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The Daily News Oct 19, 1906

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LrME i, NUMBER 192
Writain still
i rules the waves
i   sa ys tweedmouth
.   *0' y
Lord   of   the  Admiralty   Condems   Pessimist   Talk   ���
About the Naval Programme    Dreadnought's
Satisfactory Trials.
i -
work i
Great Britain
. .
to night
.   enl    ittack -
:  chei
��� i o antici-   British   battleshlj
.   Inti .��� -
J   foreign   rivals.
��� a. '   .   .
Lo the gn al
.,-, be Jus-
b J  of
'   ��� at m mn a eakei  conclnd
greati a anj combinai i d
that could bi a     osl her,
Poi' mouth,    Eng .    Ocl     IS.���The
Drea In . ighl    - ar-
-   oul   bei   a in   trials  In  the  open
ea to    iy- with 1 bi    uo      atisfactorj
'���    tits,    Of fii ��� rs ol  the high* bi   ran
nd  experlenci .   lance  matters
wi :������ present.    Vfter th*    esi    ol  the
Yesterday, at the Richmond ranges, Lieut. T.
j Cunningham scored a victory which recalls the old-
time supremacy of Xew Westminster in rifle shooting.
Three prizes were competed for and Mr. Cunningham
captured them all.
There were two matches, open to all members of
j the militia in Xew Westminster and Vancouver. The
attendance of competitors was very good.
Mr. Cunningham's scores were : For the silver
medal of the Dominion Rifle Association, 200, 500 and
600 yards, 32, 35, 29���a total of 96 ; for the Trorey
cup, 800, 900 and 1,000 yards, 29. 30 and 26���a total
of 85 ; for Col. Whyte's regimental cup, highest aggregate score, 181. Sergt. Perry, G. M., was second
for the aggregate, with a score of 1G5.
Successful Mining Operations and the  Outfitting   of   Big
Game Hunters Recall to the Town of Lillooet
the Busy Days of Old.
I.i:: ��� . let. 13.���The pas: twoi in quartz mining the Lorne shows
months bave seen Lillooei enjoying ,!i' *'eI>. the clean ips being as large
more prosperity than she has done us ever,
slm e  the Golden Cache boom of ten
��� 4
.     ���
. ed '
;.. j lea   Hghter g"ns ha I    i en -   nclu h I, the
Drea Ina ighl Hn I hei lu an i 12-inch
_ ���"- Rr lng! . thi n in pairs, an ,
: aa '��� all i Ighl I hem, comj islnj
her bro :��� imult ineously. Eacb
_ i'i ''���'- loa h . ' thi full service
< harge  of 265 poui    -  ol   cordite and
*" io in I | rojeel h     '; he  i -   o :
tb     train ol the fu [side j plen-
There   was  ni i   the   slight.   I
istui ham e to hei tructure, and onlj
- ii   damage  to   the   ighti r fittings
hei   i iperstructure     Admiralty  of-  Wi   :���-   ty,  and     the    'veiling    was
flclals am iim--  pleased v. th t!     out       i it     in discu sing    sewers
come "! the trials.
.   ... I i on-
,.��� the ef-
r tbi ������' mhers
ich .   ���    .   uld   imperil
On thi    ��� a'-ary, the
��� !   the
.- -   ina   i lash
��� ac.   of   the
were denouncing
idiom    n I >   navy assumed,
... :  a Tweedmoutb,    that
es of 1 irelgn
e carried in
Tii...--. ��� .������ a li : programmes,  ��� o	
been realized In the Pythian Consolidation.
nd    ���                 lhi   British ad New Orleans, La., Oct. 19.���The Py-
���   .-1 a long drawn ihian   convention   decided  to oonsoli-
nn     ii  .���..- b.   year to form dtte the Pythian sisterhood, having a
- -������ ��� ���                  ���  ������   with the membership ol 7 >. and  the  Rath-
t year, and  also ln bone Sisters, whi I          125,000 mem-,
I   in                 ���     mt i mo ml of i ership,
Council Discusses
Routine Business
All sorts ol   ... mattei = were
������    f ���:   lis ussion    ..   the city council
: - - ��� :    mei ting   held   i n
rot seem to car:., an. weight with his
v.' rship.
A lot more talk followed, during the !
rse of which A\<1. Howay indulged !
ia an execrable pun, much to the dis
ci nifiture of his colleagues.    He said:
*      ^e and othe,     ibbish. The dump  .-TWa ru-,i,ish businegg ,g certain]y g
,: Lailu isla I came in for its share j burning question." Everybody else
'���' atten . n, and also for some strong j strongly disapproved of this, but Aid.
condemnation   ai   the   hands  of  Aid. j Howay seemed quite happy.
1 -   ��� i      although    several  new [    Some rime since there bad  been a I capitalists  .vho are Interested in this
ivays of disposing of rubbish were dis- discussion in tbe council with refer- proposition -.sited it last week and
cussi I, i. ��� tangibl* result was reach- ence to a wharf which was to lie built were very well pleased with the out-
".'.. tbe Lulu island nuisance was'": the foot of Eighth street.   Aid. Gar-j look.
years ago, and from the present out-
li ok   his promises to be a b< un thai
���-.:.' not die.
At the present time the teamsters
an having all the frelghl they can
haul In the way of hydraulic piping
toi Alexandei creel., Bridge river, ami
the getting of this Into Bridge promises I: be an all winter's worli. The
'. ������ is _��� i inches In diameti r. The
f >��� . ii ''rs deliver ii at tile lower end
.-'' mi lake, whence it is taken up
the 'ake for twelve miles by steam,
and then over a mountain trail to Its
e'eMination. They are going to take
lit over the last stage on sleighs o\ i
the mow.
At present about thirty men are
digging a ditch live miles long in
order to get additional water for the
pt 'nt, which, when installed, will be
mn i f the largesl in this part of the
province, and promises to be a paying proposition, as Alexander creek
has been i.'ie of the richest on the
Bridge river.   A number of Cincinnati
. '
This has been Lillooet's record yeai
lur hunting parties In quest of ranis.
Already 26 game licenses have been
issm I a the game warden's office,
and more parties are coming in later
on In the season. All report seeing
lots of game,, and already some very
nice bags ol sheep (big horn), goats,
bears and deer have been brought
Parties who have heen here in former years can see that Ihe game
wardens have done good work by preventing the Indians from slaughtering
game as they used to do in the past.
Grouse are very scarce this season.
Dr Clarke, who has been here for
s nne years, left last week, and Lillooet is therefore without a doctor.
This should be a good opening for
seme good practitioner, as there are
iwo government subsidies, whieh will
,no doubt be given to the first man on
tbe ground. One is from the Domin-
'on government for Indian work and
the other from the provincial government. They amount to $TSU per annum This with the practice should
iie a good thing for any man.
Dr. Clarke was not a surgeon, and
anyone   wanting   surgical   work  done
had to go to Ashcroft, a distance of
ed  io  ihe committee  an-| enquired  whether this bad  been I    ,\ strike ��vas made about two weeks'60 miles,  or  get   a  doctor  in.    Last
....   nothing seemed  to  ago, within two miles of town, whicli   vear there  must bave been a  dozen
granted   further   have been done about ii  since it was | promises    to eclipse    an.uhing   ever  such c.u.fes, nna now that the mines
found here l.etore.    Tlie discoverer of   are  working  we  are  in greater need
Cache.   Mrs.    Copeland, j 0f a surgeon than ever. '
a piece of very rich float a few      Tlle  geton iake hatchery  has  been
[P'ovinc 2l   Union   H_!__   Success-    E.iyne    &    Symcock'.    Powerful
'.   Convention  *n  Van- Tug Takes to the  Water
couver. j Lixe a Duck.
A. I'
'1 ini
' : the Provincial
���   . ���  -     linll n   was
a  '.','( dnesday in
:.'   Ba itisl   church,
���   ..   -  ... large dele-
[ '  ���    the Island
ad New  Westmin-
-���   .   (o   the   limn-
en    ���  ���   :. I   lur  ihe
I': esldent,
.    ti ::.'..   vice-
'     '   .     Vl     ' , ..���;   ;    t,..-
oi ia;   treasurer,
���   ���    Westiiiin-'. r;
.'.   \.  Huggett, Vic-
;��� ���     Messrs.
a F mvre,   Van-
a-', N'ew   \Y. stmin-
ia . : dis-
with the
nal Vomit;
��� rn conditions.
'������I am -I - es
the Mount
��� nt< rtained
I Ing din-
���    hurch,
a.'.       h        III"!,
i Litch,
��� ��� i address
[<   mo,,
1*0(1   v.       a
"e Lord."
" ning two  excel-
��� '    the  first
" \   Young
���   i ii I   b.
;'-     '.'..IIU.
ention    if  rhe  council, all   present
: -��� Ij  that he was going to
tall   - ,  hish, because he has been do
���- gularly    ior   a   couple of
months  now-,  and   the  other  counc'l-
-  .  ���   geti Ing  used  to it.   The .<-���!>
.. ��� a   s bte us ia! prologue:
There  is another  thing  to   WSticl
1   wis]   t.     ali  the  attention  of  the
members of this  council.    1  nek-,   to
thi    sta ���    ol   affairs  on   Lulu   island,'
when th*  merchants have been dump-1
lng ihi-::   rubbish   fur  some time.     1
1   -
the   Weather  King  will  b
si .vice in about a month.
Miqnon Duke.
-, ,a ;-'���   Patrii k's hall, Miss
Hike an.: .Mr. i.. ll   ���!. Mine-
give a  recital  which all thi
i A suggi sl
l��. L
^"OP^-n-J Liquor.
;,;';; iennialcon
'" tonal . ,
... .        '   '    greal pow
ban will
music lovers of New Westmlnsti r
should attend. Miss nuke is a Vancouver girl who sang ln this ciiy some
f mr years ago, and since that time
has studied under some of the leading vocal teachers of London. Eng
During the last year of Miss Duke's
stay In London she sang al many oon-
(arts, churches and private functions,
appearing  on     two    occasions  befolM
ated to look Into the matter some ; ;"si   sight  of,
Ime   ag i
consi ler what, steps shall be   first mooted
    - either sen,.ing a new      ctt.   ClhiU Duncan,  replying to an j the   Golden
site, or otherwise disposing of the rub-   enquiry  from the mayor, stated  thai' found
:;':;- : ii   matter was now iu tbe baud- oi
Aid. Garret] Introduced the subject,   the city solicitor, and  that the plans
.:,:  as  .-con as he prefaced his  re-   of the new whari   would  he sent  to
marks    , saying that there was some-   Ottawa   as  soon   as     possible.     The
which be wished to ca!) the   clerk was instructed to take whatever
Steps were necessary in the matter.
On the motion of Aid. Howay, the
i ..;.: street sewer by-Jaw for 1906
was read a lirst time.
Aid. Garrett complained that then
. as a house on Harvey street, Sa: ; er-
ti ii. where there was no sewer. In
consequence of ibis there was an accumulation of fiJlh under the house.
Typhoid lever had broken oul In this
place, and he though! that something
aught to be done-
Aid. Henley explained that the owner of this house had dug a hole until ; his h mse lower than the culvert
undei the street, and ihat the city
! could nol always tn lowering sewers
to suit him. He promised, however,
:���> call the attention of the foreman
of the board of works to this nuisance,
aad \ei-y likely something will be
lone to alleviate the evil.
Adl.  Howay    re] or e 1  that   a   pur-
i haser lia ! been found for the pound-
ei : ers horse.    As. the horse will not
he wan'' I again   intil next s] i Ing,
thought   thai  ihey  should  accept   the
offi re I   for  the   animal.    Every-
���  .   agreed  to I bis, and the pound-
, ���   . ���'   charger ��il! be sold.
On behalf of the ; olii e committee,
. i, Howaj  as! e j that ii. il. Bat1 be
.   < aimended  to  the  city  co im 11 of
' i:   : ; ii  thi   position ��� tn I k* ei er,
wl :. ii hi  had occupie I thi     ear, This
was approved -        -    it, an I t he
i ler.h   was   in-': icte 1   to   act   . ������ ord-
A   claim    for    compensation  came
:.: the widow of the late John i' d-
: ., who die I in the Royal Columbian
hospital  as  tlie result of injuries  re-
eived  at   the exhibition  grounds  on
Thursday. Oct. 5, whi'e he was in the
..,  . aa-ov of the city.   The communica-
UCt.        Ill
Messrs. hayne is. Symcockls handsome new tug uoat was successfully
launched on Wednesda. evening and
christened the Weather King instead
o: i iiu Blain. ,..- �� ...- al one time inti ii led. When the eventful moment
came and the impediments were re-
. ��� I, the hull sli i slowly and ma-
.' - ically down the ways and into the
... ter almost will mt a splash, Mr.
