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The Daily News Oct 1, 1906

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he Sail
LHI l/UTTIl ftnm-J       //k/ COMPETITION
Latest Reports About Fierce Southern Gale Show Heavier 	
Loss of Life and Much Greater Damage to
Property Than First Occupation of the Little Republic by
. i- ... la, Fla. Sei  , 30    The losf
...... i the lami -���    ���   ilting from I
,,.,.  hurrlcam   ivbii h  struck this city ,
I r. morning Is heavy.
,   [ist  of   li a i has grown to 2C,
an.I ii .-  i qi v.:i thai man., more have
. |     ist and i thers   Injun 1,   while
three   thousand    are   homeless.     For
r<     ting    arth .   have  been
 lng,   bul   man      od es   an    still
H:, . , ���:.. svrei ...-���-. For ten miles
east and wi streets are stn wn with
the  wrei k.  of id vessels ol
all kin
 '   Fi ri   M:n :." . on  a
;   |]       .. In;   the  gulf,  an i con
tinuing to 1 albl ��� !-'t ' asi of tlie
city, there is nothing bul devastation.
At .Macrae five lives wi :���- lost, The
, erience ol the ' .vent., men there
.... trying. Thej soughl the bat-
i^i'-T the highest point, as the waves
began tii dash over then:, and lashed
themselves I i the gimB. There they
clung for more than twelve hours.;
In wife of Sergeant Prentice and her
little child were killed at this jioiut.
Three artillerymen were washed away
aud badly injured.
" bl     ii::',;.     yard    suffered   damage.
Thi   gunboats   Vixen,  Isla de  Luzon,
Gloucester,   Machlas    and   Wasp,   as
.. 11 as  the  naval  tugs   Wauban and
imac     ami     smaller     tugs    and
���a   .     were    rendered     us. U   .-
Si ; these vessels have been dri-
" Inshori foi inure than two him-
dri I  yards.
he homes ol workmen at Warrlng-
oi  . nd Woolsej wer,  demolished and
��� ���   ii-.' -  lost.    Actus-- the bay the
.in- Btation bouse and wharves
��� - -   :��� molished.   The men remained
elr   posts  until   everything  was
carrli i away, then -wiih their families
���hi d   a   Mfi-i'oat   and   were   later
ij,  by the army steamer Poe.
,-, tarantlne  station  has  disap
peared   exi ��� t    ,   ���     house,    Sever;
vessi Is then  are  ..-���:,,.. ��� I
Custom. Inspei toi Baih ., saved thi
lives ui eighl uf the attai hi - ���.. -.. lm-
ming with a line across to Ihe remaining house.
Tin- hospital colli ;,-��� ��� i ' :.. in the
night. Eighl seamen, patients, with
two nurses, clunb to the floating roof.
Five spenl the ��� ghl on the raging
sea. and were washe i as bore < n
side.   Tin- others pei: shi ..
Two ii.'-:i:b<: s ol ,. picnic pai tj
At Escambia tn stle, a mile in
length, the cottage i ; thi keeper of
the drawbridge was carried away and
' he   keeper's   v. it**-  an I    chil I    were
���li l.-WIll- I.
In the city ii  will    e threi   n
. ��� fore the streets are cleaned.
Of twelve ships and barks in the
harbor, one remains, an I I: a .., llj
Sum.- ocean shi] s of two thousan I
tons are resting in front yards,, others
have been driven through hous. -.
Bome have I heir noses pointe I inti
windows, while others are keeled over
on iheir sides in the bay or piled n:>
on   the  beach.
only four tugboats out of n fleet of
'v.i-iry  remain.
About thirty fishing Bchooners oi
from fifty to sevent. tons were moored alongside whaaves and two remain
Wharves are ch re I oi their shipping and freight
Flour carinol be ; rocured, but oth< r
necessities are avallal le.
Extending for a mile west of the
city were the small cottages ol fishermen, all close to ihe beach. These
have been wiped out. Three men are
known to be dead there.
Many daring rescues -were recorded.
At Garsen Point fiftj persons are
homeless and starving, 'wiih no way
of reaching safety
Forces of the United States
Proceeds Quietly.
Sixteen Aeronauts Representing Many Different' Nations
Sail Through the Air, and Over a Million
People Witness Start of
the Race.
Washington, Si it. 30. ���American
, ��� -��� now moving towar ls Cuba.
Mobilization of the force will be at
Newport N'-ws. Virginia, for Ihe most
part, although a part of the first expeditionary fone to Cuba will be sent
��� ... New York and Tampa, Florida.
.ices receive l ai the department of
n I Itai.- to-day indicate that all is
I tiel In Cu ia, and the insurgents intend  to   lay   down   llieir   arms.     The
i ability is that the United States
fi s   in   the  island   will   be   landed
:.... .is a precautionary measure.   So
. . as governmenl i fficials here are
advised, no trouble oi a serious kind
anticipated, but in accordance with
instructions from President Roose-
velt, hurried preparations are being
made for the sending of an expeditionary force of fhe army to Cuba.
The first American troops will be
landed at Havana next Saturday.
Meantime the marines and bluejackets from the American fleet in Cuban wai ers will protect American interests and support Secretary Taft,
tbe provisional governor of Cuba, in
ihe ; reservation of order and the pro-
lection of life and property.   In off5-
:.i circles here American intervention was regarded as inevitable. How
long it may continue it is impossible
��� foretell. The nature of the intervention ami the j ���eparations for it indicate a supervision of Cuban affairs
on ihe part of the American government for an indefinite period. Arrangements have been concluded  not
ti'. for the first expeditionarj force
ti Cuba of aboul 5,600 men, but for a
second  force of  equal  numbers     No
orders   for  the   mobilization   of ihe
second   force  have  bee:i   issued, but  if
��� he mi ii are neede I as shown by de-
.'ay ments   all    arrangements   have
I ��� en com] leted  for hurrying I hem I
Cu a at the earliest possible moment.
Operations in all departments oi
the military establishment of the governmenl are on a war basis today.
The secretaries and chiefs of all the
bureaus were at their desks and
every office was humming with activity. Scores of clerks who have not
worked on Sunday since the Spanish-
American war were on duly in the
war and navy departments and at the
headquarters of the marine corps.
General Ainsworth, military secretary, and General Bell, chief of staff
of the army, worked throughout the
day concluding arrangements for the
departure of the first expeditionary
force. Orders for the movement of
troops were sent out last night, but
tc-day scores of orders were sent to
officers who are on leave to join their
regiments. Gen. Humphrey, quartermaster-general, practically closed arrangements to-day for the transports
which are to convey the expedition
to Cuba. The ships will be ready for
departure before the troops have been
mobilized at Newport News.
Rebels Quietly  Submit.
Havana, Sept. 30,���The work of dispersing peaceful; the revolutionary
forces in arms against the Cuban gov-
' rnment is already under way. Brigadier-General Funston, chairman of the
disarmament committee, had two
amicable conferences to-day with General Guerra. and arranged a programme entirely  satisfactory.
British Doctor Visits
Chicago Meat Packers
Harry Orchard Becomes
Raving Maniat In Jail
Paris, Sept 30.���Sixteen balloons,
. reraging over 2,000 i ibic metres capacity each, and representing seven
countries, sailed from the Tulllerles
.a [i ns ' his afternoon in the fii st
competition for ihe .lame- Gordon
Bennett cup for International aero-
nauts. The contest was primarily a
long distance race. The date had
been carefully selected when the prevailing winds are from the west, in
the hope of giving the aeronauts an
o portunitj to break the n coi tl ��� '
Counl De La Veulx, made in 1900,
when his balloon landed in Korosti-
cheff, Russia, having covered a distance of 1,186 miles in 35 hours and
to minutes. But unfortunately to-day
the wind was light, hardly more than
eight miles an hour, and almost due
east, thus making the shores of the
Atlantic the limit of distance and robbing the occasion of its importance as
a test of long distance aerial travelling. It was a great disappointment
to the aeronauts, who had come from
every corner of Europe. The rules
of the contest, however, provided that
In case of unfavorable atmospheric
conditions the judges could at their
option make the test one of endurance of remaining in the air. Nevertheless, ii was a spectacle, ami ihe
event was a brilliant success.
Ii is calculated that over a million
persons saw the balloons as they as-
cended. Massed military bands <.:i-
livened the enormous crowds witn
music while they waited. The start
was preceded i.y the light ot tarn-
dreds of trial balloons and the loosing
of 5,000 homing pigeons. Santos Dumont, one of the two representatives
of the Aero club of America, proved
to be f.ie only one to inaugurate a
novelty. For ihe purpose of keeping
afloat as long as possible, he had
equipped his car with a six horse
power vertical propellor with the object  of lifting and  lowering his  bal
loon without discharging any of its
ballast. Frank P. l.aham, lieutenant
oi the Sixth r. S. cavalry, was the
oilier American competitor, llis balloon carried a recording barometer to
work for 24 hoi,rs and a number of
envelopes to be thrown out every two
hours ln order to mark the individual
trail. Food for ihree days was also
on board each car. Not the slightest
accident marred the start.
The contestants, with the names of
their baHoons, are as follows:
America���Santos Dumont, Two Americans; Lieut. Frank P. Laham, I'nited  States.
France���Count de la Veulx, Walhalla;
Count de St. Victor, Foehn; Jacques
Balman, City of Oateaurox.
Germany ��� Capt. Abercort, Dusel-
uorf; Herr Seller], Schwaben; Baron
Von Hevald, Potmern.
Great Britain���Hon. C. S. Rolls, Britannia; F. H. Butler, City of London;
Prof. Huntingdon, Zephyr.
Spain  ���  Senor Salamanca, Lorte;
Capt. Kindelan, Mottaner; Lt. Herreo.
Ay ay ay,
Belgium���M. Von Hersch, Ojouki.
Italy���Signor Von Wilier, Fife.
Twelve  Sailors  Drowned.
Cleveland, Ohio,  Sept. 30.���The old
1 wooden steamer City of Concord, having  three barges in  tow,  went  down
Saturday night on Lake Erie, offHur-
ano.   All the crew of .12 were lost.
Sectionman Killed.
Eeterhtizy, Sn_k., Sept. lib.���A sectionman named Steve A vai fell off a
rapidly moving handcar here Friday,
sustaining a fracture of the skull. He
died shortly afterwards.
Fight Ends fn Draw.
Leavenworth,   Kan..   Sept. 30.���.!   ���
Walcott   and   Billy  Rhodes fought    i
twenty round draw on a neutral isli...
in the Missouri river to-day.
��� a   V u I .  Sept,   30.���In  a  special
��� from   London   to-day,   the  New
:!��� :. , i has the following:
Preparations are, it is understood,
In linn I  br the i ullding of the
��� Iireadna ighl al  l��������� .onport under
���  supervision of officials who have
'���-a  studying the first  Dreadnaught,
al   Portsmouth.    A   fresh   record
be   attempted   in   building  this
��� '. and  It  Is  lm; ul  that   Bhe  w 111
bed   ..'ithin six  months after
a-    f the keel.   Il ibis be ac-
���   .\ii;   be a  :��� at  almosl
,.'..- old  navi '  i onstruc-
loi's turn   n their gravi   , jKirtl   tlarly
���    ���      i i ii:e idnaught Is to bi
...     i] engini          I ban the
lh   rn that hei   plans  i1 -   alren I
prepared.    In view of the
" -nlinai y  resull  Ol   the  heavy   gnu
ol t be new i attlesbip Hlbernla,
week, the gunnery trials of the
'' '    In.nigh'    will    be    awail. d    with
1        Interest,    In  fact, the lncldeni
ed to may, it Is sal I. have a faring   effeel   on   the   future  con-
tlon and armament  of warships.
'   ��� ��� lally as regards the battery.
During the   Hlbernia'a   trials  the
ncussion  resulting from single gnu
tiring was so greal that the battleshl]
waa seriously damaged, and seven..
members of her gun crews were temporarily disabled. The Hibernia returned to Plymouth Sound after firing
half her quarter's allowance of full
service charges frum her four 12-inch
and tour 9.2-inch guns, and she reported serious results in consequence
:���:' concussion. Cordite was used, ami
in., buck blast was su K rrilic that it
was only with greal difficulty thai
the gun news could finish their practice. Several men wer.- bleeding al
the nose ;in I eat - w h n the firing
Mas  over.    The   quarter   leek   i
l"'l'te 1    lo   hilVe    b'.Kl.le I    BO    Vloll Qtlj
thai the sheathing w Ith ivhii h thi I
. biies of the after turn I- covi i I
yawned In places, ven llatora an ;
i-'b. 1- deck fittings were strained, an i
the glass In the quartet fleck Bkylight
was  shivered.
"The Hibernia   carries   tin-   lati   ���
pattern mark x guns of .1*0 calibre,
nnd the weapons were discharged singly. The Hibernia, which cost ,_!,.
111,520, is one of eight vessels of thi
King Edward VII. class, Of thi Be
vessels, the King Edward VII., the
Hindustan, the Commonwealth, the
New Zealand and the Dominion form
l-art of the Atlantic fleet."
