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The Daily News Aug 17, 1906

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Revolutionists and  Soldiers Continue c     Use the Streets \
of Moscow as a Slaughter Gr��| id.���Cause
of the Outbreak is Exr g ned.
Moscow, Aug. It"'.���An outbreak oc-1 been bj .1 up and burned, Cossacks
, . . I today In the central prison : and ot- droops fired into the crowds
among the political offenders confln-iand mnr*' ""' lese street fighting foi-
there owing  to  tlie  hospital  con-
The casualties are not given,
pi!  tncre  uwnifc   iu   me   iiuBinuu   cull-       ���,, ,
lhe     revolutionists     used     bombs
ditions.    The  warders of  lhe   prison
being unable to cope with the disturbances   were  forced  lo  call  in   half a
any   of the Pernova    regiment  Vosslsche Zeltung f
who subdued the outbreal;  by  a  vol-
againsl the police al  Warsaw today.
The  Cause  of   It.
Berlin, Aug. 16.���A despatch to the!
im  Warsaw dat-!
1 I   yesterday,   giv< -   details   of   yes-
lej     hich killed two men and wound-   terday'e rioting. The despatch says:
ed ten prisoners. The  disturbance   was  due  to  the
Know  How to Die. determination of tbe revolutionists to;
. Aug. IC..���A plot to pillage revenge the arresl oi one hundred
,, era! villages here was discovered :;1''' forty workmen ol an enamelled
1 :.-.- a police commisstary    who  '���yA"^ factory.   Thi    1 ing began at 1
with an assistant shadowed two nun.   "'clock   In  the   n   mi   -     In   various
:   the   conspirators   waa   shot   parts of the ell       -  I - ncerted
- commissiary, whereupon the 8ignal. In man places the military
other drew a bomb from his pocket, :i''"1 ";i :|''-' crowd indiscriminately
:.   . !   the   fuse   with   his   cigarette :i:1,1  the exacl   numli llled  has
arted running, lie slipped and ll,i: ' been asc rtaini 1 .; lies pick-
thi     omb   exploded,   fatally   injuring ed  up in  the  Btreets aue to  be
liim.    llis last words were:  "Vou see      "' ,|!   '" the  morgue  in  Theodora
now  bow  to  die." "   '"'��� whIch is "'-1:l; ;' '        troops.
Deal   Death   Indiscriminately. Arrest the Wounded.
Warsaw, Aug.  16.���A boy    tonight|     Many   of    the    wounded    conceal
threw a bomb into a procession which  themselves, because  [he Boldiers ar-
asslng Tucholano streel  on Its   rest   all   wounded   persons.    Strong
return    from  a   pilgrimage    to    the  patrols  of twent;   to  fifty    cavalry-
11    pit   the   Holy   Virgin   at   Rock-   men   are  riding  through   the  streets,
.  .  near  Warsaw,  wounding two Of   searching   passers-by   for   arms,
the processionists. The streets  In  the Jewish quarter
The explosion attracted a patrol of are deserted ecause the military
infantry who without warning fired patrols knock down with the butts
a voile;   wounding 30 persons, <������   their rifles everybody tbey  meet.
\  band of revolutionist-   today at-      A  bomb was thrown  In  the after-
��� -l  a  governmenl   alcohol    store  noon into 4the wind w  Of the  police
and   Bhol   and   killed    a   clerk    and station, Wounding seventeen policemen
wounded    two  other    persons.    The  and twenty passers-by.
London,  Aug.  15���The Tribune's war corres-
j pondent at Warsaw telegraphs a description of the
pitiful scenes witnessed by him after the disturbances
Wednesday night.
At the hospitals physicians fatigued by their
labc were unable to attend to the wounds of those
diagnosed as fatal.
The people have grown callous with too much
death. I was shocked to hear a young girl laugh
heartily at the sight of a woman whose head had
been torn off by a bomb.
In one hospital I saw a youth who, when bayon-
etted on Wednesday, feigned death. The soldiers
trod over him and their heavy boots crushed his
fingers to pulp, but he successfully stood the ordeal.
He was carried to the morgue, when it was discovered he was alive. He is now progressing
Last night resulted in an orgie of blood in the
Jewish quarter. The number of persons clubbed or
bayonetted exceeds 300.
Great Enthusiasm Prevails on Nomination of the Veteran
Speaker for the Seventeenth Time by Acclamation.���His Little Speech.
Official     of     British     Foreign     Office   Representative    of   the    E.   C.    Horst
Talks About  Sir  Charles' Trip Company Finds Help in New
With  the   King. ,        Westminster.
London, Aug.  IC.���''While not pre-
nding to know what passed at the
conference at Friederichshof," said an;
A representative of the E. C Horst
Danvile, 111., Aug. 16.���The conven- as was made by the first session of
��� tion of the Eighteenth Illinois eon- the fifty-ninth congress, which has
j gressional district was called at 1 just come to a close, coupled with
J o'clock and renominated Joseph G. the additional wise administration by
Cannon for the eighteenth consecutive the chief executive and the Impartial
] time,  being the  seventeenth  noniina- enforcement   of   the  laws,   the   party
I tion by acclamation. will deserve, and in my .judgment will
There was the greatest enthusiasm, receive the approval of the people in
especially over the prosperous candi- 1908.
lacy   of   Mr.   Cannon   for   president. "It   is  too  early  to  determine  the
Mr.   Cannon   bad   not     Intended     to personnel  of  the  national ticket  for
; launch his boom for president at this the   presidential  election.    So  far  as
' convention,   but   the   pressure  of  his the republican  party is concerned, it
" supporters was so great as to sweep will no doubt in convention assembled
. way his wishes in the matter. P rform  that   duty  wisely  when  the
Mr, Cannon's supporters in his own time comes, and  whoever is    chosen
' dlstricl   will   likely   urge   the    state for leadership will surely receive the
convention  I i  make similar endorse- hearty support of   those who believe
ent,            'e   seems    to    Aj    little in  the  policies    of    the    republican
��� doubt that this will be done. Mr. party, of which I am an humble mem-
Cannon in addressing the convention ber. These policies are vital for the
said: es1  interests and welfare of all the
"The  resolution   which   you    have eoj le.    No   man   would   refuse   the
just adopted, coming as it does fr im nomination at the hands of a great
those   whom   I   have   represented   iti .any   for  the   highest  offlce   in   the
the   national   House   of   Representa- republic,  but   such   a   nomination   is
tives   for  more   than    thirty    years, i"-ot to be had for the seeking."
touches me  profoundly.    I  would be '             ��
less than human did I not appreciate Rejoicing at Macleod.
your expression of compliment, when Macleod.  Alta.,  Aug.  IJ.���There  is
you mention my name with approval Sreat   rejoicing   here  over   the   final
ic connection with the highest office' settlement between the Macleod town
in the gift of the people.   I would not council and lhe C. P. R., by which the
band tried.to rob the cash drawer.
A patrol of infantry surrounded the
1 , and the revolutionists fired
I the  windows. All of them  were
T    ���      t( ll.
Slaughter of Jews,
lon,   Aug,   16.���A   Warsaw   tele-
to  the  Jewish   Chronicle   says:
After yesterda*y's  disturbance,  which
thi  police quelled, 250 Jews were kill-
r p   ir wounded by the sol lierB.
Still At It.
Mutineers   Executed.
lending to know what passed at the|company  of Sartiis  was '��  ,lle  c,i,-v exchange  your  confidence    for    the railway company will operate the new
| yesterday interviewing all the Indians gratification   of   any   ambition   thaf line, just built into the town, for all
,  ,   ,   .     ,    ...     .,   .    _ tn 1 might have.   It is proper for me to purposes.   Tbe agreement was arrived
Official   Of   the   foreign   office   today,1"'  coum sei  noiu oi  wixn a  v,ew  to           b                             ��   ' Bevernl    conferences
���'            .         ,   .         ,    ,,            . sav, however, that we are on the eve at   toda>   attei     sevei.u    commences
'vou  ran  sav  that   too  much   sienifi-  'Securing   their   valuable   services   in     ,                  .       ,      ,.        .    t,         . h���j    , ���--   h���i,i
jou  en   sit\   ui,u   ioo  mucn  signm- 0,  a  campaign  for  the election of a nau   i.een   neiu.
cance   musi   nol   be  attached   to  the11'0 il01) Sardens  in  which he  is  in- natjonai    House   of   Representatives Harvesting  is  general  and  the es-
presence   of   Sir   Charles   Hardinge, - ,eresleii'    His tongue was so persna- which   may   involve  one-third  of  rhe timateS Meld is 25 bushels per acre.
peni.aneii;   under   secretary     of   the   Ave  that   he  captured  a  small  army personel of the United States senate, All  crops  are  good.    The  sample  of
fl reign office.    King Edward on every   ������  sixty  of  both  sexes  and  straight- 'u  si��'   ���"lin='  ��f  T'ne  campaign   in Alberta red wheat produced this sea-
Deslagar,  Russia,  Aug.  10.���A  field
ccurl  martial today condemned a ser-   :i"   the   PurP����e   ":'   :lltt:in"     ;i   '��'"
eign sovereign has 1 een accompanied
t.i,, ire has made to the continentL,/fty proceeded to make a dicker with
the respective states.
ton  will  be  quite a.s good  as in  for-
Bli  Charles,   He is not a member
lister can agree to anything
As   vou   are   aware,   the   election   '.pier   years,
tbe   Favourite's   captain   to   take   the   win  be he]a   in   November  next.    In
bunch to Chilliwack.
Typos in Session.
Colorado Springs, Colo., .Vug. 10.-
rreanl   and   four  soldiers  to death  as
ihc leaders of the receni mutiny. The
sentence also was executed.
The  Girl's   Name.
St Petersburg, Aug. 16.���The yonng I, preveni repre- ...,.....,
woman  who after being arrested  for   t,,.,,;VM o{ . , ,, ,,,,.,,..., office8 f..om                                    '        5          B        ' be   successful   in   crossing   it   before year's convention of the order of the
leaking a  sarcastic  remark  upon  the   discussing   questions   In   which   their n           :"'' t^'e is an excellent crop we  attemp1  ,0  get  over the river in Canadian-American union. This year's
bearing    of    the  Chevalier    Guards,   respective   countries   are    Interested. l!;is yeaXl   There is also a ready de- 190s,    if jn  November the interests convention opened here today.    Dele-
polities as well as in other matters of
of  the  cablnel   and   onlv  a    cabinet      The   Favourite   accordingly     made  life, it is best not to cross a stream
in be-   the  required  trip hist night and the   until   ytm   come   to   ir.     The    first   Hot    Springs,    Kansas,    was    today
stream to cross is in November next,   chosen  by   the    International    Typo-
half  of  the  government. of hop gardens    re "catching it" today.
The hop Industry is growing very
and   it   is  necessary  that   we  should   graphical union as the place for next
while the>  were marching along the   Th(J    friendly    attitude    which    the  mand for hops on the American mar-  0! the republican party shall again be   r.'U's were  present from
St,   Petersburg,   Aug.   16.���Today's  Nevskj   Prospeci  on  augusl   14. and: Fr(.,,,.-,   adopted  tow;   A  the confer-   ket  and the  Horst  company    would  clothed   with   power  in  the national  England states and Illinois and Michi-
ntches  trom  Poland  are    hardly who was subjected to gross Indignities  , ���,.,.  lg  ,.vllaln   ; ��� ���.,.   ..���.,   that  find a ready market fc^'many times | congress and the first session of the  gan.   Committee reports-and business
  _     . . .      I _._ ..,,..       ....      ^ _       ���   ���*,.!       hnniifit       n��.
grave than those of lasi night.      In the presence of officers of the regi-   praace was fully Informed  In  regard
M Lodz after the police station bad   ment. Is Anna  Smirnoff, , ,   .1,,.   intention   of   meeting   before
 __^__�����������������������������   King   Edward   decide 1   to  meet    Em-
, ��� ror  William.'
the crop at  their disposal.
sixtieth congress can succeed In mak-   relating to insurance and benefit or-
ing  approximately  as  good  a  record   ganizatlon  were discussed.
Either Dr. Hall or J. Fred Hume Will   Senator's Chaffeur is Accused of Ex-
Be the Standard ceeding the Speed Limit in
Nelson, Aug.  16.���Al    the    Liberal
association meeting tonighl  Dr, Hall
and   .1.   Fred   Hume,   ex-minister  of
mines, wer,- placed iii nomination tor
l-i: era! candidates tor this riding al
1  tii \t provincial election.   No bai-'
fill be taken  tor the final choice
'- 1 September 20,   S. S. Taylor post-
decline l the nomination saying
'���"  had  no  Intention  of   running  In
Boston   Bank   Closed.
' a, Aug, 1,:.  -The Firsl National
Hank of Chelsea will nol 1 a open for
ess In the morning, orders hav-
'"���  ! een Is ue I by Lbe comptroller of
""  currency to close tbe institution.
White Plains, N. Y.. Aug. 18.���
Deputy Sheriff Townsend In the town
of Scarsdale today held up ii touring
car for speeding at the rate of 35
miles an hour. In which were Senator
and Mrs. rhnuncy M. Depew and a
woman said to be a relative ol the
senator, Tbe cheuffeur denied any
excess ot the limit, Senatoi Depew
gave $25 cash bond foi the chaffeui
lo  appear  Friday.
Fire  Rages  in  Forest.
Nelson.   II.   C,   Aug.    18.-     \    bl  I
toresl tire Is raging al the mouth <
Porcupine   creek,   near' Vinir,   threai
I ning  the   Hunter  V,   tramway   and
lining much damage to timber,
Mob Riddles Negro.
Greenwood.  S.   C,   Aug.   10.���"Hob"
Davis the negro,  who assaulted  Miss j
Jennie Brooks near ber-   Monday was!
lynched here tonight.   Governor Hey-1
ward  was present  and trade a Strong
appeal to -a-.,  thi   negro but the mob j
was  determined  and  shot  the  uegro
to  death.
Mrs. Craigie's Funeral.
London, Aug. 10.���Mrs. Craigie's
body was conveyed tonight from her
late home to the Jesuit church in
Farm street, where it was received
by Father Galtin, superior of the
church. The service was very imposing received by the parents of Mrs.
Craigie fro mthe Princess of Wales,
Lord Curzon of Keddleston, American
Ambassador Reid and former' Ambassador Choate.
Driver   of   Wagon   and   His   Brother   Held   to   Answer  for   Death   of   Man.
are   Killed   and   Another   Man Who Was Assaulted  By
Injured. Robbed. ,.
Allentown, Pa., Aug. 10.���Coming
out of a covered bridge on an unprotected crossing of the Lehigh Valley
railroad tonight the delivery wagon
iu' a local brewery was struck by a
train. Edward Brick, the drive: and
John Brick bis brother were killed
and Jeremiah McCauley was fatally
Mr.   Gamin's   Store    Will    Be    Headquarters   Where   Members  Can
Register  Their  Names.
Joe   Gans   Trains    fcr     Fight     With
Nelson   and   Will   Accept   Any
Apparently Recovers
and Dies in Ambulance
Victoria, is. c, Aug. 16.���After apparently recovering from the effects of
MPhyxlation, J. Sims, as employee of
">e Victoria cas company, died In
""' (ity ambulance on the way to the
Jubilee hospital nbout 1 o'clock ibis
ttfternoon. He was first overcome
ab��Ul half pasl eleven while work-
'- with a number of other men lay
ng ���' new gas main on Toronto street
A connection was being ma le with
"'" old main and the gas was not
1 '""' ! off before making the connec
tion, as is usually the ta-'. Sims
suddenly complained ot sickness and
v.as assisted oul of the trench by his
fellow workmen lb CarteT was
summoned al once, bul when he arrived he found the mun bad apparently recovered. He later went and sat
[n an outhouse near the scene ur the
accident The effects ol the gas inhaled again became evident, and
death resulted. He was about 40
:.ars of age. a married man, living
oc North Pandora street. He leave
a wife and U 1 Btep-chlldren.
Mi ssrs, Reld and Bruce, organizers
for ihe Carpenter's union, came over
from Vancouver last evening and attended the meeting of the Carpenter's
union which was held in the Oddfellow's ball last night.
It was decided thai a feature of
the union should be a labor bureau
und the bead quarters of the bureau
will be at Mr. Gamin'B store. The
Innovation will provide a place of
legist rat ion for carpenters who belong to the union and who are out
of work. It will aid members of the
union to secure work and will also
give the secretary ibe required in-
formatlon as to the amount of benefits accruing to the member requiring
aid  from  the union.
Alter Dec. 1 the initiation fee will
lie raised to if,",, whicb is the Bame
as in Vancouver and far lower than
tbe rate In Force in a number of
other cities.
Dr, Jones received the appointment
0? branch physician tor the local
union an 1 lhe n eeting adjourned.
Goldfleld, Nev., Aug. 10.���Nelson !-
Mill without training quarters, He
selected the brewery, about a half a
mile from town, last evening, and
With it a collage near by. This morn
ing he was informed that owing to
illnerrs in the cottage, he could not be
accommodated there. Now the Dane
has about decided to take quarters
al a private iiotel 111 town. He is
looking for a suitable place today
Gans went, over his seven miles of
road today and returned a little before noon in splendid spirits. His
1 raining quarters are complete and
a throng of visitors watched him at,
his etxerclse this morning. In an
exultation   of   spirits  Cans  said:
"I'll fight him In a ten-foot ring if
in   likes."
To the aewspapei men he said:
"Please deny that I am opposed to
any re!'"iet���Qeorge Siler, Bat Mas-
teraon, Eddie Qraney���they're all
good   to  ime "
Quiet  in  Brooklyn.
,\. .  Y- ,���;.. Aug, 16.���Acting Mayor
;     iwan'1   I '���   li   ued  a  proml ima
tii 'i .1-   ;     :  all , Itlzens  to  re
train fi 11 be    II ��� urbam es along
the liv .-; ; be Br iok��3n Rapid Transll company, assuring 'be people that
their rir.-"ts are ti be fully protected.
All was qulel  in  Brooklyn today.
Buffalo, N. Y��� Aug. 16.���Michael
C. Laporte, a saloon keeper, John
Leiblnger, an ice peddler, and John
Fink, a barber, all of Buffalo have
been arrested and charged with man-
A:.lighter. Tbey are charged with
having caused the death of Ceorge
S Desmond of Siimiuerville, Mass.