Bl .in.   one  of  the   u opri. tors,  broke
ti  bottle oi cham iagne over the bows   wag Jl)e,,(        , ;lf,e,.1RH1I1] and  ]  c;m
and named :1k  vessel. assur* ynu that no money could tempt
The hull is 90 fee! long with a 19- roe -, :.��� anywhere in the vicinity of
fool beam and a 10-foot hold, and the that dump. The road leading to this
machinery lias been the particular dump is . n st Impassable, and ii is
can of Mr. Blain Hi bas built the nol safe for a team to ��� driven over
boiler himself, and il  is of a capacitj   certain parts of it.   I think it ir up fo
ifficienl to suppl. the engines with the council to lo something to remedy
al! the steam they san stand and a ihis stati of affairs, and a suitable
lit :.��� more II necessary, The boiler place should be provided for tbe mer-
_ feel S incites in diameter and 10 chants of the city, *l*he rubbish
'ict -I inches in length, and will carry ,..,,-, j >., burned; thai is the only
350 lbs. of steam Thi engines will -,..-, ��� ,- ose of it. I have exhaust-
. velop 240 horse power. There were en m\ mind to find a satisfactory so-
a considerable number present at the lution tc his problem, and I now
launching, and a cheer arose as the leave i bn (he hands of the council."
vessel struck Lhe water, The hull \\ \. Henle.\ had been select* I to
will be lowed around to Vancouver by iict with Ud Garrett witb a rh ���
thc  Belle,   whe ��� machinery  will    Deviate thi    uiisance, a     iti.
:.������ placed aboard,    ll  Is expected that ���-    .  loni ol the pheasani shoot-
ready for   inj   -��� ,- in   had  |i oven too much  .or
him, and th* re
work don*.     Ud, Garreti  staiti d thru
if he had b< en n pheasant, Ud. H* n
le.   would have found him during th��
past   week,  but    pheasants    did  not
man I in the  vicinity of the dump,
ion  was also  made  by  Aid.
' Garrett  thai    the  old    power ho ise
��� should  be used as an incinerator, or
II al a contract should lie entere ! into
with  the Small & Bucklin Mills Co,,
who were about I i build a burner
dispose  of iheir  waste  prod
(houghl    thai    satisfactory   arrangements could )e entered Into with that
Aid   Adams supported Aid. Garrett,
months ago, and alter following up very unfortunate ihis year. The
the mountain, found the ledge out of heavy rains caused a huge land slide
which it camt. The ledge is very at the nea(i of geton lake, which corn-
wide, and liee gold can be seen all pletely blocked the outlet of Ander-
through it. Work will be commenced son ]ake for two uays, where they
been doing very well, and for the last ' were spawning sockeyes. When th"
been doing very well, and for the asi aanl broke lt took all the traps, et .
month has been running twenty-three i an(j ]<_t the fish out into Anders ���
am! a half hours out of the twenty-Make, so that they could not be can
four.   At last they have perfected the'again.
machinery, and al this rate ii should i Tne Horseshoe Bend people
not be long 1 .More a lug dividend is hrt.ll going on with their work on
l'uid- . lower Bridge river.
Another dredge is  under construe-     C W. Renard, of Spokane, cam.
tion further up the river, and as soon j on to-day's stage, and is interested   n
as   ihey   perfect   the    working  parts,  the    big    undertaking    on    Cayoos
dredges will Ire seen every few  miles ; creek.    It is very likely work will go
along the Fraser liver. Ion all winter on their claims.
E. IL. Co., $1,066.39;  C. C. III. T. Kirk, 25c;  total, $2.6.32.
Health���Vanstone Heating & Pri:... -
ing Co., $1.15; Westminster Tran-...
Co., $2; total, $3.15.
Police���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
,;.:i.a; Westminster Transfer Co.,
$2.5.; Capt Pittendrigh, coroner, $5;
G.N.W. Telegraph Co., $5.84; .1. J.
Mackay & Co., $3.05; R. H. Benson,
$3; S. H. Thompson, $1; total, $2_.:U.
Parks���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
.I.s."; Reichenbach Co., $5; Geo. Cunningham & Son, $.'.; Royal Ciiy Plan-
Brunette Saw
Mills CO., $198.64; Anderson & Lusby,
���fl I.l".; ii. T. Kirk, $3; T. J. Trapp &
Co., $2.48; total, $541.80.
Board oi works���Buckland di Smith,
$75;  H, T. Kirk, $3.20; R. H. Benson,
r"  Per.   Benevolent   society,  $100;  J,  $s; Gille;   Bros., $25.20; S. J. Davison,
:  ! ail.   News i'i dishing   $2.90; T, J, Trap;   & Co., $18.65; Bru-
$3.75; li. (
Dunn, $11:  total, $2,.2f..i...
Waier and sewerage���Anderson &.
Lusby, $6; tiilJey Bros., $380.69; H. L.
DeBeck, SOc; Royal Ciiy Planing Mills,
$4L73; J. Coughlan, $210; Wm. John-
-.' in, *J'; Novelty Iron Works, $17.50;
J. F. Neilson, $...d'a; Brackman-Ker
Milling Co., $14.85; H. T. Kirk, $9; R.
II. Benson, $.; Royal City Transfer
��... $19.S0; T. .!. Trapp i_ Co., $52.03;
Cunningham Hardware Co., $51.23;
��� rson it Lusby, $3.25; II. Mueller
Mfg. Co., $62.51; George Cunningham ing Mills Co., $313.68
._  Son. $4.60;  total, $930.48.
Finance���Wilber Smith, $14; Dingle
.. Gi : '.mil, $4.75; J. J. Mackay <!.
Co., $9.55; Columbian Printing Co.,
$1.0.90;   Airs.   John    Ross.   $15;    Mrs.
Co., $_ ���.-": ::. c Telephone Co.
fi 9.85; G. N. W. Telegraph Co., $2.61;
f. P. R. Telegra] b C ���.. $5.56; Royal
City Planing Mills Cu.. $19.87; total,
Library ��� Jan.es Muirhead, $3.15;
Westminster Transfer Co., SOc; Van-
:- one Heating tc Plumbing Co., SOc;
K   L. MacGowan, $1 25;  total, $5.40.
Fire ��� George Cunningham & Son,
W.C.T.U, to-
ng for an
'  ' plum and
���a ||     .   ,|      ,   ,,,,.
Princess Henry of Battenburg and ^( ^ .(] i]|;i1 tn$ conaltion of the
other members of the royal family. ' '^^ leadJng ,() tne nurap was such
Miss Duke will give a recital in the ', ;_ ^ t(,.1,l:s.e, wn,,i,| drive his
Victoria opera house, Victoria, nexl ; ^^ &]ong there [f h(, ,.������,,, ,���.,,, it.
week, after which she will Start upon He wag Qf opfnion tha) a suitable
ai: extended concert   tour of all ''be   ,.]ace shol,](j he proVitletH for the men
' im.i
'      8U"iva" Knocked Out,
'      '     Amby Mc
' I -, '       I    knocked
f ,;;      , , ; inglon, in
principal cities of Canada.
 o ���
Bishcp   Consecrated.
Portland,  Me.,    Oct.  18,  -Rev.   Dr.
Lewis  Walsh, ol   Salem,  Mass.,  was
consecrated  to-day   as  fourth  Roman
Catbi lie bishop ol  " irtland,
chants by tiie corporation.
Keai v could not understand
,;   .-I have to provide   Electric  Co
'., be used as a I Planing   Mills,   .
'"i'i Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co.,
tion was read. Imi no comments were p7; Cunningham Hardware Ca. $1.40;
: - I upon il Th* matter was mere- Royal City Planing Mills Co., $2.18;
I; referred to the finance committee, Brackman-Ker Milling Cr.. $42.60;
with Instructions to report at a later -Westminster Transfer Co.. 50c; An-
meeting, derson & Lusby, $3.25;  Gilley Bros..
The following accounts wen1 passed   $14.80; Canadian General Electric Co..
lur payment:   Light committee���B.C.  $9; total, $92.68.
Telephone Co.. $14.20; J. F. Neilson, Finance, for schools���Hardman &
$14.16; S. J. Davison, $2.50; Vanstone | Bryson, $15.90; H. Morey <fc Co.,
Heating iv. Plumbing Co. $7.95; An- $18,43; William Nelson, $15; Cunnlng-
lorson & Lusby, $6.30; Braclfman-Ker ham Hardware Co., $1.40; T. R. Pear-
' Milling Co.. $12.45;  Canadian General j sen, $2(1;   .1. J.  Mackay  &. Co.. $2.75;
why the city
a place for the
dumping  ground
ana even   ���  '   ^ ^^^fS," Si Hai (ware   '-. WW  Thomas Ovens,,'ham, $16.20; J. Carter Smith, $22.50
by   the
merchants,  *-':  Royal City
l'n as fei
Royal City
!!.  Benson,
Co.. $6;  T.
nette Saw Mills Co., $488.73; Royal
City Planing Mills Co., $149.13; Dingle & Galbraith, $3.25; Anderson &,
Lusby, $37.10; Brackman-Ker Milling
Co., $58; .1. W. Creighton, $li.4. ; Novelty iron Works, $27.30; Cunningham
Hardware Co., 75c; Royal City Transit r Co., $19.80;  total, $923.31.
Bridge���T. J.  Trapp & Co., $1.75;
W. A. Gilley, $98.96; total, $100.71,
Market���B.C. Telephone Co., $17.55.
Acommunication v.as received from
R. .1. Rickman, secretary of the B. C.
i -Mills,  Timber and   Trading Co.,  noti-
I fying  the council  fhat in  future the
! piice of lumber to the corporation will
I be as follows: Sidewalk planks, cut to
length, $16.50 per    thousand;     rough
j lumber, up to 16 feel. $16.15;  from 17
to 23  ieet. $17:   from  24  to 32  feet,
$18;   drain  coverings,   cut to length,
A   similar  communication  was    re-
,i.  Trapp <S Co.,  $1.51;   Cunninghi m
Anderson  &  Lusby, $l.lii;   F. J.   Hart
r   .,      ��,n      .-     .          ,,   ,,- _.   .   celved from G. W. R. Cross, secretar.
<������   Co..   $.!":     Vanstone     Heating   & | _��� Al     ��� ���            '_       _    ���
Plumbing Co.,    $61.99;   Westminster
Iron Works,  $2.50;   James   Cunning-
cf the  Brunette Saw Mills Co.    Both
were .-���   .ivei and filed for reference.
(Continued on Page Eight.) THE   DAILY  INtfWS
!  I
-   '
How    a    Celebrated     Statesman     Was
Treated  to a  Surprise.
V m ous men are sometimes jusi
like other men iu the eyes of ch I
dren. ' in ��� da., the celebrated &d
ward 1.' ��� rei: was riding along ���
road in .< .. sac-husetts. At Lynn a
brighl ri i1"1 tty girl got into I
car- and tm .; the vacant seat by his
Bide.    I ie ci ered into conversat i in
i .11: a:.,: is.ian SMILED.
with Iier and was much entertn i ���
by lur fresh and vivacious coir.
Whe:: the train was entering Co
ton  lie determined   to give  In r ti
pleasant surprise and so said blami-
''.\n\v, would you li'...1 In know
who ii is with whom you have 1 ��� en
"(lh, ve -," ansv ered thc girl, upturning her beaming i'.n e.
The statesman smiled benignant-
"] am Mr. Everett- Mr. Edward
The girl stared at him vacantly.
lie smiled again, for the mort' /'-
ing thought thai his name could bo J
unknown to her had not yet taken
form in his serene mind.
The pause became oppressive,  K'
nnlly the girl bethought hefcelt
"l)o Mm." she said desperately���
"do you live in I .;:;.r"
An Interesting Experiment.
Take an ordinary glass filled with
water and put m as much soda as
the water will take up. Tie one end
of a string to a common bean and
ihe "ither end to a wire which is laid
-.urn-; tlie lop of the glass, thus
submerging the lx.'.-.n. In a vcrv
few minutes tlio bean will begin to
be covered with little spine-, and in
a short time it will resemble a tiny
porcupine. The reason of this is
easily explained. The bean is quite
porous and soak, up a good deal of
'"'���:i.er, but the soda cannot enter the
bean and tliorefoie attaches itself to
the outside.
. Choosing  ths   Right.
One evening when little Howard's
mother was suffering with rhcuma
tisra she said to him:
"Howard, dear, run upstairs in a
hurry and get mother the slipper
for her right foot."
The boy ran upstairs quickly, but
did not come down for many minutes.
At last he called over the stairs:
".���Mother, which slipper do yo:
"The right one, Howard, and
bring it at once."
Thero was another wait, and then
the little follow called:
"Mother, which wav are vou sitting?"
Selections are now at their best���Prices at the lowest]
qualities up to our usual high standard of excellence]
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Mens Showerproof Coats. $7 to $25
Boys' Showerproof Coats, $6 to $7
Men s Rubber Coats, $3.50 to $6
Boys' Rubber Coats $3, ail sizes
Umbrellas Oil Clothing
The Wardrol
A Statu? af Washington.
You  wou. expect  to  find  a
statue of Washington in Caracas,
the chief city of Venezuela, would
you ? Well, one i.s there in a park���
a big bronze statue of our George
Washington. Near it is one of Simon Bolivar, the hero of the South
Americans. He was their Washington and organized the movement
which resulted in the independence
of Venezuela, Colombia and Peru
and was founder of Bolivia.
