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The Daily News Nov 14, 1906

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 -J^e i, NUMBER 213
the  London   Papers  of   This   Morning   Interpret   a
Speech  Delivered  at  Bristol  Last  Night
by  Mr. Birrell.
Vi.    i ���    in   a   speech   de-
. ,, . it, Augustine Blr-
-, ard of educa-
j ation bill, as recon-
"' lords, was a
a.   the measure
���   ol   commons, it
..:  .       lonal,  bul   tbe lords
,-. '��� red up the de-
,..   ,.. Mi   Birrell said he
hl ii. recognize, dar-
ige of the  bill,
i. , |,  too far, and that a
l   gov,  - - . nt could not be (ar-
|(. .,   - ntage  and sine ritj
,       epared in   accordance
.    N |j       ,',, re  mutilated  nml
I , | ., , presentatlve as-
i   ���. xoi   is.   Tin'  Liberal pall . i ommenl upon the
0I \,. ;   Ine Birrell, president J
- - | nation,   at   Bristol i
\_.:y a. an  i!'iiii.iimn on behalf
ivernnii al   to  the   house   of;
lord.-. The Tril jne ��� clare I the education bill is the lasi effort thai will
be madi to re< noi ��� poj ilai control
with religious c I ica ion, and avers
thai if the pn -< :.' bill Is destroyed, it
will be replaci d by, m ; ,. lenomina-
tional, bul a secu n sys tem ol education.
Governor's Visit.
Lieut.-Governoi D insmuir and a
party of friends wi i Ivi in the city
��� - day, on board Lhe 'i histle, ins
honi ���'- pri .ati ai ht. The party is
boun I for Pitt lal ��� �� u e a few days'
shooting will i (- Ind ilge 1 in. The
Georgia will take Rivi i Pilot Capt.
Rogers to the mouth of the river.
where be will board the Th stle and
escorl the vessel on its up-river journey. His Worship Mayoi Keary will
also iin oul mi tbe i leoi gia for the purpose of meeting thi visitors and escorting them to the city.
London, Nov. 13.-King Edward to-night invested King Haakon of Norway with the Order of
the Garter, at a special chapter held in the throne
room of Windsor Castle. The investure was attended with great pomp and ceremony. Although knights
of the order are elected from time to time, as vacancies come, there has not been an investure like the
one of to-day since 1855, when the late Queen Victoria conferred the honor upon Napoleon III. and
Victor Emmanuel, then King of Sardinia. King Edward is the only surviving member of the royal house
of Great Britain who participated in that historic
Queen Alexandra as "Lady of the Order,"
whose predecessor lived two centuries ago, was present to-night. The brilliant colors of the gorgeous
robes of the knights and knight commanders of the
order, as well as the richness of the decorations of
the historic chamber where the investure took place,
made the scene one of the most brilliant and impressive of the present reign. The ceremony was followed by a scate banquet.
Syndicate Which Is Said to Have Canadian Money Behind
It, Proposes to Open Direct Waterway From
New York to Montreal.
Buffalo, N.Y.. Nov. 13.���The interna-1
tlonal waterways commission met!
here today. The application of the
Richelieu Canal Co. was under consideration. Canadian interests, It is said,
are behind this proposition, which, if
present plans arc carried out, will
open a direct water route between
Montreal and New York. Men prominently Identified wiih the project ar-
rivi : bere to day, and they wil! I e '
given a chance to laj their plans be-
fon ihe commission to-morrow. It
was learned to-night on goo 1 authority that ihe company proposes to
make Lake Cbamplain a storage basin
for the canal, and that they want to
use about 9,000 cubic feet per second
from ihe waters of the lake. The:
promoters Inti nd to utilize tlie waters
of the lake for both navigation and
power purposes.
The Minnesota Cana] & Power Co.'s
application  for water rights was con- '
sidered,  but   no  definite  action   was!
talon 'lhe commissioners also discussed the Lake Erie international
boundary question, and ihe present
si at ns of Niagara Falls power. No
recommendations were made, iiio <h.s-
cussion being largely over matters of
New Settlers Coming In.
li. L. Nicholson, of Matsqui, was a
visitor in tbe city yesterday. He says
that there is quite a little land boom
in progress in tlie Matsqui district at
the present time, and that a number
nl new settlers are going fn. Parcels
of land varying from eight to eighty
acres are hying taken up and cleared
hy home makers who propose building
houses and growing up with tbe country. The settlers are greatly interested in the propesed Chilliwack electric railway line which will traverse
the district. They consider that such
a system will enhance the value of
their property in no small degree.
iDelegates Discuss   Law   Governing the Easy   Severing   of
Marital Ties.
Ralph  Connor  Ad.-esse.   Presbyterian
Convention���Eig   Organization   Mooted,
Y. M. C. I. Project Is
Fully Discussed
A largely attended meeting of young- charge.   Two outside directors would
men  was held in the lecture room of   he  admitted   to the gymnasium  man-
ladel] hla, N'ov, 13.���The national
f-. form divorce laws, in
bi ��� ���-���d..... adopted about one-
|ii: .���        ..-(d uniform bill as
by the committee appointed
ludianajMdis, Nov. 13.���At the banquet to-night of the delegates to the
Presbyterian brotherhood convention,
which opens to-morrow, addresses
were made by several Canadians,
among whom  wen  Chas   VV. Gordon,
meeting held  in   Washington  of  Winnipeg   ("Balp_  Connor"),  and
|0Dt_! , .
: .. marriage may be o'j
land sis causes where absolute
the Queen's avenue Methodist church
las' evening for the purpose of hearing a proposition which the Rev. Dr.
Sipprell and Rev. W. H. Barraelongh
had in make, with reference to combining a V.M.C.A. movement with the
erection of the proposed gymnasium
in connection with Columbian college.
agement,    The Institution   would be
open to the public with tlie exception
of Saturdays, when the building would !
te required  to meet  the needs of ihe
Tbe chairman, Rev. W. H. Barraclough. followed with an outline of
ihe movement  from the standpoint of
, ,
Denies   Saying   He   Received   Instruc-:
tions   Concerning   Gambling,   and
Threatens Trouble.
Yesterday   evening,  five   weeiis  nl-'
-   .   in   uasnington   oi   Winnipeg       .....'.   '-���,���;,   *- The chair  wa.s occupied   by   Rev.   W.   the financial  aid  the citv  men  would
'.('   The portions adopt- U A. Macdonald, editor i f the loron.o ft  Barrac]ough_    p   Q   Canflel(J  mt ^ ^ R)        movemen,
, i ���   v.    Globe.     It   i.s   hoped  thai   WlilUIl  a  SIlO.l a,,,.,I    __.r.r..tar_   nt    -he     T,,et.tln���  lii - , ,
.-'. causes  under which I v *-* ' appointed stcretajy  ot   ,ne   meeting,, jjt.   considered   that   $7   ner   annum
,-    .   ,.time an organization with a member-       , .     ���,...,,.,.,��� ���,_��� ftf.,.���. i .,.,.���,,, ,  ....... '    ,,... ._.
time an organization witb a member
ship of over 400,000 will be the out
come of tbe present gathering.
arid sens on the platform were OCCO-  would  lie a fair charge, and that few
Kev.  Di-.  Sipprell  and  .1.  M.
secretary of the   Vancouver
1 may :-. obtained.
��� -'   11 tin committee which
|i;   :��� uniform divorce
���   ���      v, alti r <;. Smith, of
I '    chairman   of  tbe
��� uplatned   the   pro-
T ' ile .-aid  that   be
ll .   . ���.    made   in  the
1 -      '   ���    a ���   to  malic  it   read j
I'- .ill was the same as
fn'1- Iron   37  states   und   the
iml ia. aii i representa.
��� - .ir denominations
���i������ ��� -    -  InternaUonal confer-
i   together witb   the
���    ���
After  Eating  Succulent  Viands. Poets
and   Authors   Are   Moved
to Speak.
New York. Ni v. 13 1 lie fourth an
una: Canadian Cam] ' ner was held
to-night   al   the   -1-  ��� Vstor, witb  a
roast  boar from " resi   ves of the
Pled  '���;-
Y Mi'A.
Mr. Graham was the first speaker to
ailed  upon.    He  said  that a na-
tion could noi   be judged  by Ita mineral   resources,   iis   Industries  oj-   its
mercantile   power,   but   rather  by  its
men.    The work of the Y.M.C.A. was
men. Irrespi ctive of creed oi
olor, and lead them to a higher life.
Man., dubs had been formed witb the
same object In view, and one by one
[hey   bad  died or   become   identified
; witn   the   Y.M.C.A.    The   association
had supplied a long fell  wan: among
j aung men and  provide I   a   place  ol
amusemeni and Instruction where the
iiit.iie-.ii-, s   were   of a  Christian,    ami
late  Austin  Corl In
Arthur ided as  :  asi
the  "piece de   tberi   iri
character.     It
Christian principle
The an-
Kev   Dr, Ft rl S. Mac-  gave -young men o
a ch nue to mon e* dually reach
those of iheir own kind and Inspire
-, em with high r idei ��� than the mere
presldenl ol the camp   that President i ^j^jmj enjoyment of the animal.   He
Roosevell     bad    accepted    honorary   bailed   wjtu  dellghl  the formation of
membership In the i ng inization, was
cheered.   Qeni ral O    ��� Clay, ol Wash-
'���: .hi ;,  ShanJey,   ul
ti ii le I  the   sessions.
vi . . j Governoi
-   '.-ui changes
��� .. I  reference
actice,  leaving
leg! 'iigioii. was thi gui.-' ol thi evening.
Among iiu speal ers were I. 0 \: m
. -Ming, of Canada; Chas, G. D. Roberts, the authoi; Dr. ,1 C. .lien, Ste-
uiu 11 I'. M. Ti ��� m I General ''������
ipon.    Thel
: grant-
bigamy, il i-
in as and In-'
���lay,   c-  Wi : a an ri   Ite i an origin il
lers Wait For
\    delayed
a ached   here
���     (he    settle-
'.   Thomas T.
I' Ific Instruc-
i     Mi'.'hell,   has
1(1    iin-,-led   all
1 iu work  al   once.
" ' '    lhal ba I Mitchell
���   i ' affairs orlg-
have ordered
'    nan;   has been
I n I   :,  and ThOB.
L."' h  are ii com-
J n i     stand taken
I . ia- men. and
V it of the post:
V There is
j ,              Ion here nt  the
News from
Ti '     the  tact
union bus
inmai Burke's
'lement  of
an  ini litution  sui h as would  In any
i .     aid in accomplishing the desired
< ���: i ii, this city, and pron Ise I his full-
, .   ,,.-���-; mei- : -   my  way possible
Ri :    Dr,   Sli in I   was    the   uexl
.     .   .    He sal I  thai    t had forced
upon  ihe rai un.   ��� '  Columbi in
.,- a       ii nasi un  was in  ���
ary in order to nn       th     - '' ���*'""
,,. i.     ���   thai   Institution,    H.   rei ok
.   ., |  thai   there   . as also n  need In
the   li. for an Institution of jusl such
h in cter, whi re young men could
: an I enjoy the company of those
heir own  kind, without  the sur-
mding   elemenl    of   Impurity   and
v   , dliness    The i ge alined al the
welfare of Wie community as well as
,     Df the coll ige Itself, and ll  was
the coal Btrlke at - i a un ��� I, Tbi
union ni.cn d< dine I to return to worl
until ihey bavi  i rders ti   do so dire. ed to re< men.
from Presldenl Mitchell Once Mr,
Mitchell is communicated with, ihere
Is little doubl whal his reply will be.
To leave New Westminster penitentiary a destitute man twelve months
ago, and to be Wi rth milions of dollars to-day, is the Btrange romance nl
a well-known United Stati s army man
who was convicted on a criminal
charge arising out Ol a mining deal a
little over three years ago, and sentenced to two years' Imprisonment ror
the offence. In Bpite ol that, the man
was a hustler, and :i few weeks after
leaving ill. jail he huil leased ;1 mi;1'
Ing claim at Ti nopah, and In less th m
a month he was a wealthy man. Aftor
working his claim a year, he I    ���'���     ������
liomiire several times over, an l nee
never dabble in wild cal mining sto ���>
to the board
of directors (whicb will meel in Van
,-., , to la. i that tbe college gymnasium take upon itself the form "'
a Young Men's Christian Institute, em-
I racing'all the facilities of the Y..\i.
CA,   lie was not prepared to presenl
would mind contributing that sum in
order to participate ln the privileges
of the institution. The sum of $15
in advance would entitle the contributor to tlie privileges of the institution for three years, without further
lees for that time. He further elaborated on the plan as it had presented
itself to him, and laid the matter
over for further discussion.
