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The Daily News Apr 10, 1906

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.NTS im:i: wee
Roof of Huge Market Building Caves in Under the
Weight of Cinders From the Volcano and Hundreds
Of Women and Children Are Crushed to Pulp���Indignant People Become Riotous At Revolting Scene.
Famous Author and Exile of Russia Is Expected in New
York City This Evening Where He Will Join Other
Leaders of the Revolutionary Party, Who Are Working for the Overthrow of the Czar and^ His Autocratic Government.
Youngsters in Charge of Military Rescue   Party   Become
Panic Stricken and Disappear to Be Swallowed   Up   in   Deep   and
Murky Ashes.
Api 11  10     '.;i Ightful   dis-
i In   the centre ol
following   the   eruption   of
t     r. in-.
��� in li ed  i pie,  ll   i-   estimat-
,-ere buried this morning in the
. :   the   Market   Monte   Olivete
���ol   collapsed    under the
m   cinders  from  the volcano
The exacl  number of  people with
���  building ai the momenl of the
.; i.e   la   nol    known.   The   dis-
Fated   Place   Was   Crowded.
. irl   yard  covers  600  square
roofed. The place v, Ith-
.itsually i rowded  with buy-
children,  the accident
���   the  hour  ol  the    day
i    heavh
��� hlldri a   plaj ed   aboul   the
iii ���.���   gaiety   to   the  scene
women    screaming
. and  buyers, the like of
o be witnessed outside
Terrifying   Crash.
v, |th scarcely a tremor of
;. i" was a terrifying crash
In    i ! Illiant   sight  disappeared
i loud ot dust, while shrieks of
nl  the air. The work of res-
iii'   t     .     ,i   during   the -sorning
ma before noon seven bodies
hnd I-1 i. removed and seventy Injured people carried  from  the ruins.
People Go Wild.
Naples, April in, lu a, in.���The indignation of the people here as a re-
snii of the Monte olivette market
tei Increases as each additional bod) Is taken out and a disturbance approaching a riot in import-
mice  has  already   occurred.
The people loudly insist that the
uithorltles were aware thai the roof
i the markel   was unsafe and that
hi ��� were so excessively economical
tbal they would not appropriate the
funds a, i essary  to repair tlie  bullo!-
Bodics   Reduced    to    PulH.
The Identification of the bodies of
;; number of those killed l.>  the ed
'l1 '   ol the  markel   roof  has  been
'""ml  Impossible owing to their be-
ibsolutely    unrecognizable,    in
!n eS   reduced    to   pulp   while
l"1    were  horribly   mutilated  Bl*-
lnB  rise   to   scenes   which   are   better
Among   the   dead   are   many   child-
''" who had been sent by their pat-
''"'   '" do the morning's marketing
"i,! ""��� grief of the parents when the
were found was hearl rending.
Searching the  Ruins.
 rkel   lisrlf   is  a   mass    ol
; surrounded by enormous crews
ol people who are kept In order by
. oi dons of police and carbineers.
The work of searching the ruins
continues in the mosi energetic 11(11-
inT, doctoi s, municipal guards, police and a renewal of police taking
pari in it under the direction of the
Duke of Aesta, Prefecl of Maples
whose wife is assisting In the care
of the Injured.
Police Precautions.
The city authorities are also on
the spoi ami everything possible is
being done to assist the families of
the victims. The inhabitants of many
houses near the collapsed market
have been ordered to vacati by the
police as a matter ot precaution owing t.) fe.n thai the roofs may fall
Brightness  Comes  and  Goes.
Naples,     April      10,    Noon.    Naples
this uwrnlng early  had  returned to
her normal self. The day was brilliant, the sky cloudless, the waters
of the Mediterranean wer,. blue and
unrlppled in place or the melancholy
greyness of the last few days and
. better still the menacing column of
smoke from Vesuvius had almosl dis
appeared. Though the smaller crater
still gave forth smoke the wind hail
turned it in another direction and
an air of peace and Bpring time bad
spread over  Naples  and  Us  vicinity.
Scene Changes.
This scene of quiet however, was
turned into mourning later when the
news of the collapse of Ihe roof of
the .Monte OlivettO market ami lhe
loss of life became known. The people wlio gathered about the market
were soon in a state of great excitement which increased when the recovery of the bodies commenced.
Just previous to Ihe disaster religious processions hud been passing
through the streets of this city, the
people  desiring  to   render   thanks  to
the Almighty  for having apparently
averted much greater disasters than
ihnse hitherto recorded here, Here
ami there these processions wended
their way with Images of tho Madonna or Saints dressed in more gorge-
nus robes of blue or yellow satin
borne above dark heads, mostly those
of women, walking arm in arm. and
Chanting   us   tbey   moved   along   the
main  thoroughfares.
Gloom Overtakes Them.
These motley bill piOtUrOSgue processions were headed by numbers of
boys walking two and two and carrying lighted candles which flickered
faintly In the bright sunshine. Oply
in a lew cases did priests accompany
the processions, which in thc main
seemed  to   be   local   and   spurnnnoous
U* S. Naval Engineers
Are Against Turbines
Washington,    D.    C,    April 10.���"I
 "U   blades   taken   out   of   the
'"! '""���'���'   ''>    the   shovelful,"   said   a
B��giB_er   in speaking   of the
orB>ance of the  new  motors on
I,"" '  ""   ocean liners with which
; Proposed   io  equip  the  United
m'w  battleships.
lllM   the
torn 0f{
rate ,,r
engtneers  knew  nl   the time
"lender  blades  were  being
;,s the turbines turned at the
11   thousand   revolutions   per
"   but
no repairs were possible
be ship was under wny and lt
"" '  wh"" the castings were re-
moved In port  thai  the extent of tbi?
damage  was   ascertained."
The subject ls one of absorbing Interest io naval engineers for notwithstanding whal has already been accomplished, in tho USB of steam turbines on merchant ships, naval officers feel Unit Ihe device is still to
some degree In the experimental
Experiments have been going on
which so far have shown that the
cause of the breakage Is the vibration Hint Is set up In the slender,
blades by the High steam pressures
dikI excessive speed of rotary.
ganlsed  mi  the  moment   in:
various districts,
'I'be   news   ',1   ih..   markei    dlsa    ���
changi i   'i.i    brlllianl    1 ene  o,  one
nl gloom ami the proci - Ions quicklj
Die   In  Great  Terror.
Naples,  April  lu, mi;, a,  m.   Tb"
it OttaJ no when ih" iir "   . Ic
were most
born 1I1 osltlons ol  'le- bodb a
showed   ilia'   the   victims    had   'lied
while in a        ��� terror, the
.'   .1,.'    ... :.      :       'I be
bodb     wen   found  in  a confessional
oi   one  of  the  fallen  churches,   iiif
I""!.',   was thai  of an old  woman  who
litting  with her righl  arm  rais-
. i a- iiimr | nil ib,. advanc
ing danger. The second was thai of
a child about s years old. found dead
in a posiihm whieh would indicati
lhal  il   bad  fallen asleep wilh a little
'i"i rinse iu h ;mii had died wiih one
arm raised across iis face 10 protect itself trom th" crumbling ruins.
The   third   body,   ihat   of   a   woman.
was reduced  to    an    unrecognizable
Police  Stop  Identifications.
These   Ihree   victims     were   1 .
' t t laid side by side wiiile a procession e( fie rids and relaUves offer,
ed up ; in;.ei - beside 'hem. Other
buiiies which were found later caused
such an Impression among the already frantic population that the
authorities did not deem it advisable
lu permil any mure bodies to be bleu-
titled   fur     the   present.     Forty-nine
aula:,   already   have   been   'alum   out
uf nne uf ihe churches al  Ottajano,
Many Children Lost.
Tii" fate of many children a: 0.1a
iano i-, unknown. When the military
cans arrived at tlie scene of tlie disaster lasi nighl the soldiers arranged to have ibe children ami aged people net into the carts to which they
1. Iiankful.ly acceded bin when the
vehicles bad gone a few hundred feel
it. was found thai although there were
four horses harnessed to each wagon
they could not pull their loads
through the deep ashes in spite of
several desperate efforts made to
do so.
Stampede Into Darkness.
This caused a panic among the
children who expected to he burled
In the ashes and they fled in all directions in the darkness and blinding
rain and have not since been heard
of. Searching parties went after the
children but In spite of continuous
shouting and calling, no trace was
found or them, and it is feared thnt
the children have been smothered in
the  ashes.
Repetition  of  Pompeii.
Terrifying news is reaching lhe
city this morning from points
throughout   the   district     surrounding
Reports indicate thai nn enormous
area i.s buried beneath ashes nnd
cinders. Tile presenl disaster Is looked upon as a repetition of the catastrophe to Pompeii and llercalaiienni.
Victims   Hard  to  Count.
7:1'.", a. m. All efforts of the press
representative),   ami   the   authorities
to ascertain Uie exact number of
those whn have already fallen vic-
11111*' to Ihe eruption of Vesuvius have
so far failed. This Is accounted for
from the fact thai the buried villages
are impossible of access and further
because the people who fled when
their houses begun lo fall have seat-
Itered tlhro'uglidiri the country |dis--
trict, The finding of 90 bodies ls determined as follows: At Sanguiseppo
10;  nl  Teri'.igne 20;  at  Ottn'iano 27.
Boyo  Swallowed   Up.
New York, April 10.���A cable despatch to u morning paper from
Naples says: Several lads in Bosco-
treoase who were unharmed when
the danger following the erupt ions
of Mount Vesuvius seemed most Imminent subsequently ventured to
walk on the cooling lava. They went
too fnr and lhe cr-ust broke under
their Weight. They were swallowed
up before lhe helpless onlookers.
Many school children who were
I bought (o have fled from their
school nnd lo have become lost ln
the mountains are safe. They wandered about for hours while the volcano rained red hot stones nnd sand
but they oinrveMbusly escaped unhurt.
New   York,    April   10.���The     steam- friend
ship    Kaiser   Wilhelm    der   Crosse place tor hlm and In the beginning
E. David, whose interestinn; story of the Persian ru^ xvlii,h is expected   to arrive   this or March bi wem             switzer-
(Tilling,  will  have among the  pass land  when   again be me
engers   Alexis  Maslmovltch   Pleskeff, era!  of the  mei                      .  t|10
an  exile  trom   Russia  who  under  the Rug ia                                             ,   IU
peii   name    of   Maxim   'Gorky    has asylum in thai country,
earned  a   reputation    tor   vivid  des- . .
,.    ,      ,.,          ,    ,      ,,         1 Advised to Cross Atlantic.
crlptlon 01 tb" hfe ami iln- thoughts
uf ih.. lew.'si  classes of    humanity. reci"" ,; s"v-
H,   came here a.  ihe bidding of bis V'1'1 eRb1'                    '   '       "'tad
friends,  two  other  exiles.  Tsokanne  "' """;' :    '     '    States
Enhalkofsky, th- leader of the   octal   :!l"'     ~m
revolutionary party and Ivan Nonodny ;""' "'"r: te
���ie   bi r uf  11,"  mllitai     tit     rn' Kn"w" tobelnl    '                '   This
order that the dangerous pair of fakirs may be landed be- which Lieut. Schmidt, only recently \_"___]                      ��� *��**
a pro-
seller, Peter Ellow alias Rev. J. A. Day, I). I)., and other
aliases, was recently published, received a letter from that
gentleman yesterday which .u'ave the interesting information that Ellow and his worthy brother Mirza Ellow had
just landed in Persia and would be in Oroomiah in the very
near future.
The informal!'in has already been given to the police1
and the machinery of the law has been set in motion in
hind the prison bars.
executed   for   rebellion,
minent  member.
Allegso   That   Bar   Room   of   Holbrook    Deputy   Sheriff   Goes   After   Him   But
House    Was    Open    On Is Intercepted  by One of
Sunday. the   Faithful.
This   mm nine,     Mi isrs,   McCasklll      Chicago,    Ills.,      April      10.���John
and  Mcintosh, appeared  before .Mag-  Alexander  Dowde arrived  in Chicago
. trati    Corbould     to  answer     to   ill"   al   9   a.  in.  today  over    the   Wabash
charge of keeping thi   bar of thi  Hul-   railway.
brook hotel open on Sunday. instead of going direel tu Zlon City,
Chief .Mcintosh alleged that the be proceeded Immediately tu the
was wide open all daj Sunday, auditorium annex in Chicago,
evidently no attempl being made al A deputy sheriff attempted to serve
concealment uf the tact bai business some kind uf a legal document upon
was being done and as .1 resull a him bin one uf Dowie's followers
summons  was  issued.
.1. li. Kennedy appeared fur the de
tense, ami City Prosecutor McQuarrle for tb" crown. Upon request ol
Mr. McQuarrle tb" ������'>������ was adjourned  uiiiil  tomorrow  morning at  9:30.
Gets Away  From  Danger.
Ini   been  arrested once dining  priBonment,
���. ar 1'".' bis connection �� 1th
ib"  revolutionary    troubles    in    St.
Petersburg, the famous author was
in danger of a new arrest when be
left bis country in February of this
year after attending a meeting of
leaders of all the revolutionary parties  in  N'elsingfors.  Finland.
There   lie   escaped      tu   Stockholm.
Sweden,   an.l    from    there   to    Berlin
where un February 19 be was received  enthusiastically.
in prison, being a ,,, p,,],.
lication  i'i' several ol a ami
pamphlets ami eondemm . te llj
to half a  year 1     el| I I   mi ' -  Im-
Not   Safe   in   Germany.
His Early Life.
Go        ���' a    bi   a  M '1 h 21    1863 ,11
Nlshnl   Novgorodn,  and  UU.   parents
extremely  poor,    ll" d
hardly any educ ition and when quite
young worked a' anything ho could
timi   to   Bttpporl He    Baw
much of the lower class letj
and In pity tor them he wrote liis
novel which deal! chii flj with conditions among them, llis books
broughl him tame and monej bul all
bis possessions are Bald to have cone
The German  capital, however,  his| Into the revolution.
pushed   the  deputy   sheriff  away   and
prevented  service.
Dominion    Land    Surveyor    Prepares   Men    and    Machinery    Busy    Eve.y-
500 Acres for the   Retail where Getting Out Log? red
Land Market. Cutting Then-  Up.
Want to  Hear  Aid.  Howay   Lecture a
' o--j ��� Second  Time.
Y. M. C. A. in Royal City. a well represented meeting of the
Two    distinguished    Young    .Men's local  branch  of the National Council
Christian   association   workers     will of Women was held In the 1 d of  '* busy mi the Immense 11. I'. Rithej
visit  this city nexl  week. Mr. W. M. trade rooms yesterday afternoon. The   >"'"''   ���"   p"'''   Guichon,    surveying
Parsons,  Northwest    field    secretary, .hair was occupied by .he president   ">e  territory    into   20  aci"    blocks,
ami   Rev,   \.  N.   Marshall  of  Adelaide, of   the     organisation   and   after     dis-   Which   will   be   offered   10   the   public
Australia.     The   former   is   well   and pensing   will,   the   preliminaries.-Hat.   '""1   afford"   splendid   opportunities  for
favorably known mi  the coast,  Rev. tering remarks were made in connec-
A.   N.   Marshall     is   a   Canadian     by tion   with   the  admirable   address   re-   ,ion (,f ranching.
birth,   and   bas  attained   a   high   posl- cently   delivered   under   the   auspices
tlon   of   honor   and   influence   in   the of the suciety on the "Legal Standing
land  of his adoption.  He is  a  power- of   Women."   and   it   was   decided   to
ml speaker to young men.    very wise ask   Aid,   Howay   if   he   would   give
ami   sympathetic.   He   shows   a     re- another lecture, following up the same
markablv     strong    grasp    of    young line of thought.
men's problems and his visit  promlB-      The matter of securing the council   Of the most   fertile tracts of countrs
es  well for this city.  Mass  meetings chamber for the next address was dls-
will be held In Queen's Avenue Meth- cussed and a motion was passed ask-
odist and  St.  Andrew's Presbyterian ing the council to grant the ladies the
churches Tuesday    and    Wednesday, use of the council  chamber  for the {
next   lecture.     The  matter   wa.s  then   South   Vancouver   has   posted   an   ap-!
\. J,  Hill, Dominion land  surveyor      Thl. B(jund cl, lhi, Bhlng,e ���_���    .,,,
s   me donkej   engini   i��  ru   rd thn
bill   tii" land.   Evi two ot
the Fraser 1 iver vail ��� is a
camp or iniii of seine kind.
