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The Daily News Aug 31, 1906

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i RID \Y  VIO-R> [N   .  \! (.1
ii ( KN
-Tien of Committees for   Pre vincial   Fair   Believe   In
Having   Enough   Band*   And   Also   Vote Money
For Blaine and   Bellingham   Ball
��� ���
���    ���
. -
'4 ..,���,,..
i      .   -i   ip, see
hi��    ,:     '" Thif  .-,,
-I  .
'        I .   a
���       -    ���
...        :.
... ���     ���
��� -
-   ���
g expenses
-.   ���
��� .....
���  .
a . ���
-, .        .
;.      il    . a. p    It   ��-.^    not
...     thi      '."���  Ta ;,
not obji co
th    .-:.      .'    '.' a.-      -a*'!!
sing : ii ���.. ''a- meet-
in nlmo ib! ���    lei Idi I
o int asked foi an i secure
��� -   ��� li es ol the band
City   Band   in   Full   Force.
- nl -     In    connection
id at present are that
.  ,' -.    plaj  from Tues lay  af-
Sal n :   ���   no in.   All the
":  'in.  ban ! have made air
��� :      thereby the    will  Le ab-
'"in   worl    ',���:   the   week,   and
i  wil]  be  represented in  full
.ii  extra  $." ���     i n   extr i
In   given    on    Tuesday
a the '       streets, in honor
i..e. 's  arrival.   1 he Scottish
.  on Tues lay afternoon,
nnection     with    the    Scottish
An effort   i.s to  be made to
��� n excursion from Nanaimo dur
��� exhibition, and a band will
iccompany ihe excursion,   'the
i ban I consists ol iy pieces,
i   ��� a,:.e i 'ur Itself a very good
a  an.on-   the musical organ-
Ol  the coast.
Baseball   Games.
-1   ll   Smith,  captain  oi  ile    New
ii le    i aseball club   was pres-
���   a " ting d read a letter
h.. ii., i reci i.e i in,.i, .i. i;. Hull.
��� ol   ih,.   Belllngham  baseball
iu   whi h   'h��- l.nier  offered to
,t.i   game  of
��� here on  Amei I an daj     lb'
II  satisfactory    arrange.
coiii,i :,,. made for ibe running
��� " i- -i ti aln, quite a crowd
come here to see their team
'i'   Smith als ported having
���-d    ihe    manager   of    ih''
���   all  team   personally    on
... 'Hi!     ,\ hen ie- agreed
nie  over  lo  play   a   couple    of
during ih,- exhibition.    There
"" doubt that a large contlngenl
Ine people    would   accompany
ApproDriation Granted.
'���   Armstrong   was  in   favor  of
'���'������'������   niattei s   so   that    the   hase-
���   with   lie lingham could  be
"' on     ,.   a : i   afterni oa as one
"   "   .     ., ...���-- B0 that the vis-
would  h .ve  au  opportunitj   of
an exhibition ot the Canadian
ame while thf.   were over
ib- belle ed  that  If this could
inged a  much   larger   ci   wl
! arrive from across th" border,
often '..id wh.-n i���. travelled
''" iim- ih.it  the people there
������   to    ee  a reallj   good  laim ������  an i i ..    was a good op
t0   show    them    one       I  i'oii
'".  the   ai.propria'inn  I 1' $250
Collectoi    ��� .   ts Hi
.   ii
��� '
�� <
....      ' ���       .a
II   the   d ..... ;,:.. .
. ���   ti        - tha
'��� - ighl        t
ear, a
s. Hi
I get assis an :e from
year     He
M      * :t
-;. taki   ...   :��������   days   ol
:. ��� le to start wl      Po
or and thi
ad i Ion  'o s< nd  out,  b��t
.':..;, . .a oi ,,
Mr.   Armstrong   sa  I     -    would   be
aw.iv   on   Monday,   and   would
-    -.        intil September
this would    ���    atht    too late to oon:
iiieina  the colli On account ol
i his.   Messrs,   Keai ���    in I   Vidal  were
a.ii     ���   ��� :.i   i oiled Ions until
,'    ., , ���  -a     vi inslrong
Not   Strong   on   Trap   Shooting.
Mr. VI lal : aise i a smile throughoul
the meeting n ' ��� i lu Inquired whether
the appropriati n nsked for by the
(.uu cluh had in en entertained. He
was Informed thai the proposition
i.' ihe Gun ������ I I nol heen taken
serious!} i'.\ ihe ' onnnlttee, and 'bat
there wns no prospeci of a shunt tak
Ing place tills ye wing to the fact
thai there were no facilities al the
exhibition grounds Mr. V'ldaJ < on
tended thai   the Gun cluh  had made
the   proposition   seriously,  and   he   he
lloved that the trap shooting would
ic a greal attraction The amount
they ha I asked for was onlj $400, but
If Ihere wa.~ ;in> ilillii lilt} al.oul that,
thej would be willing lo lake $21 0 an I
be satisfied Tbe menll in of $400
i aased ,moi her outburst of mei nui' lit
Mi. Keai, gi rMng ii in't li. . verj nn
I. nd en al the i III .'' -i- Ins ll ll
he diii '   ".    ih,i1  the Ira.i     oo
in    would   e ai      ttractloi        hi
���unt i     wl      i  wa    not  voted
Guard   of   Honor.
In connection ��Ith lhe \ Isll o   Eai
,, ,      ���   rteld a    ������ i �� hethei  II would
not  be  >t i ��� bave  the  Sixth  regi
n,eni here lo furnish a guard of honoi
foi   liis   Excellen Mr    Ke irj   ex
i lalned thai the guard of honor hnd
I., be orderi d from headquarters ai
Ottawa He ah o n pe ited thi sl tte
ment made al the council the prevlou i
night, to the effeel thai beyond the
fact thai he would open the exhibition,
no further details1 of His Excellt nc
,: rival here bad :������' been received,
Special   Features,
The si"' ial real irea i ommittee,
through the me Hum of the ch il man
T    .1.    Anns i t.n. .   repOl led    tll.it    Ihev
!; 11 received no repl     from    Lewi i
Harkness,   the    Spokane    balloonist,
v ho bad offered  to make ascenslori
:,.,   is days for $115, although a let
ter had heen Written to him sonic tine
,,,.,,     M;    \; mstrong also stated thnt
there   would    lie    ������  ���   ;    '
tions this pear, as owing to fog and
rain,   the  fireworks  were  not   usually
i, cessful al thi    Ime   1 the year,
..   iouski, Que.,  Aug. 30. '    ice to
I  ���      rid at large of ihe Canadiar   ' '-'een
Europe and America, was demonstrai empha
size       the arrival here this afl MS,
Empress        Ireland  bringing   ' ������   Ang    Ci   adian
.  Is.   The blue ribbon of the north All?.    . I    I
' es, i it   by the north of or s I: Newfound
land, now '."���   mgs to  the A: ai       - rvic<   - E the
Canadi;     Pacific Rail v a;   c . ,   The Empress
I    ��� .      5 time fr     Liverpo . ��� di
-s,   ��r from Im st< al      .  '������'��������� .   le,  Ireland,
I ' Rii    ..aa   vvas 5 days, lo h    �� and       minutes,
whichisfour hours Easter thi     thai mi   -   by ai
stear      .     f this       any othe ��� line nei   -      these
: -        board 299 sa  ��� i .
...    .    d 832 third < ass pass   -a rs, a total of 1 ���
e mails       < ;- na and Japa i.    I      na s Eor
5 wer      a  dischi rg< I hen
.iiic,-" on the stei ere
the;  will b edii     .   pul on the ne i
mi    train       ie C. I . R
Officer Stevens Has an Ex.iting Time With Wild Indians
Early In  the  Morning���Scribes  Make Uusuc-
cesful   Attempt   to   Effect a
���* ����� ;���"���
Cuban Government and  Insurgent  Forces Approach Each
Other  and  Important  Battle  Is Expected
Soon  to  Occur.
...   i-  ,)     V vales
and  Pino Gut    -,       are t ose tt   each
a . ...
A vales w 11 i cai airy,    mounted
. d*    and     < i
Sabalc     rhe As
s..i ii. i      Press ...    li a:     with
���   eports that many ve.
. long iln   n :.
forces      ���   '.   .,-.   -i
es ��� ��� ���' .      ortly.
Ig      ���     I,   sequt ;������ '���  re
ted  toda -        -     ms conflict
etween 150 run id volun.
tei   - . nd an Insu -i nl Ivand i st n att i
to numbi        0  in ���    F
\ ��� lavai insurgents
wire killed and man} ���   wounded.
Reports ol surrender ln compliance
with th^ government's i    ���    i   amnes-
t}   were numerous tonight    On the
:  the   insiii reeiion  has    rm-
ci ''���    some   recruits     Col.    Carlos
i   ,a-   ���     , n " ��� ".1 resident o! San An-
o  d<    I."-   Banos   has joini ��r thi
,-. tlon   follower oy   his   -   ends
forming  the  nucleus of a  n> w   ham!.
���   cnowledge ol the bad behaviour
'��� a's force  which    has
a -i ; -��� ���-��� - in several place? is
having t dei ��� 11} favorable effect on
the gi tt ��� nn ent causi as showing the
ir.iis, i. Ini coi dition ��� this much
\aunted   arm}
Discovers That Hupple
Embezzled Large Sums
Philadelphia, Vo.   30    Examination   Hupple    haul    hypothecated    $65,000
oi   the list  ei  securities held  bj   ibe   worth of papei   securing   $50,000   for
defunct   Ri d '   compaai}   u curltlea which he never r6turn
til.    Receiver Earle furthei   declared
todav i    closed   he fact thai Fran]   K . ..      . ,      ,   ,   ,
thai   Presldenl   Hupple embezzled Hip
Hupple,  presldenl   "    thi   I     Itutlon,   j   ,,.,. ,,. ,. ,,., ;,,.,,,,���,, ,,, ^dolph Segal,
who .���    mltted   BuiCide,   was an  <'tn   the promoter, as the directors bad no
Receive!   Earli   declared thai   knowledge o!   the loans.
Joseph   Pitts  of  Cornwall   Lcfs   His   Farmer   cf   Portage   Ls   Prairie
Daughter   and    Property
By   Fire.
. ii -,;��� a I, i "it , \-n-. 30 Tlu 1 Bl
di ii ���    ind 1 on- leph Pitts, st-.,
i , . drove, wore destroye I by fire
il is morning, and hit- daughtei   v ggle
,, i ,. , i fifteen j ears, was ' iu ned
tb di The famllj wene preparing
; ,, i,M. pi.i'a" entirely unconscious tba'
l,ari ,,i in, house was burning until
an alarm was given bj men employed
nl the locks on the Cornwall < anal.
i he ;i'" Is supposed to have i een
,;.,/. in a spark from the kitchen chlm-
n< .. Igniting the Bhingles of the roof
Mrs, it M." dun ifd. mother or Mrs.
luetics i id'hdi ni Cornwall, who was
��� Isttlng   Mrs.    PlttS,   Inn    sisler.   went
in slabs at the fii sl alarm and wus
i. sciied Jusl In the nick of lime, n
; i thought thai Miss Pitts w nt up
s'airs and was ocercoint' by Hie heal
and smoke The loi= is covered by
Ins iran e
Destroyed  By  Fire.
mburg, Aug. 80.���tire destroyed
��� ge room Of the M;ip!e Leal Hnr
v��-t  Too] works     The    damage    Is
heavy. �����
trict    Reaps   a    Rpcoc'
Crop of  No.   1.
Portage ba P   trie, Vian    ' ig   10.
j w nil ...   i ullon   of Oaklau I   h 9   the
l.,..... 1   ci op  ei   1 he   season   roi   this
I dlstrli 1      1 Ids   week   he   threshed   a
Rei 1 ol  38 acres which    lelded  1 100
hushels    of   No    1   Northern    wheal
which is iititi average of 37 bushels I 1
Hi,   acre
Threshing la  this dlstricl   is  wed
under  way nnd lhe yield  Is fair avei
j aging  aboul   2S  bushels  to  the acre,
losi  oi  the farmers are  loading the
ll     In cms.
Will Meet Hawthornthwaite.
George I, Kane has accepted Mr.
Hawthornthwalte's challenge for a
debate and the two gentlemen will
probably meet in tbe Vancouver city
ball on Monday evening for a dlscns-
shin of the Kaien Island deal. Mr.
Kane was challenged by Mr. Haw-
Hiornthwalte some time ago and the
socialists oi the ciiy prepared to have
ibe two gentlemen meet In the city
hall on Labor day. Mr. Kane has
now accepted.
"Haiti"���Bano.   "Halt,"���Bang,
... .....
ning  ii ���
\.        .tii...    Belli
���.  ���
... . eel in
e from tht
-   ��� '    ���    ���
he   staff in   I
g From
agaii        ���
.       ',,..      fl - ���     '   -
.    .
I en-
.....   1   .
'-      ������ HI -V.      ���
3is      streel
e Gul
���    ������   -  visible
se was ah-
Cause  of  Trouble.
gation   :i'   the    fooi    of
...      .....
ggle had
-���      '   a ."iip Hie watei    1  1   faile 1
a ��� ���
The tragedy   was explain!      -   'ew
minutes later, when Office; Stevens ap
peared wiih an Indiai   - -      - in tow.
I .    aii. 1    v as   p mting    nd breath-
. .-   but nol more so than ibe scribes
and  had his prisoner.    He explained
ilia;  be had  discovered some Indian5
drinking whlsJteJ' nndei  thi  C. P. N.
wl ������ ���   and   had   attei ipted   ;-    irresi
two of them.    He had jusl secured a
e   is]  on one ot them when the othtr
strut k him a stunning blow behind I  -
efi   eai    felling   him   lo  lhe   ground
and causing him to lost  his grip  'Ai-
Indian wht   'ead   '������ ��� :i  - Ized  '""!-  ad
tage of Hie  situation and  quickly
��� imblimg up on to From street Bl 11
��� i.i)   a   -wit';   inn   ' wai ds   Sa
Watchman  Tackles  Him.