E. H. Sands was ibe next speaker
io be introduced. He spoke very
strongly on the benefit the Y.M.C.A.
ha 1 been to bim and his love for the
cause, iii- would prefer a straight
i'.M.C.A.. but would welcome and support any movement whicb would tend
In thai direction. He had beten a member of the parent organization in England for many years, and hud also
fought all through the struggles of
lhi s.i.ie!-. for existence in Vancouver
in the days gone by,
On the matter being thrown open
for discussion, a number oi gentlemen
look pan. and tbe plan of contributing $15 as a three years' subscription
in the Institution was condemned, and
tbe plan of a straight subscription
was put in Its place. A motion by E,
li Sands, seconded by Dr, Drew, to
ihe effect ih it a (ommlttee be ap
poinle l to take Into consideration thc
movement from a ell - mi u's stan i-
. was cai i- I un inlmousl.i. ,.;\.\
.Mowing gentlemen wore appointed to acl In thai c mnei I lon: Ri ���
W. II- Bai raclo igdi, T. R. Pearson, T
Dauphlne, L. Smith, .1. Pe. k. E, Ef
Sands, !���'. P Maxwell, C. Ausberg, c
Saunders, W. Turner, \V. Reld, G. Ro
sun ami F. C, Canfield. The committee will meet In the Queen's avenue
Methodlsl church parlor on Friday
evening al 7 o'clock. The hope w is
also strongly expressed by a number
i resent thai the gymnasium might be
open to the public en Saturday nights.
j Investigation against  hlm as soon as
I convenient; he defied anvone to prove
that he had ever said he had received
"1 can swear on all the Bibles in
New Westminster that I never said
that," he remarked, "and my word is
as good as yours any day. My word
will lie believed before yours, became
I am belter connected and better
known In this city."
Much more followed to this effect,
most to the day after the statement! but his language was not always po-
was published in the Dally News, lite, and the chief had to request him
Chief Mclntpsn called at the editorial: ,0 modulate his expressions on at
office of tliis paper and requested to teasl one occasion. Before leaving the
be told the name of the officer who! office, the officer expressed a fervent
had not seen gambling because he had j hoPe thal he wollkl I"eel lhe offending
orders not to see it. The name of the. member of iho staff beyond tl_e city
Officer was given to him as soon as ; limite in . lhe "t'i"' fu'ure, when he
he had stated his business to the edi- j W0'lI(i proceed lo make him apologize
tor, and alter a short talk on gara-[f<*r what had appeared in the paper.
bling matters generally, the chief took from hints dropped by the irate offl-
his departure, promising to return ; cer, the method employed will consist
shortly with  the officer,  in  order  toi0' :l   vt'r>'   severe   castigation,  -which
confront him with the reporter lo
whom be made the statement. In a
few minutes he returned with tbe officer in tow, and then things took a
lively turn In rhe editorial sanctum.
\V!i< n  taxed  with having made tin
will be varied and enlivened by lurid
descriptions of the ultimate destination of all newspaper men, and a detailed genealogy of the offending
scribe and his forefathers for many-
generations  back.    Why  the encoin-
statement, the officer denied it point j ter must take place beyond the clt).
blank. In answer to a question from limits was not stated by the office'-,
the chief, he emphatically said that and it would have been impolite to,
be had received no such instructions,
and  had received  no Instructions as
regards gambling al all. When the
occasion on which he made the remark whicli has caused all the trouble
wiis mentioned to him, he recollected
having spoken on the subject, but was
very emphatic that he did not use the
expression attributed to bim.
enquire. J
ln the meantime, the reporter, who
used the statement voluntarily made
to him, in the presence of two oth-r
witnesses, has decided that outside
the city limits will be out of bounds
for him for some time, has laid in a
supply of bandages and arnica, retained  a  cot  at  the Royal Columbian
"You do not remember saying that hospital, decided to take a coure in
you were instructed not lo see gam- jiu-jitsu and physical culture, and will
bling?" queried the reporter. . have the time of liis life dodging ac-
"1 am sure I did nol say that?" wus   eident insurance agents  for  the  next
the reiily.
"Do you remember what you said?"
was the next question, to which the
officer answered in tlie affirmative
When a-ked lo repeat the words used
by bim dining the interview, however,
few days.
Reoorted Boer Raids.
Cape Town.  Nov,  1".���According t.i
the laiesi  information received her",
the colony has been invaded by two
he flatly dei lined. Baying that he was   new parties  of Boer   freebooters,  In
not o lige l in do  se.  and   that   tho
Dailv Nev    could pr .! to bring an
addition to the men operating under
Majority Approve
Church and State Bill
Follow Canadian Lead.
Minneapolis,   Minn..   Xov.   13.���The
plans In detail, but hoped for an|mosl   Important  action taken  ai  t1-
,   . reS8ion of opinion from the meeting a, to the manner In  which the.
ich an idea.   The
would i M e hold of
building I'he college  proposed  erecting
would  provide a  well equip  gym-
nasium belli 'es for basket ball and
,.,���., Bports, Bhower baths,and event
tally i, swimming' bath, reading, r*
Bation l'n I Bible study rooms. A
retarj would be In charge for the
, consultation uud advice
whe. such service were required. The
ro)lege became the responsible party
,,. ������' financing of the institution
ami  would have ll  under its special
n >
mrpi  ���
second day's Besslon of the "iith annual convention of Lhe American Federation of Labor, was the reference lo
ihe convention of 1907 of Lhe matte;
Of adoption Of a universal label design. The cigar makers, printers and
iuu ters led the opposition. President
Gompers' plan Of creating a political
party out of the combined union
strength was endorsed by the convention, which approved the report ot
Jas, Duncan. In whicli he sanctioned
the policy of Mr, Gompers. His report
showed that the federation's campaign fund amounted to $8,063.
Paris, Nov, 13,���During the debate
In the chamber of deputies to-day, on
tlu- application of the law providing
for the separation of church and stale,
M. Denys Cochin, Conservative, sustaining the altitude of the Vatican,
protested againsl the repealed assertions that the pope had accepted similar legislation In Germany and Switzerland, pointing out that the laws of
associations in those countries, unlike
the French laws, recognized the hierarchy of the church. Amid a lively
demonstration by the members of the
right party, M. Denys Cochin predicted that the church would emerge tii-
mnphaiit from tho light with its persecutors.
M, Jaures, the Socialist leader, announced that the Socialists were
weary of the religious controversy,
and anxious to pass on lo the diBCUB-
sion of social reforms. Being convinced  of the government's Intention  to
apply tlie separation law firmly, but
without violence, the Sociaflsts have
decided to supporl the cabinel and
join in a vote of confidence in the government,
The vole of confidence was taken
and gave 416 ayes against 163 nays.
Ii voiced the chamber's belief that the
government would carry out the separation law without modification.
Minister of Education Driand then
assured the house that the government would not negotiate directly
with the Vatican. Ile declared also
that there had been formed, under the
auspices of Cardinal Lecot, archbishop
of Bordeaux, legal and diocesan associations, which were composed of a
federation of local lay and worship
societies, and that the associations
would organize tho arrangements for
worship in eaeh parish. The diocesan
council, composed exclusively of members of the clei-gv, would have control
ol all questions of orthodoxy.
Boys' Wool Fleece Lined Underwear, all sizes, from
24 to 34, regular 50c. garment        27^
for ^' 2*"9
Men's Police Braces, regular 35c. and        1 EL^
50c. per pair, for   -      -      -       -        LO\*%
Men's Cotton Socks, grey and brown colors, good
weight,   regular two pairs for 25c,        E-
per pair OL*
Men's Working Shirts, regular 50c.
Boys' Knickers, regular 75c. per pair,
Men's Canvas Gloves, 4 pairs for    -
Special Bargains in Suits, Overcoats
and Raincoats.
Dave Grossman,
Which is to Cost a Million Dollars, and
to be for Both  Railway and
Road Traffic.
Edmonton,   Nov.   I I���-Wm.    Wh te,
vici ,  ���   ; lenl o! i he C   P. R .   ind R.
R. Jamleson, of Calgai      a/estei n gen
ei al   - iperinten ieni.    ire  In   thi   cii
to confer with ti;'' cii in re
gi   :  -ii  the   new   high   le\       ������ Id ..
:   ���:,.   Sl rathcon -   aero -    he    Ivei   I
Edmonton.   This        Ige will   ��������� a i
long and ��ill co i a .>. oxima       - -..
-.. Illlon   dollai   .    thi     .  n        ���������
.  ..-���   will    be    started thi     .���..:.
The plan for the _    id ure Is to havi
railvi a     and   ti    nv in    he
(eni re of the   iridge, a i I   in each     b
e traffi nd a foo
Harl   to   Swim.
.1. Johnstone,    i] erlnten lent  oi  i he
lion   '���.-' cord ha has a
��� .enlfill    trip    ye   i   . mi
pa v. ulng   gi oun I V'i I .
From  the  landing  .-'r-r thi
to ' be spowning -1 out       _-a     lci om-
e I  on   horsi V  i an   wa -
i iken along foi I he i oiled iir-' of the
Bpaw a and i he creew had to be forded
im the return Journey the water was
so deep that the horse had to swim.
Mr. Johnstone was, however, successful in bringing his load safe to the
Fraser's edge, and was 'aken aboard
the Beaver safe and sound. The work
ot gathering spawn for the hatcheries
ia now well on towards completion.
Guichon���R. ll. McMillan, Victoria;
.1. A. Aikman, Tonopah, Neb.; II. Phillips and wife, Victoria: A. C. Stuart,
is s Jermyn, Vancouver,
Windsor -Mr, and Mrs. Jones, Vancouver; it. S. Sini'li, Cloverdale; John
ll. Campbell and wife. Mr, and Mrs.
Ham Campbell, Abbotsford; J, Carlson
and wife, Lund, B.C.; 0. II Patterson,
Coquitlam; .1. It. Thornton, Strath-
Colonial���Mr. and Mrs. J, Seyjohn,
Victoria; It. A. Anderson, Aldergrove;
.1. lies' and wife, Arlington; Clyde
Isler, Sumas; o  h   Dodge, Fernie,
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act.   ot   parliament
CAPITAL (ALL paid up)    $14,000,000
RESERVE FUND  $10,000,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona an 1   Mount   Royal,    G.    C.   M.
G ,    Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G,   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vic-Presi lent   and   Genera*.   Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities in Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., ani correspond .nts in all parts of tbe
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E.  WALKER, General Manager        ALEX, LAIRD, Asst, Gen'l Manager.
Every   facility   afforded   Farmers  for   t'reir   banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   UY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town  accounts   receive eve.;,   attention.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Any available Dominion Land3 within the Railway Belt In British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who i.s the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land offlce for the district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
t'i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father for mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
(j) Jf the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his horae-
. tend, the requirements rs to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply ior patent.
Deputy   Minister .of  the   Interior.
N*. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement win not be paid
fcr. i
B. C. Mills, Timber anj
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All ISinas ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash. Do
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Drainnj
Royal City Branch, Columbia St
New Westing
����� /Tr
The Royal Bcnk ot Lam
The quarterly meeting of he police
commissioners will be held this afternoon,
Precious Stones
Oak Goods
[nsui ������    abi oiu e  sei urit)   to deposll S i'AR'  ���'��� 'v'
ami you will never regrel  it.    Ten,iie do harder things
i.i thing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account. Put ll in your ; <���
ably be nothing, but ONE dollar deposited every ��
iin years amount to $604.50.   THINK THIS OVER.
Will ' e received by the un lersigne I
up to the 15th day of November Instant, for the purchase of the fifty H.P.
Standard Gasoline Engine In th ���
schooner "North," now lying al the
Governmenl docks, New Westminster,
The hlghesl or any ten ler nol ne-
ce - irilj accepte I.
Inspector of Fl ihe
'���' i laimo, Nov. 8, 1906,
F. 3. LYLE^
I Carruthers Manufacturing Com]
l Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fix uj
The Carruthers Manufacturing
VANCOL Uesday'
n0V. 14. 1906.
Manufactured and guaranteed by
F.  G.  DAWSON, Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver.
tains & Steamers
:.P.R.  MAIN
1":  an
x. W.
N. ft', .   ar   Seattle   15.
Seattli  12 10; ar. N. \V. 18.40.
N w *  'a i'' 35, 15.40, 17.;:.",.
N ft'. 9.35, 11.30, 16.40, 18.40.
, ft', 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
I, W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
'., W, & Y.���VANCOUVER
W. 3 p. va. and 9:55 p. m.
fane.uver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
:35 a m.;   ar. Guichon
| Guichon, _:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
m. and 0 p. in.
fcdays only.
I New Westminster 5.50. 6.50, 1
I a. m., and every half hour there-
11 p. m.
i Vancouver  for  Westminster  at
aser River and Gulf
S.   S.   Tees.
1 Bt,   7th,   1441   i I  each   month,   fnr
Claoquot  and Mosquito Harbor:   20th,
to Ahousi ', Q iati Ino, I !ape Scott and
way pons.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New   Westminster  on  .Mon
-day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
; end   Friday  at   2    p.m. ami   Saturday ,
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Monday at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
; Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at,
7 a. m.;  Friday at C a. m. additional;
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Cbilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
8. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at _ p. m., 2nd
and 16th of each month, calling at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure   are  approximate.