Desmond was assaulted in a street in
front of Laporte's saloon a few days
ago. Desmond and bis wl'ie, the
police say. were robbed, a bracelel
elongl Mrs, Desmond was found
.-.   :',:���. . ���   ���   BlOn.
Steel   Ball   Receiver.
Chicago, Aug.    A'.   Judge    Bethhe
lias   also   name I   W.   F.   Zisbel,     receiver  for  the  Steel    Ball    company
Production of Lumber
Is Heavy in Washington
Seattle. Aug. IC���During the first
six months of this year the forests
(>' Washington produced and sold to
the world more lumber than (luring
any like period in all Us history. The I
figures show a truly astonishing production by the mills of the state and
a tremendous carrying trade by rail;
and sea. J
Considering ihat Washington
shingles are on nn avei.ige 56 cents
1 er thousand higher than a year ago,
nnd that  the prices of all grades of!
lumber have advanced materially In
thai time ,lt is plain that the timber
industry has brought more coin into the state than during any other six
months in the annals of the state. The
production of shingles, however, ls
less than dining the first six months
of 1906.
The   semi-annual   lumber   statistics
tills year reveal a phenomenal increase in Eastern rail shipments from
We'- rn Washington and a very substantial Increase in tlie cargo shipments of tbe Pacific Northwest
' A��, l��':T
'    Ir-til
- A ip*
- w.
��� *'���    'It     f
", E' ii-fl*
Opportunity I J(JGS
A Useful Jwg Cheap.
from 1 5 cents each.
r.A.MlMr & Co.       TO HOLD THE UMPIRES
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,
Notice to
the Pubii
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
1 imbla St. New Westminster.
Handsome 6-roomed Collage
with Modern convenience ;
_  Lots all in lawn and gardi n :
i���':   from   Tram,   central
I��ricc S2500 Terms Ea , .
A 6-roomed Cottacje
on 5th Avenue.   Corner lot
-.' x  132.   Only $950    ;
Cash, balance on small payi    - I
lit p irehaser.
.     CilumbiaSt.    Phone 85
Drowned   in   Saskatchewan.
S ekatoon,   Sask.,  Aug.   15.���1!   h -'
t'      ���  iort( I to the Royal Northwest
inte i   |ioli( e   thai   \V.  Taigard,  a
...   ��� mn   '������ uler from Talgardville,;
Oj    who llvi tl thirty-five miles south-
est   I     ;.   .-      atoon,   was   drowne '���
a  the 9       Ichev an   river  on  Mon-
iftei noon.
B.   R.  T.   Officials  Arrested.
lev   Vork,  A ig   15    Police Magis-
iiat<   Hlgginhothan   late  lonighl  per-
ised  the arresl    ol    VI e
c.   Smith,   and   VV.   C.
the i'.. R, T. on charges
loi   und   committing
p-i   io public order,
���Vcmran and Child Drowned.
...   ec,    Vug    15,   The
��� -    arrived here from the
,    .     the  Si    Lawrence  lasi
P     .  ,-���   ���   lefl   the yacht   to
In a  canoe,    which,
hen    ��� oul   150  feel   from the Bhon
upset,    Mrs, Dugan and Infant    were
drowned,   hut   the  other    passengers
managed to reach the shore In safety.
Fatality at  Fire.
I: iffalo, N, V . Aug. I.A��� One person was burned to death, anotherj
fatally burned, and a seme had nar-i
row esc tpes In a fire at the foot of
Main Streel near the waterfronl this
afternoon. The dead man is Capt. ,Ias.
Robinson, a  veteran lake captain.
('has.  Johnson, a  sail-maker    was
fatallj   burned.
The lire Btarted on the top floor of |
No,  113, .Main    street    occupied    by
tl e Buffalo ship Chandlery and Supply   company,   and   Is   supposed    to
have been caused by an explosion.
Body  is   Recovered   After  Two   Hours
Anxious  Work  With   Grappling
Thrilling   Incidents    During    Fr.endly
Match at Queen's ParK Last
Three umpires struggled to keep
tab on the swift horsebide tossers
ivho   gathered   at   Queen's   Park   lasr
��� vening to play a friendly game, W.
Eichoff was  the  firsl     i    e chosen,
ter a couple of innings, he con-
cludi i thai  the pace ivi -  getting too
for   him,   an I   retired   without
.-- :.: ich as sajing '���;���  yo n  leave.   W.
lon was selecte I    -   I  ������ next victim, and he stood in the center of the
iond  receiving  advice  from  plaj -
-  and .-; ��� ctators foi    hn     innings,
���  i id lenl ���    leci le !   thai   he
; -     am - I  down  t< n n,  and  sli    - '
\   .   w hile thi   plaj ers   vere hunting
ills,    The -  me       ign��� d
iii - v. ithout an umpire, bul a dis-
. olnl   ' . ip Ing    ip,   Mc! lonal I
. essed into si r. Ice.    Hi   dec i .-
il   v\ --  givi n   n ���
ittei.   While hi ;ing
his  .-.....  towards the pitcher, the sen-
-    ion    f thi   evening occuri   I. Peeli
-    i the    it, and taking a ti ue aim
he    atted   the   ball   towards   the   un-
Ing umpire,   The bullel   found its
.   and   McDonald   was   hit   in   a
vital spot, but a handkerchief in his
hip pockel save.l bim from experiencing   tlie   full   force   of   the   Mow.     Iri
extenuation.  Peele explained  that  he
di 1 it on the spur of the moment, because McDonald looked like the Blaine
McArthur also pn vided mi i. iment
for a few moments, and earned unci; ing fame by making a sensational
run. In rhe last Innings, he stood at
:. " I ..-<-. with Worli j al 'he bat.
On a strike he had a fighting chance
ul getting ro second, and he made
: m for it.    Smith was supposed to
ii    I ing  afti :   thi   -��� 'on i    pillow,
ul  had straj e 1 some distance away.
.McArthur made a bee line for Smith,
%  '   then   safely, then   ooked  around
the base.    1*  was not   there, and
:.M iding that  some  n iscreani  had
: urloined   it.   he   made   another   run,
.  it  losi his direction, and had reach-
������ i   ci ntei field   before   he   fo tnd   out
���   he   was  chasing  in   the   wrong
lirection.    He had  not   fo md  second
the time ti;-   gan e finish! d.
gji. egatii 'i  .. on I j  a score
' six to two.   Quite a number of new
��� ���.   were   tried   out,   but   with   few
��� xeeptions, their form did not warrant placing them on the Xew Westminster team. Turner ; layed a good
game, and with a little practice will
make Ids position secure on the team.
Clute. who relieved Turner as catcher towards the last, acted th.- pan
well, but when out in the field, his
attention   kept   straying  towards   the
ither end, where the lacrosse players were practicing. McCutcheon
and Worley were pressed into ser-
-. it '��� ': ecause some of the other play-
��� rs lid not turn up, and the remainder of Di an's te im was (omposed of
the   regular  basi ball  team.
Cunningh im's nir.i   we; ���   mostly untried     en, ���        I the ad-
if having  the      gular    battel y,   Peele  and   Male dmson,   on   his
Ed.   Hughes  wants    to    know
���  ii  ������ els liki   '���- win a game, as
con plains   lh: I   he   Is   always  on
- : i   -id--,     l'l.- re  were  no brtl-
II  ni   pla ers  to  ��� eli cl     for    special
mention on  I hli   side, .,..��� 11 doing hi i
to hi Ip lose thi   game,    At I he
end   of   six   Innings,   the   game   was
called off en account of the dim light.
The batting order was as  follows:
Cunningham,    first     I ase;     Pi ele,
pitcher; Malcolmson, catcher; Leamy,
(enter  field;   Eastman,  second  base;
Hughes,  left   fleld;   McArthur,    third
'.-������:   \v. Cunningham,    right    field;
Fletcher, short  stop.
Sinclair, first base; price, pitcher;
Turner, catcher; Smith, second base;
Lewis, short slop; Clute. left field;
McC Helicon, third base; Worley, right
field; Dean, center field.
Score by Innings
Dean's     2 0 10 2 0���5
Cunningham's   0 0 0 0 1  1���2
 o '	
Cardiff Miners Strike.
Cardiff, Aug. 15.���Twenty-six thousand miners al Abertily struck this
morning owing to the employment of
.. inlonist woi I men In the mines.
, be      ,    ���    thi       ���   G(     ge  A'alter
C oil,   son   -p.   Capt.   ('roll,   who   was
I yesterday afti .noon  �� t    -    ivered about  G;30
tbe   evening.     Two   I  lats,   the   Clive
; an I opi .   the father of
li    i     iy, and the CI itha belonging  to  the  St.   Mungo  Canning -
.:.... went our Immi dlately after   I i
��� : bad Ian I" I it- passengers, an 1
after two ho irs of anxious work, rlu'
grappling   Irons    :aught   against   the
body which was lying in about elghl
: ithoms  ol   wati r,  and   brought  it  to
Ik   .- rface.
The drowning took pla< e aboul i: 30
and according to re; errs the only one
tn see the lad, who was M years
of age, no overboard, was the Chinese cook. The la 1 was coiling Up
a rope at the Btern. The mother and
i isters who wi re elng ti ki n on a
little     leas ire   trip   by   their   fatbi r
were   In   th ���       I be   ( hinaman
saw   ��� he     oj   give   a   Iui ch   an i   fall
overboard  and  gavi       ���     alai
.....    Thi     -        - vi    Ing
and was in the  swifl
tnirren 1     eyond  thi       g I - -
!..-,.-:.....    Whi .i the pai ty last saw
the lad alive hi Imming man-
,  but  before  thi ild    e
ud headed up stn     i
���    .   I   bad
I     wasi      u    ' '    thi
n >l ''-ii e then '     ���
angei i< n1
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
rv_��-��w?    '  ��� ���   - -v:-:  ���!'���;. .-���������.*
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������<,��^
\HATS %>% irc: 25c\
��� One lot Childrens  Galateas,
��� made of fine white Sennet
Straw worth up to 1.5o.
Your choice at   .
��� One Lot Ladies Ready-to-wear
Hats, worth up to 2.5o.
Your choice at   .
25c i
Fued     Between     Walking     3oss    and
Camo Foreman  Ends in a
The Paragon
 Family Washer������
Thf Latesl   <incl   Cir��'t��it-Ht   w.ishcr on  the Markel
\  .
Strong   Act   Calis   for   lnterfere��t:e   cf
Police   Who   Find   Whiskey
in Camp.
Four drunken Indians, one dr inki n
Klootchman and a bottle < rye by
way of evidence were -  thi i   I in at
��� ne swoop j i >ffl< ��� . e Johnson and
Burke yesti r lay i ftei noi n about ."
The Indian colony almosl
ihe new (i. V R. . ...-���- on A- mt
street were verj d Isj all the i ftei ���
noon and sun:" I the em loyees ol
the creamer; noticed rn of the men
using somewhat threat! ning gestun e
to his little wifi and as I be wati -.
tacked tent
��� In ir   '.- .:.'    ti I     -)-     ��� i   'I iwn   thi
whole ci ntrivance     - ter, thi
i ifflcers who ba ! I een ti li ihom I
arrived   an I ' instil uted     a     .igor .us
i fi       |ii        Thi     were   ewi
- I   b;   finding fill d    ottli
��� and in addil n, to the i e ���
some one, two In li; ns and in Indian woman, tie id ti the woi 1 I. Another old fellow of the sami i - :-:p.--x-
idii wns nlso carrying a heavy And
of fire wati i \ delivi ry wagon - -
requisitioned and the foui male inebriates, one of then: objecting vigorously, were taken to the city lock-
Up. The force then went back ������ th
i'he conveyance and loa li I ' A
klootchman on board and conve; ��� I
her also to a place of safety. The
hunch will comi up for hearing this
in the community.    A poor " A.
to-mouth man " ni ver is.    Make up
your ruin-! to I uy a home Nl )\V.
Do li Now.
was most li ;ely a can i . nd i x-
travagant yo . man and did n< I
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the best, of all gifts to vour family.     '
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Seventh Street, near Baptisl
Church.     Lot60xl32 . . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist Yon.
f. J. HART & Co.
Eiii ey, t ..
1 nne! camp on the C'cppi A ���
N ii thwi stern Road, shot and
R " rt Mackintosh, camp I eman
ivith . :\s... He i alb I Mackintosh
from his tent and as be stepped out
fin '. Tin- bulb - enti red thi ��� fl side
i ' ��� he neck an I came - il al the
righi shoulder. He died in a few
n In ites, Thi shooting was the result
Fued over which position ranked
Baili y wa resti '. and Indicted by the gran I ir; for murdei,
The t:lal will take pi   ;e this week.
Browne  Re-arrested.
New     V< rk,     Aug.     15     Chas,     C.
.re-,   who   fi as   ordered   r< leased
...   Sing  Sing   i rison   - n   T lesd . -.
i   ,   v. - i:   bl        ���        ���      is,  was re-
��� - ted  ..-   be  li   I   thi   prison  '   I
an !   ..:: aigned   b fore   r.   S    Circuit
Judg ' i ighton Bail : i his
ti7il was fixi I . ��� |30,000 and he was
ti .. lorarily ci o     Itted  to the 1   I
Heat Kills Colonel.
Minneapolis, Minn.. A ig 15,
C - W. Ki eting of New Orleans I n
ti n years coi i nander of the depart-
1 ��� tit of Lousiana ��� nd Mississippi, aftei heading their divisions in the
. : ade today, was overcon e ��� ;��� the
h- at and expired. The total casualties to date are five deaths, i Ighl
i... ; ������ i  and   46  prostrations,
��� o ������-
Attell   Gets  Decision.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug.  15.���Abe
Attell,   featherweighl   champion,    gol
lhe  decision  ovei-  Frank  Garseys  of
Buffalo   tonighl   ar   the   < nil   of   the
15th round In the mosl magnificent exhibition of the ring sporl ever pulled
off In this city,
The two : oys ������������ ���  ������ battling fierci ly
���   the end  of th"  boul   and   the de-
Ion  of   Refi ree  Sllli i   was   h irdlj
, <j	
Printers Show Confidence.    ,
��� lolorado  Springs,  Col .   Aug.   1"'.
B.    inanimo i    ��� ote  the  delegates   to
the  International  typographical  union
-   nventlon lod ij a lopted a resolution
��� essing thi ;; full confidence In
the executive, congratulating the un'on
on he .-. Isrtom, prduence and fo e
sight shown in the contest for an
��� Ighl   hour  day.
��� o	
Dies  on   Way   to   Hospital.
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 15,���Thomas A, Martin, senior vice commander
oi'   the   departmenl   ol   the   Potomac,
who   is   a   clerk   In   the   treasury   de-
partmeni  al   Washington,  became 111
, while marching In the G, A, It. parade
and died while being removed to the
; emergency hospital,
Old Soldier Kills Wife.
Wallsville, X. v.. Aug. 15.���Frank
Hulls an old soldier, 65 years old,
, shot and killed his wife today and
al tempted to kill his fifteen year old
daughter. Hulls fired three shots ai
his wife. The woman was ill in bed.
She tried to defend herself by holding pillows In from of herself, One
shot hit her above the heart. Butts
i scaped.
The Paragon
Will Wash:
of ���  ..        hem ii
iap ami wati   .
Z.    inythii
> sl laci     irtaii
est  blanket     and  i
withoul thi    lightest ii
even thi mo I rii licati  I
:*.   Up tot wenl
within 5 t"  % min iti
ter and  cli aner  than
harsh, slow and tin
board methi d.
*i' ������ Pi ragi ti r i absolutely nn ������:- ss and so easily thai a ;
turn it. The Paragon will ave its cost many times by preventin
and tei       Call and    e it and be convinced like others now usini
Large Shipment of Ihem lust Arrived Direct from Factor)
>'��:>:>:��:>::*:>:>:>:>:����;��:>;:��:>.*>:>;>r>:>:>i>"*:>:> >��:> ��;���>�������� ��� ������
New Goods and New Prices
A full carload just arrived,    As fini ���.������ - ds as
���r entered the -  '
Inspection invited.    Bj buying here you can save money  and  lots i
jjj  (live us a trial.    We have many things we are going  to  clear at   ci
,���;   Mi ney saved ii money made.
Sec our $5.00 Mattresses
>;  716 and 718 C
!',>ur Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Stre
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily A'ecn.
New Westminster, B. C.
| Electric Railway Service:
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
Stations will run every hall-
hour from 5:60 a. m. to 11 p,
ni. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service rrom
6..'IO a, ni. to 11 p. m.
20 Minute Service���,\o transfer.
Between 12 und -' and 5 und 7,
ransrer at ���
30  Minute   Service   during  ri ���
mainder ol daj
Leopold Place. 41
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   1"' *
tween  8 a.  m. and  10 p. ta. ���
City nnd Sapperton. ��
Sapperton Line���lb IMliiu"' Sl'r' ���
vice, except between i- i|1|(| ���
2, and 6 and  i. during which J
hours    the    service   win   1)8 ���
half-hourly. J
Sunday Service   hair-hourly between H ii. in. und 11 p. t&.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
Boarding House for Sale 15 rooms
completely furnished and at present all occupied. Apply liox 501,
FOR RENT���Large, well lighted room,
suitable for an offlce. Apply to
('has. (I. Major.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C. VOLUME 1, NUMBER i:Ji)
11> V "i   MORNIN<
Revolutionists and   Soldiers Continue Use the  Streets
of Moscow as a Slaughter Gn     ,d.    Cause
of the Outbreak is Ext      ned.
\ i.    id ���An outbn ak oi      - en  b�� .i t'i oss    ks
In  'he    eentri      ��� ���! un   :'?l' "'- ai   the i rowds
.    ,   itici     iffendi ...     : '' '���     -'    ni
���       ii
'I   T
���   nol given,
aide to copi The Cause  of  ,t
���   '    ' Ani
the Pernovi ��� .   -..
the outbn .        estertl
Know    How   to   Die.
\ .. enge   thi
,   .