Hidden Flowers.
1. I hope' never again to soo a..'
terrible a sight.
2. Come, put that bric-a-brac,
love, right back on the table.
3. Look at the pans, yellow with
-1. Up must be a gretr; hero. Sea
the medals on his coat.
Answers.���1, aster; 2, clover; 3,
pansy; 4, rose. One in each line.
Try to find them.
MN1    A  .    ���'    >
tuLf -.1 i
Good   Manner*,
Boys that won't steal watermelons
out ot* :i handy patch aren't real boys,
Absence makes you ilo little tbitisp
for yourself aud so find out bow H
Sometimes a cheap upright ptano 'a
a standing joke.
Often u man does not call a spado a
spade because '.!<��� wants to uiake you
think lie Is noldiug diamonds.
Tbe man -.villi aut mi iblles on thi
brum naturally lias wheels In his bead.
Pity may 1 e nklu to ! ive, but not tb.
kin ! nf I iv-- tb it a  sir! liken t > I ra .
fib nit t > her chum...
SS ������":'. 111. i.ttl.v ill!. ������.���������:v ��� bet voe'i n
.,..,.., ,.,.,.. i   | ��������� :-   . ��� t!v.t lhe v ' iii-an I"
Condemned to slm-rry.
Two hundred years ago, when mon
and women wero condemned to death
for trivial offenses, it was the custom
in Scotland to commute the death sentence into perpetual servitude to sped
fled masters. In other words, the con
dem nod person became a slave, it
was further ordained that be should
wear a metal collar round bis nock re
cordiua; bis sentence and punishment
Tho Society of Scottish Antiquaries
owns one of these collars, fished out
of the Forth above Alloa. It Is brass,
witli this inscription: "AlexanderStewart, found guilty of death for theft at
Perth, 5th December, 1701, and gifted
by tiie justiciars us a perpetual serv
ant to Sir John Aresken of Alva."-
Collectors' Magazine.
"My dear," said u vain old man to
his wife, "these friends here won't believe that I'm only forty-five years old.
You know I speak the truth, don't
"Well," answered the simple wife, "1
aupposo I must believe It, John, as
you've stuck to it for fifteen years.".-
Cold Blooded.
Mary���Do you think one should marry for lovo or money? Chaperon���My
dear, love Is au excuse for marriage,
but money Is a justification.���Melbourne Times.
Let Joss delight to growl anJ fight
About a drl-d old bone,
But you and I will be polite,
Eun though we both get none.
The Loncie'i.1 Day-..
The longesl dav of the year at
New York is 15 hours; al London,
16V2; at Hamburg, IT; nt Sto :k-
holm, 1-S'o; ai St. Petersburg, 19;
at Tornea, Finland, 22; at Spitzber-
gen, 3',e months.
He   S...i .z   on  t.io  Do. tor.
Whi!   I ',v,i : :      iii the med
ical college I li; d ; at ent, an Lrish-
man, with a broki n leg. When the
j.!;.,-!. r iii'' lagc v 13 removed and a
lighter one ;> it ( ;i in its place 1 noticed tha! one of the pins went in
with great difficulty, and I could
not understand it. A week afterward what was my astonishment to
find that the pin had been run
through thc skin twice instead of
through t!:e cloth,
'���Why. Pat," said 1, "didn't you
know the ri:i was .ticking in von?"
'���To ho sur- 1 did," replied Pat,
"but 1 thought you know your business, so 1 hill nil1 tn!'._uo."
Spokane falls I Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
i     Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between ail
points east, west and south to Ro.s-
land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and 0. R.
' ���_ X. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Can-
:��� liari Pacific Railway tor Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyer. Falls with
-; .'j.   r1 iily for Republic,
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  an.l  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave Day Train Arrive
u.20 a.m Spokane   7.15 p.m.
���__5  p.m Ro-slam!  ....4.10 p.m.
Q.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
Tho   Difficulty.
Two   Irishmen   driving   through
the country  noticed  that many of
' the burn, had weathervanes in the
shape of huge roosters.
"Put," said one man to the oth
er, "can you tel! 1110 why they always
have a rooster and nivcr a hen on
the top iv 11.ini barns?"
"Sure," replied Pat, ''an' it must
he because uv the difficulty they'd
j have in colleuiing the eggs."���Chi-
' eajro News.
Sale 0. Lands by Public Auciion
By order of the Council, tlie Co'.-
loctor will offer for sale by auction
oa Saturday, October-20, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon (sharp), at the Municipal Kail, the residue of the properties not dispose I of at tho recent sale
by tender,
They comprise two subdivisions i:i
I)!.-!::,-'   Lot   30,  120  subdivisions   (in
|9   bier���!-..-1  in District Lot  53,  and   55
j subdivisions in District Lot 91.
Indefeasible title. Deeds at purchasers' cost. List, and conditions of
sale may be obtained from
B. (1. WALKER,
if.  M. '.'. and  Collector,  iin:.  34,  New
I Municipal Kail, Oct. 1, 1906.
X.i' ice Is hei (by given that 30 da; -
afier date I Intend to applj I > the
1 'aa-:' Commis lioner 0. Lands an I
Works for a license to cut un l carrj
awaj timber from the following deal, ribed Ian !-:
1. Commencing in a post marked
W. M's S.E, Corner, planted on the
north bank ol the Kildala river about
;v\o miles up :'.(.ai tlie mouth, run-,
uing as follows. |n cbains north, l'i'
chains west, 4" chains south, 160
chains easl to point ot commencement, containing ill" acres, more or
Located August 27, 1906.
2. Commencing at a post marke i
VS. M.'s S.W, Corner, planted on the
n 1 aat..-. a the Kildala river, aboul
two miles up from the mouth, running
i.s follows: la chains north, 120 chains
east, SO chains south, 40 chains west,
lo 1 bains north, 80 west to point ot
commencement, containing 640 acres,
I.  ������. ������ or less.
Located Augusl 27, 1906.
3. Commencing   at  a   post   marked
VS.   M '.   X i.   Corner,  planted  on   fhe '
north bank of the Kildala river,  iboui
live an!   a   half  miles   up   tlie   ri -
from - he :���  ���   ::. t inning a-  follows:
la chains  -   ith, 160 chains, ives ,   10
.,  .:.- n irl:,. 160 chains easl  1 1 . lint
1 oninien ement,    containing    1; i-i
ic-res, more    ��� le is.
:. 1 ate . Aug 1-1. 26, 1906.
I. (' 1:1 .:.- ::  lng   a'    a   post    mai :-.
W.  M.'s N.W. (' irner, plante ; ��� m
1     ;  .        .. ��� !\i! lal 1 river,   ib   il
five ai    a half miles tip tb ��� rivei   .   n
'��� be   ia ) ith,   running  as   follow -:   160
Ins    (-a it,    10  chains    -������,..    160
:. !:.- wa---.   !" 1 hains ni a a to ]  'ini
: imrueni ement,    con! lining    G; 1
:: ire . more or less.
Loc re I August  27. 1906
S. Comn eni iiu    aia.    .!     ma:'  " 1
V.'.  M.'s N.E. Corner,  plan'e.l  on tlio
a   . ':   ian:. of I he Kil lai 1 arm, a ioui
a ��� mile from ibe mouth of I ic  : !'������;'.
running as follows:  su chains south,
"���1 chains west, sa chain . nori h to I he
s'n ire iii:e, theni e following shore line
to point of commencement, containing
640 acres, moro or less.
Located August 27, 1906.
<!. Commencing   nt a   post   marked
V.'.  M.'s S V.". Corner, planted  oa  the
east bank  of  the   Dala   rive-, about
.ten  chains easterly from the  mouth,
running  a.s   follow.;:   40  ch tins  east,
40   chains   north,   10  chains   ea3t,   80
.chains north to the river, then   ���  fallowing  river  to point  of commencement, containing 640  acres,  more or
' less.
Locate i August 'ST. lO'ir,.
(Locator)  WILLIAM  MOODY,
per Frank Vandall, Ag -a'.
Oct. 1, 1906.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Bolt In British Columbia, may be homest.aded by any person who ls the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of ag", to
the ex-eat of one-quarter section of
I'"' a  : e 1,  more or less.
Entrj must lie made personally a!
the lo< s. land office for the district in
which the Ian I is situate.
The !: .mesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(it At least six month.' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(ji It the father (or mother, if the
father is decease.!) of the homesteader!
reside, upon a farm in tlie vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or  mother
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity cf hi- homestead, t'ae requirements as t 1 residence
may lie satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given t 1 the 1' immissioner ol I >��� i-
minim-, Lands at 'Ittawa of intent m
to apply f-r patent.
VV. W. ('*' (RY,
Deputy Minister of tiv- Interior.
X.  B.���"Unauthorized   publication  of
this  advertisemeut  will   not  be   paid
Transfer Cd
Office���Trarr  Depot
Columbia at.
Baggage delivered    11 :..ss r|
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Ilau
"I'fioe. 'Phone ISS.        Ham rx:
Westminster Iron %
GKNKRAL  .L.'V.IM.  A.V1J   >\
Ornamentio   Iron    V\ oric, iwi
Fences, Gates, Fire Lscapes,   \
Mail orders and 1 irre p mi-'
BEGtili* a' "--1-1
New  Westminster.
;:-��� lot ., ... m 1    lot ��� ���.  . ..
ind 22, subu     m bloi .. 6, N iw  \\ 1 s
minster cii..
Wher a - .   oof of I hi   los - of cert fl
ite 'i'   ii le  ii . .   er 2S 15a, Issued In
lie  name  of  Nels Nelson,   ha -   bei 1
file 1 ia 1 his offi :e,
Notice Is here!)} given thai I shall,'
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, issue a duplicate of said certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made to me in writing
C.  S.  KEITH,
Distrlcl Registrar of Titles.
Land" Registry   Office,   Xew  Wesl
minster, B.C.. Sept. 28. 1906.
B. C. Monumental Works ���
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
^^      ^T^ i  II )^^ Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Telephone A184  or address  4th  Avenue and 10th Street.
Tablets, Tombstones Etc.
Write for prices.
N.w Wastminater, 3  c.
Great Northern SJ
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RV
Dull' N ..'
9: .0 iim Blaine"   I
4:::.", pm ham
ton,    M"     v;
non,      live', ell
4:.!."i pmlSpokai e,      St
|Paul     md   '''���
points  E   '
B.20 am Anacoi les,
IWoolley,    a'"1
Stilt) mn Vancouvi r
:>: "a pm
n   1.)  Ar.uol
Lv.    New
Guichon s.:S'.
1*.   p.  m.,  Monday, |
8:45 a. 111. ar. from GittJ
b::;0 a. m. Lv. for Vanco"'"
Route of tbe l'a'>'":;*
.'-Daily Overland Tr."��|
Spokane, Si. Paul, >' "" ���
Winnipeg, Duluth, ' lhv'
Louis  and   ail   V'%^
Foi     complete    " ���"
rates,   berth   reservauo*1'
-ali on or address.
F. C. MEYERS, Ageaj
Rank of Commerce
.V.'tt        ��'  D  ���
P     1
S. 0. YK'tiCI"-'    N    '_ .,, I
'nrni'i- Second   v v '     ,.-.,.I
. .     ...      t.., .1    ...   >'     I iAI
iq, 1906.
/ __r_f_L__r
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.  G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West. Van.
Trains & Steamers
Ice  Cream  Sodas,
Sweets, Fruits, Etc
_J 3. S. Queen City
^^^Hf M.', 1N   L' Leav... at  11 p. in. ca
v   ...   ,- ,  .        ...       , ,.       Tth, 19th and 20th of each month foi
��� . N. \V. S.30; ar. Si tie I
-     e Seattle 12 , N. W
'    '. :    .   BSTMINSTER  JUNCTION
\ : ind vv iy : - ints;   eaves Vii ���
toria on the 7, and 20, for Quati it," at .
waj point . I. ives Victoria on 2Qfb
if each month tor Ca) a Scott and way
points Including Quatsino.
ibia Street
'      '    '���  v'    S...1. 10.CO, 15.40, 17   * LOWER FRASER RIVER ROUTt. ^^f^S"f      .^'      '\ (tfoE^E E
I..40. Steamer Transfer **1\lv''' ���     ""^*M- ~^S*W<<[���W'*4p    '^ .
GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY , ' ' E~   fW   W      :      '-  ��   Moa ^C1JS^^.f if   MW*
Lv. N. V,'. :.,'��� lt ���    ,,,,,' :d;i>'.    ruesday.   V..':,.......   T!i:i:    :,. '*>&&.���&   \E^E'^k^   * I'kU ^%-   4\
^.*W.��5SV.nfi��aiJB ��      ������-";.:;���   -   ='��� *_    '   '  ^aturd:, ^^flH^y|W| H
Souvenirs of the City;
Fancy Goods;
Fine Stationery Etc.
at _ p. m. witb additional trip on Monday at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at 0 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
 _^^^^^^^^v- -v ^- i-':> l'-m-' ���''"'��� Seattle 10 p.m
r\e��.r ro Tram Office  l'-m-
  V,,  VS.  &  V.���VANCOUVLlt
Lv. .\. \\\ 3 p. m. and 0:.5 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
G. N. R.���FORT GUICHONJ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m
Lv.   N.   W.  9:35  a.m.;   ar.  Guichon UPPER FRASER  RIVER ROUTE
2.20 p.m. S. S. Beaver
Lv. Guichon, 2:4 > p, m.;  ar. N. W. Leaves   New  Westminster,   .   a.  m.