\t Boon as he regained his bearings
tin    officer  looked   for  the  man   nhn
1 strui - him, bui could only see
the ��� ne who was doing Hie s] rint. He
gave chase, calling "Halt'" but there
was no halting on the pan of ibe In-
m, - - he discharged bis revolver
In 'he air. Still Hie Indian kepi go
' ins.. "Halt!" cried ilie office! once
mi re, and there being no Irali on the
second call, bang went tbe revolver
il iin. A night watchman In the Wclni
1' ." the Telegraph hoti I sized up
ibe situation, and tackling the Indlam
thn "  him to the ground nnd held him
��� ij] -a,, oflji gr ciime up
The Indian  who out list  1    the
-  -; .-��� ���. i-- the one v, ho h       nocked
tin   ��� "; ... -hot n.   He had lusl en
��� '  ���    n a hiding place as the ni ���>
. -. arrii ed on the Bceni
Has Sherrinq Bctl-"
i iptured   prisi nei        1  gavi
1 ���    ��� mu as 1 '1 "'''hon Bill	
���  Inti ' ���   ting ;  iti 11 ������   en
He state;' t!
1    n |S   his       '   '
'''..���'       t ���   ��� e fasti        ���"���!' ���
In   British 1 i'1 '"   la,     ITou    couldn't
��� ii hlm If   " 1 ' uu ��� 11 nlghl     Him
ini        itiick  i"���"""���    ';> iei  of
m  bod}   here."
'ftei ii elng the sprint ma le I 1 1 io
a itiam August on 1 loldnibla si reet.
the scribes were willing to ' ick Co
quitlam Bill's opinion of ids brother's
��� ��� 1 ".��� ss  and   :">" ���       ������   endurance.
Sheri lng would be a 1 ick number to
Tl.fj'l   ''     - -. . . I J,,.
��� ��� '     ��� he ��� Hlng
een, Port J ]
T,     ���
Five  Indian-   were co the
... .
vhl         ..���
.....      ...
Indians   at   Manly  Art.
A party of husk}- young In    11    pro
  '"I-    il
��� ���   ii    i the C. P. X. wari
��� afternoon.     The;
had ���     -   iei of boxing glo1
urns  in   the   ring
'.   .     .        ......   ���[eg  was
���  " ��� ��� ev     i'liinv and William
1    ly.    Tht     ��� -   -. arm men eai h  had
1 fa         ge 1    thi     rl of fisti
���''-   ind ki      the crowd   imnse'd  rv
half rm  hour.    The-   ������ ���   .���  thi n
compelled   to  quil   frnm    exhaustion.
en   wen   twi   ���    three bets up on
thi    '��� itch       it  the < ontesi   was   so
tl ���   'ii. ni       a-  ��� efunded.
Sand   Piles   Up  on the  River   Bottom
and  Interferes With Navigation.
Visitors iron' Chilliwack state that
the residents of that place nre be-
coming anxious about the manner in
whicb the 'iver is filling up with sand
bars nei: the landing wharf so rapidly
ihat the river boats are experiencing
��� ."-iderabie difficult} in making landings, especially al low tide. Tlie situation is considered especlallj serious
at this season of the year when such
lai se quantities of fruit ami produce
are being ship|ied out for the eastern
and local markel. Tbe Chilliwack
board Of trade has taken the matter
up, an'' has decided to send 0 pett-
tion at once to the local member foi
ih" Dominion bouse of commons, r��-
ipiesting him to have the dredge, the
King Edward, senl to chilliwack at
once. , ��.
Dominion   Badly   Injured.
Quel ee. Aug. 30.���The battleship
Dominion which touched bottom when
coming un the Bay of'Chaleurs is said
tn be In a much more Berious con li-
tion than was generally believed, and
Ing water In ail bul three of
hei ��� ml - Experts are coming out
.,, ,,. 1..,..'.., 1 t0 examine her before
hi   " ' \ es
The Other Harris Suffers.
Wi" ;���       1 ������     Ont .    V"-:    30     11    is
... n of Dl   Elmei  Harris,
lil ( 'in ���   from
. clergj man  as
I     In   Toronto     dis
iccurred about
a   *i onth  ag " victim    wais
��� i.t ..  with      ������ Ung   balls, one    of
'  llll  '        "   the   head.      it
lid not tn le hi:'.! again until aboul
ti n la  -��� a ���'   - hi ������ he was again taken
sick.     An operation   was   performed
terday. in  a   critical con-
dil; in
Earl Grey Mounts Steed
And Rides Over Plains
ddsdale,  Sask.,   Aug.  30.���Consider-   VV. M. P.  to nay a visit 10 the home
able .stir was caused here by the visit  ��- Mr- Butterfleld, who was formerly
of /His  Excellency   the  governor-gen-
in his service.   Two rigs accommodat-
��� ed   the   ladies  of the    party.      They
oral and his suite.   His special train  ,       ,,.,.,-    ,,     '    .1.   -.   _ ���
travelled about 15 miles northeast und
came in about   5  a. to. from   Prince then returned to town about 2 o'clock
Albert, and at  7:30 he proceeded out   ihis afternoon.   He then immediately
on horseback with an escort of R. N.   proceeded Into Prince Albert.
- ��� 1
r   "
"'   a
'   ,'''   ,
:        I
i "a'reuT you   going   to   tell   me   about
"I would If I knew bow," said BUty.
"Is she jiretty?"
"She's beautiful."
"Light or dark?"
Hilly turned a radiant face to his
companion. "Her hair is dark���as dark
as yours."
Miss   Huston  smiled  tolerantly.    lie
was too honest, too transparent, to piny
i in delicate a Rami'.
With a  warning blast of the Iuuu. a        she   opened  ber  eyes  on   hint   under
man, a girl and an automobile whirled f her heavy  motor veil.   "Of course yon
around a sharp curve anil  wenl  spin  j love her very dearly," she said lightly.
ning along tin i:niry  road.   On and ��� To ber chagrin  a  hot flush dyed her
on  tbey  raced,  shooting  pasl   rows  of    face from brow to chin.
Billy's Ruse
By Edith M.  Do*ne
copyright, isi��i. by I'. C. Eaatmcnt    ]
Humor and Philosophy
maple and chestnut trees flaunting
their glory of new leaves In the soft
Spring sunshine, slowing down tn
cross   a   ]itt lo   brook   that   wandered
Hilly tlrew a tense breath.
"Love ber! I cannot talk about It.
It's like saying my prayers." be said
Miss Huston leaned back in ber seat.
'Tis gone, 'tis gone forever.
Th,   moment that in past,
Lost  in that whirling eddy,
Eternity, the vast.
But why should we regret it
Or sadly of it speak?
There'll he another coming
Ami several mon1 next week.
And, pray, who would delay it
t ir bid iin- a; iment stay?
We might as well be eh -fui
Ami speed H mi its way.
< if course ila* gem is prici less,
But, pray,  what  would sou do
If lt shnulil take a notion
To loaf an hour or two?
noisily between clumps of alder bushes, Uyijy  nad   gne  never  reailzed   before
then  on again  witb  the  fresh  spriiiir    how lovable Hilly was?
wind rushing past their faces anil the       Tbey   sat   in   silence,   their   thoughts
huge motor beneath them purring like   keeping time to the monstrous beat of
a giant cat. ; the motor as lhe ear swung smoothly
Coming  suddenly  upon  a   stretch  of : along the hard routi.   Hilly spoke lirst.
level pike. Hilly  Weston bent over the1     "She will  he at Mrs.  Monteitb's," he |
lever and let out the machine another j said half shyly.
notch. Even so able a driver ns Hilly Of course she would. If the motor
could nol speed a motor car ami attend ! continued to tear along at its present
to anything else while be was doing il; rate and they didn'l land In a heap at
so, realizing that he was intent on the - tha fool ..I' ..ne of lh" steep hills, she ,
long, straight road before bim. Knth��� would be there In aboul half an hour.'
erine Huston leaned back in ber seat Dear, clumsy Billy! she had half a
ami   studied   the  face  beside  her  cril-    mind to loll  him lhal  she understood. What Would You CjII It?
Ically. His nexl move was more skillful. ..,,,,,.���   js   ;,   ,,, ,���   wl|���   u,,,lt   ,hree
For the  past   two years-ever since ,     "I'm mighty grateful tu you for put-   mollt|]s withoul   food."
be bad formed tbe habit of flinging bis    ting me on  the rlghl track," he went;    "Ujree months without food!"
We see tha moment miing
An,l say: "Alas, that one!
We never shall behold it
A"-,tin.   [tB race Is run."
But if it stayed an hour
Instead of sixty winks
'TwauiKl be too long tm breakfast
And also between drinks.
Then do not get excite,!.
Although the moments tly.
For if you waste u i iiuple
Another one ls nigh,
Anil really it i.s silly
To take the thing to heart.
For they're so mui li like brothers
Vmi i an': tell  them apart.
ui   reininiseeiilly.
'If it  hadn't  been
for you Great Scott," be broke off, tji;lt tjuu."
"what .a f iol 1 used to make of myself: 1 don't Willi.h r you had no USO
for me."
That  he should refer to the past so
lightly  piqued   her.    lie  n led   to  be
taken dovi u a liti le.
"Why bother about ti e p i -t when
you are sure of the pre ent '���" she
flashed back.
"Why, indeed':" |',ji!y was his cheerful,  Siliiiiiig self :'" :
"(hiiy I was un end oi' ;: fool an i
I've always felt that I wanted in ap 1
ogize t ��� you for rant! g nr nl as 1
did. Though it was re i ��� : ��� - A to ir.e
- at leasi i tlmi ���- a so tb " ami I was
terribly cut up ��� ��� ��� . . u thr ������.������ me
over," be ����� ml on el erfuily, "nml I n
a g.iinl while   ti��.\, ard, lon "
"And thenV'
"Ob, then I :.. ;   : er."    il    y's 1
w;is   very    . .. '        lie   till"'.'  I   impi
"Yes,  he only  had   hotel  fare  in  all   fii
Making It Cjny.
(THIS 15 50
Vjp p.-    ......
/another W,l)
x�� e
ee LJJLiuiiJ
m^-'  *���yy^^SP i "as v"iy -���������������  ""
\ J:       ���--       ,,.-"���/ &J5/T9'a"      "w������' slvely toward Ids im
^mWC 1    '       /  ' ,"���.' 'A"���'.     I  ,'  '   mr :���  the   Wh lie  ;
</...Es A \   '       E'E'^ ou'y!l rusc ot Ri!i>"s':,;: ���,;
"��� '������ :   \ ',' .-' ������ V1'' ti"!-   his   part    was   remark:
'���'A   w / "A
euks' large fa iui i.v of daughters are
'When   :ill married.'
nil   n a.,  "y .'1
"Yes,    He  made  it  ,1  point   l"  havi
mt during tlie courting period."
"TELL. ML ABOUT !IEB,"  BHE   I     '   'ND3D.
teinpestu i :., be irl i ; 1,. r f .���; in a.: - ia
and "iti    f      : Riily'ti  clean  .-A,���.-���
en. clear eu1 fai e < nd heen to Ml is
Huston as the open page of a b i il;
But this was nol quite tbe same Billj
from wh un she had parted. The book
had nppeared, sn to speak, in a different edition.
Her mind flew back to that parting
scene to Billy standing in thc mi,hli ���
of tbe floor, big and awkward and al-
t igether fli ber mercy
I lie   ,i.    :g   n 1
iily a rusc of iiii y's, li il f ir a b ��� In
ti"!'   his   part    was   remarkably   wi
There was a little Billy les
cued     speed:      then      til '     ell'      -w llll -'
sm lothly   Into  a   wide   -h ided   driveway leading I i a   r.::.', ing ol 1  si mo
house.    A  laughing, .-'. uttering cro\i
filled the wide porch -1 t  tables ������ ������ i
being set In th i old fa -ibione 1 - rdeu,
but as Mrs. Monteltb gath ired ber in n
vigorous embrace Knth fine was con
scious of bul two tbii g-   that at sigh!
of them u slender, dark  eye I  girl  bad
left  one  of  tlie   groups   and   followed
Mrs. Mui.;.-iiii to tbe wide    ' mu sl ���;,-���
and that Bi ly bad cleare I those steps
two  at   a   time  a:. I   y ii ,   holding  the
girl's bands as if ho never meant to I"'
The fountains of the mighty deep
Are breaking ap. ihey .- iy.
But why should  we In  sorrow weep
Or let our hair nun gray?
The airship builder - now on deck,
Ai  I  I'liihi'ly through the air
We'll race away, and neck and neck
We l] split the atmosphere.
Awlul  Risk,
"lie seem,- to bear a charmed life."
"What's the answer'.'"
"He called bis wife down In company
and I noticed he was still alive the
next day."
"But I love you s i!" he had pleaded   ,l"'"1 8 '
Thorough Sojk.
He soaked  hla watch and overcoat
To buj  i Im board and bread,
And. having nothing elsi   to pawn.
lie went and soaked his head.
humbly,   "C'an'1 you ever i are just ti
"Xo;  1  n ver can," she 1. id  replied
it::;.alien:',;,..   "��� ml   I'm   tired  of  I
tagged ar hi tl    nd gazi I . : and fuss
ed over all th ��� time; it's tir '   ime     i
wish  you   w iuld   - ��� away,"  she b i 1
emled  y: ��� y
'  'iSSSiS  !���-.: trui ;  ii'-:'  '-,- I'i   tnisen   I
in- a :��� iy .;. ������      "I If course, if you fe -1
like that," be i aid huskily,
"Id   " -A-   vi      on cruelly.   "I wh h
you :   ���..    ���. .���.;: si   thai   I ne 'dn't
ever see j ou. Some day ;. on will moot
some : li ������ girl .-, bo will like you, and
you v. iii thank ine for bi tig so frank
witb you," i-he h i'i.1 :.. ignanl
That had beeu     , i outb   ag i, and
now she  was s'peeding I i  Ars.   Monteitb's  May  party   In   HII
situation  of Mrs.  M n
vis ng       ":    !. ,'. ������   :     . 'll   I .      | '.
you up "'. bin ' -iy. rei ��� ���;��� ing wl I
: ��� i I'i��� i you two are tlie not-.1
had a    d.