Denver. Colo., Sept. 30.���Harry Orchard, the self-confessed murderer of
Governor   Steunenberg,   upon   whose
j testimony the State oi Idaho is depending lu convict Mover, Haywood
and Pettlbone, the officials of the
Western Federation oi Miners, now
confined In that state, is now a raving
, maniac.
Advices which have reached Denver
' contain Uie information that Orchard's   mind   has   given   way   under
I the terrible strain to whicli lie has
been subjected for almost _ year.
lt is reported that Orchard is con-
t ni ,1 in the hospital ward ol Che
1 , ho pi niti utiary ai  Boise, and that
Uie most radical measures are necessary to guard him.
According to Orchard's statement,
ii was he. with tbe assistance of Jack
Sirapkins, who set the bomb by which
Governor Steunenberg met his death
,i: Caldwell, Dec. 30 last.
Shortly after his arrest Orchard
made what purported to be a confession, In which Im- implicated the officers of the Western Federation of Mines-, hi addition to the Steunenberg
murder, he confessed to a number oi
other criiiK s, winch he declan a were
planned by the three men. Moyer,
Haywood and Pettlbone, wh i were
kidnapped  from  Colorado.
Britain Plans to Beat
The Dreadnaught Feat
Loggers Run Up Prices
Punishment Prescribed
For Russian Mutineers
1 ronstadt, Sepi    10. -The sentences I demned to death by shooting, 12 tu life
il the court martial on the sailors and   servitude, 120   to  terms of servitude
hers charged  with i trticipation  in   varying  from four  to  twenty  years,
mutiny ai  Cronstadt  last  August   and   120 othe:- sailors to service witb
tii ���,
heen made, s ibjeci to oonflrma-   the  disciplinary  battalions ami   vari-
Onipko, one  of the lead
-s  in   ous terms of civil  lm] rlsonment.   All
''''awed parliament, Is condemn-   the condemned prisoners forfeit  their
" deportation and the loss oi all I military privileges,   one hundred and
D v11 ' 'nts.   Nineteen   all i i ar" con-1 twenty-nine sailors were acqulffed.
Si attle, Bej t. 30.���Effective <>-���!. L,
ihe Washington Logging & Brokerage
i Co. Im.   raised logging prices from $1
;i, $2 ] ei thoi sand. Flooring logs have
' i .-a -. Ivanced from $13 tu $14; mer-
hantable, $9.50 to $11, and X". - loge
from $7 to _;s.
These prices have been offered by
lumber manufacturers to independent
loggers fur ibe pasi twenty days, but
very few logs have been supplied even
at lhis advance over the market. The
Washington   Logging   _.-    Brokerage
| t'o. has been asked for 30,000,000 feet
i I logs that cannot be supplied, and
most if the mills in the market have
held ( ill   tempting  otters  of a  bonus.
j The brokerage company lias insisted
upon lirst supplying the mills with
which it has contracts.
Loggers show there Is not u surplus
big in the witter, und Ihere is no
Chance uf collecting a surplus before
tbe winter season begins. Alread)
���be mills are aboul 40,000,000 feel
shorl of their presenl needs, an.I this
hortage will   be   Increased,    British
' Columbia  mills   cannot   get   enough
li.. - at home and have been trying to
buy  on   this   Bide   of  the  lino.     They
.. - i, ci ������ led in getting 1,500,000
feet, bin that is a mere drop in lhe
. ig shortage bucket.
The winter season Bhould lind the
b ggers with an accumulated supply i
Ol at least 150,000,000 feet uf logs in
the water. Not only will the loggers
iu lhe foothills be driven out by .-now
without n single surplus log on hand,
bul Ihe mills will l.e about 50,000,000
feel short.
If the market demand for lumber
continues through the winter as ii has
during the summer and fall, the lum-j
ber mills will be seriously embarrassed before spring. It is probable
some of the plants that are depending -
upon loggers fur their supply will
either have to close entirely or greatly curtail their output.
The Increase in log prices made ef- j
:��� -live for Oct. I is declared by loggers to be merely to meet the prices
offered as premiums, Market condi-,
Hous justify ihe advance, but it maj
be reflected in an increased cost oi
lumber to the retail trade.
London, Sept. 30.���Dr. F. J. Smith,
ii well known London physician, while
attending the conference of the British Medical association, held recently
iu Toronto, took the opportunity of
visiting Chicago and Inspecting the
Armour canned meat factories. He
has returned to London, and in an
Interview with the correspondent ol
the London Tribune gave his views on
the American ine.it packing scandal.
Wiiile not wholly agreeing with the
sensational statements of Upton Sin-
clair, be is of the opinion that con-
Improvements might be ef-
-     ,  I   in   ,':.,-   carrying   on   of the  In-
lust ry.
"As  you  know," he said, "Messrs.
\   iM.i;   invited  the   British  Medical
; ssociati'-n t" make tm official Inspi
.  ,.;' i..- :   factories,  but   for many
.    -   li s.-u   lation did   ll"t   see  ii
way to accept the Invitation. I derided io go and see .ur myself what
was the true state of affairs. 1 went
without    giving    any    warning.    The
bi.-: complaint I haw got to make is
that the buildings and appliances are
ol wood. The anim lis pass over
wooden Moors. The walls are wood.
Tbe trucks  which convey  the  meat
also are wood.
"Xow, you cannot call that clean'.-
In a business like that there must be
a lot of blood splashed about, which
soaks into the wood and becomes filthy. No amount of scrubbing' and
washing can make the floors clean;
Then, seeing the meat lying about on
the floors is not pleasant, and it is
bound to happen that odd little bits
will get into crevice, and in the
course of time become rotten.
"In an Industry like this there
sh a 1 ia- tiled Hours and walls which,
.viien work is over, can be thoroughly
cleansed. The factories would then
��� - mitary, while with wood that cannot p.'ssi ,!y be the case. There
shoul,1 not be the moving of canned
meats a! iut "ti these wooden trucks,
which , ��� stained and soaked with
a' i iin i grease. There was an entire absence of thai rush and feverish
- - which has I een so vividly described."
With regard to the charge that
there is a lack of inspection, Dr.
Smith said his observation convinced
hun thai this was absolutely untrue,
and it was impossible for diseased
animals to escape detection.
Russian Government
Cannot Find Hangmen
St. Petersburg, Sept. 30. ��� The
wholesale military executions going
on all over Russia are productive of
scenes which for terror and pathos
surpass the novelist's most vivid
The features are nearly always the
sa'.ie. The majority of the doomed
:.. 'i pile quietly and patiently. Onl;.'
tbe most irreconcilable revolutionist i
are defiant. It is the sheep-like docility of the majority which gives the
executions their most tragic feature.
The mutineers, though condemned
to hanging, are Invariably shot, lt is
Impossible to find a hangman in Russia, such is the hatred of capital punishment. The last two military hangmen committed suicide, and convicted
murderers refuse to execute men ou
behalf if ihe hated government.
MONDAY, OCT. 1.  lyijb
Humor en? Philosophy
o!i! ii;. uii:; Sf tortune aWi,} OCT, 2nd, 3rd, 5tli and 6ili
Of two evils pass the first oue up and
let the other follow suit.
The man  who knows he knows  is r.       __ -���_���.-     ^_,��__��_ _ . .	
��**f    ���   �� COMEDY COMPANY
/AlNl    A.  -    f   (l ' '
l-JELlO*'- '
NO .   ,UR'= .
II   ^^r     *" t',fi Comforts of Home,
Specie! Summer Courses
For Teachers  in the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R.  J.   SROTT,   B.A.,  Principal.
H. A.  SCRIVEN,  B. A., Vice-Prin.
Boys that won't steal watermelons
out of a handy patch aren't real boys.
Absence makes you do little thing!-
for yourself and  so Dud oul   how   il
Sometimes a cheap upright piano i-
a sta iding joke,
Often a man dues not call ti spade n
spnile because he wants n make you
think lie is holding diamonds.
The m.in with automobiles ou thi
brain naturally has wheels In his heal
Pity may be akin to love, but not thi
kind of love tii.it :i girl likes to bran
about to her chums.
About the only difference between a
woman and a girl N that the woman i>-
younger, or claims to be.
My pa is a scrapper.
I bet ii,-- could lick
Goliath and  tollers
Like th.it pretty quick.
He doesn't Bcrap now, but
When he was a lad
You bet all the kids had
To rim from my dad.
My ma says It's wicked
For him to sit down
Ami tell bow he whipped at]
The bullies in town.
And how do we know, when
We wasn't In sight,
She says, that he won. as
He claims, every tight!
My ma says she thinks It
Is awful that he
Shoubl set an example
Of that kind lo me.
But ma is a girl, and
She can't understand
Them fights thai pa had were
So noble and grand.
I wish I cniilii lick boys
Lots bigger than me.
Like pa used to lick 'em
In hunches of throe.
Hnd say  If I  put all
The kids to the bad,
"Gee. there Is a hoy what
Takes after Ids dad!"
"  1
Stealing Time.
I'd you ever meet the woman whn
ken] . her clock half an hour fast for
tin; ��� urposc of fooling all those who
iv.-- i: te their appetites iiiiil their trains
Rj;.- Ii. . time foundry'.'
of   course   you   have,   because   you
���bt- e tertalnly met the average woman,.
'.he  does  not  suvewl in fnoliiis  i.ny-
.'��� >��� y by Uo>' little subterfuge because
'-���'-'  liT.st   thing  she  tells  theni   is  that
tb>> clock ls half an hour fast.
"Doubtless she gets some satisfaction
out of it, but we never could see th"
benefits of it unless It Is that it stimulates the members of the family In useful mental arithmetic exercises.
We should think, however, that the
young ladies would take exception to
this plan, for It always makes them
appear half an hour older than tbey
really are.
Fitting N_me.
"If the man witl) two wives is a bigamist, 1 suppose you would call the
man who married three women a tri-r-
"Xo,    I would call hlm a blithering
Scvcr.il Ways.
"She seems to bc till wrapped up lu
her profession."
"I heard some of her dearest friends
discussing her, and she certainly was
well rapped up."
Up to Date.
I'm Captain Jinks of tho horse murines,
Hut  I have changed my mood,
My horse, that once ate corn anil beans,
Now lives on breakfast food.
"Does your watch keep good time?"
"N i, ray mother-in-law is visiting tne,
ano there is no good time around for
lt to keep."
Been Fishing.
"The doctor says it is a bad case"
"What's the matter."
"Enlarged vision and Inflamed inia^
A Repeater.
The man who fights and runs avrsvy
Muy live to flght another day,
But If he doiiin't call it fun
He may Instead live but to run.
Withered Leaves.
The Little Girl.
Prices���25c, 50c and 75c.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Britc!.  Columbia Coast  Line
.Subject to change without notice.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
Sept. Huh.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
Vancouver, Sept. 13th.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver,
Sept. 21st.
Princess .May leaves Vancouver
Sept. 23rd.
Princess May leaves Vancouver
Oct.  2nd.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver,
Oct. 4th.
Princess May leaves Vancouver,
Oct  12th.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1 p. m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. n_.
on Wednesday and Mondays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Saturday at 2:30 p, m.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at 11 p. m. on 1st,
Tth, 19th and 20th of each month foi
Ashousit and way points; leaves Victoria on the 7, aud 20, for Quatsino and
way points. Leaves Victoria on 20th
Qf each month for Cape Scott and way
points including Quatsino.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves Xew Westminster on Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdaj
and Friday at 2 p.m, and Saturday
:a 2 p. tn. with additional trip on Mon
lay at i> a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursdaj aad Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
,     Leaves   New   Wes*minster,  S   a,   m.
'Mondays, Wednesday., and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday., calling a*
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver al 2 p. m., 2nd
and lGth of each month, calling al
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Cooln
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure are approximate,
For reservations and Information
��� ill or ti ldress
A^ent, Now Westminster
10. .1. COYLE,
'isst. Oen,  Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
General Ruper'ntendent, Victoria.
Oen. Agent. Freight Kept.,
New Westminster
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  trains   (except
! Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
express    and    freight    connect    with
stages at Carcross and White Horse.
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
). H.  ROGERS, Traffic  Managet,
Vancouver.   R.  C.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHING, Hl.ii.iii_ and
Ornamental   iron   won.,   including
Fi a   i, Gati   . Fli ��� i-.i- apes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In
New Westminster.
1'. O.  474.
. ��
18.000  (EMPRESS OF  BRITAIN* ^ 14,503
H. Power . EMPRESS OP IRELAND J      IC .-
Leave Quebec Oct. 5 and Oct. 19.
Passengers booked to and fro at lowest rate.    For particulars apply
C. P.  R.  AGENT.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   N.w Westminster, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to make application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for'
special Licence to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
lands, situated East of the head of
Pitt Lake. M*. W. District: Commencing at a stake planted on the North
East corner of the E. O.' Patterson
old claim Xo. 10.:*, thence Northerly
SO chains, thence West SO chains,
thence South 80 chains, thence Easl
SO chains to point of commencement.
Staked  August  13th, 1906.
New  Westminster, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership, here'ot'ore subsisting be-
j tween us the undersigned, as loggers,
In the District of New Westminster.
un ler the firm name of Allen & West.
has this day been dissolved by mutual
Persons  having  any  claim  againsl
, the said  firm are hereby required to
I present the same with full particulars
t , our solicitor, .1. P. Hampton Pole,
Bank  of Commerce
Westminster, R- C.