Within   a   lew   miles   (,f   N'v,    West
minster    ihe    Maple    Leal    Lumber
company has a 3-machlne shingle
mill employing aboul lift- men. N.
MeNair is the manager.
Not far away from this is the Serpentine Lumber company's camp with
iwo machines employing about forty-
five men. It is managed bj Mr.
Water  Applications. Near  Mud  Baj   Mr. JohnBton has a
The   Royal   Brewing   company     of   ,.;,,���,, pelting out logs while at  .1. E.
.  who desire to take up the avoca-
The people of Ladner are anxious
that the territory will he divided
among as many purchasers as possible and not be gobbled up by large
Investors. There are 500 acres in tho
ranch and it is considered to he one
on  the coast.
April   17  and  IS,  respectively. next   lecture.     The  matter   wa.s  men aiiuiu   Vancouver   u_s   yuaiou   uu   "i" ' Sjnls'  p]ace
Special   interest  will  be   taken   in   left in the hands of tho lecture com- plication for  lo Inches of water from   m (m|
the movement by the young men with mittee. an   unnamed   stream,  having  as   its
the hope of establishing a branch of;     The    report   of   lhe   needle     work source  a   portion   of  district   lot   No.
tbe association in fhe near future in   committee  was  then listened  to.    It Tu."., and running into False Creek in
New Westminster.
up  piles are  being uik-
The Vancouver Timber & Trading
company has jusl started a camp on
the Johnston mail, ami Intend to
take out fir. cedar and hemlock down
Bear creek 10 tbe Serpentine und out
Chief Witness Detained.
The young boy who is alleged to be
I ibe victim of Ibe attempted assault.
by the chinaman Ah Lee, was arrested last night, ami will be held as a
witness against the Chinaman, it is
alleged   Ihat   the  buy  knows  inure  of
eferred on the very good work done the   city   of  Vancouver,   through   dis-
by   the   ladies   and   it   further   stated trict   lot   No.   747.   The   water   Is   re-
that Uh'. garments were divided j quired for agricultural and domestic (0 Mm, Bay T,)iB wiM requtre, as pre.
among the different institutions. The purposes, and it is the intention to paratorJ Wl���.k a niile of ditch, n
subject of the next meeting will be, store by means of a dam and flume. A mj,_ 0f ro��kd to lhe timber, the clear-
"The Sanitary Condition of Hie hearing will be granted at the court |n��� (mt ()f _eB_ (.,.,,,,k .ul,| altogether
Home," delivered by Dr. OeWolfe house on May 15, at 11 o'clock. ^ ��� larg. expendlture before act-
Smith. T, S. Higginson has applied for 12 m] logging oprations commence. Tho
The  meeting  then  adjourned,  after Inches of water from McKenny creel; ^       [a  ]miliM.  ||lr  capable  foreinan-
the  ease  than  he  has  cared  to  give   deciding to hold the next meeting at   for  domestic   purposes,   the   watei   lo   ^ ���, ,,,��� ,,,,���).,, ,.   a clark,
out, and as n  resull  he Is being held.   3:30 on the second Monday in March,   be obtained by  means of a  pipe lino,      Q_   ,h(,   j(,hnsUm   ,-oad,   Sullivan's-
���o��� ���o��� ami  flume. j mlll  u  PulMU_g  fall  speed  and turn-
 ��  im   oul   180,000 shingles a day. M. O.
Clouds  Are  Loosening. Simpson   of   Ibis   mill   is   nursing   a
Victoria, April  10.���There  are indi-  Mre band having cut  it  a short time
Edward   Maloney     Gives   Himself   Up ] Government      Investigation      Report
and Wants to  Make  His That It Would Mean Loss
of Millions.
St. John. N. R. April  10.���Edward      Ottawa, April  10.���The  postmaster-
cations of a rain urea to lhe northward which may spread 10 this vicinity and the Lower Mainland. Mod-
eraie southerly winds are reported on
the coast and sharp frosls in Alberta
while at Prince Albert three Inches
of snow has fallen.
Forecasts for  116 hours ending 5 p.
in.   Wednesday   on  the  Iiower  Main-
Maloney, an  Englishman.  114  years of general   yesterday   presented   to   'ho   land:  Light to moderate winds, most-
| age, has given himself up lo the po- house the report of the Investigation  ly cloudy with occasional rains.
lice  here.  He    says he  killed  a man made by Secretary Smith of the post j ���������������������������������������������������������������
last August in Warren, Pa., and ran uHU'O department and Chief Post
away. Office Superintendent Ross inlo the
The horror of the thing has wor- workings of a rural free delivery serried him so much , thnt he could vioe, The report states that the two
stand it no longer, and he now wish- officials went to Washington last year
Price  of  Coal   Raised.
Chicago.  His.,  April   10.���Through'
om. Illinois the price of coal at the
mines jumped yesterday from }1 to
$1.50 a ton. The reason given by the
mine owners for the advance was the
growing apprehension that a shortage is in sight.
es to confess his crime. He says that
in August lasi lie bad charge of a
ward in a slate asylum in Warren,
and one day, while attending a pat-
leu I named Davidson, who angered
him, having a violent temper, he
struck the man over the head with uu
instrument and killed him. He then
ran away to Canada. He now wants
to moke his peace with Cod, and let,
the law take Its course.
Lacrosse Meeting Tonight.
The New Westminster Intermediate Lacrosse club, champions of II.
C, will meet tonight ln the board of
trade rooms to discuss affairs for the
coming season.
to Investigate how the system works
in the States.
According to present plans and at
present rates ot pay. the cost of the
service In the United States this year
will certainly not be less than from
��32,r>00.000 to $43,000,000, while the
deficit cannot be less than $20,000,000
and may go over $30,000,000.
The report says that if such a service Is established in Canada the annual deficit would amount to millions
of dollars, nnd Ihe Investigating committee do not think the time has arrived for the Canadian postoffice department to enter upon a ru
delivery  service.
Water Commissioner
Has Problem To Solve
C. C. Fisher, sitting as water com-; just one half the amount of water for
mlssioner   will   meet   delegations    in' which  applications  have been  made.
Vancouver   this   afternoon   from   the;
municipalities    of    Vancouver    City,
North   and   South   Vancouver,
Representatives   from   these   municipalities will  be  present,  ns  well  as
[ Iho Honorable F.  Carter Cotton.
The  hearings  of  these   applicants
mond and Burnaby, for the purpose have been postponed from time to
of having an Informal discussion re- time, and the next hearing Is set for
garding the applications of these I April 18. The object In meeting to-
municipalities now before hlm. I day Is for the purpose of having an
The total amount of water applied  informal discussion, Ifl the hope tha
for,   aggregates  nearly  6,000  inches,  a basis may be fixed, for .he amount
,,,  fl.ee|and the stream in Question. Seymour  of water, on which applications will
creek, contains only 3,000 Inches, or I be mad*. THE DAILY NEWS
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Boys' School Shoes at Prices to
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Trunks, Valises at Knock Out
Easter Prices
Hon. Sydney Fisher Talks About Operations   of   Government Veterinaries in  British Columbia and
Gives Advice to Horse
... ��� .. or* of eradi-
.   ��� . nan
viev     i     ....   :  port   ol   the   B
board of agi    ... Icl        ��� / ��� .
in jhe London   Lancet ' on July loth
roices clearly the oplaou ol the
. ithorities In Britain.
C.   Anderson   of   Maple   Ridge  Has
Brief and Fatal  Experience
With   Pneumonia.
II,,,    S; dnej   Flshe .  on   being   In
teivie-T a regarding   be n poi
valenci  ol glanders In horsi    in British Columbia, Btated thi I the ul   a
had   during the pasl tall and �� ���
affected    ���   con-lderabli
horses   in   Vancouver,
uagan    iralhty
preca il lon
��� ��� 2
���),,.,   ���t There la a provision in the regula-
ilM.   tbe Oka : "''-��� lhe owners ol animal.
while /in i.t    I olated which    react   I        how  no    clinical
outbreaks had been detected and deall mptoms,    may,    ou forfeiting    all
other   pai i -   ol   thi '���    lion,           .    eacl        under
He   was    ol   the inline lot     ibseq lenl u  l     Such
with  In
opinion however, thai the dl '   ' "���   " ���     .
now under control nnd thai the
adopted   !>������   hl��  officer!   would
achlt ping
gbortl]    ���)"    -"" essful In
I     ,. ..,.!,.-.   . radlcatlon.
Que* loned aa to ll    po -    no ���  lo
|0..   i   thi   miniate     aid   that    il ei
. irlni   t  *
.    | .���.. a    - in
:  |j      increasing     outbreal       ol
he  bad  tound  tt   ueci     i
Parllamenl to empowi t
lo order the slaughtei of all    I
, animals, including those which
M    ,,,|  to tie   MaUeln  leal   without
ng clinical symptoms and to pay
.. lot them a' the rate ol   .  ;ill affected with the disease In
i-thirda "f the actual value of the
animal   when   in  a   '-,:""  "f  health,
kui Ii value, however, being limited in
t   ,,, ,. of ordinarj  horses to $150,
nnd In the case ol pure bred horsesj
m $300
iv. ..inn- to the Inauguration ol this
item  of testing and  re-
..   contact   horses  with  malleln
I  id    i.een   uied   fur   home   time,   lint
had i ii found ineffective in stopping the spread of the disease. Since
the a.Ion'inn of the new plan satis-
factorj progress lias been made, and
huBtneae activity which now
prevails t_hrougboul thi Doi -.: in and
the consequent urea-. ed de
mand ��� or 1   rae Beah   i       ���   I onslble
.ny    serious outbreaks    in dls-
trlctf   whore   glanders   was   formerly
wn.    It. Is not  at  till  uncommon
:' ectors to find a chain of
Infective   centres   which   can   be  di-
Qiand Imlttedlj  on  -1.'- Ii     rec       traced   to   it   consignment   of
'  ���    i- and ll Is '!::.������      ���               ���������:���.         originating   In   some   distant The  death occurred  on  Sundaj   ol
���   .   measures  wen        en   to  control   ,,ar! (,i the country, and ihis in spite v. q. Anderson, of staple Ridge, who
-ease.    In 1V<1 there were only   of lne ;-.lf.t _j_y _v& animals may have was ont. 0f the earliest settlers on the
j  outbreaks reported,  but  in  1904  ���...'. .   ,-     ,    ,.',,i  clinical  inspection coast, and  who hud passed his 70tb
l.,el   Increased    to   1.529, and   prior to shipment. year.    The  deceased  was a  bachelor
killed aa glander-      Refrerrlng to alleged di-atl-factlon and one of the best known men In the
More   powe    ought i      only  to  ���.,;���)���,   the   work   of   his   officers,  the Fraser  river  valley.    He was a civil;
ted, and  the   !" ��lv'-'" '" '''" veterlnai    in pectoH      ..    -,..    replied  that  there  had  uu- engineer   by  profession  and   was  for
o  teat   the    tncontaci    borae    with   |0ubtdty beet some Irritation shown m_ny years connected with the gov-
malleln, as by  this agenl   an  almost   ',y  horse    owners  and   others    who rnment  public works department, He
Infallible    diagnosis    can    be    made   r.omp\_f_e_ thai the slaughter of dis- bad been    a resident  of the    .Maple,
within  twenty-four,  or  at  most  forty-   easea   horses   was   not   in   all   cases Ridge   district   for   thirty-five     years.
eight   hours.    The  expense,  although   necessary; and  that  individuals were Kiv-    days   ;iro he    fell    sick   and
the   firm   year,   would   not   be   hoint; subjected to serious loss and in- Woe  assisted   to  the   home  nf  j.  c.
excessive if allowed to spread over a   convenience through having their ani- McFarlane.    Medical    aid  was    Bum-
period   of   years;   and   where   a   pre-   r__\a  uniod. in.,ied   and  he  was  found  to be suf- ���
Mi.  Fisher  thought  that this feel- ferin'g    from    a    severe    attack  of
Ing was largely due to th..- lacl that pneumonia  which   ran  its  course in j
���!."   people   Ol   liritish   Columbia   had ftbOUl      three   days   and     caused   his
tely for ihem.-.elves, never ex- death.    Th"   deceased   realized   that
erienced  the terrible losses    caused he was seriously ill bul certainly did
by    outbreal       of    glanders,    when not expect death to fall upon him ns,
iper     Banltary    measures  are    not son  as  it  did.    On  Saturday be drew
up a w-ill with aid of the local school
i ��� ii refoi '���    j.' : haps    only
ll      Lhal    BOme     people     should
. ;:..     ' he    present    i o
:'h   with   more  i xp-.-i-
no   ot the disastrous effects of the
...     lefl   uni onl rolled, they
c have looked upon things some-
whal   differently.
In some other par's of the Dominion   where    people  have   for    many
been    heavy    losers through
Ii rs, the system nf slaughter and
compensation   is   giving   satisfaction,
In   'iiany   stales   of   the   union   no  and   Intelligenl   horse   owners   fre I;
serious    attempt    is    madi   bj    the  express  their   approval   ot   the  new
ihoritles   lo deal In an   effective  arrangement,
way with outbreaks of glanders, ami      The    nresont    policy    was,    only
as a    resull    a   good   deal of privateIadopted   after  ihe   most  careful  and
testing ls carried on the reactor being   leriou    consideration   of  the   whole
subsequently disposed of as soon aa  question, and a full realization of the
possible.    As   such   horses   are   snld   responsibility whkli It involved,
ai      a     sacrifice     ihey     are     as     Glanders is a mosl dangerous and
rule quickly  picked  up,  and   there  Insidious disease, and With which one
if   continuing   lo  react,
of thi   :.   I tei t,
he . ���   ' lated that  a
ol    horse
which   respond   slightly   to  the  first
juentl    ���     .   altogther to
authorised o ���'��� hethei
. tm.    are  reallj  free
���. lei     or   not,  bul   the  con-
of e\ di ai e obi lined bj his of-
extensive    testing
whieh have now been car-
on foi    evi            irs, ii   ti
���  thai  manj  ot these hoi ses re-
.   in in and are capable of trans-
is    ii    lo   mil";    animals,   in   this
cau ing fresh outbreaks, Such
hoi -es are especially dangerous on
account ot the tendency almost In-
��� irlablj shown by owners to dispose'
n them at the first available opportunity, when falling Into lhe hands of
, . ipecting i ei ions, 'hey frequently introduce the disease among their
new Btable companions,
. '. ... ,.., ... which also cat
the deaths of numbers of human beings each year, is concerned, the cosl
ought certainly nol to be considered
loo ei ou sly a s the reason why ll
should not be taken thoroughly In
The mosi Bei lot)   bouti i  ol dangi i���  ,.
to the  Canadian  hoi Set   Ile.  In   the      |.    wa.
continuous    importation ol    Infi tted
animals    Irom  the    we tti rn    .   .
while inspection at  the boi i 11
��� nfoi ced,  it   la,  In  manj   <��� a . i
, ih to di te I tht < xistence ol
glanders without iho aid of malleln,
Although considerable Incont ;nience
to Importers wonhl reanlt, ll would
ost appear as If it would be nee-
e ai j to make provision i foi ho tei
ing of all horse* Introduced from the
other sld
Do you need a Set
of Teeth?
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
teacher for whom he sent, and all was
ready, Including the presence of the
rather necessarj witnesses to the signature,
The vM gentleman thopghl before
finally signing the document he would
Bleep on the matter and the Bleep
tui ne 1 out to be the sleep of death
and the will is Mill unsigned. The
di ce iaed haves considerable prop-
and the only relative, so far as
can   Ilscovered is an aged sister
who resides In England. The remains
Of    the     decease,I      will     t>6     1111'' II''''I     iU
their    linal    resting   place   this   after
 _ f>	
iii.. expense is likely   to he lhe
for   a   few   years,   lie   has   no. v:,'i1'
doulii   that,   bj   consistently   following
the presenl methods, mosi gratifying
results win eventually be obtained.
The system pursued is as follows:
When the presence of glanders is
delected in a Stable, the diagnosis ls
generally verified by the malleln tost,
all hough this Is not In nil cases necessary.