Tli'-y  i ' ���.-;. ! ;,   | ing ��� : ip ��� windii .'
r;>". aril  bei    een ranks    ;' .
Bilver ' nd I tl     ii to
sceinl   ti   bit   o    r1 t.i
The   "<���    .-.   >,...-���    ,    the.  !...' ir  |
"Bill.i  'said Miss Uu    in, "you li iv.
II .,-'.-!."
"Yes,"  -   il Billy.
Mrs.   Monteltb   smiled   ns   her  o;  ��� ������ ���
followed   [Catherine's. Recipe For Humorist.
"Of course S ��� has I  1 I you nil ab ml ..|j,. is t|���, fUuniest man I ever met."
it." sin- laughed.    "Come,  Billy, don't -what he says or tbe way he says
monopolize Miss Deorlng   you engaged jty
pi iple are - i s ilfisb. I lon't you se :
1 am waitii g to introduce Miss Huston
in your fiancee?"
"Neither.    The way bu has  bis hair
Whtit  Hi.- li.'i'li;-.  V.'ere For,
l:i tin- -a, ���. of ali engineers of steam- :    ���., ,
..      .,   ' .    .     ,.. ��� ,,    ..   , ��� lhe amateur photographer Is no re-
ships  tbe deck  ofbeers ol   tl eir ships
are profouu lly Ignorant.    Here is ou -
specter of p.
"il -
"Have } u f mn I I bat ni, ��� girl I
pr    let   I fur j m?"
Billy  111
"Yes,"   I ������   ���: lid.
A snd a ii -" of il ��� olatl a enveloped Ml iii.-' ii. She drew her
wraps tn ��� closely about her. It
se uiied as if without warning thi
clouds hnd wept aero is the smiling
land? d  blotted  out   the  v arm
spring sunshine. Billy! She had always felt sure of Billy. Then In a
flash   bo understood.
of   lh,.    -lories    tbey    ti !!:    A    J ouus
unite ive it into tl nglne room witli
:i message from tbe captain to the i .
gineer.    'i he latter saw the oth tr wi
��� Interested i nd !   .. n lo expi lu thing
to bim.    Boin;  n   civil   an i   obll
man, h ��� made no atl impi to tell fairy
tales to  tbe stranger, i nd,  morxw   r
ir ' ''    be kept n - clear ns possible of all puz-
:i. ig  technicalities,     He   pointed   out
;' i eyllnd rs, the \ o riou < rods, thc i
ci ntrlcs, ihe shall, mi 1 --.i oa. explain
ed   roughly   the   u    -   of   tbe   \ urio .-
pun ;,-  nn I  auxi I iry   n u bi ior;    .,   !
the  m; ' ��� w a-   - ui    ii I;   pleased ami
Interested  and        I si       I     u,   n I, ���;.
going   i:p   on   deck   agniti.   it   thought
seemed to strike him.    11 iltlng o , the
!.; I li r, be en lied the ei   Inoer and ex
plained his  Ufl   ally,   "Than . .   i�� f il
ly, for shov li r me round, Mae.   You'vt
made the  whol ���  ibing as plain as .���,
pikestaff.    Bul one thing I dou'l quite
grasp.     What    .-���;������   the   boilers   for?"
The engineer proi iptly replied, "Why,
to  keep  lhe   tin i i in   from   wearying,
you Idiot!"
Cause   of   Ail'ini'i   Fall.
���V He itchman ol  the nnme of Adam
Mael'li"! - m,   v Ii ,   was   very   f ind   if
his "we ��� drapy" whi ky, coming bome
rather late one Satur lay ul. ht, stum
bl ��� I and :��� >t a it tsly full, which c in
polled him lo remain In bo i for a few
days,   in e irdln ;   lo   Loud in   'i'i! Bits
"Tell i ���   about her," she demanded,   The old man and bis wife were strlcd
leaning!    :k In her seat and regarding    Presbyterians,  it   I  tbe  minister used
him with amused, tolerant eyes. j to come  I     the b ".-���   m  bis  weekly
So   Billy   was   trying   to   make  her   visits and rotund   for a cup of tea and
jealous. a ch.il with the old lady.    During their
She bad read a story like it once-    conversation they talked of Bible sub-
about a  man  who told  the girl   who   jects, and the mini tor, talking of the
had  refused  to  marry him an  Imagl     gard if Eden, remarked: aol have his wife's attention called to
nary tule of his engagement to anoth       "And.   Mrs.   MaePherson,   whnl   do    thu mutter,
'���:���   g'.rl,   whereupon   girl   N'o.   1   bad    you think was tbe eattsu of the fall of
burst  Into t 'ai1- and promptly thrown   Adam?"   (He meant Adam of the gar- 1     To boar congressmen talk before elec-
herself  Into  tho  man'-  arms.    Well,    deu of Eden.) Oon you would think ihey were goiiipj
Billy  would   And   thai   Fha   would   nol       The   old   lady   looked   embarrassed    to have nothing but fried octopus for
throw   i -A   Inlo   bis   nrnis.     sin-   and, glancing toward the bedroom In    breakfast as soon as tbey got to Wash'
would   play  up  to him.    Afterward      which her husband  lay, lowered her   Ington.
well, sh- might felenl afterward.   She   voice iu a whisper, leaned over to the ���   ���
had  come  lo  regird   Billy differently    minister and ;aid: Circumstances must be feminine, be-
luring the p:'.-1  six  months. "II  was aye the drink, sorr; It w-    cause man is the creature of ciretim-
"BJllj     her 1 >lcu waa reproachful- ' aye tbe drink." stances.
Laugh uud the world laughs with you,
oxcepl  ihai  half of it  that  bas dys-
P p -.
People who think there are no
ela -es in this ' ountry should read the
circulars of ti i orresp nuleuee school.
Ther.- are elasst - there iu every blame
thing you cau think of,
s ..   ���' ody will ..ii.- iilai: r aln! break
ih" v. oriel of the habit of i        ��� pie by  ,-
Iui enl u . onc thu     ��� healthy,
s.ui...iiiii.- ii i- ii. I .... u ii . gets
married who Is really dlsappolutod in
A man Is na young as he feels and a  %
woman Is n   youi : ith sho suyn she is.  ijjj
Wii.-II    .!    (I]   ������'> |    ,    I  .1,1    a'i'll'.'!    illlll
i::.- bul a plain lbe      . - ��� gen
erally fiii'ii, In-   the '
man   may
louse, but, lis n usual thing, he'd rather
Things Happen
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have tc; offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
aiitfHseifflraiiiaiM^ FRirAY   AUGUST 31.  1906.
WHAT the deuce is the matter with this bread ?    I was at mothers last night and she had the most
^ lovely a; ad.   Well, no wonder, your mother bakes with RISING STN. and ii' the grocer sends
any more of that si  ff he sent last I'll certainly send it lack.   You get me RISING SUN FLOUR and I'll
make just as good bread as your mother ever made.
1 rllL   W tLmj 1 ��L.
F.   G.  DAWSON. Atfent, 145 Hasting Street, West. V
���Vm.'   tl ���''.,.'
We guarantee them to tit beautifully and  to
��� te ���    ial t :' the besl set of teeth ; iu ever saw
ting twice as much.    Our mechanical experts
men of long experience (we employ n i   itners)
- i their work is tne best  known to ihe Denial
I 'rofession.
I Ither prices worth coming miles to profit by
Gold Filling .... $1.00
Plalina Riling . . . $1.00
Stiver Filling ....     50c
Geld Crown* .... $5.00
Bridge Work I,-'J $5.00
Set of Teeth   .   . . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of^Charge.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
Ihe Boston Dentists, i
Hou i 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407   Hastings   St", W.,   Vancouver
..... a    has
i   ���   -
.    ��� - .    lon o:
���  9th
'    D ....
i   '
P Brit-
' '.17
-".     l.e    - 17,     IS,
.    Si :'l. v. . .-
S    tion ia Township 7.
- '   _        I, 5, BIi    t 40 bi Ing parts
s   n      Wi -' Sei tlon    6,
7.   N"ev\   '.'. ��� - ��� ��� inster   District
You ��������� [ired
.���   tax pur-
within 1    ���:....   lays from the
late  nf the firsl ation of this
..:'.:���'. '   .       ..pe.,-   01
endens    elm   filed
Ithin   - i od, or In defa i
egisti ation,    1
egister  E.   M. ,   as
i   llrect  thai
this notii e foi oni
��� ������ ��� ��� shed
ii   N't       \\ estininster   will     e
���'    enl    ���       ���     ������'.���'
A.. ��� '   ���   Land  Reglstr;   I iffice,
N't ���   Wes   .'.-������ :.  Provint e i I  Brit-
sh (     imbii .'.:'- ol   \'ie isi
\   P.   1906.
C.   S   KEITH.
I '���   ���   t Ret   trar
I i   Vilan Ire, D ni< I    J     Munn,
Gi   rge F. Risti   ni       .-.'.-. Thiba
All persons served with this do
Ice, and those claiming through nr
under them, and all persons claiming
any Interest In the Bald l.in.l by \irtuo
of any unregistered Instrument, nnd
all ;' rsons i laiming any interest in
the said land by descent, whose liiie
is not registered under the provisions
.of the "Land Registry Act," snail be
forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or In reaped
of the t-:ii'l land so sold for lavs a*
provided by ih-'  "Land Registry Act."
Westminster Iron Works
S A .:. M V.CH1M      MJ ;���.:.'.,:*:;���:
\\ MKl\.
-     .   S .;   .      '
ii a
Fenct .     ! -  . .
Mail i     ers nnd ct    i      ndi   11   In
Ai '���   V. . -T.:,.-:. - i'.  11    .-; i
Canadian Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
Ni xi   Em press  sails  S ii   7th  and
L'ls!     Nav- is  the  timi        i	
' -��� ��� . i   -               .' 1   trip
ncross tin    Ulantic an : u   . Ighl as
well tra rei  in  style and i omforl  and
mi f. Fo '     and  par-
C  P.  R.  AGENT.
P.   O.  Bilodeau   Secures  a   Ten   Ye.ii
Lease of A. Vachon's House
and  Business.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealer, in Atl Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
telephone 12.
New Westminster.
Notice is herebj given lhal 30 day*
Inte  I  Inteti I to make i
lion to the Horn ra   i   I  e i 'hiel Commissioner  ol   i ands ;.:;.'.   Woi . .  for
.   lal I  ii ���     i cut and i ai i s a* ��>
om   the  fi '.        "���!
lands,     ��� i i ��� i
Pit 1  i ike,  X. W, ' 'i Commi
a ��� ,    a   il ike  plnnte I    n the Norl li
��� -   ���        her  of the B.  O.  Pal
old    !. I ni   N"   1093, Ihem e Xcrthi
v.i chains, thence Wesl    80   chains.
��� ...i   .     Sl   I  h   S'O   i liain-.   till   ll ���
kq chnlu - ' ' ; olnl of i on mencemeni
si,-; e i   vugu i   i.ah   1906,
.i \mi:s sh VRPK
\.-t\  Westminster, B   C
Telephone ,\1 si or address 4th Are
nue ami   10th  Street.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,  Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
i   Tablets, Tombstones ftc.
Write for price*.
New  Westminster. B. C.
;'...:. .���. ow -. . ��� ning ai 6 o i loi k, P.
1' Bllodeau will assun e control ol
lhe Windsor hotel, which he has se
cured from the proprietor, a. Vachon,
..'��� a consideration of $9,000 foi the
goodwill of the house, and a monthly
rental ol $200 The leas, is for a
ii ". year term, and had been pending
Coi some linn'. The Inventory of ibe
qttors mi'l bar stock valued al aboul
$ 1)00 wlll be ini" n today, and all
oilier arrangements will be finally
Mr   Vachon  arrived  In Sew  Wes:
minster aboul  fifteen years ago, and
: .'-iiIon  In  ib:.--    It;     ��as
��� lai ol i ook io the man who has now
kiughl   him oul     Ur,   Bllodeau   was
then   running   the   Depot   hoti I,   an i
.-. alutng ��uh him for    som ���
���.line.  Mi    Vacheu decided  Io en    ...
In i lie bote) iiiisine ig foi  himsi II   and
out the old Ho    o   :     itel for
m    lng   i success o
I, . Ide I io . ian. ii .   ;   in: I hei  In the
hotel ���   -, and Imme liatelj a.
, :,;. .-: ISD.S, he built the Win I -���>
hotel which lie has heen i inning evi ;
\li      .;,,,.;,     i   |g   also  a   well  known
Itoti i man  ol   thi ��� city,  having  I r I
opened   bu iluess here In   ISS6,  win u
ho conducted the Cosmopolitan hotel,
"hich u.is iiien known as thi   De]
Selling tins soine time latei   lo  Mc
Donald fi Sj mcock, he bulll the
i ni Depoi hotel, and ran this In
tnership wilh i   Wise until lasi .inn. .
w hen Me boI i oul l i his pai tu< i  Since
lhal   i  i '��� he ha* I een bus; superintending the building of a  fine real
limit e in the coi nei ol Mei rlvaJe a   i
Carnarvon Btreet*, where he now re
side* ��iih in- family,
Mi   Vachon has nol yet announced
hii   plans for  Ihe  future, bin   lliai   he
will engage in some other business
before very long le noi t��i be doubted,
ills object in Belling oul his interest
In the Windsor was merely en ac-
i omit of liis health being somewhat
a:   In
?a   ling       -     telepho
..... .  Ma .