For reservations and Information
call or address
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
Dailv | NEW Daily
Leave! WESTMINSTER1 Arrive
. :_���(. aniiBlaine,  Belling-;': iu pm
4:35 pm ham      Burling-1.:
Iton,   Mt.   Ver-|
non,     Everett,!
Frld. 8 a.m.
Sat., 7 a.m.
���V W, Mon. Wed.
Chwk. Tu., Th.,
N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
pChwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
Asst. Gen. Pass
. N. VV
: S,
New Westminster.
^^^^^^^^^ Apent, Vancouver.
.). W. TROUP,
General Sui.er'nteiulent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent. Freight Dejit.,
\ew Westminster.
daily, ex. Sat. antl Sun., I
: laj ��� -' p.m,
I trip, Mundal	
���>'' "     *". " a.m. (Fri. C a.m.)
��� 'r:^' Sat irday, 5 p.m.
N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.   Received.
ti.-io p.m.
I Northern Pacific!
4:35 pm Spokane,      St.|3:d0 pm
|Paul    and    all'
points  East.
9.20 am|Anacort__s, 13:00 pm
IWoolley,     and'
3:CO pm Vancouver '9:2(1 am
9:55 pm |4:35 pm
Lv. New Westminster for
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon
C p. m., Monday, Wednesday,
8:45 a. in. ar. from Guichon,
9:30 a. in. Lv, for Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, St.
Louis and all  points East.
For complete information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
rail on or address,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, B. C
S. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A.,
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St.. Seattle, Wash.
s :' a*  7.45 a.m.
[ton ai   \]
I No, .
a-:    -,
I ' '' ���'
��� Si
i,..    ,
a in.
ji in.
11.::.a a.m.
9.00 a in.
3 ::u p.m.
2.00 p.m.
9.00 a.m.
1.15 p.m.
in.   II.una.in.
Trains Daily
Travel im the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
AND ALL POINTS EAST      ^^^^^^^^^
Steamahir Tickets on sale to all Euro-' And ail th<? pnncipa
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Trail Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed   to
the undersigned, and endorsed "render for Custom House, O-soyoos, B.C.."
will he receivW al this office until
Monday, Dee. :-:, 1 :*<>.-,. inclusively, for
the construction of a building for Custom House at Osoyoos, B.C.
Plans and specification can be seen
and forms of tender obtained at this
Department, on application to John
Low, Esq., Postmaster. Fairview. B.C .
and at the office of Wm. Henderson,
Esi| . Resident Architect, Victoria.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
mad*' on the printed form supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, made payable to the order of
the Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. (lOp.o.i
nf the amount of ths tender, which
will be forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to
complete the work, contracted for. If
the tender lie not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Secret a rv.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa. November 7. 1906.
Newspapers inserting this advertise
ment without authority from the P<
partmenl will not be paid for it.
Westminster Iron Works
h.'_J and
' p.m.
11.:::, a.m.
6.00 p.in
11.00 p.m.
m.    12.00 in.
tan Pad
l"Hi Colu
ic Railway Co.
nll*ia Coast Line
C Coat
i Able
-me Service.
, thoul notice).
I,, Vancouver
-'-'��� Jan. 9, 1907:
Princt^ Victoria.
Vanco��ver dally at
p.  m.
f" New w
*Jcen  City.
""tminster at
S' S. Joan
P'"l S
at l
except Rat-
'���'���'' P. ui. Sat-
Rp.tes  to  Southern  California.
For full informtion call on ur write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
480 Hastings St.,  Vancouver, B. C,
Portland, Ore. A. G.    A
Eight Trains Everv Day in the Ye_r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas; the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For  Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
further  information  call   on  or  write
?20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Hisiness centers of
Also to BUFFALO.  NEW YORK anil
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc.. address
Assistant (ien'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, l:;.*>.Adams St., Chicago, III.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pionvr Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any !
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railway. They
nun and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of 1
serviee not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. Genera] Agent. J
ilj Third St.. cor Alder. Portland. Or.
Ornamental   Iron   won.,   including
Fences, Cites, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders pud correspondence In
New Westminster. f. O. 474.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
pari of the city.
promptly  to any
Light and Heavy Hauling
'i.flce 'Phone 186.      Horn vnone 137
Having boughl oul  the Blacksmith-
Richmond  Council.
The regular meeting of the council
. as held  al   the   town   hall,  Eburne,
N iv. 3.   Present: The reeve and Councillors  Williamson, oordon, Atkinson,
Tilton  and  Twlgg.    The  minutes of
regular   and    special    meetings    were
iead and adopted,
The secretary of Vancouver general
hospital requested paymeni of account for Antoine Mackin for sixteen
days in hospital. He also applied for
an annual gran! from the council. Referred 10 finance committee.
The solicitors to the corporation advised the council that the plaintiffs in
action for damages re B. C. Land vs.
Richmond had discontinued the action, also thai the appeal of F. Steves
bad not heen entered in time for the
county court sittings,
Gordon-Williamson:  That the clerki
1 e instructed  to notify  the solicitors
to   proceed   to   collection  of costs   re
F.  Steves. I
Nels Nelson asked to have the dyke
put In such shape that Ills land would
not he BUbJect to Hood, as he intended
to put in wop next season.
Tilton--iordon: That the communication be referred to the board of
works to report.
Mr, Milne, general superintendent
B.C.E.R. Co., promised to have the
crossings ai NoS, -. " and . roads put
i'i proper condition. Received and
I. Laing, secretary of Richmond Ag
ricultural association, applied for pay-
1 ment of gram of $200.   Cheque to be
drawn  for the amounl.
Messrs. Houston and Chaldecott,
owning property on -N'o. 1 road, re-
' quested the grading of the road (sometimes callej_ No. si north of No. 9, and
running east and west to the railway
track, t'i enable them to ship from
the poinl of intersection of this road
and the track.
Gordon-Williamson:   Thai   tbe  road
overseer  have  instructions  to  repair
as well as possible the road referred
j to, as li Is not practicable to do any
grading before spring.
The deputy commissioner of land
and works requested to be informed
under what section of the municipal
clauses act the special rates have been
levied,    and    the    (rowil    held    liable
I berefor.
Tiiton-Twlgg: Thai the clerk 1
i strui ted   in write   to   the land
works department, advising them
iho, are liable for special rat
the ii., Mug and drainage act,
Di.   Fletcher,  Dominion   entomologist, acknowledged   receipt   of spec',
mens of weeds iur examination, and
Btated thai ihey contained no prin i
-. ouous to hoi ses or cattle,  Re-
II I ��������� I ami filed
Mi ssrs, S   Mitch ll an I .1  S xsmitb
a ' :������   Bed I he coum il, ihe former ap
lil Ing to bi relmb;: se 1 fi r road work
1 er-  i me I  al   hla  ow u   expense,  an 1
the  latter  with   resyei t   to the ordei
Issued   for  the removal  of  his
on N3. r 1 roa I, e isi ol the trad
The ri id overseer 1 eporte I iu
lbe win!, done during October
iln 1 be hat notified all person
cerned  thai cattle and horses
siia> ing within the tow nsite
ton would be Imi oun led.
Ithe matter before the management of
Heir companj and Inform the council
ol the decision arrived at. Reporl
Councillor Twigg reported thai .1.
Walton had completed his contract for
culling brush along the canal road
east of No. 7 road, and recommended
payment. Reporl adopted nnd account
of $66.40 ordered to be puld.
A number of residents of Sleveslon
petitioned thai cattle might be allow-
el to roam al large during the winter
months.     Petition received  and  filed.
on the application of the clerk, it
was ordered that $500 he transferred
from the general account to the school
Gordon-Williamson: That the clerk
wrile Ollley Bros, to ascertain way
they are not fulfilling their contract
of delivering two scow, loads of rock
In Ward 2,
The total of the accounts as presented by the finance committee was
Gordon-Williamson: Thai the accounts us read by the clerk be passed
for purulent.
Council adjourned till Nov. 10.
��� in
Surrey Council   Notes.
Council met in the town hall, Surrey Centre, Nov. 12, the reeve and all
members, excepi Councillor Loucks,
I being present, The minutes of the
previous nieel ing were read and confirmed.
on motion of Councillors Murpty
ami Johnston, it was ordered thai tenders to be called for, to be In al next
meeting, for the construction of a
drawbridge over the Nlcomeckl river
On the Clover Valley road, plana and
specifications to be seen at tbe home
of Councillor Murphy after Nov. 24,
The clerk was instructed to write
the (I. N. Railway Co., requesting
them to make the Urown crossing.
one-half mile south of Hazelmere,
strong enough lo carry a threshing
The following accounts were passe I
and cheques Issued: The Columbian
Co., $2; ll. A. aillls, $1; .1. Churchland, $78.66; 11. T. Robinson, $1.50;
Thus. Owen. $5; .1. 11. Thompson. .$_;
I. s  Johnston, $40,
Council adjourned to Saturday,
1, al 1 p.m.
Tho Shopping s<-..
The    Englishwoman   never    km
when   she   enters   a   shop   wn.il
wants,    sin swaj.nl   by   Impu
grab wil Ii; nl ������. or,, thing she I
or thinks ��� lie likes and probably 1 1
buck 11ml gru   bias the nexl day.
Is i;I ..' : lofcl   if the
Walkers do 11  : -1   : her every fo il
to Implore '; ���" to "look al this ch 1
lug I      ,-      ��� co idescend to  "glti
ui  tb,     1-     1 1    - im cheap ski-
Bul ile- American woman resents n
suggestion   tint     lie  does   not   k
what  she wants,  1 '!;.���; to be lefl
verily   alone   nnd   If   interfered   v-
may  abruptly   leave  the  shop.     I'
while  she  i ������  Idss  Irritating than  1
Euglisbv. ���:. .111. she is far
lng.���London  Express,
more exact
stale I
cou  I
found Ambition.
Sieves      "Sn, Tommy," said liis mother; "you
tun't bave any more cake.   You've li   ,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday,1 carr. ng passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Managei,
Vancouver. B. C.
��� lng buslni
Benson, I will | i"s' I of
^^^^^[ol   I!.   II
I 1k    pleased   In   m'c   all   Ills old  custoni-
ei I, as well RS new ones     Horseshoe
ing a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
thai   2;
t the
if the  1 lilel
ca ' ������   ha l
polli ������ couri
of  , ill
een   dis
at Steves-
Twigg an :  Williamson
ihey ha I Inspected th
20  roiil.   from  (he rail-
������Wku a fine little fellow he Is!" 1 -
marked the guest.   "Aud when van,
n man, Tommy, whal are you going t -
"I'm goln' ter buy too much of ever\
thing l like 1 1 eat," replied Tommy
sulkily.���Philadelphia Press.
reported thai
canal on No.	
j way tn No. S, road, and thai it hud not
j been completed according tu contract.
Report adopted.
Councillors Tilton and   Atkinson,  a|
committee in the matter of Steveston ;
dyke and B.C.E.R. Co., reported that
they    had    had    an interview    with	
Messrs.  Hemlow *nd Jorgenson, who      a man's health is something like nn
Btated thai after consultation with the nmbrella.    When once lost It is hanl
commissioners   for   tie   Lulu   Mand i to Rd back, but when worn a little it
wesi   dyking  district,   they  would  lay ! maT be recovwwd.
Hin   Will.
"Do you think the widow will brent
his Will?"
"Won't be necessary. She did thai
long before she became a wldow."--
Phlladelphln Ledger. f ME DAILY NEWS
I-..    I
Published by The Daily News Pub-
'thing   Company,   Limiied.   at   their
ifficea   corner   of   Sixth   aid   Front
n'reets,  New  Westminster.  B.  C.
Managing Director.
.J. C. Brown
For the table, get WINDSOR
TABLE SALT. Every gram a
perfect crystal. Absolutely pure,
clean aad never cakes.
and the seconi, that in the police
court proceedings, re the London bribery case, no comparisons were introduced, -mt consequently nothing of
the kind state ! was proved.
Transien display advertising, .&
cent-, per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line tor
.ui sequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, Sue. Wants, for sales, lost or
tound, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
*-ord No advertisement taken for
;��sj than 25 cents.
Day  Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
the Province. It" it has no special advantages, then the Government "'nutted in" to fix the site for an ostensible
consideration which is absolutely paltry.   Why?
Further,    Mr.    McBride's   assertion
leaves  the Government  without  even
a rag of excuse to cover their naked
violation of the law which forbids the :
making of  grants  of land in  aid  of.
His assertion was no- correct, as we
shall show one of these days; but that.
even if he cared to plead It, would not
help him much. He would escape rhe
Scylla of illegal action only to fall
into the Charybdls of a very questionable- an extremely suspicious���trans--
Session before last, the Government
i ���  thi   Pro. ince put  upon I he st r ite
- . an  Act   which has been a good
:��� al   ������ Iticize I, and which appeal s to
In: ti,     i the I'i ivince.   We have
een assured, on good authority, that
I; is especially hurtful to the business
- >,'���--.'.  Westminster.