6:45 p rn. and li p. u Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
.Mondays only. Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
B. C. ELECTRIC-VANCOUVER. ������d_a.y J"|d   S&tm****'      1,lnS   at
J. J. MACKAY y Co.
Booksellers and Stationers
OF | 	
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (:
& T. Dick's Old Country Boots  A'v,���_a'aS .sl.
r_ i _.^^^^H
Every pair guaranteed damp-proof.
Xo rubbers required. I	
U Old Country Boot Store*
[21 Columbia Street
New Weslminster.
rtUn   Po   f  I     WHEN GOlHG EAST
Il"��)l    raCinCi   ASK THE TICKET AGENT
New We.tm.nster 5.50, ti.50, 1
and . a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver  for  Westminster at'
.aire hours.
Fraser River and Guif
From N. \V, Mon. V .. :. Frid. H a.m
Fn in Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat..  7 a.ni
!     ui N. W. Tu.. Th., Sat. S ...tn.
From Chwk. Suiu, Wed., Fri., 7 am.
From N. W*. daily, es. Sat. and Sue
j ; Satur lay, 2 p m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Rithet��� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
 H Close. Received.
ttle, via Sun is 7. ;.* . .in. 6.40 p.m.
:- ipj >���: ton and Mill-
side, No. 1  7.i.:.... i". 11.35 a m.
Vancouver,  No.  1.  7.45a.m. 9.00a.m.!
c N.R.  Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle..   : "��� i.n . 3.30 p.m.
Van. & Cen. Park 10 10 a.m. J."" p.m.
\'ii ���  :.:    10.30a  a. 0.00    m.
landings   between   New   Westminster
a: 1 Chilliwack.
S.  S. Tees
,    Leav��s Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
land   ii'ili   of  each   month,  culiinj.   at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on  second  trip. Time on  arrival and
lepart'ir*.  are  approximate.
Ft-   reservations   and   Information
r address
Arent. New Westminster,
/.i-st. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dent.,
Now "JVostminster
"Jove!    Might have killed usi    I must have a wire screen fixed up.'
--�����������������-  4
^ hree
"rains Daily
J train     1
ent Service.
VorI<. Chicago,
 }'_;isi  ��� ....   ;.;.a"i.    i.i..
etc      1.3 ' p.m. 11.00a.m.
Ei^ht Trains Every Hav in the Year ,.,.,, ,.   . a���,
BETWEEN ' :. ,,     '
^^^^^^^^^ "^^^ ton, Millside      i
l'n iiiitlam    I.Oi p.m. 11.35 n m
:   Burn .30 p.m.   0.00 p.m
I   r.. IG.N.R. Five:   ...
and Lnicago
Graduate Optician.
.^.   XT*, b&MvOWl
Minneapolis, St. Paul
Our work guarantee 1.
-r- "   ' 1 II I.   '1 KAI.N   Ut    l-A.MI.
,.   ,   'Pronto, St. Paul THE    NORTH-WESTERN,    LT1.
;'- POINTS EAST Embodies the newest   and best idea
;.; de tn ani. {or   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE
'"���'���l! ,ro- and   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted  witl
,        ed   n tes   Round   Trl ,)"1'1   (-'!t'clri'"i,>'   ani1   B:'";   tlle   m""t
10 Southern  Call.o.nl      " brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
.   , world.     The   equipment   consists   o*
i:    ,. ''* or '..   " private   compartment   car.,   standan
'. ^gent, '6   section   sleepers,  luxurious   dinini
^sSt., Vancouver I.  r car' Mcl'n'n8 chair car.  (seats free)
A. D, CHARI TON   '    '    ' modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li
p,m" rt     __f    s\ r.t        ] *
 RyaB's Drug Store
00m.     12.00m, / O    v"-"- **     ;���;
i a ! Friday      ... 12
1' Canadian Pacific Railway Co. CHOICEST CIGARS
British  Columbia Coast  Line
���Subject to change without   notice.'
f I    l . :���;. ess    Beatrice,   Oct.   j:1.   Ci
Princess   May.   Nev.
Irom   Ya-i-
ARLTON ik i. -     !���
��� brarv and  smoking cars.
'''�����'.   A        For Time Tables, Folders, or anyI Ro��vei
' AKE I further  information  call   on  or  write   VANCOUVER,   VICTORIA   SEATTLE
O   UJ?   *I        rk I C    XV    DAD_TD ROUTE
e wmtePa_
ond Avenue, Seattle, Wash
i a
I |
'    w
I        *_.'
Columbia s.tr__r.
I   ;���;
U��� �� woo
���   on Route    "��Sc
S��.   SnP.WSON    and
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at l p. m.
"The Milwaukee"! |
-, ., ��� "i >''.
-ri-:., ' B (except
,,^1 frei, '. '" '��� mail,
I ' .-.''���'     with
l?�� ��� th, ''   Horse,
f,0fmai ""'�� service,,,
I Rl    ��� '  y to I ln9 a specialty.
RS,   Tr
���������"*���. B, r
The   Pione��r  Limited"   St.  Paul   to i !J;
Chicago,   "Short  Line"   Omaha   to '��� K
NEW     WESTMINSTER      Chicago,  "South    West     Limited" | ��� J*
ROUTE.                               Kansas City to Chicago.                    j !���)
S. S. Charmer.                            No   trains   in   the   service   on   any! |
n^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^ railroad   in   the
Having bought oul  the Blacksmith-     Unveg N(ny UreStnjinster at inn   equipment that of the Chicago   Mil- $
lng business of R   ll. Benson, I will   m .,-,���,.,,,, j:,v and Mondays.              | waukee &  St.  Pan]  Railway.    They] '$
'���   pleased to see all his oiil custom-                                                             .own and operate their own sleeping! !*;
Horseshoe-      VANCOUVER NANAIMO ROUTE.       ._11< 1 dining car- on alll their trains and ��
_   ���   ,.._                          ' give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of ' :<:
o. o. Joan                                         .                   ,     ���     , ,       ,        , ���_
jservue  not obtainable elsewhere >J
ouver dally except Hat-1              H. S. ROWE. General Agenl '' 8
ers, as -well as now ones
Eighth Street
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
urdaj  ;.; .! Sunday al 1:30 p, m. Sat-  134 Third
_>;.. cor Ail
er. P..
���and, Or.
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Day Office    A22
Night  Office    B22
FRIDAY.  OCT.  19.  1906.
Whether nr not thi      ivi   anient will
dissolve a; once aia: %o to I ..������ i ountry
mi ihe "better terms" issue, Is a ques-
I lon   that    must    : ������   aa-'.'.". ������.!   bj    ilie
governmenl; bul I hal he have looked forward in doing so for months
past, and that : ne general line of Mr.
McBride's course at Ottawa v.as laid
out in a.lvalue. with tlie ol jeel of creating an "issue," there can be no
doubt, it is equally certain, also, ihat
Mr. McBride himself, when ho bounced
oui of thai committee room the other
day ami hanged the door after him,
was simply carrying out the programme, and imagined that he was
doing it well. What his colleagues
and ihe oilier party advisers will think
of it, however, is another question.
Quite possibly they may consider that
ii will be well to hold off the elections
as long as possible, and trust to the:
chapter of accidents to turn up (something which will help to offset the
Ottawa fiasco.
He ihat as ir may, however, it .appears certain that the "better terms"
question will lie the battle ground in
chief in provincial politics during the
interval between this time and the
closing of the polls on the day of the
general election, be thai Interval long
or shorl. The government cannot.
avoid tlie subject, am! tlie opposition
will not wisli to avoid it. -Mr. McBrlde, of course, will not acknowledge
that he has made a deplorable muddle j
of the whole business, and his political friends will lie compelled for their
own sake to support him. Having al-
lowej him to lead them into the mess,
tl ey must now make the best of it.
Am! whal a mess it is! Despite his
glaring unfitness for the position
which he holds, despite the blundering
impetence which lias marked his
... ministration, Mr. McBride, a week
.. ., bail a chance i.i largely redeem
! ..sell���a chance to "dish the Grits"
���such as comes, to few men in politics. Had lie borne himself like a
man in ihai committee room; had lie.
even after he bounced oul of ii. yielded in Mr. Fielding's kindl; persuasion
and returned, there is little doubtthat
he would have been acclaimed to-day
as ile man who had settled honorably
and we!! a long-standing controversy;
ihe  man  who  had   at   ome  obtained
ih tantial advantage for his province
and a: ihe same time had given i: the
rlghl   in   claim   thai   it   ba 1   foregone
:. el Iting for th" sake of prom it in.:
Hie harmony of -lu- Dominion, and
thereby contributing to th" strength
of i 'ainida as a unite 1 nation.
nut be could a. Ither gi asp ihe situ-
ation nor rise to 'he oi easl' n; and
now '," is the laughing stock of lhe
mt ry, iln- despair of bis political
fi lends, ihe discredited lea ler of a
lon in a disorganized party. One
��� m Imagine how bir a. the men of
ability in ilia' party will now curse
: he folly which !������ i them to accepl bis
leader.sip for ila- sake of grasping
power and office; bul the regret
conies ''in late in tliis case, as such
regret generally does.
li will lie some time before full particulars as to all the points involved
nie available; Imt enough is now
known to enable us to form a clear
i'i Inlon as to the conduct of lhe British Columbia representative, and also
in tb" manner in whicli the claims
of lb" province were treated by the
Dominion government, and these are
the chief points for present consideration. !!." and liy will come tlie dis-
cussion of the steps in bo taken to
secure tbe Province againsi permanent loss from tbe blundering of tlie
premier;  but thai time is not yet,
It musi not be forgotten thai Mr.
McBride bad two questions to deal
with- i 1 l tbe general request of all
tbe provinces for a readjust menl of
tlie subsidies���"better terms"; and i_i
lbe claim of Iiriiish Columbia for npo-
ciil consideration, or in other words,
for a grain of money, either in a lump
sum (.��� by way i E ai  an ut 1 payment,
addition   to, and   ::. lepen lenl ��� if,
.a . -:.!.���'��� i un be- the flrsl hea 1.
Cnder tbe firsl he, !. the i ��� iuesi ol
the provinces for increase of the su i-
sidies has been granted. Under this,
British Columbia receives $115,000 per
annum additional. The request for a
grant in ail of tbe administration of
criminal justice was refused. In these
matters all the provinces are mi the
same footing, and the settlemenl ap-
1 pears to have been accepted by nil.
Tha' matter is now oui nf tlie Held of
controversy. Further, tlie fact that
I liritish Columbia lias a special claim
j���is entitled to preferential treatment
���has been admitted by the other
provinces, and also by tlie Dominion
government, although the admission
is in thai case informal nr unofficial
There remains, therefore, only the
q ms-inn as to ilie amount which the
Province should receive I:, satisfaction if 'li'" claim. This point Mr.
McBride faile 1 to bring in an issue.
\\'e have bis sliding scale proposal
and we have Mr. Whitney's million
dollar resolution, which the other premiers unanimously adopted after Mr.
McBride had lefl the room: but neither of these has been pronounce I ip
on by the Dominion government, so
fa; as we are aware. It is true that
tin effort will be made tn import into
tbe controversy ihe silly deman! for
arbitration which our governmenl put
forward. No sensible person can support that. Mr. McBride coul 1 not find
a single supporter among tbe assembled premiers. There is nothing to
arbitrate. The claim of British Columbia is admitted; Imt it is a moral,
not a legal, claim
Ii will be seen, therefore, that Mr.
McBride did just enough with regard
to the special claim of the Province
to prejudice our case and leave it in
a worse position than he found it.
There is good evidence tha* the assembled premiers would have been j
willing to go beyond the million dollar
proposal; there is good evidence that
the Dominion government would have
consented to go beyond it; Imt Mr.
McBride preferred to bounce out. and
by ko doing he has fixed, for tlie present at least, a million in ten yearly
payments, as the extreme extra allowance which the Dominion, ir. 'be opinion of the provinces, would be justified in giving tu British Columbia.