New Wostmlnste
ir.t'.i, 1906.
lutldlng,    New
C, August
Notice is hereby given that 30 da., i
after dale i Intend to make application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works,
for special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situated north east of
I'itt lake, New Westminster, District.
l. Commencing at a stake planted on
the Boundary line or Dominion lands
thence north 100 chains, thence west
iiu chains, thence south 100 chains to
said boundary line, thence east along
| said line 60 chains to point of commencement.
_.   Commencing al a -lake planted
| Ifl chains north of Post No. 1, thenco
east   120   chains,  I hence    north    SO
chains, thence west 10 chains, thence
souih   io  chains, thence    west    SO
] chains   to  line  of'location     No.    1,
thence   south   10 chains  to  point,    of
.1. R. SHARPE,
Staked September 8th, 1906.
Win $30
Reichenbach  Com'y
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M.
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins thc first prize; the
second drawn wins the second j ize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numl ?red in duplicate,
IMPORTANT���AH holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.   G.   DAWSON, Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancou
Railway Company
Two fast transcontinental trains
with dining cars and through tourist
aud  lit; ��� i ass  sleepers  daily.
ii.- Express leaves at 7:25.
Imperial   Limited,  leaves  at  17:20.
. o	
Special Excursion to Buffalo
Oct. 5th and 6th
f ��� _��������������_���_���>,������-
Good to Return to Nov. 15th i,i;"> I
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
A_Bi6tant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Eight Trains Every Day in the Ye_r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Et bodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
i i lei tr city and gas; the most
bril antly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
pi ��� ite ci mpartment cars, standard
section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair car- (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, libra��� and  smoking ear-.
i   r Time Tables, Folders, or any
furtIht ind rmation  call  on  or write
7_o Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
j Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-
tean point...
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   Cali.ornia.
For full infontvticm call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
480 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore A. G.    A
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Dally | NEW Daily
1 20 am Blaine, Gelllhg-|3:C0 pm
��� SS ; in ham      Burllng-|9:8Sf__
Iton,   Mi.   Vi'f-I
non,     Everett |
SimiiIp       audi
inn Spokane,      St.13:00 pm
I'lni!    and    nil
points  Mast.
9.20 amJAnacortes, |3:00 pm J
IWoolley,     and
3:00 pm Vancouver
B: 56 pm
"    4:
9:20 am  *
 ��� [4:36 pm
Lv. Now West minster for
Guichon 3:60 p, in. Ar. Guichon
'' p, in., Monday, Wednesday,
��:.5 a, in. ar. from Guichon,
��;30 a. in. l.v. fur Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St, Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,   Duluth,  Chicago, St.
Lotlla and  all  points  East.
for complete information
""ites, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building,
New Westminster, li. C
8, Q, YERKES, \. ... p. A.,
oilier Second Avenue nnd Co-
''nubia St., Seattle, Wash.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $io per acre for soft coal
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than ...20 acre- can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ti n of -��ooo
pounds shali be collected on the gri ss
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miners certincate is granted
fnr one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance oi $17.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital,
A free miner, having discovered
mineral _n place, may locate a claim
151x1x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim .hall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
1 d :i mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every _<l-
ditional ten miles or fraction. The
fee fnr recording a claim is $5
At least $100 11111-t be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, ii|i"ii having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1,00  an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister nf the liiterinr to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2'4 per cent, of the sales
of the products of the location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
; the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
1 Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fe"
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are cither
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding iooo feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T��� excepting the Vukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of live miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  the   Interior.
The lessee', right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
fur first year and Jio per mile tor each
ubsi [uent   year.      Royalty   same   as;
pli   ' r mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter-
ril ry Creek, gulch, river and hill
claim- shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line ty
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being irom iooo ?o
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end. bearing notice:. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tional ten miles cr fraction,
The person or company staking ?
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall b.
charged the rest of the party ordin- '
ary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
iect to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for'
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the les = ee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
'1 he lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient, Rentr.1, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the  Yukon Territory���
'Six  leases of five miles  each may be
granted to a  free miner  for a term oi
20 years; also renewable,
The le-see's rtcr'tt i- confined to the
submerged bar or bar? in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
1 The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
1 the date of the lea.e, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $;oo per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same , ���eek, gulch or river, by
:   ving   notice  and  paying  a  fee.
Work   must    be   done    an   a   claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry hy a free miner.
Berth, on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider  than in similar car-.
, on   any   other   line.      They   protect
'_ their trains by the  Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Vukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum   -All   unappropiated   Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
I Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and  the minister may reserve  for an  individual  or company
having machinery on the land  to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
i length of which shall not exceed three
, times the breadth.     Should the pros-
' pector  discover  oil  in   paying  quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
I discovery, an  area  not  exceeding 640
1 acres, including the oil well, will be
1 sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1   an acre, and the  remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be sold at the rate of $.! an acre,
! subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of  tbe  Minister  of  the  In
i terior.
Dint. Inl.i'or.
ft, _- (to a "251
Tender  for a   License to  Cut Timber
en   Dominion   Lands   in   the   Province of   British  Columbia.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
Timber and Minos Branch, Department of the Interior, and marked on
th'- envelope. "Tenders for Timber
Berth No. 496," will be received at
this Department until noon on Wednesday, the 10th day of October. 190G,
for a license to cut timber o,. Berth
No. 496, comprising Le:;".'. Sub-division 9 of Section 17 a_n I Legal Subdivision 12 of Section IS iu Township
40, east of the Coas;t Meridian, containing an area of SO acres, mere or
A survey of this berth must'he
made within one year from the daie
it  is  granted.
Tbe regulations under vhi-h a
license will he issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at.
New   Westminster,  B.  C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank in favor of the Deputy of the
.Minister of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
No tender by telegraph will lie en-
tertalne I.
Department of t_ie Interior,
Ottawa. August 25th, 1906.
'rake  notice  tliat   application    has
beeu made to register E, M. Carncross
a.s the owner iu Fee Simple, under a
Tax Sale Deed from the Corporation of
the Township or District of Surrey to
.lohn Churohland bearing date the 9th
day of June, A. D., 1905, of all and
_ singular that  certain parcel or tract
, of  land   and   premises  situate,  lying
iiini   being  iu   the  District    of    New
; Westminster, in the Province of Brit-
! ish Columbia, more particularly known
'and  described  as���Lots 0. 7,  S, 9,  17
ami  IS Block 25, Lots 16, 16, 17, IS,
19 Block 40 being parts of South West
quarter of Section 6, Township 7, also
Lots 1, _, 3, 4, r>, Block 40 being parts
of  South   West   quarter    Section    ti,
Township   7,   New   Westminster   District.
Vmi nnd each of you are required
to contest the claim of the tax pur-
. b.isor within forty-five days from the
date of the first publication of this
notice, and in default of a caveat or
eet tificate of lis  pendens being filed
within   such   period,  or  in  default of
1 '
redemption before registration, I
Bhall register E. M. Carncross, as
owner thereof in fee. I direct that
tbe publication ot this notice for one
month in a dally newspaper published
in New Westminster will be good
rind  sufficient service hereof.
Bated at the Land Registry Offlce,
N'ew Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 24th day of August
A   D.. 1900.
C.   S   KEITH.
District Registrar.
To  H. Vilandre, Daniel    J.    Munn,
George P, Risteen and William Thiba-
AU   persona   served   with   this   no-
tlce,  and  those  claiming through or
'under theni, and all persons claiming
1 any interest in the said laud by virtue
of any unregistered Instrument, and
:nll   persons claiming any  interest in
the said land by descent, whose title
iis not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act," shall be
forever estopped   and  debarred  from
setting up any claim to or in respect
j oi' the said land so sold for taxes, as
(provided by the "Laud Registry Act."
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
i.i ' In   ia tti r of the Settle I   Estate -
Act, and in the matter of the in-
ten    - of Benjamin Gunn. Eliza-
eth Margaret Gunn, Thomas Den-
nison Gunn, Infants in the Estal ���
���  J imes 1 lunn, dei ease I.
Pursuant to Order of the Honorable
Mr. Justice Morrison, sealed Tendi
;i Idresse 1 to J. J. Cambri Ige, Disti I 1
Registrar of tho Supreme Court. .\, ���������
Westminster, will be received by hi a
up  to Saturday, 6th day of October,
1906, for the  purchase of the following properties:
Ca) Subdivision two (2) of be forty-
seven (I7l in blocl; live lal, New
Westminster suburbs.
ibi Subdivision eighteen (isj of
lot ten (10), block thirteen (13), New
Westminster suburbs.
(c) Lots six (t'.l and nineteen (19)
In block five (5), pari of lot L'_7.
group one Ml. town of Port Moody.
(di The southwest quartet of section twenty-five (25), in township sixteen (16), New Westminster district.
(e) The northwest quarter of section fifteen fir,), in township eleven
(111.  New  Westminster district.
Said tenders to he accompanied by
a deposit of 5 per cent, of the amount
Solicitor for the Estate of James
Gunn, deceased.
Fruit     Growing     Industry    is     Busier
Than Ever���Success With
Fig Trees.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt In British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who Is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of oue-quarter section of
100 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans,
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(21 Ii the father (or mother, if the
.father is deceased) of the homesteader
1 resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the laud entered for the rcquire-
' ii.'211 ts us to residence may be satisfied
i tiy ,-ik'i person residing with the fa-
iher  or  mother.
(.() If the settler has llis permanent
esidence upon farming land owned
by bim in lite vicinity ef hi. homestead, t'.'.e requirements as to residence
may lie satisfied by residence upon
ihe said land.
Six months' notice 111 writing should
I be given to the Commissioner of Dominion  Lands at Ottawa of intention
to applv ior patent.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior.
N,   B.���Unauthorized   publication  of
this  advertisement  will  not  be  paid
Fourth Street Sewer Assessment
Take notice that the Council has
appointed Monday, the sth day of October, 1906, at in o'clock in the forenoon, at the City Hall, New Westminster, as a lime and place for hold-
Ing ;i Court  of Revision to hear ap-
: .-a'- ag 'i:i>; assess nts made undi 1
'';.. provisions of the Local Improve
mi 'it By-law,
w.   \.  DUNCAN,
City  ('let!:.
('ity Hall. Sept, 26, 1906,
The fruit farms in the Chilliwack
district are bearing exceptionally
ii- od crops this year, and a larger
q tntity of fruit i.s being packed for
...rn t ihan has been the case in any
previous year. All the packing i.s being done under the supervision of
Mr. Crankshaw, an expert in that line
���: i 'bus. ne.-s. and a man with a long
experience in the fruit rasing industry. The packing of fruit for 6x-
portatlon is done in the agricultural
building, and this is one of Chilli-
wack's busy spots this year. As an
instance of tii" enormous quantity of
fruit that i.s being exported from this
fertile valley, it may be mentioned
that from one orchard alone over
-eventy tons of fruit have been picked
and packed for export.
A   new   departure   has   been   made
this  year  by one of Chilliwack's enterprising citizens, who  has successful   raised  a  fig   tree   of   the  Black
Prince   variety.     The   fig   tree   is   at
present   loaded  with  choice fruit, an
has   attracted  considerable  attentii
from   visitors    to    Chilliwack.   all
v ham are enthusiastic aboul ihe hi
whieh can produce such :i crop in t
open air.   This is the first succesf
attempt made to raise Qgs in the 01
in   this  district,  but   it   is   altogetl
likely that a large number of tig trei
w ll   be   planted   next   year,  and   thi.:
ft'lit will be added to the already hum
I list at present grown in the Chllllwack
All the Comforts of Home as a tilie
for a play suggests aboul ninety , 1 .
cent, of laughing gas, ami those who
i go to see ii Tuesday night will md
be disappointed, The company Is a
strong one; all the characters pie
particularly well suited to then- parts,
and under the capable direction of
Frank Oliver, the well-known English
actor, and the management of Irving
Beet-. 11 lirst-ciiiss production nitty be
expected. The company is IS strong,
and will present ii series of high-class
dramatic Bketches mi Wednesday, Fridaj and Saturday nights,
The Old  Reliable.
111 1 ib" verj best amusement organizations of the day is the Hi
lb tn;. big city :i fgregation of fifty
minstrel performers, who will appear
ui ihe opera house on Thursday, Oct.
1. If glowing endorsements from the
leading press count I'or anything, the
Hi Henry show may bo counted on as
one of iho very best in its class.  The
! programme i.s one of innovations and
��� latest up-to-now Ideas and novelties,
strictly in tho latest line. "The world
moves," says Mr. Henry, "although
the  man  who first   sti id   it   was  made
i to take it back." Public taste is
fickle, und amusement managers must
change to satisfy il. Modern amusement management is plainly a survival   of  the  fittest.    This  Is  sound
.talk, and they do say III Henry is
making  good  on  all he says.    Seats
! for  his    shew    are    now   on   sale   al
Ryall's drug store.
Overseas On Time.
Winnipeg, Sept. 30.���The C, P. R.
Overseas Mall passed through Winnipeg this morning, sharp on time, and
n despatch from Elkhorn, about two
hundred miles west of here, this afternoon says the running schedule is
still being maintained,
MONDAY. CCT.  1,  1906.
