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The Daily News Aug 27, 1906

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VOLUME L, M'MI;!.!;  :.r
NKW   VVESTMINS'J !.::. B. i .. M< >NDAY  Vl< I N-!x- -.  AUGUST 'J7. 1906.
Attempt On Life of Premier of   Russia  Is   Attended   By
wful Sacrifice of Life    Revolutionists Declare
That Similar Tragedies Will
in . .
. ii
.  :
e expect. Iii
. ..
- ���
....   ...
Sudden and   -.*fui.
ed.  Thi
.'���'.a       is hen
���       ���
i the rea
��� :.n :,    he
and thi
���   ��� :.
mm w
- ��� . ��� .:..-���
 I sul esenci
:���.          t i happem
- ���     down and
.--���:' ...
net his eyes
Fcrce  of  Cyclone.
.  ���    ��� ��� ��� -i     :    . p   .   ..:. .
'".   . qi rning
���   carpets   and    dra] eries
���     a    . In     :. ,.:;;       The
flooi   bad    ��� ��� 'i  wrenchi I
: I  and scattered I n a I-
the   apartments.    The
fliers      .,. re    w renched      and
a ���..:thquake shock.
-���  ���   tl .v..-    death    and
��� solation. Richly dressed wom-
:���. tures mutilated and. their!
torn  ip.  tatters,  were seat-
here and ihere, dead or dying,
Ihi rs  ran shrieking about  the
calling   for  assistance.
man had b< > n blown through
��� ti    A,"   hallway   and   la
nl door, her features dis-
life  toi n  oul   by   iln
. :  the explosion.
i on   us   hi   could   recover   his
a   tb"   premier  gave  or-
���    .   Ice to si nd for aid and
....      ... ible   for   ih"   in-
Messnge  to the  Czar.
n i- Known to have re-
1 : ate many threatening li t-
i' he paid no attention to them
��� Oi   ui rences   are   common   in
"' i.i! life of st. Petersburg,   He
��� .. a turn them over to the
i   ���   lattei    apparently    hnd
' ���   slightesi   notice thai  any at
' was to be made on the life of
��� mier   and   this   aci ounti    fi i
' 'idem   lavity.
Sti lypin   refused   to   make  an}
'   'in  Tor publication concerning
Mr" but late in the evening he
"    following   message   to   the
���  '.  intact."
Czar   Indignant,
ti legram   sent    by    Emperor
to  M.  Stolypin, after  the ex-
1    wan   as    follows:    "1    cannot
'��� ''"ids to express my Indignation.
'   With all heart  thai   the health
on and daughter will Boon be
���i.   ami   likewise   that    of   the
ons injured."
:>.i i" persona  Injured  b}   the
'���"���  died    during    the    night,
Denour, :",i  In  Pa-is
.   ...
���    I izi   In
il agi
., ���      .
��� ���       bad
One Who V*.n
. n  ���
sevei ���...'������
. S
- T
Irsl   .
anged mj
Pi   -       fl     a
<  lead-
���-   aft      ihe  :
atten    n b<      se
'.er car-
ages    I was and del ed bai
....    f.    thi    >-.         which    my
hi   I sti a,,     i  v a-  i     stunned thai
,   , ,     .       the e>
Whi:;   :    i i    ered sness,    I
saw that  thi   ci   li.-  :.-       ��� ���   ���
n   lis  wi re  goni   an I tl 'oon
-.���   ���    .....     w!       ... ���     ibove
"The firs: words 1 heai I    in e fn n
���   .       other   superii   .  who
������as  - , ^  in  a
cornei     ol  the      n        ���   .a.     efoie
an ikon.   Save us, Save lis,' and cross-
Inti   .. rsi II    Sh" was one ol the six
v      .        ed uninjured.   The o.
of the i haii   I hs     ..     ted was
Keens   His   Nerve.
"1 then went Into th< garden, where
��� am. face to face with M S olypin
ile had complete maetery over him-
sell and was pert".;:., calm. 1 urged
bim in" :o co bai <��� Into tbe house.
saying thai then mighl be am ther
bomb ihere. bul he Insisted on returning, sa;. Ing; 'There m '��� e wounded
persons  In there.'
'The premier's face was i ttered
with ink, thn wn thi re b} tl"' explosion "
M. Stolypin is greatly grieved al
lhe deatli of the old ba'l porter, who
bad served the ministry of the in
lei lor for forty yeai un li i Bixti i n
���: Inli tei s.
During  tl"   i '-iT"  of the even
M   ||   ie Stolj i.iu wi nt  to SI   Pi ti i s
burg aboard a small goverhmi 11       I
Assassins Had Money.
:,,,..   ��� he .     ii Bins were we I
Bupplle I  v- Ith  fun Is     They paid $125
In   advance   for  the the}   en
gaged. Before leaving these npar!
ments, they disguised themselvi and
made the house porter drunk, The
extraordinary power of the explosion
.,,.,> be Judged by the fad lhal the
.. use on the opposite side of the
v, i.i were shaken, und windows
: roken.
One of tb" mosl pain! il features of
the tragedy was the delay In securing
medical aid for the Injured, as ovei
an hour "lapsed before the ambulances
an ived.   M. Stolypin kepi exclaiming
For Qod'a sake,  fetch   B  doctor.    Oh,
my poor girl."
II was 0V6T linlf an liuiir before a
start was made to systematically cl.-ai
the wreckage, At dusk, torches were
lighted, and by the fitful lighl of
these, the work was continued nnd
the walls wer.. mad" firmer with
strong beams.
Many trees in the avenue were
blown down by the force Of Ihe ex-
plosion .md tb" aspect of the grounds
vas oue of complete desolation. Parts
��� ��� . a     ������""        I ���      e M
Kear    i u   i   ... Willii mi, private seer i<
���   " ���   ir-general,  i    o - es   tha
will be please pen the F ial ���    on
1 ��������� ibe  2nd. and will arrive here tho da
The fact that thi ������.:���-        ������    .. []
open thi will naturallj to the
1 ice - "���-��� will bi
-   :   -        s honor i
ie tirn     .-���������. rei ia   - in thi
Tho British Co
���   ��� he information thi lency is
- :. ������  i   her ii      i oc   ���' ���
a grei of red        i and t
from aii the province 1
for mi ny a day,   Th< ������ -        sapp
las   . ea ,      en, ������ ;   ;' -  I
��� .
ii va .-     .   ��� -. West.   Tl
lews i in good 1       among tl
men, and
the "���"������-     [lb an        ani      3 in
ty.   The bi      lontests i        .        India
atun      b       e to His ]     ellency,
. I  ��� ai ic .. :-        '.
they are comp
the ;   [   -'     --    ������ ���    .���-���.������ ita
���   eat White Father.
v: t sp   ts 1   '   ".        1   liar
so am nge I that Earl Ore;. e able to witnes  all
the perfor      ees, 1    I a is sa       saj thai :
est in tho 1    - will  only he surpassed  bj   the
Indians interest in him. .Special arrangements will
be made for the 1 pans ati m f the descendants of
the noble savage, and it is expected that they will
greet the august visitor i .id thousands.
Is Willing To Grant Free Pardon   to   All Who Will   Lay
Down Arms Within Thirty Days. But Can't
Have Things As He
na,  Aug.  26        e t. intoi       le 1       Bano .   11
Is informed  tl        In . - Rural
... today encountere.
gi ���      ;      1 ���; .  . ... .....
.... .
'. '���    ' '    ba-    ni
i "   lally
...     ���.   ..... ���      , yei"
��� ���; ��� ���     withi
'��� ��� ���    o pi hose
...    .. ������'..'.
.<���     an      etun
ni  id,     lomhii   ���
ia Santa Clan ,-ince     He had $8,-
100 on           ersoi when caught. This
in   has beei tl enticated from
c.iher sources
Puts Five Bullets Into His Back and Kills Him   Instantly
Victim Used Cruel Methods In Putting
Down Disorders.
S; Peti: sl in g Aug 26 ��� General
Min. aandi hi   S< mini vsky
Guai I rei     ei      n ri ssed the;
riots i.t   Mosi ov��   lasi   it. i en ber, was
assassinati d . I   Pet< i hi I  tonlgl I
Gi ni : Min . - I the ailway
statii n witb his mil} whi a be waa
killed.    The da ed was ci        tted
ia    a   I,   who   fired   five   shots
'rom a revolvei  into his back, killing
��� im   instant]}.     Madan r   Min  seized
-.    sin 1      : i'i   hand   and   held
ntll  the I'olii e ai i iv d.
er  hi     arn bI   are   girl   show d
-ii..  i. lice a  bomb  lying on  the  - a
tlon,   lellin     them  to  bev    ���
TV death -��� itence 1    11 ns hung
.   head ol  G< ni i il  Min owing
p.',.      V a     |  .       1,  .,}
a  a   .        ��������� I harsh mi th
and  . i uelties
Il  ,. i... i leni ra   (then Co!   Min I w ho
mmandi     lhe Sgniin egimi nl
���   .    ' ���    v ��� ' " Bhol  d"W n near
the   Techn   ��� Institute    In     St.
Petei ibui g  on  11 tobi i   JI, and  who,
it   was  staled,  wanted    to    sel    thej
'���- -  ��� ' thi   Inst : ite on frre and
the   -' id< n's  inside.    Min   was
senl        thi   emperoi  ti   sup] ress the
disorders  al  Saratov after the assas-
lon  oi   Lieut. General  Sakharoff
'���   embei  last, and when the trou-
'  thai  place was quelled he was
des   . " 'hed  at   the  end   to   Moscow  to
--;-    In     itting   down  the uprising
On April 24. a member of the fight
ing organization of the revolutionists,
. used as an officer, who had call
. :        viin's '. sidence  several times
requi sted   :"   b�� e   him,    exi Iti ;
lon   and   was   arrested      I!   dl
���    ped   thai   be  was   a   revolutionist
n '   '.   a  armed  with  a  ri volvei   and
laggi ���
��� ii    i    last, iI   was    ���   ' i ti I
ie of thi   aoldli ��� a ol the Sem
guard    ���   I ���'  ��� - ii ��� ��� Sel
ed  notice i i ,; al    Min    that
Intendi 1 to kill him al the firsl
��� mil i  foi  '. ��� i'T   thi "��� to mur
; 'i.'ir fellow  cltize ns    -   Mi scow,
and thai Min. in feas of his ,;'"   b i I
fled  the camp,
II    er ilng.
Another  Engagement.
��� '"'��� ������ ���    ��� hi     government
. ... no be      "i." .��� ei   ������
n ur-i ". i'"     today in
. .... a v.-..       uie    "     'ounded.
100 In u 'gei '      ente
an I   gol     wa;   with   thi   i on
���    tl ���   local treasury, ?8,000 and
...    In thi    own    The gov-
...   ���..,.;���,a| . i,...
Pino Guerrera    and
an'   revolutionary    com-
    lirei ted by a committi e
lonai     veterans In  Havana.
�� ��� .a 'ation lei   will be broken up and
and  1      cab net   oi   a  sev. ��� r.   expected.     The
���- a   I        day amnesty   governmenl   tonighl   announced    the
which Ineurrec- ��� ex-congressman    Carlos
e invited ti      '   down their  M mrdieta      ��� ol the Insurgents
.... ,.p      n
.  . a,      ���'.. a ..,.    tQ.
���.   ��� ,    persons  c os.
-.-���..   who   is     '     a:
��� ���    nterior, on leai ing  I ���
esidei ghl  said that then   "   -
io. Intent  nesty.
s..   fi       -   actu      coi    cl    Sundi ;
oved      ��� ���  a day of inactiv ty.   '   ���
so  increasini I;     serk is
idmitted in ail gov-
ernn enl - -       t enli   gemei ts ol
. the .��� ot stop at an;   given
!��� imi ���
insurgents Increase.
���   -   are    g ithering    in
ont i      ���!���   bul ��� tin  boards,    upon
which a ���   displayed the call for vol-
. ������   -   .--  ��� i  by  President    Palma.
ght   h   was  learned    thai
seven     a-���'.   insurgents    bands    had
������ n   ihe  field.