Questioned us to the efficacy of the)
malleln  test,   Mr.  Fisher Btated  thai
highest    veterinary    authorities
agreed that maliein was a most
If the disease is shown to | owners to
be undoubtedly glanders, all horses
which have heen In contact with effected nnli'iialH are suliinltled to the
malleln test, those which react be-
Ing   slaughtered,   while   Lhojje  which
Show, under test, an evidence of disease are, after a short period of probation, released from aii restrictions,
reliable diagnotlc agent, and thai  in
ll lea i ps per cent, of the animals
' ed, ll could be depended upon to
demonstrate existence or non-existence of glanders. In proof of this
siaieiuem lbe minister died the experience in Great Britain, where a
strong effort is lielng made by horse
bring  about   the  Introduc
is no doubl  that  some of ihem are cannot, especially under modern con'
broughl   Into  Canada  either  by  per- dltions, be controlled  by half mens-
sons Ignorant   as  to their  true oonill iu-ps.     The   system   now   followed   ln
tlon  or  unscrupulous enough  to  run Canada Is approved by all the hlgh-
the  risk ot having them  pass iuspoe- est,    veterinary     authorities    In    the
lion at the boundary before the dls- civilized,   world,   while   the 'rate   of"
ease    has    developed sufficiently    to compensation    authorized by    pailla-
adniit  of its existence being detected ment.   is   much   more   generous   than
prevailing   In   any   other   coun-
by ordinary  methods,
Another serious danger lies in the
facility     with   which,  under    modern
conditions of transportation, numbers
of horses may be moved trom place
10    place.    While    in    communities
provides   for  the  slaughter   of I Where new horses are but  seldom in-
sneb   horses   ns   show   clinical   trbduced,    Immunity    from    glanders  other  hand,
Under the latter policy. In   may be long enjoyed, there is always   with    them,
lion   of  the   policy  now   followed   ln
Canada, Instead of that now- in force,
It is, of course, Impossible to enforce sanitary measures of any kind
without inflicting more or less inconvenience and perhaps hardship
upon some Individuals, bul on tho
the. o individuals, and,
many     others,     would
Nature Teacne- Inye-to*��.
"We get our hints from nature," tho
Inventor said. "Take. Tor Instauce, tlie
hollow1 pillar, Wblch is stronger than
the solid one. The wboa! straw sli itred
us the superior strength of the bo'low
pilh.r. Solid, the wheat straw would
be unable to support Its head of grain.
Where did man get his Ition for carriage springs? From the hooffl of tin;
horao, whieh, like tho springs derived
from them, are made from parallel
plates. Scissors we gel from lhe JiIV-
of the tortoise, whieh nre natural aria-
SOrs; chisels from the squirrel, whoei ���
ries them In bis mouth; adzes from the
hippopotamus, whnse Ivories are iid7.es ,
of the best design; (he plane from the
bee's jaws; the trip hammer from thej
woodpecker/'���Chicago Journal.
A Full Set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
- $5.00
spile   or   all   efforts, the   number   Of serious risk   in   any   place  where  the   eventually  suffer   greater  loss  if  ani-
horses     killed   each year     shows   a supply of   horses   is   obtained   from   inui  plagues were permitted to spread
steadv    increase,  no progress    what- outside points.                                         I unchecked.
|)l|,lemii* I. a llv   Put.
"I am afraid you are absolutely gov- j
erued by your wife."
"No," answered Mr. Meeklon, who I
had bi-en readlug the foreign news,
"I'm not absolutely governed by her,
but I must admit that I am very much
within her sphere of Influence."���Washington Stnr.
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m\ iO^A
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fern Ch4,
>iax3$__��__fl_Hi��e_a_M^^ ���:-..    .- ����>��:''' ���:''"T��si_r!_affl_ss:-i,":<T^_s_;i_��T -
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I 11- I     ' !:,*STJ?SX.-'?2��?^!'
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GROWN  Garden,   Fleld  and   Flower
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Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total  Assets $30,3,3,5/6.
Branches    nnd    correspondents    ln
all  the principal  cities ot tne world.
General  banking  business transacted.
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Grist   of   Routine   Business   Transacted   at   Regular   Meeting.
The Surrey council met in the town
ball, Surrey Centre, April 7th, the
reeve and all members being presi i .
The minutes of previous meeting
were read and continued. Communications were received and dealt with
as  lullows:
From John Fraser, Ed. Pari', et al.,
B petition requesting the council to
dig a 10-foot ditch from the Mico-
meckl river, on the east side of the
('nasi Meridian road, south, to the
preseni ditch, about 66 rods and to
widen and deepen the present ditch
about 4S0 rods, and agreeing to subscribe a certain amount toward the
said work. Received. Council do not
see their way clear to deal with the
From J, A. Taylor, request ing lhe
council to repair the Town Line road
between Sondell and Scott roads ns
it wa.s impassable. Received and re-
fered to Councillor Hayes to act.
From .1. B. 1 line, Jos. Bossie, et al.,
requesting a small appropriation to
build a bridge across a creek on the
Gordon road ward 1. Received and
referred   to Councillor  Loucks.
From A, Malins, C. .1. Fagan, et al.,
requesting the council to clean out
the ditches along the Yale road from
the foot of the hill to the river. Mr,
Malins agreeing to contribute toward thai portion of the said work
through lots ;', and 4, group ���>. Received and referred to Councillor
Hayes to attend to.
From C. E, Hope. John Morton,
el al., requesting the council to open
up a road from lhe Railway station
at Port Kells to the Town Line road.
Received and referred to Councillor
From the Union of B. C. Municipalities, requesting thai a cheque of
$10.00 be sent for dues. Received
and ordered paid.
From McPhlllips, Tiffin & Laur.sen,
a notice that application will be made
to the Parliament of Canada at the
next session, for an act to Incorporate
the Vancouver, Fraser Valley &
Southern Railway Company. Received.
Mr-. J. A. McCallUm appeared on
behalf of the Vancouver Timber &
Trading Company, asking permission
to haul logs across the Johnston road,
they to build a Bultable bridge above
tho skid road for traffic. On motion
permission was granted, bridge to he
built under Councillor Hayes' supervision.
The following appropriations were
Ward 1, $50.00 for graveling C. M.
road, tenders to be in nt the next:
Wards 1 and 2, $50.00 for graveling
the Yale road between Township Line
and  Powers' place, tenders to be In
at  the  next  meeetlng.
Ward  2, $75.00 for graveling Scott
"   |,   i  ndi t   to
Wards   2  and     :
X. ��ton  road.
Ward   :;.  $195.00
ie  in  at   the  nexl   Tims. G. Owen, contract, ('. V, road,
ward  -I, $100.00;   S  Bryant, repairs to'
!,   $1110.1)1)   for    the   C.  V. road, ward   I, $3.00;  E; M. Wiltshire,   repairs  to   Halls   Prairie  road,
for graveling  the  ward  I. $2.50;  X. V. Wickersham, reJsj
���    i"   road:    $60.00   for   graveling pairs to ('. M. road, ward 4, $7.26;  P.
McLellan road, tenders al  next  meet: Lusier, (lining tree Elgin road, ward
Ing;   $..ii.uu  for  graveling  Borgstrom'[6, $1,50;  II. '!. Lawrence, account inroad, demnlty,  $25,00;   I.  S.  Johnston, ac-|
Ward  I, $150.00 for the Clover Val- count indemnity. $16.00; Mrs. Frances:
ley  road;  $125.00  for the Coasl   Me- Leaper,  $10.00;   W.   II.   Keary. secre-!
ridian   road;   $50.00  for the  McLellan tnry, dues  Union  11. C, Municipalities,
road; $50.00 for the Yale road;
$50.00 for the Milton road; $125.00
for the Halls Prairie road.
Ward 6, $200.11(1 for graveling X. R.
and C. R. roads, tenders to be in at
nexl   meeting.
Ward   5,  graveling  90  rods  on  the
Council     then   adjourned
again    on    Saturday May
o'clock  p. ni.
to  meet
ith,    at 1
Mnfflc FkfffureM.
"The most remarkable arrangement
H.  P. road, lenders to be in at next! of numbers that I know of," said a lo-
meeting. ' ca' business college man who takes a
The following tenders were accept
ed and contracts let:
delight Iu solving curious problems
anil digging up mathematical oddities,
"Is the combination of the six figures
Ward 1. slashing and logging 14_,86T. Multiply this number by 2,
hjorih road, Peter Anderson for j Hml the answer is 285,714; by 3, and
$27..ail; slashing and logging North j the answer Is 428,571; by 4, and tbe
and Qulble roads to J. X. Brudvlk | answer Is 571,428; by 0, and the answer
at  36 cents per rod. j Is  714,285;  by  8,   and the  answer  ls
Ward 4, planking Xicomeckl bridge, | 857,142.   Each answer contains exactly
Arch Murphy for $10.00; graveling
120 yards on Coast Meridian to Robt.
MaeAdani at  50 cents per yard.
Ward 5, fill Halls Prairie road to
A, .1. Peschke for $194.00.
The clerk was instructed to write
the Blaine Shingle Company to put in
a good culvert where the skid road
crosses the Halls Prairie road to fix
the road where It washed out on account of bad culvert, also to remove
the bolts off the road limits and to
raise ihe road at the crossing so that
the skids will not project,
write 10. II. Heaps & Co. of the
dangerous condition of tbe Halls
Prairie road at their mill dam and
request them to at once have It repaired.
The temporary loan by-law was re-
considereu and finally passed and
the seal of the corporation ordered
tlie Fiiine digits as the original sum,
and, to cap the climax, multiply the
number by 7, and up comes the answer
899,999. Try It and see if It ls uot so."
��� Philadelphia Record.
A Rare Tain.
When Louisiana seceded, Jan. 20,
1861, the new government seized the
United States mint at New Orleans aud
struck $254,820 in double eagles and
$1,101,316.60 in silver half dollars.
using the United States dies for 1801.
The bullion was exhausted ln May,
1861, when the coinage ceased ami the
Also to | United States dies were destroyed. A
Confederate states die wns then made,
to be used for sliver half dollars, but
lt was uot fit for use In coining press.
the relief being too high. Four half dollars were struck with lt on a screw
press, and these comprise the entire
coinage of the Confederate States.
The  Hrpri'til.
During the French revolution a priest
rode In a tumbrel to tlie guillotine with
Councillor Loucks gave notice that : twQ pereous_one a marquis, the other
C.  E.  Hughes Says Insurance Enquiry
Vindicated   Moral   Sense
of People.
New York. April 9.���Charles E.
Hughes, counsel for the legislative
insurance Investigating committee,
and former Mayor Low spoke yesterday before tlie Society for Ethical
Culture on 'The Moral Lessons ot
the  Recent   insurance  Investigation."
Mr. Hughes said that the most
striking result of the investigation
was its vindication of the sound
moral sense of lhe people. Public
sentiment, he said, had demanded
the Investigation and made Imperative the reforms.
Mr. Hughes praised the careers of
men like Mashall Field and deplored
the fact that success obtained (-by
dishonesty and chicanery had its effect ou young men. He declared
that ihe responsibilities of trustees
had been almost Ins! sight of. und
that today men accepted such trusts
as degrees from some commercial
He asked bow many insurance directors had taken any real interest in
the expenditures or their corporations, or ever asked or eared about
the enormous sums charged as legal
expenses. In times of prosperity
they bad supposed there was no occasion for close scrutiny. Had there
been a little Inquisitiveness, results
which honest men would have felt
bound to follow up would have been
disclosed and an Investigation started.
Mr. Low said the use of corporation money to influence legislation
would continue so long as men were
elected to ofiice who demanded
blackmail. He declared that there
wns no such thing as "honest graft."
he  would    Introduce a revenue    by-1 a  colnmou  thief.   As  the cart Jolted
law  al  next  meeting. j through  the crowded streets the eltl-
The following accounts were passed j zens shouted maledictions on its OCCU-
and cheques issued. ! pants.
John    Johnston,    work.     Johnston!    "Down with you, beasts ef the arls- ; Plenty ..t Talk.
road,   ward   2,   $2.00;   Peter   Hender-   *����"*��" ,   , ���     ,       ,   !    "You siiy that put.lie otliclal hnd noth-
, ' , ,  .   ....   1     The marquis smiled proudly, but the : ing to sny?" said the editor.
SOU. work, Scott  road, ward  2. $4.00; , ^^    ^_ y_^ answer,,! the self confident re-
Dingle  &  Galbraith,   printing,  $19.50; I
"My good friends," he cried, "1 am j porter, "but be talked three-quarters of
no aristocrat.  I am a thief." [ an hour before I discovered it."���Wash-
Then thc priest touched his arm gen-   Ington Star.
tly, murmuring:  .	
"Ah,   my  son,  this  ls no  time  for MwUdmh.
vanity!" Meekness is imperfect  If It he not
j both active and passive, leading na to
i subdue our own passions anil resent-
A. Brown, work Halls Prairie road,
ward 5, $2.00; W. Morgan, work Elgin and C, R. roads, ward 5, $2.00;
J. Gillls, contract. Const Meridian
road,   ward   1,   $28.00;   G.   H.   Wales,
work   C.  V.   road,  ward   1,  $0.00;   S.I c��.��rt App��r.����.
Williams^ work Gordon road, ward 1, |    junus Caesar was a thin man. tall j ment3 113 wei] ������ t0 bear patiently tie
aud   wim   a   very'   wriukled,   seamy  paggions and resentments of others.���
countenance.   His forehead was broad j jroetcr.
and full of wrinkles. His eyes were uot  ��� ���
large,  but   describedI   as exceedingly ������,*% "tiicongress-
bright  and  quick.    His  nose  was or       "Mr-   ���J**'$"JV, ",",- to catch your
more than usual size und his chin full   ns��n, "I ���>���'��� ��"ed "W ��" J0
and   prominent.     He   walked   with  a
Blight, scholarly stoop In his shoulders.
His ears stood out well from his head.
and  his hair  was  always cut close.
$10.00; R. Hill, work HJorth road,
Ward I, $1.00; J. D. Cameron, work
Town Line road, ward 1, $1.00;
Wm. Corbett, work McBrlde
road, ward 3, $14.00; W. Williams, repairs to Serpentine bridge, ward 3,
$27.00; J. Wilson, work, Johnston &
McLellan roads, ward 3, $21.00;
Schnnke    Machine Works,    Ironwork
Serpentine    bridge, ward    3,    $69.25: | Early in life .be. became bald.
eye and"���
"Bit down I" thundered the speaker.
"I have tried vainly to catch your 'aye'
Beveral times when It was needed."���
Philadelphia Ledger.
N rwi I'.
.   Limited,   ai
'    B i'h   and    |
���:   C.
Editc-   and   '���'.      Edward   D.   Sawyer
-     ','.      !.
who   shall nd   af-
nts on
!���-. :'.r: -.ing Rates.
' -
lay   ad.
���npariel) 12 , ���
cents  per   I
" ".' rter or nonpariel,
���    ���������    spcdai   jiosi-
r'Uing manager
Motices Ol births, n.rnrlages or
death?, 60c. Wants, for sale-, lost 01
found etc.  one cent per
word. No advertisement taken fir
lets th - 25 c-nu.
Patent ot tary  medii.;ne ad
vertisements inserted at rate of SO
cents ;*-.���: ir i - , or if
readiLr notice*, -"��� cents per line pet
Urue. No deviation from this rati for
lerm contracts.
.selv<�� '... i.
������ i   ex-
Ne*. guts    or  al
ti   til -
'he   i
lam-Ues   purchased   qui{|  i    , imtity
W��g��   of    w ,,,. .   ,    Workers    In   th*
Bl*  Ussm   York   -italillahtn^nti.
i - receive
well res.
of thi   large 1       -
i, room i and
--      - ���
$.",���.   ..
1 wept and dusted  a
set Hie
."���'��� re-
$12 eai h. Hie work of the hu   I
woman  would  not 1
that  she
$.��   lleM   Exampi'-   fuel   *"Atr   of   I
Great.--i   Detect���.
great i..
������; t...        .   .
. - -
for the l -.
t.      > of si
lal-or from d
and !������  Igi - ���
have always I .
to prevent tl - .
their ��� oilapse.
T_e  Crab  -���  a  F_)hrr��_-.
- ��� '- ���
I est : ,aJ
-     -
parts of oi
elaws of tbe cr
-    -.. the claw -
t particular
w. R. G   ey
f--c-e i---i
J. R. Oflftey,   p-
Gilley Bros.
Dealers in
- -	
Literary   _*__��-.
Why   -  -       - ��� ��� "
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Busir.-.-- Office 	
Man: get's resident ���; ....
. 22
rl ible   worn tn
. ne  light   oi    ' ���
-  -    '-.i.
;r.L-ini; hei more pros : ���'
ly undi ~- use, I
brilliancy till at
A woman
-   rill, of un!
to retract  or...- inch  from 'he  employees, scru
- paper.    N      . '���   '   '���'"������- ' -    -'"
ii pal Lsarecs
' '���   ed "showglrU      The "sob
an who
ment ������: huge bl        of stone is i .. ire for noeti        fs  ' -c-use
In the ca.v.- of th-       - genius so treqnently rails to talk -,it.r.