T ll    '
���  ���
1   '
- ;
ts to
h in
'   -
-     .   on ..... I ;
Deal   Death   Indiscriminate1/.
v.  Alll       ���       V   in
-   -    ��� ���
iln    Hol>   Vii gin
inding twi
��� ��� Rsionists
���   ��� -     ' -  !
who ..��� .
ersi ms,
nd of revolution
an :       led clerk    and
othei     persi ins     Thi
li :   to   ro p  ;.ip-  i ash   drawi r,
ol   Infi :.' rj   surroui   ���
in !   thi ition   '      fired
���    rindows. All of 1
Slaughter  of Jews.
Ion, Anj      '      \   '>...      ������   tele
lev    h Chronicb     ays:
: ian   '       '������ ::
.. -    |ui   ed, 250 Jev     vere kill-
a oui li ;     p" the s
Still   At   It.
:'���     rsburg,    Vug    I ���      I
tchi Poland  ar<     hs
thosi -'  night.
���  e police stai lon had
London, Aug. 15- The Tribune's war correspondent at Warsaw telegraphs a description of the
pi fui scenes witnessed by him after the li irbances
Wednesday night.
At the hospitals physicians fatigued by their
labor were unable to attend to the wounds of those
diagnosed as fatal.
The people have grown callous with too much
death. 1 was shocked to hear a young girl laugh
heartily at the sight of a woman whose head had
l.ecn torn off by a bomb.
In one hospital I saw a youth wh \ '..hen bayon-
etted on Wednesday, feigned death. The soldiers
trod over him and their heavy boots crushed his
fingers to pulp, but he successfully stood the ordeal.
He was carried to the morgue, when it was discovered he was alive. He is now progress:
Las nighl - iked in an orgie of bl ��� I in the
Jewish quarter, '. ie number oj lersons clubbed or
bay mei    11 100.
Great Enthusiasm Prevails on Nomination of the Veteran
Speaker for the Seventeenth Time by Acclamation.    His Little Speech.
Arres' the Wounded,
Man ���
I , - sh quarter
 ��� IS: Hit!
���'. ��� .      Ifles evei       I     thej   meet,
\ after
t ��� ���      dice
a. wo m Ilng sev<   tei        lici nan
Mutineers   Executed.
Deslai u    R i sia    \ ig   16 ���A  Beld
ci urt mai        od ndi      ed     ser-
.. ani   an 1 fou    soldiers b     eath as
.    ... ���  .        ��� r: e
. -. , ;,..   also was  ex     iti i.
The   Girl's   Name.
Si   Peters   irg,  \-.-   I       The young
woman "���       ��� -  -        ested foi
i    ng a s     astic n ipon the
lng    i ���    the   (   levalb      Guards,
...     long tbe
S'evsl       Prospi August  14,  and
v\ho wa  Indignities
In thi   .  ���  ence o   ofl   ers of the regi
ent,   Is   .A  it   s   Irnoff,
Official     of     British     Foreign    Office    Representative   cf   the    E.   C.    Horst
Talks  About   Sir   Charles'  Thd Company  Finds  Help  in  New
With  the   King. Westminster.
E t'-er Dr.  Hall or J. Fred  Hume Will   Senator's Chaffeur  is  Accused  of  Ex-
Be  the   Standard
ceeding the  Speed  Limit in
Kelson,  Aug.   16.���Al    the    Liberal      White   Plains,   N.   Y..    Aus     16.���
sociatlon   meeting  tonighl   Dr.  Hall   Deputy Sheriff Townsend in the town
i.l   ,i.   I-,, i   Hume,   ex-minister   oi   ol  Scarsdale today held up a touring
. wen   placed In nomination for   car   for  speeding  al   the   rate  of  35
candidates  for this  riding al   miles an hour, in which were Senatoi
nexl  pi ivlncial election.    No bal-l an<]  m,h. chauncey  M. Depew and a
, Aug. "��� t pri
ending --���.,-'.
erei I    -   -      I        ," sal i an
oreign   - fflce   ''day,
much signifl-
isi   not   bi       tached   to  the
���'-Tr ������   < .   Sii    i ' .     -   Hai linge,
ent   under  suen
eign office.   Ii
trip   he   h is   mi '���    1      ' -   contin
for  the  pti eeting    a  foi
. ���  i  .     has    - ��� . . anied
S     i     irles.    He is noi      tnembi
of  thi .'       nd     al     a    cablnel
c   i .:.   ��� ���   li   ..      ti ng In    ���
p'ernmei I
revi ��� ,   *
eign offices fro
uestions   in
ectlvi ntrii ���      inti  - sti 1
I H -T,
i   . ���          i     .     tov the eonfei
3  explained ���     act  thai
Fi   i      was fully in ed in n gard
Intentii n     I i ting   before
ecided -    meel    Em-
.    ���     Ham."
Mob  Ridoles Negro.
Greenwood,  S.  C,   A m.   16.���"Bob"
Davis  the negro,  who assaulted  Miss
li nnie Brooks near here Monday wan
lynched bi re tonigl I     i' vernor Hi :
ward was pn senl an l r ade a - n ng
appeal to savi   the negr-i     ul thi   i   -
was  determine I  an I   shol  the negro
to death.
A ri   resentativi       the   '.. C    lorsl
...-.-���>     - ;   Sardis   w ���-   in   thi
"   '��� ati   . - ���������   ig all the Ii
d get hold   ���;   n Ith a  \ it w I
sei n Ing   'heir   vai ,-lces   in
thi    :,. p  gardi ns  in   whi< h  he is  interested     His 1  ng ie ������'������ - so pi   -
Ivi   ���    I   ':������        '.-���:.-   -:��� all  army
'.  sixt     i       t!i   -exes and  straight-
eeded to make a dicker with
mrite's  ea; tain     i   I
- Chilliv
- - - -    ���    ���    Ling
��� I tri        b1    lighl  and  the
ens     e    cab ling it" today.
Tl     ' istry  :>  growing  vi  y
and then i exi elli nl crop
ear.   Thi       -  A     a   eady de-
' ian I for       -    n the  \n> i'; an mar-
'   and  Ihi    ���'.    si   company    wi i
fii 1 a rei I;   marl er   for man,   times
���  ������ i  op .- theii    Isi osal.
Dan    ��� '���  .    16.- Th.- conven
tion  oi ��� ���' n'h   Illinois  < "ii-
ession illed    at   1
o'cloi ��� loseph    G.
Cann   i ie eighteeni h consecutive
evei teenth  nom n -
ii  e was the greati Bt enth
er thi ���     i-    am
:   Mi    Cannon   d        re
Ir.   Ci ;   not     inti  i :��� i
esidi        ' this
n   sun   ��� ���   h:<
.���. ���  ��� .
i       : she      , ter.
���        ��� little
will     ���     . ne      Mr.
...������; :
a  which '
thosi I  hi vi    .      esented  in
H   isi    oi    Ri     -   ���
e   than      hirtj     ;������
hes     ��� id!       I  would
in did I i eciati
ress   n of -   mpliment, v hi n
d ��� ���   "���'��� Ith   i    roval
ip connection with the highest office
-   .   ���    ��� the | e, pie.   1 would not
our  confidence     :;       thi
graitifl of   any   an.It Ii
I mighl  havi     ir is pro] ��� .    oi    te to
say, hi '.'.ever, thai we arc on the eve
ign 1      'l ion i    a
national    Ho ise   of   Rej resentai' - -
whicb involve  one-third  of the
��� ��� ��� -��� ai '    I 'lie United Stares sen ������
io  s lng   of  the  cam] ais'n  in
ective  stares.
"As   you   are   aware,   the   ��� ectl n
will   be  held   in  Noveml er-  next.    In
politii - as well as in other matters of
���    :���  is ; esi ni I ro < rose a stream
ii     ome   to   it.     Tire    ���   s1
-   ��� -   is in Noveml      n< st,
and  ars   that   we  should
...   .      . .-;-,-   in   .  ossing   ii   bi '��� re
pt  to gel   over  the river in
19i S.    If  in  November  the  A - ri - -
n party si    '   gain 1 e
bed   with   pi wer  in   the  national
ngres    and 'he firs-  session of the
sixtieth congress can succeed in making sin atelj   as  good   -   rei
as was  a. di I be  firsl  sessii n of
the   fifty-ninth    ongress,   which   has
- -    - oae,  coupled  wiih
the additional wise administration by
the chiel i xecutlve and the Impartial
enforcemi at ���    i iws,  the   party
will deserve, an ludgmenl will
rei eive the I of the people In
too i determine  the
mnel  of  the  national  ticket   for
'i   : lentlal  eleelIon,    So far as
I  ���   republican    art;   Is < om erned
--.. !! no do invent! embled
rm   thai    . itj   n Isel]   when   the
time comes, and  whi ievi chosen
;��� idership will surely receive ihe
, ���    - i ipi   - of    lhose -.' I i    ii ii- '���������
in  the  policies    -. ;'    the    re n ilican
. of which I am an humble mem-
olic es are vital for the
'���-���   Interes - i nd  welfare of all the
\ :    'i     WOUld    refuse    the
hands  of a gri a1
Ighesi   offlce  in  the
such  a   nomination   is
,  the seeking."
i o	
Rejoicing at Macleod.
Macleod.  Alta.,   Aug.   16,���There   is
greal   rejoicing  here   over   the   final
��� i len ��� ��� ' - wei d the Macleod town
council and the C. P, R., by which ihe
railway company will operate the new
iill into the town, for all
;. pos is.   Tie agreement was arrived
today  after    several    conferences
had   teen   held.
Har estlng  is  general   add  the  es-
��� mati ield is 25 bushels per acre.
All  crops  are  good.    The  sample  of
- erta red when* produced this sea-
Mi: will be iniite as good as in former  years.
Typos in  Session.
Colorado  Springs,  Colo.. Aug.  16.���
Hot    Springs,    KansaB,    was    today
chosen  by   ihe    International    Typo-
���   hica! union as the place for next
.'- convention of the order of the
Canadian-American union. This year's
convention -��� ened here today.    Deie-
.   -... eseni   from    the    N> w
������ states an I Illinois and Michi-
i ii Committee reports-and business
relating to insurance and benefit organization  were  discussed.
MrE. Craigie's Funeral.
Londi n, A ig 16.���Mrs, Craigie's
body was conveyed tonight from her
lute home to the Jesuit church in
Kami street, where it was received
by Father Galtin, superior of the
church. The service was very imposing received by the parents of Mrs.
Cralgii fro mthe Princess of Wales.
Lord Curzon of Keddleston, American
Ambassadi r Reid and former Ambassador Choate
Driver    of    Wagon   and    His   Brother   Held   to   Answer   for   Death   of   Man.
are   Killed   and   Another   Man Who  Was  Assaulted   By
Injured. Robbed. j
will l e taken for the final choice
Si pti m  er 20 Taj lor posi
dei Iln   | tin   uon Inai       Baying
had   no   Intention   ��� i   i iinn ng   In
woman sai.i to be b relativi ��� the
senator. The cheuffeur denied anj
i \cess ol the Umil Si natoi Depew
gave $25 cash bond for the chaffeui
lo npi ear Friday.
Boston   Bank   Closed. pjre   Rages   in   Forest.
Boston, Uig. 16.    The First National Nelson.   B,   C,   Aug,   16,       \   bad
ol i helsea will nol be open tor foresl  flre le raging at the mouth ol
ness iii  the morning, order.- hav- Foreuplne  creek,   near Ymir,   threat
een le tied by the comptroller-of ening   the   Hunter   V    tramwaj   and
the currency to close the Institution, doing much damage to timber.
Apparently Recovers
and Dies in Ambulance
Mr.   Gamin's   Store    Will    Be    Headquarters   Where   Members  Can
Register  Their   Names.
Joe    Gans   Trains     fcr     Fight     With
Nelson   and   Will   Accept   Any
Victoria, M. ('., Aug, 16.���After apparently recovering from the effects of
��� BI'hyxiation, J, .Sims, an employee of
'A' Victoria (las company, died In
,'"' city ambulance on the way to the
1 ibllee hospital aboul i o'clock ihis
afternoon.    He   was  first    overcome
'hou I    half   past    eleven    while    worli-
'nS with a number of other men lay-
'l:' -: new .mis main on Toronto Btreet,
'- connection was being ma le with
''"' old main and the gas was nol
irni i off i efore making the connec
tion, as is usually the case. Sims
suddenly complained of sickness and
was assisted out of the trench by his
fellow workmen Dl Carter was
Summoned al once. bUl when he arrived he found the man had apparently recovered, He Inter wont and Bai
In an outhouse near the scene of the
accident, The effects of the ras In
haled again became evident, and
death resulted. He was aboul 10
; i ars of age, a marie I man. living
on North Pandora Btreet, He lea in
a wife and two step-children.
Mi ssrs Ri Id nnd it: n e, organl e a
for the Cai enter's ml in, i ame over
Irom Vancouver lasi evening and attended ' hi mei Ing ol I he Carpenter's
anion which was held in the Oddfellow's hall last night,
It    was     lecided   that    a   feature   Of
the union should be a labor bureau
and the head quarters of the bureau
will be at Mr, Gamin's stoic. The
ii 'novation will provide a place of
registration for carpenters who he-
long to the union and who are out.
i-r work. It will aid members of the
union to secure work and will also
give the secretary the required in-
formation as to the amount of benefits accruing to the member requiring
aid from the union.
After Dec, 1 the Initiation fee will
in raised Lo $6, which is the same
it; In Vancouver and far lower than
the   rate   In   force   in   n   number  of
i . r   cities.
Dr. Jones received the appointment
p branch physician for the local
union an l the meeting adjourned.
Ooldfb 1 i. Nev., \ i-. L6, V Ison Is
'iill without training quarters, He
selected the brewery, aboul a half a
mile from town, last evening, and
with it it cottage near by. This morn.
inn lie was Informed thai owing to
illness In the cottage, he could not be
accommodated Ihere. Now the Dane
has ahout decided lo take quarters
at a i rlvate bi tel m town. He is
looking for a suitable place today
Gans weut over his seven miles of
rend today and returned a little before noon in splendid spirits. His
training quarters are complete nnd
a throng of visitors watched bim at
his dxercise this morning. In an
i sulfation   of  spirits  Cans  said,
"I'll Hghl  him  iu a ten-foot ring 11
bl     likes."
To the  newspaper   men lie said:
"Please deny  Ihat   I  am opposed  to
any   referee���George   Siler,   Bat   Mas-
tcrson,    Eddie    Graney���they're    all
good   to one "
\ '��� ;,-   . :i.   Pa.,   Aug.    16.���Coming
il  oi       overe I I ridge on an unprotected  crossing of ihe  Lehigh Valley
n    11 might  the  delivery   wagon
rewery  was  struck  by a
Iward Brick, the driver and
John   Bi i li   his  brother   wi re   killi I
and   Ji   ���       'i   Mc< lauli y   v. as   fa
Quiet   in  Brooklyn.
Y rl . Aug   16.���Acting  M
McGom (aj   Iss ued   a
Hon        ; i-   i     '   ill citizens to l
train u he    :' turl am es i     ig
thi e Broi    yn Rapid Tran
sll ��� ���  ��� ��� an ���     ssurin    :1"- | eople that
their rights an ���   fully protected.
Ul   was   q del   In  Brooklyn to lay.
Buffalo, \. Y.. Aug. if..���Michael
C. Laporte, a saloon keeper. John
Leibinger, an ice peddler, and .lohn
Fink, a barber, all of Buffalo have
been arrested and charged with man-
si lighter. They are charged with
having caused the death of George
S Desmond of Summerville, Mass.
Desmond was assaulted in a street in
tn nl or' Laj oi te's saloon a few d ij ���
ago.     Di smond    and    his  wfle,   the
lice say, were robbed, A bracelet
.'i; e Mrs, Desmond was found
in Fink's    - - es sion
Steel   Ball   Receiver.
Chicago,   ^.ug.    i1'.   Judge    Bet!
has   a'.so  named   w.   F.  Ziabel,    re-
��� Iver  for  the  Steel     Ball    company
Production of Lumber
Is Heavy in Washington
Seattle, Aug, IC���During the first
six months of this year the forests
of Washington produced aud sold to
the world more lumber than during
. any like period in all Its history. The
tifMires show a truly astonishing pro-!
duction by the mills of the stale and
a tremendous carrying trade hy rail
and  sea.
Considering that Washington
shingles are on an average 55 cents
per thousand higher than a year ago, i
ai I  thai  the prices of all grades of
lum! er have advanced materially in
lhal time ,1t is plain that the timber
Industry has brought more coin into the slate than during any other six
months In the annals of the state. The
production of shingles, however, Is
less than during the first six months
of 1906.
The semi-annual lumber statistics
this vear reveal a phenomenal Increase in Eastern rail shipments from
Western Washington and a very substantial increase In the cargo shipments  of the  Pacific   Northwest.
V ���.���;�����' !  ���������
A i     '   "
:' :������ i \
* :���
t- -i
'"' . 1
h', :   -
L'! r
���':.. ..:k   i
%  ;j    .  ' :
h.    ''-.v   R'
is the salt of satisfaction for
all table and household uses.
Absolutely pure, never cakes.
Misses Henderson, ere.-   ml isses
e sent  by:  The Won en's assoi ia-
tl  n   of   Sr     Andrew's       iri.  '..     A
1   ild Gordon, Mrs, S .  Mrs.
. in,   Mrs.    S imme        \
ters  Lennox   in I   R ������-.   Mil -.  \ ������
��� ������r     Wreath-  were senl Rev,
:. I   Mrs.   A.   H    Vei ,  Mi M
' ireelman,   Revi Isi   .���-.   Mr,   and   Mrs
A   G.  Peters,  an I  the  Fi 1 e n il   S
1 let)   o:'   Eagles.     Spi -   ���    a-ere   sen
Mrs.   Poindgestre,   Mr.   and   Mrs
1  Marsh, Mrs. (;. McKay, Mr   and Mrs,
Earrett   Henderson   is   Shot  and   Kill-   M lirhead, Mr. and Mrs. W, Gray, Mrs
II. Welsh, .Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Stout,
Captain and Mrs. Card, Mr. and Mrs,
Roach, the Misse3 Kelly, Mrs. Rox-
berry, Mr. and .Mrs. Tidy, Miss Kate
Baker, Vancouver,    Mrs.    and    .Mis-
ed   on   H'S   Farm   Near
Special Summer Courses f
For Teachers  in the 1
Business Institute      *
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R.  J.  SROTT.   B.A..  Principal.