���n is becoming a thorough
insu rectii  ilsl   province.     Some     .A
iges     ,������   bei ome  wholly  insurrectionist,  ani  even  larger towns have
taken -     gainst   ihe   govern-
tude of the people is
entirely a question of the leaders. A
mayor of Trinidad has sud-
denl} placed himself at the head oi
a band of 1,600 insurgents. The
mayi i ol Las Cruces is leading a
band I o a his town, consisting of 200
Col. Aveles, who is ln command of
ihe L. vernmen! forces at San .loan de
Martinez is still waiting for orders
and ��� l .ments. The province of
Havana :-' kepi nervous A'- unimpor-
��� int encounters.
A hand of young women living in
Havana have offered their services
ns nurses.
Engineer and Fireman  Are  Hurled to
Ir.start   Death���Train
Goes  On.
Wanted   Immediately.
Lit".    Pa  s,  N.   Y.,  Aug.  26.���The
o    freight locomotive Xo, 2248
of thi    Nev,   York and  Hudson River
railway,  exploded just west of here,
causing  the death  of Engineer Chris
Wagnei   of Albany, and Firemann Ed
ward   Hall,  of Oneida.     The    engine
".-     drawing    a     heavy    eastbound
freight, an.! had jusl passed tower No.
25  whe:;  thi   explosion occurred. The
was   thrown   from   the   trucks
high   in   the   air,   and   landed   on   its
end   50   feet   away,  blocking  all   four
���    -  ��� ���  'he road.
\  ;':���' ak of the explosion was that
���      Iriving wheels nor tender of
the   engine   was  thrown    from    the
-. but ran on with the train fi r
a  quarter Of a mile. c
Engineer Warren was thrown from
and struck on the rails of the
-  ���   .     trad .    Death  was almost
instantaneous as his Skull wasfright-
shi i      Fireman Hall    was
thrown   from   the   cab   on  the  other
side of the engine and his neck was
Hi    Hi ft   i I   Herkomer hos-
"���'-.   witnesses of the accident
 v   escapes   from  being ��� in-
���'. lng   : ieces  Oi   iron.     One
thi   ' tlve was hurled a
of human bodies w< re thrown a greal
An offlcei i ham ed to : dock againsl
a small ii��c. and ii bloo I��� dust-covered blind thai lodged among the
bi am bes, fell al  bis feet.
Inquiry nt the Calmeyer hospital today elicited Hi" statemenl that Pre
miei Stolypin's daughter was slill
alive, bul thai her condition was
critical and il was feared lhal gan
ca "no would set in She Is 111 en re
of Surgeon I'nvloff. Tlie premier has
received lunching telegrams of sym-
i pat liy fiom the grand dukes, gra.ul
duchesses, former Premier Witte and
other persons
Promise   More   Bloody  Work.
St,Petersburg, Aug. 16.���The central
committee of the Social Revolutionists
bas drawn up a proclamation declaring thai unless (he government forth*
.villi   alters  its   policy,  such  acts  as
tbe nl tempi on the life of Premier
Stolypin win be pursued to the utmost, ami government representatives
��� ;|i be killed by hundreds.
Private advices received here from
'1 Ifll' are to the effeel thai a plot
"" Hip life of Conn! Von Vorentsoff-
Dashkoff, viceroy of the Caucasus, has
bei ii discovered, and that many arrests have been made, including sevei al  officers.
Encounter  With   Police.
Yudooka, Russia, Aug. 20.���After a
meeting of workmen today which was
addressed by ex-member of parliament Michael Cheiiko, shots were
Hied. This resulted In an encounter
1 etween the workmen and Cossacks
and police, the latter firing nine volleys which killed eight persons and
wounded   .12.
(Continued ou Page Eight.)
The governmenl has cabled to Gen a mill    ind knocki I d	
. 'al Rius Riverra, minister to Central a " ' i hi ne line.
a soil      Vmerican countries to re ���o���
'   rn '      ��� ��� fttelj   to Cuba, Mevv Rec0rds Established.
���'    ������������"���'  '     BrreSl     of     0reSte8 Xew    y.            I -:���      26     Martin  " .1
'' '" i'!   bu1 s' is :"'',,;" ' -  ���                  hi   tr! b   American Ath
���   ''     surveillance .         .,���^  Ihi> i)iS(.i)g ,.,,
���     '' '" '',:"      ���������..,.    i   ...  Mtitutes    a
     a H   ",:m   '"  Mai "..   world's record
'   BWe t0  withstand one v.v.i;i.   ^  .  ,     .    Qrd ms ^ fc,
'���"       insurgents    The enlist- ,, ,n   }   Flannlgan  ,,   ,,,���  lrish   Un.
...,"   ."   ' guards is going on slow- erlcM  Am^ ^    H(> (h,,(,w m
ly in the province, bul in the clt}  of .,.   .   .,^ ^.^   ,.,            .  [nQ^
Havana    i ollstmenl     are   somewhat
Helo Excected.
Long Time in Air.
New     York,    Aug.     20.���John     P.
The government expects that the   P| ...;i^ who ^^ fa,. broU]er Jeffu;._
3on Davis Thomas of Augusta, Gn.,
made a balloon ascension Saturday
evening, returned to his residence
here tonight after having been in the
air for nearly 24 hours, and having
passed through two states, reaching
an altitude of 10,n00 feet.
teamei Mexico which will sail from
Now York on Sunn day will bring 18
rapid-fire guns and 21.000 Lee Enfield
rifles and 12.UOO.000 rounds of cartridges.
Recruits   Routed.
Colonel  G.  Estrampeis with  45 recruits  irom  Havana was  fired  upon 1  0	
by SO insurgents ambushed behind a
wall near Guinea.    The recruits were Wellman's Balloon  Finished,
routed and three of them were killed j    Loudon, Aug. 20��� The Daily Mail's
und six wounded. Christiana correspondent says that a
A force of government artillerymen steamer from Spitzbergen brings a
under command of Capt. Pujol today report that the Wellman-Chicago-Re-
occupied San Juan de Martinez with-; cord-Herald North Pole Expedition s
out resistance. This town was taken! balloon was finished last week and
August 23 by a hand of insurgents' that Mr. Wellman intends shortly to
operating  under   Pino  Guerrera.    At  make a  trial trip.
When you want BLACK silk,
you don't fay "a spool of silk.
When vou want Windsor Table
Salt, say so-" WINDSOR."
Lose Game to Vancouvers After Having   Had   Big    Lead   in
Beaten again. The Maple Leafs
certainly are having i hard time of
It, but the hardest knock of all came
Saturday afternoon, when from having a score ol five to two ai half
time, the} allowed the Vancouvers to
romp home easy winners by a score
or nine io seven In the last quarter.
b w i- a heart ren ling finish for the
sup] orters of the Leafs, and one I hal
Has altogether unexpei ted, ieca isi
with the lead they had at ti." n ginning of the thir I q tai I n I .������,. should
. ��� i Ani.. have been able to keep thi
\ in. o i a.-r- from I . ��� . the a Ic-
i.'i-y from their grasp al t mo-
n enl
Besides having an inexj ecti i finish, : he game v - also enliveiu I
a sanguinary struggle >etwi en Ritchie
and Tuck, who had a .. iei ince againsl
. ich oi hi r, an I .-. ho ami to blows
on two occasi. :.-. I mi lng thi thir i
.: i irtei both were etired for the rein iln i ol the a ch, an I he s ip-
...- com ince i
that he ren oval of Ritchie bad a
lot to ���.' Ith the final defeat ol their
tean . Vfter be hi i bei n oi lered ofl
lhe fiel I, the Leaf's defence went all
ti pieces, allowing the Vancouvers to
score three goals in quick succession.
For the Leafs, Arnold was the st ir
a er, and was. responsi ile for two
oul of tin- seven goals scored, besides
making 'he play for four of the others. He worked hard throughout the
game, but had to retire just before
the finish, owing to having got hurt
in a scrimmage. Hy his play during
the game, Arnold ma Ie his position
on the team secure.
Only a limited number of New Westmlnstei enthusiasts were on the
grounds when 'he game was played
The care taker of Recreation park
made a brave show of authority during the game, when he ordered Barlow
Galbraith, manager of the Maple
Leafs, off the field, at the same time
electing to allow several supporters
o' the Vancouvers to remainr on the
ground. Barlow refuse! to move, and
continrued to shout for the Leafs. After raking a good look at him, the
caretaker decided that he would not
attempt to eject Barlow forcibly, and
he remained on the ground until the
game was over.
, 0__	
'The Brackman-Ker company's wharf
was alive on Saturday afternoon with
Indians, attired in all the colors ot
the rainbow. Over a hundred of the
dusky ones embarked on board the
FavourPe for the Chilliwack hop
fields. The moving too and fro of
the pas enger.- as they packed their
r-eods aboard had a kaliedoscopic effect and was watched with interest
by a large crowd of spectators.
Tide Table   Fraser River
For th" week ending Augus!  12, 1906.
High        Low"
Date Water      Water
Time      'i ime
For  week  ending Sept.  2nd..  l'.'Oa.
.Monday          L2.55    '      7.05
22.25    j     17.M
Tne.- lay          1 1.20    j      8.40
|    19.00
Wednesday    ..    . .|      0.20    ]      9.45
15.40   |    20.30
Thursday j      1.35    |    10. 15
16.40    |    21.15
Friday    |      2.15    |    11.10
|    17.20    |    22.45
Saturday ;      3.50    |    12.30
IS.00    ]
Sunday |      4.50   j     0.05
|    18.30   |    13.20
Monday |12.16|10.7| 5.07J 3.3
|22.4.1112.0 17.09| 8.3
Hiirh Water Low Wat..;
Time H'ght Time  Ht
Tuesday    |i:A42jl 1.2|ii. 11, 2.8
|23.42|11.7|18.31| 9.0
Wednesday   .... 16.00|11.9| 7.Hi   2.3
j |20.02| 9.1
Thursday   ..   ..| 0.r.fi|l 1. i\ 8.16| 1.9
|15.58|12.6|21.14| vs
Friday     | 2.06|11.3| li.11, 1.6
|16.41|13.0|22.13| 8.2
Saturday   ..   ,.| 8.10|U.3|10.02| I 7
|17.18|13.2|23.03| 7.4
Sunda; | 4.1 l'l 1.1 10.4S| 2.1
|17.51|13.2|23.45| 6.8
reat Shoe Sale
Our Prices Will Put a Smile on Your Face
No, 1
Men's "Geo. A. Slater's" Chocolate Kid Oxfords, made with large
eyelets and -Military Keels, our $4.50 .-hoe for $3.25.
No. 2
Men's "Geo. A. Slater's," Russia Calf Bals, splendid wearers; our
$5.50 Shoes for $3.50.
No. 3
Men's "Packard-" Shoes, in Chocolate, Kid, and Russia Calf; a
$5.00 American Shoe for $3.25.
No. 4
Men's, "Frank Slater's" Strider Shoes, in Russian Calf; a $5.00
Boot for $3.50.
No. 5
Men's "Keen Kut" Shoe, a $4.50 Chocolate Kid,. Blucher Cut Boot
for $3.50.
No. 6
Men's "Keen Kut" Dongola Kid, Duck Lined Boots; a regular
$4.00 line for $3.00.
No. 7
Men's, "Keen Kut" Box Calf, Heaw Sole Boot; always sold for
$4.50.    Now $3.50.
No. 8
Men's Geo.^A. Slater's $4.00 Black Vici Kid Oxfords, for $2.50.
No. 9
120 pair Ladies' Dongola Oxfords, light and heavy soles ; regular
$1.75 and $2.25 goods, for $1.00.
No. io
Ladies' Geo. A. Slater's Black G. \V. Oxfords, oui* $4.00 Shi   3 for
No.  1 1
La lies' John McPherson Chocolate Kid $3.1 0 I > -. irds, i nil   : ira
sole shoe, u<r $1.95.
No. 12
Ladies' Geo. Slater's Olive Kid < txfords, a $4.00 Shoe for $2.25.
No.  13
Ladies' Black Kid Oxfords, our regular $2.50 Shoes for $1.75.
No. 14
Ladies' Tan Russia Calf Heavy Sole Boots, a $4.50 line for $2.00.
No.  1 5
Ladies' Kid Button Boots, Patent Tips, a $2.75 Boot for $1.75.
No.  16
Ladies' Kid Lace Boots in Box Calf and Kid. $3.00 lines for $2.00
No.  17
Misses' Chocolate Kid Lace Boots, heavy series, $2.25 line for $l. 15
No. 18
Children's Black Slippers, sizes 3 to 7 1-2. our 95c Shoes for 50c.
No. |9
Children's Black and Tan Slippers und'Oxfords, sizes S to 10 1-2,
regular $1.25 goods, for 75c.
