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The Daily News Apr 27, 1906

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��� '       %\
. (���
City of New Westminster $250.00 Bt Mungo Oonnlg ('���. Staff ��� 27.60
Royal  City   Mills     100.00 Daily News Pub. Co., Ltd $25.00
Firemen's Benefit Coneer,       75.90 Dr. A. .1. Holmes   26.00
Major & Pearson    30.00 T. S. Annandale    20.0"
West End Methodists      25.00 Dally News Staff  15.00
26.00 Lady Friends   11.00
k. ii. Sawyer   10.00
Syndicate Seeks to Forever Seal the  Commercial   Doom
of the Crippled City, and Real   Estate  Across  thete
The Schaake Machine Works
(i. D,  Brymner        25.00 Dr. and Mrs,
Employes of Schaake Machine
Thorn Chue, for Chin,  Missions 	
John Crean    10.00
22.50  Nels Nelson     10.001
Adams  &  Dean      10.00
     15.60  A, E, Hand   10.00
or W. H. Keary       10.00  W.  S.  Collister      10.00
rmau George Adams     10.00  G.   O.   Uoutilier      10.00
T"�� /"M TT'T 1   "Tl 1T��jf? Ct        _.__ I Alderman F. W. Howay      10.00  Reichenbach   Co.,   Ltd 10.00
Bay Goes Up in Leaps and Bounds���Kefugees Scatter A���ie���m���, w. v. Davi,s  ���,,���, ��������,. joh���s.,���	
Alderman Joseph Henley    10.00 J- E. Phillips 	
General Manager of Manufacturers' Life Insurance Company Admits Shady Deals and Manipulation
of Accounts to Defeat Government Inspection.
Toronto, Ont., April  27.���At the af-
l,, ,|(,  ternoou session of the Royal Insurance
In Various Directions and Are  Kindly  Cared For.
V w   Vork, April 27.���Acordliig to a   Ing of the ground was confined to th,
n Francisco despatch to the World '""'���'' parts of the city.
Losses Appalling.
Washington, D, (
group of financiers, taking advant-
.,  of thai city's misfortune, seek to
ia , ii its commercial Bupremacj fr	
\      ndicate  has   been   formed  to
lake Oakland a dep sea port by build-
and  piers in", deep water.
ll is the Intention of the bj ndicate
Oakland  the chief maritime
Ing porl on the Pacific coa     Th,
:.'. :piise  ( on,ei,,plates   the   filling    ill
cres   of shoal water   and the
ni iructlon of a mob' capable of dock
. ibe largest ships thai sail th, bay.
Real   Estate  Prices  Soar.
Ic, of Oakland cltj i
up by leaps and bound . I lom
Metcalfe who wen,  io San  Fran
refugees  arrived  here  yesterday  from
San Francisco and are being well cared for. The total arrivals are between
I 2,500 and 3,000. Those who desire are
'' given transportation to Seattle, Taco-
Alderman .1. I). Jardine   10.00  Herbert  Qilley   	
Alderman  Alex,  Garrett     10.00  B. C. Cigar Factory   10.00
D.  S.  Curtis  >-.,. ��� ..:.. 10.00 Gilley   Bros   10.00
Thomas  L.   Brtggs     10.00  T.  11.  Sniiili      10.00'
C. B. Sword   10.00 R.  A.   Henderson        6.00;
.I.U.Taylor   10.00'Rev.  W.  It.  Madlll        .r,.���0   was
10.00  commission, yesterday,    J.  F. Junkin,
10.00 general manager of the Manufacturers'
Life explained  Senator  Cox's interest
again on January 8, 1903, Junkin admitted the loan was Bwitched backwards anil forwards in order to keep
it out of the company's report, because
the loan ,11,1 not come under tbe government act which has no provision
for the company   receiving
In the company. He said that Cox, in
1902, sold out  his interest, and therejstock "�� security.
i transfer of a block of four thou- Shady Coal Land Deal?
Us   own
m���, Spokane, and other cities In Oregon and  Washington, The remainder
tlonal administration    has wired    the  wil, ,���. f,.(1 ami |odged  ,���,,.,.    ,iy ,hl.
presldenl  a co lete summary of the commlttee untl] employment is secur-
situation there, He thinks the loss of ,,,] for them,
life will nol exceed 300, the Injured being aboul l i The loss to government
buildings is nol so heavy as the early
reports  Indicated,  Secretarj   Metcalfe|downpour of rain il in at midnight
says however, that the Industrial and
commercial losses are appalling,
.,., , ���    . ,  ,,.  ,,   unlortunair.  refugees  from  San   Fran
I here ls no suffering trom  lack of;   .
Rain  Falls On  Homeless.
Oakland, Cal.,   April 27.���A    heavy
and continued throughout the mornini
li  made things miserable for those
provisions or water. Everything considered, the health of the people is ex-
cellent. The p, ople are confident and
The secretary rec lends that con-
ol extortion  In  rent,   i    wide-  gress make appropriations al once for
and powerful influences are al   'll" repair and  reconstruction of gov-
0 keep the real estal lers  "ni"'""' buildings.
thin reasonable limits.  Hundreds of Children Lose Parents.
01 business property hav.- been      Ogden,  Utah.,    April 27.���-About    a
.   Monday for double and tre-  thousand    refugees     frnm   California j era] (;
Cisco who are now living under canvas
in  il,"  various  camps.  Their number John  Koster   ...
was augmented  yesterday  by the re- John  Reld   	
moval  in,,, camps of those  who had n, Morey  	
pr.���vinusly    been    given    Bhelter     ln Rev. A. Shlldriel
churches and assembly halls. A Btrong j, p. Maxwell
wind   Is  blowing and  '1,"  weather  is .John   Power   ...
II. O. Howe      10.00  '���'���   B.   Lyle   	
John Feck       1".""  Hon.  \V. Norman Bole
.1. A. Lee       10.00 Anonymous	
II. Harv.-y	
W. G. McQuarrle
A. W. McLeod ...
M. H. McQuarrle
.1. W. Mcintosh .
It.   .1.   Hickman   .
J. Chappel   	
s. .1. Pearce 	
Robt.  Kennedy  ..
W. A. Duncan  ...
P.   Fowbr   	
W.  J,  Walker   ...
sand  shares  to  himself  (Junkin). of:J,,nki"   related thai the Manufacturers
Life harl sold Mock.
6.00 that particu)
extremely cold, adding to the disconi-
forl  of the situation.
Permission to Run Cars.
San Pranclsco, Cal., April 27.���Gen-
l ly and  Mayor Schmltz have
Edith F. and Waller .1. i:
I).   McDonald   	
tbe figures originally pairl by the were fed and senl on easl from this
���.-. ah vacanl bouses have been point yesterday. A large number of
ti  and   people  who  have, country  children have been    separated    trom
their parents by the disaster. A few
have arrived here and have been taken on ens, by strangers who picked
them up after the earthquake. They
range from Infants to children of five
or six years of age.
Refugees at Portland.
Portland, Ore.. April 27.���Abou
who have country
. renting their cltj hous,    al
��� iim,re and moving oul of town,
Earth in Good Shape,
o Pranclsco, Cal., April 27.- I I ���
made to the city engineer yester-
showed there was no general de
sion of the earth ln San Francisco
resull of the earthquake The sink-
in.,in  Harriman and liryson   6.00
in.nn   W. E. Fal.'S    6,00
5.00   !'��� T, Kirk     5.00
5.0U  Anderson & Lusby   5.On
5.00  Whit,  Ides & Edmonds   6.00
5,00 J. A. Montgomery   5.00
5,00 Thos. Gifford, M. P. P  ."..no
5.00  H. A. Eastman    5.00
5.00  C. A.  W
5.00  W.   It.   Austin     5.00
5.00  VV. A. Gilley     5.00
5.00   C.  II.  DeBeck     5.00
5.00  C.  C.  Fisher     6.00
5,00  Robert   Hncklund     5.00
5.00   M.   Sinclair     6.00
5,00  D.   Murchle     5.00
2.50  Jos.   C.   Armstrong     5.00
2.60  F. .1. Harl  & Co  5.00
.'.in,  S.  II.  Thompson     5.00
2.00  Capt, Ackerman    5.no
 ,  Frank S.  De Gray  ...
$813.00 Malins and Cul,hard
iareg ~~= ,   a ��v,u uiucks of Dominion Coal
and Crow's Nesl Pass to Mackenzl, &
Mann al the .-nil of 1903 and they purchased them i��� the beginning of 1904
went to D. D. Mann and the balance
to W. Mackenzie. C. J. McCualg and
W. Strachan, Montreal, bad an option at the same figure whirl, kepi them
on the stock. The fact thai a bill for fr"m appearing in the company's state-
the  i ilgamation   with   the  Temper-  ""'"'���  Mackenzie*  Mann giving the
compan;   a cheque for (386443 rover-
ance Life and General Life was before L      "'  .      .       '     *"''"'1 c(Hl '
jing the price ol the stock and advances
the house of commons had nothing to  made ���, them Junkln Bal(] ,_ m]j Qne
Isb        5.00   !" wlth endeavoring   to place   some other Instance harl th, camp n   made
-Trek in the bands   of Mackenzie1   & advances on unauthorized   securities.
.Mann. McCualg    and    Siraehan    held Mr. Junkin was of the opinion thai it
Cox's block of stock amount ing in all Mackenzie .v.  Munn had nol  been ,.���
'..  aboul   9,000  shares,    ami     witness the board of directors, i, was doubtful
heard thai  they were considering the if ,1m loan would have been
sale of it and be was afraid the stock vvas /\fra;,j 0f gox
might go Into unfriendly hands, when      ,.\,   the  morning session   yesl
he became responsible for all but 2,0001 Junkin   said   the   onlj   occasion for
snares, transferring rf. oator Cox's    tock    to
Just for the Family. Strachan and McCualg, Montreal, was
Junkin sairl  Mann, of Mackenzie <t thai he did nol consider it In th, Int, r-
6.00  Mann, was urged to buy a large block ests of the Manufacturers bite to h: ..���
5.00 of Manufacturers    Life stock    as    a the president of two other companies,
sen, notice to the United railways giving permission to start their Bryanl
Btreel power bouse and to operate cars
on several sl reel
Puts Up $30,000.
Los  Aug.I.s.  Cal.,  April  27.���il.   E.
Huntingdon  yesterday opened with  a
gift of $20,000 a fund to alleviate the
mlsfortu f professional    men and
women  who lost   their all  ill  the  San
500   Francisco  disaster.
New Westminster Qas Co $10.00
W. E. Brown   3.00
Mrs.  VV.  E.  Brown     2.0"
\. Petersen   2.00
G.   Melin      2.00
Lewis  W.  Henderson     2.00
E.   Bergman      2.00
e Wrecks Town of Bellevue and
Fire Breaks Out Among
the Ruins.
Will Accommodate Toilers of the Largest  Steel   Mills in the
II   Operate   Electric   Street   Railway
Lines in  Mexico City and
:,. 'Texas, April 27.    A des- Chicago, Ills., April 27.���The stupen-
itch   this   morning   from   Bellevue, dous work ot building a model city to
exas, places the Iobs of life there by  accommo_ate   100, ,eople  was  be-
'  Dls h,'s tornado at 14. ,  .�����,
gun yesterday when i,���, wood cutters
town Is partly    wrecked,    the
which caughl   Bre aftei  the  were ��el al work clearings 8,  acre
passed are burning today. tract on the shore of Lake Michigan
A  carload  of provisions    was  Bent in Lake county, Ind.
: Fori  Worth today and lents and
were rushed    from    V. Ichlta
At the same time another hundred
laborers began the work of levelling
the bug.- Band dunes to the east of the
in, ui ih of the Grand Calumet river,
where lhe newly organized Indiana
sleel company proposes to build the
largest steel mills in tbe world at a
cost of $10,500,000.
The new city is to be built to accommodate the toilers at the mills.
IConstable Wilkie Rounds Up Commercial  Man  in Vancouve.
;' ovlnclal Constable Wilkie made a
mrrled  trip  to  Vancouver yesterday
and rounded up a commercial traveller
Inamed 1". L. Perry who while In New
I ' '   tminster had  promised to call in
,,���, , .    ,.       ' ,     ,    ,  States  Steel  corpora,um
'""l pay  his license fee, and  who had ,     ,
h��� , ,, ,    , ,   ran,zed recently,
"���lu the very had taste to go away and] _
"'get,  Mr, Wilkie located  bis man al-
St. Mungo Canning Co  10.00
James Anderson   5.00
l(.   Whitney     1.00
John   Johns     1.00
lt.   Lee     1.00
R.   Fen,on     1.00
Will   Operate   Electric   Street   Railway   Geo.   Parslow      1.00
Ed.   Storm     1.00
Mrs. Storm   1.00
G. Wooster    1.00
  A. Cameron      1.00
Mexico City, April 27.���The    Cana-  F   M   Edfl j 00
dlan syndicate whicb recently purchas-   \r,\.   Hudson         2.00
ed the sir..-!  railway lines of ,bis city   11.  Fisher           60
it is said, has purchased all properties
in Puebla of the Puebla Tramway com-:
pany with some 27 kilometers of track.