Published by The Daily News Pub-
I.hlng Company, Limited, at their
'Sees corner of Sixth ar.d Fron:
-"reels.  New  Westminster,  B.  C.
J.   C.   Brown P..   J.   Burde
Each tiny grain of WINDSOR
TABLE SALT is a perfect cryftal
���pure and dry. That is why it
never cakes.
and my ; ithi r says he was choked to
death there and thon. Be very po-
: lite over your meals, then, espe ���...':-
ly vii- ti it's i- bbits. Since my i'l-
tlior told :���������' thai I have always fell
rather .  ���    ,- ,a ,,.. ��� r;,],),!] dinner.
 . I don'l : i . much and don't ask for
 anv ,,,.,...
een making   great   efforts  to       A di ;nition that won a little girl
persuad   the government thai it must,   praise  despite   its  strangei _   was
the  fishhig  industry  i.s  to be pre-   ''Turf. -ir. is gras.  and clean dirt
Transient   display   advertising.   10 . al.,VL.(1   make   (,.,,;lill  drastlc ,      stuck together by God."
cents per line (nonpariel)  12 lines to
the  inch.      Five  eeuts  per  line  for tlcns uh"h w"";'1 unjustly dfscrimin-
subsequent insertions. ate against some of those engaged in
Beading notices, bold face type, _0 :l"   industry.
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10  o-	
cents per line. THE   TIMBER   TRANSACTIONS.
Thc  Retort  Caustic.
An American iti  Devonshire, nc-
cording to the London Tribune, had
; been told he must not miss seeing
Foi    lime   contracts,   special    posi-
.'ons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or
deaths, ade.   Wants, for sales, lost or   allowing the  timber ol   the  province
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per   I '  pass  Into private hands, an   East-
Commenting   on   the   manner    in   ll certain   peculiar   rock   formation
hich the  provincial   government is   known   locally as  "Satan's  Stool."
While leisurely examining the curiosity lie was accosted  bv an irate
>vord.      No advertisement taken fcr  errJ exchange says: military looking man      :o demand-
tesj than 25 cents. "notici,  o���i���_,m.  i,.,.   ���.  .__,  ed in unprintable language what he
meant   by  trespassing  on   private
telephones. ��� ���,.    . .,.-..,., ;1..,���,   .,.,,   ,     ..���,.,,    ["���-'ponv.    "Waal," said the Yan-
���   . ���. ���.    .... -    .,, 'as told   I  should make a
Business office
"British   Columbia  has  one   of  the
most   poverty-stricken governments in
the   confederation,   but    It    does   not   |>r"l"'r'>-
kee. "I   v.i
22  seem   lo have learnt  uuv  lesson  from
PAI      ,    ���.             17 that fact.   Where,,, it differs from the gomt of seeing'baWs Stool,'but I
Ed,tor,al  0,flce     " modern Province of Quebec." "ever  Bu��,Bcd   .   sll��uld   have��� the
Manager's residence   277     By [hv ^ ^ ragh ^.^ ^ ^ pleasure of mooting the owner,
'"                                        slackening, whether because mosl ot _.   ,,,    _��,,,_.
,         . He Was Re.-I   Industrious.
��� _�������_> -..-                             'he   iiimher  land   has  been   "gobbled" m        ,,-
T-v.s.ftrafc.- iwo Washington  negroes,  meet-
or trom some other cause, we cannol ���  ��� ���    ,i      ,          ,- ,, ���' .         ,.
 .,., , .      - mg in the street, fell mio a discus-
* ��������������������������������� i.,,. number ol new applications
The Coumblan  ol Saturday  ha I an
���tide   on    the   fishery    commission
sion of thc peculiarities of a mutual
ii.   las'   weeks  Gazette  was only   16,   frien(]     S:).,,    .,,. ��<wlml ,jnd Q, &
and   the   total   issue  for Augusl   was   pus80n ig dal mau anvhow?   Seems
394.    Of   course,   these   figures  are   to me he never do no'work."
miieh  higher than  the legitimate   le
.   ind of established concerns will accouni   for;  bul  thej  are smaller    i in
"Oh, he is industrious, all right,"
promptly responded the second ne-
_t<>. "even  if he don'l  do nothin'
11!   hisself.    Why, onlv las' week  dat
i'ii"; .pcnl two whole days trvin' to
October 2nd to October 6th, Inclusive.
job!"���Success Maga-
which   mighl   and   should   have   been those   .-,,.    ,,K,    previous    ���.,.,,,.    .,
useful, but  which i- likely, so far as ,,,,.,, i; ,,.,,^,.livi.1v.
It   can  have   .in;    effect,   to  do  harm	
rather than gn.nl.
Had the Columbian taken the A   POLICE  CHIEF'S  STORY.                                     _
of   the   result   of   the   commission's ��� ���                                 <>u questions of behavior a child ill-
deliberations as it  round it  in a  Pugel The  Way the   Notorious J_.:<  G.-acma ' ways   exhibits   undue   curiosity   as   to
Sound paper, published the substance Wes Arr3Stec"
of it. and siaied,  as  forclblj    as   it "A man and a woman," said the '
chose,  i lie objections  to  the   regula- police chief, "occupied a compart- i
Hous   said to be   recommended,  ihe n.oi'it of a Pullman.    In a desolate
Daily   News   would  have  be.-n   quite place, the train speeding like light-
ready to join it:   but  the Columbian aing along, thc man said to the wo-|
appears  to look  upon  the  matter as man
one out of which political capital can
his father's past record.
n"etimes th"rawest Right Honorable Earl Grey, G. C. M. G., Governor General
of Canada, will open the exhibition, 2:30 P. M.
Imitation  i.s  soi
ly, the only one il  cures lo lake.
A few weeks ago the News-Advertiser, one of the Columbian's co-
laborers   in   the    Conservative   cause,   i)0|l''''>-
"Two   or   three   minutes,   filled
"'Madam, 1 will ask you to look
out of the window a few minutes.
I atti going to make some changes
in my apparel.'
*' 'Certainly, sir,' snid the woman
The inme-eni bystander usually Is
outfitted with a life sized vacuum In
bis cranium.
printed a statement���largely false���
which was calculated to help those
who are doing Iheir best (or worst l
againsl the interests of the fishermen
(and some of the canners also) on the
Fraser. The Daily News promptly exposed and denounced the News-Advertiser's falsehood; but the Columbian
was silent.    Why?
The  Columbian  must   be aware of
the fact that the first suggestion of a
"closed   year,'"   and   the   first   SUgges-
i    Oi
with ml I, rustling noises, passed.
Then the man said:
"' 'Xow, madam, I am finished.'
"She looked at him, and, beho!d,
ho had transformed himself into a
dashing girl, heavily veiled, fashionably dressed and with rich and
beautiful blond hair.
"Some moments later in her turn
the lady snid:
"'Now. sir. or madam, whichever
Wild oats us ;i crop do better in the
city than the rolled variety,
There seems to be a pure wellsprlug
of delight in fooling oneself.
ynu are, I 11
ask vou also to look out
I wisb I were an elephant
Unwieldy, large and strong,
TV'ith dusky palm leaf fans tor ears
And tusks a few feet  long,
And with a Saratoga trunk
To swing trom side to side,
A fancy blanket on my back,
Where all my friends might rid,;.
I'd have a barrelful of fun
In  working at thnt trade;
Go  to tho circus every day
And bo in the parade.
I'd cut up capers In the ring
And Btand  upon my hoad,
And  I  could  always stay inside
To see the lions fed.
Th. ladies as they passed me by
On me would all be sweet.
They'd open up their peanut hag
And let me eat and eat.
The little children would come round
And dope ni" up with cake
And cookies aivl a lot of things
Like mother used to make.
I'd scare my keeper half to death
When 1 was feeling guy,
For when t went  upon a toot
There'd bo old smash to pay.
The o-.vnor of the blooming show
Might come and  throw a lit,
But if 1 didn't  like  the plane
I'd pad. 3'"' trunk und quit
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
suitable for an office. Apply to
Chas. G. Major.
tion   of  the   prohibition   of   fl��"ns; |,f the window, [have some changes
above New Westminster bridge, were tQ mftke m ^ ilp,..;
ide   in  a   report   issued   by   the   Mc        ���Tho  ,���,���,;.   ,,������,,,;,���,_  and   ���,hen
Br 'o government.    Yel it says noth- ho ���..,. perillittej ,��� withdraw \S<
���'""" that   wh>? gaze   from  tho  passing landsca   ���,
":.- Columbian blunders in iis treat- ^^   wng   |)jg   .,       ;Sll ' ,,,   ,;,���,   ,';.,.
me:.,  .f the matter In another way. [a(jy changed into a man.   He gave
-   t "While the Canadian commis- a |0U(| ]iU;,,|K
either keep   silent   or   deny      "'It seems,'be said,'that we aro
,.,- course has been determined |l0tll fugitives; hence we should be
the Americans aro bolder andjpaiSi    j ara a |,uli. rohber.    What
���(. communicative.   Tbey announce ai.e ,,ou5>
that   ihe   programme   arranged   be-1   " t,'said the other,'am Detective
tween them and the Canadian repre- Ifawke of Sun   Francisco, and   for
sentatlves is to prohibit sockeye fish- three dn;. - in female attire I have
ing   above    the    New    Westminster been   shadowing   you.     Wrists   to-
bridge for  all time,  and  to prohibit gother, pica e,  ������> thai   I may now
the taking of any sockeyes from the ?lit> the r.ii  - ���;���- nn.'
I '   '
Fraser river in 1908." '"Thus,"    concl ided    the    police
And the whole article Is based up- chief, "did Detective PTawke arrest
on the assumption thai this American <: , notorious Jack Graeme in  1879.
newspaper report Is true. it w;,_ the neatest arrest, from thn
As everyone   knows,  no   Canadian melodramatic     '  nibviir.i,   of   tho
commissioner   can   properly   publish year."-   St. Louis (Ilobe-Democrat.
any  pari   of  the   report.    Publication 	
musi come from the Minister. How t. S-t; the Wind.
Similarly,   no    American    commis-      Take a polished metal surface of
sloner can  publish   tin     r ceedii   -. tfl'Q feet or more and with a straight
Thai  must   come the  Go.       i ej-...    A '.        hai Isaw will answer   i/~I*��o'_. _-____��� f        WH _*__��+*���___]_��
of Washington . a wind    day on   VrfeaieSl   "  MlllStreiS
Surely   the  Co in  da in  -'    ie which to n ike I   i experiment, pay-  **""
li'ient!;   civilized   to   know   all  that, ing   |., ,   ,,--,  \['\oj\   to   atmo plicric
Whj. then  did it not warn Its     iden condil ions, for such an c .  - rlli enl
tlmi  the  story   of   the   Pugel   Sound can   be as   - sfiilly   made  on  ;i
paper mlghl be a false one? clear day a.s it can on a cloud\ one, Finest First Part li  Minstrelsv
The  Dally  News  believes  'S.y  the and the results will bc equally good entitled
sl iry   Is   1,0 ������   In   several   Importanl in summer and  winter,    The only
particulars, al least.    The reasonable thing you  n 1 to look out   for is * "e ��a'ace of Aladin
explanation is that the A rlcan com- that you do nn| nttcmpl to "see tho      Beautiful Ballads, Grand Choruses,
mis. inner.-;   bave.   very   properly,   re- wind" iiii ii rainy or murky day. as Difficult Dancing, Grand Scenic
'used to give out any report for pub- conditions are then vqry unfavora* I and Electrical Effects,
lication and that the newspaper has ble,    When everything is in rcadi- SS ats on sale at Ryall's Drug Store,
drawn upon Its imagination, ness,  hold  the metallic surface at  Monday morning.
At the same time, il Is well to re- right angles to the direction of the        Prices���25c, 50c, 75c  $1.
member thai   a certain  organization, wind���i. c,,  if thc wind  is in  thc
bavin- behind it. all the influence of north hold the metal cast and west.
large  moneyed  interests, has  shown but  instead of holding it  vertical      ,    .._    r_r_i_riTr__/   i r>T
a determination to invade the rights incline il  aboul  42 degrees to thc       j ANj)   HllllSTRY   ACT
In  Prizes  and Attractions
Enlarged Grounds, New, Handsome and Spacious
Championship Events in Lacrosse, Horse Racing, Scottish
Sports, Baseball and Military Exercises.