No. 20
Children's White Canvas Shoes, any size in the store for 50c.
These Prices Ought to Make the Shoes Go I
Here's a golden opportunity to save money.
NOTE���The above lines have been greatly
reduced in price for To-Day's and Saturday's
trade. The sooner you come the better you'll
fare in regard to sizes and assortment.
Shoe Hou
Westminster. B�� C.
:.'Ej KSa�� QWslmfflMIt fi i
,    AUGUST   27.   100i
t  "\ I THAT ih'     -at mat.'-   with this to 'ad ?    I was at mothers last nights     she had the most
I     *���     l   '���'" ���    Well n< w m I sr, y    i      >ther bakes with RISING- SUN, and i     he grocer sends
���  more of '��� t stufl  hi  sent last I'll certainly send it bad        ou get me F [S NG SUN FLOUR and I'll
I        ��� just as goo<   iread as your m >1    i i    ���     ade.
%    M,��*4$ Jf^,^ JR.   J��
CALG4RY,    ��     V i.?I.WTA.
G.  DAWSO>        ..        145 Ha      m    ��     ret. West, Vancouvi
L�� i /A
a. -:mLwmmmmmm&*^^ .-.���;��������?.
4. t*
>F TEETH FCE ��>.t
guarantee 1 lit beautil        1    I 1
I sel
���       _    - I  |Ur     v.,.,    I                         ...
f long exi ie (we 1
:                is the best 1           a
ther ] ric< s y    th coming miles 1 il by
. . $1.00
Platiaa  Filling;  .
. . $1.00
Silver Fillin" . .
.     50c
Gold Crowns    ... $5.0(1
Bridpe Wort     .   I $5.00
Set of Teelh   .   .  . is.W
Consultation and Examination Free of^Charge,
All Our Work Gu.-ir.iriteecl for 10 Yeaix. Wilh a
Protective Guarantee.
ie Boston Dentists,[{i
Hou a 9 a. m. to 8 p. ra.    Remember (Hr> Place
1-07   Hastings   St. \V.,   Vancouver
Cm Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers nnd Dealers in All t'inils nf
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     I urned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
#** E��       "'   ' ���    '���
V-t   A.V'r      j    --.
Wcstminsh  Iror Work"
on Doi
'    -
.... . . ....
��� ...    -
wi s���Xo
- .'������ .-���
���   " -: and that's Gai
he Dane will thli
, a    . a . |     . .. |
pick G ' 'in
hi T ' ���> a .1
a ���
��� .
lie Otl
..   ,',
... ,    , .
'���    I elng about I
es   li        ���       .
THINK bANS W;m ^;\
P'edict That Colored Man Will  Have
Easy   Tirre   Disoosing   of
-     ���
.   -
.  |'OV -
-   \. ,.
1     ��� .
ered bank i;
.    p.
Ill ���     ���
\,p       ���
-       -   a  .
���    :
.,':',     , '      '
it  of th'   '
'.���'a T     ��� I)
ll      ��� I     tl        11
a.   ���       . | ' ..,',.,.���
���'���..:.      t anil iwa
,. .   , . ..   '.
I  "   Lal ��� Dlstrl  neii
ml    t n Pi    '   planted on the  N i
omi     .       : . i'    I    "
i   ,,  - ..   'im '. [hen ������  Ni   ': ��� rl
tialns, thenci   -  ��� 0      hains,
South 8(1    b    is        ...  i isi
50   i.aius !o polni ol mem ���    enl
Itaked   Aug isi   I3tk    I OC
New Westmln tei   I    l
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMF. 3   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer  and  manufacturer of
Marbl?, and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Timbsfones ftc
Write for prices.
New  Wes'.minstsr,  B.  G.   ',       i
-O- 1
.i    land, i ' ������ ��� ��� ���
���'��� ��� ...  ��� ���   goes wrong
Ig] Such is I      opinion
.     the Goldfl<
...   .-���   mpion    be     .....
 ���   a       Jeff   ar-
:. a   ... ,
......      i    e he will 1 gam.
��� j 'fin.
on   "
a ..
..... ,   . g
: : ���     ��� agi
'      t 	
i So  far  as   v-
liters, it
���, ��� ehorsi
gain: orse.    >   V.   i
... ckey who ii
���   "      ��� ���    ��� ��� ���
��� - ��� j
Will  Slaughter  Nelson.
...... ....
,   . .  ��� .    ...    , .   \. iaon
���   ring, it ���
-���  ��� m   I ���.���    i.'\. I      Ar
e wi
.... .,..-..      .    ���
,,,,,.     |     ,;        ter thi
pul  u        -' the
"  at  ��� '
ng and I.  So
���   ' '
licking an the I        llgl
, a.a.        .    . . ...      ..... a-   a
nei   Clans     ad       ;      I       11  "    did
,  {,,..    ii.    .. {,,     ,      . i....   ,-.,..
,; i  '������   'i:;.   Sullivan       '	
lhan   the  Dane,    Mike.  lm    Ni'   -
 -���'' i. daj II hi    ��� riii fighi :" th
lal tier's      Ighl      ���   u  -; I en   ���
���' "'���  will       ������      n  winner In   a
 e flghl     ;' -    .      ���'
All Pick Gans.
New   V"1     ''ii-   26.���Battling ��Nel
son's chances oi  defeating Joe nans
tire ������'���:.��� slim, it the.opinions ot man;
. prominent pugilists count    for   anything.    Tlio pre v.iill ns sentiment Is!
thai   the  colored  wonder  will  win  in,
. trallop.    Here Is what Hiey have to
Terry McGovern���Gans for mine. He
la the marvel of the prize ring.
Young Corbett���Nelson is a great
fisrhter, but dans is the class. He is
I the daddy of us all.
Jimmy Britt���Fought them both and
Gans is 5 per cent, tho better man.
-���- .. -,,    .      g .,   .i,    ;..,,
.      ,.:.;���,.    , ��� ���    | ,
...   t   stokei ��� n   .
t    M   .-'-;.  '    I
Port! ""t.  i
,      c.   Mi     I
��� ���   M rs    I    R,   Shar] .   Vi i
'   ��� ���     -������'.      .    \. k. Van
i    vndrei   Vai i ���'''
Barnet    Prai n Vah-
������ ��� -   McKnigh!    v.  i
T   onto.
"   D   Roi e ts, Sei ttli : G.
D.  Rice,   Hammond:   J.   E.   Harrison
I   ��� ' lon, Man.;   \. H-and
; and   wife,   Tacoma;     T     Brunswick,
R   Millar, Vanci
���   . ���,..,,  Mi,.    r. l. Si
C.    V  Lyons,   kgasslz
-A.  Hamilton.  Mu I   B        M
'���   ���  it] -a -     Po ������    Mr.-.a- ���     \.    i      Mc-
I    ��� ,1.    \    :���
���     ���        i. Stanhope, E i
gi   \  ���   ��� '   Montreal.
��� o	
Choir  Picnic.
St      Andrew's      P
choir held their annual picnic
o Pitt laki       mi   fonr-
 ���      taking    part.    The
.    Canco, which hnd been hived
Foi   tl sion, did nor  arrive from
���    rime, and  to avoid  dis-
nting the pany. T. Goldie kind-
placed his steam launch, rhe Afton
thi ;     lisposal,   accompanyin?   thi
"    bin sell as chief engineer,     V
'���':'        ���    thi   natural beauties of this
voriti ��� charmed everyone  The
part;   enjoyed themselves until
time,   strolling about  in twos
The start for home wa��
��� even  o'i ' d I   thi
gulled by singing by dif-
f the    fa ("
ri]   the   Uton n	
"  hall r ast eight.
Ther-e   WHI   Be   Things   Doing   When
Commoner Gets Home
This  Week.
N '       :���'  ��� "."
..     afte
1 all'4-
...        :>. .-. ..... I,-   i , .
-, ii \'i     yo 1   noj   V . I
Thn        '.    The greal  pop-
eceptlon I    thi   N    '   ikan will
-  Ma '     ���   -A        Garden on
Thun '.    .   enii     un lo   tire   i ispice?
.   ��� lal  ':'    veller's Tru3t
Tom   l..   Johnson,   ��� [
Ian 1,    will    pi esidi thi
���' ���--���.. Democrats
from   all   sections     ":     the    United
States  will   be ! ' '      Mr.  Bryan
Is     expected     io     make     a
pei   A   and   co   l
-. tings In Ma A m Scjuare
ised who are
gaii   i '���     ' -        ' the gar-
lei     The meeting will  be the open-
��� of similar affairs
11 scale, which will end  .viih
��� ���    -.vlv-r Mr Bryan re i 'j
i ��� .   -.-.        - ,
x' '. Mei Iill o   S      .   '"i1 losi  r. vai-
n  ��� .���   G. S. R. track    n
last.    The animal was turned
In the pasture on the north side
Mood I and adjacent
���      '    - hich  is  unfenced.    In
i the track the anii
bank.      While
there tl along and knoi
'   'a   off  the     track,    ri I
lown  io the bottom  of the  I
iun 1 dead by the own  i
ittei   is    satlsfai I
rbitration,    Mr.    McGill
llity place the mat-
���:  ���   ���.:  courts.
bush fl        ta ted  In
terday on  the
B)  evening II  fa   I
��� headway    n 1    n
... i taken tl
a  i.    ��� .
In l |      hood
..... _...,;; ...,.-.-:.,'l ..���..-:.:.��� 'E..'t
Plug   Chewing
10c per cut
S    .'.
'* -'V
Mi -���
.A i II
'..'   j
MONOAV, August
Published hy The Daily News Pub-
,'sbing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
'tSces   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
ri'reets. New Westminster,  B. C.
J.   C.   Brown R.  J.   Burde
Transient   display   advertising,    10
o.'nfs per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
e"!rseri']ent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracrs, special posi-
ti'is, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to ler, etc.. one cent per
word. No advertisement taken fcr
1qsj than 2ii cents.
Business office     22
Editorial   office       17
Manager's   residence    277
MONDAY,   AUGUST   27.   1306.
An up-country journal which Is ..
greal admirer of the presenl provincial government and ill . a wor ..-.
flies Into a furious rage lecause a
Liberal contemporary referred to the
Hi n. ib.' cirita C immissi mi r of
Lands and Works as "Bob" Green. Ir
lakes  i:   for grant it the often I-
ing paper meanl to minimize the Im-
I ortance and floul he llgnit of the
honorabli gentlem in ' hen it did so.
Bul is ii ivarranti I In assuming thai
A a view of thi .. itter is the true
May n il I he |... er, Liber ���.!
thou ti II is, bave een inspire I by a
-A- en >. rsonal affection for- tha
Cbiel   Commissioner?    His   no"    ��� .
lignanl contemporarj rea i <<���: A i   I
thai "hit of ihe most flattering tl Ings
c:...   can  say of any  man  is that 1
was always "Bob" or "Dick" or ' Tom"
to his  friends?    Only  rhe other day,
���   of ii ir1 indignant  c n orary's
colaborers  ia  the   Consi rvativi
- oke   nf   ihe   German   Em] eroi
A " Xo don'.' he nn '���'��� tfnglj use I
the form which he is I' thi ha iii i E
���    ploying  when   he  and   the   kaiser
: ve  a li'ile outing   I igether.     So it
have   been   with   thi        ier   on
which the wrath  of   our     .rotesting
friend   has fallen,    These littli
will occur in the best regulate! news-
papers. Of course the assumption of
the Indignant organr may be right.
The familiar diminutive may have
een used deliberately "and the same
with intent to offend." That is pos-
.-:���'.���: und if it be true we have no
excuses to offer. The newspaper
which would do a thing of rhat kind
in the circumstances, does not deserve to have any excuses made for
it. The honorable gentleman was
there personally present; the people
had a chance to see and hear him, and
the paper missed the opportunity to
1-ut him thus in contrast with his high-
sounding title. Certainly ir deserves
the  severest condemnation.
But, while there can be no excuse
for a mistake of rhat kind, it must in
fairness be remembered that men nnie:'   Irritation   are  apt   to   make  mis-
takes which rhey would never dream
if falling Into in other circumstances.
Now a  newspaper which tries to be
in.l  is as a  nib',  reasonably   fair M
Its opponents, may be excused  fir a
little Irritation   i if nm   f ir th ��� blunders ti whicli ir leads) when ��� >:, ��� eni
.-: lers  'li.- conduct  n:   the i  wserva
pi ess.    i >n   the  one  nan i.    ve
a n e a -' ivernmenl al Otta       - hich.