A change will be mad.- to electric
power and 34 kilometers will be add-1
It is probable that the electric undertaking in Puebla will be organized
under a separate company and that $0,-
000,000 in gold will be expended ln
Dr.   Drew   	
Geo.   Scott    	
Alex.  Math, son   	
M.   Monk   	
Jas.  McKay   	
Mrs. f. w. Howay 	
A. Swanson   	
Chief .1. II. Watson  	
Geo. Scolt   	
Vanstone Heating   &   Plmbg.Co
John Stewarl Elgin 	
II.  I..  D.lieck  	
Belyea  ft Co	
Thos.   Mombray   	
W, C. Chamberlain 	
W. E. Brown  	
R. II. Benson  	
E,   Stride   	
.1.  P,  II.  Bole   	
Westminster Tfr. Co	
A.   B.   White   	
Mclnnes  &   Kerr	
T. A.  Mnir  	
D.  E.  MacKenzie   	
Emerson   I ,ry  Duck   	
11.  Kyall        2.00
D.   Grossman        2.on
5.00  "family Investment." the Canada Life and Imperial Life, al-
6,00      Re].lying to Tllley, government conn- S(5 bold snd, ,, large block ol Manufac-
.���,.nii  sel, Junkin sairl i, was practically cor- turers Life Btock,
5.00 j reel that no one person, nor group of Mackenzie Adds Strength.
persons, now controlled the Manufac-      ,,.   ���.,,,, ,.  ,,   u ,
lie said d. l). Mann was a director
of tbe Manufacturers Life before and
Accounts Fixed.
turers Life.
after amalgamation with the Temper-
A number   of the company's   books ance and General Life companies. Mr.
were produced and Mr. Tllley looked Mackenzie became   director   in 1902.
up entries bearing   on the    loan    of Mr. Mackenzie was a policyholder and
$100,000 to Mackenzie ft Mann.     The it   was    thought  that    il  would    add
loan was made on December 1, 1902: strength u, the board to bav,  him as
paid Lack  December    2C, and    loaned a director.
Plans of Royalists
Captured By Police
Paris. April 27.���The police adopted   taiteously    the    police   seirched     the
decisive measures today to apprehend , homes of a number of royalisls sym-
Has Stock of Provisions and Will Load
Another    Car    for    San
ul   and   receive.1   ������   apology   from
"'��� Perry on the grounds that be had
'ii iu such a hurry, and so pressed
���'��� business thai he had forgotten, As
"  commercial man did nol wani to
" the time which would be entailed
the ease going before the magls-
ate, he was allowed to go free on
'ing the necessary license fee and
"' expenses in connection with the
; Ving of the summons.
Complain of Poaching. A meeting of the city relief commil-
Parttes  from the  vicinity of  Blaine  tee was held last evening. W. E. Van-
The New Indiana  Steel company is] visited the chief constable's ofiice to-ist��ne  being  in  the chair. There were
a subsidiary corporation to the United  day and complained that considerable present:  F. W. Howay, Joseph Reich
ii.l  was or-  poaching was being done by the fain- enbach, D. i
ous Ber, ran, fraternity of the Blaine
rlis, riei.    Armed  with dogs and guns
j these   sportsmen   were   coming   over
from   the  other  side    and   des,roving
J. G. Gamon   	
A. .1. Birtch  	
W.   E.   Sinclair   ....
Fall;  and  Seeby   	
Wm.   Turnbull   	
J.   Carter   Smith   . ..
Wilson Edmonds ...
Lady Friends   	
Hollbrook   Hotel   ...
Alex. Bell  	
J. J. McKay & Co.  .
J.  W.  Andrezr j'-wski
Alt'. Turner 	
(1.  W.  Biggs   	
D.   D
2J,n the element which Is fermenting dis-
order and to capture the sources of
lis supplies,
Early in the day a search was made
of the headquarters of the confederation of labor and also of its fifty
branches throughout the city.  Simul-
2.ui i
paihiz.r.s who were suspected of encouraging disorder. The offices of l.a-
croix, a see,i,.nary paper, were also
searched. Important papers, i, is understood, were found al the homes of
some of the Royalists, bu, the search
of the headquarters ���( the Conferera-
tion of Labor yielded aegative results.
Court Reserves Sentence    for Investigation of Prisoner's Character.
At Vancouver this morning the case
of Rex.  vs. Fisher    came before    the
Hon.  W.  Norman Bole    for hearing.
Bourke        2.nu' Fisher,   who   was   charged   with   Btab-
Appears Before Hon. W. Norman Bole
and Is Granted Speedy Trial.
This afternoon In a county eourl session before the Hon. W. Norman Bole,
A. tl. Cook, committed for trial ,���> a
charge of assaulting a police officer,
came up for election,
Tbe defendant   eleoted  for a  speedy
trial and ills Lordship set the date of
the trial  for May  12. at   10 a. in.
Libel Case Adjourned. ,\ir. Whiteside appeared for the prls-
rl" Tynehead libel case in which a oner and asked for ball. His Lordship
mother accused B friend of accusing granted the request and Ibe prisoner
"Cl' so,, of rape came up before Slip-J was released on giving $1,000 personal
''"'llary Magistrate Pittendrigh this! recognizance, and two sureties, J. C.
morning and was adjourned until Mon-1 Armstrong and C. A. Welsh, for $500
''���'���v nexl at n a. m. each.
deer and other game and quietly taking  them  across  tbe line.  Tbey  have
McKenzle, Waller Gilley,
Dr. E. D. Sawyer, W. E. Vanstone,
Chief Watson, R. A. Henderson, .1.
Grossman and others. It was reported
that the contributions to date amounted to $1,600.00.
A communication was received slat-
Joe   Quo!   	
Fred L. Hacking  2.00
Thos.  Freeman     2.on
E. W. Cook  1.50
Saknan & Johnson  ': I.oo
II.  II. McKenzle   1.00
Mrs. T. 11. Lay   1.0"
F. E. Broad  1.00
2-00 bing Conductor Millar of the B. C. E.
r. recently while between this city
and Vancouver asked for a speedy
trial, ami on being arraigned, pleaded
The court reserved sentence for the
purpose  of  allowing  the   prisoner  to
,,,   ,, ��� . A���  produce evidence of character, and al-
\\.  McRae       1.00  ' ���,.������..
so for the purpose ol hearing Dr. Sic-
been   carrying on   a   private  poaching  inS tw0 ,ons of supplies would be for-
for some years.
J. C. Cornish    1.00
O.   Burdette     1.00
Mrs.   Ankers      1.00
J.  E.  Brown     1.00
Settlers Movement.
Winnipeg, April 20.���During the
month of March 1,200 cars of settlers'
effects passed through For, William
from Ontario and the East consigned
to western  points.
M.   Kenny        1.00
Dewey Enters Suez Canal.
Fori  Said, Egypt, April 27���The U.
S. drydock Dewey on her way to the
Philippine Islands, in tow, entered the
Suez canal today.
A. .McDonald ..
II. II. McKenzle
E. L. Webber ..
A  Friend   	
J. F.
Ketas        1.00
[Earthquake Shock
Causes River to Sink
warded from Ladner and one ton from
The committee expect to load a 00,-
000 ton car on Saturday and this will
be rushed through to San Francisco.
A meeting will be held on Monday
night to close up the affairs of the
Substitute Paper tor Gold.
New  York, April 27.���The    Tribune
says: The government of Venezuela Is s. J.
to establish a national bank and sub-; w. N. Carty
Stltute a paper currency for the gold H.  Dorer        1.00
basis on which the country has been! r. c. Purdy      1.00
operated. > 'Alex.   Speck        1.00
J. K. Merchant      1.00
A. Vachon       1.00
Geo.   Vernon         1.00
Harry Zucehero       1.00
Tavlsh's   report   on   the   condition   ol
Conductor Millar's wound.
All merchants having
accounts against the San
Francisco Relief Committee please present
same for payment at
Ontario Government  Increases Its Revenue $180,000.
Toronto,  Ont.,  April  27.���The railway  taxation   bill   Introduced    In  the
Ontario legislature hy  the provincial
l-0u ' treasurer, provides-   that the   present
Hunter       1.00!
Davison        1.00
tax on railways over 150 miles long is
doubled, The Increase is estimated at
1.00 between $180,000 and $190,000. At the
latter figure the railway tax will hereafter yield $381,000 yearly.
St. Barnabas Donation.
As a  result of lhe recent reproduction  of the  comedy,  "A  Pair of  Artists," tho congregation of St. Barnabas
��� church  has donated toward the    San !
Francisco relief fund, the sum of $101.
Yukon   River Open.
Skagway. Alaska, April 20���The
river in front of White Horse, at the
head of navigation pn the Ytijfcon
waterway, opened at 3 o'clock yesterday morning. The ice is out as far
as can be seen up and down the
stream from that place.
The opening is eight days later than
it was las, year. The lakes and the
river below Lake Labarge still hold
l-os Angeles, April 27.���A long dls-
ance telephone message lo this city
I'1'"'" a correspondent   of the Associal-
Press a, Salinas, 120 miles-south of
*s"> Pranclsco, at 10:80 o'clock today,
I   ''"es thnt there were three more very
und Iho last at 2 o'clock this morning., earthquake  shock  of last week is  in
The shocks lasted about 4 seconds excess of $1,000,000.
each, hul so far as known ,11.1 no dam-      The Salinas river Is reported to have
b.en   sunk   for   twelve   feet  along   its
reported   course for miles.
Nearly all of the bridges acroBS the
Dies Suddenly.
Albany, N. Y��� April 27.���H. E. Hnw-
i ley, general manager of Hudson River
{ Telephone    company,    died    suddenly
this morning.
The news could    nol    be
from   Salinas  earlier    because  of  the
:iv>' earthquake shocks felt there lasi : lack of communication.
river  have  been  condemned  and   wl
one a, S o'clock another al 9:60      The  damage    nt   Salinas  from    ther have to be rebuilt.
Nanaimo Girls Will Row.
Nanaimo, April 27.���A    number    of
yodng ladlos met Wednesday evening
nnd organized a Ladles' Rowing club.
Chinaman Fatally Stabbed.
Nanaimo, B. C, April 26.���During a
free fight wblch occurred in Chinatown at Cumberland, yesterday, a
Chinaman named Wing was so badly
stabbed that his recovery Is doubtful.
His nssullant was arrested, and at a
preliminary hearing committed for
trial nt the next assize. He will be taken to Victoria tomorrow.
King Edward and Queen
Have a Stormy Voyage
Naples, April 27.���King Edward antl
Queen Alexandra arrived here today
from Messina after a stormy voyage.
It is feared that they will be unable
on account of the weather, to mnke thej
proposed   ascension  of  Mt.   Vesuvius. I
Shortly after the arrival of King Ed-j
ward,  telegraph  communication    was[
j established between the shore and the
I Royal yacht Victoria and Albert   and
His  Majesty  exchanged  most  cordial
despatches with Kint Victor ianman-
' uel who Is at Milan.
Considerable importance Is attached
to King Edward's visit although he Is
not going to Milan, ne expects to leave
Naples tomorrow morning.
n -al mf"'
;j :'
..    ���    r . ',
Read This!
White and Red Handkerchiefs, regular 15
cents ; 5c
Cotton Socks, regularise, 4 pair for. .25c
Canvas Gloves, regular 15c, 4 pair for 25c
Quilts, regular "1.50 ^5c
Men's 35c and 50c Braces 15c
Boy's Knickers 25c
-   All Our Goods are Up-to-Date
The Westminster Clothing Co.
Next Royal Bank of Canada, Columbia Street.
Having Purchased a Portion of the Immense Stock of
Heres Another
Come in and see our line of Suii
Prices Cut in Half.
Men's Pants, regular $1.75 and .<���_ ��� ,,
Boys' Linen Collars.
%s H r ��� jcic
& Co .Ltd
of Vancouver, Retiring From Business
For the Low Price of 40 Cents on the Dollar, Will Commence
Friday Morning With One of the
Still Another
Men's Working Shirts, Regular $1.00,
45 Cents.
Fine Line of Negligee Shirts, reg. $1.25
50 Cents.
Balbriggan Underwear the Suit
75 Cents.
Greatest Sales Ever Held in This City
....See Our Prices Before Going Elsewhere....
Best Canadian Manufacture
Then Some
Men's Suits, Special $3.75
Men's $2.00 Shoes $1.00
Special Bargains in Straw Hats.
Men's   Four-in-Hand   Ties,  regular 35c,
now 2 for 25c
Biggest Bargains in Blankets ever offered
in the city.
Flanelette Blankets, 51.25 75c
\ Sport-rig News j
�� 9
,       and Comment.       I
��� ���
*********** *��*������*������***'�����*
directly of the energy and enter-
of the secretary, Walter Winsby.
Y. M. C. A.  Lacrosse,
meeting will  be held tonigl
John Daly Dead.
Ki ���   V ,rk, April 26.���John Daly, the
:. .��:, turf man. died yesterday
. - home i��� easl Fourteenth str, et.
h ��� Y M. C. A. rooms, Vancouver, foi
the purpose of organizing lacross,
team i In connection with tl," assocl ,-
Vancouver  West  End  Club.
1 ���.. annual meeting of the Vanco
:, ... End   Int, i mediate   1.:,cross..
club was held on Wednesday night, al
which th, following officers-were
ed for the ensuing ye u :
Honory Patrons���Mayor F. Bus.
combo. A E. Tulk and Sheriff .1. D,
President���Mr. W. C. Brown (reelected).
Vice-president s- Mesrs, li. F. Armstrong. H. Fowler and   P. Purneaux.
Secretarj���Wm. Durand.
Treasurer���George W. Bayley.
Executive committee���Messrs. T.
Campbell, R  Spedding, R. Knighl   E.
Sharkey Wrestles Rooney.
r        igo, Ills., April 27.���Tom Shar-
....   welghl    pugilist,    won    a
wrestling  match  last   i
:;���;,,   was John  Rooney,  the
in,' of Chicago who un-
throw Sharkey twice in 4".
:    a, v won the firs- fall in
nut, ��� and  38  seconds. Aft, r    a
,f 15 minut, -    the    men
.1   th,  time was too shorl tor
to accomplish much, ami the
h  wenl to Sharkey.
I he wrest lers gave ten p, r
, ent. of his winnings to thi  C il
��� ind.
Worthington   ho  will   And   a  worthy
Joe Guns will get here Sunday and
Rule   Turner   comes   the   las;   of  the.
week.   These clever coons will mix at;
Pleasant    Beach    May    25.    If    Rufe.
rains  like    he ought  to  he    .-:
.loe go some when the champion
las    > make 133 pounds at fi o'clock.
i Joe paid    Rufe a  compliment    when
there  was   talk  of  matching  them  at
S iei imento.