.-  the   en along th         f 8   ith I      ��� -   ty-   Ex-banfe.
_o r social distinction   where the stone -     - '���-������ I hi
:-   rgued, the i   Ids feeling strnctton - ���   -
r        i       ���      feet  in lengl . ���   estimated to
the  otbei ... weigh nearly ]_n ���    -     :.'. '-- bridge*
bore Ihe pari ir i : - ��� ������:     ti ��� '  -��� ��� - - have a length of 1.000 t��
Human nature Is much the 2,000 yards.
world over    In I In almost til cases where the build
ings are not of sol 1 construction the
Also agents B. C. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc
���   :. - r     '.nnd Cement I  ���
Office, front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone 1-B
1*1,1111.1'   Rl.bt.
M miss���I believe In woman's right*.
Gertie���Then you think every woman
should have a rote! Mamie���No, but
I think every woman should have a
foter ���Chicago Record-Herald.
aCCl-OOOCIUUUrrTrtTTTt fl ttWm/~m **mmwsrmtrstisrtntmmwu snestvsrspsiYir-ftXWI,
long   as   gin their work at 1
log and do     I I      ���  i   I     ibont ���"
out tbe !��� mse ������������ Ith
In  one  big  Nev. ���  em
ploy. I to enter thi help's   interdepi i
g hall al 5 , the sai
or  aftern regolai      ���    -
. _  - lunch
.. -. i much to do with
_ d s .- thi
. ,;������ ��� b of this esl       - The
.-���   - and, although the
oui   '���������������-      - '      :'  '" gom
ly its advantages
il j not a    -���- ll    .'.- si -'- Weekly
..ants, and *
[tht     famil
bat if i
city  won
��� . ���    .
g   i
weight   of   tbe ��� 1   ban
placed a strain ur-,:. I pportswMC-
the architect's si i   ' competent
to provide against with the la] -���
of  time the  mei ���   spectacle  Is
seen of slabs fs their placet
and   of   noble ���-.--���
approaching - - l ���
-  !���     Is 1
of ��� I during i lolonel G tr
d .    _��� e Talplngs
���a .       to allow ssage oi
-:     .
g p in _������ er I   ������''
id arcl
- ge of his
flotilla. ��� L    I i .   -  '���     y   Be
��� -
"Th- under err.-- ' ' - apple pie li
too tetizh to eat"   .
-That's tbe Intention. It can 1-e u����d
ag-in. yrju know." ��� Cleveland Plain
'.   -
Try  '.he  lati
styles        Richmo      3
Apples, Pears,  Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds jj
Ornamental trees and thr i !
,  ���-,   ���      . ���   roni ��
:  leaved for hi  T ��� I - ���   fret ,
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Sartferr   mi]   Ibe   Analinul��l��   In   tbe
Oluen  Darn.
For a long time Alexandria was the
medical center of the world, and
..I   >or
pie   I,.   Sat   \rrj
I et \ err Bad.
v.     t do we mi        :     g       man oi
!, g
il Ian Galen,  born  about 130 one5   Most peo]                       ing man
A   Ie. bad to journey from  Lome to In tht song, are '               .            ryel
the African i Ity even to i ���      bad."   VYe move
He sept bis student*  to the German tnrea of life in bug                  i all d
il                                                                         men  battli Oi   .- to dissi ct thi                  ' Ihing                       times and
nationai enen les,
eslred from our own   spei as most ag I iman be   --
> .
ol  won     ��� .     o     unflin      .
.hox and "f strong faith ths
mission,   I
iroul I soon be :.o
nd ai
'    ind commanding ��� ...
such as few women et
born in M issacl
tl | ��� irnai   ,    1820.    81 I be built right in   New
. 3o that anything from
leedle to an    nt I l be l
a moral  . Hei question of
I in this direction In can       rcha
women too   no ������������   re "  '" " v"
art  In thi     movemt at,        ,
efforts being limited   lo    ich ...   ,.
sympa Islam I e adva
glre men  ���       gaged    In ihis ttop* '"' "''������'���'���-���'��� thi
'I,-- Anthonj Inaugurated a ueti '   ' Vs we ha,
re forming lemperant i unioi
ot tl ou Wm to
composed exolusivelj ol women.
Aftei   a   few   years   in  this   work  he ;   In and no merchant tn thli cl
itiiothe.   impor'arii  field 'if labour ap-   AiH refuse to Becure for you anj  bit
peared    in    view.    The   jatfi^jUvery  �� ,n'IiH" you v.
agitation  rose with such tremei
ton ��� arm rapidity  that all other ques-
lluman dissection     u ed
:      :i the torn teenl
Madonna Manzolin   later was]
',.- of anatomy, m      ibted of the
ret woi     . -.' - not t
Leonardo da  V ter of
"'I he Last Bnpper "was      great
st,  bul
-. b      '��� ���      ns fii evl re'.
tt ��� ddle of tbe sbcti  a
��� .--.���
i: en In c imperatively modern times
:   ��� ���-.. its bare 1 een I     t of at
s b]   the ] opnlsce.    In  1785  I ���-
John Shi]     '  of T'1       '���-    :   -
bed as a grave ro   - -     D
In   New   York  occurred   twentj thr
years later nnd were dne to tbe belief
that    the    medical    Btndents    robbed
graves       I anally,   if was the Isck of
oppoi innll    ' i ects regular-
���   ed '   the prai tice of l~ re rob
bli : and  originated  what   Dr   Kee
calls "������ set of the I iwest possil le
��� ��� -   tbe resurrectionists."���New York
'.'.'���    will   say    ihen     in   (   I i :
that   the   policy   of  the   Daily   News
will    be   to   Btand    Up   for   the   loral
lions  ol   reform  Hank almost out. of   business man eve;-,   time  and
sight.    Into this agitation she threw  no circumstance will we recede one
hersell    with  all  the energy    ot  her
dauntless soul. Her biographet writes:
"More   'ban   once   in   the  datr.    i.e..
preceding the Civil War she f- i   i
faced   as   angry   mob  when   even   the
men   lb >
Bul .: v. a- as an advoi ati ol fi mall
suffragi b I Miss Anthony won mo I
distinction. From ihe daj i-.h" iti , I
on tbe platform, B young woman, till
Bhe laid own her pen al tlie age ol
particle  from   this   Btand.     We  have
��� foi thi  eastern i atalogu<��� and
no hesitancy In expressing our-
���    e   to that effect.
Unique   Entertainment.
Something new in the,was of a public concert  Is billed foi  rf'. Patrick's
hall Thursday. April  19, The ladies of
the  Wesl   End  Method! I   church  as-
:  i/..   man,   friends  will  i'i- em
a   character   impersonation     enl
The Tempi,, ol Came.'   Bome forty
Mr-rry   to the  Last.
It was the 21st of April. 182L Dr. I.
P, Frank, the eminent governor of the
University hospital, Vienna, lay on bis
deathbed and was expected erery mo
ment to pass away,    Once more the
ght leading medical men of the capital gatb-r'-d round bis concb. All nt
snee the patient burst out laughing.
"What Is it that tickles your fancy?"
ols friends Inquired.
"A story has jnst come Into my
j.liid," was the reply. "On the battli
_eld of Wugram lay a French soldier
and counted bis wounds. 'Sacre bleuT
be exclaimed. 'It takes eight bullets to
kill a French gn-nadier.' Gentlemen,
ilier- are eight of you too." Thus be
spoke and expired in a lit of laughter.
���  'Are
d ine  - rate things
Are we gei i
Were we go
��� ters? We i
ired our pari
���    I     ue thi        ��� i. Dt
t at the sight ol
i ���. we forget all aboul II
re turned tbe corner? 1
that      so   Do -���' - ���        ��� to be put to
shame at tl    g    I
We should be terribly fr..' I
ed of this did we not cling to thi  b ; ���
il I ���:.- shockingrevelat
��� ���
- may tali to attract much notice
J   i.-'-l by the standards of hun
:        eople 'are either g I or ba I
��� ��� :. e been a great sinner," - lid
the dying Nelson: ner had he be bad
only been made u great fool of by a
''   ���! Is   .1 tarred with the
brush, though some wh i ���
��� . erated npon t ben the brush is
fresh from the barrel get more than
their share of the tar. The biography
of a celebrated man usually reminds
rn- of the outside of a coast guardsman's cottage all tar and whitewash.
E says of Augustine Iilrrell.
.... CALL ON ....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
The Lucky
Tvnenead  Nurseries,
C. I
si, :.|,e .., ..., for a moment, lost Bight characters will be reproduced by the
Ol woman's claim to equal lights with ladles In costume appropriate to the
in  ��� i, ���.i,   ti,,...,   . ,,. charactei    and    circum lance      The
man          e polling booth,  i hen   ���
, -  entation ol thi ��� varied progi amme
good and holy  men and  women who .          ,^_   ^  ^^    ^   v|i  ,
have i.     been able to sec eye lo eye ;.t, |   ,,,,,. ..      ,    ,     .    education-
with hi  er, this ver;   Important    uh oi  harmonious point ol view H is
j,.,.,              .     . the;   review her life unique and decided!) clevei   The co
work,     '    -    bow much   hi   I
complished   In   Imi             lhe  condl
Goddess   of    Kan,'    i
and  pei wn    are  selected    lo
��� tie i
" .   '
ex, and  In  lhe conse-      -ii,,.
t Uflel "��-.
Caffeine, the active principle of coffee, was discovered by Bunge in 1820
In a pure state lt takes the form ol
long silky needles.   In ordinary coffei
it Is present to the extent of about 1
per cent, but Juva coffee contain* -I.l.
and Martinique has us much as 8.4. It
is -aid by some chemists that caffeine
in its essentialities is identical with
thelne, the active principle of tea.
i'inns affirms that the Inferior qualities of tea contain mon- caffeine than
the best commercial grade*.
Hull it pest.
"Americans know absolutely nothing
of one of the greatest cities of all Europe." said a returned traveler. "1 refer to Budapest Do you believe It has
ever three-quarters of a million inhabitants and is foremost In many of the
arts and BCienees? Take my word for
it. Why, lt bas a Htttverstty with nearly 6,000 students and 230 professors.
The trolley was developed ln Buda-
P'-t. Most of tbe population is Mag
yar. Buda has the finest Jewish synagogue ln the empire. Tbe Danube, dividing Buda from Pest, ts a tieautlful
stream, spanned by magnificent
bridges. The largi-st electrical works
In till Europe are ln this wonderful
city."���New York Press.
Is a Lucky number when
it represents an income
of 13 per cent on your
The owner of a Royal
Avenue property has ordered a quick sale, which
means that we must
move, andmove quickly.
This is a renting proposition and its net income exceeds thirteen
per cent on price asked.
Only $500 cash required.
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the Family Trade.
We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest. Teoderesl
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fed for our trade.
Columbia"Street, New Westminster.
& Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. |
House Cleaning Time j
a And yon may poS-Qkt} need a carpet.    We have   the  greatest   rani."   ol ��
V them and can gaariate* to save you money and give  pa better ssl    ���
_ faction than you can get in any other place,     For instance, a good bodj  e
a Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up. �����
'���] Old carpels taken: up, cleaned and relayed   for   teri  cents a  yard.   We J
!���! have the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the  finest  price.-, e.
>J Come and see us.    ll will pay you to see our stock before placing your ;,;
!���! order elsewhere. j
_ j
y 716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension. Front Street. ,}
quenl        ���  menl ol the human race,  crown ol fame foi  the  woman  who
hank God for having given  prove    the  greate ���   benefat ri
o-w g_ ,,��� it.  vnthony. ,h" r;"" l""1 ""' fort> ,"1'1 elalmant
K.i    i ,       ������,���.ul          f'" 'he crown make their plea either
Hei     ��� ��� . itiful    life    suggests    a .        ,  ,.   ,
lu Btoi    oi    ong. Queen a  and Ood-
thougl                    aine  ol   character.   ,, ..   ,.,���,���,������,     ;    , .:iI1._   bugler>
��� ��� ������ sreal man. bul II heralds, guards, page and muslctam
va    - wonderful talents alone   make   over   sevenl)   performers   in
thai gave hli such power over men. costume. Enthusiastic continuous In-
I   , law   behind   bis     great   terMl   la   ��"N,:'i""'1   ��>   P"dse    mill-
lary accompaniments, stirring music
talents  a   pure  and  noble character    _���_     ,,,,,,, ,      ,
appropriate  ballads    and    chamoses,
and in this combination lay his great ciarion bugle calls, and side splitting
Bngtl      -!'ii may have questioned  by-plays of the humorous characters
his Judgment, bul no man ever ques- of the programme.
Honed incerlty.    Edmund Burke
ui who could sway an
Biidlenci v.Uh almost magic power,
but it wai not. his oratory alone that
giivi .--ich  Influence. Th�� world
listened to him because lt knew
thai thi - lassie expressions of his re-
lined long i< emanated from a heart.
as trie as pure, as noble, as ever
tbrobbli ti public man. Without
going m   !. .   away or ho far back we   ing   by   Magistrate   Corhouhl.   Acl Ion
could name distinguished living Cana- WM instituted againsl Silverman last
.Hans  who,  if shorne of their char
Idiiiuk   thr   llrutttrn.
Helen, aged tour, was Bpendlng a
nlghl away from bome. Al bedtime she
Kie-ii at. ber hostess' knees to say her
prayers, expecting the usual prompting
finding Mrs. I. unable to help ber o i
she concluded thus: "Please, God,
tcuse me, I can't 'member my prayers,
and I'm staying with a lady that don't
know auy."
An   It   Wm   In   thr   ll-Kliielnic.
"I   wonder   how   graft   originated?"
snld the itUdlOUS man.
"Awny hack ln the garden of Eden,"
answered Senator Sorghum, "man was
a grafter at the outset.    Adnm couldn't
even  let Eve enjoy  nn apple  without
���raining and rehearsal under the man-  getting a rakeoff."-Washington Star.
agement of  Mrs.  a.  J,   Brace,  and 	
the final concert of the winter course
promises  to  be  a  brilliant   success.
The   plan   of   seals   Is  already    on
band   in   llardman   &  Ilryson's  office,
Silverman   Acquitted.
case   against      K.   Silverman
Easter Brings
Much  time  is  being    devoted
"Some men say," remarked the beau
tlful heiress, "that I have no heart."
"Oh, that doesn't matter!" replied the
poor but willing youth. "I'll give you
The case against K. Silverman What makes old age so sad ls uot
charged with selling goods withouts thtt our Joys but our hopes cearA-
a   licence,  was dismissed  this morn-   Rlchter.
week, charging, hlm with dealing
In Junk, wlthoul having the necessary
-o'er, WO ' Sink into oblivion in a ]U.,.,���.,. .,���,, after hearing the evl-
day.     And   Susan   11.   Anthony   niighl   deuce,   Ills   Worship     reserved   Judg-
ha\e been an Intellectual wonder, but ment, which be   banded down   this
if she wen   lacking in character she morning, In  favor of the defendant.
'���""'''     .'."t    Lave   readied   the     top       Tbat   n6w   8uit �� ;oa   wanted      for
round in    10 ladder of fame, nor could   _f_A- Ih filing for you al  the Store
���be haw    found for her   memory a  -0~ nii(,   Richmond Bros.1 Columbia
loving, in   biding place in the beans street.
Life Is the Jailer, death the angel
sent to draw the unwilling bolts ami
let us free.���Lowell.
I think there Is n great ileal of difference between that species of ceremony wiib-b exists with acquaintance
and Hint which should always exist
with the best of friends- the one pro-
venls the growth of affection, lhe other
preserves In in youth and age.���Letter!
of Maria Kilgoworth.
The Spring Apparel wants of
Mankind are in full flower at
Easter Time and our Store
blossoms in sympathy.
Now, as to your Clothes.
f the reputation of having
the best has any charm for you, you'll certainly come
here, Sir, for your Easter Outfitting.
Suits, Top Coats, Hats, Gloves, Neckwear, and
Toggery of all sorts.
All of superior excellence and correct in every
Modest Prices for the Best of Wearables.
ly p e writers.��.
Underwood���Visitrle Writing
Empire���Visible Writing
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia St.