��� .."   II -   f lults,    bas        :   ilni;
a   . real   deal   for   Ca     la;   yet
a.- ii vative i apei - -   a   of the
l ������:    ..���: -   .,:'   'ii i- :
��� .a ���   ::    n   v. h .-������   soclet;    a iui I
il   nned  by a  self-respe 'ting      i
.'id     ' -.. Ai" other hand, we have a
. ������ nmenl a' Victoria which is prel
p-ell i p'erj thing that a gove 'nmenl
- .     i nol    e     !'  a .-   lone less than
Ing     ir  Ci'"   Provinci ;   the   uosl
can aa.   a., hlng  i
;  .  .'   ll   bul   ihat   i'   ha -    n ive I   in-
.... '������'.. . shiftless    md  extrav igant
. . Asr day nf power;    ei I:   -
ae  C mservath .���     ipers laud    the
��� .     ol   and   extol   its -
...'   infi.- (uently   in   a   tone   .-.v. 1   in
hich could scan
._  :.. -.   have   ' ei n   appll   I   to
!        ���   - .'.a;!- ���    .,:   thi      '..      t ���:..-' :
mi     i  Salis       ,  a   Lin-
a Cavour.   Our Indignant con-
������.... orarj  is i' self rather   listlnguish-
I  for  I :.'i.-   3or thing      D ies   i'
.:-...  that tl le of Brit a:. Co-
....   liki    tl ������    Idols    . '    the
I ��� .. in thi   '.. itter of the   seless-
;...--    ���' their eyes an.l ears?   Does it
-���   the;   havi   foi gotten  the exci   ling meanness nf An' genei il ele
��� An ' ric . ol  '93?    or the     ib Ish in-
.   ..������      :     thai     milll in- loll
Kaien?  or   Kitan a il'.   or a
host of other things?
Reading one of the government
papers Saturday afternoon, this head
line caught our eye, "Hon R F.
Green returns from a Tour of Kootenay Points." A glance at the date
showed rhar we had not, as we at
first supposed, got hold of a paper
a month old; so that the informal ion
was evidently of an event which had
just happened. Ver the honorable
gentleman -iii "return from a tour
of Kootenay points'' about a month
ago, ami the organs printed his impressions and so forth at some length.
The people ma;' well ask what happens to departmental business, and
who is supposed tii attend ro that.
Since the house rose, Messrs. McBri.ie
anil Green have spent nearly all their
lime running about the country.
Referring to the annual close 'in:''
for sockeyes. now on, as both dates
and facts seem to have got themselves
mixed a Hit;.' iu the public mind, ir
may be well to print lhe regulation.
Here i' is: "No nets having meshes
less 'hail seven Inches extension
measure shall be use.1 for taking salmon in .in;, of the waters of British
Columbia fi om '!:.��� 25tb daj of Aug ist
to ''ae i"ii la ol September, in each
iti lays lnclu\ Ise."
A  Scotch  'Hi.11."
General   W ��� ' ��� I   i ���   I   mil]  - -
roads in the higl   in Is of Scotl  ud    a::
obelisk was constnti ted to i mini i
rate his  :������ '. evem 'nts  on   whi li   .'   -
Inscribe I the follow a. " uII." Iui
ed    to   dls Ingui A     iei woeu    natural
tracks and made ro ids:
Had   you   seen .-.-...    ....
W. r ��� -a , Ii .
Tou   ���.* a .: i   lift   up your I    nds   "I  b'..-v<
General W
"Iiow Is your daughter ge ting along
in physical culture?" Inquired the visi
tor of Mrs. Goldrox.
"Fine!" replied Mrs. Goldrox. "Sh '
got so she can read an' write Ir now,
u:vl the professor says he's going to
give her Latin an' chiropody next
month. I think them foreign Ian-
gwidges are fine, don't you?"--Mllw ..:
tee Sentinel.
A  l.-inii  Evening.
"It's banl on the people of Gri;nii
land to have nlghl six months long."
"Yes. Just think of the feelings i :
the poor man whose in ther l:i-:a-'
drops in to spend an ovenlu ;!"
A   Cf.jf  ,>r Must.
The  Clergyman���My   little  man,   do
yon go to chur :h every -: r'
ble���Yes, sir.    I'm not    11 ei nigh ye:
tnarrta That Continue In Bxlat  After
Must persons of an observing turn ol
minii are aware of the fact that then
are several species of Insects that will
continue to live without seeming tncon
venience for some time after decapitation, exact knowledge on Uie length ol
time which tlie various species of :n
sects would survive such mutilation
being somewhat vague.
Professor Conestrlui once undertook
a series of experiments with u view .it
determining that ainj other facts In ro
lation to the wonderful vitality of such
creatures.   In each  case the head   was
smoothly removed with a pair of thin j
bladed forceps, and when spontaneous!
movements of the wings and legs cens ���
ed he employed sundry Irritating de
' vices, such as pricking, squeezing an I
blowing tobacco smoke over the Insect \
As a result of these experiments be ns '
certained that  members of the beetli
family at one sbowed signs of Buffer
lm,'.  while such  as  .-mis.  bees,   wasps
etc., remained for hours unaffected.
Bome wblch seemed Btunncd from il.
effects of the operation recovered aftei
a time and continued to live and enjoy
n headless existence for several days
Butterflies and moths se imed i .u littli
affected by tlie guillotining pro ��� -���-. nn '
the common files (dipteral nppeared ti
regard the operation as a huge |oke,
��� The common bouse fly," said the ex
perimenter, "appeared to be In full p is
session of h s senses (rather pun lox
li'.al. when In all i robnblltty the ca
nary had swallowi I head, sense and
all) thirty-six hours after being oper
ated upon."
Tbe bodies of Bome sp rcles of butter
flies survived as long aa eighteen days
after thc head bad I n rem ive 1, bul
the '..'ail its.'if seldom showed signs ol
life longer 'ban sis li mrs after decapl
tation. In the gem nil summary ol
th"-.' huge experinn nts we are Inform
���' thai the : isi signs of life were i i i
Ifested eitb he -  Iddle or last pn i
��� legs and thai the ��� ��� ���: .- ids showe I
greal tenacity of I "and ip| ired
��� h lly Indlffi rent to the loss of th iir
1 ... Is."
irilnrf'.-.  sia-,-,T.-irr.
It chanced to in nd   i ly once,
In a life of s      ��� faring hy land and
>ea to ride up > t ���.���     li gorge
dawn, the sky still ry, as tho    lar
coal burners bad begun their work,    id
to - iver all as the smoke rose a graj
blue light as of Ihe depths, some I iu A
of deep chllle 1 enveloping  rir on -. irg
ami  mountain side,  as th iu r. a  ��� ip
phire bad aged  nud   grovi u   gray  nnd
wan.   ' inc. only I saw this      d ui ���   I
ag lin.    Whoa  In  "Faust"  tlie i url
rose ou the Brocken I saw before mc
the same a.Ira. le of gray blue,   "How
lid you," I asked once at su] per, "whi
ride abroad so little and are so n i e
on the mountain side, hit on this.  lUc i
W. R. Gilley, 'r*none t-d-'i.
i- R. Gniey, 'Phone 1 tj
Dealers m
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. C. foitery Co. sewer pipe, etc
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near CP.R. De?J{
'Phone IB
rarest of ugntsr" "Unce, ami ne :>���>���
np a small plate, "I saw in a gallery,"
and lie named It, bnt I have forgotten,
"a landscape by Durer the size of this
fpla'e. a mountain Side in early morn !:i
this Bame gray blue light It gave m ���
tlie light 1 wanted for the Bro ik -a." -
Talcott Williams in Atlantic,
A Gift For Our Custo
The Diplomatic Dragrartat.
A ��� ������:"i. a drugg Bl ���������'. . d -':. il ' '
to answ er uighl calls, i -;..". illy ns I
lia-r  found  by   experience  thai   be ol
fends ; pie who call him up at oighi
by I. s dl .������'.���! -,>,| abrup' m mne \ l n
iif\: ��� 1 a sebeu e by whli       ���     es a a
have to go'  up ani al tb.' 8 ime i ni
!oes t. .   lo u oust imers,    In bis .. .
words he works It this way:
"I disconnect my bell so thai It can
-...: ring. After wait ag b .'::������ time th
:..:-.,, . who " mta to gel In g;r es il up
as a bad | i i I goes d iwn the strei I
i tho uext store. Tb - man ..pons for
him, but Is i iturnlly very much displeased, tnd, is I ii inllj do, he sb iws
thai be Is disgruntled and offen is tin'
customer. Early the uexl in n i - b
��� as! imer calls at my store to .afar,:
rae thai my bell if order and t ilia
:. ���. '.-. hat ii 1 iw op nion be bas of iho
otbi"    ��� iu - .'. ho ��� ins Iders n
-���. ry Imp . ito i N  ���������' York Tlmi
Dental l
In Every Pai Ip ,. ��� ���,      .
We Give a Pre   nt ot a cal
Cashmere  Bouquet Soap
EE        (Cue* Room Sir  I       FRI
.'   Wonderful  Bargain.
\i, ii,.. ;:,:. r.
On leaving u Par h liienl vr a i lermnn
genii, ui i felt for his ��� atcb. Il rv a.s
g ine. Having a ��� trong suspicion, b i
laid '��� loli ��� ��� band i on a can In the
crowd, who iiuletly gave up the ticker
When be got home, he found lis own
watch lying
the table.- Paris .lour
Mir   RecoSttl l/.*ol   Hlm.
"This." remarked Mr. Sappyhead, "is
my photograph with my two French
poodles.   You recognize me, eh?"
"I    think    bo."   said   Miss   Sulfur
"You are the one with the hat on, ut>
you not?"���Houston Chronicle.
A   lli.mp.i.'i
luctoi    i   ���
ii  Wa       :  ;    a
.���,...;   .. ie of  ''
: ���      ���
���".'.   ;    I an
.    ' Ills  i
manor'.'"      V.
'I       '    i  a
tl '     .    I  '
mei t, gi ' ���" tliti
for  thul   m; gi
brass,   when    . .
band   bo I liml to
si.i -..      ial wind I
am either -'��� In _���
&ivr!^tfW''t-ym^!X^ivivt$i zasmx
ciajge^A.-T^A'^'i^^ .. ;---'?��ks
Competition CSoses Saturday., September
' ��2�� *
Wi ^Ei%EE^
du m
Fifteen Prizes
Second Prize $25
h in Gold
S ear
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing tlie amount of their purchai .-.   Our    ���
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon.   The coupons are all nun ������
bered in duplicate.   One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.   The iv st nu nbe   |
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn vrins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th,
otherwise same will be.distributed among the charitable institutions of the city. |
i      mm '���**''' Sh*
'   wa,   'Sf   '^"      ' E %��$ W.    **m m
sa' ���":- ���
Columbia Street
1*4 m  m
^ihsi ��� >������   ������
a':."  "'C MONDAY,
AUGUST   27,   1906.
een coming in     i fas   I        ���        that we've        to woi
���   ��� hem marked
'''���"   ''": ���   ''" t  pro      i ve hou .. ������ .:,i the
buyin .... the
Insi le
���    ���.:    mil  mo
:. ani age   if a c ish   >i
!   I alio I.
.'.   aln  ' ie   ��������� ������-..   Ke put ia
i     coal e long
Kensln rton,"    Pa Idingi
s of dres     ;ood
luding ;- itin - lotl
res,  hopsaekln .���-.
a Ired   .a i   nlnel
six ban Ire I j u ls, ove
eletti      md   Wrap n rett 'S
I     li ��� .war.
M    '  of 'iiia came dl ������ I
.   ��� he large sl ex i n I
Local News Briefly Told
.1.    Armstrong    returned    on    last [Dave Esplen, of No. 1 fire hall, an!
night's  lelayed train from Aggasslz.    : will   remain   as   his  guest   for'some
time before returning to the middle
���'���������-' Mr. Esplen had not been he,-?
since 1891, and noticed that several
changes have happened 3ine9 that
time.    Before leaving  New- Westmin-
The  li.  C   Packer's tug, the Terra,
v,,h.'1 ''"���'' !i'"' A' ar ttle company's
wha.r* ,vestor<lay
Mis, 1\I. Robertson ol Vancouver
spenl Sunday UT ,!le cit-v wi?h rela"
t i v es
The Chlnoo'k. "��'ii" I by Cant/ Vvii"
son,   whicb   lm **   been  operating  fdr,
the  Iinvs'in i; itti'.'h'n   cannery  during
the  canning  season   casme  Into   port
Bter, he hail worked for Gilley Bros.,
and   was  much   surprised   when  told
of  the   recent  death  of  bis  old   em-'
ployer a couple of weeks ago.