The Act referred to is chapter 10 of
the statutes of 1905, and is called the
Commercial Travellers' License Act,
ai some .-nch title. Briefly, It imp ises
i  license :' if $50, for six  months,
ion the "drummers" representing
Eastern bouses wh i come to this Prov-
ii ci  t'n orders.
The revenue derived from such a
'ax must be a very paltry consideration to such a free-handed Government as ours, and that feature maybe disregarded in considering the matter, except when we come to enquire
out of whose pockets tne mane.',
Let us look at the effect of the tax.
I- is evident thai it must Umil the
number of commercial travellers visiting the Province. To the man who has
his regular customers, and who knows
mat ne is sure ot sutiiciently large
i lers to cover the license fee. it is
merely an annoyance���an incitement
to abuse, instead of praising, the Province; but to the new man, or tlie man
representing a new firm, it is deterrent,    .as    a    consequence,   our   mer-,
chants land their customers) are deprived of the benefit of wider selection and competition. To the man
who comes and pays ihc tax. it is
merely, as we have said, an annoyance. He recoups himself by adding
i | ercentage to the price of his goods.
No one, surely, Is green enough to
suppose that the seller���the Eastern
firm���pays the tax. Oar own citizens
who buy rhe goods pay it. That must
be plain "to the ne anest intelligence,"
to use an old phra.-e. --, ihai this bril-
li mt. bil of legislation merely adds a
little in the already too lai ge tax bill
il the people.
In support of the statement that
Mew   Westminster    uffers  particularly
. mi the operation ol this tax, an instance was cite i. A loca! merchant,
hearing thai a certain "drummer" was
li   Vancouver,  sent   him   a message:
Come over:  I  wain to see your sam-
The answer was; "Vei    soi....
'���ut I can't.    Mj  license  has run out,
aa I :his ielc , etc.) law i- more rigid-
enforced   with you  than  an; �� hei e
��� se In tbe counti   , so 1  daren'i  risk
An I while we are thus limiting and
WEDNESDAY.  NOV.  14,  1906.
S ime months ago, thi Pri mier, in
a pu -.ii-   _-i-i:- --   ��� a., ine I  ��� I  the
.: ��� ,   ness  ol  'a .-. ticl-:;.  of
K nen   island etore  tne
:. to ���     -��� .. .���'    ���   ���:. :..r tee   aa:
been   given   to  the   pu die.    M .   M.
Bridi   ���'. inted the electo - to read the
evidei   ���     id I     n theii   iwn < ipinion.
No   doubt   he  would   prefer   that   the
press sho ild all iw them to  lo so. The
��� .. lence  bas  n iw b< ��� _    n inte I, and.
as  we said the other day, it form- a
iment of about, l'i iges. These
pages are 10 x 7 inches, and the type
ised is i size smaller than that from
���'-.. b this article is printed, and Is
��� closely set. How many electors
will read it? Not ten, we vent ire I i
say. in the whole province. And those
who -. ��� read it will find that a lot of
the : ii iments referred to in the evidence, which were plan--1 before the
committee, ind which are essentia] to
a full understanding of the mattei
have not been printed.
The Daily News has waited, in ac-
cordance with.the Premier's request,
foi- the publication of the evidence.
From the description given, it will be
understood mat. we cannot possiDiy
print more -han a few extracts from
it; indeed, that in (leaitng wun tne
matter, we run-- adopl the instalment
This is the first instalment.
Away back in April last, Mr. McBride, nol verj consistently in view
ol his protest which we h ive just
mentioned, himsell discussed the
Kaien islan I matter in an interview
with the Colonist, and it maj be well
ic   introduce  the  subject   bj   quoting
- -a i his statement -.
The   first   is,   that   the sale  of  the
!...'���        ind land      ���'���������    : om firs- to
��� he -���,.: .)...... nt of this
.inci       co ������;..-������������ an
m   ���������       tl     Gra      Ti u      Pacifii
Railw ���    Con elf, and with no
middlem ;.   o    profit-making   interme
���  at ���   whal
Taking, foi  ' he :: o '   ' hi - state
ment as ai curate, let   . -    n-n to Section 39 of the  Land  Ai '
i .en  pro. Ides   I hat   the   Go\    nmenl
maj    make   free.   , - ....
v. ani -  ol   ; ind   : n  cei tain    . irp ise
cl' public advantage, not being r.onuses
for the  construction of railways."    In
��� ��� her   word .   the   law   foi bi Is  grani
of lands, eii hei  fr at a l umin il
.alll''     I    "aollll.e-    I'm     the   Cili.-.l rue-	
���'���ii ( :' railways."    Thi   Premier says harassing  the   business   of   men   who
thai   the  Governmenl    "from  firsl   to live among us and   oj    heir full share
la l."   in   this   matter,   loall   direct _    oui   provincial  and   municipal bin
with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway dens, the  mails   ire  loaded   with   the
Compan;     thai   thl_       a tiallj   free" rinted   ' Irummers"  of  depa tmeni
grant of land \       nade to that < om m es,  advertisin;   th        catch    nn
I-   j-   wa j   noi   a   bon is, lh m, ai sains,
��� ��� i   a. a   li'.'   Th itemp    de qulb-
'   maj     -   advance!   tl it   ii   wa    a more election TALK.
onui   Foi   the fixing ol   the '���   minus, In    Vancouvi      yeste  lay,   Mr.   M
not   rot   the constrin '-  toi I a new     ,  ���     ��� .,,-   p i
Thai   would    i    from the   "-ai  . olnl led lon  not Ice    would    ���    po ited  to
ol   . lew,    Implj   i               a ,.     called daj.    Aske la     to  the  truth  ol    I e
::    a contemptible quibble;   hut, pass rumor that  Lhe i    ctioa   -      u   band,
lug that for the moment, whj   should he referred the qui   Hone   to Mr. Tai
the Province intervene?   The record low, who waa with hlm, and the  Fin-
of the land office mighl  |io Hiblj   fur- ance Minister refused to  .aj thai  th
hi.h an answer i i thn   quea lon;  hut rumor     was     untrue.      "One    never
whether II  woul.I he an answer satis- knows," he sail;   bul  he added    hat,
factory to the people is quite ano her .i^ be was on his way to Ashcroft on
i,uitier. n  hunting trip, an Immediate election '
Allowing for the sake cf argument did   nol   appear likely,    It  'bias  not
thai  the  grant   wis  legal, which   we seem to have occurred to the reportei
deny, lei us see what ii amounts to. to ask whether game or votes was to
Aftei  making all deduc ems, the com- he the object of the hunt,
pany   will  still   have seven   thousand This  ���-���ivi of talk   From  responsible
aires oi the most valuable portion of Ministers  means,  of  course,   that   an
the terminal city of n great  iranscon- election within a month or un, If nol
ttnental   railway.    What   value  coul i aosoiuteij   determined   upon,   is   sen-
.airly be put   upon   seven   thousand oitsly   contemplated.     The   electors,
acres of the   mosl   valuable   pari  of therefore, should Le prepared.
Vancouver?     Vancouvei     Is    twenty ���.���-
years old; Prince Rupert hardly exist3 Another little sample of 'how it is
yet.   Make all reasonable deductions worked"  was  furnished   by the Van
for   that, and   then   value   the   land, j couver  Province   the   other day.    it
Would  lf7,000,000  be  too  high?    We said:  "It  was proved at the election
think   not.     lhe   bargain,   men;   tne trial in Toronto thai  nothing equal to
magnificent bargain, ls $7,000,000 sold the  venality and  corruption existing
for $10,000. iu London during the last campaign of
if Kaien island is the besl possible Hon.   Mr.    Hyman    had    ever   been
terminal site, the Grand Trunk Pacific I broughl   to   light   in Canada."    This
would have  been  anxious to acquire Etatemenl   is open  to two objections.
It, and would have been ready to make 'iln- lirsi  is thai   there  has been  no
a bargain much more advantageous to "election  trial"  In  Toronto recentl; ;
Thp   Tempi. il,��n_   of   the    Father   of
What were the temptations of St.
Anthony? St. Anthony was one of the
earliest names placed on the calendar.
He Is called the father of monastl-
cisni because his life and teachings
were really the foundation of the
many monkish orders of a mediaeval
times. He was born In u city of Egypt
in 251 A. 11. of parents who were both
wealthy and pious, and he early decided to give his life up to religious
contemplation. He went into the wil
derness, taking up his solitary abode
in an old ruin on a high bill, where he
disciplined himself in austerity. But
his devotions were interrupted by aj
protracted series of sadly irrelevant!
hallucinations, helipved to be sent by
tbe devil to tempt him aside from a
holy life. He was visited successively
by visions of all the idolatries of the
early world, by the princes and potentates of history and their wives and
daughters, by Solomon and tbe queen
of Sheba, by the g "is and goddesses
of Greece and Rome, especially by Di
aua and Venus, and other Interesting
characters. According to the legen I,
his devoutness at last breaks the power of the visions, and tbey leave him
forever. He remained twenty years In
his lonely ruin, then, yielding to the
wishes of other anchorites, went to
Memphis and there founded the first
monastery, which was little more than
a group "f (ells After six years of
teaching he returned to his desert
home and at last died there at the age
of 105 years. The French novelist Gus-
tave Flaubert has written an entire
volume on "The Temptations of St.
Anthony." giving all lits visions with
most elaborate description. A detailed
Iy flippant, not to say profane, poem
beariug the same title and In the style
of the "Ingoldsby Legends" is sometimes included with, these humorous
ballads. But Bar ham did not write it.
It was tbe work of one Tom Sellers, a
much inferior scribbler.���Housekeeper.
LOST���On Sunday even:;.?, between
the Methodist and R. C churches, a
string of gold beai- Finder re
warded on returning 'hem to 2.
Blackwood street. 213-'.
FOUND���Purse containing small sum
of money. Own;' can have same
on proving property and paying for
this advertisement. Apply Daily
News. 212-1
LOST���Be:ween the corner of Four'h
avenue and Sixth street and Third
avenue, a lady's handbag, con'ain
ing a purse, leather case, an 1 g ild
locket set with pearls. Finder suitably rewarded i>y returning same to
this office. 213-1
FOUND���A small sum of money, on
the floor in Welsh's store Owner
can have same by proving property
an l paying for this advertisement
LOST ��� Between  Leopol 1   ���
Fi  irl h  avenue  an i   Eighth   sl
large   amethj st    bro ,cn    with  dia-
m m 1 seti Ing In center.   Fin 1";' w il
ewarded.    Applj   E.  Goulet,  C.
P, R. sl iti ii
SATURDAY, 17th Nov.
America s Greatest Play
Bv Augustus Thomas
Ignorant   of   1.. ical   Term__
Tarantula Tom- Why did Bill plug
the tenderf tot '.-
Lava Bed Pete   It all come o' Bill's
distressin' ignorance o' legal terms.
T. T.���How *u_ that? H	
I.   B. P.���Well, Bill owed the short 	
horn some money an' wns sorter slow  GRAND   COMPLETE   PRODUCTION
about payin'.  So tbe stranger writ bim 	
a letter say in', "I will draw on you at
siclit." An' Bill thought that meant a
gun play, so when he meets up with
the stranger be draws tirst. it was a
mlaunderstandln'    Cleveland ..under
One Year  Each���New  York,  Chicago.
London, Eng.
Prices. $1-00. 75c and 50c: gallery.
s-a's on sale al Ryall's Drug Si ire
ou Wednesday morning
f_L\        VM /
Men Want
Our Shoes
The mun who conies here for Shoes will
get Shoes that are different from the kind
he can buy at almost any shoe store anywhere. Many men never think of going
elsewhere for their shoes, knowing that
The man who wants a $2.00 Shoe
The man who wants a $3#50 Shoe
The man who wants a $-4.50 Shoe
The man who wants a $5.00 Shoe
Best Shoes for The Money Right Here
We Carry a General Line of Shoes
Johnston's * M J0"��
ToDay The finger of Opportune
Points to Suburban Acreage
E have exclusive agency for 57 acres on Thi
within five minutes of theB.f.'.K.R. cur line
limits.    Splendid fruit land, easy dealing, -
of the most successful fruit growers   In   the   N'i
trict.    Only $150  per acre.    Cannot stay at this
All intending .uurchasers of bouses shoul I i
cation to us.    We always have a good list to select f
coiumbia^THOS. R. PEARSON
'*';   '-��� E0D.
'.    -   . .
' ��WI
are made from the best "Para"
Made to lit every style and shape oi
men's shoes, ladies' shoes and sl
the little ones.
In ladies' shapes they are neat, light,
perfect fitting and lasting.
Insist on  "Maple Leaf" Brand���it's
on every rubber.
Sold by all dealers.
J. Leckie Co. Ltd.
Vancouver  B.C.
VANCOUVER,       - B. C.