English Chu-_
Tea Sets from
$6.50 up
mm &
H. M0REY & CO.
H. L. DcBcck
Clothes, Hats and Toggery
t^w)mw��*i*mMrw)nm~i-m i
On modern lines even in    ^     [Ws-
Take notice that the    Great West
Packing  Company   Limited   have  tie-  c'^^Xve^anl'thtit IV
posited plans and application for the cje Bicycle has been seen on.r'pjflM
erection  of  a  wharf    on  the Fraser  of Shanghai.    We handle W (iw; |lfil|
River, Hrltlsh Columbia, on the fore- and   I'erfect   Bicycles,
shoro of  Section  12
Section  18,  Illock
Dated  at  New Westminster, B.  C,
this 15th March, 1906.
bicycles  made in < aniula <>r i    . |l(,
Whatever wheel 1'"^,
and  Fractional ; Slatc8
North ltange T, i ft |g value for your money,
all kinds of bicycle and �����^&p*
Bring your lawn mower w~ am
ed and put in shape.     ���
the place.
Alex. Speck*
Speck Block
Mar ""
I TUESDAY,   APRIL   10,   1906.
Paint Quality-What Is it?Local News Briefly Told
vnv_ What is Faint (Juahtv?      Paint   nnfllitv io rh_t w.
What is Paint Quality? Paint quality is the
distinguishing mark of good paint over all other
paint. It is in the paint itself, the material
due, the conditions of manufacture and the skill
of the paint-maker, Sherwin-Williams Paint,
prepared, is paint quality through and through.
It is made of the best Linseed Oil and manufactured  with the skill of 40 years of the best
paint-making.    Paint quality andS.W.P. are the same.
Each stands for the other.    If you are about to paint your
house these facts ought to interest you.    You can obtain
further information at
Frank   L.   Austin  was    one of the  Westminster   yesterda .       veling   in
Tranafer's   passengers   id   Steveston  a large touring car. When in the city
Mrs.  Hendry  made
former residence.
ibis  afternoon.
W. Cressard and D. McLean returned in Ladner this afternoon on
��� be  Bti amer Transfer.
ii. w. Rich of Ladner returned to  Barnabas    church  for
his   bome   this   after i    after    a   Easter    services    to bi
short  stay  in  lhis city.
.1.  Budge of this city was a passen-
call    al    her
The Boys' Brigade will nun i f 60
Btrong on Easter Sundaj lo attend St.
the     special
held in the
morning. Next Sundaj is the date Bel
for the annual church parade of the
ger on the steamer Transfer to Sun- brigade.
bury this afternoon. The C,  P.  K.  bridge gang came In
W, ll. Ladner returned to Ladner's  with their construction and repairing
Did you ever buy anywhere else as good
as ours at 35c per pound'.'   Try it!
Three Pounds for $1.00
The City Grocery,
J   Telephone 97.
Largest  Stock   in   the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style     you   Desire.
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
>c^ DIAMONDS.    The Jeweler,      -      Columbia St.
Do   It   Now!
snip paying rent, live in your own house.
00 cash, 7 roomed house on Queen's Avenue
00 cash, 6 roomed bouse and 3 lots cleared
��� ��� cash, cottage 5 rooms, 'J bus In fruit trees .
. $1,300
. . $1,250
.. $1,050
McLeod, Mark & Co.,
J?eal Estate,  Fire <�� Life Insurance
Tel. 273.       Near Tram Office
landing on  the  Transfer  this  afternoon,
On account of Friday being a public holiday this week, markel will be
held on Thursday.
Miss  It.  White of Ihis city  is visit
Ing   ai    the   hoi if   Miss   Kirkland,
There will be a general meeting ol
the Crescent club on Wednesdaj
evening, commencing ai   8 o'clock.
.1. A. Clay of Mission, was a passenger on the Ramona to Sllverdale
this morning.
Richmond   Bros.'   display   of   Men's
Furnishings tor Easter
lhe art of apparel.
The Alberta Gallatin Dramatic
company lefl tor the south this morning via the G. N. it.
Ed. Spears, the well known lacroB"8e
player lefl this morning on the G. N.
R.   for  a   visit   to  the  Sound   cities.
.1. w. Smith returned to Ladner this
afternoon    on
after spending a few hours in town.
A car of blacksmith coal was received here today from Pennsylvania,
Ohio, tor George Cunningham, the
.1. K. suter and T. t.ay were among
ib" Ramona's passengers this morning and were booked through to
!���'. Campbell, who has been the
guesl of W. II. Robs of this city, re-
turned to Belllngham this morning
on  the Q. N. K.
I".  I..  McFasland of Vancouver, re-
presentlng  Buscombe  & Co., of that;
city, was one' of the steamer Trans-,
fer's  passengers this afternoon.
('.  W.  Badden, representing Gavin1
Bros.  & Co., of Vancouver,    was    a
passenger   to   Ladner  this  afternoon
mi  the Bteamer Transfer.
('.. It. Richardson, manager of the
Hitliei ranch, at Porl Guichon, re-
turned   to   liis   duties,   this   afternoon
plant yesterday and are making a
round  of the bridges   and culverts in
this division. The territory thej are
responsible for lies between the coast
and  North Bend.
business ol lhal description on the
D. Welsher of Coquitlam �� the
cltj   mi  business  today.
Every man musi  have "somethin_f*|
new tor Easter.  Look over Rlcbmom
Bros.'  advertisement   on   pa i   -even
tor a choice selection.
F. M. Richardson, govi rnment
steam boat inspector is In the city
today Inspecting Mr. Fader's boat, i|ie
Royal City.
Mrs. Auvacbe yesterdaj received a
telegram from Ontario announcing
thai her brother, Mr. Owen, was seriously ill and not expected to recover.
Rev, F. W. Auvacbe todaj saw his
household effects safely loaded on a
ear al the ('. P. R. dope! and shipped to his new inline at Grand Koran.
Mr. and Mrs. Auvacbe and family
will follow In the course of a few
The government snag boat Sam-
sun bad unite _ time yesterday iu
conveying a scow load of lumber to
Vou will exclaim with lhe early seekers after gold. No we have no gold
lying around for you to pick up-���but you will  find omething just as
ir.iod.    You will liml articles at prices  thai   will ou    ome of your
hard earned cash.    Think of it!
Those $17.50 Sideboards we are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers and Stands for $1250
Elm Gulden Finish, Host Mirror, 3 Drawers in Dresser,
Carpete���a beautiful line.   Hygenie Carpet, Underlay and Stair  Pads-
Kelt���something new and the besl yet.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front  Streets,  Uupont  Block,
The  facilities  of the offices  of  iln
It.  C.   Milling Company are being  ln
creased   by ibe erection of   a large the governmenl camp beyond Steves-
vault  on the west aide of the build ion. Twice ll started and gol a (rood
inn. A door from tile main ofiice will piece of the Way and twice had to
provide the nicariH of access to the return and syphon OUl the scow-
vault which is large and roomy. The which leaked so badly that the load
structure will be readj for use in was In danger of being dumped
aboui a week .                                     , inio the river.
Rev, W. ll. Madill who recently ad- '���'��� ���'��� TrnPP and companj  have .-e-
ara perfect in  vertised in the columns ol the Dally cured the services m c. E. Barnes of
News for two cows, bought  the foi- Lynden, Washington  to give .lemon
lowing day the animals be required strations of the workings ol the 'fan
ami   bail   Khe   pleasure  of  choosing a,li;m  Swensons    Famous    Malleable
from quite a respectable little herd,
whose owners  had   notioed    his  ad
vertlsemenl In the paper,
The civic employes have started
on the Fourth Btreel sewer under the
the steamer Transfer supervision of Foreman Furness, The
sewer will run from Fifth avenue
down Fourth streel to Columbia
Btreet, and then along till Ir reaches
the Hank of Montreal, where ll will
Cross Columbia Btreet, and ^nipty
into the Fraser.
yesterdaj   little  Miss
desire   celebrated   her
Joyce  Poing-
ith   birthday,
Stump Puller." The demonstrations
will be made on the corner of Thorns
road and Twelfth Btreet, on Friday,
April 20, commencing al I o'clock.
The machine is said to be a wonder
along the line of stump extraction
ami well worth a careful examination by both farmers and dentists.
The steamer Transfer had as usual
quite a lengthy list of passengers
from down river points this morning.
The following were among them:  W.
II.  Ladner.  F. Cutting,  D. McLean, II.
I). Benson, G. Bjtou, ll. ,i. KirUlimd.
Miss   Guichon,   .Miss   .Moiikinan,   Miss
Don't Forget
that this
Store Leads
A visit to Our Show Rooms
will repay you.
after  spending the morning in town.  __^_^
and for the lirst time In her life en- Patterson, Miss Welsh, F. W. Foster,
tertained   a   parly   of   guests   at    her <;    Nicholas,   P.   Swanson.   Mrs.   Bell,
hoi n the Albert Crescent. About Q.    McDonald.     Mrs.    Taylor,    Mrs..
fifteen little ladies were present and Creech,  of   Ladner;   Mrs.   Whiteside,
made the house ring with their merrl- g. Tidy, and M. Miller, of Sunbury,
ment, Tea was served during the af- an(j  Mrs. and   Miss Sinclair, of  Lad-
ternoon and the little folks dispersed nei\
ai  an early hour tired bul happy.  o	
Lasi   night  the  Rev.   VV.  II.   liana- Favor Ewen's Proposition.
dough   lectured     in   the    Oddfellows' T1>" by-law  to  be  submitted  to the
hall, Ladner, on the theme:  "On the ratepayers  regarding    Alex.    Ewen's
Edge of the Arctic Circle," based  on proposition  to  dike  Lulu  Island,  and
his experiences while a resident    of|'ieei> the dikes in repair for a period
Dawson  ciiy. The lecture was  illus- of two years in exchange for a grant
trated  by  lime Itghl  views. Tonight "r ;t portion of the islam; now in lit-'
Mr. Barraclough will deliver the same tie value, was freely discussed at the
lecture in St. Stephen's church. Fast Council   meeting   last,   night.)    It   is
I Honey!     Honey !J
�� Don't be Deceived !   All Honey is not the real thing, |
;���; but what we have is the S
;���. _ a
1  Genuine Article  |
| Comb Honey in 1 pound squares, Strained Honey in |
$        bottles and also in crystallized form in jars. j
���t; Try a cake for Sunday breakfast. ��� ;���!
\V. Procter, who has been in town
on business connected with the
Small  &  Bucklin mills, left  for Bell-
A lecture will be given by Dr. De
Wolfe Smith on the "Social Condi-
lions  of  tiie   Home,"   on    Thursday
Ingham ibis morning on the G. N. R.  afternonj iprU n> a| .,..;��� c)'clock ���
The  Schaake  Machine Works com-  the collncn. chamber of the city hall,
pany   today   shipped     a   considerable   uni|,,1. ,hl, .iuspi(.es ()f the locat  Coun.
felt that the proposition is a decidedly good one for tht city, and all of the
members of the council spoke last
night to that effect, and expressed
the hope that the by-law would pass.
amount  of  shingle  machinery  to  be
placed   in   the    Ladysmlth    Lumber
company's   mill   at   I.adysniith.
Mrs. 'Greer of this city this morning moved with her personal and
household goods to Spilsbury's landing in which district she has relatives.
Court of Revision Sits.
The  court   of  revision  sat  in  the
cil of Women.    All interested are cor
diallv invited to attend.   A collection  <""n>-n  mom  this  morning,  an.l  al
will     be  taken   in   aid  of  the     local   """'K1'  Beveral  citizens ware Presen1
council   fund.
!   GORDONS   !
_ %
Save Your   Money
Look after the cents and the dollars will look nfler theni-
selves, is an old saying, but true nevertheless, and you can save the
cents  by   dealing  with   us.
Our business Is increasing every day, and no wonder, our patrons are so pleased with the way we do business, thai they can't
help recommending their friends to deal at the Public Supply Store,
and get tbe Best Goods.
As it is our belief that Is is quality not altogether quantity that
the    public    wants,    we sell that quality at the lowest possible price.
We  want  your patronage, because we can give you satisfaction.
Among   the   Ramona
i this  morning  was   James  Grieve  ol
Pilot   Mound   in   Southern   Manitoba.
1 He has been actively engaged in agri-
F. W. Foster of tbe Ladner nnd cultural pursuits in that district for
Delta Meat company returned to Lad- a number of years and is now- look-
ner   on   the   Transfer   this   afternoon! Ing  over  the west   wilh  a    view    to
very few changes were made in the
assessment.    Certain    appeals  which
passengers   we].e heard  wl���  b_  ____y  paMe_ jn
committee at the next regular meeting of the council on Tuesday evening next.
Gun  Club Practice.
The Gun club will hold a practice
after  spending the  morning in  town   ascertaining  whether a  move to the| shoot at Moody Square tomorrow nf
on   business. west    would     be   advantageous.     He
went   to   Langley   this   morning   and
will take a look around that district
before continuing his tour through
the west.
C. A. Welsh,
The People's Grocer
The freighter Lapwing is In from
Vancouver with a large consignment
of tin for the A. B. C. Packers. The
tin will he immediately made up in
readiness  for the season's  catch.
E. 0 Echert. who has heen visiting
his father. Mr. Echerl, manager of
the box factory here, returned this
morning to his home at Herreid,
North Dakota, via the C. P. R.
Mrs.  Ed.  Ooulet,  wife of the local
; agent of the C. P. R-. was a passen-  the   turning   and   fancy   scroll   work
ger   to   her   old   home   at   Kamloops I nne  |n  which   he  Is  an   adept.     Mr.
this morning where she will spend a. Smith has installed a a horse power
season  visiting friends. ] motor and  has ordered  a large and
Mrs.  .lohn   Hendry,  and  Miss Ross,I up-to-date   line   of   machinery   which
of   Vancouver,   were     visiting     New
ternoon, a large number of members
having signified their intention of entering the contest on Good Friday.
The prize list is complete, and is
much   superior   to   anything   offered
The old WIntemute sash and door in the past, both In the number of
factory Is once more alive with the. prizes offered, and in the quality of
hum   of   machinery   after   a   lengthy j lhe prizes.
period  of silence.  .1.  Smith  who was .  "
for the past 16 years connected with  _._.__    a nt/rBTICFMPNT^
the Royal  City   mills has  purchased ; NEW   ADVtRI l-tmtNI-
the plant and expects to work up a
considerable   amount   of   business   in
Found���A house key in "Tlpperary".
Apply Dally News Offlce.
For Sate���Young Cow and Calf, newly calved. Mrs. T. Heinbrough. 14th
st. and 3th ave. ^���
Should a Horse be Clipped ?
Clipping in the early spring is recommended by leading veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
| makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand
clipper, but does 100 times the work. We also keep in
stock 1902 Clipper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine. They shear clean, saving 1 to
1-2 pounds of wool to a fleece.
T. J. Trapp & Co, Ltd.
will enable him to compete with any   Additional Want Ads on  Page Seven.
Advertise in The News
Prices for Blouses,
50c, 60c, ,85c and $1.00
Blouse and Russian Styles
Just Received New Spring Blouse and Boys Wash Suits
Clothing House
Thc Cash Clothier,
Columbia Street
$1.00, $1.50 and $1.75
New Westminster THE DAILY NEWS
TUESDi-     tpn
in;    thr
: Sporting News:
and Comment.        ���
West of    the
North   44   c? MB  v.---
���   '
i; thence S
���.- *t;-
Dt-a-a   of   Seati   for     the   A-rs'.'.
E^nt   Is   Quite   Er .-
I .-.II In
���    and   he   .
up w!-h several ol
���   ���
I o ir be was nnwillli -
���  '
oat the
.-'    '
time   immemorial a wl
���   -   - ...
a .
'.. :
.   . lal log aa an
ence will I
s position on I
ere  Is
No  Worthy  Opponent  in   Sight.
-    ���
-  -
In-   Mad   V enr   In   the   '."Id   BMW  ol :
Th��i   I     .") .1   "   ...-ion.
' mount of 1
Great Northern Ry. j
Time Table
~J  Canadian Pacific Rail*
British  Cz'
av Co.
V. W. &l Y. RY.
���. ���
No ten
:aent ol
Ottawa. M u
Synopsis cf Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals :-. Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the North wm Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
���  ' ���
and   at thi
In  the
��� ��� the ���
-    ���
President    Nelson    Explains   Acoount   ':.
Against the  Lacrosse Ciub.
Xels   :.     ��� lent of thi
e  club  In speaking
e   ciub   fro:: O'Brien  May Be Selected.
the care ol
.  thai I
bt ���',.        :: ���      ���
-    - . - ���
"     -
���     '
���   ���
:     -  . .     tees to the l       -l
.   '.v.- ���
of the G ' :..'.
