndnru,
My dog tried to bite me. I liked thu
dog, so I kicked him lovingly In the
i jaw. He understood that argument.
j My grocer tried to cheat me. I liked
! the grocer, I did not kick him iu the
! Jaw, but I told him lovingly that I
I wouitl uot ileal with him again. He
; understood that argument.
My baby tried to slap me. 1 liked
the baby, but I did not kick her in tho
jaw or even cease to play with her.
I kissed her lovingly on ber cheek.
She understood that argument.���Ind*
i.  O.  U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 3
��� Meetings the first and * hi rd Tues
"lay    In     each     month.       Vlsitinr ���.,                       ,     ,   .,   ..,,  ,         ,,,,
brethren cordially invited to attend 1    lue  Parvenu  stood   it till  be  could
Lodge room, A. 6. U, W. hall. Odd i Bt*nd lr no longer;
fellows'  block,  Clarkson  street .    ".fames." he cried out plteously, "tell
 . me the worst!   You find my table ruan-
:OURT BRUNETTE, No. 4099, f O.F.
���Meets the Four;'-' Friday In the
month nt % o'clock, Ih the small
hall, Oddfellows' block.
a. o. F.���The regular meetings ol
this Lodge ar,p held ��n th-> Second
and Fourth Tuesdays or each month
at S  p.  id.  it.  lhe Oddfellows'  Hall
ners execrable I"
But his new butler, bowing first with
stately condescension, only replied:
"As a matter of professional courte-
I sy  III cannot hentertaln,  much   loss
' bexpress, hany bopinlou  which might
seem   in   hanyway   to   reflect   on
predecessor 'ere." ��.
And lie bowed again and waa silent-
r    i .  ,  C-IL, _  Miwi-k-wM D.i Cn    inform themselves as to the quantity
Spokane rails & NoTtftern Ry to. ,, qu.allt3 of ���,., .,,..<. _,,, car,
Nelson & FL Sh^ppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
'RSE,   DAWSON   and
Daily  trains  (except
[tying   passengers,   mail,
freight    connect    with
'    rosa and White Horse,
a through winter service.
tlon   apply   to
-RS,  Traffic   Managei,
Vancouver. R. C
H _
ADVERTIStt      ���*��
- IN ���
Trade Mahks
f^        COPVRIOHTS Ao.
<in.c.u,r_rerl��l.fV..ro|..rUr'��free�� ^�����
limmtlun   �� prOBab TPfWfflRffinK ������ ear. Ota
t onsMrtotlycmitlJi'iitl.'il. Y WIU0;u"',..,.,,������,��.
Binittnio. Ol.lost iiimiiry for." ','.."��_���_. receive
n.-cialnutiei', withoutObsMa, mtno
Scientific flm&k,
Ahan.lwmolylUui.ir^.lwoej.b.   W^a x
OUl.tK'D nf Utiy HCil'llll.tr.      ''';,,,.    Soia _j
C_iiailn.T.l.r:i a yuUJ-. poatudu l"1'���'-
hII uoiv.-iiiiiiii-r��. ni    .. y___
MUNK _- Co 3ei3- i *.v r t^vv. ors
.,:,,.    ill   rail   route   between   all
,,,,:     :ast,   .-.est  and  .iiuth  fo  Ross-
Wi.-rin and intermediate points
��� al Spokane with the Great
Northern Pac.'fic and-0. R.
, ,   ...   ts at Rossland with the Can-
Pacinc Railway   for   Boundary
. -,-(, k point*
Connects   at     Meyers     Fal'.J    with
i >g(   -'(ily  for  Repuhlir.
��� -ii--    a.rvice   on   trains   between
rpokaui   ��� rttci  Nelson.
KlTer-tiv��    Sunday,    November    io,
i.ravi        .      Day Train Arrive
, ,.:>  i.m   .... Spokane   7.15 p.m.
.m ....Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
,.,, Nelson  6.45 p.m.'
ter of workmanship required; and
- understood to accept and agr e
��� ' ������ bound by, tl e terms and con-
!'tlon? in the form of contract. speci-|
..rations, etc., -.inn xed to the form of
Each tender must be signed an l
sealed by all th parties to the tender,
and witnessed, and be accompanli i by
in accepte 1 cheque on a chartered
hank of the Dominion of Canada, pay-
il le to the order of the Comml si 11 -s
nf the Transcontinental Railway, as
For Section Xo. 1, District 'A'.| 75,0 0;
2, "     -A'.. 100,(100;
Aerie No. 20���Meets every Tuesday |
evening ut S p   in., in the Eagles' i
hall,   Columbia   street.   A.   Clark,
\V.  Pres.:   H.  Schofleldj  Secretary.   |
PERANCE meet   every Wednesday ]
11   8  o'clock  p.  m.,  In  Oddfellows'
had, Columbia stn 6t, :
CAMP, 191.���Meets on tho First and ]
Third  Tuesday of every month tn i
K. of P. hall,    Chief \V. Sut!ierl:;:il.i
The Wings of Time.