It utilizes al! the heating power of the hard coal, soft coal, wood
coke. Ordinary steel and cast iron ranges are fuel wasters. The) i
work   well   until   the   bolts   become   loese where steel  is bolted to cast
The  Monarcn range is different.    It   is constructed  with  malleable
frames, to which  the steel   is nvetted.   not   bolted.     It   is  only  in this .
that  absolutely   air-tight  joints  can   be   made.    There   is no  stove putty J
Monarch   air-tight   sean-.s���no  danger ot  leaks.
W. R. Gilley, 'Hnone 11.1.
Dealers   111
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents ti. c. pottery Co, sew,-;        .   eti
i.oeai agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co
Office, Front Streel, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D*
'Phone 1-b
Fraser Rivei Salva
and all satisfied with  their   tremendous barg"^
Thousands of dollars' worth of Goods left and
all at your own figures
75 Men's Suits from $2.50 jj
45 Boys' Suits from $1.5�� 1
500 pairs of Boots, 25t pei P^r
Look in the window and notice those
Youths' and Girls' Boots from    -    ���
per p<��[
150 Suits of Underwear, 25c per
suit flj
Everything must be cleared, and price is no
Remember the address:
Harvey's OU Stand, Front Sj
117" UU VJilB!niW,'a'ff^?y
rsjS"" E?s
NOV. 14.  1906.
But not talk merely.
Do you know that
every word we print
here costs nearly as
much as every word
you pay for when you
send a telegram ?
Talk isn't cheap at
that rate, is it ?
Rack of the talk is
the merchandise. Back
of every claim w e
make are the goods to
 prove it.   That makes
the words we sax-
worth their weight in
Ready-to-Wcar    Hats
ru _-s i- to the effe I   thai i   offi   ....  ,. lai -���   selei -
���aa   IH  a    I'll  i '.    |       .' I .    -"_ J $1.75
��� [ues 1111,1 turbans     .  ed with velvet rib-
$3.50 and  $5 Skirts
jv. '.'��  quite a :��������������� ��� ski ts than we wani    Not
thai re old or ill-fitting,   bul   ���������������'  ���  crowded   foi   room   and
���..������ to sell them     .More new   ones    eing    boughl    and  soon to
come in    Some very neat and   ii ra Live ones In  uoveltj   tweed
::���   i  ;  ai  . .  $3.50
some smari good fltUng skirts   il      i  i material al $5.00
Oversize  Skirts
| , ati I, for fitting law people is one we mean I i sustain.  If
you are stoul and have never tried our skirts, listen while v/c
sa; .'��������� have a splendid assortmenl of styles in 30 to 38 Inches,
waist  measure, at $6.00 and up.
Children's   Coats
|We can'i   spare space to show  these  bargains In the windows -- so
������I give you a few price>:
10               ''ini Iren's Winter Ci its al    $1.75
i        f Kersey, Chev i it, Twee I, etc., In i   lors, well   nade and trim-
Special      $2.25
|Gi:*s' Coal    of Tweeds, Meltons, Chevl i - and Hoi ���     ins, in all the
dors jj^^l^^^B^^H^^^H^^H^H
Local News Briefly Told
ol ail kin I
.   s     :.
L T. of T    ���
��� night.
���    ���    ....
- of the i: ���
nospii i   _...   .:... p]a .
'""vers,   i badly i | foot.    While working
iitf   in     ie  guarrj   .,,  huge  boulder rolled
.nd as the rock  was
���  ,n   the bardei  ol the two, the foot  .-ann
very  ., idly.    The  joi   ors  hope  lo
able : i .-aie :he injured member,
and are making every effort to do *o.
��ill   vi hos.   Cunnlnj   am
this city, al -r nexl
Pridaj   evening al   Sl   Patrick's hall.
Everybodj come
Mi --.--    '��� and  Johns<
The recenl heavj rains have caused
considerable trouble In the vicinity of
Veddet  creek.   The small stream has
ne a rushing torrent, and Cultus
a   ��� has overflowed Its hanks.   .1. ll.
o.ojj  Sprott,  the  provincial   road   superintendent, is busy al  the scene of the
trouble,   assisted  by   a    number   of
mver, came ln   ti  in unimwa        ��� irkmen.   He is replacing some small
en thi    Beavet     ��� - ������ afternoon Ig     ivhichhave been washed away,
with them several fine horses   nr.     -     ���   airing   roads   which   were
whieh ihe;,   have taken on to Vancou-'
' endei ��� i  In    , - -,.
tvate -
by  the   rushing
mi ....
w i 11 m a
ities al
..������.:.:        \ -    - 101
a . ���   ��� a   a ���
... . ,    ,
ipanese steam    ig Sendal was
istei la ipplies for the
11 -tt 1 cai The vi 01 > ol cui lng dog sal
mo.i     . -    een     in       a -   i apidl.i
i tang     'Orientals   could
sea son  an i the
lai   ���   i ne.   The bu     o   I  i
I quallahs     ..1 Japan
���  a   . said I a    and
iwing       ,   ; I thi      : ��� I " ���.    ii
���:     ia-   iar-      a     I be   i picures
',' ..
n ises nt it.
H   Scliofield. E. Falch and a
���   friend esterda .
'    coun ��� ''"':.    a-,,-, the Indian deck hand
' l ""   who  attempted   I .   hang   himself   on
::'     '" ",J*   Saturda   nigh    was allowed to go out
'   : '    " -' , landed      ntence al   the   police
iurl   yestei la ning.    He Btated
The board a ti ide ������ In i Its !!':" !l" had i,'",'l drinking heavily.
quarterlj meeting this evening There and l A no1 remember whal he had
does nol a;.,..-ar i i ie m. business of been dolnS As a reminder thai he
greal importance - ��� ne fore the musl aoi PIace :' noose around ,,is
.... ting and e n uu ei il communi- n'vK '" Cuture' he was ordered to paj
cations i- limited The establishment the C08ts of ,!l" court- and :'ls,, v"
,a  ���   provln .,     inlversitj   ��      prob    ':'"'-''"1   '"   remunerate   the   medical
man who had     ough   him back to thu
fvale of tears.
Because i    eared to be
; in mudd.  : '     lm to wheel .. truck      Reichenbach's    home-made    mince-
upon, J.  Ackoff, a  Japanese laborer, | meat, 15c per lh., will make delicious
ably be disi issed
| In Navy Blue, at $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 1
I       up to $2.50. i
I i
| In Black, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.50.
arrow in the
iidewalk. II" was seen h. a polii e
man. arrested, es irted to the police
station, and later released on $S ball.
lie ;- expecte 1 I i appear al I he police
couri this moi
Foreign   Missionary
Tne old Telegraph hotel lias now
been completely torn down, and a flre
was yesterda. burning the Insi of the
rubbish on the spol where beer was
woul I he slnn_. The old niud sills
The Woman's Foreign Missionary are 8ti11 ���'*��� t,'", ground and look almosl
. . ���       , \v,,_-    Presbyterian   as 30"d M '!;,'>  w*ere "n ;!l1' lla-v ,,,,,v
church  .' II     i i theii  annual thanks-   were laid down.   The piles which sup-1
giving . .   (,,   .;.,,;;���  church  a!   S   P��rl the bank at the rear of the hotel
his evening     An   Interesting   appeal   to be somewhal  the worse for
ire I, in dud    **ear     In  the course of a  few  days
laddresa   u mission work among   carpenters will commence building a I
��� ���  li lians.   All interested    '' '   ''��� >     '"   ""'   " 'w   Premier   hotel
i   mlssl m v. 11 k :- " s eel ill.  Invite I.   ;""" Fl*on1 stre ���
8 |
| Tan color, just the thing for shoot-1
--H     --H      H
| Fancy Sweater, in nice, dark, neat |
|       patterns, at $2.50 and $3.00.
1 I _ ����� 4     . . ' ^ *��� *>   , ���- y '   -\
>C*v'-*>*'.    i%. '   ���       ' i /'    _i J
l__.ilP__.___.___.-  -.    ...,.     ���   ,'-..   ,..._��� _i'_J
1 I  i .  a   bo;   under  four-
.... - ���    age, w   ��� summoned In
lii o  ' oui'   yesterda;    morning
:  ��� .     ;e,i with  carry ing  nrearms.
\   i : hearing the ev Idem e, tin  j oung-
sier was let off with a  warning, and
Messrs. Ollley Bros, had 'heir new
rallwaj line In operatl in yesterdaj for
the flrsl ' line, and ll wa - an unqualified success. The track, whieh rises
.a angle of about thirty-live degrees, carries a  ear  which is  loaded
I White and light, fancy, $2.50 and |
rifle ordered t i remain in the ens-: with coal trom the scow at the water's
. chief of police until    ie   ' l;"     A donkej engiue run- the car
up the incline, and ��� i eaching the
top, a man pulls oul the side boar l I
and the coal drops luto the ear bene ��� h Wil h its aid . esterda. a ear
was ieaied iii an hair which with
w heel bai i ivi a- u ie I hitherto, took .
a steady half da
"We are showing some particular';; good values in_
.   .    an    enthusiastic!
Scotchman, I        nd     tl    Infl tern e ol
tin   fi lining ������ iss lasi   night,   ind In
ed upon giving u    idvance re ea
sal   if .ie - de  \l    lai      n's conci 11 on
; he nu  lie si Vs his \ ocal chor I ���
lli'lr la" I ���    w., - r 	
tiiken to  Uu itation, and will   ;>is  city,   the   Improved    eliess   and
rning with having   checker boards recel    ���    'ned in the
Carney ie   library    having  revived   the
Ste   ��� ai e   eln ; ta ei   for the forma-
em of a chess and  checker club in
The Wardrobe Clothier
i       ink  i
if    ��� 11 .
A ;.   ���   |]
In tl     fori
Ladies' House Dresses, Wrappers,
Kimonas   and    Dressing   Gowns
��� ���:..' a- luterested
 I H iiio
'   !   '' ���   ���  '  '   ��� ms waa  hei I   Vancouver adepts
ii   Monda    evi ,\ i    m - lei      pUe e  are a In
il ie anmuni ��� i.       a i   - ransact
11\. inn In the facl that two  i
i m ei.
Inted arnu
Icket vi ��� I thla wlll be
done  In  lh      mi    ' nexl   few
������ J- BIRTCH, 275 Colum-
bia Street	
II   Is the Intei  : in of chess
laj i i - i i an .ume n ���������; les "I toui in
��� ��� a or the v\ Inte monl h i, and also
' ��� pla      fl  a   ��� ��� le    ���    ; ime ��� againsl
��� '      ll     E> line
number of  i Ii is
iyer8 In this oil    wh   are vi llliug to
jnin   un h   Q club, and   who  are onlj
waiting 'i   ���   ne   me to tai     I lie In
Jessie Maclachlan
led   b;
e Are Clearing Out
Han    i ���     lii     .  '   i i Island
���  i ���     i< . r\- iis city,
fell  foul   of a nasi     bn        ist  cm
la    i .       Ilglitl lu:u.\    ��� ���
\\ hilo lu this Interns!!
���I J__________________________________________________i
,   , , . DOI tll,AS   \ I ll .'.(.,   I I'linr
uiiicer.  vs ho  genii)   led   Ii iii  low in ���
iin- clt)   lockup, where I Iven   .)OHN  McLINDEN, VIoloncoliist
ounrtors i n th   til. il He will i rn o   LlNDLEY (;!l\i, \-,,. g0i0 Plan|B(
olli e  routi   i    li   u   '    hi i pres
mice ihis   i
J    of workmanship finish la what makes furniture values.   Our endeavor   J
Is ti Uf these two qualities In every article bought and sold. Our
$1.00 .im back dining chair possesses these In marked degree���
they an excellent value. Our $3.00 solid oak cobbler seat rocker Is
ii lender ind Is a winner; roomy and comfortable; and those fancy
eliiilis, large genuine Spiinlsh leather upholstering at $15.00 Is one
of the best.   Morris chairs al! oal!   frame   from $7.50 each up.
I'a: hen! neh's    home-made    min   '
en. I >c | ei  lh , �� III ;. i  e deli    ms
_ll 11'
p:o ���
nOBBUT  BUCHANAN,  Accompanist.
Iln<i 1 ea Cups and Saucers
at s2.25 per dozen.
Ie Regular Price is $3.00
Per dozen.
:. ler ' he auspice i of the Sons
ni  Bcotland.
Dupont Block.
Telephone 73.
i ickets are     Hlng fn I for the base-
! .-,l|   mu ,:,        I   'i,h   is  to   lie   uhe-i   111    	
Patrick* hnll on Friday, and ev    M 1 J|t|| at 8*30 o'clock
,,     points to a   verj     uccesatui   HUV. 1UIII OlO.UV U UUC��
evenln       l'l    conloatants in the wres 	
H n    ;"l"'h'    ; ,ven,J    matched,      Re8orved seals. 75 cents; rest ofthe
nnd nl     ��� '   lil "i'i ie pm up in both LM  .|(, centg
( cm .      mi -1'1 - ' I the enter
 ,,.,, ....   ,,,,...       Box pan at Kyall.   Drug Btore,
i di tii fool i onlldcni thai the clubs
n��� in i     (-ni be  niiiterlall)  Btrength
,,,���1 ,!������ ihe\  have the receipts of  tti  IITft    TO   ORDER
=$20 andTup^
One of the employes nl Olllet Bros. , ..   , ,
( ||M,i|n,M,;  ,, ,,���, Ukt wft8 I,,,,.,,,-   Cut and Made on the Premises
Columbian hos.allal to he treated  tor \ a47 Fntlt Strt,t    .   ;,'eti! WttmituUr
Post Card Alb
Before tne Xmas Rusk.     A Large Assortment at
|J, J.  MACKAY  y Co.