Says Turner Is Good Man.
"Don't,    match  me with    Turner at
: Sacramento,"    said    Joe    to Johnn!
R, 11,    "Match   me   with   Bom
fellow there, because we will nol draw
much money, and match me with Tur-'
'Frisco.    This  Rufe is one  of
the toughest boys in the business and
I   don't   want   to fight him  for  small
Rufe promises faithfully that he
will train for this fight, for he would
like above all things to defeat the
acknowledged champion llghtwelg i ol
..a rid. When he boxed dans six
rounds  in  Philadelphia the ,1
that city said Rufe had i, on Gans
and had a decison been rendered
Rufe would have been the buy slap     I
Matching   Burns.
Wash., April    26.���Tommy
Burns    wants  to  flghl    at    Pleasant
Iii.- manag, r wired here yes-
��� I ...   asking  if   a   match  could   be
WIntemute, T. Carter and C. Quigley.  mad,   between Burns and either John  ��� 'he back.   Rufe thinks he Is Joe's
Delegates to City league���Messrs. W.  Will    or  ,;���s  Ruhlin.   The  manager ,,n"s a'   ' ::; pounds, for Joe wlll have
C. Brown and H. Fowler. Alternate del-  of   th     club   wired   back   suggesting  "'  come    down    some,   while    Rufe
, gates���Messrs  T; Carter and E. Win-  that   Burns aneel  either Jack Root  or  '";:i   'jl  '������    '"   build   up   to  make    he
lack O'B ; :i.   N'.w  gu,      wh ...... ad h,   shoul l b   th,   3trongei
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Eastern Lacross Status.
Montreal, April 26.���The new Na-
lional 1.across., union mei las, nigh!
With the Shamrocks. Capitals, Mont-
reals, Nationals, Cornwall, Tecuimsehs
and Torontos represented, and adopt
, rl a , institution and by-laws, and
<lr,w up a schedule. It was agreed to
permit  amateurs  and  professionals to
play  with  ard     against     each    other,
though the proposal    that    the   dubs
Bhould   iubmlt   lists
and the imount paid in salaries to thc
Ouion w.,s voted down, the Shamrocks.
Nationals, Tecumsehs   and    Torontos
'��� ,i . "lag ,o it.   ���
Vancouver  Cricket.
At  the meting   of   the    Vancouver
Cricket Club, held on Wednesday nigh'
W. H. Crosfield    was elected   as the
club representative    on the Brockton
,r  Burns.
Ruhlin Is so fat that he i inn it  g
'   his own  way any  more,  while
���   did class unless hi
' hind  him  with  a  ,
eady to jab him when he back, rl
up.     Eli ii i     Roo    or  Ja, ���     O'Bri,
. give Tommy a cl
wh, 'ir..;  ni   not  he Is a rea
and b'oul o ighl  ; i di iw well.
���    '       '  the cl���b  v.
.    Jack O'Bri, ��� al  PI,
Fight   Is   Postponed.
I. ���    ing, I, -    Vt:'  25.���The \
,,    battle was postponed    until
25 bj  con -��� ul ol all |
me !.   This action ��
 ��� lon  thai  ' he a
nd the fiesta would uot  I),
Another   reason   for   the   po it po ie
���    Is to be found  In th,   fact that
s r,i Fr in, Isco pai
of  paid   players   i;'   ' '   :     '������'   p�� ' ': "���   ���    ;"'    '-    : "ah     to att, a I.
and    if Tommy   wants anj    ol
he can gel  it, provide I O'Bi I,.
ere.   Tomn
ends here who would like
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale aaid Retail
Meat Dea.ers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Reef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Burned to Death.
Frankenmuth, Mich., April 26.���Two
persons    were burned    to death an.l
se,   him mix  with sumo man  of, four others badly injured  last  night
:    i   Bre   that   gutted   the  hotel  of
Losi Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most d.irable of all Dental Work.
Bridge Work is 221c.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
he is.
Dick Hyland Coming.
Alex   Oreggalns    wired     yesterday
aa-   he   would   bring   Fighting   Dick
Point Athletic   association    board   of  Hyland here after his fight with Young  ' '���'   '���
management.   Several   new   members  Corbett  in Sal, Lake tomorrow night
have joined  the  Vancouver club, and   "������!i  is :i  tough youngster and i:   I
the prospec- for the ensuing year are makes ;, good showing againsl  Young
very bright. Corbett   he    may  tip matched    here.
.  Johnnie Reld, however, expects Young
I i Goetz.    The    uir!    emi   ,j   -
threw    n attresses    trom  the    second
��� ,1 and jumped out onto them, The
two  men   who  perished  were    suffo-
Victoria's Dog Show.
The premium list of the fifth annual J    Arrangements   were completed  lasi
bench show under the auspices of the | night lo bring Jockey Worthington
Victoria Kennel club, which will be and Percy Cove together al Everett
held on the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th   May     16.    They   will   go  In    at   115
Poisoned   by   Ptomaines.
Spokane,    April   26.���A    number of
soldiers,    comprising    about    half of
1' '       . iy   ,;   ;,,   Fori    Wright,   are   [_
Corbet    I i put  Dick's light out early,  'he hospital as a result of eating cold
beef   which   is   believed   to  have   1....
come i olsoned by ptomaines. Many of
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
Shingle and Saw ivu
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
of May, has just been issued. It is compiled in an attractive and convenient
manner and Is a credit to 'be executive committee, and speaks, perhaps,
i minds and as both are fas; and ,
ihey ought to put  up a good  Bcrap.
Xone of the little fellows up this wa'.
has   ever  classed   with   Co.vo,   bul   In
the soldier boys have been serlousl;
III, but all ai ortod to be improv
made to the police station yesterday
tha ui attempi ��� mad, to wi eck a
S .;���',��� rn  P i, ���        iln  M mday
he city.    Th, ��� ���   ra
'  used   a   passenger  train  to be derailed.      Officials    of    the    Northern
Pacific do  not  deny  that   an attempt
marie   ��� .   wreck   the   train,   but
M::rrpt to Wreck Trs  i
Spokane,    April
'��� ���    ' were  give out  no information regarding it.
 ..���    .     The report was made to the police b)
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleeper's
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Orient"
JFor detailed information, rates, etc., call on or addt
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C
/ Limit'"
-A    reporl  was  city   limiis,   and   the   barriers almost a rancher.
k_ FFIDAY, APRIL 27.  1906.
' Clothing Dept
!' *��� V    if
65 Lonely Men's Suits, Regular
$7, $8, $9 and $12, Sizes from 34
to 40, To Clear	
The Suit -  .  $3.85
100 Pair Men's Odd Pants, Our
Usual Good Value $2.00 $2.50 and
$3.00, To Clear	
The Pair
Boys' Department
65 only Two Piece Suits,  our usual good  $2.00,
$2.50 up to $4.00 Values, Sale Price
The Suit $1, $1.50 and $2.00
Mothers! Look Over These!
- - Specials -
Men's Collars that were regular 25 cents each selling
now at 5 cents.
Men's   75c   Working Shirts,
To Clear 50c
���*' ;
Only Brownie Suits, $3.50 and $4.00 values, while They Last to Clear
���$ 1 .OO���^
105 pairs Boys' Odd Knicker Pants, regular 75 and 85 cent values
To Clear at 50 Cents.
The Big Clothing House
Bargains!  Bargains!
1 FRID,'
js: sr j.i
Saturday Night
60 pairs Ladies' Best Tan
Oxfords, regular $4.00, will
be sold Saturday Night for
Saturday Night
GO pairs of Men's Best Tan
Shoes, regular $4.50, will
be sold Saturday Night for
* srtLwr^sWsasimast - ��� - v*ks����_bi! aa***
W. E. SINCLAIR. Leading Shoe House
'ans'J^ ��� t *w>*?*ra��r K.-:iis-aE3ti
Published by The Daily New., Pub-
isbing   Company.   Limited,   at   their
offices   corner   of   Sixib   and   Front
Streets, New Westminster, B. C,
Editor   and   Mgr.Edward   D.   Sawyer
598 office
.   22
;er's. residence 	
"���:S(-':-t"i ���
APRIL  27,
Class legislation, says the Van
couver World, Is pernicious ami objectionable for the reason that i, almost Invariably tends to create mon-
oplies, and monopolies are carried on
in direct opposition to public Interests.
There exlsl In the provincial statute
books >everal specimens ot legislation
which were passed In the Interest of
trades or guilds. These trades or
guilds have become rich and powerful   ]j(
wlll act sensibly if be should Invite
the i oclety to go ahead. The greatesl
��� ivor thai tbey ran confer upon hlm
to ake the ease into conn, where it
will crumble to pieces from Its Innat,
Victoria, II. C, April 23, 1906,
A. it. Baker, I). I). S., Vancouver. II. C.
I. r Sir:���! am enclosing herewith
a co ��� of the bylaws of the B. C.
la.,!! i of Dental Examiners, and I am
h rucl ! to inform you that the
i., ni Intel i to prosecute all offend-
igaln he "dentistry acl" and bylaws.
As I am informed thai you are
guilty of an infraction of bylaw number I. sub-sections d, e, f, g, b, you
will take notice thai you will be pro
cuted unless you take Immediate steps
to conform ,o said bylaw and sub-
��� i  Ions.
Very truly yours,
S, cretarj Treasurer,   H.   C.   Board   of
Dental Examiners,
id, To publish anj advertisement in
any newspaper, magazine or other pub-
,' lon other than a professional card
_______           ���  j
ran report of the engineer-in-chief of he Is not a married man. required tc
tbe United States navy, says that the  tell what detained him down town!
American experience may be gathered	
from the annual statemenl of the
ehiid of the American engineering
bureau. "Were the country suddenly
plunged  In  war." he  says, "the navy
Nurses in the .1 ickson sanatorium a:
New Orleans wenl ,,n a strike because
a negro, employed on a railroad which
had run over bim. was admitted to one
would find itself in no condition to of the wards. Whal an Illustration of
win battles. As necessary as good ,he words: "When pain ami anguish
markmanship is ability to carry our wring the brow, a ministering angel
guns to the firing line, and to keep  thou!"
th. in there amidst  the havoc created 	
by modern ordnance; and ibis will ������[ spenl a delightful hour in the
never be done by amateurs in charge park conservatory yesterday," Mrs.
of ihe machinery. Tha, Une'Offlcers Lapsllng was saying. "Among their
can become good engineers lias been potted plants they've go, some of the
proved, but they musi have experience  finest    collections    of    blscusplds    I
,o  become    so,  and   lha,     experien, ver   saw   in   my   life."     This   equals
must     be    acquired   in     subordinate  the  Calgary  lady   who  said  her  hus-
positions. Engineering logically belongs lo the line, and the line should
lie made to perform that duty earnestly." The pilch of the whole matter ts
in the last sentence: one mlghl almost say. the las, word. The naval
officer must be an engineer to be
efficient; and to le- nn engineer he
mu I ;., use a popular expression
go   through   the   mill,"   shirking
band "wouldn't buy an automobile been, ,s.' He- vasallne tank mlghl blow
up any minute!"
87th Anniversary
of Oddfellowship
Tl,.-   brothers   of   Royal   City   Lodg,
No.  :i, Amity   Lodge   No.  27,  Harmons
Encampment  No. 2.   and all visiting
Oddfellows am requested  to , ,1   in
the Oddfellows' ball at (l:::,, o'clock
sharp Sunday evening, April '.".', pr,
paratory to attending divine .service
in st. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
Ileulab Rebekah Lodge No. .". and visiting Rebekahs an- asked to meel i��� th,
By  order C.  S.   KEITH.
D.  D. G.  M.
Dated 26th April, 1906.
R. Gilley, 'Pnone 1----.
J. R. Gilley, 'Hnone 141
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. O. 1'ottery Co. sewer pipe, 81
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone l-t>
Tbe Toronto Woman's Musical cluh
Iran1 made arrangements to present
Madame All,ani with a gift, which will
ia].- the form of a visitor's book, as
a souvenir of her last appearance in
no Toronto on April 23.
and  one,  lhe dentists'   guild,  has  pre-   8eltIng   ,,���.,.,   ,,���,   ���.,.���,.   aiJdresa  and
sinned   to  ,.,ss  bylaws  that   prescribe   |ll.u,VssinI1 oulv
the manner    in  which  the    members  exceed   ln
shall conduct their business.    Norn- are
a,iim,ted ,., the society who cannol
p ,s.s a  rigid examination, which may
le right enough; bill whim Ihi' bylaws
dictate lhe manner in which a member   shall   inform   lbe   public   that    be
is  prepared to  practice, i,    becomes
oppress,ve and in ih'' highest sense
objectionable. Wh) tb" society of
dentists  does  no,   go  a  little
and prescribe the cut
of a practition- (H. 1|ni,(,r
er's coal    lb" length of his hair, the
color oi  his socks and the height of
his    boo, heels,  Is  difficult    to understand:  for hy a bylaw lhal  can say to
a den,isi. yon shall  not Insert an ad-
vertisenm,     in   a     newspaper    longer
(ban  twenty lines.  ���r distribute  placards or cards that  draw attention to
your   business,   or   advertise   ln   any
other name than  your own or  under
a   corporate   naime.   infringes   on   the
liberty of a subject and usurps a power
that   does  not   redd.-   in  the  supreme
which  card  shall  no,
length   twenty   lines  ot  a
single   column of   such    newspaper,
magazine or publication;
(e) 'I'., advertise through anj bus!
hits linn or lo allow such linn to so
adverl Ise;
hi   To  advertise  under any  name
other than  his own. or under a  cor-
, poraie name or any firm name;
,gi To advertise under any name or
i Urn, name other than his or her own.
work, however dirty ami however derogatory i, may seem to the glory of
gold la,-.-. ll is noi enough to be
prepared to sacrifice liis life on Hie
daj of battle���a duty tin,, has never
bee,, shirked; he musi also prepare
himself in  time of peace to sacrifice
his   life    to  the  greatest    advantage  i.s no,  a far cry," he says,
toward victory,   Tba, is the more try-|ture poetry to lawn mowing
, corporate name, whether by
signs  or   no,ices   in   ibe   newspapers,
magazines ur any other , Hum;
11,,  To posl   up any placards selling
forth his name, address and profession
In stores, s'ree; ears or elsewhere, or
,,, distribute pamphlets or circulars
or other article containing any advertisement.