"   '
���   -��� QUARTZ���:
��� ���   .       ��� ��� . ::
f tht i
A ��� now, how-
Soon thi
':    . ::e.
n Lai ' '
t Territot
i  '
for ai
-. the land  I
���   ' Should)
'    w aci pectoi - paying
r ton oi 2 ry, ai
' '
roi i
���   ���
. Van
��� ana
������    ' '
2���Da.iy  Overland  Trains���2
6 St.
B. G. '   !'   A ���
id Co-
5K THI      .     :ET AGEN
-   I '
���  ������
���  ���
for one Or n nol
|50 to J 	
g  :
V   free   i -
_-.      '       500   eei
"'   '
"   '
f the gang, a ; '
��� ���
ft! . ���  In-
��� IVER
in the '
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
the newest
for   C    MFORT,    CO JVENIENCl :
1   LUXURY.      It   1-   lighted   with   and Chllliwi
r>      i-       11     L 1  electricil the  most NORTHERN  B. C. R
Synopsis   of   Canadian   Northwest y   illuminated   train   in   I _. s. Tees.
rid.     The   equipment   con--'-   oi       Leaves  V .'.
private "        "-.     ���  :, ! ird   and     6th   ol
Subject I .      ,
\ ' '
I.     .      V
! ���
Les       .
are!  I   . ���'
B.8. Joai
- ���
I..- '.
W 1:- .
S. S. Queen c ���
!.���   n    '
and ��
foi Q
I .���
lag i;
I.'  '..
Steamer  Bt
Le    e C
Ontxidi ths
and  tl. ...
nt, "He
All  purchases,   :. ������                   it  enor-     The claim  ��� recoi
Anj  even numbered section oi Do    16 kc!
.   .'._.. e ad.  mmion   Lands   in   Manitoba     - I       car, reclining chair eai
t sacrificing toll were swept awaj l-   Norths!                                    ng fe and  modern               iches   and  buffet,  lima moment   In 1                                               ten n ,e 26, not reserved, maj bram and  5tn  king 1
.... s $s                by any person who is the sole ' r Time 1             Folders, 01
���  for help      At least 5 '"'"    '" '    further inf'        '                 :;  "r  wnU
had  a talk  with
ol th<
���    ���   :..    ���       ,     . r paid, tl
Ai ��� ��� tht ���    -'
pricei ' .   ' '   /   '
.   eel  li   " -
tain financi
'    T.
In   committee   1 1
.   ti
f, ,  the council,
ing  some    arrai
Had the account    beei        ���  ��� nted
'.di when tht   <
. '-'i   for    i II  act'   :.
'  '
���   1 I
ly John L.    Il  v
of  age,  to  the  extent  of  one-quarter
f be 1
cal  land office for the  di "
situate, or il  I
r desin     '.
plicati  n to tl
1 ittawa,   the    Commis ���    ner    oi
plotter I    Permission 1 I 'Immigration   Winnipeg     1   the local
il -��� ���    He  was   Minister 1
sellings Uing'i! claii
To Fisl He I, copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
not 1 ' -   "
P" .......
- one
to make entry for him.
The homesteader is required to 1
...     .,  1  -
tion  .,:.���: . . 1 , tthef       ...lg p,
ipon whal hail pi   'ide  for the  payment  of a
rested.     He  st 'j Royalty of :      per    enl     f :!.e sales
the products of the local
PLACER MINING--Manitoba and
thc ell v- ben It bad
certain point ui
.... 1
- .
' I   good   gpoi
1 unit    II" bad told larg
to ���     ��� onfederates, tbe day before
All human power ls a compou
ments would have been  madi ,,...
II   .|,em.   bul   the  city's account   wai ... g out ol   time and patience.
not  presented   as 1   .,,,. rIng ,,���. the  ,,..,.  part  ���f ,w���	
Of cou   ���   tl <       ire,  and the
���  which exists 01 0 nl  will
��� reatt    Intt rest  In an     kind   of an
��� .��� nl   ������������ bit I aged  for the    1
1 red  champion.
Gans   Determined.
Encouraged by newspapei discussion of hla enforced lonesomeness
Joe Gi ��� il   with  a  di: eel  chal-.
lo  Battling    Nelson.    Gans
tbe   purse  and   the  division   ol
Vancouver's  Gam. '      :'    secondai      con
who   bs ''       :'" "'' '   ,:l""     ''   :'"' "' a
(1) At 1     t six monl
up  ���    and  cultivation  of  the  land   in
each year for tl"
(2) It the father (or mother, if the
VV.  T��� excepting the  Yukon father is deceased) of the homesteader QuickTime
Terril   ry    I   |    " mining claims gen-  resides  upon  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
are   100  feet  square,  entry  iee  0f  the  land  entered  for  the  require-
$;, renewabli   yearly.    On the North  ment^ as to residence may be satisfied
5as]   tel River claims are either by 5UCh person residing with the la
nd of  bar  or bench,  the  former being  iooither or mother.
'    t long and extending between high'    (���,) if the settler has his permanent
Northern Pacific \
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
ind low  water mark.     The latter in-  residence   upon   farming  land   owned  pean (Kiints
therefore    was overlooked    for   the
lime  being.
Mr. Nelson    thinks thai the
: 11 ul   of  Aid.   Adam    on
was uncalled for, and emir'
castle for the occasion.    Aid. Adan
remark when the affair was disc-
In  council  was that,    the  requi
the club came with very poor gract
It  Is to.this remark thai   Mt.  Nelson
takes except ion.
Tenders    addressed  to thi
" eludes bar diggings, but extends back | by him  in  the vicinity  of his  home-
��� ��� the bast oi the hill or bank, not stead, the requirements as to residence
exceeding   1000  feet.     Where   steam  may  he   satisfied  by  residence   upon
i power is  u = ed claims  200  feet  wide  tne 5ajd land.
may be obtained. Six months' notice in writing should
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba be given to the Commissioner of Do-
i the N. VV. T., excepting the Yu-  minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
under- kon Territory���A free miner may ob-  to apply for patent.
jigned at Ottawa and marked on the tain only two leases of five miles each
envelop.    'Tender   for   the   construe, for  a  term  of  twenty years,  renew-
Mon   of   a   Hydrograpbic   Bteel   Twin  ^lejn the discretion of the  Minister
Screw  Steamer,"  will  be  received up
to the first, day of  May  next, for the
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
Steamer  for  the  Hydrograpbic    Ber-
William   Turnbull
.. t.  ,.,<   t,,.i���   tha   ineai   niiiee  ni   ' '   '"',.' thi    Ize of the wallel and
transferred   worn   tne   local   one- vice In British Columbia waters
ib-   Dominion   Express   compapy   tolh*l    willing to have Nelson, take the
the Vancouvei     offlce of tbe    same ���"���'���������'    If Nelson proves lbe
my,  will   play lacrosse in    the   "'";  ">:'n-
Terminal city this ses on, according
to  advlci 1   :���-" ived   from   that   city,
1 urnbuil   was  one    of  the  cli ri  ���
Intermediates In the Royal City, and
,  ������ ��� nt
rulgbl   have  gotten  Into senloi   com
pany    I       ' a on    bad  he nol   been
erred  10  Vancouver,    He    was
: ., .,  good   baskel   ball  player, and
porting people of the cltj will
undoubted!} miss the presence of
lhe clever playei who has certainly
lefl  a good  record  behind Wm.
. box   al   the    llghlwelghl   limit,    his
at,Hit    to m : ring Ide" being
��� ,-eral   trainers    and
ls Gans telling the truth about the
1'    ti       Intel   ew or has  Nel son  re
Journing In San Francisco, Gam    a -
v. hen he aw Nelson In the
1. a couple of months ago the
11 ma  , roml ed  him  a  light.
"ll" said he would meel me after
l.e bad boxed McGovi n and bad bad
���   1 onte ' Lo     Ingeli said
Pre.entation   to   Goal   Keeper. N'"1-""     ""     bis    arrival     In     Los
A. K. II. MacParlane, goal keepei
ol the Vancouver City football team
was pri ented al s special meeting
I., / nlghl with a handsome gold
lockei    In   appreciation   ol   bis  good   l'""""1 "f ;i ''" in> ;'iv"" Promise?
1    dered   tn   goal,  In   the  re- Not   Afraid   of   Herrera.
ceni match against the Celtics for Thi bout with Herrerra naturally
the Charitj Cup. Tbe lockei is de- appeals to the Dane for he bas been
Igni ; ��� B. !���'. Armstrong, is a very over the ground before, It Is a warm-
ome affair, and Is Inscribed as ed-ovor match, In fact, and will
follow .��� ouveulr or iho Charity carcelj cause a big a ripple of In
1  ip final      1  ented to A. K. 11. Mae .   M   ���0_\6   an  6ven|   ,,,   whiCh
I       ne by  I      club  mates." .h,. Durable    Dan-   was   tackling a
brand  new opponent,    Roast   lurkey,
Timid   About   Baseball. flrgl    time   out,   is   always   more
London   Vpril 10    At a meeting in appetising than it Is when you meel
London  -    1   nlghl  It was decided to ,,  ],,,,.,  i��� n,,. torm ol tamales,
form   a   Brii   b   baseball   assodatlot- one   thing Nelson can    thank his
Although Iho initiative was taken ie. tai    u,,   I    thai  he has steadfastly
professional  football clubs stress was boomed Herrera as the baTdesI thum
laid on  Ihi   desirability ol  fostering ,���., ,,1 n���. many ������.��� ne |l;is ,M(,t. ah
tin-  an  game. It was suggested ,|l;,t u���, Dane l];is gal(, on this point
ihat the 'pn tection of the American
National League be sought to pie-
vent   the    Importation    of  American
of the  Interior
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent   year.      Royalty   same   as
'ideations,   plans   and   forms   of p]accr mining.
tender can be seen at the offlce of  the     Placer  mjnmg in the  Yukon Ter-
Agenl   of  the  Department  or  Marine ritory���Creek,   gulch,   river   and   hill
and   Fisheries  al   Victoria,   Ii.   C,   at claims   shall  not   exceed   250   feet   in
lhe  Custom   Hon ������  al   Vancouver, B. length, mea-ured on the base line or
c,  and  al   the Department here. genera)   direction  of  the    creek    or
Bach tendei must be accompanied gulch^he width being from 1000 to
an accepted '.auk cheque equal to -"'"" ""*��� AU other Placer c,aims
i" p.-,- cent, of >)����� whole amounl ol ��ha11 '"��� j;" lcet squarc
the tender,  whieh  will  he forfeited if are   r
ihe per-6n
der declines to enter Inio a contract
with  the  Department    ('ben,,,.,    __. m.,M (-f (h|  m}nlng r(.cordcr.s offlce
companying tenders which are nol ac- 0ne extra day allowed for each addi-
cepted   will   be  returned   immediately t;ona] ���.n mjies or fraction.
after a decision has been arrived at. The person or company staking a
Newspapers copying ibis advertise- claim  must hold  a free miner's cer-
Railway Company
Easter   Holiday
Tlmi 5  on :>.
For ��� ���"-���
720 S ' ��� Seattle, Wash   A"'' ,;' �������� '''���       '
'   W.   ���
Gin.   1
1 ' ��� * ��� ��� ' * S
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westmlnsl
Arrive New Wt Jti
C. P. R. MI8SION '
l.v. Nl B   '������'������    '    .  '
Lv. Bes
Lv. Ni'W  West,  ll
Ar .Ni w West
l.v. N.w Wi   tml ' ra-
' Lv. N. \V. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Si IP*
: Lv. N. W. 4.85 p.m.; ar. ^;���
' Lv. Seattle 8.30 a.m.; ar. N  V>    '���'-,
\ Lv. Beattle 1.20 p.m.; ar. N.w, .��
V.. W. & Y.���VANCOUVER-
Lv. N. W. :; p.m. and B.35 p.m.
1 Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m . and I 1 "
Lv.   N.   W.  9.20 a.m.;  ar. Gwm
I 2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon 2.40 p.m.
9.oo p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv.   New   West.   5.60  an- - '^*
' and hourlv until  11   p.m., "M "**
i hourlv   between   12.30   and  MO P*
Saturday half-hourly noon to11'*
I Sunday  hourly    8    a.m. to U sjw
! with half-hourly bet. noon and J l'��
Lv.  Vancouver same time throng"
Fraser River andjGult
Reaver��� .    ,
From N, W. Mon. Wed, 1   '
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Si     '
Ramona��� ���    c . -
Fr������.   T.W.Tu..Th..dSal  ISL
Pteamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro-
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Round trio   tickets   to   all And all the principal business centers of     From Chwk. sun
which will be forfeited if
aendlng the accepted ten- I""'     ��ne :,t eac ,      ,
lice-.     Entry must he obtained within
rked  by two  legal local points at il fare and one- ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARL
h  end, bearing no->            *                                :1 lni   . TIME PROVINCES.
third.   Sold on April llth to Dtt-_.tn ....... ..,,,..     .
' Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
April Kith.   Good to return Philadelphia, via Niagara Fails.
ten   'lays   if  the   claim   is   within   ten
miles of
up to April I7th.
For further particulars apply to
men!  wlthoul authority from the Department   will  not   be  paid.
Deputy   Minister   of   Marine   and
Department   Ol   Marine  and   Fisheries,
Ottawa.   28th   March,   llind.
have, or who may receive entries for
bar  diggings or bench claims, except
on   thc   Saskatchewan   River,   where
the lessee can  dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber j     The  lessee  shall  have  a  dredge in
on Domonion Lands in thc Pro-        Operation within one season from the
vince of BritiBh Columbia.
The  discoverer  of a  new  mine  is, U. P. H. Agent,
entitled to a  claim of 1000 feet in New Westminster,
length,   aand   if  the  party  consists  oi or
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out- _. j, COYLE,
put  on  which   no  royalty     shall    be Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
charged thc rest of the party ordin- Vancouver.
ary claims only.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty at the rate I	
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
value   of  the   gold   shipped   from  the ..__            ����,.               1           t.
ject to the rights of all persons who Tlsp      IflllWJ411KPP
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAUX.
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and  Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, III.
now becomes gilt-edged advertising.
Matchless   Month.
April   will   probably  be  a   matchless
fur   as   San   KranclHco   Is
"The   Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul  to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha  to
Chicago,  "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicagc.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
...        1                                                   railroad   in   the world that   equal   ill
date of the least for each  live mile-                    ' .   ,     , ,. ....      ���    ,. ,
...                                                . ��� .equipment  that of  the Chicago,  i 1
 ^                              1 but where a person or company has
SEALED TENDERS   addressed   to obtaine^  ,nore   ,n;ln  one   lcase   "ne
the Timber  and  Mines  Branch,  De- 'Irdge f-r each fifteen miles or^rac
pari ment ot the Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Timber
Berth  No.  471,"  will   be  received    at|and  ��� half per cent, collected on  the
thlH Department uni 11 noon on  Wed   output after it exceeds $10,000.
nesday, the 2nd day of May, 1908, tor]    Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of fi
tion thereof is sufficient, Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased.      Royalty at  the  rate  of  two
mcenied.    The  fighi   trutl   appoint"  a licence to cut timber on Berlh No. Six leases of five miles each may he
matchmaker    tor    the   171,  situate  In   the  Railway  Bell.  In I Rented to a free miner for a term of
fhe   Province    of  British     Columbia,
aiier think-
Klin     Francisco,   April     '.>.���Ah   big led     Coffrolh
Jim Jeffries ,1!l�� been  notably silent   month   in   question,   bul
of  hue  on   the  subject   of  ustlcuffs.   Ing   the     matter   over    Col-froth   tie-
nnd as ti  still  tongue 1ms heen from   rllned   lhe    position.    Tbe game    nf  of Section 14, Township 5. Range ",ibelow   ]o
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined lo the
commencing at  the soiilheasf  corner I  ���,���,���,.���   .  ,,��� ��. . ..       .
' Mibiiiorgetl   bar  or  bars   in   the   river
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Tt. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points,
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at     Meyers     Falls    with
waukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They   Stage  daily for  Republic,
own and operate their own  sleeping;     Buffet   M.rv|l.,.   on   tr.lins   between
Spokanc  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
and dining cars on all] their trains and j
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service  not obtainable elsewhere.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,   'O0'.
higher and wider than in similar cars   ���
any   other   line.      They   protect
From N. W. dally   ev. Sut
From Mt Lehman, 7 a.m.
From N. W. dally, es   Bun
Add. trip, Monday, 6 a.m.