-������  .   w...   .   i,   .       The mal-
severa ...
an ��� al     i    a    &
...  ...    itai on
... It.-   . nd   laboi     ��� mncil
Ei dermen in
Ma . .   Kean   has  not
forma]  proposition  io
 ncil  in  n gar.     i
i is ol   the   opl      i
:   .' waj  iii which they have
1 tht     elves si vera!  of ib i
rould    e s ai ngly in  favo,
ing  with the Royal   City
tangible     scheme    I -
. alal.
 O ���
G  Ichon���Mrs      Hawkins,      Mount
Plej   ant;   E. .1   Wilkers] oon, Bon  \e-
VV   v.    Moore, Seattl ���;   D, Ma.i-
n,   Van     ive .   \.  J.  Hanco
Winnip        '>   MacKa;.  Kelowna; Iir.
ii   ��� . Ottawa;   R.  J.  Bowler,
;  Mrs. ,T. A   Talt,  Spi n e -;
Ige;   Miss ,i    Guichon,   Port   Gul
Ci lonial    D. Rechie, Windsoi   Ont :
A.   1.   Murry,  Toronto;   .1   W.    Ker:-.
Van<    iver;   J.  M.  Evans, Vancouver;
Munson. South Westminster.
ir   Q. ll   Odell, Captain an I
p.: Lhe Blaine baseball team.
Bl -i-i- .   Mrs   Aplnaut, Victoria.   Miss
WesseJ, Six*! ine;  Henry West, Laag-
��� ��� .     \    Martin,   Vancouver;    A    E,
W ���    in, '' ilgai y; J, \\   Rudd, Ladner;
K. Banford   and   wife, Edmonton;   1-1
I' ggman,  Steveston.
Dt Marcus    Cox,    I'itt    Lake;
.Tames Purd . Vancouver; C. D. Birch,
Si ttle; F II Hanson. Blaine; 1-1 S.
Si     .     Junction; C. D. Bnayne, Seal
Cosmopolitan���J   W.   Green,    Porl
Kells;   w.   il   Vannette,  Aldergrove;
\i\ tiillis. Mount l.eliman: S \
N'i. '���-' si n, Mount Lehman: A. McLean,
Menu Lehman; William McClukely,
Man   Who   likes  Apples Sees  Vancot,
ver  and   Will   Settle  In
the   Delta.
Liberals Select Candidate.
Nanaimo,   B.   C,  Aug.   30. At   the
I liberal convention ai Alberni last
[light, which was one of the mosi sue
cessfiil evei held, perfect harmonj
prevailed among the large an.l repro
.:' legation i n sent. By
unanimous vote, ll C. Brewster, ol
Clayoquot, was selected as liberal can
Jidati       i ���   a. m general election.
A a     the   Mi rthwest,   who
truck M ��� Pit asant the other daj.
'.a l in - ��� ; .... Ing . . le for fif
een years rhis was Mi. Westover,
v iin . it ��� '.. this citj from hi - home
in fai Saskatchewan, with the intention of locating in the Okanagan
the Vance i - ei w orld He called
nn E. J .i;i.li. ihe real estate agenl
i n Cor. ova street, who astutu lj advised aiiii to bake a walk around town.
He il:; so, When he reached Mount
Pleasanl and saw the orchards and
the i et - laden with rljiening fruits,
longings, and old memories ami likings
began to stii within him. ,lle looked
mi the reddening apples, an.l strange
emi shook him. He looks-d till
he could merelj ii��)k no longer, and
then he t!iniiit>.l the orchard fence, an i
began to eai the tempting fruit, The
enraged owner came out and demanded an explanation, The man from
Saskatchewan, who had been reared
in Syudenhani, Kent, munched greedily and heedlessly at the fruit, Then
he put his hand in his pocket, and
drawing out a 50c piece, said, impressively and without malice, "Her".
ct that, 1 have not seen a growing
appli' for fifteen years."
Mr. .'mill sa>s the Saskatchewan
dlstricl offers a fine field Dor ihe
literature senl out by the Hundred
Thousand club and the Tourlsl association of Vancouver. They know
nothing there about the climate of
British Columbia and in (heir want of
knowledge ihey imagine vain things,
Mi Westover was so Impressed bj
the leamy of this unrivalled climate,
and the marvellous productivity of
the soil, that he and twelve others purpose settling on the Delia of the
Frasei river.
Lady Campbell-Bannerman   Dead.
Marienbad, Bohemia, Aug. 30.���Lady
Campbell-Bannerman, wife of the British premier, Sir Henrj Campbell-Ban-
nernian. ilitNl ;o,la\.    She had been an
invalid for yeai -
l ��~
* I
Vancouver  Favors Scheme.
Vancouver, A.ug.  30.-���Mayor    Buc-
coniie sahi this afternoon thai us yel
��        ;:      i
:m E-   ���
����� #$���>���.
'.' '     .   \.��i&. p ������'     \ " ' ' '      ''
7-      J       .A'   '1      t   ��� f. #.SL      j*:/l
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
Published by The Daily News Pub
.'thing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
ifflces   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
ri'.reets. New  Westminster, B. C.
J.  C.   Brown R.  J.   Burde
Transient,    display   advertising,    10
tents per line (nonpariel)  12 lines toj
tbe   inch.       Five   rents   per   line   fur
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold  face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 i
cents per line.
Foi   time   contracts,   special   posi
t.o'is, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriages    oi
deaths. 50c.    Wants, for sales, lost ot -
found, rooms to let, en\, one cent per ;
word.       No  advertisement .taken   fn
l��Sj than 25 cents.
Business office     22
Editorial   office       17
Manager's   residence    277
is the salt of satisfaction for
all table and household uses.
Absolutely pure, never cakes.
water lot at the expiration of a two
.ears' lease. The property sold is a
'pleasure ground" lot, not a water lot.
There is a feeling at the city hall
Ihat the water lots are not producing
as much revenue as they should, and
! the floor. He is sent to jail for
seven days���a most moderate and inadequate punishment���and influential
friends begin to pull wires to have
| the i>oor man released. The minister
of justice of Canada is to consider the
ease and be asked for a pardon. Nothing is said of the agony of the lady
who suffered from this brutal assault.
One would suppose that this is the
sort of case that would occupy the
attention of the Ontario medical council or its counterpart in Quebec. No,
the Ontario medical council  keeps its
ihere   was   some   talk   about    selling   ammunition for a  man  who is guilty
them;   but that is
ler has yet  gone.
<S$ SgSsSJlJ
from thai the law breakers
course   suffer as   well    as
FRIDAY,   AUGUST   31.   1906.
Tomorrow mosl of the wild things
which come under the general description of "game" are abandoned to the
mercy of the sportsman. Pheasants
are still under the wing of the law,
and eager hunters should be careful
nol to knock over any of them by
mistake; if they do, their sporl ma.
cost them dear. Everyone should not
only be careful to observe the game
laws himself, bul fo make it his business to see that others do so also.
These laws are enforced not to confer privileges upon any class or anything of that sort, but simply to preserve the game of the Province from
extinction. Those who refuse to observe the law put themselves in much
the same position as the Babine Indians. The logical result of disregard
of the law is the extinction of the
game and
would   of        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dining the early days of ihe season
particularly, great caution should be
used by those who are using rifles.
In these days of long range weapons,
greal caution is always in order, but
what we particularly refer to is the
danger of shooting hunters in mistake
for hunted. Ii does not follow that
every rustling in the bush is caused
by a deer, and the man who fires at
any object which he cannot clearly see
is   without   excuse.
Is it worth while to repeat old
camions about the handling of guns?
Every year brings its lisi of accidenis
which would have been avoided by a
little ordinary caution. One great mistake in whieh young sportsmen particularly are liable, Is thai i' i- necessary to ia' in a hurry. Half your
misses are due to hurry.    Keep cool.
Another thing which should be attended to iby ihe hunter is, to post
himself on the law. Do nol imagine
���hat every feathered thing may be le-
*-'!!>' shol; because quite a number of
birds are permanently protected���insectivorous birds, for instance. Remember also thai shooting at night is
barred, .su are sunk punts and swivel
guns, and the hunting of deer with
dogs. Also, you musi neither export
game nor put it In cold storage; nor
can you sell grouse or any game bird
which has been plucked or deer which
has been beheade I.
We congratulate th.3 Liberals of Alberni on their good judgment in selecting Mr. Brewster, of Clayoquot, as
their candlate at tbe next provincial
general election. Mr. Brewster will
make an excellent representative, ani
Is a man for whom the Liberals can
work heartily and unanimously, knowing Ilia* be will be the right man In
the right place.
The Victoria Colonist repeats editorially the announcement made some
time ago. that the Under-secretary
for the Colonies, Winston Churchill,
will visit Canada this year, and adds
io the announcemenl some gratuitously impertinent comment. Vet if
the conditions were reversed���if some
British statesman of ihe Tory persuasion were aboul to visil Canada and
a Liberal paper printed sneering re-'
marks about him, the Colonisi would '
yell its head off in indignant protest. '
Certain!; these be hard times for
the millionaires. The following fron;
an American paper shows with how
little respeel they are treated: ".lames
Creelman has written an article for
one of lhe September magazines o;i
"The Real Mr. Hearst." The article
loes not change our opinion of the
millionaire journalist. It Is evident
thai the real Mr. Hearst paid the
writer of the article very liberally.''
Poor Mr. Hearst! Jus' because he
Is rolling in money, he is accused of
hiring a man t.o "blow his horn;" peo-
1 le will not believe that any writer
could think enough of him to do the
thing voluntarily.
s far as the mat- ot the terrible crime of advertising in
very moderate language a remedy for
a prevalent disease.���Toronto S'.t-
��� 11	
Humor and Philosophy
Quiet is ih.' parlor,
Qtii.-t Is the hall;
Not a murmur ripples;
Silence over all;
Not a little urchin
In the yard ,n  play.
Don't  you  know  f!a> reason?
School began today.
Through the long vacation
Rlol  reigned  supreme;
Not a ��� h ince to slumber,
Not a chance to tlream.
Children all a-scrnmblo
t'P and down til ��� street;
Pavements ei hoed, echoed
To their busy f   it.
Was m load      :' pi ij things
Scattered all aboul
Just where owners left ti;em
Whi :. ;i merry shoul
Frnm j. happy i omrade
Called them all away
To an expedition
t��r a grand foray
Peace one" moi ���   has fallen
en our darkened house;
Not a thing in both :
Quii-i  as ii mouse.
Sei ms as If the family
All had gone away.
Don't you know the reason?
School begun today.
Wanted to Travel First Class.
N'iliili was busy checking off the nnl-
.Liuls as the boys were driving them
slowly up the gangway into the ark.
Most of the smaller animals had beeu
gathered in and placed in their proper
stalls when along came the elephant
with ponderous stride. He walked willingly up the plank until he came to tbe
opening, where be paused, thrusting iu
When you open up for business,
Quite determined you will win
And will gather in abundance.
What In vulgarly called tin,
If ypiu hope to catch it fortune
Of ii generous expanse,
It's a cinch that you wlll miss It
If you never take a chance.
When yon go to court a lady
Who Is pretty, young ami fair
.Anil you sit around and wlgglo
Bashfully upon your chair.
If you w uu to win her favor.
With her Bweet and sunny glance.
There is no way you can do it
If you never take a chance.
In the game of winning office.
Getting politics in hand
So thai you may fool tho voters
And walk in aa you have planned,
It is really worse than useless.
Though polite as men of France,
To attempt to knock the plums off
If you never take a chance
\a-x us learn t li.- simple lesson
As we journey on the way
That we In the game of winning
Never bave a  walk-away;
That we cannot know the outcome
Of our ventures in advance,
But may be assured of failure
If wo never take a chance.
Scorned the Truth-
I W. R. Gilley, 'Pnone \-t-z.
J. R. Gniey, 'Pnone 1.4a
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents B. U. Pottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Po rtlaud Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phone 1-U
A Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
(Maple r.eaf
"She refused to pay for her pictures."
"Didn'l tbey look like ber'.'"
"That was the trouble "
gaming in tavor every day.    Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful aud nutritious of beverages,
rrl.'XZnRMI UMbi
Is a
��� 0- -    ���
Britishers   used   to    ���   1 reate 1    to
occasional scares  aboul    he  invasion
of India:  but today British Columbia
i.-   up againsl   the  question    if  an   invasion from  India.    What  are we going bo do aboul   It?    It Is nol necessary to repeal   the old  familiar ai   li
ments.     This   Province     will   support
twenty or thirty millions of white people "antl nol  bull' try"   We want to
have these  millions,   bul   we cannot
gel   them If the  country  Is  overrun
by a horde of servile or semi-servile;
labor   from   China   or   India   or   any
other country.    It is all very well to
cry out about the inconvenience entailed upon many of Hie people who
are here now by the. absence of cheap
labor;   but   there   is   another   side   to
the story.   Tbe demand  for labor is
bringing the right class of people inlo
the country and will continue to bring
them, and   the  prosperity  which    ls
quickening the pulse of every industry
in the country is largely due bo the
fact that there is ample employment
at good wages for all who are willing
to work.    Thc Province i.s looking to
Ottawa for action on this Hindu ques
One point which semes to be forgotten by those who favor what the old
country papers cajll "The Carnegie
jargon" is that we pronounce syllablt -.
or words, in English, and not letters.
1'om;,are. for instance, "freight" and
"crate." where ihe sound "ate" Is
represented by entirely different, combinations of lei lers: or "enough,"
"through" and "dough," where three
different sounds are represented by
the same combination. The elimination of absolutely silent letters
comparatively simple matter
one know.- what is rneanl by "program" and "traveler''���but when we
; come to the vowel son" is, that is another story. Confusion worse confounded may easily result from the
"reform"   there.