.,,   - .  Griffin,   wh ,    was    recently
transl*��rr��u   from   the  agency  of  fhe
<;.  N,   R.  it. thi..  citj   to a more re-
-������ onsible position af Skyhomlsh, was
The   steamer   li.   P,   k  h"   arrived   ;..  the city yesterdaj   on a week-end
here on Saturday night from Victoria   vAlr     Mr. Griffin expects to be able
with  a  mixed cargo uf merchandise,   -, :,iao,. a weekly visil to New West-
'������  returned   i1   the  usual  hour  this   mfnater,   where   bis   wife  will   reside
:,'"'"U|'4 uirdl   after the   wint ���:      Daring    the
Th- Brune I ���    ,:...��� In   m Satui laj       *  iV'"':" Mr' <;ril"" haa been cou'
with  rv Ipad of coal from Comox,sl  ''':'   travell,ns over the    western
for the Brunette mills.   The Fearless     lvislon of the ��   N   R" Inspecting
tne  .    froi    Nanaimo  also  with  a   d:fferem       nl      n
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size       - ���   $2.00
See them,    They will delight vour eyes, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
Moulding in large varietiti.    Framing a specialty.
Dupont Block. Telephone 73.
Reduced Prices
Igh     a.
"v hich �� i- :' ir vs.
'.'���      if '        .    I's Day Allla     ���     Ul
.  .    ��� ��� ��� ���        ...
:. :.-   In tl     Quee   -   \. .:
the  reg-
13 service next   3ui
r&e    "p-ipf 1:1    nt   -ilti.:\ t
ir has bt'en know ��� sin el lit
of history, but not in ail countries,   Tie'   V
���l    Dress   Gc:r! =
.   .'   	
- .:
hu .
reeds    sei - Hi nrii I   is,
ffeta I  Bedford
. . itlng  ten
sides Fla S
-   .'..���:. i firm
���    ' .:.
wn and navy,
 25c and 35c
Miss Rogi :       ill not
��� id   to   he     lutii
- hool a    mni of the
.: 1      mi ther    Th    roon
��� :. le    ��� . .   '....:, a   .     - .      vision
.'  Miss Gn   .
... for
���a ater I. sl  month wa.*. $40<
the -  a.   e eive I last   . ���       I: .
the  lm
-tT'-vA . - manufa ig
. incerns,
iht and   Dark   Herringbone  Tweeds
The   loa Ilng   of   I he   Be u m   Ro
lumbe    it I he Fi asei  Rivei
...ui i.   Ti:-3 vess '
read    to sal    . oul  the firs
.... 1    vill  can     in
hood ol 1,5 ���'. ti fi     of lum-
Chinese appear to have leligbted their
palates with sugar for more than 3,000
years, and i; w as knon u In India oar
Her than lu Europe, being made fr ���
a juicy reed or cane, i me if Alexander tbe iIron's gei  Is ��� irrled sugar
to Gr  in the year 32.1 B  C. as Sir
��� Wall ���:��� Raleigh some 2.000 ye irs 1 iter
carrie 1 r ibac ��������� from VTrgii i I i 11:.g-
l-ui.'l. Bul evi a s i late - l."0 A. D.
sugar was still a r irlt >��� in ( r ������������ e. Tb.'
; ::., us physician i lalen used as n
rem ��� ly for certain mal i.di -; :: ��� -.-
experiments shovt thai -"- r las "
a. ��� '.le ������ ilng pov er ������. hen oaten
by lb ise underg ilng greal :' il gue TUi
ln��entiorj if th ��� first pr i ess for refining sug ir is ascril ed to tl ��� i.rabs, and
a Venetinn merchnnt i rild to hare
purchased the secret from Hi an and
Introduced th i pro tess In Sic ly. Tlu
r 'fining of sugar w is first pr ������. ed lr1
Engl ind about 1,������-.:.
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits
The   White House
275 Columbia St.
School Suits
Hopsackings���In   good
tallore 1  suii;.  m : i t   na
Navy  Blue  Serges    Thi
...   llfferenl   ihadi
-   to   ll  In he 	
ate       li  -   and
nd light
. nk Vicuna ���     abi
Maroon, Ro I   ���
and Black Worsted Serge
ed suits,
'   er   Mixed  Tweeds
heck, 50 inchi     ... ��� li   ...
T v. e e d s
thai     we
a : finishes,
.   35c. 50c 60c. 75c and 90c
I    n  Misses' C lats
en, 12 Inch  75c
���           . .      en nigh
   $1.25 and  $1.50
I !.    t Wl
75c  and  80c
. hes
A      Pei liss C. Pee les ai '
rother R. G.  P ��� di -    itui     I
i   '  ���' Ron ona fi        Ihilli-
��� he     , . I     een   .isiting
Mr. !'. Peebles I ir     few
days.    Mi   Pe <  les i - en rage -
new Chilllv ... .  - :hoo]
Tin- Word "llor.-."
"Row" is oue if the many words
which are i ising to re ipe :l ibility witt
?.dvau li g aga. Todd's edition of John
son's dictionary (1S27) denounced it as
"a very low expression." Sim e it ap- )
pears to have been occasl raally written t
"roue" aboul a century ago some have |
wished to find Its origin In the French j
"roue." Tod.l identifies it with the ,
older "rouse." a drunken bout, big I
drinking glass or big drink, In which {
erintending   the   consti sense that word several times occurs In    t
Shakespeare. Hamlet observes thai {
"the king doth wake tonight and takes
....- his rouse." "K iw" is s ipp -A to be a
false singular formed from "rouse,"
mistaken for a plural, as "pea" for
"j ������>���." "sh Try" from "sherris,"
"cherry" from "cheris." But il seems
���ler to explain "row" as short for
"row-de-dow," an exeellenl w ������.���.! tot
a ilse.
Almost At Your Own Price.
$2.50 and $3.00 Suits, yours for -
$3.00 and $3.50 Suits, yours for -
$3.75 and $4.50 Suits, yours for -
$1.50 |
$2.00 |
istume Lengtns of Fine Tweed;
. _���, .  rd..
��� ttes        ��� ilar
'.  Ill ' r
.   , Oxf
,    ..a-   B 1 :���-.
Abo .    : .���. [lies
!. encamped on I ...    al -
..  ��� t     , ... .T.
red u ���  ''.   !'.  N.  wh irf at
ist ni        .'   ���     ie     ;oods
ud - in order to be in
��� ���   ��� u thi       it I
this mi   ning
AJJ  above fitting boys from
7 to  1 O years of age.
:   .
ill me Hum .... I
' k   "Pirite   Firor1',"   S itin   (' 1
ama C1 ol      ml   ''    I   ��� - s ��� .
   5Cc and 65c
65c, 75c, 85c and $1.25
��� Ra men     ..������      I po     yesterday
��� :    e with
." ..     A car lo
a., s    ii  \\ nnipeg. was I   ided
o        ito   .  refrigera ir. Two
ns  arrived the   >Cew
: illy couched I
consignmen        -   senl   to  \   i
Tin- Late Strangrer.
An   attorney   in   Philadelphia   who
kes a specialty of prosecuting suits
5t railway companies growing out
of injuries ilia" to accidents on the line
tells of the trouble experienced in the
examiu ition of an li i -li witness.
1'   s witness I    I ������'��� idently been care-
. ouusel for the coni-
'e complete description of Suits and Coats will
follow in a couple of days.    In the meantime
come and see them-  they're going fast.
pnny, for w!  the question was put to
him, "Was the man found ou tbe track
a  total stranger?"  the  wary  Celt  re-
A lai i   plied
night   wil , ii.      "I  should say  not, sir.    Seein' that
pring salmoi .   Dog '   leg was gone. I should say, sir,
I, ���
>i Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
ai ling to run   md a large nun
. '   tugs  are   being  chari ere 1   i.
he .iaaaaose curers ��ho have
Windsor i annei y fo pu
.. . Ing on  ...>-:;��� . irii .
. tions,
J. B. Kennedy, M. P.
i   Saturda    .;
;    i;    Mrs. Kenm e    . enl   I
n . ling on a numbei   ol
n  i ;   hi     ���        He I
ell and sli   ���    he hous   cl
pen enjoying a trl        ���   ig
Canada with   '      I   nue Ij
nl he were a partial stranger."���Wo-
. an - Home i lompauion.
SnttpicloiSN Fervor.
"Well, br itin r." snld the dencon,
"th i was a fine prayer you made last
"Thank you. deacon. I am very glad
I > hear you  iny s .."
"Yes, ii vi a < n -. '. . Ill prayer, long
au 1 fervent. And, si ; . what bar e you
been doing anyway? You cau confide
in mi' wiib the utmo i confidence. 1
wouldn't betray you for anything In
the world."   Chicago Record Herald.
licory an J easily a Cake can bs iced
e Icin.
Chocolate, PinK, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple   and  Coconut  Cream.
.   . Ilowlng wen   ai
lie < alloil   tlu' Turn.
���I   came,"   an   iuu   id   the   Intimate
flip.ud   of   lhe   family.   "t,>   maki'   my
' Ra tier call."
i. J. MACKAY I (0.
SiAiioiiLaS    hc.vs mm
-. a   . 11..      ,.      agers   yes
W.  Peacocl .  J,   Vllen,  M.  S.
Evan . '!'. .1. Griffin, Chll
.>     I    '  . . .      i Lehman;
Mi -a   Aitv    .    .::.!      Lauding;   ;-'.
1.  a     .   Miss   ! low aj.   i-1.   A    Eckard,
Mrs   Wilde,  Miss  M.  Wilkie  ,J. Skj
:,..   .  Li aa'.'... 0
��� . of '1 '��� Ire . of the
Ro I Columbian 1 Itul propose vis-
Itin : he Vani uver hospll i id j
. lib the objeel of y- lng    ilnters to-
"But." they  protested,  "yon haven't
��� a Iii ii ti  dinner lately."
������I   know-      it,"  be  replied,   "and   ;
tb , .��� ���:��� if i called thai defe. I i
An   invitation   was  promptly   forth*
coming.   New York Pre is
>\!u-r��-  GlllUIOtR  Smirm,
One or the m isi remarkable sights
In the world Is Bird Island. In South
'.., i. for tho ri - m thai durli g some
nioiiilii oi' tlie year it is literally cov
ered v* Ith gnunots. Not a I il i t
ground Is to be seen anywhere,    Day
Ali parties indebted to tho
uighTbe undeirsigned, are requested
ti- settle their accounts before
mt of 4th Ave.  Cor. A'.''.  ��
New Westminster, It, l\
Sept. 1.
���. .:- fitUng up lhe u n hu idtal ,,,-,,,,. l( Iy thousands of gnnnets strut
.A.;, i. Is so ii to he erected In At ;,..,ir,u,; :m,i they are so clo e to each
city, The a hlti I who is preparing otlier that the whole island kcchis actu-
he   dans the  new  building  will   ally alive.   Those who bave seen this
Sight say that  it Is una which e-j.u uev-
(fl. G. TIDY,
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Buildin j
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
We hnve not only the largest
and best stock of WATCHES
in the city, but also have the
agency for the HAMILTON WATCHES which for accurate time keeping
cannot be b aten.
hia tt
5555S5E5S522 s, ,1
W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, The kwekr, Columbia SL
an;   Lhi    lele ation.
The work of clearing off I he 1 md
fi r the new rifle rangi on the I
side of i'a ��� river Is I elng pu In I
along as rapidly as possible, ai i a
largo ; ilo of brush which wn
..a flre on Saturday, was still mak-
In a a,| ,,,' gmoke yesterday, The
work of bruohlng Is now almost fin-
liSie ' . a I he carpenti r work will
ell I. ::��� ���'..; by the end of the
er be forgotten,
plants, cut flowers. B0QUET8 Residence:
reli   hone A1S4 or ad Iress  Ith   v,
nue and  liUh Street.
124 Eighth St.. New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
Found -Black cocker spaniel dog. Apply Customs,    x. M. Matheson,
Wanted���Active, intelligent lads
nbout eighteen years of age, at Fruit
Cannery, Front  street.