H.  A.  SCRIVEN.   B. A.,  Vice-Prin.
Regina, Sask.,  Aug.   a:.���A  terribli
tragedy, whether accidental or inten- Green,  Margaret   and   Francis    Vert.
tlonal the taking of   evidence   alone u..  an(j   Mrs.   Hainsworth,   Mr.  and
will prove, occurred about mne o'clock Mrs, Stoddart,  Mr, and  Mrs.  T, GIf-
this  morning   on    ihe    farm of Jo- [0rd,  sr..   Mr.   and   Mrs.   vv.  Gifford,
siah   Gilbert,   twelve   miles   south   of Master  Bennle   Gunn,   Mr.   and   Mrs.
this city.   The one facl  which Is nol ...   Mead,   Daphne   Robinson,   Mrs   G.
denied   is  that  Gilbert,   who is over i;   Rennle,    Nettie  EWgecombe,    Mr.
7" years of age, Bhot  Barrett Hender- .,,-, \ Miss McPherson.    Bouquets were
son, who came here ihis spring fi un      -.��� y.  m1s  j. Reichenbach, Mr. and
Prince  Edward island  and  purchased Mrs. .1. M   Martin, Mrs. A. .1   G  rdon,
Gilbert's  farm.    Henderson  was  bui yj  .   j0hn  Thompson.   Mr.   ini   Mrs.
riedly  broughl  to Regina hospital, but ;���   Birrell,   and   Mrs   Coi   et,
died shortly   after 5  o'cloi
Conflicting   stot les   as   to  how    I e
iei urre i   ai e   In   1 li 1 ilatl m
1 ini    story is to tl     ���    -
1 n.   who  ii.   it :;    ��� -.
ing tl ������ Gilbert  fai m       I the
��� iriliii   i'    has   a    -'������
:.' mi it bre ikins     e so
Dredge   to   Be   Shipped.
i'i. ��� im i   it" Ige, the Pactolus
.. 1 -   ieen Ij lng on the     inks       Lul 1'
island  for  a   numbi years I
lipped in      ��������� ��� Vancou-
.���-    and the    e tbe      at liinei;
li eping  in   the   1 lil tei I      iarn,
when driving awa; 101 ning
' 1 rl     .-ii' d  to  him
WOUl 1   ;      Oil
lake   llis   gun   with    i.i'
ind   I
enioved I    1    th     .      and
;i\.   reshipped  to   I lavs son   . . II   is  tn
I in activi     1      la y th
would      impany  which has ]        ased it.
.;, 1 ,        Yesterday,   1).   W.    ti: iei.     genei al
McCausland   for eight   days.
Saves   Hand   Labor.
When a salmon  can is filled a li'
pbers    Going into thi       rn Gilbei '    igh     i& ni   of  th    C.   P.   K���
go;   a   - in.  whi       1       lisch irge I   a he 1 Itj   m king         1    ���     nts fo
.  1   ,..          ,                         son    fell ''���    shipmi nt   of the dredge I     V u
from hla ,   Getting up he start-   - ' uvei     The  ������ h il ntrh mce is to
ed   : ���     ...  ai ���,. :   the        1     a    Gil- -   loa ied onto  a a    v suitable
ri   followed   ....   still     irrying  the i'1'os    an I  taken to Vancouver.
,:;                                                       . Cap:.   McKenzle,    >i    h       N n we ;l  :.
Before he died   Hen lers 111  ma le a freighl   boal   Themis waa   ilso   a  the
il Lten   i ���   to 1 ie  effeel      al   Gilbe ' :*     ���''��� -  to him  has            ?\ven thi
I . i  sh -   hin   Inti ntion illy. onl    1    of carrying the dre Ige   ma-
Barrel   Henderson  was  a   ml  I irtj '���'���' ' ���   :'    [ts   northern   destin   lon
five years of age and   leaves ,,   wife ;!'"'!1  Vancouver.
nd  th ee children, who are        ires-  0	
ent   residing   near   Charlottetown,   P.
!���;   j Demand   for  B.  C.   Fruit.
Gilbert came to   awn and voluntari- "There is a  greai  and  gi iwing de-
ly  went  to t.he police  station,  where 1   md   for   liritish   Columbia   fruit   In
a warrant was servi i   n him charging the East," sail  W. J.  Brandrith   - c
him  with  the murdei   of Henders a retary of the British Columbia  Fruil
He was then remanded by Magistrate Growers' association    who    returned'
yesterday from the East when; be was
in  charge  of  the   B.  C.   fruit   exhibit
at the Winnipeg, Brandon. Regina and
Moosejaw fairs.
The Manitobans  consider  that  the
tie  disk  of  tin  must   be  laid   un  the flavor of the   B.   C.   fruit   far  excells
toji,  right  in  the  center,   to  protect tho eastern product and Mr. Brandrith
the contents when the   "blow hole" Is predicts a  ready   market   for  all  the
soldered.    This  has  heen    done    by fruit  the  country   can    produce    for;
hand,   but   the   P.   A.   F.   cannery,  at some   years   to   come.
Bellingham has had in operation this He  receive 1   man;,   enquiries  aa   I 1
season a  very ingenious  machine, in-! the   country   and   Its   prospects    and
��� ���-.'.ti .   by   one  ol   theil     employees, while a large number are continually
vhich    loes   th     worl                        -. -on,ing  to   Manitoba   from   the   East
wheel,  revolving  i.  rizontally,    arries h��  expresses the opinion -'xi-   <  ver,
.:   hollow tuba perpi idicular'y  large number of Manitobans will ( ie
Ige, whi        ibea   1     connect- West  and  enjoy   the   milder   climate
.   with   in      p.     '-.  magazine the west offers.
filled with   lisks,  md I tvlng   .  spring Mr. Brandrith  wear to his home at
���  ::.         :-.   ms    if   ...S''..  the  top Ladner on the Transfer yesterday at-
'--  Air-  pile ol   ::-   -   ;-   kej I   alw iys Lernoon.
���    evei ia    tapped" by one
.,  the tube [uarter re rolu-
eel and a di-;-.  picked
ii mg   until  it
..   rig .                          -:   ol  the pass- New  Westminstei   seniors  In  '   -  la-
an                              h  is carried crosse    match    tomorrow    afternoon
along    hy     in    endle   ���     belt���when againsl the Maple Leafs, as he Is   ib-
it is dropped In                      idmitting sent   from   the   city,   being    iwaj   at
air into the tu           >\            The ma- Kamloops on  a holiday.    Rennle will
chine savea a loi ol     ind labor. Just also  be  unable   to  play  on   account
can 1      hi     this machine of the Injury  to his leg,    Tic team
i'   passes   through   a           m      :he3t, w;n  ijne up  in   the  following order:
which clean- thi                     the can. 1 Goal,  Sandy  Gray;    point,'   c.    Gal
This steam cleanei  i.i-           adopted braith;  cover  point,  I).  Digby;   third
entirely by 'in- P,   \   :���'   <      M, [dace defence, T.  Gifford;    econd   defence,
of the old  washer.    It is in     e also j,  Gifford;   flrsl   defence, t;   Rennle;
���"' the Alberni  1'    kiti    C           inerj center, B. Galbraith;  third  home,  h.
Druo   Store
Printing j
Open ior Busines
July 4, 1906.
Public Notice!
Lacrosse   Line   Up.
Wintemute  will  not  play   with  the
The annual general meeting of the shareholders of
the New Westminster Southern Railway Company will
be held at the offices of the
V. W. & Y. in Vancouver at
10 o'clock A. M. on Wednesday, the 5th day of September, 1906.
For Sale
in   Barclay  soun .
Latham: second home, W. Turnbull;
-,: -' home, L, Turnbull. outside home,
B   Henry;  inside home, .1.  Bry 3on.
Not   So   Serious.
Gilley   managei    il   I p
Funeral  of  Mary   Murchie.
The funeral of th Mai j   Mui
( hie took  pi iei        te da .    aftei
fi om   hei   father1!    re    lence,   \gne -
street, and was vei    lai fei    attende 1
a:,.;   frii . 1-   of  the  de- :' ,,'"'::'1 Logging company  was Ii   the
1, ise;     1 a.- : in         e     0   was    m ��� ' ���   yestei lay   an I   state I   thai   the
ducted by the Rev. A. E. Vert, assist- li is  his company   recently  sustained
,"1 !"  ,:i" ""'   ';   S   II mderson. The ,,   :il,. ,,.,. ,���,.  so ,,.,;,���., aa waa :|,
mission   hand   of   the   St.   Andrew's .
1 - feared. 1 he bunk and mess
I'iesbyterlan chui h, of which the deceased was a arm menl member, was house :,ml ,!l" cook 3tove were ;,:l
largely represented al the funeral, lestroyed. The cooking utensils and
and took a choral pari In the ser- lools they took the precaution of
vice. Miss Hender.-..:: presiding al the mrylng before the fire drove them
oigan. The intern.em took place In out and these are therefore safe. The
the Oddfellows cemetery al Sapper- loss of timber will he ahout 300,000
ton,   after   a   short    service     al   the feet,
graveside. The pall bearers were: E. The crew Is at the presenl time
Murchie and Weils Murchie, broth- wrestling with the problem of finders of the deceased, W. Gifford, J. Ing a way in to the -eene of opera
Gifford, A. W. Gray and A, Gray. tions. The falling timber has block-
A large number of floral tributes e 1 the Port Moody roads to thei
v.ere Bent by sympathising friends, camp and the burning of the bridge
marking the popularity ol the deceas- on the Johnson road has added to
ed Floral emblems '.von.' receive 1 the difficulties to be surmounted. The
from lhe following; Mr. and Mrs. ., 1 road from the camp to the edge
Murchie and family, ira'es ajar; Dr. ol Burrard Inlel la aboul two miles
and Mrs, Mills, Vancouver, star; Tin :. . and is Intact. The company ex-
Sunbeam Mission Band of St. An- pecta to be ready for business about
drew's church,  spray    and    wreath; thi   end of the  week.
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
wood ; could deliver on scow.
Particulars   Box   39,   Port
China Department
Is Riling up.   Come and see the lovely
MOREY'S Columbia st.
Telephone  A1S1  or  address  4th  Ave-   |]
nue and 10th Street. ���
Things Happen In
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Daily News
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
V, AUGUST   17,   1906.
���  n
}   '
\    ,'j
Manufactured   and   Guaranteed   by
For   Sale   by
ill    Oroeers.
G.     DAWSON,
Agent,      145      Hastings     Street
f^ $mma8B&�� tmsm&tm tzsammm mmmM* ��msmmB �� n ommmmb mzsmms Ar:
West,     Vancouver I
OT8HT1&" mm&WTE ���-��� ������:��� ������-:.::"���'*m%
,' :
1'   Fj'
We guarantee them to fit beautifully and to
be the equal of the best set of teeth you ever saw
isting twice as much. Our mechanical experts
ire men of long experience (we employ no other?)
. d their work is the best known to the Dental
:-Me^ !
��>,   -. A."   -
������-'������   '
Other prices worth coming miles to profit by :
Gold Filling .
Platina Filling
Silver Filling .
Gold Crowns .... $5.00
Bridge Work (��&) $5.00
Set of Teeth   .   . . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Free of^Charge.
AH Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, i
Hou s 9 a. m. to S p. m.    Remember the Place
107   Hastings   St. VV.,   Vancouver
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
:*./ ~ ^E^Ez^^E'Ej"-.^-
I tc  Cut Timber-
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of  British  Columb
the C
i. ii - ��� ��� .    .
-   ���  ..
��� .   .
h  Ci
.out Townshl
26, West i    the 6ti
:   ��� . .   ���>
I    '     .     '    amen    .-    I .      Int on
��� .     .'   :,    .
A     ���     Bi          -       eing aboul
1-2  i    es I River    from    its
:     ith;     thenci said     Rlvi i     4
1-2   mil< -   in    llrecl   distance   v. ir):  a
.-.���':��� -.  . -      i thi    Easl
side and 7 on    he  Westi
easured at righ
.  :.- -      ag of the river
thin thi     '
2.    Com men ci l
it  40    chains
���   -        erl      oundi
���a   I  1-2
es in din ce with i
7    chains on thi      -      rly side i
���    ��� ��� gles to
block.    The ir    le ci '.   in-  an
of S.640 acres   i     ���     -  less.
The  surv* y is I      e mad
one yei    ol       eipt      tenders.
The ������ g I :- ns under whii h a
lh ense will be ��� - v I, also printe 1
��� - - f tender and envelope, may 1 e
obtained at tils Department or at the
i fflce of the Crown Timber Agent
al  New Westminster, B, C.
Each 'i i' i< nust be aocom]. : I
by an ri ��� pti ' ��� i ie on a chai t-
si red bank In fi vor Df the Deputy of
the Minister ol the Interior, for the
amount of tbe bonus which the appli-
. an! Is prepari I to pay for a license.
No ti ii'l' " I j  U egraj b will be en-
., ..  ... ,
i ���      tmei     of tl     Inti   lor,
Otti  .   . .i ilj 27th, 1906.
Westminster Iron Works magistrate finds       seniors play with
Sl     ' SMI'l ut; and
i , G a 1
Mall ordi I li nee In
Fi;nes Him $100 and Costs for Cnrr   ig jromptu Lacrosse Match at Queen's
;   B..' t   Fii     m   Eiue   Mountain Park���Indians Score One on
'��� District. 3a:'dy  Gray.
::. -.<. v.  -���-.
.-. o. ������:
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor,
Importer and manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments
Tablets, Tombstones [tc.
Write for prices.
Mew  Westminster,  B.  C.
S'.t? nboat Inspection Service.
e candidates
......      ��� <        iitl
!;���-��� fcctor of H n   of
will       ���      .. ���       '    the
Inspectoi      ifflce, Vicl
A i'.. ���  .   Augusl 22n ', 1906.
Deputy  Minister    of     Marine    and
; ishi i ies.
Notice is herebj  given that 30 .lars
tti     date  I Inten 1  to make application to the Honorable the Chief Com-
:  issioner   Of   Lands   and   Works,   for
| special Licence to cut and carry away
timber  from the following described
'.mi is.  situated   Last  of  the  head of
Pitl  Lake, N. \V. District:  Commencing at  a stake  planted  on the North
East   corner  of  the   E.  0.   Patterson
old claim No.  1093, thence Northerly
SO chains, thence  West    sn    chains.
thence South 80    bains, thence  East
sn chains to poinl ol commencement.
SI    ������ I   lugust   13th,  1906.
New Westminster, B. C
I r-
t I
t i
--< ��
l t
��� t
iir >;.'/.���������? ��� p
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
ed    thi
���    - isiom I
'.      : i i
e called    upi
ivi   suit I      loss   if |    iter-
��� ���   - .-   inerl   by   the  Sm!      B
; '  -    oisfortune to los<   I
'.  ��� .-    is    i  r< suii   of  tl
vhich  was a  l- ng
the gn in bi
lay,   v.   -      ��� ������   red    igainst     the    ii
��� - .earny, Crown T
Agi nt.
.-. .     ,    s-itni    es were ca  - I
and  '      evidi   ce  add ice l  w as oi
ghtfoi     ��� i char-
a tei     The fire  was  i roven    to    bi
: igh neglecl   on    ;.-   pari
of tl ---ia   nol    A .i lng   suffi-
ound the engim ���
nsb ignited     -    ���    esu
���: ��� -
- - i : _     : ��� ��� v.'
i' an If
.   ti    i   ��� n1   an 1   G.   ii.   M
-  .    lefi asi .    'i hi   -:  atesl losers
the     nflagi :"ion we e the Smiths
! They only      sl orl  time   igo bulll  fi
themselves     nd their aged   mi ther a
. !������' ���    ho   ���    which   thej   bad   suiti ��� I
furnisher].    In   saite   of   their  efforts
the   placi      ���:ne 1   down  and  only  a
portion oi their furniture was saved.
Unless Mr. Hawthorne is willing to
settle   by   arbitration   for    the    loss
sustained   by   the   Smiths,   the   probability  is that  he  will  have to  face
Ivil  suit  for damages.
The government, officials are look-
, ing  into the  cases  of other  fires
' a   similar  character   and   are    di ������
mini 1 as far as possible to make II
worth the wiiile of people who work
in the b is 1   I    I e careful.    Any whi
are i mvi te 1  will   r< ceive  the  maximum fine
Guichon���H,   B    Gi eaves,     \
ver;       Wl   le and wife, L mglej ;   \.
.   Tuyloi   ind wife, Vancouver;  A. .1.
S  mmerland;   R.   I..   Beau
en, Vai ��� ���;    I imi -���   I ���
nl eg;    I.   .1.   ,' i   and   nII '.   Chi-
.   .   M rreii,  Ch   ago;   G.   D.
McKi   . V A, Welsh, Osk-
- h, Wl ���-.:   R.    '.  Wiis a. Vancouver;
1  un I. family,    Langle '
Cob nl [ugh H igh, J. M. Roach,
Chilliwack; B. Ven Turner, Chicago;
M. Peterson, Vancouver; I.. N. Hugh
ton, ngl nd; \ nes Nicholson, Ab-
ford; W. Lonchley, dailies Davis,
Duluth,   Minn.
Windsor���Mr. and Mrs. P. Anderson, Port Haney; \v. Ingle, Langley;
M. Harris, Vancouver; John Larson,
lllaine;   M. Kirby,  Harrison River.
Cosmopolitan���A. Crombie, Ladner;
Neil McDonald, Langley; ,1. Wilson,
A, Martin, Vancouver; Kenneth Dealt n, Tynehead; J, W. Addison, F. D.
McLennan, John Fraser. Vancouver.
��� o	
Editor Dies.
Blngh miton, N. Y.. Auk. 16.���C. F.
McC It, the well    known    news
paper man and writer died here lo-
day. For more than a score of years
"1 '"' Id was editorial writer tor
the  Leader.
Westminster       i
let   a eati
.��� ning
Bi iwn ���. Uie    In-
B        svUli    team  i a   ���
| ��� on
game  with  ih"
���   '��� - ���   arriving a
I ���   - 'oun Is ���   ,-..i  thai  the In
termediates   wi re   now here   in   Bight,
and   the  fii -   occupied   by   the
wen       . ing a   practh e
ii    in    a, ai   n  ol   Sal irda;'-  match.