Indian Sports,    Canoe Races,    Lacrosse,    Tug of War.
resident   white   fishermen   on   horizon.    When this has been do
the  Fraser,  whose interests  are the sight carefully along tho edge of a i
Interests of every man In  this city sharply defined object for some mo- Re lot 9, subdivision ot lots 20, 21
ami  disirici,  ami   that   this   hostile ments and you  will see  the  wind and 22, suburban block 6, New West-
movement has the sanction and '-oun- pouring over in graceful curves al- minster city,
tenance of official reports Issued by most like water. Whereas proof of the loss of certifl-
the provincial government.    It  would                   ** "  cate of title number 2845a, Issued in
be a grave mistake, therefore, in Ig- Tlie Juvenile Way. t].,> name of Nels Nelson. h:i.. been
nore any sign or signal or danger, or Children are the real humorists, filed in this office.
t.i aeglecl any precaution that can bo They never rack their brains to Bay Notice la hereby given that I shall,
taken againsl the possibility of the something funny, Here is a small a the expiration of one month from
governmenl at Ottawa being misled hoy's ingenuous "composition" on the date of the first publication hereby specious representations from any politeness: of, issue a duplicate of said cert.lfi-
quarter, Never eat quickly, or you might cate,  unless  In   the  meantime   valid
Thai Is the real  ianger,   II Is non- krpt bones in vour throat.    My  l'n- objection be made to me in writing
sense to talk or write as if the sov- ther know, of n boy Mho got killed : c. S. KEITH,
ernmenl ai Ottawa wanted to injure over his Sunday dinner. The-greedy District Registrar of Titles,
and antagonize  the people   of   New p��y was picking a rabbit's head* in a Land  Registry   Office,   New Weat-
Mayor Keary
Aid. Jardine
Aid. Adams
Aid. Davies
Aid. Henley
Aid. Howay
Aid. Shiles
Aid. Garrett,
T. J. Trapp
G. D. Brymer
L. A. Lewis
C. A. Welsh
W. R. Gilley
J. P. Kennedy, M. P.
Thos. Gifford, MJ .P.
Judge Bole
J. D. Taylor
D. S. Curtis
Jno. Reid
Jas.; Leamy
Sheriff Armstrong-
Chief Watson
W. G. Armstrong
H. Ryall
Arthur Malins
Nels Nelson
J. J. Johnston
W. E. Sinclair
Alexander Adams
J. ll. Vidal
Ii. J. Rickman
W. E. Vanstone
J. A. Cunningham
Rev. A. E. Vert
Reeve Ladner
W. J. Mathers
R. Jardine
D. R. Ker
T. W. Stirling
A. II. B. Macgowan, M.P.P.
A. C Wells
W. W. Shaw
Westminster,    Bul   Influential  pe pie
liut'i'v nnd swallowed
one law  o
f it.
liuslor, B.C., Sept. 28, 1906.
Manager and Secretary,
New Westminster, B.. C. MONDAY. OCT.  1,  1906.
New  Wool   Swer.ters for Worn.n and Girls.
New    Eiderdown     Com,ort2"
for ccol  weather.
Local News Briefly Told
The Cash Store
A Specially Good
For You to Buy
Women's Underskirts of Black Moirette, cut
fairly full, with frill; regular value $1.75,
To-day, $1.25
-���''" ���    -    - ison    I ...      ���   . ..   :
-  igin : in  ;  - Q ieens
"������:-- 5d
iting coi
���'���'"'���-  ���'��� ill   - mini u  Oc .  la   md
expire on Dec.   l.
-\]l     - ��� :*  Home   .'   ��� ie
opera   h >u   -    i lesdaj   night,   Oct.   2.
Pi ices '-'���������. ���   c in. i 75c.
Miss McBri le, superintendent if
the Michell jenei il hospital, is a visitor in the city, a guest of Mrs it. J.
Burde, i lat narvon street.
rea      md   was    ufoi nie I   tha
. a - ha -   cm ing   laj   it I he meal
ket.    The  hose   waggon  rem iim I   in
the hall.
The  Vernon band,  which  ha	
������ ngage i - i plaj here during the ! itter
end ol ' his week, ��ill arrive bei ������ on
Th u s la; . and the members will
up their quarters al the Colonial bo-
tel. The ban I ia said to be one of
the besl musical organizations in the
province of British Columbia, and a
treat   Is in   store  for  those  who  will
���   fortunate   enough    to  hear  them
of workmanship finish is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
Is to give these two qualities in every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 high back dining chair possesses these in marked degree���
they are excellent value. Our $1.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker Is
a leader and is a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best.   Morris chairs all oak  frame   from $7.50  each up.
Cecil .1. P. Ford  paid a Hying visit I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to tbi.-. eii..  .,ii Saturday, bavin:. I \___________\_\
W. G. McQuarrle, K.C., of the firm "-11  (rom  Victoria   on   business.    Mr.
of  Martin,   Went'   &  McQuarrie,  has Ford intends to make a final visil  to
received   the   appointment   of orn.mi the Royal City about the end of nexl
prosecutor for the assizes, which will month, prior   to    sailing   for   Hong
take place here on Oct. 'SS, next.
Per      -   having rooms  which   thej
i renl   Iui Ing exhibition  week
I ested   ���     communicate   ������- il h
��� : ean   G     hon hotel, who will un-
take  : i   ---a ; ���    ro imers,  and will
i m   ..   . ���   eipta from I h ���
to the ovAiers.
Kong, where he has secured an appointment In the customs department.
His  marriage to Miss  Kate  Redfern
of Vicl ni i.
day, Oct. 15
��� T    take plai e on Mon-
. were engaged
i he I ��� m Ini  ..   Express Co.'s
wns full to the doors la st nighl
fruit an I o ber ai tides n hich w i
exhibited he   big   tail   this   .-.-
- coming iii in large quantities
-��� <^^H^^HI^^HI^^BI^______H^^HI^^Bi or
,vi   I. the G.N Ft.
of  the   new    il.N.R.
:    Ighl   -a i ...   'longshoremen _ ho
Lave to il rui king for the steam-
ioats  a. ei li llj   -:ateful  for '.he
ilfilmen ie task.
Ui   '.  *i i' mningh im    retui ned
yester la ��� fi un Seattle, where he h id
��� een tai lug .. irl in the International
shooting   contest    being   held  there.
sent down a varied supply of 66     ixes
.    ,: .     l'i:     Mi i lleton  .a:..
same . ai i  ha    ilso ���-'-..' a larg    ��� ��� ..
signment.    J.   Earle,    >.   Lj tton,   ���������
exhi II 50 boxes.
Automobili   ra   ts ag tins   tin i   wil
bc ���>!. i ol   the   ittr ict Ive  features o
he  .-:.l.. dtion  this year, an I  several
different    makes    of machines   have
��� ��� t. entered   to   take   part   in   I hese
Duponl Block. Telephone 73.
Is It a Nice Dinner Set
You Want, Madam?
We have a good selection, and the prices will
please you.
Our Grocery Stock i.s always fresh.
Adams &  Deans
Owing to being compelled to shoot to-   trials.   The hill climbing contests will
wards  the eni  of the day.  when  the   '.:.,.  place  in   the morning, and   will
. .
. i tr   aiiow   roi ::ia   are   fail.
loaded these days with  the
fall and   winter   merchan-
.   i    Furs,  Suits,   Hats,  Coats
S drts.    Don't  wait another
i ome   al    once   for   j'our
we irables.
The     Furs     on     i xhibiti  n
ami   the  store  represent
leading   manufai turers,
.   whom we buy direct���thus
. ing you a wholesaler's pn ti'.
-1 .i     stock     inelu les    .Mink,
M    mot, Re 1   Fox, Sable, Foxa-
.  Rabbit,  Thibet   and  other
it -. whieh are made In all the
.'��� 1 styles, i mr prices range
. 50c to  $50.00.
11 u Hal - .ea- the subject of
tti ich f ivor ible comment among those wl:  well Informed or. fashion's whims���among
them being high crown toques
ft eii! New Vork and Paris, as
.e.l as smart readj'-to-wear
hats ��� : ui'. .-Iin,. - ,,i; i sizes.
Dur  milliners   :'.:���-   kepi  busy
���i'iiiiiiiiii-' to or ler as well as
ta i i.t-i ��� ' .:��� !>���: all kinds of
a i' -.    (let your order in early.
An ��� :.; the favo ' ��� . lur s this
year are blacks. Especially is
this true of tin- larger shapes,
Among the ci lors are empire
green, ta ipe, gol len brown and
.'.' :������; Our prii e- range from
$1.25 to $35.00.
'.i-ii1  was verj   poor, Mr. Cunningham
: et ime I   wil a iut   hat Ing   captured   a
3  held on  Eighth  street, this  bein .
considered  one of  tie-  most  suitable   FINE
hills in the city and easily accessible
to the public who care to watch the
V,'.   Vianna    :: I  Louis  Gllles  oceu-
'ttlitl :   fell.-   a t ,^^^^^_^^^^_^^^^_^^^^_^^^
ae police station yesterday, having The big pile Iriver No. 1, owned by
been taken there on Saturday evening the B. O. Packers, came Into port yes-
after they bad fallen by the wayside lerday afternoon and wtis taken oul
as   ii    resull    of   deep   and   frequent to the bone yard i'or the winter    The
Don't Guess!
draughts from the foaming glass.
They will be granted an audience by
flie police magistrate this morning.
li. M. Knu ltsen, who has been employed by '1*. Ovens for some _��� ���-:.;-.-
past, boughl out the blacksmlthing
business idonging to .1. Benson '.:i-t
week, and will commence work on his
own accouni 'bis morning. Mr. Knudt-
sen   i.s  well  known  in  this city,  and
aia- driver I- ::)������ largest on the coast
and was built last spring by Waltet
Emmerson especially for tlie work of
putting in the fish traps at the Sooke
for the B. C. Packers. The big driver
accomplished its work in ;i satisfac-
lory manner, and wound up the season without any mishaps,
Tiie only automobile which will be;
admitted   to the   exhibition   groun Is
there is id doubl that  he will secure   [luring the time the fair is in progress
a   large share of  public  patronage  In   wi]i be the car whioh wil| convev His
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
his line of business,
So far three entries have been r_-
ceived fo: the motor cycle race which
is ti I ike place during ihe exhibition,
and 'i.e management expecl that at
least two other machines will be en-
teiel for the race, which should be
interesting to watch, as it will be
something of a novelty in this city.
'I'be races will take place on 'lie race
track  al   ibe exhibition grounds.
A passer-bj who happened to notice
smoke issuing from the Reichenbach
Co.'s -    - -   rda;   m u ning in-
foi ii ������ i the ni"ti at -\'o. 1 lire hal'. that
a :::e ha l star e i there, an 1 that their
servile- were urgently required to
check the flames. Captain Esplen
d to tho  scene i :'  I he  i -,- irted
'uu :
Fall Suit Question
)OR JUDGMENT in the selection of
a Suit of Clothes usually accompanies
judgment in other things.
It is as bad to be underaressed as to
be overdressed.
Wear Clothes in harmony with your
The Sack Suit we illustrate here is
Excellency Kut! Grey from the wharf
��� ��� Queen's park. Willi the exception
o:' this one. automobiles will be rigidly excluded from the ground-. :i- the
management considers that the in lis-
criminate'speeding which takes place
annually around the race track is dan-
. irous io life and limb.
Tiie staging of the children's exhibit in the Industrial building is now
well a lvar.ee 1. and will be completed
early this morning. The work .-hown
by the tin.'.' to's this year is of excellent character, an 1 many of tlie drawings show evidence of long and pa-
t'eni applicatii t: on 'ite pat" of 'he
kindergarten students, One-hall oi
��� ��� ..., er il- irs of the indusl rial
bull ling will 1 ��� Bile i with ihe mil-
dren's work and the manual  I    it.it,a
'...-��� S exhibit.
Tii'   il".::' i'.:;. li;' iman mi boa   1
-ie imer Dunsmuir, whn was arreste I
a'--  weel   ( ii i ���: allege i assault   ; i i
:be   pers iti   of   ei:-'   sing,  a   iIhines
il , ha - sen admil ted to bail, an .
i' expei 'e-' to -how up in the , olice
i uirl   this   uinrning,   when  tp... celes-
��� 'a!'- grievance wil! be lb- i ne i ���"
and .bis' Ice mete I out, II i - llkelj
that a counter charge will be laid
againsl -li-. worthy sing, who Is ac-
cu e i b. Reardon of having chase I
him around the deck with a murder-
'��� is looking bread knife in his ii.iti Is
and a do or die expression on his fai <���
wanted ��� At  once���waitresses at
Mrs. Cook's Coffee Palace,
I     Don't Take Chances!
��� There's no reason why you should not be as
��� stylishly dressed, and as comfortably dressed as any
man in Canada. All you need to know is two things
���who makes the best and most stylish clothes and
who sells them in this town. It is now conceded on
all sides that
20th Century Brand
are the finest made in Canada, and the only clothes
in this country that class with the very best made in
New York, Rochester and Chicago.
We are sole agents for them in this town and
district. Keep these two facts in mind and your
clothes troubles are at an end.
The Wardrobe Clothier of New Westminister.
appropriate for solid, substantial men in
Any Walk of Life
Every detail has been studied and
planned to be in keeping with the character of the man who is to wear it.
The style is conservative, and yet
keeps pace with the trend of fashion.
The length has been increased, the back
made form fitting, the lapels broadened,
shoulders widened and the front shaped
to accord with prevailing fashion without
being extreme.
These excellent suits starts in at $8.00
and run up by easy steps to $18 or $25.
Our $15 and $18 Suits Appear to Have
The Most Friends.
wanted���a second-hand farm waggon, four-inch tire; stale price and
where to lie seen in letter addressed
"Waggon," cure Daily News.
FOUND���At Surrey Fair, gold ornament. Owner may hav;' same on
pa. mom of this advertisement. Geo.
Drlnkwater, Clayton P.O., B.C.