That Chinese newspaper yarn-
not the story that the Chinese are
to establish a paper in their own
language; we presume lie: Is true���
but the story that they had bought a
"leading provincial newsjaper," was
never, as we said ., 1. time .c; 1, ,1
plausible one. As it wis toll, the
story came from, or al least was sail
to be confirmed by, Chinese merchants who were concerned In the
deal. nm the Chinese merchants
would be quite aware that, as we
pointed oiu ai. the time, the tit.. . 1 :
1 bjeel of the purchase would be defeated if the public even suspe '��� I
ihai the purchase bad been made. Additional Improbability was given the
story when the Colonist, tho oldest
paper in the country, witb a strong
lelupport and a growing field, wtis
named as the paper bought. We have
now a categorical and emphatic denial from the managing editor of the
Colonist, as far a.s thai pari of the
si.ory is concerned, and we anticipate
thai the rest of ii will go the Bame
way. If will be just as well, bow-
ever, for ou.r "leading papers" to
walk discreetly on the Chinese
DA.-,;: :
M rs. r
(with    de ;.
;��� ���-01     y.
. |rr.
'"I'.. I,  ,    ��� ;
a   - i    It'
von'I   .
Mrs.     ���
.  Nf)   1��a-    It
n ��� r/y    - i
.   .        you h
The Waler Cure
"lie  calls  himself a   doctor of :,-.
"i Iruduate of a swimming -���.
"He is i
Jubt an Inference,
uily a fair we ith
one of your um i .
A   Ha 1
t   . .
ja   '
ny  ex 1  ��� I  r.i
A pbll   ani
.1        j    '   :
turn ry
Moderately  Hone.'
"IIe woul.I Bteal from a blind
"Not If the latter n ere look   .
Circumstantial Evidence.
Practically   St:
li..     An   >     i  -..-
perstitlous     ������ > ,ui
.;   lis '
"I've con o to answer your ad. for
"Did you  bring  him with you.'"
It's  uni
tn    lost
1 eett lng .
The     Q-i.-stion
.1   n.      1   in   - :
May say th
.- ���   sha
was     ���      :     t iim
Jack and Jill went  ap -
To gft some wa'-a    bo thi
But from their trek   >��� ..- ���
I   JUdgl'     tWli-S   S.a-      -
bis proboscis bul refusing to go a step
farther, nor would shouting or twisting
bis tail move bim.
"Perhaps he is waiting to bave bis
trunk checked," suggested Mrs. Noah.
"We'll   see."   said    Noah,   checking   it
as an experiment and banding the elephant a brass tag. Sure enough, that
was the trouble, The intelligent beast
seized the token and passed rapidly on
to the place that bail been prepared for
It All Depends.
The postman /s most   welcome when
He blithely'gives to you
A letter full of sweetness,   Then
Vmi bless his coat of blue;
Vou give to  him a greeting bright
And say he Is a gladsome sight.
Bul n another inciter is
When tilings don't go thai way;
When in- trom out that bag of ids
Hands Ihis to you: "Please pay."
II.- Is a mnn you'd like to shun
When he comes forward wilh a dun.
Penalty of Greatness.
"I presume a mini who has won faint'
has many demands on bis time."
"Worse thn 11 that, be Is expected to
pay his bills"
Practical  Girl.
"Phyllis," he exclaimed, "I love
you. 1 place my
happiness ln your
bands "
"For goodness'
lake, don't do It
now." sin- haste]    -ll   to   beg
"Why  not?"
"Because I'm
sut- I'll need ln.il:
bands In a mlnule
nr spi t.. keep you
from  kissing tn '."
Well   Said.
She I .-��� .posi
you lind m in a h
changed after so
lung  an  absence.
ll.- Changed!
Vmi lun;. . -an ��� ly
In:    your obi      If
And    I...in   �� er
pl.-.-isi-d   with    the
5ub|ccl For Argumenl.
"The mosquitoes are so bail oul  our
Way  Ibis year."
"Have  you  tried  reading  tracts
Perfectly S.ife.
Bashful Suitor
Do      .Vill      k 11   1 'A ,
some   1 ;.!<>   Bay
kissing is dangerous.
Coy    Maiden
Nonsense!     Why,
papa       Is      f.,.,i
The    Rube:
the   change   for
"Wisht    th-it    tellow'cl
tnat   $500   uni   ..o s   I
hurry    b.-r!<
an   ouy   *h.^
Trade Secret.
(J tn;.
A   doctor advertises
grip  and   his conduct   i:
Hie   medical   council   a.s
disgraceful,    A   doctor
CRIME.     ���_
a   reiiie.lv   for:
1 described  by '
Infamous and
gets    drunk
and assaults ii lady
willl   SUCh   violence
sitting in
that  both
i   hotel
fall to
DR. B. TSl'Ji
Late of Mancburian Japanese Army
The water  lot  lease mentioned   in
our reporl  of council proce dings in
means ti,.. ,st,,- Off ite, 300 Westminster Ave., [Vancouver, u.f.
K .-lilenee Phone nu.       Offk
��� .Hin  Phone 2566. I) a.m
yesterday's   issue
iishmeii' of siiii another Industrial
establishment. We understan I i hal
those Interested are all residents of
ihis citj and practical men. By the
way. our report read .is if ii waa
:he Intention of the council to sell iho
i p.rr,
Wanted���Ait ive, Intelligent lads
about eighteen years of age, at Fruit
Cannery, Fronl sl reet.
"I lues
"Noi much,   ll
He Ignores them.
A mail Is not really rich until hi
gins to He to the assessor.
Sonic people are arwayi wanting
what they gel, thus accumulating lasting material for n good disposition,
/    ^-V^
Momentary Fare;.
Mrs C. Tom
wa a a wfully
scared when lc>
saw tho a- four
flguroH on ihe t;e:
. 1 my new gown.
Mrs, I). lu.ln'i
he know lb,. y
represented t he
Mrs, 1'. Mo. ���;���':.���
poor boy Ihnu -'it
It was 1 be price
"l   came   tn  nsl
via    I'.. r    y oa,
la- ghie'r."
"Unt   -In.  Is  ih.
only   .a ��� 1 have "
"Well,    I    do
v  nil    Imi    ..no.
't  I
I  11 "    y ui
: ..   ���     nie
b ,;     a.   1 "
Tenders for ,1   License to Cut Timber
or) Dominion Lands in the P'
cf   British   ColuT-'jia.
Sealed ten li id to 1
fii -ni the 1 loinmis lon      if Dm
Lands,   Deparl of   the   li
. : mai ked        I   11    ���
io:   Timber  Berth  Xo    10."
received        I Dep
1... in on We Ine   laj, the 12th    1
September,  1906, for a Heen	
limber on Berl li N'o ID! . late in
th Provlni '��� of British Colutub 1
Silver River In iboul Town il " '
1    ll ini es 23 and 26, We I  ol '   '
Meridian,  rom; rising tfl
I  ed  as iei'   .���
Block I.   Com    inclng
.-��� .id ; Iver   on I he Soutl bounilii
of Timber  Berth   180,  belli    a
1-2   miles   up   said   River
mouth;    them ���    up    sal I    Iti ���       '
1-2   mile..   In   direct   dlstan       ���    ���  ���'���
... th  ol   50  1 tali     on  I
'.'.!������   antl   To   eh,mi-
le there if, mea ure.l al
���  tho  genei il  bearing
within  the  I |oc
Block   2,    1' immem in'  :!l  -1  I
u:  saiti  river  abo      10   ' s. 1 n
re im  from  the S uithcrl;   ���< mnda
if  Block   I;   thence up stream   !
miles in dlrecl di itance with 11
of 50 chains on the Easterlj
To chains on the Westerly
ol',   measured   al   rlghl   an sl '���
general  bearing of  river �� ' I"
block.     The   whole   1 "ii'a n ���  a��
of 8,640 acres, mere or lo
Tha  survey   Is  to  bo made v
on ���  teal' of rei elpl   of le idei'i
regulations    under   will   '
��� will be ii' ::"'!.   :e' n   printed
or lender and envelope, ma)
>i :.' this Depar  neat or a     ���'
of   the   Crown   Tim   '
-lew Westminster, B. C.
be   nccom    '
a chart
for the
p.   M
I 11'
ach lender iiiiihI
an   acepted   cheque  on
id  hank  in  I'iivor of the Dcpilt)'
Minister of the Interior,
"Yrur  Willie  is making  love  to  my  Jen-
lit'  Is 11
his sleep
to   sir
man who
���b  an  t'xli
will  talk in
ut  thul   bis
1 wife gels ins ininia.
Mrs.  Midge:
nie pigain."
Mrs.  Budge:   "And  dees she smile upon hii  tl it?"
Mrs.   Midge:     "Not   this   one,   but   when   he   wore   thn*.
one with the green  vest and pink sash the poor child  used
to lauc,b  herself nearly into convulsion^."
A NoiQhWs Wi
Mr��     It    . I   .
���  lite   a  la   HI,    1
ti ir of ynui'H 1, 1
I    ii ive    1. li n
m  ���  bj  the 1 Ivi
vl.'"t     :'     Oh,
I 1   u.jpo   you   vv
'���������.��� In ��� un ��� tb
1 Urease,
t en-
l i
amounl of the bonus win h
ciinl  Is prepared  to pay foi
No lender by telegraph
Departmenl  of the Intel
( wa, July 27th, ���  '
ppi DAY. AUGUST 31,  1906.
The Cash Store
A Matter of
Prime Importance
to the appearance of stylish garments, is the corset.
No Suit, no matter how well tailored, will look well
over an ill fiting corset���whereas, a suit tho' but
moderately stylish, will look well over a graceful
iceful, 66mfortable, and durable   and   have   thai     indefinable
Ing   which   lends style to the weai ir;  in facl thej embody the
tial    of custom)  made corseta    although     sold    at     moderate
At $1.00
ell D. & A   Hi is fitting corsets, with    ipering Waist and medium
mule of English Coul I.    The    .nne  In  white  and 'lark
a        .- t imme i with Valenciennes beading and ribbon.   These have
ho    s ipporters attached.
At $1.50
ell D. ^ A  corsets special I.i  s ;.-.. .���   medium figures.  They
... of English Coutil, medium long, bias gored, and b ned
ghoul with tinelj tempered bone wire, and nicely trimmed with
md ribbon
At S2.G0
- li ,'v- A corsets which are ideal, for Stoul figures They are
of Imported Coutil, with   das  gore, and are boned  th/bughoul
��� ��� tempered bone wire, tipped top and bottom to prevent cut-
irough al ends���thej look  well and  wear extra well.
T. H. Sm
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
Local News Briefly Told
Rev.  Father  O'Boyle  has  been  ap-
pcinted rector of Si. Peter's cathedral
1 and  will   enter  upon   his new   duties
next Sunday.
The Bl lewaik running from Eleventh
in Twelfth streets on Third avenue
has been condemned by the chairman
��� of the board of works as unsafe, and '
:i new one will be built there in '.he j
ot ar future. j"
Herberl W. Lees of Port Hammond applied yestard'iy for ", int lies
of water from a small stream in the
district in which he lives. The water
Is to be used for domestic and agricultural  purposes.
Col, .1. C. Whyte Is leaving for New
York tomorrow. (Jn bis way eas',
Mi Whyte will spend some time In
Ottawa, ami will aiso visit Toronto
and several other titles. He expects
to    '-   away  about   a  month.
Found -31acli cocker Bpanlel dog. Apply     tston        X.  M. M ithes in.
i u penters,     plasterers     and
a-iii-i  have  now    comp.1eted    their
work on ih'- new la lian mei fisheries
(ing.    1 he    . istei   i- dry anfl   "���'"
��� wilding   : . ..    ... al      th ��� A-.'. II ������ At'
���a   Ihe heal ��� .   md lig] ting appliai     -
���I'i/e chain ��ang is busilj ��� ngaged
ir int.'odut iii i . numl er of Improvements /.'I and   around   the exhibition
c,nun.is.    . I 'a        il ��� yards are   ��������� :.g
drained, atfd  '!.'���   Irack   is  being
nto   sl .a.    'ii
morning and part, of the afiernoon,
parties of Indians were to be seen,
dressed in their gaudiest clothes, making for Vancouver, where a big cele-
bration took place in honor of the
safe return of the chiefs.
 o ���
Humor and Philosophy
The in tn who laughs at everything���
The ancient jek.-. tha latest j'-st;
Thr.iws bai k t,.s head and pulls the string
And chronic blues knocks galley west���
i Is nil ti>,'lit when he works his fad
At Just  'la   proper plai e in mur,
Unless the Joke's an yo.. egad;
Then li.- S a i. Usance and i bore.
His laugh In' ��� -..��� is i Ings aloud
Wlc-ia. ������     - -, : ���:  ;.'��� isure nv-ot;
\ It rfppies   ai   iro inJ the crowd
And then   is ..;.- n Into the street,
A:.l if tht   loko's  ni .!��� a   ��� or In iwn
His gufl iw   ,:-.   ya ia ,;<��� i a hit.
I Unt how  ��� o i w int to i all him down
If j-ou'it   the m ol s ime witl
.    ��� - -
I If he Is ticklt    most to death
If.- dot   n't do the thli g by half.
But wh.il    :.    ii is an   ��� in   - of breath
He spi i. ��� -   t on i   I   arlng laugh.
His wide i     - or hi I hinges turn
Tn give his vo   ii chords full play
When you      ���      vli Iim I  iw. you yearn
To sr  p   :  a || a   . bale of hay!
"t i ai; rlfht If t!     laug      i th
��� "o Join lai mr a  rth full r. :n,
jj.'t    -via n a buzz     tw . a     the aii-
^n(j    -.I ;. ine
'  '
��� '���' I    '   '
To ia   -
If you'rt
of workmanship finish is what makes furniture values. Our endeavor
is to give these two qualities in every article bought and sold. Our
$1.0u high back dining chair possesses these in marked degree���
they are excellent value. Our $3.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker i.s
a leader and is a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
chairs, large genuine Spanish leather upholstering at $15.00 is one
of the best   Morris chairs all oak   frame  from $7.50 each up.