Discussing the attitude of the Dominion government, it will be well to
refer to tlie editorial article (largely
quoted from tlie Mail and Empire)
which appeared in ilie Columbian of
Tuesday, its argument, briefly, is
that there wasaplot.in which ihe six
Liberal premiers at the conference
wre parties, to play a "shabby trick"
ui on the Conservative premiers and
the provinces tbey represented, dust
what the shabby trick was; just how
i: was lo lie played; jusi how the
provinces represented by the Liberal
premiers were to lie compensated for
ibe effeel of the shabby trick upon
them���since they, of course, woul 1 get
the same treatmenl as the other prov-
ini is- -and jus' bow these Libei al pre-
��� iers were brought to consent to a
i c.se which would pul weapons in
the hands of their i olitical op) onents
- these are detail, which the mighty
intellects of the Mail ami Co uni >lail
not i on lescen 1 ... explain, \Vo
n, |, ii'iueier, ''.i.y the p'oti ...
a ere Eoile I: the shah iy trick : iled
to   coi iff,    And  the  reason?   C n
iij one  ask!     \\ hal  i mid   sui h     i r
those Liberal pi end ' - an 1
Sii  Wilfrid do u hen pit te i tig tins;   lie
mighl     nti   .. '   McBride.    The
Columbian's   artIcle   deser.        i hi  a
place  as   a   conl. llllll loll   '"    ..���   aaii ';.
ol nation i;  hut   i Is,    fter all, a
rat her seriou    I    tt er,   ve       nild
tr, ask:
If  the  iSolum ������    hal   a
I,eari> vote of thanks tn .-' Wilfrid
and hi - colleagui - for I lie in inner in
vliw b thej had t reate I I he > onference
was move i bj ; he i li n, M i. v.i.:' ���
t ae i !onservai Ive premier ol I (n li .
and  carried  unanimous!.. '.'
If the Columbian is aware th il he
resolution which Mr, McBrlde treated
as an insult, and on the moving of
which b" bounced oul of the room,
was also moved by Mr. Whlteny, the
Conservative premier of Ontario?
If the Columbian is aware that all
the premiers, including the <' inser. a-
Uvea, Messrs. Whitney in I R - din,
voted in condemnation of Mr, McBride's arbitration proposal'.'
If the Columbian has heard thai Mr.
Whitney, the Conservative premier of
Ontario, condemned Mr. McBride's
conduct In express words'.'
And finally, how it happens that, if
the three Conservative premiers were
banded together to defe it, an ' did, by
their united efforts, defeat, the
"Shabby trick" which Sir Wilfrid atti muted to play, Messrs, Whitne; an 1
Roblin not onlv abandoned Mr. McBride and vote i against I Im, bui
moved and sup;   r ��� la      irl ol
Wilfrid   an!
thanks   to
The far'   >f I   e :.. ���   er Is   ::' . .   i.i
diop  Into slang   I >r  a   momen .
"there i - no :. oming" from ai
o!   the   '��� .a-       ivinces aboul  thi
bull of tlie conferem e,   u I be .;   I
o    ...   i   .:,     Inisti . -    iwa   Is the
provin Itish (
stands alone - t m lemne I by the
woi se than I ' inderin i of the : 131
minister to as isolation which is anything but "splendi 1."
W. R. Gilley, '."none \-l-2.
Dealers '.a
Moyw   .iir-  IlnrI.   In Gathered   nud  Prepared   For   Iho.
The cinnamon tn. * grows to a height
Of from twenty to thirty feet and la
���ouietimos eighteen inches In thickness.
The leaves are from four to six inches
In length, oval shaped and marked
with three principal nerves. Tbey taste
very much like cloves. Cinnamon dowers ure of a beautiful silky gray on the
outside and a light yellow on the inside. The fruit i.s a small acorn shaped
drupe, and when ripe it is quite brown.
It is, however, the bark of the clnna-
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. tj. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver fort land Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
���Phone 1-ti
Don't  Scov.d.
Don't scowl.    It spoils fnoo..
WANTED���. '
di dgers.   Appo
,. ���   io   -i deliver
.'17 Front .-tree:.
fore you know it your forehead will WANTED���Furnish id room bj  gentle
resemble   a    small   railroad    map. man working nights, in private   im
There is a  grand  trunk  line  frnm ;������,.   Address C. this office
your cowlick to the bridge .>f vour
mou tree that makes it valuable.  The   nose,   intersected   by  parallel   it:: ���- v. ANTED        '���          . aittli  f
What "sterling   mean$|
to silver,  what  "cutting"
means to glass, what ^L
means  to  gold this trade!
mark means to
It's  the hallmark 0f|
Maple Leaf Rubbers, J
I their name- signifies, are
from pure Para !���'
finest comes from the island of Ceylon,   running east and west,
where they have two seasons of einna     archill;,' vol"'" ���'   pl.r r
mon harvest.   The first season begins   ���,.���.;, ~:,i. .'.    .-.'..���_
In April and the last in November. The
branches of threg to five years' growth
nre  cut  down,  and  the  epidermis is
when   it   is too
,*        "���   "-       q i.e. *
Bro     : \!!  kinds,
LOST    A   ill "'  :'"'
a     .. ��� .
.   ;.   '  .   : ' '  ���      ���' ��� ;   ' ���
\..v    ''. ���       an-'"
'lhe lirst Beason  i
ing   ts a   hallil   t.   .���   -��� ...    p.!   wanted   Good
unaware.-.   We fr ... n when       ���  ;  . I of   three
carefully   scrape.!   away,     Then   lhi is  to��   ~''",'':   '''"���'    '   '"     '   :-   '"' ���     .     Vppl     I
bark is ripped up lengthwise  witli a weak,   tte tie our !.nnvs int i i knot
knife and gradually loosened  uutil it when   we   are   think i I   knit
may be easily removed. theni  even   ���-, .-������   |    '������'���        ,.;.   vve
The slices of bark are then pla 1 In cannot think.    There   - no ���! envim*
the sun to dry. and as they dry tbey there are pleul     ,f ���    ������...   to .cowl
curl up Into quills.   The next tiling Is about
to examine and arrange the cinnamon
according to its quality.   The persons
whose work it is to examine the einna Coffee Je'ly.
mon are obliged for this purpose to       Xo one quarl   ol  coffee  I is pre
taste and chew it. although iu a short
time lt produces a very painful
on their mouths and tongues. hiri,.  q�� f      y  wa,,
As the cinnamon quills are examined ,   ,,. , '      ,
the smaller ones are inserted into th, OM-hiiU hour or    mgor     hen
larger, and the whole is then tied up in the cup in hot water until the ._
bundles   weighing  about  eighty-eight tin  is thoroughly dissolve
pounds each. \ one-half cup of sugar to the qua.
In Ceylon Uie oil of cinnamon is usu '. of hot coffee and stir iti the me
ally prepared by grinding the coarsest gelatin ami  a  little  vanilla bei  i
pieces  of  bark,  soaking  this  powder the whole tlii.-ken...    Set   in a
ln sea water for two or three days and ��� p]ace to mrt\{\ .,.,,] 3erve with crca
then distilling   Two oils pass over, om,
lighter the other heavier than water.
sizes.    There   i |
I "just as good
'. I conditions.
j. Leckie Co,, Lid,
Selling Age
er. B. t
OB   PRINTING '���      '���'    '
a     stn ���'    ���' king     Bring  yi  .     ��
,    r|ni ng.    u me  wi I     i
and ' hi i
sUoi,t I pared for the table) one-half box  ���     ' ,
<*ff'-'   wlatin.    Soak the gelatin  in tv      L0ST   ;; "        'au    -.
old,    with      nail vhlte    ipol    on   I
���,., -;   ans ivers   i i   the   name   of   \
"Joker.'   Reward ��� ne 1 to co      '
ner Twelfth    an I Eighth    st e
i le ir-a   Adam ..
LI Mil
;., i -. i ���
i up
TO LET ��� Tv. ' furn he I ro mis for   i
liglr  house te.   In      mai rled i ouple   ,
referred.    \ ��� '..   9-i S a 1  street,   J
I      BOO        .���.'���:'':
Sa irthan I, Teh
iine iring.
ana sugar.
. ;..������   Que
Seven  Teachers
__,_ ��.*_. MIGNON DUKE
'The doctor says it is a bad case
"What's the matter?"
"Enlarged vision and inflamed tmag   Miss Mlgnon Duke assistd by
laation." MR. L. H. J. MINCHIN, will give a
Song and Piano Recital
LOST���-Between  the  i irner   of  Sixth   J
and Carnarvon streets and board of
... le room, la ly's crescent    i   oi h,
set   with  pe iris.    Fin ler  pie ise re
turn to Ii lil)   Ne vs office 190tf
t  Forty-Five   Typewriter^
!   Students Alv. v.
R. I. SPROTT. B. A.. PrivMl
A Repeater.
The man who fights and runs awfey
May live to fight another day,
But If he doesn't call It fun
He may Lasl.ad live but to run.
Awful Risk.
"He seems to bear u charmed llfe."
"What's the answer'.'"
"He culled bis wife down In company
and I noticed h* was still ali.b th.
next day."
Thorough Soak.
He soaked his watch and overcoat
To buy him board and bread,
And. having nothing else io pawn,
He went and soaked his head.
18.000   I EMPRESS   OF   HUI TAIN I U.50-1
I i ivlng sol I oul thi
; air   busin ���--.   .\������   _
ele "iiii   businea   -
t ���' ; ���'���,   hi !  -a ill    irt
lot.*:   everj thing  In  tha
Tra...   in the sa me w 13  as yo
tc-rs.     II   Is   the   qui   test,  s.i:.--'   and
mosl    nomli al,    Nexl   sailing  N  .
l ii.    Foi  pari Iculars apply to
C.  P.   R.  AGENT.
Recipe For Humorist.
"He is tlie funniest man I ever met."
"What he says or ihe way he says
"Neither.    The way he ha* his hair
The amateur photographer is no respecter of persons.
Laugh and the world laughs with you,
except Unit half of it that has dyspepsia,
People    who   think    there   are   no!
slasses in this counl ry should read He
circulars  of  o  correspondence school
There are classes there in every blanii"
tiling you can lliink of.
Somebody will come along and break
the world nf the habll of eating pie by
inventing one thai Is healthy.
Sometimes ii is the fellow who gets
married who is really disappointed In
A Romance of Old Mexico
with Musical Interpolations
Characteristic of the Peoj le
and of the Time
A Royd
By Clarenei Bi nr.ett, A itlu r
���f "The Holj l  *:
Taken from Gen. Lew  Walla
"The Fair God."
A  Magnificent  Production  oni.   Complete Scenic Invcsture
$1,00. 75c. SOc, 25c,
A man i.s as young as lie feel
WOlliau Is as viriing as she say-
and a
she   is.
Scats  on   sah
R    :.'- Dr is Sto
:   a
When a thirsty num can afford noth
big but a plain drunk the judge gen
erully furnlBbus the trimmings.
Every one who I re ikfa
lunches or d ne - al
Coffee Palace
Take tiotti e that ap] lication has
I een ma le I i regi iter John  Kenn ���:.
as the on::������:   '::  fee .-tin  :      a ler a
tax sale tl I from SI lm      .   Flei
to  John   Kenne Ij.  .eai lug    late th
:      da.   of   I a.  ���   .   \.n    11)01,    .;
S:\ an I .ii.:''.���'; . in parcel oi
i: id of land nd ren [si . . iate,
lying and   ��� te Dl     ...    Xew
���.Vestiuint . ' ' P .... if Brii
hh     ilol in   :.,,     ii. .; '   .   ilai
in :     ���  !. .' -   1. _, :,.
i   an I  5, Block   n, of   1       2fi,
i. -        ���!.!.-
2a2,   ii roup   1.    au I
of Lot 2, Block 5,
n   is, Town
:. l. ci ������' 29th, '.'.i -   ol    ... .���:. -
tl an,
Vou and are      qu
��� ml tsl   the ��� 11. .   ol  the  tax  pu
of   .������   ::       .....;.;
< ��� ���.   11 :  In   11   i .     .   a i ,. ��� ,   ���
i  ate   .,   , -    ������'. a . ...     fl]
vlthin     ich  pi     id,   i]   In  dofau I  i
re i 'ini ':,      fore registration, I sh
''      John    K 'nn ��� I;     a -    ow n
' hereol In fi ���    Am ! I dlrecl that i il
lication - :  th!    not Ice for one mon h
in    a  tl llj    i ew: | a] er   publlshe i  in
N'ew Westminster  sh ill   i. ��� good  and
i nfficleni sen i'1"
Hated at 'b.e Land Registry Offii i .
N'ew Westminster, Province of British
Columbia,  this   13th dav  of Octo
found In a flrsl clas
House  wiring  wl
'������r ie i ��� '.  an ! oui ���;
thing will be found a
anj   oth ���"   I .
kin ! on the coast.
Colum! la Str   tt,   .'ew
W. N. Drap(
B. C. Land
Ellard  Block.   New Ws.trims
Canadian Paci
becomes a regular cu tomer, because    A.D. 190G
Everything is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
A man may be tlie master of his
louse, but, as a usual thing, he'd rathe.
aot have his wife's attention called tu
the matter.
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee with
Cream,       -      -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.; <> to 8 p.m.
To hear congressmen talk before elec |
tlon you would think they were going : .	
to have nothing but fried octopus to!
breakfast as soon as they got to Wash I Good Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Ington. Short Orders Quickly Served.
Circumstances must be feminine, be
cause mun is the creature of circuuv
Kit. .. .