Dr. A. It Raker is a rep,,,able graduate of the Philadelphia Denial college, om' of lbe foremost colleges h.
lhe United Slaies and bas complied
wilh   all   the   rules,   regulations   and
ll is generally thought that Bliss
Carman's achievements were confined
to poetry. Mr. Carman has found
time between odes, however, ,., develop a passion for cutting grass,
ami has income adept In the an. "It
from nail is as
g ordeal. The Selborne soheme, aa noble ,��� trim a plol of grass as to
first put before the public, appeared to develop thai ln an epic." Now if
embody a greal ami beneficial reform, our friend Mark Twain wer.. ,,, take
for it s.a forth principles which seem- ���p gardening, what "artijokes" he'd
ed   io   remove   from   the   practice   <.:'  raise!
engineering    ihe    disabilities    under      ' 	
whieh ii labored, ,<> the detrlmenl ,.f A graphic description of the display
the Beet. 11,1, no scheme, however al Ul.. Paris horse show mentions "8
well devised, is useful unless properly blue cloth tailor style with bolero
administered; ami ihe more recenl ad- forming a corsage trimmed with gal-
mlralty  statement,   which   Lord   Caw- loons."
dow  presented on the eve of giving up 	
oilier., does no,, adds Engineering, ap- Th.- story comes from Sweden that
pear to be of a nature that poinls to a league has been formed lor the pur-
carrying ou, Hie original intentions of pose of restraining extravagance in
Lord Shelborne and his advisers, women's dress.
WE are not advertising any sale because we
don'thavetoto "sell our goods." The public
appreciate good value for their money and good value
is the order of the day at	
Don't Be Misled hy cut in prices, the cut means your own pocket book, a<
fair value for your money.  Our stock is well chosen and picked out to mei
your   requirements	
Our goods are plainly marked. :-: Your money back if not sm '���
court. The World is in favor of pro- ,.l|i(.ls ()f ,,���, varloua stateg ln whloh
tenting the public against quacks and he ba8 practiced, as well as being
empirics and, so far as that  power Is  li(,,Ils,,(1 hl Britl8��� Columbia, of which
province he is a native son, an excep-
n    d'Orsay,    discussing    in    Ih.
Miss .tosh- WanoUS, lhe only won,a
pharmacis,   who   runs   her   own   drug
I Store  in   Minneapolis, has made a  ltt-
exeroised by the board of denial
examiners, we are with lt, heartily;
but as we have said, class legislation
almost always leads to monopoly and
being dangerous requires to be constantly watched lesl Ibe public rights
should be invaded. We attach extracts from the dental society's bylaws which will explain lhe position
In which the society has placed itself
and the action thev threaten to take
against Dr'. Baker of Vancouver, as
explained by the secretary,   Dr. Baker j
H. L. DeBECK, The Clothier
Paris  Matin  a  proposition  thai   swim- ,1(,  fortune  ou,   of a  shampoo bag  of
niiiig   should    be  taught   ,o    Parisian her own  invention.    She  has  refused
Bohool children, quotes a statistical re- $26,000 for ihe patent.    She    studied
turn showing lha, the average number pharmacy and go, her license, and the,,
has     ,rrounded   himself  with   men  of  0,  baths ,,lk,.n ., year Dy ,,,,.���  perBon ,,������,������,���,,,   th���  ���,,slacle  whlch vises
In France is four. before young  women  endeavoring  io
,���,;,.���! the professions.    No pharmacist
A  Chicago man  has engaged  no,  to would employ her as clerk. She work-
tell   a   lie  for  ti   year,   no,   even   the    ed a, other things until she acquired
littles!   while lie.  nor so much  as Hie the  capital   lo   start   a   tiny
addi ���:- ing  of another  fellow  as  "my her  own.   and   now   She   has  a   1: mil-   the IS. C. smelters and hydraulic n, In- 'and a young lad named Dunn, six years
ilea,    iir," or Iln. saying of "good  day some ami commodious Btore, in which   ing. Prom the remarks of the commil-'of age, confessed the deed, but owing
to you"  when ii  rains,    ile i.-, io get she employs twelve assistants, iu one
$jr.,,,ot|   If  he  wins.    II   is   presumed Of the besl  sections of Minneapolis,
tlonal   skillful   workman   himself,  and
the same calibre, The work turned
out In his offices really needs no advertising, as the work Itself Is sufficient     evidence of     its   value    and
worth���ED. NEWS.)
Smelters on Sunday. Small Boy Did It.
Ottawa, April 26.-Messrs.   Galliher      ��rockvlllu'   A'"'11   2B.-Chlef   Burke
made an  Investigation concerning lhe
ami  Ross appeared  before the Sunday       .  ,        ��,.���,,, . m
origin    of the lire In    the    rear of T.
....���.,. r,| Observance Bill committee in regard toi Brown's grocery on Tuesday evening,
Engineering, a trade pap.,' published
In Lon,lon, commenting on Hi.- Atnerl-
lee smelters will be allowed lo run on,!,, his lender age the chief could only
Sundays. , report  to the crown-attorney.
Against Patent
Albany, N, Y��� April
today passed the
of Senator Stevens
oiling of paten,   medlcll
more than a certain l��'��V""
oohol or of lb.' BO-called
I Ing" drugs.
ol ����� fri:
APRIL 27, i:05.
DON'T   DELAY    BUT      ^cal   New$   Briefly   ToU
im disappointed
Phone 138 [or Ice Cream.
*    Ashcrofi on the C. I". It.
assist  in
And use the only good Paint made, S.W.P. Sold at
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmilhing
Just arrived   a new stock of
Prices $2.50 up
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Icli'phonc 97.        ....        ADAMS & DEANS.
n*swami n-a-M* r,Baaiw.--L_Ma^_af��-V-B-M-_M-MH-a-M-W-M-M_H-N--H_^-B-^-l-M-i-M
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
L. Tambollne   returned
this afternoon.
William Aid,,,,, lefl for Ladner
afternoon on the Rlthet.
-Mrs. Iteirl was a passenger >o Ladner this afternoon on the ltithot.
Tl,.. 11. c. s. Georgia wenl to Nanaimo today.
Leave your orders for Ice Cream a
the Creamery. *
Ex-Alderman Forrester la very ill
at his home in lhe easl end.
ll. Anderson lefi tor Whonnock this
morning .>��� the steamer Transfer.
.1. Groundwater returned to Langley
this morning ",, the steamer Transfer.
0, Anderson lefl tor his bome al
Whonnock on the Transfer this morn
W. W. Clarke, of S.in Francisco, was
a passenger on the Transf, i to Lang
ley ihis morning,
s. Oksll, of Victoria, took ., business
trip in chilliwack this morning ,.��� the
er Transfer.
Ik li. Jones returned to Seattle I hli
morning on the 0. N. it. after visiting
the coast cities tor a short time.
ll. A. I lay n. s, of Vancouver, was
"ie' of the Transfer's passengers to
Chllllwack ihis morning.
W. McKenzle returned to Woodwards landing ihis afternoon on ihe
Itithei after spending tin- morning in
the city.
I,. K. Book, ,.f Vancouver,
,o Ladner ^e large clothing iens to
morrow morning.
Mr. Hi,rile" ]iroin I. tor Dt :!>.��� Star
Candy factory will keep ., full an.l
complete stock of wholesale .uni retail candy, everything being manufac-
i i nu ,1,.- premise .
n. a. Kennedy tl,.. o^-i-,.m, superintendent  of Ihc Oleic   Northern rail-
Regard  President  Roosevelt's Attitude
Towards Canadian Assistance as
Uncalled    for.
I,aw son, V. T.. April 26. Americans
and Canadians in Dawson are greatl;
disappointed because Presldenl Roose-
veil refused contributions frnm
DaWBOn   ami   Other   parls   of   Canada
road   passed  through   '!,'���  city  on   his   lor  the  San   Francisco  .sufferers.   The
private car, tor Se attle this morning,
alter spending a f.-w .lays in Vancouver,
A cross over   connection   is being
built on Front Btreet opposite lhe niar-
kei that will connect the two transcontinental marls. ,1,. C. 1'. K. and the
,1. N, u. a large force ot men are at
work and i. Is expecte i that the woi i.
will i.e completed in a couple of days.
Th.. application of St. wai I  Steven
mass   meeting   called   last   night  by
GOV. LlthgOW in raise funds adjourned
without taking action simply becauso
of the arbitrary action .,i Washington,
I, is estimated hy ihe president of
ihe board of trade thai Dawson would
have raised $1".  for San Pranclsco,
Tl,.. people everj where feel their . \
presslons of '-'���".I will were thwarted
wlthoul   reason,    The  matter  Is the
Carpets: Carpets!
$10,000 Woith to Choose From
i.25 up
5.00 up
.lute S.piares, !>xl_	
Art Wool Sip,;,res, 7-,'.\'.' -	
Art Wool Squares, 9x9	
Other sizes, PxHc and
Tapestry Squares, 9x9, from -  -IHI
Those handsome Velvet Milton and A-tminster Squares 2500
Crpet Felt. Corrugated Paper, Hygenic D'nderfell and Stair Pads.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to   241   Front  Streets,   Uupont   Block,
I New Art Goods
son  for water fnr don    'ir- purposes,
entailing   the   utilising     of   certain  onl5  ",;,v "" Dawson streets, Roose
Btreams ���.���.,,��� Elgin was withdrawn to-
WaS   I,   I���1SS-    , ,,i i.      ......     v.
enger this afterno, n the Rlthet to
Let us give figures on your printing. The, will save you money.
Work guaranteed satisfactory. The
Press,   Front Street. ��
daj and the applicant will Ble anothei
application asking :      water fro
other sir..am.
The sloop Athens commanded bj
Anglo Creangalo, a Greek, arrived this
morning frnm Nanaimo bay with a
cargo of flsh consisting of every kind
frnm a bullhead to a rock end and se i
baSB. On the way over very rough
weaiher was encountered which caused
a broken bonfu.
The   following   passengers   arrived
this morning on the steamer   Rlthet
from down river points:  Mrs. Taylor,  R
Mrs.  Reld, .Mrs. Tambollne, Mrs. Bro-
veil Btock has taken a slump,
The Vukon  World, the governmenl
.    I    ;��� iper,  r dltorlallj   .-ays    the
good ��111 bet ween the two countries Is
o hurl  il  will lake years to heal the
rei ch    ureal ed,    and    thai    Mayor
Sc!,,uiiz,     who   I,,,...  mined   in     the
Klondike,     proved   himself    a  bigg, ,
man than the Washington officials.
The     offerings   wer.    made     no,   BO    >,
a Vour sprinjt house cleaning will reveal needs in your house furnishing. >J<
>*< This is the place to have your wants supplied,    Opened out   New   \rt >���!
Muslins. >}
$1.50 Pair!
;���, Coverings, New Art Dentins, Hi,,daps, Madras, Muslins.
!���, See our Lace Curtains, 80 Inches wide, 3 1 2
>J yards long, Very Special	
much, the paper Bays, for aid as to
Bhow    good   wlll   and   promote    the
InglO-Saxon   unity.    Ottawa six years
ago received great donations from all
: over the states on lbe occasion of the
Al the same time she was
well aide to care for her own.    Daw-
Saturday s List
Are Difficult to Answer
but   the   question   where   to   got
the best and newest in correspondence and general stationery
is easily answered. It is always
worth your while to drop in and
sec the stock carried by    .     .    .
ers.    News
star Candy Factory taken over
by  Mr.  Burdetl   has  l a  completely  P'ayed between the Columbian college
renovated and home-made candies are  juniors of this city and    the   Junior
the order of the day. Cadets of the Vancouver college. The
Columbian college boj i will line up in
the following order: B. Gilley, ca,idler: C, Smith, pitcher; B. Crowe, first
ba ��� : N. Kenny, second ha.se: L. Robinson, third base; Kilmer, short stop;
A brother of William Cummlng ll. n^u*. lefl field: P, Miller, center
irrlved in this city this morning from  field;   Jaimes Cray, rlghl  Iir.hi.
McNlven, Miss son ,_ ()|) r.m;1(|j.(n >(lil  and is anjr_0us|
Whltworth, L. Tambollne, I). McNlven, ,��� ,���,���. ,.,,������ M;m���. ���,.,������,���_ who ls|
W. McZenzle, Mrs. Keegan, T. Ladner, looke(, on here aB ;, ,,,,:l,  ���,.,���_ Daw. j
S.   Branscombe,   C.   Anderson,     from sim   ha8   .,   ,,,���������,.  peroentage  I)f  San
Udner;   A, Peterson.  Mrs.  Ross and Pranclsco and Seattle people, socially!
Miss McWaters, from Snnbury. .,���,,  ������.������.,.,���,., ,,,.,��� any ���������.,. ,own
Tomorrow   morning   al   ten   o'clock of Its size,
an interesiing game of baseball will be 	
P. Venables, local agenl for the Calgary  Milling company,  received    two
car loads . [ II.mr and  feed  from Calgary yesterdaj'.
Lost���Brown Cockerel Spaniel las,
Monday, Please return to Mr. Frank
Reichenbach, Columbia street, city.
Cooked Ham, Ashland Ham. Bologna Sausajjj,
Pickled Pigs Feet, Pickled Lambs Tongue.
Weimer Sausage. Vegetables���Fresn Tomatoes, Asparagus, Lettuce. Fruit���Strawberries,
Bananas, Apples ;  Oranges irom 25c per dozen.