Methuselah was walking in bis gai-
"My goodness," he exclaimed suddenly, "there's another flower ou that century plant! Why, it seems but yesterday since I plucked a blossom from it."
lie walked slowly toward au oak tree
2<V) years old which be had tenderly
raised from an acorn.
"Ah, me," ho mused, "tio-.v tini-
fllesl"���Harper's Weekly.
The Larger Class.
"Of course." said the seeker after
knowledge, "we seldom bear 'thee' nnd
���tliotT nowadays. They're used mostly
by poets, aren't they?"
"No," replied the editor; "they're
used   mostly   by   people   who    think
O. O. F.���Royal City Lodge. No. 3
��� Meets in Oddfellows' Hall, Columbia Street, every Friday evening! they're poets."-Catbollc Standard and
at 8 o'c|ock. Visiting brethren will ; ximeB.
be made welcome. C.U. Clow, N.O,
CE. Osborne, P. 0. recprdiu. sec
Dentist���I've filled nil your teeth that
have   cavities,   sir.      Mahouey���Welt,
thin, fill th'  rlst av  thlm too.    Thln
I whin  th' cavities come they'll be ai-
"  'A'.
. 75,000
"  'B'.
. 100,000
"  'D'.
. 150,000
" *F.'.
. 100,000
Any person whese tender is accept-
115,  SONS OF  ENGLAND,  B. S.���, ,.,,���,
Red Rose Degree meets Second and   re!ldy flIlod- b Solisl-Tuck^
Fourth Wednesday of each month, , ���
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at Don't Judge a man by his failures la
8 p. m., White Rose Degree, Fourth life, for many a man falls because he
Wednesday In each month, same ta (no i1(1Uest to succeed.���Ar.adelnhle
time and place. ��� -.r!;., southern Standard
i'. 4. Mr* I-
Hi 1 'A        I
��� i\i< .'-���.,;r.'-V,'.- v*
x     i'*   __"|- *      !���'������*",   u
'-I'   ,yhMl:'M,.V
'���'::���{' .'��ii. ;".-
rt; it a py *>'i- '���!���
v - mT.-VS1-VV. r,
��� ��ril*_r*_3__|t _'���'����� J
PM c'_ J
������'''*������-  .-' t t -vi'   \M
.., ,$&* ���'��;;���!  ;:M
'���< *\ -i*<*:.i* P-M
X -'iii*..* ifui', m. .j ,,�����: ,��i
��� "mm*
ft !*:.*���
'  . i ���
Vi ��� �� A
.', '.
J * ... ��� * ,-
f,.*_>��.��r     v
Lir. ���> r. ���'
��� >"   .*���    . _k.. �����       *
__    ���
' V   .'^'Jr-
r �� i
li ������
,' t-
���  'i'% 'I   '     f ��� i
���_.H, ' -���������;������
�� ' > *'   '
-A / Ir .
, :���*������"���    : >#:;
.iV-lft Jih:-;
%''IX-.,   !���/��?<
*-   f_L      ,'      '    '   *       >   #    "
' iwk '$.��fe____*
fat 4-   '  'it niti"
���   *'i,'_Hi' _,    *"      Ml
,, s-+����.i��' ���-#'������
. -*    _ ���'���_ p r, ��� ��� |lT (    "*
. '.'* -v-. ������'/   >�����
���____.. ���:;��- vvi,v!
,'���?���'.-r- ^Ps_7_
r ���    'ilk-1     _F"i    'IJ   >" ..' i
^,VV li'-! If'��
If your sweetheart gets a
Valentine at all, she wants
it on time.
H. Morey & Co.
Have a fine assortment
from 5c to $2.50 each.
They're Going!
Columbia Street
For Your Chick's
Sliirlevanl's Cure,
Egg Food,
Lice Paint, etc.
Drug Store
Columbia St., New Westminster
Telephone 83.
Apples, $1.50
per box.