FOUND���Pair gold rimmed spectacles
on   Third   avenue,   between   Eighth
and    Ninth    streets.     Apply    Daily I
TO LET���Two furnished rooms for
light housekeeping: married couple
preferred. Apply I'S Second street.
corner Queens avenue.
Something Worthy
of Investigation
Xew  dwelling, S   rooms, Sapperton.       Terms,    cash   $500,    balance   to suit.
Price       $l,0C0
Dwelling and two lots, Third ave : terms of payment easy.    Price... .$2.5GU
Dwelling (new), central.    Price    $1,500
Dwelling  (new),  central    $1,300
Dwelling,  F'igbee street    $1,500
Hoarding house ou lease for five years.    Price     $3,500
H. L  DeBECK, The Cash Clothier.
To Rent���The Victoria Boarding and.
Rooming ilouse. No. 11 Sixth street,
close to post office, with all modern
conveniences; 17 rooms; possession
Ort. 1. Apply to A. M. Herring. 58
Sixth street.
Advertise   in   The   News
MONDAY, OCT. 1. l��fc...
Police   Secure   Evidence  cf  Foul   Play
in   Connection   With   Death
of  G.  A. Gilley.
Cl ' -��� I v, ith complicity in the'
��� ';. \. Gilley, who wai found
drowned in the Fraser river in Sep-
:���- er, 1904, Chester Jackson Is undi arrest a; the police station, and
.1 t. Munn, who is believed to have
been his accomplice in the crime, is
also un ler arrest in Yakima, Wash.
Mr. Gilley's body was found after he
ha 1 been missing a tew days, and
evidences at the time pointed to foul
play, but were not sufficiently strong
lo warrant the Hires' of anyone at
the time.
Information reached Chief of Police
Mcintosh ;i shorl nine ago thai led
to i !������ reo] enlng of the case, and De-
te live Bradshaw look a trip to
iiiia. whi re he secured the confession of ii woman who claims to
have bei n a witness of the murder.
She alleges that three men were implicated iti ii. and that om struck
him ov : I be bead, while the others
shove 1 the body into the water. The
third ni -:i is -'i'i at lai ge, but bis
tn resl may be effecte I at any mo-
mi nt
Chess Jacks in, as he Is familiarly
known iilong the waterfront, is inking
his detention philosophically, and
does nol seem at all disturbed by the
prospect of lacing a jury on the most
serious charge on the calendar. Munn
will be extradited shortly, and the two
men will then I e nded together.
Guichon���D. !.;. Lereau, Duncan; C.
A. Crook, Boston; ('. \V. Rose. \'i<-
t ria; J. il. Chapman, Chilliwack; H.
\V. Hought n, Vancouver; E. I.. Dodge
and wife, Chilliwack.
Colonial���L. I',. Lefroy, Delta; .Mark
Reej loeg. Point Roi erts; .1. D. Williams and wife, Winnipeg; S. L. Op-
penheimer, Spokane, Wash.: D. Parry,
Liacombe, Wis.; M. S. Mlddleton, Ver-
nen; G. Mehling, Vernon; T, Jackson,
Wycliffe; .lohn Wilson. Vancouver; J.
Phillips, Seattle; E. Parnell and wife,
Helena, Montana.
Windsor���A. Patterson. Pt. Moody;
D. A. MoMillan, Vancouvei-; E. S.
Storer, Coquitlam; F. Weston, Vancouver; .1. H. Raymer and wife, Dids-
ley, Alta.; .lohn Langler, Didsley; E.
.1 Cross, Langley; J. I.. Fletcher, Chilliwack; .1. Charbonneau, Hall's Prairie; J. B, Aylie, Enderby; C, B. Lock-
hart, Vancouver; P. S. Lehman, Vancouver.
 o ���
Will Leave for Calgary.
W. il. Fehse will leave New Westminster on Wednesday for Seattle,
where he is going on private business
:, fore pro ��� e ling to Calgary, where
he is shortly to start a cigar factory.
Ml Fehse, .-.bo has been connected
witb Fred I..'.neb's cigar factory for
the past nine months, bus decide I to
go into ;::������ ���'������ '��� 1 rolling Industry on
his own act ount, and bus selected the
thriving Al! erta city as a suitable
; lai ������ iii whi< a ' i locate. The name
, : the new cigar which will appear on
the market shortly will be "Prince
Rupi rt," and the bands, labels, etc.,
are now being printed, so thai everything v.iil be in readiness when the
new Brm starts I usiness.
Notice is here;,.,  given that u'J da;, s
..: ���      i  te  1  intend   to appl..   to  the
Chief    Commissionei    of   I.and-   . -. I
Works tor a license to cut and carrj
.   ���   .     '..:.   ���      :: urn    '  ie   :��� ill iwing   de- j
sc ii:...- i Ian I-:
1. Commencing at a posi marked
... M '.- S.E. Corner, planted on ihe
noi' a bank ol i be Kildala river about
iles up trom the mouth, running as : alow. : 40 chains north, 160
chains ivest, 1,0 chains south, IGu
, hains east to ; oint of commi n ���
ment, containing i'.I'i acres, more or
Located August 'IS, 1906.
_. Commencing at a post marke I
W. M.'s S.W. Coiner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
two ini: .- ip from the mouth, running
as follows: 10 chains north. 120 chains
east, SO chains south. 40 chains west,
10 chains north, 80 west to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Located Augusl 27, 1906,
:;. Commencing at a post marked
W. M.'s N.E. Coiner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, about
Ave nn 1 :i half miles up the river
from 'li" mouth, running a~ follows:
hains south, 160 chains, west. 10
chains north, 160 chains easl to point
ol    ��� immencement,    cont lining    iii"
- -. mo    less,
Loca ������ 1 August  26, 1906.
���I. C immencing   at   a   post   mai ki 1
w   .M.'s N.W. Corner, planted on the
north bank of the Kildala river, aboul
five and .i half miles up the river from
the   mouth,   running   us   follows:   160
chains    east,    -1"  chains    south,    160
chains west,  hi chains north to point
��� .     commencement,    containing   Oiu
..  :��� s,  more or less.
Located August 27, 1906.
5. Commencing   at   u   posi    marked
W.  M.'s  N.E. Corner,  planted  on  the
south bank of the Kildala arm, aboul
one mile from the mouth of the river,
running as follows:   su chains south,
SO chains west, su chains north to the
shore line, thence following shoreline
to point of commencement, containing
040 acres, more or less.
Located August 27, 1906.
i.i. Commencing   at   a   posi  marked
VS.  M.'s  SW. Corner,  planted  on  the
east  bank  of the   Dala   river, about
ten  chains easterly  from the mouth,
; running   as   follows:    10   chains  east,
4u   chains   north.   4<i   chains  east,   80
I chains north to the river, thence following   river  to  point   of commencement,  containing   640   acres,  more  or
Locate 1 August  27, 1906.
(Locator)   WILLIAM   MOODY,
per Frank Vandall, Agent.
Trains & Steamers |
Leave N'ew Westminster  7.25 daily.
Leave N'ew Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster  10.30 daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster  19.10  daily.
Lv. N. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv. Seattle, 12.30;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   W.   9.15,   10.30,   19.10,   20.20.
Lv. New Westminster 0.30 a. m.
Lv. N. VS. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. Seattle, 4.34 p. ru., ar. N. W. 9.35.
', p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
V., W.
Lv. N. W.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W, 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
S:45 p in. and ti p. in.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and S a. in., aud every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for We.tminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. _ a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Tb., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. _ a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
2 p.m.;   Saturday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm.
Sap'n & Millside..10.00 p.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..   .. 8.45a.m.
Van. & Cent. Park...10.30 a.m.   2 p.m.
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
East Burnaby  1.15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc.... 1.30p.m. 10.30a.m.
East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm.
East, via C. P. P..10.00 p.m.
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m.
I Van. & Burnaby.. 3.30 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.
8.20 p.m.
10.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
3.30 p.m.
7.10 p.m.
10.30 a.m
7.10 p.m.
6.00 p.m.
12.00 m.
Special Train Service
Great Northern Railway
S:r_.'.i.ccnas Practise.
'fb.. nn ml "i ��� f the Strathcon i la-
Cp - -������ team be! i their first practice
in th! i'- -i Sal ir la . when they
tume I in iu full force a Qui en'.
I , an I put ;,i a couple ol hours'
iard wo . A nun r of local enthusiasts wen m li tai ' i ivateh them
plaj,   ���:. i   :��������� inj    opinions   were  ex-
j ;, . .,- |   .;-    lo   ' 'I'd:    . ' . a-   ail I   a.all'..
ai Mid, band en . though -iill none, ably stiff from their long journey,
th,. i i ya Bhowe I tip well, an I it Is
evident that with another wi
practice ih. y will be able to make
things Interesting for the Maple Leafs
when they meet on Saturday.
 ��� o	
Attractive Display.
A window display of premiums exchanged i"i White Swan and Pearl
soap coupons has I n attractively arranged in C. A. Welsh's grocery store,
and  a  very harmonious grouping  of
the several Objects secured. In lhe
center ol the window stands a circular pedestal, on which the smaller
premiums are grouped. The pedestal
is encircled with multi-colored electric
lights, the whole being made to revolve, while the lights Hash out at
intervals. Th/' effect when lighted up
is very pretty, mid will no doubt attract its lull share of attention during this week.
Special train service between New
Westminster and Vancouver via the
GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY during the Provincial Exhibition, Oct. 2
to il, inclusive, will be ;is follows:
Leave Vancouver 1.30 p.m.; arrive
Xew Westminster 2.05 p.m.; leave
Vancouver 7.00 p.m.; arrive New
Westminster 7.:'..1 p.m.
Leave New Westminster 6.00 p.m.;
arrive Vancouver 6.35 p.m; leave
New Westminster 9.00 p.m.: arrive
Vancouver 9.35 p.m.
Excursion rates Vancouver to Westmln ter mid ret urn will be r.n cente;
ball of tin- adult rat/' fur children five
ot age and  under ien.
I-*. C. MEYERS,   .gent.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
j     Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between ail
: points east, west and south to Rowland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Grt.it
Northern, Northern Pacific and G R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
Creek points.
'     Connects   at    Meyers     Falls    with
stage (K(ily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday.    November    io,
9.20 a m.
12.25 p.m.
g.40 a.m.
Day Train Arrive
.. Spokane  ... .7.15 p.m.
.. Rossland  ... .4.10 p.m.
.. . Nelson    6.45 p.m.
All bills for work done tit Arrow
Job Printing Office to be paid to Mrs,
K M. Dominy, to whom It belong .
In accordance with a resolution passed at the regular
meeting of Council, on the
,24th inst., I hereby declare
Tuesday, Oct. 2nd and
Thursday, Oct. 4th,
from 1 p. m., public half-
holidays, and respectfully
invite the citizens generally
to so observe the same.
City Hall, New Westminster,
Sept. 26th, 1906.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of j
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO. W. VA'jX,
Assistant Gen'l Passonger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, IH.
Telephone A184  or address 4th Avenue and 10th Street.
Things Happen in
the Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Daily News
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you. MONDAY, OCT. 1. 1906.
. and soli< itors, Bl ickle Blk.,
i   su.'.-i.   Now   Westminster.
Vluteside, II- L. Edmonds.
MP   i   P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicl-
of the supreme court. Offiees
,   .       ���   Bank  of Commerce build-
Jumbia   street,  opposite  post-
office, Now  Westminster.    Money to
irristers, solicitors, etc. Of
jl, w Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
and   Lorne  streets.
corner  Clarkson
s 21 to 24, 445 Gran-
Vancouver, room.-
viile street   Joseph   lartln, K. C.. .
Weait   W.  0.  McQuarrle,  II.  A.
Mr. Martin wijl he in th?
Westminster offices every Friday af
OWAY,  REID &   BOWES.  Barrls-
solicitors,   etc.,   4_   Lome
opposite   '    irl     House,   New
\   Whealler, P.O. Box
I v,v'
: ister and
[tor, Guli'   n   ' loi ... Colum-
,.',i McKenzle Btieets, New West-
ii. C.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in Alt K,nds  of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash.   Doors,
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fenci_s and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephonel 2.
New Westminster
I   i
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia  bt.
BV        5
mr\  |
Baggage delivered
pnrt of the city.
promptly  to   my
1.   : ' ��� i      ! ��� t \   1,. it.ia
Light and Heavy Hauling
I'fioe Then,' ]'-...
Ham vnone 137
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   Westmln
ster Hoard ol  Trade  meets in the
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Family Trade a  Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office.  Eighth  Street,
NEV.    WES-MINSTER,    B.   C.
I Room, City Hall, as follows: ���
,,.        ,     ol each month.   Paid-up Capital, $10,000 000
!-.   ,,.,.,- lng ���  "ii  iii" second
of     February,    May,
\       ���   and  "November, at   s p. m.
^. meetings   on    the   second
.,:'     February.     New
.      . be    proposed   and
t an   monthly or quarterl.
...     ing.   A. il. Wlo'e. Sec.
Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
E.   WALKER,  General Manager.        ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
Foot of Uh Ave.   Cor. lGth  Street
New Westminster, B. t.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
ea i, month, at 8 o'clock p. in., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially Invited to at- j
te, ,i. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
gi   rei iry.