Public Supply Store.
Columbia Street,
Additional   Want  Ads  on   Page  Seven.
\ Do You Want To
I Qtj�� KnQwlecljge
Is Not for Sal
.���,���,���,��� _.���.-..������~.       ^
We don't charge extra for it. Our contracts ���
show that we are masters, thorough in every X
detail  of work, workmanship and material. ���
See us before you let your work. |
' ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Winnipeg   Clergyman   Says   City   Was Millowners Subscribe Money for Cam-
No Worse Than Other Places. paign Against Union Men.
Rev. .1. 1.. Gordon preached to a Seattle, Wash., April 26.���Shingle
large congregation a' ile Central Con- man I hav,. organized a pro-
gregational church in Winnipeg lasi tectlve association witii a minimum
Sunday evening on lhe theme, "San -war fund" of $50,000 to aid any mill
Francisco, or the Destruction of a men againsl whom employees have
Greal City." The passage of scrip- struck' for what are deemed unjust
un.. chosen as the hasis of his dis- reasons. Any loss sustained by mem-
course was Proverbs 27:1: "is,.as, nol lers of -he association in fighting
thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowesl such ,, strike will be paid by other
noi  whal  a day may bring forth." manufacturers, and  the profits of the
In opening his sermon Rev. Mr.
Cordon spoke ot tlie wide effect and
interest of the recent San Francisco
disaster, and showed how hundreds of
cities all over the world had been affected   through   friends  and  relatives
makes the purest of pure sweets
and invites the public to call
and see  the candv made
Buy a Neat Home
��� trees.
On Tram Line.     Comprising 8 City Lots,
6 Roomed Dwelling, Woodshed and fruit
;J; Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. $
House Cleaning Time
And you may possibly need a carpet.    We have  the  greatest  range  of  >}
Ihem and can guarantee to save you money and give you better satisfaction than vou can get in any other place. For instance, a good body
Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed anil laid for one dollar a yard up.
Old carpets taken up, cleaned and relayed for ten cents a yard. We
have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest prices.
Con,e and sec us. It will pay you to see our stockjbel'ore placing your
order elsewhere.
V; 71,; and 7is Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street.
.��� .-.
Largest  Stock  in the City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
DIAMONDS I   The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
2 Small Houses, 5 rooms each and well situated.
Will rent for $12.00 a month. Can be purchased for
or will sell separately.
of their citizens being involved. There
are thousands of telegrams, he said,
from anxious friends waiting to be delivered, and some of them never will
he delivered. There has been a shock
over the earth that corresponds to
that which has taken place beneath it.
lie did not think that the recent
eruption of Vesuvius had any connec-|
tion with the California earthquake.
Scientific observers declare that even|
the sun seems to be disturbed, and is
shooting forth tongues of flame in
.very direction, and dark spots are
coming and going on its surface. He
voiced a belief that all these phenomena were linked together. Pompeii
had been destroyed by an earthquake
and recently it had been dug up intact. Perhaps this had been designed
by Cod as a means of banding down
through the ages a great lesson lo the
Tlie speaker then described tbe
wealth, greatness ami beauty of San
Francisco, and gace in detail the story
of i,s destruction. He Btated that the
Divine Splril bad bad a hand in the;
iee.ni catastrophe. There are great
political, theological and social revolutions going on all over tho world to-|
-day, and these things are all going
together. There are influences moving in the world that shall continue
lo work until Christ shall come and
reign as the true king. "I don't believe San Francisco was worse than j
New York, Chicago or Winnipeg. Norj
do 1 think that the recent visitation-
was lbe passing of a judgment on San
mill   will  be guaranteed during labor
troubl, s.
Th.- recognition of unions, a demand
for higher wages than the associated
manufacturers believe justifiable and
similar demands will be resisted by
the combination of manufacturers. It
is declared ihat no support will be
given mill men who invite fight with
their employees on grounds where the
men  are largely  in the right.
The  "war fund" of $50,000 is to be
kept   at. not  less   than  this  amount.
Special assessments will be levied to
carry on a long fight or to make good
losses that would come with a struggle with the union men or other em-
ployes.   Aid.will only be given to those
mills  which  have  joined  the associa-|
tion,  but  it  is claimed  that most of j
! the large plants will become affiliated
I wiih fhe new movement and this will)
attract   the  small   and   weaker  manufacturers.   An effort Is to be made to j
bring all the  mills ln the state Into
the organization eventually.   The Bai-!
lard  strike will he fought by tbe new
While none of ihe mill men acknowledge it, the organization is really one
directed towards an enforcement of
! the "open shop" rule. The mill employes ar.. being organized throughout
the state and tbe manufacturers believe a fight ls coming for tbe recognition of their new unions. If an
effort is made to compel lhe mill
owners to employ none but organized
men, the new association will hack any
shingle manufacturer who fights.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Twelve years  experience  in  the
candy  trade.
The proof of the pudding is in
the eating.
Next Door DeGrey's Barber Shop.
.... CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
��� Apply $ 1 600 on easy terms.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ **************************
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes. |
Peaches, Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds |
Ornamental trees and shrubs in great variety, evergreen and gold- Bj
en from 2 to 6 feet. Roses, paeonies, rhododendrons, privet, ever- ;,<
green, and broad leaved for hedges.    Catalogues free.
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,
B. C.
In last night's edition of the Dally
News appeared the word "damaged"
ln Mr. Dave Grossman's ad which was
quite misleading. The complete line
read:  "Having purchased a portion of
L." S
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
Real Estate, Fire <S Life Insurance
Tel. 273.      Near Tram Office
Francisco," said Mr. Gordon.
"1 believe God is walking across thej (,heJ5���'! T    ��f C'  F' JaCkS��n
republic    with  ttumdrous    steps.    He, &   ����.   .Ltd.       The   word   "damaged"
will make His voice heard.   And when|8h0uW  haVe.been omltle'1' lls the en'
God  speaks to America  He speaks to,
Canada.    This is one of His ways of; enllr,'ly  new  one
speaking.    If  ever    you  saw    a  city j
where  sin  was  persisted Mn  and  the'
preaching of the gospel Sabbath after
Sabbath Ignored, you have an example;
at at the gospel, went on Winnipeg,  April   26.���At  the  police
of lt in Ihat ciiy.   They simply laugh-! court  today, four more employees of
ed at the gospel, went on in their sin1 the C. P. R. appeared on a charge   of
and   built   higher   and   higher.     But theft  from cars. Engineer Little and
God  says, 'He that  Is often roproved i Fireman  Carruthers  were discharged,
tire stock of the Jackson Co. was an
We take off our
bats to Dave and the cigars are on
C. P. R. Theft Cases.
Tynehead Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. g
Advertise in the News
By.*�� . ,
' ai  >&M
Are They Mated ?
St. Patrick's Hall
Prof. Alexander
Friday-His Most Popular Lecture
matched on  the stage at the
Admission 25e, 35c and 50c.
Thursday -Social Fads.   Collection.
land   stiffeneth  his  neck  shall  be  cut! although the magistrate believed them
��� off.    He shall be destroyed and that'snllty of receiving stolen goods, but | -
' without remedy.'   God is not going tojas this wns not charged, they were ^If^y^  Consultations   Daily   From
Westhead were remanded for sentence. I     10 a.m., at the Guichon Hotel.
Elk's Minstrels
Vancouver Opera  House
April 26 and 27.
Great Chorus.     50 Voices.
Best Soloists in British Columbia.
Hear the famous Octette.
stand by antl see a young nation laugh j quitted. William WInhierg and Joseph
at sin without reproving it."
TICKETS, $ 1 .OO. for sate miy*t*re.
No extra charge for Reserved seats.
The Daily News has a few for the convenience of
Westminster patrons.   Apply at business office.
>#* ;" ''1
W:      t-'-tI,
i .
.'���iM :
___tf-"'S__\3SfcV.'T. '."'. . \_U_?7S__0_-_BW������B_n_!r<_^^
|   .,.- ���llimilirTf-    ' TT"" �� ���������~����.-��.��-ti.if.-WfnrT��f-'
Sale Begins 10 O'clock Saturday Morning. Sale Begins 10 O'clock Saturday Morning.
|     Men s Clothing     |
��� ���
S MMOoaaaaaaooH ��� iobobobooooi _.
8 i;
|    Boys   Suits
�����^>>>'��v��'>>'v��'>'*>:>i>:>;>:>:>:*>^>i*>^>:>>'>'>:>:>'>'>^>>>>>>'- ��������������,,.
I  ^ :
Men s Hose        \
Mothers! Here is an
| Suits slightly damaged by fire and water will be |
p, sold at unheard of prices. it;
| These suits are the pick of the wholesale house !;i
I and it will be to your interest to examine them.
| opportunity    to   clothe |
>: your boys for one half of !j!
| what you paid before, jj
|:| Our stock in this line is ;���;
i -  , .-, ���J
���J   ���
* ���
'. The fire made havoc iii this Department, but we   t
;���! have still a few left.                                                         $
v !���!
!jl While they last you  can  have  them  at   prices   !$
'*' that will amaze you.                                                    j��!
L exceptionally good. B 
 ���      v��fii_��-o:��tJ                                         '*���*��� "<*Mr****<'*******<:;,**tS:> .��::���:������"���:��������::���::���::���:������"���:������:������:������ ���.��� ���.........i
_4 Sfrofce of Misfortune for Us,
A Stroke of Fortune for You.
Sort and Stirr Shirts \
$>::* ***>:>::*:*>>::o:>>>:>>:>>>i>*s*:*- _j
>; In this line only slightly smoked but thev go   jjj
|    with the rest.
Now is your opportunity to pick them over for   !���!
|   the season's wear.
Our Shoe Stock was
damaged by water.
You can buy Two
Pair for the Price
of One	
Hats and Caps
Sale Begins IO O'clock Saturday Morning.
__���   _^_i_^_^_i
���J; This is another line that has onlv been  smoked. {���
;���;   The prices however have been cut to pieces. ���
3 We have all the styles   dip front, low  crown, ;���
���J;   Alpine, etc.    to choose from. ��
!���; !���!
a b"*'y:*:'..".".*':.."w:w �����
Sale Begins IO O'clock Saturday Morning.
_ _ ?Tj'J.i-i SSBt-fe--.: 'i-___ J1SESHSHB il_��__fE:.'r_*____��'*r_!_!_K Er_BMH��OT___E!i. JJMH-' -"WaaHS-V. >_���
The Store
n The Corner
_k_s_��ffi3BES7e_5_m__-HS3rj'v�����'<;-cpro^iK":"K!*:ira'ffi^Jta*^ _"____;���:i��__;__a7,5vTCtf^'r3Ec,^^ / ���,��e s_sn����sMi^aHmvi_a^^ i iMMiiiirjra^-tfUfl iir.! .
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Go to Europe via
St. Lawrence
I       Route
Norih Yakima   April 26.���"Brandy,"j    Chicago, April  26.���The    Chroniclel    The dentists of Vancouver received  Seven   hundred  miles  of  magnificent
blooded bulldog,  the    property   of | today says:    Prosecution of the suit | clrcular letters fr(ml R. Ford Verrin- river top.   Empress oj Britaini Bads
Performs   Heroic  Work   in   San   Fran-   Threa,en to Withdraw Plants if Antl-  Dr. Baker and Others Who Advertise
Cisco Hotel After the Earth- Trust Penalties Are  Insist- Defy the  Board  and  Its
quake  Shock. ed    On. By-Laws.
George B. Conklln, arrived in this city
Monday night Iron, San Francisco.
His master tells of a most remarkable
experience, In  which  the dog  proved
himself a veritable hero.
Conklin arrived in San Francis,-,,
tl," day before the earthquake. He
stopped at the International Hotel.
Early in the morning, he says, the
dog jumped upon his bed and woke
hlm. Conklin claims the dog has
done the same thing before, and so he
arose. Just as he was about, to leave
his room the building collapsed and
be escaped by running through the
hall  to  the  stairway.
against the Armour ajid Swif, in-
t, ��� its in Texas for the purpose of
securing a $12,000,000 penalty for
violation of the anti-trust laws may
resull in the closing of all packing
plants in Texas and the withdrawal
of the Chicago packing concerns from
thai state,
This was the announcement made
las, nighl by officials of the Swif, und
Anno,ir companies in discussing the
effeci of the sui, by the attorney-
general of Texas. The officials de-
clared las, nighl the packing business
in Texas wa; jus' b. Ing pul upon ,,
proper business basis and that It was|
from Montreal for Liverpool Mav Huh.
���r of the British  For other dates and rates apply to
On the way he stumbled over the  still   in   an   experimental  stage
rorji, of a baby.   Be did nol stop until |    It is declared the question of with-
he reached ,he street. Then he missed
Brandy and Btarted back to find him.
Reaching the top of the s,airway, he
found  the  dog, tugging at  the night-
drawal   from   business   in   Texas   has
con i.l. red   n vera!   times  when
lhe Chicago    companies  were    being
harass..!     by  a   multiplicity    of  sulls
gown of the babe, trying to drag the and thai th,   litigation for $12, I,	
unconscious form to the stairway. The I If pushed,    will be followed    by the
mother was  following and  endeavor- execution    of the plans   which have
ing to lake  the child  from  the  d���g. been I" contemplation.
Brandy    growled and    gnashed    bis     The withdrawal ot the Chicago cam
teeth whenever she made the attempts, rani'-,  from  Texas would  mean  the
When Conklin reached the scene he loss  of   work   to  5,000   employes  and
Columbia board of dental examiners,
covering copies of the by-laws of the
board. The by-lawB state thai i, shall
be considered professional inlsconducl
,,, advertise except by a 20-llne single
column card, or to have on signs or
advertising cards anything other than
ithe dentist's private name. The letters
I informed the dentists who are at presenl infringing these laws that unless
they look immediate st-ps >o conform
with them they would be prosecuted.