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
School Suits
Almost At Your Own Price.
-   k!b   ;h oi blat,
tr to I     ���' -;  ��� pe ice,
L. . .. :-,r at.
���i�� I ness   :  \   the ex-
i. J. MACKAY & CO.
We have not only the largest ;���;
and best stock of WATCHES $
in the city, but also have the ��
3ole   a gency for the HAMIL- jjj
TON WATCHES which for accurate time keeping jjj
cannot be beaten.
W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, Ilie Jeweler, Columbia St.
The formet snag boal  Samson   was
��� ���   terday   move 1   from   the    ei   i
bad held all summer at the east  end
i : ' lillej   Bros.'' wharf.   Its boiler was
filled   with  water  and   the  craft  will
��� ready for service in the course of
a  few days.
Bell   Irvin t  on - of the  leading
3h       ..! lei 3 ol  '  e A li. C. Packing
i   npany,   was   n  the - Itj   . ester lay
and  took a look over the company's
tug Lhe Phoenix which has been tie!
up   for  the   past   few days    at    the!
Eighth   street   slip.
Messrs. White & Shiles have purchased the Insurance and real estate
business which has been operated for
a number of years by Alex. Bell. The
purchasers will thus acquire the
agencies of the Phoenix, the N rth
American and Harl lord insurance companies,
Wanted���Active,    intelligent     lads
��� ml eighteen years of age, at Fruit
Cannery, From street.
\ survey party lefl yesterday morning for Cloverdale, for the purpose of
Biuveying the line of the new V, V &
]'.. road. The party Is in charge of
Hugineer Bryce, and Is composed of
six men. A' presenl there are about
twenty carloads of material at Cloverdale, and the only difficulty is to gel
suitable help In the surveying and
i onsl ruction of the Hue.
The Rev. W.  ll   Frj. pastor of the
First   Methodist   Episcopal  church   In
Moscow, Idaho, will leave on his return journey  today.    Mr.    Fry    will
lirst go in SeatUe, where he will take
part in the Methodlsl convention that
i is being held there, and after remain-
' lng there  a  week,  will travel  on to
Spokane,   where   he  will   rejoin   h,ls
wife aud family.    Mrs. Fry's parents
:;.. In Spokane, and the family will '
..; iMiil a few days there before returning home.
Tin' Rev. Father Coccola left yes-
I ii .day for Vancouver, en route to
; | nlsslon al Babine lake. Father
Coccola will remain In Vancouver
until Saturday, when he will leave for
Victoria, and from there will proceed
to bis mission, i Iwlng to the outbreak among the Indians al Babine
tho Rev. Father is anxious >i> arrive
al  his posi  OS soon as possible,
a car load of fruit boxes was ship-'
ped in W. Fortune of Kamloops today
from Echert's box factory.
The Rev, 0. .1. Shearer, it   A., of
Toronto, genenal  secretary    of    the]
Lord's  Duv Allia.nr,- of Canada  will
occupy   the   pul] II   al     Sl     Andrew's
rri'sbtyerlan idiuridi on Sund.iy morning, and will address a mass meeting
ia  the  Queen's    Avenue    MethoHist
church after  the regular servia* In
the evening.   Mr, Shearer lo :kccom-!
panied on bis tour to the west by the'
Rev.   w.   M.   Rochester, M.    A.,  of
Kenora,  Ont,  who   Is the   assistant
secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance
for Western Canada.    M."   Rooliester
v ill preach In Vancouver on Sunday.
Two Bpeclal tram-cars were requisitioned yesterday morning tn
(ransporl a large number of Indians
in Vancouver, where they went to
pay their respects to Chief Joe Capa-
lino, who bad just returned from a
visit io the IClng of England bA Buck
i. gham palace, Thr number of in
tl i.i ns who travelled to Vancouver to
greet the chief Is estimated at nbout
three    hundred,     Throughoul      th-1
Comr.'.c:-. Flacc,
"II ���   v. a 3  wo ::. 1-
p.I in  seven  pi i   i.s
in one battl
"Stwve'.i     pi a-  .;
Wherenver ��� th ;.A"
'i m - .was  in As
lefl  knee, nnd  tbe
other  six   cere in
bis   ia. - gtoatl   ���!."
$2.50 and $3.00 Suits, yours for - - $1.00
$3.00 and $3.50 Suits, yours for - ��� $1.50
$3.75 and $4.50 Suits, yours for - - $2.00
All above fitting boys from
7 to  1 O years of age.
Herd on Mars.
If h   that faroff p in  I   :' v.r
of :.   aT man,
If '��� .: ��� ���  ::   .-   ���;jp  ���
We r. illy  pltj   th ���:::    : ir '
Our |i :-���;.;. knocked
Sky lush    ���  i . ������ ���    ..������      to sp toe.
When  -ia .��� a      a   .;  ,;,. g l:n,. |S blocked
Dowi   h  re, they 11 v. ng a merry race
To other woi Ids inco  trolled
By li     -  .T.in's Iron gi
They'll set on Mars a strung  ��� hold.
An.l f; tyty they'll ila' boo II ��� Hip.
No   muck   rake   there   t.i   spoil   their
No bi:; stick's shadow o'er them whirled,
But    with    their    old    an.l    well    tried
The grafters there will own the world.
Wanted���A  girl   for    general    i>otu��i
work  in  a small  f.tfnily.    Apply to
Miss   I-:.   Rogers,   Pari;  Row,    New
Wanted   at   Once���Quick,   ac:ive,   er.
ergetic boys.   From 15 to 2il years ,
of age.    Apply personally, Western   ^^pt"  -1-
Canadian Can Factory, Sixth street.
All parties indebted to the
undersigned, are requested
to settle their accounts before
Signs of His Finish.
If the czar's soldiers t-J back oa him,
as they threaten to do. he might ns
well throw up the sponge if he has one
and make the best tonus he can. He
and his brave sou ami all of the grand
dukes cannot  lick the entire  Russian
1 pie, especially If some of the latter
are aruie I wiih bombs.
As long us the czar is surrounded by
ii few . om; anles of loyal soldiers and
a squtul of ; ill ��� .:.- : b is private detectives ;:i all ol id.- trees around bis
pai.ia ll Is :. rdly ti - ife form of
amusement ; i i sake fi c is at bim, but
just lei bim tak ��� his two hands as a
naked | n pi sltion for his only defense
and Battling > dson or even the village
blacksmith wi u! I make short work of
As l.i.i- as i.a one uot in bis pay is
illovi ���' io .���...... within throwing distance of him be looks every Inch a
Mar, bnt .1 -; 1 -. his i 'ossacks be bit-
tp'ii by tb.' rev ilutiou microbe aud bis
snap would bo o\ er,
Thriv,.; en  a   Milk   Diet.
llilk, and milk only, has formed
the diet of six-year-old Arthur
Keene i E Penarth, Wales, since
birth, lie i is 1"' m tempted witb
the choicest of soli.! food to no purpose, and medical mon who have examined him confess thai the case
balilcs tbem, He is finely developed
and healthy, and liis die! each week
consists of thirty pints of milk,
mixed '.villi pugar nnd a little water.
For Sale���Second hand buggy, road
cart and harness. W. H. Madill,
care A. Speck, Columbia street.
Feat of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster. 8. C.
A Gift For Our Customers.
* J        AHTI5CPT1C       �� I
l OUiATt k CO
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.L
In Every Package o( Colgate's Dental Powder
We Give a Ptestnt of a calls of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
^REE.       (Guest Room Size)       FREE
A Wonderful  Bargain.
"The Milwaukee
'The   Pion?;r  Limited"   St  Paul  to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha  to
s    Chicago,  "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   en   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   etjttal   in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee   &  St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own  and  operate  their  own  sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent,
t.u Third St., cor Alder. Portland, Or.
r HERE's something about the Opening
of a New Season in this store that
starts a thrill of enthusiasm in every
one connected with it. So many new things
to be seen, display and admire. Men's,
Boys' and Children's Clothing right from the
hands of the World's Best Makers. The
Best Hatters' Best Hats-Toggery that's
choice, elegant, attractive and exclusive.
Nothing Wanting-Not a Thing!
^ Commencing to-morrow and continuing
through the week we shall give our special
attention to showing rather than selling.
We shall hold on these days a sort of
Informal Opening
Every Alan, Woman and Child is earnestly
nvited and we want everybody to come.
Look now���see the new ideas while the
bloom is on--buy at some future time.
r i
- i
; t
, '.
I .
- ;��� i
' T:     i
-'���.  ������ ;
em i
v i I
' A,aj
mmmammmmmmmsi THE DAILY NEWS
$150 in Gold
eicheobach  Company,  Limited
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 90G
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our weekij
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon. The coupons are all numbered in duplicate. One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box. The first number
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
ich en bach  Co.,  Ltd.
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Trains &. Steamers
Leave New Westminster 7.25 daily.
Leave New Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive New Westminster lO.ciU daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster  19.10 daily.
Lv. N. W. 7.26, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv.  Seattle, 12.30;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   VA   9.15,   10.30,   19.10,   20.20.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. m.
l.v. N. W, I'.I'ii a.m,; ar. Seattle 4 p.m,
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. Seattle, 4.34 p, in., ar. N. W. 9.35.
Lv, N, W. 3 p. 111. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., und 4 p.m.
I.v. N. W, 9:35 am.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2: in p. m.; ar. N. W.
i: 15 p 111. and >i p. m
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
nml 8 a. m., and ev, iy halt hour there-
after 'All],, m.
Lv.  Vancouver for  Westminster at
Bauie hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
Be;; ver���
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frld. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun..
3 p. m.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seal lie, via Sunias.10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Snp'n & Millside..10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.ni.
Vancouver 10.00p.m.   9.00a.m,
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Keai Uf, etc.. .. 8.45 n.m. 3.30 p.m
Van. Ai; Cent, Park...l0.30 a.m. 2 p.m.
Vieloria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
East Burnaby  1,15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc.... 1.30 p.m. 10.30 a.m
East, via C. P. R...4.45 pm. 7.10 p.m
East, via C. P. P.. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. & Burnahy. .3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
Timberland, Tues.,
Friday  12.00 m.   12.00 m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
flritibh Columbia Ccast Line
landings   between   New   V.'.
11      Ihllliwack.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nefson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek' points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
Mage r'lily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
9.20 a.m.
12.25  p.m.
9.40 a n;.
Day Train
.. Spokane
.. Rossland
...Nelson .
 ;.i5 p.m.
. . . .4.10 p.m.
... 6.45 p.m.
Eight Trains  Every Dav in the Ye.tr
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies tin- newest antl best ideas
ant! LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (scats free),
modem day coaches antl buffet, li-
brarv and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further  information  call   on   nr   write
���720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
tSubject 10 change wnimiit    rjnuce.j
Princess Beatrice leaves Van-t ivi
August  t)th.
Princess .May leaves Van ouvei
August 12th.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vani ouver
May  18tb,
Princess May leaves Vancouvei
August 22ml.
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouvei
August 20th.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1  p. m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
on Wednesday an I Mondays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Van. iuvei . I y exci ui Ral
urday and Sun I iy al I ;30 p. in. Saturday  ai   2:3"  p.  ;n.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria al 11 p. in. on 1st,
1 Tib. 19th and 201 b ol each montb foi
Ashousll and way points; leaves Victoria on Hie 7, and 20, for Quatsino and
way points, Leave.-. Victoria on 20th
of each month fnr Cape Scott and way
points including Quatslno,
S.  S.  Tees
Leaves Vancouver a' '.' p. rn.. 2nd
and 16th of each month, celling at
Skldegate on Qrs) trip and Bella Cool a
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are approximate,
For reservations ami Information
ca   < r address
Agent, New Westminster.
r'.Bst. Gen. Pus-t. Agenl, Vancouver.
.1. W. TROUP,
QeneraJ Suiicr,iiit.ind"nt, Victoria
(ien. Agent, Freight De^t.,
New Wostmlnster.
Railway Company
Two fast transcontinental trains
with dining tans and through tourist
and  first-class sleepers daily.
Atlantic  ExpresB leaves at 7:25.
Imperial   Limited,   leaves   at   17:20.
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and Return. tint 4r
Sept. 8,9, & 10  JM.Ij
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster
Assistant   General    PaBstnger   Atent,
Steamer Transfer
Leaves New  Westminster on  Mon
day,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday
and  Friday  at  'Si  p.  111.  and  Saturday
at 2 p. in. Willi additional trip on Mon-
I day at. fi a. in.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. in.; Friday at 6 a. 111. additional
I rip  Saturda.'.' 6  p.  m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, x a. m.
Mondays/ Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. in. Tuesday,
Thursday  and   Saturdays,  calling  at
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within tin' Railway Bell in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any per-
si.11 who Is the solr bead of a family,
or any male over is years of age, to
tin- extent nf one-quarter section nf
I'.n aril's,  nnue or less.
Entry   musi   be  madi'   personally   at
th" local land offli e tor the district m
1 which tin. land is situate.
The homesteader is required to per-
form the conditions connected therewith under one of thc following plans.
(1; At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If thc father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered f"r the requirements as to resilience may be satisfied
iby such person residing with the fa-
I ther or  mother.
(.1) If the settler has bis permanent
resilience upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, thc requirements as to residence
may be Satisfied by residence Upon
the said land,
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion I ands at Ottawa of intention
lo apply for patent.
Deputy   Minister  of  tbe   Interior.
N. it.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement wlll not bo paid
for. ���<
I Northern Pacific!
*���.........���............. 4
Trains Daily
Travel on t br Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Kales.
Quick 'Iim-'. Km-i llent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale tn all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Rcund   Trip j
Rates   to   Southern   California.