Wanted   st   Once -Quick,   active,   energetic boys.    From 15 to 20 years
of age.   Apply personally. Western
adian Can Factory, Sixth street.
-.lOHCO.!*"*!!*..* -���.
:*:i��::*:!*"!*i!*i!*i>.i>:i*!>t ,���:
K. J, EBplen, nl' Naiil'in. Alia., ar-
$\ rived in the city yesterday morning,
>��� on a vlsll to bis   brother,   Captain
Wanted���A  girl   tar    general    house
work i-a  a small  family.    Apply  to
Mia.  i:   :   . \   Row.    New   ah      ���       een years of age. at Fruit
"The Pion"-' Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago. "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service, on any
railroad   in   thc   world  that   equal   in
     ���,~ -  equipment that of the Chicago, Mil-
Fo.- Sale���Second hand buggy, road ,ui!kf( & St. Paul Railway. They
.art and harness. VA H. Madill. own and operate their own sleeping
care A. Speck, Columbia street. and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
Wanted���Active,    lntelllgenl     lads  ^rvkt not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
Cannery, Front street. I;a Third St.. cot Alder. Portland, Or.
: - ;i
i     r ��
.     ��. '.
Pit j
.. ���'
T     "
* .   T    .'     H
'���;        :
S  ,
. lift ���
n 'f
s (4
A1 A-":'[
'-'>v :A
.���"aa m
' ft*  ~m s
!   pity?
. 's S��&
���r >w-r
. ��f,M ���
'-'-li'': Jr'l
W $ i
m r
!A:'I.  I.
T    '    }' 1
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
A        I tl       incipal business centers of
Also to BUFFALO,  NEW YORK ano
PH     'A'KI.I'HIA.  via  Niagara Falls.
!'. r Tin ������ Tabli -. etc., address
GEO.  W.  VA'JX,
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
:   .   ���   . -   ; -   Every 1 lay In the Ye.ir
Minneapolis, St. Pau!
and Chicago
Till. TR 'AN  '   -s  FAME
Iii - the ni ������'.    ���        I best
for    COM]     i'   . A'.'   NI E A
: : 1 LUXURY. It is lighti 1 with
I th el< :ti ty "1 gas; the mi -:
bril ati .1    train   in   the
.    ���   : ��� -       it   ci nsists   . a
! rivate   c      partm        cars,   stand ir .
���    pp cti >n  sleepers,     u urious  dining
car. reel.;::: ;:  chair cars   I -��� at-  free
modern   '1  y   ������ ��� chi -   and   buffet,   li-
I rarv  and     :���!���'������..      -.
A      T i       A ' li -,  Folders, or  any
fui    ���r  infi rmati in  call  on  or  v. rite
���>20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Brltlbh  Columbia  Coast  Line
i-Subject to change without   notice..)
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
.'.. igust Oth.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
August 12th.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
May 18th.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
August 22nd.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
A igust 29th.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves  Vancouver daily at 1 p, m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a, in.
on Wednesday and Mondays.
S. S. Joan
' ' ivan V; ncouver daily extent Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Saturday   al  2:30 ;,. m.
S. S. Queen City
Leav.-s Victoria at 11 p. m, on 1st,
"th, 19th and 20th of each month for
Ashousit and way points; leaves Victoria on the 7. and 20, for Quatsino and
way points. Leaves Victoria on 20th
':' each month f ir Cape Scott and way
points including Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer
'-��� avi a   New   Wei trninsti r  on  Mon
day,   T :i   day,   Wi lm   J iy,   1 b irsday
t      P.  in. an I  S iturdaj
- . with i .    .    ' :.  M,,n.
' ���'. ... m
:. M nd: '. Tne  lay,
v"     '   : and S: turday al
7 "��� ' ' t C a, m. additional
trip Saturd  y 5  p.  m,
S. S. Beaver
Leaves Ni w Wi stminster, s a. m.
Mondaj -.  We Ine daj    and  Fridays,
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, railing at
landings between New Westminster
and Chllllwack,
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m��� 2nd
and 10th of each month, culling at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are   approximate.
For reservations and information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Deft.,
New  Wost minster.
Synopsis   or    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any ;.-. minion Lands with
in the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may I e bomesteaded by any person who is ihe sole head of a family,
or any li over IS years of ag", to
the exrerj* of one-quarter section of|
100 acres, more or less.
En': oust ne made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate.
The hi mesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(il At ler.st s:x months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year :or three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father ised 1 of the hi mesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
f the id entered for tire requirements a- to residenci 1 y I e satisfied
by su h !'r-'.n residing with the i.i-
ther    - mi ther.
1 1        thi  si ttler has his permanent
. upon fan     g  land  owned
by ! '"  in  tiie vicinity  oi his homi -
���  . requiremi nts as t.  n    dence
���    y  bi    satis Bed   A    re;     nee   upi >n
thi   ���   : '. land.
��    moi ta-' :   ': :e in writing should
��� .. g .. n ���    ���' .       mmiss oni - of Do-
n  ���    -  1   .   5 at Ottawi     ! inti ntion
.  ���  - 1 itent,
Dept ty  Minister of the  Interior.
N. B.���Uni ithorizi d publication of
this a Ivertl; 1 at will not 1 e paid
Trains & Steamers
Leave Now Westminster 7.25 daily.
Leave New Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive New  Westminster 10.30 daily.
Arrive New "Westminster 19.10 daily.
Lv.  N.  W.  7.25, Ar.  Seattle 15.50.
Lv.  Seattle,  12.30;   Ar.  N  VV. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W.   7.25,   9.33,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   W.   9.A5,   10.3",   19.10,  20.20.
Lv. Nov,- Westminster 6.30 a. m.
Lv. X. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. X. W. 4.:;5 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 pan
Lv. Seattle, 4.34 p. m., ar. N. W. 9.33.
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m, and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8,35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
I.v. N. \V. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
3:45 ji in. and 6 p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. Xew Westminster 5.50. 0.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From X. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Tb., Sat., 7 a.m
From X. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m
Prom X. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,'
3 p. m.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m,
From  N.W.,   ... |. an 1   Mon.. 7 a.m.
From VI ti rla T ies. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Railway Company
Two   fast   transcontinental   trains
1 witb dining cars and through tourist
and  first-class sleepers daily.
Atlantic  Express leaves at  7:25.
Imperial  Limited,  leaves  at  17:20.
��� o	
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and Return. GQA  IC
Sept. 8,9, & 10  J04.lj
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P. R. Agent,
Xew Westminster
Assistant   General    Passenger   Arent,
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Hail'. NEW Daili
!.. WESTML S " .:   Arrive
'��� L'O 1 1 1 ���   ing   ��� .'-i , m
4:35 pn    .: lng '���..'���"; m
ton, Mt. V "
non, Everett
I',   ll  1 '
4:35pm'Spi Si     DO pn
Paul md all
; ��� im si
9.20 am Vn: cortes, 3:00 pm
Roel :
::��� 00; m Van ouvei 9:21
9:55 pm 4:35 ] m
: '
J   I
Lv.    New
.  ���
���   ���
jon I
G p. :....
Fri lay.
S: 45 a.
9: 10 a. rr
A"  ;���.
Mi :. ��� lesday,
111. ar. .... a
Lv. for V
Route of        r mous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St, Pi ul, MInni apo Is,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points lA.st.
For complete Information
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
} F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
���      Ban
ink of Con.na ree Building.
New  Westminster, B, C
S. O. YERKES, A. O. P. A..
Corner Sei ond A v�� Que and 1 lo-
Air.Ma St., te;"...e. Wash.
{Northern Pacific
Was! Service
���. via Sum is. 10 pm.
Sa; n & Mil      .   . 10.00 p.m.
Vancouver 10, 0 ���   n,
Cloverdale, Bli lue,
Seattle, etc.,   .. 8.45 a.m.
Van. & Cent.  Park...l0, 10 a,
East Burnaby ...
Steveston, eti ...
East, via C. P. R.
East, via C. P. P,
Sap., Mill, Coq'm.
Van. & Burnaby.
Timberland, Tii'-s.,
Friday   12.00 m
.10.30 a.m.
1.30 p.m.
.4.45 pm.
10.00 p.m.
.4.45 p.m.
.3.30 p.m.
Re . iw-1
8.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m.
9.00 a.ia
3.30 p.ia
m.   2 p.m
10.00 a.m
1.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
6.00 p.m.
12.00 m.
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
If you arc sending for your family
Ol friends from the Old Coutnry you
will save mone; by buying tickets
Next sailing Empress1 Britain from
Quebec Aug. 23; the speediest and
most elegant steamer. For rates and
other particulars apply to
C.  P.   R. AGENT.
Trains Daily
Tra'. el on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets nn sale to all Euro-
pean \   ini .
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   CaliTornia.
." .' ." 1! .'..'. rn 'ii a call 1 n or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
���130 Hastings St., Vancouver, II. C.
Portland, Ore V O.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS,     Daily  trains   (except
".; da . ��� ���     g   passi ngers,   mail,
express    and    fri ighl    connect    with
��� tagi -    t .   rcross and White ''   rse
maintaining a through winter servici
Fbr information apply to
J.  II.   ROGERS, Traffic  Manager
Vancouver.   H.  ('
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.,
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The   only  all   rail   route   between   all
point- ea^t, west and south to Rns?- 1
land, Nelson and intermediate points I
connecting at Spokane wilh the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connect- at Rossland with the Can- j
adian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with '
j stage rSily for Republic,
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
{Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    ic,
Day Train Arrive
..  Spokane  ... .7.15 p.m.
..Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
. .Nelson  6.45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON. ���
1 '���
!  9.20 a.m.
j 12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
sffmrnr;' im jb%
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read th<
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you. AUGUST   27,   1906.
.1    ���
- a ! --    .-   n
evi   ������
; i VVI
Watchmaker and
Manufacttrinq Jeweler,
,   ��� ��� ���   -
��� ...,    i ye
��� .
a,   .       ���'
.   Bl
,,.  and
Charges Reasonable.
um ca       , I to
may    upon
���   ���. nu
. i ;i
;  ���
01   the  pr-.j       50 .       ....
.''      ' ',,...-
���     ���
,   ...    ..   iin    i   iin
ill)    in        ,f|
���   i the N
...... ������   ..-     .      Up    v....
Magistrate a   F
-    a.i
Hall  ii
���   ���    ���        ���
.       I
bar oi    . ���
\Cri/A **
Psfl 4      %��  / *   fr*   1^ ��  *���
a.     . -
..-���-. ...-
gainst the irana
,lio i
.   .       . :
i.     . ii
������ :
��� i ��� : .
Ie:   Schaak    Machine ^rks. Ltd.,
Ne     Westminste    *    I
a        ���        ,   ���
��� ���        |U
. ..���
��� -
n'.m i J
factoring Com
���    .
vnw Cas*��?  Stor   Fitting and Ba:
r i v vi- vo
,    i A LUJ   '. .
... ..
Manufacturing Co.
(     c
"���Pf NO     ' ".v.      NC     111
In  Oranc
i    ���   ���     nn
Itin    hretl ��� c
���      :      , a 1
.    . i impl Rl      :-
-AMI1 "���".".
��� di    ������...  inn   i
.   ').	
" .
. i
...        .     mi     .>.-.-"
"    ' r-   :
.. : .
,   ,     :    \
" .
..    . .
.: an
a .     o
���    \. ���
of Gancmdci
Ital $3,000.0C       Rei
- I      ���    ets I'ib.'st
' V    DEPAHIMfc
- --    |
Saturds       ights  from   8   to   9
NEW  WES '"  "    "I       BKANCH
F. B. Lyl     "     "
Prom 1 5c. up.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan
- i ti   i ���
���      - ��� i       T.I
11 ea ch. end r n
.    . '......���
���   ,    the i within tei
.     '
.   ! extra daj    Howe    f<
person i      " ��� staking i
������...  ..
....   .      oven new mil
.   -    , .     ....
. . and  .   the ��� isists
. o .'<    iltog    ii       n th    ) .'���
put on whicl . shail    bi
.    .'..���     , .
r ras  . ���
��� ���:   i
II qui
ds on him, I
... a-    . stroi
.    so    ... lowei     iar(
i  irdaj  evenli
I do ii
11: ���
Cnu ��� .
....    ....
i    .i i .