Dr. A. It. Baker, of the Boston dentists, says thai he, for one, Intends to
go on as he is doing, and, if necessary,
fighi the matter our. As it is probable
thai the Chicago and Ohio dentists
will take the same course, a tesl case
will very likely be tried,
. ������	
[ce ('ream the puresl al the Westminster Creamery. *
ED.  aOU-i-lT,
0. I'- ><������ Agent.
New  Westminster.
Mortgage Sale
ruder and by virtue of the Powei
of Sale contained in a eertaiu Inden-
lure of Mortgage which will be produced at the sale there will lie offered
for sale at Public Auction by T. J,
Trapp, Auctioneer at bis auction mart
on Clarkson street, New Westminster,
li. C. on Tuesday the 1st day of May,
1906, at 12 o'clock, the following Real
Estate, Lots 1, 2, and ", in a portion
ci'j acres) of lot 17 in Suburban
Block 10 City of New Westminster,
For conditions of sale and further
particulars apply io
Vendor's Solicitor,
Bonk of Commerce  Bldg,,
New Westminster, 11. C
the  removal
,f an  Investment   of  7,
rescued   the  baby  and  turned  It   over
to ,),..    mother.    Conklin, who    is a
ranch  owner  in  this  county,  says  he o
has  been   offered   $1,000  tor  the  dog Rainbow Ranch Sold.
since the incident. F- A. Hewer, of Rossland, and .!. B.
 0 ��� McAllister, manager of the  Dominion
Identified   Dead. Copper    company.    Greenwood,    have
Washington,   D. C, April    26.���The bought the fine property of I-'. Pow, at
following   dispatch from Gen. Greely, Rainbow, sixteen miles down the lake,
dated  San   Francisco  yesterday,  was says the Vernon Okanagan.
receive!   at   'ie.   war  department  to- It ls the intention of the new owners
j.-. nf Ihe Rainbow ranch lo go Into fruil
The    following  are manes    of the raising on a large scale.    Fifty acres
dead nol  previously reported:
Catherine  Broag,
John Berg (or Day).
Harry Ch,  bro.
Ah  Sung.
Emma Klttner.
Herman  Mvers,
Myrke (Jap),
.Marie  Harlss.
James Pulp.
J. Rankin.
Cicero Rlfes.
Ix'wls Robinson , Negro).
William Vail.
George Walker.
Young Won.
: of trees will  lie  put  out at  once, and
in'si year very much more,
Mr.  Hewer, who is a  son-in-law of
.lohn  Boultbee   mow  in   Vernon)   was
erly a well known mine manager
at Rossland, bul has also had some experience in fruit culture and will, with
his family, reside on the ranch, which!
is   over   900   acres   in   exti nt.     Tin-
price paid  was a good  One,
Loot the Treasury.
Tiflls, April 27.���A band of robber sin
lhe gulsi of soldiers, robb, I the treas-
iu   of Dushel  di ar TiSis : esterdaj of
nil 7,500.
Boilers and Pumps,
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT, write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada       :       :       :
Re Lot '.,, 10, and 13 Of Lot 16 of
Suburban Block 10, Map 200, New
West,,,ins,er   City.
Whereas proof of the loi a of Cert!
lien,., of 'I'iiie Number 1074 a
Issued in the name of Jan.. Howay
has been tiled In this ofiice.
Notice is hereby give,, thai I shall
at the expiration ot one month from
the date of the Brsl publication hereof, issue a duplicate of the said Cerj
titieate. unless in the meantime valid
objection be marie to me In writing,  j
District  Registrar  of  Tides
Land  Registry Oflioo,
New Westminster, B. C, April i, 1906.
Re  part of Lot 2S0 Group  1,  New'
Westminster  District  Whereas proof
of  the  loss of  Certificate of Title
number 2164A, Issued iu the name of
Daniel Callaghan has been filed in this
Notice is hereby given that l shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of Ihe first publication hereof, Issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made  to  me  In   writing.
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry  Ofiice,
New Westminster, B, C.
March 30, 1906.
be given t" the Commissioner of It"
minion Lands ut i Ittawa of int, - I n
to apply i ,r p.,u-nt.
W. W. Ci IRY.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will nol be paid
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co,
British   Columbia Coast Line
ally |         NEW           i    Daily
save WESTMINSTER! Arrive
20 amlBlalne, BeHTng-|3:0n	
36 pmham       Burling-I0:3r,pm
[ton,   Mt.   Ver-I
|non,     Everett,
Seattle        and
35 pinlSpokane,      St.'3:00 pm
|Paul    and    all
points  East,
20 am'Anacnrtos,           13:00 pm
Woolley,      and
[Rock port.
inI pm Vancouver         |9:20am
::::. pm|                          1:86 pm
"Canada" Heaters and  Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
Hanam Patent
"Canada" Water Tube  Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland    :   :
Address: 527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within tho Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be homest.aded l,y any person who is the sol.- head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to
| the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry  must   be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
whieh  the land is siluai...
The homesteader is required to pcr-
' form  the conditions  connected thcrc-
I with under one of the following plans,
(i) At  least six months' residence
upon  and  cultivation  of the  land  in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased! of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land  entered for the require-
I ments as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
(,l) If the settler has his permanent
j residence upon farming land owned
by him in  thc vicinity of his homc-
| stead, the requirements as to residence
may  be   satisfied  by  residence  upon
I the said land.
I    Six months' notice in writing should
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, si. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Diilulh,   Chicago,  St.
Louis  and  all   points   East.
For complete information,
rates,. berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
K. 0. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Con,mere,, Building,
New   Westminster,  B. C
S. (',. YKRKKS, A. (1. P. A.,
Corner Second Ave,,,10 and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Railway Company
Wl,.,, travelling by this popular up-
to-date; Railway you have no worry
aboul missing train connections or
changing cars during the night. We
take you over the continent on through
first-class sleeper ami magnificent
tourist   cars.   Transcontinental   train
Laves  daily  al   3:10  p.  m.
For furi her particulars apply to
C. P. It. Agent,
New Westminster.
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
(Subject to change wltnout   notice!
Princess Beatrice D
Leaves Port Townsend 1- p. m-
Leaves Victoria !, p.m.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
Leave Beattle 9.30 n.m.
Arrive  Tort   Tow-mi  1-   " E0011'
Arrive Victoria 3.30 p.m.
S. S. Prince    VI,
Leave Vancouver 1 p. ni.
Leave Victoria 1 a. in-
VICTORIA-NEW \vi:si.Mi>s''t:D
Leaves Victoria, 1 a. m, TU����"
and  Fridays.
Leaves   New  Westminster,  . s. Vh
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Calling at .Maynea,, ri steveston.
S.S. Joan leaves Nanaimo aaiW."
cepl Saturday and Sunday, at 1 �����
Saturday *> a. m. .,
,,���;,ves    Vancouver  dally,   "��'
Saturday and Sunday, al 1.30 I'-1"'
Saturday 2.30 p. m.
S.  S. Queen City.
Leave   Victoria   11   l>-  '"���   '".     ett
and 20th of each monlli for .\>��J-
and way points. ai
Leave Victoria 10th of 1
for Quatslno and waj i"'- -      ������
Leave Victoria 20th ** SU
for Cape Bcotl and WW P-"
ing Quatslno. ���ni-TF
Steamer Tr.M er.
Leaves    New    Westmln! <r
Additional   trip leaves New
minuter 6 ;,. m. Sunday. TllW.
Leaves    Sieves,,.,,   Monday.     ��,���.
day, Wednesday, Thursday W ^
urday 7 a,  m.   '\i,,;V,,'iu
ditional trip  Sa unla.v ���' >' '     ,T&
Steamer Beaver.       ^  ^
Leave New Westminster ��,
Mondays,   Wednesdays anu      sdM^
lx-ave Cliilliwack , n- ��'��� ]|illg at
Thursdays and SatrdM^^iniief
landing   between New
and ChilUwucW. ������rTE.
NORTHERN B. 0. M*���
S.   S. Tees. ^       ff  iti
Leaves Vancouver at - v- m ,t
and  16th   of  -a,, ,n��    , i3eiia Coo-
Skldegate on flrtt trip ��"> ��
, la on second trip. (lcI,artor��
Times  on   arrivals ana
are approximate ,���l �����
For Tickets, nwnJtaBj.
formation call nn or a,
J- W. ' '".^torln.
General Superintendent,  ^
I Lt   V���DWUVer'
Asst  Gen. Pass. Agent. >
Asst. i,en.    ^  h qaRDINEB"
Gen. Agent,' >W}$!_A��*
Agent, New Wes" -F.IDAV  APRIL 27,  1906.
barristers, solicitors, eic.      of-
i,, a ���      N.-w  fl      Iniinster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, rooms ^1 to 24, 446 Qrau
vill,. Btreet .1 iseph Martin, K. ('., .'.
w. Weait, W. o. McQuarrle, ll. a
Bourne. Mr. Martin wild be In thj
Westminster offices every Friday af-
i,.i in,,,!,
HOWAY,   REID *   BOWES,  Harris
tars,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lome
streel.   opposile   Court    Hous",    New
Westminster,   J. H. Bowes, P. O. Box
Bank of
Incorporated by act ot parliament
CAPITAL, ( All paid up).. .xi4,,������i,i���l���
RESERVE   FIND $10,000,000
Ki.  II.ui.  Lord  Strathcona and  Mount
Royal,  Q.C.M.G.. ..Hon  President
Hon, Sir C a. Drummond, President
E, s.  Clouston,  Vice President and
General Manager.
United   States  Government  Gives  British Columbia Mill  Men a
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS, Barristers and solicitors, Blackle Blk.,
Columbia streel, New Wesl mil,stor.
vv. .1. Whiteside, H. I- Edmonds.
Mr. .1. P. HAMPTON ROLF., solicitor ,,i tl,,' supreme court. Offices
Canadian Hank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite p,,st-
eiliie,  New   Wesl minster.    M >ney  to
General banking business trans-
a, ted.
Branches In all the principal cities
In Canada, In Loudon, Eng., New
York,   Chicago,  and   St..   Jolin,   Nfld.,
and .uiu  pondents m all parts or the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.   Brymner,  Manager.
GEORGE E. MARTIN', Ranis,, r and
Solicitor, Guichon i lock, C ilum-
bla and McKenzle streets, New Wesl
run.ler,  B. C.
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. &. A. M.
���Tin'     regular     meeting     Of     thi I
is held on the First Wednesday In
each month, sl s o'clock p, m��� In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invite I to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
So, retary.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY.   Proprietor.
tmpoi ter and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
J. HENLEY b,g wants duty is off lumber
Manufacturer  of For Sale��� I"  aces, eared, fUK    uAN     I ll,'t\l,ISI,ll
it.       1       U..11-11  V  ...   1 I i It        i,..
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street,
in home decoration need not be expensive. Quiet, rich colorings,
making an admiral,le background
for furniture and pictures, can be
had at reasonable prices if you call
.... at ... .
Wall   Paper   Store
For Sale���i" aces, i. acres cleared,
Good building. Applj Donald Me-
dure, Porl Kells.
For Bale���Modern 7-roomed house ..���
line e.i, u.-r in West End. iu.. lots
stable and fruit ti". '��� . Cheap. Appl.
x, this office.
Wanted 2000 Coi.ls ol Hemlock Hark
ai the Fraser Rive, Tannery, Ltd.,
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or 1*. O. box 1^7, New
Eggs for Setting���Pure Barred Rock
11.00 per setting. .1. W. Austin, Sapper,'.,,.
For Sale���Old papers sui,able for
wrapping up parcels, etc. Apply News
Wanted���Roy to look after office. Apply Drs. Hall and Rothwell,
News bas been received bj I lie lum
barmen ,,r the   city thai   the   Unit .1
States fluty on lumber going into San
Francisco  from  Canada  1-.  ,0  be     I
pcnde.l. temporarih   al   leas,, and thai
lumber will be admitted free of dutj
tor the rebuilding ot the city. This la
atnost Important announcement to the
niiiinien nf British Columbia, since
they  wer.-    already  preparing    to    .1.1
some business in the ruined   city   i���
ia,... of the duty ot   $- per   thousand
feet, ami now thai thej    have  , h
band large 01 der   ma   be cj
is almosl certal as a resul
price  of  lumber     will   advance,    and
mills will have to work overtlm,    to
1 p up ��Ith the trade. 1   means a sea
sr.,, ot unparalleled prosperity for the
lumbermen,  the only  tear being that
lon   t ���    re b impered through
scarcltj of lo
Rebuke   Mr.   Shaw.
Fori Dodge, Iowa, April lu;. Republicans ..,' the Tenth district today re
nominated Congressman J, P. Connor..
The resolutions committee administered a rebuke >,, Secretary <>,' the
Tr, ' a;:. Shaw when ii refused to In-
elude hun in the resolutions which en
dorsed Roosevelt, the Iowa delegation
in congress and (lov. A. It. Cummins.
��� Hind
Sixth Street.
K.  ,��  A.  M.���Regular communications of this lodge ai" held on the |
second  Tuesday  iii  each  month  In
Masonic Ten,pie. at 8 p. m,   Visit- j
Ing   bre,hren   ure  cordially   invited
to attend.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Merchant Tailor \
|. |; k. ,,f i., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p, ���,., ln Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John Btreet Sojourning Sir Knights cordially In-
vited to attend. W. B. Dunlop, W.| selection
I'.;    B.   E.   Mal I bias,  Reg,
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, scotcn and Irish
tweeds and  worsteds always in  Stock
Spring  stock  now ln.    Make your
���Meets in Orange hall first nnd
third Friday i��� each month at 8 p.
,���. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
w. M.j J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
The regular meetings of ibis lodge
are held In Oddfellows' hall. Columbia street, every Monday evening,
.1 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
jiailv Invited to attend. S. J. May.