From Sleveslon. T a.m. (Wl '"
Add. trip Saturday, 6 p-'��-   ���
Citv of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Victoria Saturday . s.i
Mail Service
6.46 p-0
6.45 P*
9,00 aJ"1
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m
Sap'n & Mlllslde...l0.00p.m
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale,  Blaine,
Beattle, etc.. .. 8.45ajn.
Van.  & Cent.  Pttlfc-lMOfc*   "
Mast Burnaby.. ���
Steveston, etc...
East, via C.P.R.
Sap., Mill, Coq'in
Van. & Burnaby.
,10.80 a.m
1.1a p.m.
1.30 p.m
3.00 p.m
3.30 p."1'
2 p.m.
10,00 tt
l(i.30 a."'
15 00 ID
8.80p.m.   �����*__,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
 , . v,,-c-      i )���,   v  trni'15 o
Day Train
their trains by the Block System.
Connection   made   with   all   transcontinental lines in Union Depots.
0 20 am.
12.25 P.m.
9.40 a.m.
H. S. ROWJ2, General Agent.
w   water   mark, that boun-1 134 Third St., cor Alder, Portland, Or.
... Spokane ... .7.15 p.m.
.. ..Rossland ... .4.10 p.m.
... .Nelson  6.45 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  "
and    fre
��� 0
ntil I
with I
Sunday)   carrying  P"8ennngnec
express    and   freight   coon   ^
stages at Carcross and W '
maintaining a through wiflW
Mackinnon Bm��i c
Vancotivcr, t>.
For Information
J.  H. TUESDAY,   APRIL   10,   1906.
I ters, solicitors, etc.       Ot
, .      .\,w Westminster, Trapp nil;.,
on   and   Lome   streets.
.   .' rooms til to 24, 145 Gran-
' .1 ,seph  Martin,  K. C, J.
w Weait, W. U. McQuarrle, 11. A.
Bo'urn, , Mr. Martin wllfl ba in th?
Wi ��� minster offices every Friday uf
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
CAPITAL ( Ul paid up)...��l4,uuu,U00
HOWAY,  REID  &   BOW'F.S,  Harris
,   BOlicitors,   etc.,   42   Borne
opposite   Court    House,    New
Westminster.   J. H. Bowes, P. O. Box
WHITESIDE .4 EDMONDS, Barristers and Solicitors, Blaeliie Blk.,
mbia   street.   New   Westminster.
W   i  Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MU   .1. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solid-
' tor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian  Bank ol  Commerce build-
,ng ' , olumbla   street, opposite  post-
n.-w  Westminster.   Money to
Rt Hon. Lord Strathcons and Mount
ttoyal, O.C.M.G,.. .Hon  Presldenl
Hon. Sir Q, A. Drummond, Presldenl
E.   S,  Clouston,  Vice  President  and
General Manager.
GEORGE E. MARTIN. Barrister and
' Solicitor, Gul-hon block, Colum-
1;l ;,'.���i MeKenzie streets, New West-
. Ii. c.
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. _. A. M.
���The regular meeting. of this
[8 i ; i on the First Wednesday In
��� . ontb, al 8 o'clock p. m., In
,1... Masonic Temple. Sojourning
I,,-, thn n are cordially Invited to at-
Dr. W. A.  DeWolI Bmlth,
General banking business transacted.
Branches In till tbe principal cities
in Canada, in London, Bng., New
York, Chicago, and St. Jotin, Nfld.,
and correspondents in all parts or tbe
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.   Brymner,  Manager.
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Newt.
New Wettminater, B. C.
Wanted���Thirty   able-bodied, met    to
work tor the Corporation   oi    'lie
Boai d of Works. For Informs
to wages and employment  i o
Mr. Furness, Bupt. ol Work
For Sale���I'i acres, 15 aires cleared,
Good building- Apply Donald Mc-
Clute,  Ton   [Cells.
Lost���On or near corner ol Queen's
avenue and  Bth street, a  photo ol
young gentleman with nan back.
Finder please return to ibis office.
THOS. R. PEARSON    - ���
��� i
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, [tc.
Write for prices,
New  Westminster,  B.  C.
K. (.-.  A.  M.���Regular communlca-
ol this lodge are held on the
ad Tuesday tn each month  In
- ���    Temple, at 8 p. m.    Visiting  |  .ibreii  are  cordially  invited
end.   D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
\i   I    i-;. ol I.,  meets Becond  and
h Friday ol each month, at  8
ia   Orange   hull,   i ner   of
. nue and .lohn street.    So-i
Sir Knights   cordially   In-
��� , attend.    W. E. Dunlop, W.
p.;   E   E, Matthias, Reg,
- m eta in Orange hall lirst and
tii;..i Friday in eaeb month at s p.
in. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to atti ml. K. E. Matthias,
W. M.; J. Humphries, fee-Sec.
Still Doing Business at tne Old Stand.      |
Merchant Tailor \
Terms  For You
823���One hundred and sixty acres.beautlfully Bltuatea on the
Southern slope ot uie serpentine Valley; first-class land, fronting on
Ihe Clover Valley Road; near the railroad and river; goou road;
land is very productive; aliout 00 acres In first-class condition.
Good and convenient buildings. All necessary Implements and stock.
This ls well worth Investigation.    Price, J90 per acre.
1027-An  unusually  Rood  buy.    One hundred and Sixty acres; 60
:ie V.'i acres under I.rsii lass cul livatlon;   ll  acres  under  Imps,  all   In
good shape; lu-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn buxiuu; hop
Z    kiln and baling room in good condition;   the  buildings on  th"  place
j   are worth at least |3,ouu.   iiert and Creek runs through the property.
T   This is a most desirable farm;   from  $-,JiJ0  to  Ili.iiUU per .vear  can
X    be taken oft it.    Hnce, V.rjOO cash.
��� ���
I Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y. j
' Manufacturers of j
! Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures j
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
For  Sale���Modern   7-rooinei!   house on
line cornet in West End; iwo lots j
stable ami fruit trees. Cheap. Apply
x, tin- office.
Lost���Small  purse  With small sum  ol
money   at   foot   of  Cemetery   streel
Sapperton. Ret urn to Mrs. Cigonler,
Front   Btreet,  or   Daily   News.
i Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Com-
potent and willing lo teach, Stale
experience and salary  expected, D,
I.. All--a Scotl 1'. ll. Box 1120, Calvary, Alberta,
Eggs    for     Hatching���Barred     Rocks,
Rlnglel  Cockerel,   s. c.  w.    U ���
horns, Wyckofl si rain. Large grass
runs.   Fertllltj   guaranteed    or  sellings replaced. i~ per 13.   1621 6th
avenue oi Bos r,.".T.
Wanted���2000 Cord   ol Hemlock Bark
ai ihe Fraser River Tannery, Ltd..
taken ln lots from 25 corda up. For
particulars apply to the manager at
Tannery or I". O. box 1ST, New
Wesl minster.
fhr> Hnvr Played iniiHirtniit Part-
la tin- Worm's History.
In centnrie i i the human hair
plaj ed an Important part in nil judicial
pr etlings. Those thni were permitted to ivear beard and ban- bad rights
Ilia!  .-.ill1,1  noi  be claimed  l.y lbe shorn
and shaved. Wheu men made oath
Jiey touched their beard and hair, nnd
Sromen placed the linger tips of tbe
right li ami iiu their tresses,
Servants were obliged to have the!
hair cut, and if a  lr Im&U went,  int"
shivery he bad lo divest himself of bis
hirsute adornineuts. An miuii adopted
by foster parents was obliged to have
bis beard shaved, ami the shaving of
beard and hair was a punishment In-
dieted "ti criminals. The Jurisprudence
nf our ancestors deaii with punishment
"by skin and hair'' for small offenses
und "by neek and hand" for greal.i
There has always heen more or less
superstition about hair. Great strength
was Implied by It, and wizards and
witches knew of concoctions of hair by
whieh   tbey   poisoned   enemies.     Cat's
hair was es; iaiiy named In tbe cate
gory nt poisonous hairs, and even at
tbe beginning of the seventeenth century I'auius Zaceblas, a famous pbysl
elan, writes of the virulent poison ol
tiie bail' of eats.
Among civilized people such suparstl
tlous beliefs have gone oul ot existence,
and only  Malays give their enemies
tiger hairs iii I,roth lo kill ibeui.
G.ve   Dr.   Denver    .   Gay     Tlrne   and
Then  Take  Him  Aboard
Their Vessel.
)!1     v-   T,   April    o.-The
Northwest     ... ,        .. vp���(1._
,i"" ta    Her-
Bchel    ' i.   ut      It
broughl    ' '       '    Denver,    of
Sa" Frani : i after
"  B'sht's -alet and I   ,,., on one
"'   ""'  wh0 Iclan
for the men
Harrlaon, the English explorer seat
'""   >'-v  'he  British  Royal  Oeograph-
'"'i'"      i explon   the country
"'���''l"""     Md  ���.      ���;     Baffin's
l"""1 "',s 'en McPh on over Arctic
Kl""" lce' "' tope to make Banks
Land tTOm ' tc return to
"       ehel   ln    * .'.,   froze
his feel  ��� u     In th WM
laid   up  for   ,. n
w   "'"  *halei ���      ,od  eon-
' ,,;| '���'      ! ii oi the
" ���    : time,
There is no whisl or
I, 0. 0. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
The regular meetings Of this lodge
are held In Oddfellows' ball, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at - o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. S. .1. May,
N. G.,   W. C. Coatham, Itec.-Sec.
A. 0. U. W.���FRASER  LODGE  No. 3
: ��� Ings the flrsl and third Tues-
in each month. Visiting
��� a cordially invited to attend.
Lodge loom. A. 0. U. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, c.
S Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115. SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Hose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In 1. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at
��� : m . While Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday In each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. E. B. Stinch-
comb,;. Pies., li. Disney, Secretary,
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Hcotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring  stock  now  In.     .Make  your
Belyea & Co.
General  Hauling and Delivery.
Heavy Hauling Uur specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone IbU.
Dress in Reason
The latest Mitchell's fashion plates
have  arrived.
So have our spring stock ot nigh-
elass suitings.
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings.
In fact we can supply all your sar-
i torlal  wants.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, rates, etc.. call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Hulls pure
bred, ready tor service, W. R. Austin.  Sapperton.
Eggs for Setting���Pure Haired Rock
$1.00 per setting. .1. W. Austin, Sapperton.
Mun  iitm Twelve Pairs, uml  Worn���tn
""- ���""���' ""' *""'*'��� Physician  Kills His Wife and Dentist,
A   man   who  bad  beeu  sick  said  hu ,,ri  Th������   .
., .    , . , .     ., arla   i "u"   Suicides.
was so I Inn be eotiltl count his ribs.
When I heard this statement I usked,      l::: io
"How many dill you count?"   He was   A.   W,   Burton, a  well  known  physi-
unable to answer, Several friauds were   clan  ol   Blrn  . ,.:l  j , ] I. ���. i
Btandlng by, and the query was put to   bis , d
them.   Not a man could tell the num-  ,,,i   nr   t   t   i
bend' bis ribs.   One bright chap said   ,, , .   ,. ..    '   '" ''""!l*'  "f
,., mi seriousness that a woman has  , ��� tnd    cul   Ms own
one more rib than a man, because man       "     ' ff minutes,
lost   one in  tin*  fashioning of   woman.
And, do you know, this belief Is eum-'
mon?   suddenly spring the question on
auy acquaintance you may happen to
Suspect  Foul   Play.
Spokani.    Auril    :���    [nvesl gatlonB
meet in the day's "journeying.    Unless   !,i-'1,    '���������   Sheriff    ii   b.  Doak    and
he be u medical man he will in all probability be unable to answer.
It is an anatomical tact that man bus
Thomas Cole confirm the belief that
���V    W.    Tele,    for   I      ���  ��� ,    ,..������.���.
tr  twelve  miles  from Spokane, who
JNfitc!!ion  I Electric   Plants
M"'ts the Fourlh Friday ln the
month nt s o'clock, in the small
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordially Invited to attend. .1. B. Uushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
J. li. Todd
Dealer in
A. o. F.���The regular meet ings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
al 8 p. in. In lhe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordiuly invited to aitend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p. in., in Oddfellows'
Hull. Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend I. S. Ilryson, S. C; J. McD.
Can i  ��� ll, Sec,
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones ana Kecords,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia  Street.
Oall oi> write for nrlo.es.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Milnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hours,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 15c. up.
Mills and Factories
| Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. ��
;��;        Incandescent and Arc Lamps.
_        Write us for  Estimates   on  complete Plant. _
i*i >}
P,        Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried ;���;
$ at Vancouver and Rossland.
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
1 alrd Tuesday ot every month mi
K. of P, Hall. .lohn McN'iven,
Chi ;. .:. ,i. Forrester, Rec. Sec.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Woslmln-
s,e.   B lard   of  Trade  meels   In   the
Board Room, City Hall, us follows:
Becond Wednesday ot each month.
Quarte.ly meetings on the Becond
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p, m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting,   A. K. White, Sec,
Wanted���Fresh milch cow. Apply P. O.
Box 332 or Daily News Office, City,
For Sale���'ai Keg Chatham Incubator,
Cheap.   Only   used   once.   Apply   199j
Sixth avenue or P. O. Iiox B02, Ciiy.
For   Sale���Old   papers  suitable  lor \
wrapping up parcels, etc.  Apply News
office. .
Re  part of Lot 2S0 Group 1, New
Westminster   District.  Whereas  proof
of thfe loss of Certificate of Title
number 21C4A, Issued In the name of
Daniel Callaghati has been Hied in this
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from j
the date of the first publication hereof, issue it duplicate of the said Cer-i
tificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,
New Westminster, B. C.
March 30, 1906.
Re Lot !*, 10, and 13 of Lot 16 of
Suburban Block 10, Map 200, New|
Westminster   City.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1074 a,
issued In the name of Jane Howay
has been filed in this offlce.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from!
the date of the lirst publication hereof, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid
objection he made to me In writing. 1
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  Offlce,
New Westminster, B. C, April -t. 1906,
twelve  pairs  of ribs  and   woman  the   mBappe, , ,.,,������ ,���. cab,_  March .lf,
same  number.    The  tour  short  ribs.   ,       .. . ,    ,   .
,    ., .���    .��    .,   -, ���       "'"'  ""il  ; aj. the motive
two on each side, nre the "tree    ribs,   -        ... """c
, ,      ���       ,,.,.,. i     ,   tor wIih ii  was rob i
nnd iu all probability Eve was made of .
one of these.   Ami ould manage to       ( "''"'   ""    s   h:lv"  "'"   '"""   seen
struggle through life without his free ���'""'*'��� an I racks near the Little Spokane river Indicate, the officers Bay,
that Cole was probably thrown Into
the stream.
ribs, and I have no doubt that ere long
seme corset manufacturer will require
woman to have hers removed In order
to lengthen her waist and to reduce ita
girth.   To break a few of the asternal
ribs   (ten   altogether)   Is   nothing;   to Returns  Collins  io Custody.
break some of the sternal (fourteen In:     San   Francisco,  April  9.���Aasistanl
number) ones ls far more serlouB.-New Di8tric|   AM���ni,.y  ,,������. (,i|ok  mm
01     ress' _^^  Superior  Judge    Graham    yesterday
The viir wm oi Dnmu, 'i:1,1 protested againsl the Judge's ac-
The well known Paris theater man-   tlon  in  granting an  alternative  writ
tger   Dollgny   relates   In   liis    remi- ' of habeas corpus to Attorney Ceorge
D.  Collins and  allowing the accused
nlacences an encounter he once had
with the elder Dumas which furnishes
an Illustration of the novelist's will-
uess. Dollgny produced Dumas' drama,
"Kean," with the rather peculiar stipulation that the author should receive
man to be liberated on $25,000 ball.
Attorney Cook state,] thai the statutes expressly declare thai the district  attorney should be consulted In
one-third  of  the gross receipts  when   such  matters  and  thai  no notice of
these exceeded 8,000 francs aud nothing at nil If they fell below Unit figure. Dumas, who wns always hard
up, came late one evening to get his
"Luck Is against you again," snld
tbe manager. "You dou't get anything
tonight.    Here Is the account."
Dumns glanced at It and went away,
ln n few minutes he came back and
"Just  look over the account  again.
and  ihen  pay  nie  1.000  francs.    The
ticket that I just bought for 3 francs
brings tbe total up to 11,000 francs and
50 centimes."
Collins'  petition  bail  1 n given that
I'pon ihis showing Judge Graham
revoked both of his orders and directed the sheriff to rearrest Collins. Deputies found Collins at a hotel and
took him back to the county jail.