.'.  I'
E.   J.  COYLE.
Assis.;.nt   Genera!    P
Grand Trunk |
Excellent Train Service W|
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Tcro|
Montreal, Quebec
Portland, ����s''
any unregistered  Instrument, and all A.nd-all the principal I
persons claiming any Interesl In the ONTARIO, QUEBEC ti
said land  by  descent, whose title Is TIME PROVINCES- ��
not registered under the provisions ot Al o to BUFFALO, MF.W v''1
the "Land Registry An." shall be for- PHILADELPHIA, vin
1 .er estopped and debarred from set- Por Time Tables, etc.,
ting up any claim to or In respeel of GEO. w. VA-**'
Distrlcl Registrar.
To Mrs, Elizabeth  Kathleen  Black,
' e lam Knight and Jed <:. Blake,
All persons served witb this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
Interesl In the said land by vlrl i ��� of
hi '1
Trapp Block,
Columbia St,
Proprietress.   ""' s:iil1 land '*" s"''' tor taxes as ,��� o
vided by the "Land Registry Act."
Assistant Gen'l Pa   ''    '< '^'.1
Agent, 185 Adams St.. Chi .RIDAY.
OCT. 19. 1906.
Children's and Misses'
Winter Coats
A Chance to Save on Them This Week
���  |   : ..  wants tn pay an ex ir ..' int      ice for coa I. whn
.;  -beiii  iii a  :������ .\  months,   iu *-ant I
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 n wei'        . I iu  view ��� i
le, durabllit;    md .
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���:_ to 48-inch Tweeds and Me.tons,  in  good   111   11   "    weight,  plain
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Local News Briefly Told
Bu!��=  ��    ������������������������'    ...i     ii   Bov.ef8
S. G. '.    .       :. :.    \:-i (jjt
���" ' :' ' the G. X.  K.
I ������    i ! ���'     ���      .
Don'    ' ."  .. .   Mi ���     Mignon
'' ��� ���       ��� -    Pal ii    ��� hall to
night   A In    -   :   50c.
The VIcC ��� _���..  ',:  Vanco iver, was
broughl In o a >i:  ... Capt. Ju Iges yes-
Lerday, tnd ile i i al Gille; Bros.'
The cii ,' polii       in e will shoi 	
supplie i .-ith ti ishlight electrl ��� I imps
w hich are i i epl ice the lanterns al
present In  ise   >;   the local sl ilw .its.
Wati h fo      nl    ���   sure to read    ire-
Wm   t' nston's advertlsen mtin      ',!"'  5ame  ���''  !-'"  Camb ���  grounds
Saturda i Dailj  Nev.-   \,.-��-   between the Shamrocks and  the Cel-
���    ���    ishioi     lati   ' . isy   ' ''-    ���"'  Vancouvei   resulted In a vic-
erfect last ti ry :' ir   he Shamr icks, the sc ire
tii- ! to 0.   Several goals _ ere si ored
���: li -'     -: lea   I iring  the   game,  Imi
'he   Lad trie!   vv< ,.,.   |isa|i0wed  by the  refer ���������.   vh i
:'"'- gave th .all aa oul if ' mnds. The
' Mi.i.:-._ a.,: was se..'.- id
'' v -; :'"' min ites of the game A
liminarj g ime etween the Y.M.C A
ind ' he Sh in ro . Inte -me Hate ��������� ��� ���
won by the V.M.C.A. with i score of
. to l tu their favor.
' ti el   Bfi ... ."i  tb--   .isitor as  fai
...   -Cii. ".   ;. ...-..���   ;:������   .'. i
oa   . ��� he Vancouver car,   ind
i.'  the conductor's (are.    The departing guesl   was   very   profuse   In
; ii inks ' ���    : - ��� hiel   for iiia kin lm   -.
and promised to come here again next
Thanksgiving day.
An American newspapei man - les
dr. wn Into Mexico on an important
mission There he meets with a be ;-
tlt'ul senorita, a rich-blooded Castilian,
of the best family, handsome, full of
flre, magnificent. He wooes i.i wins
her, but not until he lias passed
through man.-.' stirring advantures,
which make A Royal Slave, at the
opera house Mondaj evening, the most
stirring play of the dav.
-   ints
: i       \
... ,    ,
��� :.
.    .       ov n as thi
..������. ,    | ial
past  ol C.  E.   R    lepot,
i hange I ot The huildli
een ij   W. G   McQ t >    le,
McQ ial ��� le   &   Co.
The bull lint, is  ra  ied   tl  _ ���    i0,
W.  .!.   Kei. -������'. ction  al
Brani ford street,   n Saturday, Oct. ti".
al   10.30 o'cl icl    in  the   mot ning, the
, of workmanship linisn is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
's tr -b these two qualities in every artice bought and sold. Our
SL00 _m oack diuiug chair possesses these in marked degree���
tbey aie excellent value. Our $_.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker Is
a leader and is a wiuuer; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at 115.00 is one
of the best.   Morris chairs all oak frame  from $7.50 each up.
Duponl Block.
Telephone 73.
Tinted Novelties
!:������ irs ������ ������ to ii plentifu ��� ������ ���;:. i
Burnab.. and district, an 1 t.i adven-
' ui e which :. ippened I isi night to .1
Smith, the well-known horse dealer,
is gel ting 'i be unple isant I mm in,
Mr. Smith ...a- driving along the Burnaby road, when sudden!;.- his horse
contents if Mrs. Blair's house, con-|reared and refused to advance, l.ook-
sistingol dining, bedroom and kitchen 'ng ahead rn discover the cause of
furniture, pictures and effects. Bar-; the equine's sudden display of insub-
gains foi evei   bodj-. I ordination,   Mr.   Smith    .saw    a   big
brown bear peaceably squatting in the
267 Columbia Street
A bunt ii of   ��� i ��� - came in from Vancouver  ,'. la:   afternoon on board
a 1 Ig re 1 aut i. The, were very hilar-1
i. us an ! yelled like Apaches as they
...'...:.._ '' ilumbia stre it. The
strong breath of the auto was modified by the odor from the breath of
iii.   passengei..
!���' : having een drunk an 1 lis ir-
derly on the public street, J. McDonald was irrested by tlu? city police on
Wednesdaj evening After being al-
: .we i ��� ' so ier up in the lock-up, he
was released on $10 ball, with the
in lei standing that he is to appear in
court   ���';;-  morning,  when  the  usual
.������ative will be administered to htm.
center  of the  road,  and  showing no
inclination to move. While devoting
all his energies to con'rnlling his res-
Live horse, Mr. Smith failed to con-
rentrate his attention on the obstacle
in the path, and. affronted at this
slight, bruin got up and sulked away,
for which Mr. Smith was truly thankful.
After a hard fought struggle on the
football field at Westham island yesterday afternoon, the Xew Westminster Rovers went down to defeat bete: <��� the rurals by a score of one - ial
tc nothing. The field was In anything
bul first-class condition, and ir. was
only with difficulty that the players
\n dl Chinaman who prefers 'he could maintain iheir footing. Shoot-
I nglisll sounding name of -foe to his ing was difficult under these condi-
i ive patronymic was arrest"! on tions, and many goals were missed
Wi Inesday evening by tlie city police through the forwards slipping at the
foi ictlng In a manner calculate I to critical moment. The football boys
excite the risible faculties of lovers are getting in good shape by this time,
o! vulgarism. The charge against and after a few more practices they
I e Is one of indecent exposure, and will deliver the goods in first-class
Is case will come up for hearing lie-  shape.    A few of the players seem to
fore the i dice magistrate this morn-
The    ' in".,   of the   Cosmopolitan
hotel was rai led on Wednesday night,
and as  i result thanksgiving fare was
scarce   a   ��� tt.:   the   festive   b iar I   at
li, |.      .   ter lay     The   randal, who-  ..,.
might  be, wai;;.- i off   -,iM)
.. .:    mrk tj - an i an tiu-
.  .,.    Thev   I . :
a     ���
lack confidence at the critical moment, but this is by no means confined to the Rovers, as all the teams
are still in some measure feeiiug their
way at this stage. The next game in
which the locals will figure is to be
played against the Shamrocks on Oct.
The game will lie played on
Our Knowledge
Is Not For Sale
\Ve don t charge extra for it. Our
contracts snow that we are masters���
thorough in every detail of work,
worKmansnip and material.
Kenny s Restaurant
The Most Up-to-Date Cafe
in New Westminster.
��������� >
' .���     mi " ike i si (��� ��� that ���
;   .- I  I] I ii',. at  I
iprietor  n   ild like to   the Indian."
���  ;.   Wl o   was   the   var-      "Where h
Color lo Shy At.
Strong drink bus been the curse of
makes  n   mistake is  in
looking upon the cup wh >n be is red."
-   'i-i:
t/~jthe/r works shal/yQ
^ know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
wc willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
Mr-**! , �� .
A.-,, "������'wiausrai  __3_._11___B_.
U s ,E^EsS^^
good time keepers anc
consequently comfortable watcht	
heu efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
e ovv'!<t to have any constructional defect remedied free of
rge Lv ^e nearest agent in any part of the world.   They
are n;'t made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed,     j
'*f- CHAMBERLAIN, The Jeweler, Brine Block.
a g i n:o poi   '���'���:.    a I: ig
thi    Fraser  River
ro, tl     Robert
ii 1 against a
Iptlon and  1    i
oil  ' : ��� ' '    The boa    ton-
,    a   ; le  a      ��� '!>
ran,        . . .      .,;-,. -        a  ivi    il!.;    thi
|.oom v        umediati       al       to  Em-
...      . .      w In .'   a :> '-a  pro
: ..  ���       ��� lien.
���,..,.         thanksglvii -      ��� .: "
vest -rday 1        'ou in
.... ,I< hurch was
w,.ll   , ti !  was i resided over
by Rev. W. H. Barraclough. The various citj pastors assisted throughoul
the serviie. .ml an excellent sermon
was preached b; Rev. A. de it. Owen,
rector i SI Pa tl's Reformed Episcopal church. The collec I m In ������-1 ,;
the Roj ' C '1.;. Ian h .spi ii am i int
eii to ���-'������
The Rithel - ame Into port yesterd iy
,,;���,; having assisted the i asseiii
who were on board the Princes. Victoria i rtfelj off thai steamer aftei ihe
had struc .. and conveying them I i
Victoria, The tugs Lorne and Salver
assi8ted the Princess oul ot Its tin
comfortiibh berth and towed it round
I , Esquimau, where ll will be placed
i;. tlrj -i>"!- Foi' repairs. The Rithel
brought In a mixed cargo, including a
I heavj shlpmeni o( Delta hay  for the
; Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
-,-!���. attention of the chief of  ce
, vvag vesterdaj afternoon called to the
Lntlcg ,r a Vancouver man who was
ambling  along Columbia Btreel   In  a
I,    .   ivhu    ;;.    rla ��� id ' mditlon     The
Anything to Shut It Off.
To '.  .   to tl    - 'hlnes   stage
The ivi iry      I  ner n   thi
Bi  s ' pti il to engage
A m in i-lth   '���. namite.
Wooidn't Stand For It.
"Why did you start a fight with that
"lie -: ! I eouldu'l swear nny better
than bis mule's parrot."
Doubtful Praise.
"Tliis i< what I eall a good cigar."
"It lines ,i nil as though it were all
Some people couldn't keep from taking trouble even ;;' tbey were vaccinated for It.
That 0 man's word Is as g..,..i as his
bond may not make the bond market
You never heard of a mortgage tak
uig a vacation.
A n iisy brand of disinterested kind
ness fills the sophisticated mind with
The bardesl part of holding a snap
Job Is dodging the Inspector.
The sense of humor refuses to worli I
smoothly   when  the  hardship of th.
situation Is your oun.
There arc some people who are be
low susplcl 111.
A lazy man is n joke on the hu-
9        Milk Chocolate,
S    Croquettes, Wafers,
Cakes, Medallions, Etc.
Cowan's Cream Bars
Mr8, Nevrtiride:   "I'm sorry you don't like my cooking.'
Mr. Nowbrids:   "Wh>, my dear, I've never complained of It."
Mrs. Newbridei   "C.'. youVo always growling about your stomach."
OCT. 19
Wl.   .
er si '���
the!'���  -
tim (
for i.     rv
::,;     i   I
Borai \. hul
tor.    ':   ���
-.  ��� .hi endure aft-
. . .-   eciallv upon
\ -���.. '..     - man, \ ic-
ling his wife
.   a     ' a .    Wl ni   to   n
and   was
��� :' .: (.. n ian a ���
'.   .;  ��� . urod  in  ti."
throng.. :. ; ������       ' -eat'eii the
liusbi    I grevi ol a p th
in   b! a I*   .. -   v lio  appeare i
much int' cd in each other. T ie
ot!.. ;��� v :. ;.: t!i li ! insinuated
thai t   .��� i ��� re the wife and the
tii tor. Tin ::,;:.:: ave ilie female 1)1:.; '.: '' ���   : :   ' 11 -'" ere lee! uro,
whi n, l'i, 1 ��� I wearing
no ;   .     ' ' ' t res i ui of in
no. ��� :. ! '.cr-hi lv laughed, a;
the ���. '.''���-..���-������' il had bei i
iitrrn       : S: , ..  '���    .  The husband'!