A   pr pi -i'i.m   thai   the   two   teams
���   sticks  mei   wiih    their
ind In a few minutes a very
game  was  in   progress
en   co ild  ; e only  one finish  ro
: -    a. and the   senior
-���. ired   nine   goals   while   11 e
vnsville  team  managed    to    get
San ly Gray's  defence    on    one
occasion.    The   whole  affair
was   n ->re  in  the  nature  of a   .
tice    than   a   regular     game.    The
senioi -  -iii   nol   make   an;   effort   to
��� -.  and    pi actici I     passing    an 1
a  more than  anything else.
The   Brownsvil ���    -       dnatlon   was
ise I     '   th      isual     family    of
its     and    ';'���"'   -.   with    a    tew
nn   -   h   luded   to   add   variety   to
inch, while the senior team was
posed oi the pillowing, who played  in  any  position  that  suited them
; ��� - ���-   the   game  once   got   fairly   under  way:   Sandy Gray.  Digby, J. Gifford,   T.   Gifford,   C.   Galbraith.     t;.
Rennle,    W. Turnbull, .1. Bryson.    L.
j Turnbull, B. Galbraith, Eastman. Mannering.
sa I
Accident at Nakusp.
Nakusp,   B.  C,   Aug.     16.���A
accident  befell  a  little    boy    named
Francis   Bourne   about   ten   years   of
age,   son   of   F.   Bourne,   of   Bourne
Bi   -      :.��� rchants,   Revelstoke,    while
playing on the C. P. R. transfer slip
this   morning   immediately   after   the
rival of the* steamer Kootenay from
ll     ��� ' ith.   The steamer Minto was ly-
i  a   along >i Ie   the   slip   at   the   time
a I  11   Is presumed th it  the swell t I
the   Kootenay,   after  landing,
move    thi   Minto againsl the ship der-
���\ hich  nnf irtunately   tell  on    a
ntl    :- .   -  the boy, fracturing
' -a    bovi   the  ankle and crushing hi le was Immediately re-
ea  'o by Miss Hol-
ton, a trained nu -���. a passenger on
the   steamer,  and   later   conveyed   to
Ri      stoke    tor medical    attendance.
The child was on a \isii here accom-
ili I   by   his   mother,
Salvation Army Scheme.
London, Aug. 16.���Brigadier Howell
and Col. Lamb of the Salvation Army
: ' ,'.:a. for Canada, Augusl 17th,
���' i ���:: lete arrangements for the Bettlemenl 01 -ween 20,000 and 25,000
immigrants in the Dominion within a
year. A fleet of ten or twelve steamers will be chartered for their transportation. The immigrants will be
scattered through Canada in such a
way as to place them within reach of
the   work   for  which   they   are    best
 . 0	
American Wins.
Berlin, Vm. 10.���The international
i boss tournament at Nuremberg begun
duly 2:; came to an ond today. Frank
.1. Marshall, an American won first
prize with 12 1-2 wins having lost
not a single game. Second prize was
taken by O. Duras with 11 wins.
' Hm
>��� ��� ia ���
" Aim
11 ^
��� -1 ff |!
��� ���tmm.
��� >-���������  ^,-..'i. -.-. ���
aittrjV&aaa THE DAILY NEWS
Published by The Daily News Pub-
tunity to give expression to hi.-; opin-j seems to have been
icn of the Kaien Island deal in some
        that  he did  not
sp> much object to the acl as "to the
nawsty wy 'e did it."
Certainly   a   reservist,
Isbing   Company,   Limited,   at   their j ium& more tangible than words, sup-
itfices,   corner   of   Sixth   ami   Front   ported  the transaction  with  his vote,
Streets. New Westminster, B. C. explaining, rather illogically, we think,      certainly   a   reservist,   who
" thai   it   was   one  of  the   natural   de-   blow   Iii-  nose   disrespectfully   In  the
MANAGING DIRECTORS. velopments   of  the  "capitalistic   sys   presence of his superior officer, says
J.   C.   Brown R.  J.   Burde   -em."     Why   be    should     now     turn
. ������  around and assail the Chief Commis-
ADVERTISING RATES. | sioner  must   be  beyond    the    under-
Transient   display   advertising,    10
standing of all excepi 'hose who bave
the Mon-real Star, could not be
trusted to defend his Fatherland in
the   hour   ot   danger.     When   bis   su
perior  officer  gave  the  order   to  ad-
battery of the enemy,  he might
suddenly remember that he had come
and   liberties.     Besides,   why   should
Mr   ilreen   be   singled   out   for    cnn-
demnation?    The Premier and every I t0   ,h"  war  ""���l-!l,l"-'>'   ""tout   "
��� ! clean handkerchief and starl home to
gel   one.    Catarrh   is   an   evil   uot.  to
corns per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to   niade notes of the peculiar varies,
the  inch.      Five  cents  per  line  for j of   the   champion   oi   populai    rights! vance   ani1   ca��t;ure   llu>   death-belch
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c.    Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent, per ^^^^^^^^^^^^
word.      No advertisement taken  for   thornthwaite is convinced  by the ex-
lesj than 25 cents. j perience he  acquired  during his tour
thai   opinion   is   hostile   lo   the   gov-
j| eminent  because of iho peeularity I
Business office     22   the   circumstances   under   which    the
member of bis government have de
clared that the Kaien Island transaction was "a good one, in the interests of the country."    If Mr.  Haw-
Hug. 17 In F>istory.
1483���Edward   v.   and   hla
brother, I>uk<' of Vin-k,
were smothered in tho
Tower    by    order    "f
their   uncle,    Richard
1786���Jonathan   Trumbull,
American   patriot   and
< lose fri ,n ,  of   Wash- _ _      ,   ..   ,
Ingtun. died; born 1710, r,,vv ' ���"��':'kett |
Trumbull  was governor of the colony'
of Connecticut during tho Revolution. 1
I      y, '. R. Gilley, 'Phone 1*2.
J. R. Gniey, 'Hnone ��� 4j
He was a  man  of  wide  attainment
and   Washington  often  consulted  him
In   emergencies.     "Let   us   hear   whal
Brother Jonathan has to say," was an
expression often oa Washington's lips.
1786���Puviil  Crockett,   soldier,   hunter  and
pioneer,   horn   In  Tennessee;   killed  ln
tho Alain. 1  March 0,   1836.
1801���Fredrlko   Bremer,   Swedish  novelist,
born 11 <���: 1 r Abo, In Finland; died 1866,
1SS0 ��� Ole   Bull,   tii.-   Norwegian   violinist.
died;  bom 1510.
1896���Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton).
Bn  the,        :l  _vow   England   writer p.f  note,   died
superior officer demanded the clearing-       at Wyndham, Miss.
1899���Walter   v ellmnn   and   the  survivors
cut   of   the   enemy,   any     man     who ,������   ,;���.   po;al.   expedition   arrived   al
would obey his catarrh instead of his       Tromso,   Norway,   from   pvanz-Jostf
1        Land,
superior officer  would  be  a  weakness    X893���John   W.   Casilear,   noted   American
ind   not   B   strength  to  the  army. landscape   painter,   died   al   Saratoga
���. Springs, N.  V.i In rn IMI.
_...        ,      ���. .,, ^M     .     , , ,, Kverv   man   knows  how   very  oiien    ___^_________^_____^_^
Editorial  office     17  transfer   ol   the   terminus    tor    the _ . -^���^���^������������^_���
Manager's  residence    277  Grand   Trunk   Pacific    railway    took   " v     ''     '   8        '' some such explanation  as this would
^^^ doubt, for instance, when fish stories
be   put   aside;   and.   if   II   demandedI
the clearing of lhe nostrils when the |
<Ejj -.v^.-,;.a
dace,   ar.d   that   he   mus'    hasten   to
atone  for  bis  sins in  supporting  the   are  ,"'i"- told'    X,,w' lf A cough can
' convey a  question as to  the veracity
Dealers in
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
FVe Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also i'geuts H. C. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc
Local i. BBUtB Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Phone 10
i go  well   with   us
FRIDAY,   AUGUST   17.   1906.
of the man  who is doing the talking.
i may not  the blowing of ibe nose in-
cas laities   are   reporte I
deal or lose whatever chance he had
0' public support, it is nol iii elj the
-:,c: Ific ��� of Mr. Green would ��� on
-: lere 1   1 sufficienl expiati m   The a I-
ministration as a wl   ,..  the ligl I
Its   ittil -ide.  mas' stand    r fall as
It of t he ludgment o
____________________*   -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.    .. - ln   connection    ,vith   tl -   officer  ma>"  have  been  aware  "'   !:"'   the ��'ron��. ':     ���   ��� the Times  :     I
This would naturall;   make him   to     print     any     more     letters,     Sir
sensitive  to  anj   comment   from   the  Charles, aftei  quoting  sentences from
v\ rii Ing -    of    hi-    opp ���:
timate thai   a  commanding officer is in   the  Carnegie-Tupper  war.  though
"putting on too much side?" Possibly thi   doughtj   baronel   has  pinked  the
ihe lawyer, being In the reserve, has canny   lallrd    mei twice       The
come   to   look   with   little   regard   on strife continues, and will contimu    in
his superior officer, ana  the   superior til   wee   Andy   admits   thai   he   is   in
1 Victoria  Times i
1 li mra le Hawthornthwaite has been
turning bis rapid-tire guns of orator.!
upon the government again. Surel;
the Socialist leader during his elec-
tii n campaign must have leai 1: - i
something regarding the esteem in
which the administration is hei I
the people of the proi lm e or 1. ���
would not be so outspoken in his denunciations of the men whose political lives he saved in the firsl instance' and has c insistentlj supported in all their arts during the two
subsequent sessions of the legislature.
We confess we are surprised at the
words of ihis ardenl patriot when we
remember the many pleasant passages
that have passed between the Premier
and the most faithful of all his supporters on the floor of the chamber.
Speaking   at   Vancouver   on   Sunday ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
evening, the Socialist  ranter declared   inspection as a military reservist, has  have gol a hundred  lays ol heavy ar-  be the most   lolished prevaricators on 1
with     characteristic    emphasis:     "If   been   tried   and   placed   under   "light   ,-est      When   the   office-   was   a   wit-  this terrestrial    all     Stil     ve cannot]
Land Commissioner Green had been a   arrest"  for ten days, for blowing his   ness,   the   lawyer   mai    have   blown
member of a Socialist administration,   nose in  what  his commanding officer  his nose ostentiously to intimate thai   Toronto   News,
he would have bad to quit on twenty-   considered    a     disrespectful  manner.   pe   aid   not   believe  a   word   he   was 	
four  hours'  notice."     We  confess  we   The   lawyer   was   a   true   member  of  saying; and thus the officer may have
ince 1 thi S01 lali-��� lea ler is
��� h ,- 1 , .. p.. ��� -.���. eei ene to the
AA; In which the | ublic rega Is him
an I iiis position as an allegi i in le-
: endei I I bai be un iersi nds, in
���a --��� the; ������ '��� e another session of the
le i-i 1' ire, that bo mus- h isten to
make t< en 1- for pasl actions and
create an impression thai there Is 11
elemenl of sincerity in bis character.
And that is something there will be
considerable difficulty in demonstrating to the satisfaction of people who
believe the prime requisite in a reformer to be honesty and sincerity.
lawyer while  the  lattei    was  in the
ranks;     and   disrespectful    - m nu nl
-. oul i  be none the les -   iffen sive fo
ring     mveyed through   '1    nose. The
lawyer   A   blowing   his   nose   lou  I;
.  ve implied thai the   ifficer was
l ���      ai   "mowiiu  his  own  horn."
1 lr   the  lawj er   ma;   have   recenl
ha 1   llis superior  officer  In   the   n ll
'i-aws the conclusion thai  Mr   Carne-
s ie looks to ' he annex itioi    il  Cana-
la to the Unite I States, and doe- nol
tn  ������ 1 Ireal   Britain into consider!
in   the   matter.     In   couclu he
makes  use  ol   the  fine   il I   VI .-���
line, "Timeo I lana is el   Ion 1 fen
1   fear  the  Greeks  even   when
A German lawyer, while undergoing
ness   iox and there have badgered hlm bring   gifts.     It   mas-   be   considi
bj  the methods known to the profes-   "real   an"  In  Sir C   11 es   to mal
sion all over the world;  and  the of- such a  vicious  reference to Mr. Car-
ficei   merely   took  an opportunity  to negie's  habil   of  giving  awa;      .    c
'   even,     If   this    ie   30,   the   sym- libraries.    Ntor was it altogether kind
pathy  of  humanity  at   large  will  be p   call   the  laird    ���    Skido   1  Greek,
with the officer.    Instead of ten days when  the  modern  Inhabitants of   U-
01   "light   arrest."   the  lawyer  should tica   are  admitted   bj   all   tourists   to
^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^jtation -
IE ��
Miss Old Girl:    "Heavens!     I  really do  believe there <��� 3  man  u rdc m ,    ,
a nJB^I^^I^I^^^H
do not clearly understand the position bis   profession,   and   bad   an     excuse come to Interpret the language of the   peg bank clearings for the weeV  end
of this  self-constituted  savior of the read...    He   pleaded  thai   he  suffered lawyer's   nose,     tn   this   country,   w.    lng   Augusl   16   were   $S,731,779.   Cor-
people,   It seems to us that Mr. Haw- from catarrah and so could  not help suffer   more   from   superior     lawyers   responding   week,     I905,     $G,518,HS.
thornthwaite, when be had an oppor- himself.    But the reply of the officer tha.n   from   superior     officers,     and | Corresponding  week.   1904,  $5,170,590
A   study  c-#  expression.
$150 in Gold
��� ."���JWiis.'ir?*:
eichenfoach  Company,  Limited
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 906
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing the amount of their purely ie.   Our weekl)
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon.   The coupons are all numbered in duplicate.   One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.   The first number jj
drawn wins the first prize; the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Columbia Street
��j...J U?i;]      T*)        *���
-" fe7:a vC&eSi ���"ag*
-'   : .'/ W<
l nAy  AUGUST   17,   1906.
Wait f(
Smith s
It Will Be A
Money Saver.
Particulars in to-morrow
��� ���
morning s paper.
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
'omo in and see our assort-
j    ment of the famous
j    whieh arrived a short time ago.
It is swell.
Phone 157.
Local News Briefly Told
Tod i
market    i is
\ \yert.... ��� Chilli ��������� ai v. ia a
.. , o be   Ity    esterdaj.
Miss  McMa ti i    if  W"    :"   '���"'
'  of Mis- Grace Kelly o*  s'
L, ('. Voria- bas sold oul his gen-'
e al store al Whonnock ami crime into  the citj   on   business yestei i ���������
Aim'ber scow of crushed rock was
brought in by the Fire; yesterdaj ' r
thi   use of the city.
VV. H   Burton and i-i. A ������ brought
In   a   couple   of   horses   irun     their
stock  ranch at Chilliwack yesterda;
Dr. Walker of Victoria was in the
citj yesterdaj and weir on to Ladner
on  board the Tr insfer.
Fair and warm during I -i i in ! tomorrow is wiae the official weather
:    : licts  for  'id- district.
:     Mi er ol V ine m\  r
,  have   leen   . en t    ai
���    ndon       the S
��� ��� i -
- : : .       .
p ia    ���
len   -    '
R-n rivei       ���
N. ti      - -      shed is
uoi     i     ....      '     ' ;".-     nd        flag
,.-   ��� ��� ��� . :. ' :n ed.
.Mrs.  Edwar ls ol  Vict iria wh
ei n  rislting  fi len i -   ip rivei   rei   rn
ed to this At yestei daj on   ioard I he
i'- iver and w iii  leave toda;   foi   Vli -
Charles Holmes, who has ���--���:. in
ibe city for thi   .   -'   ���'������'.  da; -    n the
.   sts oi    ..-���  Vi' toria i
turned to the capital yesterday a
Ha:., iei Elliott, one of the oldest
ci nductors on the C. P. R. syste.m,
whose regular run i- between Kamloops and Field, was in tbe city yesterday reviewing the acquaintance of
a num ei  of ol I friends.
The Beavei   . ��� stei lay broughl   in
the   t Ity   an ong   11 -   passengers:    E
Hicks, Mount   Lehman;    !���'.    Chesl   r,
Silverd ile;   Rev.   Mr,   Gillaiu,   Wh in-'
no k;   0.  Lee,   Mrs.  Fletcher,  T   !  >���
; nd,  I.   Foster,  Whonnock;   .I.  John-
- m,   T.   Hunberston,    j.     D Igl  A..
Mrs. Waterhouse,  Langley. i
The loc ��� .-' -       le   ei -    - ster-'
received an interesting shipn enl
goods   in   the   shape   of   a   ml    i
ol   window    weights   which   had
��sed   thi   igh   the   San    Francisi
Iri     S   m   o   the li  n showi I  signs
of having passe I through thi   fl u ie
- hich   li rasl il   I   the  - Itj   aftei   the
 -   ia; ;  go   in i's work
Tbe Rev. W. II. Fry, pastor of the
1"'r.-st   Methodlsl   Episi opal  i h i ch  in
.', -row. Idaho, is :.: presenl in I.. ���
(it; . a guesl of his uncle, W. A
Duncan, He is accompanied by his
I wife and child, and will remain here
about a month. Mr. Fry says that
Moscow is a comparatively small
place, bul that they have some very
fine buildings there, including a magnificent university. His church is also a pretentious edifice, and was,
erected at a cost of $30,000.
Ab Oy, the insane Chinaman who
found the life at the asylum farm
loo tedious to suit him and decided t >
make a bolt for sweet liberty on Wednes,lay afternoon, returned to the institution Inst night. Oy was discovered at Ladner, where he bad Induced some Chinese friend- to give
lorn shelter, When he found oul
that the farm could not be run wlthoul hla presence, be made no objei
tions to returning, and accompanied
Lhe attendants back to his country i
11 sidence,
an I the n iturally have manj Interesl a iei ������!.' ������- i ta ter for a
ii-v.   lays.
Many   Offenders   in   Court.
lockei at the police c >url  -	
'-.��� i \ morning was one il the heavies! that has been prepared for the
consideration of the police magls-
��� for Bome considerable time past,
but there was a tedious sameness
it the charges and a lack of
Varfety In lbe evidence submitted
thai made the cases rather uninter-
������ ting.