Every   facility   afforded   Farmers  for   their  banking   business.
cashed   or taken   for collect on.
Sales   Notes
I'. & A. M.���Regular cctamunlca-
d this lodge are held on the
l Tuesday in <>m'i month in
M isonic Temple, at S >.. in. Visiting brethren are -ordiallv invited
to attend.    D. W, Gilchrist, Sec.
HAXKIN,;   !;v   MAIL    Deposits    may be mai ,- wil        ,-   obj  mail.
d ' iv* ���   a       ...      :���     ,,,. every a Itention.
Bank of Montreal
it. B. K. of I., meets Becond and
fourth Friday of each month, :it 8 capital
p. m.. in Orange hall, i orner ot
Hi i avenue and John street. So
journlng Sir Knight, cordlallj ie
vited '" attend. W. E. Dunlop, W
P.;   E. E. Matthias, Reg.
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
(ALL :'ai,J u!'>   $14,000,000
FL XD  $10,000,000
M s  in  Orange  hall   B.-st  and
thii I Friday in each mouth al 8 p
in. Visiting brethren nro cordlallj
Invited to attend. E. E. Matthias
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
0, 0. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
igular meetings of this lodge   tt ':'-'
I in Oddfellow s' ball, Colum
!- '   treet. every  Monday  evening,
ock.   Visiting brethren cor
Ited to attend.   S  .1. Mav
W. c. Coatham. Rec.-8ec.
Rt. Hon.  Lord Strathcona and   Mount   Royal.    G.   C.   M.
*-* ���     Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   id.   A.   Drummond    President
K. S. Clou, ton Vice President   ani   Genera'.   Manager.
Genera! banking business transact-'I.
Branches in all the principal cities  in Canada. In London,  Lng., New
Voi ., Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents in all parts ot the
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
l Ings tlie firsi. and third Tues-
ill? in each nion'h. Visiting
���i cordially Invited to attend,
bod - room, A. O. U. W. hall, Odd-
' V8' block, Clarkson street, C.
S Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
tnasti: workman,
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Branches .ml correspondents in al'.  th,
banking business transacted.
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S.���   rVna
I'ii. ,. .-, , ,    lit ue! a
'��� i " Degree meets Second nnd
:i  Wedn is I.r   nf each month,
i!l K. of l>.  }\.s.}. Columbia St., at $1 opens an account.   Interest added hall yearly
h p. in., White Rose Di gree, Fourth
la      in    .-..:���  month, same      Colle ���   ,.,. ., , ,��� .,,  ,       ,     t
��� !  ; lace,    Visiting Brethren
Invited       E.   B, Stinch
. Pres., It. Disney, Secretary.   ��'"en Saturday nights from 8 to 9 o'clock.
Total Assets  $36,373,576.
principal   .itles of  ihe   world.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. 4099, I.O.F.
M the  Fourth   Fi I lay In  the
ith  ai   i  o'i loi :.,   in  the small
fellows'   block,     Visiting
n a- rdlally Invited to at-
J.  it. Rushton, C. R.;  i*. P.
M ;. R .-.
All kind.-  df Ship  repair
w< irk. *an
Ship and JScow, "Building
a specially.
Estimates   promptly fur-
, nished.
124 Eighth St.. New Westminster, B.C.
Graduate Optician.
Our work guaranteed.
Ryall's Drug Store
6. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones Tte.
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
"Look hero   Jim" lies in Colville i
evening, when ber lirother James i
homo to supper. "In walking pnst the
iav,tii ihis afternoon l saw a strange
young man."
"Yes, there [a one iner,'." was the reply.
"Who is he?"
"I can't iill you much shout him.
His inline ts Ripley, I believe, and he's
come down from the city for n four
weeks' vacation. He waa asking me
about boating nnd fishing "
I .urn's ll.-illiday was .i . irpenter of
the village of r.r.i'n livillo His sister
Sarah kept bouse for I
Sarah tlallldny had lived for thirty
three yours nnd no man bad blnte I of
matrimony to ber.   sh.. never pretended  ie  good   1" iks,  but   she ill vi nys  Insisted ihai die u as tender hearted ni  .
had emotion BUfflclent to mak ��� i .: v
actress    Her failure to In lng mi u  i i
tho  point   hnd   rankled,   nnd  she  had
finally made up ber mind to do a little
hustling for n husband,   she had goon
the  j nuns   man   slttii g  on  tbe  I, I
ver.in In with his foot cocked up on : .
ad bo bad ni once heen mark
��� ���.I down.   II" lind looked after ber In
an pager wny, i nd she flattered herself
thai she had made an Impression.
"If Mr, III] , y Is nil al mo doj. u here
he must be lone lorne," she Bald to her
brother Jim after supper.
"Yes, be may be."
"Then you'd better saunter up to the
tavern nnd ,ho\. him that you want, t.i
be friendly. Vou can bring In, if you
want i", th.it I noticed hlm this afternoon. We've gol ihe mill pond hen', nnd
we've gni n boat and fishing tackle, and
it s ns our duty to make the Btran
gar's stay ns pleasant as possible. Vou
know how you'd feel If you were awny
from home."
Tin' brother dutifully obeyed orders,
lie found Mr. Ripley smoking a elgar
mi ihe veranda. He mentioned Sarah,
tin' mill pond, the boat and the black
bass waiting in he caught, nnd Mr.
Ripley   replied   1'    1   h'   should   surely
take advantage of the situation. He
didn't sel any d I i, hoJve cr, and when
he came home to supper mi l!i" following evening the brother observed to
the sister:
"What do you think. Sarah? That
Susan Jones has somehow managed to
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
A- O. F.���Tl." regular meetings nf
.i il������" nre held mi the Second
I  iui 'h Tuesda; . of each month
S a. iii. In the oddfellows' Hall.
'v    ' ng  Brethren  are cordlaly In-
''bed in attend.   E. C. Firth, C. R.:
I''. I'. Maxwell, Sec.
U y o'clock p, m.. In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to m
'"'I. Geo. Burr, S. C; X. R. Brown.
Camp, 191,���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month In
K. of p. Hall. John McNlven,
(||i"f;  J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
,ate of Manchurian Japanese Army
Office, 300 Westminster Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
Shingle and Saw
Mill Machinery
New Westminster. B. C.
Noi" - i hereby given that the
Voters' i.i-: for the year 1906 has been
completed, and that the Bame may be
������'���i'ii al this office for thirty days from
the date hereof; and any person who
hall claim to be a Ide l to the said
Voters' l.is:. or any Elector who .shall
li lire to have any nam" erased there
from, must prefer his or her request
in writing, signed with his or her
name, and shall deliver, or cause same
t-i be delivered, to the City Clerk
-.'ithin ihe time hereinbefore specified.
City Clerk.
City   Clerk's   Office,   City   Ha.ll,   New
Westminster,  Sept   l,  1906.
;'���. " ' ��� " Phone 'I i.
Office Phone 2566.
O IBce Ho rs
f a.m. to 5 p.m.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pion'tr  Limited"  St.  Paul  to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
| equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.     Thej
own  and operate their own  sleeping
i and dining cars on alll their trains and
: give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service  not obtainable ��Jsewhere.
H. S. ROW!*:. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cot Alder. Portland, Or.
out  v th   ftggi -     S " saw
l     e and Mr. 1
she was yet a loi l
straight up to tl bserved that
it 'a .is d beautiful . ��� . for seeing
the  mill  dam - the  stranger
away     When  the wai rs of
the dam bad b ..ired
ihe young man " �� wa a d to the Hal-
llday homestead and kei t bu y quoting poetry and drinkii ... i until 11
"'clu. 1.
In the course of a couple of weeks)
ni least half n dozeu girls were Intro-
i\-.:. ".1 t.i Mr Riplej by the landlord' i
wife, and each an l ej erj one of them
-.1 out for n flirtation ��ith him. Eac i
and every one of them came to grief.
however. Sarah was In evidence, and
when she butted In the others had to
butt out. At the end of n fortnight she
felt herself ns good ns engaged. Mr.
Ripley had praised her strength and
skill In rowing, her luck In fishing and
her emotional temperament nnd she
haul several times caught bim glancing
.���it her as a man only glances when bis
admiration Is aroused He had been
asked to tea three or four times, and
tha two had boated nnd fished every
afternoon, and all wns going well,
"How's It coming out, Sarah?" asked
brother Jim one morning at the break-
��� tai 1"
"There's only one thing needed," she
r plli d ' il.n "n't j ou noticed that h"
Is al" ij < tnlklng al out beioei and
"If i  v.. re a  I _ he'd pop the
i ..; Inside of i tveuty-four hours "
"But bow "nu j .ni be?"
"l , ri'i say Just now, but I'm golu ,
to tb   ', ii over during the day."
Thai nfternoon she received a note
from Mr, Ripley excusing himself from
��� ailing "ii the ground of a slight I I
; ��� -. and two hours after she had read
the note she learned thnt li ��� was bII
tin: on the piazza with the Widow
Phelps, who had had two b isband i
nud ��anted a third.
Sarah planned fast from that tin i
on. Sarah had learned that Mr, Ripley
arose and breakfasted at 8 o'clock ll"
then spent an hour mi the veran! i
smoking nnd reading. The mill dam
wns nol n hundred feet away nnd In
plain view,
N"\t morning na the young man mi
n vacation snt smoking, be beard somo
one calling his name, He looked up,
nnd there wns Sarah Halllday in an
oarless boat floating down upon the
dam, she cried to him again and again,
and ii wns plain to him that sh" musi
lm sw"|ii over the fulls and drowned.
The best thing he could do, however,
wns in fall over bis rocking chair nnd
roll down the steps. Right under his
eyes the boat went ever the dam, and
right under his eyes n sawmill man,
who had never longed ti> be a hern,
Ashed Sarah out with a long pole. She
wns a heroine, but Insensible. They
rolled ber on a barrel. They ''r.i_;'-."l
her around in the Bawdust They our
rled her bome on ii slab nnd sent for
Jim and tho doctor. She wns wrung
out and put to bed, nnd It wns two
days later when Jim wns permitted to
"Now, then, what In the old Hnrry
were you doing In that boat nt that
hour in the morning?"
"Rowing," she nnsv.   :��� "I
"How came you to lose tl ��� oars?"
"I wanted to be rescued."
"Oh, I see. Vmi wanted to I ������ i heroin", i'ii, and you wanted i i give Ripley
a chance to piny the hero?"
"ll is be sent in" nny flowers?" she
asked, avoiding a direct reply to his
' Nnw!"
"But he surely called?"
"How could h" call when be took n
sk-ii" that very foren ion?" bluntly replied the brother.
"I>iil he see me all wet nnd wopsy?"
"Of course, and that's why he
I' ior   Sarah'     She   hnd   hustled,   h'lt
she bad lost.
shc cuius to am aoain- ano again.
get acquainted with the stranger, and
h"'s over nt ber bouse playing croquet."
"Jim, you don't, tell me that for a
fact!" sho gasped.
"Of course I do!"
"Humph! The freshness of Miss
Su-.,in join's must li" Been tn at once."
Ami    it    wns.     Miss   Sarah   Bp lily
donned anptber dn'ss. li.ci up a hit.
nnd. leaving ber brother to eat alone,
sh" Btarted for the Jones house. Mr.
Ripley nnd Susan were just finishing
ih dr la st gan ��� Sarah b il .."I up to
Susan nud whlsperlngly asked for an
Introduction and forced the Issue
When sh" returned home Mr. Ripley
accompanied Imr, and be didn't leave
tho house until 10 o'clock ll" had
made himself very agreeable, and when
be bad departed Jim observed:
"By thunder, Sarah, but 'sposln' you
could marry a feller like him!"
"I mean to!" wns Sarah's laconic re-
The ii"\t day Jim was left out of It
Sarah and Mr. Ripley tool; the boat and
went fishing, and before tln-y returned
sh" thought sh" knew her man pretty
well, it" wns romantic, He was Inclined to be a bero. II" quoted poetry.
He sighed to lind llllll love a heroine.
When Jim came home that evening
there was a twinkle In liis eye, and
after bearing nbout the fishing trip bo
"Mr. Ripley seems to be n feller who
gets acquainted with folks pretty fast.
I Just saw him walking home with
Time Graves."
"Vou    don't    menu    It'."   exclaimed i
Sarah as she pausedMn the act of pouring out the tea,
"That's what I saw. She wns at t'i )
tavern to see the landlord's wife, and
I 'spose she was Introduced."
������Well. I'll put ii stop to that pretty
sudden, I told Mrs. Craves only Inst
week that Tlllie wns altogether too
Again Jim wns left to eat bis even-
i-  ; menl alone while the sister started
A   Modln.rnl   Dill   nf   Flli-p.
A fourteenth century manuscript still
exi,mt recorda tbe festivities attendant
on the marriage of Vlolnnte Vlscontl
with tbe link" Lionel Plnntagenet, sou
of Edward III. of England, nt Milan.