... .   !    I I'll      tla   1   ! '.
gin.I        I relief   from   the
Stealing   Time.
Did you ever meel the woman who
keeps ber clock half an hour last for
the purpose of fooling all  those who
regulate their appetites and their trains
by ber time foundry?
Of course ymi have, because you
have certainly mei the average woman.
She docs not suceeci in l'nuiiiig anybody by ber little subterfuge because
tii" tirs' thing sic t.-lis tinan is that
the clue!, is bulf nn hour fust.
Doubtless she gets some satisfaction
OUt of it, bUl we never could sec ill'
benefits of it unless it !s that il stimulates the members of lhe family in useful mental arithmetic exercises,
We should think, however, that the
young ladies would take exception to
this plan, for it always makes them
appear half an hour older than the/
really are.
Fitting Name.
"If the man with two wives is a bigamist, I suppose you would call tinman who married three women a trig-
"No. I would call him a blithering
Several Ways,
"She seems to be all wrapped up Id
her profession."
"I heard,some of her dearest friend,
discussing her, and she certainly was
well rapped up."
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $io per acre for soft coal
and $20 ior anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry [or a mining location.
A free miner s certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate i> claim
1500.\:500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
cd a mining recorder's office, one ad-
ditional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to tlie
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirement-, purchase the land at
$1.00  an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
.Minis!-, r   1 i   the    Interior   to   locate
claim-      ntaining iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding  160 acres.
The patent fi r a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of -'_ per cent, of the sales
of  the  products  of   the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
lhe N. VV. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fc��
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding iooo feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Vukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gnleh, river and hill
claims   shall  not  exceed   250  fect   in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek 01
g : h, the width being from iooo fo
2000 feet. Ail other placer claims
ball be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legai
posts, one at each end. bearing no-,
tices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tional ten miles cr fraction.
The  perf("n  or  company  staking  .
claim  must   hold  a   free   miner's  cer-.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo fce-t in
length, aand if the party consists oi
two, l?oo feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall bf
charged the rest of the party ordin- j
ary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-hall per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings r.r bench claims, excepi
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-watermark on each alternative leasehold.
The U    shall have  a  dredge in
operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dn dge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
!- --a R yalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected r.n the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for 1 term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its po. ition on the
1st day of August in tbe vcjr 01" the
date of the lease.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such elate. Rental $100 per mile
Vukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the same .:eek, gulch or river, by
giving notice  and  paying a fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A certificate that work has been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on   any   other   line.      They   protect !
their trains by the Block System.
i'he boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made   and   publishing   notices   in   the 1
Yukon  Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be 1
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the 1
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantise-, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
.. l an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the In
Dent. Interior.
���SI   1
ii itors
tie Blk.,
11.  L.
MR. .1. P. HAMPTON COLE, solicitor ot the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, N'ew Westminster. Money to
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lorne streets.
Vancouver, rooms "1 to _4, 445 Granville street. J.seph Martin, K. C, J.
vv. Weait, W. a. McQuarrie, II. A.
Ronnie. Mr. Martin wijl be in thi
Westminster offices every Friday af
HOWAY, REin & BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc.. 4_ Lome
street, opposite Ci urt House, New
Westminster. A. Whealler, P.O. Hex
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, 8. C.
W. MYERS GRAY. Barristi ;'. Solicitor
and Ne' ':.��� Publi . in ; ractice sin ������
1S91 al Ne..- Westminster, B.C. Offices remove 1 to Curtis Block. Clarkson street, opposite Court House.
P.O. Box 169.   Telephone C4.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets in ihc
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of eacb montb.
Quarte.ly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. in.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. Whi'e. Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
is held on the First Wednesday in
each mouth, at S o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M.���Regular co'nniunica-
tions of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in eac^i month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 \.. m. Visiting brethren are -ordiallv invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
R. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourth Friday of each month, at 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E.  E.  Matthias, Reg.
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
ni. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I, O. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
lially invited to attend. A. P. Halla-
dav, N.G.; VS. c. Co itham, Rec. Sec.
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3
��� Meetings the first and third Tuesday In each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to aDend.
Lodge ''"om, A. 0. U. AV. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson Btreet, C.
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis AVitt,
master workman.
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S ���
Red Rose Degree meets Second und
Fourth Wednesday off each month,
in K. of P, Hall, Columbia St.. at
8 p. 111., While Rose Decree, Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. E. Ii. Stinch-
combe, Pres., II. Disney, Secretary.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth Street,
COURT BRUNETTE, No. 4099, 1.0.F.
���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month at 8 o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' block-. A'isiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend. I. B. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair!
Ship and Scow   Building'
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
24 Elglitb, St New WesfmlDstcr, B.r. |
A. 0. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
ut S p. in. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordial.v invited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. of p. Hall. John McNiven,
Chief; J, J. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach Corny
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
| Two Prizes $25 in Gold
|        Five Prizes $10 in Gold
j Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicat < i.
IMPORTANT---A11 holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907.
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers  in Ali Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Ihe Royal Bank of Canada     COONQL MEETINGS
i      START NOW to save your untie;
lo bard        Inzs every da '   ���
F. ichmorr   Cou
��� in-
ONE DOL   '   ,
a ,        ,      |t]
Put  .    .:. .     .
'  ���
'��� ���   v    :
. ' '   us will In
it -;i" i".'
Oct.  ('..
ac li
Co  a
- ai. ��� I Tilton
il   i he  pre. I   i
ing we ed.    None i i
Ikches, source   of
Idren  and   others   .   o
i     ��� it]    ..i.   The road o ���
i have all   tl ���
������- to wi i on the -'ree  .
Steveston    impounded,    and
direc ei        call the i
i  mn .        ... ,,\  the pound k< i  n r to   hi
��� ���������    ��� ��������� ins ot the pi und by-law.
The reeve and clei . ������ ere appointe 1
' represent the council al  the court
Bvision  of the Lulu  island   west
municaiions was  il public interest, ex-   I) king district;
cept   from the chief i m       doner      The  finance    committee   presented
"'' !''" I and tating  that   the  accounts to the amount ot" $2,407.31,
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
.nd recommended payment. The report of the committee was adopted
and payment of the accounts ordered.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephoned. New Westminster
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
.'��� attei of the length ol time requl ed
'���<��� unloi l. the draws of the Eburne
bi Idges was receiving attention.
The acting reeve  reporte 1  tha    he
bad    lei  a contract    for cutting  the Chilliwack Council,
brush nn   both  sides of  Mo.  17 road      A meeting of the council was held
foi ;i distance of two and a hall miles  nu Oct.  15.    Present:  The reeve and
a    the rate of 2.1 cents per rod.    His   all the councillors,
action  was confirmed. Communications   were   received  aa
Tilton    Williamson:   Resolved,    hal   follows:
Ah Wall's contract re ("���itch on No. 20      From  W.  H. Keary. hon. secretary
road be referred to a special commit-   i*. B.C. M., re annual meeting at Kam-
Canadian Bank of Commerce
ad-jp Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
.    / \!.:.    ,   i.e."ral .Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager,
Hon.  Lord Sirathcoua an 1   Mount   Royal,    G.    C.   M.
G-,    Honorary President
tlon,   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond   President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager.
Gei eral     aking     _ln iss transacti I.
Branches in all the principal cities In Canada, in London, Eng., New
'>'��� rk, i   di i .... an 1 St. John's Nf. 1., and correspondents in all parts of the
ii e composed of Com   11        Willian
son and Twigg, to reporl . sxl
regular meeting   if this counci      Cai ���
'��� :
William on:   Res   i   :   tha
incillor Tv, Igg  Is here
" ���   ti    ha re  the   fenci norl
! le of No   20 roa  . >.'.. c.
!���.  Ft.   ti ick,  to No.  4 red,
1       led.
of I
nd the road oversei
ai I  lii' ,|.
loops.    The   communication   was  received   and   Bled   and   the  reeve a i-
ite I  :n atten 1  . -      ���  representa-
��� ' the municl] ���'", . an i the clerk
'' icted loan-         'i etar    to
effi . ���
I';   in Mrs.  Lena Gall  . a  . iter
essnient.    The cle: li  was Insti
to ia,lit,,   ihe  w to I
it thi   mattei could   inly have I e a
alt with at the i i    revision,
red      .1.   W. Galloway,   i e  stal ute   labor,
l'l '��� collei tor was Inst r icte 1 to si rike
\  ,.; \ IRAL  BANKING   Ul'S N .-- T . Vs- .C 'E i,
Every facility affcraed   Farmers  for   ti"eir banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed  or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made    r wit idrawn ���   .���  mall,
|i    | lunts receive evei y at!
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
The clerk   was   insi                  dra%\ off   statute  labor,   as  per   Mr,   Ga   ���
lhe attentii n ol the  B. C. i-i.  R   Co. . .. ���'.- request.
to the condition o ossings al Frum Hope, Gravely & Co., Ltd., re
Roads N'os 2, . and I), and reques Bellrose farm. The clerk was in-
thai the; be put in proper c ndition. structed to notify them 'hat the en-
Councillor Gordon reported that he gineer's report would be In ai nexl
had arranged for eighl cords of | uni h- meeting of the council, Nov. ::.
eon al $5.25 laid down on No. 8 i lad. n���m G- w. Chadsey, returning of-
l!" als" recommended                   'Por-lficer> declaring result of poll on Chil-
SEALED TENDERS a I i esse 1 "Inspectors .:!'.'��� atl.. ies, Otta _ a,"
in :  en li rsed ' 1 ���:. I    -    : ir    Flour,"
'1   '���
until   M .. I
New Westminster, B. C.
. ictober, ini lusive, from par: ies desirous of contracting for the supply of
flour for twelve months ending 31st
Ocl iber, 1907, : r the undermentioned
pi nitentiaries, namely:
Kingston P mitentiary.
St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary
Dorchester Penitentiary.
Manitoba Penitentiary.
British Columbia  Penitentiary.
Alberta Penitentiary, Edmonton, Alberta.
Forms of ten le-.- and information as
��� form of contract will be furnished
:: application : i the Warier..- of the
P    ;'entiaries.
Inspectors of Penitentiaries,
Dei artment of Justice,
Ottawa, October Sth, 1906.
ary   bridge  :"' laid   across   the   road
ditch at the junction of the wesl end
ol No. 8  road an 1 easl  road ditch of
Having deci. ed to move to Alberta,   ..     , ,
** No.  1   road.
I  offer my  personal  property for  sale.       T. ���     .   , ,  , > ,
' v ffi Report adopted, and the road over-
���__ ,o  ows. j seer Instructed  to  procure necessary
Four head of work horses. stringers and plank for bridge atonce,
One sorrel mare, 6 years old, weight   also to attend to Inyine fhe puncheon.
Councillor Twigg re; >rted that he
had let a contract to J. Walton to cut
one mile of brush along the canal east
of No. 7 road at the rate of 20 cents
per rod.    Reporl adopted.
A   pel ii ion   sinned   by   4b   property
holders  of  Steveston   was  presented,
praying that the town site be includ-
cow.   giving   p(] in th(?  Luh| is!.in(, west Qyking district.    The petitioners stated that un-
, less  this   were   done   the  town  site
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
VANCOU        , C.
Application for the position of As-
���       the     Superintendent     of
Watei  Works will be received by the
.-. ���:   until   Mon lay,   the   29th
ii ii '
W.  A
Oct. 16,
City Clerk.
ncout   1,250  lbs.
Two  bay  horses. 5 and  9 years old,
weight 1,000 and 1,100 lbs.
One pony mare, 4 years old. weight
about 900 lbs.
One spring  wagon.
One set work harness.
One  fine  Jersey   milch
plenty of milk.
One good cook stove.
Household goods.
Two miles east of Westminster
..Coquitlam. B.C., Oct. 16, 1906.
"land registry acT
Re South Par: of Lot 3, Block 3, New
Westminster Suburbs.
A certificate of indefeasible title to
the above property will be issued to
the Brunette Sawmill Company, Limited Liability, on the 15th day of November, 1906, unless in the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office.  New  Westminster, B.C., Oct. 10, 1906.
dwack tram, power and light   by-law.
Received and tiled.
The Bnance committee reported the
following bills and recommended payment: C. Hawthorne, $25; .las. Ford,
$7."-: H. .1. Barber, $4.10; E. Smith,
$25.85 ;Robt. Toop, $15.75; John Toop,
$88.25; Wm. Collinson. $36; Fred
Potts, $13.60; Richard Toop, $43; D.
Nichol. $71.50; H. Fond, $10.10; Alex.
Murray. $42.25; .las. Bailey, $40; total, $492.40.    Report adopted.
The council then adjourned.
HU   Working Clothes.
Lord Ellenborough once reproved a
bricklayer for coming to be sworn in
his usual habiliments. "When you have
to appear before this court it is your
would be in danger from flood should DOunden duty to be clean and decent in
a break occur in the front dyke, which   your appearance."  "Upon my life, it' it
was in imperfect condition.
It was arranged to invite the commissioners of the Lulu Island west
dyking district to attend a special
meeting of the council at 2 p.m. on
the Oth inst. to consider the petition.