Bob Gooding, the fighting man, was ���
barged with being a habitual drunkard, and for bis own good, placed
lei tin.- Drunkard's Protection act.
i. ib il I not seem to be at all pleased
il Ail- proof of the magistrate's Interesl in his well being, but he had
no choice in the matte:
Bill ���   Florence   an I   Pet sr    .1 imes,
two I all    ��� ee Is,   were  cha: ?e I   b I h
a been drunk and disoi le I . an
%\   end   costs,
i Ig p ises-
;���-     fined  $25,   ������ hile his   - a
. ���-      ,: : ; ll
e appeal
���   -    ���   , go vith.      i
'-" and i
hi e  men .   on
thc    .        t     if   who n ] ;.     n
:    tiltt ing   thai een
-   .  :.._   from   the   pa h u lety,
ine .  $2.5 i  an I    ���������.-.    ��� the
SI  ir,  G roi ge  Huntlej.   lid  :   I   havi
t   ige  to  fa ���     ���        agistrate
on the same charge, an 11        ted his
, |,   mounting to $5.    \ total of $75
ras th  s rei eived in fin - in   i  very
.-   ice   ol   tii ie.
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
j all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size       - ���   $2.00
!        See them.    They will delight your eyes, tempt
[ your purse and make you happy.
Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.
Duponl  Block.
Telephone 73.
I Reduced Pricesl
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits I
The  White Mouse
>   A. J. EIRTCH.
275 Columbia St.
;-������" a��: :���; :������-; :-���: :���: :������: :���: :������>: :������; :-���: :���: :���: t-*-: :-���: :������; :������; ;���; :���; ;���: :^: :���; :^. ^; :������; i-��i ?��; :������: :��c:*-: :���: 5��c :������" :-������:?������: :������: :������: j��: :������; :-������: :���: :������: :���:;��::���������: :^: :'��:t*;:^: ;���-; :���-: :��c; ^��-
Hospitai   Budding   Plans.
itect's   plans I e  new
,   ii al    iuil ling   we   i  su     itted  at
'.. ���   reg ilar  monthly   meeting  oi   the
I   - dtal   board   of   cont ���  '   held   yes-'
������.':.     ifti : noon   in   Maj ir    Keary's
ifter   they   ha !   I n   dis-
i ,--���:.   the  members   of  the    board
were Inted   a   committee  of  the
whole   to   further   inspeel   and     disss   the   matter.    A   report   wlll   be
resented at the nex-  meeting.    The,
visiting   committee   for   the   ensuing
month   were     selectp' .     as        Hows;
Mrs    Pearce,   Messrs     ii.    T.    Kirk
:. e6 John -' in.
 o ���
Murray  Acquitted.
i  iffal i,   V   V..   Aug.   16.-   F e i   C.
Murray was acquitted toda      of    the
-    of  grand   larcenj   ln   connection   with   n liar   has     n    : a  w :.   . -
thi   graveyard  scandal     Murray  was
tried  on an indictment  charging  the
���' $29, 104 on .Ta::.' llth  L901.
��� o	
Nicholas Gets It.
N'ew V ii A V:-. 16.���R ��� res nl tlve
XiiA ilas Longworth was todaj eleel I
��� the international ; ilicy
holders committee of the New York
ind Mutual Life insurance, to succeed Secretary Morton, who recently
r< signed,    ,
The   Dominion   Music   Company   Has
Opened a Studio in the Holmes
We   have   competent   teachers   for
advanced studies with violin,    piano,
voice, flute, wllo, string, bass, niando-,
lin, guitar and banjo.
Our   school   system   is  heartily  endorsed  by  muslcans,    teachers    and
dealers  of instruments.      We    invite,
j'our enquiry  and  investigation.
Parents are made welcome at time
of children's studies. Pupils range in
age from 8 to 45 years. We teach
from the  most   reliable  works.
A fine display of Instruments given
with   tuition   is   to   be   seen   in   Cum-|
ming's store on Columbia street.
Special Clearance
Sale of Shirts
Our regular good
values ��� $1.25, $1.50
and $2.00���to clear the
Sizes 14' to 17;
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced with
Cake Icing
Chocolate, Pink, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple  and Coconut Cream.
Advertise   in   The   News
We have not only the largest
and best stock of WATCHES
in the city, but also have the
S5SSS5ESS2 sole  agency for the HAMIL-
\ TON WATCHES which for accurate time keeping
!��J cannot he beaten.
W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, Ihe lewder, Columbia St.
Two half   bre 'il   tlei k   han ls   from '
the steamer Favourite were gathered
ii' by the cit>   police yesterday afternoon while thej  were feeling exuber-
iiiii owing to too liberal potations of
rye   juice.     Walter    Campbell     and
Morris Murphy, ns the pair sign their
names on   the  ship's   pay   roll,  will
parade In the police court this morn-|
Ing to receive the customary advlcej
and  will   probabl)   be asked   to  subscribe to the support of the city's Institutions.
.lohn Sutherland, brother In law
of VV. A. Duncan, city clerk, arrived
In the city lasi Wednesday from
Goderlch, Ont,, accompanle 1 by his
wife. Mr. Sutherland only arrived
from Scotland early this year, and
intended to settle ln the middle wost,
bul was Induced bj Mr. Duncan I i
con " here and si; i e se ring the citj
he h is rlei Ide 1 I i remain In Ni ��
Inste '' . D mean had no
rot! ��� over i Ine : i
Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump every day,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continu )us Vaudeville Performance
One Whole Week of Purs.   Baseball and   Other Sports
Wrclnesday,   August   22nd,   Bi     h.    Columbia   Day
v ���
-��   i
n t
fiE* \rS
f>-*>-U' .>
.-'��� ;fc*5
���i  !W&h
* m
��� ->>i >\" .v iUHitv-iVVtVv* . v >���������< ���>.. ���������������������������������������������������<
Y*v r ���> *��' *����������* > I * *m+m 1
Woman's World
Maud A         in D Nol Mince
Matter, When Family
Chronic   Inva! ���!��� .            Women I   Call In <
OthOl       I   - :       .     "   .: til ������
remark of little Mi -. I'usitii >'.   "1
lieve  thi y   ure  ili.sti ibut, 1   ur iuu .   .
\ i- tai loi -
"Whal   un   earth   are   ;   11   talk 1
Bbout?"' cried hi r I.
"Why, about tbe <!.: onlc invalid, tlie
coustu it sufl rei. tl:" pale family mar
tyr." returned Mrs. I'ositb ( bitterly.
"Hen '> .: letter :'' nu ours. Her name
is M iria, t . 1 0 time Immemorial
the fun t bus ���;> leaning forward,
figurutivelj' speaking, ready to do Marin's bid i.:.'ur. When she nns 11 litl ���
girl she fell from 11 carriage duriug a
r . '.'���;.'.. It injured ber 11 bit, and,
altl nigh she Is now thirty years uli
and as strong and busby as you woi
can ' ' mo, she is always fancying
something is the matter witli ber. running up bills for us to paj nud worry -
lng thc soul out of everybody by Iter
constant desire for attention nn I n t
elty even If tbe u ivelty takes the form
of ilndii g oul tii it she bus a uew
disc ise.
"Here is her lati st.   She : nicies she
I:. - Iui .   iroiil le. and in      ig musi
but   n   trip  t '   tbe    Vd 1 ks
for,  of course,   by   tin
Dear me, and we th I
settled down in oni
two or U111 ������ 111 mths!    .      thnt shy
how   foolish vere,
nail d
thing   nn re Hire
tii .'���
"Wi  I, 1ml nd ber tn
the   Adiroi d icks?"   aske !   the   fri
��� '.    . I      ��� In that'
h 1   11 knowI    She      nidi  ���
li{ bti I for week, and we
���woul i   ri  ��� ive   nn   cntb    '   tic   h ttcr
every day.   Then would c        tin  r    -
An  Expedient   Whicli   Save* f.r\,tnt-
iiijr OT.lcra Over and Over.
Tii" mo li rn :. rei uses to bow
to the adagi ti it, while 'man's work
is from ���   :. ; ��� man's work Is
never il ill"."
Sh ��� : '��� U' le ri slave to bi r
Lit' bei dust on tbe parlor
furniture    md lb    1      uni ol  time de
j voted   1 .'.   I: 'i   m ither   to   li ��� |   iiji
bouse in order seeins to be ul 1 :
prc-porl ii. to the time her parent
speni improving her mind and kee] Ing
up with 1 ni rent  evi nts.
So she ' '������ nway witb -' icrfli us
bric-11 bra 1 1 . 'pis all the lab ir an I
time saving devices possible.   She also
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Strut
.New Westminster, B. C.
*"/, A v" v-
��� ���
>��� ;
THE it :   :::  ���   .
1 i  that   sy ' '   r
sn  ��� r.   aii 1   for   1 - ���   I : ���
r: : ipi  : ��� ���   , .-���   .
the foi m 1
f which are prii 1 ihc
:        if an entire ���     ��� .      ���.  .
iS   lefl ���   ' '���
of ili.it day.   Por his
day will bo the word      ��� . "  :  .
lowed   by   tlie  1
As this eoiu ��� cul ������ day's
work nothing 11 un ��� ��� teu by
thc mistress of tin b u ��� save tbe
mi iiii f >r Monday nil I I - 1] ii 1 r Tuesday will mention, ��� ������ ��� ��� tl fri nil ���:.
several minor 11 atters \\: .; li must be
attended to, and n ill also give tbe
things to lie ordered I r thai d; y's
dinner. The n lindi I I ibrys of
the week arc Id be ������������-. l'.icc
manner, Po I the "lad; if tb I use"
bas tn do is tn write down r ii" : -<
and ns she In a the i be
fon hi :��� eyes tb t 1 ..
n : c ��� iei id the tii I I I ;
she was not 1    I to 1
Of  course  11             I 1   will
evi r  expi ct  a   nn
thin!  ii:' or to 1 I
heels,   but  as   11     li t'ji
kitcln n   diary       ��� ;   ���     hei ���     ii
gray  matter ni              ���   ��� lm ss
a matter of cxti      ��� .
.       . .        ' '        '
All kinds of Ship repair
Shi]) and Scow Building
a specialty.
Estimates^ promptly furnished.
124 Eighth St., New Westminster, B.C.
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pioneer   Limited"   St.   Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short   I.ine"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South     West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
A'   trains   rn   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  that  of the  Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.      1 hi y
own and operate their own  sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains an !
g '���     their   patrons   an   excelli nc<   of
... ,-j      p   ���    btaii   ble 1 Isewl ��� re.
H. S. R( i\VE, General   >igei t.
. i.,a Third St., or Alder. Port' nd, 1 lr.
Canaclsan Pacific
Royal Mail Steamship
If you are sendii
1    i 1 ��� . ���.
w 111   save       i
Next sailinj Bri   In
Que     ���   Aug.   23;   the   speediest
t elegant     earner    For
C.   P.   R.  AGENT.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, III.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia  Coast  Line
(Subject to change wltoout   not) e.
Prin e-s Beal ri e leaves Van     ivei
August 6th,
Princess    May    leaves    Vancouver
August 1-th.
Princess Beatri e leaves Vancouvei
May 18th.
Princess    May    leaves    V. nci    ������
Aue 'Tt 22nd.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Emb dii     I      newes! I best id
I   I.l 'XURY.     Iti     lighl
ty    ind   j
���:���'.'     Iluminal   '    "   n    in   tii"
.   . u ,.   .,.....,.,
.,. tmeni
t6 section .sleepers,
^.tr. reclii ing
n.odeni   da;
brarv and
.   :   '1 . lers, or   my
r ii tion call    n or w
'20 S .      ittle, '.'.    h
Trains & Steamers
I ���   ���"  Ni *   '.','���   ti  Ins er 7.25   I 1     .
Leave New Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive New  Westmln ter  L0.30 daily.
Arrive  New  Westminster 19.10 daily.
Lv. N. VV. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
Lv.  Seattle,  12.30;   Ar. N \V. 20.20.
Lv.   N.   W.   7.25,   9.35,   17.20,   19.25.
Ar.   N.   VS.   9.15,  10.30,   19.10,  20.20.
Lv. New Wesl n .;. ter 6.30 a. 111.
Lv. N. W, 9:20 a.m.; ar. Sei ttle 1 p.m
Lv. N. VV. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Si   I   e 10 n
Berth No. -li'l." will be received at'
this Department until noon on Wed-
oesday, the 8th day of August, 190C, <
for .1 license to cul timber 1 n Berth
No. ii' 1, comj rl ing the Wer--; half of
Section 26, Township 5, Range 7,
Wes; of the Tiii Meri llan, containing
au an .1 of 303   ������ res more < r less,
Tbe   survey   of   this   berth   is   to   i 6
:i. ide v. ithin one year of receipt of
tendei .
The regulations under which .1 license will be is sued, also printed
forms or tender and envelope, ma ��� I e
ned al this I lepartment or at the
offlce of the Crown Timber Agent at
New Westminster, B. C.
Eai ii '"ti ler must be accompanied
bj .ni .e 1 epted cheque on a chai tered
bank in favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus whicb the applicant is prepared to pay fur the license
No tender by telegraph will be entertain"'!.
Seen tary.
I tepartmenl of the Intei Ior, 1 ii 1 "��� a,
June 23, 1906.
Railway Comf>.lny
Two    fast    transi
with dining cars an I thi
and  first-class sli ej ���
Atlantic  Expre
In i "rial   Limite I,    ,
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and Return. &(ji .
Sept. 8.9, & 10   K-1.15
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P  R   ���
New \.
Assistant   General   Passenger  Ar.n.
.i:"  ' Lv. Seattle,   1.34  ;���.':,:.." ar.X. W. 9.35
tion.    Her letters '         '  .         11  c.iri
I;.:    S1:e i     11 rl             er 11   til     I ��� ��� i
WUS  bud        '!:.'���.      . ��� ���;:.
ph       iii     ..'..              ..:_.,;
seashore         .:(....:���.     'i"Ji<      if  w
disregai         ;  nl   she   v oulil     id lenl;
di 1"' ".'  -:.    :    I   Li-art  trouble,     s
woul I nun �� ��� iu havi  a f 1 w lensnt!
al  faint ii rr spells   und  get   the wh A
place in 1111 uproar.    Finally the d >c
would write 1 . us thai  she was in 11
highly nervous an i excitable <��� 11 [ition
and It iii  i    be critically i.i   f left 1 1
herself, aud ive v, 1 ild In ve tn club to
g ither nj;         ail pro  ith   fri sli amuse
menl   fi ��� !,.���:���. No;  iei   her s; ,y  where
She i.s.    She spends her da; - re 'lininp
in nu  invali I',                   ling doleful
letters to all 1 f us, an 1  ihat  is comparatively  1         1                :i.  j,,.,-,-,.
nil | r ��� ���:��� n f I        ber I        half (he
lime to sa vi   . |     ing the
1      s we toss hei ��� wasti
lr -i   ' unn i : "
"An 1 ':.' re's 11  ',   ���.. ������ ������
valid.' enii'l
Witl       IW 111 .       ���     ��� ���
'    . Ii to tl
wi ���.
won't 1    a burden to tin 111 "
The   Craze    i'i r     '.������'������������    ps    [h
(.ri-:: t   :. s   ; T
Tii.- pr:ci   1    ���   I ��� -  ny
s+eadily   ini r ������ ih ..-  ��� 1 ��� ���
g ...ii pric s 1.1 ���    ..  .
mrdi cany,  no matter f thc
VJ&& "'���""': :-~^s^'::-
MKt-v*     A"
ii .  -:
1 Dll.N - 111 .���   [N 11
: \    OOAKY.
is ugly ii: pattern     1 h     :. irtisl Ic old
pieci -    iv    ennn c models
all on mil ij:." I ���        1      ever
The ro 111 in thi' ral       was de
dgned by a pr nuiucut woi iterlo    trip Satui day 5 p
v .- .-'  29th.
Princess Victoria.
!-���...' ;  V incouver  dally re   1   p,  m.
S. S. Charmer.
Leaves New Westminster al 7 a. in
or. Wednesday and  Mondays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver dally except Sat-
urday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Saturday at 2:30 p, in.
S. S. Queen City
Leaves Victoria at 11 p. m. on 1st,
; 7th, 19th and 20th of each month foi
Ashousil and way points; .eaves Victoria on tbe 7, and 20, for Quatsino and
way points. Leaves Victoria on 20th
of each month for Cape Scott and way I
points including Quatslno,
Steamer Transfer
Li avi s  New   Wes I mini  ��� r  on   Mon
la .   i 11   .    .   We lm  day,  Th 11 sdaj
and   I ���   :;   p.   m.  and  Saturday
al 2 p, n . ��������� th ad litional trip on Monday al 5 .;. ni.
Lei ������ ��� Ste ������ . ton Mon lay, Tue : ..
W' dnesday, Thursday and Satur lay al
7 a. rn.:  Friday at 6 a. m. additional
Lighten tho   Burden.
"1 In ieve In si llinp your old cl ithes."
remarked .Mrs. Brightly, "and I don't
care who gets shocked. To be sure.
you receive litth enough !' ir them, but
think how much less ,1 ou get If you Id
them hang In the elosi t.
"I believe In going over rny wardrobe
evt ry spring and fall. 1 weed out tbe
good from ibe had, and if in this way
I come by even n ten dollar bill I accept it gladly, und I consider the vacant ro im gained and the facl thai I
don't have to lake cure of old cl Olies a
distinct advantage."
"I don't liimiv but you are right,"
observed her listener. "Now, I am
jusi the opposite. I can't bear to part
Willi anything as long as there is any
good to It. And what Is the result?
1 spend more money fixing over old
clothes  than  would   buy  me n  really
good   suit   each   year.     My   closets   are
el'i'...'���!   ivltb old style garments and
I     ifive money for anything new.
���  I  shall conclude to try your
11 change and call in the old
clot, 1 rery spring and fall."
decorator in ." ��� .\ Y011; It is di linetlj
old fnshloni ,! i.i tro.' 11 ..: nnd c a.
prises many hits of 0 d inahog my
Note especially tbe bureau wiili If
twisied columns nnd Ihe old f.