Title. In  Italy.
There ls uu old Venetian adage whieh
says, "Conte die nou conta uuu coma
ulente" ("A count who doesn't count
[money 1 doesn't cotuu for anything").
And this cynical proposition represents
fairly well the sentiment of the modem Italian. In that country the general feeling toward the titled aristocracy is of utter Indifference. The lesser
Apostles Drop Out.
Salt Lake City, April 9.���As foreshadowed by President Joseph F.
Smith at his opening address before
the Mormon conference, two members were dropped from the quorum
of the twelve apostles at the church
election yesterday. When the nominations were about to be read Apostle
Francis M. Lyman announced that
Apostles Matthias F. Cowley and
John YV. Taylor had tendered their
resignations on October 28 for the
reason that they were not in harmony   with  the  quorum.
Taylor  and  Cowley    are the  poly-
sort of titles are regarded  as  almost _   wh()   coul(,   _ot   be
valueless even hy their possessors.    "I
have known," says a writer in the Loudon Mail, "a case of a noble lord who
found when they were subpoenaed before   the   senate    committee    In   the
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
| Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. |
Teacher of the German
Language  and   Piano.
German  Conservatory Method.
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W., Vancouver
Commercial, Pitman anil Gregg Shorthand. Telegraphy anil Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationary) Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the BEST of
R. J. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
III. A. SCUIVEN, B.A., Vice-Principal.
W hen you want a good smoke you
ask tor _���
Manufactured by tho n. C. cigar
���wry,  who  also  make  The   "Brll-
(in three sizes.)
WlLBERG & WOLZ, Props.,
Pa��tory and oip.ee, Urine Block,
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair,
Ship and Scow  Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 ElQlith St., New Westminster, B.C. ���
B. X Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kindt of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,   Turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy^Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
Transfer Co.
followeil the Interesting occupation of   Snioot   Investigation.    At  that    time
a street scavenger. In a cafe in a cer they were believed to be In Canada,
tain Italian town I was habitually The recenl death of Marriner \V.
served by a waiter with the title ot i Merrill had caused another vacancy
count anil a name famous In Venetian in t|1(, quorum and ihe three places
history. And I am personallj acquaint- wn.(, fi]]ed ,,,, ;hl, ���,,aniinous election
ed with a lord of ancient lineage whose M of Ogden, George F,
title descended from n father engaged
In the vocation of railway porter, lu
general the aristocracy of Italy are
miserably poor."
Office���Train   Depot
Columbia Sit.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part ot the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office Thone 1S5.       Barn 'I'none 187
In   New Westminster
Spurt  In   lliii-ot	
"There nre few pastimes known to
tlie peOplB of Morocco thai are not eon
neeleil wilh religion." writes a traveler.
������Children play football of n kind, and
leapfrog, anil practice wrestling anil
fencing. Tbey alsu pursue nibliils wilh
(mrved sticks and throw these wllh es-
triioriliiuiry   skill.    Some   few   experts
claim to be able to kill partridges with
the same simple weapon. The great
game of the iiilull Moor ls the label
barood, or powder play. This exercise
ts taken on horseback, and to see a
body of Moorish horsemen come down
lit tbe charge with guns high above
their heads to a given spot, where they
lire their weapons anil then pull their
horses up on to their haunches, ls t*
sight that will never bo forgotten oven
by those who have seen cavalry maneuvers lu Europe. Moors are very
promi of their horsemanship uud with
Richards  of  Tooele,    and Orson  P.
Whitney of Walt Lake City.
The vote of the congregation for
Presldenl Pralth and the other offl-
cers wiis unanimous. Apostle Reed
Bmool   was not  present,  None of tho
newlj elected apostles is now living
in polygamy.
Saloon Men Fight Bankers.
HllUboro, Ohio, April !).���Hecause
officials of the bank at Lynchburg
signed :i pel it ion for an election to
decide upon ousting saloons, saloon
men organized a run on 'be bank
ami nearly J15.0U0 waa paid out Saturday. Today most of tbe money is
being deposited again, because lt
was found that the bunk was able to
meel all demands!
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
A Choir* of F.yIL.
Landlady���Would you advise me to
send my daughter to a cooking school
or to n music school? Hoarder (reflectively)���Well, 1 think I'd send her to a
cooking school. It may be more fatal
In Its reaults, but It isn't anything like
so noisy.
Want Steel Elevator.
Harrington, Wash., April 9���A meeting of the local branch of the Farmers'
Grain & Supply company was held In
the city hall Saturday to consider
tho advisability of purchasing the old
Juke Ludy warehouse for a site for
the new elevator which the company
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
proposes to erect. A majority of tbo
stockholders    appear   to    favor   the
erection   of  a  steel   elevator  of  76,-
000  bushels'  capacity.
It  wns    brought out    that a steel
snld   Deacon I fiievat;or  of   this  capacity   can     b<<
"It   seems   strange,"   snld   Deacon I flievat)u
M.i.vberry  as he  counted  the money  compi��ted   here  nt  a cost of about
after Church, "that a large conirreg--  >7 00o,   and   nearly  this  amount    of
tlon  can  bo so small."-PbIladelphI�� | money _u a|rea(jy been pledged.
��� ,5 8
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.    $1.00 per sack.
T. S. ANNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
Fire Insurance.
ted se
Life Insurance.
We hi
tiecD appointed asfe-fts for I ety ;���;
of London, England, which bai Been earn i i              '������-,*.
since 1714 A. li., and which  ha aecumu-sti                  t  _
$.0^00,000. ;���;
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canai nd          B
Dec. tout, 1809 (6 month i/ 60,400. Pn              1-60 ;���;
1900 Assurance in :      ���   $1,792,600. _
1.01           ������ "92   -'���        *
190_          "          "               ;_   ��� "        126,696.21   '���'
1903          "          "                 6,112. "        160,644.88   _
19<-1          ������          ������            | 509 754 "        :���' ,384.20  9
His Worship Vacates the Chair
Accusations That Provoke  a
porter for the Columbian Is
Alleged Breach of Faith���Speck and   Bowler   Have
Another Round.
and Makes Indefinite
Call for Names���Re-
Reprimanded   for   An
illinery this season di*
��� ire    t Trimmed Halt
��� .-
������ ���
irch of the l
MONEY W    fVITADDir       P       Cf\ R'al   Estate    Brokrrs I
I      TO LOAN. nflCV|U AKKit    &     LU., and Contractor, I
B 186 Columbia   Street, NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C. I
���' ��� -
J.   S.
>��������������������������������������������������������������� ����>�������������������
Hardman &Jfryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete lire- of Graffiti ������-'���   ���
i:-'imates furnished on all i "S Work.
Columbia  Street 523 I
Sob- Agent?  M  ' ���
.bout ihi
k     i..       i .,   Interesting    dtacussloi      -..- me
night,  the 1 eta-  __,   secu,,,,   ,,.
trodui' ig   which   His   v.
iman   H�� ��� terreti
the ;.!er at the foot of Eighth street.
Alderman ''���>'     !'"
the mat-
j, Inasmuch
. ai ol -i :, ��� - now i��?nd-
ce -a-ill be
that  eonseonently  he  though-   II
In the
hand- of thi
:.;.- . Alder-
i to tbe i '   took
man -whom he de-
-    able,   inas-
Referred ;
of Works with  ,
from ������ ry oi ' itUwa
t ol   e'lniiiiuniea-
BS  Of  J.
���ai, tor senator, and Informing
. 11   that   thi a   bad
-. ii
as li
��� ers had
.. thli i
tor 1
*.   ���      !Tt way.   O-rreu    i ipl of the
and Jardlni  were i     -  ir performers council's   letter.    Comm_nlcatlon   re-
Alden: I withort ���" the re or- i tor   I      . .  .. ;   .-. : :
��� .-   much   t: Hobdays   Cause   Changes.
he  'launched  fort!.  Int >  a  very  inter- r��ij_��   u.,_  .���  n���   n /  .1 .
. Dion t   wean  to  Do   it. Bg   0    the   i
. jtlng discussion      the s     -
cU   will   no- held   n��
should   not    a ii        a. at In  thi   evening, th etng East;     Mon-
His V day. will  '"'  ><' ���'  ' :'
���   .
wlll   be  I ���
-uch a bo! ge
individual membi "���'���   '
���the  out
ecounl   of
Good 1
���   - day.
Colun    :  ���
������':���������        :
���    I
be had un
offender.    The
���Ming of the name of the
alderman  in que
��� ard in a  very bad light, and he
it only "   His Wor-
"���'.���'    i I
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now in force exceeds J44,UUU,000.00
Amount of Assets, legttlmali  and solid, now exceeds... .����,OUU,UUO.O0
This is a company of polk holders, toi policy
OCR Mill IO:
Possible Outlay.
ine largest amounl of Assurance
for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster. B. C. 'Phone  85.
Mayor Thanks the  Lord.
such i enlng n uu
oni In  the coun-
characi n of ] < which
. lerman in ��� decided-j ed to go on with i hanged
He then   effect  that ihere was a til
nt oi ���'<������ ngs,   and that
to  which   atl ���   r<?-  time  came  tor   ti sure  of  the
with no littli a qui ���  would
-   .. of' be prepared  t cast
council, to point gment i council,    but
that  he did no-  i
ripe  for  ?.:. I    -ire.
Electric   Sparks   Fly.
of   the   nature   ascri ' ie   un
named alderman
to   bin.     Latei   His   Woi
I for the benefit  ol
ed that the alderman in question was
not Alderman Henley, io which
made a  t
tic reply.
Objects  to   Bold   Charge.
The history ol how C    I li   French
���   : iw   on tl
I     of   the   old   aft    .
Spei ' [clan
Howler, in which the formi
wf     making   the
��� I e would na in job
Speck ti il   to  figure on,
was  referred to l rd  of Works __ he did not coi .- ���
ort,   and   thi ess   of   the tent   to    handle  the    work.     B
_ drifted or. to other important . on  hand,  and  stated  thai
and  to one  or  two    otbei he   hs '   Infi rmed   Speck   that   if   he
ti  In thi   ti
Reporter   Reprimanded.
Don't Be
Are All The
This Summer
expi nspectli m,  that   H
would le- necessary to pul a coi
tent workman on the job, and added
1    amblan, or that he had i thing        a      E
but insisted that all  work
Inspection  by him be first  class.    II
was ;i ease of "Thi       ��� ig on
again, gumi ras   cul
short by the Intervention of om
nncll, who arose with a mo
to adjourn.
in for a sever.- repri
from the co i     .. toi  the publication of a li    er,       rather th'
si nee  of  a   letli     written   recent
tain   ' . efore   the   council,
��� bich 11   ras
_ - iid. Thi
read  in  committee  on    P
b u     before   reading    it,  His
���hat he did    not
e:   anj   portion of It
ised tor , liblicatlon, and
Henley   Against License   Raise.
The resolution . :               Board
ol   Lii ���        Comm ii mi i    at thi
mi ���  ing, was brought before thi
council,  and  upon motion,  it  was  re
Now is the Season to Buy
By getting one now you will have
the full Beasi n't   isi Jof it,   Our
��� ��� k includes the
Woodyatt, Brockville and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
esent  to respect  bis ferred to the Finance Committee, with
wishes in this matter. The reporter
for the News promised not. to publish the letter, - II did not concern
the public, and it was understood by
council that the other reporters,
from the Columbian and Province,
would act alike in this matter, although nothing was said by either of
them, one way or the other, the News
reporter being the only press rcpre-'
sentative to make a voluntary offer
concerning the letter. Saturday
evening the story came out ln the
Columbian, with an entirely different
meaning attached, and accusing the
police of having made a misiake in
the ease referred to. Such was not
thi case, as was show:n ln the letter,
v i !: was read aloud in open council
las-   night.
The Leading Shoe Store
on Your
Slater Shoes
So Hard
To Beat
Just Arrived
by Express
They are
His  Worship  Regrets.
worship then   explained
Instructions to prepare a by-law for
the Inspection and approval of the
council. Alderman Henley Btated
thai he did nol believe in the practice of the council of late, whom he
charged with shoving up the licenses
in certain ipiarters, and allowing
them to remain ridiculously low in
other quarters. He believed thai certain licenses were so exhorbltant as
to be entirely out of proportion,
while others were so low as to
cause comment, ami adverse criticism
owing to this feature. He voted nay
when   the  above  motion   was   put, the
other members of the council voting
with the motion.
A petition to the council was presented from the liquor men of the
ciiy, protesting against the proposed
increase In licenses, and upon motion
il w;is referred to the finance committee for consideration in preparing
a by-law touching upon this point.
Routine   Business.
The Electric Llgbl By-law 1904,
Alien led I'.: -law 1909 passed Its final
reading last ninhi, and is iiow in effect
The Board of Health begged leave
to report, recommending the adoption
' i Bi ctlons 9 to 10 inclusive of the
Provincial Act,   Carried.
Nice Quarter
160 acres, Langley, on a
main road, three miles
from Fraser River; 20
acres highly cultivated,
good dwelling, barns, etc.,
two horses, five cows, hogs,
poultry, implements, etc.,
and $20 per acre takes the
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Agents. Tel. 106. Columbia St.
88     !
and get particulars
Fine corner with stone wall;
fine'view;]6 roomed house.
This is a property that will
grow into money quickly.
Rents for $15.00 per month.
I     $500.00
Cash deposite secures this.
side   from   Tenth   street   to   connect
cash down secures new house with the   drain ai Hle-enth   street
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through knowledge of the
The formal notice of application for business in England with 10 years ex-
incorporation of the Vancouver fi perience. Later was 7 years manager
Northwestern Railway Company, run- of the watch repairing department of
ning a line from Vancouver east to Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
I'itt   river,  thence  east  to   Llllooetl   Henry Blrk's business manager part of
river,   easl   to   Stave   river,   to   liar-   the time.
rlson river, and north to Porl George,
via  LUlooet,  thence northerly  by the
mosi   feasible  route to a  point  with
in the sixty degrees of latitude, was
received and filed.
The reporl of the Market Clerk
for the months of February and
March was received, and adopted asl
1 read.
A communlcaUon trom C. A.
Bourne, secretary of the Regina La-
croBse club asking for the use of a
dressing room, and for Iree water
iiind light was referred to the park
committee to report.
a    petition    from    a number    of
citizens asking for a  drain  to be put
In on Cornwall street  on  the south
English,   Swiss,  American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo.  Adams Grocery
10 acres of ricl
loam soil, first cla
fruits and vegel
All under culti
Pries $500.   Terms.
25 acres, .
all under cultivi I
Price $50 an acre
50   acres of   No,
level land.    40
ready.fur the
balancesmall 11
Close to school, ch
P.O., store and R.R,
depot, all at $2,500.
How. is   this   "'
snap?    15 acres rich
black loam land, three
acres cleared and cultivated.    Fruit  trees
and strawberries,
roomed house,
barn.     All for
>550, very easy terms
We have the choit ��� st
selection   of farming
land m be had, and
cordially invite your
inspection of some ot
these properties.
Note our address.
Real    Estate   Brokers.
Rooms 1  and 2. Dupont Blk.
Is This What
You Want?
3 Lots all cleared; Chicka
and run; ti roomed dwelling, wit-
bathroom, pantry and wai      ::
On car line.
i I WHITE, 260 Columbia SI.
Telephone B6.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
| Electric Railway Service
on Columbia Street near approach to the bridge.
Enquire at Once.
f. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
was  referred  to the  Hoard of Works
to report.
James Hndden Hslted for permission
to lay material for Ibe construction of
ii   stone    retaining wall  on    Third
avenue.    Permission  was granted,
I..   II.   Lusby   asked   permission  to
lay   building  material  on   Royal  nve-1
nun, and nlso for connection with Iho
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars fur Vancouver and way
stations nt b.nli anil li.ftli a.in,.
. and every hour thereafter between H a.m. untl ri p.m.
Half-hour cars trom l-m. to 7
Cars leave Vancouver tor Westminster at same Hours.
Lnst. car Saturday at n p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
K.IIO a.m. to 1U.8U p.in.
20 Minute Service���No irnnsfor.
Del ween 1. and - and !> and 7.
durliiK r"'
30   Minute   Service
mainder oi day.   Transn
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   baif-houri:
tween   S  a,   m.   ii"'1   '"  '
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line���id ��m����
vice, except net ween i-
2, and B and 7, during
hours the service wh
Sunday Service   __lt-nourJ:
tween S a.m. anil i�� l'-m
w nu'"
i; British Columbia Electric Ry. c��"__^


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