N, G.;   W. C. Coalham, Rec.-Sec.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 3
Meetings the firs, and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. O. lT. W. hall, Odd
fellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at
I, p. ,���., While Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place, Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. B. B. Stlnch-
pombe, Pres., 11.  Disney, Secretary.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Our Specailty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone laU.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchells lasnion plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock or blgh-
class suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sar-
| toria] wants.
J. N. Aitchison,
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge ..f the
business in England with lu  years   ex-
perience,     Later was 7 years   manager
of tbe watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & ('..., Montreal, ;
Henry Blrk's'busineBS manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicatedjwatches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery,,
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquarters for PACIFIC Coast
GROWN Carrie,,, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock ready
for distribution; ask your merchant
for ihem 1n Fcalod packets. If be
dues not handle them we will prepay
to your nearest postofllce, fifty 5c
packets, our selection of good varieties, for $1.00 to introduce them.
Large slock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now ma-
tured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order. Greenhouse Flams,
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver,   B.  C
For Sale���Half latere ll in a livery bus
In.-ss near Seattle, Washington.
chane.. ..,' a life time, Appl) Advertising  .Malinger, Dal ���   News.
Wanted���Young  girl   ' .are cf
child  and  housework,    Appl     "
Sawyer. TU, sl and I   h ave, after 6.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulla pure
bred, ready for service, W. It. Austin,   Sapper,,,,,.
Wanted���Young girl help. Apply 1st.
and ith avenue, upper Exhibition
.... ite.
Wanted���To rent a farm with al least
forty-five    or fifty   acres   cleared,
Within   reach   of   New   Westminster
market. Apply Mrs, Ormiston, Sapperton.
Wanted���Smart boys to sell the Daily
News. Good pay guaranteed, Apply
Business ofiice Daily News.
Wanted���Smart boy 15 or it; for office���Apply Daily News business office.
For Sale���Chester White, pure bred,
I logs. Breeding stock for sale at reasonable prices. W. II. rVustln, Sapperton.
for Sweets
Ice Cream and G.  B.   Chocolates
a Specialty.
Complete line of Candied, Fruit &
- Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rush,on, C. R; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. o. F.���The regular meetings ���f
lhis Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
al S p, m. In the Oddfellows' Hall,
Visiting Brethren are rordialy invited to attend. B. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. m., iu Oddfellows'
dall, Columbia sire,". Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend. .1. s. Bryson, s. C; J. McD.
��� 'an,pi.ell. Sec.
J* H. Todd
Sewing Machines
Singer and
Wheeler & Wilson
Both on easy term.-.    Write for 1 rices.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Street.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250. ;
Wanted I
CAMP, 191.���Meels on the Firs, and
Third Tuesday of every month Ml
K. of l\ Hall. .lohn MeNiven,
Chief;   J. J, Forres"er, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westmln-
ater Board of Trad,, meets in the
Roar,I Room. City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of '.'ach BM>nlh.
Quart&rly meetings on tho second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, lit 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on tho second
Wednesday of February, New
members may be proposed and
elected al any mon,lily or quarterly
meeting,   A. E. White, See.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman and Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary! Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and thc BEST of
R, J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
H. A. SCRIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
Foot of 4th Ave. Cor. 16th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
. work.
You Buy "B. C."      i    Ship and Scow   Building
Or  "Old Sport"   Cigars jaspecialty.
you do the wise thing, its tempting    Estimates   promptly fur-
flavor -Rill surely win your favor. Mnn-I nished.
"f:K',"rc'1 by- W. E. EMERSON
WILBERG & WOLZ.       i _     . _. ___
p. , ,,   , ! Residence:
���factory and Office, Brine Block, " 	
new Westminster, b, c. 1124 EifjIiUi St., Now WiiSlminslor, B.C.
Gents* Prefcred
Bring your old bicycle   and get il
made as good as new. We are experts
on all kinds of repairing. We have been
eons,an,ly at the repairing business
for 11 years so we Know it from a 1o z.
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster,
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Lllard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Plants and  Ann,nils  of  nil   kinds,   cut
Rowers and floral designs,   Dahlias
50c per dozen.
Telephone AISl or address  lib Avenue
and Hhh Street.
Teacher of thc German
I .nnguage   nnd   Pinno.
German   Conservatory Method.
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets !&3b,3/3,s/b.
Branches   and   correspondents   ln
all the  principal cities or the world.
General  banking business transacted.
11 opens an account.   Intorest added
wit yearly.
Collect Ions made at lowest rates.
)pen    Saturday   nights   trom  B to 9
F. B. Lyle, Manager.
Transfer Co.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to ull parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    I'.O.Rox 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
Crushed Bone as
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
Vancouver Women Declare Their Use-
'ulnesj Has Been Destroyed
��y the Board.
v meeting   ,,f   tho
i,   Vancouver
was  held
ot the
iir WJt_
he was obliged   to
brln8 ���������   the  v,ii���i,.
of ii," correspondence which had been
l'"m"'1 "" between the officers ot the
aw'Uarj and the hospital board sine
March 15, last. The matters dealt with
'" ""' ndence were ot such
Q the well-being ol
tuture usefulness
ii auxiliary, thai   It
���  ���.
In the position in which thej had  a
'     ���������
ranki tor the
which they
her a nt.  She also
,. i .
which she had  one
ol thi   :.      ofllc, I r
Ufa.  Marshall, �� . lldenti
had transpired, Bhe considered hei usefulness
K"11". an l regretfullj tendered her re-
Mrs. Howard, oneof the dire,
also handed in her resignation in writ-
���ng.    II   stated that      atlng   the
tr, i      nt ol the e iugh II ���
' ' ition a- a directress
i- herebj  tendered."
Ladj   Tupper,   i ��� resld
and acting treasurer, ami Mrs. Jonathan Rogers, Mrs, McDowell, and Mrs.
Buscombe, directresses, gave i��� their
resignation ��� verbally.
The whole executive of the auxiliary
having thus, with one exception, resigned, and i r provision for such a
contlngencj having been marie [_ the
constitution the following motion was
moved by Lady Tupper and seconded
by Mrs. McDowell:
"Tim, this woman's auxiliary do not
dissolve, and that the money in the
haul, to the credit of the auxiliary be
transferred to tha hospital board, to
be used, first, for buying two wheeled
chairs, and tour comfortable arm
chairs or Morris chairs for each of the
public [wards, the remainder of the
money to he put In lhe Savings hank
to be used tor the furnishing ���f the
new  maternity   hospital  when built.
In the
Do your own Silver Plating at
home���a wonderful preparation
made by Mover i Allen of New
York   '  :    ' :       :       :       :      :
50 Cents a Bottle
R. C. Purely,
Sole Agent. Columbia Street
Westminster Iron Works
\\ ORK.
Ornamental   Iron   Wont,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence Invited.
New Westminster. f. U. 474.
Croquet Sets
From $1.50 up at
Full Line of
Sporting Goods
Reichenbach Co., Ltd.
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The linen now ready tor use, and the
uucut linen in siock to he all turned
over to the board to be kept for the
maternity hospital when built"
The resoli,,ion was passed unanimously, and with a general feeling of
regret the meeting adjourned sine die.
I, is understood that the cause of
the action taken was a difference of
opinion he,ween the auxiliary and the
hospital board as to the conduct ot
certain members of the hospital staff.
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Mutual  Life Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now ln force exceeds $44,uuo,O0O.O0
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds ?'J,uuu,UUO.O0
This is a company of polic y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
OPR MOTTO:    Tiie largest amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay,
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 86.
Royal Bank
ALEX. SPECK      of Canada
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia ��t.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 185.      Barn mono 1:17
B. X Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy'Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Chilliwack  Means to Be in the Going
at Fall Fairs.
(Chilliwack Progress.)
"Our  district  exhibit  tor   the  New
I Westminster  and   Victoria  fairs   ihis
��� coming   fall. Simply  must  win,"  said
I J, c.    Henderson, president   of the
| Chilliwack    agricultural    society, and
: ihe energy being displayed by those
in charge of this very important mat-
i ter 1,1.1s fair to be productive of win-
! ning results.
George 1. Thornton has complete
charge of the exhibit and he has already    commenced    work    upon his
i task.
A new  and decidedly good feature
I in  the   preparing of the district  ex-
| hlblts is being inaugurated by the
New Westminster society in granting
to each local organisation desiring to
compete, a sun, of J250 to aid the
members In making up their respective
[ exhibits. This society is not offering
rash prizes Inn is putting up for
compel i,i���n a silver medal. It Is to
he competed tor each year and held
by the local organisation gaining the
most  points.
Vieloria. BO far, has not decided on
any cash prises, bul It is here where
the Massey-Harris silver cup, valued
at |S50, Is won. and if Chilliwack
wins ihis year this much coveted
tTophj comes to our valley to remain.
Twice out of three times wins the
prize and Chilliwack has one win to
her credit
Now then, every resident, farmer
ami townsman should exert every effort in mak' this year's exhibit the
lies, thai ever happened. The agri-
oultural society wants the support
and co-operation of everyone and the
Reeve and council are anxious that
we should win; bring in your choicest
stuff and do all .vou can to assist
those who are trying to place Chilliwack where it ever sbould be���at the
Painter Fall* tp Death.
Spokane. April M-A painter named
Ben Vilseon. employed by the city on
[he wo�� of paintin* the Monroe
street bridge which spans the river at
a height of more than 100 feet, fell
from a cross beam under the structure
this afternoon upon the rocks below,
nnd was Instantly killed.
-Lb s
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
End   Grocery
D. W. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Fire Insurance. Life Insurance. I
We have been apixnntod agents for the I'nion
Assurance  Society  ,���;
ich has been carrying on lire   insurance business   ,J,
which  has  a  capital and accumulated   funds  of  y
of London, England
since 1714 A. 1)., and
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record: B
Dee. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,400.   l'rem. $22,964.60 g
1900 Assurance in force  $1,792,600. PremiunM $ 62,606.96 H
1901 ������ ������ _ 664 904. " 92,029.30 >}
1902 " '��� 3,426,897. "        126,696.21 S
1903 " " i 086,112. "        180,644.68 8
1904 " ������ 4,609,764. "        166,884.20 �����'
Columbia   Street, NEW
Real   Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
Quantity  of  Goods   Not   Equal  to  Demand  on   Local   Market
24 acres, 7 acres in
thorough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries,
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
A Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
Give us a call in our
new office. We can
interest you.
278  Columbia   Street.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Telephone   170.
Nice Lot, cleared and
fenced, at corner of Oth
Street and St. Andrew's
Street.   A Snap at . . .
Good residence lot on
Queen's Avenue, East.
Fine location.    Only . .
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Tel. 106.
& Real Estate
Columbia St.
2nd and 3rd Avenue Burnaby, Near City Limits,
Close to City Tram,
h. f. WHITE, 260 Columbia SL
Telephone 85.
The poultrj at the mat k, I look, d
goo 1 to Vancouver, Chines, merchants
todaj an.l the bulk ei the 25 oi SO
pens of fowls were bought In by Wow
Sane and Chin Lee & Co.,   I   hat city.
Th, mai k, was uot nearly up to
the usual standard. Ther. were nol so
many purchasers as there usually ar.
and iire good ��� off, re I, while not inferior i��� quality to the , Btabllshed standard, were s ,what bi hind in quantity.
Two cases of young pigs were purchased by Chin Lee, Vancouver, and
: ��� entlr,   stock   of live
pigs  for sale.
The butchers were all there and of
������ ed a full line of dressed meat, lamb,
v. al, beef, pork, and mutton, as well
as Bmoked goods.
M. Monk bad a very varied flsh display, and offered tor sale red Bpring
and white Bpring salmon, ling cod
rock curl, oollchans, halibut, shrimps
and Bmoked flsh.
Qui . ., la: ..   quanl I C O
McElh tt .',     Bhell   , blcken
grit was purchase 1.
Th,  florists were on deck and   I, Ing
business al their usual stands. E. an.l
ll. Stride of the Vancouver ro id had
al,   .'..,:,;[��� ions, : ises, li ttuce and
ll. Tidy, the T, n h Bl re, I  nursery,
juan offered In poi a primula,. aspara
gus,    terns,    drac, uas,    maiden    hair
; 11 of an
nuals they had  phlox,  verbenas, car-
cations, asters, petunias, I,   ��� II
sies and zinnias. They also offere l for
sale dahlia roi,is. and tomato and cab-
age plants.
.1. Mini-head, of Seventh avenue, had
:r line vari, ty of roses. In plants he had
��� las, r arnatlons,    Bwer I    alyslum,
asters, pansl, s. ln the line of vegetables, eai.i age and  tomato plants and
lei,uce.  I,,  pots,  cinerarias, begonl
: sonlums,  b, llol rope  and  ferns.
C. Coombs of the Scotl road, had a
supply of cabbage  plants for sale in
addition to polyanthus, primroses and
pansies in boxes, he also offered cabbage and strawberry  plants.
T. Davis tl,.- Burnaby florist was
o'uiie up to his usual Btandard with
his display ���f carnations. Besides a
quantity of early spring vegetables be
had some fine cinerarias in puis and
in boxes Bome healthj looking pansies.
.Mrs. Buckoll of Burnaby had, in ad
dilion to butter and eggs, hydrangeas,
cacti, and geranium plants tor sale.
K. Carncross of Kensington Prarles
offered butter, eggs and dresed fowls.
Mrs. Crawford of Easl Delta also
had for Bale butter, eggs and dressed
[owl i. For the latter, Bhe was asking
20c per pound.
Mrs, Taylor of Langley Bold butter,
eggs, cream and honey. Mrs. Keegan
of Woodwards, Miss Whltworth of
Lad,,, r ani Mrs. Reid of Ladner had
their usual choice supply of butter and
; eggs.
li. M. Robinson .<c Sons of ihe Tyne-
! head nurseries, had their usual dls-
' play of Bhrubs and trees and were sur-
'��� rounded by purchasers,
An auction sale was conducted by T.