Booksellers   and   Stationers
4.������_.-. I
i   i
i i
SDAV, nov>
Every one who breakfasts,
lunches or dines at
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, because
Everything is Clean
Everything is Weil Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Co/fee with
Cream,       -      -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.; 6 to 8 p.m.
Good Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Short Orders Quickly Served.
Trapp Block,
Columbia St.
"I'm glad you say you'd like to be an angel, my child."
"Yes, sir;  I'd fly over tha'  nasty Susie Jones an' drop a brick un her.'
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to a p.m. of Monday,
the 12th inst., for the position of
Plumbing Inspector and Assistant lo
the Superintendent of Waterworks
Applicants must he properly qualified plumbers.
For information as to duties, salary,
etc., apply in person at the City Hall.
City Clerk.
City Hall, New Westminster, Nov.
6, 1906.
"It lacks something, somehow," said the artist    "Sesms to ma it would look
better with a figure in it somewhere!"
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal claim must hold a free miner's cer-
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in tificate.
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories     The  discoverer of a  new mine  is
and the Yukon Territory. entitled  to  a  claim  of  iooo  feet  in
COAL���Coal lands may be pur- length, aand if the party consists of
chased at $io per acre for soft coal two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out-
and $20 for anthracite. Not more put on which no royalty shall bf
than 320 acres can be acquired by one charged the rest of the party ordin-
individual  or  company.     Royalty  at, ary claims only.
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000, Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
pounds shall be collected on the gross! of two and one-half per cent, on the
output. (value  of  the  gold  shipped from  the
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen j ject to the rights of all persons who
years and over and joint stock com- have, or who may receive entries for
panies holding free miners' certificates 1 bar diggings or bench claims, except
may obtain entry for a mining loca-' on the Saskatchewan River, where
tion. ithe lessee  can dredge to high-water
A free miners certincate is granted 1 mark on each alternative leasehold,
for one or more years, not exceeding) The lessee shall have a dredge in
five, upon payment in advance of $7.501 operation within one season from the
per annum for an individual, and from I date of the lease for each five miles
$50 to $100 per annum for a company, i but where a person or company has
according to capital. ��� obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
A free miner, naving discovered | dredge for each fifteen miles or frac-
mineral in place, may locate " claim tion thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
1500x1500 fect by marking out the per annum for each mile of river
same with two legal posts, bearing ! leased. Royalty at the rate of two
location notices, one at each end of I and a half per cent, collected on the
the line of the lode, or vein. output  after it exceeds $10,000.
The claim shall be recorded within I Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles; sjx leases of five miles each may be
of a mining recorder's office, one ad- j granted to a free miner for 3 term of
ditional day allowed for every ad- | 20 vears; also renewable,
ditional ten miles or fraction. The' jhe ]ef5ee-s r[ght .g confined to (he
fee for recording a claim is $5. ; submerged   bar  or  bars   in  the   river
At least *ioo must be expended on : below ]ow water mark, that boun-
the claim each year or paid to the ! dary to be fixed by its position on the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When1 Ist dav of August in thr year of the
$500 has  been  expended or paid, the | date of the lease.
locator may, upon having a survey , The ]ePsee sball have one dredge
made and upon complying with other 1 jn operation within two years from
requirements, purchase the land at the date of the lease, and one dredge
$1.00 an acre. j for each  five miles  within six years
Permission may be granted by the . frGrn sllcb date.    Rental $100 per mile
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate   Yukon  Territory  to  be  paid  to  tbe
claims containing iron and mica, also   ccmptrolier.
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an I    No free miner sha��� _rrpiv|
area not exceeding 160 acres.
$5.00 EACH.
ve a grant
of  more "Than   one   mining  claim   on
The patent for a mining location : each separate river, creek or gulch,
shall provide for the payment of a but tlie same miner may hold any
Royalty of 2"/.  per cent, of the  sales   number   of   claims   by   purchase,   and
of  the  products  of   the  location.
PI.\CER MINING���Manitoba and
the   N,   W,  T.,  excepting  tlie   Yukon
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying  fee  of $2.     A  claim  may  be
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between ail
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pac'dic and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage diily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
Leave Day Train Arrive
9.20 a.m Spokane  ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 P-m Rossland   4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
Canadian Pacific
Territory: Placer mining claims gen- abandoned and another obtained on
erally are too fed square, entry tei the same v'eek, gulch or river, by
$5, renewable yearly. On tlie N"rth giving notice and paying a fee.
Saskatchewan River claims are either | Work must be done 011 a claim
bn,- or bench, the former being ioo each year to the value of at least $200.
feet long and extending between high ,.\ certificate that work has been
and low water mark. The latter in- abandoned, anad open to occupation
eludes liar diggings, but extends back and entry by a frce miner,
to the base of the hill or bank, not Berths on their sleepers are longer,
exceeding tooo feet, Where Steam higher and wider than in similar cars
power is used claims 200 feet wide on any other line. They protect
may be obtained. th, ir trains by the Block System.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba The boundaries of a claim may be
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yu- defined absolutely by having a survey
kon Territory���A free miner may ob- made and publishing notices in the
tain only two leases of five miles each Yukon Official Gazette.
for a term of twenty years, renew- Petroleum All unnppropiated Doable in tlie discretion of the Minister minion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
of  the   Interior. west Territories and within the Yukon
The lessee', right is confined to the ! Territory, are open to prospecting for
submerged beds or bars of the river petroleum, and the minister may re-
below any low water mark, and sub- ��i rvc fnr an individual or company
for first year and $10 per mile for each j having machinery on the land to be
subsequent year. Royalty same as prospected, an area of 1920 acres for'
placer mining. ; such   period   as   he   may   decide,   the
Placer mining in the Vukon Ter- length of which shall not exceed three
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and hill; times the breadth. Should the pros-
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in pector discover oil in paying quan-'
length, measured on the base line tv 1 titles, and satisfactorily establish such
general direction of the creek 01 I discovery, an area not exceeding 640
gulch, the width being from iooo to acres, including the oil well, will be
2000 feet. All fithcr placer claims sold to tlie prospector at the rate of
--Iin 11 lie 250 feet square. $1  an acre, and the remainder of the
Claims   are   marked   by   two   legal j tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
posts,   one   at  each   end,  bearing  110- : will be sold at the rate of $.3 an acre,
tices.    Entry must be obtained within ', subject to royalty at such rate as may
ten   days   if  the   claim   is  within   ten   be specified by Order in Council,
miles of tlie mining recorder's office W. VV. CORY.
One extra day allowed for each addi- I    Deputy of tiie Minister of the  In
tional ten miles or fraction. I terior.
The person or company staking a      Dept, Interior,
'l'lie oiily railway running through
sleepers and tourist ears. Bei 1 1 niip-
Train for Seattle leaves nt 8.30 a.m
Eastern Express at 15. lo
For rates, reservations and oilier
particulars apply to
C. 1". It. Agent,
New Westminster,
E.   J.   COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Travel in lhe same way as your let-
k  -���.    it   is   ilie quickest, Bafesl   and
' 1 conomli ul.   Prom St, .lohn, Dee.
1,-1   and   l.e-.   IBth.    For   particulars
apply io
C.  P.  R. AGENT.
Win $300 in Gold
Reichenbach Com'y
Prize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold  .
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
When you get $1 worth of checks present them
at our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
The first number drawn wins the first prize; the
second drawn wins the second prize; and so on
through the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
must present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers   *���>gSUSKS ED**
ESDAV. NOV. 14, 1906.
facant Lots in All Parts of the City From $50.Q0 and Up
LAND REGISTRY ACT.   kobbixcuijanksafe
Lr, "bath, etc, four lots,
Isidential section, only
[2700. Enquire at once.
Ho ise on Fourth street
I avenue,   six   rooms,   all
i provements, ".1,400.
uear Sixth
modern im-
House, eighl rooms,
street,   corner   Fourth,
Hou ii
mi SI   Ge ,;;
$2,500;   eai
d a half lots, Sapperton, Just
,o]limbia streel  ind Brunette, only
l00," Terms I ' :".' arranged.
��� ,Der of Sixth street, and Fourth
bouse aD i seven lots, orchard,
1 trees, etc., $3,100, half cash.
l0tise and Cull slaed lot. ,; rooms,
.,,,  . street, near Sixth avenue,
,](.n ������'.-, only $950.
"e and lol on \i_ues street, two
siore.. ., seven^rooms; a real snap at
A Bargain
Seven-roomed cottage,
full sized lot, near Fifth
Avenue and Fourth Street,
price $1,200, $400 cash,
balance on time.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
street,  one   block from    post   office,
: rents at $.o per month, or for sale at
I $4,500.
Bight-roomed    house , all    modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
i Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
lotice that applical ion h is
'*' :- ��� 'i register John Kennedy
''���' the .-.a ���:��� In tee simple, under a
tax sale deed from Sidney ... Fletcher
;" John Kennedy, bearing date the
:;-' of December,  A.D. 1901, of
ail and singular thai certain parcel or
tract of land and premises situate,
lying an i being in the District of New
Westminster, in the Province of Brit-
He Win. Hired lo !>���> tbe J,.li, uml Hp
Ulil it Well, I.in Hi.- K.-ward Wu
No. H lint Had Been Promised by
HU   I uMcrupnlou,.   l.m|il��iy��*r.
"One day iu the full of 1171." said au
old retired detective, "one of the most
finished aud successful hunk burglars
that ever used a drill in this country
-      Columbia,     more     particularly : wus wa|ki���K llcross Sixth avenue, New
House and full sized |ot
corner of   iwo   storeys
Fourth    avenue,   lot,  $2,000.
Twelfth   .-tre,"    ami
$800, 11 ^ storeys.
Two-storey   bouse
Between   Fifth   and   Sixth   avenues,   house, two full sized  iots   al
ne;i:- Seventh street, eight rooms, all  improvement
modern, stable and chicken house, full   Fourth   and
,. One  house   and   full   sized  lot on
>""-��� "ti Royal and Eighth street, j Eighth
-������'���rn   rooms,   full   sized
street and   Queen's   avenue,
known and described as Lots 1, _,
: 4  and   ,.,   Block  45,   part  of   Lot   26,
! Group I.   Lots 28 and 29, Block 5, subdivision   of  Ixit    202,   Group  I,    and
! northerly four-fifths of l_ot 2, Block 5,
subdivision   of  Section   111, Township
1, Range 29th, West of the 6th Meridian.
sized   '
storeys,  $ i.r. in cash,  $1,500 cash; good
stable,   chicken
1 modern
Third  street, between
Fifth    avenue-.    $2,250,
One house and full sized lot. on
Eighth street and Queen's avenue,
31  :
i'_   lots,   near
Seventh   street,
Jog, Terms can    ��� arranged.
��� . Seventh street,
Fifth a-. ���   ".   I ���'��� i  a'oreys.   full
Best Buy in City
20 lots (in Oth Avenue,
only $1100 cash.
Eight roome I house, ail modern ini-
I rove tents, li:,.- location,   corner   cf
'''"' ���'il  *-'���""���"   ''- I   Carna  . m, $5,000,
o.-.e-half c ish.
Hous ' an 1 full sized lot on Sixth
"tree an I Prim ������-- street, u i sl ir-
eys, uni;   $1,400.
A Snap
2-storied house, 7 rooms,
bath, sewer connections,
all modern improvements,
splendid locality, $2800.
Terms arranged.
York, enjoying his parole and the mellow sunshine. There were a whole lot
of Indictments banging over him, of
course, but they didn't worry him any,
for lie Happened to be ou pretty fair
terms with some of the men attached
to the municipal administration at that
time.   As be swung along be waa ac
costed   by  a   prosperous  looking  man
You and each  of you  are  required   whom he did uot know, although the
���j.", under cultlva-
heds,  eic. all   in
snap   r   $3,000,   half
good I irm land in  Delta,
i, miles from river, near Scot I
(12 per a    i; a real good buy.
1     icres neai   i iove, $7  per
���''       for I iller particulars.
IBS acres   Co piitlam, 10 acres
'���'��� h"      ':'���������     ������ ranch, $2,000.