Italy The wedding dinner consisted
of eighteen courses, ns follows: First
. a ,.. sucking pigs wrapped In a thin
coal Ing of gold, fifth with their month i
giTtig forth flre; socAnd, bares roasted
and gilded; third, veal roasted nnd
trout Incrusted In gold; fourth, quails,
partridges and ������.gain Iron!., roasted nnl
gilded; fifth, dinks, game ond more
flsh; sixth, beef nnd capons unadorned;
st."\ih. cap ms. ment nnd flsh done In
lemon; eighth, I f nnd flsh ". different
kinds; ninth, ""is and more meat;
tenth, galantine of ment and fish; eleventh, Inmb rousted; twelfth, bare and
wiiii b tar with onions; thirteenth, venison; fourteenth, "ni".ns nnd chickens
with red snuee of npples nnd lemons;
fifteenth, peacocks with beans, salted
tongue and roasted carp; sixteenth.
peacocks again, ibis time boiled lu
Spices; seventeenth, cheese, nnd eighteenth, cherries
Wit   I'^f-il   nn   nn   X%.
Aii honest old Pennsylvania farmer
hnd d tree on his premises he wanted
to cut down, but being wank ill his
back ami having a dull ax, he bit upon
the following plan: Knowing the pulsion among his neighbors for coin
bunting, he made n coon's foot "in of
a potato nnd proceeded to imprint numerous tracks In the snow to nnd up
the tree. When all was ready, be Informed his neighbors that the tree
must be filled with coons, poinding to
the externn! evidence made with lii.<
"oon's foot. The bait took, nml in n
short time half a dozen fellows with
sharp axes were chopping ai the base
of the tree, each taking his regular
turn. Th < party also brought dogs nnd
Shotguns nnd were In ecstasies ove"
the anticipated haul of fat coons, The
tr"" Anally fell, but nary a coon was
loon to drup.��� Oermantown Telegrarfb.
MONDAY, OCT. 1.  T?.
REASONS    WHY We Want Your TraJ
1. We can pive you entire satisfaction.
2. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
4. We sell our Roods afUhe LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, watch our Ad.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend to HA VE it.
B    C.   Electric    Railway    Prepositions
Meet   With  Few Objections
at the   Poll.
We have plenty of coke for sale now, but it will be
a scarce article in a short while when cooler weather
comes and orders begin to rush in. Take the hint.
Get your orders in at once.
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    1 SO.
...call on...       EXHIBITS TOUR INTO
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
854 Acres, Pitt Lake
Fir and Cedar
estimated 20,000 lo the acre. Easy of
access. Also a Quarter Section, In-
i i ling 6,000 ccrds Shingle Bolts,
near Aldergrove.  Enquire about these
Steamers     Arrive    With    Heavy   Cargoes,  All   Consigned  to the
Provincial   Fair.
Crowds   visited   Queen's   park   yes-
i terday   to  note   lhe   progress   being
j made in connection with the prepara-
I tions lor the exhibition.   All day long
| streams  of   cattle,   pigs,   sheep    and
I bi.rses weie pouring into tbe grounds,
ami    the   fair   will   he   considerably
larger than that of last year.    Three
ol' lhe Victoria boats came in on Friday and Saturday, loaded  down  with
stock and  produce.
The ('hai mer carried a considerable
; amount  of stock whicli had  been  ex-
��� hibited    at.    the   Victoria exhibition.
j There were 18 head of sheeji belonging   to  .1.  Richardson;   one cow  and
,lhree   calves,   A.    D.   Patterson:   two
colts, eight liorses, one bull, D. Montgomery; six head cattle, eight horses,
two colts, three calves, thirteen sheep,
il. Vasey; pne stallion, Cecil .1. Ford;
.i. H.  Wilkinson, a number of horses
and cattle; T. Campbell, a stallion; \v.
A.  Bradshaw,  stallion;   (I.   E.  Knight,
��� pigs;  .1.  Thompson, sheep and  hogs;
J. .1. Maynard, cattle, sheep and hogs;
.1    C.   Henderson,   John    Smith, stal-
I lions.
The City of Nanaimo brought stock
i.:' ia! ions descriptions belonging to
Quick Bros., It. E. Barkur, II. .McKay.
' V,. H. Haddon, T. o. Beale, W. Gunnel and R. T. Menzles. The boat also
curried Ihe Chilliwack district exhibit���fruit from ,i. a. Coathowe,
grain from A. Dunn, B C. Anchor
Wire Fence Co.'s exhibit, Laval
Cream Separator Co.'s exhibit, and
C. Farmers' Manufacturing
(I. W, Kirk also had a
large number oi' horses along���wooden ones, which will figure in the Inevitable merry-go-round, ���
The Charmer returned to Victoria
yesterday, Tin- City of Nanaimo left
'.-I Steveston aa" it 5 o'clock ami ex-
pected to ii.- up'al Steveston I'm- the
night, and go thi -a tl e sandheads
in daylight. Tin- Queen i 'ity. of Vio
toria, was expecti I In. this morn
ing with a I ill carg - of 'jv.i i Inlel
The  vote  In Surrey   on   the   B.   C.
electric tramway, light and power
by-law carried on Saturday. There
were exactly .nu votes o:,st. Of these
348 were for and S2 against the propositions. In the poll at Wise's hotel
80 voted for the tramway by-law and
1 againsl, s] voted for the light and
power by-law, none againsl. At Cloverdale 52 were in favor of the tramway, 2 against; 52 wanted light and
power, 10 were against and there werS
two spoiled ballots. In Salisbury 1-1
wore for and 17 against. In Mud Bay
there were 17 for ami 11 against.
There was considerable inter '
taken in the affair, and the vole was
a fairly representative one. A little
crusade was commenced against iln
proposition during the week, which
i died out after the matter had been
carefully explained to the objectors,
Death   List   Increases.
Mobile, Ala., via Meriiien, Miss.,
S<-pi. 30.���Tlie number of casualties
Ir iho greal storm of las; Wednesday
is slowly increasing as messages are
received from places whicli have heretofore been inaccessible. The totaj|
last night of the known dead was 7.".
This number was brought upto a certainly of 7:1 and a possibility of 102
1'. the reports received during the
night and early day.
The confusion at the docks is rapidly being repaired, and business will
take its normal condition as soon as
the railroads are able to run trains.
The Louisville & Nashville is still
disabled, and is the only road able to
maintain a schedule.
Fisheries Commission.
The B.C. fisheries commission meets
in Vancouver this afternoon at 2.30.
The object of the meeting is to close
up the work connected with the International conference. It is understood that the commission will, at the
conclusion of to-day's session, adjourn until some time in December
or January, when it will meet again
for tbe preparation of its final report
on the whole of the Questions affecting the fisheries of the province.
Chinese Beat O'Hagan.
Fort   William. Ont..  Sept.  30.���Fred
O'Hagan attacked the proprietor of a
Chinese restaurant here last evening,
but was in turn attacked by the celes-1
tial population, who flocked to the as- '
sistance of their countryman.   O'Hagan '
was badly beaten.
and British
the   B
Co|'s exhibi
How Animalc Doctor Th.-n.elves.
Alan mighl often take from thi
lower animals a lesson as to the care
of himself when ill. All sorts of
animals suffering from fever eat
little, iie quiei in dark, airy places
11ml drink quantities of water. When
11 dog loses liis appetite lie knows
where to lind chiendenl (dog gra.s).
which acts as a purgative and emetic. Sheep and cows when ill seek
certain herbs, Any animal suffering from chronic rheumatism keeps
as far as possible in the sun. If a
chimpanzee he wounded he has been
seen to stop the bleeding by a plaster of chewed ur> les ves and gn..- s.
2fi0 Columbia St.   Phone 85
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.
Opera   House  Dates.
Oct.   2���Beers'  Dramatic  Co,
Oct.   3���Beers'  Dramatic  Co.
Oct.   4���Hi   Henry Minstrels.
Oct.   5���Beers'  Dramatic  Co.
Oct.  il��� Beers' Dramatic Co.
Oct. 15���Parsifal.
Oct. 25���As Told in the  Hills.
Oct. 28���A Royal Slave.
Oct. 31���A   College  Widow.
Plays for   Exhibition Week.
During exhibition week, on Oct. 2,
3, 5 ami 6, living Beers will presenl
the following productions at ihe opera
house: All the Comforts of Home;
The Littlest Girl; Bamboozled; My
Turn Next, and Withered Leavers.
These productions will be staged under the direction of Prank Oliver, the
well-known English actor, who will be
supported   by  a  strong company.
Root  Returns.
Washington,' Sept. 30.���The United
stales naval yacht Sylph, with Secretary of State Rool on board, arrived
in Washington In-day. Accompanying Mr. Root was Mrs, Rool and their
���son and daughtei.
in the community. A poor " hand-
to-mouth man " never is. Make up
vour mind to Imv a home NOW.
Do It (Now.
was most likely a careless and extravagant voting man and did not
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the best of all Rifts to vour fam-
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.     Lot00x132 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
F. J. HART & Co.
He   Served   His   Country   as   Truly   a*
Any Soldier In  Battle.
At the close of the Franco-Prus-
siun war a hasty conference was
held by the German leaders to decide upon the amount of indemnity
which should he exacted from
France. Bismarck, differing from
Von Moltke, telegraphed to Berlin
for a financier in whom lie had unbounded confidence. The man was
a Hebrew and was for some rea.011
disliked by the great Prussian general. When. therefore5 he pave Jiis
opinion that the amount demanded
should be so many thousand million
fnitics Von Moltke exclaimed impatiently:
"Absurd!    It is too much!"
"1 know the resources "of the
French people/' said the financier
calmly.   "They can pay it."'
"It is a monstrous demand!" repeated Von .Moltke angrily. "If a
mun had begun when the world was
created to count he would not have
reached that sum now."
"And that is the reason." interrupted Bismarck quickly, his eye
twinkling', "thut I got a man who
counts���from Moses.'*1
Von Moltke and the Hebrew tried
to look grave. Imt both laughed, and
the storm wus averted.
The sequel to the anecdote has a
deeper meaning. The financier,
when he received the summons to
the conference, was undergoing'
treatment for Mime affection of tbe
eye- whicli required confinement io
a dark chamber. His oculist warned him that if he obeyed the summons the exposure ami delay in the
treatment would almost inevitably
resull in loss of sight.
He was silent a moment and then
said: "I think that 1 ani needed. I
have no right to consider my sight.
I will go."
He went, nnd the results which
the oculist had feared ensued. He
became blind for life.
Von Moltke, when the story was
told him, said briefly: "I wronged
lhe man. I le has served his country as truly us any soldier on the
Gold and  Siiver  Bugs.
The mosi remarkable gold hugs in
the world are found in Central
America. They belong In the genus |
plusiotis, and one mighl easily imagine a specimen to be 1 he work of
some clevoi- artificer in metal. The
bend and wing cases are brilliantly
polished, with a I nster us of gold itself. To sighl nml touch they have
nil the seeming of metal, and it. is
hard to realize that the creature is
n mere animal, Oddly enough, there
is unci her species of plusiotis from
thc same region, which bus the appearance of being wroughl in solid
silver, freshly burnished. One of
the mosl beautiful bugs in the world
is a small beetle known to science
ns the blue hoplia. Its hack is nn
exquisite iridescent sky blue, anil
the under pari of its body is of a ,
bright silver hue. The notion I':.it
it contains silver is widely entertained, and attempts have frequently been made lo extract Bilvci
from it.
Last week's arrivals in the Dress Goods Department have added a
large variety 10 our already large showing of handsome lires^ Fabric.
Panama Cloths, Shepherd's Checks, Plaids. Venetians, Fancy Tweed, anel
54-inch Costume Cloths. In shales of navy, brown, green, cardinals and
greys, are all popular materials.
When we bave such a selection  if popular fabrics, it is a pleasure to
show them.    I.ei   us show you. . _���
A full line of Furniture of all kinds kept
in stock.   :-:  Prices to suit purchasers.
Thi and 711- Columbia St.    Four P'l
Hear Extension, Front Street.
>>>>>"o>>>>xo>>>>i,o>xo; >>::o_��>>>>>>>>;:<>>:;o>>>>>>>>:
Root Pulpers and Slicers,
Straw Cutter, Grain Grinders
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   The above machines include Eleury's, Cockshutt's
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
It ss\ss\ss%ssssts\ss%ss%sss\ssssss\sss\ss%ss%st _______k__k______k__________________________A
Electric Railway, Service
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from a:ad a. ru. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service trom
C.30 a. m. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Between 12 and 2 and & and 7.
30  Minute   Service   during re- 4
mainder of day.   Transfer at ���
Leopold Place. J
Sunday   Service  half-hourly  be- J
tween  8  a. m.  and  10 p,  m. ���
City and Sapperton. *
Sapperton Line���lb Minute Ser- 4
vice, except between 1_ and ���
2, and 5 and 7, during whict J
".ours    the    service   wm   bc +
naif-hourly. ���
Sunday Service   halt-Hourly oe-
tween 8 a. ni. and 11 p. m.
i British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
Milk Chocolate,
Croquettes, Wafers,
Cakes, Medallions, Etc.
How do you suppose that any one
ever got tbe notion that 1111111 wants
but little here below?
A mnn Is as young as he feels, nnd ft
Woman is as young as she Nays she Is
A philosopher is a man who has discovered thnt he can't make money ii'ild
bas decided to make the best of It.
Cowan's Cream Bars
Something to be Proud Of
PRICE $1.50


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