The walls ar ��� plain in c ilor, the tone
being 11 soft chinii hi 11 . Old fashioned
prints are hung here nnd there, and
there is ;,]so a colonial gilt mirror,
whicli adds to the quaint effect.
It.   DE   LA   LAI'.Ml'.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves   Ni w   Westminster,   8   a.   ni.
Athletic   Women.
A curious resull followed n wheat
cutting contest among the Russian
peasantry. A prlae of $211 was offered
by the governor of Vologda to the two
most experl wheat cutters in the province The prize was obtained by two
young women, broad shouldered and
deep chested, wlio won oul over al!
their mtiln compel Itors.
In linr.!:.' il the sir in ;, rebus:, athletic girl : 1 j dl.v taking thn place of
the   fail II lonsumpl"'"  hei oln i  ni
the old nov"    1      Shoe and gi leal-
ers declare tl i ivoinai fool and hand
ire tt. si ve: 1 1 -��� - i.,r er than thej
wp --a ��� ��� '  . , . ������ In t to health
fui, norm il phj 1 li ul eultui ���.
' ���     Monday,, Wednesdays ami Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling   at
landings   between   New   Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S.  S.  Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p, m., 2nd
and 16th of each month, celling at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight  Desk,
New Westminster
V.,  W.  &  Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv. N. W. 3  :   i.:. and 9.35 | ,m.
Lv. Vanco iver 5, 5 a.m.,  ind I p.m.
Lv.   X.   V,'.   9.20   a.m.;   ar.  Gulchoi
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon  2.40  p.m.;  ar.  N.  W.
9.35 p.m.
Mondays only.
I.v. Now Westminster 5.50. 6.50, 1
and is a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Fri,!. S a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Tb., Sat., 7 a.m.
From  \.  W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri,, 7 a.m.
From X. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
'i i>. m.; Saturday 2 p. m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From stevi ston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 0 a.m. 1
Add. trip Saturday, ,"p p.m.
From  N.W.,   Wed. and  Mom, 7 a.m.
from Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas.10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside. .10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
Vancou ver 10.00 p.m.    'j.00 a.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc.. .. 8.45a.m. 3.30p.m
Van.  &  Cent.   Pari:... K).::o a.m.    2 p.m.
Victoria 10.30 a.m. 10.00 a.m,
East Burnaby  1,15   1.20 p.m.
Steveston, etc��� 1.30p.m. I0.30a.m,
Fast, via C. P. R...4.4.0 pm. 7.10 p.m,
East, via C. P. V . 10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..4.45 p.m. 7.10 p.m.
Van. & Burnaby..3.30 p.m. COO p.m.
Tlmberland, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.   12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
cf British  Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Timber and Mines Branch, Department Of the Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Tlnr.ber
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
Anj Dominion 1
Bi II i-i :
e honu ��� : ny jn
end of a fan
i over
���; a ol
: ���
Enl le persoi
tl land offlce fo
mesti - required I per
fori the 1 nditions ci ���������'���'������ ted then
���.'. ���     inder    ne of tire r ill iw ing pi u
��� t   ��� t  least  six  months'  residei   1
���; ind  cultivation  of  liie  Ian i   ii
i: year for three years.
i.t Ii the father (or mother, if the
fatl er is deci ased 1 of the homi sti 1 li r
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
- 1 the kind entered for the requiri
ments as to residence may be satisfil i
by such person residing with the father or m  thei
( -i It' the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homi
stead, the requirements as to rei dence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the suii! land.
Six months' notice in writing -I:    I
1"' given ti ��� the I ��� mmis   ��� >n< r oi Do
n ii     i  1  in '- ai 1 ittawa of intenl 1 n
ti 1   pply for patent.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
X. B.���Unauthorized publication of
���:;i- advctlsi mi nl will not be pal 1
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned, marked on the envelope
��� ren ler for Ties, 1906," will be re-
ceived at the office of the Commie
sioners of the Tran ci ntlnental Ra
way al 1 ittawa, until twi ve o'clock
noon, of the 12th day of .! lly, 1906,
for five hundred and thirty-five thou
sand 1535,000) Railway Ties In n :���
cordance with the specifications of
the Commissioners.
Sealed Tenders addressed lo the
undersigned, marked on the envelope
"Tender for Ties, 1907," will also be
received as above until twelve o'cloi I
noon, of the -ith day of September
1906, for one million aud ten thousand (1,010,000) Railway Ties, In accordance with the specifications of
the Commissioners.
Ti ��� lers a u I    be    made    on    the
i] piled by the Commlsslone' >
w hli A       well as tho   specification ���.
���  obtained   on   application   to
Hugh D. I. in.- len,   Chief   Engineer
Ottawa, Out., to A. E,    Doueet,    OU
trict Engineer, Quel  P. Q, or 1 1
A.    E,    Hodgins,    District   linglneer,
Kenora, Ont,
Pull information in regard to flellv
eries required Is given   on   form 0!
Each lender must be Bigned and
sealed hy all the parties to the lender
and witnessed.
The successful tenderers will he
required to sign a contract in form
satisfactory to (he Commissioners,
and to furnish an accepted cheque on
a chartered hank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a sum equal
to ten per cent. (10 per cent) of the
amount of the tender, as security for
the due and faithful performance of
tbe contract.
Xo tender for less than five thousand ties will lie considered.
The right is reserved lo reject any
or all tenders.
By Order,
P.  E.  RYAN,
Tho Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Dated at Ottawa, June 2Cth, 1900
Great Northern Ry
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY
I e  .
��� ���
���   -'
! "ill'
pm Vai
.M   :.
15   1. m. 1
... ..
Route '-f the I
"ORIENTAL     LIMITED"        '
2���Daily Overland Trains���2    1
Spoil St. P    I,   '
Wlnnl] eg, D     th, Cl St.
Louis and  i        olnts Easl 1
For    completi     Inf   - '
rates,   berth   resi                     , j
call on or addn 1
F, C. GRIFFIN,   \t ��� t, !
Bank of Comi Bu
New  Westi li
S, Q. VtI'.ki.s. a. g. P  ' !
Coi: er Sei ond A ven I
luml iii St., Si        .  ���'��� !
j Northern Pacific
Trains Dailv
Travel "ii the Famous
Electric-lighted tram.    I
Quick Time. I.... ellei   Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. IA LANG, General Agent,
���130 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G.    A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRB :������������. -.    Daily   ti
Sunday)   carrying   pa   1
express    and    freight    1   '
stagi - at Carcross and V\ I
maintaining a through winl
For information apply to
J.   il.   ROGERS,  Traffic  Manager,
Vancouver.  B. C.
Spokane falls & Northern Ky. Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
between ���<
The   only  all   rail   route
points east, west and south t(
land, Nelson and intermediate I
connecting at Spokane with the <J  <
Northern, Northern Pacific and u.
Si N. Co. - ���.
Connects at Rossland With tne <���"
adian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundan
Creek points. ���
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls
stage  (''lily for Republic.
Buffet   service  on   trains   oeu
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   Novembei
9.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
940 a.m.
Day Train
..   Spokane
...Nelson .������-��� 6'45'
7.1S l'"1'
.|.IO P-"1' frioaV.
EDMONDS,  Harris
,.,,.,. Iii,..Hie Blk.,
New   Westminster.
li. I.. Edmonds.
M.,   ��������� ��� MPTO.N
��������� ipreme  sourt. Offices
0i   Commerce  build-
treet, opposite  posting.    . minster.    Money to
offirfp ���
On the Famous
solicitors, etc.       Of
���   '
\,.�� Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
i        ,,n  and Lorne  streets.
rooms -1 to 24,  Iir, Gran-
"Oriental Limited"
Keel        seph Martin, K. C,
vll'V,,,"   v.. (.. U Quarrie,  ll. A.
Mr.   Martin   will   1)0   In th)
offices every Friday af
HoW\Y   REID  &   BOWES,  Barrts-
v,.   solicitors,   etc.,   rs   Lome
,   ,        lte   Court   House,   New
v:.; 1. H. Bowes, P.O. Box
GEORGE E. MARTIN. Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum-
'        Ki '..'���" streel -, New West-
niiutei, ('������ <"���
UNION LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. & A. M.
meeting    of    this
the 1 v    lm   lay in
���      I. el ii .   p. i ..   In
.     . pie.        SOJO
e cord Invited to at-
in.   W.  A.  DeWolf  Smith,
A. 0. U. W._FRASER  LODGE  No. "i
is ihe tirsi ami third Tiie.-,
In    each    month.       Visiting
a cordl illy Invited to attend
;��� mi.  A. ll.  T. VV. hall. Odd
Moi k,  Clarkson  street,  r.
i'.   I'", order;    Louis Witl,
:        :   woi kti an.
NS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.   S ���
! I mi    '     S.Ton'l mill
'���'. edn sdav of e n ii  month,
���   i   ���' I'   'I .i1. Colum  la  :;'.. at
tn.. Wi II ��� lei ���   I    i' mi -ii
I ij    in    each month, same
nil place.    Visiting Brethren
invited.      E.  n.  Stlnch-
Pres., li   Disney, Secretary.
COURT  BRUNETTE.  No. -1099,  I.O.F.
:        the  Fourth  Friday  in the
���x   8   o'clock,   in   tlie   small
'-       Oddfellows'   block.     Visiting
n me cordially invited to at-
''���       A  It.  Rushton, C. R.'p  F. P.
���'    well, R. S.
a. o. f.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
;i.' ' ; m. in Hie Oddfellows' Hall.
' i   Hrethren   are  cordialy   in-
v|ted to attend.    E. C. Firth, C. R.;
p- I'   Maxwell, Sec.
THE  ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE meet   every Wednesday
'   O'clock   p.   m..   in   Oddfellows'
Columbia    Btreet     Visiting
i::      "ii are cordially Invited to at-
''''"l.    .1.  S.   Bryson, S. Ci   J.  McD.
���'���ll, Sec.
camp, 191.���Meets on the First and
' hiro Tuesday of every month 'ti
'������ of p. Hall. John McNiren,
' :"' A J, J. Forrester, Rec. See.
RD of trade.���New Westmln-
' Board of Trade meets in the
ard Room, City Hall, as follows:
Wednesday of each month
���"''' .'ly meetings on the second
Inesday    of     February,    Mnv.
lust and November, at 8 p, m
""al meetings on tho second
idnesday of February. New
niliers may be proposed and
!��ted al anv mnnthlv or quarterly
t'Bng.   A. E. White. Sec.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram Depot
Columbia St.
"Sgage delivered    promptly to any
i'""1 of (he city.
kght and Heavy Hauling.
""oa 'Phone 185,      Ham  r'aoue 187 '
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a through ��� ���       ' the
busine in England with 10 years experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's business manager part of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and all
complicated Watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams, Grocei
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
Shingle anrl Saw Mill i ""*- ���"
i'  . V!     i;-   ilar   i omm in
��� i: ���   are held on the
each   m mth  In
': , at 8 p. iu.    Visit
��� ���  ( ordlally  Invite I
11. yv. Gib hi.   . Sec.
The Schaake Machine Works,  Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
j Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Columbia Street.
I       line of English   Bcotca and Irish
twe   ���- and worsteds always in stock
:      ng stoci
���     ��� Tun.
now in.    Make vour
Manufacturers of
!'.   .    K. of I.,  n ���������' i   :- ii ond  and
of ea b  montb, at 8
In   Orange   hall,   cornei   of
nue and Jo n street.    So
���  Sir  Km ���!:���     cordially   In-
ittend.    W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;   ... K. Matthias, Reg.
��� Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
( ,
;  Thc Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
Firs; Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, ,Iapane.se and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
LOYAL   ORANGE   LODGE.   NO.   1150
In   Orange  hall   first   and
Fri lay In e ich month x 8 p.
m.   \      ng ��� < ei hren are cordially
. to attend.    E. E. Matthias,
W, M.; J, Humphries, Rp-c.-See.
0. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE.  No. 27���
The :��� gular meetings of this lodge
: In Oddfellows' hall, Colum-
���' everj Moi 11 evening,
lock.   Visiting I  ethren cor
dla      : .ii..! to attend.   S. .1. "dur.
N. U     W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sei.
Bank of
Incorporated   by   act.   ot   parliament
CAPITAL (All paid up), ..}H."ihi,min
RESERVE  FUND *l",ii<X),i>00
lit. H m. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, G.CM.i;.. . .Hon  President
Hon. Sir O. A. Drummond, president
K.   S.   Clouston,   Vice  President   and
General Manager.
General banking business trans-
a< ted.
i;. i..lies In ali the principal cities
ir, Canada, in London, Eng., New
\ oi... Chicago, and St.. jonu, Mid..
and correspondents in all parts of the
Royal Bank
of Canada
T���...jtal $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,152
Total   Assets JJb.iYri.s/'to.
Branches and oorresponrtenta In
all the principal citi.-s of tne world.
Cere.-al  banking  business transacted.
$1  opens an account.    Interest idled
half yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
Open   Saturday   nights   from   S   to   9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Savings Bank Dept. J# HEINLEY
G.  0.  Brymner,  Manager.
Manufacturer  of
Junk and Second-hand   Mineral Waters, Etc.
Store Aerated Waters,
Highest prices paid for second-hand
g is, junk,  bottles,  rubbers,  brass,
copper, old shoes and all metals; also
old < lollies, etc.    write or call.
Front  Stret,  New  Westminster.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf.
Phone 212.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $io per acre for soft coai
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miner s certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $".50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to Sioo per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, having discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-preduet
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England, and MONTREAL, Canada
tmiX&El&SBJBVSttmm&MWWttiM . r.A'A'WUMWUv
the  claim  each year or  paid  to the I
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the I
locator   may,   upon   having   a  survey,
' made and upon complying with other
lirements,   purchase   the   land   at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   lo
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
' shall  provide   for  the   payment   of  a
��� Royalty of 2l/2 per cent, of the sales |
,of the products of the location.
PLACER MiVifVAj-Manitoba and:
the N. \V. T., exiting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining ClalfllS gen-
! erally are 100 feet square, entry fee
: $5, renewable yearly.     On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar  or  bench,  the  former  being  100
'feet long and extending between high
land low water mark.     The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base  of the hill or bank, not
exceeding   iooo   feet.     Where   steam
power  is   used  claims   200   feet   wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N, W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
'for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister.
: of the Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to thc,
sul rged bed- or bars of the river
be! " any low water mark, and sub-
f ir : ��� ������- year and Sio per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer ir.lning.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
I claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
genera! direction of the creek or
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
shall be 2=0 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi-j
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a|
claim must hold a free miner's cer-.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the out-;
put on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordin-
ary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half   per cent, on the'
value  of  the  gold  shipped   from  the'
iect to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
��� bar  diggings or bench claims, except
on   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
the  lessee can  dredge  to high-water I
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The  lessee  shall  have  a dredge ini
operation within one season from the I
date  of the lea-e for each  five miles
but where a person  or company has
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one I
��� dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $10
per annum  for    each    mile    of river.
leased.     Royalty  at  the  rate  of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles  each may be1
granted to a free miner for a term of i
20 years: also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the j
submerged  bar  or bars  in  the  river
below    low   water    mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the ���
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The   lessee   shall  have   one   dredge
in   operation   within  two  years   from
the date of the lease, and one dredge ,
for  each  five  miles  within  six years 1
from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
Yukon  Territory  to  be   paid  to  the |
No free miner shall receive a grant \
1  of  more  than  one  mining  claim  on j
, each   separate   river,  creek  or   gulch,
but   tlie   same   miner   may   hold   any!
number  of  claims  by   purchase,   aud,
free   miners   may   work   their   claims
in   partnership   by   filing   notice   and
paying fee of $2.     A claim may be.
abandoned  and   another   obtained   on
the   same   s"eek.   gulch   or   river,   by
giving notice and paying a  fee.
Work   must   be   done   on   a   claim
each year to the value of at least $200.
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
on any Other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All   unappropiated   Do-
minion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
i Territory, are open to prospecting for
: petroleum, and  the minister may re-
i serve   for  an   individual   or  company-
having machinery on the land to be
j prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
I such   period   as   he   may  decide,   the
j length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth.     Should the prospector   discover  oil   in   paying   quan-
i titles, and satisfactorily establish such
! discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres,  including the  oil well, will  be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1  an acre, and the remainder of the
tract   reserved,   namely,   12S0   acres,
I will be sold at the rate of $,1 an acre,
j subject to royalty at such rate as may
I be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the  Minister  of the  Tn-
| terior.
Dent. Interior.
Humor and Philosophy
i.     1 ��� pi's with ynu;
Work and :
For the v. Ise ol I ��� irth
Wants   t berth,
Ii.it Iils laboi ��� nough        I    ia n
Slni; -mil youi  nexl door neighbor
Will, if he' - feeling stout.
Pound on  your d.por
A3 h^ bears y >; roar
And tell V"U W cut It out
Work till you Ret a million
Safe1 in your amnio mitt,
And your nnprient jpjke.s
Will amuse the folks.
Ami. oh. you will make a hit!
?��cxt tak' ln wheat a flier,
And tfhen. your cash is shy    r^
Every ono th.-ii ���
It's the way of men-
Will give you tho Icy eye.     4jj.
Purchase an automobile
Speedy and red an.l wide,
And tin.-- and all
At your beck ami c ill
WI3   come  it the chance to ride.
But if you're In rho business,
Holding  tl rs for lease,
They will  bi
If It Is ��� . buj
At th" price  ���!' a plunk aplnce.
Favors ���: u  ���     .-,.    1      ��� ithirig;    '
Thnt Is a mortal ��� In
(They ar"   I
T.i be paid In kind
Mi asun I    1: .    .. :,    :,.��� n
If ii.. . in it
Ti. a ���.'. ill the motii       ���  w
Throw yo'i a bl
In a do
And haughtilj  call, "9
,  Scicr. .:'.:
'A. Explanation.
���v "The    un ;  re
must bo a ma :
"Strikes me iis
n cold proposition."
"Ever noti e
how old cans
an- attracted town nl hi in?"
Fixed by Wages.
Did you ever bave hay fever?
No; I mean to ask, What is your salary V
If it is below $10 a week yon never
have had it. If It is above $50 of
course you nro a sufferer. In between
those sums it is sort of optional and
depends on circumstances. Suppose a
mail is getting $40 a week. With that
amount some people would suppose'
that he could buy all ot' the luxuries
of the season, but wait and inquire into
his caso.