: J. Trapp on the market square towards
the end of the market, and a number
of cows were sold at from $35 to ?4���,
; and a good looking pony wen, for $21).
Market Prices.
B, ef, hind quarter 8 to 9c a pound.
Beef,  lure    quarter,    ,1  to    6%    a
Lain,i. 16c  per pound.
Pork, 9c per pound.
Veal, '., to  10c  per pound.
Carrots, per sack, 50c.
Heels, per sack, 50c.
Parsnips, per sack 60c,
Onions, per sack. $2.00.
Turnips, per sack, 50c.
Eggs,  p.r  dozen.  2.".c.
Butter, per pound, 30c.
Fowl, per dozen, $N to $:,.
Chickens,  per doze:,. $G to $7.
Ducks.  $12   ts  $15.
Rhubarb, per box, $1.25 to 1.60.
Cabbage, cauliflower _n 1 eel
::   25C,
Has   Bad   Nightmare    and     Policeman
Removes Him to More Comfortable Quarters.
Overcome bj frequent potations ab
I sorbe.l last evening, John Dyson, a
i,.w arrival hers, laid down his weary
head ou the sidewalk on Itamage
sire.,, and slept the Bleep of the
weary. But the sidewalk was no downy
couch io repos, on, and John groaned
aloud  In  his  anguish.    Sad  to  relate,
Constable Johns..,,   appeared   on the
scene and with deep sympathy for the
unfortunate John, he escorted hlm to
a place of safe,,, where they became
so fond of bin, that they would only
allow 111,,, to depart on his promising
to attend a Sitting of the police court
held in his honor this morning. As a
guarantee thai he would do so, be de-
poslted a sum of $,r..,,0 With lhe chief
of police.  After  hearing  the case ihls
morning,   Magistrate Corhould   fined
the misguided youth lbe usual an,,.,,,,,
of   $2.5,1   ami   cosls.     Chief   Melulosh
di.i a lightning calculation and hand
e,l hack Io John ,he pi lee of ten liee'S.
Preparing New Booklet,
Th, i'. l'. it- passenger departmenl
is making preparations to Issue a
pamphlet dealing wiih the Northern
British Columbia and Alaskan routes.
Ti,.. new booklet will contain Bome Interesting data on lha' par' Of lhe conn
try and will i.e profusely Illustrated.
The new ir.uiiph!. ��� will b, ready for
distribution in the near future.
Goes  to  Dry   Dock.
The Team, : Robert Dunsmuir will
be taken ia I a ; en Mondaj next bj
w Em, rson and  i ':���'��� I    In  dry
ri-.      ill the d ri. hon . be re
moved and lhe who , Int, i lor of the
. mo I, :. ;.     : will be
carried on as expedltlouslj as possible
and It will no, be long b, fore the
Dunsmuir will be .loin,; duty as a tow
[or her new purchaser, 11. Qilley,
manager of the In
Special Values in Ladies' Blouses and
Dress Skirts for Saturday
To those who have not yet seen our large assortment of Blouses and Skirts we extend an invitation to
visit our store on Saturday for the lirst showing of many new lines which have arrived during the past
ten days.
Comments of our customers on our past experience convinces us that we have the best   values and
largest selection to be seen this season.
Blouses on Display near door. Every Line Special Value
At 75 cents
,\ special line while Blouses shir-
id yokes ami full size, a bargain.
At $1.00
B, v, ral lines Whn.' Blouse
srtlon trimmings and tucks,
leeves, all new styles.
.. in-
At $1.25
I   . |-,  ��� ange White and Colored
r: ,U9|        tbla price, ah made hill
sties, ������ wesl    sleeves,   all   nicely
trimmed and made of fine q l
,   . : lal.
At $1.50
A price which offers a large sel
ecllon. while-, mostly, in Iln. white
lawns,  made up  with  lucks an.l  in
At $2.00
\ handsome   range   ,,f plennin
ity les with line qualities of mati
iais and trimmings on embrold, i
fronts, with surplice yok,
La,ge range In addition to the*
pi n . mention, d. $2.60, $2.7.".. $3.0i
$3.60 all  And  their various  place
i:i our showing.
- - ....
-ith Suk
Landmarks Removed.
Two old landmarks, �� hli i hen
\. w W. .-��� min ��� ..ugh,
of,  wer,   removed  y,  tei ....,    In the
Bhape of two large flr tre, - which tor-
m rly Btood "��� th
' luichon hotel   . ni w hotel
i- to b,  erect, d, The i
and  expeditiously  performed    by  Ed,
Johnson and Angus Macdonald.
Visit our skirt department for proper skirts
White and Colored Voile Skirts    Beautifully  Irlmmed with ribbon and   In ertlon,   Exc,
   $.1.25. $6.00 and $6.7".
Lustre Skirts���in a larg,  ��� in - dors, verj  suitable for wea B sl
priced.   Each     $3.00, $4.00, $-1.75, $5.75 and $6.75
Grey Tweed Skirts���in ., la:  i    election at low prices, the popular Skirts    for    pr,  en
    . $5.50. $6.75 and $7.50.
Ask for the Reynier Kid Glove���thc Best.
Ask for our Complete Wliitewear Catalogue���Free for the Askimg.
Showers   Promised.
Victoria,   \t 11  2'      I tt, ,met r
w along the ena-- s fall-
mi F it    Ifornia,
..!%��� ly in Bprea 1    ini..:. ���      i
Low ��� r  Mainland,  !'; ...
In Cariboo and Alberta    while   from
Medicln,  Hal to M inlto        .....
���  lling.
Forecasts for 36 . ending ���". p.
. . Saturday on the Lower Mainland:
Lighl to moderate wind.-. ,,,,-. ttled
and cool with show,
Moana Sails Today.
The Canadian-Australian liner
Moana. Cap,.  N'evilli . Is  scheduled  to
sail from Vancouver thli   iftei n  foi
Australia via Honolulu and Suva. Tie
steamer will carry about BO passen-
gei b, Including 17 members of the Willi im Collier theatrical troupe The company will join the steamship al Vlcl ,r
la and will go to Sidle. . The .\1 .ana
will lake out a full cargo ol m
ia,>c,i���s freight Including a Bmall
shlpmenl of dressed lumber.
11 is possible that the Moana will be
held ov.r at Honolulu for a day In or
der to make connection with the Pacl
fie Mail Co.'s Bteamer Alameda which
sailed from San Pranclsco last nlghl
for  Hong   Kong.  The Alameda  carried
a number of passengers who are en
route to Australia and they will be
picked up ai Honolulu by the Moana.
Pretty Wedding of Popular Young Couple at Residence of Bride's
\ vei ���. pr. :';. wedding was Bolemnlz
il   evening  al   the  resid, nee    of
th,  Rev, .1. P. lire...::. corner of Eighth
��� el and Sixth avenu,. th, contracting par'!.- being Charles B, Bryson,
Bon of J, s. Bryson, merch ml of this
and Miss Beatrice E. Unwell, second daughter of the Rev. Bowell, The
... .. ninny took place at 7:::., p. in.,
the Rev. J. P. Bow, 11 officiating, assisted by the Rev. W. H. Barraclough of all presenl
ami   Principal  sipprell  of Columbian      Following i
ni   Bmll  t       ���   .  and  ivy  during
ceremony.  Fragrant    hothou e  plants
bloomed evei j wh,, e, and the perfume
.   . i led the house. B,
lla lilll, s w.re also there in profusion,
... wedding
supp,:. In a room r, loi, nt with the
pei in:, ��� ��� m    md various
flowers.   The ha
iv, r   In an   automobile   aboul
10 p, ,���. and the guests dis] I
Mr, and Mrs, Bi   wn will reside al
1124 8, ymour st r, et, Vancouver.
The bride's golng-away drees was ol
a  ligh,   gray  material     with    hat
match and as they lefl the hou e
it.  Jonas,  Vancouver,  bon  bon   .
Mi. ami  M        ���      .. ni. carving set.
Ml   -  !���'.  Lund, Silver shakers;   Mi-s  B.
.1. Bowell, cheque; miss Sexarnlth,
Mr. Bcott, Vancou-
ver. siiver berry spoon; ll Matll
Vancouvei, souvenir Bpoon; Ml W
Peeble . draw,, work lea ,
V Bowell, chequ, M . and Mi J
Bow, .1   \t lint, re;  M
'���]:      F,   Bowell,  Montreal     cul   glass
.   ;      . ���    M      W. Betts,
spin,,! i, and mai -  ol hei  .
Coll, ge. The bride, who carried a
boquel of white roses, was dressed In
a Bilk voile, wiih bridal veil fast I
with orange blossoms, and was given
away hy her father. Miss Lillian How-
ell, sister of the bride was the bridesmaid, and looked charming in a dress
of white organzlne, the bridesmaid's
boquel was composed of pink and
white roses. The groom was attended
by his brother, John Bryson. The
house  had   heen   beautifully   decora,e.l
for the occasion, and the happy couple stood beneath an arch composed
Guilty of Manslaughter.
Quebec, April  26.     The  tl lal "f Gun
ner John Bat, j. a former membi r ol
to the Royal Canadian Oarrison Artillery
a  , barged with the murder of his com
shower of rice, confetti and old shoes rade, Gunner Richard Hall, In the Clta-
rollowed  'hem  wiii, the good  wishe    del, In November las,, was concluded
tonight, ai 7 o'clock, when the jury re-
I'ne list or guests wl,.. turned a verdict ,,r guilty of man-
were present and also of the gifts pre- slaughter, and the presiding judge en
sented  to the  hippy   couple  by  their  tenced bim to the penitentiary for the
real ,,r Ms natural llfe. The Jui
Into consideration    thai   the prl
Does This Interest You
A Line or^Call at the Office of
F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd.
New Westminster,  Vancouver or  Chilliwack  will give
you interesting information about 100,000 acres
of good land in the fertile Fraser  Valley
where just these conditions prevail
Bridegroom's gift to the bride, pearl
necklace; to the bridesmaid, pearl
brooch; to the h.-s, man, watch fob.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichenbach, loz
.��� tumblers; Mr. and Miss McLean,
Bilver berry spoon; Mr. and Mrs. Kirk,
silver knives; Rev. nnd Mrs. Barraclough, vase; Rev. and Mrs. Sipprell,
liver ,-ake dish; W. Mcintosh, Vancouver, silver fish se,; c. Osbourne,
pair vases; a. Smith, jardiniere; Mr,
a,ei Mrs. George Adams, china tea set;
P.   Reichenbach,   silver   knives   and
forks;   A.   [nsley,   card   receiver;    Mr.
and Mrs. Robinson, water sel; Mi-.., B,
Anderson, berry Bet;    Miss A. Bang-
ster, drawn work tray cloth;  Miss W.
Belyea, biscuit jar; Mrs. Capt. Ackerman, while spread;   Misses 10. and  W.
i liiirns.   Vancouver,   salad   howl;   Miss
Edna Saul, Vancouver, live o'clock tea
spoons;     Mr. and  Mrs.    A.  B.  Xanii.
rock.r;   Mr. and   Mrs. T.  II. Smith, table linen;  Mr. and Mrs. George Bowell,
table linen;   Mrs.  William  Rae, paintings;   Miss ('.  Urine, berry dish;   Miss
.1. Blnnie, rose jar; Mr. 11. .1. Bowell,
cheque;   George   Bryson,  clock;   Mrs.
i Bryson, linen;   Miss W. Howell, silver
i butter   knife;    Rev.   and   Mrs.   Iloweil,
1 family bible; \V. G, Howell, paintings;
Messrs. .1. (>.  Latham ami  R.  I'urdy,
china tea  set;   ||.  P.  Latham,  mahogany  rocker;   Mr.  and  Mrs.  S.  Howell,
silver lea spoons;  Misses M. and May
Bryson, table linen;   Misses B. and G.
Carson, Vancouver,  table linen;   Mrs.
D. Welsh, souvenir spoon; officers and
teachers     Queen's   Avenue     Sunday
school, silver pudding dish;  .1. S. Bryson. monarch range;  Frank Major, cut
glass vase;   Miss V. La,ham. silver live
o'clock tea spoons;  Mrs. Lai ham, silver rruil   dish;     Mr.  and    Mrs.  C.  S.
Keith,  cul   glass   frull   dish;   Miss  A.
Latham,  silver  pickle    jar;   Mr.    and
Mrs.  Allan   Bryson,  Vancouver,  silver
tea spoons; Miss A, Jones, Vancouver,
cushion;  Mr. and  Mrs. 1). Adams, bon
lion dish;   Mr.  and  Mrs. C. A. Welsh,
hand painted  plate;   A. S.  McKlnney,
Vancouver, out glass fruit dish;  Miss
was insane when he committed the
act and still suffering from dementia,
which Influenced their Verdict. The
minister of justice may have ,i,e con
demned  mi xamlned  an'l. if found
ins:,,,... he will he Incarcerated in
Kingston penitentiary lunatic asylum.
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
This   is   the  sen 01
your doors a,i'i wind
',,.,,,���,! trom tiie .   (1
is complete ami well assorted
The  White House
A. J. Birtch,   275 Columbia St.
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������**     ���
\ Electric Railway Service;
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver nnd way
stations at b.DO and h.i,��� a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between s a.m. and n p.m.
Half-hour cars trom i_m. to 7
Cars lcavo Vancouver tor Westminster at same nours.
Last ear Saturday til it p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
G.:!0 ii, ni. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and - ami b and 7.
Service   during ���-
xransfW ��l
t ween
30   Minute
mainder of day.
Leopold nace.
Service half-hourly ��
S a. m. U& ,0 p- "
City and Sapper10"'
Sapperton Llne-16 Min" '. !
vice, except between
���>, and f, and  I, during
hours   the   service
and 11 I
be- ���
Sunday Service
tween 8 a. m.
British Columbia Electric Ry- c��
��� -��. _--h.-fc.-fc.-fc._t._fc._fc.-.


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