. id ii
n asleep
ol     e alcohol
a on :::      .md   1n-
��� ���
...   ;     -  ��� .      . i-
ivo      ������  - i ���
Un i ���     Io   .-        b
Sj   >p   s -i  Regulatio..; .  - Disposal
of Minerals on Do  .r Lands in:
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories! j eet to   hi      .    - ���.
i.    t i    plied
.   i  -.  an     au !
������.:.->   .   i  id   ;. i
i ii, ��� ,u a ae.-'
of Mineral.- on Dominion Land* in: \
Territories |
and the Yukon Territory
  T   . ,.      ���
'. ' '        . ... 	
anthracite,     Not   moi : '���
ban 320 ... A n.   . ' .
ii ... ... Loyalty at
      ...... A
the ra        ���'���- '      ���>    ���" ������' ' te
i ..���     thi     '      .......    , i    . . biti  In the < aa
.  i . ill require a lawyer 1    clea
'...    man   i     aliases o     he   eh  �����*
���������'������������������ a foi      ....  lnd   . .   H. |  ;i,  , .    ,,,  t0
diggings or ben.     clain     excepi
a'      :
���    -
.   irs and over and joii
-     ���'      g free minei    certificates
II    COI UMBU     . '������"������'���      N
IN     ri'    .".'. ������'        '���'    ���
: aa-. I     r:       ���
While Ii
��� ���   :  -     u     , .'.���'.   nioil a
.       plO ''ia    lm       B
ii ��� ited       I     13. f !" di
preb,   .,   .....       '.    .
Savings Ban* Dept. J. fill VI   T^
Junk and Secom
a.,1. I. '       ���
' ���        ���  ��� ' ' "
: "   : ��� . " I E   No
uirrh Pi'i In  tl
'��� '      II'      f      O'ClOl  i : la ���
..... ' ���'���"    	
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
......., i.,.
a    '���
.    B. Rusl    ri, <
�� K.  S.
<���.   .
F.���The i
.       a    ,
���     -r.   ....   .
T I     , a     .     a    . a.   .
E. C  FI th  C   fl
Maxwell, Sec
'HE   R.-IYAL   TEMPLAR",  or    H M
Perance nn""   over?  Wednesd ���'
-  o'i lock   p,   m .  in  iiii.ii.ii."'
Columbia    mreel      VlRltlng
���a .p. .��� , ,.i ,ii iU) im ited '" nl
.i   a, l3ry��on, 8  Ci   I   MeD
iell, Bei
1   . ���   ���
"��� . ���   -   -      S'ev   v   	
.     .    :   -..'.....
Phone 21?.
Family Trade a Special!
Office. Eighth  Street,
Rivei    where
��� i  p.
..    n each a ���    ��� i?. . ���
* .. ... ���'    .-     ��� , ���     '.     V      C    lil
iperatton     ithin one seas   ]   .   i    the
la     of the I p five miles
but   i      rsi ���   mpai y has
taine      nore   I hati    ���   ���      ,.-
1   ..... A    .-,   :. -  p. ip, tee -     lies or fi
tion i a   .      ,-   affici    .       ' ��� ���   . .   i
per ai    im   oi    each      lile    of rive
leased,       oyaltj        th     -ati    if 1 -..��� i
and .. I '...   -t   ... a;   co] eir^.-
utpui after      .    .'.-.. ooo.
.    .-    i V...- ..;   I   rritory-
; leasi    ���     .... each may b
...   1   ���.,   ree minei I    m of
��� > .  rs; alsc   re   I .   i
���   '        -:     is i    tfined to thi
submerged   bui   or bars     i   the  river
b   ow   low   w I a    i   ,-h, that b nin
51 ���   feet   b)   n    j   i ut   I ������    la y      be f    -    ���     .    -    n thi
rith  .-.    ......     ., ;jt   of   \.t.;a ;   the
notices, one at ei ���-���        t n-     . se,
. of the lode,   ... .   .   lesse    shall  have  one  ..'.rediri'
claim    hall be recorded with i .     ipei  ... <   wil hin    �� ���  j ea i   trqa
 ���    ithin ten i ilei   tl ite   ���   the lease, an        i    redge
 d ...              ...       les w   hin   iix  ye
a    ;. ail   ' .
'   :    .      .   : cincate is grantei
exceei  nf
.    .    .. . .      :.; of $7.50
mineral in ph iy local    ��
....... 1 .
.....   a    ..       01       The
. .   g a clain   .   5S
At Ic
CAMP, 191.���MeetH on the I Irsl  md
Tl    I Tu    ;      ol       monl h   'n
;'       '    P. Hall      John    Me!
Chli .    :   i   j'.,:,.. iter, \'<"   Bee.
BOARD OP TRAD! '   ��� ���    " esttnln
.;���. ���.   :  ..-���   . ��ets In tha
Ro ia foi
'   ���: .'     n  .
...  ��� .      ..���.      a ..-..a
"���:.:...,'    of     pe  'nary
ip.1  Ro-vemtier, td 8
..   neotlnga   on   the   *p-"..'..
tdn��8day    of     Februftfy.     ���v,'"v
a     '���'���;        rilll ','        b9       pI'lipOSO'I        fllld
>r'iM 1   i,-,,- motttbiy or quarterly
'et.ingf,   a. ii;. \viiii.>. Si��c
���"���*' yH&\
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Dr>p"l
ColUrtlblB  St.
ir ���   leili area      ":''    "   "l
'! .a     at
ight md Heavy Hauling
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LOW!OOWv England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
n.ii'T'  1' ione   : *
.   a        :', .,    ...    EU  ta   $100    ' " mile
'i uko 1 Te lid  to  the
v.i  ro ler.
fo fi   : mil   " ���   dl ���'"-���--   ��� a grant
...   1    re tl ..    ��� ing  1    m on
si   jiate   river, creel   ��� i   .  rich,
but thi   .   ...    . 1  tr   may   li ild   any
nun  ""  ol      ...     bji      il.-'    e, and
��� i ... a   '.   j   work   their cl iimt
111   ;..'.  ...     ������      f)  rig   to   ic ���     ti..
1   j    ...   ol $i     A claim nny be
...   ...        md     1 'ti ���     ..���     ined   on
the   :-���  I..-   . ."��� sk,    [ulch   '  '   "...���   .   by
\i*..,      .p.p.     tl .    ���.. a  't
.'- 11.    a., it    .....    ��� .        ���: iin
.���   yeai to th   tfali    of at lea    |
srtifical     1 1 it   ���   ������     has  been
.,,,.1 1    . .     ui   I 0 en to
,1 ..1..    pp1   t free minei
.... ���      1      .   r el ���;-,        are 1      '".
...   ....   d wii   r thai       tin    11 cars
on   anj   other   lm���-.     Thty   pr
their trains b>  the B     I   .-���. tern
I . iou id ii ��� 3 in a .-iiini 111 iy be
.it,.I.. ,tpp ilutelj li; having a survey
nnidr   in     publ thing  n the
"r'ukiHi   Official   t'pi.'ette.
I'ein 'I'uiii��� All   unappropiated   Do-
niini-.n Lands in Manitoba, the North-.
tvi.ri An toriea and within the Yukon
JAii.iaiy, are OPfln to prospecting for
petroleum, and  the minister may re-
jer-ve  For  an  individual or compi i>
having machinery on the land to be,
prospected, an area of  n>-0 acre? for
such   period   hs   he  may   decide,   the
length 01" which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.    Should the pros-;
pector  discover  oil  in   paying   quantities, aiipl satisfactorily establish such'
discovery, an  area not exceeding 6401
acres,  incbuding the oil well,  will  be I
sold to the prospector at the rate of |
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the j
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres, j
will be sold at the rate of $,1 an acre,
subject to royalty at such nite as may
be specified by Order in Council.
W. \V. CORY.
Deputy of the Minister of the In
Dcot. Interior.
Cnrlonn   l'K��l��l.m   of Nature   to  End
Their SoVtoile.
!' ro is ar mo a.;, nous," said 3
raider ot those birds Cer market, "and
the female lay*, bui two pg��s One 01
these Is always tho fa-s ftfom which a
niiila is h::tcht'd. and the other Incloses
tne future female. If by any act denl
a cock piptpon loses its mate or a ben
pigeon becomes widowed ihe sympathies o'" the ei tira col 1 out to thi
aiilicti'd brother or sister. If it ���-���
so happen rtint a cock should lose bii
mate and a hen hers, so ttmi they
both mateless al the same time, the af
fl cted 1 air soon forget their grief in 9
."rt" life partnership, and all Is Serene.
"Bnt If there is a widower In the col
and no convenient wld.iw for him to
take to mate, or if there ls n widow foi
whom no widower pigeon Is on hamS,
something must he done to till the v.i
cnni.v. Upon the first hen pigeon to
ne.-t aftai the vacancy occur* falls thi
Important duty. If she hasn't hatcher!
her eires yet she promptly plumps onc
of the t��o out Of the nest. She never
mal i ��� mistake In evicting the rlghl
om . I.' a widow Is to be provided for
the hen throws out the .'err eontnlnlng
her future daughter; if a widower is
pining for .1 mate sh.> dispose; of tbe
son I'irg. if she bas linteh.'i tier egg
when a demand N made fnr her snerl
tire she ceases feeding the youngstet
wl 1 will be superfluous snd Btarves it
to death. Pige.ins grow fast, and
Bquabhood   over,   the   lone   product   ol
that nest becomes mate to the bereaved
r of ihe Bock "
Thr   Hnriloal    to    Mul.,-    Are   OrehhN
ami    American    lleiiuiy    Rose*.
The orchl 1  in 1 \'   t.   .1 Beauty r
are the two mosl difficult   Bowers tc
make,   A skilled worker can consti
onlj about six American Beauty rose?
in one day, and this numbi r only when
the leaves and petals  are fill  rea.!;.-   ' ���
put together. The small Bowers, lil: ���
Uie jasmine, are also difficult to make,
ami only skilled haiipis can be Intrusted with this work. Thc majority of
the small au.i delicately made Dowers
Imported for millinery uses are made
in the pris ms of Prance. The work
of making flowers is pleasant nnd for
skilled bands lucrative, the skirls receiving all the way from ,*:; a week for
beginners to ?23 for the best workers.
Much of the liner grades Is given out
for bome work, women and girls ta'.r
Ing huge botes of flower petals and
leaves to put together, One market
for artificial Bowers is that of the bar-
nessmakers, who order bunches of violets and other small flowers and resell
them to grooms for the decoration ol
their liorses on tullyho trips and other
gala nslons.   Many of the handsome
corsage bouquets of orchids and violets so much admired at the theulir
ami opera are artificial. ��� Leslie's
I-.  '
��� Sl'i
��� >'���'..'.
, ��� j
.   F . ���'< i
1. We can give you entire satisfaction.
2. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on the coast.
'.{. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
4. We sell ..ur goods a*, the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE SEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
Takes   Glass   With   Him   :n   Attempt
to   Escace   From   H's
....call on....       LOSES HIS TWO SONS,
Prescriptions a Specialty.
S.   Picco.   Attendant     at     Orphanage.
Finds    Himself   in   a
Queer  Muddle.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. -    - B. C.
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
ail kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
A   Good   Company
Hartford Fire Co.
Has Paid $4,405,000 of San
Francisco Losses.
The Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin, of New York, in its
issue of Aug. 11, says: "Up to Aug.
1st the Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
has paid 2,670 San Francisco claims,
covering an amount of $4,405,000. The
Company's settlements are progressing
very ���;::-:' ictorily."
I.- "    .. ith   .1   Bti   " i ������    I" 5    ' n   hU
;i inds   ��������� hili   his tow sons  were lost
.    here on the G. N. K ��� waa the
.a ISI     i spi: i' '.i ���   ol  S.  i'i 'CO,  an  a
t al the O: | - Dl ge last evfc-
nlng. Mr. Picco was ex, ecting his
r-.a o; s to return : rn Bellingham
; y last nlghl - ' ��� aln, an i was on
hi       ���    mi ���'  "hem.    When the train
rrived hi   Inquired ol  thi   conductor
���her the boys were on board, ani
on being told that such was not the
case,   Mr.   T'i   :i   ; olnti I  i ut  a  sn
y, .ia; arentl ��� al out eight years of
ige, whom he tool; to be one of his
eons, who was curli I uj sleep on a
The conductor awoke ihe la:l
and asking him whether he wns ti be
put   tiff  at   New    Westminster,    ro-
���  .'.I  an   answi     In  the affirmative.