Suppose he has eight children, all hard
on shoes, and a wife' who is trying to
keep up with Mrs. Brown, whose husband gets $65 a week and piss .s. How
can bo afford to go sniffling about and
reading half tone literature about tlio
summer resorts? He simply can't do
It and must bo content with some
much loss expensive disease.
Coed to Tie To.
"There's a girl worth marrying."
"Nu: better than that."
"Says she would never try to reform
any man."
Eravery Beaten.
None but tho brave deserve the fair.
That statement causes one to scoff,
Because it is so very rare
A 11 i; man cannot pink one off.
Of Course.
"Sho talks a great deal
on the sub-
"Ah, ber Information is 1
luitod then."
Other Variety.
"Mo   has   gone   wrong,   though   we
thought him true as steel."
"Found bim only true as steal, oh?"
The best way to make a thing unpopular is to try to uinko it appear
Tho way some young men aro headed
it looks as If they will be mighty lucky
If they a ro over able to live dowu their
A bad example seems to attract a lot
more of imitative attention than a good
example does.
X small si/dary is the hoodoo of matrimony.
There aro n lot of very small people
In tho world wlio unfortunately cannot
qualify physically as midgets.
Just knowing how is the speclaltj
and only practice of some people.
We like to see other people charitable, for lt then doesn't seem so necessary for us t<> be so.
Save your money and start a trust.
Doing one's duty ls auothor term for
being disagreeable,
Being Jolted out of your self coucelt
may bo healthful, but It is painful.
���' ���'��� if
ft ���
J   '���-���  H   '
������: -I
���e .i: ������:��������� ;��� I
t     ' i        *
w-Es:' ;
ff*\rH' ���.
'���     '.St.i.'.r THE DAILY   NEWS
PRIDAY.   AUGUST  17,  1%(
JUCiSIYour0pporti,f,i,v[ JUGS
A Useful Jug Cheap.
from 1 5 cents each.
Tells   of   His   Trip   With   Father  Coccola���Fishing  Regulat ons  Hard
on   the    Indians.
the    fishins
. ��� _ . ation
r. A.Muir & Co.      WITH FAREWELL TOKEN
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, -   - B. C.
Notice to
the Pub
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
G.   N.    R.    Employees    Express   Their
Regret at Departure of the Local
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
Columbia St. Xew Westminster.
Handsome 6-roomed Cottage
with Modern convenie
2 Lots all in lawn and garden ;
nn-.' [block   from   Tra, i,   eei tral
li cation.
Price S2500 Terms Easy.
A 6-roomed Cottage
��� ���ii 5th Avenue.   C mer lot
-J  x   132.    "rt}.-   $950    $300
Cash, ��� alance on small paj
to s      i'i chaser.
-    d i imbia St.    Phi ne 85
Directors    cf     Local     Industry     Meet
Members  cf City  Council   With
a   Proposal.
���*     .-���   ��������� '���     . n .  ;.-  about to be
��� I ��� i ! thi S'i .. '.'. ��� nlnster dis-
tillei     . . lng wa-
���    isi ;        onni    lon with the
ire  ol      lib   ��� ln��   to
lbe hi aln    n thi        ei  mains
��� ��� ntli ��� ,   has
ed at the'dl      ery, ihi   dlrec-
..   leclded thai II a lai gi   tans
��� ������ i theli premises, ir.
ild ' i.i be a greal advantage
i ��� bul alsi be of considerable
i< In . ��������� i fin broki oul at tbe
;  ery.
The proposal to build the tank
v-as brought forward by the directors
at a special meeting of the city council held last evening, when Messrs.
Braid, Burnett, and Campbell, directors ol the company, and Mr. Morrow, manager of the distillery, waited on the council. After detailing
their plans al length, it was decided
that tie tank would be built by the
distillery company, and that arrangements would be made with the city
regarding the filling of the tank from
the water mains ai certain times
when the reservoirs were plentifully
After the gentlemen representing
the distillery concern bad taken their
departure, the council passed all ao-
counts for the preceding month, an I
adjourned shortly after ten o'clock.
The business transacted al the meeting was communicated to the press
aft< i ib- mei ting was over, as the
Bitting was held in private,
F  <A (liiffin the popular and genial
retiring manager of the Cl. N. K. Co.
of   ihis   city,   was   presented   with   a
. ssive  gold  lockei   and  Illuminated
i ,:��� -s   by   hi-   :��� II       ������ i ployees  . n
the eve  of llis  departure   for  Skyho-
.   i  yesterdaj   afternoon.    The  pre-
sentatii i was made in the local offlci
be G.  X.  II.. Sixth   street,  when
represi nl itive  -     ei ing  of the 11.
X    R    employees   as em  li i   to   bid
Mr. i.i iiiin    ��� irewell.   1   ��� -��� nl
li        G   '.'.'. Sn   :��� i. agi :.
V.  "'���'   &  V. ��� npanied
- i'i       ���     ���    -:         in     i  ilch   lie
erred Ur.   '��� Iriffln's   m
tots.     ':.    said ed  thai   Mr,
.   fin wo .1 1 :in I
i   . -     i hii    ii pV   sphere i      luties  ai
nd hi    ���  '     ���      in
ility,  Mr. 11
ertainl j     e noted
even n     e  impi 11 ml i thi
lit tanl   'i' ire,   Mr.  Snydei   then
I the address . esented be
letiring n nager, vh h .. ie s follows:
!���"   C. Griffin,
I!| ar :.lend: The un !��� signi 1 employees of 'ii'' G. X. it. ilo., deeply
��� . ��� tting , oui depi n ire :.om among
���ii. desire your acceptanci of the ac-
. ��� ��� ��� anj ing go! I locket and address
in testimi ny oi oui affection and re-
-. <   ���   -       you   i -   a   gentleman   and
fell       employi ������ i  as   a  faint  ap-
i i.iiii :i of your kin lly efforts to
rpnd< :.v   ' ion     with     ihis
company,    not   onlj sant     and
agreeabli ; irselvi it rofitab e
to the com) any.
Deeplj   regretii-i-1  I i nne
tion must be severed,  ive sh ill grate-
Cully rememl er        as sociation In the
and I     " always  to be held  in
irable  remei ibi ance     .   you,
Signed on I       the employe
ih"   G,   X    R i
C. ty*. Snydi r, i genl A". YV. & Y.;
; i. ' laii ns, -��� A n fori nan: J. S.
Green, assisti n ��� a jineer, G, X R.;
ii. A. Ellis, ������ nscontinental freight
n ector; A Mei er, wharfinger; F.
YV.  Phillips, i ashier, G.  X.  Ii.
the    i Id'������--   ; . '!     een     read
nd   th.    i    i ��� '     . ���       Mr.   Grif
fin was calb d upon to say ;. few
Is, and in i": ly said that he had
noi . spei '��� i to be made the recipienl
of - ich <i gifl on the occasion of his
departure,    H<    .v -  glad  to see thai
I is efforts during ibe pasl three
yi ars had b< en ap) ri ciati d, bul 'his
could not have been possible If the
others had not always been so willing
to second and help him in every
way. Aftei paying a tribute to the
eharactei i his fellow i mployei s, Mr.
Griffin again thanked them for the
splendid gifl and address with which
they had presented him, saying thai
in would i I'.'.'.t - remember his ��� tay
;���, New YVi     , Inst     v Ith fi ellni
.    i ���
'i be   . locket   pn     nti I   lo   Mr
Grifflin is engraved wil onlc em
ii.i n    on    oth       es,    eing thi
of thi . ���'��� hich he I ".our.'.-.
���| hi ad Ires* Is bi autil illy engraved
on   parchment,     n I   Is   the   woi
II V. Shiles .- led upoi
to exec ite the Is bo I notice,
ami succei .!��� i n I icing a ver. ...���
tistic design.
Mr. Gr'fflri lefl on I he aft( moon
train for Seattle, where he will spend
a couple of works before proceeding
to Skyhomish, Wiiile in Seattle he
will be the guest of bis father-in-
law, whom he has not seen for three
Wouldn't   I e   much  grumblln'
Anywhere,  i  guess,
And  bul  little weepin,
Or unhappiness,
II om   wives  would only
Find  some way to quit
Krctlin'   over   troubles
That ain't struck 'em yit.
���.. Ith    regar I    to    trap    fishing
altered,   hi     ndians In I      N  rl . will
��� . de to live at all in i a*o i r
'.!..��� .' ..ear-. At the present time
ou accouni of the greal difflc iltj
with whicli they catch the salmon,!
since rhe trap fishing regulations
came into force, the poor Indian has ,
the greatest difficulty in ' making a
Hishoii Dontenwill, the head of the
Roman Catholic church of British Columbia, win. has jusl returned to bis
headquarters In Xew Westminster
after a two and a half month's trip
throughoul the mosi northerly parts
ol his diocese, was the speaker, and
lie made the remark yesterday afternoon to a Dailj News reporter wIipi
called mum mm. The bishop was
looking hale and hearty alter his
i ng trip, and appeared to be In the
' . of health. Leaving Xew Westminster at  the beginning ol  June in
in;,   o:  the Rev  Fathei   Co c la,
he    join He;, ed    01 cl kill I      as    :'. r      as
ii   ne]     in   a   stage    coach.     From
en   i" s-ii.ui lake, the journey was.
.. rfoi med on horse   ick.    Stu
anil   Babini ������      ere   crossed     In
-.   thi     remainder   o : i i;.
i [azelton      i ing      erl .    on
horseback.    Tin   partj   i t i
ol   the  I wo   reverend   gen ic mi a  and
Indian g ii les.    Some rapid trai
.v as   done,   the   105     mill - een
t Ge rgi   and  Cariboo    ��� I .-
ered in  11  bo u s.
i in the return j. n ney, thi
avelled mostly by canoe. jo u ni yi ig
as far as Quesnel in thi native dug-
tuts. These canoes are somi timi s
:��� rty or fifty feel huir;. and are mam
aged by the Indians with ease and
iiicre ii ile spee I. The canoes used
by the party were about thirty fei I
long,   aud   made   out   Ol    i ottonwood
��� 11 es. Bishop Dontenwill said thai
the heat was sometimes most oppressive, during the day, especially
when Ihey were silting, or rathei
squatting, down in the canoes, without shade <���: any kind. The Indi ns
did not suffer from the heat, as tbe
action of paddling the cam e along
i real,-.i ,1 certain breeze ol ������ bich
Lhej had the full benefit. Al night,
the air was cooler, bul the party did
nol suffer from the cold in any way.
'I be trip was made jusi al the right
time of ;::. ��� ar, ��hen the climatic
i on litions were most  favorable.
During Lhe jo irnej. 150 i onl I ma
��� una ivi : e ma le at six sl ... ng
I li i es, ' he people Hocking to lhe
servi miles ai i ind.    The re-
ii is le p'elopn ��� nl of the In linns is
ng on apace, an i Ihi g . no\,.
I ���  making ii elf fell  all ab ng.
Si.i' e mj lasi trij fl ire j eai - i -ro,"
remarked the bishop. "I cannol say
thai there has been very much Improvement made In agricultural pursuits i y the Indians. Th( v still
cling in their fishing as a mean- of
subi I ;ten< e. With the advent of the
(1. T. R, in this territory, I expect
gre .1  ' hanges, as the conn' rj   to be
��� ened u] will I e entirely nev. The
country doe.- nol appear to be very
rich,  , Ithough   Bome   fertile     /allej s
Mr. and Mrs, .Murchie and family
take this opportunity of thanking the
many friends who extended Buch
heartfelt sympi thy in their recent sad
In selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you get a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
& Lusby
... .    e tapped        the 1 illway.     YVe
Iced I parties of white Ed
ited on   and in ad
,, 11 , e    aihva        ound Frasei
...        them       !    ta Iced  oul
timbei il   the er around
there is vei il   and  nol  of m n h
B shop   I imi'.���������������'��� iii   ��as   much   lm-
��� sse I with thi don    al  SI ia I
th. Re\ "..'.��� Coccola and
hi.- assistant, the Rev. Father !'��� I-
.   .      . ���       hi       n     .. ���     .   h
ten,   and   thai   ���
een   ,-erj   successful  In Impart-
.  II������     mong 'he In linns.
Another   New   Mill,
'.' ncouvei   YVoi Id:     McLean   Bros.,
it-,  i- mti mplate I he erection
' ' a sawmill on one of the" islands on
the   Delta    bet wei n   Sea   island   and
island.   The isi.ni.I is aboul  the
���   Deadman's  and   has a   water-
fn ntage of .:,."  feet.   The main road
; ��� ' ween    Vancouver   and    Steveston
'ii-   across  It, and  the car track is
ii       a   few  hundred   feel   distant.
Tl ��� re is a nwril ten law in Europe 1 ' I r '' ��� ipl ipon
: ..' . , ��� i instrument               r1     i       Ihc won
��� ti    ���
.: ..'
to witness
flic iii'.-l        ' ;.!;i        ' ��� rm ' '
���     ���   l-a
i'i the c immunity, A poor " hand-
to-mouth man ' never i . ." ... ip
your mind ti  I .;, ,. homi  Nl i\V,
Do lit Now.
' . ��� ��� a. careb' j and i x-
travagant young man and did nol
start RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the bi si of all gifts to your family. _______   '
7 Roomed House and
Lot on Seventh Street, near flautist
Church.     Lot60xl32. . $1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want To Build
We Will Assist You.
f. J. HART & Co.
press ] ..:.:: ���   ..
iniplo! . i ..       ���'      poi-i
mortem exm     , '.  n.    The etisti
i- I...-".! to a certain extent upon sn
I i ��� * ���   n,  Ini)
the detei u iitii n to pri rent I ie
relii - from fa! .:��� into ti." hands i f
exhibitors i .' - . ii tragic trilii -.
! t wn- once tlie cits I in in this
matter lo y nd lo piei es the weapon
wliii Ii hud been employed. Win n.
however, the da; ��� i r was- secured
wilh wliii ii the priest, Mr.rtin .Men-
no. attei [ited ti . rder (jtiecn I n-
bclla of Spu !.. ral licr more than
In.If n ..I'.- ...'.���. ilie bhide was
found to be of i ich fun len .
Bti el thnt it n l"d evei i Fort of
c nnd stoiii Si rncthing like ���
'paio       . hen   Lhe ne.v
rail  i.t.   .   The > pan - h pcnsai I
ii. ���    ..     tlmi there i      I
111    I i   ' T
,   liinet meelii     iv:    =pi   ia!
1 -.' oncd to tii
and it wn   determiiii    lo t I...
ti   i io   In e of acids.   'J
provi il suei ������ . ul, i . d all in p i
ment used I tin ku irposi
hnve   nder nr treal   enl
knivi -. ��� ������'."ii . dni (jer . re��� ilven
and bmiilis.
In tne Wcuu.p.s, ....    ....
Bis Imp OJn sted of ('olorado was
' talking at a dinner party in I lenvei
aboul June wi diling . aci ording to
the Chicago Inter I leenn.
"June is a lovely mouth," he said,
! "and thai il should be the month of
all  months for weddings is a fact i
i easily understood,
"1  was amused by tho remark a
jeweler made thc other day,
"The jeweler sunl thai at this
season it is u v<.,-.,��� common thing to
sec a wi 11 dressed, handsome, intelligent looking yeiin;; man come into j
his Ehop and say in a painfully nerv-
ous way:
"'I'm.   uh    er   er���ah���er���ha,
"In ibis mmingency the Jeweler
simply calls to his clerk :
"'Gel  out  ib,;t  tray of engage-
menl rings, Jackson.1 "
\HATS atL%g*aetduc; 25c\
��� One lot Childrens  Galateas,
made of fine white Sennet
Straw worth up to 1.5o.
Your choice at   .
| One Lot Ladies Ready-to-wear
Hats, worth up to 2.5o.
Your choice at   .
75c J
��� *������������*���������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������� + �������������*��, 4*���*
The Paragon
- Family Washer =
The  Latest   and   Greatesl   Washer   on   the Markel
The Paragon
Will Wash:
vious boiling
of       ng ai
ni    na water.
2. Vnyl
est laci
e.-t   IA nl ��� ���
.'. ithoul '  ���     ighti  ���   ���
even the n i   I delicati I
3. r|.to'.'..��� ���
within 5 ti
ter and  cli ai er  ';
harsh, -!��� ���-.���. and
board method.
The ran.;''.n r .1    -      iluti '. i    bi ess and so easily I
turn it.   The Paragon will save it   c sl ��� nam timi |  eventii
and tear.   Call and see it and be convinced like others i   ..
Large Shipment of Them lusl Arrived Direct from Factory
New dooefs and New Prices
A full carload just ai rived.     As fine goods as ever entered thi
'#<   Inspection invited.    By buying here you   an save n  .     nd loi '}
|��J  (live us a trial.    We have many things we are going   to  clear al ���
See our $5.00 Mattresses
716 and 718 Columbia .v't.    Four Floors.     Hear Extensi
���'rout Street.
��:>;>:>:>:>:>:>:>;>:>:>:>:��::��i>:...:.. t>��x��: >:>:>;��:��::o:��;>:>:>:>.:o>:>:>.:��i>i����;
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
New   Mesfrti/n./rr, B. C.
Electric Railway Service:
Inter-urban Line.
+ Cars for Vancouver and way
Stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p,
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Ceni ral Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���service rrom
ti.'Sit) a. ni. to 11 ii. m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 and a and !. and 7.
30 Minute Service during re- #
malnder ol nay. i ransfer al ���
Leopold Place. ���
Sunday   Service   half-hourly  be- #
tween   S   a.   in.   anil   l'l  P-
City nnd S.ipperton. ���
ipperton Line���ia Minute Ser- ��
vice, except between Vi ana ���
2, and 5 and 7, during ��'lilin J
hours    the   service  will   '"-' ���
Sunday Service   nair m.tiriy '0*
tween 8 a. in. anil U !'��� '"���
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.M\
Boarding   House   for   Sale���16   roomsf^A/      l^l       ��*%**��*{%&?
completely  furnished  and  at   pre��-   ���������   1^1 ���   \\J*C*r*
en!   all   occupied.     Apply   Box   601,
for RENT���Large, well lighted room,
suitable Tor an office, Apply lo
Chas. (!. .Major.
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New We*tml"!it';r'


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