A petition was presented by A.
Houstown praying for the construction of ditches, the opening up an 1
grading of No. 8 road between No. 1
road and the B. C. E. R. track, a distance of half a mile. This petition
was covered by Councillor Gordon's
A petition signed by 22 residents
o? Steveston was presented, praying
for supply of plank to finish the sidewalk from Broadway to Chatham
street, via Third avenue.    Laid over.
A petition signed by 2S ratepayers
of Steveston staled that some twenty
head of cai He were straying about
the town site, causing considerable
damage to  private property, filling in
comes to that," said the bricklayer,
"I'm every bit as well dressed a.s your
lordship." "How do you mean, sir';"
exclaimed tho chief justice angrily.
"Well, It's just this. You come here ln
your working clothes, and I come ia
Working for a living aud earning a
living are not necessarily syno.-.yaiou*
Tan on the face isn't nearly so un
lovely as tan on the disposition.
Some people save money because
they don't know what else to do with lt
Bath browu Is a popular shade al
the beaches and Is universally worn.
A person who can do a week's wor.
In two hours Is morn expeditious tha':
People who fi
the line are u
over it.
��� 1 tfrir they must i'.-;
ually  the drat t> s:
.. iwn mmmmmm
The Daily News is the Profitable Medium
VV/HEN a woman goes shopping
she always looks at the latest
paper for Bargains, no matter what
she has seen before. THE DAILY
NEWS reaches her in the morning
and from those columns she makes
up her mind.
"The Early Bird Catches
The Worm."
It Is the Only Morning Paper
Business men get in line and
display your goods. IT WILL PAY
���  :
��j * -.
. H
j .1.
Prime Pofk Sausages and Select Head Cheese
Smoked Halibut Select Kippers
Smoked Salmon
Mrs. Alien was lhe hostess at a
very enjoyable enchre party on Wed-,
nes lay afternoon. TRe flrsl nutf second prizes were won hy -M'"s. Docker-i
ill and .Mrs. Youngling, and the consolation prize by -Miss Cotton. Among
those present were Mrs. Dickinson,
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong, Mrs. Cotton.
Mrs, E. M, X. Woods (Atlin), Mrs.
Watson, Mrs. Leamy, Mrs. Gaynor,
Mrs. T. .1. Armstrong, Mrs. McDonald,
Mrs. Creighton, Mrs. Payne, Mrs.
Coulthard, Mrs. Malins, Mrs. Docker-
ili, Mis. Youngling, Mrs. English,Mrs.
Charleson, Mrs. Hole, Mrs. .1. P. H.
Bi le, Mr.-. Beattie, Mrs. Worsfold,
Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. 1_. A. Lewis, Mrs.
Griffin, Miss Cotton, Mis. Brymner,
Miss Corbould, Miss Alma Corbould,
Miss Charleson, Miss Pittendrigh,
.; ss Pi eii. Miss Leamy, Miss, Alma
Leamy, Miss Kemp i Los Angeles) and
Miss Lewis.
Mr. Ardagh,  ol  Lhe Lank i :  Mont-
re. I staff, Vancouvei, is the guest of
pARSgHT's Gem J
O Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen. It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
and strength.
With it main-
attractive and
dishes can be
made from what might be wasted
il it were not for the < !em.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does nol mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food as you want it���fine, coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, si li
sharpening. No kitchen con plete
without it.
SERVICEABLE   COATS��� .< ;,    ne of them���whi
sale this wei k ��� od.
One Lot $3.95 Each
ove,   .went. Ce different   styles   from   which  to  i
clothB m these cais are Beavers,  Frieze, Pancj  T ���       7.... ^
,.,.     \-  5izes.   Regular vai u 3$7.50 to $15.00.
One Lot $5.95 Each
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    150.
...call on....      MR. SOUTH PRESENTS
I\ A. Mwr & Co.        CLAIMS OF CHILDREN
Prescriptions a Specialty.
At   Meeting   in   St.   Andrew's   Church
C. J. South Tells of Work of
Useful  Society.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  - ��� - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
An  audience,  representative rather
than large, assembled in St. Andrew's
I school lions.' Weines lay night to near
C ���!. South describe the work of the
Children's   Aid    society.    Rev.   J.   S.
i Henderson was in the chair, und Rev.
i Messrs. Owen  and   Barraclough  eon-
I ducted Uie    opening    exercises.    .Mr.
��� South hailed the increased attendance
as an evidence of deepening intei,.-:.
He said ihat the society had now under its care Hill children, whom it
v.as teaching cleanliness, both physical and moral. Of these, eight had
come from New Westminster, and except for a few private subscriptions
and the small sum paid by the father
ei one child, the society had received
! practically nothing towards their support. Mr. South related many pathetic stories, and at the conclusion of
his a.Muss a motion was unanimously
carried expressing the thanks of the
meeting and its appreciation of the
. irk done by the society. Upon the
motion ( ! T. it. Pearson, it was deci led to organize a committee, consisting of two from each congregation In the city, to assist in the work
of the society. In the discussion some
strong opinions were expressed us to
the pittance which had hitherto dis-
i layed New Westminster's interest in
ItP own neglected children.
Mrs. Huntley Gordon gave a small
.ridge partj last week In bonoi of her
cousin, Mis. Hannington. Therewere
I :. sent Mrs. Holt, Mrs. De Wolf
Smith, Mrs Gaynor, Mrs. Coulthard,
Mrs. Maims and Mrs. Graeme.
A large and appreciative audience
. eeted Lhe excellent performance of
Parsifal in the opera house on Mon-
laj ��� vi ning, New Westminster is indeed to be congratulated that the
managemi nl of the opera house is displaying such energy this year in sell ing so many really goo ! produc-
ti us, and it is to be hoped that well
:. li 1 houses will stimulate ihem to
stul greater efforts next year. The
city and its vicinity should be easily
able to support one opera house.
Miss Armstrong entertained a number oi her friends at afiernoon tea on
M mday, Among those present were
Mrs. liavidsi.n. Mis.- Davidson, Mrs, C
E Wool.-. Mrs E. M. N. Woods (Atlin), Mis.-, Phillips, Mrs. Beattie, Mrs.
T .1. Armstrong, Miss Freese, Mrs.
Allien and Mrs. Beattle.
Mrs. and Miss Neville Smith, of
Chilliwack, are the guests of Mrs.
ib : a. it   Neville   Smith.
Mrs. Calder, of Vancouver, who lias
been visiting for a short time in the
Langley district, returned home yes-
te daj  on board the Heaver.
Mrs. Huff, of Agnes street, has sold
lie; boarding house to Mrs. Macdon-
nei, of this city, and Mrs. Macdonnel
has taken possession, while Mrs. Huff
has left for Kamloops. On Wednesday night a very pleasant party was
held at the boarding house under the
management of the new proprietress.
Mr.-. Bagnall, late ol England, was
present ani sang a number ol solos
very acceptably, as also did Miss
Card, of this city. R. Campbell sang
and also gave a number cd enjoyable
violin selections. The balance of the
evening was pleasantly spent in games
of various descriptions, and refreshments were  served.
(Continued from Page One.)
Tbe ii. c. Manufacturing Co., iier
Messrs. Whiteside & \. I a I . asked
lor a renewal oi thei: le se. und iii-
closi I   six  months'  rein   In   advance.
(ll.   motion   of  Aid.   il iway,   ibis   was
:eceived  and  the  i- .-.-���   i��� n< we I  for
five years.
li. McKinnon wrote claiming $10
wages for live days' service "ii the
police force during ibe month of
July. He claimed that lie had to leave
the force on account "i illness in his
family. This was refi nil to the ; cilice committee to report.
tjettei   'i lalltles and  m ki i
cneap( ini Exci llenl va n ever, garment, and \
tion before choosing a s< rvice ��� oat. Regular v:
Weri   . 1 " ' to $22 50.
. :���".', Bty 11
,.    mr large   how win
Mignon Duke.
Tickets   un   sab-    al   Ryall's    drug
-��� ire fi r Mis- Duke's ri cital, St. Pat-
nick's hall, to-night.    Admission  50c.
Post Cards!
217-219 Columbia Street.
The Most Liberal Policies
covering all occupations
For Tram and Railroad
Canadian Casualty and
Boiler Insurance Co.
GARDENS���It is impossible to exaggerate the
future possibilities of this Lulu Island land as an
investment. Our words and phrases may seem
exaggerated to many, but the only way you can
fully appreciate this property is to allow us to
show you over it.
Will keep a horse, cow and poultry, besides producing a crop of $1000.00 annually.
N. B.   Come in to-day���-the choicest selections are
being taken.
f. J. Hart & Co. Ud.
Insurance Loans
Real Estate
��5C Columbia  St.
Phone 8..
Farm   Land   Specialists.    New  Westminster,   Vancouver,   Chilliwack.
Mr. Austin Explains.
To the Editor of the Dall    Ni ws:
Sir, -There lias been a ��rong ini-
pi< ssion givi n the pub! c as to a fire
on the Blue Mountain road last summer It was reported by parties, with
design. I presume, that Mr, Lafayette
Si Ith's house was I urned by a flre
from Ft. W. Hawthorne's donkey engine. Now, l wan' to say that Ihere
is not the leasi possible proof for such
a Btatement, and thai I can prove such
hi any unbiassed mind, a- also Mr.
Smith knows, too, thai there were
two distinct tires from two separate
Eources. Such fires often occur with
no one to ilium', even aftei reasonable i recautlon bas I ��� ��� n exercised, ii
si ch a win 1 and heal come as on thai
day, when tires may start irom
source., comparative!}   safi.
That the public maj learn some
'a .���-litis from such a costly experience
as Mr. Smith had in the loss of his
good house, the best In that settlement, I might sav thai there- were
two mistakes, one was that there
v/as not within reach even water
enougjh to drink, which was surely a
want of preparation for what was
likely to come, the burning of the old
logging camp; and second, the men
on hand���and I think there were
enough on hand to save the house if
there was water I say the men all
rushed to the roof at onci. all but one.
and he had nol noticed the lire in
time which caught on the other side
of the house, down mi the ground, so
getting headway before being attended to. I was working at a neighbor's
house where the flre waa rlghl up
close to, al the time, and saw their
mistake. So if we can all li arn same
lessons from the I uf our neighbors, ii may teach u I e moi,. |jre
ya" I and to aci with more pre i n ������
i ' mind on such i h n If we
should have simile ��� ��� I deal �� It h
As one v.ho took an _ I - pai In all
ihat took place, and ivitn ��� ed
whole ! II uation, ! am, - slncerel;
'.,'.   I!.   Vl'STIN*.
Bl i" Mountain, Oct, 17,       ���
11 ilchon Irving Beei Vancouver;
11 I- Harding, v.*. H. it il oi ,. Web
ster, Nels,m; ii. )���-. Smith, Victoria;
P. Guichon, Ton Guichon; .1 H. Cook,
.1  Green, .1. II. Becksti ad, city.
Colonial ll. A, Wanamaker, Chicago; 11. Hornby, Clovi rdali ; s. chadsey, Chilliwack; I.*. D. Patterson, Mrs.
Bert Gainer; II. Mclvi r, Pitt Lake; J.
].. Perry, Toronto.
Windsor���Oeo. E. Moore and wife,
Minneapolis; J. Black, St, Elmo; W.
H. Conner, I). A, McMillan. Vane >u-'
ver; G. Newton, Dewdney; G, i>, Kenny,, Chilliwack; w. it. it. i ,���,.,.. ,���
A full line of Furniture of all kind.- kept
in stock.   :-:  Prices to suit purchasers.
;���;   716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front St
>_C��l>>>l>>"**'��>i'*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. >>>>��������1>"��>.��������1_
Is It a Nice Dinner Set
You Want, Madam?
We have a good selection, and the prices will
please you.
Our Grocery St nek is always fresh.
Adams & Deans
: Electric
Inter urDnn   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
���stations will run i :r:y ba f-
11 from .".:> a. m. io n p.
in. excepting a; 7:30 and i 30
a. m. Half 1." irly i ai 3 will
���������11 from (''ii':..: Park to
Vani ouver only,
Cty Limits Line Sa; , j ,. from
U lo a ni. lo  11  p m.
20 Minute Service���Mi Man ter.
Betwi 111 l: and l ami ������ and 7.
30 Minute Service iludng *|
inainder or day. 'Irani =1
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service  half-hour   j
tween   g  a.   m. and 1* ?��� ��|
City and sapperton.
Sapperton Line-I" ainatjjl
vice, except  between 1. *������
md ., and  i, .turiiiR *��E
.tours    tii"    service W"
Sunday  Service   1   It''"���'   T
tween s a. m, and 11 '���   ���
t British Columbia Electric Ry. C��*
Having boughl oul  the Blacki mith
%lng business of Ft, 11. Benson, 1 will
be pleased lo .eo all his old custom
ers. as well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Root Pulpers and SB
Straw Cutter,GrainC*f
and Grain Rollers
Now in stock.   The abovjl
ines include Fleury's, Co��>
and Dick's makes.
T. J. Trapp & OH


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