'"'���' : '���' -,; i  J- '   '   wner's wife ia in  logge i
bad hen!-:,. ,,,,i  has I i go to a cold   timber
climate.     \ ��� ���.;..   ��� ,  rj,  |.-: ,.,.
botsfo  I,
to contest the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five days from the
date of the first publication of this
notice, and in default of a caveat or
certificate of lis pendens being filed
within such period, or in default of
redemption before registration, I shall
register John Kennedy as owner
thereof In fee. And I direct that publication of this notice for one month
in a daily newspaper published in
Xew Westminster shall be good and
sufficient service.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British
Columbia, this 13th day
A.D. 1906.
District "Registrar,
To Mrs. Elizabeth Kathleen Black,
William Knight and Jed G. Blake.
All persons served wilh this notice,
Burnaby Lake, $100 per
I      0 a ;'  Surrey, thr ��� ���
oratb     iver, $10 per acre.            ''   ' 's ��f land near Sutherland's'
mill,  in S . rej .   good  ho ise, 6 acres
laci                    ': m, $400.                 leared; mlj  $1,000,
52,000   refused   for   standing
carriage house I'i x 24;  hen
81   A i-   house male  of  hewed  timber laid  in
mortar, 12 x 30;   a chance of a life-
160 acres, section  25, township  16,   ;J"'"' $8*000- *4'000 cash. balance at C | and those claiming through or under   directors ^dc-n't^ know_anything about
'_  miles from  Abbotsford;   50 acres  per cent'
prosperous looking citizen addressed
the burglar by his right name. The
crook, finding after some stalling that
tin. man who knew his name wasn't a
detective, took him Into a cafe ami
asked bim some things.
"���hi ibe flrst place, how did you
know me?' be Inquired of the stranger.
"Well, it appeared that the burglar
bad been pointed out to the Btranger
by a detective who was so shady that
tie afterward did time for surreptitiously extending aid and comfort to tlie enemy, one of the old time bauds of New
York crooks.
" 'All right,' said tbe cracksman then.
'Now, I don't suppose you are seeking
of October, my acquaintanceship for the sake of
being introduced into society or for
the enjoyment of my winning ways.
What's your-y- 3
"���'Tiithi the stranger up and toid the
burglar what his graft was.
" 'I'm the cashier of a bank a bit up
the state.' said be to tbe burglar.   'The
all":- bottom, $1,200. half cash.
:>;���! ie res, ��� iwnsl   i  n. section 15, \
easy terms.
two miles from Far   Langlej; 5 acres
slashed, $1,000, one-third cash.
icre bio     .   I   lit
���tl id $20 ��r a i .
land-,   near
i   '   teres improved  land, buildings
md she Is i omplete, near Cloverdale;
- in Su    i  ,'near Brown &   all  and ir cultivation, $15,000.    If yo.i
Itha ;      u       $7    er acre;  good   caD   handle   this, don't   delay;   it's a
inds;   see   us for   par-   bargal .. terms ian :..- arranged.
Lit  6,   Block   S, City  of Xew  West
minster, B.C., 20 acres more or less.
660   feet    frontage   on   Fraser   river;
runs right through to Brunette river;
S00 feet frontage on that.    Price $10,-
000.    Terms,  $2,000 cash,  $1,000 in  6
months, $2,000  in one year, $2,000 in
strict.,   401 two years, balance in five years at  7
ivati  :..   1 i  acres or-   per cent.
acres  strawberries  planted
them, and all persons claiming any
interest in the said land by virtue of
any unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said  land   by descent,  whose title is
it, but I'm short in my accounts.
There's only one way out of it. The
bank will hnve to be robbed by professional cracksmen. That will let me
out, and iu addition I'll expect to get
my Takeoff from tlie robliery.   I want
) acres die fi om Abbotsford,
\,        ���    ������ i. ra i i  soil, 220  fruit
price $1,400, half cash, balance
cost $
��� ��������� ��� - al reasonable
I i D. Fraser, Abbots
i  5 u������!���(���-. one mile from  Huntingdon, B.C., To acres In grass, 15 acres
ir tin ���!  and   feni e I;   house ami  barn
i0;  good load along one side;
I rii ������ $30 , er acre   half cash, balance
i suit     in haser at 6 per cen'.    Rea-
160   i
a       ���-    ���
this year; alder bottom land, running! ship  10,   Langley;    small   house,   30
spring;  house IS s 22; frame barn 301 acres   cleared,    timber   valued    .7..0.
x  32;   ll   . a--  frame  house  and  cowl
sl il les, ' iree In alljstable s cows and
-'  sa in  .: i;-   ���-:   i.������.,:���  Mission  Station,
not registered under t.he provisions of. you to rob the bunk. You'll find $35,-
the "Land Registry Act," shall be for- 000 in cash in it on the night you ar-
ever estopped and debarred from set- range the job. I'll attend to that. Of
ting up any claim to or in respect of course I want my bit out of^that, $10.-
the said land so sold for taxes as pro
vided by thi  "Lind Registry Act."
M'l acres, N.E, Vi section 19, town-
Price $1,500,  one-third  cash,  balance
SEALED   TENDERS    addressed   to
160 acres, all fenced, ready for cul-  the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-
hand; steam-  tivation,  good   water, half mile frorp   der  tor  publlc   Building,   Edmonton,
la twi " a day; about 100 acres  school,  all   ready  fnr cultivation,   at
limber, fii    and    cedar;   never   been! Chilliwack. $75 per acre.
schools, churches near
IcQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
! Alta.," will be received at this office
until Wednesday, November 28, 1906,
inclusively,  for  the construction  Of a1 wli,ise facilities were the best, looked
000 at least. I've always heard that
you're square in these divisions of
plunder, and therefore I'll trust you to
hand me my share after you've done
the job for putting you on to it.'
"'This sounds good enough to eat,'
replied the cracksman. -Fact is, It's so
sweet thai it's almost cloying. Now,
I've heard your proposition. You gtve
me a collide of days to investigate you,
and then we'll talk business.'
"They arranged another meeting at
the same place a couple of days later,
and  in  tlie  meantime  the cracksman,
HI    ID
l St. w
���than I, Te'esri
and Pitman
���by  and En-
Seven Teachers
forty Fivi   Typewriters
'���   * '���.    in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Re South  Pari ol Li I  3, Bl n k
W" ���: a. a ti ;��� Suburbs.
A certifi tte o Indefeasible
the above ��� ��� I will Ue ii
I he Brunei te Saw i iill Company,
,   Xew
tie to
��� 1 to
i e I Liability, on the 5th day of November, 1906, unless in the meantime
a vali 1 objei nen the eto be made to
me in writing bj a person or persons
' iaiming an estate n inti resl therein,
or In any par: thereof,
Districl Re dstrar of Titles.
Lan i
;i i'. i), i
Office,  N'ew
10, 1906.
'S DRY DOCK Ayrshire Bulls and Chester
Wliii! Hogs
"fUI; ���'     ���   Cor. Kith   Street
tow Westminster, B. c.
P and
The "DICK" Old Country
Damp Proof Boots
The sole leather of the Dick Bool Is rendered impervious to water
';. j process which effectuallj fills up the natural pores of the lea-
;.    , th re      making it  Impo sil.de for the soles to        ,val  rlogged.
Youths, $2.00      -       -      Boys, $2.75
Boys can't wear these out in one season.
Gent's from $4.00.
J.STEWART  -   Sole Agent
Old Country  Ec:
of Ship, repair
Scow   Building!
' j
promptly fur-
a&timn-ts-iM. _*^fe?*^__gE*_ *_h_is.__ *j*k
olumbi.   St., New Westminster.
Public Building at Edmonton, Alta.
Plans and specification can be seen
and forms of tender obtained at this
Department, on application to Mr. R.
.1. .Manson, Clerk of Works, Edmon-j
ton, Alta., and Mr. .!. Greenfield, Sup:.
of Public Works, Winnipeg, Man.
Persons tendering are notified that
into the job. He found that his man
really was the cashier of au up state
bunk In a town nor more than au
hour's run from Xew York. So wbeu
the cashier culled at the appointed
time the burglar was ready to talk
"'You'll have a hard night's work,'
said the cashier, 'for in order to avert
tenders will not be considered unless   suspicion I'll bave to leave the vaults
made on the printed form supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures.
Each tendei' must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
ban'.'., ms le payable to the order ol
the Honorable the Mfeister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cen'. (10 p.c.)
and safes locked tighter'n a drum, as
usual.   You'll need several assistants.'
" 'That's my end of it,' replied the
cracksman. 'You just let me handle
those little details. Every man to bis
trade. They don't make 'em so strong
that 1 can't get Into 'em.'
"Then all of the details v.'Cre arranged, and the robbery \vas ,',;ed for
ertain night in the following week.
will be forfeited if the person tendering  decline  to enter  Into a contract
of the amount of the  tender,  which   a certi
i The cashier was especially solicitous
that be shoulil get his share of the
proceeds of tlie crib cracking. The
when calle | upon to do so, or it he crncksman nssUred him that if there
tail to complete the work contracted waa $35,000 in the job $25,000 would
for. If thp tender be not accepted the be enough for himself and his ass ici-
cheque will be returned. ntes  and  tbe cashier  would get the
The Department does not bind itself rest. On the night fixed the cracksman and three of bis best men went
up to the town and pulled off the job.
Jl was n matter Of four hours before
the gang after"overpowering and gag1"
gtng the watchman got into the main
safe. They found It empty.  Then they
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Secretar; .
Departmenl of Publlc V. it'ks,
Ottawa, October 29, 1906.
{Sowed the smaller safes.  These, too,
ter. B.C.
Eighth street, Ne.v
Yo in *   ,   ������ Siva stock   of prize-winning  ii'.im lis.   Come and see or v.rii
or telephone.
Telephone .1 17a.
Tenders for Debentures
SEALED TENDERS will be recelv-
a '     the ::u.lers:;;"." 1 up to the 19th
: 1.   ,,,' November,  1906,  f ir the pur-
��� ise   of  debentures   of  the Fourth
...  gewer, City of  Xew Westmln
itor, B.C., amounting to twenty thou
and dollars ($20,000.00), and bearing
Interesl al  th ��� rate of five per cent.
I er  annum,   payo ile   half-yearly, the
principal  and  Interest   ieing payable
al the office of the Hank of Montreal
In Xew Westminster, B.C,
The tenderer  musi  state   the nei
price he Will pay here.
The Corporation dues not bind Itself
to accept  any tender.
\V, ,\. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
Cltj   Hall,  Xew  Westminster, B.C.,
November 3, 1906,
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
Purchase Notice
New Westminster, B. C.
Newspapers Inserting -liis advertise-  were empty. The tip notch cracksman
ment without  authority from the De-   was pretty mad, naturally.
partmenl will noi be paid for it. ""l*  ,1:''1  beea  i1^'-'1  Cor 'l  &ood
thing,  and  he  knew   it.    Tbe  cashier
liiiil simply  looted the bank himself,
aud the robbery which he had arranged   was   lo   cover   up   bis   own   trail.
Xotiee is hereby given thai 60 days  There have been .Napoleons of finance
,,.,,,.,.���,,   ,  (.,.���;,,   applylng  t0  the  without number developed from among
,,,;,.,.                            .   ,      ,       ,. , hank cashiers, but I never beard of a
i ble!    1 ommissioner   ol   Lands   and ,     .,,.,.
,    .                   , neater |ol> than that.
Works for permission to purchase the ���()f (,mi.S(, ,lu, cracksman and uis
following described land, situated at   |lllls had aotuing for it but to pack
the mouth of the Kildala  river, Coast i their kits and drill back to New York.
district: Commencing at a postmark-  They weren't, of course, in a position to
ed  W.   M.'s   X.  E  Corner   plained   on   say  anything about   bow  they'd  been
dune. The top notch cracksman had
to read in the afternoon papers the
lurid  accounts of  bow   the  batik hail
R. C. Purdy, The Confectioner
the  south   bank  of the   Kildala   river
ai   the mouth, running as  follows:   -i'i
chains    south.     .0   chains   west,     10
chains north to the shore line, thence
I following shore line to place of com-
j mencement, containing 16 acres more | failuri
I or  less.
Aug. 27, 1906.
Locator, w. MOODY",
Oct. 21,  1906.
Is now manufacturing' on his premises,
"Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
I carry a full line of G. B. and I own .y's Chocolates.
been robbed of cash and securities 'approximating $100,000 iii amount' and
grind his teeth aud cuss. The batik's
was   announced   11   few   days
I later.
i "The cashier? Oh, within a dozen
years lie died a beggar on the streets
of .New Y'ork."
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Fir. t   Written   Lam,
The first written statutes ure comprised In the law of Moses, 1491 15. C.
1 The first Creek laws were systematized by Draco 823 B. C. The laws of
LycurgUS were made about 844 B. C.
n_t Woman laws were first compiled
: by Servius Tulllus and amended by the
twelve tables iu 449 B. 0, The pandects of Justinian were compiled In
53.'$. Blackstone's Commentaries were
published at Oxford lu 171(5 nud 17(19.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113.