.t-       ADVERTISE      TB*
��� IN ���
THE      DAILY      NEWS
Navel Oranges
Best quality
Large size
25c per dozen
Ihe People's Grocer
Washington, D. t'.. Feb. 1.1.���The ._��� |
gineering branch of the United States '
army will lose one of its most efficient
officers tomorrow by the retirement
of Urigadier-Oeneral Charles E. L. B.J
Davis, who has reached the age limit
for active service. General Davis is a
native of Connecticut and graduated
from West Point In 1866. In the forty-
two years he has been in the army he
has served on the Atlantic, Pacific and,
Gulf coasts, on the great lakes and in
the Philippines. Hr> was in charge of
construction work at New Orkans for
four years, made the Burvey for the
jetties for 1'ie Lads bridge at St.
Louis, and later spent five years at
Galveston He spent two yiars in
the Philippines as chief engineer of i
that division. His latest post was
that of chief United States engineer
at Detroit. Alttogether General Davis
spent fifteen years in service on the
great lakes, being stationed at various
. times at Buffalo. Milwaukee and Detroit.
To-day and Saturday
Polish Your
with Johnson's I'i-p|iarcri Wax. I; pi -
.. , and trt-1r.t--s uut natural beaut] ol
tbe wood, n produces a. rich, artistic
flnlsh. to wl.ieh dirt and dual wlll not
adbere. Just try It and you will see bow
much bf-lt'-r it is titan a_y other polish.
Prepared Wax
is "A I'oniiilPte Finish anrl Pollub for All
Wood _��8 it on 3-our Boom ur.a woodwork, tor'. Johnson's Powdered Wan is
tor all dancing Boors.
You van liet Johnson's free nook, 'Thr.'
Pr, tier Treatment tor Floors, woodwork
and Furniture" and these preparations,
Final Clearance of many lines of winter good* ���
N'r-iv Goods are piling in upon us and we must
Avail yourself of the many money  saving  opp<
place before you ihis Friday and Saturday.
Two Modern Furnished
Houses in good locations
23 ���5.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
: Wedding Presents
Imposing Chinese Funeral.
The   high   esteem   In   wnich   the
Chinese of the city held the late Lee
Yick Quon    was   testified to by    the
manner in  which  they attended anrl
conducted  themselves at    the    obse-
' quiis.    Shortly after ten o'clock  yes-
I treday the widow and near relatives
of the late manager of the Kwong On
| \Vo company took their final look at
the body, where it. lay In state in a
chamber above -Murchie's parlors.   At
' eleven o'clock the procession, consist-
1 ing of some twenty hacks, formed, and
led by  Jackson's brass  band  wended \
its way down Clarkson street to the
front  of  Kwong  On   Wo    company'" j
; store.   There in tlie street a table was
1 placed, bearing a large portrait of the j
deceased and trays of candies and al"
: monds,    In addition there were sev ;
eral   small   china   dishes    containing
sam  suey,  a  species  of  liquor mad"
from rice.   To the table, one at a time' '���
advanced the friends of the deceased,
each feigning to drink but spilling the
liquor on  the ground, and  withdraw-
Ing after bowing to the protrait.   The I
cortege visited the Chinese cemetery, j
and then proceeded to Vancouver, the '
remains  being  placed  on   board   the j
Elmpress   of India   for   shipment   to j
China, where the funeral proper will
take place with all the solemn rites, [
attendant on    the    obsequies    of    a
Only one incident marred the j
solemnity of the funeral, the rush ofl
a number of apparently unprincipled
men to view the body at file time the |
wife and female relatives were taking,
,   their last farewell.   It was freely com- J
New   Westmin-
B.   C.
and other
135c Muslins, to
clear, 15c per yd.
Only one condition on which
you can buy them at this price.
In our stock are dozens of ends
of from ,"r to \2 yards in tin'
piece and in order to clear them
without leaving shorter ends,
we ask you to buy the entire
piece. All suitable lengths for
girl's -dresses, many have sufficient for ladles' dresses. The
lot consists of flowered voiles,
dimities, organdies, muslins,
etc. All one price for 2 days
only. Per yard by the piece 15c.
$1 Undervests
Now 60c each
For Pridaj
does this Ofl
���    Kadi
of flni
white.     Tiies.
oar  lead
wool and in .at
oral or
"-'- a>
a' '-: "" - garment
For  Friday end .
we clear out thi
do/a n in all, at e
A Great Kid Glove Opportunity
$1.50 Kid Gloves for Two Days Onl]
Per Pair 95c.
We had this line of gloves on sale for two days a   o
ago. Half the iot was cleared out.    We have decided  I
offi r for this Friday and Saturday omy.    Only  50    pair   of   giovet
left, all sizes In stock yet.   Your choice  until  Saturday  nl   ���    ..
I'-'if            K.
Westminster Iron Works
Removed to Tenth St., between Power House and
Galbraith's Factory.
Boys' 75c
Special Price 50c.