He then handed out the child to the
��� -.- fi ther, trio ti  in being alrea iy
a the mi " One loci: at the la i
convinced Mr. Pice that someone hal
blundered, and that he was left in
. arge oi somi ��� ly else's child. Whea
thi boy disc /ered where he w is
stranded he war naturally upset, but
bore u(i bravely. He gave his name
..    Al   Christian,   and   said   that   his
."nts lived on Fifth avenue, Fair-
'.iew, Vancouvei. He was returning
from a holiday at Bellingham. and the
conductor had been instructed to put
him off at Vancouver. There was
nothing fcr it but to take the 'joy
home with him, and this Mr. Picco
A I. Trie lad will b< senl bome early
lhis  morning.
Lands   on    Head   of   Desoerate   Thief
With   a   Pair   of   Handcuffs.
..    AGENTS   ..
:��� I C ilumbia St.   Phone 85
For Sale
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
wood; could deliver on scow.
Particulars Box :,'.), Port
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.
Special Summer Courses
For Teachers in the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R. J.  SROTT,  B..A.,  Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN, B. A., Vice-Prin.
A man named J At' n, with a
hard reputation among the police of
' a coast citii 3 .- ..: presi nt a ; ris-
cner at the police station, under a
charge of stealing a quantity of clothing and oth' : articles Irom Ihe Telegraph hotel on Saturday morning.
Johnston let' the i.n.vincial jail on
Friday morning, afti i he had completed an eight, . n month's sentence
for theft. During his Incarceration,
the authorities were compelled to put
him in iron.- man., times, and he is
considered to be one oi the most violent prisoners thai has ever graced
ihe precincts of the jail with his
Johnston was arp Bti i by his name-
Bake, Offlci ' nst n. bul he was not
the kind of .. man I submit to arresl wiih' m .1 Iruggle, i nl when
lie saw thi ofli :i . advi ��� towards
him, he al once ��� pan : for battle.
'rlie officer had l< fl bis I aton ai the
police station thai morning, After a
Mule preliminary i pi n Ing between
the two Johnstons, thi man of law
and order man agi I to Btrlke his antagonist a heavy Mow on the head
with Ins handcuffs, That settled the
fight. Johnston, tbe ex-convict, could
riol stand such a Mow, and he dropped to the ground. By the time be
recovered his scatti re I si nses, he
was safe under loch mil key, with his
head bandaged miiil only a small portion of lhe race was visible, it will
he some time before the Imprints of
lhe handcuffs have entirely disappeared from his pate.
Ai the police station, a large quantity oi the stolon clothing is stacked,
and will be produced in court this
morning as evidence against .Johnston. The prisoner is reported to
have broken a police officer's arm in
Vancouver some years ago, and his
reputation is such thai no police officer will lake chances while dealing
wiih him. lie admitted yesterday
lhal li" had been exiled Irom his unlive country. Denmark, for a term
of years, but thai he did not care to
go   back   there   al   any   time.
Diving  through   the closed  window
'���:' a C. 1'. ft coaMi yvstorl::. morn-
inn while ihe train was travelling at
full speed easl   oi  .Mission, and being
. - :��� d fron ertain death by tho
o ...i action of two members of the
11. X. V.". M. !'.. v.lio were in charge
him, was the experience of a lunatic, who wa- being brought here from
Nelson, where he bai recently exhibited   symptoms   of   a   mania  so   dan-
-  . is thai it had been necessarj  ri
him   under  ." stralnt.
Tlio   an: u tunate   man   is    a     well
known  miner   i :   Nelsi ni  and   is   re-
poi'. i   to   be   heavily   interested   In
the Fairview townsite.    Ile has been
meniaiiy deranged for some lime, and
���' is to bi   sent  back to his home in
Nova  Si oi la,   w hi n  on  account   of a
sudden change foi the worst in his dis
sition, ir was decided that he would
e con to I hi the New Westminster
. sj l im ' ii I be (ul ure
Twi ��� ers oi the it. X. W. M P.
were di sj atche I to accompany the
maniac on his journey to the asylum,
;.ml they A pi osi v atch on him during thi n "a - hey suspi cted
that hi wo ild attei t to escape from
-:.. A is i . A' ' being abb- '
eludi ..:- ���.��� ���'.-.- ��� .a- diseased brain
of the unfortunate man conceived a
; Ian, a.s daring - It .' as dangerous,
an I si izing up imeni when ���:;.
attention oi the i olice was tempoi ari
distracted, he made a dash througl
thi closed window, crashing through
the glass and inflicting fearful cuts
on hi- :.a ���' and han is lie:..:.- he
could get Me...' of the frame, the
pi lici ha I sei -��� 1 bim by the legs,
the orrly portion of his anatomy which
i. mained visible Ifrom the coach, an 1
< ommence I ti him I acl:. The
struggle was short but sharp, the
maniac frantically holding on to thi
bottom of the coach in a vain i .
deavor to escape from the train, lv-
lore the lunatic could be dragged
back into the coach, both his ke. pi :-
bad "heir bands severely cut. and
were bleeding free.y. Had ihe mad
miner managed te Let clear of th?
window, nothinr: could have sav I
him from an awful death, as the train
. is travelling al to;, speed at thi
time. Strange to say, tin cuts Inflicted upon his face ami arms in
hi;- sudden li i p through the glass are
noi .-. ��� 1. i-. .-.a igh exceedingly
painful. The two officers had their
wounds dressi I yesterday afternoon
1'���' a medical man, ani will be little
the woi -���   foi   thi   experience.
Hunger  Defeats  Strikers.
Bib' a  Spain, .Aug. 26.���After con-
'. rring  with Gen. Seapplno, the command!         ' la   forces here, ihe leu 1-
ers ol  thi    :onfederation of labor de-
(i led  th '   'L '   .ca :i on strike should
resume work tomorrow.   The strike!
are  Buffi i Ins   111 :.-.  hunger.
Ground to Death.
Scranton, Pa., Aug. 26.���Frank Holland. :.*. years old. who was travelling
with the Barnum & Bailey circus, was
ground te death by falling under a
circus train today. His home was in
Ingers ill,  Ont.
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian ��� and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
J (Except Butterick Patterns and Spool Cotl ���
: =- ^=======_= j
4 purchase your fall supply at reductions su :h a- t
��� co ne youi way again ������ r ".an;, da.. *
��� Summer Goods Reduced in Price by One-third and One   ; I
X ���!-..:.��� 1 Mill;.,,,.., I i> I.. ..   nr.. _ r,... ....... ���
Trimmed Millinery and Ready-to-Wear Hats al I
& Lusby
+ + <K-��4+ttt
in the ��������� ���   ':.    A  poor " ���
to-mouth man '' ���-.��� ;er is.    Mi   ���
yi ur mind to '   .. .        ..  N A
Do It Now.
waa mosl  liki ly   e   care!.-- ;���
travaganl   you an and  lid   .
start RIGHT.
Do Jt Now.
is the b< st       all gifl i to your family. 	
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Sev nth Street, near Baptist
Church.     Lot60x132 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
Wc Will Assist You.
E. J. HART & Co.
i.' -.-   med fn
Later Details.
1. ndi a.  A'.-    26.    Dis
St,   ������ ������   -   . g   this ning    supplj
thei details i oni ��� i ning tbe attempt
on the life of the Russian premier, It
A stated that ihe man who threw
or dropped the hon ] was named
Morrosoff, and that he wa.s a native
of Ryassean province. Among the
1:1 li I were nearly all the agents of
''lv police in the house. Several
:. : sons were warm ft I efore that an
. tti ii;.i on the life of 'he premiei was
to  be made.
Mile.  Stolypin  is  one    i :    several
. ighti rs  of  the premier,  while the
i-  an only son.
M, Stolypin remove I last night to
town residence in Morskaia
���-��� rei '. which Is almost nexl door to
ihe house when- the assassins lodged.
The premier frequently visits the lai-
Hr house which is the property of
Princes.- Mestcher, ami is devoted to
furnished rooms of ihe highest class.
Firemen today were tearing away
thi sl attered walls, Police kepi all
comers, even high officials, at a dis-
ta iei
Disgraceful Scramble.
At   the  hospital of  St.   Peter and
_ St.   Paul   there   was    a     disgraceful
scramble of thousands    of    curiosity
Beekers around  the mangled  corpses
; whicli  had  laid exposed  on  the grass
in the hospital yard the whole oi Sunday, and were still there at  I', o'clock
'M-   i vening.    Dainty   women   fought
a :   jostled   street   peddlers    for    a
i 111 ni ���    to   view   the  remains.
Death   Sentence   Found.
Dozens   of  suspected   revolutionists
were gathered in today.   The text of
the  death   sentence" found   upon  ihe
bod)   ol one of the assassins staled
he   I elonged   to  the   Maximlsts,
'. .-   known as the "Flying Group."
i.l- group A thus designated because
.'   . :��� rates  "n  an  unfixed   base,    it
��� i a responsible for most of the
��� ci nl   attacks of the Social   Revolu-
i   ti
i    I   of a  military dictatorship is
igaln In the air.    According to a ri
porl    n pent, a meeting of the Camar-
1 Ilia discussed the question tonighl al
; Peterhof, and a majority was in favor
... Buch a step.   Grand Duke Nicholas
| Nleholavitch  who has just    returned
from     lulling   on   Premier     Stolypin,
��� was especially  in  favor of the plan.
��� It Is said that alter the meeting.
Grand Duke Nicholas and others of
Hie grand dukes wenl to tbe emperor
i . .1' mand his authorization,
Girl   Drops  Bomb.
Odessa,   Aug.   26.���Late    Saturday
evening a girl dropped a bomb in Die
i Nicholas  boulevard  fifty   paces  from
j the palace of Governor General Kul-
hars,    There  was a deafening delona-
| lion and a   wild  stampede of the pro-
menaders.    N'o  one  vvas  injured ex-
j copt  the gii)  who dropped  the bomb,
i and   In r   band   was   shattered.
It  i.s supposed that the bomb aoci-,
dentally   fell   from   her   hand   before
sho had  reached  the entrance to the I
palace.    .She  and  another girl,  a university   student,     who     accompanied
her,  were arrested.
The Paragon
 Family Washer������
The Latest   and   Oreate*.t   Washer  on   the Markel
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1. Anytl ing
���. i     boiling; tl- re
of   i.. ng si .  i
soap and wati  .
2. -Anything
est h.ce curti ins to the 1
est   blanket     an I .
without thi    lighti  -   ���
even th.- most o
3. I Iptotwi
wiihin  5  to   -  m riuti
ti :   ar d   cii aner thai
harsh, slow and   in    me
tn ard mi thi d.
T;." Paragi n runs absoluti ly ni   ��� ���     and so i asilj
turn it.    The Paragon will save il   i   s1 many time   bj i  evei   ���
and tear,    Call ana see it and be convii   ed like othei   i
large Shipment of Them lust Arrived Direct from Pactory
:v:o>>:>::c<cc��:>iio;:o>>>>>>>>;>>>:>:>i>:>''��''��:*:>''*:'��>'> '��� ��� ;���-���:����� ������"���"���>-���>
V  Give us a tna
New Goods and INew Prices
A full carload just arrived.     An fine goods as ever entered thi
nspection invited.   By buying here you can save monej   am
We have many things we are going  t"  clear al .���
Mi ney saved is monev made.
Sec our S5.00 Mattresses
rid ;.nd 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Fn nl Street, fl
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O. Box 7S'.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New Westminster, B. Cl
| Electric Railway Service j
30 Minute Service .1"':' ���' "" ���
mainiier ol day. i ransrer ftl ���
Leopold Place. ���
Sunday   Service   hall'I rl}'  '"" ��
iween 8 a. m. and  i" i1  '"��� *
City and Sapperton. ��
Sapperton Line���lb Mum'1' ^''r' ���
vice,   except    lielweell    IH   ���l"'1 J
2, and a and V, during wMcn j
hours tho service ��':| "�� t
Sunday 8ervice naif-hourly '<��"
tween S a. m. nud H P- fll'
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:.ri() a, tn. to 11 p,
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:110
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service from
6.HO a. m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���,\o transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and 6 and 1.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,L"U
Boarding House for Sale���15 rooms
completely furnished and at present ull occupied. Apply Box 501,
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
Buitable for an office, Apply to
Chas. G. Major.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. land
Ellard Block.   New VVestmlns
ter, B.C


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