Every human soul  bas the germ of
Office, Eighth 8treet,   gome flowers within, and they would
open If they could only find suushlue
���nd__r_la air tn axniuul It.���Wrm   I'lii*
1 :i:;i
io 8
Public Supply Stores
New Dinner Ware.    New Toilet Sets.        Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it.
Matter im__nl__ for thi* colum o should be ud-
dr... rd, "Social Editor, Daily News, 1' i).
Boa 4('_, Nrw We_t__in_ter.M
Mrs. Tom Cunningham left yesterday afternoon for a visit to Eugene,
Oregon, she was accompanied by her
Mrs. (.'auiniii.'on was a passenger
to Xelson yesterday. She had be^u
visiting friends in this city foi the
past month.
James Smith was a passengei tin
board yesterday's C.P.R, train 10
Waterloo, Out.
il. St\ les will leave on Sunday next,
for  Maxville,  near  Ottawa,   where   be
will    spend    a    lew    weeks    visiting
Mr, ami .Mrs. Dralney, accompanied
by their daughter, came inlo the city
en ibe Beaver yesterday, from Chilli-
wack, where tbey bail been visiting.
Thej wen: on in Vancouver, where
tbey will spend a short time before
going mi to their bome al Namu. Mi.
Dralney has large cannery and luui-
ber Interests in thai locality.
!**********#*##*��� ���<
Popular F
[Economy! ��gPuiar ��abr^
..om-inrl  nt  this  spflRon  nf  tViP i-.e,..  ....
Price $4 Per Ton Delivered
Telephone    ISO.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster.   -   - B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Benevolent Lady's Death.
Chicago, Xov. 13.���Sister Mary
Julia, founder ami mother superior of
Bt. Vincent's orphan asylum in tins
city, who gained an international reputation in religious circles because
of bet benevolence and assistance to
the poor, died at the orphanage to-day
of pneumonia, after an illness of a few
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. Xew Westminster.
Phone 275
Toronto   Indicted for   Nuisance.
Toronto, Xov. 13.���The grand jur;.
this morning brought in an indictment
against the city of Toronto for maintaining a common nuisance, with reference to the jail. Conditions In the
building, the jury says, would be hardly fit for or tolerated in, first-class
Ran  Amuck.
Asheville, NC. N'ov, v.���As the resull .if .i negro running amuck with
a rifle to-night, two polloemen an; p
negro wore killed end a police captain
w-.;s wounded. The chief of police
broke Into a hardware .tore for weapons ti1 a_-r.-, a posse. The negro is
. - siege i iti a saio< n
Wedding bells were pealing at Mis-
i-ion City yesterday, when Mis. Eva-
lena Spencer, second daughter of Mr.
Charles Spi nc< i. of that place, lie-
came the blushing bride oi John il.
Campbell, of Majuba Hill, neai Abbotsford. Tbe ceremony was performed at the home ef the bride's parents, in the presence of ;i large number ef assembled guests,  by  Rev. .1.  A.
Calvert, pastor of the Mission City
Methodist church. The bride was assisted by her friend. Mrs. Little, and
the bridegroom was supported by his
brother, Hugh Campbell. The bride
was given away by her father. After
the ceremony bad been completed,the
company sat down to the wedding
breakfast. The 1 ri ��� and bridegroom
were the recipients oi ... good wishes
of their friends, as well as many more
tangible expressions of regard, and
found it difficult to break awa;. from
the festive scene in time to catch the
steamer for this city. The honeymoon
wil) be spent in visiting tbe coasl
cities, after which the voting couple
will start housekeeping In thi bome
already prepared at Majuba Hill The
bride came trom Parry Sound, Out.,
with her parents about seven years
ago, and has been teaching s hool during the pasl year at Peardonville,
Wood to Burn
A reai end collision occurred on the
C   P   R   ... ar Karuh ,���: s, B.C., at
vest, r la    raorni .   ���      in
i firsl set tion of No. 96, an I
' - second section .: thi same train
li i the damage I :��� I un Ing in I
��� > :��� ar The train vi as '. a I. I -.\ ith
sail - from ii M S Sh< arwau r, en
e for In mi a t ten of w h m
....    Djured  n   n ess serii   sly
-       . ��� I   howevei   that they  may
n.     ������        'bi   -���     nd     -      aaru< I
A. :. ������������ -   w as   illli : three rt ar
rs. which wen    ��� aught fin
ren ���   ��� --      ��� ':
ssyy       -   ������ xtse;
Just   Opened
217-219 Columbia Street.
Cheap Dwellings
On Saturday we advertised S I ..-���
i.. - - - Dw. ling Houses.     Sinct then
���- . '���:.������ ������ disposed" ol : . ���; then. ��   sti
have "��� left which we will sel) on easy
������ r     In1 King  in  Sappert...  (i.v
in  fi ail ���       (650
I    ��� -..       > el! ng ,u Elev. nth stre.t
- ait) ..  ..   jjioo
- i ng. Fifth art nue   (11
" - ��� i - |   Iwei   ng   P       ..������< nue I cor
:_c. lol      $1.^00
Domed   lvelUnS,  A_r.es st   .    $1,050
li yea have ono for sa... list it n th
us. No comn ssi n thmrfad -at-.'.ess ,. t-
make the sale
White & Skiles
N, .
*.   *
N    .
" \
IS   "
_   *
���   .*
; - .-
L ��
-      ::.'
' __
.  . *. ._
M. 1.
20.5.    '
N, ,
.... - ���
'.. .
-. - -
-�� -
.   . ���    -
X, ,
a . 4     ���:��� *
. ���
22.05   2."
X. ,
' 5
...   'V
22 ..    1
\   .
...   *  ..
'.'    .
"   *
X    .
��� ���
.    ���
- ���   ���     -
���. ���
V .
i \
.. :     > *
l.mi'ar   Allil.-ll,���_.
Tbe "man In tl-e moon" must sur,
regard with amused ec.tempt our mi ���
vaucteil athletic records. A t_oo��] te
restrial athlete could cover al>out 1:
feet ou tbe moon In a ruuu.ug lira.
jump, while leaping ever the bai
would be a very commonplace feat !:
would find no difficulty In carrying ���
times .is much and running sit: t n ���
as fast as be could on earth, all becatT*
the moon attracts holies witb but r.n
���Ixth of the force of the earth.
i I
Both   Alike.
The wife In tbe tniddie oi tbe n,..i'-
was  awakened  by  tbe laud snore1-  o,'
her husband.   She endured the b in
racket   as   long   as   she  c< nl I     Sir
pinching the man sharply, she si  r
"Herbert,  you'd  make less
you ke; t your mouth shut "
Herbert  sleepy ;.ud surly, mutter*"
"So would tou "
Mistress - Why,   Br ilget.   what  <���:,
eartl- are jo", doing with      thi    i   -������.
ftlshea  on   the sl ������ '     Bri :_���������
mc::.. ye    :   fid me Oi wer I
everr one Oi 1: > _    London ajjs
Bu.ir,..-.   Directory
Tide Table   Fraser River
Real   Estate
F. J. Hart & Co.. Ltd.
701 Columbia St.
Ixental  Agency
F. J. Hart 6.   Co., Ltd..
701 Columbia St.
Fire Insurance
F. J. Hart & Co.. Ltd.
701 Columbia St.
Mortgage Loans
F. J. Hart & Co.. Ltd.
701 Columbia St.
Life Insu
F. J. Hart & Co.. Ltd.
if 01 Columbia St.
New   \\ estminster,   B. C.
Bl \ ancouver
argent's Gem
Food Chopper is
an economical
addition to any
kitchen. It saves
time and lessens
labor, and thus
economizes the
and strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can be
made from what might bc wasted
if it were not for thc Gem.
it chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It docs not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food a.s you want it���fine, coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, self-
sharpening. No kitchen complete
without it.
Three" months' Imprisonment with
hard labor was the sentence imposed
on L. K. Kerbaugh al the Vancouver
police court yesterday morning. Kerbaugh was charged with embezzling
certain sums of money from the Co
lumblan Publishing Co., and pleaded
guilty. He excuse,] himself on the
plea that be had been drinking hard
for some time, and did not know what
he bad been doing.
Judge Henderson will conduct court
to-day, and among other matters which
will engage his attention will be that
ol _*. Stickley, whn will come up tor
election. Stickley is accused of sidling a coat belonging to Hen Grossman,
oi Vancouver. Tbe c ial was left in
the cloak room at thi St, George's hall
during a dance, and when the owner
was ready to go home, the coat was
missing. Grossman laid the matter
before ihe police, who afterwards
found the missing garment in Stick-
ley's room in Vancouver, and arrested
him on the strength of it. The accused stated that he had purchased
the coat during the exhibition from
a man a; the Guichbn hotel The magistrate decided to send Stickley up for
The establishment of an agricultural
college in connection with the Columbian ;ollege Is the latesl scheme
fathered by Mayor Keary, who is at
present endeavoring ti secure the co-
operation of the Dominion and provincial authorities for the purpose of
I promoting the scheme. Il is intended
that the college, thi city and the R. A.
A: I. - ���:���':��� should arrange for com-
bim : class rooms, while demonstration . mmodai in will be arranged
fi ��� in Quei n's pi i k. The mayor be
li< ves that at leasi fifty pupils could
be induced t in the o liege the first
year, J. B Kennedy, M.P.. has been
asked ti ring the matter before the
notice of the Hou. Sydney Fisher, min-
tsti ��� i ' agriculture, while T. Gifford,
M.P.P . will ring it ��� fore the Hun.
Capt, Tatlow, pi rin lal minister ol
Mi>-   Ji ssie   Ma. lai hlan, the  well-
km ��n s "--:-h  so] rano, who w111
bea        ���  ���   ��� -.   ".':.:: b lay  evening  ai
: iuse,   :...-   a  tremend ius
:��� Mi wing     thn  ighi  il     thi     English-
- ���..- ing    worl I.    She    ..;���; eare I   by
���.-:. -.. :    efon  Queen Vid
���. -   -      leligbted   with   her  i \-
tlon of i ������    an ii nl
��� ���       -  :.--   -1- ith  Clarsa b oi   High-
arp  a i       ni    -  at   she
- ������ er the title oi rhe Q en ol
8    -.-    Song ���   members ol Miss
���. - oi    any this season are
���-    '   - - -     f note, and 1
-   in ��� ��� sed will n<   i (
- .- ���        ������. ���   .:. ��� 5 con
ny  has b< i    I
��� -
e greates
...   -       ���   . ny   s   e
. - ��� ���- ��� .liss Jessii
"     . ears   under   i
nti  ��� .��� to  thi
- :      Augustus
:..  -   "
era housi     next   Sa      ..: .     Whi :.
3  wrot.
tics in America sa
-.-���:..       ��� - -.     laj
ras        ...
-  '������ ee ol      it city's bes
was a grea
'������ The . gi
ifereno     -   evidei Arizona
ihe title Is a stage-i
���  - .- -     nd loves
living ii ���    ���
  ters are of the si
-   . :.   ���        :.- i.
-   ���'     . lomin
es 1       ��� . his
tempered wif<
their tw. - ghters
rea .....        ��    . s
bi   officers    :���.:: I
- Hers    f a fi antl. t  tavalrj   ;
'  - : s   ._.:
���""v in
demand at this season of the year for part.
gowns of every description.    You may not need a
new dress at present, but in our showing of New
Evening Wear Material you may find just the goods
which you know will be most suitable for ]ateJ
See what we are showing this week : New and popular shades in
Silk Eolines, Voiles, Crepolines, Japanese Silk Crepons, Faun
White Mohairs, Albatross, Nun's Veilings, Organdies, Colored
Baptistes, India Linons, Cotton Voiles, Dimities. Persian La
and Silks of every description.
Among the new Trimmings Pleated Chiffons in all widths, Silk
Ruchings, Draw Ribbons, Silk Appliques, Fine Laces and Ail-
Over Laces in suitable designs.
Large Showing of New Neckwear this week.
New Silk and Kid Gloves in popular lengths.
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. This is a chance
of a lifetime.
716 and T1S Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extern-i( n. Front Street.
Excuse us for a Moment
But have you heard about the splendid opportunities that are now awaiting the buyers
of Columbia Street Property? Watch New
Westminster values rising ! See the downfall of those who delay investment.      :      :
Malins, Coulthard & Co|
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St, - - New Westminster
| Electric Railway Service
Inter-urDan Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 and . I
3. m. Half hourly e..:s -ft.'.:
run from Centra'. Park to
Vancouver only.
C ty  Limits Line-- Service f
15 a ::.. ��� ' 11  ;. m,
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between IJ and J and 5 and T.
30  Minute   Service   during **j
mainder of day. ~\
Leopold fiace.
Sunday   Service   halM \
tween v a.m.
Sapperton  Line.
"o   Minute  Serv te
tC    11
12  an :
..:. :
which hours the '
'    i rl >
Sunday  Service
twei i. ���
���   ���
X British Columbia Electric R>.Co.,Lt<l
[ Horse Clipping Machine
T\7E have a line of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good. Our
clippers work|easier, clip faster and take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear 'i,u?er
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.     Call and


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