Fnr full infnrmtion call on nr write
C. E. LAN(i, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Orn. A. (',.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS, Daily trains (excepi
.Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express antl freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service
For information apply in
J. II.  ROGERS, Traffic  Manager.
Vancouver.  B. C.
Great Northern Ry. j
Time Table   i
V. W. & Y. RY       j
Dally I          NEW Dalh  !
Leave  WESTMINSTER Arrive 1
8:20am Blaine,  Belling COpm
4:35 pmfham      Bui Ing i ;'"- t
'inn,   Mi.   Ver-I j
'non,     Everett 1
Seattle        and !
4:Uf> pin Spokane,      St, 1 00 pa J
[Paul    and   alll "
points  East, i
9.20 am|Anacortes, 3 pm
IWoolley,    iimt j
|Rockport. j
8:00 pm Vancouver 9 20am
9:66 pm| |4:36pm
l.v.    New    Westminster   fur
Guichon 3: 50 p. ni. Ar. G    hoi
(I   p.   in.,   Mnn i >.   Wedni
8:46 a.  m. ar. from Gul hoi
9:30 a. m. l.v. for Vai  on
Route of tb'' Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, dlnm
Winnipeg,  Duluth, t'hli
Louis  ai.il   .11. IUU   I-'''
I'm-    complete
rain:     l.'-i til   resen
call nn ur address,
It C, MEYERS,   \ '���
Bank nr Commerce Bull
New Wei tmli     r, B. C
S. (!. YERKES, A. is P. A .
Corner Second Avenue and 1 "
luinbhi Si.. Seattle, Wa b
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
An.l all the principal business centers0
Also  It, BUFFALO.  NKW ���RK <j.n
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara l��"
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Tice
Agent, 136 Adams St., < hicnffo.'"��� AUGUST 31. 1906.
. !0licItors, Blackle Bll
Ne��   Westmlusti
rf;" ���      i:    :..  Kdmnnd.
W. J'
��_,   ���   |   HAMPTON BOLE, solid
upreme  sourt Offices
o    Commerce  build
opposite   posi
.    minster.    Money  to
On the Famous
Watchmaker and
Bollt Itoi  . etc.
fr' wgon  and  Lorne stree
rooms 21 lo 24, 445 Orai
wpta Martin, K   -
,.    McQuarrie,   II   A
I      Mart::,   wilfl   be  in tha
Offices every  Friday af
Westminster, Trapp Blk.
"Oriental Limited"
the claim each year or p i I to the
mining recorder in lieu there if. When
$500 ha- been expend'- . id,  the'
le and upon complying  .-.
Manufactvring Jeweler. *���� an acre
P rmission may be granted by the
I Ministei     ���:   the   Interior   to   1
a through  knowled ���   . ning iron and mica
business in England with 10 Yukon T
perience.   Lat.-: fears  manager
...,..,..       repa    .       .    .   tment of   area not exceeding 160   i
ge,   Lyman    &    Co.,     Montreal.      The   patent  for   a   mining  location
Henry Bir managei      rt of   g},aii   provj >,.   for  the   payment  of  a
the tim'-.
I    Form    of    < on vernation    Which     It
Selflabneai   In.-itrnni.-.
Speaking o I   I
I     want     tO     pul
.-       t."
It Is the mosl selfli
Kuril; ..
Why. yes.    i'ou v. ou .   I i . i
, . .      a
labor, would you?   tt is m irely
,;,;,',  ,v   BOWKS,  Barris
toi      .'ic..   42   Lorne
���-   ���
.,,.    ( ,,.::'     Hon.,
i    Bowes, l- 0.
G,.   ,   VRT1N, Barrister ar. I
���;'���,,'i Mock, ci
I .   I -
''��� ___^	
LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
meetlnp    of    this
i   ���     Wetlni   di
i'cIoi ni., 1
Inviti  :  I i I
v ' Sn    .
English,    Swiss,   American   and  all
���    tired,
like new and .-A  ��� ted
Tidtels on Sale July 2,3, Aug. 7,S,9, Sept. 8,10
For particulars call   on   c-  address
|X�� F  C. MEYERS, New Westminster, B. C.       Ig
I* w^gn ii luiiwiwuniiJI
Shingle and Saw Mill
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams, Grocei
Still Doing Business at tne Old Stand.
\ Merchant Tailor j
Columbia Btreet
Schaake  MacSi
Works, Ltd.,
' Ei
Royalty of 2T/i per .     I        the sales
of  the  products  of  the  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
j the  N.  W.  T.,  excepting  the  Yukon
'Territory:  Placer mining claims  generally are  ioo feet square, entry  fee
$3, renewable yearly.     On the N
: Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being  ioo
| feet long antl extending between high
|and low water mark.     The latter in-
' ggings, but extei
'     '
I exceeding   iooo  feet.     Whe:
. -
' ���    ' ' Aed.
��� '���-. in the I ���'
'-    Vi     T.,
'kou tory-Af!
fnr ~    !
���    .-,    ��� aistcr
I   terior.
'. ���   ���
|     1      .' ..
' .   A ,.-...  ���  - -    rl        1 sub-
��� ������'-'>���,.-���       [or each
���ne   as
Nev/ Westminster, B. C
ild on tl
!���        ,
i i    '
��� ���
n       '.     '     Dunlop, VA
E. Mali Rej
".-RANGE   LODGE,   NO.   H5(
Itei        E. I    Matl
I. Humphries, H
Manul of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
Carnarvon $L betwppn 10th and Mclnnis
The*  Carruthers Manufacturing   Co.
From 1 5c
Uf> ���
'      A TRIAL.
Bank of
Royal Bank
of Canad
F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
atine    ���
..    Vi   tin ���
i trttend    :    ���   '���'��� ���
��� h rn.   Ret   Si
'   -.   '
it   pari!
���   (Al     ; aid   Upj .
Fl  MD.....
a     '
VA���FRASER   LOCGE   No.   '
1 e fl th
; V
' Ii
D. w. hal   ���'
. Louis Witl
r   ENGLAND    I
E.   1
R. D ,8      ���
AETTE. No, 4099   I 0 F
I  8  o'clo the
- .    al
I      .,.   C    I. .   It   P.
���'���:. COLUMBIA. No 8808,
n       in
��� on  Ihe :-
. I   ���
Hie O Hni
::������'.       re     inllii      in
end     R. 0. Firth, C. H :
g .
p| i   nu ei   everj   Wednesda:
111  .     Ill     Oil  Mali.at   :'
'!. . '       Vlaltli
cordl ill)  Invited tn al
o. flurr, S. (   . N. If. Ili'iiwn.
1 '   -'.'  ..ii ii... vs        I
. ��� .   ei     i      lh 'ti
1   Hall .1 ,. i    M   liven
L Fo ]:.-'    Bee.
: " 'rr. '. ie     -        Westmln
: ..;  Ti   i" meets in the
a     Cl I     l..!'..'
Ol      -a, '.
on tho
in I   No ��� mbei.   tt. 8 |
.11    the    i
be   pri.;.' ii    i    im
monthly or qu
V 1-1. White, .'.-.-
3      lu   ��� -   and M nrei
.....      Hon  P
��� ���       'residei
Vii e   Presiden    ai
il    ���     a
���   ���
D    ���
''   ������'.
.'!  '(16
Oi  itn $3.00C 600    Reserve $3 I
Total  Assets S'"- it'.-. -
Brand corri      ��� i ��� i     h
all  the principal  tltl?s  ot th-   vorld
General banking business transacted.
?/\ i"lG5  DEPAR I MfclN I.
... on de at 1 -t   ���   -��� tcs
C '   q '��������� ���.;    n ghtt   frort    8" {o  9
P. B. Lyle, Manager.
rs. Lizzie Chan,
 '     R]
Synopsis of Regulation's {ai Disposal
of Minerals en Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
1 '��� PI mil :".:  in   the   " Ter-
r md   hill
hall nol :et   in
i .n the base Iii
the     creek
:' '
���   i    '"      '
i ' marked   by  tw
t  i     ;    ���
within  ten
miles ol
lay all
claim  must hoi
to  a     ' im     . feet  ii
' if the part; I      ;
. , '��� ���-���' ther,
i -    ...
-���   'Ity    shall    be
no  ro>��   -
'���.'���'     rest OJ :'���'.��� A'
irv ' '-
j-,   try fee Royalt
hall n the
...       .   _
. .    ..    e rigl who
i ' '
A     - bench claii
.    .-       .    ���        ' "van   Riyer,   where
the  I-       - Iredge to 1
���,    -i   trvi
ni  ���
dui   I
could be ban        :     '
' ���   iblcs or j
|    ��� I 'V ..'
I so
l��  ill >>���  i
.   ... be i
...       -    b time i
... I con
''��� ' '-. L���Co.ii  i     '���   ���   ._���     be    pur
1 ai $io per acre  foi
and   $20   for   anthracite.     Not   m
than 32       'es can 1 I b
individual  or   '    i| in " -    Ity   at
if ten cents
poun Is sl
-   ut.
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
.-  and over and joint   stock com-
' '�� holding free miner-' cerl        :
1 try for a mining Ioca-
The 1 ' have  a  ,|r"''
ration vrithii       t    season fi
date of the lease for    each f'Ve ' '
but where a pet n     -
���      ,.,    .  ..:_   es or fra:-
��� ���...-��� ufficienl      A        -A10
.   a   1    - .
I   :    pro', ..'���''
topics of com
I r ver" ��������� ���" '
���  '      '-  ���'���  -,- mpathetic, use
1     :.    .. . Isil to Mrs. Gr 1
Bl i :,t. 111 iiomi  pert . .
id   fit   t'Ol      lOtl    a :i'a.
"���    daj      .1 .   d lughter.i
; lo au
id ti-.\   in make b r com-
rhlli    she    ..anil.!    I        .    ]v
'-: d - ts, I ' 1 1 ��� . iaglne ��hu.l
makes  me so  tired.     I   haven't   cone
"Xo,   .'    ��� ..."    we   \\ .)'il I   ai j'
��� ���   itreel  to   )Ii
Gruml le's, bul j ou've i n listeuinc   0
hor cheerful ci     ��� for an hour,
huven't you?"
Savings Bank Dept. J�� HENLEY
A fre.- granl
'T ���    innttm for    each    mile    . 0!.'
Royalt)   al   the  ral     <   '   '���
II  per cent   collected oa    ti!r
��� ��� i. ���
Junk and Second-hand   Miaeraj WaterSj Fk
Store A erated Waters,
Front S N  n   \v -
.. in-Ker V
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
for 0
;   '
I   . Iuai, and fron
A: '
ng  to      pital.
'. i . .  -
ral in pla    , 1    y I      I    1  claim
feet  by   1      I 11   the
two  legal  1
���   ���   ���
���   :
thin ten 1
'��� a n      ng ret e, 0        .1
.   -;    '���        ;     ;, ���       ��� :
1 ten mi! I   m.     The
fee I
At le ;-t a t'~ ' musi be      pended
.;��1'?f��i1��.W.1\MffffA'>   "
: 'A.' A.
N   -
% :       E
Transfer Co.
Office���Train Ojpot
Columbia st.
ered    1." hi.,air in  ia"
a   ||
<<id Heavy Hanlm?
' Htim     l")')!!!'   137
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required hy the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of tlie beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a speetelt.y, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and HV30NTREAL, Canada
    .  .     	
��� ���,..,,-.."iv ���.���", -���... ��� ��� "���/.'    " -".. mii^.ras^^
���  exceeds $10
.     . -T- \ -y.  ..   rerril -
leases     I     ve miles each may
'  ' '      '       '      min
ren   ���   bl
��� A i       nfim ' 1    A
-   ���   '        r bars in  the  1
"    I   '     mark,  that  1:
dary to I I by its-posil
isi   laj  of   Vugusl in thi   year 1    1
1 .:     ���:' tl
The  1 shall 1
in   operation  within  tw 1  ;
the -1 ti        the 1 nd om
thin  six  s
' '
to be paid  1
'��� ��� : hall 1 jranl
thai      .-  mining
reek or gulcl
but  tl ......
1      ....  ���
work  tl
by  filing 1 ;
payii f $2      \  claim 1
1   < n
' .  gu! h  or 1
' :
rk  must  be   d
Ihat  work  I
band |
1 ���   ' ���   by a free nAier.
:'     '      '   ''
' nd v id : th ���   in sii
'���    '        ''': 'r   ::;' I ; "    l
ll   ii  trains by the Bl    I   Sj
The b ' in ; tries of a claim may be
ib   lutely bj having .1 survey
' :   p iblishing   notices   in
I  Gazette
I        leun     All   un : ..    ��� |,,..,(   Domini a. '      :   in Manitoba, the North-
��� es and within the Yukon
I' rritory,  in  0 en to pi
ileum,  and the minister may  1 ���
foi    m   individual   or  company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres ror
such   period  as  he  may decide,  the
length of which shall not exceed three!
times the breadth.     Should the pros-
��� .-��� : >r  discover  '-il   in   paying  quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will  be
sold to the prospector at the  rate of
$1 an 'ice, ami the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   5280   acres,!
will he snld at the rate of '$.> an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council
Deputy of the Minister of the  In .
Dent. Interior.
An  Ideal   Way  of  Iteoorerlug ,,,,
Iin ruin , !,>u��   v. all.
Wail  bans    . oniins   1
I ���     come In
'1    ! 1 for the 1 I lu c
 or luwrs of an
a is.
���,.    any Japan is ���    bop  and  \ iu
inning n Uil .    -
'. ' "       '  ��� t   coup!	
' -\ '  ".r,--���
\ rr," w ��� .;. r r: amy.