5 dozen of Hoys' Heavy Rlbbi I
Sweaters in Cardinal. Navy or
White all sizes, a special snap
for Friday and Saturday only,
each    50c.
ladles' Golf Jackets ani
lustre Blouses $1.25 each
Our sale ol these lines ha
11 en -so successful I ;r.ng pre-
vious week end saleg that wt
repeat this offer for this Friday
and Saturday only. Your last
opportunity to buy these goodi
at this price. Regular Values,
$2 and $2.25, Special price....
Telephone 53.
New Westminster. P. U. Box   174
Re site for wharf and boom on th
Fraser river, near New Westmin
ster, li. C.
$10.00 Feather Boas, each $5.00
ft only, Fine Neck Huffs, kn'wn as the Marabout Stoles; r'oiors are
Brown, Brown and White. Grey and Black. Lengths. 54 to 65 inch*
Regular prices, $7.50 to $10.00.     Special  price,  each     $5.00
and last but not least, we are sole agents for
NOTICE is hereby given ttat in -
mented   upon  by  others  around  that |rader_1glie(1, H. G. Baruet  and   Hugb |
ttlcDonald, i oth of the city of   New
Westminster, in the province of Brit-
have been given to the relatives of a I
white man, should  have be.n accorded to those of the late l.ee Yick Quon, i
more especially at such a time.
i W. C. CHAMBERLIN, The Jeweler
��� Agent Hamilton Watches
������^������������������������������������������*��e*.vv.i<; ������������������������������������������������*���������������������������
��� :���
��� ���':
��� -
4- :������
��� '
��� ,:
-     ... AT...
no matter what the race of the    deceased, the same respect which would
���| ish Columbia, mill owners, having ap
plied  to his excellency the governor :
general-in-eouncll, for the approval o :
a certain site for the construction of
j a certain wharf and boom, situate on
LARGER BOUNTY FOR ' the south side of Lulu island, on the1
THE  RIGHT  EMIGRANTS   shore of the Fraser  river. Have    deposited with the honorable   the min-
Ottawa, Feb. 14.���According   to   a' ister of public works at Ottawa, plans'
return brought down by Hon.-  Frank j of said  wharf and boom, which they
Oliver, the bonus paid Looking agents   propose to construct on land covered!
on the continent of Europe has been! with water, lying south of lot 757, in1
increased   from  ten shillings to    one   group I, in the district of New Weat-1
pound for each adult, from five to ten   minster  and  province aforesaid,    lo-
Bhlllings  on   each  juvenile emigrant,   gather with a description of the pro-
Bookings are to be restricted to farm    posed site thereof described by meteai
ers, farm laborers, gardeners, stable- | and bounds; and have also deposited a'
men, carters, railway    surface    men,   duplicate of each In the office of the'
navvies, miners and  female domestic   registrar of deeds for the said district
Remember the Art Ex
of Fancy Work
By Miss Allison Cockburn
Miss Cockburn wlll give a series of leea ns free, and open to tvery
lady in New Westminster or vicinity.
Commence Monday, February 17th.  in the parlor of the Russel hotel.
Hours, 10 to  12 a. m. and 2 to -4 p. m.
247 Columbia Street,
New Westminster
Athletics'   Itinerary.
Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 15���Members
of   the   Philadelphia    team   of   the
American   league  will leave  for    the
spring training grounds In  the south
tomorrow.      The   objective   point   is.
New Orleans, where the club will put I
in about two weeks In practice work.
On   the  way  home   exhibition  game-,'
will he plajied at Mobile. Birmingham,
Memphis,   Nashville,   Louisville,   In-1
dianapolis,  Columbus  and   Lancaster,
of New Westminster, in which district
said work is proposed to be construe'-
ed; in accordance with the requirements of section 7 of the "Navigable
Waters' Protection Act," Chap, ns
R. S. Can. 1906.
Dated  at New  Westminster,  B.  C.
the -0th day of January, 1908.
h. g. barnet,
hugh   Mcdonald,
t*T      ADVERTISE      '-��
��� IN ���
THE      DAILY      NEWS
If You've LOST Anything.
ver on
-8  A. M.    TO    11   P. M
-As Usual
Best part of the city; fully modern and up-
to-date; eight large rooms, basement and furnace.
Price,  $4,000.
Terms ��� One - quarter cash,  balance easy
F. J. HART 4? CO.
New We_lmin��ter.
Norfolk Suitst
(BELT SUITS)       I
With two pairs of pants
��� one pair made ordinary
style, one pair bloomer
This fills a long felt
want, as every boy wears
out two pairs of pants to
one coat.
$6,      $7,     $8,
and $10
, Wardrobe Clothier
_________________ m __________fls^_94^'


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