Tlit.-p. n hen sti etched on the �� ilia
give the ...t mus efl ict of die reo1 ur
The paper luiu   t - are u iw sh , ���
s.us of r, r p tne! \ tor 1 a us,   11
pan Is nro  p rfe-cl   copies  of   fre - -'.
tapestries, showing  tiauiiur and  pastoral scenes,
The Illustration, bow e\ er, show - ;i.
the real Ihlog In u ibelln tapestries .
is artfully used to decorate a bare c ir
nor, aud It harmonizes exquisitely . b
the autlque oa!; furniture and v.a. '
work, The upholMterlng, by the ���.. . .
Is in a deep, rich tone of ruby veli'et.
The oriental rug nnd the chandellcv ������'
wrought Iron, with Its ruby glob 1,
nisi lii admirably Into the genei I
scheme, making this a room well \vi,v,!i
nollce, ll. DB L.V ISAl'Mi'.
��� T  *#
ji i
1      '     !���
:  1
,-.i ���
I  .'*,; ���
1 1   '!.
imi- ���
���� if; 11 r
11"" ii ji
,.* '.:
^ii'i^tfMittsgwitywf TME DAILY   NEWS
FRIDAY.  AUGUST 31   , .
REASONS WHY We Want Youf Traje
1. We can frive you entire satisfaction.
2. We have the most complete stock of Fancy and Sta f\t
Groceries on the coast.
3. We believe in Quality before Quantity.
4. We sell our goods at thi- LOWEST P0SSIB1 ^ ['.->...��� ES_
If these Four Reasons don't interest you, wa ^ otfr/. j^d.
for the next four.
WE NEED your trade and we intend * A fij^ y�� lt
Prescriptions a Specialty.
tie P
am.tt of
a lliJ ' .    II.   ('.
.��� "No
-    '.a
:..������. and
1 waul  '
o dii-."
���    1
.   Ma
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  -
Notice to
the Public
I am now open to buy
ail kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
A new 2 story, 9 room Dwelling, centrally located, all
modern conveniences; two
full size lots, on car line.
Price $2,100
Te^ms easy.
prett; IC-j ear-old A:!. las nighl after
.-: i   ... ith   great    difficulty    beeu
d ggt I :. a the waters of the gulf
afti a heroic sti a- A- to save her
bj J eonard Ingham an I placed in a
rowboat, from which she had jumped
a Sev, minutes previous without warning.
Miss   Pai   itt, lanied     by    a
numbe] of friends, wen oul rowing, \
as ni evening resulted. When I ie
I eared   shoi e   - ie   stood  up  in
i be ' md was warned to sli down
as tin boal ��as in Imminent danger
ing. Without further wara-
hi.- ia,a' and sprang overboard and
t ��� .. | benealh the waves. The
;. ghl was dark and there was con-
- ��� : able of a sea running. But Mr,
Ingham, one of the party, threw off
::.- she sprang overboard and dis-
si on rea :hed the str iggling girl.
Great   confusion   prevailed    in  the
at, which contained several ladies,
Somebody took the oars and started
for shore for assistance, leaving the
brave rescurer and the girl In the
wati r. The shouts ot Ingham brought
the boat back, however, just in time
to prevent drowning from exhaustion.
Asked as rti why she had attempted
to drown herself, Miss Parrott ei-
;-,<���:-.-��� I lerself as very sorry she hud
nol succeeded and stated ihat she
vMiulil yet accomplish her end. She
said she had trouble at home und her
' mother had put her out."
'Anyway," sin- added pathetically,
"ntilii d ��� cares foi me, aud I wan; to
Pilotage   Board   and    Harbor    Master
Object to  B.  C.  E.   R. Ry.  Company's Plans.
The pilotage t.nard anu harbor mas-
Rogers are up In iirnis over the
project of the B. C. E. R. for running
the necessary electric light wires
liom the main land :.<> Ladner fur
lighting purposes, al an altitude ot
onlj 150 ft-ei plus the height of the
: auks above the river.
Harbor Master Rogers was approached by the company a considerable time ago and asked as to whal
he considered would be the necessary
beighl in run overhead wires across
the river. Capt Rogers thoughl the
matter ever und said thai the wires
would have to be at lejst imi feet plus
the height of the banks. The company, it is understood, has now announce i i's Intention to plai e I he
wires milt 150 feet above the banks,
which with the necessary s.i<* vou'.d
make them much lower above mid
The pilotage board cons'de thai
would bar any large vessels from passing up the river unless they wen- t i
cul their masts, as many of thi vessels
In question run their mas . as high
as 17" io 180 feet 1 he fact that sail-
Ini vessels were unable to go through
the north side ol i he draw ol Ui i
I'r user river bi i i ���. .-, the cause of
the agitation which led to the wires
being laid below  the water.
The matter w I I be taken up with
the company at once.
Newchang Threatened.
Newchang, Aus. s.n.���Japan's notifi-
ation that ii will continue Dalney as
a free port until China provides custom houses in Lhe Russian frontier,
resulte I today ln the chamber of
commerce petlUoning the consular
body to suspend the collection of
duties at Newchang, pending the regulations of Manchurian customs. The
chamber of commerce maintains that
the [.resent condition threatens the
existence of Newchang.
Efforts   cf   English    Promoters   to   Induce    President    Diaz   to    Act.
Prcve   Successfjl.
260 Columbia St.    Phone 85
For Sale
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
wood; could deliver on scow.
Particulars Box 39, Port
School Books
and Supplies
217-219 Columbia Street.
Special Summer Courses
For Teachers in  the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R. J.  SROTT,   B.A.,  Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN, B. A., Vice-Prin.
Ottawa, Ont, Aug. 30.���The efforts
of the English promoters to Induce
President Diaz of Mexico and his cabinet iti aid a steamship service lo
Canada on the Pacific ocean have
been successful. Captain Worsnop,
who Is at the head of the n.o.eni.'.'i'.
is mav on his way to Vancouver,
where he will -..end a w iei; or ten
days before coming to ���������; o ���; to Ottawa.
The confereni i I etwi en 'It pi ovm-
iial premiers and the Dominion authorities v 11 I e held early In October
Tbe 0t.ta\ . a. Haa i lub will in
\ Ite all : ..<- ���,. ��� legates   to .1
It ls noi ��� 1 .- to fill he vacancy
In the - va .. iri -. 1 he nre ent.
The com 1   ��� ��� ieel until Octob -.
_'. so then       . ��� nt.' of lime,
Football  Ei.thusiasm.
The footl 1 ! .,, son Is on the way,
��� ���' ! Judging by the representative
gathering In Ryall's offlce yesterday
evening to discuss plans and elect
1 .la ei��� ii ,- the iomlng season, there
will be nn lack of support for the
Xew Westminster footballers this
year. Several new members of the
1 lub put In an appearance, Including
three new arrivals from the Old Country, who bave played there In first
class football. Their addition to the
team will materially strengthen it,
and the flrsl practice in which they
will figure win take place tomorrow
afternoon. The officers elected last
1 vening were:
Honorary President, R, J. Rickman;
president, Rev. .1. s. Henderson; vice
president, \. Wedge; secretary, T, .1.
ilaiioney: treasurer, ll. Ryall; executive Committee, W. Anderson, A. Trun-
bull, K, C. Brown! O. <'��� Davidson, W,
Greig; captain, A, Turnbull; league
d< legates, T. .1 Mahoney, ,\. Turnbull;
alternate, w. Anderson,
in the community.    A poi r " hi nd
to-mouth man " ne\ er        Make   p
your mind to buy a A me Nt A'A
Do It Now.
was meal likely  a   carelt
travagant   young man  and did  not
start RIGHT,
Do It Now.
is the be ' of all gifts to your family. 	
7 Roomed House and
I.ut on Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.    Lot60xl32 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
f. J. HART & Co.
We have a full line of
Loaded Cartridges including the well known
Also Shot Guns, both
Hammer & Hammerless
Rifles, Shooting Coats,
Vests, Powder, Shot,
Etc., Etc.
Ship   in   Bad   Shape.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 30.���The German bark Lispeth, which imi into San
Pedro in July in distress, badly strain-
. C and leaking and with sails missing,
arrived in the Royal Roads tonigh1
The ship will be ducked at Esquimalt
foi   repairs.
Sends Syirmathy to France.
Paris. Aug. 30.���Cardinal Gil bons
h8s w: itten to Cardinal Richard, Archbishop of Paris, expressing 'h<- sympathy of the American Catholic clergy
with the French church.
Strike Extends.
Madrid, Aug. 30.���Tin- strictest een
sorship Is observed In regard to strike
news, but it Is known that tie move
mt in 1-- extending at Santander and
Planing  Mill   Burned.
London,    (int..     Aug.    30.���Gerry's
loaning  mill  here   was  damaged    by
nie    last    night    10    ihe   extent of
To Softentha Hands.
To make ti mixture for the hai I
take equal pai        I   i���   e\\  fi r and
glycerin, nils wli le warm und keep
ly torkeil.    The  bottle shouli)
be   - hal en   be fori     11 ing.     I f   1 he
hands an   rough  it   is besl  to  pul
two-thirds   oi   ...      1      to   one   of
rosewater.    Rub wi 11 1 \  r the ha
after   ,vi       ������:  a nd   before  ret irii
for the n
Picl.'ed   Ns:tt.ftiur.-i  Seird.
After the flowi r i as dried from
the nasturtium planl lay the seed
in salt and wuier for two days; ihen
drain and lay in fresh cold water.
1 Irani and pack in jars Bring vinegar to the boiling poinl and Beason it with mace and peppercorns
an I a little h hite sugar. Fill jars
to overflowing and seal.
Flo wes  In  RcorrtE.
Growing plants and cul (lowers
in profusion should never be permitted in bedrooms, for these exhaust the uir which is required by
the sleepi r. Many a headache or
attack of nausea in the morning
ii,,,- be aci ounti d for I-; plants und
ll'.v..���:���- be :._r allowed to remain in
the room all night.
Gmger   Eeer.
Pour a gallon of boiling wnii r on
one pound of loaf sugar, half an
ounce of ging< r and one ounce of
cri am of tartar. When nearly cold
add a tablespoonful 1 [yeast. Si min,
bottle, ���ml in six hours it will be
ready for use. If rool ginger is
used. I.oli it in the wati r for twenty minutes.
Treatment Fcr a Cold.
When suffering from a cold avoid
eai ing much solid food. Take soft
foods, such us bread nnd milk, farinaceous puddings and Boups; also
warm drinks to produce perspiration, mh-Ii as gruel,- ten and cocoa.
Coffee should lie avoided for a few
Tide Table   Fraser River
l'    the week ending Augusl  l_\ 1906.
I   ;  week 1 nding Sept. 2nd., 1906.
High        Low
Waier Water
Tune Time
12.56   j 7.06
22.25 17.40
14.20   j 8.40
0.20 9.45
15.40 20.30
I      L.35 I 10.46
16.40 I 21.46
!     2.46 j 11.40
17;20 I 22.46
3.60 I 12.30
is.00 I
4.50 I 0.06
18.30 I 13.20
High Water  Low Wale
'��� I ��� 1. I a. y
T ie iday ..
We lm sday
Thursday .
Friday .. .
Saturday .,
Sunday ..
Time H'ghl Time lit
Monday |12.16|10.7| 6.07| 3.3
|22.43|12.0|17.09| 8.3
Tuesday    |13.42|11.2|6.11| 2.8
|23.42|11.7|18.31| 9.0
Wednesday   .... 16.00|11.9| 7.16| 2A1
I       |20.02| It.l
Thursday   ..   ,.j 0.66|1J.4| 8,16| 1.9
15.58|12.6|21.14| 8.8
Friday    | 2.06|11.3| 9.11| 1,6
|16.41|13.0|22.13| 8.2
Saturday   ..   ,.| 3.10|11..3|10.02| 1.7
|17.18|13.2|23.08| 7.4
Sunday  | 4.11|11.4|10.48| 2.1
|17.51113.2|28.46| fi.8
������������������������������������������������*���������������������*�� ������������������������������������������������������������^^
I   Immense  Bargains  on   tne   Remnant I
Table for tbe Closing of our Bid
X       I able tor the Closing ot our Bin     J
I Summer Clearance Safe!
��� ���
��� ���
m   Remnants to clear up all the odd- ami ends of the season.    ;,,    *
X   Goods,  Muslins.  Klaneliettes. Prints,   Sheeting, Cottons,   1 I
���   Ducks, Curtain Muslins, Embroideries, Ribbons, etc., In . *
Saturday nighl  marks the closing   of  tun
ales in our history.    For the last two   days   we   hold
styles ami colors, 20 to 25 p >i  cent reductions
The Paragon
Family Washer
The Latest   nnel Greatest   Washer  on  ��h<- Market
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1.   Anything
vious boiling; then
of   using an;   ���   ���
.-...ap and v. ati r.
2.- Any!:  ng fl
est lace curtail    I
est   blanketf   and   .
without iln-   lighti  '
even therm
3. - Uptotwont;
within 5 1..  i miriul
ter and  cleanei
harsh, slow and tin
board method.
The Paragon run- absolutely noiseli   -: and so easily thai a
turnii.   The Paragon will save  I   d   I  many times bj preventh
ami tear.   Call ana see it and be convinced like othei   now using it.      <
Large Shipment of Ihem Just Arrived Direct from Factory
It 1
I*- *!
���J A full line of Furniture of all kinds kepi |J;
!���) in stock.   :-:   Prices to suit purchasers. ;j
% J
!���! "Ki and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street .���]
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.   ' Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72,
Front Street,
Next Daily Neuis.
A'ni'  lI'filnii'Bli'. B, (-.
���hmhhwki rnivv
: Electric Railway Service |
Saturday, Sept. 1st, being "Made In J
Vancouver Day," Return Tickets to ���
Vancouver will be issued for 50c for *
Round Trip, good to return Saturday. #
Sunday or Monday.
 ��� ���      . . ,
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
Boarding House for Sale���If, rooms
completely furniBhed ami al present  nil occupied,    Apply   Box  501,
for RENT���Large, well lighted room"
suitable for an offlce, Apply to
('has. Q, Mnjor.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster. % '


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